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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 26, 2020.  And as far as we know we’re all still here. Most of us anyway are still here, 'eh.  Because we’re living through incredible times of... the culmination of lots of planning over many, many, many years going way back in fact into the 20th century, and even actually a bit further back than that.  Everything that's happening today pretty well was being discussed for many, many years by those who bothered to take the time to crack open the old books and read all the boring stuff.  Because that's what it's based on, you see, awfully boring stuff, 'eh, BS.  You find that everything's presented to you [Alan chuckles.]  in this fake reality of ours, and by fake I mean it's all presented to you, even your conclusions are given to you so slickly.  And it's not new at all, it's been done for an awful long time.


It's quite simple, Bernays was involved in how to bring people into consensus, for instance, how to manipulate consensus and create consensus amongst the public and consensus of opinions, desired opinions by those who basically rule.  Bernays wasn't dedicated to any particular country. He would sell his ideas to any country, and every country, including the communists too in the Soviet Union block countries and so on.  He also worked with a lot of administrations in the US government with different presidents coming and going. He also had his private, his own private massive group, you might call them a massive group of propagandists or media manipulators and public relations companies.


He went so far in fact as to get the U.S. Army to go and rescue his client, one of his biggest clients, I think it was the American Fruit Company. He got them to go down into Latin America and overturn the elected government there.  [Alan chuckles.]   Because they were going to, they might even have socialized the company, you see. This massive Fruit Corporation was a massive company and it wanted to keep the workers’ wages down. So, he used the American military to go down there and claimed they were communists and got them to overthrow them.


But that's how it goes, isn't it?  People get, they get caught up in names and terms and they don't realize that often you have the same characters running both sides of everything. That generally is what really happens. I've said before, you've got to have at least two sides fighting it out, physically or verbally, and politically, in order to get change. The whole idea of Marxism of course is planned change. 


That's the Trotskyist attitude to the whole idea of reality, is planned, organized and directed change.  It's created by strife, you create the strife to upset the apple cart of whatever staid system there is and you get the other side coming back of course and try to defend it. Out of it you get compromise. That's your whole thesis, antithesis and synthesis. So, once you get the synthesis, that's the next step to take over and change to the next step again. So, it's really what they call social evolution being fast tracked. In other words, what they think that you could have gone through in the world in 100 years, they can do may be in 30 years, even sooner if they can get a revolution going.  It's a whole bunch of ideas, a whole system, a whole way of living of course to be implemented once they have succeeded.


You always find, I've always been astonished when you find the same, the richest folk on the planet surviving through all of it, you know. Because the true communism, as we've seen it, what we're given as true communism, never really demolished big corporations. In fact, in Russia the whole idea, very quickly in fact the lawyers, a lot of lawyers actually took over the country, and they claimed that they were communists. But the whole idea of not making money off labor, people's labor, was very quickly demolished.  Oh, you live in a twilight zone, really.  They'll say, no, it's not, it's still there.  And so, they just simply reword big private banks that they set up, that, they weren’t making money off labor, you understand, because it was reworded how they got their money. And that's what lawyers are awfully good for is rewording things to get around things and getting what they want, you see.


We found that out at the end of the so-called Soviet empire when it went down, on cue, it didn't just fall apart.  It's just like a monetary crisis in today's system, the only crisis you have is a money reset, like you had in 2007/8 really, and bankruptcies that were all planned to be taken over by the winners, you see. And the winners are always the ones that plan it. That's how it works. Well, the same with communism.  They didn't have to collapsed back then, it was, they all got their orders from the different provinces and areas and regions of the Soviet Empire and the Soviet bloc countries to stand down pretty well.  Then many of the leaders that had been communists became social Democrats, and a whole bunch of other names for the same thing really.  And it goes on that way, you see.


But the ones that they really serve, the richest folk on the planet, who own corporations across the world, and they own everything we need, I mean, all resources. That's the key to it. Then they still run the show. And of course, no one attacks their headquarters. In fact, you find as I say, this Antifa, which is definitely a communist, or fascist....  iiiiiyy, communistic antifascist organization, which is an old organization of course but re-painted for the present times, they're still financed by the biggest corporations on the planet. 


The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement as we know have come out openly saying that they were trained Marxists. Trained in organizing and trained...   to train a whole bunch of dialectical techniques.  Of course dialectics is meant to throw off the scent of what they're really doing, and to really convince a lot of people, who sit on the sidelines thinking it's all quite aboveboard and quite natural and decent and all the rest of it.


Everything is perception management. Again, back to Bernays, that's what he was into, perception management. Very old techniques.  These techniques are still used today. Even improved upon with the behaviorists working for countless governments down through time. And adding to it, to all the different techniques that they have of manipulating the minds of the public. So, everything is perception management. 


There's never been a better display, isn't there?  I mean, I don't get involved in the politics behind it all.  It's all managed anyway. I think the whole thing is managed. And we're seeing right now with the WEF, the World Economic Forum, the great global reset.  It's time to reset again, not just the monetary value, which is devaluation of the currencies. You need a lot more of the same currency to buy basic foodstuffs shortly.  That's what they mean by global reset, bringing you into austerity, the planned austerity.


Of course, they're also using and financing the BLM movements.  The big CEOs of these corporations, they're also funding the Black Lives Matter.  I'll put some articles up where they boast about them all, they're all on board with it, all funding it.  So, they're funding the demise of their own system. Because it's time to move on into their new system, you see.  [Alan chuckles.] It's still them who run it all. 


These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement -

cnet.com / 16 June 2020


Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart back BLM cause with multi-million dollar donations - lifesitenews.com / 22 July 2020


This has been discussed for years by them with the Futurist Societies which they own, working in tandem with the real psychopathic teams that get paid big money, behaviorists and psychologists at the top, and those who work in intelligence agencies for Department of Defense and so on. They came out with all these different articles over many, many years telling you what they'd like to do and how they could do it and pull it off, etc.


And don't forget, everything, everything that comes out of the Department of Defense or your governments, for a long time now, has been pure propaganda/public relations. ‘Public relations’ goes back again to Bernays, where he called it initially ‘propaganda’.  That got a bad rap, the whole idea of propaganda so they changed it into public relations. Every official organization that's out there from police, military intelligence agencies, whatever, has specially trained people who are propagandists, or public relations experts.  They know how to walk around direct questions that are asked of them and how to really leave people scratching their heads until they catch on that they've just been had.  By that time, they've gone, you see. But that's what they do, they just walk around the different questions that are being asked. 


And we're getting lots of it today, that's for sure, aren't we?  We're seeing a massive campaign by the big corporations, that they own the media, that are promoting all the, it's not protests, most of the protests you're seeing now really aren't protests, they're just riots. They're planned riots. They had one in Montréal a few weeks ago I think it was and I just saw, just the other day I just managed to see a little tiny clip. I get bad speed because we're hammered here where I am with speed, we get hammered until things just crawl. Even timed out, it gets timed out just pulling up a newspaper article sometimes. And I'm getting hammered maybe especially, I don't want to be paranoid but that's the sort of thing that's happening right now. 


But I just saw this article and I was reading the Covid articles at the time, again, all the different countless rubbishy articles that are getting churned out by some machine I think, you just crank it out.  I don't think the Covid has missed a single sign and symptom of any disease out there. They've got everything in there. I've mentioned it before, and Fauci adds to it as well sometimes, just to get his face in the papers again. He likes the limelight, doesn't he?


But they've got everything in it. You might be asymptomatic completely, but you'll have it.  Maybe that's the symptom that you have it, you see, and you might feel fine, and that's definitely a symptom you've got it. You might feel bad, it doesn't matter what you feel bad with, you've definitely got it.  And if you got a runny nose, you've got it. If you get a dry nose, you've got it. If your sinuses are plugged, you've got it. If your sinuses are exuding fluid, you've got it.  Right.  If you've got a sore throat, you've got it. If you've not got a sore throat, you've got it.  Yep.  If you've got a rash, you've got it.  And if you have not got a rash, you've got it.  And he added to it, in the middle of the hay fever season, 'eh, that again the whole idea with runny noses or blocked noses,  in definitely hay fever season, well, that's definitely a symptom of it. Everything is getting put down to Covid.


Researchers call to make rashes a coronavirus symptom - uk.style.yahoo.com / 15 July 2020


I just, I was reading one of these articles and then next to it was the big so-called, they call it Protest Montréal where they went down the street looting the stores.  [Alan chuckles.]   That's quite… It's astonishing to actually live in this twilight zone. I've mentioned this for years and years, this idea of gas lighting, the old movie where they try to convince you that you're not, not to see what you're seeing, they'll tell you what you're supposed to be seeing, 'eh.  So, you're in this kind of strange Lala land where you're trying to hold onto sanity, as you're getting told that this is just protests that you're seeing.


But I just realized after reading the article on Covid, you saw a bunch of these guys smashing a big music store in Montréal and they all ran out with guitars and instruments. I realized, that's a symptom obviously of Covid, hey, to add to all the other symptoms, you just suddenly get this urge, you've got to get a musical instrument, for free preferably, and it's definitely Covid, 'eh!  Has to be. What else could it be?  Because we're having peaceful protests, it must be Covid.  [Alan laughing.]   


But we truly are living in a twilight zone. And it's all managed. Our minds are always managed.  I remember too a few years back reading an article, I was on radio at the time. It was about a voice-to-skull technique that advertisers hoped to use, they were demonstrating it and trialing out in New York City.  It showed you people walking past the particular store and they also showed you this little funnel type projectile gun thing, acoustic cannon I guess they called it, but it was a very small thing.  It wasn't like the big things the military can use.   It could literally put into your head, aim at you and follow you, it locked onto you because it was all computerized.  You're walking past and they can lock onto you and you hear in your skull, go into the store here and get so-and-so. And it would be very audible to you, just like schizophrenics often say they hear voices and things. You'd hear it all right.  And it’d be very clear. And they showed you really what you'd be hearing from a tape or recording or something. And that's what you'd hear.  Of course, you saw these folk literally [Alan chuckles.]  stopping where they were looking around and looking up and down and they couldn't figure out where this was coming from. It was aimed at them, and no one around them would hear it, you see, just you. 


So, when you see the protesters just going berserk and smashing in all the music stores and grabbing the best instruments, it's because they got Covid.  That's what happens to them, you see. And that will be down shortly as a symptom.  What else could it be? Obviously, right? I mean, it could not possibly be communists, they're really wanting communism by stealing the goods of capitalism because they want them so badly. It couldn't be that, could it? No, no.  Nope. 


But this is what we're living through, isn't it, tremendous times of change. And these are planned changes, I did the talks years ago on the coming changes that were all planned. And this is the century for it, the 21st century is the century for change. That's what it was labeled in universities by professors as they taught them Marxism and collectivism and so on and austerity, you know, the recycled old myths of communism all back in full force.  And the ‘century of transition’, everything was to transition, including people in some ways too.


But this is all just change, you see, that's what it's about, planned change.  It's been on the books for an awful long time. You had the same terminology put out by those who taught Marxism and all of its different front groups, you know.  Because that's how Marxism runs is through different front groups to cover its real tracks.


Also, it was being promoted by the climate change groups at the top. The ones at the bottom are the ones who follow and believe what they're told. Some of them. The leaders not.  I've said this before, the leaders of Antifa, the real leaders know what they are about. The same with Black Lives Matter, the ones at the top who have come out publicly saying that they are basically Communists, or Marxists if you want to use that term. And those who fund them, way above them, the real bosses, way way above them, as the CEOs of big corporations, they know what it's all about and where it's supposed to go.


This is the big change; this is the big reset as they say. But this is the time for change. And the excuses of saving the world and saving the climate and all the rest of that is all to do with population reduction. I hope you're getting the message.  It's about population reduction.


Young folk will go along with it and do all the rioting, not realizing their time will come when they are on the list for removal as well. And it's not just old folks, you see, that are getting written off with Covid and so on. Eventually there will be other excuses, other reasons. They've already come out at the last climate change meeting last year talking about the need for population reduction, that would reduce the climate problem as they said at the last big meeting. You find it in their articles.  So, you're living through it.


It's frightening for a lot of people because they don't understand this. They watch the mainstream media, that still [Alan chuckles.] showed you incredible, incredible... talking heads telling you that, well it's just this or just that. They don't tell you any truth of course. But the fact is, this is way beyond their little protest.  A protest is something where you hand out literature and get folk to sign things, that's protesting. When you smash doors in and windows in stores and loot them, that's not protests, no, that's called looting and rioting.


So, we're living through amazing times as they keep telling you not to believe what you're seeing, but to believe the fake version of it. Isn't that astonishing?  And in real time you're getting told this, it's just amazing. So, these talking heads are quite happy to tell you lots of lies, they always have done before, are quite happy now they are getting a lot of attention.  Everyone's tuning in because of the Covid idea and the protests to see what's happening.


They're quite happy to lie to everybody of course, in the standard communist technique. It was always the same. I've got books written, published in New York because that was the main center for publishing all the Marxist books all through the 20th century from the earliest times. They said that was the standard technique is to start to cause first protest and then going into riots, you see.


You always have the two factions. You have the faction which just spouts off the reasons for protesting, as they say. Then the other active faction which is the physical action parties who does all the physical work. You saw it in the States too years ago, by some group now that's got all the power to tell you a different story. But the one in the States had two factions obviously and even blew up government buildings. Now they're respectable and some of them even own the media. That's quite amazing to watch it.


Quite amazing to watch all this actually happening over and over again. And folk, it only takes 20 years or 25 years for people to forget the signs and symptoms and what's happened in the past, you see. It doesn't take long.  That's how they, as I say, generally even the Western countries traditionally in a big, big war like World War I, they would give out about 20 years, maybe 20 years or so from the end of a real heavy, heavy slaughter/war to raise another crop of young folk, who wouldn't have a clue really about the reality of the last war, and they'd be ready for the next one, you see, for the slaughter. So, they always give it about a 20 year span, that's what they do.


It's quite interesting because when 9/11 happened I thought, I even gave a talk about it. I says you know, I says, with this sudden, which wasn't sudden at all, all these restrictions on free speech and free this and free that, and reducing all your rights and freedoms, not just in the US but across the world, at the same time, that it was planned long before 9/11 happened. Obviously.  That going through screenings at airports and so on and being x-rayed for goodness’ sake, and I even did talks on the companies that were given, in advance, the rights to sell all the x-ray machines that you would be walking through at airports and so on.  And hhhhhh, I won't go into that again because that gets me annoyed even thinking about it, who the companies actually were.


But it was all planned in advance. That's how things really, really work.  Including what's happening now, all planned in advance. Like the last crash of 2007/8, planned in advance. Some from top bankers in Switzerland, they said the same thing, they didn't need to do it then but they did, it was a political decision.  It wasn't a necessary decision, it was a political one.  And politicians as you know, they do what they're told by higher authorities.  So that's the real world in which we live.


But we're in a century for change, of change. And this is the century of change, there's a whole manifesto to accomplish of course. Including population reduction, licensing of folk who will be permitted to have children, and folk who will not. That came out as well, not just at the last climate meeting, but a previous ones as well. And mandatory sterilization will come in. There will be a lot… It won't be just said, what's mandatory, you know. It's little perks. If you sacrifice your right to have children, you see, it's your choice you see, they always give you the choice, then you can get extra credit points on your income, your basic, universal basic income that everybody's going to be put on, you know. It will be little perks and things like that.


You'll also get the goody-goody-two-shoes who always rush into it and says, do me first, and get their names in the paper and they're quite happy.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are young folk, you know. We already saw it come out of previous climate change meetings where they bring forth young women who were very young, they were still in their teens, and some of them still in high school, and it was in the newspaper saying they'd like to volunteer for sterilization to save the world. This is what happens.  As I've always said, nothing happens by itself. It takes use years of planning and gradual incremental implementation of the propaganda and the techniques to bring conformity and uniformity of opinion and so on, then you see it manifest. And it's always presented to the public as suddenly spontaneous, as a spontaneous thing, you know. 


Just like the Covid was all spontaneous. Then you find out, no, the Rockefellers talked about it in 2010. Of course I put up the PDF before so go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can find them, with the Rockefeller Foundation talking of the things that would come with technology and jumping in on it and so on, and all the apps that would get unrolled for tracking and tracing, for your own good, tracking and tracing you and all that. In 2010.  Then of course Event 201, that's published as well.


It's really amazing again, isn't it, to watch counterintelligence, you know, counterintelligence go into action and immediately brand everybody who mentions the published articles by the Johns Hopkins University group, Event 201 in collusion with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and they even put out their videos where you hear them talking about it and all that. But if you mention that now you're put down as a conspiracy theorist, 'eh.  You're one of those Q-anons, 'eh, you’re a conspiracy theorist talking about that.  But you’re talking about the facts. But the facts don't matter anymore. The fact that you mentioned it means you're crazy, you see.  Even, but it's okay for Bill Gates to talk about it and reference it, he's not crazy. You see, there's your difference.  And this is again, this tremendous technique of obscuring your logical processes in your mind. 


Some folk cave-in, they can't fathom, the average person who doesn't follow these things, and only get it from the mainstream news, still gets confused because they're hearing conflicting stories even from the mainstream media. And THAT'S intentional. It throws you off into a twilight zone as I said where you, and you think, I'll just think about this and I'll think about the other side and I'll come to my own conclusion.  But within a week they've already worked out, you see, where you have to go next.  And that's what it is, you don't realize, it's all where to go next, and they'll take you to it to give you a uniform opinion, and you'll adopt that opinion, you think it's your own.


People fight today, they've been fighting for years over opinions that were given to them, but they've never really investigated them for themselves. I've mentioned before how often, sometimes quickly and sometimes weeks or months later, I get the same articles I put out a long time ago coming back to me.  It happens all the time. It's interesting, especially when they're quick, you know they've got it from your site and so on. What's interesting to me is it means a third party has got a hold of it from someone else who's reposted it, and they don't know it's me, and they'll send it back to me, you see.  That gives me an idea of how fast things really move.  But it also shows that people often don't look at the primary source for themselves to find out where it really came from. 


And this is going somewhere by the way, what I'm going to talk about.  Because it's to do with our reality again and how reality is given to us and how the agencies that manage your reality and your opinions, when it's not working properly for those who deem them to be necessary, particular opinions they're wanting to give you, they bring in real intelligence agencies like the 77th Brigade in Britain.  I mentioned that months ago, back in April, I think it was, and I still get articles coming back to me, folks sending it to me saying you've got a look at this. Well, it was me putting them up, they don't realize that they’re sending it back to the person who put them up in the first place.


But I gave talks about them, you see.  It's a group in Britain, it belongs to the Department of Defense, the psychological warfare group.  Their job is to go around, scour the Internet and pray on people actually that are nuisances, people who maybe know things or who are getting too close to hot topics or whatever it happens to be, and to throw them off the track. Or defame them. There's a whole bunch of dirty tricks they use. That's what intelligence agencies do, is lots of dirty tricks.


This is a battle for information in an information age, naturally. Back in the 90s they talked about the coming Internet age basically, a war on information and of information and who might win it. I can remember even reading articles at the time were Hillary Clinton talked about it with other people and she talked about this coming war of information, how it would have to be handled, etc., and didn't want to outright ban things but there had to be other ways to sort of limit information.


Of course, you see where it all went today, where if you say anything close to any topic at all [Alan chuckles.] you're completely banned immediately.  But apart from that you also get hammered by psy-ops organizations, thousands of them. The Brigade in England works for the military, I might touch on a bit later on, the actual original article, where they came out and boasted about what they're up to, some of what they're up to. They boasted about thousands of, of having thousands of people working for them, and thousands more to draw from, like part-timers basically, to tackle big issues.


Like bombarding the Internet and targeting individuals basically, targeting them with your defamatory information or wrong information. Then they have again a different department that dreams up the ideas, you know, you understand how intelligence agencies during the Cold War really worked. There's been some good movies put out from good novels and so on, some of them written by people who were in intelligence agencies.  Sometimes a bit far-fetched or dramatic just for the movie version or the novel version, because most intelligence work is boring stuff, very boring.


Like Bezmenov said, it's nothing to do really with the James Bond stuff, it's mainly to do with destroying the culture of your opponent.  And psychological warfare. And altering the culture, you take down, using the Gramsci methods of infiltrating and destroying and changing the culture. Well, that was done successfully in the West, completely done.  Look around you.  Look where you are right now in this particular time. This is the outcome of that technique being used for a long, long time in the US and Britain and elsewhere.


But I don't want to get off the topic completely, but the fact is, the intelligence agencies often showed you some of the techniques that they used. One of them came to mind as well, it was called Russia House, where they talk about the characters who manage the Cold War. Both sides. All sides in fact. And how it was very profitable. And it certainly is for those who run it all. But how they also put out counterintelligence to their opponents, and, for the people within their own countries. You see.


We have to remember that most of the intelligence of propaganda is aimed at your own population actually.  [Alan chuckles.]  It was so-called forbidden for a while but it happens anyway, and the US came out eventually under Obama and said that it's okay now to use propaganda on their own citizens in the US. That's a fact, I have the article here from years ago.  But Britain and other countries had always been doing that.  Because you must get your people behind you, you see. The same as a war, if you want a war, the first casualty of war is truth, you see. So you must get the people behind you, just like the PNAC group used the term, the phrase, for the lists they had drawn up that they wanted to attack and take over by using the US military, to get the people on board, behind them, the domestic population behind them, they said they would need a Pearl Harbor event. That's not make-believe, that's fact. It's out there. And you had 9/11 pop-up so...  That's what you must do. So again, truth is always the first casualty of war.


And once it's all going, truth doesn't matter anymore. Because that's out the window. Once you've got troops in somewhere, it doesn't matter if it's uncovered as being false, the reasons for being there in the first place, you've got to get them in their first, get involved, get the huge machinery of war on the go and on site and away you go. Most of the public then just sit back and let it happen, they've not much say or input in the first place, you see.But that's how it works.


They came up with amazing ideas to confuse populations both domestically and worldwide. Often, too, it's like, it's the mystique of things, they give you big diversions, which are interesting too, but they're also tests upon populations.  They'll put out something, a false narrative, and watch how fast it travels around the world. I read an article a few years ago as well from MIT where a professor there stated that he was teaching his class on how to put out fake information on history, and then because they were given access to the chitchat on the Internet and electronic media, by the government, everything is farmed out, all your private stuff is farmed out, and they said then they could follow all the chitchat, to see who was rebroadcasting the chitchat with the false history in it, to see how fast it...


Well, why do you think they were doing that?  It's because right now a lot of it's being used, of all the information put out by intelligence agencies. And it's been awfully successful. And the testing by MIT and others is exactly that, it's testing, to see how well it can be done. And also, how they can set up groups, they seem to spread out of nowhere when folks jump on a really incredulous idea.  And it doesn't matter about the validity of the idea, it's the idea itself, it’s to get them in conflict with other people and say, oh don't be crazy, that could never be the case. It doesn't matter if it's flat earth or what it is, as long as you get something out there that gets people yelling at each other, and almost ready to fight each other.  It's quite…


You must understand the power, the power that behaviorists and psychologists have over the general public. The last people to understand they are being manipulated are the victims of manipulation. And when emotion takes over you've lost it and they have won, you see.  Always, it's always the same thing.


These techniques were also used by the Communists in the Soviet era as well, as Yuri Bezmenov said.  And it doesn't matter about the truth being said by, being spoken about by guys like Bezmenov and others before him, the fact is, as he said, the ones who are totally convinced of the utopia of Soviet-ism/communism, call it what you want it's all the same system, Marxism, the wonderful utopia, that never seems to materialize, they said that you could take them right up to the prison camps, the Gulag's, and they still wouldn't believe it.


That's how it is with indoctrination. People want to believe so badly, so incredibly..., in fact, if they've been under it for years, that becomes their whole reality, it's a religion for them, a real religion for them, fanatical.  They'll just crackup on the spot and go berserk of they're actually forced to see what's really happening.  That's how it is.


But the thing is, he said that it was in the 1970s, that the Communists of the Soviet bloc countries were so astonished to see how well that assault, total assault on the culture and value system of the West had been.  I used to give talks on what your culture comprises of, but even the more surface kind of things like, never mind your language, and that gets changed as well by the way, and so does even your dress mode, what's in trend today for the youngsters especially, and every age group is catered to of course. Like uniforms. 


People never figure it out, the battle between communism is not communism against really capitalism. Because capitalism never dies off, it really takes over the system, and actually they benefit more off it.  [Alan chuckles.]  I mean, the Soviet Union was up to its eyes in hock to foreign banks and different things like that, you'd be surprised.  Yeah.  I know.   Again, it's wonderful for those who own these big corporations, in the Soviet bloc countries, or anywhere else for that matter, because they could get the governments of other countries under the Economic Development Corporation that were set up by the United Nations, every country had them, a continuation of the lend-lease programs after World War II, right up to the present time. Your governments would then bail them out in these bloc countries, so the corporations were guaranteed to get bailed out, guaranteed money. Not less money but what they wanted.  Ha.  It works awfully well for them.


But the folk at the bottom never figure it out, really. They never do. The few that do might end up in the gulags themselves. The facts don't matter, you see.  There's always the same resurgence of the same, by the same folks actually who are pushing this idea of communism. And right now as I've said, it doesn't surprise me at all that all the demands that are being put out by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and when you really look at their manifesto, it's communism basically, pure and simple.


But it's exactly what the World Economic Forum run by the richest folk on the planet want, for sustainability, depopulation, austerity for the general population, postconsumer society, yada, yada, ya and down to rationing. So, they're actually helping to fulfill what the elite, the richest folk on the planet want. These richest folk on the planet and their big massive international corporations that own the resources of the world, they're getting the left-wing to do their bidding for them.  [Alan chuckles.] Isn't that amazing, 'eh?!  And the ones at the bottom never figure that out.  They really don't. They just don't figure it out at all.


It's the fastest way to get to where they want for the WEF.  They actually said that, and the Club of Rome said it too, that they'll be able to achieve all of their goals for sustainability by using the Covid, but also, they're jumping on this idea with the communist left... Isn't it amazing how it all coincides at the same time?  But it's just coincidence, right?  It's just a coincidence. It's one of the solar things that, you know, the stars are all in the right positions and having this flux in space, 'eh, that's what it is, isn't it?  Hhhch.  Well that's what the intelligence agencies would put out for you.


Getting back to what I said, I remember them doing similar things before, tests as well.  One of them was after 9/11, just building up to 9/11 in fact, and some people who followed what they would call, or I would call loosely, the New Age movement. Because it was a... oooh, a smorgasbord of all ideas and things and all the old and new and so on. Again, that was all getting geared up big time through the 90s, again for a big change in society, peace and understanding, all that kind of stuff. Aquarian movement, you know.


People that I knew would say to me, because they got it from different sources, I wasn't on the Internet at all.  They would say, you know, we're going to go through a photon belt, a big photon belt. And I thought, well photons are what comes from the sun anyway, that's light, you see. Yeah, but it was going to be a real heavy belt that we're going to go through, and some of the talk shows at night and so on would go through these things, that's how they were promoting this idea of a photon belt. 


But the New Age, the ones who, you see, the whole New Age movement was really run from the top.  Again there's big institutions running, that actually are actually famed for using psychological warfare and incredible testing on the general population that have no idea of it. This is well understood.  But the idea with a photon belt, you see, was before the flat earth theory came back, was resuscitated.  Because it was an old idea, the flat earth, very old of course as you know, then it came out in the 19th century again and back into the 20th and 21st.


But the photon belt and this idea, because everybody was getting ticked off with this idea of 9/11, it just had happened.  They said, we're going to go through this belt, of this photon belt. This is from the top New Age movements who were using all the different terms and occultic terms and so on, which everybody knew, it was in all the books. But they said, everybody, everybody suddenly across the whole globe, everybody, no exceptions, right, would suddenly instantaneously know everything. We'd all know everything, no work involved. We'd all be immediately enlightened, and we'd just know everything. No secrets could be held from us all because we'd know it all, you see.  Not because we did anything, it was because we went through this magic photon belt, it did it all to us magically.


So, I've watched this kind of thing happen, knowing darn well it's obvious to me that literally intelligence agencies write this stuff up and then say, well it's working on people.  And it also helps to defuse folk from going any further in demanding answers from governments, for instance, like 9/11, etc. Because now you just wait and wait, if you wait long enough, you see, all of a sudden, you'll get enlightened by magic. These are delaying tactics and diffusing tactics, that's how they're used.


So, we get all these different theories coming along and building up, and you're studied and studied with all the theories that are put out there and the chitchat and all the rest of it.  Again, you get the groups like the 77th Brigade involved, officially, Department of Defense, thousands of these characters literally in live time manipulating your data to you and back.  And you think they're all real people that are just interested in this?  No, no, these folk literally are countering, they are playing you. You're being played.  The folk that get involved and caught up and sucked up in have no idea that it's… They think it's all, I just hate this guy that keeps emailing me, he tells me that…. No, no, these are agents, these are literally psy-op wars they call them and they're counterintelligence agencies all working to manipulate your thoughts, etc. That's how it's done.


The whole idea is a big chessboard in intelligence, and they tried to, they came up with an idea they want to bring off, pull off something, you see, against your enemy in such a way that he will walk into all the different traps that you leave, he'll walk into them.  He'll get lead there and led here and led there, and without, until the bitter end he realizes he's been had and he's been played. And that's how it's done. 


Today there's battalions of these characters employed to screw you up.  I've mentioned before, I don't go on Twitter and Facebook. Because I know what they are. You can just tell who, see obviously who really set them up and what set them up, behind the front people that set them up.  They're essential elements to total control, obviously. Total control.  Because they start off as something where you volunteer to put your info up on, and they make it almost mandatory or necessary to use to make an income in this day and age. That's how they get you all sucked into it.  Then they start deciding who will be put off of it or punished for whatever. It was all planned before you heard the name Zuckerberg.


Believe you me, all planned.  You have to go back into the 90s, and yeah, as I say, Hillary Clinton and other ones talking about what they would do, etc. and have to do. They weren't worried about losing control of the dialogue. Whoever they happen to be. After all, can you figure out who they're really working for? It's not followers, they're not working for the followers.  [Alan chuckles.] Again, that's the beauty, the macabre beauty of the dark arts as they call it, you know, of persuasion, manipulation and using your natural emotions to get what they want from you, as they do you in basically and put you under. Or have you crack up and either really commit suicide or appear to commit suicide.  That's the technique that's used.  Over and over again.


In fact, it was skillfully inserted, the idea of the techniques, a minuscule amount of it, mind you, in the movie The Good Shepherd. It gives you an idea how it works. It also brings into it the idea of how sex is used, 'eh, for blackmail eventually; that's involved in the movie too.  And how you can get to your real target through their offspring or relatives as well and threaten blackmail if you don't comply with them, etc.   That's of course what the whole Epstein organization was about. Again, and he really is an asset of the big agency above him of course.  That wasn't just a horny guy there with an insatiable appetite for young girls. But that's the system we truly live in.


Your emotions, all your emotions are played against you and used against you.  And the psy-op warriors, as they say, countless numbers of them can hammer you all the time and soak up your time if you fall into that trap as you try to answer them or stand up for yourself. Or you'll hear false accusations at times, and say wait a minute here, this is psy-op thing, just ignore it. Because that's what you got to do, is ignore these things. They want to suck you in and suck your time away and suck you dry basically, or have you crack up. Some people really are very sensitive and if you fall for whatever they are giving you, you'll be ripped apart. Absolutely ripped apart, you know.


You've got to remember too, the Internet is... it's...  hhhch, it's the biggest can of information ever invented, where everybody is stuffed into this big can and those who own the can and manage the can, can dissect your entire personality and life history from you. So be careful what you're putting out there too. Don't forget as well you can be sucked into organizations just chatting away and they'll try to label you as some kind of terrorist, for instance. It's just astonishing the things that they're putting out.  The FBI seems to be classifying everybody as a terrorist, even just the crazier fringe type people as well, and ignoring the ones who are [Alan chuckles.] doing anything at all right now as cities burn and shops are looted, etc. 


It's interesting though, as I say, I find it interesting to watch this, again, the same techniques that Plato talked about, understand the techniques of what worked in the past to get certain things done and if you understand the sequence of implementation then you can create the societal conditions, the acceptance of each stage of it, implement them in the same order and they will work. It doesn't matter if it's for 1000 years ago or 2000 or whatever, it will always work again.


It really is astonishing, that.  It's kind of sad too. We like to think we're really special, don't we, and that we're always on the cutting edge of understanding and beauty and perfection of knowledge and all that kind of thing. But no, we are pretty well deluded, [Alan laughing.] pretty much so deluded.  Rather sadly too. And willingly. The best kind of delusion is to be willingly adhered to it, willingly enter into the pack of delusion, and get used by, again, intelligence agencies.  You always get used. 


What I'm saying is just what I've said before, with the guys who are being set up over the years by intelligence agencies in the West, since 9/11 especially, where you would often read about sting operations for police or FBI or their counterparts in other countries, and set up sting operations by putting out people on the net.  A lot of young Moslems fall into this too.  They would put out really rabid preachers, what seemed to be preachers in Islam and in would come the followers, young guys who were always picked up so easily.  Your psychology is very predictable when you're young and young guys, oh that's terrible, we should belong to that and do the right thing and all that.  Then they get used, set up, then they're supplied by fake explosives and things and then in would come the cops and arrest them or the FBI. Then they would admit how they did it, they would admit how it was done.


Now, these young guys might never have got any further beyond the bitching part – oh, you can't say bitching anymore, that's been disallowed apparently.  So, they were getting beyond the complaining part and actually falling for it. But they probably would never have done that if they had just kept complaining amongst themselves and griping, you know. But that's how things really work.


I've noticed for a long time, even before, you know, all the present debacle and troubles etc., but long before that, from the books I've read, old books to do with the Bolshevik revolution and just before the Bolshevik era, what was happening and how it was getting set up by infiltrators. Again, there's always this element of different groups, ethnic groups wanting to dominate other ethnic groups as well and vice versa, conflicts of all kinds, and religious groups sometimes.  But how they set up the conditions to get enough people to follow the initial revolutionaries. It was very similar to what we're seeing today.


The Black Lives Matter idea initially had protesters against crime, against horrible crime obviously against people, regardless of who they are or what they may or may not have done you don't treat people that way.   So you had the initial outrage, but it was so quickly hijacked by a group, two groups really that work together and often share the same funding sources, [Alan chuckles.] that are avowed to wait for this, any spike, to jump in, in the summer. And they did it, you see. And then commandeer it. 


Then all the followers still keep the chanting going, because you must have the sheep.  You got to be honest here, if you follow a group, a big group, you've given away your rights to think for yourselves. If you start shouting slogans, you've given away your right to think for yourself. In fact, you're advertising it. This is what George Orwell knew perfectly well when he wrote Animal Farm, the four legs good, two legs bad, they tell you who are your enemies, and you all just chant it in unison.  And this is how you do it, you give up your rights to think for yourselves.  Until you're a willing dupe because you won't get what you think you're after, whatever that happens to be you. 


Even your temporary solidarity, where you actually seem to be fitting in maybe for the first time in your life with something that seems to be bigger than yourselves, that's how it works, it always appeals to young people, always.  And those who run the system at the top, that really are big intelligence agencies, believe you me, a lot of them too are privately owned.  Big ones.  They know how to manipulate the minds and use you all. But the ones who are in the forefront of it all, the ones who are trained, the anarchists, or revolutionaries, are really mercenaries. That's what they are. And they're well-funded and well-paid. And maybe well looked after when everybody else is paying the price for it all. That's how things really, really work.


It's a sad thing to watch, isn't it? As it gets repeated over and over and over again, the same thing. From Peter the Hermit to the present time, the same ideas getting used over and over again, always using the young.  I gave Peter the Hermit's talks back in the late 90s and how he literally came out, this unaffiliated kind of separate preacher, or priest, and encouraged the young children to go dancing off to God's holy city.  Yeah.  Of course, lots of them got rounded up on the way and put into slavery and massacred and used and abused and… But that's what happens because life was so hellish then for those folk though, for the peasants and their children, so hellish that it's easy to sell them an idea of utopia, even though it's magical, again, you know.


Today of course you get the lull, a managed lull, as we go through changes, big changes.  The century of change, getting back to what the big thing tanks all worked upon in the last century, the coming century of change.  Carol Quigley's idea, working for the same group, they can get more done in a social system, construct system for change in five years of war than 50 years of peace. And they have, haven't they?


9/11 started it all and suddenly no, it's not an enemy that they're tracking, [Alan chuckles.] it's everybody at home across the Western world.  You have no rights and freedoms and all your information is monitored and scoured by intelligence agencies and programs.  And you can't just move anywhere, it's papers please and yada, ya, who are you and why are you here and yada, ya, and all that stuff, you see.  You've watched the very quick erosion of all your rights, traced and traced and all the rest of it.


This is the next part of it for the WEF and the Club of Rome, is this part you're going through today. They will bring through, you'll see it, if there's a true revolution, you see, if something was really spontaneous or even well-planned and completely different, outside the realms of the present controllers, they would be hammering away at the WEF and the Club of Rome and all the rest of them, that are going to manage the aftermath of this and who are going to manage their whole rationing system after all the chaos and the big financial collapse and all that. All planned, obviously.


But they won't go after those characters, will they? They'll be… they'll be… they'll go along with that all too once all the main things have been achieved, you see, which is the destruction, end of individual liberty.  It's going to be into collectivism then, you'll be told what you're going to be, and go where you're going to be told to live and designated to live, if they allow you to live, be alive to live at all, it all depends.  It's a new regimented system.  That's what it is.


The people who are helping to bring it all to pass, no, they see the utopia and some strange kind of magical thing that will come along, and people would just be wonderful to each other. Then it won't happen that way, so they'll suddenly see commissars and their own courts just suddenly appear, magically again.  Then they'll all be, different ones, put up on trial for not being firm enough, you see, and dogmatic enough, and a comrade believer, they won't have enough of it, and you'll start to see these trials go on as they turn on each other.


This is what they do, the ones who cause it all.  But way above that, you see.  But the one who follow it all are then put on trial themselves and put off to gulags. Because it's already understood, if you've turned, if you have turned, here's the key to it, the system that you're living under at the moment, if you've turn on it to enable another group to take over, right, then you can't be trusted by the other group when you've turned on your own country, regardless of what it's done, and they can trust you either.


I hope you understand this.  This isn't scarce stuff. This is fact.  This is how it works.  It's known.  We live through this whole idea of extraordinary rendition, when the group ruling had us all off to war, all the countries off to war to fight across the Middle East and Afghanistan, preplanned of course before 9/11 by the group who published it all.  [Alan chuckles.]  But again, facts don't matter. It doesn't matter that General Wesley Clark was out talking about the list on Democracy Now, he's up on YouTube.  He said, I didn't believe it, there's a whole list of the different countries to take out, ya-duh-duh-duh.  But that doesn't matter. Facts don't matter, you see, when there's plans.  Everything is a plan. Everything is part of the agenda.


Do you really think the big characters that run the world allow things like this to happen? No, they make things like this to happen, and they use them. And they'll direct them. That's how it is. Because they want the world to go into a more organized manage system, which is more efficient to manage the public. This is what they want. And the chaos, or even the death and destruction that it causes, it doesn't matter, that's acceptable. 


That's what old David Rockefeller talked about.  He was in the CIA. He was in everything, head of the CFR and Trilateral Commission at one point, but he was in the CIA too. He actually lent them money for black projects, they talk about it in their books, [Alan chuckles.] the actual guys who worked there in the CIA at the time.  M-hm.  And he says, well, he says, you know, all these different things that happen in society, the public are ignorant of what happens, he says.  That's what he was referring to at least. And he says, you know, here's what we want to happen in the world, and he says, and he meant there would be a lot of chaos and fallout from it and he says, but he says you know, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. So, what you're seeing now is just the eggshells, the chaos in the streets and that and the rioting. But that will be taken care of by those who are managing it and say, now it's time to go into that phase, you see.  That's how things really work.


Most folk won't listen to it, it doesn't matter. And youngsters, as I say, they love to belong to something, for the first time. Most of the people really feel alienated at school.  They might have had one or two people that they knocked around with, but they still don't really, they're not part of, they're still growing up, big thing, you're growing up, it doesn't excuse things, and you can still kill folk quite easily if you’re part of a radical movement, and you're still growing up, that's why they use young guys for the military of course. 


But regardless, they're still growing up and they want to belong to something where they are part of something. And folk who are part of something, which is awfully strong...  Why do you think you get so many movies on war, fictional movies, and it's always your country that's always in the right and yada, yada, ya?  It doesn't matter what country is showing, it's the same formula for the movie. Your guys are the heroes, the good guys.  And the truth is, in reality, this is a fact, because psychology is a big part of it, behaviorism is a big, big part of it and how we are as human beings.


Look at all the veteran’s clubs in all countries down through the last 150 years or so. And the guys all, when they get together have a great time. It's the only time when their lives were on the line and it was live or die, you didn't know what it was going to be, what it did to their mindset, they'll never forget, they'll never ever look back on it, they could never go back and criticize it, most of them anyway. They can't do it.  The initial propaganda of the reason for whatever war it was, has stuck with them. It's always simplistic stuff. And it works, it's embedded there, because they've got to believe in it after what they've been involved with and what they did themselves, you see.  This is well understood by behaviorists.  Well understood. They will, the guys that'll hang on to the end, the brotherhood that they were involved with will be their pals, you see, they were there with them, because it's the only time in their lives they felt part of something, regardless of the outcome of what they were involved in and what it maybe did that was detrimental to the whole society in the long run, it doesn't matter. And it happens in every country. No matter what side folk are on.


So it's all well understood and as I say, Bezmenov talked about it too and how they must always round up the ones in the forefront, not the leaders themselves but the ones who work with the leaders, from the group of the followers.  They are the ones who get arrested and pay the price. The leaders simply disappear off and have new identities, etc. often in other countries, well-paid too.  That's how the world really is run.


The last folk that they want to know are the ones who are being used to bring in the next stage of the postconsumer society. First it was postindustrial, that's what Maurice Strong was all about, you must end industry in the West. Well, they were already doing that, the guys he worked with, and the Rockefellers.  It was Rockefeller remember that picked him up and initially gave him all the power in the world to do what he did and backed him, etc.  But postindustrial, to bring the world back to a stage before the 20th century. Before the 20th century, I hope you understand, once you're in austerity and poverty, and energy restrictions, the death rate escalates at a heck-of-a pace, believe you me. And this is what they want to bring back, 'eh?  That's what the young folks are going to see, and they're bringing it in thinking they're going to have this wonderful utopia. No, you're going to bring in exactly what the elite wants. Yep.


Getting back to extraordinary rendition, and here's another thing, never forget this, the techniques never change. Down through time, from very light psychological techniques to heavy ones, to deep narcosis and so on, techniques to get information out of people, and nevermind human nature itself, when it comes to the crunch and they go after members, when horrific things have happened you see, that's, and the public won't mind then because it's been horrific things that have happened when they go after someone, no one is safe that took part in it, no one.  All their names are out in the open. And all the plea deals come in. Okay, we'll let you off with so-and-so if you just tell us who your immediate groups are and so on, yada, yada, ya.  And people sing. They sing. And that's without the torture.  And if they want to go into torture, then you see them really sing. Because they must always get rid of those they've used to bring in the phase of it, you see, once they've accomplished the mission. I hope you understand what I'm saying here. Some might listen. Some might not.


Because there's so much psychology involved, and I haven't mentioned all the other reasons for it too. I've said before that in the 70s I had the same feeling, and into the 80s, the same feeling of, it was a strange...  it was like a lack of purpose that permeated the air. It was like HG Wells talked about and others talked about before World War I and then World War II. He said, it was in the air. Everybody knew it was coming, we just didn't, you know, you were outside of the causing of it, but you know that you're going to be part of it and it was in the air, it was inevitable. That's what you felt. 


But also the same feeling can be when an economy is changing drastically and again it's like today when you see fires in all different parts of US cities and people by the hundreds getting bussed in, well-financed and well organized and trained, you know, to do what they're going to do, when you see it all happening you know this is to lead somewhere else, but from what they're telling you, as I say, it goes to the WEF and austerity and yada, yada, ya and the Club of Rome, and all the other top groups that work with them.  It's what they want. Well, it's been in the air for a long time.


In the 70s when they were destroying the economies, the traditional economies in Britain, say, and Maggie Thatcher when she got in, she said, there's a generation growing up now that will never see work in their lifetime.  This is before you heard of universal basic income.  Huh?  They had all these different trial runs beforehand to iron out the problems and so on.  At that time, they tried to, they opened up all the pubs all day long. She said, it's better to have them inside the pub spending their welfare money, they're not on the streets marching and rioting.


She didn't invent this idea of how to manage. No, it's intelligence agencies, that's old stuff, how to do it.  Today of course they're using massive quantities of drugs and all kind of things, and also the Covid scare, oh you can’t go out anymore, just stay at home, get drunk or something, you see.  Yep.  The whole thing is working together at the same time.  Not by coincidence. Never by coincidence. Never ever.  So, you’re living through a plan.


So that's the feeling that you felt in the air back then when all that was happening, that there was a… I had to imagine, it's like there was a void, a void in the ether you might say, you sensed it, of your existence.  And that's what's here today again. We've had that for a while now too after free trade for years with China, set up by the same folk at the WEF, who are running the show to bring you into austerity, who gave it all, all, because it's their corporations, over to China, to make things cheaper then to get a bigger profit. And to do away with the work in the West.  So naturally there is this kind of, well, where do we go from here? All these millions, it wasn't thousands, it was millions of folk put out of work all through the Americas for instance that worked in factories, written off, you know, just like that, bomf. 


By the same folk who are sitting smiling at this agenda for post consumerism.  Now, post doesn't mean you're not going to consume.  It means it's going to be restricted and planned by specialists to make it more efficient for those at the top.  A rationing system. Guaranteed payments, by the way, as always, by anybody who's left working. Because they'll be giving huge handouts, and they already are, to folk who will never be working, so the people who are not working can buy all the goodies, or any goodies that are still allowed to be bought, and guaranteed payments by the governments from the taxpayer.  That's what the big elite wanted for so long. They love socialism/communism, expertly run societies birth to death, cradle-to-grave and all that kind of stuff. They love it because it’s efficient, and they're guaranteed to have everything they make, including the vaccines, bought and paid for by the governments.  Isn't that amazing?  And so, the Anti-fascists are encouraging fascism, [Alan laughing.] by not going after all the rest of it, 'eh?  And that's how crazy things are at the moment.


So, if you're a follower and its four legs good and two legs bad, then you wait and see, you know, you will. Just, I don't have any dogs in the fight here because I stand outside history to an extent and watch it. I knew before Donald Trump got in that the people in America had nobody really to vote for. I mean, who are you going to vote for?  The same system that was ongoing that had you involved in a 30-year war across Afghanistan and the Middle East?


Because don't forget, the first one started with Kuwait, 'eh, and then the 10 year no flyovers and buildup of American military across there getting ready for the next phase. 9/11 came along, they were all ready for Afghanistan before it happened. Then Iraq too and all the other countries that are on the list. They're still at it now too using proxy armies and everything else. The people in the West are just fed up with it all. We're fed up with it. Of course, we're fed up with it.  We're sick of it. 


And you're watching the GDP of the US getting plastered across the world as the folk literally are stagnant in wages and work at home, for years. It wasn't just there, Canada was exactly the same, stagnant wages for years and years.  Then when they eventually, like 20 years later they give them an increase, up to a supposed basic income, it's still worth less than 20 years ago in purchasing power, because the dollar has dropped in value so much that you need an awful lot more dollars to get the same basic stuff. We're played like you wouldn't believe. We're played, aren't we?


And nothing changes because the same characters that run the whole financial system will run it after this whole big change, once they call off leaders of the revolutionaries, as they'd call them. They call them off and then you've already come into the next phase, you see, of the system.  And you call off the revolutionary leaders, as I say, they disappear and melt off into different areas. Then you see that you're not getting your utopia after all, and the same characters are always in charge of it!


And you're all equally poor as you're all paying now for the basic, the basic necessities. Guaranteed to be paid by you all [Alan chuckles.] that it's taken back off your basic income, as a wage. In Canada, that's what they did, if you get unemployment benefits or even welfare you get taxed on it.  [Alan chuckles.]  So, it's the same kind of thing, you'll be given a universal basic income, that will get taxed too, and that tax will be just skimmed off to pay for, well everybody can't get the same as you, so we're going to pay for it all for everybody, you see.  Yep, there ya go.  And guaranteed payments, so they can jack up the price all the time, guaranteed payment, when the government's using your money to pay for it to private corporations.  That's what happens.


The whole idea of using ethnic groups to battle it out was done in the early 20th century in the States. They already picked and trained some of the early leaders in the States, that eventually fell out with them. In fact, they turned against the trainers when they realized they were getting used to create a war inside America. Repetition, 'eh, just repetition.  And of course, the followers think, this time we'll get it right.  Well, really?  Really?  Hm.  What does right mean? What does right mean, hm? So again, I generally speak to individuals, I've always said that from the time I started. Because people who want to follow groups and so on will do so regardless and fall into the same traps over and over.


What we don't have enough today, it's not group mentality, it's individualistic mentality. 


That I can remember the United Nations, again, don't forget too, that has the façade, it's an outward demonstration of being communist, you see, socialist/communist, but in reality, don't forget it was set up by again the richest folk that ran the British Empire. From the Lord Alfred Milner group, the League of Nations, to the Royal Institute for International Affairs, all the same group that gave you the present structure that's all for bringing it in, and also gave you the WEF by the way and the Club of Rome, their think tanks. They are bringing in the next part of their system. The same group, the same people.  And it will be to their benefit at the top. Of course it will be.  Of course it will be.


Now, the psychological technique too, that the communists use  is confusion. Remember that the general population just sit and try to, they try to, they are fed, spoon-fed this stuff by media, what to think or believe or whatever even though it doesn't make much sense to them. And especially when you're saying, there's so much video footage out there, and admissions by members in Antifa and so on how well organized and well financed they are. And how they have gone into cities, you see them going into some towns or cities, they've already selected the streets before they go in and they start burning and looting and so on. That's out there, you can't deny it.  It's not actors doing that, I mean hhhch, unless they're paying millions of bucks to millions of actors.


But anyway, you're seeing it, but the general public have been told by the mainstream media, that obviously must be giving clips of this stuff occasionally, and they're still calling it just protests. This is not protests. These are not protests at all.  At least the ones you're seeing, the violent ones, definitely.  It's the same memes too, destroy the past, it's all communist techniques, destroy the past for a new era.  And you begin at the year zero, again, that's what they always give you, year zero, here's the new normal, here's the new beginnings, right. And we're witnessing it all come to pass.


But again, the general public are confused.  They can't, because they can't figure out themselves, why would these people with straight faces that they've watch for years, these newscasters, continuously come on and tell them that it's protests? Why do they keep using the same terminology, you know? It's because the richest folk on the planet, again, own the media.  [Alan laughing.]  That's why they're telling you, they're all part of it. They're all given their marching orders, of course they are. Always.


Because it's a whole new system that's supposed to get brought in from this. I hope you understand what I'm saying here. And it's not what the ones at the bottom think it's going to be. It's going to be a new organized efficient system of technocracy on behalf of the global elites, who will live in their own utopia like a plane above us almost. I can't remember that movie they made; it was some years back. But it wasn't that great really.  It was about a time when there would be this kind of artificial satellite space, like a land, and all the elite would go there, back and forth, and you'd have to be awfully good to get to live there where it wasn't  cramped and crowded. But on the planet, it was all the working-class living in squalor.  I can't remember what it was called.  [Elysium.]  Again, it wasn't that well done really, they could've done more with that one. 


It was to give you the idea of where, of the system that's coming in. Because the elite will live in a different plateau of existence to an extent than the rest of us down below. That's what it's about. And gradually the population will be brought down and down.  They even have figures and timelines for it being brought down by X percent, and X percent, and X percent.  I remember reading that years ago from the Department of Defense again in one of their big think tanks where every other year they would, with the big projections for the years up to about 2040 and beyond that and so on, and how by 2030 they said, I think it was the population would suddenly decrease. They didn't say why but they just said it would do that and they had different dates for different reduction rates, etc.


So, it's all planned that way, you know. These characters are given incredible data feeds that you'll never see of the facts and figures, of the present real facts and figures, the real ones, not the ones that are getting dished out to the public, on every possible topic and so on. They work with the Futurist Societies, organizations that the big characters employ and pay awfully well for their projections. The same futurists often work with policymakers across the world, when asked to do so, on behalf of the elite, and with the intelligence agencies as well. 


There is nothing spontaneous, nothing happens by itself. And the public never catch on. They're kept in this limbo of trying to figure out what's really going on and they can't believe that so many, again, respectable media characters are telling them blatant lies, after they've just shown them footage of burnings and stuff like that, you know. It's quite something, isn't it?


Most folk can't imagine, get their heads around the fact that the media is part of the collusion, to the incredible nth degree of it all. They can't really get their heads around that, as riots, and terrible riots are happening.  It's quite a time to be alive and watch this kind of thing happening, occurring, and folk being literally shocked and they can't really figure things out. And still folk hope they can get back to some kind of normality. Even, and the clues are given to you all the time, even without Fauci and others, they give you these statements that are used down through time. 


After 9/11 they came out, before the dust settled, of who their target was going to be, right, Osama bin Laden.  Hhhhhh, and then it was followed by one of the members of the CFR actually saying, things will never be the same again.  Covid breaks out and you hear Fauci, oh things will never go back to normal again, it will never be the same again.  Yeah, yep.  Never, 'eh?  Wasn't that rather an amazing comment to be given over something they were supposedly just starting to understand, they hadn't even understood yet?  It will never be the same again, he says. They're telling you they're a part of something much bigger and the whole thing is something, it's a part of something much bigger than what you think it is.  It's a big plan.


Of course there's a big plan. And honestly, I don't, ha, I have no confidence at all after reading about the vaccination companies involved in this and the actual alteration of genes in your body, this new type of vaccine, AT ALL. No.  Gates has been trying to push this one for years, this particular type of vaccine is completely different from the old kinds.  It will all turn the DNA in your body. Well, no thank you, no.  Coming from eugenicists like Bill Gates, 'eh, it gives you a lot of faith. He also wants to reduce the population drastically. Well, no thanks. No thanks. No.


And where, where is the anti-fascism about mandatory vaccination? Mandatory payment no matter what. These are not free vaccines across the planet, you're going to be paying for them all. And for everybody else. Where's the anti-fascists, when this is pure fascism, as I've said before, where corporations are going to get governments to mandate, by law, everybody take their product?  Hm? 


No, no, no. Little clues, little clues like that tell you.  I hope the antifascist followers are listening to this kind of thing. They should be listening. Doesn't that give you a little clue who's really behind all this? Because if your leaders aren't protesting that, mandatory vaccinations from corporations that have horrific records, some of them, in some of these companies, 'eh, to give you an experimental thing that's going to change the DNA makeup in your cellular structure and epithelial tissue?  Huh?  Permanently?  But nope, we haven't heard about that.  Nope. 


I've often been astounded at some of the things that people really believe in.  And people I know in fact. I can remember one fella I knew who had fallen for the old Ayn Rand idea, years ago.  He had all her books and belonged to a society in the US that kind of were followers for the independent movement for individualism he thought, you know. And I said, you know, because you have to stand outside of things often, I really mean that, most folk can't get out of it if you're emotionally involved in something.  But I said, d'you realize that Ayn Rand belonged to a wealthy family, you know, because it was the pseudonym she used and so on.  Came from Russia.  Had a, she was a mistress to a stack of very, it was only very important folk mind you, you see, because that went along with her idea of special and success and winners, you see, as opposed to the losers.  And that's what she had in all the novels that she went on about. 


He was working guy, this guy, you know, a working-class guy.  American working-class guys generally are better off than working-class guys in Britain, for a long time. But still, I mean, he was still a working-class guy. I said, you know, do you like your system and so on?  Yeah, yeah like it. And he liked his own little plot and the shape of things, you know, his little plot of ground I should say, it wasn't much but it was enough and he liked it and he liked his life and his family and all that.  Ayn Rand, I says, would do away with you.  And that kind of floored him. I says, yeah, she's not talking about you, the likes of your little place and you like your tobacco and you like a drink once in a while and you like your family and your wife and so on. I said, she's talking about the ultra-elite, her books are about folk who broke all the rules of what you would call the general accepted rules of society, the cultural rules, the so-called pioneers that would break free of all and do amazing architecture and stuff like that.  Even if they're all twisted buildings that would fall apart, or just dumb and stupid, it didn't make any difference, right, as long as you just broke all the rules to be different, you see, and winners.


That's what she was, and who she mixed with was guys like Rothchild, she was the mistress of one of the Rothschilds for a while, you know.  These aren't just average punters.  And here's the key to it, I said, there's two sides of everything, there's always the same two sides of it. I said, you've got the characters who bring you communism, with this strange idea that you're all part of a big collective and you'll be treated equally because you're just ordinary folks, that's how they see it.  But the ones who own it all are the ones who are not ordinary folk, they are the well-educated, awfully, awfully incredibly rich folk at the top, you see.


Because there's different, getting back to the whole... So anyway, the idea of communism is for the ordinary folk, you see, who are sold on the idea that every, all the ills of the world, including your own personal ills, or whatever your problems are personally too, will be cured by this ideology. Because often there's a lot of unresolved problems in the people themselves, that's life, that's general life, you see, but it will all get fixed when you have a cause and a purpose, you see.


Then you have the Ayan Rand who was on the side of the groups like the WEF and all the international characters that run the financial systems and globalization as they called it, at all their meetings they call the globalization meetings that they held back in the 90s into the early 2020s and so on.  That's really what she was standing up for, for the ones who had it all already. Because they didn't follow basic rules, and when they did strokes of a pen it could collapse economies or build other economies up or whatever. You have no input into that at all. These were the captains of industry, the captains of this, the navigators of society and the direction of society.   That's who she stood up for and no one had ever explained that part to him before. Because in some of her novels she had nothing but disdain for the ordinary folk [Alan laughing.] when you thought through them, hey, they were primitive and collectivist and you know, even if they weren't really. But the ones she mixed with were the ones who had sunk nations, and often financed wars that were not good for the nations and so on, and profited from them too. 


So yeah, you've got to stand outside things and don't fall for them. And don't, hhhhh...  It's just as bad falling for the left-wing idea, that again, all your personal ills will be fixed, all those things that make you insecure or there's something missing or whatever, are going to be fixed because you're now involved in left-wing. It's just the same as what you call the far-far right wing, of superior groups of the ultra-elite.  [Alan chuckles.] Because you either are really one of them, the ultra-elite, or you're not. You see? There's no in between there.  [Alan chuckles.]  Class distinction is very self-evident. It's really does exist. Even in the communist countries, the old ex-communist countries, they had class distinction there too.  Even the cops had class distinction, they'd treat the peasant differently from the Politburo characters and so on.


So yeah, it's just amazing to watch all this come to pass. And folks think that some big movement is going to fulfill everything that's lacking in their lives, all these, all the things that Bernays talked about. Don't forget Bernays was part of a revolutionary movement too, and with his uncle Sigmund Freud, 'eh.  It was a war on society and the Western culture too, that's what Freud said himself when he was coming to America to New York, on the ship he said that. Reporters were there and they said, oh they're going to help America. He says no, he says, I'm coming to help destroy their system, the system.  Of course, that developed into other schools, you might say, and they were pushed and put across the world, and everything's wrong inside you, you see, so we just fix you by doing this, this and this.


Then Bernays, his nephew, who was already a big player in advising and American governments, went to work on America. By understanding his uncle’s theories on the subconscious, you know, and how to motivate people using their desires and all these things which they're unaware of themselves, these swirling emotions that they can't really put into words at times, and that's all used against them. It wasn't just for advertising, that was a big part of it. It was also for war, he was instrumental, he was given the task by the Wilson group, President Wilson, of trying to get people involved so they could get them ready psychologically, so they'd be pro-war for the first world war, and get them in at the end.


That was necessary too by the way.  Interestingly enough, because the Warburg’s already ran the American Federal Reserve, and another Warburg, the brother that was working in Germany, they wanted to make sure [Alan chuckles.]  that all of the countries that were involved in the wars that they didn't want, would be made to pay off the debts.  This is astonishing stuff really, but this is history. It's no conspiracy theory.  You can read about it yourselves in books put out by them from economists and so on.


But yeah, people as I say at the time never figure out they're getting led up the garden path.  Never figure it out. Nope. It's the same too with little bits and pieces, you can always come out with the truth years later, it doesn't matter because folk, it's the immediacy of the emotional upset that causes the problem, at the time, in the present, you know, when it happens. Years later folk just, oh well, you know.  They either shut it off because it's bad memories or it's like it's a dream, a different strange dream that they've had in the past, that's how they see things.


People forget that, for instance, in Britain they had the huge miner's strikes.  There's no doubt about it, Britain at that time too, in the working-class systems and so on, but the miners were so essential at one time to the whole economy and the military of Britain.  Because ships, remember, up until they got the diesel going and then even the nuclear power ones for military, were dependent on coal. That was for all industry, used coal. And coal was the basic energy source for heating every house in the country at one time. So, it was essential.  So, they had power, they got power when they had climbed up to achieve it and had their unions.


But always with the unions you get these infiltrators that are for the Communists, you see. And there's a stage you get to where you've got to be careful what you do when you know the coal, coal isn't, there's other alternatives to coal.  When that happened, and they kept pushing and pushing... They hated Thatcher of course, Maggie Thatcher.  She knew what was going on too. By the way, Maggie Thatcher was the first one who fell for the idea of using climate change and global warming, 'eh.  And her advisor to get that at the time was Lord Moncton.  [Alan laughing.] Isn't that astonishing, 'eh, [Alan laughing.] how people tend to forget these things.  They thought that would be a good tactic to get voters on board with them.


But anyway, yeah, the miners kept pushing and pushing and then eventually went on strikes and strikes and strikes. They had already been closing lots of mines for years, mind you, because they had north sea gas coming in, natural gas they called it and other ways of heating themselves.  But anyway, the miners didn't stop. And what you often find with radicalized movements, at the top, radicalized at the top, they keep pushing and they don't know when to draw back a bit or to stop and just think a bit, and they kept pushing until literally they put themselves out of business.  They had big massive riots with the miners, who saw, and rightfully so, was an end of an era, a massive era. 


I mean, the miners had been digging the coal mines in Britain for, phew, probably a couple of centuries at least, probably longer than that in certain areas.  But it's suddenly coming to an end, it was outside of their...  And that put lots, it put so many folk out of work.  All the other industries that supplied mines, etc., all put out of work, small businesses and medium businesses and bigger businesses, all put out of work, you know.  How she did it too, and folk never get their heads around these things, if you were truly in a Cold War, folk would just stop and think once in a while, if you're truly in a Cold War, 'eh, why would you as a conservative government start importing coal to bypass the miners from a communist country? And Poland at the time was communist.  And that's what she did.  Folk never think it, where's the strange collision that you have that can suddenly bypass all the different ideologies, 'eh?  That's what happened.  So, Maggie Thatcher colluded with the Communists to put the miners out of business. And the radicalized leaders of the mines lost the whole battle because they were too radicalized, some of them, absolutely.  M-hm. 


I can remember Scargill, I think it was Scargill, who was the head of one of the big unions in Britain.  Arthur Scargill.  I think he eventually got knighted, I wouldn't be surprised if he did, you know. Because the communists love to get knighted as well.  I think it was in the papers that he [Alan chuckles.] he'd rebuked his daughter because she was engaged to get married to an Australian miner, a young guy, and Arthur thought it was beneath her to marry an ordinary lower-class miner.  [Alan laughing.]  I tell ya, 'eh.  Human nature, indeed.  So yeah, you would certainly have snobbery once big money comes in. It's very quick to evolve, you know, the stratas that suddenly emerge, the nouveau rich and the already rich and the old rich and so on.  It never really leaves society.  It's part of human nature unfortunately. 


As I say, the Politburo in the Soviet system had their Dachaus in the country, they got access to these things.  Along the Plato idea, you see, of the Republic.  They didn't have to own them; they’d have the use of them. They were staffed with servants, because they love servants, Communists love servants, all leaders love servants and so on. As I've said, Bezmenov said the same thing, that he defected and many others like him had defected because, it wasn't because they lacked anything in the West, they had all the same items they could purchase quite easily, and cheaply for them, and all the luxuries that they had were equivalent to all their counterparts in the West in government.  But the Dachaus in the country for the Politburo and they'd go hunting and all that stuff.  And wonderful trips, they can go abroad and do amazing tours and trips and stuff. It's the general population that couldn't do it, you see.  So, there's an immediate strata of superior types and inferior types and ordinary types. And that's how things really work.  It never fails, it always comes out to be the same way.


But the followers during revolutionary times always think, like that silly song that the Beatles put out, Paul McCartney put out, those were the days.  When they picked what's her name, it's a Welsh singer at the time, young girl... Mary Hopkins to sing, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.  It was about revolution. Because they understand perfectly well that's what, that's all they'll remember their entire life is their part in something that was bigger than themselves. Even though it never, it never comes out to be what they had ever expected it to really be, something that would make them happy. 


You see, that's what's really people are lacking, is this internal peace and happiness.  Yeah, you get all the physical things you're lacking too, but internal peace and happiness is not going to get rectified because you go out and start slaughtering folk. [Alan chuckles.] And expect those that you're following to turnaround and somehow be benevolent towards you.  Again, back to Bernays, it always comes back to the techniques of Bernays and those that were going to destroy the system, 'eh.  Understand the subconscious desires and motivations of people and then you can manipulate them without them even knowing they're being manipulated.  But that means you can be used, very easily, to fill a void that everyone feels.  But it doesn't, it doesn't, it never gets rectified, you see.  It doesn't get rectified.


I remember looking at the studies that were done years ago on communes, a big, big phase in California and the warmer areas of course of the US was communes in the hippie era. And in the post-hippie era too.  How it was peace, love and goodwill and all that kind of thing. That's what they were all taught. Of course the drugs helped a lot.  How you would all share and share alike, you know, the flower children. Old idea. Very old in fact.  Getting back all the way to Peter the Hermit and the poor children then that really had nothing much to look forward to, most of them, getting used.


But in the hippie era, they were really a regurgitation of the wandering folk of Germany in the 1920s and early 30s. Similar things, you know, they had back to nature and the country, camp wherever you were and try to find food on the trees or in the grass or somewhere on the vegetation. You'd all live happily, you could be nude when you wanted to be nude too and all that. Free love came into it, you see. Old idea. Same things are always pushed by those who rule. Because they know the formula, again, Plato gave you the formula, hm.


Getting back to, before I just finish that last part I was thinking about too with Plato, and of course Plato came into that too, was the idea of Politburo, the difference between ordinary folk and the Politburo, or your commissars. Call it what you want because they're all… Folks can't recognize things when they see the same things happening if they're given a different name. It's so simple, isn't it?


So anyway, you had the Plato idea in The Republic, the book, the writings of Plato where he talked about the perfect society.  An idealized fashion, right, how you could breed folk for certain occupations by selective breeding. They'd be selected for, they'd to be mated up by professionals. And this is a long, loong time ago, folks, you know. Right down to breeding the right kind of, like a mathematician married to another mathematician might bring out a mathematician as a child.  The same thing for a bureaucrat, 'eh, so you'd mate them together and you'd have generations of the same stock running the country. But also, military, you bring women into the military and then you have them marry and mate, and even marriage wouldn't even be necessary I suppose if the state was taking care of everything.  Old ideas, 'eh, all for this perfection of the system that would be more efficient. So you'd always be guaranteed a good stock, once you'd selected the real stock and all the bad ones were weeded out or died off or been killed off, you would have the right stock for each different professional trade or whatever it happened to be. 


But he also said, and he always did it in dialogue form, as a kind of imaginary dialogue with whomever he would mention throughout his talks.  He'd say that, would you like a big building and a beautiful big home? Oh yeah, yeah, sure, yeah.  And then he'd say, then well you know you'd need an awfully good income to pay for all that, for you to pay for the building it and repairs and upkeep.  And you want to be wealthy? Oh yeah, I want to be really wealthy. Well, you need a lot of staff and guards and stuff to guard the stuff, because folk want to rob it then, 'eh?  Oh yeah, yeah, right there. And then you want to have parties for the established order to come in and visit and so on, and of course it costs money to feed them and cooks and all the rest of it. Yeah, yeah, that's true, that's true.


Why not, rather than you have to earn all this money and then worry about folks stealing stuff and so on, or getting burned down and losing it all, why not have the public pay for it for you.  So, you're essential to the state, you're one of the elite, you see, and essential to the function of the state so you need a place to entertain people and to live. You can't live in an ordinary hovel like the peasants, you see, so get the peasants to pay for it all through taxation. Then of course you can have a beautiful big building, you'll never have to sit and worry about repairing anything, it will all be taken care of, even if it's partly burned or destroyed, they'll rebuild it all for you and replace it, it won't cost you a penny.  They'll pay for all the staff and servants.  Isn’t that a better way to have it?


And here you have it all out there today, folks, 'eh.  It's the same kind of thing. Do you understand, don't you understand that everything that's happening now was talked about a long, long time ago?  And of course Plato also said that, so you go through a phase like that, he was just talking about different systems of commerce, capitalism, pure capitalism and then democracy that always came in when capitalism had ridden high for a while. Then democracy always led eventually to socialism or communism, which led to anarchy and chaos and deprivation, and inefficient techniques to flow goods and food and everything else. So out of that comes the tyrant, you know, you have to elect a tyrant, put him in charge, the true fascist idea but a real tyrant who will come and save the people. That's what happens, this is the cycle you go through.  That’s what happens.


But again, getting back into as I mentioned before with the wandering folk from Germany and so on. They tried it with, in the warmer climates as I said in the States especially, it's kind of hard to go naked at times when it's in the middle of the snow.  They brought in gurus from India, that was another big, big part of the plan too to help destroy the idea of, say, a Christian perspective. Because it was part of the culture so get rid of that altogether, bring in a new idea of mysticism where anything and everything is possible, at least on paper or inside your head.  And you can certainly agree with it if you're stoned at the time probably and that's about it.


But they had these big experiments, often backed, definitely funded by, again, this strange organization the CIA that runs all the color revolutions.  I've got no doubt it's got a big hand in the present one too.  And they study us so well. Even Charles Manson, remember, there were cameras installed by the FBI watching his little area, I won't call them compounds, but with the folk would just all bedded down and stuff. He was part of that whole operation as they were spying on all the people using sex and drugs and so on. But anyway, he is one of many.


But what you find with communes is always, this is without exception, you'll all start off as equal.  You have a bunch, yes we all agree with this, this, this, and this, you see.  Then you'll find that folk will pair off for sex, you see, they'll pair off. But then you always get the same things coming into it, because you're all free and you're all in love and everything's okay man, and yeah, yeah, yeah.  So, you get indiscretions here in the sexual areas where the whole idea it's all free and no one will get jealous, doesn't last too long and disputes happen. That's human nature, you see. 


But then again you also have another thing happening, it doesn't matter who votes for whom to be leader, or for any span of time, there's always someone wants to take over that position by, again, using the old psychopathic techniques and start to, did you know what he's doing in his spare time? No, I didn't know. He's taking more food than the rest of you and taking more sexual mates than the rest. Oh, I didn't know that. Whatever it is, they'll use all this as an excuse.  That's what they use to sow discord, to try to get the mob, again, to rebel against the rulers. The same thing happens over and over again, just like it was happening today.


So, it's a vie for power, a constant vie for power, you see, and challenging those in charge and that's why they all eventually fell apart. Luckily, I mean, some of them have come out, apart from the usual textbooks for the intelligence agencies and so on to use, there is some of them involved in it at the top and some of the bigger movements that have come out and admitted, this is all true, this is what happened, it was impossible to keep the peace for any length of time because of rivalry. And that's human nature.


Again, it's like a wolf pack, you know, and yeah, after they've all fed and they've all had their pecking order, because there's a definite pecking order, but there's also a definite sexual pecking order too in the wolfpack. But occasionally you get someone challenging the chief wolf, you see, that ends in disaster often for the one challenging them. But it's throughout nature it seems.  Sad but true. 


That's about the only time you get any bit of peace at all is when sometimes after the tyrant comes in, sort it out to an extent, and then regardless of the tyrant's methods or motives or movements even, you'll get a form of democracy coming back again, for a little while, where there is some scrutiny over those that get into power. As long as government is small enough to be watched. Then eventually gets bigger, it gets corrupt and so on.  Because it's the same characters behind the scenes are always there, the ones who run the money, understand it and say you need us to help you because you just don't understand it.  Because they can count magically too, they have magic accounting tables which you've never seen before.


So, within society, within human nature there's corruption.  The same techniques, if you understand these techniques of corruption you can use them, and the elites always use these things, these Bernays methods to take down and remove and destroy and rebuild new types of societies that are planned that way. Using people who were never aware that they're actually being used by outsiders, others outside their group, it never dawns on them.  It never dawns on them.  Yet, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end, 'eh.  M-hm.  We'd fight and never lose, 'eh.


But there you go, we're perfectly understood. And the general public never ever catch on. If they're simply observers, TV observers, even when they're being gaslighted they just never catch on. They can't figure it out. That's the whole thing of gaslighting, is to convince you that what you're thinking is wrong, there's something wrong with you, it must be in your head. Because you just swore, I saw folk, you know, attacking police and using these little flamethrower, so-called fireworks, it's not a fireworks, these are explosives, big explosives. And no, that's not a peaceful demonstration, but they're telling you it’s peaceful. Yep. And the folk can't figure it out.


There's other ones who go into shock. That's another symptom of society, they going to a shock where they can't imagine their whole system suddenly just going like this, they can't imagine why it's not being stopped by what they think are the authorities that they've all paid for.  And the shock is because those who are in authority aren't stopping anything. Really, that's how they see that. And so, they psychologically have to believe that some white knight is going to ride in eventually and fix everything.  M-hm. 


So you have, again, the psychological warfare operatives working out there to give you different groups, fictitious or otherwise, that are in the background waiting to take over and make it all right.  I can remember a woman years ago who had listened to me on the radio and she called me and she said, she was quite right about certain things, very on the ball with certain things that were happening which were wrong at the time, absolutely, with rights getting taken away from the people, etc. And then, but she was an elderly woman and then she went straight into, did you know that Jesus Christ is going to come back, he's living on the planet at blah, blah, blah, with an army of these characters and they're going to ride in and fix all… And she really believes this.


And I thought, where on earth did this one come from, had gone off from the usual idea of the Bible or Revelations, but gone off, Jesus was living on a planet somewhere, and she named the planet. I don't know if it was in the neighborhood or somewhere, or was probably that famous one that's easy, Zeta Reticuli, it was famous for UFOs and everything for a while. But this is what...  Where did she get that from? Well, these things come out from agencies that play with us. Regardless of what you're into, you've got agencies involved playing with you. And you'll never know it.


Then I realized, I looked into it and found it, lots of folk had fallen for the same thing that had been put out there, yeah, everything's going to get fixed and rectified. Because folk panic when things are in flux, you see. So you wait for this white rider to come in and fix it all, you know, or Donald Trump at the end is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat, you know, or something like that it is.  Because folk see the system apparently collapsing with pretty well no resistance. In fact, what they see is a lot of collusion from the very top, of the financial institutions, from as I say, all the big corporations that are backing all this and financing it all, what's happening.  And their minds can't cope and understand this.


The vast majority of the public have always been the peons.  I don't care what kind of system it's called, that's what you are. And just like Rockefeller, again, making the omelet once again, 'eh.  And the omelet has been prepared, the menu, the ingredients in the recipe has been out there for years by the elite themselves, and you’re living through it.  And the chaos is all part of it, to bring in the new.


Remember folks too, I've got to keep reminding myself to let you know you can get the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Make a list as well of all my official sites in case anything goes down and hopefully you can still get, if I'm still able to keep talking I will.  You'll be able to get on my main site all the other sites. They're all main sites, really.  It's been a long slog. The reason I've got so many sites up there is in the early days I used to get hammered all the time.  I got slow, they're back to really gouging my speed now. I can't, I get timed out, believe it or not, with XploreNet now when I'm reading news articles at 7 PM at night, around that time they just slow it right down and I get timed out.  So, this is going right back to where I was in the beginning years ago, and that's why I got so many sites out. Because at times my sites would freeze. By the providers.  So, they’re still up there. Anyway, it's maybe a good thing because at least...  because money, mind you… but at least if one goes down hopefully you can get my talks on the other, if I'm still able to talk.


Because things are changing quickly now and what's coming down, and is authorized to come down, is rather horrific.  There's no doubt, make no bones about it.  A time of anarchy that is managed by the elite themselves, and desirable from their point of view, they are behind it of course or it wouldn't happen too at all, believe you me it wouldn't happen at all if the elite didn't want it. Then during that time they can eradicate a lot of nuisances in their agenda.


They mentioned that too, using the Covid thing too as you know, that during the Event 201 they actually said...  By the way, it's no myth and conspiracy theory, you can see it all, I put up the links from their own meetings at Johns Hopkins months ago. They actually said that, there is a stage, like, one, two, three, four, five and so on.  Initially they will just tut-tut folk that have any opposing opinions on the whole Covid thing. Then they would step it up by punishing them by again doing things with the Internet. Just like I'm getting right now.  Then they'd move on to try to get financial penalties against them, or just stop funding coming in.  And then go to the next step, then they'll start arresting folk. Well, that will go along with the antiterrorism thing as well.  M-hm. 


Yep.  Years and years ago I said that telling the truth would be an act of terrorism, because George Orwell already said it, didn't he?  Yep.  And utopias he was talking about, it's always the utopia you're buying in to by causing chaos, you see. To sort of paraphrase what he said, he said that under such utopias, or such systems basically, telling the truth would be considered a revolutionary act.  And it is, isn't it. It certainly is.


That's how intolerant those who rule the system are. It has never changed down through the millennia.  That's how the system really is. It's completely intolerant. And those who understand and manage and rule the system, the Machiavellian characters that exist within every generation, and they train them now in universities, and then higher universities, for these specialized tasks on counterintelligence or intelligence, and deception.  Awfully important to understand that little part. But if you're a follower, yeah, you're being used.  Absolutely.


So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and as I say, you can buy the books and discs or donate to me. You'll see how to do it there. You can use PayPal. You can use cash. You can send checks. Hopefully I'll tick along for a bit longer through all of this nonsense. Because it's to get, it's true enough what they say, you see, when they say it's going to get worse before it gets better. That's always the agenda when they're bringing in a new system into austerity. It will get so bad that when you get rationing and electronic digital rationing cards and so on, you'll be grateful for the little bit you get.  Oh, thank God that bad part's over, even when you get a fraction of the income or the purchasable items that you had before. You'll get basic sustenance.  If you get that you’ll be lucky. Because it's going to be hell.  Absolutely.


The whole Covid idea, it's flat.  You don't, they shut down a good part of the world economies.  And the money, this, I know it's all fake and yes, it is all fake, how it's all managed and it's all digital now. It's all the Wizard of Oz really, isn't it?  But regardless, that's always used against you for paying it back, this debt.  This round, it must be up to Mars from the earth if you placed all the dollars end to end, hundred-dollar bills mind you, going back to Mars around Mars and around Earth a few times, by now with all these thousands of dollars and millions of dollars and billions and trillions of dollars now in debt, by shutting down the economy. 


Because of SARS, you know. That Fauci himself has said at the beginning, he said, it's probably no worse than a bad flu. Well, there's a big agenda riding on this bad flu, isn't there.  They shut the economies, increase the debt, I don't know how many times you know, and that's all going to keep you in slavery for centuries.  Hhhhhhhhhhhh.  Although it's fictitious money, but it's going to keep you in...  for centuries, because you'll never pay it back of course. It's not meant to be paid back. As you know.  Everything's working along the plan, working well, it’s in the direction of the plan. Absolutely. There's no doubt about it.


So buy the books and discs and help me tick along by donating to me @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And don't lose your heads. Don't panic. Don't give up. Whatever you do.  You should have your little coterie of friends, if you've got them, I don't care what generation they belong to, you need a few around you, at least within distance to you, and all sworn to help each other out. Because you can't count on anybody else these days. You can't count on government. Government is standing back watching riots going on for goodness’ sake, you know.  And threats and gunfire and all the rest of it going on too.  I think in Seattle recently, just the other day there they, the cops are being pulled out altogether.  I'll touch on that article in a little while. But the message to the general public, the citizenry, is to, it's everybody for themselves now, take care of yourselves. Well, that's desirable obviously, on behalf of the elite, or else it would not be happening. It would not be happening, folks.  I'm telling ya.


You have to remember too, for those that can still remember, going back into Obama's era, and George Bush Junior's era, 'eh, you had the same neocons behind them all.  Don't forget the articles, if they're still up there, I certainly had them all, where the top ones in the neocon outfits were congratulating Obama for continuing the same list of wars they had on their list when they were the PNAC group.  So yeah, you're going through agendas, you see, regardless of the changes of the house.  Like Jefferson said, know you're under a tyranny when you see the same agendas continue under different changes of the house. So the parties are bogus, aren't they?  Like Quigley said, he says, they're all members of the same organization, all the leaders that are selected, that are selected before you ever get their names to vote for.  [Alan chuckles.]   


So yeah, that's what you're seeing. At the same time, can you imagine it, all this military equipment was getting dumped in the States, all these different police departments were getting armored vehicles and Humvees and heavy gunnery and so on, equipment that the armies have, right down to bayonets for the rifles, etc., you know.  And they kept, everybody was saying, what's coming down the pike? …what's happening here? …what's going to happen? Well, you know, always remember, never count on who you think it's going to be used against.  Never forget that.


The idea of a soldier is to follow orders. The police is the same as a paramilitary organization, follow orders. Police always, even when countries are invaded, and we saw that in World War II, the police are, they're at work the next morning when the enemy is moved in and taken over, they're right at work. They're at your service.  Yep.  That's it.  That's the nature of it.


So, don't count on you're going to have, again, the white knights just riding out. Because it's all planned that way. If the elite didn't want what's happening to happen, it would never have happened. It isn't just the organization at the bottom levels for the riots and the techniques that are used, practiced and rehearsed in previous times. The organization financial and otherwise way above them is from the elite themselves.  That's the key to it all. And nothing happens, everything's headed off at the pass long before anything happens if it's not authorized.


9/11 happened, I can remember 9/11 happened and there was all the accusations that were flung around the next week actually about how did this happen. And of course, the Bush group and the Cheney group and so on were, oh we don't know whether it was a stand-down that day 9/11 happened, didn't know it, we never suspected it. Israel jumped in on the bandwagon and says, we warned you it was going to happen.  Britain, the head of GCHQ in Britain jumped in too and I remember reading these things off when it happened, he said the same thing, we warned you and warned you this was going to happen but you didn't listen.  And that's where it was all LEFT, you see.  It was intended to happen [Alan chuckles.] to get the big changes through. A Pearl Harbor event.  Hm?  They got their Pearl Harbor event to get the list on the go. And that's how it really works.


Then you had all the, well, nevermind, it's countless, the evidence is countless of the characters involved from Brzezinski and Kissinger talking about the need to take these countries out. How, and they had little differences on the fine points of how to take them down, you know. Kissinger saying, well it would be better now to make it a long-term thing.  Then Brzezinski differing on how to do it, and managing Iraq, if they took out Iraq.  The points of difference was, one of them wanted to destroy down to the Stone Age level, finance little groups of factions inside it, little differences in religious sects and so on, have them all fighting each other forever, then they could never get back to having a government again. They'd be completely dysfunctional, forever. That's what they settled on.


Then we had the rest of the list too. Because certain countries were saying, don't stop there, go all the way into Syria.  They wanted to keep going and going and going and going with Desert Storm.  Then into 9/11, Operation Iraqi freedom, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.] And they used American troops. But then they brought in again the mercenary groups, Blackwater. Other ones. Then of course they started to use mercenary groups, again from Middle East, the old ones that had worked with them, the American troops, and then you use them to recruit and so on, and use them to attack Syria. That was part of it as well.


They'd already taken, changed Egypt, and even when they elected their leader they said they weren't secular enough, that was what the West said, and the United Nations too wanted a nonsecular government. So, they overthrew them too with the CIA.  Then they tried to do the same thing with Syria. They already took out Libya, the richest most self-sufficient country in Africa, they took out Libya. And also, just disappeared its whole massive gold reserves. As they did of course with Iraq with a massive stack of cash.  And there's pension plans and everything in Iraq too, don't forget, it was all dictatorship, you know, all gone.  Disappeared. Then of course they start to use these mercenary groups, that the US was funding and Britain was funding, on behalf of the elite, to take down Syria.  And they're still at it, still at it today.


There's even Antifa photographs up there of them sending people from the US and elsewhere with their outfits posing for the photographs, training with the groups, the Kurdish groups, the communist groups within the Kurds, in their Antifa outfits.  And coming back to America of course, 'eh?  What I'm saying is, this isn’t secret. This isn’t secret. Getting back to disclosures after 9/11, the top officials and the top government agencies in the West said there was nothing in this day and age, this is 2001, NOTHING information wise on this kind of level that could be kept secret, the electronic monitoring was PHENOMENAL across the planet.


The States and Britain still own islands that are just massive systems of arrays of detection equipment and so on.  Australia has got them across there too.  But there's nothing to be said, I don't care if encrypted or otherwise, that can't be broken. The computer systems they have now with the techniques that they're using and the algorithms, they can detect little buzzwords and terms and so on waay beyond the primitive stuff that they printed back in the 90s. But they already had it at 9/11 and says, this could have never been kept secret.  People, every agency, if other agencies knew this, then obviously the US knew it too. There's the question, you're always left with the big question.  So, if you mentioned that, you're a conspiracy theorist.  Even though you haven't declared it was definitely intentional, the fact is, you've just followed the lines of reasoning from the information, and then you'll be classified as a conspiracy theorist just for mentioning it. 


So in this day and age, do you really, really think, nevermind of all the programs that the CIA put out there even for the overthrow of countries in the Middle East, including the ones they used in Egypt, oh yeah, this just came out of nowhere, this encrypted program, they're all using this. Do you really think, do you really, really think that anything is happening today is a surprise?  Do you really think so? It's not. It's not.  N-n.  No way at all.


Now I'm going to touch on a few articles and some of them I'll show you the relationship between the articles and the characters involved, even in different countries, they're all literally, they are very well connected together. You always can find the same characters financing them to do with Covid and so on. Remember, monopoly of information is imperative if you want to bring a new system in. And you've been living through the bringing in of a new system for most of your lives in fact.


The old articles I did years ago, to do with the Rockefellers and other institutions that were set up to decide by really intense study, how many newspapers and magazines were needed to control the whole of the US?  When Rockefellers’ group did it back in the 1930s, they said about 35 of them, I think it was, would be enough to, the rest of them would follow.  Make them big, big issues of news and the public would, all of the rest of the newspapers, the smaller newspapers would follow them and just repeat their stuff. Which is the way it's done.


It's very simple to do, isn't it, to monopolize information.  Small newspapers are really advertising papers. They survive on basic advertising so they're quite willing to pay a few pennies extra to have access to the stories from the big ones. Information is very easy to control. Even on the Internet, folk have no idea of the, again, of who's controlling your thoughts, who's giving you your thoughts and your opinions, and your topics as well. 


Do you really think it's coincidence that suddenly out of the blue the Pentagon comes out and it's going to, how many times have you heard it's going to disclose information on UFOs? I mean, you've got so many diversions right now, that won't affect you at all as far, with regards of what's happening on the ground here right now.  [Alan chuckles.]   But it's all planned that way, you see, lots of diversions. 


They've even got articles out now from psychologists, that started off with the Covid idea and how to pass your time as you're all locked up, and how to not get on each other's goats as they used to say in Britain, getting on my goat, by upsetting me or whatever or starting to gripe or whatever.  All these how-to books suddenly came about how to learn to do this during your time off, blah blah blah.  The last thing on your mind is learning a new anything when you don't know if there's going to be work ever coming your way again. You understand that? 


This is the rubbish they churn out there, but it's like a machine just churning it out.  And all these characters get paid to churn this rubbish out. As Orwell talked about even in his 1984, where music would be churned out and pornography by machines almost like robots.  Yep, there ya go.  And that's how it's done today. They do have programs now that can actually bring up the lyrics, and terrible lyrics, and the whole bit and terrible music too. But that's what they do.  You can make anything popular by financing it that way, with the big machinery of the star making machinery. It's quite easy to do.


Anyway, but I'll tell you what we're talking about. So, next they're moving, they're moving, you see they've already trained you over the last few months, then you're getting trained into the next, because the same characters wrote these articles now say that, yeah, we're psychologists and we're going to, we're getting, we are even aiming at the folk who are getting afraid with all the riots going on, not to panic, you know, and here's how to cope with it if you feel you're going to panic, and all these techniques not to go into a panic state and yada, yada, ya.


It's all continuous, all planned this way, folks, from the first step Covid, right into the next of [Alan chuckles.] a lawless society.  That's what folk are getting afraid of in the States, when the police are being withdrawn by the people who have sold them out.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's quite something to watch.  But folk never catch on to it all. But yeah, you get all these professionals, how to cope with your anxiety, etc., yada, yada, ya. Quite amazing to see. And it's all paid for by your tax money, 'eh, as they tell you to succumb to it and just give in.  [Alan chuckles.]  But here's a way to give in happily and contentedly, and don't panic when you're doing it… as their whole system is turned upside down.


Now, here's an article here to show you that…


UK was 'asleep' to threat of a global pandemic, top expert Sir John Bell says

standard.co.uk / 21 July 2020


(Alan:  …before the eruption of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. I won't read all this because it's irrelevant. It's a handout. All the papers have these handouts pretty well, you know. They don't really have major journalists in this day and age.  Sir John Bell...)


Sir John Bell, Oxford University’s regius professor of medicine, told MPs on Tuesday that officials had failed to get Britain on the “front foot” in preparation for a pandemic despite several "close calls" with emerging infectious diseases in recent decades.


“The fact that we were asleep to the concept that we were going to have a pandemic, I think, shame on us," he told the Commons Health and Social Care Committee.


“Since the year 2000 we’ve had eight close calls of emerging infectious diseases, any one of which could have swept the globe as a pandemic.


“This is not new and I think we should not be proud of the fact that we ended up with a system which had no resilience to pandemics. I think the biggest single failure was not being on the front foot."


(A:  Maybe he's got three legs, I don't know.  They've got a left and right, you've got one in the middle, right, well maybe that's, oh I'd better not go there.)


Sir Bell went on to compare the UK's handling of the coronavirus pandemic to Singapore, which he said had started "preparing for trouble" at the beginning of January, shortly after the first cases were recorded in Wuhan, China, in December.


Now we know they were recorded before December too of course.  So anyway, this whole thing is, we gotta step up and get into the whole idea of managing this, etc.  And getting his name in the papers because you'll be hearing a lot more of him in Britain. Sir John Bell, Oxford University, naturally, professor of medicine. There you go. Then you find out too, this article here that…


Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response

bbc.com / 20 July 2020


(A:  Well, it's a coincidence that it's the same, you know, Oxford vaccine, you see. It says here now, let me see…)


A coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears safe and triggers an immune response.


(A:  Well, they always tell you, you see, it triggers an immune response. I don't care what it is, if they put sterile water in, they'd tell you that, you know.  Because that's, it's to get money flooding into the shares that they're dishing out, you see, big money. Remember too, what happened before with them, where folk had responses too in previous infections from the actual vaccine, but when it hit the real virus in the wild as they call it, after getting the vaccine, they had the massive immune response that killed them.  Don't forget that. So, the immune response itself is nothing at all, no, and they can fudge that as figures as much as they want anyway, huh.  So, it says…)


Trials involving 1,077 people showed the injection led to them making antibodies and T-cells that can fight coronavirus.


(A:  Well, you'd find that too if you had natural immunity, the natural herd immunity that's spreading all through society. Remember a couple months ago the article from I think it was Oxford too, it says that this virus is disappearing so quickly we might not have enough of it around to create a vaccine.  Hm.  Anyway, it says…)


The UK has already ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine.


(A:  You see, every country has got its own elite getting in on the action, the taxpayer paying for it all mind you. So it mentions…)


The vaccine is being developed at unprecedented speed.


(A:  ...yada, ya.  And this is a handout, saying rah-rah, this article. I hope you understand what a rah-rah article is.  It says, yaa-da-da-da, da, da, da, it's all happy-happy.)


It is made from a genetically engineered virus


(A:  ...so a genetically engineered virus they use…)


that causes the common cold in chimpanzees.


(A:  You remember too the polio one with the Simian 40, the simian, the monkey virus, 'eh?  Because they couldn't separate the stuff they'd used, it was the kidney cells I think of the monkeys, and there were stacks, over a hundred of them, viruses from, different kinds of viruses came in with the vaccine for polio. And the Simian 40 was the cancer one. Yep.  But oops, we shouldn't think of these things, it's negative, it's negative, it's awful negative. So here's...)


...a genetically engineered virus that causes the common cold in chimpanzees.


It has been heavily modified, first so it cannot cause infections in people (A:  ...right...) and also to make it "look" (A:  ...like pretend it's...) more like coronavirus.  (A:  It's to fool the body supposedly.)


Scientists did this by transferring the genetic instructions for the coronavirus's "spike protein" - the crucial tool it uses to invade our cells - to the vaccine they were developing.


This means the vaccine resembles the coronavirus and the immune system can learn how to attack it.


Much of the focus on coronavirus so far has been about antibodies, but these are only one part of our immune defence.


Neutralising antibodies can disable the coronavirus.


(A:  So, you have a neutralizing antibody, and it's going to try and say, the way they word it is pretty bad actually.)


T-cells, a type of white blood cell, help co-ordinate the immune system and are able to spot which of the body's cells have been infected and destroy them.


Nearly all effective vaccines induce both an antibody and a T-cell response.


Levels of T-cells peaked 14 days after vaccination and antibody levels peaked after 28 days. The study has not run for long enough to understand how long they may last, the study in the Lancet showed.


(A:  You see, because they want to already, they've already said it, they want you to have multiple shots of this in you actually. It's great business, isn't it, 'eh?)


Prof Andrew Pollard, from the Oxford research group told the BBC: "We're really pleased with the results ...


(A:  They're all saying this, every company, every country is saying the same stuff.)


"But the key question everyone wants to know is does the vaccine work, does it offer protection... and we're in a waiting game."


The study showed 90% of people (A:  ...that they tested it on...) developed neutralising antibodies after one dose. Only ten people were given two doses and all of them produced neutralising antibodies.


(A:  But how many of them got sick I wonder? Is it going to tell us?  Oh...)


There were no dangerous side-effects from taking the vaccine, however, around 17% had fever and more than six-in-10 patients had a headache.


(A:  Well, these are symptoms of something that's wrong, fever and headaches, you see. And it could be something that's dangerous, 'eh.)


Prof Sarah Gilbert, from the University of Oxford, UK, says: "There is still much work to be done before we can confirm if our vaccine will help manage the Covid-19 pandemic


Remember I read an article too at the beginning of the whole thing, one of these professors I think worked in the Wuhan lab, one at Oxford, I'm not kidding you, before it all happened, 'eh.  A small world.  It's a small world, isn't it?


But anyway, the whole thing is a rah-rah for vaccines, remember, even though the vaccine isn't going to give you a better immune response protection than a natural virus, you see.  Remember what Fauci said at the very beginning?  He says the only way out of this is going to get a vaccine and proof that you've had the vaccine before you get out of your homes. So, it was already decided before they even knew, supposedly knew what was going on.  Isn't it?  And if most folk are, look, how many folks have gotten over this thing with their natural immune system? D'you really need a vaccine?  Hm?  But again, facts don't matter, does it? 


Now, here's the one I wanted to get to actually.  It's…


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Scientific Advisory Committee



Who We Are



(A:  Well, is from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Small world, it's always a small world, 'eh.   Emergency planning and response, they do family planning too.  Global delivery programs, global libraries, maternal newborn and childcare, and so on, nutrition, polio on all this stuff. And HIV.  Ahhhhh, wonderful, Bill and Melinda Gates, 'eh.  The history of eugenicists.   Oops, you know, slip of the tongue again.  So, they said, his scientific advisory committee, who are we, it says...)


Our Global Health Program advisory committee comprises a group of esteemed experts (A:  It's important, that, when you say esteemed.) from outside of the foundation who offer a wide range of experiences and perspectives. This group plays an important role in strengthening our work by offering independent assessments of our strategies and helping us evaluate results.


(A:  Now at the top of them, the scientific advisory committee that's working for Bill and Melinda Gates and all that, it's the same guy from Oxford, John Bell...)


John Bell, G.B.E., F.R.S., FMedSci (Chair of Committee)  (A:  He's the chairman of that committee.  It goes into the same handout too...)


John Bell is the Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University. Bell went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar to train in medicine (A:  Rhodes Scholars by the way, if you want to understand the world agenda, just follow the Rhodes Scholars.) and undertook postgraduate training in London and at Stanford University.


(A:  So, it's a small world though. I mean, you just get on that board and he's in charge of Britain and all that for… But there you are, he's just, just happens to be on one of these boards, because it's awfully important and esteemed.  And of course, they decide where all the money goes and what kind of things are going to be done to you, by mandate of the government.  Yep.)


In 2008, he was made a fellow of the Royal Society


(A:  They were the first eugenicists that came out openly by the way. The Royal Society was made up of, it was part occultic, [Alan chuckles.] it really was, of characters who developed, who went into science from the occultism side of things.  The Royal Society literally would decide, a very, very secretive organization at the time when they started up, it would decide who would be, who would even be mentioned in history as an important person in science and who would not. Very selective, you know.  Of course, they helped sponsor Darwin and his theories of course in evolution and most favored races and stuff like that.)


   and a Knight Bachelor for his services to medical science. He was appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) in the 2015 New Year Honours for services to medicine, medical research, and the life science industry.


(A:  ...industry, right.  [Alan chuckles.]   So, there you go.)


Bell has been involved extensively in the development of research programs in genetics and genomics (A:  …genomics, 'eh...) and in the development of a clinical research program across the U.K. He sits on a range of advisory panels for public and private sector bodies (A:  I wouldn't want him sitting on any of these bodies, would you?) responsible for biomedical research in Canada, Denmark, France, Singapore, Sweden, and the U.K, and he is a founding director of three biotechnology start-up companies.


(A:  Well, that's just a coincidence!  For goodness’ sake!  Then it goes through the other ones…)


Alan Bernstein, O.C., O.Ont., Ph.D,. FRSC


Alan Bernstein is president of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), one of Canada’s major global research assets.


(A:  …and on and on it goes, it's the same kind of stuff, over and over.)


M.K. Bhan, M.B.B.S., M.D. (pediatrics), D.Sc. (honorary)


It goes through a list of them too, the ones who are awfully important, you see, and they have a hand in all these different things that are happening today. Small world. It is a small world, for goodness sakes, 'eh? 


Oxford professor warns coronavirus is ‘here forever

metro.co.uk / 22 July 2020


(A:  Now let's just add to this professor from Oxford, Professor Sir John Bell, who told politicians in Britain...)  


Professor Sir John Bell told MPs: ‘The reality is that this pathogen is here forever, (A:  ...the Covid 19.) It isn’t going anywhere. Look at how much trouble they’ve had in eliminating, for example, polio, that eradication programme has been going on for 15 years and they’re still not there.’


(A:  Mind you, they've spread a lot [Alan chuckles.] through some big bloopers you might say, and I've touched on that already. Or I will shortly. But it goes on to say here…)


His intervention came as another top scientist and member of the influential SAGE group poured cold water on the prime minister’s claim that life could return to normal by Christmas – suggesting Covid-19 will in fact be around for ‘decades to come’.


(A:  Remember, Sir John here, Sir John Bell is in with Mr. Bill Gates naturally, everybody else is too, so they all parrot the same stuff, you know, all on the same boards and so on.  So, they're not independent.  Hhhhhhh, they're all slightly... can you say, slightly contaminated perhaps, with their associations with each other on board with the same agenda basically. But he goes on to say here too, the same thing as Fauci, they all parrot the same stuff. Just like weapons of mass destruction, it came out of the mouths of all of the characters involved, same thing here, same technique.)


Sir John continued: ‘This is going to come and go, and we’re going to get winters where we get a lot of this virus back in action. The vaccine is unlikely to have a durable effect that’ll last for a very long time so we’re going to have to have a continual cycle of vaccinations, and then more disease, and more vaccinations and more disease.


So that's the agenda, you see, for the big, big corporations that are managing all of this. And we are all the… we are part of the product; we are made to purchase their product via the proxy of the government that mandates that you take it.  [Alan laughing.] Which is called fascism of course.  The very fact that he says that it will come and go and come and go, even though all other viruses come and get weaker and weaker and weaker.  Otherwise you'd have the Spanish flu still with you forever. The only version of the Spanish flu apparently is in biowarfare labs and they admit this too, I did the reports years ago that were published by these laboratories.


They got the live virus, or made it live again basically from corpses that were buried in permafrost from the 1917/18 flu pandemic.  Of course these ended up in the labs. And they managed, they said, we've actually made them more potent now, more virile, in case it ever came back and jumped to the next stage itself, we've made it more.  So again, that's gain of function again, 'eh.  That's future big business for them. This is how it all works, and folk never quite catch on to it.  But this is again, and I've already mentioned the association with Bill Gates and the Oxford University professor Mr. Bell, or SIR John Bell.  So, there you go, it's going to come and go, come and go forever so you have to keep getting vaccinations all the time, maybe a few times a year.  That's good business, that. 


Of course, even though you'd have your own immune system that would give you immunity to it, well we don't know how long that will last either, you see. Even though generally these things will last you quite a few years. But that's not good enough, because the paid version is always better, right, okay, for profits.


Another one too goes back into July 20…


'I will be not be masked, tested, tracked or poisoned': Hundreds of anti-mask activists march on London's Hyde Park to protest the mandatory use of face coverings in shops from Thursday

dailymail.co.uk / 20 July 2020


One dressed as plague doctor while another had vest saying: 'Save human rights' during Hyde Park gathering


(A:  I guess no one's really bothered in that, by the way, save human rights.  Not these days.)


Government toughened its stance on wearing of face coverings in public places in England earlier this week


It follows similar rules for wearing face coverings while travelling on public transport, which started in June


Right.  Obviously too it's the first time in history this has happened for something, and I'll put up by the way a YouTube, it's a pretty good YouTube where you'll hear Fauci for instance starting off in the early days of the coronavirus telling you he didn't think the Americans needed to worry about it at all pretty well and you didn't need masks and all that.  And then completely reversing his stance once the big dollars started flashing everywhere [Alan chuckles.] for vaccine companies and so on, telling you the absolute opposites of everything.  Really astonishing, this so-called expert.


Can you imagine so much power being in the hands of one person?  in democracies?  even in Republican democracies?  So much power to one person, who literally would be compromised with his investments in private companies that are going to make billions out of this. You think that would be an out right there. You can't have honest folk that you're going to follow and put their lives into your hands if they're already compromised at such a level financially.  Hm?


Wwwwell, that's what's happening anyway so you know, again, facts don't matter. The idea too, locking everybody down so that natural immunity doesn't spread enough, fast enough, herd immunity would have been achieved very quickly if they had not locked the folks down. It would be over and done with. But again, it's not profitable. There is no profit in your own immune system working and allowing it to spread quickly. Most folk have no symptoms at all.  Most. We've already seen the padded figures of folk going to hospitals.  No matter what's wrong with them you're put down as Covid, if they detect something using that terrible test that even the inventor said should not be used for testing, it's useless, he says.  But again, facts don't matter. Even from the inventor, 'eh.  I-yiii.  Hhhhhhhhhhh.


Anyway, the folk are not happy getting locked down and having to be literally managed with masks on their face. This is conformity.  There's all reasons why we're wearing the masks. They knew immediately when you were allowed about a month off for the summer, you see, of mixing again, and less masks being used, folk would go right back to normal behavior very quickly. Because they're not terrified, you forget the terror very quickly. And it's not good for business, you see, because they want you to be terrified.  The mask, it's not going to help you, it's not going to keep you spreading something if you've got it. It's not going to stop you from getting it, I've already been through the articles from the CDC explaining the masks and how they're no use for this.  Hm?  Especially those light things too that literally are, I don't know if it's just a face covering, if that's all it is. But it's nothing to do with that.


Masks are neither effective nor safe: A summary of the science - theirishsentinel.com / 23 July 2020


The reason they're mandating it is because it reminds you of a danger. They want you to be terrified and always remembering this danger. And they want you fighting each other too.  Because folk have been petrified into terrifying folk who won’t comply.  Oooooooh, you're not, you're not 6 feet, 1 inch close, get away from me.  This is what they've, this is all intentionally created, this whole terror and furor that we’re living through right now.  Yep.  Amazing stuff, 'eh. 


But it works to their advantage. It's all psychological warfare, again, managed, very well-managed, again by psy-op operations.  Bombarding you through every media that you can read or listen to or watch. On the net or TV or whatever, it doesn't make any difference where it is, you're getting bombarded with the stuff all the time. And compliance is submission, you see, it's submission.  First you submit your common sense, and your reason regarding all the facts.  The facts are all out there if you want them. But that doesn't matter.


And you're compliant. What's the next thing you must be compliant in?  Well, you're going to find out very shortly, folks.  This is the end of this system. It was meant to, this is the crashing of the entire system that was planned a long time ago. Starting with the 2007/8 supposed crash. It wasn't a crash; it was a planned event.  A reset then, you see, a partial reset and now it's the next part but not just money but for the entire system. On behalf...  for the elite!  It's their system. 


You don't hear any of the elite saying, oh woe is me, we're losing our system.  No.  [Alan chuckles.]   Not at all. Not from Covid or from demonstrations and protests or riots. There's nothing coming from them. They're not losing anything at the top. That's a little clue for you. 


This one here again, I've mentioned the, ha, the Gates advisory committee, oh, it's something else, isn't it something, 'eh?  And then...


What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine - Bill Gates

gatesnotes.com / 30 April 2020


One of the questions I get asked the most these days is when the world will be able to go back to the way things were in December before the coronavirus pandemic. My answer is always the same: when we have an almost perfect drug to treat COVID-19, or when almost every person on the planet has been vaccinated against coronavirus.


(A:  Hhhhhhhhhh, you see.  This is from specialists, you see. That's from Bill Gates, you can't get a better specialist since he owns most of it then, 'eh.  He's not a doctor.  Nope.  He a philanthropist, you see, a big businessman, that's got a finger in every pie. Including education. He's got reimagining this and reimagining that, reimagining education, 'eh, all done online, through his system.  Mmmmmmmm, there's indoctrination and uniform, uniformly done with uniform output.  [Alan chuckles.] It's just astonishing.  Bricks in the wall, ‘eh?)


What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine


Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus.


(A:  So, here's a guy who's been trying to push this type of vaccine that alters your DNA, 'eh, but getting into the RNA.  It says here…)


The former is unlikely to happen anytime soon. We’d need a miracle treatment that was at least 95 percent effective to stop the outbreak.


(A:  No, you wouldn't, just let it go, folks, and the immune system, like every one before, other coronavirus's, has beaten it, no problem.)


Most of the drug candidates right now are nowhere near that powerful. They could save a lot of lives, but they aren’t enough to get us back to normal.


Which leaves us with a vaccine.


Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus.


(A:  He's talking about the whole range of them, 'eh.)


Realistically, if we’re going to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine. We need to make billions of doses, we need to get them out to every part of the world, and we need all of this to happen as quickly as possible.


(A:  So, emergency, emergency, don't test it, don't look at the long-term effects, no, no, just get it out as quickly as possible.  From a eugenicist?! who wants to reduce the population of the planet, openly in his talks. This is not conspiracy; you can get it yourself. I might even try to find the article again and the YouTube if it's still up there where he talks about this quite candidly.  I-yi-yi.)


That sounds daunting, because it is. Our foundation is the biggest funder of vaccines in the world, (A:  Isn't that a clue, 'eh?) and this effort dwarfs anything we’ve ever worked on before. It’s going to require a global cooperative effort


(A:  So, none of this idea of you all do your own thing and then experiment, no, no. You must all go along the same path with his organization, 'eh.  He says...)


There’s simply no alternative.


(A:  Yeah?  Really?  This is psychological warfare, there's simply no alternative. So, he's all for it.  And of course he praises Fauci...)


Dr. Anthony Fauci has said he thinks it’ll take around eighteen months to develop a coronavirus vaccine. I agree with him, though it could be as little as 9 months or as long as two years.


(A:  It's supposed to take quite a few years, folks, to test the long-term effects of it all, never mind the short term.)


Safety and efficacy are the two most important goals for every vaccine. Safety is exactly what it sounds like: is the vaccine safe to give to people?


This is from a guy who's been sued by countries like India for the stuff that went wrong, even the polio vaccine that was the oral type, or the spray type, and the World Health Organization, I did the article at the time, I remember reading it and I remember broadcasting it on the radio show.  The WHO had said, had admitted eventually that after his campaign out there with this particular polio vaccine, it had actually created a new wild type of polio that they couldn't treat. It was taking off and superseding the old polio's that were in existence.  They don't want to mention these facts, does he?   These are very dangerous people. Powerful dangerous people. With unlimited financing. Mind you, they're not doing it all for free, they've got fingers in all the pies too, and governments pay them all eventually as well.  M-hm.


So, here's an article here by, again, Robert F Kennedy.  I’ve put this one up before I think. But anyway, it says…


Gates Pushes Gene-Altering Technology on Seven Billion Humans

web.archive.org / 21 July 2020


By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense


Pharma has over 170 COVID vaccines in development, but Gates and Fauci pushed Moderna’s “Frankenstein jab” to the front of the line.


(A:  It was all planned in advance.  The same with Gilead by the way, the actual drug, the antiviral drug, they'd already tried it with AIDs and different things, it had not done well at all. But facts don't matter when there's big business there and certain pals, you know, that owns companies.)


The vaccine uses a new, untested, and very controversial experimental RNA technology (A:  No kidding, 'eh?) that Gates has backed for over a decade.  (A:  He tried to get this through before, you see.)


Instead of injecting an antigen and adjuvant as with traditional vaccines, Moderna plugs a small piece of coronavirus genetic code into human cells, altering DNA throughout the human body and reprogramming our cells to produce antibodies to fight the virus. mRNA vaccines are a form of genetic engineering called “germ line gene editing”. (A:  Most folk would read that and never clue in that's what it meant, germ line gene editing, right.)


Moderna’s genetic alterations are passed down to future generations.  (A:  D'you understand, you change one and every offspring from then on is going to be altered too, passed down to future generations.)


In January, The Geneva Statement, the world’s leading ethicists and scientists, (A:  I don't need them because we're all ethicists and we can use our own heads.) called for an end to this kind of experimentation.


Moderna has never bought... (A:  I think it should be ‘brought’, it's missing an 'r' here.)


Moderna has never bought a product to market, proceeded through clinical trials, or had a vaccine approved by FDA. (A:  Never had it before you see.)


The company received an astonishing $483 million in federal funds (A:  Isn't that amazing? There's fascism, 'eh, for a private company.) from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a sister agency to Fauci’s NIAID, to accelerate development. Dr. Joseph Bolen, Moderna’s former Research and Development Chief, expressed shock at Fauci’s “bet” in supporting the company. “I don’t know what their thinking was,” he told CNN. “When I read that, I was pretty amazed.”


Moderna and Fauci launched federally-funded human trials in March in Seattle. Dr. Peter Hotez warns of potentially fatal consequences from skipping animal studies. As he said to CNN, “If there is immune enhancement in animals, that’s a showstopper.” Dr. Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s Ex-Director of Chemistry, told CNN, “I would not let the [vaccine] be injected in my body. I would demand: ‘Where is the toxicity data?’”


(A:  You see, they won't have it and they're going ahead with it, just skipping all the different trials.  This is from the guy, remember...)


...Moderna’s Ex-Director of Chemistry, told CNN, “I would not let the [vaccine] be injected in my body.”


(A:  That is quite a statement, isn't it?  But again, that will be gone like the wind, most can't retain things very long these days. Especially when you get the other side coming back, oh well, he didn't really mean what he said.  And he says…)


... "I would demand: ‘Where is the toxicity data?’”


As precautions, Moderna ordered trial participants to avoid unprotected sex or sperm donations (A:  No kidding.  This is what they told you, 'eh.) and Gates is promoting that all COVID vaccines be protected by blanket immunity.


(A:  ...regardless of what happens to you, you see, you can't… So, they can kill, they could kill millions or whatever, it wouldn't make any difference, nobody can sue them, if there's anybody left alive.  But…)


...protected by blanket immunity.


(A:  ...from their actions. Isn't that amazing?  Bill Gates.  Who voted for, I haven't voted for this character, have you? It says…)


He hopes to sell his experimental gene-altering technology to all 7 billion humans and transform our species into GMOs.  (A:  Genetically modified organisms.  It's, that's it, folks.)


Moderna’s former Research and Development Chief, (A:  The CHIEF, right...) expressed shock at Fauci’s “bet” in supporting the company. (A:  M-hm, and...)


Dr. Peter Hotez warns of potentially fatal consequences from skipping animal studies. 


(A:  And...)


Dr. Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s Ex-Director of Chemistry, told CNN, “I would not let the [vaccine] be injected in my body."


N-n-n.  Remember I always put up all these different articles because it's not my opinions, this is put out by the characters themselves.


Boris Johnson, you know, the clown that they put in, he's a showman, he's a showman, that's why they put him in, with a pretended conservative party because there's no conservative party now.  Long gone. And he was never conservative before he became prime minister.  [Alan chuckles.] Anyway, facts don't matter.


Boris Johnson news – live: Vaccine sceptics called 'nuts' by PM as ministers (A:  That’s politicians.) target junk food ads in obesity crackdown

independent.co.uk / 24 July 2020


(A:  So now they're wanting to cut down, well they're getting you use to less food, because you're going to go into rationing, folks. Yep, big time. Across the world.  So…)


Boris Johnson has hit out at anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists, describing them as “nuts”, as he set out his government’s plan for an extra 30 million people to get the flu jab this winter.


(A:  Ooooo, really?  He's decided, has he, 'eh?)


The prime minister also called on the public to lose weight this summer, saying it was one of the ways “you can reduce your own risks from Covid”.


(A:  Really? He's now an expert now in virology, 'eh?)


He is set to propose a ban on TV junk food ads before 9pm in a bid to tackle Britain’s obesity problem.


(A:  Weeell, there ya go.)


And in an interview with the BBC, Mr Johnson admitted the UK could have handled the coronavirus pandemic better - saying there were "open questions" over the timing of his decision to send the country into lockdown.


(A:  Anyway, this is just a handout too.  I mean, this guy is an actor, like they all are, you know. Of course he is.  And of course it really just heads off the whole Brexit idea on the pass here, a lockdown and massive protests, with taking down the statues and stuff by… [Alan chuckles.] Come on here.  D'you think it's all coincidental it's all happening right now?  M-hm.  I tell ya.  N-n-n.)


Elsewhere in a stinging attack on the nation's readiness to split from Brussels, a former national security advisor claimed ministers (A:  …politicians…) are refusing to admit to the threat from terrorists and crime gangs if there is no Brexit deal.


(A:  There you are.)


"Without a deal the loss of operational effectiveness for the UK law enforcement agencies – including in Northern Ireland – will be profound, undermining modern intelligence led policing and putting the safety of the public your risk."


(A:  Well, when did they ever worry about the public?  And then again, the UK again...)


The UK and US defense chiefs have accused Russia (A: [Alan chuckles.]) of launching an anti-satellite space weapon. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace claimed Britain remained "deeply vulnerable" to the "weaponising" of space.


D'you remember, you have to remember those who were alive at the time of Ronald Reagan, the whole idea for the Star Wars project, oh, Star Wars, oh, satellites up there, killer satellites, firing lasers at different ones and knocking them down and shooting them down.  Supposedly that was part of the reason that Russia just gave up, that's what they claimed.  It was nonsense.  It was because they couldn't keep up with the cost of manufacturing of these things to keep it on par with the States. That was the whole stuff at the time of Reagan, Star Wars. And here they're dragging that up here trying to claim that Russia is maybe, the old Cold War nonsense, oh maybe they're getting ahead of us, 'eh.  [Alan laughing.] Quite something isn't it?  That's from The Independent, that one.


But yeah, so once again if you, in a country that supposedly had its free opinion and really, that was a big thing to have your own opinion in Britain.  They had the Hyde Park thing, was it Hyde Park?, and the soapboxes and so on and you'd go up there and proclaim to the world how you saw the world and how it should be fixed and run and the whole thing.


But now of course Boris Johnson, the no wonder man, you know, of brains.  Bullingdon boy of course, he's one of the guys that, he still repeats the slogans that they have in speeches, 'eh.  He's never got away from his early days when they, the most elite, you know, snobs had their children coming into the Oxford group into that particular club.  They'd wreck, they'd go for a meal and they'd wreck the whole place, long before you had pop stars and stuff, and they'd get away with it, etc.  Silver spoon, actually a gold spoon up in Boris's mouth I suppose.  Quite amazing, 'eh?  He's even got ancestors that were revolutionaries in other countries.  Yep.  There ya go.  But he's telling you, if you got an opinion that's contrary to his opinion, you're a nut, a conspiracy nut. And that's how they're describing everybody who won't go along with their totalitarian agendas.


Coronavirus: New guidance on face masks and coverings released for England

bbc.com / 23 July 2020


(A:  That's July 23, so you've got new ones now, you see.  They give you a picture and it says…)


Woman wearing a face covering in a shop. 


(A:  They've got to always give you the pictures of things, so you can't imagine what they look like.)


Full guidance on wearing face coverings in shops in England has been released, less than 12 hours before the new rules come into force.


Coverings will be mandatory in enclosed public spaces including supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, transport hubs, banks and post offices.


They must also be worn when buying takeaway food and drink, although they can be removed in a seating area.


(A:  You see, the virus won't go into a seating area, you know that too, some of the restaurants are doing that elsewhere.  So you go in that seating area and you can lift that mask a little bit, so’s you can stuff the food into your mouth, and pull your mask down and you can maybe, if you're really paranoid you can pull it down quickly and get, maybe you haven't got the virus yet, you see.  Maybe the whole thing is… Maybe they'll have cameras watching to see how fast you can pull it down, and you get analyzed and sent off, the psychological experts all are analyzing this information, 'eh.)


(A:  But yeah, if you go to the seating area the virus will stop, you see, before it gets there it'll say, ah, seating area, it's a very intelligent virus, and it won't go there. Just like the 6-foot idea, that was invented by a schoolgirl with her daddy in the military-industrial complex that created a program from a computer. Probably the same computer they gave to Neil Ferguson that came up with drastic figures, you know. Oh, 6 foot, yeah, 6 foot. That's the God, the computer, eh?  M-hm.)


(A:  So anyway, they must wear this thing all the time and it says here…)


Those who break the rules could face a fine of up to £100.


(A:  There's a good, you know, this is how they get you. It's just like, I always think of donkeys getting beaten with sticks when I see this kind of thing. I really do, you know, comply or get beaten. A lot of folk can't afford £100 fine.)


(A:  And then the same police forces that were absolutely useless as statues were getting tossed all over the place and so on it says…)


And police will be able to "use force" to remove customers from shops if they do not wear face coverings, as well as prevent them from entering, guidance from the College of Policing says.


 Ahhh, pretty sad, isn't it?  I-yi-yi-yi-yi.  N-n-n.  And then…


Maskless protesters pack Utah County Commission meeting set to discuss masks in schools

thehill.com / 16 July 2020


(A:  Maskless protesters.)


A crowd of maskless protesters packed into a Utah County Commission meeting on Wednesday to speak out against a state requirement for students to wear masks when school returns.


Dozens of demonstrators came out in Provo, Utah, to protest Gov. Gary Herbert’s (R) mandate on masks in schools, arguing that they should have the right to decide whether their children or students wear face coverings in the three school districts in the county.


“This is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing,” Ainge said, prompting the protesters to boo. “We are supposed to be physically distancing, wearing masks.”


Ainge left the meeting, but the two other members of the commission stayed to listen to more than 30 people who lined up to talk, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.


A crowd of maskless protesters packed into a Utah County Commission meeting on Wednesday to speak out against a state requirement for students to wear masks when school returns.


Dozens of demonstrators came out in Provo, Utah, to protest Gov. Gary Herbert’s (R) mandate on masks in schools, arguing that they should have the right to decide whether their children or students wear face coverings in the three school districts in the county.


Tanner Ainge, the chair of the all-Republican commission, delayed the meeting shortly after it started, citing that the crowd was not following public health guidelines, according to a video.


“This is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing,” Ainge said, prompting the protesters to boo. “We are supposed to be physically distancing, wearing masks.”


Ainge left the meeting, but the two other members of the commission stayed to listen to more than 30 people who lined up to talk, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.


Several parents expressed worries about children with disabilities being required to wear masks and the difficulty of enforcing the rule on playgrounds and in lunchrooms, The Washington Post reported.


But again, you've got to be uniform, so get into that communist idea, all wear masks, you see, a uniform is a kind of submission.  And the person who doesn't submit is an individual.  The United Nations said that years ago that the biggest threat to society the world over is the individual, individualism.  You see.  You had to be uniformly socialistic and obedient to your overseers.  There ya go.  You can’t have that. Submit, submit, submit, you know. Even though they admit it doesn't help you at all, it doesn't save you, etc. etc.


When I mentioned it before too, Fauci hasn't missed a thing, every symptom under the sun, almost anyway. I don't know if he's got that nervous or restless leg syndrome, remember, the one that they added into the psychiatric definitions, same thing.  Nervous leg, you know, where it would just...  You'd put your foot down, the front part of your foot on the ground, right, the heel raised, and then start, every child knows this, some adults too, and you're sitting at school and that leg starts going, just, you just, like crazy, 'eh.  Nervous leg syndrome they call it, a disease now, 'eh.  They've got pills for it actually.  They actually, I'm not kidding you, they have pills for it. Because if they can get money off any symptom at all, they'll create lots of symptoms and they do.  But here you have Fauci and…


Researchers call to make rashes a coronavirus symptom

uk.style.yahoo.com / 15 July 2020


(A:  Well you see they missed that one already, 'eh?  Rashes are pretty common, 'eh?  It says…)


Researchers are calling for skin rashes to be added to the NHS’s official list of symptoms for Covid-19 after a study revealed that one in 11 coronavirus patients developed a rash.


(A:  No kididng, 'eh?)


The study, conducted by (A:  ...everybody's in on the act...) King’s College London, was conducted using data on 20,000 Britons who either tested positive for Covid-19 or were suspected to have had the virus.


(A: [Alan laughing.] You see, it's all bogus, folks, you either have signs confirming it or its BOGUS!  Suspected, 'eh?  But they got their hands out for grants, 'eh.)


The team also used data from the Covid Symptom Study app, (A:  Oh, no kidding, I wonder who owns that?) which contained information on 336,837 users who had self-reported their symptoms.


(A:  Well, that's completely bogus.  You know how many… I could come up with a new disease tomorrow, give it a wee bit of publicity, I'll guarantee you I could get a million folks saying, I've got that.  I guarantee you.)


The study (A:  Again, I wonder who made this study, who got paid for it?) found 2,021 of the app’s users tested positive for Covid-19, (A:  Right.) with 8.8 per cent of them reporting blotchy and itchy skin.


Additionally, out of 17,000 people who were strongly suspected to have had the virus, 8.2 per cent reported a rash.


The study has not been peer-reviewed yet (A:  I guess they need another grant.) and was led by Dr Mario Falchi, (A:  Not Fauci, but Falchi...) who is now urging for rashes to be officially recognised as a symptom in light of his findings.  (A:  Hm.)


“Although it is less prevalent than fever, it is more specific of Covid-19 and lasts longer,” Dr Falchi writes in the study.


He added that an “increased awareness” regarding how coronavirus can cause skin changes “will allow more efficient identification of new and earlier clusters of the disease”.


(A:  I mean, I don't know, all these rashes and stuff, I, I was reading an article last week in fact, I didn't mention it on the talk.  I think it was in Holland where, and they have a big sex trade in Holland, all legal and so on.  They have a red-light district in Copenhagen, very popular, very well-known because the models, or the prostitutes, are often in the window, you know, like statues in a sense, and I guess that's the whole idea.)


(A:  I can remember too, and it's amazing how your mind works actually, but I was thinking back to years ago when the mayor of Toronto was Mel Lastman.  They said that Mel got the job as the mayor because he could sell refrigerators, and they used the word then for the people who lived, indigenous folk who live in the north, they can't use that term anymore now apparently, you know.  It was always used but now they don't want to use that, now it's all banned. Or getting banned by the thought police and speech police.)


(A:  But anyway, there's other reasons why he was the mayor too, but I won't go into that. But he was smooth talking and fast talking and he was caught in different things too eventually.  And he was completely compromised on different levels as well. Oh, that's what he did! He was trying to bash down the police union at that time, that really was getting really, really hard.  They had a professional came up from the States to teach the union how to get more rights and power and stop getting blasted by the politicians. And they got the dirt on Lastman. And Lastman had people called under so quickly once they came out with what they'd found on him.)


(A:  Anyway, but back to what I'm saying though, he, like all good characters, you know, the mayors that, they took the taxpayers money into a delegation of the Council of Toronto, a lot of them he knew awfully well, and he went over to Amsterdam I think it was, the red light district, and he came back saying, he says, I think we should look at them because it would be a good income for the city, of Toronto.  It's amazing how this internationalism works awfully well, isn't it, for certain groups of people that really know how to [Alan chuckles.] manage the business.)


(A:  But anyway, getting back to what I was saying earlier at the start of it, yeah, they were talking about last week in the paper about introducing a no kissing rules for the prostitutes that work in the red-light districts in, throughout I guess the whole of Holland, but Copenhagen. It's the last thing you would actually think of I suppose really. But anyway, that's what they were saying there.  But here you have it going on here, 'eh, where they're telling you not to have sex even, 'eh, in this article I'm reading here By Dr. Falchi. You think about it, I mean, how many folk come out from these places with rashes, 'eh?  It could be, well, maybe other things as well, 'eh?  Couldn't it?  Oh no, you've got Covid, oh, that's obviously Covid.  [Alan chuckles.] M-hm.)


Initially, the only two symptoms for Covid-19 listed on the NHS’s website were a dry cough and a fever.


However, on 18 May, loss of smell and taste have since been added.


(A:  No kidding.)


The additional symptoms were added a few weeks after experts first raised concerns that Covid-19 cases could be being missed as a result of them not being officially recognised.


(A:  Well, they've got everything underneath it now.) Him


In March, the British Association of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT UK) published a statement outlining that the symptoms had been found among “a number of patients” in the “absence of other symptoms”.


(A:  Well, had they been maybe in one of these places I just mentioned, I wonder?)


Professor Claire Hopkins, president of the British Rhinological Society, and Professor Nirmal Kumar, president of ENT UK, said in the joint statement that there had been a sudden rise “in cases of isolated anosmia” — total or partial smell loss — in the UK, US, France and northern Italy.


Well, that's like recycling old stuff. They're running out of symptoms because they've covered everything since the last few months, 'eh.  Because they had that out before. So, it's just astonishing what's going on, 'eh?  Mind you, if you work in certain places there might be a bonus not to have a sense of smell, like sewage departments and things. 


So there ya go, coronavirus, could be a rash is a symptom. Here's everybody in Canada right now scratching away with mosquito bites, if they get outside the cities. I mean, I've donated pints of blood to wildlife this year, you know, already; into the state of anemia almost.  But yeah, you get these rashes. These are some amazing mosquitoes. These things attack you viciously, 'eh. They follow you. The old mosquitoes I can remember them being kind of dumb and silly kind of wafting towards you and wafting away. These things literally, you swear they're watching you.   And if you put a handout to whack them, they move away from you before the hand gets anywhere near them. And they'll wait a while, very clever, 'eh, and then they'll get around the back of you and they come behind your ears.  Ah!  That's a nasty spot, that one!  Or they come in the house with you, that's even worse, and they wait until you take your shoes off and then they go for your toes and your ankles.  Ooohh, I'm telling ya!  Well then you get a little rash, you see, and you're scratching away. See, you've got Covid, you see.  So, there's going to be an awful lot of tranquilizer sold in Canada right now in the height of summer after all these things, oh, a rash, it could be a coronavirus symptom.  Yeah, there ya go.


Nearly three times more people dying of flu and pneumonia than coronavirus

metro.co.uk / 22 July 2020


(A:  Hhhhhhh, three times more people.  Wow.  There ya go.  It says...)


Nearly three times as many people are now dying of flu and pneumonia than with coronavirus in England and Wales, new figures have revealed.


Numbers published by the Office For National Statistics (A:  ...you know...) show 917 flu and pneumonia deaths were registered for the week ending on July 10.


In comparison, 366 people died that week after testing positive for Covid-19 – the lowest number of deaths involving the virus in the last 16 weeks and a 31.2% decrease compared with the previous week, which saw 532 deaths.


(A:  So there ya go, 'eh, 917 died from the flu and pneumonia for that week.  And it goes on with the statistics and so on and so on and so on and so on.  I'll put this article up again too, for those who want the official stories for things.)


Again, I mentioned too the 77th Brigade because I mentioned it back in April, and somebody send it back to me again [Alan chuckles.]  after I put it out there ages ago. It's a good article though it says...


77 Brigade: Is British Military Waging an Information War on Its Own Population?

21stcenturywire.com / 29 April 2020


(A:  That was mentioned in the UK Column as well.  But I got it from a different source initially I think, 21st-Century Wire possibly. But anyway, it's a good article and it says…)


Last Wednesday, during the daily UK Government Coronavirus livestream, the head of the British Army, General Sir Nick Carter, bragged:


"We’ve been involved with the Cabinet Office Rapid Response Unit, with our 77th Brigade helping to quash rumours from misinformation, but also to counter disinformation. Between three and four thousand of our people have been involved, with around twenty thousand available the whole time at high readiness."


(A:  That was from the head of it. To counter disinformation and quash rumors from misinformation. Yep. 20,000 available, that's these psy-op warriors, at high readiness. All paid for by the taxpayer. To attack you if you say something or defame you or whatever. It says…)


To understand the implications of this statement, we have to go back to 2018, when Carter gave a speech to the Royal United Services Institute.


“In our 77th Brigade,” he said, “… we have got some remarkable talent when it comes to social media, production design, and indeed Arabic poetry. Those sorts of skills we can’t afford to retain in the Regular component but they are the means of us delivering capability in a much more imaginative way than we might have been able to do in the past.”


77th Brigade


Previously known as the ‘Security Assistance Group’, 77th Brigade was stood up in 2015 as part of ‘Army 2020’. 


(A:  The link is here by the way... https://www.army.mod.uk/who-we-are/future-of-the-army/.)


The Security Assistance Group had been established following the amalgamation of the Media Operations Group, 15 Psychological Operations Group, Security Capacity Building Team, and the Military Stabilisation and Support Group.


77th Brigade is described on their website as being about ‘information and outreach’. But what does that mean? General Carter again:


"We also, though, need to continue to improve our ability to fight on this new battlefield, and I think it’s important that we build on the excellent foundation we’ve created for Information Warfare through our 77th Brigade, which is now giving us the capability to compete in the war of narratives at the tactical level." [Emphasis mine]


(A:  A war of narratives, hm?  They also have a rapid response unit, just like the special forces do.)


‘Rapid Response Unit’


Carter mentioned working with the Cabinet Office’s (A:  That's the government's Cabinet office.) ‘Rapid Response Unit’. Established in April 2018 and also known as the ‘fake news unit’, the Rapid Response Unit was given an initial six months’ funding. It brought together a “team of analysts, data scientists and media and digital experts,” armed with cutting-edge software, to “work round the clock to monitor online breaking news stories and social media discussion.”


The unit’s round the clock monitoring service has identified several stories of concern during the pilot, ranging from the chemical weapons attack in Syria to domestic stories relating to the NHS (A:  National Health Service.) and crime.


(A:  So it's all propaganda, you know, it's to make sure that the only one authorized source of propaganda ever gets out to the public, everything else is quashed, ridiculed, or like Boris Johnson, you know, folk who speak out against the vaccination are nuts, you see, like fools, crazy, mad.  There ya go.  But this is 21st-Century Wire it's called.)


Also, also, of course, the whole idea is to get you off meat altogether.  Of course, it's to save the planet, you know, because cows and so on, you know, they create methane in their digestive systems and so milk, you get milk and you get protein, you get cheese and you get meat, etc. from them. But that's to go down the memory hole, the whole idea of even remembering that we used to eat meat. Because your owners, the ones that own you, the characters at the World Economic Forum and all the global elite have decided that's where you going to go, into austerity, you see, and using that as a guise to save you and help you, they're going to take away your protein until you start getting sick, yeah, malnourished, all that kind of stuff.


Because they've been on that goal for years, quite openly in fact. Look at all the things that make you, you know, that make you survive. What happens when, I mean, HG Wells talked about it for goodness’ sake, and he was a great propagandist for the eugenicists.  Because he was a socialist, Fabian Socialist, and he said, look at the people, he says, what do we do, we give them better food and sanitation, and we even give them vaccinations and make it more, everything more hygienic for them and give them heating in the winter, what do they do, he says, they breed!  He said that in his own writings. Most of the stuff he wrote, you know, was nonfiction, for those who don't know that.


Yeah, they breed, you know, these ordinary folks, you see. He hated the peasantry. But then all the top rulers of socialism do. Because they are your elite at the top, you see. The Astor family of course were the founders, or the funders I should say, of the Fabian Society, yeah, some of the richest, one of the richest families on the planet at the time.  But that doesn't matter. Facts don't even matter, do they? But there ya go.


It’s just, get rid of the meat. So, they've got these big campaigns on the go, to save the planet as they claim. It says…


Ready For A Low Methane Burger? Burger King Has One

forbes.com / 14 July 2020


Are you ready for a burpless burger? Actually, “burpless” is an oversimplification. Fast food chain Burger King is testing "low methane emission burgers."


(A:  M-hm.  There ya go.)


They've got ads out too, disgusting ads with children singing countries songs about the flatulence and so on. Another marketing stunt, etc. etc. All the elite are in on it. It reminds me too again of, oh, it was in 1984 where Julia, his girlfriend, his clandestine girlfriend, they had to be very careful in those days, in that book. She worked at the upper level, you know, around the inner party and so she managed to steal some real coffee and real cans of things. Winston her boyfriend, you see, he'd had never seen them in his whole life. He says, my goodness, it smells like real, it is real coffee. And real sugar.  And real this and real food and real meat and everything in cans. And she says, yeah, there's nothing those b's, you know, those bar-stewards don't have, she says.  And that's how it always is during wonderful socialist communist type tyrannies.  That's how it really is.  Always will be because the human nature and corruption always sets in very quickly, if it's not even there from the beginning of course. And then the ones who actually plan it all, hhhch, it always is, it's the same folk. 


Another article too is…


"Bodies Everywhere": (A:  Talking about the chaos in the States right now.)

14 Shot In Chicago Funeral Home During Memorial For Shooting Victim

zerohedge.com / 21 July 2020


While US progressive leaders and the mainstream media hypocritically decided many years ago to avert their eyes from the constant deadly violence in the liberal bastion of Chicago, pretending instead that the daily murders in this "gun free" mecca don't really happen...


(A:  And there's links to all of this by the way on this article.)


... tonight's events are just too gruesome to be ignore: as CBS Chicago reports,  no less than 14 people have been shot and wounded near a funeral home in the Auburn Gresham community. Ironically, the funeral was a memorial service for a homicide victim.


"All we saw was just bodies laying everywhere," witness Arnita Gerder told NBC Chicago.  "Shot up everywhere, all over. Legs, stomach, back, all over the place. We thought it was a war out here."


At least 60 shell casings were located at the scene of the shooting.


It's got links to all the stuff here.  Some of them actually, there's even cars taking them, other ones to hospitals.  Some of them even managed to walk to hospitals that were minor I should say, you know.


(A:  Folk, they said they...)


Spoke with people here who said they were inside a funeral home when the shots started.


Spoke to a woman who had blood on her jeans. She didnt know whose blood it was.


(A:  ...because it was splattering all over the place.)


Crime statistics indicated there were 13 murders last month in the area, compared with just three in June 2019.


There's more and more murders because it's a free-for-all between gangs and so on right now, as the gaps literally can't get any backing from the officers who are in charge like mayors and so on, that supposedly employ them.  This article here too, it says…


Chicago's violent weekend sees at least 8 killed, 40 others shot, police say

foxnews.com / 19 July 2020


(A:  Lots and lots of stories like this. But what d’you expect? It says…)


Chicago on Sunday was reeling from another violent weekend, with nearly 50 shootings – including eight people killed – since Friday, police said.


(A:  It's just lots of bloody violence as it says in the article here.)


Another article I’m going to just mention here, getting back to the vaccine caper, it's from 2015 National Geographic Society.


Should we edit the human germline?

web.archive.org / 17 Dec 2018


Genome editing is as consequential as it is controversial. Scientists are exploring the possibility of altering genes that cause specific diseases. But even if we can do it, the question is: should we?


(A:  Now, these genes don't cause the diseases by the way, it's badly worded too.  It says…)


Genome editing is as consequential as it is controversial. The ability to modify a person’s genes to add or remove particular physical traits is moving from science fiction to science fact: already scientists are exploring the possibility of altering genes that cause specific diseases and editing human embryos to eliminate genetic mutations that cause some conditions. But even if we can do it, the question is: should we?


(A:  Again, it's like that movie, the one I mentioned years ago, that the people should look into.  It was to do with a time when people would be already modified, you'd have two groups of folk, the folk who were modified, literally, before they were born, by altering the sperm and ovum and putting in certain genes and removing others. They would be the new ruling caste they would say in the actual movie.  Gattica it was called.  It wasn't a bad movie; it was fictional of course.  But they did touch on the kind of consequences to an extent of it too and how you'd have a lower class, it would be ordinary folk then who are unaltered, you know.)


It is important to distinguish between two different types of genome editing: somatic and germline. Somatic cells make up most of our bodies, including our skin, hair, blood, and organs. Changes made to somatic cells affect that person’s body alone—they are not hereditary. In contrast, germline cells are reproductive cells that can create embryos. This means that any alterations made to them will be passed from parent to child—affecting all future generations.


(A:  That's what this vaccine is going to do, that they're going to give you for Covid.  N-n-n.  Then they give you…)


Five arguments for germline genome editing




Through GGE we can treat some genetic conditions that are beyond the current ability of traditional medicines, such as Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and cystic fibrosis. It may take decades to develop traditional medicines to manage these conditions, while genome editing offers a more immediate solution, as we may soon have the technology to identify and remove the gene mutations that cause diseases.


(A:  There's a big jump actually from being able to do it specifically, accurately and so on, 'eh, doesn't it?)




GGE could entirely and permanently eradicate some serious conditions that cause suffering for millions of people (A:  ... like getting born I suppose, they'll all be sterile...), and will otherwise cause suffering for millions more in the future.




As with all areas of medicine, strict policies and regulations will be agreed and enforced to govern the use of GGE. Patient safety remains paramount, and the potential benefits of the treatment must be proven to outweigh the potential dangers before it is used. Almost all pro-GGE scientists agree that much more research and testing is needed to guarantee its safe and effective use.


(A:  And it's got...)


Five arguments against germline genome editing




A crucial element of any clinical procedure is informed consent—ensuring that the patient fully understands the risks of a treatment. GGE is so new, complex, and uncertain that we cannot adequately inform prospective patients of the risks to them or future generations. This raises the deeper question of whether we have the right to deliberately, permanently, and irrevocably change the human genome without universal consensus.


(A:  Well, you don't get informed consent with most of the vaccinations, even the flu shots. Have you ever had a doctor say, let me tell you, I'll tell you about all the dangers here that could happen? Have you ever had it?  [Alan chuckles.]  No.  All you get, is this is okay?  Yeah, sure.  That's that, you've just given your consent and that's it, if they even get that far, generally they won't even ask you.  The very fact that you go and you bear your arm is you consenting.  But I've never ever seen informed consent for any of this stuff.)




The human genome is an extremely complex ecosystem that we don’t fully understand, so we cannot absolutely predict the impact editing a gene will have. Sometimes multiple genes interact to perform a function, and it’s possible that a single edit could affect many other genes. Nor can we completely guarantee the accuracy of genome editing, so there is always the risk of making unintended changes with unforeseen consequences.


(A:  I tell ya, India's a big player in this. Years ago, I remember reading an article where the wealthier families were having certain genes altered to try and get, for height for the male and so on, for particular looks and stature, etc. And they hope to get intelligence with that too. Naturally, you're not going to stop them going to the next step, you know, and creating different classes. Just like Gattaca. It says, if you change a part of a germline cell, it says, we cannot reverse it. It's permanent. That's from parent then to child and through all generations from then on.)




If a change is ade in a germline cell, we cannot reverse it. That change will inexorably pass from parent to child through the generations ...




Once we start altering genes, where do we draw the line? Theoretically, GGE could be used for the enhancement of so-called designer babies by manipulating the genes that control qualities such as eye color, height, athleticism, and memory. Parents may feel pressured to pay for improvements to their children with significant social consequences, even calling into question what it is to be human.


(A:  And then social of course comes next with the stratification, basically different classes of people, right. Trans-human indeed.)




The cost of gene editing means...


This is the world that we exist, I don't say living anymore, you're not really living, you're existing in it.  And one of the protests that just happened...


Protests Erupt Across Country; Black Militia Member Accidentally Shoots Comrades In Park

zerohedge.com / 26 July 2020


(A:  It was a demonstration they were having, or protest I should say. All armed.  It says…)


Saturday BLM protests unfolded across the country on Saturday, with tensions flaring in major cities including Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Louisville, Kentucky.


In Seattle, the police department - which on Friday announced that they would effectively not be enforcing the law due to a City Council ban on the use of non-lethal crowd control measures - declared a riot, citing "ongoing damage and public safety risks," according to USA Today. 16 protesters were arrested by Seattle PD for assaulting officers, obstruction and failure to disperse. One officer was hospitalized with a leg injury caused by an explosive, while the crowd launched mortars and rocks at the police.


These aren't, these water bottles too, they're clever, ha, they're so well organized and I'll put up a YouTube by the way for those who think it's just protesters. You'll see it from above, the ones who are trained, in the way they come in like troops actually, with the bicycles at front going back and forth, then they pick up the, and the banners behind them, the banners who've got PVC piping, once they're ready to start their attack on the police, they take off the banner cloth or whatever it is and these PVC pipes are actually sharpened like spears and you see them going at the police with them.  You also see, and all the so-called peaceful ones behind them, they know what's going on, they are a cover for the attackers in the front. This is obvious.


You'll see the police chief of one of the cities explain it, what happened, and showing you this particular footage, how well organized it is. It's with military precision of course.  You actually see them using umbrellas, they put up umbrellas and then they grab these black outfits and change into the black gear. They are the ones in the front that do the attacking. They're using all kinds of defenses too, like the moms, the Moms for Peace or whatever it is they're calling them. 


'Wall of Moms' joins Portland's anti-racism protests

bbc.com / 22 July 2020


But no, you're looking at the same techniques that they claim the Moslems, remember they used to say the Moslems all, oh yeah, Saddam is using, his armies are using all these women in front, like hostages really, so you can't attack them. Well, this is exactly what Black Lives Matter is using, it's the same techniques that they're using there of course. And in reality, you can see it all happening.


Very well done. I mean, this is psychological warfare and tactical rioting. It's all military technique in a sense. So, you can watch it happening. But this particular one, yeah, and the black militia member, after mentioning they’re well-trained and so on, one of them let loose, it said, it must be automatic I guess, fully automatic to blastoff enough to hit in one burst, it must've been surely, to bring down three of their comrades. So anyway, it says…


Protests Erupt Across Country; Black Militia Member Accidentally Shoots Comrades In Park

zerohedge.com / 26 July 2020


Crowd continues to throw/launch mortars and rocks at officers


This is Seattle and the riots there.  Quite amazing ’eh.  And some of the top leaders too, two of them, they call themselves ‘grandmasters’, etc.  Quite interesting everything that's coming out in the open now of course from the lodges that they actually set up for the different groups. Don't forget the lodges, we know some of the lodges were famous in the 19th century for revolutions. For folks who don't know it and think it's peaceful happy little clubs, which they are today most of them, but they were all set up for revolution. 


I'll definitely put up the one, you'll see the police chief showing you, there's very good video and you see how the organization works, very, as I say, military precision, no doubt about it.  And I guess they bring in, bussed into different cities when they're having their so-called protests, so the folk will, the media will all say, oh it's just protesters. You'll see them stabbing these spears at the cops.  And what they're throwing at the cops, these are, you'll see the guys bringing in these big hampers full of frozen water in the water bottles.  So, if they get to court they can say, well it's just a bottle of water, you know. No, these are like bricks when they hit you, they're frozen ice!


The media knows all this stuff but they're all on board with it. Because as I said, this is the elites' revolution. This is their next part, from the previous age that they ruled and brought in through revolution, this is the next phase for the elites.  The people down below don't know that. They really don't.  It's our generation, you know, just like The Who talking about 'my generation', it's all us, we, this is ours, yeah. Sure.  [Alan laughing.]   Yep.


Yeah, I think it was the Chicago police chief, I'll put that one up.  It says...


Rioters use ‘peaceful’ protests as cover for attacks on Chicago police

youtube.com / 20 July 2020


(A:  I don’t know how these police could have stood there like that. They can't get the backup and use the techniques that you should have to protect themselves. But you'll see this well-planned and rehearsed, organized, incredibly well-organized attack on the police. This is an attack, yes.)


Chicago police department officers show footage Monday of last weekend's attack on the statue of Christopher Columbus in the city in which rioters armed with projectiles use "peaceful" protests as a cover for attacks on the police.


The footage of the attack revealed to the media by superintendent David Brown showed a peaceful procession marching behind banners suspended from PVC pipe, emblazoned with Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police and other slogans.  Upon reaching Grant Park the banners were used to shield a group of rioters who were prepared to ambush police, putting up umbrellas, preparing projectiles, changing into black clothing.


The peaceful protesters appear to move in front of the rioters deliberately to shield them from the view of the police officers guarding the Columbus statue nearby.


The rioters then moved into what police called a platoon like fashion towards the statue using the protest banners as cover. The PVC pipe was then removed from the banners and sharpened into weapons.


(A:  They were already pre-sharpened to use against the police officers.)


Rioters distributed weapons, projectiles such as rocks, frozen can, frozen water bottles throughout the crowd.  They also restocked the weapons throughout the confrontation, with the police stripping them from shopping carts.


They impaled officers with projectiles and hit them with PVC pipes.


(A:  You actually see them getting thrown like spears.)


49 officers suffered injuries in the confrontation, including concussions. One suffered a severe eye injury when he was hit by an incendiary explosive device that detonated near his eyes as he stood near the statue. That officer may eventually require surgery.


Superintendent Brown who formally led the Dallas police project achieve national recognition in 2016 when five police officers in Dallas were assassinated by a sniper during the black lives are protest.


(A:  So, it's…)


Now we must assume that there may be mobs working with peaceful protesters to inflict violence, Brown said.


It's the same techniques now, mind you, that were used during the anti-globalist meetings, where you saw the same black clad guys at the time. At the time we knew there were, there was actually found out to be, they'd been trained in another country, a lot of them.  And the Antifa group still have got headquarters in another country.  They would appear in black outfits with the masks on and started hurling the Molotov cocktails at cop cars and so on. At that time most of the followers then were peaceful, the anti-globalists.  Their real protests were getting ruined by these guys that were out for utter violence.


Another incident happened too at that time, remember, at the globalist meetings where in Montréal, one of the meetings there, I think it was Montréal, they actually saw, something gave away a bunch of them that were caught throwing bricks at cop cars and so on. It turns out they were policeman.  This is what, it's amazing what goes on, from all sides, during these times. That was way back in the so-called globalist meetings that went on years ago.


But here you have well organized, well-funded organizations with all this. And we used to talk about the socialism, socialism too makes you dependent, you know, rather than fix any problems that are really going on. The governments are socialist now, are doing the typical socialist technique, they keep you in poverty forever. That's how I see it.


Baby Boxes included in Programme for Government following Richmond’s campaign

finegael.ie / 22 June 2020


(A:  This is in Ireland and it says...)


Fine Gael TD, Neale Richmond, has welcomed the inclusion in the Programme for Government of a commitment to introduce Baby Boxes for all new parents in Ireland.


Deputy Richmond said: “After campaigning for Baby Boxes for over a year, I am delighted to see that the nationwide roll out of the Baby Box programme is included in the Programme for Government for the very first time.


(A:  So, it's for newborn children and the parents to have these boxes, that's got, it's got thermometers and food, and I guess baby mixes and things and blankets. This box can be altered, you just open it up into a cradle I guess, you know. They copied Scotland for the example, which is socialist too.)


“We can now follow the example of Scotland in ensuring that all parents are well equipped when they bring a new member of their family home."


You got to remember, I mean, the first thing they say, how come the folk can't afford this themselves? What's wrong with the system? Because that's what it is, isn't it? Socialism keeps you in the basic, very basic minimum of requirements and necessities. They do.  There's always two ways of looking at things, don't just take what's presented to you.  Look at the other side of anything and say, wait a minute, why is government, what's wrong with the system that they're handing these things out?...  that the folk don't have what they need?... or the money?  Hm?


This other article here is…


Commentary: Illinois has not been well managed; would a crash-and-burn help?

pjstar.com / 18 July 2020


(A:  It goes into a lot of folk moving out, what's left has been shrinking and shrinking in that area.)


“We’re moving to Florida, Jim.” He paused, then: “Illinois is not well managed, you know.”


Illinois’ population has grown only slightly since 1970 – from 11.1 million then to 12.67 million today. The U.S. population, meanwhile, has increased from 205.1 million to 328.2 million during that same time. The population growth in Illinois has been augmented largely by Latinos and Asian-Americans. Illinois’ white population has dropped from 8.9 million in 1970 to 7.5 million today.


(A:  As they say, the state has been so badly managed for some time.)


But yeah, big, big changes going on, 'eh?  Another article here…


Did 'herd immunity' change the course of the outbreak?

bbc.com / 20 July 2020


(A:  Dr Faye Kirkland and the BBC put this out here.)


On Thursday 12 March, everyday life remained relatively normal across the UK. The back pages of the newspapers were dominated by the victory of Atletico Madrid over Liverpool.


Throughout that day shoppers shopped, while millions drove to work or poured out of trains into city centres.


And in the evening, people went out.


But these were not normal times. A new coronavirus was spreading across the globe.


On that day, Italy was shutting all non-essential shops and the Republic of Ireland announced that schools would close.


But looking back, the question that will always be asked is - did the UK go into lockdown too slowly? Should those crowds have been out that day?


The World Health Organization (WHO) (A:  ...that's funded by [Alan chuckles.] again by Bill Gates...) had been asking countries to do everything they could to contain the infection since late February.


And some countries were scaling up test and trace to try to suppress the virus.


Testing folk isn't suppressing anything. Folk are getting mixed up now thinking it's like a cure or something. The more folks who actually had it and got over it, the more have got herd immunity. That's normal. I tell ya.  And then lumping everybody in with all kinds of signs and symptoms that didn't, and using tests that are just completely inadequate, then getting locked up, and lots and lots of folk have got locked up in their homes because they tested positive. Then later on they found out they were, no, they were wrong, their tests were faulty.  [Alan chuckles.]  N-n-n. Well, at least they didn't get things put down their tracheas to kill them off on the ventilators, 'eh?


Aaaa, but again it's a necessity, this whole Covid thing is necessary, as is of course obviously on behalf of the elite what appears to be a communist revolution. But in reality, it's all, it's all given the go-ahead by the elite themselves. Another article too is…


Meet the Gun Club Patrolling Seattle’s Leftist Utopia

thedailybeast.com / 14 June 2020


(A:  That's from The Daily Beast, it's left-wing so.  It goes into some of the gun club, you know…)


Over the past several days of its remarkable existence, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has captured radical imaginations across the country, and struck fear into the hearts of conservative politicians and right-wing media pundits (A:  D'you understand that, hhmph, the tone of the article here, striking fear into the hearts of conservative politicians and right-wing media pundits…) (including the president).


Also known as the Seattle Autonomous Zone, the six blocks surrounding Seattle’s now-abandoned East Precinct have become a virtually cop-free space...


(A:  Well of course, they had all the shootings after that, inside of it, including children getting killed and that kind of crumpled there too.)


Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club (PSJBGC)—a leftist community defense and firearms education organization that gained a spate of notoriety last year when a former member, Willem van Spronsen, set fire to an ICE parking lot—have been a constant presence. The club is often asked to provide security for protests and rallies around the Seattle area, and while their involvement in CHAZ is structured more loosely, the presence of armed civilians has raised a few eyebrows.


There's more to it of course with some of the guys who actually, they don't mention it in here who they are, I know who they are, some of them.  Yep.  Some of them have long links to [Alan chuckles.] revolutions, and other things too I won't go into.  Newsweek…


Turkey Bombs Iraq, Syria, Targeting Kurdish Group It Says Trains Antifa

newsweek.com / 19 June 2020


(A:  They got these guys in Antifa and they're putting their photographs up there.  It says…)


Turkey bombed Iraq and Syria, striking a Kurdish militia it has accused of training members of the left-wing, international antifa movement involved in protests across the United States.


The Turkish Defense Ministry released footage Friday of an F-16 fighter jet taking off and conducting what it said was an operation in Iraq's northern Great Zab region that "neutralized" four members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).


The PKK is a Communist Party too. But again, the West has used them to attack Syria in the past. They also used them, the Kurds, to attack Saddam Hussein, you know.  It's quite interesting too that, it's like Maggie Thatcher’s day, she started importing coal from communist Poland at the time to put our own miners out of work and to close down the mines. And the West that has been attacking, for reasons that they'll never tell the public obviously, the Middle Eastern countries including Syria, have used communist groups inside the Kurdish groups, like the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, and many others too to try to get rid of Syria's government.


If you follow and belong to any group, you're getting used. You'll never figure it out until it's way too late, maybe you'll never figure it out or get a chance to live long enough to find out. But this is the kind of system you're living in here. So anyway, yeah, they've training this group, that's been a hero group and given lots of good press and all that by the West, as long as it was attacking the government of Syria. It was a communist group, 'eh.  You see, everybody's handy for the big organizations that run the world.  So, everybody's useful at times, you see.  Once your usefulness is over, then you’re labeled a terrorist group. [Alan chuckles.]  That's how it's worked out, that's how it really works.


These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement

cnet.com / 16 June 2020


(A:  Where you think it's just a little, you know, just...  So, it's got pretty well all the technology companies. It says…)


Many of the large tech companies in the US have donated substantial sums to the cause. Google has committed $12 million, while both Facebook and Amazon are donating $10 million to various groups that fight against racial injustice. (A:  These are the groups.)  Apple is pledging a whopping $100 million for a new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative that will "challenge the systemic barriers to opportunity and dignity that exist for communities of color, and particularly for the black community," according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.


(A:  And CNET, the computer group to give you all the different programs and so on...)


Check out CNET's guide to learn more about how tech companies are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 


(A:  They give you a list of them.)


Walmart announced that it will contribute $100 million over five years to create a new center for racial equity.


CEO Doug McMillan said the center "will seek to advance economic opportunity and healthier living


(A:  Right, as Walmart and all these big groups have eliminated all the smaller stores, that was what they brought them in for. The global elitists run these organizations, I hope you understand this.)


Target announced a $10 million commitment in an effort to advance social justice


(A:  Well, this is what all these [unintelligible] citizens of social justice right.)


Home Depot CEO Craig Menear announced a $1 million donation to the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in a statement released on the company website.


They are all involved in the same, you know, and there's many, many more, I've got a whole list of them here. For anybody that cares to look at them.


Another one too, it says…


Ohio man, Isaiah Jackson, arrested after kneeling on crying White child's neck - breitbart.com / 23 July 2020


Do you still support Black Lives Matter after seeing Ohio's Black Lives Matter representative, Isaiah Jackson crushing a white baby's neck to make a statement? - naturalnews.com / 23 July 2020


...with his knee on it, you see.  I think the elite really want as much fear and terror as possible. Because they want to get something going, maybe, and they'll maneuver the outcome of that too, if they can't get what they want the way it's going right now.


Another one to do with the big boys and gals, this is from Business Life News Insider. It's to do with a company called...  It's focused on digital transformation, 'eh.  Now let's see if I can get down to it, some of these pictures take forever. It says...


Palantir has raised more than $500 million in fresh funding as the secretive and controversial startup works toward a possible IPO

businessinsider.com / 2 July 2020


People protest Palantir's work with US immigration agencies.


Palantir said it sold more than $500 million in stock to private investors and hopes to sell about $400 million more.


The company was said to be preparing for a September IPO, and it's unclear how the new funding affects those plans.


As a data-analytics company cofounded by a Trump confidant that works with US immigration agencies, the startup has also found itself in controversy.


Palantir, the secretive data-analytics company cofounded by Peter Thiel, is raising nearly $1 billion as it works toward a possible public offering.


In a regulatory filing Wednesday, the company said its raised $549.7 million from unnamed investors since early March and hopes to sell up to $411.4 million more for a grand total of $961.1 million worth of stock.


So, it's a massive, it's used by the CIA, this company, for all kinds of things, and the FBI, etc. etc.  They're in some big, big heavy stuff. Then the three guys that brought it together, it's quite a story too. But anyway, another article says…


Palantir, The $20 Billion, Peter Thiel-Backed Big Data Giant, Is Providing Coronavirus Monitoring To The CDC

forbes.com / 31 March 2020


(A:  You see. I always think of what Rothchild said, he wasn't being facetious or whatever, or flippant. He was being honest, you know, when he was asked, when's the best time to invest or make money, meaning the biggest profits?  And he said, when blood is flowing in the streets.  And that is true, you see, when everybody's panicking and they're terrified and petrified, with fear, fear, fear, that's when you make big money off the public. Look at the money your governments are tossing out to their pals, all these big private corporations.  So here you are, this company just ahead of the curve naturally, already, a massive spy program, 'eh, providing coronavirus monitoring to the CDC. Small world though, ‘eh?)


In the last week, staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) started logging into a new web app. It promises to help them watch where COVID-19 is spreading and checks how well equipped hospitals are to deal with the spike in cases of the fatal virus, according to two sources familiar with the work. According to those sources, it was built by Palantir, a $20 billion-valued big data company whose data harvesting work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has provoked criticism from human rights groups.


(A:  All these groups, these particular kinds of groups, mind you, these firms are also into investments big time.  Because they can pretty well predict what's going to be big money with investments and shares, etc. Of course, they can predict, you understand, there's management to make things happen the way you want them to happen.  That's what a lot of this is about naturally.  So anyway, this company has also got the contracts for...)


... U.S. hospitals and healthcare agencies, including lab test results, emergency department statuses, bed capacity and ventilator supply.


(A:  Big money, 'eh.  And they’re selling shares now, 'eh.  M-m-m.)


... using locations from mobile phones to track movements of people him...


(A:  I guess the other companies doing the same are Google and Oracle, etc. Big time. Again, when the blood is flowing in the streets, that's when you make the big, big money, 'eh.  Isn't it?)


Another article too, this article is…


Socialism and the Fight Against War

wsws.org / 18 Feb 2016


(A:  This is 2016, and from their own website, Marxist website, World Socialist WebSite, wsws.org, that's what they call themselves.)


1. Fifteen years after the United States launched the “war on terror,” the entire world is being dragged into an ever-expanding maelstrom of imperialist violence.

(A:  This is true.) 


The invasions and interventions organized by US imperialism have devastated Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.


(A:  They were all on the list in the 90s so…)


NATO is engaged in a massive rearmament program in preparation for war with Russia. Africa is the target of relentless US and European neo-colonial machinations.


They never mentioned China being one of the biggest players across Africa. They even had some Chinese military helping with the rationing, etc. in South Africa, and managing the Covid thing, you know. Anyway, it goes into how they'd have to manage it and so on.  You do get insight into what the plans are of course.


But as I've said before, I've really come to the conclusion a long time ago that all sides are managed by the same peoples, folks. I really mean that.  That's what you find when the agenda continues regardless of who's in power, left wing, right wing, whatever it happens to be. What are names anyway when it comes to agendas? As Jefferson said, when you see the same agendas continue even within changes in the house, but continue, know you are under tyranny.


And it's cronyism.  It's crony capitalism or whatever, it's all cronyism. And it will happen under any name you want to label any system.  Because those at the top reap the harvest and live awfully well over the public.  I was thinking back to Alexander Hamilton, that again, he knew the Rothschilds, he was in correspondence with them too. He was all for the old system of the real capitalist system, those who ruled had the money should rule the world, [Alan chuckles.] that's what he believed.  But Hamilton also said something that, there's always bits of truth coming out of the mouth of psychopaths. He also, he used to have tremendous debates and arguments with Jefferson.


Jefferson was at least outwardly coming across as being a man of the people, even though he wasn't all they say he was made up to be. And he was definitely a member of, that's why he didn't get very far, he was all for the French Revolution and he was named as a member of the illuminati at the time, you know.  But regardless of that he gave some good quotes, put it that way.  [Alan chuckles.]


But Jefferson argued with Hamilton and Hamilton would visit his place, you know. Jefferson had different heroes and drawings and portraits of heroes of what he saw in history as good heroes. Hamilton didn't like any of them, he says, his heroes, Hamilton's heroes were guys who went out to conquer the world. He had Alexander the Great and people like that, you see, and he thought that those with the power should use it, and he was ambitious, audacious and bold, and just conquer, etc. And bringing civilization, that's what they always say when they take over the world. So will communism do the same thing, bringing you civilization, you see. They'll convince you you're living better, as you're borrowing from each other to get a, you know, a pack of beans and peas.


But again, facts don't really matter when it comes to the elite ruling you. And they always know better than you do.  But Hamilton did say something that was awfully interesting. He says, well... Because they were debating at the time, and don't forget the US did, or America did send, the founding fathers I should say before they became the founding fathers as such, they did send over an invitation to a man who was the descendent of the Stewart line of Scotland.  They invited him, they sent a delegation over and asked him if he would, because at that time they weren't sure if they should have a king or what, you know.  And they did offer kingdom to this guy, who didn't want it, before they settled on this Republic idea.


You know, they already had the Republic idea worked out, they thought they could have a sort of monarchy type system, kind of like Britain's but on a Republican basis as opposed to a democracy, this fake democracy thing.  But a monarchy at the top that would be like a kind of chairman, that was the idea behind it when they offered it to the guy.  Hamilton was for that idea, you see.


As I say, Hamilton liked the Rothschilds idea of running the money their way and so on. What Hamilton did say to Jefferson, he said, do you really want a republic with a government that will expand, with a massive civil service eventually, which would always be inevitable to happen. And he said, and they'll all be living so well off of the public purse. Is it better not just to have a royal family, where you've got a royal family and maybe 50 to 80 of their relatives to support in luxury, rather than thousands and thousands of bureaucrats and civil servants all living in luxury off the public purse? He had a point, 'eh?


Because it always ends up that way, doesn't it?  Human nature, it always ends up that way.  And that's the truth of it too, human nature always comes across and those who are crooked to start with have no problems accepting bribes and wanting more and wanting the good life. That's how it works. That's the way of the world, folks, I hope you understand.


I hope I haven't bored you tonight either.  But you have to look at all sides of everything.  As I say, to those who literally think that they're leading a revolution, it's only by the sufferance, meaning the acceptance and promotion, of a very cooperative elite, including all the big media [Alan chuckles.] that this is happening. Because there's a different agenda underway.


Again, the WEF had talked about it with the Covid idea and of course now with they call it social justice, right, [Alan chuckles.] the revolutions that are going on, they think they can, all the things they couldn't achieve using the climate scare, the climate change scare, they said they could probably achieve with this. So here ya go, Covid and the whole thing into austerity, a new system, you'll be all regulated from birth to death and managed by experts. How's that?  Hm?


That's how it is. And people who follow, as I say, people who follow always find to their detriment that they're being used, you know. Eventually. And they never manifest their utopias.  It doesn't happen. Because those who end up in such systems, you always find are, they are the real butt kissers who will follow the doctrine, whatever doctrine they put out there, and learn to bear it all off just like any politician would do in the right circumstances.  And their behavior will show you the complete opposite if you could get a glimpse inside.


I've always mentioned The Lives of Others, very good movie to watch, from Germany about the Stasi system in Germany and everybody was getting spied on. Everybody was getting spied on. Then of course you also have the cultural Revolution, they always go through a cultural revolution.  That's once they've achieved their goals. They use a younger group to oust the group that did the revolution.  [Alan chuckles.]  Because they’re not strict enough, they're not adhering enough to the communist ideals, you see, and so they go after them and they eliminate them, the ones who actually did the revolution. The Soviets did it and then the Chinese did it and so on.


That's how it works, folks. But the big organizations, they know everything about every single one of us, you think they don't know about everybody involved in everything? They've got all your chitchat and all your programs. They know all, there is, no encoding is going to keep you out of it. They know who everybody is. And everybody will get used. And the leaders will just evaporate, won't they, when their mission is accomplished.  And lots of other folk carry the can.  That's the unfortunate way it happens in real life.


So, as I say, now, many folk too, I'm not telling you to despair of things, but life will still go on in some form for a while. But years ago, they came out at the United Nations talking about the agenda for postindustrial, and then really post-consumer society, into utter austerity.  Well, this is the fastest way to bring it all about, isn't it? 


Use your meatloaf, as they say, that's your head, and you start to come to the right conclusions eventually. But folk should, make sure you have a few friends.  Swear you'll help each other out, don't fall out and the whole bit when times get tough. Because you'll all need each other at times to deliver food or whatever it happens to be, depending on whatever happens to you.  And you've got to pull together because it's going to be a long haul now into a completely new system. And it will not be pleasant. It really won't be pleasant at all.


Take care of yourselves and keep in touch. As I say, I'm really enjoying hearing from so many people that listen to the talks and getting their take on how they perceive it in their own lives. Because that's real history.  And all the different countries are giving me, I've got from all the different countries I've got people sending me the data on their personal lives, how they see it, how it's affecting them, what's happening where they are, etc. And you can see this global agenda is so obvious, it's not spontaneous.


And it's not a weak movement, even with the rebels or whatever, it's all completely managed. And completely financed. As I say, I'll put up a longer list of the corporations that are funding it all. They're not afraid, the corporations are not afraid of these groups.  [Alan chuckles.] They're funding them all.  Not because they're getting blackmailed or their terrified, oh, no, no. 


The groups, always remember, this is the elites' revolution.  They owned the last part of the system and this is the next part of their revolution is this, what's going on in different areas and using different methods, all at the same time. It's theirs. And they boast about accomplishing their mission and their agenda for sustainability as they call it.


So, take care of yourself. I'm Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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