Aug. 9, 2020 (#1787)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Something Wicked:

"Signs, Symptoms of Wickedness, Evil Approaches,

Disguised in Benevolence, Exuding Dark Forces."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 9, 2020.  I hope you're all doing, hhhch, I can't say okay... well, as best as you can through all the nonsense we're going through, and the planned chaos. Everything is tying into everything else for those who haven't quite figured it out yet. It's not separate things that are happening on a big scale just by chance.


Not when you have the richest people on the planet and all the corporations that run our lives financing what seems to be the, which it doesn't even seem to be, they announce it to be, a communist revolution inside America and across the world.  It's no mystery at all as to who funds them, they published it of course and I've mentioned that last week and the week before as well, the big, big corporations that are so... 


You really have to just scratch your head and say, this is a Bolshevik revolution, for those who don't know what really is going on. The Bolsheviks really used all the other existing social organizations for socialism, there were different shades of them back then in the old days in Russia.  They use them all. The Bolsheviks always use the majority, and they agitate to make sure the majority do all their fighting for them, then they jump in and take it over towards the end. That's the strategy of it.


It's well documented before, about the funding for the old Bolshevik revolution.  You had Trotsky caught at Nova Scotia on his way over to Germany then to Russia, with suitcases full of cash, literally,  American dollars, he was caught by customs at Nova Scotia Harbor.  They put him in the clanger for a little while, you know in prison, in jail awaiting information from the States as to what they were going to do with this guy with all this cash, etc. heading off... 


This is in wartime.  Don't forget that Russia at that time was actually fighting against Germany, hm.  These are all important little facts.  So the Bolsheviks of course were, had help from Western allies as well. We know this. But they had it too from the big top bankers in America, Baruch and his guys helped to fund the Bolshevik revolution.  But anyway it came out eventually.  As I say, it's well documented and it's in the archives of Canada what happened there with Trotsky.  Apparently, a passport, American passport was rushed up to Canada by train, for Trotsky, by insiders, and it was literally advocated that he be let go by President Wilson of the US at the time. So he went off on his merry way and of course we know what happens. It wasn't just to do with the money, they had been preparing it for years this whole revolution and who was going to take it over, etc. Geopolitics.


So as I say, you go through the same kind of thing here. Now instead of just having, just having the bankers, you have that too...  Well you see, the bankers who put money towards the communist groups, the ones who openly said that they are Marxist agitators for revolution. Now, you don't have Marxist revolutionaries that want a little bit of Marxism. For those that think, well they don't want to go all the way. No. It's a doctrine that does go all the way, that's the whole point of it, is to completely overthrow the current system and put themselves in charge. Then to eradicate stacks of people, maybe into the millions, in order for themselves to survive. Because they know that the public won't be happy, especially those who can communicate and who know what's going on, so they must be eliminated altogether. Because they might contaminate the population with their ideas of, do you know that you're getting used and you're being conned, you know, that's just, you can't have that going on, so you've got to get rid of these people.  And that's what they do.


So what you’re seeing in the States right now is the biggest example of it really...  It's happening across the world in different stages…  And it's also advocated by the United Nations departments as well... So you know, there's no mystery to me about this, I've talked about communism running the United Nations for years and years and years.  Communism is run by an elite of the world, and it's the same elite runs both sides of everything pretty well. This is the dialectical technique that they use.


You've got to remember too, UNESCO was helped set up by Julian Huxley, a member of the British aristocracy, and a descendent too who's also related to Darwin, they're all related to Darwin and eugenics, etc.  So yeah, at the top of the tree you have this organization setting up all different factions for different sides and funding them of course to the hilt. Because as I say, if you, and they want to, they'll rule the world, that's the whole point is ruling the world and being Gods, you know, taking their place as the gods running the earth.


These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement - / 16 June 2020


Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart back BLM cause with multi-million dollar donations - / 22 July 2020


I think Bill Gates is a good example.  [Alan chuckles.]  But I don't think, I know of anybody that's praised him, not yet anyway. This is the farce they give you, characters like that. But these are front people too. The ones at the top, I've said before, you generally never see or even get a whiff of.  Because they're the real bosses. They're not workers.


Again, I've mentioned before how the Royal Society was set up and why it was set up. It was an occultic organization initially, you had to be a member, and a Freemason to join eventually.  But when they set it up, the first so-called, it was an experiment, they put in their garden behind their building, it was a glass beehive to really symbolize the perfect management of the perfect world with its ordered society from the top right down to the bottom and the drones. Again, so eugenics, a smattering of eugenics there too.  And also to guide society, people don't realize it was meant to guide society by bringing in members of different, and even creating members of different sciences and orders.  And publicizing, again, making them celebrities.


Today we call it making them superstars, like it was mentioned before in the investigations into the Unabomber too.  Some of the people that he was after, some of his targets were professors in universities that also ran, and one of them mentioned it too, that he ran an organization like a public relations campaign organization that created stars for scientists. So they made scientists into stars knowing the people would follow them.


Everything out there is really fake. I mean, there's very little out there that really is exactly what it says it is. It doesn't mean that all the information that these organizations they put out are completely untrue. But if you've been deceived at all, then you can take the whole lot with a pinch of salt, obviously.  How much deception do you want to swallow? 


Again, so they make scientists into stars. They did it with Einstein, who was a nobody really until he was picked up, and to be this… the voice of modern society for the 20th century. He was put forward as a front man really to advocate certain, and most of his talks were about world government and even world Zionism and its place in it all.  Politics. He seldom ever gave a talk on science, and when he did it was from other scientists' papers that he read all the time. Nevertheless, he became, he's still pushed today as some genius. That's what they give you.


So back to the Royal Society, that was their goal, you see. So even in the early days they were promoting the well-known names you know today that helped to guide the world in evolution, and evolution of humanity, leading to eugenics, you see, and the purpose of eugenics. Very important that. 


We know too that they brought in other members that ran the Royal Mint in Britain. Very important to get the Royal Mint in there. Because it's a science, counting money in a magical formula is definitely a science. And it's very secretive. It must take years to study because you and I can be given the same kind of figures, in debt, you know, and monies coming in, things like that, and we can work it out and would never get the same numbers as the specialists get. It's impossible.  So yeah, they're geniuses in that, obviously, because we can't figure it out.


They brought everybody on board too.  I think Newton was a member of them too.  Everybody who was anybody was a member. They even brought Marx at one point too, Karl Marx. Why would they bring Karl Marx in? Well, you see, social domination requires social studies, and social studies, if you want to alter society, need doctrines. So you bring in these doctrines to advocate change and you guide the change into what you want it to be. 


I used to be puzzled about that too.  Why would Britain, during the 19th century, had really amazing agitations which were going on at the time.  And Britain was very important in causing a lot of these dissatisfactions across the world. Because they sent agitators, who were trained specialists in agitation into different countries to take them down. And a lot of the Catholic countries too they wanted to take down.  They've been doing that since of course the days of Francis Drake and Walter Riley who, they plundered the Spanish galleons.  They really had it in for, of course, any Catholic countries because they couldn't get a firm grip on their banking system. They couldn't steal it in other words. So you've got to get rid of the religion to make that happen.


So you had Newton and a whole bunch different people on board with them to shape society and guide society by putting out the versions of science which would influence our behavior and our beliefs, you see. It hasn't changed to this day. 


It's interesting too when you look at a lot of the members in fact, not just Charles Darwin.  And Darwin himself of course was, they actually backed Darwin on his voyage across parts of the world to do with evolution. So they backed him. It's been admitted too since by them that they tried to stifle the reports that were coming in from another guy who did the real work that Darwin was stealing from.  [Alan chuckles.]  That was a guy called Wallace, I think he was a Scotsman too.  He was living the life in these countries and doing all the writing and sending it back to Charles. Not to publish under Darwin's name but just to have as references and so on.  And Darwin published it. It was a big scandal eventually, but it was hushed up by those in-the-know in the Royal Society.


Because you see, they had to go through, along this route to evolution, that man is really descended from apes, etc. If they could convince the public of that, then they could then convince you that that would explain and validate the necessity of having the class system.  The superior types, middle, and then inferior types, or the workers. Very much along the lines of Brave New World where they would perfect that system by breeding the different strata of workers. Again, very Marxist too, where you had the distribution of labor, you know, they would work out who would do what kind of tasks, you see.  Then, everyone according to his means, or his needs.


Then they would reward those at the top much better in a communist system, naturally.  Because it was a class system, and it believes that science rules. So the brightest folk should rule the rest, rule the rest, and there should be no, no such thing as debating that, just get on with it and do what you're told and obey the experts and scientists.  That's really what Marxism brought you in the Soviet system.


Therefore science is always used by the far left, and the right too of course, when they're playing the game to manage the public, to make the public believe that experts should be obeyed basically, no dispute. And under the guise that they present you with true facts, you see. And there's nothing, as we can see today, further from the truth in most things at all.  Everything is utterly politicized, and corruption is rampant through the scientific communities. As it is with pretty well everything else in this day and age.


But yeah, getting back to the idea of communism. I used to wonder why on earth would Britain, a country that had sent stacks of different infiltrators across Europe into Holland and places to overthrow governments there, and religions as well, in order to rule these different countries, you know. And this is under really the City of London.  The average person in England probably wouldn't have a clue either what was going on anymore than they did in Scotland or anywhere else.  But the City of London is where they had this high education to train agitators, and true spies, etc., those who deal with what they call the black arts of manipulation and assassinations and coercion's and so on, overthrowing nations.  Britain definitely, or London definitely was the capital for a long, long time, still is to an extent too.


It doesn't matter about the economy being shattered across the rest of the country, long before Covid came along.  But the City of London is really a nation unto itself in so many different ways. But London, remember, put up Karl Marx. Why would you put up an agitator? Who was really, he ran out of Germany, a lot of them run out of Germany and start up in Britain.  So why would a monarchy and a monarchical government, or democracy as they called Britain, with all of its... You just don't argue with that kind of government, you see, they're very good at what they do in Britain. They're very calm. They might give you rope for a while, but they'll come after you eventually and get you and you won't even see it coming.  They have no rush, you see. They do things very efficiently when it comes to removing problems. Of all kinds.


Well, they brought in Karl Marx knowing exactly what he was. Who, was putting out a doctrine to overthrow all established governments, including the monarchy, etc.  But Britain puts him up and allows him to stay there? And sure enough, you know, they didn't really have a terrible revolution in Britain, because of Karl Marx, in that kind of fashion, at the time. They had one, the docklands I think it was, near the docklands around the Thames at one point in the early 20th century. But that was quickly sort of, that was just about a few dozen of them tried that, to hold themselves up in some of the buildings there, and they were quickly outed by just police in fact with shotguns, I think.  Regardless, they didn't have the massive revolutionary movement going on inside Britain itself. Not openly. They gave you a tamer version. And there's no such thing as I've said before, of a tamer Marxism. It's either complete or not at all. But they gave you a Fabian style, a slow takeover.


Now, for those who think that, again, this incredible establishment inside the City of London, where the whole, I mean an empire was run from there. They had intelligence agencies running all of these countries across the world, and all of their economic systems, and trade, commerce and banking and all the rest of it, military, all, nothing was missed back then. Nothing at all was missed.  Even before the age of computers. So for anyone who thinks that Britain just didn't notice Karl Marx, who literally was given the right to give speeches in some of the biggest theaters in London, don't think they didn't just quite hear him properly when he talked about overthrowing established governments. They heard him perfectly fine.  [Alan chuckles.]  But, you can use a guy like that, you see. Because down the road, you can use Marxism.


You see, the elites don't think as you do. They're not trained to be naïve their whole lives long from birth to death. You are. But the elite who run the world, and in their certain bases that they've lived in for a while, they're nomadic to an extent but they can settle for a century here, a couple of centuries there and so on.  They also have homes across the planet. They know that they can use all types of sides, sides, the creation of sides, to their own advantage down the road. It might suit them to have a fast bout of communism for a little while, bring in an austerity, and eradicating a lot of bright people.


Because communism does that, you see, it eradicates the brighter folk. Often. And it doesn't, I'm not talking about just education. If you're bright at all and have a bit of insight, then, again, as I've said before, the Soviets called it, “inflexibility of opinion”. If they couldn't persuade you to just join them, and you know, see it our way, this is for the greater good, etc. You know, poverty is for the greater good and for a brighter tomorrow, for the great-grandchildren.  If you didn't go along with it, then they classified you as insane. Because number one, you complained about their wonderful communist utopia, so you had to be insane because it was so beautiful. I mean, there was nothing better invented than communist utopia and workers paradises and things like that. So you were just, there was no trial, you were put straight into a loony bin and kept drugged until you...  You died generally with inhalation pneumonia or something because you start drooling and then you breathe it in.  That happens still today with different drugs, like Haldol that they tend to pump into people, and especially in old folks’ homes now.  Has been happening for years.


The communist system could be used to down the road, you see, to destabilize other nations. And to get the change. Remember, change takes at least two sides.  If you've got a happy society, or fairly content, you know, there's no such thing as perfection anywhere, with humanity, look at your own moods. Look at how many things have changed your minds down through your lifetime, hm.  But regardless, as I say, you can use different sides to make the change happen. If you had a fairly okay system, and yeah, there's a lot of injustice and blah blah blah, which you always will get with humans, and you don't really want to change it.  But the elite do want to change it for their own particular reasons, which they won't tell you about.  Then they'll advocate again the antithesis.  You are the thesis, the system is.  The antithesis is a group that will be dissatisfied with whatever.  Then you have your agitation and your arguments, threatening war even, amongst the two groups.  Then you come to an agreement, different agreements and concessions. And a concession means you start walking backwards to an extent to keep the peace. Then you have your synthesis, that's your end product which you desired all along. So you need the two sides. You need two sides to create change. At least two sides.


Sometimes you get three.  Like sheepdogs, it's often described as using sheepdogs. You, it's wonderful to watch trained sheepdogs, Collie dogs, in Wales for instance.  You'll see, I don't know if they still have the big sheepdog competitions every year where you would see them. They had it in Yorkshire I think too.  You'd see these collies, these border collies they call them, the dark and white, black-and-white dogs, working so wonderfully together. And the shepherds just whistling to them, certain whistles, a language to the dogs. They could literally take the sheep from these mountains, round them up, guide them down the hills in a certain direction, go left, right and the whole bit, and eventually bring them into a pen, and then guide them all into the pen, without any human help at all except the whistling that was going on to the dogs. Wonderful to watch it.


But when you watch the dogs working, that's how we are guided too. You'll get, here you are, you’re with the sheep, right. You're having a good, you in the grass there, it's a nice warm day. Not too warm, because you've got all that wool on you. And it's quiet, there's a little breeze, put it that way, and you're quite content. And it's good grass. Maybe a bit of clover flower there too.  So you’re chomping away and it's quite good. And all your pals around you are, oh, yeah, they're all chomping away, and you're all smiling and all that.


Then, what do you see? You see a dog coming from your left. And you’re watching that dog, because it's sneaking along, it almost crawls along the ground.  You get a bit, kind of restless here. So the dogs moving towards you, you see, from left, so you start moving to the right, all of you, you know.  Somebody up ahead said, maaaaa, you see, let's go. So you all follow the person that says, the sheep that says let's go, and away you go, you see. But as you're going along there, and you can't see all that far in front of you because of the other sheep. But there's another dog coming from the right, eh.  And so you say, oh what do we do now, eh, what do we do now? And you're starting to go back to the left, but there's that other dog, so you're sandwiched in between them.


So you say, okay, we can go forward, or back, you see, rather than go right or left. But wouldn't you know it, as you start to move just to the north a bit, another sheepdog's there.  So you're starting to panic now, eh.  Left, right, and from the north, so there's only one place left, and you start bolting down south, you see. And along come these three dogs with you, eh, and you look around, and yeah, there they are, y'know.  So you know not to go to the right or the left, or try to go back up, because the dogs are there. And they can guide you step-by-step right into that pen. Even if it's a mile or two away at times. Amazing to watch it. 


That's exactly how we are managed, the same thing. People take, you see, sheep take the path of least resistance. That's why they get into trouble, you know.  We are the same, most people, all the studies they've done, countless, countless studies on us, we are the most studied species on the planet. It's not the baboon or the monkey, or it's not some rat or mouse living in some strange country. And it's not some strange little insect that excretes through their orifices some kind of strange gum on a tree that you can use to make a type of a lacquer. But no, I mean, this is how it's done. The path of least resistance, and we take it, that's what humans do all the time. We don't like stress. We're just like the sheep. It's a natural thing not to like stress.


At one time, you see, you would accept stress, in more natural times when you had some, you had some wisdom.  Wisdom is a very important word. Because wisdom, at one time you were born with it, you see.  Wisdom. And you still need your, the parents, I've mentioned it before.  The mammal, mammals, parents are mammals and so on, have to guide a newborn for quite a while into what to be afraid of or what to be cautious about. Because they won't, even young bears will walk right up to you quite happily wanting to play with you, but unfortunately big mum is behind somewhere, and she's got different ideas. But yeah, young mammals can be very friendly.  They have no idea that you can be a bad dude, you see.  So that's how they are taught that, by their parents.  For survival.


So you have the basic instinct for survival and preservation of yourself and your species basically. If you really have none at all, if you're completely domesticated, you've lost that ability to think quick for your own survival. That's why we breed domesticated animals.  I'm not talking about dogs and cats. I'm talking about animals for feeding off of, that's your domesticated... Or you domesticate horses. Like Hercules in Animal Farm, the horse, he'll pull the plow all day long and get really nothing out of it really, you know, except oatmeal and water pretty well and a rubdown. But he's domesticated. Otherwise he would try to get out and run off. 


Occasionally you'll see that, where an animal, they call it a throwback to a more natural time when it had more instincts, will leave a domesticated group or a herd. The clever ones, eh.  They don't just attack the person who's rearing them to eat, they'll actually run off. They're clever, they'll say, no, no, there's no point in attacking that guy, they'll come after me. So you simply wait and bide your time and watch what happens and try to get out of the corral.  That's what they do.


There was one in Australia a few years ago and it became famous, this one. I think it was a Miranda type sheep, a particular type of wool, and a lot of wool too.  But he vamoosed from the herd.  He was found a few years later, he lived, he was found a cave somewhere and he was living in a cave. I guess he came out later in the day and folk didn't see him or whatever, but he was far away from civilization.  And he had a happy life. They'd hate him at the United Nations. They teach you the loners are dangerous people, or dangerous animals, eh. 


In other words, if you're person who quite likes privacy, like in Canada, I mentioned that one two weeks ago, three weeks ago, where some old fella had gone in to get groceries and I guess there was a dispute.  They're pretty nasty, some of these women actually in the stores, they're so freaked out they just turn on anybody who doesn't comply.  I guess the old guy didn't know to wear a mask or whatever, because they keep changing their mind on what you're supposed to do, and they had a little dispute. He went home, the cops followed him home, and then they shot him, dead, you know. 


So, this is where it's coming too, you see. They even said in the paper, the man was a loner. Like that was the crime, eh, he was a loner.  He lived in a house that he built, and he paid for, and it was a good price he paid for it too, and he didn't encourage visitors, and he liked his privacy. But that's a crime now, you see.  That validates your death right there.  And don't forget, at the United Nations they've said over and over that even, again, they recycle the same story, that the greatest threat to the agenda for world peace is individualism. Meaning, again, the person who thinks for themselves, might like privacy, and he might be a bit of a loner. It's a crime to be a loner. There's obviously something wrong with you, right?  Obviously. Not like all the characters that hung around Jeffrey, all the gregarious social types who like to go to parties and have it all for little children, hm?, and get blackmailed for. It would be that type, you know, the gregarious type they... anything but… No.  They're okay, they're just falling for their basic instincts, you see. But anyone who avoids all that stuff and the partying lifestyle, whhhoa, come one, eh.  There you go.


So it's dangerous now to know things. It's dangerous to be a loner as well, obviously. It can be deadly.  It's taboo by the United Nations, the wonderful communist United Nations, that's set up again, hm, by the same characters that put up Karl Marx in London, hm.  The guys who ran the British Empire, Lord Alfred Milner at that time, you know. And out of them came, they eventually morphed into the legitimate title that folk got to know, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private club mind you. A big club but private. They ran the British Empire.  But there's the guys that put up Karl Marx.  And he had sponsorship too.  They eventually gave you the League of Nations.  And then that morphed into the United Nations.


So again, here's the richest characters on the planet, Lord Alfred Milner, eh, who really was German, or born in Germany, and a lot of guys with him actually were actually not really born or are British as such.  A big story to it. But they work as a very tight team to run the British Empire and to conquer other nations, as long as they themselves took over the resources of the country, including diamonds and gold, baubles like that, you see.  And that was okay.


That was okay, because they ran the Empire so they could make these rules, you see, for themselves. And royalty never complained about it because they got a good kickback for advocating that the military should backup their ventures for them, and the taxpayer would pay for it all. Which is a great set up, really. Of course that's where the idea of fascism really came from.  Where governments worked with corporations, and they worked with, like a brotherhood you might say, like a liaison, like something tighter than a family.  The corporations and the banks, the mercantile banks, the merchant bankers, and government work together to make sure it kept, you know, the trade would flow, and their trade would flow, and the public would pay for the upkeep of it all, for armies and navies and things like that.  It was a good deal for those who owned the corporations. Nothing much has changed in a sense, has it, really.


Again, getting back to what I'm trying to say here, is this organization didn't nip communism dead, you know, in its tracks.  Folk are still astonished as to why they let it happen in the Soviet system, in Russia I should say. The whole thing is, if you have a long-term enterprise, and this is how intelligence agencies work as well, the really big high ones, there's different levels of immediate action and long-term planning, and long-term planning is just big business plans as I've said before.  Business plans and corporations, they have their projections into 50, sometimes, some of them 100 years in the future. Well, that's exactly how the big intelligence agencies work as well. Where were they be in 100 years? So they have ten-year plans, and even five-year plans. You see the exact same terminology used for the United Nations as you saw in the Soviet system.  Oh, this part of the plan will take five years, a five-year plan.  To get the workers up to a better income or more bread or whatever, will take 10 years, that's a 10-year plan.  And to put pipelines in and, well that will take 30 years, 40 years, 50 years... That's how it's done.


It was all modeled really from London, the City of London for a while. Again, folks are ignorant of it, they really don't have a clue that the US and Britain financed in the 1920s and 30s the building of the infrastructure for power for industry for the Soviet system. We sent over lots and lots of engineers.  They even built up, I think they used to have an awfully good documentary that was put out by Russia itself in fact.  They set up streets, houses, like villages for the scientists in the Soviet system. They built them, and they even made the houses look like middle class suburbia America to make them feel at home, with all the comforts of home and things like that. Even brought in cars from the States and things like that.  Had them really help rebuild everything for Russia for the electrical supplies and implementation, power lines and all that kind of stuff into factories and so on.


A tremendous cooperation. For a system, let's get back to the basics, which swore an oath to overthrow every other system, including the ones that were helping them.  Try to figure that one out.  It isn't until you stand back and say, okay, the Lord Alfred Milner group that planned long-term, even during the taking over of Africa and South Africa and places like that, and when they were working at it, they were already working on 100 years down the road… where they would merge all this into a global system with the kind of embryo of a global government, with global standardized rules, massive bureaucracy running commerce, and rules and trade rules and all the rest of it.   And, free-trade, hm, that's where all that came from, was their group, free-trade.


So you have them working short time to get plans implemented, as they were taking over resources in South Africa, and then with the Jamison Raid they actually had a bunch of mercenaries, belonging to the Lord Alfred Milner group, who went in and started slaughtering Dutch settlers to get a retaliation against...  And sure enough, this group were not part of the ones that did the slaughtering, were not part of the English settlement, they came into the country for the revolution.  The Milner group also had a woman reporter they brought in from London, I think it was the London Times, who was in on the act, and she had prepared in advance the stories that the Boers had attacked the English or British settlements.  That would really, then they would say in Britain, well, outrage, outrage, this is terrible, look what they've done to our settlements. Then of course they would advocate that the British military go in, and the taxpayer would fund all of that, and they would take over the country. That's exactly what happened, you see.  Long stories about all of this. But anyway, once they did that of course they eventually appointed their own members in as the Governor Generals of these countries, these areas in these countries.


So you would have a different idea of where they were going to go, judging from what little information that you're given out to the public, as to their intentions. But you'd be stuck in a little, again, another little bubble, I always call them bubbles, because they are bubbles, that's a good way to imagine them, of what it's all about in your particular area. You wouldn't see the bigger plan. You wouldn't see that down the road they planned to eventually take more and more countries into, into this, an African Union. They would even use communism to galvanize the other countries to join the African Union, you see.


They had that planned long, long, long ago. And that's how things are really done in the real intelligence agencies. Sometimes you get the grandchildren working on the plan, in the same intelligence agencies, their own grandchildren. So they know it very well, what their part in the plan is and their vector or sector in the world.  And they might have a few members, or siblings too, working on it as well, generation after generation, so they know exactly what they're doing.  It's really a super civil service that runs it all, you see.


So anyway, they have their outer party and their inner party. Just like George Orwell had in 1984.  But the true Lord Alfred Milner group had the inner group, you see, and their circle of friends, and outside and all that. And of course they had their Council on Foreign Relations branch for America.  Every country's got a branch of them including the Far East as well. So there's nothing happening today that wasn't planned at least 100 years ago, and probably a lot longer.


You could never figure out in your particular little short lifetime, during your span from what you're taught, which is very superficial, that the things that are happening are obviously from an outside source to make these... Because you're overthrowing something that you've understood to be, you know, normal for quite a long time, it's getting overthrown now. It would never dawn on you that it's done by the same group, because now it's time to use another side, another group to cause the conflict to get the changes they desire to the next phase. That's how it's done.


This is the kind of thing that Rockefeller used to talk about too, old man Rockefeller, and David Rockefeller too, that they could take over the resources of the world. Rockefeller said, old man Rockefeller said, and so did David, that competition was a sin. And he was talking on very esoteric terms too, and I won’t go into the particular religion and all that, but he was going into that idea of it, that competition was a sin. Therefore standardization, that's why his companies were called Standard Oil, standardization of all resources, with, under the auspices of guys like himself, like a club, was the right thing to do.  And they would keep prices high, then they could create the stock market, and then through investments they could keep the stocks way up and all the different shares in things.   Keep tight control of everything, that's the idea, monopoly men.


They all come, again, from this particular group going way back.  We know of them in Lord Alfred Milner's time simply because a lot of the deeds were published and written about, even some of them by Milner himself.  But again later on too, they have their own archives, their own history archives, that are so important to the manipulation of world events, right up to the present, that Carol Quigley said it was time that the public knew of their contribution to the changing and manipulation of history. He thought it was wonderful what they did because he was an elitist himself.  He thought it was wonderful the goals that they wanted to bring into the society. And he knew the goals wouldn't be understood by the people who even fought for them. 


You know, think how many different regiments in Britain, for instance, as an example, other countries too, had fought on behalf of what they thought was the right...  When you're born into the system it seems to be the right, isn't it, that it's there, it exists, so it's the right. But each generation, it's much easier if it's a long span of change, they won't notice it so much, like a drastic change.  So you might go into the same regiments as your grandparents went into. And you still think you’re fighting and maintaining the same sort of order, and for civilization, etc. etc. But you never, and then when it starts to crumble, you might go to pieces yourself saying what on earth was it all for?  and how could it suddenly collapse?


Well, it wouldn't suddenly collapse.  It's time to go into the next phase, and you and the generations of you before and your own families are just irrelevant. You're like Rockefeller said, you’re the, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. You're all irrelevant to the ones at the very, very top.  Really, you really are.  But the public never, never know it.


But the Masters of intelligence for a long time were based in London, the City of London. Now of course you have, they are amalgamated to an extent as I've said before.  You can't keep secrets in this day and age, for long, from other intelligence agencies.  And apart from that, it's so wonderful today, if you want to get people to infiltrate, that don't even belong to your nations.  Then you simply say, well it's discrimination if you don't let them come in it. So naturally you can't keep secrets.  [Alan chuckles.]  The best you can do is to bring them in on board to the big secrets, and knowing that they're going to share with other agencies, or even another, an outside country that they’re, might be born in, that's very common now to do today as well. 


So what you do is you amalgamate the whole lot of them on the higher level, and often the ones, I would say up until about the 80s maybe, the intelligence agencies, you had lots of people in at the time that were so compartmentalized that the bulk of them didn't know there was a different agenda above them. They still believed in their little part in it and fighting the Cold War as it was called. They truly believed in it because they didn't know anything else. They had no idea that eventually their own countries would advocate the same global system, eh.  Oh well after all, it's always been our wish to have a global government type system for the world, says [Alan chuckles.] the descendants of the leaders that gave you the Empire, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   


They don't care if they're using a communistic technique to bring it into being. Because it's much easier if you create enough hardship amongst populations to get them to work for a cause.  So you give them the cause.  You can call it communism or socialism or whatever you want to call it and make them think they're going to get something. Then you use them again to further the next stage of the agenda.  That's how global socialism... But we'll still run the show at the top, you know, and you'll all live in a kind of austerity. It will be very equal because you'll all be equally poor.  You see, equally poor.


But nevertheless, they ones at the top will live incredibly rich. Because they're the masters that manage money, and they manage international corporations. And you do want your cell phones and things, don't you? Even if you're a radical Marxist, you really want your cell phone and you want your computers and you want your games and your pornography and all that kind of thing, surely you do, so you don't mind us running it all for you, right. But at the bottom you can all, they can all share in austerity, you can all be very austere.


Well, if you help the revolution to happen, for a little while, you'll get extra points and extra goodies, you see. But eventually they'll eliminate you. They always do. The truly radical types are chosen and radicalized because their personality types, they're on the fringes, they wouldn't fit into any society for long. If you look at the old photographs of Lenin for instance, you'll see that Lenin, you'll see all the original revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks in group photographs, and separate photographs but still bunches of them and so on. And then over time, up into Stalin's time, you see them actually airbrushing them out, different ones, just airbrushing them out like they didn't exist. That was the memory hole as they eliminated the ones who had been used, and were given all these positions of power in the NKVD, in the Cheka and so on before it became the later KGB. 


The ones who were given those positions in the early days were mass murderers.  They could never fit into any society for long.  So temporarily for the reign of terror, because they always have a reign of tear on the public to get you to submit, they put these people in charge. But then once they have the whole system getting implemented, then they have to eradicate them because these radicals that they've put in charge are too dangerous.  They like to slaughter, they like to kill, you know. Nothing will make them happy or content because they were misfits to begin with in any society.  But initially if you want revolution, these are the ones you pick. They're selected. Often they don't even know they've been selected for it. They think they've just fallen into the right groups and similar minds. They don't even know they've been selected to be radicalized some of them.  They don't know.


There's an awfully good movie, a series actually, it's a British series, that can give you an insight into really deep intelligence systems and the techniques which they used to rule.  Regardless of what you think of Britain, I mean, I lived, I got out of Britain, I saw it collapsing long ago.  The City of London still goes on, is still the banking capital of the planet, for investments, for across the world, the City of London, eh.  And you can't beat their intelligence systems, again, with intergenerational intelligence operatives that go back through, you know, maybe a couple hundred years or more, descended from them.  Tremendous educational systems to train them, very secretive but they exist, of archives, you know, they've archived their own secret universities with archives of incredible teachings to train them.


They have different levels of them too. You have the ones from what they call the better class families.  Very class conscious.  You have the ones going down the lower strata, right down to the red brick University types.  So you have the granite and Ivy League, then down to the red brick type for the common folk, the working people. Then you have other ones too, they train them in a kind of collegiate type for real street work to infiltrate little groups, they were the lower-level ones. But they're all totally sworn and well trained for what they do. 


So I mentioned before about a movie, it was called The Last Enemy, from Britain. A good, what was it, one- or two- or three-part series, with a good story to it. Which showed you even back in 2009 or 10 or whatever it was made, how GCHQ could operate with thousands of people, and know everybody and everything that was going on. Every keystroke on every computer was all monitored.  Instant retrieval, hm.  Instant retrieval.  So it showed you a lot of the workings there. Including giving a virus, creating a virus to give to people in different countries, knowing they would eventually try to get into Britain illegally. And they could trace them that way because they could test positive for the particular virus. They could even tell what area they came from, you know. So you have stories within stories.  But in the process of it they show you a lot of technology and utter confidence that they have of the fact that there's nothing about any of you out there that they didn't know. Even if you put masks on and put black outfits on and go rioting, they still know who you are.  And they'll use you.


Another one too that's awfully good, and you've heard the one that was put up by Mel Gibson, it's called The Edge of Darkness. About the shenanigans of big corporations in the atomic energy field.  In it he is an ex-cop, or a retired cop and his daughter belongs to a radical group.  It's an interesting story.  In the time of the ‘Gaia’ idea, you know, put out by Lovelock that the planet will turn on people and the Friends of the Earth and all these groups are going to be warriors, you see, kind of Marxist warriors to save the world, by eliminating a good chunk of the population.  [Alan chuckles.]   How else are you going to do it, eh?  So, man again was the enemy, The Club of Rome.


So in the Mel Gibson one it was actually shortened into 1 1/2 hours or whatever. But the series they did in Britain years before back in the 80s was I think a six-part series and well done. It brings into the actual play, or the movie, a few different agencies, intelligence agencies who all know each other, their strata’s and their names and so on of their actual agencies. Including the interaction between the US agents and CIA, etc. to do with the atomic energy field. You'll see how each agency is working with other agencies and sharing data and files and secret files on everybody and everything.


But you also see them trying to pull little moves on other agencies to get more from a different country, the other countries involved like America and vice versa, you'll see it all. You'll all see them sacrificing sometimes their own operatives in the field, just sacrifice them when you want rid of them. They know a little too much sometimes, if you're sent on a certain job you'll start to figure out what's really going on above what you've been told. So they sacrifice them. Without a problem. You see the psychopathic nature of the characters at the very end, how they discuss people in general, and people who have been used and wiped out to attain goals that some of them who are now wiped out or died of radiation or whatever had no idea that they were getting used for these purposes.


This is the, hhhch, this is perfect manipulation and field management of radical groups. Even into the radicalization of groups. I think the plot eventually was that the cop’s daughter, and with a group, had gone into try to find a hot cell in an era where Britain was taking in recycled fissionable material.  They have a way of actually recycling the stuff and making it all potent, full strength again and selling it off, during Maggie Thatcher's time.  So they get in there, they don't know that they've been set up to go in in the first place, and that the old miner that helps to set them, bring them in, to how to get down to this underground base, you see, where the real work was done on basically the cells, these radioactive cells, isotopes.  The guy who led them in was like a labor union leader, working class type, but you don't know until halfway through or towards the end that he was a member also of the secret, that he had been inducted into the British system to protect the atomic energy system.  He led these characters in and they got flushed out eventually with radioactive water and most of them died. 


But it was so amazing, towards the end you found out, I hate even mention it in case anybody wants to see it, um, but the father goes through all this detective work to find out what was happening, he was so naïve in that area, etc., and to find out that his daughter had been set up to be killed and all the rest of it with the group that she worked with, rather than have it exposed. Then he gets involved with an ex-CIA guy who's gone a bit rogue and they eventually, the CIA guy comes out with some plutonium in a case at the end of it. I won't tell you the rest of it there. 


BUT it isn't until later on that you find out that the different groups, the organizations, including the higher levels of the CIA, wanted them to do that. They used them to do it, to get the plutonium out.  Because it was going to get banned to an extent, but they wanted the plutonium. They couldn't do it because of the legal restrictions, etc., so they used a group to go in thinking they were going to agitate and steal it and expose it to the public, what was going on. But no, everybody gets used. And folk never figure this out in real intelligence work. They never figure it out.


I remember a few years ago in fact, I think one of the, a fella came out and gave a lot of good information out at the time.  I think he came out with his partner, MI5 I think he was in, although he did some international work as well which is MI6. But he gave some good talks on things that were wrong at the time. He had been reprimanded and so on. Sometimes that's used as a tactic to get people to believe they're, or they have gone rogue, and they had their slap on the wrist or they're getting punished.  Then they try and recruit them too, that's very common as well.  So you have to always be wary of these kind of things. 


He gave a lot of good information out. But his job for years had been to infiltrate the left-wing groups, then to manipulate them to do things like what I've been just talking about, in the movie version. Because that's what they do. So in The Edge of Darkness, the British version, they show you some of the techniques that are used. It's quite interesting to watch. Including the old computer system they use to use, which is the R2, in London.  There was, anybody who was under total surveillance went through that one computer years ago. I'm sure it's all changed these days. But the folk have no idea they're getting used and monitored and spied upon and manipulated. And it's done so professionally by experts who are trained in this way that they'll never fathom it out that they've all been used.  To the bitter end.  Even when it happens to them, they just can't fathom it.  That's quite something, isn't it?  That's perfect manipulation and understanding, as I say, of the dark arts, as they like to call it.


And there's no one you could trust. You would never know who was genuine, you know. That's generally how it is. So there's always a double, triple, kind of quadruple game going on. And even higher levels of that too, to get things done eventually. By using people like pawns, who never figure out they’ve been used. That's good intelligence work as they call it, you see.


I'm sure if you really looked into, [Alan chuckles.] as I've said before when I put the articles up where it had the financing for Black Lives Matter. Millions and millions of dollars coming in from the top corporations for goodness’ sake.


These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement - / 16 June 2020


Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart back BLM cause with multi-million dollar donations - / 22 July 2020


Even after the leaders of the BLM movements came out and admitted publicly that they are trained Marxist organizers. Well, again, trying to overthrow the existing system, eh?  And trained, using all other kinds of groups, anything to create splits and divisions, including gender identity.  Anything they can use, they use it. It's nothing to do with what they tell you. They say the argument is irrelevant, it's all about the revolution, stupid.  You see, everyone's fighting each other over points of this or points of that or morality or you know...  No, no, this is all division to create chaos rather than have the folk unified for one cause.  That's how it's done. Standard stuff.


But here's a top, the top wealthiest corporations, ALL of them, including all the ones presently that you're allowed to get your food from, everything else has been closed, that's just coincidence of course, and throwing money at them, that goes eventually to, as well, to the Antifa groups.  Which really, a lot of them really think that they're doing, having a communist revolution, at the bottom level. Standard stuff.  The ones in the lead, amongst the ones who are the radical, the ones who want to go kill people, because there are lots of them out there, these are the ones on the fringes, you see, who've been recruited for that purpose, just like the Bolshevik revolution. There are real intelligent organizers who goad them into doing all the radical, nasty, evil, you know, criminal work and getting caught.  But these actual workers behind the scenes won't get caught themselves. They’re highly paid, highly paid indeed, and a lot of them are from intelligence agencies.


But yeah, this is a revolution on behalf of those who already rule the world, most of it, the food supplies, the banking industry, commerce completely, everything you need, even the food industry, the big agri-food businesses, not the little farmers, that all goes to the middleman.  They decide on the price of what you're going to pay in the stores and all the rest of it. I mean, everything you need for living and basic existing, including fuel for heating in the winter, these the characters are funding communism.  And you're not supposed to notice.  You're supposed to get bogged down in Covid, eh.  Which is part of it. 


It's the resetting of the economy, which means the resetting of ALL human methods of existence.  That's what it's about.  It isn't just a time for devaluating the currency.  It's...  From that comes austerity, the plan I talked about years ago from the United Nations and different quarters too...  That the so-called intelligence agency sells, their think tank, they call themselves think tanks, you see, they advise governments, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   I used to give these talks on it all years ago, the coming austerity. They weren't kidding.


And here you go. Well, there's going to be famine and so on. Well, we've got a go into austerity now, and post consumerism. Remember Maurice Strong, again, picked up by Rockefeller and trained and groomed by him to be the guy who really would bring you into austerity by reducing energy, all kinds of energy to houses and stuff. Long story there too.  But the fact is, Maurice Strong was not a happy friend of you, believe you me. Again, he was for left-wing socialism. Set up by one of the richest men on the planet, Rockefeller, y'know.  No, these are agents. These are agents, you see, they are front agents and they are given these roles to play and that's what they do. And to fulfill.


Maurice Strong gave you a good part of Agenda 21, the Millennium Project, that's who started it all.  He gave you the Rio Conference, that gave you Sustainability, and no rights for humans but rights for animals and trees and everything else. But of course, their agencies would decide on, you know, the levels of rights and what species, etc.  Playing God again, eh.  Maurice Strong himself, his family were related to the ones who overthrew the China dynasties and brought in communism.  Long lines of intergenerational revolutionaries.


Again, the beauty of revolution is that the ones who do the revolution on the streets never figure it out, hhhch, they really don't figure it out that they’re not in charge. Because they're young, eh, and it's easy to get them all stirred up for a cause, you see. Very easy. They fall for it time after time. Then of course they're disposed of, once those that they serve, that they've helped, those that they serve, bring in the next part of the system, and it's always the same group at the top who is changing their own system. It's not being taken over.


There's only one group at the top and this is their revolution using Covid, lockdown, destroying the economy.  These are the richest folk on the planet, they’re changing THEIR system into the next phase of their system.  And using Antifa and Black Lives Matter across the world at the same time.  It's their revolution. They have revolutions all the time. It might be 100, 200 years apart, but it's their revolutions. They are in charge of each phase of it. They have to have a revolution because you, for the last hundred years have thought that that was normal, what you are in now, you know, and your parents before you. No, it was their system. It was their system, always their system.


Going back even to the, do you think it's just ramblings of guys like Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis, they're just ramblings, do you think, eh?  Who pretty well set up the scenario for an America that would eventually run the world to an extent? But he did say, and quite, I mean, not a bad sci-fi writer for his era, eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  He says, yeah, he says, and there'll be machines under the ground that would create incredible energy, with the light of the sun, as he's describing it in his book and so on. You know, that could create all kinds of weather by it.  Oh wow, eh?  Quite an amazing thing, accomplishment, for a guy who was writing with, the best they had at the time, a candle.  [Alan laughing.]  He said too of course that there'll be a form of democracy that the people would believe in, but in reality, there'll be a secret government of scientific types, ‘eh, who would really rule the system, the show.  I tell ya, hm. 


And you look at all the occult symbols, of course Francis Bacon wrote about, he learned Kabbalah, and he even learned other languages just to go with the Kabbalah, he talked about that too, and who he learned from and all that kind of thing.  Long term planning.  Then, so pretty well they accomplished it to an extent, where everyone would look to this new, this new nation, you know, as a pinnacle of virtue to follow, you see.  It's a virtue thing, eh, to follow them, and you'd be so happy for them, the fact they'd brought you civilization, world commerce and so on. But anybody who wouldn't join this kind of Federation and be good and adopt the same kind of politics and so on and social regulations, would be banned from the trade, eh, banning them from their free trade, y'know, and so on and so on and so on.


So the US for a while got its lead in, was given its lead as, again, the policeman of the world, running world commerce and lending to the world through its institutions, etc. Now it's time to take it down, eh.  That part of it, I've mentioned it before, eventually America, the US that has funded... [Alan chuckles.]  I always think of the mouse on the moon, you know, that comedy, old comedy from the 50s and 60s. Where this little country in the middle of Europe, an unknown little place, was broke, was poverty-stricken and they wanted cash.  They didn't even have running water, you see, in the castle.  So they had to say, how can we get money? Well, America, this is during the Cold War, America or Russia, they're always, you know, giving money out to countries that they want to have as friends, you know, in other words, as assets. So they put out a rumor they were going to build to space, a rocket and so on.  The US immediately says, well, yeah, with good public relations they'll never get anywhere, they don't have the know-how.  So we'll give them, ah, a million.  The actual little country had asked for a few thousand bucks, we'll give it about $1 million he says.  So back to the little country that was broke, and the Prime Minister is talking to his mum that was the Queen and he says, yeah, they would've given us $1 million.  And she says, oh my goodness, you only asked for a few thousand. He says, oh don't worry about it, it's every American's birthright to pay for the projects of every other country’s ambitions [Alan laughing.] he says pretty well. 


So yeah, it's Americans birthright to pay, you know, through their taxes, all these great enterprises that their masters have worked out. And that's how it is, isn't it?  So that the US literally has funded the United Nations and NATO for years and years and years. Been the policeman of the world.  Now it's time to move on to the world system, and as I’ve said for years and years, America has to then submerge itself into the world system which really it helped create through its various agencies.  And across the world you'll have a standardized system of austerity, which is kind of poverty, you see. 


But it will still have its hotspots.  Don't forget too that in Strategic Trends, the Department of Defense 2008 I think it is, that I came out with the article and put it up there.  It mentioned their projections for the future for the military, the think tank that worked for the military, about city-states, etc.  City-states are the things which will, out of this new Phoenix you see rising all the city-states where the actual nation-state, just like Karl Marx said, just coincidentally, eh, [Alan chuckles.]  the nation-state would wither away. 


You think it's all coincidence these things happen exactly the way they talked about making it happen?, a century, two centuries, a few centuries ago? Do you think it's all coincidence? 




So yes, getting back to the whole, the point of it all. The elite, who own the world as far as they're concerned, certainly they own everything in it that you need to live on, and all the corporations that are all having their revolution to the next phase, you see, using Covid, total lockdown, the total destruction, complete destruction of the economy, post consumerism. Maurice Strong said it too, we want to bring the nation-states back, before you eliminate them, but bring them back to preindustrial levels of austerity.  Where folk really didn't have much, most of them were agricultural at one time, before industry, you see, before industrial revolutions, much smaller populations, and lots of folk died because they were so poor by the class system, etc.  That's what they want to bring you back to and that was the wonderful Maurice Strong, where he wanted to bring you all back to it as well. And all the other organizations that still exist.  So you're not going to get a utopia. 


Literally, I'll put it up too, a link to General Flynn's talk, interesting little talk he gave. Because very few people, if you've noticed, have come out from the top at all to try and even defend the nation-state. Remember, the nation-states under Marxism is to be utterly destroyed, because that's what the elite want.  The richest folk want that [Alan chuckles.] for their own agenda.


Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America - / 5 Aug 2020


A Warning From General Flynn To The Silent Majority - / 1 July 2020 him


So yeah, Flynn came out and talked about, two percent I think want to overthrow the entire population, and they could do it if no one else, the silent majority just don't do anything. And I, you know, I understand where he's coming from. Because regardless of agendas, etc., so much could be altered if people did stand up for themselves. Obviously against what appears to be a massive army. It's not a massive army at all. Again, it's perception management.  They bus the same crew into different states, back and forth, full-time employees a lot of them. They're not starving.  They're getting paid from different sources, obviously well-funded. But it appears, if you're watching TV of course, it would be, oh my God, they're everywhere. No, no.  No.  Not really.


The hard-core agitators, the ones who are trained, trained, trained, not just for agitation but to go it into complete rebellion against, against, to try to get a rebellion against Marxism, because that's what they want you to do is to attack them.  Or even defend yourself and be called attacks. You can’t lose really. Because you're going to lose anyway unless you do something at all.  So General Flynn came out and pretty well said it.  What was interesting me was, that's the one little caveat, again, you know, in the big, big plans of mice and men, is that the US... 


I’ll put up again a link to, that a reporter gave years ago from the Council on Foreign Relations talking about the need to do an end run around the Constitution. In other words, ignore it, just build laws around it and super... You know, almost like, like burying it in a whole bunch of overlapping strands, that would be just like a ball of wool, bury it with new legislation. To just ignore it.  Which would, even though you're ignoring it, still legally you could throw it all off and say no, no, this is all illegal. And don't debate it, don't take it to court, just get rid of it. That's what you'd have to do, you don't have time to mess around.  I'll put that one up too.


But back to Flynn, people don't know, I don't think folk really know because they haven't really read all the different letters to do with confederation of the United States of America by the people who founded it and so on. But so many of them talked about, it was republic they had chosen, you see. And a Republic that, it wasn't just any old republic. They had based it on ancient Rome.   In ancient Rome you had the Senate, which was a kind of a nobility. Some people could work towards it through good works and get into it.  Most of it that was hereditary, as you know, everything ends up corrupt. But regardless, the Senate was to debate all changes, and also debate things that had to be done, like more grain being brought in.  Because ancient Rome had a massive world army, very much like the US became.  And bases across the entire planet. Again, very much like the United States has right now. They were getting exhausted toward the ends by taxing. They had taxed every country they went into.  Because they were so corrupt inside their own country, in Rome, that the money was vanishing all over the place. Just like now. It's no different.


But regardless, occasionally when it got so bad, and people were in poverty, and there was a problem with the people at the bottom that would be rebelling because they were starting to starve, you would get a person coming out to restore the Republic.  Now, the Republic had a set of rules that would keep the system intact, not to be changed but to keep it intact, the basic regulations of rights and wrongs basically. But the system itself, it was spelled out in bold lettering, put it that way, into what it was supposed to do. Sometimes when the Senate became soo corrupt, that always happens in society, it doesn't even matter, communism was exactly the same.  But, so corrupt that things were just not working and they were falling apart. Often the armies were kind of stranded in different countries, without even getting orders as to what to do next and stuff like that, or having supplies sent to them, or even pay. 


Because of the corruption in Rome they would have their parties and their debauchery.  Even though at the end it was so debauched that Rome had to try and decree that the nobility who ran Rome, ancient Rome, must marry and must have children. Because they didn't want children, they were aborting their children by then too. That's what it always ends up being.  And women with women, men with men. It was amazing, it's amazing to read it, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and all the other things that happened at the time. It was amazing to read it. Caligula of course with his antics as well, as everything else was just wallowing and waiting for orders and instructions from their base, you know, all the other armies. 


But it was soo bad that the Senate would often confiscate farmland for their own use, you see. Or, even early attempts of senators to get big businesses going by taking over farms and trying to get other guys to manage them, collectively, bring them into one. Like we've watched through the whole 20th century, the same con being pulled in America and across the world where hundreds and hundreds of farms in certain states are demolished, really, but out of business by the banks and loans and so on. Then in comes the characters who work along with them and they get them for peanuts, amalgamate them and they have a consortium.  That's how they manage it really. Well, that happened in ancient Rome, and the Senate was so corrupt. 


Of course the folk in the rural areas were so sick of it all they would gathering their pitchforks and so on, ready for rebellion. And in would come a tyrant.  A tyrant wasn't a bad thing to have at times. And it was often a general from the military who knew the rules and knew the laws.  His job then would be to use a martial law scenario, round up all the crooks of the day, if they had open rebellions inside the city he'd round them up as well. Rebellions often again too are fomented by psychopaths who know there's a lot of discontent.  They use the discontent and they become the leaders of the people, you know, because they want the power, and they want to become the new Emperor. That always happens in every society.  In every era.


Anyway, the tyrant would lay down the law, clean the streets up, stop them pillaging and etc., the things that were going on. It's always the same scenario, you see. And he might reside there for years as a tyrant before they start to give out, give away ultimate authority back to the Senate again. That happened on and off over different centuries. Not just in Rome, other places too. 


So the US was modeled after that. So really, if, hhhch, if someone tries to subvert the laws of the foundation of the nation, which were meant to be cut in stone, forever, and if you saw them changing, then something's going on that shouldn't be going on, you see. Then you're supposed to get someone coming in to put it straight again. That's what the whole idea of ‘enemies foreign and domestic’. That's why Benjamin Franklin said to the people when they came out of the hall after the big meeting. And supposedly, in the history books anyway, they say that he was asked by the people outside, who couldn't get in, eh, it was a closed meeting.  He says, what kind of government have you given us? And he says, a constitutional republic, or Republic, IF you can keep it.


Because history shows you that there's always power-hungry freaks who want to take it over, through any means possible, and any excuse possible. And for their own ends. By using the mob as they say. 


So yeah, the US can if they want to, they can bring in their own tyrant to set things straight. And it's rather amazing for... the whole world's been watching the United States. It's been living on Hollywood for too long with all these movies of the proud American, you know, and the John Wayne, because John Wayne wouldn't have stood for that as you well know in his movies.  But that era has been tossed out the window unfortunately. In a sense. I say unfortunately because it gave you some decent morality and decent role models at times as well, instead of the ones they've given you today.


But Hollywood has gone totally debauched for a long, long, long, long time. And it's all for, again, world government and communism.  Because hhhhh, the Soviets released documentaries after their supposed fall, of their version of the Western culture, which they copied. Because the West was saying, oh look what we can do, we can have totally nude movements if we want in the West, and all this modern art where people can have eyes on their chins and things, you see. Russia didn't want to go to that level, but they wanted to still have control of the culture. So they gave them the miniskirt eventually.  It took them, years later, but the miniskirt and promoted the sexual aspect to an extent. But nothing like the West.  They even had in the documentaries, they had some of the people they put up as pop stars for Russia too, you see, and guitarists and things like that as they tried to compete and says, well you know, we're not completely morbid over here and that kind of thing.  But in the documentary, they did admit, they couldn't believe how debauched all the stuff coming out of Hollywood was.  Bezmenov knew it too because it was part of the agenda.


Communism knew how to use and destroy cultures by using the agendas that were used in the West. They promoted them. And they would forbid them in their own countries because they knew it would destroy the people. And if the people were destroyed, there's no more Soviet Union to Lord over, you see.  And that's how it's done. Quite amazing.


But anyway, what you're seeing, and I keep getting back to it, what are the chances of having a Covid disease, one of the many Covid’s out there that cause no problems generally, you know... And you're going through, all countries, the countries across the world have been closed down to bring in all new system, eh, a global reset... And the global reset crew at the World Economic Forum have said it quite plainly, they are using this, this Covid idea to restructure society, sustainability, everything, hm.  And at the same time, then they give you the unleashing, like something that was planned years ago and trained, these guys are trained for quite a few years, to unleash the Antifa groups on society to intensify the chaos, you see.


No, all these things would not happen at the same time. And again, the whole world is looking back and saying, well, the US doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.  What happened to them, eh? 


Then they play the legal game, oh, you can't bring any excess troops into your states, it's the law. And the people who are telling you that are taunting you with it because they're joining the rioters.  They call them protesters, but look at Portland, it's still being burned. And they're going after, I'll put some articles up where you actually see they're attacking women, elderly women who are trying to put fires out in their homes that the Antifa's set away.  Only they're protests, though, right, eh?


Portland protesters attack elderly women who tried to put out their fires - / 7 Aug 2020


We're watching this farce eh, and the world can't believe it that they're not trying to stop it.  They don't seem to be, you know. So General Flynn as it came out, as I said, and he’s starting to speak the ultimatum, and he’s speaking to the general populace.  Because yeah, do you really want two percent of the public, or even less than that, to overthrow your whole way of living?


It's not living.  If they can charge, believe you me...  What the Bolsheviks do, and communists do, is they get rid of the established order, the folk who might come against it.  And that's why their enemy at the moment is the police. Then the mayors, etc. in the States are saying, abolish the police.  Well hey, that leaves it wide open for complete communist takeover.  And when there's no more police or whatever, the communists then send out their own people to round folk up and execute them! We know this!  This is not rocket science.  This is what they've always done in the past. What's so interesting is that they're not deviating from the old system here. They really are not. It's quite amazing to see this.


And people really are scratching their heads and saying, wait a minute here, I mean...  If there's nothing at the top to stop it, then it's going to be everybody at the bottom, every man for himself.  It's quite interesting to observe all this happening, isn't it? And you know it's...  And of course if you go against them and say, well see, they attacked us.  That's the standard technique in Marxist rebellion is to try and goad the authorities to use force against them. Then all the media will scream, oh look what they've done to us. So they want it to happen. This is all standard textbook stuff.  And it is quite fascinating to watch it.


So the elite want it to happen. Obviously. The Antifa groups know it, they're getting funded by them, and all the top corporations, [Alan chuckles.] again, they're getting the funding from them, and Black Lives Matter.  They've got their mayors bought and paid for by higher authorities, obviously, who want to disband the police, then they can get on with their elimination of everybody they want to eliminate.  Nothing's going to stop it then.  Then the rabid ones that are being put out in front, the attack dogs, will have their day. Then eventually they in turn are eradicated once they have established or gotten rid of most of the opposition, you know, eliminated them.  Then they are eliminated gradually, and then they are airbrushed out of the photographs and so on and so on. Standard stuff.


And you have again, you have the intelligence agencies including Silicon Valley, that's all part of the same structure, including Google, etc. etc. They know who everybody is. Absolutely they know who everybody is.  And for anyone in this day and age to think that, it's like, was it The Who that sang, I think, talking about 'my generation'.  Everybody around the age of 18 thinks they’re on the cutting edge of something, they know things that adults just don't know. That's what they think, hhhch, that's why you're going to succeed. They have no idea what's going on, really, way above them.  And they're given rope, they're given their lead, you see, and they're given rope and they'll keep, run with it and run with it thinking that they're really on a roll and they're really changing the world. All by themselves, eh?  Except for the leaders who are smirking themselves because they won't get the chop eventually.  Quite amazing times to watch it all.


The behaviorists are involved in it too.  Because behaviorists, mind you, some of the best behaviorists work with all the intelligence agencies. Again, they are master manipulators. Because they understand human behavior and how to use you, without you even knowing that you're being used in 100 different ways.


Again, that Edge of Darkness, it's quite interesting. The guy who's the father of the girl who was one of the revolutionaries, then by the way, who were invited and, they really thought they were breaking in, but they were actually getting led into be killed off. And for other reasons as well.  The father himself initially was no naïve character. He had worked supposedly, in the book form because this is from a novel.  He'd worked in intelligence agencies in Northern Ireland, as an example.  His job was to go in and recruit people to be informers within, and train them, inside the IRA. He'd be kind of psychopathic himself, to an extent. You could be, if you’re brought up in a psychopathic milieu, you'll pick up traits of the psychopath, and you get trained into a narrow field of view, you won't think it's wrong, you know, you will behave like a psychopath.


So he knew how to get the field agents going and look after them. Right down to, and he says, it's even in the six-part series, if a person gets hurt, or one of the people that you're running, you're running these agents now, you see, and you want to get information out of them, you'd be everything to them. You'd be a husband, eh, a husband if it's a male too, a husband to them, or wife to them, to an extent. You're EVERYthing to them, you're a mother, father, everything to them. And they'll open up to you and spill secrets, etc. under certain circumstances. Right down to holding their hands and stroking their cheek and so on, you know, their face. That's how. You have no idea, [Alan chuckles.] you have no idea how they are trained to do all this kind of stuff.  None at all.


Anyway, I've probably prattled on too much about that may be, I don't know. But it is interesting to watch it unfold. But don't forget, you just don't get a Covid thing coming out, and with all the data of fudged figures.  I'll touch on that again.  It's been admitted from Britain they've been, rather exaggerating a lot of the figures. And even the conservative numbers they give you now, or the drop of 10%, a decrease and...


It's no, come on.  We know what's going on when Hancock said himself that, people forget in Britain, he says, there's 10,000 folk die every month here, you know. If you tally it up, if that's the case, if that's the normal death rate – because folk are dying all the time and folk are getting born all the time, this is birth and death's, eh   then really, if it started off in January, eh, you got about 70,000 folk would die off anyway, up to the present, under any circumstances.  But now they're putting them all down as Covid, you see.


But you don't get the Covid idea, as I say, and the revolutions getting started, across the world, all, you know, and using racial attacks, etc. to do it as well. It's really quite amazing. All predictable, from long ago, absolutely predictable.  Then you unleash them at the right time, and you want folk just to be stunned by this magic act. No. Everything can be reclaimed very quickly if people wanted it to be.


It would be interesting to see if Flynn and others start to come forward now and will go ahead with it. If not, then you've consented to communism, and all the horror that will come with it, you know. That's why you must always leave the public to themselves. Eventually, leave them to themselves when they don't want to know or don't want to listen or whatever.  Because they acquiesce to their own disasters in the future and terrible slavery by their silence. That's what they call the silent majority.


Again, most folk being people, you know, or sheeple, at times, you know, take the path of least resistance, which is to shut up and keep your head down and comply to everything that's done. Until literally you're walking backwards, or you're running backwards with compliance, you see, because you'll never please the Masters, you see.  Then what do you do? What will you do when it's all gone to hell and handbasket? Grovel and say how good you are, and maybe they can throw you more bread or something? You know? 


It's not going to work.


You're dealing with an ideology which has no pity in it. In fact, pity is something that's to be drummed out of those who really rule it. It's beyond impartiality. Mind you, they use psychopaths at that level.  But yeah, they have no compassion. You are an enemy. If you're not one of them, you are an enemy. And they mean a life-and-death enemy, that's what they mean by that. There's no coexistence with them, that's what they're taught. And they believe it.  They will not coexist with you or anybody else unless you're one of them. And that you can parrot completely from their textbooks all the different quotes that they just parrot off like, you know, four legs good, two legs bad, from Orwell's Animal Farm. That's where you're going with it all.


Now remember folks again, I've gotta keep reminding myself at times, that you could donate to me if you go into and see how to do it. You've got electronic means to send it. You can send cash or checks. It's all fine by me.  You can buy books and discs, or you can just do straight donations to me. Because these are dire times that we’re going through. I need the cash to keep running all my different sites.  Hopefully I'll get another, you know, I'll get some better equipment now too. Because we're into the big phase now of this, is it.


It's important to keep going right now because you've got to be true to yourself, you know. Before anything else you've got to do that. If you keep walking backwards, or accepting, as I say, the easy path, easy way out, the easy way out may be easy temporarily until you find yourself going into the slaughterhouse.  You know, you're following the Judas goat as they call it.  That's how it's done, comply and comply until you can't walk backwards anymore. You can’t even get out of the maze, you know.  That's how you’re being run by it all.


Again too, even if you had enough people and some tyrant type character, you know, to restore order or whatever, you've got to realize too that you’re in a life-and-death battle, already. I hope you understand. Because I've said before, you don't realize that the people at the top of our society, they are a society, secretive.  Not totally secret but secretive, the ones that do all their bidding for them are definitely secretive, but you can see more of them, who they are, but the ones who give us our marching orders basically on behalf of the elite, you see.  And the so-called philanthropists, like the CFR said, that it was time for them to take their place in helping to govern the world, a few years ago, I remember doing the story years ago.  And here they are, suddenly you're supposed to obey them, the super-rich people. That really are not geniuses at all, they're just front people, well backed financially. Just like Epstein was too, mind you, for his role. 


But you're supposed to obey them.  And they get lots of publicity.  Just like Einstein again, the star making machinery, eh.  Make them into stars and give them little talks and TED talks and things, and then obey them. Because they're obviously very bright people, simply because they've got all these millions of dollars, or billions, and they must be bright, you see, so why don't you just obey them and stop trying to have your own ideas and impressions of things, eh.  As Bertrand Russell says, training the public to believe in experts for everything. Well, we're here.  We're trained.  Yeah.  But you remember, these characters at the top that are funding literally terrorist movements, overthrowing... What's the definition of a terrorist movement? Using radical techniques of rioting, killing, burning, looting, to achieve objectives.  Hm?  Political overthrows, of overthrowing of the system, the current system to put themselves in charge. They think.  But the ones who are financing it all, if you, if you…


Look what happened after 9/11, let's just stay in this little area for a minute or two.  After 9/11 they brought on all the laws against the, oh, we've got to just survey everybody, and the whole population, anybody could be a terrorist. You might not know you are one yet yourself, hm.  So well I guess that's right. Very again, Orwell, you know, I didn't know myself until my daughter found out when I was speaking in my sleep, I didn't know I had these terrorist thoughts.  So here we are all these years later, we've got acclimatize to that. But all your transactions have been watched like crazy. And if you, right up to the present, if you take any money from what they've stated is a terrorist organization, even as a donation or whatever, hm, then you're under suspicion immediately.  Well, look at all the well-known corporations that have been throwing millions and billions to the Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups, the two radical communist organizations or Marxist organizations. 


You'd better understand something. The ones at the top have sworn allegiance to this agenda.  Sworn allegiance. Totally. Just like Bush Junior did with his PNAC group from 9/11 onwards with all the list of countries they started to take out, by taking the US into definitely unconstitutional wars, and definitely for lying reasons. That came out during the inquiry, and he said, I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, he says, I just said he was a bad man, we're better off without him.  That's what he said. But no, no, at the time, he did say, oh yeah, he's behind all that too, you know. Born liar, eh.  But he had a whole bunch of born liars with him in the PNAC group.  And dedicated, dedicated guys who'd sworn again allegiance to getting this agenda through, regardless of the cost to anything or anybody else.


I remember in an interview Bush Junior years later said, when he was out of office he says, I remember telling this to so-and-so, I don't know who it was.  He says, you know, he says, if the American public ever find out what we'd been up to, they'll chase us down the streets with ropes in their hands. That's what he said!  That was the lying era of weapons of mass destruction and all that.  All fuzzy pictures, and oh, that's definitely a rocket launcher. All these lies, eh.  They were sworn on board with it. All of them. Because if it came out what they had all sworn an oath TO, what choice would you have? You'd have to deal with them.  And everyone at the top that is part of the same story, that they’re peaceful protests. Have you seen Portland? It's still going on. It's 70 odd days I think, isn't it?  Hmmm.  So it's quite something. And you'd have to obviously say, why are you finding terrorist organizations? 


So yeah, the problem with the US, like every other country, it's been so corrupt for so long.  Soo long, you know. One thing is true as well, I can remember giving a talk in the 90s, I talked about the corruption everywhere. I said, the Tower of Babel, I says, is a tall tower. As they were getting plundered with the banks, at least twice a century, always, it's regular stuff. It's more now actually, hm.  So you can’t get ahead of anything. The folks, their savings are always wiped out, if they have any at all, through inflation, where you need more and more money to buy the same basic, basic necessities.  So the currency is always getting devalued, so there's no point in saving it. What you can buy for one dollar today is a fraction, tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of what it could buy maybe 20, 30 years ago, you can go way back into 100 odd years ago, and so on and so on. This is a con game of money, how it's worked out by the monopolists at the top.


I said, this tower, where they use nations, before they used Britain for years and years for all their wars, eh, not just Britain though. They used France at one point too.  They had stakes in Holland.  Every country has had its little Empire in some part of the globe that had been taken over in its colonial days.  But don't think that somehow Africa was spared. Because Africa, Africans were always on the warpath with other tribes too in areas. They had their little empires on the go as well, within Africa. So don't pretend that no one, that they were just innocent of it all. Then you have the Native Americans in Canada and the States. They lived on battling with other tribes, you know. So no one's immune from this, you know. That's been the standard way everywhere you look.


But the corruption got to such an incredible state, from the 1970s onwards I'd say with corporate corruption like you wouldn't believe.  And with wars that the people should have never been involved in. Because literally the ones who rule the world use your nations and your armies as though it was their own personal little armies. That's how they see it, you're there to protect their business, their empire abroad. But you paid it all, you paid for it all. They take all the profits from raw resources and everything else that they have, but they hand you the tab for the military and the expense of the equipment and everything, you know. So corrupt. Incredibly corrupt.


Never mind the drain, the constant drain on the public, until you get less and less back home, you're paying so much in taxes for all of this. I said, with the bank crashes on the corruption, the Tower of Babel is just swaying in the breeze now, held together by Band-Aids and scotch tape. It's had so many repairs to it, temporary. But it can't last forever like that. And here you are now, eh. But as I say, the elite knew that it would get to this stage because they've done this before down through time, to get into this stage, and they're transforming it into the next phase of their own domination again. So, it is their revolution at the top. Sure it is.


All you're really left with is, is there any will inside the US and elsewhere just to shrug this off, to stop it?  And if you stop that you'd have to, [Alan chuckles.] like Bush said, chase them down the streets if they find out what we've been up to.  You'd have to say, what were you corporations, what were you thinking of when you're funding these organizations that are burning cities? and threatening people? You'd have to, wouldn't you?


It would be interesting to see what's going to happen.  As I say, I tend to look at it like a bystander looking at all of society. Because you think it's unique.  The only things that are unique are the times and the little changes here and there, but it's always the same type of revolution.  The radicalization of the youth done in exactly the same way. Then as Bezmenov said, once it's all over you have to go out and eliminate the real radical ones that were doing the killings and the violent, they were getting off on the violence, they enjoy, they enjoy it, you see. And they have to be dealt with once you bring in the peace, after you've conquered and you bring in the peace. I'm talking about the revolutionaries, when they're bringing in their communist system, then they get eliminated by their own people. Because they can't live in a peaceful system.


Nothing new under the sun they say, eh.  That's why you can always use them, by the elite themselves, they can always plan.  I wonder if they have, how many other revolutions they have planned over the next century or two, for their own next phase and next phase, you see?  Interesting thought.


So it truly is an amazing time to witness all of this and to have maybe a deeper insight than some in what's really happening and where it will go.  And the different possibilities too that are more remote but they're still there regardless if people suddenly have some kind of revival of some kind to oppose it all. That's what you would need.


And to counter that, though, you also have this amazing thing going on with Donald Trump, who's still prattling on about Russia, Iran, China, and he hasn't mentioned Syria, but I know the people behind him, is the same list, the PNAC group folks.  The same list that Obama ran with too. The same list that Bush Junior ran with, all the different parties, all on board on the same agenda.


The folk really are just so sick and tired of war across the Middle East especially. It's a money pit, never mind a futile pit for the people back home and the incredible debt that it's costing, etc.  So they're watching all of this and yet they don't have someone at the top that's… that has literally stopped that whole area. The folk were just so sick, it's a 30-years war for goodness’ sake!  You had the lockdown of Iraq with no flyovers after the first, the Desert Storm, for a 10-year period, and then the full invasion after 9/11.  In 2003 I think they did Iraq. But they did Afghanistan first, and they had the troops ready to go into Afghanistan [Alan chuckles.] before 9/11 hit. That's another thing too. 


It's a list, you see, it's the list that General Wesley Clark talked about.  And they haven't changed the list.  And it makes no sense to the general public, because it's got nothing to do with your, with America's values or rights or whatever or necessities, at all. That's the whole problem with it.  As I say, you have to really understand it, you seldom will figure out what huge intelligence agencies are up to.  Seldom.  Because they're brought up, I think they're raised in a different reality from birth probably most of them. Definitely within the families they are. They know a completely different view on everything than you have.  They'll understand their own reason, they'll figure them out as to why you're into these countries and so on, very quickly. But you won’t, you know.


But just the cost of it all, that alone is, when you're already into a postindustrial society, and now you're going to go into a post consumerist society, where you're just going to get basic essentials, you see, if you're lucky. Then, hhhhh, the folk just can't figure it out at all, you know. They can't. They can never figure out they're living in an agenda, living through a script as I've said so many times. It's a script.  Step by step by step.  And however they behave is, most folk again just go along with the flow, they can’t figure it out, so they go along with the flow, the path of least resistance.  That's what they do.


So it will be interesting when you have generals talking about other ways to bring back the Constitution and so on. Well really, the US itself hasn't been following it for years themselves, regardless of the party.  They're following a different agenda, obviously.  Don't forget that Bush Junior from the time of 9/11 onwards, you know, was quite open about, he didn't want to get any intelligence come into his office, and he told that to the different intelligence agencies that were coming into him, I don't want to hear anything that contradicts the fact that Iraq is a bad country, with a bad leader, just give me the stuff I want to hear.  And that's what you got, you know. 


If Trump's going to continue in taking out Iran and so on, and the countries around there, we all know about it, well, look at the fallout across the whole of Europe because of these wars.  Massive armies of young men coming in, for years and years and years. This is all worked step-by-step, if we do this, this will cause this, and do that, and that will cause that. That's what intelligence agencies do.  And we know that it's the elites' intelligence agencies that want a global system, and the eradication of borders, it's time for that phase now, that's what they say. 


And it's their system, they don't care what you think.  [Alan laughing.]  Not at all.  Np.  You're still thinking you can vote and have rights and all that. No. No. They don't believe in that at all.  N-n-n.


So yeah, where would it end and start and end, you know?  But regardless, for those at the bottom that are use like a battering ram against society who really think, and again they're all getting manage by the well-trained ones above them, and the groups, the ones that do the actual overt violence and you can see it on camera and all that, they know who every single one of these people happens to be. Just like you see in Edge of Darkness, all these movements are full of infiltrators. Agents. And you never know who they are. You never ever suspect them. Some of them will be the leaders in fact. They wouldn't do the events themselves, the real violent, but you'll do it for them, you see, then you get in trouble down the road.  This is all old stuff.  Old stuff.  A lot of these groups, by the way, years ago were funded by your own governments.  Quietly. Quietly funded by them. But there you go. That's the world in which we live.


We're always, you know, I don't want to harp on about management, but we're always managed. I used to, I look at China and look at the so-called Third World countries around there in the Far East. Kept in poverty. Not just because they're poor [Alan chuckles.] they're kept in poverty. They were kept in poverty almost like, if you can imagine a world would be a kind of a timeline, and the leader saying, well you know, we'll move out of Britain and Germany and different countries, and we'll move eventually over to the Far East and different countries. Well, you keep the poor for maybe 50 years. You pay off everybody who rules over them. They're all on the pay.  And everything is so corrupt and easily... Bribes go a long way in these countries. That's what they did with India for such a long time as well, you know.  So you can keep them poor, and people in the country make sure they stay poor. Then maybe 50 years down the road, with the next generation or even 1/3 generation, who knows, you can use that crew of poor folk to do the industry, you see. That's how it's done.  I'm not kidding you. That really is how it's done, you know. Again, the folk never figure that out.


Occasionally you'll get the exposes coming out to the general public, like Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Remember, that was a guy who went into the countries on behalf of the World Bank and the IMF and the big international corporations that worked with your intelligence agencies. They tried to buy over some leaders at times, they put them in if they hadn't done already or they'll buy them over or bribe them over.  Then they call it, you know, we want you to do this for us. And if you said no, you see, and you owed the money to the World Bank or the IMF and that, then they say, you better do what we tell you or we'll send in the jackals. So, his job was to try to convince them to go along and just pay up and then do what they want them to do.  These are the countries that had a stake in their country, they send in the jackals. He talked about it quite openly. He may be psychopathic himself to do a job like that in the first place, you know. But that's how things really are. That's how it is.


But yeah that's how long-term business plans with empires and countries and nations, and now you don't even need the countries, just empires of business, they can keep a whole area of the planet in poverty for another, they'll say, we'll keep them in poverty for another 50 years, and 75 years, by that time my son-in-law or my grandson will be in charge or whatever, and he'll reap the benefits of that and will move in there when he's in his prime and use the cheap labor. That's how you do things.


You see, you'd never think of it because you've been trained from birth to be naïve.  You've been trained from birth as I said before to be domesticated. Domesticated animals are trained and bred, once you get ones that are more passive, you interbreed them and interbreed them and interbreed them in the cattle until you get the perfect cow that will reproduce lots of milk and cause little fuss at all. You know, when you see the cattle of some parts of Latin America, they're more back to the natural state and those things are pretty nasty. It doesn't matter if it's a cow or a bull, they can be pretty nasty. But the West is a more, great, you know, domestication and selective breeding, choosing the mating up of them, just like they did with the bees to get a passive bee colony so you can get honey off them without too many stings. It's the same kind of idea. It works awfully well. 


But you do the same thing with the population of people. Darwin talked about it. He touched on these kind of thoughts, just like exercises of the mind sort of thing. Then his descendant’s including Charles Galton Darwin took it to the next level.  Charles Galton Darwin, who was the physicist remember who worked on the Manhattan Project, the atomic bomb project in World War II, who came out with The Next Million Years, you know, saying that, yeah, and admitting what we all know, or we should know. He said, yeah, he says, there's always been slavery, and there's always been slaves, and I don't see why it would never end. It might take different forms of slavery, slightly disguised so that folk can have a...  If you train the public, they won't catch on, and that's what it is. When you're a wage slave for instance, [Alan chuckles.], eh, that's a slave, a wage slave.


And you're a good slave.  Because as I've said in my talks in the 90s, at one time they used to have whips and guys with whips standing over trenches, who are digging trenches and irrigation things in Egypt.  That costs, you know, that takes time, and then you pay the overseers, etc.  Then you have to feed and clothe the slaves. And because they're expensive, if you've trained them that they've now got value, you don't want them to die, so you've got to give them medical treatment and so on and all that. That happened in the US too during the slave times. So they took care of them to an extent, you see.


But eventually that's what happened, when they brought in the real entrepreneurs of money and commercial banking and commercial mercantile banking, then they were advised in the mid-1800s, rather than have slaves, you know, that you have to pay all this money out, that's loss of profit.  Why don't you just give them a paycheck, just enough they can feed and clothe themselves and get to work, then they have to pay for all that themselves out of their paycheck, and if they need medical treatment then they have to pay for that themselves, if they can afford it. And you will save a bundle of money.


And that's why...  So they gave you, you know, the worker, the right of the worker, the honest labor, oye.  [Alan chuckles.]   Then they started taxing it all back off you from the government end as well.  Which was of course part of the definition of slavery. I mentioned that years ago, the same thing, that it was illegal to actually tax someone's wage because it was classed as slavery then, you see. No, you can't tax someone's labor. The only ones to get tax in the US were people who worked for the government at one point, and incoming goods. Most of the money was from incoming goods, import duties.  That was plenty to keep everybody happy back then.


But once the new system came in with the real sharp men, you know, coming in and en mass and seeing, oh, how they could do all the scams, that was it. They went very quickly into the same system of Britain.  Britain had been sunk long ago, you know, by the same monopoly characters.  But folk again at the bottom never, generally never figure it out. Domesticated people, using all kinds of social sciences, and studying the public to make them docile and to make them... 


I mean, hhhch, not just docile, I mean, ahhhhhh...  You know every little thing I touch on sometimes is a big talk itself.  Aldous Huxley talked about it, didn't he?  Getting back to Charles Galton Darwin, he said, yeah there's always been slavery in some form or another and I don't expect why it would be any different in the future. And he was right in that, you could be in slavery and not recognize it in this day and age. You understand that?  [Alan chuckles.] And he believed in his own class’s right to rule over the rest, right down to population control of the rest, etc., and breeding the people for specific functions. Just like Aldous Huxley mentioned in Brave New World, and Brave New World Revisited.  A lot of it's already here, you see.  It's implemented.


But the first step is to keep people dumb and entertained. Give them their entertainment.  Don't let them participate or create their own entertainment, which still keeps the mind active if you create your own, you know.  Keep them all stuck in their own little houses watching that Lucifer screen, you know, the light screen.  [Alan scoffs.]  And keep them, just their mouths open, aaaaaaaaa, until they go to bed after coming home from, if they've got a job to come home from, and give them sports, give the men sports, you see. That also was touched on by Orwell. He said, the people are kept, talking about his novel, he says, and the people are kept, the men are kept happy with beer and sports and so on, it was too easy to do.


Well, it's all been done, you see.  Ffft.  Domesticated.  Don't think for yourself, you've got all these experts to tell you what the take is, the proper take is on any particular subject, you see. They'll give you your opinions. There's articles coming out now from behaviorists that are paid awfully well with our tax money again to try to con us into complying with all vaccines and complying with everything and complying with experts. And not to oppose them, just do what you're told. One of them actually said that in Australia.  [Alan chuckles.] It's just amazing.  It really is. You should never be bored in this day and age. Especially now, watching all of this unfold.


Getting back to Trump again, I mean, the man is fixated, because it's part of the reason they put, he was put in, was to continue the same wars, maybe even finish them off.  Yep.  And he’s pushed for [Alan chuckles.] military going around your doors giving you vaccinations, he says. Does that sound like a man who's listening to the people?  Yp.  You get little clues through everything.  Even with the rioters, or those who run the rioters.  They're all saying to Trump, you can't bring the troops in to stop the riots. But have you heard them complaining about him saying, he's going to put the military around door-to-door giving vaccinations?  No.  Nope.  [Alan chuckles.] You get lots and lots of little clues about the fact that nothing is quite what it seems to be, eh. 


So this is the testing time for most people to decide, you know, who you are and what you're going to do.  I read an article today put out by the behaviorists themselves. It's almost like something that was put out for themselves by themselves, as they discuss ways to make the people comply with what they want you to do. And through the Covid idea of shaming, all different techniques they're going to really push hard now to shame the public and shun the public and get others to turn more and more on the general public within your own groups and so on, and even arrest people, you know, this is the next step. It was all laid out long ago actually in Event 201. But even before that back in the Rockefeller one on the sciences that would be unfolding etc. It's all in that too.


So you're living through your script.  The whole idea of it just evolving is utter nonsense. Every step that's being unfolded now was planned and discussed, you can see the articles from years ago, step-by-step by step-by-step and stage 4, 5, 6 and 7, etc., right down to arresting people if they won't comply.  But these behaviorists now are coming out openly, and with ridiculous articles, like in Forbes for instance, just saying that it’s time the public stop thinking, don't think for yourselves, you're not qualified to think for yourself, listen to the experts.  Pretty well saying [Alan chuckles.] that it's disobedient to think for yourselves.


What was I talking about earlier, domestication of animals, to get a domesticated animal that's compliant and gives you less problems and hassle, well, that's what they’re...  The arrogance is phenomenally in your face right now from all these different sources.  And the manipulators, you understand too, if you had a counterrevolution, you'd have to go over, you'd have to go after those who have funded it, promote it and training, and who are behind at the high up.  You would have to do it. Of course you'd have to do it. And they know that too, that's why they're not going to stop. If they stop, that's what just might happen with some fluke, that's what would happen. 


So to the bitter end, death, and preferably your death, they're going to stick to it. But they're quite open about it in all their articles, the contempt they have for the general public... Don't think for yourselves. You're just a layperson, and look at the experts, as the experts keep contradicting themselves. Even the same experts will change their mind back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth. Look at Fauci, wear a mask, don't wear a mask, wear a mask, don't wear a mask, well maybe you should arrest folk they don't wear a mask, yut-dut-dut-dut-dut.


Yep.  Right down to the fake testing.  The useless tests.  One guy, some politician from the States was, he was tested in the morning before he left to go to this other state, and he was negative. He arrived at the other state, right, about an hour later, got tested again and he was positive.  So they put him back home.  They go back home, he tested negative again. Three different results in one day [Alan chuckles.] with these ridiculous tests.  But don't think for yourself, you know. 


Sad times indeed, eh.  So before I talk about some of the articles I have here to talk too on, remember what the whole US was based upon when it was supposedly founded initially, was to stay out of foreign entanglements. He meant treaties, you know. Now, treaties can be overt or covert treaties. Like "special relationships" they had with Britain and other countries during the Cold War.  If you're signed on to these, this is what dragged Britain into World War I and II, you know, was treaties.  Well, they invaded so-and-so, so we have to go there and do, and things like that, you see.  And because you sign on to these things the super manipulators can make things happens, so that yeah, you've already signed on to help them out, you make it happen, the other country's attacked, or whatever, or appears to be attacked or threatened, and you're in automatically. So it's all manipulation, you see, by higher powers.  So remember that too, that the US this is supposed to stay out of foreign entanglements. That's what it meant, foreign wars disputes or treaties.  That's what it's really about.


Well, look at what's happened. Europe has been demolished by mass migration of refugees with these ongoing wars. Mind you, it's being helped along by those who want it all to happened and to end the nation-states. You can take your pick from the globalist themselves that run international corporations and the ones at the bottom that help with their communist revolution.  End of the nation-state, you see.  That's how it's done.


They're not finished yet of course. They're still bringing them in. Through the United Nations, the communist organization too.  They're just flooding them in and bringing more treaties to take more and more and more in until, until there's nothing left of you. It's just like the statues in the West, you eradicate all the past.  Eventually they burn all the libraries too, you see. They were pretty well doing that anyway before they gave you the Internet, eliminating lots of books and information. Now they're going into really the eradication of them. So libraries and history, statues, any memory of history, and then eventually the people themselves that are left there, [Alan chuckles.] who are the original peoples, and then they're eradicated as well, you see. Step by step by step.  That's how it's done.


We know who the different culprits are down through time, and watching them, who's advocating the end of your nation-states, etc. A well-planned organization indeed. And a well-planned war. It's multipronged.  As Bezmenov said, the cultural war itself under the guise of sexual liberation, that totally destroyed family units and individual lives galore for goodness’ sake. And made everyone dependent in many ways on the state.  As long as you don't breed, the same elite are quite happy. But you think you're making your own decisions, eh, I'm not going to have any children and...  So you're fulfilling what your bosses, your masters want to happen, don't have any live births at least.  That's how it's done.


But no, you're making your own decisions. Rather an amazing species, really. We’re so brainwashed from birth as I say, not to think for ourselves. A lot of folk cannot ever break out into the real world and see. And the shock would destroy them, a lot of them actually. It can hit you like...  Some people get it quickly, it's like a ton of bricks, it's just booomfff, it hits them, and it floors them when they get this sudden insight.  It's not easy to handle if you get it very quickly, or a lot at one time.


So yeah, you have foreign entanglements.  Then you have all the articles I read years ago too about a time of what the military-industrial complex would do in a time of peace, a world peace. Well, they went on to make all the kind of gadgetry and electronic surveillance instead of just making weaponry, in preparation for a time of peace, you see. So the public would be spied on, you'd all be the enemy. And that's what they've done, isn't it?  [Alan chuckles.]  You are all the enemy now, and you can all be terrorists, you know.  Yep.  You just might wake up someday and suddenly you're a terrorist. 


They make billions off us. We are the only source...  Marx was right in a lot of things too, sure he was, when it came to studying how things worked in his day. He explained it pretty well, and that all wealth really comes from the people itself, not just the worker. But yeah, it's made of, and they make it compulsory, you must have this, and you must...  With the Covid thing you're going to have to get a cell phone, they claim, or wear a bracelet.  A manacle, you know, be a prisoner if you're not going to comply.  You're going to have to just get a manacle put on you, a true slave. And maybe they'll put a little star on your back as well so the public can boo you and throw things at you if you venture outside the house. This is how they do it, folks.


Disgusting.  Disgusting. And it will work because the public are so easily manipulated. Every strata of them. Everybody is figured out, everybody. No exception. 


So the masses that they've helped to flood across Europe, they're not finished yet, you see. Don't forget, Iran has been one of the biggest groups of migrants into Britain, for example, for years now. Because would you stay in a country where for years now you've been, maybe 20 odd years, maybe more, you're going to get annihilated just like Iraq! Obliterated. You're going to be bombed out of existence, into the Stone Age. Would you stay there? Eventually you're going to crack or your wife or your husband is going to say, just, that's it, I've had it, and you migrate, etc. Well, that's how you get them out. This is psychological warfare too.


And the big chessboard of course, then they come into Europe.  And they have no affiliation with the histories of the countries.  They bring young guys in, that are angry already [Alan chuckles.] with what the West has been doing, and they blame the West, they can’t think any further than anything else behind it. Then they're a good willing army to turn on the domestic populations of Britain and other countries that they've moved into. This is... You've had recent examples of this in fact. Many people knew at the time when they were coming in, by the thousands, that big, long road of them in through Germany and through Europe, that was all, and they were all getting financed to come in as well.  This is a long-term war, and everybody is a player without even knowing what they are actually doing. But they're all players in making it all happen.


So here's the next one, you had the big, massive explosion in Beirut with the story, very clever too, eh?  A ship comes in, it gets impounded for maybe about six years ago they say, an old wreck, but they had all these, you know, thousands of tons of explosives on it, ammonium nitrate I think, the fertilizer stuff. It just happened be full of that. So it was, they brought it into port, they stored it in a big, a big kind of hanger area or whatever, and eventually it goes off. Can you imagine a Trojan horse like that?  What's this? Oh well, let's haul it into port and we'll bring it in and store it here. What is it? It's high, high explosives. We'll put it in our main area for the, the dock is like a bullhorn, eh, the head and the horns, that's what it looks like there at that particular port. So everything comes in that port. So they have it stored right there. So the whole place is demolished, you know.  It says...


Up to 300,000 Left Homeless by Beirut Explosion: Live Updates / 5 Aug 2020


Beirut's governor Marwan Abboud says some 300,000 people have lost their homes with damages ranging from $3-5bn.


(Alan:  It's probably a lot more than that actually.  Nevermind what's happened. I mean, they can't even get the food coming in now with the ports destroyed. And there are certain people rejoicing over it.  And of course there's this, they're talking about what caused it or who caused it or whatever. But you know, I mean, there are certain intelligence agencies wouldn't miss that sitting there, no way at all, they'd have accelerants all sitting to go off whenever they press a little button, you know.)


The explosion on Tuesday sent shockwaves across the city, causing widespread damage as far as the outskirts of the capital.


Officials said they expect the death toll to rise further as emergency workers dig through the rubble to search for survivors.


The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear. Officials linked the blast to some 2,750 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate that were being stored in a warehouse at the port for six years.


I-yi-yi.  Silly indeed, eh?  Hm?  [Alan chuckles.]  And their enemies are rejoicing, you know, through it all.  But yeah, it's amazing. Nevermind the aftermath too. I mean, you'd be surprised how many chemicals, and I don't know if they're using asbestos too in the buildings or whatever, but that happen in New York City with 9/11, a lot of folk really, your lungs are destroyed eventually years later because of the asbestos at the time, the clouds that were happening.  I could go on and about that too, but I better not even touch that. But yeah, so there you have what's happening. So you got to have an awful lot of folk again, another bunch of folk from a wartime scenario type thing leaving their nation. You know that's going to happen.  A lot of them actually have already left before this happened.  Some of them even living in Ireland.


But yeah, you can force the folk out by constantly threatening to annihilate them if you're powerful enough to do it. But now you're going to see thousands more leaving, like another Army coming in, a river, you know, a river of people flowing into Europe, etc. So this is a great agenda for breaking in the end of the nation-state, isn't it. It's quite good. It works awfully well. Very efficiently.  Most folk can't fathom it out, you know, we better wait to let an expert tell us what their definitive cause is or their hypothesis will be, you know. There you go.


Now, coronavirus, right, this thing that can, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't want to even go into the thing. But anyway, it's an agenda, right, a massive agenda. Lockdown the entire economy, destroy the economy, bring in the global reset, a new way of living, total austerity, etc. etc., that's the plan.  Couldn't do without it, right. So here's an article that says coronavirus restrictions, the actual restrictions because of coronavirus...


Study: Coronavirus restrictions killing 10,000 children per month and 'wasting' and 'stunting' millions more / 29 July 2020


(A: That's true, you're going to see a lot more of this too.  That's just the cost of it, you know, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.  So…)


A new study shows that coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns are leading to the deaths 10,000 children per month and stunting the growth of millions more.


“It’s been seven months since the first COVID-19 cases were reported, and it is increasingly clear that the repercussions of the pandemic are causing more harm to children than the disease itself,”  (A: It is so ironical, UNICEF, right, UNICEF that was, the first head of that was Julian Huxley.) UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said. “Household poverty and food insecurity rates have increased.”


(A: Well, it takes a genius to tell you that. You know, I think we’re all living through it, right.  Shut down the economy, right. Only a few select stores open, the big corporations and so on.)


The study, conducted by researchers at (A: Again, Johns Hopkins University. They play every side of the game here, eh.) Johns Hopkins University and published in the Lancet medical journal (A: That’s the British one.), said that hunger stemming from coronavirus restrictions is causing the deaths of 10,000 children per month and stunting the growth of another 550,000 per month.


(A: So they're already noticing it, you see.)


“By having schools closed, by having primary healthcare services disrupted (A: Well, they've been shut... Nobody else can get in for any other treatment.), by having nutritional programs dysfunctional, we are also creating harm,” Victor Aguayo, the head of UNICEF’s nutrition program, said.


(A: Well, I guess he’s an expert. I'd never have figured out if you shut down the economy, and folk can't get food, and the farms are going under too, and they closed down in Canada for instance most of the meatpacking plants as well so you can't get the protein. I'm glad they've got experts to tell us that it will create harm on the physical body.  I could tell them that without getting a salary of maybe a million or two every month, eh.  [Alan laughing.] So…)


“By having schools closed, by having primary healthcare services disrupted, by having nutritional programs dysfunctional, we are also creating harm,” Victor Aguayo, the head of UNICEF’s nutrition program, said.


(A: Now, here's the thing too, you see, a lot of these children, a lot of the children in this day and age, because of the destruction of family life, the massive unemployment in the West and everywhere else too, because they gave all the factories and that to China, you know, through free trade. All the elite who, the same elites who are bringing in the next part of their system for austerity, gave all your factories and all your work to China. That was the deal, free trade, eh, and the GATT treaty, etc. etc. All boring stuff to me now because I did it all years ago.)


(A: So yeah, here's the effects. And the destruction of the family unit too, so you've got single moms, and then trying to work for themselves and support children, etc. So a lot of them get food at school, you see. That's again, your socialistic system, let's make everybody utterly dependent on the system. Destroy the family unit. Destroy this, destroy that. Then feed the children at school. Socialism, socialism. But then you shut it all down. You shut down the schools, eh, and they're not getting the food anymore.  Etc. etc.  It's all rather evident, eh.)


The disruption of food chains has caused prices to rise,


(A:  Well, again, that was part of what they said years ago. I can remember doing the article from, I think it was the Club of Rome again, and it was also put into newspapers across Canada and the States and elsewhere of a coming austerity. And how the governments were actually giving authority to – again, being fascist governments, fascist/communist governments, right, or socialist governments, which it’s all the same thing to me – giving authority to energy companies, now that they’d sold all your main infrastructure off, like water, electricity and power and all that kind of thing, off to private businesses, giving them authority to really start to increase their costs to the payers.  And they said that, that everything is energy – that's Technocracy – therefore, if you want to reduce the population then you simply increase the prices of the same energy sources. And food is energy.  Electricity is energy. Gas, electricity, they're all energy. So you do the same with that too and you watch the population start to get sick, and get cold in the winter, the childhood diseases…)


(A: I can remember as a child in Britain you didn't have all the double pane glass and things like that in the windows and you'd go to bed and there'd be frost inside the windows in your bedroom. You'd get up and the morning with your breath and so on, and it would be a lot thicker. That's just the way it was. Everybody had these problems with sinuses and earaches and things like that, it was fairly common.  So you'll see it all return again.  Then you didn't have the same food either, where you couldn't afford decent food, hm.  So here is…)


The disruption of food chains has caused prices to rise, (A: Again, that's genius, eh.  Just shut down everything.) making it difficult for many regions that already had difficulty acquiring food before the pandemic even more difficult, and Dr. Francesco Branca of the World Health Organization (A: [Alan chuckles.] Oh, there’s the WHO again, eh.) said the disruption will be evident for years to come.


(A: Well, I guess the agenda is working, eh.)


An “increase in child malnutrition” is causing “steep declines in household incomes,


And it's going to get an awful lot worse they say here, that's what the whole story about, going to get an awful lot worse. Well, that's what the lockdown is FOR, to bring in the new system, folks.  The elites’ new system. It's the same elite, they're not losing anything, it's the next phase of their revolution. 


Another article here…


Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise 8% / 6 Aug 2020


The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) released a new report Tuesday (Aug. 4) showing farm bankruptcies continue to increase.


AFBF found bankruptcies rose 8% over the last 12 months (from June 2019 to June 2020), with 580 filings. The Midwest, Northwest, and Southeast recorded the most bankruptcies, representing 80% of all filings across the US. Wisconsin was the epicenter for filings, followed by Nebraska, Georgia, and Minnesota.


(A: So, everything is working along the right agenda, eh.  It says…)


Farmers are on government life-support.


AFBF's President Zippy Duvall said the new rounds of farm aid helped cushion farmers from the economic impact of the virus-induced recession.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] It’s not virus-induced, it’s mandated-by-government recession.)


AFBF said, "approximately 60% of farm bankruptcies have been completed successfully – the highest successful percentage of all the reorganization chapters."


Don't forget, you're going into, you see, the elite as I've mentioned so many times and years ago too, are bringing in a socialist/communist system for the general population to live under. It's more efficient for them, and at this phase of their agenda. They won't have to really haggle with the public, they just order you in socialism what to do and that’s it, they pass the laws and rules, and you comply. Or they come and get you. So it's their agenda.


Under socialism, like Justin Trudeau said when he really praised communist China, he said that they could really handle the emergencies like Covid very well because they don't have to really be bothered with this idea of persuading the public to go along with it, they just tell them to go along with it. And he said, it's very efficient, you see. Well that's exactly, he's just parroting what the elite already know. They even had articles about that, will we be as efficient as China since they're communist, etc. and compliant. 


So hhhhh, yeah, it's all unfolding the way it's supposed to unfold here in the West with bankruptcies and so on. That's part of the new sustainability program, right. That's your Agenda for the 21st century, the Millennium Project, etc., etc., etc. It's all the same thing, 2030, it's all parts of the whole century.  M-hm.


I remember too, it was one of the heads of the Department of Agriculture at the United Nations said years ago that farming was too important to be left to farmers. They want total control over it through, by using big international corporations.


England to revise DOWN its Covid-19 death toll

(A:  This is a wonderful bit of PR. Because the death toll, oh we’re actually going put it down by 10%...)

by up to 10 percent after bizarre ‘counting mishap’ / 6 Aug 2020


(A: It’s way beyond, you know, 10%. They’ve got about 50… Literally it’s a toss of a coin if you’re doing the swab tests in the back of the nose and the throat. Because they’re not meant for that, those tests, to give an accurate diagnosis at all. Apart from the fact too, [Alan chuckles.] they're putting everybody down as dying of Covid. [Alan chuckles.]  I mean really. So here's how they word it here. It's a good way of doing it, eh, make it all, it's only 10% mistakes. No, no, it's way beyond that. Of course it is. So…)


Up to 10 percent of England’s coronavirus death toll could be wiped out due to reporting errors in which “Covid-19” deaths on the official register were logged months after positive tests regardless of the circumstances.


Public Health England currently counts the deaths of all people who have tested positive for Covid-19 among the coronavirus fatality total whether their death was related to the disease or not, an error which was noted in July, prompting the suspension of the daily death toll and an “urgent review” of protocol.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  Oh goodness, eh.)


In other words, as many as 4,170 fatalities could be wiped off England’s current Covid-19 death toll of 41,686.


(A: You see how they do it here, by taking it down 10%, rather than taking it down about 50%. [Alan chuckles.] Or even less, is the actual… The cause of death is often completely unrelated to the Covid, you see.)


According to reports in UKmedia, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock (A: [Alan chuckles.] Well, he’s made a few bloopers, that one.) will bring all coronavirus fatality reporting in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland public health models, wherein a death is marked as Covid-19-related only if it occurs within 28 days of a positive test.


(A: …even that, you see, it could have nothing to do with the fact you’re dying, regardless of when they do it.  M-hm.)


“At the moment, the figures are just confusing,” said Professor Carl Heneghan from the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University.


“All it does is muddy the water. While deaths are falling in Scotland, PHE data suggests matters are worse in England.”


(A: Hm, there ya go.)


There you go. That's, again, that's... aachhh, let's forget that.  [Alan chuckles.]


CDC director acknowledges hospitals have a monetary incentive to overcount coronavirus deaths / 1 Aug 2020


(A: That's like a repeat of what we've heard before but this came out on 1 August, and it says…)


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield agreed that some hospitals have a monetary incentive to overcount coronavirus deaths as they do deaths for other diseases.


“I think you’re correct in that we’ve seen this in other disease processes, too. Really, in the HIV epidemic, somebody may have a heart attack but also have HIV — the hospital would prefer the [classification] for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement,” Redfield said during a House panel hearing Friday when asked by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer about potential “perverse incentives.”


Redfield continued: “So, I do think there’s some reality to that. When it comes to death reporting, though, ultimately, it’s how the physician defines it in the death certificate, and … we review all of those death certificates. So I think, probably it is less operable in the cause of death, although I won’t say there are not some cases. I do think though [that] when it comes to hospital reimbursement issues or individuals that get discharged, there could be some play in that for sure.”


But we know that. I mean, we know that they get, if they put them down as Covid patient, you see, they get extra thousands of bucks per bed.  And if they put them down, and then put a ventilator in them, it might be, what was it, 40 odd thousand dollars per patient. And that's what kills them.  It's utterly corrupt, folks! Sure it is.


Also this whole idea of persuasion, all the, ALL the money that they, you know, the money’s getting thrown out like never before. Last time you saw anything like this was when Halliburton, this big, massive umbrella group were managing all the thousands of small and big corporations that went over to Iraq to support the troops and build water supplies and things like that. That was the excuses for it all. Millions and millions of dollars per day were spent on all of that, and none of it was really followed up to where it even went or was it used for things it was supposed to be used for. It was a complete free-for-all for corporations.


Well, it's the same thing now with all these, universities are our biggest enemy.  They churn out all these little petty psychologists and behaviorists every year, who must live on either on grants or get into a job teaching the same thing.  They've all got their hands out, we can help with Covid, we can manage the public with you because we understand how they tick, you see. This is Yale, this is one of them from Yale. I don't know how much money they were given, but it says…


COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1 - Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to ‘Persuade’ Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines / 7 July 2020


(A:  It was completed on July 7, 2020, first post, it says.  So what they've done, this is behaviorists, you see, and psychologists and so on.  It says…)


Brief Summary:

This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available. Participants are randomized to 1 of 12 arms, with one control arm and one baseline arm. We will compare the reported willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine at 3 and 6 months of it becoming available between the 10 intervention arms to the 2 control arms.


Study participants are recruited online by Lucid (A:  The Lucid company, ha!) which matches census based sampling in online recruitment.


(A: They give you a list of messages they can put out to the public, you know. In other words, find out why they'll take it and find out why other people will not take it, then work on why they will not take it and try to change their mind. Or even cause guilt. One of them actually says...)


Other: Guilt message

Other: Embarrassment message


(A: They can target you if you say no.)


Other: Anger message

Other: Trust in science message


(A: We’ve already got them out today, I’ll even touch on some of the trust in science, you’re too dumb and stupid, because you’re not a scientist, so trust in science message. They’re already doing this stuff on you. They pay for these behaviorists to come up with these ideas, eh, what will work on you and how to implement it on the public.)


Other: Not bravery message


Other: Control message

Other: Baseline message

Other: Personal freedom message

Other: Economic freedom message

Other: Self-interest message

Other: Community interest message


(A: You don’t want to harm the community really, do you? I mean, by refusing you might be endangering other people. Yep, it’s all happening already, eh?)


Other: Economic benefit message


(A: So in the actual layout for the study it gives you the enrollment and it says…)


Actual Enrollment: 4000 participants


Allocation:  Randomized


Intervention Model:           Parallel Assignment


Intervention Model Description:    In this study, 2/15 of participants will be assigned to a control message (bird feeding passage), 3/15 of sample to a baseline vaccine message, and 1/15 to each of the 10 other treatment arms.


(A: This is kind of standard techniques that they use. So they give you the arm…)


Arm            Intervention/treatment


Sham Comparator: Control

Control message about birdfeeding

Other: Control message

2/15 of the sample will be assigned to the pure control group, which is a passage on the costs and benefits of bird feeding.


(A: This is the techniques that they are using to get to vaccine, believe it or not.)


Active Comparator: Baseline message

These participants will be assigned a message about the benefits of vaccination. All other treatment arms include this baseline language.


Other: Baseline message

3/15 of the sample will be assigned to a control group with a message about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.


(A:  Right.)


Experimental: Personal freedom

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this intervention, which is a message about how COVID-19 is limiting people's personal freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its personal freedom.


(A: This is, they’re doing all these studies to see what’s more efficient, you see, for getting the people to comply. They go through…)


Experimental: Economic freedom (A:  …right…)

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this intervention, which is a message about how COVID-19 is limiting peoples's economic freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its economic freedom.


(A:  …all the lies that they’re telling you here, right. Then they go into…)


Experimental: Social benefit, self-interest

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this intervention, which is a message that COVID-19 presents a real danger to one's health, even if one is young and healthy. (A: You see how, this isn’t even based on the facts here, you know.) Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to prevent oneself from getting sick.


(A:  So, a self-interest message. And then…)


Experimental: Social benefit, community interest

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this intervention, which is a message about the dangers of COVID-19 to the health of loved ones. (A: …you don’t want to endanger your loved ones, do you?)  The more people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, the lower the risk that one's loved ones will get sick. Society must work together and all get vaccinated.


(A: You see, so that’s the message, that society must work together and all get vaccinated.)


Experimental: Economic benefit

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this group, which is a message about how COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the economy and the only way to strengthen the economy is to work together to get enough people vaccinated.

(A:  It’s the same message with them all, right.  That’s the answer to everything. Your own immunity is just, even though your herd immunity, which most folk who have tested positive, the bulk of them all end up with complete immunity, you know, from your own body, natural immunity.  That’s what your body does, that’s what it’s for, you know. But regardless, no, they want you want to get the vaccine, eh.)


(A: They planned this years ago, this whole idea of mandatory vaccination.  When they were lobbying government, I have all the articles here over many years where they said that they were going to get the government to mandate vaccinations, to make it cost-effective for companies. Because before, like the swine flu one, or the one in 2009, they said that millions of doses were just dumped because the people didn't want it. So they're trying to MAKE you want it, make you take it, you see, by terror and fear so's they can make massive profits.  That's what it's about. Then…)


Experimental: Social pressure- guilt

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this message. The message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and society must work together to get enough people vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease.


Experimental: Social pressure- embarrassment

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this message. The message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and by working together to make sure that enough people get vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the embarrassment they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease.


(A: Oh my, I’d be really embarrassed.  M-hm.  Then…)


Experimental: Social pressure- anger

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this message. The message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and by working together  (A: …again…) to make sure that enough people get vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the anger they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease.


(A:  This is from Yale, eh.  Big money to come up with this trash here to con you into compliance.  And then...)


Experimental: Trust in science

1/15 of the sample will be assigned to this message about how getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most effective way of protecting one's community. Vaccination is backed by science. If one doesn't get vaccinated that means that one doesn't understand how infections are spread or who ignores science.


(A:  I guess they’re not going to mention the fact that in previous things that they’ve done, including articles from the Department of Defense, that vaccinations even against the flu often have the wrong effect by opening you up to the wild virus afterwards, and when that hits you, you get a massive, you know, pulmonary response to it, it kills you.  How’s about that one, eh?!  An overreaction with your immune system, how about that one?  Don’t you want to mention that?)


(A:  You just don’t understand science, eh!  [Alan laughing.] Even though they tell you they’re not quite sure what’s going to happen with this new vaccination of Moderna that’s going to affect the RNA, which will lead to alterations in the DNA permanently of your lung tissue and so on. Because they haven’t tested in on anything yet, it’s just YOU, YOU're going to be the test subject. And they're going to tell you, they don't know exactly.  Because it would take a long-term study to see how it affects you.  Hm, okay.  That's science, eh?  I tell ya.  Uuug.  It'll make you sick, isn't it, eh?  N-n-n.  So there's all these surveys going out to do with these techniques.)


This is a self reported measure, immediately after the intervention message, of the likelihood of getting a COVID-19 vaccination within 3 months and then 6 months of it becoming available. (A: …getting you all prepared for it, you see.) During analysis, responses among those assigned to different intervention messages will be compared to those in the control group. create vaccine confidence. How about all the folk who have terrible reactions to the vaccines? or have had before?  It doesn't give me any confidence AT ALL…  [Alan chuckles.]  I don't care how much persuasion they try to do, you know.  I'll put these articles up though eh.  And then...


New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers


Once again, your tax money at work. Australia really goes overboard with this. It's just amazing that these kind of British Commonwealth countries, in a country too that literally, it started as a penal colony, really, on behalf of Britain that is, when they started bringing in all the people who literally stole bread and things like that and put them on ships and sent them over to be prison laborers really.  And for mining even then too, they did a lot of different things there to for THE EMPIRE, you see, you know.  Free labor, that's what they were calling prisoners.  You'd think they'd have more sense being descended from that, you know. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn't you think they'd have more sense? But no, they are far left again in Australia, a lot of them are, they've had the communists in there for years, the whole socialist ideals, you know.


It's amazing how they don't question the corporations like pharmacology and vaccine companies. It's just amazing, isn't it, this strange contradiction of their dogma.  So it says…


New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers / 16 June 2020


As if the bushfires weren’t bad enough, we’ve since had the world economy shut down, millions infected with COVID-19


(A: No, they're not ill with it, folks, you know, you can test and test until the cows come home and get lots of positives. And folk, like all coronaviruses, eventually it's all through the community and you've got your own herd immunity, you know. This is the first one they've ever tried to stop it, herd immunity spreading, by locking folk down and stopping them from mixing. Otherwise it would've been long gone.  The facts don't matter, right.)


and hundreds of thousands dead.


(A: …hundreds of thousands where?  Across the world? Or folks that were dying anyway?  Hm?)


This pandemic feels like we’re in the middle of a real-life Hollywood blockbuster.


Like all good movies, this one will leave us fundamentally changed well after it’s ended. Our world will look and feel very different once the show is over. But not for the better.


Thankfully, the possibility of a vaccine (A: Here we go again, eh!  Who paid for this, the vaccine industry?) for this virus is looking more plausible. Unfortunately, like a diabolical plot twist, the day the vaccine arrives, so too will the inevitable chorus of those who object to being vaccinated. But unlike hapless movie heroes, we can be prepared for this.


(A: Achh, here it comes…  Off comes the velvet glove and you can see the iron fist, eh?)


To anti-vaxxers, I have one message: our tolerance for your willful ignorance is over. We cannot afford, morally or economically, to give any ground to those who choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


Let me be clear. I’m not advocating that we vaccinate people against their will.   (A: Here’s your real socialist communist talking here, who is obviously on the take as well.) That would be wrong. We must ensure that the safety of our community is the number one priority.


(A: Remember all the things I’ve just read there from Yale, to shame them and embarrass them.)


That means that participation in everyday life cannot put others at risk. If you do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you ought to bear the consequences of that decision.


(A:  I’d say to this character, look, if you just stop all the lockdown and let herd immunity go through the society within about a week or two, that’s all it would take.  Then you can lock this guy up for trying to terrorize people and for destroying the economy.)


(A:  So again…) As a community,


(A: Not an individual, as a community…)


As a community, we should consider to what extent we allow organisations to prevent those who object to being vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter their premises, participate in their activities and, in some circumstances, seek their employment.


Governments have gone some way to doing this by implementing policies such as withholding family tax benefits (A:  So here’s your standard blackmail techniques, if you want this, you know…)  and preventing children from being accepted into childcare unless vaccinations are proven. Further restrictions would be a natural extension of these policies.


(A: Just… Just, oh, we’re not forbidding you, Sir, or Madame, you know. If you just comply with that, you know, otherwise you can’t go into this store, you can’t do that and you can’t feed yourself.  And you know…  That’s how it’s done. That’s tyranny, folks. It’s called TYRANNY.  Hm? Overt, straightforward TYRANNY.) 


(A: So it's going through the different ways they could really punish the people who won't go along with it.)


No doubt there would be logistical issues to overcome. However, the health and safety of our population (A:'s always like the mob against the few...) should be any government's primary concern, and the infrastructure to implement these changes exists.


(A: Yep.  So there ya go.)


For the rest who claim they are conscientious objectors, the excuses don’t stack up anymore. There is too much at stake. I know after writing this my office will be inundated with correspondence from anti-vaccination activists demanding to be heard. For those of you who do contact me, know this. I have no interest in your alternative "facts" or your conspiracy theories.


(A: Well, there's a good, there's the person with an open ear, eh?  Hm?  So there ya go.  And this guy is...)


Raff Ciccone (A: ...the con part a good part of his, a latter part of his name.) is a federal Labor senator for Victoria.


There ya go.  Ffft.  Isn't that amazing, eh?  No, it's not amazing at all. These characters, this is the bully coming through. They think they can really make you afraid by this kind of speech, you know. But he's right on board with it. And he'll be getting a lot of, these characters all need big backing from big companies to run, you know. Do you understand? Are you starting to connect the dots here?  [Alan chuckles.]   ...from certain doners, eh?


And of course Birx in the States, Dr. Deborah Birx, who’s another bureaucrat really, you know, who's had a fantastic career, riding high and big salaries... Just, almost like a Madonna of the health industry, you know, dishing out grants to different aids organizations. So she suggested in May that...


Dr. Birx Reportedly Believes Coronavirus Death Toll Inflated By Up To 25%

(A:  …as opposed to the 10% in Britain.) / 11 May 2020


They can’t even get the figures right anymore, or...  or… What they should do is get together and study at Yale and say, let's all agree upon the same figures and statistics, for goodness’ sake.  Eh?  Because after all, we’re telling the people we are the professionals and not to think of themselves. 


You've got another one here, this is one of course I'd mentioned before and it was to do with the doctor that we've put articles up on before.


Sweet Innocent Dr. Fauci had an Assistant Doctor Fired and Jailed in 2011 for Warning that Vaccines were Giving Americans Known Chronic Diseases - / 24 April 2020


Well, that is a FACT.  I can testify myself to that personally. That was Dr. Judy Mikovitz.  A good article. I'll put it up to for those that want to see it.  You're dealing with the Mafia at the very top.  Absolutely. With incredible shares in all the companies and vaccines and everything. It's just astonishing. Then they get the government in true fascist style to mandate that you take their product. 


I've mentioned before that Bobby Kennedy Junior, he says…


In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent / 3 Aug 2020


UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent


(A: Aaaah, that's just coincidence though.  You know that, eh.  Conspiracy theory, eh.  That was to do with, he actually had the debate with Alan Dershowitz and brought it up at that time too in July.)


Robert Kennedy Jr. and Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz debated on the topic of the coronavirus vaccine back in July.


During the debate, Kennedy Jr. claimed that Dr. Anthony Fauci invested $500 million in the vaccine that is not safe by any means and Fauci owns half the patent so he’s due to make millions.


In an earlier thread we reported on Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s comments about Big Pharma and the increase in vaccines in our culture back in April.  Kennedy shared the story of how Dr. Fauci fired and led the indictment of a brilliant assistant who blew the whistle on the harmful consequences attributed to vaccines.


So I'll put this one up as well.  This is an interesting one.  I mean, I mentioned before about, hhhch, Trump.  People think that he came in there to help.  I mean, the Americans had no choice, at all, in the last election, for any party. You could see it, it was obvious. But I listened to his speeches that he made to different groups in fact, and some of the groups really important to know about.  But he did say, he ran about bringing business into America, but he also said that he was going to cut regulations that forced companies that do testing for new drugs and things like that, meaning vaccines too, he was going to cut all these unnecessary, you know, restrictions, so's that they can go ahead and get these drugs out to help the people, you see. That's how he phrased it. Right off the bat it tells you he was getting financing from them too and something was coming up, around the bend you might say, you know.


So that was back in, what, 2016, just before that, he was running anyway.  That's what he definitely said, I've got all the articles here, and some of the video, somebody copied the video for me back then and what he said about that. It's all coincidental naturally, as he talks about something that's going to come down the pike. But then, in 2019, eh, he put out an Executive Order...


Executive Order 13887 of September 19, 2019 - Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health - PDF / 24 Sept 2019


(A: Just take your mind to the first line, modernize.  Moderna.  Remember Moderna is what they call the company that's got all the contracts by Fauci. That's just coincidence naturally, eh.  They could have used something else, you know. But modernizing influenza vaccines...)


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of title 3, United States Code, it is hereby ordered as follows:


Section 1. Findings.


(a) Influenza viruses are constantly changing as they circulate globally in humans and animals. Relatively minor changes in these viruses cause annual seasonal (A:  ...somebody who wrote this, probably the pharma just wrote it for them I suppose.) influenza outbreaks, which result in millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths each year in the United States. (A: Not anymore, they’re all put down as Covid.) Periodically, new influenza A viruses emerge from animals, including birds and pigs, that can spread efficiently and have sustained transmission among humans.


(A: So the whole thing is...)


(b) Vaccination is the most effective defense against influenza. Despite recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that nearly every American should receive the influenza vaccine annually, however, seasonal influenza vaccination levels in the United States have currently reached only about 45 percent of CDC goals.


(c) All influenza vaccines presently in use have been developed for circulating or anticipated influenza viruses. These vaccines must be reformulated for each influenza season as well as in the event of a pandemic. Additional research is needed to develop influenza vaccines that provide more effective and longer-lasting protection against many or all influenza viruses.


(A: So it goes into some of the, at that time right...)


(d) The current domestic enterprise for manufacturing influenza vaccines has critical shortcomings. Most influenza vaccines are made in chicken eggs, (A:  …and it’s true…) using a 70-year-old process that requires months-long production timelines, limiting their utility for pandemic control; rely on a potentially vulnerable supply chain of eggs; require the use of vaccine viruses adapted for growth in eggs, which could introduce mutations of the influenza vaccine virus that may render the final product less effective…


(A: Then he goes into…)


(e) The seasonal influenza vaccine market rewards manufacturers that deliver vaccines in time for the influenza season,


(A: …blah blah blah.)


Sec. 2. Policy.


It is the policy of the United States to modernize the domestic influenza vaccine enterprise to be highly responsive, flexible, scalable, and more effective at preventing the spread of influenza viruses.


Of course they're trying to get away from the whole idea of using eggs, etc. They can do it on animal kidneys and things like that too which they sometimes do. But then you end up with other kinds of viruses creeping in.  And you know darn well they want to get to this whole idea of altering, altering the RNA, the DNA eventually, actually your cellular lining of your lung tissue is what they're really after. So that was 2019, just before the so-called Covid thing broke out in China. So that's what this is, it's a presidential document and Executive Order. I'll put that up.


Again, everybody's in on the act…


Michelle Obama: Coronavirus an Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’ - / 6 Aug 2020


That's all through the WEF groups’ forum, you know, the redistribution of wealth. No, you see, at the bottom level it's going to be equally poor.  That's what they mean by equality, for all you lot, you see, you're all going to be poor at the bottom.  But for them at the top though, you see, they run the important things, like everything you need to survive, they run it, they own it, that's going to be different. You see, that's true Marxism where each according to his ability and to his needs, you see. And the needs of those who design everything and own it all are march bigger than you ones at the bottom, you peasants, you see.  That's equality, for you.  There ya go.  And that term, you know, redistributing wealth.  You're going to use a virus to distribute the wealth?  Hm?  What an opportunity. It's almost like it's an excuse, isn't it, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]


New York's COVID checkpoints: Cops stationed at tunnels and bridges to question travelers from 35 COVID-19 hotspot states and order them to quarantine for 14 days - but none of the promised 'army of tracers' show up at Port Authority / 6 Aug 2020


Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the plans for checkpoints on Wednesday morning and they were not due to begin until Thursday


They scanned drivers' plates and pulled people over at random to ask them where they had been 

(A:   Where have you been?)


De Blasio sternly warned those flouting would face fines of up to $10,000


(A:   There’s freedom, eh, and democracy in action. By the communist De Blasio.)


But it remains unclear how the 14-day quarantine will actually be enforced once people pass the checkpoints


On Wednesday, contact tracers at de Blasio's press conference said they'd be reaching people by phone


The online form that people are required to fill out when they reenter NY asks if travelers will consent to receiving texts from the government


(A:   Oh, can you im… can you believe that? where they’re going with all this stuff, eh?  Uuuuugh, totalitarianism on steroids, eh. This is not going to end with Covid, you understand that. It's not meant to.  It's just starting.)


If travelers say their final destination is not New York, they are not required to give an address


But they know where you're from, they've taken your plates anyway.  Yep.  There ya go.  I tell ya.  N-n-n. It's wonderful having this freedom, eh?  M-hm.


And this is an amazing one, eh.  From Britain.  I mean, I used to be amazed at Britain at times. They used to have this strange kind of futuristic sci-fi type scenarios. Like they'd show you Fahrenheit 451, the movie version and you saw these little Council houses that all look the same, ticky-tacky as they say, like the song went, I think it was Paxton [?] sung it.  That's your socialized housing, all these little, small houses for one, each family, for family they were designed, you see.  And how in the movie version 451 the fire engines, their job was to burn books, you see, the fire companies.  So not to put out fires but to actually set fires and burn them, and the people too sometimes, and their houses sometimes too.


You see them when, going around the streets looking for people, with tannoies [speakers] on top of their vehicles. And so, 'every citizen outside into the garden, and the families.'  And they all come out too, the families, and stand there on the front lawns.  Obedient little socialists, you see.  You think that could never happen, surely. But when you think that Britain had been through the war and had the compliant, uh, hell they put up with, World War II, straight in from the Great Depression and World War II, and the depression really was a continuation of the depression of World War I.  I mean, compliance, compliance, compliance.  I guess the longer you do it the more you comply, until it's normal, eh.  That's... you just adopt normality, new normals all the time.


Councils can BULLDOZE contaminated homes and crush cars as a last resort under new laws to stop second wave of coronavirus / 4 Aug 2020


(A: Well this is definitely show because it's got no logic at all with viruses, the life of viruses and stuff.)


Councils able to draw on laws to impose lightning closures of public buildings


As last resort the (A: 1984, good title.) 1984 Control of Disease Act allows for building demolition


As a last resort for preventing the spread of the disease (A:  … of coronavirus.  [Alan chuckles.] to demolish buildings and even homes…)


Well, can you imagine... Oh sorry, it was a false positive.  And there's nothing left but rubble.  [Alan laughing.]   Aaaah.  I tell ya.  You've got a laugh at times, don't you?  [Alan chuckles.] But their tests are such rubbish anyway. 


But these came out, nothing to do with viruses, these laws. They were to do with roaches, or rats, eh, rats that were infested and they had tunneled through the walls by that time.  They could demolish old, old, old buildings.  But viruses are completely...  Viruses...  Hhhch, they are living in the people, not the houses, eh!  Eh?!  If they got that, they've given you the list, study after study of billions of taxpayers [Alan chuckles.] they just toss the money out to all these folk in universities. We’ll test the length of these viruses, the life of them.  And, it will live so many hours on a tin can, and it will live so much on cardboard.  It's down pat, so this whole stuff about to knock houses down because it's harboring coronavirus is utter tripe!  After what, 24 [hours] it's dead, gone.  I-yi-yi.  Boris Johnson, n-n-n. 


Well, it gets me with ideas, you see. Here's, I've figured it out.  If they knock down all the houses in Britain, you see, then no one can, no one can get it by going into a building and catching it in a building. I guess that's the logic then, eh.  Maybe they'll give them tents to live in. New tents. That'd be real austerity, eh.  And because they give them tents, I'm starting to see the picture. Give them tents, right, the whole population, mow down all the buildings they can't possibly catch it by going into these buildings.  Then they won't need all that money that they had to run the cost of the house, and that money can be used for redistributing the wealth across the world, like the WEF says!  It's beginning to make some kind of sense, doesn't it, eh.  Then of course you won't need to give them a second payout to stay in their tent because they'll all be dead because they've froze to death in the winter.  But at least they wouldn't have died of coronavirus. Oh, maybe they'll put them down as coronavirus anyway.  Acchh, well, you can't win, eh.


Another article…


'Shock and awe': Victoria declares state of disaster, six-week Melbourne curfew and stage four restrictions / 2 Aug 2020


(A: Again, Australia's just going over the top with it, eh.  Far left, eh.  And again, sustainability. Everybody's on the take over there in the politics, and they all claim that they're really environmentalists in politics. But they're all on the take for pushing through carbon taxes and shut down the farms because they cause carbon buildup and yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, ya.   Uuuuugh.  Corruption.)


Under "shock and awe" state of disaster provisions, an 8pm - 5am curfew has been (A:  I guess they mean used…) by police and soldiers across Melbourne, starting tonight and continuing daily for at least six weeks.


The state of disaster declaration means Victoria Police and others have been granted additional powers, (A:  Oh, there's tyranny right there.) and the government can also suspend various acts of the parliament.


(A: That's all they do is act in Parliament, isn’t it? It gives you the stage IV lockdown restrictions. And...)


LIVE UPDATES: Big spike in Victoria cases


(A: These are not cases. The more you test the more you'll find the residue of particles of Covid, disintegrated particles of the virus… as folk catch it, get over it and never even know they've had it. That's what happens with these viruses.  So yeah, the more you test, the more you're going to find, they're not sick, eh.  So there you go...)


There have been 671 new coronavirus cases (A:  That's just more testing.) recorded in Victoria overnight 


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  It's not like folk walk in and say, I'm sick. No, these are folks who've all been te...  Can I stick this up your nose? Okay, you know, it's okay.  Yep.  Which nostril do you prefer? A left one this time, you know.)


- the state's second worst day on record


(A:  What utter rubbish. These are not bad, they're not ill.  They are not ill.)


- and a further seven deaths.


(A: Seven deaths.  Did they die of Corona virus? Or just have it at the time?  Like lots of folk have it at the time and never know it.  N-n-n.  So it says here...)


The stay at home restrictions for metro Melbourne have been enhanced and there are now additional limits to the four reasons residents are allowed to leave.


"Only one person will be able to go shopping once per day and they will need to secure the goods and services that are what you need within a 5km radius," Premier Daniel Andrews said.


(A:  Ohhhhhh, my God.)


"In terms of exercise, recreation is now no longer allowed.


(A: [Alan chuckles.])


You will be able to have one hour of exercise, (A:  That's what they give prisoners generally in prisons.) no further than 5km from your home. That means it's fresh air. It's a jog. It's a walk. It's in your local neighbourhood."


(A:  They give you a full list of the changes coming to Melbourne.  It says… You'll be stopped, if you're out anyway, and asked why you're out...)


On the curfew, Mr Andrews added: "Police will be out in force and you will be stopped and you will be asked


(A:  And you must show and demonstrate…)


and need to demonstrate that you are lawfully out


(A:  Maybe you must put running shorts on or something or pant a lot maybe when they stop you.  You go, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, oh I'm joggin’, yeah.  Yep.  So...)


...demonstrate that you are lawfully out and you are not breaching that curfew.


(A:  That you're out for exercise, right.)


"Going to a mate's place, visiting friends, being out and about for no good reason, all that will do is spread this virus."


(A:  ...SPREAD it!  Well, you want to spread it, so you'll all have immunity, herd immunity, natural immunity, you see. You can't get immunity unless you catch it and it's gone through you. But you won't even notice it, you see.  It takes swabs to notice it, [Alan chuckles.] and even then it doesn't say you're sick.)


The ramping up of measures was driven by 700 mystery cases, (A:  …mystery cases…) with authorities unable to track and trace the source of those infections, and a complacency from some Victorians.


(A:  Some Victorians are complacent, eh!  Can you believe, they’re not really bothered?!  Well, woah, I’m not bothered about that. Oh, you should be.  Mmmmmm.)


Also confirming childcare centres in Melbourne would close


He said the Year 12 General Achievement Test will move from the end of Term Three to the start of  Term Four. There was no change to any VCE exams (A:  …and so on.  Woah, this is quite something. I’ll put this one up too.)  


Coming to a place near you, eh? 


Establishment Media Reaches New Low with Glowing Article About Growing Faith in Communism / 6 Aug 2020


(A:  This is in America.)


“Trump views China’s Communist Party as a threat. Young Chinese see it as a ticket to a better future.”


(A:  This is the article.  So communism is good, you see.)


The statement wreaks of psychological operations strategy and reads like a state-run media sales pitch for modern communism — but rest assured, you are not reading a translation of CCP propaganda at The Western Journal.


That lovely little number was brought to you by the oh-so-principled penmen at The Washington Post.


It wasn’t cut from an official CCP Op-Ed submission.


No siree, this was the one and only headline that sat atop an original report Tuesday from the Post’s Beijing bureau chief, Anna Fifield.


Just when you thought the left-wing establishment media couldn’t possibly carry one more droplet of water for the Chinese communists, a bigger bucket is procured and an astounding introduction made.


Now, instead of simply defending China against presidential name-calling and allegations of early pandemic mismanagement, the media might as well have been writing copy for Communist Party membership advertisements.


“Party membership means better education prospects and better jobs, more politically advantageous marriages and nicer apartments,” Fifield wrote. “For many, it is a ticket to a brighter future.”


Yep. Well, don't forget, though, that China is still the model state for the world to copy according to the United Nations, and the CFR.  They tell you and you obey, it's quite simple, there's nothing complicated about it.


Also from General Flynn, This Is My Letter to America. I'll put that up too.  I think Bitchute has got a woman reading it too, for those that don't want to read for themselves, or can't read for themselves may be.


Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America / 5 Aug 2020


We are witnessing a vicious assault by enemies of all that is good, and our president is having to act in ways unprecedented in decades, maybe centuries.


The biblical nature of good versus evil cannot be discounted as we examine what is happening on the streets of America.


(A:  Well, all that’s true.)


It’s Marxism in the form of antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement versus our very capable and very underappreciated law enforcement professionals, the vast majority of whom are fighting to provide us safe and secure homes, streets and communities.


He goes on and on and on. I'll put the article up. For those that want to read it. And as I say, the link to the Bitchute one too.


A Warning From General Flynn To The Silent Majority - / 1 July 2020


But it's true, folk have no idea, that they can't quite get it, this is really a big, this is the shift, this is THE shift. It's not a practice shift, this is THE shift, the big push to bring in a communist regime over the general population. On behalf of the overlords of the international mega corporations that run the world. The new feudal system that Carrol Quigley was all part of and all for, the CEOs are the new feudal overlords.  The communists don't object to that though strangely enough, eh.  Maybe it's because the big CEOs and corporations are funding them all.  [Alan chuckles.] Which is true.


Also to do with all these tests that had such bogus propaganda...


Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t NYT 2007 / 22 Jan 2007


Dr. And if it was whooping cough, the epidemic had to be contained immediately because the disease could be deadly to babies in the hospital and could lead to pneumonia in the frail and vulnerable adult patients there. ...


I've mentioned this one before. It goes round in circles, a lot of these articles that I put out there. And folk don't realize I put them out in the first place. It's to do with


Dr. Brooke Hendren, internist Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center could not stop coughing.  Two weeks starting in mid April last year (A:  This is in 2007) she coughed seemingly nonstop, followed by another week where she coughed sporadically and annoyingly said everyone who worked with her.


How they closed it down, hospitals and everything, they thought it was whooping cough. Massive campaign too, put millions of bucks on it too.  It turns out months later it wasn't wolfing cough at all. So is the pandemic that wasn't, right.  [Alan chuckles.]  There ya go.  I'll put that one back up again.


United States should shut down completely for another four to six weeks to save the economy, senior Federal Reserve official says / 2 Aug 2020


Neel Kashkari,


(A: Good name, that Kashkari, like cash and carry, eh.  I think I read that one too before, mind you, or something similar about him because I remember the name Kashkari.  Maybe you have to (Neel) kneel, because you can't carry the cash, because it's so heavy. Mind you, they say there's a lack of cash in pennies and things so it should be lighter, shouldn't it.)


Neel Kashkari, head of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, advised lockdown


So you close down the economy completely to save the economy. Yeah, this is a repeat from a different source of the same article I'm sure, you know.  So yeah, that will save the economy, just shut the economy down totally and that will save it, you see. That makes as much sense as everything else these days, doesn't it?  Don't you think so? I'll put that up.


(A: This is a good one.)

Owners of Michigan B&B are forced to remove Norwegian flag from their inn after dozens of people confuse it for the Confederate flag

(A: We're done for. [Alan chuckles.] The education system is completely hopeless.) / 30 July 2020


Kjersten and Greg Offenbecker have operated The Nordic Pineapple Bed & Breakfast out of Civil War-era mansion in St John, Michigan, for two years


Until last week, the inn displayed Norwegian flag at the front entrance, honoring Kjersten's heritage

Couple took down the flag after receiving hateful calls, emails and comments from people who mistook it for Confederate flag


(A: Well why would they suddenly after all these years because someone could mistake it for… There’s more to it.)


Both banners are red and blue but have distinctly different patterns


Offenbeckers said they were hurt by accusations of racism because their two adopted children are Black


But really what it is if you really look at it, it’s because the Norwegian flag is like a Christian cross.  You’ll see it in the picture, the angle that it’s hanging too, it’s more symbolic of that. Whereas the Confederate flag was really the St. Andrew’s Cross, you know, a modified St. Andrew’s cross.  But no, that's the reason I'm sure that they really went after it, you know. They wouldn't suddenly mistake it, you know, after all these years of having it outside their B&B.  


Now, once again I'd like to remind you to buy the books and discs  Or else you could donate to me. You'll find out how to do it Don't forget to, I always say this every week, in the last few weeks anyway because I used to always forget to talk about it at all. Make a list of my official sites in case any one goes down, and if you can't find me anywhere else if you're looking for me. Some other folk will put up my shows, you see, so if they're late or they're getting hammered for any reason at all and they can't get it out, go into my site and you'll find it, it's up there first, you see.  Make a list of my official sites. Anything outside of that are not my actual official sites. Make a list of them and that way you can always get me, hopefully, if one or the other ones goes down. As I say, buy the books or discs or donate to me.  You'll find out how to do it Don't forget too, PayPal or cash even or checks are fine. There's Money Gram and things like that too. I can accept all of those things and hopefully I can keep paying for all the sites.


…and be with you as we go through the massive changes, however it turns out.  Which really won't be pleasant I think for anyone who knows what's going on, you know, the basic facts. And these are facts. The facts are facts.  Just simply throwing out thousands of test kits every night to get more and more folk tested, are not, these are not illnesses you're getting, these results. These are folks who just come up positive.  As I say most of them too, the test will pick up any fragment of old viruses of the Covid lineage, and any old coronavirus lineage, and that will give you a positive even if you're not sick or you don't actually have it at the time.


It doesn't matter.  Facts don't matter here, you see. Numbers matter.  Oh, if more cases, oh, oh.  Because they must get you to take the vaccination. This isn't just one vaccination here. And it isn't just the old kind of vaccination.  It's to alter literally the structure of your, the makeup of your lining of your lungs, as a start.  Nevermind all the other effects it will have throughout your body.  Who knows?  Permanently too, you know.  So good luck with that one.


And you're supposed to take it with, and there's no come back on the companies who are given immunity from prosecution by your own governments. Well again, that's fascism right there, folks. Do you see them writing about that?  Nope.  Nope.  That kind of fascism is okay, you see. Because it's the bosses that donate to them big time that are behind it, so that's okay.  Yep.  There ya go.


So yeah, let me know, and by the way too, I'm still reading stacks of stuff from all over the planet and people who are giving, what they're noticing themselves and around them. It really gives me a bigger picture of things.  It's really fascinating to see that the control's over the entire planet pretty well, of the same characters.  And the same names are mentioned in every country as being behind it.  And who are the great experts, like Bill Gates who hasn't got a degree in any of this stuff. You know? Again, that doesn't matter either, right. 


Researchers admit trans-affirming study was wrong / 6 Aug 2020


Researchers who claimed transgender people who undergo surgery to ‘change sex’ have better mental health outcomes (A: …right.  This is what they said before, these particular researchers, were given a big grant naturally, you know, to come up with the desired conclusion.  I’m sure big Pharma and again surgeries behind it have benefited awfully well. Anyway, they’ve changed and admitted…)  have admitted their widely-shared study was wrong.


(A:  After it was all published across the planet, you know.)


Last year, Swedish researchers Dr Richard Bränström (A:  I was going to say brainstorm, [Alan chuckles.] but Bränström…) and Dr John Pachankis claimed that people who have surgery to try and change sex are less likely to need mental health treatment than those who don’t. They also said that the likelihood of being treated for a mood or anxiety disorder reduces over time.


At the time, media outlets such as NBC News and ABC News reported this as fact, but the researchers have now said the research was flawed and that key findings were wrong.

(A: [Alan chuckles.] Someone’s caught them out at it, and they have to come up with the truth.)


Following publication, the study was scrutinised by other academics. One pointed out that their major conclusion was based on the outcomes of just three people, (A: They chose three people out of...)  despite having collected the data of more than 2,500 gender-confused people in Sweden.  (A: They chose three of them.  [Alan chuckles.]  You talk about a rigged result here.)


Bränström and Pachankis were forced to reevaluate their data, and have now corrected their study. They conclude that the results demonstrated “no advantage of surgery” in relation to subsequent mental health treatments or a reduction in hospitalisations following suicide attempts.


They acknowledged that their original conclusion – that their research “lends support to the decision to provide gender-affirming surgeries to transgender individuals who seek them” – was “too strong”.


Dr Ryan Anderson, author of ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment’, said: “It shouldn’t surprise us that the results of this most recent study — and its correction — show that hormonal and surgical transition procedures don’t bring the promised benefits”.


He also said: “Rather than attempting to do the impossible — ‘reassigning’ bodies to line up with misguided thoughts and feelings — we should at least attempt what is possible: helping people to align their thoughts and feelings with reality, including the reality of the body.”


And I tell you, it's so sad in this day and age where so many folk are utterly, utterly, you know, around the bend with confusion about everything and society. There's been a war on society for a long time and the folk don't know it was planned. It's every bit as planned as everything that's happening today with things.  War tactics. And then out comes the, you know, the saviors for them, we can operate and fix all your problems, eh.  Really?  And that massive, you know, massive fundings from government for these surgeons and so on and big, big money, yada, yada, yada. So they've got a lot, you know, to gain from it.  And they give you these wonderful, all the fantastic results. But really, it's just not true that this is going to make you all better.  Really.


There ya go.  Sad indeed, isn't it, that they go through all this. And really, and I've had people get in touch with me who've gone through all this stuff, and they're still utterly screwed up and unhappy.  They really thought it was going to bring them, make the world so wonderful for them. And it didn't, you know. It's like everything else in this day and age, in a society that's been through a complete war, and they're going through a war all the time without knowing it, total war on culture, a war on everything.  And even taking away your purpose of people, taking away all your purpose until youngsters have no jobs or anything to look forward to, no purpose.  All planned that way. Years ago, yeears and years and years ago planned that way.


And you're looking at all this unhappiness.  And each group is catered to with this a special, oh, we can help you here.  You know. We've got grants for this kind of thing, we get big money, we can help you here and help you there. And then all other ones end up doing all the rioting, you know, thinking that just burning homes down is gonna make them feel better.  Huh?  Really?


For most things, you've got to, you are the only thing that you can control, is yourself.  You have no chance of controlling anything else.  Yourself.  And it’s true what the Masons say in that respect, you are, you know, your body is like a temple, that's from the Bible too, of course it is. But you're responsible for it, you see. And you can alter things within yourself, in that temple. But don't look outside for others to do it for you. And don't think that these people who say, yeah, come and join the revolution, you'll all be happy and that.  Don't think it's going to be any different than the surgery here.  It's not going to make you happier.


Only understanding yourself and getting to the point of it all, and reorganizing yourself, can you start to actually get any kind of happiness at all. And you must do it for yourself.  All these things and the rages and that are all reactions to other things, and rather than reacting to them, you have to be in control of yourself, so you don't react to it all. 


You have to stand back as I say, and realize, there are definitely powerful forces, no doubt about it, they are evil forces, tremendously evil forces running this whole system here. Tremendously evil. I mean, there's no doubt about it.  Forces who have caused world wars.  Like Carol Quigley said, he said, yeah, they'll bring in wars to get their agenda, and he was all for it.  The CFR, eh.  And the CFR is just a lower organization for the one above it.  And yet that's your establishment. These are the guys who come out of Yale and go into the CFR, you know.  Yeah, they create wars to get big changes and to get what they want out of it. The human collateral and damage is just that, it's just nothing to them.


Do you ever think, do you think somehow every few years they become more sensitive to the humans down beneath them ...somehow evolve? No, they don't. They stay the same.  And in fact, if they want to kill another 25, they want to kill billions actually, get rid of them off the planet, they've been rather open about it. The Georgia Guidestones etc., eh?  M-hm.  And the statements put out by guys like in the past, Jacques Cousteau, when he said, oh yeah, he was all for it too. Yeah, they always give you these characters who are into nature, you see, and you love nature. Then they try to bring you into realizing that you are the problem, you must disappear to help nature. They all have the same goal, don't they? David Attenborough is the same. Cousteau came out and said, he says, yeah, to save the planet and wildlife we'll have to kill so many thousands, I think it was 120,000, 50,000 per day, excess, or something like that, big, a much higher number than that, of humans. He was all for it.  Yeah, eugenics, etc. Of course they want, the people who come to that conclusion are the top of the tree apparently, they are the crème de la crème.  They just know that they will have to survive, but you must all go, you know. There you go.


But most of the problems you have in life come from within, and your reactions to it. You have to realize how much control you have over anything at all. And you will realize that the reason you're frustrated is [Alan chuckles.] you don't have much control over the money system, you're not, you don't have the magic accounting ability that the specialists do and they come up with magic numbers and so on.  You don't have that. You're not in their club, as George Carlin said, the big club.


But also, you have to work on yourself. Don't expect other things to make life happy for you. Happiness comes within, inside yourself.  But comprehending what's really going on, hm, and not reacting to things outside so much. Stop reacting to it.  The characters who run the world can have you jumping up and down all day long every day for the rest of your lives reacting to things out there. They do it on purpose at times.  Look at all these behaviorists who put out the reports, paid billions with your tax money to con you and lie to you and manipulate you.  Aren't you annoyed about that?  [Alan laughing.]  Ah well, but there ya go, everybody gets used, eh?  And everything really is manipulated propaganda, all their different studies, etc. etc. etc.


Northern Ireland is interesting too, because the whole of Ireland is interesting, its history as well.  North and South.  But they're catching up to a lot of the rest of the world with, the ones who pretend that they're there for children's rights, you know, they've got commissioners now appointed by the United Nations, most of them have their own particular problems as you read their bios. But Northern Ireland...


NI Children's Commissioner calls for abortion to be promoted to young girls in RSE / 7 Aug 2020


Northern Ireland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People has called for abortion to be promoted to young girls in Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) lessons.


Koulla Yiasouma told the Northern Ireland Office that it should introduce compulsory teaching on the “prevention of early pregnancy and access to abortion” to girls as young as 13.


(A: These are actually all parts, if you don’t really know it, of the communist agenda.  Hm.  Promote mass promiscuity, and deal with the fallout from it, which further dehumanizes the people who are involved in it, and they never really get over it the rest of their lives. It’s a war tactic, you see. Not, it’s not for people’s rights and equalities and stuff like that you’re, all these different things you’re seeing today. These are communist tactics, all the things you're reading about today.)


Yiasouma’s proposals were partly based on controversial recommendations from a UN committee’s report.


A UN Committee on the Rights of the Child report claimed (A:  And by the way, the Rights of the Child is to eliminate the rights of the parents. I remember doing the same talks years ago when they were doing it in Australia.) that RSE lessons should contain information on “sexual and reproductive health-care services”, “contraception”, and “sexuality, including that of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex children”.


These were all the Communists agendas they said they’d promote to eliminate all family.  M-hm.  And again, the United Nations as usual, you know. Again, don't forget the departments of the United Nations and how Julian Huxley was involved in so much of all of this.  I tell ya. 


Another thing that's soo important, I've touched on it before, is that everywhere you look into everything that smells... It's like in the country you see it more, or you'll notice, you'll smell it more [Alan chuckles.] occasionally.  Sometimes in the spring when people either add bacteria to their septic tanks, or it will start as it's warming up it will suddenly kick into action on themselves and start bubbling away there, and the vent's out and you can smell it, you know, for maybe a week or two.  Well, everywhere you look these days, in all the hell that's coming down for the public, and the ones, again, the ones that are coming out saying, don't you deal with it, we'll deal with it for you, just like the last article, same kind of thing.  Bill Gates comes up and it reminds me of the spring septics.  Whenever I read the guy’s name,  [Alan chuckles.]   and it really is, I have that reaction to this guy. He's so creepy. You sense it all, the guy has no hon... there's nothing honest in the man at all.  It's like he's constantly acting, you know, when the hands flapping like crazy and all that.  And I'm sure he is a bit of a front man actor, no doubt about it. Anyway…


Bill Gates shouldn't be the one 'reimagining' NY's public education - / 8 May 2020


I'll read the other one first, though, it says here...


Cuomo questions why school buildings still exist — and says New York will work with Bill Gates to ‘reimagine education


Now Cuomo, I would call him, especially with his latest, all the different things he's come out with in the past few months, is a socialist communist. So why is he working with Bill Gates? Well, because Bill Gates also is a bit higher up the ladder, on behalf of the people who rule the world. That's where Bill Gates is, he's a bit below, he's still a worker bee, you know.  Don't forget too that Bill Gates, Bill Gates was the one who funded lots of the money for Common Core to start with as well. You must, again, back to UNESCO that Julian Huxley worked with, UNESCO was to create a common culture using the children across the world. It didn't mean a nice... No, it was to be an indoctrinated culture, right, for standardizing the behavior and thoughts and so on of a whole generation across the planet. It hasn't changed. So…


Cuomo questions why school buildings still exist — and says New York will work with Bill Gates to ‘reimagine education / 6 May 2020


(A: So 'reimagine', these are the terms you see everywhere, 'reimagine education'. I touched on this a few months ago, maybe two or three months ago.)


New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) rocked the education world — and drew strong criticism from teachers and others — by questioning why school buildings still exist and announcing that he would work with Microsoft founder Bill Gates to “reimagine education,” with technology at the forefront.


Cuomo, who in the past has angered educators by supporting controversial Gates-funded school reforms (A: That tells you a lot right off the bat, you know.), said Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic offers an opportunity to change how students are educated, and he called Gates “a visionary” whose “thoughts on technology and education” should be advanced. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions of dollars on education reform projects it has conceded did not work as hoped.


(A: Billions of dollars, eh?  On behalf of his masters, because he’s not the boss, Bill Gates.)


“The old model of everybody goes and sits in the classroom, and the teacher is in front of that classroom and teaches that class, and you do that all across the city, all across the state, all these buildings, all these physical classrooms — why, with all the technology you have?” Cuomo said at Tuesday’s coronavirus response news conference.


(A: This is the guy, Cuomo, who made it law that they have to, that old age homes had to accept active coronavirus patients in amongst the healthy noninfected people, and that’s where most of the deaths happened in New York City. So these guys should be arrested!  Shouldn’t they? Shouldn’t they? And they’re psychopathic, he’s out there still as confident as ever. Because they don’t feel shame, you know, these characters. You know behaviorism wouldn’t work on them, they have no shame at all.  And he’s pleasing Bill and Melinda Gates, I’m sure he’s not doing that for free either.  But hhhhh, yeah, this article goes on about it…)


He showed a slide with questions about how technology can transform education…


This is a common, common, the dream of Julian Huxley to get it all accomplished, that's what it's about.  The perfectly obedient society, they will create them, you see.  Standardized. The elimination of individual thought and opinion is a socialist heaven, eliminating, you know, individual opinions. Liberalism or democracy, or Democrats I should say, liberalism for Democrats, they are the most intolerant people of all. They have no tolerance of anything outside of the agenda. But that's communism. It's the same thing. You see.  But they prattle on about it like a sales pitch and try to sell it to you. And then you see this one, this other article here to do with again Bill Gates, again, reimagining his education, or your education, or the children's education and what they say about it too.


A $1 billion Gates Foundation-backed education initiative failed to help students, according to a new report — here's what happened / 27 June 2020


A seven-year, nearly $1 billion education initiative centered on improving teaching quality in low-income schools — and bankrolled in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — largely failed to help students, according to a new report from nonprofit policy think tank RAND.


RAND was selected at the outset of the initiative by the Gates Foundation to evaluate whether the project improved outcomes for students.


"Overall...the initiative did not achieve its goals for student achievement or graduation, particularly for LIM [low-income minority] students," the report's summary said.


By 2015, six years into the initiative, "student achievement, access to effective teaching, and dropout rates were not dramatically better," than in schools that didn't participate in the program, according to the RAND study.


In 2009, the Gates Foundation, along with local partners, selected three school districts and four charter school networks in California, Arkansas, Florida, and Pennsylvania for the Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching initiative, which aimed to improve teacher effectiveness by changing the way schools recruit, retain, and reward teachers.


The hope was that by monitoring and improving teacher effectiveness, students would get a higher quality education.


The Gates Foundation sank over $200 million into the initiative since 2009, with local tax dollars and the federal government adding to the pot. (A:  They always do this, eh.) The initiative cost around $1 billion in total over the seven school years, (A: So he put in $200 million, and the whole thing from the taxpayer cost, all the rest it, up to $1 billion in total over the seven school years.) factoring in the approximately $73 million the RAND estimated it cost to staff the initiative and evaluate teachers…


(A: [Alan chuckles.] It found out how many…)


RAND found little-to-no evidence that participating schools were likely to hire more effective teachers.


…or retain them.  There ya go. But then again…


Bill Gates shouldn't be the one 'reimagining' NY's public education / 8 May 2020


This week, Governor Cuomo announced a “billionaire coalition


(A: Do you understand, Bill Gates is famous for putting in so many millions and getting maybe the governments and the other ones to put in all, maybe 9/10 more, you see, multiply it.  And so he gets his big projects financed by the governments by starting off with the seed money, you see, and the governments do all the rest, you see, so he can get his policies through.  We're all paying for it, with this character, and his agendas. So…)


This week, Governor Cuomo announced a “billionaire coalition” to lead New York’s essential reopening efforts: Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg, who has a dark record on protecting New Yorkers’ privacy rights (A: No kidding.), will lead contract tracing efforts; Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation has a history of high-profile, high-cost failures in education reform, will assist with “reimagining education;” and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who left the company amid allegations of covering up sexual misconduct and supporting censorship, will be in charge of technology initiatives. (A: [Alan chuckles.])


What could go wrong.


Governor Cuomo’s collaboration with Gates is especially troubling. The announcement was met with outcry from educators, parents and students, and members of the advocacy community. Just days before, Cuomo created the “New York Forward Reopening Advisory Board,” a body with more than 100 members but not a single representative from the K-12 sector.


This led the State Education Department to form its own Task Force for reopening. This makes sense, because New York’s Constitution places responsibility for education with the Board of Regents, not with the Governor. So the Gates partnership came as a surprise.


(A: It goes on and on about, hhhch, incredible amounts of money though.)


Disappointingly, the Foundation’s efforts have been marked by one high-profile, expensive failure after another. For example, Gates’s seven-year, $1 billion initiative to improve teaching in several states did “more harm than good” (A: …and the links are all here as to what happened to them.) and cost taxpayers almost $600 million. (A: There ya go.)


The Gates Foundation was forced to publicly apologize for the failures of its small schools initiatives, and it was a backer of InBloom, the student data management company that collapsed after its privacy practices came under scrutiny.


You understand, this is a massive project to monitor all students right through their entire life, from youngsters, eh.  This is all manipulation on an incredibly massive scale on society by those who have the right, they think they've got the right to manipulate us all and manage us all like little... numbers, we're not people, we're numbers, little animals...  and create the culture that they want to have created of obedient, subservient non-complaining people.  N-n-n.  I tell ya, n-n-n. It really is astonishing isn't it.


Everything is so deceptive. As I've mentioned before that UN commission, the Rights of the Child was literally to eliminate the rights of parents. It's been awfully effective by the way.  Awfully, awfully effective. If parents try and interfere with their children's behavior, maybe at the age of 12, 13, you can end up in court.  And if the child takes them to court for refusing to let them out after midnight, as an example, eh, or refusing them back in the door or if they're doing it all the time.  Oh, you can't ban the child from coming back when he wants to come back.  So then the child really ends up ruling the parents, you see.  N-n-n.  Quite something isn't it.


Everything is doublespeak in this system we're living in. But most folk never figure it out, do they. They really don't. Their entire life long they never figure it out. I'll put lots of links up tonight from the articles that I've been reading.  I only read them off to let you know, as examples of what's happening.  Little bits and pieces that let you see what's really happening on a big scale across the planet in a sense. Even the mad things that are happening by government authority, eh.


When you see the ones from Australia for instance, you say, for goodness’ sake, that won't change this or it won't change, why are they doing it?  It's a campaign of terror. It throws the average mind into confusion and fear, and it makes you comply, because they've got bigger things planned for you in the future. That's really what it's for. It's nothing to do...


The same with the whole idea, we might have to bulldoze your home down, you know, there could be some viruses lurking there. Well, the viruses won't work there without food, or without, you know, literally human bodies, that's what it lives on.  It won't survive, you see, if it can't get a host. It can survive in some animals sometimes, like ferrets, they keep telling us, oh if they watch for ferrets now. Because they use ferrets in the transition stage when they're modifying with gain-of-function these diseases to be more lethal to humans. Because they're all developed by the biowarfare, these Bio IV labs, they're biowarfare labs for goodness’ sake, eh.  Let's say what they are.  Well, it could be used for good reasons too, you know.  Well maybe they can be too, as you say. But the other reason is for warfare. They take harmless things, gain-of-function, and then they try to see if it's going to be effective against ferrets, as an example, ferrets, an intermediate animal between that and humans, then to see if it transfers to them to humans. That's how it's done.


But we're not supposed to think for ourselves. We're simple peasants.  Leave it to the professionals to constantly contradict themselves, day by day, week by week. Because they've got the, they've got degrees which allows them to contradict themselves all the time. You don't have all those degrees, you see, especially not the latest ones. So you'd better shut up and do what you're told. That's the sort of thing we're getting told now, eh, by these totalitarian types.


If you ever wondered how come, because folk do, they think in their age, well you know, I can't believe what happened in the communist era, how did it ever happen, how did the people let it happen, how could it have happened?  Eh, that's what they say.  Well, you're living through it. Most folk shut up and said nothing... hoping, in denial of course, that it would just get better. That's how it always happens.  And tyranny prospers, as they say, when good folk do nothing. That's it, folks. 


And you're all capable of doing something. 


You're at the crossroads now.


And don't forget too, the big elite above all this would have to answer to it as well, wouldn't they? After all, they’re funding terrorism. They’re terrorizing the whole populations actually with Covid.  And into completely misleading all the time, every testing doesn't mean you've got a disease, you're not ill.  And the more you test the more you'll find folk have got it, or had it, or have got now fragments of dead viruses, if you're anywhere near anybody that's had it you'll breath in the fragments. The fragments can't cause disease, fragments of viruses.  Such a farce.


Another article I want to touch on just before I go off is the Nightingale hospitals they threw up across England to deal with the Covid and how they're all closing down and generally without ever treating one case. Quietly taking it all down. I'll put that up too.  Not a mention, eh.  Just shhhhhh, take them all down, do it, there's nobody using them.  [Alan chuckles.] The public must believe we're falling apart and that thousands are dying. 


Here's an article to do with these emergency hospitals they were throwing up. Remember the one in the US I read months ago. But the ones you see in the movies, these big, massive inflatable type things. And very ominous looking. Because you've all been trained to be horrified and terrified when you see them, you see. They're throwing them up outside New York and different places. None of them were used for a single patient, that's when they were taking them down, they admitted that at the time. Well, here's Britain, you see. They rebuilt ones as well. They called them National Health Service Nightingale.  This was in July.


NEC confirms full reopening, with NHS Nightingale being decommissioned / 19 July 2020


The NEC has confirmed that the NHS Nightingale currently occupying the venue is being decommissioned and will reopen for events on 1 October.


In a letter to its clients, the Birmingham venue noted that the field hospital has been in hibernation since (A:  ...guess when? ...guess when the peak was long gone? It was before May actually, so in May they put it into hibernation because they weren’t getting any patients in at all.) May and did not receive a single patient.


(A: This emergency hospital. You know, they were overloaded with all these cases, but just like all the other hospitals, especially emergency ones they threw up, didn’t get a single patient it says here.)


However, the venue says it will continue to support the NHS with the creation of a small non-Covid standby facility until March 2021.


So they’re wondering what to do with this particular one that they threw up that’s lying empty and never used. So they might use it for other purposes down the road.


NHS Nightingale Hospital at Birmingham's NEC to be turned into cancer testing centre - / 1 July 2020


Because after all you see, hhhch, people weren't getting treated for anything else. And they weren't getting treated for Covid either most of them.  Because you weren't getting any patients that needed the treatment apparently in some of the hospitals anyway. And yet folk die all the time.  Every year folk die.  And they die all throughout the year as well. That's what we do. As babies get born other folk die, and that's the cycle of things.  But of course they've terrified everyone into thinking no one died before Covid came along. Isn't that quite an act, isn't it? 


Massive psychological warfare on the public.  A big psy-ops operation. But again, there's big, big agendas hanging on this whole idea of a deadly pandemic, to change society and the world, and to globally reset the whole economic system which means everything in the system, including you and your way of living from birth to death. That's the purpose of it.


So there you go, that was another article there. And not from a conspiracy site either.  It comes from Yep, there you go, there's another one that was lying empty all along.  And threw out lots of money towards it of course to get all the stuff that they didn't need because they didn't have any patients. There was no overflow in the hospitals to bring patients in.  Rather odd, isn't it, that the facts don't fit the horror in the propaganda.  So there ya go.


Anyway folks remember go in to  Throw a few bucks my way and help me tick along and hopefully we can get through this together. At least we’ll get, we’ll come through something together, whether or not we’ll end up together I don't know.


Tyranny is staring you in the face.  Organized, planned tyranny.  With the richest folk on the planet funding movements that are meant to terrorize you on the streets.  And they plan to, yeah, plan to vaccinate everybody and have your immunity passports for life, with every other update and booster shot for everything they can possibly think of. And they'll come up with a whole bunch of new things now, the passports will be out shortly. I'm sure they've got a whole plan for a whole bunch of things you've never heard of. And you have to take them. Isn't it wonderful, this fascism?


True fascism, that's what you've got.  And the communist don't seem to be bothered about it at all. At the bottom that is.


You're going to be mandated to take it or you'll be kept prisoner in your own home and starved to death.  There ya go, that's your choice.


Goodbye centuries of fighting for rights, to watch it all fought away with the fake fight for rights by people who want to destroy it all. It's quite an interesting time to be alive.


So take care of yourselves. Keep the emails coming just to see how you're all doing because it's important. You can't just bottle yourself up at times, you have to let things out as well. Just being in contact with...  Remember too, I've said before, try and get a few friends that will stand up for each other when times get worse and worse and worse.


Because they really plan, shutdown economy to the end of the consumer society, with basic, basic scraps of food eventually if they get their way. This is horrific. This is horror, and we are allowing it to happen at the moment. We'll see if anybody steps forward, in a position of power that is, to stop at all from happening. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?


But remember as I keep telling you, you are your own champions. You have to look out for yourselves. You have to speak one by one for each other and for yourselves and say, yep, I will or I won't go along with whatever it is.  Because yeah, you've got to do it for yourself if nothing else. If you think you're going to go along to get along, not with this kind of system. No, they're ruthless. They're ruthless.


You look at the people who already tried to please them by putting up the Black Lives Matter things in their windows and so on. I think it was even, was it Wheeler, or Whittle, or Wheeler, the mayor in Portland I think it was.  Was it Portland? I get them all confused now.. who was all for their demonstrations, then it turned into riots. Even then he was still all for it, until they went for his house, his own house. That's what happens.  They set fire to his house as well.  Yep.  Whoa, and he changed.  Out comes five guys that have been no doubt well armed who were security guards for him. Most folk can afford that, you know.  Yep, that's communism for you.


Now, before I pack in for the night and get all this uploaded I should just mention that, it all sounds very depressing, isn't it? But it's meant to. This is total psychological warfare. The articles that are coming out there, and guys from Australia saying, oh you know, we're going to force folk to take this whether they like it or not, etc. No, you can be as much of a bully back to this character. These are the tactics that they use on you, in every tyranny of course.  We're pretty used to it through thousands of years of similar stuff.


So you just, you know, put a mirror back on them and let them see their faces grimacing and say we're not going to follow this, you with your face like that, all screwed up and full of angst and either real or feigned anger. Because we're not children and you have no right to dictate to us of how we're going to live or what we're going to do, in a free society.


We're either free or we're not free. There's no in between's here.


Don't let them bring the lawyers in and bioethicists to come in and persuade you otherwise. It's all psychological warfare again. On you. Things are very simple in reality. You either, if women are in charge of their own bodies, right, let's be honest here, come on here, and logic is always logic, hm, then you can all be in charge of your own bodies and deciding what's going to go into it, not just what's coming out of it. 


That's your right, that is your right. Of course it's your right. If somebody's going to stick their products into you, by law, hm, well that's up to you if you want to. But then it's a legal agreement for you if you want to go along with it. But everyone doesn't have to go along with that of course, for vaccine that's untested.  And they certainly do have horrific stories down through the vaccine industries record-keeping, which is kind of half hidden.  You can still dig them up, all the horror stories from it too.  It's up to yourself if you want to risk it, isn't it? Legalities, everything's legalities.  Well, you know, we warned you that, you know, it could be fatal in some people and could have bad reactions in other people, and we warned you.  Did they really? Did they really?  [Alan chuckles.]  There ya go.


Informed consent, hm.  And if you don't give your consent, your agreement, then they're going to put you in prison?  Hm?  Or lock you in your own home, put a big fence around your house so you can't get out, with the bracelet, a manacle like you’re like a prisoner. That's not a free society. That's true, true fascism, the government working hand-in-hand with big, massive private corporations.  That's what it is.


Don't forget too, that if you watch TV you can get the impression that the whole country in the US is burning down. It's not the case, not that way at all.  Things can change very quickly if enough people say that's enough, you know.  That's enough. But you do it one by one, you see, and you just say no, that's enough, I'm not putting up with this nonsense anymore. Whatever the nonsense happens to be.


Because yeah, this is the big push to bring in the elites' next phase for a more controllable society, a post-democratic society by using a form of communism. At least to start it off with.  Then down the road once they've trained a generation that it's all quite normal to just obey and do what you're told, by the end of that time they'll already got rid of all the ones who actually brought it upon in the streets. They always do that, they are used and tossed away of course. They’re used for the reign of terror, but because they are terrorists and they enjoy it, then the ones at the top once they bring in their own system, they'll then dispose of them too. They always, they always do this. Standard stuff.


Everyone's gets used. Be very careful who you follow.  Remember I've always said that you generally are given your leaders. I don't care who they are, or how high sounding it's going to be at times, be very careful.  Because ultimately, it's your choice what happens to you. And it's your choice to decide what's best for you as well. So be very, very careful out there.


And it's not over. Because as I say, turn off the TV and you'll find out, no, all your streets across, like, a massive country like the US, are not falling apart, at the moment. Apart from the fact they haven't been rebuilding the roads and stuff for years and years and all that kind of stuff because that was also part of the agenda, bring it down to the lowest possible state, then destroy everything and rebuild it new again to suit those who already own it and rule it.  That's what it's about.


It's the elites' revolution, the next phase of their revolution.  It's post-democratic. Again, Maurice Strong went through it all.  He wants to bring you all back, remember, to a postindustrial state of living. Which is famine. Disease. All kinds of disease in fact.  All kinds of death as well increasing because of lack of energy and hygiene, and even access to healthcare and access to real healthcare, and even to basic hygiene, etc. The old, old system will get brought back again.  You'd see us all dropping like flies.


But I guess they've got programs to make us all happy when it's happening. And I'm not kidding you about that.  They can convince you of anything. You should really look into bioethics, and death. Because they have a death pathway as you well know in the hospitals, and they had these professionals who will make it sound so wonderful. They'll actually almost hypnotize you as you go under, and they'll convince you just to accept every stage of what's happening to you. Then they'll say, you know, we could hurry this up and it might alleviate some of your suffering for you. Well, what do you mean by that? Well, it's got a bad name but there's nothing bad about it. It helps you pass over.  So they give you the cheapest possible death drug that there is rather than give you the treatment that could make you recover and keep you going for years. That's part of the new efficient system. 


That's exactly what Brave New World had, wasn't it?  You're guaranteed a certain lifespan right down to the exact day and year. You'd have this kind of happy utopia, in a sense, at least for the upper, the Alphas and the Betas, then you just died. Then they celebrated death as a wonderful thing, you see. You can be trained to believe anything. 


And unfortunately, they're hard at work. Thousands and thousands and thousands of psychologists and bioethicists working with, who are also part lawyer some of them too, and behaviorists and neuroscientists, all working towards this brave new world to run it efficiently for those who own it. And you know who some of them are, at least some of the front people are at least, they're all presented as stars of industry and stars of science and stars of this, etc., etc.  So you can either follow the stars as they say...


...or look waay beyond them into way, way deep space, and look at something that's much, much bigger than any of them, and any of us. Because there are, there's definitely forces out there that are way beyond all this, rather than the dark forces down here. Always remember that.  So it's not all lost.


Take care of yourselves and help each other out. You've got have a little plan there somewhere to get through it mentally and physically. Because it's important.


And you are important. Don't ever let them believe, that they train you into thinking you're nothing at all. You're important. You're all important. Of course you are. We used to have that in life. We used to elevate humans and elevate life to a high pinnacle. It's the Communists and those who ruled the communism, the richest folk said, like Julian Huxley said, we've got to knock people off their pedestal as the supreme being on the planet and teach them that they're just another, basically another animal. In order to rule them.


So it's time you start, got back on that big stool there and says, yeah, I am worth it. And you certainly are. But it takes some doing. Don't let, you can't, it can’t all be done for you. You've got to start doing things yourself as well.  And start believing in yourselves as well.


Remember too, don't just think that magic is going to make it all happen for you.  The whole area into the truly supernatural, it takes more than just wishful thinking.  It can't be done through basic spells, put it that way. Again, you've got to work on yourself.  If you've ever experienced anything that truly is supernatural as opposed to preternatural, a big difference, then you know there are bigger forces than any of these characters that are staring at you from TV sets telling you what to do. There's much bigger forces on the planet than that.  Never lose sight of that. It's very important.


The first step in psychological warfare is to totally demoralize the target population to give up. So don't give up and we'll see what happens as we go along here.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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