July 19, 2020 (#1783)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Opinions for Minions:

"Behavioural Sciences Applied, Tried and Tested,

Cradle to Grave, Our Minds Thoroughly Infested,

Professional Manipulators, New Nudge Saviours,

Prompting Herd to Accept Designer Behaviours.

Social Approval/Disapproval Seems to Work Best,

Then Use The Conditioned To Shame All the Rest."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 19, 2020.  And what a ride we're on, 'eh?  It's a real roller coaster. I hope you're all hanging in, and not hanging yourselves, but hanging in there.  Because folk are getting awfully depressed. And it's going to get a lot worse too, as we are cajoled and threatened into this new, this new system, a system planned long before the Covid idea broke out and was implemented.  We have lots and lots of evidence naturally that it was in the planning for many years to bring us to this particular point. We always think that we are somehow part of societal evolution.  And that's a crazy idea that you're part of it because most folk are not part of it, you exist within it but you really don't, you have no say in how it's implemented, or even what kind of future you would have.


Most folk, it's true enough the bulk of the population go along to get along. It's a quite natural thing to do.  But you keep forgetting amongst the people that you coexist with, there are those who often form little bands and clubs, sometimes big bands and clubs, through education, through business and through their big hobbies of ruling the world, it's a big hobby for a lot of people, and how to get more and more power over the public. And when you merge that with academia and all of the so-called social sciences and psychology as well, behaviorism, etc., and eugenics, which it all ties in, anything to do with humanity they bring in eugenics naturally.   It's awfully important to those that rule the world, and what kind of world that they have planned for the future, when most of us will all die off through sterility or simply not having children, at least not live births and so on. We just will pass away.  And they'll bring in their new system of course, the scientific type of technocracy for a particular period of time.


And we keep, folk can't grasp that. They always think short-term, that if you bring this in, it will last, and it will be forever. No, it won't be. Whatever they're bringing in is going to be temporary as well. It will have a fixed lifespan of efficacy to suit the bosses, until they go onto the next stage. And that's how they work this out. This is not my idea of it. It's a summary really of all the books I've read that they put out themselves at the top. And they've been putting out these books for an awful long time.


You can take the basic one's going back to the Rosicrucian’s as an example, and even long before them in fact, of the idea written in allegorical form, of altering humanity and making, you know, gold out of lead.  Meaning basically getting the base product which is generally humanity and sharpening them and refining them into a more pure human being, this is how they say it.


The reason it's a degreed system is that it's not meant for everyone.  Even those that join it at the bottom level or the blue Lodge in masonry for example, most folk think it's a self-help club and comradery for men.  Partly that's true.  But at the same time as you go up the ladder and really go up and up and up you find out it's very, it's not egalitarian at all, it's very selective on those who get to the top.


Even then if they're good enough they go on to much higher degrees above that because then you're put into places of power. Especially if you've been really, at the very least, chosen when you were even a teenager or even before that. Some of them I think, really personally I really believe are bred this way by very careful breeding and selection of partners or whatever. Or even just sperm and ovum.  This is an old thing they've been doing for a long time. And the keep harping on about it, that they can create perfect humans, if you just allow them to take over the world and allow them to design the perfect humans. They'll take out the bad genes, as they call it, and put more advanced type genes in for intellect and physical health, all that kind of stuff. 


All they have to do is get the compliance of the general public, you see. That's been an awful nuisance, that, for them for an awful long time, this compliance.  It's rightfully theirs, you see, that's how they say it for themselves.  They are the ones who run the world and after all they have all, they have members who run the economies of the world, the financing of the world, the conology of money, the wizards of cash you might say. 


So yeah, they have them all on top. And they have academia there too with all their sciences and long-winded degrees, etc. on how to manipulate, manage and control the general public. How to use way beyond public relations techniques that Bernays talked about in Propaganda, his book, way back a long time ago.  When he was boasting about how they got America into World War I, he was put in charge of a massive team and had big financing to convince the public to just back Wilson go off to war. And after the war he boasted about it.  They have great egos, these psychopaths, they like to tell you how they fooled you. But he did mention about the subconscious, taking it from Freud naturally.


You've got to understand that there's a group from Freud, even before Freud, a group really who understood where they were going with the world and how they had a mission, you see.  And the mission would be partly to destroy religion.  That was a big part actually, replace it with science, especially science of the mind, until you would allow them to create a new culture, a new behavior, a new normal behaviors for the general public. Which is still going on today.  Big time in fact.


Most folk today have no idea that their parents and their grandparents before them were all victims of this big long agenda that went through the whole 20th century, altering culture, belief and opinions and everything else. All to suit the ones at the top. And now you're in for the big push, where you're being trained that, really, you're not worth much at all.  I mean, you're just another little insignificant drop of water in the big pool, so accept your place and your diminished ability to conceive of what, to actually appreciate what you are, and accept the fact you're a lowly nothing. That's what you're getting taught today big time with this mass psychology that's going on, and, we're all in it together wartime attitude that they use, all these slogans they use for wartime.


And it rubs out the fact that there's individuals. You're all individuals, if you stop and think about it. And you've got to stop being part of this giant herd. Once you're into a herd you obviously have herd management. It's harder to say we have an expert to manage you, the individual. You see, that's a lot of work for them then, and they've got to get compliance tests put out and agreements and so on. They won't get it that way. But when you label everything as the country or the mass, it's much much easier then to put out the experts who then simply dictate down to you like Dr. Fauci and others like him or members of his ilk.


So that's how it really works.  That's how it really works. It's very simple really. And it's not new. It's been understood for an awful long time how to do this. And there's never been a time where even with the countless countless daily and weekly and monthly and yearly surveys in psychology and behaviorism of all the different tests they ran through university students and volunteers and society in general, etc. etc., on how to get folk to comply and conform and so on with demands put upon them.   Right down to even to convincing you why you're not voting at all, to then who you should actually be voting for. It's all done to you and using incredible sciences so that you'll come to what you think is your own opinion on things and you go along with it. In fact, you’ll argue with folk when they'll tell you, look, this statement didn't come from your own mind, it's projected into you with bits and bytes of information, repetition.


And literally, if you understand the magic, this is the key to things [Alan chuckles.] that they knew way before the French Revolution, and with Kabbalah and the Rosicrucian ideas, and the Rosicrucian manifesto as well, that most folk literally are what they are made by those who rule them,  in a true slave society, you would say, by those who own you, you see. And the trick in all the societies is to convince the public that they're free. And if you're really good at it they'll believe it.  


And so, it will be absurd when you say, do you realize that you're getting treated like slaves here?  And big corporations have made plans to inject you with all kinds of things? Not just this Covid thing. And it's been in the works, in the planning for many many years? They won't believe you. They can't believe that anyone would go to that length to fool you, which is precisely why it works. It's your own disbelief, you see. But that's how it's done. That really is how it's done.


Those who run the world see us as literally as I've said before, like a huge herd of cattle. And it was rather obvious to me even reading the writings by many of them at the time, but it was very obvious to me that even in the 1970s, you have this wallow, it's like a wallowing of nothingness.  It's very hard thing to put in words but it's where the economies especially in Europe and Britain and places fell stagnant.  And they were stagnant. But there was also a stagnancy of purpose in society and within individuals, almost a hopelessness in fact.


It was during that era that Margaret Thatcher came out and she said that there's a generation growing up now who will never see work, like full-time employment, in their lifetime, get used to it.  And the theory that they had at the time, and it's probably still the same, under the general capitalistic theory was that, and Thatcher talked about it in this fashion.  She said, we need a goodly amount of people unemployed because that keeps the wages down, you see.  Because folk are desperate to get work, you can offer them less money. If you got full employment, then the employer has to literally buckle under and give more and more money to get folk to come and work for them, when they got so much choice, you see.  A very simple concept.


During that time, that 1970s era in Britain, during that period of nothingness, this, where are we going, where am I going, everybody said the same thing, where am I going.  It wasn't just that.  Of course, they were getting drugged then too.  And they altered all their laws having to do with pubs. The pubs in Britain had opening times in the morning, I think it was 10:30 to I don't know if it was 2 o'clock or something and then they closed. Then they opened again at maybe 5:30 or 6 to maybe 10:30 at night, or I think it was closing time, and then you're out by 11 PM.


But when Thatcher was in, they decided to open the pubs all day long pretty well, maybe, I think it closed for a few hours at night or something.  She said it quite openly, quite honestly, and that's the one thing you could admire about Thatcher, she just said, she gave you the reasons and didn't just simply lie.  She said, it's better to have the youngsters with their unemployment money drinking all day in the pubs, and then sleeping, you see, every day, rather than going out on the streets and marching and demonstrating or causing riots. That was as simple, she said it the way it was. So, they open the pubs all the time for quite a long time.


But there was still a feeling of... I think lack of purpose, it was, it was like a depression in the air. I actually think of these financial depressions which Britain was always prone to because it was, you know, an Empire.  And the people at home were paying for all the wars and all the debt for all the wars, and the debt for all the, they were still throwing money across the world in these little countries they supposedly ruled. But it was a select few that benefited from it all, all those years. And that is a fact.  That is the truth.  And Britain had a big army because they kept employment at a good level, and you could always go into the Army and get some respect.  You get no respect anywhere else if you're unemployed. So yeah, Britain had, Britain still is throwing out money from the taxpayers in Britain to support a lot of the little places that used to be parts of the British Empire.


So, everybody's broke. Including Britain, at least the folk in Britain.  And it's going to get a lot broker with all the riots going on too. Because it's to be taken down into the dust pretty well, in the dustbin of history.  That's the old Frankfurt school idea of it, destroy everything, the culture, the whole lot, right down to its foundations, that which it stands upon.  Right down to utter crisis and depression, like financial, etc.


And with the Covid they'll certainly get it. And all the riots they've had too.  I say that as opposed to just demonstrations. We know there's communist riots going on well-funded from outside, and the leaders are certainly well-paid for their work in all this. But again, this didn't come from those demonstrating.  Demonstrators, and those who riot, they can't think beyond what they're going to loot or what they're going to burn down that day. That's what rioting is about.  But those who at the very top who plan it and organize it, know exactly where it's supposed to go. And it won't be too long, maybe a year’s time, you'll see all the ones who were rioting and arguing literally turning on each other just to get a scrap of food. That's where it will eventually go.  If the agenda goes the way it's supposed to go.  That's the way it’s been planned. Of course, the leaders in all these things won't suffer at all. They'll be well taken care of and looked after. And maybe even flown out of the countries to safe havens for themselves and so on.  That's how things really, really work.


You're living through a perpetual war scenario and this is the present phase of it. It didn't take countries by surprise. You'll hear certain people's names, now it's almost forbidden to speak their names now because your social media is completely part and on board with it, this whole agenda of a complete world revolution, bringing in a new Technetronic and technological type society and technocracy to rule it all. They're completely all part of it naturally for those at the top.  And they want a regulated obedient society where you'll simply comply.


The beauty of it is too, through all their tests and their constant incredible studies that are so well done, with the Internet and all electronic communication, daily they add to it with enormous amounts of, you know, thousands of gigabytes daily just on information. They don't care so much about the topics, but they're interested in how you think about things, how you’re feeling about things. Or certain prompts to vote for this, or not to vote at all, or to riot, or whatever.  To see if you're falling in line with what they want. It's quite an amazing time for experiments. And they've got a completely free hand today. But if you mention those who are financing it, you'll be completely struck off and you'll lose all access to social media. Because you're not living in any kind of fair real society. You're living under a tyranny. 


This is the tyranny that Bertrand Russell talked about, he did The Impact of Science on Society and a few other books too.  One was awfully good about education, how they would train the children from birth into what to believe. He was talking about future revolutionaries of all kinds actually.  Which we watched happening.  But he also said that they can make the children, if you get them young enough, and you keep them in a closed group... It's so interesting to watch this happening. With electronics you see, and with the social media, and with school, combined, you can literally bring out everything that Russell hoped would happen. Because he said, if you can really get children and you can separate them from the rest of the world, if possible, then they have a peer group, but you control the peer group, he said, that you can make them believe whatever you want them to believe.


And even if you want to give them enemies, like adults or whatever, because they were doing that in his day too through communism, don't trust anybody over 30, and even under that age. They've done it again using social media now, more efficiently than he talked about.  Because literally with flash mobs and everything, with the indoctrination and the websites, the big ones put out there for them, catering to them, to help them to agitate and feel unruly about things, or get unruly, and to be discontented.


And they're completely literally almost isolated, even though they're all going through the same school curriculums from a very young age.  They are cut off from even their parents. Their parents have no idea what they're learning.  Or maybe they don't even care what they're learning. But they certainly don't participate in, they've been literally weaned off of taking care of your children. They let the state do it, exactly what Bertrand Russell said. And it's been so effective.


Look at it today, you know. You've got youngsters that are ready to kill people, ala Marx, you see, and Trotsky.  Because they believe, oh my God, you've destroyed the planet and we might all die in a few months’ time or a few years’ time, because of you. All bogus. But they don't know that. And once you're radicalized to that extent, and this is what the communists know, if you read their own writings, if you win by using those children, you have to eliminate them because now they're contaminated because you can't then bring in a society, the next phase of the society by using the folk that destroyed the old society.  You can't bring them into the next phase because they won't be content with what they're seeing happening then in the new phase. They're not getting their utopias fulfilled, you see.  Personal happiness, that's it, they actually think they're going to be given like a personal happy pill or something.  So, it's quite fascinating to see it all coming into being. 


But yeah, Russell said that, we'll bring in a system, he didn't say social credit system in so many words, but he referred to it in similar words. He said eventually you'll have everyone on some kind of credit system.  And don't forget too I mentioned it before where he mentioned the Technocracy Inc. Technocracy Inc., they came out in the 1930s, where they would, the gray, they were called ‘the gray men’ by the way those who don't know it. [Alan chuckles.] Just like the movies and stuff, and the gray men, they move between systems, and they moved between countries during the Cold War, the gray men, the grey suits and so on. Well, they had a uniform and it was gray suits. And not quite, in between the platform you might say, like masonry, and the tessellated floor, black-and-white, and what's in between it is called gray, you see. Nothing is a color, everything's gray.  And black is not a color, neither is white technically, you see.


So, there are the gray men and they used to come out and they were going to be a replacement for the systems which we can refer to as republicanism in the States, or democracy in other countries. Which again was a joke because it was never Democratic, and it still isn't of course. But even the communists used that term as well, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, you see, Democratic Republic, you see. 


But the fact is, Russell talked about them.  And there's no doubt he knew them from the 1930s on. They didn't die off and go away. They were kicked out of countries like Canada.  And I think Musk's grandfather was one of them, or maybe his, maybe even, yeah, his grandfather [Joshua Haldeman] or father, one of the two, for being subversive, they were classified as literally subversives along with communism, you see.   


The communists like some aspects of it too because they both had so much in common, a future that would not be Democratic, a future where the specialists and those in academia and professors and so on would rule your lives. Again, psychologists and not just social workers at the lower level but psychologists and then behaviorists and so on, and then the biosciences where they come in and literally make new humans.  That's the whole idea in the 1930s of Brave New World, you see.  And folk would just lap them on thinking, oh that will never happen. Look at it today.  [Alan chuckles.]  You know, people can hire, they can hire, there are guys, like two guys, quite common now, hire a woman and have the sperm inserted in one way or another, and again, they can literally have the male sperm spliced between the two men, so they're both fathers to the same child and things like that. This is all normal today; it's quite routine, you see. 


But things they talked about in the 1930s, they went through it all, where it would all go to. They even had terms for wellness in Brave New World, you would have your span and so on.  They brought all that in. And Bertrand Russell also said, you know, that he said and I've mentioned this so many times, that if it's going to be a tyranny, and he thought it would eventually become a tyranny, it didn't matter who it was that was running whatever system, he said he much prefer it would be a scientific tyranny. That's what he was for, he advocated that.


But he also talked about the system where you wouldn't be able to complain about anything eventually.  He said it too, that techniques of conditioning the general public would be so perfect and perfected, that people, meaning sheep, like sheep would be people, you see, sheeple, he said that it would be as impossible for sheep to complain about the price of mutton, as it would for the people themselves to try and change or complain about the system under which they lived.


That's where we are today with the perfected sciences. It's just too easy in real time, as things are happening and all the social chitchat across the world, this massive chatter, being analyzed instantaneously with billions of algorithms and so on, and categorized, and before an hour or two has passed everything's put in its own boxes and slots and so on, and countless universities across the world are taking samples and studies and yada, yada, ya to see what works best, etc.


It's just incredible what's happening.  We have no freedoms at all right now, unless you throw out all the electronics. And even then, you have to really survive in a society where everyone around you is completely hooked into this matrix, you see.  And you’ll never get through to them.


But Russell also said, eventually, and here you're down to the social credit system, and the universal basic income. He said, everyone will be given credits for like a salary not for working, for those who work and those who don't, you all get credits. They'll simply appear into your bank or your credit bank account every week or every month, depending on what they decide. 


Again, you've got to understand everything you’ve heard of like communism and capitalism, technocracy, the scientific means of controlling societies, all of this, all come together in our present system, which they knew would happen and as I say, they wrote books about it.


But Russell said that everyone will be given so many credits per week or per month, that you wouldn't, there would be no tangible cash as such. Now because you are on to electronic and digital cash. But he said that you wouldn't be able to save it up, it will appear the same day of the month every month or every week and if you haven't used it up by the end of the week it would start off at the same amount again for the following week. You couldn't save it up. And that way you would keep an equality of poverty amongst the general public.  And that would stop so much, again, in their mind, complaining or aggression between peoples when they're all getting the same basic...  Very communistic in a sense.  But don't forget he was talking about the proper folk running your world. People like, you know, like himself, you know, folks like him. 


Again, it's so amazing. I remember reading years later in the United Nations on the idea of self-policing, that's what they call it.  By using psychologists and behaviorists, and who are all financed by our tax money, just incredible, like billions every year across the world that get thrown out to these parasites. They find ways to manipulate all of us on behalf of the Masters. But he said that what eventually the United Nations would be doing, and the United Nations then comes out with the same thing, yeah, self-policing is the way to go. 


They're training people in a Pavlovian sense, you see. First instill the ideas when they're very young, so much so that they’ll never really break free. Very few can break free from the initial indoctrination. That's very, very true.  He said, self-policing, they could change normality's, you see. He didn't use normality’s; I've used that before and that took off. But the fact is, all the social norms, new norms, you see, the new ideas, the new systems they would bring in, of the present reality, would be introduced to the general public.  And then another present reality.  The people would adapt and adapt and adapt into it. If you didn't adapt and you were angry, or you weren't convinced it was the right way to go for you or society, you'd be punished.


Now, think about this, what's happening with folk getting cut off the net?  But he said, you're going to be punished and your credits won't go into your account by the state, or someone appointed by the state, it would be some big banking conglomerates I'm sure. He said that you wouldn't be able to pay your rent or even buy food then, you see. You'd be punished that way. So, totalitarianism, it has its ways to make things more efficient, that's really what he was getting at. When there's nobody to complain to you have to comply or you're down on your knees or you starve to death or you freeze outside, etc. And that's all, and they'll tell you, well it's not our fault, sir, we give you options, you know, if you just went along like everybody else. And that's what they always say in democracies, isn't it, if you go along with everybody else, well, these folks are all accepting these new rules, what's wrong with you? And so that's how they always force everybody into the same system. Or they punish you by using everybody else, as they say.


Whenever you see something as being temporary or voluntary to start with, that's what they mean by that, once they have a magic number, they say, well you know, it's just too efficient to allow the stragglers behind to have a separate system when they're using cash or whatever it happens to be, so therefore we're going making it mandatory now. That's how it all… The same with the vaccinations by the way. That's why it's put out in exactly the same way that they put it out for driving licenses, which were not mandatory at one time, or insurance for cars, which were not mandatory at one time, etc. etc.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's quite something, isn't it?


Always done, Plato said, he says, if you understand the techniques that have been used in the past to get specific objectives accomplished, if you understand the formula that introduced them, and it's like a step one, they're in a certain order, you see, if you understand, do this first and then that next and then that next, then the people will comply and then the same behavior would be expected to show itself. It's very true. It doesn't matter about how advanced you think you are; the same behavior manifests itself. If you terrorize the public, a good chunk of the public, if they're getting daily terror will turn on the other ones, then you can use them to force the other ones into compliance. You see? That's how it works.


And so, yeah, so there's Russell’s idea of a credit system given to the public, tokens of some kind, credits, call them what you want. And he came out with that by the 1950s. Don't forget too he was also way up in eugenics.  And that's all these characters, really believe in eugenics and the evolution of man. Now, if you're a nobody, they wouldn't include you under the headline of man, you understand. There's all these hidden little caveats they have in normal language you just don't understand.  Again, you can go into even the Rosicrucian ideas and free Masonic ideas and capitalistic ideas of what man is.  Then you go off into different tangents, different paths, etc.  And if you really followed it all you'd come to the same conclusions in them all.  It's set out that way. Certain people are really human, and some are not. That's what they believe.


They used to always, used to say at one time, there are ones who have spirit, and those who have no spirit. That goes way back even to the writings of Paul in the Bible where he referred to those who couldn't comprehend at all what you're talking about, about decency in human beings and helping one another. He said, these are people of instinct or creatures of instinct, and you wouldn't get through to them, you see.


There's some kind of truth in that as well.  The people who are brute instinct are the ones that they do use for extermination camps. We saw that in the communist Gulags.  They had an incredible cruelty for 70 years.  That's nowhere near the play that it gets from Nazism, and from a five-year stint basically, or even eight-year stint if you tally in before into the 30s. But no, you've got 70 years of horror and slaughter in the Soviet bloc countries.


I keep every so often looking back at the people who survived the Gulags of Bulgaria and the massive camps that were set up.  And who were gathering every year after the 90s, the horror stories these poor folk were telling.  And you could tell, their lives would never be the same obviously.  And the huge graves, mass graves that were dug up, never mind all the folk that were burned and even just dumped in the waters and so on to decompose. Just horrible stories of utter brutality. 


Well these, the people who ran these camps were creatures of instinct. These are the people who are very base.  And if you are under them too, you would have to think into realms you couldn't think before, or they'd simply… Would calling him a psychopath, would that even come close, would that satisfy you as a label to describe these people? Would you go even further because they are creatures of instinct, you might just say they're completely possessed creatures, demonic? Because animals wouldn't treat other animals that way. So, you have to really question what these creatures are. Every country has them.  And in every age, they have them too. They've got their dirty squads that deal with dirty business.


When you give a negative power especially when there's no oversight to it, there's no real caring about very detailed paperwork, horrible things happen. Every day. And it gets worse and worse and worse. It isn't enough for these characters just to kill people. They literally feed off them in a sense, off their anxiety, their fear, their terror and their horror. They'd beat up them and that's why they prolong their lives in such horrible conditions of torture until they kill them, and brutally.


I keep telling folk, you can't dismiss this. Again, back to Plato, if you understand the formula to get the public to behave in a certain way, or other segments of the public to behave in a certain way, you can introduce it in the same, with the proper sequence again and the folk will respond exactly the same way to it. In any era. It hasn't changed. 


We're seeing things happening today with this whole horror and terror put out from the top of Covid, which is of course a cover for a whole bunch of, is a whole new world order. That's what it's for. For the World Economic Forum using all of the different arms and institutions all connected with them.  Never mind the big Pharma industries that literally at the top of the tree, and the ones who are promoting it at the top to the general public on television have massive shares in the Pharma industries for goodness sake, they're going to profit off this. This is in your face. 


But what you're seeing with the incredible terror they're causing amongst the public, very deliberate installation of abject terror, they know exactly, because I've read a lot of their studies already, they knew who would be more prone to become terrorized quicker than others.  It was women to start with, broken down into different age groups as well. In some of the other studies they said they'd even use these women to terrorize the rest by, when you see someone who's in a store, who suddenly freaks out behind a counter or something, because you either don't have a mask on right or you're not standing in the footprints that were painted on the floor [Alan laughing.], and you're all going along with this too.   [Alan laughing.]  And they freak out, you're seeing incredible aggression from them. 


They've done studies on the different signs that these people will show to the customers, from the hand out, like stop, like a policeman on traffic, to a waving of the hands frantically, which is, it's very much like what you would see the apes do [Alan laughing.] in the jungle, if you look a Jane Goodall’s video, old video on them too where they run up to you and they start waving their hands around as a warning.  Well, that's how people behave too. People who are really terrified will behave that way.


And they can flip in any direction at all. And it's meant then, it becomes contagious. Because if the person who's now being threatened, as a customer, you see, and then the customer gets anxious and goes into an anxiety state, and then the arguments can start and all the rest of it because of it. They've already had people shot by the way; Ontario is one of the stories I'll touch on tonight. Ontario, Canada.  And it's such an amazing piece of propaganda, a disgusting propaganda the way the stories are written about this old guy in his 70s killed by police.  It all started because he wasn't wearing a mask in a grocery store.  So now you have folk getting killed, an outcome of whatever happened in a grocery store.


Ontario Police Kill 73-Year-Old Man After He Refused To Comply With Local Mask Mandate

zerohedge.com / 17 July 2020


The cops followed  him back to his home, next thing you know he's dead.  And all the papers could say is, and this is your standard PR thing, well he was a loner, you know, he didn't mix much with people. Like so that’s a crime now is it? You kill folk for that? Is that the idea? You understand, you see, they have nothing else they can say about this guy. They don't want to touch on whatever happened inside the grocery store where it all started. But when someone starts screaming at you and freaking out, this old guy might not have been out for months, this is maybe the first time he's seen a reaction to it, who knows? You just don't know.


But no, it's good enough that he didn't mix much with people. He was, he kept himself to himself. That’s a crime now, you see, keeping yourself to yourself. So, let's kill the folk, you know.  Standard stuff.  Anyway, this is how it's going now with...  And psychologists are making a heyday as they throw out grant after grant as they study us all, little animals that we are, you see, and how we are reacting to this and that and all the rest of it. And how to get around us, to make us all comply.


Remember I read the article too from the Sage group in Britain and elsewhere, I mean, the Sage group has got the BIT [behavior insights teams] units and all kinds of them working with them across the whole planet. Every country is involved together here.  And they actually said on the recommendations to the media, and I put that out a few times, it's in cuttingthroughthematrix.com, my own websites, so go in there, look at my previous talks on it. They actually advised the newspapers and journalists to increase pressure because they decided they wanted to increase the anxiety amongst the public to help promote conformity.


Sage publishes evidence behind advice on lockdown following calls for more transparency - itv.com / 5 May 2020


So, in other words, terrorize the public to get them to conform. And the media is going along with it. This is in the open.  Huh?  [Alan chuckles.]  And it's all media, and the TV is the biggest one of all of course.   Folk are sitting watching, tuning in every day to what they think now is their new lifeline to saving themselves.  They’re tuning in every day for their daily dose of horror and fear.  You’ll never get through to those people. You just won't. You can't do it. You can't do it.  Np.


You see, this whole system is to try to stop you from even thinking for yourself altogether. And so, like that old fella, you know, who got killed there. He obviously was, he wasn't watching TV. I mean, for goodness sake, you know, he would've been complying and compliant and obedient, and yada ya, he wouldn't have been a loner, oh no.  He wouldn't like his privacy, oh, what a crime, 'eh?  Yep, what a crime, let's kill him.  And we'll never get the whole story of it, who freaked out first in the store where it all started. Never mind why on earth were the cops following him home?


So, that's what happens in this new system, you see. It could be you.  It could be you.  It's quite amazing. There's even articles from Ontario, never mind just the Covid thing itself but some of the kind of Antifa groups in Canada turned on one of the reporters.  And you probably know it was Rebel Media, like hate them or love them or whatever, regardless the fact is the guy did get pushed around.  He went down to one of their meetings when it was possible, maybe he went down, I have no idea if he went down, because they were thinking about either throwing eggs at the next Prime Minister of Canada, one of the founders really of the Confederation, or maybe knocking the statue down, who knows what they were really there for. But the fact is, he did say, because there'd be a lawsuit against the ones who were attacking them, physically anyway, in a public place. It turned out that the leaders of the groups had asked the police, in advance, not to even attend that protest as they called it you know, at the park. And the police were complying. Well, we're… this is a sad time, a sad time to be alive, isn't it? 


Because your own government, Canada you see, you remember, is more communistic than other countries. Ahead of them. And I think that's the whole reason for all this happening. And they can just tell you that I guess the police are all part of it too, if they're going to comply with the ones who are out to destroy the past.  No matter what you think of the past, it's still public property.  [Alan chuckles.]  And they're complying with the ones that are going to do it. This is bad news, folks, really bad news, isn't it?


And as I say, I don't really follow most of the stuff in Canada because it's, everything's so predictable here, it's very socialistic to say the least. Its progressive socialism is just a form of communism, of altering and destroying the past and the culture and everything else to bring in the new.


It's the same system again, which the elite want us all to follow.  Because everything that's happening across the world right now is with, it's not just the compliance of the elite at the top, because believe you me if they didn't want this it would never happen, all the riots and so on, it would have been dealt with very quickly.  In fact, you would never even, they would have headed them off in the pass before they got to moving.


But this is what they want, this is the global reset. It’s a new way of living.  It's like Bertrand Russell's idea of a credit system and dishing out credits to you, and tokens for money, electronic, and you have to comply or else you won't get your tokens every month, to whatever is demanded of you. It's all social control. It's all here, folks.  Universal basic income is all part of it too. 


They knew this before they brought in the whole idea of completely universal free trade, by giving it all to China pretty well and the Far East.  It wasn't just... Don't forget, it was your governments that allowed all this to happen.  They all signed onto it, for China to be the manufacturer for the whole planet pretty well.  Which they knew at the very beginning of their free trade we'd all be unemployed in the West, a good chunk of us anyway.  


And definitely the folk who work in factories, and no matter what you think of them, folk had some pride in themselves because they did bring in their own income, and a lot of the work that they worked at too, they made real things which gave a form of satisfaction too.  Today we've got a miserable bunch of folk who literally, they don't, again, there's that feeling of the 1970s of Britain where it was a feeling of lethargy in the air, and literally, literally a depression. It wasn't just a financial depression, I used to wonder why they called it just depression.  It's more meanings than one. 


Of course, there's a psychological depression that goes along with it.  That's what you have today, when folk literally, literally don't know what they are here for.  And it's much easier for them, those at the top who say, well yeah, we’re wondering why you're here as well and why you’re existing as well, you know, and why don't y'all become sterilized and die off, ala HG Wells, 'eh, in his Modern Utopia.


So yeah, I mean, why don't you do that?  You know, with the Fabian Society's idea, just get sterilized, then we give you extra credits for it, and you can have as much sex as you want and there will be no fallout from it.  There will be a few diseases and things, but they can treat you for that, for most of it, not all of it, and it doesn't always work. But yeah, you can be quite happy, and you get a universal basic income and you'll die off and in maybe 40 years’ time, you see.


A whole chunk of society will be gone they didn't procreate, and the elite will get their vastly reduced population. Yep. And during that 40 years remember they'll do more advances, more advances in genetic engineering and manipulation, and they will bring in a brave new world scenario for their own, you see. At the very least they'll have a slave population they'll keep, they'll make or produce them, create them, and they won't complain much at all. Just like Brave New World.


Don't forget these books that were put out, you know, way back in the 1930s and before a lot of them, were put out because this is what was discussed at the height of Empire. These are the things discussed by those who were maybe the fifth, sixth, seventh generation of nobility, you know, across Europe. They were quite open about the societies they would like to bring in. And academia as always, priesthoods are always happy to accommodate the wishes of the Masters. Because it's the masters that could make you a higher priest then you are at the moment. Meaning, scientist, right.  And give you more respect, more responsibility, more income, more power.


It's sad that's how humanity really works, isn't it, it's to do with this power thing. And folk of all calibers, and it's so sad too, men and women, it doesn't matter. Women are the same.  You see them, more and more of them getting in trouble, that seeking for power and making a mess of it, or falling into the same traps as the men and scamming the books and so on when they're in charge of the public purse and things like that. Yep.  Materialism does that, doesn't it? Because that's all you worship eventually is materialism.


And all the celebrities as they call them, are awfully rich.  You never see a celebrity that's got an income of maybe 40 grand a year, do you? It wouldn't be a celebrity. You wouldn't follow them, would you?  People only drool when they see that, the lights flickering and the cameras going off at these celeb shows, because now they've got fame and fortune, you see. And in a materialistic world that's what folk worship. Sad but true.


Mind you the other way is just as bad because then you can go into a system where you pretend it's all altruistic and you'll work for a peanut wage and do really important work and get very little back from it at all. But you'll get all this, oh you've been such a nice person, you're a good person doing what you do for society. You can always… You'll always get used by the same psychopaths; I don't care what kind of system they bring in.


It's astonishing, isn't it? And here they are trying to bring in at the bottom level, the ones who are following them really believe this communism, 'eh, Marxism.   After all the horrors, as I say, 70 years of mass slaughter in Gulag's and executions and mass graves.  And expansion naturally because it was in… but non-expansionist… or colonial, yeah, they were moving their powers in all different countries in the world and getting the public to work for peanuts.


And yet everyone who defected including Bezmenov and many others before him, they all started off their talks to the West by saying that they didn't, they never left for financial reasons. They never left the Soviet system for financial reasons. Because those who got into the KGB for instance were the offspring of KGB, and before that the NKVD and so on and the Cheka, just generations of them. They always got their own children into them. And they lived really high on the hog, like any top civil servant in any other country, that's what they said, you know. So, there was nothing that they lacked on the physical means for wealth and comfort and so on so it wasn't, they didn't leave for that, they could, they had it all, and on their level in the communist countries.


Where the folk literally had to line up and wait sometimes 10 years to get a phone installed, if they could afford to get one and get it permitted.  Kind of like Britain.  But yeah, it's quite fantastic to see how it really works. And here they're trying to bring it in again, so's that maybe a few hundred families can live at the very top of utter luxury with their holiday homes in the countryside and servants taking care of them and all that.  Hm?  Real utopia.  Yep.  And everyone else is scraping by and lining up at times too outside the main big cities, lining up to get food. They used to show you that all the time in the West when there was any kind of shortage.  So, they're trying to bring that in.


Now, since the elite at the top who run the World Economic Forum, right, I'll just repeat that for the hard of thinking.  The World Economic Forum, they decide, along with the Bank for International settlements, they send their members there too, and the World Bank and the IMF and all the different groups, that are one big club, all private, all set up by private institutions like the ones who set up the United Nations, all from basically the League of Nations into the United Nations, with all these different private bank groups to run the world, set up by Lord Alfred Milner and eventually morphed into the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Running the world, and they're all for this idea of using the youth, as I say, the disaffected youth at the moment.  They've had their mandatory indoctrination through school and college to protest and demand that everything's, all of civilization stop and we go back and do some kind of Eden type of simplicity, etc. etc., to save the world and the planet and all that because they've been brainwashed into it. And who will benefit from it all? Well, it won't be them. It will be, it's the ones at the top, the World Economic Forum.


The global reset, the great reset, it's a whole new way of living, using a socialist Soviet type system to rule the public because then just like Justin Trudeau said, he admires China even with the Covid idea, because China doesn't have to bother having to get the public to agree on things and debate things and have their approval. China just tells them what they're going to do, and they do it. It's as simple as that, you obey them or else. And he really likes that system.


And to go along with what's happening you have to truly, truly be a doormat, at the very least, to what's happening. When you don't have rights as an individual, you're living in hell. Because that's what they had, as I say, in places like Bulgaria under the communist Soviet regime.  You were seen as a mass of people, dissidents, not as individuals. And that's how you'd be treated by the police and everybody else.  They says, hey you, get in there, stand on that line, stand there, blah blah blah, shut up.  And that's it.  That's your utopia.


Interestingly enough, like I've seen before in other countries, in Yugoslavia they had that to an extent too, as I say, Bulgaria and other places as well.  You hear the folk talking, you know, they came out of an era, right, 1930s and 40s, when they were younger, these people, a lot of them that survived anyway, they belonged, they had their indoctrination into a form of socialism. Remember, communism is just socialism in a hurry, that's where it always ends up, you see. But some of them were anarchists and agrarian type anarchists. There are different groupings of them all. They all had their ideas of the way to work and then trade whatever you produced with other groups rather than use just money and so on.  When the Communists take over, folks, they start off by using the anarchists, as they say.  Until you realize, no, the anarchists at the top are not anarchists, they're really Communists, and then they turn on all the ones they've used, [Alan chuckles.] and that's who ends up in the camps. [Alan chuckles.]  Really sad but true. 


So, it's true how things can repeat themselves. Mark Twain said, they never really truly repeat themselves, they just rhyme.  But as far as I'm concerned, no, they can repeat themselves.   They can wear different uniforms, different clothing, talk different languages, use different terminology, but it's the same thing. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck! Yep. 


It's quite fascinating to live through it and see it being instituted, isn't it, in our lifetime?  And the complete ruthlessness of government, literally telling the media to go along and actually increase anxiety by exaggerating the stories to get the folk to comply. By creating horror. Terrifying them. 


And who knows how many folk already have lost their lives because they couldn't get into hospitals to get treated for basic things? That's murder, folks. This is the generation that's being sacrificed.  They knew who they'd sacrifice before it started by not allowing them into the hospitals.  Hospitals are meant to treat people of all, with all problems. But most of them, you had empty hospitals waiting to see their avalanche, incredible avalanche, they say, oh my God, avalanche of Covid cases.  M-hm.  And folk weren't even getting picked up by ambulances, that they were having heart attacks at home. Getting written off. Just lie down flat in your home, see if it gets any better.  And a day or two later they're dead, 'eh, in their homes.  Who's going to answer, you know no one's going to answer for this because it's authorized from the top.


What you're seeing is not a grassroots movement from the bottom, including the anarchists. It's all been planned from the top by the richest folk on the planet.  Some of them who finance a lot of these things, as you know, give speeches.  One of them gave a speech at the end of the last WEF big meeting, and he's awfully popular and famous by supplying money to all the different groups that are going at it to destroy society.  He was the last one to talk and give his talk.


You're looking at a completely different governmental system dictating here.  Openly. And you didn't give any approval to it.  You were not asked about it. And your own political parties are a sham, we know that, they've been a sham for years.  Quigley himself who was a big part it, who was all for where the society was to go, a merging of all parties into one.  You would keep the pretense of different parties he said but when they're all talking about the same things at election time, unemployment, healthcare and so on, insurance, education, he says then it's the same party. It's pretense, it's all pretense.  Meant to go that way.


Then you're in a different system. And how can you have a government that literally uses your tax money, every country does this, uses your tax money, hands all the problems over to private think tanks, that decide, who draft up the policy for governments to follow. All kinds of them. All kinds of think tanks, all private. All got their own particular bent on where the world is supposed to go, for very important and rich and powerful people.  Well, we don't… Why bother with the government if they hand it all off to private agencies? What's the point? Government is supposed to serve the public. What they say is, well, you know, you can't complain to us about this, we gave this to these private agencies, so you have to complain to them. That's, this is how they cop out of it, taking the can, carrying the can, 'eh?  Just astonishing to watch this happening over and over again. Well, we didn't plan on that, it's this think tank that decided on that, you know.  Well who owns the think tank? What do they stand for? So, we haven't had any kind of democracy for an awful long time.


But the colleges and universities have been, were taken over, easy, you know, from the 1930s right through, and picking up speed from the 1960s onwards. Big time. With the same characters, often that fled Europe into Britain and then over to the States and into the universities and started teaching communist doctrine then as well. I could never figure it out, when I was young I thought, why would, when you studied communism and the policies of it, it would be the complete overthrow of all existing governments, religions, family units, etc. Then you had to obviously ask yourself, why on earth would your own countries, which were definitely ruled by a leading establishment, m-hm, why on earth would they allow them to teach the stuff in universities in the UK and across the world? 


You have to start thinking like that.  If you started up a subversive poetry group in Britain [Alan chuckles.] you would've been overthrown before you got the first few lines out of your mouth. This is, you know, but yeah you could teach communism and Marxism in universities and colleges.  I mean, it didn't make any sense, did it? Because as I say, you've got an elite who doesn't, you know, shrink from any task, who held an empire together by a massive bureaucracy, and very efficient bureaucrats really, and spies. But you allow them to come into the country and you allow them to take money off the taxpayer and get paid through universities and so on to teach subversive tactics, especially if you are the queen or king of England, why on earth would you allow them in there when they've vowed to kill you, like they killed the Tsars?


It made no sense. Until you realize, there's another game on the go here. Obviously, another game. And it has to suit the ones at the very top, this game, or it wouldn't be happening. It wouldn't be happening. You always have to have a group that you can call upon, and you can radicalize them very quickly actually, it's like just press the right buttons at the right time and you've got an instant, instant internal Army or mob to be used against the system which you already run. 


I mean, remember the dialectic and how it works, 'eh.  Society won't change too much very quickly in a progressive, what they call progressive movement. Progression is a planned society; they know where they want to take it to step by step by step. That's what they call this, this is a progressive socialism.  But it wouldn't happen by itself you see unless the folk all go along with it.


So, you must always, in the dialectic you give them a problem, so you have the basic system, just call it a system. So, you have the system, and then you create a problem against the system, there's a group that's not happy with it now. So, you have an anti-system. Then you have a conflict on the go. And out of that you have your discussions and your debates you get a compromise.  And that's your synthesis.  That's what you wanted in the beginning.  If you only had one side that's quite content not to argue with anybody, they're quite content in the way things are, then you won't have the change that you've planned. So you get an opposition movement set up, cause the conflict and eventually the folk who are quite happy the way things were will have to do some kind of compromise, and you get part way to where you want to go.  That's how it's done.


It's a very simple technique, the thesis, antithesis and synthesis. And then the synthesis, under communism or Trotskyism, becomes the new thesis to start again. That way you can get constant change, all planned change, as I say, where you… And what they say in the old old communist literature too, is that what they're… Because they believe in evolution [Alan chuckles.] and they'll say, this is to speed up societal evolution to where it should go and would go if it was sped up, you see. So rather than wait for a thousand years for this to happen, let's do it in four stages of this, this, this, and this. This is how it's done, it's planned, planned change.


Most folk are oblivious of all this when they're living through it. You're given lots of entertainment, for miserable little lives they give you all kinds of exciting things to watch. They're oblivious that their reality, their very reality is catered to and given to them. The things they accept as normal today were given to them. Even they've been through a process of not wanting a lot of the new normals that they've now accepted, that was all given to them too, including how to adapt to them, they don't know they were trained to adapt to the new normals, and say, oh well, you know, maybe they've got a point.  It's so slickly done.


So before I get into the meat of the talk perhaps, you've got to remember, before I forget again, 'eh, because there's so much happening, that this planned alteration of society using Covid as the biggest deadliest thing since the atomic bomb, hm, don't forget all the people who've already been sacrificed too, and who will still be sacrifice now that they're going to bring… I said, I knew that back in February they’d bring a spike, you know. 


Fauci said it, you can take it to the bank, whatever he says, because he was part of the planning committee for this before it even broke out.  [Alan chuckles.]  You know, these characters were all involved with the Johns Hopkins Event 201, and the events before that too for the Rockefeller foundation groups and so on. These are the same clique that went through the stages of what they were going to do, what they wanted to do, and how they would even force the public to eventually except mass vaccinations.


Years ago they planned all this, how they'd go about it and how they'd even get it mandatory that, oh because it's so expensive for vaccinations, you see, that they've got to stop the mass waste of vaccines, like they did in the last couple of nonevent pandemics, like the swine flu and so on, where millions and millions of the doses were dumped. They actually say that in their own writings at the CDC in the meetings that they had because they were causing bad side effects.  And folk didn't want them. They didn't need them.  It even gave narcolepsy to a lot of schoolchildren in different countries.  Never mind the long-term effects, we don't even know yet, it can take years before some of them show.  M-hm.  So, they want to stop all that to make sure that governments are going to guarantee to buy them all and use them all. So, it's to take away the whole concept of free will and the compliance by individuals. Basically tyranny. Of course it is. It's tyranny.


So, getting back to what I'm saying. Look at all the folk who have died already because they couldn't get in the hospitals and get treatment. Never mind the folks in the old folk's homes.  Disgraceful, disgraceful what's happened. They were all written off pretty well by the system and the establishment and the mandatory, putting infected folk in with noninfected people. Never mind the fact, I really do as far as I see, well I won't even go into it right now because you get hammered, absolutely hammered if you come out with anything that hasn't come out of the same mouth as Fauci, the majordomo of the pandemic movement.  But there are treatments. There are treatments.  Of course, there are. There's even standard treatments that were done long before this one broke out, that should have all been used. 


But no, they wanted panic, they wanted terror, for the big push for the global reset, etc. You can't crash whole economies across the world on purpose by mandating that all the healthy folk are quarantined without collapsing the economy. That's what the global reset is about, out of this is to come a new system, and new, a new normal of money or economy and so on, with a whole new set of rules for everybody to follow.


And I've no doubt you'll all be getting your lifelong, well, maybe, however long that will be actually, your life might not be that long, but your lifelong stay-at-home credit system basically. Token system. Or universal basic income. And they won't stop now that they've had their taste, you see, of the acceptance. Because they're constantly studying us all, and how many folk tonight, this very moment, are worried about all the old folk who have died already? the folk who are going to die because of negligence?


It's a system that's already bringing in euthanasia, like Canada, it's already got it.  It's not very reassuring, is it?  You understand where is it going to go next, hm, where is it going to go next? Just think about that. And the most versatile disease anyone ever designed on paper. As I say, they've covered every symptom under the sun. A sneeze. Not a sneeze. A runny nose, a stuffy nose.  A clear nose. A temperature. No temperature.  Yada, yada, ya, you know.  It makes no difference.  You're not going to get out of this one [Alan chuckles.] because they've covered everything. Feeling normal? Ha, that doesn't mean anything.  Yada, yada, ya.  M-hm.


It's a big, big show for a much bigger plan. And again, I've even got the articles here from the CDC and the World Health Organization from years ago, lots of stuff they put out on mandatory vaccinations and how they would try to get them introduced, etc. Lifelong booster vaccinations for all adults too. Lifelong, like annual.  [Alan chuckles.]  Yeah, pincushions, 'eh? 


So, the companies you see who are now ruling you are the owners of the corporations that own the vaccines. They are the ones mandating what you're going to do and how you're going to behave.  You talk about fascism!  Whoa!  Private partnerships between corporations and governments, and you have to accept it, the consumer, you, whether you like it or not, are going to be a consumer of their products, their mandated products.


Can you imagine if they said, you know, to all gardeners out there in the world, only this one company here, that's donated to us and actually donated to run for politics and so on and the political party, you've got to buy their digging spade, no other one's going to be allowed, you'd better buy theirs. You know where folk would tell them to shove it. 


But in this scenario, we're going to save you by mandating you must take our products whether it works or not, or even has any adverse effects, it makes no difference. That's a death sentence for a lot of folk.  If you get a response to this thing, and they've already, Fauci has already said it, mind you, you know, that 700,000 will die across the planet with the vaccine as a side effect. It's amazing how they come out with this stuff when before they always denied there was ANY side effects to anything at all, even when folk were dropping dead and having fits on the floor with seizures.  N-n-n.


And it was amazing too, you knew from the beginning for Fauci, foxy Fauci, because he did say it, he wanted it to be a complete lockdown right into next year, from February onwards, or March right into next year, he said that. Maybe he says in two or three years it will be over, you know. He meant, with his vaccination.


And your own immune system, right, even though you've got positive antibodies, because most folk it goes through you anyway, like ALL viruses do, the same viruses go through millions of people every day across the planet, all kinds of viruses, including Covid family groups, and you don't even know, they're harmless.  But that doesn't matter. Facts don't matter, you see, when there's a big agenda here.  And don't forget, getting your own immune system working, having it work and defeating this thing and creating antibodies, well, there's no profit in that for goodness sake. You've got to get their vaccine. Your own antibodies might only, well, rather than the standard 3 to 5 to 10 years it might work, you see, your own antibodies, Fauci said well we can't be sure your antibodies will protect you for more than a few months. Because they've got massive profits just staring them in the face. They've never had such a windfall before staring them in the face.  And they worked hard to make this happen, for goodness sake. 


Even though your own antibodies would be the final thing that would work anyway. Either caused by your own immune system taking over, that you won't even know you had the damn thing, most of the folk. Or it would be stimulated by a vaccine using a dead weakened virus.  As opposed to the Moderna one which of course is going to alter your cells in your body. We always called that cancers before.  Mutations, 'eh?  But no, they've been dying to go this new way for a long time. Let's start altering humans, 'eh, the great herd for the brave new world.  N-n-n. And make it mandatory.


This is a horror show, a horror show. I don't even care if they pretend they've tested it on so many volunteers before, I don't care. It takes years of studying what happens to those folks afterwards, what's the immediate effects, what's the intermediate, it would be between 7 to 10 year study, effects that have broken out since then etc. etc. That's what you do, folks.  That's what you do.


First coronavirus vaccine trialled in US boosts immune system just as scientists hoped as it’s set for final tests - thesun.co.uk / 14 July 2020


Here's another thing you should think of too. It's illegal, you get charged, the police charge drug addicts who threaten them with either biting them, breaking the skin, biting them, you know, or trying to stick needles in them, or even spitting at them, with really potentially, it's life-threatening if that person has got AIDS, they could threaten your life. So, it could be manslaughter or attempted manslaughter or something like that, you see, or murder. But here's companies going to mandate your governments, to mandate to you, to stick all kinds of things into your body. Same thing. But when the white coat ones do it and say it's under science, it's different from a junkie sticking it into you.  Huh?  What?  [Alan laughing.]  Really.


You might have more idea what's in the junkie’s one than the one they're going to stick into you.  Trust us, they say, trust us. You'd better do your homework. There's lots of information out there that's literally verified by the same organizations, throughout the years, and the massive lawsuits they've had on terrible effects, on all kinds of vaccinations. Including the ones they have to withdraw from Canada a few years ago because they found out they had vaccinated Canadians with a flu shot and it was the wrong kind or whatever, but they said that literally it opened them up to that year's flu and pneumonia, you’d get a cytokine storm, which would kill you.


That's still there, you could look it up, pull it up and ponder it. Because you have to use facts. And even if you use facts, they're going to hammer you anyway. They said at the Event 201 by the way if you went through the whole thing, it was awfully interesting, there was different stages they would go through into voluntary compliance, then getting a bit more severe with the public, and then forcing it, forcing compliance.


Fauci by the way, I might touch on him if I find the article, mentioned that it's maybe time to start forcing compliance on the public for masks and behavior and distance and all that stuff, forcing it. Forcing, I think he uses the word.  But it's to lead up to the forced mandatory vaccinations, you see. And it's up to the public to start saying no we've had enough of this nonsense.


Because there's no backing out of it once you've gone halfway, you see. This is how they do things, with percentages. Well if so many folk have accepted it, what's wrong with you?  This is a democracy. And sure enough, just like as I've mentioned before, Tammany Hall, and the mayor of Tammany Hall from that movie The Gangs of New York, awfully well done that movie actually. He said that about the public, he says, well we can always hire or get one half of the public to kill the other half. That's what they do, use the ones that are terrorized to force you to comply and be as terrorized as they are, you see. Okay, okay, yeah.


And go through all the different rituals, all designed by computers. For social distancing. Not 5 feet 11, no, 6 feet! 6 feet! You know.  Yep.  Utter rubbish, 'eh.  And then of course in the summer they say, it's okay, you could probably bring it down to 3 feet now for the summer, that's from Britain. I guess it's backup to the 6 feet again. They keep you jumping back and forth and it's all shadows. Shadows. It's like trying to jump on your shadow as a child in the sun behind you, the shadows on the pavement. Same idea. Keep you jumping. You'll never get it. Because you can't really comply when there's all kinds of obscure and deliberately obscure orders getting shouted at you.  It's meant to throw you off guard until you have no reasoning ability left. You won't trust your own judgments. That's the psychological warfare.


Remember folks too, go into @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and toss a few bucks my way. You can use PayPal, you can send cash or checks, and I'll tick along here as long as I can.  I mean, you know darn well it's all coming short now, they're getting rather nasty.  And they won't just stop, obviously, with pulling folk off social platforms and things. They actually mentioned in the Event 201 as I say with maybe a five-stage plan or whatever, the steps they would take with even arresting people.  You'll be an enemy of the… It's the same thing in all totalitarian regimes, you'll become an enemy of the people. And of course, the tyrants, just like communism, they represented the people, the guards that picked you up, and that would be the charge against you, you're an enemy of the people.  Yep.


[Alan laughing.]  That's how… Any excuse will do, 'eh?  And things repeat themselves because it's an agenda. But they said, yeah, they would take folk off these different ways, make it absolutely impossible for you to survive financially, as a start.  This is an old trick, that, enemy, mind you.  But yeah, ruthless.  And when they send cops out now to shoot people who have had an argument in a store, an old guy, then, well, and if that gets accepted, which it probably will in Canada, then that's a warning to everybody else, you see, that you'd better comply.  It really, these things are very, very significant. As I say, when they give you ridiculous, nothing else to say about the old guy except, well, yeah, he lived alone, you know, and he didn't mix much with the people, you know. 


SO WHAT!  Was he supposed to go around to all the local chitchats and booze with them all and get drunk with them all and slap their backs and then talk behind their backs about them? No, no.  The guy kept himself to himself.  But that's an evil thing. Because they can't find anything else right off the bat to justify what's happened to him, that's why they put that rubbish out there.  That's how things happen.


So, as I say, @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can buy the books and discs by the way.  I think the whole backlog is, it wasn't huge but it's all out now. Folk have either got them, or they'll get them in the next few days I suppose.  But that helps me tick along here.  Because yeah, I'm going to get locked down for another winter, obviously. And they want to get folk vaccinated before the snow flies it seems to me. I guess if you don't comply, initially, before they make it mandatory and they lock you up and do it physically to you whether you like it or not, then you won't be allowed to leave your home. That's actually what articles from Australia are saying much the same stuff, you know, you'll be locked in your home. That's the way, they say to you, we're not stopping you sir from going out to the stores, all you have to do is comply, you know. Yep.


This is how things are done, they coerce you into things.  That's how the system in the West always works.  And remember too, when you go into @cuttingthroughthematrix.com make sure you list all the sites I have in case the .com site goes down. That way hopefully I still get my shows out to you and you can find them on one of the alternate sites I’ve got listed. These are my official sites @cuttingthroughthematrix.com  so, make sure you do that just in case.


Because we’re living through amazing times, aren't we? And authority, especially when it's a totalitarian authority, it doesn't accept anything outside of itself, any little nuisance. I won't say any competitor, it's only when it comes to countries, between countries, they won't accept competitors. But when it comes to the individuals in society, you're not even a smidge as they say in Britain, or even a mosquito in Canada, they just swat you out of the way.  And that's where tyranny goes in these situations, always, using wartime scenarios, complete tyranny for conformity, naturally.


So, it’s really something isn't it. But here's an article here about the masks. I'll put a few ones up tonight perhaps, at least one or two.


Target, CVS, Walgreens to also require masks at stores nationwide as COVID-19 cases rise - tennessean.com / 16 July 2020


This one is from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. It gives you an idea, for those who want to just argue the facts. [Alan chuckles.]  What's the point anymore?  Because facts don't matter when there's a big agenda. The agenda came before all of this. They go into Covid...


Mask Facts - AAPS - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

aapsonline.org / 1 June 2020


Transmission of SARS-CoV-2


Note: A COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) particle is 0.125 micrometers (A:  Right.) (μm); influenza virus size is 0.08 – 0.12 μm;

a human hair is about 150 μm.


(A:  And that's microns.  And just, I've always been fascinated with when folk get to understand the terminology that's used in medicine, or even in psychiatry.  They always change it. You see, any science or one, even when it comes up as the pretense of science, because all these things came from literally rather barbaric techniques of treating people in the hope that they could help them. All of them, all of them did.)


(A:  You should see what they were selling the public in the 1900s at one time, in the 1800s, I should say the 19th century. Even earthworms, they'd crush them up in a powder for, and to give out.  You could actually see that in some of these old shows that dealt with the past and how the old pharmacies used to be, the chemist as they called them in Britain, what they ground up for themselves for the potions and so on. Quite amazing stuff.)


(A:  A lot of it really was kind of, you know, what we call today kind of quackery in a sense. But other things were pretty good when it came to even again treating the common colds and so on. When they found eucalyptus in other countries and then they could start to bring the stuff in, it really is good in a bowl of hot water when you've got a bad cold or something. Today you would just get labeled as Covid and that's you. But yeah, these things really are pretty, pretty good actually for the problem.)


(A:  But anyway, here we go into this thing, so they change the terminology, you see. I noticed it too even in psychiatry when they used to have manic depression, people would go from manic bouts of hyperactivity and then it would be followed eventually by a phase of melancholy or depression and sometimes suicide. But once the public through lots of TV shows and things get used to the idea of what these things were and the problems, they changed it again to bipolar, you see.  That's what they do to with anything, even in the physical problems as well.)


(A:  I grew up talking about microns, 'eh.  People over the last few years started getting used to the idea of microns and micron size would get through your mask, or it would get blocked by masks, certain masks and so on. But now they don't use micron, it's called micrometer, you see. That's the preferred name now for micron, which is an older term, you understand, so that you can't converse with each other or to doctors or surgeons, 'eh?  Anyway, it says…)


*1 nm = 0.001 micron; 1000 nm = 1 micron; Micrometer (μm) is the preferred name for micron (an older term)


1 meter is = 1,000,000,000 nm or 1,000,000 microns




Virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. Larger respiratory droplets (>5 μm) remain in the air for only a short time and travel only short distances, generally <1 meter.  (A:  There's no way. [Alan chuckles.]) They fall to the ground quickly.


(A:  Again, this is one a scenario fit's all. It doesn't fit all. If it's warm air in the place, it could travel quite a distance, it might even go UP with thermals, you know what I'm saying? But here it says it falls to the ground quickly.)  


Then it shows you a link to the Lancet in Britain, right, the Journal Lancet, medical Journal. So you can look up that text, if you really are obsessional you can look that up for yourselves.




This idea guides the CDC’s (A:  Centers for Disease Control.) advice to maintain at least a 6-foot distance.


(A:  They're trying to figure out ways now, you see, to justify the 6 foot thing, that have been kind of shredded, since it literally was designed by a young schoolgirl and daddy wanted to get her a good, you know, a good markup so she could get into one of the most prestigious universities basically, by helping her with her computer program to decide, so the God computer could decide how far apart we should be, etc.  That's a fact, I've done the story before folks, this was in the newspapers at the time. And here you are, they're following this guidance of a schoolgirl, computer program, again, under daddy who worked with the military-industrial complex. My, that's just coincidence though.  It actually mentioned in the articles too, that the Department of Defense came to see her, and daddy, about it, you see. Because they have their own health department, they keep up on all the stuff. Because if the troops get sick with anything, they've got to be ahead of the game, if they want to still win wars. Anyway so, this is the idea for it, 6-foot distance. It's all to… It's to destroy natural social contact, is what it is. It's a psy-op again.)


This idea guides the CDC’s advice to maintain at least a 6-foot distance.


Virus-laden small (<5 μm) aerosolized droplets can remain in the air for at least 3 hours and travel long distances.


(A:  So that kind of contradicts the other one too.  So, there you are, my goodness, some of them apparently just drop to the ground in a few feet, but here's one here, here's the CDC, and it says, you know, it...)


...can remain in the air for at least 3 hours and travel long distances.


(A:  That's what I'm saying, you're always given these contradictory reports in the same articles, because then you can't believe anything. You can't even believe your own common sense when what you're given by professionals makes no common sense. You understand? This is psychological warfare. It says…)


Air currents


In air conditioned environment these large droplets may travel farther.


(A:  This is why you get degrees at universities and get big paychecks, because yeah, if you got air conditioning it blows air around, it may travel further. That's a stroke of genius.)


However, ventilation — even the opening of an entrance door and a small window can dilute the number of small droplets to one half after 30 seconds.


(A:  I wonder who got the money, a few million, to do this study, you know, of speculation.)


(This study looked at droplets from uninfected persons). This is clinically relevant because poorly ventilated and populated spaces, like public transport and nursing homes, have high SARS-CoV-2 disease transmission despite physical distancing.


(A:  That's because they don't get ventilation, everything is shut in, you're sealed in the darn place, like a tomb. So that's another article by the Lancet. Then it says…)


Objects and surfaces


Person to person touching


(A:  The most natural thing in the world is person to person touching.)


The CDC’s most recent statement regarding contracting COVID-19 from touching surfaces: “Based on data from lab studies on Covid-19 and what we know about similar respiratory diseases, it may be possible that a person can get Covid-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or possibly their eyes,” the agency wrote. “But this isn’t thought to be the main way the virus spreads.


(A:  So, they've got another way it might be spread, so they give you lots of links to waste your life looking up.)


Chinese study with data taken from swabs on surfaces around the hospital


(A:  ...and they give you that one, I read that ages ago.)


The surfaces where tested with the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, (A:  Remember I mentioned before, last week I mentioned that the guy who invented it said this stuff, this test is USELESS as a diagnostic tool, it's not meant for diagnosing these things in people. That's why you're getting all these false positives and false negatives and so on.) which greatly amplifies the viral genetic material if it is present. That material is detectable when a person is actively infected. This is thought to be the most reliable test.


(A:  Well, if that's the most reliable, you should really do what I said at the beginning back in February and March, just hire some elderly woman, who meet together every so often, you could hire them and they can read tea leaves, just get the old tea, you see, or just tear the bag and put the tea leaf in a cup and put in the boiling water. They can tell the future more reliably for individuals than any of these ridiculous well exposed bogus tests, where even the inventor said it is not a diagnostic tool.  [Alan chuckles.]   It's astonishing really.  Again, facts don't matter. So anyway, they tried different things…)


Computer mouse (ICU 6/8, 75%;

General ward (GW) 1/5, 20%)

Trash cans (ICU 3/5, 60%; GW 0/8)

Sickbed handrails (ICU 6/14, 42.9%; GW 0/12)

Doorknobs (GW 1/12, 8.3%)


(A:...and yada, yada, ya, plastic steel, all the different, how long it might survive on different surfaces, paper compared to stainless steel or cardboard, copper, floor, etc.)


(A:  And some other genius that this, at the bottom of that list there it says, and this is probably someone very important that said this...)


- gravity causes droplets to fall to the floor.


(A:  Wow!  Whoa, thank goodness, they must think we’re real morons, 'eh. It says…)


Half of ICU workers all had virus on the bottoms of their shoes


(A:  Wow, there ya go. Like they've just discovered this kind of thing.  Imagine that.  Wow.  Yeay.)


(A:  D'you know the hospitals over the years especially in the States there had really slashed the domestic cleaning staffs to save money to get more profits?  I used to talk to a lot of folk in the hospitals, still do, and yeah, they couldn't believe it. Even some of the surgeons said the same thing, once they travel to different hospitals, they said they couldn't believe how, especially in New York and different places, how filthy a lot of the hospitals were because they had cut so many of the cleaning staff. This is like over the last few years.  You've got to you have, I don't care, even regardless of Covid, you've got to have cleaning staff in and disinfecting the different walls and floors and the whole bit. That's how you keep these things down, 'eh, all these different kind of diseases.)


Filter Efficiency and Fit


*Data from a University of Illinois at Chicago review


(A:  It goes through the filters and the masks too. It starts with…)


HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters – 99.97 – 100% efficient. HEPA filters are tested with particles that are 0.125 μm.


Masks and respirators work by collecting particles through several physical mechanisms, including diffusion (small particles) and interception and impaction (large particles) …


(A:  I don't know if people know it but masks, never mind the fact that most of these things won't work for you anyway, [Alan chuckles.]  and supposedly this particular virus.  The N95 masks are meant to go, if you're going in, you see, if you're going into a contaminated area, where outside of you and the mask is contamination, that's what N95 is supposed to be for, so that anything you're breathing into yourself it's going to filter it, right. And there's an electrostatic kind of charge built up in those masks too, folk don't really know about, so that helps to stick it to the outside surface, that's the idea behind it or the theory behind it, right.)


(A:  But when you get into a surgical masks, hm, a surgical mask is where you put, you're now going into a contaminated area, you're going into a sterile area, like an operating theater, and the idea there is so that it will trap, hopefully it will trap any bacteria there or virus you're breathing out from yourself, and it will get trapped inside that mask.  That's the idea behind it, the N95, that you're going into a contaminated atmosphere outside of you and the mask, so that you won't get contaminated. So, it’s for a completely different purposes if you understand that.)


(A:  And the other ones just with the little ear bands are just... help disguise you if you don't want folk to notice who you are. I think that's the only real purpose of them to be honest with you.  It might, if someone's got a heavy thick mucus, mucosal cough or something, it might help stop some of the thick mucus getting stuck in it, that might get trapped in it. But they're really well pretty well useless for anything else like that, you know.)


(A:  And cloth ones by the way, any kind of cloth, especially cotton and so on, right, some of these cloth ones that they're selling have got interwoven nylon amongst them too.  Moisture is trapped and depending on the material, mold will build up on it, quite quickly by the way, especially in the summer.  You shouldn't be b...) 


(A:  You understand, you're given nostrils to breathe in the atmosphere, because your body needs oxygen. You don't have flaps going over your nostrils to close it off.  You see?  You're not a seal or something like that.  Your nostrils, you can't close off unless you, I guess you could plug them up with cotton wool or something. But the fact is, there's a reason they are not plugged up, and you don't have a valve for them. It's because you're designed, because your body really needs oxygen, you shouldn't be putting any impediment IN THE WAY OF IT.) 


(A:  There are folks even in Sudbury who have collapsed wearing masks and get carried off by ambulances because they can't get the oxygen. And once you have the moisture buildup from your breath on the cloth, on the cloth or on the paper, and clog the pores and fibers, you’re getting suffocated.  This doesn't… I'm doing this for free.  [Alan laughing.]  I guess if I belonged to some of these organizations they'd give me a few million just restating that fact. Because everybody else is doing that with their hands out, 'eh.  But this is the farce of it all.  This article here has got a breakdown of the efficiency with...)


N95 respirators had efficiencies greater than 95% (as expected).


(A:  And T-shirts, using T-shirts, the cloth for that…)


T-shirts had 10% efficiency


(A:  Until it gets clogged, as I say.)


Scarves 10% to 20%,


(A:  How ridiculous. A scarf, made of what? It doesn't say. Scarves 10% to 20%.)


Cloth masks 10% to 30%,


(A:  Absolute farce.)


Sweatshirts 20% to 40%, and


Towels 40%.


(A:  There's all kinds of towels as well.)


All of the cloth masks and materials had near zero efficiency at 0.3 µm, (A:  ... microns, or they call them micrometers now.) a particle size that easily penetrates into the lungs.


(A:  So, the cloth masks were useless. That's what it says here. And…)


Another study evaluated 44 masks, respirators, and other materials with similar methods and small aerosols (0.08 and 0.22 µm).


N95 FFR filter efficiency was greater than 95%.


Medical masks – 55% efficiency


(A:  But again, medical masks, what kind of medical masks?  Was it surgical, N95, what were they?)


General masks – 38% and


(A:  ... until they get moisture on them of course.)


Handkerchiefs – 2% (one layer) to 13% (four layers) efficiency.


(A:  Actually, you'll get 100% efficiency if you put a dozen handkerchiefs on there, because you can't breathe at all and you'll be dead. And if you're dead obviously it's very efficient because you can't breathe anything in. So, there you go. There's another million dollars for that advice.)


Conclusion: Wearing masks will not reduce SARS-CoV-2.


(A:  I'll repeat that for the heart of thinking.)


Conclusion: Wearing masks will not reduce SARS-CoV-2.


N95 masks protect health care workers, but are not recommended for source control transmission.


Surgical masks are better than cloth but not very efficient at preventing emissions from infected patients.


(A:  So again, N95 is to stop it coming into you, right, from a contaminated atmosphere. Surgical masks are to protect the sterile environment outside of yourself, but not to stop it coming into you from infected patients outside. That's the idea behind it.)


Cloth masks will be ineffective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, whether worn as source control or as personal protective equipment (PPE).


(A:  And it also says...)


“Masks may confuse that message and give people a false sense of security."


So, there ya go. And don't forget in Asia they were wearing the masks at the very beginning, it didn't stop it there, right.  But this article I’ll put up for those who want to look at it and it's from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  And you can go on and on with facts, but it doesn't really matter. Big agenda, a big agenda, folks. It took years to plan this agenda and the complete global reset of everything. It isn't just money, it's a whole way of living into austerity, into a future where rationing is the norm. Including all energy rationing. They said that, I read the articles years ago on the air on my radio show when I was on. I read the articles, austerity, planned austerity. And planned brownouts. And how governments had gone along with it, they signed it on at the climate meetings and the sustainability meetings that they would start to reduce energy or make it more expensive.  That's all energy for keeping you alive, for cooking, for everything, for heating yourself.  Yep.


Here's an article here too, one of the articles from one of the sources and it is…


Man shot dead by OPP after mask dispute was 'very reclusive,' neighbour says

cbc.ca / 16 July 2020


Oh, there you go. There's see, there's your, I guess that's the reason you kill him then, 'eh?  Very reclusive, neighbor says. Why would they even put that parts in the paper?  Hm?  Because they can't think of anything else. 


(A:  The guy that got shot was 73 years old.)


...officers in Haliburton County on Wednesday morning says the victim lived in the area for several years but didn't seem to have any friends.


(A:  Well, that's a wise thing at times, because often the friends aren't your friends in the first place, and they're often heavily into booze. Even the older ones are into drugs big time, a lot of them too. And if he wanted to be by himself, that is his choice. That is his choice, folks, you see. So, there you go, there's a good reason for, you know, that's it. It says…)


CBC News has confirmed the victim's identification, but is waiting for police to name him after they notify his next of kin.


The OPP (A:  Ontario Provincial Police.) said the man had refused to wear a mask and allegedly assaulted a grocery store employee (A:  …allegedly, right.) before driving away.


(A:  They could say, it could just be an argument and they'll put that down as assault, who knows. The cops followed him home apparently and…)


He was later shot dead


(A:  Well, that's a good excuse, he was a loner, hey, he liked peace and quiet, you know. There you go, that's a good reason to kill him, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  You understand how… Where did they dig this stuff up? It says…)


"He was a very reclusive man.  (A:  ...says a neighbor, 'eh...) He's been here, I'd say, between eight to 10 years," Garfield Munshaw told CBC News.


"He built a big new house, (A:  That's a good reason they won't like him.) will not have nothing to do with anybody …


(A:  Oh really? That means he'll have something to do with somebody.)


In He won't even speak. He's just very much to himself, doesn't want anybody around, you know. He had big no trespassing signs.


(A: Often you'll need them too, otherwise you get all kinds of nuisances, and snowmobiles going through in the winter and ATVs going through in the summer.)


"He's a strange, strange man," he added.


(A: Well, that's a good reason to kill him. You see?  Is this the best they can come up with here?  Hm?  Huh?  There ya go.  N-n-n.)


Police were called to a Valu-Mart in Minden, Ont., just after 8 a.m. on Wednesday, OPP Sgt. Jason Folz said.


Officers spotted the man's car and tried to stop it, but they refrained "in the interest of public safety" before doing a follow-up investigation, Folz said.


According to the SIU, the man drove away, and an officer saw the car and started following it for a short while. Based on the licence plate, officers made their way to a home on Indian Point Road.


Outside the home there was an "interaction," and two police officers fired their guns, the SIU said.


So there ya go, that's it. So, I guess you really have to be careful now because I’ve said before a lot of the people who work in the stores are absolutely hysterical now. They are. I've heard them yelling at people. Yelling at people. You, get over there, you know, GET, you know, that kind of thing.  And it wouldn't take much to start off a real big argument with them. And the cops will side with them immediately, you know. Well, you see, you are in the store, they are in charge of the store and so on. And that's just the way it turns out to be.


All because of a lot of nonsense that literally would never have happened unless it was this whole pathetic terror campaign put out by the media, that's working hand in glove with big Pharma obviously, you know, and the big WEF boys and gals, the global Masters.  And once again you get fed up with it, oh you don't need a mask now, oh, you need it now.  Yeah, you only needed in some places. No, you've got to where it everywhere now.  Yut-dut-dut-dut-dut.  As they have you jumping, and again, chasing your shadow basically.


But folk are dying, not just in the hospitals with this nonsense, and getting stuck on ventilators. As I say, before when, they shouldn't even be on them, there's other the treatments. Now of course as folk in the National Health Services in Britain and elsewhere, who came out before and talked about what was happening, now they can't, they've all been threatened with their jobs if they speak to the press about what's happening. This IS tyranny, folks. This is incredible tyranny.  M-hm.


I think back to the night of 9/11 2001, and how they immediately went into a wartime scenario, that was planned by the same group, in the Bush campaign, who backed him up and were all part of the cabinet and so on, the PNAC group,  the Project for New American Century, that really wasn't for America at all.  They published their list of countries they wanted to be taken out, but they said, before 9/11 happened, they would need something on the scale of the Pearl Harbor event to get public opinion to back them for these wars that they had planned. And bingo, they got it, 9/11 came along, 'eh, on a practice rehearsal day for the towers to be hit, 'eh?  [Alan laughing.]   Just coincidence. 


They told the Air Force, that normally comes into any, because they know who comes in, what flights are coming in, what paths they're supposed to be on, and they're scrambled immediately when they veer off their path and head towards the cities. And they were told to stand down, by I think it was Cheney and Rumsfeld at the top that were in charge of that particular day’s tests. And you can't make this stuff up.  This is published stuff, it's not made up stuff, conspiracy sites. It's admitted to. It came out during the inquiries.


Anyway yeah, you’re living through amazing times. So, Pearl Harbor event to get a wartime scenario. It's always important for big changes to get a wartime scenario, Carol Quigley, right, you can get more done socially, like changing society in five years of war than 50 years of peace using propaganda and persuasion. You see, so bingo!  Covid, bingo!  Facts don't matter. It doesn't matter. Numbers don't matter. Folk not dying doesn't matter.


This is to change the system, the global reset, remember.  A wartime scenario. You'll do what you're told under a wartime scenario. The police get more brutal, obviously, when they're given these kinds of intimations of more power, obviously again. The same police that are told to stand down, and will stand down, as folk are going around burning down cities.  [Alan chuckles.] We are in trouble. I hope you realize that. This is not going to be pleasant going through these big transitions, not pleasant at all. And it's planned that way. Planned.


And there will be tremendous casualties.  Never mind the folk who have already died by getting put in and getting these darn things stuck down their tracheas, rather than traditional treatments like medical treatments, that they have.  N-n-n.  I'll put that article up again, the one where you actually hear a doctor tell you how much they get paid if they put down Covid diagnosis and get them on a ventilator,  it's like $40 grand extra, in the hospitals.


Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen - Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator - thespectator.info / 9 April 2020


But we're going to go through bad, bad times. And out of it too they're going to get folk out of the country, Agenda 21, right, for the 21st century. If you read the agenda for the 21st century, the breakdowns, you're looking at 2030, all the rest of it, 2050. These are just the milestones to get so much of it implemented. But the actual agenda for the 21st century had everything it has to happen in the 100 years’ span, right.  Again, no private vehicles.  Shortly there will be no gasoline vehicles at all. They already said they're going to have them off the road by 2030, anyway, and this global reset is going to help.  Because if folk aren't going to be allowed to drive so much then you're going to cut back on the creation of gasoline and diesel.  Then you're going to get your rationing, folks.  Then you’ll be in trouble and the government steps in with, just dust off the old plan, oh yeah, we have this part we move on to now, we'll deliver to certain places, for a short time, but we'll encourage everybody in the country to move out of the country into the cities. Ding-ding-ding-ding, you starting to get the picture, 'eh?


They need all this to happen, you see. Without it they couldn't make it all happen. The Club of Rome and the WEF said, under this so-called crisis, right, under this crisis, Covid crisis, they says, we should be able to accomplish all the things which we couldn't, couldn't accomplish by persuasion. They pretty well said the same thing as Quigley said years before, for sustainability, you see, and using climate change as a big, the big battering ram.


I'll put up again that same, one of the guys who's left the climate agenda, who said it was pretty well, he's apologizing for terrorizing the public with, oh you're all going to die because of the climate change. He said it isn't as bad, anywhere near what they're telling you it is.


Renowned Green Activist Apologizes For The Climate Scare - climatechangedispatch.com / 29 June 2020


And he was part of it. He says, under the surveys that are done now for climate change, he says, that they're pretty well consistent, no matter what country you look at, children up to the age of about 10 are having nightmares, for five years to 10 years of age, think the world is coming to an end because of the climate. They've terrorized the public again, you see.


So, getting back to the Club of Rome, they said yeah, they could use all this to get all the sustainability goals, which is depopulation.  How do you depopulate? Cutback energy. Cutback fuel to farm the fields and the tractors and all the rest of it. Cut back on heating yourself in the winter for the colder climates. Folk will die. Illnesses and pneumonias set in all right; you don't need Covid for that.  All the problems that you had in the 19th century will reemerge again. Poor hygiene, you know, water pumps won’t work, sewage systems that filter and all that will stop working and yada, yada, and disease breaks out, yada, yada, yada, yada, ya.  That's what you get, and they want all these things to happen for a fairly rapid depopulation agenda.


And of course, food, umph, you won’t get the proteins you need because they want you to get on a mainly vegetarian system.  And since most of the food, what you get out of that is nitrogen, of greens and so on, you can see the cattle eat all day long to make up what they need if they were eating, they don't eat meat so if it's the nitrogen diet you'll be eating all day long, you'll constantly be starving, and you won't put the weight on, folks.  And they're going to stop that too because they don't, they want to cut back on farming, you see.


Sustainability.  You've got understand what they mean by that. It's not keeping the present population going at its present size. Sustainable is what they've decided the number is that they want to work more efficiently on the planet.  [Large inhale.]  M-hm.  [Large exhale.]


Now, this article is from England, and remember that all they are, always so many cases were discovered today thing, it's because they are mandating every day more and more thousands of tests. And these are the same tests I've said before that will give you false positives and false negatives.  And it really doesn't matter, because the folk are not ill.  It's got nothing to do with reality, it's to get numbers up to terrify the public.  Oh, there's so many… These are not cases. If you put out a basic cold virus it will sweep through the whole population pretty quickly and most folk won't even get the symptoms.  It's weird how sometimes some folk will get it and some won’t or get symptoms of it. But most folk don't get it all, at the same time, but it will be through their system regardless. That's how viruses are. And you have this thing called herd immunity. That's how we've always survived in societies, having herd immunity, it develops very quickly.


But you hear these numbers, oh there's 10,000 new cases today. No, these aren't folk running into hospitals saying oh we're dying. No.  It's just in different areas you've put up more tests, and you get the numbers back, you know. And that doesn't mean they are even accurate. They're just so inaccurate it's a joke.  And a lot of it is computer models by the way.  Because they say, for everyone person, okay, how many, they’ve actually worked out, how many people could this person have met in the last week or whatever, or in the last few days? And they'll work it out to, well, maybe 15. Well, so you put down 15 more contacts on top of the one that you've tested, and you've said is positive. So, you've now got 16 for the one person.  And you do it and it keeps on and on and this is how it goes.


Anyway, after I read about the facemasks...


Face coverings to be made compulsory in England's shops and supermarkets

standard.co.uk / 13 Jul 2020


Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets is to be made mandatory in England in a fresh move to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


(A:  Well, no, you want it to spread, that's called herd immunity, folks.  You see, they want this to drag on for a few years if they can.)


Health Secretary Matt Hancock (A:  ...who's put his foot in it so many times...) will say (A:  ...WILL SAY, and I love how they do it in Britain, they already have their speeches prepared. They should just give it to us from the person who wrote the speech for them. Because these speeches are all written for them, 'eh, like prime ministers and politicians that are put in charge of health and whatever. So, it says…) ...will say on Tuesday (A:  Right, so they've already read the speech.) that anyone who fails to comply with the order, which comes into force on July 24, could face a fine of up to £100.


(A:  So, there's your threatening coercion again, you see, right.)


The move follows a weekend of confusion over whether ministers (A:  That's politicians.) intended to make face coverings compulsory after Boris Johnson said they were looking at "stricter" rules.


(A:  This is what I'm saying, they've got about five different stages to go through, on the actual Event 201, to get to this stage, stepping it up, getting us used to it, stepping up, getting us used to it, stepping up, getting us used to the next step, stepping up, and this is it, not just a mask but on a whole way of living. It says…)


The senior Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said on Sunday he did not believe they should be mandatory and that it was better to "trust people's common sense".


(A:  Well, you can't have THAT when there's a big agenda at stake here. And by the way as I say, Matt Hancock is the guy who admitted, I put the little video up when he talked about it, when he's telling folk near the beginning of this whole thing, because they were all thinking, oh, so many folk have died of Covid. No, they weren't dying of Covid.  They might have had Covid. It's like as I said before a virus can go through millions of the population in weeks, millions and millions, and most folk won't even know they've had anything wrong with them. There's all kinds of viruses and even the family of Covid is quite big as well, and they don't bother you, most of them, you see. And you get herd immunity then. And when you've all got herd immunity, it dies off, it can’t find a target anymore, so it dies off and you've got immunity.)


(A:  And they're trying to say, oh, it won't last long, your immunity. No, no, no. Generally, your immunity will last about 10 years to a virus. And if it's still in circulation, after a few months, and you'd had it months ago, if it was even waning in you it wouldn't get a chance to wane because you're constantly coming in contact with it, which reinforces your own immunity against it, that you've already built up antibodies, and you build more, that's how it works.  You don't suddenly stop making them.  [Alan chuckles.])  


(A:  Anyway, it says here that, yep...)


...a weekend of confusion...


So, Matt Hancock remember, he said in the video that, because he was talking about folk panicking on the holidays. He says, well you know, people have been dying before this all came along. He says, you've got to remember in Britain, you know, he says, 10,000 die, I think it was every week or something. He says 10,000 die every week. He was giving you the stats, you see, births and deaths.


Folk in this day and age, because they don't tell you about folk dying all the time, which is happening every day, right. And other ones get born, every day. But because they don't talk about it, suddenly they're all terrified, and think folk are only dying of Covid now, you see. I've got an article here, a guy died on a motorcycle, an amazing motorcycle accident, a young guy, and they put him down as Covid as well.


Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Wreck Labeled As COVID-19 Death By State - zerohedge.com / 19 July 2020


It makes no difference, you see.  You could all have it in your system, it makes no difference. You would never know. Never know.  N-n-n.  And if they're using the swab test it's useless anyway.  Yep. And if they use a blood test and they find you've got antibodies, then you're immune, aren't you?  But again, facts don't matter, 'eh.  So, there you go, mandatory again. And then you've got this one here, another one…


Effects of wearing N95 and surgical facemasks on heart rate, thermal stress and subjective sensations

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / 26 May 2005


(A:  And it won’t make any difference because they're going to mandate it regardless, you see.  This was first put out 2005 May 26. It's Occupational and Environmental Health, from PMC, the US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health.  So, it gives you the effects of wearing it on your heart rate, thermal stress and subjective sensations.)


Aim:  The study was aimed at investigating the effects of wearing N95 and surgical facemasks with and without nano-functional treatments on thermophysiological responses and the subjective perception of discomfort.


Method: Five healthy male and five healthy female participants performed intermittent exercise on a treadmill while wearing the protective facemasks in a climate chamber controlled at an air temperature of 25°C and a relative humidity of 70%.


Four types of facemasks, including N95 (3M 8210) and surgical facemasks, which were treated with nano-functional materials, were used in the study.



(1) The subjects had significantly lower average heart rates when wearing nano-treated and untreated surgical facemasks than when wearing nano-treated and untreated N95 facemasks.


(2) The outer surface temperature of both surgical facemasks was significantly higher than that of both N95 facemasks. On the other hand, the microclimate and skin temperatures inside the facemask were significantly lower than those in both N95 facemasks.


(3) Both surgical facemasks had significantly higher absolute humidity outside the surface than both N95 facemasks. The absolute humidity inside the surgical facemask was significantly lower than that inside both N95 facemasks.


(4) Both surgical facemasks were rated significantly lower for perception of humidity, heat, breath resistance and overall discomfort than both N95 facemasks.


(A:  They go through all this too, how they got feelings of sensations of itchy...)


The ratings for other sensations, including feeling unfit, tight, itchy, fatigued, odorous and salty, that were obtained while the subjects were wearing the surgical facemasks were significantly lower than when the subjects were wearing the N95 facemasks.


(A:  They go through it all there.  If you've seen the, I don't know if you've seen, if you wear these things in a hospital scenario, you end up with blotches on your skin and everything because it's getting this moisture all the time as you're... as you're... naturally the humidity from your breath alone builds up inside, you know, in the mask, everything's wet and damp. And again, it clogs the air coming in and out of the mask basically.)


(A:  So anyway, this is mainly to do with perception of discomfort and physiological measurements and so on. It's more important to see if they passed out on the treadmill, that's what I'm looking for here. And I can't even be bothered looking at it very deeply for it because they go into the different heart rate and so on...)


...reaching peaks at the end of the third exercise session.


(A:  ...etc. etc...)


Temporal changes in mean heart rate under the influence of the four kinds of facemasks.


They certainly padded this study big time. But anyway, yeah obviously you're going to cut off your oxygen supply to an extent. They can't do heavy, heavy exercise, for any length of time, even if you're young, etc. And if you can't get the CO2 out quick enough either, then you start to suffer from that as well.  Anyway, I'll put these articles up.


And another one too is by Helena Handbasket, we are all going to hell in a handbasket, right.  This one's about...


You can’t mask stupidity… When do we get our collars and shackles Massa?

theirishsentinel.com / 16 July 2020 / Helena Handbasket


(A:  Because we're all slaves now, you see. That's how they used to, they actually used to put masks on slaves, folk don't know that.)


In the dark days of slavery, masks were used as form of control over the slaves. It not only made them more compliant but it also prevented them communicating with their unfortunate fellow slaves. This was rightly seen as a form of physical and psychological torture.


For thousands of years these torture devices were used to silence women but were more generally used to keep slaves in line and compliant with their masters.


Modern mask wearing to prevent the spread of microscopic virus particles is not only unscientific, it is also a form of compliance to so-called ‘experts’ who claim that these surgical or N95 masks actually work as they claim.


They certainly do not, and therefore we must come to the conclusion that there is another reason behind these mandatory diktats that we must all wear these muzzles or gags.


These come from people with no medical qualifications or training, and therefore no authority to give orders to wear such medical equipment. There also appears to be no medical exemptions and therefore those with underlying health conditions are at serious risk of major health complications as a result of simply going about their daily business of buying essentials items for life, such as food, medication etc


But these masks are a health hazard for all who are forced to comply.


(A:  And it's true, it's true, you know. And you'll see it, you'll see the people with the mask, it doesn't matter what kind of mask they've got on, they keep digging your fingers into where the nose part is. And by that time, if there's any viruses or even bacteria [Alan chuckles.] by the way, it will come through with osmosis. It's basically capillary action between fibers and so on. When you get moisture going through to a certain level, it starts to pull it through from behind it.  It will pull more through, that's how capillary action works for the material, and along comes viruses.)


(A:  So here you are, they constantly got their fingers at their nose mouth part, generally pulling the mask away a bit and putting it back. And if you want contamination, they're passing it on.  I saw a woman in a food shop doing that, you know, and she was serving the customers. I thought, oh no.  [Alan laughing.]  So yeah this is common. There's nothing to do with reality here. It really isn't.  So, it says here...)


But these masks are a health hazard for all who are forced to comply.


There are many studies showing issues from oxygen depletion to heart rate problems,


(A:  You'll find that too with the last study I mentioned before this so-called official one. You can’t go on an exercise machine and cut off your oxygen and reduce it, you're going to suffer. That's why, as I say, you don't have flaps over your nostrils.)


 CO2 toxicity through re-inhalation of exhaled breath, headaches, fatigue, blood acidity risking cancerous cells and other health issues.






The case for wearing masks is in serious doubt as outlined in the above report…


(A:  And he gives you links as well. All these things I put up mind you have links here, from government links too.  This one is NCBI, the National Institute of Health for the government telling you about these problems, right. And the British Medical Journal, there's one there too. This isn't speculation from conspiracy sites.  The only conspiracy sites now you get are from the ones that Mr. Fauci [Alan laughing.]  thinks he keeps coming out with.  Now he's telling you that, even though his orders back in March were opposite of today, where he was telling folk, oh, don't wear masks, no, only folk in the hospitals need to wear masks and medical personnel. Now he's telling everybody you must wear them now. It doesn't matter that they're contradictory, you know, and he wants everybody to wear them now.  He doesn't see any problem with that, with the dilemma of the two opposing theories getting put out by himself. But that's not called conspiracy, you know. Even though the companies that are going to make big money, he's kind of involved with them all. That's my opinion anyway. And it's not hard to justify it. But it says here...)


Inappropriate use of face mask: people must not touch their masks, must change their single-use masks frequently ...


(A:  That's what they say by the way.  The ones you're wearing where you feel the moisture buildup, you're supposed to throw them away every 20 minutes or so.)


Other potential side effects that we must consider are:


(3) The quality and the volume of speech between two people wearing masks is considerably compromised


(A:  That can lead, by the way, in the stores, again, when you've got hysterical people serving you, and shouting at people as though they are in a lineup like a prison camp, 'eh, because that's what some of them are doing now, and here their speech is muffled, the people they're yelling at, the customers, their speech or reply is going to be muffled.  So, you get tempers going up, rising and it could lead to full, getting, you know, lead you off and getting shot I suppose. It really can. Of course it can.)


(A:  If you know people who work in hospitals, ask someone who's worked especially in confined spaces, in emergency, or else an operating theater, where everybody's wearing masks. And some of them too, especially the ones like operating theaters, it's echoey, because it's a soundproof, it's like a soundproof room in a sense, generally tiled and so on so it can get properly scrubbed down and sterilized. That's the ceilings, walls and everything, and floors. And when they are wearing masks, believe you me, everything is so muffled and echoey.)  


(A:  Even if you're all talking the same language, and the same dialect and accent, it's confusing enough.  But when you get with people from all over the world [Alan chuckles.] working together, incredibly terrible things happen at times. Because no one really understands anybody else. And it's all muffled, muuum, muuum, mmmummm, muuummmmum.  Was that his left leg or his right leg?  Muun, muum, munmumma-mun.  [Alan laughing.]  That's what happens. I'm not kidding you. That's what happens.)


(A:  So here you put that environment into the stores and so on, and you get people who are terrified because they tune into their daily terror every day, the news, and people like Fauci and so on.  And then they're serving the customers there. And then they start yelling at customers. Because again, when that mask on the customers as well, they don't see them as individual people anymore, they see them as just a mass, like cattle. And that they start yelling at them. And they obey like cattle. And you have less respect for them. So, you sort of, it just gets worse and worse, as they start yelling at folk. That's what happens.  That's exactly what happens, folks.  N-n-n.)


(A:  And it's meant to be that way, they know what they're doing. Especially when literally the mask thing is a bit nonsensical. Especially when everybody wearing them is touching their face all the time anyway. But this article goes on to say that the…)


(3) The quality and the volume of speech between two people wearing masks is considerably compromised and they may unconsciously come closer. (A:  ...trying to understand each other.)  While one may be trained to counteract side effect n.1, this side effect may be more difficult to tackle.


(4) Wearing a face mask makes the exhaled air go into the eyes.


(A:  …and it DOES, 'eh, it blows up in your face. Even that little band, that metal band you get over the nose thing, eventually it gets clogged up with the moisture, hm, the air has got to get out some way and they get around outside of the seal and it goes up around your eyes. And you feel it blowing up your eyes all the time. Then your eyes start stinging, 'eh. Anyway, it says in the article here…)


This generates an uncomfortable feeling and an impulse to touch your eyes. If your hands are contaminated, you are infecting yourself.


(A:  You're infecting other people too obviously.)


(5) Face masks make breathing more difficult.


(A:  Well, that's a genius said that one, 'eh.  This is from experts, this is the CDC, NCBI at NIH.gov, 'eh.  And again, it's from a few years ago, where it was more honest about what it would do.  [Alan chuckles.]   Honesty goes out the window when there's a big agenda at work. But anyway, this article continues and says…)


For people with COPD, (A:   Right.) face masks are in fact intolerable to wear as they worsen their breathlessness.


(A:  I wonder if the old guy had that too? Probably.)


[5] Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle. Those two phenomena increase breathing frequency and deepness, and hence they increase the amount of inhaled and exhaled air. This may worsen the burden of covid-19 if infected people wearing masks spread more contaminated air. This may also worsen the clinical condition of infected people if the enhanced breathing pushes the viral load down into their lungs.


(A:  So, it can actually make it worse.  I guess maybe, it may be intentional all this that's going on, hm?  You see, if you're just breathing normally, and getting a loading dose, you see, this is what you get, a loading doses of any infection, right. And it often depends how much you catch at once. The more it can suddenly overwhelm your immune system quickly with a big heavy dose, you see. Well, if you’re just breathing casually and it's not getting forced down in the deep, deep areas of your lungs, but now you’re breathing through this darn mask, 'eh.  And it says…)


This may also worsen the clinical condition of infected people if the enhanced breathing pushes the viral load down into their lungs.


(5B) The effects described at point 5 are amplified if face masks are heavily contaminated (see point 2)


(A:  That means also with moisture and so on from your breath.)


(6) While impeding person-to-person transmission is key to limiting the outbreak, so far little importance has been given to the events taking place after a transmission has happened, when innate immunity plays a crucial role. The main purpose of the innate immune response is to immediately prevent the spread and movement of foreign pathogens throughout the body.


The innate immunity’s efficacy is highly dependent on the viral load. (A:  That's what I was talking about, the viral load, you see.)


If face masks determine a humid habitat where the SARS-CoV-2 can remain active due to the water vapour continuously provided by breathing and captured by the mask fabric, they determine an increase in viral load and therefore they can cause a defeat of the innate immunity and an increase in infections.


So, this article here is quite decent and it's got articles going back for years up to the present on the same article. And from the official, official areas as I've said before, and CBI, NIH government PMC articles. And the BMJ, British medical Journal. And other ones too. 


CDC inspection findings reveal more about USAMRIID research suspension - fredericknewspost.com / 22 No 2019


So, there you go, everything that's happening today goes against all the previous accepted course of actions to take in such an event as we’re having now.  M-hm.  Africa has always been a great test ground for the big Pharmas and the medical industry.  I remember seeing a good movie, I can't even remember the name of it. Maybe it wasn't that good, maybe it was kind of boring actually. But the whole idea was that it was a common occurrence where big Pharma would pay companies to go down to do testing in village areas in Latin America and in Africa.


And that thing has always, that's always been done, you see. It's quite easy to bribe a headman or a few chiefs and so on, head people, to allow them in. Then they put out their propaganda for the people and, oh we're going to give you free healthcare for certain diseases. And they can lie to them quite easily because the folk really believe, they can't… It's hard to believe that folk can go on and use you as guinea pigs. They're always there to help you, right.  But they do that, that's what they do. And a lot of the stuff that’s eventually used in the West is tested out in these places.   And it is easy to keep quiet the terrible fallouts from certain things, in the past, that's a fact.  And the movie I'm talking about too was really based on things that really happened, terrible horrible things that happen with certain vaccination programs that were being tested. I wish I could remember the name of it. Anyway, it says…


Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” (A:  This is interesting...) Vaccine Record and Payment System (A:  Okay.)

mintpressnews.com / 10 July 2020


(A:  So here you go again…)


A new biometric identity platform (A: Again, this is your whole passport, immunity passport with a different name again.) partnered with the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance (A:  This guy has got his hands in all these pies, 'eh.  This front man for all the big, big global elites.) and Mastercard (A:  So here again you've got MasterCard, the cash system, and Gavi...) will launch in West Africa and combine COVID-19 vaccinations, cashless payments, and potential law enforcement applications.


(A:  Hm.  There ya go.  It says it evolves as you evolve…)


A biometric digital identity platform  that “evolves just as you evolve” is set to be introduced in “low-income, remote communities” in West Africa thanks to a public-private partnership between the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.


The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,”


(A:  I love this wellness thing, 'eh?  That obviously takes your mental health too by the way.  And a little commentary as to your personality, 'eh.  Your wellness card. Are you compliant? Are you an individualist, eccentric, or a bit noncompliant maybe?  A bit asbo, as they say in Britain.)


   a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuData.


Mastercard, in addition to professing its commitment to promoting “centralized record keeping of childhood immunization” also describes itself as a leader toward a “World Beyond Cash,” and its partnership with GAVI marks a novel approach towards linking a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform.


The effort, since its launch nearly two years ago, has been funded via $3.8 million in GAVI donor funds in addition to a matched donation of the same amount by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


So, I'll put this one up as well for those who...  There's so much to remember, isn't it? And you can say, it's almost like the Sherlock Holmes novels because in the novels you sometimes hear Sherlock talking about his attic, where everything, all the information that he knew and acquired in his lifetime was stored, in his brain, you see, in his skull, in his attic. And he says, sometimes you've got to start moving stuff out of the attic to make room for new, you see.


And today, don't forget, it's a technique which works awfully well on most folk, is overwhelming people. I read the articles over the last few years, and a few years ago I should say, from again psychological behavioral programs on the public, studies on us all and how they could quite easily overwhelm us with data.  It doesn't mean it has to be real facts or true facts or anything, just data, bits and bytes of data. Until we would close down. And when you close down, then if they want you to actually follow a routine or an agenda, you become more compliant to close down.  Because you can't think for yourselves, you're just overwhelmed with data.


Well, this is what they're using with all of this today with you as well. So, keep, always keep, it's like looking across the sea at night and you see a lighthouse, always keep yourself focused on that point of light way out yonder over the darkness. Don't lose sight of that. Don't get distracted. That’s your goal. That way you don't become confused with all the overwhelming data that's heaped upon you daily.   Another one here too is…


Gavi and Mastercard - vaccines for children with (A:  Here's the big selling point…) lifesaving vaccines

gavi.org / 11 Dec 2018


(A: There are so many saints out there working for big corporations for money and for, big global vaccine companies and things, that, where would we be without them, 'eh?  I tell ya.  It actually gives you a Facebook live interview...)


Watch the Facebook Live interview with Michael Froman, Vice Chairman and President of MasterCard's Strategic Growth, and Dr Seth Berkley, Gavi CEO, discussing why innovation in digital ID is key to Gavi's mission.


(A:  Well, they all have their missions, but regardless of their missions, maybe we should just tell them, you know, we have our own ideas as well and they better maybe put forth their various missions for our opinions.)


Abu Dhabi, 11 December 2018 – Mastercard and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced today at a high-level conference for Gavi’s 2018 mid-term review, a new transformative partnership to ensure more children from the poorest countries are able to benefit from life-saving immunisation programs. 


(A:  You understand, we pay for all these things, the programs from the West, we pay for it all.  It's not for nothing, you know, you don't do these things for nothing.)


This partnership will leverage Mastercard expertise and technology, enabling ministries of health and authorised health workers to provide a card with a digital immunisation record, to each participating child’s caregiver. By empowering caregivers to stay on track to receive critical vaccinations, the program aims to strengthen the efficiency and reach of health services in developing countries where children are most at risk of missing out on immunisation. Governments will benefit from having a better understanding of the immunisation needs of their communities.


And it's so true, that the articles over the years where Mr. Gates has been sued heavily by even India for some of the fallout from some of the programs over there too.  But facts don't matter, 'eh.  Another article…


Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been (A:  This is a good one.) double-counted, officials admit

telegraph.co.uk / 21 May 2020


(A:  I tell you, they must've been wringing their hands, 'eh, oh, woe is me.  So…)


Two samples taken from the same patient are being recorded as two separate tests in the Government's official figures


(A:  Well, I am shocked. I am really just taken aback that they would stoop to this level to jack up the numbers.)


By Mason Boycott-Owen and Paul Nuki


(A:  Nuki...  I don't know who wrote this, that surely is not a real name.  This article is from the Telegraph in England for instance.  I got two articles from the Telegraph. Again, with Matt Hancock talking about coronavirus tests, etc.)


Tens of thousands of Covid-19 tests have been double-counted in the Government’s official tally, public health officials have admitted.


Diagnostic tests which involve taking saliva and nasal samples from the same patient are being


(A: [Alan laughing.]   It's amazing how your mind thinks at times, isn't it? I was thinking about the movie Idiocracy, it's a comedy, where the guy gets put in an army experiment and wakes up in the future where people are living on heaps of garbage dumps and stuff, because they don't know what to do with the garbage. And the people who they bred heavily were a lower level people so, this guy literally becomes a genius because he's of average intelligence but in the future he's a genius.)


(A:  But he does go in for a test for something and when he went to the hospital, it's like it's coming that way now actually. He goes into the hospital and goes into the admissions area.  The woman behind the desk doesn't speak anything at all or talk to him at all, she just kind of looks at him in a glazed sort of way. In front of him is like an almost, a huge computer screen and it's got symbols rather than words. So, you get a knee and you've got a little lightning strike, like a sore knee, and all the different parts of you and so on.)


(A:  So eventually he touches the one that he wants. And he goes into a line up. In the lineup there's a whole bunch of folk there too before him and after him.  When it comes you turn the guy says, this tube is to go in your mouth, this one to go in the lower regions, and another one goes somewhere else. And when it's his turn the guy says, he puts them on the right places, and then, oh sorry, it's the other way around, and so then he put the one that was in his lower region in his mouth. And that's where we're getting to today with all this nonsense.  But I was reading this about [Alan laughing.] them sticking them things up your nose and in your mouth, what are they using first I wonder, you know, or are they using them in both places, or did they change their mind. Anyway, that's just the way my mind works at times when I see how ridiculous things have become. So, it says here, back to the article…)


   counted as two tests, not one.


Almost 350,000 more tests have been reported in Government data than people tested since the start of the pandemic.


(A:  No wonder you're getting huge figures going up.  No wonder you're getting huge figures spiking up.  That's a lot, 350,000 MORE tests, right, than were actually done.)


The discrepancy is in large part explained by the practice of counting salvia and nasal samples for the same individual twice.


(A:  So that's what they're doing, they're putting, rather than saying they both came from the same person, they put the person down twice, you see.)


Public Health England oversee the testing of patients who are seriously ill in hospital, as well as the most critical key workers.


The test involves a swab from the mouth and nose as well as a sample of saliva. (A: [Alan chuckles.]   Idiocracy.)  Although both of these are taken from the same patient, they are counted twice by the Government in its daily data.


It is not the first time the Government has been caught massaging the testing data. It was accused last month of including thousands of home tests which had been posted but not completed in a bid to reach its target of 100,000 tests.


[Alan laughing.]   And it goes on and on. It's got different bits and pieces inside of it, I don't know who wrote this one here, this article, but it's got good links inside of it regardless.  It's quite funny. Because you need a little bit of humor during these particular times as well.


NHS Consultant Says Staff Are Being Silenced Over COVID19

off-guardian.org / 13 July 2020


First published on The Bernician, the below statement is allegedly from a senior consultant working for the NHS in a hospital in Surrey.


Although we cannot verify his or her identity, we still think our readers should see it 1) because it dovetails with other verified reports, and 2) if it is what it alleges to be, it sheds concerning light on the state of things inside the healthcare system


I am a consultant at a major, regional hospital in Surrey. By major you can take that to indicate that we have an A&E (A:  Admissions and Emergency.) department. I had agreed to give an interview to an anti lockdown activist in which I would have revealed my identity. I have since changed my mind and only feel able to give an anonymous statement.


I have changed my mind simply because that all staff, no matter what grade, at all hospitals have been warned that if they give any media interviews at all or make any statements to either the Main Stream Press or smaller, independent press/social media we may, immediately be suspended without pay. I have a family, dependents and I simply cant do it to them.


I therefore can not reveal my identity at this time but wish to state as follows:


In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country. Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 out patients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E (A: Admissions and Emergency.) department.


In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally expect to see 100,000 out patients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E. (A:  That must be four months.)   This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period.


(A:  He goes through what happened and so on.)


The few Covid cases that we have had get repeatedly tested, and every single test counted as a new case. (A:  So, there, that ties in with the last article too.) Meaning the figures reported back (A:  They give you the official office...) to ONS/PHE (Office for National Statistics & Public Health England) were almost exponentially inflated. It could be that Covid cases reported by hospitals are between 5 to 10x higher than the real number of cases. There has been no pandemic and this goes a long way to explain why figures for the UK are so much higher than anywhere else in Europe.


It's because they are literally jacking up all the numbers. 


How Honest is the COVID Fatality Count? Dr. Scott Jensen is a Physician and Minnesota State Senator. - youtube.com / 9 April 2020


Now, I'm going to put up a link as well to an awfully good article, which is an individual study of the whole Covid plague or no plague, and death rate and so on.


All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response

researchgate.net / June 2020


Denis G. Rancourt, PhD Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association (ocla.ca)


(A:  He's a researcher. I didn't know we had civil liberties in Ontario, but there you go.  But anyway, it's from Research Gate and it's a well-done study of using the overall death rate, annual basically, in different countries and different seasons, you know, for winter into spring and summer and so on. But it's very interesting his conclusion because his hypothesis is that it's really like a no plague. He says here...)


All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response  


(A:  And before you go off and say oh my God, how ridiculous is this, it's conspiracy and so on. The fella does incredible detailed work here, year-by-year, showing you, rather than just get the fudged figures with tests and so many folk have had it or whatever have it, as they're fudging it and so on. He simply goes into the death rates, overall death rates, which can't be fudged, you see. Dying of all kinds of things, especially in spring and winter and all that, when most bronchial problems happen in the wintertime.)


(A:  But he goes on to say here that, and it's about 27 pages.  It's a good study of the whole, this whole phenomenon of what they call SarsCovid2 and the way the governments responded. It even shows you the spikes in all countries that happened AS SOON it was declared as being a pandemic and governments were encouraged to go into pandemic mode.  That's when you had this sudden spike, mainly in the elderly across the place, all dying in homes and so on because the staff were freaked out, they didn't know how to treat them or even look after them.)


(A:  Suddenly everybody...  It's true, the staff, and most of the staff remember are not trained in a lot of these elderly homes, that they're really like assistants, they're caregivers, they clean up and they feed and things like that. They were petrified too, the studies had already come out which were in the newspapers admitted that, that some of them deserted, they left, they were just terrified and just left the patients and terrible death rate happened. So, what he's saying is that the response of governments is what caused the deaths, all these deaths.)


(A:  Then afterwards, when that died down too, he shows you that the morbidity, the deaths  I should say, of all the people so far, according to the previous graphs, and he's got them all here from all the official sources, didn't spike at all really. It just happened when the WHO declared a pandemic and they went into pandemic mode.  And it's the results of how the people were treated in pandemic mode, especially in places like New York where they had them all on ventilators, you know, the data had most of them, well, a good 80% of them on ventilators died because they were stuck on these things. And they were getting, it doesn't mention it here, but they were getting about $40,000 extra for putting them on ventilators, by the way. So, there was definitely a financial incentive for these hospitals to do it.)


(A:  But regardless, back to this study, it's a well detailed study with lots of links to the articles that he takes his information from.  The CDC and national statistics of all kind. It's quite well worked out actually. And it will take a lot more, I've only just briefly gone over it, but a lot of data in here too, and I might share it with some of my friends.)


(A:  Because he's got official studies were done before this pandemic came out on previous times with, of government responses causing deaths, again, in old-age homes and stuff like that because of the response of the government and they would go into freak mode.  And it causes excess stress and the stress factor in the elderly too causes a lot of deaths as well. And they were thrown up in the air thinking that they were all going to die suddenly, and the stress must've been incredible in these old folks’ homes. I mean, they're watching the same news too remember that the staff there are watching. And it's like daily horror and terror mandated by Sage and different organizations that were put out there to terrify the public.  In saying that they had to really, you know, cause more anxiety to make them comply.)


(A:  This is astonishing. You've got to understand this too.  He's got the speech too from the WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus saying...)


[…] In the days and weeks ahead, we expect to see the number of cases, the number of deaths, and the number of affected countries climb even higher.


(A:  Yada, yada, ya.  Then he's telling them, everybody get into real, real, almost war mode, to ready the hospitals and so on.) 


(A: Then he compares it with the graphs of the actual deaths, the statistical deaths.  You can't fudge them, you can fudge all the causes of deaths, but you can't fudge the statistics for average deaths all through the year, you see, and previous years too.  And it's just astonishing how the only spike that they had was when WHO gave that speech and told them to get into basically war mode for it. And everybody panicked, governments panicked, decided to put infected folk in with noninfected, and the stress factor in these elderly homes must've been honestly phenomenal.) 


(A: Imagine being in one of these homes and you're getting written off pretty well, you're all gonna, it's just the elderly that are going to die.  I mean that's what you kept hearing, 'eh.  Well so were these folk hearing the same news as well every night. And then the staff were terrified, oh we might get it off the old folks, so they deserted the homes.  [Alan chuckles.]  Quite something, eh?)


(A: But this individual who did this study, he does go to the different studies, previous studies all done, put it together, shows you the graphs, and he's got all the data, the official stuff.  And that's one thing, as I say, you can't really fudge, is the actual death rate per annum per country. And he’s got them for quite a few years for each country, you know, maybe for the last 10 years here and there.  He's got...) 


Interpreting the all-cause mortality “COVID peak” 


(A:  Because everybody's being lumped in as Covid death, right. But he goes to that as well. He says…)


The synchronicity of the onset of its surge, across continents, and immediately following the WHO declaration of the pandemic;


(A:  That's when it suddenly all happened.)


 and • Its USA state-to-state absence or presence for the same viral ecology on the same territory, being correlated with nursing home events and government actions rather than any known viral strain discernment. 


(A:  So basically, he's blaming the governments for killing the people. And he gives you all the articles too and the links to them.)


Media articles and institutional memos include:


• “New study finds nearly all coronavirus patients put on ventilators died”, News Break | The Hill 04-23, 23 April 2020.



“New health care data suggests that almost half of all coronavirus patients placed on ventilators die, first reported by CNN. The data was gathered at Northwell Health, New York state’s largest hospital system. It revealed that about 20 percent of COVID-19 patients passed away, and 88 percent of those placed on ventilators died.” 


• “Daughter blames 'chaos' of COVID-19 pandemic for mother's rapid decline”, by Arthur White-Crummey, Regina Leader-Post, 29 May 2020.



“Sue Nimegeers’s mother never had COVID-19, but she still counts her as a victim of the disease.


“She never tested positive, but the chaos of the pandemic itself around us, we feel, took her from us just way too soon,” Nimegeers told the board of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) on Friday.”


(A:  I guess her mom was in an elderly home.  The chaos in these homes, I mean, can you imagine that daily, daily, almost terror amongst them, and the fear, the staff as well, that were getting horrified watching the news every day. Another one…)


• “‘Deeply disturbing' report into Ontario care homes released”, BBC, 27 May 2020.



Mr Ford said a full investigation has been launched into the allegations, which included claims that facilities smelt of rotten food, infested with cockroaches and flies, and that elderly people were left for hours "crying for help with staff not responding".” 


(A:  The staff were petrified and a lot of them didn't turn up for work. It happened all over. The same in Canada.  In Montréal, a guy who ran a whole chain of these nursing homes literally had been, [Alan chuckles.] he was some kind of felon already, and they're only now looking into how on earth did he get a license to run these homes, it was just incredible what they found there. These are not cheap homes either, these were private I think some of them. This one says…)


• “Nothing can justify this destruction of people’s lives”, Yoram Lass, former director of Israel’s Health Ministry, on the hysteria around Covid-19, sp!ked, 22 May 2020.

https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/05/22/nothing-can-justify-this-destruction-of-peopleslives/ “Yoram Lass:


It is the first epidemic in history which is accompanied by another epidemic – the virus of the social networks. These new media have brainwashed entire populations. What you get is fear and anxiety, and an inability to look at real data. And therefore you have all the ingredients for monstrous hysteria. It is what is known in science as positive feedback or a snowball effect. The government is afraid of its constituents. Therefore, it implements draconian measures. The constituents look at the draconian measures and become even more hysterical.” 


(A:  It's a loop, you see. And then…)


• “Cuomo downplays calls for federal probe into nursing home coronavirus deaths: 'Ask President Trump' “, by Andrew O'Reilly | Fox News, 20 May 2020.


(A:  That's the excuse he gave, that's when he was asked how he put all these infected folks with noninfected, until they were all infected and folk died.)




“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday brushed off calls for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into the massive number of deaths in the state’s nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic – claiming he was only following guidelines (A:  ...typical politician.) from the Trump administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While no formal probe has been announced, the speculation comes amid scrutiny of his March 25 directive that required nursing homes to take on new patients infected with COVID-19.”  


(A:  The links are all here. That's Fox News, that one. 


(A:  It even has the one too, he pretty well ordered them to accept the infected patients. It says…)


“During this global health emergency, all NHs must comply with the expedited receipt of residents returning from hospitals to NHs. Residents are deemed appropriate for return to a NH upon a determination by the hospital physician or designee that the resident is medically stable for return. […] No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”


(A:  So, they're telling them they have to accept them even though there'd be definitely certain positive ones amongst them.)


(A:  Incredible really what's happening. And it's true enough, you understand, this is a massive agenda. I've already said, this is, a lot of people have been sacrificed already for this agenda. And this is an agenda. Come on here. You don't have mock trials of a pandemic just before it all breaks out, and you follow it to the letter, exactly as you would do in the so-called test that you already had and hand all this power into private organizations, Pharma companies and vaccine companies, working with government. Come on here.  Come on.  N-n-n.  And then literally, anyone who complains about it loses all social media access and are banned for mentioning the obvious. This is tyranny, to the nth degree here.)


(A:  But anyway, this all, it's got a lot of articles, from the Globe and Mail of what we've been talking about here.  Here's one in Canada and it's from the Globe and Mail…)


• “Coronavirus Update: How shoring up hospitals for COVID-19 contributed to Canada’s long-term care crisis”, by Jessie Willms and Hailey Montgomery, Globe & Mail, 20 May 2020.



“Most of the nursing- and retirement-home residents who have succumbed to COVID19 in Canada died inside the virus-stricken, understaffed facilities as hospital beds sat empty.”


(A:  Isn't that a statement? That was the same in Britain too though.  Another one too…)


• “There Is No Evidence Lockdowns Saved Lives. It Is Indisputable They Caused Great Harm”, by Briggs, wmbriggs.com, 14 May 2020.



“In the end, it does not come down to country- or even city-level statistics. It comes down to people. Each individual catches the bug or not, lives or dies. Not because of their country, but because of themselves, their health, their circumstances. Any given individual might have benefited from self-quarantine and loss of job. Just as any given individual might have come to a bad end from a lockdown."


(A:  The lockdowns caused the bad ends, 'eh.  And then…)



• “Hospitals get paid more to list patients as COVID-19”, by Tom Kertscher, POLITIFACT, 21 April 2020.



“It’s standard for Medicare to pay a hospital roughly three times as much for a patient who goes on a ventilator, as for one who doesn’t. Medicare is paying a 20% add-on to its regular hospital payments for the treatment of COVID-19 victims. That’s a result of a federal stimulus law.”



• “CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S., highest death toll in 40 years”, by Associated Press, STAT News, 26 September 2018.



“An estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter — the disease’s highest death toll in at least four decades.  (A:  So, within 40 years it was the highest death toll. That was in 2018 I guess, the flu.) The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, revealed the total in an interview Tuesday night with The Associated Press.”  


(A:  Well, there was no lockdown and stopping of everything then, was there, when it was four times as many folk died then, 'eh, of flu and complications of it.  It's got Stanford and different studies by well-known organizations and universities, NCBI, Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health and so on, .gov, yada, yada, ya, stacks of them.)


(A: But the fact is, it's well laid out what he’s showing you, and the different graphs, from the official sources, not the usual stuff that you can't figure out, if this is the total deaths for the month, the week, the day or the year or... [Alan chuckles.]  Because that's how they deliberately put out most of them. He goes just by deaths, you see, to show you there's no spike, really, except one little peak, and in the old folks’ homes mainly when it was declared by the WHO as a pandemic. That's when all staff panicked and yada ,yada, ya, you all know the stories.  Good article though.)


(A:  You can go through it. I'll have some of my friends go through it too to see what they make of it. To make sure it's all, you know, up to scratch and so on. But it's well done. The guy hits it right off the bat, he says that the governments are responsible for the homicide by the way they've treated this whole thing, by causing it to happen.  M-hm.  Interesting, isn't it?)


All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response 


Ontario Civil Liberties Association. I'll have to look that up and see what it is, maybe, I never heard of it. I know in the States they have theirs, but I don't know if we've got it here, we'll wait and see.  Good article though.


Remember folks too, again, I'll say it again, because folk forget very quickly. Go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. That’s my website.  You'll see my official sites all listed on that one site. You can buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and donate to me and help me tick along.  Because things are coming down fast as I say.  Eventually you'll get, they'll weed all the dissenters out very quickly now because they're going into the next stage of this big agenda.


Remember, above all the Covid idea is a big agenda. That's what's really driving all of this. They couldn't do it with just the climate change, it would take years to convince the public to cut back in a postconsumer age and all the rest of it, and into rationing. So, this way is the fastest way to bring it about.  The WEF has mentioned that very fact, they can get their agenda through this way under the Covid. And so did the Club of Rome. They are all rejoicing over it.  The businesses that eventually will be allowed to open up will be what they call sustainable and green, etc. etc. All the things that were listed in their sustainability agenda under climate change, and all the other reasons and excuses they've tried in the past to bring this to pass.


So, as I say, times are getting tough.  You'll need a few out there that can put out the information and keep it going. And tell you at the same time, don't just panic and bury your heads in the sand either. Do what you can, however little it might be that's positive as we get through all this for yourselves.  And stay in with your friends, get some friends and try to, not to fall out [Alan chuckles.] and put up with each other because you'll need each other. You always do when it comes to deep crisis like that because it's going to get awfully bad as we go into this total wartime mode. They won't just stop at this. They're going to go on and on and get the whole agenda fulfilled by the way.  So, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can donate to me and help me tick along, hopefully, for as long as I can survive. However long that might be.  [Alan chuckles.]   As I say, cash is okay or PayPal or checks.  All the usual methods. 


So now here is…


Banks Use COVID As Cover To Shutter Branches Across America

washingtonpost.com / 11 July 2020


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) acting head Brian Brooks said banks should not use the cover of the virus pandemic to shrink branch footprints across cities and towns, the Financial Times reported.


(A:  It's happening in Canada too.)


Brooks warned in a recent interview with the European financial daily newspaper that he "was not prepared to revisit the fundamentals of bank regulation" due to the pandemic.


He said banks shouldn't expect permanent concessions from regulators because of virus-related issues.


Many bank branches were temporarily closed for months due to virus-related shutdowns. Customers heavily relied on online services, and bankers told FT (A:  The Financial Times.) they hope the pandemic will allow them to "accelerate branch closures."


(A:  So, there is your agenda again, 'eh.  You're post everything pretty well. You're definitely post interest on any savings that you have. You're not getting any interest on it.  And some of them have negative interest rates, they're charging you for having your bank accounts and you get nothing back. Now of course they want to close down branches as well. But they still want you to do everything cashless and go through their bank system, electronic system, so they can skim things off for every transaction. And you thought that banks were part of your community? Like the ads say, we're part of your community.  Ohhhh.  There ya are.)


(A:  So, it's true how fake our whole system is, and commercial system, isn't it? It's all propaganda and smiley faces in ads and telling you what to think and believe. And folk fall for it, their part of our community.  You know, they're here because they love us.  [Alan laughing.]  So, he says…)


Brooks said national banks preparing to shrink branch footprint must inform OCC three months in advance along with a detailed explanation of the reasoning.


I don't know if they even have to do anything like that in Canada. Because now they are expected, I know in Canada apparently they kind of told some of their employees, some of the more senior ones maybe, to go home, they bought them all laptops in some of the branches and told them to go home and then do it all from their homes anything that had to be done.  Which might have been fine for the banks, but it was just hopeless for the customers trying to get even checks cashed and things like that.


But we know the future is to go cashless. Everything is.  Again, you're back into the system that Bertrand Russell talked about, you see. Because money is a control mechanism, for you. It's power for those who own it all at the top. But for you it's a control mechanism over you. Once it's totally electronic, that's how they're going to punish you. That IS on the agenda.  If you don't toe-the-line and do what you're told and obey what they say and so on, to pay rent and all that, you've got to do it all cashless, you see. That's what it's all going to be, cashless transactions, ala Bertrand Russell.  Everything you're living through today was planned about 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago. I hope you understand that.  Yep.  That's how things really work you know. I'll put this article up too. And then you've got these ones here about Britain…


Britain 'faces decades of tax rises' to repair finances after virus crisis

thesun.co.uk / 10 July 2020


(A:  Because of the massive borrowing, again, wartime scenario, right, and shutting down the whole economy.  And this is just… wait ‘til… How do you think they're going to get through in the US?  This is to take the US completely down; I hope you understand.)


BRITAIN could face decades of tax rises to repair its battered public finances in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, economists have warned.


It isn't even finished yet. It's an agenda to bring you into utter poverty. That's what austerity is, folks. It's a nice word for poverty.  Hhhhhhhhhhh.  I-yiy. 


Anyway, look at the States and Canada. Canada is completely dependent on the US. It was bailed out after the 2007/8 crash, planned crash, or reset then, and we’ve lost a good 40% of the currency value of a dollar, of the buying power of the dollar since then paying it off. It's not paid off yet totally. And every major bank branch in Canada, the big big banks in Canada, every major one, was getting special drawing rights as the American banks were from the US Federal Reserve.  I hope folk realize that happened. 


It's all planned that way to take you down, you know. They always do this, they always plunder you eventually, the same banks and so on, the elite always do this, at least twice a century, sometimes more.  This is the big one of course to reset everything, and the way you live, into your mandated austerity. To save the planet, you understand. As you start getting sick.  If you think this is bad with Covid idea or folk just dying off in the wintertime, as they always do with bronchial problems in the northern climates, you wait until you're really into austerity and you're malnourished. You wait and see the winters then.  Woah!  And this is well understood, folks.  Yep.


You shut down the entire economies for something literally most folk don't even know they've had, never mind didn't even get ill with it, most folk. Even the ones who did get ill could have been treated properly without all this mandated ventilator nonsense and so on and hysteria surrounding it all.  It could have been done logically and quietly and professionally and efficiently, and pulled them through, definitely, with a good lot of them anyway, no doubt about it.


[Alan chuckles.]   You know, they hate religion, don't they?  What's left of it in the West. But they've said, they're quite open about it, they're using, and another Cathedral of course in France got set on fire, 'eh?  Intentionally. Because that's the agenda too.  But if you look at communism, and they want to destroy religion, you see, as a nuisance. Because folk obey their religion, which gives them individual rights, you see. As opposed to simply obeying government and doing what you're told.


And that's a fact. HG Wells talked about it too, he was all for the eradication of religion, and the family unit mind you, same as communism, for the Fabian Society and for the elite that he worked for.  As I say, the richest folk on the planet run both sides, completely, at the top.  But you find, I mean, they always go after religion. And Mao Tse Tung said it too, in China, Mao, Tse Tung, Chairman Mao.  He said that power comes from the barrel of a gun, that's what he said. And when he was asked what he was afraid of though, when he was talking about power and guns and so on, he said, it was a big idea. What he was referring to were folk with religious thoughts, religious ideas.


Because folks will blindly follow them and put 100% of themselves into a cause, the cause of religion. And it can be a tremendously formidable enemy for any dictatorship or system. And the governments all know that, and even and including all the so-called democracies.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's an awful nuisance when you say, well you know God gives them rights, not you.  And I'll obey my God and not you. That really ticks them off to no end, you know.


So, it's says they're trying to shut down all religion.  Where folk gather. Folk gather and they meet each other, and they've got things in common. They can help each other out. This is social gathering time. The churches were tremendous social gathering places. That's where people used to, daughters and the sons used to meet each other for marriage and things. This is a social thing. Vital. Mind you, they want to destroy all that too. So, it says...


Public Masses resume in Scotland with ‘irksome’ 50-person limit

catholicworldreport.com / 15 July 2020


CNA Staff, Jul 15, 2020 / 08:10 am (CNA).- Public Masses in Scotland resumed Wednesday with a maximum number of 50 people permitted to attend regardless of church size.


(A:  That's astonishing, 'eh.  Yeah. It's astonishing. I mean, a God, the one they say who will tell you how many folk are going to be permitted to come into heaven, but your state, your government tells you how many folk are permitted to go to church. Think about it, 'eh.) 


The Scottish Government (A:  Mind you, the Scottish government literally is about 10° left of Karl Marx. It says…) permitted public Masses to begin again from July 15, 118 days after they were suspended on March 19 and 11 days after they resumed over the border in England.


A 50-person limit, 'eh?  If you see some of these photographs inside the churches, they're all well-spaced out inside, a massive high ceiling, 'eh.  I mean, you’re talking about, it's almost equivalent to being outside in a sense, and they're all sitting way apart from each other. But that's not good enough. They want to shut them all down. The governments have really had churches in their sites for an awful long time. Especially Christian churches, you know. Definitely, no doubt about it. They've been quite vocal about that for a long, long time.


And they're doing the same in the States too I believe. At least in the States they might get some folk to say no, 'eh.  Hopefully.  Hopefully.  But there ya go. You understand, when there's nothing else to stand up for except just do what the state tells you, it's all over, you're under complete tyranny. Absolute horrendous tyranny.  That's what they had in the Soviet system all that time, utter tyranny.  You did what you were told. OR ELSE. Everybody was scared. It wasn't living, it was existing. Folk didn't even want to look at each other in the streets passing, you know.  Everybody looked somber and a bit suspicious and you know… It was that bad.


And East Germany was so bad with the Stasi, which they're using that technique now with the contact tracers, by the way.  [Alan laughing.]  It's just incredible watching all this being pushed out once again with different names for the same things.  The Stasi literally spied on everybody. They had over half a million, almost a million people paid to spy on all the other people. And countless assets because they'd threaten folk if they didn't help them become informers, they would pick them up or somebody in their family and put them in prison. This was horrific.


Well, this is the system you're going into, when there's no religion to stand up for.  Religion will bind folk together and they will stand up and say, get off our backs, you know. That's what they don't want.  So, when you don't even have that to fall back on, you've got nothing, you see. You certainly, in this age, you can't argue science with them, when they're using science to justify their agenda, their tyrannical agendas.  You're going to go into their playing field and debate statistics and so on with them? Of course, you won't because they fudge it all.


I hope you understand, you've never really seen a free society. You've never really been in one. You have degrees of freedom but you're losing the last few degrees of that.  Carroll Quigley, again, the professor who trained people for the US State Department and to go across the world and bring in this world order of commerce and at that time US domination over it, and at the same time bring everybody into the global type structure. I mentioned it before, the US, I said this back in the 90s, the US is financing all of this through its tax money, and the State Department, for the few that really run and rule the US at the top, will bring the whole world into the system as they take it all down. Then eventually when the US has done that, done it all, then they'll collapse the US into the system which it created. That is the plan. You're seeing that latter part happening now, where it's folding up into the system that it created and forced upon the rest of the world for a long time. Agendas that you don't even understand. And agendas that were often, had nothing to do with the interests of Americans back home.  And often for outsiders’ interests. We all know this.


Anyway, here we are, as I say, we're going through it all now and folk will never, haven't quite got this through their heads yet, what's really, really happening right now. Now it's the global agenda for a world type corporate government, run by professional CEOs at the top and corporations, on behalf of the richest folk on the planet, and academia all serving them to manage our lives from birth to death, every individual, a number, the whole lot.  And that's it too, we've all got numbers, don't we?  Our SIN numbers, social insurance numbers, our sin numbers, you're born in sin, right?  [Alan chuckles.] Ah, they love to mock you, they certainly do. And folk don't even know it's happening.  M-hm.  There's another article from the Guardian and it says…


The strange case of Australia's 10m Covid-19 tests: how Andrew Forrest's coup fell flat

theguardian.com / 10 July 2020


What seemed a good news story became complicated as details emerged about the $190m Covid-19 tests and the company that made them


(A:  It's quite a, the usual kind of scam that went on.  Big, big money. Taxpayers money naturally.  It says…)


Andrew Forrest had used his Chinese connections to help secure a remarkable quantity of diagnostic equipment for Australia.


Even though all these tests mind you are the same type tests that have been proven useless. [Alan chuckles.]  It doesn't make any difference when there's big profits to be made, 'eh?  Hm?  Yep.  And how it all kind of fell flat. And even expired, they only lasted a few months, the shelf life of these particular testing kits and so on.  It's amazing, you know, they never get their hand slapped for throwing, you know, billions… Well, it didn't go out the window, because billions would end up, or millions definitely within the pockets of the folk involved. So, it was profitable for them.  But I'll put this article up here.


And also, I'll put an article up, if I can find it later, on Australia as well, on their particular system of tracking and tracing everybody as well. It's quite something. All countries are doing the same agenda. Again, this was all planned before this happened, folks.  We exist to get fleeced by the companies that plan all these things way in advance. They really do. Monitored from birth to death, you can't move without getting monitored, 'eh. 


And this article too… is by Whitney Webb who's done an awful lot of good articles, but this one here is…


All Roads Lead to Dark Winter

thealtworld.com / 1 April 2020


The leaders of two controversial pandemic simulations that took place just months before the Coronavirus crisis – Event 201 and Crimson Contagion – share a common history, the 2001 biowarfare simulation Dark Winter. Dark Winter not only predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks, (A:  ...that happened after the 9/11 towers.) but some of its participants had clear foreknowledge of those attacks.


(A:  It's quite a good article for those who want to go through it.  And how it's just astonishing too. I remember all this stuff and I kept a lot of the information. Because I knew a lot of it would disappear over time, and certainly, the memory hole, Orwell's memory hole is definitely working overtime on the Internet and the World Wide Web, the WWW, 666, 'eh.  But there ya go.  It says...)


In addition to missing samples of anthrax...


(A:  This is what happened when it all happened with it at Fort Dietrich and so on.)


...U.S.’ top biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Specimens of highly contagious and deadly pathogens (A:  That had just disappeared and so on.) – anthrax and ebola among them – had disappeared from the lab, at a time when lab workers and rival scientists had been accused of targeted sexual and ethnic harassment and several disgruntled researchers had left as a result.


In addition to missing samples of anthrax, ebola, hanta virus and a variant of AIDS, (A:  ...interesting, a variant of AIDS…) two of the missing specimens had been labeled “unknown” – “an Army euphemism for classified research whose subject was secret,” according to reports. The vast majority of the specimens lost were never found and an Army spokesperson would later claim that it was “likely some were simply thrown out with the trash.”


(A:  It's quite an interesting article.  It goes into Fort Dietrich of course including what happened as well, how...  You wouldn't believe too, [Alan chuckles.] how Mr. Fauci has got his hand in everything as well, including Fort Dietrich and so on.  It's just astonishing. It's a small world for those that are put in charge of big areas of it.  But this article is quite interesting on how other players...)


Other major players in Dark Winter (A:  This is from quite some years back, right, but they're now working some of these players from Dark Winter…) are now key drivers behind the “biodefense” mass surveillance programs currently being promoted as a technological solution to Covid-19’s spread, despite evidence that such programs actually worsen pandemic outbreaks.


(A: Definitely what they do is, as I've mentioned in the previous articles, is kill a lot of patients off by the response. And…)


Others still have close connections to the insider trading that recently occurred among a select group of U.S. Senators regarding the economic impact of Covid-19 and are set to personally profit from lucrative contracts to develop not just one, but the majority, of experimental Covid-19 treatments and vaccines currently under development by U.S. companies.


It's quite a good little article for those who want to go through it and so on. You understand, yeah, and don't ever, I mean, I even heard Fauci mention something when he was questioned about his constantly contradicting himself with what he's demanding, you know, like don't wear a mask, then now you must wear a mask, and he can reconcile the two statements, you know, regardless. But he mentioned in his response about people who put out conspiracy theories.  Well, it's about time we put things together, these are not conspiracy theories, you know.  Are you supposed to believe in COINCIDENCE theories ALL the time? ALL the time?  Huh?  I don't think so. No. No.


Detective work, and in every detective story, and every real detective knows, you put things together to lead you to conclusions. You don't say, oh that’s a conspiracy theory, detective so-and-so.  You see? That's how it's done.  And we're fed up with the CIA come back of conspiracy theories, that they came out with about JFK getting shot and all that kind of stuff. Oh, it's a conspiracy theory that there was more than one gunman, or whatever it happens to be, you know.  The CIA came out with that and they've never given up on it. It's awfully good, mind you, it shuts most folk up. Well, you're a conspiracy theorist. You're supposed to blush if they say that to you, you know. It's like calling you a Nazi or something, you're supposed to blush and shut up. It's a communist technique actually to shut you up, to stop any debate on anything.


Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Wreck Labeled As COVID-19 Death By State

zerohedge.com / 19 July 2020


We know that coronavirus death counts are being inflated - we just don't know by how much.


Fox 35 did an investigation where they talked to Orange County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino about two deaths of people in their 20s that were labeled coronavirus deaths. When they asked if the people who died had underlying conditions, Pino responded: “The first one didn’t have any. He died in a motorcycle accident.”


When he was asked about whether or not the motorcycle victim's data was removed from the state's Covid system, he responded:


“I don’t think so. I have to double-check. We were arguing, discussing, or trying to argue with the state. Not because of the numbers -- it’s 100…it doesn’t make any difference if it's 99 -- but the fact that the individual didn’t die from COVID-19…died in the crash. But you could actually argue that it could have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash. (A: [Alan laughing.]  You see the games that they play?)  I don’t know the conclusion of that one.”


This seems to stand at odds with how the Florida Department of Health explained how they were reporting Covid deaths. 


The state had told Fox: "A COVID death is determined if COVID19 is listed as the immediate or underlying cause of death or listed as one of the significant conditions contributing to death. Or, if there is a confirmed COVID-19 infection from a lab test – and the cause of death doesn’t meet exclusion criteria – like trauma, suicide, homicide, overdose, motor-vehicle accident, etc."


“The only thing that I can say to people is the data I provide you with is the data we consume from the state. We offer you the best data that we have,” Pino concluded, copping out.


(A:  Meaning, sidestepping [Alan chuckles.] any further questions.)


So yeah, there you go. Everybody's dying of Covid, you see, no matter what happens, 'eh.  And of course, we all know that Donald Trump's, whether it's real or not we don't know, he's got a little spat going on with Dr. Fauci.  This is from the Daily Mail.


Donald Trump claims 'I get along with and I like' Dr. Fauci despite his own White House aides calling him 'Dr. Faucet' and distributing list of medical expert's supposed mistakes - dailymail.co.uk / 13 July 2020


But that's what the folk around Fauci call him, Dr. Faucet because wherever he appears, he goes and starts performing and just spouts off the same stuff. I guess that's the word, spouts, right, faucet. And you know what he's going to say, oh that's terrible, I should shut everything down, oh yeah, just close everything down, yep, stay in your homes, do what you're told, blah, blah, blah. 


But folk really are fed up with this.  Again, Fauci has got a big role to play, preplanned of course. And yep, he's got a finger in every pie. And he's got a finger in every pie I think that's going to definitely materially profit financially, incredibly so, from all of this as well.  Mind you, they always reward the big implementers of the big agenda awfully well, don't they? This says….


Stockman: The Clown Cars Are Fully Loaded And Dr. Fauci's Is Leading The Parade

zerohedge.com / 18 July 2020


Yesterday he uttered the following incoherent babble, saying the recent surge in new cases is because the Virus Patrol didn’t go far enough in throwing 50 million Americans out of work:


'We did not shut down entirely,' Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said. 'We need to draw back a few yards and say, "OK, we can’t stay shut down forever." …You’ve got to shut down but then you’ve got to gradually open.'


Got that?


What does this pretentious old windbag think - that the blooming, buzzing mass of a $21 trillion economy can be calibrated up and down by the week via some magical dimmer switch?


Never mind because he was then on to this preposterous comparison:


Fauci also said he expects the public to compare the Covid-19 pandemic (A:  This is true, this is what he said…) to the 1918 pandemic flu, which killed around 50 million people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Well, it so happens that the US death rate from the Spanish Flu was 655 per 100,000 persons (675,000 deaths in a population of 103 million). That’s obviously orders of magnitude larger than the 39 per 100,000 deaths to date from the Covid.


As I've said before, from these other articles, on the average statistical death rate, what we've got right now it's pretty well normal, except for that little spike when they started to terrify the public and everybody, all the workers fled the old-age nursing homes.  


But everybody's fed up with Fauci, there's no doubt about it. But again, he's the front man for a BIG agenda. And he's got his fingers in, you understand this guy, literally, he's got to be CIA, at the very least because he's in charge of bio labs. These bio labs are... Well, it's, we just alter viruses to make them killers, in case it ever went that way by itself, you know, we tweak them into being bigger killers, so we're ready for them if it ever breaks out. This is what their excuse is for the bio labs.


The bio labs are warfare labs making deadly, deadly, deadly viruses out of things which are harmless, generally. Gain of function they call it. And that's why the military and the Pentagon is completely interwoven with Fauci.  And the CIA is too. And Fauci is also into Fort Dietrich, he's got a big say in Fort Dietrich. He's got a big say as well in the cancer virus agenda as well, you know, the ones that, huge money goes into all these things.  Because yeah, of course the military is involved in doing tests to see if they could create cancers using viruses. You know. Some of them we know they can. 


But he's got a finger in every pie. Just astonishing. And here he is on TV every day terrifying the public and telling them what to do, like some, you know, Mussolini. Just astonishing.  Il Duce.  Yep.  It's astonishing. You can't believe it.  I mean, who do they really?  And all the fudged statistics and all the rest of it.  And we're supposed to all go into poverty and shut the entire world economies down here? For a new system, a new reset into poverty?  Ha. Ha.  N-n.  No, that's bigger than just a guy in charge of some medical opinions.


Enforcing Compliance with COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions:

Psychological Aspects of a National Security Threat

jcpa.og / 18 March 2020


As the world faces the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many commentators and national leaders around the world are beginning to recognize it as a genuine national security threat.


In human behavior terms, however, the threat is not from an external enemy but from citizens who refuse to comply with guidelines and instructions and fail to change their behavior to adapt to the developing situation. With the coronavirus, the individual refusing to comply is an active and ongoing threat to others as well as or sometimes more than to themselves.


(A:  And where does this come from? Where do you think this comes from? Any idea where it comes from? This one here is actually from Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.  Mmmm.  [Alan laughing.]  I've got to look underneath it. It says...)


Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Israeli Security, Regional Diplomacy, and International Law


(A:  Well, this guy should learn some diplomacy [Alan chuckles.], you know, he's telling that folk are going to be a threat, they're a threat, you see.  He says…)


The obvious threats are the outright refusers. From a psychological perspective, these are people who are either oppositional in their attitude or in denial regarding the effects of their refusal. While the former understand that by intentionally violating guidelines they are creating risk for others, the latter deny it, at times adopting an “it won’t happen to me” attitude.


He goes on and on and on, this character. I mean, you can see the ones who want the uniforms, 'eh?  And can mandate and scream orders over the masses. And from Israel too there's other awfully good articles from professionals who have come out and saying this is all bogus. And literally saying the same thing, it's the terror and fear that's been causing the terrible fallout from all this. And not giving them the treatment, the proper treatments, which are well understood by the way.  M-hm-hm.  Quite something, 'eh?


But yeah, some people you can see literally they're all on board. And I don't know if this guy too, I don't know, if he's got any say at all in, because a lot of the characters who are pushing this stuff have got involvements in security bracelets as they call them. Which were developed for prisoners by the way.  I think Israel has a company that does that too, and sells them to the world, electronic bracelets. That's what they wanted to use in Canada for all its people who don't have cell phones, and who might not want to go along with things, you know, so you can't leave your home, etc.  You'd be like a prisoner because you won't conform and obey der Feurer, you see.  So there ya go.


Face Masks Mandated By UK Government Specifically Say They Don't Protect Against COVID-19 - zerohedge.com / 18 July 2020


I mentioned one like that before already, so I’ll put that up again.  And…


Fauci is sidelined by the White House as he steps up blunt talk on pandemic

washingtonpost.com / 11 July 2020


For months, Anthony S. Fauci has played a lead role in America’s coronavirus pandemic, as a diminutive, Brooklyn-accented narrator who has assessed the risk and issued increasingly blunt warnings as the nation’s response has gone badly awry.


But as the Trump administration has strayed from the advice of many of its scientists and public health experts, the White House has moved to sideline Fauci, scuttled some of his planned TV appearances and largely kept him out of the Oval Office for more than a month...


(A:  Well, that's the way you're supposed to do it, don't let them in. If you don't have to leave home or room without it, don't do it, just stay there.  So, they go on about this spat between the two of them basically. And you won't get any backing for Trump, to back him up anyway. None of the media is going to back up Trump on anything. Even though he seems to be all over the roadmap, and that is true, he's all over the place.)


(A:  But after all, if he would just stay out of foreign wars, he would get a lot of backing from the general public. Not from the military maybe, so many of the generals are so compromised themselves in the military-industrial complex, that's a problem in itself too.)


As for Fauci himself, although he is frustrated by the turmoil and the state of the outbreak, friends say he has no plans to abandon his post, which includes a critical role in the development of a coronavirus vaccine and treatments.


Well, he's been on board for a vaccine from the beginning, regardless of your own immune system working. There's a different agenda here obviously, maybe a few agendas, apart from just the profit motive. But you don't rush these things through. And folk should not be forced to take something, especially when they've already got antibodies to the actual problem.


Now here you go too, here you go.  This is awfully good. This article is to do with psychology. You see, psychology is a big part of what run your lives and you don't even know it. Most folk don't know it. Because they don't come out and say, oh by the way we're giving you new thoughts and ideas and we're altering your behavior. That's what I wanted to really finish up with tonight, some of these articles to do with, to show you what's happening.


 It's a massive business, controlling us all and manipulating our thoughts and our minds to get uniform opinions prevalent throughout society. You get all the specialists that live off our tax money, get grants thrown at them all the time. They live awfully well, these master manipulators, the kind that Bernays said, those who run the country or the world are an invisible government, you don't know they exist or they're there but they're doing it, they are pulling strings and you jump and dance like puppets.  So here you have psychology today, and again, with all these universities that are heavily subsidized by taxpayer’s money to create the chains that chain and enslave our minds.  And they pay...


I see these people as traitors to humanity, the people who profit off manipulating us.  What's wrong with plain old truths and facts? Well, you can't have that, oh, no way, no, you do it quietly, like bandits in a sense, 'eh.  So here you go, this article here…




At a Loss


The COVID crisis throws into relief what happens when grief has—quite literally—nowhere to go. The evidence suggests that most people summon strengths that surpass their own expectations.


(A:  And they go through narcissism and some folks are narcissists and so on.) 


Psychological distress amongst transgender individuals. 


(A:  I guess that's extra cash.  They've got their hands out for all, just give us more money and we’ll study this, and we’ll study that and so on. Incredible.  And...)


Find ways to make new friends when you're stuck at home.


(A:  You won't make real friends when you're stuck at home, you know.  [Alan chuckles.])


Erasing memories might be difficult after all.


Well, you know they put viruses in the brains of people for PTSD, remember that one? Remember that one, for the military?  This is all from psychologists and so on, and people who are into your brain, 'eh.  I guess that's a step up from just getting a little scalpel and drilling a hole in the prefrontal cortex and going into the temples and just cutting a wee bit here and there, 'eh.  So...


Under Pressure: Good Behavior in the COVID-19 Pandemic

psychologytoday.com / 5 May 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tragedy and hardship to many people. But it has also opened up opportunities (A:  Don't they always go the same way, these characters?) for behavioral scientists to advance their understanding of behavior change.


(A:  You see, that's their whole purpose is to change your behavior. Not to help you but change your behavior.)


In a recent BBC article, Mark Easton writes:


The behavioural science that forms part of the government's thinking on the lockdown warned before the restrictions came in that people would struggle to stick to the rules for prolonged periods.


However, experts have been struck by how compliant the British public have remained.


Why has there been no evidence of the “behavioral fatigue” that some people were initially worried about?


(A:  You mean, all their lies and that they said that at the time, they would terrify by the public, that would cause incredible fatigue too, as well as behavioral change that was getting forced upon them. So, what happened to it all?)


When it comes to behavior, good or bad, there is rarely an easy answer. Compliance is undoubtedly due to a combination of variables, including the high risks involved (for both individuals and society)...


(A:  Meaning terror campaign.  I read the articles too remember, that they handed out the to the press telling them to increase tension and fear amongst the public, for reporters, right.  [Alan chuckles.] So, there you go.  Yeah, a combination of variables, no kidding.)


In terms of the spectrum of concepts and tools behavioral scientists have identified, social factors may well be the most important dimension in explaining behavioral compliance during the current pandemic. I was reminded of a literature review related to hand hygiene that I wrote a few years ago, which prominently featured social factors, especially in healthcare settings.


My report highlighted research and initiatives drawing on the power of social influence by role models, peers, and patients. It also mentioned mobilizing social norms and social comparison, the power of observation and personal feedback, as well as using commitment devices.


(A:  This is all their psychobabble yap, you see.  And that's why the only folk that you thought had Covid initially were celebrities. They were all getting paid to say that they had it.  [Alan chuckles.] Oh yeah, I did. Folk that you had heard about, all famous folk, you know, not as ordinary people that you don't know anything about, but the famous people. That means it must be prevalent if they got it, 'eh, with all their wealth and money and big estates and stuff, you know.  So there ya go.  So, it's the role models, that's what they used to influence you, you know, and...)


... mobilizing social norms and social comparison, the power of observation and personal feedback, as well as using commitment devices.


In terms of role model effects, for example, one study found that hospital workers were less likely to wash their hands if a peer or higher ranking person who did not engage in hand hygiene was in the room with them. (A:  Right.  And they got all the links to it, all the studies with the links for their studies.)


Research conducted in university restrooms (A:  What d'you mean being in there, stuck watching folk.  I guess that's what they're talking about, peer studies, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.]) found that female students were more likely to wash their hands when others were present in the restroom (91%) than when they were alone (55%). In hospital contexts, a study on hand washing showed that baseline hand hygiene rates were greater in high visibility areas located near nurses’ offices (45%) than low visibility rooms (29%).


(A:  Even THEY are getting studied and studied and studied, you see.)


Another hospital-based study measured hand hygiene compliance during periods in which they were either aware or unaware of being observed.


(A:  Why don't they do this study on, as I say, they're picking away at the mask in front of their nose, the wet part, where their breath goes through, [Alan chuckles.]  why not do studies on that to see how bad it is for spreading everything, 'eh?  But no, they're not getting paid to do that, right.)


Elsewhere, an ICU unit observed staff for several weeks via video. Workers were informed about the cameras installed to monitor hand hygiene but were not given performance feedback. During this time, hand-hygiene compliance rates were below 10%. In a follow-up period during which the hospital workers received emails and hallway scoreboards with information about compliance rates, the rate rose to above 80%.


(A:  Now listen…)


The powerful impact (A:  ...we've always known this, like they've just discovered it, right…) of peer pressure and social norms has also been demonstrated by research comparing the effectiveness of different types of messages in an English highway service station restroom.


(A:  These pervs should be... the only way to deal with these characters who are… [Alan chuckles.] Woah.)


Results showed that some messages worked better on women than men, but one message performed well for both genders: the normative statement “Is the person next to you washing with soap?” Compared to a control condition, this message resulted in a 12% relative increase in hand-washing ratio among men and an 11% increase among women. The power of social influence was further evident when the researchers included data about restroom busyness. Effective messages became even more effective during busy periods.


(A:  And he goes on and on and on talking about, to remind healthcare workers, and all the different tests they put out there to get them to comply and do what they're told to do, etc. etc.)


Behavioral science is sometimes accused of an excessive focus on what people get wrong.


(A:  You see, you can only get things wrong if you're not doing what they want you to do.  Do you understand that?  Right.  Behavioral science is about controlling people on behalf of those who run the system, d'you understand that?  So, he goes on…)


As we analyze people’s behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s also continue asking why and how people have been getting it right.


(A:  Oh, there ya are, there will be another study, we’ll give them another million dollars and they’ll do that study too.)


Incredible. Again, the Sage organization, you know, that subcontracted it too all with the groups that do behavioral insights and insights teams and so on, that manipulate your thoughts online by the way in real time, I've done the shows on that too.  So, there's nothing you can do online that's not prompting you and trying to push you in their direction, you see, and change your behavior.  But literally, yeah, what they're, the government has been working with them all to get you to comply with a whole bunch of things that you're not even aware of yet.


Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

nature.com / 30 April 2020


(A:  That's from human nature, perspectives. He goes on to talk about...)


The COVID-19 pandemic represents a massive global health crisis.


(A:  Well, that's a statement right off the bat.  Is it really?  Is it really a massive global health crisis? Is it?  But there's your fear impact on the first line, right.)


Because the crisis requires large-scale behaviour change (A:   There ya go.  That's the whole point is large-scale behavior change…) and places significant psychological burdens on individuals, insights from the social and behavioural sciences can be used to help align human behaviour with the recommendations of epidemiologists and public health experts.


(A:  Experts, experts, Bertrand Russell, experts, we'll train the public that they can't do anything without the advice of an expert. There you go. It's all happened, long ago.)


Here we discuss evidence from a selection of research topics relevant to pandemics, including work on navigating threats, social and cultural influences on behaviour, science communication, moral decision-making, leadership, and stress and coping. In each section, we note the nature and quality of prior research, including uncertainty and unsettled issues. We identify several insights for effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight important gaps researchers should move quickly to fill in the coming weeks and months.


(A:  So, they start off with a history that they're giving, they start off in about December I think it was 2019.)


...the social and behavioural sciences can provide valuable insights for managing the pandemic and its impacts. We discuss topics that are broadly relevant to numerous stages of the current pandemic to help policy-makers, leaders and the public better understand how to manage threats,


(A:  …and so on, and...)


 navigate different social and cultural contexts,


(A:  A lot of babble, 'eh?  They pad these things tremendously to try and justify the incredible cash rewards they're getting. It says here, they go on to tell you that...)


Due to space constraints, this paper provides a brief summary of each topic.


(A:  Well maybe they should get on with it.  They've got topics...)


 ...such as handwashing, face-touching and self-isolation). Research on these topics is ongoing and, in many cases, far from settled.


(A:  Oh yeah, they'll need multiple studies, and more grants, you know, they live on grants. Actually, they could retire in a few years, one or two years of this nonsense, right from University, if they've got hands out all the time for grants.  And let me see now here... field experiments and stuff...)


Historically, infectious diseases have been responsible for the greatest human death tolls.


(A:  Not really. Murder by the state has often been part of it, really, when you think about it. And they go on…)


For example, the bubonic plague killed approximately 25% of the European population.


(A:  Well that's not quite absolutely accurate, you know.  Especially when you didn't have folk doing census reports then and population studies, in the early Middle Ages, hm.    But let's not, let's not stop throwing a spanner in the wrench here, 'eh?  That really annoys them, that kind of thing.  So here you have it here for policymakers…)


We highlight some insights for public health experts, policy makers, and community leaders.


-A shared sense of identity or purpose can be encouraged by addressing the public in collective terms (A:  Not individual, you see, but collective…) and by urging ‘us’ to act for the common good.


(A:  For US, for US all, to act for the common good, right. But not, so use collective terms we and us and we are all in it together, that type of thing.)


-Identifying sources (for example, religious or community leaders) that are credible to different audiences to share public health messages can be effective.


(A:  That's Bernays, again, Bernays says don't bother starting an organization up, use existing organizations, go for the leaders and get them to push out your message. And that's what they do. Yep.)


-Leaders and the media might try to promote cooperative behaviour by emphasizing that cooperating is the right thing to do and that other people are already cooperating.


(A:  Well, you might all shave your heads, you know, to stop the viruses hiding in there or something. So, if they all did that would you have to go along with it, 'eh?  Promote cooperative behavior.  No, that's obedient behavior.  A big difference, you see. If you're obedient to something, you'd better be absolutely dead on in your facts here.)


-Norms of prosocial behaviour(A:  What do you mean, prosocial?  That means what THEY WANT is prosocial. What they don't want is antisocial. So, anything that’s individualistic and saying I'm not going along with that, is antisocial, you see.  So...)


-Norms of prosocial behaviour are more effective when coupled with the expectation of social approval (A:  You see, they do approval and disapproval...) and modelled by in-group members who are central in social networks.


-Leaders and members of the media should highlight bipartisan support for COVID-related measures, when they exist, as such endorsements in other contexts have reduced polarization and led to less-biased reasoning.


(A:  There ya go.)


-There is a need for more targeted public health information within marginalized communities and for partnerships between public health authorities and trusted organizations that are internal to these communities.


(A:  So there ya go, it's partnerships, public and private.  And public health authorities, you know, the health authorities used to be called health services. A service is something you said I want, or I don't want it.  Thank you for your service. No, I don't want your service. Now they are authorities, 'eh?  Folk adapt to the changes without, wait a minute, when did this change from a service to an authority?  Hm?) 


(A:  The same with police forces, they used to be called police services, you see, then they became forces.  Where before that forces were really, was reserved for military. Because they force actions, you see, they use force. But folk don't really think where it all, when it all changes.  Well it's characters like this that I'm reading here that help to change it all for you without you even noticing, you just go along with it.  Anyway, it says...)


...highlight the prospect of social group approval tend to be persuasive.


(A:  You know, we're all in it together, and goody-goody, you're nice, you're doing awfully well, social approval and disapproval. Oh, I don't like what you're doing, it's not good for society, you know.  That's disapproval, you see.  Yep.)


-Given the importance of slowing infections, it may be helpful to make people aware that they benefit from others’ access to preventative measures.


-Preparing people for misinformation (A:  ...you see...) and ensuring they have accurate information and counterarguments against false information before they encounter conspiracy theories, fake news, or other forms of misinformation, can help inoculate them against false information.


(A:  So, get the people ready, so that they laugh and say, oh you're one of those conspiracy theorists, aren't you, for saying that it's not as bad as they make it out to be.  M-hm.  There ya go.  You see, this is psychology, operative psychology and these characters getting paid to manipulate society on behalf of the master’s that pay them.)


-Use of the term ‘social distancing’ might imply that one needs to cut off meaningful interactions. A preferable term is ‘physical distancing’, because it allows for the fact that social connection is possible even when people are physically separated.


(A:  Hhhhhhh.  Can you imagine them getting paid for this? Can you believe this?)




One of the central emotional responses during a pandemic is fear. Humans, like other animals, (A:  Mmmmmmm.  That's why they got your religion out of the way, then they can say that you're an animal.) possess a set of defensive systems for combating ecological threats. Negative emotions resulting from threat can be contagious,


(A:  That's what I'm saying too, when they start freaking out in stores and so on behind the counters, because they're terrified of the customers, each one obviously is bringing contagion to them, that then yeah, when they start, that fear that they emit spreads to the folk that are emitting it too...)


   and fear can make threats appear more imminent. A meta-analysis found that targeting fears can be useful in some situations, but not others: appealing to fear leads people to change their behaviour if they feel capable of dealing with the threat but leads to defensive reactions when they feel helpless to act. The results suggest that strong fear appeals produce the greatest behaviour change only when people feel a sense of efficacy, whereas strong fear appeals with low-efficacy messages produce the greatest levels of defensive responses.


(A:  In other words, when it doesn't make any sense to you, you're going to have defensive responses. And then…)


Sound health decisions depend on accurate perceptions of the costs and benefits of certain choices for oneself and for society. Emotions often drive risk perceptions, sometimes more so than factual information.


(A:  You see, the normal animals at the bottom there just run on emotion, you see.)


An emotional response to a risky situation can influence thinking in two stages. First, the emotion’s quality (for example, positive vs negative) focuses people on congruent information (for example, negative information when feeling negative). (A:  Boy, this person is a genius, 'eh, negative when feeling negative. Wow.)


That information, rather than the feeling itself, is then used to guide judgment at the second stage.


(A:  I cannot stand these incredible folk who get paid to manipulate on behalf of the Masters, right down to teaching people, who don't even know they're being taught actually, through very careful suggestion to turn on folk and call them conspiracy theorists if they don't agree with what's being done.  Hm?  Think about that folks.)


These conspiracy theories can have harmful consequences. For example, belief in conspiracy theories has been linked to vaccine hesitancy (A:  ...HHHHHHHHHH...), climate denial, extremist political views and prejudice. COVID-19 conspiracy theories may be similarly problematic.


For instance, people who believe that alternative remedies can help them fight off the virus may be less likely to follow health officials’ advice and instead opt for less effective (at best) or lethal (at worst) alternatives.


Some evidence suggests that giving people factual information before exposure to conspiracy theories can reduce conspiracy theory beliefs, and this strategy might work in efforts to combat conspiracy theories relevant to the current pandemic (A:  And they've got another paragraph called…) (see "Fake news and misinformation" below for similar findings).


Mind you, again, on the actual Event 201 they went through all this too, right down to the fake news and how they would deal with the fake news and folk who wouldn't comply and all the rest of it. This is old stuff, you know, really.  But this is a long article here.  Well, not really long but I'm sure they're well-paid for it too.  But this is the characters that manipulate and manipulate, right down to teaching the people to actually hate and turn on the folk who have different perspectives on what's actually happening. And can back it up with other facts. You see? But they're teaching people to turn on them immediately unless they're going along with, from the so-called official sources. The same sources mind you that tell you wear a mask and then tell you not to wear mask, then fine you if you don't wear a mask, etc, etc.


The same sources that tell you in the summer it was okay to be 3 feet apart in Britain and that would be okay and all that. The same sources said that it was okay for big demonstrations, to be shoulder to shoulder in protest marches and so on, all that kind of stuff. And even riots in some cases, that was okay, you see, because they weren't bad people at all for doing that, or they weren't endangering other people. But everybody else is endangering them if you get too close, etc. I mean, this is absolute nonsense.  As you know.  Absolute nonsense.


Global Social Norms and Environmental Behavior - researchgate.net / April 2017


But paying people who specialize in manipulating others...?  They're psychopaths, really. You see, you get taught psychopathic techniques in their courses on how to manipulate, because that's what a psychopath does. They get through life by manipulating other people into behaving the way that they want them to behave for their own, for the psychopath’s good, you see. So that's what these folk are, these behaviorists.  M-hm.  And they're eugenicists too.  If you ever go into the old ones and watch and the different ones who did different experiments as well, they're all eugenicists superior/inferior types and all the rest of it, you know.


And back to the one as I said near the beginning...


Canada's First 'Mask Murder'? Ontario Police Kill 73-Year-Old Man After He Refused To Comply With Local Mandate - zerohedge.com / 17 July 2020


I'll put that one up again too, there's two different articles, two different articles about the same guy, you know. 

And then I'll also do this one here, a young woman, you probably saw it, I don't know if you saw the article last week, it was…


LIFE CUT SHORT Who was Jessica Doty Whitaker? The woman shot and killed for saying ‘all lives matter’

thesun.co.uk / 14 July 2020


She was fatally shot earlier this month following an argument with four men and a woman about Black Lives Matter.


(A:  Because I think there was a Fourth of July event she was at, I think, and as she was leaving it a group were passing and said that black lives matter, and she just replied that all lives matter.  That started the argument. And a man who was with her said...)


Ramirez said one man pulled a gun during the racially-charged argument, and then he did the same.


The two sides did manage to talk things over and go their separate ways.


(A:  But then when she went under an underpass or something, she was walking, shots rang out, she got shot in the head. She was killed, murdered. Yep, there you go.)


That will probably never see the light of day in any… any… in the present climate of things it's just being ignored of course. All these things are getting put down as just protest.


Remember that all the communist protests of the past ages, hm, always end up in purges, utter slaughters. I hope you understand this. The ones at the top certainly do. They seem to be allowing it to happen. But as I said, everything happens at the top on behalf of the elite, and if the elite didn't want this to happen, a socialistic system, then it wouldn't happen. It will be more efficient for running the system on behalf of the controllers at the top, or the owners of it all.  Because you can get things done fast and efficiently, because folk are terrified, they simply obey in that kind of system. So, you get further progress as they call it into the future plans, you see, where you want to take the world.  And that's what they want this particular moment.  After that, who knows what they'll do. They'll definitely get eliminated, the ones that helped it to happen, that's what happens as well.  [Alan chuckles.]  But it's interesting to watch the authorities at the top stand off and are allowing it all to happen. 


Another article too…


The Social Psychology Of Crises

hub.jhu.edu / 19 March 2020


Why are people hoarding toilet paper during the coronavirus outbreak? It takes restraint to resist our instincts in the face of social dilemmas, Johns Hopkins (A:  ...naturally.) expert says.


(A:  Expert, they say expert and that's it, it's like high priest, 'eh.  Yep.)


While restaurants in six states are offering free toilet paper to those in need in response to the barren toilet paper shelves in many local grocery stores, USA Today reports that a police department in Newport, Oregon, issued an urgent request for residents to stop calling 911 when they run out of toilet paper. "You will survive without our assistance," the department stated.


Meanwhile, as The New York Times reports young people are continuing to travel despite restrictions...


(A:  Yeah, they're getting offered [Alan chuckles.] all these very cheap air flights and so on, right, by the companies that are struggling to survive. A lot of them will go under of course, that is the agenda too.)


"This outbreak is a classic example of a social dilemma," says Stephen Drigotas, a teaching professor and co-director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins. He is an expert in social psychology, and he says he'll likely draw from these news reports for material to include in his introductory course.


(A:  And they go on and on and on, 'eh.)


We are the most studied creature on the planet, I've said that for 30 odd years. We truly are.  And how they can actually use other groups that conform to everything against others, you know, that's part of it too.  They actually started that off in school with group courses they take for groupthink, where they don't want to encourage individuality, they want groupthink.  They want conformity of opinions, you see. It's very important now. The ways to do it, they have toolkits for teachers so that if Johnny or Julie doesn't want to conform to the rest, they are kind of shunned to an extent. And because of peer pressure they want to have pals and friends and so on, that eventually they just give in and say okay, then I agree with that point of view, just to get along.  That's how you learn to subdue your own individuality and belong to the group, the group thing, the authorized groupthink, you see.  This is what it's all about.


So, this article here now is…


Stunning! Texas Coronavirus Numbers Show COVID-19 Less Lethal than Last Two Flu Seasons

thegatewaypundit.com / 14 July 2020


The Texas Department of Health released numbers recently comparing the coronavirus to the last two seasonal flu viruses.


So, it's official stuff from the Department of Health. It doesn’t make any difference, they'll just call it conspiracy theory, you know, when you say it, but not when they say it.  [Alan laughing.]   It's quite something, 'eh.  And then...


Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

nature.com / 30 April 2020


ANOTHER study, right. You know, there's countless studies to do with it and how they get you all to conform and go along with it and so on. So, I'll put this one up just to show you. As I say, you're back to the Gangs of New York where you can get one half of the public to kill the other half, you know, if you know how to manipulate them, and pay them here and there too.  


It's the same thing too under groupthink, you see.  You can use the rest of the group, or the class, to shame the other person, to make them feel ashamed of their point of view. That's what they're doing with the psychological responses in society, right down to, oh you're a conspiracy theorist, or you won't comply on something, oh shame them, shame them publicly.  Well, when you start shaming adults publicly, you're not in any kind of democracy anymore, folks. I hope you understand that.


I remember doing an article years ago when they were putting in big, big screens inside shopping malls.  If they saw a person dropping a piece of paper, even inadvertently pulling it out of their pocket, they'd say, yeah you, YOU!  And this big face would point down to you with a finger, and then your face would come on the screen.  They would all see you and you turned bright red. This was a public shaming.  They were doing psychological experiments with them too, which, they're using now today of course. Eventually if you don't comply and jump and jump and jump when someone's freaking out behind a checkout counter, then you see your face eventually will come up on the screen and you'll be the bad person, and everybody will say, oh, oh, do what you're told, do what you're told, you know, be like the rest of us.


This is their whole system, they're ramming it through under the guise of Covid, ‘eh, Covid emergency. Something that most folk don't even know they've had.  Another good article by the way is to do with, just before I do get off.  Remember the white helmets that were over in Syria?  You used to see them with their helmets on, and then you’d see them taking them off and grabbing the rifles and their weapons. It was well understood by the people who were over there that it was an army, it was merely a stunt kind of thing that was going on. But they were getting lots and lots of cash to help fund parts of this Al Qaeda – ISIS – ISIL – IS     – as it kept changing its name, that was to try to take down Syria, you see.  And they kept calling it a civil war.  It wasn’t a Civil War. It was all outsiders that were brought in.


But one of the guys that founded the white helmets organization, who was part of the British military at one point, James Le Mesurier, he was found dead, we don't know, he jumped from a window or something, it's never been clear what happened.  But it said that he committed suicide. I very much doubt that.  He jumped from a four-story building. And it turns out he defrauded the rescue organization that he was a cofounder in setting up, Mayday Rescue.  It says...


White Helmets Co-Founder Defrauded Organization To Fund Lavish Wedding

zerohedge.com / 18 July 2020


This organization fundraised from Western countries to support the anti-government rescue group in Syria.


RT News quotes a report via Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, who says Le Mesurier informed an accountant during an audit that he "forged receipts" for tens of thousands of dollars. At the time, he listed the funds as lined items to support efforts in evacuations for refugees in war-torn Syria, though the money was actually expensed for his lavish 2018 wedding.


Le Mesurier was paid a generous salary of €24,000 ($27,414) per month. (A: [Alan chuckles.]   I'd say that was pretty generous for a charity, right.)  It was noted he issued loans to his wife, former diplomat Emma Winberg, using funds from the organization.


... "tens of thousands of dollars in cash" (A:  ...went into his pocket and so on.)  were used to pay for Le Mesurier's "fairytale wedding."


A Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' 2018 report showed Mayday received $127 million from mostly Western state donors between 2014 and 2018.


Le Mesurier's White Helmets promote themselves as 'first responders' to emergencies in Syria, the group has been accused of staging multiple chemical attacks (A:  And we saw them too, some of the children that were involved in the videos, came out afterwards and saying they were paid to pretend and so on. It's just astonishing what went on.)  - including an April 2018 incident in Duma, Syria, which the White House used as a pretext to bomb Syrian government facilities and bases.


It’s intelligence agency at work there, you know.  That's really how it's done.  Yep.  Another one too is…


Covid Digital Health Passport



(A:  I’ll put that one up too. And I think this might be the one, I’m not sure if this is the one for Australia.  I’ll put these links, regardless, up tonight.  It's all prearranged who's getting them and all the rest of it.  But VSTE is currently using, they work with the United Nations it says here in this article here for this Covid passport, this health passport, consumer phasing, etc. It's not just health, it's everything, folks. You know that too, don't you?  For the entire future of mankind forever, that's what it's about.  It's called...)


VCode, one code, infinite possibilities. 


Medical details, dental records, ICE details, crypto wallet, education details, payment methods, loyalty schemes, event tickets, travel tickets, passport, national ID, and contact details, work ID.


Everything about you will be on this thing here, VST Enterprises.  I’ll put this stuff up tonight.  I think that’s the one they’re going to use for Australia.  But I’ve got the stuff from every other country too and what they’re going to use as well.  It’s all been preplanned, obviously.  Including the companies that would get it, rather obviously too.


'The Peoples Passport' - v-healthpassport.co.uk




France: Arson suspected in major fire at Nantes Cathedral - dw.com / 18 July 2020


As I mentioned before.  But they really do hate religion. They really, really do. And the past. The past is the past, folks. You know? Absolutely. Completely past. And you understand too, your ancestors might not see it the way you've been taught to see it today.  [Alan chuckles.]  Have you ever thought about that? 


Also, in these articles…


Under Pressure: Good Behavior in the COVID-19 Pandemic - psychologytoday.com / 5 May 2020


I'll put all these ones up for you to go over. Because psychology is a big, big part. But imagine them teaching the public through TV, in little clips and bits and pieces on television and so on, how to respond to the, anyone who gives you anything that's not just parroting the mainstream news.  I mean, they are denying the public their chance to think for themselves by acquiring other information, and that's okay?  Woah!  Woah! 


This is what it's all, it's all down to this stuff now, isn't it, 'eh, social and behavioral sciences, 'eh.  Isn't that something. Yep, we are well on our way folks, as you all know. But of course, if you don't think along the mainstream, what they're telling you to think, even though it makes no sense what they're telling you because they contradict themselves in fact, you're a conspiracy theorist.


I guess on the mainstream media they’re confusion theorist, because that's all you're getting is confusion.  And oh yeah, let's do another 50,000 tests tomorrow, in this particular area, and guess what? They’ll find so many thousands came back positive. Well, shouldn't that be a good thing if no one was sick? And they'll now get antibodies out of it and be immune? That's what it always was, that was a thing for celebrating in the past years for flus and things.  But nope. Nope.  Not good enough you see.  We've got this agenda, and nothing is going to change this agenda. Come hell or high water. So, there you go.


Anyway, don't get all gloomy and doomy. And think for yourselves. That's one thing you've got left with even though they might call you a conspiracy theorist for thinking for yourself. Don't worry about it. It might be a good club you belong to eventually. Because it will be the only factual thing left.


You've got to just start thinking for yourself and preparing for the worst. You always do that, prepare for the worst, as best you can. Even with limited supplies or even resources. And get a few friends, just stay pally with them. And make an agreement, make it an oath if you need to, to stand by each other, to help each other out if things get really tough. And if one person can't go grocery shopping, maybe someone else can, things like that.  Basic, simple and human necessities have to be got regardless of lockdowns and all that. You can take turns going out doing their shopping if need be. Or going out together and helping each other.


Because this is what it’s going to come down to. There's no doubt about it. They're going to make it as hard as possible to bring in the next phases of rationing, you see. And they want to get you off the country for instance into the crowded cities already so they can manage you better. They’ll say, “This is for your own good, you see, during these terrible times. And it's unsustainable to be living in the country in the first place, you see.”  It doesn't fall in with the agenda for the 21st century and 2030 and all that. 


So, we've got to accomplish all this by using another terror tactic, and here we go. Sad but true, folks. We’re in a terrible, terrible place to be but I've mentioned before, always remember there's never been a generation really, since the advent of authorized government, even if they authorized it themselves at the top, there's never been a time of prolonged peace for people living under tyrants and psychopaths. And when you get educated psychopaths working together in collective clubs and so on and parties, it can be a horror show, in bed with psychopaths in charge of corporations, that's true fascism mandating what they're going to do with you.  So there ya go.


Take care of yourselves. As I say, don't give up. Whatever you do, don't give up. And read some good books if you've still got some old ones to read. Because it takes your mind off things. Helps your mind work better too when you can, books can tend to draw pictures in your mind, so you've gotta stop allowing them to GIVE you the pictures. Everything is video now.  Start using own mind because your thoughts are supposed to encompass thinking with the words and also envisaging pictures that are drafted up in your mind. Very important, that, to use more of your brain all the time.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, you take care, and it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Mask Facts - AAPS - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

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Man shot dead by OPP after mask dispute was 'very reclusive,' neighbour says

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Face coverings to be made compulsory in England's shops and supermarkets

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Effects of wearing N95 and surgical facemasks on heart rate, thermal stress and subjective sensations

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Target, CVS, Walgreens to also require masks at stores nationwide as COVID-19 cases rise

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Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Payment System

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Covid Digital Health Passport

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'The Peoples Passport'



All Roads Lead to Dark Winter

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Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Wreck Labeled As COVID-19 Death By State

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Enforcing Compliance with COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions: Psychological Aspects of a National Security Threat

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Face Masks Mandated By UK Government Specifically Say They Don't Protect Against COVID-19

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Fauci is sidelined by the White House as he steps up blunt talk on pandemic

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Under Pressure: Good Behavior in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

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First coronavirus vaccine trialled in US boosts immune system just as scientists hoped as it’s set for final tests

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LIFE CUT SHORT Who was Jessica Doty Whitaker? The woman shot and killed for saying ‘all lives matter’

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The Social Psychology Of Crises

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Stunning! Texas Coronavirus Numbers Show COVID-19 Less Lethal than Last Two Flu Seasons

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White Helmets Co-Founder Defrauded Organization To Fund Lavish Wedding

zerohedge.com / 18 July 2020


France: Arson suspected in major fire at Nantes Cathedral

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Global Social Norms and Environmental Behavior

researchgate.net / April 2017


Sage publishes evidence behind advice on lockdown following calls for more transparency

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How Honest is the COVID Fatality Count? Dr. Scott Jensen is a Physician and Minnesota State Senator.

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Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen - Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator

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Renowned Green Activist Apologizes For The Climate Scare

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Blurbs and 'Cutting Through the Matrix' Shows on MP3 CDs (Up to 50 Hours per Disc)


"Reality Check Part 1"   &   "Reality Check Part 2 - Wisdom, Esoterica and ...TIME"