Oct. 11, 2020 (#1798)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"A Stitch in Time, Temporal Suture,

In a Wink They Planned The Future,

The Fourth Industrial Revolution,

Mandated Poverty to be Solution,

A Slavery, Years in the Planning,

Our Lives Owned, Report is Damning."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix October 11, 2020. And as the weather changes of course we expect… [Alan chuckles.] more Covid to go through the roof as they say, since the particles really are rather prevalent in the world.And that’s all these PCR tests do is they detect particles, bits and pieces you might say of viruses, and this particular virus but not even that one, it’s a whole range of coronaviruses.   It doesn’t really matter when there’s a big agenda there. 


I won’t even go through all the statistics. You know that. You’re all fed up with them anyway. You’ve seen it all before. This is a repeat of what you saw in the spring. They told you from then on, I keep mentioning it, that Fauci and the rest of them at the WHO and Bill Gates told you that there’d be a lockdown, they wanted a complete lockdown to see how, if we’d just fall for it and go for it, right up until next year, even the year beyond that.


But they lessened it off a bit for the summer and then started dishing out the test kits again in the last month or so to try to get the numbers up. The more kits put out there the more you’re going to find. Because it doesn’t mean a person is sick or ill. Because these things are so prevalent in society, always, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  It’s a joke. And it’s an intentional joke. Of course it is. They must have something to try and con you with otherwise you wouldn’t believe them at all.  Because you just didn’t see the evidence there.  And oh, they’re back out with the graphs again, aren’t they?  Oh, the graphs are just, go way up yonder like a rocket taking off, whooffff.  But no one’s ending up really, really sick with it.


Of course the people who again, this is the time of year where, when elderly people, it hits them when the weather changes, very quickly, that they come down with problems. They’ve already got pre-existing conditions as you know, and you can count on a whole bunch of them getting sick with pneumonias of all kinds.  That’s why they’re always coming out with the flu shots at this time of the year too and pneumonia shots. But it doesn’t stop it happening and folk die quite frequently at a certain age.  We all get there.  We all have our time for it too, nothing’s going to stop that.


Of course they use that, under the guise of Covid that's causing it, etc. Because they must get the numbers up once again. And they're having a hard time of it because yeah, you can get more positive tests with these ridiculous PCR kits, that are useless.  Including the inventor said they're not meant for diagnosis. But let's not let facts get in the way here of agendas. Because it's an agenda.


It's a global agenda. Much bigger agenda than just to do with Covid. Much bigger agenda than just the general term of the Great Reset from the World Economic Forum. It's much, much bigger than all of that. If you go into the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset, it's not just that it's the Fourth Industrial Revolution which they also have come out about. It's the whole new way of living, a completely different structured system that ties in completely with Agenda 21 for the 21st century. 


The whole century remember, the century of change. This is what we're in right now, something they talked about for 50 years in the last century, the coming century of change, the time of transition. And lots of things are transitioning, mind you. And the whole new meaning of almost existence is to be changed. And in with it comes, from the Third Industrial Revolution, what they're claiming, that was the digital era when they came out with the Internet, etc. The next part is the Internet of Things, which they talked about, again, years ago they'd bring this in eventually. 


That's what the 5G, the interconnecting system of ALL ubiquitous traveling nomadic devices, etc. Including the things that are on your clothing, and chips in your shoes, and everything that came out years ago as well. It's all coming out now, and that's what it's about. Total tracked and traced for your entire life with all these things communicating to each other all the time. You don't even need to have central bases.  This is what I was reading about, the military for instance, they're big into this.  They don't even need like central bases to store information. The storage really can be scattered through all your devices and every other device around you. The same with the Covid tracking apps. I've got some articles here where people even in Canada, the apps that they came out there with them, it says on them that it's for employers, hm, who can get access to all their employees' apps' data too.


It's really interesting to see the complete total disregard of privacy. It doesn't even bother me because we've never had privacy for a long time. And certainly not with cell phones. I don't believe, I can't believe people still use them. Because it really is like a manacle. You're carrying your own manacle around with you, you know.  Your masters know exactly what you're doing, what you're doing, when you're doing it, how many times you're doing it, and what you've eaten and so on.  It's kind of like Lord of the Rings I suppose when you think about these apps, for employers and they somehow can tap into the apps for all their employees.  But it says in the apps that everyone's phone is communicating with everyone else's phone, kind of the Windows 10 system, very similar, for its updates and it transmits at the same time the data for that which is around in its environment. Including the distance of the person who has each phone is from everybody else. It's just incredible. And the idiots are going along with this, you know. Isn't it sad? 


It's a sad, it's like, you know, the kind of poem that, man goes out with a whimper, not with a bang, you know, the [Hollow] straw men.  That's kind of like where we are because it doesn't take much to terrify the public.  It really, and it's very poor propaganda with fudged figures and so on that anybody could see through. Then they keep contradicting themselves too. And they LIE an awful lot. I mean, we've never had such a time of blatant lies like this, that’s really, it's in-your-face. Blatant lies. Then they're found out, and it doesn't stop them. They come back next week with the same lies again, even when they're uncovered the previous week. So facts don't matter as I say when it comes down to big agendas.


You have to really wonder about people who fall into it and really believe it all. Because there's some smart characters out there that really are sharp, that can see through so much scams and skullduggery in politics and everything else. But they seem to be towing the line here about the lockdowns. It makes you wonder why.  I can’t trust folk like that at all. Because it's so evident. It really is so evident with so many professionals coming out, that work with the patients for goodness sake, and saying it's a scam as well. It's just incredible.


This is a telling time. It's a telling time.  I mean, a lot of folk are bought off and paid off in the system. That's the sad part of humanity that's always been with us. They get bought off.  They'll turn their own people in even, for the filthy lucre as they say. Nothing new in that at all.  But it still shocks you, I think, a lot of people get shocked when they find out that so many people go along, and people they know maybe go along with it too.  I've seen it happen personally in workplaces throughout my life, and they know you're right when you stand up and speak out, speak the truth out.  They'll tell you that in private they would like to back you up, but they can't because they might lose their jobs. Well, that's what's...  Under that kind of system, there's no point in standing up for humanity when they'll sink themselves. And they'll sink you too, you know. If you stand up and fight the battle yourself, they're quite happy to take the benefits of it. But they don't want to be part of the battle when it's actually going on. Sad but true.


We're in a war now. It's a war to change society, and the target of the war are the general population of the planet, you know, the populations of the planet.  We're the target of it all. We must change our ways into the proper ways that they've devised for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Which is literally monitored from birth to death, in a new system, with new types of currencies.  And you actually, you yourself, you'll be part of the currency. A new form of slavery actually.  Because you'll be able to basically take on loans – and loans, it doesn't have to be tangible goods or even what you think of as money, it can be other things as well – if you can't fulfill them, then guess who's up for grabs to be bought for a little while until it's paid off? Well, that's slavery, you see. That’s usury slavery but it's designed by the highest authorities on the planet. They’re all at the WEF. Or a lot of them are at the WEF, or at least their representatives certainly are. They discuss all this stuff rather openly if you go into the records in their speeches and their talks and so on. They're not hiding it so much, they're just, they're not putting out, hhhch, this other side of it. 


I hope you understand, you...  What's it's like, it's like a cheap holiday ad, hm, where you see the brochures of, my, look at this sandy beach.  There's that sun belting down there.  And if you're in a kind of dingy Europe in the wintertime it's awfully appealing when you see that. You say, oh my goodness, look at that, well. And in Canada too, of course the snowbirds go off to these places.  But it's like one of those things and you see the hotel and it looks...  But the fact is, it's not the hotel you're going to go to. It's a different hotel. They don't tell you that in the brochure and you end up in some shanty place where the bugs might be holding the walls up, you know, if they start moving all at once everything falls down. 


So it's like that, that's the kind of system that the WEF put out. The World Economic Forum are literally codifying into a new type of law the real class system, the true system. Very eugenically orientated to do with, uh, better types of people, uh, middle types of people, um, small business types, and then the ones at the bottom that are just labor, you see. They're quite, they're unabashed about all this kind of stuff and how literally it's a race to the bottom for the cheapest labor, so they're going to be in the poverty class. But don't worry about it, they've got this charitable organization set up, which they run themselves mind you, and with money from governments to help them they can take care and keep the poor folk alive, this is what it's about. They discuss this quite openly.


You'll find as well that currency is changing, and the idea of what currency is is changing. You are commodities. We are all human commodities now. We are in the workforce of all kinds. We make things. We produce, in other words we’re producers.  But we are commodities within ourselves. We consume and produce.  You'll get a value score, that's part of your social credit score as well. This is what it all comes down to. It's the next step of the social credit score where there’s a whole bunch of ticks you’ll have on your page for your masters who own you. They'll be ticked off to do with, are you a good producer, a good consumer? Are you fairly healthy? Do you have prior or possible future health problems according to your DNA and your family history and so on? All these things are taken into account. Are you a good bet, in other words, for an employer?


You'll find too a lot of what's coming down the pike will be insurances. Insurances are going to take over a lot of roles that you presently have.  For education as an example. Not just health care and so on, but education and different things as well all coming down to insurances. So insurance companies will literally be the new kind of cash flow systems and credit cards. You’ll be given a rating on that insurance rating as good bet for paying off any debts incurred, etc. That will be kind of the way it's going to go.


I know folks think, I can remember...  Oohhhhhch.  I don't think folks realize that insurance companies are some of the biggest promoters and lenders in the world to the huge public-private partnership deals that go on, and they have been for maybe 15 years, maybe more. Huge projects.  It's insurance companies the back them.  It's not just the big banks, but the actual insurance companies themselves.


So you are the collateral, as I say.  You are the product at the same time, because you're getting remade all the time for new images, and you are getting trained to suit the product. It's so fascinating, for me, to stand back and remember the talks I gave on Bernays many years ago, on Propaganda that he came out with but also his Public Relations ideas, his propaganda for actual, for selling things, you know, PR companies and advertising companies.  Because he did say that to governments as well, he worked remember with about five different administrations, maybe more during his lifetime. Including the military, propaganda techniques for wars and all that. And huge corporations as well. He said, eventually why, why try to convince the public to buy this car, because you say it's better or it’s a few inches longer than the previous one. This is all on record. They even have old videos of it, of the women going in to buy the new car and she actually says that, oh, this is longer than the last one, or, bigger than the last one. All the sexual innuendos and so on. Because don't forget that Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. It's much more to all this than you think, believe me. Much more. It wasn't just a couple of people [Alan chuckles.] with a... 


Psychiatry was invented to change the world and change all of you in it. It completely interlocks with the idea of their different organization called communism, to restructure and control society, and destroy family units and everything else. 


Getting back to Bernays. He says, rather than try to get...  Because at one time, you see, manufacturers had to make good products, before the age of disposable items really got going. Built-in-obsolescence as like to call it now. The classic one was the light bulbs.  There was a good documentary put out there about the history of light bulbs, how the lifetime got shorter and shorter, with the cartel getting together, all the producers, and agreeing to do the same, make them last the same amount of time, make it a shorter all the time.  Anyway, that's an example of that.


Bernays said, rather than make good products every year and tell them why they should buy your lawnmower, he says, alter society, the consumer, to suit your product. Now, that ties exactly right in with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the new system that you're actually in already, and it's going to accelerate at one heck of a speed with the Covid idea. Covid is part of it, where you're getting retrained to stop thinking for yourselves, to stop being logical, to simply start obeying.  At the moment it's through terror and fear which is a good way to do it; that's the technique that's being used.


During this time of course you've got a lot of folk who are still able to work at all working from home. That was one of the steps, you see. New types of medication, or, medical care where you can't get real people anymore, you'll be talking to computers, remote computers, or you might get an occasional doctor coming online somewhere and talking to you. So they're making it absolutely imperative that you have your ubiquitous or nomadic devices, cell phones or tablets or laptops or whatever so that you can participate in this new system.  [Alan chuckles.]   


And if you don't, they're not really going overboard, are they, to give you any choices in the matter, are they? They're not, because you see, this is a must-be now.  You're in their system. And their system is constant retraining of you. But the first training is for you to stop thinking for yourself and to listen to experts and what they tell you. It's a POST-democratic system. That's what comes over really clearly when you read their documentation from the World Economic Forum. It's a completely new way of training the public from birth to death and constant retraining to suit their products, and that which they own, all the different gadgets, apps and all the rest of it which they own, which are going to be mandatory to exist in the system at all, very shortly. It's almost there now by the way.


I've said this for so many years, when you start seeing choices getting taken away from you, you're going into tyranny. And it doesn't matter what it is.  Choices in whatever products. Choices in the food that you're going to eat, as one example.  Until you're left with one thing, which is what they've all agreed upon at the top. Which is probably genetically modified and genetically engineered vegetables, etc. That's what they want you all on, in a post meat world. For you.  They'll have it at the top of course themselves.


They don't want a really, a mentally agile society. They want people who are rather easy-going and will do what they're told, according to the Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome is quite open about the fact, and they have been for many years, this big think tank that works for the big boys and the United Nations as well and so on.  The ones who were given and tasked with getting an idea, a PR campaign, an idea to get folks to give up rights and everything. They came up with global warming and climate change and famine and plague and so on and drought would fit the bill.  You know. They would say that man was the fault of it. Because depopulation is a part of this as well by the way. Reducing the population big time. They're rather open about that now of course.


Again, we're... as the general population gets used to hearing certain things, they start yawning. They don't even think very far. It's true, I can remember many, many years ago a debate went on in the media in the UK. Many years ago. It was to do with, do they have the right to give you your thoughts? The media, you know? Again, very along the lines of Brzezinski with Between Two Ages, his book from the 1970s when he said, shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves, they'll only be able to repeat the news information, even trivia that are given to them by the previous night's television or news casters and so on. That's all come to pass as they say.


But the thing is too, the debate in the UK was to do with how they can terrify the public, get them all worried about things on behalf of government. Because this isn't the first time governments have tried to use the media to terrify the public into compliance. We already have the admissions here with the SAGE group in Britain that gave out the orders basically, or the recommendations to all media to basically exaggerated stories to do with Covid and to create higher tension, to actually increase the tension and anxiety amongst the public so they comply and conform. That's what they handed out to the British folk recently, you know, back in the spring. Well, again, most folk forget all that and right back to, again as they try to terrify and scare you.


So they had the meeting in Britain years and years ago on other issues as well. It was interesting what they actually said, that the public… [Alan chuckles.]   Some of the people who took part in the big thing on it, it was maybe the BBC, I don't know, or STV or ITV.  They said that the general public literally wait to be told what to do anyway, in modern times, that they were already trained back then to be told what to do. They expected, like Brzezinski says in Between Two Ages, eventually the public will expect the media to do their reasoning for them. Well, that's all been done, you see.


They really do wait to be told by authority figures. Even though these are private companies [Alan chuckles.] that are called newscasts, owned by big moguls with their own agendas who have shares in other corporations and so on, and the food industry and everything else. They still wait to be told what to do by their masters. It’s, I really mean it, we’re like a plantation, you see, and these are the plantation owners, and we expect them to do our reasoning for us… on any topic…  Hm?  N-n-n.  Ain't that something. Ain't that something.


So anyway, we're here and it doesn't bode well. Because the general public really now a lot of them are tuning in, as I say, for their daily dose of terror once again. They had a little break in the summer, which stopped them, a lot from committing suicide, stopped a lot of illness of course because folk get terribly ill with, through anxiety. If you want to reduce your immune system, just become anxious for a long period of time. It's well understood. But as I say, they're getting back to terror, terror, terror every day. You know, you might miss something that's going to help save your life. That's the idea behind it. So you see the same familiar faces and why would they all be lying to YOU?


Well, it's because they get paid incredible big money to lie to you.  And they're psychopathic, they don't mind lying to you.  They do that naturally anyway, that's what psychopaths do.  They get you to do what they want you to do, that's a gift that a psychopathic has, if you want to call it a gift.  They're awfully good at it, you know. They're awfully likable, a lot of them. Once you get a few of them who have managed to get through University and so on, because there's different categories and layers of psychopathy.  From the street window smasher who grabs the jewelry and runs for it, to the ones who have got better parents and money to back them up, they get, they float through college, or they’re paid to get through it because a lot of bribery goes on through college too with a lot of these characters and their parents. They have no problem getting their degrees. They're put in front of the camera to con you into doing something which perhaps you shouldn't do. Exactly what Aldous Huxley said in his talks with Mike Wallace. 


But it's all here. You're seeing it. This whole new way of living from birth to death with the Internet of Things and the 5G communications, that everything's been completely interconnected, with an utter record, there'll be no privacy of any kind at all. This is what they're after. That was all, that's all... and you buy your chains.  You buy these hubs and all the rest of it for your houses and think, oh you know, everybody else's got them and...  Uuuugh! [Alan chuckles.]  It doesn't matter about all the different articles that have come out about them contacting the police if it hears a raised voice and all this kind of thing. It doesn't make any difference to them, you know.  They'll sell their souls for convenience, you know, something that's going to put the lights on and off for them rather than get up and do it themselves.


But there's no privacy, and they're getting used to it now, you see, having no privacy. They don't really mind, I don't think, most folk really don't mind. Slavery is an easy thing to just float into. When it doesn't put a chain around your neck, you know. Physically. Although they're putting manacles around you shortly if you won't take the vaccine, whatever vaccine it might be... untried, experimental, DNA changing vaccines. But a lot of folk won't mind, and they'll go along with it. In fact, a lot will queue up for it.


I remember in 2009, I've mentioned this before, that they had such a hype going with the flu that year.  They terrified the public, oh my goodness, oh it's horrible, terrible, oh my. They actually showed you lines on the news; they would show you lines of folk waiting for their vaccine.  They were so terrified because they had articles in the paper...  Again, the hype they give you to terrify you, to adapt and run off to get it. And folk would run and get it. They said in the articles, oh, they might run out. So folk were fighting in line, some of these older folks were fighting in line, each other, to get ahead in case they ran out. Physically fighting. 


That's what they can do.  They can do a lot worse than that too with the propaganda and their psychological manipulation that they give you. Run by experts. Your tax money pays for the best con men out there, you know.  People who study it, study you, they're behaviorists they're called, and neuroscientists and so on.  They can use it against you to get you to do what their masters want you to do. So they can train you very quickly to comply and into anything at all.  And you’ll do it, you know, most of you will do it and comply. Because you're scared. And how many times have you, well you know, what choice do we have...? What choice do I have, eh?  You know where that ends up, you know, what choice do I have?  Hm?


I was thinking about what they're taught at the higher levels in the manipulators classes. [Alan chuckles.]  The real higher levels, eh, higher than the universities that, you know, and they teach them this kind of stuff. They pick them. Some of them by the way, are apprenticed to people like Kissinger.  I don't know if you realize that. Some of the high Trilateral guys, they have young guys apprenticed to them, to be the future leaders. They traveled with them, and they learn this for years, almost grow up with them some of them.


But they also have special classes for the future leaders in different areas. They're taught what I'm telling you now, how to manipulate whole populations of people and into persuading. They're already tested with the usual psychopathy test to see if they're, you're not gonna bother wasting your time with someone who's going to have qualms down the road, you know.  So they pick them to have a certain amount of psychopathic tendencies.  And narcissistic, they're very often narcissistic, that comes with the territory of psychopathy often.  They get taught the kind of things about mass manipulation, and what they want to do in the future. Some of them know what they're taught at, say, today, won't be implemented or fulfilled completely for about 25 years down the road, some parts of it. So they can wait, they’re patient enough. They've got plenty of other things to implement along the way. But that's how this is, long term strategies.


They're also taught, by the way, um, they're picked for, because they're very social.  They love to socialize.  They like to go to parties, the right kind of parties with the right kind of people, you are, you see.  Doors open.  By the time they're about 25 they know everybody. That's where they can meet all the different people they can use, and who also other ones that will use them to an extent, there's a lot of deals made and so on.


That's how the world is really run by those at the top. Whole layers of the psychopath beneath them that work on their behalf. Well-financed, well rewarded, who are willing to go along with anything, you know. There's no qualms and guilts there.  To the bitter end they would tell you that this or that was necessary, that's what a psychopath always does, whatever it happens to be. If they ever have to answer for it, oh that was necessary.  They've always got an answer.


So you're living through this agenda right now, and this Internet of Thing's full of them at the top, or the top that you’ll see anyway, that's not the real top naturally.  But it's full of them. You're presented with experts every day on how you should live, think, what to do, how to eat, how to go to the bathroom, whatever it happens to be, experts, experts, experts. The very thing that Bertrand Russell talked about in the 1940s and 50s. It's all here. We'll train the people they couldn't do anything without the advice of an expert. It's all here.


As I say, they give their brain over to the media and say, okay, you know, whoever their favorite media character is and they say, you know, do my reasoning for me. So for especially the older folks that have, that are touted, made into stars. Do you ever think about it, WHY is a newscaster made into a star? Someone who reads the news. It isn't just paper, is a Teleprompter, whatever it happens to be, they read the news. They've got to be photogenic, you see. They prefer them being a certain age, so you see them as almost an adult or parental figure. The longer they can keep them on that chair without falling off it, the more effective it is.  Until you end up with old Dan Rather types they used to have, and Cronkite, etc. Folk grew up with them and they believed everything they were told by them, you know. Everything. Eventually. These daddy figures wouldn't lie to you. They were representative of the parental figure, you see, and...


So anyway as I say, everything out there, especially what you see on television is a complete show.  It's a show, for goodness sake. It's what they said in Network, the movie, you know,  You are the real people for goodness sake, he says, we're the fake ones behind, you know, and yet you're looking at, you're putting your life through this tube to watch us to see what the fake ones are doing, and then you copy them.


Great technique, isn't it?  Television is a very powerful change agent technology.  That's what Spielberg said himself, he thought it was wonderful how they could alter society and culture, and have folk emulate the changes portrayed through fiction. Very powerful. And it certainly has been.


Remember too the movie it was called The Looker, about a modeling agency.  A plastic surgeon gets involved with models because they start dying.  It leads to a place where they're using high-tech equipment. I think it's from the 1970s maybe it was made. Maybe the 80s. But there is a high-tech institution where they use computerized digital systems, way back then, and virtual reality patterning off the models, very minutely, you know, exactly.  They started altering their features cosmetically to look like what they thought, said was the perfect thing the computer came up with for them.  But it was also to do with using a type of mind control over the general public through the airwaves, again, through imprinting the brain, by using psychologists and neuroscientists and behaviorists and so on, to pattern the brains with what they were showing the public.  They had a meeting for all the different share holders where the company, I guess it was participants, and politicians were there too. They said, where else can you get people to voluntarily give up maybe 40 minutes every couple of hours, or hour and a half, 40 minutes of their time to be indoctrinated by you?  He's talking about advertising.


It's so true, isn't it.  You voluntarily give up your time to be indoctrinated with it, so that you will buy the products or want the products. Don't forget too, if it's not buying, that you want the products. If you want the product and you can't afford to buy, every little bit causes a little bit of annoyance, and maybe even anxiety, that you can't afford that product. Everything affects you. Everything affects you, physically and mentally because the mind is completely interconnected with the body. So you'll see the symptoms of anxiety or even depression kick in, set in. And if every few minutes you're getting presented with something you might want, think how many times the different chemicals that are set loose in your brain when you get anxious about something or say, oh, I'd LOVE one of those things, whatever it happens to be, and you can't quite get it. 


You're played with by professionals, and you don't know it. Your behavior emulates the dramas in the soap operas that you see.  I remember years ago when they did studies into affairs from women who, it was mainly women who watched soap operas. They correlated them too by the way with those romance books that used to be churned out.  A lot of guys wrote them too under women's names and so on.  It was like a soft porn, for imagination basically.  Rather than the pictures, it was soft porn for women, aimed at them. They did studies to see if the women would act out on it. And a lot of them did actually. It was admitted to as well so…   Yeah, you can't say you're not affected by entertainment. You certainly are. Big time.


Look at how many folk have got the tattoos. I was looking into why so many people, of different age groups, all going to get tattoos over the last, what, 10 years or so. They had listed the shows and dramas with the heroes and heroines who would have these things on them, you know. There was a plethora of tattoo parlors just sprung up and folk rush to get it done to them. All because of television, eh, TV series.  So everyone's affected by entertainment.


That's why I've said too, even with the Covid idea at We Are For Vax, the group that's for the VAX campaign, you'll actually hear them talking about how they're promoting it to the public and how they would insert naturally, they actually said, I think it's even naturally we'll put a lot of the inserts into the scripts in dramas and things. You'll have the characters in the drama saying, oh yeah, I'm just waiting for this flu shot to come in, things like that. And that's what makes up the public's mind for them.  Their minds are made up by, again, people… you see, you identify with the characters in the dramas.  M-hm.  Their firewall is down, the mind, eh, is down because it's entertainment. So it works, it's very effective.


I can remember too when they launched I think it was the Coronation Street series, the second part whatever happened to be, in Canada, maybe, I don't know how many years ago it was now. It was to reintroduce, a big campaign to try to popularize the new type of Coronation Street, maybe 10, 15, I do know it could maybe be even 15 years ago. But big exposés, big money was spent on it. They said in it how they had so many psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, doctors, and lawyers all working for them on the scripts, always, because the public followed, it was a trailblazer on the culture changes. [Alan chuckles.]  Even before mass migration took place, they were training the public for what to expect, and even interracial marriages and things. It was all done professionally through entertainment through the Coronation Street, as an example, before the real thing happened. They actually said that, that people would follow the same arguments and decisions after watching it when the real things happened. So their opinions were given to them. And also how their opinions would be changed, you see, they would adopt the new opinion. Oh, well, I guess it's okay... And yada, yada, ya, hm.  That's how it's done. 


So there is no such thing as straight entertainment. I often wonder if there really was. Maybe if there was it was a long, long time ago, in book form a long time ago perhaps.  Children's books are prime examples of inserts on the PC stuff. The green agenda is all in there. Sustainability is all there.  The vegan society that's to be brought in, all animals are wonderful, and all the furry creatures are your pals, you see, and so on and so on it goes. When the children grow up, they're already recruits, they don't know it, but they're recruits for the green agenda, sustainability. They'll be used as armies, just like they are now in the streets.


But again, using the armies for folk who won't comply with the next step of the lockdowns.  Which are going to be perpetual eventually. You see, they want perpetual lockdowns. They've said that at the World Bank, and I put up the articles from the PDFs from them before a few weeks ago. They said that they were looking at, at least five years of lockdowns, and it could be perpetual. Don't forget, this Covid idea is only one thing they've got in the wings, eh, waiting.  They can actually come out with future scenarios of BIO warfare... We don't know who did it, but we've got another vaccine waiting in the wings for you there and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you see.  Then you will comply. That's what they've done already with the Covid thing, you know.


There's no way that all the videos came out of China of folk falling flat on their faces with Covid, it was all staged, that. Have you seen people in the streets fall flat on their faces in America or anywhere else?  Hm? Because that’s not the way infections hit you. If you're that sick you wouldn't be walking the streets in the first place, you see, if you were that sick.  Hm.  And it wouldn't hit so suddenly like, just like that, bomf, down you go.  And China is not known for letting much out that it doesn't rubberstamp that's for consumption for the West. Which makes me think that China was in on the big global act, I really do, with the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation and all the rest of them. I really believe that's the whole idea.  Remember, the whole idea for the World Economic Forum is the continuation into a world order, a borderless world order, eh.  Are you getting the point of it? The borderless idea. The mass migration.


In the States they were ticked off with Trump trying to, at least talking about keeping a border. He hasn't done it. I mean, in fact when you really look into the migration, Trump let more in, even from India for the tech industry, than anybody had before him. So what he says and what he does are often like tangents. But the thing is, he hasn't gone along with the climate change, to an extent. Because he knows... [Alan chuckles.] Here's the trick of it too. He knows, and I did the talks years ago, where the States of the US are in collusion, they partnered with ones in Canada, provinces in Canada to go along with the green deals regardless, sustainability, regardless of what the Feds do. You see, this is fact folks, you know. You even have your cities all signed onto these things and so on, sustainability.


Everything's been changed already. You keep waiting for the big change.  You're already IN the big change. It's been going on for years. Bits and pieces of it. And you adapt and you adapt. Mainly because, again, the media, that will go into overdrive to make sure you get certain messages, will go into absolute silence when they're doing their nasty little things, you know, furtively, they don't want you to know, you see.


Now always remember too in the perfectly controlled society, most folk don't want to be told about things. They want the masters to deal with all the little problems for them.  They'll say, well that's what you're paid for, you know, don't bother me with that, you know, get on with it, whatever it is, and do it. A lot of folk are like that.  It's quite interesting to see that.  So the enemies, you see, that you have, if you're a freethinker and you like this idea called personal freedom and privacy – this word is going to be outlawed shortly, it's almost there now, privacy – most folk gave it up long ago. 


But there are still folk who like this idea of privacy.  It's your right to privacy. It's your right to have your own thoughts. It's your right to have no intrusion into your mind.  You see. And folk just give it away just so easily. People FOUGHT, people fought for centuries to get privacy and rights from feudal systems and overlords.  They fought so hard, step by step by step to get, so that the military, and it's generally the military that they used to used, say, in Europe before the police and so on, and then the police now are militarized.  But they used the military. The military under the old king and queen and feudal systems would go into people's homes and rampaged through them and do whatever they wanted to do, and you couldn't stand in their way, or you have no rights at all if you got in the way they'd just put a bayonet through you.  That's how it used to be, you know.


Again, folk don't really quite get it.  And that's not long ago that happened. Blake, yeah, he was Blake in London, the poet, he talked about it too. Where the guards, some guards, [unintelligible] guard or whoever it was, but they came and try to rampage through his garden, everything, and through his house looking for something else or somebody else or whatever it was. That's how it used to be, you see.  But the folk today have given up most of their rights. A lot of folk if you listen to them, because they've heard countless little bits and pieces of arguments and data about this, about that privacy idea. They've already been swayed.  Well, we don't really need it, we are being taken care of. Is that what you're here, to be taken care of?  Do you really, if you believe that you're finished.  Hhhch, you're finished, you know. To be taken care of.


Socialism isn't the old socialism that folks thought of. And even when they thought of it wasn't the same way either. Socialism was a scientific system that would be brought in, where everything would be run properly by the proper people, the experts. That's what they believed. They never quite achieved it, naturally, through communism.  And the West's socialism, but this is it. It's for those who are already the Masters, socialism, because it's a whole system where you're controlled and run by the state.


Oh, corporations love that when they already own the governments.  [Alan laughing.] And they do own the governments. When you've got politicians that need X amount of bucks to get in and to run, and they need the compliance of the media, who are often owned by the biggest money guys on the planet, but they need the compliance of the media to even run or to even get mentioned and get good publicity, then they are bought and paid for.  Very simple. Bought and paid for.  They're also asked certain questions, if they'll be for this and for that, or even for certain other countries, and they must go along.  If they do that than they might be considered. If they don't, if they say no, no, no, you've had it, you know. That's how the world runs.


But most folk as I say will give up every right that they have to be the same as everybody else. If they see their peer group rushing towards the end of the cliff because it's a great experience and it's in 3D or something, they want it as well, you know. Yep.  Imagine spending all that money on an iPhone, eh, or any kind of phone, stacks of money, overblown cost of having the service of it... Service, it's not, what service is it? It's going to rip you off so much bucks a month for such a tiny little amount of gigabytes, eh? And at the same time as you're buying it, they've got all these apps that are going to be, that are put in their mandatorily to track and trace you. What's wrong with you?


I said years ago the government should be giving you all the computers for free.  It was to track and trace you and to manage your thoughts and find out what you're thinking and doing and all... That's what it was for, to standardize a populations’ thoughts, attitudes and behavior, standardization on behalf of those who ruled you.  And then the cell phone came out, and big bucks and the whole thing. But yeah, it's going to track, trace, and then they start telling you, you know, yeah, we're taking data and feeding it to this and that and the whole bit. Until folk don't care anymore. Well, they're gone, I'm afraid, you're gone. Because as I say, it took centuries to fight to get the rights to privacy. And with a little flashing screen, the light of Lucifer as they say, eh, [Alan chuckles.] they just give it all away so quickly. Because it's so magically enticing, isn't it? Oh, it's hypnotic. Oh, wow.


I should mention too before I get going here, and before I even mentioned the mention... [Alan chuckles.] I've actually stopped this talk five times already for trains and then resumed them again. I think I had four or five trains in the first 19 minutes. These are at least, aren't little trains going by. These are miles long some of them, and they're going at one heck of a pace as well. Because they're stocking up for the big, long haul in their big bases, what used to be so busily, so busily building and deepening and extending for the last 10, 15, and 20 odd years now. I remember giving talks about this years ago. Because I knew some of the bases and I actually see them expanding and I talked to people who worked in them, plumbers and electricians. Some of them not too far from me actually were about five floors, you might call it, floors deep.  Way underground. And they're not little places. These are huge places by the way, for the ones who are going to get into them.  Hhhch.  That's another thing anyway.


So the thing is I want to mention too, remember you can go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Make a list of all my sites, these are my official sites.  Because occasionally something will happen to one or the other, and you want to make sure you get my talks. I always try to get them up on the Sunday night if possible. Before midnight. With incredibly low speed, they always hammer me at the weekends because they know I'm uploading then I guess. There's a lot of little dirty tricks going on.  And today by the way, this is satellite, right, this is satellites I use.  Big bucks for it too.  I was timing out just downloading the mail, that's how…  hhhch. Of course if you were to waste your time phoning them up, they'll try this and try that as they play with you. This is what happens when they've all been given the nod to interfere with the nuisances, eh, guys like me who are putting out this kind of information.


Because they’re get into the next step, shortly they'll be arresting people. Once they have this lockdown, it's to be stiffer than it was in the spring, they already said that. Nothing to do with reality. They want compliance. But they’re going to go in and go after people who are speaking out and contradicting their official data with factual data. So they’re not going to allow the factual data out there. That goes from doctors and first responders as they say now hey, people who are actually working in hospitals, or anybody else in the profession. Because it's a bigger agenda than, the Covid is the excuse to get you into a new system. Including curfews. This is what tyrants have done down through the ages. They always restrict travel and bring in curfews. I'll put up the articles tonight that that's what they're bringing into Britain. I think they've got a 10 PM curfew starting I think tonight or today or whatever it happens to be. 


But anyway, people have to realize that the systems of tyranny can dissolve very quickly if just most of the folk say no, that's it. No more compliance.  It's very quick to give up. There's no point trying to enforce and enforce more and more tyranny if the vast amount of the general public are ignoring them.  They [Alan chuckles.] can't arrest everybody. It can't be done.  And if they can't get a good chunk of the population to go along with every con that they come up with the game is over anyway. They know this. This is taught in management, herd management, hhhch, as I call it. It's taught.  And they would just give up, they would just one morning that they get up and have to start disbanding themselves if everybody's ignoring them. That's what happens.


The US is definitely a big target because it's...  in the US... forget Trump.  Forget Trump. The fact is there's a lot of people still in America in the US that don't want this socialistic type, ah, international communistic system that they want to bring in, on the low level. That's the excuse they're given, it was to be for everybody to be equal. That's what they said at the World Economic Forum, where you have multibillionaires there...?  Remember, behind every great fortune there's a great crime.  [Alan chuckles.] So these characters at the top are, didn't get rich by being nice to people.  And they never will be. They're psychopaths. You can believe all the guff they come out with, like equality. Good for you. Dream on, you know. That's the system you're in right now.


As I say, send me a few bucks @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Or buy the books and discs if you want to. But straight donations are welcome. PayPal, cash, checks, and you can do money orders and Money Gram.  That kind of thing will help me tick along here as we go through the heart of it.


Because really, it's getting to the state very quickly where you won't be able to even hear...  The Internet was never honest to begin with. It was set up to do exactly what it's doing now. When they tell you how many, don't forget the star making machinery, if they want to make someone a star, they'll say, oh, millions of hits.  You see, but it's got nothing to do with reality.  But they know the human nature and they'll say, well, if so-and-so and so-and-so is getting popular, let's just say that they don't get many hits at all, and so they've been fudging the numbers for the last 20 years. They have, yeah. And suddenly they can make stars of somebody overnight if they want to. And they do that kind of thing.


There's nothing honest about the Internet. Don't forget that DARPA, I mean ARPA, hhhch, for the military, and DARPA, run the whole darn thing. They started the whole thing. It's just a complete massive assets of the world controllers, eh.  The CIA, NSA, MI6, GCHQ... and a huge bunch of organizations in Israel too. Because all the intelligence agencies are completely and really run on one system now. Including the WEF, the World Economic Forum that's a big front organization itself too. You think some guy just started that up himself to help, to help, what, improve trade or something? Now it's dictating to nations?  Well, do you vote for the WEF?  Do you vote for the World Health Organization? No, you don't get to vote for any of them. Never mind the fact it's been admitted that a massive chunk of the World Health Organization's money comes from Bill Gates foundation. He owns it. You can't make this stuff up. It's admitted to. They can't, they'll try and hide it as soon as it's published, but it's still there, you know, the information is still there.  You see, really, it's not a huge clique that runs the world. Not really. They have lots of front people that are well-paid to be fronts.  But it's a small clique really that runs the world.


But if you’re writing a fiction book with a plot in it and you had the gangsterism, the gangster characters, and if they put in a guy like Fauci for instance, as an example, he's got his finger in so many pies.  Not just the big lab at Maryland and so on and the say in what goes on there, and laboratories that are, what, II, III, IV level labs, with highly classified experimentation of gain of function, he's got fingers in all of that. He has patents in certain things and joint patents too.  He's got his fingers in vaccine companies. The CDC, hhhch, I've heard it called actually, hhhch, like it IS a vaccine company, hhhch, that's what they say, the CDC. But he's got his fingers in that. He's got his fingers in so many pies. And he's pally with Bill Gates, the mastermind here, it would seem to be. He's the big financier of so much of what's going on. And the man is no genius, Bill Gates. He's a businessman. Carried on his daddy's idea of eugenics. He wants to help society but reduce the population at the same time.  From his own words, eh.  But here they are in bed together to have the whole world vaccinated, with the vaccine companies which they promote and are connected with. If you had that in a, you would expect them all to be tried at the end, wouldn't you, by the highest courts on the planet.  But you're living through it and it's not happening.


They're still on TV every day waving their hands about and telling you what you're going to have to do.  [Alan chuckles.] You've got all these politicians just obeying them. Don't you find it's a bit scary that?  Because there's nothing really hidden here. So much of what I just said is published, about their collusion together and some of them even have patents on some of the inserts on the coronavirus, supposedly, that came out anyway. I think it was the Great Game India came out with the talk about the inserts that they have on this virus. Four of them that are related, related to the AIDS virus, they said. I don't know where it's gone now. They said that couldn't happen in nature, some of the top virologists said that it would have to be inserted by humans in a lab.  Where did all that data go? Hm? 


But if it's just another, even a softer type of virus made in a lab, which by the way the World Health Organization has admitted they've been up to for years.  I did the talks years ago when they said, [Alan chuckles.] they came out, they admitted that every year or so they released certain types of, they called it milder flu, viruses. I'm not kidding about this. Mild flu, you know, they said it's almost like a nothing type, you know. But they could track and trace it through folk who obviously would have to go to doctors, that's the only way how, that's when you track and trace the thing.  They have samples taken and they could actually tell where it came from, which was themselves, to see how it would spread in society. They actually said that they released certain things every so often.


So this Covid idea is, I have no doubt at all it was probably made in the lab. It didn't suddenly come out of nowhere by itself.  Luckily for us most folk aren't sick with it. Don't even know they've had it. And they end up with antibodies against it.  So that's herd, if you had enough people, if we mixed freely and so on, you'll all have herd immunity. That's what's working in Sweden and other places too, is herd immunity. Top specialists have come out and talked about it, we are getting herd immunity. But regardless of that, they want... this... hhhch…


From their Event 201 and so on, they're not going to change their agenda. Are they?  They're not going to do it. It's a must-be for them.  It's not going to stop with this one vaccine, or even a few jabs for this one particular type of vaccine. They want to have permanent vaccinations and boosters for the rest of your life for everything.  You see, there's no point in them having all these products and big businesses there if they can't use them on you. And have government, you know, the true fascist system, and have government mandate that you take it all. That's true fascism. You can't get, hhhch, a better example of fascism than that, big business and government working together, eh. 


But as I say, it's rather evident that they’re following it to the letter.  Fauci said that you're never going to get out of your homes eventually until you get the vaccine. That's again the same mantra. When you see it across the board in different newspapers from different sources, they all came from the same source you'll find.  Because they're telling them, this is what to put into your articles, make sure that you say that it's inevitable you've got to get the vaccine, inevitable, to go back to normal, etc., etc.  Mantra, mantra.  Weapons of mass destruction.  You've got to get the vaccine. You've got to get the vaccine. You see, same thing. Same technique. They've pretty well said, whatever Fauci said back in the spring, I said that you can take it to the bank because this is written in stone with these characters. 


Unless you say, get stuffed. That's how.  M-hm. With all the studies in real time, now you can do studies in real time about how many, they know exactly how many folk at any particular time, pretty accurately too, because they have all your personality profiles there so, and your chitchat, etc., all the data. They know how many folk are going to go along with whatever they push out there, instant vaccination versus noncompliance and so on. Then the ones in the middle are not sure yet, and how to get around them. It's all done with algorithms and forms of persuasion. 


As always, they can use half the population to hammer and make the rest comply as well. Remember that old, that saying, it's from the mayor of Tammany Hall in The Gangs of New York. He said that we can always use half the people to kill the other half, you know. If folk were going to start rioting or whatever or wouldn't comply, we can always use half of them to kill the other half.  That's what they do, they create sides and divisions to get compliance. They've done it even through school.  Isn't it awful the schoolchildren, where you are supposed to go to school and use your... The whole idea of school was to use your mind. Not to conform, hhhch, into one giant mind but to use your own mind. And to expand it. And to even teach at least logic and have the ability to use your own mind, and to its maximum.  All gone now. It's all conformity training now. Even in school with the groupthink, there's techniques to ostracize, generally it's boys, eh, who say I'm not going along with that, I won't agree with that idea. Because they want consensus with every topic now.  Everything is political now and politicized.  And socialized. And if you don't go along with it, you will be ostracized.  You don't want to belong to the group?  You know.  You want the group to turn against you?  You know.  Because you see, peer pressure is a very, very strong thing to use. Eeeeeeverything is weaponized. 


I really think it's maybe, you know, it's a pity you couldn't get another land... I used to always say this, create different countries. Create them, you know. Put people that just are a damn nuisance to society in different countries, just put them there literally. Make one just for psychologists and psychiatrists and put them all there. Because they're not there to help you. The top ones aren't helping you. The top ones are paid by those who rule you and own you to make sure they can keep ruling you and owning you. That's what most of them, the big ones at the top are for.  You could always get another one for, when you look at all these different lawyers in the US wanting to change the Constitution and change this and change that, and the High Court, just put all of them too in a different land, a different place as well, again their own country and let them argue their points of law to each other and leave everybody else alone.  Hm?


It's just astonishing what's going on. Astonishing times really.  But what is good too, is you see the blanket being raised a little bit on the bed of peace, eh, in society, and thinking, well you know, this is what I believe the US is, this is what I believe America is. Folk can live their whole life through, the ups and downs and all the rest of it, but that's still what they think.  It isn't until you see it getting turned up at the edges like you're seeing right now, with literally communism being preached from the top, inside American politicians at the Congress and so on, it is COMMUNISM, folks. The abolition of the nation state.  The abolition of borders. Karl Marx.  Hm?  It's also the CFR because that's what they were for too, years ago they'd work towards the abolition. It's just ONE system, folks.  M-hm.


But you see, up goes the blanket and you say, my God I didn't realize that was all underneath it. You know? Why, why are these characters that want to abolish the nation state taking massive paychecks from the taxpayers? Most of whom don't want to abolish the nation state. Who does want to have the nation state abolished? Well, we know who they are, and you've got lots of them at the World Economic Forum, the front people who work on behalf of the real masters above them. We know this.  Yep. 


Quite amazing, isn't it, what we're living through right now. And folk don't quite get it. You’re hearing things come out of the mouths of politicians that are anything but statesmanlike, the abolition of this and the abolition of that, and communism? Communism? Do you want communism? Russia eventually gave up with communism... when utopia did not arrive. You know.


But they want communism. It's because you see China was meant to take over from America as the policeman of the world for a while. They had articles in their foreign policy magazine, Foreign Affairs magazine, the CFR, years ago, that it was time for China to take more responsibility in policing the world, you know. Well, they've taken a bit and that different parts of Africa, you've noticed, eh.  No one's complained about that by the way. But again, facts don't matter. But also, they want China to take over to an extent and share the burden with the US, eventually take over from the US. Because the US is supposed to become exhhhhhausted paying for it all.  And it's getting, it's pretty well past that, trillions in debt, multiple trillions in debt. The Covid really is going to put the kibosh on it all together. It's intended to.


Although the money is a joke to start with, we know that too. There's special, you know, magicians that deal with the creation of money in these days. Small club, of course, of magicians. That's what you're living under, amazing times, eh, amazing times. Where you're watching horror, terror, fear and the threats, coercion, you know they always use coercion to get you to comply with their laws and all the rest of it, to make you comply with their new rules, regulations and lockdowns. And no travel. And you can't see people. And you can't yada, yada. And curfews. Curfews! 


Curfew?  Why? Why get a curfew?  Well, to stop the Corona. Oh, to stop the coronavirus, eh?  Well, we're not all dying of coronavirus, very few folk are, really. And even the fact that they've admitted that they would put down died OF it, didn't die of it, most of them, they died of something else. Like everybody else out there, they've got fragments of coronaviruses, FRAGMENTS, dead fragments, hhhch, because they're very common in their swab tests, you know.  Very common.  M-hm.  There's a whole range of these different coronaviruses and you're going to find so many of them dead in your lungs at any time throughout the year, even before this particular Covid one came along or was released or whatever it came from. But the fact is, no, it's not doing the damage they claimed. It's got nothing to do with reality. Can you believe that, curfews? Curfews, eh?  N-n-n.


There's even articles where the children in school are not allowed to sing happy birthday because it might spread the virus if they sing it out. Well, you see, they're training those children not to do anything natural, you see, because their generation is not going to do anything natural for their entire life according to the Fourth Industrial Revolution [Alan chuckles.] from the WEF.  You'll never trust your own logic. You'll wait to see the rules, regulations, for everything that's going to happen to you down through your entire life because you can't trust yourself with your thoughts and your decisions. That's the point of it all. Nothing to do...  You must eradicate rationality, first point, eradicate rationality. 


Land of the Blind, which is a good movie with Donald Sutherland in it. It's a good portrayal of psychopaths and how they rule society. But also you have the characters who surround the king psychopath, or the prince psychopath.   They're much the same themselves but they had to obey the higher psychopath.  They're well rewarded for doing it. They’ll do anything that they're told and give any order that they're told to give out. That's how systems really are. You'll find that in all, in democratic systems or republican systems, that the coterie around the top honcho are generally psychopathic in nature or they wouldn't be there in the first place.  You see, they're well vetted.  Of course in the States and every other country you do have a dark, hhhch, a dark state beneath it all too, a dark system sitting there running the show.  There's no doubt about it, you have psychopaths are everywhere unfortunately. To our detriment.  It's probably always really been like that to some extent or another.  So anyway, we're going through this awful change. But again, look at that movie with Donald Sutherland and you'll see how a psychopath operates and how those around the top psychopaths operate to enforce the rules that the top one wants. 


You'll also see how logic is destroyed under tyranny.  Especially with prisoners, where the first… What you have to realize is what's happening now is a prison system. The lockdowns are prison systems.  Curfews, prison system, same kind of thing again. Like a prison camp. What you can say, what you can't say, it's all across the Internet as well. It's all part of the whole idea of tyranny in a prison, when you're conquered, or a country when you're conquered, same kind of thing too.  When people are so terrified of what you might say, then whatever you're going to say probably is going to touch on some truth, maybe an awful lot of truth and that's the reasons that you can't say anything. That's part of it. That's why you can't have any lack of freedom of speech. It doesn't matter what's nasty, what isn't nasty, people could be awfully nasty and that's part of human nature at times too. But the fact is, you cannot have safety when you can have no freedom of speech.  There's always terror lurking along the way.


So again, back to that movie.  You find in the movie the main character is Donald Sutherland. He's in prison. He befriends a prison guard who knows the system is wrong.  This young prince is really a little psychopath and nasty, and it's maybe a good idea if they topple him. So they topple him and put Sutherland in place.  He comes in with his system which is just maybe even worse than the previous one, it's hard to tell, hhhch.  But he's also obviously a psychopath who knows how to manipulate people, wants to manipulate them.  First thing he does to show his power is to change all rationality.  The children must wear the school ties backwards, you know, on the back of their neck or whatever, things like that. 


This is how they do things. If you're in a prison, they must break your will by changing rationality again. It isn't just a matter of being a loudmouth, that's what you get called if you scream back at the guards, you're a loudmouth and a nuisance.  So they'll teach you a lesson.  They'll teach you that what they tell you is right, will be right.  It doesn't matter if they make you eat you know what, and you'll have to comply and agree that it’s the best thing you've ever eaten. In the movie, they had, what's better than a nice juicy steak? And it was, a good stale piece of bread.  That's how you had to reply or else you were put back in solitary confinement, until your spirit was broken and so on.


So logic has to be destroyed, again, in this totalitarian tyranny, hm.  Children can’t sing happy birthday.  Um, they've already... [Alan chuckles.]  closed down churches so they can't sing hymns, you know. Which again is part of their mandate, no doubt about it. Because that's been an awful enemy, especially in the US, an enemy of those that want an atheistic world for them to control. And you do have rulers and controllers, believe you me. And those at the very top do have their own religion.  But they want to eradicate yours, y'know. Don't forget, even secular humanism is a religion. It's a belief system.  And there's ones above that, obviously. Even some people, people who believe they have the right to rule, that's another religion in itself, just believing that.  Hm.? Etc. 


So anyway, you can't have a loss of freedom of speech. You've got to have it. You can't have people getting locked down and curfews, that's what you use during wartime.  But again, that's what they said they would use, psychological warfare. They said they would use that technique of warfare, which works under warfare compliance, eh, and you've got to be on curfew at night in case bombers come overhead. Well, there's no bombers coming overhead at the moment. And since Covid would spread just the same during the day as it will at the night, what's your problem?  Hm?


It's nonsensical. It's not meant to be logical. It's getting behavior change, and compliance, and behavior change, that's what it's about. Don't think, you're too dumb to understand these things, just comply, leave it to the experts. Then they'll come along with new regulations every week, you see, keep adding to them, until you'll be unable, you'll be a quivering wreck, you can't come to any conclusion on your own because you know you're going to be wrong.  Because the experts always give you orders that you'd never have dreamed up in your life if let yourself.  [Alan laughing.]   


So that's how you do it. It's mind control. Massive campaign on mind control. They hope to eventually, 20 years down the road, have a generation raised who literally will go into paroxysms of anger and rage if they hear someone in school singing happy birthday. They'll turn on them and probably rip them to pieces, as a major threat to society, you know.  That's where were going with all this stuff. Nothing to do with, as I say, logic, reality. It's a huge campaign for a complete change where you will be bought and sold in this new system. And I really mean that. Because you are a commodity.


D'you understand how they work it out at the top to do with corporations? And don't forget what Rockefeller said too, when he, it comes back to corporations and banks and so on. Rockefeller himself belonged to the same organization that ruled the British Empire, you know, that didn't believe in competition. He says, competition is a sin. He was NOT making a joke.  They believe they have the right to take over the world's resources, run society properly, by experts, themselves naturally, and profit from it. And that's a natural way. They have no problem at all believing in that, they were quite open about it. So you're in that kind of system with the globalists of today.


But Rockefeller also thanked, remember, at one of his top meetings, the MEDIA. Openly. He praised them at the end of one of his big talks and so on. He says, I have to thank the media for going along with it and not disclosing to the general public the intentions of our meetings, etc. etc. And he thanked them profusely, he says, we could never have got this far without you basically complying and not telling the public what our plans are.  Hm.  He said, it's far better than they're leaving the future to the machinations of just the ordinary people and so on to direct the course of the planet, it's much better if we do it through ourselves and banks, he says, the banking institutions that WE run the world and plan the future. That's what he said.


Well, that's the WEF is the same thing, same organization, folks, run by the same folks.  They have a plan for the future and they're going to make, they're going to train the product.  Like Bernays said, don't change the product, to improve it to suit the public; alter the public to suit your product. That's exactly what they're doing with all of this Covid idea.  Behavior modification par excellence, hhhch, with the massive campaigns through education at school, through the Internet, it's through every possible means possible, electronics... behavior modification, behavior change. And of course your social credit score. It's all part of this Fourth Industrial Revolution to make sure that you all comply, or else you'll be locked out from even getting enough cash to feed yourself.


But you are the products in this new system. You're at least one whole segment of the products, put it that way. You're a consumer of products, their products. And don't, so if you have a corporation at the top that makes whatever it happens to be, they work it out to see how many folk, that the constant data, constant data, they keep telling you data is everything, and constant data on the segments of society that will use their product, etc, hm, and how to get more folks to use their products and all the rest of it.  So they're divvying up the world into segments to make sure their products are sold to you, by mandates, hm, and you're going to have to buy.


What's the greatest products today that doesn't cost them pretty well anything to make?  It's called APPS!  A few years ago I did talks on how disposable income was going to be pushed over real material goods and the app industry was part of it.  And sure enough, these intangible nothing, nothingness, hhhch, apps, are costing them money, people are buying them and buying them. And they're going to make sure that you need more of them to go along with even the Covid idea to do with, well you know if I pay extra I could get a better app, and it might give me more, it will be more accurate and I won't get locked down with all these people, or, they might not say that I was near that person that maybe was infected, y'know, so I don't have to go quarantine if I pay more, extra for this more accurate app.  Etc.  You can see the cons already, you know.


It's going to go on and on as they go through the whole agenda here. But the more that you accept, just like the stale piece of bread is better than a nice juicy steak, you're going to get lost in it. And the more you comply, the more your mind is going to get lost in it. And the more you see other people doing the same kind of things as you, the more society is going to get lost in it. Because it's not based on rationale and logic. It's based on pure behaviorist training. That's what it is. You're coerced into a route.  Well, if I go on that route, you see, it will be easier on me. So you go along that route like a big road, and you're all on the same road going the same direction, saying it's going to be easier if we comply along this. But eventually get to a stage where you've got to do extra to get passed, you jump certain hoops and so on or do more, and that's what you end up doing. There's no easy way out of this, you see.  And they're not giving you a way out. They're manipulating you like children, very small children. 


The Covid idea was dreamed up at least, you know, at least 2010, hhhch, the whole Lockstep idea, the Rockefellers again Foundation.  Johns Hopkins University working with the Bill Gates Foundation, Event 201.  All done beforehand, you see. They literally had it all worked out. We’ll tell the public they can't ever get out again to do anything unless they have a passport, like an immunization passport, electronic, the right apps and all the rest of it.  It's all done, folks.  The corporations that were going to get the money, and eventually did get the money when it broke out for the Covid, it was all decided before you heard of Covid who was going to get what.  [Alan chuckles.] They were already working on all these things, eh. Because you see, that's the new industry. Hm?  And they're going to make sure that YOU must buy their products and you must use their products, you see, you must do it.


There's never been such incredible easy profits already from not just the vaccine companies, they don't even have to come up with any viable vaccine by the way.  Hhhch.  Any of them. They don't have to. And yet they're getting millions and billions thrown at them across the planet here.  And all the other organizations getting money thrown at them like you wouldn't believe. I've got government articles from magazines who cater to civil servants talking about the money they're raking in, [Alan chuckles.]  promoting different things to make it more easy to manage the Covid, you know, manage the herd. Because all the money comes from us.  And if we don't have the labor to work for the money, at the moment, you have to borrow it in the meantime to pay for things and so on.  But regardless, everything comes from the labor of you.  One way or another you're going to work it off, one way or another, eh?


What an amazing system, really, when you stand back and look at it.  Hm?  And where do you think the money that they... [Alan chuckles.] Where d'you think governments are getting money right now?  There's a.... You couldn't even… even if they printed, the money couldn't, they don't have enough trees to cut down for the billions and trillions of bucks right now, you know. It's all a magic act.  Run by the sharpest con men on the planet. The ones who are given the right to, you know, manage the money, it's all so highly, hush-hush secretive, because you wouldn't understand it, you're too simple.  That's what they tell you, you know.  Your arithmetic is different from their arithmetic, yeah, you know.  They've got very creative accounting.  And we accept that as normal too.


Do you realize that you're now in REAL, I'm talking about maybe hundreds, a 100 generations, maybe 200 generations, but in perpetual slavery to pay off what's been borrowed already from the conmen.  That really gives nothing to governments, they just punch in blips in your computer machine, [Alan chuckles.] in your central bank, okay we just put the money in there for you, you know. That's it.  Can we see it? Well, there you are, it's right on the screen there, you know, you borrowed that. We borrowed all that money? So how many trillions is that, you know?  M-hm.  Can I see it in tangible...?  Well no, that's their way, we put it into your screen there, that's it.  And that's it. Backed by nothing, eh.  Except the governments assurance they'll keep the folk as slaves to pay it off. M-hm-hm.  Ftt. 


With the 5G, which they've been unrolling by the way, you know, and quietly working out the bugs, and testing it across the whole of North America in cities and so on. They've been monitoring people and following them and working out everything that you're up to.  This is like perpetual, for the rest of your life. Including where you will be allowed to go and not go by the way. If you take any of these ridiculous things with you then they're going to know immediately that you're outside your little quadrant area, hm, your lockdown area. They'll know immediately and they'll come and get you, or pull you in. It's all tested out. There's nothing that's happening here that China hasn't tested already by the way, you know. They all work together. Don't think for a second they're all enemies.  It's a joke.


China was in on this big joke to start with. They're on their feet again, aren't they? How come they're on their feet but we're all locked down?  Well, logic doesn't apply, for goodness sake, eh.  Hm?  [Alan chuckles.] So, China has to supply the world with all of its goods because the West and all of your politicians and your high courts gave them all the businesses, and through the free trade agreements that they drafted up for them we financed them to get up to this stage of power, because they're supposed to take over, you see. That's what your masters decided a long time ago. But yeah, they're on their feet again, and producing, and people are working, yep. But you're all to get locked down, maybe for another year, maybe up to five years. Are you starting to get the picture here? Compliance is just going to make it worse.


The whole thing, as I say, would be just like magic and disappear if enough folk just said that's it, you know, that's it.  It would be so sudden too, by the way, they would just have to give up.  M-hm. 


But then you'd have to go, and by the way I said it before too, they're more vicious, you see, the characters at the top when they can't get their way.  Because they know that if they did give up, the unthinkable, eh, which won't happen, they're not going to give up. But if they did have to give up, they know the next step is that the public would demand, figuratively speaking, their heads, all those involved in causing this in the first place.  Crashing the economies. Putting everybody into the most debt the planet's ever seen.


Never mind the folk who've died because of the reaction to this Covid idea. Oh, stay at home if you've got a heart attack, don't come into the hospital, just die quietly. Or the elderly getting these stupid ventilators rammed down their tracheas, hm. That's the treatment for it?  When all the other things would have put them out, just forget that? And then they bring in all their bioethicists and, oh well, just, you know, they're old anyway for goodness sakes, you should die quietly like we've been trying to tell you for years.  We could use that money on other things, like paychecks for ourselves and stuff like that, you know.


The system is so CORRUPT.  It's SO corrupt.  And it's lost humanity, the natural humanity that folk had towards each other and you lose that if you go into a more materialistic society. You've been given the psychopath’s materialistic culture by the way.  You've all emulated. That's all you've been fed for years. Until you lose your natural humanity, and you're done for. 


I remember reading the articles years and years ago by the psychologists and psychiatrists who worked on the Soviet bloc countries, that quietly did a survey, very quietly because it's a dangerous thing to do. They noticed that traits the leaders in the West had were similar to the traits that the leaders in the East had, in the Soviet bloc countries. Meaning psychopathic.  But they also realized that even civil servants, the higher civil servants also had psychopathic qualities too, just like the West. They were looking at the similarities of governance, regardless of what they called the system, and they found it was pretty much the same.  They worked out the psychopathic traits which were obvious and so on and in all the countries, it's all exactly the same. They also mentioned that psychopaths will give you their culture.  And since they are materialistic, very, hyper materialistic, then eventually they would give you their culture and you would adopt it, and you would lose your humanity along the way. You wouldn't become totally psychopathic, but you would start to adopt a lot of the tendencies and traits of the psychopath along the way.  M-hm.  That's where we are.


Because of that you see, we lost our natural number one instinct to be free.  And along with that instinct to be free, your natural decision to help others.  That's your humanity, natural humanity. Whereas the socialistic governments, which is just different, socialism is a front for Technocracy.  Expert rule, you see, that's all it is. Under the guise of equality they just take all the pennies off you, then they decide, they talk about, yeah, it used to only cost, you know, so much money to feed a person for a day, but when government does it, we do it better, and it is quite costly, a few thousand bucks per person, per day.  [Alan chuckles.] You see?  They scam everything. They're crooks. That's the psychopathic system that we live in.


But they’re dangerous when they're cornered, that's what I'm saying. Very dangerous because they've got so much to lose. Because this incredible hoax that we've been pushed through, and the damage, I mean, crashing the world economies.  This is planned, let's crash the world economy to bring in a new system of utter dependency for most folk.  Hm?  Are you getting the picture here?  …the scale of this hoax?  …what's happened here?


Only psychopaths would dream this up and implement it.  And it's only the psychopaths who will enforce it, you see.  When I see that little Fauci's face there, nevermind all the doctors who've lost their jobs and so on coming out and saying this is a complete farce, it makes no difference, you see, to this little character.  Because he's got so much to lose.  He's got more to lose than you can imagine by the way. I'm not just talking about Covid either, there's other things on him. Because they're all compromised in different ways, these characters, hm. That's when they're dangerous because they are psychopaths and they will, WILL do drastic things to save their own skins. Absolutely.


I remember watching a documentary of the American nuclear submarines in the Holy Loch I think was in Scotland.  They had them there and another couple of places actually.  It was a big submarine base for during the Cold War.  The camera team were allowed, I don't know if it was the BBC or whoever was, maybe ITV, they were allowed into the base and the commanding officer gave them a tour of some parts of the base and so on.  They were allowed to ask questions about certain things. They were shown around a couple of the submarines.  You've probably seen it in the movies since then where there's generally two guys per shift who are assigned, in the crew of the submarine, they're given keys.  If anything happens, they get the key out and they've got the codes there, they must punch them in to insert the keys, and they must go through the different fail safes, levels and stages.  Then when it's time to fire, they both must do it in unison, they turn their key.


The people who were interviewing them asked the relevant question like, how do you, knowing what's going to happen when those keys are turned, which is going to be retaliation anyway, you know, if you're a first strike or whatever, but even during a war regardless of who's firing at whom, the thoughts of the incredible destruction you would cause on civilian populations, in any country, are you sure they're going to do what they're told and continue with it? And by the way, if one fails, the other one is supposed to shoot them, you know. They're actually armed, those guys. 


But he says, there's very little chance… He said, they'll do what they're told, they'll follow orders to the letter. Because they're given the test, and it was a psychopathic test to see, and they are, they're psychopaths, that's who they hired to turn the keys, eh.  Because they have no problems doing what they're told.  They're well-paid to do it. They don't think too far in the future that way. And they don't feel guilt doing anything to anybody else, you know.  So that's why they picked them, on purpose. They put them through the psychopathic examinations to make sure that they were, and they would follow orders, that's how they did it, you know. And I'm sure Russia was the same, you know.  And China. And everybody else that's involved these days. But that's how you do it.


So you see, governments employ psychopaths.  As well as having psychopaths at the top running the people, they employee psychopaths to do that kind of stuff to general populations. And their traits are unmistakable of them, really, when you really studied them.  When you look at the British system during World War II to do with the Air Force and Dowding, the guy who was in charge of the Air Force.  Because Britain did start bombing parts of Germany, civilian areas, before the Germans ever did. Dowding, and it was terrible, the mass fire bombings they did in some cities, burned everybody to a crisp pretty well in Germany. Only psychopaths could decide to do that, you know. And rationalize it, well you know, it brings war to an end quicker. The same thing was done with the atomic bomb of course Japan, well, it brought the war to an end quicker.  And so on.


When you have societies run by psychopaths, though, it certainly is not a giant leap to imagine them using the same psychopathic types in biowarfare, as an example, or bioengineering, to cause sterilization amongst the population. Because that's what they've been talking about. That's what Bill Gates talks about. He wants to help the people AND reduce the population at the same time. Folk can't quite get ahold of this, what do you mean, and reduce it? Well, it's going to sterilize you, obviously, that's what he's talking about.  They had so many lawsuits against them already, the foundation, for certain vaccines they've put out already.


So yes, you have psychopaths and they're employed to take care of problems.  They have no problem implementing terrible things to the general population. You also had that in the movie 12 Monkeys, an example of the psychopaths who are involved.  Again, it was interesting, 12 Monkeys, because the guy at the very, very end who goes into the airport, he's got vials and vials of particular viruses which his lab had been working on. It was legitimate laboratory work for the government and well-recognized in its field. But this guy himself wanted, he just decided that society and humanity wasn't worth saving, just kill them.  So HE had decided to kill them, stealing stuff out of the lab and then going around the world to different countries on a quick tour dropping off vials along the way, opening vials up.  Psychopath, you see.  He'd rationalize what he was doing in some way, you know. 


But also you had the guy who owned the bio lab, very wealthy guy and involved in politics and all the rest of it. Very wealthy.  That new darn well what his lab was up to and the things they were working on and why they were working on them. Because all these labs are dual-purpose. Regardless of them saying it's to, well, it's gain of function, we're doing in case it ever evolved this way in nature, like billions to one in this particular direction, they'd be ready for it. No, these are bioweapons or bio labs depending on dual function at the time what it was getting used for. 


And there's lots of crazy folk, [Alan chuckles.] psychopathic types go into that field to begin with anyway. Who know what it's about. Of course they know what it's about. If something, if the chances of a particular virus mutating along the particular lines of pure lethality to the general population, if the chances of it going along the path as being altered by humans with gain of function technique in laboratories, are millions, maybe even billions to one, WHY do you think they're really doing it? Because it's not going to evolve that way by itself. But it's going to be, it's going to get pushed to change into an incredibly lethal virus. That isn't just a general interest, folks.


You do have psychopaths running you. Of course you do. You've listened, you've seen the meeting, the Bill Gates and the bunch, Oprah and the rest of them, they were nicknamed The Lucky Gene Club for a while, who were getting together talking about depopulation and there's too many people.  Well, how come they are the ones to decide that they're going to live but the other folk have to get sterilized or die?  Hm? 


Now you see, here's another big part of this Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There's to be whole swaths of the population are to live in poverty. That is the agenda, folks. They don't need them anymore, they don't need the labor anymore, you see, they've already said this.  So their own philanthropies, these charitable institutions like the Gates Foundation and all the other ones, and Bloomberg, they will take care of the poor, hm.  They'll take care of the poor?  There's two ways you could actually say that, get a meaning from that. Because you see, this is an agenda for depopulation.


I gave these talks many years ago when I says, they're getting to the stage where they decided they don't need you anymore, I says, do you think they're going to keep you around as pets or something? No. They're not going to. They don't need you. They don't want to. They don't like you being around when you don't have a prime function to serve them. They don't need you.  You're eating their resources, THEIR resources for their offspring down through the future.  They have no problem saying it because you see, they're psychopaths.  But yeah, this Great Reset, it's got all these just, all the philanthropies coming into their own now you see, and you'll all be depending on them to feed you and take care of you.  If they decide eventually that they can't do it, well, it's sad but that's the way it will have to be. So there you have it. You'll have to rely on these big philanthropies, these wonderful people that just, you know, it goes with earning lots of money, they just want to suddenly help you, and you know, and so on. 


Here's what Plato said, eh.  You see, there's nothing new under the sun.  Really. The technique, you know, the systems of technology are perhaps, but the same thing is getting delivered. This is what Plato said. He says, This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.  Hm.  Right.  We're going to help you.  Right.  We're here to protect you.  Hm.  That's your tyrant.  Hm. 


I always think to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and he said when you think about all these riots in the streets, which were all managed by, and you've got politicians backing it for goodness sake, your POLITICIANS in America backing it, it tells you all you need to know.  Never mind the fact even the Antifa group has even come out proudly and admitted they're, who created them back in the 30s and what they belonged to, and it's been in the media recently in fact as to, proclaiming their origin and who still runs them in fact.


It says here from Solzhenitsyn, and he certainly suffered, believe you me, Solzhenitsyn, by the Antifa types they were pushing in his country, and they took over long ago. He says, Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle. So whatever they tell you it's for it's always a lie, you see. And he should certainly know, he was put up in the Gulag's. In some ways he was lucky that he survived compared to most folk who didn't, actually.  A horror show. The whole Soviet system was a horror show. So anyone who proclaims how wonderful it was, you should be really, really scared of, or definitely wary of, VERY wary of, you know.


I remember looking at a documentary a while ago and it was some, an old guy.  It must've been done, I don't know when it was done but it was an old fella who was a train driver who talked about taking the different prisoners daily back-and-forth, you know, to these different camps.  For his whole working life. He says, there was thousands of these camps right up the lines, all the way up through Siberia. Thousands of them.  They went through the people so quickly on different projects, and the terrible conditions, that they were dying like flies. He just kept filling them up.  That's the kind of place that Solzhenitsyn ended up in.  So you should be awfully, awfully, awfully wary of the present time by the way of what's going on. Because the Soviet system is not what they tell you it was. And there definitely was a ruling class in Russia, again, that's rather open about who's ruling Russia, some of them. This is stuff that's coming out, it's astonishing, from their own sources. 


But yeah, horror is on its way, there's no doubt about it.  Again, we’ll get a sanitary horror, you see, more sanitary, more humane, to let the people just go sterile and die off with a little bit of nudging and helping maybe through malnutrition or something, you see.  HG Wells said it too in A Modern Utopia and other writings he went into. He said we used to think that we'd have to physically sterilize the people, meaning physically kill them, the people we didn't need.  And you've got to remember, they really mean that, they don't need you.  Socialism is not what you think it is.  Hhhch.  It never was.  It's an elite organization, and if they don't need you, then they don't want you around. You're another mouth to feed. Why would they feed you if you have no function for them, you know, nothing to serve, you see, they don't need you.  And he says, but we found it more humane, in this kind of fictitious journey of the future he was bringing, more humane he says to sterilize them and let those ones just die off, he says, that they're all gone, you see, and only the important folk, the necessary ones were left. What's happening today is an old idea.  It's not new at all. Believe you me.


Now, I'd like to mention too that I have advised folk to at least try and have a few people they can, that will help each other out when times get really bad.  Very shortly by the way.  Because you're going to have to, you must rely on each other.  So you have to really trust each other.  The weak link in the chain can be disastrous for everybody involved.  Because folk will crack when pressure is applied, even psychological pressure from a distance, some folk will tend to crack and comply and chop the rest of them. But the fact is, you're going to have to depend on each other.  You've already had the governments in the States, I call it governments because it seems like you don't know which government they're talking about sometimes.  It's like a variety of them.  According to even their own legislators [Alan chuckles.] that they're all arguing about what it is to be American. 


But you're going to have to forget politics. Forget your politicians. That's going to happen regardless, it's planned that way, regardless of the election.  Who wins or loses, it makes no difference. You've already had Pelosi and other ones and Harris come out and say, this is going to continue, including the riots in the streets and so on, regardless of who wins and loses in politics, the burnings in the cities and all the rest of it, or at least the appearance of them is to continue.  It's a planned take down, you see, gradual.  It's a planned shock and awe idea upon the general population.  It's to bring in a whole new system through the end of it.  Oh, look at the chaos, we can't live like this, we've got to go into a new system, maybe temporary martial law or something like that.  Whatever they come up with, it makes no difference, it's going to be the same anyway.


You got to look after each other.  Don't expect any president to do it for you.  I hope you've all grown away from the idea regardless of presidents and so on being the answer to everything. You're always on your own. At the end of the day you're on your own, folks.  If you have even a few friends to help each other out and swear to each other, and you will help each other out, you know, you've got to, and through thick and thin, that's how you get through terrible times.  That's how humanity has always done it through terrible times.  Be prepared for it because it's coming.  There's no doubt about it. They've told us it's coming.  [Alan chuckles.] The folk in the US government have said it's coming. 


You've watched the streets getting burned for weeks and weeks and weeks in different cities, and then again being lauded by different politicians and mayors. And outside funding, and inside funding too.  Go into the folk that are doing it, which is just, it's all paid by governments funds as well as philanthropies as they call it. So you're under attack and it's planned that way, or it wouldn't have happened.  It wouldn't be allowed to happen unless it was planned that way by the deep state as they like to call it now.


So you've got to help each other out. Take care of each other as you go through the bad times which are definitely going to come. Then you got the added lock down… Unless you’re rioting, you have a lock down on the rest of the population. You can't go shopping or whatever and blah blah blah blah blah. So you've got to start helping.  The ones who can travel, and different age groups too, the ones who can travel who can go out to the stores get food for others have got to start doing it, you know.  All these kind of things you've got to think of because you don't want to end up in hospital with... with [Alan chuckles.] oh, you might be a Covid, we’ll stick this down your trachea and watch you, you know, go down the tubes. You don't want that, with their bioethics squads, how old are you, oh just die quietly, like, we can help you, you know. 


You know, this is something that would be satire at one time, but this is what they've got now.  They’ve had articles in the paper, oh the bioethics committee, who should live, who should get the medication, who shouldn't, you know, we can't give it to everybody. Why not?!  Why couldn't they give it to everybody? If they could afford to, if the US can afford to give out vaccinations across the planet, hm, I'm sure they could certainly spend the cash for the treatment for its own citizens, eh?  Of course they could. But they're not gonna.  The same with Canada. They've already said it too, oh we've got to, we've got sparse medications you know, we might have to decide who's going to live and die.


Well, it's time to scrap the hospitals, folks, because you can't trust them now. That's a scary thought when you realize that, yeah, they will automatically just sit and suss you up to see if they should give you euthanasia or not. This is what's coming here. I hope you understand it. As I say, humanity's gone out the window, when we lose our humanity, our natural humaneness and humanity towards each other, we're finished.  We're finished.


This is a horror show, this new scientific system, eh.  It's a horror show. On behalf of those who already have decided they own the planet. And you're of no use to them if you can't buy their products, which they want to mandate, because you can't afford them, you can't work or whatever, then you’re irrelevant, you're scratched off.  This is the real sci-fi movie, you're in it.  The future is here, eh.


As soon as the first bit of cold weather came in, I knew, I was waiting for it.  Because you always, and every year the older folk get their viruses right off the bat, the pneumonias set in right away, you know.  As soon as the weather starts to get a bit chilly, cold and damp, that's it, bang. It's guaranteed every year.  Everybody who works in medicine is well aware of that. But they use it for a different purposes now, oh, it must be Covid, you know, what else could it be?  [Alan chuckles.] After all these centuries of studying, suddenly, oh, it must be, what else could it be?  Aaahh, let's think, what else could it be?  Maybe the same thing you get every year, you know.


That will increase too by the way. If they could lock you down and folk can't get the proper food nourishment, never mind the social interaction, which they need, we're social creatures, right, they're going to get sicker and sicker with it. No doubt about it.  And if you get malnourished, oh, there could be a food shortage down the road, well, that's going to spike and get worse and worse and worse, isn't it? Oh, it must be Covid.  [Alan laughing.] Yep.


Here's Helena Handbasket. I guess that’s where we all end up, eh?  It says…


Health At The End Of A Needle

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Oct 5, 2020


“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


(Alan:  These characters actually, you often wonder if they actually said these things.  Or, did they have help, you know?  They say, Oppenheimer is reported to have said, and the bomb, you know, now I’ve become Shiva, destroyer of worlds.  Did he really say that? No, he didn’t. Somebody said that afterward. They like to make them sound more important than they really were.  [Alan laughing.]  But anyway….  Benjamin Franklin, hm, is supposed to have said that…)


“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


(A: It says…)


I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when she finds herself in a whole new world to the one she fell asleep in. The speed of the changes that Dorothy experienced from a cyclone have been matched by the speed at which society has found themselves immersed in a government induced reality that may never recover.


(A: Hm.  There ya go.)


These rocket speed changes have created a society on the brink of an emotional meltdown.  With the fever pitch of our pandemic-induced hysteria, we hurry to surrender our freedom for protection from a virus, one of the hundreds of thousands we have evolved with since the dawn of man, without having honest facts on the numbers affected, the accuracy of the tests used, the risks from masks, the damage of social isolation on the elderly, the effects on domestic violence, the impacts on children living in fear of touch or the certain increase of suicides caused by mass unemployment.


If all the hype and fear mongering by government seems vaguely familiar, that is because we have been fear mongered to on many occasions. Remember the Swine flu pandemic that never arrived (A: And that's true, eh.) or the threatened SARs virus (A:  Was it 2003 I think it was.), or Ebola, or Bird-flu? Each was used to panic the herd into giving over more and more freedoms in the name of security by a PR (A: Public relations.) created villain.


After each supposed pandemic it turned out that this was another drive by big pharma to push untested vaccines that made them rich while hiding behind industry driven legislation that absolves them from prosecution over the millions of deaths and injuries caused over the years in our increasingly over medicated society.


(A: And it's true, isn't it? I put the PDFs up there from the governments, they were giving blanket immunity to everybody who was giving the vaccines. Even pharmacies, it doesn't matter who is going to give it to them, or the military, they'll have blanket immunity.  No matter if they kill you or paralyze you or whatever.)


Like Dorothy we all woke up to find that a medical coup had taken place by an unaccountable technocratic overlord – Bill Gates. I don’t know who died and made him king, but why is he suddenly telling the world what to do? Did we have an election that I missed? Why are elected officials listening to a rich unaccountable self-appointed non-medical person on a health issue?


(A: And it's true enough. The real true deep state, believe you me, put Bill Gates and his ilk forward.  None of these characters are what they seem to be. They're well-paid to be front people, because that's what they are. The very fact that the authorities, the higher authorities are not against him being the boss of healthcare tells you they put him there. They're allowing it to happen, because they want it all to happen.  This is the big agenda.)


Under this tyrant’s leadership the situation is heading toward microchipping,


(A: And that's true. People say that's conspiracy. No, it's not conspiracy theory. You got MIT working on it and that was all part of the idea of using the different so-called fluorescent tattooing, it would tell you if you had your vaccines or not.)


       body metric technology, forced 5G and mandatory vaccinations all without our approval…is this the world that you want for yourself and your loved ones?


Bill Gates intends to vaccinate the global population against COVID-19, and then track and monitor each one through digital surveillance.


Check out these patents to get a better idea where this guy is heading the world:


The TRACE congressional bill no. 6666 (A: Hhhch.)


(A: It’s got the link to it as well from the government bill.)




(A: So if it’s conspiracy, then here it is from the government. You can look up for yourselves. I’ll put the links up. And…)


Bill Gates patent for invasive body metric technology no. 666 https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2020060606A1/en


UPDATED: Bill Gates Explains that the Covid Vaccine will Likely Use Experimental Technology


This is the world that a group of Cardinals, Bishops and Pastors of the Catholic Church and other Signatories to their Appeal of the 7th May 2020 are warning us is coming if we fail to act. What follows are excerpts from their longer carefully worded letter to be found in full at:


(A: It gives you the link to it. It’s a long link by the way.)




 “The facts have shown that, under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic, the inalienable rights of citizens have in many cases been violated and their fundamental freedoms, including the exercise of freedom of worship, expression and movement, have been disproportionately and unjustifiably restricted. Public health must not, and cannot, become an alibi for infringing on the rights of millions of people around the world, let alone for depriving the civil authority of its duty to act wisely for the common good. This is particularly true as growing doubts emerge from several quarters about the actual contagiousness, danger and resistance of the virus. Many authoritative voices in the world of science and medicine confirm that the media’s alarmism about Covid-19 appears to be absolutely unjustified.”


(A: And doesn’t that say the truth, eh.)


It goes on and on, talking about “odious technological tyranny” and so on. It's quite a good article. I'll put this one up for those that want to read it all and go through the links as well.  Because if it's going to be, oh it's conspiracy theory, well there's your government links and the patent links and the names of the characters who own these different patents and so on.  All there. But facts don't matter, eh. They don't matter.


Another one too is…


Eco-Fascism rears its Totalitarian Head in the form of Green TD, Eamon Ryan (When it’s not asleep at the wheel)

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Oct 7, 2020


(A: This is Ireland here.)


When an eco-fascist talks like an eco-fascist, walks like an eco-fascist and acts like an eco-fascist… That’s exactly what it is, with the caveat that it is also seriously mentally ill. Such is the case with Green Eco-Fascist TD and Minister, Eamon Ryan, who is determined to curtail the free movement of Irish people whilst in full support of mass immigration from all regions of the world, regardless of any underlying medical issues such people may carry with them.


(A:  That’s obvious too with all the socialist countries, mass migration is to continue, right.  Canada’s doing the same too, from Nigeria it said.  They’ve even put millions of dollars up to bring people in, and train them into higher businesses, when folk here are losing all their businesses. Quite amazing what’s going on here. Back to Ireland, it gives you links as well, but it says…)




No doubt, these useful idiot immigrants will be tested for Covid-19 with a PCR test that is as useful as testing a concrete block on the position of the stars and planets in our solar system. You get the same result… Zero effectiveness.


Perhaps Ryan and his eco-fascist cohort should be tested on their intelligence and qualifications as they seek to lock up perfectly healthy people on a lie thinly disguised as Covid-19 as ‘cases’ of perfectly healthy apparently rise.


(A: I mean, the more they test with these ridiculous tests, the more you’re going to say they’re positive, just for fragments. It’s not for the disease, folks, it doesn’t test for the disease. It’s fragments of all dead viruses, ANY fragments at all, that’s what they use to test. It’s just a joke. What a scam though, eh?)


Since there is no effect seen of all these ‘cases’ (A:  …meaning illnesses, right…), one can assume these people to be immune to a large degree, which would therefore suggest that the much touted ‘herd immunity’ has already occurred.


(A: By the way, some scientists have been saying that for the last couple months now.)


That should be obvious to anyone who could drag themselves away from the horror show called television for a day or two.


There are no overwhelmed hospitals and minimal reported deaths, which must be given some very close scrutiny as to their cause as it is already widely known that at least 94 percent of previous reported deaths were from other causes,


(A: ...and it goes on and on. They've got the links here too to different newspapers.  But d'you realize how many folk are paid off, bought and paid for? Again, the psychopathic politicians, eh.  Hm?  And the big agendas.  It goes on about the lockdowns too for Ireland...)


But now this creature of eugenics has decided that Irish people will no longer be allowed to travel, because he says so, to certain locations around the world as they might be infected with a bogus disease, whilst him and his unelected lunatic fringe sickeningly green party members can go wherever they want at the taxpayer’s expense.


And yeah, it's... well, it's all here, eh.  And why you bringing more and more migrants in when everything's closed down? You can't support yourselves!  You understand, this is war upon the peoples, eh, the Western peoples, it's war upon them, complete. Absolutely.  Yep.


I'll put an article up too, it's to do with the Great Barrington [Massachusetts] in the US and how this American Institute for Economic Research, it's called, and it was a guy who was in the military about the 1920s I think it was.  He founded an Institute to promote individual sovereignty, limited government, and a society based on property rights and open markets. It was founded in 1933 by Edward C. Harwood, an economist and investment advisor with the intention of protecting individual rights. That's something that's got so far away from now, isn't it?  And it gives a history of Edward C. Harwood. Believe you me, there's folk who went through the military too realized that individual liberty is awfully important. Even though in the Army you're trained to be one of the general troops, troopers, and that's about it. But he learned a lesson obviously and realized the danger of losing it all, individual rights and freedoms, during what he saw happening in the communist countries no doubt too.


The Constitutional Reckoning of State Lockdown Orders

aier.org / 7 Oct 2020


(A: This is another one I’ll put up too.  It says…)


On October 3rd NPR reported that the Michigan Supreme Court struck down Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s state of emergency and the powers it granted. NPR writes


In a 4-3 majority opinion, the state’s high court said she did not have that authority. “We conclude that the Governor lacked the authority to declare a ‘state of emergency’ or a ‘state of disaster’ under the EMA after April 30, 2020, on the basis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we conclude that the EPGA is in violation of the Constitution of our state because it purports to delegate to the executive branch the legislative powers of state government– including its plenary police powers– and to allow the exercise of such powers indefinitely,” wrote Justice Stephen J. Markman on behalf of the majority.


Governor Whitmer has been one of the more heavy-handed executive figures during the pandemic. One of her policies went as far as to ban the selling of gardening supplies in stores that were still permitted to stay open.


More importantly, however, this court ruling was not the first of its kind but the third in a series of legal victories against lockdown orders. The first was a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that declared parts of Governor Tony Evers’ stay at home order unconstitutional and the second was by a federal court that struck down Governor Tom Wolf’s policies in Pennsylvania.


(A: Then it goes on to other ones too, Michigan and so on. It’s quite a good article.  The Case of Wisconsin is in there too.  Pennsylvania.  M-hm.  Fttt.  So I’ll put that up too.)


You understand that your laws are being run over under the guise of saving you, once again, you know. That's tyranny, you see, we're here to save you.  Another article here is…


The Pandemic that Killed Debate

aier.org / 6 Oct 2020


Carl Sagan famously said, “the cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.” This wisdom has been sadly forsaken during the COVID19 pandemic, when one powerful narrative has taken not only the public, but the scientific community, by storm. The story is that societies cannot survive the pandemic without society-wide lockdowns until we have a vaccine, despite the fact that we have never had a vaccine for a coronavirus, vaccines usually take many years to develop, and many of them are not all that effective once made. Penetrating this narrative has been incredibly difficult even for impeccably credentialed scientists. One might even say that this pandemic killed scientific debate.


(A:  It goes through all the propaganda that you’ve been hearing of how Sweden, that literally has come through this pretty well since they didn’t lock everybody down, you know, and it’s been hammered by the other authorities who are trying to say, oh, more died there. No, they didn’t.  [Alan chuckles.]  But it goes through how Sweden, how they’re lambasting Sweden because they didn’t lock down like they did everywhere else, eh.)


…accused of “leading Sweden to catastrophe” and of “experimenting” on the Swedish people.


(A: No, I would say locking them down would be experimenting on them, wouldn’t it?  Like us, eh?  And the Swedes have not lost their economy because of it.  Hm.)


Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt’s careful studies and models were labeled “lethal nonsense” as he weathered attacks left, right and center. John Ioannidis, one of the world’s most productive scientists, found his studies smeared and ignored.


(A: All the links to all these different reports, and the scientists’ reports I’ve got here too. I’ll put them up tonight.)


Sunetra Gupta, one of the world’s foremost epidemiologists at The University of Oxford, found that expressing her wide-ranging infectious disease knowledge suddenly made her “unethical and dangerous.”  (A:  …they called her in the media.)


You see, it's a must-be.  Facts have got nothing to do with it, folks, you know. That's the dangerous part because this is, right now they're smearing folk and just cutting them off of all media attention at all. The next step is going to be violence against them. And the general public that don't go along with things too.  Then it goes into Fauci too, who states, we can never return to normal, etc. and yada, yada, ya.  It's a good article. Quite a, it's not a short one either, you know. It's quite short actually but I don't have time to read all of it. It's got good links in it like most of these articles do. For those that really want to know. And it's good to keep a list of these things because eventually all these articles will disappear from the net, once all the riots and the destruction is over and we’re then into the new system, the new normal world order.


Let me see now...  Oh yeah, here's another governmental one I've got here during all of this. This again is a magazine, you might call it a magazine, a news site for federal employees in the US. I remember giving the talks many years ago when the Rockefeller group brought in experts to find out how many main newspapers they'd have to control to standardize all information and news. But they also brought in, created a whole bunch of new newspapers to deal with it.  It was 30 odd newspapers, including magazines, even for ones that would specialize and be written for government employees, civil servants. Well, this is where this is from.  [Alan chuckles.] This is for civil servants. It says…


Federal Pay is Way Off Track

govexec.com / 22 July 2020


The General Schedule system is unresponsive to labor market dynamics and agency staffing needs.


It's about the paycheck. They want money.  The country’s collapsing with closures, mandatory closures by government policies, but the civil servants and the federal servants are complaining about their paychecks that are not enough, they want pay raises.  There's too many parasites living on us now. That's what socialism ends up being, you see, expanding governments. The governments work with the corporations, and you've got fascism. Socialism is fascism, m-hm, with governments working with them. So this is an article here to do with them wanting massive paychecks and how they're not getting enough, you know, they should be getting the same equivalent kind of paychecks in certain functions within government civil service as outside forces do and so on. And you know, all that same old argument. Well, they should have gone into private business rather than work for the government, shouldn't they?  You know? But again, facts don't matter. But can you imagine the gall for wanting pay raises when thousands upon thousands upon thousands of small businesses, that pay for their wages, are finished for good because of government policies.


This other article too says…


Top Epidemiologists Say Pandemic Is Over and It’s Time to Go Back to Normal

blogs.mercola.com / 9 Oct 2020


Top scientists, epidemiologists, professors and medical professionals from around the world say the pandemic is over and are calling for an end to lockdowns.


“Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume,” they say, as the costs of continuing the lockdowns are “astonishing” and creating a “global emergency.”


(A: Well, that’s what it’s intended TO DO.)


The group made their declaration in a formal, written document drawn up at a meeting hosted by the American Institute for Economic Research. Dubbed “The Great Barrington Declaration,” it’s signed by dozens of professionals, but the public is invited to join in and sign, too. In fact, more than 161,000 members of the public have already signed.


“Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed,” the document says. “Fortunately, our understanding of the virus is growing. We know that vulnerability to death from COVID-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young. Indeed, for children, COVID-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza.”


I'll put these ones up for those that want to come and participate perhaps, you know. But it's going to take more than just, you know, the... aacchhhh, [Alan chuckles.]  this is, complaining is not going to work. This is a BIG AGENDA for a whole new world.  Eh?!?  A WORLD.  Run by, again, characters like the WEF.  Our whole life's to be monitored from birth to death with all their gadgetry. Absolutely.  I'm telling ya, folks. 


Another one too is…


Special session on the COVID-19 response WHO

who.ont / 5-6 Oct 2020


The Director-General, following consultation with the Board Chair, has called for an Executive Board special session on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) response to follow up on the WHA73.1 resolution approved by Member States earlier in May.


So they're supposedly having the WHO having an executive board meeting, or they've just had it actually, 5 to 6 October.  I never heard what they said about it.  But the WHO is like so much of the UN, it should have been dismantled long ago, folks. Long ago.  We don't vote for these organizations. They should have no say over our lives at all.


This is interesting too, but you've probably read about it already. This article here is from The Sun, I've got other news articles too.


911 lines go down across the US sparking panic as callers can’t get through to emergency services

the-sun.com / 29 Sept 2020


POLICE departments across the country Monday night reported their 911 systems nonoperational - and it's reportedly due to a Microsoft Office 360 outage.


(A:  That’s what they claimed, eh, something to do with the cloud part of it.)


"ATTENTION: The 911 lines are not operational nationwide. This is for phone calls and text messaging," tweeted the Minneapolis Police Department. "If you need police, fire or emergency medical assistance in Minneapolis, please call" a local number.


Similar problems continued for other police departments in the state of Minnesota.


(A:  And Delaware State police were dealing with calls and so on.  So I’ll put this one up.)


I’ve also got this one too, it’s by Robert Wheeler.  911 System Goes Down Across The Country: Was This A Test? It talks about 9/11 going down across the US and blaming the outage of Microsoft 365 for the disruption, and that, it says asks the question, if this is a test run for more widespread chaos around election time.  I think it was also put in a Zero Hedge article as well. I'll put these links up for those that want to read it.


911 System Goes Down Across The Country: Was This A Test? - zerohedge.com / 29 Sept 2020


There's a lot of strange things going on in preparation for what's to come I'm sure, you know. I think Whitney Webb also had a couple of articles to do with the same thing, disruption of the 2020 elections. There's going to be an awful lot of trouble, it's planned that way, folks. They let us all know too, the whole world knows there's going to be trouble, regardless of how it goes, you know. Because the point of it all is to change everything into the new system. And more chaos is... is... It will sound realistic to the public. Well, I guess we have to go into a new system altogether because the old one is completely finished now.  Ha, ha.  You see how it works, eh?  That's how they'll play it.


Another one too...


The Police Are Requesting Data from People’s Smart Speakers at an Alarming Rate

theorganicprepper.com / 3 Oct 2020


Remember all those conspiracy theorists and Luddites who told you they didn’t want Echo or Alexa devices in their home because those gadgets were spying on them? Well, they were right. That’s not even up for debate.


If you were one of those friends who mocked them and called them crazy, you were wrong. Just admit it.


If you are bewildered by what you just read, please, read on.


(A:  It mentions...)


… “smart technology” and the “internet of things” (A:  …that they were talking about 10 years ago…) were being developed for surveillance and manipulation purposes. (Despite the companies’ claims of greater convenience.) We’ve been in a virtual dragnet for years.


(A: I remember too I think it was Samsung’s televisions came out and they had to admit eventually they were spying [Alan chuckles.] on the folk watching them, to see what they’re watching and the expressions and everything. And the folks kept buying them even after the mainstream published it all.  So there ya go, eh.  This article, it goes on about…)


…the Nest, your phone’s location tracker, and other “smart” technology. We’ve even talked about how we all have “surveillance scores.“


(A: …surveillance scores now, you see.  We don’t, truly we, you all have scores in it.)


Take a look at WIRED’s article by Sidney Fussell, “Meet the Star Witness: Your Smart Speaker.” In this article, Fussell details a murder case in which an Amazon Echo device was presented as evidence.


He writes,


In July 2019, police rushed to the home of 32-year-old Silvia Galva. Galva’s friend, also in the home, called 911, claiming she overheard a violent argument between Galva and her boyfriend, 43-year-old Adam Crespo. The two lived together in Hallandale Beach, Florida, about 20 miles from Miami.


When officers arrived, Galva was dead, impaled through her chest by the 12-inch blade at the sharp end of a bedpost. Police believe Crespo tried to drag Galva from their bed. She held onto the bedpost to resist, but the sharp end snapped, somehow killing her. Police charged Crespo with second-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty and was released on $65,000 bail, awaiting trial. In the months since the arrest, Crespo’s lawyer has presented a surprising piece of evidence in his defense: recordings from a pair of Amazon Echo speakers.


“I had a lot of interviews where people said, ‘Oh, are you aware that this could be the first time Alexa recordings are going to be used to convict somebody of murder?'” says Christopher O’Toole, Crespo’s lawyer. “And I actually thought of it the opposite way, that this could be the first time an Amazon Alexa recording is used to exonerate somebody and show that they’re innocent.”


When police and prosecutors collect smart home or speaker data, it’s typically used as evidence against suspects. The Hallandale Beach Police Department filed a subpoena for Crespo’s speakers, as they may have picked up audio of the argument Galva’s friend overheard.


The incident shows the growing role of smart home devices and wearables in police investigations.


(A: It goes into the requests that the police make now to Amazon and Echo to use them and so on.)


Amazon initially tried to block the request,


(A: They always say that, they try to block the request.)


but later handed over the data.


(A: They always go through the same formality, oh, we pretend to say no, for the public, because it’s bad PR, isn’t it?)


A murder charge against the defendant was later dropped, but the speaker, smart home, and wearable data has figured into multiple cases since then.


Amazon said it had received more than 3,000 requests from police for user data in the first half of this year, and complied almost 2,000 times. That was a 72 percent increase in requests …


(A: You see how this, you’re buying… You see, this is all part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the system with all these gadgets that are all connected and all communicating with each other and so on, and monitoring everything you do, say, almost what you think. It says there that…)


By amending a search warrant, police can “keep going to keep collecting data,” Orr says. “That usually leads to an Echo or at least some other device.”


As Orr explains, officers are getting more savvy about smart home devices, creating templates that simplify requesting data. Police departments often share these templates, he says, tailoring requests for the specifics of the case they’re investigating.


Google’s Nest unit reported increasing police demands for data from its smart speakers through 2018. Google then stopped reporting Nest data separately, including such requests in its broader corporate transparency report, which shows increased requests for Google user data.


This is literally, this is really what they are on about with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset. It's all one system, where you will have no privacy whatsoever.  But you always buy your chains. I keep telling folk that, and they do, eh.  Well, it's a convenient, you know, it's the latest thing.  [Alan laughing.]   


I always think of what the Communists used to say about the capitalists in their rhetoric, eh.  Even though they had lots of capitalists in their own country, lots and lots of them, in a captive slave population for workers really at the time. But they used to say to the West, you know, that we'll, the capitalists, they says, they'll sell us the rope which we'll use to hang them. That's what they said about the capitalists. And here it is, folks, I mean, you're all buying these gadgets into to a, hhhch, a prison, a virtual prison. 


Of course nothing's going to happen to you, eh, ever, right?  Like I'm sure all these folk we're reading about here in these articles that they had no idea anything was going to happen to them either.  But it certainly did, hm?  Nevermind the fact, as I say, who's got the right to be inside your home?  The one thing about Pierre Trudeau, one thing he said that was right, you know, the father of the present Prime Minister in Canada.  He did say that, the state had no right in the bedrooms of the people. Well, they don't need the state to do it, you get the folk to buy these gadgets themselves, and then the state can then use the folk or the companies that own the gadgetry, or have the patents on it, eh, and services that manage them all.


Microchips, Nanotechnology and Implanted Biosensors: The New Normal?

childrenshealthdefense.org / 1 Oct 2020


U.S. military personnel will be the first subjects in nanotechnology trials in the pursuit of optimizing health and early detection of disease outbreaks. (A: Isn’t that just a coincidence.) Profusa has research contracts for bio-integrated sensors (A:  Again, this is a whole agenda, the Internet of things.) with the U.S. Department of Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), pending U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in early 2021.


(A: It’s also to do with the Internet of Things and the 5G, which connects it all, right.)


Health technology undermines freedom and privacy


Profusa’s promotional video (A: The link is here for it too.) shows how the bio-integrated sensor enables a soldier to be tracked by remote computers using GPS in addition to monitoring real-time biomarkers, such as oxygen levels and heart rate. While this biotechnology is portrayed as potentially lifesaving (A:  …of course it is, eh.) to a soldier on the battlefield, the implications of GPS tracking individuals is a terrifying step towards a surveillance state in the general population.


Furthermore, tracking people in stages of sickness can only result in medical tyranny in the hands of any government. The Profusa influenza study requires patients to wear the wearable version of the reader 24 hours a day, with continuous biomarker information collection into a database. These unreliable detection stages could become the criteria for different levels of individual participation in society as experienced in the unsustainable COVID-19 state-level lockdowns for the masses.


(A: It goes into the different stages of this nanotechnology Profusa has here.)


This Profusa nanotechnology has three components: an inserted sensor called hydrogel, a light-emitting fluorescent sensor reader on the surface of the skin and an electronic software component that transmits to an online database.


(A: That’s the stuff that DARPA had been working on, eh.  They’ll call you a conspiracy theory if you put up these links, with DARPA’s own website and so on about it.  [Alan laughing.]  It’s so simple now, isn’t it? They just have to call you conspiracy theory, most folk won’t check on anything, you see. Oh, the government says it’s a conspiracy theory.  [Alan chuckles.]  So that’s so simple, by smearing a person with a word or a slogan or a term, and that’s the end of the conversation, eh.  M-hm.  I tell ya.  It says…)


What you can do? Become more empowered to advocate for your health by registering for the Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century online conference Oct. 16-18 with 40 speakers, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


I'll put these things up too for that site as well for those that want to look into it. Another one too…


The US Military Is About to Launch Its Largest 5G Experiments Yet

govexec.com / 9 Oct 2020


The “at-scale” tests could change defense networks, training, and logistics — and how Americans use the Internet.


(A:  This is the largest 5G experiment yet, it says, the US military.)


After months of expectation, planning, and consulting with the services and with industry, the Pentagon is finally ready to start testing new concepts for 5G communications at five bases across the country (A:  The US). The contracts to the various companies taking part in the tests, which defense officials announced on Thursday, are worth a total of $600 million.


(A:  $600 million, folks, eh.  [Alan chuckles.])


By Pentagon standards, that sum isn’t enormous. But the experiments offer companies a chance to refine 5G offerings that will be key to their businesses in the future,


(A:  We all exist for these businesses now, eh, you understand that. And the Pentagon takes money from you to pay for it all too, eh.)


and will reveal how industry and the military will manage and share spectrum. That has huge implications for the future of the telecommunications industry and the way consumers use the Internet.


“These are really at-scale experiments. They aren’t just little demonstrations in a small area, like a science experiment,” Joseph Evans, the director for 5G in the Office of the Director of Research and Engineering, told reporters on Thursday. “These are at-scale deployments of 5G technology and an evaluation of DOD (A: Department of Defense.) and industry dual-use” applications.


(A: Interesting. You see, there’s your fascism again. There’s your military [Alan chuckles.] working with industry, eh.  There ya go.)


The test sites include:


Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, focusing on augmented and virtual reality training.

Naval Base San Diego in California, focusing on smart warehousing.

Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia, focusing 5G smart warehousing but for vehicles.

Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, focusing on distributed command and control.

Hill Air Force Base in Utah, focusing on dynamic spectrum sharing.


The list adds Nellis to the group the Defense Department announced back in February, when it began asking for industry participants and seeing a “very enthusiastic” response, Evans said.


(A: Well, there's always enthusiastic responses when you've got big bucks at play with the corporations and stuff, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] Yep.  So, dynamic spectrum sharing is one of the terms they use here too.  It says…)


The Department reserves key areas of the mid-band spectrum for radar and other uses. Part of the reason China has more 5G users than the United States is that the Chinese government has allowed select industry players to use certain parts of the spectrum inside the country. This helped Huawei, for example, evolve into a key player in the 5G equipment market.


(A: So they’re trying to pretend…)


The United States is playing catch-up.


(A: Like I’m sure the US is way, probably even ahead of Huawei.)


The experiments to take place at Hill Air Force Base, involving high-powered radars, will help the Defense Department figure out how to open up portions of that highly lucrative mid-band spectrum to industry.


That’s also part of the reason too that they really demanded, some years back remember, that the TV sets all go digital really. That’s because they wanted the bands, ultrahigh frequency and VHF frequency bands, but they’re going into a whole bunch of different bands, even into medium bands too with some of the things as well. So I’ll put these things up as well for those that care about what’s going on with the 5G.


Stop scaring us into an economic abyss: From chairman of Ocado Stuart Rose tells Ministers to cease pumping out propaganda, end the farcical 10pm curfew and give us all the confidence to get on with our lives - dailymail.co.uk / 11 Oct 2020


That's from The Mail on Sunday. This article by David Rose talks about the fact that business is getting destroyed, and the government is an absolute disarray with its ridiculous legislations and its contradictions and everything else. And the very fact that government is just a kind of screwup, like a cacophony of propaganda and public display.  A show. Government reminds me of a chicken coop and the farmer puts the chickens in the coop and they squawked at each other. That's what Parliament is. They're not the bosses by any means at all. The big corporations way above them are the bosses. They financed them in.  The government is ridiculous [Alan chuckles.] in the way it's handling it. It isn't handling anything. It's a disaster. Of course it is. But folk are, you know, everything is getting destroyed under the farce of it all.


Another article too is called…


The Covid Deception

paulcraigroberts.org / 28 Sept 2020


We have been deceived by public health authorities about Covid, partly from public authorities’ ignorance of the virus, its spread and treatment, but mainly on purpose. 


One reason we were intentionally deceived by public health authorities, and continue to be deceived by them, is to create a market for a Covid vaccination.  (A:  That’s Paul Craig Roberts who says this too.  I don’t believe that’s just the purpose at all. But that’s definitely a part of it, is a Covid vaccination.)  There are billions of dollars of profits in this, and Big Pharma wants them.  The financial connections between public health authorities and Big Pharma means that WHO, NIH, and CDC also desire mass vaccinations.  If there are not enough people scared out of their wits to voluntarily seek vaccination, the chances are vaccinations will be made mandatory or your ability to travel, and so forth, will be made dependent on being vaccinated.


(A: He also goes into the voting at home, that's what is frightening folk into voting by mail…)


…the Covid threat justifies voting by mail from the safety of one’s home.  Voting by mail means that no winner can be declared on election night.  The mail-in votes will have to be counted as they come in. The delay in declaring an election winner allows time for more propaganda that Trump has (1) fraudently rigged his reelection or (2) has lost and won’t step down.  As the presstitutes speak with one orchestrated voice, whether Trump wins or not will be buried in reports that he lost and refuses to step down or that he won by fraud. 


Even if Trump survives the color revolution planned for him, he will be under attack as an illegitimate president just as he was during his first term when he was allegedly elected by “Russian interference.” 


(A: Which has really fallen through, that one.  [Alan chuckles.] Actually if you read the report by Mueller eh, most folk haven’t read it. It’s quite fascinating.  Because it wasn’t Russian interference. They do mention a country over and over, which I won’t.  There was definitely interference, but it was not Russian, you know, that was in the Mueller report.)


This will suffice to prevent a renewal of his attack on the Globalist Establishment—listen to his first inaugural address—and again sideline his desire to serve peace by reducing the dangerous tensions with Russia, a policy that deprives the military/security complex of its valuable enemy.


It goes on and on talking about color revolutions too, and how again this whole postal, the idea of posting in the vote is open to an awful lot of fraud as well, etc., etc. I'll put that up as well.


Trump’s Refusal to Commit to a Peaceful Transition Is a Wake Up Call for Civil Servants

govexec.com / 8 Oct 2020


Whistleblowers can play a critical role in the integrity of the election and its aftermath.


(A: Again this is from the site for civil servants, eh.  Like you think they’re impartial?  Phew!  [Alan laughing.] Quite something.  I tell ya, I’ve never seen so much audacious commentary by folks that are supposed to serve the Constitution, you know.)


Donald Trump’s recent refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power


(A: They keep saying that, right!)


if he loses the election should cast away all doubt that a free and fair election is in peril and that our democracy (A:  It’s a republic for goodness sake.) is on the edge.


For months President Trump has sown fear about the integrity of the November 3 elections, baselessly claiming that millions of fraudulent votes will be cast to defeat him. Trump protégés have busily purged state registration rolls, sharply limited polling places in blue districts, and attempted to hinder the U.S. Postal Service’s capacity to process historic levels of mail-in ballots due to the pandemic.


None of this is surprising. Trump has told more than 20,000 lies since assuming the presidency, according to the Washington Post fact-checker. He was impeached for freezing security aid to Ukraine in order to pressure its president to falsely state that Joe Biden was under investigation. We learned about Trump’s “perfect call” first from an anonymous Intelligence Community whistleblower, and then from former Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. Both suffered a campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation by President Trump … (A: …blah, blah, blah.)


(A: This is supposed to be impartial civil servants, eh?  This is the stuff that they're reading here.  [Alan laughing.])


We need more courageous whistleblowers given the wanton lawbreaking of the administration.


N-n-n.  It goes on and on, it's quite a long article. I'll put it up anyway for those that care to see what the civil servants are reading.  [Alan laughing.] 


The World Health Organization…


WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu

off-guardian.org / 8 Oct 2020


Head of Health Emergencies Program “best estimates” put IFR at 0.14%


(A: Now, for those who love to play little, if you still get a pencil and paper out for mathematics and so on…)


The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we (and many experts and studies) have been saying for months – the coronavirus is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu.


The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it.


In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves.


At the session, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s Head of Emergencies revealed that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2.


(A: Amazing they can even come up with the statistics, eh, 10%. How would you know?  Hm?  How would you know? You have to test everybody on the planet to come out with any percentage at all. But they love to throw these figures out there. So “they believe”, I guess it’s a religion, eh…)


….that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. This is their “best estimate”, and a huge increase over the number of officially recognised cases (around 35 million). (A:  Right.)


Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, later confirmed the figure, stating it was based on the average results of all the broad seroprevalence studies done around the world.


As much as the WHO were attempting to spin this as a bad thing – Dr Ryan even said it means “the vast majority of the world remains at risk.” – it’s actually good news. And confirms, once more, that the virus is nothing like as deadly as everyone predicted.


The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people (A:  Right.), if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539.


That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly or 0.14%. Right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from all around the world.


0.14% is over 24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure” of 3.4% back in March. This figure was used in the models which were used to justify lockdowns and other draconian policies.


(A: Remember they were using it too in that Neil Ferguson’s, [Alan chuckles.] in England, using his different computer modeling programs to come out with these amazing figures. So it says…)


…24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure”


(A:  Right.)


In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be much less dangerous than flu.


None of the mainstream press picked up on this. Though many outlets reported Dr Ryan’s words, they all attempted to make it a scary headline and spread more panic.


Apparently neither they, nor the WHO, were capable of doing the simple maths that shows us this is good news. And that the Covid sceptics have been right all along.


[Alan laughing.] So there ya go. [Alan laughing.] Aahhhh.


Microchips, Nanotechnology and Implanted Biosensors: The New Normal?

childrenshealthdefense.org / 1 Oct 2020


(A: I mentioned this one already about the...)


U.S. military personnel will be the first subjects in nanotechnology trials in the pursuit of optimizing health and early detection of disease outbreaks.


(A: That's the Profusa one I mentioned earlier. So I'll definitely put this one up.  M-hm.  And how they're undermining freedom and privacy.  And...)


Vaccines: the trojan horse for worldwide adoption of nanotechnology?


The Institute for Soldiers Nanotechnologies at MIT and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases are researching the use of nanotechnology based adjuvants in new vaccines for the military against malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and Ebola.


(A: I tell ya, they're really putting in some amazing adjuvants now though and this article mentions some of them.)


…coated metal nanoparticles.


Anyway, there ya go.


Remember too, folks, again, I've got to always mention it every hour at least that you can get the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  It tells you how to pay for them.  Make a list of all my sites listed on the .com site in case the .com site goes down. You can use PayPal to pay for them, Cash, checks, and Money Gram works as well. So does I think you can get a little check from your bank if you don't have ones yourself and get little orders and you can send them. Or some cash even, cash is fine. The mail gets through without a problem here. Don't ever register mail, it will definitely hold it up.  [Alan chuckles.] Regular mail gets through no problem at all. So it's up to you.  Donations are fine and are really welcome.  Because it costs a lot of money to do what I'm doing. Believe you me it does. And all the sites I'll have to pay for too.  Nevermind even replacing bits and pieces of equipment that bust all the time as you well know.  The gadgetry of computers and so on is not so robust as they make it out to be. Again, everything is so disposable, isn't it?  Not made to last.


I was reading an article by a guy in Russia who was, he put forth the premise, he says, well who would survive better for a big crisis, like Covid or whatever, if they shut everything down? …just out of, you know, interest sake, the US with all its massive industries, that it had anyway at one time, or the Soviet Union? He said that it would probably be the Soviet Union, or Soviet countries, the ex-Soviet countries because they didn't have competition in whatever they made.  Even in the cars or anything else, he said, or home utensils and things like that, he says, they were made to last because there was not, there was no built-in obsolescence in them or limited lifespan. They were built to last because there is no competition.  You didn't have to keep buying stuff, so make them cheaper and cheaper and cheaper to produce. But he says, so these things in Russia were meant to be repaired and to last for years and years, including your refrigerators and everything.


And it's so true, isn't it? All the junk that we have today, if you really had something that closed you down big time, um, and you didn't have the cash to buy anything new, and you couldn't get anything new, you try repairing them, the junk that we are living with, on every possible level, because it is junk, it really is junk. Everything is such darn junk, isn't it?  It doesn't last long at all. It's not meant to. The same with the computers, they'll come up with the next version, the next version, the next version, or upgrades to the version you've got, and eventually you get to keep buying and buying and buying.  It's all conology again. 


Let me see now, here is…


Cineworld 'to close all cinemas in the UK and Ireland this week'

news.sky.com / 5 Oct 2020


The industry has been struggling during the pandemic and has taken another knock after the latest Bond film was pushed back.


(A:  Well, that’s a disaster Bond films are getting pushed back, eh.)


Cineworld is considering closing all of its cinemas in the UK and US this week because of the impact of coronavirus. (A:  Oooooooo.)


(A: So there ya go. It says Cineworld is one of the world’s biggest cinema operators. I think it’s 39 of, I don’t know if it’s 39 operators, or they’re the 39th, or they have 39. But anyway, it’s one of the biggest ones.)


The decision may be announced as early as Monday with the chain's bosses preparing to write to Boris Johnson and culture secretary Oliver Dowden to say the industry has become "unviable".


(A: No kidding.)


I think, was it Disney, Walt Disney, or Disneyland or [whatever] you call it, had just laid off thousands of their workers as well, you know, backup workers that they had working.


Sweden Spared Surge as SARS-CoV-2 Infections Stay Low

articles.mercola.com / 1 Oct 2020


While health experts in the U.S. and many other countries are warning of a second wave of COVID-19 as we move into fall and winter, Sweden does not expect the reemergence of widespread contagion, as herd immunity appears to have been established.


(A: Well, that’s what happens when you don’t lock folk down. You all end up being exposed to it and you get immune to it, you see. That’s what happens normally with all these illnesses, viral illnesses. That’s what happened with Sweden.)


Rather than locking down the whole country, Sweden only temporarily closed high schools and colleges, banned gatherings of more than 50 people and asked seniors over the age of 70 to self-isolate.


(A: Their economy kept going. Nothing was shut down.)


…the primary goal has been to slow the spread to avoid overwhelming medical services.


(A: They still were not overwhelmed anyway.)


As of mid-September 2020 Sweden’s infection rate had reached an all-time low.  Covid 19 related deaths were at zero.  22 of 31 European countries, most of which enacted strict lockdown, had higher infection rates.


(A: It’s true, for the countries that shut them down, had higher infection rates.)


As a result to their sensible approach to the pandemic, Sweden is also largely escaped the financial ruin and skyrocketing mental health problems experienced in other areas including the US.


There’s a war to destroy the West.  There really is. So they're not worrying about it in Sweden, a resurgence. And lots and lots of testing doesn't mean you're ill.  [Alan chuckles.] If you get fragments of long dead viruses, little particle bits of them by these tests, the PCR tests, it doesn't mean you are ill with it. You're going to have them anyway, you know.


Interestingly enough I read early on, I think it was last February or March, they were finding that folk that were getting tested in some of the places where they were testing them, like clinics, the PCR tests, they were actually contaminating the swabs when they pulled them out of the tubes, because the particles were all over the places where the folk were coming into get tested.  The rooms were contaminated. There's more folk getting the thing in the hospital. I've got articles too that I'll put up as well, they're getting it in the hospital.  Wherever you've had people who have been ill, who have had it, who have shed it, you end up with the particles on the walls, the floors and everywhere. And they don't just stick there, a bit of a breeze comes in, there's doors open, and they float up and out in the air again. And you breathe it in.  And you, oh, you’re positive. No, you're not, you've got particles of long dead viruses. It really is, don't forget the inventor of the PCR test, a guy who got all kinds of world awards for it and so on, said it's not for diagnosing, it's useless for diagnosing disease, it's not meant for that. But facts don't matter, right.


Last orders before curfew! Boris Johnson calls in the Covid vigilantes as millions in North and Midlands face travel bans (A:  I mean, we have travel bans, eh.)

and pub closures (A: They're closing them, so you've got to be out, and I think they want no one in the streets by about 10 PM or something.)

as No.10 (A:  That’s the Prime Minister’s residence.)

offers local leaders 'cash for crackdowns' – (A: I guess they’re paying them off to crackdown.)

while daily infection rate hits 15,166 (A: Now that's not disease, folks, that's not ill.)

with 81 deaths (A: Now, at this time of year you're going to find a lot of folk just dying when, with the weather changing. It happens every year. 81 deaths. It doesn't mean they've died of Covid. We're back to the same con again, right, where they're putting everybody down as Covid if you happen to test positive for having particles in your nostrils.  [Alan chuckles.] Mmmmm.  What an incredible con this is, you know. It's criminal, it's Criminal what they've been doing, that's the term for it. And knowingly too, they know what they're doing at the top. So anyway it says...)


Last orders before curfew! Boris Johnson calls in the Covid vigilantes as millions in North and Midlands face travel bans and pub closures as No.10 offers local leaders 'cash for crackdowns' - while daily infection rate hits 15,166 with 81 deaths

dailymail.co.uk / 11 Oct 2020


The deployment of the 'Covid vigilantes' is an effective admission from Downing Street that the national programme has failed.


Millions of people in the Midlands and the North are facing travel bans


(A: Ugh.)


and the shutting of pubs, with local communities tasked with enforcing the Test and Trace programme.


(A: Don't even bother testing and tracing, it's a joke. It's meant to increase the hype and fear, that's what it's meant to do.)


People could face fines if they travel between high and lower risk areas or breach orders to self-isolate.


The deployment of the 'Covid vigilantes' is an effective admission from Downing Street that the national programme has failed.


Thousands of pubs across northern England could be closed on the basis of what critics claim is a 'dodgy dossier' (A:  Meaning nonsensical.) of evidence presented by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.


(A: They're trying to say, you see...)


...Professor Whitty showed MPs data which purported to show that 33 per cent of infections may be occurring in pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.


He proceeded to tell them that a 'significant proportion' of exposure to the virus was taking place in such establishments.


But the conclusions were drawn from a very small sample which has since been criticised as being 'incredibly thin' data and a 'dodgy dossier'.


You see, facts don't matter though, they'll stick to it, you see. In fact as I’ve said before, there's more folk catching it in the hospitals when they come in for other things, then they catch it in the hospitals. Facts don't matter. They want the people locked down like a wartime scenario, you see. Emergency powers, lock down, ooohhhhhh. 


Also this one here. You always think, people don't think too far, and it's explained it to them, or they're told to think about it. Again, this is the control the media has over you, eh.  It all works together to make sure you have the impressions about topics that they want you to have. But you think of folk, think of organizations, we've heard of the USAID, eh?  USAID is the US agency for international development. Again, it's part of the military establishment for getting funds to different groups and so on, or White Helmets, you name it, the groups that can don, you know, battle helmets one minute and put white ones on the second, for the photographs and stuff like that. It's all a con. But they also are famous for getting money to the different terrorist organizations in areas where they're supposed to go to help folk, you know, we're here to help. There's nothing IS what it says it is anymore.


How USAID Global Health Improves Data Sharing, Helps People in Need and Saves lives

govexec.com / 25 Aug 2020


(A: But if you listen to this article and think about what it's saying here, right...)


The US Agency for International Development (USAID) integrates US foreign policy with the financial support needs of developing countries.


(A: Right.  So is that saying that the US is there to help develop developing countries? Is it, you know, do you think that’s what it’s for?)


The agency's mission is to expand democracy and free markets while improving the lives of individuals in undeveloped and crisis-ridden parts of the world.


(A: That mostly includes, I think, or they give them prominence, are nations that the US went into wipeout into the Stone Age.  Hm.  So is that why the agency is there? It’s there to expand democracy? Remember Operation Iraqi Freedom under Bush Junior.  He had that trooper, famous little shot they had of this guy standing there in front of these angry residents [Alan chuckles.] of Iraq, and he shouts, we’re help to you help you, you stupid, and he says, effers, you know and bring you democracy.  And they’re all looking at him like, well, who needs democracy, is that what you’ve got, hm, back home?  Mmmmmm.  So here they are, the USAID is there to expand democracy. I guess that's after you bomb the places.  And in free markets where you've destroyed all developments and factories and so on like they did in Iraq by the way.)


while improving the lives of individuals in undeveloped and crisis-ridden parts of the world.


Within USAID, the Bureau for Global Health (A:  There’s a Bureau for Global Health, you know that.) allocates over $5 billion annually to support programs that combat infectious diseases, help prevent child and maternal deaths, and control the spread of HIV/AIDS.


(A: This is their spiel here.)


USAID Global Health wanted a more effective way of aggregating and disseminating the program data it had been collecting from health systems worldwide for over 60 years, in areas such as food security, child health, and pandemic threats. Due to unique data collection challenges in each of the 80 countries it served, the bureau struggled in its mission to empower front-line workers to improve health systems and outcomes through data-driven decision making and analysis.


(A: Now, when you see this terminology over and over, data-driven decisions, you go into the Great Reset, it’s data-driven, right, that’s what you’re saying, the same term, data-driven. And it means it’s all connected, right.)


Not enough of the data was reaching the people who needed it, and when it did, the scattered nature of how it was collected resulted in a low level of trust in the data sets. USAID Global Health needed a way to collect more data and use it to its fullest potential.


(A: And it's going to get to the point eventually, I think. This again is by this particular news site that caters to US federal employees, this one.  It mentions the company that's kind of again pushing for the contract to collect this data for USAID and other organizations. It's like an ad in a sense, like most of these articles of news are. They're really ads, aren't they. But you've got to realize that this one organization, never mind the whole cost of it, they actually used $5 million to support programs to combat infectious diseases. That's just one part of their budget obviously.  Now they've got...)


Tableau's dashboards to turn that goal (A:  ...of data collection and so on...) into a reality.


(A: So this is what they're pushing, this company, Tableau.)


Tableau's dashboards to turn that goal into a reality.


(A: So it's quite interesting. It says...)


This content is made possible by our sponsor Tableau; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of GovExec’s [Government Executive] editorial staff.


(A: Sure, sure, of course.)


You've got to understand, a lot of the data testing has been done though the military, the US military across these countries. I've mentioned before, the military have been, they go around with little tablets, there are special tablets and so on. They take iris scans of the people in these countries, Iraq and different countries, and Afghanistan. They take fingerprints of them. Men, women and children. Their names. Complete data. All this experimentation has been done in these countries by the military so that it can be used back home now. You getting the point? For the Great Reset and for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


It's all been done elsewhere under the guise of warfare scenarios and emergency powers and necessity. They've got all the data, all tried and tested for the gadgetry. Hhhch. And again, once again everybody's a product including the defeated nations, for big high-tech sales pitches and so on and for their products. Because they say we are, we are part of the, we are the business, we humans are the business, folks, we are THE business. Without us these companies would have nothing to sell anything to, or to make excuses to why they must sell us these things, hm, to track and trace and etc. etc. etc. This is the big business of the future, total track and tracing of everything you do from birth to death. That's what it's about, folks.


This article here now is by Craig Murray. Craig Murray was the Former Ambassador to I think some countries for Britain, you know, for England anyway. Human rights activist, eventually he became a human rights activist anyway. He's been following the Julian Assange's report for a while. He says…


Craig Murray: Where Is My Final Assange Report?

craigmurray.org.uk / 9 Oct 2020


Numerous people have contacted me in various ways to ask where is my promised report on the final day of the Assange hearing, to complete the account?


It is difficult to explain this to you. When I was in London it was extremely intense. This was my daily routine. I would attend court at 10am, take 25 to 30 pages of handwritten notes, and leave around 5. In court I was always with Julian’s dad John, and usually for lunch too. After court I would thank supporters outside the courtroom, occasionally do some media and often meet with the Wikileaks crew to discuss developments and tactics. I would then get back to my hotel room, have a bite to eat and go to bed around 6.30pm to 7pm. I would awake between 11pm and midnight, shower and shave, read my notes and do any research needed. About 3am I would start to write. I would finish writing around 8.30am and proofread. Then I would get dressed. About 9.30am I would make any last changes and press publish. Then I would walk to the Old Bailey and start again.


(A: So the routine, very exhausting, eh.)


Apart from being exhausting, I was totally immersed in a bubble, and buoyed by the support of others close to Julian, who were also inside that bubble.


But in that courtroom, you were in the presence of evil.


(A: Now really listen to this and put yourself in that position. Again what you think about with all the propaganda and old movies of Britain and the court systems, and you know. And again, Britain would say, oh they were the first ones to develop the justice system to a higher level than any other countries and so on and so on.)


But in that courtroom, you were in the presence of evil.


(A: He’s talking about what happened to him and why he hasn’t been keeping up with it all.)


With a civilised veneer, a pretence at process, (A:  …a PRETENSE, right, at process…) and even displays of bonhommie, the entire destruction of a human being was in process. Julian was being destroyed as a person before my eyes. For the crime of publishing the truth. He had to sit there listening to days of calm discussion as to the incredible torture that would await him in a US supermax prison, deprived of all meaningful human contact for years on end, in solitary in a cell just fifty square feet.


Fifty square feet. Mark that out yourself now. Three paces by two. Of all the terrible things I heard, Warden Baird explaining that the single hour a day allowed out of the cell is alone in another, absolutely identical cell called the “recreation cell” was perhaps the most chilling.


(A: So they get out of your little, tiny cell, right, for an hour a day into the recreation cell, which is just the same as the one he just got out of, right.)


That and the foul government “expert” Dr Blackwood describing how Julian might be sufficiently medicated and physically deprived of the means of suicide to keep him alive for years of this.


I encountered evil in Uzbekistan (A:  This is the guy that worked for the British government.) when the mother brought me the photos of her son tortured to death by immersion in boiling liquid. The US government was also implicated in that, through the CIA cooperation with the Uzbek Security Services;


(A: So it was through them, you know, using them.)


 it happened just outside the US military base at Karshi-Khanabad. Here was that same evil paraded in the centre of London, under the panoply of Crown justice.


(A: I’ll say that last bit again for the hard of thinking. Because it’s awfully important. He’s talking about the military, the US military, right, and the CIA, this strange organization the CIA, which is also a foreign entity I would say, you know.)


I encountered evil in Uzbekistan when the mother brought me the photos of her son tortured to death by immersion in boiling liquid. The US government was also implicated in that, through the CIA cooperation with the Uzbek Security Services; it happened just outside the US military base at Karshi-Khanabad. Here was that same evil paraded in the centre of London, under the panoply of Crown justice.


(A: Remember, those troops are coming home too. I always said that the eating machine would come back to America, and when that happens horror can face you.  They’ve already put an awful lot into the police forces over the years and expanded the forces inside America under the guise of fighting drugs and doing the home invasions or the night invasions I call them you know, no-knock things and so on.  It’s just horrible. There was just another case over the weekend there where they’d go into the wrong house again, and some kid was shot by the forces, eh.  Like an eight-year-old or something.  Hhhhh.)


Having left the bubble, my courage keeps failing me to return to the evil and write up the last day. (A: …on the trial.) I know that sounds either pathetic or precious. I know the mainstream journalists who revel in portraying me as mentally unstable will delight to mock. But this last few days I can’t even bring myself to look at my notes. I feel physically ill when I try. Of course I will complete the series, but I may need a little time.


So you understand too, when you’re seeing things kind of, and he does write about the judge that they placed there, and it’s not really a judge as such, you know. It’s a long article. He goes on to different dates, October 8 and further back and so on.  But it’s amazing, it’s a show trial, that’s what it is, a show trial with Assange being hung out to dry.  Because the big military-industrial complex will never forgive him for showing US forces literally executing a bunch of journalists… remotely from a helicopter, far, far away from where they were walking unarmed. Never forgive that. And young guys in the background shouting, yeah, yeah, and laughing and joking about it, as they slaughtered people. Never forgive that. No.


So he’s seeing a show trial taking place, which is, nevermind just being exhausted but actually seeing it happen, being in the presence of evil will certainly drain you. Because you know it’s a show trial, you know the judge is evil too. I don’t think it’s a proper judge, the woman. It’s maybe a justice of the peace perhaps.  But he said that she sneers at Assange, just SNEERS at him with that haughty... It’s like something out of the 17, the 18th century, what you’d see in a movie with the sneering upper-class type idiot, you know, looking at someone down below them with no mercy. Because it is a show trial. So anyway he does go into it in this particular one I’ll put up there with, hhhch, with what’s happening in Scotland as well.


Either Nicola Sturgeon or Geoff Aberdein is Lying on Oath – and Proving Which Will Be Easy 210

craigmurray.org.uk / 8 Oct 2020


It is impossible that both Nicola Sturgeon and Geoff Aberdein are tellng the truth about their meeting on 29 March 2018, which both now say discussed allegations against Alex Salmond.


Because I think Salmond has been under investigation for behavior, I don't know if it's sexual or what it is when he was in office as well. And there's folk maybe covering up for him, who knows what it's about too.


Another article…


Coronavirus Gives A Dangerous Boost To DARPA’s Darkest Agenda

thelastamericanvagabond.com / 4 May 2020 / Whitney Webb


(A: That's by Whitney Webb. This goes back, you know, I think it was May 4 initially. It's a good article about now, you see. You see, people are getting trained to look at daily, daily updates on everything.  Oh, I want the latest news. It's like what they buy, it's the newest whatever, the same thing. They don't realize that news is important for its content, which it will be relevant right down through time.  Hm?)


In January, well before the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis would result in lockdowns, quarantines and economic devastation in the United States and beyond, the U.S. intelligence community and the Pentagon were working with the National Security Council to create still-classified plans to respond to an imminent pandemic. (A:  It’s got the links here too, right.) It has since been alleged that the intelligence and military intelligence communities knew about a likely pandemic in the United States as early as last November, and potentially even before then.


Given this foreknowledge and the numerous simulations conducted in the United States last year regarding global viral pandemic outbreaks, at least six of varying scope and size, it has often been asked – Why did the government not act or prepare if an imminent global pandemic and the shortcomings of any response to such an event were known? Though the answer to this question has frequently been written off as mere “incompetence” (A:  …that’s what they always say, eh.) in mainstream media circles, it is worth entertaining the possibility that a crisis was allowed to unfold.


Why would the intelligence community or another faction of the U.S. government knowingly allow a crisis such as this to occur? The answer is clear if one looks at history, as times of crisis have often been used by the U.S. government to implement policies that would normally be rejected by the American public, ranging from censorship of the press to mass surveillance networks. (A: That’s what 9/11 was for, you know.) Though the government response to the September 11 attacks, like the Patriot Act, may be the most accessible example to many Americans, U.S. government efforts to limit the flow of “dangerous” journalism and surveil the population go back to as early as the First World War.


(A: Then it goes into…)


…the Patriot Act after 9/11 or WWI-era civilian “spy” networks…


Using this history as a lens, it is possible to look at the current coronavirus crisis to see how the long-standing agendas of ever-expanding mass surveillance and media censorship are again getting a dramatic boost thanks to the chaos unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, this crisis is unique because it also has given a boost to a newer yet complimentary agenda that — if fulfilled – would render most, if not all, other government efforts at controlling and subduing their populations obsolete.


(A: Isn’t that the truth of it.  M-hm.)


DARPA Dystopia

For years, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has remained largely out of sight and out of mind for most Americans, as their research projects are rarely covered by the mainstream media and, when they are, their projects are often praised as “bringing science fiction movies to life.” However, there have been recent events that have marred DARPA’s often positive portrayal by media outlets, which paint the agency as a beacon of scientific “progress” that has “changed the world” for the better.


For instance, in 2018, a group of European scientists accused the DARPA’s “Insect Allies” program (A:  Hhhch, and they do have an Insect Allies program, that’s what they called it.) of actually being a dystopian bioweapons program that would see insects introduce genetically modified viruses into plants to attack and devastate a targeted nation’s food supply.


(A: Now, don’t laugh at that because Canada’s Deadly Allies, the book, about World War II and Canada had the lead role at that time in biowarfare, including programs to create various means of destroying crops in enemy nations, and destroying their meat supply as well by way. They’d create something which, really, hhhch, pretty well put holes through the brains of cattle.  Which, and it’s so coincidental that the one eventually broke out in what, the 80s or 90s, in the 90s, they called it Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome.  It would bore holes through your brain pretty well, just like the cattle.  They killed the whole nation’s livestock off over it in Britain. Pyramids of burning animals. The government THEN, if you want to see governments in action using the military, they flew helicopters with death squads in to all the farms. They’d just land and kill all the animals and take off and leave you with the problem.  A HORROR show.  The whole food supply in Britain was pretty well wiped out with them. And they used the modeling, computer modeling by guess who? Neil Ferguson did it all.  I can’t…  I don’t think they found any mad cow disease in any of the animals. But again, facts don’t matter.  I-yi-yi.  But anyway, getting back to this one here.   Insect Allies, that’s about, that could be often the Canadian version of it too.  It says…)


Regardless of DARPA’s assertions that it is merely a “defensive” program, it should be clear to readers that such a technology could easily be used either way (A:  It’s always that way, it’s dual purpose, eh.), depending on the wielder.


Though DARPA’s futuristic weapons of war often get the most attention from media, the agency has long standing interests in tinkering with, not just the biology of plants, but of humans. DARPA, which is funded to the tune of approximately $3 billion a year, has various avenues through which it pursues these ambitions, with many of those now under the purview of the agency’s “Biological Technologies Office” (BTO), created in 2014. As of late, some of DARPA’s human biology and biotech projects at its BTO have been getting a massive PR boost thanks to the current coronavirus crisis, with recent reports even claiming that the agency “might have created the best hopes for stopping Covid-19.”


Most of these technologies garnering positive media coverage thanks to Covid-19 were developed several years ago. They include the DARPA-funded platforms used to produce DNA and RNA vaccines, classes of vaccine that has never been approved for human use in the U.S. and involve injecting foreign genetic material into the human body. Notably, it is this very class of vaccine, now being produced by DARPA-partnered companies, that billionaire and global health “philanthropist” Bill Gates recently asserted has him “most excited” relative to other Covid-19 vaccine candidates. Yet, key aspects regarding these vaccines and other DARPA “healthcare” initiatives have been left out of these recent positive reports, likely because they provide a window into what is arguably the agency’s darkest agenda.


“In Vivo Nanoplatforms”


In 2006, DARPA announced its Predicting Health and Disease (PHD) program, which sought to determine “whether an individual will develop an infectious disease prior to the onset of symptoms.” The PHD program planned to accomplish this by “identifying changes in the baseline state of human health through frequent surveillance” with a specific focus on “viral, upper respiratory pathogens.”


Three years later, in 2010, DARPA-funded researchers at Duke University created the foundation for this tool, which would use the genetic analysis of blood samples to determine if someone is infected with a virus before they show symptoms. Reports at the time claimed that these “preemptive diagnoses” would be transmitted to “a national, web-based influenza map” available via smartphone.


Following the creation of DARPA’s BTO in 2014, this particular program gave rise to the “In Vivo Nanoplatforms (IVN)” program. The diagnostics branch of that program, abbreviated as IVN:Dx, “investigates technologies that incorporate implantable nanoplatforms composed of bio-compatible, nontoxic materials; in vivo sensing of small and large molecules of biological interest; multiplexed detection of analytes at clinically relevant concentrations; and external interrogation of the nanoplatforms without using implanted electronics for communication.” Past reports on the program describe it as developing “classes of nanoparticles to sense and treat illness, disease, and infection on the inside. The tech involves implantable nanoparticles which sense specific molecules of biological interest.”


DARPA’s IVN program has since helped to finance and produce “soft, flexible hydrogels that are injected just beneath the skin to perform [health] monitoring and that sync to a smartphone app to give the use immediate health insights,” (A:  …that means the user, I guess.  Now, the links are all here to all this stuff, so they can’t say it’s conspiracy stuff, because you’ve got DARPA, putting up their own links here.) a product currently marketed and created by the DARPA-funded and National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded company Profusa. Profusa, which has received millions upon millions from DARPA in recent years, asserts that the information generated by their injectable biosensor would be “securely shared” and accessible to “individuals, physicians and public health practitioners.” However, the current push for a national “contact tracing” system based on citizens’ private health data is likely to expand that data sharing, conveniently fitting with DARPA’s years-old goal of creating a national, web-based database of preemptive diagnoses.


Profusa is also backed by Google, which is intimately involved in these new mass surveillance “contact tracing” initiatives, and counts former Senate majority leader William Frist among its board members. They are also partnered with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (A:  It’s got links to all these sentences; each sentence has a link to it.)   The company also has considerable overlap with the diagnostic company Cepheid, which recently won FDA approval for its rapid coronavirus test and was previously awarded lucrative government contracts to detect anthrax in the U.S. postal system. As of this past March, Profusa again won DARPA funding to determine if their injectable biosensors can predict future pandemics, including the now widely predicted “second wave” of Covid-19, and detect those infected up to three weeks before they would otherwise show symptoms. The company expects to have its biosensors FDA licensed for this purpose by early next year.


(A: It's just massive business, all of this, eh.  I remember reading years ago, they said at the end of the Cold War, what would all the military-industrial complex corporations do? They said, well the future will have to be in surveillance, a surveillance society where the public are basically spied on all the time, and that would be their income.)


Another long-standing DARPA program, now overseen by BTO, is known as “Living Foundries.” According to DARPA’s website, Living Foundries “aims to enable adaptable, scalable, and on-demand production of [synthetic] molecules by programming the fundamental metabolic processes of biological systems to generate a vast number of complex molecules that are not otherwise accessible. Through Living Foundries, DARPA is transforming synthetic biomanufacturing into a predictable engineering practice supportive of a broad range of national security objectives.”


(A: Now, this is military industrial complex, they're not here to help you, folks.  [Alan chuckles.] I hope you understand this.)


The types of research this “Living Foundries” program supports involves the creation of “artificial life” including the creation of artificial genetic material, including artificial chromosomes, the creation of “entirely new organisms,” and using artificial genetic material to “add new capacities” to human beings (i.e. genetically modifying humans through the insertion of synthetically-created genetic material).


The latter is of particular concern (though all are honestly concerning), as DARPA also has a project called “Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Engineering,” which – despite having “mammalian” in the name – is focused specifically on improving “the utility of Human Artificial Chromosomes (HACs),” which DARPA describes as a “fundamental tool in the development of advanced therapeutics, vaccines, and cellular diagnostics.”


(A: I-yi-yi.)


…they are also frequently promoted as a means of “enhancing” humans by imbuing them with non-natural characteristics, including halting aging or improving cognition.


DARPA is known to be involved in research where these methods are used to create “super soldiers(A:  I mean, they’ve been at that for years trying to get that.) that no longer require sleep or regular meals, among other augmented “features,” and has another program about creating “metabolically dominant” fighters. Reports on these programs also discuss the other, very disconcerting use of these same technologies, “genetic weapons” that would “subvert DNA” and “undermine people’s minds and bodies.”


(A: So there you go, these are the guys that want to, will be working with your vaccines as well and stuff like that, hm. Ftt.  It's a long article actually, very well done. Lots and lots of links involved in it. I'll put it up for those that want to go through it. Just to show you how everything's connected.  Nothing's spontaneous, including the coronavirus.  [Alan chuckles.]  It comes out at the right…)


(A: It's like 9/11, you know, the PNAC, the Project for New American Century published a list of countries they wanted to be taken down, get taken out by the US military, in the 90s, mid 90s, they said, but they would need a Pearl Harbor event to get the public support behind them to do these wars. Well, 9/11 happened and they got what they wanted. The same thing here, you see, it's the same idea.  All the things that they wanted to do with the modification of your human body, etc., and to use the experimental vaccines, well, bingo!  They've already got the things ready and to try to test on the people, all they need now is the right disease and bingo they get what they want. Just coincidental. These, if you want to win money get these guys to pick the lotto numbers for you because they'll always win.  It's just like a.... luck, it's amazing luck they've got.  The public will be behind them, just like a war, you see.  Oh yeah, give us the vaccine, yeah, yeah.  I tell ya.  It's interesting too...)


“Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology”


Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program involves using “noninvasive or minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces” to “read and write” directly onto the brain.


(A: N-n-n.  Fttt. The links are here for that too.)


According to one recent report on DARPA’s N3 program (A:  Right.), one example of “minimally invasive” technologies would involve:


“an injection of a virus carrying light-sensitive sensors, or other chemical, biotech, or self-assembled nanobots that can reach individual neurons and control their activity independently without damaging sensitive tissue. The proposed use for these technologies isn’t yet well-specified, but as animal experiments have shown, controlling the activity of single neurons at multiple points is sufficient to program artificial memories of fear, desire, and experiences directly into the brain.”


(A:  Hm-n-n.  They talk about…)


… creating “thought-controlled” weapons


(A:M-ftt. And so on.)


[Alan chuckles.] So there you go.  The military-industrial complex just like they said the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it's all here to help you, you understand. All these rich sods at the very, very top just, they can't sleep at night because they're dreaming up new ways to help you, you see, they're just so worried about you all the time. That's how they got so rich is through worry, you see.  M-hm.  Also...


‘Expose Warp Speed’ With Whitney Webb, Chips Gels And Sensors On The Way and The Trump COVID Psyop - thelastamericanvagabond.com / 6 Oct 2020


It's quite a good little article too.  I'll put that one up for anyone who wants to go into that there. Now what else have I got here? Oh yeah, I've got a whole bunch of things actually. This again is about data, data, it's all part of the same Global Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, etc. etc.  This one here, it says…


Time for Transparency: Government Leaders Increase Public Trust with Data

govexec.com / 14 Sept 2020


Today, government leaders must be able to clearly communicate trusted COVID-19 data to constituents. Data visualization and analysis capabilities can assist government leaders as they help citizens navigate the crisis.


(A: What it really is, when you look at this article, is that they should all be on board saying the same things.  [Alan chuckles.] Really.  Just parroting what they're told to parrot.  As far as I can see that's what comes out of this article.  And how those who are meant to communicate to the public or that's their job, should be communicating to the public.  But also tells you about creating a Covid 19 data hub.)


…the COVID-19 Data Hub, a one-stop shop for the most relevant COVID-19-related data.


What it is, is literally just that, it's a hub to create all the things which they will be telling you across the countries. They've got all the same data from the same hub pretty well to standardize information.  To make sure we don't get any truth about the Covid, ttt, I guess, that's what it really is. Everything's doublespeak, isn't it?  It really is.  I'll put this one up as well. Because that's where we are with all of this. We're living in amazing times, you know, AMAZING times.  Where the folk haven't got a clue that most of what they're getting is fiction. Who would be so audacious as to lie to that extent!?... And bring whole nations to a halt by closing down everything that works to sustain them!?


Well, guess who? 


There is such a thing as utter evil.


Like Craig Murray mentioned about the court system, you SENSE evil, it's there.  When you see what appeared to be sane adult people, who are not backward in any way intellectually, put it that way, lying their faces to the detriment of other people…. dangerous, dangerous precedents. 


I'm going to put up three links to the same YouTuber, a guy who went around these HUGE facilities in cities in England, three major cities and one after the other and photographed from the outside, you're not allowed on really.  The head of the security guards that were there, hardly any of them could speak deep [?] [Alan chuckles.] English, and many of them were probably more recent arrivals.  He actually had some altercations with one group of them. But he shows you that the places, these massive, there were acres and acres in each one of them with these huge tents everywhere and so on, completely empty except for the security guards. These are the testing centers supposedly. There was nobody in them except security guards. Literally, you know.


And yet... [Alan laughing.] He said when he walks up, I wonder how many thousands of positives they'll have for tomorrow's papers, or for tomorrow? Because no one's getting tested that he could see there at all.  M-hm.  These are massive facilities really that they put up, these temporary facilities. They looked almost like prisons, like the British Boar prison... I mean Britain invented the prison camp idea during the Boer War, the Boer war, and they actually called them concentration camps in the Boer War where they put the Dutch Boer farmers in them. That's what it looked like with these huge fences getting put up around these sites with all the huge tents inside, these white kind of preconstructed kind of tents.  Big money too to all the contractors that get the millions thrown at them for nothing really, eh.  It's astonishing.  You think you're living in a just, rational, free society. What a joke.  He goes around to them all and you'll see him having confrontations with security guards who wouldn't even let him in.  They also try to get him off of the sidewalk even though it's public property.  Again, facts don't matter. 


A lot of these ones that come into the country, they put them into outfits and call them security guards, are from countries where they have no idea what democracy has been anyway. So they literally start swaggering and they think that they're working for the commandant basically.  Dangerous times when they can recruit them too for contact tracing as well. Terrible things are going to happen. There's no doubt about it. You can smell it all coming. But this is the agenda.


I'll put these three YouTubes up and you can watch them and have a chuckle as they debate why he can't stand on the public sidewalk outside of it and film from the outside through the gates and so on, these massive facilities that are completely empty except for the very bored looking security guards.  [Alan laughing.]   


UK Man Visits NHS COVID Testing Centers in Three Major English Cities – 1 - youtube.com / 6 Oct 2020


UK Man Visits NHS COVID Testing Centers in Three Major English Cities – 2 - youtube.com / 5 Oct 2020


UK Man Visits NHS COVID Testing Centers in Three Major English Cities – 3 - youtube.com / 30 Sept 2020


Also, I put this up a few weeks ago...


The World Bank Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program and Proposed 25 Projects Under Phase 1 - documents1.worldbank.org / 2 Apr 2020


Documents marked for official use only, identify the Bank’s Covid 19 program as Ending in March 2025.  So the Start Date of the program is April 2020, and so five years hence, you see. I'll put the PDF up again for those who want it from the World Bank itself.  It just shows you how long they want to keep this whole thing going. And by the way, it says in it that if they need to, they can put it for another few years, they can extend it after that.  So there ya go, you know. This is supposed to be a changed world.  The longer they can keep it locked down and terrified and so on, the better for them to bring in the new system. This is what it's about. 


The World Bank remember is completely tied in with the globalists. It's part of the globalist agenda. It was set up as a private bank by very hush-hush characters that run the central banking systems as well. They finance them. They were set up remember initially by the group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Before that it was the Lord Alfred Milner group.  They set up the League of Nations that became the United Nations. They set up the World Bank, the IMF.  They own them all. And the Bank for International Settlements.  I'll put this one up to show you this isn't going to go away anytime soon. Obviously. For those who don't know.


Are you getting the picture of what's really happening here?  It's not a matter of panicking people. I've always said, most folk can't handle the truth so don't try to persuade folk to come to your point of view understanding. A lot of folk can't come to it, you see, they just can't do it.


So make sure you've got a few friends, as I say, where they can sit and don't worry each other into the grave by discussing things ad nauseam. Just quietly prepare, and to help each other out and get through as best you can however the long haul.


Regardless of that, the governments are going to, hhhch, your own congresspeople are behind rioting in the streets and possibly a complete change of system. They want a post-democratic society. That also fits in with the globalist agenda.  Technocracy. I've said it, through the Club of Rome, they said that democracy doesn't work, it's too cumbersome having to please the people all the time, they can't get things done, much more efficient to get rid of democracy and let experts run the show. You know. That's what it's all about.


At the beginning of the Covid scare when it started, I've got articles here where the same organizations came out and said the same things, that we need technocrats to take charge of everything to override all politicians and politics to get things done. The same mantra. Which the Global Reset is all about, and the Fourth the Industrial Revolution ...is a post-democratic society, folks.  A post free-choice society where you can choose what you maybe want to work at, or how much money you do or don't want to earn, you know.  All that going by the wayside. It's a planned society. 


A much smaller population too, as the population will drop. 


And they will bring in smart cities.  The smart cities remember, the withering away...  Remember I gave talks years ago from the Department of Defense, the DOD, when they said that the future is smart cities and nations might just wither away and leave big cities, you see.  They named which ones would probably be running the world. They would be, it would be a kind of going back to the old cities, walled cities, there's even articles out now about walled cities, by Kissinger by the way, talking about going back to that kind of premise because of Cooooooooooooooooooviid, eh.  [Alan using Kissinger's accident.] That ties in exactly with the withering away of the state, ala Karl Marx, ala globalists, ala CFR.  Again, going right into what the DOD said back in 2008 or so, where they'd have these smart cities, they would be super cities and that there would be nothing outside them except rural areas.  The people would be off the land, etc. Agenda 21, off the land. We're just happening to go along the same agenda right now, eh? It's just coincidence. Just like we need Pearl Harbor events for 9/11, eh, to happen [Alan chuckles.] and they get what they want on 9/11. The same kind of thing, folks.


We're living through a script and the elite always get what they want. They're using terror to do it obviously. The shattering destruction of anything which is necessary for survival to the general population, their ability to even work and support themselves being utterly destroyed. Locking down healthy.  Not the sick but the healthy. [Alan chuckles.]  The whole population.  This is war. Planned war. For a virus which really if you get it, you generally won't know you've got it. Testing positive, even if they test positive with their terrible ridiculous tests they've got, test positive for having particles of dead viruses there, doesn't mean you're sick with it. But they keep saying cases, oh, new cases.  Well, the more they test the more new cases they're always going to find. [Alan chuckles.] Because these things are always around, these types of viruses are always there in particles, folks. That's the truth of it. That's why they picked something so ambiguous as particle testing and so on.  N-n.  All by design.


And yet folks still go and vote thinking they're going to change it all by voting the same corrupt people back in again, dynasties of them, dynasties.  [Alan chuckles.] It's just astonishing. 


Alexander Hamilton was right, you know, when he and Jefferson used to argue about the systems, and the best system.  Hamilton said that he preferred tyrants in the past and conquerors like Alexander the Great, folk who got things done again, you know, hhhch. He said isn't it better to have a royalty and the royal family, a king, rather than this idea of Congress, based in Rome. Rome was based on a Congress, you see, and the Senate as well.  But isn't it better, he said, to have, because after all if you’ve got a royal family, you've only got the royal family and a few members to support in a life of luxury.  But if you get a parliamentary Congress, he said, now you might have hundreds, maybe even thousands of people all demanding to be kept on a higher level, bigger than the population that's supporting them, a higher standard of living. And that's the truth of it. They're all like royalty, aren't they? That's… They're all, really, come on, they really are. And with the psychopathic system, it's mainly the psychopaths who go into politics anyway.


So you've got to start taking care of yourselves and each other for the long haul. It's so important. And you'll get through it all right as long as you do keep your head, as they say, keep the heed they say in Scotland, keep your heed… and don't lose it, and you’ll get through. Step-by-step, that's how you get through things, step-by-step. You can work towards it, and hope, hope, we can all live in hope or even pray that the evil will fall apart.


But evil won't fall apart if the society itself is evil. You tolerate more evil the more evil society is, the more corrupt society is.  That's what they say about corruption in politics and so on, what was your level of tolerance?  And they say the level of tolerance in society of corruption is, depends on how corrupt the people down below are too themselves. Unfortunately the corruption is exacerbated right down to the bottom levels because of the humanistic society we've been brought into, the materialistic humanistic society.  Plus the brainwashing where everybody's had to be scientific as opposed to human.  That's the truth of it.


So for myself again, I'm Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada. Please donate to me. Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Buy the books and discs. See how to do it @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Hopefully that will keep me ticking along.


So for myself where winter is almost here in Northern Ontario, I'm Alan Watt, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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