Aug. 2, 2020 (#1785)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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All Hail CapCom:

"Capitalists Finance Communists to "Bring in Equality,"

For Technocrats The Good Life, For Proles Mediocrity."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 2, 2020.  As usual I hope you're all doing okay [Alan chuckles.] under these incredible times in which we exist. I get lots of feedback from people who email me and tell me about their conditions in their countries and so on. You always get a little taste of what's to come across the whole planet eventually.  Because you can't lock down a planet, or good chunk of the planet and literally stop all, almost all commerce pretty well, forbid people to work, and then wonder why you're starting to get a shortage of food, you know.  In South Africa, there's some articles there actually were sent to me, where they don't have much to live on anyway to begin with, but they've already had people dying of starvation. Yeah.  That's going to happen elsewhere and pretty rapidly.


Because you're living through an amazing time of a planned agenda by a truly global government, that really exists.  If you don't understand that, it really does.  What you see on television or the clips on your Internet, what you're seeing, they're not the bosses.  They's a higher management level above politics, obviously, but they're not the bosses for the whole planet here. But the whole planet is on board with it, you see.  Of course they do have these setups, these World Health Organizations as an example, through the United Nations, and the WHO is pretty well three quarters funded, at least three quarters by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  So you can scrub that out for anything that's factual or scientific. Gates has an incredible agenda, because his daddy was involved in the same kind of things, in eugenics, etc.


So you know, sinister characters definitely, but they're not the bosses.  The old system of having bosses at the very, very top, are the fact that the bosses don't work as such. They comment occasionally…  But they don't take the heat for what their decisions cause on the general populations. Ever. Down through time actually.


They have the bee, one of the symbols is the bee of course, the structure of the beehive. That's the Royal Society. The first, the very first thing they brought out at the Royal Society, it was a glass pyramid, inside it was a beehive... To represent the perfect society which they would structure through sciences. Most folk think it's just some kind of independent scientific club just for chit chat and sharing ideas. It's beyond that. They are all selective Masons initially, and powerful people through finance and so on. But they also wanted to direct society and shape the course, the destiny of societies across the world. Very selective in fact for a long time who their members would be.  It wasn't something you could just ask to join.  That's how the world really is run.


The perfect society was basically modeled on the beehive idea. Napoleon had the same thing too. A very high Mason too.  You all know probably if you've read any documentation about him, he went into, when he went into Egypt of course with a big army, which he left behind primarily and left them all to take the heat. But the fact is, he went into the great pyramid in Giza and was in for quite a while and he came out with his, this was a big thing with top Masons at the time, if you just lay in the sarcophagus you get this instant revelation and so on and be a different person.  And he got a, he made a cloak, had a cloak made for him and they used some of the golden bees that had been taken out of one of the pyramids, out of some of the graves actually in Egypt, to represent the perfect society again. So, here's a guy who's at war across a good part of Europe and even into Russia, was intended to unify Europe. Interesting, it's always the same kind of thing, unify, isn't it? You unify Europe and people like himself would be the magicians behind it, you see, the real rulers. The natural rulers, with a little help from their friends.


So he had his cloak made with these bees all around the cloak.  You keep getting, you live in a world of symbology, and most folk don't quite get it, what they see.  And the signs and the gestures that you get on pretty well everything you see from people who work in mid management levels on television representing organizations that claim they run the world. But you're loaded everywhere you look with these signs and their symbols of course.  And the folks just don't get it, do they? Because it's so common, it's everyday occurrences. And yet they ooo and aaaa when they look into the Super Bowl and things like that, and they watch these occultic ceremonies, that are not made by the dancers, you know, the dancers literally do what they're told to, well-paid promotions and all that. 


But you'll see all the occultic symbology displayed every time you look at the thing, and the trans- basically the transitioning of society and humans themselves into other beings, always under the guise of progressive, progressive science and so on, progressive knowledge and the implementation of progressive knowledge.  It's quite something to watch. But it's boring as well to me anyway because you know what it all represents and is meant to represent. And it's really not a high, high messaging for the public.  But you'll see all these things all the time. Over and over and over. It does get boring. It really does.


You're living in a world completely different than the one that exists because you've been trained to see it differently, from birth. Jacques Ellul, a really good philosopher, talked about that, that the idea of propaganda and how it truly works.  How you have to train a child very early for subsequent propaganda to take effect on them. He said the initial, the initial technique of indoctrinating a child to listen and just accept was so important, if you didn't get that initial indoctrination subsequent indoctrination would not take on them, as they got older it wouldn't work. So that was always understood from a very early time. Because there's nothing new in controlling millions or even billions of people. These are very old sciences indeed.


Again, there's never been a time when all of these sciences are really interconnected now, specialized segments of them, to do with the mind and humanity and sociology, and then anthropology, etc. It's all combined today. So much so that even the military, the military, especially the US, and the Chinese militaries, they take anthropologists along with them when they go into other countries, either to take the countries down, or to help them, which is the same thing.  They take them down by big smiling faces, and then they dish out cash and then they manage you. They give you little hospitals and schools, then they get involved in the education and before you know it, they've turned it into another little indoctrination school for themselves to manage the peasantry better. These are well understood.  And most folk really don't know. They really haven't a clue.


So many of the big, big, massive charities that you look at are not there for the reasons that you think. They're part of, really, the military-industrial complex, a lot of them.  That's why there's no real check on where the cash goes, except the occasional expose of millions disappearing here and there and everywhere, etc.  But whenever you hear charity, it's like mum's apple pie, because you've been trained that way, and if you were to complain about mum's apple pie you must be a terribly bad person.  You know? 


Yet US aid, for instance, in these, again, these helpful humanistic foundations and so on, they're part of the, they dish out the cash and some of the training in some of these countries they want to take over for resources.  That's how things are. War is seldom anything to do...  We don't go to war to help people. We don't go to war to even free people. We go to war to take over the resources of Nations. And you don't get any of it. You'll do all the fighting, you get handed the bill for it, and you will be given simple propaganda, total lies, as to why you're doing it.  But the ones behind you, who already own your country, and I mean OWN, are the ones who get all the profits from all the raw resources and so on that come along. That's the real world. It's vastly, vastly different, as I say, from the one that you're given.


The US for a little while, a short period, had some hope.  Newborn countries have some hope when they're still riding on the backs of what they thought was a revolution to give them individual rights and freedoms – very important, individual, you see, and basic rights to property and things like that.  Which they really didn't, nothing was safe in Europe if you are lower people and lower levels of the class system. Nothing was safe at all that you had.  Even the farming.  We saw that even in Russia where small plot farmers, that still kept the country going collectively, when you put them all together and what they produced it kept the country going, they were small independent families and so on, were pretty well wiped out and starved to death when the Bolsheviks took over.  They lost everything. Then the state pretended to take it over a run it all.


But that's...  There's nothing, as they say, that's presented to you that's exactly as they say it is. With the American idea, yes, you got all the crooks running into the States as soon as they heard, oh, you know, you can exploit this country, there's so little, and it's true, so few laws and regulations at the time in the early days. It's also understood and taught of course in sociology that the reason that the US is sinking now is it caught up and surpassed the bureaucracies, with massive civil services and government agencies and state agencies and so on, who all implement stacks and stacks of rules and regulations until you can't afford to do anything and start to prosper. That was all done intentionally too.  So corruption always sets in.


But for a while there was an optimism in the US. It also seeped into the individuals in the US regardless of class. Because they were left alone for a while. You didn't have to pay taxes. I've mentioned that before, that taxes came in really to help, to start off they called it the temporary war tax, or victory tax for America, and that was taxing income. Back in the 90s I gave talks on the history of the income tax in America and elsewhere, and Effie, I had Effie on too.  She's an elderly woman who'd lived through the Great Depression and she said how bad it was. They were in a little plot from themselves, like many folk in America.  The US at one time, and this is what Jefferson said too, would only remain free if everybody had the ability to feed themselves, even one cow or so and a little field or whatever to grow their food. He said, once that was taken away from people you were under some kind of tyranny. And he was quite right on it too.


So these are basic, these are basic things for life. Now, they can give you the idea of massive profits if you get away from all that and go into the high business and high... all that kind of stuff.  But when things crash, you're back to square one again, now, how are you going to feed yourself and so on, you see? And apart from that, as I say, the sharks ran into America like you wouldn't believe. From all over the world. The scam artists, the conologists.  I gave talks on conology years ago.  At the start of the great con, and how it works, and how you must participate in your own fraud basically. You're getting defrauded or you're getting robbed without knowing it. But you must, it's like that movie The Sting, things like that, you must participate in being fooled, and you go along with it.


That's the same as voting, you know, you actually, most folk who vote really think they're going to change something. As I've said before, if voting was really real, which it would be if you had a real society, and people were real and politicians were real and they meant what they said and they had the best interest of the public at heart, then yeah, it certainly would. But it's been, it was, if it ever was real.  It was gone long, long ago.


Again, Carol Quigley mentioned that in Tragedy and Hope, his book.  He was a member of, that's the society that at least was a recruiting agency for the management of the US on behalf of those who really ruled it. He said that every president, and even prime ministers across the world in different, certain countries, had been part of, chosen and preselected by the organization, regardless of party, before they get into office.  There is one, this one organization with its own tenants and goals and ideals and so on.  And he was no conspiracy nut. I mean, he taught at University. He also taught at, it wasn't just Georgetown University. He taught stacks and stacks of bureaucrats and people who would be, work in the foreign office for the US State Department and so on and across the world as diplomats.  So he was up there, he knew what he was talking about.  That's again, a sideline again too. I could go on forever about him.


But what I'm saying is, the US was taken over pretty quickly. Once you got to World War I, it had already had techniques, little, you had bumps in the road as you're being trained to need something.  I've mentioned predictive programming before over the years; it's come into usage now. What they do is they give you events, and entertainment too of course, lots, most of your entertainment is loaded with predictive programming, how you should feel about this, and feel about that, and think about this, etc, and what you should like or what you should condemn. It's all full of that, YOU should be. And you lap it up not realizing you're getting brainwashed. And you wonder where your opinion came from maybe if you get a bit older. Hopefully you will.


But predictive programming also comes out from newspapers, which of course the elite have always owned. You must get uniformity of information, which gives you uniformity of opinion, so then it's easy to control people when they all have the same opinions because you've given it to them.  So they always give you a right-wing paper in every place, every area, and a left-wing paper.  It's generally a sun or it's a star, you see, one or the other, or a mercury or something. But it was one or the other that they give you. And folk will pick it, well, my dad read that so I'll read this one and I’ll vote that way too.  Very easy, very simple.


Of course the talks that they gave years ago at the Rockefeller Institute basically when they were taking over all the industry of the US through different sub companies and so on, they decided to, how many newspapers would we need?  They, other ones that had spun off from the Rockefellers did the same kind of thing. Initially they said about 30 odd, maybe 32, 33 newspapers across the country, and magazines.  I think Quigley touched on that too, he said that for every, even for the civil service they had magazines that would be very flashy glossy magazines, for women and men, you see, in the civil service and that would cater to them and give them their ideas and what they should think about events and so on. Everybody's catered to. Very much so.


So you really don't have true free opinions. And generally when you're not under stress, you never realize that you're getting, it's not forced opinion, it's uniformity of opinion. It's selected and mandated to put across articles that all seem to be from, oh, this author or that author.  So, it must be all independent. And it's just coincidence that they're all agreeing about the same things, in everywhere you look, you know, to read.  That's how it's done. Of course once movies came in+ that took over and loaded the deck with propaganda. 


But with predictive programming you can also get events. Because it's like the vaccine, it's like Covid, the great Plandemic as they say, you know, it's very much like that. In fact, they actually say that. I read the articles before from the SAGE group and so on and the subgroups hired by the UK, of behaviorists and the BIT groups and so on, the nudge experts you might say, who actually gave out handouts to the newspapers to tell them how to present news to the public in this so-called pandemic.  And how to, there were different stages of it.  How to start it off and put fear into the public. If they found not enough folk were complying and obeying what they were told to do, then they could hype up the fear. In other words, terrify the public. That was the advice given by the government's agencies through these particular behavioral and psychological groups they were using for brainwashing us all.  Still on the go yet.


So yeah, terrify the public. Literally cause terror amongst the public to get compliance. Well, again, predictive programming. Back in the 19th century the characters who came in, and we know who some of them were, into the US, were quite open about the fact that they'd love to get a centralized system for the economy. And run it and own it, of course.  So it was about three bankers, or, put it this way, some of them were bankers and some of them also LENT money to nations in fact, even back then. They got together, long before Jekyll Island came along, and gave these little predictive programming stunts, you see, to get the public to demand something. So you cause crashes. 


So three of them got together and they cause the crashes in the late 1800s, two of them at least.  I know that Gould was one of them, and I think J.P. Morgan may have been another. But yeah, they got together, just like a Soros operation, these are old techniques, where Soros boasted in the British newspapers how he'd crashed basically the British economy at one point.  He said he called up two of his friends and they arranged it together and they did it and got away with it.  And no one arrests them.  Because they're way above [Alan chuckles.] any, any, they're up there, they're working for the real owners of the planet, you see.  They boasted about it quite happily of how they did it. And as I say, the country had to borrow millions and millions of pounds to try to float the economy again. They screw folk over and over and over, these characters, with impunity, you know, completely. Just like the 2008 crash, complete impunity. It's incredible.


But anyway, back to the late 1800s.  So the idea was to get the public to say, oh look, we can't go on like this with different banks having their own cash, and some of them with their own currency even. But, we can't go on, we need a centralized system.  So what you must always, just like the vaccine thing, get the public to be terrified and demand it. Get them to demand what you want them to demand and then you say, well it just happens, it just so happens we have a plan, you see.


The same thing happened for, in time for World War I. Where they brought in the income tax to fund, the same guys who under President Wilson, they brought in the Federal Reserve system, and they also brought in the income tax in 1917 or so to fund the money, to pay back the money that would get borrowed by the government for the war when they were going to get involved with it. Part of the reason they got into it in the US was to make sure that the countries that they had been lending to, from the US across Europe, would be able to pay it all back. This is what it's all about, folks. The US didn't go to World War I for altruistic reasons. It was to make sure that all the loans are secured, and with the Treaty of Paris they came out with eventually, after the big conference that they had in 1919, they gave a bunch of the characters who were the moneylenders themselves, or representatives of them, the power to decide who was going to pay what, to pay back all the loans for the war. They dumped a lot on Germany of course, completely unable to pay it all back, so that helped to lead to World War II.  Different story again.


But the point is, they always get the public to demand what they want you to demand. And say, what's that you say? We demand you centralized the money system and make it, because it's all corrupt and it keeps folding all the time and we’ll go bankrupt. Really, well, I don't know if we can do that for you. Well maybe, we could set up an institution maybe...  So they set up the private banking system called the Federal Reserve. It sounds awfully important, ‘eh?  And yet it's really a foreign bank in a sense, or a series of them.  Often employing foreigners [Alan chuckles.] to run the system for the American citizenry.  It's just astonishing really.  It's no different than what ran Britain for centuries, and still does, in the City of London. 


So as I say, you know, predictive programming is awfully important to get the public literally to demand what they want you to demand. Save us, save us is the cry, you see, we can't go on like this.  And, okay, but there's conditions here, we can help float the economy again, but you have to, a tax system is going to get brought in to pay off the money that you're going to be borrowing from us. And of course that's usury. And usury at one time for labor was completely illegal. That was hashed out in Wilson's time when they tried to bring it in for World War I, the actual paying of an income tax. Because laboring, they're getting paid, taxation of labor was illegal. That had been the way for centuries actually in different countries.


Mind you, they can always get it from 100 different other ways. Through fees, they call it, fees.  Your countries are loaded with fees for this and fees for that and licensing for this, and lots of licenses and fees. So it isn't just taxation of course. And if you pay your fee, in other words, it's like a license, for driving license. You get fined and charge, maybe put in prison if you don't have a license to drive. If you pay money and you get your license, then it's okay to do something that's otherwise illegal. That's the difference, you've paid money, now it's, you can legally drive.  You know?  And many other things that are very similar to that too.


So yeah, the US at one time was vivacious to an extent. That's LIFE, it had a lot of life in it. Canada had that at one time too.  I think it was dying off with Pierre Trudeau because he brought in massive international socialism, because it was beyond just socialism.  But up until, I'd say about the 1970s, the US and Canada were the places to be. Because even the working class too still have this idea of optimism.  But in the late 70s it started to die off as economies are stagnating, and again, the big corporations were putting factories and that across the world in different cheaper labor markets of course.  Then of course they start to inflate the currency, and in the process, they devalue the purchasing power, so you need more and more paper to pay for the same amount of goods. Until you're running backwards. And we've been like that for an awful long time. That was all intentional. 


Because they've never ever, ever, you understand, the system that runs us all is not for us. It's not for us. It never was.


The conologists who run the banking industry, the true international banking industry at the top, and the World Bank for instance and the IMF, and the Bank for International Settlements were all constructs of what were set up, what were really globalists that were for world enterprise, for real true world federalism, as long as they ruled it all, you see.  Again, that goes into, you can go into Carol Quigley again to get your ideas and routes from that one. Empire was the idea, World Empire.  It hasn't changed.


You will find out that The Great Reset they're talking about is the culmination for this time in history to bring it all into full worldwide effect, with themselves again at the top running the whole show. With a massive global bureaucracy of civil servants, and many of them are private corporate civil servants, but they're just the same.  Some big corporations have more civil servants working for them, for their own corporation, then some governments do. It's not uncommon.  You look at the World Economic Forum itself and you look at how many employees they have. Thousands and thousands of them. They have all departments for educating their leaders, future leaders across the world. And really, these are like political social leaders, that will keep you going with the idea that you've got democracy, but in reality, they're trained by those who already rule the world. And the world is ruled. 


But yes, as I say, it's an awful shame, you can see it in the old movies too, before they were totally contaminated and loaded, because in the old movies, and some of them were silly comedies and so on, but silly and happy at the same time, there's that optimism, it's all gone now.  It's all gone completely.  Now it's very, and Canada's even worse because Canada has been, was socialistic long ago. It was taken over long go for socialism.  Even when Gouzenko wrote his book on, about the Fall of a Titan, to do with the fact that of the civil servants, the federal civil service in Canada being loaded with communist, card-carrying communists at the time, at the end of World War II.  It didn't die off or go away by any means at all. So Canada was heavily, heavily loaded with this whole idea of socialism.


Socialism too means many different things to different people. It's meant to be that way. It's meant, the people at the bottom think socialism is going to be more fair, especially when you're in the middle class, or lower middle class or working classes. You'll think, yeah, I've got some, I've got a safety net there, if you ever need a safety net, this socialism will take care of me. No, it's not. It's a so-called social science of how to run the world, how to run collectivist societies, and how to make them efficient, very efficient. That's the idea.  Right down to getting both partners out in the, if they have any partners at all, both out working in the workforce, as a stage to dissolution totally of the family unit of course. And you get a new type of family unit, which will be supplied by the state, which has already happened to an extent, and science pops in and says, oh, we're taking that over too, you see. It all comes together.


However, I mean, socialism had a lot of followers in the 1930s and 40s, and 50s even.  Because it still gave the preaching, deceptive preaching, we're here for ordinary folk and to give you safety nets if you get unemployed and things like that. But the science way above it was declared in the early 20th century openly by the Fabian Society, if you care to look into it.  George Bernard Shaw, he said, the working man for instance thinks that he is going to get more income to take home to his family, and more guaranteed income where he can look ahead and maybe purchase more items, or even if he could, [Alan chuckles.]  ... 


The Fabian's didn't want you to own property. They wanted the state to own the property. The state of course, like everything else, farms it out to private corporations, big corporations. So you can bring in the same thing, but you say, well, it can't be socialism because, you know, there's big chains of corporate owners now in real estate, they rent out across the world. And they do have that. But no, it's the same folk that brought you Fabianism so's they could have almost total ownership across big cities of vast swaths of property.


You'll never get your head around it... the folk who manage money, it's almost a genetic with them...  They're obsessed, obsessed with how to make more, all the time, and how to get around all the obstacles that are put in their path.  With optimism.  They're very optimistic. But they're obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with money all the time.  But the ones above them, that have all the money, they have all the money, they'll never go bust, the ones above them all. That's the key to it, everyone gets stuck in their own level of indoctrination, and most of them never figure it out their entire lives that they're under this kind of system.


You look at the different gangsters that run cons, big cons on society. They're often, I remember Bernie Madoff when the 2007/8 collapse happened and his massive ponzi scheme came down.  There were articles out there how everybody knew in the big city, the Big Apple and all that, and how, you know, doors opened, literally opened for him, like servants almost bowing to the guy.  He didn't have to open doors and so on, like he was... And that's how, that's how these characters lived. It was a castle in the air, as long as folk kept coming in to invest money he could keep the con going longer and longer. But not forever. Eventually it fell.


So they love, they love this kind of feeling of supremacy over others.  And unfortunately the problem with most folk, the ordinary folk at the bottom too, like the doorman in hotels, they will grovel to characters who have this kind of cash. It's a sad thing, isn't it? People often say, and communists will tell you that, even Antifa groups now, all these people, these people, just kowtowing to people who had statues who had all this cash and power.  Well, nobody forced them to kowtow, you see. It's unfortunately in human nature.  Just like the Antifa communists would kowtow to a reincarnation of Lenin today, you know, or Trotsky.  And they would. Immediately. They'd grovel, here, this is a God on earth, you see.


It's the same with the Rockefellers when old Rockefeller had the military, or the militia turn on the miner strikers in the tent cities at one time.  They opened fire on these tents and wiped out a lot of the miners and their families. That's when they brought in the idea of, let's turn him into a do-gooder.  He's not a mean terrible robber baron type character. No, he's a, he wants to help society and make it better for you, you see.  So they created, very quickly, and it all shows you using the Bernays type characters, who understood human nature awfully well, the idea of propaganda again, and reinvents Rockefeller as a philanthropist. Once they did that, my, they could take over so many massive businesses and big Pharma groups. We're here to help you.  We're here to help you.


Remember that it was in a book called The Rockefellers I think, and it mentions right after, not long after the shooting, they very quickly set up this big philanthropy, using public relations experts at that time, in that day and age. It was already well advanced obviously. One of them was called Gates by the way.  The other one was Mackenzie King of Canada. He was, they made him a Prime Minister eventually as a reward. So they reinvented Rockefeller as a great philanthropist. They said that, for one big PR stunt they brought him around miners' homes, or their shacks really, and they'd say, they all knew what was going on and all the cameras were there, and yet they all knew it was being done for public relations. But as soon as you open some of the doors of the miners, they took out, you could see them slumping, almost bowing, you know, doffing, literally looking down in the presence of someone of such...  Was kind of disgusting and shameful. And sad. Sad statement about humanity.  Not long after the guy had literally told militias to wipe out families like that.


But that's how you do it. If you understand human nature, they will react.  Again, getting back to Plato, you know the formulas and you can reintroduce the same systems, and if you understand the sequence of introduction and implementation.  Sad isn't it. Very sad. I've always said, it's not a good thing to worship people, human living people, it's not a good thing. You always end up in disaster. 


But the sad thing is, most folk, and especially in an atheistic society, that's why they had to destroy religions.  Because in a totally atheistic society, they do, they worship humans.  And they'll create them for you.  Oh, so-and-so is a genius, this man is a multibillion-dollar genius. And it's all fake and all that. But you believe it.


Many of them will grovel, absolutely grovel to get near these people, ‘eh, like they're magically, you know, powerful magic. Very similar to kings and queens in the Middle Ages and the later Middle Ages.  It wasn't unusual for, in England too, for people to try and touch the cloak of a royalty, even when they're a relative of the high royalties, they try to touch their clothing hoping it would rub off on them, this magic from the bluebloods that had been appointed by God, you see.


So nothing changes. So if you don't have that part of it, then you simply have the person who invented the doctrine or who was a high priest of the doctrine, as in Marxism, etc., and they will worship them. And you always get psychopaths. I don't care what kind of system it is, it’s psychopaths who gravitate around the people who are powerful. Because they want power as well and money for themselves.  So that's how it works. So if you start worshiping human beings, you're in trouble because psychopaths will be these particular human beings, and definitely the ones around them, that are going to be managing you.  Very sad, isn't it.


It's no different, what I'm talking about here, than... So it's a don't look for instant fixes in society, that's part of what I'm saying too, because you won't get it. Humans that rule over other people, so I don't care what kind of system or democracy or fascism or communism, it's always the same types of people who run you.  And if they're rather blatant themselves, blatantly nasty and power-hungry, they simply employ those in academia, worldwide now, whole levels of them in specialized areas, and pay them awfully well, to do the running for them and to advise them.  You see, that's how it's done. 


And you dress psychopaths up the nice suits.  You don't put them into uniforms, military uniforms, that was for the 30s, that era. No, after that you put them in really nice suits and ties, and they’re well groomed. You might even give them basic elocution lessons if they have to give any talks to the public or little quips. As long as they read their scripts they're fine. Most of the things you get today are all through public relations experts, most of the articles that you're given. When you've got an official, like a politician having to say something for a PR shot, he's already given the script.  Even for a one-line sentence, it's not spontaneous. That's how fake everything is today.


So getting back to, you know, George Bernard Shaw declaring what socialism was. It was for the, again, a technocratically run society, an expertly run society. Everything would be ruled by experts, for efficiency's sake.  Science was to be a big, big part of it. That's what you saw in Things To Come, the movie version of Things To Come by HG Wells.  You have the Freemasons of the Air, the scientific elite would come across after this massively destructive war that had destroyed nations as such, until you had little city states, or towns, doing their own things.  The Freemasons of the Air in their super advanced military machines would then gas them all and take over the world and unify the world, with themselves at the top running it all, scientifically.  And their offspring would be doing exactly the same kind of thing. But under the guise of what they call progressives, or progressive nature of the system, they would always advance science, that would be the pinnacle of everything, and whatever science dictated, those all down below, all the strata beneath them would have to go along with it.


Bernard Shaw was more Bolshevik about it where he said that, he says, we're not here to help you. Meaning the peasantry. He says, you know, because you've got to do what they tell you or you won't get food at all. And you have to work by the way, you know, they weren't in there for charity.  In communism you had to work.  No work, no food, you know.  So you had to work. George Bernard Shaw said the same kind of thing, so was HG Wells for the same kind of system.  Shaw was blatant about it and that audio clip is still out there yet, an old video clip actually where he says, you know, you'll have to come to us and explain why we should keep you alive. Because the only reason you would be alive, in communism/socialism is to serve the state, the system. You see, that's your purpose. It never changes. 


But they always need lots and lots of people to do the overthrows for them. It's quite fascinating, if you've got time at all...  [Alan chuckles.] I'm sure more folk are going to have time now more than ever before, for little while, as you're all locked down and they destroy the economy of the world really.  By locking us all down, that's the intention of it. That's the real intention behind it, to bring in the new system. 


So you're going through a revolution with science at the top, you see. They're already showing they've got revolutionaries out there for the streets, if you fail to obey them they'll turn them on you, you see.  And again, to heighten the fear amongst the general population. It's not by accident at all. None of it's by accident ai all. None of it's independent of the whole big picture either. 


So again, you're all being trained to demand help and you know, save us, save us.  And you will, you'll get your vaccination.  Lots of damage will happen because of it. I have no doubt on that at all. Especially with, I mean, they're all pretty bad actually. Especially when they're rushed through all kinds of, without any testing. Then the fudging of data is bad enough, incredible fudging of data to try and get Covid deaths up, by statistics, so that everybody who dies of anything is put down as Covid. And that's not far-fetched.


And by the way, for everyone that they'll test, with a faulty test to begin with that will come up positive, they tack on about at least 15. It's all computer driven. Well, how many people would the average person meet in a week, you know?  Well maybe 15, spits out of the computer. So they just tack that on anyway, you know.  It's just completely all bogus. 


But the intention, remember, is to bring in a new system. The great reset. The global great reset. From the World Economic Forum. The Masters.  And they will, you're going to get rationing. I said that years ago, their intention was eventually to bring in rationing.  Over 20 years ago.  And here you are, you’re lead up to it. You can't go on and on, and people will wonder where these tin cans come from, or the meat comes from, or their porridge comes from, you see, it's all just magic to most folk who live in...  They’re already under the thumb of the system, completely dependent on the system. You see? That's what they want you to be of course.


And it's just starting. This is to last into, at least into all of next year. And maybe for three years. But the effects will never go away. Because it's to be a completely, they said it at the World Economic Forum, and it really does match the stuff from George Bernard Shaw. You wait and see, you know, you wait and see what they introduce. Right down from their climate activism and climate changes to the group of, what do they call themselves, the Council, that meets for the climate change. The same people who run the World Economic Forum at the top, you know.  Who admitted that the folk were ignoring all their demands, that you live a different way and come into austerity, etc., post consumerist society.  Living on the edge, that's what austerity is. It's just, you know, the poverty line is where they want to take you.  Postproduction, ‘eh.  Post consumerist, that comes next.  And completely dependent on their system for your very, very basic needs, you know. That's what they want to bring in.


It goes along the way of socialism, you see. Including their statements, quite fascinating to read them, of the redistribution of wealth. To make the people at the bottom join the revolution.  And it's big, big lie.  Here's the richest folk who run and own now the world's wealth and its resources, pretending that they're going to redistribute...  No, no.  They're going to bring the true technocracy forward in a complete rationing system, with all conditions, everything's got conditions of behavior and compliance for everything we’re told to do and comply with. You'd better do it or you won't get your little rationing, or your universal basic income, etc. etc.


I really mean it. This is not speculation.  They wrote about this in the 1940s. Bertrand Russell again was one of them. He worked with all the different groups. He was a member of the Macy group, and he worked even with the Frankfurt school eventually.  He worked with, under presidents and prime ministers to design a post-World War II culture for the public. Leading to the changes step-by-step of, again, always the same thing, dissolution of the family unit, population reduction would come from that, and all the other things too which you're pretty well familiar with.  Quite fascinating really.We're living through it now, though. It's not things to come. It's here. You're seeing it unrolled. 


So yeah, the predictive programming is all around you.  Horrific stories, terror stories backed up by just figures and data and statistics, you see, that are all fudged. To terrify you. With behaviorists screaming, oh, 10,000 more cases today. Well, if they just unleashed another 50,000 tests in that area, the day before or the week before, whatever, well, yeah, you'll get more coming up, with a faulty test anyway.  But the fact is, these are not folk in hospital or who are sick. If you understood how many viruses go through your system your whole life long, and through the entire populations, some of them can sweep through in a matter of a few weeks, through the entire population, and you'll never know it because no one's sick with them.  That's quite normal.


This is the cons, again, back to conology, that's what they're doing.  You must participate in the con voluntarily. But you're doing it because they terrify you. So technically, it's involuntarily. You're being petrified into compliance. And that's what they said they'd do, with the SAGE groups and the subgroups that work for them, on behalf of the British government, on how they would step up the hype, to get more and more fear, to get compliance from the public. There you go, demanding that the media lie to you.


The media doesn't need much persuasion, mind you, but they're getting well-paid for it. They're getting more funding now than they've had for years.  Because no one was reading newspapers and so on and even looking at their sites for their news because it was all nonsense and celebrities, you see.  They were all getting big handouts and funding, and bailouts and funding, you see, as essential services. To brainwash you and to lie to you on behalf of the Masters.  To try to get a uniform route of implementation that everyone's going to follow, you see.


Again, isn't it so beautiful all the techniques that they've used? It is, and it is, it is, if you're looking at a movie with evil characters in the movie, you have no problem understanding what I'm talking about. But because you've been, they can't all be so evil. YES, THEY CAN.  [Alan chuckles.]   Humanity is very devious. Incredibly devious. And the people who go into certain areas are more devious than anybody else.


The higher up in governmental levels, and Corporation levels, all they do is sit and scheme how to get more and how to manipulate and how to take.  And how to demolish competition all the time as well.  You talk about the billions of dollars that are going to all your intelligence agencies, every year, billions and billions, multiple billions of dollars, in every country, is to find ways to scheme and to lie and to deceive other nations and their own people by different techniques and so on.  Persuasion and lies and so on so that those who own you can take more from you or take more resources from countries. That's why they go to war with countries.  It's all economics. Marx was right in that, that wars, the root of all wars was economics.  It's materialism. Stealing, you know. Yep. We steal it because we want it. 


But for the public you must, you know, demonize the people. They're led by this terrible maniac over there who's nasty to his own people. Very simple propaganda. The simpler the better. If it's too complex you can pick it apart, so keep it simple.  And, Saddam Hussein was just a terribly bad man, he was killing thousand of his own people every year, you know. So, to save the people we have to go over, and starve them out initially with total embargo, kill half a million of them, that you're saving, right, through the State Department.


You all know who was in at the time, it was all through the news. I did the talks years ago on the radio on it.  But half a million, women and children alone, were starved to death before they had the war start. Madeleine Albright was questioned about that in the TV program, did you think it was worth it, starving all these folks? Oh yes, I think it was worth it, she said. Well, there's a psychopath right there.  You honestly can't really fit her into the category of human. I can't. Really. I can't. There was no trace of emotion or regret or nothing. None. The same with Tony Blair.  Asked if he would do anything different, oh no, I wouldn't do anything differently at all.  One of the biggest liars that brought Britain into the same kind of war. 


Yeah, just totally corrupt, we're living in total corruption. But again, it's conology, we must comply with the corruption to make it work, ‘eh.  We supply the troops for the wars. All young guys will believe what they're told. They can't believe that they live in a monster country. Actually, that's changed since the advent of games, you know, video games of all kinds.  They have trained a whole generation not to think about rights and wrongs for the reasons you're killing and slaughtering people.  You just want to get out there rack up points to an extent.


But before that they had to really give you, you know, this is why you're doing it.  And it would make sense to you. During the Cold War lots of young folk would join the military. They'd also go off and fight in different faraway lands, etc. believing, a lot of them believing in what they were told it was all for.  Or having faith at least that those above in your country had good reasons for doing it. The sad part is the ones above you did have good reasons for doing it.  They profited from it. That was the good reason from it, you see.  Sad, isn't it.


But you know, corruption in society is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. And it's shameless. They're shameless at the top, in all the countries.  And we do live in more of a psychopathic era.  Don't forget psychopaths give you, when they run your country, eventually if they get what they want, with an atheistic population, psychopaths have an awful time fighting, and so did the Communists, call it what you want, totalitarian, tyranny, they have a hard time trying to fight those who are religious. So they have to outlaw, slaughter all the religious, or ban them completely.


Because when the folk have something they believe in, to stand up for, they are far more dedicated and willing and energized to overthrow tyranny, than if they are atheists themselves. If they're atheists they won't do it, so no.  So the atheists can be manipulated more easily.


But when psychopaths are in control, you see, and they've eliminated all competition, ah, like the big idea theory, they are terrified of the big idea. In fact, they stole, the big idea, like Bush Senior, he said that too, a big idea, he says, a New World Order.  Mao Tse Tung said the same thing, Mao, the big idea was the only thing that made him afraid. At that time he was talking of folk who had a real religious cause.  Because they're unstoppable when they get going.  And they know this.


So when psychopaths rule you totally in an atheistic society, they have no problem recruiting younsters and paying them well, like mercenaries, to go off and slaughter.  It's much easier to do it because they give you a psychopathic culture.  That's one of the symptoms of the fact you’re conquered, when they give you a psychopathic culture. So folk who are not necessarily completely psychopaths will follow it too, and follow a lot of the traits of them, but they're not truly psychopaths. That's how we are today.


Most folk who run up to the top worship the psychopathy success stories. They want to get all those things too. But if they're not careful, especially if they get on drugs and so on, on the way, which can blunt your emotions, you can definitely simulate very, very well the psychopathic personality. Because their emotions definitely get blunted. 


I should really just mention it as an afterthought too, for those who've been in the military for years, pharma, big pharma work really closely with the experimentations and those with PTSD. You've all read I'm sure the stories over the years of even trying to create a virus that would go into part of the brain to eradicate certain memories. This is what they hoped they could do by also using drugs, you see. And certain drugs they give to the high special forces. They'll give it to them, I think Ativan was one, and some of the lorazepam types too, but Ativan was one of the favorite ones for some years. That literally would dull and flatten the emotional instincts of the person, the troops. 


If they got PTSD coming away from the military, when they come out of the military, they put them on that too. To again, try to flatten them. And it would, it would, everything they'd done would recede into a kind of Lala land. But it would also blunt their emotions with relationships and everything, and they would kind of go berserk at times.  If they took alcohol, it would have amazing effects at times.


Because the liver that breaks down drugs or alcohol, it breaks it down as you're drinking ‘eh, the liver would start to accept the drug.  I'm talking about when they're drinking at the same time as taking the drug, or then they took the drug with the alcohol still in them. The drug would exacerbate the breakdown of the alcohol, and then the liver would accept the drug as a substitute for the alcohol, and it would have its intensification episode, and they go into total blackout. That's what happens with a lot of the PTSD soldiers and so on. So they can't really, they don't know a lot of them, don't take any of the drugs they're prescribed along with alcohol. Absolutely not.


I think even the Prozac group too, that again, Prozac was going to be the world's cure to all problems. Remember? That's how they put it out there, they launched it across the world. Every newspaper ran with it.  Coincidentally, isn't it? Massive two-page spreads in all the papers, a wonder drug that would get rid of all the worlds problems and make everybody just content, you know.  They had the same thing then too with these particular drugs, which eventually caused parents, mums to even kill their kids.  At times they would go berserk.  Blackouts. Anyway, this is the world in which we live, ‘eh.


Now of course there's so many drugs in society that are prescribed.  A lot of them weren't prescribed but they’re prescription drugs too you can buy on the street corners.  Really, really heavy-duty type drugs of all kinds. And cocktails of drugs some of the youngsters will take too.  And drop with them. A lot of the other ones coming in, fentanyl and so on, coming in from China, etc., and elsewhere too, very lethal drugs if you get a combination of the drugs. They're adding, they're padding their heroin with it now too, the sellers, to put less of the product of heroin in their mixes, and their fentanyl product and putting the fentanyl in there too. It's rather sad what's happening, isn't it?  But there's no great crisis mentioned about it, really.


Even before the Covid idea was unleashed, and it had been on the books for years.  We can go back to at least 2005 in fact, with the exposés that are coming out now about huge test pandemics that they were going to have by the WHO. I'll put that up tonight too, the one to 2005. It's quite interesting how they would put out this plan for massive worldwide exercises, real type exercises. Well, exactly what we're going through now or what, you know.


Because before it, before all this, they knew we were going into a stagnant time where money isn't moving. Who cares about investment companies supposedly soaring?  They're completely unrelated to the average person.  We're in a jobless recovery, we've heard that, oh, since before Obama [Alan chuckles.] and through Obama's period up to the present time, the jobless recovery. Okay, everything's going fine, but there's no jobs. So the whole pandemic thing was to bring in the next part of the system, the new wave, you might call it, the new wave, the part of the system, the third way, and they sometimes call it the fourth way, the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the WEF. All planned long ago. They knew they'd have to get us to this stage, and that they would get us to this stage, and now it's time to ram it all through, you see.


Most folk will comply unfortunately because they're terrified. Their propaganda works on them. Their indoctrination works on them.  Because it took on them. Like vaccination, when they mention if something took, meaning, did it create a response for antibodies in your system against a particular whatever they're vaccinating against, in some folk it doesn't. Because sometimes you often wonder if it had anything to do with it all. But anyway, they'll say, did it take or did it not take.  And if it didn't take, well there's no antibody response there, you see.


It's the same with propaganda and indoctrination. The early indoctrination that Ellul talked about was imperative for subsequent lifelong propaganda and indoctrination to take on the person. If the initial few years of properly sequenced indoctrination was absent, then the person would be wiser, they could see through eventual propaganda down through their lifetime. It's just amazing, isn't it?


I'll touch tonight too on the European talk that they had. There's a video up there. It's unfortunate, they only give you a little bit of it for the public. Because they daren't show the public the rest of it.  You see the EU commission group at the top with the WHO and the usual culprits taking part in this panel and how they're going to handle Covid and make the folk except all their dictates and so on.


Mozilla, a representative from Mozilla was there to make sure they'd also lead you off into the searches that you're supposed to, the good searches, not the bad ones, meaning the ones they've refuted for advice or fake news. This is a terrible time to really, to be… a terrible time I'd say for all of us. But it's a terrible time for those who know you're being lied to every turn you take, where the Internet in real time is bombarding you with algorithms, for you personally, they know you perfectly well.  They'll lead you off into searches that have nothing to do with what you're looking for.  But it's what they've decided what they want you to look at, so's you will, that's the only information you'll get, to make you come to the conclusion, I guess that's all the information there is. No, it's not.  But they actually had that on the go.


So at this European meeting you'll hear them discuss it.  They also had a person from I think it was, was it Facebook there as well, compliance teams and all the rest of it, how they would be ruthless with anybody who's not, who's actually saying anything independent from the authorized propaganda that's out there, how they would hammer them basically or ban them. 


This is incredible, an incredible time to live and witness it. Because most folk still won't get it. The first thing they did in the Bolshevik revolution, as I say, you had this group who used all the other factions, and socialistic factions and different parties, all under socialism at the time in Russia.  They used all the groups, because they need numbers to overthrow regime, it doesn't matter what kind of regime it is.  Then they literally, and in one night, the smaller group, the Bolsheviks jumped over and took the whole system over for themselves. It's the same thing you're watching with Antifa that admits along with Black Lives Matter its leaders are all trained Marxists and organizers for doing what they're doing.


But above them of course there's a faction again who funds it. And who will then supply them with their leaders.  Once they've got what they think they wanted, and they'll supply the leaders, you'll find out the ones that you're seeing on the streets will all suddenly go quiet, you see. Then you'll have the same, what you're witnessing is a Bolshevik, I've said it, Bolshevik revolution.  I said that months ago that's what you're seeing, is Bolshevik. Using everybody else.  Even in the Antifa group they said they're waiting for a spike to jump or piggyback on top of.  So they'll always use a group they'll say is victimized, but they jump on it, they take over the movement.  No matter how real the cause was to begin with, you see.  Very Bolshevik.


I tell you, hhhch, I'll also put up a clip of, or I might not, it's up to yourself if you want to watch it. I've got the whole thing here of the so-called inquiry, where some of those in the U.S. Congress are grilling Barr.  It was astonishing to watch from my perspective because I thought, this is awfully familiar. A lot of the women who came on, the far-left women, their faces were grimaced in anger and hatred, you know. Regardless of Barr or anybody else, you couldn't get a word in edgewise, you know.  It was the same group really that had tried to overthrow Trump before, I think, during the inquiry, same people, you know. I thought, this is awfully familiar. I said, why is this? What I realized, it was a show trial. This is what you had in the Soviet era [Alan chuckles.] when they had to throw, you know, try to get, to validate what they were doing at the top. Because everyone was so corrupt, very quickly. And the folk all starving and unhappy and so on. So you must throw a few folk to the wolves, as they say, a few sacrifices. But they got some folk, and these are show trials.


That's where George Orwell got his idea from, 1984, where they brainwash you, they torture you and all the rest of it, as a victim, you know, because you're overthrowing the system, you're subversive even if you didn't know it yourself. Eventually they'd have you agreeing with them on everything... I went into the proletariat area, and I had sex with women, and contracted syphilis, and I spread it and blah blah blah. All these incredible admissions.  That's where he got all that from for his book 1984.


But they had the real show trials. And these guys were like zombies, admitting to all kinds of ridiculous things they had nothing to do with. Just, just fictitious farcical things.  That's what it was like, you know. Except that Barr of course wasn't at that stage yet of thinking, okay, okay, you know.  Nope. But that's what you were seeing.  Because whatever he said they twisted it. They repeat it back, in their own words, and it was all accusatory. That wasn't any kind of rational debate or discussion or inquiry.


But what you're seeing is shades of things to come. Because the people who are grimacing their faces in anger, meaning hatred and anger, do you want folk who are showing hatred and anger running any kind of legal system in the country? Do you really want that? Do you want that when they end up with death squads? With their new revolution? Do you really want that?


Because you're going to get it... if you don't say, that's enough!


That always happens, you see. So much for your fair inquiry, you know. We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists, they said ‘eh, long ago.


Now I have to remind everyone again to help me tick along here by donating Because I do all this myself, this work, and it takes money, it takes my whole life basically to do it. I depend upon you to keep me going. Because it's expensive, naturally, and I have to live somehow, and definitely way below the standards of most folk. It costs a lot just to keep all these sites going and telephone bills and things like that. So help me tick along and donate and send a few bucks to  You find out how to donate, etc. Thank you.


Now, I'll get off the topic a little bit.  But I guess it's still on the topic. Albert Pike who was the head at one point of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, that wasn't Scottish.  He was also head at one point, again, of the World Revolutionary Movement, as it was called then. You'll find all the top people who, different factions, again, before the Bolsheviks took over in Russia, all the other revolutionaries and anarchists of the time were all Masons. 


Trotsky himself, I've mentioned before, wrote a book, different books. When he died, he was in the middle of and he wrote about that, trying to write one of the biggest, um, collection of Freemasonry and its ideals and so on, and he tried it out, he was writing it at the time. He started that in prison long before that, before the revolution of the Bolsheviks in fact, when he was introduced to it.  People have no idea that that's what masonry was involved with.  The 20th century Western version is very, very, it was very tepid compared to its real purposes, especially at the working class level. 


But really, as I've said before, yeah, Albert Pike trained, or he appointed Mazzini to take over. Mazzini himself took over the World Revolutionary Movement and went over to Europe, etc. But eventually it was changed to be the World Revolutionary Communist Party. Eventually of course Lenin took that over. But then they had the Bolshevik faction which was really the ones who, again, they piggyback on top, and they're put there by the big, richest folk on the planet, even then, to take over the movement, and that's what happened to Russia.


It's interesting again – just as a sideline, because my mind goes this way at times – that Bertrand Russell's wife was affiliated with the revolutionary movement. Don't forget too, the big poets like Shelley, they were all part of the free Masonic revolutionary movement at the time, that coupled up out of the more modern New Agey type ideas in with it, too, and ideals. Because they had to get away from just pure materialism into something that would try and replace the spirit, a kind of fake spiritual side of it too. 


Shelley of course married the daughter of the World Revolutionary Movement, or one of the leaders of the World Revolutionary Movement in his day too.  But Lord Bertrand Russell, his father married a woman who, her side of the family were deep revolutionaries. It wasn't uncommon for Mazzini to visit them in fact. Quite amazing for them to be involved with British lords. Or, is it? Maybe that's quite the norm in fact. 


Shelley of course was a revolutionary. He married one of the guiding lights of socialism in his day too, to bring in this wonderful utopia. Lord Byron was another one as well. Again, those involved in the arts, as they say, of cultural arts and so on, you know, literature and entertainment, as always, are all part of the revolution to always, and getting well-paid for it too even to this present day, to bring in the idea of a utopia. The Soviet system itself worked forever, like 70 years to bring in a utopia.  Which could never be reached because utopias are fictitious, you see.  That's it there.


Similar to George Carlin talking about, the big club, you know, and he says, a big club at the top and you're not in it.  You see. And he said too, but the American dream, he says, of course it's a dream, the only time you can believe in it is when you're asleep because it doesn't exist. It's the same thing as utopia. They'll say, humans are awfully devious, and when you get groups of psychopaths combining together, and giving themselves fancy, very legitimate sounding importing names, to rule you without your permission, they just appoint themselves and there they are, until a generation grows up and they've always been there so they must be normal. No, they're private clubs that are ruling over you.


They're very cunning at the top.  Very, very cunning.  They have professional liars and persuaders on their payrolls, very well-trained ones now.  They can con the public into anything.  Again, they go to higher schools of conology and learn how to do it and get well-paid to do it too. 


But you must always influence the youth. The youth are awfully important. In all, all old, even in ancient, even in biblical times there's passages in the Old Testament of, very similar to Revelation later on in the New Testament, in the Old Testament about children turning up against their parents and how it can be done. Plato talked about it too.  He said that even music might have to be licensed at times for musicians to push because he says they can so easily with the right kind of music and lyrics, with cunning people, can stir up the youth to revolution. And this has always been understood how to do it. 


You must always get the youth first and promise them utopias. And that they're going to change the world for the better. And again, you train them too, and they've had a long time at training them in the Western schools and colleges, to hate the older generation and really make them believe that, oh, the world is dying and the planet's dying. And they really believe it.  Oh my God, the climate change is man-made and it's all those baby boomers that caused it, those greedy, greedy selfish people. They believe all this indoctrination. Because this is the type of communist indoctrination, train them who their enemy is so's when they turn them loose on the older folk they will quite happily go and kill them.  Because it's been done before.  Not that long ago too.


I mentioned it before too, in Mao's cultural revolution in China it was the same kind of thing.  He authorized his students to turn on those who, and again this is a Trotskyist technique actually, which is perpetual revolution, but Mao used it for the cultural revolution. They would turn against their own teachers and parents. They killed a lot of them too.  Drag them through the streets, the older folk. Because even though they were under communism, they still had contaminated ideas, simply because they remembered life before communism.  So you eradicate them, this is what… Stalin did the same thing. 


The contaminating, very good term actually.  There's a lot of truth to the term as well. You can't unlearn something. Especially if you've witnessed other systems in your own lifetime, you can't unlearn the fact you witness them and you thought about them. Because what they want is a totally, totally subservient true believing population. And you might say to them, you know, what was different before communism, we didn't have all this rationing, and we weren't dependent on even foreign countries feeding us at times. You know, that's bad news to put that kind of stuff out, you see. 


But the key to this revolution right now you're going through, it is not grassroots. I said before, this revolution is the next phase to the next system that the elites already own. It's their revolutions. And it's against the people who don't understand it yet, that's why it's a revolution. You might object to where they're taking you with their Fourth Industrial Revolution nonsense and Great Global Reset.  And redistribution of wealth, to keep the young folk happy, their little revolutionaries happy that this… It's NOT going to be that at all. It's going to go in stages into total poverty. Total austerity. They'll call it austerity to begin with. Well, it's just austere, you know. That means your patches aren't invisible on your clothing yet.  Poverty is when your knees are poking through your pants.


It's just, again, it's conology.  I hope you understand how it's going to get played to the public. They want to reduce the population of the world. The WEF has already said a few years ago, if they could reduce energy supplies to the public, that's electricity, gasoline, things that bring your food to the stores and all the rest of it, diesel, you name it, yada, yada ya, then eventually, with cold climates, you know, and the rest of it, you'll see folk dying off.  Like they already have in Britain, they've had it for years now in Britain.  It's acceptable for thousands of elderly to die in their homes because they can't afford their fuel bills. It's the same country that's going to take in thousands of migrants from across the planet and put them up and feed them and so on.


What you're doing with, all of this is accepting worth, life worth and life value. What you're actually accepting is the science called bioethics.  I might touch on that if I remember tonight as well. Bioethics is, again, it's the technocratic way of running the world and classifying folk according to importance, and less important, and absolutely useless eaters, as Russell would have said himself, useless eaters.  And the Darwinian groups too, and the Lucky Gene Club that Bill Gates and his wife and Oprah and all that attend as well.  Or the Margaret Sanger group, you know, where she called the people weeds, the children, weeds. Very much eugenics you see.  Or Julian Huxley that also help set up, founder of UNESCO. 


Small world hey?  The same organizations just keep circling around and coming up in conversation, all the same people over and over and over, ‘eh?  And you're not supposed ever catch on to the real agenda behind it. So the richest folk on the planet are bringing in their global reset at the World Economic Forum. They already own all the resources of the world. You'll notice the Antifa groups are not screaming about the big, big top industrials that are bringing on their cell phones and so on, you know. Instead, they're smashing in the small businesses, mom-and-pop stores and so on.  I could go on and on about that but I won't.


But the thing is, the WEF have said they're going to bring in literally redistribution of the wealth. Well, who's wealth?  Hhhhh.  And again, the revolutionaries you'll find eventually, a lot of them will be dealt with too obviously because when they see that they're not getting what they want after the revolution, the ones who have been on the streets before, they're all known who they are, and they start disappearing. That's what happens in communist revolutions over and over again. Hell is repetition, isn't it, ‘eh?..  when you see it all the time.


So yeah, the richest folk on the planet are going to bring you into a state of austerity as they claim they're redistributing wealth.  The folk who own, that own nations and islands across the planet, you know, the same people, but they're going to redistribute YOUR wealth, you see. That means the folk at the bottom as well, until you're ALL flat, flat broke.  That's where it's supposed to go. 


They'll bring down the population and they'll say, we just can't bring in excess people anymore into the world. We've got to, again, with bioethics, again, the Rockefellers put a whole bunch of stuff out recently on bioethics with using laws.  Now they've got laws to do with bioethics, who should be treated with this and treated with that and kept alive and not kept alive. We've already got it in Canada before the Covid with euthanasia in hospitals, etc.  Now you're all being trained, well, are you really essential to business, to keep the planet going? What's your status, you know, for lockdown? Oh no, you make bicycle wheels, now, we can't have that, we don't need you right now, you're not essential.  They're talking eugenics and bioethics to you when they say these things. I hope you start to get the picture here.  As you all get categorized. 


That will also have to do with redistribution of the wealth. Well, you see, because you're not essential, you will not be getting as much as a healthy person that we might need for the military to go off and fight the foreign wars that are going to bring justice across the world, you see, as we spread the revolution. We have to feed them better than you because you are, why don't you accept you're nonessential and do the right thing, you know?  Then they'll say, well, we can help you there to do the right thing.  Because they've already passed all the laws, eh.  Folk never catch on.


Isn't it, again, a small world, ‘eh?  Oh what a wicked web we weave, ‘eh, when first we practice to deceive. And you find there is this Fauci, this career, almost like a private bureaucrat attached to a government-funded agency, but it's still a private agency. It's got its fingers in so many pies.  Also, he's well in with Bill Gates and he’s taken funding from him before. He is involved with the vaccine companies, knows them all, yada, yada, ya.  And whatever he gives a nod to, to make this, that or the other gets billions of tax money thrown at them immediately. I mean, come on here.


But Fauci's wife, she's into bioethics, you see. She's a professional bioethicist. Which really is a branch of eugenics, folks, who's important, who's not important.  What is ethical for us, the ruling technocrats, to do to the public?  What's ethical, you see. Don't bring the public in and asked them what they think. No. It's to be done to the public, so we'll make up the decision, the rules of bioethics and what we should do and how we can handle and what we can do TO the public if we need to.  This is what it is, who’s going to live and who's going to die. 


Astonishing stuff we're getting dished out these days.  This is not conspiracy, it's fact. It’s out there, published stuff from the culprits themselves. But it's science, you see. Science is the God now. Anything that's scientific must be good. You know I mean, isn't that what they say?  It's science. Yeah.  And the science can constantly change its mind. Because it's science. We've got fresh data on this and fresh data on that, and everything that was permitted a few years ago is now banned, and all the things that actually were banned years ago, before that, we’ll actually bring back today even. I mean, we can do what we want because we’re science.


I prefer the religions because religion told you what you could and could not do. And it was fixed pretty well in stone, that was it.


But these scientists, you see, oh, we've learned something new, we have, we've got to bring an extra, an extra, an extra level of austerity to this particular category here because the world is starving. So YOU're nonessential, let's just, why don't we just cut back on YOU, hm?


And you think I'm kidding you.  I remember reading the articles a few months ago when the hospitals, I think in Canada they did it too.  Oh, if this pandemic it's bad we'll have to decide in advance with the bioethics committees who can live and get treatment and who can't get treatment, and it's going to be those that have got more chance of getting pulled through.  It all comes from the WHO and Bill Gates foundation, all this information, it doesn't matter who's parroting it.  Eeeh, here we go, you know.


At one time hospitals literally trained people to do their utmost to save everybody.  To the bitter end. Even though it was a foregone conclusion at times when people were really, really dying, you'd still do your best to take care of them, best until the bitter end, that's how it used to be. 


Getting back to Julian Huxley, he said, we’ll have to train the public, in his big, big speech, you know, we’ll have to train the public he said, and knock them off their pedestal of being the supreme creature on the planet and train them that they're just another animal. Only then we’ll they listen to us and do what they're told basically. That's what he was getting at. And with humanism, hm?  You also see this character too, in this video, the link I'll put up from the EU group on the Covid idea. You'll see one of them, a few of them, they're all working at the United Nations, or some of the market the United Nations, some of them are the top medical advisor supposedly for different countries including the US. 


In vaccines we trust: stepping up action to increase vaccine confidence - / 12 Sept 2019


But you should hear them talking, oh, humanism, humanism, after all humanism is our goal, and by humanistic policies we must run the system, and humanism is here.  Humanism is a religion.  Do you know it's classified as a religion, folks?  You have to go into it. I gave these talks years and years and years ago, secular humanism and its goals and agendas. 


You see, the system that runs all of this claim, they'll claim to the public, now that they've atheized most of the public, well you see, we’re humanistic, you see, it's for the good of humanity, so we’re humanists. But then they go in to tell you that you have to do what you’re told by specialists, because as they bring in equality, they tell you that a lot of them are better qualified than the average person to rule the rest in certain areas. Doublespeak, doublethink, ‘eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  Yeah, we're all equal now. But now, hey, so-and-so's good at so on, you do what he tells you because they're an expert. There you go.  What a world, ‘eh? 


Most folk never figure it out because they're tuning into the horror station every day, whatever horror station it is for television to get the daily dose of psychologically prepared horror and fear from the SAGE groups, etc. with its handouts to all the media, who have to occasionally exaggerate the problems to scare the people who are not complying into compliance.  Oh, let's just terrorize the public.  And you… How DARE they use the public funds, purse, to terrorize the public.  Aarrgh.  M-hm.


And you know what?  The same folk will go and vote again, you know. Oh, but, we're living in a free society, yeah.  If you have read the books by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Kissinger, and also read lots of their reports throughout your life that these guys put out constantly.  They love the media attention.  And they belong to associations, the CFR and Trilateral groups and so on, lots of publications about them giving little talks and lectures.  What struck me was initially many of the goals that they wanted and the methods to attain the goals, were the ones that the Communists advanced. Then you find out that at the top level, which they do talk about at times through their higher academia, that whatever is efficient is what they'll take.  It doesn't matter who creates it, they'll use it in different times during their agenda.  Brzezinski also used to say that every country before it can be accepted as civilized, has to go through its Marxist revolutionary phase. He was adamant on that point.


Now, people here think, and they relate it to themselves according again to the class that you're in. So the working folk will think, well, that's good, you know, maybe we'll get some rights, we’ll have unions. No, he wasn't meaning that at all. What he was meaning was experts ruled the system from the top, high massive bureaucracy, massive government, massive, centralized government runs everybody else during a particular phase.  And the public just jump to it, or else. There's no debating it or putting an objection in.


Again, like Justin Trudeau has given talks on how he admired China during this whole Covid thing because they don't have to put up with satisfying the public or following democratic rules that you have.  Well, they can't just jump and do that because we've got rights here and public input, at least the public think they do, things like that. Whereas in China, the Politburo just decide, the experts decide, and they push something, and it's immediately obeyed and implemented. So for efficiency's sake they like that, you see.


That's exactly what is to go in with the so-called democratic systems, to be phased in under crisis, into really a technocratic phase, nondemocratic. But again remember, the same agencies and CFR members and so on, not all of them of course, they'll take their turn to who says what in their own articles. But you see it popping through every so often, that efficiency must be maintained, and even increased to make the world run better, with all the problems it's got today, efficiency, efficiency.  As all your rights get stripped off you for efficiency's sake, under crisis.  And you never get them back of course.


Now, as I've said, it's a small world. I mentioned some of these articles before. It's important to remember them because most folk can't remember very much at all after about a week because they're bombarded with daily data of all kinds, you see. You have to remember and be selective as to what's important to remember. Not to be, you know, conned and pulled out of what you're searching for any particular topic, into all the things, the algorithms that will grab you and take you into, that are completely a waste of time.


Again, Bertrand Russell, I mentioned him a lot because he was so open about it. Most folk didn't read his books when he was alive except those who ruled.  You see, that's how they used to do it.  That's why you find so much of the truth coming out of their own mouths. And psychopaths like to boast actually how successful they are, especially when it comes to conology and controlling and manipulating the public. 


But again, small world as I've said before, that these characters were part of revolutionary movements. Intergenerational.  Don't forget that Thomas Paine talked about that in his own memoirs, that he belonged to a family of revolutionaries, international revolutionaries, he said. Folk have no idea how old these things are.  Their children end up going into it too, they're trained from an early age. 


Bertrand Russell was no exception. They work for the crown, you know, Bertrand Russell, LORD Bertrand Russell.  This article said that his father was Lord Amberley and mother was Catherine Louisa Stanley. Very important, as they say, the wife, because you catch on to it too, the revolutionary side of it, often through the wife too, you know.  She was a suffragette at one point.  And the suffragette movement by the way, was a wealthy class at the top who were also Communists.  Many of them left London eventually and went over to live in Russia after the revolution and during the revolution in fact. And they were not just friendly, you know, just chain themselves to railings outside number 10 Downing St. and so on in London.  Before that they were involved, some of them in bombings, you know, anarchist bombings. So anyway it says that was his wife Katherine Louisa Stanley, and she was pally, it says, with Mazzini, Viscountess Amberley, daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley.


So this is what Russell said in one of his books, scientific societies, because the whole idea was to get a scientific society run in.


Bertrand Russell quotes


“Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy. It may be worthwhile to spend a few moments in speculating as to possible future developments of those that are oligarchies.


It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will,


(Alan:  I've mentioned this before…)


so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.


(A: This wasn’t a guy who just speculated in some kind of wish fulfillment pastime. He knew all the top scientists of his day in social sciences and psychology and all that. He had his own experimental school.  He was given a charter to run an experimental school where what he did with his children, as a so-called ultra progressive school back in the 1920s, would have got anybody else maybe hung [Alan chuckles.] in those days.  Because he was trying to do sexual development and sexual interaction with schoolchildren, and get them all, to see if the more they would become promiscuous, and actually give them praise for their behavior, and then follow up to see when they got older if they would even bother getting married or just have multiple partners. Which is all part of the destruction of the family unit. Coming from a British Lord, right?  Hm?  So yeah, he goes into that, and he said that diet of course, diet, this is the famous part…)


Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.


Gradually, by selective breeding, (A:  ...right.) the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs (A:  …the plebians…) would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.


In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play.”


(A: And of course, what they really brought in was massive entertainment society to keep them docile. And also to program them, because they copy behavior they see in movies and so on, and fashions.  He says…)


"All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co-operative,’ that is, to do exactly what everybody is doing.”


"Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them."


(A:  Well, look what's happening today with all the folk getting banned and getting warned on their Facebook accounts, or their YouTube's, and all the other social media platforms that are out there that they're onto. You're all getting trained again to cooperate, or shut up, or get punished, you see. This didn't suddenly come along. This was planned long ago.)


All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co-operative,’


(A:  Right.  So you will all be doing the same things as everybody else is, to do exactly what everybody is doing.)


"Second, as regards population. If there is not to be a permanent and increasing shortage of food,


(A: Crisis, crisis, crisis, Covid, yuh-duh-duh...)


agriculture must be conducted by methods which are not wasteful of soil, and increase of population must not outrun the increase in food production rendered possible by technical improvements.


To deal with this problem it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilences, and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority.


(A:  Hm.  A powerful international authority, right. So, pestilences and famines, ‘eh, and wars. What do you have right now as a whole thing about, oh my God, it's just, it's a disease, oh, it's going through the world and you can't, the economy is crashing because no one is allowed to work.  That's the key to it, no one is allowed to work.  Locked down all the healthy people, hm. It's all by design, you see, this is being fulfilled right now. Nothing to do with Covid. Covid is the excuse.  People aren't dying of Covid.  They're dying of the response to Covid. Right. There might be a few that may really die, but the fact is, most of them are dying of utter fear and horror. Your immune system plummets sometimes 40% just through continuous fear. Yeah. Then it's got...)


This authority should deal out the world's food to the various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority.


(A: That's what's going to happen now of course.) 


If any nation subsequently increased its population it  should not on that account receive any more food. The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling. What method of preventing an increase might be preferred should be left to each State to decide.


(A:  Well, they're all going through the United Nations, and they're pretty well aborting the children, aren't they?  You know? It's Malthusian eugenics, you know.  Of course now they'll call it, well, it's not really, it's really bioethics, you see, and sustainability. And each state, as each country, that was written in the 1950s, that particular book, I think it was The Impact on Science on Society. He also said... If these things come about, these certain circumstances, right…)


What, then, can we do? Apart from certain deep-seated prejudices, the answer would be obvious. The nations which at present increase rapidly should be encouraged to adopt the methods by which, in the West, the increase of population has been checked.


(A: Now, in the 50s, he's telling you the increase of population has, HAS BEEN checked. And they'd have to encourage the other countries, that had not been checked, outside of, say, Europe and Britain, you know, the Americans, to copy the same system. So, it had already been checked, it's population problem had been checked in the West.  Hm?  Have you heard of sterility, folks, the big plague of sterility?  He goes on to say…)


Educational propaganda, with government help, could achieve this result in a generation.


(A: Hm?)


There are, however, two powerful forces opposed to such a policy: one is religion,


(A: It's always the same, right.)


the other is nationalism.


(A: Are you listening, ‘eh?)


I think it is the duty of all who are capable of facing facts to realize, and to proclaim, that opposition to the spread of birth control, if successful, must inflict upon mankind the most appalling depth of misery and degradation, and that within another fifty years or so.


I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect,


(A: This is after two world wars, ‘eh.  I gave this talk years ago and I says, for the hard of thinking, which is something I always say...)


War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect,


(A: He also said…)


If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.


(A: But what he's telling you there obviously is that, hhhch, if all you do is keep releasing a black death in every generation it would kill off all the excess population that came from procreation, you see. So that's how it's going to be done.)


Really high-minded people


(A: ...which is himself and his class, his own class, and those he serves even above him.)


Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's.


(A: You see, there's nothing personal in it... if they want to kill you off.  It's not a deep-seated hatred, you know, he's telling you, really. It's just, he has to be indifferent to it and that's what it is.)


However, I am wandering from the question of stability, to which I must return. There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population. The first is that of birth control, the second that of infanticide or really destructive wars, and the third that of general misery except for a powerful minority.


So, there's nothing new in all the things that are happening now. He belonged to the societies.  Everything you're doing right now in fact, and all the changes, and not just in fashion and in behavior, from say the 1950s, actually before that too but through the 50s and 60s up to the present time, with increasing promotion of sexual promiscuity, and increasing interference of the state coming in to deal with the unwanted children problem as they say, which is generally through different guises, abortion, right.  That was all, he was part of the planning committees that worked, when they were given the right at the end of World War II by the way, to create a new culture, a postwar culture for the world.  He worked with the top groups that were involved in creating the cultural changes that they foresaw would have to happen.  They designed the culture, including the fashions, the miniskirt, and the heavy work on a contraception pill, and heavy work too to bring in national health services that would be for the people to begin with but then it would gradually take over and over more and more rights of abortion and implement that, and the public would just accept it as normal eventually. And it is normal now, isn't it?


Also the destruction of religion and destruction of the family unit. In other words, take away all possible opposition.  And remember, every family is a small tribe. Folk who live in families have connections to other families, they are a bigger tribe. And they'll stand up when they have something in common, you see, as a huge tribe against government. So if you destroy all that, the family unit, there's nobody to stand up in any numbers against anything that really matters. Those that do standup are authorized armies, that are really employed, the leaders are actually employed and trained by those who own the system.


That's how bad it is, isn't it?  And I'm not giving you bad news. This is just fact. If you understand fact, it actually alleviates a lot of the stress that folk feel. Because you start to understand why, WHY things are happening.  Then you can start getting, or coming to peace with yourself to an extent because you understand why things are happening. It's not because you've done anything wrong.  And it's not because you failed in anything, or if you're rich or you'd have more food or backups or something to get through these terrible times that are coming. No, no, no. You see, the elite take everything off your hands.  The whole problem with tyranny, it takes away your right to even sustain yourself eventually.  It doesn't matter how much you try to...  That's what they're aiming for now, for a society where they will dish out the food across the world.  Then as he said, those who haven't reduce their populations will get less until they deal with the problem.  Like very quick dealing with the problem. Executions. Of course it is. Of course it is.


You're all getting trained, as I said, right now, what are they training you? Are you essential? Oh, no, I'm not really essential, I'm just little old me, you know.  Ah well, maybe you should just join, put your name on this list here, you know, for, tttt, you know, I mean, there's more important folk that have to be kept alive and fed, you know.


This is happening, folks, you know, and if you can't handle it... Understand, folks who can't handle it wouldn't listen to me. There's others out there that just take my material anyway and parrot it in the same week. I do the work for a lot of people who never mentioned me, [Alan chuckles.]  but who can put it across more softly or whatever, mainly to get their own ratings or money coming in. But the fact is, I'm doing this not for them. I'm doing it just to help those who NEED to know.  That there's people like myself who had to know, even when I was young, I had this hunger to know what was really going on, when things didn't make sense, when I saw even adults and my parents and other people accepting the things they shouldn't accept, unquestioningly.


I remember asking them too, you know, I could hear them.  When you're maybe five or six you hear them discussing the problems and money. I already saw the fallouts across my friends’ homes and so on and my own to an extent of folk in the misery. Because Britain was still under rationing, you know. For yeears. Even when they stop the rationing cards folk couldn't afford the good food and things like that. They were under fixed incomes and wages freezes and price freezes, supposedly. The prices always went up but they claim they were frozen too. 


Where literally a lot of homes, you had meters for your electricity, even to get heat, you didn't have coal or whatever.  You put a shilling in and, as they kept, the guys would come in every so often and they'd readjust it.  So you'd start off getting maybe an hour of electricity for a shilling, then they'd cut it back and tell you, you had to put in about two shillings or even half a crown eventually to get the same amount of electricity. It was just disgusting as they increased the cost of energy. And here you go, it's all through the system right now. We've got to start increasing all energy.  Because then your life, your health, everything goes down, folks. Very quickly. Especially if you get cold climates ‘eh? And the hot climates and you can't afford your air conditioning, you wait and see the same thing.  That's going to come. That's going to come, folks.


That's where it's all supposed to come down to. We’re living through an agenda. As I say, Russell and many others like him were on the boards designing the future that we're still, and it's not all finished yet, the stuff that he worked on, there's still a lot to go yet.  Yep.  They've got post family, you know, not just the new types of families that we went through a few years back, the post family society, right down to who will be allowed to breed. And right into those who are goody-goody and serve the system might get permission to have a child of their own. They might even clone you, as a child, or clone a child from you, you see.  That's where it's all supposed to go.


Most folk haven't got a clue. They think it's all just happening, it's all independent problems and, oh, the wars are separate. You know, he mentioned wars and plagues and famines and pestilences. We're hearing, oh, we're going to go to war with who? Who's next? Is it Eurasia? Who is it? Who is it? Who are we fighting today? Oh, China. Okay, China. Oh, is it Russia? Oh, it's Russia again. Oh. 


It's all repetition.


I said back in the 90s on a show that the big bear, the big bad bear, they'll resurrect it if they can't find other enemies eventually. Because it's just too lucrative for them. And you can't keep your population in check without an enemy. Folks start to demand rights when there's nothing else going to kill you. So they got to resurrected enemies occasionally.  If they can't do that, just like after the revolutions, the communist revolutions, they look for terrorists within. Well, we're going through all that too. Oh, terrorism, terrorism, since 2001.  Counterrevolutionaries or terrorism, you know, we're all terrorists, you see.


Here they have this complete digital ID system that you're all going to get forced to take. Lots of folk are already in it already. The cell phone with your digital ID to start with, you know, that was the initial part of it. Then you had parents buying them for their schoolchildren for snob appeal, you know, when you go to school, they won't look down on you, you've got the best iPhone there to take to school with you.  Eeeeeh, it's also obvious, isn't it?


But they haven't stopped yet because now they must really rush it up. That's the whole point.  What did they teach you in school, you know?  Oh, you had some kind of ancient past where folk had just hardly any brain at all, so they just kind of wandered around and their bottom lip would drag on the ground, you know, and stuff like that. But eventually somebody got the idea of living in a cave, so you had the Stone Age.  They would sit there and scratch their heads and think – this is what they tell you, you know – what can I do with the stone that's not just a hole to live in, you know? Then they start to build gradually, and very slowly, etc.  So they go through that.  Then you're going through the Bronze Age, in came bronze tools, you see, from the flint and stuff and then in comes bronze.  Then you got iron and steel. Then you go all the way up through them and then you have agricultural, eventually you become civilized when you've got agriculture.


They admit now, well agriculture, most folk don't like farming and stuff. So they had to force slaves, get slaves to make the farming happen.  That's how.  So they praise that as civilized, you see. So eventually you get to a stage where you've got all these non-, what you would call, important jobs, initially.  And in would come the money guys.  Oh money, well, you don't have to keep exchanging bags of rice for bags of this and bags of oats and spuds. No, now of course you can just trade it with this instead. What's that?  Well it... and they try to bite the metal and you break your teeth. I can't eat it. Well, yeah but hey, we've got authorities now that say this is value and is equivalent to 10 of those sacks there. Then you fall for it, and you end up getting ruled by them. Forever, ‘eh.


But that's progress. That's progress again. So, you work all the way up from agricultural, you know, into a production phase into a revolutionary phase of production, and you're Industrial Revolution, and you're into industry, making things. Not what you need, but surpluses you can sell it abroad even, you see. So they have it all worked out. And this is what the WEF are on about, you know, this is now the FOURTH Industrial Revolution, you see.  You went from an Industrial Revolution, to postindustrial, to electronic, then into the merging of the two kinds of digital electronics into, you know, to where we are now, and etc.


So they plan the whole future out. Did you get asked about it? No, you didn't get asked about it. Do you have any say in the WEF?  No.  Nope.  And they only bring in what they call actors, participants, in the system. You're not an actor, you're just a recipient of their plays [Alan chuckles.] you might say, and their goals.  They have all the top NGOs on board with them. Because you must always have these NGOs to go and protest governments. It's all worked out in advance. The governments are waiting for them to protest or make demands and say, okay, we'll think about it, okay, we'll pass this law for you.


It's all a con game, the whole lot of it, it's all rigged with all participants on all sides managing it.  But it keeps the rest of the public thinking, I have rights, well, these people went and demanded this happen, and government passed a law and…  Or they give some of the group special rights. I was reading that today about selective groups that have special, other, more rights than other peoples, you see. And you can't say anything about different groups, under umpteen different new hate laws which they've brought into even politics, you know.  Just complain about something, oh, that's terrible you can’t say that.  Before it was just a political point of view. Not anymore.  I said years ago, you'd have to belong to a privileged special group to get any rights at all. And you're actually there. You really are there.  Definitely are there.  Yep.


Some groups are untouchable, and the shame of police to allow the grooming of children, for instance, because it's just a political hot topic of who's doing it, so the crime can continue and continue... It's just disgusting! It tells you your whole system is finished.  Because it's not there to protect ordinary folk at all, or definitely not children.  But we're taught this is all quite normal.


So all these NGOs and charitable groups lot, yeah, we just protest and advise and demand from governments to pass certain rules, which take all their… Which is exactly what the elite want, you see, until you're legislated into complete oblivion because you have no rights whatsoever at all.


And again, as it all happens other things are just rubberstamped by governments, like the climate agenda and austerity programs are just rubberstamped and... you have no say in the matter.  You don't belong to any of these particular groups and the so-called pressure groups and organized groups that get millions thrown at them.  And they claim that they're just charitable institutions [Alan chuckles.]  or social movements, ‘eh?


Now remember folks too, hopefully you can send a few dollars my direction. Go into my website  As always, I say list all the sites that are mentioned on the .com site, all my other sites. These are my official sites.  You can order books and discs or donate to me on the site, it tells you how to do it if you go in there. There's a lot to learn. It's widely used by lots and lots and lots of people.   You'll find a lot of information there on the system and how we got to where we are and where it's supposed to go. Because the elite literally will publish things, it's a legality.  Often when they pull something off, they'll even go overboard and boast about it. Which is 'revelation of the method', how they got the public to accept this, or how they GOT you, how they cleverly steered you all with different techniques to accept this, that or things you shouldn't have accepted.


The very things that Aldous Huxley talked about, the author of Brave New World, where he said in the interviews with George Wallace in the 1950s, he said, his concern was that with the techniques that could be used today... He's talking about the incredible arts of persuasion, where you don't even know you're being persuaded.  You're being prompted, you're being nudged, you're being…  Most folk are recipients of opinions, that's what I say, you're a recipient. You're not someone who literally analyzes opinions, your own either, you simply adopt them.  They are given to you, and it's almost preordained you will adopt a particular point of view according to your upbringing, or your class, or who you vote for, left or right or whatever.  Whatever class or group you belong to or political party, they've got ready-made opinions for you. Which will always guide you into the one road eventually, that they're all on, which is the right opinion, you see.


They're using techniques that were well understood back in Huxley's days and before.  He mentioned that too, the techniques of manipulating your thoughts, the Bernays techniques, where subconscious, or even unconscious motivations, these instincts you're born with can be manipulated, you won't consciously work your way through it, but you can use them against the person to bring them to the opinions or conclusions and behavior that you want them to have.  That's very obvious today. Incredible ongoing multiple, thousands of experiments on psychology and behaviorism, every day done on populations. Every day!  If you had 10,000 lifetimes to live and study all their papers on it, it's just incredible what gets churned out all the time on how to manipulate you for this, that or whatever. It's just absolutely astonishing.  You can't live long enough to read it all. And they won't stop, you know.


There are countless surveys right now on getting the people to comply with the Covid lockdowns, comply with wearing facemasks, even getting other segments of society to turn on the folk who won't comply.  They can do that too.  And the folk who will turn on them don't even know they’re getting manipulated. They think they're coming to these decisions and this behavior of shouting at folk by themselves. Nothing is further from the truth.


So Aldous Huxley said that. He says that he was worried that the techniques, the scientific methods that were understood back in his day, back then, would get the public to accept things that perhaps it was not in their best interest to accept. That's how perfected that he knew that they were, and that they would get a lot more perfected, in a very short few years in fact.  


So let's just see where you stand, or sit, or lay down, on the whole idea that you're not essential, or if you've got some self-worth.  And if you haven't, it's about time you regained some self-worth again.  Because they really are training the people to accept that you're useless, a useless eater. Obviously. This is not paranoia.  It comes from their own publications over many, many years basically.  It's amazing how you can quote their publications and actually read from their books from the big institutions, but you're deemed as a nutcase if you just say what they are saying when you read it verbatim. This is how bad it is now with deception, and how, again, there's no weapon that they've got that's not unleashed at the moment. Well, almost no weapon. There's a few left yet, that they've probably got to come out yet.  Nothing is dirty enough for them.


Here's one here, again, bioethics…


COVID-19 patients will be ‘sent home to die’ if deemed too sick, Texas county says - / 23 July 2020


Fort Worth Star-Telegram news. It goes on to say, it’s almost a repetition of the same handout that was given out in Canada months before by the bioethicists, ‘eh.  And the bioethicists take their orders again from the same groups that do all the tests on pandemics, the Johns Hopkins groups, and again, the unelected Rockefeller Foundation group that had their exercise in 2010. Now they’re out there with all their different ideas on how to manage this pandemic, and it’s all written by bioethics committees from Harvard, etc. Very impressive, ‘eh?  [Alan chuckles.] They know better what ethics are, rather than you.


Isn't it amazing, with using psychology again, in the old days, or even in World War II, if they didn't like you, they would just take you to the back and shoot you. The Bolsheviks would do the same, they would take you into basements, and they had a kind of almost mechanized system of hauling the bodies out of the coal chutes and into trucks. So yeah, they like efficiency indeed.  But here you have it where they've got to convince you first, you should just, just go along with it. It's that amazing psychological warfare, isn't it, ‘eh?  And you pay for this psychological warfare. It's all from your...  And these characters who do it, the psychopaths, these are the real psychopaths, who try to convince you that it's all in the best interest just to go and give yourself up and die.  Ahhhhhh.  They get paid enormous amounts of money, and it's your tax money that pays them.


And then ahhhh, why do folk vote?  So here they are, so the patients will be sent home to die...


COVID-19 patients will be ‘sent home to die’ if deemed too sick, Texas county says / 23 July 2020


“A model for the country,” Starr County Judge Eloy Vera said Tuesday — as he shared an update that now appears gloomy.


(A:  Ah dear, ‘eh.  It's just sad.)


In April, its aggressive and successful approach to beating the coronavirus was spotlighted by NBC News.


(A:  Enough to decide now on the cost of it all, you see. I mean, how much are you really worth? What should they spend on you? It sounds like again, getting back to George Bernard Shaw, how much they can spend on you to keep you alive ‘eh. Well, you're not worth it, you know, you're not essential.)


The county has been forced to form what is being compared to a so-called “death panel.”


(A: I remember doing the articles years ago on this when it came out, that all the Western societies had adopted this idea of bioethics to decide who would live and die in hospitals. For cost-effectiveness’s sake, then, that was the reason they gave then.  But they were nicknamed death panels because that's what it's about, who should live and die.)


A county health board – which governs Starr Memorial – is set to authorize critical care guidelines Thursday that will help medical workers determine ways to allocate scarce medical resources on patients with the best chance to survive.


There you go, ‘eh.  N-n-n. There's efficiency for you. Yeah, no, are you essential? No. No. It's like again The Life of Brian that the Monty Python group did, the movie. At the end the joker, and there's always a joker in them, where they are lining up to decide if they're going to go for crucifixion, for death, or to be set free.  So they could go two different directions.  And the joker comes along and he's skipping and jumping, and he says, so I think it was Palin says to him, he says, freedom or crucifixion? And he says, freedom. He says, okay, he says, go veer to the left and just follow the railings there, then you'll be free. Then the guys says, the joker says, I'm just kidding, it's crucifixion!  You see. 


Well, that's where we are today. We're getting trained, yeah, I'm really worthless, you know, I should really just go for it and let them kill me here, I'm not essential to the system. 


Isn't that AMAZING EVIL, eh?  What EVIL! 


And these folks have got degrees in manipulation techniques.   There you go. So I'll put this up. So they've got critical care guidelines so’s that all the medical staff can feel better. Well, it's new guidelines, I just follow the rules, you know, I just follow the rules.


What it...  You understand that the studies that were done on people to see how they will inflict pain on other people, with experiments in universities for instance, behavioral experiments in universities. I've mentioned it before too, the one where you think you're electrocuting someone in a different room, and you're in vocal contact with them.  Vocal contact and you could hear them squeal and so on.  But this guy in the white coat says to you, another 20 volts. But he's already screaming. Another 20 volts.  As long as someone else takes authority, someone in command, like an officer in a military takes command, then most folk will obey and will do it. On their own, if they had the decision, they'll say, no, no I'm not taking this one's...  But as long as someone else is taking responsibility, they'll actually take it, they'll actually do it. Well, it's the same thing.


So for the hospital staff it says in this article, the link is there for it too, that critical care guidelines, right...


A county health board – which governs Starr Memorial – is set to authorize critical care guidelines that will help medical workers determine ways to allocate scarce medical resources on patients with the best chance to survive.


Texas hospital forced to set up 'death panel' as Covid-19 cases surge - / 26 July 2020


So they'll say, well yeah, we know we killed that person really by denying them food and water and even basic medical care, but you know, that's what we are advised to do by the official guidelines.  Right.  That's the Milgram experiment, it's the Milgram experiment all over again, isn't it? The Milgram experiment. And folk don't know, even the nurses, they don't know, and the doctors.


As I say, most folk don't know that their thoughts are never their own, really.  You can be trained to do the most terrific things to other people. Always with a nice, oh, we're trying to do it for the best, you know.  N-n-n.  What was it Bertrand Russell said? We’ll have to get religion out of the way, you see.  Eeh, it's all here, ‘eh.


EXPOSED: World Bank Coronavirus Aid Comes With Conditions For Imposing Extreme Lockdown, Reveals Belarus President / 27 July 2020


(A: That's from the Belarus President.  He says…)


Huge foreign loans are given to sovereign nations by the World Bank, IMF and the likes.


(A: Set up, again, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the private group that runs the world, right. The CFR is the American branch. They have a branch that runs the European Parliament.  They have a branch that runs the Asia-Pacific region.  A private club.  They brought in the World Bank. They gave you the United Nations. They give you the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements.  They're all private companies that are part of this big group.)


But the conditions that come attached to these loans are seldom told by governments to their citizens. A recent case in Belarus has exposed the conditions laid by these agencies for loans being provided for COVID-19. The President of Belarus has exposed that the World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures, to model their coronavirus response on that of Italy and even changes in the economic policies which he refused as being “unacceptable”.


Additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for Belarus, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said when speaking about external lending during a meeting to discuss support measures for the real economic sector on the part of the banking system, reported Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA.


“What are our partners’ requirements? It was announced that they can provide Belarus with $940 million (A: This is what they offered, right.)  in so-called rapid financing. How are things here?” the head of state inquired.


At the same time, he stressed that additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for the country.


“We hear the demands, for example, to model our coronavirus response on that of Italy. I do not want to see the Italian situation to repeat in Belarus. We have our own country and our own situation,” the president said.


(A: You see, the big bright part though, we can give you $940 million, just wiiisked out of thin air, because that’s what they make it out of.)


“It is ready to fund us ten times more than it offered initially as a token of commendation for our efficient fight against this virus. The World Bank has even asked the Healthcare Ministry to share the experience. Meanwhile, the IMF continues to demand from us quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew.


(A: Now, don’t forget, the IMF is literally like the collector for the money you borrow. The IMF comes in with its own policies, from the World Bank, right, and you have to comply.  And they slash and burn all social programs by the way.  So this is what they’re trying to do to Belarus.  Here’s a big bribe, and then the IMF comes in, you know, and says, you’ve got to lockdown and quarantine, total quarantines and isolations and curfews, this, that and the other.)


Belarus is one of the only European countries that has not implemented strict coronavirus containment measures. The no-restriction situation is such that even the non-essential services remain open. The football league of Belarus is still being played. The only restriction kind-of step that Belarus took till now is that the school holidays have been extended.


Lukashenko is of the opinion that a complete lockdown was completely unnecessary.


(A: Well, here's a sensible guy. If you lockdown everything, everybody's going to be borrowing from the World Bank because you can't support yourselves anymore. Nobody will be able to do it. That's, that's the reason for it, that's what they want.  That's why you're locked down. It's not for coronavirus. The lockdown is to bring in a whole new system after a massive, massive crisis caused BY the lockdown itself. That's it.)


(A: It's interesting too in this article because they also give you links to the Great Game India, very important stuff in it too.)



GreatGameIndia @GreatGameIndia


Indian doctor with contrary view on #coronavirus prefers not to wear mask while examining patients. Wearing mask for over 20 min in temp above 18 degree Celsius can lead to an increase in carbon dioxide load on human body resulting in breathing difficulty.


(A: Then it's also got...)



J Gopikrishnan @jgopikrishnan70


Bill Gates Offered $10 Million Bribe (A:  This is what he offered...) For Forced Vaccination In Nigeria


(A: You wouldn't believe what goes on with these characters, really, ‘eh.  Yep.  So back to Belarus he says…)


The President of Belarus is not the first one to have exposed the pressure exerted by global agencies amidst the coronavirus crisis to further their agenda. Earlier, in a shocking development the President of Madagascar made a sensational claim that the WHO offered him $20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure (A: [Alan chuckles.] …meaning, to literally write it off.) called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia.


(A: Of course you know…)


The Tanzanian President kicked out WHO from the country after


(A: He sent samples of goat and fruit and different things as samples for Covid to the World Health Organization agencies that were doing the testing in his country.  Everything came back positive including the goat, including the fruit, including used motor oil.  [Alan laughing.]  And that’s true. He was on his own TV station doing it, talking about this.)


 Goat and Papaya samples came COVID-19 positive. Days after the Tanzanian move, Burundi also kicked out WHO Coronavirus Team from the country for interference in internal matters.


(A: All these links are on this one article and I’ll put it up. It’s called…)


World Bank Coronavirus Aid Comes With Conditions For Imposing Extreme Lockdown, Reveals Belarus President - / 27 July 2020


A lot of good links to other articles. 


Belarus president unwilling to accept additional terms to get foreign loans - / 19 June 2020


But of course you're not allowed any other, it's verboten to have any other opinion except that of the one, you know, the totalitarian regime that's deciding who's going to be able to say anything at all. All you're allowed to say is what they tell you, you can say. This is your new freedom.  Again, another article is...


Coronavirus deaths 'may be less than half official toll - as docs wrongly mark certificates', says ex-WHO chief - / 11 June 2020


Well, no kidding. I won't bother reading this one because that's a vast understatement to the whole thing. Because anybody who, whether you test positive or not after, or after death, it makes no difference, it doesn't matter if your heart literally blew itself up and was ready to pack in before you got the coronavirus, it makes no difference, they're using everything, including flu deaths, as Covid. We all know this, there's just too many articles out there and exposés on it.


Of course another YouTube, I'll put it up if we can still do it.  It's been pulled from YouTube, I should say, and other areas. It says…


'America's Frontline Doctors' may be real doctors, but experts say they don't know what they're talking about - / 30 July 2020


The complete...  aaaa, this is incredible tyranny we're going through, when nobody's opinion, including those who are all qualified in their spheres of medicine are getting banned from saying anything…


Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. - "Thousands Of Doctors" Are Being Silenced - / 27 July 2020


The New Viral Video of Doctors Talking About Coronavirus that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Have Removed - / 28 July 2020


And these are people, they're dealing with patients.  ‘Eh?  They're not the Faucians… I almost said the Faustians [Alan laughing.] Faustican pact, Fauci.  But the real doctors are getting hammered just for speaking their mind and speaking about what they've come up with and what they're noticing and so on. It's forbidden.  Np. 


What a time to watch this happening, tyranny, totalitarianism. Because a whole new agenda, a whole new way of living is to get forced upon us. The complete global reset, a completely new way of living from birth to death all hinges on this con. And they admit that in some of their articles, their whole agenda hinges on using Covid as the excuse.  So I'll put this article up too.


Another one is... Here's your typical psychopath. Listen to this, ‘eh, as I mentioned how they turned different sections of society against each other, the ones who comply, the ones who won’t comply, right. That's actually in their suggestions with SAGE, how they could create different groups and use them like a mob against those who won't go along with the agenda.  Yep.  So here's what he, listen to this...


Narcissists and Psychopaths Are More Likely to Refuse to Wear Masks, Says New Research / 22 July 2020


(A: ...says new research.  Hhhhhhhhhhh, well, my goodness, we are always learning, ‘eh?)


Two recent studies looked at the relationship between personality traits and reactions to restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Researchers found that people possessing so-called "Dark Triad" traits


(A: [Alan whispering] Hhhhhhh, Dark Triad traits.)


—narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism—were less likely to comply with restrictions or engage in preventative measures against the pandemic.


Well, the folk who wrote this are psychopath because the point of it is to turn folk against folk who won't go along with the nonsense. So yeah, these are the manipulative psychopaths, the ones that work with the prompt units, they are prompting you all the time, nudging units, you see, the BIT units, the SAGE units, etc. that the government employ, psychologists, etc.  These are the psychopaths because they're getting paid to lie to you, to brutalize you. So this article itself, whoever really wrote it, is written by psychopaths and put out by psychopaths.  Yep.  There ya go.  And believe you me, that's the whole point of this article, it's by psychopaths to get you to comply.  I love how they project what they are doing to you onto the folks that won't comply.  So I'll put these articles up.


Then another article too, getting back to what's definitely going to come, and we all know it, right. You can't close down the planet and then say, oh my, what, there's starvation going to happen, well, who could have foreseen that?  ...if no one's allowed to move or work, or even get money and earn money to buy the darn stuff even if you could get it.  In Britain, they're still on about Brexit, right.


'Disorderly Brexit' and coronavirus threaten UK's food security, MPs claim / 30 July 2020


A new report by a cross-party group of MPs (A: Members of Parliament.) has warned the Government "cannot be complacent" with the threat of possible future crises triggered by climate change (A: So they’ve pulled that one out of the bag again too.) or a disorderly end to the Brexit transition period which could impact on food supplies.


The Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee said despite the easing of the coronavirus lockdown, "problems with food security are far from over".


(A: Right.)


Millions of people have struggled to access food as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with the number of food bank users doubling during lockdown.


(A: Well, they're all locked down, in Africa they're locked down too, they can't get the darn food now. And yeah, there's folk who are starving. There's food banks all over the Western world dishing out what they can get to the public. And it's doubling all the time, they say here, the numbers who go into them. Russia has got them too. I was looking at an article recently, in parts of Russia they've got food banks just working overtime like crazy.  Yep.  So here's the outcome of this big committee, this big, this, this group of politicians that just get together, you see.)


"It is therefore essential that the Government appoints a new Minister for Food Security who will stop this issue falling between the cracks.


Well, isn't that what the UN wants?  Isn't that what the WEF wants, the World Economic Forum? It's just astonishing. It's just coincidence of course, ‘eh, it's just coincidence it all falls into the same organizations, ‘eh.  Yep.  There ya go.


Vaccine Execs Rake In $1 Billion In Stock Sales As Positive Headlines Boost Shares / 27 July 2020


(A: No kidding.)


With the race to find a vaccine for COVID-19 in full effect, biotech executives and other insiders from at least 11 companies have made hand over fist - raking in over $1 billion in stock sales after announcing positive developments, according to the New York Times.


(A: That's what they do. What they do, when they, oh, we just tested this vaccine or that vaccine, and, the reviews are just fantastic, that's what they'll say, you see.  And that's a fast, a fast boom, you know, there's a name they actually have for it in investment.)


In some cases, company insiders are profiting from regularly scheduled compensation or automatic stock trades. But in other situations, senior officials appear to be pouncing on opportunities to cash out while their stock prices are sky high. And some companies have awarded stock options to executives shortly before market-moving announcements about their vaccine progress. -NYT (A: That’s the New York Times.)


In May, we noted that insiders at Moderna cashed out on some $30 million in options - while CEO Stephane Bancel has become a billionaire.


(A: A company that had not sold anything before, right, or produce vaccines before, before they're even given out the company's market value was now…)


The company's market value is now nearly $30 billion thanks to a stream of positive press releases, while insiders have sold around $248 million altogether since January - most of it coming following an April announcement that the company had been selected to receive federal funding to support their efforts.


(A: There's fascism at work, folks, business, big, big, big business working with big governments. It's interesting to see who he's friendly with too, Stephane Bancel.  It's interesting to see who his big pal at college was too.  And he gets the big, huge grants, ‘eh. Another one too, it says…)


The Times highlights another case; South San Francisco-based Vaxart, which was selected by the US government to participate in a federal initiative to quickly produce COVID-19 treatments known as Operation Warp Speed.


(A: So as soon as the government starts putting money into it, they sell shares.)


Vaxart’s shares soared. Company insiders, who weeks earlier had received stock options worth a few million dollars, saw the value of those awards increase sixfold. And a hedge fund that partly controlled the company walked away with more than $200 million in instant profits.


(A: FASCISM, you see. You can't lose when the government's going to be giving the contracts, ‘eh, and everybody invests, oh, get-rich-quick, you know.)


Michael R. Caputo, the US Department of Health and Human Services' assistant secretary for public affairs said the agency "has entered into funding agreements with certain vaccine manufacturers, and we are negotiating with others," but added "Neither is the case with Vaxart."


"Vaxart’s vaccine candidate was selected to participate in preliminary U.S. government studies to determine potential areas for possible Operation Warp Speed partnership and support. At this time, those studies are ongoing, and no determinations have been made," he added.


CEO Andrei Floroiu - who received stock options worth approximately $4.3 million in June (and worth $28 million weeks later) - defended his company, saying in a Friday statement "Vaxart abides by good corporate governance guidelines and policies and makes decisions in accordance with the best interests of the company and its shareholders,"


(A: It's fascism, you know. Of course it's fascism. Yep.  Would he have $20 million if it wasn't for getting the contracts and so on, millions thrown at him of taxpayers’ money?)


Mind you, when you really read the articles from years ago that Fauci was involved in too with the big vaccine companies, they talked about the fact they'd have to get laws on the books that would mandate, the government must put out much more money for vaccines for future pandemics. The whole thing flopped before with the 2009 flu that came out, folk didn't want it, the swine flu one. People in New Zealand and other places got partial paralysis with some of it, temporary, and sleeping diseases they call it, narcolepsy. So everybody stopped taking the vaccines.  They had millions and millions of doses that the folk didn't want, so they had to dispose of them. But they want to mandate that you must take the vaccines, you see. Well, that's real corporate fascism, you must take what they produce, regardless of, and there's a, and you have NO say if it kills you?  [Alan chuckles.] Well, you won't if you're dead, right?  But no one can get sued? I mean, no, no, no.  No. No way. No.  No way. No way at all.  Np.


Another article here is interesting. It's…


Abortion figures are a serious cause for concern - despite what BPAS says / 24 July 2020


(A: Now, this ties in in a different way. It's not so much about the abortion issue, here.  This is about the Daily Telegraph's opinion piece, a recent opinion.)


In a recent opinion piece for The Daily Telegraph, the head of one of the UK’s largest abortionists


(A: This is someone who is a big advocate at the top. All these big names that come out in the newspaper who advocate, advocate, they’re really paid advocates, really, highly paid advocates on behalf of what I read earlier, what Bertrand Russell said about how they’re going to bring down populations and so on.  So…)


…the head of one of the UK’s largest abortionists highlighted that more abortions happened in England and Wales in 2019 than ever before.


(A:  Right. And this is what’s interesting to me, it ties into what I’m talking about with the bioethics and value of the patient’s lives and so on. It says…)


This is “no cause for concern”, says BPAS CEO Ann Furedi, because we live “in a society where women are making their own…


(A: …the usual stuff they parrot off. Here’s what it says too…)


She goes on. Abortion “must be available in any civilized society”, and that we must all rally behind a woman’s ‘right to choose’…


(A: Now, listen to the statement that she said before, and the link is here of when she actually made it and so on.)


She has previously said that life only matters if it’s wanted, and sees abortion as nothing more than ‘backup’ contraception. Furedi has also said an abortion procedure should be viewed as if it were a minor medical operation akin to removing a mole.


So getting back to, life only matters if it’s wanted. Does that, isn’t this tying into the much bigger movement in bioethics, who should live and who should die? Not just with babies now, or fetuses as they want to call it, but then with the elderly, and then with, oh let’s, well you know, we better put the medical, what’s left of medicine to better use for better people, because you might just die anyway. But then again, you might live, you see.  So here ya go, you see.  This all ties in together.


I hope you understand, everything is interconnected. EVERYTHING is interconnected here.  Not by chance. It’s SET UP that way.  Hm? Life only matters if it’s wanted. Are you essential? Are you?  for the lockdown, or do you go to work? No, you’re not essential. No. Do you understand, everything is interconnected. Don’t forget that. So when I read these articles, it’s not because they’re all just bad news. No, no, they are interconnected.  Deliberately so. Because that’s the system that you’re living in. It’s all, it’s total warfare on the general population. On everybody, I don’t care what gender you are. Another offbeat article too is…


Catholic bishops fear Scotland's hate crime law (A: They've got a new hate crime, every country must get it, you see.) could criminalize Bible and Catechism / 29 July 2020


…the Scottish Government’s new Hate Crime and Public Order Bill could lead to censorship of Catholic teaching.


Well, I think the whole society has been under censorship for a long time.  And with electronic media [Alan chuckles.] it's really on the warpath now, isn't it, ‘eh.  Yep.  Another article too, I've mentioned before from The Guardian about Texas as well, which I've said before from a different newspaper...


Texas hospital forced to set up 'death panel' as Covid-19 cases surge / 26 July 2020


(A: Now, the Guardian is so left-wing I'm sure it's not against much of what's going on.)


Doctors at Starr County Memorial hospital, the only hospital in Starr county, have been issued with critical care guidelines to decide which Covid-19 patients it will treat, and which ones will be sent home because they are likely to die.


(A: Well, they’re definitely going to die, or most likely to die if they get sent home and not get treated. You see how it’s worded, ‘eh?  The ones that will be sent home because they are likely to die, because they’re not going to treat them.  And the excuses given…)


…to alleviate the hospital’s limited medical resources…


There ya go.  M-hm.  And again, I don't even put any credence in what they say are their confirmed cases. Confirmed cases are not illnesses. I hope you understand that. That's their trick. The more that they test, that will come up positive and say, oh, we've got more, thousands of more cases in that area. Well, they just gave an extra so many thousand more tests out.  But the tests that they're giving out anyway, they're pretty well guaranteed to get positive cases. But these are not illnesses. The tricks they're playing are disgusting! 


Again, it's because it's an essential, this is a war they're at, that's a war to change society into a whole new system. And you better accept the fact that those who do such things, whether they're using bullets, bombs or massive force and terror campaigns on you, it's all the same techniques really in the end to get the effects done on the general public. Because they are at war with YOU.  That's what it is.


Now another article is this one here… 


These four coronavirus vaccines are the closest to becoming reality / 26 July 2020


(A: [Alan laughing.]  I love how they word it...)


As the world waits eagerly for a Covid-19 vaccine, several candidates are starting to be put through their paces in clinical trials. More than 100 vaccine candidates are being developed by teams around the world, with more than 20 now in or about to enter clinical evaluation, meaning they are being tested in humans.


On July 20, two vaccine candidates published preliminary results from phase one and two trials showing they induced


(A: Now, here's the trick again folks, you've got to understand this. Because I've read articles over the years, many years, that always put out these promotions in the same way.)


two vaccine candidates published preliminary results from phase one and two trials showing they induced


(A:  …like a big promise, right.)


 an immune response and didn’t trigger any major safety concerns,


(A: …or major, right.)


marking a positive step forward. But there’s still a way to go: inducing an immune response doesn’t necessarily mean that the vaccine will actually protect people from Covid-19.


(A: [Alan laughing.] Do you understand the doublespeak here?  So the first part of it says that…)


…showing that they induced an immune response…


That's generally always what happens. Now, with the Spanish flu one, right, and other flus that they put out before by the flu vaccinations, and I've read the articles, I've still got them, from our own government agencies and health agencies, they have admitted that, yeah, you can get a good immune response from the vaccine, when they test for antibodies.  But when you hit the actual real virus in real life after you get the vaccination, you get a massive cytokine storm response, and your lungs get filled up with the response and you suffocate, you DIE. So, the initial immune response is pointless. Meaning, did it create a few antibodies? What you have to show too, another trick that is often done, they haven't tested for antibodies first that have been caused by natural immunity, because most folk don't know they've had it.  So there's a lot of tricks at work here. 


As they say, when you get an initial response, this is all to get big, more money thrown at that them so they can sell more stocks off. That's how these companies make their monies, you know, through terror and horror.  Oh, we showed that there was some antibodies produced after the first dose. But they don't tell you, because what they have to do next is, like you do animals, that's what they do, they eventually let the animal lose into a little containment with, there's wild virus there, the actual virus, and you get an OVER, a massive reaction, vaccine enhanced respiratory response. Meaning, it's going to kill you.


So you can't go with that. This is all to sell shares. And they're raking in the billions.  This is what this is for, this article. This is the type of, that's what these articles are FOR, folks. This one goes through a bunch of companies that are doing the same kind of things with their positive responses to... Apart from all the millions that are just getting thrown by your tax money, but also, it's a great, great business to be in, isn't it, ‘eh. Isn't this? Where governments, if they can't sell it, the government are guaranteed to buy them anyway.


Oh, fascism, fascism, fascism.


Another article is to do with Al Gore.  You know, I call him allegory, because that's what he is, he is an allegory for many different things. But Al Gore, ‘eh, the guy who came out with the big terrifying things in An Inconvenient Truth, or was it Spoof. Because it definitely, his whole big speech at that time, his big presentation was shot down by people who knew the facts and figures and statistics and all the rest of it. But that didn't matter because his agenda, it's the same thing that's getting fulfilled right now with the global, you know, the great reset and all that kind of stuff.  Using the climate.  That was the excuse that, that's what they said at the WEF, we’ll managed to achieve all the things that we couldn't achieve, because the public we’re ignoring the whole climate argument and terror that they were giving us for years.  But they can do it with Covid.


So allegory, Allegory I call him, don't forget he was in business with, Al Gore was in business with Blood for a carbon exchange system where they'd bump up the price of carbon and sell it, and the companies traded between each other and all the rest of it. The big companies too were given so many free credits for carbon, before they started to gamble it. This is incredible what's been happening, and the public haven't got a clue. To get it kicked off, this whole carbon trading idea, which is a moneymaking scheme for big international corporations, they gave the companies millions and millions of dollars, each, free, to try to start it off.


Al Gore, his company, he had the one I think was in Chicago that he set up. It was called, his partner was called Blood, Blood and Gore was the name of the company. I'm not kidding you.  This is amazing stuff. This is stuff right out of a movie, ‘eh, [Alan chuckles.]  Blood and Gore, [Alan chuckles.]  and how they could make money off you from carbon.  Something that naturally exists in the planet. We're carbon-based organisms, that's what humans are and life on the planet here is. We're not silicone, that's in sci-fi movies.  We’re carbon-based, right. And we need carbon, you know.  The plants need carbon dioxide to take in and to give out oxygen for goodness’ sake.


Conology is everywhere you look. And it's always to do with power and getting the majority of the public so brainwashed they give up all power to these cons, these con artists. Who make, who get awfully rich off the scams. Incredibly rich. And they trade fictitious nothings, ‘eh.  Oh, how much carbon credits have you? I've got so many, 10,000 tons, you know. Well, where do you keep it all? Well, I don't keep it anywhere, it's just on paper. But it's worth, you know, a few million bucks right off the bat. You know, this is how they do it.  Absolute rubbish.  Absolute rubbish.  I-yi-yi.  N-n-n.  I'll put these articles up remember too.  Another part too, virus pandemic, the same, they're all running with the same articles.  So Al Gore by the way right now, it says...


Al Gore, UN Secretary-General, others now demanding 'Great Reset' of global capitalism - / 25 June 2020


These are truly dangerous times for those who support individual liberty and free markets


(A:  No kidding. So, the WEF and Al Gore and the whole UN group and Secretary-General are all demanding a great reset. So those who own everything and who are the real capitalists at the top are going to talk about redistributing wealth amongst the peasant class.  [Alan chuckles.]  But not from their own coffers, believe you me. No, we make their lives comfortable by what they tax off of us.)




(A:  No kidding, ‘eh.)


At a meeting hosted by the highly influential World Economic Forum earlier in June, powerful officials from nonprofits,


(A:  ...’eh, that's the big, big nonprofit organizations that are the armies for the big foundations, ‘eh...)


government, business, academia, labor unions


(A:  Well, they are for, on board, they are well paid off too, the leaders of labor unions, oh my God, ‘eh...)


and activist groups announced their plan for a “Great Reset” of global capitalism.


(A:  It's astonishing they don't ask the general population about their opinions. So you have...)


...powerful officials from nonprofits, government, business, academia, labor unions and activist groups announced their plan for a “Great Reset” of global capitalism.


It’s a proposal they acknowledged has only been made possible because of the “opportunity” provided by the economic destruction caused by the novel coronavirus.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]   This is it, folks.  M-hm.)


Supporters and attendees of the meeting included Prince Charles;


(A:  And of course Prince Charles is there, the guy who literally was a dunce at school. They called him a dunce. I mean, his teachers called him a dunce. He's not bright, y'know.  And he hasn't gotten any wiser with age either. But anyway, he's on board with it all. But mainly because his father is a eugenicists who talked about the need to really reduce the world population in big world meetings he attended. His father was head of the different wildlife organizations, the World Wildlife Fund and different groups like that.)


(A: He was quite open about it at the big meetings, there was just too many people, and sometimes he says, you know, people like we, he says, we have big estates and we know that when a certain species takes over, too many deer or whatever, you need a good cull, he says, you know. And it's no different with people.  So Charlie there, who doesn't have the brains for it, but he's still compared to his daddy I should say, you know, his daddy, Prince Philip, and here you go. These are the big, these are the characters who are announcing the great reset, distributing wealth across the planet as they talk about austerity, hm!  Doublespeak. Doublespeak, doublespeak.  So...)


 António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations;


(A:  Guterres, again, the secretary-general of the United Nations he was also a Maoist Communist.  And...)


 Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard;


(A: I've mentioned before, all the top oil company guys are there...)


 Bernard Looney, CEO of BP; and Gina Gopinath, the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, among many others.


(A: So all the important folk, you know.  Yeah.)


It's to give you more fairness and promote greater equality within societies and among nations.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggghhh.  Can you believe this pig swill! That's what it is, pig swill. No doubt about it. Evil folk on the planet that's wants to make it more equal for everybody. Equal poverty, that's what they, and I really mean that, this is what they're after, total austerity, for YOU all.  And they've pretty well eradicated much of the middle classes.  Which they always wanted to do.


Another article I want to mention here, I've had it for quite a while but I haven't touched on it in any depth.  It was this one to do with comparing countries, how you, they always hit different countries, or corporations in your country will hit out at other countries, you know. It says…


Chinese Melamine and American Vioxx: A Comparison / 17 April 2012


In contrasting China and America, pundits often cite our free and independent media as one of our greatest strengths,


(A: And that’s true. Even through all this nonsense of being censored hey.)


together with the tremendous importance which our society places upon individual American lives.


(A: Well, it used to.)


For us, a single wrongful death can sometimes provoke weeks of massive media coverage and galvanize the nation into corrective action, while life remains cheap in China,


(A: …this is what we’re always told...)


a far poorer land of over a billion people, ruled by a ruthless Communist Party eager to bury its mistakes. But an examination of two of the greatest public-health scandals of the last few years casts serious doubt on this widespread belief.


(A: And they give examples of it.)


First, consider the details of the Chinese infant formula scandal of 2008. Unscrupulous businessmen (A: …in China.) had discovered they could save money by greatly diluting their milk products, then adding a plastic chemical compound called melamine to raise the apparent protein content back to normal levels.


(A: I did the articles at the time on that. Some of the biggest well-known names actually in the West were, had their companies over there doing this. They paid scientists to look at this, the actual chemical makeup of melamine, and in order for them to come to the preferred conclusion, I would say, that it could almost be classed as a protein, you see. Now, melamine is what they make your plastic countertops out of. That’s what they are, melamine.  M-hm. So when you powder it, you see, well, could that be a bit similar to maybe some kind of protein?  I don’t know, says the scientists.  The money exchanges hands and, well, I don’t quite know.   More money is dished out, well, it’s beginning to look like it might be.  And a bigger pile of money goes there, yeah, I’ll put money on that, that’s a protein. So they started to raise the protein back to normal levels, that’s what apparently it would give them if they added it to milk, after taking the proteins out.)


Nearly 300,000 babies throughout China had suffered urinary problems, with many hundreds requiring lengthy hospitalization for kidney stones. Six died.


(A: There was a lot more than six. And a lot more after it died of kidney, the kidneys just packed in.)


A wave of popular outrage swept past the controlled media roadblocks and initial government excuses, and soon put enormous pressure on Chinese officials to take forceful action against the wrongdoers.


China’s leaders may not be democratically elected, but they pay close attention to strong popular sentiment.


(A: So it’s true, in China they get into action. They will do it, and they will throw people to the wolves.)


Once pressed, they quickly launched a national police investigation which led to a series of arrests and uncovered evidence that this widespread system of food adulteration had been protected by bribe-taking government officials. Long prison sentences were freely handed out and a couple of the guiltiest culprits were eventually tried and executed for their role,


(A: That’s what they did in China.  Yep.)


measures that gradually assuaged popular anger. Indeed, the former head of the Chinese FDA had been executed for corruption in late 2007 under similar circumstances.


Throughout these events, American media coverage was extensive, with numerous front-page stories in our leading newspapers. Journalists discovered that similar methods of dangerous chemical adulteration had been used to produce Chinese pet food for export,


(A: …and that was in the papers, remember too, a lot of dogs and cats in the West, their kidneys again packed in from the food.  There were warnings in all the papers not to buy it. I remember doing the talks on it.)


However, the American media reaction had been quite different during an earlier health scandal much closer to home.


(A: This is one example, there’s many to choose from.)


In September 2004, Merck, one of America’s largest pharmaceutical companies, suddenly announced that it was voluntarily recalling Vioxx, its popular anti-pain medication widely used to treat arthritis-related ailments.


(A: It wasn’t actually anti-pain. You get less pain if you can reduce the inflammation and it was supposed to reduce inflammation.)


This abrupt recall came just days after Merck discovered that a top medical journal was about to publish a massive study by an FDA investigator indicating that the drug in question greatly increased the risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes and had probably been responsible for at least 55,000 American deaths during the five years it had been on the market.


(A: This happens all the time by the way with medications.) 


Within weeks of the recall, journalists discovered that Merck had found strong evidence of the potentially fatal side-effects of this drug even before its initial 1999 introduction,


(A: …onto the market.  So they knew what it was going to do.)


but had ignored these worrisome indicators and avoided additional testing, while suppressing the concerns of its own scientists. Boosted by a television advertising budget averaging a hundred million dollars per year, Vioxx soon became one of Merck’s most lucrative products, generating over $2 billion in yearly revenue.


Merck had also secretly ghostwritten dozens


(A:  And this is a big normal thing unfortunately in the write ups for medications.)


Merck had also secretly ghostwritten dozens of the published research studies emphasizing the beneficial aspects of the drug and encouraging doctors to widely prescribe it,


(A:  I remember they have done some exposés on people who write these wonderful writeups for the companies.  They keep their identity hidden, in the dark and so on, on some of the big mainstream television shows that did it years ago, but they do it all the time. Whatever you want, they’ll write it for you, you know, and sign it.)


thus transforming science into marketing support. Twenty-five million Americans were eventually prescribed Vioxx as an aspirin-substitute thought to produce fewer complications.


Although the Vioxx scandal certainly did generate several days of newspaper headlines and intermittently returned to the front pages as the resulting lawsuits gradually moved through our judicial system, the coverage still seemed scanty relative to the number of estimated fatalities, which matched America’s total losses in the Vietnam War. In fact, the media coverage often seemed considerably less than that later accorded to the Chinese infant food scandal, which had caused just a handful of deaths on the other side of the world.


The circumstances of this case were exceptionally egregious, with many tens of thousands of American deaths due to the sale of a highly lucrative but sometimes fatal drug, whose harmful effects had long been known to its manufacturer. But there is no sign that criminal charges were ever considered.


(A:  …in the West, ‘eh.  Now, they executed them in China [Alan chuckles.] for what they did to the milk.)


A massive class-action lawsuit dragged its way through the courts for years, eventually being settled for $4.85 billion in 2007, with almost half the money going to the trial lawyers. Merck shareholders also paid large sums to settle various other lawsuits and government penalties and cover the heavy legal costs of fighting all of these cases. But the loss of continuing Vioxx sales represented the greatest financial penalty of all, which provides a disturbing insight into the cost-benefit calculations behind the company’s original cover-up.


(A:  Then they did the studies, that once they stopped it, that’s when you got the numbers of how many folk it would have killed. Because suddenly the death rate has plummeted, the annual death rate plummeted over the next few years. This article continues to go into all of that too and what happened. It’s just astonishing what happened really. It says…)


The headline of the short article that ran in the April 19, 2005 edition of USA Today was typical: “USA Records Largest Drop in Annual Deaths in at Least 60 Years.” During that one year, American deaths had fallen by 50,000 despite the growth in both the size and the age of the nation’s population. Government health experts were quoted as being greatly “surprised” and “scratching [their] heads” over this strange anomaly, which was led by a sharp drop in fatal heart attacks.


Then they started to realize, this drug had killed way more than they ever thought.  Again, they’ve got it just tacked into the death rate and give you an exaggerated death rate, then it became normal. 


I can remember when years and years ago you'll see children going about on electronic wheelchairs and so on without arms and legs. That was the thalidomide scandal where they prescribed a particular drug to women who were pregnant and the children were born literally missing arms and legs. And my goodness, all these incredible scandals that they tried to hush up and... 


Again, millions and billions out there to propagandize their companies, again, get them back into the good books.  These are the same companies, all these big companies that are getting all the contracts for vaccinations, that are not even trialing them out [Alan chuckles.] on their usual test subjects for years and then… No, they want to get the whole planet to take it.  Come on here! Come on. Come on here. And they all have glowing reports too, as I say, they pay all these wonderful people to rubberstamp things for them and give them their own writeups. It's just wonderful.


Everything is so corrupt, folks. Incredible, I don't care what expert they mention for any particular thing, I don't trust them. Because we live in an awfully corrupt society. Incredible. China, that does have a tremendous cultural corruption problem, where Chinese, they haven't got the religious things that even we've lost too, but they never went through a phase there of feeling the guilt for it. No, they can be a bit more direct to try to get what they want. So they have a kind of, so because of that they have executions and so on to it as a way to keep them in check.


But in the West, we don't even arrest the folk that kill folk here through drugs and all the rest of it and scams and lies and cheating.  Who got arrested with the 2007/8 bank crashes? How many folk lost their homes and ended up on the big tent cities? Remember that one?  Hm?  I don't think anybody did.  They willingly did the incredible scams with the whole mortgage system of America, and the other countries too.  Canada had to get bailed out too by the Federal Reserve.  N-n-n.  Flipping, flipping, flipping.  The big banks were literally taking hundreds of mortgages a day and flipping them all as though it was cash.  It got so bad at the end they said it would take years to find out who originally, really owns, legally owned these houses today. Millions of them. It was a free-for-all. Greed. Anyway, I'll put these articles up remember for those that want to read them.


Another thing too, I've mentioned before how you always higher, for the real anarchists for instance, as opposed to the Communists, the true communists, there's always a bit of both, a kind of crossover there.  But it is amazing to watch the same techniques using the same types of groups, with the same mentalities, to do specific parts of the revolution, you see, on behalf of those at the top. I haven't heard any of them demanding that the World Economic Forum should be abolished, for instance. Why not? If you're truly a radical anarchist and communist, or communist, and/or communist, because you can be both, why aren't they demanding the total takedown of the richest folk on the planet that own everything that we need to survive? They're not doing it. They're burning down mom-and-pop stores and so on and restaurants and things.  Doesn't that seem a bit suspicious?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Anyway, as I say, they always end up recruiting what they call the nihilists and the atheists, the ones on the fringes, you know, the most militant types. Some of them with records actually. And that's encouraged. This article here is...


Antifa militant arrested for stabbing black Trump supporter in Portland / 25 July 2020


Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe was arrested in the early hours of Saturday following his alleged stabbing of a black Trump supporter in Portland.


The Trump supporter and conservative, who goes by the name Black Rebel on social media, posted several updates to his condition from the ambulance and hospital. In the Periscope livestream (A:  I guess that a social media thing.), he alleged that Hampe had stalked him and his group of friends for several blocks in Portland before stabbing him.


(A:  So this is premeditated. You know, the guy didn’t, it wasn’t a spontaneous thing, the guy literally followed him. In order to hopefully, probably he was trying to kill him, you know.)


Black Rebel stated that Antifa militants doxed his identity and posted his location on social media and advised each other to “watch out” for him.


“That knife was long enough. He stabbed me to kill me,” said Black Rebel, who says that he spotted Hampe, who was part of a group of Antifa following his group of friends for several blocks before he approached Hampe to ask why he was following them.


“We were all out there, four friends, trying to keep each other safe in the best way possible. I figured I’d try to de-escalate and just have a conversation,” he said. “I went over there, said ‘what’s up buddy?’ and that (A:  I wonder where they get, I guess it was Hollywood that came out with all the mother-you-know-what’s…)  mother**ker went around and shanked me in the f**king kidney.”


Footage of Hampe’s arrest was captured by several photojournalists, including Garrison Davis, who posted video of the Portland Police Bureau taking him into custody.


(A: It's quite something, isn't it, ‘eh.)



ELIJAH @ElijahSchaffer


While police respond to an alleged stabbing situation


A BLM rioters yells at the responding officers, follows him to his vehicle


Then proceeds to kick it after the door closes


A further investigation into Hampe’s identity reveals that he was previously indicted on charges of knowingly possessing child pornography in 2007 by the US District Court in Maine.


During the 2007 arrest, the court document states that officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who performed a search of his vehicle discovered “a lot of merchandise for children” including sleeping bags, children’s stickers, children’s underwear, children’s towels with superhero prints, and packages of trading cards—alongside 12-15 condoms, lubricant, a camera, a cellphone, and a laptop.


Hampe, who incriminated himself during the search, stated that he was kicked out of his uncle’s home on account of a discovery of child pornography, and that he had also stored the illicit material on his mother’s home computer.


So you know, there's all kinds out there and some are beyond radical, there's other things wrong as well.  The folk don't know there are dangerous folk out there right now.  But they're all being allowed to do what they’re doing. I mean, there's no doubt about it. When you have mayors and all that from different cities all on board with them, and still calling it a protest, as this kind of thing is happening.  It's just astonishing ‘eh.  N-n.  But the elite want this. As I say, out of the chaos will come the new system... of fairness and equality for the world. Says the multibillionaires and trillionaires. And yeah, they are multi trillionaires a lot of them at the WEF.  Yeah.  There ya go.


Now, this is an interesting article too ‘eh.  It says how you get your thoughts just given to you, if you're not aware of that.  You should have thoughts of your own, they should be your own thoughts, ‘eh.


Your DNA is not your destiny / 27 July 2020


(A:  It's called...)


Beyond Human


How technology is augmenting human abilities.


Your DNA is not your destiny

Now playing


(A: So these are links for things that are coming. It's from the BBC by the way. And the BBC is tremendous for what you think is... It's a government run institution that would appear to be socialistic to the general public, but it's really working on behalf of the ultra-elite. It always has been. So your DNA is not your destiny. And…)


Is this a new phase in human evolution?

Watch now


…another video here. So there's a bunch of videos there and they're trying to convince you of, you know, it might not be too bad to tamper with your DNA and so on. Isn't that right along the path of this particular RNA type vaccine they want to give you that will change the makeup, it's going to alter permanently the epithelial tissues in your body and your lungs.  Every offspring that you're going to have, for every generation, will also be the same way from then on, you can't go back.  Sounds wonderful, ‘eh?  Doesn't it, hm?  Ftt.  Isn't it wonderful?


Another thing too I mentioned, I don't know if I mentioned it last week or if it came in late. It was actually an Ontario Court of Justice plaintiff put out this order against Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, Teresa Tam the Chief Medical Officer, Mark Garneau Canadian Transport Minister, Doug Ford Premier of Ontario, a whole list of people basically on doing away...  It says...


   A legal proceeding has been commenced against you by the plaintiff. 


It's really for basically closing down the economy and everything else that's happened in every other country, same kind of thing, and bring in a kind of martial law type scenario instead of sticking to democracy.  I think that's basically what it's about. It's quite a long complaint. I don't know what you call it here, a charge I guess you call it.  It's a long, long one indeed.


But again all these legal things are way too long, that's what's wrong with them [Alan chuckles.] apparently. There's too many lawyers making up this stuff.  They should be straightforward like it was in the old Viking days, I think.  You had your Uppsala and then you had your different statements made by representatives of the clans or the chiefs and so on.  You didn't have all these lawyers coming out with points on this and points on that, that would drag it on for months.


I think it's 191 pages here according to this thing here. It's got the statement of the claims and how they must respond within 20 days, etc. I don't know what else is happening from it. So there you go. We'll see how it turns out.


What's interesting again, ‘eh, so much is interesting as you watch, you're living through history. I keep saying this.  Folk don't really realize it, you're truly living through an amazing histories.  You look back, if you live long enough and if you don't starve to death, but you look back and you'll say, I remember all that well and what they did to make it all happen. How they unleashed the nihilists and the atheists during a pandemic to augment the terror, etc. And the confusion that would be within the public, the general public.  And you would hold back the police to an extent as well in response to it.  And give the impression that it's truly, a true revolution.


But as I say, if it was a true revolution, why don't they go after the World Economic Forum? Why don't they go after the Bank for International settlements? And the World Bank?  Hm?  And the International Monetary Fund, that literally runs your country with an iron fist when it comes in to get the payments back?  They slash all your social programs, the IMF. It doesn't matter who dies in the process. But they don't say that, do they.  Nope.


Convicted Terrorist Funding Marxist BLM / 27 July 2020


(A: That was from July 27. You've probably heard already but...)


One of the leading fundraisers for the Black Lives Matter movement is a radical communist terrorist who was convicted in 1985 and sentenced to 58 years in prison, retired NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik recently asserted in a powerful interview with a local San Diego-based news outlet.


Susan Rosenberg, who is a vice chair of Thousand Currents, a radical left-wing 501(c)(3) charity (A: [Alan laughing.] Tax-free, ‘eh.) that fundraises for and sponsors a variety of leftist causes—including the Black Lives Matter movement—was formerly convicted of “possessing hundreds of pounds of explosives,” according to KUSI, a San Diego-based local news outlet. The organizations with which Rosenberg was involved in the 1970s and 1980s, which included the radical May 19th communist organization, Black Liberation Army, and the infamous Weather Underground, were also “involved in multiple robberies, police officer assassinations, and bombings.”


After serving 16 years in federal prison, Rosenberg’s sentence was commuted on Jan. 20, 2001 by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.


(A: Interesting too that Hillary constantly praised the Weather Underground – and name too, the Weather Underground, ‘eh – and even had lectures by the heads of it, she said, as a student in fact.)


Following her commutation, Rosenberg served as communications director for the American Jewish World Service and later became a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which is part of the City University of New York. (A: [Alan laughing.]) In 2020, she became involved with Thou sand Currents and began assisting the Black Lives Matter movement with fundraising.


(A: It's just, you know... Do you realize how many millions all these big corporations I mentioned last week, each corporation, all the biggies, all the Walmart’s, all of them and all the big tech are just throwing money out there. So this is going through this woman's hands and she's a convicted terrorist.  Yep.  I tell ya.  [Alan chuckles.]   It's just amazing. But again, I mean, you read this and it's so Orwellian, ‘eh.  This is what Kerik, this NYPD guy says. He says…)


“The problem I have with this is nobody is really paying attention to the organization Black Lives Matter in a much broader and bigger picture,” (A:  …you know.) Kerik explained in the interview. “So you have a terrorist—a convicted terrorist, somebody that wanted the overthrow of the United States government, somebody that was anti-capitalism, anti-American back in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s—she’s now working for Black Lives Matter.”


...managing the funding and so on. But it's all getting flown in from all the different sources by the millions, and this woman supposedly was anti-capitalist. Well, how come all the top capitalists are funding it? It doesn't… Don't folk figure this out? Don't they get it?  [Alan chuckles.]  I tell ya.  But the article goes on about how the BLM, and of course the two heads of that came out, and everybody knows it too, and spoke about it and it's up there on video, where they actually admit they're communists, well basically they're trained Marxists organizers, they're trained in communism and Marxism. 


But yeah, the top capitalists, this is their revolution, the top capitalists' revolution to get into the next phase, you know, the Fourth Industrial Revolution as they want to call it, into the new system of the Global Reset and beyond.


Another article too…


Covid Vaccine UK signs deal with GSK (A:  GlaxoSmithKline) for early access to 60million doses / 29 July 2020


(A: Mmmm.  There ya go.)


THE Government has secured early access to 60 million doses of a potential Covid-19 vaccine after signing a deal with pharmaceutical giants and Sanofi Pasteur.


If the vaccine candidate is proven effective in human studies, the UK could be able to vaccinate priority groups - such as frontline health and social care workers and the vulnerable


(A: Well, it might be safer not to be included in the vulnerable, right now, to be honest with you.  [Alan chuckles.]  I really mean that too. Yep.)


As I say, unless you, unless you hit the test subjects with the live virus maybe a week or two after they've had the vaccination, the actual wild virus, I don't care if they're showing antibodies from the virus, I want to see the tests. Like I said last week too, one of the top people who just left one of these big organizations said that he would not take it until he saw the total tests. When you hit them with the real wild virus, what are you, are you going to get a cytokine storm reaction, overreaction to it, which kills?  That often happens, you see. So they give you the rah-rah stories of how wonderful these vaccines are, we got four or five, you know, antibodies in somebody's blood there, you know.  Well, there's an awful lot for [Alan chuckles.] a few cc’s.  Hm.  They praise it to the highest heavens, ‘eh.  I'll put that up too.


Also I want to put up, back to what I mentioned before, the inventor, this is about the inventor of the tests, the swab test and so on they're putting out there all the time. It says…


COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless / 27 June 2020


Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose


(A:  Well, facts don’t matter. They are meaningless as a diagnostic tool; they’re meant to be used in the lab for other reasons.)


It is well known that religions are about faith and not about scientific facts.


(A:  …talking about this total belief in testing that’s getting pushed out there.)


And as Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th century said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”


(A:  It’s true enough, you take the opinions that are dished out for you, and then you will think alike. So they go on to talk about Kary Mullis…)


So to start, it is very remarkable that Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, did not think alike. His invention got him the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993.


Unfortunately, Mullis passed away last year at the age of 74, but there is no doubt that the biochemist regarded the PCR as inappropriate to detect a viral infection.


(A:  That’s the one they’re still using everywhere to diagnose folk. Oh, you’re positive, oh, you’re negative. So this is the inventor, Mullis.  He says…)


The reason is that the intended use of the PCR was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times, and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.


Facts don’t matter though. But the guy did have massive arguments about it before he died because they were using that before to try and detect viruses and so on. He says it's not a diagnostic tool.


And don’t forget, it was like coronaviruses, you know, a cold or flu, there's many other coronaviruses out there too. Again, most of them will go through you and you won't even know you had them as well. They've always been there. Don't think suddenly you got this big fearful thing you've got right now is brand, brand spanking new, you know.  Or your body's reaction to it. Most folk don't know they've had it.  Oh, 10,000 more folk have... or cases, they'll say, cases that have tested positive. No, no, you're not a case. You're not ill.  It's all in the wording, ‘eh, and the way they push it across.


I also want to put up some stuff that's been pulled already.  I'm going to try to put up one that was Dr. Stella Immanuel...


Dr Stella Immanuel V Dr. Fauci-TKO. / 28 July 2020


(A: It was already pulled from YouTube when it was sent to me.  I'll see if they've got it elsewhere.  IberyTV [?] Geek For Truth it says here.  And it's true, there's a lot of folk trying to put things right back up again, somewhere, before they're completely lost down the memory hole, George Orwell's memory hole.  It's happening and it's at a tremendous rate now. Anything, anything that contradicts the official dogma, the holy dogma by the cabal at the top, they're hammering professionals that have more qualifications than often the ones at the top have got.  I'll put the article up.  It says…)


The five minutes clip of the angry Houston woman doctor who also is black, comes from Nigeria, whose speech will change America. 


The most important nonpolitical speech ever made by a doctor, to save lives at the time of a pandemic. She and her staff used the hydroxychloroquine cocktail as a prophylactic in addition to treating 350 Covid sick high-risk patients who had diabetes, asthma, who are obese, who are elderly, the oldest patient was 92.  Her patients all got better and her staff did not get Covid.


Didn't get sick, you know, didn't get sick. But it doesn't matter, you see, because you must take the vaccine. This is the whole point of it all.  Fauci said at the beginning, before supposedly we knew anything about the vaccine, he says, oh, we're gonna keep you locked down right through into next year until we get a vaccine. He said that right off the bat, it was all prearranged. But you find that from the old World Health Organization agendas on tests, like having pandemic tests, which they ran, we're going through a test. Even Pompeo said that, he says, this is a live test.  Well, why would he say this is a live test? Until you look at the 2005 report from the World Health Organization where they laid it all on the line, the format they would take.  We're following it to the letter, including squashing all contradictory information regardless of how valid it was.


But everything is safe these days, you know, everything is very safe to take…


Four Ukrainian army servicemen die in COVID-19 vaccine trial / 17 July 2020


(A:  If that was in the West that would be, oh, some were mildly sick. But four died anyway. I don't know how many got sick. This is from the LPR People's Militia press service, the military press service.)


LUGANSK, July 17 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Four Ukrainian service members died after COVID-19 vaccine trials, said LPR People's Militia press service officer Alexander Mazeikin.


The total of 15 volunteers were exposed to the vaccine and medication produced by American virologists in the Kharkov region. Eight of the volunteers were soon transferred to intensive care units, (A:  These are young guys, ‘eh.) three were put on ventilation.


"The IC unit could not treat them adequately as the components of the vaccine were not known to them. As a result, five patients, four of them Ukrainian army service members, died."


 The World Health Organization announced COVID-19 a pandemic caused by novel coronavirus. The first cases were reported in China in late 2019.


The LPR went on high alert and introduced lockdown measures changing the mode of operation of government bodies, industrial companies, organizations and transport. A majority of restrictions have been eased by now as the epidemiological situation improved.


Well, hopefully they won’t test and kill more folk.  It's interesting what's going on in the world, isn't it though, isn't it really.  Getting back to South Africa as I mentioned already, some of these countries, and I have to be honest with you.  A lot of the countries, they're the same across the world, it's just more money to get robbed from the public in the Western world before you get into a really dire straight.  But in South Africa the general population don't have much to steal from anyway. The corruption is rampant throughout Africa and South Africa is no different. It's rampant all through the structure of society. When you've got nothing to start with, then you're going to be the first ones to suffer when something like a pandemic, or even the controls of the pandemic, where they can't get food.  There's one article I've got here...


Gauteng’s Waterworks

(A: It’s a company, or, it’s not a company, it’s a community that’s set up, and it’s tin shacks really.  It says…)

Gauteng’s Waterworks community reeling after resident starves to death / 29 July 2020


(A:  One of the residents there starved to death because he couldn’t get any food parcels.  What you've got in some parts of Africa, a lot of the people will move to wherever money is coming in, or either work or money or aid or whatever, they'll move.  Anybody would, if you had the same situation you'd do the same thing.  So South Africa has its restrictions on the people coming in, because they can't cope with often feeding the bulk of the population themselves in certain areas or communities.  So unless they've got their proper ID for South Africa for that region, that area, they won't get food parcel or aid. So they starve to death, you know. It says…)


According to residents, Thabiso Mokhele, who allegedly died from starvation, was not the first Lesotho national to meet a dire end in Waterworks near Lenasia during the lockdown. His death came as the community battles poverty, hunger and unemployment.


(A: It mentions some of the friends that he had in the area...)


Thabo Matalingoane, 41, a friend of deceased Thabiso Mokhele, said he was distraught. Matalingoane said he tried to share whatever he could with his friend (A:  …foodwise.), but voiced his despair that his efforts had not been enough to keep his friend alive.


The community of Waterworks began with about 800 households. (A: I think they were dishing land out at one point and folk flooded in.) Over the past few years, the community has grown significantly as people took advantage of the EFF-sanctioned land grabs that have plagued the south of Johannesburg.


“Life is unbearable here. Things are out of control. (A: And this is how bad it is…) When the train services resume (A: …even the train services, you know, that’s it, when that stops, everything stops.)  no train will be able to travel because the cables are stolen daily.  (A: The cables.)  Now they have started to dig even the underground cables because they have removed almost all the overhead cables,” Fisusiko Mavundla, a community leader said.


This reporter came face to face with the theft and vandalism as he left the area. Five men were waist-deep in holes dug along the train line leading to Westonaria. They were digging up rail cables. The men looked very relaxed despite their illegal actions. It was not clear whether they were also from the area or from neighbouring Lenasia and Soweto.


The overhead cables had been completely removed and replaced with illegally connected bare wires.


(A: That's what you get when you get this kind of situation, you know.)


The community uses paraffin and (A:  …if they can find it… ) wood for cooking. But many have nothing to [eat].


(A: Even for those who’ve got the IDs so they can qualify for food parcels said…)


Residents, even those who qualify for food parcels, said they don’t know what a food parcel looked like.


(A: In other words, they’re not getting them. The corruption is just horrific, I’m sure. I know that in different parts of Africa that’s it’s endemic, the corruption, unfortunately.)


Another foreigner, Puleng Punane, who does not qualify for food parcels because she is not documented, said the only food item she’d received was a 2kg bag of mealie meal, donated by an NGO from Lenasia.


“During my conversation with the councillor I found that he does not feel like he is obliged to help bring development in the area because his wish seemed to be to dump all our ills on the previous councillor,” said community leader Mavundla.


He said: “I don’t remember the councillor helping us with food parcels since these were announced by the government. We received vegetables from a Soweto NGO once and the Lenasia Indian community also once helped with items such as mealie meal.”


Used to be at one point if you went to Africa, in different parts of Africa you would take things that, for checkpoints, you had to bribe your way through, to get through from one little country to the next one at times. You would take, you could buy a whole bunch of cheap watches and things that would maybe be sold in like street stalls and things like that, cheapos and things that they'd want for tokens, for bribes for the customs guys, so's you get into the country, or they don't let you in.  That was just the natural way that it was years ago. I don't know if it's changed now. I don't think so.  But that's just the way it is.  You won’t know what corruption is until you live in a country...  In parts of Mexico it's the same kind of thing where the police will stop you, and it's not that you've done anything wrong, they just wait for you to give them a little, a couple of bucks and continue on your way, that's it. It's like an agreement that everybody understands, and that's how you get through.


In the West, we're, hhhch, we've had a different culture, and evolution of culture, so people just don't quite grasp how bad it is in a lot of other countries. But it'll come here if you have enough poverty, and you'll see the crime escalate and so on. One of the articles I was reading from Russia to do with the folk getting so ticked off with all the aid that was promised to Russians, but they've been closed down by Putin.  The families and all that were complaining. But there's guys in the article who literally say that they'll just have to steal for food, wouldn't you, he says. 


You're going to get faced with these things in the West too as this continues. Because you go through the chaos, order out of chaos. You must create the massive chaos so the public will think it's all real, and the conditions imposed upon them with all of what they’re told they must follow to survive will go through. It's order out of chaos.  Always the same technique that used. The sky is falling, ‘eh?


Now, I want to mention again, go into Buy books or discs that are listed there for sale. Or donate to me. Because I certainly do need it, I've got a whole bunch of sites to keep up.  It cost me money too.  And I've got satellite Internet to pay for, which is a ridiculous price for what I get, including the slow speed as well.  Things like that, so yeah, I've got payments and high telephone bills and things like that. So it helps me to go along here if you can send bucks my way.


It's really important because the folk who really understand what's happening are dying off.  Other ones have come up replacing them, some really don't know the whole score. Some are in it for their own reasons. It's a shame too.  Because really it should be a cause. This was a cause, you see, what I'm doing, it's a real, real cause.  It's not because I'm getting paid to tell you who to vote for.  I don't believe in the political systems, it's totally corrupt too.  Everyone in America knows damn well that in the last election, and I said at the time, I says, the Americans don't have anybody to vote for in either party, because you've got one system of the same folk, and the neocons, etc., running the whole show. 


So what I came out with was a cause. Because long before that I realized it was time the public knew that big international organizations are running the world.  And folk didn't know it. The old Patriot Movement didn't talk so much about it. They were concentrating mainly on what was happening with bill this and bill that within the US itself. It was time to fill in all the blanks for them and that's what I did. But it's a cause.  If I was to promote a party, I would guarantee you I be getting paid for it. Because they are, the ones that are promoting that are getting paid for it, folks.


The same characters who have run the last few different houses of government, put it that way, want the wars, and you're not supposed to notice them very often, you know. But it's the same crooks, of course it is, the same agenda, and, I wouldn't lie to the people. 


We're living through an old plan. Anybody who's anybody is bought and paid for before you even hear their names generally in politics.  As I say, Quigley said it's in the 1960s for goodness’ sake, that every president for the last 60 years I think he said, or 80 years, has been a member of OUR organization, a very secretive organization. That's in his own book, check it out for yourself.  So that's the way it's been, you see. It doesn't matter what party they are. The top members are all members of their organization. It's the dialectic. You get one group running both sides of everything.  It's rather evident. And they all continue the same agendas, it doesn't matter when they change houses. One group was out, and another group comes in, it doesn't matter, they still sign the same agreements of integration with the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and NAFTA, and the USMCA which is the same thing as NAFTA. 


Don't forget that the whole idea of that NAFTA deal was to unify the whole of the Americas eventually under one system. It hasn't changed. So you get literally ministers, or politicians, appointed as chiefs over food, for the WEF for the world, any kind of industry that's left for the whole world, you know.  All appointees of course, new positions. Right down to food distributors in your areas, as they keep this thing going. Because they don't plan to ever really, really unleash the system back into any semblance of normal.


Again, Fauci said at the beginning, before they supposedly had the data on this Covid.  He said, life would never be the same again. Oh no, it's never going to be the same again, he said.  How would he know that? Well, he's part of the whole agenda, folks.  [Alan chuckles.]  That part he does know, he knows what the agenda is and his role in it is too. Of course it is.


So yeah, buy the books and discs, or donate to me. Because the donations are really, really necessary and welcome as we go through some of the worst parts of this war.


This is a war. It's a total outright war on the public. And massive psychological war, massive threats and coercion coming out now, and incredible censorship.  Incredible. In so-called democratic societies.  Woah, ho, ho, ho, I think we can toss that whole farce out the window too, of democracy, can't we. You're being told plainly, you're essential or you're nonessential. The hospitals have already planned through their different agreements from bioethics committees, like the Rockefellers, of who to treat and who not to treat depending on your value or necessity to society. I was giving these talks long before Covid came along, this would happen, in this way. And folk thought you were nuts then, some of them, others a bit wiser who knew you weren't. 


So yep, sent a few bucks my way  But I'm not finished just yet for tonight. I remember giving talks years ago on how authorities, and you're seeing it now, but this goes back to the old Soviet system in Russia. Where they didn't need much of an excuse to arrest you anyway in Russia, under the communist regime, or in eastern Germany either.  Or the Soviet bloc countries. But if you spoke out against injustices, you could, especially if you complain about the system, they could arrest you as insane. Not under criminal charge, you see, this is the beauty of again the same characters that run legal systems that figure all this out, the same guys, the real psychopaths, ‘eh.  Different kinds of lawyers, well we'll just reword this to get what we want.


So, nuisances in the Soviet system, you couldn't arrest them for just being a nuisance, right. So you'd just say they were insane. Because they had to be insane because they were complaining about the most perfect system the world had ever seen, which was communism, you see, world socialism.  So that would you get locked up, no trial, anything, that's the beauty of it. They did the same thing with the Unabomber, remember? They avoided a trial by declaring him insane.  Because they didn't want the public to find out what he was on about.  [Alan laughing.]  It's just astonishing.  That's a big story in itself.


So here we have, and in the West, the same techniques, you see, if you're a nuisance.


German Lawyer Sent to Psychiatric Ward for Organizing Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown / 2 May 2020


(A: So resistance to what is now mass house arrest, right, lockdown, is now classified as mental illness. Well, here you go. I’ve said it already, you're using the same communist tactics. Because what works is what is implemented for efficiency’s sake by the elites. They don't care what it's called or who came out with it first.  So…)


In the Soviet Union, activists were sent to state psychiatric wards. According to the state, any and all opposition to government policy was considered a form of mental illness.


Stephanie Buck writes about the treatment of the “social parasite” Joseph Brodsky.


In 1963, Russian poet Joseph Brodsky was seized and sent to a mental institution… Hospital workers pumped him with tranquilizers and repeatedly woke him during the night. He was given cold baths and wrapped in wet canvas that shrank and cut his skin while drying.


It is not likely German lawyer Beate Bahner will be tortured like Brodsky. However, that does not make her arrest and forced confinement in a mental institution any less egregious.


Bahner had become known in the past few days with a call for nationwide demonstrations and an urgent application for the abolition of all corona protective measures,” reports Welt. “The [medical specialist] lawyer from Heidelberg considers the corona rules to be excessive and advocates for them to be abolished.”


(A:  There ya go.)


In the actual Soviet system, as I said, they bring you in, you see, it's like your sensitivity trainers, it's the same kind of thing.  Some of the advocates for the Antifa groups too talked about this, and some of the left-wing groups behind the scenes that were caught talking about the communist overthrow of the system in the last election, before the last election, they actually, one of them actually said that, that they'd have to send folk off for reeducation.  It's like sensitivity training.  Sensitivity training as part of this, I hope you understand this. It sounds more benign, sensitivity training, but really it leads to the whole system. And the guy, it was actually videotaped, remember, when Trump was running the last time. It said that, what was it? He says, what happens if you can change their opinions and their ways? He said, well you have to literally eliminate them. That never changes, folks.


So they start off by bringing you in for little talks, you see. It's like that cop in Britain who, the police came to the door, he was an ex cop himself, I think.  The cop came to his door, or phoned him and said we're not, we don't really like your thinking. That's it, they said to him, we don't like your thinking.  Because he had certain opinions about certain things. It wasn't a crime to have certain thinking but they really tried to get him to lose his job and everything, I believe.  It isn't just complaining to you, they can cut you off from your work or whatever by putting out false rumors or whatever it takes to do it. This is all Soviet techniques, you understand.  This is totalitarian system techniques. And it’s in the West here.


So yeah, if they can persuade you, like, let's have a little talk, try to see it our way, won't you just go along with this and stop being a nuisance to society and see it our way? Well, if you can’t see their way, what are they going to do with you? I hope you understand you're in, you're under tyranny RIGHT NOW.  In the Soviet system I think they called it 'inflexibility of opinion'. That was the charge. That was called, that was a mental illness supposedly, 'inflexibility of opinion'. Well, it's here, folks.  Oh, ho, yeah, and it's just getting warmed up.


And also


Coronavirus: Thousands protest in Germany against restrictions / 1 Aug 2020


Thousands of people in the German capital Berlin have taken part in a protest against the country's coronavirus restrictions.


So I hope there's more folks backing up this woman and get her out of the looney bin, you know.


Coronavirus: Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in October


When it hit me, I thought, you know, Russia, I was thinking that too that, the country where they literally went through all that before with the big, big revolution, and all the socialist anarchist groups, there was a couple of dozen of them all vying to be leaders at one point until literally the Bolsheviks used them all to get the revolution going. Once they went to sleep one night they literally, in A night, just jumped over you might say and took it over for themselves. That's how it's always planned.  You know, they always use the masses first. Then I thought, that was in October, you see, 1917. That's the big month for revolution, ‘eh, new revolution, Red October, October surprise, October, October. So it's... Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in October.


I hope they don't have terrible reactions to it. I really, especially come November when regular flus and that.  Because if they get cytokine storms because they've had a coronavirus type vaccination, then massive catastrophe, you know.  N-n-n.  We just don't know. This could happen everywhere if you don't do all the testing first, like long-term tests. You don't just, oh, it will take a month. No, no, no.  This has never been done. Especially when you're getting into the RNA type, the modifiers, ‘eh. 


Coronavirus: Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in October / 1 Aug 2020


However, some experts are concerned at Russia's fast-track approach.


On Friday, the leading infectious disease expert in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci (A: [Alan chuckles.] Foxy Fauci.) Said he hoped that Russia - and China - were "actually testing the vaccine" before administering them to anyone.


(A: Well, you don’t test just for a few months, it takes years, folks. So Fauci said in this article here about Russia…)


Dr Fauci has said that the US should have a "safe and effective" vaccine by the end of this year.


[Alan chuckles.]  So yep, there ya go.  Another article too says…


Pompeo: I Lied About Soleimani 'Imminent Attacks' / 10 Jan 2020


Trump's neoconservative Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is a man unafraid to admit to being a liar. In fact he seems to revel in his ability to lie to the American people.


Remember just a week ago when Pompeo told us that the US absolutely HAD to send in a drone to assassinate Iran's top general, Qassim Soleimani, while he was in Iraq on a peace mission because he was planning "imminent attacks" on US personnel and interests in the Middle East.


These claims were crafted to blunt any criticism of the blatantly illegal act of killing a top military officer of a country with which you are not at war in a third country (which forbade the attack on its soil) with which you are allied. Americans raising concerns about the murder of Soleimani were to be made to look unpatriotic if they objected: (A:  They were shouted down saying...) "you mean you WANT Americans die??"


That's how propaganda works.


Then when the smoke clears, you laugh it all off and admit it was all a lie. As Pompeo did last night.


That's what I've said before, it's the same with the invasion of Iraq. Afterwards during the inquiry into it, I don't know if it's still up there anywhere on YouTube or anywhere, but Bush Junior was televised apparently at the time. He did say that, oh I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, he was just a bad man and the world is better off without him. So that was the excuse for the massive invasion of Iraq.  Yep.  But the media for a whole yeear had been harping on, they changed the gun sites of propaganda from Afghanistan, very cleverly, onto Iraq and try to make them think, through innuendos, that somehow Saddam Hussein had caused the attack. It was just amazing to watch it all happen.  At least some other newspapers at the time did note that and admit that they were obviously manipulating the data to get the public ready for an invasion on Iraq.  That's what they did.  But that's what Bush said afterwards, well, I never said that, he says, you know, I just thought he was a bad man.


I remember too the whole neocon idea strategy was first strike on everything.  They passed a law in the States, which they adopted from Israel in fact because Israel under their laws if they thought you could be a problem or you could pose a threat/strike down the road, they would strike first instead to eliminate that possibility. Then we went into all the projections of the intelligence agencies that worked with Bush Junior at the time, and they said, we could use it in America too. And they did pass some kind of law or something to give themselves the right to hit the people that they thought could be possible, possible agitators or problems down the road, rather than wait for it happening, get rid of them first, you see. That was in the papers at the time. I could look back and find it all if I wanted to, I'm sure.


But it was the neocons, and the neocons are still...  Pompeo is a neocon.  And here, this article here is talking about he revels in his ability to lie and actually laughs about it after the fact. After the fact they all do that. From Bush, ah, I never said Saddam Hussein was behind it, ha, ha, ha.  Which he did at the time, afterwards, after Afghanistan he did certainly say that, or give innuendos.  Also, Pompeo, yeah, he was, oh yeah, there was going to be in imminent attack by this general. No, there wasn't.  It doesn't matter. You see, truth doesn't matter once they've done the dirty deed. It doesn't matter. The public don't care, it seems, that they were lied to.  If they really cared even when they were lied to, I don't know.  It's quite something. 


Also, this is an interesting article. You see some of the people that were at these riots, and it says…


Two Women Arrested for Assaulting a Wisconsin State Senator amid Protests / 28 July 2020


Two women — including a school social worker (A:  …right.) — were arrested Monday by police for assaulting a Wisconsin state senator after he attempted to take photos of protesters tearing down statues, according to reports.


(A: Now, he was a Democrat senator, right. He was on their side. But they didn’t know it, I suppose. I guess he was a white guy with a suit on. These two women, and they show the photographs of them, were part of a group that attacked him when they saw him taking photographs.)


The two women are Samantha Hamer, 26, a social worker for the Mount Horeb school district, and Kerida O’Reilly, 33, Channel 3000 reported.


The assault took place on June 24, but both women turned themselves in on Monday. (A: Because they were on camera, right.) Hamer is on administrative leave, according to a school superintendent.


During the assault, the mob rushed the state senator, Democrat Sen. Tim Carpenter, after he was allegedly trying to take photos as they toppled two statues. He said he fell to the ground (A: …because they jumped him, right.) and was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head, and later required surgery.


(A: These are females that are attacking him. Well, why? Because he’s a white guy?  Everybody’s been so enraged, they’ve been, the hate has been built up to be beyond toxic levels. I don’t think you can help these folk, you know. They see a guy, they didn’t even bother finding out who he is, and just go for him. And he’s getting kicked in the head until he’s unconscious and the whole thing, you know, and he had to get surgery.)

Journalist from local channel WKOW tweeted that Carpenter had told him he was assaulted, then collapsed minutes later (A: …after he got beaten up…) as he walked towards the state Capitol building.


“We called paramedics. An ambulance is here now,” he tweeted.


Hamer and O’Reilly are expected to make their initial appearances in Dane County Circuit Court on Wednesday. They are facing charges of substantial battery as a party to a crime and robbery (A: …as well.) with use of force as a party to a crime.


(A: I don’t know if they stole a camera or what they did, you know.  That's what you get to deal with these days. Because there's a lot of fostered and indoctrinated insanity in some people now, I hope you understand that. Very dangerous times.)


…Carpenter, as he “tried to explain” that he was an ally to the demonstrators, according to the New York Post.


(A:  He said he was on their side, you see. And I guess they knew their photograph was taken so they had to turn themselves in, because the charges go up higher if you don’t and they come for you.)


I'll also put up the article by Peter Hitchens. It says…


PETER HITCHENS: The Government’s National Panic Service is being used to keep us in a condition of perpetual alarm about coronavirus / 2 Aug 2020


(A:  He talks about the absurd demands that are getting placed on people now.)


A huge number of those now being absurdly listed as ‘infected’ with this bogeyman disease are perfectly healthy.


(A:  He also talks about being forced to use, he calls it, a nappy now.  A nappy in Britain is a diaper, the facemask is a nappy, you see, and how you're forced to use this nappy, etc. etc. And how in certain circumstances it's dangerous.  Nevermind the fact it interferes with your breathing for goodness’ sake, you know. If nature wanted you to breathe through a special filter you would have been born with it. The fact that you're getting forced to wear these masks, ah, um, forget it. Facts don't matter, you know, facts don't matter.)


(A:  It's a huge agenda of conformity.  And also to turn other folk on the ones who won't comply. That's what they're trying to do, calling you psychopaths now, ‘eh, oh my goodness, you're a psychopath, oooo, you won't comply, ‘eh, hmmmmmmm.)


(A:  It's a good article. He mentions how ridiculous it is and how they even, and he says, I've been accused he says for daring to stay calm about certain nonsense and so on…) 


For daring to stay calm, I am then accused of being a collaborator with the wicked Nazi virus.


(A:  And it’s true, they use Nazi for everything, don’t they?)


The played-out, once-independent magazine Private Eye, now a boring mouthpiece of wokeness, actually did this to me last week.


The truth is that the number of deaths from Covid, even the fiddled and inflated version which the Government clings to, is falling closer and closer to zero.


So, even more significantly, are hospital admissions, which would be rising steeply if these ‘infection’ figures actually represented large numbers of seriously ill people.


These things are true both of Britain and of Spain, whose supposed spike in Covid was used to destroy the holiday plans of more than a million people last week…


(A:  They’re destroying the economy. This is chaos, planned chaos to bring in a whole new system.  N-n-n.  I tell ya.)


According to the Coronavirus Worldometer, the daily Covid deaths in Spain for the past few weeks have rarely risen above five a day, and have often been fewer than that.


(A:  Now remember too, if you die, there are folk dying every day of everything, always have done through history. Every day folk die. But they’re putting them all down as Covid today, ‘eh, even if they suspect it might have been, even if you test negative etc. etc., yada, yada, ya.  I'll put this article up. He did make a statement in a different article; I don't think it was in the same article here. Oh, he did, it's further down. It says…)


I’ll happily give blood, but not in a muzzle.


Last Monday I tried to give a pint of blood, something I do reasonably regularly – though not as often as I should. I was prevented from even entering the Donor Centre by a senior functionary of the English Blood Service, because I declined to wear a muzzle.


Oh, how selfish and pompous of me, to deprive someone in need of my blood, because I wouldn’t don a strip of cloth for a few minutes! Well, I don’t agree. And if you do you can easily nip along to your nearest blood bank and replace the pint I didn’t give with one of your own.


In other words, he won’t give in. And that’s how, he’s trying to tell you, if you really are a self-motivated and independent person using your own brains and everything, in all of this incredible chaos, then he says, you can't just buckle in and conform to what they’re demanding you do even though it's all ridiculous nonsense.  And he also gives a good reason for it too. He says, you know, some of the other blood banks that are taking blood and so on ask you to take the masks off in some other places. He says, they tell you to remove the mask because they can't tell if you're going to faint, or if you have fainted.  [Alan laughing.]  That's common sense, isn't it.  [Alan laughing.]   


What's the first thing you see in the old, old movies when the women were fainting, old black and white movies, you know?  Oh, quick, quick, give her air, giver air, you know. But here they want you to wear a facemask and suffocate to death.  Yep.  Because it's nothing to do with what they're telling you. It's total conformity into ABSURDITY.


Because without the masks, folk go back to normal. They see, they get closer to each other.  They already knew this would happen and it did happen for about a month in the summer. Folks started to just go back, and they wouldn't care so much about distancing and all that. Which means they'll forget about the nonsense to do with the vaccine coming.  They want you to be concentrated with nothing else except the vaccine. The only way it will remind you is, oh, you know, everybody around you could be infected, so wear masks. It's all psychology. That's what it is, folks.


Well, I hate to prattle on, and I hope, I really… I really am getting a lot of good information actually from folk who are emailing me from across the planet about what they're seeing and what they're experiencing.  And how even small shopkeepers having to close down, you know, they're so terrified of being killed. I'm talking about little, very little stores, you know, small stores, because of what's going on, all the chaos that's going on right now.  The elite are using all these agencies around them of factions of angry youth you might say who are already fanaticized by the schooling system and indoctrination system.


Oh, by the way, just before I go, it ties in with what I'm just saying right now.  The European group talk, and I'll put up the video link to it, where you hear all the specialists talking about how they're going to really mandate.  And again, the guy comes in from Facebook to help censor people, yeah, we'll be censoring folk who put out disinformation.  And then Mozilla, I don't know if, I hope they don't get public funding [Alan chuckles.] because they're supposed to be a self thing. Mozilla also has a representative there too, so they'll steer them off into the wrong directions, and they'll decide what you're going to look for instead of what you think you were going to look for, they'll decide for you.


NewsBreak 81: CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training and Simulation Exercise” under WHO - / 6 July 2020


It's just disgusting what you're seeing happening. But that's what you're left with. Everything is so manipulated. I said years ago, eventually they'll do away with the radio. And they did, they brought the Internet in. I says, you know, you'll regret it. They used to have worldwide shortwave radio, and everybody went digital, you see, oh it's much easier. A lot of folk had their small, small printing machines and they could print up like newspapers and stuff. I says, hold onto them, eventually you'll have so much censorship...  This is the 90s, I says, here’s how they're going to unroll it, and that's exactly what they've done. I says, and this is in the 90s, I says, eventually you'll need all this stuff again to be able to pass messages or just basic information to each other on any scale at all. And here we are, ‘eh.  M-hm.  Quite something. Sad times isn't it. 


So anyway, remember folks, go into, send a few bucks my way. Hopefully you will and I'll keep at it as long as I can breathe, ‘eh.  We'll see what happens there. So thanks for the folk, as I say, they keep sending emails in to let me know what you're seeing personally in different countries. Because it does get, it shows you the scope of this and how everything is lockstep together, you know. Occasional little tweaks for different cultures, that was all planned that way, but the same goals.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


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