Oct. 4, 2020 (#1797)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Like Nosferatu Uncloaked We Recognize Once Again:

"That Old Serpent in the Smoke of Streets a-Burning,

Same Battlecry Slogans Behind Slaughters Gone By,

A Replay in Time with Techniques Polished Returning,

Trained, Financed, Directed Under an All-Seeing Eye,

His Media Minions and Corrupt Guardians' Complicity,

Sell-Outs for Their Master, The Evil They've Done,

Their Father of Lies Rewards Deceivers' Duplicity,

Then Dispassionately Destroys Them All, One-by-One."

© Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2020

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 4, 2020.  I’m sure you’re all a bit concerned, [Alan chuckles.] I suppose concerned is a rather weak for it all isn’t it? But I suppose everyone’s getting the feeling of something, again, coming, something wicked and that coming our way.  Because we’re managed so well, aren’t we? We’re managed like children.  For me it’s just repetition in a sense because I gave talks many, many years ago about how we’re living through scripts basically and how we’re managed through the scripts without even being aware there are scripts, or how we’re coming into new ways of doing things or accepting things socially, legally, in a whole bunch of different ways in fact.  We’re guided to having conclusions that are already preordained basically by those who rule us. And we are ruled.  Bernays talked about it.  Long before Bernays too you had Benjamin Disraeli in Britain who was a bit more open, in his lucid moments, [Alan chuckles.] or sober moments maybe, about the way things really ran.  And we are managed very, very carefully but overwhelmingly now with mass media techniques in television and entertainment all combined working together.


At the EU meeting they had, I’ve put up the links before, where they’re all for vaccination, you know, it’s about vaccination and they had all the big players in it as well. They said that they’d put a lot of money into entertainment to embed the suggestions, as they like to say it, about the coming vaccinations, etc. and how they would prepare people’s minds in such a way that they don’t even know what’s happening to them. They really do believe they’re coming to their own conclusions, bits and bytes of information repeated for ages until it becomes their thoughts, you see. And that’s how you perceive it as, oh it’s my thought so I came to that conclusion myself.


I used to talk about the politicians and how I never listen much to politicians because they go by rote. At election time it’s just a sequence of topics which all parties will go through, the same topics and promise it to the… peasants, you see, the cattle as they call them. All kinds of nasty ways of talking about the people. But it is the way it is.  They talk about, you know, education, employment and so on, unemployment as well, unemployment money and benefits, etc., etc., childcare, all these kind of things. All the socialistic programs that were introduced into a form of socialism, which they’ve been trained, the public, this is quite normal, as they make you utterly dependent on government.  And government, remember, is your biggest problem. Because the reason you are so poor is because they tax you into the ground to pay for the programs, but also to fill their own personal buckets, their take-home buckets, you know, using your cash. Because those who serve the big system live much, much better than the general population that pays it all.


That’s how it really is. We’re managed by tyrants.  Of course it’s tyrants and they’re benevolent tyrants, they always smile at you, you know. Most of the old tyrants used to just show their teeth or their nasty, nasty grimace. But other ones, they smile at you because they’re good psychopaths, you see. Not very bright some of them, but they’re all on board together. And they’re very resolute. I mentioned this word in a talk with Neil Foster, how the Army has it, you know if you ever, soldiers will know this when going into battle, there’s the stage you get to where you’re resolute.  And for first timers and so on, and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been in battle before, it’s all or nothing. And they all know it.  Suddenly it really strikes home to them, this is real, you know. It isn’t little boys playing in the woods with toy guns.  It’s all real now, and some of them won’t come out of this alive, you know, other ones will be maimed.  So they’re resolute though, in their obedience, because you’re trained to obey orders and that’s what they do.  And if there’s a weak link in the chain, then if you like go down basically or just freeze, someone else might suffer next to you and so on. So everyone is resolute and doing what they’re supposed to do.


Those who use the police forces, all the politicians behind the police forces, they’re all in cahoots together as you know. Why bother having so many politicians when they all repeat the same phrases, you know, the coming lockdowns that’s necessary, and vaccinations necessary, etc. etc., and they just parrot. Why not just have one person parroting it and then you can always point, there’s the tyrant, you see. But they give you this appearance of having choices, eh, and different voices saying the same thing. Well, maybe they’re a bit different, he’s not quite the same as that one over there. But they are in reality. They’re bought and paid for. They all belong to the same clubs, put it that way, you can say clubs or lodges, it doesn’t make any difference really does it. Because they’re sworn to organizations which selected them before the public select them or think that they select them.


I used to say years ago the only way to stop it all, at least that part of it, would be to at least demand and have, and everything is so corrupt I don’t think you could even do it. But you would need independent groups that were really honest, which would be impossible in this day and age, I think, to check on those running for politics and to find out where they have given allegiance to already, what organizations, like the CFR for instance, or the Trilateral Commission because they obviously put their own members into politics occasionally too, the CFR more so. Even if they’re not elected, you’ll find a big, big chunk of your civil service, the higher members of them, in different departments, they are members of the CFR as well, strategically placed. 


That’s a lot of people. Especially when you take what used to be a British Empire system, or too, Australia, New Zealand, any country that still has the solicitor General assigned by the crown, and Canada’s still got one yet and so did the rest of them. Then you’re really under the same system, this strange democracy, but at the very top you’ve got a monarchy, you see, who has to okay everything and introduce a lot of things themselves at the time, and denial of things that come from those that you think are elected. So you’re living in a fantasy really. 


What you’ve got too is what you think is, um, stable society, kind of semi-stable societies, at times, which again is a very thin veneer. Because really, society is very turbulent, and if you could see the turbulence, if you just got back from a nice sunny day and all the smiling folk eating ice cream, in the old days, you know, before you had the open tyranny.  But underneath it all it wouldn’t take much to spark off trouble between different peoples, religions, ethnic groups, political groups, ideological groups, you know, from communism, Marxism, socialism, all the brands of the same thing really. It’s like cigarettes that are tipped and unfiltered and plain, all verses each other. So it doesn’t take much to really spark it off.


I’ve always said this, everything will work even in the massive open, open, this open society, you know, you hear the term so many times, the Trilaterals use it all the time.  Because their job is to bring in a borderless world eventually. But dominate it, their own members would dominate it, more openly. Trilateral’s themselves are real technocrats, they’re part of the big technocracy where they would get things done without being elected, you see. They all came out in force with Jimmy Carter many years ago, he had more Trilateral’s than ever, that’s really when they came out. They’re really associated, they’ve all been members of the CFR and then they’re selected for their higher purposes.


Because you’re run by, don’t think you run by your governments.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really, don’t think that at all. Even before World War II they had these organizations, different names for them all, running the system, even the old British Empire. Because they didn’t trust politics or politicians, or the people for that matter so they made sure they’ve always had, there’s always the deep state there, of course there is. The problem in the US is they were completely overtaken by what used to be radical, the radical revolutionary groups and some of them are foreign in a sense, that really run everything and turn everything upside down. So your official organizations in the States, even the FBI, is beyond compromised by the very people that the FBI was there to investigate.  [Alan chuckles.]  They are run by them now.  It’s quite interesting to see who advises the FBI.  It truly is, you know, in this day and age. I won’t go into it into much detail because it’s boring, really.  But yeah, things are rather out in the open today as to who even Antifa is.  [Alan chuckles.] Even their own parent organizations are out boasting about it, of who started it up and who still runs it today.


But yeah, you’re living in a make-believe system where you think that your country is still a John Wayne type system, you know. Again, Hollywood gave you in America, and the world, the Western world to an extent during the Cold War, but they gave you sometimes, not all the time, they gave you both sides of it.  Before World War II and during World War II Hollywood was turning out communist movies, for those who didn’t know it, because suddenly you’re supposed to be pally with Uncle Joe Stalin. The big bad bear was a happy guy now, he was a jolly bear, you know. Eventually they turned it back again. But during the war years they had the propaganda movies out there, with the tractors, the usual stuff, you know, that con game [Alan chuckles.] of people, you know, working happily on the farms for the good of all, etc., you know.  Uuuuh, I won’t go too far into it because it wasn’t all in the Soviet Union.  But anyway, they churned these things out and got away with it.  And they could get away with all the bad capitalists and so on.  It's so comical really because it's a joke because the top capitalists were the ones who fund the communist, still are funding communism. Because communism is a front to be, for a domination of the planet by another group, you see. That's… Of course it is. Of course it is. 


There's never been a time where people have brought in a system, financed it all, planned it all, like revolution, and then given it to you and then walked away and left it to you to manage. It's never happened. It's a joke. It's never happened. It never will happen. Those who finance it have always had the idea of dominating the planet themselves. And its much, much deeper than that too. Some claim it's religious to an extent, without, but a bit different from the religions that you think of. Remember, religions can also simply mean belief systems. Some people, Marxism is religion.  You need a lot of faith to believe in it, that it would work. And communism too. Because it's always making promises to make the human condition itself content. Which cannot happen.


In society, in the human being, in everybody, for those who can remember, even those that are going through it right now too, when you're teenagers and into your 20s, maybe even into your 30s, you definitely, um, are going through ups and downs like crazy through life. Most people are not completely stable in that respect. Because you're experiencing lots of different, they call it the milestones in psychodynamics, you’ll go through. Which is simple observation by behaviorists, and it's very true what they tell you about the different ages and different things that you'll do, and what you'll think, the drives that will kick in, even hormonal drives and so on, and what that makes you, what it does to you and what it will do and so on. 


But the thing is, you've got experts way above that can manage it all, you see, for their own benefits. That's why they always pick the young for rebelling.  Don't think when you look at the ones who are rebelling today, it's just spontaneous.  They're getting pumped up to do it by social media where the leaders of course of it all are trained, they're actually trained revolutionaries, and financed, very well-financed and well-paid.  They will retire with pensions too.


So you're living in a kind of make-believe world all the time. Much like, getting back to World War II and after World War II when they were churning out propaganda movies.  They gave you an idea of a wonderful clean society, very clean, you know.  That's what really got people in Europe and across the world looking at the movies, and they'd say, for goodness sakes, people in America have big cars. Most folk in Britain didn't have cars, you see.  It was even astonishing to see them all having in the movies, it didn't matter who they were, having phones. This is the impression they gave you, and my, they've all got phones.  It was so expensive in Britain to have a phone, you know, personal phone. Doctors would have phones, you know, people who are important, you see, in society and the community. But most folk didn't have phones. Because they were expensive.  Just making local calls was expensive, nevermind long distance calls.  So they didn't so much have cars, and they didn't have phones, most folk. That's what you see, these British phone boxes all over the place in the movies. They existed right up into the 1970s and 80s and started dwindling with the cell phones in the 90s.  But they were all over the place in Britain and in Europe too. But people would see these movies from Hollywood and think, my goodness, these people are so rich, even the working class is rich!  That's how it seemed to be, you see. But it was all make-believe and it was propaganda. It was put out not just for people abroad but also people in America too, to give them the impression that even if they're on the bottom rungs of society financially they were part of something bigger and better, and clean and decent, it gave that kind of optimistic feeling. 


At that time too there was more optimism because there was a lot of work. The war brought in a lot of industry, an awful lot of industry mainly for the war effort, you see, unlimited financing. That's why the crisis, you see, whether it's pandemics or wars of other kinds, when there's just, oh, billions of tax money getting tossed all over the place in the pockets, then they can also use some of it, you know.  You know it's supposed to all go to war making factories or whatever it happens to be, or vaccines, it makes all the same kind of stuff.  It's very Orwellian, you know, how many tanks will be churned out today? We've got 2000 more tanks than we thought we'd get this week, and we've broken our quota, and they'll do a big hooray, etc. Now it's going to be, how many vaccinations can give out, how many tests they can do for Covid. The same techniques being used.


But again, in America that was the impression that they gave generations. There were people whose mums, well they thought it was, especially women, they thought it was all real. They'd come home and they'd look at their husbands, and the husbands were, often had, you know, they were miners for instance, or they worked in factories and things like that, [Alan chuckles.] when there was factories to work in. But none of them were dressed in the suits and tie, the working class, you see. They didn't have cars. They didn't take their wives out ballroom dancing like Fred Astaire would do. So the women were bored stiff, and they all thought that they should have that kind of life, like flappers in a sense and have a great time with these very wealthy people. That were all on celluloid, it was all movies, it was all fiction. But it helped disrupt society to an extent because people who are not happy with reality will try and act it out in other ways. A lot of them did, and of course marriages started to break up.  In probably the 60s, and definitely in the 70s, it was pretty, getting more common, especially with the young people.


So folk have no idea that you're living through fiction most of the time. You follow the fiction, including the reactions to what you're supposed to do, as they're destroying society and destroying marriage. [Alan chuckles.] You'll actually, oh, why don't we just get a divorce then, you can't work through this.  Of course you had massive promiscuity with the pill, as I say, throughout Europe and so on. Even then you had a lot of fallout from unwanted pregnancies as they like to call it now. But the state stepped in immediately in this socialist system and took care of that of course. Until we're at the mercy of the state in so many ways, right down to, should we, just like...


You know, you find the founders, some of the founders of the Fabian Society, you know, for world socialism, some of the founders like George Bernard Shaw saying, that you'll come to us, he says, you think we're going to give the workingman a good life, and no, he says, you're not going to have a wife to come home to, we want her out there working as well. This is what they're telling you what socialism really means. It's not... Most of the people, they would get to people to rile them up and follow them initially just for having a decent working wage and more guarantee of having the work, as opposed to being laid off every other week sort of thing or months. But no, they have other ideas what it's all about. They want to double the tax base, destroy marriage altogether, and then rule over you.  And here we are today, and he said that, you'll come to us and we will decide, you have to tell us why we should keep you alive. It was really quite fascinating.


In the 80s and the 90s to the present the same technique was used when they brought out, oh my goodness, you know, people are going to get laid off before they're 40 now. And they were talking about in CEO jobs, sort of upper management jobs. And you'll never have a lifelong job for the rest of your life ever again, that's a thing of the past and so on.  But they'd actually put forms out, and it was all borrowed from socialism.  Because you understand, those who own the big, big businesses [Alan chuckles.], their bosses at the very, very top, a lot of the top government shareholders are the same characters they give you communism. So they would hand out to their employees when they were downsizing, forms with questionnaires with, why should we keep you here, what is your contribution to the factory? And you had to decide and to fill it in yourself, you see, and put yourself out of work. The same thing.


You have to start seeing how things are connected in life before you'll ever really figure things out in any other way, personally for your own benefit and what's happening to you. And when you're having your little rebellions in adolescence, and you won't know what you're rebelling about really half the time, you're just uncomfortable with everything and think things aren't the way it should be, or in your own personal lives, and some folk will blame the whole of society for it, you see. So you are easy to get picked up, and you’re meat, really, to be used by those who want to use you for other purposes.


So yeah, you're not completely stable all through your life. Even with your own relationships at times as well.  Because you're fighting different instincts, and instincts are to bond, whether you like it or not, you know, with sexual mates. And where the whole agenda has been for an awful long time is to separate the bonding process and intimacy from the sexual act. That's what the Frankfurt School spelled out quite literally, like that, and other groups too. So you’re left with the big, a big kind of chasm in your life at times as well, when you want something that's just not going to be, you know, be there.


Remember too Brave New World, they made, had this, again they always show you utopias, eh? There's always a scientific utopia for Brave New World where the scientific groups would run your lives. They'd actually breed you for a task for keeping the city going.  Those instincts that were still human were catered to as well. But you had to have sex all the time, but never with the same partner, I think, twice in a week. They would watch for that, to make sure you didn't bond. And you would get someone that would interfere and warn you if they noticed you starting to get, you know, seeing the same person more often and starting to bond, it was a taboo. 


These stories weren't written just for the fun of it. They were written by people who were in the deep state of the era and the scientific groups. Scientific groups weren’t just a hodgepodge of independent scientists looking for work at times and scraping for work. They were the top managers. The governments had always, especially in Britain, they really had developed a system of behaviorists and psychologists, even before the psychologists got the real term as professionals.  Because Britain at one time ruled a good part of the world. I hate calling it Britain, I mean, it was London that owned it all.  And folk who lived in the City of London owned it all and they owned the resources, that's what they were after. It was only a few thousand families really ran and really owned the whole empire.


But they had to keep a form, a semblance of order over the people. It's far better having them complying by altering and changing and even giving them a new culture, which they'll still think is their own, you see, when they'll see officials dressed in the same national garbs as themselves at the top and things like that.  They don't realize, no, they're bringing in a new system regardless of the flags. I've mentioned this so many times, your national anthems and things, that's how even in the States they don't even know, when they see the same formats every few years of presidents getting sworn in, and how people getting sworn in, and people draping the flag around them, you know, and saying the same old things, and the national anthems and brass bands and that. They don't realize they are 180° of where they used to be facing. They don't know.


That was the same with the old British Empire. Different parts of India, there were so many different nationalities within, ethnic nationalities within India, and hundreds of languages, that Britain tried to make it more uniform.  They put these satrapies all over the place and people in charge of them. But it wasn't just a commissar and so on, they'd have whole big staffs of people who worked and lived amongst the people, as the people, and kept tabs on everything.  A spy mechanism, but massive.  That's how you kept tabs on things. Then you can, anybody who is a bit brighter than the rest maybe, and could communicate better, and who knew what was happening, and could really pass on what he understood, and he could communicate it to others, he could be a future risk down the road because of his abilities, so they'd either try and him recruit him, buy him over, which was often generally successful, or else they have to liquidate them.


Exactly what Bertrand Russell said in his own books on it, that the elite have always use this technique. He's talking about Britain as well, that they could have scholarships out there for the brighter ones, and bring them into the hallowed halls of the, basically the granite building, you know, the old, old buildings, and they'd be overwhelmed at the honor of getting into these places where all, every famous person in British history had gone before them. Then they'd bring them into little societies, little clubs, and before you know it you win them over. But he said, they'd have to, that they get such people from the working classes, of the lower classes, would have to give up their affiliations to their own family background, and their people, and their area, you know, working-class area. But he says, if we can't bring them over to us and buy them off basically, he said, we'd have to annihilate them. You know, eliminate them. Physically.


That's how things really are. That's how it's always been. They'd already, Britain had already been using it across the world for years, that technique, you see. I'm sure other people, other nations before that had empires did the same kind of thing. Knowledge is generally very old, and why relearn it? It's like reinventing the wheel. They keep incredible archives of how to do these things down through time. 


For the elite too, there's an elite money class too going way back thousands of years that always moved out of nations when the trouble was, when the barbarians were moving in, put it that way, and when everything was so debauched, and cities were collapsing like Rome, the Roman empire.  They move out with their money, and they see it all coming, you know, the brighter ones, and they'd have their own communication ability through the old caravan trails and commerce and sea.  They'd prepare for it and move out and take the money with them. When they did that, then they'd, that's why you'd see suddenly an Empire would start off in another country. Because people had moved in with money.  That happened in Holland as an example.


So there are different factions of societies all involved in this big thing we call humanity and the human species.  But today for world domination, which again the Trilaterals remember are a part of, they were set up to bring in world domination.  A specialized branch really of the higher CFR, or what was the Lord Alfred Milner group, that again was for world domination. You can tie them in with the Rockefellers, who was a part of the groups as well, you see. Because Rockefeller was open about it too, he says, competition is a sin. Odd thing coming from a top capitalist, eh?  Or is it? 


You've got to get out of your head what you think these folk are, [Alan chuckles.] and don't get confused by their words and so on. They want order in society. Competition is a sin. The old Alfred Milner group not only use the British Army to take over and police these nations on behalf of their group, their clique basically, but they also had to manage the minds of all the different peoples and the different cultures and so on.  They wanted a society where everything was ordered, and the right people should look after resources, which was themselves, you see, the people who ruled, the Milner group, they had the right to take over. That's what Rockefeller was talking, he belonged to the same organization, you see, world domination. Different names that would, they would morph their names across the world at times until folk couldn't really figure out it was the same group. Nothing has changed.


Now remember folks you can help me out too, by buying a book or discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Or donating to me, straight donations are really, really welcome. You can send cash, you can send a check, you can use PayPal, Money Gram, and there's other methods to get the cash to me. Because it's important that I just come through all this and talk to people on the way. Because we need each other. We've got to have, I've got no ax to grind, I've got no backing from any political party. I don't bother with politics. All the world's a stage, as they say, to an extent. Or as I say, all the world's a tax base and we are but the payers.  You could help me tick a long by, again, sending some cash my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you'll see how to do it.


There was something that was put out not long ago by the Trilaterals, again. And don't forget, Kissinger and these characters are all part of the Trilateral organization that set themselves up ruling over three parts of the world, you see, tri-lateral.  They brought in, again with the CFR group, that they are really a higher branch of, or a specialized department of really, they would divvy up the world and look after its resources. They gave you the European Union. They gave you what was to be the North American Union, eh, NAFTA.  Then they change the name of it to make you think that Trump canceled it. But no, he didn't cancel it, they just changed it, literally changed the name of it but it's the same organization. Now it morphed into the USMCA.  The same organization. Nothing really changed except the name.  The same with the Transpacific relationship pact, etc.  It's the same one that Obama, that was started under Obama and continued through Trump's reign as well.


So we're still being conned all the time. And it doesn't bother me, because I didn't expect it to be any different, ever, because we are always conned. I think every generation is conned and managed. Again, under this massive world system of dominance by those who know.


Yeah, Britain eventually handed the baton over to the US at the end of World War II. Some say World War I, you know.  Rudyard Kipling in fact attended the US and gave a talk, one of the few people to give a talk to the Senate, you know, on the Senate floor about "handing the torch over to you."  When he found out that Britain was going to get scratched pretty well out of it, Kipling lost it to an extent. He still thought that they'd be shared partners and Britain would still have a role to play, as the dominant partner as well. No, it was the other way around and he didn't know that. Although Britain, London...  Let's... Let's... The names are awful, aren't they? We always say the British folk. But no, it's not the British people do anything. It's a little place in, it's called the City of London decides the fates of the whole of the UK pretty well, and also the fate of a good part of the world financially, still to this day.


But the techniques aren't tossed, as I say, they're kept in archives, special archives on how to rule. Those who move from place to place as empires rise and fall take the knowledge with them. Why, as I say, why keep reinventing the wheel? They don't do that. We find the same kind of things going on with Machiavelli, he was pretty good at telling us what, how to do and manage the system, and how to manage the people. That's what it's all about is managing the people and keeping them...  You give them… You try give the people of all cultures basic stabilities, and basic work. If you interfere too much in the work it will fall apart and they'll turn on you, you see. So you want to keep them working, prefer, and mainly making them think that they were still working for themselves, even the small tradesmen and so on.  That's a good ploy that, is make them still think they're working for themselves as you gradually increase the taxes.


Today we're going through amazing, amazing times because they published everything they wanted to do years and years ago.  Using different crisis, hm, from the Cold War, that was one of them. Then you had the 2008 crash, 2007/8 crash.  Before that you had 9/11, again, you lost all your privacy.  You gave it up for the common good. Oh well, you know, we're all under threat so yeah, we better give it up for the common good. That's how things are really run, isn't it?  You know you never, once it starts you never get away from it. So everybody quite happily holds their pants up in the airports, etc. with their shoes off looking like a real fool. Now I guess you've got a mask on to prove that you really are a fool.


But yeah, this is how it's done.  You change society by changing the VISUAL aspect of so much of it. It's interesting, very interesting if you get into the mind and the communication systems of people who are blind.  Because they're not so trapped [Alan chuckles.] by the visual aspects which really affects the way that you perceive things.  They'll ask waay more questions, well why do you have to do that, why do you have to do this, what does it look like when you're, you know, to use a person who is sighted when you see these folks holding up their pants and they've got their shoes off, and again, x-rayed at the airports, and but now they've got masks on and things like that, you know. It's quite comical to realize that they're asking the questions that everybody else should be asking. But it doesn't take you long if you're visual, if you've got the visual abilities to adapt into the system and think it's all quite normal. Really, eh. 


It really is amazing what we live through isn't it.  And how you constantly adapt and adapt and adapt into utter ridiculous scenarios.  I mean, honestly, if I had the money to do a comedy show I'd be doing it right now. The skits are endless... endless comedies. You could dream up about 25 skits a day quite easily.  And it's the best way really just to show people how silly they are [Alan chuckles.], make them laugh at themselves and the system they're in which they've adapted into, is through comedy and satire.


And they're not finished yet. They're not finished yet with it. As I've said before, I used to kind of look at Britain...  It's a strange way of looking at it. Because they would churn out Fahrenheit 451 the movie, you know.  Even when I was a child and I saw and I thought, this is kind of, it was antiquated. I didn't know why it was. I guess it was the setting, the way they, things in Britain seemed to be done on a small scale. The cars were generally smaller as an example, you know, for when eventually folk could buy, ha, used cars.  Seldom did you see new ones anywhere. I often wondered if they ever had new cars in Britain at one point, one small phase, you know. Because most of them really, if they ever collided with anything would just go into a puffball of brown rust, you know, booff.  That's what I saw in Britain for cars, secondhand ones. Once they give them credit cards in the 80s and in the 90s, they could get in good debt, you see, and buy a new ones and pay them off.


But Britain, yeah, Fahrenheit 451, it gave you the impression of kind of... almost of nostalgia built into the sci-fi, eh, of people being cozy, a kind of cozy community type, that's the idea, a cozy community kind of thing.  So you'd see a town, a small town, and you’d see the fire trucks going through it with the big Tannoys shouting for everybody to come out into their gardens, men, women and children. Which they had to do by law, you see, because it was a socialistic type system. Now, you could call it fascistic/socialistic, it's all the same thing. Same thing, exactly the same thing as far as I'm concerned. The same techniques are used for everything, and paperwork for everything too, and permits and yada ya.  So the folk, you'd see the families going to the gardens there as these things go past them to check them all, they're looking for a fugitive.  It just seems so silly, small townish.  And the fact too, they didn't have the money in Britain to churn out a lot of special-effects in those days, you know.  They were always broke after I guess World War II, and never recovered from World War I really. 


But then when you found out, when you look at even the old Doctor Who scenarios, you know, that was the World Health Organization I suppose. But Doctor Who and his time machine, time Lord of course, different story behind that, what time Lord's are actually. But they showed you again the small town scenarios, the settings here and there in villages and towns, a little bit of special-effects and so on, but it still seemed that kind of quaintness that they always seem to put in to their productions, the quaintness.   And I thought, really, it's a great way to introduce that which is new, isn't it, under the guise of we're so quaint, we're still small. Even though you're not, the impression that you're still small, small towns, small villages, small communities, this idea of what used to be, and bring in the new totalitarian regimes gradually until it is the normal, you're in the sci-fi movie. The things that you used to say, that could never happen, you know, you're actually IN it.  You are hearing the same phrases as they introduce different parts of the silly agenda being used for the public. Again, never mind the slogans that we’re all in it together and so on.


Then you realize the things that you used to laugh at when, you know, these old things in Britain, they are actually here. I think you could probably do it faster in Britain than any other country really, bring in these techniques. When you see the things that they're forcing them to do.  The total, never mind the fact they finished what Britain used to be completely. It was all deliberate. It's not happenstance. It wasn't just being nice to mass migration. It's been planned this way, hm, for years, eh.  And then mass unemployment over, I don't care about statistics, it's all nonsense about job statistics, it's absolute rubbish, in every country.


Right down to folk getting a universal basic income to stay at home, just like they do in the States and other countries too, and Canada, I think some businesses in Canada can claim it as well.  So the employees get locked down and they get paid by the state, right out of Bertrand Russell, for goodness sake. And the state has your social credit system, the same as China. China was always the test base for it all. And the companies that are doing it here all worked with them in China to make it all work, to see how it would happen. I remember [unintelligible] was in there big-time doing programs like this, and then Google of course too, and they give it to you, you see, call it something else for a different reason but it's the same thing.


Bertrand Russell said, the state will give you credits to your bank account.  In the 1940s he said this, not because he had a crystal ball. It's because he sat with the big think tanks, he sat with the groups that also knew the Huxley's and worked with them, the scientific type groups that also had lots of people in sociology and psychology and anthropology involved in it too, and the behaviorists.  He said, yeah, the state will dish out so many credits every month or week or whatever, and he said that if you became labeled as antisocial, meaning you disobeyed a group concept put out for you, you all had to obey it the same, you'd be as antisocial and you'd get punished by withdrawing the credits or withholding them.  And you couldn't use these credits, I mean, you couldn't save them up like a normal money thing would do if you didn't use them. It would start off at the same amount in that bank account every week, you see.  And he gave the impression that it would be kind of electronic. 


Here you are seeing it done. There's articles now in Britain, I noticed there where there was a woman, a young woman and a guy who they knew each other through an organization, again a political organization, I'm not sure what it was. But she just had her bank account closed by the people who owned the banks.  No excuse given, couldn't get an excuse. But she eventually worked it out, it's because of maybe her political affiliations or points of view, bang, that's it.  You see, they're DOing it all, all the stuff he talked about in the groups that Bertrand Russell belonged to back then.


They were given authority, Truman gave them authority, President Truman and others as well, to create a post-World War II culture for the West.  Non static culture, but step-by-step alterations of the culture right to where we are today. Quite fascinating, with a massive, massive bureaucracy, like a huge, huge think tank working out all the details and how to implement it. It would be a Fabian type thing where it would take years to implement, maybe a generation, but here you are, hm.  Hmph.  And folks think they're just, they got their own minds, and they think they make their own decisions as they go through it. They have no idea it's all laid out before them, everything that's happening today laid out. Laid out.


And the beauty of it is, it's Fabian, Fabian after the general in Rome.  You just keep dragging it out and dragging it out, don't do things quickly.  Because most folk are short-term thinkers.  You want to get it done in your lifetime, don't you, most things when you plan when you're young, I want to get that done in my lifetime. But if you wanted to take over the world, for instance, you might get a lot of pushback if you just said I want to take it over now, and people start fighting you. You know, just do it in a gradual way.  Plan that maybe you'll be dead, you might start off the foundation that will be doing it all, and you might have gone.  But down the road successors that work for the same foundation will make sure it's all implemented. Because you change society gradually, incrementally.  Gradualism is the key to everything. Step-by-step and people adapt into it.


I never forget the examples you had of, from a society that was paranoid at one time about governments. They never trusted governments in Britain at one time, when I was small. I was small, or I should say wee, Scotsmen are never small, they're always wee. I used to listen to the people who, even the common miners, the working-class people were well educated.  Well, actually better than they are today I think, [Alan chuckles.] because they read, a lot of them read like crazy. It was fascinating to see some of the books that they actually read.  They were inquisitive. Their minds were much better. I think something has happened to our brains, I really do. And there's evidence.  They actually say at the United Nations the IQ tests showing where IQ is dropping every few years, eh.


But back then they knew who owned the newspapers. They knew who owned the TV stations. They know who all the Lord's were in the House of Lords, and all the people who are merchants and bankers, and very rich people.  They knew who they were, and who they were before they got the title and name, because a lot of them hide behind the title names, eh, it's good camouflage that. But they would remember, they would keep tabs of things.  But they were paranoid of governments because governments were never there to really help you. They knew that much. That was awfully...  They had that... 


You've got to remember that prior to World War II they had the huge marches from the Great Depression onwards, they had great marches going through down to London to hand in... Back then they didn't just burn and loot their way down, you know, the working classes people, you know. They were pretty peaceful, and they would have, they would be helped along the way by folk in different towns that would bring food out to them and tea, etc. But the idea was to bring in petitions to make the point that something had to be done about the mass unemployment in Britain at one point.


That's what really stirred people like George Orwell and many others of his ilk as well, who belonged to a different class, you know. They saw the terrible conditions that the people, who didn't have healthcare, that didn't have unemployment benefits generally or welfare. Welfare was something you had to get on your knees and beg for, and it came with conditions. It's still how poorhouses, remember, under different guises but they were still poorhouses.  This was Great Britain at the HEIGHT of its empire.  You see, the Empire was for the few, again, in the City of London, and a few thousand families outside of it too who lived in big estates. Folk don't realize that.  They really don't realize that.


I can remember I think it was the Sherlock Holmes series from the 1980s, with, was it Jeremy, Jeremy, I can't remember if it was Irons or what his name was. But anyway it was a good series. They showed you these big mansions, which were actually owned by the elite of the period.  There was MASSIVE estates, you know, and the buildings they had there with huge pillars, and it sat out in the country. These folk, some of them went to the 1700s, some into the 1600s when they were appointing folk to be in charge of treasuries, and the early Bank of England for instance, and taxation systems. Incredibly wealthy people.


But at least as they say in Britain a lot of folk had the remembrance of all of that. It only took may be the years from 1980s onwards for folk to start to forget that you've got to watch these characters and your government like hawks, all the time. ALL the time, you know, the people who bring in the wars. And don't forget though, you've got people like Tony Blair, I was quite fascinated to see how many wars Britain had been involved with, with what people thought was a liberal type government, and then Labour governments.  It was astonishing, under Blair, who was supposedly, people think, well, he's for Labour, you know. The man had never worked in his life, for goodness sake, eh.  He's for labor?  You're kidding me. The guy was...


Socialism is a tool of the elites. Communism is a tool of the elites. Socialism is just a slower form of that, you see, to get you there. And it makes perfect sense. I kept saying, wait a minute here. Tony Blair, I knew Tony Blair, his mentor was Isaiah Berlin, you know. He used to go to him for advice on policies over the public.  Like positive freedom and negative freedom, he went to ask him at one point, is it possible to have the two working together in a certain semblance, of positive and negative freedom at the same time? But then Tony Blair was like a one-man band, he had a few around him that were just as supposedly far left as him who also, they all end up incredibly fabulously wealthy, because they're owned by masters, you see.


But you see, the philosophy of socialism, international socialism, the borderless world, eh, mass migration.  Tony Blair was responsible for using the British Army along with America, for the Middle Eastern wars, you know. It didn't benefit the average person in Britain or America at all, and you're left with the tab actually, and the fallout, including mass migration. It was all factored into it before they started. Because Tony Blair wanted to destroy the remnants, his left hand, his right, or probably left-wing, left-hand man said it, the guy next to him who was his deputy said that a few years later and I read the articles on the air at the time.  Tony Blair's policy was to eradicate basically the British, you know, the white British people in Britain itself, that's what his deputy said. It was published in the papers it's time.


And you say, well wait a minute, what does this factor into representing Britain? Well you've got to understand what their concept of Britain is. You've got to also see with their concept of going across the Middle East and financing terrorist organizations, even starting them up.  They were just mercenary organizations most of them, to attack other countries. Well, we know there's a pact, put it that way, there's a pact involved here.  We all know this, and we can't go any deeper than a pact.  But also it fulfills socialism's agenda by getting rid of what they claim is secular governments. Even the one in Egypt, when they voted the guy in Egypt, they said it wasn't secular enough, so they had to dethrone him as well. Well, who is THEY, you know? Did the people in Britain get it? No.  Or the US? No. We're as ignorant as ever about it all, of course we are. 


But there's always a THEY there.  They said in the papers that the authorities, the authorities, who’s authorities, said that they wanted secular governments in.  Because they're easier to rule, you see. People who stick to their religious beliefs will stand up for themselves collectively and be a problem. You do away with that and folk can't stand up much for anything at all. In Canada I can remember years ago when they were deregulating the telecommunications industry. You had BIG cable networks in the cities, and under, when they were deregulating them to supposedly get more competition.  Which is a joke because Canada is nothing but monopolies and cartels working with government. But they said, all the snowbirds, the retirees are going to have to start paying the higher prices now, because before they got some kind of subsidy or something or discount. That was the only time I remember, and they said this in all the media at the time, that Ottawa, the parliament was overwhelmed with the letters and complaints and phone calls from people demanding that the people, the snowbirds get their same discounts, and so's they could get their entertainment. Because you see, that's your propaganda thing, the folk are hooked on. That's the only time.  Did they stand up for anything? No.  Did they stand up against the wars across the Middle East? No. But they stood up when they take their TV off them and they're ready to march to Ottawa, crutches and all. I mean, it's astonishing to see how things really are.


And before I get off that part of the topic because I'm rambling a bit, is to do with socialism itself. I can remember, getting back to the people in Britain and elsewhere who knew what socialism was. Nothing is for free.  That's what they all knew.  When something's for free you know there's conditions. As you depend on a system or parts of the system that are going to demand more from you, and more, and more compliance in ways that you'd be, it's not good for you. Like taking vaccinations is one of them. That's already written into a lot of these handouts they’re giving you, if you haven't noticed them, eh, have you read the small print everywhere.? [Alan chuckles.] Nothing is for free. You sign away every right.  To even say no, if you signed it, now you're going to have a problem getting out of it, aren't you? Everything is contractual, legalities, eh, the law of the sea, maritime law and all the rest of it. It's so true, isn't it, all of that stuff. 


But people really, they don't know, they think they're living in a real system.  And almost like a small time, even if you're living in a city now the people watch television often, you'd think you're living in a small town rural area [Alan chuckles.] as they give the nonsensical nostalgic drama series and so on. Unless they're giving you the hypersexualized dramas the folk are completely addicted to. Game of Thrones and all the rest of it. Then you worship the portrayal of sadomasochistic psychopaths as they battle with each other for supremacy. It's quite interesting to see what they've done [Alan chuckles.] and what they've made appealing to the public.  At the same time, remember, as selected psychologists and behaviorists are given big money to put out, and with, in collusion with BBC and other TV organizations to put out shows on, you know, under the like pseudo-documentaries... Maybe it's a natural thing for psychopaths to rule over us, maybe we need them [Alan chuckles.]   because they can make the decisions. No kidding, eh. They can make the decisions, eh? 


There's nothing out there by chance. Nothing. Everything is vetted and for a purpose. And the purpose generally is to get inside your skull and do a bit of tampering, implant itself and down the road they'll say, you'll be saying, you know, maybe we need a psychopathic to be a strong man to get us out of this, hm.  Yeah, yeah, I saw the program too, it seemed quite interesting, y'know.  M-hm, it's too easy, isn't it? It really is too easy. That was it, Dexter.  I never saw it, but people made a big deal and sent me lots of articles about Dexter. It was about a psychopath who is portrayed as the good guy in some TV drama series. Where he'd eliminate the bad guy guys, like the vigilante type thing, using his cunning and his reasoning and ability to get away from them.  But he had no personal stake in it.   He was a psychopath, you see.


I saw recently that two women used that in their defense.  Because they had a relationship together, these two women, right. But one of them had been married I think it was… No, no, they wanted to get money in, so they decided to use men, they'd lure men in, you see.  They had this one young guy who lived in the same apartment building, I don't know if they give him drugs or what they did, but eventually they chopped them up, like mincemeat, and get rid of parts of his body and the whole thing. They used his cell phone, and they texted his friend. They got to know him well enough to know what his routine was. He always texted his friend at a certain, so they did that for two or three days so they'd think he was still alive, you see, and things were normal and wouldn't come looking. And a whole bunch of things that they said they got it all from watching that Dexter.  Then used his money, his bank account and that and the whole thing and yada, yada, ya. They could use the app, his app his phone for it, you see. But everybody else would never have a clue he was gone because he was still texting them apparently and, oh, I'm fine, and they knew what he would say to his pals and how he would joke a certain way, all from watching that psychopathic series.  Interesting, you know.  They used to say years ago, monkey see, monkey do, eh.  And it's a sad truth, isn't it? Sad, terribly sad truth.


Portuguese lesbian lovers ‘murdered and beheaded hotel worker before chopping off his fingers to get into phone banking app’ after being inspired by episode of TV show Dexter - dailymail.co.uk / 28 Sept 2020


Humans are just too easy to manipulate. It's not new, it's an old thing that we're, they're easy to manipulate.  And our fashions are part of it. In fact, fashion can be, you know, physical fashion that you wear, clothing, it can also be your behavior, the gesticulations you use when you're chatting or standing, and it can be deportment in other words.  I mean, deportment for the wealthier classes.  I don't know if they still teach it. They used to teach it in finishing schools for women, but they had ones for guys too where they even had, there's a certain way to sit down with grace, you see, and be confident and graceful. Actors used to get taught this kind of thing too, how to do it all.


But their accent, that's why you get the posh accent, that honestly is so... If you take English, English is the common accent, [Alan chuckles.] that's real English.  They had different dialects throughout England and in Scotland too.  In Scotland you would go down the coast you could hear, whoah, the different dialects would be astonishing. Even though towns, you've got to remember towns even 2 or 3 miles apart could have big differences in what terminology they used too, and words, and old words, and the era of the words they still used, eh.  The same all through England. It was quite fascinating. Unfortunately TV is destroying most of that and making it all uniform.


But the upper crust accents really to an extent were affect, you call it affected.  Because they didn't want to sound like the common folk, so they kept adopting new ways of speaking to differentiate themselves from the people, the common people.  Until you ended up with absurdities before World War II.  They had that short clipped, they call it a clipped accent.  I mentioned it before, certain words had to be pronounced exactly the right way.  You couldn't say happy anymore, you'd say heppy, they were heppy.  You'd think it was an h-e, you see.  Then you had the physical gesticulations they would use in their deportment as they were chatting to differentiate themselves from ordinary people as well. It's absurdity.


Humans are pretty laughable, I mean, as a species, aren't we, you know. When you look at the French revolutions, and you look too at the precursor, how it led up to it, and the debauchery in France as well. You had people like Benjamin Franklin over there as the ambassador for America, or the US to France.  Because France was funneling, it was there to gather loans to keep the revolution going, you see. He eventually, by the way, was kind of, had a Masonic trial when he got back to the States because he'd been embezzling a lot of it and that came out as well. That's why his son couldn't get put in as a kind of high-level civil servant or whatever when it happened like that, it's because of that. 


But back to France, he went to the parties in France.  Quite fascinating to see the parties. They had fantastic records in France of the different Americans that were sent over there. But Franklin took the biscuit. I mean, he was given a big mansion and treated like royalty. You always read in history books this common, this common American, this plain American you know, oh, that was a plain American eh, that's how you picture him. That's what they put in the movies. But he lived in a mansion like a king over there, servants, teams of servants, and coachmen. 


They had bills there of the cost of keeping it up from there and just the booze alone that was ordered every week, like drums and casks of the stuff for his parties that he laid on.  These were all-night parties, eh.  Madame Pompadour and all these characters that he met, who would go in with her fashions and her affectations.  She had the, literally the famed – was it her? – I think she had the famous, one of them had the famous birdcages woven into the wig that she had about 4 feet above her head, eh. Just to be different, you understand.  [Alan laughing.] So it's rather sad to look at humans who want to be seen and adored and to impress people, you know, aren't you impressed at the cash I've blown for this one night, you know. Yep, there you go.


So we're very predictable in a sense. Very, very predictable. And corruptible is the other thing too. I don't think there's ever been a system where you've had an honest system of governance. They say that the best form of governance you can possibly have is when Rome started off, as an example, early Rome.  They had copied a lot of the Greek culture.  And Greek had fallen into decadence and went down the tubes as well. And Empire, I mean, don't forget that Greece went into Empire, and they had literally a Commonwealth, very much like Britain eventually copied, an idea of this idea of Commonwealth, with hundreds of islands, including you know, the different centers, they would have different capitals at times. But they did have a Commonwealth and would all be equal in the Commonwealth.  But of course the corruption was so massive that certain money was flowing into the capitals and folk were absconding with it and spending it on themselves. Corruption, corruption, corruption until it falls apart. Then other countries are so sick being taxed, when all the islands were to pay for the rest of them. Well, that happened with Britain as well, you know. The ordinary folk never get anything out of it at all. They're handed the bill and they've got to clean up the mayhem that's left at the end of it. But that's how it works.


Rome took over from the Etruscans as you know.  They talk about having, it was much more honest at the time when they had more of an equal poverty. Because the landowners worked with the people and their slaves. They'd work with them in the fields and sweat it out. They'd also double as the military, that's how they did it then.  But once they started getting money and investing and investing in ships’ cargoes and in international commerce the corruption just went crazy. Then decadence set in with subsequent generations until they had the same debauchery eventually as Greece had, you see.  That's the state of it.


It's quite amazing watching Britain, because they had it so perfected by the time they had the British Empire that they didn't have much debauchery for the average British peasant.  [Alan chuckles.] They couldn't share in the debauchery because they didn't have, they kept them pretty poor, you know.  But the upper classes, sure, they certainly had it but nothing on the scale as before that they had... Britain was awfully good at hiding its corruption in the upper classes. Very good at it.  Even today they're far better at it than America, you know.


Again, they never toss out history when it can teach you so much. Not who's fighting battles and who won battles or lost battles. But the system that runs you during those historical periods, you see, those eras are awfully important. Because it's all to do with managing the people. That's what it's about, how to manage them, how to keep them placated and semi-happy even in terrible circumstances at times too.  Under the commercial system, and then industrial system you had the horror really set and mandated from the government departments in Britain until Britain became "the poor man of Europe." The squalor and the disease and the illness amongst the public was... it was deplorable.  The whole of Europe talked about it, it was horrible.  It was that bad.


As the people who had the money got incredibly rich off the backs of the peasants.  They had child labor galore in the factories. People who, until the children were deformed at times too, they were working on these low-ceilinged places in the factories. Everything was excess profit, excess profit.  They breathed in the cotton too and there's diseases from that too. And the wool in places had diseases for their lungs as well.  You had the different charitable institutions eventually went around the factories looking at the children and putting out their different inquiries into the papers to show you how horrible it was.  And different cases there they had listed, making it more human, more personal.  They give names to the people. It wasn't just so many children were seen with hunched backs and so on, they give them names and they talk to them, and they would personalize them. Just like you do in hostage taking, first thing you do is to try to, it's not just a hostage anymore, tell the person that's holding them, this is Mary or this is William or whoever it happens to be to personalize them as a human being. It's only then as a human being you start to, well, that's not just another case number type thing, it's a real person and...

That's how they do it. That's how they got like Wilberforce and all the different ones, how they personalized the people who, these children whose life expectancy probably wouldn't have reached 30, you know, that was taken as normal.


So getting back to those huge, massive mansions you'll see in the old Sherlock Holmes I think 1980s series.  These are the people who own the factories. Some of them actually were the bankers.  [Alan chuckles.] During that period, as I say, people literally were, it was like bring out the dead every day in some of these manufacturing cities. Horrible. Horrible. Absolutely. As I say, it was "the sick man of Europe", Britain, during that whole period.  As the people, as those people who owned those buildings got richer than ever before. 


It's so disgusting for me today to hear this stuff about white privilege. Because believe you me, hhmph, the folk in Britain were white. And the folk who were dying in crowded buildings living under tables and so on, sometimes in their master houses, that's where they slept in the kitchen, they were white and they were starving and they were malnourished. Again, most of them wouldn't even, even in the better houses wouldn't have lived until they were about 40. Because they had to, they had 16-to-18-hour days' work.  One day off, I think one day or half a day off every two weeks.  It's quite something.


It's quite something again to look at how we're managed. Businesses, and big businesses don't sit down and have brainstorms about problems, or how to get more out, suck more out of the customer or consumer, like Bernays would have done.  They do hire professionals, professional think tanks. Again, some of them are literally the size of small country’s bureaucracies, of experts, that's what you hire, who look into the problem, and they get paid for well for it and they'll get to the basic way of managing whatever it is, the problem is. It's always, it's generally human problems, you know. How do we get the public to do more of this without realizing they're doing more of this, or blah blah. Some way to get around things anyway, very effective, very efficiently.


They always talked about time and motions where they try to adapt the worker to suit the machines.  In a machine you could certainly tune-up the speed if they're automatic machines, even in woodworking that would do automatic turning for instance. But the person who's got to lift them and feed the things into the machine then has to keep up with the machine.  That's not human, you see. That's not human at all. When it comes to making money, most humanity goes out the window on behalf of those who actually own everything. It's rather true, isn't it.  Rather true.


What you see as humanitarian efforts is often a con, up to the present day, under the guise of charities.  Today, oohhhh, the scandals behind the charities! Don't forget too, that even amongst the rioters and so on in the different streets or the different pseudo-communist groups, eh, you've got other ones that are registered charities that have buses and everything to take them to the different states for their, hhmph, demonstrations, eh.  And other big ones, big, huge ones that cater for them, like professional caterers and everything. Charitable organizations. You're looking at completely organized and financed and funded... It's like military convoys, eh, that's what it is. 


But we go along with the farce, don't we? Well it's just pro... It's not protest. Protesters don't burn other citizens' places and their homes down. No.  The reason you're getting all that happening now at the same time you've got the Covid, and at the same time as [Alan chuckles.] the States, it's comical to watch it.  The mayors and the governors of different places in the States are telling the police to stand down and let the rioters burn places. But they're coming down and fining the rest of the public who are not part of the riots for not wearing masks. 


These are amazing times, eh.  But these are times where the biggest lessons can be learned, if you ever wanted to change anything at all. Because at the same time as they're really telling the cops to stand down, you're seeing that, you're seeing different, part of what you're seeing is, well you need the cops for against the crime, right.  But then you're seeing the judges let them go as soon as they're caught, the people who are burning and looting, and in some cases they’re stabbing people and they're letting them go right away without fines or anything.  You're looking at total insurrection within the nation itself.  Which tells you if you ever had to go back to any kind of system that worked, you'd have to eliminate those roles, or these judges, get them out of the chairs and replace them with people, and if you could even find people who would stand up for decency and law and order for the rest of the public.  Hm.


It also tells you that there are things wrong with police today, as well. Both sides, you see. Because you certainly, you'll always have an element in the police forces that, that see themselves at war with the public. That's how every day they go out on patrol, they were at war with the public, that's how they see it.  And the States has got so many hot zones all over the place anyway that it can't be an easy thing to do. But even so, we've got plenty of YouTube's out there with cops picking on the easy targets, the folk, [Alan chuckles.] it's generally white folk they're picking on who don't wear a mask and things, women as well.  Because no one's going to stand up for them, they know that.


Again, that's a telling thing on society, we're not equal at all. Because when the governments say it's okay to beat up these folk, you know, because of their color, no, now you've got real trouble, you see. It also tells you your government departments are so incredibly corrupt themselves to allow all of this to happen, you'd have to change all of them, completely empty them all out, wouldn't you?


Never mind the media. Do you realize that the system inside the US that runs it all, normally now, are the revolutionaries? The newspapers and so on, they're all behind it all. All for it. Telling you not to believe your lying eyes, eh.  They're all part of it.  The Gramsci thing, they took over the whole system step by step by step. Including the big, BIG corporations, the only ones now pretty well, you're almost there, you'll be able to get food from now, like the Walmart’s. They make sure that you're going to get locked down, and you can't, and all the other stores that used to be a supply line, they're out of the game now.  No competition. They've eliminated the competition. Isn't that amazing. So you're left with these massive monstrosities, that can then enforce, well if you come in you've got to sign your name and address at the very least in case one person in the store might have Covid... because we want to come and see you, because you were there that day too. You see? Conditions, conditions, compliance, compliance. Or punishment for not complying.


Folk don't know what they're living through in any time of their life. Most of the time. The young think they're living for fun, or they're seeking fun, they're seeking something that's going to make them happy, even temporarily, drugs or whatever too of course.


You also have all the media putting out their own truth versions, you see, checking truth versions of everything that comes out, and hammering anybody who comes, who repeats stuff coming out with places like MIT.  They'll call you a conspiracy theorist.  No, there's no tattoos involved in these vaccinations. Even though they've tried these things out in MIT and so on, and it worked, and published their stuff about possibly having markers for identifying who's had vaccinations, these vaccinations that they come up with right now.  Then the Covid passports and so on, eh.  Then you also get it from the big pharmaceutical companies talking about you know, this is a different kind, this is a new type of vaccination that literally will alter the genetic makeup, the DNA type strands in especially epithelial tissue, permanently perhaps. Then you repeat it and they'll immediately come out and say, oh this is a conspiracy theory, you know, it's just a normal vaccine.  When you can, it wouldn’t matter the very fact you can give them the information from the vaccine manufacturers themselves, it doesn't make any difference.


Why would you ever give credence EVER to a media that from February onwards just pummeled you with lies and terror and horror, all kinds of media?  Hm!? And even when they had to backtrack and backtrack as thousands more doctors and professionals came out with evidence that this is all lies.  Why would you start to believe them again as they go for the next push, the so-called next spike as they want to call it, for the total lockdown over the winter into and all through next year, and into the next year. Five years they're talking, as I've said before.  Permanently.


But the media?  Are you going to allow yourself to be horrified and terrified and petrified by the same media? giving you the same lies? I used to wonder, when do you start trusting liars? Well, if you have any sense, you don't, you can't ever trust them. That's the whole lesson of finding out you've been lied to. On such an incredible scale! This isn’t little white lies here. This is deliberate horrifying the public about something they can't even see, that literally affects so few people.  And even then, it probably won't even really affect them, they're dying of other things. They're dying, you see.  You can't even get the flu shot numbers anymore, they lumped it all in with the Covid, you see, just to prop up the numbers.


But people are going to start repeating again, once they get locked in, and going back into debating the fake... Why bother even debating it anymore? See, facts, I've said so many times, don't matter. It's a huge agenda. Resolute. They've all sworn to it at the top. Layer upon layer of everything that controls your reality, they're all sworn to it. And all well-paid to stay, and none of them will break ranks.  You think you're ruled by independent people. No, no. You're ruled by organizations that are all connected in a pyramid type picture, you might say, levels and layers of them. But they're sworn to it. Not one of them is going to break ranks.


Remember too, I've already gone over my mark, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  As always, I say list all my official sites, that's where they are all listed @cutting through the matrix.com.  If anyone of those goes down, because now we're in a new stage where they're going to really go after, they actually said this, I gave this talk back in March.  I went through the different Event 201 and then the one from the Rockefellers 2010 [Lockstep]. They said that through the different steps they would eventually go into, again with resolute authority they will then go after the people, literally, physically, that speak out against it. So if anything goes down, and they’re already interfering [Alan chuckles.] electronically with the people that are getting information out there. So hopefully you can go into my other sites and get my talks on the Sunday night.


I try to get them up by the Sunday night. That's when even the speed, they slow it down to a crawl because obviously they know I'm doing it.  [Alan chuckles.] You know it's not they're spending a fortune on me, everything's algorithms now and everything's timed now too. Most of it's run by artificial intelligence, if you're on the list you just get harassed all the time. So make a list of the sites I have up.  Also remember my sites too have the links to my talks with the different topics I mentioned. You'd be surprised how many folk out there have got really impressive sites and lots of money coming in, but I do the work for them for free.  Because it's all done, you see, they can just take the topics and here's the links to it all and repeat it.


So you can get the links at least and keep them for future use. Because regardless of how we come through all of this, it's good to have a record. To remind yourself of how the same characters, that will someday all be your friends again after they've brought in the new system of tyranny.  And it will, there'll be, you see, you'll adapt to the new form, that was a lesson a little bit, and in 20 years time, and children will grow up thinking, oh this is quite normal. You've got to say, look, this is not natural yet. We're still under tyranny. Here's how they did it. You need the evidence.  You really need evidence.


Years ago I gave topics on... I remember too, before I get off the cuttingthroughthematrix.com, donate to me as well and if you want to get the books and discs let me know.  You can find out how to do it @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Donate. You can use Money Gram, PayPal, you can send cash or checks. And anything else you can find out that's innovative, [Alan chuckles.] you can get it to me. Because I certainly need it, naturally, to keep going with all these different sites that I have.


Yeah, you've got to remember what really happens. We, don't go right back into fighting sentences, version of what it is compared to so-and-so's. They’re already falling into that. Because years ago I said, the Internet was meant to overload you with chat rooms and so on. And don't forget, never mind the trolls you get, if you bother to get comments and so on, if you're silly enough to do that I think really, and the sock puppets, etc. that will target you automatically, you know. But you also, you've got to realize that there's thousands of folk suddenly come out of nowhere and they've got all this promotion.  And they've got money there. And you get sucked into them. They'll get you going around in circles, and they'll get you fighting with other groups and arguing with different people and so on. Or they'll take you off into...


I used to explain it back in the 90s, when you start to wake up, as an example, just waking up itself, whatever made you wake up, maybe ran into a government official or an office in fact for help or something, for the departments that you say they're there to help me, and that's what you believe. You find out when you get there that they give you advice to do this and that and the whole thing. It's like rubber tools, that's what they give you is rubber tools, and when you really need them, the help from these agencies, that your tax money is funding, right, then you got, then they'll give you these rubber tools. It's like having a rubber pick for the road, you try to make a hole and it just bounces off. Nothing works the way that you thought it would work. They're fake, you see. That's how most things really, really are.  They're pretty well fake.


If you're not on the list of categories of people that they must help, which is totally politicized as opposed to need, eh, or equality and need, then you've had it. It's that simple. That's it. When you have that, then the system that runs over you, that's the proper way to say it is runs over you, not rules you, is utterly corrupt. From the top to the bottom, right down to the police forces. When police forces will literally turn a blind eye, including the cities, the officials, turn a blind eye to children getting taken up for prostitution, put on drugs by certain groups, because oh, it's a hot political topic because it involves different groups, you know, oh dear… you're finished!  Eh.  You're finished. You're already finished.  So that's the truth of it.


So you can't give them any credence and you can't give them any applause.  If they won't do their job properly at all, you know, then I wouldn't, I wouldn't give them applause for anything that they did. Absolutely not.  Np. Because as the police they'll get turned against everybody under tyranny.  And they will. They'll happily go out and smash your heads in. If you're the right categories that is, you know. You know, you can't...  Uuuugh.  Most folk now are pretty disgusting with their cowardice. Disgusting is the word. Especially those who take money for it. They won't risk losing their job by doing the right thing at times.


So the Internet would eventually become Babel, you see.  Which it has become Babel. The authorities themselves, I used to read from the authoritative articles from different professors that work for governments, lots of them do, talking about data, how they'd overload everyone with just data.  And when it came to emotive topics, that's what they would use to get different groups and forums all arguing with each other. Never mind the fact a lot of the forums were set up by the ones to attract folk in and then they'd attack you.  Just like the 77th Brigade of cyber warriors they call them in Britain. They have many other ones too and different categories of them as well, that will hammer you if you want to get involved in taking people on, head on, you know, your point of view versus theirs. It's all a big game to them. It's managed that way.


But when you see all the different people, they always give you your leaders, remember.  The dialectical process. I remember one of the characters who, talking about communism, how communism used to – or Marxism, call it what you want – would literally, or even the top bankers which are capitalists, often the same thing, monopoly men, you know.  Everything's monopolies, including communism, isn't it, monopolizing nations, monopolizing culture, monopolizing, you know, everything you need.  It's monopolized by the same people. That's control. But they talked about how they brought in the Federal Reserve as an example.  We know about what happened in Jekyll Island, we also know to that Mandell House boasted he had a big parts in it too.  At least in his own book he says that, you know. He liked to take a bit of the credit indeed.  You find out that they put propaganda out there.  So Bernays...  It's beautiful. I'm sure Bernays must've been involved because that was his specialty was propaganda and manipulation of public opinion. Even creating public opinion and manipulating it all. And negating other opinions too.  This is an old art, remember. They talked about the banks themselves that wanted, that wanted the Federal Reserve, a centralized system, a cartel, put out by themselves, other bankers, or would get other bankers to say oh this is going to be bad for the people if they do that, you see.  And the people would vote for it saying, well we'll vote for it if the bankers don't like it, then it must be good for us, if bankers are complaining about it.  And they give the impression too that it was going to be government run and all that, you know. But it's a private system.


They always get you to demand and want what they want you to demand because that's what they want in the first place, you understand? That's the technique.


Just like the vaccination, help us. I was thinking back today on I think 2009 when they had a flu epidemic out then, supposed epidemic. Because then they blew that one up too. They made millions of doses of vaccines that ended up hurting people in different countries. And nobody wanted it anyway. Then the darn flu just frittered away like it always does until it wasn't necessary anyway. So millions of doses had to get ditched. But I remember the PR campaign, the public relations campaign, it was a similar buildup you see for the WHO with the vaccine companies all colluding together. Don't forget, the WHO is heavily funded by the Gates Foundation that's involved in the GAVI and all the rest of it.  They're all paid off. They're are all colluding. It's all corrupt, as I say. You can't have honesty where folk are all getting money from the same sources, you know.  It's not from the public purse so much, is from the same characters that run the vaccine companies. 


So in that one they told the doctors, I did the talks on the radio at the time.  The news was that they told the doctors, from the WHO and from their own CDC and so on in the States and the health department in Canada, just to start diagnosing everybody with a sniffle rather than testing them, siting this particular flu strain.  So they just massively put all the numbers up. It was just disgusting.  The same thing as today. Same thing. No shame at all to lie and deceive and to prop up the numbers to try to get folk to take the shots.  They had the folk so terrified then, this is how they did it, you see, this is still nothing new, they've tested all this out, and all your reactions to it, or lack of reactions at times, and they've REALLY vamped it up this time.


But back then in 2009 they actually showed you little clips of people standing in line for the shots who would start fighting each other because they wanted to get it first.  Because they believed the propaganda that these, the different pharmacies that were giving the shots and so on and these clinics would run out of the shots. They believed that.  That's why they all rushed to get it, oh they're going to run out of shots. Then they started fighting with each other if someone was in front of them, that they were trying to get ahead of them and they start leapfrogging over each other. That's human behavior. It's guaranteed to happen the same way again, eh.  Terrify them until they'll be fighting each other to get it.  M-hm.  Ftt.


We're predictable.  Because mainly they've tried it before on other scales, you know, studied us. This is the inhumane parts of so much of everything that happens today, we're looked upon not as people anymore, you're numbers. You're numbers. You already have your personality profile complete in different databanks, governmental agency databanks. Everybody in North America also has a virtual one of themselves in a program in the Pentagon, I remember reading the articles years ago.  They admit that on a daily basis they would get, they would add to your profiles, that you volunteered through your chat and through your calls and texts and everything else and they get added to your profiles.  Even your dreams and thoughts as you share with friends and stuff.  So they have a virtual one of you. Everyone of you. They could set little games on you to put you in situations, in a virtual sense, to see how the virtual you would react, knowing how you would behave basically because they'd studied you and put it all in complete.  They said that if they used, they set up a scenario in real life then you're pretty well guaranteed to follow the same pattern as the virtual you, how the virtual you would have dealt with it and so on, you'll do the same. Will you succumb? Will you comply? Will you blah, blah, blah? You're pretty well predictable.


As this happens it gets worse and worse and worse, until you've got this massive superstructure that they showed you in that THX 1138 [movie], where underground, they had an underground scenario where folk didn't even see the light.  They had [Robert] Duvall and other ones working in atomic, with isotopes in dangerous occupations. But as he gets off the drugs, again, you're drugged every day. The same Soma idea, eh, they'll keep you drugged all the time to make it feel… to stop you from thinking and being depressed, keep you drugged.  Duvall started to cut back on his mandated medication, daily medications, along with his wife, or his partner that they put him in for just for the sexual desires to try to get, make sure that you'd...  Every possible... What does an animal need?  Well it likes sex, therefore get them sex, gives them blah, blah, blah. That's how they see the people in the movie.


When he himself isn't going along with the formula of how he should be behaving, you actually, it flashes off back to a couple of times, and scenes of these batteries of TV screens, and as the scientific lab that are studying the people, and at the moment they're studying him.  They must have implants in him as well because they were pressing different buttons and watching him double up in pain or react in different ways as the implants were stimulated.  And talking all matter-of-factly, as though he was just an extension of the machine or computer. And that's where we're going with it all. If not actually here, hm. In some countries as I've mentioned before, they've already, they're celebrating it.  Again, it's public relations, it's big advertising campaigns.  Oh, why don't you get your digital chip implants and you be so cool and trendy, you know? 


It's quite fascinating to me to see, it's like going back to talks I did years ago about Revelation, as an example, of biblical Revelation, how it's always been there, you know. It's very prolific. It doesn't matter. It's so full of imagery of course as well which is picturesque imagery.  The scenario. And it appeals to all kinds of faiths as well. They've used it in even atheistic Sci-Fi’s, the same scenarios, because it's so full of imagery.  Which again is part of a cult theosophy and theology.


Occult symbolism is so important in so much.  Because in ancient times they understood in different ways and different terminology, to explain signs and symptoms of ecstasy, or religious ecstasy coming from a deity or a God.  Or demonic activity from an evil being, an entity, they could also give forms of ecstasy at times as well. So they describe these different states of being. It was always this idea, I've mentioned this before that ancient religions, you'll always find the appeasement of a deity, naturally, you know. And we know, yeah, that in the really ancient, the sun god traditions, they would, and the solar traditions, you had solar and lunar mainly, and stellar to an extent with stars.  But they had to appease the deities at times and the religious priests of that time or priestesses would often demand sacrifice generally to keep the people in line. 


Because they depended, everything's a class system and in ancient times you had royalties that often use the priestly class together with themselves to keep the people in line and to make sure that tribute came in, it was paid all the time. Today we get taxed, we pay taxes, you know. But back then it was mainly tribute and forms of gold tokens or silver tokens and things like that, or whatever they actually needed. Even foodstuffs naturally was a big, big thing, giving food in.  But folk don't like that at times. You get fed up giving, giving, giving, especially to people that are living much better than you are from it all. So when it was slacking off they would, they'd have to teach the people a lesson. As I say, the sun wouldn’t rise, that was a big one, due to an eclipse and things like that.  So they used these things. So anyway, they'd say, well, you know, if you don't give us obeyance and give us tribute then this horrible event is going happen.  We don't want to cause the event, mind you, but we could maybe prevent it if you just pay tribute. So they'd, the sun would start to darken, and the folk would start throwing all their goodies at them.  Then it would pass over and they'd praise the priests for another little while. That's the kind of things they would do. 


But there was always behind all of these things, again, what is sacrifice? What is that? What is punishment? You see, in the human condition there's always a thought perhaps that no matter what kind of culture or group or even village that you live in, in ancient times to the present times, are you really good? What is good, you see? 


Today you have rebels against the good, who are just that, they are rebels, they're revolutionaries against the good. But generally you have most folk want to conform to the good of society, this idea of peace, forget wars over yonder, but even peace within yourself or your own little area. It's much, you're more relaxed when you're going, if you walk from one place to another and people are kind of decent, you're not going to get mugged, and you're not going to get bombarded with folk demanding your money, or your life, you know, that kind of thing. It's, you do get this idea of safety and security.  It's definitely conducive to a healthier mentality, and a healthy physique too. If you're nervous all the time you're going to be sick. Of course you are.


So there's always the idea of, are you good? Are you not good? That's always been there. But everyone is tempted as well to maybe keep a bit back for yourself if you were collectively paying in for the common good.  In the socialistic systems that they used to have before money even came along, you know, were you good or not good, what was the punishment for not being good? What do they mean by good? Well, if you go into the old, old systems in Europe, the bog people that they keep digging up in different parts of Europe. They love to jump in and say, well it's been, oh, they sacrificed people back then, you know, just for the, you know, just to appease the deities.


I don't think they were sacrificed really at all. I think it was punishment. Mainly. Because you're talking about pre-monetary systems. Folk did live in small groups and villages. They all chipped in by putting their work in to get the grain harvested. Food was a BIG, big thing. And it wasn't guaranteed.  You had good crops, bad crops in those days. You didn't have herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers like we do today. When you had a bad, you know, even today folk will often say if you get one good harvest out of every four you've done okay.  Because you can control, well we can't control the weather, other agencies do that.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Just look at how it used to be. They used to store up the grain for the winter months.  I'm sure there was rationing when they'd had bad harvests and lower yields and so on.  What they always find with these bog people, that they had full bellies, hm.  And I'm sure this is a time when most folk didn't have full bellies. Well, they'd been stealing the stuff, you see, and they were caught, and they were punished for it and made examples of, ritualistically.  Because that was, that's what law used to be, that really was the common good and you'd broken a taboo that put everybody else at risk of starvation. The very, very simple basic true, true thing actually.  A true idea as opposed to the fake ones we have today, so many of them are just fake. Back then you were all in it together because if one person started to take more food, say, the daily quota for four people, that meant that about three other people weren't going to get the food, you see, that's what happened to them. That's basic law, and that's essential law, you see.  That's how these things used to be done.  So I don't think they were getting sacrificed just for, to appease whatever at all.  They were punishments.


But again, you go back into the idea of again guilt, what is guilt? Are you good or you bad, etc.? Most folk will try and belong to the group, and at least to some extent you might have individual nonconformity here and there but on the whole you'd conform to the group for what was good for the group. Sure you did. Eccentricities were quite easily managed and no problem at all.


But today we're definitely living in a system of tyranny.  Where what I've talked about, they understand that much, much more of group behavior and how you’re into a system where they're using, the gods now are computers of course, and the ethernet and Internet, and hhhh, all the different programs that manage your daily lives.  Folk are hooked and addicted to them. They can't imagine a world without them.  Even though that many of us grew up in a system where you didn't have all that stuff.  Inventories were done very well and very effectively and efficiently with pen and paper, you know, and it was not tough to do it all in fact. And it gave a lot of people work by the way. And work is very important because without work there’s very little self-worth left eventually. Purpose is very, very essential to mental health.


Something the elite also know, they can put you into utter depression collectively and they've done studies on this too and how to do it, how to bring it in. And then how to manage you into apathy. Because it's apathetic behavior that means your conquered, or you’re on the stage of being totally conquered. That's what they want from you. And compliance is easier to get when you're apathetic.  It's a stage you get to where you’re desperate for help, and then they'll come out with something with conditions, then you'll jump at it, you see.  It's....      Hhhch, the whole system is at war with you in this day and age. 


You don't have the religions, that they had to follow themselves at one time, upon the people.  You can scoff all you want, and whatever you get about Middle Ages and so on, it comes from entertainment that's always been at war with religion, at least modern entertainment. That's been very effective. They just show you stuff and, oh, just look at that terrible priest in that movie and what they did.  But in reality, you know, priests at one time lived amongst the people. Most of them. Often, they would go off to battle with the people too. They'd be in big battles with them.  In Scotland that happened, you know.  They'd go around with the soldiers and sometimes participate as well. And deal with the aftermath, helped as well.


So but the thing is, there'd always be a middle person to stand up for the people at the bottom, when nobility that always wants more and more for themselves would try and grab more for themselves and dispossess the people even further, or even take more food than was even required by their old, old laws of their tenants, or their serfs actually, their farmers.  So they couldn't go too far because literally the church at one time had the power to dispossess all the nobility at times.  If you can't get cooperation from the people you’d rule over, while you’re going to keep the title of a noble, but that nothing will happen, then you'll fall into despair and decay and so will your house, you see, without the folks compliance to help you. So it certainly helped to an extent. You don't have that anymore.


You've got what they always wanted from the Enlightenment on, which is total, a form of...  apart from humanism, secular humanism which is its own religion by the way. Because you can have religions as well where you worship your own intellect, or their own... [Alan chuckles.]  I don't know, you'd better worship their intellects because they're telling you how important they are. Now you have problems because like Nietzsche said, you know, he says, when God is dead nothing will be impossible anymore. Things that were unthinkable are now not just thinkable but doable. We've seen lots of that ever since, you know, Nietzsche's time getting worse and worse and worse. We've seen the killing fields of Cambodia as an example, where they stuck to a regiment of theory. Don't forget the CIA was involved in teaching them that in the first place in Cambodia with the Pol Pot regime, the massacre of so many people, slaughter, terrible slaughter of so many people. These are things that are taught now as techniques as opposed to theological reasons. They're all techniques simply of efficiency.


If their psychologists say, well look, the people are in a bad mood and they’ve got so much resentment that you're taking over, you’re not going to get compliance by normal persuasion. It might take you a few years before you start to get compliance. So if you want it done quickly, kill off, and they'll tell you exactly how much to kill off, what age groups to kill off, and genders to kill off, the way to kill them off, in front of the other relatives and that to get maximum horror, and for compliance. These are just called efficient techniques now, eh?


There's no middlemen to step in and say you can't do this horror show, you just can't do it, we won't allow it. Well, there's no one not to allow it anymore.  Hhhch.  Not only that, the very victims themselves in the supposed advanced culture, you've already had the indoctrination where you might agree with it yourself, if you're standing apart thinking it's for other people that's going to suffer and you can’t ever imagine it happening to you. But mentally, you don't realize, no, you're prepared to agree with that if it ever comes your way and it will happen to you.  There's nothing that happens today where they don't prepare you mentally for it, even if you're not completely consciously aware of it at the time.  But you are prepared for it. Subconsciously. That's the technique of perfection of control and management of the general public. It's very effective, very efficient. 


Today you have the terrific methods, as I've said before, with the media. The media that before this Covid 19 came out, was suddenly discredited, it had nothing to tell the public. The folk, they were scrambling to get money and asking for money and donations, subscriptions because no one was following them. All you had was sports and celebrities for years. That's what they called news.  They were getting hand outs by the same characters who rule over you, the big corporate, well, we know many of their names who are running, they're there for control purposes, they always were, you see. They’ve come back into their own during this, the wartime scenario of Covid 19.  Then they lie their teeth off to you, and deliberately terrify you.  Don't forget the SAGE group in Britain that employed this subgroup that was meant to terrorize the public, and gave the orders to the media to increase anxiety by exaggerating the stories. This is published information from the groups that did the jobs.  And you're going to go back and listen to the same liars again?


Or you just scour the Internet looking for people that will agree with you, here, there, as you desperately look for little ways out, you know, left and right and up and down.  Never realizing that now the Internet is polluted, polluted with characters that belong to many organizations, the CIA, the 77th Brigade and so on that will all come out with, saying the things which you know already, even mirroring your fear, putting it, they mirror your fear, you see. They'll say the right things to make sure that you'll keep, and then they'll bend you off into some other area of… until you're ridiculed, you'll be made, ah, you'll be looking for little green men or something, you know. Or you'll be, but regardless, you will be neutered. You won't be, if you lose your reason through it all you've been neutered, and you've been psy-oped and you don't even know it.


And yes, they do put out LOTS of them out there now.  LOTS and LOTS of them. Unfortunately. All kinds too.  Whatever flavor again that you're into at the time they've got it ready-made for you. They have the characters out there well-funded.  Some are almost professional in their presentations, they just start off that way, just out of the blue. And folk don't perceive their little giveaways, you see, that should inform you as to something bigger behind them. I could go on and on about some of them that I've run into myself. They even paid, PAID not to have me the air in certain places. These are the leaders that they give you, you know.


But anyway, so out there it's nothing but warfare. Sure it's warfare, absolutely. Complete warfare.  And yeah, you've got to start thinking for yourself. You don't need to know an awful lot. Just the basics. The elite wanted a global reset, they called it. They had lots of publications before 9/11 came along saying they were disappointed that, the World Economic Forum said themselves at their meetings they were disappointed at how the public and society and small business had rebounded after the last crash, after 2008.  Because they wanted to bring in a gradually more controlled system over the planet, in a global system with a globalized structure of management, using 2008.  But literally, the States and small businesses and so on and elsewhere across the world had rebounded and taken off, and they're really ticked off about that.  They said that in their own reports. They wanted to give you stage 2 of the crash of 2008. The first part was the initial response to 2008, a bit of inflation, etc. and all that kind of stuff, and higher taxation. Up, up in the prices of basic commodities which stayed that way and got higher and higher to the present day. But they want to continue it.  And they couldn't do it so quickly if more folk and more folk were just working, they can't get the control over you. Along comes Covid and bingo, there you are. That would fit the bill again, eh?


So you don't really need to know everything, naturally. You can't know everything. Look at the incredible data getting spewed out like a machine just churning it out, you know, every day from all different sources, by the same media that's lied, lied, lied, doing the same lies again naturally. The more testing they do, the more they're going to find fragments of dead viruses and say that, you know, there's more cases. And of course the cases are not sick, and often they're not infected, in fact, active infections. But reality's got nothing to do with it. 


From the same lying media that helped destroy our economy. Because that's the big agenda, is destroy the economy and bring you into a new, new, a new world order naturally. And world is the key to it. They want it to be world management. And how do you get that to happen across the planet?  Well, you create chaos across the planet. Food shortages. Starvation here and there.  Publicize that and say, who would've thought we'd ever see starvation in Americas or in Europe? and yada, yada, ya. Until the folk will literally bless them as they pump you full of vaccinations on an ongoing basis. It isn't going to be just one shot for this. It's going to be ALL vaccinations.  Hhhch, if you look up the WHO's agenda, I did this years ago, I'm looking at it right now in fact from years ago. I kept the old ones.  They’re on their schedules for giving you annual boosters for a whole bunch of vaccines that you've already had, and things you've never heard of yet. So you'll be a pincushion for, you know, for the company. You're a product now, you see. They need you to get profits, so you have to be a pincushion, mandated by law to take their products.


I mean, that's quite the feat, isn't it? Can you imagine if every gardening store... or the government says, you've got to use this particular, this company's shovel or spade or garden fork or we're going to fine you, you know, you've got use theirs.  But here you go, isn't that amazing? If you could just stand back and see it for what it really is...  true fascism beyond anything you can imagine, eh.  And you'll want it… Oh thank God, I want that garden fork, thank goodness I didn't get any other one, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  Oh, dear.  But that's where it goes.


So all you do is, don't forget the lying media. And that you can NEVER trust it. Especially now. You've been given so much evidence of this and yet they are going full tilt again, on board, in unison with the same agenda.  Scream, scream, horror, terror, terror, terror, and comply or else.  And you’re going to start believing them now? And debate the points they put in their papers about numbers and figures that's not going to, you know, they mean nothing.  That's how they manage the public, get you all fighting over even statistics for goodness sake! Folk are fighting over statistics!  All churned out again. The doctors that are working with these cases are coming out telling you it's mainly bogus. N-n, doesn't matter, and they get hammered as well.  Facts don't matter. This is an amazing, this is a super agenda that's to be above all kind of reason, above all logic. In fact, it's a huge, mandated, must-be agenda. All, they've sworn to it, to change the world. That's the purpose of it, right.


So start looking out for yourselves. Have little groups to get together. Make sure you're going to manage each...  Again, like back to the guy the swamp man dug up and all that thousands of years later. If you ever get down to the crisis crunch where you've got to help each other out, and you've got food put by, you'd better make sure that you all follow the rules.  Hm?  Because you will have to throw people out. Just like the tribes in the Americas did, they'd ban, they didn't generally kill members unless they had done something really awful. But their own tribe, if you had thieves amongst them and things like that, they would simply disown them and push them out of the tribe.  They became outsiders and things like that. You've got to consider all these things because you're going to find the occasional person here that's going to, someone's going to cave in and put you a risk, you know.


Because this is, this is going to last for years. This is the agenda for years, for the rest of your lives in fact. This is part of the big agenda, this phase of it now. You're not going to go back to anything where you've got decisions to make for yourselves. This is the planned society, folks. You're on the outer fringes of it, and they'll implement it and implement it as we go along here. Right down to having folk volunteering for euthanasia. I'm not kidding you.  [Alan chuckles.]  I gave these talks years ago.


So as I say, anyway, don't worry about the rest of the public. The rest of the public are generally gone. They will turn you in, in fact, out of their fear and terror because they want to believe it will go back to normal, you see, what normal was, even though it really wasn't that normal, in many respects, but you had the impression that it was normal because it was there for a long time.


So you have to start thinking for yourselves. And again, start thinking inside your head, this is a dangerous time you're going in now. Some of us will get our heads above the trenches, will definitely get chopped, I'm sure. But for the rest of you, you can start thinking inside your head. I've given this talk so many times before because it's not safe now as people start to panic.  And as they ramp, they're going to ramp up the terror worse than you saw last spring. This is how you do it in the five-part stages, you know, they're going to go through.  Because they want now to go after people who are speaking out against it.   Like physically, not just cutting them off at the bank accounts and so on, they want to physically go after them.  So they've got to terrify the people even more that it's for a good reason.


Just like, as I mentioned before, the KGB and the NKVD and the Cheka that they created for the Bolsheviks, that would grab folk in the middle of the night out of their homes. That's the same kind of thing that will happen again as they go through these… They never… They always use the same techniques, tyranny always does. If it worked before for some other group, they'll use it themselves.


So you've got to start thinking for yourselves. But again, start thinking inside your head because folk will turn on you as they get neurotic. And panicky. That always happens. And don't run with the crowd as I say. The crowd always ends up going over the cliff. That's what CS Lewis said, eh?  He says, when the whole world is running toward a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind. That's how it appears to the other people.  Ohhhch, look at that crazy person going that, why isn't he going this way? You know, they think you lost your mind. But in reality, they have and they don't know. That's how it happens.


But again, getting back to Revelations, as I say Revelation. This old idea, punishment, eh? Guilt and collective punishment. I mentioned that before when I was on with Neil [Neil Foster, Reality Bytes Radio] last week there, that in religions, and most religions have an idea, a concept of collective punishment, more so in some than others, where if someone in your group, or even in your faith, or a group of them commit horrendous crimes that affect everybody, then everyone gets blamed for it and you all have to take a collective punishment. And that's something that's almost intrinsic in belonging to any group, more so than others in fact. Some mandate that you must accept the punishment along with the guilty parties, as though you're a collective, as opposed to individuals IN a group, you know, that's very important.


But again, Revelation is important. It's important because so much is a supra type psychology, I think so. I think so much of us as human beings comes from intrinsic factors as opposed to things that you're just taught.  Certain things everyone knows, you just know. It's like right and wrong, most folk really know what right and wrong is. Except maybe a psychopath, they don't feel why it should be wrong.  They don't feel anything at all towards it in one way or another often.


But when you look at Revelation, you definitely get the idea of imagery. Now, imagery... And again, getting back to Revelation, before I...  What I'm trying to say is, there's so much crammed into the visual descriptions, but in such short sentences.  It's not like page after page after page, like a whole tome explaining it all. It's very visual, but it's with your eyes closed, you can close your eyes you’ll see it, you’ll picture it all. What you see is the image of different things. They even mentioned the image of the beast, you see.


But image, everything is translated into the English eventually for the King James version as they say, or any other version. But the image is so important because demonology as an example uses these same techniques to get in to your mind.  It's through the image. Image, imagination. Image, imagination. That's where it comes from. It's one of the most potent things there is imagination. It's what also helps you to be creative, you can imagine.  A lot of designers have imagined the product or stages of the product or whatever they're doing before they create it and invent it, you see. Before they even touch it with paper or put it on paper it's... and it all works out.


I often, if I was fixing engines… I don't like buying vehicles generally but now I'll have to, I don't have time to fix them or get a vehicle. But I always had pride in fixing my own, and some of them are rebuilt engines, totally, you know, every single thing in it.  I even re-bored them myself, you know, and fit cylinder by cylinder, pistons per cylinder, for each cylinder, until they're better than the factory specs, you know. Because most of the factory specs in American-made cars are pretty sloppy when it comes to, you know, bores and so on.  But anyway, at times I've had a problem, and you actually solve it in your sleep in a dream. It's come to you, hhhch, and you're working on it in your subconscious in your dream and you say, oh my goodness, that's exactly what was wrong. And you come out and you turn something in one particular way, and the engine starts and there you go. And it happens in your sleep, things like that.


So again, imagination is so important. The image within, eh.  And don't knock it because it's again, most addictions come, especially in the sexual realm as an example, through visualization, it's image, the image. The person will keep having an image of the thing they crave the most in the sexual realm, you know, and it takes them over. Image, image, imagination. 


Pornography of course and those who deal with it, as a weapon, because there are people who understand this very well and use it as a weapon to destroy societies. Of course it does. You had the incredible push in the old communistic system, don't forget communism wasn't called communism until years afterwards, after the Bolshevik revolution. It was The Revolutionary Party, and then the Bolsheviks took it over and then it became communism. But you've got to remember that as they were leading up towards it, and it's freedom and so on, and suffragettes and all the rest, who a lot of them went over to Russia where they went to live. A lot of them actually had more in common with them over there. But they also pushed the free love idea, and HG Wells was one of them, interestingly enough.  He did the Fabian style, what we would later call maybe Fabian type socialism/communism of free love, you see. But pornography was flourishing at the time. More so again, it wasn't just drawings and pictures which had been done before. They had the cameras, you see, in the late 1800s they had the cameras and made a big go of it then too. Again, here's the image, and here's the thing that's going to stick in your mind, at a certain age, maybe for the rest of your life by the way, depending. That's how fetishes begin as well, a lot of them.


So it was weaponized, eh.  It's a weaponized thing that can enter in to you and dominate you. Addicts of all kinds will often see, I know people who are addicted to gambling and one-arm-bandits, they couldn't take their eyes off them if they were sitting in a club or something.  They couldn't take their eyes off, as they'd keep looking at them, and you know they weren't even hearing anything you were saying, you know.  I'm sure afterwards they'd be picturing that in their heads, that machine.  The same with certain drug addicts to certain types of drugs, they'll picture the drug that they want.  Image, image, image over and over.


So again, you give your power to the beast, eh? The beast is the thing that literally controls all the different images within you itself.


You also find the idea of a mark in the hands. It's so old, isn't it? SO old, the mark in the hand. Don't forget too that it wasn't unique to the times whenever Revelation, to the particular groups that wrote about Revelation, or John, you know St. John writing on Patmos what he saw.  But in ancient Greece they had ways of branding a slave. I'm sure elsewhere too. And Africa, Africans had slaves too in their histories and they would have their own branding techniques for people who they brand.  Same thing in England when they had the serfs, they would burn an 'S' into them if they ran off, eh, at times.


But in ancient Greece they also, if they, for the males, young men for slaves that they'd conquered in battle and so on, they'd cut off their dominant, their thumbs, their dominant thumb especially where they would carry out, where there they would use a sword or use a spear, you see. So that was a simple, it was generally in the hand, that's how you could tell is, okay, that's a slave.  And if they didn't get that you could brand them if they ran off. Even in Rome they would have broken tokens, they called them tokens.  They were made of a form of fired clay, a kind of hardened clay with a seal on it.  They would have a hole, two holes to drill in it and it was broken. The owner would keep one half the and the slave would have to wear the other. So he was out in the markets doing his jobs on his master's businesses, eh, anybody stopped him, and he would show them…  Oh, you belong to the house of so-and-so, you're a slave, and continue. If they were caught without that on them they could be executed apparently.  Or the owner fined. [Alan chuckles.]


So anyway, this idea of marking is very, very old indeed. But this one in Revelation was always, the mark, you see.  A mark, an inscription. A written thing is what it means. It's not just something that conveys something in a literary sense.  Now, these little chips certainly do that because they get a print of [Alan chuckles.] everything that's in them and what it's collecting about you, you know.  Now they brazenly talk about it. I remember doing the ones years ago when they were testing out, for a club at the time, that was initially how they introduced it.  A little chip under the skin and how the cool characters who join the club could show off by just swipe their hand across the machine and the cost of the drinks and that were deducted immediately.


They're doing the same thing again of course, but it's going to go into the stores. There's also one where, you probably saw last week there, it's almost like a phone that's inserted in some kind of holder in the stores, and it's going to take your palm print, without you touching it, for the Covid. Isn't that wonderful, you know, hhhch.  And it was, oh here's a beautiful thing now, so you can just swipe your hand there, or read your, identify that IS you. And you know darn well that someone is going to take off, you know – close your ears folks if you're sensitive – they're going to cut off the hand here and there.  It's already happened by the way for other, you've even seen that in movies, you know, where they take certain, [Alan chuckles.] even the eye in one of the movies to get in and to secure. But the thing is, yeah, that will happen. That's happened already with thumbprints. They've cut off thumbs for different, to get into security buildings and so on. There's other ways too of duplicating that print once you have it. Especially when you're not touching the machine, right. So they say after a while, well yeah, it's good but you know folk can get around it and steal your identity there, so obviously the next step is just to put the darn chip in there and there you go, that's you.  Step-by-step they'll lead you to, oh, for goodness sake, just make me safe, eh! [Alan chuckles.] And then there you go.


These chips by the way aren't just little passive ones that will, that you have to be within about, you know, 6 inches to get scanned or something. With the super sensors now they can actually pick them up quite a distance off, eh.  And this is your Brave New World.  You're marked.  You're owned, you understand that you're owned.  Especially when you can't go out, and again, you can't buy or sell. You couldn't even buy food for yourself without your proper Covid passport, eh… which is eventually your immunity passport… which is a permanent lifelong passport, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] I mean, who is following... 


You've got to say to yourself, now wait a minute here.  Either Revelation, I've said this so many times in the past, is a prophecy of something that is to happen, like, whether you like it or not it's going to happen by itself even, you know. Which is a form of destiny, eh, preordained.  Or else someone's following Revelation like a blueprint.  And maybe it's both.


Because the people who come up with these inventions and try to push them, they're well aware of the religious connotations here.  They're well aware, and I'm sure they're smirking about it and probably think you're all silly idiots for believing in the first place, that's what they'll believe. But the fact is, hhhch, they're doing it.  Hm?  Where you can't buy or sell? Do you realize, this has never been done in history before? Where your governments are going to order you to go along with all this stuff.  Or get confined to your home at the very least, hm.  But you can’t go out and buy or sell ever again in your life unless you comply here. 


Do you understand, you can't comply with this! You cannot comply with ULTIMATE tyranny like this.  Because that's what it's meant to be.  The Covid is just an excuse for it all. Once you do it, you're then owned, you're literally owned, you have masters who own you. It's all, it's all branding in one form or another, isn't it? A chip is just a brand, it tells them who you are, who owns you.  You.....


When you lose the last bit of humanity in you, forget all this efficiency stuff, oh, if you fall ill in the hospital, we'll know who you are and what you've got. Rubbish! They know that anyway, they've just mentioned it.


But the fact is, you cannot go along with this stuff.


You can't.


There's definitely massive evil behind all this.


The people who designed this, the thousands, a system where thousands of folks have already died not from Covid but because of the response to it, and they can't get into hospitals, and they were told to stay at home if they had heart attacks and die. Can you believe?  WHAT ARE these creatures...? that look kind of human that have done all this?  You'd better...


There's something else involved here.


It's just, oh the state of humans who will do anything to keep their jobs, those in charge, then we're finished anyway, you understand that. Or they're finished, put it that way, as human beings. But there's no lack of them going along with this going to enforce it upon you to keep their jobs.


This is pure evil.


The amount of folk that have been written off, literally written off.. in advance, before they hit you with all this. It was all prewritten, remember, the Lockstep one, it goes back to the 2010 scenario, then Event 201, and other ones by the way leading up to Event 201, what they would do step by step-by-step. And they follow it to the letter.  Regardless of the facts. Or lack of them.


People who've already sworn their allegiance to crush any opposition to this, who have sworn allegiance to allow massive deaths already, for folk who can't get in for operations and get treatments for many, many other things… Never mind the fact they've got their bioethics committees out there, under the Rockefeller too, they published all about it, who have written a whole screed of new legal things, where they can actually just euthanize people, you know, just euthanize them, that will save money, won't it. Then you won't have to waste all your precious medications, which you're not giving the folk anyway.  You understand, there's a lot of horror show simultaneously going along here with this agenda and you're looking at how, whether you like it or not, absolutely, absolutely, it's just...


These characters exist. Some of them you even vote for, whether it's any good one way or another, who cares, you vote for these critters, you know.


I'll give you an example of the characters out there. Everyone's been prepped over the years into forms of the occultism, and magic, you see, magic. That's what the whole Wiccan thing was about, and little witches on TV, whole series of them, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.  Getting folk all into this idea of the occult. Which again they tell you is really a joke, you know, it's just entertainment, eh.   But well, it's an entertainment where, hhhch, it ties right in by the way with bioethics, believe it or not. Bioethics, who should live and who should die. Who's worth saving, who's worth, you know, who's not worth saving.  And oh, precious medications, we can’t give it to all of them, you know. Really?  Yeah.  Really?  Of course they could.


This article here is quite amazing. You'd think it was a joke initially but it's from the Huffington Post. Which might be a joke [Alan chuckles.] these days.  But…


The Death Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pushed Me To Join The Satanic Temple

huffpost.com / 24 Sept 2020


“I am a 40-something attorney and mother who lives in a quiet neighborhood with a yard and a garage full of scooters and soccer balls. I am not the type of person who would normally consider becoming a Satanist, but these are not normal times.”


(Alan:  …eh.  And there’s a picture there, of course, of the deity…)


The Baphomet statue


(A: …and two children looking up at it, you see, this bronze statute.)


The Baphomet statue in the conversion room at the Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts, on Oct. 8, 2019.


(A: So here she is…)


I am a 40-something attorney and mother…


Like so many other women in the United States, when I learned of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, my first reaction was not grief but fear. I fear that American citizens are inching closer to living in a theocracy or dictatorship and that the checks meant to prevent this from happening are close to eroding beyond repair.


(A: Of course, everybody I’m sure is wondering what they’re talking about here. Because Ginsburg died, eh. And then you would think that a lot of them have women’s issues and the right to abortion and so on. And that she thinks that she, that a theocracy is going to stop this, from having abortions and so on, is that what she’s thinking here? Ginsburg is involved in something else, a religion itself that’s for abortion. She doesn’t even know that. Anyway it says…)


When Justice Ginsburg died, I knew immediately that action was needed on a scale we have not seen before. (A: Hm?) Our democracy has become so fragile that the loss of one of the last guardians of common sense and decency in government less than two months before a pivotal election has put our civil and reproductive rights in danger like never before. And, so, I have turned to Satanism.


(A:  Right.  This article goes on to talk about the Satanic Temple and…)


Members of the Satanic Temple do not believe in the supernatural or superstition. In the same way that some Unitarians and some Jews do not believe in God, Satanic Temple members do not worship Satan and most are atheists. They are not affiliated in any way with the Church of Satan. Instead, the Satanic Temple uses the devil as a symbol of rebellion.


(A: Now, that’s the standard stuff. It’s the idea of Lucifer too, and rebellion, you see. But Satan as a rebel, a much later idea, the whole idea of Satan actually as a rebel. Because Lucifer was really a rebel. But I won’t go into all that. Anyway it says…)


Just like other faiths, the Satanic Temple has a code that their members believe in deeply and use to guide their lives. These Seven Fundamental Tenets include that “one should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason,”


(A:  Well that part’s interesting, in accordance with reason…)


that “the struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions,” and that “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.”


(A:  You see? Interesting how it’s all politicized, so Satanism now is completely politicized into modern reproductive rights as well, eh? It says…)


Reading through the Seven Tenets, I was struck by how closely they aligned with the unwritten code I had used to try to guide my own life for several years.


(A:  It goes on and on and on. It's amazing how Ginsburg is like a god to them. Actually, I really mean that too, in their religion they actually see them as gods, folk around Ginsburg saw her as a God, eh.  I won't go into too deeply but… [Alan chuckles.]  This is from an actual, someone who's an attorney who deals with marriage counseling.  Or not too much counseling, I think divorces and stuff and that kind of stuff supposedly. And says she's an empath, a very empathic person and all the rest of it. But...)


…the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Church and State, my research has shown that the Satanic Temple is truly in line with my beliefs about protecting our First Amendment rights and fighting laws that promote or are based on religious doctrine and that it is willing to use radical, creative and yet legally sound strategies to make its case.


It does go on and on and on.   It’s quite amazing to see everything that’s happening today from folk who, [Alan chuckles.] who are actually saying that...  It's just like a humanist type thing, you see, it's humanist, humanism.  With rights, eh.  But it's all politicized whether we like it or not. Well, why would you have to join a Satanic Temple to believe in humanism when it's preached… That the whole, it's a whole variety of politics involved, and layers of politics involved in reproductive rights that you don't have to join the Satanic Temple. Then you go into the history of course of the Satanic Temple and you find out that the founders of it and so on were actually members of American intelligence psyops agencies and all this kind of stuff. It's quite amazing, isn't it really.  Ftt.


But folk fall for all this stuff.  They go into it and fall for it. They've got the Baphomet with, as above so below, idea. That's what they're on about here. And again, Ruth Bader Ginsburg pushed me to join the Satanic Temple, hm.  That was the whole thing with Ginsburg was abortion, mass abortion, up to I think, literally the ninth month.  I think that's where they're going with it all, although I have no idea, the whole lot I don't follow that closely.  This particular person too also has a bio up there with her picture and all that.  But there you go, there's all the things that Ginsburg is important for doing.


I wonder how many other folk had to join the Satanic temple?  Do you realize the connotations if you say that my body is my right, myself, my own, like in a religious sense, you can call it the Satanic or whatever?  And okay, you'll say okay, that's fine, that's this person's body and they can get rid of a child's life, so that's, so you've got the right to get rid of a child's life. But you expand that same thinking into even the medical field, eh, and you’re into bioethics.  Oh you know, there's costs and all the rest of it, other things to think about here, let's not just keep this person at 25 years old alive then, you know.  You understand you can...


Everything IS affecting everything else. It really does. When you break from... The original idea of like a Greek building with pillars holding up the roof, and you start knocking away one here, and the rest of them take the strain, they’re groan a bit, and the next one goes. Eventually the roof is going to fall down. That's what happens.


Under the guise of these kind of rights, you know, where everything is affecting everything else, because when you have people who will quite happily, eventually, and there's a lots of them out there, think nothing of what they're doing, or the consequences of what they're doing and what happens from what they've done, again, there's no responsibility anymore, you see. That's what the idea is behind it all, the state will take care of problems, have no responsibility for your own actions or the consequences. 


Because that's where it leads to eventually is now you have a medical profession where a good part of it is to, hhhch, do, starting with abortions and then you end up euthanizing the elderly. Then always further justifying the next step and the next step, oh, it's for economic reasons too or we'd offer medication. If we give everybody the medications for Covid then, it's better to give it to the ones we know are going to survive. Well, perhaps they'd all survive without it, I mean, you know, why not give it to the more frail. 


But there's no point in arguing these kind of things, because now you've got death panels, you see. We've had the death panels before Covid. Because you see, private corporations have been getting in the business of hospitals for an awful long time in a lot of the countries like Britain and elsewhere, and Canada. They end up making the rules for highest profit, you see. That's why you, no matter what operation it is now, they'll have you getting out of the hospital before the stitches are even, ah, tucked [Alan chuckles.] in the actual site operation. Before the stitches are actually even finished they're getting you out of there, hobbling out, getting you out of the place, and profit, profit, profit for beds, you see. Never mind the massive profit from subsidizing the empty hospitals during the Covid idea because most of them were actually pretty well empty. We know that too. Don't forget the real facts, as the papers go back into lying overdrive.


But yeah, getting back to the satanic temple, everything affects everything else.  Of course it does. Until eventually, and it all works on behalf of the people who own the system.   People at the bottom who follow these never figure it out, you know, they never do. They're in it for personal power, you know, all the time. You know. It's just astonishing to see it happening. 


But yeah, they worship people, you know. Don't forget that there are religions where people are gods, eh. And God's obviously can do anything they want.  And even the ones who say, well we're really just humanists and...  Well yeah, even at that, look at the manifesto, the humanist manifesto is the same thing as this woman is claiming is the satanic one here and Church of Satan.  The human intellect has the right to decide, and therefore the better people, the people with the most intellect should do the deciding, obviously. There you go, dun-dun-dun, there you go.


So yeah, that thing you're seeing is just a statue, you know. And yeah, we use the term Satan just, just because it's, you know, it gets attention.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's astonishing to see everything manifest, and even they make excuses, eh.  Satan, remember, in Hebrew had the idea of a different character really. A Satan was created by God, right, as a type of, he'd be like a district attorney in an American movie who would set up sting operations, he'd try to tempt you into committing the problem.  Or like our own agencies do when they're setting up terrorist stings, they create the sites for the young guys to get into to, get them leaders that they can recognize, and oh they're one of ours, and then they set them up to do a sting. They supply them with explosives, even dummy ones and so on, then they go and arrest them.


Well, that's kind of what Satan does, you see.  You want this don't you? Well, why don't you go and get it, I'll help you. Whatever it happens to be. Then he would stand in front of God as the accuser and he'd accuse you in front of God for what you did, if you trespassed, if you broke the, you know, that sin, you made that sin happen. That's how Satan was. 


Lucifer was different. Lucifer was a rebel, you see.  There's a bit of crossover between the two, Lucifer and Satan, because they say the beginning and the idea of the perfect system that was made in Eden, this idea of perfection, then Satan was there and Satan tempted Eve. It is true enough, that's why they'll say that, see, without Satan Eve wouldn't have broken the laws.  And by breaking the laws meant that she was given consciousness to an extent, good and evil, knowledge, you see. And she broke the laws. So she was the first rebel after Satan, you see.


But the real one in deeper theology was that Lucifer was the chief, chief Angel, you know, Chief of different things. An overseer. The connotations too of the arts, music, things like that, the leader of these particular realms.  This is the one that fell with, there was 2 million of them supposedly fell, higher angels that became literally the demonic realm. With a myriad of lesser ones, beings of course, alongside that.  However, as they say, people often get confused between the two because there's definitely a crossover between the two.


But it's quite interesting that much of what they've put out today as Satanism is different from say the Middle-age type Satanism. Which is well described by people who were caught in ceremonies across Europe at different periods.  And you can't really, here's the thing too, you couldn't really be a Satanist unless you believed in Christianity. Otherwise it would be meaningless, you see, this actual concept, that particular actual concepts as opposed to Zoroastrianism. 


Anyway, the rebel is what they adhere to. The same thing too if you look at the revolutionaries like Antifa.  Break the laws, break the rules, break the system, break, break, break. They never tell you what they're going to create, you see.  The idea is to break everything, to destroy, to burn. The destroyer, that's the function at the moment.  Everything is wrong, let's destroy it. But they don't know how to replace it or fix it. And above it all you have the higher groups that manage them and fund them.  [Alan chuckles.] Of course they know exactly what they're going to bring in. 


It's interesting to just stand back and watch it, just watch it all being put together and funded and managed, and professionally managed of course.  Giving the impression you'd think, from outside, people would think the whole of America is burning. Which it isn't.  It's selective camera shots and so on, and what they portray as, it looks much, much bigger than it actually is. But it's definitely all, it's all geared in with the Covid idea. You don't have Covid breaking out in the same year that they want rid of Trump.


It's interesting even the Trump idea.  Because to me it’s a family war that's going on, between two factions of the same people.  That's what it is. The rest of the public it's going to effect [Alan chuckles.] but they really don't have a say in it. That's what's really going on as far as I can see.


Now I'm going to give a few articles out, which simply just augment what I’ve been talking about really, to show you the complicity of and deceit that we have perpetuated upon the public in different countries. In Ireland you’ve got…


Where’s the outrage over an open and shut ‘case’, a ‘surge’ of lies and an ‘outbreak’ of further deceit?

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Sep 29, 2020


(A: That’s from our old friend Helena Handbasket. I guess that’s where we’ll end up eventually.)


Just when you thought the lies couldn’t get any more blatant, the Irish government has announced that ‘rolling lockdowns’ are set to be the norm for at least the next 9 months. My prediction is that 9 months to these liars is a euphemism for ‘forever’ and that this will not stop.




It’s the same agenda. You see, this is a world agenda.  And what you do is regional areas, they’re locking down different provinces, it might be shires in Britain for instance, or counties, so you don’t get the whole place locked down at the same time. This is how they’re doing it now. This is their strategy to try to get us to comply. They’re going to keep it going one way or another… Because if folk are so sick of that, if they just give you a few weeks in a different area, and a few weeks in another area, back and forth like rolling blackouts in a sense, then they think they can actually make you just comply.


It’s imperative, you see, you wear masks. Because without the mask things would go back to normal so quickly. You’d actually see people’s expressions.  You’d smile at each other. You would get much closer. That’s what happened in the summer and folk were fine and healthy because of it.  And no, you get back to the mask. The mask is a symbol of something, oh, macabre out there, oh it’s scary, and we’re all scary wearing the mask.  So it’s always in your mind. Because they’ve got a whole agenda to push through here, nothing to do with the virus obviously.


I'll put these links up remember. The problem too with Ireland, it's like Scotland. It's so compromised. Always was, you know, Scotland. It was compromised with people inside their own countries that would sell them out so quickly, you know, in politics, etc. And once you're into socialism, and then you're up to your eyes in hock to the World Bank and the IMF, which, hhhch, Ireland is as well, then of course they'll make you obedient to do... Because this is all obedience to a higher authority, and the higher authority is the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements. They're all this private conglomerate, and their part of the group that runs the world. That's what they were set up by themselves to do, was to help rule the world, you see. And plundered it at the same time.


So the countries are under the thumb through debt have to go along with it one way or another. And their politicians, their civil servants and their police unfortunately in Ireland and Scotland you know that'ssss......  they… you could almost say they're a different species from the public now altogether. They're total sellouts, you see, they've already sold out their own people.  So they're sellouts, they’re a different species, they have nothing in common with you anymore.


It's the same thing when Scotland had the unification of the crown with England, it was never really ratified.  [Alan laughing.] And these higher judges, it's like a High Court you might say of Scotland's, met and discussed it and they simply went home afterwards, kind of adjourned, but they didn't come back and sign anything. So for [Alan chuckles.] a couple of centuries everybody was joined at the hip with England and the crown.  It wasn't until about, oh, a few years ago in fact that that was admitted to. Because they came out with the original things that were the start, the actual laws that had been not signed but promoted and used for the discussions and they hadn't been signed. It's quite amazing to see how they obviously just paid off the judges big, big bribes and they conned the public into thinking it was all legal. And technically it couldn't be made legal because of the laws of Scotland at that time.


But that's what you get, eh? You get folks selling out all the time. They belong to this organization that either used to be Freemasonry of course but now you have, again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and a whole bunch of related, very well connected, related organizations that are all really just like sparks of the same fire.  And they go along with a whole agenda. And they get well rewarded, these characters for doing it. So I'll put this one up.


Also, Québec in Canada…


Quebec, Ontario in second COVID-19 wave; restrictions return

abcnews.go.com / 28 Sept 2020


Quebec is returning to a stepped-up lockdown in two of its biggest cities and the premier of Canada’s most populous province said he’s looking at all options after Ontario reported a record number of new cases


So again here we've got the same rubbish across the planet, record number of new cases in these... hhhhhhhhhhhh, newspapers are just, churned out this rubbish, eh.  They all, they know they're prostitutes. They don't, it doesn't bother them, you know. And the psychopaths that they have working for them. Or even on television, it will be the same, I'm sure.  Yet, they know that they're not ill people. And again, these swab tests are rubbish. They're a joke actually. They admit it on the one hand they're a joke [Alan chuckles.], but it makes no difference, they keep going on. Because the agenda is the agenda, you see.  M-hm.  And the more you test, the more particles of dead viruses you're going to find anyway in society, all kinds of viruses are going to come out, that's particles, and they say, oh that's positive.  M-hm.  So they know it's particles of DNA, dead cells, and it makes no difference. We've got to flatten the curve again.  Oh, my goodness, oh, flatten the curve. Oh, the hospitals will, we don't want to make it overwhelmed, eh.  Well, they weren't before.  [Alan laughing.] Another thing too is, they know it's getting weaker, whatever it is out there, this Covid idea, it's getting weaker, it's mutated into weaker strains. And folk are getting more resistant to it anyway.


Another one too, it says…


LILLEY: No need for another lockdown in Ontario

thesudburystar.com / 24 Sept 2020


Just last Friday, it was Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove from the World Health Organization saying that COVID-19 could be dealt with without resorting to new lockdowns.


Then on Tuesday, Canada’s chief medical officer Theresa Tam said a new lockdown wasn’t needed.


Now a group of 38 doctors, mostly from the Toronto area, are calling on Premier Doug Ford to head toward a lockdown again.


(A: [Alan laughing.] It’s a great thing, science, isn’t it, especially when it’s all made up by imagination. Yep. [Alan laughing.] So the WHO said it…)


could be dealt with without resorting to new lockdowns.


(A: Even Theresa Tam, that’s on the board by the way at the same time of the WHO as well, said it wasn’t needed. Then a group of 38 doctors mainly…  I wonder who paid them off, eh? I’d like to see who the names of them are. Wouldn’t you like to find out who they are, what they belong to, organizations, eh?)


The doctors released a letter calling on the premier to shutter a range of locations, including “dine-in restaurants and bars, nightclubs, gyms, theatres and places of worship.”


(A: They want them all, just shut them all down, eh?!  M-hm.)


So far, Ford is saying no — but he is feeling the pressure. On a daily basis, reporters are asking Ford why he hasn’t locked down the province already.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Well, why are the reporters, what qualifications do the reporters have here, eh? There you go. I’ll put this rubbish up too.)


Then you get another one.  It’s…


Ontario reports 653 COVID-19 cases as new public health measures take effect

torontosun.com / 3 Oct 2020


(A: Oh, that’s from the Toronto Sun.  Hhh, my goodness, eh.  Hm.  So…)


Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams looks on as Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott speaks during the daily…


(A: It’s really like they’re talking about Gods, eh? Why not just say, Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliott spoke, rather than say, this guy looks on, hm? Is this like a worship thing or something? And don’t forget the more they, you see, they’re putting out hundreds and hundreds of tests every day more.  So you’re going to get more coming back positive. Just particles, you see, nothing to do with it. And it says…)


…and 41 deaths related to the coronavirus, but Health Minister Christine Elliott says…


(A: Now, listen to this one, listen to this, eh.)


653 cases of COVID-19


(A:  Well, you’re going to funding them. Even if you’ve got common colds, or even had a cold, even if you’ve had a shots in the last few years, you’ll come out positive. But regardless, 41 deaths, eh.)


but Health Minister Christine Elliott says an ongoing data review at Toronto Public Health is at least partly responsible for the spike.


(A: …eh.)


Elliott says some cases and deaths that occurred in the spring or summer are only being reported today.


(A: [Alan laughing.] Let’s close down the whole economy because suffering is incredible, but let’s just have it so chaotic it makes no sense at all, eh.)


The same thing happened on Friday, when Ontario reported an all-time high of 732 new cases along with 76 deaths.


There are now 53,633 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario.


The province was able to complete 46,254 tests in the previous 24 hours, but nearly twice that number — 91,322 — are still listed as “under investigation.”


(A: They’re way behind. It’s such a farce.  It’s a farce, eh.)


Now, the thing is, we've already been through the con game of putting them all down who die as Covid even if they're not, that's not what kills them. So we're back at the same con and I will not play along with the farce of it all. It's so disgusting what they're doing. And…


Ontario developing ‘last resort’ guidelines on which patients to prioritize if hospitals are overwhelmed by critical COVID-19 cases

thestar.com / 30 Mar 2020


(A: Now, I did this one in March, this article. It's to do with bioethics, last resort guidelines. Here's your, well here's your humanism here, here's your Satanism here, you see. Let's be practical about things and, yeah, decide who lives and dies, eh.  That's from March, remember. It's printed by the Toronto Star.)


The document, dated Saturday and obtained by the Star, suggests the province is taking steps to prepare for worst-case scenarios (A: …this is in March.) already playing out in hard-hit regions such as Italy and New York, where COVID-19 wards are overflowing and doctors are being forced to ration life-saving interventions like ventilators.


(A: More folks get killed on the ventilators, you know.)


I-yi.  It’s so sad the lies that are being churned out though.  Here they go back to the same ones, eh.  And they’re even just now using figures from the spring to put down, to pad the numbers again, that were padded back then.  [Alan chuckles.]  And…


Canadian judge rules 2 doctors


(A: You see, here’s your humanism, Satanism, right…)


Canadian judge rules 2 doctors can have patient euthanized even if many docs disagree (A: Right.)

lifesitenews.com / 2 Oct 2020


If two doctors or nurse practitioners approve a death by lethal injection (A: That’s what you used to give prisoners who had done something wrong. They’re doing it to just ordinary people now.), it doesn't matter that other doctors' or nurse practitioners' assessments disagree that the person qualifies to be killed under the law.


(A: KILLED under the law.  Patients, right. This is where it always ends up, folks. It’s meant to end up this way.  Oh it’s just to help folk that are dying a terrible illness. No, it’s not. [Alan chuckles.] They’re killing folk, that started off in Holland remember and then eventually they were killing folk that had a bit of depression. You know, teenagers! How many teenagers don’t get bits of depression occasionally?  Hm?!  Facts don’t matter, eh?)


October 2, 2020 (Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) — When Canada's parliament passed Bill C-14 legalizing euthanasia (MAiD) the legislation required two doctors or nurse practitioners to agree that a person qualified for death by lethal injection. As long as two euthanasia assessments approve death, it doesn't matter if several euthanasia assessments determine that a person doesn't qualify under the law.


(A:  It’ all to do with law now, eh, nothing about morals.)


Katherine Sorenson believes that husband of 48 years, who was approved for (MAiD) euthanasia even though he received conflicting assessments, is not dying, has questionable capacity and is delusional about his medical condition.


(A: Right.)


Katherine's lawyer, Hugh Scher, sought an injunction to prevent the euthanasia death based on an assessment by a physician, an affidavit from a physician who has known her husband for years, and Katherine's affidavit. These affidavits state that her husband is not terminally ill, that he has questionable capacity to decide and he has "delusional" beliefs concerning his medical condition.


(A: Meaning, maybe he thinks he’s dying.)


Today, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal decided that:


there is no role for courts in the review of MAiD eligibility assessments. ... Parliament considered, and rejected a role for judges in the pre-approval or review of MAiD eligibility assessments. Parliament made clear that the role rests with approved healthcare assessors.


So there you go, you see.  Oh, we’re not responsible, it’s up to the people in the healthcare if they’re going to kill you or not.  Hhhch, don’t get sick is the message, whatever you do. If you do get sick, keep it a secret. Because it’s not safe anymore, folks. I hope you understand this is Brave New World you’re in. It’s not, it really isn’t safe anymore. 


It’s a very evil, cruel system we’re in.  It’s anti-human. And it's getting worse all the time. It's designed to go here and get less human.  So that's one article. One of many actually. I've got lots from other, different countries and different... with the same kind of thing.  Canada of course is on that slippery slope as well. Another one too is…


Government accused of delaying assisted dying law

breakingnews.ie / 1 Oct 2020


(A: So, here they are accused of delaying it all, right. It says…)


The Government has been accused of delaying a Bill allowing assisted dying in limited circumstances in Ireland.


(A: There ya go, all these British Commonwealth countries all just happen to go along the same route naturally.)


It would decriminalise medical intervention in the case of the terminally ill who have full ability to give consent.


Ministers (A: …that’s politicians.) want to give significantly more time for TDs’ deliberations and hear a wide range of views.


This Bill is about giving people a choice where it is unbearable pain that they are suffering


(A:  And more and more folk, this is, I gave the talks years ago when I saw them taking away all the so-called addictive drugs that they were giving, that can keep you alive for a long-time pain-free.  And they started, oh, you could get addicted to these. No, folk could handle it. There’s folk on some of these incredibly powerful drugs, they could handle them and didn’t go overboard with them and could manage day to day. I've got lots of articles here from people, and some that were sent to me too where the poor souls were suffering because they were taken off all these drugs. Well, they might get addicted to them. This is all intentional, folks.)


(A: You see, they want you to get to, they want the doctors eventually to, oh, diagnose you with this, oh you'd better just die now. They're actually giving that advice now in Canadian hospitals. Rather than wait, I read the articles not long ago in fact, where they advised people to be told in the hospitals what they've got and given the choice there and then if they'd rather just have the euthanasia. It would save the state money.  Well it's okay, it's amazing how they can find millions for the wars all the time or stuff like that hey? Or just throw it out to other countries for charitable reasons, eh?  But inside the country the folk who pay it [Alan chuckles.] end up getting euthanized when they can't pay anymore.  Hhhhhhhhhhmm, there ya go. So there's an organization called People Before Profit and a woman who was in it…)


People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny proposed legalisation in limited circumstances and said sufferers would not be under any duress.


He brought a “Dying with Dignity” Bill before the Dail for debate on Thursday


Listen, once you get these on the table, and I understand all sides of everything, but once they're on the table they're used for purposes you’d never have thought humans would have gone, because that’s where it’s meant to go. It’s to train the public that one day when the state decides your usefulness is over, as a payer, you know a taxpayer because you can’t physically do it, then it’s time for you to just do the right thing, old bean, and die.  Hm?  That’s true socialism and the managed society. It's more efficient that way. Governments always have lots of things to spend the money on, your money, rather than just spend it on you, even though you paid into it all your whole life.


Ontario politician blasts govt-imposed restrictions: ‘Socialism is neither a cure or remedy for COVID’

lifesitenews.com / 23 Sept 2020


(A: Member of Provincial Parliament.) MPP Randy Hillier decried Premier Doug Ford for his seizure of power: 'Without debate or vote, we have embraced arbitrary rules. We have thrown away the rule of law'


(A: Well, they all know that. They’ll know that of course.)


An Ontario politician blasted Premier Doug Ford and his medical experts for ignoring what he says is the real cost of continuing coronavirus restrictions: loss of freedom, government overreach, loss of the rule of law, loss of ability to earn a living, rising suicides and despair — all for the sake of a “false sense of security.” 


(A: But facts don’t matter as we all know, eh.)


And another one, it was back in, oh, it's not that old.  It says…


Yelp data (A: I guess that’s surveys.  That’s from CNBC.) shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic (A: It’s not, it’s the response to it all.) are now permanent - cnbc.com / 16 Sept 2020


So there you go, gone forever. 60% business closures.  M-hm. So there you go, that's your, that was all planned of course. Because the Brave New World is going to come out of this of total restriction and managed society.


Report: 56 Million Americans Depended on Food Banks During the Pandemic

mintpressnews.com / 28 Sept 2020


Once only associated with enemy nations and the Great Depression, bread lines have returned to the US, often in form of miles-long traffic jams or car parks filled with hungry drivers.


It's from the PEW Research Center, different, again, statistics, etc. etc. It doesn't make any difference, eh.  Because that's the agenda, is to lay off a good chunk of the population permanently and give you, to start with, universal basic income. Then here comes the restrictions, and here comes all the other rules and regulations.


Bill 195 - An Act to enact the Reopening Ontario (July 2020) - (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 - ola.org / 2020


It is a good act, isn't it, the whole Covid idea is like an act. Again, it sounds rather, well, I'm not going to read through this darn thing. Lawyers, I mean, who needs lawyers. They can't speak plainly to the public which they're supposed to serve, governments shouldn't be using lawyers to obfuscate everything, obviously. All you can really get out of it is the emergency management and civil management basically and how they can, oh, start to open up a little bit.  But if anything happens you can close it down again, for a whole year. And if at the end of the year it hasn't worked out, they can actually make it another year longer and etc. etc. There's nothing there for your benefit, never ever is. Never was in the past either.


Another one…


The Pandemic That Never Was

globalresearch.ca / 1 Oct 2020


On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. When I think of this scary word it conjures up heartbreaking images of vast numbers of people suffering, precipitated into abysmal poverty. The WHO used to agree with me.


For years the WHO on its “Pandemic Preparedness” homepage defined a pandemic (A: And this is what was taught in medicine too.) as “several simultaneous epidemics worldwide (A: Right.) with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” In 2009, however, the part about “enormous numbers of death and illness” was removed.  (A: You see, they change the whole meaning of it.) Since 2010, the WHO’s “Emergencies preparedness, response” page now has the following definition: “A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease.”


(A: I mean, it could be the hiccups, you know, I mean, that would last you may be a day or two. So there you go, they completely changed the whole meaning of it, of the pandemic. It used to be, right…)


several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.”


In a May 4, 2009 article, David Ozonoff, professor of environmental health at the Boston University School of Public Health told CNN: “The word pandemic refers to how widely dispersed a disease is, not to how severe the disease is…you can have a pandemic without a large number of deaths.” This is exactly what we have in the case of the flu.


According to the WHO:


“Influenza remains one of the world’s greatest public health challenges. Every year across the globe, there are an estimated 1 billion cases, of which 3 to 5 million are severe cases, resulting in 290,000 to 650,000 influenza-related respiratory deaths.”


In the case of COVID-19, officially, worldwide, there are 33,916,696 cases and 1,013,879 deaths. Out of a global population of


(A: …and it tells you here the whole thing.)


Since on average 56 million people worldwide die every year from all causes and on average 2,830,688 in the U.S., the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 and the flu are small. Certainly no reason to lock down the global economy and force people to wear masks.


(A: Well, it’s got nothing to do with that.  Haven’t you gotten the message, it’s got nothing to do with it.)


All COVID-19 tests are faulty.


(A: That’s true.)


May 26 CNN article: “Antibody tests used to determine if people have been infected in the past with COVID-19 might be wrong up to half the time…”


(A: Well, toss a coin in the air, it’s the same law of averages. It’s a pure guess.  If you’re wrong half the time, it’s a toss.)


They got this from the CDC’s own website (A: They’ve got the links here to all this by the way. This is not conspiracy stuff.) which also states that antibody tests are not accurate enough to determine who should go back to work. Yet, the EEOC (Equal Employment opportunity commission) is allowing employers to force employees to be tested for COVID-19.


(A: Well, what’s the point of it? They’re not accurate enough.)


May 22 Science Magazine article: “Coronavirus antigen tests: quick and cheap, but too often wrong?” reported:


(A: Well, let’s lock down stacks of people, maybe thousands of folk with wrong tests. It’s such a FARCE!  This is farce, intentional farce. Nothing to do with it, you see. The PCR test of course is the type that gets the particles.)


FDA website on PCR tests, Page 38:


“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV (A: It doesn’t say CoV 2.) is the causative agent for clinical symptoms… (A: So it may not, it may not indicate the presence of the infectious virus.) The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection…This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.”


(A: You see what I’m saying? It’s USELESS. It’s useless, absolutely useless.  M-hm.  It’s to do with fragments of nucleic acid, that’s really fragments of it. Not the actual things themselves or viruses themselves. It’s easier…)


These tests aren’t discovering new COVID-19 cases—they are creating them.


Because you send them to the lab, you see, and they multiply these things up to try and get a percentage of them, if they can multiply them into percentages, they’ll say they’ve maybe got it.  [Alan chuckles.]  It’s a complete farce.  It’s not meant for diagnosis ACCORDING TO THE INVENTOR. It doesn’t matter, facts don’t matter, folks. You’re under tyranny.


The huge change coming to how you claim government benefits: Aussies will use new


(A:  And here you go again, talking about how, once they get you into it, oh here’s money to stay at home, oh, here’s some conditions, eh.  So…)


Aussies will use new $250million facial recognition to access (A: …the services now, eh.) the dole

dailymail.co.uk / 28 Sept 2020


(A: There ya go. Talk about fascism, eh.  Government and big corporations in total collusion.  So…)


New facial recognition technology will be used to access Centrelink payments


It will also be used to enroll him to vote, (A: …and by the way, in Australia you’ve GOT to vote, by law.) register drones (A:  Hhhch.) and declare bankruptcy


PM Scott Morrison wants to make it safer and easier to use government services


The $250 million facial recognition upgrade is part of a $800 million package


(A: How can the countries that are all locked down get this?  You’re going to be up to your eyes in hock for GENERATIONS.  That’s the idea, you’re slaves.  Total slaves.)


Do you know that the US private Federal Reserve group has bought over stacks of all the businesses that have gone under? They're ending up owning the country.  [Alan chuckles.]  Slave, slave, slaves, eh? 


An interesting article is by someone that's quite a character and it's Conrad Black.  He was, I don't know if he still was made, he was made Lord Conrad Black I think for a while.  He liked that one, he swaggered a lot.  But he's an intelligent guy regardless of it all. He used to own, I think, be the head of Hollinger Corporation, massive media group. But he fell into, he did some time for, I don't know, kind of selling off shares or something, I'm not quite sure what it was. But regardless, he’s got a good mind, even though he's still wrong on some things here in the article. He says…


Conrad Black: Liberals pledge to further oppress the country

nationalpost.com / 2 Oct 2020


If the government meant what it said in the throne speech, it has lost its collective mind


The Sept. 23 throne speech is, in the irritating modern jargon, a “concerning” document. The speech explicitly stated that today’s aberrantly low interest rates create an opportunity for massive deficit spending because “there is a global consensus that governments must do more … while also locking in the low cost of borrowing for decades to come.” There is no such consensus and the financial markets won’t be bilked like that indefinitely to enable the federal government to finance the farrago of socialist ambitions that it outlined in the speech. If this really were the case, the government would be better advised to increase spending only moderately, and abolish all forms of taxation that inconvenience the lower half of income earners, as they know better what to do with money left in their hands than the legions of busy federal government spenders conjured in the Governor General’s speech like a mass of Wagnerian Nibelungen hurling money out of the windows of every …


(A: Anyway, he goes on and on. He's talking about this incredible taxation system to pay off this. And it's going to be the lower classes that end up getting all hammered again as always, eh.  But it's also the socialists taking over. Don't forget, socialism is the preferred method of the capitalists – I wish folk would catch on to this, you know – to manage their world more efficiently, for themselves.  [Alan chuckles.]  But he goes on and on and on and spells it out. He's got a good mind as I say. He's up there in all the right people who know everything and so on that's going on. He also goes into the folk who survived coronavirus and he says this...)


The vast majority of those who contract the coronavirus have no or minimal symptoms; 94.6 percent of Americans who are over 60 years of age survive the coronavirus, 99.997 per cent of Americans beneath the age of 60 survive it and there is no reason to think Canada is materially different. Moreover, because Canada has much lower population density and had a tighter shutdown, and in some cases better management, Canada has only half the U.S. fatality rate.


I think part of it too is because the US literally shuts people right down and told them to stay at home if they were sick. That's a good part of it too. But of course I think with Connor Black in this article, he advocates that it all come to an end, leave it alone and then they'll be fine once you get a vaccine. Well, these vaccines, they've already had horrific results when you really get into the truth that's hidden behind all the glowing reports of it.  From folk going sick, I think a good percent, 18% of the folk get instantly sick with the darn thing, fevers and all that. But don't worry, you'll get over it, sure, sure, sure.  Well, that's not good enough for me, folks. No.  No way. 


What are the challenges to making a COVID-19 vaccine? | World Economic Forum

weforum.org / 28 Sept 2020


The World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit featured two sessions updating on progress of vaccine development and distribution.


Leaders from pharmaceutical companies and bodies involved in the COVAX Facility – to ensure equitable distribution – discussed issues from vaccine nationalism to public trust.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] And again, how they’ve already been caught, and how… It’s the salesman verbiage they give you, eh, and how they’re going to distribute it, and equitable, and who gets them first, you know, they have to gain the trust of the public. It says…)


These were some of the challenges discussed in two sessions at the World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development Impact Summit.


(A: And…)


Anti-vax: how to counter the myths in time for a COVID vaccine


(A: …etc. etc. etc.)


The richest folk on the planet and the biggest corporations are financing ways to attack people who say they don’t want it. Another one from Helena Handbasket…


Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Death: “People are peddling things which are simply untrue for whatever reasons.” Yes, we know you are!

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Oct 2, 2020


Stephen Donnelly, the bought off Minister for Anything But Health, is at it again with outrageous fear-mongering and smearing of anyone with an informed opinion, of which he sadly lacks.


To suggest that ‘anti-vaxxers’, his term not mine, are ‘ill-informed and dangerous’ …


(A: Again, it’s a smear term, anti-VAX, oh, you’re ANTI-VAXXER.  A lot of folk are anti-THIS vaccine because they don’t need it.  I think it was one of the bigwigs that said that too recently in some talk, I think it was Elon Musk that said it. He said in an interview that he wasn’t going to take the vaccine because it wouldn’t affect him, he is not in danger of Covid 19 with his age and all the rest of it. Never mind the fact, I mean, they can’t even show the folk that are actually dying OF the thing that’s causing them death, that might have it along with it, their actual cause of death is not being exacerbated by Covid. There’s a problem for the bigwigs as they try to cover it all up, isn’t it? It’s amazing.  N-n-n. So this article goes on and on and talks about Donnelly…)


Donnelly is of course a pawn of the Bill & Melinda Gates murder factory masquerading as philanthropy and simply doing their bidding as one of many Gates mouthpieces and should be ridiculed for his acting ability buffoonery.


Instead he is held up as a paragon of truth and virtue whilst handing out diktats to the public to stay at home and obey the McMasters of the universe whilst he and his corrupt cronies carry on supping cheap (free) alcohol in the member’s bar of the Irish parliament and laugh at the compliance of the majority of Irish sheep staying in their pens whilst the so-called opposition join them in government to create a one party totalitarian entity.


Yep, I tell ya.  [Alan chuckles.] I'll put these articles up though. Yeah, Ireland unfortunately is so PC.  It's got so many sellouts, prostitutes that are sellouts to the PC jargon and the purveyors of political correctness that... I sorry, you have to clean out everything, a complete housecleaning to get back to any kind of decency in your country. The same in Scotland and other countries too.  There's folk in Scotland at least speaking out about the massive corruption of the prostitutes that are, they're all socialists, you see, bought and paid for by higher authorities, many of them outside the country that own it all.  [Alan chuckles.]  Doesn't surprise me.


Florida Leads The Pack Into “Phase 3” Of Lockdown

bitchute.com / 2 Oct 2020


Florida has taken the U.S. lead on transitioning into ‘Phase 3’ of lockdown, which means they are open for business.


(A: It goes on to say that…)


Citing a dramatic decrease in hospitalizations, (A: …a decrease, right…) low mortality rates, and growing strain on the economy, Florida has taken the U.S. lead on transitioning into ‘Phase 3’ of lockdown, which means they are open for business.


The trailblazing Gov. Ron DeSantis went a step further, cancelling all outstanding covid-based fines. Tennessee has followed suit, and Mississippi is the first to lift mask mandates. Is this the beginning of a cascade of states looking at science and using rational thinking to make decisions on lockdown measures?


Well, we'll see what happens there.  Because propaganda and really good lie making machinery can turn it overnight back into, oh, terror, horror, horror.  You know. We'll see what happens.


This is an interesting article here. Again, it doesn't make any difference about facts, but the chief science officer for Pfizer, the big, big Pfizer Pharma company…


Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says “Second Wave” Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, “Pandemic Is Over”

globalresearch.ca / 23 Sept 2020


(A: Well, I've got articles from back in March, at the end of March into April and they said the pandemic... Remember when they were trying to get the one for, I think the company in Oxford in England, vaccine company, and the guys said, the head of it, the CEO said, he says, we're desperate, we're racing against time to try and get a vaccine for Covid before it disappears, he said.  [Alan laughing.] That's what he said. That was back then.  But here's the Pfizer one saying the pandemic is over.)


In a stunning development, a former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says “there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.” The “Big Pharma” insider asserts that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a “second wave” based on “new cases.”


(A: In other words, it’s completely bogus.)


Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even “almost all” of tests for COVID are false positives. Dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have been reached in many countries already.


(A: By the way, the links are all here.)


In an interview last week Dr. Yeadon was asked:


“we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus?”


Dr. Yeadon answered with a simple “yes.”


“Were it not for the test data that you get from the TV all the time, you would rightly conclude that the pandemic was over, as nothing much has happened. Of course people go to the hospital, moving into the autumn flu season…but there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.” (A: …with Covid that is.)


In a paper published this month, which was co-authored by Yeadon and two of his colleagues, “How Likely is a Second Wave?”, the scientists write:


“It has widely been observed that in all heavily infected countries in Europe and several of the US states likewise, that the shape of the daily deaths vs. time curves is similar to ours in the UK. Many of these curves are not just similar, but almost super imposable.”


In the data for UK, Sweden, the US, and the world, it can be seen that in all cases, deaths were on the rise in March through mid or late April, then began tapering off in a smooth slope which flattened around the end of June and continues to today. The case rates however, based on testing, rise and swing upwards and downwards wildly.


(A: So it’s completely unrelated with the testing nonsense.)


The survival rate of COVID-19 has been upgraded since May to 99.8% of infections. This comes close to ordinary flu, the survival rate of which is 99.9%. Although COVID can have serious after-effects, so can flu or any respiratory illness. The present survival rate is far higher than initial grim guesses in March and April, cited by Dr. Anthony Fauci.


Dr. Yeadon pointed out that the “novel” COVID-19 contagion is novel only in the sense that it is a new type of coronavirus. But, he said, there are presently four strains which circulate freely throughout the population, most often linked to the common cold.


(A: Anyway, it goes on and on and on. But again, facts don't matter, eh.  Hm?  It says…)


The scientists argue that much of the population already has, if not antibodies to COVID, some level of “T-cell” immunity from exposure to other related coronaviruses, which have been circulating long before COVID-19.


“A major component our immune systems is the group of white blood cells called T-cells whose job it is to memorise a short piece of whatever virus we were infected with so the right cell types can multiply rapidly and protect us if we get a related infection. Responses to COVID-19 have been shown in dozens of blood samples taken from donors before the new virus arrived.”


(A: [Alan chuckles.])


“It is now established that at least 30% of our population already had immunological recognition of this new virus, before it even arrived…


There ya go.  But facts don't matter, eh?  Because it's a big agenda.  Another article…


COVID-19 patients are now three times LESS likely to have highly infectious levels of the virus compared to the early days of the pandemic - dailymail.co.uk / 28 Sept 2020


There ya go, eh, there ya go.  I'm telling ya. 


This is an interesting thing here, I might just touch on it here, I don't know if I'll put it up or not. But it's actually a thesis that was put out from the Naval postgraduate school, Monterey, California. From the U.S. Navy official site here.


Implications of User Identification Devices (UIDS) for the United States Navy

https://apps.dtic.mil › sti › citations › ADA397013


Accession Number: ADA397013

Title: Implications of User Identification Devices (UIDS) for the United States Navy

Descriptive Note: Master's thesis


Personal Author(s): Haynes, Letitia D.

Report Date: 2001-09-01

Pagination or Media Count: 72.0 (A: This is 72 pages long.)



Various technologies are emerging to provide enhanced, automated personnel identification capabilities. Techniques for human microchip implants using radio frequency identification are possible, but the implications of this technology remain to be considered.


This thesis provides a survey of current technologies for enhanced user identification, focusing on human implant approaches, and to summarize the set of security, privacy, social and ethical issues that may arise from the use of these technologies in the U.S. Navy.


Technical background is presented to provide the reader with a basic understanding of radio frequency technology. An analysis of human implant technologies currently used in the private sector is provided to show how they might offer capabilities in the military. Applications of information technology and human microchip implants that may improve user identification in the future are presented and analyzed. Finally, a review of the social and ethical implications of human implant-based user identification is provided. It shows that the collateral social issues are complex and far-reaching, and need to be carefully considered by the Navy to avoid becoming entangled in intractable technical, morale and legal issues far into the future.


(A: It's amazing that they get around all the ethical problems with the crisis, eh?  Oh, Covid, Covid, oh let's implant everybody and, then you wouldn’t have to touch anything. What about grabbing your food? Oh, we've got robots to do that for you.  Will the robot pick up the virus on its outer membrane or whatever?  Oh, oh, we'll worry about that when it comes, you know. This is quite a good article actually.  Sometimes I spend my time going through this kind of stuff and it's... it's... This is put out by...)


Letitia D. Haynes

Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy

B.S. (A: Bachelor of Science), University of Central Florida, 1987


(A: Yep, I guess that's how you get up in life, you see, how do we get around all these problems in the future and... There ya go, it's all here, eh. Again, the big corporations are, they use the tax money and folk working in the military to do all the jobs for them.  We're paying for our chains all the time, you know, and they get it all for nothing. [Alan chuckles.] M-hm. There ya go. They go through the different kinds they got as well, you know, the passive ones and other kinds as well.)





1. Definition of RFID ...............................................................................8

a. Passive Devices.........................................................................8

b. Active Devices .........................................................................10

2. Overview of Applications and Trends .............................................11



OFFICE (BMO).............................................................................................12



1. Electrical Body Communications.....................................................15


C. WEARABLE DEVICES ...............................................................................17

1. Smart Clothing ...................................................................................17

(A: Smart clothing, they go into that too, wearable devices. This is back in in 2001, eh.)


2. Federal Express and Texas Instruments RFID...............................18


(A: Microchip devices and so on…)


D. MICROCHIP IMPLANTS ...........................................................................19


(A: They even go into how they started it all, testing it, using on animals.)


1. Animal Population Control & Identification..................................19

2. Several Medical Advances................................................................22

a. Retina Chip.............................................................................22

b. Implantable Hearing Devices.................................................24

c. Brain Implants........................................................................24


Oh, there ya go.  Nothing's new, eh, nothing new under the sun here. And that date on it here, I wonder if that is the... Yeah, it has to be the one here. It shows you how long they’ve been at this, eh. That's what always astonishes you, is when you see the stuff you're reading almost verbatim occasionally, the way they put it across to the public, it’s going to be good to help this and help that and people who can't hear and see and so on, and you see it verbatim done years and years before.  M-hm.  Quite something, eh?  I'll put that one up. If I can find the actual original link to it. If not, you can find it yourself, I'm sure.


By the way getting back to that woman who is a lawyer who became a Satanist because Ginsberg died supposedly, it says here, this is their bio here.


Jamie V. Smith - Litigation Manager



Jamie V. Smith

Litigation Manager


Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Colorado Springs divorce attorney Jamie V. Smith spent many years in government law representing (A: And here's what it says in the official bio...) the “entity.”


Jamie V. Smith spent many years in government law representing the “entity.”  Eventually, she began to desire a more personal interaction with individual clients and their cases.


So, there you go. It's an interesting world we're in now, eh?  Another article here is interesting as well.  [Alan chuckles.] When you wonder about the, as I've said before, you see, you've woken up and you find out that the communists took your country over a long time ago.  And communism is a front for them too, you know that, y'know.  But yeah, all the mainstream papers, newspapers, TV, government too was taken over, over a long period of time.  That's why they're backing burning streets down and all the rest of it, and the cops getting shot, and businesses, black and white, losing their businesses getting burned into the ground, and applauding it all. So you can't turn to your governments to help you when they're part of it, eh.  And the organizations, look at the funding they're getting from the big corporations, even where you're getting your food from.  It's all been taken over, you see, it's them, they are, that IS your system. That's what is the hardest part for folk to actually accept.


And you know folk are getting deplatformed, and you don't have to do much at all to get deplatformed now except, especially speaking the truth, that's all you need to do here and there.  And it doesn't have to be vindictive truth or anything, just speaking the truth is enough to get you deplatformed. I mean, Twitter, right, everything they've given you to converse with in this day and age is, again, it's power, right, and censorship.


Former Twitter CEO: When capitalists are ‘lined up…shot’, I’ll happily provide commentary

lifesitenews.com / 2 Oct 2020


Dick Costolo was criticizing a CEO for leaving politics and social activism out of the company’s mission.


(A: Well, I mean, you know that Twitter is a charitable institution, don't you? I mean, it's not there for money or profit, is it?  Y'know?  [Alan laughing.] That's why folk can't figure this out, these folk that they want communism, or are they capitalists?)


October 2, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated in a since deleted tweet on Wednesday that “[m]e-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.” Costolo added that he’ll “happily provide video commentary.”


Costolo is known for supporting social media platforms’ censorship efforts.


Twitter’s policies state, “You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence.”


(A: Really?  [Alan chuckles.]  It depends who’s doing it.)


The social media giant defines “violent threats as statements of an intent to kill or inflict serious physical harm on a specific person or group of people.”


The tweet apparently was removed not by Twitter, but by Costolo himself.


Costolo criticized Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong for his decision to leave politics and social activism out of the company’s mission.


“It has become common for Silicon Valley companies to engage in a wide variety of social activism, even those unrelated to what the company does, and there are certainly employees who really want this in the company they work for,” Armstrong wrote. “So why have we decided to take a different approach?”


Well, there was one of these companies was wanting them to come in just to do work, not to be judges basically, I guess it was, or social activists, social activists that pretty well said do it in your own spare time. So there you go. You're seeing amazing...  You'd better understand, when these folk are saying words like SHOT and all that, they MEAN it, folks, eh.  I keep telling you horror is coming down the pike big time, and it's being promoted from the top. 


Also you have to look into…


Transition Integrity Project



(A:  the TIP, T-I-P.)


(A: It's a so-called...) Bipartisan group of 100 current and former senior government and campaign leaders, academics, journalists, polling experts and former federal and state government officials formed out of concern about potential disruptions to 2020 United States presidential election.


...concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. (A: … it says here.)


It's all about Trump again, you know, and what they're going to do, etc. It's all about removing him actually when you look into it. You see all the ones who are there, the Krystals, the ones that the neocons are all members of this higher party, the neocon groups again.  So it doesn't surprise me. I think Whitney Web did a good, some good exposes of T.I.P, TIP they call it, Transition Integrity Project.  Or you can just look it up on wiki for the short version, but her version is much more in depth as to what I've discussed about, well, you're looking at revolution, ongoing revolution is what it is too.  Yep.


Another article here is…


The Secular Turn of Bioethics - cultureoflife.org / 7 Mar 2008


That’s 2008, this one here. It talks about what now the new bioethics is.  And really when you read this, you’re seeing how they’re giving themselves permission, under the concern for humanity you understand, to decide ethical values, new ethical, reevaluate what ethical values are, you see. You need professional people to do that. Ordinary folk just don’t have the ability to perceive what ethical values are.  You see, you’re animals at the bottom. So you need these really special ethicists at the top, who’ve gone through these communist, hhhch, universities to learn how to be, you know, equally, you know, nonjudgmental in their bioethics. You passed your benefit to society, let’s just, you know, bump you off, eh.  Ftt.  It does go into how it really originally, and it originally had Christian values, it said here, they admit that, and that’s what they teach that it all came from that and the value of human life. Then they start warping it all off into the scientific form of it now.  [Alan chuckles.]


I tell ya, I could go on forever.  But these articles, they get boring too. I don’t want to bore you stiff, obviously. But there's a lot of articles here that really go on and on about so many different things, all related. You understand where, this isn't just about Covid. Covid is an excuse for the big agenda that the World Economic Forum has talked about, the global reset. Which is a whole new way of living, completely. From even, will you even get born, have the right to be born in the future, for those coming along, do they need you, do they not need you, etc. Euthanasia is to be stepped up, to get voluntary euthanasia. They can make life so bad, if, just withdrawing medications for instance, that's one of them too, they're already doing that.  Oh, no, you'll be in pain now. Oh, there's a way out of that, you know. Oh, I was fine before on the medication. Facts don't matter, you know.


This is your planned efficient society... and your betters decide what is efficient, not you. You know. You see, your life only appears to be important to you, [Alan chuckles.] to yourself. You need professionals to decide if you’re really worth saving or not. I remember doing the talks years ago when they were, they had the so-called death panels, and they named them death panels.  They've been doing it in Britain for years with the National Health Service. There's been some excellent documentaries put out there and from some of the nurses talking about it, where they were getting paid, when these private companies came in and started doing their public-private partnership deals, and they started giving nursing sisters payments, extra if they’d get rid of more patients per week from their wards, eh, from the beds. And they could do it, knowing they'd go home to die fast.  But some of them broke down in the documentaries talking about it. But this is, how could you even start doing that for payment? I don't care who you are, you shouldn't get to that stage before you have a little break down, realize what you're doing. You should have known from the beginning what you were doing... for these SHARKS that come in... and get millions, some of them were getting millions of dollars. I put it up a few weeks ago, the same article, I think. I won't do it again.


It's a good example of these crooks that are lauded as some kind of geniuses that come in and get millions given to themselves, you know, for their advice on how to run the new system, as they plunder it personally and leave you broken. Just like the same old ideas with the corporate raiders, eh, that would come in by the back door, buy up shares until they end up having a dominant share and then stripping the company to the bone and then reselling it, what was left of it off. Which, they all fell apart afterwards. The same kind of idea with the hospitals only it's human life at stake now, you see.


Now remember folks again, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Send me a few bucks. Donate to me. You'll see how to do it there.  Payment is fine by cash, by check, PayPal, and Money Gram works as well.  You can be resourceful for other means as well.  And don't worry about the post, regular post is the way I always suggest. Never register anything. They charge you more money, it actually takes longer if it's registered, more prone to open the darn thing up and get lost. Whereas I've never had anything getting lost I think by regular mail.  Just regular mail is fine. Don't, whatever you do, ever send anything by FedEx. They won't deliver to the house. And UPS, they don't do it.  UPS subcontracts to another courier company, that doesn't even tell you if a parcel came in. They've done this often. Their headquarters now is in, I think Québec or Montréal, for UPS for the complaint departments, and from another country, it's hard to even understand them.  So no, they don't always deliver to you. And if you're in, they call it, an unregistered Township, uh, which is why you've got lower taxes, but yeah, they don't want to go in there at all for some reason. Again, as a punishment thing, I suppose. It's also the fact that they want you to go into the main city, which is 25 miles away, to pick it up yourself.  Ha, it saves them gas, eh?  The crooks that they are.  But yeah, UPS I think subcontracts to Purolator Courier it's called and Purolater is, ah, what a rip off. 


So yeah, just regular post is what I always suggest to people.  So you can buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Make a list of the official sites in case the .com goes down. You'll help me tick along for ...as we go through this incredible war. This is the most amazing time in your life right now. A complete transition.  This is the century of change, the great transition, century of transition, century of change they talked about all through the 20th century in academia, and the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Chatham House groups. The century of change, big changes, and sustainability, and the whole new way of living. And here you go, bingo! Do a crisis to make it happen, because they invented the crisis. So there you go.


Now, the Trilateral Commission, which is a big branch as I've said before, is back on, you know, the charge again.  The unelected Trilateral Commission. It says…


Democracies Under Stress



The Trilateral Commission


The global order that seemed so invincible at the end of the Cold War is now in doubt. Challenges to it come from within the very societies that honed and championed this order, as well from more traditional geopo-litical opponents of it.


A forty-five year old organization, the Trilateral Commission is recreating itself to be a leader and an indispensable resource in this effort. The Commission has unique advantages in galvanizing those in developed democracies to move from lamenting democratic decline to taking action to remedy it.


So they’re actually complaining about populism.  People fed up, just like Europe, of being in these conglomerates that they were set up BY the Trilateral Commission/CFR. That’s who drafted up the amalgamations. And that people were fed up with it, having no representative government at all, or the government that you had ends up like being a provincial government and a European Union one at the top running the whole show. A nondemocratic system. Because the agenda remember is to be POST democratic. To be, you know, efficient. Nevermind these human needs and so on, human rights, for God sakes, eh. 


Now, it's hard for folk to think there are such evil people in the world. Because you've been trained to be naïve, you see.  It's the same with 'the big lie' idea. They always blame Hitler for quoting the communists when he talked about 'the big lie'. He said, he was actually referring to the Communists at the time during one of his speeches where the communists, one of the leaders had said, if you're going to tell a lie make sure it's a big lie.  Because small lies the people can see through, they might do it themselves, a small lie. But a BIG one it's too big for them to ever do, so they'd never do it.  They can't imagine that it is a lie there, it must be true, you see, so make sure it's a big one, it's more effective.


And that's so true, isn't it?  It's also true, you see, that the group that run the world, and I've read the articles before from the PNAC group as an example, when they brought you, you know, the war on terror after 9/11. Although they published it in the 90s, all the countries they wanted to attack and get rid of and overthrow the government's and bomb them into the Stone Age. They're still doing it of course; they still have Syria and Iran on their map and a few other ones as well.  They published them before 9/11 happened. And they get their wish. They said they needed a Pearl Harbor event to make it happen, to galvanize public support behind them. That's the first thing you must do if you've got a war started or you want a war, is to galvanize public support behind you or it will fall apart.


It's the same thing too with a pandemic, just terrify the public by all means possible, for a good reason.  They actually call it 'the noble lie'.  The noble lie, it's for a good cause that they're lying to you and terrorizing you. The noble lie. Don't forget it and don't forget where it came from. Because it's in effect today. And the casualty list of the noble lie? Folk who die and can't get into hospital having heart attacks, can get treatment, yada, yada, ya.  That's just acceptable. It's a consequence, you've got to accept it. 


These are psychopaths. These are demons from hell, folks!  And you might even like these demons if you met them face-to-face. Because psychopaths are awfully charming, you know.  They'll be all attention. I remember some women who had been in to see, individually in to see Bill Clinton with different things to talk about. They said, when he, when they were facing him, they literally lost sense of time of where they were. It was like he was total concentration, like YOU were the only thing he saw in his life at that moment. You see, that's how psychopaths operate. But as soon as you're out the door you're out of their mind immediately.  Poof!  And your complaint too, whatever it was, is out of the mind as well.


They have that ability to mesmerize people. They can be very charming at times, you see. It works, it's very effective for getting votes. It's very effective too for standing in front of big crowds of people saying I'm going to lock you down for your own good.  And, I love you, that's why I'm locking you down, I don't want to, I don't want you to be suffering, you know. The same face you would see giving you euthanasia... I don't want you to suffer, and they smile at you, it's for your own good. The same characters, you see. The same characters.


I remember watching a movie, it was about The Last Hangman they called it. A portrayal of, actually based on reality and the truth in the diaries of the guy and all the rest of it of the character. It was well done, The Last Hangman.  That was his job, and he was very proud of doing a good job, you see. He’d get all the statistics and of his, of the people he used to kill, height, weight and all these kind of things, personality type.  Were they liable to crack at the last minute, or needed a bit of a push and help and all that, or restraint, or would they go along willingly? All that kind of stuff was factored in, for a real professional job, you see. He'd weigh the weight, the sandbags as they call it, otherwise it was too much, or the person was too heavy, it maybe could take the head off, [Alan chuckles.] things, just little nuisances like that.


But it was a good, that's the characters you should see. These are the same, he would go home at night and he could sleep well at night, you see. He brought a good paycheck home to his wife, so she stopped nagging him once he got the job and she was quite happy with it too.  In fact she was a bit ticked off when he gave it up eventually.  And I think they had to give it up at the end, it was towards the end of the hanging times in Britain.


But it's the same characters. You'd probably like the character.  If it wasn't talking business, you'd probably like the guy. But it's the same kind of character that would give you euthanasia today, you see.  And how could you think bad of a person that's going to put a white coat on and kill you? It's obviously, it's for medical reasons, you understand, nothing to do with economics and saving money since politicians can give themselves fatter paychecks and things like that.  And CEOs of corporations hospitals can give themselves big paychecks and better yachts for their holidays and stuff, you know. Shame on you for thinking they're selfish.


But that's what psychopaths are, that's what they do. That's how they operate. That's how they really think of you, folks. They really do think that way of you. Sad but true, isn't it.  Disgusting system we're in really. But as it gets more efficient, you know, meaning more atheistically efficient, because you must get ALL old, this vestige of morality, Christian morality that gave you rights and said that life was precious, you must get rid of that to make it efficient, you see.  It's interfering with profits and efficiency, so let's not debate it.


But there you go. I mean, what a frightening country to be in where you have two doctors or two nursing, as they call them now for these doctor practitioners, like nursing practitioner doctor type things, that do an extra year or two or whatever it is, can sign your death certificate before your dead really. That's really it, isn't it. It's your execution certificate.  Regardless of your mental state. What a horror show this is, eh.  And we call ourselves civilized.


But it had to happen. You start killing babies at one end, then you start killing the elderly at the other, then you start bringing it down in between to other cases. Well, you know, you're going to cost... Look at that poor guy in Canada, I remember doing the talk a few years ago, not, well maybe a couple of years ago. He had an illness, but he was completely alert and the whole thing. He liked living. He kept asking them just to have occasional help coming in at home. The government wouldn't do it. They kept advising him, just take euthanasia, eventually they did that, and he was in his 20s. In his 20s.


It's disgusting what's going on. It really is. And if you understand the power, as they take all power away from you having rights and freedoms to decide yourself what you want done, and you want your own medical system where, hhh, you're paying for it all, you paid for it all.  [Alan chuckles.] These hospitals didn't appear by themselves in public private partnerships. Your tax money made them, built them and equip them. You are paying through your taxes for it all, and your healthcare that was taken off your paychecks, in Canada here Ontario.  Then two nobodies can decide... Because they'll get, you understand they're going to get bonuses for putting you down for euthanasia... to save the hospital, which saves the province money. Your money. 


Do you understand where this is all going, what's happening here? [Alan laughing.] Ohhhhhh.  Ah dear, dear, dear, eh?  This is where you weep for a humane system that's gone, eh, you're watching it wither away... and the last vestiges of decency in society just getting utterly destroyed by the psychopaths at the top that stretch all the way down to the psychopaths at the bottom. 


Now I'll put up some links to videos I think tonight as well. So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com remember.  I put these links up there on my site. Sometimes it takes a day for other people to pick up my talks and put it up on their other sites as well. So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Send me a few bucks and I can tick along, hopefully, as we go in through the winter months. It's going to be a very dark winter for all of us as they push this whole agenda through.


You've got to have communications to people. Remember too, I do read all the emails that come in from people.  I get a great idea of the headspace of folk, what's happening to them, what, how they feel about things and what they are experiencing as they go through this. It's very important.  I said before, you all have to keep in touch with a few people at least. Real people. Make sure they're real people, not the fake ones they have out there with algorithms and bots and so on. And you don't need to, if you see arguments starting, getting you, dealing with some fake, you know either one of the agents, one of the myriads of agencies with thousands of, as they called themselves, cyber warriors out there all getting paid by your tax money to attack you.  Hhhch. 


So make sure you've got a few people, not many.  And swear to help each other out. Because you've got to do it, you've got to help each other out.  Because things are going to get really, really tough. I mean really tough.  To bring in this new system you've got to get brought to your knees, until you beg them for new system. Anything, anything to help you. That's exactly how they play this game.


They've got all their cards on the table this time. They're not going to stop. It doesn't matter, you know, unless God himself came and stopped them.  Ha.  But nothing else is going to stop them. Because they are all completely, completely sworn to this agenda of resolution.


The old adage too, you know they said that if they don't stand together, they'll swing separately perhaps. There's the truth there in a sense because they know they're all, all of them should be taken up for crimes against humanity. Absolutely. And tried publicly. And dealt with publicly.


How many folk have died needlessly? How many thousands, because of this total lockdown and folk cannot get into hospital for treatments for even simple things, and more serious things. Completely written off!... for this nonsense, eh. It's just astonishing. And all the healthy folk locked down for the first time in history. With the preplanning that obviously, hhhch... when you stop the economy, chaos ensues. That's intentional. This is all intentional.  People sat down and planned this. Event 201. Lockstep as well in the paragraph part with the Rockefeller group in 2010. Planned in advance to get their big agenda through.


Crimes against humanity. Every single one of them.


You've got to take note of this. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that goes afterwards too.  It's something, some miracle happened, and it didn't turn out this way, and you start to resume some starting control over the system, you would have to arrest them all. All these characters. Arrest them all. No doubt about it.


In Australia too, you need to also arrest all the cops that are being, going out there with the batons, like an army of sort of drones, like something out of Star Wars.  They're not human at all. Definitely not taking human consequences of their actions on humans into account at all. They've got to be dealt with. All these people.


And their chiefs, and their police chiefs, all the way up. Absolutely. These are crimes, this is crimes against humanity.  I don't care who they are, when they turn on their own people, that's time to act here.  You've got to do it. Absolutely.  The politicians above them that push it, they are all on the paychecks here. They know what's going on. The same thing. Absolutely. N-n-n. 


The groups that like SAGE employed, hm, to terrorize the public and tell the journalists to heighten, to actually hype up all the terror and fear to create more anxiety to get the folk to comply. The whole lot have to be arrested as well.


And the TV stations that did comply and help terrorize the people. And the different new sites and so on. Absolutely.


That's how you deal with these things. You can't let this go. You can't ever forget this.  It's got to be done.


And the corporations that are raking in how many generations of future citizens going to, who are going to pretend to try to pay this off? You can't pay this off. Trillions and trillions and trillions borrowed supposedly. It's all borrowed out of nothing and thin air. We know that. But to the certain few, eh, who own you all, hhhch, crimes against humanity. Preplanned. Every hand that's out there, corporate hand is out there for millions and billions of dollars. Generations to come.  Ftt.  N-n-n.


Anyway folks, don't give up. And as I say there's always light at the end of the dark, as you know. You've got to always remember that. So keep in touch with me. I enjoy reading and seeing how people are surviving across the world. I noticed too someone even sent me in from South Africa, his car was into get that minor repair. Attached to the bill, he sent me it, they had actually had another part of the bill separate that was for hygienic cleaning. For Covid, you see.  [Alan chuckles.] So I don't know if they go in and spray the whole thing inside or whatever they'll do, but they tacked it on to the bill now, eh.  It's just astonishing.  There you go.  [Alan chuckles.]    


Anyway, take care of yourselves. Keep in touch with me. Go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada – where it's getting cold already, the snow isn't far off by the way – it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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