Aug. 30, 2020 (#1790)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Elite's Working Complicity Toward Efficiency:

"Hear the Cries of Anarchy, Arson, Sedition,

Kissinger's New World Order Comes Into View,

It's Said Bolshevik Hell is Just Repetition,

So Masses Can be Ruled by Technocratic Few."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on 30 August 2020.  As always, I hope you're hanging in there and getting through these insane times. Because we're living through the biggest exercise, really, in mind control and warfare, it's all warfare, it's mental warfare on the whole population of the planet… and psy-ops, etc…  and revolutions all sponsored often and traced back to the same few people. It's quite astonishing, isn't it, that regardless of the Covid idea and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Fauci and all these characters, the head of the WHO, you can tie them all together, can't you? 


You see all the funding from the same old big corporations going to BLM.  Which again, is Marxist as we know. A beautiful cover though. Remember, communism always hides behind covers. It uses excuses, always did. There were dozens and dozens of them in the 1960s that were Christian. And the Christian groups and churches had no idea they were getting used. But they were great covers because they would promote policies which the Marxists wanted to be put into, to weaken America actually.


That's what you always find, behind the covers there is a weakening of the state.  And yeah, you can always, hhhch, complain about the state as much as you want. The state of affairs isn't that great, is it. But the reality too is that there are other players that simply want to end up in the ruling seats and displace the present rulers of it all. That's really what it is. OR, or, really, to maximize their power, their existing power and take over the remaining seats [Alan chuckles.] in politics and governance and so on. And you have to understand that. That you're living through amazing times, that nothing is happening by chance. 


You've got the Pentagon, obviously, in on the same acts with different generals standing by. They're all on the payroll of the military-industrial complex, which will still be working for a long time under the auspices of the United Nations and NATO organization.  As they, again, go through this game of divvying up the world into competing factions of apparent conflicts. 


That's how the Cold War was, really.  There were more billionaires created during the Cold War than ever before. Maybe even afterwards. Because all governments on all sides took tax money and put billions and billions, without question, into defending the people by creating more and more missiles, etc., and jets and military equipment.  Way overpriced anyway; it does matter what they made it was always way overpriced. But no questions were asked.


Like the Covid idea, it's to keep you safe.  Right.  So you know, it's a wartime, you see, and of course Covid is, has all the attributes of a wartime scenario. Of course it does. More than you think actually.  Because there are signs and symptoms too, techniques of controlling the public through fear in wartime for compliance reasons. We've had all the exercises exposed from Event 201, and long before that too with the Rockefeller Lockstep idea as well.


Again, many other organizations that, some of them I'll mentioned tonight, that the GAVI and Bill Gates groups still control as well. There are so many organizations, you see, all telling you the same stories. So important to control the media and the flow of information.  You think you've got lots of competing organizations giving their... No, they're giving you the same opinions, all the media, the official media, because they're all owned by a small coterie of people.


Going way back, I mentioned this years ago in talks, when Rockefeller and others, the Rockefellers especially got a group of his, hhhch, hijackers, you know, together. Because they hijacked other companies all the time to basically take them over and stop competition. Old man Rockefeller said that, competition is a sin. And he meant it. 


There's an organization running the world that truly believes they have the right to own everything in it, the technocratic type, and to rule everybody under it basically.  That hasn't changed.  It's more than ever enforced today. You can actually see some of the front people coming forward, maybe lower edges of them, but it's still the same organization. The idea was to take over the world's resources, everything that you need to exist as an individual human being, and then collectively it's owned by people you don't even know generally. They make all the policies, how much food you're going to be able to buy, or even get, or even if you can get it, or even if you can buy it.  And it's all coming to pass right now.


Because this is to be your winter of discontent that's coming up.  Because it will either make or break this big agenda for the World Economic Forum, for its global reset... of the economy, of your way of living, on the value, actual value and the, basically the, almost like an examination paper with tick marks.  You'll all get checked off on a checklist of things that, they'll give you extra help if you need it if you're ill or whatever it happens to be, according to your status or importance, or necessity to THEIR society. That's how it's going to be put out actually. It's already in force. That's why they're killing a lot of elderly people in the hospitals. It was in force before Covid came along when they introduced euthanasia.


Everything is economics, you see, and value to their system. Even though you paid for it, it doesn't make any difference.  They are thieves that run the world.  They have all the signs and symptoms of gangs. And that's a fact.  There are other people that have come out with this too, they have all the signs and symptoms of organized crime, BIG, BIG organized crime at the very top. 


Their relationship, as I've mentioned before, between Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and... Don't forget too, Fauci and his wife, and his wife too is a bioethicists working with the government, to, again, evaluate everybody's status in society and your value to the system. That's what bioethics is all about, folks. That's what it's about.


So you're living through the big scientific takeover of society. For the planet. They've always been after this global society going way back into the 1800s. Folk have no idea that the British Empire, this oddball thing the British Empire, was run by a secretive group in the City of London. Lord Alfred Milner, he published books himself about it. He, again, some of the people who took over much later like Carol Quigley who was the historian for them, praises them to the highest heavens for taking over the world and trying to get a world governmental system in place. Again, with this, he didn't mention technocratic system, but that's what it was. Quigley knew it was.  Because he believed they had the right, again, to go after the world's resources even then.  And he was all for their agenda.


Britain was used.  Really.  The people who get used, generations can pass, they haven't got a clue they're being used. You understand that?  They just think, oh we're off to another war with so-and-so today, and it may last for a few years. And after it's over, you don't realize, no, maybe two dozen people have corporations in London that end up ransacking that country by taking resources out of it, and your troops are guarding it all, for them. Even the troops don't really know what they’re there for except they’re ‘bringing civilization’, they think, to these people.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's quite amazing to watch it happen.


Because it's still happening today.  Y'know.  Often the countries that were dominated are coming back to the parent countries, [Alan chuckles.] like Britain, and dictating to them now. Because often in some ways they're, they become wealthier themselves too, the people that were left behind, and now they're dictating their policies too, for a global system again.  Because everyone, from every nation, at the top is part of the big structure. They know what's going on. Of course they know what's going on. Quigley was awfully good about telling you that the top people in every party, pretty well across the whole Western world, it does matter who the party was, the top people are always a member of the same organization. They are vetted way in advance. They play the game of left and right, etc.


Then when you have the books, their members books which they published at one time, when they had annual meetings, you see other names at the back. Even the heads of communist parties for countries like in Britain were in attendance to their global meetings. And Ireland too, eh, a lot of their members were there too.  So the folk who... And the top bankers that ran these nations were also in attendance, say, for the future of the British Empire.  Funded by Rockefeller.  Of course all the old Milner group guys for their, that had taken over, and their descendants because they hand them off to their offspring.


And here we are down to the present day. Folk still can't catc...  Because it's never mentioned so you can't catch on.  You see? It's not mentioned very much at all. In fact, the history we’re given, that the BBC is such a, ohhhhhhhh!  Well, Orwell said it eh, who controls the past, etc., and the future and all the rest of it.  It's all been said before.  And it's so true. So incredibly true.


Then again, you have this wonderful, and it's wonderful from the elites' point of view running the world through creating factions and divisions, eh.  Lots, I mean Britain's sunk basically with mass migration. So is Germany to an extent too. All from these wars in the Middle East and across northern Africa for years and years. And they haven't finished yet.  We know that there'll be even more, so that will be the complete end of it. When more, again, military age guys will rush through by the millions into Europe, when they do away with the last few countries left, like Syria.  They won't give up with Syria. And Iran. Because it's not our wars.  It's for another reason as we all know.


And by the way, that is another reason as well that a lot of folk are protesting and really upset and ticked off, because of these endless wars.  The people haven't fathomed, they can fathom out why they're even going on. I mean, the wealth of America, I'm talking about the average citizen [Alan chuckles.], has been squandered in 30 years, 30 straight years of war, hm.  People forget that it didn't start with 9/11. They already had Desert Storm in about 1991.  Then they had the flyovers and all the military around Iraq for years. That was a fortune right there. Then they hit it again in 2003 using it as an excuse of course, 9/11 as an excuse.  Even though Saddam had nothing to do with it. It was all on the list of the PNAC group.  We all know, that stuff was all published, you can find it up there yet I'm sure on the net.


So you're living through a BIG agenda.  I mentioned it so many times, you're living through a script.  It's a big business plan, exactly how a big business plan runs.  In business plans, and that's the striking thing with the United Nations and the communist organizations before the United Nations, they all have these 5-year plans for one part and 10-year plans for another, and 50-year plans for some, and even 100-year plans for the other parts of it. That's how it's run.  And that's how big multinational international corporations run too. Huge agendas going way off into the future, where maybe they'll hire and retire three times, three generations sometimes, you know.  All planned that way, how do we make it happen?...


Then they have the foundations, which are so important to all of this, the tax-free foundations. That managed the world, you know. These are the ones who create and finance and train leaders for future warfare.  Including the NGOs that, hhhch, and they train, and the ones who train the Antifa groups, etc., they're all from the big foundations owned by the richest folk on the planet. 


This is not conspiracy stuff. Read Foundations: Their Power and Influence. Written years ago. All to do with Norman Dodd's investigation into it and the Reese committee. How they looked into the foundations in America back in the 50s and 60s and wondered why they were funding the top...  the Ford, Carnegie...  And the Ford foundation had already been taken over by other foundations that are awfully well known. They were funding groups to destroy America and radically change it and so on. It made no sense to the people, so they had sent a congressional committee out there to investigate it. They were shocked by what they found. 


The head of the Ford Foundation at that time admitted, and you can actually get old audios or videos of Norman Dodd talking about this.  He said, he asked them why they were funding these groups.  The head of the Ford foundation in America said that, we're working hard to create a system and alteration of cultures and education so we can seamlessly blend that of the Soviet Union with America, down the road they could blend it all together.  Yeah.


Most folk haven't got a clue today about all that. It's just amazing. But it was all published.  It's in their books written by the guys who were involved in it.  That's what I've often said too, you can stuff your head full of all the data you want.  But it's not enough obviously to change the present, which is the way you change the future.  You've got to understand, there's more than just learning who did what. You've got to find out why. You also have to look into all the whys how people went along with things and why they went along with things, and they accepted conditions and systems that they shouldn't have.


Again too, how can you possibly even live under a system and accept at the same time that most of the agencies above you in government are secret and run secretively? …on plans and agendas you're not given even access to? You might down the road have laws implemented by them upon you. But no, you're not even brought into the debate about things, to setting up anything. No. Who decides the future of the nation?  Hm?  Think about it. Do YOU get to, um, fill out questionnaires about what you want to see in the future of the nation? Do you? For voting?  You're just given the front people to vote for, aren't you?


It doesn't matter what party is in, the same agenda goes ahead. Look at free trade deals.  Generations went by for free trade deals pretty well.  Then the ones in the 90s to do with the North American free trade.  First it was a free trade agreement, then the North American Free Trade Agreement.  And then you had the Three Amigos too, two Prime Ministers and a President, Mexico, Canada and the States meeting every year to further tie us into, and in a binding, that's what they call it, a binding system bound together which would be the nucleus of an EU type of authority, European parliamentary authority down the road. That's what they hoped for. Then they would start bringing more Latin America countries in.  And the Caribbean countries too naturally.


All discussed and printed and all the rest of it.   But it was done, it was admitted too, the whole thing was drafted up and worked upon for years by the Council on Foreign Relations.  A group that's private.  A private group that often claims itself to be the establishment.  In one of its videos it put out itself, talked about itself as THE establishment. And you don't vote for them. Most folk don't even know what they are, or that they exist.


You're given these front comedians of politicians to look at and boo and throw tomatoes at, you know. That's what you're given for politics.  Have you ever heard any real wisdom come out of the mouths of politicians?  Come on.  Come on.  You watch this Punch and Judy show, that's what it's called, Punch and Judy show that they used to have at fairs in the Middle Ages, run all up to the 20th century, where people would have these puppets bashing each other with clubs and so on.  That's what politicians are, they’re there to take the heat.  But not to ever to tell you what's really going on.


The key to all of this of course is that think tanks, privately owned think tanks have run the world for an awful long time.  And they still do.  We know, as I say, the top politicians are picked long before the public even hear their names to vote for. And they are vetted. And they will do what they're told, there's no doubt about it.  And all parties are in on it at the top. That's why nothing really changes for the better for the general population, it gets worse and worse.


I can remember looking at all the books I found, about Canada as an example.  I've seen the same for Britain. But you have the Departments of Information and Statistics, owned by the government pretty well. Everyone is measured and weighed and yada, yada, and numbered long, long before we came along, our generation.  I've got one's going back to the early 1900s, and right down to how many matchsticks were made by companies and things like that. Just incredible data they had on us all.  Before they had computers.  At least we're told that anyway.  [Alan chuckles.]  But anyway, it is quite fascinating to see how these massive books, with the years of production and costs and all the rest of it, and every little company in the country listed.


But back in the early 20th century in Canada, Britain at that time, or London that ran it all...  I hate saying Britain. It's like this strange entity.  What the heck is Britain really? It's got millions of people, all kinds of people living in it. Even before the mass migration there were still lots of different kinds living in it. The Yorkshire folk had their own identity and cultures, and different parts of the country were similar.  Had been for centuries, that kind of thing. But when it comes to official purposes, you see, and taxation and things like that, then they want you all to be one part of Britain.  Or for war, we'll send you off to fight for things you have no idea what it's really all about. You never get told the truth.  And when you come back from these wars, the ordinary fork have either lost their jobs or work other firms or whatever, and nothing is ever the same again.  Then you get another one, it's the same kind of thing over and over.


But in between that you're global.  I remember back in the 90s talking about this. I said, eventually you know we'll, because they kept talking about global this and global that and how it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and we'd all be happy under globalism.  All the companies were putting out this rah-rah thing, the governments were putting rah-rah, and hands-across-the-sea, etc.  Then they came out with their real plans, which was international free trade for the big top corporations, so they could really send their stuff all over the planet, from all countries, and have the citizens back home in the first world countries paying for it all.


Do you ever wonder why you can order things from China for peanuts? for cheaper than you could even post a letter in your own country to your neighbor? You're paying for it, that's why. That's called free trade, that's part of the deal.  And it isn't just China that you're paying for their postage to you.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's quite a few countries too. You can look up the list of the nations, including some in the Middle East by the way, you're paying the big, the bulk of their postage on whatever's getting transferred around the world.  Free trade, eh? Great deal for the corporations, isn't it?  And you pay for it all.


And at the same time you end up with no work back home.  Because your own governments, again, all kinds, you've got right wing and left wing in succession all signed onto it and they integrate it further and further as they get in, and end up with no work back home.  No factories. No ability to produce anything.  You don't even have the ability to make your own basic painkillers, or acetaminophen, the very simple medication because even that's farmed out to other countries. First it was farmed out to China under free trade, that's why it was so cheap for a long time.  Then, I think it was last year or the year before they gave the contractor under the new TransPacific Partnership, which they included India in for some reason, and then they moved their base of operations to India and it's way more expensive now. But at home, oh, nothing is made here, eh.  There ya go. You can't even make anything to save yourself if you need it.  This is the...


Hhhch.  I keep thinking back to Britain and World War I and then II.  Britain was locked down in World War I because Germany then and Britain as well had submarines and submarines could play havoc with shipping.  It was bringing in food, supplies and the whole bit. Especially in World War II, there was far more subs around.  And Britain had already given up its ability to be self-sustaining by farming.  I've always said it was an odd thing that. I mean, food is one of the most basic things you need. Without it, everything else is a pipe dream.  [Alan chuckles.]  Everything starts with food, folks.  Hm?  Food and water. And why would your nations literally make you helpless?


Well once again, it was the big corporations that dealt with the shipping lines.  We have had leaders in Canada whose parents were involved in this too, they had their own shipping line companies for transferring food to other countries, etc. And often when they're combined with interest and agriculture, like agri-food businesses, they decide what countries are going to get the cheap food, and who's not going to eat.  And they even tried to, and even lobby at home to put laws through to stop you even making enough food at home for yourself. 


This is all rigged, you see. There's no such thing as a free enterprise system. It's just the opposite. And it's not new.  As I say, Britain almost sunk in World War II because they couldn't produce food for itself. It was completely, almost completely dependent for a long time on food coming in from the US.  And a lot of that ship eventually was in trouble after 1942 as well.  They had all, you can actually look up the old videos on 'wartime farms' for instance. You see what they had to do, go through.


And the government just expands, oh, they love it during war, they expand socialistic techniques, systems and principles.  Government departments just blossom and swell like cancers like you wouldn't believe.  That's why they love socialism.  Because, and then you do what you're told because it's all for the good of all, you're all in it together, etc.  And you all pull along together and do what you're told, for the good of everybody else, for the greater good.  It never changes, eh?


During World War II the government in Britain stole farms all over the place off of people.  Because hhhch, here's the tragedy of things. Great Britain, eh, let's be proud of Great Britain, eh.  It had been in so many wars all through the 1800s, the country, the people were broke with taxes. And really, even then, they were kept at a starvation level, most of the people. Not the middle class and the upper class of course. But they were. 


They had gone through the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s and 1800s. So bad it was that even Benjamin Franklin, this is the truth here, in his own memoirs talked about when he visited Britain and he saw these factory workers coming out of the big shoe factory and boot factory, barefooted in the winter because they couldn't afford to buy the boots themselves. This was reality, folks, you know.  There was no welfare system. Folk had to work often 16 hours a day, just to eat, and get a place over there had, which was awful. Often there were 10, 12 or more to a room. It was a horror show.


But again, the wonders of propaganda and so on can displace all that and really tuck it away into the back until it's a hazy thing and it's forgotten altogether. That's how it works.


Then you end up in the 20th century and they're already just had the Boer War, you know, getting waylaid there as they were taking over Africa and South Africa and so on. Again, by the Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner, for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that private group that was just called the Milner Group and The Kindergarten at the time. They picked youngsters up in university, in Oxford and All Souls, and they trained them. They trained them to be governors of different countries that they would take over.  They list all their names of course if you go into their histories, long histories. But anyway, that's how it was done.


And the people end up in these wars, world wars...  And they needed, by the way, the Milner group wanted world wars, they mentioned that, because then they could then further amalgamate countries, even competing and conflicting in wartime, warring countries together at the end of it, when everybody's on their knees.  That's how you got the League of Nations idea coming in, you see.


Yeah, the past is a horror show. 


So anyway, World War II comes along, and Britain had lost so many farmers. And like, you’re talking about dad and sons often, and uncles, all wiped out in some areas, the LOT of them.  They would join local regiments, bomf!  Gone.  The same in Canada and elsewhere, and Australia.  Gone. And New Zealand.  So that left a lot of them just struggling with farms in the 20 years between, you know, from the end of World War I and the beginnings of World War II in 1939. 


So the government, they ordered you to produce and if you couldn't produce enough – because you didn't have enough manpower or of people running the farm or whatever, or maybe it was an old dad left, all the sons were dead from the previous war – the government just grabbed them and stole them.  Then they amalgamated a whole bunch of them, you see, here, there and everywhere, and they would give it to these rich characters. Who still own them today by the way, you know.  Then they got volunteers, and land armies, that's even better, isn't it, it's smacks of the same kind of thi… you get little smackings or smattering's of the same system down to the present time. Because then you had land army volunteers and all these folk coming in, for the war effort, who were free labor for you, hm.  Every square inch of workable land had to be plowed and the whole thing and used for the war effort. We're all in it together once more, you see.


You could get vegetables, etc., but you couldn't get much meat at all, for the general population. Winston Churchill had no problem. They had parties for Winston, they'd talk about it, his secretary talked about it, if you ever bother reading the books on it.  His personal secretary wrote about it, and how they had these huge parties in certain parts of London, underground bunkers, huge, like palaces really.  In fact, some of them were under palaces, and other ones were outside London. They had everything they could imagine of eating and food, elegant wines, etc., champagne, the whole lot, all through the war.  But the ordinary people, being good people mind you, put up with it and the rationing.  Starvation level rationing.  Until there was no obese people before World War II, pretty well, in Britain because they had been through a Great Depression, in between two world wars and in both wars they had rationing.  It's just astonishing what you put up with.


The folk who go off and fight have no idea, they wouldn't even know who Lord Alfred Milner was. You see, you might get his name in a newspaper once in a while, as one of his protégés was sent over to govern South Africa or something like that, you know, or India.  But they had no idea who this big...  Even Winston Churchill had an argument, it's recorded in Parliament in Britain.  Because at the beginnings of the war he had no idea what, that these characters had been manipulating the system to get Britain, he was also getting manipulated by another group to get into the war by the way, an outside group. But at the same token, he was ticked off when he found out that this other group that was, had other plans for the great war, this World War II, you know, and its mission and what they wanted to accomplish.  And he argued about it.


Because at that time it was a very secretive group, you know, different names it had at the time.  The All-Souls group was one of them as well. It was so secretive, like layers of it, that they had an inner party and an outer party, you know.  Just like the CFR still has today for their missions abroad so to speak. Yeah, the folk in Britain, who fought those wars, all truly believe they were doing the best of all to save everybody and in doing it, you know, hadn't a clue what was to come at the end of it. Hadn't a clue that Winston Churchill, and I put up the articles years ago.  You should go into and look at some of them. Lots of the authors use my material.  I have stacks of it there. But Winston Churchill literally talked about all of this too as they say. And his desire, he said, this is wonderful... when the war broke out, he says, we might, we shall probably, and hopefully, he says, establish our long dream of a United Europe. I mean, meanwhile he's telling folk on the radio at nights, you go off and fight and die to save your culture, your way of life.  Meanwhile, he's talking, and his secretary recorded all these things, eh.  M-hm. 


A United Europe. An old idea. Now, if you told that to the British folk at that time they would've been completely bewildered.  What's he talking about, a United Europe?  We're fighting to keep our old way of life, we’re quite happy with it the way it is, you know. It's never perfect, and it's pretty bad for a lot of people, but it's better than what a lot of folk had even in Europe at that time.


And every culture likes its own culture to an extent, don't they? Because it's familiar to you [Alan chuckles.] if nothing else.  But it's also, part of it, and it's across the world, people who will fight and die for their nations, or the plot of land they live on. It's a natural thing. You feel tied to the land, it's in the soil, it's in the genes almost.  You have that bonding to it.


I remember reading a poem by a Scots guy that wrote about the 1930s and 40s, maybe into the 50s. A miner, and he talked about having to leave.  Because Scotland, like parts of England too, and Wales, because of this corrupt system that always ran you, was often, couldn't afford, that's what he said in his poem, a country like Scotland, they couldn't afford to feed its children, you know, so you had to move. Meanwhile you had the richest folk concentrated in London.  The richest folk in the world at that time, concentrated in parts of London, especially in the City of London.  Of course the migration helped, you see, to expand the Empire, hm? 


So we're all used and abused and most folk haven't got a clue it's even happening at the time. Instead, they're given what they've got in the States at the moment, they've got the front groups.  The BLM groups where the heads of them, it's no mystery, it's not conspiracy theory, they admit, and they’re out there admitting, there's even the video of them admitting that they are trained Marxist organizers who know exactly what they're doing. Where Marxism always has front groups and gets them all battling with other groups.


Then you have the Antifa groups, there's no mystery there, that's got quite a good history of them, long history. Then the reorganization of them back again in the 90s. Because they use them. They used to send them into the anti-global meetings that were going on at the time. The anti-globalist meetings were awfully going at the time and folk came across from the countries to protest these meetings, where they were, again, planning to offshore all your work and your factories off to China and the Far East.  But in would come the Antifa group and jump in on the bandwagon and start throwing their usual Molotov cocktails at police cars, etc., and give everybody else a bad name, you see. They actually say it in their handbooks, you see, that, they piggyback upon certain events that will cause, that are plausible, and are emotional events, jump on top of them, end being the champions, but then steer it off into your revolution. This is how they do it, you see. Well funded too.


But once folks’ emotions get up they seldom think very clearly. It's very interesting to watch the phenomenon. I’ve mentioned it before, that the tremendous, the terrible things that happened in Rwanda with the genocide in Rwanda. You had the eventual completely, complete unleashing of many years of utter hatred against this other tribe that they'd had skirmishes with over 100 years, 200 years even.  The hatred had boiled up and boiled up, and it was really institutional, and they let loose. Literally the chopping up of people went on for weeks. You could actually hear it on the audios from people who were there at the time with cameras, you know.  From reporters from abroad you could actually hear it.  It went on.  It was terrible.


That's what happens when... When clever folk can utilize the hatred and stir it up and actually augment it, really thicken it you might say, intensify it, and then they use it for different purposes. Big coffee plantation growers were involved in this too, outside the country.  Because there's always other reasons for what you see in the news. Always. And always other interests behind anything to do with skirmishes or wars. There's always economic interests lying deep, deep below on behalf of those who understand resources and how to use them. And who want them. 


Rwanda reporters were on the roads, it was like...  It actually… I always think of these, whenever you see roads full of people, you think of the number of refugees is one.  Like, I always think of refugees and carts in Europe and so on at the beginning or even during World War I and then World War II.  But then you get the other refugees, that really are promoted to come into countries, now.  These are, like the massive invasion across Europe, that was all, that took billions of dollars to work all that out and to finance, and even train them. Some of them coming in were telling you they had all been trained in advance for purposes of taking down European countries.  And we know some of the folk who were behind it because they even put videos out themselves about it in some of these countries. Unashamedly, eh.  And then down the road you use them, eh, to take down the nations. This is standard warfare techniques. Migration has always been used for this kind of purpose.


Migration was used in ancient times. You have biblical episodes of it. And pre-biblical too, because not everything happens in the Bible, obviously. But you had different groups that would remove people out of where they lived and transfer them to other nations, in order to destabilize their power, and dethrone them from over their own people, so’s that the people could be used by the conquering people coming in, you see. So there's different ways you can use migration, mass migration, by law.


The Soviet era was awfully interesting I always think. Because in the Soviet era they used very old techniques, very, very old techniques.  You get whisps of it through your lifetime, and this is why it's important to try and always remember as much as you can per day as you're living through things, you know.  Because real history is inside you. You live it. Forget the books that are written later that would change it all and so on. You're living in history, and you must use your own perception.  Don't be given it by someone else, you know. Anything that you're offered, investigate it completely to make up your own mind.


But the Soviet system is just like the Norman system.  They sent troops in of course to different countries, like Latvia.  You had Latvia.  You have articles coming out, you know, years later in Latvia after the so-called Soviet system collapsed, which it didn't really collapse as such, you know, not the way it was presented. But yeah, you had Latvia and you had Ukraine, you had different countries where the Soviets had tremendous influence in the Soviet pact countries.  And they had troops into many of these countries, training them and so on, and they stayed in them with full-time barracks.  Much the same as the US does today across the Middle East, and even Beirut at one time and so on.


But the Soviets were given extra money if they would marry the local women.  The idea, to breed themselves into society, which would help dilute the cultural homogeneity of the people. It's much harder down the road 20 years, 20 or 30 years down the road for the entire people to stand up and throw you out when about by that time at least one third of them are part Russian, you see; it's all through so many folks’ families by that time. That's how it's done.  That was a deliberate policy, they paid the troops extra if they would settle in the areas by marrying girls in those areas where they were stationed.  Very old system, a very old technique.


It's smacks, as I say, of the same kind of thing that happened with the Norman invasion into England, or Britain, or England really.  Even the Romans tried this too at one time. And after the Romans really collapsed, the same kind of thing, they went back home to Rome from England.  They did leave a lot of people back in England at the time, and we have histories of them from monks, very interesting, of certain families who still stayed behind, and they were very old Roman families.


But again, the Normans when they came into Britain, they had ‘prima nocta’, which is ‘first night’ of course.  The nobility would literally, um, if a maiden was going to get married in the local areas, the Saxon areas and so on in England, they’d just take the right to have sex with them, in hope that they’d get pregnant and so now you’ve got relatives within the local community, that you’ll groom to be in charge of the community. An old, old technique, really, nothing new about it. I'm sure it might still go on in some parts of the world today.  It wasn't just first night and the whole thing, the idea was to breed themselves into the people.  Even their offspring would become future leaders over those peoples.


In Ireland's you have an interesting situation where some of the Fitz-, like Fitzsimmons and so on, often had noble parentage.   They were illegitimate but they were still given a legal standing, you see, and so hence the prefix Fitz- part to their names, Fitzgerald, etc.  So that's still stood today. 


But again, this isn't getting off the topic, really. What it is showing you is that great powers manage us all.  And it doesn't come from little people in every generation just reinventing the wheel. These are sciences that are recorded and understood over many, many, many centuries, many, going way back to Plato and even before Plato's day. Some of these philosophers in ancient Greece were awfully interesting because they were interested in what was happening around them, and they like to put it down, especially in their schools, and the leisure class came to them.  They were getting trained into this, and philosophy wasn't just there for passing the time.


Although, 'school' came from the term really 'leisure', you know, wealth and leisure.  You had leisure.  Because the ordinary people hadn't time to learn anything except maybe a trade or something. But those who ruled, the ruling classes, or maybe even castes for all that in Greece.  And Greece is a huge area.  It wasn't just a little, there's so many hundreds of miles in fact involved too.  But some of them, again, were actually condemned by the state, some of these teachers because they wanted to overthrow the system and bring in this new system.  Socrates of course wasn't just offered his poison because of that. There were definite charges laid against him.


It's interesting, in the Enlightenment era they always resurrect Socrates and his teachings. Interesting teachings, absolutely. And a good mind behind it.  And maybe a better mind between the translators, because you can fudge an awful lot of perhaps better thinking by translating in a certain way. But anyway, you find that Socrates was also charged with literally trying to subvert the youth. It wasn't sexually, at least it wasn't promoted as such, or part of the charge. It was to train the youth to overthrow the parents and the system, to be revolutionaries. That's what it was about.  When it was brought out into the open, the parents and the nobility just lost it. They had no idea.  This came out during the inquiries.  It was so bad that many of the students had to flee for their lives because they were trained to be revolutionaries.  Plato had to disappear for a while.  And he did. For quite a long time. 


They had this interesting similarity to different groups that even, like the Essene’s that came along too in the Middle East as well.  They had lots of things in common.  Where you would get groups in, that you would have an initial meeting groups, like an open day, put it that way, every so often, where folk could come in and listen to the lower exoteric teachings. They would say that's rather pleasant, etc., I wouldn't mind joining that.  Then if, yeah, one of the youngsters came in to join it, and probably paid by the parents who thought it would give them a good education, then if they had the right stuff... Because they have levels and degrees, just like later groups had too, of induction, all the way up as I say, to the Lord Alfred Milner group that has an inner party and an outer party. That's where the idea came from, George Orwell's 1984, the inner party and the outer party.  And the circle of friends, etc., and that's the CFR. So that's how.  Very old ideas.


And all elitists, you see, going way back to even Socrates... It's all to do with elitism.  Through the various dialogues that they would have in their teachings, they'd always have a discourse, a kind of fantasy discourse with someone else, as a teaching tool. If I said to you blah blah blah, what would you reply or think? Then you try to guide them into what you, the way you want them to think. But it's always to question what is.  What is… what is this and what is that? And not really to enlighten you as such, maybe partly. But then to take you off and reshape you into, now think about it this way...  You know.  Well, that's how people are recruited today for the most horrible things on humanity.


Oh, what d'you think of all these little people? It's kind of like The Third Man, eh, the movie. One of the best movies ever made, The Third Man. It was so well directed, and written and directed and filmed. Old black and white movie.  And the location was fantastic, during actual, really, occupation of a country that was post-World War II, where you'd still had, and they still had the Russian and British and American and French quadrants in these big cities, that were by the allies as they say.  And all these displaced peoples, hm.  None of them wanted to be grabbed. If they had a background and would come from a country that was now owned, run over, ruled by the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union could take you back, just demand that you, even though you weren't in their country at the time, you were in Vienna and so on, they could demand that you go back there, you see. Horrible things happened.


But in the movie the villain Orson Welles is up, he’s meeting his pal. His pal came over to see him.  And his pal thought that Orson, you know the third man, was dead because he had a fake burial, then he found out he was alive, and he came up to question him. Orson Welles had been really looked, had been sought, the reason he pretended death is that he was sought by the police and the Allied forces at the time, the military police.  Because one of his scams was getting penicillin and diluting it, and then reselling it for big money. It went to children's hospitals, and they were dying of meningitis and things, of course the antibiotic was no use, it was too diluted.  All these kind of things, these scams did go on by the way.  Scams [Alan chuckles.]  in medicine have always, right up to the present time as you well know, I'm sure.


So Orson Wells meets the guy on a carousel, a big, one of these big round wheels that goes up and around and so on.  They go up in it and at the top Wells talks to his friend that had come over to see him. He says, look at all these people down there.  Because his friend was saying, well, you know, you've been accused of this, is this true, you know, your medicine is now killing children?  Orson Welles looks down and he says, look at all those people down there. And he says, do you really think that the system thinks anymore those people, you know.  He says, the state calls them the proletariat, you know, I call them masses and so on, and the Communists call them the masses, and I call them that.  In other words, they're just little dots, he says. How much is each dot really worth to you?


That's how a psychopath would describe humanity, the victims of whatever. They're just, you know, whatever, they're nothings.  And that's how we're really ruled, folks. You have no idea [Alan chuckles.] of how many layers of psychopaths are, all are churned out of academia and selected for the qualities as psychopaths, their particular traits to do dastardly things over the general populations. They are generally arrogant, well-paid, trained in either psychology or behaviorism, often both, and persuasive techniques so folk will be convinced to obey them. Right down to even giving up your own life, you know.  Are you really worth the money your government will spend on you? Why don’t you just sign this little thing and decide, yeah, I've had enough, I've become a burden on society… and you end up with eugenical euthanasia.


It's here folks. It's been here and I did the talks years ago when it was brought into Canada. I did talks years ago when they'd introduced it into Holland, a big test case there.  That's what they, a trial bed for it all.  And yet the public, just like getting, drifting into war, and drifting into everything, and never figuring things out because the media is so powerful.  Like the Rockefellers said, how many newspapers and magazines do we have to own to create basically all the newsworthy themes, we would be in charge of it all? That was back in the 1930s.  And they did it all.


Tonight I'm going to put up a link to the Plandemic video.  This video is part of the Plandemic series, so you can have a look at it. It's really good.  It's well done.  It really is well done in the way too they show you clip by clip on one side of the screen, the sequences of introducing a plague to the public basically, under the actual exercise Event 201 they had.  They show you the same, here's the topics, here's what they say, and they have these actors doing these things. On the right-hand side you see the exact same things done in reality when Covid broke out. Exact same sequences. Well done, well worth watching.


No conspiracy here. I mean, you're seeing it. [Alan chuckles.]  It's right from the horse's mouths, eh?  Right down to, during the exercise, I've mentioned this before, before the movie was made.  During the exercise Event 201 they said that we'll have to deal with fake information about it, and we'll start with just censoring this and censoring that, and then they'll end up arresting people if need be and blah blah blah. And that's, we're just following the script, folks.  Yep.  And some other things too, to do with other agencies that Bill Gates’ Foundation run.  That sound, you wouldn’t know they were his really. But they're all, it's a small group really, with the GAVI and all the rest of them, the groups to do with vaccinations.  And the WHO, he funds a lot of that too, maybe three quarters it's been said of the funding that goes to them.  So it sounds like all these official sources are saying the same thing, they must all, it can't, it has to be true. Until you realize, they're all getting it from only ONE source. All of them. All these big agencies. 


But the news organization’s just parroting...  It's done, again, well in the video.  You see them all parroting the same lines, like verbatim, word for word, regardless of the name of the news company. Because they're all on board with it. That's the beauty of standardized information coming from the same source. You can rule the world that way. Plato said something similar by the way, that also mentions it in the video, [Alan chuckles.]  that the storyteller controls the country, you know.  That's how it's done. Anyway, I'll put that one up. It's a must see, folks. And who knows if it will be up for long or not. It's in Bitchute right now.




And Bitchute too apparently is now having an onslaught against it and succumbing to censorship, etc. in certain areas.  So that's the way it goes. I said years ago before I had a computer, and I was giving talks, because I would never use a computer, initially. I only got it eventually simply because I was on full-time radio at the time. But up until then, no, I could, had stacks of books. I had good libraries. I had all the information I really needed to know what was going on.


But I knew eventually, I knew that obviously the whole idea with the Internet, from the very way they really launched it to the general population, both to children and adults, it's awfully interesting.  Because in the 1990s they started dumping books out of libraries. They called it ‘weeding’.  I've done talks on this whole process called ‘weeding.’ You can look it up in your own areas, they're weeding books. First, they started with books that they didn't want the public to read. A tremendous censorship was happening, and the folk hadn't a clue. Then they started dumping books, like generations of books that were built up, just dumping them.  In the countryside I saw stacks of them getting dumped in a local garbage dump.  That was happening all over the place. But most folk haven't got a clue that it even happened.


Then towards maybe the middle of the 1990s, maybe around 1996 or 97, about the same time, I think it was 95, where it was announced...  Now remember, in 1995, most folk were kind of sailing along. All you had at that time was the free-trade deals and so on, you’re losing all your factories abroad, lots of folk were losing their homes because they ran out of places to work to pay their mortgages off. All signed, signed and sealed and delivered by the politicians in every country. Every country was on board with this, the politicians were.


But the 1995 when all this was happening, I think it was the Toronto Sun, I can't remember if the name's, it's like Gratin or something, I can't remember the guy's name. He came out with an article and he said they'll tap, they'll tap our phones, I think it was tap our phones to please Uncle Sam. It was an agreement that had been made with Canada, just made with Canada and the States to literally insert backdoors into phones.  It wasn't just like cell phones. It was ALL phones. And they said, ALL communication devices. It was fax machines, everything, had to have signatures so they could trace who they were blah blah blah blah. And they couldn't sell any phone, from then on, or fax machine, without these things inserted, or any communication device. Of course the early cell phones were the same.


Everybody was saying, well, what's going on here? Nothing was, you know, we weren’t under terrorism at that time, except from the government. Then of course it was a few years later, not long, maybe 1998 or so, 97 and 98, that Allen Rock who was the Attorney General of Canada passed, I guess he drafted it or something, but at least he passed the whole thing, it seemed, by himself to do with, it was an omnibus crime bill.  At that time you had some reporters who could actually ask questions, and dared to, and they said, what on earth is this? this isn't just a crime bill, this is an anti-terrorism scenario, a whole omnibus thing...  Where you'd be held indefinitely, for different purposes, without charges, and all that kind of thing. It's all in there. Before 9/11 happened, remember. So you're building up to this whole scenario, that had been PLANNED BEFOREHAND, folks. All of it.


Then towards the end of that decade too, they started bringing out, initially they tried to get police to wear combat gear, the Army gear, with Army colors and so on.  It didn't go too well.  They had scenarios of, here's little SWAT teams that are, they dressed like military and the green combat gear in the streets of Toronto, going out to get, investigate shootings and noises of gunshots. But they never, it was all PR stunts to get the public to try, to test the public, would you accept this in your streets?  And you had the smiling guys posing, really, you know, like models. Which they probably were models in fact. All smiling, showing off their teeth, and you say, oh these are young healthy guys you wouldn't mind talking to in the street, they look like pretty decent characters, you know.


Then they started to show you, suddenly saw them dressed in black gear.  From the old light blue shirts, the sky-blue shirts and all that, and gotten it from the police you could approach, to suddenly, I mean, they had four at a time coming down little streets in country towns and so on.  The country papers actually said it, you may have noticed in the last week or two, the new look for constables, as they display their new gear off to the public. Here they are with combat gear on that's black, with, you know, the tucked in bottoms of their parents in the combat boots and the whole… These weren't cops. They were all preparing for what's happening today, folks, waaay in advance.  Waaay in advance. They had the wars arranged, for 9/11.  The PNAC group published it, the countries they wanted to get taken out. It's the same list they're still working on today, they haven't finished it all yet, but it's the same one. 


Anyway, Allen Rock did that, the Omnibus crime bill.  Then he went off to work at the United Nations, eh.  A real...  And I think he just came back recently.  And Bob Rae, the other communist that's been sent over to the UN to represent Canada. [Alan laughing.]  It's quite interesting.


So anyway, it's fascinating to live through this system and to watch it all. And you have to remember these things because you catch on really quickly that nothing happens by itself just spontaneously. It doesn't happen that way. Anymore than the Covid idea happen spontaneously. I could go on like for days talking about just the disease scenario and how they got it all prepared years ago with different parts of it.  Not just the Event 201 and so on, there's many, many ones before it. But all connected from the same sources.  M-hm.


That's what you're living through. Long-term planning. Big scripts. 5-year plans for some parts. 10 for others. 15 years, 50 years and then 100 years for other parts of it. That's how we are run and ruled.


Getting back to this Black Lives Matter, the present face of communism, and Antifa.  It's interesting. I mean this is interesting. Come on, you can't say it's not interesting. These front groups that are busing them across all different US states for the riots. Including, and I'll put the article up too [Alan chuckles.] with the big, massive bus, specially equipped supposedly to feed them, that was caught just the other day there going in there and filling up stacks of gasoline cans, to feed the... the demonstrators, they call it.  And it's all paid for by a spontaneously created NGO nonprofitable organization, eh, a charitable group.  A huge bus.  You should see it.  I wouldn't mind that myself. I could live in that quite happily.


But yeah, this is how it's all done, eh, and you’re supposed to think it's all just happening by itself.  Then you have all, ALL, all the signs and symptoms of the world war on the go. What do you get in a world war, hm?  You get restrictions of movement under it.  So Covid brings you restrictions of movement.  In world war they couldn't even make you all live in your own homes permanently without going out, eh.  Some of the Soviet era places, they did have lockdowns and curfews, for sure. And yeah, in Britain they'd have certain curfews at certain times of the night in certain parts of the countries and so on. So all this was tested out through world war scenarios.


But also, you had to have papers to travel outside your own designated area. That's all coming with your immunity passport, eh.  In World War II you couldn't get gasoline, for most folk, for vehicles, if they even had vehicles, unless you were essential, again, essential business, essential part of the system.  That's going to come to, probably this winter as they go further with it. This is a wartime scenario.  So remember, we’re on wartime scenarios. What d’you get next?


Well, in World War II you had rationing, you see. So you're going to end up with rationing. They've already trained you for getting use to nonmeat diets. They've had big articles out about it, praising it.  Oh, this is going to end up, get rid of those methane created bovine product, cattle, etc.  Which also means the end of your calcium and vitamin D. But let's not talk about the nasty things, side effects.  And all the agendas that they wanted to get through, which they admitted to by the way, the Club of Rome, how they're going to get all the sustainability goals through, that were getting ignored, by using Covid.  Look at their own site, the Club of Rome, eh. 


So in war, too, so you get rationing.  You get restrictions of movement.  You have, you couldn't get transportation, and it will mean too, you won't get transportation in buses and things, even if you have them in your area. It's all going to come down that way.  So in World War II you had more folk bicycling here and there, you see.  They've got all these articles out now, it's wonderful, sustainability, with all these bicycle paths we're going to create.  The same old agenda they tried 20 years ago, and they've been at it ever since. But that doesn't matter. Of course there's a whole generation kicked out of it because a lot of folk are too old to bicycle, you see. And you can't really do much bicycling in the winter in Canada, which is awfully long and heavy with snow.


But that doesn't matter. You're going through war scenario. In a war scenario you also, so therefore you have complete spying on all information, telephone calls and everything, right. So we had all that since 9/11, that's what brought all that in. And as I say before, the Omnibus crime bill in Canada and late 90s, already had that stuff in it basically, all preparing for the coming wars.


Then they came out with, again, standardizing of information. Computers more so, more efficient computers for the public.  And again, as they were dumping all the schoolbooks, you can go into the library, and I went to the library quite often in the town I lived nearby, and there's all these computers there. If you went in there in your lunchtime it would be FULL of youngsters. I mean, really young school children, even Junior school, all of these computers, you see.  I says, it must be awfully interesting. Well, they were in, a lot of them, to watch pornography, the librarian told me this. And sure enough, you saw it. You had all these articles in the papers in the 90s about, there's so much pornography on the Internet. That was to get adults as well to look into this stuff. That's what got a lot of the folk in and involved, I want to see the pornography, my God, and away you go.  Because sex is a weapon and sex is awfully good at destroying societies too. Especially when you’re restructuring society and destroying the old, like the family unit, which is awfully important for those that rule the world. That you think, you probably think they're all just communist. No, no, no.


As I said before, at the world meetings for the future of the British Empire, for instance, eh, in the 1930s, run by the Rockefeller Foundation and paid for by them, who also paid for their book printing, and had the Council on Foreign Relations there, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The Milner group.  They went through this kind of stuff, and they had communist leaders there, they had all kinds. Carol Quigley talked about it in Tragedy and Hope, and he said it too, he says, we have all kinds, we don't mind if they're fascist or communist or whatever, there's all kinds. Because they're all leading lots of groups, you see.  It's beautiful, most folk join groups, they never lead them. All you have to do is create the leaders for them, and the groups, and they bring all these folk behind them, you see. 


Look at all the Black Lives Matter in the States, the looting and rioting.  Are people following it thinking it's free shopping time and that no one's going to touch them?  Even the mayor, some of the mayors have come out and said, it's okay if they're looting, they probably need it, to steal the stuff to sell it because... And all these excuses, you know. But they really don't, are not into ideology, you know. But the ones who are leading it all and promoting it all are well-trained Marxists at the top. Leaders, and they know who all the people are. There's no doubt about it. There's no real secrecy about this.  They've got them all sussed out, who they are and where they are and who move somewhere and so on. So they are allowed to do this. This is part of the big agenda right now. The restructuring of everything. And through destruction as well. Volumes have been written over many, many centuries on this technique of restructuring and rebuilding societies, reshaping them, by those in control.


A lot of folk are completely puzzled right now looking at the US especially and saying, what are they doing here? You know.  And then they'll come out with, oh it's kind of complicated, the US system, that it can't really be involved in, they can't bring the military in to quell the riots. Well, they brought military in before when New Orleans was flooded, you know. And under insurrection laws, yeah, they can use the military then. It's a different thing when you're seeing a revolution inside to overthrow the existing system.  Not that it's the greatest, put it that way, because we know it's corrupted at the top. And to replace it with what? It will be the next part of the same corrupt group, the next part of rulership through the appearance of a different system. But it's all planned in advance.


I haven't seen the richest folk in the US fleeing the country.  In fact, the richest folk in the world, in the US, have been financing these revolutions. They've even put lists of their names out, and publish them, who we’re giving money to terrorist organizations. If you donate to a terrorist organization, you'll have a visit right away and be charged under the insurrection too for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization. But how come the CEOs of these big… the biggest corporations are funding this!  Come on here.  Wisen up, folks.


And the folk who are at the bottom who are doing, who are the followers of this, better start thinking too, what's the score here?  What's the score? You can't rage against a system when the folk who own the system are paying you to riot. Something’s wrong, isn't it?  Again, and youngsters too, who don't think too deeply, they can't see the future, a lot of them.  They really think they're on the cutting edge of something big. They really do. They have nothing to replace it by. I mean, if you asked them what they want, they can't tell you.  Yeah, well, everything should be free.  Well, you know, how long will that last? Until we're all, you know, starving?  And, no one will work again. The utopia on earth, eh?  Yep.


Well, as they say, that went out with the Garden of Eden, you know, because the Garden of Eden supplied everything supposedly.  But we don't have that today. Nature is pretty nasty. You know, we have a war against nature all the time. You see how this thing about sustainability and living with nature...  We don't live with nature. We conquer nature in order to live.  Because nature will conquer you.  Nature doesn't give a darn about you. And it's just not going to change its own seasons to give you free crops of everything every year, and everything you need will just drop off of trees. It's not going to happen.


In the coldest countries, you know, it's a battle all the time to survive. Under sustainability they want to cut back what? All your heating options, until one corporation probably will own electricity, that's all they're going to give you down the road, and then you're going to have brownouts because then they're going to control you that way too.  Everything is to do with CONTROL and profit.  They profit off of having totalitarian monopolies. The monopoly men, eh?  That's how it's done.


So yeah, the computer came in to, again, standardize all information.  They already had all the interests of humans, and every age group was catered to.  It is today.  Who are the youngsters involved, what do they think about…? We've all been through it, if you remember it, you know.  And, let's get them lots of occultic stuff to make them interested...  And in amongst it all you start to insert little bits that alter their thinking here and thinking there. Everything is weaponized.


The computer is completely weaponized.  The computer, remember, was created as a weapon against, in the Cold War, you’re talking about military games and so on, all that was played through computerization. And the viruses were all created then too.  Waay, waay, waay back, eh?  And they've trained the people in no time at all not only to accept no privacy with 9/11 happening, with phone calls and everything else and texting and so on, well, we got to find out who you are and when you're doing what, why you're saying this, and all your… yada, yada.  Then again, a lot of folk actually believe anyway they've got privacy on the Internet. There is not a company out there, that if you've got anti-spyware or whatever, that isn't, even if you're paying for it, that isn't selling off your data. They're all at it, folks. They're all part of it. And they'll sell it to, the biggest purchasers of it all are government agencies.


This is a total war scenario. Total war.  Again, restriction of travel. You'll get rationing systems down the road.  You won't get a card probably; it will be an app on your phone.  You've already accepted that, that phone that you buy now is like a manacle already that you carry with you. You pay for it all. You pay for your chains, eh?  And your immunity passport will be on it, oh my goodness, isn't it wonderful, lucky I bought this phone, eh!  Aargh.  N-n-n.


What else do you get during warfare? Again, we get all the propaganda, we're all in it together, for the common good. They get the police coming, getting more powers to invade people's privacy, again, and make them conform to whatever the laws are. Put that light out, Dad's Army, you know. APR Warden, put that light out. Yep.  All these fines and that if you’ve got a chink of light showing... anywhere in the country at night, eh?  Oh, German planes could see that from so many thousand feet, you know. Well generally they weren't flying over most of the country.  [Alan laughing.] But that didn't matter, facts don't matter, you see.  It's obedience, obedience, obedience.


Again, going back to, what would you get during it? They've always had scenarios that have got nothing to do with reality. Again, hm?  Quigley talked about the British system preparing the public of Britain to get in to a war. You're always prepared in advance, most folk don't realize you're being prepared. It's bits and bytes of information that you don't really think through too much.  But back then he said, he said that the media barons, that all members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, from the Milner group, they owned all the media in Britain, got together in London and they said, well the people are going nonchalantly about their usual business and just disregarding all the propaganda about the coming war with Germany.  So they decided to make it more realistic to them, to get them frightened. So they got them all digging outside, in big public parks in London and so on, and big propaganda blitzes, because they owned all the media, right, all these barons.  You saw these guys digging trenches and so on, in these fields for the coming air… Now, what good is a trench [Alan laughing.] when you're going to get bombed from the air?  [Alan laughing.]   


But you top it off though, and again they've got massive publicity to make it real. The first thing you gotta do is not just lying to the public, you must get the public on board with it, you see, or there's going to be no war at all. And for goodness’ sake, you don't want that, you want a war, right? So they said, oh, those Germans are going to gas you all.  So, next thing you know, everybody, oh, they must get, and they had little propaganda pieces on Path News.  They'd have these women, oh my baby, what will I put on my baby? Don't worry ma'am, here's the, we have it right here.  And you have this buckle thing and you can stick the baby into, that'll be/act like a gas mask, a respirator too. But the rest of them had to wear gas masks. So you can see the women dressed with her gas mask on, and they had to carry that with them at all times, with a tin hat, you know, but a gas mask was compulsory.  You had to have it with you wherever you went, and you little tin hat and all that, in a haversack, you know.


They'd have practice drills of you putting on your gas mask. Now, Germany had never said they were going to gas the people. But the propaganda from the media barons said that they were. Just to terrify the public so you'd start to hate them. I hate those Germans; they're going to gas us all.  Look at those poor children in that ad we just saw there, you know, having to put on those masks and everything. So they make you do strange and silly things that have got nothing to do with reality, you know. As I say, what good is one of these tin hats when you're going to get bombed from the air? 


What you're doing here today is facemasks. With the same, you know, compulsory things by police ready to hit with batons if you don't comply, you know, in some countries. Australia is incredible, you saw them choking a woman, a strangling, it's like strangling a woman in one of these videos. Just amazing.  Aargh!  But anyway, never trust the authorities, folks.  Never. No.


You'd hope we'd learn down through the ages you know.  In the US they used to say that freedom required perpetual vigilance. The people who are vigilant about it are the ones who are ruling over you.  But once you get fat and lazy, and oh well, you know, experts, experts run us, you know, we've got experts, who am I to argue with an expert? And then you give it all up so easily, don't you?  Yp.  By tricks.


So yeah, in World War II, gas masks for everybody. You had to have it with you at all times or it was a fine, you see. And they could lock you up if you persisted.  Here you have facemasks, but for a disease, which even the CDC said in May on their website, that the masks wouldn't stop you getting it or stop anyone getting it from you if you wore it. So there ya go.  You can buy the things and the packets will tell you that too, the micron size of the Covid is apparently even smaller than the N95. 


But facts don't matter when there's big, big propaganda things afoot to change society and terrify it.  And if you don't wear a mask, you see, and people saw that in the summer for maybe a month or six weeks or something of mask-free in some countries.  They started to just forget about the six-foot distancing nonsense and went around healthily about their businesses.  You see, language, human language isn't just speaking. It's little gestures and nuances from the facial expressions and so on. That's all part of communication. When you see everybody doing it, you see, whether you know them or not or even like them or not, it doesn't make any difference.  The fact is that it's all messaging to you everything's okay, I'm okay, you're okay, blah blah blah, this place is okay.


Once you're masked, that goes out the window... and you're a constant threat, you see.  You don't know who or what is, or maybe, you know, maybe YOU are the threat, you don't know it yet. Maybe if you choke yourself enough and suffocate yourself enough, because that's the only function they have is to suffocate you, and to make it seem terrible, there's a big deadly menace out there.  Eh?  That's what it's for.  Put it away and folk go back to normal.


And they can't have that because this whole idea is to change society. It was planned for years and years, going back to 2010, the Rockefellers scenario, eh, with the Lockstep, etc. All the way up to the present. I've got stuff going further back to 2003 and 2006. Always the same scenarios, getting ready for it.  By again, the big players.  The players by the way who rule us are the same players who have invested, financial interest in the vaccine companies and antivirals.  Isn't that [Alan chuckles.] a criminal gang right there, folks? …who are also involved in terrifying you with propaganda?  M-hm-hm. 


So yeah, wartime scenarios.  Can't travel the same way. You can't heat yourself the same way, probably down the road. Canada, it will definitely come to that. And you can't use gasoline engines, you must get the electric ones only.  If you can afford one. It isn't just getting the electric car. It's so many thousands of dollars to have your electric supply to your house fixed so's you can charge it at your home, especially if you're in the country. It's quite a few thousand dollars.  Then every few years you have to spend about half the price of the new car to replace the batteries, that won't hold a charge in subzero temperatures, or in very, very excessively hot temperatures either. This isn't conspiracy, this is from their own facts.  [Alan chuckles.] But facts don't matter when you're dealing with those who give your realities and unrealities in the psychological warfare programs.


So yeah, the computer, again, personal computer, eh.  You'll say, my God, look at all the things you get on it.  As I say, every age group, every age group is certainly catered to. And as you’re watching this and watching that, just like the TV sets a while back too, Samsung came out with one, it was the first one to admit that it was watching you, and watching what you're watching, and watching you as you watched it.  [Alan chuckles.]  To, you're being studied constantly.  You're paying to get studied, folks, like little ants. Hm?  Now everybody buys their Alexi’s and different programs or hubs, so’s that you're completely spied upon. You do it voluntarily. You pay your money for it. Isn't that beautiful.  Isn't that beautiful, hm?


In the old days, you know, slaves were manacled together, like prisoners in chain gangs, still, you know. But at least that was free.  You're paying for it today. Isn't that amazing what they can convince you to do?  You know?  And you smile about, you watch the ads, and the people in it, oh they're talking to their Alexa and so on.  And Alexa says, sure yeah, report it to the police. And you say, oh no Alexa, don't do that.  Bu-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut.  Ha, ha, ha, eh? Technology is imprisoning you in so many ways that you haven't got a clue that it's even happening.  It's so professionally done. And you'll adapt so quickly to everything that's wrong, [Alan chuckles.] simply because it's there and everybody's doing the same thing.


Now remember folks that you can go into website. List all my official sites. I always say this because sometimes things happen, and I know a lot more is going to happen as they go through this wartime scenario and their censorship departments. And things happen. I mean you wouldn't...  Last week I could hardly, I was up until five in the morning uploading because suddenly a computer had just started doing an oddball thing.  And it's only used for uploading, that's all.  So yeah, things happen that shouldn't happen, and it takes a lot of time to fix or whatever.  And I accept this pretty commonly, this kind of scenario. Because yeah, you will get hammered in lots of ways. They don't just come after folk and sue folk and so on.  Electronic warfare is an old, old technique.  They were using it all through the Cold War with each other, the competing countries who were all in conflict with each other. 


At least in the old days you had to buy the propaganda, you bought it through newspapers.  No matter what you're were into, you could buy it. I mean, the Communists have their own ones out, and if you couldn't get it locally you could send off for it. You had different flavors of Marxism out there competing. You had pretended right-wing ones, groups, you know. And then often owned by the same media barons that owned the left-wing groups.  If you followed through the subgroups and sub companies that they own, often they were owned by the same media barons with all sides of things.  Quite interesting, isn't it, to realize that [Alan chuckles.] everything you're, that you're...  And again, you look into it because there's little interesting pieces in it. I like this paper because it has this, and it has that. And we're creatures of habit, we adapt to things very quickly and we want familiarity with something. I read this paper, I'm familiar with that, these authors and these writers and so on, eh.  Never realizing that often the same writers are getting their sources from a common, common hub you might say, and parroting the stuff, by paying a fee for it. That's very common today.


The Internet is actually a bit worse than that.  Some sites you go into, it will only link to stories, which they have paid for, they don't tell you they've paid for them from other sources. But when you look at the sources, they keep going back to themselves, so that you look at the same site over and over again. Rather than tell you, here's where it really came from in the first place, you know. I try to get ones from all over the place rather than just going around in circles pretending it all comes from me or something. But this is how we're controlled, and folk don't know it. They really don't.


So we're creatures of habit. We like familiarity.  And we adapt to things very, very quickly. Some women, again, because I did talks many years ago on the surveys that were done on people as they were studied. I think back in the 90s, up until the 90s, the late 90s, was it 97% of magazines at the time, or, 95% were aimed at women.  Because you change society primarily, as all psychologists will tell you, I've been through their training, and behaviorists, through the female. They're quicker to adapt and try something new that's suggested to them, and so they will change the culture much, much quicker. They're getting used. They don't know they're getting used, but they're getting used.  Because it doesn't dawn on them where this is supposed to go toward, where this is supposed to lead to, this particular behavior. Whereas the guys are, generally men are generally a bit more conservative. I don't mean politically, I mean by nature. They don't like change so much, you see. So you change it through the female. This has been an old technique that's always been understood.


Getting back to  Remember you can donate to me by PayPal or sending cash or check, and there's other ways to get money to me as well. You can buy the books and discs if you want Or just straight donations.  That helps me keep going because as I say I've got costs as well. Believe you me, this is a full-time...  hhhch, this would be a full-time job for quite a few folk if I had them. But it's just me here so...  I try to keep going as long as I can. Because believe you me, I haven't had holidays really for 20 years.  Because this is a full-time, this is a war.  It was war before you heard of 9/11 coming along. All the way up to the present time. It's a war to try to get information, to find information, and to record information for posterity, because it disappears so quickly.


Things are just disa...  You'll find that too, in this particular video, that video I'm talking about putting up there. Grab it quick before it does disappear. Because things are changing so quickly. The things that were discussed even a few weeks ago are disappearing like crazy off the Internet. All the evidence I put out of the CDC saying this and the whole bit, boom, boom, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone. Replaced, almost replaced by something that's diluted or whatever.  Or completely different.


So again,  Donate to me and help me tick along because this is a FULL time war we're in, folks.  The future is not going to be bright at all. Remember, they're talking about depopulation on a large scale. They've been talking about this for years and years, before I was born even. And they really mean business.  Out of that, the more chaos they can create in the streets and with businesses getting destroyed and homes getting destroyed and all the rest of it, they'll come out when you're on… If they can keep going, this is the whole idea of this, if they can keep it going, it isn't just an end what you think was America, that will submerge into the system that it has been pushing across the rest of the world for a long time. Then if you're all on your knees, they'll say, well here's what we've come up with.  And it's a completely new way of living. That's what the World Economic Forum is all about with its Great Reset, the Global Reset.


…of everything. It isn't just the economy. It's everything that comes under the economy, which is pretty well everything.  Your way of living from birth to death. Will you even have children? Should you have children?  Look at all the, as they resuscitated it's the same old ideas and say, here's people now who, this is news again, eh, of people who come forward saying they don't really want children because it's too unruly a time and a scary time to have children. And also, it's not economical. And also, it's bad for the planet. The same stuff they keep rehashing over... repetition, repetition, repetition.  And you can always find the paid actors to do it, folks. Always.


So if they can get people on their knees, because remember, a war, as Quigley said too and others have said as well, and it's taught at Officer Training Corps and Colleges, it's taught that if you bring competing nations who are at war to their knees, it changes the culture and society on both sides, it doesn't matter who wins and loses. So you can actually plan the changes, you see.  And implement them. And actually sometimes before the wars start, sections within each country are in on the big act of doing the very thing in the first place. This is a fact, folks.


So you change society through conflict, massive conflict. So if you have a war scenario with, oh, it's Covid, oh, you know... and they've got riots going on at the same time... Just coincidentally, eh, it's all coincidence it's all happening at the same time. No, this is planned warfare.  And the big corporations are funding it.  As you say, who's going to benefit? The big corporations again.  What did Quigley say too, that the new system that's going to be brought in is a new feudal system where the feudal overlords, the CEOs are the new feudal overlords of the system. And you're seeing the CEOs fund all these things, including the riots, and getting away with it, as places get burned down and so on? 


Now, the agitators in front, even the Black Lives Matter, these are white!  Have you noticed that?  It's the Antifa groups that are running them too. You saw one of the places where they were torching the cars at night and smashing them up and so on in a used car dealer's place.  You see these white guys dressed in black pushing the young black guys out of the way, and smashing, and showing them how to do it, then handing the clubs back to them.  These guys are the bosses.  They're getting funded. They get paid for this. Big time.


So out of the ashes, again eh, the Phoenix will rise. The Phoenix is the new system.  When everybody's so sick of it all, if they can keep on through a whole winter into next year, and the economy gets dumped, and there's hunger, and there's rationing and all the rest of it, and again the big propaganda machine, OH, thousands have died today, you know, propaganda, then the hope is you'll eventually accept the new system through terror and fear, just to get by.  Oh, bring some kind of thing back, some, at least give us the food back and yada, yada. You see, you'll accept and accept. This is total warfare of the system on you. The war is on you. I hope you understand, you are the target of the war.


The saddest thing is that certain organizations that pretend to fight racism are actually the ones that are the propagandists by the people who are the real racists in the US. I'm talking about well-established institutions. Some of them have come out, again, it's interesting, the same ones came out back in the 2001, leading up to 2001, about the greatest threat. They had the FBI out too because they’re paid for as well and owned by the same groups. Intelligence services too, they're all owned by the same group really. [They were] saying that the greatest threat to America was the white folk and militia’s. This is back in the 90s leading up to 2001. And everybody's scratching their heads saying what d'you mean the greatest threat to America was that?


Then the PNAC group got their little war, just luckily because they're good at guessing, you know, if they just have the right kind of thing, a Pearl Harbor event to get the public on board for the list of countries they wanted to go to war with. They got 9/11 and bingo, off they went. And they were still saying that the greatest threat to the US was these militia groups and whites, you know. They keep, they have resurrected the same nonsense again this time.  Absolute nonsense, you know.


As folk are, [Alan chuckles.] as Antifa [Alan chuckles.] and BLM going through the streets doing their shopping, it's fascinating to watch it. Isn't it? Really? Come on, you're all quite fascinating to watch all that stuff. And for them to tell you that it's just protests, eh?  No, protests are selling forms and, you know, and traffic and so on and honking and the whole bit, and signing letters, putting your name to letters that get sent to the government to protest, etc., all that kind of stuff.  That's protesting.  Torching businesses and people's homes, and in the black neighborhoods too, it's just incredible!  Folk have got nothing left.  And then the media, again, this clique, this small clique that owns all the media telling you that it's just protests.  Come on here!  They're at war with the general population, the people who own America. Obviously.  Really obviously.


And I don't trust the FBI at all. Not at all. No.  Because they've already shown, especially this whole thing with Donald Trump. [Alan chuckles.] And I'm not political when it comes to politicians. But there's no doubt about it, I mean, they were completely all out to get Trump and to set him up and all the rest of it. So how can you even have an institution, that again is private, it's a private institution and the government takes it on as an agency, but it's a private institution. If you can't trust them, you can't trust them on anything. Honestly. I mean, that's how I see things. If something is so corrupt, they can target people that they're told to target and bring down, when they've done nothing wrong, just because they're targeted for political purposes or something, then should you have it existing at all? Really, hm? 


And they cannot tell you who the target is. But again, they're completely in bed with other supposedly antiracist groups that are the real racists.  The real racists. We know this. And how come none of them mentioned, as I've said before, the lists that are published of all the big corporations that are funding the people who have spoken about overthrowing America? [Alan chuckles.] How come the FBI isn't investigating these CEOs of these companies and these corporations and so on? How come? YOU would get a knock on the door if you, you know, were associated with a terrorist group.


If folk can't go out of their homes because of terrorism in the streets, that's terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism. It's not protesting. Protesting doesn't terrify people. So reality gets changed as it happens. Everybody's getting gaslighted by the media.  Oh this, and you see, [Alan chuckles.] there was one where you see the fella talking, a young guy talking about, is just general protests, he says, and behind him there's buildings and cars and everything burning, you know.  That's not protesting.


And all this nonsense again by some of the mayors saying, oh well, you know, they've all got insurance companies. No, they don't. And insurance doesn't pay everything out, either. So let's not even go into this nonsense, you know. But when you see people who literally are not wealthy, you know, a lot of them you wouldn't even call middle-class with these small places, you know, standing in front of ashes.   AND getting attacked by people if they try to defend their property, that old fella, 70-year-old, eh? 


They don't care about people.  These are terrorists. These are homicidal terrorists when they do that, that's what you're watching. We all know it. We all know it. Of course we do.


The world is watching America and you come to the conclusion that this is meant to happen. Because so far nothing much has been done to stop it. The police have been told to stand down by mayors. In fact some of them were told not to even have pepper spray on them. So what are they left with?  The National Guard is getting muzzled again too.  And you have to say to yourself, is America really so weak now? Or are we watching some kind of prearranged play on the go, like a drama? Like a fictional drama where everybody plays their part. I mean, you've got Pelosi there [Alan chuckles.] saying, and Hillary too, that they're not going to accept the election if Trump wins.  Well, that again is insurrection.  You see?


The whole idea of having ANY pretense of a democracy, even though it's a republic, it's a Democratic Republic, you're given a vote, but the pretense of it, right, is that two, at least two parties, the biparty system, can debate and slanging each other, but you always have negotiations. That's how.  It's not open warfare [Alan chuckles.] like it is now, eh?  So when you've got open warfare and they're telling you there's no debate here and we’re not going to go along with whoever appears to win, then what are you going to do?


The whole world is watching this. It will be interesting because I've mentioned before these generals in the US, a few of them, but they're all on the payroll of the military-industrial complex when they’re retired or semiretired and so on. So they obviously know that, regardless, the world will morph into another part, like a combination of countries, again, with maybe America doing a lesser role.  But they'll get well-paid by the… Because the military machinery will continue for manufacturing weaponry. It's a big business, you see. And you can always stir up countries to saber rattle and fight each other if need be, you see, you can always do that. So are they in on it? Is this all part of an act? 


Because as I say, I'm looking outside, from outside looking inwards at the US. And I know lots of people in the States who are completely puzzled by it all, outside these burning cities. A lot of them too are still watching the news and they sit and hear of protests, they're kind of out of it, as they protest and protest. They don't even know what's going on, some of them. Really. Because the mainstream media will make, will gaslight you totally.  Completely gaslight you.  M-hm.  Until you'll doubt your own sanity if it comes down your street.  That can't be what I'm seeing, no, because the media would be mentioning… well, it's just a peaceful protest.


But no, again, even the leaders have come out, of these organizations, and we know what they’re, they've said what they are and what they want. It's overthrow. And the youngsters following them are shouting revolution, revolution, revolution, eh.  And since you haven't been given a manifesto, like a logical manifesto of those who are the revolutionaries that want to take over, then well, they don't have something to replace it with as such except, everything is to be free.  I mean, come on, this is a childish thing. It's meant to go off in some other direction obviously. It has to be. The people in the streets are not the bosses of this thing. There's much higher, higher actors above all them. So they must know where it's supposed to go.


Interesting too that they had the article in the paper about Syria, northern Syria, where the US is still in there.  Some special forces or Marines maybe, or Green Berets, who are in a military vehicle and they were kind of nudged or just dunted by a Russian military vehicle.  And the impression it would give to the world is that the big boss is losing its power. It's kind of a macho thing. I don't fall for these articles. It's meant to make you think that the US is kind of falling behind and becoming not so much the big swaggering guy, you see. It's a macho thing. But at the same token, it's true about northern Syria. And Donald Trump said it a while back remember. He says, when they were taking some of the troops out, he said, well we've still got the oil.


Well no, they're stealing the oil.  This is Syria’s oil. They've been stealing it, you see.  Which is generally what the military is used for, is for corporations to steal something elsewhere. Because it's true, that's what the military is used for.  The US isn't asked in by the Syrian government. They're there illegally.  And the Russian vehicle’s policing it, they ARE invited in by Syria.  That's true.


I don't think the folk in America or anywhere else have got a clue of the carnage... and the horror... and slaughter... and destruction that the US has been at since at least 2001. But before, as I say, even with Desert Storm with countless folks losing their families, starved to death... bombed to death... can't get any peace. Years, can you imagine most of your life having no peace? And afraid of getting bombed out? And it's all at the hand of American forces. Why are Americans over there anyway?


Long-term planning strategies. I gave the talks many years ago about when Ronald Reagan brought on to his staff, was it, Jeanne Kirkpatrick. She was a trained communist. She went to the communist school in New York City. Yeah, they had communist schooling in New York City. That was the headquarters for America.  He brought her on board because he liked an idea. So here's Reagan playing the right wing, bringing her on board to staff because she said, rather than the US going off to intervene in different countries and then pulling out and going back to another country and pulling out and back and forth, let's just make permanent basis across all these different nations. And that's what they did.


So he brought a communist on board, who obviously [Alan chuckles.] had a communist agenda, if you like, communist agenda, that just suited the right wing. Isn't that amazing? So it makes you question everyone.  What is your right wing? What is the system of left-wing? Who runs both sides, eh?


Then they become the policeman of the world with all these permanent military bases across the planet. Who's benefiting? Nevermind that, well sure, that communist corporations all over that benefit. But also, the big banks are too.  The big banks are benefiting. Of course they are.  If you can control every nations Federal Reserve system, if you like – which isn't, like the US, it isn't even theirs, it's owned by other folk, they're privately owned – then you control the nations, and the flow of goods, and the costs of goods because you decide what the cost of their currency is going to be by the day for purchasing power and transactions.


We live so simp...  we really are in our own little cocoons, aren't we, of, in little bubbles of ignorance, eh?  And you can't blame society. Again, it's, they always talk about evolution and how we’re not used to really advance circumstances, we still think in small town tribalism in a sense.  And that's quite natural. So because we're still small town tribal, as an example, everything has to be on the up and up. Otherwise you'd go nuts with paranoia, you'd crack up if you really know the real truth – [Alan laughing.] that's why most folk can't really handle the real truth – and how devious everything really is. Incredibly devious. And how little of what you just take for granted is there for the reason that you thought it was there, or even exists for the reasons that you think it's there in the first place.


It really doesn't, you think your education system is your governments attempt at giving you the opportunity to make a career for yourself? Do you really believe that?  When there's agencies that literally pick children at school and decide who future leaders of your nation will be.  Not just in politics, but in civil service jobs and in pressure groups and even nongovernmental organizations, they pick them young and they trained them.  Like the Common Purpose organization based in England, but it's for the whole of Europe. So you have people that you're going to vote for that are preselected as children who are trained to be devious, and to live quite happily without blinking to the cameras and be awfully pleasant.  They're given acting lessons too. Then you vote for them. Then you wonder why they go off on some strange tangent like agreeing to sell your country out to amalgamate it with some other country.  [Alan laughing.]  You never quite fathom it out, do you? 


That's how the world is, because we still think very simply, like a tribal little village, eh.  And it's so complicated and devious you can spend your whole life looking at your multilayered system of deception. And it's, some movies they put out, mind you, are awfully good, where they do come out with tricks of the trade, and how everything is negotiations.  Including like a chess game, everything is, we want this, so we'll give you that, and they can trade off little bits and pieces, or even chunks of countries, eh, in negotiations but never tell the public the real truth. Never tell them the real truth of what's going on. You're left with the results and the mayhem and the chaos, but you'll never know the real truth.


If you look at, hhhch, the Communist Party of America, I did talks years ago on how they use different groups to try to foment revolution. The Communist Party, I don't know if they still do it, they probably do still churn out books from the printing presses in New York City. I've got some here from the old days, you know, going way back. Everything, in fact, that was printed in Russia, they'd have English copies printed in New York and distributed from New York.  And there was no shame by them on what they were doing and what their goals were. Which is, the complete eradication of existing systems, it's always the same thing they tell you, to put themselves in charge, to rule you, you see. 


Not to make things happier or better for you, but you rule you properly, you see. Where you just jump to and, like Technocracy, it's awfully efficient, get things done, experts rule, you obey, and there's a whole system in place to make sure you obey.  What tyrant would not lust after that idea? I mean, that's what it's about.  But they always have to get the public on board.  As they say, the first casualty of war is the truth. Always. So communism of course was going to make a worker's paradise, eh, and give you a utopia, it's always utopia. Everything's going to be free or cheap or whatever, and it's nothing to do with the truth. But they're told this.


By the way, I've got the old books, and they actually tell their operatives and organizers to tell, to promote this infantile projection of a happy utopia where everything is just wonderful, and you all get whatever you want and blah blah blah blah blah.  But the higher-level groups are let in on the inner secrets. Because the general public are [Alan chuckles.] despised by those above them, like a real class system. That's the truth of it, folks.  Utterly despised.  They get into the real truths of, again, it's really Technocracy, that whole system of Technocracy, which is efficiency by a planned society run by experts. No democracy, there's no such thing as Democratic voting or anything.  And no parties, just THE party.  That really is the idea behind it. Of course what it comes to, everyone according to their needs, then, if you're part of the upper strata of the Politburo, your needs are obviously greater because your brainpower is greater, so you should have a lot more of everything else, you know, it's wonderful.


So that's the kind of stuff they always push. But it's interesting to see the different levels of, it's a secret society. Really. You know, an outer propaganda for the general population, yeah, the working person is going to get, you know, better wages and… Then you get up to the next strata and, well, like George Bernard Shaw said, the working guy, because that's who they appealed to in the early 20th century, the working guy. He's got a lot to learn, says Shaw.  He says, he wants to bring more money home to his wife, he doesn't realize he probably won't have a wife, we're going to get her into the workforce too to serve the state. You see? So he was cautioned to shut up a bit and go back to the primitive, oh yeah, it's all going to be a utopia and...  [Alan laughing.]   


They tried in Germany big time too to get the revolution there. And they were so disappointed. The same people who had brought it for the Soviet Union, for Russia, were trying and trying to get revolutions before World War I and towards the end too.  They tried it, in fact, and it failed. But they didn't stop there. They had to change their tactics, and they wrote a lot about it in the communist books, that they were so disgusted by the working people of Germany, so disgusted that they, because they says, why would the working people go and fight the working folk of other countries?  That they still had this thing in them that would serve the state, this idea of the nation-state and the people, instead of just joining the workers revolution of the world?


That appealed to a lot of people. Even after World War I, absolutely. Because why the heck were they throwing people, whole nations together? But then you go into the writings of, about, from the Lord Alfred Milner group, they wanted world war. They says, through world war and conflict we shall be able to bring the countries into a global system, after you've weakened them all and they'd be so sick of fighting.  HG Wells was a propagandists of them, he talked about it quite openly in his books, that war was a necessary technique they would use to weaken people and to make them disgusted about their, and make them question their value systems until they give up and allow themselves to be guided into a preordained new system.  You see.


It's never stopped.  The people at the top really are not doing it because they love you. Not in the least. They are Malthusian types.  They are eugenicists. The Soviet system really, when you really go into their own writings, you talk about a class system.  Woah!  And the Bolsheviks hated, hated the common people.  A lot of the Bolsheviks remember didn't even, they weren't even Russian. Hated them. So hhh, it's interesting to watch, sometimes the descendants of revolutionaries, their great grandchildren perhaps, doing the same thing in the streets and across the US. Coming from the same sources, in Chicago as an example, where a lot of them had books out.  Some of their parents had books out who were revolutionaries in the 1960s in the States and they put books out, talking about their...  They love to put their memoirs out, you know, when they’ve raked in the millions of dollars, these communists, and talked about them being ‘red diaper papers’, that's a common expression they use, they were raised on communism, the idea of revolution. 


So it's always been there but as they say their idea of communism is a deception. It's a deception. Communism is full of fronts. 


And in itself it is a front in fact for something else.


Anyway, I've prattled on about that for quite some time.  Getting back to the point is, we are under a war scenario. Covid is the war. It brings in rationing down the road.  This is going to be a bad winter, folks. War brings in restriction of travel.  You won't be allowed to travel very far, if at all, if you're not essential.  That's the same techniques they use under warfare in Britain. You had essential workers. You had reserved occupations they called it too.  If it was necessary for the state, like miners didn't have to go to war, coal miners, because they fuel the country. All the heat then even was coal and powered the factories for munitions and all the rest of it, and the ships. So they could be exempt, although a lot of them did leave regardless and lied about their occupation and got into the military. Because again, they felt patriotic, which is a natural thing, in any country.


So we're in a war scenario now, you must curtail travel, gasoline for fuel for traveling a vehicle, a motor bike or a car.  Again, replace it with bicycles.  Which are fine for youngsters, but even they can't travel too far on them, you see, it helps that way. You couldn’t go like 50 miles a day unless you're a super athlete. And even then, you won't be allowed to travel outside certain areas in wartime scenario. This is a wartime scenario.  It's a war against the great Covid. 


Oh, you've got to wear facemasks instead of gas masks, you see.  And you've got a be with it, it's gotta be with you at all times or you’re going to be fined or maybe put in prison if you refuse to have it with you. You know of course that's what they did in Britain, you had to have it with you, here we’ve got to wear the mask. It cuts off our communication with other people until everybody's on edge. Because you're supposed to, communication is also visual, as I say, with the facial nuances and so on that puts you at ease in any environment you're in as you go along through the day. Without it… With the mask, the first thing is, oh something dangerous is going on.  Everybody looks furtive and...  This is all psychological warfare, that's the whole purpose of it, and compliance, you see. 


And it's awfully good at suffocating you, you know.  That's really what it really does awfully well. Your nose is there to bring in oxygen. If nature wanted you to be suffocated, it would close off your nostrils. So they give you masks to do it instead. And if there's a real disease out there, you'd all have it so badly.  If it were a really bad disease, like a real deadly killer, high killer, it would be terrible. Because no one can wear a mask, you can go into any store and watch the shopkeepers and everybody, their fingers are at their nose the whole darn time, back-and-forth, back-and-forth. And if there's any bacterium going through in the moisture of the cloth, or the paper, and it does, it travels that way, it's capillary action they call it, an osmosis kind of thing.  It will, yeah, it isn't just moisture going through that mask from your breath to the outside. It would bring in bacteria or viruses with it. You see what I'm saying? This is known it's a dangerous thing if society wore this. You go into stores, even food stores, and you see their hands of the people are at the nose the whole time as they're handling the foods. They can't help it.  They pull it away all the time because the moisture blocks up the pores in it and they can't breathe. It SUFFOCATES you. So it's a complete joke and a lie for a different purpose of compliance, you see, subservience.


Warfare, and in warfare you get rationing. Well, this winter will be BAD. They shut down the meat plants because they want a post-meat world. They want, really, a vegan society if possible. Although again Bill Gates and others, the same characters, it's always the same characters, have got the patents on your veggie burgers and things like that and meat substitutes.  Even some of the companies that did the actual lab grown meat, eh, that we talked about for years, and here they come into play again.  And the wealthy will have everything they want as always. Just like Julia mentioned in 1984, those bar stewards have everything at the top.


Nothing changes, eh, during deception. Wartime scenario. Restrictive diets. Restrictive travel. Restrictive freedoms. Snooping by all government agencies. Orders that you must follow all the time.


Another thing I mentioned too, about this winter of discontent, it's definitely getting...  I mean, Hancock is already doing his nonsense in Britain, this, this disgusting critter of a politician doing what he's told. And he's, you know, he said, oh you know, there's going to be a massive spike happening this winter... He's getting them all ready for it in Britain. I'm sure every country has got their Hancock ready to do the same thing, or maybe even starting now.  Because they're all getting their orders from the same conmen, you know, the big gang at the top.


But one thing I'll tell you, and this you can take to any bank that still left standing, or open. I live near, very near train tracks. These trains, this is the main tracks that go North here in Ontario.  I have never seen so many trains. It's been so slack in trains for years and years and years because of the financial systems and the crash of 2007/8 and so on. You might get two trains a days.  Sometimes it was none. They really slowed right down to nothing. In the last six weeks I'd say, maybe a bit longer, maybe seven weeks, seven or eight weeks, I've been getting dozens a day.  And they're the heaviest trains I've ever seen.  I'm used to, I've seen the doubled-up containers on trains before, sure. And I've had, years and years and years ago I know that I had heavy trains. These things are miles long, and they're so frequent, and the house shakes with them. And these trains are going north.


Now, it's not because there's a massive abundance of sales on the go. You know that everything's collapsing. It is not because there's a special sale on whatever, it’s not because of a special sale on some store in Sudbury for instance. It's going way beyond Sudbury. These trains, a lot of them have refrigerated units. And also, the heavy goods units.  And also, whole trains of propane for fuel. These are going to the big base way north in Ontario.  There's a few in the north of Canada, but there's a BIG one in Ontario. There's a huge center at the top too for the NORAD group, hm, and North Com as well.


But also, it's like they have underground places reserved for them. These are underground cities.  Just like the ones under, what's that big airport in the States, there's other ones as well in the Apache mountains, this one. But they definitely have a huge one up north.  They’re stacking them up.  For continuity of governments. And for VIPs. You're talking about something that's planned, that might take years. This isn't just a Covid thing.  This is something much bigger.  It could be preparation for it.  Regardless, they’re certainly doing it.


This is not going into a place like Sudbury because of something like sales were on all over the place, which they're not.  The stores, some of the stores in Sudbury, they've got The Source for instance. The Source is a subsidiary company of what used to be RadioShack. They don't sell much except just the gadgetry now, I mean the actual finished gadgets as opposed to components and things. You know, a little place like that, you could have maybe three of a staff, and there'll be only two people at a time in to walk around the store.  You know. And no one goes in because of it.  Lots of the stores are the same. So folk don't enjoy going out or walking around with masks on anyway, and then being watched, and then folk shouting over Tannoy systems and supermarkets saying, like, stay in line, and, 6 feet apart.  Yeah. Etc. Brave New World, eh?  [Alan laughing.]


So yeah, these trains are really stocking up somewhere big time for a long, long-term existence of somebody and some peoples. Of the important folk. Not for us, of course.  Because it's continuity, I can remember they did that years ago too when Margaret Thatcher was in. They've done it a few times actually. They have these places and they had a few in England. At the time in Britain, at least they talked about them during that particular time that Thatcher was in. Folk don't realize there was a big push on then with Thatcher and Reagan to try and bring an end to the Cold War with the Soviet Union. That's when the movies are put out, called Threads and so on, and continuity of government during... 


They showed you documentaries too, because the US was, had big basis put into Britain. They put in these massive, fortified places around Loch Ness – [Alan chuckles.] to destroy the countryside and things like that – for the military to try and remain actually after, to get through a nuclear war. And Scotland was going to be sacrificed pretty well in the hope that they'd send a lot of missiles there rather than send them towards London. That's how they worked out the strategy.  [Alan chuckles.] They had all these different programs on the go of sustainability after a nuclear attack, and how many they would even allow, peasantry they would even allow to stay existing after an attack, you know. No kidding you.  But the whole country, it would be allowed to fall, completely, if they realize they couldn't stop an invasion at Britain that might eventually go to America.


So they literally, they had the U.S. Air Force and the military practicing all the time in Britain for these events. Well, it got to supposedly a crisis point, because they build up crisis points, they always blame the enemy, or the supposed enemy, to start it.  But in reality, they started themselves. It's really propaganda for the public and to get into the newspapers, then the Soviets read, oh my God… The Americans read it again, you know, in your papers you get the opposite story.


I can remember when, that Britain was on high alert and they had harrier jump jets, these are these vertical takeoff jets that the RAF used. They would, some of the two-men ones could pick up a couple of people, they could cram them in if you're careful. But they had lists of VIPs, very important people to pick up in Scotland and England and Northern Ireland and Wales, all over. So they all had their lists who to pick up. And helicopters to pick up other ones too.  And deliver them to select underground bases. Which by the way, they used to all be on the maps. At one point they were on, they had naval ones too, but they were on the maps at one time. Then after I think about the year 2000 someone went around looking into these bases, that had all been taken off the maps.  But they still existed, they still were manned.


But anyway, the one for Thatcher, she was questioned about it and says, oh, we're all going to get sacrificed and you guys are going to end up getting taken into these huge underground bases. Some of them actually had, literally were set up to last 10 to 15 years. And longer. With foodstuffs, energy supplies.  Some of them had small nuclear reactors, I think Toshiba made them.  The company Toshiba, they were tractor-trailer lead, they could keep the place going for years.  And you could wheel them away and replace them again.  Like transport trailer size, eh.


But Margaret Thatcher was quiet, she says, yeah, she says, so what, the important people and continuity of governments must continue and so on. Meaning that all of the folk, the ordinary folk were going to be sacrificed on the surface, eh.  That was a different story again what was to happen then too, that they would have select military in gear occasionally going out there and destroying folk who were looting and so on, in case the ones down below the ground had to come up and get anything extra that they had missed or whatever.  But yeah, it came out in the papers that, yeah, after Thatcher and the rest of the captains were all inside these bunkers, and the VIPs were inside, then special forces would guard them until they themselves would come inside as well.


That hasn't changed. That really hasn't changed. So it's the same with this one too, you see, this exercise with the Covid. These bunkers are completely stacked up, and some of them are five levels deep you know.  They're really underground cities.  Whatever's planned, as I say, whatever it is, this is a major change. It's a wartime scenario. They're using Covid to terrify the public. They want chaos in the streets, there's no doubt about that. And they'll get it, obviously. You won't need the Antifa to do it.  If you go through a winter of massive rationing and restrictions until there's no food and... You're going to get your street riots. Sure you will.


I'm just wondering if that's the game here. Because there's something else on the go here. There's no doubt about it. I've never seen so many heavy, heavy, heavy trains. With, some of them are miles long. With quite a few engines stuck in between, slave engines, you know.  So hhh, yes, something is on the go. Because there's not much north of me.  [Alan chuckles.]   Heavy, heavy, heavy guys. So as I say, the winter of discontent.


When you see the incredible wartime scenarios, to even bring out this Covid wartime scenario on us, and all the folk involved in it...  The standardization of ALL media, all propaganda, complete on board agenda here. This is a big, big push for a massive change. You've got to understand that. And often as I said with intelligent services and how, what really runs the world, it won’t be what you expect. You've got to get this out of your head that your government is there to look after you. I hope you got rid of that long-ago.  [Alan chuckles.]   


I think that's the one thing that Ronald Reagan said that was really true. He said, that serving Americans, in his day, and he says, that the most feared thing that Americans worry about ever happening to them, was for people to come to their door saying we're from the government, we're here to help you. Because it doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way.


What's happening now is some very, very big, it's a planned change for society. Big time. Whatever's to come out of it is intended to be a different world. A different world. It's a world order, remember. Kissinger said it too, it's a new world order once again, eh, a few weeks ago there.


Kissinger: Failure to establish post-COVID new world order ‘could set the world on fire’ - / 7 April 2020


So anyway, we're living through big, big changes and most folk don't get it and don't know it.  And they'll never fathom it out because they listen to the media every day to keep them in a state of temporary suspension of reality, where you suspend your reason and your incredulity, you know.  You just go into, oooo, oooo, zombie land.  And then you react, you panic. That's what they want.  They'll have experts come in all the time to lie to you.  Anybody who says the facts, even when you're simply repeating what they've said themselves from the media, if you bring them up and point out contradictory facts, put out by officials as well, then you're a conspiracy theorists. They actually go through that in their training exercises at Event 201, talking about how they'll label folk conspiracy theorists and fake news.


Aaaah, what a world, eh?  No wonder the public really don't have much of a chance most of the time, when they are decent. Most of the people are decent.  I don't care who they are, what ethnic groups they belong to, most folk are pretty decent. There are no, there's no ethnic group out there that's all decent, obviously. And you have psychopaths in all ones. You have dysfunction in lots of people too, and lots of families. Because this war on the family has been across the board and it's been on the go for an awful long time. The public are just as ignorant of that. They thought they were just evolving, and progressively, as they call it.  [Alan chuckles.]   Oh we're evolving, you know, we don't get marriages often as we used to.


When I was a youngster too, my generation was pretty well dysfunctional with that because we were hammered as well with it.  That was the, oh, suddenly the birth control pill. Which oddly was called the contraception pill.  It really was an anti-contraception pill.  The scientists had worked for years and years using tax money to bring it in in time for the sexual revolution. Once they had it they launched the sexual revolution.  Then you had the National Health Service fulfilling its real goals of abortion, that was all over the place.  Folk don't even know that was a big, big part of it. 


There's always another reason for things to happen. Even the good things, you know. Always another reason behind it. The general public think that, they truly believe that everything is there to serve them, that society is there to serve them, that governments are there to serve them. No, no, no.  Nope. Not at all.  Np.


I think it was in Canada, the head guy who started up the push for the health system in Ontario here, or in Canada, it was again another kind of communist who also was up for depopulation and abortion. Yep. In Britain at the National Health Service they had specific days in each hospital, each hospital in different areas would have their days for routine operations.  For instance, leg ulcers, peptic ulcers and things like that.  Something in the morning and something else in the afternoon, so their days were fixed. But each hospital had their, and eventually had their abortion days coming out. That's when surgeons would be there and they just sit there and scoop the bits into buckets all day long, one after the other. That's what they did. 


That was your, that's your tax money at work there. Because from the elites’ point of view, you're always the problem. Above any system that you think is there to serve you, there's always this whole, what is it really there for? You're being managed. Like, farmed.  As I say, they always farm you up when there's big long-term wars scheduled. And you're killed off. And even then, World War II, you know, they had the meeting in the last year of the war in Britain in London.  I think they even had the King presiding over it as the kind of head, titular head for the meeting.  It was to do with population control. He said, the war wasn't, they knew then that the war wouldn't kill enough people off. Even with the aftermath of the war. I mean, across Europe, certain countries were shattered with war. Shattered. Just like World War I too.  And massive damage in cities and famine and all the rest of it.


Again, I've already mentioned what happened with the British farm system, how it was destroyed pretty well, and it imported most of its food, how ridiculous was that. They had to farm every little bit of available gutter, or sorry, every available ditch or whatever in Britain to grow vegetables.  Still, they were exporting stuff to all the other countries that had been in the war.  The British folk were starving up until well into the 1950s. 


So you've got to realize that as I say that those who rule you are always Malthusian at heart.  One of the proponents for massive depopulation, and open, openly about it, was Prince Philip, the head of the Sierra group and many other groups as well, all combined together to love nature. It's a guise.  They take the best farming lands in some countries across Africa and other places and turn it into reserves. Which causes the food shortage, you can't get the best grazing lands and so on. Then you don't give these countries much of a chance to become stable.


Remember they want, the first thing you do for a country, to destroy the country and take it over, destabilize the country.  That's what the communist revolutions are used for too, you see, destabilize the nations within. Then keep them on edge.  The US at the moment is still a big nation, right. But you take enough, if they have enough cities, if they can bus, even fly by the way, some of the top organizers back and forth to these different areas, because they're so, they've got millions of dollars behind them in funding.  [Alan chuckles.] If they can keep it going long enough you'll start to destabilize the different cities.


I mean, destabilize them. You won't get them finances coming in from any business at all. And then they've got a lockdown with Covid at the same time, right. This is the destabilization process. This is what it's called.  Once you get to a certain point of crisis all over the place, you aren't going to get it ever building back again. People will not move into an area where they have fled from fear of their lives.  Because of the authorized chaos.  And I'm saying, and it is authorized when you've got mayors and that joining them at times and saying go ahead and loot and the whole... Well of course people are, that's the end of you. That's the end of your city, folks, or that area of your city. That's the end of it. Who's going to go back there and live to wait for it to happen again? Or build up another one to watch it burn down too. It's not going to happen. It's destabilization with a permanent future plan, you see, by people way above the rioters, as to what's supposed to happen.


Wartime scenarios, you're living through them.  Massive psychological warfare and gaslighting by all on the TV.  Oh nothing much happened, and there's fires behind the guy and gunshots going off.  So they're not going to stop here. Something big, much bigger is planned, much, much bigger as I say.  I'm sure that there are people in the States and other parts of Canada who have noticed if they live close to tracks at all, this massive, massive movement now of transport of goods going somewhere, one directional basically, still going north of me.


If you are, get in touch with me. Email me, let me know what you're noticing.  This is how you get real intelligence, is from people.  You know, you have to get their own observations. That's the most important stuff, is your own observations of differences, things that are happening.  Very, very important. Because you're not going to get truth from television, that's totally complicit, the TV, in every country, in terrorizing its own population into the same agenda. We've all, we're all going through the same lies.


They used to show you this in comedies, you know, or talk shows, like the Jay Leno show or something. Where they show you someone in a newscast, saying about three sentences, blll-lll-lll, then they'd flash to another station saying the exact same blll-lll-lll, and one after the other to show you how standardized they all are, regardless of the names of the company, or television company, all getting this, parroting the same nonsense. Again, standardization of news, of information. All from a singular source and repeating it over and over and over. It must be true, you know, it's on TV, Wag the Dog.


So you have to really think about that, the whole war, it's an ongoing war. It didn't just start. Different phases of the same war really and different techniques being used.  Yeah, at the end of World War II, okay, not enough folk were killed. Well, what do you do then? They immediately started off with propaganda, oh there'll be baby boomers. They even called the name back then, right, baby boomers, before they were born. Oh there'll be baby boomers, and so that in 50, 60 years’ time there'll be a tremendous burden on society trying to cope with illnesses and old-age problems and stuff like that, you see. This just escalated as time went on, the same kind of propaganda.


The message is loud and clear, there's too many of YOU.  TOO many of you. How do you get people to stop breeding? Well, you've got to, and remember breeding is a part of it, you know. Anyone can have sex but to actually breed children is a different story. That was the goal. Well, you create promiscuity. And you'll say, well that's the opposite, that's going to... No, promiscuity.  Without bonding. They said it in the different schools of thought that were put together to create a new culture post-World War II.  Actually even during World War II, they amalgamated some of these organizations, including the Frankfurt School came over from Germany before the war and they were all for that too. Because they were masters of psychological manipulation and propaganda. But they merged with the Macy group, and they were given permission, along with London, to create a new culture.


What did they do? Well create promiscuity. If they get the youngsters mating early, you see, for sex, they wouldn't mate and bond. Just give them lots of partners, they wouldn't bond once they hit their 20s and get married and have children. That was the idea behind it.  So you create, it's so amazing that this is how psychology works, isn't it?  They do the opposite of what you think they'd do.  Rather than say, just don't have sex, you see.  It was much easier to say, no, go ahead, yeah, listen children, have sex, enjoy yourselves. That's what they did.  They give you pop music, you see. Before that it was the Teddy boy stuff, the Elvis Presley stuff.  Then they brought in, so they sexified guys for the first time.  Elvis Presley was called Elvis the pelvis. That was his nickname. It was almost like a guy going through gyrations of strippers, the later strippers. And it was all taught to him as well.


I remember watching a documentary years ago where they, the guys who trained guys like Elvis Presley, and a few other people besides him, I think Johnny Cash was one of them, there was actually one guy trained a whole bunch of them and made them… It's a star making machinery. They decide who's going to be a star and they make them stars. Big money to make you a star.  They showed you a counterpart and even a friend of his, of this particular producer/trainer in England, who taught Cliff Richard and a few other people as well, Brown was another one, and some other guys in the 50s I guess, and made them stars. Using the same techniques, they sexified the guys for the first time with techniques in deportment, that at one time would have turned people off, [Alan chuckles.] including guys off, watching guys behave like that. It was really interesting to see how it was done. 


So they sexified the guys. So you give women, young girls, eh, impressionable young girls the whole idea of having these guys.  That's how you see young girls crying, going hysterical, I love them so much, you see.  These are all the fans, and yeah, they would've done anything. So this is the ideal guy that they want.  Not the guy they could get and marry down the road, but this guy here, you see, this fantasy image. They even did good documentaries years later on some of this and how it worked, without telling you what they were really doing it for, the real reasons they were doing it for. It worked awfully well.


The Frankfurt School said that, that they would, that they intended through promiscuity to end the bonding process, if they could separate the sexual act with bonding, then they would have succeeded. Because then the women wouldn't bond and have the child with anybody. Then of course they offered them abortion down the road.  And that's where we are today, they have many other ways of contraception naturally. But the whole point is not to mate and bond.


HG Wells was way ahead of his time. I've mentioned this before. Because he mentioned it long before anybody else, that promiscuity was the technique that would be used, and people should, to end the marriage. Along with the Communists.  Communism wanted to end the marriage and the family too by the way.  The same agenda down the road. It's astonishing that folk can't see.  If it's the same, it's the same, it's the same, it's the same, it's the same as the capitalist group, what really is the difference? Or ARE they really different at the top?  Well, you'll find out they're not really, no. It's the one group running them all.


I used to really wonder too when MI5, as an example, and I know that the OSS that was there during World War II, up into World War II as well, you already had the Secret Service, you know, in Britain and special operation unit, operations executive [inaudible] but the OSS in Britain at the time, and they brought in Communists from Europe that spoke the languages of Europe and so on. They worked with the group, the Secret Service in Britain and what became MI5.  George Orwell was part of that, he was a member of it. Lord Bertrand Russell was a member of it. The author of Darkness At Noon was a member of it and quite a few other people too. They were members, actually sworn members, they were inducted into its official secrets act.  They had to obey by the rules to an extent and so on.


But sometimes they would have parties, you know, like dinner parties amongst themselves, things like that and they'd meet their wives and all the rest of it. Bertrand Russell was always hitting on other people's wives. He was a real egotist, the type that would taunt people and actually get them angry, make plays for their wives at the same time, a real one-upmanship type character, a very psychopathic deviant character. A nuisance at these do's that they/he would go to.  But Arthur Kessler used to get ticked off and arguments would start and the rest of them would try to separate the almost ensuing fights as Bertrand Russell made plays for Kessler's wife very openly, things like that.


So here you have socialists, this strange British aristocratic socialist Bertrand Russell, socialist in regard to the, he liked the class system, but he thought, again like Technocracy, that he and his own kind should rule it, you see.  Kessler was really on the communist side of things, and he is working with the aristocratic socialist, and is working with the capitalists in the same groups.


You have George Orwell, Blair, who himself was, had been, what would you call him really? He invaded another country, Spain, with other groups to overthrow their government. Only to find out that the communist faction that he thought was their friends, of socialists, had other ideas. And eventually had him marked down for assassination. Because Orwell himself, or Blair, they tested him out. Communists always test people out, and if they're good strong speakers, etc., and they have enough communist tendencies and stick to the rulebook they can use them. But if this person has the same ability to speak and can attract people, and sway people's minds, but isn't totally on board with the total communistic agenda, then he will be an enemy. So they don't wait to see it happening, they eliminate them first.  So he was marked down for elimination. That's when he managed to get out of Spain when he got tipped off they were after him.


But anyway, you have this mixed bag of people all fighting, what was then a common enemy, right, which was national socialism in Germany. That's the difference in Germany, it was national socialism as opposed to the front of communism in Russia, Soviet Russia which was an international socialism. Even though in reality a lot of it became eventually very national socialistic in Russia, very nationalistic movement.


In Britain remember, and they worked at the BBC, this group that I’m talking about, for propaganda purposes. They were all given different jobs to do.  I think Orwell himself, or Blair, was put in charge of the India propaganda and other things domestic too, even right down to convincing British housewives to, again, you're seeing it today.  Isn't it amazing how they don't change anything? Orwell said his job was to convince British housewives to do these certain recipes they'd come up with, and to eat things that possibly, and tell them it was so good for them, but in reality, they shouldn't be eating it at all. Nothing has changed. Look at all the same propaganda they're using now, oh, during the Covid lockdowns, eh, you might not get all the food you need, now here's recipes and you can… Same techniques, just unroll the old scripts, eh, and away you go.


So anyway, here you have the post-World War II, they've had their meetings, depopulation. You've got all these characters, the social leaders out there in front still trying to get the public into this new system, which the Communists hope would be more socialistic.  In reality, I really think, I mean, here they're all working together, right, how could you possibly allow, I even thought this with Karl Marx, how could you allow them into Britain to start with?  And then say, what is this manifest of yours, Karl? Well you see, it's, and he goes through the planks of the manifesto, and talks about the elimination of the family units and things like that, the complete overthrow of the bourgeoisie, you know, and the system, the ruling caste if you want to call it that way and bring in the new form of the workingmen's paradise, which is just a terror show really of compliance and scarcities.


Why would you allow them into a country, and then work with them? How could you work with them when you know that they're going to... kill you? Ha!  Literally wipeout the ruling...  They're not going to try to convert you, they're going to wipe you out. That's what they talk about, wiping you out, eh.  So you have to start saying wait a minute here, are they both working together and it's a different thing on the go? Is it the same group running both sides?


I'm certain that's really what it is. Absolutely. More so, I'm getting way off the track, even if there's any track left to stand on at all. But this is what I'm trying to say here.  There had to be a top commander running both sides. We know that the Hegelian dialectic uses both sides to create a change, which is also a formulated planned change. You got to have two sides to make the change. You had the Milner group running everything up there. The Milner group itself is a very strange shady organization, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization with a royal charter to run and exist.  With its inner party, outer party, and the higher party of course that is secretive as to the real agenda. 


So they ran, the higher party runs MI5 and MI6 after the war.  Just like the CIA branch in America.  They shared their plans and their work, supposedly against the Cold War. The same group that had communists in it during the war, supposedly share information, CIA, MI5, MI6, right after the war. They still got members who are communists in it. And they're going to fight Russia and the Soviets? It doesn't make any sense.  Does it? It really doesn't.


So what's it's really about has got nothing to do with whatever you’ll figure out. I've said it before that the top government agencies in all countries are all one today. They really are. You can’t keep secrets from anybody. You can’t even keep people out from another nation, it would be discrimination, you see. So you can’t keep the secrets. Obviously. So it's all one. So you manage it as one. That's what you do. I think that's what it was planned to be.


Yeah, we're supposed to be pals with communists, and at the same time they've told you, communism isn't there to be a coexisting part of the system. It's a part to be THE system, they eliminate all the rest.  Like physically. Could you possibly work with them and coexist? You can't.  They tell you in their manifest you they're not going to exist with you.


So something stinks, as I say, when it comes down to what's happening in America today. There's a bigger plan at work. Obviously. And it takes cooperation with all the top media moguls, who are also part of the funders of the organizations that pretend they're just having peaceful protests across America. And this is not, and I'm not going to even go into this groveling denigration of the purpose, or the whole point of folk getting shot by cops. No, that's not what I'm talking about here.  It's the ones who hijack it, because they wait for these incidents, and this is the year they picked for it. At the same time they're having Covid? Come on, that's a bit more.  Why not every single year the same? No, no.


This is a wartime scenario with riots in the streets, lockdowns in different areas, your facemask thing, your loss of privileges and rights and the rest of it. That's a wartime scenario, folks and it's been hijacked by people who were told to hijack it. That's what I can see. Especially when they're getting financed by the big corporations, that are the only big corporations allowed to still function. Everything else is closed down during this Covid thing. Isn't that another little coincidence there, eh?  Hm?


So no, something, this is a big change for society, and as Kissinger said, a new world order. And don't think, hhhch, when he says new world order, don't relate Kissinger to you saying, oh he's an American. Don't think that for an instant. You have no idea how these guys work. They're like aliens, really, in the plans that they'll have, it's so far, far away from what you'd expect.


Bertrand Russell said it back in the 40s and 50s.  He said that, when he was talking about the people, through incredible indoctrination techniques and managing the public through diet, injections and injunctions, he said, that's how they would control the people. He said eventually, he says, rebellion against those who rule them, who really rule them eh, he says, rebellion would be unthinkable, as unthinkable as sheep being able to complain about the price of mutton. That's his flippant way of putting it across.  But he said, eventually with selective, not just breeding, special breeding between the upper classes, and education of reality, the real, the true reality he's getting at, for the same class, he says, they'll be pretty well a separate species of humanity, those who rule you.


All these professionals, you see, being trained in all these techniques, who understand what's really going on. You're at the bottom level still living in, reading romance stories if you're, you know, as a child or something like that, and believing it all. I mean, that's what he's really referring to. But he said that, yeah, they'll be just like a separate, almost be classed as a separate species. Because they'd selected for their good genes.  And successful genes, put it that way.  You remember what Darwinian theory was about too. It wasn't just the race, you know. It was about those that had smiled on selective races, as opposed to some other races, eh.  Most favored nations and favored races.  So you've got to understand it’s still going on.


A separate race.  Well, look at the elite today.  Look at these creatures that come forward like Bill Gates. A man who's got this great, the big machinery that creates the stars that runs the world created Bill Gates. He is not an inventor. He's a businessman.  He inherited everything. He bought over everything else. He's a front man, like Zuckerberg and many others before him.  And you’re supposed to just give in onto your knees and ask this guy to save you all from something that either he created or his group did?  [Alan chuckles.]  His group would create it probably. And they're certainly going to benefit from it all.


But it's for a massive complete world change. Obviously. You've got to think about this, folks. And I sit and think about China. I says, now, was China sitting playing its part here? terrifying us before we're supposed to, and then they give the nod to Fauci, you'd better get them going in the States, now it's time to get them going and get them terrified, and away they went?  Hm?  Because Fauci, remember, and his organizations that he runs in the States authorized the transference of that coronavirus over from North Carolina University to the Wuhan lab. Fauci gave the okay for it to get, to pay them as well to get on with it when they stopped, when they said it was too dangerous to go any further with it inside the US with this gain of function, give it to the Chinese to complete it. Well, they did complete it, it would seem, eh.


And isn't it amazing, all the newscasts that verify this information, the actual official sites, right, like the big spokespeople of the planet, hhhch, went along with this agenda and admitted to all the stuff initially.  Then they suddenly all retracted it.  Oh no, it probably just developed by itself. That's the modern, that's the new statement now, eh? That's also in that Plandemic video.


That's what you're living through. It's incredible deceptions on every possible level.  But yeah, a wartime scenario. Different, different… Look at the hammering at different groups inside the States and across the planet with drugs. The government can come down like a ton of bricks on anything you do that's supposedly illegal, but they just couldn't stop the drugs just flooding into the country. Meanwhile, the same governments have their secret service agencies in Latin America getting all the coke that they can get, and they're bringing in the heroin from Afghanistan, remember the Bush era, and selling it on the streets of America and elsewhere to get money for black budgets we're told.  This is not conspiracy stuff. Remember the Oliver North fiasco?  Drugs-for-guns, guns-for-drugs and so on like that.  [Alan chuckles.]  Hm?  That's only part of it. And it still going on, all that stuff with drugs. Big black budgets. That's also a great way to create destabilization in certain neighborhoods in America. Of course it is. 


And that's the illegal drugs, supposedly, illegal drugs, right.  Then you have the legal drugs. Look at the Canadian family that owned massive, you know, OxyContin drug type system, oxycodone, etc. And the fact that they knew years before during all the testing that it was going to be HIGHLY addictive, and they had planned on getting sued and the whole bit down the road, but they could rake in billions on it.  And they did.  That was legal and that's prescribed all over the place. 


They targeted places in Virginia with it, remember, and brought in doctors from India to prescribe it in different places. No matter what you went in with you'd come out with a prescription for oxycontin and oxycodone.  Isn't that astonishing?  Diane Sawyer went there I think, did a documentary on it too. Then they had the other one too.  Diane Sawyer's documentary, I think it was called, Hidden America: Children of the Mountains, worthwhile seeing it.  Another one too is a documentary called Oxyana where they were flooding the different parts of the same areas with oxycontin and so on. It was all deliberate too.


I mean, I did the articles at the time where different agencies were investigating the fact that little towns in those areas were bringing in millions and millions of doses every other month.  [Alan chuckles.]  And no one questioned it.  It was all deliberate of course, to bring down and destroy. These are tactics you use to destroy areas and societies and cultures, and different parts, both white areas, and then the African American areas as well. That's standard technique.


It truly is amazing what we live through, and we can’t put it together. When your own FBI [Alan chuckles.] doesn't go anywhere near that, don't touch it?  When you see how many children destroyed, of all different ethnic groups too, specifically targeted, and the drugs flow in and you watch the chaos and destruction and deaths.  This is war. These are techniques of war. 


For folk, if your system really wanted peace and stability, these things would stop. Then you would have programs of PURPOSE into these areas. You need purpose to exist.  When you take away purpose and self-respect you go down the tubes fast. You'll do anything to get a few minutes of forgetfulness, forgetfulness, complete oblivion...  That's why they pay for the drugs, you see.  That's what you get.  You see, these are war techniques. Massive destruction. All planned. And people profit from it way, way above you, including intelligence services and agencies.  Nothing new in this, folks. Nothing new at all.


Then I can remember what Aldous Huxley talked about. Aldous Huxley was a member of the inner group. He knew the agenda. He sat in on planning with his brother. Julian Huxley was a big planner in all of the stuff. Aldous Huxley talked about it in Brave New World.  It wasn't some fantasy that just came into his head. He talked about it. And Julian Huxley, the brother was a bit more out with it. Because he worked for UNESCO and he was all for Planned Parenthood, you know, start killing off the lower classes and so on, and shape society under the guise of socialism and we are here to help you, ha, ha.  But he also said that, we are part of the scientific class.


This is the order, this is how they see society.  You have the ones at the very top who are the financial elite, that they are the true financial elite.  These are not the guys down below who own a whole bunch of houses and streets in cities. No, these are the ones at the very top who own nations, that's what they're talking about there.  You have a dominant minority, that's how Aldous talked about it, a dominant minority. 


Beneath that you have what helps the dominant minority are the workers, the real workers. The workers are the managers on behalf of the dominant minority. So the dominant minority have all the finances and so on. They just give occasional suggestions and it's all put into place by managerial classes that work and make it all happen. Make it so, as they say, and they make it so.


Then you have an academic elite working with the scientific elites to manage all the general populations. And Huxley said, we are part of that. That's his family's purpose by the way. He says, we're part of the scientific elite. So his brother is into UNESCO and social engineering and family-planning across the planet and things like that, you see.  You can go back into the Huxley's and Sir Thomas Huxley was ‘Darwin's bulldog’ who took over eugenics, you see, and evolution, the theory of evolution, which went right off the, it was really completely tied with eugenics from the beginning. Of course it was.


So we’re run by all these different managerial classes who are intergenerational, and they boast about it quite openly.  Politicians pretty well are just picked because they will do what they're told. They're well rewarded. They’re psychopathic to start with, they have no qualms about lying to the public or deceiving the public or even doing the dirty on the public, at all.  But they’re used by the ones at the top. They are all blackmailable too, the ones below them in politics, the political sphere. 


You saw that with Epstein. Epstein was part of a big, massive intelligence program. Of course he was. Of course we even know who the guy above him, who funded it all, the kind of manager inside the States is too. We know this folks.  You're supposed to just think that Epstein is, back to the original story, he's just a horny guy. Well, sure, y'know.  No.  Massive, and these honey traps are old, old techniques. Well-funded. The Maxwell family were into all that kind of stuff even when they were in Britain.  So it's an old, old technique. The politicians are favorite game for them because these are, if you want, if you've got big plans and you want favors from politicians it's much better to get these favors complied with, like offers you can't refuse, by having a bit of blackmailable data on the different people involved.


And not just them, but generals as well.  That might be another reason why some of the generals in America are a bit kind of hesitant to back Trump on anything.  Not that, you know, Trump's a great hero in some ways because... A bit like Ann Coulter in some ways, she's been quite vocal about the fact on, this guy Trump doesn't seem to know what he's doing. He really isn't. He could read his scripts when he's told to, but I mean, he hasn't fulfilled, try to fulfill… You remember what he ran on the first time?  And folk were so sick of the corruption in politics at the time that he won with a landslide, you see. 


Now, all political parties always vow to help some things, that you must, you if you want to get in at all, it doesn't matter what party it is.  But Trump himself did mention in his speech before 2000 and what, 2016 was it, leading up to it. He said that he would allow pharmacology, or the pharmaceutical companies to skip a lot of tests and bring medicines to the people much faster, to help the people, you see, things like that. And I thought, what's going on here, why this sudden skip?  And also of course they managed to keep the same brand names for different drugs and put inferior drugs, substitute drugs or ingredients into them and they still maintain they would have the same response. But that didn't really happen. It's true, you've got to get the original ingredients to make things really, really work.


But anyway, he said, the big thing was he was going to start bringing the troops home.  The folk in America were sick of this ongoing war that happened, that started as I say with the Desert Storm, and then continued right through, and then really got going on steroids with 2001, all the PNAC group, eh.  Then it continued through Obama, after Bush, so much so that Rumsfeld congratulated Obama for continuing the wars and the same list.  [Alan chuckles.]  What can you say here? I mean, it's still going on yet.  And the troops are still over there in northern Syria. The Syrian people, the horrors that they've been through with proxy warriors going against them all paid by the West and trained and funded by the West all these years.  It's astonishing.


Then the West working with groups that are always marginalized across those different countries across there.  They used them against Iraq too. The Kurds, they use them against Iraq as well. They used them against Syria.  And yet the group that they're using against Syria, and funding and all the rest of it and armed, is also a communist organization.  So d’you really think they care about who they work with at the top? You'd better get your act together, and says, who's running it inside the States right now? Think about it.


Also, the followers to all this, you'd better start thinking about it too. Who's running you? Who's using you?


Another thing too just to cap it off before I go into the topics here.  If you look at some of the clips of the screaming at the Republican National Convention there or whatever it was called that they just had a couple of days ago there.  You see these screaming people in the faces of some of the politicians and Rand Paul and different ones, and the threatening.  The screaming women are there too.  These are not people who are there to negotiate anything. They're not even expecting answers, they wouldn't even listen for an answer to anything that they're screaming at the politicians.  These are hostile, aggressive almost murderous people.  I hope you understand that.


No system, no system, when you bring up the nihilists and the atheists, and that's what they were called by the revolutionary party when it was called the World Revolutionary Party. When you unleash them on the public, they know they can only use them for the initial destruction of everything that is. And then the elite themselves who run the system get rid of them. Because you can't fix them.  They're so far gone that when you start your, bring in even the new system like the communist system, you couldn't allow them to continue. Because then they've got to shut up and stop that behavior, and they can't because they're nihilists.  They're damaged. Heavily damaged. When you see people who are screaming their heads off in utter rage, utter, utter rage, you can tell right off the bat that there's nothing going to make it, make them happy. Nothing.


Supposing they had an overthrow of a system.  Supposing they use guillotines, like these guillotines they're so fond of parading in front of people's homes now.  To again, terrify mainly the public as opposed to the people who live inside the houses. It's the general public they're after, to terrify you. Remember, most psychological warfare is to terrify you into doing nothing.  Hmph.  But supposing they actually use them, these guillotines, and they brought in their system. The first thing even the Soviets did, once they'd eliminated the competition, and everybody else they wanted to eliminate, they then had to put across to whoever was left, the general population that they want to dominate, right, we're good now, we're here to help you and take good care of things. Well, then they had to get rid of those people who were doing the screaming. Because they know that no matter what kind of system they are under, such people, they're not happy within themselves to begin with, that's the problem.  Hm?  No system is going to make them happy. So they would do the same with whatever system is there, and they’ll scream against the rules and regulations no matter who makes them.


Because inside they have no contentment at all. There's nothing inside them that gives them peace.  Remember too, it's like suicide, suicide is rage turned inwards.  And when you see them screaming like that, they’re murderous, that's rage turned outwards. It's the same thing, there's something wrong inside to start with. Something wrong. That generally they can't even verbalize really what the real problem is.


But you look at society today. It's been under total war. I've mentioned before, people need purpose.  Often the purpose isn't verbalized at all, it's expected. It's like generations and generations right up until the 1960s, folk just got married.  You had the mating imperative there, as they say.  People would bond through sex, they'd have children.  That became, that cemented the reason for being too, it gave you purpose. Whether you liked it or not, because they weren't always happy marriages naturally, but there was a level of contentment there and purpose. There's no doubt about it.


You take instincts, you see, we still get all the same instincts even though they've been warped by interference.  Oh, just have lots of sex and lots of partners, then you won't bond. Well, there's never been a time where children have sex early, as early as they do now.  Of course they want to eliminate even any barrier for that age amongst themselves or even other genders.  They're calling it ‘intergenerational sex’ now, not pedophilia.  But there's never been a time when youngsters have sex easy at school, and continue it, lots and lots of partners, there's no taboo at all.


But you go through life, the same instincts are still there, and they're not getting fulfilled. They're getting lots of sex but there's no bonding, you see.  Most of them aren’t have children, at least not live children. So the instincts are there but they're not being fulfilled. Therefore purpose is absent, you see.  The purpose is absent.


It's like going through the motions of something that has no purpose anymore. It becomes meaningless eventually. And from the meaninglessness comes rage. It becomes rage because they can't even verbalize what's wrong.  They'll rage against anybody who says, well here's the problem.  [Alan chuckles.] You know.  Because they think they're free because they're doing what they're doing. But they're not free at all.  They're not free at all and they don't know it. They're just full of rage.


I remember at even one of the anti-globalist rallies that they had, one of the big meetings with the globalists were all meeting for their, make their plans of using our tax money and taking the factories abroad. One of them, there was a clip out on television at the time back in the 90s, late 90s. One of the people who was attending it, I don't know if he was a politician, I know he wasn’t a politician, he was the CEO of a corporation. He said, but look at them all down there.  He says, has anybody asked them what they want? And he did, he went down into the streets and there's all the banners and someone in there screaming and yelling and they're chanting their chants. Because you always give them chants to chant.  That's what's four legs good, two legs bad is, you know Orwell's Animal Farm. 


They're given chants. Eventually they can't even, they don't even remember what they're chanting.  It's almost, it's automatic with them.  When you've lost your personal identity, that's what you do, you're part of the mob getting used by somebody else you don't even know is using you. But he went down, he talked and he says, what is it you're really after? And they couldn't finish a sentence. They couldn't verbalize what was really wrong. Because most of them, they couldn't, they didn't know. They were just completely unhappy, unfulfilled, etc. etc., they couldn't really...


Well, it's what I'm saying here. You don't just stop thousands of years of existence, maybe millions, who knows, you don't just stop it by changing cultural values by design by those who rule you.  You still got the same instincts on the go. And nothing is a substitute for those same instincts. Nothing is.  And even mating, because mating isn't going to be some happy utopia either. There's always going to be arguments and all the rest of it in relationships or marriages or whatever. But generally the folk go through them and by them and there's more bonding goes on than disagreements.  And children of course. 


Look at the mess with all the children. You keep giving these fake systems to try, like Band-Aids, as substitutes for families, and they create these big foster homes, or other homes to the deal with wayward children who just are all screwed up because of single-parent homes or folks on drugs or whatever. Total warfare has been going on and the public don't know.  They don't know. Yuri Bezmenov went through some of it, others before him that came from the Soviet Union talked about similar things too, into the more detailed techniques that were used. But it's total war you're living in.  And it wasn't all the Soviets that were doing it.  There were plenty inside America all working.  [Alan chuckles.]  Hollywood did a great job, you know, on destroying the system and the family unit.


But as I say, nothing, nothing really, nothing takes the place and fulfills the roles that are there.  And society is so screwed up because if you've got a man and woman, and they get hitched, and they've already been brought up by watching TV... TV is not there to make you content with something. TV even from the advertising is to make you discontent until you, you're supposed to want whatever they're showing you, whatever product it is. But the entertainment is the same thing, it's to make you dissatisfied with what you have.


So you've got nothing but really soft porn soaked into everything. It used to just be the soaps but now it's soaked into everything, and it is always erotic porn, and way beyond anything most folk will ever experience. So therefore, the fantasy sticks in their head.  It will hyper-sexualized them until they'll never be happy with their partners.  By the way, that goes for all the other types out there too, and whatever sex it is, it's the same thing.  You’re chasing rainbows. Literally, you know.  Because you can't get to the end of the rainbow.


So when basic, basic forces and instincts are tampered with you've got masses of fallout. And eventually the folk can't verbalize anything.  They'll make, they might, they all have their affiliations and things they want to belong to, and they'll feel that they're traitors if they start to admit how they really feel.


But the fact is, there's a war on the go. Long-term war.  You've got all the instincts looking for something, and that's what you can't verbalize, what you're really looking for.  But the instincts are there. And they're not being fulfilled. They can't be fulfilled.  And it's used, this is used by those who rule the world.  Believe you me, they understand all the things I'm saying here.


Now remember once again go into cuttingthrough the Buy the books and discs.  Or straight donations. To help me tick along here to keep all my sites on the go.  List the sites in case any of them go down.  Hopefully I can keep going for longer as we go through this.  This is the most crucial time you'll probably experience in your lifetime for most of you.  This is history in the making, what you're living through here. It's overt warfare. Very overt on society. 


Mass, I mean, complete, aaaaaaaaaaaa.....  The media is so disgusting in its openness to lie to you. It's just disgusting! Where the media itself is complicit in labeling anybody with an opinion as a conspiracy theorist. What disgusting behavior!  You know, hhmph.  It's a pity folk will not remember this later on. They won't, they'll go back to listening to the media again. No one was listening to the media before Covid, they were so disgusted and sick of it. For years.  Especially after the Levinson inquiry in Britain, Lord Levinson where they brought in the new laws and rules on journalism and so on, until it shut everybody up. And they did the same thing in Australia and in other countries too, all followed suit.


It was just dead... and they kept giving celebrities, this is news. No, that's not news. These are all fake people, celebrities, created by a machine, [Alan chuckles.] the star making machine. That's not news. Who cares, you know? But they're disgusting with their conformity of destroying society. It really truly is. This is war on society, complete open warfare.  So go into Send a few bucks my way, hopefully, and I'll keep ticking along as we go through this war.  And it's not going to be pleasant. It's not going to be pretty.


Because as I say, total psychological warfare is being used upon the public at the same time to terrify you. That's the point of it. We've been through the disclosed information that came out of the SAGE programs in Britain and the behavioral insights teams and so on, the ones that nudge you into conformity. Including what was put out by their group, psychological warfare, by the British establishments, which they published and told to the different media companies to intensify and even exaggerate the Covid idea, because folk were not complying so they'd have to increase tension and anxiety in society.


What disgusting behavior. Your tax money is paying for this so they can create anxiety amongst the public? They should all be tried for crimes against humanity here. I really mean that too by the way. All of them. In every country. And the big gangs that are going to profit from it as well. This is open warfare on the public. So send a few bucks my way, hopefully I can keep going as we go through this war. Anyway, here's some articles here now. Have to touch on them because time’s running away. I don't plan these talks and time does tend to fly, doesn't it.  Now, let's see, I think there's one here...


[Alan chuckles.]  An article about sad old Scotland. It's funny that because I talked to a guy recently, a young guy who’s thinking of going over to Scotland. He was descended from them.  And he was a so eager and young, and I thought, you know, what a shame to tell him the horror of it, what's happened to that country. Not just recently but even before then.


Depopulation in 'mainly rural and island council areas' - / 27 Aug 2020


This is a study in Scotland.  It goes through the different areas in Scotland and the communities that are being destroyed pretty well by depopulation.  Again, that’s Agenda 21, get them off the land. But really, I always think back to the Highland clearances.  [Alan chuckles.]  They’ve been depopulating Scotland for an awful long time, and accelerating it after it lost its place for just breeding soldiers for the British Empire. Which it did for a long time, they were awfully useful.  And still are to an extent too but not as much as they used to be. Then they go through the different age groups in Scotland as well. Because again, like every other country, youngsters aren’t having children, aren’t getting hitched and having children, so the populations are dropping as well.  But they're bringing in lots and lots of migrants to replace them all from different countries.


Also this article…


What is Gilead's role in the war on hydroxychloroquine? / 26 Aug 2020


(Alan: Gilead, as you know, is the one organization that Fauci promoted as, for its antiviral properties. Because they’ve been working with them, and the US taxpayer has been funding them for a long time through all these different tests and so on. But anyway it says…)


Attacks on the drug have been continuous ever since Dr. Didier Raoult used this quinine derivative to save the lives of COVID-19 patients last March.  (A:  …and that’s true. That article is here, the link is here too.) The first attempt to discredit HCQ was a hastily compiled Veterans' Administration hospital system study last April. 


(A:  It’s true, they’re all getting funding from the same sources, the ones that have come out against it.)


After deep flaws in the V.A. study were exposed, Surgisphere (A:  …a different organization.) came to the rescue in May with a "15,000 patient" megastudy allegedly compiled from hospitals all over the world.  This strategy succeeded: following its publication in the Lancet and the NEJM, all outpatient use of HCQ was severely restricted in the U.S., Australia, and most of Europe.


So they show you who's been bashing hydroxychloroquine and they're all basically related back to the ones that fund the Gilead, the one that's been promoted.  [Alan laughing.] But that's the way things really work, isn't it? I'll put these articles up for those that want to read them.  Then you've got…


UK lockdown was a ‘monumental mistake’ and must not happen again – Boris scientist says / 26 Aug 2020


(A: That was published on Wednesday, August 26. There's a bit of a video on it too for those that want to see it. I'll put these links up. It says…)


Mark Woolhouse said lockdown was a “panic measure” but admitted it was the only option at the time because “we couldn’t think of anything better to do”.


(A: That's quite a… a very lame excuse, isn't it, eh?)


But it is a crude measure that takes no accounts of the risk levels to different individuals, the University of Edinburgh professor said, meaning that back in March the nation was “concentrating on schools when we should have been concentrating on care homes”.


(A: Argh.)


The professor of infectious disease epidemiology said that the Government must now focus on increasing testing and striving to unlock society safely rather than restricting it further.


Prof Woolhouse OBE, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (A: ...interesting group, and behaviors...) that advises the Government, said: “Lockdown was a panic measure…



(A: These are part of the groups actually said give you all the propaganda that terrify you in the first place.)


“I never want to see national lockdown again. It was always a temporary measure


(A:  No, it wasn’t.)


So I won't believe his excuse either. You get professional liars who then come out to make excuses. But the fact is, yeah, they admit there was a monumental mistake. Not really, it was planned that way. They knew what they were doing, eh.  In April it was pretty well over, you know that, with the peak as they called it, the peak. But the testing is so bogus with the testing measures they're using anyway, as you well know.  I think some basketball team or some NFL team, I can't remember which team it was, tested positive in the morning just recently, and they tested them again and they were all negative by the evening. I guess they had games to play, probably, that's what money does. But it's such a bogus, bogus, oh the testing is so bogus and awful, it's just such a joke.


Again don't forget they've got, it's not just to do with, the disease is meant to bring in a whole new system of permanent vaccination tests and permanent vaccination records, for apps and all the rest of it.  Through your whole life. For every generation from now on.  You'll be a pincushion for big pharmacology to make billions of dollars off.  If you live that long with it all.


And again, what I mentioned two months ago is the experts now are putting, they're giving plasma for Covid 19 treatment. It says…


Experts are divided over FDA approval of plasma for COVID-19 treatment:

Virologist welcomes therapy as 'great news'

while Harvard epidemiologist claims Trump's boast of 35% fatality reduction is inaccurate / 24 Aug 2020


(A: It does matter what Trump says. It makes no difference anyway because their job is to hammer him, regardless of what you think of him.)


Convalescent plasma therapy is when the liquid portion of blood is taken from a recovered coronavirus patient


It is transferred into a sick patient in hopes they will develop the antibodies needed to fight off the infection


It actually puts antibodies in, actually. It works awfully well for most things and it's not new at all. I'm surprised it took this long to actually… Actually we know too that they were already doing it from the beginning for the very, very wealthy. So they were getting their blood too from the Red Cross.  Also this article here is…


Anti-mask group speaks out against Sudbury's (A:  … and this is in Canada.)
health directives / 5 Aug 2020


(A: They had a big, as you well know across the world there, Germany and Britain and Canada, groups came out against wearing the masks, you know, the suffocation masks that they give you, or you're told to get or wear. Everybody's really ticked off with it all.  Because it's disgusting!  It doesn’t work anyway. And all [Alan chuckles.] the scientific evidence admits that too, right.  So...)


The online group has grown to include hundreds of people in the region


A new online group is advocating against public health directives surrounding the use of face masks in public spaces.


In recent weeks, the group Sudbury Ontario Freedom Keepers has swelled to include hundreds of members.


Those listed as members of the group include people from Sudbury's healthcare sector, education system and hospitality industry.


While face masks are not currently mandatory, Sudbury Public Health & District has instructed that businesses have policies requiring masks or other face coverings, and to make efforts to ensure people wear them — including through signage and verbal reminders.


(A: But the fact is though, you see, and these stores, it's always the big stores too that, oh, you've got to wear a mask, got to wear a mask. It doesn't do anything. Except make people sick.  And even as they said before, the CDC itself said in May that it doesn't stop your contracting a disease, this particular disease, or giving it to someone else if you're wearing a mask. It doesn't.  Np.)


Tena Jones is a founding member and administrator of the Facebook group.


She says the city's health directives to wear face masks while indoors and in public are in violation of people's freedoms.


...and so on.  So there's folk coming out against it, sure. But that's only part of it. You have to go a lot further with all the reality of this what it's supposed to do.


Global rally against COVID-19 safety measures comes to Parliament Hill / 29 Aug 2020


(A: …that's another one too.)


Online misinformation about pandemic safety measures thriving, experts say


(A: know, these experts, eh?  Online misinformation about the pandemic, eh?  So...)


Flouting public health guidance to wear masks in public areas, avoid large gatherings and practise physical distancing, hundreds of demonstrators gathered on Parliament Hill Saturday to protest pandemic safety measures they say infringe on their personal rights.


(A: And they certainly do. Remember, this was all discussed right off the bat before, before they actually, when in their trials you know, their Event 201 and beforehand, and the Lockstep, that it might be harder to do it in the West.  Even in their fictional talks during their tests that they had, these were tests that they actually had for the big organizations that were to run it if it ever happened in reality. They said that it wouldn't work so well as it did in China because in the West, you see, they've got these individual rights and that can be a problem for governments to enforce things. So here you've got it, you know, how it's worded here... infringe on their personal rights.)


The group behind the rally is part of a wider movement of people across the globe venting their frustrations over science-backed measures…


...designed by computers. Remember the girl, the schoolgirl whose daddy worked for the military industrial complex, who created a computer program for her, to get her into a higher schooling, you know, or into college, and they came up with 6 feet. Based on nothing, right, 6 feet apart. Even though in some parts of Europe it came down to 3 feet, eh.  Somebody says it is a different intelligence in that particular country, that obviously the viruses have got a different intelligence there, you see, they say they can manage at 3 feet.  You know?  [Alan chuckles.] Nothing to do with reality at all. So you'll be a called conspiracy theorists regardless.  And that was all, by the way, in the Event 201 they said they would call anybody who came out with any contradictory information a conspiracy theorist, even if it was factual.


A World at Risk, Annual Report on Global Preparedness for Health Emergencies.


These organizations were on the go before Event 201.  All related to the same groups, mind you. Getting you already for it. Remember the Bernays techniques, create one or two organizations, or even one main one and they get subsidiary ones with different names, but you're all just one big circle putting out the same information, so it appears like there's lots of specialists everywhere have the same idea, to convince the public. So here's a world at risk, right, from the...


The World at Risk - Global Preparedness Monitoring Board -pdf / Sept 2019


(A: So Bernays, eh?  That's exactly out of his playbook.  They come too and...)


We extend our deep appreciation of things to the director general of the World Health Organization and to the president World Bank group (A:  Oh.) or having co-convened (A:  I'd say Covid-convened.) The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, GPMB.


It sounds very important, eh?  Yep.  So they go into it too. But they've got a World Health Emergency Programs, and Johns Hopkins University...  All the same little clique, isn't it, spread out under different guises, and they can't ALL be wrong. Really? Well, it's all from the same sources, eh?  There ya go.


And this article is from Scotland I believe...


Health secretary Jeane Freeman faces questions as leaked letter reveals pressure on hospitals to send patients into care homes / 23 Aug 2020


Jeane Freeman is facing further questions over the decision to move patients from hospitals to care homes during the early stages of the pandemic amid claims SNP (A: Scottish Nationalist Party.) ministers were "deflecting responsibility" on the issue.


(A: Well, socialism always does that.  It passes the buck, eh.)


A leaked letter revealed the health secretary wrote to NHS bosses in April urging them to free up hospital beds to ensure wards had sufficient capacity following a spike in Covid-19 cases.


Hundreds of patients would be transferred to care homes - where more than 2,000 residents would die during the pandemic - without first being tested for the virus.


Very much like New York, eh, and Cuomo, same kind of thing. That's what socialism does though. You see, once you’re at a certain age anyway you're just a problem, you know, because you cost money to the system, and they could use that money.  Like Obama said when he was talking about, was it his grandmother, you know, when he ran for election. Yeah, that money could have been used for better purposes than keeping my old granny going.  Yep, eugenics in action, eh.  For profit, mind you. For MORE profit. They've already got plenty of profit. They've got lots of profits for wars. I mean, they can always spend money for wars. So they're not short of cash.  But they don't want to treat the older folk, just kill them off.  That eugenics.  After all, now that we've got countries like Canada that gives them euthanasia, eh, ft, why not just do it, why not just prod them along to accepting it, for goodness sakes.  Hhhhh, individualism and rights, oh what a nuisance.


So anyway, that's Scotland. Scotland’s just a mess with its Scottish... [Alan chuckles.]  the joke is calling it Scottish National Party, it really is. I’m not kidding you.  It's very much like Ireland what, you know, same kind of thing in Ireland too. It comes out of, the rule of southern Ireland ruled by England, or Northern Ireland. Or, the old Ireland really ruled by Britain.  For centuries and they started to get bits of independence in parts of it for a little while, for some years. Then eventually they give it all to Europe, the European Parliament. So they emerge from being lorded over by England, to being lorded over by this big communist organization with its secret commissars at the top that run it all.  [Alan laughing.]  Then they’re in a worse state than ever before. 


The National Health Service in Scotland is just the same.  Because it was it was a socialist party.  And socialism is no borders, as you know. It's just communism, no borders.  That's globalist, the globalists run it all and own it all so why pretend that it's... The only reason they call it Scottish is so’s they can tax you, you know, that's about it. Then they use the money across the planet for reasons you’ll never fathom.  It's corrupt, totally corrupt.  Yep.


So anyway, there you go, they've been killing the old folk too. And in England it says…


NHS managers told care homes to put blanket 'do not resuscitate' orders on ALL residents at height of Covid crisis, report shows / 24 Aug 2020


Professor Allison Leary MBE, wrote the report which found that one in 10 care home staff were told to change resuscitation orders for patients, in some cases without consulting family members first.


(A: Well, that is socialism, oh to heck with the public for goodness’ sake, you know.)


The Queen's Nursing Institute found one in 10 care home staff were told to change resuscitation orders for patients, The Telegraph (A: …that’s the newspaper...) reports. In some cases, they didn't consult family members first.


The orders mean doctors will not attempt to restart a patient’s heart with defibrillators or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and will be allowed to die if it happens naturally.


Professor Alison Leary MBE, an expert in healthcare and workforce modelling at London South Bank University who wrote the report, said she was surprised to see so many people come forward about the 'do not resuscitate' orders.


(A: This is the arrogance; they're SURPRISED to see folk coming forward about that.)


She told the Telegraph: '10 per cent of the respondents raised an issue, because they were either blanket decisions for whole populations, or they were imposed without discussion with the care home or the family or the residents, and that is really worrying.'


(A: Is it worrying because they came forward? I'm not quite sure by the way it's written here, and she was surprised about it.)


The report comes after the chief of the NHS in April told hospitals and GP practices not to request the orders en masse, banning the use of blanket forms.


Stephen Powis, boss of NHS England, wrote to staff to ban the forms after it was revealed that doctors in Wales had asked elderly patients to agree not to call the emergency services.


I remember that. So there you have, and I remember it when it happened, when they did this, they sent forms to old folks, they had lists of who they are and so on, put blanket forms out across certain areas, probably through the post, telling folk of certain ages not to call emergency services if they were ill, stay home  ... and pretty well die.  That was it. Then the ones in the hospital were told by the staff, don't resuscitate these people. 


But they've had that for such a long time. I did talks on this years ago, where you take your life in your hands in the hospital, honestly, in Britain. Because they're rather cavalier with their do not resuscitate orders. For years they didn't tell the relatives what they were up to, with their little coding they'd have at the end of the bed and so on. 


Aaargh!  Everything's so corrupt today. So corrupt. And deceptive.  Isn't it?  For the very folk who pay for it all, you know, they get no truth at all coming out of these organizations.  Just disgusting!  But that's socialism for you, isn't it? Socialism was just a more perfected form of capitalism, where you obey, and you do what you're told, and it works awfully well for those who rule you.  [Alan chuckles.] That's really what it is.




Coronavirus conspiracy marches are held across Europe as Berlin police break-up 18,000 marchers for failing to socially (A:  I guess they meant ‘distance’, they don’t have the ‘distance’ there, they missed it. I guess it got wiped off with a disease of some kind like Covid.) while droves of anti-maskers storm Paris and Copenhagen / 29 Aug 2020


Berlin police have broken up protests for failing to wear face masks…


The demonstrators, who were calling for an end to coronavirus restrictions, flooded into the square in front of Brandenburg gate before marching down a main street.


They blew whistles and brandished placards declaring 'Merkel must go' and 'stop the corona lies!' as they called for a return to pre-lockdown life.


(A:  And so they should. Quite right.)


They were joined by hundreds thronging the streets in London, (A:  …actually, more than hundreds, actually.) where they declared coronavirus was a 'hoax' invented to establish a 'new world order'.


(A:  Well, that’s what it is.)


And 200 more in Paris held an anti-mask rally alongside hundreds more in Berlin.


The angry march comes as Europe prepares to enforce lockdown restrictions to avoid a second wave, (A: [Alan chuckles.]  There ya go, a second wave…) as the number of cases recorded kicks up


Well, the more tests you do, the more positive, even though they're fake, it makes no difference. It's very important that we all go under.  Because the elite have backed everything on this, they've put everything they've got on this, this big con.  Can you imagine what's going to happen if it all falls flat? They can't back off now, they've got to go the whole way with you. They've got to.


And they will.


If you let them.


Another one too is, I was going through the old Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, and in there too, it's awfully interesting as well.  Whoever, who cares who wrote it?  [Alan chuckles.] This is a good read. It's a good read.  And we do have, you know, quiet wars and so on and silent weapons in place. You've got lots of lasers now that are, you wouldn't believe the abilities that they have from satellites, to zap places and blow places up on earth. You've been getting some examples recently too. But it does go into different biowarfare techniques, etc. and how to manage society through it all too. It's interesting stuff. Most of these kind of things come out of different people who've been involved in think tanks and preparing things for the big boys at the top to work on. Techniques in other words.




France to make face masks mandatory everywhere in Paris / 27 Aug 2020


PARIS (Reuters) - Face masks must be worn everywhere in the French capital Paris from Friday morning in order to curb a surge in coronavirus infections, police said on Thursday.

(A:  From Friday. Interesting too, that whole thing with the yellow vest. That's another color resolution, they go on and on and on. You have the same groups, Antifa, some over there actually, from North America working over there too and vice versa. They travel all over the place.  The founders actually went through the techniques before long ago, years ago in Antifa.  They even put themselves up for higher, you know, at one point too, and for training revolutionaries in different countries. You could fund, you could pay them to come over and train you.)


(A: We know who everybody is. It's the same with those that fund them, we know who they all are too.  How come no one's getting arrested? Have you ever thought about that?  As I say, under the antiterrorism laws, if you fund terrorism you're put down as a terrorist, insurrection is part of it too, and you're charged.  Well, how come all the big corporations can fund them and nothing happens? Something...  It's telling you a lot about the system.  The system you never thought existed. It's different from the one you did think existed, when they can fund them, hm?  [Alan chuckles.] It's quite something. And it is quite something, isn't it?  You're always learning. It is good to have these little puzzles to figure out. Because that's how you do learn, is working it out for yourself by using the data.  So anyway, there's France going at it…)


The measure applies to all pedestrians as well as cyclists in Paris (A: I guess the cyclists can suffocate faster.) and its suburbs in an area that includes three neighbouring departments that form the Petite Couronn inner ring around Paris, a densely populated area with a total population of nearly seven million people.


Motorists will not have to wear a mask inside their car.


(A: Isn’t that nice, eh, isn’t that awfully nice?)


“The deterioration of the health situation...has led the prefect to take this strong measure in the interest of the population,” the Paris police prefecture said in a statement.


Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex said the government would order the mandatory wearing of masks across Paris but he did not give a deadline or specify the area.


“The virus is spreading all over the country... The spread of the epidemic could become exponential if we do not react quickly,” he said.


(A:  I guess he must have probably waved his hands a lot when he said it, to make it more like Bill Gates fashion, you know, make you excited and afraid.)


(A: Oh, they’ve got these, again, fictitious thing…)

The reproduction “R” number of infections in France has risen to 1.4, Castex said, meaning that every 10 people with the virus will infect another 14.


You see how they work it out, eh? That’s what they do in America, and in Canada too. For every person that comes up positive with that stupid test, that swab test, which is completely bogus, they add about 15 on it in America, in France they at 14.  It’s just a fictitious computer model.  [Alan chuckles.]  Nothing to do with reality. It doesn’t mean that anybody is sick with it either by the way.


Pandemics: The Need for New Thinking on Security / 24 Aug 2020


Early warning was vital to meet an unprecedented global pandemic as COVID-19 emerged in China and began its lethal spread. But there are many signs that traditional warning mechanisms did not function as expected in this situation. Media reports indicate that the Canadian Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), (A:  They should call it Gophin, you know.) a critical early warning system run by the Public Health Agency of Canada, meant to serve an international clientele, including the World Health Organization (WHO), effectively “went dark” in May 2019, (A: Hhhhhh.) seven months before a pandemic alert system would be needed most. International understanding of the potential severity of the pandemic was further hampered by early problems in reporting on the outbreak from China.


Ttt.  Hhhh.  Sounds like such a, oh, my God, I’m breathless already just reading this stuff, it’s just amazing stuff, eh. It went dark, eh?  Oh! The need for new thinking on security.  How to terrify the public.


And then this article here is Western Australia…


WA Police have enjoyed extraordinary powers amid the coronavirus crisis. But will they last? / 24 Aug 2020


…Western Australia is beefing up its hardline approach even more by preparing new rules around the electronic monitoring of people in quarantine.


Key points:

Fast-tracked laws have given WA Police sweeping powers in the pandemic

Legal experts have raised concerns about parts of the extraordinary laws

Some residents are frustrated about a perceived lack of transparency (A: [Alan chuckles.]  Sure.)


Few people would realise that under fast-tracked changes to laws in the early days of the pandemic, WA Police have the power to make every person in quarantine wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.


(A:  Well I think it’s time to, maybe it is time to overthrow your systems, folks, eh?  If it’s coming down the pike like that, eh?  What d’you think?  It’s not there to serve you, is it? Electronic guard, so technology is the master of us all right now? I don't think so. No.  For those who own technology and profit? No, no. No way.)


Last week, WA Premier Mark McGowan said he would like to see potential criminals entering the state being forced to wear the bracelets.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  So if you come into the state, right, they’re going to make you.)


"If we think someone is a flight risk or a potential criminal (A:  If we THINK there is, eh.  That's good law, we think someone…) or a former criminal, well they're the sorts of people they would go on," he said.


'Borders save lives': The case for a hardline stance


Well, how many folk have died with it?  Hm?  Can you tell us that, will you tell us that, folks?  Who actually, not who tested positive with it when they were dying of other things, how many folk actually died of it? …OF it?  Hm? You won’t get that answer anywhere.


Immunizing the public against misinformation / 25 Aug 2020


(A: MISINFORMATION...  Here you go with that disinformation.)


“We’re not just battling the virus,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


(A: This is a real communist, eh.  Who was a terrorist actually in his old country, he belonged to a terrorist organization. You can really trust this guy. That's why they picked him up. He's not a doctor either by the way.)


“We’re also battling the trolls and conspiracy theorists that push misinformation and undermine the outbreak response.”


Proliferating misinformation — even when the content is, in a best-case scenario, harmless — can have serious and even social and lethal health ramifications in the context of a global pandemic. In some countries, rumours about impending food scarcity prompted people to stockpile supplies (A:  …like the government does, eh?  Just like north of me.) early on in the epidemic and caused actual shortages. In the United States of America…


Fft.  So, there you go. I, this, you talk about disinformation by a guy, whoooooooooooooooof.  This guy is a crook. This guy is a crook, folks, that's why he was put there, you know.  That's why he was put there. He's not a doctor. He's not trained in medicine or anything. But he DID definitely, he actually is, this isn't, I'll, I might put a link up about him later and you'll see a little clip when he belonged to the terrorist organization in his home country.  N-n-n-n-n.  It's so awful.  And again, the WHO is just a subsidiary now of Bill Gates who does tremendous funding to it. So they're all totally compromised people.


Columbia Journalism Review Explains How The Gates Foundation Manipulates The Media Narrative / 26 Aug 2020


Most of the feature stories published by the Columbia Journalism Review, a mostly-digital biannual "magazine" published and edited by the Columbia School of Journalism and its staff, is sanctimonious media naval-gazing filtered through a lens of cryptomarxist propaganda, written by a seemingly endless procession of washed-up magazine writers.


(A: Doesn’t that say it, eh? … how the Gates foundation manipulates the media narrative.)


But every once in a while, just like the NYT, Washington Post and CNN, even CJR gets it (mostly) right. And fortunately for us, one of those days arrived earlier this month, when the website published this insightful piece outlining the influence of the Gates Foundation on the media that covers it.


(A:  So they go into it…)


LAST AUGUST, NPR PROFILED A HARVARD-LED EXPERIMENT to help low-income families find housing in wealthier neighborhoods, giving their children access to better schools and an opportunity to “break the cycle of poverty.” According to researchers cited in the article, these children could see $183,000 greater earnings over their lifetimes—a striking forecast for a housing program still in its experimental stage.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Again, it’s all worked out through computers, eh.)


If you squint as you read the story, you’ll notice that every quoted expert is connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which helps fund the project. And if you’re really paying attention, you’ll also see the editor’s note at the end of the story, which reveals that NPR itself receives funding from Gates.


[Alan laughing.] It’s just astonishing, everything about Gates is put out by Gates through different organizations that he funds and owns.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.  It really is something isn’t it. Everywhere you look, you know, lift a stone and there's Gates. If you cut a little bark off a tree, look in there, there's Gates. Everywhere you look there's Bill Gates, eh.  As I say, and the companies, drug companies, there's Bill Gates.  And the vaccine companies, there's Bill Gates.  And Fauci. The same… It's just astonishing, that, isn't it? It's kind of like Gnosticism, lift a stone and there you'll find me. There they are.


This is the one with the NFL that I mentioned earlier…


NFL's positive weekend tests come back negative / 24 Aug 2020


The NFL has cleared all individuals who tested positive over the weekend for the coronavirus, after what its testing partner called an "isolated contamination (A: [Alan chuckles.]) during test preparation." All of the original test results have been classified as false positives.


(A: I guess it's okay to say it for them, but for everybody else, you know, you can't say it, that's conspiracy theories.)


Eleven teams were affected by the mistake, (A:  …you see, it’s a mistake…) with sources telling ESPN that 77 individuals had positive tests, leading to some anxious moments and altered Sunday practice schedules -- but ultimately no evidence of an outbreak. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was among those whose initial test resulted in a false positive, forcing him to miss the team's Sunday practice, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.


According to the sources, the NFL retested the original 77 samples, all of which had been processed at the same BioReference lab in New Jersey. All of the retests came back negative. The league also conducted quicker, point-of-care tests Sunday, and all of those tests also were negative.


So, you've got a happy ending for the players, you see. Now, if they had been in the general population, you'd have been confined to your house for a couple of weeks probably and persecuted by cops if you try to venture out, stuff like that. Maybe you couldn't get to work, and you suffer financially and stuff like that. But it's okay if you're on a sports team. There you go.  So prayer does work, you know, when it's backed up with you know, wads of cash.


This one here also, this is a different one again...


Major New Survey Of Care Home Leaders Confirms Severe Impact Of Covid-19 / 24 Aug 2020


The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) has published a major new report on the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK’s nursing and residential homes.


It's the same kind of stuff over and over again, you know. Over and over again. Remember too when they were denied other care?  There are treatments for this kind of thing, even for the flu, for viruses, for other coronaviruses too.  There are treatments, folks, without sticking ventilator tubes down your trachea.  They found too with other tests, I've read them here, I'll probably be called a conspiracy theorist even though they came from legitimate health sites, where doctors said that they had better results treating the people just with standard oxygen therapy, hhhhh, where they're not forcing it, like under pressure down their lungs, and they had far better results and they were recovering. But again, that kind of news is not welcome when you have a big agenda at play.


Dr. Fauci Snubs President Trump - Reinstates Grant with Company Connected to China Coronavirus - After Trump Demanded an End to the Contract in April / 28 Aug 2020


(A: It's true enough, Fauci is so compromised into this thing, up to his neck in it.)


Yesterday it was announced in a press release that the ‘non-profit’ firm EcoHealth Alliance had been awarded a grant of $7.5 million by the National Institute of Allergies and Infections Diseases (NIAID) which is run by Dr. Fauci.


Far left Politico reported in late April:


The Trump administration abruptly cut off funding for a project studying how coronaviruses spread from bats to people after reports linked the work to a lab in Wuhan, China...


So, I'll put that one up too.  This one here is a link to YouTube for, you see someone who really gets, what they get…


Just for walking in Melbourne... - / 28 Aug 2020 Australia, and I think how four cops come to this woman's door, [Alan chuckles.] like 3 or 4 cops cars do, to ask why she been out for a walk. So cameras everywhere are watching them.  You can actually hear her saying that she didn't have a cell phone with her or anything else, blah blah blah blah blah. And they wouldn't tell her how they had found out she had been out at all. I'm sure just like the Stasi. Because you see, they track and trace things and all the rest of it where the cops are just the new Stasi system. That's what it is, folks.


In Portland's last night, Saturday night, a guy from the Patriot Prayer group, I don't know who they are, were part of the pro-Trump support apparently going through Portland in Oregon.


Apparent Antifa member in Portland overheard saying she's 'not sad that a f---ing fascist died tonight,' after Patriot Prayer backer killed - / 30 Aug 2020


Man killed in Portland was supporter of right-wing group Patriot Prayer - / 30 Aug 2020


And the assassinations now have started a tit-for-tat kind of thing, now they've got killings on the go, more openly that is. So you'll find this is standard communist technique as well.  When they tried to get the revolutions going in Russia, it went from 50, 60, 70 years beforehand, they had, there were assassinations going on all the time.  Kind of hit-and-run techniques, with the intent of having a massive backlash and then you would hope to get support to go against the system then, with the support you'd gather, as the system became heavy-handed. That's the idea behind it.


This is even in the kind of comedy that was called Fight Club.  They showed you a scene in there where they tried to goad passersby into, and by attacking them physically, well, verbally and so on – just like you're seeing in the streets for the last few weeks in Portland and elsewhere – and to get people to actually physically react. They said the hardest thing, in the comedy, was to get people to actually physically retaliate.  Well, once you get it going of course it can escalate, and that's what they want at the moment. This is all obviously staged and planned, for those who haven't figured it out.


I've mentioned it before that Trump is guaranteed to get in by the goings-on here.  You couldn't plan it any better, really. And then that's going to have the Civil War going. Which is really planned.  It's to bring in a new system afterwards. Where the elite who fund it all, the ultra-ultra-elite of the planet who own the big corporations and so on, and they own international money systems and the banks, they fund it all, and they'll be ruling it with the new system, it's more efficient for them, what you call Technocracy.


There's another article too...


We Witnessed The Kenosha Shootings. Here’s What Really Happened - / 27 Aug 2020


This article goes into what they saw. But by people who were there, by the way, about the shooting, etc. Then you find out too, from another article here, it says…


Shocking Video: Anarchy broke out on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin - / 25 Aug 2020


They mentioned the ones who got shot, and the fact that they all had records, by the way.  It's interesting to see who actually they were too, quite interesting indeed. These people who are leading some of the riots.  And they are very aggressive people at the same time. One of them had a gun as well who fired them off and… I'm sure too... I saw, you actually see someone running across, the guy who was shot, picking something up and running away. So they've actually worked it out, if someone gets shot too, to get the weapon away from them, so that they'll say it was an innocent shooting, you know, even though they maybe shot first.  Hmph. 


Another article…


How To Survive When You're The Target Of An Angry Mob - / 29 Aug 2020


It's a good little article. Because yeah, if you get a mob like that, you can see them going after the Republican convection when they're coming out, just old folk too, and these folk are ready to, they’re ready to tear them apart, literally physically tear them apart. I think it was Rand Paul said that it wasn't for the Secret Service around them, he would have been destroyed. His life was saved by them he says, so he knew what was going to happen.


This is not democracy of any kind.


They're guaranteeing that Trump's going to get put in.  Just guaranteed, folks.  So I think what's guaranteed is a massive riots, ongoing, to try a potential overthrow of the total governmental system if Trump gets in. I think that's what they want, you see. And who knows if both, both sides at the top are really playing it. It seems that way to me. 


In this article here too is, yeah, the young guy who was at the center of the shooting in Kenosha was 17 years old, right.  He went there, he lived 20 miles away and he went there to protect business owners and citizens being victimized and being abandoned by their state government and police. This is how it's worded here, and think about it. It says…


Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories / 27 Aug 2020


A 17-year-old boy was charged with murder in the first degree after opening fire on three anarchist rioters in two seperate incidents.


The accused, Kyle Rittenhouse, is from Antioch, Illinois, just 21 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha with his AR-15 in order to protect small business owners and citizens who were being victimized after being abandoned by their state government and police.


Footage obtained by anti-extremism watchdog AntifaWatch shows the first shooting. In the video, a masked man named Joseph D. Rosenbaum is shown chasing Rittenhouse and throwing what some have claimed may have been an improvised explosive, but this has not yet been confirmed. Rittenhouse then shot Rosenbaum in the head as he charged and tried to take his rifle,


(A:  …and you actually see the scuffle in some of these videos when trying to get off, the rifle away from him.  There’s actually earlier video too of Rosenbaum getting in the faces of people, real aggressive character.  Yep. Yeah, you actually see it. This has got links to it, this article here, I might put it up.)


After Rosenbaum was shot, a mob of anarchists pursued Rittenhouse as he attempted to flee. The young man then fell to the ground as the “antifa” members began attacking him. Rittenhouse opened fire against two of the attackers, one who was armed with a handgun.


One member of the gang, Anthony W. Huber, died after being shot in the chest. The armed assailant, Gaige Paul Grosskreutz, suffered a gruesome gunshot wound to the arm but survived.


The media has jumped into action to paint Rittenhouse as a white supremacist domestic terrorist and the anarchists who were shot as innocent “peaceful protesters.” But the facts bring this narrative into question.


According to public records, Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum has a long history of violence.


Rosenbaum was convicted in Arizona in 2002 for committing an act of sexual misconduct with a child.


According to his entry in the sex offender registry, he was a level 3 offender, meaning he was at a high risk of reoffending and a general danger to his surroundings.


Arizona Department of Corrections records reveal that Rosenbaum spent 12 1/2 years in prison after being convicted of two counts of 3rd degree sexual misconduct against a minor and one count of interfering with a monitoring device. For sexual misconduct with a minor to reach the level of class 3 felony, the victim must be under the age of 15.


More telling is Rosenbaum’s 42 seperate disciplinary infractions while incarcerated. including numerous assaults, committing sex acts and stalking, (A:  I don’t know how you stalk in a prison.) manufacturing a weapon, and arson.


(A:  Hm, he’s perfect for the job though.)


According to records from the Wisconsin Circuit Court, Rosenbaum had pending charges for battery as domestic abuse filed just last month.


Anthony W. Huber (A: …that was killed I think, it says…)


Public records show that Huber was in fact a violent criminal with a history of abusing his loved ones.


In 2012, Huber pled guilty to false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon and strangulation as domestic abuse. He appears to have violated the terms of his probation in 2016 and was sentenced to two years in state prison, most of it with time served. Huber was arrested again in 2018 for battery.


Gaige P. Grosskreutz, a pistol wielding anarchist in his 40s who was shot in the arm while attacking the teenaged Rittenhouse, was charged with felony burglary and theft in 2013. He violated his probation just 4 months later. He has another arrest from 2017.


According to a media puff piece, Grosskreutz was a professional activist with Milwaukee based “People’s Revolution,” a more extreme breakaway from the Black Lives Matter NGO.


Anyway, it's ongoing. But you can see how it's being portrayed here, as the abandonment by police and authority for the general public that's been abandoned. And young guys like this will [Alan chuckles.] just go and take it into their own hands thinking they're doing the right thing. And it's true enough, remember, some of the police chiefs in some of these areas have been under their attack for a while just said to the public, you're on your own.  Didn't they? Quite something, folks.


Another one too, another reporter...


Reporter who had gun pulled on him during Kenosha riot credits God for being alive / 25 Aug 2020


(A: You actually see a photograph of this guy pointing the gun at his head.)


'I don’t think he pointed the gun at me to try to kill me, I think he was one of the stupidest people in the world'


(A:  Well, it’s just touch and go when it happens, eh?)


The Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer told Fox News Tuesday he thanks God for being alive


(A:  …because the guy did it. The guy literally, who had the gun at him, pointed the gun at him and says, this is what I’m going to do with the cops, that’s what he said. He had the mask down so he could actually… [Alan chuckles.] The captain was actually watching his face, so he got it all.  That’s why he said he was one of the stupidest people he’d seen.)




Kenosha police find helmets, gas masks, more in out-of-state vehicles; arrest 9 - / 29 Aug 2020




Crime spikes as Soros-funded DAs take charge: 'They're not progressive, they're rogue' / 20 Aug 2020


(A: The district attorneys, eh.  It's amazing how Soros has his hands in everything.  [Alan chuckles.]  Just say it's a small coterie with the Gates and the Fauci's and...  the same people over and over again.  Isn't it really, eh?  Think about it folks, it really is.  Supposedly Soros has been putting money into different US states and parts in cities and so on to get district attorneys in. This article goes through some of this and the names of the people and so on. It says for instance, Miss Gardner's office, Miss Gardner is one of them in St. Louis I think was the, I'm not quite sure. But it says…)


Her 2016 campaign received more than $190,000 from PACs to which Mr. Soros is the sole or principal contributor. His PACs have poured at least $116,000 into her re-election this year.


(A:  And then it goes one after the other here.  M-hm-hm, eh?)


Do you really have to go and start consulting Ouija boards to find what's behind lots of things? I mean, their names are out there, the folk who fund it are out there, the list in mainstream media of who the funders are.  Come on, folks, eh! 


Another article is…


Woke Capitalism: How Huge Corporations Demonstrate Status by Endorsing Political Radicalism / 28 Aug 2020


(A: That's not a bad article too.  It goes into the corporations and the media in lockstep with this big, big movement that's on the go right now called woke capitalism. And how they're in there to make money [Alan chuckles.]  by using cultural leftism. It says…)


What is “Wokeness?”: Understanding “Critical Theory” and The Frankfurt School


I've done the stories on the critical theory before, critical theory itself. They teach it all through universities and college. It really does away with traditional history of any kind or any reality of any kind. Of course the Frankfurt School was behind so much of it too, right down to the creation of a new language for the public, to destabilize your enemy from attacking you, or even defending themselves. Because you take away the language, you forfeit the language, you make it illegal for them to use the language they must use to defend themselves.  [Alan chuckles.] That's the end of any debate, right? 


I remember too some of the people at the Frankfurt School said that they wouldn't be happy until, I think it was Theo Adorno said that, until they'd completely utterly destroyed the culture and the systems of the West, right down to the destruction of the family unit and the children and everybody else in it, right down to, they said, even necrophilia and even then they wouldn't be happy until there was NOTHING ever left of the Western society.  Yep, that's quite an ambition, there's an ambition for you, isn't it?


I'll put these links up, for some other things to do with YouTube's and so on as well.  There's a few, I think maybe two or three to look at anyway, plus that Plandemic was awfully good, I must admit, what I've seen of it so far anyway.


And hhmph, what can you say folks, what can you say when you're living through this massive deception.  We've never seen such deception on the planet as we're seeing right now. Never. Even in times of major wars. It's everybody who has anything to do with your reality and your information is all on board with this complete agenda. Isn't that something.  Isn't it something, gaslighting folk all the time, when you use the articles they printed a month ago, and then they'll deny that they even printed them, you know, when you use them?  [Alan laughing.]  It's quite fascinating to live through it actually and see it. Isn't it?


Now, I'm also going to put in an article from the Irish Sentinel by Helena Handbasket.  You know where that goes don’t you? It's an interesting one because it's about the Irish Minister for Health, the politician who is appointed to oversee the health. It says…


Irish Minister For Health, Stephen Donnelly needs to be Locked Up for Treason - / 27 Aug 2020 / By Helena Handbasket


Because he wants to lock the country down again, you see. And from the Irish Times they give you a little bit of the Irish Times. It mentions that there are very few folk in the hospital right now. It says…


Micheál Martin: Executing your authority – The only path to freedom / 25 Aug 2020 / By Helena Handbasket




At the moment there is 6 people in ICU, 22 in hospital with Covid 19 and during the height back in March there was 1100 in hospital with 120 in ICU.


(A: So this particular Irish Minister wants to lock them down and hardly anything is happening of course. So they give you some of the career path of Donnelly...)




Donnelly is a graduate of University College Dublin (UCD) with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also worked and studied in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

(A:  That’s a giveaway there too, by the way that’s where they pick them up and then use them later on.)  In 2000, Donnelly moved to London, where he worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.


In 2008, he completed a master’s degree in Public Administration in International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He returned to work for McKinsey and Company, in Dublin, before deciding to run for office in 2011.


(A: But here's the whole point of it. It says…)


The most interesting perhaps is his two spells with McKinsey & Company (A:  ...that he worked in.), first in London from 2000 and then again in Dublin from 2008-2011 when he decided to get into politics having no experience of that dirty business.


(A:  I don't think so. I think these guys are so dirty they don't notice the dirt.)


He also studied at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


(A:  It says Gates, Bill Gates, right, just happened, wherever you turn over a stone as I say there's Bill Gates, eh.  So Gates…)



Julia Balluz


13 Dec 2019


Gates is spent more than $300 million in McKinsey and BCG alone between 2006 and 2017.


Do you think the guy's maybe still working for Bill Gates perhaps, eh?  Hm?  So wherever you look it's the same small coterie of people, you know, running everything to do with every country.  Of course that's real Technocracy. Take over the financial supply of the world. They… Bill Gates isn't the boss, there's people waay above him.  Bill Gates is more of a front man, like lots of the other ones they give you as the superstars. But there he is again, you know, giving big, $300 million in McKinsey and BCG alone between 2006 and 2017.


[Alan chuckles.]  So you get these politicians who never are given an offer that they want to refuse, if it will personally benefit them and their pockets. That's how...  This is the problem with society, it's soo incredibly corrupt.  And folk are just... and every country is the same.  You can find them in every single country. They have no problems accepting help, help, you know, from outside sources, you know, in their lifestyles and all the rest of it. That's how the world really is run.  And it doesn't matter what system you bring in, it ends up being the same way again, over and over again, you know. That's how it is.  So anyway I'll put these links up and there's another article too from Helena Handbasket from the Irish Sentinel you can enjoy that and have a chuckle at the same time perhaps. 


Remember folks before I sign off, send a few bucks to website. You see how to do it if you go into the website. That will help me tick along.  Remember too, to tune into Neil Foster Reality Bytes Radio because I will be on it on Wednesday, 2 September at 1 PM Eastern time. We'll have a good chat about the state of the world and the meaning of life and the universe and all that stuff.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Because we certainly are going to be asking all the big questions now when you're living through one of the biggest changes in society and history, planned for years and years by big think tanks and meticulously worked out as to where it's supposed to go, with all their proper players in place, and all those who fund it in place.  And years of training for some of the leaders in fact who participate in it all. So you’re living through amazing history. So again, tune into Reality Bytes Radio Wednesday, 2 September at 1 PM Eastern time.


Remember folks, don't just give in.  You're living through an evil time. This is a big war and evil has a powerful sway in this planet.  But you just don't crumble to it and give in because…


You have an antidote to evil.  You really do. But you must also take a stance. It's always the same thing, you take a stance against evil, or it runs over you. And it isn't just for what's been, and what is, and what's to come. The very fact you’re here today is because someone stood up before you, before you came along. 


Evil is a tremendous evil bully, it's a bully, a massive bully, destructive bully.  A screaming child that's spoiled rotten who's actually mentally unstable that doesn't know what it wants. Because it can't verbalize what it wants so it must project its problems on to everybody else around them and blame everybody else for it.  That's what it is.


The last place a person wants to look at when everything goes wrong with their lives, especially when it's repetitive behavior, is themselves. I really mean that.


Now, the system we're in is corrupt anyway, it's completely corrupt. It's been corrupt for as long as I can remember and getting worse all the time. And as they go into this ultra-capitalistic corporative agenda, where they want to rule us through Technocracy, meaning in other words they're going to do with any rights for you at all, just do what you're told. They've decided to bring in a communistic system for the general population, while the at the top are untouched by it all.  I mentioned the same story 20 years ago and it hasn't changed.


So you've got to stand up against it because it's utterly evil. And it won't stop. If you allow it to continue it won't stop. It will get worse and worse, and you don't want to see horror coming down the pike.


You can’t stand by either and watch the health organizations killing old folk. Do you understand, when you're seeing folk being killed, that's you they’re killing? Because one day you're going to be there. They'll start off with the older folk, then they start bringing it down and down and down.  These countries like Canada already have euthanasia, all credibility of being there to help the people went out the window as soon as they started that. Absolutely. They'll never recover from that. Never.  The profit motive in healthcare, it's not supposed to be the same as any other branch of business. Not at all. Not like it is today. It's utterly corrupt.  That means the system that again was based on the US, that spread out everywhere else too, the system, a lot of the hospitals in Canada are partly owned by American companies. Some of them wholly. 


So remember folks as I say, don't give in and don't give up. I hope you're still keeping in touch with other people around you, a few. Don't get many, just a few.  Try to make sure they're real people.  Pledge to help each other out down the pike. Because things will get worse before they get better. It's planned that way.


As I say, this system with the Covid, they can't back off now, they've gone soo far.  This is like the big gang that runs the world all colluding together for the next step of their world order.  And they can't just back off now.


Because you'd have to, you'd have no option but to bring in a real, a real functional system that is run by you. And you'd have to arrest them all for what they've done so far. You really would. And they know it.  [Alan chuckles.] They know it.


These are the same people who've brought you off to wars for years and years and profited from it too, that run everything. The same big corporations. That have their hand in all kinds of things, including pharmacology or vaccine making. Massive corporations.  And they know they can't back off.


So take care of yourselves. Keep in touch with me because I do read the emails even if I can't get back to everybody all the time because it's so much, it's overwhelming. For most, for one person it's a hard job keeping up, believe you me, doing all that I do.  But I do read them. Because I get a sense of people who... And it's soo important because you get inside people's lives to experience what they're experiencing. They're real human beings, these are beings, human beings. 


If you’re just prattling news it's desensitizing you from people. That's the problem with today's technology, most folk literally are just texting and all that, they have no real contact with people. And even when they do have contact, they're not being honest about things. You've got to be honest with yourself. 


And everyone matters because what you experience is real history as it happens.  Forget the books. You're living it right now.


So I thank everybody who keeps in touch with me. I like to be part of their lives too.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada – don't give up, evil gets conquered, remember, it always does – it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



Topics of show covered in following links:


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The World at Risk - Global Preparedness Monitoring Board Sept 2019


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NHS managers told care homes to put blanket 'do not resuscitate' orders on ALL residents at height of Covid crisis, report shows / 24 Aug 2020


Major New Survey Of Care Home Leaders Confirms Severe Impact Of Covid-19 / 24 Aug 2020


Coronavirus conspiracy marches are held across Europe as Berlin police break-up 18,000 marchers for failing to socially while droves of anti-maskers storm Paris and Copenhagen / 29 Aug 2020


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Just for walking in Melbourne... / 28 Aug 2020


We Witnessed The Kenosha Shootings. Here’s What Really Happened / 27 Aug 2020


Shocking Video: Anarchy broke out on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin / 25 Aug 2020


Reporter who had gun pulled on him during Kenosha riot credits God for being alive / 25 Aug 2020


How To Survive When You're The Target Of An Angry Mob / 29 Aug 2020


Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories / 27 Aug 2020


Kenosha police find helmets, gas masks, more in out-of-state vehicles; arrest 9 / 29 Aug 2020


Crime spikes as Soros-funded DAs take charge: 'They're not progressive, they're rogue' / 20 Aug 2020


Apparent Antifa member in Portland overheard saying she's 'not sad that a f---ing fascist died tonight,' after Patriot Prayer backer killed / 30 Aug 2020


Man killed in Portland was supporter of right-wing group Patriot Prayer / 30 Aug 2020


Kissinger: Failure to establish post-COVID new world order ‘could set the world on fire’ / 7 April 2020


Woke Capitalism: How Huge Corporations Demonstrate Status by Endorsing Political Radicalism / 28 Aug 2020


Irish Minister For Health, Stephen Donnelly needs to be Locked Up for Treason / 27 Aug 2020 / By Helena Handbasket


Micheál Martin: Executing your authority – The only path to freedom / 25 Aug 2020 / By Helena Handbasket




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