Oct. 18, 2020 (#1799)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

"Psyop War uses Demonic Technique,

Obscuring the Path You can Seek,

System's Science Places Reliance

On Fear and Terror for Compliance,

Fathers Fought to Get Off Knees,

No Servile Bowing, Nobles to Please,

The System of Fake Money Loaned

Does Not Mean that You are Owned,

The Eternal Battle Has as its Goal

Submission of Body Erasure of Soul,

Forget the Crowd, Forget the WE,

This War's on the Individual, See,

The Choice Now is Yours to Decide,

Lifelong Monitoring, Nowhere to Hide."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 18, 2020.  I hope you’re all hanging in there as we go through, well, we’re actually down the throat, not just into the mouth of madness but down the throat of it too, and we’re somewhere way down low where we’d rather not be obviously.  Mind you, we might get expelled on the other end and then you have freedom again.


Because we’re going through incredible times, preplanned agendas that took years and years to plan all this, you know. It’s interesting even to come across writers who are catching on now, who weren’t in part of the game you might say.  Now they’ve caught on that this is, hhhch, this was designed years ago this whole agenda. Governments don’t come out with unified agreements in such detail for implementation just like that. Governments take years to implement anything. Except taxing you, you know, they can always adjust your taxes and rob you as they always have done.


We’re going through an amazing agenda. It goes way back, way back, many, many, many, many years. In fact, they came out rather openly, more openly in the 1970s. I’ve mentioned this before with the Club of Rome and The First Global Revolution, a book they came out with, the big, big massive think tank that works on behalf of the true globalists and the United Nations as well. You’ve got to understand, the world is not run by your politicians. It really isn’t. They can hire these politicians a dime a dozen because they’re psychopaths. They have histories, not pleasant histories generally too, they’re all blackmailable, and they’ll all do anything they’re told to appease their masters, and their paymasters ultimately. And it’s not the public that they serve.  That’s the truth of it.  That is the truth of it.


When you realize, and it’s not just recently either, it’s been this way for an awful, awful long time, you know, you can’t go through history without shaking your head, until it’s ready to fall off, you know.  (That must be Covid.)  But the thing is, you keep stumbling across these incredible admissions that are in records, governmental records, from different countries, that really… I mean, you understand, you’re going through a whole lockdown of the whole planet pretty well.  All unified. As they say, lockstep, from the Rockefeller plan in 2010, they mentioned that term.  But it was much older than that. You’ve seen it before, you don’t realize you seen these things before.  Because you weren’t alive then.  [Alan chuckles.]  Maybe.  [Alan laughing.]  Maybe some of you are lucky enough to be well over 100.  


But when you look at the huge agendas of change on the world, in power plays, and treaties that bound countries together so that they go to work collectively against other potential enemies... They might’ve been the friends yesterday, but they might have discovered gold on their land or something, so the Allied nations would go and invade them to make sure they didn’t squander the gold, you know, inappropriately.  That’s the kind of things that history is really made up of, you know. The history of England is interesting, like most countries, it’s interesting. When you look at the machinations that went on in history, they call it the Dark Ages at one point. A bad name indeed.  What they tried to say is that not much happened for a long time. Well, lots of things happened for over many, many centuries in England in Britain. It wasn’t dark at all, you know.


You’ll find that the monasteries at one point had a big, big say across the whole of Europe. They brought some kind of order in. Because people were pretty barbaric at times. They didn’t have a unified code of ethics on anything. Never mind thou shalt not. You have definitely a kind of beginnings of a commercial structure. Again, using money. I’m not all for that either mind you but that’s the technique that came in with really the Normans big time, was more so this use of money.  Taxation came along with it. There was always feuding that went on between the nobility and the religious orders. The religious orders did stand up for the people, you know, believe it or not they actually did.  That became a nuisance at times for nobility and kings.


So you never had a perfect peace on the planet. A big story to that too, that’s a completely different thing.  It’s a spiritual story. I’ve mentioned it before, and I won’t go into it in too much detail. But the fact is, this is the ‘middle plane’ as they used to call it.  The earth, you see. The earth.  Above you have spirit. But which also combines on the earth. Then you have matter itself, which is the world of matter. The two are always in conflict, you see.  It’s the same with you as a person. You’re composed of two different elements. Maybe most of you anyway, I don’t know, hhhch, about all of you. But the fact is you always have this thing inside you that you know there’s something bigger than just all this. And you hope there is. Because look around you. Look around you, eh.


All you get dished out by the system are professors and doctors of this and doctors of that to guide you, etc. As time goes on they use more tax money to train more of these professors and doctors of all kinds and put up their commercial system of universities, that serves an elite.  That’s well established over many centuries.  Then, are you really surprised about the mess you’re in? Because every mess that’s created by their sciences, you are the product too, you would make money for the solutions to the problem that they claim is there. They make money off of you like a giant herd, eh.  That’s how they talk about you, for goodness sake, you know. That’s the world of money and matter, you see. Even the word mother partly derives from the same root, moter, mother, is matter.  You’re born from matter in a sense. 


So that’s always your battle. In the world of pure matter, survival of the fittest as the Darwinians like to call it, has always been paramount, even before Darwin came along to reiterate the same phrase.  [Alan chuckles.]  Because the nobility always talked about bluebloods, and the rest of you, and there were villains and vermin, etc. And peasants. You were slaves, you know, serf was just another word for slave, a form of slavery. 


The world of matter, you’re trained in the world of matter. More so through the 20th century and really speeding up to the 21st century we’re in now, of, they teach you to worshiped those with the most coinage you might say. That’s all you’ll see about celebrities, you know, of all kinds. They have a massive machine that creates stars from musicians to whatever, actor, actresses, and also stars of science now. They give you these front people and say, oh these are geniuses. Like the Carl Sagan thing, it was meant to influence a lot of folk’s minds. They present them and really produce their shows for them, and they make them stars. And you will follow the stars. So their opinions become yours because you’re just a silly little surf, and they’re obviously a genius according to all the newspapers.


You never catch on. You really never catch on. Most folk never catch on to the system that they’re living in. It’s sad. That’s terribly, terribly sad. They want, there’s a truism that a lot of people want to grovel towards what they think are their betters. They’ll make themselves subservient to them. I’ve mentioned it before with the book that was put out on the Rockefellers, as an example. It’s an interesting book, it’s factual, and the history of the family.  How old man Rockefeller, they don’t go in too deeply about all the scams that they did to get their money because they were monopolists. The system you live under, the Rockefeller family is one part of a collection of families, or monopoly. They don’t believe in sharing wealth. They don’t believe, either, that you should have too much of it. They want to control the means of survival for everybody on the planet. That’s food, all energy systems, and food comes into energy of course, and transportation. Everything it is to be under their domain. That hasn’t changed.


It’s the same group by the way, this massive monopoly of certain families, that run what’s called this new world order, you know. The plan has never changed. I’ve talked about the British side of it with the Lord Alfred Milner group that really helped set up the latter part of the British Empire and they ran it, and their members ran it. They talked about creating wars to advance their agenda. Of course they already had, once they had wars going they sent their own members in to take over the resources of the countries which they vanquished. Again, they had their false flag systems. They literally created the Boer War and blamed the Boers for it. It was all set up, the Jamison raid.  It's explained by Carol Quigley who did a lot of the, he got access to the historical records of the CFR/RIIA that was the next stage of the Milner group and the kindergarten.


However, it hasn't changed. They don't believe, old Rockefeller believed that competition was a sin. He was literally annihilating everybody else that was trying to enter the energy business of oil and gas.  Even kerosene for instance. Everything that you needed for light or heat and so on, he was taking over. It was a religious, he really meant it, that competition is a sin. You've got to understand they have a certain particular religion, these characters, eh.  They're put on the planet to dominate everybody else that doesn't have the common sense to wisen up and see it for what it all is. You really don't have much of a chance under this system. 


What you're living through today is the next part of the agenda. They've been hammering you for years when they hit upon the climate scam, remember. I've gone through these talks. I noticed there's a Dr Coleman, he's one of the guys who in the last few years, or recently, hhhch, has caught up to the old talks I and others have done years and years ago on this agenda. I think he's using some of it too from my archives. But he's seeing some of it. It took years and years to set up, as I say. But it's not just this part of the system. I'm saying, this is a continuation of a long-term agenda.


He did talk about the talks I gave years ago on the Club of Rome and what they said they were tasked to do as a think tank, a massive think tank. Now, don't forget who the members of the Club of Rome are. It's the same members that gave you The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich and so on.  His wife was also a founding member on the board of the Club of Rome. It's a small world when you get down to it, you see who manages so many different think tanks and aspects of the same big agenda. They also had the coming Ice Age years ago before that too, then the global warming scam. It's all a continuation of how to terrify the public to give up your rights. That's what the Club of Rome said they were tasked with, to find something, some excuse where the folk would see it as almost reasonable to give up all their rights to be guided by the elites into basically, which is really a depopulation agenda now under the guise of sustainability.  Because they said that man would be the enemy and that would fit the bill, plagues, famines and droughts and so on. Meaning, man-made, anthropogenic, right, that would fit the bill. So, man would be the enemy. And that's what you've been hammered with for years and years, from all…


...and this conglomeration, this conglomerate media associations that own all the different information, that are all on board with the same agenda, hammering you for years and years and years, it's all your fault, yada, yada, ya.  They couldn't get us to just stop eating and stop purchasing things and so on.  So bang, you get the Covid.  That was planned, obviously plan B that was set up years and years ago to fulfill the big task of bringing in sustainability and austerity, you see. Austerity. When you go into the global reset and the fourth global revolution, it's spelled out for you in black-and-white what I'm talking about. For sustainability, and you've got to go into less consuming. Eventually of course they want to, as I've said for years, eliminate high-protein diets, like any kind of meat eventually. For the general masses, not for the elite.


So you're living through a huge agenda.  Remembering too that there's a generation out, a lot of them in the streets actually, who are so skinny, but they literally are, they’re activists for Extinction Rebellion, been trained through their college, even from the early schooling, to be radicals for this, you see.  They don't know that, they don't know they were trained deliberately with their minds poisoned so they can never, there'll be no debate EVER with them on anything.  Because they're indoctrinated. This is what you get when you get indoctrinate children, they become indoctrinated adults. And they become terribly dangerous because they can become homicidal, and that's what you use for revolutions. And all revolutions as far as I'm concerned are run by the same select group at the top across the world.


Now, I've said too that you couldn't have this sudden, the BLM protest at the same time with Antifa, going around threatening folk in the streets.  And no one is coming to the rescue of the ordinary citizenry at all.  You've got mayors calling them off. They’re well-paid and funded and they’re put in their place by the same characters who are bringing you the world austerity you're going into, and the world lockdowns by the way.  A small group runs the world really.


The answer is not just to keep fighting the facts. Because facts don't matter. I gave these talks, I gave the new normal talks back in the 90s, that they would give you new normals.  Everybody has picked up on that one.  I explained to them that they always give you new normals. It was on a show that I was on, and I came out with it. I was on international radio at the time.  I talked about new normals, how it had been used before, but I used the term, and I wrote a poem about it as well. That's how they do it, they give you new normals, which are new realities, you see, and any reality becomes normal after a little while. 


I was thinking about that, and I thought about all these folks that are, yeah, you've got all the paid protesters, the leaders who get pension plans and the whole thing by the way for doing what they're doing because they work for big foundations and intelligence agencies. The followers don't know.  But you definitely do have a written off generation. Again, we've been through the generations, Ys all the way to Z and so on, written off in a post-, uh, hhhch, working society. They have to be given universal basic credits, for little while mind you, a basic income for little while. But not forever. Because you're supposed to go down the tube. And you’re supposed to eventually, I'm not kidding you, this is like Logan's Run, but you're supposed to eventually start, and you'll see it, you're going to see people volunteering within the next 15 to 20 years, youngsters, for euthanasia, to save the world.  We've already had, I remember giving the talk many years ago, I says you'll shortly see youngsters coming out and saying they'd like to be sterilized. I said, we've already had that happen.  But now it's the next step of that, you see that happening.  No doubt about it.


Because you can indoctrinate the youth.  By incredible techniques today, they're so well understood and well perfected, the techniques of indoctrination, they can literally wrap your emotions around in like a spiral until you'll be delighted to help the world.  And get your photographs, maybe even interviews in the newspaper before your sacrifice in some way or another. You see, everything that's happened has happened in eons gone by with sacrifices, king for a day. King for a day is awfully important, folks, because those who rule the world have much more inside of them then you'd imagine. You certainly wouldn't like what's in them if you really understood it.


It isn't just psychopathy. It's the symptoms of psychopathy, I've mentioned this before. I've also mentioned, if you go into psychopathy and you line up the signs and symptoms, you could also get the similar signs and symptoms of someone who's possessed, to a certain extent, into different kinds of possession, you understand, and harassment. But when you get real possession, and when you get perfect possession, they won't act out as though they're just going to scream and do crazy things and so on. That can happen too. They can be very calm in fact and very powerful. At the same time they can stand back and help not just plan wars but order wars and slaughters across the world.  They will validate what they're doing in almost scientific terms of necessity, you see.


They are very believable, and that’s the technique of the psychopath, their believability.  Great manipulators. Often, they’re likable too. It can be hard to hate a psychopath.  Even one who has decided to have wars, which you will do the fighting for and the dying for, and the folk on the other end of it will be dying too.  But they’re quite calm about it. The Kissinger type jumps to my mind and others of his ilk as well.  The late Brzezinski too.  They're definitely, these characters are definitely... There's something beyond just simple psychopathy there. As far as I'm concerned. That's my opinion.


But when you're close to some of these people, you sense it. It is, you know, you'll sense something other, otherworldly about them.  It's, to me it's physically tangible. And I can't even live in cities because of the neurotic energy that I sense in the cities, you know. The only time I can get peace in a city is in the middle of the night when most folk are sleeping.  You feel that it's more of a calmness that sets in, a different brainwave or something.  But me, I personally can't live in the city because, and I won't live in the city because of the madness in it.


Cities really have a long history in the occult as to why they're there in fact and what they serve. Even the folk who don't, hhhch, who live in them often don't know it themselves. When you're caught in something like a whirlpool you don't realize it at times until it's too late. That's what cities are, they're magnets. They're, again, neon lights that attract the moths, you know. You're the moth and you get attracted to the light.  For a while you'll be hypnotized by it and think it's wonderful and so on. Until you realize now you're caught and trapped.  Because your rent will be atrociously high and you've got to work at some awful job, or maybe a few jobs to try and get the money to pay it.  And you can't even save up to get out of it eventually. So it's a big trap.


I was thinking about that too, as a whole other side of the occult too, this city idea goes back thousands of years. I've mentioned this years ago too when I did the old talks about Cain,  you know.  Cain.  Again, a rebel. And what Cain symbolized. There's a lot of characters in the Bible symbolize not just people but, really, um, techniques, states of being, that will repeat itself over and over.  But Cain, you have Cain literally was condemned for killing his brother. You have this odd conversation in the Bible where God asks Cain, where's your brother? And he says, am I my brother's keeper?  There's so much more to that little statement too, of what it really signifies. 


Because the system we're in is an evil system. I have no doubt about it. This system of the pure, the material world [Alan chuckles.] that you're sunk into, and you're taught to worship though the richest on the planet, they make them stars and celebrities, and folk will grovel in front of them.  Just like I mentioned before, Rockefeller, after he had the militias turn on the strikers in their tents and machine-gunned them, families, when the miners were striking he had them… He got a bad name and so he employed early public relations experts, that knew, by the way, Bernays. They knew each other, and one of them became Prime Minister of Canada eventually, that was his reward. They really made Rockefeller out to be a benevolent character, who went around the miners to help.  He went around, with publicity campaigns, to some of the miners houses, to the shacks they lived in, and sympathized with them.  The author said, it's so sad to see the ordinary people, who had been abused and a lot of them killed, with the relatives and so on, groveling.  They kowtow, like they doff-the-hat type thing, they feel humble in front of this powerful wealthy guy that already… That's the power of the personalities that they give to oversee the world. 


They're demons, these characters. That's what they are. 


There's no doubt about it, the public relations campaigns that they do can convince the people of anything. But people will, a lot of folk will kowtow to the, you should look them in the eye for goodness sake. You don't doff... It's like kneeling, all this kneeling stuff that they're trying to train you to do...  You don't kneel for any human being. It took us centuries to fight that, CENTURIES to get off our knees.  And so slickly you've been through it, the old guilt complex, that's got nothing to do with reality, that try to train you to get on the knees, you know. 


Don't get on your knees for any human being.  Hm. 


Ach.  It's so... Folk have no idea of the psychological warfare that's played on them. By teams and teams, like panels of experts. Huge think tanks dedicated to each part of this agenda. Not just the Covid idea with the SAGE group in Britain and their psy-op warriors that work with them. That's all been published by the groups in the SAGE group [Alan chuckles.] where they were taught, they were telling the media to intensify the fear, in their stories writing about Covid, to try to create, exacerbate anxiety in the public so they'll comply with orders. Can you believe that? And you've got to do it all again, back on your knees, okay massa, okay.


Folk have to redeem some dignity. At least some of them. Most won't. I gave these talks many, many years ago, that most folk literally will give up everything for security. Not just me, other people, Bill Cooper did it too, where they would give up freedom for security, and a lot of folk, he said, would love socialism. Because you don't have to think about anything. No big decisions to make because they're all made for you.


That of course is what the new world order, the whole world, for the global reset idea and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it's a cradle-to-grave monitoring system. You won't have a thought of your own pretty well.  Maybe the most you'll have is what movie to watch, that's about it.  Everything else will be made for you, where you can go, that day, how to get there, from your home to that place, will you be allowed to go out at all? Because you understand, the Covid is not supposed to ever go away. Bill Gates has already said, and others to follow.  What d’you think he means by that? 


This is your whole life under a form, and an excuse, by medical tyranny, that's the tyranny. It's a beautiful tyranny, really, isn't it?  Anything else, you know, the guns in the streets and the black uniforms, and the jackboots of Orwell's 1984, they don't even need that totally, at the moment. Because they've already got most of the folk complying. Just bring in people with white coats on.  What a cheap way to do it, eh.  At least it costs more money for the uniforms and the black outfits and the armaments. But people with cheap white uniforms, [Alan chuckles.] white coats on are going to tell you what you must do and how you must live?  Hm? Then they've got the psych experts too, and how to cope with it. And even then, they'll give them white, what's a white coat got to do with your brain?  [Alan laughing.] Unless they're opening it up, eh.


But this is the nonsense we're going through. Medical tyranny. It's really pretty beautiful. Again, I said before, it follows right along the agenda of Bertrand Russell when he talked about, if there's to be a tyranny, which he wanted, he wanted to eradicate the old system where folk could decide for themselves what they want to do, what they want to work at, etc. He belonged to the same groups that HG Wells belonged to.  That they said there's too many folk, you know, trying to start small businesses up and doing the same kind of work and compete. Well, that's what free enterprise really is about. They don't believe in that, you see. So Bertrand Russell said, you know, a tyranny is what we need, and if there's to be a tyranny, to make it all happen, he would much prefer it to be a scientific tyranny. So here you have it, eh.  You're all going to die.  You're all going to die, by something you can't see. Not only that, they can't see it either, the people who said you might have it. It's all, they've given you nice pictures of things, drawings, you know. They're awfully good at drawings.  [Alan chuckles.]   


I can remember when they were getting the AIDS pandemic going, the big scare many years ago.  They showed you ambulance workers stopping at road accidents and things, or folk collapsing in the streets for other reasons or whatever. But mainly road accidents.  You'd see the ambulance attendants back in, who are getting the same propaganda you're getting now with Covid, eh.  They were terrified to go near the people lying on the ground in road accidents. You'd see them almost [Alan laughing.] crawling [Alan laughing.] along the ground towards the person who was knocked down with cars, and they've got the gloves on and all the rest of it. Because at that time it was played up to be the most deadly disease ever, EVER - I was going to say invented, or created - but EVER developed by, hhhm, nature, and it really terrified everybody, eh. 


You saw wards at one time, very quickly, and folk who were dying. They were the early victims, were nothing like you seeing today. They were, from diagnosis to death it was generally about a year. It was like all the symptoms you would get with cancers, that's what it was like, so quick and awful. So many folks said it's a different thing that they had initially, you know. It was all kinds of accusations, well they were giving us all these free hepatitis shots and so on, experimental and that's what they claimed, to certain groups that came down with HIV.  That battle still goes on yet today but most folk have accepted now the official version. But back then the ambulance drivers and helpers were terrified of it. Because they didn't know if it was airborne, and someone, if the blood evaporating on the ground, they might breathe it in for goodness sake and get the disease. You know, that's how terror works on the mind until you're basically almost immobilized from helping other people, even if it's your job. We saw that with the Covid with the old folks homes in Montréal and different places. The staff fled eventually and left the patients. 


So that's what terror does. It's well understood by the medical authorities and those who run everything how effective it can be. An unseen disease.  I don't think they've given us a drawing yet though for Covid.  Oh, they have!  All you see is like these old sea lines used to get, and yes, they still use them, balls that would float in the sea, steel balls basically filled with it, packed with explosives.  And they had spikes all over the place sticking out of them.  These spikes were the detonators really, they would get driven in by the impact hitting a ship and they would ignite and boom, up goes the mine and the explosive and the ship. That's really where I think they got the idea for the Covid from, that same kind of idea. 


But they haven't, and they've given lots of, the same pictures, it's always the same kind of pictures that they've drawn about it.  They haven't shown you a real thing, but they've shown you the pictures that they've drawn about them. They have all these theories of how it works and so on. But with the HIV one, they literally said, oh, and they had top experts out, eh, and they says, oh yeah, we really suspect that this virus has the head of the bacterium and the body of a virus, or might have been vice versa.  But they showed you this picture, it was like something out of a horror movie, with eyes and everything.  [Alan laughing.]  That's what terrified the public into compliance, into the so-called safe sex things and so on that were going on. But that's what they do, they give you nice drawings. 


It's the same with all the different moon landings they showed you. I can remember watching one of them and one part of the craft was left going around the moon supposedly, and the rest of them went down in the little capsule part of it. Then that would blastoff, a segment, and go back up and reunite with the guy that was circling the moon and they would join together and go back to the earth and so on, that's how it was supposed to be. So they explained all this. Never mind the flag waving in the window, which shouldn't be there because there's no atmosphere on the moon.  But, facts don't matter when there's big agendas.


But you also saw the ship going in towards them and after it separated. And I thought, well, if that guy is still in orbit in the moon there in part of the craft, who's following them down with the camera? Because you saw they were following them right down, eh.  It was years later before they admitted it was a simulation. Well, why would you present it as real? [Alan laughing.] if you're giving us drawings and simulations?  [Alan laughing.] It's the greatest way to calm the public though, well, you know, it's to make them...


Make you what? You know? Why not just say, we can't follow it in because there is no one to follow it in.  Why lie to the public?  You understand, once they start lying you've got to start questioning everything. The same with the AIDS one, you know, with half virus and half bacteria. They gave you I think half the page in one of the daily tabloid papers in Britain.  [Alan chuckles.] So there's, you open the page and there's this big monster staring at you. This was the AIDS thing, you know, the thing that was going to devour the world. 


The World Health Organization, they had all these statistics, again, even then, eh.  I think that was before Neil Ferguson came out with his computer systems and that. Maybe not. Maybe it was on the go then too. But they had it worked out, the percentages of folk who would get it by the year, until literally about half the planet, maybe three quarters of the planet would get it and maybe even perish from it by the year 2000, eh.  But yeah, so there's nothing new under the sun.  The techniques to terrify you are awfully good.


So they studied that. They did all these, for years and years they kept putting out circular little studies and, would you fill this in? Are you terrified of ever catching this or that? What do you think about it? What's your opinion of it? Or yada, yada, ya, you know.  So they can actually judge your stress level. It's much better now with computers. They get instant feedback from people all the time, who are quite happy to fill in and check off boxes for every possible reason.  They don't even know who it's from most of the time, they just do it. I guess they're trained already.  So they can get an idea of how well something is working in any terror campaign.


When you understand psychological warfare, you've got to understand that's how you really are ruled. That's how you've always been ruled. You've got to understand too there's other things, hhhch, forget the people in the streets who are furious and some of them are unhinged, yeah. But there's also a generation getting written off here… because the factories were given off to China by the politicians that are bringing in the Covid lockdowns. It's the same groups and same descendants of the same families by the way that are still in charge of everything, like 40 year periods, 50 year periods. 


So they're going to give you a lockdown. They've written off a generation.  They're going to give them a universal basic income. There's no mobility allowed anymore anyway, for them. Once you're on that income, that's you, finished, you know. Certain minorities will get certain benefits or can climb the ladder or get priorities in universities and stuff like that. But for the rest, you're written off already. So you've got to understand there's definitely more to this unhappiness than just BLM or Antifa.  And the Antifa groups too, the fronts, as you well know, are the great-grandchildren and the great-great-grandchildren of revolutionaries. But the rest of the folk who follow are really discontented people, the ordinary folk, you know, they're just full of rage and fury because they have been written off.


I was thinking about that too, this right-wing/left-wing nonsense that they give you in most countries. That was always meant to stop revolutions because all sides are corrupt. You vote, you're not voting in new people because you like them. It's because you're so sick of the last lot you voted for, that obviously proved their corruption.  That's why the folk, that's a great way to stop revolutions from happening every five years or so, just vote somebody else in.


And yet for years now, years and years and years it's been like, they give them two terms.  That's Britain and here and everywhere else, it's almost like it's customary now.  It saves a lot of time and money to go through the predictable elections.  And it doesn't really matter so much when they're putting the same folk in for two terms. It saves them retraining another coterie around them that work with them. It's much more efficient for them. Everything's about efficiency on behalf of those that rule and own you. And they talk quite openly about owning you, all the big rich folk on the planet.  That again, are presented as somehow stars that have the right to decide how you're going to live… because they're rich, you see, that's it.


I mean, do you think Bezos and all these characters, do you get a chance to vote for them on anything?  Hm?  Any of them? No. Of course you don't.  So why are you accepting all of this? Why are you accepting that United Nations that you can't vote for either? Your parents didn't get to vote for them to get them in.  You grandparents didn't get to vote for the United Nations or the League of Nations, you know. So don't even, why even go along with something that's got nothing, no democracy of any kind involved in it?  Hm?  Why on earth would you go along with something like this?


Forget these massive publicity campaigns and public relations as they tell you how wonderful it is and all the wonderful things that they're doing. Don't kid yourself, they've...  Hhhch, you can get the greatest tyrants in history nowadays, that you've ever seen before in history, dressed up in suits and ties or women's business outfits and so on, managing your lives at the United Nations. They are evil corrupt stods – I’m being awfully polite here – but terribly, terribly corrupt. And they know what they're doing.  They know their whole job is to con the public of the whole planet into a global system of sustainability, on behalf of those who really put their money in their pockets at the top. The WHO as well, I mean, a good chunk of the WHO is owned by Bill Gates.  Small coterie really when you look around you.


Again, back to the moon, you know, there's the moon and that's what they pulled off then.  And as a child, lots of the children saw that coming out, and said well for goodness sake, they're supposed to jump around like kangaroos on the moon. They could jump over each other because you'd be 1/6th of the weight they said on planet Earth. They showed you the few pounds that the suits weighed.  They were maybe bulky but they were awfully light so you wouldn't get hampered with the suit. Well, no, these folk were not jumping high at all, you know. They said if you were to hit a golf ball on the moon it would just go sailing away out of sight, you know, it would be miles away maybe before it landed.  That didn't happen either.


But facts don't matter when there's big agendas. But look at the money and... The whole world sat and, you know, sat up to watch the moon landing. And the preparation for it took months and months.  I think in Britain they had the head of the observatory for the Royal Observatory there too.  Was is Moore I think his name was, was is Patrick Moore, even he asked pertinent questions when eventually Britain, it was a few years before they got to see the guys that went to the moon. He asked them pertinent questions, and they couldn't answer them either. Like, why wasn't there any stars and things, you know?  Ftt.  Just little things that...  [Alan laughing.]   


But anyway, this is what you're ruled with, eh, this is what you're ruled with.  At the same time too as they're lauding this moon thing, they're teaching children to go under desks in schools, so that they'll grow up in this sort of fear, but their governments are taking care of them.  If those bad guys want to blow you away to smithereens, your guys are going to tax your parents, big time, to get better missiles to blow them out of the planet, and then you'd all go up in smoke. But at least you have the satisfaction that the whole planet was gone, you know, that made a lot of sense.


But that's what they kept folk going with for years.  Generations grew up with that too.  Psychiatrist made a fortune, and therapist, you know, come in and tell us your problems.  All these folk would come in there.  They even had little groups, grief groups, before anything happened, in case everybody got blown up. I was wondering what would happen if we all got blown up tonight.  I had the same thought. And they would share their experiences. They don't pass information, they share things, you know, very communistic. But that's the world that you're brought up in. And you’re taught that this is normal.


I mentioned before the movie called Threads in Britain. It was a documentary came along with it where they interviewed the guys that were in charge of not just the military but the police for the whole of Britain, and what they would do during...  And they said, we'll follow this to the letter, just like the movie, and shoot folk in the streets if you were out there looking for food. And this after a nuclear war, if it ever happened, eh.  Again, you’re taught that that's normal. Are you getting the picture here? 


Government in a sense exists to supposedly stabilize into a system the chaos around that you have without government. Long, long ago it lost any pretense of that when they went into overlords, you see.  Once you have overlords, then the greatest way to do it, or not just bring peace and security inside the nation, is to, oh, look, there's folk over there, they're going to slaughter you unless we're here to defend you and save you. So off comes the tax money again, you've got whole tiers of bureaucrats in uniform and outside of uniform all working for military organizations and so on.


Then they have psychologists because you've got to have the mind control guys in and behaviorists and neuroscientists, and how can you use them to keep the public being more efficiently working towards you, the system that you are designing, and the changes you are bringing in too, without it falling apart. So they do their best to make sure they can manipulate the minds of the public, without the public being aware that they're being brainwashed and manipulated. We've had that our whole lives long and so did your parents before you too and then grandparents.


It's so amazing when you go in, as I say, to Bernays. This guy that they wrote, they made HIM a star, you know, Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud.  Who supposedly used his uncle's techniques of understanding the subconscious, almost the unconscious, the subconscious drives, the things that drive you that you're not really aware of and all that, and harness them into advertising and techniques to make you...  Remember, what you're getting, wellness, you know, how is your wellness today? Oh I don't know. That all comes from the same techniques that Bernays was into as well, and Freud, etc. where they would replace real happiness or contentment... Contentment is a more realistic term that you should strive for. You'll never get fully content, but the thing is, you have contentment is better than being manically happy all the time and on pills. Because they try to say that if you're not laughing and out playing and having lots of sex then there's something wrong with you. 


They've trained a whole generation, actually two generations that that was the normal. All from Freud's nonsense. Even though Freud said he was there to destroy the system and destroy society, coming in on the boat to New York.  Folk don't even know the story behind that. But anyway, he really meant it. Bernays, there's Bernays, the nephew, and Freud again had the Oedipus complex, but it wasn't so much his mommy he was into, it was, it was Bernays' wife.  [Alan chuckles.] Hhhhh, but anyway it's all in the family with these characters.


You'll find that Bernays used, he became an advisor to governments.  Not just one, maybe a few different presidents.  He actually used governments to his own advantage.  The even set up a company, a film company, like Pathe News that was shown in the cinemas warning about the terrible dangers of communism taking over in one of the Latin American countries. I don't know if it was Venezuela or where it was. It was with the Great American Fruit company that was stationed, a big US or New York company.  The company had voted in a president, and Bernays and all the shareholders were worried, you see, oh my goodness, they might, nationalized the company and start, starting to keep money for themselves for the country, for goodness sake. You can't have that. So they used the US, they got the US military to go in and overthrow the president that had been elected. That was years ago. That's what he did. The public didn't mind because they had seen on the different newscasts that he had made, preparing their minds for it, well, yeah, they've got guys over there overthrowing communism. It wasn't communists. It was just that the people wanted more of a share in keeping some of the money from their produce in their own country.  [Alan laughing.]   


Anyway, that was Bernays. He was so effective at it that President Wilson that said he got elected when he said he'd never bring America into the world war, the first, the great war that was on the go.  Because he lied naturally because that's why they pick these guys. But Bernays was appointed to find ways to gradually persuade Americans to be all for the war. It took them a few years, but he came out with a book and different things and massive propaganda campaign about the terrible Huns. The same old stuff they used in Britain.  The same kind of stuff actually with them bayonetting children and all that stuff, that they used for Serbia years and years later, and Bosnia.


So it's the same stuff.  Like Wag the Dog.  Always the same techniques, you see, to get the public, oh my, that's terrible, they can't get away with that and it must...  It was all to make sure that America would go into the war about 1917.  After three years of the American banks basically, mainly in New York [Alan chuckles.] financing all the war to make sure they'd all get their money back for the loans regardless of who apparently won. But America was to be the arbitrator of it, so they sent the American troops. This is all history, folks. This really happened this way. So much so that Bernays put a book out under Propaganda and ‘Public Relations’, that he renamed it public relations, it sounds better than propaganda, boasting about how he and teams of folk that were employed under him got America into World War I. That's how cocky they are, you know, the psychopaths. They love to boast, don't they?  But that's what you're living under.


People have grandparents that fought in World War I, you know, they're all dying off now. But yeah, these guys went off thinking they were going off to fight for the good of nations. Britain still doesn't know why it went really. At least the British folk don't know and so on.  There was definitely some stirring powers, you could see France on the border of Germany, sure. We know that Britain, or London, it's better to call it London, the City of London that ran the whole empire like a private business, really, knew that Germany was waaay ahead with the industrial, hhhch, their Industrial Revolution that was surpassing Britain. And that their workers were happier, they got paid more. They actually had pension plans then too for Germans, can you believe that, before World War I broke out even.  Then brought in a social credit systems too for welfare and all that. Britain was still called ‘the poor man of Europe’. There was nothing for the peasants in Britain. It showed in the work and so on, it went down the hill. Germany was out producing them.  So they wanted to rectify that problem. That's what they did, they got a war going with Germany. There's no doubt about it, that was a big part of it.


I've mentioned it too that there was a good musical, believe it or not, a musical kind of parody on World War I to show you that it was, a satire to show you the farce of the wars that you’re taught to honor, eh? Like World War I.  One was called Oh What A Lovely War.  It shows you in singsong form the outbreak of war, and it's hitting England, and then people are at the beach, it's all... it's around Brighton or somewhere.  They open up these recruitment offices, and they're all happy, singing these recruitment songs which literally were churned out by the propaganda machine from government. You always get this kind of stuff.


Today it's Hollywood in the States and no one left behind sort of movies and that kind of thing, getting youngsters all keen to go in.  But back then it was all songs, they churned out the songs and stage plays like you wouldn't believe.  Little ditty things, little hooks in them, little chorus type hooks so you'd start singing along with them. Right down to the kinds of shells that you would meet in the trenches that would go above your head, sounds of whizzing, like circular, almost like fireworks going up, and these ones were, had names like whizbang, things like that, and they named the songs after them.  It was all jolly good fun, don't you know? Everybody initially in the movie I think was called Smith and things like that. Because they were showing you that the ordinary folk were the folk mainly who are going in to get slaughtered.


It was, and you have to see satire and really, it gets, it meshes across much better than so-called poignant movies really that show you the emotions involved of the people involved and so on, but they never turn around to how ridiculous the whole thing is in the first place. In Oh What A Lovely War they actually had little scenes in it where you'll see the producers and the folk who have international investments in armaments and so on talking about some of their factories getting blown up in France.  Next thing when Germany, or Belgium and so on, and how they were putting lodges out, complaints in by their lawyers to the British government for blowing up their factories.  And they would get recompensed for it.  This is what wars are.  It's a massive business for goodness sake. Massive business.


I can remember after, but I think it was in the 80s maybe, they finally, or maybe the late 70s, but they finally agreed to recompense I think it was maybe a Ford or GM plant in Germany that got bombed by the British and the American air forces during the war, World War II.  The company eventually put in a lawsuit and they got recompensed for the loss of their factories, and the loss of the work that they would have produced if they had been still standing.  It's just astonishing what really goes on, folks.  This is reality here.


You're run by evil tyrants that employ the best minds.  As far as IQ levels go, it's nothing to do with intelligence really. There's a difference, I shouldn't say IQ.  I have met people, like con people at the bottom level who are as sharp as razors. They can see through any scam before you open your mouth. They can read YOU; a good con man will read you like a book. Because they're psychopaths. They don't have to work at it, it just comes to them. Like a gift. But if you’re, if there's nothing from you that they want they'll chat quite openly about what they do and how they do it.  If any topic comes up to do with politics, they can see right through scams and how to get more welfare money. They can reel off laws and regulations that you've never even heard of.  But when it comes to any academia, no.  No.  So they wouldn't, you wouldn't say they...  It's a kind of strange parallel intelligence. It's a different type of intelligence you might say. It's almost got an intellect of a predator... of a snake that's going around looking for mice or rats to swallow or something like that. It's got that kind of intelligence. That's what it's like, because they are predators, you see. 


They do awfully well for themselves.  But then when you meet the ones at the top that sit and do the planning for these wars...  I mean, look at the PNAC group that gave you a list of countries that they wanted to be taken out, and in the 1990s, before they had their Pearl Harbor event which they said they would need to get the American support behind them. Then bingo, 9/11 comes along. You can't make this stuff up. You're taught to believe in coincidence theories.  Oh, it's just a coincidence that they made up these lists, and published it twice, and had sworn an oath to do it and all that. Then they got their wish and got American public support behind them.  It's just a coincidence.


It's the same thing with your Covid 19, you know. They said at the meeting, it was like the final switch to turn on Covid at last year's summit Conference of Parties for the climate change groups. It's the same groups behind that too, the richest folk on the planet. The same folk at the World Economic Forum. It's all the same people.  They said, the people aren't listening to us and they're not going to cut back on everything and they're not going to reduce their populations voluntarily, etc., so we've got to do something more drastic, they said. Well bingo.  Before the year is actually out, out comes Covid 19, eh.  They called it the Wuhan virus initially, you know, and you had about four different name changes before they settled on Covid 19, coronavirus 19.  And some of them say Covid/SARS virus, Covid SARS virus, mmm.  Astonishing, eh? 


But anyway, they give you nice drawings, nice drawings of these mines, these floating mines of the air rather than the sea, and pretty colors on them too. You'd swear they're made of wool, wouldn't you, eh.  I’m surprised, I wonder if they're making them like wool balls like that now and selling them for the children to make sure they grow up terrified of them as well? But this is what runs you, this is what runs your lives. You don't know it. You don't know your whole life is, you're in a movie. You really are, it's like you're in a movie and you'll all get faced or presented with challenges that you think, and you will all come to the conclusion, or most of you will, I think it's 97% of the folk all go along with the agendas, regardless, you know. But they'll come to conclusions that it just happens by coincidence. Oh, another crash came in 2008, oh my goodness it just, uhhhhh, you know. 


I was giving the talks long before that, the bankers always crash you and loot you at least twice a century, you know, on a big scale and minor ones in between.  But there's a big one, 2007/8. And like everything else, hhhch, nevermind the stuff around 9/11, I won't even go into that to do with insurance with the buildings and for the company... Remember all stocks in the airplane companies literally drastically changed the day before the bombings and stuff, eh.  Never mind the folk that didn't turn up for work that day. Nevermind all these inconvenient facts, you know, facts don't matter.  Same kind of thing. 


That's a reality with the Covid thing as well, you see, facts don't matter. So it doesn't matter that the elite already said, they're not, the peasants aren't listening to us, you know, they're still breeding, and they're still wanting to consume and have new cars and things and have decent transportation and cheap gasoline. And they're still driving those terrible gasoline cars for goodness sake, that won't take Mr. so-and-so's electric ones, which are twice the price and don't last that long, because the batteries cost half the price of your car, a new car.  But inconvenient facts, eh?


So bingo, Covid breaks out, eh? Then after it all, it comes out from official sources where it came from.  We find out where a coronavirus was given to that lab over yonder to continue with gain of function to make it more virulent and deadly.  Hhhch.  By the same characters that are telling you now to wear facemasks and you're not going to get out of your houses without an immunity passport.  You can't make this stuff up, folks.


Obedience to authority, eh.  M-m-m.  Isn't it astonishing? Isn't it astonishing, eh? You could shoot holes through all the excuses you've been given, that even contradict themselves from the same sources. Don't wear masks, you don't need them.  And then the same characters are telling you you'd better wear a mask or you can get fined.  Hm?  Then the same sources again with, well it doesn't make any difference, it tells you on the package it won't stop Covid.  [Alan laughing.]   


Facts don't matter. Big agenda.  They've told us, the world is never to be the same. And now they're telling you they really mean it. Well, Gates said it, well, it's not just this one, he says, it's the next one.  Oooohh, yeah.  It's to be their whole, forever...  Again, the coincidence, the big 5G, massive drive for that. It didn't happen by itself, and their smart cities and Bloomberg and all the rest of these characters involved in them. The rich men in the world, eh, conspiring against their own people, that's from the Bible.  [Alan laughing.]  


Yeah, smart cities and the Internet of Things. Now you have the excuse for it all. Well, you see, you've got to have total lockdown, all these apps to monitor you, to make sure you're where you're supposed to be, in your own house locked up.  And you're 6 feet apart from the person that you're married... well, I don't know if you're married or not but, you're with in the home, eh.  In the home. I guess now you've got to get beds that are going to be, maybe even bunkbeds that will be, so one will be 6 feet higher than the other, eh. Mind you, breath might rise or just... oh!  Ftt, all these technical details to work out.


But the fact is, you're all getting brainwashed into a whole new way of living using terror, once again.  The terror of war. The terror of total bankruptcy. Starvation. All the things that come out of real wars are being folded up into Covid 19.  And food is going to run out because, ha, they want to bring you to your knees, folks. Like any major world war, because it's to bring a global system in. 


The globalists were unhappy with the countries wanting to break away from these conglomerates like the European Union. Terribly unhappy about it. They didn't get their completely unified Americas yet. The same CFR group that drafted up and boasted about it, we drafted up the plans for America and Canada, you know, the US, Canada and Mexico and other countries to join into.  They haven't got it all. They haven't got their Parliament like they got for the European Union. They haven't got one officially set up for the Americas yet.


Because there's resistance again. So bingo, the same globalists that want to run the world and everybody in it, it's their right you understand, they're taught, their children are taught, this is their right to rule the world. They don't get brought up reading the same newspapers you do. Or news sites. Listen son, this is how the world really works, you know, we've been running the world for an awful long time and these folks don't know it yet.  They're children, you know, that's how they talk about us, we're children, you see, because we're ignorant. And it's their right to rule the world, you know.


I think once there was a documentary out, a documentary called The 1%. I think it was made by the heir of Johnson & Johnson. It was a good documentary, about 2006 or so.  He went into some of the families, rich families there, touched on Warren Buffett and others as well. It's interesting to go through, hhhch, see things from their point of view and from their perspective. It was interesting because they were talking about, he wasn't for all the things that his family, and the family's wealth are into. What was interesting, they showed you all these money investment managers that goes around these big families.  They are more powerful than the families because they get the investment money from all the different, they advised these people to sign on to them, they decide where the investments go. There can be billions of dollars and billions of dollars per week literally from the stacks of families and they decide where that money is going. Into countries, out of countries. They can collapse countries; they can build countries up. That was, there was a side effect of the documentary, it wasn't really meant to be about that but that's what came across. Quite fascinating. I don't know if it's still up there or not, I might try and find it.


It shows you how there's no… And they kept knocking down the son as he's trying to bring up some valid questions about the damage they might be doing to societies and peoples. It doesn't go well with your game of croquet, you know, and hhhhh, your drinky-poohs in the afternoon.  It doesn't go well, you know, with your butlers and your maids, you know, hovering around and everything is spotlessly clean.  This is the system that runs the world. This is worldwide, and they want a world government.  They want to eradicate individuality. That's what they said over and over. The United Nations, I've read their documents on the air when I was on the radio for years.  I read their documents where they kept saying over and over, the greatest enemy, the greatest enemy to world peace is individuality and individualism.  Hm?


And they're just a front for the elite.  So you won't be individuals anymore. You'll be all standardized peas in a pod with the same opinions on every darn topic! And if you don't have the same opinions that's authorized, you'll be penalized, your social credit system, and you won't in a digital economy, you'll be literally cut off until you get, until you will get on your knees to your masters and beg to be brought back in. That's what, I really mean this is where they're going with it all.


Look at the newspaper articles or the news sites articles, they used to be called newspapers, they're all on board with this agenda.  Oh yes, and they are all praising YouTube for banning folk who had any contrary opinion on the Covid. Including virologists, epidemiologists and doctors and everybody that's working with it talking about it being a scam. They're all getting banned. If you print their stuff you get banned as well. There's democracy in action!


This is the future that you're looking at here, dictatorial tyranny here.  No other opinions allowed. This is, hhhch... ho, this is whooooah folks, you'd better get active very quickly here and start using that NO word that I talked about in the late 90s.  The smallest word in the English language, I said, that’s so omitted all the time. I gave a whole talk on it. I see someone else reiterated it and took it all recently.  But you've got to relearn that word and say NO.  I gave the reasons why. I says, you know, you've been trained to be compliant, to be nice, to everything.  Oh yeah, okay, okay, yes.  Y'know?  Start to say NO.


You'll see them getting thrown off guard when you start saying no. I'm talking about officials of authority.  They're not used to people saying no to them.  Because we're so nice now, we're so, I don't want to cause a fuss, you know. You've got to start saying NO. Because then they have to start thinking, because they're not used to being, I might have to look in the rulebook here to see if you're allowed to say no then, you know.  [Alan laughing.]   


Well go ahead and do it. You've got to start asserting your authority and your own, and it's true that old idea of sovereignty, you are technically sovereign unless you give your sovereignty away to somebody else. You are responsible for yourself.  Governments job is not there to save you from anything or do anything to you for that matter.


I've got one article here, I think… It’s an article, it's so amazing to watch, and I don't, I don't have any time for any of the politicians. I think that the whole thing is a stage play.  And there's no politician there for Americans, the average Americans. There's not. There's no such thing as a lesser of two evils, that's been playing it too. Because even Donald Trump, yeah, I haven't seen him talk against this tyranny, medical tyranny that wants to put untried vaccinations that alter the DNA of your epithelial lining permanently, I haven't heard him speaking out against it. To the contrary. He was all for backing Pharma and experimental medications and drugs and vaccines before he got into office the last time. That was in his speeches if you bother to listen to them.  He got backed by big Pharma.


There are no good sides here.  For the average person, there's no good sides at all.  One article they put in there was, well, can the military doctor that's really in charge of Trump dictate to the president like, you know...? And they came to the conclusion, he says, well you know the president’s got the right, like any... And here's the... I'll read it later when I find it because I don't prepare these talks at all really.  But he said something like, to paraphrase, he says, well the president like any other citizen has the right to decide what goes in or doesn't go into his own body.  Well, remember that phrase!  SO DO YOU.  Like any other citizen.  Hm?!  Are you getting the point here?


Remember, it's like firing a bullet. If you fire a bullet at something, once it's fired you can’t call it back. Are you getting the picture? Once they fire the shots into you, and wait to see what happens in a year or two years time or whatever, you can't call it back. You've done it.  It's a permanent thing. A permanent change in your tissue. It's a genetic alteration, this is a different kind of vaccine.  Which they admit to.


Do you realize they've given immunity to all these characters that are going to pump it into you? I gave the big PDFs from the governments, from Canada and the States and Britain – all pretty well identical too, [Alan chuckles.] obviously the same source – giving blanket immunity to any side effects including death, to any age group and anybody. M-hm.  That's something.


No, you can't go along with this kind of stuff that's absolutely... It's so...  Nevermind the fact that...  Hhhch.  I won't, you see there's no point anymore discussing and trying to argue the points of fact, because they don't care.  They don't care. This is an agenda for permanent lifelong lockdown and the control. Because they've already got a whole bunch of other vaccines you're going to have to take.  You see? And they don't want you just having the right to say, no I don't want that. Including the flu shots. And a whole bunch of boosters for it. And all kinds of different vaccines, vaccines you've never heard of before they want to put into you, for your whole life long.


They don't want you ever to go back to a life where... Don't forget, the smart cities are designed that you won't have to travel outside the city, folks. You won't have the cars to travel outside the city. Its main transportation is public transportation for all you fools. Agenda for the 21st century.  I noticed that Dr Coleman came out with it too, I've been pushing that for years and years.  It's the whole century that all the different 2030, these are all parts of it. But the whole century is spelled out, no private vehicles will be allowed, nonessential vehicles.  Eventually there's to be no private property. It will be owned by massive conglomerates, a conglomerate of selected property owners, landlords, massive ones though, ones who own big chunks of cities, you understand.


I remember looking too over the years during the big depression we've had leading up to 2008 and afterwards, and I know people in construction in the big cities in Chicago and different places. They're building big high-rise buildings all over the place. Again, where's the money coming from? I mean, it's not like business is booming or anything. These are, this is to accommodate all the folks that are going to come in from the rural areas. Because Agenda 21 is not going to have nonessential people outside the big cities.  Only selective corporate farms only, the big corporate groups. And that's how...


Why do you think the agenda for the 21st century, do you think that's just some sort of wish list for Santa Claus?  These characters are waay beyond, whenever they have massive teams working on things it's to, and they all sign onto it, they MEAN it, they MAKE it happen. You think the world's just stumbling down through time.  No.  They say it themselves, the future is always planned by them. Regardless of what you care to think about [Alan chuckles.] or believe.


Just to finish off a thought, to do with all of the generations getting written off.  All the factories, and all the related industries that went with the factories and supplied factories with all kinds of things, all gone, by design, under free trade to Mexico and China. I gave the talk on it, countless talks on it years ago. They knew they would turn you into a service economy where you would only import things and middlemen would pass them around until it would eventually get to the stores.  Now you don't even need stores so much, most folk are ordering things online. It's all planned that way. So a whole generation would have its workforce just written off.  We’ll give them stay at home money, you know.  Play money. Basic income. It's just basic, basic.  What do you think basic means? BASIC, you know.  Technically basic income is invalid income. Basic, you see.


In this system you either… It's like a... [Alan chuckles.] It's like an able seaman, hm?  Again, back to Cain and Abel in a sense.  But an able seaman has got all his limbs, that's like a Mason, same kind of thing, and he's fit and healthy and so on. He's passed as 'able' to perform the duties that he's tasked with, you see. If you're passed, then you're passed as 'valid'.  If anything goes wrong with you, you are now an 'in-valid', you're invalid you see.  This is where all these words come from.  You're written off. You're not a good producer for them. That's exactly what the United Nations said years ago, and I read that from their own writings and their own websites years ago when they declared that a good universal global citizen, and you can look this up, is someone who's a good producer and consumer. Once you're simply consuming, you see, as a pensioner, you're not producer, you're not a good citizen anymore. Are you getting the picture? Then in comes obviously what we're getting now is euthanasia.  [Alan chuckles.]  The planned society. You've had your good life now, do the decent thing and take this pill.


Everything I talk about is just repetition to me because a lot of the things, I've said it all before in great detail. Lots of folk now are using my articles from years and years ago. I wasn't guessing about it because I use their own information. Just like now, I use the information from the authorities themselves on their own vaccines and so on. It doesn't make any difference. You'll get banned just for repeating what they say, because you're not authorized to repeat what they said.  [Alan chuckles.] You're under tyranny, folks.  And if you don't stand up to tyranny now, it's done for.


But that generation, getting back to it before I just finish this little bit I'm going to talk about. Think about it. I was thinking about that this week. Some Christian groups are falling into the trap of right wing, left-wing. And American Christianity is...                   a spectacle to outsiders at times. Again, it's so immersed in the materiel world of wealth often, or at least it portrays wealth, and so it's very difficult to distinguish from the general population of middle-class wealth in America. But for an outsider that really stands out, you know. But they fall into politics as well. They really fall into it. They'll see that which they themselves naturally have been trained to see, which is a communist type of thing.  They want to riot in the streets on behalf of communists that are the richest folk on the planet.  These are the guys who run and own the media companies and so on, that's the real communists, folks. 


They are the globalists. Communism is a more practical way to get efficiency in a system where you can eliminate, again, individual will, you see, individuality. Do what you're told. Obey. And that's what they do. You see, that's... In communism they'll do it voluntarily at times too, for a better tomorrow... [Alan chuckles.] That's what the Soviet system kept, it's all for tomorrow and the children, you know. It never arrives but you know, that's how they presented it to the people. 


So a really efficient system was Technocracy. But a generation's got written off here.  That had to happen. You know the first one really, this has been going on since free trade was really pushed big time and the factories were literally shipped physically off to China, by our tax money, by the corporations that signed on to it. We paid for their continuity over in China. We built dams in China to power a lot of the factories.  We, Canada was involved in building all of them, and nuclear reactors and things. It's astonishing, but folk don't know where your tax money's been going.


They could keep classing China as an emerging nation, even though it's a dominant nation now. And you're still paying for different things, even for the schooling at one point, and hospitals.  [Alan chuckles.] But it's so called developed countries, that's us, that are dropping backward, you see. I gave the talks on this years ago, how there would be a happy medium as we drop down and they rose up, all the third world countries. India is the same, we're funding India with free trade now, eh, and giving all the tax breaks.  Hhhhh.  We pay for the tax breaks. We pay the taxes that they would have paid if it was the other way around.  Folk don't even know what they're living in. But they're paying for it. They have no idea. That's a really efficient system where your masters have worked it out so well you just don't think to ask the right questions.  Isn't that something, eh?  You’re so well-managed, it doesn't dawn on you to ask any questions. That's perfect brainwashing.


So yeah, when you see these folk rioting, and more rioting to come because even if some of them could get into university, what's the, if they can even go back to university, unless they do Bill Gates new re-, what's it called, reimagining education they call it. Everything's getting reimagined by the big boys, you see. You see, the imagination has already been done. However, I mean, what kind of work is there going to be for them? All the traditional stuff's gone pretty well. And there's masses of competition coming in from China, India and elsewhere. They've had their educations there and they continue it and they stay in the West a lot of them. And they're wealthy families too so...


How can you compete?  It's not meant you compete. It's for a global society, a different society where nations might exist in name only, but they're not the same entities that they used to be.  It's just like place names now, that's the idea. Because the Marxist ideas were looked upon by the richest folk on the planet long ago, the elimination of the nation-state, they'll wither away step-by-step, and then eventually you'll get a global system. You're in it.


I listened to some of the Christian groups, and I thought, and I was reading some of their articles and I thought, look how easily they themselves, these people who are doing pretty well for themselves some of them, I'm not putting them down by the way, I'm just stating the facts as things are. Look at how easily they themselves have adapted into the post 9/11 idea and have forgotten now how it used to be before the crisis of 9/11.  That was the first part of the crisis to take away all your rights and freedoms. And everybody's complied. Now it's normal to have no rights. Well, I know that everything I do is getting looked at and monitored, and they've got lifelong databases on just me and everything I think and do. 


Where's the indignation and all of that gone? Huh?!  Where is it?  Or have the wealthier ones themselves all accepted their preclearance special and paid their extra cash and given all their data and gone through their biometric stuff and their biometric cards so they're preferred customers for travel. Now, all they have to do now, which they will, you wait and see, they will, these same families, they'll get their special Covid or immunity passport and they'll take the vaccinations and they'll accept...


I can remember when the arguments years ago, back in the 90s, and this is awfully important, I might just touch on it now that my mind's even gone on to it. Was when they talked about one of the marks of the beast.  It didn't have to be IN your, it's whatever you held in your hand.  It was your ID, anything which IDed you in a purchase was evil.  Folk held on to the end before they would use debit cards and so on, that your masters want. Because now, oh, all the stores are bought over, eh, for selling all your data and supplying government and agencies of all kinds with what you purchase, and what you eat, what you... etc, etc, etc. 


All, by the way, under your smart plans, you see, your smart cities I should say. All the data is going to start to be used openly against you.  Do you know what your weight is today? And all these, everywhere you go you're getting monitored, watched and I'm not kidding, even wearable stuff. I'll get into that. They're actually banning folk for, oh, how ridiculous talking about chips inserted into the skin and so on.  I'll touch on that tonight.  I've got articles even from the Guardian pooh-poohing it, oh.  They're just standardized handouts that they're giving to pooh-pooh folk that say the facts. Even when the facts come from DARPA.  [Alan chuckles.] Because facts don't matter with these prostitutes, eh.


Remember, add them all to the lists for trial, public trials, to all these media characters, add them to the lists for crimes against humanity.  Massive crimes. They're all complicit. They know what they're doing,  and they know they're complicit, with their branding professional people with all the same credentials, even higher credentials than some of the characters that are on TV all the time telling you what to do. They're pooh-poohing these characters because they've got a different opinion. Including the doctors that work with the patient's.  Facts don't matter. So add them all to your lists, folks, because they should be.  You've got to start dealing with, justice has to be seen to be done eventually. Has to be.


Because the horror that's been inflicted upon humanity already, destroying by design, by design the world economy for most folk, that's by design, bring you crashing into their plan for austerity. Which they said they're going to bring in for years. Everybody would say, how would they do that? Well, bingo, they've done it, folks. [Alan chuckles.] You're here.  Absolutely here.


Yeah, getting back to the middle classes that are back into the left wing, they've all adapted from 9/11.  And because they've adapted from 9/11 into a no privacy and holding their belts, you know, their pants up at airports, and getting x-rayed for goodness sake, you know, bathed with x-rays for goodness sake, radiation.  Hhhch.  And you know, their shoes, all that kind of stuff. But they can pay the extra money to show that they're more privileged, you know, they can afford to pay the extra money and get the bio cards for better travel passengers and so on, precleared, etc. And they'll do exactly the same as I said with the vaccination passports. They will. You wait and see. You wait and see.


You can't live as though like nothing had happened. You've already adapted. And you're wondering why the folk that are, the generation that's getting written off here are angry? They can see it. They can see the effects of it. They might not understand it or even be able to verbalize a lot of it, but they can see there's someting highly dysfunctional here in society, something incredibly corrupt and crooked, while everybody else has been adapting and adapting, oh well, you know. Adapting.


So, from a debit card to preferred customers, and preferential cardholder. Oh, they give you a nice little title, so I'm an awfully, I'm a valued customer, yep.  And I get little discount. No, you don't get a discount. The people who don't get the card get punished by paying a higher price. You're getting a normal price. That's the con of it, you see. Along with that as I say they know everything about you, what you eat. But with the smart cities, what did they say? They're eventually going to be forbidden, we know in real time bing, bing, bing, you know, so-and-so and so-and-so you've gone over your quota for carbohydrates for this week, you're not allowed that much, you know that, you're so much overweight, blah blah blah.  You'll get shamed into compliance.  That's on the cards.  I had the articles years ago on this and I talked about them. Here it all comes.


You won't be able to go 10 feet in any direction without all their sensors picking you up and monitoring you. Right down to what you purchase. Absolutely. And with the elimination of what you're all so happy to do, I don't want to use cash anymore.  [Alan chuckles.] It's so convenient, eh.  Oh, it's convenient but they know everything you're eating and buying. Oh well, they know everything about me anyway. No, they know nothing about you until you GIVE IT ALL TO THEM. So it's your own darn fault.


I gave a talk back in 1998 on this. I said, my problem personally is the elites who come up with these plans of how they want to manage the whole planet, and everybody and everything on it, like God, you see.  And the academia they employee, you know, to help work it all into our heads of how to comply with all the behaviors and so on.  I says, but the rest, and then the other group that's my enemy are the general population. Because in this kind of system – you can call it democracy if you want, it doesn't matter what you call it, or a republic, it makes no difference at all – you get an elite running the country.  Intergenerational by the way. Some of them are even inter-transnational because they can go from different countries, some of these families, and run them all. It often goes through the female, then you forget who they are at times, you spend half your life digging things up. That's how you're run. And these families are not billionaires.  They're multi-trillionaire's. 


But I said that the rest is the general population.  Because they count on the general population who will always, most of whom will always go along, always go along with whatever is given to them.  Then once they get to a certain magic number they'll say, okay, well now it's mandatory. You see, 60%, 70% have accepted this so it's now mandatory on you. That's what they like to call democracy. It's the same in all systems. Everything starts off voluntarily, you see. Driving licenses were voluntary.  Insurance for vehicles was voluntary. I mean, everything that was voluntary, until there is a certain magic number.  Oh well, you know...  And then they can count on the ones who've already fallen for it to be on the side of government.  Well, I did it, so what's wrong, why don't you do it? You know, we all did it.  So they use the bulk of the population against the few [Alan chuckles.] that have got a mind of their own.  [Alan chuckles.] That's what they did with Covid too of course. They use them.  Sure enough, the people will generally turn on you. That's what they do, they'll turn on folk.  Quite easily. It's standard. It's been so well observed for thousands of years, this technique. It works very well. 


I'm just going to say here too now, remember you can go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com. List all my sites which are there on the .com site, all my official sites in case the .com goes down. We're in a war now and they’re into the next phase of going after anybody who's speaking with a mind of their own. They have to stop it, completely suppress all speech.  That's democracy in action.   


You're under an incredible evil tyranny, folks. There's no debate about that.  It's right in your face. It's up to you all to stand up and do the right thing now. Because you'll be in hell for your entire, and your children after you in hell in a monitored cradle-to-grave system of authoritarianism.


I used to say that's what the elect trick, the trick of the elect, that's electric, that's what's you're in now. This is their power.  Many years ago I said it's very demonic.


I even mentioned too an old preacher who's dead now, he mentioned… Because it was Christians at one time that at least were up on these kind of things, you know. Some of them stayed out that wouldn't adapt into the post 9/11 thing, like most have gone into so's they can keep their standard of living up. No, you've got to stand up against evil at times and you don't participate in it. And you've got to speak out about.  And it is evil. And stop being, stop going goo-goo, gaa-gaa, you know, with the latest gadgetry that's there. Because that old preacher said something, he was a rogue in many ways, but he did say something. He says that Satan could never take over the world without the computerized system. This is his time.


Complete standardization of thought, news, opinions now, you have standardizing opinions. Banning opinions that are not authorized until you all have the same opinion.  And there's nobody standing up against it in power of politics. No, they're not. Nobody. That again is another little clue you really don't have [Alan chuckles.] any independent politicians.  You're run by tyrants who set up fronts like Facebook and Google, etc., massive spy agencies and intelligence gathering agencies on behalf of those who own the planet. And you don't unfortunately have any internal spy agencies working for you [Alan chuckles.] to make sure that you're kept safe and free from all the evil that's going on and the corruption. You don't have that. Do you? You've got agencies that obviously don't work for the American people. Never mind the scandals that have come out even from the FBI recently, and the stuff that they're still spewing out in their own publications.  You're supposed to be apolitical.  No.  Phew, they're anything but. They're all bought and paid for, that's what it tells me.


Corruption has never been so incredibly evident as it is today. So yeah, you think about it, you think about all these youngsters who are willing to join any kind of ridiculous organization that's presented to them, and they are used like useful idiots that they always call them, for purposes.  Because they are so discontent, because they've been written off a lot of them. The leaders as I say are all Trojan horses in a sense.  They're in there leading them all but they work for the big agencies themselves that want a new system, their own new system, the totalitarian system. 


But there's a lot of legitimate people out there getting written off. Who don't want to be given a welfare check for the rest of their lives, under any name that they want to give it. Because it's as much a chain as anything else. Because along with it comes conditions. And your behavior.  And now you can, and now you will have less chance of saying or doing what you want because then YOU will have it cut off. That's what Bertrand Russell said in the 1940s that they would bring in. Here it is. Long-term planning, eh. 


But yeah, my parents were fooled.  My grandparents too. For the systems they came up in.  Some of them, the grandparents lived through two world wars. Some of the were IN, actively in the two world wars. Never knowing the stuff we know today. And it's sad. Millions of people used and abused, and used and abused while corporations grow and prosper.  And out of it they can also tie other nations together in conglomerates so's they can get plundered as well by the same people. Now you want a whole world of efficiency and technocracy running the whole show, and thousands and thousands and thousands of psychopathic professors and academics all working to bring it into being on behalf of the Masters.  Quite an amazing system.


So cuttingthroughthematrix.com, send a few bucks my way or buy the books and discs.  Hopefully I can tick along a bit longer. Luckily, I did get all the discs out that were backordered. Discs in Canada have always been, CDs, even though they’re apparently more than a DVD, you know, never mind the difference in gigabytes and so on. It's much bigger than a DVD.  The CDs have always been like twice the price, at least twice the price of the DVDs, blanks.  We're really ripped off in Canada.  It's the same with laptops and things.  They're always about twice the price at least of what they are in America for the same brands and things.  Never mind the difference in the purchasing value. When you really work it all out, we're still twice the price, and a bit more at that. And with taxes on top for everything, value added taxes, they call it GST taxes now I think, or harmonized sales taxes.  I was thinking you're supposed to hear angels when you pay taxes, you know, harmonized; it's a thing I have.


So anyway you can buy the books and the discs and send a few bucks my way.  PayPal.  Send cash if you want.  Personal checks.  Some countries can still send to Canada postal money orders. That's from the post office, international postal money orders that is, to Canada.  You can't use them anymore or get them from the States to Canada, but you can get them elsewhere and send them. Money Gram is okay too.  But as I say, cash is fine as well, at the moment, until they ban everything.  That will help me tick along.


Because as I say, you'd be surprised, don't go by what they give you as fake news. You understand how polls work? Polls work that were set up, polls, polling systems were set up by the Bernays type characters that were into public relations being propaganda and alteration of opinions and ideas. They did studies and found out that most folk will go with what they think is the majority.  If you put across a propaganda campaign and lie, they'll still go along with it, oh, the majority think that so maybe they're right. That's what they use for these polls, it was all designed that way to sway public opinion.  Rather than get public opinion, it's to sway the rest of them.


It's the same with Google, all the same techniques are used.  Oh, so-and-so only gets so many thousands of hits a week or whatever. That's nonsense. Don't you believe it at all. I've been shadow banned for long before you heard the term shadow banned, before the rest of them. Because I was the only person coming out with the whole agenda, years and years ago, not just bits of it. And sure, you know, but I know for a fact there's lots and lots, I've got way more people than they'll ever tell you look at my stuff. And certainly a lot more use it, absolutely, often verbatim in fact. There's even some people, I noticed it recently, I think I mentioned it a few months ago.  Someone had tipped me off, a fellow was using my shows without mentioning me at all, and having...  I get transcriptions done for some of them, transcribed, talks into the written word, and the guy was reading them off, without reading my name off at all and presenting the shows as HIS. And without changing anything, just reading it all off, you know.


Then when I changed to the four hour talks, I even, hhhch, I still checked in and sure enough, he even said, you know it's going to take a bit longer now, it's a four hour talk so...  But he never once mentioned it was free he was getting it for, it was all my work.  [Alan laughing.] It was just astonishing.  Other folks now are using it and a lot of the terminology I came out with years ago with the 'new normals' and all that. That's good, at least they're using the work.  It's a pity that most of them won't say where they get it from. I don't know why they don't. Is it just… I don't know, you wonder about that too.


But I don't really expect decency to come out of what used to be called the alternative patriot movement.  That's what they used to call it at one time. I really don't think so because there's too many hacks in it now, too many people who are in it for other reasons. There's stacks of folk put out there by the agencies themselves and they've been doing that for a long time, some of them, by the way, you know. How do you take something over? Well, you make sure that you lead it, or take it over, and say lots of the same stuff but then you have your little spin on it, of who to vote for, when to vote, or what countries to stand up for, or why you should be at war, and all that kind of stuff. It eventually becomes self-evident.


It can be awfully addictive and entertaining for a lot of people who will still go into it. I've heard people who say that, that they'll still go along with certain people, and they know exactly what they're there for and who is backing them or whatever. So in other words, they know they're getting used and abused and lied too to an extent, or used, for donations, getting used or deceived to an extent, but they like the personalities. Isn't that amazing, eh?  Isn't that really an amazing kind of thing for folk to say.  So you like them. Well, that means you like psychopaths, so don't ever complain about whatever psychopaths do to you. 


You have to, there's an old saying, you have to test the spirits, you know. And often you get incredible glaring examples of what the spirit happens to be. Glaring examples of it. And the people right at the moment are not catching on.  As I say, they're all adapting into post-9/11.  Oh well, you know, no privacy, I guess, well, it's to keep us safe. Then this massive monstrosity called Homeland Security they came out with.  Well, it's to keep us safe, you know.  M-hm. It's the same thing as wearing masks, people. It's to continue to remind you, continually remind you that there's terrorism everywhere. Under the bed. It's around the corner, it's in the dark, it's in the daylight. It's everywhere, terrorism, terrorism. 


No privacy. They have to validate having no privacy, that's why they created an internal Army they can use now.  Massive army. People have forgotten too of the 90s, the US was the hope of a lot of countries for a while.  It really was. And through the 80s remember a good part of the planet was under the Soviet bloc nations you know. They had this cold war idea that, well yeah, nothing’s perfect in our system but at least we're not as bad as them.  They always need an enemy to point to, you know. Personally I think they all work together. I really do. Because there was nobody really going to press the buttons. It was all for the public. It kept their public, you know, cringing.  They kept the public in the West cringing.  That's what it did.


It made a fortune for the military-industrial complex. MASSIVE money.  Masses.  No one questioned it.  Well, we'll have to pay all this tax to keep us safe, you know, missiles and... I heard that Russia got a new super missile out last week and we need an antimissile to catch it, so we need a faster one, it's 5 miles an hour faster than our best, so we need a new, so many billions or whatever, millions.  And away it goes, you see. It's never-ending. They made a fortune off it, for stuff that was never to be used. So you didn't have to prove it even worked.  [Alan laughing.] It's good money, eh, a good scam that one.


And I remember [Alan laughing.] I remember too [Alan laughing.] that again the same characters that give you Covid, you know, and did the work with folk falling in the streets.  That never happened, eh.  But they showed you on camera, oh, look at that, they're even falling.  Just to terrify you, eh.  The same characters that showed you these fogging machines going up and down the streets in Wuhan and blasting stuff hundreds of feet in the air, to terrify the blazes out of you.  And they make sure that we got it.  Even though China literally doesn't let a bird out to poop in the garden outside its own country unless they want it to be shown.   [Alan chuckles.] But we saw all this stuff, eh, and to get us all terrified.


The same characters during the Cold War, I don't know if you can get the documentaries anymore but at one time you used to be able to buy them on VHS and so on.  They showed you the propaganda that both countries used during the Cold War.  But they showed you the CIA's stuff. It was really good, you know. They showed you these mosques with the minarets in different countries, and says, the CIA for years kept telling, they'd have meetings you see for Defense Department's and with the politicians when they come for budget time for getting more money for themselves and that, and they showed you these big minarets and said, inside that is one of the super Soviets missiles, you know, atomic missiles.  And the way they presented it too was ominous music in the background, they used all these techniques, eh, and dooon-dooon, dooon-dooon, dooon-dooon, and, [Alan with a very deep voice] inside there is something that could annihilate a good part of Florida if it ever landed, and stuff like that. That's what they gave you, you see. That was all they had to do was show you that.  Didn't have to x-ray it or anything, they just came out with this, backing evidence that we have witnessed materials being taken in over the last few years and we know it's the blah blah blah, [?] or whatever it's called, you know, and that was good enough, automatic renewal for research and development for ARPA, and then DARPA.  [Alan laughing.] I thought it was a good one though.  Yep.


But yeah, nothing's low enough to deceive the public, eh? To keep you on tender hooks, as they say, there's nothing low enough.  Believe you me, evil has many helpers, many, many helpers. And you have to check yourself at times too and don't fall into the traps of saying, wait a minute here, you can’t just write off a whole generation because they're angry. Think, why are they angry? They've been written off. Yeah, you know it's all been manipulated by the leaders.  But a lot of the followers literally haven't got a clue what they're going to do for their future. They have no idea at all. 


They pump drugs out into society hoping to just keep stoned like Maggie Thatcher's said when she was in. She said that, she was giving her policies of economics, you know, she says, well you know, the balance, you've got to have a balance of unemployment and employment. You can't have full employment, it's a bad thing, she says, because then wages will be high.  Whereas if there's a lot of unemployment, they'll take less money for the work. But if there's not enough employees going around, like an abundance, then the wages go up and it's a bad thing. She says, it's far better to keep the pubs open all day. And she did, she ended the lock... I think they're all back in with the same pub laws, eh? But for years and years from Thatcher's time up to the present the pubs suddenly go open all day long and well into the night too.  Before that they used to open at, I can't remember if it was 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock and closed at 2-2:30 and open again at 5:30 or something, close at 10:30. At least that's how it used to be for years, something like that. But she did away with that and said it was far better keeping the unemployed youth spending their welfare money, unemployment money and welfare money in the pubs than having them out in the streets organized and rioting. That's what she said.  That was in the newspapers at the time.  Then she came on national television and said there's a generation growing up now who will never see work in their lifetime.  Because she thought that was sound economic policy, keeping a lot, a good chunk of the population unemployed.


Plus Britain at that time was also getting rid of its, hhhch, businesses and they kept it quiet from the public what they were doing with free trade agreements.  And the idea then to close down all the mines, eh.  Big industry in Britain it was, the mines.  It wasn't just industry, it was communities, it was everything. It was a whole way of life for people at one time. It was to be abolished. It was planned years before you ever heard about it, it was all decided years before.  They lied constantly to the public as they were drafting a plans to eliminate whole segments of industry. 


Interestingly too there was a good entertaining movie put out, I don't know if it was for TV or whatever, maybe Thames Television or something.  But it was called Brasses Off about mining in Britain as it was planned to get phased out. Of course they kept lying to the miners for years and years and years. At the very end of the movie...  It was a kind of part comedy too but a realistic movie in many ways using social events as it happened. At the end of the movie they actually have the top mine negotiators, or guys from the government there who were phasing the mines out admitting that it was planned years and years before the miners even heard about it and that coal was going to get phased out.


Margaret Thatcher during her time I think it was, but Maggie Thatcher, she did, she feared, or at least they feared the power of the labor unions, especially coal miners.  It's true enough, the unions in Britain were very Marxist to an extent, you know, at least the leaders were, [Alan chuckles.] or appeared to be. But they did fight for the miners, no doubt about it. Until towards the end when they were literally closing them down, they were getting a decent wage. Don't forget that for years and years before that they were the backbone of industry, everything was powered by coal.  The big electric turbines were powered by coal too, most of the places.  It kept factories going.  You had, coal literally was the main heat for all the houses across Britain at one time. It also produced all the gas for lighting and the cooking for a long time. Coal gas, they had big, big tanks in every town. Massive things they were to see. All gone now.


Then they were going to bring in North Sea Gas and that's part of what Thatcher did. She, it wasn't even going to help the country so much, interestingly enough.  They definitely put a base of building rigs in Scotland, but they were pumping, when it pumped, they put [Alan chuckles.] actually built oil pipelines down through Scotland into England for the refining of it. So that literally ticked a lot of people off for refining. And also, she gave it licensing for all different countries in the EU and in Scandinavia to take oil out of the North Sea.  So Scotland didn't get much out of it at all.  They never do, eh?  [Alan chuckles.] I tell ya.  And then they want their independence and then end up inside the EU. Just like Ireland. What a joke. So you wake up under a bigger monster than the one you already were under.  And they're so socialistic now they can't get out from it, out from anything actually, it socialistic policies. It's, again, on behalf of those that run the world.  More efficient because folk obey it for some strange reason if they think it's their own system.


So I think that movie, it was called Brassed Off I think.  They had a brass band in the movie, a lot of working areas in coal mines did have their own brass bands. It was a tradition for, oh, going way back into the eighteen hundreds. A lot of them were good, mind you, and they would do little parades here and there on weekends.  It was nice to hear the brass bands on the go. They'd have competitions eventually between each other, different towns and all that.  So that's what the movie is about and the escapades that they get up to.  But in it as I say, at the end they actually admitted it, when they were closing down this particular mine.  Or pits as they called them.  A pit is straight down, you see, that's what the wheels are for, they lower an elevator all the way down.  Whereas a mine is something you can drive down slowly, it's a sloped system through a cave type opening.


So as they were closing it, the bosses came out and say, well we couldn't tell the people that this was on the cards for years, that coal is scheduled to be totally phased out, you see. And Thatcher did that, the so-called right-wing Thatcher during, and don't forget it’s still during what was called the Cold War, gave the contracts for the coal that was necessary, she closed down the ones in Britain, the mines and the pits, and then she imported cold from communist Poland.  [Alan laughing.] She was bringing it in from communists.  So don't ever think that everything is as clean-cut as they say things are.  It's not at all, you know. Everybody plays their part. And if Thatcher, or the rest of them, could have had the people working for the same standard of living in some of the communist countries, and working hard towards it too, they would've done the same thing if they could. But I think the British folk were so jaded with years of feudalism [Alan chuckles.] and centuries of creating an empire and being cannon fodder, and paying the bills for it all, that you couldn't really get them enthusiastic too much about much after World War II. And that's the truth of it.


Getting back to America being the hope at one point. The US at least had lots of shortwave stations at one time. Many of them had been started up by the CIA in the 1960s to counter communist propaganda, because the Communists used Radio Moscow and was international shortwave radio. They even had the occasional blocking, you know, stations set up in different countries. Because if you listened in Britain, and I used to make little radios for myself when I was young, when I was wee, you know, before I was 10 even.  Because my dad was kind of into that as a hobby and he could never really fix them properly or get them assembled so I used to do it instead and listen to the different international stations.


It was interesting to me because I realized right off the bat that radio Moscow was exactly like the BBC radio. I mean exactly, the way the format presentation, the voices they would use, because a lot of them had been trained actually for, in the English language, had been trained in England.  Some of them had even worked in the BBC. This has to make you think when you're a child, you know, okay they BBC is training folk for radio Moscow, the Communists.  [Alan laughing.] It was quite interesting. 


But anyway, same format, and, the ministry of so-and-so has decided, and that's exactly the sort of thing that would get presented in the BBC radio. It was all reading off what the ministries of this, name the political agencies, the ministry of so-and-so has decided, the ministry of agriculture has decided blah blah blah. It was all declarations, that's how it's presented on radio Moscow. Same thing.  They'd have little human interest stories in between it about a woman who did something for her neighbors and blah blah blah, and they'll say oh that's nice. Exactly the same as Britain. Many years later of course when I listen to post-Soviet system, it was, they still follow the BBC. And many of them actually admitted at the time that they had been trained in the BBC, even the ones that took over after the Cold War.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Anyway getting back to what I was talking about in the US.  Big things were happening through the 80s and 90s in the US. As soon as the Soviet Union supposedly went down, just like that, the US is off right into the, you know, Afghanistan and the Middle East and so on.  But really was also, there was wanting to invade Afghanistan, I should say, then.  They did some skirmishing with it. They were supplying, they had already been supplying, before the collapse of the Soviet Union the US had operatives inside Afghanistan to get the Soviets out, they were policing it at the time, the Soviet army. It's so incredible that the US takes the same job over and gets bogged down in the same problem. Another Vietnam, you know. Which is obviously deliberate to me. 


But getting back to the 90s, they went and attacked Saddam Hussein who had gone into Kuwait because Kuwait was literally stealing with the horizontal drilling rigs oil out of the territory of Iraq. That's a fact. It was all in the newspapers at the time. They even had articles in I think Popular Mechanics where they showed you these drill rigs and how they did the horizontal drilling.  They would go under the ground and turn at an angle and then go horizontally under the ground.  They go hundreds of miles at times into someone else's… and they suck the oil out, and that's what they'd been doing.


It's interesting that the Kuwaiti oil fields had been set up by the Bush family. It was Poppa Bush you know who was in charge of it at one time. Then the young Bush was put in charge of it eventually for a little while to get the feel of things and that. They always put them in charge of the oil fields. Interesting.  The same with Maurice Strong, you know, picked up by the Rockefellers, given a fake history and then put in charge of oil fields, to get the feel of how the world's run, you know. 


Since Saddam had gone into Kuwait, and he had made overtures to the ambassadors I guess, from the US to Iraq at the time, if it would be okay to go in there? because they were taking his oil, you know. He was given a kind of noncommittal kind of nod, you know, eeeeeeeeehhh, eehhhhhh, and away he went and did it. As soon as he did that the US turned on him, you see. It was like a set up.  A big set up.


So it was literally, I mean, within a year of the Soviet Union collapsing, America's off to wars. Preplanned wars, eh.  Then after it all they had the cordoning off of Iraq, for years. Then they put young Bush in, rather than old Bush but they put young Bush in, and he was sent to finish off the job, eh, and gets the other PNAC list of countries taken out. They're still fighting the rest of them, Syria and so on.  [Alan chuckles.] That was your American… Here's the thing, if you don't care, the big eating machine comes back and eats you, I gave these talks years ago, and you're seeing it happening now.


When you're watching your own system causing incredible mayhem and injustice and plundering the planet, it's going to come back to you, when you've served your purpose, and paid for it all, and said NOTHING. If you stand and watch war being inflicted upon other people                               then is going to come back on you.  Cause and effect. And the people who are benefiting from it don't give a darn about the folk that are getting slaughtered on any side of any conflict. Or the people that are fighting it, meaning you.  They don't care about you. So it's very, very true, if you're in, the silent majority end up carrying the can eventually for their own silence down the road.  Because it's not a human thing to do, or a humane thing to do, to watch other folk getting plundered and bombed and slaughtered, and dispossessed of their own lands. And your money is paying for it all and your own soldiers are getting paid to do it.


What was it Bush Junior said? Well, yeah, we have to go and get Saddam Hussein, he's just a bad man, he had nothing to do with 9/11, he says, but he's just a bad man. Look at the mayhem as they bombed it into the Stone Age. Never to recover. That was the intention, never to recover. Brzezinski said that, so did Kissinger, the long-term goal was to put all these countries into the Stone Age where they could never get back to nationhood. And they'd even fund conflicting parties inside, opposing parties inside each little place, ex-nation, to keep the skirmishes going so they could never get a government going again.  These were official publications from Kissinger and Brzezinski, and the CFR and Trilateral's at times.


And everybody at home sits and w… And during that whole time remember in the 90s the buildup to all that, you know, as the US was going across the world doing that, you had the sudden appearance of a new type of internal policing inside America. It started off with Randy Weaver, and everybody will say, oh my God, there's a white supremacist. No, he wasn't.  [Alan chuckles.] And they say, oh he belongs to some religious group too.  So what!  So what?  So what.  Oh, they're getting investigated by the FBI, you know. The FBI, that means, that gives it, that's really, that makes it really credulous with the FBI. The same FBI that said Russia had interfered with elections and so on [Alan chuckles.] etc. etc., the same FBI that literally pretends to be impartial as they demand that Trump gets out, hm?  No, it's all corrupt. Again, nothing is what it appears to be.


Getting back to Weaver, they set up Randy Weaver through the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms.  They set him up, got him to cut I think it was a shotgun, the part of the barrel of a shotgun to shorten it into an illegal size. So they had infiltrated this, and so he did it and all that, then they set him up. The next thing you know, they want to make an example of him.  It was to be an execution.  That's what really got big things changed in the US. The general public that are watching this said, wait a minute, what's going on here? What's going on here?


So Weaver and his wife and his children lived in a kind of hut or a shack somewhere, a house, it wasn't a big thing, on a hill. They had a standoff there. First of all they sent sheriffs in who shot his sons in the back, they snuck up, the sons were out somewhere in the back playing and they shot them, they shot them in the back. Executed them.  Then of course I think they shot the family dogs, they always do that, you know. To create, that creates further terror as well by the way, you know. They even got Horiuchi the sniper for the FBI or whatever, probably Delta Forces.  They got him, they used him, who shot Weaver's wife who was standing in the doorway holding her baby. It came out afterwards in the inquiry that he was told to get her. It was an execution set up here.


This is what got folk in the patriot movement really going and forming militias and things. That they saw big changes. What is this new FBI idea, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and they had FEMA and all these black clad like storm troopers everywhere. That's what's really... These were the... you were looking at the signal of a BIG change, a big, big change of what is supposed to be.  In the US, hhhch, which has always been a nuisance to those that rule it, is this thing called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  An awful nuisance. I gave up the articles, was it last week or the week before, from the Council on Foreign Relations, from the 70s where the CFR says, we can fight the Constitution, so we have to go around the Constitution and over it and under it, but just ignore it.  …to get the, because it's such a nuisance that folk have rights.


So the Weaver case was an execution set up. They even brought in the tanks and built a road into the house so's they could take the tanks up.  Just an incredible show of power, strength and military might to make an example of something.  That's what was behind it, this example. You had this strange amalgamation too of the advisors to the FBI and the ATF and all the rest of it, the same characters now that they still prattle on about white supremacy.  [Alan chuckles.] As, hhhch, whites have been going around the streets burning down the place, these supremacists are not. So it's part of the global structure, the groups that advised the FBI and so-and-so.


But theen you had, then you had Waco.  Now, once again when you see folk getting demonized, the first strategy in warfare, you must demonize the enemy. It's like when they came out, went after Gaddafi, the great Satan. I remember even Reagan going years ago, when into the great Satan.  He had three different great Satans after another, you know.  M-hm.  And they all followed suit, the great Satan, and eevil empires and stuff like that, you see. So you demonize the enemy.


Waco, it was an offshoot, a splinter group I think of, it wasn't the Seventh-day Adventist, it was… It might've been, yeah, it might've been Seventh-day Adventist, it was an offshoot anyway of them. But regardless, they were causing no harm.  They had a big farmhouse there and a lot of their members from all over the world would come there and live a month at a time or a few weeks at a time and so on. Some of them brought their children and stuff like that. The guy who was the head of it was David Koresh that took over from I think his dad. And you can all go, oh, the crazy nutcase.


Wait a minute!  They weren't crazy nutcases until they were fighting for their lives. Because they weren't fighting anybody before that. You understand this? What you are witnessing, again, from the Randy Weaver and this massive display of a new type of militarization inside the US, of, from the Weaver case to Waco, and then Waco was many, many families and children in there.  Now, part of their teaching was that the world outside was evil. Babylon was the world; it was an evil empire. They were pretty well right, actually.  They were a lot more correct than most Christians today, regardless of what you want to think of their particular branch or thoughts or whatever.


You see, in the US, and whether you like it or not too, people are supposed to have their rights to their religion NO MATTER what you think about it.  No matter what YOU think about it, okay.  Hhhch. 


During the Clinton Administration and that strange character Janet Reno that had, a different record of her own by the way if you want to look into it, were obviously doing a job, a big demonstration of this new power, again, going after certain religions.  They want to depict, display to the public again of this new power, like military assaults on buildings. Once it had started by the way, Koresh was, had an interview during it, hhhch, with outsiders that were allowed in, journalists, you know, TV folk. They recorded him. I think it was after he had been hit with a bullet in fact.  They recorded him saying, why didn't they, if they wanted me, he said they could have got me anytime.  He says, I came into town by myself every, once a week, they knew when I was coming in.  They had the place bugged by the way, it was all admitted, they knew when he was coming and going and the whole thing, and they could've gotten him anytime.


But no, they wanted a big SHOW.  This is what was so obvious about the whole thing, a big show. And a SHOCK to the rest of the folk in America.  It's a shock. Shock and awe, eh?  And they got it.  Now, the early videos that were put out there at the time showed you the FBI coming up, the FBI later said that they shouted out and no one had opened the door and the whole thing. All you see is the door opening and the FBI, these guys, these black clad goons opening fire, and you saw the rounds hitting off around the doorway, hhhch, and the door slams shut.  They oompff, just completely opened fire on these people. They're supposed to be a big demonstration that went straight into action trying to get up the building into the upstairs.


Of course by that time the Davidian's inside were fighting back. Because don't forget their belief system was that they were going to get slaughtered by Babylon. They get, they were taught, they were... Isn't that strange that that was their belief and philosophy and it happened, hm?  They'll say, a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It happened to them. But these people didn't say, everybody come out, you know, and stand way back. No, they came out the door and opened fire, at the door, the ATF. It was admitted afterwards in the inquiry too, and it took a few years, that they had members of Delta Force there by the way helping the ATF, who went around inside the building, they went and dropped through the roof afterwards.  They blew a hole in the roof, and when the fires were going on, and they went around the buildings just finishing everybody off.  They had bullet holes in their heads. 


This is on American soil.


That's what really shocked people across the US at that time who still had a brain and a memory. And they weren't totally indoctrinated into fatso slavery, gorge yourself and be happy and shut up. No, there were still people back then who knew their rights and what was coming down the pike was rather nasty.  That's why the militias flourished. That's why Bill Cooper, and others too but mainly him at the time, told folk, you know, he went to Waco when it was happening, one of the few people that went there to see it. As a witness, he says, people have to witness this, what's being, this was a massacre. This was a total genocide of a people. Guaranteed to be wiped out.  They already found other people who had managed to get out of the house beforehand, and who were shot in the head outside the house in the fields by the troops around there.


On American soil. You let that go and it's not going to stop. D'you understand that?


That's why all this kind of thing has happened with groups forming because it smelled so terrible.  Then 9/11 came along, BANG, you see.  And when 9/11 happened the same groups that were training and indoctrinating the FBI, who were somehow given this strange power to get only their version of reality over, right, and use American forces against Americans, immediately came out and said, the greatest threat to the America is white supremacy. They're still at it.  They're still at it today. And white supremacy had nothing to do with 9/11.  [Alan laughing.]   


It's like, now, reality is getting totally bent by the psy ops groups, totally bent. But that's the history a lot of folk don't know, that there were people ready to defend themselves and their nation, and their counties even, under their law, [Alan chuckles.] if they tried the same kind of things as you're witnessing happening, of these massive internal militaries suddenly going after people. To wipe them out, as a lesson, as a lesson... to terrify the rest. 


Well, you're going to see the same things with the Covid as they go after and arrest folk, this is the next step of it, you see.  It's all in their manuals, [Alan chuckles.] stage two, three, tier, etc. different names for the same agenda.  Worldwide agenda. Think of the power to make this worldwide in coordination at the same time.  Hm.  And you think your vote matters?  All planned years ago.  With everybody they wanted in place in every official capacity, from the federal down to the local area, all on board with it. That's the coordination and planning that's obvious.


So yeah, that's why folk are getting ticked off with the excuse of using Covid for a tyranny, you see. It's always an enemy.  Oh, it's Branch Davidians.  Oh, it's the Waco crazy people. Oh, the white supremacist group, Randy Weaver, you know. I remember the lawyer for Weaver afterwards, he was a good lawyer, did a documentary on it. He says, you know, people are generally okay.  But he says, if you go up to a rabbit's burrow and you stick your hand in their, into ITS territory, it's HOME, and that mother is there and she's got young, she's going to try to bite your handoff.  This is a law of nature. You don't go raiding folks homes, to wipe them out either for that matter.  Because what? You don't like them? Or you want to use them as an example to others? Hhhch, it's just astonishing.  Really astonishing.


And the lethal gases they use too which suffocated the children, a lot of them. Never mind the ones who were burned alive.  Whoah. I always said that the Waco should never be forgotten. And they kept the demonization up after, with the press all colluding naturally, you know. Just like the Covid idea, all the press is on board because they're all bought and paid for prostitutes. They are all complicit in crimes against humanity. And murder for that matter. 


But they should have a huge field up there with rings of children pointing to the Clintons, statues of them, and statues of the children pointing to the Clintons and Reno and the goons that are addressed in the military garb that came to execute them all. You see, if you're not safe in your own home, I don't care what you’re praying to or who you're praying to or whatever, or what version or shade of any particular thing you're into.  If you don't care about other folks right to do what they want to do, when they're not causing any problems to anybody else, then what happens to them can happen to you quite easily. These are pushing the envelope, they're all tests pushing the envelope to the next phase, the next phase, and the next phase.


It was all getting you used to an internal Army going to be unleashed upon the people inside America. Other countries are following suit, in step with it, all through that whole period by the way.  You had the same thing happening in Canada.  They came out with the same black outfits for the cops, these military combat boots and the tucked in pants, combat pants and the whole thing.  It's all combat, combat, combat.  All deliberate, before 9/11 happened. Lockstep, lockstep, lockstep.  A post-democratic society, the Club of Rome.  Welcome. Here you are.


It's all here, folks, and people are just munching away and watching the movies as we go through it all.  Well, I'm staying at home but they're giving us lots of movies, you know.  You're given a life to be in charge of it yourself. Most folk are quite happy now, unfortunately, and they're so damaged now, for the authorities and for the system, and all the entertainment is part of the authorities. So they're passing your time for you. They're giving the thoughts to you for you. You don't have to think about anything.


But there's a lot of folk out there too who still have intact minds.  That's the mystery to an awful lot of people of course. You wouldn't believe the countless studies, ongoing studies for yeears on the people who don't fall under the spell as they try to find out why. And the billions that have been spent across the world for psychological investigations into why certain folk just don't fall under and comply and be very, very afraid children.  Hm? 


It does come down again to a spiritual thing as well. The world of matter, right, hits the world of spirit.  The world that you've been taught to worship, is the world of matter and prosperity, and the folk with more matter and the access and the ownership of more matter than you, are the ones you're taught to worship. It's materialism.  Interestingly, communism or Marxism is about dialectical materialism, you know, and eventually of course they would decide themselves how to distribute the material.  Everyone according to their needs, or means, he said. Which is just the redistribution of wealth and giving more to the ones that they deem have the right to have more than you under a communist system. Isn't it wonderful, it all ends up the same way really?  Well, you know, you don't expect the cultural manipulators and entertainers to have the same as the worker and peasants that's doing all the welding in the shipyards and stuff making real things, you know. No, you've got to pay them more, they’re important to keep the people in a form of entertained haze of compliance.  Very sad, isn't it.  And how quickly folk adapt. How quickly they adapt to it all.


But everybody in the States in the 90s was, hhhch, with half a brain realized something big was coming down the pike. Something wicked this way comes as it's been said before. And it was certainly coming. They were showing you, let's have these militarized guys dressed in black like executioners, that's the uniform of the executioner, folks. Getting you ready for evil coming down, eh.  Authorized evil. And that's the key, AUTHORIZED evil. Be very afraid of these people, be terribly afraid of them is the message. It really is quite amazing. 


The US, I think that guy who did the killing, one of the snipers that was sent, Lon Horiuchi, the sniper. He was the sniper that killed Vicki Weaver I think it was. He was given a metal for it eventually. For shooting the mother holding a baby.  [Alan chuckles.] There you go. There's a psychopath, you see. It came out to that they had decided, the psychological teams that work with them, they decided in advance that she was really the boss, so it was more important to TAKE HER OUT.  Not to arrest her but take her out. 


Now think, fast-forward to the present.  Oh, the threat of Covid, you see, so you all have to be under the same authorities, they're going to send excess force out to you and so on.  They've got to give you demonstrations on TV, so you'll all be very, very afraid... it's not going to happen to YOU.  So they start off with the cops and so on, the black clad guys across the world en masse grabbing people who don't have masks on, and little women and so on, to terrify you.  That's where it starts.  But it's going to go further now with the stages. You see, this is the start of the real push for it now. The warm-up was in the spring. They've said it, the world that's to come out of this is a vaastly different world of the existence, for YOUR existence, then when you went in. It's a whole new way and it's not EVER to go back to the old way. Are you understanding this?


This isn't pessimism. It's from their own writings here.  A preordained system that they preordained and drafted up with probably by now millions of pages over many years for a whole new way of living. Post-democratic. Postconsumer society. Basic necessities. Obedience to authority. Complete monitoring birth to death. Compliance. And you’ll get locked up if you don't take their mandatory vaccines. Locked up for life if you don't. Well, that's putting you in prison for life, isn't it, I don't care if it's your home or not.


So you're given no choice here.  Untested vaccines. With no right to sue anybody if you get sick or crippled or die with it. And you're going to go and vote the same psychopaths, I don't care what party, back in again?  Hhhhhhhhhhhm.  In any country for that matter. It's no different in Canada. So that's part of the buildup to the different groups inside the US for regaining their rights and freedoms, or keeping them at least, or an attempt to, and sticking to the Constitution. 


There were lots of independent radio programs of people who were in different states who were starting up their own, again, defense leagues [Alan chuckles.] you might call it. They knew something stunk to high heaven and it was coming down the pike. And the governments were obviously using military gear and equipping, it happened all right through Obama era too, equipping all the different areas with armored vehicles and so on and millions of dollars worth of military gear and weaponry to the internal forces here in preparation for something.


You realize, the whole planning, plan A for the climate change agreements, let's just force it this way little by little. Right down to the next step is the fast approach, oh, how can we..., Covid will do fine, you know, something called Covid, we'll push that on the public and force it and close down all the economy. Much faster, isn't it?


This was all planned yeears ago, yeeears ago, in detail to be unraveled like this. And true enough as I say, you'll see all the different universities at work, the foundations like the Rockefeller foundation with their lockstep, as part of a big plan for the future, 2010, using high tech equipment and so on for a new system, you know. Now it's 5G worldwide and all that. All part of the monitoring system.  And tracking and tracing you for the rest of your lives. Not just for Covid but this is to be permanent. I've got articles, I looked into some of the companies that are making of the different tracking and tracing equipment, wearable, and regardless of what some of the newspapers say, implantable, like DARPA's talking about it.  [Alan chuckles.] This is for the rest of your lives.


They said it's a massive exploding business of, like a permanent electronic tracking and tracing, for all kinds of illnesses, from here to whatever and it's not going to just stop. Now they've got, they're putting them into some stores now, thermal imaging, is the excuse but it's also photographing you biometrically from a distance, measuring the eyes and so on, because you might be wearing a mask, eh.  Total tracked and traced, and what you're buying in the stores, and getting followed around the stores with their security cameras too.  That's happening in Canada now too.  But hhhhh, this is for the rest of your lives. This is not just Covid. They've already said that. It's a big, massive business preplanned before you ever heard of Covid.  [Alan chuckles.] Yeah.  Yeah.  And isn't it beautiful, all the research and development has been done, and is still being done with your tax money. Public-private partnerships with these big stinking rich conglomerates.  Hhhhhhh.  I-yi. 


You talk about tyranny, folks. You certainly area in it now. Again, it's still using the, iiiiiit's not quite got the, it's still got the glove, you know, the velvet glove on the iron fist to an extent. But it's to roll off into stages now. They even said it with Event 201, stages, once they get to the highest stage then the gloves are off, eh, and they're going to go after anybody who says anything that's not mainstream push, authorized by/for the mainstream.  You're not allowed to have an opinion here, you see, you're now an enemy of the state. That's the same thing the communists always used, an enemy of the people. The techniques are always the same. Why would you change techniques that work? that's what Plato said. [Alan chuckles.] But here we are, eh.


And folk are just, again, well it's not so bad, I'm getting paid to stay at home, says a whole chunk of them.  And they really think, I gave the talks long before Covid came out, I says, they're talking about depopulation.  They don't need you anymore in a postindustrial system. D'you think they're going to keep you around as pets?  Hm?  Uh, well, they're paying me to stay at home and...  [Alan laughing.] Temporarily.  Then in come the conditions. Roll up your sleeves.


Oh, and we've got another vaccine. They've already said it by the way, that this isn't the first type, for the Covid, it's the first one they want to get into you fast, eh.  Because it's so lucrative! And you're paying for it all by the billions of dollars.  Guaranteed profits, eh.  No fall out from any folk dropping dead or getting paralyzed or anything because no one can get sued. That's a great deal!  Gates has already said they've got another batch of vaccines may be a year down the road to take the place of these ones that they're going to come out with. It's perpetual, folks. Are you getting the picture?


I guarantee you if this is the case, within five years most of you won't be able to think of anything at all, now that you’ve had all these things stuck into you. This is amazing tyranny.  It's out of a science fiction horror, a futuristic horror, but it's here. The characters ferry into the... Hhhch, they've got the personalities, the authoritarian personalities, that they're placed up there in authority, even though you haven't voted for any of them, are characters out of some macabre horror.  They really are.  Aren't they? It's just astonishing. Even when they're caught in their own lies and doublespeak... Don't wear masks, then they, wear masks, don't wear masks, wear masks, you know.  M-hm.  [Alan laughing.]   


It's just amazing. But sadly most folk will comply. Because you see, their reality is television. They've been raised that way, to obey authority, from TV. Well, that person's familiar, they're a newspaper anchorman I've been watching my whole life long, they wouldn't lie to me.  Brzezinski, eh, the 1970s, he said the people will shortly be unable to think for themselves, they can only repeat with they were given on the previous nights news, shortly they'll expect the media to do their reasoning for them. That was all done in the 70s onwards.


They really believe these private conglomerate media associations are some natural appendage to their brain, they're some natural authority.  Instead of being BIG BUSINESS, big private business, owned by the richest folk on the planet. Private business. And yes, they have massive agendas. The greatest thing is to give the folk their thoughts and their opinions. That's called mind control, folks. Political persuasion.  Compliance. Folk used to know that but now, no.  No, they're there every day, they must be a part of a natural authority of some kind. No, they're not. They're con people and aawful liars. Awful, awful liars. The lies that they've been spewing out since January are phenomenal. And going along with the handouts given by the authorities, telling you not to listen to anybody who's giving you contrary information, including professionals, disregard them, they're bad, bad, bad.  That's the real system we live under though.


I gave the talk years ago and reiterated it since, that the James Bond movies were generally about characters that belong to big worldwide criminal organizations, the richest organizations on the planet. That's what ran the world at one time, and the underworld too, with lots of legitimate businesses as well. That's really what it's like, isn't it? Your Blowfeld characters, and you got Fauci. And they’re all masked men now, aren't they, eh?  Hm?  Like bandits.  Yp.  Real characters like that.  Out in public.


And Bill Gates, what would you put him in, what kind of character is he?  Hm.  Is he the one that was a megalomaniac, like the one that was in the movie where he had a massive media enterprise.  Tomorrow's news today, remember that, where he'd make tomorrow's news happen.  He had the big, big ship that would actually catch all the US and Russian submarines to try and start a war I think it was, something like that. He wanted to start a war.  He'd write about it. He owned newspapers in China and everywhere else too and wanted China to have a war. That's what it was, China.  Yeah, he would fit into that role there, you know.  He would be so cocksure of himself, and his hands would wave and everything as he explained everything, of how his world was going to turn out to be and how he'd make it this way, etc., and it would just have to be that way.


Yep.  The only difference is, the actor in the James Bond movie, the actor had more humanity in his eyes. Bill Gates eyes                               there's nothing in it.  There's nothing, there's not a human behind it there, you know, there really isn't. There's something, there's an entity of some kind but it's not, I wouldn't call it human.  Not that character.  How, you couldn't trust that guy.  You can sense just looking at him from a computer screen that you can't sense humanity in him, in the guy at all.  But there's a creature there all right.  You know.  Some kind of creature.  Some entity. And what a tremendous, we're supposed to listen to this guy? You don't vote for him, remember. But he's been given authority over YOU by other authorities that you do vote for? I think you'd better get these characters removed from your system and rectify the system, maybe give it a good cleanout perhaps. Because it's utterly corrupt, isn't it? Not just in the States.


You see, everybody follows this, whatever happens to the States, it's the last place for change, you see. If there's resistance inside the States to clean it all up and start putting matters right, then the world would have to follow suit. Because the US is the biggest funder of all these global institutions, including the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The US was set up... It was taken over I should say, it wasn't set up to, but it was certainly taken over, and one of the big markers of it is when they set up the UN in America in the US, the United Nations building.  And the World Bank, yeah.  And all the institutions that run the World Bank and the world economy that forces countries to comply with new changes and so on, all set up inside America. You see, America has been the battering ram for the elite for a long time. It was taken over long ago.


But it still has the laws there if they want to use them to clean it up.  [Alan chuckles.] But the people would have to do it themselves, wouldn't they?


And folk become corrupted as they adapt into the system.  Like after 9/11.  Look how they've adapted into it compl... they don't even mention it anymore.  What they'll mention is the next part of the corruption, which is what they see in front of them.  But they'll adapt, because they adapted after 9/11. And all the hell that led up to it including what they were doing with internal militaries inside the US that led to it all and they've adapted at post 9/11.  And now they're obedient to all authorities and the massive police force system or whatever you want to call Homeland Security as an example.


Adapt and adapt and adapt.  Well, you end up literally standing up for the corrupt system as you adapt. You're looking at the next part of the system, you say, well I don't like that. Well, maybe you wouldn't have liked 9/11 either.  [Alan chuckles.] But what happened there, eh?  And when they said, oh we've got a whole brand-new system set up, you know, an internal, but it will employ millions of people, you know, and we'll spy on everybody with it too, and we'll interface with the NSA and the CIA and the FBI and FEMA and on and on it goes.  And you adapt and you adapt and you adapt and you adapt. And the big eating machine which is the US military across the world is now in your own country ready to eat you all.  [Alan chuckles.] Full circle, eh?


Oh, I didn't realize that's what it...  What did you think it was?  You got to start looking at things like a child looks at things, before it even gets the name of whatever it happens to be. What's that mommy? You know.  Oh that's…  You got to start looking at things like a child. LOOK at things for YOURSELF. Don't ask to have them interpreted by somebody else. LOOK at what you see. Because that's what matters, what YOU see.  If you can't see, there's no hope for you to begin with.  There really isn't, you know.


That goes right back to the whole idea of spirit and soul, etc., doesn't it? You get this battle of folk who say, well you know, everybody's got a spirit, it lasts forever.  Where did they get that from? Where, where...  It's like your body, right, spirit and body, you can also get rid of your body if you want to, that's your decision. You’re warned, don't worry about those that can kill the body, but those that can destroy the soul, as well. What d'you think that means, eh? What d’you really think that means?


Hhhhhhhhh, so many things to ponder as they say, that folk don't bother to ponder it. They've decided already they like the... And again, it's the world of the physical that generally ends up triumphing over the spirit, in this world. Because you, no one wants to go hungry.  No one wants to freeze to death.  Hm?  All the things that you need basically, like an animal needs the same things, food, shelter, clothing and so on.  You need them or you die, you physically die. And we're designed to try to live for as long as we can. People will fight to the end to try to get a breath out and get a new breath in.  That's what you do. It's a natural thing.  Never mind what the elite try to do, oh, take this pill and finish it off faster and we'll save some bucks, and we can spend it on paychecks for ourselves, you know.  


It's a natural thing. Nature is being destroyed all the time here, you see.  But by the same token, that a lot of people, I think everybody probably will, it's most, not them all, will occasionally wonder what else is beyond all of this.  They get an inkling of something. People who are younger more so because it hasn't been utterly driven from them.


I gave talks years ago about, and again along with Jacques Ellul's talks on education and indoctrination into propaganda, where they must get the children young.  The initial propaganda is meant really to destroy the child's own ability to discern things for themselves – that's what it's for – and it makes them more susceptible to believing future propaganda. If they don't get that initial propaganda at school, he said, then later propaganda will not take, won't work on a child. That's why it's mandatory you get them to school quickly for their initial indoctrination.


Look what they teach them in schools now.  Total mind warfare. Total logical warfare, against logic. And the parents sit back and let that happen. Which means the parents themselves are defeated, you see, knocked out, disabled... when you let it happen.  Total warfare and the folk don't even know that. They're taught that this is just progress, we're in a progressive system, a progressive democracy they call it…


…as everything that was rational is destroyed, and you’re forced eventually to accept the illogical. What is right is wrong, what's wrong is right. What's up is down, what's down is up. And you pay for that. In more ways than just financial.  Hmph.  So the folk don't know they're in eternal warfare here.  And yes, no one wants to get hurt or tortured by the system which, again, is torturing other folks in other countries. You're paying for that too. No one wants that to be done to them.  But you're complying, aren't you?


What are the rules, what ARE the rules of compliance the prison system, especially in a prisoner of war torture system? Social distancing.  Even when they’re hooded and they’re kneeling, or hunched down as they like to say, hunkered down, very uncomfortable. And by the way, they're actually using that terminology for Covid, hunkered down, again.  It's all, it's just predetermined, folks. There's two languages here, one that goes right to your subconscious because you'd recognize that from the pictures you've seen with tortured prisoners, hooded ones, hunkered down. You see? But you've got a nice person telling you, so they can't be that bad. But it is that bad. So you social distance one from the other so there's no contact. You can't communicate. You're punished if you do. If you even mumble under that hood… that mask, it has the same function.  It disguises the face.  It dehumanizes the person wearing it that you're looking at because you can't see the features. All you see is frightened eyes. You see? It has the same effect. And then social distancing, hm.  No contact. The only difference is they tie the prisoners hands together so they can't touch each other either.  For human contact.  Segregate the people, that's what you do.  No contact. They can't even recognize human features as they look at each other. When they try to speak it's all muffled.  It's the same thing. This is part of psychological torture warfare. Deliberate. 


Even Fauci said, don't wear a mask, you don't need to wear a mask, it won't do you any good. And then later on, wear them, wear them, you see.  From the same mouth. Because he gets his orders to, you see. And he's utterly compromised by the way in other areas, he'll do what he's told.


Once again, I'll remind you to send me a few bucks. I keep mentioning it because folk forget very quickly when they listen to long talks, even short ones, eh, [Alan chuckles.] to send me a few bucks. Because it really helps out for me. And if I keep money coming in, I can get through the winter perhaps and still put out talks. Because they're important. Some folks say you should put out videos because people are used to getting videos. But here's the point of it. Do you want to sit staring at a screen for four hours? When you can do a lot more when you get an MP3 player or whatever you're using and get other work done at the same time? Isn't that better?  You see how your conditioned to everything step-by-step by technology until you think you can't do without it. But then how much time is it going to rob you that you need to do other things as well?  So it's quite easy, hhhch, it's easy to listen to it with the player when you're doing something else. Do you really need to look at a face on the screen?  Hm?  But then some people say, well yeah, it's the only way folk are going to be these days, just adapt to it.  Again, adapt and adapt. I was thinking about doing some, you know, talks that way and just putting a curtain behind me and sitting there prattling away. But I haven't really decided yet. It could be done I suppose.


But even as, I'm in the country too and it costs me a fortune just to get satellite Internet.  They're really hammering me now because, I'm obviously getting hammered for what I'm doing. This is how tyrannical governments work. They won't say, admit they're doing it, they just do it. That's how they would do it in any other country, in the Third World country, they just turn down your power until it's crawling and you get dial-up speed on satellite, and then they'll play games with you telling you, oh, try this and try that, if you complain to them, maybe is your equipment, it's maybe, maybe.  And all the time they know it.


I've had this on and off for years, but this really got bad recently until literally you've got dial-up speed during the day, you know. At night like a magic clock, just ftt, they turn it on. So if you want to stay up all night long then you can use it. And I really mean that, it's like a switch just turns and that's it, midnight and it sails away. But you can't stay up all night and turn your night into day. That's what they're doing, Bernays style again, mind you too, the Corporations train the public to suit your product instead of making a better product to suit your public. That's the technique they're using.


EVERYTHING is manipulation, eh.  And they see us as animals to be retrained. So send me a few bucks @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and we'll see if I can take it to the next step perhaps as we go through this. Because things are really going to ramp up. You're going to see it, you're going to see folk being arrested for their point of view. Not just because of not wearing masks and so on, but for their points of view. This is the next step they said they would take it to, and they plan to do it in the next month or two. So you'll see it. You'll see the same Waco tape raids on houses where folk are getting arrested because they're putting out disinformation, not authorized information, authorized by Fauci and Gates and so on, the new Masters, the over feurers, you know. So yeah, you've gotta have the right folk putting out information, and they're authorized. Even though there's folk with more qualifications. Bill Gates has no qualifications in medicine. Are you starting to get the picture here, this is a James Bond movie you're in.  [Alan laughing.] I tell ya. 


So anyway, yeah, send me a few bucks and help me tick along here and we'll see what we can do. If you need videos, I might put some out.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com, list my sites, because they will hammer the .com site here and there.  They've already done it once or twice where I can't even get uploaded into it. I've got the other ones there, hopefully, so make a list of them.  If you can't get the .com site on Sunday night, try the other ones in my list. These are my official sites.  Anything outside that list there, as I say, is not mine. It may be put up from, by somebody else, of my talks, that's okay. But the official sites are listed @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Again, Cash, PayPal, personal checks, money gram. Even international postal money orders.  Or bank orders, you can get that for a few bucks. It's fine, that gets to me.  General post is better than, don't register anything. If you register anything, you see, I've got to go miles away to the post office to pick it up and sign for it. That goes for parcels too by the way, you know.  If it's a small parcel they can fit it into the mailbox. It's communal mailboxes they have in Canada here in the country. They don't come around your house and drop things. I still got a few miles to go to my mailbox, and it's a whole series for the area of mailboxes, but they can get smaller parcels in there too, and letters. That way I don't have to sign for anything. The post office is maybe 10 miles away, hhh, you know, hhh, so you've got a 20-mile round-trip if you want to pick things up. So yeah, don't register anything, just general post for anything gets to me regardless. I've never seen stuff go missing in the mail that way.


So the money is definitely welcome.  As I say, the emails, I get deluged, deluged with emails from across the world. I try to read the whole lot of them. There's so many people. That's the only way you get in touch with anything, like a child looking at, you know, looking at whatever it is they're looking at, you've got to decide for yourself by looking at things and getting people's real opinions of real experiences that you're going through, individual experiences, to get pictures of things.


And it makes people come alive in your mind because we're so used to living remotely with people now. Everybody's remote, you've got to start personalizing people again. They're human beings. They're not numbers or just vague numbers on some kind of Twitter or whatever it happens to be, or names. They're real people.  I like to see how real people are seeing things and experiencing things. Because it also shows you the uniformity of the same agenda worldwide. That took years and years to plan and get things ready to get implemented by the right people in place at the right time across the board.


That shows you what you're up against here.  Well, like everything else, they need what? They need your compliance. So, the biggest monstrosities can fall apart if they can't get compliance, and they have to give up eventually. Don't forget that.  [Alan chuckles.] They always used brutality before, and if the folk still don't, it falls apart. Then they're running for other nations because they'll get arrested for their brutality. And for their crimes against humanity. They know it too by the way.  That's why they always get worse before the end trying to force you into compliance. Because they know you'll have to start going after them to arrest them for what they've done. Total destruction of the economies. Total manipulation of lies and mayhem for their own purposes.


How can you enslave sentient beings? Through incredible agendas and lies and deception, and threats against the people if they don't comply. This is what we're living under here. And you can't let that ever get off the hook here. They know it. They all know it. Like Bush Junior said in an interview after he was out of office, eh.  They were talking in an interview about how Bush only accepted the kind of propaganda about the enemy, that wasn't his enemy at the time but the upcoming planned enemy, hhhch, he'd only accept the bad news about them.  No good news or complacent happy news, or mediocre news. He just wanted the bad news, how bad they were, these enemies, you see, to build up the case for getting the wars going against them. Bush said, and I remember him telling and he mentioned it to one of his main characters that was his sidekick in the government. He said, managed to tell him, he says, if the public ever find out what we've been up to, he says, they'll chase us down the streets with ropes in their hands.  That's from an ex-president. Because they conned the whole nation into a whole series of preplanned wars. That helped devastate Europe with the fallout as well. All preplanned like a chessboard step by, if we do this it will cause this, which will cause that, which will cause that, which will cause that.  Big agendas to get fulfilled. N-n-n.


So yeah, you have to hold these people to a trial for crimes against humanity. And the Covid thing, how many folk have died already? They know this is monstrous. Even the WHO was getting edgy about it and trying to, well, we shouldn't have lockdowns.  Because they know they’re going to be, hhhch, they're going to be up there in the dock as well. They all know it. They know it. And then they lost all credibility, all credibility. That's when as I said the main characters in front, the Moderna and the Fauci's and so on, these guys literally become more vicious. Because they got everything to lose including their own freedom if they get arrested for what they've been doing, you know, complicit in this. And all those guys at the World Economic Forum, same thing, with their massive civil service, it's like a nation, like a massive country.  And training programs, they train future leaders. They grab them as children, train them, they present them to you as future leaders just appearing out of the blue?  Ah, enough, enough enough, eh, enough of this.


So don't forget, you know, it always gets worse, they say it's darkest before the light, you know.  That's the darkest part of the night, hm, before the dawn. That's when it gets more vicious, when they're getting called out and recognized. They've got no option now, you see, for the damage they've done.  Deliberate destruction of the world's economy to turn you into groveling slaves eventually.  N-n-n. 


Now, I'm going to go through some articles here, that some of them are really telling in themselves, you know. We always hear from Helena Handbasket. Some folks think that it's a Greek handbasket maker, you know. But it's not that at all.  No.  I know who Helena Handbasket is, but again, it's to do with the Irish to an extent as well. We are all connected now with the same agenda across the planet. And we’ll end up in Hell-and-a Handbasket too, bits and pieces. Here's a story of...


Sheriff’s Kettle is on a slow boil for tyrants

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Oct 14, 2020


A number of years ago I took my American wife to the small village of St. Cyrus on the east coast of Scotland,  close to Montrose. It was there that we located the now derelict Kaim of Mathers.; Mathers being my wife’s ancestral family name. The story goes that…


“The castle was constructed due to strained relations between David Barclay and Sir John (James) Melville of Glenbervie, Sheriff of Mearns. David and his uncles became frustrated with the actions of the Sheriff and made an angry appeal to the King whilst he lodged at Red Castle. The monarch was allegedly somewhat exasperated by the repeated complaints. He may, or may not, have said “for all he cared they could go and make soup of their sheriff and sup him”. The complainants took this literally and prepared a large cauldron in a gully near the site of the later castle. They invited the Sheriff to a hunt but then turned on him and threw him in the cauldron boiling the unfortunate individual alive. They then allegedly duly ‘supped’ him. (Alan: Meaning drunk on the soup.) The King declared David and his uncles outlaws for their actions meaning any man had the right to kill them without consequence. Accordingly David Barclay built the Kaim of Mathers to serve as a secure residence.”




(A: So you had to... um, that's how it used to be actually. And I know they did do awful things in those days too, you know. As I've said before, they often call it the Dark Ages, and even the Middle Ages as well, much later on too and through the Middle Ages. But the Dark Ages weren't dark at all. There's lots of histories came down through time from places in Scotland and so on of the amazing Lord of the Isles that literally ran Scotland, a good part of England and Norway, what was Norway, or the Scandinavian countries too before that as well. So we know the different things that happened. In fact, one of the main Viking ones, and it didn't matter, sometimes it would be one that would be born in, say, Norway or Sweden would fill the throne, because they're all related, or ones that were born in Scotland would fill the throne, and it was an empire in a sense of these people. We know that one of them, one is an island in Scotland, in the north of Scotland, one of the Orkny ones I think.  And there's an awfully good documentary put out years ago on this little island where monks had set up their monastery there in the Middle Ages and their main crop that they grew there was barley, you know. One of the Viking lords from Norway that used to raid all over the place, loved to raid, you know they got bored awfully quickly over in Norway and they'd do these raids.  But he left them alone there because he use them for the barley, because he could make his beer out of it, his booze.  So they got a pass, they were never raided and killed and slaughtered.  They had a good working relationship with this guy, this particular Viking Lord. [Alan chuckles.])


(A: All these little things that you get told, it's amazing. If you go to the islands and never see them, these places. Because now there's actually monks returned to the place and restored this old monastery. And from all over the world these guys. They’re kind of hermits to an extent. And it's a hard life. It's not an easy life.  But they've decided to live that life in the spiritual world as opposed to the commercialized materialistic system that most folk adapt into and get destroyed by. Because you'll lose your soul in it too, there's no doubt about it. But anyway, that's the kind of story you get there, is giving the story about what happened there. It's interesting it says…)


The alleged arrest of  men accused of attempting to kidnap Governor Whitmer in the US state of Michigan, who has implemented one of the harshest lockdown regimes in the US under the guise of a deadly virus which has been proven to be anything but, reminded me of the story of my wife’s ancestry when I read another article related to the alleged kidnapping (A:  That was in the papers too.) of Whitmer (A:  I guess they arrested some people who supposedly were talking about kidnapping.) which suggested, and I think this is a more likely scenario, that these individuals were attempting a citizen’s arrest for crimes committed against the people of Michigan (A:  Ha.) by the aforementioned tyrannical Whitmer.  They had also supposedly planned to do likewise to the Governor of Virginia for similar criminal actions.


In fact, a neighbouring Sheriff has supported that claim.


“Well, it’s just a charge. And they say a plot to kidnap. And you gotta remember that–are they trying to kidnap? Because a lot of people are angry with the governor and they want her arrested. So, are they trying to arrest or was it a kidnapping attempt? Because you can still, in Michigan, if it’s a felony, you can make a felony arrest.”


(A: It's a citizen’s arrest for a felony, you see, committed. And so it hasn't really been made clear what this whole thing is about, eh.)


It brings to light the power of local law enforcement, clearly in collusion with the state apparatus, that citizens can no longer attempt a citizen’s arrest without being charged with what amounts to a terrorist act.


(A: It’s so true, you’re supposed to be able to do a citizen’s arrest.)


It again goes to show that individuals have no right to address the crimes of their elected officials, who don’t forget, are servants of those people (A: [Alan chuckles.] Supposedly.) and as such are paid very well by them to carry out duties which are beneficial to the citizenry.  (A: That’s how it used to be, at least in theory) These tyrannical governors have no right to basically kidnap the whole population of the state and try to justify it with illegal ‘Stay at Home’ diktats.


(A: And that’s true as well, isn’t it? That is true.)


It would appear that kidnapping a population is fine if disguised under law, despite there being no law to justify such action, and it comes from the mouth of a puppet politician, but if the public decide that arresting a politician, which they have a right to do under the law, for acting tyrannically and holding the entire state population to ransom as in, “Do as you’re told and you might be allowed to come out of your homes if I say so” then that’s justifiable and legal.


I sincerely hope that this is a sign of things to come and that more citizens take up the mantle of enforcing the law on their own behalf to arrest individuals, whoever they are or what position of presumed power they feel they hold, and arrest such tyrants for the good of their fellow human beings who are clearly suffering abuse at the hands of a small coterie of criminals.


And that’s what I’m saying, you know, it’s obvious that there’s way more folk that have woken up of this con here, this incredible written in stone agenda on behalf of those who have decided that they've got a natural right to rule the world and do this to you, hm.  Absolutely. N-n-n.  So I'll put this one up here from Helena Handbasket and have a, used to slow boil people on behalf of the king at one point.


It's like the Brahan Seer.  The Brahan Seer was a real seer in Scotland. In Scotland you definitely had people who had a gift, you know.  And I don't know how good it is now.  But I met some actually, I met some of the seers, a famous one too. And I had some abilities myself you might say. But there was a Brahan seer, and he was, every clan used to have, give honor to any, not just a Piper... They always had a champion Piper who could literally play the history of the clan.  Folk don't know that. It was written into music in its day, and some of them could sing it for hours and days on end, the whole history.  That's how it used to be. But they also had a seer.  A seer was someone you would ask for advice from, and he’d would look into whatever he did and so on, his stone or whatever it was, and come out with his little insights. And no one laughed at them because they were often very true.  They weren’t witches, there wouldn’t curses and spells on people, they just had the ability to have the site, you know, the gift. 


The Brahan seer was a famous one and he was awfully accurate in what he saw and so on. But the clan, it was the chief had gone over to France on a business enterprise.  And his wife, this is, I think it was in the 1500s, and his wife kept waiting for him to come home, and letters were sent back by courier and so on.  But she says, what is the stalling thing? It was like Bill Gates, you know, just another few months, another few months.  Same idea. She eventually called the seer, the Brahan.  He went there, and he had trepidation too because it's not a good thing when, you know, wives, you’re getting involved now between the husband and wife, especially when they've got that kind of power. She says, well what's he doing?  He says, oh I don't know, you know, ma'am.  Tell me what he's doing or, and she threatened to do nasty things to him, have done to him if he didn't tell her. So he did his little paraphernalia thing and have a look see. He could see and he says, well he’s with a woman, you know, he described the woman and all the rest of it. 


When the chief came back, he immediately got assaulted by the wife and accused. And he couldn't deny it because she knew how to describe, she could describe the wife or whatever, this woman he had been with and all the rest of it. I think he may have even gotten the name.  But what happened then, from both of them... Because this is... You never get involved between a man and wife because they both turn on you eventually, you know. Even though you didn't cause the upset, you went to please them, you see.  And it's like, never go, if someone comes to you and say my spouse is so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so, never, you might just say, oh well. Don't say yes now, or that's terrible or whatever because you, when they get back, you are the bad guy.  A bit of wisdom there.


So anyway, the poor Brahan seer now had an angry husband there, the clan chief, and his wife was mad and furious too because the bad news was broken, even though she demanded, this is how crazy some of these folk are, she blamed the seer for giving her the bad news.  So the husband decided to have him put in a barrel of tar and set on fire and rolled down the hill and all that. And that's what they did with the guy.  They did so.  So what he did, the Brahan, he did actually cursed them because he was, you're allowed to curse them if they're going to kill you, you see. And he said, not one stone of your house will be left standing, he says, after, and I think it was either the third or fourth son was born, it was something like that, or generations. But they would be born, meaning there was a form of retardation in the children, deformed and so on.  And that actually happened.  [Alan chuckles.] It actually happened.


I remember they were doing a documentary on him on television live at the time and they had the cameras outside where the building was, eh.  And it was only a few boulders around, or there was about one or two stones left standing.  As they were giving the talk there behind them eventually the truck pulled off and pulled away the last two standing stones there of the building.  They went through it too and sure enough, the offspring of that guy had met the ends that the Brahan seer had curse them with. That's a true story.  [Alan chuckles.] But that's just... That's all from Helena Handbasket's thing that set me on that whole roller coaster there.


So there you go, Sheriff’s Kettle is on a slow boil for tyrants. Part of that is so true, Helen Handbasket's one.  Because that's how the elite act. They don't just give orders. They just give little insinuations of this is being a problem or that being a problem, and all those beneath them run into action to fix all these problems. That's how it's really done. That way the ones at the top never take the can for anything legally, you see.  And that's how it works. So I'll put that one up. Another one too is…


The Island of Ireland Should Unite against Its common enemies

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Oct 14, 2020


(A: ...try to put all their past behind them in different groups and so on, because they're going under fast too. It says…)


Tyranny episode two is on the way (A: That's part 2 of the Covid.) as what appears to be a united Ireland in one respect at least. Both parts of the island of Ireland are now moving lockstep into drastic lockdown (A: The whole world is, at the same time, isn’t it? There’s planning for you. It’s to be perpetual by the way, this one.) of the entire landmass in what could be seen as a further extension of a social engineering exercise using the island as the perfect environment to easily lockdown given that it can be easily isolated from mainland Britain, and internationally, simply by ensuring that no flights or ferries can enter either jurisdictions. That hasn’t been suggested yet, but it’s always going to be on the table. The border is an obvious problem for both countries in that it is virtually impossible to police and therefore both states will carry out the same policies to ensure that it becomes an irrelevance. There will be no point in trying to escape one tyranny to enter another. (A:  That’s from north to south, you see, and so on.)






The mainstream media continues to perpetrate the lie that Covid-19 is a highly contagious, deadly disease despite the fact that even the CDC and the WHO have admitted the opposite.


In fact, the CDC has even admitted that they have never even been able to find Covid-19. (A:  That is true.  They give nice drawings about it. They say they can maybe find particles of broken-down dead viruses, that’s what that whole PCR test is about.) Yes, you read that correctly, they haven’t been able to find it, isolate it, and therefore obviously diagnose anybody with it. They certainly can’t claim to be racing at ‘warp speed’ to find a vaccine for something they have no evidence even exists and therefore, again obviously, no pathogen to work on a vaccine with.  (A:  Hm?)


The links are hereby the way where the CDC says that they don't have the virus available to examine.  [Alan chuckles.] I'm not kidding you.  It's from their own website. I'll put these articles up. This is in this article too.  Again, they can go on and on with the facts, it really makes no difference. This is a big agenda and folk can scream about the facts until the cows come home, until eventually the cows don't come home because they banned all meat consumption.


Another article here is…


Food Shortage Simulation Predicts 400% Increase in Food Prices by 2030

theorganicprepper.com / 11 Oct 2020


(A: I'll put this one up.)


Recently, I wrote an article discussing the looming food crisis in the United States and the rest of the world.


(A: They want this to happen by the way.  Hm.)


Back in 2015, 65 people showed up at the World Wildlife Fund’s headquarters in Washington D.C. These individuals were international policymakers, corporate businessmen, academics, and “leaders in thought.” Their goal? To run a simulation of a world food crisis that would begin in 2020 and run to 2030.


(A: I put that article up before, that one actually, from them, from their own sites. There’s a few of them actually putting up the same articles.)


The press release of the event was published on the Big Ag corporation Cargill website (A: I put that one up from their own site.) and revealed that the food shortage simulation that the decade between 2020 and 2030 would see two major food crises. During this time, prices would rise 400% of the long term average, there would be a number of climate-related weather events, governments would be toppled in Ukraine and Pakistan, and famine would force refugees from Myanmar, Chad, Sudan, and Bangladesh.


Does any of this sound familiar yet?


(A: That was 2015, remember. And they talked about taxes such as a meat tax and for carbon tax, and this article has got them there too.)


A meat tax. A carbon tax.


As I say, the whole agenda for the climate change is totally immersed in this Covid lockdown. Again, the Club of Rome has said that too, I've given up their articles two months ago where they were overjoyed fulfilling all the climate agenda through the Covid, under the guise of the Covid. So I'll put this up too about the food prices.


Also I might even put up the ones from the original sites too, such as those exercises in food security by Cargill and show you some of the characters that were at it too by the way, that are familiar today that are in charge of it.


How a new game helped us understand the future of food - worldwildlife.org / Spring 2016


Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends with global carbon tax - cargill.com / 12 Nov 2015


This article is about beef and how they're closing down the meat plants.  Oh, they're testing them, you see, they keep, if you're going to close any place down, ANY place down, just put in a select group of people to test them, and they'll find particles of coronas. Because it's a normal thing in society, all the different coronaviruses, there's stacks of them, even the common cold, eh.  The PCR test doesn't actually identify the coronavirus 19. It only picks up particles of what they claim are particles of viruses, not the whole viruses but particles, that could be always there, you know, dead particles. So it's a complete farce. So they can close a place down quickly with, oh, we've had so many cases today, because we've tested 10,000 and found 5000 or 7000.  Well, that's because, hhhch, you're going to find them across society.  Especially this time of year by the way, there's all kinds of viruses going around that you don't even know you've had. Just like Covid. So you can close down the beef plants, so…


Food economists say changing consumer habits and potential coronavirus outbreaks in processing plants may affect food supplies. Here are the foods you might see less of in grocery stores.

businessinsider.com / 3 June 2020


Beef may be less prevalent on shelves as infection might easily spread in processing plants that are not set up for social distancing.


(A:  There ya go.)


It's quite amazing, isn't it. I mean, don't you get fed up with it all?  Hm?  Hm?  Don't you get fed up? Because it's all planned this way, isn't it?  It's all completely planned this way.


Oxford vaccine head says UK has no hope of normality until July with face masks and social distancing until next summer

thesun.co.uk / 14 Oct 2020


(A: Why bother having this person saying it, that's Andrew Pollard, when the heads of all countries are saying exactly the same thing, verbatim. Just like robots.  [Alan chuckles.] But it's all coincidence, isn't it, eh, as they, oh, a few months more, a few years more, oh, and for the rest of your lives, you know.  Yep.  Oxford vaccination trial team, ah, dear, dear, dear Pollard, eh.  N-n-n.)


“If we end up with a vaccine that's effective in preventing the disease, that is by far the best way to control the virus.


(A: No it’s not.  It’s called herd immunity if you let folks mix, and then most folk will get it and will be immune to it. What do you think for all these ones that say, oh they’ve tested positive, more cases, more cases? Didn’t say they were sick, more cases. Well, test them again in a few weeks and what happens? They don’t have it then.  If you check their blood samples, they’ve got antibodies which they develop themselves, that’s why they’re NOT SICK, folks.  They don’t stay cases anymore, you see?... Do you understand, they’re not cases anymore. What happened to them? They’re now immune to them, without the vaccine, hm.  Did you figure that one out?)


“When does life get back to normal? Even if we had enough vaccine for everyone, in my view it's unlikely that we're going to very rapidly be in a position where the physical distancing rules can be just dropped.”


The Oxford Vaccine Group is being run by Oxford University and is currently working on developing a vaccine with drug company Astrazeneca.


(A: It's amazing the media doesn't tell you that OBVIOUS little bit there. Those folk all have immunity to it now, or, they would be sick and stay sick until they died, hm. [Alan chuckles.] Oh, we've got 10,000 more cases.  Yeah, in a week’s time they won't be cases, they'll be immune.  Hhhhh.  Facts don't matter though. And it's just astonishing.) 


The Oxford University vaccine, produced with drugs giant Astrazeneca, is one of only nine to have reached phase three trials, the final stage before implementation, and is widely seen as the leading candidate to deliver.  


(A: Oh, folk are going to end up being multimillionaires off this. There's no way they're going to back off, you know.)


...early results had shown that the vaccine


(A: ...listen to this now...)


causes the body to make antibodies against Covid, and that these last for at least three months.


(A:  Well guess what?  They said the same thing would happen if you developed your own immunity. And it might even be longer. [Alan laughing.] Do you understand they want to give you a vaccine every three months? Are you getting the picture here?)


Oxford's vaccine is based on a genetically engineered type of coronavirus that gives chimpanzees a form of the common cold.


Trials of the jab involve 20,000 volunteers in Britain and other countries being given either the vaccine or a harmless placebo.


(A: So you realize too, that it's a genetically engineered type of virus, right, coronavirus.  It's not the one you find in the wild supposedly, that they can't find. But they've genetically engineered a virus coronavirus that gives chimpanzees a form of the common cold.  Well, that's not the coronavirus 19 then, is it? And so are they're trying to say here, are they going to give you, are they going to make you immune to a chimpanzee cold virus?  [Alan laughing.] which they made in the lab?  It seems to be, isn't it?  Yp.)


Tests on volunteers given the jab in April will soon show whether they lasted for six months. 'The evidence so far in the lab is that the antibodies are able to stop the virus in its tracks,' said Professor Pollard.


(A: Now, the other studies I'll do eventually if I've got time, show that they can't lose with the tests that they're actually doing. Because the tests only have to stop very mild symptoms like sniffing or whatever, and it won't stop the actual severe effects of this virus. That's the other articles I'll touch on tonight. But these are the salesman talking here, you know, that are going to make big, big money.  And it says...)


Kate Bingham, head of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, said there was only a 'slim' chance the Oxford jab could be ready by Christmas.


(A: …and so on and so on.)


At least one person in the trial has become seriously ill.  Hhhch, there's only a few folk in it actually, folks.  Forget the 20,000 volunteers, they're actually using a study group much, much smaller, actually. Again that goes into other articles to find out that part.  And by the way, once you get this vaccine jab, you're to be electronically monitored for years to come.  I've got those articles too.  There's a whole agenda here, eh.  A whole agenda.  N-n-n. 


Some folk have got neurological symptoms, it says, side effects. I know other ones too become paralyzed, eh.  It's just little things like that.  So I'll put this one up too, you know. These are the sales pitch articles here, and you definitely won't get much truth out of them on any negative feedback in the sales pitch. There's too much to lose, eh.  Again don't forget they can't get sued for killing you or crippling you.


David Attenborough. The big man, the big eugenicists that wants to curb the population, eh, by curbing capitalism. He says curb excess capitalism to save nature. Back to austerity, for you.  Not for him, he's important. He says…


Attenborough: 'Curb excess capitalism'

bbc.com / 8 Oct 2020


Sir David Attenborough says the excesses of western countries should "be curbed" to restore the natural world and we'll all be happier for it.


The veteran broadcaster said that the standard of living in wealthy nations is going to have to take a pause.


(A: So there he is, another master telling you.  He belongs to the right clubs, you know.)


Nature would flourish once again he believes when "those that have a great deal, perhaps, have a little less".


Sir David was speaking to Liz Bonnin for BBC Radio 5 Live's new podcast 'What Planet Are We On?'.


Speaking personally and frankly, Sir David explained, "We are going to have to live more economically than we do. And we can do that and, I believe we will do it more happily, not less happily. (A: Well, he’ll be happy because he won’t be cutting back on anything.) And that the excesses the capitalist system has brought us, have got to be curbed somehow."


"That doesn't mean to say that capitalism is dead and I'm not an economist and I don't know. But I believe the nations of the world, ordinary people worldwide, are beginning to realise that greed does not actually lead to joy."


(A: So he’s deciding for you how much you should really get, eh. Obviously, greed doesn't lead to joy, but poverty doesn't lead to it either. Who ARE these characters that they elevate up to these spokespeople of how we should all live, eh?  Eugenicists... Elitists is what they are, folks. They've got all the royal family on board with it like Prince Philip and Prince William and so on.  They're all on the same panels at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change...)


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change study looked at how the world would cope if temperatures rose by 1.5C by the end of this century.


(A:  HHHHH! And all those terrible, terrible predictions that they had that just didn’t pan out, eh, and ftt. I tell ya, n-n-n. So now you've got Covid, and you have to better comply.)


Oh, this is an interesting one. [Alan chuckles.] When Hillary Clinton was in the State Department, I mean, she and Madeleine Albright had a great time on the different war department boards and so on deciding which countries they were going to take out. They really had a great time talking about it. I really mean that too. Then Obama, remember too, Obama used to talk about he had the job of picking favorite targets for drone strikes, in the morning he picked his targets, he thought it was great.


A National Security Reckoning

foreignaffairs.com / Nov/Dec 2020 / By Hillary Clinton


(A: This is from the Council on Foreign Relations, from their magazine.)


How Washington Should Think About Power


(A: By Hillary Clinton.  Hhhhh, oh, I can trust her. I feel better now already, eh, that she’s going to try to get back in there.  They all are actually, eh?  And you can tell by their faces they love you all, they just love you, eh? It says…)


In a year marked by plague and protest, Americans are reckoning with long-overdue questions about racial justice, economic inequality (A:  We’ll all be the same poor shortly, very poor.), and disparities in health care. (A:  What health care, you know?)


The current crisis should also prompt a reckoning about the United States’ national security priorities.


(A: Maybe you should tell the public what your priorities are because they haven’t benefited from them for the last 40 years.)


The country is dangerously unprepared for a range of threats, not just future pandemics but also an escalating climate crisis (A: Oh my goodness, it’s the climate as well as the Covid, all these things are just so, you know it’s like ghostly, you can’t grab them or anything, ftt.) and multidimensional challenges from China and Russia. (A: …multidimensional… hhhhh.) Its industrial and technological strength has atrophied, its vital supply chains are vulnerable, its alliances are frayed, and its government is hollowed out. In the past, it sometimes has taken a dramatic shock—Pearl Harbor, Sputnik, 9/11—to wake up the United States to a new threat and prompt a major pivot. The COVID-19 crisis should be a big enough jolt to rouse the country from its sleep, so that it can summon its strength and meet the challenges ahead.


So here’s one of the con artists [Alan chuckles.] listing all the stuff I’ve been talking about, all the crisis and cons that they did in the past, and she’s going to tell you how you’ve got to live and who you’ve got to build up for war capabilities and…  She likes wars and things, you know.   Yep.  Again, she names the enemies, the same enemies that you know that America’s there to get rid of apparently.  Iran, Iran’s a terrible country, oh my goodness, the great demon Iran, eh?  Hhhhh.  Again.  There ya go.  I tell ya.  I tell ya, it's pretty sad isn't that she's after the job again back in the State Department. 


I'll also put up this article here, this is the Guardian newspaper.  It was bought over again apparently a few years back and completely changed. It used to be pretty decent, but now it's just a big mouthpiece for the establishment.


YouTube bans misinformation about Covid vaccinations

theguardian.com / 14 Oct 2020


Any claims about Covid vaccinations that contradict the WHO will be removed, says YouTube


(A: There’s democracy in action, there’s freedom. The new freedom as George Bush Junior called it, the new freedom, eh.)


YouTube has banned misinformation about Covid vaccinations, just days after Facebook took similar action on its own platform.


The company says that the fact that such a vaccine might be imminent makes it the right time to take action, and expand its pre-existing policies against Covid-19 medical misinformation.


(A: …its pre-existing policies, eh?   Hm.)


“A Covid-19 vaccine may be imminent, therefore we’re ensuring we have the right policies in place to be able to remove misinformation related to a Covid-19 vaccine from the platform,” (A:  They keep saying the same things over and over.) a YouTube spokesperson said.


“Any content (A:  So it’s their opinion.)


Any content that includes claims about Covid-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO) will be removed from YouTube.”


(A: But I use the stuff from the WHO, and from the health experts and authorities. So it doesn’t matter, you see, even if you use their stuff [Alan chuckles.] where they contradict themselves, YOU get banned.  This is an agenda, folks. A nondemocratic agenda, hm.)


Examples of now-banned (A:  Right, now-banned…)


Examples of now-banned claims include false allegations that the vaccine would kill people or cause infertility, (A:  Well, why have the governments, and I put up the links from the governments websites, Canada, the States and Britain, why have they all given blanket immunity for any damage or illness or disease or death it caused by the vaccine? Why would they give that out and give them blanket immunity from being sued …if it’s so safe?  Hm?  So I’ll say it again from their side…)


Examples of now-banned claims include false allegations that the vaccine would kill people (A:  Well, if it’s not going to kill people why would you have to get blanket immunity for those that give the vaccines to people for anything that happens?) or cause infertility, or claiming that the vaccine would in some way implant microchips in recipients. (A:  Okay?  Hm?  Are you getting the picture here?)


So that's wrong, right? Obviously wrong. It is a vaccine. So they really don't need to get blanket immunity if it causes any death or injury to people, right. That's just a coincidence that they've given them blanket immunity. And they're going to ban anybody that talks about the fact that, um, it's got some way to implant microchips in the recipients, isn't it?  Well, isn't that coincidental because here, right, here you have one, this other article by Major General John Sullivan, and whole bunch of Major Generals and stuff in here actually, [Alan chuckles.] and this is to do with Profusa.  Profusa, it's called Profusa Lumee sensor system…


A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection

defenseone.com / 3 Mar 2020


The Profusa Lumee sensor system consists of a special hyrogel and an emitting device. Together the two can detect and transmit data on subtle changes in the body, including, potentially, infection from diseases and viruses like coronovirus. PROFUSA (A:  Right.)


If it wins FDA (A: The federal drug association agency…)  approval next year, the two-part sensor could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to show. (A:  Right.)


(A: It's a military funded biosensor.  This is from Science and Tech. By the way DARPA is in bed with them.  [Alan chuckles.] But this is from March, this article here. From biowarfare and technology. This magazine by the way is one of the biggest magazines for the military and the US government, educators to them in warfare and so on. It says…)


Why are pandemics so hard to stop? Often it’s because the disease moves faster than people can be tested for it. The Defense Department is helping to fund a new study to determine whether an under-the-skin biosensor can help trackers keep up — by detecting flu-like infections even before their symptoms begin to show. Its maker, Profusa, says the sensor is on track to try for FDA approval by early next year.


The sensor has two parts. One is a 3mm string of hydrogel, a material whose network of polymer chains is used in some contact lenses and other implants. Inserted under the skin with a syringe, (A:  I hope the Guardian is listening.) the string includes a specially engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent signal outside of the body when the body begins to fight an infection. The other part is an electronic component attached to the skin. It sends light through the skin, detects the fluorescent signal and generates another signal that the wearer can send to a doctor, website, etc. It’s like a blood lab on the skin (A:  This is the PR part, eh, a blood lab on the skin…) that can pick up the body’s response to illness before the presence of other symptoms, like coughing.


The announcement comes as the United States grapples with COVID-19… (A:  …blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)


The military is taking a leading role in vaccine research, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley told reporters at the Pentagon on Monday. “Our military research labs are working feverishly around the horn here to try to come up with a vaccine. So we’ll see how that develops over the next couple of months,” Milley said. U.S. troops themselves are also at risk. A U.S. soldier in South Korea became the first U.S. service member to contract the virus, the Wall Street Journal reported in February.


Profusa’s newest funded study, which the company announced on Tuesday, will test how well the sensor can detect influenza outbreaks up to three weeks before it’s possible to detect them using current methods.


Hwang said his company has received grants from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (A:  Listen, listen Guardian news paper…) or DARPA, (A:  Defense Advanced Research Project that doesn’t exist, you’re claiming, fake news…) since around 2011. “They gave us grant money to help our research and as we prove out a certain milestone, as we de-risk the technology, they give us a second phrase and a third phase and provide support,” he said.


Hwang said DARPA is helping the company reach out to other outfits within the Defense Department that might use the device on troops or servicemembers. That could include partnerships with U.S. Special Operations Command, for instance, or, Indo-Pacific Command.


I'll put this, this... terrible, terrible sacrilegious nonexistent false DARPA information from DARPA [Alan chuckles.] up tonight too for those that want to look it up, while I get banned for putting up what it says.


Another one too is...


Beware of covid-19 vaccine trials designed to succeed from the start

washingtonpost.com / 22 Sept 2020


William Haseltine is a former Harvard Medical School professor and founder of the university’s cancer and HIV/AIDS research departments. He serves as chair and president of the think tank ACCESS Health International.


In response to widespread demand for more transparency, pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer have released clinical study protocols for their covid-19 vaccine trials. The goal is to reassure the public that the trials are being conducted responsibly…


(A:  Well, how can it be when you’re cutting short any possible testing, like, it’s supposed to take years.)


In both the Moderna and Pfizer trials, for example, the primary objective is to prevent any occurrence of covid-19, not necessarily a severe case. Preventing serious illness is a secondary objective.


(A:  Are you understanding it. Preventing serious illness is a secondary objective.)


Yet it is the severe cases of covid-19 that have killed nearly 1 million people worldwide (A: We don’t even know if that’s true… that died with it or because of it.  A big difference.) and left many millions more with long-term damage. (A:  Really?) With the current protocols, it is conceivable that a vaccine might be considered effective — and eventually approved — based primarily on its ability to prevent mild cases alone. (A:  …like sniffles.  Well, is that any good… to give you a new RNA type vaccine, mRNA vaccine, that’s going to alter the DNA makeup of your epithelial tissue, permanently, on something that might prevent a mild case or mild snuffle? It says…)


If we were developing a vaccine for a simple cold virus, perhaps this would indeed be enough. (A:  But I mean, they can’t even cure the cold here apparently.) But covid-19 is far from a common cold. People are not concerned about the tickle in their throat or a runny nose; they are concerned about being put in the hospital. A covid-19 vaccine should, first and foremost, protect us from severe instances of the disease.


(A: Then he goes on about the “troubling size of the group” for each vaccine, and he gives you the big numbers that they always give you, oh there’s…)


…upwards of 30,000 participants slated for each. But while the full trial sizes might be large, the protocols suggest that efficacy can be proved in an initial test group of just 106 (A:  …106 people…) for the Moderna vaccine and in a group of 64 for Pfizer. But keep in mind only half of each group receives the vaccine; the other half receives a placebo.


(A: That’s way too small.  It’s got the links here too, that’s from the Washington Post. I’ll put that one up as well.)


Another one too is…


Cracked Teeth and Other Covid Vaccine Side Effects - bitchute.com / 12 Oct 2020


Cracked teeth and other side effects have come out from some of the people who have got the vaccines that were in test studies and so on. I'll put that up for those that want to look at it. It's quite interesting to have the trial seem to be rather farcical.


And the same guy, William Haseltine, right... 


How we can contain Covid-19 without a vaccine

Opinion by William Haseltine

cnn.com / 4 Sept 2020


William Haseltine, PhD, is chair and president of the global health think tank ACCESS Health International. He is author of numerous books, (A: He's already got a book out on Covid naturally, you know, they just churn them out, ghostwriters I guess...) including the recently released "A Family Guide to COVID-19: Questions and Answers for Parents, Grandparents and Children."


(A: So he's one of the stars they put out in front of you to believe in, mind you, too. It says, how can we contain Covid 19 without a vaccine...)


(CNN)While the world is waiting for a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, there is a strategy that can potentially bring an end to the pandemic in the United States without the development of pharmaceutical drugs. (A: It talks about it’s …)  compatible with American values like personal freedom…


…would revolve around the distribution of rapid, saliva-based tests….


So his whole thing is, just get lots of tests kits out there. Do you understand, this is forever.  They want you to get tested every day for the rest of your lives for this rubbish. Under the guise that maybe your immune system, or even the vaccination, will only last about three months.  Well, we live with the common cold.  We live with the flu.  Are you starting to get the picture this is much bigger than they're telling you here? We are a business for all these companies that make all these test kits and so on.  And the PCR test, you know, polymerase chain reaction tests are pretty well useless.  And he even says, this guy, it can detect even trace amounts of the virus. It can detect trace amounts of any kind of type of virus pretty well. And if you get trace amounts of bits of viruses, it doesn't mean you've got the disease. Or are ill with it either, for that matter.  Rubbish. Completely.  And there's no point arguing that because all the data is out on it.


Again getting back to the one…


Can Dr. Conley — a Military Doctor — Say 'No' to the President?

defenseone.com / 6 Oct 2020


(A: In other words, what to do. He's against Trump's doctor, eh?  You can read the article. But the main part is, I mentioned earlier in that talk, it says...)


…a military doctor would still be at risk of losing his license were he or she to administer a treatment to the president that he knew to be harmful but acceded to provide because he is in uniform and the commander-in-chief ordered it.


But he also says that the president, he says, like any other, hm, citizen has a right to refuse anything that's going to get put into his body. Remember that part when they come for YOU.  You know.  That's in the article here and I'll put that out there too.  It's up to the... That's the Nuremberg trials that came out too, or the codes for drugs and pharmaceuticals, they couldn't just use what they wanted on you for any reason at all.  It's up to you to say yes or no. They can't experiment on you. 


Interim Framework for COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation and Distribution in the United States - centerforhealthsecurity.org / 19 Aug 2020


This is an important one here. Again Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health. It's amazing how the same characters, these beeeenevolent, you know, philanthropists just took the world over, eh.  Likewise Haupt said they would, philanthropy would take over the world, by first helping folk, you see, then you get more power and then you dictate to people. Then you dictate to governments. And there you go. So again, they've got the institutes for bioethics, this new thing, who should live and die, who should get treatment, who shouldn't get treatment, yada, yada, all trained by a University system, eh.


I'll put this one up for those that want to plow through it. It's a PDF.  And well-being, and promoting the common good, all that rrubbish, eh. To satisfy the one who tell you to go into austerity, and poverty is good for you, you know, you could be happy if you just keep practicing on your moan, I am happy, I am happy. A stale piece of bread is as good a good juicy steak… Just keep saying it over and over. The mind control we are under is phenomenal, folks. Shoved out by professionals that think they've got the right to dictate to us.  Bioethics!  Hm?  N-n-n.  I'll put this massive piece of propaganda up here, this PDF, and add it to all the other PDFs that are out there too. Vaccine allocation and distribution in the United States. The framework is all built up already, just by pure coincidence.


Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos ‘Great Reset’ Agenda

21stcenturywire.com / 12 Oct 2020


This week, Sky News Australia contributor and former Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, tore open the debate on COVID after calling out a globalist agenda which few in mainstream media have dared to mention so far.


(A:  And good luck to him.)


Bernardi believes that the COVID-19 pandemic hysteria is being used as the Trojan horse for a globalist agenda hatched out of the World Economic Forum in Davos. (A:  Well, it IS, they actually say it themselves…) It’s called The Great Reset, and its designed by elite billionaires supposedly to bring about ‘social and economic change.’


(A:  In other words, they’re creating their own system.)


“Medical experts now acknowledge that lockdowns don’t work….


(A:  Even the WHO, I’ll put the articles up from the WHO tonight, in case the Guardian says it’s pooh-pooh, you know, that says they don’t work, lockdown.)


Now none of that makes any sense until you open your mind to consider if there is another agenda at work.”


(A:  Thank goodness the word is getting around, eh?  The REAL agenda, eh. And this is what Schwab said from the World Economic Forum, the guy who is really all for this whole agenda here…)


According to technocrat, Klaus Schwab, founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, “Now is the historical moment of time not only to fight the … virus but to shape the system … for the post-corona era,” claims Schwab.


“(Mr Schwab) admits that COVID is the new excuse to usher in the Green New Deal that climate alarmists, profiteers and big government have been pushing for years,” said Bernardi.


(A:  Well, I’ve been saying the same stuff for long before that, so there you go.)


I'll put this article up too. 


Lockdowns Have Killed What’s Left of the United Nations’ Credibility - ronpaulinstitute.org / 12 Oct 2020


Another one too is...


Safety and Immunogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 Vaccine in Older Adults

nejm.org / 29 Sept 2020


(A: It's an interesting article actually for nerds and so on, from the New England Journal of Medicine, one of these conspiracy sites, you know. So it's doing the trials of the vaccine on older adults and so on and it goes into the fact that, you see generally what they do with older folk, what they'll do is they'll pump in extra adjuvants in, at the site of injection.  They want the blood to really flow there and get an inflammation going to make the blood flow and to bring different cells there that recognize that infection or whatever, and out of that supposedly your body eventually creates antibodies to that infection. That's the idea behind the adjuvants, eh.  And because older folk, like young folk don't have, have a lowered immune system, like the very young children have a lowered immune system, it hasn't developed in them yet. With older folk it's developed but now it's dying off. Well, you find that with older folks they give you extra adjuvant. Isn't that crazy? You're prone to suffer from adjuvants, so give them extra adjuvants to try to beat and torture the body into developing antibodies. Isn't that how it's really supposed to work, you see. But they found if they lower the adjuvants in older folk this time with the particular vaccines they're giving, and to get any response at all, so they had to lower what they were giving them here. It's quite an interesting thing.)


The trial was expanded to include 40 older adults, who were stratified according to age (56 to 70 years or ≥71 years). All the participants were assigned sequentially to receive two doses of either 25 μg or 100 μg of vaccine administered 28 days apart.




(A: They found out that most of the folk had moderate side effects, right...)

…moderate in severity and most frequently included fatigue, chills, headache, myalgia (A: That's great, eh?), and pain at the injection site.


(A: Remember, do no harm is the first law, eh.)


Such adverse events were dose-dependent and were more common after the second immunization.


(A: Actually, some of the folk who had it or tested last week, some of them said that, that you have to take time off work after the second immunization because you will feel so sick. Back to this article, it says…)


Binding-antibody responses increased rapidly after the first immunization. By day 57, among the participants who received the 25-μg dose, the anti–S-2P geometric mean titer (GMT) was 323,945 among those between the ages of 56 and 70 years and 1,128,391 among those who were 71 years of age or older; among the participants who received the 100-μg dose, the GMT in the two age subgroups was 1,183,066 and 3,638,522, respectively. After the second immunization, serum neutralizing activity was detected in all the participants by multiple methods.


Binding- and neutralizing-antibody responses appeared to be similar to those previously reported among vaccine recipients between the ages of 18 and 55 years and were above the median of a panel of controls who had donated convalescent serum. The vaccine elicited a strong CD4 cytokine response involving type 1 helper T cells.



In this small study involving older adults, adverse events associated with the mRNA-1273 vaccine were mainly mild or moderate. The 100-μg dose induced higher binding- and neutralizing-antibody titers than the 25-μg dose, which supports the use of the 100-μg dose in a phase 3 vaccine trial.


So they had to lower, they had to actually lower basically the size of the dose as opposed to increase it for older folk for the first time. Because it's a different kind of vaccine, you see.  They also give you young folk too, who were getting the same kind of testing, and they can give them up to 250 µg. And then give you the assessment of antibody responses too.  Mind you, it doesn't mean much until you hit the real coronavirus after the shots, that's in the wild as they call it, and see what happens to you then. 


Another one here is…


Everything That Has Happened Was Meant To Happen, by Dr. Vernon Coleman - bitchute.com / 20 Sept 2020


That's a little video, I'll put that up too. As I say, he's kind of woken up in the last little while about this, he was an author for novels.  He's basically going into Agenda 21, that I was talking about for the last 25 years. And now we're following the whole darn thing with austerity, etc. So he's kind of woken up, is talking about the stuff I came out with, new normals, years ago, and he is using all these things. So it's interesting, it's good he's doing it. And we need more folks too. And more folks are jumping on the bandwagon, when they realize that what they've been told doesn't match their observations.


Google and Oracle To Monitor Americans Who Get Warp Speed’s Covid-19 Vaccine For Up To Two Years

naturalblaze.com / 15 Oct 2020 / By Whitney Webb


(A: Actually, it's to be longer than that. Because they don't know how it's going to affect you in 10 years time by the way. They're altering your DNA makeup. Some of their peer publications actually, it's going to turn your body into its own medicine factory – that's how they're pushing on this stuff – yeah, and you'll start to make things to prevent things happening, you know.  [Alan chuckles.] So this...)


… “pharmacovigilance surveillance system,” (A:  This….) …Operation Warp Speed… (A:  … system, and how you’re going to be monitored for years now if you get it. You’re a huge business. You see, it’s all part of DARPA too.)


In addition, Moncef Slaoui and OWS’s vaccine coordinator, Matt Hepburn, formerly a program manager at the Pentagon’s controversial (A:  Hhhch.)  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), had previously published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (A:  I’ve mentioned that too.) that stated that “because some technologies have limited previous data on safety in humans, the long-term safety of these vaccines will be carefully assessed using pharmacovigilance surveillance strategies.” (A:  Meaning, permanent monitoring.)


The use of pharmacovigilance on those who receive the vaccine is also mentioned in the official Warp Speed “infographic,” (A:  I’ve got the links here too, I’ll put them all up. They’re in the article.)  which states that monitoring will be done in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) and will involve “24 month post-trial monitoring for adverse effects.”


(A: Whatever happens after that I guess, if folk start dying off, it just won’t go down after that period, eh.)


The CDC document also references a document published in August by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, associated with the Event 201 and Dark Winter simulations, as informing its Covid-19 vaccination strategy.


(A:  And it says…)


… “passive reporting” systems managed by the CDC and FDA should be retooled to create “an active safety surveillance system directed by the CDC that monitors all [Covid-19] vaccine recipients—perhaps by short message service or other electronic mechanisms.”


(A: So yeah, you've got DARPA and them all involved here folks.  It says...)


More Secret Contracts

While Moncef Slaoui and Warp Speed documents provide few details regarding what this “tracking system” would entail, Slaoui did note in his recent interview with the Wall Street Journal that tech giants Google and Oracle had been contracted to “collect and track vaccine data” as part of this system.


(A:  And it mentions a lot of it is secret too so.) 


You could spend your life on this already. You understand, this is like massive governmental departments, supra-agencies and agencies that have been contracted, they're private agencies a lot of them, on board with this. It's like they're bigger than your civil service pretty well managing all of the stuff. That's why they've actually used private agencies for so much of this, then you can't really sue them, you see, that's the legality behind it.


The other articles I mentioned too is from Government Executive is an American media publication based in Washington DC.  It covers daily government business. Their reporting is to civilian posts, federal bureaucrats and military officials who partake in the day-to-day public policy in the United States.  And they are part of Atlantic media group.  And by God, I tell you they’re really on board with all this group. They also own Defense One, which covers emerging national security issues and so on for the military.


As I say, folk have adapted into post-9/11, eh, and the loss of privacy. Seven countries are now calling for access to your private messages now too, they want to end any apps that have end to end encryption. And folk will adapt into it.  Might as well, they've adapted everything else. 


The Great Barrington Declaration, you've probably heard of it too...


The Great Barrington Declaration



As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists… (A: They put out this declaration.)


The problem is, they're the head professors at some of these universities that are on board with this whole agenda.  I think it’s a strategy to put you at ease, thinking, oh, you’ve got some friends in high places maybe and they might speak for you. And they want you to sign on to it. But when you sign on to it, you realize you’re agreeing to a lot of things, like number one, the virus is real, [Alan chuckles.] the virus is pretty well deadly, and that they need a vaccine, everything should work towards a vaccine and so on. When you go through what you’re asked to comply to, which most folk won’t even look at, you’re agreeing to the whole agenda, folks, with a more kindly, sympathetic face, that’s all. Think about it.


That’s what you’re looking at too. They do mention, which we do know, you see, that's what makes me wonder about it.  Because there are few that are admitting the fact you can get herd immunity, if you're allowed to reach herd immunity, by mixing together, not getting locked up and separated for the first time in history, and to get herd immunity.  This is why they don't want herd immunity by natural means, hhhch, a preplanned goal for vaccination and to change the world and the way you live. It's an excuse.  They also want again frequent PCR testing, you see, and so on.


Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist (A:  …and so on.)


Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University


Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert focusing on infectious diseases and vulnerable populations.


So when these characters come out with the agenda, you know, with a more sympathetic face to the public, I'm very, very, very wary folks because we've been conned so much, and you have all the psychological operations on the go to get folk to conform. But look at what they want you to sign on to, and you're acknowledging the whole darn thing, hm.


This other article too, when you look at it too, really, the Great Barrington, it sounds awfully good, eh.  The first, you have to accept there's a legitimate global health emergency. Is there really? And using PCR as diagnostic test for Covid is valid. It's not valid, the professionals say that. We should seek to constrain targeted groups of healthy people, which is focused protection.  Should we? This is what you’re signing on to, that it's acceptable to social isolate elders including from family members, and advancing the current childhood vaccination programs as a priority.  And also, things they haven't gone into, is the contact tracing and civil liberties getting lost and so on. And the biosensors, right, RNA vaccine platforms and biosensors should be opposed. None of this is mentioned in it. The important stuff. So be very careful, folks, you know. They're not your friends at the top. These characters know, they're all on board. The very fact they’re not getting slammed or fired like many have before them makes me wonder what they’re really out there for. I tell ya.  N-n-n.  That's the world in which we live.


And also… tier 2 and 3 lockdown rules explained.  In Britain, right. This is amazing stuff.


Lockdown Tier System Explained UK

thesun.co.uk / 17 Oct 2020


I'm in Tier 2, can I have my friends over this weekend?

In places that will be moving to Tier 2 from midnight tonight, you can currently have pals (within a group of six) over for an indoor gathering.


But as soon as the clock hits midnight, you will no longer allowed to be indoors together, unless you live in the same household or support bubble.


(A:  They call them support bubble… the terminology, neologisms, eh.)


It means you can have friends over for dinner tonight (adopting the Rule of Six) - but you will only be able to socialise as a group outside from Saturday.


(A: Can you BELIEVE this?)


Can I travel from a Tier 2 lockdown area to a Tier 1 area to see friends or family?

You can, but you have to follow the rules for Tier 2 still and only see people who live outside your household or support bubble in a garden, park or outdoors.


You cannot stay overnight with friends and family in a Tier 1 area or gather inside with them.


(A: Can you believe that people are FOLLOWING this rubbish?)


Basically, you should adopt the rules of your Tier depending on where you live. If you travel from Tier 1 to Tier 2 or 3, you should adopt the tougher rules.


(A:  Can you believe this rubbish?)


Can my friends from Liverpool or Lancashire come and visit me?

No - anyone living in Liverpool at the minute is under the strictest rules and is unable to mix with other households both indoors and outdoors.


You can still meet outdoors in a group (A: [Alan laughing.]) of six in a few circumstances such as in park or on beaches, public gardens or outdoor sports courts.


(A: I’m not kidding, this is supposed to be serious stuff here I’m reading, eh.)


Household mixing in beer gardens and ticketed venues is also banned.


People should try to avoid travelling outside Tier 3 areas - or into them – (A:  This is the whole Agenda 21 here, eh, no travel…) other than for essential things like work, education, accessing youth services and for caring responsibilities. Overnight stays are also not advised for people from Tier 3 or those visiting Tier 3.


Lancashire is due to join Liverpool in the tougher Tier 3 lockdown from midnight tonight and will be under the same restrictions.


A support bubble is defined by the government (A:  The government just defines everything now, right.) as "a close support network between one household with only one adult in the home (known as a single-adult household) and one other household of any size".


However, the Rule of Six still applies in any tier - so if your support bubble contains more than six people you should not meet all at once.


(A:  It reminds me of a Dad's Army episode about the home guard. It's a comedy in Britain, a comedy series. Which at the time I ignored because I wasn't, I didn't, I wasn't interested in TV at all. But years and years later I saw bits and pieces, which was really interesting because they had a lot of real, what parents and grandparents went through for a lot of people in the war with rationing and things like that. So they have the Dad's Army to go on an exercise with a Scottish Regiment, the Seaforth I think it was, and maybe the major of the Seaforth group comes to see Mannoring and the boys and he says, of course I've bought paint for the exercise.  He starts to explain what the color paints are for. One, he says white is for wounded, and he says yellow is for dead and red is for something else, you know. So then Jonesy the Corporal starts to explain it during the exercise and, red for dead, and yellow for something, and he was completely utterly confused with the whole thing because it was so ridiculous. That's how these things were, these military exercises often were ridiculous.  But this is what this reminds me of, you know, the absurdity, absurdity all about absurdity...)


Can I still see my partner and have sex?

If you do not live together and are in Tier 2 you can still see each other outside, but No10 confirmed you cannot have sex or have physical contact.


But if one of you lives alone you can form a support bubble, in which case you can be as close as you like.


(A: So you have to form a support bubble. I wonder if you have to get a license for support bubbles, hm, and so on.  This is astonishing.  N-n-n.  Support bubbles, eh?)


Can I have a plumber around to fix my boiler? (A: I thought it was going to say fix my bubble. [Alan chuckles.] Again, maybe it was leaking.  [Alan chuckles.]  Everything is such farce.)


This is what they're teaching, they're teaching you to live in insanity. And if you comply you become insane. It's like children, I remember this back in the 90s giving a talk on children that were found, who had been brought up in a house like prisoners.  They were literally raised like prisoners, in a room, and they can hardly speak and so on. But when they got them out of there, eventually when they found out they had been kept like that up to about the age of about nine or 10, whatever, even if they put them outside, they kept walking in circles. That's what happens to you when you have to comply with madness. You become mad and conditioned into madness.  I hope you understand this is total warfare on the public on sanity.


Another one too, during all this too, migrants eh, they come in every day in Britain.  And they get these boats, I wonder what happens to these boats? You actually see some of these boats, and they’re in harbors in Britain on the coastline, do they get them back? whoever supplies them all? Is it you know who, the same character who’s supplying a lot of these things to the refugees, and gives them new identification cards and new cell phones and stuff, and lists of all the different laws where they can go claim money and all that kind of stuff?


Migrants halt live-fire (A: …live firing...) Army exercise after landing on Kent beach being used as a firing range

thesun.co.uk / 14 Oct 2020


Hhhch, so they just come right in with the boats when this exercise was going on, so they had to stop it all. There you go. In the photographs they showed you it, in the papers they showed you some of these boats, like brand-new little boats they come in in. All funded and all that. None of them look poor to me. And some of the article's about, oh, they probably were escaping from places where they were under fire. No, they weren't.  Look at these characters.  They don't belong to any of the present danger zone areas.  And they look well fed and healthy actually. [Alan chuckles.] Healthier than the people in Britain a lot of them. So there you go, facts don't really matter, eh.


Again another article from the military science and tech group, eh, that I mentioned already.  It says...


A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection

 defenseone.com / 3 Mar 2020


If it wins FDA approval next year, the two-part sensor could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to show.


That's the big, about Profusa again working with DARPA. 


Profusa - Partners and Investors - profusa.com


Profusa is pioneering tissue-integrating biosensors for continuous monitoring of body chemistries. - profusa.com


Profusa to Present at DARPA D60 Symposium - profusa.com / 4 Sept 2018


I'll put these ones up for those, before it’s banned. Because they're banning you for putting up stuff which they publish, you know, are actually published by the people themselves. Because it doesn't fit in with the agenda. You're not supposed to think about these things, or even look at these articles yourself.  Why would you be looking at these articles?   YOU, you know. And...


Moderna: 5 things to know about the largest biotech to IPO

marketwatch.com / 7 Dec 2018


(A: That was in Bloomberg, and it's 2018.)


Moderna Inc. raised over $600 million Thursday in biotech’s largest initial public offering to date.


(A: So it raised all that money, right, and it sold, back then…)


Moderna sold about 26.3 million shares priced at $23 a share late Thursday, at the midpoint of the projected range of $22 to $24.


Moderna listed 10 underwriters on its filing, led by Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.


The Cambridge, Mass.-based company has bet on the promise of molecules called messenger RNA, or mRNA, and their potential to prompt the human body to make its own medicine.


(A:  This is before Covid came out, remember. It’s like sitting waiting in the wings, folks, how they hadn’t made anything up until Covid, eh.)


Moderna MRNA, +3.61%, has raised more than $2.6 billion through partnerships and investments since its inception in 2009. Despite the boom in biotech IPOs over the years, the company remained private for years — until now.


(A:  Okay?  It was just sitting waiting, isn’t it?  N-n-n. And it goes into…)


The science behind the pipeline

Moderna calls mRNA “the software of life.”


(A:  Isn’t that a great PR push?)


Cells use mRNA to translate DNA (A:  This is for your body.) into the proteins the body uses to function. Moderna believes it can use mRNA to spur the body to produce its own therapeutic proteins, essentially putting a drug factory inside of the patient.


(A:  Is that what you want, a little drug factory?)


As one might guess, it’s not an easy task. Moderna’s scientists have a big job ahead of them: For each potential drug, they need to figure out how to safely get the mRNA therapy into the appropriate cells, make sure the mRNA actually yields sufficient amounts of protein to have a therapeutic effect and ensure the therapies won’t trigger an immune reaction in patients.


(A: You see that's an auto-, that's when you get a cytokine storm, where it kills you, when you hit a real virus after getting the vaccination. It says…)


Years away from a marketable product


(A:  2018, right…)


The company’s drug development programs run the gamut of clinical specialties, spanning infectious disease, oncology, cardiovascular disease and rare genetic diseases.


(A: So they tried everything, right. And back then…)


The biotech unicorn has 21 mRNA-based drugs in the pipeline, but only 10 are in clinical trials.


(A: I wonder what happened to all the test people, maybe they used it on animals, who knows?)


As the company noted in its most recent securities filing, no mRNA-based drug has ever been approved by the FDA nor any other regulatory agency, so it will be years before Moderna will be able to bring anything to market.


(A: Well BINGO, they got Covid 19, eh.  That’s just coincidence! It’s the same coincidence as the PNAC group, we need a Pearl Harbor event and all that to get this list of countries demolished, and 9/11 happened, bingo.  It’s the same coincidence, eh. So the article in 2018 says…) 


…no mRNA-based drug has ever been approved by the FDA nor any other regulatory agency, so it will be years before Moderna will be able to bring anything to market.


(A:  Well, there ya go, they’re just lucky, eh?  [Alan laughing.])


Executives make a pretty penny

Moderna disclosed the compensation of its three highest-paid executive officers, who made a combined $40 million in cash and stock in 2017. (A:  Ftt.) Stephen Hoge, the company’s president, received $19 million in options (A:  I wonder what they’re getting now, eh?  Oooooooooooo.) and a $4.4 million cash bonus in 2017. Lorence Kim, Moderna’s CFO, received $5.5 million in stock and a $1 million cash bonus, while Chief Executive Stéphane Bancel received $4.6 million in options and a $1.5 million cash bonus.


(A:  I bet that’s way, way up now, eh?  M-hm.  I tell ya.  I tell ya.  N-n-n.) 


There you go, that's from the horses mouth. But facts don't matter, np, when there's big agendas at work, eh.  And from the Sun too...


Oxford vaccine head

(A:  Right. Have you ever seen a talking vaccine head, Oxford vaccine head says, [Alan chuckles.]...)

says UK has no hope of normality until July

(A:  So this is step-… ach, give it a few years… and ach, another few years, eh?)

with face masks and social distancing until next summer

thesun.co.uk / 14 Oct 2020


(A: It's forever, folks.  It's forever. And again…)


…no hope of returning to normality until mass immunisation is well underway


(A:  There ya go.  That’s it.)


And Paris is still losing, folk are still losing their heads when a teacher got his head cut off outside the school, I guess because they showed the prophet Mohammed, they said it was a cartoon of him.  Why do they do this though, eh? Why do they do this when they know the dangers of it all? So…


Paris attack: Jihadi wearing bomb vest ‘beheads teacher outside school’ after he showed kids Prophet Mohammed cartoon - thesun.co.uk / 16 Oct 2020


It was a jihadi thought to be wearing a bomb vest that had been shot dead by cops near Paris after allegedly beheading a teacher outside the school.


I think the guy, this jihadist was born in Chechnya, or probably Russia. He was a Chechnyan born in Russia I think, that's what it was. I can't remember, it's just another kind of new normal, eh?  I'll put these articles up.


Another one too...


Profusa - Partners and Investors



Profusa has a rich history of scientific accomplishments that have been recognized through the award of grants in support of our mission.


(A:  Always delivering grants, that we pay for everything, don't we?)



We are actively collaborating with established institutes, universities and hospitals to develop and advance the science behind Profusa.




(A:  ...for their vision of the future, yada, yada, ya.  And their INVESTORS that are all behind them. So it's interesting too, again more electronic surveillance and all that stuff. You know, for your own good for goodness sakes, eh, you're so suspicious, you paranoid people.)


A very interesting article I should really just, I'll give a couple more articles on Profuse just to back up what I said there. But I may keep some other articles for next week because there's a lot here actually. And it's been going on for a long time already and I've got to render this long talk at the end of it.


Remember too, send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. Cash, PayPal, checks are fine, international postal money orders you can get.  And you've got to call them international postal orders, to send to Canada if you can get them. The States doesn't use them anymore, but some parts of Europe still does I think, and elsewhere. I think you can even get a little bank check if you can't get any other thing. As long as it’s money of some kind or another you can send it to me. That will keep me ticking along as we go through these dark, dark times obviously.


And they are dark, aren't they? So you've got to remember that ultimately this is an agenda. In fact what really matters, and they're going to get harder and harder and more nasty as they turned the goon squads on you, the black clad characters that started off in the 90s.  The whole world adopted the same outfits and uniforms and suddenly your police were wearing combat gear, and were like military, at night, operative soldiers, special forces. And of course they look, they strut around now looking like that too, don't they, ready for combat, with a whole bunch of pockets on them. So, this is your police! Supposedly still called your police. They shouldn't be called police anymore.  Police were approachable, serving the community. Uniforms like that are meant for occupying forces… who use deadly force, quite frequently. We’ve got to remember that. 


For those too who are criticizing everything that's happening inside, you know darn well that the revolutions underway are led by the same characters at the VERY top. You don't get revolutions on the go during an epidemic. You don't let the demonstrations, as they want to call it as they're burning places, happen and no one gets arrested for not social distancing. But you'll see lots of YouTube's where cops gang up on some woman or another for not wearing a mask and beating her up. 


Something is VERY, very wrong.  And you shouldn't stand for it.  You can stand for it. You've got to say this is enough.  Because it's not going to end here.


They've already said in their articles, the electronic ones and the electronic monitoring, if you get the shot it's going to take years of monitoring you. Which means you've got to have something which identifies you electronically wherever you go. If you don't have a cell phone, they're going to give you the bracelets, whether you accept the vaccine or not. Are you getting the picture? It IS the Fourth Industrial Revolution that Mr. slob Schwab talked about.  Someone I didn't vote for either. We're run by tyrants which have nothing to do with democracy.


So remember, you're gonna go through terrible times. Have small groups of people that you can depend on. Think for yourselves. Don't wait for governments to help you on anything. As times get worse and then harder and so on, have a few friends at least that will stand by each other. You've got to have it.  Because they plan years of hell here. Years. And you've got to help each other out. Don't wait for government to do anything for you.


And actually, there's folk now terrified in places like Canada to even end up in the hospital with its euthanasia policies and its bioethics committees. I'll let that one die, they're older, and we'll save that one over there, we'll give them the medication that will save them. The medical system here has lost all credibility because of this, their policies in bioethics.


So send a few bucks my way, help me tick along, so I can keep putting the work out. Because lots of folk use my material.  And the word spreads. It spreads and spreads, even if they don't mention me, hhhch, you can tell where it's coming from by the, they'll often use the same terminology that I use and etc, etc. and I put out. I do all the work for them and find the articles and so on. 


So look after me and I'll try and look after you as best I can as we go through hell. Remember that evil doesn't have to triumph. Complacency is, the old story that evil, you know, can only triumph if good people do nothing. You have to start standing up for yourself and say no. That's enough. Kind of like Network, you know, I'm a human being, he says, and I'm not going to take it anymore. And you gotta start doing that.


Because they're not going to stop with this agenda, and it isn't, the Covid is just the excuse for the whole electronic prison.  As I've said before, the trick of the elect, is electric.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, where winter is really coming on here, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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