July 12, 2020 (#1782)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

A Virus Which is All Things to All Men:

"Magicians are Busy Where Science is all Confusion,

Facts to Flexible Opinions, Certainty to Delusion."

© Alan Watt July 12, 2020

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 12, 2020.  You may or may not hear in the background a fan going, because like most places right now at the height of summer it's awfully humid up here in Canada.  We are surrounded by lakes everywhere, lots and lots and lots of lakes. The humidity is pretty, pretty high. That's how it's always been in this area. So, this really is a normal summer for this part of Canada.


Folk forget it, you know, because they think that things should be the same like clockwork every year. But weather has never been that way. But folk don't remember, they really don't. They do tune into their TV to hear what the weather is supposed to be a rather than just look outside or walk outside and look around you.  It really is amazing how we’re so conditioned, isn't it, to just obey experts.  What's an expert on the TV telling you about the weather? Someone who's also reading the weather. I mean, the whole thing is a farce.


But so much of modern life is a farce and it's been like that for an awful long time. We have been trained like Bertrand Russell said to believe whatever experts say.  All you have to say is, this is an expert.  There's no proof that they are, or they aren't experts but that doesn't matter either, does it?  We just immediately obey, oh, oh my goodness, this is an expert talking about the weather. How long have you lived on this planet? Walk outside and look around.  Look up, 'eh, and look at those clouds if you can see them. You might just fathom what it's going to be yourself. You've got about as much chance of doing it, actually probably better, you're living in the area, right.


Now of course, when they came out with the Weather Channel, I did a show years ago on the Weather Channel and the history behind it. And a good book had come out about it too of someone who had been employed there. The whole idea was to start to change the behavior of the public, once again, so they wouldn't perceive weather as living through it, through your lifetime and so on. They would perceive what they were told to perceive by the behavioral experts. And sure enough.  And who's going to sit and watch the Weather Channel for 24 hours a day, 'eh?  I know there's obsessive-compulsive disorders out there but come on, 'eh, get a life!


The idea was to change, oh my goodness it's going to be a flood today, and you know, all you saw was a little sprinkle of rain. Normal, 'eh, but that became...  And I tell you what I really noticed too, in Canada especially ever since the whole global warming farce started for climate change. Remember, climate change, the whole agenda for the new normal society, the new world order, and they said it themselves, hinges on convincing the public that everything's going berserk and it's all the public's fault. It's your fault, anthropogenic ‘global warming’, right. That kind of fell flat so they changed it over to 'climate change', because they can't fail then, whatever the climate does for a day or two or weeks or whatever is going to be your fault anyway.


We truly live in a make-believe fantasy world put together by behaviorists, well-paid people who decide what you're going to think.  They even decide on ways that they're going to brainwash you into you adopting what they want you to think. That's really a perfected system by the way, including making sure that the children for the last 20, 30 years have been brainwashed into it, until they're ready to kill their parents off… You destroyed the planet, we've been brought up with that at school, they told us all the bad things you've done to the planet and it's all your fault. So bad that now you've got some environmentalists who come out who are part of the terror making machinery, admitting and actually apologizing for what they said and did knowing it was part of a con for massive change.


Again, you see there's only one agenda here, there's many ways to get it all happening and bringing it to the point of the one agenda, the end product. Of course, you get Covid going along with massive demonstrations on Black Lives Matter, Antifa groups running wild all over the place, across the planet mind you.  And before that too you had all the, last year and the year before, massive demonstrations of all the youth. Now, the leaders know what they are there for, they know what the real agenda is. They're getting well-paid to do all this.  The followers don't. They never do. They've been radicalized by their education system. But the leaders know exactly what it's all to… in fact, the same leaders try to take their flocks, the followers, into the Black Lives Matter group. 


If you wonder what's happened to the Extinction Rebellion, well, they're all in the BLM and the Antifa groups now.  They're all… This is a networking of communism, only this communism is a more efficient system for this time in history for those who rule the world. It's the same people, but they want to get really rushed ahead with technology in a new system, depopulation, all that stuff, much more quickly and they can't do with democracy and human rights. I've been through all the talks before from their own sources mind you.


Again, I know we live in a time when, in an age when facts don't matter.  Because their brainwashing is far superior and consistent and awfully expensively done. Folk don't like cheap stuff; they believe the expensive lies.  So, they tune into the mainstream, the big big talking heads, etc. Again too, why would the experts and professionals all lie to you? Well, it's for big bucks.  And if you talk to them really, they're so politicized, they are all on board with eugenics, they are all on board with depopulation. They'll use every group and every ethnic category to get what they want. But they never lose track of where they're really going.


This is all standard stuff this idea of divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer.  Have them all fighting each other, making things dysfunctional, until the public PLEAD to be brought out of their misery by a system that's going to work. And they're only too happy to oblige you, you see.


But again, through technocracy, again, which was adopted to an extent, not, it wasn't perfected in the Soviet system, which had its massive share of corruption.  Because in a socialist system, in a completely atheist system by the way, of materialism, you truly see the corruption come, there's nothing that holds you back. I mean, there's no moral conscience there when you worship people who are stinking rich, and you want all the goodies that's dangled in front of your eyeballs, and you get positions in power and over the general population, you get your hands in the cookie jar and you help yourself. That's how simple it is in true Soviet type systems, of equality, you know.


And here we are doing the same thing here with collectivism. It's the biggest trillionaires on the planet, the same people who already have run it for goodness knows how long, who simply are going into this next step, this stage of technocracy, technocratic control using experts from birth to death to guide us all, you see, birth to death, cradle-to-grave, deciding who will have children, who will not. That already came out too at one of the previous climate meetings they came out with. This has been an old, old agenda for them but they're voicing it rather more openly today.


So, with Covid, the whole Covid thing, which has never passed any [unintelligible] test for proving it actually exists as an actual distinct virus...  And that's a fact, folks!  I'll give you some articles tonight on that. But again, facts don't matter to most folk. Because they can't believe that these deadpan faces like Fauci comes on every day telling you to be very, very afraid and to be terrified, and to put your faith in them. And women are, it's mainly women, older women actually, really putting their faith in Fauci and shouting everybody down on his behalf.  'Eh?  This guy who's got his fingers in every pie along with Bill Gates for this whole agenda including the big companies that are going to have vaccinations pumped into you, they're so involved with and compromised it's astonishing we're letting it go this far. Really.


But you can do an awful lot when you terrorize the public. As I said before, and many times since, it's just the stampede technique of using the cattle in a field, they're quite happy, quite happy grazing.  Humans are the same, we like to live in the same spot generally once you're settled a bit, you don't want to move and you’re quite happy. Even though things get pretty bad, things are still familiar around you, you want to stay there. So how do you get them to move and to adapt to new normals? Well, you bring in the behaviorists that terrify you, get you stampeding, until you can't think straight. 


That's the technique of course that others...  Adolf Hitler said it, and he copied the top Soviets that had done it, said it before him, the best way to get the people to comply is to terrorize them, they can't think logically when they're terrified.  That's why you get terror, terror, terror and people tune in every day, they tune in every day for a daily dose of terror.  Even though all the last staff was debunked really, with the testing, the faulty testing, the faulty numbers, everybody who's dying is getting lumped in as Covid.  They're doing the exact same things again.  But you see, it doesn't matter, as I say, logic doesn't work with folk who are terrified.  They'll go along with it when those that are stampeding them point the direction for them to go, and they'll go right into their little...


Well, when you do it with cattle, if you've ever watch cattle going through the pens as they run, the way they go between, it's like a corridor they go down, it's boxed in except for the top.  Eventually they go single file and that's where the people inject the cattle or spray them sometimes.  I don't know if you've ever seen it done, they spray them with a chemical that eradicates all the different parasites they have inside and outside their bodies, it literally penetrates the skin.  Invented by the military-industrial complex for gas, nerve agents to bring, and that's the actual agent they use, is the same carrying medium that takes the agent through the skin, it permeates the skin.  So that's awfully effective for the cattle.  [Alan chuckles.]   It's so powerful in fact that the cattle are not supposed to come out into the same fields as horses or other animals, because just rubbing themselves past them and contact can cause very quick death to the horse. It will kill the parasites in the intestines, so fast, it causes complete blockage and ends up with a rather quick painful death for the horse. But anyway, that's a different story. [Alan chuckles.]   


But that's how you do it, you guide the people, them all, and you scare them.  Everybody's carrying these sticks which they wave around, they don't hit the cattle with them, but the stick, it's to make them look bigger, and they yell and scream, and then they guide the cattle into that corridor. They go down the corridor one by one, they can't get through any other way.  Well, that's how we get manage the same way, you see.


Now, the cattle eventually know, they won't go, they can see the other ones coming out at the other end eventually as they get their injections or whatever they're getting, and so they realize that the only way they're going to get into that field beyond is to comply. And we are the same.  Oh, you won't be able to go out of your house unless you take your Covid shot, which may kill you.  They've actually, Bill Gates actually said that, remember, 700,000 folk at least in the world will die just with their reaction to it. But that's acceptable, you know, in his way, his psychopathic way.  And that's just the initial, the initial reaction for a lot of folk.  Never mind the later reactions and so on and the destruction of your immune systems and things like that. They call it vaccination accident responses and so on. Long-term.  It doesn't matter.


We're dealing with psychopaths, you see, and there they are every day terrifying you to comply. And if you want to get through and go to work, you have to have a passport. Electronic preferably. So, if you haven't got a cell phone, get one.  Or you won't get out, you see.  And that little app has to come up green for you, meaning you’re safe go where you're going. Or else you're going to get put in prison, for goodness sake.  Initially, they simply aren't going to allow you out of your home unless you comply.


We are supposed to be adults, folks!  But we're treated worse than you would treat a child in this day and age. Because children wouldn't put up with this.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really.  But we will, you see, because threats work awfully well. Compliance, you understand, there's nothing they cannot do to you to get you to comply. Nothing.  And if you say, well, you mean you're forbidding me to leave my own...?  Not forbidding you to leave the home, you have options, you know.  What's your option? Take the shot, get a passport. This is how the game is played, you see. Standard stuff.


It's like the whole carbon economy, which has nothing to do with what they tell you. It's one thing, monopolization for a few power companies to have all power for heating and the whole bit. Do away with coal, and then do away with oil and maybe even eventually do away with gas, you know.  You're left with electric; you see. Then you've got to get brown outs as they share and ration it all. I did this talk years ago when it came out from the European Union that that was the plan for the future, the future austerity. Not just for the European Union, but for the world.  It doesn't matter I'm telling you the facts. Again, facts don't matter. Most folk will tune back into their TV tomorrow to get the next dose of terror.  And it's pretty sad that's what we're living through.


But yeah, a post democratic society, and every possible scam is being used to make it all happen. As I said, the Club of Rome came out years ago, many years ago, they were tasked with finding something that would, to make the folk comply with the agenda, you know, of giving up their rights and being guided by those in charge, you know, who will be appointed in charge.  They said, well, yes, climate change and famine and drought and these kind of things, pestilence, that would fit the bill. So, humans would be the enemy, and that's what we'll teach. And they've done it.  Awfully successful.


So, the enemy to the planet therefore is mankind.  They thought of all other ways, even UFOs at one point, and that wouldn't wash either, so they settled on that, you see because who’s going to complain about the weather?  Most folk have not much memory of the past few years, never mind 20 years or 30, 40, 50. It's very easy to manipulate memories, or eradicate them in fact.  It really is. It's gas lighting, isn't it? You say, well I don't remember that happening, you know, 10, 15, 20 years ago. Well maybe I'm wrong if all those folks, experts are right, hm.  Quite easy to do, isn't it?  Doubt your own sanity.


I noticed it too, [Alan chuckles.]  I even said when 9/11 happened, I think it was the night of 9/11, on the big agenda, on a radio show.  I said, the hardest thing you're going to find you have to do… Because I knew the whole agenda was going to get unleashed with 9/11, it wasn't just going to be an antiterrorist thing. It's a complete new way of living, again, no freedoms, no real freedoms and no privacy and total surveillance of everybody. And sure enough, you know, before you knew it they were walking, and there's the stupid people, and that's how they see us all, we're all stupid people, complying, going through metal detectors at airports, no belts, holding up their pants with one hand and holding their shoes in the other, they've got their bare feet and the whole thing. What a farce, ‘eh? What a farce.


But the answer to that one was very similar as what's going to come with this one for Covid. Well, you do know you can get a quick passport, a quick pass through passport and preclearance, but it's a biometric thing. They showed us this in the late 90s on the Wendy Mesley show in Canada and how it would be done. Everyone was saying, well why do we need all this? Well, bingo, about two or three years later 9/11 happens and there you are, holding up your pants and being shouted at by people, you know, and them watching you naked [Alan chuckles.] through x-ray machines [Alan chuckles.]  and the whole thing. And to humiliate you and make you feel small and stupid.  But yeah, you can get that quick preclearance thing, biometric, you know and that's all you have to do. They already showed us two years prior to that or three years prior to it on the Wendy Mesley show. And there you go again. 


And here it is, the same thing. You get a special passport and then you can get out of your house. All you have to do is become a pincushion for experimental drugs and vaccinations and things, owned by private corporations that are given blanket immunity for any side effects including death. That's all. That's all you have to do, you know. The same techniques, terror, terror, terror, 'eh?  And again, I've already done talks, remember go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I've already done the talks to do with this whole agenda and your passport and all the rest of it and where it's supposed to go and how they're going to implement it. From their own sites, how they're going to make you accept it and even persuade you into it, you see, through behavioristic techniques.  The folk don't even know it's happening to them. They really don't.  They honestly don't.


It's organized crime beyond anything you can imagine.  That's what real governments are, they're organized crime. You can't get much more organized than that!  And all these supposedly quasi-official agencies, they're not, you don't vote for them. They graft themselves onto governments as advisors, but you don't vote for these organizations, like the WHO.  Or the FDA in the States.  I used to do talks on that too, where the FDA, and from articles, people who, there's awfully good people out there who really study this kind of stuff and they put books out and they put out good articles. They showed you the revolving door of people in the big corporations for food, for instance, and the drug agencies and so on, the drug companies, and CEOs and people just below CEOs would leave occasionally and go into the FDA, long enough to get bills put through and forwarded, and they give their opinions and passed things as okay and accept them, then go right back into the drug companies where they came from. This is standard stuff, Bernays’ style.


Bernays talked about this.  First you set up the agencies.  You could even do it with, I've mentioned before, with a little office, little dump, even a closet would do if you can get a phone into it.  Get someone to sit there and give them a little paycheck and answer phones. Get four doctors or whoever it happens to be, or professors to put their name on your, you know, yeah, we are part of the board for this company. Sounds awfully official, so anything that's scribbled up, it's on the stamp of the letter there, there's names, and it sounds awfully official.  Bernays said, he actually helped companies do this kind of thing. 


So to get back to 9/11 and that night when I mentioned it, I said, because I had already heard that nothing is going to be the same again, that was one of the first things, before the dust cleared, after they mentioned it must had been Bin Laden that did it, you see, Osama bin Laden.  Immediately, things will never be the same again.  There ya go.  These are little code phrases, you know, that's to be used.  We have the same thing too with his Covid thing etc. etc., it will never be the same again.  You've heard it too with some of the riots and demonstrations, at the same time, going on around the world, we'll never be the same again.  


This is the mantra you’re supposed to, you've got to accept this. Because they mean it. This is to get you to accept the fact of massive changes which are coming. And some of you already see, get the whiffs of it already. But after 9/11 I said the same thing, I said the hardest thing from now on will be to keep hold of your sanity. Your sanity will be the hardest thing to keep hold of. Because it was a whole, it wasn't just 9/11, it was a whole agenda, right down to even watching the border change in the States and Canada.


I used to watch the long long lines of working-class people coming up for holidays, and they'd often haul little trailers behind them and things like that. That was how they had their, how they could afford holidays and get into Canada.  Sometimes you'd see it, like nothing but lines of them coming up the main highways at times. With 9/11 and these massive holdups now at border checks, [Alan chuckles.] unless if you're coming in and you shouldn't be in the country at all you're going to get held up.  And it turned folk off, naturally, all the hassles, hassle upon hassle upon hassle.  Then the same hassle going back down.  What a shame, you know, because these are just ordinary people, ordinary working people that couldn’t afford to jet all over the place and they had their little trailers, and that was darn good. It was good business too for Canada and campsites and places that enjoyed having them. But what a shame. It really destroyed so much.


Then again, oh, terrorism everywhere. Meanwhile the mass migration we've seen since then that came across Europe right through into Britain mainly, that's where they're all wanting to go with all the better perks and so on.  And so many of them now are used like an army, as we all know, this is a fact, many of us knew at the time that's what it would be used for.  And bingo here you go. You're seeing it right now. This is all planned. You're looking at war strategies, and these are very effective war strategies in fact. Because you don't have any guard against it when it's happening. You're told not to think about as to what you see, think of it as the way you're told to by those who have control of your nations. [Alan chuckles.]  No, they're just poor people looking for places and so on.


Even with the wars across the Middle East, these eternal wars, we forget before 9/11 happened we already had pretty well a 10 years’ war from about 1990 onwards.  As soon as the Soviet Union supposedly collapsed, the US was wanting a war and wanting to clean up some of its assets in the Middle East, on behalf of others [Alan chuckles.] and they wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, we know that.


There's a long story between, about Saddam Hussein and the fact that he did talk to the American consulates a few times and complained about the fact that this area to the north of them in Iraq, Kuwait, was using horizontal drilling rigs that can go miles and miles and miles underneath a border and tap into reservoirs.  [Alan chuckles.]  They were stealing it, you see.  That was in fact put into different scientific magazines, I think maybe, I don't know if it was Popular Science, something like that also, I remember reading it years ago, one of the science magazines anyway. They showed you how these particular machines worked. 


But anyway, Saddam had mentioned that he might have to try and do something about it.  And he was getting nowhere.  There was a show done about this in fact about someone up in-the-know from the State Department or ex-State Department member who mentioned that. He said that Saddam asked him, he said, is it okay if I just go up and straighten this out and the whole thing? So, he did go up there with his army and of course all hell broke loose. 


Because immediately the media was ready to go into action, it was all planned that way.  They made him out to be the worst guy on the earth and he was stabbing babies and throwing them out of incubators into the streets and stuff. It was all lies, naturally.  That even kind of came into a movie eventually that was made, or it was called Wag the Dog, on how to get the media off the back of a president because the president was involved in going after little girls I think at the time, that was the story.  So, they conjured up a war. 


A lot of what they had in the movie actually came to be in the first Gulf War. The US sent in massive machinery to take down [Alan chuckles.] a nation that was unprepared for it.  And Britain helped of course. And they helped divvy up the oil fields then too in some of the areas in northern Iraq, I think they had a no-fly zone over the rest of it.  It was quite something indeed how many oil fills the allies set on fire, and you had black smoke for thousands of miles across the planet.  There you go, big business, 'eh.


But everyone forgets that now anyway, that war was going on and had a no-fly zone for 10 years with Bush Senior being the boss.  Then of course Bush Junior took over and continued it, with 9/11 onwards up to the present day. Obama also was congratulated by the group that had Bush Junior in it, the PNAC group.  Rumsfeld congratulated Obama for continuing the same strategies and agendas, against the same list of countries, adding to the list actually, at least expanding the list.  I think Obama had eight wars going in different places at the same time. So, he really did well, and he was approved and given the pat on the back.


You understand, the elite can tell you who they want at the moment as the fronts for countries and Obama complied awfully well with them. Because they had it in mind to bring in a socialistic system of control, where it's more obedient. It's more efficient, again, under socialism you do what you're told. Remember, socialism is a form of communism. Communism is a step up the, it's a bit more hurry to get to communism, but you always get there under socialism anyway. And that's what you're going through even now, socialism to communism.  More efficient for your masters.


But, it's a 30 years’ war going on. 30 years for goodness sake. And they still want Syria finished off. I can remember reading the papers at the time, when they go around into Iraq, the US, and Bush is having meetings even with Israel, and Israel said to them "keep going all the way to Syria". And they said, well we can't, you know, we haven't found the weapons of mass destruction. This is in the newspapers, you know, just the general newspapers at the time. And he says, no, we haven't found any weapons of mass destruction. And they said, well, they've been moved over to Syria, so go all the way to Syria and get them. So, the US has been [Alan chuckles.] busy at it for an awful long time. And it's exhausted. It's exhausted.


I remember reading articles many years ago on some of the top authors who helped plan a lot of the system that we're living in today. Because think tanks, big think tanks, authorized think tanks run our lives, and they always have done, in our memory anyway, and our grandparents’ memory, that's how bad it is. But really since the 1800s I'd say at least, these official think tanks.  They had other groups before that too, the 'concerts', they used to call them, now they call them groups.  You had the Concert of Europe that was a kind of idea, a precursor to the League of Nations even.  Before that was other types as well. And after that they came up with 'groups', just groups, and the roundtable groups and the Groups of 7, G7 and 8, 9, 10, 20, etc. They also have 'councils', you know, the meeting of councils. And sometimes they give the councils just a number for whatever it is they stand for.


But we don't elect any of these people.  That's what runs our lives, financially.  They draft up laws basically and bills for governments, put forward by politicians, or to governments by politicians that are then put into law. That's how the free-trade agreements were always done. They're done by private outside groups, like the CFR that drafts them up, hands it to the governments involved and tells them to sign it. Which they happily do. And that's all on behalf of huge massive business, you know.


But as I say, today we're living through a system where it's to be more efficient, and you can't get efficiency and get things done unless you really, really get rid of this idea of democracy. Which you can do in a wartime scenario, you see, it's much easier, oh, you're all going to die with this or you're gonna die with that… regardless, you're going to die of something, unless you comply and go along with us. You see, that’s how you do it. 


Again, there's nothing new in this revelation.  It shouldn't be a revelation because you know, it's only our own stupidity that we tend to decide to forget things. Because you think about Carroll Quigley, and many before him.  I mean, Carroll Quigley wasn't the originator of many of these different things that came out of his mouth.  They were ancient ideas, you know. But it's true, he said, you can get more done in five years of war, like on a social change system, right, with different techniques to be employed through war techniques, when folk comply with what you tell them. So, you can get more done in five years of war then 50 years of peace and persuasion and propaganda.  That's what you're going through now, naturally. And you've been going through it.


It's no surprise to me, I've mentioned before that the schools were raising and creating a generation of revolutionaries. And it's for now, you can see it now. And they hate people, they hate most people.  They even hate themselves, a lot of them. All they can think of doing is tearing everything down, and blaming everybody else for what they claim, what they've been taught to believe, it's a belief based thing, that the whole planet is destroyed because of you or folk who existed before you. That's the mantra of Greta, you know, is it's all your fault, you should all be ashamed, blah blah blah.


What you're looking at really, I hope you understand, but what you're looking at is the same, are the same faces and same expressions in a generation raised now, that these are not protesting, these folk want to tear everything down. It's the same faces you saw in the old photographs and even the early movie reels, of revolutionaries in Russia and so on that were going off to slaughter people across the country, the Soviet Union.  And they did it with zeal, really believing they were doing it for the good of all.  Slaughter, mass slaughter. 


You understand, I think Peter Hitchens touched on this too.  He said that, because he came out as a revolutionary when he came out of University, like many of his own at the time, a true Trotskyist/Marxist ready to kill. He says but what he's noticed with the present crop, that are ultra-radicalized, across the world remember, at the same time, that's even more so because they didn't have uniformity across the globe with the Bolsheviks. But they have it now on behalf of those who run the WEF, World Economic Forum and so on.  But he says, there's no tolerance, they have no tolerance, they won't debate, they want you to get down on your knees and swear allegiance to them and their causes. And even then, there's no guarantee they're going to allow you to, to save you, to spare you. They are radical. That's how very… this is danger, you're looking at danger here, folks.


As I say, the folk that he had in the 1960s and early 70s would debate and they'd argue. But these folks don't even want to debate. They want to eradicate you, that's what you're seeing. And those at the top that gave them the current, the last, you know, I guess, the educational system, and it's with perfect techniques with behaviorist groups and professionals in psychology doing their courses for them, drafting up the courses and the tool kits for the teachers and so on, they can churn them out like peas in a pod, ultra-radicalized to do nasty things when they're all given the right command.


I hope you're understanding that, what you're seeing right now.  This is not something to take lightly and think it's going to blow over.  You've been leading up to this for quite a few years. You've seen it with London especially, like, England especially and parts of Europe when they, it's easy to bus or even boats and even drive across the channel across Europe with the same groups, massive groups, that get together from all the countries. Again, led by the paid radical leaders, very well-paid and organized for it, and have meetings for different things.  Including Extinction Rebellion, that wasn't spontaneous.  Who do you think created all that and funded it all? And gets them moved from one country to the next for the massive demonstrations?  Hm? 


And again, all chomping at the bit to get let loose upon the public. Then you put them together with Antifa and other radical Marxist groups, well-funded again, well trained, well organized.  This is not going to blow over. It's not meant to blow over. And it would never have happened [Alan chuckles.] unless it was decided upon TO happen and even to get created in the first place by those at the top at the World Economic Forum and the World Bank, etc., the ones who really run the world.


Margaret Thatcher said it years ago, and it was interesting to me. I mean, I knew about the Lord Alfred Milner group, I've given lots of talks on all this history. And also the philosophers going way back beyond before even Plato came along with his idea of the Republic and special breeding of different classes and professions, even soldiers would breed with soldiers, meaning men and women, etc., and different classes for special functions for special jobs, that kind of stuff.  But all the way up.


And I thought, you know, the Lord Alfred Milner group really ran, they were like the big, big bureaucracy overseeing what was called the British Empire, and adding to it on behalf of people that a lot of folk don't even know their names.  The ones who ruled it then in the City of London, the big, big financiers and so on, who also put their sons off to be Governors Generals standing in for royalty with the powers of royalty appointed over India and different places. Quite amazing. And all business came through their hands.  And from those countries. Incredibly lucrative for them. Completely sewn up with the banking industry of the time.


They added to it by causing wars.  Quigley, who was all for their history, their real version of history, why things happened, including who started the Boer War. And it was them of course, the group that he belonged to. He was kind of proud of them, how they managed to by subterfuge get a war started.  Blame the Boers for attacking British settlements in South Africa, in order, in order, right, to get British troops mandated over to protect them. Then Britain would take over on their behalf, [Alan chuckles.] the corporations would own all the gold and diamonds, that lived in the City of London.


So, you start a war and you blame the other guys that you've just attacked, and you change it. They even brought in a writer, a woman from the Times I think it was and she wrote a version, in advance, of the Jamestown raid, and said that these terrible Boers had attacked these British settlements.  Rather than the fact that Alfred Milner's group had actually set up a mercenary group to attack the Boers, it was the other way around, to get them to respond.  Nothing has changed, that same technique is used today, isn't it?  So, you get Saddam Hussein to retaliate, because his oil is getting stolen, and you paint him as a real demon, and then you grab, eventually you grab all his land, divvy up the oil for corporations. This goes on and on, the same techniques, 'eh.


That's why I say if you really have been radicalized, I hope, I can only talk to the occasional individuals.  Most folk in them can't think for themselves. And they really do want to belong to the mob. They do. It's a collective mentality that they have, this temporary camaraderie that they have, that they're in it together, you know, we belong, we have a cause. Otherwise they have no causes at all.  So this gives them a cause, and they've all been told it's for the greater good and it's for the best, etc., as all tyrants do too, even the folk who do the slaughtering will say that to themselves, at least in the early days.


I say, they're chomping at the bit to get going against all the ones that have destroyed their world. And I'm sure they'll do it, they'll do it when they're told to by, say, the Club of Rome, as an example. Who are rejoicing at this whole Covid idea and the complete shutdown of... all the stuff the...  The World Economic Forum, folks, this is like all the top businesses on the planet, do you understand that?  These aren't little Trotskyists at the bottom. No, these are the folk who are the trillionaires, multi-multi-multi trillionaires, you can't even comprehend. When they are not there their agents are there. But even the WEF isn't a little meeting place. It's like a massive country in a sense with thousands of bureaucrats and thousands again of training facilities to pick-up future leaders from childhood, they train them from childhood to rule you.  [Alan laughing.]   


Real technocracy, you see. It's all done already. And they are richest people on the planet, who own the wealth and resources of the planet. They have decided that communistic Trotskyist ideas and socialistic ideas and forms of governance, where you just obey and do what you're told or else, is the best way to get their agenda, this part of their agenda through. It will last maybe 80 years. And by that time a lot of folk will have died off. The present radical generation will not have children anyway, the ones they're using right now who are chomping at the bit to kill older folk. It won't matter about them either because they themselves, generally most of them won't have children.  At least live ones. So that's the end of them too.  Every group is used in turn for the ones at the top. And they never figure that out. Never.


But again, Maggie Thatcher, getting back to Lord Alfred Milner and so on...  And I knew about the Royal Institute for International Affairs and its foreign branches.  Now it's got a European group for the European politicians and those in the Commission at the top of the EU, the secret members that run it.  [Alan chuckles.]  And they have one for the Far East as well based in Japan. They've got members now in China and they rule Australia and New Zealand.  They divvy up the world, you see, that's what they do, they divvy it up and they have the members running all of it, at the top. Governments obey them.


Margaret Thatcher said the same thing, she said, you know, she was asked about when she retired and she says, well now I belong to a group that's very important because we can get things done, she says, I don't have to, I'm not responsible to the public anymore or to the voters. We know what the problems are.  We also are a society of people who have held power of all kinds as Prime Minister's, presidents and top bureaucrats for divisions, and generals and so on. She says, we all know each other, because they all worked with each other when they were in power, you see. We've met and we all know each other and we work together for a common goal, and she said, we can get things done without having to answer to the public, so we can get things done quickly and fast without any objections. Because most of the things they get up to don't come to the public table for debate, it's just done.  So, she was the same, you see, she did the same kind of thing.


I knew they had The Elders and different groups as well.  But yeah, these are the societies that really run, on behalf of those at the very, very top, how things are really done and worked and so on. Very old families at the top, very, very old families, that generally don't mess up, you know. These aren't the ones in the paper you see where after so many generations the children become decadent and make mistakes and screw up or have a debauched life or something and hit the media, you know. You don't hear of these characters because they're so particular on their breeding and who they breed with.  And the education that their children are going to have, it's a completely different education altogether, as to reality.  That's how things really are folks.


So as I say, you have to hang onto your sanity as you go through all the other changes, the ones I've talked about before, I've talked as I say, way back from many years ago, are all coming in to place now in fact.  Because you’re living through agendas. Agendas don't have to be sudden.  It might appear like that to the public at times but, no, they take years and years to apply. The same with revolutions, right, it took years to apply. The same with even the Extinction Rebellion, it took years to get to assemble them, get them trained and radicalized, the leaders that is. The followers don’t matter. The followers really, as I say, have no, they feel they have no purpose in life unless they are inside of a group. And the group teaches them to hate everybody else that's come before them. It's an old communist technique, you see. Communism is awfully well understood by those at the top. And it's awfully good to get their agendas through when it suits them as I say.  Now is the time for that obviously.


Now, before I prattle on any further, again, go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I wanted to say off the bat, I just posted a bunch, another bunch of books and discs. And I have one more, and hopefully the final one for a while to be posted off in the next two days. Hopefully that whole pile is gone, that's it. It's been accumulating for a long time.  And I was out of discs for a while too, you see. 


Because where I live, I can't order things in from Amazon. They won't deliver it to my little place, my little town. We are an unorganized township, I don't know if anything happens in the roads or whatever, I have no idea what their laws are, but they don't deliver here. I did have I think once or twice years ago, FedEx came once or twice but even they stopped that. There used to be a little gas station at the top of Estaire there that would accept parcels, but that's gone now.  Everything's going under, you see. Everything's going under. But they would accept parcels so once in a while you could get things, a few years ago, dropped off there. But there's nowhere anymore left that does that. 


UPS was one of the worst ones.  UPS says, if you've got an address, we deliver. But no, they don't. So, don't ever send anything to me by UPS, whatever you do.  They hand it out to a courier company once it gets to Sudbury, for instance, that definitely will not deliver out this way. And they won't even tell me something came in any way. I've had that before where I have stuff, I have no idea that stuff had been sent to me by people unless they sent me an email or something. If they didn't send me an email, this other courier company wouldn't even phone you or let you know or email you there was a parcel came in in Sudbury somewhere.


Sudbury, remember, is over 20 miles away so I can just run it to Sudbury, it's a forty mile our round-trip. And it's a lot of gas too. But anyway, as I say, the last lot of stuff that was waiting to get sent off, that's two batches out, and the next batch goes out in the next two days and hopefully that will be off. So, if anybody's waiting, don't worry, it should be there within about 10 days from postage. 


And we are going into a kind of a lockdown; I can see it all. We knew that before. Come February I said they'll lock us down, they'll ease up in the summer a little bit, and then it's going to spike in the fall and lock us all down again. Because remember, they want you locked down for 2 to 3 years. 2 to 3 years means permanent, folks! Over 40% of small businesses are gone forever now, they aren't going to open up again. This is to bring in a whole new way of living, nothing to do with the virus.


They've killed more folk off by what they've done about it, as opposed to the virus itself. Look at the elderly folk that's been slaughtered. They were sacrificed, folks. Sacrificed deliberately to get the numbers up. That's what I think. Other folk are asking, saying the same kind of things. But that's really what it seems to be. You don't put in a contaminated people with uncontaminated people. But they were doing it. Look at New York, what happened there.  N-n-n. 


And we still don't know what this is, really, because even folk with, have you noticed any statistics on the flu season? Has it suddenly disappeared? No. Everyone is getting lumped in as Covid.  Everybody. And the ones who are dying off, if they've got any trace of debris of Covid, any debris particles in the nasal passages when they're tested with the ridiculous swab test, which are pretty well useless as we know, I’m not just making this up, there's stacks of information, official information about how inadequate these tests are, the actual test is for particles, the RNA or DNA, like from dead particles and bits and pieces of them, you'll test as positive. But they're also saying if you've got a runny nose from a cold or flu, you'll test positive as well. You see, they're all members of the Covid family.


But again, facts don't matter, right. Because this is, everything hangs on us complying with this whole thing.  And the farce of testing and testing.  When you look at where they've been, oh, there's so many thousands that have been found, it's because you've now tested thousand for the first time in this area or that. And you're going to find folk all over the planet, or your own area, that literally have no symptoms at all, that have got fragments that will test positive, but they are NOT ill. This is not, CASES does not equate illness.


You've got thousands of viruses going through your body all the time from birth to death.  You're oblivious to it, until now.  [Alan chuckles.]  Because everything hangs on this being brought off, you see. Everything. A whole new way of life.  You won't open up unless you're sustainable, yada ya, or, what they mean by that, is NECESSARY. Do you understand that? That's what they mean by sustainable.  It isn't just eco-sustainability, it's also necessary. Are you starting to get the picture?


So, go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  List all the other sites I have in case anything should happen to anyone of them you can get the talks. And other folk take my talks and put them up as well in other outlets. And I'm looking for other outlets as well.


Because we're in the middle of an incredible war. This is to change life forever as we know it on the planet. Really.  And it was planned long before.  Like every revolution, it takes years to plan all this, years. We've got stuff going back to 2010 from the Rockefeller foundation talking about this kind of stuff, we'll put them all up, facts, facts, facts, you know, if a pandemic was to happen, yada ya, and then the future of technology as they takeover, yada yada ya.  They're talking about the complete elimination of paper, as you know too, the term now, and Bill Gates is using, reinventing education.  Oh, he's got all the stuff where you going to have people and children learning his curriculum, isn't that an amazing power, across the planet. Online, you see, rather than school.  Ahhh-ha.  Is it starting to ding ding in the head here?  Amazing hey.


It all comes together with the same little clique, the same little clique that, these self-appointed Nero's, you know.  Did any of you vote for any of these characters? No, we didn't. You've been living under the delusion you lived in democracies, 'eh. 


So, go into my website @cuttingthematrix.com. Remember, you can donate to me as well and help me tick along. Because like everybody else I need it too.  You'd be surprised how many folk out there who use this stuff because I document everything I talk about as a resource, you see.  And you’ll find it from all the top ones that's supposedly in the alternate media, because they use this stuff, most of them never tell you where they get it from. But that's just the state of affairs, everything's pretty nasty today, 'eh?  There is no natural decency amongst most people today.  Why should folk listen to people who won't be decent?  because they're spouting about this stuff that I'm talking about for instance, but they're not decent themselves? why would they expect you to be decent about what they are saying, 'eh, if they can't play decent amongst other people too?


This idea of morality has been destroyed as your culture has been destroyed for years, a war on the culture. This is old stuff. The Soviets talked an awful lot about the destruction of cultures. That's what Bezmenov talked about too.  Forget the James Bond stuff, most of the real Cold War comprised of subterfuge, going in and creating different kinds of agencies, inside countries. I've got books here going way back on the creation of front groups for communism. Lots of Christian groups got involved, they didn't know either, they had no idea they were getting used for communist purposes, they called them communist front groups. 


Folk tend to get hung up on names, you see. I always say, you’re looking for diseases, you’re looking for diseases in society and what you do with any disease is you must look first of all for signs and symptoms of disease. Then you put down what is noticeable, observable, and you can see some of the effects of the disease and you list all of these things, you see. And you keep at it and at it and at it until you narrow it down. Then you come to the diagnosis, this is blah blah blah, and you give it the name, the title of the disease, that's how it's done.  Folk have no idea. But they get hung up on names. Oh, that's not communism, no, it's a blah blah blah, you know, and it's generally a wonderful sounding thing, name, 'eh and it’s for the social good, you know. Bingo, bingo, bingo, that's how it's done. 


But Yuri Bezmenov said that, he said that's what most of the agencies were about was subversion. You subvert cultures especially. And when he came into America in the 1970s, he went there first I think and then into Canada. He said that he couldn't believe it, and the communists, the Soviets couldn't believe it, how WELL their program of destroying the culture had worked. From destroying the family, this is the 1970s, with the excess use of sex in all the movies and so on, sex, sex, sex. You must create a society of promiscuity, excessive promiscuity, which ensures that most folk won't, number one, get married and have children, and number two, won't have children to pass on the culture to.   That was part of the Frankfurt school and other ones too and Wilhelm Reich as well, who was also part of that group by the way [Alan chuckles.]  and a communist.  So that's what was done. He says, so yeah, they were overjoyed at how far it had gone to destroy the culture in America.


A belief system, it does matter what you think of it, a belief system gave you a moral code that you held in common.  The commonality of a code of conduct was important. Once you've destroyed that, oh, it's all relative now.  That term was brought in, right, deliberately, by the communists.  Oh, every opinion is just as good as any other opinion, it's all relative. So, there’s no such thing as objective truth left anymore, you see, and before you know it, yeah, everything becomes subjective, and so, nothing's going to have any force of any kind to act upon, you see.


So, as I say, Bezmenov said that, they had no idea how successful their technique of deculturalization, destroying the culture of an opponent had been. Incredibly successful.  M-hm.  And look at it today.  Now you have many groups, the leaders of whom are trained in Marxism and organizing and radicalizing the followers into really any subversive act, and overt violent acts too.  And you're not worried about it because you've fallen for, no it's not, it's not the same thing, it's a protest about somebody being killed.  No, that wasn't about somebody being killed. They were sitting waiting in the wings for it to happen, Antifa says they sit and wait for a spike they can jump on and jump on it they do.  And they use different groups, even victim groups to jump on and ride them, you know, ride them like horses to the bitter end. That's what you're seeing.


Then you link that about that Extinction Rebellion.  I remember one of the big meetings, I've said before, one of the huge meetings that they had for the World Trade Organization. They had quite a few back in the late 90s and the early 2000's for a few years in different countries. There were a couple in Canada too.  I remember them showing you, they had cameras inside one of them, just for a little clip it was. It was awfully important, probably a clip for their own records, somehow got on the television. But you saw some of these people at the top looking down at these crowds down below them, beating their drums and the standard protest thing for globalism, they didn't want globalism. At that time students did not want globalism. Now, they've been turned 180°, haven't you noticed, did they notice, until they want no borders, and massive movements of everything and people too. Have they actually noticed?  That's how slick you can use crowds, you see, four legs good, two legs bad, until their shouting, two legs good, four legs bad.  It's that simple.


But in that little clip they showed you, one of the politicians who was attending it, and he's looking down, they're looking down and, what's wrong with them, what is it they want, you know.  Don't forget how these guys are, trained as CEO some of them as well and they say, well how can we use this to our advantage?  It's always that, they don't hit anything head-on making an enemy of it, you use it. So, he went down, and they picked, he said, we could bring some of the leaders up of these different groups, these NGOs, bring them up here. Well they did and from then on, as I say, that's when it was almost for the next year or two, there was no more protest against globalism and free trade. None. It just ended.


Suddenly they were all extinction rebellion types, you see, and all the other radical groups to stop the business from, you know, by having huge parades and stopping business and shutting down railway lines and yada ya. All the Club of Rome stuff, you see.  Yeah.  And that's what they did, they gave funding to the leaders and made them awfully rich and wealthy, guaranteed incomes that they'd never get before, you know, bashing drums and dreaming up the occasional slogan to yell, and suddenly they were kind of important.  That's what you've had since then on.  That's how slick it was.  Now they're all working together, a big network of them. And they don't come out against globalism. Nope.


They literally, they don't care of the fact that the World Economic Forum, the richest folk, are the ones in charge of everything, who decide what policies we're going to have, including bringing us down to utter austerity and rationing cards. That's what it's going to come to, that's what it's meant to come to. And a post consumerist world as such, you see.  You can't go around and just consume stuff; you have to just take what you get for basic survival. I did these talks years ago, from their own sources, including the brownouts and so on.


[Alan chuckles.]  It's quite something.  Life can get awfully boring when you've read all their stuff, 'eh.  And I'm one who actually has read their stuff, not just saying it like other ones who adopt my stuff [Alan chuckles.] and say that.  But that's really what we're living through, a huge agenda.  And it is boring because you know what's next and what's next. And that's when you know, when they set on something, just like weapons of mass destruction, they'd rather obliterate a nation or a bunch of nations before they'll ever come out and say, well, we were wrong, or, yeah you were right all along, it was all bogus, the causes were bogus, like weapons of mass destruction.


I can remember Colon Powell, he was put forward to try to convince us to continue with Iraq, to finish it off and put it into the Stone Age, that was the agenda, you know, Kissinger admitted to that, who said that's what he would have preferred to do, so they can never get back together as a nation, a strong nation, uniform with uniform government so on. Once they've destroyed them into the Stone Age then you find different factions to fight each other, forever, they're never going to be a threat to anybody, and you can plunder them for resources.  That's how it's done. It's kind of boring, isn't it, the whole system is awfully boring because it's repetitive, and rather obvious as well.


Yeah, it's a sad thing that we have masters. We don't elect these masters. You're all subject to them. They know it too. And these masters have sections of them that play the far left, you know, they play that game too, if you understand how the United Nations is set up to work as the world socialist system, on behalf of the elite, [Alan chuckles.] folks.  Because don't forget, the United Nations was set up from the League of Nations which was set up by, it wasn't just Woodrow Wilson, he was the front man for it. It was the Lord Alfred Milner group that wanted it and through that they would run the world, every facet of economics and finance and everything, you know, and trade, would eventually go through departments of that.


From the Lord Alfred Milner group, you ended up with the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a private club, the same club.  It sounds awfully official but it's a private club. Out of that membership they set up the World Bank. They set up the Bank for International Settlements. They set up the IMF and other departments too, Overseas Economic Development, etc. That the taxpayers would all fund. This is, what's that got to do with voting for politicians? Nothing!  Nothing.  [Alan laughing.]  Nothing at all, 'eh.


And you go back into the histories of education, awfully important, you must get a uniform education.  You keep most of the folk dumb and stupid, like Bertrand Russell said, that's the idea, he talked about Fichte [Johann Gottlieb Fichte] all the time and Fichte said the same thing, the objective of education was to keep the general public dumb. They were given an education, I gave talks on that many years ago too going into the system even leading up to John Dewey, but prior to John Dewey, the only reason the folk in Britain were given a basic education was for the industrial era. Because they had to have folk who could read little notes left for them, little instructions in the factories on how to operate this and how to write down all what was needed and done and so on and follow instructions. So, they were given a basic, basic instruction in the English language, very simple stuff too.


But they didn't, they even had meetings in Britain, of the intelligentsia who were worried about this. They said, you know, if they start to get an education and they read books, and even philosophies or ancient history, they might start to connect things together and not be too happy with their lot in life. This is all documented stuff. And they even said, well what we can do is to make sure we'll keep them working for 16 hours a day, they'll be too tired then to do anything afterwards, even if we give them basic education, to read or to communicate with each other to get organized and, you know, fight for any kind of rights at all. I'm not kidding you; this is how it happened. They had big meetings about this, they were worried.


So, what they also came up with is the idea, okay now that we've got them basic, basic reading and writing, let's churn out novels for them, fiction, you see, fiction is a great way to keep them happy and excited, as though they are involved in a fantasy world, give them a fantasy world.  So, they work 16 hours a day of misery, will be bearable, they can daydream on what they read the night before, you see.  They churned out, they called it, penny books. These little penny novels were aimed at men, and ones for women, you see. The guys would have their wars and they'd be super soldiers in the war and get the metals going out across the world fighting for good causes and things like that, you see. But in reality, they were stuck at a machine all day long in the cotton factories. And the cotton killed a lot of folk, you know, the same with wool, the cotton did the same thing to the lungs, 'eh, terrible diseases it caused. 


But that was their escape. That's all they had, what else did you have? Nothing. You couldn't save up enough money to get out on the pittance wages that were basically worked out, scientifically again, how much you needed to earn, a male, and a woman, say, who also work in the factory, who might have, because they wanted to have another crop of offspring to work the factories, 'eh.  This is how science works; this is how this kind of stuff works. So, for the next generation they had to make sure, well, again, they wanted to keep them poor, or they wouldn't work in the factories. Why would you work in a factory for a pittance if you had a better education and you could save up money and get out of that hellhole you were in and into a healthier environment at the very least, 'eh, than work in a factory?


So, they literally kept them, how much does it take the average man and woman to pay rent? So, they had these strange things, almost like fixture rents across the country, especially in the factory towns and cities.  That system literally had gone on right up into the 20th century, where if you saw a person who was going into an apprenticeship, because in those days most folk didn't get into universities.  But if you got into an apprenticeship for a trade that was a BIG deal, right. Big deal.  And lots of folk would compete for the few jobs or few entries into apprenticeships. And these apprenticeships too treated their workers like slaves, like pittance wages. It was taken for granted up to the fifth year of apprenticeships, into the 20th century like halfway through, that the parents would still be supporting an apprentice. Because they were given just enough money often to get to their work, that's what they'd earn and their bus fare and so on, I'm not kidding you. 


So yeah, it worked out that way. So, man and wife, 'eh, in the late 1700s and 1800s, the late 1800s onwards, how much would they need just to keep them in basic subsistence, enough for the food and so on… and they had it worked out. Literally, again in the 20th century, Britain was using that same technique in war, from World War I into the Great Depression, into World War II, straight, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.  They had wage freezes, price freezes they called them too, so you couldn't earn more money then and better yourself again, and you'd have to work more and more hours for the same amount and yada, yada, ya.


This is all, basically it came back, came out of the Industrial Revolution and how they treated whole families, thousands and thousands, maybe millions of people, kept them at pure subsistence wages, 16 hours a day. Could not get out of it. And folk didn't live that long, they'd often die, like 20 crammed in a room in these awful, awful cities that were set up for them.  That's the truth of it.  Forget all this white privilege stuff. This is the horror that folk lived through. And you have to read the stories of some of the doctors that wrote about the diseases that swept through the cities with open sewers and things, 'eh.  N-n-n.  Frozen, you know, freezing in the winter, no heat, nothing. A horror show. I've often said that, history really is a horror show. 


These things they tried to eradicate that from education, very quickly, because they don't want the present crop to realize, you know, how bad it was for these people. And unless your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents could pass it on, what it was really like, or you asked them the pertinent questions, a lot of folk don't want to think back to these things, it's such a horror thing for them too.  But I did, I was one of these inquisitive ones and I asked the older folk, you know, much older, about it because I realized that they'd be gone too. And with them goes whole chunks of real personal history of what they saw and witnessed, etc.  That's all you can verify, you see.


Like 9/11, I said too, I says eventually, when it happened, I says, you know eventually you'll get books coming out with the authorized versions, that will completely contradict what we've all experienced.  [Alan laughing.]  And that's true, that's how it's done.  So, the point I'm making here, right, is that whatever is happening took years to plan and prepare. Even to get the very rough parts of everything worked out, it took years to put the basic stuff, we'll need departments for this and departments for that, who will deal with, then subsections dealing with blah blah blah, and all these special departments, etc. All prepared before the things happen like a big battle plan. It takes years to do so.


And think tanks go over the main problems. Well if this were ever to happen, God forbid, 'eh, how would we do this and how would we do that? And if we did this, what would the effects of that be? How would that ripple through society? yada, yada, ya?  It's all managed this way. And we're managed now by behavioral experts, have been for an awful long time, who really have, they loath us.  They have, they despise us. I've mentioned this before, many times, how we're treated by the elites, including the intelligentsia, the ones that think they're really part of the intelligentsia, who despise us, simply because they're still pretty well cloaked in secrecy.  Oh, we're special, we're cloaked in secrecy, we manage your minds and you don't know it.  And the more they manage your minds and it works on you, the more they despise you. I'm telling you the truth.


I said before, how the elite treat us is they disable you, just like Fichte and like Lord Bertrand Russell who thought the same thing too, he always used the former, his idea on education, you know, the idea of education is to make them stay stupid. Or to make them stupid even if they weren't before. And it's true, that's how the elites have always seen it. The trouble is if you start becoming, if you break out of it and you start to understand what's happening, you become a threat to them. Obviously.  He went through that in his books.


Anyway, I always say, what they do to you, they cripple you at birth, really.  Forget all the toxic stuff they pump into you, off the bat, which will give you, that will lower the immune system right away.  [Alan chuckles.]  People, they often say, you know, we've all got allergies now and we’ve all got compromised immune systems to some extent or another. That's official stuff from scientific papers, they tell you that, we’ve all got it now.  Well, pretty well all us lot, 'eh.  I don't know about the very, very ultra-elite at the top. But anyway, what could've caused it? Well, all you have to do again is to say, what started in the 1960s onwards? What happened then that didn't happen before? Was it the food? Well, it's possible the chemicals in it.  Was there anything, well, what else were big health services doing what to you?  Mm.  Okay.  And more – I want to avoid the name – and more and more of the what's have done to you, to the present bunch today are just, you know, they're riddled with the stuff that's being done to them. 


Think about it, I mean, what is it supposed to…?  It's supposed to alter your immune system, it affects your immune system, 'eh, isn't that the purpose? Well, I wonder… I wonder what's lowered all of our immune systems until some immune systems are just on hyper alert all the time and overreact to everything. That's what happened to me, you see, after I got a whole bunch of boosters back in the 90s. A real cytokine storm indeed, vaccine related injury.  There was no doubt about it.  Cause and effect. Two weeks later, bomf, you know, massive arthritis, rheumatoid too, arthritis, bomf, head to toe. All your joints in your hands just popped, whof, fever the whole lot.  Yep.  And the classic signs of other things too, you know, it popped your stomach, it popped everything.  That was never healed, really, not properly.  Anyway, that's what you get from it.


So yeah, there are certain, again, what's a simple detective, what's happening, what's the signs and symptoms of the problem? What happened before that all happened to you? Well, okay, diagnosis falls in. Well, bingo, there's your answer, folks.  It's Occam's razor they call it.  Occam's razor, Occam's razor goes right, straight from this point to that point, the shortest route is probably the plausible explanation and the valid one. That's a fact. That's just how it is.


So, we’re living through a big agenda. Rather nasty. It took years to plan. We've had the culprits, some of the culprits out vocally speaking about it like Bill Gates. And he's definitely a culprit.  This man I would not trust, I wouldn't even say, with my life, there's no darn way, but I wouldn't trust him in any other circumstance either. This guy is a creepy guy who is not qualified in virology, bacteriology or any of the sciences to do either, he's not qualified with vaccines either. But what he is, he is a qualified eugenicist. He really believes in the better types and inferior types, and too many of YOU, as he's said himself, as he took over and filled his father's shoes.  Creepy, creepy beyond belief.


And he funds the WHO, massive funding to them. And he funds huge sums into the group too that is under Fauci and other ones as well.  I mean, come on here.  Huh?  Isn't this a bit of a small world or something? He's at the WEF, World Economic Forum.  Huh?  And they are mandating that we all have to, and your governments are all complying. Because some of the heads, the medical heads in the different countries are even on the board, like Canada's one is on the board of the WHO, at the same time. No conflict of interest there, 'eh?  [Alan laughing.]   Who are they serving? Literally, who are they serving?


So honestly, you know, this is a very obvious, obviously contrived system set up for this particular time we're living through at the moment. A huge agenda. The Club of Rome saying, oh we'll accomplish the whole sustainability program because of this Covid idea. And that's not speculation, you know, I put the articles they published out for those that wanted to read it before, giving joyful and gleeful responses to this and praise to the Covid.  They're going to go the whole way with this. This is the complete reset, as they've said at the WEF and the World Bank and all the rest of them, the great reset. It wasn't reset just for money. Which it is. And for economies. Which it is. It's a complete reset of and whole new value system of your life, and your conditions of life, as you go down into utter austerity, depending on who you are. 


So, before I go on to the actual talk, because I haven't even started the talk yet, isn't that amazing. Getting back to how they loath you, they really loath you.  They treat you like cattle.  What they do from birth, they cripple you. Your parents help because they've been crippled themselves, and those who are crippled pass on the indoctrination of reality, what they are told it is, to the child. You know, why do we have to do this? Because, because that's the way it is.  So, I'm going to grow up and pay taxes, why is that? Because that's just the way it is.  You know, before the grandparents didn't have to, because they didn't have temporary war tax then, which became permanent income tax, etc. etc. But anyway, they cripple you that way.  They used parents to indoctrinate you, the school takes it over, to make sure you never think to yourself again, you see, you only adopt opinion put up by experts and professionals.


It's like getting a cow, breaking its legs, one at a time, and the poor animal's suffering and the whole bit and then it can't get up, and they kick you because you can't get up. And now they really despise you. This is how sadists work, you see. They really despise you. Psychopaths do the same thing, the studies on psychopaths, even in military organizations and tyrannies, you find, if you could imagine them all on steps going up to a king at the top, or the head character at the top. Psychopaths will praise and lick the boots of the person on the step above them. But the person below them, they abuse like crazy in hatred almost and loathing, all the way down the steps to each one gets loathed and loathed and loathed by the one above them. That’s how psychopathy works.  They praise the person who's got more power than them, because that really impresses them, and they want it. But they despise those beneath them, that they cannot use anymore, they can't use them to climb over, they're already over them, and so they despise them.


It's the same system today, we are crippled by so many different ways, and then they despise you all the more.  I’ve given the analogy too of the movie V for Vendetta. Where interestingly, I've mentioned before, look at the plot of it. Really, a bunch of elites take over, radical elites take over a system by I think releasing a plague initially and then claiming it was the terrorist group that did it. They put themselves in power. Then they arrest everyone who is an enemy of them, who wouldn't stand for it. Which always happens anyway, and it will happen with this one too by the way, they'll arrest you if you don't go along with it, and they eliminate you, you just disappear.  The Soviets did it in Siberia as well, all through the, you know, all through its reign.


But V for Vendetta, they had different people who enabled this almost to happen as they were coming to power.  After taking over they use prisoners all the time and use them as test guinea pigs by injecting them with different things. One of the doctors there, a woman who was in charge of it and she says initially she felt kind of sorry for them because they'd get shuffled in every other day for their testing. But then she says, I began to, because they were so obedient and would never fight back on anything, because their spirit was broken you see, so it's like breaking the legs of a cow, you break it, so, you break the spirit, and these folk were shuffling in, these prisoners to get tested, prodded and bits taking out of them for goodness knows what. She said, and they never look you in the face and they always look down at the floor, total submission, and she began to despise them and despise their complacency and how they, their obedience, she hated their slavishness that they showed to obedience.  She had less qualms on using them like guinea pigs. In fact, she hated them.


That's what happens when you comply.  The ruthless psychopaths who are over you will utterly hate you. That's why it's easier for them to start to slaughter. I really mean that.  I really mean that.  And getting back to Peter Hitchens’ idea, that Trotskyists of his era at least would argue, they wanted debate and so on. The groups today don't want any debate at all, they just demand that you follow what their dictates are, dictates and that's it.  You do what you're told and obey, and parrot what they tell you. There's no, you have no say in any alternate reasoning, none at all. They are completely intolerant.


I've said it before too, this would come. I used to say that liberalism is one of the covers they use of course for communism in the West, according to Khrushchev, one of the ex-heads of the Soviet Union. He said, in the West we call them liberals.  And liberalism is the most intolerant system of all. It has no tolerance, if you noticed, but it’s been getting worse and worse for years, and now it's quite out in the open.  They want to eliminate anybody who doesn't go along and parrot the same things that they parrot. They want to literally, this is not a debate thing, this is beyond politics, it's gone way beyond politics now. 


Look at the States, the whole world is looking at the States saying my God, look at what's happened here, woah.  That's why China is making moves and testing its muscles a bit. Other countries will do the same.  Because nature abhors a vacuum as they say as really powerful groups become weakened. And when you are being taken down at home, it's like Rome, isn't it? They had all these armies outside Rome when they got invaded. There was nobody left to stop them. They were all out in foreign countries. They didn't even believe it was happening, they thought they were impregnable, as Alaric and the rest, just swarms of these different groups came one after the other through Rome.


They're all watching the States right now, and everything is so beyond, even the statements from scientists to do with this Covid are utterly steeped in politics. Nothing to do with reality and facts, it's all politics.  Amazing, isn't it. And you're living through it. And you're watching this. And don't forget too, that the US did take over as the policeman of the world. This is the term they like to use even though it's not, it's the plunderer of the world on behalf of the elite, the same as Britain was too.  The people in Britain had a worse time of it because they got nothing out of it, really. They just supplied the poor folk to fill the uniforms that were easily disposable across the planet for the elite who reaped in the harvest of course of cash.


It's amazing times we're living through. Again, big agenda. Well documented. And you're watching all the classical sides all drawn up with the indoctrinated groups that are all willing to eliminate borders and all the rest. A whole generation raised for this purpose.  Through schooling. Through children's books. There were the politically correct inserts that were put into children's books for children at the age of five onwards, even four, to be read at the bedside by their parents. And it's all worked. School took over and utterly, utterly radicalized them to hate the older group.


Remember too, the battle cry during the 1960s with the Communists in New York at the time? Some of whom are still alive today and who pretend that they're now, maybe even some pretend they're Republican. They said, don't trust anybody over the age of 30. That was a mantra, a slogan. Well, now it's even younger, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   And they've done it across the world, uniformly, 'eh, uniformly.  The same schoolteachers’ toolboxes trained across the world. That's what UNESCO is for, remember, that's what it was set up for, creating a universal culture through universal education, which is just social engineering indoctrination, you see.  Very successful.


To me as a person who stands outside things and looks at it, it's interesting to see how they've done it all. And there's no point getting all emotional about it because most folk now cannot reason, they're so emotional, you see, it works awfully well, including the ones who might, who might be set loose on the public to do really more drastic things. What you've got at the moment is a warning of what's coming.  Eventually it will get a lot more worse than this as they set them loose on the public.  It's quite fascinating though to live through it and actually see it happening. And to watch the things that you read about in books, the chanting mobs, utterly radicalized, who can't really verbalize anything beyond the slogans that they’re chanting, except that they hate you. If you ask them why they hate you, they can get into trouble trying to figure out why. It's just because you're there, really, you know, they'll hate you.


That's a very dangerous situation and it's all being fostered by the authorities, by your own tax money, training them through education, etc.  And of course, the social media that they're all getting the same stuff from, the Internet and different sites, etc. It's quite amazing. It is amazing, isn't it, to watch it happening?  But never forget that the talks I've given for years about this to do with the mind itself, and the articles I've read on the air about those who manage our minds from birth onwards, and how they even bring you to opinions which you will think they are your own. You all get it at the same time, if you all watch the certain programs at the same time that are really touted that it's almost must-see, you must go in and watch this.  You'll all come away with the same ideas, you see.  It doesn't matter if it's false, it doesn't make any difference, to you it's all real. Quite something, you know.


If you've been brought up, if you have raised a generation, if you raise them to be utter, beyond radical, this isn't just radical, these folk are literally chomping at the bit to get unleashed upon the public for a massive purge. That's what it is. And you know that, you all know that.  And they're ready for it, they are pretty well ready for it.  There's going to be no arguing with them or debating or talking to them when they get unleashed. You're an enemy.  You're not just an enemy, you're a thing, an enemy and a thing, not a person, that will have to be disposed of.  And whenever you give any particular group amongst humanity special status and give them a free hand to go at it, well, you would understand, now your governments are an enemy of the people. Your governments permit this. They themselves are an enemy of the people, they're complicit in the horror that they're bringing on. Don't forget that.  There's never been a time when this has been pretty well advocated by your own governments, all of what's happening today. There hasn't been.


Even last year and the year before when you had the Extinction Rebellion going through London, week after week, you know, stopping traffic, businesses, you know, big trucks, stopping trains, disrupting everyone's lives, and being allowed to get away with it? Day after day after day for like weeks and weeks? And businesses getting hit with that, etc.? Well, what gave them special status over everybody else? Somebody authorized it. Are you starting to get it?  Is the penny dropping here?  [Alan chuckles.]


It's because whatever you thought your government was, is nothing to what you actually thought it was, nothing, it's completely different. And the system of civil service has always been the system of power, that's why you put them in there. They're there for life, regardless of the parties that surround them, and they are all trained towards their lifelong goals to accomplish what their masters, not the politicians, but what the real masters want. You know that that's how it really works.


So, let's look at this for instance.  I mentioned this article before, it's so important because it gives you a little clue down through time, you see, from 2013 this one is. It says…


Ecologists Urge Government To “Move Beyond Existent Levels Of Public Permission” (Alan:  …okay?)

explosivereports.wordpress.com / 15 Feb 2013


“(…) governments can and even should move beyond existent levels of public permission in order to shift norms (A:  That's normals, right, norms...), allowing public sentiment to later catch up with the regulation.”


(A:  So, this is from 2013, hm.  This came out eventually in an additional BioScience.  But what's awfully important is, listen to the wording again, right. You've got to think, start thinking, using that loaf you got there in your head, your brain. It says…)


“(…) governments can and even should move beyond existent levels of public permission in order to shift norms, allowing public sentiment (A:  ...sentiment, okay…) to later catch up with THE regulation.”


(A:  So, it's to do with laws and rules they're going to put out, you see. Now, you would need certain things to happen to give the excuse to put the rules out. It doesn't have to be a real event, just a made up one that could appear real, as an example. Because you've got to give an idea to the public, so that they will go, oh well, we better go along with that, you see, so there's no debate about it at all.  So, it says…)


In a peer-reviewed paper put out by the American Institute of Biological Sciences titled “Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges” ... a group of well-known scientists calls on government and scientists to start with the planned social engineering of “norms” and “values” in regards to environmental policies.


(A:  Now remember, up until now the whole idea was to use the climate idea, as an emergency, to take your rights away, bring you into a post consumerist society, into a rationed society, where you'll live the way they're going to tell you to live in a reduced standard of living for most folk. Not for the ones at the top naturally, but for the rest of you.)


(A:  So, you need something.  So, the whole climate idea that they came up with at the Club of Rome, they were tasked with finding a reason to make it happen. They came up with the idea, and everything hinges on it, they can't back down. As I say before, Colin Powell got literally red-faced, he did, he actually changed, you see his face changing when he was called out on it at the time trying to convince the public that a fuzzy picture was actually some missile launching mechanism in Iraq, and it wasn't.)


(A:  Even though and it came out during that interview that Britain had admitted that they'd sold, [Alan chuckles.] a transport trailer with the weather balloon systems for Iraq.  That's what that was, they said, that's what that was. And here is Colin Powell trying to tell you it was a rocket rig, missile rig, he’s flustered and the whole bit. He still stuck to it; well you know it's… Everybody was laughing at him. And that's how they are when they've sworn to something they will not back off. They can't back off; they'd get kicked out of the club.  They have sworn, they've sworn to go along with the biggest lies you can possibly imagine. And that's just the same here today with all of this stuff by the way. So, the idea, to get the whole climate idea, was already taught through the schools, right. But it says...)


The objective, according to the authors, is that these engineered “norms” must work their way into existing ones so finally environmental policies will be accepted without reserve.


Right.  You're all going to die, or you're going to fry. No, you're going to freeze. Oh, you're going to fry, you're going to freeze, you're going to drown, it depends what the weather is going to be. But regardless of what they've picked for that time, you'd all better go along with it, because you're all going to die. No matter what it is, you're either going to die of that or you going to die of a disease, or you're going to die of...  but you're going to die.  You see? That's the main thing about taking folks' rights away down through time, is if you don't do what we say you're all going to die.  Hm.  Standard stuff.  Standard.


Some of the founding fathers in America said pretty well the same stuff, all your rights are taken away with the guise of a good intentions for necessity, you see.  And they've got these bioethicists working with them to do with managing society. You've got experts getting turned out of university and courses, who really do, it's just basically social engineering, how to con the public. The same kind of techniques that Bernays talked about when he talked about the decisions and your behavior is managed by an visible government, the ones that understand how your mind works. And they can convince you to go and buy things and do things and behave in certain ways, without you even realizing that you're not making your own decisions eventually, it's been put into your mind.  Hm.  Quite something, 'eh.


You get banks and banks of these characters, I've mentioned it before too, with the group that worked with the Sage group for Covid, and I put the articles out too, from them, where they actually gave advice to all the newspapers to comply and go along with this, right down to terrorizing the public, to jacking up and intensifying fear, to make folk comply.


Now again, are we all adults here? Wouldn't you do something if they just said, as children, we’re going to terrorize the children. Wouldn't you be, shouldn't…? Well, I don't know in this day and age, I don't think folk care anymore, to be honest, I think we're so far gone. But, if they said we're going to terrify the children, I think there'd be some complaints about it. And just from a memory of decency towards children, right, that we used to have, 'eh, when we cared, you know, we’d have to do something, even for the memories' sake of decency as opposed to reality, but regardless we’d say.


But here, it's to all the ADULTS as well. Who’s standing up and rioting on the streets about that? Nobody. They don't give a damn about the people who've been dying in the old folks’ homes or anything with this. Neither do they give a damn when they're out there screaming about this and the whole bit on the streets, about spreading any virus, even if they think, and they’re wearing masks some of them and some of them aren't wearing masks. But they’re shoulder to shoulder, they don't care. Really, are you going to comply with folk who don't care about everybody else? Really?  [Alan chuckles.]   I-yi-yi. 


But yeah, the American Institute of Biological Sciences. There ya go, biological sciences. It's all to do with bioethics too. And the Rockefellers are really up there, I've given out the articles before from the Rockefeller foundation from their bioethics societies, working with the legal systems for laws, all the new, like buckets full of laws they're going to just dump on us all. All from these unelected people. Well, we've got degrees in managing all of you scum, obey, 'eh.


This is an old article too, 2013. This has been happening for years this kind of stuff, 'eh.  So, to get their agenda through on behalf the usual group, the WEF, the same bunch at the top, as I say, look at the World Economic Forum.  Who used to be, why were all the top energy companies and oil companies the first ones to jump on board with sustainability?  Oh well, there ya go, you know.  Yep.  The WEF, 'eh.


Now here's the thing about Covid. I mean, Canada unfortunately is, or used to be a few steps ahead of most countries in, we can call it socialism if you want. Again, don't get hung up on names, the signs and symptoms tell you all you need to know.  [Alan chuckles.]  I noticed Bob Ray by the way, was just, he was the next premier of Ontario years ago who had quite the going away exposé in the papers and proud to tell you more about himself than ever before. But again, left a massive debt in Ontario, but that's what they always do, and changed a lot of things as well.  He was doing the same things as Justin Trudeau, he was saying years before, back in the 90s he was on about hiring, so abilities didn't really matter so much and so on and yada, yada, ya.  And he went quiet for a while. I think he was a teacher at some university, probably was put on the board and he'd get a full-time salary for maybe showing up once in a while. But he's just been appointed for Canada as ambassador to the United Nations. Very timely, isn't it? So again, a complete socialist type.  His dad was actually a communist revolutionary that came over, I won't go into the whole history of it but yeah, it's quite interesting when you go into his background.


But anyway, so Canada really is such a socialistic, almost communistic country. And it's well on the way to total, it's beyond total socialism actually. They don't question much, the people in Canada don't question the system much at all. Anyway, it says…


COVID Deaths in Canada: A Questionable Statistic

off-guardian.org / 1 July 2020


Before Canadians surrender anymore of their freedoms to COVID-19 propaganda, can we stop and ask some critical questions?


“COVID is unquestionably much worse than a bad flu season,” says Dr. Allison McGeer, an infectious disease specialist at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, in an interview with the CBC.


(A:  It's a long article actually and it's kind of, I call it scattered in the way things are put across.  But it says…)


McGeer cites government statistics (as of June 17) showing a COVID mortality rate of 22 deaths per 100,000 Canadians.


(A:  Again, all these deaths are so meaningless when they're taking all kinds of deaths, with presumed, and even the iffy positive test they're doing, especially with the swabs.  In other words, you could be dying of any kind of disease, but if they find Covid in you at the same time, even though it's not killing you, something else is killing you, you’re put down as Covid. We all know this scam; it's just it's never been done in history like this. This is astonishing to live through with all the verification from so many studies, you know, again, facts don't matter. Anyway, it says...)


By comparison, the death rate for influenza in Canada on an annual basis is usually between nine and 13 deaths per 100,000 people…”


Does this one statistic really make COVID “unquestionably” worse than the flu?


(A:  So that's the point of this person's article, what they're telling you as opposed to what it really means. They go on to...)


Graphs, charts and lists slice the data up in so many ways: Cases by province, date of onset, number of deaths, male versus female, old versus young, etc. But they don’t talk about the infection-to-fatality rate — that is the percent of people who acquire COVID-19 and end up having that inevitable out-of-body experience we call death.


(A:  So, in other words, yeah, CASES are totally different from infected people, like disease infected people. If they have no signs and symptoms of the disease, they are not diseased.  Hm?  They are not ill. And whenever you get herd immunity, you get it by the same, I mentioned it before, most folk had the polio virus going through their systems in the 1950s when it was supposedly going out at the time, and didn't know they had it. They didn't know.)


(A:  What they did find are certain categories of people, even people who got injured, like, I knew a guy who knocked his knee when he was in the National Service, on an assault course he hurt his knee and somehow the virus was able to set in and cause problems, permanent problems with him. It's very similar to a lot of viruses, you don't know that they've gone through you.  Folks always ended up getting herd immunity, or none of us would be alive today, folks, long before this Covid 19 came along, right. Do you understand that? It's like normal stuff. In some years you'll get a cold, and everybody around you hasn’t got it, that you know of. And sometimes they all have it, and you're fine. You know, that's just the way it is. But one way or another it's going through you, even when you are fine, that particular strain, whatever it is, and you're somehow resistant to it already, that year.)


(A:  But anyway, all the graphs and charts as I say, don't give you anything to do with fatalities. And the more you test the more you're going to find folk who have got, as I say, positive. The tests are so nonsensical. They are nonsensical. These swab tests, they're not, a lot of these tests are not even meant for diagnostic purposes.  Really.  N-n-n.  It's far easier for bacterial purposes, you can test bacteria, and you can grow them again in a dish of course, and you'll see it, you can test it, it's definitely so-and-so bacterium. But when it comes to viruses, especially Covid group, it's a massive group, of variations of things.)


After all, The World Health Organization had estimated that COVID-19’s “official” death rate would hover around 3.4%. This statistic has been used to justify the loss of three million jobs in Canada and libraries being turned into food banks.


(A:  You should be lucky you got a food bank because eventually come the winter and into next year you'll be lucky to get any food at all I think. And that is the plan.)


Well, I decided to calculate the infection/fatality rate for the entire country, as well as each individual province and territory. I’m using the official data from The Public Health Agency of Canada as of June 23, 2020 (6 days after McGeer’s calculations):


As you can see we arrive at a 0.56% rate of death for those infected with COVID. 0.56% is six times less than the WHO’s estimate of 3.4%. Notwithstanding, a 0.56% infection-to-fatality rate, as Dr. McGeer’s says, would be “unquestionably much worse than a bad flu season.” Around five times as worse as a mild flu season.


But wait! I have more questions before they finish turning the true north strong and free into a COVID-19(84) police state…


In the above table, take a look at the infection-to-fatality column. You can see that a person infected with COVID is twice as likely to die if they live in Ontario (0.62%) or Quebec (0.65%) versus somebody living in Nova Scotia (A:  ..on the east coast...) (0.32%). And Canucks are twice as likely to die in Nova Scotia rather than in Alberta (0.16%).


Indeed, if you eliminate Quebec and Ontario from the equation we arrive at dramatically different results. An infection/fatality rate of 0.17% and only 3 deaths per 100,000 amongst the remaining 61% of Canadians.


Is COVID-19 then more dangerous than the flu? It doesn’t seem so if you live outside of Ontario and Quebec.


(A: [Alan laughing.]   It's true.  So anyway, they go back and forth to justify this reasoning, etc.)


(A:  But you've got, even different provinces, even in the US states, some of them have different methods and percentages of percentages to do with the actual tests that they're doing. It's not like a switch going on and off, you're positive or negative. There's a whole range that it goes up to, even in different countries, how many hours this particular test has been studied, so many hours with the virus on so-and-so, that's how they really do it. There's a whole bunch of procedures they go through. And they've got different rates of it. It's only studied for maybe 36 hours in one state, maybe another state will do up to 30. Well, you’ll be negative for the ones that did it in 30, and the ones that did the 36 hours test will be actually over. It's all bogus, it's unbelievable.)


(A:  And again, the Koch's postulates, which you've got to go through to even confirm this is a particular unique virus, hasn’t even been done.  This is the most miraculous thing that's ever been, it hasn't been done, folks, hm.  To make sure that this is a definite distinct virus, none of it's been done. There's criteria it must fulfill, step by step by step, before you can say this is a definite new virus.  N-n-n.) 


(A:  And again, with everybody getting put down as dying from it anyway, remember in Britain, don't forget what they said in Britain with Hancock the guy who was put in charge of the health for Britain’s National Health Service. He's a politician of course but don't forget what he said during that talk, and I put that up too.  It was a YouTube video. He said, people have forgotten, folk are dying all the time every day, every week, every month, every year, people die every day, otherwise we'd have too many folks, obviously. Folk die every day and need replaced by new babies and yada ya, that's birth and death, that's why the stats they're always giving you births and deaths, births and deaths.) 


(A:  But we forget that. We've already been conned into, you know, no one died before Covid came along. Did you know that folk are dying of Covid? And they're putting everybody who dies down as Covid. And that's a fact.  ‘Probable.’  Did he sneeze? He sneezed twice before he croaked, you know. Oh, put them down as Covid then, right. Never mind the scams that they get for putting them down, diagnose them as Covid, hospitals get more money, and if they have to use a ventilator, even more money again.)


(A:  But back to the point here. ‘Probables’ as well, there's hardly a symptom that they haven't stuck into this Covid thing. If you get a runny nose it could be Covid. If you got congested nasal passages, it could be Covid. There's nothing that they haven't missed. In the middle of hay fever season, 'eh?  So, they put all the folks down as Covid deaths.  Hancock says, he says, people forget, you know he says, 10,000 people, and this is in Britain, or England, 10,000 people die every month here, he says.  Shouldn't that shock you.  [Alan chuckles.]  I mean, you didn't know that, did you, 10,000 die normally anyway. Well, since they're putting so many of them down as Covid, then they keep jacking up the figures.)


(A:  Because now along with the whole climate idea of catastrophe and we are all going to die, you've got Covid there, and oh, you're all going to die, give up all your rights and we'll manage you, and we've got to bring in a new system, a complete global reset, they said, and we're using Covid now as the excuse.  Hm.  Yep.) 


(A:  You've got to look at horror.  And folk should definitely, definitely be put in the dock for this.  It's a pity it will never happen because the elite run the system, that will never happen. But like some fantasy Hollywood movie to get some kind of justice, it would be kind of nice, wouldn't it? But it's a fantasy, again, it will never happen. Quite something.)


(A:  A ‘probable’ case, they put them down as a ‘probable’ case of Covid...)


Looking up the National surveillance case definitions for COVID-19, I found that a “probable” case seems to leave much to question: One can be added to the COVID list if they suffer the “onset of (or exacerbation of chronic) cough” coupled by participating “in a mass gathering identified as a source of exposure.” A Canadian can also be branded a COVID case if she has a “fever (over 38 degrees Celsius)” and “close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.”


When it comes to “close contact,” how close are we talking about? Not all that close in seems: “…a single laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 in a [long-term care home], in a resident or staff member would trigger an outbreak and would be declared.” says the Ontario Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Outbreak Guidance for Long Term Care Homes (LTCH).


In other words, if the maintenance man at a senior’s home of 800 residents tests positive for COVID, all 800 residents would now meet the “close contact” qualifier.


Ontario Health’s Case Definition – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) confirms this: Just a runny nose and “being a patient in the same ward or facility during a nosocomial outbreak of COVID-19” will add Grandma to the COVID case count. “Facility” could include long-term care homes, where most of the deaths have occurred.


(A:  That's another thing too, most of them have occurred, remember, in these long-term care homes, where I'm telling you, a lot of them have been done on the cheap, cheap, cheap, you know, especially with the staff, etc. Plus, they terrified, the stories that came out of some of them, the ones in Montréal, literally some of the homes were deserted, the staff had fled in utter panic and fear, and the folk were lying in their own waste etc., some of them. Just horrible. Horrible stuff. So, it says…)


Thus, you only need one confirmed case of COVID and all the residents in that nursing home become “probable” cases as soon as they show any of the broad list of COVID symptoms. (A: [Alan chuckles.] It's really broad, believe you me.) One of those COVID red flags includes a “decrease in blood pressure” (A: [Alan chuckles.] So even that, you understand, if you're one of the probables, because one person went through the nursing home, oh yeah, your blood pressure just dropped a little there, so you probably got Covid, so put them all down as Covid, right.) (a common occurrence among elderly using blood pressure lowering medication).


So, someone can be totally free of COVID but still be included in the total of COVID cases. But of course, if they do die, it would not be assumed that COVID was the cause of death.


Or would it?




Consider that the Ontario Public Health’s Daily Epidemiologic Summary clearly states:


(A:  And links are here for all these, by the way.)


Any case marked ‘Fatal’ is included in the deaths data. Deaths are included whether or not COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death…”


(A:  It's right there, 'eh...)


...whether or not...


(A:  Right.)


Said another way: It doesn’t matter whether someone died from cancer, the flu, heart disease, a ventilator, medication, falling down the stairs, a bullet to the head… As long as it is was “probable” that they had COVID, they will be added to the list of COVID deaths in Canada.


Now I'm also going to put up this article up next to it. It's called…


Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court - vaccinechoicecanada.com / 8 July 2020


Statement of claim against Covid-19 measures - vaccinechoicecanada.com


They're actually putting in a legal challenge to see what happens.  I don't… You know, you've got to applaud the people who do these things. I remember the same thing happened with the group, a very dedicated group who had all their facts right and they challenged the Bank of Canada's conology that it was doing. Eventually of course, everything ruled against them, they didn't go any further. Because Canada is more totalitarian and socialistic, very much like Australia. It's interesting to look at the Commonwealth countries, ex-Commonwealth, still Commonwealth countries, where they were part of the dominion.  Canada used to be called the dominion, because of the dominion of England, or London.


There's always been a system in place which tells you you're under a monarchy. Don't forget that everybody appointed at the top, any official anything, has to be loyal to the crown. You've got understand there's a different system above it all, above the so-called democracy here. And it doesn't matter if the one below it pretends to be right wing at times or left-wing at times.  It's really run by a system above them. So, you can challenge them all they want in Canada, because Canada is more of a totalitarian system than most countries. Australia is much the same and that's why Australia is getting locked down so quickly, with a very authoritarian system actually, very authoritarian.  They give the people no choice at all, just to comply or else and that's it.


I'll put this article up, it's quite good, on the different things that they are putting forward. Because really, the government’s negating their duties supposedly, as you would think it was, in regard to the public, the citizens.


Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court

vaccinechoicecanada.com / 8 July 2020


The mass and indiscriminate containment of citizens, the restriction of access to parliament, the courts, medical and educational services,


(A:  It's true, how many folks can't get medical care during this whole farce? I guess the folk are dying at home, they can't get in hospital, put down as Covid deaths, even though they want other treatments for different things, that's what's killing them.)


  the destruction of local economies (A:  …absolutely.)  and livelihoods, and the requirement to physically distance, (A:  ...which is a farce. The whole idea dreamed up by a schoolgirl and her daddy who worked for the military industrial complex, you know, by a computer model. Nothing to do with reality.) along with the forced use of non-medical masking are extraordinary measures that have never before been imposed on the citizens of Canada. (A:  Even though [Alan chuckles.] the micron size of this virus supposedly is smaller than the particles they can get through an N95 masks. But facts don’t matter again.  [Alan laughing.])


It's to make you literally comply.... obedience, the mask itself is compliance, that's a symbol, comply.  We're all one, we are all one, you see, that's the first thing for a war type scenario is get the public all to act as one, and to obey as one. And get the mob to turn on anybody who's individual and says I'm not carrying this gas mask, that's World War II, I don't need a gas mask, what for, no one's getting gassed? And no one was gassed. That didn't matter, the rest of them would turn on you, you'd better get that gas mask on, we all have to do it.  You know, that's the mob, 'eh.  Always used.


It's very much like the movie Gangs of New York where I think the mayor of New York at the time said, we can always hire half the citizens [Alan chuckles.]   to kill the other half if we need to.  [Alan chuckles.]   That's quite plain about it, that was quite good, that little one-liner there. And it's true, of course you can.  Folk never realize they're getting played off, even your emotions, especially when you get emotions and you're angry, someone's using you, someone else is using you and you're being programmed.  You gotta say, by whom and for what purpose, who is benefiting from this?  Who’s suffering because of it?  But unfortunately, once folk have gone that far with their emotions, they cannot think at all. 


But I'll put these articles up. Another one too…  This is awfully good, and it's true. Again, it's facts but facts don't matter.


COVID-19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

off-guardian.org / 27 June 2020


Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose


(A:  The inventor says, it's not a diagnostic tool.  I'll repeat that for the heart of thinking, the inventor says it's not a diagnostic tool for diagnosing disease. It's a tool to be used solely in the laboratory for other purposes. But it says…)


Lockdowns and hygienic measures around the world are based on numbers of cases and mortality rates created by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests used to identify “positive” patients, whereby “positive” is usually equated with “infected.”


But looking closely at the facts, the conclusion is that these PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection by a supposedly new virus called SARS-CoV-2.




The message was spread through headlines around the world, for instance by Reuters and the BBC.


(A:  Test, test, test, right, it's true, that's all you've heard, test, test, test.)


Still on the 3 of May, the moderator of the heute journal — one of the most important news magazines on German television— was passing the mantra of the corona dogma on to his audience with the admonishing words:


Test, test, test—that is the credo at the moment, and it is the only way to really understand how much the coronavirus is spreading.”


This indicates that the belief in the validity of the PCR tests is so strong that it equals a religion that tolerates virtually no contradiction.


But it is well known that religions are about faith and not about scientific facts. And as Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th century said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”


So to start, it is very remarkable that Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, did not think alike. His invention got him the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993.


Unfortunately, Mullis passed away last year at the age of 74, but there is no doubt that the biochemist regarded the PCR as inappropriate to detect a viral infection.


The reason is that the intended use of the PCR was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times,


(A:  That's what its function is, right...) 


to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times, and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.


How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.


(A:  That was in 2007.)




Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the PCR tests used to identify so-called COVID-19 patients presumably infected by what is called SARS-CoV-2 do not have a valid gold standard to compare them with.


(A:  It's not a simple straightforward switch on and off, positive / negative.)


This is a fundamental point. Tests need to be evaluated to determine their preciseness — strictly speaking their “sensitivity” and “specificity” — by comparison with a “gold standard,” meaning the most accurate method available.


As an example, for a pregnancy test the gold standard would be the pregnancy itself. (A: [Alan chuckles.]  Yeah, definitely.) But as Australian infectious diseases specialist Sanjaya Senanayake, for example, stated in an ABC TV interview in an answer to the question “How accurate is the [COVID-19] testing?”:


If we had a new test for picking up [the bacterium] golden staph in blood, we’ve already got blood cultures, that’s our gold standard we’ve been using for decades, and we could match this new test against that. But for COVID-19 we don’t have a gold standard test.”


Jessica C. Watson from Bristol University confirms this. In her paper “Interpreting a COVID-19 test result”, published recently in The British Medical Journal, she writes that there is a “lack of such a clear-cut ‘gold-standard’ for COVID-19 testing.”


But instead of classifying the tests as unsuitable for SARS-CoV-2 detection and COVID-19 diagnosis, or instead of pointing out that only a virus, proven through isolation and purification, can be a solid gold standard, Watson claims in all seriousness that, “pragmatically” COVID-19 diagnosis itself, remarkably including PCR testing itself, “may be the best available ‘gold standard’.” But this is not scientifically sound.


Apart from the fact that it is downright absurd to take the PCR test itself as part of the gold standard to evaluate the PCR test, (A:  [Alan chuckles.]) there are no distinctive specific symptoms for COVID-19, as even people such as Thomas Löscher, former head of the Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine at the University of Munich and member of the Federal Association of German Internists, conceded to us.


And if there are no distinctive specific symptoms for COVID-19, COVID-19 diagnosis — contrary to Watson’s statement — cannot be suitable for serving as a valid gold standard.


(A:  It very much depends who's studying it, [Alan chuckles.] as to what the conclusion they're going to have whether it's positive or not. That's really what it is.)




(A:  Right.)


Now the question is: What is required first for virus isolation/proof? We need to know where the RNA for which the PCR tests are calibrated comes from.

As textbooks (e.g., White/Fenner. Medical Virology, 1986, p. 9) as well as leading virus researchers such as Luc Montagnier or Dominic Dwyer state, particle purification — i.e. the separation of an object from everything else that is not that object, as for instance Nobel laureate Marie Curie purified 100 mg of radium chloride in 1898 by extracting it from tons of pitchblende — is an essential pre-requisite for proving the existence of a virus, and thus to prove that the RNA from the particle in question comes from a new virus.


The reason for this is that PCR is extremely sensitive, which means it can detect even the smallest pieces of DNA or RNA — but it cannot determine where these particles came from. That has to be determined beforehand.


And because the PCR tests are calibrated for gene sequences (in this case RNA because SARS-CoV-2 is believed to be a RNA virus), (A: …believed to be, that word believed to be…) we have to know these gene snippets are part of the looked-for virus. And to know that, correct isolation and purification of the presumed virus has to be executed.


Hence, we have asked the science teams of the relevant papers which are referred to in the context of SARS-CoV-2 for proof whether the electron-microscopic shots depicted in their in vitro experiments show purified viruses.


But not a single team could answer that question with “yes” — and NB., nobody said purification was not a necessary step. (A: [Alan chuckles.])  We only got answers like “No, we did not obtain an electron micrograph showing the degree of purification”.


We asked several study authors “Do your electron micrographs show the purified virus?”, they gave the following responses:


(A:  And they give you answers to names and so on…)


Study 1: Leo L. M. Poon; Malik Peiris. “Emergence of a novel human coronavirus threatening human health” Nature Medicine, March 2020

Replying Author: Malik Peiris

Date: May 12, 2020


Answer: “The image is the virus budding from an infected cell. It is not purified virus.”


So, none of them actually are purified viruses, which you're supposed to get in the first place, if you really want to get to the bottom of things. It's all, it's astonishing really what's going on here. But again, the PCR test is not even meant, it's not meant for diagnosis.  Why do you think you're getting all these false positives and false negatives? It depends who's looking at it, folks. It really is.  And how long they've had these things in, you know, that actually… It's a whole system they put these PCR tests through as they multiply and multiply in particles and so on, and then put a light there as well too, so many hours it takes. Well, if different countries use different amount of hours for it, that gives you the different answers on the same tests.


Another one too is…


Testing for COVID-19

cdc.gov / 24 June 2020


  Guidance on Interpreting COVID-19 Test Results .pdf


Two kinds of tests are available for COVID-19: viral tests and antibody tests.


(A:  It's got...)





Most likely* you DO currently have an active COVID-19 infection and can give the virus to others.


Recommended actions.


(A:  And this is what comes, right, positive, most likely, they can't say you've definitely got it.)



Most likely* you DO currently have an active COVID-19 infection


(A:  ...right. Even though it only picks up particles, you get particles even if they are dead and gone and broken up from weeks ago.)


(A:  And negative, if it comes negative, right, on Covid 19 test results...)



Most likely* you DO NOT currently have an active COVID-19 infection.


(A:  Right.)


If you have symptoms you should keep monitoring symptoms and seek medical advice about it.


(A:  So, understand, any sniffy nose or cold or whatever it is, or flu, is going to be put down as Covid. Most likely, is your diagnosis, right.  This is the official...)


Guidance on Interpreting COVID-19 Test Results




(A:   Right.  You'd think there would be more, but no, right. Don't forget, antibody testing will show you if you have even a flu shot over a few years ago could still show you up as positive. They are all Covids, you see. So, if it comes up positive, right, the blood test…)



You likely* have HAD a COVID-19 infection.


(A:  Well, how can they actually say it’s the Covid 19 one when they've never purified it from anything else to even get a base thing to start with.  Hm?)


You may be protected from reinfection (have immunity), but this cannot be said with certainty.

Scientists are conducting studies now to provide more information.


(A:  Right. So even though you're positive, right, and you'll probably have immunity, they can't guarantee for certain that this is all true.  [Alan laughing.]  It's a good business to go into, 'eh, you can't fail, I mean, and you get paid anyway.  Testing for past infections with the virus, and it comes up negative, right…)



You likely* NEVER HAD (or have not yet developed antibodies to) COVID-19 infection.


(A:  Likely, but not positively.  Right.  It says…)


You could still get COVID-19. Take steps to protect yourself and others


(A:  Well, what are you going to do? Go to a different planet and breathe a different atmosphere?  Hm?  And then…)




Viral Positive,

Antibody Positive


Most likely* you DO currently have an active COVID-19 infection and can give

the virus to others.


(A:  Remember what they said before too?  This is for folk who won't even have symptoms, remember?  And the WHO came out and says it's very unlikely that folk who have no symptoms can pass it on to other people. Remember when she came out and said that? You remember?  But here it says…)


Most likely* you DO currently have an active COVID-19 infection and can give

the virus to others.


(A:  Most likely you could. And maybe you likely couldn't. I mean, I don't know.)


Viral Positive,

Antibody Negative


Most likely* you DO currently have an active COVID-19 infection and can give the virus to others.


(A:  Because you haven't developed an antibody yet, so they are saying here.)


(A: If you've got both antibody and viral testing, so you're...)


Viral Negative,

Antibody Positive


(A:  So, this is a good one, 'eh.  There's no sign of a virus, okay. So, you're likely, likely, again, I like this, science is so precise, you know.  And obey, you're supposed to obey this accurate science and scientists. They speak with authority, 'eh.  They've got lots of degrees so they can come in and say you'd better obey us because you likely have this or likely have that. Anyway, it says…)


You likely* have HAD and RECOVERED FROM a COVID-19 infection if you are viral negative and antibody positive.


(A:  And once again…)


You may be protected from re-infection (have immunity), but this cannot be said with certainty.


(A:  Oh, this is a really great science, this one, 'eh?)


Viral Negative,

Antibody Negative


You likely* have NEVER HAD a COVID-19 infection.


You could still get COVID-19. You should get tested again (A:  Hhch.) only if your medical provider and/or

workplace tells you to. Take steps to protect yourself and others.


There ya go, 'eh.  Do you understand if everybody had had it, and tested positive, this thing would have been over long ago, and actually was, the spike was over at the beginning of April, we know that now?  But facts don't matter. They need it, remember, they need this to happen.


Another one too is...


Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

uncoverdc.com / 7 April 2020


The Corona Simulation Machine: Why the Inventor of The “Corona Test” Would Have Warned Us Not To Use It To Detect A Virus


(A:  That's what I was telling you earlier. And again, this article also goes into, you know, the guy who invented this PCR test and all the rest of it, he said it's not meant for diagnosing at all. It says…)


“Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” –Kary Mullis, Inventor of Polymerase Chain Reaction


(A:  That's PCR.  Hm.  That's what he said, he is ashamed of his own fraternity.)


What do we mean when we say somebody has ‘tested positive’ for the Corona Virus? The answer would astound you. But getting this “answer” is like getting to a very rare mushroom that only grows above 200 feet on a Sequoia tree in the forbidden forest.


I say that for dramatic effect, but also because I wound up, against all odds, finding it.


Every day I wake up and work at shedding one more layer of ignorance —by listening carefully. I got lucky with scientists many years ago; Epic, incredible scientists, happening to cross my path when nobody else wanted to talk to them. Now their names are emerging, their warnings and corrections crystallizing. True “science” (the nature of the natural world) is never bad news. Globalist science is nothing but bad news.


(A:  And that's the difference, it's politicized science, you see, for a big agenda.)


The reason Bill Gates wants you to believe a Corona Virus will exterminate over 450 million people is that he hates nature, God, and you. (A subjective interpretation.)


Why is that? You’d have to ask his psychiatrist.


Then it goes on and on. It's quite a good article actually.  Here's another one too…


Bill requires employers to keep implanted microchips voluntary for workers


Remember that article too that Bill Gates said, working with MIT, and that's genuine, that's not a made up story, to do with a chip type system that would track and trace everybody that had vaccinations, on their skin, a tattoo is one of them. Then they also looked into the actual chip itself, implanting that, yada ya.  Well, trial balloons come out all the time in preparations for what's coming, comes out all the time too.


Because folks can’t handle more than one or two crises at the same time, two, they say three maximum will break people, most folk will break at three crises happening all at the same time. So, they give you these little bits and pieces here and there, and a lot of things will get ignored by you because you can't handle extras. You've got enough to worry about, right. So…


Bill requires employers to keep implanted microchips voluntary for workers

abc12.com / 25 June 2020


As employers around the U.S. implant microchips in workers to track productivity, (A:  ARE they doing that already? Where?)  The Michigan House passed a bill making them voluntary in the state.


The bill passed Wednesday prohibits employers from requiring workers to accept a microchip implant.


“With the way technology has increased over the years and as it continues to grow, it’s important Michigan job providers balance the interests of the company with their employees’ expectations of privacy,” said State Rep. Bronna Kahle of Lenawee County, who sponsored the bill.


(A:  You wonder what's really behind it and who had the…  You know, most politicians today are just, they're lobbyists for big businesses. I mean they are.  [Alan chuckles.] That's the truth of it.  Everything is so corrupt, that we accept corruption, 'eh, until it can't work, things eventually stop working altogether because it's so corrupt. Just like Rome again.  But anyway…)


She said companies increasingly are turning to miniature microchips about the size of a rice grain implanted in employees' hands to track productivity so managers can look for ways to boost efficiency.


In some places, the RFID microchips take the place of timecards, (A:  I wonder what places they are? They don't mention what places are using them.) ID badges and security clearance devices. Some can be equipped with credit card technology to complete financial transactions.


(A:  They've had this for years, this stuff.)


Kahle said the devices aren't used widely yet, (A:  I wonder where they are using them. I know that Mexico had been advocating them for government employees for the federal government at one point years ago. But I haven't heard much since from elsewhere.) but she believes they could become a standard business practice around Michigan in the next few years.


(A:  I wonder what tipoff she's got?)


"While these miniature devices are on the rise, so are the calls of workers to have their privacy protected," Kahle said.


Companies could still deploy implanted microchips under her bill, but the policy would have to be voluntary rather than mandatory.


(A:  Which means they'll fire you if you don't accept it. They don't have to necessarily fire you. I mean, you know something, corporations and businesses have got many ways to get you out the door.  And yeah, you get no say in anything. You either ALL say no or allow somebody to say yes, which means you're all finished, you see.  So...)


Kahle's bill now heads to the State Senate for consideration. It would have to pass there before Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could sign it into law.




Michigan tackles compulsory microchip implants for employees with new bill - zdnet.com / 29 June 2020


I think Ms. Whitmer would be quite happy to sign it into law.  They all would, wouldn't they, when they can actually bring the cattle, you know, brand them properly with a tracking chip in the cattle.  Yep.  That's what it is, it's a brand.  Yep.  And ownership.


LancetGate: “Scientific Corona Lies” and Big Pharma Corruption.

Hydroxychloroquine versus Gilead’s Remdesivir

globalresearch.ca / 5 July 2020


There is an ongoing battle to suppress Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), (A:  I did different articles similar already actually.) a cheap and effective drug for the treatment of Covid-19. The campaign against HCQ is carried out through slanderous political statements, media smears, not to mention an authoritative peer reviewed “evaluation”  published on May 22nd by The Lancet, (A:  I already did that last week I think.) which was based on fake figures and test trials.


(A:  ...remember, they published [Alan chuckles.]  and had to retract it.  Again, how politicized they all are, 'eh?  They're all on the take for big corporations.)


The study was allegedly based on data analysis of 96,032 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 (A:  I guess it would be 'probably' from that last article I read, 'eh, or 'possibly'.)  between Dec 20, 2019, and April 14, 2020 from 671 hospitals Worldwide.


(A:  Well, that Lancet article was retracted, it says.  Because they said they'd stopped using the testing hydroxychloroquine, that's what they said.  I read an article that was done again, they just dropped it again. Because they're told to, you know, by Fauci and the rest of the crew at the top there.)


While The Lancet article was retracted, the media casually blamed “a tiny US based company” named Surgisphere whose employees included “a sci-fi writer and adult content model” (A:  That's true, I read the article maybe two weeks ago.) for spreading “flawed data” (A:  [Alan chuckles.]) (Guardian). This Chicago based outfit was accused of having misled both the WHO and national governments, inciting them to ban HCQ.  (A:  ...that's the drug.) None of those trial tests actually took place.


(A:  It was all made up and fake, that the Lancet even published, they took it as truth as well.)


Because we know that Fauci and the rest of them, the only ones, even before that, everything was, he kept pooh-poohing everything until this was ready, from Gilead. Because he knows Gilead, at the very least, put it this way, there's a lot more to it, but he's friends, he's friends with Gilead, how is that?  Just like they're all friends with the same vaccine companies too that are going to get the contracts.


Advocates demand Ontario shut down farms as COVID-19 cases soar among workers

ctvnews.ca / 29 June 2020


(A:  No, they've gone in to test them and you're going to find more and more every day that you test folk. They're not ill, 'eh.  As I say, it's such a fake thing for diagnosing anyway. But it's great for getting great big numbers, 'eh?  Isn't it?  So…)


TORONTO -- A single farm in Windsor-Essex, Ont. has been linked to 175 new cases of COVID-19 in the province, reigniting concerns about the rapid spread of the virus among temporary foreign workers.


Ontario reported 257 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, (A:  These are cases, these are not illnesses, folks.) 177 of which were confirmed by the Windsor-Essex public health unit following (A:  ...LISTEN...) targeted testing of migrant farm workers over the weekend.


Well, if you keep doing targeted testing, you're going to find more and more cases.  So, that's how it spreads through society and gets herd immunity, folks. And cases are not illnesses.  And then illnesses have to be confirmed. And you've already seen the articles here, they've got probables and possibles and likelys and unlikelys.  [Alan laughing.]   That's science, 'eh?  M-hm.


And don't forget too, in communism, which is the system they're bringing in, to suit this global elite, they always give you the system to suit the global elites.  Believe you me, if they were not happy with it and had not advocated it, it would never have happened. This is the plan. For efficiency and getting it all done what they always do is create for compliance sake is rationing and shortage of food. That's a standard thing across the globe, that's what they do. That's what communism always does. It makes you buckle under and you’ll beg for food and you'll do what you're told. They've already pretty well closed most of the meat market, like permanently. That's what they want. Remember what the Club of Rome said, and the World Economic Forum? That meat and the rest of it is unsustainable. Unsustainable. Because it makes you kind of healthy if you're sick.  Even Gandhi had to take that, you know, meat eventually. 


And Australia as I say, they are so totalitarian in the old British Commonwealth countries…


Victoria records 74 new coronavirus cases overnight

(A:  Oh, 74. I guess they must have tested them all in the morning and say, oh guess what we found, 'eh?)

 - as Daniel Andrews announces free rent and a $1,500 payment for the 3,000 people locked in Melbourne towers

dailymail.co.uk / 4 July 2020


(A:  That's just like that pandemic we saw I think, the movie a few years back, or at least… I mean, getting us all used to the idea of getting locked in towers. Just like China. China was the role model for it all. Now they're implementing the same thing too. Because you must understand, this is a whole new system and you must believe it's all real and get used to obeying very drastic and nonsensical measures being implemented against you, and upon you.  So yeah, the more you test somebody you’re going to find, or there's cases, you know. But again, it will come down to likely or unlikely, or possibly are, you know. Yep.  So…)


Premier Dan Andrews had warned of a lockdown return if things did not improve


Nine public housing towers across Melbourne have been shutdown for five days


People living in the towers will not have to any pay rent (A:  Oh, that's a real relief, isn't it, they don't have to pay the rent. I guess they just starve to death.) for the next two weeks (A:  They have no work to go to anyway.)


Victorian Police will be guarding each floor of the towers ensuring no one leaves


(A:  Weeeell, there’s freedom!  This is the new freedom. Remember what they said when 9/11 happened and later on as they took away all your rights and freedoms, they put out a new statement, a legality too when they announce these things.  Bush Junior with a big grin on his face said, he says, this is the new freedom.  The NEW freedom, you see, they're redefining freedom.)


NSW recorded 14 new COVID-19 cases, but all were returned overseas travellers


(A:  Well, were they ill? It doesn't say, you see. They never do.  [Alan chuckles.]   Well, they probably didn't know, hey.  M-hm.)


I'll put this one up too…  South Africa, they always use South Africa as the guinea pigs for these things and they have done all long for many, many years for different things. There's been many conspiracy theories out there too, some of them pretty valid actually, mind you, many years later how they really have certain things and then test them out there too. They do the same in Latin America by the way. Big Pharma companies use these countries for testing.  M-hm.  Anything happens to them, no one mentions it because there's no newspapers to write about it, you see. It's easy to pay off folks in charge of commissioners and all that.


'We are NOT vaccine guinea pigs': South Africans accuse researchers of testing Oxford coronavirus vaccine on poor and vulnerable Africans - dailymail.co.uk / 2 July 2020


'We are not guinea pigs,' say South African anti-vaccine protesters

reuters.com / 1 July 2020


JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Anti-vaccine protesters took to the streets in Johannesburg on Wednesday to voice their concern over Africa’s first human trials for a potential coronavirus vaccine.


(A:  It says they were demonstrating…)

… at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The involvement of South Africa in vaccine trials is intended to ensure the continent will have access to an affordable vaccine (A: [Alan chuckles.]) and not be left at the back of the queue.


(A:  They always say things like that, 'eh, you don't want to get left behind, you might be at the bottom of the list, you know, if you help us out here we'll get to you quicker, maybe cheaper too.)


About 50 people held protests at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, saying they did not want Africans to be used as guinea pigs, reflecting concerns among some on the continent over testing drugs on people who do not understand the risks.


“I’m not happy at all! I mean this feels like the 1980s all over again when the AIDS pandemic just broke out in South Africa,” said 29-year-old graphic designer Tebogo Legoale.


Some of the placards carried by demonstrators read: “We are not guinea pigs.”


(A:  I wonder if he remembers that, he's 29 years old but that's like 40 years ago. Anyway...)


Twenty-nine-year-old community activist Walter Mashilo said the vaccine should be tested first on members of parliament (A:  I'm all for that.) and ministers’ children, (A:  That's the politicians’ children.), not on poor people.


“We are clear, comrades, we don’t want this vaccine (trial),” he said, addressing the crowd.


South Africa has the highest rate of infections on the continent, with confirmed cases at over 150,000 and more than 2,600 deaths.


(A:  Now, confirmed cases, again, right, is that what killed them, or is that not, or were these folk dying anyway? As I say, don't forget that just England alone 10,000 folk a month die, normally, of different old-age problems. Eventually we all get our turn, you know.  And Africa is a massive continent.  So, there you go, 150,000 and more than 2600 deaths.  But yeah, 2600 deaths from what?  Hm?  And confirmed, were they ill or not?)


Traditional healers are also fighting for their medicine to be used against the virus instead of a vaccine.


“We are not going to follow a vaccine because we as healers believe that our traditional medicine is not given a chance,” said Sellwane Mokatsi, 32-year-old compliance officer, who is also part of the traditional healers’ organisation.


So anyway, I'll put this one up.  Well, they’re quite right. At least, you know, at least there's saying something normal like we’re not guinea pigs. These are trial vaccines, folks.  What is it again? The folk literally who've got premature Alzheimer's, think about it.  Again, I said tonight again, the same thing, Bill Gates, what was it he said? 700,000 folk, 700,000 folks will die from the vaccine, in the world, die that is, you know, across the world, from the vaccine, and that was acceptable.  Well, here's normal folks doing normal things, we’re not guinea pigs, they don't want it.  [Alan laughing.]   


The National Institute of Health (NIH) Owns Half of Moderna Vaccine: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.



(A:  Now, here's the thing too, as I say, you've got a gang here, especially in the States, rather evident in the States. But the same thing in England too and Oxford and different places like that. You find the same cliques actually, some in Oxford I think even worked over in the Wuhan lab at one point. And they all get patents on things too.  The National Institute of Health, right, in the States...)


In addition, four NIH scientists have filed their own provisional patent application as co-inventors. (A:  ...right, of the vaccine.) Little known NIH regulations let agency scientists collect up to $150,000.00 annually in royalties from vaccines upon which they worked. These rules are recipes for regulatory corruption.


NIH’s stake in the jab may explain why Anthony Fauci moved Moderna’s vaccine to the front of the line


(A:  He moved it to the front. He's the one who decides who's going to get the contract's, 'eh.  Just coincidence though he picked that one.)


and to let Moderna skip animal trials despite the experimental technology and the inherent dangers of Coronavirus vaccines. Every prior coronavirus vaccine has proven problematic and can be lethal to animals due to COVID’s unique penchant for “pathogenic priming.” (A:  In other words, they give it to you, then you have the virus and your body then overreacts to it and it kills you.) Death occurs only after a vaccinated animal encounters the wild virus.


(A:  It doesn't even have to be that particular virus you're given a vaccine against, right, it doesn't have to be that one. It can be one of the strains, different, even quite different, but it will still react and down you go.)


Public health advocates and scientists criticized Fauci’s decision to skip animal trials as reckless. It may also explain why Anthony Fauci arranged a $483 million grant (A: [Alan chuckles.]) to Moderna from a sister NIH agency, BARDA, despite the fact that Moderna has never brought a product to market or gotten approval.


… Fauci publicly announced he was ‘encouraged’ by Moderna’s catastrophic Phase 1 clinical trials despite the fact that groups of super healthy volunteers had Grade 3 ‘severe or medically significant’ reactions following vaccination.


(A:  Some had to go to hospital, 'eh.)


Fauci’s infusion (A:  ...good name...) made Moderna CEO Steve Bancel a billionaire and further enriched Fauci’s mentor and co-investor Bill Gates. It may also explain why Fauci publicly announced he was “encouraged” by Moderna’s catastrophic Phase 1 clinical trials despite the fact that 20% of the high dose and 6% of the low dose groups of super healthy volunteers had Grade 3 “severe or medically significant” reactions following vaccination.


(A:  Well, they can stuff that where the sun don't shine Mr. Fauci.)


Those results would have spelled DOA for any other medical product. After getting the abysmal news, Bancel and four other Moderna executives immediately dumped more than $89 million in stock and Fauci was forced to make his optimistic public assessment to save Moderna’s plummeting shares from death spiral.


Fauci painted lipstick on that lame donkey and now he’s trying to convince everyone it’s a thoroughbred.


(A:  M-m-m.)


Moderna and NIH began manufacturing the first of 1 billion doses of the deadly (A: [Alan laughing.]   ...deadly vaccine…) vaccine this month. Fauci knows from experience that no matter how dangerous a vaccine, the easy part is convincing people to take it. (A:  They will if you terrify them, yeah.) Pharma, after all, controls the media.


Well, the media is all part of the same system, with the same owners actually.  So, there you go, that's that one there.  Another one too, this article here is, again you get these fake polls. Once again you have to go back to the so-called father of propaganda. He wasn't really the father of marketing, really, Edward Bernays. He understood that people are motivated by subconscious things, even desires and so on, and you could titillate them by tickling the desires and make them do certain things, or you could terrify them through fear, very primitive parts of the brain and so on, into compliance and things. It's all marketing strategies to persuade folk to comply.


Another part of it too for compliance was to create polls and fake polls. Because they know through the herd instinct of people, a lot of folk literally, oh well, you know, 70% said that's okay, maybe I should join them.  I've actually had people say to me that they voted for Pierre Trudeau, the daddy of the present one, even though they knew he had been communist and they said, yeah but you know, one of them says to me, I realized that he was winning during the election and I thought I'd just join the winners. Because they give them statistics. That's how dumb it was. 


Some folk are like that, well, if most folk go that way, I should go that way too, you know. So that's what polls are for, to convince you, well maybe...  Because you'd say, I couldn't believe this, 72% of Canadians? …


72% of Canadians support mandatory coronavirus vaccine, Ipsos poll suggests

globalnews.ca / 13 May 2020


(A:  I'd never have thought of that, oh I'm really surprised, I'd better jump on the bandwagon and go along with them, 'eh.  Prove it, 'eh, prove it all!  Well, that won't happen because fake news is allowed when it's promoting the noble lie, for the noble cause, that's permitted, you see. So…)


More than two-thirds of Canadians believe a vaccine for COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (A:  Is it really?) — should be mandatory for all, a new poll by Ipsos suggests.


(A:  Aahhhh, there ya are.  Well, nobody asked me. Did you know, did you get asked? I bet you didn't, 'eh?  I tell ya.  I wonder who they ask, 'eh?  So...)


Forty-one per cent strongly agreed with the idea, while 32 per cent somewhat agreed.


(A:  ...and yada, yada, ya.  So yeah, we should all get it mandatory regardless, you see. Naturally we'd all vote for that, wouldn't we? Wouldn't we? Yeah.)


I don't think so. Fake polls.  They had books put out on percentages, how they work at percentages too, and how to use percentages, how to manipulate and even create percentages through fake techniques, to convince the public that your percentage and your outcome for your study is correct.  There's actually, you can get degrees in it, in fact.



Using behavioural science to help fight the coronavirus


I've mentioned this before, I thought I'd do it again because most folk don't remember much. It was from, again the Sage group, and also, they have a subgroup that they gave the behavioral insights team to work on terrifying the public into compliance. This is your money, again, you see, your money pays for you to get brainwashed all the time. And you're an animal.  You see, once you’re not a spiritual creature with the rights from a God and deity, you're just an animal, and you’ll believe that yourself so you won't object so much when they say, we are being treated like animals because you're an animal. And you say, I guess they're right, well, you know, they're treating me like an animal, they prompted me this and prompted that, I had no idea I was getting prompted and all that, but I guess, though, well, you know, I'm just an animal.  So, this one here is March 2020.


Using behavioural science to help fight the coronavirus

journal-bpa.org / 29 March 2020


(A:  So, conology, the art of conning people, right, is being used to do it all. Eventually it came out initially from Britain at one point, that's where the different people who took part in this part here, behavioral research unit.  It's an article on how they can use it. It...)


...summarizes useful evidence from behavioral science for fighting the COVID-19 outbreak.


(A:  Maybe they put out… You see, most folk will read this and think, behavioral science to fight Covid? Maybe they put out, like create fake ghosts like virtual reality ghosts that's going to scare the viruses away or something. No, no, no. It's to manipulate you, folks.  It's based on…)


... an extensive, multi-disciplinary literature research of relevant behavioral interventions and studies of crisis.


(A:  You know, how to terrify the public.)


The findings aim to be useful not only to government and public authorities, but to organizations, workplaces and households, seven issues are covered. 


(A:  They go through the usual handwashing that they've taught you all about, right, until everybody's got their skin peeling off their hands.  Read the articles yesterday, some folk were getting poisoned off the types of alcohol use that was coming through their skin. It says...)


Shows, information and education.


(A:  There are not enough, you see.)


Placing hand sanitizer in colorful sitage in central locations, right beyond doors, canteen entrances, (A:  What do you mean canteen entrances? Everything is shut.) the middle of entrance halls and LYFT lobbies, increases use substantially. 


(A:  ...of the sanitizers. Can you imagine, this could be a holy thing, they're treating it like holy water. It's the same thing. It's all rituals, you understand.)


All organizations and public buildings good adopt this cheap but effective practice. By contrast we lack evidence on reducing face touching.


(A:  Really?  Just have a look and watch the folk, they keep touching where their nose would be. Because it clogs up in front of their nose and their mouth from moisture, and so they keep pulling it away from them. And that moisture takes any viruses, by the way, through the fibrous tissue, it's just paper tissue, it's fibrous, it takes it through to the surface onto their hands outside the mask, folks.  Did you know that?)


(A:  And look at them, I saw it in a store, this woman was, “stand 6 feet away!”  And she didn't allow you to touch anything, she was going to put stuff in bags and stuff. And her face the whole time, she just kept touching this part of her. I says, everything you're touching there you're infecting, if that's the case, you know. Oh, she got really ticked off about that.  But that's what they do. The whole thing is ludicrous. But it's meant to be ludicrous, folks.  Especially when they tell you that the asymptomatic people, and the WHO, probably don't infect anybody anyway. After telling us for months before that that it did.  [Alan chuckles.] Gaslighting, 'eh?)


Articulating new norms of acceptable behavior (A:  Right.)


As for sneezing and coughing and keeping tissues within arm’s reach could help. Isolation is likely to cause some distress and mental health problems. 


(A:  No kidding, you're getting, is that why they put prisoners that are really nasty prisoners in isolation when they punish them and that, to try to break their spirit, is that what they're trying to do with everybody? Stay home, stay isolated, don't talk to anybody, don't meet anybody.  Yep.)


Isolation is likely because some distress and mental health problems (A:  No kidding.) Requiring additional services.


(A:  Well, if you get additional services, maybe you're going to meet folk you don't want to meet that's going to send parts of the virus to you, you know.)


Preparedness, through activating social networks, making concrete isolation plans, (A:  That sounds nasty, they should change that from concrete, it sounds like they're going to wall you into something, like a horror movie.) and becoming familiar with the process, helps.


These supports are important, as some people may try to avoid necessary isolation.


(A:  I wonder why?  I guess it's maybe those words that they have in these tests and stuff, likely, may or may not have, you know, and if they're negative, they probably have it anyway, but may not necessarily in all cases and yada, yada, ya.)


Public-spirited behaviour is most likely when there is clear and frequent communication, strong...


(A:  So here you go, here you go, how to use the mob against somebody…)


...strong group identity,


(A:  There's all the face mask wearers, you see, look at them, 6 feet apart, leadership...)


strong group identity, and social disapproval for those who don’t comply.


(A:  Use the mob against the individual. Social disapproval. Strong group identity.)


This has implications for language, leadership and day-to-day social interaction.


Authorities often overestimate the risk of panic, but undesirable behaviours to watch out for are panic buying of key supplies and xenophobic responses. (A:  Well, maybe if you don't terrify them it wouldn't happen.) Communicating the social unacceptability of both could be part of a collective strategy. (A:  You see.)


Evidence links crisis communication to behaviour change. (A:  Wow.)  As well as speed, honesty and credibility, effective communication involves empathy (A:  We feel your pain.)  and promoting useful individual actions and decisions. Using multiple platforms and tailoring messages to subgroups are beneficial too.


These people get paid thousands of bucks for coming out with this trash. They really do. Rather than just say our job is to con people, to lie to them, to get groups to fight other groups on behalf of making compliance mandatory, you see, and terrify them. It actually has it in them, I mentioned that before too, the handout they put out to the newspapers, the same group by the way, it says they could, folks could, they could really exaggerate stories to create more fear and tension and anxiety, which would help folk to comply all the more.  In other words, terrify the public. This is all official stuff, folks.  [Alan chuckles.]   


It actually mentions that too though, you know.  M-hm.  This article is 25 pages, I think.  Yep.  Ohhhhh, it's amazing how they treat us, just like animals though, isn't it? And again, they use our tax money to do it.  Hhhhhhhh.  N-n-n.  Another one too…


Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures

assets.publishing.service.gov.uk / 22 March 2020


(A:  Ohhhh.  Eight pages here, 'eh by the same conologists, 'eh.  Professional liars and manipulators.  Isn't that something? Perceived threat it says in this one, persuasion…)




Perceived threat: A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group, although levels of concern may be rising. Having a good understanding of the risk has been found to be positively associated with adoption of COVID-19 social distancing measures in Hong Kong. The perceived level

of personal threat needs to be increased (A:  Have you got that?)


The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.


(A:  They mean terrorizing you, folks.)


To be effective this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce that threat.


(A:  In other words, comply.  [Alan chuckles.]  There ya go.  And then they go on to about…)


There seems to be insufficient understanding of, or feelings of responsibility about, people’s role in transmitting the infection to others.


(A:  Well, the WHO has given us two stories, that people without symptoms probably aren't passing it on to anybody anyway.)


This may have resulted in part from messaging around the low level of risk to most people (A:  D'you understand  they're studying all your text in real time, they've got access to all your data, and algorithms and so on pick up all your stuff through different phrases, words that you use. They actually call it that...)


This may have resulted in part from messaging around the low level (A:  Your messaging to each other.) of risk to most people and talk of the desirability of building ‘herd immunity’. Messaging needs to emphasise and explain the duty to protect others.  (A:  M-m. There ya go.)


Tailoring: Some people will be more persuaded by appeals to play by the rules, (A:...'eh.  We are all children to these evil characters.) some by duty to the community, and some to personal risk.


All these different approaches are needed. The messaging also needs to take account of the realities of different people’s lives. Messaging needs to take account of the different motivational levers and circumstances of different people.


(A:  Then you get...)




(A:  Social approval and social disapproval, yada, yada, ya.  Never mind the fact they can't give you any hard fact and data on their testing methods to even prove if the thing even exists.  Hm?  Facts don't matter. What matters is your compliance to the orders and doing dumb things, you know, like suffocating yourself behind a mask.)


I'll put these links up remember for everybody who is really interested and who's not bored stiff by now.  Because this, you understand you're living through incredible history. You know, this is incredible times. And those of you that can live another 10 years and 20 years, no matter what the world will end up with by then, I'm sure it won't get any better. And that part I am sure of because they told us that, into austerity, and true austerity, for under necessity to save us all, you see.  It's not going to be better no matter what excuse they give you.  It's not pleasant at all.


Remember, I'll put up the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, that's the Sage group, right.  Again, this special group that works under, they were put for underneath the real high-tech manipulators in the mind, etc. I've done it before, and I'll put it up again tonight perhaps. For those who can handle it.


Sage publishes evidence behind advice on lockdown following calls for more transparency - itv.com / 5 May 2020


You understand, if you have basic real scientific facts, put them out there and leave it at that. Instead of employing these professional Bernays type manipulators in mind control to play with our heads. And to turn groups against other groups by creating the groups, the compliant ones and the ones who think for themselves and get them all clashing.  N-n-n. 


Another one too is I mentioned already that woman who wrote ‘the disease that never was’ because of the test. Well, this is the one that came out from the New York Times.


Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t

nytimes.com / 22 Jan 2007


Dr. Brooke Herndon of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, shown at left this month, was told last spring that she appeared to have whooping cough.


(A:  They give you an example of it, and this is back in 2007, remember, right.)


Dr. Brooke Herndon, (A:  Listen to this story.) an internist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, could not stop coughing. For two weeks starting in mid-April last year, she coughed, seemingly nonstop, followed by another week when she coughed sporadically, annoying, she said, everyone who worked with her.


Before long, Dr. Kathryn Kirkland, an infectious disease specialist at Dartmouth, had a chilling thought: Could she be seeing the start of a whooping cough epidemic? By late April, other health care workers at the hospital were coughing, and severe, intractable coughing is a whooping cough hallmark. And if it was whooping cough, the epidemic had to be contained immediately because the disease could be deadly to babies in the hospital and could lead to pneumonia in the frail and vulnerable adult patients there.


(A: It's pretty unmistakable, whooping cough when you hear that, when you cough cough cough cough, until the lung is empty, aauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and then you go whop, you hear that whooping as they try to inhale the air.  It's pretty well unmistakable. Anyway, it says…)


It was the start of a bizarre episode at the medical center: the story of the epidemic that wasn’t.


For months, nearly everyone involved thought the medical center had had a huge whooping cough outbreak, with extensive ramifications. Nearly 1,000 health care workers at the hospital in Lebanon, N.H., were given a preliminary test and furloughed from work until their results were in (A:  That's a lot of folk laid off.);  142 people, including Dr. Herndon, were told they appeared to have the disease; and thousands were given antibiotics and a vaccine for protection. Hospital beds were taken out of commission, including some in intensive care.


Then, about eight months later, health care workers were dumbfounded to receive an e-mail message from the hospital administration informing them that the whole thing was a false alarm.


(A: Eight months later, right.)


Not a single case of whooping cough was confirmed with the definitive test, growing the bacterium, (A:  That's definitive. You see, you grow the darn thing, right.) Bordetella pertussis, in the laboratory. Instead, it appears the health care workers probably were afflicted with ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold.


Now, as they look back on the episode, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists say the problem was that they placed too much faith in a quick and highly sensitive molecular test that led them astray.


Infectious disease experts say such tests are coming into increasing use and may be the only way to get a quick answer in diagnosing diseases like whooping cough, Legionnaire’s, bird flu, tuberculosis and SARS, and deciding whether an epidemic is under way.


There are no national data on pseudo-epidemics caused by an overreliance on such molecular tests, said Dr. Trish M. Perl, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins and past president of the Society of Health Care Epidemiologists of America. But, she said, pseudo-epidemics happen all the time.


(A:  I'll say that again...)


...pseudo-epidemics happen all the time.


The Dartmouth case may have been one the largest, but it was by no means an exception, she said.


There was a similar whooping cough scare at Children’s Hospital in Boston last fall that involved 36 adults and 2 children. Definitive tests, though, did not find pertussis.


“It’s a problem; we know it’s a problem,” Dr. Perl said. “My guess is that what happened at Dartmouth is going to become more common.”


Many of the new molecular tests are quick but technically demanding, and each laboratory may do them in its own way.


(A:  I'll repeat that...)


...each laboratory may do them in its own way.


These tests, called “home brews,” are not commercially available, and there are no good estimates of their error rates. But their very sensitivity makes false positives likely, and when hundreds or thousands of people are tested, as occurred at Dartmouth, false positives can make it seem like there is an epidemic.


(A:  I'll say that again for the hard of thinking...)


...false positives can make it seem like there is an epidemic.


This article goes on and on, it's a good article.  It just shows you I guess a lot of folk were laid off, 'eh, for eight months it took before they found out, that they had real testing, that they couldn't find the bacterium anywhere, you know, or the virus or whatever.  They couldn't find the particular agent that was causing it, I should say.


Another one is awfully important, this one too.  You see, just like they're saying, oh you've got Covid, 'eh.  How do you know that? Well we presume you have it. Because you have what? You know, one of the many symptoms. You might be constipated, maybe you've got diarrhea. Maybe you've got blocked sinuses. Maybe you've got running noses. Maybe you've got an itchy left cheek instead of an itchy right cheek.  I mean, there's nothing they haven't covered in this darn thing. And as I say, Fauci added the last one, and it really is so comical. He waited until the allergy season, the hay fever season started and says, oh it could be running noses, you know.  [Alan laughing.] Foxy Fauci, 'eh? 


NBC doctor who claimed he caught the virus on a plane (A:  This is a guy who, you know, worked on you know, one of these PR doctors for television.) through his eyeball (A:  This was big news at the time, oh I got it from my eyeball, you know.) says he tested negative for the virus and NEVER had it

dailymail.co.uk / 10 July 2020


Dr Joseph Fair, an infectious disease expert, (A: [Alan laughing.]  Sorry, couldn't hold that one.  [Alan laughing.]  So, he’s an infectious disease expert.) initially believed he caught COVID


Fair took a flight to New Orleans April 24 and suspects he was infected onboard


He told Today that he suspects he was infected through his eyeballs


He tweeted that he was in hospital May 13, and was released on May 17


On Tuesday he said antibody tests were negative, so the virus remains a mystery


(A:  But how many folks got the same kind results, 'eh?  If you died, you know, he'd be put down as Covid.)


... was left fighting for his life in the hospital, (A:  ...with whatever it was….) has tested negative for COVID-19, he confirmed.


...he was severely sickened by something, but it was not COVID-19.


His illness 'remains an undiagnosed mystery', he said in a tweet on Tuesday.


'I had myriad COVID symptoms . . . (A:  He had that he says.)


. . . co-morbidities, (A:  I don't know what else he had wrong there.) despite testing negative by nasal swab,' he said.


'I was severely ill for 2 weeks, 4 days of it in critical condition, resulting in pneumonia, diffuse lung injury & 18lbs of weight loss.'


(A:  It's true, with these diseases that you get into the lungs with pneumonia, and you end up getting scar tissue, and you’ll lose lung tissue for sure, apparently 'eh, and you'll see, you actually see it on the x-rays. In China because everything is so efficient and cheap there, they can run you through an MRI, that's what they use for it to actually see the lungs. So, they don't just put it down to testing, they actually do a visual, they can see and say you have definitely got pneumonia, at least you definitely got that right. It's much more definitive. Anyway…)


He said he would now have a second antibody test to confirm the results, and work with other specialists to find out the source of his infection.


His doctor has ordered another antibody test from a different manufacturer to confirm the negative result.


(A:  I guess you keep just, if you, at that level, you can afford all kinds of different companies’ tests, and then you’ll pick the best tests that you want, maybe a 2 out of 5 or whatever say this, whatever suits you, depends on how you feel that day.)


... he has spent time in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


(A:  Tropical diseases, 'eh.)


'My path forward is a 2nd AB test, & follow-up with a pulmonologist & tropical medicine specialist in an effort to diagnose what made me so ill,' he said.


Fair believes he contracted an illness on a plane to New Orleans on April 24.


He said he took all possible precautions - wearing a mask and gloves, wiping down the area surround him - but passengers were 'packed in like sardines'.


'Instinctively I probably should have gotten off the flight when I saw that,' he told NBC's Today.


He concluded that he caught a virus through his eyes.


(A:  So, he's still convinced he got it from there, because I think he was covered in every other way, you know, so...)


'Obviously you can still get it through your eyes,' he said.


The idea behind the eye is that they say you have similar ones, the ACE2 receptors too, on the tissue around the outside of the eyes, you see, so it can bind to it there as well just like the lung tissue.  Anyway, the article is quite good, and it gives you more and more data.  But again too, so much is speculative. 


Another thing I've noticed as well, so many folk have got sick for years now, at least 10 years, I can remember even 10, yeah, at 10 years ago when they had different flu’s coming out, 2009/10.  They weren't getting positive tests even for the few that had it done, everybody else got eventually lumped in as something, swine flu or whatever, that's what they were told to do is put them all down a swine flu even though there's no definitive testing for it.  That's what was ordered in Canada at the time, I remember that, I did the shows on it at the time.


But the folk are getting definitely heavy bronchitis into kind of pneumonias.  And getting antibiotics...  Bacterial infections often generally set into these bad viral infections that breaks down the tissue in the lungs, you see, and bacteria immediately follows, gets in and that's it. Then you've got a bacterial secondary infection and you've got to get antibiotics for that too.  But some folk would try to fight it themselves. And I tell you, that's what they said at the time, that this particular odd one lasted, it's still on the go yet, it hasn't gone away.  For the last 10 years occasionally folk will get it, every other year, and same symptoms, they'll start coughing, they have all the symptoms of a heavy cold, then the flu it seems, then they get bronchitis, like a bacterial one. Then they get antibiotics to clear it up.  Or they don't get antibiotics, it will seem to clear up then it will come back again about two weeks later. That was the common symptoms of this oddball one that they so far supposedly haven't diagnosed that's been around for years now.  So, who knows what that one is too?  Was that released as well? Was that a trial result?  Who knows?  Who knows, 'eh?  But they’ve picked on this Covid idea, even though they can't isolate the thing.  So, there you go.


Now, this is important again, this one as well, and I want to just mention before I go into this thing.  I just want to remember to get back to my website @cuttingthematrix.com. I've got to keep saying it, or remind myself to say it because for years and years and years I always forgot to say it, to send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com, how to do it, etc.  Because I have to tick along as well. Remember, you can send cash as well or checks or use PayPal. I think there's Instagram as well.  The one you take to the post office, they still do that, some countries still have international postal money orders. I don't think the US is sending them to Canada now, the actual international postal money orders.  They'll send bank orders, naturally, or any personal checks, that's okay. As I say, you can still send cash.


 So, go into @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and if anything happens to any of the sites, use the other sites listed on that one. All my official sites you’ll see listed on that one, so you know they're genuine, and hopefully there will be other sites left if anything happens to the .com site.  Because things are changing fast, and these characters at the top, they're not going to mess around with small fry that are a nuisance to them. This is a wartime scenario for them. And in all wartime scenarios they are ruthless. In fact, they’re ruthless even when you think it's all peaceful, [Alan chuckles.] as folk have accidents all the time.  All the time.  In every country.


That's the reality. You've got to get this out of your head of this Disneyland system of rights that you been born into and see how it really, really does work. I remember some years ago and that's awfully true, there was so many biologists who worked in some labs, a whole plague of them getting killed. They were all, you know, committing suicide and falling over railings and down steps and stuff and out windows. It was just astonishing. This is how… This is the real world, folks. This happens all the time.


The same with Dr. Kelly that came out a few years back too, he was found suicided supposedly, just like he said he would. He said, they'll find me in a forest with my wrists cut. And that's exactly what they did. And he was due to go up and give testimony about biological warfare systems and so on.  He never got to court naturally.  But at the same time too, other ones that all knew each other were dropping dead all over the place. That's the real world you live in.


When big plans are afoot, believe you me, nothing stops them. Nothing.  These characters now are in full war mode of compliance and they're not going to tolerate any nuisance factors at all. They made it quite plain, even with the preliminary Event 201, the Johns Hopkins experiment they did with, or trial run for the Covid, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together. They had a set of systems they would introduce, like 1 through 5.  Starting with just defaming the people for putting out untrue news, etc. and contradicting their facts even though it didn't matter, facts didn't matter, or truth didn't matter, just contradict them to get folk from reading them. If they persisted, start taking away their money or basically blacklisting them on the Internet until they were shadow banned. Then if they persisted in some way or another, you could withdraw all their means of support from them, for them to get money, yada ya. 


Well guess what 4 and 5 would be? They didn't mention that, you know.  That's the real world you live in. I hope you understand that. And everything hinges, all the elite who run and own the world, and they actually talk about it that way amongst themselves, they're not going to mess around with any little nuisances. And those who really work for them, they take little hints...  Oh, so-and-so is a nuisance, and they go off and deal with that little nuisance. And that's how the world really, really does work, folks.


So, as I say, help me tick along here, if I can tick along.  Because I'm not in for politics. I don't give a darn about politics. Even with Trump. I mean, Trump literally is, I think he's just played his part.  Everybody, the whole world is saying, why isn't he being more active and authoritative in dealing with problems? Well, why hasn't he been, you know? Tell me that.  Astonishing.  The world is literally looking at America thinking it's falling apart. And if that is the case then you're finished. If you allow it to happen. If you allow it to happen, then it is finished.


It's just like Peter Hitchens said before, when he was there when Russia literally just went down, like in over a week and down went the Berlin wall in Germany.  He said it was obviously a command that went across the board to all those in charge in all the Soviet bloc countries.  Obviously. But there was that feeling there, what happened? It didn't have to happen.  It didn't have to.  It was prearranged. That's how things really happen.


And when you see like mass demonstrations, or one, that literally had nothing to do, honestly, I think very quickly they forgot what it was about and they were given their mantras by the Antifa group that piggybacked immediately and took over this whole thing and then cause the rioting as well.  Because you're looking at a communist revolution obviously.  And then Extinction Rebellion. All these folks are all mixed into the same group networking. And it's all your fault, all the adults’ fault, there's too many of you, look what you've done to OUR planet, yada yada, you're all enemies and that's it. 


Preplanned, folks. And they're all saying, what on earth is Trump really…? And again, they can get no cooperation. Well, if it's that bad, if that really is the case, then it would be over, wouldn't it? But what you're looking at too, as with all socialist systems as I've said before, end up with mass slaughter. That's where it goes. That's their history from the French Revolution right up to the Bolshevik revolution.  Mass slaughter's there, incredible slaughters. And China did it too, mass slaughters. China also had its cultural revolution where the youngsters were actually egged on, again, to get rid of the older folk, which they did with gusto.  Hm?  You better start realizing what's going on here. And what's being allowed to happen for years using your tax money to create the armies that are going to eliminate you, maybe, 'eh.


With, ha, I tell you, and I've said before, they'll believe they're doing the world a favor. That's how radicalized they are.  You understand, when you have risen people to be, to utterly hate, there's just pure hatred comes out of them, now you've got a real problem. You can't argue with radicalized hate. And that's what you're seeing. And it is authorized hate.  Dangerous, dangerous stuff, folks. 


And they always end up eating their own, too, even the ones who have eliminated everybody else, that those at the very top encourage them to eliminate each other. And they will. That's its history. Quite amazing.


So yeah, go into @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and see how to send me a few bucks my way, hopefully. Now that the mail is, as I said before, I've already sent off two shipments and I've got one more to go in two days and that will be that lot done and cleared up and they'll get them within 10 days hopefully, should be, and I'll feel a lot better then.


It took, I mean, this isn’t just me closed down when you can’t get books and you can't get this… I've got them all now but...  Can you imagine every business across the country? You know, big businesses and so on?  Not me, not paltry little me but big, big businesses?  This is a war scenario you're looking at. Actually, more catastrophic than most wars, folk were not locked down in their homes and their businesses stopped because of the wars. 


This is THE one, the big one, for a global reset, a reset on the way of life, like what new values will be, new rules, regulations, new culture, yada, ya.  M-hm.  Yep.  There ya go.  Your master's voice has spoken and we're always to obey them apparently. Or they'll turn mobs on you, you know.  They will.    Here it goes too…


Forced Vaccination Plan Unveiled

lewrockwell.com / 10 July 2020


Stanford University Legal & Medical Authorities Join Forces To Fashion An Indiscriminate Mandated Mass-Vaccination Plan That Would Frighten The Public, Disregard Lawful Protections Of Informed Consent And Result In Needless Deaths.


(A:  This is a war on the people.  Total. It's been declared.)


Our health overlords propose a dangerous infectious disease control plan that mandates indiscriminate immunization for all Americans, a plan that is far more dangerous than the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic itself.


Writing in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, Stanford Law School and Health Policy departments propose priority vaccination for high-risk groups that comprise the population that are least likely to benefit and most likely to experience side effects and hospitalization from COVID-19 coronavirus immunization, or from any vaccine for that matter.


Initially voluntary then mandated


The Stanford plan would initially roll out as a completely voluntary inoculation scheme to be followed by compulsory vaccination that would penalize refusers with employment suspensions and/or stay-at-home orders.


(A:  As I've said this already, this would happen.)


Their plan calls for a future FDA-licensed vaccine, a vaccine whose side effects will not be completely known until it is widely used, (A:  ...and even then it could take months or even years to see all the effects.) that according to another Stanford University study, would benefit only a miniscule portion of the population.


(A:  How about that, folks?  Well, what’s it really for if it's not to help you?  Hm?  Well, we won't go there but keep that in mind.)


That study showed, as validated by blood tests, the COVID-19 coronavirus only infects Americans at the rate of 1 in 3868 encounters (A: ...right.) (range 626 to 31,800) with others who are already infected and results in death in only 1 in 6,670,000 contacts among middle-age Americans (range 1.68 to 97.6 million).  Despite the fear generated by TV news reports, the risk of acquiring COVID-19 coronavirus infection is remote.


(A:  And that is more of real facts actually.  These are tests that are done and good studies too. But facts don't matter, right.)


With presumption the vaccine is 100% effective, (A:  That's what they're presuming.) those numbers put a limit on the percent of vaccinated subjects who could possibly benefit from vaccination – –  19 million would be need to be vaccinated for 1 person to avoid death.


(A: [Alan laughing.]   But what about all the side effects in this 19 million, 'eh?)


Even if only 1% experience side-effects that result in hospitalization, in a population of 328 million Americans, that would result in 3,280,000 vaccine-induced hospitalizations, which would overwhelm the 1-million bed healthcare system.


Using data from prior flu-vaccine studies, about 1% of those vaccinated may require hospitalization after vaccination and 1% of the hospitalized (1 in 200) would die, which would result in 32,800 needless deaths that would likely be blamed on the COVID-19 coronavirus.


(A:  Ha, wouldn't it too, 'eh?)


The vaccine itself may be perfectly safe when received by healthy subjects.  (A...MAY be, right...) but frail, elderly, malnourished (vitamin and mineral-deficient) individuals would be the most prone to suffer side effects and death when admitted to the hospital with its inherent problems of antibiotic resistance, medication errors, ventilator lung trauma and failure to check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies prior to admission.


(A:  Apart from that I should just add here too, if you're over 60 they'll give you a higher more powerful dose of the adjuvants to try and make it work on you.  [Alan chuckles.] Which is a bit ridiculous.  If the normal stuff wouldn't work because your immune system is compromised or low, it's dying off, it's not as strong as it used to be, then giving you more adjuvants to try to force it to take on you is just going to cause more, it's a poison, adjuvants are poisonous, you have terrible reactions to them.)


High-risk individuals least likely to benefit from vaccination


While it may appear wise to vaccinate high-risk individuals (diabetics, hypertensives, obese, autoimmune), these are the very people whose immune systems do not respond well to vaccines and are subject to side effects.


For example, flu shots are not very effective for the very young and the very old.  Flu vaccines are 40-60% effective in the population at-large (A:  That's what they say.) and as low as 23% effective for certain strains of the flu, says a CDC report.  (A:  In other words, it's like the toss of a coin whether it works or no.  Between 40 and 60% effective it's like 50%, right.)  As an aside, flu vaccination may actually increase the risk for coronavirus infection via a mechanism called viral interference (by 36% said one recently published study).


(A:  I've mentioned that before too, the Department of Defense in 2017 in the US had warned them to stop giving them the flu shot because the particular flu that went out that year, once you got vaccinated and the actual wild virus hit them, the real one, then it caused a tremendous reaction. Again, a tremendous cytokine storm in the lungs that end up killing some of the service people.  Don't forget that.  It can cause up to 36% it said in one recently published study, it says, viral interference cause it when one particular flu vaccination.)


But despite the fact you can read that study for yourself, proponents of vaccination deny any such link between prior flu shots and subsequent COVID-19 coronavirus infections.  Viral interference is reported in other studies.  For example, those individuals who were vaccinated against the flu in the previous fall of 2010 were 1.4 to 2.5 times more likely to become ill from the H1N1 strain...


(A:  That's true.  In Canada they put out a warning, a panicked warning from the national health system here telling folk to stop taking the flu shot because it made them more prone to the actual flu that was around, it actually caused them to come down with it. Yep.  So yeah, so the ones it says who are vaccinated...)


For example, those individuals who were vaccinated against the flu in the previous fall of 2010 were 1.4 to 2.5 times more likely to become ill from the H1N1 strain of the flu in the following year, which happens to be the predominant influenza strain in circulation this year 2020.


(A:  There ya go.  So, you have to wonder if the cytokine storm is caused by Covid or this particular flu hitting those who have had their flu shots already. This all has to be, you can't pooh-pooh this stuff. This is what scientists all have to go over and work out.  Having an opinion isn't good enough, it's the facts that count in the end, isn't it?  So, it's not belief, it's supposed to be based on facts. So…)


These high-risk groups have inherent problems activating antibodies against any infectious disease, which is why most vaccines require multiple inoculations and include toxic adjuvants (A:  That's what I talked about.) to provoke an immune response.


Also, on the priority list for forced vaccination are prisoners, people with prior respiratory problems, nursing home patients and healthcare workers.


(A:  They're going to be made to take it right off, first of all, you see.)


Why current treatments are being rejected


The Stanford plan would require evidence that existing treatment or prevention of COVID-19 coronavirus is ineffective, (A:  ...right...) which at the moment is solely comprised of archaic quarantine and lockdown measures and limiting contact with the virus itself by employing face masks and social distancing.


Obesity, further induced by lockdown, increases the risk for COVID-19 related deaths.  Indoor lockdown deprives people of sunshine vitamin D that impairs immunity and increases risk for death.  Quarantines and lockdowns are counterproductive.


Any prospective treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine and HCQ +zinc, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, as well as vitamin and mineral regimens (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, selenium) are ignored and dismissed outright by the CDC, categorized as unproven, even potentially dangerous.  There is sufficient evidence for nutrient therapy in the prevention and management of COVID-19 infections.


But without a vaccine or an approved treatment, vitamins and minerals have vanished from retail store shelves without widespread reports of any side effects. 


Public demand for a vaccine


According to the Stanford report, only about half of the U.S. population plans to be vaccinated against COVID-19 coronavirus.  (A:  Actually, I saw some, it was about 34% I think it was.)  This is why hospitals are over-stating the deaths attributed to COVID-19 and why news agencies create continued fear over a common-cold virus that results in few if any symptoms upon infection and only kills a very few.  Our modern healthcare system is over-committed to vaccination.  The prospect of a vaccine is dimmed by the fact 90% of vaccines that enter human trials fail to make it to market.  (A:  These are all links, by the way, they've got links for all these things.) Given the remote possibility a safe and effective vaccine ever materializes, the nation may await an imagined vaccine at the expense of finding an effective treatment.


Mortality rate is far lower than quoted


(A:  He goes into that too, how they fudge the figures, etc. and the death rates and put them all down as Covid and yada, yada, ya.  It goes on and on. It's quite good though. But it does touch eventually on the rights of informed consent.)


Rights of informed consent


The Stanford report that calls for mandated vaccination overlooks certain rights to informed consent that are required by Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations for persons who receive newly licensed vaccines in a clinical study.  Since all vaccinated Americans will be enrolled in a surveillance study (stage 4) in order to gain full FDA approval, informed consent will be legally required.


(A:  Don't forget too, under the Nuremberg Code that came out in the Nuremberg trials, they can't use the people for experimental medications, or for ANY experimental purposes by the way. So, they're going against that too. Don't forget that, folks, and that was to do with genocide.  M-hm.  It also says here…)


Furthermore, doctors should individually assess the chances a person has of benefiting from vaccination.  And patients have the right to reject hold-harmless clauses that would then make health practitioners legally liable should they proceed to vaccinate an individual who has little chance of benefiting from immunization.


(A:  If it's made mandatory, you better get, make, get it all made up in advance and its forms, the doctors or whoever's going to inject you must sign, with their name on it and address and so on, so you can sue them if you get any bad reactions, after them telling you that you're going to be fine.  And in it will state that, I, so-and-so, tells you that this patient will be fine and quite safe from this vaccination, which I am forcing upon them. How about that, folks. And yeah, you've got to have the right to sue. That's the least you have, to save yourself, 'eh. Obviously.


You can’t start doing what you're told by a scientific tyranny, the kind that Bertrand Russell talked about who was all for it. He said, if there was going to be a tyranny I preferred it to be a scientific one. He was, again, another socialist totalitarian type character and an elitist. It says here that that...)


A model INFORMED CONSENT/REFUSAL form has been written and published for the public to present to their doctors when and if a vaccine is licensed and available in the U.S. at covid19consent.com


(A:  So, it's got a link on this one that you can print up yourself.)


This is not what the vaccine industry or the Centers for Disease Control, that latter a co-holder of COVID-19 related patents, wants to be known.


All these folks are completely compromised that are wanting you to take this, folks. They’re all on the take, a lot of them.  M-hm.  I'll put this link up too, for those that care to wade through it, you know.


This article is to do with the elderly, again. Again, a huge massive sacrifice.  In preplanning obviously, it was intended that the elderly, and they've conditioned the public that somehow you're worth less once you're elderly.  This is how, you'd be surprised how you're conditioned in what to think without really thinking through it for yourself. It's given to you. But it's conditioning you to think that way, whereas all the other age groups talking about the elderly getting sacrificed, with the, it's beyond gross incompetence, it's deliberate.


Were conditions for high death rates at Care Homes created on purpose?

off-guardian.org / 26 May 2020


During the COVID-19 pandemic, people in care homes have been dying in droves.


Why is this happening? Is it simply because older adults are very vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2...


(A:  What would it be, in other words.)


Or do care homes deserve the lion’s share of the blame, such as by paying so poorly that many workers have to split their time between several facilities, spreading the virus in the process?


(A:  That's what I said before, they always have them part-timers in care homes, because they don't have to pay them pension plans and other stuff, you know, medication, drug insurance, things like that.)


Alternatively, could medical experts and government bureaucrats, with the full knowledge of at least the top tier of government officials, have created conditions shortly after the pandemic struck that contribute to the high death tolls while engendering virtually no public backlash against themselves?


This article shows that the third hypothesis is highly plausible. The people who created the conditions may be unaware of, or oblivious to, their implications. But it’s also possible that at least some of them know exactly what they’re doing.


After all – seeing it from an amoral government’s point of view – the growing numbers of elderly are a big burden on today’s fiscally strained governments, because in aggregate they’re paying much less into the tax base than younger people while causing the costs of healthcare and retirement programs to skyrocket.


(A:  Well, they paid for it all, that's what it's all for, you know.  We're forgetting another thing too.  This has all been discussed before in big global meetings, and the University professors get on television talking about the elderly, they should just give up and die at retirement age, you know.  They had professors, especially the one in Australia, he was given the star making machine, made him a star to make sure he got lots of coverage. He comes out every so often, gives the same speech about, they shouldn't live so long, you know.)


Here are three sets of conditions that collectively create a framework for enabling significantly boosted care-home deaths – and doing so with impunity – even while most of each set of conditions in isolation may appear to be purely for the benefit of everyone in society:


One. Bureaucrats develop extremely broad definitions of novel-coronavirus infections and outbreaks. (A: No kidding.)  This is coupled with the continuing presence, in a number of care homes scattered across each jurisdiction, of at least one nurse or physician who follows every letter of all definitions and rules. (Such individuals are always present in every discipline, but in the medical milieu their actions can be deliberate, deadly and very hard to detect.)


And it goes on through the different problems that could have been, made it happen in the care homes. I think personally it's because they terrified the public, completely terrorized them actually.  And I still want to see, talking earlier on about cytokine storms and so on, the pulmonary priming that can happen with it too, with vaccinations, then you hit the actual real virus later on, how many of these folks in these homes, and mandatorily, had all the flu shots?  Huh?  You gotta take these into consideration, you see, as to why they had severe reactions by this whole thing. 


This cannot be dismissed scientifically. You've got to, these are all the things you have to consider and study to rule things in or out, hm.  And if they won't do that then something’s up. Then it's not scientific at all.  So, I'll put that link up to for this particular article.


Another one too, as I said before is, I'll put up the one from Canada where they're challenging the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and by the Vaccine Choice Canada. I'll put that article up by them, it's a PDF. And then


Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court - vaccinechoicecanada.com


It's a big one too. 191 pages, I think. For those who want to look through it.


And here's a beauty of our scientific establishment too, the things that… You see, I don't even expect anyone to even yawn with the articles that I, that one time should have shocked people. Nothing shocks them anymore.  We found dumpsters before with baby parts in them over the years, that was a normal thing outside some clinics. They’ve had articles in the last year too of doctors who just retired and died, and they find thousands and thousands of baby parts. They don't know why; they say they don't know why they saved them all.  But I guess it’s just folk that take pride in their work or something, you know. Some folk collect all, you know, ornaments for the mantelpiece and stuff like that.


But scientist, you have to really, you must get the shivers once in a while. I would think so. I mean, I still get them once in a while. And it takes a lot to move me, believe you me, in that respect.  But I don't expect anybody to be disgusted about anything anymore. I can remember doing a show years ago where I think it was the Greater Manchester area, the director for the National Health Service at the time was called up in the question. He wasn't fired or anything but for some reason that was never explained to the public, that over the course of so many years thousands of corpses and parts of corpses of children up to the age of 5 to 10 years old or something like that, that supposedly died in hospitals, had all, they'd found parts of the bodies.


So, they had to start having secondary funerals, notifying the people when they identified them DNA wise and so on. So, here's the poor parents have been grieving again, and then over a year or two more parts of the same bodies would turn up. Thousands of them. They even found refrigerated parts, this is in England remember, they found refrigerated parts of thousands of them eventually in I think it was a warehouse in storage, cold storage in Nova Scotia.  Never explained to the public why this was happening. I don't know if anybody got charged in it all. I don't think so.


We live in the dark, people.  We live in the absolute dark as to what really happens. Honestly. So, nothing shocks the people anymore anyway but…


Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing FDA (A:  Food and Drug Administration.) Paid for ‘Fresh and Never Frozen’ Human Fetal Parts for Use In ‘Humanized Mice’ Creation

judicialwatch.org / 23 June 2020


(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 165 pages of records (A:  If you want to download it the link is here.) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showing the FDA between 2012 and 2018 entered into 8 contracts worth $96,370 with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) to acquire “fresh and never frozen” tissue from 1st and 2nd trimester aborted fetuses for use in creating “humanized mice” for ongoing research.


(A:  This kind of stuff is common. All over the place.  M-hm.)


ABR (A:  ...the company...) is a non-profit firm which has been the subject of criminal referrals from House and Senate committees investigating whether Planned Parenthood or any other entity was illegally profiting from the handling of fetal tissue from aborted babies.


(A:  Whoa, well they'd never do that, you know.)


There you go. But anyway, I'll put this article up for those who care to even look at it. Most folk don't give a darn today.  You understand, we've all been taught that life is awfully cheap. Awfully cheap. You're another animal.


Like, don't forget, going back to Julian Huxley who helped set up UNESCO and Planned Parenthood too, who hated the vast bulk of the ordinary people. As all the founders of that did.  He was quite plain, we've got to knock people, the humans, off the pedestal as the superior species on the planet.  In order to control them.  They wouldn't obey you. You understand, at one time the things we are accepting today would have caused mass riots. We don't riot now. Certain selected groups are told to riot and encouraged to riot, and paid to riot some of them, but the leaders are for sure.  But we don't riot for natural normal things all the time that we should be.


We've been dumbed down. We are knocked off the pedestal as being the top species on the planet. Like Huxley said, we were trained to do that. And so, you devalue yourself and others. You see, once you devalue the life of others, then that falls, then you just devalued your own life too.  When it comes your turn, whether they can keep you alive or kill you, what are they going to say about you? What's so special about you?  That's, again, what one of their top guys said, George Bernard Shaw, why should we keep you alive? 


I hope you understand, you've all been trained into this. So yeah, here you go with no one cares really who's getting chopped up. And of course, humans are not to blame, they're engaging and causing all these aborted tissues, fetuses and so on, for their own actions, it's never their own fault, you know, the system made them do it.  It's just terrible how we devalue ourselves in the process. Constantly, constantly. You start at the one end, before life, or before they are born, and then you go into post birth abortion now, which is just murder. Then you go into, let's kill off the adults.  So, you do that now, they're not worth anything are they? And you've all been trained through it step-by-step in completely devaluing your life. And then of course they don't stop there. Oh, you know, you've got an illness, you could live for another 40 years with it but why, that could be a burden on society, you know, why don't you just take this euthanasia pill here, you know. That's already happening, folks.


But no one cares, you see, life now, and folk have accepted it, ah, well, we're not, what are we anyway, we're just another, we're not even a good animal.  We're taught to hate ourselves. There you go.  So, this article goes on about it too. As I say, it's got links to the FDA, lots of pages to go through, etc.  And this is fairly common, this kind of thing.  Unfortunately.


Now, don't forget that Mr. Foxy Fauci said that things would never get back to normal, remember. And what did he know that you didn't know?  And how come he's into making policy for society? and finance and travel and handshaking and all the rest of it? Strange, this little guy who just suddenly he's got more power than the president, it would seem, 'eh?  If the president shut down everything by himself and ordered, he'd be out of the office and maybe even lynched! 


But when Fauci says it, he's a scientist, you see, and he knows outside his jurisdiction, you know, commerce, he's got the whole place shut down and companies going bankrupt, and massive debts that you'll never get out from under, and the whole way of life changed forever, because he said so. And you didn't vote for him either. And you're all accepting it.  [Alan chuckles.]   


International travel won't be back to normal for three years warns top holiday boss - with enforced testing before and after flights likely to replace quarantine - dailymail.co.uk / 1 July 2020


So, there you go, it's all these wee things that you, yep, you need your immunity passport for goodness sakes, 'eh.  And that's how they get it across to you.  Because it's not going to be just that, it's going to be going from your house to the supermarket, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   There you go.  M-hm.  There you go.


More Than 8,700 Stores Are Closing In 2020 So Far—A Number That Will Surely Rise

forbes.com / 6 July 2020


The list of store closings is already very long and may be much longer by the end of the year. The coronavirus pandemic has left many companies in horrible shape. (A:  Well, no kidding.  No kidding.)  Some have had to declare bankruptcy (A:  I wonder why, when you close them down, the whole economy, forbid them to go anywhere, why that makes them all go bankrupt?) while others have closed some of their units. Many employees have not been recalled to work as the pandemic has raged on, and there has been a paucity of customers since they are scared they might contract the virus.


Debt is now the common enemy. Every retailer who had high debt before all of this started is closing some stores and cutting back on new projects. At a time like this, ability to raise cash and to maintain a semblance of free cash flow is quite difficult even as it is invaluable and enviable for most retailers. Many have had to rely on more borrowing to sustain their business. It has left their future uncertain.


(A:  No kidding.) 


We are witnessing a retail apocalypse. It began in 2010 when brick-and-mortar stores started to close and has only gotten worse over time.


(A:  Everything is a step-by-step isn't it though when you look at it all.  I said that years ago too, obviously, when you can order things straight from China for a fraction of the price you'd buy in a store, that's got big overheads in the store and so on and employees to pay, then obviously it's going to hammer the economy at home, put more folk unemployed.  That's the beauty of free trade, isn't it?  Yeah.  There ya go.  That anybody who is working has to sacrifice their jobs for the greater good, 'eh.  So, this goes through this article here about folk going bankrupt and all that. But it lists some of them, how they’ve already gone.  It says… This is Forbes by the way. They’ll update it as time goes on.)


Below is a listing of store closings so far this year, which I will update as more information becomes available. The companies currently in bankruptcy are listed first since their future is uncertain until they emerge from court protection.


Store closures in 2020


Chuck E Cheese: 54 U.S. stores (bankruptcy)


Destination Maternity: 90 stores (bankruptcy)


GNC: 1,200 stores (bankruptcy)


J. Crew: 54 stores (bankruptcy)


JCPenney JCP +1%: 152 stores (bankruptcy)


(A:  There’s a whole bunch of them.)


K-Mart: 45 stores (bankruptcy)


Modell’s Sporting Goods: 153 stores (bankruptcy)


Neiman Marcus (Last Call): 20 stores + 4 main stores(bankruptcy)


New York & Co: 378 stores (bankruptcy)


Papyrus: 254 stores (bankruptcy)


Pier 1 Imports PIR 0.0%: 936 stores (bankruptcy)


(A:  There's one in Sudbury too, I think, Pier 1 Imports.)


Sears: 51 stores (bankruptcy)


Stage Stores SSI -0.6%: 738 stores (liquidating)


(A:  There's a whole stack of them here actually.) 


But who would've thought, 'eh?  Better than any other kind of war with real, you know, bombs dropping and things, they managed to shut down the entire economy, and bring you to a state that you might have reached if you had had 20 years physical war, like a normal regular war, 'eh.  They've done it all very quickly. Very efficient, isn't it? Terror itself is awfully efficient, when you've got professionals managing the terror, and how to put it across to the public and how to terrify them, and how to exaggerate certain types of the terror too to make folk comply. All authorized by your own governments. This is not speculation; this is what I read to you earlier from the Sage reports and so on from governments.




NYC Black Lives Matter marches can continue despite large-event ban, de Blasio says - foxnews.com / 10 July 2020


Again, some are more special than others in these utopias we're in today.  And that's the way it is, isn't it?  Yep.  So, all the other big large events are canceled by law, by dictate I suppose, and there you go. This is the new system.  Yeah well nothing surprises me, or you I suppose, 'eh?


Trump, Mexico president meet to discuss new U.S., Mexico, Canada trade deal

nbc4i.com / 8 July 2020


WASHINGTON D.C. (WCMH) — The USMCA trade deal (A:  That's really the same NAFTA deal.) between the U.S., Mexico and Canada took effect on July 1, but White House officials and one expert say it’s not much different than the deal it replaced.


President Trump welcomed Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the White House on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of the U.S., Mexico, Canada trade agreement.


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, one of the USMCA’s architects, says the pandemic should not hurt the trade deal’s rollout.


But right now, the Mexican manufacturing sector is only working at about 50 percent because of the coronavirus.


(A:  But yeah, they changed the name of it really. And for some reason I think Justin Trudeau couldn't go over something. It's quite something isn’t it? The world we're living in is something else. It really is.)


I was looking up too, again, that they're going to fulfill all their goals with who can open up, when they can open up, are you important enough to open up, are you necessary, essential, yada, yada, ya, or if you can't.  And that's the end of society as we know it. That's what it was planned to do of course.  And Fauci said that at the very beginning, he didn't even want the lockdown to end, remember, he wanted it right into the following year.  And that's what you're getting.  [Alan chuckles.]  


You had a little wee bit of a break, a week or two for the summer, which would quell you a bit, as the riots, well, protests and riots could continue. Then lockdown comes again. Except for some groups that are still [Alan chuckles.] allowed to do it all.  Everything else is shut and closed including big events. And I guess sporting events too in some areas, I don't know.


It's astonishing, as I say, what's been accomplished so efficiently, with years of planning to make this happen, obviously before the event happens. But in a few months, they've literally wrecked the economies of nations across the world. Exactly what the World Economic Forum said, we've got to bring the folk into complete sustainability.  And sustainability means bringing in the complete austerity programs, by the way.  Post, post everything, post-consumer, post-manufacture, post post post.  [Alan chuckles.]   


And folk can’t quite get it, can they?  Why would they do that? It's their world. It's not yours, it's theirs, as far as they're concerned.  And as long as you obey them, it will continue to be their world, obviously.


Now, I'm going to put up an article from Ron Paul, from his group anyway, and it's written by Caitlin Johnstone.


As Long As Mass Media Propaganda Exists, Democracy Is A Sham

ronpaulinstitute.org / 9 July 2020


A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has reportedly found that a majority of Americans believe the completely discredited narrative that the Russian government paid Taliban-linked fighters to kill the occupying forces of the US and its allies in Afghanistan.


(A:  And they give you examples of the fake news, that's authorized, right, as fake news.  [Alan chuckles.])


Those 21 percent are objectively correct: the story is not credible, and it’s not even close. Gareth Porter shows in The Grayzone how the “Bountygate” narrative is so utterly baseless that even US intelligence agencies have dismissed it...


And they have. But the article itself is showing you how the mass media today all works as one, it really does.  They're like all one in the propaganda for Covid for instance, to be very afraid and be very terrified and yada, yada, ya. And it never stops. But there's no real dissent amongst most of the mainstream media, it's all pretty well on board with the whole thing, isn't it?


And the media all went along, that all the protesting that went on was all peaceful.  And you can see for yourself, a lot of it wasn't, for goodness sake.  I mean, here's an article here on Portland. Portland is interesting.  I don't know why it happens more there, maybe there's more propaganda there coming from out of Portland there on its own woes, etc. But night after night they've had I think City Hall attacked, they're trying to burn it down or something, by all kinds of, and even fights with the police there. But it says…


Portland Demonstrators Engage in ‘Night of Rage’

(A:  This is one night between, before it all started there too, they were already doing the same thing before this particular event happened.)

to Protest Death of BLM Protester

breitbart.com / 8 July 2020


Demonstrators in Portland engaged in what was dubbed a “night of rage” to avenge the death of a Black Lives Matter protester who died over the weekend after a man drove his vehicle on a closed freeway, (A:  And you can actually see that, that little clip of where it happened.) where a protest was taking place.


“The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is aware of an event tonight calling for a ‘night of rage’ at the Justice Center in Downtown Portland.”


“We strongly support the right to demonstrate and for people to use their individual and collective voices to express grief, outrage, and call for action. But criminal activity under the guise of peaceful protests will not be tolerated,” the sheriff’s office warned.


200 people gathered in front of the federal courthouse for a sit-in.


The event coincided with the “night of rage” protest over the death of Summer Taylor, who died Saturday after being struck by a driver who drove his vehicle onto a closed freeway, where a protest was taking place.


This driver by the way was driving a pretty new expensive vehicle, anyway, it looked pretty well new.  But regardless, he himself was Eritrean I think, that he was from, came over as a student and had stayed from 2014, or something like that, I can't remember. But goodness knows why he kept driving. Maybe he panicked when he saw them all on the road, who knows, it was at night, you see. 


But why are they attacking the courthouse?  Hm?  But I think they attacked the courthouse, it was already happening before that happened, so it was on the go. I mean, Portland's been wrecked with massive rioting. When you start burning places down, that's not a protest, people, you know.  That isn't a protest. A protest is something where you peacefully handout literature to people in the cars and things. You don't go up and jump on the cars and smash them.  Again, that's what Peter Hitchens said, the ones today are not there for debate, it's their way or no way. And they want to take it out on somebody, and that's the truth of it.


But then you have an article here…


Portland Businesses Have Lost $23 Million Due to Violent Protests

breitbart.com / 9 July 2020


(A:  Why are you calling them protests?!  I mean, burning places down is not a protest, folks. That's not protesting. That's anarchy.)


Businesses in downtown Portland, Oregon, have lost $23 million since violent protests have wracked the city, authorities say.


Portland Police Bureau Deputy Chief Chris Davis told reporters that the intensity of the violence and length of the demonstrations have been unprecedented in the city’s history.


(A:  It's a model city for the United Nations, 'eh, a goody-goody-goody city, and sustainable, and they've got more folk bicycling there than anywhere else and yada, yada, ya, you know.)


Protests have occurred for 41 consecutive nights following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while a cop kneeled on his neck for eight minutes in Minneapolis, and the protesters are directing their efforts towards destroying federal property.


...you know, and it goes on and on and on.  And the world is watching this.  And yeah, what is the message to the world, 'eh?  What is the message?  The message is, something is going under, and what's going to replace it, you know?  Well, I don't think you have to guess much how it's going to replace it…  It's going to be a complete shambles.  And folk who know how to destroy and burn places down, certainly don't know how to make things work. Once rage is gone, what's left?


What's left? Is that when the cries for help go out?  Ah, help.  It's astonishing what's happening. All coordinated across the world, mind you, not just one place.  And this is what you call revolution. It's a revolution obviously coordinated too by the richest folk on the planet at the top, who will use one crowd against another as it suits them. That's how things work out. Sad isn't it, but true.


But that's the real system. It's beyond your control. You don't have much say in it at all.  You only have a little bit of say in what maybe you can do for yourself, a little bit, not much in these times. Because it's been planned on a worldwide war type footing. This is a world war [Alan chuckles.] to bring in a global structure system.  And for globalists who control the planet, they already own it all.  They’re the richest folk in the world, their minions beneath them are not the ones that are rioting on the streets. They're handy at the moment for them, it suits the purpose. The ones that work for them all wear the very expensive suits and ties and live in luxurious homes and things.  And they are not the bosses, they serve the bosses, the ones above them.


But at the moment as I say, a form of anarchy and communism suits the purpose to bring in globalism. Oh, we need a global structure to deal with epidemics and pandemics, and to share things equally across the world, you know, the redistribution of wealth. It's all your wealth, the little bit you've got, [Alan chuckles.] not for the ones at the top that already own it all. But the folk at the bottom never figure that out, most of them.  Even the ones that are rioting. So, there ya go.


Terrible times really to be living, but at the same time for those who can see it, it's incredible wartime strategy. This is a war on everybody else, you see, to make you all comply to their system of what they call sustainability. Which is all to suit them. And over a period of 30-40 years, well most of us will die off, you see.  As I said before, the ones who are doing the rioting at the moment and so on and who are angry about everything, and angry about the planet and yada, yada, and the environment, they won't have children and they'll die off in their turn as well. So, they're all useful at the moment.  And that's how it's run.


All you can do is try to keep some decent friends around you, at least be in contact with them.  To help each other, come what may. That's what you have to pledge too.  Because they have nothing else, government is not going to help you in the next phase of it all. And government obviously is complicit in making all this, ALL of this happen, and allowing it all to happen. Of course, it is. 


Including the whole Covid lockdown, depending on who you are, to get out of your home eventually you'll have to get some group that can go out and protest so that it will be allowed, you know.  And you can get, maybe if you're protesting down streets you can get into a store and get some groceries, you know.  Otherwise you might not be allowed out without an immunity passport.  I said that years ago, eventually you'll have to belong to some special elevated minority group, whatever is the trendy ones at the moment, or you won't have any rights at all. And that's exactly what has happened, you see. 


So, take care of yourselves. Stay with each other. Get in contact with each other.  And vow to help each other out. Even if you've had little arguments in the past, don't let that stand in your way, you'll need people as we go through all of this, obviously.  Because it's not finished, this is just the start of it.


And you will go off the cradle as they say, [Alan chuckles.] your rocker, you will go off your rocker if you don't, if you are unable to communicate with people. At least for most people that's the case.  So, it's wise to have a few acquaintances that you can keep in touch with. Even if it's just emailing them to keep in touch with what's happening and having correspondence back and forth.  It keeps you sane, right.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, remember send a few bucks my way, [Alan chuckles.] it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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72% of Canadians support mandatory coronavirus vaccine, Ipsos poll suggests

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Using behavioural science to help fight the coronavirus

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Sage publishes evidence behind advice on lockdown following calls for more transparency

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NBC doctor who claimed he caught the virus on a plane through his eyeball says he tested negative for the virus and NEVER had it

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International travel won't be back to normal for three years

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More Than 8,700 Stores Are Closing In 2020 So Far—A Number That Will Surely Rise

forbes.com / 6 July 2020


NYC Black Lives Matter marches can continue despite large-event ban, de Blasio says

foxnews.com / 10 July 2020


Trump, Mexico president meet to discuss new U.S., Mexico, Canada trade deal

nbc4i.com / 8 July 2020


Portland Demonstrators Engage in ‘Night of Rage’ to Protest Death of BLM Protester

breitbart.com / 8 July 2020


Portland Businesses Have Lost $23 Million Due to Violent Protests

breitbart.com / 9 July 2020


As Long As Mass Media Propaganda Exists, Democracy Is A Sham

ronpaulinstitute.org / 9 July 2020



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