Sept. 13, 2020 (#1793)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Government Dares to Care:

"If You Think You're Little, Insignificant, You're Wrong,

Millions are Spent to Indoctrinate and Make You Conform."

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Hi folks I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 13, 2020.  Now before I get started and I forget of course as time goes on since they’re long talks, just remind you to go to and find out how to send me a few bucks my way, and that will keep me going hopefully. Because as I say, this is full-time, full-time really. There's not much time to do anything else when you really investigated all the stuff that's going on.  I have to remind people because they get lost in the talks as well, as I do [Alan chuckles.] because they're long, and people forget by the end of it to send me a few bucks. Remember, I'm still here because of you and if you want to get the information just feed me a few dollars here and there  Thank you.


As always, I hope you're all hanging in there during our trials and tribulations that are pretty well endless, aren't they?  Of course, a lot of them are manufactured by the powers that be, especially in this day and age. Because big changes have to happen really rapidly to get a massive agenda, a well-publicized and published agenda that took them years to work on.  And who's they? Well, you know who a lot of them are, the guys who implement them, the front people who talk on behalf of them, all the different organizations that work with United Nations, with the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Asian-Pacific partnership group too, which is also part of the same group as Britain and everywhere else. Because they have names for different areas in different parts of the world but it's all the same one group, a very old group.  They also work circles within circles as I've mentioned before.


Quigley talked about that too, that certain ones that are high profile can mix with the other circles, you see. That way you can really keep information to the minimum spread amongst the public by having particular circles to begin with, and then people who are involved with maybe two or three of the circles of groups, keep it pretty well mum so only their own circle knows what they're intended to know, it's intended that they know, and nothing else. That's how it really works.


We also, again, it's a different reality, completely different reality and the more you get into, say, anthropology, anthropology was hijacked a long time ago. It was actually started up by those that wanted to prove eugenics worked, you see.  They sent people across the whole planet to measure folk's skulls and their bodies and study them. They’d go into little tribes and they'd watch what they did here and there and all the rest of it.  But the whole idea, they even use them to, and I've mentioned that years ago when the US and Britain went into Iraq.  They actually softened up the people to an extent by using anthropologists they sent in before, and with the Army later, to guide the Army on how to terrorize the public. Because each culture has particular terrors, you know, so they knew what they do to torture them, the things that are really, really taboo that would frighten them.  They used them in Iraq of course and you saw a lot of that coming out from the prison camps that they had there.  So yeah, these were all, they were helped by, again professional people who are awfully good at earning lots of money and working against the general population and the welfare of the planet. That's the problem with it across the board, isn't it? 


We're going through an agenda as I say that has to be completed, a good part of it has to be completed this century, and preferably in the first half of the century, that they're working on right now. So all, what you've been softened up with for about, oh, 50, 60, 70 years for environmentalism and all of that and too many of the populations of the world existing, population reduction, it's all to be really worked out to a really workable program of managing the population as it dwindles and dwindles and dwindles by design up to about the year 2050, and then into the next phase thereon.


The elite have us almost farmed, I've always said this, like Charles Fort, he said it too.  Because we're bred up when they need big amounts of people for wars, major wars. And these weren't just wars of countries saber rattling against other countries. These wars had other intentions. You'll never get the real truth to do with any war ever, EVER.  Like the CIA as an example, the people who worship things like the movies and the CIA or MI6 in it, they have no idea of what real intelligent services are about.  The people who work and who are operating in the different countries often don't know themselves.  That’s how tight and compartmentalized everything is in the reality of the system that runs the world.


If soldiers really knew why they'd been used for the last hundred years, there wouldn't be a World War I or II, there's no way it would've happened because the people had no idea of the real intentions of it. But people above them certainly did. And very private secretive organizations, or semi-secretive organizations certainly knew by incredible archives of information of the study of populations across the world even then, they knew exactly where they could take the world. 


Then you have a gangster operation working amongst them too that controls the money supply of the planet, that believe that they literally have the right to rule it. It's quite amazing.  That was touched on this week with other groups and newscasters and so on and the Mega group of course.  Epstein was on a lower level with that too, but the guys above him that I mentioned certainly are all part of it. They also work with the World Bank, if not directly own it. That's power for you, amazing power.  And they've always been into population reduction for those who don't quite get it. 


They are the biggest white-collar criminals on the planet.  But for themselves, they don't believe they're criminals. They have the right to do what they're doing. It's always for a good cause, you understand.  That's how things are done in this day and age, lying to the public, the noble lie.  As the PNAC group also used it, telling the people a noble lie, you know, it was worth it, it had to be done, for the good of all, you understand.


With the Covid idea that they hit on eventually, and obviously worked out for quite a few years, we definitely have all the evidence of it working up to the present day, that was sitting waiting to be used.  Because the last climate change accord kind of fell flat. They admitted they didn't have the public support to implement the same agenda that Covid's bringing across here and fulfilling for them. They said they'd have to do more drastic things to make the people do, basically conform and do what they were told, hhhch, and stop consuming.  A postconsumer society.  Where you live to buy and purchase and consume, that had to be done away with.  Well, welcome to Covid.  And that's the whole thing.


It's interesting, just this weekend I was thinking about it because I was asked to go on different shows leading up to 9/11, the anniversary again.  And I honestly didn't have time, I had so much to do here. And it's been raining here like floodgates opened.  This is what they do generally, they bring the water up through San Francisco, they bypass a good part of California, they kind of divert the water in the air and up in the Jetstream, right up across the Great Lakes to where I am and we get downpours here but you get nothing down in San Francisco or California or the West Coast. That's been done before.  It's always had a few of us scratching our heads how it can be done so easily and efficiently. But is anything really impossible in this day and age? Especially when they go public in their geo-engineering reports of what they could do if they ever wanted to do it, and they admit all the stuff, IF they ever wanted to use it, right.  And they call you a conspiracy theorist if you actually quote their publications where they, again say that they know it works IF they wanted to do it, right.


You're living through amazing times with science at the top.  Science is the big magician of course that, the closest thing as Arthur C Clarke once said, he said that to primitive people... Now, you're primitive, whether you know it or not. You understand, they say that you are primitive.  You say, well that's not true, my great-grandparents might've been more primitive than me because they didn't have electricity and blah blah blah. No, no, no, it's all to do with reality. 


Bertrand Russell said, as I've mentioned in many talks before in his Impact of Science on Society and other books on science, he says eventually the elites with particular specialized authorized breeding programs, which they've been into for an awful long time, will become a separate species from the rest of the population. Their children, you see, would be raised in reality of who runs the world, why they run it this way, what wars are for, what was meant to be accomplished, and how you must always lie to the public, and even train the public to be naïve to believe the system that you have given them is all real. This is all admitted to. You're living through the greatest examples of it that's ever existed. It's just right out in your face now.


Again, back to 9/11 too, I didn't have time to go on these shows and it's a shame. Because I went through 9/11, the whole period of it watching intensely and studying it and so on.  I knew before it was going to happen that something was going to happen. A lot of us did.  Because, again, in Canada, Canada passed an Omnibus crime Bill which the journalists at the time were amazed with it. And at that time the journalists could actually say the occasional truth to the public. They said what is this, this omnibus crime bill that Allan Rock had pushed through single-handedly.  It was a complete terrorist bill, you know, war on terrorism and domestic imprisonment without trial etc. under different charges. And that's what they said at the time, this is what it is, under the guise of an omnibus, just an omnibus crime bill.


At that time most folk are saying, well nothing much is happening, Canada was fairly laid-back at the time, what's this got to do with us?  Well, you know, three years later they hit the towers, eh, and it all came into place. I mentioned before about the same time as that Bill came through, they brought out the black uniforms for the cops to look like storm troopers, you know, dress them like military storm troopers.  And across the world at the same time. This is all planned. You’re living through an agenda.


Again, the PNAC group, the Project for New American Century group that the Bushes belong to, both Bushes, and really deeply too with their business ties and so on.  They came out with the list of countries they wanted to be taken out. Then when Bush Junior got into office then bingo, they got their little wish, the Pearl Harbor event they said they would need to get the American public on board and give them support for a war across the world. Mainly across the Middle East and Asia.  And even into the Med eventually by the way.  Quite a list that they published.  And they've accomplished quite a lot of it.


So you're living through amazing agendas with the richest folk in the world behind it.  I really think that most folk today in any capacity at all of authority over the public on a high level are all on the payroll, you know, from the same group, and dedicated to serving it. You see it with lots of them in the US military. I'm sure every other military is the same. They grease their palms and they're brought in and elevated up into other areas of prosperity and so on.  And they're willing.  They go along with it all because this is the culture that we’re in today. It doesn't have a unified culture of belonging to a nation anymore.  Except for the general population, what's left of it, that, they're generally confused themselves… well what is our country now? 


That's all intentional because you've been under attack for a long, long time, psychologically, and you don't even know it.  The children today are in the streets rioting because they've been trained to hate you, by the teachers. And the teachers are all on board with it because they get their palms greased too at the top. It's the same with university professors. The professors who are out there by the way in the streets advocating... murder basically, it's known who they all are. This is not accidental.  You'll see the leaders of them, it's mainly white kids coming out. Some of them aren't just kids. Some of them are in their 20s, up to 30.


You've got, some of them are mercenaries. Some of them have been over storming Syria for quite a few years.  The really older ones have been mercenaries when they were attacking Iraq and then up into Libya. Intelligence agencies paying, or organizing, it's the same...  You saw them going through the Middle East and into Asia and into Syria. And they've been burning cities.  Same strategies. Taking down religious monuments and destroying them. And destroying churches. Same thing. This isn't accidental.  For those who don't quite get it.


You're meant to be focused on your immediate surroundings to stop seeing the big picture.  And it is a big picture because it's well-financed. It's planned by a world authority.  A cabal that has ruled the world for an awful long time.  A cabal that boasts about bringing through world wars to make it all happen step-by-step. Many of them are known. Even those ones I'm sure, there's higher ones above them. Because the ones that you know are known, are still workers to an extent, they're worker bees.  The ones at the top don't do work, they just suggest here and there, and big panels and committees just jump into action to make-it-so as they say.  That's how the world's been run for a long time.


But, we live in such a corrupt system that the neuroscientists, the psychologists, everybody's on board with this, of manipulating the public's mentality, physically in many, many different ways.  Right down to, the art of creating your opinions is such a precise perfected art.  It's very efficient and very quick and simple now the way it's put across. I might touch on some of that tonight if there's time.


But there's no doubt, by the way, [Alan chuckles.] I was looking at a documentary that someone sent me on a driver. Because, by the way, I get really hammered by my, they go for your servers now.  If you speak out against Covid your server will throttle you until you have no speed at all and that's what I've got with my satellite service here. Even though they're taking money from the government as well by the way, and I'm paying through the nose for it too, they're throttling me. The only time I get any speed at all is the middle of the night for maybe two or three hours and that's it. This is all deliberate. And it's all done with plausible deniability, well, it could be your equipment. No, I've been through all of that for years with them before and I've gone around all the circles and spent hours and hours and hours on the phone just wasting my time.  This is what they do. But right now the pressure is REALLY on because I mean dial-up speed would be a bit faster actually than what I'm getting for satellite, $110, $120 a month.


That's what they do folks. You're not living in a decent and aboveboard world. It's a disgusting system that we live under.  The same system that does the dirty tricks like that, in other countries they just kill people.  I hope you understand. The same groups, right.  That's what really happens.  And your own countries at the moment, they've got to play it, they don't want everybody really, really, they don't want the rioters eventually seeing the real people they should be targeting.  They must keep you just doing the communist burning and torturing crusade right now.


Because that's part of the communist manifesto, that's their techniques, is burn. Whenever you see burn and the clenched fist, it's the same group. Meant, that's for the followers. But the ones, as I say, that lead them all, they've been across doing the same thing working with the different rioters in other countries and going through Syria burning down villages and killing people and all the rest of it. They have. The same, the same leaders, they're well versed on what they're doing, and they travel from country to country to where they’re told to go.  They've been doing this since the globalization meetings back in the 90s and onwards. Same groups.


So yeah, nothing is happenstance. The followers never really know what they're about.  Youngsters literally think they're on some kind of crusade to change the world by burning everything down. What Dumbos, eh? Hm?  What are they going to live in down the road if there's nothing left? And then the elite who really want all this to happen, and are directing it and funding the leaders... And by the way, the leaders even have pension plans for them.  Hm.  Do the followers? No.  [Alan chuckles.] They don't even think about that.  But the leaders have pension plans put out by the big foundations.  They won't be touched of course. The leaders won't be touched. If they start going for the leaders, the real leaders hm, that aren't even in the streets, I'm talking about at that level of leadership, the ones who are in the pension plans and who are mercenaries and working with intelligence, it would all fall apart so they'll leave them alone. But the followers, they'll get picked up and charged for different things.  It's already happening in fact.


This is what you do, you let them loose in the streets when you want to shakeup and terrify the public, in preparation for them to just stand down and give up. It's all psychological warfare, you see.  It's the same technique they've done since the 1800s to the present day, you know.  You saw it across mainly Russia and what became the Russian bloc countries.  The same techniques used then.  Exactly actually.


Getting back to where we are today with the postconsumer society, and all the… The World Wildlife Fund, the Sierra Club, all the different groups that Prince Philip was the titular head of, and who attended a lot of the meetings mind you, and was quite vocal about it, the whole idea is to cull down the populations of humans in the world.  The same as I said before with the big group at the top, that Mega group, who are behind the funding and the real big, big Mafia.  I think Whitney Webb touched on that too to an extent, and some evangelist well, or Christian organizations who followed it. Never knock the Christian organizations because they've been watching this for years, a lot of them.  And the ones that are left, who are not on the payroll now, are up on a lot of the things that have been happening in this world. So don't knock it. Most folk who get lulled to sleep or given good excuses that they fall for, and it puts them off the scent. But you can actually follow the trace of it for many, many years what's been going on.


Getting back to what I said already, 9/11 was the start of the big push for it. It was a massive symbolic gesture. MASSIVE, you know. It was meant to shock the world. And it did. The way it was, you had mind bombing and psychic overdrive basically, psychic driving they call it with the MK ultra idea, where you see the same towers going over.  Every, every minute it's going down, down, down, down, planes hitting, down, down, down.  That went on for quite a few days on different stations. That's pure psychic driving, imprinting in the brains the actual EVENT, to overwhelm any rational thinking of who really could have done this.  That was the point of it. 


It's quite extraordinary too because at the time after, maybe the same week, I did a talk that night. But in the same week I did another talk when it came out from, I think it was Canada. One of the news companies in Canada, when they had little bit of honesty back then, a little bit, not much, but they did mention, they could give you a bit of honesty when there's another country involved, and it wasn't them.  But they did admit that George Bush Senior was in New York at that time meeting with the heads of the bin Laden family on a business deal. Because you see, their business, one of their businesses, apart from the oilfields that they had in Kuwait and so on.  But one of their businesses was literally creating indestructible bombproof towers. [Alan chuckles.] That's a fact folks.  [Alan chuckles.] And they had been given the contract to repair this towers in the 90s when they tried the bombing starting with the basements back then. I often wondered after, I thought, did those guys get the contracts go all through the systems there of air-conditioning and so on and different ducting all up, right to the very top, and plant anything? for the future perhaps?  Hm.


I mean there's speculation but you...  There's no doubt about it, the folk who watched those towers going down floor by floor, boom, boom, boom, boom, it was perfect detonation, you know, and demolition, perfect, military detonations, floor by floor.  Then they fell into their own footprint, that doesn't happen the way that they… Nobody believes it today. Most folk never believed it even then. 


But again, the psychic driving left its imprint in everybody's brains, and it gave them the justification for the preplanned wars that I mentioned.  The PNAC group had the list of countries, in the 90s, drawn up that they wanted to invade, and they needed a pretext for it. They actually said, we need a Pearl Harbor event. Well, they got it with 9/11.  Then they went to town.  Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.


I won't go into all the, it's like Covid, you see.  You can hash all the facts of Covid, the truths and the lies, not just the untruths but real outright lies [Alan chuckles.] about it.  It's meant to confuse people and get you so sick of talking about it that you give up eventually and just go along with it. That's what happened with 9/11.  It's psychological techniques they use in psychological warfare, and with 9/11, everybody saw what happens. You had the different dancing folk on, and it was well-documented by the way, in other countries as well, who were there to watch the event of the towers getting hit.  They were let go out of the country to their own country afterwards, and all these things were happening, and caught with explosives in the van and things like that, blah blah blah.  A lot of dirty stuff was going on.  The CIA came in and the FBI came in and just basically told the government want to do and say to the public. It's just disgusting what happened. 


Even today, nevermind all the arguments about what caused it and what did it and blah, blah, blah.  In Canada, they showed us a list of the people who were supposedly on the planes as terrorists, and then they showed, even had interviews with some of them across there in Saudi Arabia and different, who are still alive and driving taxis and things. But their photographs have been used supposedly by the CIA to say that these were the guys on the planes.  It was amazing what was going on.  Really. These were verifiable, you know, things, like factual things. But they don't like facts when it comes to distortions, so they try to muddy the waters. Then they bring in other people who come out with all kinds of theories that make it even more bizarre, and that ends up discrediting… 


You see, counterintelligence, I've mentioned this before. If you stick with intelligence facts, you see, hard slogging to get facts together, you get people who come out who immediately are elevated by mainstream into the limelight as some kind of leader, that might, they don't call them a crackpot but still give them, you know, they'll say they're pretty eccentric perhaps. But they get unlimited financing, books will just drop out of the sky to them basically every month, and the publishers will have no problem publishing.  It's big money that.  And all they've done is taken all the information from other books and talks folk have given who've done the real hard work, shove it in the books, like with ghostwriters, and then add in ridiculous things, absolutely ridiculous. So the general public will hear about these characters, with the added ridiculous things to do with these events, and if you mention it down the road again, even if you're one of the founders of information, you'll get lumped in with the other one that's well known now because they've got so much publicity. That's called counterintelligence. It works awfully well to discredit the real factual real hard workers that dig it all up. That's a fact. It happens all the time, it's guaranteed.  It's always been that way.


That goes way back to even Aleister Crowley, you know.  Aleister Crowley had ties to intelligence service. Intelligence services are incredibly interested in psychology and behaviorism. The intelligence, CIA funded all the Guru organizations of the 60s and 70s and brought them over to California and places like that.  And studied it, all the youngsters throwing themselves and bowing to these folk as Gods, because that's what a guru is, you see. And studying them. It was amazing.


It was even the same thing with the Jonestown idea too.  CIA guys were all over that place, that organization, studying, studying, studying what you can, how you can make people do things they shouldn't possibly ever do, big crowds of them.  All of that has been admitted now.  You had the same thing too with Charles Manson.  The FBI were all over the place, the place he lived before, his camps, and with cameras, and folk going in and out to record and so on and stuff, and even do videos and so on. This is all recorded.  Amazing stuff really. Ronald Reagan, when he was the governor of California, gave Manson the right you go into some of the old folks’ homes.  And they may have given the same thing to Jim Jones too. Because he said, they could give them, they had really good positive reactions on the old folks in the homes and so on, this is what they said.


You have no idea of the behavioristic psychology experiments that go on, on the public all the time. Always funded from the top. Always.  So never toss that out of your head. But Aleister Crowley I mean, he was actually accused at the end of, what was it, World War I or II, because he was, went...  But he definitely was like the Lord Haw Haw type at one time for the Germans at one point and got away with it. Well, you can't get away with something like that unless you're, definitely belong to the Secret Service.  No doubt about it.


Hhhch, and they do it, sexuality is a big, big part of controlling people, the so-called freedom of sex. You bring, you make folk slaves through it all. Then they're blackmailable slaves especially. You give lots of drugs along with it too, like Crowley did. He also partook of them.  And you've got an awful lot of information on different people, a lot of dark matter you might say, you've got on people's characters and it wields a lot of power for folk who have a public image, you know. That's what Epstein was into too. 


Once again, you've got to stop thinking about what you believe Britain was back then, or any country was back then in Aleister Crowley's day.  Because in that day as well it was run by a different group altogether from the ones that you saw as Prime Minister's and so on. Benjamin Disraeli said it in the 1800s, you know, even in his book, his novel that he put out there.  He said, the people who really rule are vastly different, the people behind the curtains are vastly different from the people that you see publicly as rulers.  That's how it really is. That's how people will really push it out of their heads, that's ridiculous, that's incredulous, we know what Britain was, and we know… Really?!  Really?


[Alan chuckles.] The folk haven't got a clue what Britain really was, who really ruled it, never mind the fact they had no idea how the money system was even managed. You had people who were shellshocked with countless endless wars.  Where you had endless cannon fodder from the poorer classes who join the military. Always with the good cause, oh, off to war for a good cause. Because they give you simplistic reasons why you're going to fight. The simplest is just that they're bad people over yonder, like Bush Junior did with Saddam Hussein, and it's good enough. Most folk will believe this.  Well, why would your government lie to you?  [Alan chuckles.] That's what you think, eh?


But no, it's disgusting what's been...  Look at Tony Blair, eh, after 9/11 as well.  He was a one-man band, along with actually three or four of his cronies by the way, who had more in common than you think, who also wanted the same war. It made no sense to the British people, why would you go off to get rid of Saddam Hussein?  And, of course it came out years later and I remember putting the articles up on a show I did, where Blair admitted, years later of course - because they love to boast about it, psychopaths, they really do - how he got the top of the oil companies in, the CEOs, and they divvied up the map of Iraq, the different oilfields that the Americans would leave for Britain.  They divvied them up and decided who was going to get them, but this was before it happened.  That's the real world.


That's the real world. Then Bush Junior, because they took out Iraq that was on the list, and Iraq had nothing to the US. Bush Junior during the inquiry, you can see it probably still today if it's still up there, he said, well no, I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11.  Which it was a lie because the media was constantly trying to infer that, after Afghanistan, well, it was probably Saddam.  But he says, no, I never said that he had anything to do with it, he was just a bad man and the world is better off without him. So that's your justification for killing about a million people?  A bad man, get rid of the bad man? Saddam Hussein didn't kill that many.  [Alan chuckles.] But truth doesn't matter. Facts don't matter, right, when there's big agendas there.


But you really are living in an amazing system of incredible trained deception, where it's, today at least you have the Internet. But even then, you're overloaded with such data.  Psychological operations admits, I used to give the talks out years ago on the releases that they had for their internal releases for psyops, how they would overwhelm the public with all kinds of information, disinformation, close information as well. Again, like psyops and counterintelligence, it will be close to the stuff that's original fact-finding, mix it together with a bit of bizarre ridiculousness or aliens or something, and then it’s tossed out the window, you see, as folk go oh it's just that nutcase stuff.  That's what psychological warfare, or counterintelligence consists of. It's very simple. And it works awfully well though.  M-hm.


That happened with 9/11, and before you knew you it, you had rays coming down from heaven doing it all and so on.  Rather than just stick to the basic facts, the facts are, who? Who achieved goals through this? Who talked about it before it happened? Who was in power at the time who belong to the same group that talked about it before it happened, right, from the 90s?  And bingo, they achieve their goals because of it. Isn't that an awful… These guys would be great if you took them to a casino, you know, just watch what they do and bet on what they bet on, they're guaranteed to win, you see. 


Then when you saw all the stuff on 9/11 with the standdown orders, because it was a practice that day in case the towers were attacked, a practice about the towers getting attacked. What an amazing coincidence, eh!  I won't go over it all because again it's ad nauseam.  Folk can't believe there's that many facts involved. But the facts are documented, and yeah, Cheney and Wolfowitz and all the rest of them, Wolfowitz and you had Rumsfeld all in charge. In charge mind you, they put themselves in charge, over the military and the Air Force and so on, that day, and they told them to stand down when there was reported incoming aircraft, you know. You can't make this stuff up. It's all documented. It's not make-believe, today. 


But again, facts don't matter once you've got the whole thing going, the war started, it doesn't matter.  The whole point is to get the folk in shock, give them a simple lame excuse full of holes, and once you get the military over there and you're fighting, you see, it doesn't matter how you got them in there because now you've got a bigger agenda to fulfill. Remember what Carroll Quigley said, wars are also meant to change opposing sides, all those who are involved in war from different sides will be changed culturally forever because of them.  


Well, it's the same thing on the public, the general public have had the biggest changes of all. They've lost their rights of privacy. Completely. There's nothing you can do now that's going to be private and has been since 9/11 since you passed all those rules and regulations.  You really have amazing coincidences, don't you?  Amazing coincidences. They unroll all the plans that they had ready to implement in the so-called Patriot Act, where anybody, any politician who complained about it in Congress and elsewhere were going to be declared a traitor to the country for going against it, and just not automatically agreeing with it, where the citizenry would lose all their rights and privacy.


This is the second part with Covid, you see, this is the real intensification of that. They haven't given you another 9/11. I suppose, I'm sure, I'm sure something like that has been planned, or had been planned too, in case, but they came up with the Covid instead.  Once they brought in all the different behaviorists on board, oh, let's use psychology and terror tactics on the public to achieve the same goals. Well, what, how do we do that? Well, disease, you know, the threat of being wiped out by unseen enemies, a disease.  It's even better in a sense.  It really is. Because most folk believe what they're told. They can't believe they're getting lied to. 


And just like 9/11 all the disinfo folk come in afterwards, until you've got soo much information of all kinds, most folk eventually will collapse with it. That's part of the intention. Some of the psyops manuals talked about it with 9/11, how you'd have to bring out different people with different points of view and different, until the folk would crumble with all the different answers that were out there and give up and switch off and just go along with the authorized statement on how it all happened, you see. That's what happens. That's where Covid is going as well.  I guarantee you.  You wait and see.  ...and have overload of data, they actually said that we can overload the people with data, all their social platforms until they just give up as well. Have them all fighting with each other… oh no, no, this particular virus does blah blah blah and so-and-so said it does blah blah blah.


You get them all arguing with each other, you see, never knowing that a good part of the time you've got like people, you got the 77th Brigade cy-ops, cyber operatives on the Internet, paid literally like a battalion [Alan chuckles.] of cyber warriors, eh, who are out there all the time. Thousands of them actually. I gave the articles out a few months back, and even a few years ago too, about the group that were involved in attacking anybody on the Internet, using all kinds of tricks, bots and real people attacking you in cyberspace, just twisting your time until it ruins you. Don't answer anything. I don't even bother with that kind of stuff like Twitter and all that kind of stuff because it's pointless.  They admit that they bombard folk until the folk are driven crazy thinking it's all real and real people and maybe there's something wrong with me. They'll pick a chink in your armor and get in there and then they'll destroy you. That's the technique. This is happening, folks.


With the Covid warriors who are out there now, paid for by your tax money, right down to the Event 201 and so on, they went through this during their exercises, how they would attack people who would disagree with the coming disease pandemic, right, the COMING one, [Alan chuckles.] they just knew.  And different stages, 1 to 5 I think it was, of implementation. The first was just to try to counter them with people who would, and who would appear to be against them, until you would just change your mind, oh maybe they can't ALL be wrong, so you change your mind. That didn't work, you go to the next step.  Then the third step, you start fining people for putting out disinformation.  The fourth step, censoring them off the Internet.  That's where we are right now, you know.  They also did, basically imprisoning them, in the next step down there.  That's what it is. You see, in prison it's too fascistic you see, especially right now, they don't want to be so overt about it.  But you're going into the same system as North Korea. You know? The countries that they always show you that you're better than them, look, oh, we have freedoms. No, we don't have freedom, we're losing them all.  We've been losing them all since 9/11.


And NOW you really are losing them all because now the police are going crazy in some countries. You know that. And the police in every country will be the same way when it gets started. Especially when they've, it's the same people, kids who are, the people who are cops now are like the same ones that are on the streets burning places, the same generation. The ones who are cops are the same ones, and didn’t go in the military, a lot of them have been in the military, and as I say, from Xbox to the military, that was all intentional too.  Xbox was put out BY the military. 


Years ago, the companies that did the programs for all these different video games for the children for war and so on, were actually part of the military-industrial complex from DARPA and so on.  They worked with the Japanese and funded them too.  All well documented stuff.  Not conspiracy stuff. It was documented and admitted to, programs that were designed to desensitize troops from killing people. Because people don't normally kill folk.  Unless you're a nutcase, you know.  But people, so decent folk, and most folk go into the military are generally the working-class people, most of them, and decent people.  They found that going back to the Civil War, studies...  It shows you how we're studied through everything, eh?!  But the Civil War, American Civil War they found out that maybe for every person who actually shot enemy troops, actually shot to kill, maybe 15 to even 30 you know, alongside them, who wouldn't, they would fire in the air a little bit higher or whatever.  It's not natural to just shoot, especially when you don't know them.  You know?  I mean they've done nothing to you generally. So from then on, they've had all these different techniques being instilled in troops to make them more deadly and efficient because their job is to kill people. 


So they came out with these Pavlovian techniques of just instinctive shooting, to kill, and videogames have been the most successful of them all.  They admit that, through all the studies, they're VERY successful.  Because the children don't see the characters as real living humans, but close enough so that if they're given a gun in their hands they will shoot the same way, you see, AT the person, instinctively. 


There's nothing out there that happened by chance. Nothing at all. So they become the military, or they become the police. That's why you're getting such itchy fingers now with the cops, you know. In some places in the US you can't, you can't fault a lot of them because I think anybody would be nervous going into some of the neighborhoods today with the incredible drugs and problems. Again, it's all intentional.  Hm? 


Put it this way eh, [Alan chuckles.] think about it, and some of the articles I'll touch tonight to do with your contact tracing programs and apps and all that, they're showing you already that they know who everybody out there is. They already know every opinion you have in your life about anything and everything at all. Everything. There's nothing about you they don't know, who your pals are, what you talk about, what you chat about. It's all, they don't waste money on you, it's all done with algorithms, daily, and certain ones or programs are set for you. We're all on them.


So yeah, you think about it, you have no privacy. They know your very thoughts. They know how you will behave in certain situations according to the Pentagon. No doubt the FBI gets the same stuff sent their way as well.  If they could set you up for anything, they'll know exactly, by using a virtual you, based on you and your behavior, how you would react in real life to most things.  And it's pretty well 100% in most cases.


This is freedom? This is freedom, eh? 


So, do you really think with all that data and information, the same people couldn't have stopped the war on drugs, just like stop the drugs [Alan chuckles.] if they wanted to? There's more drugs flooding into the country than ever before.  But again, we've had the exposés before as well on the drugs, well documented of who was behind it. Again you had the big, the same big organizations, what you call your intelligence agencies behind it. Part of the same big cabal again that works with other cabals in other countries. Personally I think it's just one big intelligence service now. Again, you have the Mega group as well who deal with all the different money systems across the world.


That's the real world you live in. But yeah, they couldn't stop that? But they now, if you are going to do something tomorrow that they don't want, they could stop you instantly, before you’re out of the house, you know.  [Alan chuckles.] They come and arrive too; we understand you're going to see so-and-so today and to do something.  Well, how on earth would you know that? Well, we predicted it. Minority Report, eh, they nip in the bud before it happens. Unless they want it to happen. Maybe, they might even have subconsciously, you know, through other techniques, suggested it to you, you didn't even know, you don't even know that, whatever it is you're going to do.  That's how perfect things are today.


Going back to near the beginning of my talk, I mentioned that someone had sent me a driver with some experiments just that were done and shown on I think maybe the BBC in England or something. It was to do with electromagnetic energy being applied to people's heads, you know. You can touch the head and you don't have to touch the head actually with it.  We've already heard about the Corban Helmet and of course the Persinger, Professor Persinger, I've talked about him over the years on and off.  He was right into this kind of stuff on a bigger scale. Whatever they show you, they’re way ahead of it in the military applications of these things.


On the basic show on television the idea was to show you how good this equipment could be for altering certain problems, like perhaps neurological problems in the brain, or even forms of epilepsy.  That was the idea behind it at this low-level expose that’s showing it to be wonderful, you see. The guy, the interviewer gave himself as a guinea pig to the people who had the little gizmo, the little gadget. It wasn't very big machinery, you know, compact micro machinery of equipment, electronics. They put it near his head, this little thing and they showed, you literally hear it zapping.  It doesn't have to; you wouldn't even generally hear these things at all if they don't want you to hear anything. But you could hear it click, click, clicking.  So, he was asked to repeat a nursery rhyme, Mary had a Little Lamb. He was doing well and then you hear it going click, click, click, click, click, and then you’d see his eyes kind of blink as this thing affected the nerves around his eyes as an example. But in his brain, he just stopped dead, it throws you off your way of thinking.


Well, the deeper application I’ve found from the military side of things, and there's lots of information out there, you know, on this applications of electromagnetic energy TO disrupt the patterns of thoughts amongst people. I remember years ago when the HAARP idea was going on.  Of course, it was a massive project in Alaska at the time.  They had arrays and arrays for creating standing waves from the ground up to the ionosphere.  The Air Force I think ran it, the U.S. Air Force at the time. They even put out documentaries in Canada trying to make it almost comical, like, let's go up and talk to the cleaning lady, who just says, there's nothing much going on here and oh-uh, this kind of stuff.


But they did do an interview with a guy who was a public relations, [Alan chuckles.] propaganda right, expert for the military. He was dressed in a suit, so he was like an approachable guy and oh no, he says, there's nothing, nothing terrible about what we're doing here, it's just experimentation. So they spend multimillions, maybe billions on this big array, this complex on a few acres of ground where they could create incredible standing waves that could, they could give you the northern lights if they want to because it hits the ionosphere.  But they can also use this to superheat parts of the atmosphere, as a weapon, if they want to. But on a secondary carrier wave they can actually interfere with the human thinking. This has all been documented, this information. That's part of it too.


It's thought that they used this technology when they first went into Iraq, or they bombarded Iraqis with it during operation Desert Storm when you saw all these Iraqis coming out of their dug in trenches utterly dazed as could be.  This was in the newspapers at the time, you know, when they were allowed to talk about things like that.  Newspapers have always lied to you but occasionally they'd let you know a little bit when it was in another country, you know. So, you saw these folk coming out of the trenches, and they had little clips on TV years ago, just utterly confused and dazed, but they hadn't been under intense physical bombardment, you know. But they were definitely confused, and they couldn’t understand basic, even, you know, the interpreters there, speaking their own language though, they couldn't understand for a while, they were VERY confused.


This was thought to be HAARP, the standing waves they'd been testing out then.  They did the same thing again with Operation Iraqi Freedom eh, [Alan chuckles.] to give them democracy. Like we've got it here, eh?  So anyway, that's when they used these technologies in warfare, that's when it was an open field then because no one's going to pooh-pooh it or say you shouldn't be using that on people, when they're designated as an enemy, oh, and oh, the propaganda's in full force though.  They were doing that kind of thing back then.


So anyway, you take it from there and you say, this is too fantastic for me, I'll switch off now.  Go back to Brzezinski’s book, most folk don't read now, eh? Zbigniew Brzezinski in the 1970s in his own book, Between Two Ages, in The Technotronic Era chapter, he says, we can now if we want to bathe a whole continent in particular frequencies that will alter the behavior of every person in that area, you know, or the whole country.  Well, take that back to where you are now with the standing waves. And you don't need Alaska for it, they've got portable ones all over the place.  They've got an array of them by the way, when you look into the HAARP projects, they had an array of them. It's built up in different universities across the US now. They can actually get together on certain nights and beam the standing waves up collectively, meeting in certain parts of the sky, because of the standing waves, and also bouncing off the ionosphere, and they can just like a mirror, they can actually direct it to where they want it to come down and HIT.  They even use this technology now to see under the ground for hideouts and dugouts, and even using it for pipelines and things. It's amazing what they can do with it. But again, don't forget there's a whole wide frequency range involved there, and part of it can be set quite easily, and they've tried it, within the human brain wave patterns. 


So, getting back to this little demonstration of the wonderful little portable thing that they had, it was meant to help people in medicine, this is what they said.  Yeah, they can make you completely lose your pattern of thinking.  That was again, it tied right in with something I'd already watched before about a technique, a technology which they said that they already had too. They tested it out after 9/11 and the idea once again was to try to figure out what folk were thinking.  They said if they could just, don't forget that every thought that you have is, goes into electricity and it's transmitted to different parts of the brain.  Very fast, you know.  That's where you get your, that's how you can use your muscles of your mouth and all the rest of it to vocalize what you're thinking, etc. But also, and you've already seen exposés that came out of the equipment, unlimited funding in research and development under terrorism, eh, anti-terrorism, after 9/11.  That's why they love these things, it's all your tax money guaranteed to be paid by the government, whether it works or not.


They showed you people's, people who were looking at certain things in front of them, and then they showed you these gadgets that were directed at the back of folks heads, and they could actually reproduce what the person was seeing by tapping into the energy from the occipital lobe at the back of the head.  And it was pretty good. It was a bit fuzzy, but you could absolutely tell what they were seeing, you know.  Well, if they could, it's understanding the language of, I gave the talks years ago before it even came on. I said, if you ever could tap into the language, you see, of the eyes, then you could see what they were seeing, the same thing with smell, you know, from a distance. It's all language, different languages and different types of languages for different areas.


But thinking itself, can you imagine that, eh?  The idea was to when a person was thinking about something and a computer set up would be reading this in real time what you were thinking, at a distance.  If it didn't agree, if it was already programmed to attack and change certain thoughts on certain topics, it would catch your thoughts basically in mid air and transmit them back to you with alterations, until you'd say something, and you'd say, oh, I didn't mean to say that, but you'd say it any way. These techniques are out there, these gadgets are out there, eh.  Absolutely.


Some when comes to electromagnetic interference with the brain, that's a weapon, it's a tried-and-true method by the military. And they do have much more portable machinery they can take on backpacks right down to even pocket ones by the way.  So, all this stuff that used to be sci-fi, or folk would get locked up and put in prison about, or in the loony bin about, are actually there. 


We live in an amazing time.  Because for a long time, a long enough time, this kind of weaponry was, you would get locked up if you ever mentioned it.  Oh, that's madness, that's impossible. Until revelations come along down the way with it in news articles and science magazines talking about the fact the military had experimented with micro-chipping people before.  Then you had DARPA who came out with it, they were leading investigations into it to help quadriplegics and things like that, you know, just putting these little chips in them.  Then remotely you could maybe help to reestablish connections in the neurons electronically and get them to move their arms and legs, remotely even. Well, why would you have to even do it remotely? Unless you're testing it out to do on people, [Alan chuckles.]  that are not paraplegics and so on. A paraplegic would like to think about doing it themselves, his own thought or her thought should make it happen, but not you remotely, no. That's a different thing.


So anyway, we're tested on all the time and a lot of the stuff now exists.  People were put into loony bins back in the 1970s, and before, when most folk even in most countries, the working class hadn't heard of computers, or if they heard about it, it was some big machine they saw in a movie that was six feet tall or something with big tapes going around like big tape recorders. That's what they used to show you.  As far as micro components went, they supposedly didn't exist.  And yet you had people who, and I knew one of them who had been in the military, who seemed a sane enough guy until he broke down one day and said, it's crazy, I think there's a chip in my spine. I said what d'you mean a chip, a chip, what d'you mean a chip?  He says it's for a computer.  Turned out that since he had an operation for some kind of cysts when he was in the military, he had that fixation that he had something in him that was affecting his behavior.  So, take that as you want, but that was a common thing, it's got more and more common throughout the 70s and 80s when you look up different psychiatric studies of people being admitted with that kind of problem.  Before as I say most folk even, you know, didn't have the laptops and things like that. So, things are always tested out years and years in advance before the public ever hear of them.


You look at the old technology that was used in World War II for communication and for even, not just night vision and like infrared and so on but you find that the Germans, the Germans, they still use for snipers, or they did anyway, sniping and camouflage for NATO troops that would... German, old, old German training movies made for the military before and into World War II, they had the most advanced, they haven't really improved upon it.  How they had all the different kinds of terrain and how to perfectly camouflage yourself and to lie doggo as they say for hours on end. That's what the SAS are trained in.  They lie dead still for hours, if need be, literally.  If, you know, there was ways to relieve yourself without you even moving, without even peeing yourself, there's ways they were taught.  They would inch forward a little bit and little bit at a time.  To the eye watching them you wouldn't really notice it but eventually after a few hours they could be on top of you. That's the sort of thing they were trained in. Well, all that stuff was developed by the Germans.  You see them with these little gadgets that look like foldable umbrellas, maybe a foot and half long, and they could literally detect the body motion and heat from a distance with infrared. 


So, we take the Germans to, they use microwave communications in certain spots.  Very effective. Again, microwave, you can actually direct it with pinpoint, a pinpoint energy to someone.  As long as it's in the line of sight.  It could go miles and miles if you're in a high spot like a hill and no one would intercept it, you see, because they're not in the way of it, it's a line-of-sight straight. These things were used during World War II and yet the public never knew about these things until years and years later.  The microwave for cooking all came from that era really, that technology. You'll get it given from the military, from their uses eventually, they water it down to some other use, because we live in a commercial age, and then they sell it to you for a different purpose.


Well, it's the same with all the different technologies that were kept fairly quiet.  They had technological, or Technotronic warfare type things that Brzezinski talked about, they kept it fairly quiet all those years. Remember, that book was written in the 70s, and he said they had already tried it and they knew it worked by then, for altering your behavior and your mood, etc. With different frequencies they can make you very depressed. Like a whole town, city or the continent he said, that it could travel the whole, across an entire continent if they wanted to do it.  Or make you excited. Or sleepless insomnia. Or just deadbeat and irritable, you know. It was all tested out, different frequencies to see what it did, and it was very effective. No one disputes that, that was in on all those different testing, in other countries as well.  So that's what you're living in today.


Now, just this week I was looking into, again, something to do with that kind of technology. It took me back to what I had already knew, but also into what they're working on now.  I mentioned last week about disclosures that came from Pentagon at one point where they even talked about a killer, killer virus. People thought it was an actual virus that would kill the computers and so on. I read it on the air at the time years ago.  But they did mention that they could disable people by, again, getting into the language that works your eye.  It's like a reverse way of working on things. You mentioned the eye again, and it's all impulses and electrical impulses and how things work, and the cones and the rods, etc., and things are sent back transmitted through all the different nerves in the retina back to the occipital lobe and so on, that works, then different parts reinterprets what it's actually seeing, put it together for you, you know.


We really are amazing. Nature is amazing. Of course, we evolved, right, right from little amoebas. But anyway, you think about that and something interrupting the pathway.  It has to be able to understand it to an extent, how it travels through your mind, through your head [Alan chuckles.].  Or anything through your body for instance, all information from different body parts, from the sensory parts, the sympathetic part, sympathetic nervous system and so on.  All this has been dissected. All of this information has been dissected for years. With your tax money again.  Because the military gets it first, they're behind it, always first.  Any spinoffs, that might go to medicine down the road and surgery and things like that to help victims of diseases or accidents or whatever. But in the meantime, most of this stuff is meant literally to be very effective weaponry.


So, I was into it, I was going through all this old stuff again thinking about it too. I thought about, yeah, when the Pentagon admitted the killer virus, the killer virus wasn't a virus that could destroy computers. They've got plenty of viruses all to do that.  The one they were talking about at the Pentagon was, and I mentioned last week, it was a way of inserting this stuff to a particular target, it could be one person or a group of people, or even thousands of people at the same time, and altering the pixels in the pixel patterns and rates. Because they know how light effects you through your eyes, and how the light itself will also, acts like a language and it can technically, in a sense, kind of reprogram you.  Hm?  You understand where it's all going?  They had done something and tested it out and they had something they could, through the eyes, you know, that's about it really, through the eyes and maybe through electromagnetic fields which they can push across the computer. Every computer screen is an electrical field. If you get an AM radio and put it around anyone of these, you'll hear it's starting to go pshhhhhhhhhh, and howl eventually, you know. Very powerful in fact.  Or if you've got any of the meters that read the voltage in the atmospheric systems, in the air itself, it will definitely start howling if you go near a computer screen. 


Well, so there you have your electromagnetic weaponry you might say, if you want it.  And you're so close to it, you've been trained to be close to it, then if they put the certain patterns in the pixel rates and patterns there, which you won't recognize or even probably won't even notice, but this language can go through your head. They said they had effectively stopped certain people's hearts from beating.  They programmed it so it would stop your heart from beating.  That was from the Pentagon at the time. I don't know if it's still out there, all that stuff. I had a lot of the stuff from it. 


I thought, my God. It's a scary world.  And we buy, we buy the stuff that's offered to us.  With the computer you gave away your privacy. With the computer you gave away any right TO privacy. You agreed to it all, you know, okay, I'll go for it, sure, sure, sure, you know, if you agree it says click here and blah, blah, away it goes.  Then you get addicted to it, you see.  They make it from a little toy initially, y'know, where you see a little, two little dots pinging a little electronic ball across the field, that was how they started. All the way up to high-definition movies and so on they can put on it too, if you get the speed. I don't.


But all along the way the Pentagon and the different establishments like DARPA are way ahead of all the other uses that they have, especially to do with altering and managing people's minds. Not just with true persuasion.  I went through this with the articles, I won't put all of them up this week for sure.  But it really got me thinking about it, how we have so little thoughts of our own now, nowadays.  It's all given to us, isn't it?


Then the behavior of people that have high-definition television, again, like last week I mentioned how the alpha, beta and theta waves and so on and how you can get put into hypnotic trance very easily with the high definition. No doubt about it. Folks, they've done all the experiments years ago before they even gave you the darn thing.  They know exactly what it does. So, you're far more suggestible than you used to be, and that was bad enough with the old TV sets. So now you have, you're really highly suggestible. And it really does make a difference when you see ads or promotions to make you think something or believe something, etc. etc.  It's far more effective. Definitely.


Plus, you have the better types of psyops techniques used upon you as well.  Like there's a University of Arizona that's one of the heads for this for the military and for the Pentagon. It's to do with language itself and how to literally condition people to believe what they're being told by using specific persuasive techniques. There's a whole branch of them and I was going through that and thought, my goodness me. 


Can you imagine, you're already getting hypnotized by the TV in high definition, and you don't even know why you're going into this strange state of being?  But again, it's just pixel rates and all the rest of it.  Your eyes itself, in meditation, meditation, a lot of them from India for instance they have techniques where literally you cross your eyes to put you in a different state, away from the alpha state. So, there's that, you can do it with eyes open, eyes closed, it does make any difference as long as you start that. And it's always through the eyes, eh, generally through the eyes. The ears again is a secondary thing, but the eyes definitely will alter it very quickly.  It alters the brain patterns to make you more suggestible, so it can relax you if you're doing it to yourself just in meditation in one way or another, or even just closing your eyes will do it and listen to silence, as an example.  Or some really, I call it real music, you know, not the stuff that's popular music. These things are all workable.


So, you get the TV set there, and once again it's the eyes. Then when you see a high-definition TV set, every thing's in perspective. You know, everything's close, it's perfectly clear, everything that's far away is perfectly clear, all on the same view. Which your eyes don't normally do in real life, you see. So, it really throws off your, the brain patterns that you're given. Then you get the movements, movement itself is a language.  The language is already getting you to follow this, watch this, and you'll follow whatever you're meant to follow that's part of the movie. You could be led a Merry dance, that you don't even know you're being led into, you are unaware of it. It's a tremendous technology. And it's all conscious by those who design all the stuff, even programs that you're watching, they know exactly what they do.


The words, again, you've got professors getting millions of dollars a year, each, in some of these universities in the States from the Pentagon to persuade you to do things or accept things or just believe things without critically thinking about them. If you do critically think they'll convince you very quickly that you're wrong. Not because they give you more factual information or provable information. But by techniques which persuade you that you’re simply wrong. It's amazing the sciences that are out there now. It really is.


So hhhh, what can you say. You can warn people not to get lost in today's systems. It's very difficult for a lot of people.  Maybe even more so now that they're all locked down. Doesn't it all work together, you get all locked down?  There's more folk spending time on the net than ever before because of the lockdowns. And they don't know all the stuff I've been talking about here, you know.


Look at all the different companies out there now and providers, and even the browsers. You saw Mozilla representatives, I'm sure the other ones were at the meetings for Event 201, and for the vaxed group, we are for vaccine, you know, from Europe and so on. You saw representatives attend them admitting they are all on board. This is before it all broke out, right, the Covid idea. All prepared that they would be on board. Which meant they'd already been playing with your minds all along. Of course, they have been. To make you think the proper things and look at the proper things and nudge you into looking at things you're supposed to look at and believe and try to divert you off the things you're actually really trying to find. There all, this is, it's been like that from the beginning, folks. I hope you're getting the picture.


You're dealing with a weapon.  And it's very effective. When you look at so many people who get all their info from TV and the Internet, and they'll turn on you like on a dime because they've been trained to. They don't even know they've been trained already through the propaganda techniques of perfected persuasion. They don't know and they'll turn on you, like on a dime and report you, or even attack you if you don't have a mask on. They won't even wait to see, do you have a doctor’s note, they say you don't have to wear it because you've got blah, blah, blah, they don't even wait for that.


They're attack dogs. Where did they, how did all that happen? How can a sensible society in a matter of, since just before 9/11 to the present, have lost all their sensibilities?  Well, it was mainly to the Internet and the cell phone.  I did the talks years ago, because again, don't forget the cell phone already had been well tested and worked on by the organizations working for the Pentagon, before you got them. Just like the computers, personal computers. Don't forget ARPA literally worked with the computers all through the Cold War, from the early days right through.  They were not all standing machines with big tapes going around them, that was mainly for the movies.  [Alan chuckles.] Their whole idea was counterintelligence against an infiltration of the Russians, including again trying to get in and tinker with their brains as well.


Getting back to what I'm saying here, you've got a machine there in your homes, or a few of them, a lot of folk have a few of them if they've got a family, and they're all getting hammered with, never mind the Wi-Fi,  [Alan chuckles.] which again is a technique that they said they could use to alter your brain waves, as well, eh. But also, you are so close to these electromagnetic standing waves that are coming off the computer and the screens and so on. It's all admitted to that, yes, they can absolutely affect your moods, your thoughts. They can actually, they're working on giving you different thoughts than the one that you have [Alan chuckles.] the ones that you have.  Most folk are oblivious to it.


So, whatever you're working with or doing, have a break frequently and do something different. Do something different. Because uniformity of thought was one of the things I noticed in the Pentagon's papers for persuasive techniques.  It's all to create uniformity of thought, and then added on to it you have the weaponization of different things, electromagnetic fields, but just persuasiveness itself, was uniformity of thoughts.  Nothing to do with right, wrong, or honesty or facts, just uniformity of thought on behalf of those who own you.


I always say own because we’re owned, folks. We are owned. I mean, if you think you're independent, go and try to start up a big garden somewhere. If you even have a bit of land, go and try to plow it up and see what...  You'll get a visit quickly from some agricultural authority who says, have you got permission, are you going to start growing vegetables and selling them or, you know, you need a license for this and blah, blah, blah. You don’t have freedoms at all.


Years ago, I can't remember, it might have been Hair the musical called Hair.  It was pretty awful music actually, for an awful time in reality. Again, it was launched by those who manage your culture, on their behalf. Everybody grabbed at it thinking they were going to rebel. But the movie, I think it was called Hair, but one of the songs in it was signs... signs, signs, everywhere a sign, keep off the grass and don't do this and blah blah, everything is signs, signs.  But you take that into TV land and all the different opinions you're given very quickly, these are signs as well, you should do this, and you shouldn't do that.  And all the motivational programs that come on and talk show hosts come on, you should behave this way and do that…  It's all the same stuff. You're getting managed, folks. These aren't just all independent folk making money. No, a lot of them are parts of groups all getting funded to do what they're doing.


You've got to start guarding your mind. I mean, it's very precious. It's the most precious thing you have. Without it, what’s the old saying, you've lost your mind...  [Alan laughing.] Well, what do you think that means? Who's got it now, eh, who owns it now? 


But there's nothing, you're in the middle of an incredibly intense battle that most folk don't even know is going on. They get caught up in the minutia of arguments and with all the counterintelligence mixed in with the arguments to muddy the field and give you different reasons and different answers to everything, until you give up. That's how it's done. It's very simple but it's very, very effective in how it works.


Stick to your thoughts. Don't be sitting staring at the computer all the time. If you've got one, try to keep as far back from the darn thing as possible, hm.


And it shocks me, it really shocks me how, and I remember giving the talk years ago, many years ago with an elderly woman who didn't have all this gadgetry, you know. But she said, we were talking about convenience, and I said, you know, we give up everything for convenience.  Again, you study the human, what is a human and what does a human do, what does he not like to do? And the same with the monkey by the way, it's unfortunately true, some of the same traits there from the monkey. And so much over studied you can't believe the countless, countless billion dollars studies on us all the time.  We're very important to the Masters that own us, hm, for control purposes and to be used by them. Which again is very much like The Matrix, you're a battery in a sense. It's your energy that they use, because our energy makes everything in the world, you see, we make things.  The folk at the top don't, they just own it all. 


But we're talking about giving it up for convenience, and I can remember many years ago when they came out with the gadgetry for putting light switches on and off, you know, by clapping the hands.  That was, I don't know, maybe back in the 80s or 90s.  How folk would, initially get it to show off with, you see. That's how a lot of folk, it's a kind of snob appeal.  Oh, I've got the latest yada, ya.  You can go back even further with garages.  The people who had garages were very, they were easy bait basically, you know, about given easy bait of, don't you want something that will, a remote thing that would open your garage for you and all your neighbors…? That's how the ads were, eh.  And your neighbors would see this thing opening up, and you didn't even get out of your car, and you just drove into it and it closed behind you.  Again, so, convenience is really predicated on snob appeal.  Hm?  That's how all these sneakers and all these things are sold, and brand names, eh, snob appeal.  Well I've got the latest blah, blah, blah.  So, you can count on that to work at any time with so much in fact. 


The same thing in fact has been used even under the Covid.  When it's to be launched with the vaccinations, you're going to get these folks with extra perks that they're given too. Because you always give out little perks because you're just a little mouse or something in a maze, right, and they give you little added things for doing the right thing.  You'll be promoted as a superior being in the community, that's how the ads will run, oh so and so’s got it and his family's got it.  And they're all smiling, and their teeth are shining, glistening, you know, bmmmmm.  And they have little halos above their heads.  And the rest of the people are dull and dirty and ill-looking. That's how they promote things through propaganda. 


And shame, shame of course comes into it as well.  Aren't you ashamed of having... It's the same thing going back before the Gucci this and the Gap that and all the rest of it. Aren’t you ashamed to have ordinary, you know, older whatever pants or jeans or whatever? Or like-a Levi, eh? It wasn't a real Levi, it was a like-a Levi, yada yada yada. Everything was... is... Until the people became billboards for the brand names. They would buy T-shirts with the brand name on it of snob appeal.  Hm? 


We're awfully predictable. And it's terribly sad, you know, this drive to...  Because the ones who lead the pack and say, oh I got there first, oh I spent 100 bucks on this t-shirt because it's got so and so’s brand on it, eventually with all the knockoffs it becomes passé because everyone ends up having it, right?  But by that time, everybody's got it. Conformity, eh, conformity, conformity. Same thing with opinion. Same thing with everything. It's conformity, conformity.  What does it say at the Pentagon? The whole idea of persuasive techniques is to get uniformity of opinion.  Conformity.  Hm?  Are you starting to get it?  Hm?


Even in Event 201 and the one for the European Union group that met, and I put the link up there for that too before that.  Where the same characters all met there as well, you know, V for vax, etc.  They had Mozilla and all the rest of them there. They talked about that too, how they would put money out, under the usual channels of giving money to writers for dramas and things to inserted in their series, things that you normally watch, you get addicted to, dramas and serials and so on. They would put in the little quips here and there, until you'd here's the thing from a thousand different sources and you don't know why you ended up with that opinion on some product or pro vax or something, you know.


Well, it's all done to you without you even...  Your guard is down, you see, because you're not critically analyzing and thinking about something when your guard is down.  You're getting entertained, eh, that's what you think.  [Alan chuckles.] So, there you go.  That's a part of the talk for tonight and it's spontaneous again because I don't really plan what I'm going to say of the bat to begin with. I'll go into the articles later, if I've saved them at all. Sometimes you got to stand back and just think for yourselves.


Some folk are addicted to getting news, eh.  Again, news can be utterly fake.  Most of the news you're dished out with is all fake. Or the spin on the events is fake, or the take on it is fake, and what you're told to come away with from the articles is often fake as well. There's one in Australia about the one in Brisbane where literally it says, oh, thousands of folk, anti-maskers and so on, all descended on, the anti-Covid people descended on this park, and the police have a tough time with it. But all you saw was an army of police and a handful of protesters. Complete reversal of reality.


We’ve seen it uniformly across a fantastic demonstration that's still going on where you see in the States the fires behind the commentators on the different TV programs. I get this sent mainly again by, you know, USB drives and things because I can't get the speed. I'm under amazing attack here, and I'm used to it, you know, for saying things they don't want you to say. Especially, and believe you me, and you can't go by what they say, how many folk listen to you. That's been rubbish from the beginning.  [Alan chuckles.]   This is the kind of fantasy you're in. You believe what you're told or what you see and things. This is total war on the public.  Eh?  Total war. If I was saying the same thing as everybody else is saying, whatever it happens to be, oh, there's millions of folk watch me every...  But if you're saying the things that are contrary, with evidence to what they're telling you, then, oh yeah, he's only got so many hits a week from watching. It's all farce.


It's the star making machinery you still live under, remember. Do you really look at those film stars and d'you think they're any different from stacks of hundreds and hundreds of others in the same level as themselves?  No, they're picked up for other reasons.  They'll give their heart and soul for... [Alan chuckles.] to lucifer, put it that way.  But the star making machinery is what makes them stars. It's the characters who decide that they're going to invest in you, not because you got special talents or skills. Most of the imagery about you is fake, you know, it's just made-up fakeness. But it's very persuasive to the punters that follow it. 


It's the same with the Internet. Of course, it is.  Of course. Absolutely. I said years ago, be careful about leaders. Whatever you think you're into, of what you're protesting, they'll supply your leaders for you. They always do. Always. And even when you get the clues along the way, most folk was still disregard it and fall for it all.  M-hm.  You'll find they're always well-funded, well promoted. Even through mainstream media.  And don't forget too, even bad news about them is still propaganda, it's good news.  All news is good news, PT Barnum, when it's about you, eh.  That's how it's done as well. All these techniques are well understood.


But it comes down to it, I said way back in the 90s, you got to start learning no.  And I'm glad to hear folk repeating that now.  They're going through my old talks on different shows and saying it, you've gotta start learning the smallest word in the language, which is no. And start saying it.  We're so, we like to get along and be happy and be congenial with people. You've got to stop that and start saying no.  N-n.  Start training yourself to say no. Simple word. Hm.  You don't have to back it up with anything, just say no and that's it.


Don't fill in some questionnaire, why won't you go along with that, what's wrong with you, why did you say no, will you fill in this form, let us know.  So, they can find a way to get around it. They actually do that, eh.  The same with voting, oh, why wouldn’t you vote for so-and-so.  They have all these different questionnaires and then it goes off to universities to study it all.  They use taxpayers money and the students to do it all, then the corporations actually put it into effect and use it all, to persuade you, to get around all the objections that you had in the first place.


The same with vaccinations, they're doing it. Why won't you want it? Why don't you? Why are you cautious, as you say, cautious about vaccinations? You know, that's how they get around it all.  Don't, just say no.  Would you fill this in?  No.  Don't do the clicking on all the different stuff on the Internet, because that's how they're sussing you out, what you're for, what you're against, why won't you go for this and blah, blah, blah. They've got you all pegged.  [Alan chuckles.] It's just amazing.  And folk will do it.


Getting back to convenience though, hm, from a light switch.  I remember there was a doctor, was it a Professor Warwick [Professor Kevin Warwick] I think his name was, or was it Warwick University, I can't remember.  But he did shows. He was, again, they brought the star making machinery through to make him into a star, you see.  They always give you these guys they want you to follow. Oh, he's clever, so I'll follow him.  So this guy, eventually had his followers after a few years, he said, I'm putting a chip in my arm and I won't have to press a button to open my garage door, he says, I can just really think or something, I can't remember what he said or how he did it all. But everything in his house was to get basically activated by this chip in his arm. So, all the locks in his house and the windows would open, everything was controlled by this silly chip, eh.


It must've cost a fortune when it didn't work or it failed or whatever, you know, to get it all replaced.  Or maybe they’re paid by the government to do all the PR in the first place. But this is what they do.  They give them big shows on television and they’re generally, sound very energetic, like motivational talkers, you see, they're all picked and specially trained for it, to persuade you to do things that you shouldn't do, like Aldous Huxley commented on the Mike Wallace show.


You're being persuaded with all the time, with professional techniques that you don't know exists. It isn't just someone who prattles fast, that's part of it often, not always. But it's also the star making machinery until you start following their opinions on things, hm.  They've been doing this since the days of Einstein, eh.  Well, Einstein said…  Well, Einstein’s talked an awful lot about politics, and something else by the way, but seldom about science.  Hm?  Oh, I'll follow his opinions because he is a bright man, and it must be better than mine.  [Alan laughing.] Take me to your leader, eh?


So, you're living in an amazing morass today of warfare. Most of the warfare is to do with your thoughts, and against your thoughts to persuade you to do other things, and to conform, again, with things which perhaps you shouldn't, hm, perhaps you shouldn't.  And now they're going to convince you to take a shot...  And people will eventually, most will go for it. I know this. They know it. Because they've terrorized the public so much, and folk who tune in every night to get terrorized... 


I mentioned this, this is well understood with horror movies. Even the most awful horror movie, if there's nothing else on, a lot of folk will sit and watch it at night, you know.  And even though it's rotten in the horror movie, and it's a pretty bad script, and has got the repetition of so many other scripts, eh, of someone's getting chased as an example... Look at how many movies they made through the 90s and afterwards, you get four students get in the car for the weekend, off to the country for camping and horrible things happen.  They're chased by a monster or a crazed person or something.  It's just so repetitious.  Or a supernatural thing, it never even has an [explanation] as to why the supernatural thing existed in the first place, they don't even need that anymore.  It's just a lot of running through the woods and getting bumped off one by one and blood and guts and screaming.  But most folk won't turn away. 


Because it's wired into your brain this fight or flight syndrome.  Even though it's an awful thing, a rotten movie, and maybe even cheaply made or whatever, and you know it's a rotten movie, when a person's getting chased you generally won't look away. Because you identify subconsciously with the person in the movie. It doesn't matter, so the woman will identify with the woman generally, right, and the guy with the guy, hm-hm, generally.  They run through the forest. Well, that could be you, and if you turn away for a second something might happen, so you'll lose your train of thought and the thing is going to eat you, it's going to get you and eat you or something like that. So, you'll stay and watch it till the bitter end, and then at the end you'll say what on earth did I watch that for?  Eh?  Hm?


It's because it's nature. It's nature. That's why you do it.  It's well understood.  Well, these techniques too are used every day now on television for folk that watch the news. They tune in for their daily dose of terror. And it's called terror by the ones who give it to you by the way, who make it up.  It's to create incredible anxiety to make you conform.  Again, conformity, eh, UNIformity.  So, you go along with the flow, with each nudge you get to conform, conform, conform along the way, along the path.  That's why it's done. And if you don't tune in you might miss something, just like the horror movie, that will save your life. That's what it's all predicated on. 


You're well understood, I hope you understand.  And the evil characters who are paid using again your tax money to terrify you, it's disgusting!  Absolutely disgusting!!!  When they even put circulars around from the group, from the subgroup, the SAGE group in Britain hires and uses the nudgers and the behaviorists, not just on the net which they control as well with the BIT, you know, behavioral insights teams that nudge you all, but also through all the other forms of communication, and news as well on television.  They told all the reporters to step up the level of anxiety to the public to get them to conform, again.  This came out from reporters who showed you the forms they were sent, this is all the techniques to use because a lot of the public aren’t complying, they're not terrified enough, so step up this and report it, over report things, exaggerate reporting.  D'you get that word exaggerate, hm, like figures and things, eh?  To increase the level of anxiety in the people so that they will conform. And you're going to bel...


You understand, when you understand these techniques, you could NEVER believe ANYthing, anything EVER again that the government and the agencies that work with them are reporting.  You can't believe a darn thing they're EVER going to tell you.  If you're sensible.


The audacity of it. And it's, you know, once it's exposed it's never contradicted, they just go on again as though no one had said anything.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Conformity, conformity.


And the evil, and I really mean it, I really mean this, evil characters, in the true sense of the word by the way, that are doing it all, there's no other word for them.  They're diabolical some of them.  Especially when you see their connections with eugenics and the organizations that they belong to to do with reducing the world's population.  And they want to take control, have the rights over your body?!! This is a horror show, folks. This is THE horror show.  Hm?  This is the real horror show. And it is real. 


Everything that they've said already that they couldn't make you do with, oh, the climate scare and global warming scare and global cooling scare and all the other scares that they gave you, we just, they knew they were losing their audiences.  The folk were just saying, no, we've had enough of this nonsense.  Yep.  We've had enough. And then guess what, you know?  They bring it all back.  The Club of Rome says it, all the different sustainability programs we can now push, get underway, under the laws to do with Covid.  No business will reopen without sustainability and an ecological survey done on it to see if they even need you or if they're going to affect the soil or the air or whatever it happens to be, you know.  Are you essential, nonessential?  Getting the picture? 


Don't drive cars, Agenda 21. No private vehicles it said in the Agenda for the 21st century.  And you have the 2030 one, they want the cars off the road shortly altogether, eh?  But in the meantime, we'll give you electric ones. Until you realize that they're no use to you because they're no use in the winter or a really hot summer for holding a charge. And they tend to explode a lot. And they're awfully expensive, eh.  And so is charging them.  And the equipment to charge them.  Yada, yada, ya.  And then replacing all the batteries is half the cost of the vehicle often. So anyway, eventually you'll be off the road altogether.


So, all the things, again, sustainability, stop eating meat. Well, all the farms are being hammered and they've closed down stacks, most of the meat plants across Canada are closed.  They're importing beef from Africa [Alan chuckles.] right now, eh.  They're achieving it all through, under the guise of Covid, aren't they?  They can close any meat plants, or any factory that even packs beans together if they want to and say, let's do a test on the factory workers.  They're guaranteed most of them will say they've got Covid.  Because Covid is a fragment, they're fragments of DNA of dissolute fragmented  old cells of died off...  You get them all the time.  All the time, folks. Of coronaviruses. A cold will give you it.  Old cold viruses, bits of it will show up positive. They KNOW this, that's why they picked it.


Flu shots in the past will show up positive. It's the most unreliable technique ever invented. And it's not meant, really, as the inventor said, to be used for diagnostic purposes. But facts don't matter. Every day there's thousands of new cases.  So just going to these factories, and if you get two folk that test positive, in their nostrils, eh, with bits, tiny bits of old, old viruses that are dead long gone, or they’re breathed in from some other person's dead long gone ones as they breathe in the air, [Alan chuckles.] it doesn't make any difference, then you close the factory down.  Oh, we've got so many new cases, eh.  Guaranteed to get them the more that they test, because it's always been there.  You've always got these fragments there. Always. Yep. They know this.  M-hm.


And as they tell you about all the cases, they never tell you that obviously folk have recovered from them all.  Because otherwise they'd all be dead, right? But no, they'll tell you about new cases. I was looking at the ones for the US States, they’re testing lots of students at universities and so on.  You see this big spike, oh yeah, the spike's coming for the fall, you know.  I said that would happen back in February, you know, they'll give you a couple of months in the summer then they’ll hit you again and say it's spiking, because they want to lock you down permanently.  Actually, for years.  You don't know that but it's for years to get the whole agenda through. 


So, the spiking, yeah, here it comes again.  They're getting all of you prepped, oh my God, there's more.  Oh, if I had an ability to give 10,000 folk in my area, right now, this night, a test for it, with these swabs, a good chunk of them will come down with it.  Oh my God, can you imagine that? So, we can add them too, as CASES.  None of them are ill.  [Alan chuckles.] None of them have got any problems with it.  And because they're fragments, they might never have been ill with it in the first place. It's just fragments. You breathe this stuff in all the time, fragments of everything, you know. 


And because, BECAUSE again, you know, the idea with Covid can't be fixed through vaccinations because coronaviruses are all through animal species, of all wildlife as well, by the way, you know.  Are you starting to get the picture here? It's a big, big plan going on here under the guise of Covid, that they couldn't... 


And they are adamant at the top, there's a club at the top that runs the world, and I really mean runs the world, eh, and it has for an awful long time. They really are fed up trying to convince you to stop breeding, hm, and to stop consuming all of their planet. It's their planet, not yours, and they have the right to rule it, you see that's why they've taken over as guardians of it all.  And it's necessary you accept it.


Prince Charles goes along with all this stuff too because he was such a gullible prune to start with. He had no function, the man. He was an idiot at school, literally, you know. They gave him this task, but he took that, all his indoctrination from his dad Prince Philip who is a eugenicist who openly has declared there's too many of you [Alan chuckles.] on the planet.  And just like the animals, he says, you know, we have big estates and like all people who have big estates across the world, he says, we'll see what happens when rabbits come in and start eating the grass, and the rabbits are followed by wolves, and the wolves start eating the rabbits, and the wolves start eating the foxes and so on. Eventually, you know, if there's too many deer coming then they'll cause havoc and eating barks of trees and things like that and die off and yada yada. Well, he says, it's the same with humans, you know, we move in, and we take everything over, we start destroying, and you need a good cull, he says, just like in the animal kingdom to balance things out.


You should read his speeches he’s given at some of the meetings, the world meetings for the Sierra Club and so on.  And he's not, he's not an unusual specimen of those near the top, you know. They're all on board with it. All of them. As I say, the Fabian Society didn't blame the wages of the workers for poverty. No, they blamed too many of the workers, for those who haven't figured that out.  They were quite open about it initially. 


In Theosophy Annie Besant, she's one of the founding members of the Fabian Society too.  What she meant by women's rights and so on was literally for abortion and all of that, you know. It's all connected.


HG Wells said, you can help the poor and even feed the poor, and he says, and even help them stop diseases and so on by giving them better nutrition, and what do they do, he says, they breed. So, the problem is the fact that you breed, you see.  You can end poverty and the poor by eliminating the poor.  [Alan chuckles.]  Haven't you figured it out, eh?


Of course, when you hear these speeches, and you can actually look them up and listen to them, from the horse's mouths at times, you still say, well they didn't really mean ME. 


Really?  Oh really, eh? 


Julian Huxley talked about it when he says, many will help us bring in this new order, he said at UNESCO, eh, many will help us thinking they're going to get, be brought along up into the upper strata to survive, he says, are they sadly mistaken. 


So, they'll use you.  All those folks in the streets right now who want to burn the place down, they use them all.  Then they have to eliminate them too.  Everybody's used in turn because they're so predictable. It's very easy to be predictable because you've been brainwashed from early schooling right through the college [Alan chuckles.] into a function that you didn't even know that you had until they let you loose. But they've trained you for it.


Stalin talked about this technique too. Stalin used to kill thousands of the POWs, the Russian POWs at the end of World War II and imprisoned stacks of them and put them off to the camps. They had thousands of camps, literally thousands of camps, eh, in the most inhospitable places in the country.  He said, we can't bring them all in, he says, even... here’s something that is true and it's horrible at the same time.


Here's the Communists got rid of people who they knew that, and they knew in advance because they had spies all through the systems working in government and civil service, they only employed, once they get in, they'll only bring in each other, you see, the different spies and so on. They knew who was who, and who believed what and all the rest of it. That's how they already had lists when they moved into countries like Poland, they know who to go for and who to send for and who to bring in and kill them.  Thousands of people. Eventually into the millions across the whole Soviet empire. And it was an Empire, eh.


But Stalin voiced it. He said, the same with the POWs, he says, well, this is why, if you can't, you won't be able to rehabilitate them back into your way of thinking, what you want them to think, eh, as a good Soviet citizen, because they've been contaminated with ideas from the West, even from prison guards he said.  And even from meeting other POWs in Germany or elsewhere or by the Germans, but from other nations that were prisoners as well that they'd been sharing values and experiences. You see, JUST knowing things alters you.  Just having conversations with people outside your own brainwashed clique will influence you. So, they called it contamination and they would not allow contamination to be brought back into the Soviet system, and so they killed them. 


They killed them.




I can't remember how many troops they had too that were Germans who had fought, who were Russians and fought inside the Germany.  Eisenhower decided to send them back, knowing they'd all be slaughtered. And they were slaughtered. It was terrible. 


Real history is a horror show.


And we don't learn from it, because we're taught it's not such a horror, there's decent people behind this, and decent, who would never do horrible things like that, what are you talking about?


Well, they did. It's all verified stuff. It's factual.  They just simply don't promote the knowledge so much to most people.  Because they want you to be naïve and easily led and managed.  And what they've done in the past they can always repeat. The same characters that are born in every generation that they use to be henchmen and torturers and so on, hm, nothing new about it. 


Why do you think... You had a beautiful example of the Soviet technique that they've done over and over, even going back to the French Revolution, the same organization behind it, that funded it all, who benefited afterwards [Alan chuckles.] by the way.  Even when the rest of the leaders got all of their heads chopped off, even the ones who were used to start the revolution and manage it, the ones who really managed it behind, they ended up running the whole country and the Empire and the money and everything else, you know.  Oh yeah.  But they talked about it. They talked about what they could do by using the people, hm.  Once they get started, eventually you've got to get rid of the people who lead it.  Because you'll never have peace then. You can't bring in, now you've got a new elite running the show at the very top, the elites can't have the guys who were doing all the killings walking about and strutting around as they were before and you've got to get rid of them. That's what they do.


But when they started the revolution in France don't forget they went to the Bastille, they let the prisoners go. There wasn't a lot of prisoners in it.  One of the main ones that convinced them to let them out was the Marquis de Sade, he was a prisoner.  An utter pervert. They always use perverts to run up the show, really just to serve people whose whole object long before Nietzsche came along was to destroy everything you believed in [Alan chuckles.]  that was humanly nice.  Hm. 


The Soviets, the Bolsheviks let the prisoners out too. There's old footage of them letting all these prisoners out.  And there was IMMEDIATELY mayhem on the streets. They used them to terrorize the people, burn places down that wouldn't conform, this is during the early revolution, terrify the citizenry, and murder the citizenry at times too.  You had the same thing with other countries they went into, they let them go. Then they used the henchmen, then they arrange, and once they've done their work in terrorizing people, they kill them. When Castro declared he was a communist – like they didn't know, and the CIA helped him in, right, supposedly; again, the CIA is nothing to do with what you think it is –  then he released all the prisoners out there too and that's why you had all the boats flying over to Miami, etc. And yeah, you definitely had gang leaders and things that have come out of it too. 


Always the same technique. So, with the Covid thing, oh they're letting all the prisoners out, they might get Covid.  Guess where a lot of them end up?  Because then once they're all out, at the same time they're getting the revolutionaries in the streets.  This is no coincidence. This is all been done before; it's been used before.


And what works, like Plato said, in one generation on the public to get a particular agenda through, even in altering behavior, or acceptance or whatever of in a system, just know the sequence of introduction and it will work again. 


This is not coincidence.  It's not coincidence. Have you seen the stipulations that Trump has given to other countries that want aide? It didn't start with Trump. I mean, Hillary Clinton, when she was in the State Department, had a little bit to do with the dishing of funds across the world to different countries in Africa.  You should see the things of cultural change, which they didn't want in Africa, I've talked about them before, they couldn't believe these particular demands were being attached to the loans. Well, the World Bank is fully fledged doing the same thing, but so is Donald Trump.  The big champion of things that used to be thought of... [Alan chuckles.] rather awful, in a lot of cultures.  A big champion, eh? 


Everybody's a player, aren't they, in this game?  And they give you your leaders for all sides.  They really do.


Right now, by what I've been reading recently in fact, to do with the World Bank, this is the whole agenda for sustainability under the guise of Covid, as I've said.  The Club of Rome admitted that, I put the articles up a few months ago where you have the leaders actually saying that. There's little clips and videos of them actually talking about it that way, in this fashion.  And here you are, you're watching it all being brought forth and put into action.


BUT I really think everybody's a player. I think the Chinese were a player in it too. Getting us all terrified in the early days with clips coming out of China.  Which normally wouldn't come out with anything, you know.  China can clam anything up.  And you've got to give the cooperation of the Western journalists and so on to put anything in the papers too.  So if China had demanded, no, this, that or the other, you would not have heard a word about any Covid outbreak in China.


Unless, unless they were in on it. To promote it. So, they terrified people with the shows that they showed you.  Oh my god look at the folk with backpacks spraying offices and people in the offices breathing all the stuff in.  My God, these huge machines spraying stuff in the streets, eh, going way up, hundreds of feet into the air.  Why would they do it hundreds of feet up into the air?  Why, it must be all over the place, this terrible killer virus!  And then Fauci himself said he didn't think it was anything for Americans to worry about, in the early days, and masks were useless and don't use them. A complete reversal, eh? 


But you are getting pumped up and pumped up to be terrified of something.  Then you're getting this conflicting story back in your own countries.  Then they hit you with the whole agenda. Oh, it's SPREAD, it's here now, HHHHHHHHHH.  I thought somebody was watching it's coming, isn't this, I mean don't you have special folk that can actually see these things coming into the country?  [Alan chuckles.] 


They all went into anti-action, all the papers, on the same day across the continent and the world.  The same day, all on board with the same stories.  You're as well as just getting one newspaper because it was the same articles verbatim as every other news articles, and probably the same across all TV stations.  There's coordination for you. To be terrified, BE terrified and comply. 


So again, with Agenda 21, there will be no vehicles, no private vehicles, it will be essential vehicles only. Here we go with the whole agenda. The same with meat, no meat consumption eventually, a vegetarian society only. Except for the elite of course, they need meat because their brains require it. You don't need your brain, so you don't really require different enzymes and things like that. So yeah, the whole agenda. Post consumerism.  Once all the things slow down, oh, let's have a little tiff, and the next part is tiffs, they tiff with China now, we've got a little tiff with them.


China was made by the West. I did the talks years ago when we were integrating completely and funding all the factories to move to China. Because the politicians all signed on the deals for free trade with China in the GATT treaty and so on.  I used to say, I'm saying all this stuff, and nobody was listening to me. I thought, no one's listening, you know. Even the folk who were losing their jobs didn't want to hear it. Why, but why would they…  They don't want to hear that China; it was all going to China. That the factories they worked in, their bosses were paid to literally move the entire plants over to China. I can remember even guys in different positions as craftsmen, you know, real tradesmen, and articles in the paper, where they were getting brought over to China to train the Chinese to take over their jobs, and do the same and make the same things in the factories over there.


Well guess what happened?  Millions of people were out of work then. And it was millions, don't believe the rubbish they tell you. You could see it all everywhere. Chaos. The best enemies money can buy, you MAKE them, eh?  You make them. You pay for them. Because you've always got, the elite who really run you always need some kind of enemy. Always. Yep. To keep you together.  You always need something to be afraid of or you would just lose it all, you'd forget it all, you wouldn't be afraid of anything.  Then you might not just jump to it when they told you to jump.  That is the real system.


So yeah, China literally, everything was given to them.  Canada was building big dams for them for free, taxpayer, you know. It was like gifts, paying for the building of hospitals.  We still are paying things through the, because it's extended under the treaty that emerging nations, and now India is in it too of course and a whole lot of other nations. The emerging nations, you see, when they sign on get all these freebies given to them. That they can make things, even if it's your factories that move to India or China, they can make the same things there then, for the same corporations, owned by the same, and then import them back into you here, without paying any import duties. That's a good deal for the corporations, eh?  Great deal actually.


But you also pay subsidies on the shipping of the stuff back to you.  [Alan chuckles.] hat's why if you order direct from China things are so darn cheap. Have you ever wondered why the postage is so darn cheap? You're paying for it; all the taxpayers are paying for it here.  Not the Chinese. India is the same way now.  Then you pay for their hospitals and their schooling, and dat-dat-dat-and-dut-and-duh.  And even nuclear plants!  I think, again, the CANDU reactors all over the world now. 


But yeah, as YOU go backwards and fall apart.  And then, then years later, like 20 or 25 years later, when you really are going through the Covid thing, well, let's just notice now that China is becoming a swaggering character with pushing his weight around.  What did you think was going to happen when you fund them like that and you pay for all the factories to move over there to give all of them work? so that they could have a great economy and so they would get a rising middle class, etc. etc., and well-educated people. As you went backwards.  What did you think was going to happen?


D'you really think the world is run by stupid people?  No, it's not. It's not.


But the plan was for China eventually one day to take over as policeman of the world. That was written about as I mentioned before in the 1930s by the Rockefeller group that paid for the big world meetings for the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations   At that time when they published that book, that was kind of unthinkable because China compared to a lot of the world you would say was way backwards, way back there, they didn't have industry or anything else. Well, they knew with step by step where they would take it.


Most folk can't think long-term like that.  They can only, it's like you in your lifetime, if you want to do something, you'll try to get to the abilities to do something or make something or whatever or achieve something before you're old and die.  The corporations and the foundations that work this, that really work the agenda here, the real agenda, can go on for hundreds of years, each one with their specialized part of it. Hiring and training and retiring, and hiring... It took generations of people to get what they want.  Long-term planning, eh? 


So anyway, that's what we're living through is a massive agenda. Most folk haven't got a clue. I don't, you can't blame people.  They're so wrapped up, you're so wrapped up in trying to survive, most folk grow up like that.  In the UK was a great example, if you had something that gave you that start, that spark to see things, the knowledge was there and lots of books, good libraries at the time.  Not from television. The TV was a massive brainwashing apparatus and time waster. As I say, most of your indoctrination comes to fiction, it's all embedded within the fiction. 


But the UK is supposedly the victor of world wars and so on, supposedly, eh. [Alan chuckles.] Totally utterly bankrupt, with most of the folk in some kind of rationing or poverty or whatever and emaciated. A lot of, a real... You know they never recovered. I was talking to a fella in Sudbury a couple of years ago, and he's French-Canadian. We mentioned, we just mentioned Britain and he says, I've never seen so many ill people in my life, they don't look well. And it's true, they don't look well. 


Then when you go into the studying of intergenerational defects that happen with genetic disruptions of types of food, lack of food and so on, and when you realize that Britain was on rationing…  It came from the 1700/1800s through poverty, and life expectancy for workers was very low.  On really, it wasn't even subsistence wages, it was pretty well starvation, literally starvation wages for folk.  Into the late 1800s and a Boer War. Again, every war took masses of taxes to get raised and so on, and new taxes to pay for it all.  And the laying down of not just railway lines across India for instance, the taxpayers paid for all that, they paid for the militaries too.


They got nothing out of it, all the people, except the bill. But the clique in London reaped an incredible harvest.  All paid by the taxpayer. Then they hand the public the bills. The same for World War I and II.  and rationing through World War I, the Great Depression, right into a Great Depression.  The Great Depression lasted in Britain right through to World War II started, and still they were in rationing then.   So, it went on through that too, and then up into the 1950s. It wasn't until about the 60s they started giving a little bit of light, at least through propaganda, let's have a swinging 60s and happiness and a new type of thing, and songs.  The songs, and then they gave you stars to... Most folk were just as poor as ever.  They weren't stars.  All show, propaganda and so on.


But yeah, the effects of intergenerational malnutrition is still going on.  Nevermind other things too that can affect you intergenerationally through certain things that are introduced into the body from other sources. But yeah, he did notice that. It's really interesting to see how your makeup is changing all the time.


I've mentioned before of a book I got; it was a well-known book put out by a dentist who went around the world in the early 20th century [Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price].  He got photographs of families, you know, maybe three generations, children, parents and grandparents together from different groups, and even tribes across the world, and in Canada too, in Indian tribes as well. He showed you the effect of just the processed foods. It had to be that, at that time.  You could see the parents were literally changed; their facial structures would change a little bit.  The room in the mouth would narrow a little bit.  Their children would start looking like the ones in Europe who had been through malnutrition, as we thought of it all being, where the mouths would really get small, and the teeth would get crushed together and overlap and things like that and all those problems.  But you'd see the mouths and the cavities and the spacing and the arching of the mouths of their grandparents that didn't, hadn't been brought up on the processed food system of the white man and so on, and they were much bigger and healthier, etc. Well, if that did that, so quickly, just the food system, and the additives to the foods for processed foods and so on, in a generation, what do you think a few generations would do? What else is happening?


Well, you know, any, any basic detective story starts off and you follow-up, when did it start, you know, what happened before it started, what changed in the system before it started to get...?  This is how you follow clues.  Now of course it's all taboo to look at certain areas.  Especially now. It's all connected, isn't it?  [Alan chuckles.] It has to be.  What else happened to change the physical structure of people and make them allergic to everything, you know, I'm allergic to everything?  Everyone's got compromised immune systems, of some kind, either allergies, food allergies, all kinds of allergies, skin allergies. It never happened before like this.


Something hit your immune system.  I wonder what it could be?  And when did it start?  Hm? Well, there's something to ponder, eh?


You can only look into the truth, as I say, if anything, by accepting you might uncover horror.  And most folk can't handle the truth, that's soo true. It is soo true.  Can't handle the truth.  And you can’t blame them at times, you know, because we've all had the training to be, oh it's a nice world and you live… Like Bertrand Russell says, we'll train the people to believe that their country is the best one, it didn't matter what country it was, right.  Everybody would say, we live in the best country in the world, we've got the best education system, we've got the best healthcare system in the world. He said that, we'll train the people. They all believe it. You get the same propaganda everywhere you go. In any country.  [Alan chuckles.] There ya go.


I used to laugh too; I remember when I was really small.  We were never small in Scotland, we were wee, you know, that was a difference when you're wee, you see.  You had all these old movies from the US that they’d play on the BBC at night and on the weekends. At one time it was just the BBC, you know, so they had a complete monopoly on propaganda.  But I remember seeing an old, old movie and they had a well-known actor at the time playing Abraham Lincoln.  It was black-and-white actually.  At the end of the movie a little boy comes up as Lincoln is getting on a train and says, could I be president one day, Mr. Lincoln?  And he says, son in America you can be anything you want to be. You see?


That's the kind of propaganda they gave out then. I mean, folk had no idea, and you still have no idea that the people you're talking about today in politics, the Clintons and all the rest of them, were picked as children by organizations.  The ones in Britain are the same. The Tony Blairs and all these characters, they're all picked as children by charitable foundations, they call themselves, that's going to improve the world.  They admit that, that they actually pick them as children.


The Cecil Rhodes group, you know, you get a Rhodes Scholarship, it was also how they picked the leaders for the last 100 years.  They have people who would note, and certain teachers in every school would note too, on the lookout, they're getting paid to be, and they would funnel them off into the intelligence services, or, and sometimes both by the way, into guidance to become politicians for the future maybe 30 years down the road.


The ones I mentioned in Britain, their websites are, still proclaim what they're doing. They're creating future leaders by getting young children. They have children's groups.  Just like The Young Communist Party, you know, the same thing.  But they're presented to the public as adults, and oh, you've never heard of them before, you'll know nothing about them. You're given very little about their background.  They're all trained to act in a certain way, and either you'll be more intellectual looking, and this other one will be a little bit more radical left, and this one will be... They're all trained in advance, you see. That's how it's done in every country across the so-called Democratic countries.


Now, some, I think I had one person, occasionally you'll get a complaint about whatever you talk about. Because you're not here too, and I'm not here to please everybody anyway.  And I'm also conscious occasionally that I'll get someone that will kickback. Because part of the psyops that they do too in counterintelligence, as I've said before, is to attack you either with bots, you see, if you're into social chat you get nothing but like Twitters, etc., cavalcade's or escalades of.... [Alan chuckles.] complaints, all fake and bots put out there. Or, they'll put a chunk of people, as an order of the day attack so-and-so and all say this about the same person until they...  And I would just ignore that, if you're getting that kind of thing.


But occasionally I'll get one that gives me a little glimpse into something, or they'll to steer you off into a different way of thinking or talking or whatever.  But I've got one that said, you know, you’re repeating the same stuff over and over. But no, I'm not. I'm not repeating the same stuff over and over.  But if you've got a certain agenda, you must repeat it over and over, the part of the agenda for sure. Because there's a thousand things out there to distract you from the agenda, the plethora of data that they said they'd dump on you, you know, the last few years ago.  They said they would give you stacks of data that would overwhelm people, and lead them off into all kinds of areas, or they’re chasing aliens, well it's not people that are doing it is got to be the aliens, and yada, yada ya, you know. You can see that happening all over the place too.


Stick to the basic facts and the agenda. Because underneath all the swamp and layers of swamp you get the truth.  And the truth often has always been staring you in the face. Even then you might not like it because you've been trained to feel horrible about even thinking it.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's a hard thing even to accept that there are completely evil organizations out there in the world. I mentioned it so many times too about the Bond movies, James Bond movies.  The main enemies they had in James Bond movies, written by guys at one time that were in MI6 for instance, like John le Carre and characters like that that were involved in, you'd get little things come out of little interviews that they would do and so on.  Ian Fleming, or Alexander...  Yeah, Ian Fleming, Alexander was the guy that invented penicillin. 


But you get little bits coming out of them too in their different stories that they would put into, out there for public consumption.  The biggest enemies on the planet were not countries.  Maybe within countries you would have the same clubs, eh, private clubs, or even an international club.  But they're the ones like the Cobra, and you had Spector and all these different ones, all these different organizations run by very powerful, VERY powerful, mafia-like, real Mafia, not the little Italian Mafia groups, but the REAL BIG Mafia, international... until they ran world banks and so on. 


Well, that's how it really is, folks. With a different agenda.  With their own formats as to what they exist for and what they're going to do with the world. That's what you have. And how many times can they give it to you, you know, in their writings? Some of the writings are pretty awful, you know, again it’s for public consumption.  They don't want to bore folk with too many facts, because folk will switch off.  They want entertainment at the same time.


But yeah, you would see the different characters, the Blofelds and Goldfinger and all the rest of them that knew how to manage whole nations.  Right down to the one where you have, I've mentioned it before too, I think that one is called Tomorrow Never Dies. Where the media, the world global media mogul creates the news, he makes things happen.  Because he’s got, he's a multibillionaire with a huge enterprise and he can buy off countries, and works with different countries too, a kind of Spector type character.  So, he makes tomorrow's news and publishes it in advance, tomorrow's news today.  A man who controls the world's media with high-tech, you know, it's all superspeed satellite systems.  It was really well done that part of it.  And it's not so far from the truth today, it's closer to it than a lot of it actually. But they show you the real evil, evil characters. 


Another one too was Quantum of Solace which had a multibillionaire philanthropist that had... A philanthropist he was. He just wanted to be an environmentalist and help the planet as he took over the supplies of water across the world and diverted subterranean water flows and so on to make a fortune. Because he said tomorrow's money is actually water, that's tomorrow's gold, is water.  So, under philanthropy he was taking over lots of resources.  Very factual in many ways.  And quantum too is an interesting name because you can look it up and see who owns the Quantum Corporation, another big, hhh, philanthropist.  [Alan chuckles.] The way it was done, how it was presented, how the folk will go and clap and think it's all, what a wonderful person this is.  An arch villain, you see. That's what you're dealing with is arch villains.  You really are.


I mean, you ever wonder why the media has always shut up about Epstein?  Hm?  And we're told don't go any further, because he was lower down the totem pole here for this big organization.   That's why they were told to shut up. But the characters behind them, and above them, they are part of the real, you know, mob that can run the world here, and the finances of the world. That goes for wars and everything else by the way, you know.  And you literally, the blackmailability of all these politicians and generals, anybody who's anybody, men and women, totally blackmailable. 


This is straight out of James Bond.  People who run countries, and they're never elected to the countries.  It's no different than when the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, a private club remember, a global club for world government, hm, and world domination of all resources. Rockefeller was in it, the whole bunch of them.  And there they are, you know, drafting up legislation for governments in Canada, the States and Mexico to jump in on and agree and sign for unification and for so-called free trade, which is integration into... 


That's how Europe went, with a rough Association of countries, Economic Association, and then legislation would go step-by-step, planned that way, to integrate them all, until you lose your sovereignty. That was the whole point of it. The same group did it, they drafted the one up for Europe years ago. They did it for the Canada, the States and Mexico. I put out, it was actually from a videotape, I taped it at the time years ago back in the late 90s, and then again just after it before 2005 again, when some of the leaders of it came out AS the CFR for Canada, for the first time, a private club, saying, admitting that they drafted it all up for the integration of this, you know, and how wonderful. It was signed by... 


Well, the public had no say in this at all. You see, private clubs, all the circles.  Down below there's levels of them but they all belong to the big one at the very, very top, folks. You'll often find the leaders that come out as spokespeople have, it's not just horizontal interlinking of these circles, it's upwards as well, you see.  So, certain ones go up and up and up, they get higher up into the upper echelons.  But they're still workers. 


But when it came to the Epstein thing and the people who funded him, and all the different revelations that came out with the Whitney Webb interviewing Farmer and different people, this is amazing stuff, and it's been just immediately just covered up with the Covid thing, they just shut it down with the Covid thing and distract them. Because it's so important to know it, if you really want to know how the world works.  Way more to it than, he wasn't some horny guy, eh, with his horny mistress that recruited...  No, no, it's way, way, way bigger than that.  And that's the lower part of the totem pole.  Way up there, they'd won't touch the next ones up there who financed it all, the kind of overseer, the majordomo for certain parts of the nation in the States, eh, or the international ones above him. It's just astonishing. That's the real world.  That's the real world. Private organizations, straight out of James Bond.  Straight out of James Bond.  That's how it's done. That's how it's really done, folks, for those who don't know.


I had to laugh too, how they show you little ideas in a sense, ideas based on the little truisms where I think it was Jodie Foster was in a movie.  Was it Contact, First Contact or something, I don't remember what it was called.  A spacey thing.  It wasn't the greatest movie, I thought, a bit boring.  Sci-fi type.  So, this machine was getting made, a massive machine. It really almost looked like a big Ferris kind of wheel type thing, but spun, spun, spun in different directions… or a big gyroscope.  Then they would drop a capsule down through the middle of it, this time warp thing, and you'd be whisked off into some other dimension.


So, Jodie Foster supposedly had been trained as the pilot of this thing, you see, although you didn't do much except sit on your behind, I think, and it guided itself. But regardless, it was canceled, it broke apart at the last minutes through again subterfuge or something or terrorism. Of course, the poor girl’s heart was just destroyed, I mean, she was going to be famous and yada, ya.  Well, she gets a phone call at night, and everything in her home is electronic starts talking to her and telling her to, you know, look on the Internet and things like that, she does that and bingo, or put on the TV.  Everything was obviously controlled from some other outside power, right.


Eventually she hears this guy talking, she knew who he was. He's a kind of Rockefeller type character, a man who was so well-known for financing and massive projects to do with resources and military and God knows what else.  He says, why are you worried about things?  Turns out he's in his own, his OWN space station going around the world, you see.  He says, well yeah, we have these little perks like this.  After all, our companies get put in charge of creating these things and designing them and so on, he says, and then getting financed to do it, he says, for research and development.  Well, it's only right that we make copies for our own private use and things.


Well that's more, that's closer to the truth of how things really work.  It really is. Do you really think that the characters that work for the military-industrial complex for instance, get financing... Oh, it's all so separate and so compartmentalized they don't know what their part fits into.  Now, somebody knows who designed the whole darn thing, folks, and they got paid by the taxpayer to do it.  Anyway, that's how the world really works. It's done by horizontal and vertical systems of interlocking rings.  Maybe 90% of the folk in each ring don't know the real higher agenda of their part in it. It's all based on faith. And their palms are well greased, you see, so they're very, quite content to say nothing, not to ask questions. That's how most of the system works.


I've mentioned this before, the same in Freemasonry, you don't get up in Freemasonry by asking what do the degrees mean and so on? No, no. You keep your mouth shut and you listen, you know. The whole idea in Freemasonry, they show you that with the three monkeys, you know.  One’s got his eyes covered, one’s got the mouth covered, one’s got his ears plugged. That's what you do, it's based on faith, that whatever order you're given from above is for a legitimate reason, you don't have to understand it.


It's very much like Marxism because that's based on the same thing. You'll never understand true communistic science, you see, the science of it, they pretend it's a science.  That's why they'd always go to Stalin who could reinterpret things for you. He'd never mentioned that he told you a different thing the last time you asked him, no, no, just accept the new saying as some point of wisdom and you're just too dumb to understand it. 


It's the same thing for most organizations. Because we are, again, so well studied.  They know all this about us. Most folk will shut up to get up the ladder. Politicians know what too, you don't ask questions when you join a party.  You wait to be told something that's volunteered to you, you know.  That's how it's done. That's how you're picked and chosen too, to be used, even from school.  Someone who's too bright won't follow agendas, they'll get, their ego can get a hold of them, you see. They want folk who will go along with agendas and do what they're told from higher powers. Freemasonry is the same thing.  If they've got a use for you at the top, you'll get out of the Lodge you joined and you'll be pulled into some other lodge that's got higher functioning, and they have them for corporations and guys who are the CEOs in certain lodges. That's how it's done. Forget all the occult stuff. The fact is, they get orders, and they… they’re sworn to secrecy.  That's why you pick, that's why these organizations exist, they’re already sworn to secrecy. 


Again, most folk even in the military think it's a brotherhood.  And if you're in the military you want to believe that whatever you're told to do is for a good reason. Again, like communism, or Marxism, or Leninism, or Stalinism, that you just don't understand. So, faith, it's based on faith.


The worst horrors are based on that kind of thing, you know, in secrecy. In true faith there should be no secrecy. There can't be any secrecy in true faith.  There's no need for secrecy in true faith if you're telling the honest truth of everything.


Before I forget again folks, I should really mention you can send a few bucks my way  As always, I start off by telling you to make a note of all the other sites that I’ve got up there because if anything happens to the .com site hopefully, if I go quiet and you just know what's happened and you can't get through on the .com site, look into the other sites listed These are my official sites, these are mine, you see, and hopefully you can get the information that you're looking for and listen to the latest shows or talks. I won't say shows, listen to the latest talks.


Because we're going through history, as I've said before.  I've been going through history for my whole life I think really.  It's important to understand, for those that really want to understand it, the folk who can handle truth without cracking up or becoming nasty or disheartened and so on.  Truth actually helps you get through things; it gives you strength.  It doesn't mean that you go around like a crazy person trying to convert people like a real, you know, conversion thing in a religion.  You gotta be very careful what you say to people these days. Especially today, these days. There's so many spies around there in society that will turn you in.


I mentioned, this is just like [Alan chuckles.] the horror leading up to Bolshevism and after Bolshevism in the Soviet system, because folk will turn you in thinking that they're doing the state a favor, you're a bad person. It's all in the programming from the SAGE group, the subgroup that they employed, behavioral insights teams and so on, they admitted that they're going to make you feel all guilty, and have the ones turn on everybody, use the crowd against the individuals that won't go along with something. That's what you do, use the crowd.  Hm? 


It works awfully well.  Because they really will believe they're doing, that you're a bad person, they'll believe it. You'll see them attacking folk that are trying to talk to them and saying, look, this is all nonsense, this is all happening for a different reason.  They'll say, who are you, you're not the person on TV I'm watching every night, you know, some famous newscaster or whatever, you know.  And that's sadly true, that's how it works. It's very easy to turn people against the rest, you see. Information warfare, you see, it works, it's well understood the techniques on terrifying people into compliance and terrifying them into attacking people who won't comply.


That's how the horrors happened down through history by organized groups running the show at the top. It works awfully well.  It's the same with the folk in the streets, a lot of the followers are deranged. You can see that in the ones who are deranged.  They're terrified, they've been taught that all folk are, especially the white folk, or their parents even are evil, evil, it's all their fault this has happened to the world, they believe the world is falling apart.  They've heard that since childhood through schooling and through high school and through college. And they believe it. They are totally indoctrinated.


Their purposes that they used to live for have been totally destroyed through war, [Alan chuckles.] a war which they didn't even know, or their parents knew was happening on them. They thought everything was happening by itself. The system you live in in any era is there generally to serve those who rule it.  When they suddenly give you revolutions, like sexual revolution, and the musical revolutions, and gender, men, you know, the whole rock glam thing, that rock glam, or glam rock, where you end up with guys spending more money on their hairdos eventually then the women were doing, and wearing tight glistening pants and things...  That was all part of it too.  They have no idea all this was planned long before they even heard the first twang from the guitar.


That's how you do things. They're not called revolutions for nothing.  Most revolutions, I've said so many times, are not violent. They're cultural.  Like Bezmenov said years later, they're cultural. That's how you change society.  Gramsci said it too, don't hit them head-on with ideological debates and arguments. He says, go in and you become them, quietly, then you gradually start changing the culture. It might take a generation, two generations, but eventually you will achieve ALL the ends.  Because you have altered gradually the culture. That's how it's been done.


But with mass communication television and so on, it was far easier to do it with the rock, you know, drugs and rock 'n' roll and sex and all the rest of it. Then you deal again as I said with the fallout of sex with unwanted children, with national health services and abortion and so on. That's how you do it. It's all planned in advance. People sat at the top and thought about all this before they gave any of it to you.  Oh yeah.  But when you're young you don't realize it, you think, oh they're doing it all because they want us to enjoy ourselves with sex, right.  Really? Is that what you thought?  Of course you did.  [Alan chuckles.] That's how it was promoted.  Then the marriages fell apart.  The communist planks are all getting fulfilled, eh?


Interesting that the Soviet Union, they had some main spokespeople at the time when they first started with the Bolsheviks and so on, and they had a woman there who was in charge of sexual progress for the Soviets [Alexandra Kollontai]. She was all for free sex and eventually, you know, abortion and the whole thing, in the early days.  They realized she was having such an impact, she was heavily promoted by the Soviets at the time, by the government, the Politburo, that they were getting a bad, an even worse name abroad in the countries that weren’t going along with it at the moment, at that time, but also inside Russia the people weren't breeding.  And they thought, you know, if it goes on like this, they weren't having live children born and all the rest of it, and families to take care of them, they said without the crisis and shortages of food and all the rest of it in the Soviet system, that they wouldn't be, the state wouldn't be able to afford to feed the whole country if they were having children without having the parents.  You see. So, they got rid of her. They literally got rid of her, hhhch, and kicked her out of the country.  I think she went over to the States eventually and became a governess or something like that.  But anyway, it's a long story, who cares.


The fact is, that they needed parents, so they started to repush the value of marriage again.  AS they were using the same technique to destroy the West, with a lot of the help from the folk in America already that were well, actually there was, I think Bezmenov said something awfully true.  He said that when he came over to eventually North America, he came to Canada, and he got a job in the CBC. Which is like Canadians version of the BBC.  We call it the Communist Broadcasting Corporation in Canada, you know, not Canadian. He said when he came over, he got a job there and he said he met more true communists inside the CBC than he ever knew in Russia.  And he wasn't being facetious, you know. So, there's lots of help all through, you know, their plants were all there and all through America too.


Many of them now are emerging again, some who still lived through from say the riots of the 60s, etc.  Some of the organizations that now police all of you, it's quite amazing, were classed as terrorist organizations back then because they were blowing up government installations inside America in New York and places like that.  They're now prominent people now running the show.  The same folk, eh?  Ha.  And their children are out there on the streets a lot of them too guiding a lot of it. It's amazing to watch it and see it happening. And by knowing it, you almost at times wonder what century you're in because it's like repetitions of what you've read before, down to a T, with the same slogans and everything.


But again, it's for a purpose that most folk never quite figure out.  Because they are, with Covid and all the rest of it going on, they want to bring you into a post-democratic system. That's been on the cards for years. In the 1970s the Club of Rome, the big think tank for the United Nations and for the big groups like the CFR, it's a big think tank, came out and talked about democracy was just too slow and cumbersome and they couldn't get the big projects done because you have to please different groups and you can't have them all pleased at the same time, so democracy was just an impedance, you see, to their progress.  So welcome to the post-democratic system for those who haven't quite figured it out.


Sure enough, since 9/11 you've been losing all the rights you had anyway. You're getting used to being guided and told what to do and rubberstamped and dropping your pants at airports and stuff like that, taking your shoes off like some prisoner.  And there you go, you know.  It's all, it's incessant now. It's all planned that way, folks.


They're not separate incidents that are happening like 9/11, the Covid today and… No, no. These are all steps in the same program, thought out to be part, to be a continuous program of reeducation as they like to call it and reformatting society and the human being itself. 


So, go into and send a few bucks my way.  Maybe you can buy the books and discs if you want.  You can see how to do it on the website. Cash is okay. PayPal is fine.  Checks are okay.  I think Money Gram too is still okay with some countries. I know that some international postal money orders are not getting issued by some countries. Some of them are still issuing them, which are okay to be cashed in other countries like Canada. So, there are ways of getting cash to me and hopefully I can keep ticking along here because it costs a lot of money just to even have all the sites up. Never mind the fact that there's nothing else I can get done when I'm doing these talks. Because it's a lot of information to process every day and through the week and putting things together. And answer people too.


And I really do like to hear from everybody.  Even if I can't get back to everybody, I read the stuff. Because you get the experiences of real people as we go through all this together. You see it from different points of view and from different eyes, different countries, different experiences, but you get a bigger picture of everything.  And that's real history you're living through. Not the authorized history that's probably been prewritten before they gave you Covid, just like 9/11. I'm sure they had the authorized version of what was going to happen pretty well shelved somewhere before it even happened. There's always an authorized version that's contrary to reality and the experiences of those that live through it.


So, it's awfully important to keep, let me know what's happening in your own lives. No one is unimportant here.  No man, there's no one unimportant here. Everybody is very important. And don't ever, ever get cowed down to thinking that you're irrelevant or unimportant, that's so untrue. I don't care what you do or how you live or anything else, everybody is very, very valuable in life.  Don't ever let that be driven out of you.


Collectivism in the communist type system is meant to make you a cog in the machine until you really will see yourself as a nonhuman being, along the Julian Huxley type of idea, dethroning humanity from its pedestal as something special and superior. Well, when you see the abilities that reside in everybody, and the feelings and emotions, and the decisions you can do to do good if you want to, animals don't have the choices.  Hm?  We have so many choices.


There's definitely a battle between good and evil on the go here, a real battle, folks, with the same, I would call them pretty well demonic characters that gave you these slaughtering revolutions of the past let loose on the planet. There's no doubt about it. 


So, as I say, help me tick along by donating to me at the very least  And don't be afraid to send me your thoughts and your experiences and your observations in areas. I mentioned before too I've had so many trains go by, heavy, heavy trains, heavier than I have ever seen them before.  There was a big lull of course in the last few years, a massive lull in heavy trains, maybe a few a day, maybe 3 or 4, 5 at the most in a day but nothing heavy like that. Now, my house shakes with the heavy cargo, and miles long trains, and maybe 20 or more per day, yeah, and all night long.  Sometimes 10 minutes apart.


Where are they all going? Because when you look at the map north of me there's not a lot there. [Alan chuckles.] But we do know that that's where they have the big NORAD underground centers way out in the wilderness there.  They'll fly all the important folk in and take them and by train to a certain extent too.  But it's not for the general population obviously. And they are stocking up on foodstuffs and heavy, heavy stuffs, propane gas galore, trains of it sometimes, like never before.  You're looking at being locked down for some years. That's what I'm seeing here.


This, to come out of this Covid isn't going to be a quick thing. It's an excuse, you see, for whole agenda for the 21st century.  And that has to be accomplished under the guise of different things.  Under crisis guises.  That's where DISguise comes from. 


That's what they planned on. The World Bank has said that this is going to go on for at least five years, and maybe even PERMANENTLY.  Huh?!  Are you getting the picture?  Hence the need to terrify the public, oh, a spike, we're all going to die again, oh my goodness. Regardless of the exposés of the, oooooh, the avalanche of pyramids of lies we've had already exposed. And verified by the way. This isn't just conjecture. And they're at it again, the same thing, eh, testing and finding fragments of something, a dead, dead virus, is not something that's killing you.


Most folk, as they say the universities there, I saw this graph, today, and they showed you all these thousands of students, and they showed you state by state by state.  Down on the side of the lists there too it showed you all tested positive. And down the list on the right-hand side was hospital cases, zero, zero, zero, zero, there was NONE at all.  Nobody's ill with them, most of the young.  


So, it doesn't matter. Facts don't matter. Even when you're using their facts.  Because it's a massive agenda here, massive agenda. So much is pinned on this. And it’s nothing to do with you or your voting.  Because the group that run the planet don't get voted in, but they put the folk who get voted in, in place, in every country. 


Now, I'd better give you some articles before I run out of time, eh.  Because I am running out of time, it just goes on and on and on. A lot of pertinent articles too.  I don't just pick them willy-nilly because again you're overwhelmed with too much data. A lot of it's partly true, some really falsified, so you've got to really pick the stuff that's got some truth to it by verifying it. And you can verify articles, or at least the truth on certain articles for yourselves from the official sources when they quote them.  One of them is from, you know this well, Helena Handbasket, eh, Helena, Handbasket, and that's from the Irish Sentinel.


Possible and Probable legal action needed to deal with Irish Government treasonous Covid Tyranny (Alan:  Yep.) / 8 Sept 2020 / By Helena Handbasket


In the same week that the CDC in the United States admitted that their mortality figures for Covid-19 were completely bogus, (A: And they did.) stating that only 6% of Covid-19 deaths


(A: …because they had thousands and thousands put down as deaths.  Anybody with a particle of a fragment of the particular DNA from the virus, eh, from DEAD viruses would show up as positive with the silly test that they do. Anyway…)


stating that only 6% of Covid-19 deaths could be directly attributed to the virus, it seems that now Ireland has also admitted to falsifying figures to terrorise the Irish people and as an excuse to decimate their economy.


(A: This is the agenda. This is an agenda, folks. Always remember that prime and foremost.  Don’t get into these arguments with things. It’s an agenda. They've told us, a world of austerity. I gave the talks on austerity years ago from the United Nations and all the folk that were associated with it.)


The figure for Ireland comes in at even less than the CDC at 5.57% equating to a rather conveniently round figure of 100 deaths directly from Covid-19; allegedly.


(A: And even then, there’ll be other reasons, I guarantee you. So, for the country eh, 100 deaths. Hm.)


In fact, there seems to be no evidence whatsoever that anyone has died directly from Covid-19 in the document below.


(A: They give you the document from the government sites in Ireland…)


(A:  They got the daily epidemiology report there to show you that he’s got the stuff to back up what he’s saying here.)


If we look at Page 11 of the document we can clearly see that 1,777 deaths have been listed as related to Covid-19, but in the following lines we can again clearly see that there appears to be a contradiction in the fact that 99 ‘cases’ are Probable with 159 ‘cases’ being, at best, ‘Possible’.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  That’s not scientific, you see, probably or possible.)


The report states that of the 1,777 ‘Covid deaths’ confirmed, 1,677 had already been suffering from underlying health conditions and as such Covid-19 was not the primary or even possibly related to the cause of death at all.


When we look at the median age of the deaths attributed to Covid-19, we can see that it is 84 years old.


(A:  That’s the rough age, you see, the average…)


But the average age of death/longevity in Ireland today is 82 years old, so it is clear that so-called ‘Covid-19’ deaths could just as easily be attributed to old age considering that the average age of the deceased is two years longer than the national life expectancy.


The conclusion I take from this official government document is that there is no evidence presented in the report to confirm in any way that a single person has died directly from Covid-19.


I say this due to the fact that no post mortems have been carried out, or been allowed to be carried out, under the pretext that this could be a further concern for infection of pathologists. This is clearly nonsense as pathologists have been conducting autopsies for decades on victims of far more serious infections than coronavirus without consequences for their personal health.


(A: And he goes on to say it. Again, all it does is point to what he says here, he says...)


THIS IS HIGH TREASON (A:  …with all of this evidence here.)


The ramifications of the brutal lockdown of society, excess deaths due to the withdrawal of critical medical interventions, such as emergency procedures, cancer screening etc., school closures, business closures, mass unemployment, increased suicides, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence etc., will be felt for decades to come.


(A: And that’s what it’s meant to do. They knew all this before they locked you all down.)


Surveillance technology being deployed to track and trace every individual stupid enough to comply with it will destroy any illusion of perceived democracy and freedom. Politburo diktats on masks, testing, vaccines, the swift move to a cashless society will end freedom permanently and leave Ireland in a state of permanent tyranny. This Covid-19 fraud is not a short term problem for Ireland or any other part of the world which has fallen victim to this cabal. It is a new way of life for us all and it will not be pleasant.


Well, that’s the agenda, folks.  This is the whole agenda, you see, that they couldn’t rush through and persuade you to just follow with sustainability and the climate change, you're all causing the climate to change, it's all your fault and there's too many people. So, this is it here, you see. You're going to get rationing and all the rest of it.  It's, really, it's a hell on earth they're bringing in.  And this is what they know. It's all planned years ago, this whole thing.


There's not any stage here at all to do with Covid lockdown, before you even heard of Covid, that wasn't discussed in think tanks step by step-by-step, what would the effects be here, what would the effects be there, what would, yada, yada?  What do they want?  They're going to bring in austerity. Well how do you do that? Shortages. Create shortages. How do you do that?  Put everybody out of work, lock them down, yada, yada ya.  It's all planned a long, long time ago. Including the fallout from depressions and so on, they knew all that would come.  I've got articles here from the 90s about it by the way. They said if they ever locked down the country for any particular things like pandemics, these are the things that would happen. It's all happening.


Also, this other article here came out just the other day too...


Flu and pneumonia killed TEN TIMES as many Brits as Covid last week, stats reveal / 11 Sept 2020


ILLNESSES such as influenza and pneumonia are killing more people than the coronavirus in the UK, figures have revealed.


(A: This is recent, this is new stuff, new information.)


Of deaths registered in the week ending August 28 in the UK, just 101 mentioned the coronavirus.


The ONS (A: Office of National Statistics.) states that 12.6 per cent of deaths were caused by flu and pneumonia, against 1.1 per cent that were caused by Covid-19.


Well, Covid 19, you can’t believe ANYthing they tell you now that they’ve been caught so many times lying and fudging the figures. Even paying doctors to put it in their death certificates.  And the hospitals.  By the way, there’s one case that got attention because a man got a notification from the hospital that his mother was diagnosed with coronavirus. Well, she was buried six months ago. 


Shelby County woman who passed away 6 months ago gets letter saying she is COVID-19 positive - / 3 Sept 2020


What I realized they were doing is they are, the hospitals, because they’re getting paid an extra 40 to 50 grand if they put down a patient as being coronavirus positive, eh, especially if they can get them on ventilators, they get all that extra cash.  And more, more if they die of it. I thought, well, they’re going back through the death certificates to try to fudge it and put up the numbers for the hospital.  That’s what they’re doing, eh?  Amazing, eh? 


So anyway, I'll put these articles including the last one I just mentioned. And this one to do with, again, with the flu killing more folk, etc., another article too.  Because this is the agenda for the 21st century, remember, with 2015, 2030, all these different parts of it being parts to be implemented and fulfilled by the time the next one rolls along, you see the different parts of it all split up through the century for the meetings that they have.  When they meet in 2030, they’ll have their meetings and they’ll say, this is what we’ve accomplished, we’re on target with this, this, this and this, and we’re a bit behind here, here and here and so on.  That’s how it’s worked. It's micromanaged, folks, our lives, eh.


The road to madness: How eco-obsessed councils - under cover of Covid - have spent millions of YOUR money to shut roads across Britain


I mentioned this before, I says, the Club of Rome said they are so happy, all the agendas that they couldn't get you to fulfill through sustainability and the climate change could be done under Covid, they said, right.  And they won't allow, and they've got all these articles out from, look at their websites, they boast about it and they're just having a dance with glee about it.  Mind you, they get huge money as well, all these prostitutes that literally sell out their countries and their peoples and they prosper as they do you in deliberately for an ugly, ugly cause.  The Club of Rome said that they were going to force governments not to allow anything to open up that, unless it had sustainability assessments. Meaning, necessary assessments for sustainability, eco-friendly, etc., etc., right.  But they mentioned, the Club of Rome before that yeah, the air is so wonderfully clean now, eh, isn't that wonderful and etc.  Well, there's no traffic on the road, you see.  So, here's the next step…


The road to madness: How eco-obsessed councils - under cover of Covid - have spent millions of YOUR money to shut roads across Britain / 11 Sept 2020


(A: That's only one article of many actually.  Then they give you an example…)


London’s Marylebone Road is even more congested than usual. Seemingly endless lines of cars, taxis, lorries and vans stretch back for at least a couple of miles.


Ever since it was built in the 18th century to catch spillover traffic from busy Oxford Street to the south, this road has been one of the capital’s thoroughfares, a major east-west arterial route.


Until recently, it was a six-lane highway, essential for the huge quantity of vehicles — 80,000 every day — that use it.


Then, some years ago, it went down to four lanes for private vehicles after a bus lane was installed on either side.


And now, in some stretches, it is down to a single lane each way for cars, vans and lorries. Hence the gridlock.


…hardly any cyclists are actually using the new lanes on the Marylebone Road…


(A: They’re bad people, they’re not using the bicycle lanes, eh?)


Why just two lanes? Because London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan (A: [Alan chuckles.]), has taken advantage of emergency government powers — introduced this spring as a result of the pandemic — to install cycle lanes, financed by taxpayers.


(A: Isn't it amazing they use your tax money so's they can, so you get plundered that way, and then a lot of folk obviously can't use bicycles. It writes off all the elderly too, or even middle-aged folk with different problems too, it just writes them all off from participating in life and travel, eh.  But that's the price you pay for sustainability, isn't it?)


Transport for London says this is a ‘temporary measure’ and ‘under review’. But many believe the changes are likely to be permanent — and the capital’s drivers, businesses and local residents are furious, saying the measures are crippling trade and ruining the neighbourhood.


That's one of many, as they introduce the agenda for the 21st century, hm, with its next part 2030, etc.  Not so far off, eh?  And what did they say at the last sustainability meeting, and a lot of countries signed on, to end private cars in the next few years, by 2030. Germany signed on to it too, it was published in the papers.


Another one too, as you and your democracies are there to save you and make sure that you can stay alive, eh? That's another lie.


10pm curfew 'could be introduced across Britain' after move worked in Belgium / 9 Sept 2020


(A: So, I guess if they chop the heads off in Saudi Arabia for certain things and so on, we should do the same in Britain shouldn't we?  Maybe it's already been, I'll have to think back on it, eh?  But there you go, ‘after move worked in Belgium’.  This is the excuse they've used for years, I've noticed it, well they do it in this country so let's try it here.  This is how they do uniformity across the world in everything.  Big agendas, eh. It says…)


It comes after drinkers in Bolton were told to finish their pints before being kicked out of pubs early in an attempt to curtail young people partying, which is thought to have led to a surge in coronavirus cases. 


(A:  I wonder who thought that, eh?  [Alan chuckles.] Can they give us any evidence for their thoughts, hm? So, the government's going to use that too as they cut down.)


…had 120 cases per 100,000 people,


(A: So, I guess they just tested a whole bunch of folk, and you're guaranteed to get a certain percentage with some old decaying dead virus particles in their nostrils from any kind of coronavirus actually, even the common cold. It says…)


 as contact tracing revealed the rise was fuelled by citizens in their 20s and 30s spending time in pubs.


(A: Well that was the British pastime that. I mean, it always was. Mind you, folk used to converse in pubs and that's where you learned real things and often from points of view.  Because you’ll get the standard point of view in the BBC, that always lie to you.  So, folk communicated in bars, that was your meeting place for information.  That's why eventually they put in TVs there and sports, to drown out conversation, folks.  It was all deliberate, years ago. Anyway…)


According to The Daily Telegraph, ministers could extended the "curfew" to the entire country, after the measure had success in Belgium.


A senior Government source told the paper that ministers have discussed the possibility of extending the curfew.


Jeremy Hunt (A: …he should be hunted!), Tory chairman of the Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee, asked the Health Secretary on Tuesday if the Government will look to South Korea and Hong Kong as examples of good practice for stemming an increase in cases and avoiding a second lockdown.


Responding, Mr Hancock (A: Hhhhhhh.) told the Commons: "In some countries, not only in the Far East but also closer to home, they have seen a rise in cases especially among younger people, taken action and that has turned the curve.


(A: Well, no one’s going into hospital with it as being sick, folks.)


It's good that you can get it and not know it because then you get immunity. Otherwise you would get sick, and you wouldn't get over it, hm?!  So, they always give you the cases. They don't say, wait a minute, a month later, they're all fine they've got antibodies and they're over it.  That's what happens.  Hm?  Otherwise they'd be sick in the hospital. But they're not. And that's what's called herd immunity, that's how you GET herd immunity.  That's how you've always got herd immunity in the past.  M-hm.  But facts don't matter when there's a big agenda here, right.


Another article too…


Coronavirus: Households to be banned from meeting each other in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell (A:   Hmmm.) / 11 Sept 2020


The leader of Birmingham City Council said the move comes after an increase in coronavirus-related hospital admissions.


(A: Ooooooooooo.  You see the same propaganda across all the media, you see, oh there’s a spike, a spike happening, getting you ready for a complete lockdown for the entire winter into next year. Isn't it amazing? Fauci said at the beginning, eh, I remember, about February, after he denied the US would even be hit with it or bothered with it.  When he really got going with it, he said, oh yeah, he says, it's going to be total lockdown, life will never be the same again, he said, this will last, a lockdown, right down into next year, at least.  You can take it to the bank, they tell you at the time.  And I says, no, they'll probably give you a month or two in the summer.  Because if they feel there's a kickback from the public, if they're kicking back on it, so they give you a little break, then they'll say, oh it's spiking again.  That's exactly the formula they're following, you know. M-hm.)


The Department of Health order was announced at a news conference by the West Midlands Combined Authority.


COVID-19 infections in Birmingham have been increasing…


(A: It's only, no, it's the testing's been increasing.  [Alan laughing.] Guaranteed. Remember the fellow in Africa, the Prime Minister of the country there [John Magufuli] and he, and it was genuine, he did put in all the samples of these swabs from, he even swabbed fruit, even used motor oil, he did that too, and different things, and sent it all off to the same WHO lab in the country. They all came back positive for Covid.  So, there you go. They just threw the WHO group testing labs out of the country, it's such bogus nonsense. When there's agendas there, what do you think these labs are getting paid to do, folks? Big money, eh?  Please your masters, eh, oh, positive, positive, positive.  So anyway…)


It means people in the city will not be able to mix with any households, indoors or in private gardens, except for those in a support bubble, from Tuesday. (A:  Oh.)


According to NHS Digital data, the latest seven-day rate for Birmingham to 8 September showed 78.2 cases per 100,000 with 892 cases over the period - among the highest in the city since …


…but nobody's in hospitals, you know. Or they'd tell you.  It's just cases, eh.  N-n-n. But again, facts don't matter anymore. You see, this is a very important agenda, you know, they've worked on this for years to get to this step here.  And…


Motorways in England to trial (A:  ...another part falls in with getting you off the road.  It's just coincidence though.)

60mph speed limit (A: This is your highways, your major highways, your motorways.)

in bid to boost air quality / 12 Sept 2020


(A: Again, here's your agenda, you know, get them all of the road, and just fulfilling it all under Covid, eh.  So...)


Four areas of England’s motorway network will have the new limits installed


(A: I love how in the democracies the people are never ever consulted, eh?)


Reduced speed limits of 60mph will be trialled on stretches of motorway to combat air pollution.


(A: Well, this is for the whole country, you know where it’s going, eh, very quickly. They'll give you all this, oh it's a wonderful what's happened. Mind you, if nothing is getting moved or transported, you'll starve to death because it's all brought, traveled by road or rail, hm, diesel.)


… cut from the usual 70mph (A:  …to 60.), will be rolled out in areas identified as exceeding safe nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits. 


(A:  Wow.  [Alan sighs.] There ya go.)


They will be in force 24 hours a day on four 4.5 mile stretches, effective from the end of September, with a review after one year to check if air pollution lowers.


(A: There ya go, eh, there ya go.)


NO2 is released from car exhausts and leads to global warming.


(A:  Oh see, there it is, global warming.  There ya go.  Darn, there's that global warming again.)


Around 40,000 premature deaths each year are linked to poor air.


(A:  Prove it.  Give us the statistics and the facts and stuff, eh.  40,000 exactly. Not 40,001 or 41,000. No, it's 4 0 0 0 0.  There ya go.  That's when you know there's a con taking place.)


“Ultimately the air quality challenge will be solved ‘at the tailpipe’ by vehicle manufacturers and changes in vehicle use.


(A:  Meaning you won't be able to drive at all, eh.)


"Until this happens we will continue our extensive programme of pioneering research and solutions."


(A: Yep.  Hhhhhhh.  And they get the cops to enforce it all eh.)


Other motorway speed changes

(A: They've got a whole bunch of things here too.)


The UK Government has set a target to end conventional car and van sales (A: There you go, you see, you get the combustible engine off the road…) by 2040, and for almost every car and van on the road to be a zero emission vehicle by 2050.


Well, they’ve already signed on to have that all done, again, by 2030 I think some had signed on to it. I'll put these articles up to show you the agendas for sustainability is all underway, folks.


OHIO: Get Ready For COVID-19 FEMA Camps / 7 Sept 2020


(A: That's the Federal Emergency Management Agency.)


Don’t blame Democrats for Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s dystopian partnering with FEMA to set up isolation camps throughout Ohio to fight COVID-19. DeWine is undeterred by multiple court orders striking down parts of his unconstitutional mandates. TN Editor


As our long national nightmare of “15 days to flatten the curve” drags into its sixth (sixth!) month, many of our nation’s governors and bureaucrats are inventing new ways to wield their power.


(A: They’re all getting paid off to do that.  That’s why they’re put there, folks.  They grease the palms. And the ones who hang out, standoff, they standoff and they won’t accept it right off the bat, just get offered higher bribes until they go along with it. That’s how the system works across the world really.)


On August 31, without much fanfare and with almost no news coverage, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Lost His Way) (A: [Alan chuckles.]) ordered Interim Director of Health Lance M. Himes to amend the insidious (and unconstitutional) health order the state’s citizens have been suffering under since March to create what amounts to FEMA camps.


Never mind that deaths and hospitalizations have been on the decline in Ohio since July 1.


Actually, a lot longer, before that, the real deaths and all that. You see, the Covid thing was just flattening off through May, it was going way down, plummeting.  Which is normal for these kind of viruses by the way. Another article too from ZeroHedge


Woodward Book Exposes General James Mattis' Plot To Overthrow The US Government / 10 sept 2020


(A:  I mean, there's no, there's no real disagreement about what went on here, eh.)


According to a pre-release excerpt from the Washington Post Bob Woodward writes about a discussion between General James Mattis and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats about a plot to overthrow the elected government of the United States.


[...] “Mattis quietly went to Washington National Cathedral to pray about his concern for the nation’s fate under Trump’s command and, according to Woodward, told Coats, “There may come a time when we have to take collective action” since Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.” (read more)


It’s got the links there to read more about it and so on. That's from Zero Hedge that article.


These Black Lives Matter riots, you see how they're all led by white youngsters, eh, and some that are not so youngsters either by the way, you know. But as I say, apart, the ones at the top, I have no doubt about it, are the same characters that are run by intelligence agencies. Which also are completely connected with the big tax-free foundations, as you well know. These are part of a massive intelligence network system all these big foundations under charitable causes and so on, huge ones, eh, like the Rockefeller and Ford, Carnegie and many others. They're all connected. They're one big system of intelligent systems. They fund the changes across the world. They fund armies to change things in different directions and systems and so on for their own good. Again, part of the big MEGA group I think, I'm pretty certain all of them are.


The ones who really lead them are using the same tactics.  They're all trained by intelligence sources to do what they're doing. The ones who follow them are just the youngsters who literally [Alan chuckles.] haven't got a clue what really is behind it all, you know. They're just the sheep that Orwell talked about who are always used in riots.  He mentioned that in Animal Farm, eh, four legs good, two legs bad.  Trotsky and Lennon said, we shall win by slogans.  Just short slogans, you know, that's all you hear. They can't just debate anything, they just get a slogan, as though it's a holy, holy term, they just keep repeating it as though it was a holy term, you know, as if it was.


Another article too, a Jesuit, the Jesuits are amazing what's going on here. There's one priest in the States there that his Bishop just disowned him basically, and his bishop is a Jesuit.  But this priest was just giving online talks, I guess it's like Internet's sermons, eh.  He talked about the terrible, that people can't vote for folk who are promoting rioting and the destruction of the church and the destruction of the country, and his Jesuit Bishop I think came down on him for it.  So, the Jesuits are an amazing group, aren't they? They always were. And they were actually, you know, legal at one time.  But they seem to be dominating everything again. It says…


Jesuit-Led Parish (A: Another parish there, it's a different article.) Asks Parishioners to Take Pledge Affirming ‘White Privilege’ Must End / 5 Sept 2020


The pastor of a New York City, Jesuit-led Roman Catholic parish is asking his parishioners to recite a “pledge for racial justice” during Mass that affirms “white privilege and the culture of white supremacy must be dismantled.”


Rev. Kenneth Boller, S.J., pastor of the Church of St. Francis Xavier, asks parishioners to recite the “pledge for racial justice” after communion:


This is disgusting what’s going on in churches. What’s that got to do with churches?  Church is supposed to be for everybody. You don’t start putting people up or down in churches, hm. A bigger agenda is on the go, eh. Big agendas.


Never mind the fact that a lot of the Protestants churches are being funded from overseas.  [Alan chuckles.] They're funding the pastors now. Again, the Bernays technique, don't bother getting the flocks, persuading them individually, just gets the ones who lead them. So these TV evangelists were set up, that's all come out, even from Israel, they've admitted it from Israel when they found out a lot of the money from their own budget was going to these pastors to have them on board to be pro-Israel, so all their flock would be pro-Israel and pro the wars, etc. I'll put these articles up. 


It's just kind of interesting to see how things really work. But it shouldn't be shocking to anybody. I mean, it's the same with lobbying. Every country in the world, if you are a wealthier country, every country that's not as, even ones who are maybe even more wealthy, are there lobbying to get more cash for their countries from YOU, you know, that's what happens.  Because they use your countries like a bank account. Your countries shouldn't be loaning money out even to other nations. I mean, who started this whole system? That didn't used to exist, you know.  [Alan chuckles.] And you are the guarantors, always, to pay off debts from loans that cannot, and they don't expect them to, be paid back.  The folk in your own country, you're put down as guarantors and you end up paying it over and over and over.  Then they give them another loan.  It's a racket, a racket, folks.  It's gangsterism is what it is. It's always under the guise of doing good, isn't it? 


Oh, here's another one. And all the characters are in on the money, getting the money off you.


Long-awaited … (A: ...long-awaited, like we're all waiting breathlessly, eh...)

Long-awaited NHS Covid contact-tracing app will FINALLY launch in England and Wales in two weeks, Department of Health announces - a day after Sturgeon launched it in Scotland / 11 Sept 2020


(A: There you go. So, they've got England, Scotland and Wales apparently, this app here. That's a contact tracing app to launch...)


…launch on September 24…


(A: There you go.  N-n-n.  It's...)


…a 'game changer'…


(A: All these promotional things you'll see in advertising for all the other products, that use the same term, it's a ‘game changer’, eh?)


…would be ready by May, but its rollout was repeatedly delayed because the software struggled to pass trials on the Isle of Wight.


(A:  They always use islands and stuff for these trials, don’t they, eh?)


The app will add to the NHS Test & Trace service which aims to track down people who have been close to those infected with the coronavirus. It will use Bluetooth to keep an anonymous log of everyone each user has been close to, and alert them


(A:  You’re talking about Stasi. I mean, can you imagine the tyrannies in the past, they would DROOL for this kind of power, folks.  And this is it, it’s got nothing to do with Covid.  Hm?  Hm?  NOTHING!)


I've got other articles here, I'll put them all up by the way, the links to them from the sources, which admit that for every person that they're testing positive... And if you have a broken particle, they can't tell you if it's live, dead, or long dead, or if it's from somebody else.  Because your nose, they're always dying off in your nose, all these different viruses.  Always. That's your first level of defense, on ALL the stuff that's out there.  So particles of the DNA will show up as positive. They know this. It's a complete con. A complete and utter con. Right.  But facts have got nothing to do with it. It's a huge agenda, MASSIVE agenda for altering the world and how we live and how we’re ruled, folks.  Post Democratic, eh.  Hm?  So far everyone that says positive, they say they can put down for the computer models another 10 per person probably came in contact with them. It's all made up bogus nonsense.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine trial facing 'challenge' as volunteer suffers suspected serious adverse reaction (A:  Hhhhhhh!) / 9 Sept 2020


Researchers are investigating whether the unexplained illness is linked to the vaccine.


(A:  N-n-n.  Isn’t that amazing, eh? By the way, some of them at Oxford that are in with the big grants also work at Wuhan.  [Alan chuckles.] Just coincidence though, eh?!)


The Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial is facing a "challenge", the health secretary has admitted, after it was put on hold due to a suspected serious adverse reaction in one of its volunteers.


(A: By the way, when you look at all the different studies, 80% of the public are getting bad reactions to it. All different degrees, you see. Well, it wasn’t as bad, he only collapsed once and, you know, he broke out in a sweat, he mumbled a bit of nonsense and, you know, but he’s okay now.  Maybe.  [Alan chuckles.]  But here’s this one here anyway…)


Researchers have paused the trial while they investigate the reaction in one of the participants in the UK, it was announced on Tuesday night.


"… we voluntarily paused vaccination to allow review of safety data," a spokesperson for AstraZeneca - the drugmaker working with Oxford University - said.


They explained it was a "routine action" and that it is speeding up the investigation to minimise any potential impact on the trial's timeline.


All this stuff is untested. It takes 10 years minimum to test it, but they’re going to rush it all through in the one year and give it to you anyway. But here anyway, back on track again.


Oxford coronavirus vaccine trials RESUME - / 12 Sept 2020


I tell you what, I’ll bet you anything they got the poor sod that ended up with the bad, bad reaction, and they probably started it off saying, you know, maybe it was something you ate, what d’you think? Oh no, no, I didn’t really eat anything like that.  Hhhh, you know, we can give you a few more bucks, you know, here, and they offer a sum and they'll say, well, it was probably something you ate or something, eh?  Well, no, no.  Double the price, blah blah blah. And eventually get to the right sum, and, okay, it's probably something I ate, you know.


You think this doesn't go on?  [Alan chuckles.] It happens all the time these kinds of things. When you have millions and billions riding on, of taxpayers’ money riding on private enterprise for big corporations, this is what happens.  They won't tell you what the reaction was, by the way, that's so interesting. That's pretty standard.  But again, other ones too, even the Moderna that had reactions in different people. Remember that other guy ended up in hospital too in the States with something similar, you know, probably similar symptoms.  And that one was willing to go and do it again!   Hhhhhhhhhhhh!  He must've got offered an awful lot of money, or he's desperate.


The World Bank, eh? 


The World Bank Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program and Proposed 25 Projects Under Phase 1 - pdf / 2 Apr 2020


(A:  This is not supposed to be out there I believe.  It was initially just for internal use, but they admit on it that, it says, after consideration is publicly available.  But it's not [Alan chuckles.] widely publicly available I suppose. This goes into, it's quite interesting, when you read it, it's...)




(A: …by the World Bank. It's got all the different guidelines and abbreviations and acronyms there. Which are interesting themselves, because you not supposed to, they don't want you to understand what they're prattling on about. I'll just mention here before I'll go any further what it contains within it, a PDF from the World Bank.)


(A: It talks about all the countries, the money they're getting from other countries to supply the Third World countries through this all Covid idea.  It runs into billions and billions and billions of dollars who say that they're going to pay it back.  A lot of them really haven't had much problem with Covid, however, it's got nothing to do with it.  That's always the way of it, isn't it?  [Alan chuckles.] It's a great excuse regardless. But it does say, and I think it's on page 6, they say that this agenda for preparedness for Covid in the emergency and so on, is going to last up until 2025.)


Expected Project Approval Date:  02 April 2020


Expected Project Closing Date:     31 March 2025


Expected Program Closing Date:  31 March 2025


And that can be renewed of course at the end of it, that's what they always do with the sunset causes, etc. So, you're looking at five years of this minimum, eh.  It will be a completely different world at the end of it obviously because everything is going to change under this whole world system. And that's the point of it, that's the purpose of it with the present loans and so on that they're getting from other countries to give to other countries.  But they're preparing for it up to 2025 before it changes to any other system.   So, you can pretty well take it to the bank, literally, the World Bank, that this Covid idea is to last at least until 2025. Remember, the world is never to be the same again according to Fauci and many others that are in on the big gang at the top that are all profiting from it, and are all part of it actually, in more ways than you'd ever imagine.


It's a good article to go through for those who want to, you know, take time and go through it step by step by step and look at all these different… You see, the World Bank is a strange organization. It's privately owned but it uses other countries' money, which is a...  [Alan chuckles.] it's not really that foreign of an idea, is it, when you look into other ones that started up like that. They've got other countries to sign on for all these grants and loans that they dish out to other countries, after skimming a little off it.  Because it's a private organization, like most things are. Like the Bank for International Settlements is really private. Just like the US Federal Reserve is private as well.  I'll put it up for those that want to go through it. It's interesting.


It does give you more of an idea that this is meant to last for quite a few years, for the agenda, you know, for the whole agenda. Sustainability, they mentioned sustainability and things like that in it as well.  Because all the guys in-the-know are well in...  Well, even that, it wasn't supposed to be given to the public initially, they had to go through sort of different trials and say, well yeah, I guess we've censored enough stuff out of it, we can dish it out now to the public.  Which tells you you're always getting lied to, eh.  There's not a single institution out there that's going to tell you any truth.


Getting back to 9/11, it was the same thing there you know. I thought about it at the time, the head for, at the time, in Britain of the GCHQ, who was also in charge of really the MI6 groups as well, and on all the other… They’re under an umbrella in Britain and have been since the time of Victor Rothschild who was the head of it all then, he was in charge, he eventually became in charge of all the intelligence agencies in Britain.  It's still the same today. But the head of it came out after 9/11 because the US was saying, why didn't anybody tell us? And he came out and said, and I remember, I even recorded it at the time on the radio.  He mentioned it, and it was on an international program.  He said we did tell you, we told you to watch out, something, what was going to happen, that the towers were targeted, yada ya, and it was dismissed, you see.  That did happen.


Other ones did too. People in Israel came out and said the same thing, they all knew this. They said it was impossible in this day and age to keep secrets, electronic secrets from all the chatter.  They've got collecting, collection, you've seen these big, massive golf ball things across Australia and different places.  They're putting them across the Mediterranean now, hm, as well.  Israel is involved with that one as well, in the Mediterranean, eh, on an island there. It collects all the data and there's not a single transmission from any source that they can't capture.  It's been the same from 2001 as well, that's what they said. They said this is impossible, they knew all this was going to happen, that these folks can't keep quiet about it. You'd have to have no cell phones or communications of any electronic devices at all to get together and plan things, never mind not getting seen getting together to even have the planning. [Alan chuckles.] On camera, everything is on camera now.  So, in this day and age you can't stop it.


It's the same thing that you're seeing today with the drugs coming in and all that. They could stop that if they wanted to. There's no intention to.  This is the days of soma, you know, they've legalized certain drugs.  They want the country stoned.  Again, going back to the different articles by the military characters and DARPA and the Pentagon, they talk about these mind-altering techniques that they're using for compliance and so on. Oh, how do you get compliance? Well if you drug folk, they’re generally pretty compliant, you know, you going to argue about this? Nooo, nooo, nooo.  You do what we tell you? Oh sure, okay. Depending on, you know, heavy tranquilizers, no problem.  You'll get some compliance... You won't get any effective work out of them, but you'll certainly get compliance for doing what they're told or behaving in some way or another. Unless they're on the other types, you know, the mix, the cocktail mix of fentanyl and massive amphetamines at the same time or cocaine, then it would take 10 folk to hold them down, if they even understood where they were.


You really think they don't know all about everybody else, including all you out there that are doing the rioting? OF COURSE they do.  And they know who the leaders are, and they won't arrest the leaders because they are all working for the agencies.  [Alan chuckles.]    


If you thought about all of the children that Epstein... It's admitted to Epstein had thousands of young females went through that, this group, this selective system.  And yet they haven't found many of them, have they?  What happened to them? A lot of folk, a lot of these youngsters you know, if they really wisened up and realized what was going on or whatever, or just said no, they wouldn't be allowed to continue if they could point to individuals that are important, you know.  As far as I'm concerned everyone is important. But these are, you know, important people, eh. And we know that Epstein said to some of these women, and they've given testimony that he kept telling them, do you realize how powerful these people are, do you know what would happen if anything came out and blah blah blah...?  They were all warned off.


D'you notice in California they’re allowing another step towards having sex with children, legalizing it?  Where they say that if the person who is having...  This is a step, you see, it's a step, one of the many steps they've taken over the years.  They said that as long as the person who's having sex with the minor is at least 10 years older than them, though not more than 10 years older than the minor…  This is how they're taking it.  Well, then that will get expanded and expanded in two years’ time. You know how it's working. Because that's the agenda, folks.


Did California legislators just vote to protect (gay) adults who have sex with minors? - / 8 Sept 2020


Tom Cotton Leads Lawmakers Calling on DOJ to Investigate Netflix for ‘Peddling Child Pornography’ - / 12 Sept 2020


They said that in 2001, the same year as 9/11 happened when they had that big meeting with the different groups for censor control, they wanted to do away with censorship and so on.  They had professors from Canada and States all attend this world meeting about censorship and anti-censorship, and how far they could go pushing the envelope.  And many of them were actually censors themselves for organizations that work with governments. So, they all attend. They're not there… You think they're there to help you or to save you from...  No, no.  They're there to decide how much to push the envelope to completely destroy society, a la the Frankfurt school techniques, eh.  Everything had to be completely destroyed right down to even when necrophilia in your culture was prevalent, but they said that wouldn't be enough, according to Adorno and Horkheimer at the Frankfurt... Institute as they called it. It's just astonishing.


You're living through all that happening, and folk can't recognize it for what it is.  So yeah, well, it goes on and on, eh, total destruction of everything.  Even the trace or memory of your society has to be eradicated.  You start with statues, you see.  Even the folk who are hauling down the statues don't get it yet [Alan chuckles.]   that they're all getting used for a different agenda.


The road to madness: How eco-obsessed councils - under cover of Covid - have spent millions of YOUR money to shut roads across Britain - / 11 Sept 2020


Because yeah, it's all, it will be cleaner air, but you can't travel anywhere. You can't even get out of your house for a walk by the way, unless you can prove where you're going, like Australia, eh.  Another one too…


Dr. Pam Popper on Impeaching the Governor of Ohio and How Christians Are Being Influenced to Take the Vaccine / 7 Sept 2020


(A:  Again, Bernays said, don't go door-to-door, go to organizations, churches are good, get the preachers and he'll convince the flock to go along with whatever you want.  That's Bernays, and they never change the idea.)


Ohio state representative John Becker led Republicans in drafting ten articles of impeachment against Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, citing the governor’s actions, like implementing a statewide mask mandate, closure of businesses, stay at home orders, and more, as “abuses of power.” According to the Ohio Constitution, the House of Representatives has the sole power of impeachment but requires a majority vote.


Dr. Popper reported that a group of prominent evangelicals are calling on Christians to follow the advice of public health experts, wear masks, get vaccinated and correct misinformation and ‘conspiracy theories’.


(A:  There you go, use the churches for it.)


The pledge was drafted by leaders of BioLogos, the nonprofit organization (A: [Alan chuckles.] Again, they’re all part of the big chain society groups.) founded by Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, (A: [Alan chuckles.] Isn’t that, it’s just a coincidence that…) who is also is Anthony Fauci’s boss.


(A: That’s just coincidence for goodness sake, it’s conspiracy theory.)


Dr. Popper says that while Christians are being recruited by BioLogos, which claims to represent Christian interests, the founder of the organization has accepted funding from the Templeton Foundation that is involved in depopulation efforts in Africa that were initiated by Bill Gates.


This is quite a good little article here.  [Alan chuckles.]  I’ll put that one up too.  Everything sounds so bizarre until you look into it, and you say, my goodness it's true.  You know? I mentioned it before…


Bishop threatens ‘canonical penalties’ for priest whose viral video warned Catholics can’t be Democrats - / 10 Sept 2020


You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period. - / 30 Aug 2020


He’s talking about the rioting and all the rest of it and the destruction of the family and yada, yada, ya.  This is the one that gave the talk online streaming the mass and he said that this is probably his last mass he would give them live streaming because of the incredible hate mail he’s got from all the terrorists in the country, you know.  Yep.  There ya go. And again, I mentioned before his, there's a Jesuit Bishop I think above him that kind of disowned this priest for saying it.


TFMS: Behavioural paper supporting the consensus statement on mass testing, 27 August 2020 / 11 Sept 2020


Supporting paper prepared by the Behavioural Team of the Multidisciplinary Task and Finish Group on Mass Testing (TFMS).


(A:  There ya go.  It says… if you use assisted technology and blah blah blah, they say no it can't be used for that.)


This is a background paper and was not considered at a SAGE meeting.


(A:  …right… okay… SAGE meetings. That was the emergency group that was set up supposedly to con us and manage it all.)


It is a supporting paper for the TFMS consensus statement on mass testing, which was considered at SAGE 53 on 27 August 2020.


It should be viewed in context: the paper was the best assessment of the evidence at the time of writing. The picture is developing rapidly and, as new evidence or data emerges, SAGE updates its advice accordingly.


Therefore, some of the information in this paper may have been superseded and the author’s opinion or conclusion may since have developed.


So, they get into some of this documentation here.  These are the groups, mind you, that tell the media how to terrify the public by exaggerating all the different things they’re told to give to the public and tell the public.  So, I'll give you these links for those that want to get all the data from their own site.  It's interesting to go through it, all these different groups. These are the same groups as I say that told, that gave handouts to all the different journalists and newspaper organizations telling them to exaggerate things, to terrify and really increase the tension and anxiety amongst the public so’s they would conform to all the instructions they were getting.  Obedience, eh. 


Rather than just get a basic, you see, you can't give them the basic truth or we’d all just ignore it because it's just rubbish, you see. So, they have to lie to you because it's a huge agenda here.  Nothing to do with, Covid is the excuse, right.  Operation Moonshot, right. Britain is one of the most bankrupt countries in the world in real-time, real, you know, financial sums and so on.  And it’s all bogus money we’re living on, with anyway by the gang at the top, right…


‘Operation Moonshot’: £100BILLION plan could see entire UK population tested for coronavirus in just a week - / 10 Sept 2020


They're throwing money around like madness, eh, during this whole...  And again, it's all to their panels that run the systems and own all the test swabs and the labs and yada, yada, yada, ya.  N-n-n.  Endless testing, which is complete bogus nonsense. But that doesn't matter.  Np.  Remember what the World Bank said, the program that they're running will continue right now with the borrowing and so on giving it to all these different countries under the Covid crisis to 2025.  Hm?  Are you getting the picture?  And after that time, you'll be living in a different world altogether.  Post not just Democratic, post-consumerist into rationing and all the rest of it, completely managed by experts and electronics managing, watching and following your every move, every thought that you have.


Bill Gates Steered $250 Million to Mainstream Media to Control the Narrative / 8 Sept 2020


(A:  That's just coincidence though.  He's a generous guy. I mean, the media really need that money right now, they would take it, no problem... the prostitutes that they are.)


A Columbia Journalism Review expose revealed that, to control global journalism, Bill Gates steered over $250 million to major news media outlets, including the BBC, NPR, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, the New York Times, Univision, and many more. Gates also funneled unknown sums, via subgrants, to an army of independent fact checkers, including the Poynter Institute and Gannett, to “silence detractors” and to “debunk” charges that Gates has championed biometric chips (implanted contraceptive drugs), vaccine identification ‘tattoos’, satellite video surveillance, and COVID vaccines.


(A:  He paid them all off to cover his behind, hm.)


Bill Gates bought the media, and during the ‘pandemic’, mainstream news outlets have treated Bill Gates as a public health expert, despite his lack of medical training.


A Columbia Journalism Review expose reveals that, to control global journalism, Bill Gates has steered over $250 million to the BBC, NPR, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, the New York Times, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, Center for Investigative Reporting, Pulitzer Center, National Press Foundation, International Center for Journalists, and a host of other groups. To conceal his influence, Gates also funneled unknown sums via subgrants for contracts to other press outlets.


(A: Even though all the stuff to silence detractors and debunk charges, the fact is, MIT came out with the thing that Bill Gates had helped finance the whole idea for the biometric implanted chips and so on, tattoos that is for the vaccines.  N-n-n.)


His press bribes have paid off. During the pandemic, bought and brain-dead news outlets have treated Bill Gates as a public health expert—despite his lack of medical training or regulatory experience.


That’s quite a good article. I’ll put this one up too.  There's so many I could read right through but there's just no time for it all.


Coronavirus Act 2020 - UK - Chapter 7 - pdf


(A: I'll put this one up as well.  It's from the British government I think.)


Emergency registration of health professionals

2 Emergency registration of nurses and other health and care professionals

3 Emergency arrangements concerning medical practitioners: Wales

4 Emergency arrangements concerning medical practitioners: Scotland

5 Emergency registration of and extension of prescribing powers for pharmaceutical chemists: Northern Ireland


Temporary registration of social workers

6 Emergency registration of social workers: England and Wales

7 Temporary registration of social workers: Scotland


(A: It's all these… This is an official, you know, one from the government by the way to these organizations, eh, and these pharmacists, and government departments, medical departments and so on. It's interesting to, again, to waste your life going through all the stuff. [Alan chuckles.] Because there's stacks of it out there. It goes through indemnity, very important here. They know what's going to happen here, right.  And it says that…)


12 Indemnity for health service activity: Scotland


(A: Meaning, whatever effect it has, because they're going to give you all the vaccinations and so on, right.  And they probably won't give you treatments in the hospitals, that'll be another order they'll get probably, you know, stick you on some kind of ventilator or something that kills you.)


13 Indemnity for health and social care activity: Northern Ireland


14 NHS (A: National Health Service.) Continuing Healthcare assessments: England


(A: And it's got other indemnities too, oh yeah, England and Wales, yeah, it's got indemnity for there as well. And let's see…)


 Compensation (A: for emergency volunteers


(A:  That's to probably pay them off to shut up to say what they saw.  [Alan chuckles.] Because why would you pay volunteers, eh?  It's kind of oxymoronic. So, it's giving the emergency registration of different groups as I've said before, where they are going to, literally, it's a commandeering for like a military service, that's what it's like.  But indemnity for anything that's done TO the general public from all these organizations from big Pharma, doctors, nurses, hospitals and so on, whatever happens to you, you can't sue them. They're all getting special...  They're getting away with murder I suppose. Why else would you do this? They've got different disclosures here...)


33 Disapplication etc by Welsh Ministers of DBS provisions

Disclosure: Scotland



30 Suspension of requirement to hold inquest with jury: (A:  Interesting.) England and Wales


31 Suspension of requirement to hold inquest with jury: Northern Ireland


32 Deaths in custody from natural illness: Northern Ireland


(A: ... Deaths in custody from natural illness, is also, they can suspend all these inquests. A lot are going to die here, obviously. This is official stuff from the government, from the crown.)




37 Temporary closure of educational institutions and childcare premises


38 Temporary continuity: education, training and childcare


39 Statutory sick pay


(A: all the different people involved.)



45 NHS pension schemes: suspension of restrictions on return to work: England

and Wales


(A:  Not Wales, they always say Wales, it's Iwales[?], eh?  The same thing for Scotland and Northern Ireland.)


48 Powers to act for the protection of public health


Power to suspend port operations


50 Power to suspend port operations (A:  That's interesting.)


Powers relating to potentially infectious persons


(A: So, there's a whole bunch of these camps you're going to get put into regardless of what you've been...  You've been 20 miles within this person's range, you know, that's maybe infected, eh, so you're going to get shoved into these things. So...)


Powers relating to potentially infectious persons


(A: Potentially, right.)


Powers relating to events, gatherings and premises


(A:  These are all official stuff to be enforced by the law.)


Courts and tribunals: use of video and audio technology


53 Expansion of availability of live links in criminal proceedings


54 Expansion of availability of live links in other criminal hearings


55 Public participation in proceedings conducted by video or audio


56 Live links in magistrates’ court appeals against requirements or restrictions

imposed on a potentially infectious person


57 Use of live links in legal proceedings: Northern Ireland


(A: In other words, if they got you on a video anywhere, after looking at your, because they all got your apps on your phone, already by the way.  They're tracking your phones but through the apps, you see, so they know where you've been and at what times and all the rest of it and who's near you blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  So that also they can lock it in with these, where you've been, with video surveillance at the time. It's all done instantly now. They can punch it in and get the actual cameras that watched you, etc., wherever you happened to be, in collusion with times on your phone for placement.  And here's...)


Postponement of elections, referendums, recall petitions and canvass


(A:  Humph.)


59 Elections and referendums due to be held in England in period after 15 March 2020


(A:  ...and after May...)


60 Postponement of elections due to be held on 7 May 2020


61 Power to postpone certain other elections and referendums


62 Power to postpone a recall petition


63 Power to make supplementary etc provision


(A: they can change it to whatever way they want...)


63 Power to make supplementary etc provision


64 Northern Ireland: timing of canvass and Assembly by-elections


(A:  Wow, this is quite the... [Alan chuckles.] this is quite… This is the top of the page, eh, there's 359 pages here. This is from the crown.  N-n-n.  This is the big one.  N-n-n.  I tell ya.  Whoah, whoah, this is...  This will take you a while to go through this would indeed.  Powers, it's all about powers, powers, powers, powers, you know, there's a whole list of powers to this, powers to that, blah blah blah.  And it's got different chapters in it.)


BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:






(A:  And they start off with…)


1 Meaning of “coronavirus” and related terminology


(1) In this Act— “coronavirus” means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2); “coronavirus disease” means COVID-19 (the official designation of the disease which can be caused by coronavirus).


(2) …contamination, however expressed, is a reference to infection or contamination with coronavirus.


N-n-n.  I-yi-yi.  I tell ya.  This is a whoa, huge document here. Anyway, I'll put this one up too for those that want to get gray hair and maybe live long enough to get a pension at the end of the it maybe, if they ever even have that.


German doctor: COVID-19 vaccine ‘could prove to be the biggest mistake’ / 10 Sept 2020


The first vaccine was developed at the end of the 18th century by English country doctor Edward Jenner. Jenner’s success was so resounding that it remains the blueprint for all vaccination programs to this day. The smallpox vaccine shows the four characteristics that characterize a good vaccine candidate. The disease to be vaccinated against must be so serious that it justifies the vaccination of a large number of people. This is because healthy people who may never come into contact with the pathogen are vaccinated. Therefore, one must be sure that the benefits outweigh the risks with great certainty and by a large margin.


If this is not the case, vaccination constitutes a bodily injury.


(A: So, you must fulfill certain criteria first, you see.)


This precautionary principle, which is expressed in the dictum primum nihil nocere (“first, do no harm”), has been the guiding principle of all medical action for more than 2,000 years. This sensitivity is also the reason why for a long-time vaccine production was exclusively in the hands of the government. The pathogen must also not change.


(A:  …listen, this is important.)


If frequent mutations occur, vaccination is like shooting at a moving target with a fixed gun: you can hit the bull’s eye, but you usually miss.


Thirdly, the pathogen should occur only in humans, because its eradication is possible only if it does not find shelter in animals.


(A: Do you get that there?)


Finally, vaccination should provide long-term and comprehensive protection against the targeted disease.


(A: Then he goes through the usual way of making vaccines…)


Usually, the development of a new vaccine takes six to ten years. First the vaccine must be produced in cell cultures, in chicken eggs or by means of molecular biological processes. However, this production represents only a small part of the overall development. Particularly demanding is the testing, which takes place in a pre-clinical phase in the test tube and in animal experiments, followed by three clinical phases in test subjects.


In the first clinical phase, the tolerability of the vaccine is usually tested on fewer than one hundred people. Questions are answered such as: Does redness or pain occur at the injection site? Does it lead to inflammation? Are there deaths?


If the vaccine survives this phase, which lasts from weeks to months, the second phase will involve up to 1,000 test persons to determine whether the vaccination causes an immune reaction at all. If this is the case and the vaccine does not show any serious side-effects, the third and longest test phase follows.


In most cases, 30,000 to 50,000 test persons are divided into two groups, one of whom receives the new vaccine, the other a placebo. Both groups are then usually exposed to an infection with the target pathogen for four to six years. After this period, it is investigated whether the vaccine group has fewer or at least milder infections than the placebo group. The long-term observation of many people also serves to detect rare, serious side-effects.


It goes on and on and on about how literally this is a politicized virus.  And that it doesn't fill all the different qualifications to even be given it in the first place. Because animals get it too, right, you can pass it back and forth, through all kinds of animals.  There is no guarantee of any long-term immunity.  Even though you're getting immunity, but natural herd immunity from folk just spreading it around without even getting sick, like a lot of viruses.  And they're rushing it through without all this, ALL this massive testing. They want to do like 10 years testing within the same year, hm?  You see?


The one that they're testing out in the States and probably Canada is one that's going to alter your DNA for epithelial cells.  Permanently.  In your body, it's going to alter your cells in your body permanently, into a different type of cell. Huh?!  I don't think so. I'll put this article up. 


Now, Toronto was one of the first cities put down for a smart city, which is all tied in with this whole idea which just happens to be all planned for the Covid thing long before Covid came along, the Internet of Things where they track and trace your every single movement for the rest of your lives.  Which again is being done because of Covid, it's Covid, you see. It's just pure luck that they came up with the idea long before it. So this article goes back to May 26...


Google Canceled Its ‘Smart City’ Plans for Toronto / 26 May 2020


(A: …because some folk realized, some local counselors and all that realized it was a big takeover of an organization. Well, of course it was.  Palms get greased.  Now, the folk who hold out on these things, right, the counselors and that generally just wait for a bigger offer.  That's how all politics works, folks. If you really have a point of view and you're steadfast, you wouldn't alter. But these folk do it all the time. It's because they get bribed, you see, that's what happens.  But this is back in May, and they put down, I remember reading it at the time where they talked about…)


… include autonomous cars, innovative ways to collect rubbish and shared spaces for communities to come together in new ways.


Sidewalk Labs, a sister company to Google, had earmarked disused land in Toronto, Canada for this bold urban experiment, which it hoped would become a model for other cities around the world.


Do you want to be completely owned by the corporate society? or the system that you’re living under today? Completely owned by them? From birth to death? Tracked, traced, the whole bit?  Hm? Again, it all ties in with rationing, doesn't it?  Because you're going into rationing whether you like it or not in a post cash world, eh?  Hm.  I tell ya. 


Multidisciplinary Task and Finish Group on Mass Testing -pdf


Multidisciplinary Task and Finish Group on Mass Testing


Behavioural Considerations


(A:  This is from again the same group around SAGE, and psychological warfare, the department that was subcontracted by them.)


1. Effective mass testing for population case detection of SARS-CoV-2 will require high rates of testing and self-isolation (> 90%), achieved equitably in any targeted population. Outlined below are key elements of any mass testing programme that could go some way towards achieving this.


(A: This goes on and on. Again, you'll be really old and wrinkled by the time you finish all these things to read, you know. But your government agencies and all these thousands of parasitical agencies that jump on board during any crisis, eh, that's why they love crisis and promote crisis because the money is just tossed to them like you wouldn't believe to come up with this rubbish, you know.  Screeds and screens of rubbish, then they hand it to the government politicians that don't know what to do with them except pass them into law.  And you find out the corporations then rule your entire life. That's already here.  Yep. But they all, they've got different fines on it too, and how much fines they give you...)


10. Self-reported ability to self-isolate or quarantine is three times lower in those with incomes less than £20,000 …


(A:  They even, they’ve got it worked out who can afford what, eh, to self-isolate and who can’t, and how much to fine people by and blah, blah, blah if they break their quarantine or whatever it happens to be, even if they’re not really infected, eh.)


Let me see now, remember too, back at it again, remember to send a few bucks my way  Very important to help me tick along here because I have no axe to grind in politics or other... [Alan chuckles.] I just state the nasty world as it really is to those that want to know about it. At least you'll find you don't get depressed with it. You really don't.  You only going to get depressed if you're living as a nervous wreck believing it all and getting terrified by it. If you're not terrified by it, you won't be a nervous wreck.  And you can at least make some decisions to help yourself, and hopefully as I've said before, you've got a few friends, not many, you know.  If you've made five friends in your life, real friends, then you've made a big breakthrough. Because most folk don't really ever get real, you'll get lots of acquaintances, you know... Hysterical psychopaths at parties, you know, you walk in the door and the woman who's holding it, oh hiiii, hiiii, as though you're royalty, and you just walked in.  But I mean, she'll be saying that to every single person, and as soon as she can't use you, that's you, you're out of her head altogether.  That's a hysterical psychopath, attention seeker, you know. That's how most folk, oh I've got so many... No, they don't have friends at all, they've got acquaintances. Like Plato said, you're lucky to get 4 or 5 friends in your entire life.  So, if you even have a couple, just promise to help each other out. Just...  Because times are going to get really, really tough. You've got to make sure you've got the right people, folks who won't crack when pressure is applied. Because occasionally you might have to break some little stupid rule, you know, they've got a whole plethora of rules, an avalanche of rules to come on you, in order for basic survival.  Yep.


An article too about all these safe vaccinations. I've got an article at the beginning about when they met at the World Health Organization for Vaccination Month in 2019 and how they were going to promote all the safe vaccinations and so on. Here's one...


World Health Organization says oral vaccine caused new polio outbreak in Africa / 10 Sept 2020


(A:  That's another one, because they did it before I think in parts of India after the Bill Gates organization went out with the oral vaccine as well with it live.  And now they've got a new type of wild strain of polio that was created in the lab through the vaccines.  Hm, there ya go, how's that?  And they want you to take them, they're safe for you?)


Two young children in Sudan (A:  …that’s too many, I’m sure.) are now paralyzed after vaccinations. (A:  That’s acceptable, would say Bill Gates, you know.)



Organ-harvesting means the cause for life is threatened like never before / 4 Sept 2020


(A:  Good article.)


September 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — “Come on down!” was Bob Barker’s invitation to contestants on The Price is Right, the most popular game show ever to air on network TV. In many ways, the liberal left today resembles a giant rigged game show, with politicians and the mainstream media giving their cronies the “right price.” The Democrats’ 2020 National Convention was a giant pre-taped game show with no substance, no policy, no plans — just platitudes and gaslighting. When Joe Biden said on day one, “We are in a battle for the soul of this nation,” he was right. We are in a battle — with a party that supports killing unborn babies and selling their body parts, encourages mob action, vilifies and demands to defund the police, and labels many citizens “deplorables.”


The Democrat game show is decades long. In the 1970s, politicians and the mainstream media already played to Planned Parenthood and the liberal left. Trying to get a fair shake for the babies was harder than selling ice at the North Pole.


It goes through some of the history of it there too. These are things you've got to look at if you want to, how could you possibly come to any moral conclusion about humanity in itself or what's going to be done to you, when you've already given up, hm, you’re right that folk are special, that ALL life is special, eh?  ...when you've been trained that you're just another lowly animal… in fact, you're lower down the totem pole than most animals…  How you've been trained!  Look at the youngsters today that literally are out rioting and screaming.  This is really despair you're hearing.  Because they've had that brainwashing in from school to the present time. Until they hate themselves and everything else around them. Total despair. I've said before, suicide is despair and anger turned inwards.  Murder is when they turn it outwards.


Now another one too...


The R number and growth rate in the UK / 15 May 2020


(A: This one here is to do with, this is how they work it out for their statistics.)


An R number between 1.0 and 1.2 means that on average every 10 people infected will infect between 10 and 12 other people.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] That’s how they pump up all the numbers, eh.)


I tell ya. And again, the same mantra…


Coronavirus cases soar by 3,497 in the UK in the highest Saturday rise in FOUR MONTHS as SAGE adviser warns nation is on the brink of losing control of outbreak - / 12 Sept 2020


Oh, hhhhhhh, oh my God, I'm breathless just reading it there.  Oh wow, scary stuff, eh.  I guess, remember they got rid of the other guy from, that was put in charge of it, Ferguson, remember, with his massive statistics that were all fudged and so on.  Because it's all done by computerization. The computer will spit out anything you want, so you say, for every person that's going to test positive, just add another 10 to it per person.  It's all bogus. Isn't it?


As I've said before, article after article over the last few months, you're going to get fragments of this in every test that you do in most people. It's present in your nasal system, sinuses, even in your throat, dead particles. Particles of it.  M-hm.  That's what happens when you catch the thing, your system kills it, immediately for most.  It's happening all the time regardless of Covid, long before Covid came along, this particular Covid anyway.  N-n-n.  So, here's the scare tactic because they've got to lock you down into this five-year plan.


And …

SAGE Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies U.K. - gov/uk / 11 Sept 2020


Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, ohhhhhh, there ya go.  That's the SAGE group, eh.  It tells you a bit of what they are.  Again, private bodies. They encompass a lot of psychologists, neuroscientists, and behaviorists, people who are trained to lie, and with better techniques, to persuade you, they're born persuaders, you see.  There ya go.


Antifa Radical Arrested for Arson in Washington State — Was Caught on Highway Live-Streaming on Facebook Before Arrest (Video) - / 10 Sept 2020


N-n-n.  What a fool this guy was, eh?  He actually... [Alan chuckles.] They always think they're such big, like I'm a real hero, I'm burning places down, I'm doing really good for the cause, eh.  He was on Facebook streaming it is he was doing it.  Fftttt.  I-yi. Sweden…


Sweden: The Violence Is "Extremely Serious" / 8 Sept 2020


(A: Extremely serious now, eh.  Well, we saw the masses coming out under the guise of, from different, you know, Africa too.  Also, a lot of people for refugees supposedly from different, all over Africa under the guise of refugees.  Awfully healthy-looking guys. Very fit as well. Well fed, eh.  And flooding into, again, Sweden. Sweden had help too. There's even people in Sweden who did videos on who was helping, they were helping to bring them all in because they wanted to destroy the Swedish people as a Swedish ethnic group, you know. Destroy the homogeneity, one of the women said about it in fact, it's important that it's done, she said. So, here's the outcome of it all too as we all know.)


"The police must ensure that the criminals are arrested and can be prosecuted. The criminals need to disappear from our streets and squares so that no more ruthless crimes are committed... We work intensively, around the clock, despite this, the severe violence continues." — Sweden's National Police Chief Anders Thornberg, August 29, 2020.


Gothenburg's Ali Khan clan (A:  …Ali Khan, see, Ali Khan clan, it’s a clan called Ali Khan, it’s like a mafia group.) has been reported to the police more than 200 times but the police had to close almost all cases because the gang threatens the victims and witnesses to stay silent.


"This weekend, two boys were subjected to terrible atrocities in a cemetery in Solna for an entire night. On Tuesday, a teacher in Gothenburg was kidnapped and beaten after contacting the police. What we now experience almost daily is not normal... Sweden should start by making it a crime to be part of a criminal gang, (A:  You’d think they’d already have that wouldn’t you? Mind you, the governments would have to be included.) in the same way that it should be a crime to be part of a terrorist organization.". — Ulf Kristersson, leader of the opposition Moderate Party, Facebook post, August 27, 2020.


"Unfortunately, there is a grudge against Christian culture among certain groups and the Church of Sweden in Malmö cannot be passive while the Christian cultural heritage is vandalized" — Sweden Democrats Party, August 26, 2020.


(A: That's part of it too.  Everything is deliberate. A lot of it is out in the open, you know.)


"Recently, there have been serious incidents and serious acts of violence linked to criminal networks, in which several people have been murdered and others seriously injured...


"In Stockholm, two people were murdered in the past week, and in Gothenburg, criminal groups have tried to demonstrate power by controlling vehicles entering certain districts.


(A:  You can see that in the States now too, eh?)


Earlier in August, an innocent 12-year-old girl was murdered... [during a gang incident], and in other parts of the country there are conflicts between various criminal networks and other ruthless crime, as well. On Friday night, a violent riot also occurred in Malmö where several police officers were injured..."


(A: It goes on and on and on. Two boys were raped as well…)


…two boys were raped, tortured and nearly buried alive in a cemetery…


(A:  These were what they call…)


… "humiliation crimes"…


(A:  They rape boys and then they bury them up to their necks and so on. That's something that came out of, you know, different countries far away.  M-hm.  It's meant to show the power of the perpetrators and the gangs.  And these are the milder cases by the way.)


In the riot that took place in Malmö on August 28, an estimated 300 people burned car tires, shot fireworks and threw stones at the police. The riot occurred close to Rosengård, a so-called "vulnerable area", populated mainly by immigrants. Video footage posted to social media showed the rioters shouting "Allahu Akbar" … (A:  …and so on and so on.)


Well, Sweden was socialist a long time ago, and partly maybe effeminized, like a lot of countries.  Meaning, the men were literally trained from school onwards, you know, as boys, not to get involved in fights, don't fight back, just shut up, etc. And literally, this is 20 years later or 25 years later and here's the outcome a lot of it. You know that too. We all know that.  Of course, we do. That was part of the agenda.


You're living through a long-term plan, eh.  How do you get to this stage?  Well, by the time we bring these people in, and that will cause, and we'll give them the power to go ahead and do what they want, we'll have really eliminated any opposition in the male.  It's long-term strategies, folks.  Wartime, they’re wartime strategies, I hope you understand that. They're actually taught in military schools long-term planning, for long-term enemies, how to take them down.


Australian health execs, politicians float travel bans, tax penalties for COVID vaccine refusers - / 20 Aug 2020


I'll put some videos up too. You'll hear this head of the police in, was it Melbourne?  I'll put it up regardless, it's on YouTube anyway and it's Australia, laying down the law like some real, you know, like martial law type...  I call him, his name is Patton, so I call him General Patton.  


General Patton - Vic Police forced to smash car windows over non-compliance - / 3 Aug 2020


You should hear this guy. This guy literally, he'd fit right into the part, because there's no question of anything about his authority and how, what he's going to put into law, well it is actually into law but he's going to really make it all happen and have no… be utterly ruthless with that all, etc., etc., etc. AMAZING stuff.  You got to see it.  And enjoy it. I've got a few YouTube's I’ll put up there by the way.




Australian health execs, politicians float travel bans, tax penalties for COVID vaccine refusers / 20 Aug 2020


Australia’s second most senior medical officer has said that denying those who refuse a coronavirus vaccine the ability to go into restaurants, travel internationally, and catch public transport will be discussed by the government.


(A:  So here they go step-by-step until you'll be forced to comply. You live in a democracy, but you've got no option, you see. Oh, we’re not going to force you, you just have to stay at home all the time and starve to death, hm.)


“I suspect the majority of Australians will get vaccinated and then there will be a strong public view that those who choose not to get vaccinated, need to, there needs to be some sort of incentive stick perhaps, (A:  STICK, eh?) through the current programs including No Jab No Pay, to make that happen,” Coatsworth said.


(A:  So, you're not going to get a paycheck if you don't comply.  N-n-n.)


Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nick Coatsworth


(A: Whoah, whoah, whoah, eh?  You talk about North Korea.  Aaaachhh, ha, ha.  [Alan laughing.] N-n-n. Then of course this Prime Minister…)


Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the previous 24 hours first said that a coronavirus vaccine will be made “as mandatory as you can possibly make it” before quickly walking back the comments somewhat and saying that the vaccine “is not going to be compulsory” and that “we can’t hold someone down and make them take it.”


You see, there’s your, there is your thing in democracy, let’s make it impossible to live without it, with what they want you to do, right, we’re not forcing you, you just can’t go anywhere.


This is totalitarianism and utter tyranny. And it's for the rest of your life, folks. This Covid thing is an excuse for a whole reset program from the World Economic Forum. For total reset, not just a financial but a completely new way of living, or existing, I would say existing.




Teacher worries parents will overhear what he’s actually teaching their kids in virtual classroom / 10 Augn 2020


(A:  Now that they’ve got them at home a lot of them are doing it on their computers their schooling.)


Meet Matthew R. Kay, a teacher at Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy who’s been accused of trying to indoctrinate his students in left-wing thought.


(A: Well, they all get that total indoctrination.)


Kay came to the public’s attention Saturday when he posted viral tweets warning his followers that the virtual classrooms slated for this school season will allow “potential spectators,” including parents, to overhear what their kids are learning.


(A: Hhhhh, can’t have that, eh?  So, they’ve got things like…)


… “equity/inclusion work,” i.e., their alleged indoctrination of schoolchildren.


You know, on gender identity, things like that, you know, the encouragement they get to try all this new stuff, you see, that their parents are just too old-fashioned and contaminated to understand, they're contaminated with old ideas, you see. That’s standard Marxist philosophy.


Wealthy NYC college student, 20, is among eight arrested for 'causing $100,000 worth of damage to businesses in Manhattan during BLM rampage' / 6 Sept 2020


Clara Kraebber, 20


(A: 20 years old.  N-n-n.  So yep, it says...)


Kraebber, a student at Rice, is daughter of Upper East Side architect


Wealthy NYC College Student Arrested at BLM Riots After Causing "$100,000 in Damages" to Manhattan Businesses - / 6 Sept 2020


There ya go.  And I think her dad was a psychiatrist as well.  So, there's the outcome of psychiatry and liberalism, which is mainly Freudian liberalism, eh, for the same progressive agenda.  [Alan chuckles.] Really, folk don't know that either. Total war for a long time and the folk don't even know it's been a war. And it still going on.  And...


“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election - / 3 Sept 2020


There you go. Yep.  Then you've got all the fires on the west coast and in Oregon and all this kind of thing going on at the same time. Quite amazing all the stuff that's happening at the same time. I remember, I keep thinking back, and it will be, oh, conspiracy theory, because folk have already mentioned it.  Some Antifa guys have been accused, without the proof they say, of starting fires. That's what they're doing in the cities for goodness sake, hm.  Standard technique of the revolution is always to set everything on fire. You can look at the old, old stuff going back to the Bolsheviks in the early Russian revolution. You see them going through the streets setting fire to everything. That's the standard thing they do, terrify the people into submission.  That's what it's meant to do. And to make them think there's no law and order, so that when they present their leaders, you accept them dumbly without question. That's how it's done. All been done before. It's all tried techniques. There's nothing new in it at all.  Away they go, and the folk just don't quite get it, do they?  N-n-n. 


And this one here is to do with, oh yeah, I mentioned before about when they did the 2019 WHO…


World Immunization Week – 2019

“Protected together, #VaccinesWork,” World Immunization Week 2019


(A:  They tell you the…)

…three key groups of people who are vital to ensuring everyone is protected against vaccine-preventable diseases…


Now, there’s a video up too, remember, where they actually mentioned, amongst themselves, luckily a lot of folk copied it before it was pulled. They actually admit all the different doctors that took part in the panels and that, they didn't have much experience either and training about vaccines. They get like the last day in training, it's like maybe half of the day is given to vaccinations. They just take for granted it's all good and it works and so on, but they know very little about it.  This goes on to this day, you know, the same training where they don't know. But they're told to tell you it's all good for you. By whom? By the vaccine manufacturers.  That's where it all comes from.


So, they go through this, this was their lineup getting you all ready for the coming vaccinations and World Immunization Week 2019.  It doesn't give any data, it just tells you to convince the public to accept that it's good for them, blah blah blah.  Very childlike little slogans and so on.  But it doesn't go through, here's how to explain and show them that it is good for you and how it really works, it's not there.  They don't give you the facts, do they? It's just standard propaganda like any other advertising, isn't it?  And you’re not treated like a human being, a sentient human being by giving the facts, you know, informed consent.  It's good for you isn't good enough.  Sorry.  [Alan chuckles.] There ya go.


So, I've rushed through all this stuff tonight again, or this today.  It's been pouring rain, like torrents of it all this time as well. This is the stuff as I say that generally would come across even the Pacific and hits the West Coast. But there are certain things I noticed in the past, even back in the 90s when suddenly you'd have a change in the Jetstream and it would go straight up the West Coast, like a straight line, vertical, straight up.  It would hit the shore of California pretty well, the coastline, and go straight up in a straight line up into British Columbia, and then turn at a right angle and go right across the country.  [Alan chuckles.] You don't get that in nature, folks, you know, it just doesn't happen in straight lines. But it does now, you know, occasionally.


There you go, weather modification, eh?  Oh, it's a conspiracy theory.  Well, here's all the stuff they've admitted to and programs from universities and the characters and so on.  Oh, that's still a conspiracy theory, yeah.  Yep, there ya go.  They'd never do that.  [Alan chuckles.] They'd never use it would they?


Well here I go; I'm prattling on again as usual. But once again don't give up folks. You're going to live through it, whether you like it or not, we're going to live through this.  Let's hope you will like getting through it and it won't be...  If you just give up and say yes to everything to comply, you're done for, as far as any society, I don't care which country it is, you're completely done for.


The eradication of what used to be called the more advanced nations by a dominant minority that have nothing in common with you, that run it all. Really.  That's really what it is, worldwide.  They'll have their total world domination and true rulers of the planet.  And to get there you must all comply to be wimps.  And you've all been trained never to say no.  It's not polite, no is a bad word, it's a negative word, you see, be positive, always say yes. That's what the salesmen are taught to train you to say.  It's a nice day. Yes. Oh, it's a beautiful sky. Yes. That's a lovely carpet you've got there.  Yes. Here's lovely machine.  Yes.  You see, as soon as you start saying yes you can't stop saying it. So, you've got to learn to say NO.  No.  No.  No. 


And don't let people start sticking things into you. When they've already told you, Bill Gates, what, 700,000 folk worldwide will probably die as a side effect of this thing... That's okay? That's acceptable? Then you've got how many folks are going to get crippled with it?  Hm? 


And you probably won’t die off the bat anyway. You won't die until you hit an actual coronavirus, and then your body will go into overdrive and your immune system will go into utter overdrive, and it will kill you. That's quite common by the way after certain vaccinations. I won't even repeat them again ad nauseum, but I've given all the articles up there, from their own sites, the professional sites, the manufacturer admitting and even the government warning you at certain times not to take the flu shot because of a particular virus that's out that year, if you had the flu shot your body will go into overdrive and kill you.  That's not conspiracy. This is stuff from the governments and Canada did it a few years ago and the Department of Defense as well. All these articles I put up and lots of folk have grabbed it and put it all over the planet all this information. And it's good to see it going, you know, it really is.


But as I say, don't give up.  Learn to say no. It's not a negative word at all. It's called a self-survival mechanism by saying no. It's an important word to have. Can I take your food off you? No. Can I take your clothing off you? No. Etc. etc. It's a natural response.  You've been trained it's a bad word.  Who trained you not to, don't say no, be nice and congenial… Okay, yeah, okay sure. 


Don't say that, say NO. No. No.  Just like that. Practice it every day. Say it at least 20 times a day, eh.  To yourself even. That's how you get started. Because you can keep... This is the biggest hoax in history, one of the biggest hoaxes in history. Other things have caused world wars, some of them.  But this is a BIG HOAX for total control over every, everything, everything in your life.  Everything.


And stop putting all your stuff up there and ticking off boxes, likes, dislikes, to get yourself profiled. Stop doing it.  Have some, have SOME self-respect for yourself, eh.  Stop giving away all the data so they can analyze you and then they know exactly how to make you conform to anything that they want you to conform to.  Ffft.  Sad, eh?  Send a few bucks my way. Important. Help me tick along. Buy the books and discs or straight donations are great. Because we're going, this is hell, this is hell.  But it's history we're going through, it's real history.  It's as big as any world war. Probably bigger actually.  Because this one is for, literally for the entire planet's control by a tiny few at the top. Lots of little circles and helpers in academia on board with it, but it's still really a minority, a dominant minority.


Step-by-step you've got to start regaining your self-respect, start with your self-respect, and respect for other people who also say no, and other folk who get offended by what's being done to them.


But take care of yourselves and have a few friends at least. Not many as I say. You will get real true friends that will stick by you. But even a couple is darn good.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where I'm getting all the rain that should be falling on the West Coast over yonder, I'm getting it over here in Ontario as the Jetstream dumps it all on me.  It's like torrential rains.  It's very similar actually to tropics, you know, you get the tropics in the rainy season.  This is when we get it where I am is this month, until often you're walking in the mud until the snow eventually sets in pretty soon.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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