Oct. 25, 2020 (#1800)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Elite's Banner Unfurled, War On The World:

"All Hail The WHO, Our New God Infallible,

Sacred Decrees Thundered, Power Tyrannical,

A War on the World, Debt by the Trillions,

Rewarding his Priesthood, Political Minions,

Is the Gatekeeper the Covert Man of Sin

Promoting W.E.F. Reset to be Ushered In?

The High Pharma Covens all Sworn to Pacts,

Suffer No Other Gods or Medics with Facts."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on 25 October 2020. As always, I hope you’re all getting by as best as you can [Alan chuckles.] during these incredible looney tunes times. Because that’s what we’re in, isn’t it, it’s all crazy. It’s planned that way.


There’s never been such a massive, massive psy-op operation coordinated worldwide at the same time. Which tells you, you obviously have a global coordination factor involved in it, a kind of government you might say, when everybody at the top in every country is on board with the exact same agenda. Which is lauded by the World Economic Forum, they’re a big part of it.  These are the same guys who attend every year the progress towards globalization and the global system that they’re always on about. In fact, they’re rather ticked right now that populism is rising, you see that in all the World Economic Forum, the Club of Rome, all the big affiliated groups that really are one big system at the very top of the world, the Bank for International Settlements, the United Nations, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc.  They’re all part of this global structure that’s to bring in a global society.


You can’t vote for any of them of course because they don’t believe in democracy. Except to fool you once in a while to get you to go and vote. Because really, if you vote, you’re voting in your masters, and you’re giving authority over you to these people. You give it away, you see. Kind of crazy isn’t it when you think about it.  I gave talks back in the 90s on that very, very thing, it’s a legality. They don’t have to tell you any real truth, there’s no law that says, by the way, that politicians should not lie to you. I remember going through these talks years ago when it was debated at very high places.  They actually came out in Canada and said at one point from the High Court, the Supreme Court in Canada, that people who run for politics, even local or state or provincial, national, they said, there’s no law where they have to actually tell you the truth, and stick to it. It’s not like they’re giving you a pact.  You see, you just have to agree to allow them to rule over you when you vote them in. It’s quite simple, isn’t it.  Once elected, a politician or a group of them or the whole government can do as they want regardless of what they promised the public. It's never been any different, really.


It's almost a test of your gullibility, that's what I've always thought about, gullibility and naïveté. That's why they like you to be naïve and to believe what you're told all the time. I've mentioned before too many times over many, many years that voting every five years or so is a good way to delay revolutions, or rebellions.  Generally rebellion is the proper name because a rebellion is when you're not happy about the changes that are happening, you see, either taxes going up or something like that, or getting told to stay in your homes nationwide, things like that. So you just vote new people in all the time because you're sick of the people who put in the last lot of rules and regulations, and globalized laws, etc., for the trading partners, the big top trading partners on the planet.  That's what globalization is about, who can trade and who can't. Under public-private partnerships of course we fund all big projects, ALL the big projects.


There's nothing new in what I'm telling you, it's just that they haven't been told for a long time what it's all about. And also, you'd have to read the old, old books about it. The old, ha, the old globalists in, say, the 19th century, the HG Wells types, who wrote lots of good fiction, science fiction with a lot of eugenics involved in it too you'll notice. He wrote fiction about a utopia to come, and he also wrote it as a kind of, almost like a documentary type/style of what was to come, like in A Modern Utopia.  He talked about how they'd get rid of the excess population, the unnecessary population in this wonderful socialist system.


Socialism remember was to be a world ruled by experts. And human values given by religion or developed through the millennium by religion and humans themselves obviously, would be disregarded altogether and discarded eventually, until you’re living totally under authority by professionals and experts. That's what communism was supposed to eventually be based on too.


Communism remember was never totally achieved in the Soviet system. Because it was meant eventually to train the public, and train through generations, almost like a genetic indoctrination, hhhch, in the Lysenko type style only to do with people instead of plants.  That they would train people, and it would be, there'd be a kind of genetic memory so you would be better and better citizens with each generation as time went on, until you have the perfect system where all the old, old values of me-first or me-surviving would all be basically destroyed. Because you had to serve the greater good, you see, and they do it willingly eventually in a perfect Soviet system.  Eventually wouldn't even need money, you'd be allocated, like credits, same thing that Bertrand Russell talked about for the British socialist system.


Again, don't get confused by socialism.  Hhhch, there's different meanings to it depending on who you happen, or what organizations you happen to belong to. And the top capitalists were always for socialism/communism.  Because it's better to have an efficient system, a technocratically run system.  If you get a public that will obey you. The obstacle has always been individual rights and individualism. So they have to get rid of that.


Again, HG Wells talked about it in A Modern Utopia, about getting rid of the excess population.  You don't need them anymore, these silly, you know, feelings of humankind, them bonded together as a humans, nonsense, nonsense, no. Get rid of the ones that are inferior and you don't need anymore, he said. We used to think that we would have to kill them, but he said, we decided to sterilize them instead and they'd gradually just die out because they couldn't reproduce. This is in A Modern Utopia, Wells.  Wonderful characters they give you to follow, eh?


And you'll like a lot of their stories, and you'll say, that's a fascinating time machine story there and that's wonderful and I'm enthralled. But again, he was given the star making machinery and he couldn't fail basically. It wasn't just one person writing material.  He had professors handing him lots of stuff for his books, and people to help him write his stuff, you see. They made him into a star.  Because you follow the stars, and if HG Wells said that was the way to go, then so should you, he was clever and you're not so clever, you're not rich and famous like him.  See? And that's the proof of it right there, that's how easy it is.  And that's how they create the stars in the big machine. Like actresses and actors and that kind of thing, they actually make stars out of scientists now too. Big publicity, [Alan speaking with a super deep voice] when you see billions and billions of stars... things like that.  When they go off the subject of science, you start following them…  Oh, I guess maybe he's right there too, you know.  [Alan chuckles.] We're so...


What I'm saying here is, everything that's happening today is simply the culmination of centuries of indoctrination and techniques being used on the public which they're completely unaware of. You'll never really catch on to it.  You think things are just happening now.  You don't realize the incredible tremendous work that's gone into getting to this stage of the game, never mind your technologies.  They couldn't do it without the Internet and computers.  Couldn't do any of it without that, because they must know everything about every single individual on the planet.


Then they've got to get you all into a system where you can't even feed yourself without digital currency. Then they start doing what Bertrand Russell suggested they do in the 1940s and 50s. He said, eventually the state will dish out credits. Now, credit is just money, you know, a token if you like.  It will be put into your bank account.  You can’t save it up in the new system that's to come, if you didn't use it on the same month, it will start off at the same amount again.  Like if it's, say, 500 C, for credits, it will be 500 again the next month and that will pay, you'll have to pay your cost of living out of that and so on. And if you're bad, he said it's too, that you'd… It's a social credit system, eh, [Alan chuckles.] which they planned way back in the 40s and 50s it would come down the road, eh.  People think it's just happening now. You'd have to behave and do what you're told or else you'll be cut off. Just like they can cut you off the Internet now and stop your work if they want to.  They're openly talking about it and they're doing it, and across the board in some ways. 


There's nothing new under the sun. It's just that now is the time to do it all because they have the perfect system to make you comply.  They've made it pretty well impossible for so many people to get through without, you know, the Internet and digital currency.  Everything is done on the computer now, or cell phone. It was planned that way. And you buy your chains, oh, I want that flashing light there, it's pretty colors, and it's got more pixels than the last one, you know.  Lucifer, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] The light. [Alan chuckles.] Just dazzled by it.  And the folk, honestly, you can't help them.  They're too far gone.  And it's not their fault, you see, they're brought up like that and trained to accept it all as quite natural. Never realizing that very important folk, as far as history goes, talked about this coming system long ago, long before you heard of a computer in fact, and how they would make it all happen.


But getting back to the Soviet system.  As I say, the Soviet system was never really achieved.  Because eventually through, as I said, through generations of raising the perfect children, the perfect children, the perfect children, and basically somehow breeding out of them the idea of selfishness, then you'd all be there to serve the state.  Again, cogs in the wheel, you see, that's what you'll be, that would be the function of you. And you would accept it quite happily.


There would be big supermarket stores they said eventually, this is going way back, many, many years before the giant supermarkets you have today and supermarket stores. They said, eventually you'll walk-in for, it could be food or hardware or whatever, and you would just take what you needed and that was it, no extras.  No maybe two, just in case.  You'd all take just, just because you're a perfect citizen.  And that's what they want. They want basically drones, people as drones basically. That's what they want you to be. But they never achieved it of course.  That's still to come.


It's astonishing to me in some ways because you can see the psychopathy behind it, there's no doubt about that at all. Psychopaths are way more numerous than you think. You also have a whole layer of them below that that work as civil servants, that accept the dictates of the Masters, you see. They’ll also push whatever order they’re given, to the limit. That's why you end up with massacres and mass slaughters, and perhaps even genocides, eh.  Genocides generally, they don't say come into this camp, we’re going to kill you. They might say, come into this camp where you’ll be safe, you know. They've already got these camps going up across the world under the guise of Covid… and even future releases of diseases and things, you see.


So you've got to stop, way back, stand back a bit here, this is governments talking, eh.  And d’you really believe them? They have closed the economies of the whole planet down together in unison, regardless of the FACTS from people working in the hospital, like thousands of them across the planet working in the hospitals coming together and saying, what you're telling the public isn't matching up!  And people are getting banned on the Internet just for repeating it. 


This is total war. Total war of an authoritarian nature that the world has never seen, never seen the lengths of where you literally shut up everybody, you know. In the KGB, or the NKVD in the old cheka groups after the Bolshevik revolution, they just brought folk in and slaughtered them.  Then they went into the, and they made it known what was happening, folk were disappearing all the time. They made it known what was happening to terrify the rest of the folk to comply, you see. You're seeing it happening now, without the grabbing folks physically.  At the moment. This will happen in the next few weeks by the way.


Because under the stages of lockdowns, it also is the staging color-coded idea of going after people who are speaking out against the top authorities that are all in lockstep, hhhch, as they say, together to push all of this through. This isn't just a Covid thing. It’s rather obvious.  You don't crash economies... You don't put people totally at risk of, they can't even get into hospitals for regular... The same message is out now that, don't even go into hospitals if you don't have to, even if you have something really severe.  Well, we've already had lots of folk dying with heart attacks and so on at home, through the whole farce, you know, February, March and April.  Mainly, in again, old folks’ homes. Because folk were terrified. Look what they were going to do.  Can you imagine, listening to the news, they were listening to the same news, the national news, getting the same horror stories, in the old folks’ homes.  All they kept repeating was, old folk are going to die, old folk are going to die, old folk are going to die.  Then they tell it, we're going to ram these tubes down your trachea, eh, and make you breath by a machine, but that's dangerous too, that might kill you as well. 


Rather than give you basic treatments that they've given people every winter through spring when you get the cold/flu season coming on, when all the bronchial problems really start up big time, every year.  That's what they're counting so badly on, what happens every late fall and the weather changes, it gets damp and cold and so on.  You're guaranteed to have folk go to the doctors initially.  Now they might just cut them off in the hospitals.  And don't forget, Covid also includes the common cold, it's a coronavirus.  M-hm.  And the test, the PCR tests detect these things as well.  They detect fragments of coronaviruses. Fragments. Not viruses but fragments of what could be, could have been coronaviruses.  It's so iffy.


It's perfect really. That's why they can't lose, by having fights about data, you know. And throwing out massive figures by computers like Neil Ferguson was doing.  The same man by the way that helped destroy the entire meat supply of Britain at one point with the mad cow disease and his computer systems.  All slaughtered, eh.  This man is a one-man wrecking machine.  So why do you think he gets the job of giving you vast...?  It's because he's a psychopath, folks!  He has no…  


The average person if they know what they're doing, would you please go along with this and really convince the public to be terrified, and they've got to give up all rights and so on, and lots of folk will die because of it, of depression or they can't get in the hospital, they're afraid to go to hospital, or they won't be admitted anyway at hospital, etc, because they want you to do it, you might have qualms if you're a normal human being. But a psychopath doesn't.


They don't have anxiety. It's something which is lacking in them is anxiety. If anything happens to a psychopath in their life, that threatens their ability to manipulate freely throughout society, locally, on a larger scale if they’re politicians, or even on top of the military, you find them in the military too, and different categories of them, actors and actresses, are the hysterical attention seeking psychopath, that's a category they fall into as well.


So yeah, you might have a breakdown if you're forced to do it, or even if you were told initially, it's for the greater good, you know, the noble lie, it's for the greater good, and history will justify it, you know. And when history doesn't justify it, you'd start to have a breakdown, you see, because you were responsible for maybe millions of folk dying because they couldn't get to hospital, or they couldn't get diagnosed and they couldn't get their cancer treatments.  And the early cancer treatments, if they can get a primary tumor, they can get it, if they can get it out quick you've got a darn good chance of survival.  If you can't get in… every day counts then, you see, when it's diagnosed.


What's happening is a horror show. There's been lots of staffs in hospitals across the world come out, nurses and doctors about this. It makes no difference to the agenda, eh.  That's you're telling point here. It isn't just like some automaton that just takes over because they can't think straight, you know, at the top. This is an agenda, which knows darn well what's going on.  It ties in completely with the great reset, you know, the global great reset of the World Economic Forum, that was to follow the 2007/8 crash that they talked about, this big reset. The reset is not just the resetting of the value of your currency. It's your whole way of living. It's the way of living they've been telling you about and trying to get you to accept since Maurice Strong fronted for the Rockefeller foundation in 1992. That was the big one, the big Biodiversity Treaty came out of it of course.


It was to literally dismantle all industry within the Western nations. That was part of it, a big part of it. They said that we won't be happy until we literally dismantled even all the energy units, to bring down the standard of living in the West. Which also would take down a lot of the life capacity for people because you need energy to live on and by.  Nature is a nasty enemy. You got to get away from this flower power idea of flowers in your hair here and realize that nature is something we've struggled with for, who knows, thousands and thousands of years, eh, at least, to survive within. 


Because it's very cruel and it doesn't care. There is no consciousness saying, I care about you, I'm nature, I care about you. It doesn't exist. Sometimes you feel close to it, closer than others at that magical moment on a nice sunny day, that kind of thing. But the rest of the time, if it goes into sudden freezes and you don't have any heat, you die rather nastily.  Hm.  Or if you fall in that beautiful lake there, and you’ve seen the pictures, the photographs, if you fall in that lake there it doesn't care if you drown or not. It's just like the beautiful sea, you know, it's great to travel on ships, I much prefer ships because you're linked to the past as well, you're traveling the same sea routes that people did thousands of years ago, and at least hundreds.  Hhhch, but thousands too, because we're far older than they tell you especially when it comes to sea travel. Definitely you're traveling the same sea routes as Vikings and other groups down through history, travel and traders. It's like America BC, fantastic book to read and other books too by Barry Fell.  Interesting books indeed.


Interesting again because we live in such a this-is-the-way-it-is system, where some kind of strange authority that exists, and this is getting back to, hhhch, getting into the old ideas of these secretive governing groups. Which definitely exist. There's no doubt on it at all. Like Carol Quigley talked to, you might even get that audio yet, I don't know if it's still out there.  Professor Carol Quigley who literally groomed people to be, you know, presidents and to run the State Department's, and massive incomes and have tremendous power across the world. Including the military too because the military-industrial complex, he was all for it and taking over the world, etc. He was an elitist himself, Carol Quigley.  He liked to boast about it.


Psychopaths do like to boast about their little parts in it too sometimes. That's why he came out with Tragedy and Hope that immediately got hammered by the, hhhch, the publisher realized he had let too much out of the bag, you know.  Yep.  Quigley said, I agree with it, I'm not against what these groups are doing, this is especially the main group.  He said, I object occasionally about some of their methods.  But that was his only objection to the system. The audio was to one of his students at university that he was grooming, and they had met in the cafeteria and it was being tape-recorded. 


He pulls out a dollar bill of all things.  You know, the conspiracy theory idea. But here's Professor Carol Quigley, a guy who was the historian for a while for the archives of an alternate history of the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Lord Alfred Milner group. Same group. And also the CFR, the American branch at that time. He got into their archives, and it explained what really caused wars, and they were behind it. He thought it was wonderful, they should come out and, he said, the world was ready to accept this kind of knowledge that, and to learn the part that this massive, this organization had to play in it.  Well, the people didn't want, they didn't want the public to know that these characters had been behind different wars and taking over the world's resources, and had future wars to come, and how they'd back certain totalitarian nations and so on, and they studied these nations, eh.  So he wanted to boast about it. So they kind of grabbed his book.  They broke the plates too, the actual plates. But luckily others managed to get some of the first editions and tore them apart and put them together again. And they're accurate because I've seen both copies, the original ones and the ones which have no copyright anymore. They're the original article, duplicate, nothing is missing out of them.


But he pulls out the dollar bill to this, and he says, but listen, don't tell anybody, he says, it's bad for your career if anybody finds out.  Meaning the conspiracy idea, right.  He said, but look on that dollar bill there, there's an all-seeing eye in a pyramid.  He said, you know that symbol is thousands of years old, and he starts talking about it a little bit. He's trying to get through to this person, this youngster he's grooming to be a leader, you see, that's what they do, they pick future leaders.  He's telling him, there's a bigger power running the whole system than just you electing whoever's put in front of you to vote for.  You see, he's grooming the guy.  


But anyway, that audio got out there and you might be able to listen to it if you get a hold of it.  That's how the world really is run though. This is the professor that remember Bill Clinton gave accolades to and he said that was his mentor, was Professor Carol Quigley, that got him into politics and gave him, got him the Rhodes scholarship so he could go over to London and then skip off to Russia. That's what happened, that's what he did too. 


But anyway, that's the world we're living in.  It's vastly different from the world we're trained to believe in.  In fact, they couldn't, as I say, get the agenda through without making us incredibly naïve.  And it's true, once you're in school at the age of five or whatever it is, they are immediately indoctrinated into what they tell you is reality. That's what I've always said, I've said this before, this essential primary school indoctrination is essential.  Jacques Ellul said that without the initial indoctrination, subsequent indoctrination will not take.  You see through it, even if you're only 7 or 8 or maybe 10 or 12, you'll see through it. But if you get that early indoctrination, you're being trained just to listen and obey, listen to and obey, and accept, you see.  There's no debate then.


That's how the world really is. Sure enough, every 30, 40 years some parts of vaults are opened.  Because it's part of ‘Revelation of the Method’, that's what it's called. Getting back to that all-seeing eye and the pyramid, eh.  Hhhch.  And by the way I've got very old, some are really old encyclopedias here, very old, where they have the people who contended amongst each other in the Americas during the Revolutionary war, and even before it, of what kind of symbols they would put forth.  They've got all their names there and the different ones that they put forward to be accepted for the great seal, etc., and the currencies they were using.  You know, it was quite fascinating to realize they actually had currencies in the Americas, and during the Revolutionary war, and afterwards by the way, including Masonic currencies, where they have the all-seeing on the actual coins themselves.  It's quite fascinating to see it.  So yeah, that's a whole sideline to itself anyway.


Rather than segue into that I'll continue on with what I'm trying to prattle on about here, which is, your reality is vastly different than what you're being taught to believe in. People are pretty decent.  Decent people, it doesn't matter about being ultimately likable, I'm talking about decent people have decency in them. That's what elites and psychopaths count on, is that you'll have this decency factor.  If you take the history of, say, parts of Britain, even from the 1800s onwards it was rather hellish for most folk, you know. It was bad enough when you lived in a country where you grow tall, we're pretty tall in Scotland, right, you know.  Until you hit about 18, then your long bones ossify, they stop growing, then with all that rain you start shrinking again, eh?  So that's why you never throw your clothing away when you're young because you'll eventually be able to wear it again because you've shrunk into it.  So that's the whole thing, is a pretty miserable country when it's pouring rain all the time. 


Britain was so managed in a feudal system for such a long time, it was kind of ingrained in the people, you know.  It wasn't until they gave basic education in the 19th century to the general population, the working population just so they can follow instructions and basic instructions, written instructions for working machinery in factories and keep records and notes for the boss and things like that. But otherwise, they would never have given you education at all, you see. And that was it, it really was for that reason.  So you get minimalistic education, and even then, they turned out what they called the penny novel. Because they got worried about the general public. They had meetings, the elites had meetings, the manufacturers and owners and so on had meetings in England.  Dickens, you know, he knew about these things and other ones too. They had meetings because they worried if they'd lowered the working day for the peasants, down to under 16 hours a day, that was the average you had to do, then you might get up to mischief.


Meaning, you might start thinking, that would cause mischief, you see, that, in fact, thinking was mischief.  If the peasants started thinking, if they had time to themselves, they had time to communicate and think about things. So they had meetings, they actually said that they were terribly worried about revolutions, if the people had time on their hands they could organize and start communicating and pass information towards each other, now that they could get basic writing skills and reading skills.  So what they decided to do was try to divert the free time of the public as they lowered it down to say 12 hours a day or 14 hours a day.  Which was a great advance, hhhch, by the way, in those days. So they came out with the penny novels.


Just like today, they said, well, you understand how they did the same thing with TV, they split it into categories, including gender, what the women like to watch what guys like to watch and things like that. So, sports and so on for the guys. And lots of flesh if they can get it in.  Of course in book form they really catered to the women big time with romantic novels. Always lifting them out of where they lived in crowded terrible red brick homes in these overcrowded cities, with overcrowded houses and overcrowded rooms with no bathrooms in them, outside toilets and nice things like that.  Well-documented by the way, this is not make-believe.


It completely goes against the way I was brought up, you see. Because I knew, I knew that the rubbish that they put on television, you know, about like the Ann of Green Gables idea, and lots of spinoffs for the British system.  So you'd always have the rich young girl, or the young master you know, who's the son of the master, young master, with their coaches and footmen and all that kind of stuff. Everybody seemed to have some kind of work. But they didn't take you to the inner cities and show you the squalor and folk dying through overwork, malnutrition, because even if you work you’re on such a, basically a subsistence, it wasn't even a subsistence wage, it wouldn't keep you alive. Folk didn't often hit 30 years of age.  That's the reality of it.


But if you just watch the BBC you think about all these wonderful things of folk who were well-dressed, coachmen, butlers and servants, and even the highway robbers, the highwaymen are well-dressed too in these BBC, in old productions of this glorious past.  And they all had horses and so on. If you're a peasant, you didn't have a horse, you know. They'd lock you up and wonder where you stole it from, because you couldn't have a horse. It's expensive to have horses and to keep horses.


Again, I've mentioned before, sometimes down through Europe and in Britain too, you couldn't wear silk. You couldn't, even if you found it, a bit of silk, and they passed a law at one time so the peasants couldn't wear silk.  It was above their station, you understand. Being a peasant you had to always know you are peasant and just accept it. And grovel.  And if you had a hat, you know, you doffed the hat, as they called it, and bowed sort of, you scraped and all that. That was the system that really existed. It really did.


You could get out of it temporarily if you're a guy, if you join the military. That system existed right through into the 1900s. Actually, it's back again.  It's never really stopped with its continuous wars that I even talked about from the [Alan chuckles.] Pentagon articles and so on.  They talked about perpetual war would be the new norm.  And we're in it of course. We've been in it for a long time. It wasn't just a war on nations and resources, to take over them for the elite families and big corporations, but it was a war on the public themselves. That's really what you've been in.


But the people who lived in each era didn't live in utter despair, you understand. There were some getting, they rely upon this basic natural humanity in people. And sure enough, little charges can start, and a penny here and a penny there, again a penny at one time was worth, hhhch, a bit of money could buy a loaf with them at one time before inflation set in with the con game of paper money. They would help each other out with charities.  Not great but hopefully it would keep you alive. Maybe, you know. It wasn't the greatest system. There was no welfare system/unemployment system. 


The wars were always on the go then too, the British Empire, this private business, it was called the British Empire.  And that's what it was, it was a private business for the elite families of London, the City of London, and the bankers, naturally. But it was pretty bad, so guys could escape for a little bit, if they could live through it that is, for the wars and all the rest of it. If they could live through it, they might get some kind of little pension out of it, and a bit of respect that came. Isn't it ironic that you get a bit of respect by serving the system that's kept you in squalor?  [Alan laughing.] …and maybe your parents and grandparents too if you had them. It's quite something.


And then they teach you to respect it. That was the great invention really of the 20th century, that came out of World War I, the mass slaughter of all nations involved, and the wiping out of a generation really.  And sometimes three generations, sometimes you had your, sometimes people had their grandparents and their parents and the youngsters, sons, wiped out, totally, from villages and counties all throughout England and Scotland and Ireland and Wales, eh.  Wiped out completely.  So much so that when World War II came out, the farms, there were lots of empty farms, or the farms had maybe one person working it.  They couldn't even feed the population at the time, so they relied upon the shipping from especially America, the US and Canada to bring in goods.


But anyway, they train you that somehow, like year zero, that's how communists do it too, they always start you off with year zero when they have taken over completely. It's a good idea, you see, because it makes sure there's another bunch of ignorant schmucks that are going to grow up never knowing what happened before, you know. That's how they started really the 20th century after the Boer war, countless wars and the Boer war leading right into World War I basically. Then after World War I, and the huge negotiations at the time by the early trade unions to get some more cash, just to live on, eh. 


Why... I mean, folks were working and starving.  Hhhch.  No kidding.  Hhhch.  They didn't have cars or telephones. No, that's for basic necessities, folks.  They still had no, again, if they were laid off or they were sick, that was just too bad for you.  So they negotiated, and they wanted housing to be built. They're paying all these taxes for wars and stuff, why couldn't they take their tax money and build houses for the people? That's how the council really started up for their housing committees, etc. Even then towards the end of World War I they were running out of so many men, you know.  And you can't believe how many were getting slaughtered per day... day after day, in World War I. And massacred. 


That was genocide. You weren't even allowed to lie down in the mud and crawl toward, you were supposed to run towards the enemy, through the mud, with big heavy packs on, through machine-gun fire, nothing, no cover at all.  [Alan chuckles.] That was very sane, wasn't it?  [Alan chuckles.] I guess the same guys that ran the war is running Covid, y'know, let's close the whole economies down.  But this is the reality of it.


I've often mentioned that movie that's a satirical movie and musical at times, using all the old world war... They churn out during wars all of these happy-happy little sings-songs type songs that people can join in. To make you all feel you're working towards something that's jolly good, etc. etc., hm.  So Oh What A Lovely War, it's worth watching to get the idea across. It did have the actual figures up on a big ding-dong scoreboard daily of the amount of thousands that were dying with this battle and that battle, per day, you know. These were factual ones, and they show you the dates of them, these were actually historical facts.


But again, that's what it reminds me of, there's a much bigger plan.  Just like Quigley talked about with Tragedy and Hope. He knew it too, he was all for it, as I say, and he was all for the creation of wars and talking about the need for wars to get stages of the big global system through. So World War I, at least they had to negotiate to the peasantry, what was left of them, decimated, right, some of them got some concessions for all the tax money that they were dishing out all the time, and the loss of life, and the horrible conditions they lived in. 


For a little while they thought they were getting somewhere. They had to, of course, they reneged as soon, and a lot of the guys wanted the vote too. People think, oh, the women were all fighting, no, the guys didn't have the vote either unless you had property. That's... Isn't it amazing, isn't it amazing how that's missed all the time because it doesn't fit the modern perspectives and the modern agendas where only women suffered, or other people suffered. But no, the people themselves in Britain, right, the guys, the white peasants, [Alan chuckles.]  yeah, they had to fight to get to that kind of vote.


Just when they think they were getting some concessions, and getting lied to and lied to of course, they get hit with the Great Depression and they're back to square one.  And you get out of the Great Depression only temporarily because of again, a Covid event. Remember, this is how they do it. The historians all admit this, that you would never have got out of the Great Depression, even temporarily, if it hadn't been for World War II.


Because suddenly, suddenly the government's borrowing billions, from the same shadowy characters, you know, that are just behind the scenes.  Before the wars, they're broke, eh. They're always broke, completely broke before the wars break out. And suddenly they just find this money everywhere, eh? I'm not kidding you, I'm not, I can validate what I'm saying here. The same thing happened before 9/11.  Oh, they were just dead broke in America, you know, absolutely dead broke.  They actually said, oh they were finding, and so did Britain, [Alan chuckles.] oh, we're just finding money, we went back over accounts, we're just finding millions here and millions there. Although the US lost, what, $3,000,000,000,000 I think in the Defense Department according to Rumsfeld and so on, that was never found. It was just one of these things.  You know, you get holes in your pockets, don't you.  And psychopaths have lots of holes in their pockets.


But yeah, they managed to find the money for these amazing wars. And they threw, just like the Covid, they threw billions, in today's money, billions at different corporations that could supply armaments and all kinds of things, and dirigible balloons that might stop low-flying bombers coming down, which they never did because they were much higher than that.  But it didn't matter. You see, facts don't matter about the waste of money.  And they appoint these commissars in charge of trade and all things in Britain. They just appoint them. 


Because you've got to suspend democracy to save you, you know. Which is exactly by the way, I mean, when you look into the Nuremberg trials, that Herman Goring said... It's amazing how for so long they kept the public from hearing what he was talking about, you know, at trial.  He was actually asked during interrogation on camera why they just, why the Germans had stopped democracy, you know.  And he says, because it was an emergency time and they said it wasn't working, we needed an efficient way of ordering the system back into operation. Well, that's exactly what Britain did during the war too, [Alan laughing.]  they stopped all democracy.  Martial law system, eh. Curfews.  Rationing. Ration cards even. Even travel permits within certain areas and certain places and so on. Countless spies within society from your own government to make sure that loose lips didn't sink ships. Again, your Karen’s of that day too, if you see someone getting extra meat from the butcher then report them and things like that. All kinds of terrible things went down. The same stuff.


Yeah, everybody, every company, every major corporation that existed was ready to make anything at all, manufacture anything for the, hhmph, war effort, or hhmph, Covid effort, or whatever. It's all the same, you see.  So they pulled Britain through temporarily, and Canada too by the way. All the countries were affected by the depression to different extents, mind you. But Canada for instance was noted by the United Nations, on the list of countries that were most likely to succeed in industry and be very wealthy because they put so much money into a few corporate hands, all backed by the taxpayers that now had all these big factories that would be making different machinery for the war, aircraft and so on, and they could be turned to peaceful uses. So they use the same excuse as Goring, it was an emergency situation so you can't have democracy. And that's okay when the West said it though I suppose. There you go.


You can't get, you've got to understand eventually you have to break your conditioning to understand anything at all.  I've said it before, I've said it, waking up is like jumping out of an airplane and without a parachute, and you have to free fall, and have some faith that somehow, somehow it's going to be okay. Because on the way down you're going to have all these different doors opening and beckoning you in. You might see glimpses of different things and glimpses of that and so on, and you don't want to get stuck in it.


It's very much like Buddhism. In Buddhism there's the stage they get to in Buddhism that the priests, you know, when often they're meditating and they're in solitude and so on, where they talk about supernatural or preternatural occurrences happening to them.  Seeing things, without drugs, but seeing things and knowing things, as things come to them, maybe a little vision, things like that. But things that shouldn't happen, happen in other words, eh. 


Now, the West in modern times, right, about the 90s onwards with the pushing of Wiccanism and different things like that, really meant to get you away from any kind of idea of… to destroy completely any idea of the old system of Christianity, which still gave you some kind of moral values.  It had to be destroyed.  So you supplant it by giving youngsters really interesting, interesting stuff. And let's be honest, I mean, every youngster wants to... they do sense things when you're young before it's completely drummed all out of you.  You'll sense things. You'll get little ideas, little insights into things. Best pals, children start talking at the same time on the same subject using the same words, as an example.  Or you start singing the same song at the same time at the exact same word, eh.  And you turn and you look at each other and laugh, because it's quite natural, isn't it? Things like that. And you know when someone's going to come visit you and things like that. You get these little insights.  Which you take for granted. And as the world gets to you, because it's not meant to make you happy or to allow you to develop naturally, or have any confidence in your own experiences, you are being trained always to listen to experts and authority figures and so on by a TV and so on. So these natural instincts are drummed out of you with the cares of the world as they say.


But with the Buddhists, they're different from the West where they were pushing youngsters at one point, just to get rid of the old religion, that's the idea behind it, of giving these insights and the what-if's and so on, try this and try that, oooooo, aaaaaa, you know, and go ghost hunting and all that kind of stuff. The idea is to get folk into it, really into it. Suddenly books appeared, I'd say even in the late 80s.  You would see it in libraries and bookstores, and books that used to have all kinds of philosophies and things suddenly were getting replaced by stacks and stacks of self-help books, that also incorporated the so-called supernatural into them too and positive thinking of course, all these kind of things were pushed into it. Most, even the ones that pretended to be spiritual, really, were more positive thinking...  Just want it and think about it and it will come to you idea and that kind of thing.


So as they were pushing that on the West, you see, which can take over your life if you go that way completely, it will take over your life, you're actually stuck on an earthly realm by doing so. Because in Buddhism, as they go through a phase where this starts to happen, where they actually experience the things very frequently, they're told to ignore them because that's the trap. I'm talking about waking up here too; believe you me, it all ties in together. That's the trap. Ignore these things that try to pull you in because folk can get captivated by it and ooooo and wonder, and wow, WOW, like any drug you want a bigger WOW the next time, until you get bigger and bigger and bigger, until you're addicted like any addict to a drug, you see.  So you ignore that part to go into much higher understandings and insights. Or you get trapped.


Well, that's what waking up is. I used to say too, it's like coming out from under the ground... Very much like the Australian aborigines, the dreamtime people as they sometimes like to call them, and when the explorers met the aboriginal natives.  I don't know if they still call them even aboriginals or not.  Odd name to call people though, ab-original, it's like not original. That's a question in itself. However, they're natives, and the explorers tried to find out, just like anthropologists do, about them, you know, what's your history, what do you, you know?  And why were they covered in what appeared to be these paintings, they painted themselves. And inside the rocks too and caves and things like that they would do paintings. 


They explained that they, about a dreamtime period, that's different names for the same thing. I think they even made movies about it and some of them are really entertaining, some of them. But the kind of dreamtime, they were in some kind of limbo for a long time, countless eons, who knows, it could be eons, who knows, after some catastrophe in the world. It's almost like they lived in stasis in the womb of the earth, that's what it symbolized I guess, and they came out to tell the people what had happened, you know.  What the rest of the story is we never really find out, [Alan chuckles.] or if they forgot what happened or what.  But it was an awful long time so you can't blame them. 


You often find that kind of history going on with the different peoples, of catastrophes, long, long, long ago, you know, catastrophes.  So you've got to understand that reality has different meanings to different peoples according to your histories, and how you survive, and under what conditions of survival around you too.  Whether it's kind of arid and kind of dry, or good soil and wet and so on and so on.  All these things to be factored into the cultures of the people which ends up being the mentality. But peoples generally always, again, back to the whole point of natural humanity, they're decent to each other so they can get through hard times regardless of it, through natural phenomenon and natural hardships. But as I say, we also get through the unnatural ones, the ones from wars that didn't have to happen, lockdowns, hm. 


Hell is getting... You haven't seen the hell yet from the lockdowns. This is the Earth Summit agenda, you know, this is it, what charges for climate change, and deindustrialization, making energy itself eventually scarce for the general population, step-by-step into scarcities. Because they said it in a lot of their publications that the healthier you are comes from having energy and heating, etc., and food. As a start, hm.  And you can't depopulate the world where folk are healthy.  They won't listen to you when they’re healthy. They want to work and earn money and spend it on things, etc., and buy things.  And that has to stop. Well, bingo, you know, here you go. Here you go.


Getting back to Australians, I always think too that if people had been, like natives there and natives in other areas in the world who live very simply, that you might laugh at when you think about them, oh my, how can they live like that.  Lots of them are still living like they lived for thousands of years.  Hm.  And as Plato said, the easiest systems to fall apart quickly and get destroyed and cause massive death are artificial systems and the cities of course.  The old, hhhch, occultic ideas of the city, very important. But completely artificial. And everything that's built inside the city, all the different systems of commerce, that's all artificial too, you see.  One collapses and the next one collapses like dominoes and dominoes and dominoes, until they're all collapsed.  That's how fast the whole thing can vanish.


That's what Plato's uncle Solon supposedly told him.  He found his writings that his uncle had kept too of, that's where they got this sort of Atlantis from, that's where it really came from. His uncle had gone to Egypt, like most of the aristocracy of the ancient world went, you know.  The wealthy went to different parts of the world for their higher education.  Which is a kind of occultic system of degreed system.  Of course they went to Egypt for part of it.  Solon, according to Plato and the writings of his uncle, was told by the priests of Egypt, he says, you know, you Greeks, how old do you think you are? And they gave him some kind of number. They kind of laughed at him, they says, you don't even know your history, how long you've existed as a people.  Yep. 


Now, they're talking into a time obviously that was before writing even occurred, for them, for the Greeks anyway.  They said to him that many, many civilizations had risen to great, great peaks of power, you know, and totally collapsed. Now, getting back to, the more artificial they are the easier and quicker they are to collapse. So they have come and gone, many of them, that we don't even have the records of, hm.  That's why Plato talked about they'd have the fragility of the advanced systems. 


Now, what I'm telling you too is known by those who rule the world. Because they always plan their own survival, and they use all of you to get there, generations of us to get there.  To get to their advanced system, almost a very space-age type system where they themselves will be the superhumans, you know, if not the gods themselves. In some of their religions how they actually, they talk about being God's.  Again too, even from a scientific point of view, they say, well what is a God? A God has got power of life or death, could be immortal, if you make yourself to be immortal then you might be classed as a God.  And power over others, ultimate power and total power over other people through such advanced weaponry, then you've got power over life and death then you see. 


This is from writings of characters who have been in these organizations down through centuries.  They use us like staging rockets. I've mentioned this talk before back in the 90s too.  They talk about what humans are here for.  And talking about all of you.  YOU.  You're not actually human, [Alan chuckles.] you're the animals, but they talk about why you're here, and you're here to serve them, and you've always been here to serve them.


Like a staging rocket in a sense. Again, getting back to what Pike talked about, about revolutions, but it also applies to the systems and the generations. You can't just go out there and plant a tree, you know, or crop of any kind and expect it to grow. You've got to prepare the ground big time. Find out what you need, what's lacking in any particular soil, especially for whatever you're going to grow because different things are needed for different crops and things or even for trees. That's where you get different colors in different trees, of the wood, they suck up different minerals, different kinds of trees suck up different kinds of minerals from the ground. 


So you prepare the ground for what you want to grow. But first you must decide what you want to grow, you see. So prepare the ground. What you need to prepare the ground, etc. You've got bacteria in the ground, you gotta dig it up, let the air in there and get the bacteria going.  You might have to fertilize it too to increase the bacterial load and insects and so on.  Everything is a balance of course.  And before you even decide to put the seed in, no point in putting it in, into packed ground, it's impacted you know, there's no air in it, you know, it's just flattened, flattened and flattened so you've got to break it up and get the air in there.  And get the right kind of place to grow it in the first place.


So it's a lot of work goes into that idea as Pike explained it. That's what he's talking about, society and revolutions, for the elite themselves. They have their revolutions, you see.  You might go along with that but whatever you're fighting for, you're being used because they have a different goal in mind as to the outcome of where it's supposed to go. Always. Always.  It never changes.  Then they write the history books so's the next generation thinks, well, this is what happened, why it happened.  And of course they're lied to. Lying often takes just simple omission of half the story.  You know, oh, I never lied, you know, I just didn't tell them the rest of the story. Which will completely alter your perspective on any particular incidents or incidences or the whole darn war or whatever it happened to be. Or cultural change.


So we are the staging rockets to prepare the soil, you know, the first one. We get them up, you know, to a certain height above the earth.  This is allegorical speaking of course. They have their goal, you see, to rise higher than the heavens, higher than the gods, just like Nimrod.  It's a good analogy. So the staging rocket drops away.  It's already shoved the payload further on, with another stage there, then another stage goes, a second one goes, you see.  Then maybe even a third stage rocket goes.  These are all boosters that they're meant to get the payload up there into space out of the earth's gravitational pull.  That's how it's worked out.


That's what WE are, whole eons, worked down eons of humanity to get them, the elite, from this stage to that stage to that stage. Then we die off, you see, that's it, our function is over, you know.  You fall back to earth like the spent rocket stages. They actually explain it to each other like this of course, and that's what we are. We’re completely disposable.  We are source of income for them because we produce. They don't need money at the top, it's just that they've trained us to need money and to make it a necessity to make money, which they have total control of at the top naturally, make it out of thin air.  Then they'll have you all working for this thing called money.


Would you all be, if you could all be independent and not terrified of surviving, and you knew how to farm and you all had the ability, and there's no regulations on having a little farm somewhere, [Alan chuckles.] and grow crops and all the rest of it, would you be just as terrified?  You see? 


So you all have to earn this money, you see, to survive in this system, which is presented to you as the only way that you can survive. You see, you've got to earn money to pay taxes.  There's another con too when they brought in the taxes.  Because at one time folk could live, and especially in the States, without paying taxes. Once they created the Federal Reserve, the whole idea was so the reserve could loan to the government, eh – a lot of nothings, and to get payment back, this is an old technique, it's been going on for thousands of years in other countries under different guises, the same system – but then they get the right to tax the people to pay back the loans, you see, the government, this is how the whole cons works.  That's what the Bank of England was for, and the Federal Reserve was created to do the same thing. Before the Federal Reserve, at one time the people in parts of the US didn't pay taxes. In fact, they didn't even need money in some parts of the South. They could grow their own food and so on and live quite simply.


And that was their right to live simply. Why the heck not, eh?  But when they brought in the taxes, suddenly you've got the census and they want a bit of tax money demanded off you.  Well, then you had to go and get a job to get money to pay them taxes. What a racket, eh!  And folk really vote and think they're free.  Aagh.  Oh!  What a SCAM!  [Alan chuckles.] Then the next generation thinks it's all quite normal because anything becomes normalized very quickly, it's only by, well, hasn't it always been here?  No, it hasn't.  Well it's been here for quite a while, isn't it?  Well, uh-uh-uh.  That's how the tricks are done.


That's how they can, that's how the British Empire really was created. Once they got the Bank of England in and gave right of the ones who owned the banks, then they decided about the taxation of the public to pay for all the loans that they would give to governments and so on, the private bank of course that was behind it, then you could really expand the country and use it as a business. The country is the business, you see. And the Empire is their business, the ones who own the money to start with.  You set up a system and across the world, and you create an empire, and all the money flows through your hands, and your relatives' hands in fact, and acquaintances' hands, and people who serve that system which you created, and they call it an empire. Then you justify it in the history books as being for the greater good and to civilize the barbarians and things like that, that's what we, we bring civilization to them. 


As I've said already, I remember watching an awfully good documentary and it was about, just, it was, I think it was something of Ethiopia in fact. It was about tribesmen and tribes’ people who lived very simply.  They were herdsmen, as they had been for hundreds maybe thousands of years. Nothing much had changed. Their wealth was their cattle.  The guys went off with the cattle every day in their pastures and stuff, guarded them and fought off any wild beasts and things like that. The women at home, they did the domestic stuff and the food, the chores. But they also re-patched their homes, these little domed homes, that weren't huge things.  But they actually use cow poop over the, and it hardened in the sun kind of like concrete. But they would do this, and folk would laugh it and oh, oh, you know. 


These folks could survive, if the world collapsed tomorrow, the whole system stopped and the trade stopped and the ships running, all these cargoes from China stopped, etc., these folk wouldn't even care nor know. It would make any difference to them. Every tool that they had they made themselves. So laugh away, folks, you know, this system makes you utterly dependent on an artificial system ruled by others.  And that's the key to it, you don't have the rights to know even who makes the stuff, owns it or anything else. When they switch off the money, just like the digital system, oh you've been bad, you've said things you shouldn't have said, we're switching you off. The very thing the Bertrand Russell talked about.  It's all here. Long-term planning. Folk never really catch on, they hear you saying it but they can't believe it.  Oh, they might have said it, but he didn't realize it was going to come down the...  Oh yes, they did, folks.  [Alan chuckles.]   


I've got books here where some of the big foundations have members churning out the books in the 1920s and 30s saying that they themselves wouldn't see the fulfillment of this global system they were going to bring in, but their own offspring would be ruling it and they would see it, and it might be a third generation, but they were positive it would all happen.


There's nothing happening by chance.  The plan for free trade with China was at least mentioned, I've mentioned this before, in the 1930s by what was then the early Royal Institute of International Affairs in their annual meeting, and they published a book on it, and I have it here. They talked about that eventually China would take over as the policeman of the world. At that time the US wasn't the complete policeman of the world in the 1930s.  After the war it would be.  But this is before the war started. You're living in, you're just living through scripts, a big term schedule.  The same organizations that held the meeting are still running the show today and talking about it.


You see, we get caught up in the minutia of the little bits, that's why they throw lots of little conflicting facts out to you. It's all opposing facts, isn't it, and statistics and opposing statistics, from the same sources. Until you're in a quagmire of data.  It's like data barbed wire, mental, it's around your brain, [Alan chuckles.] it's everywhere, and it's put out there intentionally for you to pick them up and start arguing facts. Because the facts are glaringly absent from what they're dishing out. They want you to ignore that. They want you to get tied up in it, you see. It's a technique, a massive psy-op operation on the go for different purposes and a different reason. You don't lockdown the world just spontaneously. It took years and years and years to plan all this.


Now, before I prattle on any longer, I better mention again, it's very important what I'm saying, to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  Take a note of all the sites that are mine listed there, all my official sites.  Because you're in a time when they're pulling sites down and if they pull one down maybe I'll have another one to go to, you see. These are my official sites.  There are other sites out there that use my stuff and put it up for me, you know, or they'll ask me if they can put it up and I say yeah go ahead.  So I don't mind them using it as long as they don't change anything, you see.  But the ones I own myself and am responsible for are @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and all the sites listed there. Remember to go into them and use them when you need to because they're awfully important. Because we're going through terrible times. This is just the start of the massive censorship. This is, once you get up to the color-coding wartime thing, they had the same thing after 9/11, oh red alert, amber alert, yada, ya, all the stuff from the old Star Trek series, for terrorism, you see. Now it's a war OF terror on the public with Covid and they're using the same sort of ideas of scales and tiered lockdowns they call them.


It's all mentioned in Event 201 and in the Lockstep part of the Rockefeller publication in 2010, Lockstep was part of that.  They talked about how they will eventually have to lock people up and maybe imprison people.  Just like any war, you see.  In a war situation, this is what, all the techniques they're using is for a war situation and you lock folk up arbitrarily, you see, without trial or anything else. As they did before World War II started in some countries, a lot of folk didn't want the wars, you were already broke and bust from World War I, hhhch, you'd lost all your relatives, and they complained about it.  Well, they were all locked up at the start of the war, as the war was starting, and no trial, and locked up for four or five years in Britain as an example, and other countries too.


That's what they do, you see, they give themselves powers to be tyrants and they say it's a necessity.  Beautiful too.  You see, we didn't have such great lawyers in past days, the feudal system didn't have that, you know.  The Kings were pretty brutal.  They didn't say much to the peasants, just, obey or we cut your heads off. It was that simple, you see. Eventually they got very good about it and sophisticated and they could get lots and lots of lawyers, and batteries of lawyers to all work together along with public relations, which is propaganda characters, and they'd work together, good PR companies to brainwash the public into total compliance.  You see, oh, it's for necessity, isn't it, if we don't all help, you see, we'll all die.  They're keeping us safe.


Who'd have thought, eh? I mean, can you imagine Genghis Khan, he could’ve just taken over the world, his part of the world with a small, just a small bunch of bureaucrats and lawyers. A lot cheaper, eh?  We're here to save you from the big draaaagons.  Really? Oh yeah, they're coming. You see, if we're here there's a magical property we have inside of us and it repels the dragons, you know.  Really?  Oh yeah, sure. Okay, okay, what do we have to do? Give up all your rights and we'll be the bosses, and just for this emergency period only you understand.  [Alan laughing.] It's quite good really. That's how it works. Quite simple.


So again, send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. There's books and discs there to buy, definitely PayPal, Cash, whatever, is definitely handy, and checks as well even.  We're in a terrible time which is going to get worse. Because again, once they go up through the higher level tiered system, which they really want to ram through, and they've got the machinery ready, the big cranking machine that will just churn out statistics, nothing to do with reality.  Of course, the more test they give out, they know, the more will come back positive.  Because they're pretty well designed that way.  Hhhch, they're so, they're such a, that's why they picked that test by the way because it's so ambiguous and guaranteed to be so.  They can have everybody arguing about it.  As you're all arguing, they're locking you all down and saying, well, you know…  


It isn't until they would give you actually who's sick because of it.  Well, we don't get these figures of who's actually sick with it, you see.  All you get is new cases. No, the more tests you do the more cases you'll find because these fragments, and it’s fragments of particular viruses and not even a particular one, and but a general type, ha, that actually are used for the testing. Even then, depending what labs you go to you get different results anyway. And different countries actually have different levels, once it goes through this generating system of multiplication of the particles to decide if you've actually had the disease or not, or you've got it, that's how... The inventor, for goodness’ sake, said it's not to be, it's useless for diagnostic purposes. Anyway, that's got nothing... facts don't matter.


You're going to go through terrible times.  I keep telling people, don't wait for government to do anything. The government is all on board with this.  This is a bigger... This is the technique to be used to bring you into complete sustainability, depopulation, lowered expectation, postconsumer society they've been talking about for years. This is the excuse to make it happen. That's what the reset is all about.


Back to the main trait that you have to survive and that's that you have natural humanity to each other. If you lose that you're done for. In the ultra materialistic society you're going to find it gets worse and worse all the time for helping each other out. It creates a selfishness, and it's been indoctrinated into you when they gave you leaders which were psychopaths, and a whole upper crust that's really psychopathic, and pushed that as being the way to be. Well, you don't have the millions that they have.  You don't live in the lifestyles that they have.  Or the so-called celebrities, these nothings that they make into stars, that are meant to influence your behavior, for you to emulate their behavior. You can't afford that so, you know, you're not even in the game. And on the way of trying to get what they've got you'll lose your humanity because you adopted the psychopathic culture.  You don't have to be a psychopath to adopt the culture. That's why horrific things happen when tyrants take over. Even when it's evident that slaughter is taking place, or genocide or whatever, the rest of the public go into complete shock and say nothing, or they’re kept in ignorance. But the ones that are managing it all, the bureaucracies, they are well, well of it and they'll say nothing too.  That never changes. But when a real psychopathic culture is run by the real psychopaths, we're in big, big trouble. And we are in trouble. There's no doubt about it.


Again, back to what sustainability is all about, is depopulation. This is factual, read their own articles from the Club of Rome.  Read their articles on sustainability.  They all, the WEF is the same. How you must, and I gave these talks years ago on sustainability and brownouts that would be coming eventually. They had meetings in Europe back in the late 90s, early 2000s about the coming energy crisis they would create and how they would actually ration energy and give you rolling brownouts.  They practiced in some countries in Europe with it already to iron out the problems so that it's all ready to go, about, shortly, probably this winter, next spring is when they'll hit you with the rationing of power.


Maurice Strong, the same character that again fronted for the Rockefellers, it was drafted up all for the Rio Summit, the whole thing and sustainability and so on, and biodiversity. It was all to do with sustainability and depopulation, cutting back energy and all kinds of production and consumer products, etc., that was all to start to slide into it.  You see, it's all your fault. The Club of Rome said that, they pretty well hit on the idea of blaming humanity, using the idea of climate change actually, that's what they were tasked with, finding a way to get the public to give up their rights and freedoms, to save the world, you know, and blame the public at the same time.


They've trained a whole generation in their 20s now who believe this stuff, and that's all they had through schooling.  There's nothing you can't train youngsters into. Every tyrant in history knows that. It's even in the Bible, you know.  You'll find bits in the Old Testament how they could use, the children could turn on their parents and kill their parents and so on.  Standard stuff down through time, you know.  When the Communists in Latin America and elsewhere have taken over, they've often used youth groups, youth brigades, they create them. Even the States has been behind the creation of some of these ones in Latin America as we know, with the School of the Americas.  But they create youth brigades, and the first thing you were taught to do is kill their parents, and kill, it had to be a member... And this is all through the gang culture in Latin America now, to get into the game you've got to kill an adult. It doesn't matter really who it is, just kill them, you know, because they’re the enemy.  And then they're trying to be radical little soldiers, mercenary soldiers for the cause.


Nothing happened by itself. Everything gets funded. Everything gets directed and trained. The CIA is up to its, hhhhh, nostrils in the stink that it's made across the planet for such a long time. With an agenda that most Americans would freak out about if they could actually understand any of it. It's meant to be so secretive you don't understand, because you're not meant to understand. It's nothing to do with helping any of you.  Np.


Any, what country could actually believe they have some kind of democracy when they have Secret Service establishments that are so secretive even the politicians can't find out what they're up to? Why go along the pretense of voting politicians in, you know? That's so's you could actually believe that that's all there is to it.  You forget very quickly, isn't it, hhhch, there's another secretive organization running your country. It's old techniques, eh, work awfully well.


So yeah, sustainability, depopulation, reduce energy supplies.  Even a few years ago they mentioned that at the WEF and the climate meeting, that they could get their agenda through by just reducing basic energy.  That's heating, cooling, everything electricity, you name it.  Britain, I gave the talks years ago when it became normal, they normalized it, the deaths in winter in Britain of folk dying in their homes. Not on the streets but in their homes.  Now it's normal so many thousands a year, you know, ah, well, it's just... Couldn't afford the credits, energy credits, energy unit credits they call them in Britain, and so it's okay... The same government that's taxed these people into the graves, with a life often of austerity, through taxes and didn't have all the cash when they were growing up… And bringing in lots of migrants and housing them in hotels and the whole bit. Meanwhile, the same people are freezing to death in their homes! And you think that's okay?  Do you realize how screwed up your brains are?!  Hm?!


That's incredible. You're finished I'm afraid, the countries that have accepted all this, they're completely finished. They're so immobilized, their brains are literally compartmentalized and in stasis, some parts of them, where they can't figure out, how come your government is allowing you lot to freeze to death and your older folk to freeze to death in their own homes, and say it's normal? But the same folk can't get money from the taxes they've paid to heat themselves because it's going to bring in more people from elsewhere?  


D'you realize you're finished? You're so cowed you can't even stand up for yourselves. And that's the whole key of it, isn't it? I was reading recently about the tenders that the Canadian government put out for building these big camps for, possibly for, you know, infectious diseases, possibly. It could be used for any function once they come up across Canada. I'll put the PDFs from the government tonight. Folk can look into it if they want to. Again, the government’s going to build it, to keep you safe. Where have we heard this before in history?  Hm?


The “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” - buyandsell.gc.ca


These even got tenders, they want these big, massive companies, the kind of Halliburton type companies that used to, that managed multitasking kind of corporations, this big umbrella system that would take care of it. Because the government really doesn't exist anymore, it's completely farmed out to private companies, that's another thing too, you know. You'd have to get back to basics. You'd be surprised how much money you'd have in your pocket if it wasn't for these governments farming every possible task out to private corporations. That are generally their pals, you know. Maybe even relatives some of them.


So anyway, you've got all these camps, they want to put these camps up and have these big private security companies too that are trained and licensed to take care of them. So there's your guards.  Camps and guards right off the bat. Now, these are obviously long-term projects.  And you'd better understand something.  This Covid is not meant to go away. It's here forever. Or the idea of it, hm, here forever. It's better than terrorism, you know.  From the 9/11 thing that changed every, every nat... And again every country, never mind the color coding of terrorism, oh it's a red alert, it's an amber alert, it's a whatever.  It has one, two, three, four, five tier lockdown, different grades of lockdown, with color coding on the phone apps by the way, same thing, eh, [Alan chuckles.] which was all tried out in China in the spring, what we're copying now. But the camps, here's the camps on the go as well. These are going to be long term maybe perpetual things. So yeah, it's beautiful, the Covid is to be here forever regardless of evidence, or lack of, or whatever.


It's perfect because every year... People think... Until Covid, most folk seem to have, I used to give talks about this too, hhhhh, in the 20th century, eh, and with towns and cities, with a little bit of money coming in, an insurance payment, insurance companies came in, eh, to get buried and so on. But also, let's get the undertakers.  A massive business, undertaking, eh.  You take folk under, you put them under, that's the idea of undertaking. It really flourished in the 20th century. Most peasants at one time couldn't afford to get these kind of, or you did it yourselves.  Your own families would actually take you to the graveyard and dig out of place for you and put you in and so on. Lots of folk couldn't have coffins because it was too expensive. In comes the undertaker. As soon as you get a few bucks in your pocket, there's a thousand companies spring up, and thousands of companies are after each penny you've got. For every penny you earn there's a thousand companies that want it. So that's how the system is. This is the city system of Plato, he talked about, and how they would use the cities to basically take over the world, and for a system, the system that would be planned down through the ages, actually even before he came along.


So anyway, you have your insurance companies and undertakers. The undertakers would come to the homes at one point. Because most folk, again, would die at home.  Once they got a National Health Service in they could have them farmed out to either private nursing homes, which they're doing now of course, where they literally just keep food and water from you until you die, that seems to be the process. Or they give you euthanasia now when they're advanced, the more civilized countries get euthanasia. Then the undertaker deals with all that too. So you don't really see much of the misery, you see. 


Before Covid you could get in to see people in the homes, in the exit… I call them exit homes, some of these places because we've lost our humanity, even in these homes, definitely, the whole purpose of them, etc. And that was… I keep getting sidetracked with thoughts here, but I was just thinking there that, you know, up until about the 30s and so on you didn't have all these nursing homes. It was the mafias that came in during prohibition, and Al Capone was one that really started chains of nursing homes and retirement homes, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] They could launder a lot of money through them too. 


But really as I say, at one time we were all conscious of death. Right up until the 20th century and into the first part of the 20th century, it wasn't unusual for children to die young, very young.  You had some excellent, hhhch, photographic work about that. It was a whole business in photography eventually in Canada and elsewhere with, they actually photographed the children, they'd try to prop them up and make them look alive and stuff for photographs, that had died. It was so common, you see. And the houses were pretty bad. The houses that didn't have, and most of it was hygiene, they could be nice clean homes, but they didn't have hot running water and so on, then bacterium especially flourishes. So they didn't have that in a lot of the homes at one point.  So you had people would die young. Other homes were so cold and drafty, you didn't have the double glazing either by the way in your windows. You'd have frost in your windows, I grew up like that with frost, with ice inside the windows, you know, one pane and that was it.


When heating was rationed, here's the key, which they view, they know what they've done in the past you see.  Fuel was rationed and coal was rationed because it was so expensive. They kept it expensive in the working-class areas too, that you couldn't afford to heat all the rooms, or the bedrooms. You'd make one fire in the living room and that was it. It rose up maybe a little bit, and if you had the bedroom above it, you had a little bit heat, if you didn't, well tough cheese.  That's how things really were right up until, in a good part of Britain when I was growing up in different areas. Yeah, a lot of folk would die young. You'd get all these different problems, earaches and infections of the ears and stuff like that with the climate and the cold and yada, yada. And other things now too. 


So, they know that if they start pulling down energy again or making it so expensive you can't heat yourself, well eventually this all returns and folk start to die off. It's to bring down the population.  You understand, they want to reduce the population.  How do you think they're going to do it? I've mentioned this before, this term resolute. When folk have sworn in battle, to go into battle, they're sworn to be resolute, to be resolute together, no one will chicken out. Well, that's the whole authorized bureaucracies across the planet working in unison are completely sworn on board with this sustainability agenda for depopulation.


Look at all the abortions. And this is a hot topic too, abortion.  But the thing is, once you get into literally killing children who have been born who were unwanted, well that's okay now because it will bring down the numbers. I mean... whoah!  In the process we're in a horror show, folks. Regardless of if you are pro or con, the fact is WE are responsible, hhhhch, for all this happening. And yet it's in a culture now where you've been destroyed by promotion of promiscuity to destroy the culture which has the side effect of having lots and lots of children, but they're not wanted, then they bring in the mass abortion. Do you understand how it works?


People in the 1920s who were bringing communism across the West talked about this. You must destroy the system entirely of the West. The culture, the values, everything. Not just the family, the whole, all the value system.  How do you do it? You promote the things that cause the problems.  [Alan chuckles.] It's just too easy, you know, and if you have the money behind you, which they've never had problems with the Communists parties in the West, even today, you know, they're the richest folk on the planet, because it's more efficient for them to have control over the world. Technocracy, you know.


But folk never quite catch on.  Again, they get caught up in today's battle. Today's battle is just part of an ongoing battle. It's a battlefield with many fronts on it and folk don't know that. Many fronts.  Look what they're doing for the food industry. If they want to cut, which they are doing, hhhch, or plants or factory, if there's any factory still working, they just go say, oh we're having a mass Covid testing system, you know, a million in this area.  Well, they're guaranteed to get X amount of positives, you see. It doesn't mean ill folk, just positives. Then they close it down. They've done that with meat plants in Canada. They can do it with other farms for the grain and for the harvesting and say it's all gone to pot and so on.  You get food scarcity. Then you get rationing coming in. A wartime scenario.


You cannot... D'you realize this is the total lockdown as I say, was planned years ago.  And it is in lockstep, they’re all in lockstep, and they are all resolute. They've all sworn onto this come hell or high water. And I mean it, there's nothing going to change their mind about this. There's nothing. All the countless doctors that have come out in signed petitions against all this, who are actually working in the hospitals saying it's bogus, you know.  It doesn't make any difference. We’re looking at resolute. The same face you would see on troops that were turned on their own people, as though they were robots. We’re seeing it now. To the bitter end. That's war scenario.


We forget, it's unfortunate, you know, a lot of folk, you have lots of little breakdowns as you wake up to reality. Lots of little ones. It's like countless deaths of democracy, and what you believed in, just all died along the way.  When you realize what really runs the world... and runs your system... and every part of your system. It's a death. That's the same symptoms as a death, you know. Your sadness. Then your anger. There's the different phases you go through when you realize there's no such thing as democracy, never mind your reality that you thought you had.


Folk adapt into every step of whatever period they're living in, eh.  HG Wells talk about creating massive arenas for sports to keep the peasants quiet, you know, it was an outlet.  Way back then. Others did too because they all went to the same meetings, the same organizations. You adapt into it and then, so yeah, generations grew up with football teams. That didn't exist before. The little teams that did exist were just local teams and they were amateurs. Nobody played professionally at one time. These are games that children did.  Until the big, the same characters that owned the news media and so on started buying them up, make them into professional teams and making lots of money off them.  But young guys, they get attached to it, they think this is normal. They think this is all theirs. It's not theirs. That's not your team either. It's all put on for you for other reasons.  Never mind to fleece you as well.


But also to keep you fairly quiet and content. And your angst is played out on the field vicariously. You don't play the match yourself, it's played through the other people and you identify with this as some kind of tribal team. It's all done deliberately. But you'll cry and moan if you can’t, if it gets canceled or whatever. Because you realize, you think that you're right.  No, it's not. It didn't exist in your great granddad's time, you know. There's reasons for everything. And folk make money off us. Everywhere you turn someone's making stacks of money off you. And they are public-private partnerships, they get money off the taxpayer, grants to build massive new arenas, eh.  That's how the world runs and most folk don't know. 


Hhhch, getting back to the penny novels I talked about earlier.  A lot of these novels would help, for the guys they would be war things.  So the peasant guys who, if they were lucky to get a job in the factory and work 16 hours a day, could escape into fantasy.  They could be some kind of soldier doing some heroic thing in a battle and getting metals for it in his fantasy, that's what you played out. It was just formula books, formula books, you know.  For the women they would have these romance stories. Just like the 1920s, they churned out all these ballroom dancing things and cars and limos and butlers for working-class girls to just have their tongues hanging out over and just, my God, they actually have all that?  [Alan chuckles.] Yep.  Total escapism by giving you the unobtainable. That's what they turned out.


The one for the women, the ones for the women eventually turn into, the romance ones, and I remember reading, hhhch, some a few years back, how it was a lucrative field. It was really soft porn for women that it turned into. It was all, it catered for that too.  There's nothing happens by chance by itself. Again, the whole penny novel idea was to stop people from forming unions and things like that and organizations for rights.  Keep them in the land of fantasy and escapism and they wouldn't get so angry, that was the idea.  That's how we're managed, isn't it?  Now of course we're programmed completely through fiction, and we have been our whole lives long.


Now, the idea about resources, running out of resources was never the problem at all. It was, the more resources you've got and the healthier you are and the more energy you can use, and the more business there is for earning money, the more folk can have children and the bigger society becomes. Even though it's literally been declining in the West. The West is an incredible target of this depopulation agenda.  They were declining in the populations before the mass migration and so on. Not terribly, they could have balanced out eventually into something which was more workable actually, and that would have happened. But they flooded the country with mass migration to make it seem that you're all so overcrowded and overpopulated, until everybody thinks, well I guess we are.  No, you're not. It's mass migration.  From their own statistics from the Department of Statistics in Britain they admit this every year, but folks seem to neglect that part.


But no, you can't please the bosses, you see.  It's depopulation across the world is what they want. They definitely have a sliding scale of different countries, and priorities for others and so on. That's what you're living through is herd management really. Herd management.  And of course you get herd immunity, and herd vaccinations coming along the pike.  Because they don't want you to have your own herd immunity, even though the folk are getting it. 


I just wanted to jump something before I forget it and that's this whole idea, that is the idea of herd immunity. I've touched on it before. Now, the media keeps, through the terror campaign by the media, which is authorized of course and promoted and I'm sure they get paid well to do it, they have, they always talk about there's so many cases, so many cases. And you'll say, my God, eventually everybody's going to be a case. Wouldn't you think that if you didn't understand anything at all? If they find, you find you've got 10,000 new cases in this area, because you’ve tested about half a million that they, you know, the day before and another, oh, well everybody is going to be a case.


Now, if you're a case of Covid how do you think they can eventually test negative for it? Do you think the virus eventually just says I'm giving up with this person, I can't win the battle, I'm just going to give up?  Or do you think maybe Covid’s got a little clock inside it that switches it off? Now, we’re talking about folk who don't get any kind of treatment because they aren't sick, eh?  Because the test that they're using pick up little particles of dead, what's called, viruses, but they're supposedly little particles of, almost like casings you might say, you know.  Because it isn't a bacterium with a case actually a virus? But regardless, little bits and pieces, this is the theory behind it all, you know. Do you think this just gives up? No, you see, these folk they're not worried about because, and you shouldn't worry about them because it means they've developed antibodies to it, if they had it in the first place, they've now developed antibodies, which over, like always, this happens with all viruses, and it destroys, you know it kills off the virus. That's why you can test them later and they’re clear, you see, even with the faulty testing.  But they're clear regardless. You can do an antibody test and they'll say, oh, they seem to have antibodies against it. So therefore, that's a blood test for that, you see.


So anyway, there you go. That's herd immunity. Which is normal. But they don't want to tell you that. Do they? They want to leave you in limbo that, oh no, my God, all these cases are just adding up until there must be about 100,000,000 in your own country with it. That's what you're led to think. Because you’re reading the stats from last month tested, how many got it, and then the next month and so on. And my God, we must have...  No, it's gone away obviously [Alan chuckles.] in these people because now they are immune to it. They have herd immunity. Which supposedly is what they wanted vaccines to do. But if you get it naturally, herd immunity, and then you haven't got any side effects from a vaccine.  It's far easier and healthier to have natural herd immunity develop. 


I've got all these articles here from the vaccine companies talking about this. By the way, just mentioning this is going to get the folk banned, and maybe me too, just mentioning it. That's how bad it is now. But again, we’re in a stage now where they said they would go into eventual not just banning folk here and banning folk there, but they've been arresting people just for speaking out now. You're not allowed to say anything in this democratic system that's contrary to the overlords, you know. You can’t say anything. There's democracy. Are you going to vote for this system?


You should be demanding that these characters that are pushing this get all arrested here for the incredible damage to the economy, to the structure of society, to the families, to the elderly, never mind the mental health aspect of it too and the physical health aspect of folk who've been dying needlessly because they can get treatments.  This, these are war crimes and these people should be held... I really mean that, if they get away with this, HELL is going to be extended for an awful, maybe the rest of your life on planet Earth here. That's why they're resolute at the top, they know what will happen if they let up on the drumbeats. They know.  And none of them, psychopaths like life, they enjoy life better, more than you do. Because they don't worry about things.  Hhhch, they enjoy things, eh.  They really do.  N-n-n.


So this is the system you're in now.  And they're all resolute indeed because they know the consequences if they let go on this. And the public, if a miracle happened and they did back off, you'd have to still push on to get these characters arrested. Because the lies that have been told are so incredible, and the disasters are so horrible what they've done, you'll never recover economically out of this to begin with. Again, look at how the plan for sustainability has worked.  Bomff, postconsumer, post this, post that, all done, boom, boom, boomff. With one fell blow, close down everything.  And guess what happens?  [Alan chuckles.]   Then they supposedly borrow money from characters.  Who are these characters that lend? Where did they get the money?  Is the money, money, or just a blip on a screen?  Hm?  …out of nothing. But they're going to end up saying that they own you, literally own you and your nations lock, stock and barrel, if they say that it’s all got to get paid back somehow, hm?  N-n-n. 


Total war scenario, eh.  Hhhhhh.  I used to read articles and books too about bureaucrats and how societies function when they were invaded by other nations. It's really interesting, to me anyway that kind of stuff is. It's pretty dry for some people but it's interesting too. Because you look back at history and you say well how, why did France just capitulate and... Oh, they give you wonderful movies about resistance fighters and all that, but it's generally just the Communists, small communist pockets here and there and so on.


But the fact is, there was no great push, you see, and forget Germany too, I'm talking about even before that as well. I mean Britain invaded an awful lot of countries just to help, to save them and give them civilization you understand, so's that certain rich families in London that already owned the banks could own the whole empire, that's the whole purpose of making an empire, private business as they say. You think about it, how they managed the minds and the psyches of the people doing the invading.  A lot of folk would think it’s for the greater good, well you know, look at the way they're living...  As I say, well, leave them alone… and as we all fall apart 100 years down the road, which we're doing now, or 200 years, they could still go on. You can't. The people who are wearing all the fancy buttons and stuff, shiny buttons and the fancy outfits could all die off. But the folk they're trying to dominate literally could continue for thousands of years like that.


So who's superior?  Hm?  Did the people look unhappy to you in these tribal situations? Well, you know, they can't read, you know, Dickins and you know.  Do you really need that? Do you think it all comes down to the education you've got to give you happiness? Are you happier because of an education? [Alan chuckles.] Think about it, really, when you think some of these folks could pass down their histories just orally to each other, you know.  Did it really matter outside their own tribe what happen in the world? They could look at the stars and get just as much satisfaction and wonderment out of them too.  You see. 


So it's all what you think of as civilization. Civilization is a more perfected form of slavery.  That's what you find that Charles Galton Darwin talked about, slavery, in The Next Million Years. We're in it, by the way, the system he talked about. He was the physicist remember who worked on the atomic bomb, the Manhattan Project, that brought his book out in the 1950s, The Next Million Years.  Rather unabashedly too.  Because at that time right after World War II the UN was pushing to take over the world, quite openly. They had articles out and published in all the top papers, it's maybe time the people accept they need global government and that this national idea was just old stuff, old hat as they say. So they were rather boastful about their...


Until the folk started kicking back. They didn't want this idea of some unknown people across the sea somewhere, sitting somewhere and dictating your affairs at home. It just doesn't seem right, you see. And it's true, it's so true, is that the EU, if you're not in the EU itself, and Britain certainly wasn't in, living in Europe, then here's the faceless people across the part of the world, eh, running you, all these countries.  Of course we know the commission wasn't democratic anyway at the very top, regardless of the politicians down below that had no real rights at all to change any of it, it was all done by the commission.  But facts don't matter even there.


But you think about it, they came out with, you know, the idea of eugenics.  That was a big, big part of it, and all down through all the Darwin families.  Charles Galton Darwin, the Manhattan Project guy, he was quite open about it. He says that slavery has always existed down through time in one form or another. That's what I'm talking about here, your perceptions of things. You've been trained to see things and even given terms for certain things which are awfully misleading so that you don't catch on that you're in a form of slavery.  So he said, it's always existed, slavery, in some form or another, and I have no doubt it will continue in one form or another down through the future.


You're at a stage now, which is interesting the parallels that you're in, the paradoxes really, of a soviet type system of technocracy running everything.  Experts, you see, but it's like masses, armies of them, layers and layers and layers of experts, all living off of the taxes, off the purse of the public, and also on behalf and with the top corporate bosses in the world. Quigley said there's a new feudal system we're going to bring in, he said, and he was all for it, a new feudal system, nondemocratic, a feudal system and the overlords would be the CEOs of the top international corporations. Well, you're here. 


But that's the paradox, eh.  You've got a Sovietized system, just like the Reese Commission talked about, merging with the capitalist system, working as one basically.  We’re feeding the mouths of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of bureaucrats and civil servants, and nevermind all the private companies that are really the same too, like private corporate groups of civil servants and bureaucrats that are all farmed out. We are the slaves paying for it all. And yet the slaves that humbly, and getting more humble as the big plan, and a more primitive lifestyle, that’s what we’re going into, planned, as these overlords, these scum that live off of you are getting richer and richer and living better and higher and all that. That's why they won't ever turn against, this is why they'd rather kill you off before they'll admit they're wrong, because they've got so much to gain from it. 


Getting back to the books I've read on all the different, and Britain too, going into countries and taking them over.  The first thing they do is they round up characters that are going to fight against them.  Even spokespeople, you see, they round them up. If you can't win them over and bribe them off, you round them up. And use martial law type strategy and you line them all up and...  Lord Kitchener did this.  Lord Kitchener in Britain, the great Lord Kitchener, under the official secrets act they kept his records classified for 100 years. He's a great, whenever they had real trouble with anything they brought in Kitchener.  He would just out of martial law go into every village and every town, and every fifth person, every male, whoever, pick him out, line them up and shoot them.  That was it.  The message came across very quickly, you'd better buckle under or we kill you. That's how Britain brought civilizations to the world.


The same thing happened, as I say, when you get invaded from other countries. And Britain was near it, but not really in a sense, France definitely was. Now, [Alan chuckles.] France had meddled with Germany too since World War I, wouldn't let them go. They kept going over and plundering the Ruhr Valley for coal and so on and not paying the Germans.  They were just taking it all from them as reparation for World War I. They kept at it, they kept at it, so naturally France was going to get invaded if Germany fought its way out of this mess it was locked down into for reparations.  The very predictions that the top reporters at the time that churned the books out after the Paris agreement said it would have to do this, if the Germans, they can't pay the whole world off, pay everybody's costs for the World War I as though they were solely responsible for it, they'd have to fight their way out.  Or die, starve to death.  That was the idea. So they fought their way out of it, and they went into these countries.


But it's interesting reading how it works down through time too, even with the Romans doing the same thing. They go into nations, and there's always a type of bureaucracy, you see, your civil service in every country, even in ancient times, that managed things. Eventually the bureaucrats in the invading army, the civil servants that come in with them to restructure things get pally with their counterparts in the country they're invading, their civil servants, and they have so much in common they blend very quickly together.  Then they start becoming pally with each other and then visiting each other, and even intermarrying each other over time. That's how quick they adapt. They're already living off the people anyway, they’re parasites, of any country. [Alan chuckles.] The invaders and the ones that get invaded, these civil servants, so they adapt rather quickly into doing, well you know, it's practical and it’s survival, survive and live well, we don't want to drop our standard of living, we all live off the people eventually so that's how they see it. That's how it works.


Yeah so, Galton Darwin is quite right, slavery always exists in some form or another, and he presumed it always would, on behalf of the dominant minority as Aldous Huxley talked about them. He called them a dominant minority that ruled everything. And there was a dominant, you could call it a technocratic group that he said he belonged to, the scientific groups that serve the dominant minority.  And in science, he's talking about all kinds of science including sociology and psychology and psychiatry, and behaviorism, all these systems to manage the populations and manage people.


When I think of the elite who ruled and do rule Britain, you know, at one time they were quite open about their disdain for the public.  They'd call them the villains, you know, everybody was a varlot and a villlian and so on. If you were a common peasant, you couldn't be trusted for anything, you see, you were some kind of midget, like mental midget and that's how they saw you as unfit, unclean and everything else. That was the way of it. They had to do a real good makeover to convince the public that they changed when World War I came along, and you know, we're different now, and yeah, we'll get some of your tax money going back and getting houses, but we've got a lot of debts to pay because of the war and stuff.  But still, you know, and you might get some votes now, you see, maybe, not all of you, but you'll get some votes to have a say in anything.


I mean, they call Britain the greatest democracy in the world. Who's kidding who? And the longest democracy in the world. Again, most folk couldn't vote for centuries, eh. Even the US was similar, they didn't want everybody to get the vote, or the man either, all the men to get the vote when they first formed. They didn't trust the general population. You've got to remember that the general people who brought, the Masons that created the Constitution were wealthy landowners themselves most of them. So it was an old idea, that whole idea of who should get the rights to vote for whatever and so on.


And you couldn’t be trusted, you see, if you were poor. You see, poor is interesting.  It's a crime to be poor, you see.  That's really what came behind it, in the poorhouses, they had books put out for those who manage the poorhouses in Britain and the poorhouses were not put out really to help the people. They were put out as a warning initially not to be unemployed, that was the point, in Queen Victoria's time. And they made sure that the hell stories about the poorhouses proliferated throughout society.  Oh, if you don't do what you're told and so on you'll lose this job and you’ll end up in the poor house.  That was a threat that they would use, you see. 


So they were not sort of wonderful places to be.  Neither, mind you, were some of them as bad as they made them out to be too.  Especially again once you go into about the time of World War I or whatever, or just before World War I.  They had to give some kind of display of, because Britain had such a bad name for the way it treated its own people.  ‘The sick man of Europe’ they called them because they had no system to help the people at all. Germany was way ahead of them with even pension plans and so on. But not Britain. In Britain the class system is so ingrained it was just astonishing.


So they had to do a total remake, a makeover of good publicity, you see, and good novelists and writers to remake the whole idea of, we were always on the, we were always champions of the people and champions of the Commonwealth countries, we're champions, you see. The same as Rockefeller did, old Rockefeller, after he had the tent cities shot up by the militias that he ordered in to shoot up striking miners, they had to remake him as a beneficent character now, remake him into a philanthropist, he was there to help them now, you see. Total makeover. The same thing happened with the countries that had colonies, same idea.


This is the truth of things, you know.  Now, it's not to say either that the folk who go and put uniforms on, the peasants who end up filling the uniforms, cannon fodder, are evil people either. Because they were given no option as to, generally as to, in fact Britain was so good at the wars, when they had different wars on the go, they had agreed with the different factory owners, who had the votes in the parliaments and so on these characters, they could get them to lay off lots of people and the government would subsidize any losses and so on. The guys would immediately, there was no pension or layoff money or...  So immediately the bands of the army would coincide, and they would go around the different places that were getting laid off and offer the young guys money, to take the king’s shilling, and join up, and away you went, you see.  So that was their option. Everything is psychology and management, herd management. And they go off quite proud actually because they think they're going to be a somebody, you know. They don't, most of them often couldn't read or write or could hardly write at all, that's really how bad it was.  They were sent off to the slaughter a lot of them. Oftentimes.  And nothing much has changed even today.  There's people across Britain who are quite proud to have the youngsters going off into the Army.  But if you're not getting invaded, why are you, why are you proud for your guys to get sent off to countries that haven't invaded you?


You see, logic doesn't matter, it doesn't come into it now.  Now once a thing is normalized, well, this is what we do, we're proud to be it and so on. And they will be proud. Young guys are proud to wear the outfits. But once cold wars and things are over, you don't really have, you can fall back on why you exist. So you end up, you're really a mercenary.  And you have to accept that's what you are now, is a mercenary. I don't care about the, oh, we're really working under the United Nations.  You're still a mercenary. And the United Nations is not what you think it is either with its purposes and so on.


Reality is vastly different than the way it's portrayed here, the simplistic way that they want you all to believe in.  It really is astonishing how we're trained and trained to believe absolute nonsense. And they don't stop with it. As I say, they can talk about the coming war with Germany and Japan in the 1930s in their own books, the Rockefeller group, and yet once it happens it's all, oh, supposedly a surprise, eh, and surprise attacks and so on.  Vietnam is the same thing, the Gulf of Tonkin incident. I don't know if the old tapes are still there of the captains on the ships in Tonkin in communication with the president's group, you know, and McNamara.  They kept asking the captain, is it rough sea, and they'd say, is there any trails of torpedoes?  No. Are you sure there's not any? No, I can't see any, you know.  Is there any possibility at all there might have been? Well, that's impossible to really say.  That means it's possible to say it too.  Well, you know...  That's what they went on, that they had torpedoes fired, and it didn't happen. It didn't matter. False flag, complete false flag.


9/11 happened with about a thousand coincidences all happening that day supposedly. It really is astonishing, isn't it, absolutely astonishing how reality is totally warped immediately.  And the coverups that go on is just, is astronomical.  Then again, you have the same thing in Britain with 7/7, eh, and the coincidences.  [Alan laughing.] Come on here!  Uuugh.  No coincidences at all obviously. Again, 9/11 was to bring the whole world onto its knees under a unified group of fighting terrorism.  There you go. Now it's Covid. We're all unified to fight Covid and crash the world's economies on behalf of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab and the global reset, into austerity and poverty.  With all of its fallout, which they know is going to happen, and IS a happening.  With death.


This is a total war on the public of the planet.  I hope you realize that. THEY do at the top. That's why I say they're resolute and they're not going to back off because they know the consequences if they back off now. What they've done so far is nothing to where they're going to go with all this. The World Bank as I've said before in their PDF from the World Bank group, they say that they are planning for at least five years of this, and it could be renewed again this whole part of the script of their agenda to take care of it. 


Can you imagine how the world is going to be in five years time... with very little getting produced... very little growing for food... EH, HM, and so on?


First time in history that HEALTHY folk are locked up. First time in HISTORY.  There’s unified lockstep for you across the world.  M-hm-hm.  Total war.


So I personally have no doubt this is going to continue.  The public will be led on a few weeks at a time, into a few months at a time, a few years at a time, well, just another few months.  I said all this – this is like repetition isn't it, Groundhog Day – from February this would all happen. That's what it is, you're conned and goaded and lied, and led, and cajoled, and humored, a little bit at a time as you're lied to and lied to and lied to, for compliance’s sake, into a prewritten agenda. 


So I still say that you've got to try and have a support group because it's all down to individuals now and friends and so on. That's what it's all coming down to, folks. Don't wait for government for anything. They're not your friend now, they've made it quite plain. You have to learn to help each other.  The ones who are active and fit have to find ways to get food to other folk and so on.  It's coming down the pike. It WILL come eventually. 


They’re going to use the troops now in England, you've probably noticed that, to help the public. They said it too in the Lockstep thing too, and the ones for Canada I noticed as well, that they’ve got the public used to the troops occasionally helping, like sandbags in floods and things, so they can use the same techniques to help, you know, get the troops out there to police the public. This is all disclosed stuff from their own PDFs from governments. Quite something, eh.


I think of Ireland too and places like that.  You'd think really, you'd have hoped, you would have hoped that the countries that have been hammered for centuries, centuries, the worst... and Scotland too for that matter, even Wales as well, you know, hammered and hammered.  And sucked dry from, hhhch, again, for that square City of London and a lot of the people around London who live in big, massive, massive mansions they like to show you on television.  But the folk never had much of a chance at all, you know. Wales was kept as a mining community.  It was like they helped fuel the homes of Britain and the factories, just like Scotland, parts of Scotland did too, and the ships of the Navy and so on, that's part of what they did too, you know. 


But there's never been much...  they've been looked down upon by the elite in London, you know, as though they were some kind of subhuman. Jonathan Swift, best known for Gulliver's Travels, I suppose, and other writings too, wrote A Modest Proposal, a kind of satirical almost Malthusian text on the state of Ireland in his day and the problems that they had then. Because Ireland was always under attack for a long time. It was used as a massive farm supply, hhhch, for Britain or England and its colonies. And for supplying even the troops across the waters in other countries too, for food and beef and all the rest of it. It also was a conquered nation. 


What comes out during, if you understand A Modest Proposal, about eating your children, which was again a kind of satirical technique.  Because way back into ancient Rome in fact where they wrote about using a technique to stir up the emotions and the public to get them talking about things and thinking about things. That's the technique that was used, because of the terrible state of the Irish people at the time of a big transition into, again, an industrial age from just farming, and they were to be used as human resources.  Back then they talked about human resources and how they kind of managed population, what they would need and what they wouldn't need, etc. It was all getting talked about way back in his day using the Malthusian dialogue and so on.


So where we are today is almost... well, we are, it's the same argument today with the WEF, World Economic Form, the climate change groups too, all the same groups really, talking about too many of YOU, we don't need you all anymore, and you're eating up their resources and you're in the way of their futuristic plans just because of your existence.  I'm not kidding you. This is where we are today. It's a horrible state of affairs to be in.  This group have literally usurped all power on the planet to themselves as though it's a quite natural thing to do. So any excuse will do to get what they want.


Just like, again getting back to Swift and his modest proposal, let them eat their babies basically. And even, hhhch, came up with recipes…           to REALLY get the horror stirred up and get the debate going. 


Because there are planned famines. There's no doubt about it whatsoever and down through time. He mentions it himself that in ancient times some countries, like Rome, for the peasantry, and Greece as well.  The Grecian Island sometimes would actually sterilize, or you know, they'd, um, neuter the boys for instance if they said there were too many children on some of the islands at one point.  And those that owned them often, including in Rome, would do the same thing if the slave population was getting too big or whatever. They bred slaves, you see.  Just like they did in Latin America and the Incas, they bred the slaves.


So ah, hhhhh, these are....  Again, we live in a kind of a naïve sanitized version of indoctrination, that's what we're given, so that we don't think about these things. We don't.  Which again, is a great cover for those who talk about them and plan societies all the time at the top. They see themselves as the owners of the world and the farmers and we're just the animals to them. That tells you so much, folks, I mean, about, hhhch, the people they laud up and elevate into history as stars, you know, Gulliver's Travels and all that. That was a pretty typical viewpoint from his class perspective.


I may have mentioned it once maybe before that when I was about 15, 15, and it was in the summer, and I worked for a few weeks in a grocery store. Part of what I was doing was deboning ribs, you know.  You take the bones out of these ribs for bacon and then you'd bundle up the meat and you'd tie it off, you know, in these rounds for the slicing machine.  But there was an old guy there that they'd hired who was good at what he did. But he was like, he looked like a skeleton. He was a good age, way past retirement age. But he was an alcoholic, a chronic alcoholic, and he'd pull out his little bottle every so often as he was deboning and all this and have a swig and he would chat and so on.


He had joined the military as a boy soldier, you see, way back in the year dot. And it had to be, around 1900 or something I would think. I mean he was so old even to look at him. But it's hard to tell on alcoholics too because they're so aged just by their appearance sake. But he knew about it too and he mentioned the sold ruins of a prison, a military prison that had been, it was part of a castle actually, but it was the outskirts of the castle part but was remnants of a prison.  He mentioned that, he says, you've seen that in town? I says, yeah. He says, I was in it.  He says, he mentioned what they used to do for punishment if you're late back from leave or whatever it happened to be, or insubordination. They literally said, ah, they could lash you, they could lash you, absolutely, they still had the lashing laws back then when he said it, when he was a boy soldier.  But he said that, and he joined it surely because he had nothing else to work at, you know, at the time. 


But he said that they put you in these the jails and he says that there's a huge, big room there, and they had these huge, maybe a foot, maybe a foot and a half wide stone balls that had been literally chiseled to be balls, you know, like huge cannonballs in a sense.  Heavy suckers. They'd paint, you had to paint them black, at one end of this hall, and then your whole day was to it carry to the other side, like a whitewash, they would use that very fast drying kind of paint which they used to use on the buildings.  You get to the other side, and you had to wash the stuff off and then paint it black.  So it was white to black, and black to white, and then carry them back again, you see.  Back and forth back and forth, to break your spirit and your will.


That's what you had to do.  He thought that was quite normal.  Hhhch.  He didn't have any hard feelings about it, he realized that's just what they did to try to break your spirit to get you to obey, you see.  Folk don't realize that this is somebody that I MET, you know, who had been through that. Whereas all I would have ever thought was the military was way more civilized now, you know.  You're talking to a living person there who experienced the other side of it before they did the great makeover, you see, in the 20th century. That's really what is pretty, pretty brutal, you know, that's how you're treated.  There's no sort of, you know, hhhch, humane anything at all with things. And that was normal to then too, that's what they saw as normal.


We forget how fast perceptions can be reinvented to give you the impression of something else altogether, very quickly. The same with the lies they gave them in World War I about, yeah, we'll put your tax money in building.  They failed badly in that, so they had to get busy in the 1930s.  Because they knew there was a war coming again and they knew they'd have to get the people into it and involved.  But even after World War II they were so short on housing that they opened, they gave law to reopen buildings that had been condemned sometimes 70 years before.  That was Great Britain.  Condemned because they have, it wasn't just rising damp, you had weeping walls and everything.  I knew that because I was, I actually started my life off in one of them, hhhch, with the family.  That was your GREAT Britain, that had been through two world wars, and supposedly were the victors.  But no, it's... Again, come the 70s and 80s, and then definitely from the 80s on, those who were born have no recollection of any that, they can't imagine it was that bad at all. All they see is these dramas put out by the BBC re-creating history, you see. 


So yeah, the countries that were hated then, for some reason, mainly because occasionally they used to give awful problems to the authorities in London, they'd have the occasional revolutions and rebellions and so on, have never been so… That's what gets me, you see, there's something beyond everything you're told as to what manages the system. But it never forgets, never forgets, and if you've rebelled against it centuries ago, they'll never forget that either.  They'll have their wicked way eventually, no doubt about it. You can't imagine... You're beyond the human element when you get into that kind of... hhhch.  I know you can definitely train generations of the same people to hate, to hate, to hate others.  There's no doubt about that too. If you make it a cause to teach them to hate, that's definitely a factor in some folks.  But not to the extent you'll see it when, with what you'd think centuries had passed and you think, well the elite would ease up on, say, the Celtic countries. But no, not at all.  N-n, not at all.


Then they've got their patsies in the Scottish national government in Scotland and it's an absolute farce.  It's an absolute farce. I mean, they're more communistic than the guys around Lenin as far as destroying the borders of Scotland, [Alan chuckles.] or anything to do with... I mean, that's what got me, hm, the SNP and suddenly you're international?  Wait a minute, international socialism... that's to the end of borders and nations.  So what's the point in fighting? You've all been had for the old communist/capitalist cause.  Because it's the capitalists that ran communism, the real capitalists, hhhch, believe you me, ran communism. So let's all go communistic for SNP and eliminate your borders. So you fight for sovereignty to give it away?  [Alan laughing.] And the folk still haven't figured that one out yet too.  And the patsies that are fronting for the government there, which is such a joke, it's just a comedy, really.  Beyond a comedy of errors indeed.  Sad, isn't it, to watch destruction, destruction, destruction of folk really who keep trying to get up there and have a good life, and only to watch it get destroyed time after time after time.  Just like Ireland, same kind of thing. Pretty sad that.


So you have Scotland and Ireland, regardless of how England was supposedly, and still part of, under the EU. Boris Johnson of course in England that many including Peter Hitchens denounced basically at the beginning as a real lefty liberal type, that's now remade to be the conservative leader kind of. What a joke that is, isn't it, with the guy's history himself. Mind you, he was the Mayor of London at one point.  Now, do you really make them the mayor of, I'm talking about the City of London.  That's a big thing to get into their financial organization there, like, you're-one-of-us type kind of thing. But again, he's dithered on the BREXIT thing, as it was meant to happen.  Again Peter Hitchens called him out on that a while back, he said that would probably happen.


I think personally he, say, I think he's very similar to the States where if Biden was to get in, I think the idea is he'll drop out eventually and Harris takes over, without getting elected, you see. Because I don't think people would vote for her by herself to be elected as the head.  That happened in Canada years ago.  It's a common thing using the British Commonwealth countries where Brian Mulroney had done what he was put in to do by his masters with the free-trade deals and so on, and he was given stacks of seats on the boards of big corporations including Barrick Gold Corp at one point too.  The same thing with Bush Junior, he was given, was it Bush Junior, was given seats on that very same thing eventually.  They always get rewarded with seats on boards.  That they don't have to attend anything, they just have to put their name on it, and they get a massive stipend coming from the, as part of their income every year.  That's how things really work, you know.


I think that in Canada, yeah, you had Mulroney, he retired early, you know, or gave up being the Prime Minister basically.  Actually the second in command who was appointed, it was, she was called Kim Campbell.  Interesting character. She stepped in of course without getting elected and had a year or something like that, I don't know how long she was there for, and then she was out.  That's how they often get people in that wouldn't get elected, you see, to make a statement for the history books.  I think that's really what Biden would be, if he did get in, that's what they would do with him.  I'm pretty sure of it.  Boris Johnson is similar, I think that Dominic Raab would be, is meant to maybe take over from Johnson himself. That's how the game's played.  It's for the public consumption so's you think, well you know, ... characters that would never get in, or get elected in just stand down and their deputies take over. Well, it's more arranged than you can imagine at times, the times in which we live, eh?


Again, they're front people. Everything's a front in the system.  The people who are elected, remember that Carol Quigley said, as prime ministers and presidents, and the top echelon, meaning their deputies too, you only need a small coterie at the top in any party to belong to the CFR, as an example, and Quigley said that himself. He said for the last, what, 60 years I think he said, now he said that in the 1960s, every prime minister and every president of the United States has been a member of the same organization, this group that was for globally running the world and into a global Parliament eventually. He mentioned that in his own book again.


So yeah, they're not just coming out with some kind of fantasy that they have. It's a reality. They belong to organizations that call themselves the establishment, and they have different names for it too.  The establishment. They boast about it. Other times they'll deny it, oh no, we're just an informal group. There's nothing informal about them. They have whole bureaucracies that draft up laws to be put into, to be signed by governments. That's not some little hobby group here, the Council on Foreign Relations. [Alan chuckles.] N-n-n.


We're living in such a corrupt time, aren't we, where it's rather open.  The massive corruption that's there, and it's not that it's new, it's just that they've been better at hiding it in the past. I don't think they even bother about it now. I can remember too when Bush Junior was in, and even before Junior you had the Clinton's in.  I remember when the Clinton's were in, I said, you had all these, you had Janet Reno in, and you had Waco and you had eventually the Oklahoma City bombing.  All these kind of things happened with the same group and at the same time. I mean, the Oklahoma City bombing by the way, they tried to get an antiterrorism bill through, domestically, hm, before that happened, it was turned down.  That weekend it was turned down, voted down, they had, the building went up at Oklahoma City. You know, you can't make this stuff up.  You honestly can't make it up. They always get what they want, don't they, eh.  So it was passed through then quickly and unanimously. That's how things really do work.


We live through a big, almost like a pantomime.  A pantomime in the old sense of theater, was a real fantasy show, where you knew the characters were not who they said they were or pretended to be, but it was a good show, you see, a fantasy. And that's what we're living through is an amazing fantasy because we must participate in the lies we're told to believe, to get anything done and to accept it.  It takes an awful lot of fantasy to accept that, you know, what's going on.  Hm?  Massively so.


When other folk who are professionals, and this right now with the whole idea of this, the supposed pandemic, with thousands of doctors across the world now getting together, who are working in the hospitals, not the people who are given titles after they qualify as GPs and work as bureaucrats but folk in the hospitals coming out and saying, come on here, we can't go along with this, and they’re getting censored and threatened... something is awfully wrong.  And we really have to participate in the fantasy to go along with it, don't we?                         We really do.  Facts don't matter.  I've said that for such a long time now, you know, long before Covid came along, facts don't matter.  And here we are with it all.


So again, you've got these from people like Boris Johnson, and you've got the ones for Scotland too that pretend that they're, again, willfully ignorant... I just, I don't know, you know. Well if you lock the country down, we're destitute as it is, you know. Well yeah, mmmmmmmm... [Alan laughing.] Ah, it's quite something. First time in history as I say all the healthy folk get locked down. Then everybody gets locked down, eh, EVERYBODY gets locked down.  They're even telling you now, even Fauci mentioned it, that even with the shots you're still going to get locked down and wear facemasks, and Gates mentioned it, you'll need more shots, different kinds, down the road, you know.


I love how these tyrants speak.  Don't you? With such conviction and authority.  And self-assuredness too.  No wonder since they own so much of the system, or appear to, you know.  But again, I think they're worried too, I think they're fronts as well for much, much bigger ones behind them.  Most famous people you know that's presented you are, again, made to be stars by an existing system. The same system they gave you Adam Weishaupt. D'you really think that Adam Weishaupt just sat there bored stiff in the library, eh, in Ingolstadt University, just sat there bored stiff.  I've read all these books, he says, and I’m bored stiff with it all, you know.  I've read about, you know, I've read ancient history to the present and the march of armies and the march of civilization, and I'm bored with it all, eh. I think I could invent a better system where I could dominate the schmucks and all the fools that are earning cash, and I could divert a lot of cash into my coffers, and get them to do it willingly, and to serve me through different philanthropic organizations and brotherhoods and things like that, you know, we'll use the Masons like a starting point.


He just sat there and got bored stiff and came up with it all by himself, eh?  And he says, what'll I pick for my symbols?  And he picks the same symbols that Quigley talked about, there's the pyramid and the all-seeing eye.  That already existed and had been resuscitated before he came along, mind you, by Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians.  And he says, yeah, I could really take over all the Masonic lodges, and we'll get fancy names, like cover names for ourselves, like Spartacus and things like that, you know. We'll tell them, now here's the mysteries, and here's the mysteries of Christianity, as an example, because that was the main target you see.  And he says, we'll give them the real meanings of what Jesus is supposed to be and the real meanings behind his death and crucifixion, and we'll drag it out into different degrees so that each time they get up to a higher degree we'll give them a new meaning for the one we gave/lied about before, you see.  So yeah, that's for the lower degrees.  But you told us that was the last one. No, no, no, he says, here's a higher meaning to it now, you see. And they go on and on and on forever.  That's where they end up basically, at the top of the staircase that doesn't go anywhere else. Unless you want to jump over the edge of it.


But do you really think he just sat and dreamed all that up himself? and had that incredible financial ability to get himself into all the different lodges? and the characters he ran into at all the lodges, very quickly too, you know, across a good part of Europe and even in America as well, eventually? It's just coincidence of course that he put down as 1776 was the founding, just the same as the founding of America. It's just coincidence, that, isn't it?  And it's a coincidence too that their seal, the great seal in America had an opposing seal on it too with the pyramid and all that.  Ftt, that's ALL coincidence, eh?  I think in the Bible they should change it all, you know, and I'm surprised that Weishaupt didn't think of this. Just change it all, start with Genesis, in the beginning there was a coincidence, and everything else after that was a bigger coincidence.  Eh, just start that way, because that's what we're getting told to believe, everything is just a coincidence. Hm?


But there you are, that's what happens if you get hold up in a big library you know and you get bored stiff, you just start getting ideas of conquest and taking over the world, and creating subversive systems that would eventually use everybody and you'd laugh at them and scoff at the folk, and he said that too in his own writings, eh.  Now, there's a psychopath being arrogant, because they love to boast how they’ve fooled people.  He mentioned that high members of the church had joint it believing that he was giving them the real meanings of Christianity, and they were thanking him for it, and he laughed and says, the fools, he says, the fools. Yep, that's what happened too, see, and that's what they said about Paul in the Bible, the New Testament.  Festus [?] said that too him, he says, Paul, Paul, too much learning hath made thee mad.  Maybe that's what happens when you read too much, eh, you end up like Weishaupt.  But that's what we're told, eh.  It's a much bigger operation than little Weishaupt. Much, much bigger.


That's how everything is portrayed to us today as well. It's the same with other groups that are demonstrating across the US.  Highly coordinated, thousands, millions of bucks getting put to them. We know all the sources. Some folks have got banned already from [Alan chuckles.] for publishing all the different companies that give money to them all.  That tells you a lot in itself, doesn't it? It tells you all of these companies have amazing power, and also that your governments, and really, you have no free press, you have no free social systems to converse in anymore.  It's all owned by the big corporations that are funding things that are actually being labeled subversive, maybe even terroristic. Or you can take your own opinion and say, well they're just protesting, if you want to believe that.


But, you're not allowed to criticize any of the system now of what you see, any reality at all is forbidden. It's forbidden to mention any facts and truth and any self perception.  Even though your perceptions are shared by millions more, [Alan chuckles.] it doesn't matter. It's being forbidden, you see.  Das ist Verboten! And you'd better get used to the idea.  It's here with its social electronic systems of censorship, isn't it.  Total monopolies.  That's why again anti-trust was always important before.


It all started with the Rockefellers, again, this family that was one of many families actually that took over all the resources of America very quickly.  And belonged to an organization which eventually he chaired himself, old man Rockefeller and then David Rockefeller, they cheered the organizations which they fronted for, as they took over the resources of the Americas.  And, banned all competition by forbidding them to transport their oil and so on, on the train tracks that they eventually, that Rockefeller eventually took over.  Amazing. It's the same thing as the Internet.  Oh, you can't use our Internet because you said nasty things, and we don't agree with what you say, and you're not allowed to say those things, and so you can't be on them. That's where you are, folks, with the same system.  Monopoly. Monopoly. Monopoly.


But you've got to say, well who made, who created Zuckerberg? Do you really believe that the Hollywood version, the silly little movie they put out, oh, he was just a genius?  Do you really believe that? No, no. He was launched into stardom, and picked for it very young, as a front man.  I've mentioned before about many of the organizations that eventually had to admit to, that the CIA created and owned, and they are big real corporations that belong to, they're part of the military-industrial complex now.  So these characters are made to be, you know, who they are.


Bill Gates is the same. He's a businessman. But something made sure that the path for Bill Gates was completely smooth and the doors were opened, and opposing or any other companies that were going to compete were shut out. That's some big powerful organization that could do that. Nevermind all the lawsuits that came in from IBM and different companies as they try to say that he was appropriating their programs or whatever it happened be, or their systems, as corporations do.  But that's what you're living in. They create all these fronts. Very real things but fronts nonetheless. And front people, they elevate them into stardom.  So a businessman that doesn't have even a first aid certificate ends up running the world vaccine companies and telling us how to live and not live and locking us down for our health… and we're supposed to obey that, you know.


It's astonishing the religious aspect of it, religiosity of it all.  It's important too to realize how they create these characters and how the big machinery that creates the stardom, to get you to accept them as somehow superior and they're like geniuses over you.  As I say, they take a businessman, right, he wasn't an inventor, he was a businessman.  We know who his dad was too, but he's definitely a businessman.  His dad was into eugenics as well and Planned Parenthood and all these kind of things and depopulation, etc., etc. That's where the lack of trust comes in too. But as I say, he reinvents himself once he's supposedly fronting, with billions of dollars of income every year, right, that you think is all his.  As I say, he doesn't have a first-aid certificate, but he's launched to be somehow a supreme authority on vaccinations, without even having studied virology or understanding it at all.  And he sits there dictating, and again he gets access across the board. That tells you that this massive agency/organization, this cult if you like, that runs the world, that's huge, eh, with every Corporation on board with heads, all the media on board, all pushing the same guy... is like a Messiah, a religious aspect to it.  A man with… Because what else is there? He has no qualifications of any kind in this field.  But he's pushed, and the whole world is supposed to obey him like he's a God. That's a religious aspect, folks.  I mean, come on here. 


That's a...  hhhch, we’re run by something much bigger, much, much bigger than politicians or spokespeople or spokespeople experts [Alan chuckles.] as they like to call it now. Much, much bigger than all of that, whatever runs the system, eh, and creates these characters that we're supposed to just obey religiously, that have no qualifications in the fields that they're making us ceased our way of living completely into a new system because of, and he doesn't even know, I bet he couldn't even explain what a virus is. 


And none of them even attempt to try and tell you.  Have you noticed that too? You see, if they start telling the general public what a virus is, how they detect what a virus is, however virus operates inside the human body, and actually educate you on what they claim it is, they don't even attempt to do that. Have you noticed that? They just dictate to you what you'd better do and obey them.  And they want you to try out something that's novel, [Alan chuckles.] a new type of vaccine, never been tried out. Short-term testing is a joke, you know, it's a dangerous joke, folks, because a lot of these things have long-term effects. And permanent effects. And you won't know after a few weeks of testing anything. But based on what? Based on Bill Gates? Have faith in Bill Gates? A man who can't describe what it is, a virus, or Fauci who doesn't attempt to.


D'you understand what's going on? What I'm saying is, if you obey all this, then you're now into insanity.  Because they haven't attempted to try to tell you what's behind it all. They haven't tried to attempt to even tell you why you won't get herd, even though you're getting herd immunity, like any other virus, why you've got to ignore the fact of herd immunity. In fact, you see, locking you down is to stop the spread of getting herd immunity by acquiring it, even though at a superficial level you won't even know you've had it, like lots of other viruses, you see, but your body kicks in with an immune response to it.  Herd immunity. WHY won't your own herd immunity work?  Hm?  Well, because we've got a vaccine sitting waiting in the wings for years, and it's never been tried, and we want to make sure you all take it. Well, I... Yy... You can't, I can't trust this.  That's not good enough. To put your life in their hands with a novel kind of, a new type of vaccine.  Hm?  Ho, oh, hhhch. 


Anyway, this is tyranny.  This is, it's got all the definitions of tyranny right there, folks. They don't even attempt to explain realistically and honestly why you should take all these, take, be waiting for a, and why should we be locked down completely at home and not acquire herd immunity the usual way? They don't even bother with that. That's tyranny.  That really is. What else can you call it? Well, there you go, back to Adam Weishaupt and you know, his library and his too much reading. 


Remember too, again, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I'm sure you get fed up with me saying that too.  But lots of you will forget that, and then one week I will be, you won't be able to get me the usual way.  Then you be scratching your head saying I wish I'd copied all that down when he said it.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  List my websites.  Save them for the future use, these are my official sites.  And send a few bucks my way. It takes money.  And believe you me, we're all going through this.  And the one thing I can honestly assure you of is no one's backing me.  I might touch on that after I just mentioned this, but no one's backing me.  I don't have any ulterior motive here. I have no company or organization behind me.  I've given talks before of how they supply you with leaders. I mean, do you really expect them not to? So send a few bucks, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Cash is fine. Checks are fine. PayPal is fine. Money Gram is fine. If you can think of anything else too let me know.  But yeah, these are the ways to do it. Hopefully I can keep my sites all up and going and get through this with you because we’re going through the biggest trial you've ever had, you'll ever have in your lives. This is the biggest trial.


All or nothing. A world famine, or no world famine.  It's all hinging on now. It really is. It really is. And they know it at the top.  They plan to bring it out with... Hhhch, hhhch, d'you think they sat down, d'you really think they're all so stupid really they say, oh let's close down the entire planet to save them, and what will happen if there is no one making anything and there's no money circulating eventually, and all the food stops? Do you really think they haven't...? Do you really...? What do you think they...? Honestly, if you're going to believe them here, you're going to deserve what you get.  I hate to say that.


Because they know what they're doing. They know what they're bringing down.  Fauci and the rest of them gave the clues at the very beginning, way back in February and March, that life will never be the same again.  We heard the same statement right after 9/11, the dust hadn't cleared, life will never be the same again. These are occult phrases that are let out.  Like, now is the time is another phrase that they use.  Bill Cooper used that. He mentioned that and he explained what it meant. It was used for revolutions before by an elite. He called his program The Hour of the Time.  These are occult phrases, you see, that are used by THE organization that runs the planet.  And life will never go back to what you thought was normal. Never go back. What part of never go back don't you get? Now, if it was all canceled right off the bat now and you went back to work again, yeah, you could get back. But no, they're telling you they're not going to let that happen, ever, no matter what... come hell or high water are they going to stop this agenda.


So again, help each other out. Get set up and ready for it because you're going to have to have small groups that will help each other out during the hard times. And some folk can get around certain things and get things that are necessary and blah blah blah blah blah during hard times, which are definitely planned, folks. Definitely planned. And now they've got the militaries coming in to help you?  Hm?  The military’s an Army, I don't c... The United Nations always prattles on about its armies across the... When you see troops, soldiers are meant to go into battle, folks, that's their purpose.  Public relations exercises of them handing out food is just that, it's a temporary exercise in publicity. The real purpose is to force, they're called a military force for a reason.  If you're bringing them out to work amongst, along with the contact tracers, WHOAH-HO-HO.  Oh-ho, WHOAH, folks, eh? 


It's bad enough they've already privatized, again, dished out the cash to these private companies, these mercenary companies across the world, these big, huge corporations, eh.  That manage prisons. They manage all kinds of things across, including teach your teachers at colleges and things. They manage so many, the multi holding, investment holding companies, investment companies, that's what they are really, eh.  They take the place of what governments are supposed to be doing, you know.  And they charge a pretty penny for it too, a lot more than even if the government was doing it themselves.  They always say, well, you can't criticize them, the government will tell you that, or you can but there's nothing you can do about it, it's not us that are doing it, they're private.  Well, your governments farm them out to the private companies with that intention, there's nothing else you can do about it.  [Alan chuckles.] If it's still in the hands of government you can vote folk in and out, then they hate that, you know. Well, it's not my problem really, you know, it's a private contract, you can try and sue them, but you probably won't win. 


And folks still prattle on about democracy. Even though the Club of Rome, the BIG, the big think tank for sustainability that comes out with the big ideas in depopulation and population reduction, even though they say that democracy is just too obsolete, they can't get their big objectives done trying to satisfy the people. So there are front groups that are astonishing in the world.  But they've always done it as I've said before, always done it. No doubt they'll continue to do it. Why not. They've always infiltrated all kinds of groups to find out what they are up to. They put their own plants in there. Always. Always. Always. 


We even had it in recent history where some folk in Britain came out and their job in MI5 was to infiltrate left-wing groups, or not necessarily the left wing, but any kind of labor type, or group, working group in Britain itself. They'd infiltrate.  They'd come in there and they'd dress like they were testers.  They'd learn the lingo in advance, because everybody's taped of course, all conversations. You learn the language just like a religion. They come in and start parroting it off, and you're accept very quickly into it. Then you do volunteer work for them.  They come in and say, well you know, that's a lot of work for you, don't, you all go home tonight, I'll fix all this up for you.  Well yeah, that's a lot of… No, no. And before you know it, within a year they get elected to head the organization. This is how the Communists worked. The same thing. All countries use the same systems, that work, you see, by government, espionage and infiltration and all the rest of it.


Anyway, they come in and they find out how it's all done.  They had a case in Britain where two MI5 came out, a man and woman that worked together.  The guy put in some good information and then he went back into it. His job initially was to infiltrate these groups on behalf of government. That also came out about even Tony Blair, that he was put into the left-wing groups by MI5 initially; that was the kind of scuttlebutt that came out of people in-the-know at the time. Blair himself is a globalist. He works for the globalists of course, naturally. But so does the British government, the real British government work for the globalists. The folk never figure it out. Just like the folk in America can never figure out the CIA, you know.  So it's rather sad.


Yeah, they supply you with your leaders. I can tell you something, I know, I really do know how much out of the week I work just gathering information perhaps for a talk, and I was doing five days a week just on information explaining it to the people on the radio shows. It took from morning till night every day, every day, every day just scouring the planet for the information, the relevant information to put together, to connect the dots for people. That's what I did. To show them what was happening as it was developing. And it was, there was no guesswork about it once you had all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you. That's what I do. And it's not a conspiracy theory. It's from their own sources.  So I know how long it takes.


Suddenly out of the blue you'd have folk coming out there, that have got written blogs out, you know.  You could say, well okay, they're taking stuff, like guys, me and others do, and putting it out themselves perhaps with their own spin on it.  Then you see them too just churning out either books along with it one after the other.  Now remember, these folk are presented as individuals. So, they're doing daily blogs, with stacks of articles. They're doing books out. They just, most folk have to admit now are, most folk today have ghostwritten books, they don't do it themselves. It's been like that for a long, long time. But regardless, anyway, they have their name stamped on it. So they're supposed to have, be doing books.  AND they're putting videos out.  Now, you're looking at teams of people to do all this work for one person. Do you ever figure that one out yourselves?  [Alan chuckles.] But I know how long it takes to do even what I do.  And there's no way you can turn the books out and do very well put together videos, all on your little lonesome. It's impossible.  It's IMpossible.  Even if you didn't need sleep, it's still impossible, one person to do it.  So you're supplied with the heroes. And the zeros.


Interesting, just recently I heard someone who was heavily involved in the money system, a woman who puts a lot of good information out there in the past.  I haven't really followed her, but she had, again, government positions at one point, or appointed positions I should say, over finance, etc.  She actually mentioned on some talk last week there that, she says that the great reset is necessary, she's all for it. After getting a big, big following to fight all these things for years and getting airtime on different alternate media or whatever, but she's all for it, you know, we really need the great reset and a new way of living, and she says, we're going to start doing everything locally. Well, that was the mantra from the globalists for years.  Not just think globally, act locally.  But it's all right back to the earth, little areas, and there's money to be made in getting back to basics like growing food and stuff. What... are we going to start to reinvent little plot farming again? You know how that would... the work involved in just that alone? Never mind the fact, time is awfully short to start learning all that.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Yeah, you're given your leaders, folks. And they must be awfully believable initially at least to take root and to be believed.  I've seen some, and when they're launched initially they'll take everybody's factual, all the investigators' factual articles and they'll push them and repeat them and parrot them too. Once they've got the following, you'll see them bending off, hhhch, into a different tangent, or going into discrediting by adding the ridiculous to it.  Then other folk get labeled as ridiculous, you know.  You always find, regardless, that they're well-financed. Awfully well-financed. You know how much it would cost to get the book publishing companies to push and publish your books and have them distributed across the planet?


So getting back to what I'm saying, I'm on my Jack Todd, and that's what... there's no one backing me.  And yet I still, I'm burning up my life here putting out what I put out because it's imperative that at least folk have a chance to understand what's really happening.  You've got to realize, yeah, you can say there's no doubt about it, there's a massive spiritual battle going on here.  Massive. More than you know, [Alan chuckles.] that manifests itself in the physical realm too, and it's utterly, utterly ruthless, folks.  But by the same token, you can't just go off into Lala land and say I'll just dwell on the, in the spiritual realm.  Because you can't just disregard the physical, you understand, you've got a duty in the physical too because you are placed here. You are here. 


It's important that you realize that you can't just let evil prosper. And this evil is on the greatest rampage that it's had for thousands of years right now. Thousands of years. It sees the laurels it's going to grab to put on itself at the end, after the conquest of the whole planet and everybody and everything on the planet.  Within its grasp.  And then the reduction over a period of time, there could be a generation or two of reducing the population right down, down, down, down, down as they elevate themselves up and up and up and up in the higher realms of longevity and through science and so on. They want to become Gods, there's no doubt about it. Some of them have been rather obvious about that part of it in their public talks.


So it's up to you folks to live through evil.  Your politicians and your bureaucracies are all, as always, have decided what side they're on, they're not there to serve the public.  They have masters above the public obviously that put them there. But for the horror that's coming down and the horror that's going to be, it's already inflicted on the public, and what's to come is a lot worse. So you have to start either being active or at the very least prepared to help each other out because no one else is going to help you during these terrible times... of total surveillance individually, total. Mandated by the corporations, hm, so that you must use their devices, you must have their apps, etc., you must, must, must, must, must. Really?


That was always the definition of fascism, government working completely in lockstep with corporations and private business and capitalism. That is fascism. Real fascism, not the fake one you always here about where they distort it.  Real fascism is government working with, and sometimes on behalf of the big corporations. But definitely governments are working on organizations much bigger than just the corporations themselves.


Now, here's an article here and it says…


Big Brother is watching your social distancing: Fury as traffic flow cameras are secretly switched to monitor millions of pedestrians in government-backed Covid project

dailymail.co.uk / 23 Oct 2020


(Alan: This is from the Daily Mail, eh.) 


Millions of people are being monitored for social distancing 


(A:  Social distancing, eh?)


as part of a government-backed project


(A:  Do you really believe it’s just for a government-backed, for Covid? Do you really believe this? If they can make you dance, you know, on one leg five times a day and tell you it will fight Covid, and you go along with that, you’re doomed. Completely, you're getting trained into absolute absurdity, that's where they're going with this.)


(A: Remember too, I went through the history of this 6 feet apart, the 2-meter idea and where it came from. I mentioned it was a schoolgirl that supposedly came out with a program, developed by her daddy who worked with a military-industrial complex corporation.  [Alan chuckles.] I put it out there. This to make her popular, to get her into Harvard or something eventually, you know, that's what daddies at that level do, you see.  Nothing to do with anything in reality. It was put through a computer program what distance you would have to be apart, as though a virus stops by magic at a certain distance and just drops to the floor!  [Alan chuckles.] Absurdity.)


(A: So anyway nevermind the damage, it's meant to disrupt all social coherence as a society and keep you all apart from each other. So these cameras now that were meant, supposedly meant, supposedly... D'you really believe they were just meant, they could just suddenly switch them to watch all of you? No, no.  This was on the books years ago when they put the darn things in in the first place, hm.)


secretly rolled out across Britain, the Mail can reveal.


In what campaigners call a sign the country is heading to a 'truly dark place', at least 363 cameras originally installed to monitor traffic flow have been switched – without public consultation – to snoop on pedestrians.


(A: WHEN do the public EVER, when are they ever consulted on anything that matters?  It doesn’t happen.)


An investigation revealed that Vivacity Labs, the company behind the Artificial Intelligence camera technology, was awarded almost £50,000 by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [BEIS] in June to 'improve the collection of social distancing data'.


The brief from public body Innovate UK – funded by BEIS – said pedestrians in 16 cities would be monitored for how close they are to one another in public places to 'help the Government plan the removal of lockdown measures'.


(A: Can you believe this trash!  Uuugh, yoi-yoi-yoi. Now, this will get unrolled in all the different cameras they’ve got. Mind you, they put the cameras up everywhere too. They’ve got mics in them as well, and then they admitted years ago they were listening to all the conversations of folk.  Hhhhh.  And folk say they’re fr… Oh, we’re in the best, freest democracy in the world.)


An image from the Vivacity Labs website. The company says it is for marketing purposes only and does not reflect how the technology is actually used


(A: [Alan laughing.] Oh, that’s okay then.  Yep.)


Vivacity refused to reveal where its cameras were, citing 'commercial confidentiality'. But the Mail can reveal they are monitoring social distancing across large swathes of the country, including Liverpool, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Warwickshire, Manchester, Bournemouth, Peterborough and Westminster.


Vivacity – whose Cambridge-educated founders (A: ...founders, funders, they're always the same things.) created the social distancing tech to 'help inform [government] policy decisions' – also has a 'confidential' contract to provide the Department for Transport with monthly updates on adherence to social distancing from its cameras across Britain. In addition, the Behavioural Insights Team quango,


(A: …that’s the BITs I keep talking about too.  Hhhmph, who should also be put on trial, the whole lot of them. The ones that said they should really make the people more anxious… They told the media to hype up their stories, you know, exaggerate them a bit to make the folk more anxious so’s they’ll comply. That’s the BIT insights team quango, hm.)


 part-funded by the Cabinet Office (A:  …the government.), cited Vivacity data in a report about reducing the two-metre rule to one metre.


(A: There you go.  N-n-n.)


Despite the widespread and potentially life-changing use of the data, (A:  WHAT! …life-changing use of the data, hm…) pedestrians have remained unaware their movements are being tracked because neither the Government nor many of the councils who approved the installation of cameras consulted the public on their change of use.


In an interview last month, Mark Nicholson, one of Vivacity's founders, said the technology could soon be expanded to carry out temperature checks 'depending on how far down the 'Big Brother' route we want to go'.


[Alan laughing.] Ah, there ya go.  It goes on and on this article too.  It’s quite a long, this one’s quite a long article actually too.  But regardless, this is what you’re supposed to put up with, is total fascism, eh.  Big bucks. Your tax money buys your chains.  And the folk who produce them and get all the contracts live high on the hog. We're the hogs, you see. They certainly do, don't they, eh?


Another one too is Ireland, eh. I’ve got a couple of articles on Ireland there by our old friend Helena Handbasket and how …


Ireland’s Dark Winter of Discontent Has Started

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Oct 23, 2020


War takes many forms. It’s not always obvious who the enemy is or even the tactics being used against you which are defined as a weapon.


In Ireland today, the latest attack began in March and is part of a long term war over many generations with the current wave of assault now accelerating rapidly.


The new harsh lockdown, with all its lunacy exposed, is still being accepted by the majority of Irish people as somehow necessary, despite the fact that they were told months ago that a similar ‘3 week’ lockdown would help ‘flatten the curve’ and allow the country to go back to some form of ‘normality’, albeit a new normality which bore no resemblance to the past in any shape or form, and yet the Irish people accepted such action as crucial to the health of the nation, having been threatened with overwhelmed hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, people dropping dead in the street and a complete collapse of society, mass unemployment and wholesale decimation of the state.


How well they were fooled as they complied to such diktats, while hospitals remained empty, as did family businesses, from clearly idiotic puppet politicians who ignored their own rules, repeatedly flaunting their untouchable status to the plebs, who would soon be dying in droves in care homes where the elderly were abandoned to die without hope, without care and without family members to console them; not to mention skyrocketing suicide rates across the demographic spectrum as jobs were lost, historical family businesses destroyed and an unprecedented increase in domestic violence, drug and alcohol dependence and abuse of both.


(A:  Yep.  It’s a good enough article too. It’s… the dark winter of Irish history it says…)


What now as Ireland goes into what will undoubtedly become the darkest winter in Irish history? It will put the tyranny of British rule in the shade as the country implodes on itself voluntarily with a few dissenting voices still trying to warn the compliant masses as to what’s clearly happening right before their eyes.


(A: It's true enough, I knew the winters, it's always a favorite time. I used to give the same talk in the winters about the folk who would die off in the cold in their homes in Britain. I gave the talks on it, how they used the winter, you see.  That's why they don't generally go off to war in the wintertime to a cold country.  It says…)


There’s a good reason historically why armies didn’t attack in winter. It was cold and wet and armies tended to become bogged down and demoralized very quickly, diseases and viruses were an issue as were the simple logistics of arming, fueling and feeding large bodies of soldiers.


The current attack in the war being perpetrated on the Irish people by their own government is using the winter season to ensure that its enemy, the people of Ireland, will be debilitated in much the same way under lockdown through the winter to such an extent that it may be impossible for them to fight back in any meaningful way.


But that can’t be allowed to happen.


And he goes on to mention why it cannot be allowed to happen. Which is all true. It's much, much truer than you mi... Scotland is the same too.  Scotland is put down as a three or four tier lockdown they call it now.  N-n-n.  I'll put this article up.  It's true, and it's what I've been talking about as well, and…


Ireland to impose 5km travel limit in strict new Covid lockdown

theguardian.com / 19 Oct 2020


(A: They always do that, they always restrict travel.  So, 5-kilometer travel limit... So you personally can't get within 2 meters of somebody, and you can't go 5 kilometers from your home. eh.  It says…)


Move to level 5 measures (A:  Hhhch.  These are the color-coding thing, oh, level 5, ARR-ARR-ARR.  Yep.  Star Trek, eh?) to include closing most shops and banning home visits


(A:  So most of the economy is to be shut down, eh.)


Non-essential shops will close and people are asked to stay at home, with a 5km (3 mile) travel limit for exercise, (A: You're only allowed out, like a prisoner, for a little bit of exercise, if you can prove you're out for exercise.) to curb surging infection rates…


(A:  It doesn’t mean that they’re actually illness rates.  If you get any, ANY particles of this virus in this terrible, you're guaranteed to show positive for most of them. Because the test is disgustingly awful. It's not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. That's why they picked it. So they're not closing it down because folk are getting sick.  They're closing it down to stop the infection rate. Now, I've got an answer to all of it.  It could be stopped, it could be cured tomorrow, the whole problem, stop testing the people.  Stop testing them, and that's it. They have nothing else to use as ammunition, just stop testing the people.  But again, the whole system has nothing to do with Covid.  This is your whole reset, your whole new way of austere living cradle-to-grave.  And you unfortunately are the first generation to get hit with the massive disaster of it all and the effects of it all. And the guff, the guff that they're just churning on the public here, you know, it says...)


In a sombre address to announce the restrictions the taoiseach, Micheál Martin, (A:  He’s one of the politicians.) said he understood there would be disappointment, loneliness and despair but that there was hope.


(A:  D’you hear… what… what…  Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Give the guy a psychopath award, eh.  Let’s destroy everything but tell you, don’t be lonely and despair, don’t go into despair, there’s always hope, you know…)


“If we pull together over the next six weeks we will be able


(A:  How many, how often have you heard that since this started? Then it will be another month, two months. Oh, then it will be, they’ve already told you it’s going to go into next year and maybe into the following year.  [Alan chuckles.]  This carrot, little bit of carrot, for the poor donkey here, eh? Another few weeks.  Oh, another few weeks, eh? Here’s again too…)


Martin said the government had rejected a strategy of zero Covid as unrealistic (A:  Well, of course it is. There’s always particles out there to be tested.  There always will be. Even before Covid came along. The common cold will give the…)


Periodic lockdowns may become the norm, he suggested.


(A: And he says…)


...a strategy of herd immunity is unethical.


It's unethical to get/have herd immunity.  Although that's what's happened down through history up to the present, it's unethical, you see. You've got to be lockdown instead. And don't get herd immunity for goodness’ sake, we can't sell all these vaccines if you get herd immunity.  Anyway, facts have nothing to do with it. I won't even go into all the statistics, it's pointless, as you know, eh.  And all the folk that, look at the many disclosures that have come out in the last few months of how they were working out how/who died OF Covid versus those that died WITH Covid, you know.  The Covid particles, right, the coronavirus particles are common. There's lots of coronaviruses out there. The particles are dead virus parts, that's what we're told, that's the theory behind it, not actual viruses themselves, but particles that could belong, that COULD belong to viruses.  N-n-n.  So I'll put up these articles for those who want to know.


Army called in to help make sure businesses following covid rules

liverpoolecho.co.uk / 23 Oct 2020


(A: This is from Liverpool Echo, there used to be a newspaper called the Liverpool Echo, I'm not sure if it still is today. It says…)


Military personnel are being deployed to help (A: …to help, you see.)  Merseyside councils ensure businesses are complying with lockdown regulation.


The troops, who will not be in uniform,


(A:  HUH?  Can you hear, you see, not in uniform troops but they’re on active duty, eh?)


 will provide extra capacity for councils’ environmental health teams as they monitor compliance with Covid-19 rules.


(A:  Whoah, whoah, whoah!  Whoah, whoah, whoah, eh?  Well why not just call them, what, Stasi, or…  Why not, eh? Not in uniform. Eh, why not? NKVD perhaps? Eh?  [Alan chuckles.])


Deputy Chief Constable Serena Kennedy, who chairs the Merseyside Resilience Forum (MRF), said: “Through the MRF, a request was made under the Military Aid for Civil Authorities (MACA) process to support the additional work that environmental health officers across the region are being asked to undertake around Covid-19 understanding and compliance.  (A: …compliance, hm.)


“This request has been agreed and means that there will be a small number of fully-qualified personnel working across the six authorities for a period of eight weeks.


(A:  Well, expand that into permanent I would say.)


“They will not be in uniform; they are being deployed to provide additional capacity on a time-limited basis for each of our environmental health teams, carrying out the same duties as our permanent EH personnel.”


(A:  These are squads that are going to hunt folk down. That’s what they are. So these teams are being responsible for…)


Environmental health teams have been responsible for inspecting businesses to ensure they are complying with regulations throughout the crisis and assisting with contact tracing to identify clusters of infections.


The government has previously said soldiers could be brought in to provide logistics support or perform back office functions for the police so officers can be deployed onto the streets.


And you thought that the antiterrorism thing was bad when you saw troops in London in different places, eh.  Well, here they are now going to come into your homes.  Ahhhh, democracy is just, I can smell it, it's a wonderful, nice fragrance, isn't it?  Better remember and vote too the next time they bring out a Boris type character who waves his hands a lot, and makes you want to like him. It's all stage-managed, you know, but you're supposed to like them, you see. So there's the Army that's, now if they've got it in Liverpool, they'll have it elsewhere too.


Nicholas Sturgeon.  Achhhhhhh.  Achhhhhhhh.  Poor ole Scotland, eh. 


Sturgeon - 5 Tier Covid Plan for Scotland

mirror.co.uk / 23 Oct 2020


(A:  5 Tier.  You see, they all try to outdo each other.  What are you? Oh, we’re in level 3.  Aach, we’ve got level 5 here. There you go.)


Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled a new five-tier lockdown system for battling (A:  Oh, it’s a BATTLE.) coronavirus in Scotland.


The First Minister said the levels, rising from 0 - 4, would avoid a "one-size fits all approach" for areas of the country with lower infection rates.


Level 4, the highest level, is closer to a full lockdown, Ms Sturgeon said, with non-essential shops (A:  Again, there’s this nonessential thing.) forced to close and bans on indoor meet-ups. (A:  You can’t meet up indoors.  Hhhhhhh.  My goodness.  Coming over for coffee? Oh, you can’t, it’s not allowed.  Oh no.)


(A:  Now listen to this…)


Whereas Level 1 and Level 2 are the closest to normal the country can be without effective treatment or a vaccine.


(A:  You see, they don’t even bring in herd immunity developing itself, like it’s been doing in Sweden and elsewhere, hm.  Otherwise people would get tested, you’ve got it, so cases would mean you would be sick, and permanently sick until a vaccine. Because if you’re thinking no one is getting better… No.  These folk after two weeks generally it’s gone, tcht-tcht-tcht, gone-gone-gone, you’ve got immunity to it.  M-hm. You see, this is the stuff they prattled out back in February.  The agenda has never changed.  You can't get back to any kind of...)


… the closest to normal the country can be without effective treatment or a vaccine.


(A:  Normal ain’t gonna do it.  And getting your own herd immunity is just not on, eh, it's just too cheap, there's no profit off it.)


Schools should remain open under all tiers - which run from Level 0 to Level 4 - even under the toughest restrictions.


But she said restrictions would not be as strict as the lockdown in the first wave of the pandemic.


(A:  Who is she kidding, eh?)


"We are not back at square one," Ms Sturgeon said.


The First Minister told a briefing in Edinburgh there were grounds for "cautious optimism"


(A:  Again, why do we even repeat the trash that comes out of their mouths?  Really? Cautious optimism…)


 as cases were rising


(A:  …only because you’re testing. Stop testing.)


but the infection rate appeared to be slowing.


(A: That means that most folk have already had it, you see, and got immune to it if that’s the case. Otherwise they would all be sick and stay sick, you see.


The new set of restrictions had been expected after Boris Johnson announced the three-tier alert system for England.


When do these changes come in?


If approved at Holyrood next week, (A:  I’m glad the virus will hold off until next week.) the new measures will come into force in Scotland on November 2.


Alert levels will be reviewed on a weekly basis, Ms Sturgeon said.


(A:  So here you go…)


Level 0

Ms Sturgeon said Level 0 will see most businesses open and eight people from three households able to meet indoors. (A:  Are you understanding it now?)


Some 15 people from five households can gather outdoors.


(A: [Alan laughing.] This is [Alan laughing.] such a farce.)


Schools and most businesses will remain open, although pubs and restaurants may have a curfew. (A:  Right.)


Travel to areas in Levels 3-4 - and areas of the UK under the highest restrictions - will be banned.


Life events such as weddings and funerals will be allowed with a maximum of 50 people in attendance


(A:  You see, this virus isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s got a heart, isn’t it? If it…  weddings and funerals, you can get 50 people there, so that’s okay, you see, it’s got a, obviously it’s got a heart.)


Level 0 is the closest to normal the country can get without effective treatment or a vaccine, Ms Sturgeon said. (A:  …again… hhhch, to make sure you get the point of what’s coming.)


Level 1

There would be slightly more restrictions, with indoor meet-ups reduced to six people (A:  Right.) from two households.


Other measures would be close to those seen across the country in September.


Small indoor seated events will be allowed although outdoor standing events will be banned.


(A: Supposing you stood on one leg, on a Thursday only, in the afternoon. Is that okay? This is ridiculous.)


Life events will be reduced to a maximum of 20 people.


People should work from home unless they cannot do their jobs remotely (A: WHAT choice do they have?)


Level 2

Different households will not be banned from indoor meet-ups.


Stadium gatherings and events will be banned and venues such as soft play centres, funfairs and theatres will be shut.


Cinemas and amusement arcades will remain open.


(A: So they know, you see again, they know that Hollywood must get its movies out in the cinema, right, otherwise we’ll all go to, again, hell and a handbasket, eh.)


Pubs will be allowed to open indoors as long as they serve a main meal.


Schools will remain open with enhanced protections.


Level 3

People should avoid public transport and there should be no travel outside of the area, unless essential.


This is a total lockdown, folks. This is total austerity. Total lockdown.  They’re giving grants to small businesses, eh.  But I don’t see what it says about the individual people.  Hm.  N-n-n.  I tell ya.  It was meant to destroy everything obviously.


Another doctor too, Stephen Malthouse in Canada, British Columbia, again who has put a letter out as well to the… It doesn’t make any difference.


Canadian doctor calls out govt, blasts lockdowns: ‘Induce fear, create compliance

lifesitenews.com / 23 Oct 2020


BRITISH COLUMBIA, October 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian physician practicing family medicine for over 40 years has written to his province’s top doctor to blast the latter’s COVID-19 lockdown policy.


(A: It’s rather obvious they’re all, again, stalwart, they’re SWORN to this agenda. I mean sworn, literally sworn with OATHS to this agenda.  There’s no doubt about it. When people working with patients, not sitting in offices, but working with patients, by the THOUSANDS are coming out with the same kind of stuff, hm, and it’s getting ignored. Anyway…)


The mainstream media has created a religion out of public health, (A: That's what he says, this doctor.) one based on superstition, not science, with the power to rule over an obedient public. The news channels have raised you to almost saint-like status[.] … (A:  …talking about the medical profession.) Yet, your public directives do not make sense, contradict the research, and are causing people a great deal of harm. As a fellow doctor, I appeal to you to re-examine your policies and change direction before Public Health causes irreparable damage to our province’s health and economic well-being.”


In his letter, Malthouse states that there “appears to be no scientific or medical evidence for” the continuance of lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, the “arbitrary” closing of schools and businesses, and the “the closing down of or restrictions on religious places of worship.”


“The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by more than 30,000 health scientists and medical doctors from around the world, adds support for this statement,” wrote Malthouse. The Great Barrington Declaration blasts the harm caused by lockdowns.


There's lots and lots like that, you know.  Facts don't matter. They're sworn, they're SWORN at the top to this agenda, I mean literally on oath, there's no doubt about it.  You would have somebody breaking out of the top if they weren't all sworn onto the same agenda. And I mean literally physically sworn to it, there's no doubt about it. They're dedicated.  You would have different officials coming out at the top who are at high levels of government completely against it individually here and there, that would start to happen. And when it doesn't happen it means they all know, that they're sworn to it. Absolutely. And they'll be well rewarded if they stick to it, there is no doubt about this at all. The evidence is overwhelming from the doctors that are working with patients in the hospitals. And all the other staff too.  Overwhelming.


So there you go. Another one too is the World Doctors Alliance who go through the same kind of stuff. I won’t even keep repeating it. I’ll put the articles up for you to read with the facts in it too from the different doctors with the facts that they have uncovered and detailed and so on. They went into, [Alan chuckles.] this article also goes into this [Alan chuckles.] Professor Neil Ferguson, the guy that did his modeling, they said it was not even peer-reviewed before being acted upon.


World Doctors Alliance

globalresearch.ca / 23 Oct 2020


Professor Ferguson’s modelling was not even peer reviewed before being acted upon by several nations.


(A: That makes me wonder, who, what is this organization that always uses Professor Ferguson?  Hm?  I tell ya.)


Countries which did not lock down Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Belarus have all done significantly better than us in terms of percentage of population deaths. They also have herd immunity and intact economies.


This article will definitely get banned because you’re not allowed to say that now. It’s forbidden to get herd immunity by yourself. Forbidden.  You see, it's heresy to state that you've got an immune system, or your immune system is working and you've got antibodies. It's heresy.  Because you haven't had the vaccine yet, you see. I'll put these ones up. 


It's interesting too, an article came out, the average age of death of folk who came down regardless and died with comorbidities, meaning pre-existing problems, and maybe even not necessarily have died of Covid.  As I say, you'll find, remember what the president of that African country did even?  He tested motor oil with the same swab tests, ah, and also some fruit and sent it off to the WHO laboratories in his own country.  They all came back positive for Covid. That's facts. That came out, folks.  So this particular test is beyond... It's deliberately chosen for its problems, [Alan chuckles.] I really think so.


Also too, I'll put another article up on [Alan chuckles.] this is system in Scotland.


Scotland lockdown: Full list of new coronavirus rules and restrictions - thesun.co.uk / 8 Oct 2020


Because even the cops don't understand it in Scotland and in England. Even the police chiefs don't understand it. It's just so ridiculous. And how many folk can be here on a certain time and not there on a certain other time and... and arghhh.  It truly is, this is an exercise in bureaucracy, you know, honestly it is. It's beyond any kind of farce. We could look back, I can remember, this is what you'd expect to read, something like this with the bubonic plague, or the black death, you see, they used to call it in Britain. That where you see these, these animal masks with the big, long snouts. They could understand what caused the disease at the time, but they thought it was a miasma, something in the air maybe that was causing it.  But in reality, it was a disease cabitium [?], caused, carried by a flea that inhabited the rats that came off the ships.  That's the theory about it anyway. But anyway, when you read about the characters who are making money off fighting that disease at the time, which they didn't know what was causing it or anything, right. They had all kinds of con men on the go.  Conology really flourishes during times of crisis. Especially when you can create a crisis.


Back then they had the real problem with this, this deadly disease at the time in the Middle Ages. So they made these masks out of animal shapes, and that would partly scare off I guess the disease, that was the idea behind it.  They didn't know why it would work, the salesman would give you good patter, a good patter, a good patter merchant, you see, and good conmen, good sellers, you see, as to why you should where it.


They also had people who said they were magic [Alan chuckles.] outside toilets, eh, and that this strange miasma that they thought was somehow in the air or something, would be frightened off by the stink from the toilet, the smell, you see, especially if you urinated outside the toilet and around the toilet. I don't know how many times, mind you, it was probably a specific number of times.  Very much like the Covid idea, you can allow so many folk into your home this time of day but not on others and blah blah blah. 


Then they also had, oh yeah, and some really inventive characters were selling rose scented, well, perfume, they would perfume these handkerchiefs you would cover your face with.  Like a facemask, you see, you'd put your face... They died too, mind you, with the facemasks. But otherwise you know, paper on your face would have fought all diseases down through history, we never knew that, did we? And you wouldn't need a medical system really in that case, just a lot of paper.  Anyway, they would sell this perfume paper and you would do that thing around the toilets and stuff. I guess the idea was to shock the disease or whatever it was, away from you, you know, just scare it away from you with the facemasks on and this paper or the handkerchief with some perfume of rose on it.  They made fortunes with this off the public, eh.


What I'm saying is, that's what, you hear about things that they did, and ring-a-ring-of-roses, eh, a pocket full of posies, eh. That was the idea too, having, if you had rose petals and that, the posies in the handkerchiefs... A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down. You see? That was the thing behind it all. It didn't stop the plague of course. But when you see the rituals they had to go through back then trying to stop it all. This is what we're reading today with these 3 tier and 4 tier and 5 tier lockdowns, and so many people can, from your little street can meet into your home maybe this day, but not the rest of the time under a level 2 and yada, yada, ya.  Absolute FARCIAL stuff. That no one understands. It's not meant you understand, it's not meant to be understood. It's meant to be acted upon by authoritarian cops and so on. Who hand out tickets. And folk get angry and furious as the society breaks down until you just comply with every ridiculous dictat that comes.  Because they've just started with these ideas. If they can have you walking on your hands, they'll have you walking on your hands. I really mean that.


These are HUGE experiments in psychological operations on the go right now. Massive, MASSIVE studies on people management and manipulating the people into obeyance. When you break the normal thought patterns and rational patterns of behavior, when you break it, and Pavlov knew this, you can eventually get the public to do anything, no matter how aberrant. Huge.  It's got nothing to do with stopping anything, folks. Except bringing the economies to a complete end.  An END.  To bring in total dependent austerity.  So yeah, you could tie it into the, we could laugh at the Middle Ages stuff, oh.  Laugh at this stuff now, folks, of what they're telling you to do.


Now here's another one from the Daily Mail as well.  It says…


The OTHER coronavirus death toll: 26,000 more people than usual died in private homes in England and Wales between March and September - but only 3% of them from Covid

dailymail.co.uk / 19 Oct 2020


(A:  It says that’s…) …26,000 excess deaths…  (A:  …over the normal.)


At least 26,000 more people than usual have died at home during the coronavirus pandemic in England and Wales potentially because they couldn't or didn't want to go to hospital, according to official statistics.


(A:  You couldn’t get into hospital.  Np. That was the main reason.)


Between March 20, the week lockdown started, and September 11, a total of 85,400 people died in private homes rather than in hospitals or care homes, an Office for National Statistics report revealed today. This is the equivalent of around 100 extra deaths each day.


The number, which is a surge of 43.8 per cent on the average for that time of year, includes fatalities of any cause, with Covid-19 only mentioned on 2.9 per cent of all the death certificates. Six out of 10 of those who died at home were aged over 70.


Deaths in private homes were nearly double the five-year average for between April 3 and May 7, when Britain was overwhelmed by the virus and have remained 'well above average' since March. Yet in hospitals and care homes the number of deaths slipped below average in June, once the first wave of Covid-19 had blown over. It has now risen slightly back up in care homes, but remains low in hospitals.


Statisticians said the change represented a 'redistribution' in where people die, arguing many ill patients would have been reluctant to go to hospital out of fear of catching Covid-19 (A: They were telling them, if they phoned in, to stay at home.  Remember the articles?) or suffered disruptions to their usual NHS treatment because of the draconian lockdown.


Heart disease was the biggest cause of the deaths, followed by cancers and dementia (A: I think we’re all getting demented now with all these new regulations, eh, stand on your left foot on a Thursday and your right foot on Wednesday.) – it is normal for these to be the main killers. For comparison, the Government's official Covid-19 death toll stands at around 45,000.


(A: Right. Now, it doesn't mean that's what killed them, hm, because we already saw them fudging figures, it was just incredible the lies that were put out already. Anyway it says…)


Experts are not sure whether the statistics are necessarily bad – many people choose to die at home rather than in hospital – but warn people might have missed out on proper end-of-life care, which includes painkillers, and that some of the people may actually have been saved if they were in a hospital.


(A: No kidding. Isn’t that what hospitals are FOR?  Hm?  D’you realize all reality has been turned upside down. And as I mentioned earlier, I never finished what I was on about.  But folk used to just die at home all the time. It wasn't until Covid started, most folk are so out of the fact that folk die at all, in this age where undertakers deal with it and so on, and they die in the hospitals, you don't see them.  You only end up if you ever go to a funeral at all, that's where you see anything to do with the person that's dead, is the funeral or cremation.  But in reality, that used to be what folk grew up with, when life was pretty short for a lot of people. That was normal right through up into the 20th century. So we all knew growing up that folk died, we'd see people dying in your family, we knew it.  And your neighbors, you'd see them dying too.  You would think, with Covid, nobody died until Covid came along. This is an amazing time to watch the psychological warfare being to put down our throats here. We had all the lies as they were packing statistics of the deaths with Covid, even though they would admit later that most of them didn't die of Covid.  N-n-n.  And here they'll go again with this, the next round of it.  So...)


Experts are not sure whether the statistics are necessarily bad


(A: [Alan chuckles.] …eh.  Rather than just say, yeah, lots of folk died in their homes because they couldn’t get into hospital, isn’t that bad.  But the experts that caused it all…)


 are not sure whether the statistics are necessarily bad


(A: …you know. [Alan chuckles.] Naturally, psychopaths would say that.)


Tories today said the figures lay bare the 'other coronavirus death toll' and called for Number 10 to provide a cost-benefit analysis of lockdown measures. They must work out, the Conservative MPs said, how to balance rules so they protect people from Covid but don’t put patients off getting NHS (A: National Health Service.) care meaning they die from other illnesses.


Fiona Carragher, the director of research and influencing at the Alzheimer's Society, said that the death toll from dementia alone — which rose by 75 per cent in women — revealed the impact of isolation, fear of coronavirus and suspension of health and social care services.


(A: Well, of course it did. Now, this article does go on to list percentages of people who died at home, right, between March 14 and September 11. Interestingly pick the 11th, eh?)





Cause of death


Deaths 2020


Deaths average


Heart disease


Lung cancer


(A: …folk that died at HOME, right.  Hm.)


Prostate cancer


(A: Can you imagine dying at home, you can’t get hospital treatment or nothing.)


Lung disease


Bowel cancer


8,300 (+26%)


(A: So imagine dying of prostate cancer and bowel cancer at home, eh.  That’s the males.)




Cause of death


(A: It’s got percentages as well. The hell that folk have been put through here by this big agenda on behalf of this agenda here by these psychopaths that run it all... ! You have to bring them, there's got to be a reckoning. There HAS to. They know it too.  They won't back off now.  This is when they get really vicious because they can't back off from the damage they've done already for this agenda, folks. They know that people will demand justice here and reckoning for what's happened and been done to them. And justice has to be seen to be done, you know. Hhhch, it's incredible. And they haven't finished yet, folks. Then they go into, the same article, again getting back to the fact that most folk think nobody died until Covid came along.)


'Usually around 300 people die each day in their homes in England and Wales,' (A: Usually. That's regardless of the Covid, right.) said Cambridge University statistician Professor David Spiegelhalter.


'The latest ONS analysis confirms that even after the peak of the epidemic this has stayed at around 400 a day and shows no sign of declining – that's one-third extra, very few of which are from Covid. (A:  Right. So, even though it's higher, it's not from Covid.)


'Non-Covid deaths in hospital have correspondingly declined, suggesting most of these deaths would normally have occurred in hospital, and people have either been reluctant to go, discouraged from attending, (A:  They told them not to come in, right.) or the services have been disrupted.


(A: No kidding, when you close down everything, and you tell them, and the hospitals are too busy with dancing nurses and stuff, why bother going in.)


'It is unclear how many of these lives could have been extended had they gone to hospital, for example among the 450 extra deaths from cardiac arrhythmias (A: That's when you go into abnormal heartbeats, irregular and so on.) (abnormal heartbeats).


'Crucially, the ONS data cannot tell us about the quality of these deaths, particularly in terms of the end-of-life care provided to the patients and the support for their families.'


‘Dealing with this disease is a complex optimisation problem. It becomes clearer every day that the government needs to provide cost benefit analysis of the major choices they face.’


(A: Well, I think they already know the cost benefit analysis of shutting everything down and everything comes to a grind, you know.)


Heart disease was the leading cause of death at home for both sexes in England, the Office for National Statistics report showed.


In normal times in all settings, dementia is the biggest cause of death in the UK, but many people with the brain condition end up in care homes, while those with heart disease may still be able to live independently and are therefore more likely to die at home.    


Deaths from other deadly conditions including cancers and dementia were also above average in private homes.


(A: Interesting how that was up there too, eh.)


For men, prostate cancer fatalities at home were 53.5 per cent higher than average (A:  …for men.)


... because you couldn't get into hospital for treatments and so on.  N-n-n.  I tell ya.  I-yi-yi.  Anyway, you know, another one too is...


Huge lawsuits coming against Covid totalitarians and the con artists as well. I don't think it makes any difference, this is, I said back in January/February, this is written in stone, there's no doubt about it. You could tell by the terminology they were using, that facts that came along afterwards didn't make any difference at all, and they wouldn't make any difference. This is an agenda.  Also Global Research has put out an article and it says…


The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics - globalresearch.ca / 24 Oct 2020


And it's true, you can play all the statistics the rest of your life if you want, it's not meant to make any sense to you. Even when the WHO, remember the WHO actually changed the rules, just for this one, for the pandemic for Covid, as to the amount of folk who were diagnosed worldwide to have it before they declare a pandemic.  They actually changed it into a few hundred.  It should have been thousands.  They changed it, oh, that's okay, those numbers don't matter anymore to declare pandemic, remember. The article is out there too.  Lots of folks saved it. I've got it too.


First Tests Of New "Immunity Passports" Will Take Place Wednesday

zerohedge.com / 20 Oct 2020


(A:  There ya go.)


Back in April, when the coronavirus was still new and scary, with cities from New York, to London to Paris in its grip, the professional commentariat was abuzz with speculation about what our not-too-distant post-COVID-19 future might look like. At one point, the mayor of the French city of Nice and Bill Gates were among the most prominent voices discussing health passports, and the WHO was apparently treating the topic with extreme caution. (A:  The WHO.)


Since then, discussion has faded somewhat, due in part to the relentless messaging from President Trump and others about the coming vaccines. But as the leading western vaccine projects prepare to apply for emergency use from the FDA as soon as November or December, the World Economic Forum, the same supranational organization that organizes the annual forum in Davos, is taking the lead in testing a global standard to communicate that an individual hasn't been infected with COVID-19.


…called the CommonPass system is being led by Paul Meyer, the CEO of the Commons Project, a Swiss non-profit financed by the Rockefeller Foundation.  (A: [Alan laughing.] Everywhere you go, and you turn a stone, and the same characters pop up all the time, eh, the Rockefeller foundation.) Meyer insists countries are looking for better ways to "thoughtfully reopen" their borders as European countries start cutting down intra-EU travel once again.


You understand, with you know, again, rope your pant leg sort of thing and stand on your hands, and if you bring in four neighbors you should be able to do cartwheels in the house or something. Eventually with the psy-op operation you’ll do anything to get away from all the madness.  Oh, if you get the passport, you’ll be fine then. Like suddenly the passports just declares that you’re fine!  [Alan chuckles.]  So that’s good enough, eh?  Ahhhh.  [Alan chuckles.]  So anyway, it’s got this thing to do with your phone and all the rest of it. This is the complete world monitoring system for your entire life birth to death, that's what it's about, folks, and Covid is the excuse. 


Also this article's not bad actually. It's… CIGI is an interesting organization. It's really part of the big CFR group for Canada, Center for International Governance Innovation it's called, and they’re in Waterloo University, a big campus down that way I think too.  They create leaders again for Canada and so on. They go by Chatham House rules, they actually say that, you know, so they are part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs /Council on Foreign Relations group. 


The CIGI Rule - cigionline.org


They pick young guys who will be the future leaders in all areas in Canada and other parts of the world. It says...


COVID-19 as a Case for Social Scoring Systems (A:  It’s… You know…)

cigionline.org / 15 Sept 2020


We’re witnessing one of the largest ever collaborative efforts among medical researchers (A:  …blah, blah, blah…) working to stop the spread of COVID-19. (A:  …yada, yada, ya.)


While scoring systems are widely criticized and often discussed in dystopian contexts (A:  …for being totalitarian, right.), the current global need to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 provides a decent case for considering social scoring systems.


(A:  So this is a guy who’s up and coming - Iiii don’t know if it’s a guy or not, it.. Jesse Hirsh.)


Digital economies and societies already depend upon scoring systems to navigate and manage information.


Examples include:


rating and recommendation systems that help people choose where to eat or who to buy from;


(A:  What, you can’t decide for yourself? Hm?  Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Anyway, the whole point is they want to use the Chinese system, they actually mention…)


The Chinese government has established the National Credit Information Sharing Platform, which acts as a kind of API (application programming interface) for all the various agencies’ social credit systems, gathering and storing their data.


(A:  That’s one of the big projects they’re working at with CIGI, this group here is.)


The main part, you see, this is really an arm of the Council on Foreign Relations.  But the main part too is all about a world system. It’s always been about a world system and world governments and so on. It’s the same system that came out of Cecil Rhodes idea, you know. The same system.  And don’t forget that Rockefeller was a member of Cecil Rhodes foundation. They made Cecil Rhodes a star financially, so much so that you must give the money back if you have no family to leave it to. That was in Cecil Rhodes will, to give the money back to the Rothschilds. This is official history. You can check it up for yourselves. It’s not hidden. Look at the wills of Cecil Rhodes. Again, the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, Lord Alfred Milner group that ran the whole system for the Empire, it’s the same system, folks, you know, take over the world's resources, yada, yada, ya, bring in a global system of government or governance, and basically run the public through pretty well an expert system.  That's why the CFR/RIIA/Lord Alfred Milner group and Rhodes were all for the same, exact same, they were the same one system, hm, different faces of it. It hasn't changed. Bring in a whole system. Create the stars, take over the... you know, create the stars for the public to follow, and nothing has changed.


So China yeah, they were fascinated by the set up, they helped actually the Soviet system get created, hhhch, and they studied it well. They studied all kinds of tyrannies across the world to see which worked efficiently. For those people who think that they are all your organizations. No, they're not. They're very elitist indeed.


So there you are, COVID-19 as a Case for Social Scoring Systems.  There you go, from folks that you don't elect to advise governments, and who become parts of governments and your top bureaucracies. They placed them there for you to follow.  Another one from the same organization...


Now More than Ever, the World Needs Data Stewards

cigionline.org / 1 Oct 2020


The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is the latest illustration of the importance of statistics to guide policy and individuals’ actions.  (A: You see, you can’t guide your own actions, you see, so you need these organizations to get statistics and system set up to guide your actions, you’re just too stupid to do it yourself.) Because of differences in testing rates and how cause of death is registered in public records (A: It was quite simple, it’s called fudging.), the extent of the pandemic is unknown, making actions to counter it complicated. (A: There you go.) For example, Sub-Saharan Africa did not record its first case of COVID-19 until late February, and even after that, its caseload lagged behind other regions of the world. This might have been due… (A:  I like their preciseness…)


This might have been due to the genuinely slow arrival and spread of the virus;


(A:  You see, might have been…)


to “co-immunity” (A:  …right…) within the population


(A:  So they might have got a kind of heard immunity.  Oh, we can’t say herd immunity, oh my goodness me, without a vaccine.)


 (because of exposure to other microbes whose interaction with COVID-19 is not currently understood); …


(A:  So they might have, well mind you too they also had the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, that type too you see, maybe that’s what gave them an immunity towards this one.  Oh, I can’t say that again! I keep forgetting myself, I’m gonna, oh…  Hhhhhh, dear.  Anyway…)


 As another example, there is a belief among US intelligence analysts that the extent of the pandemic and the resulting deaths in China were understated by the authorities. (A:  Right.)


(A: It always amazes me how these organizations are allowed to say things that you shouldn't say, you see. I mean, here they are inferring, eh, inferring that US intelligence analysts say that the deaths in China were understated by the authorities in China, eh.  Well, you couldn't say that; I'm glad I'm not saying it.)


Varying approaches to identifying cause of death during the pandemic have also resulted in disparate fatality rates attributable to the virus, leading to undercounting in some US states and overcounting in others.


Without detailed and comparable statistics — and, furthermore, widespread political willingness, institutional capacity and other capabilities to gather, disseminate and make sense of them — we will never be able to distinguish fact from fiction or coincidence from causation.


(A: Well, how can they say that when they're after cash to get the rights to manage all the data? [Alan chuckles.] This is what the article is about for CIGI and so on, eh.  You need one organization that will gather all data, right, that's what you really need, hm.  There you are.  Statisticians, eh.)


Foundations of Strong Data Stewardship


You see, they’re not totalitarian, they’re stewards. Stewards look after things, you see. You know that… don’t you? So they should get that, and they should be the stewards of the whole, of a whole unified data collection system, eh, that’s what they should be.  You need something like that for goodness sakes, if you want to survive and all perish together, eh. From the same organization too, it's amazing when you get into something, and I've been watching this group for a long time, they also go into little articles, and I was reading…


India-Canada Energy Cooperation - cigionline.org


I've mentioned before, it's through Gateway House, eh, that's their version, really, Indian Counseling Global Relations, that's their version of Chatham House, you see. It's the same organization across the British Empire, for those you haven't caught on yet.  [Alan chuckles.] It's the Center for International Governance Innovation.  It's worth a read for those who want to know how the world system really works and how they pick the bureaucracies of every single nation on the planet [Alan chuckles.] and put them in.  And how they... They reap the rewards once they're in charge of the central banking systems.


CIGI – Publications - cigionline.org


It's quite interesting though to see how it really works. An old organization. Very old. Again going back to Lord Alfred Milner, at least, and probably other names before he came along.  But that morphed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Region alliance, you know.  It's all the same organization. The CFR in America, because it doesn't sound very good to have a Royal Institute for America, you know, for the USA. It might not wash down too well. It might wash, they might not care today, who knows, I just don't know.


So data governance is important for that too.  Obviously, there's only one good organization should run the whole system for goodness sakes, eh. It says that Jim Balsillie is the organization that fronts for the CFR here, the CIGI, and it says…


...at the IMF, International Monetary Fund statistical forums.


So they're into all the same organizations that were set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


The global digital governance precedents.


Now remember, they're talking too about the social credit system, global digital governance.  They're going to govern you through, digitally, that means cutting you off too if you disagree with them.  Like Bertrand Russell said.  OLD agenda, folks. Digital governance. How else are they going to govern you digitally, eh?  They can give you the finger perhaps.  But here you go with it and it's all there. They never sleep, these big organizations. These institutions are there for generations, eh.  M-hm.  I tell ya.


And I love how they say, security and democracy. Most folk in democracies don't know they're ruled by these characters. They know different folks’ names; they don't realize they all belong to the same organizations. Like Quigley said that they are.


This other article too is...


Glaring Parallels Between the 9/11 and Covid Ops - globalresearch.ca / Oct 22, 2020


That’s quite an interesting article.  Also…


AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study put on hold due to suspected adverse reaction in participant in the U.K. - statnews.com / 8 Sept 2020


That was September 8. I don't know if it's the same one but this one is CNBC and it says...


AstraZeneca shares turn negative


(A: Their shares, that's all they care about is the shares, eh, of the billionaires… you see, they've already turned everybody into multi-billionaires here, even the lower guys on the totem pole, because of vaccines.)


AstraZeneca shares turn negative after Brazilian health authority says volunteer in Covid vaccine study dies - cnbc.com / 21 Oct 2020


I'm sure they'll just brush it under the carpet and say, oh, they probably had something else, you know.  That's all they, hhhch, that's what the story's about is the shares plummeted.


This is a good article too to show you, again you see, you're getting taught you're a nonessential worker, eh.  You're either important or you're not important, that immediately puts you into a devalued category if you're not important, nonessential. But they're doing the same thing in the stories.  You noticed that before where they had taped out, I think that Walmart supposedly had taped out different places you couldn't go into during it.  Only in for food, eh?  Like a little rat.  I remember giving the talks on how they train the rats in these cages and so on in mazes in the laboratories, they'd pull levers to get their seed and stuff.  They've got you doing the same stuff. And walk in a certain direction. And it's just one way only.  You have all this absolute nonsense. I'm surprised they don't put just 1 foot down and you have to hop everywhere. I mean, why not?  Hm?  And have your face covered.  Anyway, hhhhh. So yeah, they were stopping folk from going to it, so they're back at the same thing too, it says...


Furious Tesco shopper rips coverings off ‘non-essential’ items (A:  …called nonessential…) in Wales as rage over ‘disgraceful’ lockdown boils over

thesun.co.uk / 25 Oct 2020


(A: He just got fed up with it. I mean, you go into the store to get something, suddenly it's all taped off, you can't get it because is not essential what you're buying?  You see, post consumerism, is that sinking into your head here? For those who are hard of thinking, POST consumerist society, essentials only. And even then, it's going to be rationed food, etc.  That's where it's going to go.)


Gwilym Owen said he was not ashamed of what he had done in the store - Credit: Wales News Service


Gwilym Owen was filmed angrily pulling coverings off rails of clothes while in a store without a face covering shouting, since would have clothes been exempt?


"Rip the f*****s off. Kids f****** clothes, mate, it's a disgrace.


"Coming into winter now, it's a f*****g disgrace."


"Since when has clothes been non essential?"


Isn't that something, eh?  Another one too says…


Mum can’t


It shows you the poor child that she's got, this daughter, she was told she was unable to replace… Her little girl is in the hospital, you should see her, she's got real problems, this child.  So the mom was unable to replace her hospitalized four-year-old daughter's bloodied clothes because they’re nonessential items.


Mum can’t get new clothes for hospitalised daughter, 4, whose old ones were covered in blood as they’re ‘non-essential

thesun.co.uk / 24 Oct 2020


Today is the first full week of Wales firebreak lockdown and stores are currently unable to sell a range of products to customers.


Ms. Jones, 27, was left angry and frustrated and upset when she couldn't buy essential items for Eden, who was born with lymphatic malformation. 


(A:  You see her face is distorted, poor little kid, you know.)


She said, "Please someone tell me how it's nonessential that I pop to the closest supermarket to the hospital which is five minutes away to get my daughter new underwear and pajamas as hers are soaked in blood."


Ms. Jones was forced to make a 40 mile round-trip from the hospital in Cardiff to get replacements from family members.


A 40-mile round-trip to get clothing from family members. And actually with severe lockdowns you won’t be allowed to even travel that far shortly. Do you understand all the frustrations of the madness that this is intentionally causing? I say intentionally causing. So the mom said she's never felt so angry and so on and so on.  N-n-n.  I'll put that article up for you.  One of thousands I'm sure of articles of the disgusting things... Never mind the folk dying at home and so on, that are told to stay at home who suffer heart attacks, and painful cancers they can't even get treatments or even painkillers for it.  Horrible deaths.  And these folk who have caused all of this have got a lot to answer for. You know they do.


Don't forget, the countries that haven't done the lockdowns, like Sweden, haven't had the problems we've had, or even the death rate for that matter.  N-n-n.  The nations that didn't even bother with the facemasks never had, it made no difference in numbers at all.  Even the articles, I've got ones here that mentioned that they're admitting [Alan chuckles.] in the States, in different US states, the surveys on folk who are wearing the facemasks, that there's stats of folk who tested positive with it were mainly wearing facemasks.  Facemasks, and still getting it, you see.  Not sick with it, just the positive. As I say, stop the testing with the PCR testing and you'll find it will all go away. That would be too normal a thing to do when you have a big agenda at play here.


I'll put up too the quarantine isolation camps.  Also too, interesting, the tenders, the government's put out the tenders that’s put out for supplies and so on.  They have thousands of, hhhch, stockpiling tear gas, eh.  It's quite interesting.


Politician raises alarm over Trudeau Govt’s plan to build COVID ‘Quarantine/Isolation’ camps

lifesitenews.com / 9 Oct 2020


Randy Hillier, politician, independent parliamentarian, makes a comment about the Canadian government's plan to build holding camps for those infected with the Covid and possible other uses.


(A: Eventually his mic is cut off.  [Alan chuckles.] Apparently there's a video. I haven't seen the video.  Anyway...)


He asked the Doug Ford government of Ontario if they knew of “how many of these camps will be built, and how many people does this government expect to detain.” He pointed out how documentation shows that the “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” could be used for “other requirements” besides for COVID-19.


(A: ...and so on.  But yeah, you actually see the tenders for teargas.)


The “Tear Gas” RFP lists a total of 36,000 canisters required by the DND (A: Department of National Defense.) which the winning contractor is to have shipped to the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot (CFAD) in Dundurn, Saskatchewan, by March 31, 2021.


So that's still to come. So that's the total, 36,000 canisters. I know they were looking for riots possibly, by the way, in Canada back in February. They didn't know what was going to happen eventually.  All governments are doing the same thing by the way. Because what they're going to bring down is going to cause riots eventually. And when folk riot in Canada, it would have to be awfully, awfully severe, believe you me, what's going on.  And from a South Korean newspaper...


Deaths after flu shots in South Korea fan fears, but authorities find no link (A: ...to the flu shots.) - channelnewsasia.com / 21 Oct 2020


…and that's how other countries deal with the flu shot, right. I've also got an article here about some nations noticing of viral interference if they've had the flu shots and they get the Covid thing, and it’s actually exacerbating the Covid into a worse thing.  That's of course what the Department of Defense in the US had in 2018, the military, I've got the articles here. I put them out at the time and folk grab them and it flitted across the world those articles. From the Department of Defense is on record when they said that they were warning folk, hhhch, that the flu shots, back then 2018, were causing viral interference. Because it primed you, pulmonary priming, so when you hit the actual flu itself you'd have an overreaction and you have a cytokine storm which could do terrible damage or even kill you.


Another one too is, it's so sad, again, from some organizations that used to be, have some kind of credence, you know, but you're finding now that some of them, well, they're all on board now for money, big, big money.  The big magazines too, and medical magazines and so on.  I'll put this one up on, this is the New England Journal of Medicine.  They have professionals telling the doctors how they are going to try to convince the public to accept this and how to cajole them, hhhch, and all that kind of stuff, and to accept, and what they'd learned with previous campaigns with previous vaccines, what works and what didn't work and so on. It's called…


Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2

nejm.org / 1 Oct 2020


(A: It's got the three doctors listed here. They're quite blatant at the beginning too, eh...)


A recent poll found that only 49% of Americans planned to get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.


One option for increasing vaccine uptake is to require it.


(A: Right, there's your option.)


Mandatory vaccination has proven effective in ensuring high childhood immunization rates in many high-income countries. However, except for influenza vaccination of health care workers, mandates have not been widely used for adults.


Although a vaccine remains months to years away, developing a policy strategy to ensure uptake takes time.


(A: Nothing is to do about safety here, you understand, it's about making sure you get it. They treat the public like cattle, like dumb stupid cattle. They won't explain anything to the public at all. So they have these techniques to just cajole you or try to force you into something, eh. It says…)


We offer a framework that states can apply now to help ensure uptake of the vaccine when it becomes available — including consideration of when a mandate might become appropriate. Our approach is guided by lessons from U.S. experiences with vaccines for the 1976 “swine flu,” (A: HA! …that was a real success, eh.) H1N1 influenza, smallpox, and human papillomavirus (HPV).


(A: I tell ya.)




Mandate, right.  So there's your choice in democracies, eh, and free societies, there's your choices. Never mind the fact that other countries have already got a good herd immunity that did not lock down anything.  Because you catch it, it's impossible not to get, like most viruses you don't even know you've had it, through your entire life. It happens all the time, folks. I'll put this article up.


Remember folks once again, and I've got some articles to go yet but I just want to remember again please send me a few bucks. Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Very important, make a list of the sites on my website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, all my official sites are listed there.  Because we're now in a terrible time where just saying something that's forbidden, whether you know it or not, you see, it makes no difference.  The authorities now are going into the real wartime, like level 4 mode which they mentioned in the Event 201 they would eventually go to and just stop you from speaking about it. The only information we're supposed to get are from the authorized authorities themselves. That said, there's no choice. That's the mandate, folks.


That's what your wonderful Internet has come to. As I knew it would years ago. I said they will sensor and sensor, after they've got you used to all this free stuff and you're hypnotized by it, and addicted to it, then they'll clampdown on everything and use it as a control mechanism. That's what it was designed to do. It really was. They don't care if you're happy and you're having good pleasure on the Internet. No, they want to make sure you're addicted to it and so you'll stay on as they take away all your rights and freedoms. 


I always laugh at how they really think, people, they really care about you or they care about minorities or sexual orientation, and they really fall for all of it. The people who rule the world don't give a DARN, DON'T GIVE A DARN about any of you. But they use these techniques to split you all apart.


So send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com, right.  PayPal, check is fine, Cash is fine. Money Gram as I mentioned before too.  It will help me tick along here because it's a lot of work here, and I've got a whole bunch of sites there.


Also another one is from Salt Lake City.  It says…


Leaders in US, Europe divided on response to surging coronavirus

nypost.com / 21 Oct 2020


SALT LAKE CITY — Virus cases are surging across Europe and many US states, but responses by leaders are miles apart, with officials in Ireland, France and elsewhere imposing curfews (A: [Alan chuckles.] It’s wartime isn’t it.) and restricting gatherings even as some US governors resist mask mandates or more aggressive measures.


You all, you won't be allowed out.  This is the point, the whole point is to hem you in with laws and restrictions, regulations, and until you're so weakened and fed up with it all you'll... taaaake your vaccination. That's the point of it. This is how they make you take it, you see, you're given no choice here. It's all coercion, coercion, coercion, and without giving you choices. Then when you get sick with it, they'll say, well you agreed to take it.  Psychopaths, psychopaths, eh.


So this article here talks about Utah and what's happening in Utah.  What's happening there, it's not that bad either actually. They play the statistic game, which means nothing at all.


Virus to stay 'at least until next summer' - Macron

bbc.com / 24 Oct 2020


(A: You can take, that's from Macron in France, right. Oh, he's happy for it because it will help to cut down on the color revolution there, the yellowjackets and so on, yellow vests.  It takes a lot of heat off him for his inadequacy of breaking the country.)


French President Emmanuel Macron says his country will be fighting the virus until at least the middle of next year as cases there surged past a million.


(A: Well, stop testing.  How many folk are sick with it? You understand, if it has surged past a million, they don't tell you that next week that million will be clear. They don't stay as cases, you see, they're then clear, that means you got resistance antibodies. Otherwise you would be sick, and it would stay that way until you died. Do you understand that? It's so simple. Every doctor knows that.  Hhhhh.  But they don't tell the public that. Well, what happened to all these millions of cases that are positive?  Well, now they’re fine, they’re not testing positive with it at all.)


The World Health Organization said the spike in European cases was a critical moment in the fight against the virus.


(A:  Hm.)


It called for quick action to prevent health services being overwhelmed.


(A:  …the same stuff they keep churning out, but who got overwhelmed?  Who? Hm?  I tell ya.  N-n-n.)


So it's a good propaganda article this one on the spikes and so on. Also this article here is on US scientists fret over increasing numbers who say they'll refuse Covid 19 vaccine. That's the New York Post.


Scientists worry as more Americans say they’ll refuse COVID-19 vaccine

nypost.com / 17 Oct 2020


The technocrat scientists believe that they're in charge of vaccinating humanity for the good, and for the good of everyone, and it's their responsibility to carry out the mission as people push back and say no.  These same scientists are incredulous that anyone would not agree with their science.


Tara Granger, 36, has worked as a nurse for two decades in Suffolk County, NY, and she and her two children have been vaccinated every year.


(A:  I guess for flu, I don’t know.)


“Drugs are my life,” she says. “It’s what I learned in school.”


But she’s been questioning the promised upcoming vaccine for COVID-19, in large part because of what she’s witnessed firsthand about the financial incentives for vaccines.


“It scares me that I got so many free lunches and free dinners because I pushed the flu vaccine,” Granger says. “What am I going to get when I push a COVID vaccine?”


Granger got sick from the coronavirus earlier this summer and said she did “the opposite of what people said to do. I took my supplements and vitamins, and didn’t go to the hospital to be put on a ventilator and die. I was smart enough to say, ‘My immune system can fight this, I just have to find the right way to do it.’ ”


Her job will require her to recommend the COVID vaccine when it’s available, but Granger said she won’t personally be getting it.


“The vaccine isn’t something we need, even if it is safe,” she says. “People want an easy solution and they think this is it. But it isn’t.”


A Pew Research poll from late September showed that about half of US adults (51 percent) wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine if it was available today — a big drop from the 72 percent who said they’d get one back in May. (A: …when they were terrifying us all.)


So that's a nurse there, 20 years in the profession, eh, 36 years old, is not going to take it. Of course anybody who doesn't take it is called anti-Vaxxer, even though you might not only want this one. You see, you're getting labeled and smeared. These are techniques, psy-op warfare.  These are military techniques used in campaigns to dehumanize enemies. Rather than just say, some folk don't want this particular vaccine, and they don't think it's even necessary.  Which is their right by the way.  N-n-n. Well, you might have what they call vaccine hesitancy.  Hhhhhhhhh!  Oh, you can trust the manufacturers, can't you, hm? There you go.  So that was from Eric Spitznagel via the New York Post it says here, this article here.


Sweden loosens Covid lockdown rules for elderly and vulnerable due to mental health impact of lockdown

telegraph.co.uk / 22 Oct 2020


…Sweden no longer need to isolate themselves, the government said on Thursday, pointing to lower Covid infection rates than in spring and a growing toll on the mental health of its elderly as behind the new recommendation.


The move to ease the burden on the elderly comes as many countries across Europe are reimposing restrictions to get to grips with surging infections, but the health agency has said it does not see evidence of a second wave in Sweden.


Oh, they hate Sweden, don't they?  Hhhch.  And have they been hammered by the media in the West, eh.  You don't have any… You see, you don't have, even if it was just greed, if it was just greed, by the richest folk on the planet, the big corporations, eh, these conglomerations and stacks of businesses, thousands of businesses each one of them...  If it was just pure greed you wouldn't get this kind of kickback that you're getting for nations that don't, that say they're not… Because there's not a lot of people in Sweden, it's not a huge population.  So you'd just say, ach, well, we don't need them, we're making massive profits elsewhere. So it's not just money, you understand? It's a huge agenda. A whole new way of just, I won't call it living, it's called existing, under pure sustainability and austerity.


Craig Murray, who is a former ambassador of the UK and human rights activist, and he says…


People Need to Reclaim the Internet

craigmurray.org.uk / 19 Oct 2020


(A: Well, good luck if you could.  I tell ya.  He says…)


No matter how much you dislike Trump, only a fool can fail to see the implications for public access to information of the massive suppression on the internet of the Hunter Biden leaks.


(A: So he goes into what happened there with what's come out recently. He talks about his coverage, his own coverage on the Julian Assange trial and so on.)


Even my blog has never been so systematically subject to shadowbanning from Twitter and Facebook as now. Normally about 50% of my blog readers arrive from Twitter and 40% from Facebook. During the trial it has been 3% from Twitter and 9% from Facebook. That is a fall from 90% to 12%. In the February hearings Facebook and Twitter were between them sending me over 200,000 readers a day. Now they are between them sending me 3,000 readers a day. To be plain that is very much less than my normal daily traffic from them just in ordinary times.


(A: It shows you how they manage it all, in real time. They've got all these algorithms and just a word can divert them off to other sites, it will kick in, you see, you're flagged immediately.)


My own family have not been getting their notifications of my posts on either platform.


(A:  So that’s your proof there too.)


It was not just me: everyone reporting the Assange trial on social media suffered the same effect.


(A: Well, isn’t that interesting, eh.)


Wikileaks, which has 5.6 million Twitter followers, were obtaining about the same number of Twitter “impressions” of their tweets (ie number who saw them) as I was. I spoke with several of the major US independent news sites and they all reported the same.


I have written before about the great danger to internet freedom from the fact that a few massively dominant social media corporations – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – have become in effect the “gatekeepers” to internet traffic. In the Assange hearing and Hunter Biden cases we see perhaps the first overt use of that coordinated power to control public information worldwide.


This is only, believe you me, it's way beyond just talking about characters just like that. I mean, hhhch, there's thousands of things you can't find anymore. Again, they said they'd prompt you, they've been prompting you for years if you look up certain topics as to where they want you to go as opposed to where you want to go.  It's... yeah, it's...  But what's interesting to me to is the Biden thing, I won't even fall into that trap, about the claims of course, of supposedly, well, basically racketeering, you know, and politicians. What's new about politicians and racketeering?


I've got an article, it was from the Guardian actually, going way back, years, into Fergie, you know. Let's see if I can find it here somewhere, possibly. That's where Fergie, you know, was asking £500,000 a time for introductions to her hubby at the time when he was the minister for development or something.  In other words, the usual, dishing out lots of cash from the British government on behalf of the parliament.  The Guardian was saying, what's wrong with that?  It's amazing how they're selective.  They can't go across the board, if it's wrong for one person, how come it's right for someone else?  You know? There's no continuity or consistency of logic. Everything is so politicized now, isn't it, everything's politics and who they believe and who they don't believe in. So that was their take back then, so what's wrong with her asking for that kind of money for introductions to her hubby when she was married to him.  It's, hhhhh, aachh, well that's the system you're living in, eh.


Why shouldn't Fergie sell access to Prince Andrew? - theguardian.com / 24 May 2020


This article here again is, at least he's gone into, as I say, Craig Murray, he's going into the system of the Internet and how it's just a censorship technique.  And again, it falls in too with CIGI I mentioned earlier, and they'll be eventually managing all the data, who gets banned and who gets a good credit score, who won't get a good credit score, as you go into a digital economy, a real digital economy including government dishing out your credits and how they can punish you for being bad and naughty, like Bertrand Russell talked about. Old agendas.  And folk think, oh that's not that, oh he's talking about Bertrand Russell, what's that got to do with the present day?    EVERYTHING! You're living through an old plan. [Alan chuckles.]


Police chiefs admit even they don’t understand Covid rules - metro.co.uk / 22 Oct 2020


I'll put that one up too. And...


Why won't they tell us the truth about coronavirus beds? Matt Hancock

(A: That's the minister in charge of the… That's a politician. A minister is a politician.  It's not someone that gives you a sermon on religion. Although you've got to have a lot of belief to believe that Hancock and his ilk are any decent characters at all or good politicians.)

and Boris Johnson say they're almost full,

(A: That's what they're telling them about the beds, eh, right now in Britain.)

but Manchester's own medical expert disagrees

dailymail.co.uk / 20 Oct 2020


(A: [Alan chuckles.] This is what you're getting, eh?)


but Manchester's own medical expert disagrees


(A: …about, oh the beds are almost full, says Boris Johnson, hhhhh, and Hancock, the people that are supposed to represent the public, right. Yeah, they're LIARS.)


Hospital bed occupancy has become a propaganda tool in the bad-tempered row over Covid restrictions in Manchester.


Downing Street has used terrifying statistics in an attempt to gain public support for forcing local leaders into accepting strict tier-three measures.


They claim the city’s hospitals will become ‘overwhelmed’ within a few weeks, and even the surge capacity will be used up.


But Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and other local leaders have challenged the Government’s use of data, accusing ministers of ‘cherry picking’ figures to exaggerate the scale of the problem in the North West.


(A: Thank goodness. It's good to see some officials coming out, eh.  Isn't it?)


They claim that, even though cases are increasing,


(A: Well, now they’re doing the, what is it, a million tests a day now.  Guaranteed to find cases. It doesn't mean they're ill.  Then eventually, as I say, next week they're not a case anymore, because obviously they've now got antibodies, or they'd STAY a case, wouldn't they? [Alan chuckles.])


 current occupancy in critical-care units is not far above the norm for this time of year.


(A: You see, you go into winter, they know they're going to get a lot of folk in with bronchial problems that are going to end up in hospital, right.)


Even Professor Jane Eddleston, who leads the Government’s coronavirus response in Greater Manchester, has insisted that although the numbers are ‘stark’ the ‘system can cope’.


But what is the truth of the matter? How bad is the situation facing Greater Manchester’s hospitals as Covid-19 cases escalate?


The fact is that we simply do not have the data to form an accurate picture. Intensive care occupancy figures are not regularly collected and the Government’s projections are murky at best.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] No kidding, eh. It says even though that Covid 19, Covid patients are going up, right, in Manchester.)


That is up from fewer than 100 a day at the beginning of September.


But it is fewer than half the 1,200 patients a day in hospital at the peak in April. And the rate of increase is far slower – mainly because existing regulations are slowing the spread of the virus.


I think it’s personally because most folk have got immunity to it, that that’s what they’ve developed. Otherwise you’d still, you would stay as an infected case, you see, you would stay permanently as an infected case, unless your immune system kicks in and creates antibodies to eliminate it. This is basic medicine.


What do No 10's coronavirus graphs REALLY show? School children and twenty-somethings have driven England's current Covid-19 outbreak - but infection rates among them are FALLING in almost every region - dailymail.co.uk / 20 Oct 2020


Yeah, the youngsters can get it, but they don't even get ill with it. That's normal too.  Sometimes it will hit just the elderly.  Sometimes a few illnesses will hit mainly the youngsters. This one here hardly touches the youngsters at all.  So because you get a few particles in your nostrils doesn't mean you've got it anyway. 


Here's the one by, [Alan chuckles.] I'm talking about the hypocrisy of news agencies and so on. 2010 and that’s from the Guardian…


Why shouldn't Fergie sell access to Prince Andrew?

theguardian.com / 24 May 2010


(A: From the Guardian.)


Flogging influence for cash is an ancient practice in business, and the Windsors have hardly paid for the Duchess's silence


(A: So there ya go.)


She has apologised for the "embarrassment caused", referring to a "serious lapse in judgment". "I am very sorry that this has happened."


She was up to her eyes in hock eventually.  Remember the, in fact, this next article here ties in with that, it was to do with...


Sarah Ferguson's telephone call to Prince Andrew's paedo ex-pal Jeffrey Epstein - mirror.co.uk / 31 July 2019


Because they found, remember, they actually admitted they found notes from Fergie to Epstein asking to borrow money. I mean, she was really compromised, eh, on a lot of different levels. What a world, eh.


Another article too is interesting…


Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine



(A: It's from the CDC by the way, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Now, you've got to look at the wording. Everything goes through public relations.  Everything, everything for the public goes through public relations. That means, a propaganda outfit where they soften things to get you to accept things.  So...)


Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages their nerve cells (A: …right, it attacks your own nerve cells.  Never used to happen.), causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. GBS can cause symptoms that usually last for a few weeks. Most people recover fully from GBS, (A: So there's the nice part, most recover.) but some people have long-term nerve damage. In very rare cases, people have died of GBS, usually from difficulty breathing.


([Alan chuckles.] It stops you breathing, eh.  It's called death.  But it's an awful way to go because you suffocate eventually, you see, because your system that makes you breathe just stops working gradually, gradually, until you can't breathe.)


In the United States, an estimated 3,000 to 6,000 people develop GBS each year.


What causes GBS?

The exact cause of GBS is unknown, but about two-thirds of people who develop GBS experience symptoms several days or weeks after they have been sick with diarrhea or a respiratory illness. Infection with the bacterium Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most common risk factors for GBS. People also can develop GBS after having the flu or other infections (such as cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr virus). On very rare occasions, they may develop GBS in the days or weeks after getting a vaccination.


(A: Interesting how they give you the list of it and they put that one at the very bottom, eh. M-hm.)


(A: Who can get it? Anybody.  M-hm.)

Who is at risk for developing GBS?

Anyone can develop GBS; however, it is more common among older adults.

(A: ...and so on and so on.)


How common is it among people who have been vaccinated against flu?


(A: Now, this was written for the CDC, right.)


The background rate for GBS in the Unites States is about 80 to 160 cases of GBS each week, regardless of vaccination.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Okay, I’m sold on it now, it’s a good one then… that’s me.  M-hm.)


Here's also, I mentioned before how everything would eventually tie into your immunity passport. Not just to go across the waters, but even to travel even a few miles from your home eventually. Even 1 mile. That's where it's going to go. I said too, they were using, they'd use airports initially to push it all.


Passengers flying to Hong Kong are first to use £80 twenty-minute airport COVID test at Heathrow in trial bidding to get struggling travel industry off the ground - dailymail.co.uk / 19 Oct 2020


That's what they're saying here.  And also this article is awfully important too.


Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges for Opioid Sales

nytimes.com / 21 Oct 2020


(A:  That happened recently, October 21st.)


Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges related to its marketing of the addictive painkiller, and faces penalties of roughly $8.3 billion, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday. The settlement could pave the way for a resolution of thousands of lawsuits brought against the company for its role in a public health crisis that has killed more than 450,000 Americans since 1999.


(A: That's just Americans.)


The company’s owners, members of the wealthy Sackler family, have agreed to pay $225 million in civil penalties. Prosecutors said the agreement did not preclude the filing of criminal charges against Purdue executives or individual Sacklers.


(A: Massive scam that was, you know.  And lots of doctors were getting bribes and stuff too to push it.  And oh, just amazing stuff that was going on.  And they knew it too, it was highly addictive, from the very beginning, before they even gave it out there to the public, they knew from all the studies they had done what would happen.)


OxyContin, which came on the market in the mid-90s, is seen as an early, ferocious driver of the opioid epidemic and Purdue is regarded as the architect of muscular, misleading drug marketing.


(A: Well, do you mean trying to tell us that drug companies and big Pharma companies are misleading, drug marketing strategies, is that what they’re using? …that you can believe them if they’re going to give you something to help you, right?  M-hm.)


But it is unlikely the company will pay anything close to the $8.3 billion negotiated in the settlement deal. That is because Purdue sought bankruptcy court protection amid the onslaught of lawsuits, and so the federal government will now have to take its place in a long line of creditors. Typically, creditors end up collecting pennies on the dollar in bankruptcy proceedings.


Purdue Pharma Plea Offers Little Solace to Survivors of Opioid CrisisOct. 21, 2020


The settlement does give the Justice Department and the Trump administration a high-profile achievement that the president can tout on the campaign trail. Mr. Trump won the 2016 election in part because he vowed to combat an opioid addiction crisis that had gripped large swaths of the country and continues to be an issue in important swing states.


But state attorneys general from Massachusetts, New York and North Carolina, among others, have raised questions about just how much of an effect the settlement will have with respect to holding the Sackler family to account. Purdue was keen to settle its federal legal troubles under a Trump administration, which it sensed would cut a better deal than a new Biden administration. The $225 million that the Sacklers would pay as part of their civil settlements is small relative to the family’s net worth, estimated to be at least $13 billion, much of it generated from sales of OxyContin.


Joe Rice, a negotiator for local governments that are suing Purdue, said, “Purdue is doing everything they can to get this deal done in this administration. It’s advantageous to both sides.”


This federal case against Purdue is distinct from thousands of opioid-related lawsuits against other drug manufacturers, as well as distributors and pharmacy chains, still pending in federal and state courts.


Purdue has long demanded that the federal charges against it be resolved before it would agree to a larger settlement with cities, tribes, states and individuals, who claim that its relentless marketing of OxyContin directly contributed to a crisis of addiction and overdoses, resulting in towering costs in health care, law enforcement and unemployment. Lawyers close to negotiations expect that the final settlement may emerge early next year.


In the federal settlement, the company agreed to plead guilty to felony charges of defrauding federal health agencies and violating anti-kickback laws. The penalties include $3.54 billion in criminal fines and $2 billion in criminal forfeiture of profits, the largest penalties ever levied against a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company pleaded guilty to marketing opioids to more than 100 doctors that it suspected of writing illegal prescriptions and lying about this to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.


Purdue also pleaded guilty to paying illegal kickbacks to doctors and to an electronic health records company, Practice Fusion. In January Practice Fusion paid $145 million in fines for taking kickbacks from drug manufacturers in exchange for embedding pop-up alerts to physicians, intended to boost opioid prescriptions.


The Purdue settlement also includes $2.8 billion in civil penalties, related to allegations that the company violated the False Claims Act by using aggressive marketing tactics to convince doctors to unnecessarily prescribe opioids — frivolous prescriptions that experts say helped fuel a drug addiction crisis that has ravaged America for decades.


(A: They're too wealthy to go bankrupt.  They just shift money around all over the place. That's what these characters do.  I tell ya.  And how many doctors were on board with this too, and pushing it for kickbacks? It actually mentions the antikickback laws that are on the books already and so on.  I tell ya.  N-n-n. That's the real system, eh, that's it.)


Those prescriptions were often paid for by federal health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid.


…using aggressive marketing tactics to convince doctors to unnecessarily prescribe opioids — frivolous prescriptions that experts say helped fuel a drug addiction crisis that has ravaged America for decades.


(A: A lot of it was on purpose too, you know. You have no idea the big psyops that go on.)  


A year ago, under the weight of opioid litigation, Purdue filed for bankruptcy, and it is expected to emerge at some point as a new company.


(A: I guess a phoenix coming, eh.)


At least two other opioid manufacturers, Insys Therapeutics and Mallinckrodt, have also sought bankruptcy protection because of litigation.


(A: They won’t lose, the family won’t.  They’re too big, too rich with all the cash they brought in over the years. Hhhch, and again, how they remake each other.  Just like Rockefeller getting remade again with the public relations company he hired to remake him as a philanthropist and beneficent to society, he was really a nice guy.)


Purdue has proposed that the company be run as a “public benefit corporation,” with proceeds from continuing limited sales of OxyContin and several overdose-reversing medications under development to go toward opioid abatement. The Justice Department endorses that model.


(A: Isn’t that nice, eh.  There ya go. N-n-n. [Alan chuckles.] It says here before a lot of it happened...)


A forensic audit last year by Purdue found that the Sacklers (A:  ...the family…) directed at least $10.7 billion in the company’s proceeds to family-controlled trusts (A:  ...that can’t be touched, you see…) and holding companies, even as Purdue was facing legal scrutiny. Much of those proceeds, the Sacklers have said, went toward tax payments. (A:  Yeah, sure.  [Alan chuckles.])


You’ve got to laugh, eh?  New York Times. Good enough article. At least they printed it, so that's something I suppose. Folk forget so quickly don't they. Meanwhile there's folk dying of cancers in their homes under this Covid thing as I've mentioned in the previous articles who couldn't get treatments in the hospitals. Imagine dying of cancer and no painkillers and things? For the greater good, hm.


Well, that's how it is, folks.  So again, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Hopefully we can still keep going and get through, hhhch, whatever is to come with a bit of humor here and there. You've got to have some. I always say you've got to have small groups and you swear to each other to help each other out. Because government is abandoning you. They are the culprit behind all, so much of this at the moment.  And hell is coming down. You don't want to be just a statistic for the numbers, you know, and who die at home and all that. You've got to help each other out one way or another. Some way, and you can help each other out.


Never mind the folk who literally, in fear and terror watching television every day, you know, thinking the world is coming to an end, that's what it seems like to them.  Unless they comply and give up all their rights and do what they're told, and take/allow whatever vaccine company to pump their stuff into your body, you know.  That's where they're going, as they said at the New England Journal of Medicine there. What a disgusting article.  There's nothing at all about the necessity of explaining to the public what this particular vaccine will do? and why it is so necessary? and will even work? and what are the real bad side effects that they might cause? Never mind the fact that they know, that the companies, whoever is going to administer it, and the companies themselves, are given a complete blanket immunity from prosecution and personal lawsuits! 


Well, hhhch, NO.  N-N-N.  Nope. Can't go along with that, folks.  You're either an animal, property, that's what you are, or a human being. 


You're a person. Remember that.


But help each other out regardless through these terrible times to come.  This is just the start of it as you go in through the cold weather and folk have lots of bronchial problems every, every winter.  This is what they expect in the hospitals, they wait for the onslaught, long before Covid came along.  That’s what you would wait for in the hospitals coming, the change in the weather and folk get older all the time so every year there's a crop of people who just hit that magic time for them and they get awfully ill with lung problems. They already have pre-existing problems and then you can guarantee lots of them come in. That's normal.


So you've got to help each other out and reassure people, if you can reassure them. Don't just leave people to be on their own and never hear from a phone call or whatever.  Give them a call once in a while to keep in touch, to make sure that they are okay? And is there anything that they need? Anything you can get for them? That's what you got to do.


Government is trying to isolate everybody from everybody else, to make you dependent on them.  Believe you me, you never want to be dependent on government for anything.  [Alan chuckles.]  


You've got to help each other to get through the terrible times ahead, folks. The global reset is what they're calling it. The great reset [Alan chuckles.]  for the whole way of living, or existing.  And the more folks help each other, the more confident they get in their right to help each other… and to reclaim their dignity as human beings.


For myself, I'm Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada where the trains are going by like crazy with heavy, heavy goods going way north.  Which tells me all I need to know about a long, long, long term strategy of war against the people as they lock themselves down with their massive food supplies for the wealthy elite, you know, that are going to run the show. 


So for me, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Passengers flying to Hong Kong are first to use £80 twenty-minute airport COVID test at Heathrow

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