Sept. 27, 2020 (#1795)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

"The NGO Philanthropix Industrial Complex,

Institutions Funding Colour Revolutions,

Gods of Babylon Tower Usurping All Power,

Tyrannical Science being Used to Silence,

All that's Wholesome Hated as Loathsome,

Sensing the Coming of Camouflaged Culling,

The World Becomes Golgotha, Place of Skull."

© Alan Watt Sept. 27, 2020

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 27, 2020 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 27, 2020. I should really start by reminding you to take a list of all the sites I have, my official sites. You'll find them on the webpage there. These are my official sites. Because last week when I was, [Alan chuckles.], I uploaded my stuff and the company that provides websites, you know, you buy from them the space, they went down. The first time. It was down for a good part of the Monday then they came back on again.  I looked and looked and looked to find out if they had been hacked or whatever and I couldn't find anything in the media. But on the phone to the company, and it was all pleasant and everything else, they said that multiple memory banks had gone down. So, storage banks, I guess. So, I really don't know what happened or if it was just me or whatever. Because we're living in an age now remember where intense censorship is going on.  And no company wants to get blamed for participating in censoring and going along with government commands and so on. It's really hints, you know. 


Today this censorship is to do with all providers for instance, and Facebook is famous for it, that's why part of the reason it was created in the first place to come to a stage where they could eventually censor you. Once enough of you were on it and took it as part of a necessary program, they start censoring you. It was planned that way. The same with YouTube. That's why they gave you years and years of free stuff on YouTube and eventually you see the real purpose of it, and the Alphabet group that it belongs group. That's really what the Internet is about, it's perpetual reeducation of the general public across the planet. 


But anyway, go into, and I really mean it because eventually this might happen, this might keep happening until there's nothing left. Maybe one by one they’ll go down.  But hopefully as long as I can still tick a long, I'll be able to get something up on one of my sites. So, you'll see my official sites listed, make a note of them and save them because you probably will end up using them again, I'm sure. If I'm not on the on Mondays or whatever look into the other sites and hopefully I've managed to get my talks up on the other servers. That's how it's happening. So yeah, that was [Alan chuckles.] last week.  And also, the time it takes me through the actual provider of the actual Internet, not just the ones who do the web hosting sites and so on, honestly, it would be faster to use dialup to put my talks up on the Sundays. It crawls. It just crawls.  And it cannot be just coincidental obviously. It's not like I'm putting up multi gigabytes or anything like that. 


But that's, the games that go on, are always, are perpetual, you know. And it will get worse as we go through the different stages of lockdown, and along with the lockdown, censorship. Because they have increasing five stages of censorship, as we go up into the supposed Covid crisis idea according to the Event 201.  They've got them all color-coded again with all the stuff you learned on the old Star Trek movies starting at yellow alert and all that all the way up.


Again, go into By the way when you're there, remember, throw a few bucks my way. You'll see how to do it. PayPal is fine. Cash is fine. Check is okay. Money Gram can be used as well.  That helps me tick along as I say and keep my sites. Because it costs money, all this costs money and it's not like I was selling anything like T-shirts or mugs or politics. I'm just telling how the world really is, and maybe from understanding it you'll be able to understand how you can help yourself and save yourself, or even your friends and families and so on. Because we're going through an incredible war. This is only part of a very, very long-term war, and you've been living in a good part of it since you were born, so are your parents. Long term agendas.


But right now, they're stepping it up with all the cons out there and yeah, the very few... You understand, I, even with the political schemes and so on that go on, I'm very skeptical. I think many of them are really just playing their parts as actors. Because the overall agenda, the strategy in the dialectic is to get the synthesis out of the two.  The thesis, and its counter and antithesis, the two sides of whatever, of every side of every story, two sides, and then their resulting synthesis from the arguments that are fighting about what goes on.  Then it starts all over again using the synthesis as the new thesis, you see. That's Trotskyism as well. That's Marxism and Trotskyism, for those who don't understand that. It works very, very well for those who control it all. Because you're in a game, a big, massive game on the general public of the planet.


Before we've seen it. We've seen, oh, decades of, especially in the US, the same in Britain too really, where you can't tell the difference really between the parties when they’re in. Because they're all… they're all being vetted by the same authorities to get in in the first place, all the leaders. They're all members of the CFR or in Britain the RIIA.  The same in Australia and New Zealand.  India as well.  So, you're living through a prefixed and preordained agenda, including elections. And when you vote for people to come in, a new party to come in, it's not because that you really believe in them.  It's that you've just lost faith in the one you voted in the last time, as the same old, same old has happened and the same old wars continue or are revamped, and the same funding goes into everything from the taxpayer to pay for it all. And you never get anything out of these wars. Most folk can't figure out why you have them in the first place. They can't even give you half decent lies for propaganda to justify the wars. Because they're not for you, obviously. You have to pay for it all and supply the material and the bodies that come home in the body bags sometimes.


So, you're in a big, big agenda. So, I don't fall, you know, for politics.  I don't believe either that you vote for the lesser of the two evils. If they're evil, they're evil, and you're not going to win. It's not going to benefit you anyway. So the lesser of the two evils, it's an old strategy that's used by those who really control everything, to paint one really awful and the other one as pretty well bad but, and he'll do this, this and this but at least you might get that out of it, that's how you fall for these things.  That's not what politics is supposedly about at all.


Apart from that you're run by massive, massive organizations, the tax-exempt foundations.  Again, you have to go back into a lot of the origins of them, back into the 19th century as well and even before that. Even under Weishaupt by the way, in his day, he wasn't the first one to do it. He talked about how they would take over the nations by... the democ... well, a form of democracy, but really through think tanks he says, you know, and foundations, charitable foundations. Who's going to complain about charity? Oh, it's for this and this, and you'll believe it, oh that's nice. You have no idea what's really going on.


You see the massive funding they collect, and it's tax-free. These big foundations can invest across the world and still claim it's tax-free, when they bring in billions of dollars a year. Well, how can any democracy function when certain people have armies within your country all funded by these certain peoples, you know?  All published, and you know it's all public too. You can't mention some of them because you're cut off immediately. It's forbidden, or verboten as Newt Gingrich said.  He was cut off in the middle of a talk on Fox News because he mentioned a name which you can't mention. Even though it's all verified as factual, you know, you can look it up, and you can look up the society that he runs and dishes out all this money to these different groups. Some of them are classed as terrorist groups across the world, color revolutions and so on, the CIA, it's all one organization obviously running everything.


But the thing is, yeah, the big foundations really gave out a lot of information many, many years ago. I'd say as far back as Weishaupt and then later. I think even in the 19th century Gilbert and Sullivan in one of their operas there, comic operas had a song in it about the philanthropist, you know, a nosy busybody trying to get in and get money off everyone, and he knew everything about everybody too. It was almost like a little hint or a wink at blackmail if they didn't comply and donate cash to the causes that he planned.


So, this is an old idea. When you find the people that they set up as front people, and this is how it's really done, people are set up as fronts for companies and organizations. They might be real companies, massive companies that are set up, but you'll never get to the bottom of who really owns them. Even the CIA owns some huge, massive real corporations and so does obviously the groups behind London, the City of London as well, and behind MI6 and MI5.


Because that's the real system you're living under. It's a very private system. Owned by very old organizations.  They bring in some new ones as they go along.  Some of them change their names like a chameleon as they go along to throw the folk off. If they get a bad name on something, they can apparently close down, but they'll reemerge under a different name, you see. That's how it's really done. 


They give you the front people, the self-made people. You know, the sudden whiz kids and things like that that you all believe all this guff that they give you to believe in to give legitimacy to the lie of who they really are. But they're well-paid.  For the rest of their lives too they're worth taking care of and they'll be the fronts for one big organization generally. But they really are…


Just like Epstein, Epstein was a front man. You know, he was just, do you really believe he was just a horny guy, hm, with a lot of money? Do you really believe that absolute nonsense?  And how quickly this died off? They didn't go into his handler above him too, very taboo, and arrangements had to be made with the CIA and governments to hush it all up, etc. That's what they do. They launch people and they make them stars in a certain field and they're really there for different purposes.


You'll find as I say that Facebook is an obvious one, and other ones before it too. And definitely, I can remember the head of Google many years ago talking about working with GCHQ in Britain for instance. Well of course, it's because they're an arm of it, really. Or they're a PART of the intelligence system, and the intelligence.  And they're part of the massive economic system because lots of information came out years later, over the years actually, which was inevitable too with what they did to begin with. Which was, they're way ahead of investments. They get all the data of communications about investments, and they make sure, they can actually sway investments that way too, who's going to crash, who's going to rise, etc. It's just soo corrupt, you know.


But you're supposed to believe in it all, is aboveboard and your governments are aboveboard. But who can really believe that in this day and age?  Hm?  Does anybody really believe it?  Hm?  I mean, does anybody really think that even just the people actually run their, like an individual, like Boris Johnson runs the country? Do you really believe that? Or even Donald Trump running the US, you really believe that, one guy? Hhhch.  The deep state isn't just the one, the swamp draining, it's above and below and to the side of them. That's how the things really are. Most of it's illusion, you know.


But the big foundations, I've mentioned it before, where at least the US did make an attempt in the 1950s, and actually earlier too but in the 1950s it think it was, they had Norman Dodd go around the foundations with like a commission, the Reese Commission to find out why these foundations in the US, the branches inside the US with the Ford, they got the Carnegie and Rockefeller, etc., why they were funding would seem to be the radical left that was wanting to tear America down. So here were the richest people at the top who began these foundations, again, from people like the Rockefeller family, you know, who meant again, to take over all resources.  It's still on the go yet, the same organization. Not just them but it's a huge, the huge organization too which they were a part of, they're still on the go, take all the resources over and bring society into workable size for function and purpose. It hasn't stopped, it's still on the go today, just the same kind of thing.


So anyway, again, you can look up Norman Dodd and his interviews on, his surprise and shock when he talked to some of the heads of these philanthropic organizations. I think it was the Ford Foundation, that wasn't run by Ford at that time either, it was afterwards, and that's how quickly they had taken over, by the same group I think that ran maybe the Rockefeller foundation, by then. But anyway, the head, whoever it was, I might be wrong on the last part, but I know it was taken over eventually by a group that already ran other huge foundations. The head of the Ford one told him, he says, our purpose, or, part of our purpose, not the whole thing, right, was to change society and education so dramatically inside America and the West that they could eventually merge seamlessly and quietly, easily, the system of the Soviet Union with that of the American kind of free capitalist type society. And by that I don't mean the capitalists at the top that run the whole money system. I'm talking about the people, the middle classes, and who ran the economies and were the managers of economies and businesses and factories and all that.


So, merge it seamlessly. But primarily through changing education. Well, look at it today.  If you haven't figured it out, it's still on the go. It wasn't banned because he mentioned it. And they didn't destroy the foundations, they continued as they had done before, but some of them were more honest in what they were up to.  It was known then, it was so evident then they were funding what appeared to be communist organizations.  Well, in the 1960s you had people, um, [Alan chuckles.], we'll say communist, but they were blowing up places across America, mainly in New York and Washington DC., you had the Weather Underground and different front names.  Again, they're all names, aren't they? Again, now you've got one of the women who are now in charge, she's in charge of the money coming in, by again a person we can't mention, [Alan chuckles.] to fund BLM, which their own leader mentioned, says it's communist, or they're Marxist, trained, trained Marxists and so on.


So, nothing was done the previous time, as I’ve said.  Norman Dodd talked about it.   The old video is still out there if you want to look it up on YouTube or somewhere. It's worth going through and listening to.  Because it's easy enough to speak about things of the past but at least you have some visual representation of the people involved, or even an audio, then it really adds credence to it, you see. 


A lot of these things now that are disappearing rather, in fact in real time a lot of things are disappearing. You've probably been, those who are really into investigative work will notice that when you're on a certain, and a lot of the stuff you can't publish that you find. Really, it's not safe.  It really isn't safe. In this day and age, and this world, it's not safe. Accidents happen all the time. The pros don't go into the streets to kill folk. The pros, the real pros make accidents happen all the time, or sudden illnesses. 


I always remember James Goldsmith in Britain who was a robber baron, you know.  He was one of the robber barons during that phase where they were plundering businesses by going in the back door and buying up shares in family businesses and then destroying the businesses from within by selling off lots of the assets, saying, stripping it and making it more efficient.  But they sold off all the people and laid off or fired the guys who really helped keep it going, the older folk, you see, that kept it going, that knew all the ins and ropes and how things worked and so on. Most of them would fall flat after they were sold off again. But he was one of them, he was a corporate raider at the time. He belonged to some of the big clubs in London that you'd find aristocrats often would almost sell their whole fortune off, or give it away, [Alan chuckles.] in gambling debts and so on. He was part of these particular groups. A high roller.


But he did come out in talks and came out AGAINST the European Union.  He tried to, he wrote a book too, a very good book on it. He tried to get folk to pull out long before Nigel Farage came along. He came over to the States and he explained in really good eloquent detail why they shouldn't go into this free-trade deal with America, the US and Canada, and the one they were setting up at the time with China. Because he says, it will strip you of all your work, there'll be no work for anybody left at home, which is true. And your economies will eventually plummet, you know, and that's exactly where we are with service economies, you see. 


But it didn't matter. There was a video up there of him too in an audio where he talked to the U.S. Senate. It was awfully good, really well done. He put his case across very well.  He didn't fabricate anything or go overboard with imagination. He stated the facts as they were at the time. And it's all come true.  But anyway, after he did all that, he was diagnosed with a cancer, prostate cancer, and within a week of the diagnosis I think he was dead. Favorite technique to be used actually, that. Yeah, accidents happen all the time. You can't tell the people a lot of the things that you find out anymore.


I can remember back in the 90s where there were people in Australia, again organizations, private organizations, some of them were religions. And folk immediately switch, oh, that's terrible. Well, good for you, you know, good, turn a blind eye. Because in the business of knowledge you've got a look at everything. Everything.  You'll find that the people who are really acutely aware of what was happening in the US and elsewhere were religious organizations. Because they had a reason to at least look and watch and dissect and try to put things together as to why things were happening. 


Most of the public, and in most ages throughout the 20th century for instance, apart from the wars and so on, most of them really were fed nonsense by the television. Both in the news and entertainment, that's how they were just lullabied into sleep, into oblivion, and kept rather docile.  But definitely kept ignorant of the big picture, there's no doubt about it. Even the better documentaries and the better investigations that were, like Mike Wallace talks where’d he ask direct questions, they gave you fake ones later on with the ones like Tom Brokaw and so on that came out later.  Brokaw and other ones and 60 Minutes teams were watered down, almost like-a, like-a, I call it like-a Wallace interview, but not quite the same at all. So, you'd have the, immediately, we're the hard-nosed journalists, we're going to find out. But really, the topics they picked were really trivial when you look back at it today and where they were going with it.  Rather than look at the big, big picture as the big organizations were altering culture purposely and so on, like the early Wallace ones were doing.


But in Australia there are religious organizations, some of them had been, had worked, some of the people had worked with intelligence communities, and they had tremendous information on even Pierre Trudeau of Canada [Alan chuckles.] and his background, it came out verified as well. Some of them too were journalists. One of them actually said that about the coming national ID system due to some national emergency which would arise. Now this was before 9/11, remember, before Covid. And before the whole idea of pushing a national ID for everybody, or international even.  He said that some big buildings had been built across Australia in the big cities, on the outskirts generally, but they were actually owned by the post office. But you didn't go in there to post letters, and it wasn't a sorting office. These places were actually to do with information gathering about the individuals, and also, they would be used eventually, eventually for national IDs. Well it was supercomputer systems they were setting up at the time.  Canada did the same thing with super Cray computers, huge buildings to cool these huge computers. Now I think Canada was buying about three or four, maybe up to five of them. One of them could run all of the Americas, the supercomputer, so it's never been explained why they needed all these ones. Australia was doing the same kind of thing.


The journalist in Australia, a well-known one said that, he says, I get the occasional envelope dropped off, brown paper envelope dropped off on my doorstep.  So that's how things generally happen. Or generally used to happen. Today I think there’s been more, more informers, because the ones who are watched the most are those who have the most to tell you, [Alan chuckles.]  in governments or agencies and so on. That's why they're paid so much, that generally buys their silence.  They're quite happy with that arrangement, rather than do the decent thing and tell the general public whom they pretend, pretend to serve.


You don't live in a nice, wonderful system. You live in a system purposely designed to keep you ignorant, to keep you fearful now, of course, that's part of it too. When you're fearful you can't think straight, you can't make logical decisions.  You'll panic in the panic stage.  And the overkill and the overdrive, psychic driving repetition every day in the news with Fauci and the rest of them, has been really, these characters should all be up on charges as crimes against humanity.


Those who crashed economies planned it in advance obviously. This is a fact, they planned it all in advance. Well, do you think they didn't know what would happen if you close down all industry and all economy? Well, eventually you have, who benefits here? Well, the ones who control it all benefit. The World Bank benefits.  Hm?  Where do you think all the supposed money is coming from? It's all fake. It's all run by a gang of crooks, who they just make it up and put it into computer so many, whatever number they want. Who's checking them? Nobody's checking them.


And your government is quite, well thank goodness, we're getting another so many billion this week off so-and-so. We have to pay it back, mind you, off taxes.  Well, you're bought and paid for. You're slaves, folks.  This is part of it. You're not going to get out of this. And they can keep this money racket going again forever. You haven't paid off the debt yet, you're still paying off the debt I think in some countries for World War I and II, they haven't been quite finished. How can you…? You see, with compound interest you can't ever pay it, that's why it's designed that way.  Hm? And as you're paying off all these debts, they give you another crisis, then you borrow again, then that's added to the debt and added and added, never ending debt.


So yeah, the characters who planned all this, and who are still in the planning phase of it all because it's not, it's developing all the time.  Oh, they're catching on to this, but how can we...?  Oh, step up the testing and say there's thousands and millions of new cases across the planet. Well, the testing's so bogus you're going to find, you've already found it with the president of, was it, Tanzania in Africa [John Magufuli].  He tested all kinds, including fruit, and that all came back positive.  Hm.  By the World Health Organization lab that did the testing in his country. He kicked them all out, thank goodness.


But crimes against humanity. Planned.  For something really, where the characters, where the perpetrators, their names come up, and the vaccine companies involved with them, their names come up with all their planned projections.  Oh, if a disease broke out, Event 201 and even Lockstep back in 2010 with the Rockefeller foundation.  Y’know, they've following the exact scripts of their supposed tests, step-by-step. And then you have the World Economic Forum, to which these giants all belong to, hm, talking about the global reset of the whole new way of living, or existing, and bringing in all the sustainability agendas that they couldn't get the public to accept through the climate change agreements. Well, here it all is.


There's nothing to guess at here. There's nothing to guess at.  You'll find at the top of the medical industry, the vaccine industry, the pharma industry, with those who coordinate with governmental authorities, you always find what? EUGENICS. Eugenics is an old, old field of not just improvement of certain species, or types, you know in selected groups. But it's also to do with the eradication of other groups, folks. Well, how do you eradicate other groups?  Hm?  How do you do it? Well, you help them. You help them is what you do. We're here to help you. Again, these foundations and charitable organizations.


I won't even go into all the lawsuits against the foundations of Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with all their vaccines and strains of polio that's been created by them and spread, with their help, when they're helping people.  It's all up there, I might put some more links up. Again.  I get fed up doing it. Lots of other groups have put up their links as well. It's overwhelming evidence. Never mind the facts that he's already said on camera, hm, that oh maybe 700,000 people across the world will die of the side effects of a vaccine… but that was okay with him. 


...this strange character, you know, who doesn't even, he doesn't even have a first aid certificate this guy, hm? He’s just a front rich man, a front man. He belongs to the big, the nickname is the Lucky Gene Club where they talked about, they need to bring down the population across the world.  It has a different name now of course, optimum population group and so on and yada, yada, ya, whatever they call it today. I did talks on it years ago when they had a meeting, they had meetings about it. Oprah Winfrey was a member too and other ones as well. They discussed the problems across the world, oh, there's just too many... 


This is an old idea. You've got to understand, people don't, these characters don't think like you.  Yyyyou turn your head and say, oh, nobody would do what they, that… or whatever, I wouldn't do that, so they wouldn't do that. That's how you think. That's how you think, eh?  That's how they CAN do these things, and they actually DO these things, [Alan chuckles.] because you refuse to believe it even when it's happening at times.


Look at the latest tests that have come out there, I think it was in the States, and elsewhere too by the way, where folk are getting so-called volunteers, they're paid, mind you, are getting paralyzed, volunteers testing the vaccines out and they're getting paralyzed, rushed off to the hospital here. And they want to put this in you? For something that most folk don't even get a cough with. Hm? 


As I say, the same characters who are pushing it all, the Fauci's, are up to their eyeballs in conflicts of interest. Not just with the companies that he advocates should get the antivirals and all the rest of it too, and vaccine makers.  He's also up to his eyeballs in verifiable data with supplying coronavirus from the States to the Wuhan laboratory where they did the further gain of function, made it more, you know, deadly.  Altered it so you could make it more deadly, just to see what would happen if it ever went through a whole bunch of sequences on its own and did it by itself. This is the excuse they give.


This is biowarfare! 


Biowarfare labs are the same biolabs that are there to help you, if you haven't figured it out, that's how they got around the treaties in biowarfare.  Oh, we’re here, okay, we're actually here now just to help people, you know. It's fascinating to live through it and watch it happening. But yeah, the data’s out there of who sent it, who okayed it to be sent from the US, the coronavirus, where they had it at I think a university in North Carolina.  The reason it was getting sent over there too was because if they did gain of function to this particular virus in America, and it somehow escaped, it could cause havoc. So, they sent it off to the Wuhan laboratory and supposedly it was continued there, the same kind of thing. And Fauci's got his name all over the thing.  Then he gave them the money too, he okayed the money, so many millions of dollars over for Wuhan to continue the research.


I mean, you can't make this stuff up.  You're looking at arch villains. I mean, this is the stuff you would get in the movies, wouldn't it be, about arch villains and arch criminals.  And in fiction. [Alan chuckles.] But it's here in real life.  That's what you'd better understand, most horror on a grand scale is in real life. Absolutely. There are batteries and batteries of propagandist, professional propagandist that can turn the worst disasters or the most searing crime information against anybody into lukewarm, pleasant, a pleasant summer's day, you know, once they get finished whitewashing everything. That's how the world works.


The people really do think, yeah, the leaders are running your countries. They really believe that.  Mainly in America actually. The US is a bit unique in that respect. They've got this, they used to have the whole, the real patriotic fervor for their nation. Every child used to have the hand over the heart and sing, you know, the anthem.  And they believed in it then.  And the country was far better on all scale levels of class systems, put it that way, the working class too, far better than the rest of the world at the time. Yeah, it wasn't perfect by any means, but it certainly had incomes for the people, you know, if you wanted it.


For a time. Then I got involved in, it was taken over really, but they got involved in the very thing that they weren't supposed to, foreign wars. They were supposed to beware and not get involved in entanglements in foreign wars. Entanglements through treaties, you see. The very thing that Britain kept for all of World War I and World War II, the games to do with treaties.  Well, we'll make a treaty with so-and-so, so when so-and-so attacks them, then we have to go to their aid. Before you know it, you've got these massive never-ending wars on the go.  The balance of power structure.


How the balance of power structure worked with the City of London, that ran Britain and the UK and the British Empire, that's where all decisions were made. Not just for financial gain but by those who owned the financial systems, that's what they were about. They had incredible knowledge of history and the balance of power. What they meant by it, you look at an area where there's things that you want for the company, or the guys who own the corporations, and for resources and so on. So, it's just strategy as well but it's also, it's not just, they use geopolitics but what they'll do is...


They'll look at, to get the smaller countries that are near a big dominant country, and if you want to say, well a dominant country can afford a big Navy, if not now then eventually, and he might interfere with our plans for ongoing conquests and of acquisitions of natural resources and properties and diamonds and gold and everything else, you know.  So, what you do is, you then start funding the small nations around them and say, well they're victimized by the big one, you see. You get them eventually to have their skirmishes, then you finance them more, with little caveats on all the money you're giving them, eh.  Then you arm them, and you get wars going. You may go to their assistance if they can't manage it themselves. But if they can manage it regardless, they've knocked down the big one, you see, so now that potential future enemy is gone before it starts. Then you can get into all the land that he was going to control, or did already, even his own land. 


Also, but then you've got the two little, let's say the two little countries that you'd propped up to fight the biggie. So, what you do then, you take the smaller one of the two and you finance them.  You go, oh, the human rights is awful in the bigger one in there, terrible, terrible and the propaganda is churned out again. Before you know it, you're funding the small one to fight the big one. That's how you do it. This goes on and on forever, like centuries at times. Perpetual conquests. And you always do it, oh, look at what they do in that country with their laws and so on, that's terrible, terrible, we don't do that anymore. So, you go, it's okay to go over there and kill them all, eh, [Alan chuckles.] okay, because they… And people fall for this basic simplistic propaganda, you know. It's just astonishing.


When the PNAC group were running the US openly under the Bush Junior administration after 9/11, before and after, the propaganda they churned out was just astonishingly simple for really, they had different levels but mainly aimed at the general population. And it was rather sad to be aimed at the general population.  I can remember the head of one of the education departments in the States and who was in politics at the time in the States said years ago that the average reading capability of the average American at the time was something like a grade 5 or 6 level. SO, all news had to be written to get to that level of education. No higher. No superfluous detail in it or anything, or intricacy of detail because the people would switch off, they couldn't comprehend it. That's what they said. I read the articles years ago on a radio show live at the time.


Nothing has changed. The propaganda is the same. So, when they wanted to go into Iraq, that had nothing to do with 9/11 by the way.  Again, that didn't matter either at the time because it was on the list before 9/11 even happen, the famous PNAC list.  But anyway, some of the propaganda that came out at the time, they make the women wear burqas.  So that's ok, that's a reason to go and kill people? like about a million people because...?  D’you understand, they're trying to cater to every radicalized group, in your own country, that are hypersensitive to anything, or their hyper sensitized group, to get them on board with it too. So, aim at radicalized feminism, radical groups… well, yeah, let's go and kill them, they make their wives... so let's kill them ALL, that will solve it.  Isn't that a good solution, hm, let's kill them all.  [Alan laughing.] Well unfortunately cluster bombs aren't really particular in who they're killing, men, women or children, burqas or not.


But facts don't matter when it comes to basic propaganda. And it is basic. It's never truthful about the real reasons for anything. That's the sad tragedy of it all too.  You could go on forever with this kind of stuff if you've read enough history, even if you've lived enough history yourself to validate it. Because most of real history that you get you validate by you’re alive at the time and if you were cognizant of what was going on, then, you know, eventually the picture will force itself upon you, whether you like it or not it's going to show you what happened because your memory contains it all. That's real history, not the authorized versions that are prewritten before the events happen.


It's like World War II, Britain lived for a while on pure nostalgia of propaganda about World War II. World War II was the final nail in the coffin, it just sped up the death of Britain faster because of the money they owed from World War I.  But the guff that they churned out and the old movies they churned out, like postwar propaganda, they had some during the war.  Not so many as the Americans did.  But after the war too they had The Guns of Navarone and things like that. It's like living on some, on the glory times, that really wasn't glory at all, was it, for most folk? They were living through the death knell of their nations really. 


Again, someone had sent me, it was a great disc on British propaganda from the ministries, meaning the different departments of the government of Britain to do with rationing and how to divvy up your ration cards and how to use them wisely. You know, it's like Covid all over again only it's to do with food. You'll get it down the road eventually because they will bring in rationing. They want to bring in rationing, and no doubt they will. They showed you the women going into the stores, in the butcher shops and getting their little slice of this, like a slice of corned beef, that was their week’s ration or something.  One person and you get so much, or so many eggs per week and that was it for protein. Protein was hard to get of any kind at all, because of the wars they said. And how they trained the public that there's no options, to make them all pull together.


Really, all kinds of illnesses you hadn't seen since the 19th century and 18th century, all broke out again because the health started going down the tubes. They kept it so quiet from the general population. It wasn't just rickets, but they had rickets in children.  You would see the bowed legs even into the 50s, etc. of children who had lacked the proper calcium and vitamin D and so on. You also had all kinds of other illnesses that broke out with the lack of proper nourishment, food and vitamins and minerals. That was part of the price they paid for it. The elite never had a problem like that at all during it all because they had their own suppliers of the black market that could supply anything that they needed, so there was no shortage for them.


Even as I say the propaganda they were living on after World War II, right up into the 60s and 70s at times, is rather sad. And it's so true, when any nation resurrects a past and puts the nostalgic touch to it, there's different reasons for it. Part of it, part of the reason the public like it is because generally the time you're living in now is even worse.  Or you could lack more moral values today so it's not so, you don't feel quite so safe in your own neighborhoods and so on, even in the UK, things like that. But a nostalgia for a time that had the impression of everything being secure, even if it wasn't really, you know.


It's the same with wars.  When you look back on it and say, we did that back then.  No, Britain was, you know, Britain... [Alan chuckles.] The war did not start the way it was said to start in the authorized versions that came out. We know that now. A lot of it is admitted to.  Because you can't keep it all dead quiet. But I mean, Britain was the first to bomb Germany to get retaliatory air raids going, for those who don't know it. It's astonishing what the folk really don't know.


And it's hard for people, when you're brought up with the propaganda and you know all your relatives have been involved in something like that, and maybe your uncles or even your parents at times, even the ones that weren't old enough to fight, you'd hear their stories of rationing and how they all pulled together for the common good and all that. All that kind of stuff that you're hearing about the Covid, standard, we're-all-in-it-together stuff. It's sad when information starts to come out to realize that, no, you'd all been let down. You'd all been let down and used for other purposes.  They had, literally, they had the embryo, the embryonic agreement set up before World War II, and during World War II they were working on it, for a post-World War II European Union. Meanwhile they're telling the people to go off and fight Nazism, in order to save your culture and your way of life. Which was decimated after World War II. You're used and used and used. 


It's an awful thing for people, and they have a breakdown.  It's like a death of someone, you have a breakdown.  You go into utter despair initially. Then anger when it starts to dawn on you, when someone has died, you know, why did you leave me now, for goodness sake, you know, that kind of thing. You go through all these different phases. It's the same thing, you'll go through a death of a sort when you realize that there's no such thing as democracy, and the things you stood up for, or even fought and maybe other people died for, were wrong, you know, you were used.


And I've got to say this, there are many examples of the psychopaths giving you, because psychopaths can be awfully honest at times.  Because they're by nature arrogant, you see.  Sometimes they like to even boast about what they've done, and how clever they were in doing it. But you'll find that Kissinger did say- and the quotes are there, you know- that the military, people in the military are dumb, these are his words by the way, dumb stupid animals who are used for foreign policy.  He despised them. I remember Bill Clinton said something similar, and there were articles in the papers how Clinton despise the military too. They all despise them because, they despise folk who fall for such simplistic propaganda, made up propaganda, that's part of it, I think.  They despise people who go into these things because they feel patriotic, they despise them for their gullibility and naïveté.  Sometimes they show it. They'll use them. But it doesn't stop at the military. These characters affect the nations, and that's how they see all of YOU, as well, ALL of you.


That's why George Bush Junior in an interview after he was out of office for a few years stated, he was talking about getting America into, the US into wars, huge wars. Which they did want, and we know that from the PNAC group, that he was part of the PNAC group too before he got in, they had a list of countries they wanted to take out. We know now why, but you're not even meant, supposed to talk about it. But Bush said that, if the public...  I remember, he was saying to the interviewer, I remember saying to so and so, if they ever find out what we've done, meaning all of the nonsense to get the country into war, he says if the public ever find out what we've done they'll chase us down the streets with ropes in their hands. And he laughed about it.  But it was an admission [Alan chuckles.] too to an extent of what they had done getting America into these wars, preplanned wars, eh. So yeah, they like to boast as well.


It doesn't change it, psychopaths are preselected. Psychopaths can be awfully good at times in what they do, if they're into the sciences or the biowarfare labs, that type of thing. They can be awfully good at what they do. Because generally, being a psychopath, they don't have the little thoughts that cross your mind, little, little...  They say that they love sex above any other group because they have no inhibitions, no guilt complexes. They don't, they can have anything interfere with their ego, and guilt is something that will not, and anxiety is something that they will not tolerate, they won't have. They don't have it. It would crush them, destroy them if they felt anything like guilt or anxiety. They’re very cool calm characters.


You'll find them up in the echelons of power, and as I say, the biowarfare labs where they can go to work every day and... Like the actual, there was a good article, I don't know if it was the Telegraph that put it out, I've mentioned it before. I've got it somewhere, and a real, from the real newspaper.  [Alan chuckles.] It was an interview that got into, a journalist got into Porton Down, I've mentioned before, in England. Porton Down, that's a big biowarfare, part of its job is biowarfare and a lot of other research too. It's almost like a DARPA type facility. They create bioweaponry there.


They also worked on radar there during World War II and guess who was put in charge of it at one point? It was Victor Rothschild, believe it or not.  It's been disclosed since then that he gave all the stuff for radar and other things, other very important things to the Soviet Russia, and Israel eventually as well after the war because he was still in charge of the intelligence services.  Literally he was, they put him in charge. [Alan chuckles.] The main suspect was put in charge of the five-tiered layered system of combined intelligence agencies for Britain. Another story.


Getting back to Porton Down, they have a Biolab there. This journalist got into listen and talk to the scientists. He joined them at their early coffee before they started work where they were casually talking about, you know, doing their gardening in the morning, you know, things like that and tending the roses, etc., things that you would say, these are nice people, maybe even kissing their wives goodbye or their children. Then they'd talk about what they were working on.  Not in great detail, declassified material.  But how they were working, oh yeah, one of them says, yeah, we've got all these ethnic specific viruses.  This is back in what was the 80s maybe, maybe the 1980s.  He said, yeah, we've got viruses so well designed they can rampage through a country.  You can program for any age group by the way, you know, to specifically attack any particular age group. But he also said they can rampage themselves through a country in a week or two weeks and then just die off quickly. They're preprogrammed in a SENSE; they multiply so many times.  It’s just astonishing what they've done with them all.


But is it really astonishing when you see the countless money, unlimited money that these organizations, these, these defense agencies get, hm?  But they talk calmly about it, as though they were talking about making the best way to package margarine. That's how casually it was, there was nothing… You wouldn't, the shock comes when you realize you're meeting people, who are intelligent people, talking about the death industry.  That there's no other reason for it.  It's a massive death industry of silent weaponry, you know. Every country's got their own labs and this kind of thing, you know. Then you tie that in with the fact that you're shocked because you thought they were just normal decent, you know, people, that you might not even mind as neighbors until you realize what they did.  They didn't go home at night and sit and fret and worry or have nightmares. That's psychopaths. Psychopaths handle this very well. 


That's the same characters they surround prime ministers and presidents with. And above them there's higher levels that are there professionally.  D'you really think someone could be appointed, say, in Britain as an example, as a minister, meaning a politician appointed to be the head of the health industry for a term or whatever, and then moved halfway through it as they juggle the musical chairs and put them in charge of unemployment, money or whatever it happens to be or somewhere. They know nothing, these politicians. They're not experts in any of these fields. There's a permanent staff there and civil-service, and civil service also has private partnerships working in with them, and they’ve had that for as long as I can remember, long before you heard of public-private for roads and so on and big service industries as they like to call themselves. But yeah, they have private ones.


They got private ones in for the NAFTA deal for Canada, who were pretty well put in charge of the departments in Ottawa, in the government, to deal with the whole negotiations, private characters like Simon Reisman.  So, it goes against this whole idea, what's the whole point of voting when your governments are run by private individuals you don't even know exist, never mind organizations that you don't even know exist? What's the point in having politicians who are given a script to read, because they really don't understand what they’re being put in charge of? And you have to have the head of that department in civil service always run up to them with, this is what you'll say today for this particular part of our future programs. Because they haven't got a clue. You wouldn't know either. But the civil-service staff certainly do, and that's what they're there for. 


So why not just do away with the politicians and just have the heads of the civil-service departments come out and dictate to us rather than these pathetic politicians? It's to keep the illusion going [Alan chuckles.] that you've got a say in something, [Alan chuckles.] a badly frayed and tattered idea. 


So, when superpowers end up on the wane then they begin to romanticize the past.  And since it's kind of, you can't really relate to the old battles in the Middle Ages with knights in shining armor, they tend to go to the last big battles, big wars. With Britain of course it was World War II, was the big one. After that they had the Korean War and so on, but you can't, it doesn't ring with most folk, the Korean War.  So, they romanticize when they're on the wane as I say, World War II. They turned even Dunkirk into a kind of, like it was some kind of success story, like a great win. But it wasn't a win at all. It was a symbol of the disaster that was facing Britain, not just during the war but afterwards as well.


I remember pondering all of that too, how it happened, and I dug into the causes of World War I, the causes that were given basically, then try to find the real causes behind it. Then you find out again the authorized versions are so bogus.  But what was very true was the incredible debt that Britain took on from American banks during World War II. That's why the US kept out of it, until the last year. Even then they were pressured to go in by Warburg because they were, the investors were afraid they might lose their investments, you see, [Alan chuckles.] so they got America to go in at the end, and pay for it too, naturally, and help them to win. They also financed, as I've said before, they financed the communists. The big bankers in America financed the Communists and sent money over with Trotsky and others as well, whom they trained radical armies of the Bolsheviks in the US, that all came out years later too.


I remember reading too about and watching an old documentary, it was an old movie reel actually of the League of Nations after World War I.  I kept wondering, how did Britain get to be so broke when World War II broke out?  They didn't even have enough rifles for the troops, for the new conscripts and so on.  What happens to that all?  I mean, massive stocks of the same rifles that they'd used for a long time, the pattern 303, Enfield, you know.  What happened to them? you know, what happened, it was so short?  Then I saw this documentary, an old movie reel on Britain doing its bid for the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, between the wars, you see. You see these ships at sea and barges were towing out to sea, and they were dumping thousands and thousands and thousands [Alan chuckles.] of rifles into the ocean, under the disarmament treaties, and billions of rounds of ammunition, and shells and goodness knows what else, to prove that they were going to, that they were de… all right up until World War II started. Can you believe it? Who's behind this? Who is, who's behind this? This is all planned, folks. Who benefits? Well, who supplies the money in order to buy the darn things? …the debt in other words that you take on? …and who also has got the factories that churns out the munitions and…?  It's great business for them.  You know? 


Literally when they had their Home Guard units assembled, to defend Britain in case it did get invaded, like they had in the Dad's Army comedy series, but they did have a real Dad's Army in a sense, real defense volunteer corps.  They had to literally, you'll see them practicing with broomsticks and anything they can get their hands on, kitchen knives and things because they didn't have the armaments, because they dumped so much in the sea. You couldn't be so stupid as to do that, unless it was planned that way for a bigger, they knew that they were going to have another war obviously. They didn't think that suddenly humankind had become so nice to each other, that's not the history of the world. 


But there you go; this is the kind of nonsense they do. So at the end of it of course when folk get stranded over there, driven off to the beaches and need to get picked up by boats, the victory truly was that folk, ordinary folk, and middle-class too that had the boats at the time, took everything they had across to try to get troops across.  Of course, the ships did their bit as well.  But really, it was a disaster, the whole darn thing was a disaster.  And badly planned. Badly organized. Massively underequipped.  But they still make it, like, a victory out of it.  Really? Hm, a victory.


You've got to look at reality at times.  It's like the Dieppe Raid you know, Dieppe, it was a big, big catastrophe mainly for Canada. A raid on the coast of France, almost like a fishing expedition to see how well the defenses would be with the Germans on the coast of France, and they pick Canada. It was Winston Churchill, he gave the task to someone who wanted to be in on the war, and that was Earl Mountbatten, Lord Mountbatten who literally was a... ohhhhhh.  It was beyond a catastrophe. It was murder! All the reports came in through reconnaissance, the place was so well fortified, that they got wind of what was going to happen so the Germans had fortified the defenses. Even though all this came out and they said, oh, we'd better call it off, it's not going to, we're going to... They sent it ahead anyway and they got slaughtered. Terrible. These are your geniuses that run you, you know?  No.


What I'm getting at is, there's always bigger plans in the characters who play with, who play with toy soldiers the same way as well like Mountbatten did and so did Churchill [Alan chuckles.] by the way. They had these big battlefield sets for their homes, the big mansions they lived in, and that's what they played with. So really it wasn't that different from putting real bodies in there, they had the same indifference I really think, being psychopathic those types.  That's my opinion.


Regardless, you'll see the setups to the wars, and during the war too you have Winston Churchill giving talks about, it's good to help get a united Europe, our dream. Whose dream? Who is our? Who are we? Who's he talking about, hm? When they make these references, you've got to understand, they're not referring to what you think it is, like somehow, it's you, it's someone in Britain, your idea and you're all collectively part of it. No, they have a different agenda.


It's like Spike Milligan was a comedian who some folk thought was funny, and some didn't.  In reality he did have mental illness.  He did perhaps have a bit of manic depression, definitely a depressive phase came across. But he could be funny at times too.  He had a breakdown I think during World War II in the artillery.  He did mention that he first felt it coming on when he hit one of the beaches. He says, when they opened up their heavy artillery, he was in artillery himself.  He says, when they opened up their artillery, he says, all you can do is lie there and bite into the ground and just hope you don't get blown to pieces. Then your mind thinks how, how indifferent this whole thing is, it's not personal, it's completely indifferent who gets slaughtered.  Hm.


Because as I say, I've said so many times, we all live in little bubbles and you can’t imagine your little bubble just getting wiped out by some... some bigger influence, hhhch, than yourself, eh.  And when you're young especially.  But he also said, he came out with a good quip, and he said, again, that we thing, when suddenly you’re collectively a we, he says I remember when Chamberlain came back on, he says well, and he gave his speech on the radio that, we are now at war with Germany. He says, I like the we part, he said, I wasn't consulted. That's how it's done, isn't it?  Hhhch, of course you're not consulted. You pay for it all in one way or another. Maybe your life too.


Big agendas. Big global agendas. We know that the biggest internationalists for globalization for owning the world by the way, were based in England, in London hm, the big organizations that gave you and brought the British Empire into being.  Private clubs basically, massive organizations but very private.  That's the group of course that Quigley talked about for the British branch, their headquarters, and the secondary branch that came off for America, the CFR. That's how the world is run, it has never changed.


These big foundations and organizations don't just give up and say, well we've completed our task, that's it, over. They continue down through generations, eh. Generations. Any competition, this is something to look at too I've noticed, any competition to the big foundations, now, the big foundations as I say, just like communism with all its foundations eh that back it all, under different names of communism, Marxism, Trotskyism, blah blah blah, Society for blah blah blah, you've got all these different names that they have for the same huge umbrella organization.  They're so well-funded that they have full-time employees, hundreds, sometimes thousands in some of them at the top, like a massive bureaucracy, who higher and they get trained and work their lives and retire with pensions, and by that time there's others taking over, just like any big, big business. But unlike business, some businesses can go under, these big foundations don't, you see.  They've got unlimited investments at the same time, even though they're tax-free foundations, unlimited...  They get taxed on nothing, you see.  They can't lose. They can set up their goals with their manifestoes and have all the different things they want to achieve, and work for a century or two to achieve it all. And add to it as they accomplish the parts of the task and have new parts they want to accomplish or conquer too.  So that's how it's done.


You have no say. This is what runs the world, not your governments. That's what runs the world, PRIVATE foundations that have thousands, THOUSANDS of nongovernmental organizations under them and armies of them, from the street fighters to color revolutions, to protest groups, to many organizations and civil rights groups that are fighting for things you haven't even thought of yet and probably never will.  But they're really armies to destabilize, and alter, and destroy, and rebuild, by DESIGN, not by happenstance and evolution but by design by those in control. That's the important part of it.


The United Nations likes to refer to them, and so does the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, as state actors and nonstate actors, and you also have civic actors, you see, and NGOs. The NGO groups, as I say, there’s thousands of them, fully trained professionals most of them, the leaders are for sure, with incredible financing going towards them, all shaping opinions, cultural changes across the board in every country on the planet. And getting paid to do it and trained to do it and how to do it and so on.


But always pretending they're just a local group, you know, just for blah blah blah.  Hhhch, until you're in a straitjacket and imprisonment system of organizations, that keep giving themselves more authority, like grafting themselves as a little charitable volunteer group on to your local councils, until you can't put a garden shed in without a sustainability and ecological survey. And paying for it all. And how you're going to drive, not drive, should you drive, or should you just get a bicycle, if you're 90 years old, etc. That's how it's done.


This is what runs the world, actors, state actors, nonstate actors, and Nongovernmental Organization Industry Complex.  Because that's what it is, it's massive industry, isn't it?  And because you don't vote them in, they can do what they want.  And the governments pretend that they're, well, we have to listen to them, you know.  Do you?!  Do you? WHY do you have to listen to them, and you won't listen to some spontaneous group that goes with a petition about unlocking us all from Covid? How come you don't get any credence given to you, but any NGO with the proper titles of who backs them financially has got immediate access to governments? 


You're living in a farce of authoritarianism, an absolute farce. And you don't get a single leader coming out with a uniform so you can hate them, you know, like the Goldstein of 1984 with your two minutes of hate every day. You know, you're given other ones to hate and other groups to hate, and fake ones as well to hate. They've fomented so much HATE absolutely in the States right now, it's astonishing to watch it happening.


The usual groups are coming out and saying, oh, it's really white groups are the biggest problem in America. They were saying that back in the 90s.  The same groups. As America's burning. But they won't say that about the white folk leading the Black Lives Matter.  Who are they really? Well we knew who they are. They are part of the NGO industry groups complex, the NGO industry complex, incredibly well-financed and trained at the top. They always blame a different target of it, because it's a target that might, that might, if they ever did stand up, they're most afraid of. So, keep them whimpering and scared and silent and get them guilt ridden with stuff they haven't done, and you've neutralized them.  All psychological warfare tactics and using threat and fear at the same time.


Nothing happens by itself. Albert Pike said it when he was, don't forget again he was part of not just Freemasonry but part of the World Revolutionary Movement, if not the actual main one at the time, and trained Mazzini and he went out to take over from Pike.  But the thing is, Pike said it so well. He said, how does something grow, hm, like something in the field, a tree? Can you just throw the seed there and it will grow? Well, you might with an awful lot of luck, hm.  But really if you want to make something happen you plan it to happen. You prepare the ground. You get the weeds out. You churn the soil to get the air into it you see, that's what helps and so on.  It helps the worms and insects and all the bacteria to flourish that's going to be necessary for the health and survival of that tree. SO, you do all that kind of stuff in advance.  You might even add certain things to the soil to make it better, you see, like compost, things like that. Then you put the seed down at the right depth, you see, the better depth for survival, then you cover it and then you wait. Then you take care of it, the seedling coming up.  It's all preparation. He said, we never ever, and here's something that's very relevant for today, start a premature revolution.


Because a revolution, you see, is just like all the preparation that goes in before you put the seed in the ground to plant for the tree to grow. That's what a revolution, a truly well-planned revolution, you prepare the ground.  Well, what is the ground? It's the general society.  The ground is the target group in revolution, target group, those who may oppose you.  Well how do you stop them from opposing you? Take your time.  Make sure that you run the school system, where you've taken it over long ago, which is true in America and elsewhere. That's what UNICEF was part of too, mind you, for this purpose. 


The main worry you're going to have are the males in the populations. So, you introduce a different schooling system where you have group consensus in classrooms, knowing that most youngsters want to be accepted by the peer group. They don't want to be shunned. You can bring in a system whereby if they don't agree with the final... diagnosis, say, I call it diagnosing a symptom of whatever it happens to be, the topic is, you diagnose where they're going and want to take you, the conclusion of it all.  It's like a diagnosis in a sense, and you won't go where the teacher with the toolkit techniques of psychology is taught to try to bring you all too.  If one stands out and said, I don't agree with that, you know, I wouldn't do that in this circumstance. Well, then you get shunned. Oh, that's terrible, you mean you wouldn't want to do that, and so this certain group over in that country might feel bad or they might suffer because people like YOU made it so, you wouldn't...   You see how you shame-shame-shame, you know, consequences and shame, things that have not even happened. 


Also, so the guys, and it's generally guys with the leadership qualities and abilities that will speak out. They think things through, you know, a bit more clearly and say, wait a minute here, you know, if we all do this, we’ll all end up being wimps.  That's exactly what the whole thing is about because they bring in afterwards the zero-tolerance, if you get struck at school don't fight back, it's a CRIME to fight back.  And you wait, years of this indoctrination, and maybe 10 to 20 years later you start a real revolution inside the country, and most folk, that you call decent folk, right, the ones where their indoctrination has worked on them, won't stop a new group being riled up and raised, hm, raised differently to hate the group that's now adults.  [Alan chuckles.]  You've got to understand, these are really nice tactics for those into warfare games, etc. obviously. It works awfully well. It's not genius really.  It's been done before down through time.


But yeah, you raise up a group, once you've neutered the previous generation, and whatever children grew up in 10, 15, 20 years you make sure that you've radicalized them to hate.  Oh, they've destroyed the planet, they're terrible. All different kinds of things are added into it, and gender differences, things like that. And you stir the pot up.  And you radicalized them through intensive indoctrination at school. The same schools that 20 years ago were teaching a generation, or 25 years ago a generation not to fight back and to be nice and agreeable and have group consensus. Now you've got this group, a different group who definitely still have the consensus, but it's a radicalized consensus to hate anybody who's not part of the authorized revolution. It's all been done in advance, you see, and you paid for it all through your tax money. Of course, you did. 


This isn't, I'm not the only, the people at the top all know this because they're part of it all. That's how it's done. That's why you're watching these farces in the cities of mobs being led, guided, financed, incredibly well-financed at the top.  The people leading these revolutionary movements, they'll come out as millionaires some of them, the leaders.  Some of the leaders on the streets I'm talking about, the ones who are really well trained and you see them bused from town to town, and city to city, and state to state a lot of them, eh. They're well trained for what they're doing. They get the danger pay of combat troops really. But they'll get more than that too for, because if they're good spokespeople they'll know how to keep their group in line and to radicalized them further, and to keep quiet what their real functions and their real goals and objectives are. You must… They're really good mercenaries, these characters.  And with unlimited financing, like all, all these operations, a lot, most of the money goes into the pockets and isn't even accounted for. So, I really mean it, some of them know darn well they'll come out as millionaires.  Some of them did that work over in the Middle East as mercenaries for your own governments. 


So anyway, we're living through amazing times and amazing systems, and it works because the ground was prepared.  General society was taught to feel bad about things, which they had nothing to do with.  You shouldn't, I mean, you think about it too, don't, I won't even fall into the nonsense, and I understand it too well and I could give talks on it, no problem at all, about the critical theory, etc. and how the Marxists, that's all part of destabilizing through guilt complexes creating a new system of class, those who are, who have the benefits of being the most victimized are the higher classes... 


This is their criteria now. If you were one of the perpetrators maybe 500 years ago, or maybe, maybe, maybe with any, with a possibility of an ancestor being involved somewhere, or even in the genetic line somewhere, then it's, um, you might be in the middle class, and if you're one of the designated enemy, then you're in the lower classes, absolutely, it's all YOUR fault that… All the world is your fault. It's incredible how they've worked on people like that, eh? Nothing to do with you. Anymore than what the Romans did in ancient times has anything to do with you either. You're only responsible for yourselves, now, not what anybody did in the past.


But you see, this is warfare strategy. This is what Marxism is, is warfare strategy used by the richest folk on the planet who run the whole system and they run all sides at the top. So, you can go through your whole life just shaking your head on data, oh, my goodness, do you know what they're doing now? Do you believe what Trump said today? Do you really believe what Hillary is advocating if Trump doesn't leave office?  and dut-dut-dut...  You'll get this your entire life, this stuff.  It's a big play, a big stage...  Like Shakespeare said it, you know, the whole world is a stage and we are but the players. There's more truth to that than you'd imagine. Absolutely. No doubt at all about it.


As I say, when folk are left to try and vote between the lesser of two evils, you're not given choice at all then really. Then when you vote the one in that's the lesser of the two evils, you wonder what country is he serving, what is he serving, you know?  You have to wonder at times, eh.  He's good at putting proposals across but all the proposals, you know, go nowhere. But it's good for publicity.  Like he was going to put down Antifa as a terrorist group.  I thought they already were a terrorist group. Any group that [Alan chuckles.] advocates the complete overthrow of your governmental system and your Constitution is automatically a terrorist group. What part of that don't you understand? [Alan laughing.]  


Again, as I mentioned it before even recently again, I mentioned, how come Karl Marx was allowed to live in London? He was financed and put up there.  He was even giving grants occasionally from different people in the bureaucracies and the elite families in Britain while he was doing his whole thing on the [Communist] Manifesto. Don't forget too, he was not a person that drafted that darn thing up. But he's the front man again for that particular project. His name wasn't even on the original books, you know, the [Communist] Manifesto. 


It's quite something, isn't it.  Everything is really something else. Again, when you start talking or thinking, things come to you, you know. I was thinking about Karl Marx and how he did, he did telegraph Abraham Lincoln, the records are in the US congressional records, they have it, that he congratulated Lincoln for, you know, sticking it out with the war and keeping America unified. Centralization of authority, a plank of the manifesto.  You see? 


But also, I think it was in his second or third version, Karl Marx, he wanted to bring in Darwin into his book and mentioned Darwin and put his name in print.  The book is a tribute to Darwin, that's what he said. I'm talking about Charles Darwin. But in reality, it was to try and give legitimacy to what was to become, or they hoped, a science, a social science, you see, through this idea of what later became known as communism, a kind of social science, a sociological science if you like.  The more names he got put in print, that backed his book, that gave a kind word to his book he put in print.  Even modern books do the same thing.  Oh, it's a wonderful book by so-and-so, says so-and-so of the, and they'll name a paper or whatever it happens to be or institution.  Well that's what he wanted.


Darwin did agree with it and then he pulled out eventually thinking that it might tarnish his reputation to be in any way associated with the idea of revolution. But the whole idea of eugenics was part of the revolutionary movement, for those who haven't figured it out.  The revolutionary movement uses all sides. It creates sides. It will use them all in unison at times. At other times it will seem to have them affecting each other to get the changes through. Again, the dialectic process. 


You'll find that Darwin's ideas which were plagiarized a lot of them from Wallace, hm, who did the actual real legwork living in jungles and things and studying and sending it back to Darwin, to the Royal Society. Actually, to Darwin and the Royal Society, but the Royal Society had agreed to promote Darwin up there because Darwin had the right genes. I really mean that, you know, eugenics was on the go before Darwin came along.  His family were completely intermarried through generations just with, just with the Wedgewood family, that was it. Fathers, grandfathers and Darwin himself, they were selectively picking appropriate inbreeding, they thought, you know.  So, you can go and really run with this stuff, this is all verifiable. There's nothing fake about it.


But yeah, legitimacy was to be given.  The nobility grabbed it and said, well we always said that, that the peasant class were different, you know.  They had all kinds of theories before the 20th century. Oh, it was bad blood, it was this, that and the other, and yada ya.  But this gave a scientific, but yeah, it's because the genes pass on the same stupidity to the inferior classes, you see.  They'd had it on the go since the days of Thomas Malthus, the same ideas of too many of the wrong people breeding would overcome, you know, the planet would basically just collapse with the weight of it all I suppose. That was the idea as it was put across there, again, with charts and graphs just like the Covid thing, Malthus tried to prove there's just too many folk and what would happen in 100 years’ time, 200 years’ time and that kind of stuff and so on. 


Ftt, it never ends. It's the same agenda with different covers, you see. Those in control of this world in control over people are always petrified of the general public. They always have been. Because their whole basis for legitimacy of ruling over you is with a kind of consent by the general public to do so. Fraudulent though it might be and fake, and today definitely. But in the old days you had to, well, somebody has to, we need a titular head of some kind to give legitimacy and credence to law, etc. That's how monarchy got a foothold a long time ago.


Today it's massive think tanks that work on behalf of governments, and institutions as they like to call themselves, institutions, that you don't vote for once again. And government that really doesn’t know much, as they say, from the politicians, eh, they don't know much.  They're little shark characters themselves, men and women, with big ambitions for themselves.  They all know they'll become awfully rich with a career serving the public.  You know, not from your pension obviously.  But this magic money that comes to, you get the right investments.  I remember the Congress in America a few years ago gave themselves the right to use insider information for their own personal investments. That used to be illegal before.  [Alan chuckles.] In other words, you can make policies knowing who's going to benefit, then you can make investments in those corporations. It’s so corrupt, openly corrupt, eh. Although it's not corrupt anymore because it's legal, for them. [Alan laughing.]  


We're living through such an amazing display of what I call conology.  You're conned and conned and conned. And you must participate in the con, that's why you vote. You vote out of desperation really, and to get the one you voted in the last time out because you're so disgusted with them, that's why you vote the new bunch in.  Only to find out nothing much changes, you know, the same agendas continue.  The same agreements are countersigned and strengthened, like it used to be called the NAFTA deal, North American Free Trade Agreement.  Now it's the US, Canada, Mexico agreements, USMCA I think they call it now.  The same agreement though, just a fancy title change because folk, it was just too easy to say NAFTA, so many of the public understood it by then and so you just change the name of it. Oh, that's gone, NAFTA's gone. But it's the same agreement.  Of course, it is.


It's fixing trade. You as a small company are going to have a hard time exporting anything without permission by the boards that are set up, these star chambers through the WTO as well, World Trade Organization. Because you're not authorized. You might have paid all the licenses, but they won't give you one for export perhaps, you see, if you're going to cut in or perhaps even remotely compete with even a big corporation. Which is silly to start with, little old you and a big corporation?  And so, you won't get the business. 


It's like postage in Canada, maybe the States is the same, I'm sure British Commonwealth countries are all the same with the postage. You can, if you were posting a few books every week, maybe about even two or three, maybe even a month, [Alan chuckles.] you won't get the deals that the corporations can get.  For either flyers or these little newspapers they'll print up before pages, you know, free flyers and things, you won't get the deals, that are incredible, incredible deals that they're given per copy if they do so many hundreds per week. Well, you can't even get two or three a week, you're not going to get that kind of, so you'll pay maybe 10 times more for the same postage, to the same places.


There's nothing in this system that's there for the ordinary person. Really. Nothing at all. Except the propaganda that's laid.  A lot of propaganda goes into creating you, [Alan chuckles.] and the mind that you have and the opinions you have. That's how it really is. We don't like to look at it and see it that way.


I remember giving talks in the 90s, I says, this system, especially the financial system, is probably, this whole system relies, at the top of it all, the head of this big serpent is the financial system. Well, I'll say that on the earthly plane, put it that way, but it's the financial system. Everything underneath it runs on the trickle-down theory of loot getting dished out to different organizations and politicians and so on, all the way down, you see. That's how it really works. It's loot. 


That's why Rothschild quite openly said it in his own books and so on, about Rothschild in biographies, and the different Rothschilds.  He said it, he said that, put him in charge of a nation's money, currency, and I don't care who you put in as government, Prime Minister.  Because obviously, you see it throughout your life and Britain was more open with the Chancellor of the H checker or the Prime Minister would go to see the big lenders about borrowing money. And with every loan comes conditions. These conditions aren't all financial. They’ll be null and void unless you change policies here, there. That's where… look at your governments giving money out to all these Third World countries, that can never pay it back. But don't worry, you as the taxpayer are put down by your nations as the guarantors if they fail to pay it back or write it off.  You see, that's how it works. But along with these ones like the IMF, or the World Bank I should say, across the world, comes conditions about gender equality, which ends up being, really, an attack on marriage. The destruction.  Don't forget the planks of the Communist Manifesto. The riches folk on the planet financed it all. Still do. The richest people.  And the big club at the top, BIG club, as George Carlin said, and you’re not a member.  George Carlin.


So anyway, that's how it really works. It's all money and finances and conditions to every loan. I was shocked, it was something that Hillary Clinton when she was in the State Department said to some countries, that from now on we won't be giving any money out to any country, and she laid out a list of stipulations.  The Africans were SHOCKED, some of the African countries, you know, they says, our women will end up like prostitutes if they go along with this, some of the leaders in the country said, they couldn't believe it. It was the right to, a lot, some of these countries have natural, there are natural cultural taboos on decency.  Because they don't have the welfare systems to take care of unwanted children, so marriage is promoted.  It's just amazing.  This is parts of Africa we're talking about.  They used to lambaste Africa as being backwards. WE are the backward countries now.  Because a war has been waged upon you for a long time and you don't even know it.  Everything you went along with was for the greater good, right, and progress. Look around you. But yeah, Hillary Clinton had all these different regulations laid out for the loan.  It was just astonishing. That's how it's all done, you see. That's how it's done with your nations as well.  Bailouts and so on, all with, but here's the caveats, and you have to this, that and yut-dut-dut-dut-dut.  Yep.  That's how it's done.  That's how it's done.


When Japan came to America to get loans before World War I and met Baruch and different characters there, the loans stipulated, and this was found after World War II by the Marines when they went into Japan proper into Tokyo, they found the old agreements.  That initially the American bankers, we'll say, agreed to finance the improvement and the modernization of Japan's navy and military.  They had the conditions laid out that Japan then must attack Russia.  [Alan laughing.] This all came out in history, this is not a conspiracy theory here, you know.  Yep.  In fact, I think the agreement is on display in a museum now in the States.  It caused a little bit of a stink at the time; it was hushed over. But the fact is, it did come out that was part of, that was the agreement.  And there was a reason for that too by Baruch and the other ones that had financed it.


You think about it, people can lend money out to get other nations to go and attack other nations. 


You’re seeing the same thing with the funding of riots on your streets today.


How can you pretend you've got something called democracy, when the richest folk on the planet can finance revolutions anywhere in the world rather quickly by sending around the world, which they've done by the way, leaders of these particular terrorist organizations?  Don't forget that a terrorist organization, if they overthrow a nation, which can happen, because the tactics are classic that are being used in America right now.  Quite fascinating to watch it.  Because they are classic.  The fact is that they are well organized, well run.  The idea is to terrorize the average American citizenry, that will do nothing.

That's what was in Fight Club, the movie Fight Club, the comedy where they set a group up for revolution, and they even experiment on Joe public.  Passersby would pass gardens and things or fences or gates, and the folk in the gardens would just suddenly soak them with hoses, or chase them, or throw things at them.  And the hardest thing, they said in the comedy, was to get folk to physically fight back. Because folk are decent law-abiding, yada yada. What chance do you have against terrorists? You see? 


So psychologically the effect of the TV massive pounding would give you the impression of the whole of America was burning. That's the perception management task, you see, and that's why the media is all on board with it, still calling them peaceful protests as you see the buildings all burning down and cars on fire.  And mobs chasing cars on the streets and smashing their windows in, like it happened with that Prius in California the other day too.  Etc.  I mean, it's just never ending. But this is all with the collusion of a big powerful organization that runs all media, obviously.


The deep state isn't some, something stuck in a back alley somewhere.  It IS your system [Alan laughing.] that runs... You've been oblivious to it all thinking it was all individually owned and private, etc. and private businesses. No. These corporations are part of the whole system of revolution.  You fund most of their enterprises with public-private partnerships. For the greater good, they say.


Yeah, so I gave talks as I say back in the 90s about the system, how corrupt and broken it was and how they kept trying to keep it, and being kind of semi-successful, and I likened it to the Tower of Babel. I said there's so many Band-Aids on it... Because it has swayed in the wind for so many, you know, thousands of years that it's broken, cracked, and it's got all these Band-Aids on it from countless defaults and bank crashes.  All planned of course to loot the general public over and over, and how you always get them at least, at least twice a century, you know, at least two big crashes as they declare bankruptcy and loot you all.  Then you all have to bail them out with loans your government takes from the same characters that caused them.  They're giving you nothing back really except numbers on a paper or on a computer.  Then they're telling you that's legitimate.  And your government agrees because they're all part of the con, and they’re well-financed themselves.  Then they put you down to pay back all the money that was lost.


But really stolen. Money doesn't disappear like that. It was stolen. Big crashes. So, you see, the big Tower of Babel, there's towers above you all.  There's countless, there's even many books come out after 9/11, after, well, 9/11, sure, and all the wars that you're still paying for today.  But also, with the crash of 2008, all the books and how the biggies all knew it was coming, they had moved all their own cash into secure places, etc., etc. And how they actually accelerated and helped it all to happen.  And how the governments and the overseers of these big institutions that work for government, how they turned a blind eye right to the bitter end about the banks that were buying by the thousands per day mortgages, they were flipping mortgages like commodities until after the crash they're still trying to figure out who eventually actually owns a lot of these properties.


Utter corruption and collusion. Nobody was jailed for it. You had tent cities of folk who had all lost their homes. Generally, the poor folk that fell for all these, oh, no money necessary, this is government who backed these things up for you and yada, yada, ya. Poor souls. I mean, horror stories came out of it. Again, quickly forgotten again, eh, or hushed or quieted down. They planned it from then on, you know. They said that 2008 was only the FIRST wave of this massive collapse.  Well, who said that? All the biggies at the CFR, you know, this quiet advisory government that you have.  They are the advisors to government, we advise them on what to do, or else.  The second one was still to go. Well, here you are with the second one. They've compounded it with a Covid idea. That's a good one, isn't it?  We had more folk dying two years before with flu, but the world wasn't shut down with that.


That doesn't matter. This is a necessary thing for the big agenda, obviously. OBVIOUSLY.  Since they're turning on the public with military precision, and military angst.  Military angst is important.  If you see, when the military has to go into and force an enemy to the death and face them to the death, you'll see the guys expressions. They call it RESOLUTE, you know, and with those who lead them.  Because they're all on board with it and you've got to be resolute if you're facing an enemy, right. But you’re seeing the same thing turned on the public right now with absolutely glaring authoritarianism of resolution. They've all sworn to each other and the big organization that they all belong to, the real boss, not the public, to go through with this to the bitter end. To change the economy, and the system, and the culture, and what's left of the culture, and the whole system, way of living, from birth to death.  Permanently. Using Covid. 


Some of these things I might touch on tonight, but I don't want to overwhelm folk when there's too many details. They can look it up themselves. I can give you a lot of the links and so on.  But it's overwhelmingly evident what's going on.  There's nothing left to the imagination. It's your own unwillingness to believe it, that's what it is.  They’re following it to the end, that letter to the end, this whole idea of a complete lockdown across the world. If they can get away with it. And using terror again. And bogus tests.  You know, these PCR tests.  These tests are so bogus, they're a joke! And so many of the doctors have come out and said the same thing. Lab workers have come out and said the same thing. But facts don't matter. It's a huge agenda.


Because before they gave you the idea of Covid, maybe even gave you Covid [Alan chuckles.] because it did come out of the lab supposedly, eh.  It didn't develop by itself, not with the four inserts that it's got in it. Then obviously the darn thing was planned to begin with, before it got loose. Even the basis for the vaccine, this new type of vaccine, the basis for it was there, like a model, base model that they could adapt and add on to according to particular types of viruses, coronaviruses all set up and ready to go. Has been for a few years.


Then what happens to you? Well they don't know yet, they claim. They don't know yet.  They just hope, cross fingers you know. We've already had folk paralyzed now within the test subjects, little inconveniences like that, you see. But they want to ram it through into your system regardless, eh?  Well, I go back to Cuomo, Cuomo, the one-man disaster from New York City who like others, some other places, I think Scotland as well did the same thing, mandated that the infected should be put into old folks homes too, which were uninfected until they put in the infected patients.  We saw what happened there and they've got the numbers skyrocketing of course. Both socialist of course, you know, ultra-socialist. 


It gave credence again as the numbers went up and up and up of infected people and then deaths. But don't forget with the tests they're using, the swab tests, for the particles, that it shows particles of DEAD viruses.  You don't even need to have or have had the darn thing to have the multiple particles in your nostrils or your sinuses or in your throat.  They're all over the place around you and that's what it's picking up you know, dead particles. It's such an incredible scam. I remember years ago reading articles... I won't even go in there, it's just too in depth, because in any of these areas you can talk forever about it. 


Hhhhhh, but yeah, it's a scam and it's planned that way. The World Economic Forum has come out, again, I'll put up the article once again, and said the same thing as the Club of Rome have said openly too, how they can achieve their whole agenda for sustainability by using Covid, and who can open up businesses and who cannot, if it's environmentally friendly or not, according to panels, secretive panels and star chambers, etc. Because there's no real legal system set up that you can go and protest against anything here. There's nothing. In your pretended democracies.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Now, once again folks I remind you to go into my website  List all the sites I have there. Take the links and paste them somewhere securely so you can get them. Because if the .com site goes down again – which I might get attacked again, there's no doubt about it, or at least the ones, the servers I'm using to host that is, you know – then you can get the other sites hopefully.  Again, when you're there remember you can buy the books and discs, or just straight donations you can send to me, by personal check or send cash, cash is fine, or Money Gram or PayPal and any other ways you can find to do it, just send it to me. Because I've got to tick along here too, and it costs a lot of money to do all these different things. Especially when I'm not selling anything else. I'm not selling you ideas of who to vote for. 


Or I'm not selling you pure optimism either. I never came out initially to give you just optimism. The optimism is an understanding.  It's its own optimism.  Understanding the why's and wherefores’ that will make it less fearful when you really understand why things are happening. You'll also see what's going to happen along the way and prepare perhaps for it. Mental preparedness stops a lot of anxiety.  Never mind physical preparedness, but mental for sure. You don't fall for the next terror attack of psychological warfare put out by professionals. Meaning your own governmental agencies, the ones that run your government, or the CIA or MI6 or Mossad, and all the other organizations that all collude together.


And they DO collude together, they always did.  Some of the top agents in Britain would meet in pubs in London, in MI5 and MI6, especially MI6, they'd meet their counterparts across in different countries, you know, they'd meet them all. They’d meet the Russian spies, agents, and they'd meet in bars, favorite places across capitals across the world. They'd all meet at different times and bump into each other. They would get pally, you know, and they would exchange a little, a little bit of superficial information to pass back to their...  Oh, you wouldn't guess what I found out about what Russia's up to now, what they're up to... And, you know.  Things like that, little trivia. But a lot of them get to know their counterparts because they’re in the same business of collecting and supplying information to their masters.


Eventually they could see through, they'd often say in their memoirs that, and if you met any of them personally, they had no personal axes to grind. They weren't, it's not like the movie type thing where they did everything for patriotic duty. They did a bit of excitement. They got paid for it. They got a lot of good travel. They got investment tips like you wouldn't believe because so much of what they were trying to find out in different nations was investment money and where the future trends are going in big businesses, for their masters back home. A lot of it was like that. Most of them didn't do what they did for ideological purposes. Certain ones were sent into nations as operatives who really were on the line, the tight rope, that would get killed if they were found out. But the higher up type agents that went back and forth and they knew their counterparts in the different countries or agencies, they generally were okay. It was the real operatives that were sent in that got the chop often. 


Kim Philby used to literally work for MI6.  He was recruited like most of them were by Rothschilds. But the 'Cambridge Five', you know.  The Cambridge spies anyway.  That was [undecipherable] for The Fifth Man, although Blake came later.  But as I say, you find that the Rothschild, you know, the Rothschild, THE Rothschilds, the banking family put them up, a lot of these as students, and recruited them. And because he gave the say that these are good chaps, you know, there was no background checks on some of them, you see, that's how it was done. Even Blake who came later who got the same kind of clearance.  [Alan chuckles.] He was never checked out at all even though he was from Poland, you know, and communist. Interesting background, his uncle was, he owned, his uncle owned the Bank of Israel at that time.  [Alan laughing.] But he himself was communist supposedly. As you know by now communism is a name, a front for a much bigger organization, I'd say.


But anyway, yeah, agents would tell you the system is vastly different than anything you'd imagine.  Vastly different. But Philby, getting back to him before I get off that.  He literally would get the information off operatives being sent into different Warsaw Pact countries.  They'd land them in through parachutes and different techniques and so on and get them into the countries, some of them going across borders.  They were all getting picked off. He would actually meet some of them and be sitting in an opera, then he'd go out the back door pretty well and signal his counterparts that they'd be arriving and so-and-so and... He was responsible for a lot of the folks' deaths.  That's really how it was run.


You have to wonder, who…  They all came from the upper crust, these spies, you know. A lot of titled families as well who worked as spies and double agents.  It was actually harder to get that quality of spy or double agents from the working classes because the working classes were more patriotic, because the propaganda always worked better on them. They really believed it was their country and decent folk own it and run it and manage it for us.  Of course, a lot of it comes from the fact that the ordinary folk have a much tighter bond with each other, I think, a more human bond to begin with anyway.


So, as I say before I go onto the next hour, send a few bucks my way and help me tick along. As I say, I don't have an axe to grind.  I've walked between the raindrops for so many years on different shows and then on my own for a while too. But I'm still walking between the raindrops because really, you're not really authorized to play the big game here on behalf of maybe big operations, you know. Because most of the things out there are not quite what you think that they really are.


Now as I've said, the Tower of Babel really looks rather precarious at times with its Band-Aids, and it sways in the wind and creaks and groans. But don't think for a second that somehow the people at the top, who have run the world successfully for an awful long time, who knows how long actually, centuries at the very least, many centuries at least, [Alan chuckles.], stand back and just let it happen. They always plan ahead for the next system and the next system.


Now that it's all coming along into digital currency, they don't even have to print up banknotes of course.  To say, well here's physical nothings, it represents nothing, but it's physical.  Psychologically it seems more, it was tangible, you say, well, it's not gold or silver or whatever, but it's tangible. It's paper, pieces of it. You don't even have that now. You have blips that can come and go and go down the memory hole too if they ever want to wipe out your accounts, eh.  Which will happen once you're on the total Universal Basic Income.  It will start with that as the government withholds money because you've been bad or you said something naughty, you see, or one of the things that you shouldn't say, and as they keep adding to the list of things you mustn't say. Or even think for that matter. As you get trained to be compliant, be subservient and be a good parrot. That's the only way you'll survive at all. That's what Orwell showed you in 1984, a deadpan face in the movie, the one that John Hurt was in. Never show expressions of surprise or emotion or anything because it's all on camera, right.


So, you're living through it, and it's all planned. It's a massive plan. They said it at the WEF, the World Economic Forum... Don't forget the World Economic Forum was a private massive club that was never voted in by the general public anywhere. Just like the United Nations.  [Alan chuckles.]   Yeah, it's a massive club.  It started up supposedly by one front man, Klaus Schwab. And ahhhhh, to do good for the world, you know, which enriches the ones who are already rich, etc. Well, you don't want them getting poorer, do you… You don't want to be ruled by poor bums, do you, you want rich bums.  So yeah, it's a benevolent thing and the richest people on the planet belong to it. Governments are completely subservient to it even though it's never been written into law that they've got power over anybody.


It's astonishing how you live in a system where everyone's obeying and in obedience to these organizations, eh?  That tells that what you think is your government isn't that way at all. It's a different institution. Obviously. But there's a big pretense, as I've said before, they don't give you a guy with a uniform on that comes out yelling in front of the camera. They give you people in business suits, and they prefer if you at least go through the semblance of voting them in. At least, you know. That way you'll turn around, oh this person's let us down so badly I'm not going to vote for them again. And it keeps that whole pretense up. 


Rather than just strip it all away and say who's really running the show? I've said before, if you fire, if you could possibly fire all the politicians today, strangely enough the government would, your country would keep working.  [Alan chuckles.] If that's what it is right now, I don't know if it's working or not. But it would keep going whether they're there or not. It would take a little bit of time before the real forces behind the scenes would come forward to start to dictate policies, you see.


But it's a good sham, it's good conology because the con is that you vote them in, and they're there to work for you on your behalf.  M-hm.  Then all you'll hear them talk about is special rights for different minorities, including new inventive, or inventions, [Alan chuckles.] and minorities, and classifications as time goes on all to suit the agenda and change society again. That's what it's really for. They don't give a darn about anybody having preferences or anything else.  They'll use them all, but they don't care.  Anymore than they care about the poor folk who are starving in some places.  They don't care. These politicians are born liars.  


The psychopathic group who become politicians, they smell the power out and they go for the power, they look for the power. And they find it. And they like to have praise from the public too and be looked up to and have their name in the papers like a star, you see. They love that acclaim and applause. Attention seeking type psychopaths.


Before I go into any topics or stories, to touch on again, why would your own country, what you think is your own country eh, be financing, and allowing the financing of revolutionary groups inside your countries, especially those who are dedicated to overthrowing the entire system?  That tells you the system was overthrown a long time ago maybe, or else it was never the system you imagined it to be. It's a very malleable system, isn't it, where it can fight against certain things when it suits them and their corporate interests, and then after a certain time it just turns on its own public that might be at least verbally fighting the same system.  But those who run your governments are all for allowing your cities to burn. I mean, it makes no sense until you realize that no, whatever runs your countries is not from you the people. And really it never really was.


Before they had to give more lip service to have any credence amongst the public, but they really don't have that anymore. They'll cater to it, what they say is… and that's what they’ve done. Rather than serve the general public and the supposed democracies, right, which means you fulfill agendas that you ran on in democratic systems, even the Democratic Republican systems, you still, meaning Democratic, you vote, you get to vote people in, that's the Democratic bit.  But it doesn't really work that way because you don't really vote them in any way, they're put in.  [Alan chuckles.]   


But the idea is to keep the idea of democracy going to stop you realizing all the folk behind the curtain, you see. The ones that Benjamin Disraeli talked about in one of his novels, Coningsby I think, the novel where he's talking about government as a civil servant and he says that, government is, those who really rule the nation behind the curtain are vastly different people from the ones that you see.  They give you lots of little clues and tips, don't they? But that's how it is.


You can figure that out for yourself anyway after doing enough study and even in your own lifetime, just study stuff in your lifetime that you've seen and look at all the promises made, then you see once they're in, rather than cater to the majority that supposedly elect them in, right, they'll say in democratic countries, well they're supposed to serve the majority but listen to the minorities and give the minorities little protections and so on. All they do is talk to minorities, that's taken over from the majority.  It gives the impression that they're listening to people. They're not listening to the rest of the people.  They're listening to selected groups that tell them what they want to hear, or to ask them even... Oh sure, we'll pass laws to do... 


It's all to do with passing laws, isn't it? Everything that happens is pa.... People shouldn't talk about, don't pass a law until you’re hamstrung, as they call it, with laws. That's the old communist technique, the Bolsheviks did that when they got in.  They passed law after law after law, you couldn't speak, you couldn't do this, you couldn't talk about blah blah blah, until you were completely hamstrung.  You were silenced, you see. Socialism always does the same technique.  And when the same elite multibillionaires want socialism, they'll give you socialism. It's a faster way to do it.


When they want more from you or more compliance from you, more public spiritedness from you, they'll give you more freedoms for a while, as they still fleece you, you see.  So they've got to let it be a little bit more free and easy, and always point to the other country, oh you wouldn't believe what they do in those countries to people who are convicted of this, you wouldn't believe what they do.  Well, they don't bother with that so much now, do they? Because it's all happening in your own countries.  [Alan chuckles.] Quietly too.  [Alan chuckles.] Or maybe sometimes not so quietly.  Ftt. But anyway, it's a farce, isn't it, but it's all to suit the masters at the top.


I read articles today just about the lockdowns coming again in England. I said at the beginning, listen to what they said, they're going to have you locked down for at least a year, maybe two, you know, now they're stretching to two years. They give you a little bit of a break in the summer, I said they'd do that, they'd just ease up a bit, make you smile and be happy a little bit rather than have you all rebelling. They don't want rebellion, you see. That's how they do it, they play it by ear.


By ear, meaning electronic ear because they've got the finger on the chat in real-time on the net, you see. Then they know exactly who's, through all the algorithms, precisely in real time, have pretty well accurate percentages of who's against this lockdown and all the rest of it and how to manage it and how to get around, how to break your resolve, etc.  Or how to convince you by bigger scares, and what they need to do to make it happen.  This is how it's played today. It's massive psychological warfare on the general public.


So, it's not going to help the way things are going right now. And there's no doubt about it, whatever is out there, whatever this thing is, definitely is hitting, yeah, we know it's elderly mainly.  And it's maybe, maybe finishing off people that the flu would have finished off anyway. Because it's generally the flu or pneumonia that kills people eventually.  Outside of cancers. Regardless, if it's a heart that's preconditioned to, or morbidity as they like to call it, or something else, you see, or again, diabetic, diabetic has got problems to with circulation and immune responses to things as well. Then you have people who are really obese, really obese in this day and age, they have blood pressure problems as well.


This thing almost, it's pretty well engineered, [Alan chuckles.] as far as I'm concerned, to hit specific targets. And I do wonder, I do wonder about, but most of the folk don't get it. And it doesn't matter what ethnicity either.  Certain ethnicities, again if they've got the comorbidities of way overweight, maybe type II diabetes, high blood pressure, they're definitely at more risk of getting symptoms of it or illness or even death from it. But the younger folk who, or even folk of similar age who are in their 60s and 70s who are rather thin, or thinnish, and who don't have diabetes, and who don't have high blood pressure, they have more chance of pretty well going symptom-free. So, it's rather interesting that this thing actually will hit sometimes already overburdened, like blood pressure, and maybe pop up a little bit more, and that's all it takes perhaps, you know.  I'm sure they've got it pretty well tapped exactly what this thing does. But the flu will do the same kind of thing as well with high fever and comorbidities make you a candidate for the grand finale.  That's the way it is.


I remember too, as I said many times actually, I say things occasionally to repeat them to make you remember. But SARS 1, remember, the first SARS outbreak hit primarily the people from China, at least in Canada and Toronto when it hit here. It was often from people who had just been over to China and from the infected areas and back again. But primarily Chinese people it seemed.  Once again, the elderly were hit there. But after it was all over, I remember it was so volatile, it was so deadly at the time I should say, it was so deadly at the time that I think one of the Chinese have their own funeral homes, and a whole bunch of morticians in the home had been killed as well just working on one or two bodies, it was so contagious and severe.  It really hit them hard fast, you know.


So that was interesting. Then afterwards, I kept the hard articles from the newspapers at the time, because I knew that these things would disappear. They said at the time, China put a complaint into the West, America, and said this thing definitely has the hallmarks of ethnic specific virus, like, that are used for biowarfare.  They put in and registered a complaint, made an official type of complaint.  And getting back to the Porton Down article as I say, that was put out many years before that. It all ties in that way. I mean, you can't blame them for saying something that's going to hit a specific group. Obviously.


We know with the ACE 2 cells, you know, that they're more, in the lungs, some ethnic groups have a higher percentage of this particular cell in the epithelial tissue, so they’re more prone to getting it much more rapidly, maybe worse as well. The receptors definitely make it, this is the cell that you have that the little spikes that you see on these coronaviruses, these crown viruses, will empty through it's almost like a receptor type cell, it will empty its contents from the virus, its innards if you like, the cargo, is carrying it through into the host cells, epithelial cells in the lungs and in the nasal passages, etc., the sinuses and all that. So anyway, some groups definitely, will definitely seem, definitely seem to be more prone to it than others. 


But there's no doubt about it, the obesity is a major factor in containing, and surviving, if you're really heavily obese. And even so, now that they're not just ramming these darned ventilator machines, putting tubes down their tracheas, which is an awful thing.  It's an awful shock on the body being kept on a ventilator. They have to put you in almost a coma state to get it into you, or you'll fight it. Because it will stop you, you know, your own breathing rate itself, your own automatic breathing apparatus, your symptoms of the nervous system will have to be stopped and be taken over by an artificial system, your body will panic at times with that, you see. So hhhhh, but also it causes bruising inside the trachea, and you've got to have given, or you should put them on antibiotics too because then bacterial infections set in on top of the viral infections so the bacterium have to be contained and dealt with. Then after it's all over, they have to get them back breathing again, and your body will adapt so fast to having the ventilator do it all for you and your lungs rising and falling according to a machine, as opposed to your automatic system doing it. Then it takes a while before the people are able to breathe naturally on their own again, quite a time, it can take weeks sometimes.


So anyway, we're going through amazing times, and systems, and now that they've got other treatments, and they tried and used the old treatments which worked fine for the flus and things, they're having much better success rates. But there's much fewer, there's far, far fewer folk getting ill and going to hospitals with it. Even at the beginning, and at the worst of it too, we saw even a lot of hospitals in Britain like Bristol, and they had hospitals that were just pretty well empty and nothing happening. Even then.  So, it was soo overblown, it was rather scary.


New York was interesting. But again, when you see the chaos, it was mainly in the elderly again in the chaos of putting infected folk into old folks’ homes with the uninfected, until they are all infected. It was rather deliberate. It was a crime actually.  It's...


We found already too with Italy, with the big crisis in Italy, that they'd already had a trial vaccine for the flu, you know, free of course, you know, last fall into the winter.


Coronavirus: Oxford University vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill - / 9 sept 2020


It's possible that when you hit the coronavirus you had a massive overreaction; this is what's being speculated at the moment. Of course, you’ll probably never get all the data because they have massive authorities above us will crush you all and anybody who's going to come out.  They've already hit folk with license withdrawal for MDs and so on that have come out with their own conclusions on it. So much skullduggery it's disgusting when it comes to human life, as I say.


However, towards the, the big spike was pretty well over come May, definitely, even in April, what they called the spike.  Not so much illnesses but the spike itself, of tested people, was pretty well over towards the end of April. I remember reading the articles too where in Britain one of the companies, vaccine companies said they were racing against time to try to get something developed before this virus disappeared.  That was in the newspapers. I still got the articles here. From the laboratory, right, because it's dwindling so fast. 


Second wave of Covid cases in Europe is not causing deaths to spike compared with the peak in spring - / 19 Sept 2020


That's what happens, they don't stay the same type. They morph rather quickly into, turn into very, you know, non-contagious sometimes, or at least very mild, and some, and generally harmless types of viruses, that mutate, you see, that's what happens with them.  Now of course they're already saying that this probably happened now, it's mutated into a much less severe thing. 


And yeah, lots of folk, more folk will test as having had it, at least had, hhhch, with this terrible test that they're using for the swabs. Even if you did blood tests, you know, most folk are going to have antibodies already in their system for it. That's herd immunity without a vaccination. That's what normally happens. That's what happens with your cold every year and various flus and so on.  That's what happens eh.


But facts don't matter when a big agenda's at play. As I say, this is a war strategy.  What do you use? Well, global warming isn't working for them, they won't swallow it. They won't cut back and won't get out of their cars, they won't blah, blah, blah.  Well, here you go, here's Covid, let's use Covid, we'll use that.


California, you probably noticed there too, they're cutting back on all car use altogether. Oh, it's much healthier for the, right out of the playbook, eh, they said that they wouldn't allow things to open up that weren't sustainable and environmentally friendly. The whole agenda, the agenda, the climate change agenda, sustainability.  Climate change was hit upon by the Club of Rome when they were given the task to find something that we would believe and would agree to and give up certain rights and privileges and all the rest of it for the greater good, and they hit upon the idea of global warming, famine, drought and the like would fit the bill, that would fit the bill, that's what they said in one of their own books. 


So hhhh, but the whole point is, there's too many people. Behind it all, they said that there's too many people. How many articles have come out too even again recently by the same culprits telling you, there's too many people, you know, it's inevitable it's going to get worse and worse, because there’s too many folk consuming, consuming. Even right down to too many folk breeding.  Especially in the West where the birthrate has always been plummeting, except for massive migration with children, most migrants are the ones with the children, you see, to get the numbers UP.  Otherwise it would be way, way down. Way, way down.  Ftt.  But again, facts don't matter. Agenda driven eh.


I'll touch on some of these articles now rather than just rush right through them. They are interesting some of them. Other ones are very repetitive. You know the agenda is for a lockdown over the winter, you know that. They keep churning out the stupid tests that will give you false positives even when you're not ill and most folk are not ill with it. I got all the graphs from the students; I couldn't believe it. I mean, Universities as I've said before, I got them last week the graphs of the testing, they’re testing all the youngsters that are going into college and so on.  You see them, oh, yeah, the more testing we do the more we find. Well, isn't that a coincidence! 


Well, these are particles of dead viruses. Your immune system kills them off even in your nose often [Alan chuckles.] before they get anywhere else, and you have lots of dead particles. That's why your system is meant to trap things first in your nose, and then your sinuses, is one of your first levels of containment, you catch it there and destroy things, you know.  It's... You've got an amazing system. It truly is. People are walking miracles, eh.  So is all life really, a walking miracle. It didn't just evolve out of some spontaneity, some amoeba thought well you know I think I'm going to be a horse one day you know. How about you? No, I want to be a giraffe, I want to be higher than anybody, any of you lot.


But that's how it goes.  It's a fascinating system, we're born with amazing abilities.  IF we're not tempered with and hammered with poisons or other things.  Which are still poisons as far as I'm concerned, that hack your immune system, eh?!  Then you've got an amazing response system. And if you've got enough nourishment, eh.  You'll find most of the stuff up into the 20th century, most of the problems across Europe mainly in Britain, hhhch, where impoverishment and malnourishment that was causing problems. But if you're well-nourished and you're healthy you can fight off pretty well most things.  But again, facts don't really matter, eh, big agendas.


I think it was interesting that Bill Gates I think said, oh, this might be lockdown, you know, lockdown and Covid with you for another couple of years, you know.  The guy that as I say waves his hands a lot and can't look anybody in the eyeing and lock a gaze without shifting it. He's a shifty looking guy. That's my opinion anyway.  And by the way, any opinions are going to be completely verboten now.  They're moving into the next step in preparation for the complete lockdown again. This is stage five they're looking at.  They want to get to five where it's a complete martial law system and they'll lock anybody up that speaks out against it. I mean, that's on the books, eh.  So, they start off doing, no don't do that. Then they put out the other ones that are going to counter you, you know, the different groups that are set up to counter you, thousands of Internet employees that slow your speed, attack your sites if you won’t comply and go along with it and shut up.  But the final stage eventually is to, or defame you is another way, defame some people.  But the other way is also to eventually arrest people. That's what's on the books.  Event 201.


I love how totalitarian systems, even the ones that are there to help you, the communist ones eh, the appointed people who are representatives of the people, they were representatives of the people, and they would set up their courts and say we are the representatives of the people, and they would then try and execute the people, on behalf of the people.  [Alan laughing.] Same thing. It's the same thing. Tyranny is very easy to recognize, and if you're not completely in a slumber.  It's very much like the American dream, you know, and I think it was George Carlin said about that too. He says, the American dream, the only time you can believe in it is when you're asleep and you're dreaming, you see, because it doesn't happen in reality, not for you anyway, because you're not in the big club.


Europe’s lockdown will kill more people worldwide than Covid-19 virus, German minister warns / 24 Sept 2020


The grim prognosis was made by the German official in an interview (Alan: …and I’ll put the links up.)  with the Handelsblatt daily. The pandemic has already triggered “one of the biggest” hunger and poverty crises across the world, Muller said – and further damage will be done thanks to the measures taken to battle it.


…the further damage will be done thanks to the measures taken to battle it.


We expect an additional 400,000 deaths from malaria and HIV this year on the African continent alone, while half a million more will die from tuberculosis.


(A:  By the way, a lot of them that were brought in, brought tuberculosis in too, it’s in Canada now too, eh some of the migrants that were brought in without… Normally through straight application to migrate to countries you get tested, complete physicals before you can leave your own country to come into the country if you’re applying to emigrate. But no with the supposed refugee thing.  Even though they come from countries that are, where nothing much is happening to cause a refugee. But it makes no difference, they can have diseases, you see and they’re getting in without even testing them. They have stipulations there not to harass them. Well, testing people is not harassment. It’s trying to save the domestic population.  Unless you want problems. Well, you make your mind up what you want because you know… They’re not stupid, the folks that are doing all this, remember.  Why do they want this to happen?)


The situation stems from the fact that the West, and the EU in particular, has funneled its relief efforts into battling the coronavirus at home instead of helping the impoverished elsewhere. The Covid-19 pandemic has somewhat blinded the West, which has lost sight of the mounting problems in the rest of the world, Muller argued.


“The supply of food and medication is no longer guaranteed,” he said. “Many of the West’s aid programs are not adequately funded.”


There's a lot of folk can’t get in to get treatments for other illnesses in your own countries.  You know, empty hospitals, oh, you can't come in here. A minor operation, it's minor if we could treat it now, but it could be terribly deadly if we leave it. There you go. How many folk died already because of this nonsense, eh? Another article...


Lockdown 'could kill 75,000' over five years - that's the official projection of non-Covid deaths caused by missed (A:  That’s just missed…) cancer diagnoses, cancelled operations and health impacts of a recession. The virus death toll? 42,000 / 25 Sept 2020


(A:  The virus death toll? 42,000. Well again, that's very vague. What country are they talking about? Or is it the world, or whatever? Because I noticed that in some of the articles, and the Daily Mail is doing it too, it's got almost, something in the, they know which way the wind is blowing, the general public who have seen through a lot of the nonsense. But they’ll then say the last line...)


The virus death toll? 42,000


(A: Well, 42,000 for which country?  And from when to when? And is that caused by the virus or folk who have died with it?  When most of us who’ve probably died today and have fragments, they say fragments of may be 80 coronavirus or that coronavirus inside you, but it’s caused no problems there, you see, it’s not a cause of death. I'm not going to go through it again. We all know the incredible scams when they were told to put down coronavirus death even when generally it isn't, right. Don't forget too, I keep telling folk in Britain, don't forget what Hancock said, the politician put in charge of health who has no experience as far as I know that he has. But that's what they do, they appoint them up there and they're mouthpieces. He said, he slipped out when he wasn't reading his script and he said, don't forget in England at least 10,000 people a month die anyway, that was normal. From all diseases. In any year.  [Alan chuckles.] So, you take six months of it, right, say six months at the 10,000 that die normally anyway, there's 60,000 people.  But if you tack on and just put them down as Covid deaths, well you start to get the picture how it works, eh.)


Nearly 75,000 people could die from non-Covid causes as a result of lockdown, according to devastating official figures buried in a 188-page document.


The startling research, presented to the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), will further increase pressure on Boris Johnson to hold back on introducing further coronavirus restrictions.


(A: Well, I don't think so. He'll do what he's told.)


It estimates a further 26,000 will lose their lives within a year (A:  …within a year, this is in England right.) if people continue to stay away from A&E and the problems in social care persist.


… 16,000 people died as a result of the chaos in hospitals and care homes in March and April alone.


(A: Chaos, you see. Not Covid but chaos.  M-hm.)


And I really hope people are taking note, and the ones who've got good Internet speed and so on are taking clips of all the videos of these cowardly cops across the world turning on their own people. The same cops, right, in say in the US, or England, or London even, stood by and did nothing when hordes of folk were hauling down, by design obviously, the government didn't need to tell any forces to tackle them, shouting revolution and all the rest of it and pulling statues down. These are the same cops that stood by and did nothing.  But they can go for people like Ohio mom in the States... tased, she was tased...


Ohio Mom Tased and Arrested At Middle School Football Game For Not Wearing Mask - / 24 Sept 2020


She was sitting on a bench, you know, nobody anywhere near her.  [Alan chuckles.] On a nice day.  The virus is very particular too, you know, if it's going to, this virus, it's just like the cops right now, it's politicized. But it's sensitive. You can eat somewhere and as long as you're eating, they won't club you or Taser you. It goes by some kind of Geneva Convention, you see, for humanity, it's a humane virus. But as soon as you're finished with the last chew, make sure you get that mask back on. That's what they do in the restaurants in Canada, and they're all told to do that, eh.  Yep.  So yeah, it won't infect you during the munching bit. So, if you don't want to get tased and stuff and don't want to wear a mask, just keep eating candies. Take a whole bunch of snacks with you and walk in the streets with them. Because they can't touch you if you're eating.  You might blow up and gain weight like crazy, but hey at least, at least you can breathe without suffocating yourself.  Hm. 


But it's an intelligent virus. Well, it's the same thing with the police, you see. The police can pick on mums that are on their own, right, who weighed, she weighed probably 1/4, maybe less, of this cop.  And he is hauling her and hauling her, and because she wasn't wearing a mask at a football game.  But she was, fffffftt, probably about 15 feet away from anybody else, in any direction. I think, I don't know. So hopefully people are getting these videos because you must, if you ever get over any of this, you know, you might, and I'm not very optimistic by the way. But if you ever get over any of this you'd better remember what your institutions are now and what the cop services are now, when they literally, they're like robots, you know, they get told what to do and what not to do. And you'd better be, you'd better get organizations set up to watch them all like hawks. Because it's an internal Army now that are part, in Canada they actually say that they're paramilitary forces who will do what they're told no matter what it is.  No matter what it is.


Just like in France and occupied countries in World War II when the Germans marched in, the police turned up for work the next day and says, well what's our orders?  And a lot of them were used to gather people that were, could be hostile to the new regime, and the cops went along with it. That's what cops do, folks. So do the civil service.  I've read lots of books on occupation strategies and psychology of operations and so on within nations. They use the histories of the past.  A good chunk of the police initially on the periphery, as they call it the periphery, same with the civil service, start to work with the occupying forces and then they start to adapt and they go along with them until, and then it's normalized in no time at all, it's all completely integrated.


You've got to stop thinking of whatever runs your country, it's not yours. When you see that, really, it's not there to serve the people. What cops can go around beating people up with batons or tasers?  for a scam virus like this? When the boxes that sell it, even the N95 masks tell you it won't stop coronavirus. On the box. So, the makers tell you it's not going to stop it, getting it or transmitting it.  But it doesn't make any difference to policy. That's disgusting what's happening. I'll put this one up too and it says…


Ohio Mom Tased and Arrested At Middle School Football Game For Not Wearing Mask - / 24 Sept 2020


A new incident in Ohio where a woman was outside at a middle school football game without a "required mask" resulted in the police tasing and arresting her.


Video of the arrest is now going viral precisely because it's an instance of police not showing common sense — again at an outdoor venue.


It's the same thing with these, what do they call it, these nighttime raids they're doing for drugs, with the woman, the latest one that's there, that are causing the riots again, where they shot people inside. Battering folks' whole doors down in the middle of the night, you know.  No-knock-raids I think they call it, no-knock. Supposedly they're supposed to shout, we are the police. Well, in the middle of the night would you believe anybody saying they're the police?  Would you?  How on the earth are you going to know they're the cops, in the middle of the night? And at nighttime too folk are, if they come out of sleep, you're going to be hyper, you know, hhhch, like freaking out alert, you know, and you might grab anything that's handy to defend yourself. Because you don't know who that, who's outside there.  Especially when you hear them battering with force. That's a war act, is violent force against your, your doors, that's what it is. I, can't they wait till the next day or something? What's going on?


You see, you've got all these policies that came out with the drug laws initially which gave, which turned the police into paramilitary forces.  And big money being made from drug raids. Meanwhile you've got the CIA and all the other organizations working all through Latin America, over in Afghanistan, making sure that the drugs are flowing into the country.  And they're still being sold to folk. What do you think the guns-for-drugs thing was all about with Oli North and the gangs back then in those days? The Iran-Contra scandal?  Your own governments were making sure that heroin was being sold across the United States to children and teenagers. That's okay then, is it?


While you've got these battering ram groups of special forces ramming down doors and opening fire on people who are still half sleeping. I remember doing the same talks years ago on the radio show in detail. Because at that time there were so many of them getting shot as they battered folks’ doors down in the middle of the night. And what was happening, so many of them, at that time what was astonishing was how many of them with the wrong addresses!  And there was no apologies after they wrecked the place and shot people. Wrong address.  What kind of system have you got where they get the wrong addresses, and you go in with lethal force? Something is wrong. Something is very, is it the IQ or whatever of the folk they've been putting, who, what is it?!? You don't make mistakes like that. Dressed up in combat gear, lethal force, in the middle of the night, and it's the wrong address? On many occasions.  That's incredible. Absolutely incredible.  N-n-n.


So, when your governments are depending on drug money you're definitely, your special agencies, intelligence agencies, are definitely running a lot of it. So many, there are books being churned out from across Latin America of the different agencies from all countries involved in drug cartels and so on. Never mind, I could go on and on about that too, about whose even training them, some of the hit squads for the cartels.  The cartels have their own hit squads, and [Alan chuckles.] I can actually give you the names of some of the agencies that were training them. You've got to shake your head and say wait a minute here, so there's a war on drugs? Really? It doesn't make any sense, you either have a war on drugs where you go after the sources, and they could do if they wanted to.


Look at the contact tracing today, eh.  As they try to get everybody who's anywhere near anybody who might have had a positive, who might have had a positive fake or not Covid test. And that person, through that computer says, oh they've infected probably at least 10 other people, says the computer, eh, the God the computer. So, they can inflate the numbers like crazy and that's what they're doing every way, by the way.  If you went into a restaurant and there was one person eventually went afterwards to get tested or whatever and they came up with the positive or false positive or whatever it happened to be, positive result, they'd find out all the people in that restaurant and then they would contact trace them if they can, then add 10 more to every person in the restaurant, and that day, that's what they'd publish for the numbers, even though there might only be 11 people, you know. That's how it's done, add 10 for everyone that might have been there [Alan chuckles.] and up the numbers go. That's how they're doing it.


Getting back to the graph on the students, I couldn't believe it.  When you see it, it's oh my, look at that spike, my goodness, all these students. And they had next to it ‘’illnesses and hospital admissions, all the way down, top to bottom, ZERO.  Nobody was ill with it. No hospital admissions. But that doesn't matter, does it? This is a war scenario, they've picked the project, the project is to use a Covid illness for a complete globalization of the new system.  Financial. Cultural. Economic. Social. A whole new system and you're going to be trained from birth to death, monitored from birth to death, tracked and traced all through your lives with all the 5G Internet of things everywhere tracking and tracing and doing it, watching everything that you do.  For the, it's for the greater good you understand, not just for Covid, eh. 


So, don't expect common sense during these times, amongst obviously the police departments. Rather than saying maybe we should back off a bit, we don't want more riots and burning cities and so on. Let's go a bit quiet and tamp down these no-knock raids and so on in the middle of the night and just go for them during the day or something where it's aboveboard and less panic and all the rest of it. But nope. You'd think there'd be more common sense here, would you.  Wouldn't you?  Or again, grabbing some woman sitting alone on a bench watching a game. When the stupid masks do nothing except suffocate you. And the makers say it won't stop you getting it or transmitting it. Isn't that amazing. You'd think they'd back off there too and say wait a minute here, do I really want to be on video across the planet picking on some young woman? You know?  Hhhhh.


Hhhhh.  Now, this one is from, it's a letter…


Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals (A:  …in Belgium.) to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media / 20 Sept 2020


The following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.


So far it has been signed by 394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens.  (A:  It won’t matter.)


* * * * *


We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship. After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.


The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.


We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties.


(A:  Well, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? It goes on and on. I’ll put these links up for these articles.)


This is, you see this is a war agenda, and these front people that you think are your politicians are all agreed and sworn to a higher authority. I'm not meaning God either, at least not an earthly God. I mean not a heavenly God, put it that way. Maybe an earthly God, yeah, in their big, big cabal at the top here. But think about it, they're all sworn, and they all parrot exactly the same lines to the general population, don't they?  Which means, if they're really a decent person there to serve you, they'd have to listen and maybe go along with you. But no, it doesn't happen. They're all on board, sworn to it, just like a war scenario. That's how they do it.


Europe is facing a double-dip recession as coronavirus second wave arrives (A:  Hhhhh.) / 24 Sept 2020


Economists predicted a rebound in the second half of 2020 but they are now questioning those forecasts.


Many governments are announcing new lockdown restrictions, or a slowing of reopenings, as they deal with a significant uptick in cases.


(A:  Well, that’s your fake test kits again hey.  Because no one’s sick with it, you see, they’re not dying of it, just yet. So, there’s your, they’re all getting bored with the same, this is the same mantra, right.  So…)


Europe is now grappling with a second wave of coronavirus infections…


…it says here, but as I say, it's just, folk aren't getting it, or they aren't dying off with it like they were before.  And you've got to see what happened before, was their response to it all.  




In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American" / 24 Sept 2020


(A: This is what I talked about, Bertrand Russell talked about it, didn't he, about the future in The Impact Of Science On Society, and a few other books?  He mentioned that eventually the government will give you tokens it will deposit into your bank account every month and they can cut it off eventually if you, basically what he meant was like politically incorrect, hhhch, or antisocial meaning you wouldn't obey the orders from the technocrats that would run you. These are old agendas, folks. So...)


…the Fed would continue injecting liquidity into the system. The second common theme is that despite sparking unprecedented asset price inflation, prices as measured across the broader economy - using the flawed CPI metric and certainly stagnant worker wages - would remain subdued (as a reminder, the Fed is desperate to ignite broad inflation as that is the only way the countless trillions of excess debt (A:  I mean, this is countless trillions, that’s true, added to what was there before.) can be eliminated and has so far failed to do so).


The Fed's failure to reach its inflation target - which prompted the US central bank to radically overhaul its monetary dogma last month and unveil Flexible Average Inflation Targeting (or FAIT) (A: [Alan chuckles.] I love the anachronisms they’re using, FAIT, it’s your fate, you see, to be poor.) whereby the Fed will allow inflation to run hot without hiking rates - has sparked broad criticism from the economic establishment, even though as we showed in June, deflation is now a direct function of the Fed's unconventional monetary policies as the lower yields slide, the lower the propensity to spend. In other words, the harder the Fed fights to stimulate inflation, the more deflation and more saving it spurs as a result … (A:  …and so on and so on.)


Then it goes into the bubble theory, etc. But it's all a con anyway, I mean, the money's, it's backed by nothing. Nothing at all. That's what they have, you know, like Caroll Quigley who talked about, again, the conspiracy of the pyramid on the dollar bill, which folk laugh at.  Isn't it amazing how you've been trained how to ridicule things, which you should be ridiculing? Because Quigley himself said this is a symbol used by societies for thousands of years ago, and he says why is that on the dollar bill? Why IS it on the dollar bill?  Hm? Then above it, they always miss the part too, you know, In God We trust. 


I remember too when the chairman of the banking systems, the Federal Reserve and so on during the little, hhhch, pretend inquiry that they had after the last crash in 2008. You can actually look it up and you'll see him talking about it. He says, why did you let things happen, even the big ones in the big banks that allowed these flipping’s of mortgages to go on, like millions of them? Until they couldn't even keep track of them anymore. It was a free-for-all basically. He said, well, we’re doing God's work. This is very, very relevant, you understand this, very relevant indeed when you're dealing with a society that you can't even figure, we’re doing God's work.  Really?  Hm? But if you mentioned that you're a conspiracy theorist, eh. I guess he's just a religious guy, and somehow God says to him, you take care of the banking system for America.  Umph.  Maybe that's what it's supposed to be, eh? 


The signs and symbols and the language is all around you every day, if you realize. And folk can't even read it. Yeah, that's what was said all right. So, there's from Quigley saying that about, why is it on the dollar bill to one of the students, to again the head of the Federal Reserve saying the same kind of thing after the bank crash, doing God’s work. You have to ask, what God are they talking about here, eh?  I mean, they’re obviously meaning something, right, which one are they talking about?  Hm?  Because the term God itself is very generic, is in it, you can apply it to any deity at all. That's probably the purpose of saying in God we trust, [Alan chuckles.]  they don't want you to know who they're talking about.


Yeah, we live in a system, it's an amazing system. It's got nothing to do with democracy, or republicanism for that matter, apart from the fact that it rules over you and it's been on the go for an awful long time. I remember when the supposed Russia fell, it was quite interesting the way it was presented to the public.  Oh, it's just, they just give up one day, just like A Blast From the Past at the end of the movie, where the actor says, oh the Russians just gave up.  They had been living in an underground shelter for years, they didn't now, they thought it was all real, he thought a war had started and so he got locked down there with his wife and son.  A comedy, a good comedy. But at the end the Dad says, oh they just gave up, did they? Yeah, that's what happened. Just like that, they just give up and went home?  Yeah. Really?


Of course, it didn't happen just like that either, did it, when it just supposedly collapsed. You had to read the speeches given by Gorbachev to the Politburo and to the public, hhhch, that was published when it happened to get an idea of what was going on there.  I remember in the newspapers afterwards apart from the scandals of the richest folk on the planet running out of Russia, they plundered it pretty well over a long period of time, 70 odd years. But the occult, stories of the occult came out, in the trends you know, and they said, oh we're fascinated.  We always thought the Soviet Union was scientific and purely, purely, you know earthly basically, secular, and we're surprised to find that even amongst the officer class, and right up to the Politburo level or the, up to the top at the general level and so on, they and their families were often into occultic stuff.


It wasn't just reading fortunes, that was part of it. But literally into, and it was Kabbalah that they were into.  It's quite fascinating. It was printed in different newspapers, and it became a topic of, one of these fleeting conversation type of things that folk dished out once in a while and then they all forget it. So even there they had their, if you want to call it their, what the Communists would have said, but also the rest of the world, their superstitions, if you touched on any kind of religion that they were doing themselves.


I'm not really surprised.  Yeah, they had their same, don't forget that Trotsky was a great admirer, he became a Freemason.  He was writing in his own memoirs, he was writing a tome, a compilation about masonry.  He admired it so much for its ability to cut across laws and regulations. That's part of what Masons are taught, you know, whatever you need we can cut red tape and get things done, etc.  When he was getting escorted out of Russia at that point when he eventually ended up in Mexico, I think it was, but he was escorted out of Russia across the border.  He was just so impressed at the fact that the Russian guards didn't have to stop at any border checkpoints and show IDs or anything, they just give little signs and that was recognized by the other guards of the other countries on the way.  It was all Freemasonry, that's what he realized. Very impressive, eh. That's in Trotsky's own book.


But again, facts don't really matter, does it, do they? Anyway, here we go, here's another little talk here.  So, Quigley as I say mentioned and we should think of these things, it's awfully important really.  And…


In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American" - / 24 Sept 2020


Then also I'm putting other ones... YouTube in a minute or two. But before I do that, YouTube...


YouTube adds fact-check information panels above search results in the UK to stop the spread of misinformation on the video platform / 24 Sept 2020


(A: Total censorship across the board, eh.  On a much bigger scale than Russia ever could have done it from the Bolshevik era onwards.  Now you're seeing the real purpose of it now, you know, they give you 20 years of playing yourselves and getting addicted to it, then they start bringing all the regulations, until they train you, because most folk will stay on it, you see, they know that. So…)


UK users will see boxes above YouTube results when they search certain topics


These boxes will provide reputable and independently fact-checked information


(A: Really? Reputable, eh?)


Google-owned platform has increasingly been targeting bizarre misinformation


(A: Really?  Wow, imagine that, eh. That’s the Daily Mail Online.)


This could include subjects that have recently been mired by damaging conspiracy theories, such as 5G, vaccinations (A: …oh, a conspiracy…) and the current coronavirus pandemic.


Panels will include fact checks from trusted organisations such as BBC Reality Check (A: There you go, the BBC, you can trust the BBC.), Full Fact (A: …is another one.), Ferret Fact Service and FactCheckNI.


Social media and wider internet platforms have been criticised over their approach to combating misinformation,  


You see, even that’s not right. This is not misinformation. Often their answers to things are often the misinformation. It’s, you’re living in an amazing totalitarian tyranny right now. It’s just astonishing. Really astonishing. I’ve seen some of the other ones doing it in print media and the so-called authorized fact checkers that, they’ll take a topic, but they won’t answer it or counter it, they’ll just try to go around it and say that’s terrible, that’s wrong, but they won’t tell you why it’s wrong or how it’s wrong or anything else, or prove it. You see, it doesn’t matter. It’s a tyranny you're under. This is absolute tyranny. No doubt about it.  I'll put that one up too.


Now another one too is, yeah...


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter adopt uniform ‘hate speech’ standards for censoring content / 26 Sept 2020


(A: So, it's a uniform, so I guess it's one organization at the very top who decides what's right and wrong for them all, eh?  There you go.  It says…)


With the next presidential election less than two months away, the world’s largest internet and information companies have reached an agreement to adopt a single set of criteria for identifying and removing supposedly “hateful” or “bullying” content from their platforms.


(A: You understand this is, this is tyranny, folks.)


On Wednesday the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) announced that the online giants “have agreed to adopt a common set of definitions for hate speech and other harmful content and to collaborate with a view to monitoring industry efforts to improve in this critical area.”


The agreement, which follows months of advertisers pressuring …


Now this is what they’ve done in years gone by, I can remember where these certain organizations, very wealthy, would hammer away at newspapers if they printed anything they didn’t agree with and didn’t like. They would threaten to withdraw all advertising from them, that was what they did.  It just shows you again, eh, that big money has the ability to decide what you're going to say and not say, or even get a say at all. Or what you’re going to have any say about and not about. So, there you go, it’s the standard technique that’s been used from the 1920s actually. And here it's all across the Internet now as well.


And here’s from someone who knows it all is Helena Handbasket, and that’s where we’ll end up. It says here that…


Covid Facts – The Inconvenient Truth – One bump too many? / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Sep 21, 2020


Ciaran O’Connor, writing for the, claims to be a researcher and investigator with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue,  


(A: So, there’s an important part of it, eh, the propaganda institution. The…)


Institute for Strategic Dialogue, (propaganda) a London-based think tank that works towards powering solutions to extremism, disinformation, and polarisation. (By lying about them) (A: [Alan chuckles.])


He is, in fact, nothing more than a pathetic propagandist playing cover for mainstream media lies and deception over the Covid-19 hoax pandemic.


He does this by using the age-old technique of smearing anyone who believes in free speech, freedom and the right to make their own choices, right wing extremists. By that definition, he is therefore a right-wing extremist as he believes in wearing masks, social distancing and in general the stripping away of all rights which every human being has. He has the right to voice that opinion and has done so publically, in an online mainstream virtual rag, to propagandise fiction over facts, whilst clearly hypocritically claiming to seek truth in media reporting.


This creature is a coward, something endemic in so called ‘journalist’ circles of our era. They are pathetic mouthpieces for tyrants and liars to the public and themselves. They do not care one iota about factual information, even when that factual information comes from their own ‘authorised’ sources.


On the issue of masks, to give just a very simple example, it states in English on the packaging (A: …and it does too.) that these masks DO NOT protect the wearer from viruses and should not be used for that purpose. Where is the ambiguity in that?  (A: That’s quite clear, right.) Where is the right wing extremist diatribe? Where is the lie? Where is the misinformation/disinformation?


Right now in Ireland, government psychopaths such as Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health (A: And he’s got the ‘health’ scored out and called…) Death would have the nation believe that the mythical ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 is lurking around every corner and ‘wet’ bar in Ireland just waiting for unsuspecting human habitats to get too close for 15 minutes, at a distance of 2 meters, or 6‘ 8” in Imperial measurement, without a mask, because the virus knows what jurisdiction it’s in.


(A: It’s true, it does, doesn’t it?)


It can also tell the time and know what time certain stores open and close, and presumably what special foods people have eaten to see if they’re more prone to infection. Perhaps people need to carry bulbs of garlic to ward off this clever little creature known as Covid-19, which seems to be vastly more intelligent than the politicians and media supposedly hunting it down; certainly more so than the pathetic Ciaran O’Connor who it would appear would not know factual information if the elusive Covid-19 virus whispered it in his ear.


(A: Hm, there you go.  It’s a…)


… pathological liar virus which permeates every mainstream rag in terms of broadcasting, publication in print and online in Ireland today, and across the world who have sold their souls to the evil of the World Economic Forum and others to do their bidding for them to bring about their promised green Utopia which, once it’s done with these useful idiots, will slaughter them without a modicum of regret and possibly use their remains as fertiliser.


(A: Which is no joke by the way, hhhch.)


What else would you do with manure?


There you go. I'll put these articles up.  That's not a bad one, again, that's in the Irish Sentinel by Helena Handbasket. That's where we're all going. And this one here…


The Hard Road to World Order / 1 April 1974


(A: It's quite interesting. This is a while back.  Its Volume 52, Number 3 I think it was, 1974 Foreign Affairs. That's the CFR Foreign Affairs magazine. It goes through again the world system and how folk are quite willing to give up their freedoms or their nationalities or sovereignties and nations and stuff. He talks about, you know...)


The willingness of U.N. members to risk their him short-term interests for the good of the community…


(A:  So, you know, they have wonderful phrases like that. It's for the good of all.)


seems at the level of the frontier town in High Noon, where the citizens abandoned their lawman as soon as the outlaw was released from jail.


(A: Fft.  That's what folk do once you're told to wear masks, or you'll get beaten up or tased, by your own governments eh. But this here goes on to talk about, the Hard Road to World Order. They're talking about a world system of government, or governing, right.  1974. It says...)


Nor are the world's him principal economic forums in much better shape. In contrast to him the accomplishments of happier days, nobody now takes a major issue to ECOSOC, UNCTAD,


(A: That's the UN again, these are all UN associations.)




(A:  …the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, the International Monetary Fund…)


 the IMF, or OECD,


(A: That's Overseas Economic Corporation Development, coalition for developments. That's your tax money that they throw out at Third World countries, but they're really [Alan chuckles.] to fund factories there from the well-known corporations and set them up.)


with much hope for a constructive result. Even the European Community threatens to unravel under current economic and political pressures.


In this unhappy state of affairs, few people retain much confidence in the more ambitious strategies for world order that had wide backing a generation ago—"world federalism," "charter review," and "world peace through world law." The consensus on basic values and willingness to entrust vital interests to community judgment clearly do not exist.


(A: For those who don't understand that the Federalist Society is still on the go and you know, Hillary Clinton is a member of it.  So is I think, was it.... Dan Brokaw.... and some of the big ones are all members of it, for world federalism. That's the elimination of national sovereignty for those who don't quite know it.  This is from the CFR I'm reading here, eh.  It's the Hard Road to World Order and it goes on and on about all the problems. This is the article, if you read it, it will tell you that one of the biggest problems that they had to world order, or giving up nationality, especially for the US, was its Constitution. So, they talk about having to, the best way is to, rather than hit it head on, they talked about going around it and over it and just… In other words, ignoring it, hhhch, and passing laws that would replace it all, by just simply ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But it does go into...)


It is instructive to ponder the institutional implications of the negotiations to which nations were already committed before the "energy crisis" preempted international attention in the fall of 1973.

Although some of these tasks of institution-building may be complicated or postponed by the energy problem, all are now continuing fixtures on the diplomatic agenda:


1. The non-Communist nations are embarked on a long-term negotiation for the reform of the international monetary system, aimed at developing a new system of reserves and settlements to replace the dollar standard and at improving the balance-of-payments adjustment process.


(A:  …across the board I suppose really.)


The accomplishment of these objectives would almost surely require a revitalization of the International Monetary Fund, which would have unprecedented powers to create new international reserves and to influence national decisions on exchange rates


(A:  Again, it’s money, money, money. The same characters at the very, very top, the same secretive organizations eh, that were set… private organizations, running all countries, including the communist countries too [Alan chuckles.] by the way.  Yeah, they've got their loans from the World Bank as well, and the IMF where the guys who came in with the stipulations and collected the payments, eh.  I'll put up this article. It's quite interesting for anybody who's interested in reading it, you know. Most folk are not. I might or might not put it up if I can find a link for it. But I've got the actual articles here.  They also go into...)


6. ... a World Food Conference


(A:  ...for those who think it's all happening just now, you know, the prices, etc... Last week I mentioned the organization that was doing stress test on the world's food supply, interestingly. The Cargill Corporation was one of them, there are five big food agencies across the world, five major ones [Alan chuckles.] and the people they put in charge of it are awfully well known.  Also…)


7. In the 1974 Law of the Sea Conference and beyond—in what may be several years of very difficult negotiations—there should eventually emerge a new international regime governing the world's oceans.


(A: So, they’re going after everything. This is the same organization that came out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that came out of the Lord Alfred Milner group that was sworn to take over territory of the planet, bring in one system across the world based on what they called the British system, which wasn't for the people obviously, and take over all the world resources. And use it wisely, you see, they would decide that they would own it all and use it and they would use it wisely. Where you peasants couldn't use anything wisely, you see, you're too ignorant.  And that's why they exist. So, it morphed into this and this and this, and then the CFR in the States side.  They also have the group for the politicians in the EU European parliament, most of European parliamentarians are members of it too. That's the European Institute for International Affairs which is just a subsidiary of the RIIA, etc, etc, all the way to the Far Eastern group as well.)


9. At some point in the years ahead the world will move beyond U.S.-Soviet agreement on strategic weapons, and NATO Warsaw Pact agreement on some measure of force reduction, to a truly multilateral set of negotiations (comparable to the nonproliferation treaty) designed to limit conventional weapons. It seems inevitable that the United Nations and perhaps regional bodies will be given new responsibilities for the administration of these arms control and disarmament measures, including means of verification and enforcement.


(A: And so on and so on and so on.  An...)


... International Court of Justice.


(A: Etc. All the stuff that they're still bringing in today.)


In the early days of the Second World War, Roosevelt and Churchill proclaimed an Atlantic Charter with the postwar objective of "access, on equal terms, to the trade and to the raw materials of the world." In three decades of negotiations since that time, our focus has been almost exclusively on access to markets. In the next decades, we will need to place new emphasis on arrangements to assure reasonable access to scarce resources.


(A: So, the big corporations.)


I'll put that up too, maybe, if I can find the link for it now. For those who care. Most folk really don't. Or other ones might just want to write books about it.  [Alan chuckles.] Another one too is, I'll put up a YouTube on Australia and it's about the omnibus bill. It's interesting this massive omnibus bill they've passed there, a legal bill on the Covid laws, etc. etc. and lockdowns and yada, yada, yada.  It's really martial law, basically.  Well, it IS martial law. That's what it is. I won't say it's like, it is martial law.  [Alan chuckles.] I'll put this one up for those that want to see it.


Pre-emptive and indefinite detention in the new Victorian Government Omnibus Bill - / 20 Sept 2020


There's also another YouTube one on the same thing. I’ll put them both up and you can see what you think about it.


Dan Andrews' new COVID Omnibus bill 'empowers the untrained with draconian abilities' - / 22 Sept 2020


Also, this one here, it's quite interesting. Understand, I can remember the talks before you were given really the full Internet service that you have now. But back in the 90s it was still pretty primitive, for the general public that is.  They had debates amongst themselves in academia at the top because those in higher academia work at MIT as well, of course, work for the big agencies that own the world.  They talked about, oh, the problems of containing information from the public, because they might get dissent on a whole bunch of things.  So, they'd have information warfare going on and they said, how do we contain it? And how do we deal with that?


Well, they've got massive organizations, not just the 77th Brigade in Britain that attack anybody. I mean, you've got thousands of, and I've given the articles out before where the commandant basically, the commander talks about the fact that they've got thousands on staff working full time and thousands more they can call up any day at all that they need them, to attack whatever they want to attack, and they'll close down or hack or whatever it happens to be. There's many other organizations that were set up who work in collusion with them, not just the BIT groups as well. You have Bellingcat is another one too.




Bellingcat is an investigative journalism group that specialises in fact-checking


(A: That's another one, is it fake news or is it not fake news. So, they’re the fact checkers, you see, just appeared when they were attacking Syria, hm.  Their job initially was to try to show the public of the world that Syria had been using chemical weapons on its own people. Which of course other [Alan chuckles.] findings since then found out it was not. It was the attackers were using the darn stuff. But that's what it was found out to do, to convince the public we should go to war and demolish Syria, you see.)


Bellingcat began as an investigation into the use of weapons in the Syrian Civil War.


(A: Right.)


Its reports on the War in Donbas (including the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17), the El Junquito raid, the Yemeni Civil War, the Skripal poisoning,


(A: …all the things that are really very iffy, hhhch…)


and a mass killing by the Cameroon Armed Forces have attracted international attention.


(A: Really? Hm?)


Eliot Higgins started a blog under the pseudonym "Brown Moses", through which he published his research into video footage of the Syrian Civil War.


So right off the bat you’ve got the clue that this was set up as a propaganda outfit, but now they're also using them just like the Brigade 77 and many other groups, and Google now as well, to attack anybody who's has different opinions on what's going on. They've lots of them out there, lots and lots and lots of them out there. The elite don't sit back and let things happen, they plan in advance.  Folk never really fathomed that out at all. They can’t, you know. Then the media of course, the newspapers have got terrible names, will put out occasional stories that's taken off and could never be disproven, you see, so they'll carry a few of those ones, because everybody else is carrying them, to try to seem more legitimate again and folk fall right back into, it rather than just ignore them. You can't trust them. 


Because how can you trust them?  How can you trust them when they're lying? When do you trust liars?  Hm?  Who are known to lie to you, when do you start trusting them? NEVER is the answer to it. [Alan chuckles.] Never. Oh, don't you want this little bit of news, this is a good bit of news, you know?


It's like people, here's the thing too, you have no idea how intelligence agencies again set up Patriot Radio years ago in the 50s and 60s in America, as an example. Britain of course had lots of programs from, on the BBC Radio even during World War II, as I say George Orwell talked about it, and MI5 ran a lot of the organizations that he was on, and many of the other announcers as well.


But today you've got all the supposedly independent fact checkers you see, that have just got the credence for it. And who gives them the credence? Well, they're authorized by government. Well, we trust these people to give you good impartial advice on what's legitimate and what's not legitimate, you see.  This is standard tyranny, isn't it? So standard it boggles the mind. It's put across in the same way as, well, these are reputable people, you know, we say so.  [Alan chuckles.] And folk believe it. 


You're living through incredible censored tyrannical times right now. It tells you too, it's so HUGE, this isn't just for Covid, folks. This is for your whole life long now, on the Internet and everything else, as you get monitored and tracked and traced and completely, utterly dissected and analyzed like you... phew.  Most folk don't even know that, that they're being analyzed. They take it all for granted unfortunately.


But yeah, when do you trust a born liar? And folk don't know, as I say, the CIA set up the so-called alternate media to try to counter the Soviet propaganda. You can see the sense in it years ago, if you believe it's on the up and up, that you would put out counter propaganda.  Because after all, it's always a battle for the minds, isn't it, from all sides? Believe us, we're the good guys.


But you have a legitimacy, you always think.  And it's true, when you've obviously got a real tyranny on the go that's monitoring its people, but then in Britain they were doing the same thing in a quieter way, much quieter way.  [Alan chuckles.] But as I say it's a battle for the minds by those that own you really, I don't care what era it is or what system or side you're on. But they did set up the counterbalance to communism. They used a lot of Christian organizations initially who could also bring people into the fold you might say the Christian fold by using Western propaganda to counter all the communistic/atheistical propaganda.


What is true too, is a lot of Christians across the Soviet bloc countries, and living in dangerous times because the communism, which is a front again for something else, that utterly hates Christianity, I mean utterly hates it.  Communism was horribly atrocious to Christians when they caught them for anything at all, so much so that the horror stories are still valid and verifiable and HORRIBLE to this day, what happened with them.  They HATED these people.  It wasn't just killing them, it was utter, extreme, long drawn out torture for days, weeks and months at times.  Utter hatred and contempt, demonic really, attack on them.


Folk literally had secret meetings in their home sometimes for special occasions and had children outside looking, watching for the people who would report them. They knew people in different areas that were all appointed to be there coming in as neighbors, new neighbors that would be really working for the government as spies. That was standard stuff. We have it here in the West too by the way. They pay civil servants who retire extra cash to live within certain areas.  They start up little NGOs themselves, it could even be for pets or something, something like that. They get to know everybody and get the gossip. This is standard stuff. 


Again, you find that Jacques Ellul the French philosopher, he's dead now, he talked about that in his books on Propaganda and Surveillance as well.  In Surveillance he said that everybody had Cardex systems.  That was the card system in these big rotating cards on a wheel type thing that they used to have. He said they've got all your data.  This is from the 1950s on in the European countries. He gave France as an example, Britain had them too. Every single citizen, whether or not you had been in trouble, it made no difference, they had all the, they had gossip as well as all the data on you, or details, actual gossip added in. Which meant they had people throughout society collecting the gossip, folks.  And you think you're free, eh?  That's why you fight harder, you think you're free. In the Soviet system they couldn't even hide that so much, it was just so overt, you see.


So, here's an article to do with the Bay Area in California…


Bay Area says employees will be required to work from home three days a week after the pandemic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions / 26 Sept 2020


(A: There you go, you see, what did they say at the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome? No one would be allowed to open up and go back to normal, they’ll have to fulfill criteria for sustainability, etc., and we can fulfill all of our climate control agendas through the Covid. Well, here you go. Here you go.  N-n-n.  You see, no one would have voluntarily closed for any reason.  [Alan chuckles.] But you're mandated by law for Covid, and now you can't open up.  It's...  eeeeeeeeeeh, these guys had it all worked out, didn't they?)


A new proposal could require Californians to work remotely three days a week.


A number of Bay Area residents, including employees at large tech firms, were concerned over a new proposal approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on Wednesday.


The controversial proposal would effectively ensure that sizable, office-based companies kept 60 per cent of their workers at home on any given workday to curb climate change. 


(A: There you go.  [Alan chuckles.].)


So it's a big stink about it because a lot of folk actually have said they have to get to workplaces to work because their homes are so tiny they can't even do it, a lot of people that have shared apartments and things like that. So, it's...  N-n.  Doesn't matter. This is the new system. This is the global reset, all part of it, austerity and so on. I give the talks on austerity years ago, how it would all come in. And here it's all here now.


Repressionomics: Get ready for the new permanent austerity / 22 Aug 2020




(A: There you go.)


Britain was the hardest hit of the G7 nations. The ex-hedge fund managing millionaire Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, claims that the UK tanked so badly because: “Social activities, like eating out, going to the cinema, shopping … comprise a much larger part of our economy than they do for most of our European comparative countries.”


(A: Then they go into the statistics thing about whose economy had fallen the most and so on. I'm very skeptical of statistics.  It's like the virus, statistics are just like the virus, it's very political. [Alan chuckles.] Political statistics, eh.  It's quite something. I'll put this article up though if you want to see it. So…)



In late-2019, the Institute for Fiscal Studies reported that “an awful lot” of austerity was “baked in” to the Tories’ (A: Conservatives.) supposedly generous manifesto. In April this year, millionaire Boris Johnson said: “I think this government will want to encourage that bounce back in all kinds of ways, but I’ve never particularly liked the term [austerity] and it’s certainly not part of our approach.” Notice that Johnson said he didn’t like the “term,” not the practice. (A: [Alan chuckles.])


I'll put these articles up. We're all going into austerity because that's what the UN wanted years ago. They put out lots of proclamations about the coming austerity in a post-consumerist society. Folk would laugh when I used to give the talks, oh, they couldn't make you be austere. Well, here you are folks, you're all broke. If you're not completely broke, you shortly will be. And even if you've got some money, you won't be buying anything without recommendation and permits, etc. Digital tracking, folks, eh, that's what it's all about.


Another Foreign Affairs one too...


The Future of the Liberal World Order


(A: Interesting article. 2011 this came out. It was about Internationalism AFTER America. Did you hear what I said? This is the big so-called advice think tank that advises governments, that's a boast that they have, they are the establishments' group, you see. It says…)


The Future of the Liberal World Order

Internationalism After America / May/June 2011 / G. JOHN IKENBERRY


(A: It goes on to say… and I love how they pad their… These characters love to impress you with their vocabulary so much, they’ll pad it so much, you know just, maybe they get paid by the word, I don’t know, or the line, I don’t know.) 


There is no longer any question: wealth and power are moving from the North and the West to the East and the South, and the old order dominated by the United States and Europe is giving way to one increasingly shared with non-Western rising states. But if the great wheel of power is turning, what kind of global political order will emerge in the aftermath?


(A: I’ll just add to it, this character darn well knows that the West and the North funded all the other countries through the GATT treaties and the free-trade treaties. We funded them to come up. We gave all our factories, we paid for the factories to be shipped offshore from our country, uprooted lock, stock and barrel, we paid for it all for them to move, and the corporations too, to China and the Far East. Come on here.  He won't mention that in this one, will he? Like it just happened by itself? No, it didn't. So now you don't have the work. You haven't had the work since then.  [Alan chuckles.])


Some anxious observers argue that the world will not just look less American -- it will also look less liberal. Not only is the United States' preeminence passing away, they say, but so, too, is the open and rule-based international order that the country has championed since the 1940s. In this view, newly powerful states are beginning to advance their own ideas and agendas for global order, and a weakened United States will find it harder to defend the old system. The hallmarks of liberal internationalism-openness and rule-based relations enshrined in institutions such as the United Nations (A:  Phew! [Alan chuckles.]) and norms such as multilateralism-could give way to a more contested and fragmented system of blocs, spheres of influence, mercantilist networks, and regional rivalries.


(A: So, there you are, this is all by the big think tanks that plan things. The same guys that draft up by the way the free-trade agreements to give all your factories abroad.  And for you to fund the same factories and corporations for 15 years minimum every year to make up for any losses incurred because of the move to the Far East. It could be renewed again at the end of the 15 years. Isn't that wonderful for the big rich boys, eh, and gals.  So here you are. What's interesting too, they give you the postwar settlements, they say…)


A succession of postwar settlements-Vienna in 1815, Versailles in 1919, Yalta and Potsdam in 1945, and the U.S., Soviet, and European negotiations that ended the Cold War and reunified Germany in the early 1990s-allowed the great powers to update the principles and practices of their relations. Through war and settlement, the great powers learned how to operate within a multipolar balance-of-power system. Over time, the order has remained a decentralized system in which major states compete and balance against one another. But it has also evolved. The great powers have developed principles and practices of restraint and accommodation that have served their interests.


(A: They’re talking about them as though they’re living entities, you know.)


The corporations rule over you, they have your whole life long. Big massive international corporations. Then you have all these huge... [Alan chuckles.] What would you call them actually? As I say, it’s very much like the organizations that Blofeld was in in the James Bond movies, like Spector and so on that literally were set up, you know, they're massive cartel systems run by gangs, and they can raise countries up and dissipate...  It's like George Soros said it when he put that article in the newspapers boasting about how he collapsed Britain's economy at one point by doing bets with two of his pals.  I phoned them up, he says, and we made the deal and we did it, they did investments which literally broke the bank as they say. Britain had to borrow millions and millions of pounds to try to float the economy again.


There's no law against it apparently, you know.  Really. Or is it because these same characters [Alan chuckles.] like Soros, they already own the system? Meaning that the legal system as well, since there's no laws to stop them from doing it. The same thing, I've noticed, how come after all these bank crashes no one gets arrested for what they've done?  Each time it happens, still no laws. Still no laws. Still no laws. They keep saying, oh, we're putting new laws in. No, they don't. No, they don't, folks. We are run by a huge gang, aren't we?


Anyway, I'll put this one up too about The Liberal Order, etc.  It's quite amazing. What you're really looking at when it comes to you giving these settlements from Vienna onwards all the way up to Potsdam and so on, in the Soviet Union as well, what they're telling you is, the big money boys of the planet make these new arrangements after the big wars, which they profit from massively, that allows them to do international gangsterism better as far as I can see. That's what it is.  M-hm.  There you go. I'll put that up for those that want to go through it.


Also, there is…


Moment Louisville gunman, 26, waves his gun around after firing fourteen shots at cops, (A: You can actually see it, eh.) injuring two, during first night of Breonna Taylor protests as BLM demonstrators take to the streets for a third night and claim sanctuary in church / 26 Sept 2020


That’s the, it’s almost a New Agey church, it’s a Unitarian church, you know.  It says you actually see the guy just pulling the… They’ve got the photographs of the guy and everything. He started firing off, I think a whole clip into the police directly. He hit two of them, at least two that we know of so far anyway. It’s astonishing as folk are going just nuts thinking they’ve got the rights to start slaughtering people.  Because somebody else gets hurt their answer is to just pick anybody of any other race and kill them. Apart from that too, you've got characters at the top that are giving these youngsters the ideas it's free reign on white people. It's terrible. I've got articles here, I don't even mention them, of white families getting bumped off, over the last month in fact. Even Mennonites, eh, who's vehicle broke down.  They were changing the tire and... ftt.  Because you know, they got robbed as well but the fact is, these gangsters eventually turned around eventually just kill them anyway. They had five kids there.  Ftt.  There you go.


This is a good article by the way and it's from May the 15th and Whitney Webb who does really good investigative journalism. This is says


Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec / 15 May 2020


(A: Interesting name, Kadlec, not Cadillac but Kadlec.  Very similar, eh?  It says…)


Last Friday, a group of Democratic Senators “demanded” that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) (A: [Alan chuckles.] I like the name ASPR, the acronym ASPR, you know.) Robert Kadlec, “accurately disclose all his personal, financial and political ties in light of new reporting that he had failed to do so previously” after it was revealed that he had failed to note all “potential conflicts of interest” on his nomination paperwork.


(A: Right? So, he’s, remember he is for…)


Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response


The report in question, published last Monday (A:  That link is here too…) by The Washington Post, detailed the ties of Kadlec to a man named Fuad El-Hibri, the founder of a “life sciences” company first known as BioPort and now called Emergent Biosolutions. Kadlec had previously disclosed his ties to El-Hibri and Emergent Biosolutions for a separate nomination years prior, but had failed to do so when nominated to head ASPR.


Though The Post does note Kadlec’s recent failure to disclose these connections, the article largely sanitizes Kadlec’s earlier yet crucial history and even obfuscates the full extent of his ties to the BioPort founder, among other glaring omissions. In reality, Kadlec has much more than his ties to El-Hibri looming large as “potential conflict of interests,” as his decades-long career in shaping U.S. “biodefense” policy was directly enabled by his deep ties to intelligence, (A: This is an interesting article if you can stick with it.)


…deep ties to intelligence, Big Pharma, the Pentagon and a host of corrupt yet powerful characters.


(A: Right.)


Thanks to a long and deliberate process to introduce biodefense policy, driven by Robert Kadlec and his sponsors, $7 billion dollars-worth of federally-owned vaccines, antidotes and medicines – held in strategically arranged repositories across the country in case of a health emergency (A: This is the emergency preparedness, folks.) – are now in the hands of one single individual. Those repositories, which compose the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), are the exclusive domain of HHS’ ASPR, a post created under Kadlec’s watchful eye (A:  So he helped rush it through.) and tailored over the years to meet his very specific requirements.


From this perch, Robert Kadlec has final say on where the stockpile’s contents are sourced, as well as how, when and where they are deployed. He is the sole source procurer of medical material and pharmaceuticals, making him the best friend of Big Pharma and other healthcare industry giants who have been in his ear every step of the way.


(A: It’s a good article actually. It just shows you how these characters can create organizations for what-if scenarios, then end up heading them, and then being the purchaser or decide who gets all the grants from, it’s all taxpayers money, eh.  And it goes on and on and it says…)


The story of how a former USAF flight surgeon… (A:  It’s true.  I think there's two of them at the top. I remember reading bits of it before, there was two of them at the top, one of them was maybe a dentist or something, and they end up getting a position like Fauci, you know, kind of at that level, maybe even higher.)


The story of how a former USAF flight surgeon came to have the exclusive dealer license over the single biggest stash of drugs in the history of the world is as disturbing as it is significant in light of current events, particularly given that Kadlec now leads the coronavirus response for all of HHS. Yet, Kadlec’s rise to power is not a case of an evil mastermind conquering a uniquely vulnerable point of the nation’s resources. Instead, it is a case of a man deeply enmeshed in the world of intelligence, military intelligence and corporate corruption dutifully fulfilling the vision of his friends in high places and behind closed doors.


(A: …and it goes on and on and on.  Hhmph. It says…)


In this third installment (A: …a good article.) of (A:  The links are here of…) “Engineering Contagion: Amerithrax, Coronavirus and the Rise of the Biotech-Industrial Complex,” Kadlec is shown to hail from a tight-knit group of “bioterror alarmists” in government and the private sector who gained prominence thanks to their penchant for imagining the most horrific, yet fictitious scenarios that inspired fear among Presidents, top politicians and the American public. Among those fictitious scenarios was the “Dark Winter” exercise discussed in Part I.


It is interesting. This is a good article. I'll put this up to for those that want to go through it. Because you don't realize, the media doesn't tell you this stuff, the general media, do they? They don't go through this kind of stuff to show you all these connections. And who's profiting off them. And who's got the power. And who's going to make more money. And who's connected to who, you know.  It really is interesting, to me anyway, how things really work. I've always been interested in how things really work. Also…


London anti-lockdown protest turns violent with disturbing attacks on police / 20 Sept 2020


(A: You've got to laugh at, this is from the Express.  All the media in Britain is on board for a complete lockdown it seems. Absolutely, you know. So, anything that kicks back in any way is, oh, attacks on the police. Nobody I think was arrested when they went through there [Alan chuckles.] pulling down statues and so on. Because a lot of them were migrants who claim that they were victimized, and these characters, these statues represented, like victimized their ancestors or something like that, whatever it happened to be. The cops were nowhere to be seen.  But they're allowed, they're turning on the rest of the public, eh?  So, the people are kicking back. They're fed up with this nonsense, they know it's a scam, they know what's going on. And they know if you go through this, come whatever spring there'll be, whatever currency you have is going to be worth maybe 1/3 of what it is now. You know that don't you? You don't close down the entire economy and the food systems and all that. Whatever happens is planned to happen, folks, before you even start it. So...)


FOOTAGE from the anti-lockdown protest in London on Saturday shows clashes…


(A: It's amazing too, some papers say, oh there were thousands of them there, the other ones say there was a few hundred. You can't even get the general media to give you any honesty at all on anything.)


A Metropolitan Police statement condemned what they called “pockets of hostility and outbreaks of violence towards officers”.


They called the attacks on its officers "unacceptable" and said the protesters were “putting themselves and others at risk”.


(A: Well, from what? … what are they putting people at risk from?)


Footage from the scene shows some officers, with batons drawn, pushed back by crowds.


(A: Now they’ve got the horses set loose and the mounted police and so on. Stuff they use in the Middle Ages, eh, it’s the same old stuff. So, there’s a little video clip there too of course, but it doesn’t mean much, the video clips.)


(A: The folk are saying, and they have placards up now saying…)


…"this is now tyranny" and called COVID-19 a "hoax".


(A: Tyranny is exactly what it is, folks. With a well-thought-out plan obviously of tyranny.  No doubt about it. Absolutely. Again, just like martial law.  There used to be five, no more than five or six, it's the same stuff, that's why emergency powers is martial law.)


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted that national guidance may have to go beyond the current "rule of six".


(A: You see, the virus can also count… Oh, wait a minute here, wait a minute. Oh no, it's okay, there's only 5 of them there, that's okay, I won't attack them.  But there you go. Oh, make it four, because one of them's eating and he's got a sandwich in his hand.)


Another one too says…


Thousands at Trafalgar Square in furious lockdown protest and police arrest 32 - /1 9 September 2020


Funny how they always get the 32 or 33.  M-hm.  What d'you expect from people with chess boards going around their hats, eh.  The tessellated floor.  [Alan laughing.] They live between two worlds, the very naïve one and the real one that runs it all, the white and the black of it all. I'll put these ones up.


Then we've got this one.  I mean, everything ties into eugenics like I said earlier in the talk. It's all, the whole idea of climate change was to fit the bill to get the public to start cutting back on consumption, your energy use. Because with energy use folk get healthier, with more energy and cleaner energy and better energy and heat in the winter and stuff like that, basic stuff, then they breed, and they have children. And they can't have children, you see. 


That's austerity, it has to be brought in instead by having less children and a way to, you know, use climate change as an excuse not to even feed you properly and so on.  Get you off meat and protein and start giving you basically, the big corporations, the five agribusinesses, their genetically modified vegetables and everything.  You know, saturated with all their pesticides and herbicides and all the rest of it. That's okay though, they tell you that's wonderful. I'm sure all the true news, the true news group that they have there that go over all the different articles will agree with that, that that won't harm you at all. Experts have said that's not giving you cancers and things. No, no, no. Nope.


There you go, but anyway this is called…


The Eugenic Problem

Modern History Project


(A: Stuff I’ve read before years ago. This article here was about the eugenic problem, it's called.  It says…)


In a recent edition of his journal Global Future, Stephen Lewis, the United Nations Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS and former Deputy Director of UNICEF, asks the following question regarding the AIDS epidemic in Africa:


(A: He's a lifelong politician. He used to be with the NDP, you know, what they call the National Democratic Party that was a few degrees left of center, or left I should say of Trotsky, and maybe a few more left of Lenin even.  They have a great income, a good career in it too. He says...)


"We've lost hundreds of thousands of children, probably millions of children during the last decade… How can it possibly be explained or justified?"

-- "The Ugly Truth of the AIDS Pandemic", in Global Future, vol 1, 2006


Come now, Mr. Lewis! It's hard to believe that a high-level U.N. official would even have to ask such a question.


First, this could be explained as the product of a covert but successful population reduction program -- a program which uses do-gooder organizations like UNICEF for political cover. The proponents of Darwinian eugenics programs, like the British Eugenics Society and the Club of Rome, have openly discussed such things for decades. For instance, here's a quote from Prince Philip, (A: I've mentioned before Prince Philip, is quite open, because he’s arrogant, a good arrogant psychopath.  And often he's rather sozzled, you know, he likes to be fueled, ah, a good part of the day.) founder of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), flagship of the modern "environmental" movement:


(A: Remember the Sierra Club too, I think it was up there with the...  All these organizations that are all saying there's too many people, save the animals/kill the people, that's really what their con is here.)


"Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. (A: This is from Prince Philip, right.) We're in for a major disaster if it isn't curbed... We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war."


-- HRH Prince Philip, interview "Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation", People Magazine, Dec. 21, 1981


Second, this could be justified by the twisted logic of elitist eco-socialism, which says that such a "culling of the herd" is necessary and desirable, especially among inferior races. Again, from Prince Philip:


"The object of the WWF is to 'conserve' the system as a whole; not to prevent the killing of individual animals. Those who are concerned about the conservation of nature accept... that most species produce a surplus that is capable of being culled without in any way threatening the survival of the species as a whole."


-- HRH Prince Philip, founder of WWF, in the Chancellor's Lecture, Salford University, June 4, 1982.


At the 30th annual conference of the Global Health Council, Mr. Lewis said that Africa seems to be "under some kind of otherworldly curse". We note that Africans in particular are more susceptible to AIDS than other races -- almost as if someone had planned it that way.


"What is so intolerable about the continued funding crisis is not just the staggering loss of life, so much of it completely unnecessary, but what it says about us, the donor nations and our lamentable, incomprehensible behavior... We know what we are doing, but we do it anyway."


-- from speech at "Global Health Council conference", May 28, 2003


Just so! However, it isn't the "funding" or "climate change" or some other bugaboo that is the real source of the problem.


The alleged perpetrators of this genocide have the resources, the ideology and the track record of using "disease, starvation and war" to further their goals. This would explain why the AIDS epidemic has not been stopped after 25 years, despite untold billions of dollars spent on both medical research and the futile "humanitarian efforts" of the U.N.


Consider the words of humanist Sir Julian Huxley, (A:  Remember one of the founders of UNESCO and Planned Parenthood, eh.) Vice-president of the British Eugenics Society (A:  …as well, I didn’t know that.), founding director of UNESCO, and co-founder of the WWF:


(A:  There you go, you see.)


"The lowest strata... allegedly less well-endowed genetically... must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive..."


(A: For the hard of thinking I'll repeat that from Sir Julian Huxley.)


"The lowest strata... allegedly less well-endowed genetically... must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive..."


-- Julian Huxley, Galton Lecture at the Eugenics Society, 1936


"Thus, even though it is quite true that any radical eugenics policy of controlled human breeding will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible,


(A: I remember reading this from his actual book at the time, his speeches that he gave at UNESCO years ago, not this particular article, but he quotes selections from it.)


"Thus, even though it is quite true that any radical eugenics policy of controlled human breeding will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care..."


-- Julian Huxley, "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy", 1947


(A: You see, so...  natural selection is also meaning the inferior types should die off. That's what it is. It's not just elite mating with an elite and so on. This, what they call natural selection, they're talking about all classes, all groups, right down to the bottom, eh, the poorest. There you go. It says…)


I'm sorry to say it Mr. Lewis, but it looks as though you've been sent on a fool's errand!


(A: [Alan chuckles.] ...why he's still asking questions as to why it's happening across Africa, all these different things and so on.)


A little research reveals that the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), of which Stephen Lewis is a director, was launched by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation (A:  Oh, I’m surprised.) and heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has provided over $150 million dollars so far.


Both Stephen Lewis and Seth Berkley, the President of IAVI, are on the faculty of Columbia University in Manhattan, which is closely associated with nearby Rockefeller University. Joint programs include the center on "Sustainable Development" at Columbia's Earth Institute, headed by Jeffrey Sachs, who also directed the recent Millennium Project on sustainable development for the United Nations Development Program.


Are you starting to get the picture, folks?  I mean, you can keep... [Alan chuckles.] falling over logs in your way along the path here until you figure out, why are all these logs here, what does it mean here? Well, you can go on and on, this is only part way through the article here, I could go on and on with it, but I have no time to do it all. I have done it all before anyway with my own articles actually years ago. 


The Scottish National Party…  Let’s just call it the Socialist National Party from Scotland, SNPS, that’s what they should call it…


SNP caves in: Nicola Sturgeon humiliated as party forced to row back on controversial bill / 24 Sept 2020


(A: This is how they give you the lie, you see.  It says…)


NICOLA STURGEON has been forced into an embarrassing u-turn over the controversial Hate Crime and Public Order Bill.


(A: No, they haven’t dropped it, you see, they just amended it a little bit.  You see what I’m saying? Because they knew they would never get the whole thing passed initially, so they give it a little, okay, we’ll listen to you, we’ll amend it a little bit.)


The legislation was introduced in order to provide further protections against any hate crime relating to religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity. Initially, the bill would mean words or behaviour considered to be “abusive” or likely to stir up hatred would be considered an offence. The bill received a huge backlash, however, with critics arguing it would stifle free speech.


(A: Well of course, that’s the whole point of it. And it tends to get worse and worse and worse.)


Supposing an organization comes along, they are always on about Nazis, right, although Nazism is long gone because that was national socialism. But supposing in a sci-fi movie scenario and somebody came along, and you had this massive army just appear, right, and they passed a bill saying you can’t talk about them. You're done for... If you can’t talk about them, you're finished. 


DON'T let these laws pass.  You cannot let these laws pass.  I don't care what excuse they give for it, it's a lie and a con, absolute con for a different purpose. Because you're eventually going to find out you've been overwhelmed with some other organization that's ruling your whole nation and your lives, folks. That's what it's for. That's exactly what it's for. It's also the communist tactic too that's been used over and over again as well, hate speech, until you can't, if you're stifled you can't say, if you can't say what the problem is you're done for. Not someone's opinion if you're telling the truth on the topic, no. If you can't mention the problem, you're done for, folks. Whatever the problem is. Of course, it's that way.


I mentioned earlier about these no-knock raids or whatever they call them in America, where they go in the middle of the night just like they did in the, just like the Soviets did in the KGB, and the squads too, they had the Stasi squads in East Germany. In the middle of the night, it's always in the middle of the night or early morning, the 3 o'clock in the morning.  Somehow, I don't know why they like it but that's what they like. I'm sure there's reasons for it, you're more confused or whatever at that particular time, generally.  But this says…


Anger over lack of charges in Breonna Taylor's death leads to widespread protests - / 24 Sept 2020


But again, they've got the groups jumping on the riots regardless, and creating the riots actually.  Riots are different than protests. Riots, burning places down is not protest. No. But again, I'm not going to go into the rights and wrongs of, of what they are actually, of the terminology. The fact is, you definitely have subversive groups, well-funded, to jump in on all of this for a different reason. And they are actually saying that, it says in maybe this article or other articles too, it says that this is a revolution, you see, is a revolution.  And they'll use any spark or spike as they call it and jump on it to get the revolution on the go.


What do they think they're going to bring in, the people at the bottom?  Hm?  Widespread starvation? Do they really think they're going to get a job as some new type of Gestapo sort of thing over the general population, is that what they think they're going to get? So, they can do what they want and somehow get rewarded for it? Is that what they really think? Well, the followers don't know that the leaders know the big picture, [Alan chuckles.] what it's really all about.  And you're going to wish forever that it never happened very shortly, I guarantee you. Where you'll have nowhere to live when you get your water shut off because, oh, this economy is for austerity.  And you're going to, it's going to be hard to get any food supplies coming in.  Hm.  You wait and see.


But you've definitely got a revolution on the go, and at least on their signs and so on they're saying it, and their chants, that it's a revolution.  It's a communist revolution. They think it's communism.  [Alan laughing.] They're so ignorant they don't even know what happened in the Soviet Union, hhhhhhh, or the Soviet bloc countries, eh. 


And back to Scotland…


Jason Leitch tells Scots students they can't move back in with mum and dad under current lockdown rules / 24 Sept 2020


(A: So, there you go, there's your freedom in the West. There's nothing left to save. You can't stand up and fight for countries where your leaders are doing this kind of thing to you, do you understand that?  It says…)


Students who have already moved into university accommodation cannot return to live with their parents under current lockdown rules, Scotland's clinical director has confirmed.


Jason Leitch said that undergraduates living in shared flats or halls of residence now formed a single household.


(A:  …that’s how they’re labeling you. Communal living folks, get used to it. It might be permanent. Communitarianism, eh, that's what they used to call it a while back.  They're trying to call it, oh, it's not communism, it's communitarianism.  Ftt.  Here it all is.  So, no matter if you're about five or six to an apartment, or a room, you'll be classified as a separate household, there you go.)


Fears are being raised about the rapid spread among younger people spilling over. It was also claimed the spread shows mistakes from care homes and cruise ships in the early days of the pandemic are being repeated.


(A:  No, they’re not. Nope.  Nope, they’re not getting ill, of the tests, not getting ill if they're testing positive. But facts have got nothing to do with agendas, eh.)


Now, these hate laws, which can be expanded, which they're already being expanded in countries that had them longer, to include whatever is the latest thing to be added to it. There's lots and lots of things they add all the time to it. That's what they're really for, is to retrain you into a whole new way of living and thinking, and not thinking. Conditioned responses basically, very Pavlovian. Here's an article here…


New Poll: 62% Say the Political Climate Prevents Them from Sharing Political Views / 22 July 2020


50% of strong liberals support firing Trump donors, 36% of strong conservatives support firing Biden donors; 32% are worried about missing out on job opportunities because of their political opinions


62% agree "the political climate these days prevents me from saying things I believe because others might find them offensive"


(A: Well, this is the game they play with their hard-created armies, for every possible viewpoint they’ve got an army created.  They’ll immediately stand up and say, I find that offensive. There you go. You see how it’s all done, though. You’re not going to… You’ve got planned chaos here, until you’re in a box.  I don’t think you’ll even get to use sign language, you know. Or even if you use the inappropriate sign language, hhhch, they’ll probably say that’s offensive as well, maybe it is.)


A new Cato Institute/​YouGov national survey of 2,000 Americans finds that 62% of Americans say the political climate these days prevents them from saying things they believe because others might find them offensive. This is up from 2017 when 58% agreed with this statement.


Do you ever wonder why they do these polls and surveys? The same things? You know, everything, maybe it’s a one-off. No, no. They do them every year to see if it’s working, you see that’s why these things are done. I’ll put that one up as well.


Another article too, and you've probably heard about Hunter Biden and how he’s involved in some things he shouldn’t be involved in and so on. Big money. It’s just so corrupt, the whole system seems so corrupt.  But again, if it’s legal, there’s no laws against it, I guess it’s not corrupt at all, eh.


Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’ - / 23 Sept 2020


Senate GOP claims John Kerry falsely denied knowledge of Hunter Biden - / 23 September 2020


Hunter Biden get $3.5 million wire transfer from the Russian billionaire report reveals - / 23 September 2020


GOP senators release explosive report on Hunter Biden, Burisma - / 23 September 2020


I'll put this article up too for those who want to follow that kind of stuff. Nothing new in it of course. We do know to that actually parts of the Ukraine and Georgia and so on are really part of the CIA operative centers, that's why so much is going on there right now and has been for a while.  Never mind the oil pipelines and the money involved in all the rest of it.


Last week I mentioned microchips, here's an article…


All the Rage in Sweden: Embedding Microchips Under Your Skin / 14 May 2018


RIP wallets, implanted microchips are here to stay.


Wallets are such a bother. They flop around your pocket or purse, swelling as they munch on rarely-used loyalty cards and superfluous receipts.


But we’re living in the freakin’ future now. Why do we still have to lug around several different credit cards, or keys for irritating doors to the car and the office, when technology has far surpassed the need for any of them?


(A: This is like a big ad for it all going about, wow, this is wonderful.)


Lots of people are moving to store these sorts of things in their smartphones, of course, using services like Apple Pay and smart locks. But phones can be lost and hacked.


… about 3,000 Swedes — are opting for something even more invasive … according to the Associated French Press.


The chip itself essentially acts as a digital keychain.


(A:  They get it implanted in your hand generally.)


NFC (near-field communication) is a way of sending information wirelessly from a passive chip to a reader, but only when they are about 4 cm (1.6 in) apart (you might have heard of radio frequency identification, or RFID — NFC is a more sophisticated form of it).


(A:  So, they also have active ones as well.)


A chip in the hand can help people do things like sign into the gym,


(A: It’s just so much, it’s just too much hassle signing in, you know.)


 unlock doors to cars


(A:  That’s just, putting a handout and turning a handle, it’s soo tiring.)


and offices and make credit card payments. Over time, as the technology progresses, the implant will be able to do even more.


(A: This is like a repetition of the stuff that that professor was doing in England at Warwick, was it, University. Or was his name Warwick, I can’t remember. But anyway, he was a big one to go put implants into his arms and it was all over the mainstream media because these are front man for the whole project. But here is Sweden doing it again and it’s got...)


… “implant parties,” often organized by larger companies, to hook themselves up. And the chips are similar to the ones veterinarians implant in dogs and cats so that their owners can find them in case they run away again.


(A:  Hmph.)


But now, people who get the implant aren’t counterculture biohackers — they’re the everyman.


(A: There you go, that’s straight out of HG Wells, you call them ‘everyman’, you know.)


This is especially true in Sweden, where these chips are so mainstream that, since June 2017, people have been able to buy train tickets with their microchips.


So, there you go, this is how you’re getting tracked and traced and where it's supposed to go. The youngsters again will go, oh it's so trendy, and they'll say, oh this film star or this rock musician, yep, they got it done, yeah, yeah.  They’re also eating crickets in sandwiches now, you now, insects and things.  [Alan chuckles.]   


This other article too is the Daily Mail Online.


Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access social media - / 23 Oct 2018


There you go, the same thing.  And let's see…


The Surveillance Economy - / 4 Feb 2019


A good article, again. Very good article. It's a good little article. Yeah, you're all getting your behavior shaped, again, and managed. Now you'll get all kinds of monitoring. Everything you utter now is going to get monitored. And rectified. Oh, we're rectifying your speech, you didn't realize what you said there, did you? We hope you didn't realize what you said. There could be a fine if you did know what you said.  Hhhhhhhhh.


UK’s chief scientific adviser has £600k shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines / 24 sept 2020


(A: Oh, there's no conflict there for goodness sake, eh. So…)


A senior Tory MP and former cabinet minister said he should have disclosed his interest.


(A:  Ttt.  There ya go.)


The UK’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has a £600,000 shareholding in a drugs giant contracted to develop a Covid-19 vaccine for the Government, (A: That's in the Telegraph, the daily Telegraph I guess, has revealed. The links are here.) The Telegraph has revealed.


In July, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and drugs multinational Sanofi agreed a deal with the UK Government to supply it with up to 60 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, subject to final contract.


It has a similar deal with the US Government for an initial 100 million doses.


But according to an investigation published today, Sir Patrick, who also chairs the Government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, holds a deferred bonus of 43,111 shares in GSK worth £600,000 from his time as president of the multinational drug company.


(A: [Alan laughing.] Bachhhhh, that’s just, that’s an oversight for goodness sake, anybody can forget these things.)


This other one too, I’ll put them both up maybe. We’ll see.


Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines - / 23 Sept 2020


Remember folks before I finish off with these articles, I’m not finished quite yet though.  Go into, list my official sites which are all on  If you can’t download my talk one day, try one of the other sites because there is definitely things happening now as they step up their program to deal with folk who tell you untruths, as they say, or false news, eh, or stuff you thought you shouldn’t say anyway, you know, like truth, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  That is forbidden. You can’t have truth. And it all depends who says the truth, isn’t it? They can use the same exact, the same exact, I could use the same language, the same sentencing, the same word for word stuff, if I say it it might be called false truth, you see, it’s like-a truth, only the people that’s authorized can give you the real truth. If you said the same thing, and even read their stuff, it could be like-a truth but not true.   Ftt.


It’s almost like the intelligence nerds, as they say, there’s known unknowns, and unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns, and known knowns.  That’s what they came out with years ago, remember that one? And you’re all left scratching their heads saying what’s that? Oh, I don’t know. I guess that’s an unknown, eh?  So, it’s the same kind of thing here too, of who can say what, and who’s authorized to say anything.  And what a state of affairs and tyranny eh when they’re going to authorize people to give you information, and anybody else who isn’t authorized is going to be put in prison? …because you said something?  Hhhhhhhhhh.  [Alan whispers.] They said something. Oooo.  Wow.  There ya go.


So, remember make a list of my sites. When you’re there you can buy a disk or book from me, my talks. Or donate to me, straight donations are awfully welcome. PayPal, straight cash, you can send cash, that always gets by regular post by the way. Don’t register anything, it will just get here by regular. And Money Gram you can send or personal check and any other way you can think of. Help me tick along.


I’d like to remind folk too that I am on with Neil Foster on Reality Bytes radio on Wednesday, 30 September, 1 PM Eastern standard time. So, 1 PM Eastern standard Time Wednesday, 30 September Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster and you’ll hear two Scots guys giving a good chat about the state of the world, life and the universe and everything, etc.


So now I’ll get onto these other ones, just a couple of articles I think left here. I’ll also put up an article from last week, I think it was the week before, a Whitney Webb interview.


Whitney Webb Interview – 2020 Election Chaos Being Used To Set Stage For The Final Technocratic Push - / 4 Sept 2020


“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election - / 3 Sept 2020


Good article.  Because we're certainly going through it, right, aren't we, the whole agenda. Technocracy efficiency to tyranny under the guise of a just society where you can't say anything that's going to offend any group that's said to be offended. I mean, they create groups to be offended, d'you understand that?  Down the road eventually people will have to complain about the fact they can’t get, they can't buy two socks, a pair of socks at a time because of austerity. So, they're only going to get one sock, so we better get the one-sock coalition together who are offended if the public demand two socks. What's wrong with one sock? We like one sock, you know, you're hateful if you demand a pair of socks, you know. They could make anything normal, any bizarre thing normal. As you probably noticed.  Hm? Just by repetition and passing laws and penalizing you.  If you notice it. If you have an opinion on something. What, you've got an opinion on that? Oh no, that's not the opinion that's been authorized, you know.


I don't know if you ever saw the old Monty Python clip. I wasn't really into Monty Python but occasionally they did a good little sketch on something, a good skit. One of them was the government Department for Arguments.  The guy comes into get an argument and he says, is this the Department of Arguments? No, it's not, says the guy behind the desk, you see. Well it says it on your door. The guy behind the desk, are you arguing with me? And before you know it, they're arguing the whole thing. And that's how it goes, you know, the Department of Arguments.  And that's what you're living in.


It's like gaslighting, you see, it's all gaslighting. Your common sense and rationale is under attack. Your sensibilities are under attack.  Enormously so. To create a form of mental illness on you. Because when you're not allowed to use your own logic and observations, then you truly have a master, a master above you that's dominating you. And who is tyrannical, no doubt about it, definitely tyrannical.  You can't think that. You can't say that. You can't even, even mistakenly come to a conclusion, [Alan chuckles.]  the wrong conclusion. 


You see, this is complete intolerance. This is not democracy. This is not freedom of any kind. This is conquering, it's to CONQUER the people by another group who know what they're doing. You know that don't you?


Anyway, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where I've had lots of rain recently, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Europe’s lockdown will kill more people worldwide than Covid-19 virus, German minister warns / 24 Sept 2020


Lockdown 'may kill 75,000' - that's the official projection of the deadly toll of Covid restrictions including missed cancer diagnoses, cancelled operations and health impacts of a recession. The virus death toll? 42,000 / 25 Sept 2020


Ohio Mom Tased and Arrested At Middle School Football Game For Not Wearing Mask / 24 Sept 2020


Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media / 20 Sept 2020


Europe is facing a double-dip recession as coronavirus second wave arrives / 24 Sept 2020


In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American" / 24 Sept 2020


YouTube adds fact-check information panels above search results in the UK to stop the spread of misinformation on the video platform / 24 Sept 2020


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter adopt uniform ‘hate speech’ standards for censoring content / 26 Sept 2020


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Pre-emptive and indefinite detention in the new Victorian Government Omnibus Bill / 20 Sept 2020


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Bay Area says employees will be required to work from home three days a week after the pandemic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions / 26 Sept 2020


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Moment Louisville gunman, 26, waves his gun around after firing fourteen shots at cops / 26 Sept 2020


London anti-lockdown protest turns violent with disturbing attacks on police / 20 Sept 2020


SNP caves in: Nicola Sturgeon humiliated as party forced to row back on controversial bill / 24 Sept 2020


Anger over lack of charges in Breonna Taylor's death leads to widespread protests / 24 Sept 2020


Jason Leitch tells Scots students they can't move back in with mum and dad under current lockdown rules / 24 Sept 2020


Second wave of Covid cases in Europe is not causing deaths to spike compared with the peak in spring / 19 Sept 2020


New Poll: 62% Say the Political Climate Prevents Them from Sharing Political Views / 22 July 2020


Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’ / 23 Sept 2020


All the Rage in Sweden: Embedding Microchips Under Your Skin / 14 May 2018


Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access social media / 23 Oct 2018


The Surveillance Economy / 4 Feb 2019


UK’s chief scientific adviser has £600k shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines / 24 sept 2020


Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines / 23 Sept 2020


Whitney Webb Interview – 2020 Election Chaos Being Used To Set Stage For The Final Technocratic Push / 4 Sept 2020


“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election / 3 Sept 2020


Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec / 15 May 2020


Coronavirus: Oxford University vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill / 9 sept 2020



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