Nov. 1, 2020 (#1801)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

What Did Pan Say? Obey! Obey!

"Hear Master's Voice, Authoritative, Scolding,

Demanding Compliance with The Plan Unfolding,

You will Never Appease and He's Not Done Yet,


A Truly World-War-of-Terror Following a Plan,

Symbolic of the Goat-Man, the Great God Pan,

Pan-demic, Pan-Demon-ium, Psy-op Techniques,

We're a-Quiver in Houses along Empty Streets,

The Proof of War, is in The Opposing Chatter,

Mountains of Evidence Yet Facts Don't Matter."

© Alan Watt Nov. 1, 2020

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 1, 2020.  Hhhch, as they say, time flies, eh?  But I mean, [Alan chuckles.] you start to wonder if you're in some kind of time machine and it's going fast forward.  Because for me it's like living through many talks I've given over the years in the past, where from their sources they gave you lots of clues where they were heading with the future.  And it's here, the future is here. 


So we're going through amazing times as they fulfill big agendas that seem just too far-fetched for most of the general public. Most of the public, it's sad to say, it is sad to say that the indoctrination has been perfect with them. But this is a natural thing.  We're so well studied that we're too predictable.  If you know the formulas to introduce certain hypes and fears and terror, the public will always behave in the same way.  Plato said that, so it's been done for an awful long time, eh.  It's been used over and over.


We really are in it today, aren't we? And I mean in it, indeed. Because the massive changes that are planned, and then implemented, and will go down in history just the same way as 9/11.  I'm sure 9/11, apart from the fact [Alan chuckles.] they pretty well told you what they wanted to do with the wars that would happen IF they could get a Pearl Harbor event, from the PNAC group, the Project for a New American Century group.  The neo-cons as they call them.  They publish them a couple of times in the 90s.  Then 9/11 came along and they got a Pearl Harbor event. 


Bingo, all these massive totalitarian measures were rammed out on the American people. But not just the Americans, across the world at the same time. You see, that gives you a clue as well. Why would the whole world go into this anti-terrorism mode, which is really a war upon the public with massive surveillance on everybody, loss of rights and freedoms, and the loss of rights even to walk into an airport without being frisked, groped and all the rest of it, X-rayed, etc. We had all these rights before that we, you all took for granted. We always take our rights for granted.  That's maybe the key to everything today.


Because you don't realize how you adapt into new normals. And they give you new normals all the time. I gave talks on the new normals back in the 90s, that's what I call it, is the new normal, then I explained what it meant and how it was introduced. And here we are, new normals are all here.  And folk really think that, especially the young folk, naturally it's all they know.  It's so odd talking about 9/11 again because I remember saying the week that it happened, it might have even been the night. I said, a generation will grow up and 20 years down the road they don't know any other way of living except massive surveillance as being normal.  A digital kind of system would come in because they talked back then of bringing in a digital currency, because terrorists might use all the cash and stuff, all the bad guys use cash. They just unfolded the agenda way back then.


But now you have them, there's a lot of young folk who naturally, that's all they know, think it's all quite normal. They question nothing. And why should they question anything? They can't believe that the parents allowed, if it's all true that it's mayhem and conspiracy, why would their parents allow it? Well, their parents were as dumb as they are because we’re always kept dumb.  Hhhch, in fact, you're born with a pretty intact mind, but they go to work very quickly to destroy it.  That's the system in which you live.


Nevermind...  There's countless, countless articles and studies done, professional studies done, legitimate studies about the fluoride in the drinking water, for goodness’ sake, and the history of it being used in other countries that were totalitarian before hand.  They noted the fact that it did drop a few IQ points off the public.  So it's good for, that's a good reason to use it on the public if you want to have less fuss from them.


We do know that the United Nations, the World Health Organization, that you can't believe the World Health Organization.  Dr. Who, for goodness’ sake, eh.  Dr. WHO indeed.  But they do a survey every year and at least they publish the IQ, or they used to up until maybe two or three years ago, of different countries across the world. The same test supposedly applied to the same age groups up-and-coming every year or so.  They said that the IQ was dropping pretty drastically, not just by, you know, percentages of one point, but by quite a few points.  And of course as always, there's never a reason for it happening and they never go into... 


D'you understand, if you're truly looked after by the farmers and you're the cattle, hm, you're owned, you're owned.  You are where they get all their cash from and their high living standard. You build everything for them if you're working.  You create the cash flow, and that's what they use to plunder you to take it all from you in one way or another. And they make you dependent on their systems, because they own all the corporations and factories in other countries.  They don't, they never enter into the fact, they just own them all, big holding companies, but they make sure that you must use their products. Including their health services by the way and their medications and vaccines and everything else.  Don't they?  [Alan chuckles.]   


That's called fascism for those who really don't know what it means, when the corporations collude with governments to control and manage and pretty well own the public. It's all been done. Of course the little communists at the bottom never figure that out. The ones who follow I should say, never figure that out. But they're useful, useful idiots according to the ones who own them and use them. Even Bertrand Russell said that too and he was all for using them, to bring in the beautiful order on behalf of the intelligentsia, the people who should own it all, you see, and know how you should be living.


But again, if you're brought up to be naïve, which everybody is, you're trained, and every country has just the same techniques to make you believe the country's all genuine. You just stumbled down through history.  Occasionally they'll give you a king or a queen that was half decent. Germany had some, even had hobbies, like, you know, repairing clocks and things. It's a nice idea of a guy who just liked to build castles, and fairytale castles, and work on clocks, you know, the old-fashioned, beautiful clocks actually.  So it must've been a nice guy compared to some of them. And this is what you get.


And it's true enough, with the hit and miss idea, if you truly had just kings and queens running the countries, you would think occasionally you’d get one or two that's half decent. But in reality, kings and queens are the fronts. Because the ones behind them, the advisors, the ones who know how to work the machinery of governance, they're the ones who have the power.  Especially the ones who run the money.  [Alan laughing.] Obviously, to the system.  That's what Rothschild was saying. He said, give me the control over the money of a nation I care not who makes the laws. Because he makes the laws. With every loan, the same with United Nations, I've gone through some of them before, actually quite a few of them.  Especially today with the World Bank and all that and the money they dish out across the world, comes with all these conditions of how you must adapt to the new cultures, or things you thought abhorrent are now, you'd better do it or you get no loans.


That's how it's always been. Money comes attached to conditions, not just financial conditions but with running and changing and altering your culture, you see.  Which weakens you. That's the whole point of it. You can't be conquered as a culture if, unless you allow it to be weakened. You don't realize, it's like the Parthenon in Greece, you know, you have a huge roof there in the temple with all these pillars.  That's a lot of weight distributed amongst all those pillars.  Architects know how to distribute exactly how much weight to each pillar so it's nice and strong. But you knock one down, you see, that's a tenant of your culture, your system you might say, it's an analogy. If you knock one down, and now the rest of them have a little bit added extra weight to them to share amongst them. Then you knock another one down. Now there's more resting on fewer and fewer pillars. Now you keep knocking them down until you collapse. That's how it's done.


It's very Fabian in a sense, but that's how it's done. It takes a while to get it accomplished, but you're guaranteed for it to happen. You must eventually fall if you keep chipping away.  People never realize that if you really, if you really took each pillar, as an example of being 50 years, you could go longer actually, 100, but say 50 years, and say one pillar goes missing.  Well in that 50 years, and there's a generation born, and they're up to the age of 50 when the next pillar goes down, you see. So you don't see it so much, you think it's just happening by itself. If it all happened within about a year or two, you'd all get wisened up and say, something else is going on here. 


So if you wanted to really take down a nation well you do the Gramsci type of takedown. You take over the culture until you run the culture, you are the culture in fact. That's how you take it down.  Bezmenov put it across pretty well too.  Yuri Bezmenov talked about the war of the Soviet system against the West was a cultural war really. Because you destroy the culture, everything else falls apart anyway. Folk won't go off and fight for wars and stuff if you destroy the culture. You can't get them unified behind any party in politics. You also make sure, you see, hhhch, even the ones who go into politics that are traditionally psychopathic become worse themselves until they're anything but role models to follow, so no one does follow them. Because they become corrupted even more so than they are by nature. But then when you get the public following the same corruption, mainly through entertainment and through the wars on the culture and adapting into the new systems of sexual revolutions, that came with all the fallout of the sexual revolution, then step-by-step you become degraded and you collapse, you can't stand strong.


So you had the sexual revolution promoted through the movies, that really became a bit more explicit in the 1960s, in Britain that is. They tried it all from the beginning in Hollywood really pushing it, until they were hauled back a bit by different censoring committees.  Then they came back out again in the 60s and they pushed it once again.  So it's all cultural war. It isn't just what sells. I mean, that's definitely a part of it too.  Sex does sell. It's in all the ads and so on. It's a primitive need in a sense, you see.  Nature doesn't care about if you can support a child or not or support yourself, as long as you have sex to make sure the species goes on, that's how you're made, you see. So you can always exploit something. It's the same as food. Food you need, you see, or you die.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Which I think we'll come to again with the Covid stuff as they create massive famines, which is part of the intention to bring you into austerity. But that's a different story again. It's a different type of the war, of course.  It's still terror, it's a war of terror upon the public, the whole Covid idea and the lockdowns and so on, and the destruction of your economy in one fell swoop.  Awfully good for the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome, I must admit.  Well-planned, it took years to plan it.


Getting back to just the culture itself, you see, if you're a strong culture you wouldn't accept any of that either. [Alan chuckles.] You really wouldn't. You'd have more common sense. You would have this idea, the strange idea that was, that used to be pretty, um, ingrained in people because we fought for centuries to get it. One was privacy. That also was lumped into your rights, you had individual rights, you see. The people have given it all away since 9/11 pretty well under the guise of a war on terror, which is a war of terror on the public which stripped you of all your rights and privacy and all the rest of it. 


The second part now is the Covid, you see, so out they unroll what was sitting on the same dusty shelves covered in dust. They blow the dust off it and bring in the 5G Internet of Things and implement it all. And it's all this money apparently, it's just fictitious anyway, but it's all this money to implement all these projects.  You can't fix roads and so on because it's not intended, it's not intended they fix roads. Infrastructure is to be falling apart, at least outside the cities. They'll do some work eventually once you're all crammed into the sustainable cities and smart cities as they want to call them. They'll fill in a few potholes but the rest of the country roads they're going to just fill up and close off.


I watched this happening for years actually, the buildup to it with, when I used to do the talks on the United Nations biosphere's and so on. They had these different areas marked off for human habitats, and maps that they churned out. Amazing, for an organization that you pay billions too, but you don't get any right to vote for anything. In fact, you don't even get in to talk about it, you know, with them. It's a closed shop. Nondemocratic. So this nondemocratic system which you support and finance, dictates all the policies for the future. Because they in turn are owned as well, you know, by the same guys that own all your money systems. And again, the guys at the WEF for instance.


So they'll bring in their animal corridors and human habitat corridors.  The human habitat corridors follow these big, long highways they were putting up too in the 90s onwards to the present time. That's where you are to live within a certain radius, or outside, around those particular routes, you see.  If you're in the long lines outside of them, it's pretty precise, but if you live on the side roads that go off for miles and left and right and East and West, you see, and these roads go north to south, then you have to get closer and closer into the corridors because you won't even get Wi-Fi there. It's quite amazing.


Because I know people who, like myself, for instance, I live just outside the corridor and I can't get the Wi-Fi. Now, if I was in a mile further in, I could probably get it, the signal. But I'm not, so I'm... So you've got all these little encouragements for you to move, that's how it's done, you see.  Most folk don't realize you're prompted to make decisions they want you to make, without realizing, you've been given no choice [Alan chuckles.]  since they've planned the Wi-Fi future, eh. And that's how they do it.


Their smart cities have been on the go for quite a few years now. I did lots of talks years ago about it, and the organizations again involved. In the cities with the counselors, the have counselors, like in Toronto for instance, city counselors that are supposedly elected, I think. That's a joke too with who they are. I'm sure they're all on the payroll, they get kickbacks. We're living in an amazing system of more open corruption, you see. I think it's always been here but it's more open today because most of the folk, the public don't seem to care so much when it's found out.


But who gave, who decided to just make the smart cities? We know who they were, the different companies and Google and all the rest of them that planned all this kind of thing, with Silicon Valley, yada, yada. Massive projects worldwide, the smart city projects of the Department of Defense for instance, how the future would be, these massive cities, and eventually city-states, you see.  That's what they have planned for the future.  Right down to even having occasional wars between the new city-states. Just like the old ones, the old walled cities, they'd have these wars, and mainly to do with finances.  It would be financial type warfare and sabotage of each other's economies by the new system that would evolve.  Which would be again way post-democratic. They might even fade out the whole idea of politicians, which I wouldn't care about because they're on the take anyway.


We wouldn't be in the mess we're in if you had real people and real politicians and real counselors even who really cared about you and did what the laws say that they're there to do. None of them do, eh.  None of them do. You take just basic, basic government, it doesn't matter if it's a Republic or so-called, the farce of democracy. But you get a vote and that's it, in either of them, that's it, a vote to get somebody in, that's it. But you forget what it's even supposed to be. It's supposed to be that you sent somebody off to government, either local, like a province or a state in the States, but in Canada it's a province, you send one off there, or one off, and maybe one off to the federal government, you see.


But they’re supposed to be one of YOU. It's not supposed to be a full-time profession.  It's one of you, who was elected to represent YOU, your area, your state, you see. Not a party. And not corporations or anything else. I mean, all they do is sit there with their hands out for the lobbyists, these characters. That's what they do. They don't represent. So why?... Why?... Why do we go along with it? It's because everything's changed gradually, like the pillars getting taken, until you adapt and think it's all quite normal. It's not normal at all.


It's not normal when all the lobbyists can line up and have, and these politicians have goodness knows how many secretaries to make all the appointments to see different lobbyists. But the general population that they're supposed to represent can't get in to see them. You can't even get a reply from them, or generally some rubberstamped, you know, generic copy of something that's been used before… We feel your pain, signed so-and-so, you know, photocopied, and that's about all you get.  We live in a joke, don't we.


And we pretend that we're somehow free.  Even though your grandparents and great-grandparents would be in shock to see what you've given up. Not the.. not even knowing you've given it all up, and you're still giving it up. To save your skins you’re giving up all your freedoms to fight this, this, this bug out there.  Hhhhh!  This bug, this invention of a horror movie. After giving us stacks of these movies in the past getting you ready for it. Because you're always trained through fiction, you see.  Total lockdowns and plague and pandemic and ooooh, virus, and...  And here's what you must, here's how you must behave, and here's the authorities doing...  Really?! Is that what they do, eh?  Hhhch, you're all trained into the fiction before they supposedly release something, if they did or whatever.  And you jump in. And again, they're not taking your rights and freedoms away anymore or less than they were doing it after 9/11.  They're keeping you safe... You know, the tyrants call down through, we're keeping you safe. So you have no rights. In fact, if you demand rights, you're putting everybody else at risk!  [Alan chuckles.] We’re living in amazing times, eh.  It truly is amazing to watch it all come out.


I like some of the old sci-fi movies. I mean, old ones. Because it's like old stage plays, and maybe still some today in fact, amateur into the professional stage plays. Where the actors have to really get, make you believe that it's real, whatever they're portraying to you and they're characters are real, you see. Britain was a good country for giving you, and so was the States years ago, for giving you good character actors, you see. They could play the role, very believable role, very adaptable, not just stereotyped into the same role over and over and over like some are. But good character actors make it believable. And no matter how ridiculous, if it's a sci-fi for instance, how ridiculous, and how cheap [Alan chuckles.] the sets were, [Alan chuckles.] you enjoyed it.  Because they got into it.  They put a realistic enthusiasm in their parts and it's quite good, little cardboard boxes and things like that. Things that a lot of folk, youngsters today would just laugh at because it's just too cheap. They’re used to special-effects and big-money and special-effects. Years ago you they didn't need that, you had good acting. You had the human element, more of the human elements to different characters that were evolved and portrayed, so it was really good. I liked that.


But here's the difference, that still was fiction, and you always knew it was fiction. Hm? But what you, again, here's an analogy, you take what they do, which is they try and convince you that what they're trying to entertain you with is real, regardless of the set, regardless of the settings around them on the stage or wherever it happens to be or in the movie.  It was almost Shakespearean in a sense, if it's a play, because Shakespeare's stage used to come down into the audience, like a kind of runway, and the audience could see the actors and all that. But the idea was to make you, the audience, participate to an extent in the play. That was really important, and that stayed for hundreds of years, maybe even still today, trying to bring the audience into the stage play, by participation.


That's the difference between good entertainment, you see. But by the same token you always knew that it was entertainment. Yet you transferred all, because for the last maybe 30 years now, increasingly so, and actually even before that, to do with the sexual revolution into the plays and movies that they put on television, it was all to change sexual culture, which is to change and actually destroy the marriage culture and the family unit as it used to be known. 


I even joked today, because you talk about the nuclear family.  But really, to my mind today, the nuclear family, because everything's got double entendres and so on, the new-clear family today is transparent because there's nothing they don't know about any of you. You are the nuclear family with the data, whereas the old one of course was the nuclear age and all the rest of it. But now you're clear, they can see right through you, and they know all about you.  But they want to know more about you than you do. And everybody in your family. In fact, they even know what your family is up to when you don't.  [Alan chuckles.]   So that's your, that's a little play on the nuclear family.


But you take the settings too of these old Sci-Fi’s, the cheapo Sci-Fi’s, and you would see the characters really get into the, describing something horrible, and alien, and using cheap sets and so on, and keep a straight face!  That's a skill. Keeping a straight face, with an expression of consternation and worry, or even fear, you know, by these actors.  But you put all that into the Covid thing, and you look at Fauci [Alan chuckles.] and he's... [Alan chuckles.] You want to laugh! I mean, you do.  [Alan chuckles.] They keep straight faces... Even though you see the giveaways in their faces, like Fauci.  And definitely Bill Gates. I mean, he would flop as an actor anytime. Because there's something else in that character that, ah... There's nothing you could trust in the man. It really shines from his face. The most insincere eyes, hhhch, you've ever seen, as he's prattling on and waving his hands around.


But yeah, they’re telling you to give up all your rights and freedoms and obey them, and demolish the economy. Because this is the great reset, remember.  This is the whole Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century. The whole thing, not just 2030 and different parts along the way, for the WHOLE thing.  Right, not just 15 years apart, the different implementation dates and so on, but the whole thing for the whole century getting rammed down now, you see. Sustainability. Agenda 21. The green new deal. All these things, blah blah blah.  Population reduction. Austere living, meaning poverty.


I've said it before, you see it in Britain, that's what they used to call serfs.  The serf was the slave, because you’re British for goodness’ sake, and you got this more modern idea of freedoms and you're in a democracy, you know.  So you could never have had slaves. They called them serfs.  But that's what you were, you are bought and sold with the land.  [Alan chuckles.] You were a slave.  In fact, if you ran away from the area you were born in, your Lord could have the S branded in your forehead for those who don't know that, eh.  And they did that. And they could kill you too.


That's the way it was. That was the land of freedom, you know, land of the free and home of the brave and all that.  So that's how they whitewash history to make the next generation go off the wars and fight for a British Empire of course.  Of course they wouldn't own any of it, the general population, they just pay for the upkeep of it all and for the militarization of it and so on. Why should businesses pay for their enterprises, for goodness’ sake, when you've got these massive populations that do it for you?


You just make sure there's unemployment at a certain level every so often and young guys will go off and fight. They do, you know, it's quite a natural thing for them to do actually, in any country, if they can't get work. So you just make sure you always keep enough unemployed to go off, and then you tell them they'll be somebody. Because if you're an unemployed young guy you're a nobody, you see.  But you go off and kill folk for your country, or for your businesses, and you're a somebody.


And they'll make you proud of it. They do, young guys will get, be proud of it.  You know, they feel no shame in what they did.  Because they're given basic simple propaganda to believe in. Very simple. Brzezinski said it himself and so did Kissinger, you must always give them simple propaganda. Not elaborate complex propaganda, because they can pick holes in it. Make it simple, keep it simple. They never changed that.


But as I say, we live with so many fallacies of the past, you know.  People look at these old, old the awful BBC dramas, they always say that when a country is in decline, you see, when a nation is in decline, when they always give you, promote, use your tax money to make stuff like the BBC does, movies for TV or whatever or plays, on maybe the 17th century or something like that.  They show you these cottages and with the thatched roofs some of them, you know, for the peasantry, and the better ones for the lords of the manor. And they're always decent folk, these lords of the manor, you know, and they get their family problems in the dramas and fictions that they give you. And we should all be concerned about the elites' families’ problems, not the peasants who are living on straw on the floor of their homes. [Alan laughing.]  


How they can really drastically change society and your impression of what society was. And what it is today. And yet there was a culture. It doesn't matter about how poor folk were, there was a definite culture, absolutely a very strong and rich culture! You'll find it in most countries in fact, underneath it all there's still that decency and a real strong culture, you know. They might've been wearing silks and so on, but they still had a strong heritage. Of course you did. And even that now is getting eradicated because it's their destiny too, it's been planned, predestined for them to be wiped out pretty well or bred out of extinction.  And that's the truth of it, folks. It's not my opinion.  I've got stacks of information and info from the sources who actually work towards it.  That's how it is, eh, you do get false histories.


So yeah, we've never seen so many poor actors compared to the old Sci-Fi ones.  We've got poor actors now coming out to terrify you.  Then you have all these admissions, lots of admissions from the companies, like SAGE, involved in Britain, and the ones for the States, they've got the ones for the States and Canada too, eh. Nevermind all the other ones, they've got battalions of cyber warfare operatives they call them, thousands of them.  They're working for Brigade 77 and so on like that and many other organizations like that doing unconventional warfare. It's all lumped in with unconventional warfare which is a strategy well-funded indeed with special operations and pure psychological warfare.


They do. If you're a nuisance, and if you open up chat rooms and so on, or you even put down comments on anything you put out there on social media in the comments section, you will be infiltrated right away, if you're a problem, if you're a nuisance. You've got people who will give you fake names and all the rest of it who will try to befriend you, because they already found your… Don't forget, when you've got access to Silicon Valley, and the NSA, to your entire personality, and the profiling they've done on you, they can see any weak spots that you've had. They've got your histories too, you know.  They'll know how to open that little chink, that, whatever weakness it is, and then they'll try and blow your mind by turning on you after they befriend you, things like that. These are from their operations manuals, by the way, they actually have operational manuals on this.


Your taxpayer funds this, these anonymous pieces of you know what.  They're funded by your tax money to try and wreck folks’ lives. Can you...  This is your government. These are the folk that you vote for, these governments, ah, that employ this filth, by the thousands… to quench any other opinion on any particular topic that the government wants to have eliminated.  And you still think [Alan chuckles.] you’re a free and democratic society!!  [Alan laughing.] What a joke, eh.  What a joke.


And yeah, I could go on and on and on about the Covid, but I won't right now. Maybe later I'll give a few articles out. But the thing is, I mean, I don't even argue, debate, that they want you into, with the facts versus what they tell you, you know. Even from, it all comes from the same sources which they will then counter again and deny… [Alan chuckles.] if you've got it all. This is all deliberate psychological warfare. It's a technique that they use.  They used it in 9/11 as well. And even before 9/11 they've used the same techniques, where they put out the initial propaganda, and then they say, well this is how it happened. Because you had thousands of folks that saw the same footage and say, well wait a minute here, this looks like controlled demolition. So you immediately put out one or two contrary opinions to it, or you’ll see what's been chatted, especially today with social media, in real time they can get folks’ opinions on it, you know, guide it to them and they know what's being said.


And before you know it, they've got a whole bunch of other theories thrown out there, with professional, very professionally sounding professors and so on coming out with these ideas. What else could have done this, you see?  Until... and see, because before hand, one thing everybody was united on, wait a minute, we've seen this before with control demolitions. You see, that was a unified front.  The word is unified. Everybody saw that, that's the conclusion he came to.  How do you destroy an opposite? You must divide and conquer. So before you know it, and they know how to do it, they'll even target their news to certain people knowing that this one, they'll fall for this line or whatever, and they'll fall for that line, until you have them all arguing with each other. Then the general population, and folk will come along a year later and look into it, or two years later, get totally confused and give up and just... just deny it all as conspiracy theory. That's how you do it.


They've all been neutralized. Rather than stick to the initial premise, they all saw them falling in like controlled demolitions into their own footprint. They all dropped, boomphfff, bop-bop-bop-bop-bop floor by floor. That was destroyed effectively by, well it could have been an amazing radiation techniques and super this and...  Well, who cares?  The fact is, you all saw it. If you're unified, then you'd be together, a much bigger opposition. It's harder to ignore a bigger opposition.


The same thing comes along with the Covid, as you know. Initially, they changed the name three times I think, isn't it, three times.   Again, they had SARS Cov-2, remember?  So if it’s a SARS types virus, they didn't say, well why didn't we all die with SARS Cov-1? You know? Why didn't we? I mean, we didn't get vaccinations all put out that could be for that, did we? I guess it's all forgotten because folk buildup herd immunity to viruses. That's what you do anyway by nature, you see. But what they don't tell you as well, if you take the PCR test, the swab test they're using, which is not meant [Alan chuckles.] for diagnosing, it's pathetic.  The inventor said that.  But facts don't matter, you know. 


Because they're guaranteed to get results. Well, they always pick up fragments of viruses, and they literally amplify them, they multiply them through different techniques in the laboratory to try and see if they could be alive, could it possibly indicate somewhere down the line a live virus. And every country's got different levels of measuring these fragments, you see, so they can get different results. It's useless for testing for that. Apart from the fact, you're always breathing in viruses. It's like with Covid, folk didn't die until you heard of Covid. Suddenly death is happening. But they don't tell you that the same numbers, or maybe even more at times, have died every winter from the flu and the cold.  And it's the elderly that are more vulnerable always too, or folks who are compromised with lung diseases and so on. That's just the way it is. It's always been that way.


There's many, there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of viruses out there, all the time, that your body fights off.  And you know, you don't always have the antibodies to them because after a while, I mean, certain T cells actually have memories, it's almost like a blueprint, they know how to remanufacture the particular antibody if that thing came back. That's how it works, you see. Otherwise with so many viruses out there, you know, and lots of coronavirus types including the common cold as well, with all of them out there your body would, you'd be dead, again with cytokine storms all the time.  In fact, there'd be more antibodies to everything that you've had in your lifetime, and didn't know you had, never gave you problems, you fought it off without you even knowing, that's how, a good immune system.  But your antibodies, there'd be more antibodies than you'd have red blood cells! [Alan laughing.] It's as simple as that. So your body is a great machine. It can actually stop overproducing them when it's not sensing in their environment the same stimulants from a particular virus so it will switch it off for a while, but it's still got the blueprint how to manufacture it should it come along. That's normal.


So you read bits and pieces of these things coming out of the different medical journals, and it's printed in the papers, and they're very selective not to tell you that your body, and they'll say, oh, you know the...  And it was interesting, even Fauci said, oh, there's no guarantee that your own immune system is going to create antibodies that will last very long. Well, the same with the vaccination, why do you think they give you the flu shots every year?  [Alan laughing.]  So this is the jokes with all these things.


But they know darn well that, you understand, think back to this, what they call the Spanish flu. Think back to the articles you read about it, at least, and there's lots of documentaries about it.  Never mind the living conditions of the time. Never mind the fact that lots of them were in the Army at the time during World War I, which was a horrible system where folk died in World War I of disease probably more than anything else, in the trenches for years for goodness sake. A lot of them didn't even get home even for a leave in four years, in Britain. Terrible climate as well and terrible winters. Mud and all that.  Uuugghhh. Malnutrition, yada, ya.


But yeah, how come the whole planet didn't die off of the Spanish flu? Without a vaccination?  Hm?  [Alan chuckles.] Well naturally they develop antibodies and the folk who produced antibodies threw it off. A lot of folk, again, didn't show symptoms of it. That's standard stuff. Certain folk might be more prone, it could either hit you, or the older folk, this is how viruses work. But it also depends on times and conditions, eh.  And when you have malnutrition in societies like you still did in World War I, they had rationing going on in European countries, and then you get hit with something… AND that included coal shortages, a lot of coal was going off to the war effort for factories for munitions and for heating, you know, and powering the machinery, the steam.  Also for the navies, massive navies.  So there's less and less of coal, right, so coal was rationed for domestic use.


So you put these things together and you get a lot of other problems, eh.  Including, don't forget too, a lot of folk were dying of flus and things, other flus. And the common cold.  And all the other kinds of viral upper respiratory diseases. But facts are, facts get in the way again, you see. Facts are just a darn nuisance when you've got a very poor sci-fi to produce and display to the public, to put on display, and convince the public to give up all their rights and freedoms, and put your whole faith, your whole future, or non-future because you might die of the vaccination, some of folk they said might die, and you can’t sue anybody if you get sick because of it because they’ve passed the laws that they get immunity for giving it, the vaccine companies that is and also the folk who are going to stick it in you, as a pincushion, and get paid for doing it. They're not doing it for free, hhhch.


So yeah, you understand you can't, that's, you're supposed to just accept on faith and accept, well I might die of this.  How do you feel at the moment? I feel fine.  Do you feel sick? No, no, I'm not sick at all. Well, take this shot anyway and if you die at least you made your decision to take it. And that's it. That's a contract right there actually.


That's how they're putting it across to you. If they even give you, they're supposed to give you, get informed consent before they do any medical procedure on you. That's a medical procedure actually, it's still invasive, eh, sticking something in you. They want you to forget all that and just give up all your right up, to even your own life, to the system and science and corporations that are behind it all. They want to terrify you so much that you just throw you're hands in the air and say, for goodness sake, go on with it then. Then they'll tell you, well this is only the first one of the series of them. Oh.


Now last week, last week I think it was, before, I read the articles again in the mainstream newspapers, that were the people who were getting tested with it. Getting you ready for getting sick by the way. Because as I say, with the first one, said so and so, the test subject, it wasn't so bad, a bit of a sore arm, you know, stiff and sore. It's the second one, this woman said, that it might floor you for a day or two, so you might have to go off work.  Well, you won't have to borrow work, you won't have any work anyway, we're all going bankrupt. But yeah, you might have to take days off. Well, something that's going to put you on your back for a couple of days IS doing you harm.


You have to... DO NO HARM is the first rule in the old Hippocratic oath that they used to take. Do no harm. Someone who is going to get floored on their back, who was healthy before by the way, and is going to get put on their back for at least a couple of days, I'd say that's doing them harm. Never mind the fact you don't have long-term studies.  There's even articles I'll touch on today where they want their right to put through the vaccinations that they say might have been rushed through initial testing, but they want to put them through, out there without you even getting licensed by the government. You see, no one wants to touch this and get, in case somehow, like some miracle, there could be lawsuits down the road regardless of what they've signed onto.


So what's the game here?  Hm?  Well, the game is something I did talks on years ago, that they are now calling the immunity passport. [Alan chuckles.]  They wanted everyone electronically to have electronic surveillance, from the United Nations, WHO and so on, and some way of registering vaccinations. Not just the occasional thing that you would volunteer for and say okay, you know. But ALL vaccinations that were on the books already, and boosters, annual boosters for everything and so on and so on. 


You see, again, we are the business.  I don't care what excuse... WE are a business.  When folk are becoming multibillionaires off you, that's called a business, you see. And when you exploit the public to get the business, then, hhhch, you are exploitative, and you are also rather evil.  And when your governments are in bed with them, that's called fascism, folks, where you must take this company's product, even if it's going to harm you. Simple as that.


We've all went through the whole admissions, which I'll touch on again, from the health authorities in the summer where they had to backtrack on all the Covid deaths as they called them, that were to terrify you, and reduce them by 90, was it 96%!  [Alan chuckles.] They were padding everything, for deaths. No matter what you died of it was Covid. And Covid, this wishy-washy particle test, little bits and pieces of a possible virus, that doesn't mean you've got it.  It doesn't even mean you've had it. If you had that in you're nostrils, then regardless of what killed you, even accidents on the road, they put you down as a Covid death.  So they did, a lot of them did retract that. Officially. And by a massive sum, massive sum.  When they go to such lengths to lie to you, why would you go right back to square one where the bogeyman is again, eh?  Is this because it's Halloween?  [Alan's voice is very deep and gravelly.] Woooo, be VERY, VERY afraid, children, I want to drink your blood. And they're right back to square one again with the same stuff, waving the hands, terrifying you.  Same stuff.


When do you want to start trusting the same liars, who were shown to be liars, come the summer with the admissions? But they're right back at it again. And they'll keep at it, they won't give up. And don't forget with their tiered lockdown system from Event 201, and also the Lockstep 2010, and all the other admissions that have come out since from the different organizations working towards this agenda. Do you really think these folk are going to give up? They're not going to give up. It's a world agenda to bring the whole world under a new form of RULERship. Rulership is not government. It's rulership.  They might use governance.  It's rulership, rulership by themselves, and corporations.


What is it Quigley said?  He was all for the agenda, the man who taught the State Department employees in the US, he taught them, generations of them, that ran everything. That's the most important part in the US government, the State Department. They dish out the billions across the planet and decide, it's all private business and corporations and so on and who gets what taxpayer money thrown out to what nation or whatever. All that stuff, you know, who's going to get rich.  All these new characters that are brought into it suddenly are billionaires a lot of them, or their friends are, or their families become. It's soo incredibly corrupt. But really, it's not corrupt because corruption would infer that it's illegal. But it's not illegal. That's just it.  We live in an incredible fiction of reality, the one they've drafted up for us, you see, and indoctrinated into us.


People have forgotten the joking, I call them jokes for inquiries that they had after 2007/8 supposedly, it was a little reset then too, a little collapse, planned collapse. The heads of the Federal Reserve there and so on, was it Bernanke, there were different ones there, an inquiry and they made it quite plain that they couldn't be prosecuted for what they did and that their system, the Federal Reserve system was a separate body from the US government that could not have any penalties levied against them. 


It's astonishing. And folk think it's federal and it's part of...  No, no.  Nope.  All government sections that used to run the countries have privatized, they privatized whole areas long, long ago and farmed it out to private agencies. Again, parts of the fascistic system, you see. That way you can’t challenge anything. Oh, that used to be what government, we used to deal with that part of society, but it's nothing to do with us now so you can't sue us, it's owned by a private company, they do it all for us.


That's how... public-private partnerships.  Well, if you're a member of the public do you get a say in the, hhhch, that you're signed on, or even complain that you're signed onto these partnerships? Have you ever seen anything? …any questionnaire asking you for your permission on anything? No.  Terminology is so important because that's how they get everything that they want done. By the use of words. Very important, words, aren't they? George Orwell had it in 1984, words, very important the use of words, and these things called words when he was sitting in the cafeteria.  Someone who worked in the dictionary next to him came in and they have a little conversation. Oh, you’re working on the latest version so-and-so of the dictionary. Oh yes.  He said, did you know that the dictionary used to be, and he put his hands out and he showed him something about this size, about 3 inches or 4 inches.  And he says, last year was down to, and shows you, it was something down to about an inch. And he says, but this year it's down to about 1/4 inch. He said, really brother, wow.  Because once again, Orwell shows you that this surrealistic system that you're in, they're into, where you have to literally warp your own brain and go through an act of madness to accept it all. Or be discovered that you're still sane.  So they say at the table, oh, I see, brother.


So the words are becoming minimalistic, fewer and fewer words.  So when eventually you get to a stage where for if you were subversive, a terrorist, I'm talking about like with wrong-think or own-think and so on, they have all these different terms, which they’re coming out with now, they're using them quite openly now, aren't they? You got vaccine hesitancy now.  Hhhhh!  And they've got agencies employed to overcome your personal, YOU, your vaccine hesitancy.  It used to be called your choice. No, you're hesitant.  Hmmmm. 


So at the table he says, I see, brother. So when there's no more words to express your discontent, or even organize to fight and become terrorists, then the terrorism will be obsolete, it couldn't happen because you can't convey the thoughts. Precisely, brother.  And that's where you're going, folks. Linguistic minimalism. And they then implant all these new words.  Have you noticed how it's just a whole barrage of new terms come out recently? I don't even bother trying to find out what they are anymore. I don't care. I don't need to lose my sanity. War. Complete war on everything including vocabulary. It's really interesting.


Before I go, for this part, I'll just mentioned you should go into I always say the same talk. Don't just dismiss it or turn off your ears. Because it's all coming down very quickly.  If you can't find my talks, I get suddenly cut off or whatever, go into  Look at all my official sites which are listed there. Copy that, take a note of it so that if one goes down hopefully you can still get me on another one. These are all my official sites. Other sites will use my talks out there, and as long as they don't change anything, you know, they can use them. But my official ones are my .com site and my official, every one is an official site on the .com site that's listed there. Make a note of it. It's awfully important because they're going to, under the different stage 2, 3, 4 and 5 tier lockdowns and so on, they also upped the ante against going after folk who won't agree with it. They call them social influencers.


A social influencer is someone that collects facts and has got the ability to put them across to people. That's a dangerous thing in this day and age.  So they're at war with you. They're at war with you. Make no mistake, this is war, total war on the whole population, even the ones who don't know what's going on, they've got a war against them to bring in a new system which they must give obeyance to. A system that they talked about for years trying to get you to deindustrialized totally, going back to a preindustrial age where folk died of all kinds of pneumonias because they couldn't even heat themselves nevermind have decent nourishment and so on. 


It's all to come back, you see. Under necessity.  There's too many of you.  Too many of you. Even though all the European countries were diminishing in populations.  They weren't ever that high to be honest with you compared to other nations.  But they were good, the people were good, and they listen to their betters that said, that's okay, two to a family, you know, and that will be just replacement rate and no more. You start getting one to a family and then you are below replacement. But even so, it's not overpopulation. In fact, if you were to meet the targets they wanted you to meet in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60, 70s and 80s, you'd done awfully well, you were good citizens, you see. 


But then they flood your countries with mass migration from countries that have never heard of minimalistic families, that no one had told them to cut back on population, so they'll still breed and so on.  Then they turn around, oh there's too many of you now.  Well, what’s it supposed to be? You're being good and you're not having as many children.  Well, now that's bad now.  It's bad for you because you'll die off.  [Alan chuckles.] But there you go, you can't, you see, it's not meant that you satisfy your owners.


It's what's being planned for the world and certain groups especially had to be completely eradicated. I was thinking of that today. I was looking at the articles in Ireland and Scotland and I thought, how come countries that literally had genocides carried out on them, and they were planned genocides, let's make no bones about that, you know.  That you'd think, and again it shows you how the great work that was done on them to make them all forget, and by again, faked history and all the rest of it and it was potatoes that killed you off, bad potatoes, bad spuds and stuff like that, you know. But that was planned genocide.


Yeah, people used to say to me, the Highlands are so beautiful in Scotland, you know, soo beautiful. And I'd say yeah, you can go there, and you see these wild mountains and valleys.  Beautiful. A good day is when it's not pouring rain.  It's beautiful empty places.  But it's a tremendous feeling of sadness there, if you’re Scott, at least for me anyway.  I used to tell the tourists, yeah, it's hard to imagine, millions of people used to live all in those places. What happened to them? Well, they were slaughtered. Slaughtered and starved. And deported across the world to other nations, to build it up, for Britain, for the UK, the British Empire.


So bad too that when you read the historian and author John Prebble wrote some good books on the Highland clearances. I think one of them is called The Highland Clearances.  The Lion in the North was another one, and Culloden I think perhaps too.  He was a historian also for the British war association basically, the military association, the Department of Defense basically, so he knew his stuff. He went into the histories of what happened.  And had access to it too because there's so much they don't tell the public when it comes to planned slaughter. So he put some good information out there, enough that he was allowed to put out, put it that way. 


He talks about the rebellion in 1745, the uprising as they call it, which ended in Culloden in 1746. But the clearances itself went on for years after that.  There was a rampage just to go out and try hunt down everybody, hhhch, across the entire Highland region of Scotland. They wiped out so many families. Some of the soldiers, as I've mentioned before, did write about it when they went back home to England, and to the southern Scotland, a lot of them were southern Scottish too in the southern regiments. They talked about the atrocities that they had seen and maybe even participated in too. 


I've seen that, the originals, that were documentation that used to be in Inverness, and obviously ones in London as well.  But the plan was to get rid of them, literally, put everybody to the sword, you know, man, woman and child. Anybody who was suspected... just the fact they lived in the Highlands after a revolution, where a small part of them joined the revolution for the then Prince Charles Stuart, a small part really joined it, a very small, compared to the rest of the population. It didn't matter, they also wanted to get rid of these upstarts. Because the Scots had a habit of saying no to things, you know.  That's a darn nuisance, that, when you've got folks that just put their feet in and say, I'm not going to do that, no way.


Tyrants hate that kind of attitude.  The disobedience is just awful. So, they got rid of them. They sent the troops after the battle of Culloden after them and they went through the Highlands with complete impunity. The same kind of impunity you're going to get for damage you caused or death due to giving folk vaccines, complete immunity from prosecution or anything else. So they sent the military loose on them. There were no tribunals. There was no lists, grabbing folk, yeah, oh, they had them too.  But for the rest of the population, they went through the Highlands, and if you spoke your language, Gaelic, hhhch, that was enough to get you killed. Men, women and children. And some of the troops were in the British Army, they'd write about it later, absolutely horrific things they witnessed.


So yeah, beautiful place, and you've got to realize that millions of folk used to live there, and there would be a lot more in this day and age if they hadn't been wiped out. Other ones were put into ships when they had the clearances, once the world started to get a whiff of this genocide going on, they said, oh, we’re sending them off to other colonies, eh, for part of the British Empire. So then they started getting old, and they've got records of the old ships that were scheduled for being destroyed because they were sinking.  Hhhch.  Old, old ships, old wooden ships, and they put a lot of these folk on it, by force, at bayonet point, on the West Coast supposedly to go to Canada, America as they called it then.  The relatives, the records are all there in the museums, of relatives watching them, these boats go off, and they were sinking before they hit the horizon, they were already sunk and the folk were drowned.  Boat after boat after boat after boat. As they knew they would sink. That's how you get rid of people. Yep.


So yeah, you think about Scotland and Ireland, and I say how, they're getting the worst of the lockdowns. They've got these tyrants that are now... They came out supposedly to get their independence, hhhch, then they end up under the European Union and a worse tyranny. But they also ended up really with a communistic kind of government running them.  Don't forget, in other words they want, communism is a front, it always was a front for something else to dominate you. But also for technocracy, the same groups that they say efficiency is run by experts, society has got to be efficient, you can't have this rights thing, that's a nuisance, that slows down progress, you know. We want to put roads through here, roads, and move folk from here over to there and... that's progress. You know, having to butter up the people to, eh, it's just too slow and cumbersome. The actually said that at the Club of Rome, hhhch, Maggie Thatcher said that she when she joined the technocratic groups actually after retirement.  She says, we can get things done without having to go through public process, or public ridicule.  Or opposition. 


So yeah, as I say, Buy the books and discs, or straight donations are really welcome. Because it does cost a lot to keep things just ticking along here and I want to maybe, if I can, do a lot more, get good equipment and get better Internet access. Because I'm getting hammered.  I'm in the country and I get hammered through satellite. Because they've got opposition and yeah, they'll just start slowing it at the right time. During the day it slows like crazy. It's not cheap either by the way. And I could never use my maximum quota because I never get the speed to use it all anyway. You can see them slowing it down. Unless you stay up after midnight. So it's good for business sense like Bernays said that, rather than give the customer good products, change the customer to suit your product. And that's what they do on the Internet.  And under the Covid guise especially, they're doing, oh well, you know, it's Covid slowing you down. They actually said that to me when I complained, Covid, it's Covid that's doing it.  I thought, oh really, Covid's in the satellite, oh well, maybe the satellite caught it. It's got nothing to do with reality. They're bringing more and more customers on it too, to a certain amount of bandwidth, so that using the Bernays techniques, just change a lot of them that are existing, during the Covid lockdowns, to stay up all night so they can get some speed. This is how they do it. This is the, you know, society is so corrupt. That's called smart marketing, eh, smart business.  Being corrupt is smart business, not serving the public by fulfilling the obligations that you're tied into.


So go into, send a few bucks my way. PayPal is fine. Cash is fine. Personal checks is fine. And Money Gram still works too. Hopefully we can get things to tick along a bit longer as we go through the biggest changes of your lives, folks. This is it. This is something that I was waiting for, for years, I knew it would happen.  And here it is. It isn't, there's nothing that's getting pushed through that they didn't try to get pushed through using climate change. Which again was a front for complete sustainability, cutbacks and everything, postconsumer society. 


Again, with Agenda 21.  Everything is the agenda for the 21st century. Every part of it, right down to the abolition of private vehicles eventually. You'll go through the electric phase but there will be the abolition of vehicles permanently, unless it's for essential vehicles only. That's actually, here's that essential again, eh, they're using it under Covid, essential vehicles only. Which meant really fire, ambulance and police you see. Because you won't need it in your smart cities, eh.  You won't need to go anywhere unless you've got a bike.  So that means all the older folk, or folk who've got arthritis, well, forget them, you know, they're just written off, you know, they're disposable.


You are in a ruthless system. That's what Bertrand Russell said.  He was all for it, the scientific tyranny.  He knew it would be a, he knew it would be merciless, he said that, scientific tyranny, but he was all for it, as opposed to any other kind of tyranny, he said, I hope it will be a scientific one. Yep.  He's also the guy who's famous for calling folk useless eaters.  N-n-n.


But yeah, we're living through amazing times.  So again, send a few bucks my way and we'll see what we can do. Because this, this is to change everything. This is to be the most momentous event, I would say more momentous actually with the long-term plans that have to come, to be implemented.  The fact that they were planning this before World War I and II a lot of them when you read their books, hhhch, in the proper societies that run the world. But the most momentous thing in hundreds of years.


When you look at the World Economic Forum and again, another organization that we don't get to vote for, if you accept it at all and you go along with its agenda you're bowing to fascism.  The top corporations and banks on the planet, that have their CEOs there, eh? And they don't believe in democracy. They are all for the function... You see, this is where you, as you’re getting entertained to death, I used to give talks on being entertained to death years ago, years and years ago, and how you don't know, you're being entertained but you also are being programmed through all the entertainment. But you will be entertained to death. All the thoughts that you could have had for yourself that originated in your own mind and the pathways that your mind could run down with your own thoughts, that would have developed and expanded your horizons and your thinking, and it's, I'm so sad that those years are gone, you'll never get them back again. 


But you'll mention all the, you'll remember all the series that you watched, and dramas, all the way back to, was it The Rifleman they had in the States, I think. Wells Fargo, hm, The Lone Ranger. Then getting worse and worse up to the different moonshine epi.. was it those guys that did the moonshine things, that wear tight, tight pants until... I think they could sing soprano.  The Dukes of Hazard. The immature silliness of the Dukes of Hazard that you're fed this with what they called entertainment which has kept you infantile, noninvolved. You had all these different things that addicted the youngsters to watch, you know, which also programmed them. But it's like Lala your life away, that's how I used to think of it, Lala your life away.  That's part of the intention of it. But no, you never get years back.


Don't forget, you develop as a person through your own thinking.  It doesn't mean that everything's original, you take in information from books and what you can glean for yourself, if you're on a quest you might say, an interest in something. But just sitting back with your, you know, and people zonk out in front of television after work, it's understandable, the mouth is open and the eyes just, and getting programmed with mainly nonsense, because it's just rubbish [Alan chuckles.] that would probably do more harm than good if you were to even try and copy the fantasies.  But that's how you're programmed.  At the same time it keeps you off the streets. It stops you from complaining about your life.


And there's no doubt about it, you know, at a certain age all youngsters, they know this in psychodynamics, and they go through different milestones of development on children up to adulthood.  They know exactly the years, the time spans where different things happen, certain phases you go through, and it's just like clockwork, it just happens, you see. Some cultures are awfully good at managing it, so it doesn't destroy the culture as the youth go through these phases. Other ones become relaxed and the ones that become relaxed eventually get destroyed because the culture is weaponized, and they don't know it. Neither did the youngsters themselves who often really think they're doing it all themselves, that it's a revolution for this, it's a music revolution.  It's a pop revolution. It's a cultural revolution.  It's a sexual revolution. They're giving the word, don't just brush off the idea of revolution. It's part, most revolutions are bloodless remember, or fairly bloodless, but they're meant to alter society. They're planned that way, it doesn't, they never happened by themselves. 


A revolution is always planned. They're very important, again, this Gramsci type technique that the communists use, the front group communism. And that's the beauty of communism, it can take so many different guises or covers or names, that folk don't recognize it for what it really is behind the mask. That's why it always used front groups in the West, when it was the old Soviet type system.  At least that's how it was given to the public, because it wasn't really Soviet, but it was a Soviet type era communism they would push.  They had churches and everybody signing on to it because they'd all, they all have do-good type agendas, you see. Do you believe in...?  Yeah.  You think that's right or wrong? Oh, that's not right, no. Sign this. And they would sign on and become a national front for this, that or whatever. That's how you get the changes made, you see, they only read the propaganda that's dished out to them through handouts or newspapers, the selected, purpose-made newspapers, every month or so. You change society bit by bit by bit. Massive warfare programs really done under a more peaceable normalistic guise.  That's how it seems so innocuous and harmless.  And that's how they succeed. That's how it succeeds.


So yeah, you're always going through different parts of revolutions, and they know exactly the age groups to hit the young with, you see, and use that energy and that dissatisfaction. Youngsters... we've all been there.  You really think, well, unless you've been created by something else.  Hhhch, but most of us have been there, and you think that there's got to be more to it all than this, you know! Because you don't realize your metabolism itself is kind of wired, without drugs, and you, what else can I do today? And days are a bit longer, you see, have you noticed that, when you're younger your days are... You're fascinated, God, I did all this today, when I was seven, you know, and I went here and went there and climbed this tree and all the rest of it, and jumped over that little berm, that stream.  You come back home, and you had done a whole host of things, you know, eventually get something to eat and you'd conk out in a chair, that was it till the next day. That's fantastic sleep you'd have. 


But you'd seem to have days would stretch, if someone had a watch, you'd say what time is it? And you'd swear an hour or two had passed, and only about 15 minutes had passed, you see. Because your mind is so occupied with so much.  As you get older you've seen all the rotten movies a thousand times.  And your life is boring. And you have nothing more to look forward to, to an extent. You've seen all the cons from politics. You've seen the corruption in politics, the corruption in businesses, corruption in everything and you're a bit jaded, you see, so time can kind of, it seems to go pretty fast and because nothing interests you anymore.  For most folk unfortunately, they lose interest in things. And that's pretty sad. Because it really needn't be that way, if you had a real decent system to live in.


But getting back to the Irish and the Scots as an example, you see, they were slated for extinction pretty well long ago, at the end of the rebellion in Scotland in 1745 where they were trying to get the Stuarts back on the throne, you see, instead of this Germanic, they call them the Germanic line that came into Britain.  That yeah, there was a massive genocide on the Highlanders. The memory is still there today, at least it was through, up until, oh, I went through there in maybe the 70s and back again in the 80s later on for a couple of years. But just going through it and talking to folks that knew, and families in the north into the west, they, ah, the memories were there, a lot of them.


A lot of them had family memories of it too.  And other places as well, you had whole, whole villages just wiped out, you know, they'd bring them to the ground, under the guise of replacing people with sheep. That was another thing they did too, this new economy would be not clans anymore, you are replaced with sheep.  The lords pretty well all went along with it, this feudalistic system of lords, as they wiped out the clans and the clan chiefs, you see.


That's the sadness.  You see, saddness is in, you go to places where there had been big battles, and horrific slaughters happened. You find, I do, I sense these things. You can actually go in certain places that you never knew battles took place, then you feel it, but you just know it, and then you go and check it up. And sure enough, you'd be right enough.  It's almost like an imprint of something is in the space there, it's there, you know, and the horror of it all too.


When they, I think they had an episode of Star Trek many years ago, where again you had lots of your programming from, actually for the multicultural society, the quest went for free trade across the universe, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  But yeah, you had one episode where I think it was Spock sensed a ship that had suddenly just got wiped out, and he felt, they felt the immed... the annihilation, the nonexistence and, you know, bomff, instantly, of all these people who'd just suddenly gone.  That's pretty well what it's like too, I think, with horror and genocide and slaughter, these things stick with you, you know.


But yeah, you've got lovely places and lovely glens, and nothing left, no houses left standing, they were burned out.  The people in them too were often burned, you know, that was the way of it.  Beautiful.  Um, the first country that brought democracy is this, you know, this Britain idea, this UK idea, and yeah, champion of the peoples. 


Wolfe was there too.  Wolfe was a lieutenant, or a captain I think, at Culloden on the British side. He did write about it in his memoirs.  Again, they always admire the bravery of folk who are, again, this resolute idea when you're set to go into battle and take the consequences that it was going to hurt, and this is death, and you all know it, you know. Just like today, the forces of dominance over the planet are going to destroy are set in determination, this resolute, they won't back down.  Come hell or high water, and total slaughter amongst the people or starvation, they're going to go through with this agenda, folks.


Back to Culloden and the Highlands. The folk literally, hhhch, today probably have forgotten most of it, what really did happen. Wolfe himself did talk about that they did slaughter the wounded on the battlefield. They tossed them into graves, they were still alive a lot of them.  They went after the families, even in places like neighboring places like Inverness, anybody who they fought and they found in the battlefield they would go after, they would track down their families and so on and slaughter them as well.  Right across North and East to West.  It went on for years.  No courts for all of that.


If it hadn't been so successful in wiping out the memories of all of that, then perhaps you would have had a more prosperous and decent real system belonging to those countries, Scotland and Ireland, you know. Real system, not this pseudo-communistic technocratic system where literally, in they come, hhhch, and they're opening their borders for... Why would you fight for nationalism and your peoples and your histories, and then open your borders to eliminate the people in the country? It's another form of genocide. It is.


The UN had to admit that too by the way, that part of, one of the definitions of genocide is the eradication of the domestic peoples in their own countries by promoting other languages, as an example, or even forbidding the languages. Well, Gaelic was forbidden for years in Scotland. You know, that goes under genocide too. You couldn't wear a tartan, your local tribe, clan, or area, that's where it all came from, your local area's tartan, you couldn't wear it, or it was an instant execution. No trial again. Execution if you wore a tartan.  And spoke Gaelic.


Now, once again, the people who run [Alan chuckles.] the Bank of England [Alan chuckles.]  and so on, [Alan chuckles.]  they don't waste anything. What is it you hear in the CFR and all these different groups? I can remember when 9/11 happened and one of the CFR members came on and said, how can we use this disaster to our advantage? The CFR remember, I have it written down who he is too, it's on the tip of my tongue. That's how they've always been. They don't see things the way you do.  They see everything as an opportunity.  So they forbid the people to speak their own language, Gaelic, you know, as a step to total deculturalization and annihilation, apart from slaughtering them too.  And forbidden from wearing their tartans, on pain of death, you know.  Except for the young guys, except if you would sign onto the British army and get sent off to where Britain is conquering other nations, you could talk Gaelic then and wear your tartans.  Never allow a good opportunity to go to waste, eh?


So Wolfe mentioned that too, because eventually he took a bunch of them over to Québec, over to Canada, and fight the French at the time. That was the whole idea, Britain was fighting to control the whole Americas at the time, or the North Americas as they called it at that time. But Wolfe mentioned it too and he says that, he said regiment after regiment to hit the heights of, was at the height of Abram, I think it was Abram, they call that place over there in Québec, where the French were embedded, you see.  Eventually they let lose the ones who won the battle, they let lose the Fraser Highlanders that were the remnants of one of the clans that got slaughtered at Culloden.  They'd signed up to keep their heritage, and they were promised to be able to send for wives and so on if they fought. Of course they lied and all that too.  But he said they went up on, this is like more modern warfare really, but they still went into battle with the sword and shield and the battle-axe, you know.  He wrote quite a good description of it.  And they won, you know. You're awful useful if you're, and that's all Scotland had since then was this strange pride, worked on tremendously by London, as being, you know, warriors basically.  Use the warriors for their purpose, but not for Scotland, and personally you got nothing out of it.


But that's what young guys would be, all you can be, and be somebody.  And you know, still to this day a lot of them still join up to be somebodies.  And this is the age of mercenaries now, we don't really have, especially since the Cold War ended you don't really have other reasons for going into other countries. Forget all this pretense that you're some kind of modern social worker because you have blue caps on for the UN or NATO. You know, you go in with grenades and firearms, you're still a soldier.  A peacekeeper, sorry, they call them peacekeeper. You don't go to war, you go to peace, you keep the peace. You don't invade countries, you go in to keep the peace. Doublespeak, eh?


But anyway, yeah, that's what happened, as I say. So it's so sad to watch countries that really did, and it's documented genocide, you know, documented, literally end up being initially socialistic.  Because they're in such dire straits, after two world wars, a depression… World War I, a depression, into World War II, and after that just utterly devastated and broke.  So you end up with this kind of socialistic kind of system that initially seems to work for you.  You do get something for you and make sure you get something back for all the pain you've endured, for centuries. And before you know it, you're dominated by folk who have a different idea of democracies.


Forget democracy and socialism, it doesn't go together, in socialism. It's an excuse to dominate and rule efficiently under technocracy. Which is just on behalf of those who already own you. Under the modern system you've got to understand you have to have a purpose.  Battles, you had battles before going all the way back, not just to Hume and other ones too, philosophers and, but long before that was the purpose of people. Right into World War II even Germany, they had debates at the time, do we, are the people there to serve the corporations and the economy, or is the economy there to serve the people? That's still going on today. It's actually over, according to all those who rule you at the moment.  You're supposed to serve the corporations. That's why you're supposed take vaccinations when the corporations make them. You've got to take their products, as an example, and do what you're told.


You keep getting fewer and fewer choices on everything. I said this before, you have these signs and symptoms, it's like disease, there's signs and symptoms of disease. That's how you can often identify what's wrong. It's the same thing with society. Signs and symptoms, eh.  And when your choices are getting taken away from you, bit by bit, and you say, well that's okay, I don't, I don't care, I'm not driving much now, I don't really need gasoline, you know, petrol.  But wait a minute.  Your transportation that brings you your food, the trains are run by diesel and bring you your food and all the goods that you need are all transported with this.  So you'd better start caring. It doesn't matter if you use this thing or not, you are using it, at least these goods brought to you certainly are using them.


Don't you start to get it? So you shouldn't be against something that's vital to your own survival or the survival of others.  Then you start saying, oh you know, and I laughed too, with inflation, this creeping, creeping inflation. They always show you the cost, when you're reading old the books and so on, they'll tell you about, what a 1,000,000 pounds could buy you in 1900, is probably about, I don't know, about 100,000,000 today with inflation and devaluation of the dollar and pound and so on. But yeah, you just think about it. It's incredible what you could get for even, like a few hundred pounds a hundred years ago, where you could maybe buy a brand-new car for 400 back in the 1930s  or whatever it was. But the fact is, it's devalued, and you adapt, and you adapt, and you adapt and adapt. So much so, and this is part of the reason the con men do it too, oh you know, the public are noticing, eventually they'll need like big satchels or sacks on their backs for cash.  Because the same things they're buying, it takes more and more and more money, so you either wear out your pant pockets with coin, or, they give you paper. That's one of the reasons the paper came out too.  It wasn't just the fact that there's nothing backing it, or you wouldn't think, you wouldn't know, you couldn't prove someone was backing it even when it used to be.


But yeah, when they first did away with the physical pound, or a sovereign, you know, or a physical one, then they came out with banknotes. You see it in the old Sherlock Holmes movies and so on, they try to be original to the time period and so on, and you'll see a pound note, or a 5 pounds note, and they'll pull out this big, gigantic wallet, you know, they had special pockets made for their wallets inside their coats. The pound note was almost a foot long.  Hhhch.  It looked impressive, you see, that was the idea.  Well, it's not gold or silver but it's, pah, look at that!  You know, that's, wow!  And then they got smaller and smaller, even with that. Because as they get smaller, it's showing you the currency is worth less and less and less as well.


Even today if you go shopping for food for a month, just the once a month, you would need a big fat thick wallet to hold all the paper or plastic money they're using.  The plastic notes, they have that in Canada. So for most folk they've taken it now, well yes, it's much simpler to have digital money, and let the companies take it off for you. Completely forgetting that during Great Depression's, in fact in 2007/8, the banks can freeze your assets, they can freeze your money, they can freeze their bank machines, today, and you have nothing left to use.  You should always have choices.


The choices are not getting eliminated for your benefit. It's for a desired outcome. Again, under the great reset there's to be a totally digital surveilled economy.  Yeah.  Right down to, they already, remember we tried, they've even done that to an extent with yard sales you'd have in the summer. You have little balloons and signs saying yard sale at the weekend. They'd even start eliminating the yard sales with inspectors for an underground economy.  Or someone just selling off some junk maybe once a summer, they might get 20 bucks or 30 bucks for the junk, but the government wants its cut off that. You see, you own nothing. Even when it's used, hhhch, you own nothing.


In crown lands under the British system, I think they owned, what was it, 4 inches of your topsoil supposedly is yours, everything below it, if they discover anything, is owned by the Crown.  Yep.   Was it Egypt, you look at the old declarations from Egypt, the praises they sung to the gods.  The gods were the pharaohs and their families, eh. Nothing's changed.  But they'd have these great prayers to them, you know, and they'd say things like, oh great Sun God so-and-so, Amenhotep the blah blah blah.  Now, that was the priest, but they'd pick a pharaoh, and they'd say he's a sun, he is a sun God, you see, and everything under the sun, in the air, on the ground, under the ground, in the water is owned, is his, everything is his, you see.


It's good to be a, have these ambitions to be a king... like a pharaoh, because the profits are pretty good, returns are good on your investment, if you can con the people to accept it. You always must make sure to you have an awfully good priestly class because the priestly class really, um... And again, the psychology that went into the priestly class in Egypt is fantastic when you look at the different sects that were authorized, you see. You had ones for women, making sure they're all on board with you, you know.  Because you gotta get groups that feel your pain, eh.  Then you have the ones, you'd even have priests, men priests that would be the priest of Isis, you see, and they'd castrate themselves.  So you had all kinds of priests that served different functions in society. They stood for certain things in society, like even the animal kingdom, the ones would have powers over this and powers over that. They had magicians too, eh, you find some of them talked about the magicians, they named certain ones. 


Amenhotep that they used in the movie The Mummy I think, was actually a real one, a real character, a well respected one.  Because they had a temple for him, and the stairs were worn right down so it was well, well frequented.  So he was definitely the go-to priest obviously, even after death... for favors in certain aspects that you wanted to happen. So, important stuff like that.


So yeah, the psychology is quite fascinating how you keep people obeying and accepting the system there. It really is fascinating. Right down to their descriptions of disaster. Because don't forget, we live in age and an era where most things are visual for people. Unfortunately so. They don't read so much. They can't get into a book and get into the world, where that book has such relevance to them, for the rest of their lives, by picturing things.  Your mind does expand when you are, again, getting back to Shakespearean plays, you're participating in the drama, you see. You might see something different in your own mind, slightly different from a person next to you.  That's the beauty of the variations, the varieties of the takes on any particular given product of entertainment back then. In the offerings, as they say.


But you've got to realize we're jaded. We're very much jaded. Right down to the youngsters today, they want Sci-Fi’s...  The old sci-fi movies with monsters in them, like prehistoric monsters, were, it was a profession that, it was a trade making those little monsters. They made them out of different, it's like kind of plasticines.  But they have to make the arms move a little bit and a little bit and little bits, like a frame-by-frame thing.  A lot of work in them. Some of them are really, really well done. That's all gone because of the computerization of things today, it's all done on the computer pretty well.  It's a shame in a sense.


Before that too, you didn't have it, you only had descriptions by good storytellers. The Greeks were good at storytelling of course, good orators. So you ended up with where you read the descriptions of horrors happening in Egypt, and they had horrors when again when pharaohs died as an example, or members of their family. But horrors too with droughts, when the droughts happened and the rains didn't come all the way from Uganda, the mountains of Uganda down the Nile, eh, then horrible things happened. And they had fantastic storage facilities underground for reservoirs and so on. They were not dumb people, believe you me. But they also had the occasional invasion. Don't forget too that they had an empire, so they did a lot of invading themselves. But when they had terrible invasions, they recorded everything. That's one good thing about them, they recorded so much. Literally written in stone, much like the covid agenda, you know, nothing's going to change it. And you…


For instance, when the Habiru came in and the sea peoples, the invasion that came into Egypt at one point, and they'd been speculating if they were driven in again through a famine time caused by droughts and so on. Because the climate's always changing, right.  It was changing before there were humans on the planet. But anyway, there was one scene where this enemy, and they were, and they hated these particular invaders that came in. They'd say they were the cruelest most evil people ever. They were not, they didn't go by any honor, decency, code or anything like that to the people they were conquering, the Egyptians. Some of the overseers in Egypt, one of the main ones in fact said that they tortured and then killed his sons in front of him, for delight. They also cut off the arms of the people and put them on, in carriages, and towed them around the city to terrify the people. A war of terror.  They understood terror, eh.


But hearing them describe it, they talked about things which really was a dramatic way at the time of getting a tremendous pain across, a point across, of horror and pain and loss, where they'd say that the sky was falling.  They're talking about you personally, when your whole world was falling apart and your family was dying and so on. So the stars falling out of the sky, the trembling of everything, something that you would imagine when, because your whole world is getting shattered, that's what they're telling you.  This is the descriptions that they used. It's really impressive to me how they put it across.


They're describing the same kind of thing the families, for instance, in Scotland, they were getting genocided indeed, were experiencing towards... Everything is coming, you can't, your whole lineage is coming to an end. Along with everyone you know. And you're waiting for God to intervene, it's not happening. Everything, this is like the scream of death, the final one, you know. The Egyptians portrayed it awfully well in their memoirs with individual families of what happened, you know, and the ground was trembling and, you know, stars were shaking in the sky and it was falling... Because they should be, you understand, they should be like that, that's how it should be.


It's the same thing I've often thought about with, I don't how I got on this subject at all, but I was thinking about when people die in your own, in YOUR life, you see. Or pets die, hm. How many of you have had an animal, a cat or a dog, and had to go to the vet and it dies?  The next thing you know you're walking the street or whatever and you had a tremendous... you've got that loss there.  Death is a loss, you know, be it a person or a pet or whatever. Tremendous loss. But if you go out there, people are just the same.  But inside you're feeling that same thing as the ancient Egyptians, the sky is falling, everything's shattered, everything's… Because it's in you, you see. But everybody around you is continuing in a way that perhaps you think to yourself they shouldn't be, you're trying to explain, it shouldn't be, something so important should stop the world for a little while, shouldn't it, that's what you think. That's what you feel. And people are nice enough but they're again, everything is impartial with them, that serve you or you buy something or whatever it happens to be. But you can't share your grief amongst them, and you wonder why normality is still continuing, you see.


This is why you can never let these things be dismissed and allow yourselves to be ruled by people who want us to be run like machines in technocracy. Where they're training you now that they want to put you down, oh sorry, it's assisted suicide, or euthanasia, if you become sick, you see, or a burden on society. Don't you feel guilty of being a burden to society? You're seeing that in the Covid thing. Bioethics groups are already out there, I put out their PDFs from the Rockefeller foundation as they're advising the government on how to cope with this, right down to bioethics, who should get medicines and who should not? Who's worth saving, who's not worth saving? Who's essential and who's not?


They want you all to accept it under this kind of a massive deadly plague.  They never stop, do they? And they can't stop now. Because evil and tyranny become far, far worse the closer they become to be discovered as to who they are and what they are and what they're doing. They have no option now but to go all the way and be ferocious about it. Because you would have to eventually go after them and arrest them for the worst crimes against humanity. With the WEF and the Club of Rome and all the other groups involved that we don't elect, that have decided that they have the right to run our lives, and that we exist in their system on their sufferance, as long as we've got a purpose that they need us for individually.  


Hhhch.  Oh, I wasn't at that, were you at that meeting? Did you sign away all your own ability to think and do for yourself? And let them rule your lives for you? Or take it away for that matter?  No.


So yep, you'd better start to understand what's going on here, the biggest evil event planned to be a worldwide war type scenario. It took years to plan. It took years to set up the right people across the board in politics and civil service, and so-called Ministers of Health and so on. They put them in the right place at the right time, all completely on board. They knew they would be. I'm sure they'll be well rewarded, all of them, for it. It took years to plan all this. But it also tells you, you see, the system that you were getting entertained with that kept you in Lala land, that gave you all of this, was already operating, like when you were in Lala land, and hhhch, they were keeping you kind of compliant back then.


And I suppose I'm talking about all of this tonight, because I don't really plan these talks, but during the day I noticed that Sean Connery was dead, eh?  90 years old. That was the whole idea, was James Bond movies, you see, James Bond and the waning British Empire that of course was relived again as long as James Bond was going across the world sorting it all out, eh? and doing amazing things, and always fighting and shooting and stuff like that. Completely different from general intelligence work which is pretty boring for most folk.


But it gives excitement to a lot of people's lives and so on that idea of it, of a Bond type character.  Of course with his little benefits like all these women that just went gaga and threw themselves at him, ttt, wherever he went, eh?  Immediately as well. Immediately. It's just astonishing that. Then you had all the good songs they put into it, like Shirley Bassey, eh.  Shirley Bassey, we used to call her Birley Shassey as children, eh. She would do these kind of little movements and as she sung. And she BELTED out the song, what a pair of lungs, eh!  Whoooof, she belted out these songs.  They were well suited to that movie, that was part of its enchantment.


But ordinary folk at the time, because it was pretty miserable when the movies came out for most folk with all the power cuts. They had power cuts in Britain then.  They had, again, back to austerity, eh, all the debts to pay from the world wars and stuff. So they let the working classes have a bit of escapism.  They would see places on the screen, these... and it was a big screen remember, that they couldn't imagine ever going to, hm, exotic places and having a great ole time to themselves. Of course it all happened inside a movie house.


So you had James Bond, that started off, it says, as a bricklayer in Scotland. Tried the Navy when he was young and got discharged after about three years because of an ulcer and things like that. He worked at different things. He was into the bodybuilding; he went into some of the competitions.  I think he was picked up by or spotted by, I think it says Mae West or something like that, one of these actresses, old actresses who put him forward for tests and for movies and stuff and that's how he got into it. So good for him, you know, because very few folk had that kind of chance to get out of the rut, as they say, in those particular days. He did okay for himself, that's for sure.


So he represented an era, a big, long era, right, during the same era that again the cultural wars and revolution that was going on. That was always part of the sexual revolution by the way, you know, for those who don't know it, and everybody enjoyed watching all these movies.  The gadgetry they had as well was awfully impressive. For youngsters, oh my, look at that, a little helicopter just comes out of a couple of boxes, you put it together and away you go. Awfully… It had a bit of everything for everybody, really. Then the music scene that also gave you the so-called British invasion of music into America. And it really wasn't just spontaneous. It wasn't like the Beatles, the four lads from Liverpool idea. They were a package, a created package by the big industry, the machinery that creates it all. And massive studio too they were put into.  Fantastic equipment, right at the birth really of stereo.  There was even argument at the top, well, not arguments, little snide comments from Mick Jagger at one point about, oh, stereo would never take off, because the Beatles were putting their stuff out on stereo, by Martin who was doing all their mixing and stuff from, with advanced equipment. But they were a product, the Beatles, the culmination of a massive enterprise really.


They gave you, and that's what's presented to the young as though that's the future, it’s an upbeat kind of thing. Even though your life was, could be pretty miserable if you were poor. Most youngsters were working class people who never really saw themselves or didn't know if they'd even get a job if they left school.  A lot of them were trained, I always said that the British working classes were trained to be working classes. They weren't given anything at school to make them think they could go into business for themselves, back in those days.


Britain did depend at that time on a big working-class, and then it had fallen apart after World War II obviously, and right through the 60s it was, they hadn't caught up with replacing work with anything. Then in the 70s they were deindustrializing and sending their businesses across the waters to the Far East.  That accelerated and accelerated up until the free trade deal with China, and then we all send our business over to China. We paid for it thanks to the same politicians and their families that are locking you down with Covid now.  [Alan chuckles.]  They'll vote them in again, eh, vote 'em in and they'll do great, if you just vote them in again, and then they'll finish you off completely.


But no, you never really had a, I don't know if it's a generation, I've said this, especially in Britain, I don't think there's been a generation that had peace from war, or the threat of war, or bankruptcies and bank collapses, they don't give you peace in a single generation. They don't. They really don't. They keep you on your toes all the time. That's part of controlling folk. It makes them obey you more when they think, when they're terrified of some disaster happening, or war or whatever, so there's always the government says, we're always here to help you.  That's the idea.


World War I changed society. All sides.  Like Quigley said and other professors have said that too, that it's not meant to just, it's great to see even how they word this. It's not meant just to conquer an enemy, you see, it's also meant to change the cultures on all participating sides. So, everybody ends up changed, you see, from war.  And it's planned change.  Someone else benefits from it, and it's planned that way too, and directed.  Just like all cultural changes, people are going to profit from it, and they do, they've planned in advance who will get in, hhhch, who's wise enough to know that's what you're supposed to do.


Most of the folk going through it, it never dawns on them that folk make money off their misery. But that's a good part of the system in which we live. Misery is awfully profitable. Fear especially, eh.  But the money that's been tossed around since this Covid thing, you know, was unleashed on the public, hhhhh, trillions, some said.  A YEAR hasn't passed yet remember, trillions of dollars, trillions of pounds, and they're still tossing it out there, for the hands that are out there to grab it, all these big corporate boys, you know, and gals.  Grabbing it all. Snapping it up to make new devices to monitor you and snap up...


Even Sudbury in Ontario here, I heard on the radio yesterday they were awarded some massive funding for a very advanced policing in high tech equipment and so on. And I thought, this is their 5G, this is all part of the complete, the global reset. The reset is to reset what you do, what your function is, what your purpose in life is to be, who will decide if you're going to live or die, what you're going to work at, where you're going to live, what you're going to eat, or not eat, how much energy will be allocated to you, will they write you off if you get sick, are you essential or not? This is your complete technocratic society, folks. And every part of it, where multibillionaires are created with their hands out...  oh, I've got a better idea, I could make this gadget, you know, to implant in them or stick it in their skin, or clamp it on their earlobe or whatever, and make money off of you.  You get so many prostitutes of your own people just sell you right out. For greed, eh? 


That's why people used to look to the American system, which on paper was fantastic. Always is on paper, it's fantastic, isn't it. Even the communists did a constitution in the communist countries. It was awfully nice. The same with even the UN has got one, you know, but it was never implemented in reality. But the American Constitution was the first one in history where they put down for the rights of the people. Everybody, eh. Now, it was, they were all shafted rather quickly by lawyers of course who can, we've got to interpret this, there's big money here, and misery again, and no matter what kind of court case comes in, you know, even though, in fact we make money off the fact they've got so many rights because we can drag anything out for years until they're bankrupt, eh.  And lawyers never go bankrupt themselves.


It was never meant to be like that.  The Constitution was supposed to be straightforward, a straightforward Constitution and a straightforward Bill of Rights that would not get overloaded with all these amendments. The thing that George Orwell put in Animal Farm, eh, the amendments that the pigs drafted up, with the Constitution and the rules, then started to change it by making little amendments, by putting a word on the end of a line here and there, or, taking it off.  [Alan chuckles.]   That's how it's done, eh.  Yep. It's like, the people, we shall have property, and the right to property, UNLESS… [Alan chuckles.]  blah blah blah.  Yep.  And government will never take anything off them, UNLESS


You see, all these little things to change, as psychopaths move in.  And the people are entertained, and they lose interest in watching. Perpetual vigilance, it says. But the whole world watched the US for the fact if they were sticking to the rights that they had, they would never go to such an awful state of being ruled and oppressed and exploited as they did in the rest of Europe by psychopaths. So it was a light, it was a light, you know, for a long time it was a light to the world that you had rights, actually written down. Then you end up with George Bush Junior, eh, who said when he was talking, well come on, about the Patriot Act and all that and taking rights-of-way. He says, it's just a piece of paper, the Constitution. That's what he said. Twice he said that, it's just a piece of paper, you know. He's right though. It's just a piece of paper, unless you back it up. And you give it all away through fear and terror, oh my God, so the terrorists are going to blow up more towers. No, they're not.  [Alan laughing.]   


Even if they blew up a couple, if they were terrorists that blew up a couple, that really were foreign, right, even if there were, is that the right reason for making global war on it? And locking the whole planet down under the guise of anti-terrorism, and having no rights and freedoms and privacies? All the things that we fought for centuries to get! Privacy was one of them, and security in your own home. 


Here they want to know everything you're looking at. Before 9/11 happened, by the way, the CIA set up offices in Canada and along with the FBI, in preparation for 9/11 coming down the pike. It broke out in the papers in Canada, not just about the phones, 1995, it was me who put that story out there, and it was Gratin[?] that came out I think with it in the Toronto Sun initially, or was it in The Sun, yeah, I think it was in The Sun. They said they'll bug our phones to please Uncle Sam.  Then they passed a law for telecommunications devices to have backdoors, including just phones, or fax machines, or, then they started with photocopiers with unique IDing, an invisible ID, I think it printed on every page.  ALL in advance of 9/11, you see.  Along with the massive Omnibus crime bill that came out in Canada in 1998 with Allan Rock. Then he went off to work at the United Nations. A complete, you know, antiterrorism bill, that's what it was. Nothing had happened.


I've mentioned this before, and the black outfits and combat boots and combat pants for the cops, all changed, in preparation for 9/11 coming along, and for losing your rights and freedoms and yada, yada ya. Canada had signed the agreement with the US for this back door into all the communications devices. Nothing asked, the people weren't asked, do you mind?  You know? They didn’t, you didn't even have the excuse, any excuse for terrorism happening to go along, but they did it anyway.


You see, that's when you're supposed to stand for yourselves as they start taking it away from you. Most folk under terror don't think to stop and say, no, you can't do that.  Or they'll say, there's emergency powers, there's a wartime act, you don't have any rights, do what you're told. But folk fought for centuries to get privacy.  Centuries.


At one time the census, and this is what it's supposed to be, the census done every 10 years or whatever it is.  It's supposed to just ask how many folk live in this household. That's it, what number.  That was it. By law. Now they not only know everything about you, they know how much money you've got. They know where you work at. They know what your bank savings are.  They know everything about you. Never mind all the electronic surveillance already there too. 


I did the talks years ago when from all the information they gather about us, it's like we're farmed, as I say, they project the budgets and expenditures for the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years, your lifetime, how much money they expect to tax off of you, if you remain fairly healthy and so on, according to your IQ level, what kind of work you might get into and blah blah blah blah blah. I'm not kidding you. And you think you're free?


Hm-hm-hm.  Sad, sad, sad. That's why you're supposed to stand up for yourself, for your rights and freedoms ALL THE TIME.  Or you end up in HELL.  And it's always deceptive, oh, it's to save the country, is to save the world, it's to save the planet, it's to save save save...  Always under an excuse. 


But the bottom line is, with Covid it's the great reset, no more democracy once it's all done. You won't even remember what democracy is supposed to, supposed to be, not that you've known it, but what it's supposed to be.  You won't know it. They'll give you an ersatz kind of, a fake type democracy.  That's what you had for a long time. Which is really the Soviet system. You see, the Soviet system was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And Soviet means 'rule by councils'. That was the idea. So every segment of society, or even not just workplaces and so on or work types like welders and plumbers, you would have the Soviet, someone that would speak on your behalf. Then it went into women's groups and this group and that group.  This is what Soviet... Well, that's what they've given you, folks. You still think it's democracy?  No, it's not democracy. Well, we've got people who stand up for this group and that group, and even in-comers and minority groups and so on.  That's the Soviet system. And the ones who lead it are all bought and paid for and put there by the system itself. You understand how it works?


So each little Soviet group leader – or NGO leader, put it that way too, that's good enough as well, because they're involved in it too – go forward and say, on behalf of the people’s 11th blah blah blah, you know, with the left-foot-big-toe-long-toenail group, hm, as opposed to the right toenail group that's long, we demand…  And the government says, weeell it's such a coincidence you, that's a reasonable request, and they put it in the books and pass it into law.  That's how it's done, you see.


The governments are just so happy to wait for you coming with demands, which they're waiting to hear.  You know. Otherwise nothing else gets done for anybody else. I've said before, you've got to belong to some special rights group eventually in the coming new type of democracy to get any benefit at all from it. No one is going to stand up for you as an individual, you see. That's what they've done, they've given you this new type of democracy.  Under the old kind of democracy the individuals all had rights, [Alan chuckles.] everybody had rights.  Not now. You gotta belong to a group to have any rights at all.  The individual is totally disregarded. It's completely reversed. Democracy, they used to define it as rule on behalf of the majority, not by the majority but on behalf of the majority, you see, with special attention given to minority groups. Now, it's the reverse, it's a complete reversal.  Hhhch.  So there ya go.


Folk don't even know the changes when they're living through them. They don't know. Especially when they're worrying and they have to go off and work, or scrape a living, or they're locked down under the Covid idea.  But that's what they've decided, you see, that you're supposed to exist for a purpose, and the purpose is to serve not just the economy, whatever's left of it, but if your masters actually even need you or not, that's what it's about.  Well, you're surplus, you're nonessential. And you're starting to accept that? Then they've got these, like in all ages, the cops get turned on the public, same with the troops, eventually, unfortunately. Really sad, isn't it?  And police services now are police forces.  Have you noticed the change? It happened over years. I gave these talks, again, years and years ago. Force is force, eh? 


I’ve said before too, that it really is the reason that you had so many vocal groups back in the 1990s in the States come out and form. The US used to have tremendous ability amongst its citizenry to form groups to oppose what they saw as tyranny coming down the pike.  That's one thing most countries didn't have, was that ability, to even be vigilant, the US at least were vigilant about that, property rights, and the rights not to be harassed in their own homes, etc. by authorities, and all these kind of different things. Or even have their homes taken from them by arbitrary powers of confiscation.


That's why so many militia groups formed in the late 90s, SEEING all these different changes. I've mentioned it before, it wasn't just Waco and different things were happening. But seeing the transformation of the authorities and the powers the authorities were using over the public were becoming more and more militaristic. Therefore they were definitely scheduled to be changed or eliminated. You must, and the government has been awfully successful at targeting groups who they saw as potentially, they call them, subversive. But really, they were trying to keep the law [Alan chuckles.], if you're holding onto their Constitution and their Bill of Rights. Well, the message was loud and clear, you don't have that anymore, do you.  That was the message the authorities were giving you.  Yep.


But folk were getting awfully edgy with the rules that were getting rammed through just like crazy. In Canada even with that omnibus Crime Bill of Allen Rock's, at least some reporters back then when they could actually ask serious questions did say, what on earth is going on, this is a martial law kind of plan for indefinite detention that you would have under warfare, that there was no war on the go at the time. It's, the public didn't know it was a war on them, that's what it was, it was coming down the pike. 


Everything was getting changed for it, in preparation for a different kind of system. The great reset of the WEF is just a faster way to bring it all in quickly. But they were already bringing parts of it in, as I say, even that ridiculous remaking of police forces as militarized battalions with the combat gear, and black combat gear, right. Which was the outfits for special forces before that, that's what they were.  I-yi-yi.  Hhhhhhh.


And if you can't hang onto your rights you do lose them. Because there's lots of very successful psychopaths, and once again, when they combine together, successful psychopaths, they are tremendously formidable.  And they don't give up easily. They don't walk off and say, okay, well, we've been wrong, we give up, and away they go. It doesn't happen like that.


So here you are, you know, the great reset.  A whole new way of existing... I won't say living because it won't be living as such. It's to be total austerity eventually. You're watching under the guise of Covid every healthy person, first time in history, being locked down. First time in history, with no bombs dropping, no threats of invasion, you have the entire economy          ABOLISHED                  with a stroke, BOMFF.  Not by a prolonged warfare but instantly, BOMFF.  And no economy, guess what happens? Eventually starvation sets in.


The same guys that brought you all this brought you communism a long time ago. As I mentioned before, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Lord Alfred Milner group studied the American system, "the first great experiment".  Could individuals really accept and appreciate having individual liberties, and would it be successful? Or would they end up in such chaos they’d have to be ruled by authority, authoritarians, you see.  And along comes "the second great experiment", which they helped fund too by the way, the Soviets and the Bolshevik Soviet system, to see if the authoritarian technique of specialists running it all would be more efficient, and would the folk accept it, you see?


Now you're into the new combination of where it's really both of them mixed together. Exactly like the Reese Commission talked about, blending the two systems together using foundations and subverting the culture, society and everything else, and using education, by the big foundations. And here it all is. A whole new way of living, eh.  That your betters, the ones who've decided that they are the natural rulers because they already ruled all the things that you need, they own it all, to exist, from food, to everything, and your function is to serve them. And they might keep you alive if they need you. For as long as they need you, you see.  


And you should be grateful for that. They're saving your lives, you know, from Covid, by crashing the world's economy. By preplanning it all, by writing it all, the bioethics scenarios and how to manage folk where who's essential, who's not, who should get medication, and who shall get food or not. Are you starting to get the picture? 


This is absolute tyranny. And the climate change group is the same bunch, same bunch that gave you all of that. It's the WEF, have decided this is the only way to ram it through quickly. They're fed-up sitting waiting for you to give up all your rights.  They're fed up with it. Your lords and masters are fed up with it. So they have decided for you and this is the excuse for it all.


Massive propaganda warfare programs.  Massive subversion of society, and subversion of your rights, and the elimination of your rights.  Targeting folk who are complaining about it.  And eventually they'll be arresting folk who complain. Because you might be a social influencer. In fact, it doesn't matter if it's the truth you're giving, that's got nothing to do with it, facts don't matter when establishment is at war with you.  Hhhch.  Yep. You have the greatest tyrants in history with the greatest technologies at their disposal trying to subvert and destroy everything that you've known, and everything that's yours, including your future. All of you, across the world. Because they're fed up waiting for you to give it all up yourselves.


Slaves, slaves, I'm telling you, you just can't get good help these days, eh? 


So there you have, as I say, the James Bond character, eh, Sean Connery dead at 90.  He did well for himself. In the same year too, I think you had two other members, they were in the Bond movies, I think it was Honor Blackman died earlier in the year.  Then you had another one, another woman who was in The Avengers as well supposedly died in a rig, died as well.  What's going on here? There's nothing left to look back to, even though it was all fiction.  And you say, well it's all gone, eh, down the tubes. And you have to ask, what's left there, you know.


To my mind, the new Bond is just like a cartoon character on steroids, you know.  He doesn't use his head; he runs after cars like a sprinter.  And you've got this little wimp of a guy with a computer, a young fellow, Q, who's the new Q, eh?  Ugh, it's just not the same at all, is it?  So there ya go, it's just died out.


But again, getting back to Scotland, a country that definitely has had genocide on a large scale. Managed by a fake SNP party, Scottish Nationalist Party, that really is just international socialists, which means borderless, which means the end of you, Scotland. That's the intention of it.  They're going through the hate laws, eh.  These hate laws, and they’ve brought, I think it was Alastair Campbell who's a judge, he's also a Lord, like, Bracadale or something, they give him some kind of title.  Or Bracadale, yeah, Alastair Campbell.  I would never call him, any man Lord anyway. I'm not into the feudal system at all. Supposedly it's got some of the comedians up in arms against it.  Because again, you can’t have a joke about anything, even amongst yourselves, about yourselves, anymore. If someone gets offended by, this is their, this is the straitjacket you're all getting put into. And once you can’t think for yourselves or speak for yourselves on different topics, they keep adding in, until eventually you're in the Orwellian system of 1984. That's its intention, folks.  It's psychological. There are teams of specialists dreaming this stuff up and working on it. Teams and teams of them. 


It's interesting to even notice that they're using this kind of, Scotland as a kind of test base for it. Because they've been so beaten down.  When they could quite simply rise up again and say, hey, we demand all our rights, we're taking it all back because we're victims of genocide. That's how you've got to start, folks. That's what, don't argue the nonsense bills, just state the facts, folks, and they have to back off and become subservient to you.  D'you understand?


So anyway, this says…


Controversy Continues over Hate Crime Bill in Scotland / 30 Oct 2020


GLASGOW — Amid a contentious debate in Scotland over a proposed hate crimes law, which the Catholic bishops of the country oppose, (Alan: …everybody else does too.)  a cabinet minister this week suggested that the law could apply to speech uttered within a private dwelling if the speaker intends to stir up hatred.


(A:  Well, again, who’s going to decide that?  There are Alexa, all these different silly things that they’re buying that’s listening to them all, I guess that’s what they mean.  How else are they going to know when someone’s just letting off steam? Everybody let’s off steam about something.)


The Scottish government introduced the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill April 23 in response to an independent review (A:  …it says… hhhch…) of hate crime laws led by Alastair Campbell, (A:  Again, they call him…) Lord Bracadale, a retired judge. The government argues the bill modernizes, consolidates, and extends existing hate crime legislation. It also abolishes the offense of blasphemy.


During an Oct. 27 hearing, a Scottish parliament member questioned Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf about whether the bill might include a defense for speech uttered in the privacy of one’s home, a so-called “dwelling defense.” 


(A:  That’s what used to be called, you can say what you want in your own house.)


"My concern with the dwelling a parliament, [and] even as a society, are we comfortable with giving a defense in law to somebody whose behavior is threatening or abusive — as an example, that is intentionally stirring up hatred against Muslims — are we saying that that is justified because it is in the home?" Yousaf replied.


"Are we saying that as a society we are comfortable with no criminal sanctions being applied to people because that has been done in the confines of their dwelling? Whereas if they stepped out into the street outside of the house, then that would be a criminal offense? I'm just not convinced as a point of policy or principle that it is one that I agree with, but I will continue to keep an open mind."


(A:  They’re going that way, that was where the whole idea with the appointment a while back, as a trial, under GIRFEC, of appointing a state appointed kind of guardian kind of person to come into the homes of every, every family that had a child to monitor the child’s progress. It was to do with what the child was thinking and speaking about, by the way.)


Hhhhhhh, iyy.  You know something, Scotland, you know, ftt, you’ve got to stand up for yourselves. You really do.  M-hm.  You really do. Sad, again, but that's all Scotland is now is sadness, it really is sadness for what's happened, for centuries actually. And they're being demolished right now.  And with this technique of using a communistic type of government, this international socialism, what part of international socialism don't you get? What do you think an internationalist body sworn to internationalism, sworn to a borderless world, is going to give you as a nation except what you're getting? Hm?  I tell ya.  Hhhch.


It's quite something. Quite something.  So this goes on and on. I'll put two or three articles up about that for anybody that cares to even read it. Because it's sad, isn't it, that you… You're watching a completely organized movement to destroy what's left of the fabric of the nation.  And it is deliberate. It's all deliberate, folks.  OF COURSE IT IS, hhhch.  Until you can't even think something, nevermind say it. Even if you even make an inquiry, even a child asking a question, it's now illegal to ask that question. Yep, hhmph, we are the strawmen, eh, you go out with a whimper, not with a bang, is that the way of it?  N-n-n.


Total war on the people. And they just go along with that and go, oh well, what can we do?  M-hm.  Well, you know, they allowed us to speak Gaelic again. They even opened up some schools to speak Gaelic again.  Oh.  [Alan laughing.] Ahh.  It gives you the feeling of being provincial a little bit, doesn't it, eh?  M-hm-hm.  Quite amazing.


This new ‘hate crime’ law is even more pernicious and worrying than celebrity critics like Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese realise - / 20 Oct 2020


Independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland: final report / 31 May 2018


You see, all these laws are one-way laws, and who's going to try the people, it won't be their own people.  It won't be their own people on anything, you see. What happened to this whole idea you can only be tried in law by your own peer group.  That's your own nationality, your own people, your ethnic group, religious group, etc., cultural group that you grew up with. That's what can try you. Because you've got to accept all the cultural system, the parts of the cultural system that you grew up with, that's why you have to have your own people.  That's why the nobility can't be tried by anybody else except their own peer group.  And when you're not getting your peer group, when you're getting folk who might hate you, to try you, that's going to end up in...  That's what it's meant to do, and cause more dissensions. Which will cause hatred, obviously.


This is what it's all about. So as I say, you've got different people come out and speaking out about it and how bad it is, etc. Because it's, I see it as pure hate on the people. You don't need these laws. There are already plenty of laws on the books, you don't need these laws. Yep, to force folk to change what they think.  No, that's not freedom.  That's not freedom, eh. That's not William Wallace, is it?  [Alan chuckles.]   


Here's an article here and it says…


WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine / 23 Oct 2020


(A: You have no idea the massive ongoing war on the thousand areas, with neuroscientists and behaviorists and psychologists, all working in teams, in behavioral insights teams to change your opinions on everything.  Hm.  Is that freedom? Is it?! Your tax money is being given to these characters so's they can change your mind on a whole bunch of different areas. So, the WHO, that takes massive funding from Bill Gates, eh, taps anti-conspiracy crusader, right, to sway public opinion on Covid vaccine.  And WHO's the crusader, who do we need, eh?)


…the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts to encourage public acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine, Children’s Health Defense has learned.


Last week, WHO’s general director, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, tweeted that he was glad to speak


 (A:  By the way, I don’t know why they gave him the doctorship for, he wasn’t a doctor before, hm.)


  tweeted that he was glad to speak with the organization’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG)  (A: They've got these little acronyms for everything, eh.  TAG, I thought you used to get little things on your skin, you just burned them off.) on Behavioural Insights (A: These are the behavioral insights teams that PROMPT you on how to think proper thoughts, you understand, on the Internet.)  and Sciences for Health to “discuss vaccine acceptance and uptake (A: This is the term they want to use now.) in the context of COVID-19.”


(A: Before they come out with a vaccine, they're trying to brainwash you all to get ready to take it.)


In his next tweet Ghebreyesus announced that Cass Sunstein, (A: Remember the Nudge book that I used to talk about years ago, Nudge, how to nudge folk into thinking the right things and behaving the right way and changing their minds in the right direction and so on. Cass Sunstein, that uuuuuuuuuuugh... oink, oink, eh.) founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School, will chair the advisory group, which was created in July.


Sunstein was former President Barack Obama’s head of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where he was responsible for overseeing policies relating to information quality.


(A: Meaning, the right information, you know, the right opinions and so on. Don’t you get a bit ticked off about these folk all getting...                Don't you have a right to see where your tax money goes? Why are you paying to be brainwashed by these characters, on behalf of big corporations?)


In 2008, Sunstein wrote a paper proposing that governments employ teams of covert agents to “cognitively infiltrate” online dissident groups


(A: Well, that's all been done. I did the talks at the time on it, folks, lots of talks on this character here.)


and websites which advocate “false conspiracy theories” about the government.


(A: The government's never been involved in any conspiracies! It's just coincidences all the time. It's a coincidence, in fact, they've hired Sunstein to brainwash you. It's already rectified your thoughts.)


In the paper, Sunstein and his co-authors wrote:


“Our principal claim here involves the potential value of cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, designed to introduce informational diversity into such groups and to expose indefensible conspiracy theories as such.”


(A: Well, if you noticed, they haven’t given you any facts at all that stays stable for more than a week from the authorities, eh. So bring on the heavy brainwashers here, the ones who are paid millions, that’s what his salary will probably be here, to brainwash you into accepting big pharma’s untested vaccinations. Not just any vaccination, but brand-new type, RNA type vaccinations.  Hmmmm.)


The government-led operations described in Sunstein’s paper would work to increase faith in government policy


(A: So in other words, don't just churn out facts, which are understandable, or, they can't be disputed, you see.  They won't churn out facts. That's what they should do. Why would you need characters to brainwash you and your opinions and to find ways to censor you if they just churned out the facts here?  Hm? Now, this is what you turn to when you've got nothing to stand for, or stand on, no facts to stand on, except nonsense.)


The government-led operations described in Sunstein’s paper would work to increase faith in government policy


(A: That's the last place I would look for faith, is government.)


 and policymakers and undermine the credibility of “conspiracists” who question their motives. They would also maintain a vigorous “counter misinformation establishment” to counter “conspiracy” groups opposed to government policies that aim to protect the common good.


(A:  You see.  These ones that Sunstein works for in the government, they all are there to protect the common good, for goodness sake, not to slaughter the economies on behalf of the World Economic Forum’s great reset, the global reset, no, no, which is Agenda 21, hm, by destroying the economy of the planet into poverty, and rationing, and a managed system for now until the end of time.  I’m not kidding about that. If it was all on the up and up and they can verify everything they're putting out there, you wouldn't need these characters to come out and try to brainwash you. You wouldn't need them at all. Truth would stand for itself.  They probably wouldn't understand the truth, would they?)


Some of this would be accomplished by sending undercover agents, or government-paid third parties, into “online social networks or even real space groups.”


(A: They've been doing this for years, folks. He was doing this in 2008.  I did the talks too in the last few years on the Behavioral Insights Teams, they've already been working to prompt you not, don't look at this on the Internet, look at this. You know? Etc. I did the [Alan chuckles.] the 77th Brigade in Britain, part of the Department of Defense, ttthousands of them employed to do this kind of stuff and attack you. Your government is attacking you for having a different opinion on things, and not doing what you’re told. You little child you.  I thought we were adults.  No, we're children again, you see.  That's how elitists see you, you're just children, children should do what you're told.  You're naughty, you see.)


…government-paid third parties, into “online social networks or even real space groups.”


(A: That’s all been done. Also, Canada’s got them too, we’ve got all groups of them doing it too, paid by the government, our tax money.)


Sunstein also advocated in 2008 that the government pay “independent experts” to publicly advocate on the government’s behalf, whether on television or social media. He says this is effective because people don’t trust the government as much as they trust people they believe are “independent.”


(A: I wonder why, eh, why would they do that?) 


WHO (A: World Health Organization.) has already contracted the public relations firm, Hill + Knowlton. The PR giant, (A: Public relations, PR.  Now remember, PR means propaganda, that's what it came from, but public relations sounds better, that's why they changed it under Bernays.) best known for its role in manufacturing false testimonies in support of the Gulf War,


(A: Oh, that makes me feel better. Isn't that better, hm.  [Alan chuckles.] That’s who they’ve on it.)


best known for its role in manufacturing false testimonies in support of the Gulf War,


(A: The links are here of the false testimonies as well, from the Guardian newspaper.  I bet they wish that was retracted.)


was hired by WHO to “ensure the science and public health credibility of the WHO in order to ensure WHO’s advice and guidance is followed.”


(A: Does that make you feel better, eh, false testimonies, that’s what they did before, the same public relations company.)


WHO paid Hill + Knowlton $135,000 to identify micro-influencers, macro-influencers and “hidden heroes” who could covertly promote WHO’s advice and messaging on social media, and also protect and promote the organization’s image as a COVID-19 authority.


(A: There ya go!)


There’s no evidence that WHO has yet implemented any “cognitive infiltration” policies similar to what Sunstein advocated in 2008. (A:  No kidding, eh?!) If the organization were to adopt such a strategy, and use it to convince hesitant populations to take a COVID vaccine, it would raise questions of legality.


(A: I don’t think they’d bother about legality, these days, you know, in this day and age.)


As put forward in a report by the Congressional Research Service (A:  The link is here too.), illegal “publicity or propaganda” is defined by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to mean either (1) self-aggrandizement by public officials; (2) purely partisan activity; or (3) “covert propaganda.” By covert propaganda, GAO means information which originates from the government but is unattributed and made to appear as though it came from a third party.


(A: Don’t forget too, under Obama’s reign they, he then allowed the CIA and other organizations, military organizations too, to start using propaganda on the public of America, on their own citizens. Remember that?)


Because WHO is a multinational organization (A:  Hhhch, and a good part financed by Bill Gates by the way.  Articles are out there how much money he gives them as well.) and not a U.S. Government agency, covert “cognitive infiltration” policies could fall into a gray area, or even be considered legal.


(A:  Hm.)


Dr. Margaret Chan, former general-director of WHO, once stated that the organization’s policies are “driven by what [she called] donor interests.”


(A: Well that’s, I guess she’s meaning Bill Gates, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  Small world really, small clique at the top really.)


According to a 2012 article in Foreign Affairs (A: That’s the CFR’s magazine.), “few policy initiatives or normative standards set by the WHO are announced before they have been casually, unofficially vetted by Gates Foundation staff.”  (A: There you go, this is in the article here. And it’s got the link to the actual article for it here, you see.) Or, as other sources told Politico in 2017, “Gates’ priorities have become the WHO’s.”


(A:  Well, there you are then, eh.)


WHO’s current general director, Ghebreyesus, was previously on the board of two organizations that Gates founded, provided seed money for and continues to fund to this day: GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, a public–private global health partnership focused on increased access to vaccines in poor countries, and the Global Fund, which says it aims to accelerate the “development, production and equitable global access to safe, quality, effective, and affordable COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.”


If, as Politico put it, “Gates priorities have become the WHO’s,” and if WHO’s policies are driven by “donor interests,” this raises questions as to what online groups, people and websites would be targeted by such covert programs.


(A: Good article this, eh? It’s got all the links on it too, you know.)


The idea of government agents carrying out psychological operations on social media is not far fetched.


(A: Oh, that’s been going on for years for goodness’ sake.)


Earlier this year the head of editorial for Twitter’s Middle East and Africa office was outed as an active officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit, known as the 77th brigade, (A: That’s a massive operation there.) which specializes in online behavioral change operations.


There ya go.  Hm-hm-hm.  Quite something, eh?  But that's the world we’re in folks, as they try and, as they keep prattling on about democracy and rights and all that. No, unless you belong to a designated special interest group, which are really just front battering rams to destroy the rest of society, that's what they’re used for, because the right should be applicable to everybody. You all have the same rights, under a true system, which you don't have.


They've been taken over by these worms.  They ate their way in, like the Cass Sunstein, eh.  I did lots of talks on him before when his book came out. I also went into the behavioral insights teams and the different organizations that were at war with the public, and paid to be at war with the public, even before Covid came along.  You have no idea what's going on.  You live in a free society...  It's one big system. It's one system.


Look at the European Union's meeting, or actually the documentary they put out on Vax, for vaccination and all that.  They came out before this all happened saying they already had Facebook on board with them and all the newspapers on board with them, and how they'd totally drive the agenda and the narrative and override all opposing groups if a pandemic ever came out, for goodness’ sake. The documentary came out beforehand. But they said they had Facebook on board with them. They even had Mozilla, the CEO of Mozilla that folk think, well, really, it's a, you know, it's an open source organization. They had him on board too talking at it saying he would be on board with it too, they'd try and dissuade people from looking at certain sites.


Do they just get bribed off, that's what you often wonder. Or, does the one big system, the same system that buys off the WHO and so on, did they also buy off all these, or are these guys even fronts for the one big system themselves? Is everything, I often wonder when it comes to like say Silicon Valley, it's a massive part of the military-industrial complex. Massive. Of course it is. The military-industrial complex and the CIA have real organizations that really make things, even real factories across the world that really makes things, and electronics firms that really makes things for the jets and all the rest of it and military fighters and equipment, all that kind of thing. They really, they own them, though, you see. They're legitimate companies and they sound legitimate, but they're actually big parts of the military-industrial complex. Well, I'm really sure that all the big groups that run the Internet never had anything to do with the Internet.  From the beginning.


We know that ARPA, then DARPA really is the, came out with the Internet for you. Military organization. I don't think it was ever meant as any real independent anything on it. They're all part of the one big corporation, as Bill Gates is too.  He's a businessman, not an inventor. And many other folk too.  Oh, you got Facebook, oh, Zuckerberg is just a genius. Really? Really? How many front folk have you seen in your own lifetime? How about Epstein, oh, by the time he's a multi millionaire, multibillionaire, turns out he owns really nothing himself.  But we know who really did above him.  [Alan chuckles.] That's how it works, folks.  That's how it works.


And before this hour is up too, I'm going to say again, go into  Take note of all my sites listed there, how to get the links of them and how to get them should any one of them go down. Because it's a war on the go. And it's a war for everything that's ever been, and is, right now.  It's a complete total war on the world right now. On you. This is a war for the global reset, a whole new way of existing under a new system permanently, for perpetuity, on behalf of those who've decided they've got the right to rule the world, since they own pretty well most of it, at least all the things that you need to live on.


Yep. While you were sleeping, there's a song that says that, they took it all away. They can only do that, took it all the way, with a naïve society that really believed them.  Well, it's our society, it's our country, it's our whatever, you know. It really is, isn't it, they took it all away., send a few bucks my way. PayPal. Cash. Personal checks. Even a bank check would do fine, you know, and it cost more money probably to even get a cheap bank check.  And Money Gram I think too works. So there's ways to get cash to me if you want to. Again, you can buy books and discs from me as well if you want them. I've got a stack of other talks I’ve never put up, you know, there's a whole stack of them.  Because they’re still on tape and it have to try and, ftt, make, run the, do a lot of work on the tapes to get them to sound better because it was taken off international radio shortwave, years ago, many years ago. I haven't put them anywhere yet, so, I've still got them. And that would take work to make them more coherent and to really understand them, they've got a lot of hissing and so on.  But they were very interesting talks I think at the time.


I really hope the people, because this is total war and they're going after folk that are social influencers. They've got all these little terms for their targets.  [Alan chuckles.] And they really mean business. Because as I say, this is total war, and I mean total war, and war ends up killing folk obviously.  They will imprison initially, or arrange accidents for different folks too, or just wipe them out. They've already wiped a lot of people out of different platforms.  That's your freedom. That's your new freedom, the new freedom that George Bush Junior mentioned around the time of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and they were going to bring democracy to Iraq.  [Alan chuckles.]  You have to wonder what planet they're on at times, don't you.  But it was a good excuse at the time, we're bringing democracy to Iraq.


But anyway, he said, you got a new freedom, we're giving you a new freedom. And folk just listen to these little terms, these statements given, he’ll say New World Order, like his dad mentioned, I see the emergence of a new world order, you know, this bigger occultic declaration he was giving to everybody. And even the media didn't ask him what he meant by it. You know? He had a different way, you know, and a whole new way for the world in a whole new way of living and blah blah blah. Well, I guess that's what you're living in. This is their WEF, folks, [Alan chuckles.], where whole panels will decide what rights you got, right down to what you can think and what you mustn’t think.  There's your new freedom too, you see.  Isn't that wonderful? 


I remember watching how they always grab children, Mao Tse Tung in China had his little red book for them.  He'd wave it. You'd see them, always, this little, it's like a Bible, you see, that's really what it was to represent, it was their revolutionary Bible. Whereas the West, they always saw as the West, because they really didn't know much, a lot about the West, at least the common folk didn't in China.  So they took it for granted what they were told. It was like Bible thumping crazy people always holding these black books, and so they'd have a red book in China.  And Mao Tse Tung was their, is their chairman, Mao Tse Tung. 


Chairman Mao, they called him. He had his cultural revolution where they killed millions of people. Because you see, they might have, still be contaminated with old ideas, even though they went through the revolution and all that.  So he got the students, the sons and daughters to drag the parents and the teachers out of schools and stuff if they didn't go along with, the same sort of thing like, taking the knee, that's where all that stuff comes from, folks, or repeat after me this chant.  Hm?  Do you think it's all new, all the stuff you're seeing in the States right now? Oh no, it's all been done before. Techniques where you have to say, so-and-so matters, you see.  And the revolution matters. And the young people, if the revolution matters, and then they'd drag, there's old clips that were taken, I don't know if they're still around, but you'd see them beating up and killing teachers and so on because they wouldn't go along with the parroting phrases, slogans. Lenin said the same thing, we shall win by slogans. It doesn't mean, they don't want people who think about things, they just want them to repeat the slogans.


So Mao Tse Tung did a culture revolution in his little red book.  You would see these young children all quoting it off in unison as a Bible, by rote, you see.  Every day they had to go through it all. And this is your future. This is where you're getting to where all thought must be policed.  The UN actually called it that by the way, self policing, in the articles I read from the United Nations years ago on the air, where they would train the public to self police themselves.  Using techniques in psychology and so on they would make you feel guilty if your thoughts strayed to a certain question, or thought, or even an opinion, or even around the edges of an opinion as you're inquiring into something, they would immediately recall you away from it in a Pavlovian way, conditioned response.


This is the future where all independent thought has to be utterly destroyed, so's your masters are in charge of you and feel safe. Remember, in a totalitarian tyranny every single person must be predictable.  That's what the Internet is for and so on, and the Internet of Things, and your 5G network system, where you won't be able to go anywhere without them knowing exactly what you're doing, how you're looking, how you're walking, what you looked at, yada, yada, ya.


But now they want to have your thoughts in your home. And you all bought the hubs!  This prune in Scotland that introduced this bill, hm, where literally they want to know what you're thinking and say... Going to charge you for...  Well, how the heck are they going to...  Hhhch, what happens if you talk in your sleep and you've got a bad dream or something? and your Alexa unit or whatever, the multitude of units there, as you've all been conditioned to take the spy into your house!  What's wrong with you?  What's wrong with you?


I can't see, I have no sympathy for folk who disregard common sense. They're gone, folks. They are gone.  Now they want to police you in your own home, what you think and say? Even if you’re just having a joke...  Or it's taken the wrong way or whatever, or whatever, or whatever.  Who cares? The fact is, you buy your own chains. You really, really do. And there's no helping folk that do it, well, it's latest gadget, you know, it's the special hub, you know, it's... M-hm.  Okay.


And there's Cass... You see, the facts I put out here, like Cass Sunstein, it makes no difference to you. To the folk who have gone, it doesn't make any difference to them at all.  M-hm.  It doesn't. I'll put this article up too.  I'll always put the articles up that I mention and this is one of them.  There's some good articles out there indeed. Here's another one too and it says...


How SAGE (A:  Okay.) and the UK media created fear in the British public / 27 June 2020


(A: I did this article months ago but someone else has done it now too, and put in a good order. It’s quite good actually, it talks about…)


COVID-19 started registering with most of the British public around late February and early March. Many were concerned but not particularly afraid. Only weeks later people were terrified to leave their homes or go near other human beings. How did such a dramatic shift in public perception happen so quickly?


(A: Don’t forget, it was pretty well over they said themselves by the end of April, that infection, you know. Hhhch.  Phase 1. And again we know now Event 201 and you had the one came out from the Rockefeller foundation in 2010 as well, all these things. But you know how they’re following it to the letter! As Plan A didn’t work, that was convincing the public to give up all their rights and freedoms to save the world under climate change. So they pulled out the Plan B, you know.)


SAGE, SPI-B and applied psychology

SAGE is an advisory group to the UK government responsible for making sure decision makers have access to scientific advice.  (A:  Well, who’s the scientists though? What corporations do they work for, or have shares in?) We are told that the advice provided by SAGE does not represent official government policy.


(A: That’s what it says, why they say it is, so the government gets away, the slimy sods that they are, you know. [Alan chuckles.] Why do they use them if it doesn’t represent official government policy? That’s a little backdoor away out for them if anything really happens. And don’t forget, SAGE is the one who got a subgroup that was trained to terrify the public. Literally. They said that, I put the articles out months and months ago.)


SAGE also relies on expert sub-groups for COVID-19 specific advice. These sub-groups include:


NERVTAG: New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group

SPI-M: Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling

SPI-B: Independent Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours


The identity of individual committee members themselves were initially kept secret, purportedly due to national security. Some names were eventually released, largely due to efforts by UK businessman Simon Dolan and his legal challenge campaign.  (A: The link for that is here too, for anybody that wants to find out who these characters are that’s advising governments here.)  Nevertheless, two members remain anonymous.


Psychological techniques for behavioural change

The document itself, titled Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, was drafted by SPI-B, the behavioural science sub-group for SAGE.


(A: That’s the group that was meant to terrify the public, right, SPI-B. The link is here for that too. And the link is from, hhhch, Independent Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B). So yeah, this is official stuff. It's not conspiracy stuff, right. It's the behavioral science subgroup for SAGE.  It says…)


SPI-B highlighted nine broad ways of achieving behavioural change in the public:


Education (A: Right.)




(A: Incentivization is awfully good because they can say, well you know if you take this shot, you might get a passport and then you can start moving around a bit, you know. All that kind of stuff works, giving little bribes, eh, to the animals. That’s you.)



(A: They can coerce you. Well, you can’t go shopping either unless you do what you’re told, wear a mask and social distance, and only do it straight there and straight back and yeah, yeah, and don’t sit on a park bench or anything for a rest, or we’ll have to fine you.)




(A: So they’re going to train you like animals, eh.)




Environmental restructuring

(A: [Alan chuckles.] I guess that’s putting you in these camps.)


Modelling (A: Right.)


In the document, SPI-B focused on the methods most relevant to their stated goals and set out ten options that were evaluated on six criteria.


The six criteria, under the acronym APEASE, were:


(A: They love this, don’t they! They said they would… I guess it makes millions of bucks just dreaming of these acronyms, eh.  APEASE…)






Spill-over effects



(A: Well, you lost equity from the taxpayers, that’s for sure, you know.)


Source: Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, 22 March 2020


(A: It’s also from the government, the UK government, right. [Alan chuckles.] Getting you to comply like your little animals, they can train you and persuade you and goad you, and you know, coerce you.


A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.


(A: That’s when they put out the thing, they put out, it’s called persuasion, eh…)


Government persuasion through fear

A key part of SPI-B’s behavioural change strategy that seems to have been adopted was to ‘persuade through fear.’ The Persuasion section of the document states:


(A: I remember I put that out there too, the whole document. The persuasion part says…)


A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.


Clearly, the psychologists felt that, as of late March, the public was still not afraid of COVID-19. It therefore suggested that the government increase the level of fear:


(A: This is the one they put out to the reporters for the newspapers and to the television media and so on, to follow the guidelines, eh.  That’s what it said to them, that the public are not scared enough, in other words, so they were told to increase emotional messaging, to increase the level of fear and anxiety to get the public to comply. Do you realize how you’re being managed, eh, by these government agencies, or employed by government, to terrify you into compliance!)


The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.


(A: And yeah, I put all that stuff out months and months ago.)


Use media to increase sense of personal threat.


(A: Again, it’s got…)

Source: Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, 22 March 2020


(A: …from  Hm.  There ya go.)


SPI-B recommendations to increase personal threat and use hard-hitting emotional messaging are on display with eerie imagery coupled with taglines such as:


“Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it.“

“Don’t put your friends and family in danger.“

“Stay home for your family. Don’t put their lives in danger.“

“If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.“


(A: Hmmmm.  Ftt. Hhhhh.  And it’s got the sources too. That came from…)


Source: Reuters, 8 April 2020

Source: Sky News, 18 April 2020


(A: Sometimes I'm scared to put out these links, if I mentioned them, because they could be, they could be pulled before the show goes up, [Alan laughing.] or when it goes up. That happened last night with one of them, one of the articles last week. And…)


Hysterical news headlines


2020In Proportion2


(A: That's what it's called.)


During the first week of April 2020, the InProportion2 project noticed a change in the BBC headlines and posted the article, BBC: Informing or scaring?


The article compared hysterical BBC news headline from the first week of April 2020 with those from 2018, when mortality rates were peaking due to a bad flu season. It found no references to flu or excess mortality on the BBC home page during the 2018 peak. InProportion2 asked, “Do the headlines reflect the gravity of the situations in an equivalent way – or is additional fear being stirred up in 2020?”


(A: Well, of course it's more.)


Persuasion through shame and approval: (A: Hhhhh, there you are.)

Covidiots and heroes.  (A: Oh dear, which one are you?)


SPI-B psychologists knew that fear on its own would not persuade everyone. Messaging needed to be tailored to take into account different ‘motivational levers.’


Some people will be more persuaded by appeals to play by the rules, some by duty to the community, and some to personal risk.


It therefore suggested using both social approval and disapproval,


(A: I remember doing these articles years ago on social approval and disapproval, not just on this, but waay before, other ways of behavioral modification. You're always being tampered with, and you don't know it.  Hhhch.  So this one here would use...)


It therefore suggested using both social approval and disapproval, with compulsion (legislation) as a backup:


Option 6: Use and promote social approval for desired behaviours

Option 7: Consider enacting legislation to compel required behaviours

Option 8: Consider use of social disapproval for failure to comply


(A: Hhhhh.  The community is just unhappy with you. It's like when they use the term, that term as well, that, the global community, you know, they want this to happen and so the global community...  [Alan laughing.] These stupid little tricks that they're always using on you to change what you think. They don't believe in independent thought.  That's an enemy. The UN said that years ago, the enemy to their system that they plan for the world was the individual. As opposed to collectivism. The individual. Don't forget it's the individual who initially sees through things to begin with. Other people might follow but it always starts with an individual. It's the odd individual that seeks and digs in to find out truth. The collective DOESN'T. They accept what they accept, what everybody else accepts, that's why it's called the collective. Yep. So, social disapproval, the community is not happy with you!  You're putting them all in danger, you know!)


We can see the obvious approval-disapproval dialectic with the ‘Heroes and Covidiots’ narrative that soon began to surface in the news. The term ‘Covidiot’ appeared around March with The Economist’s 1843 Magazine describing covidiots in this way:


(A: It’s got the link to that too, from the magazine itself, The Economist.)


Even in a pandemic, many of us are prone to judge others and find them wanting:


(A: Isn’t that hate speech? Having an opinion about others, oh, hateful person.)


the term “covidiot” describes any and every person behaving stupidly or irresponsibly as the epidemic spreads. Sometime in early March the word was born, and, almost as fast as the virus spread, so did instances of covidiotic behaviour.


(A: Hhhhh, what an awful person, hateful person to say that, eh, calling somebody Covidiot, eh.  I wonder how much money they paid for that term, ha, to some PR company.)


(A: I'll rush through this one because it's got good articles, good parts of the same article in it too. He goes into how the government do it all.)


An incentivised media


These psychological techniques would…  (A: …be used.  And it did…)


Increased UK government media spending


(A: Your tax money pays the media to brainwash you, hm.  So…)


Digiday, a media and marketing industry publication, reported in April that the government is becoming UK news publishers’ most important client.


(A: There ya go. That’s your tax money at work. I’ve got the link to that one too.)


In the 20 April 2020 article for Digiday, Lara O’Reilly wrote:


…the government is spending more than usual, judging by their bookings. The publishers also pointed out that the lack of activity from other advertisers in the current market means the government campaigns will have an outweighed share of voice compared with normal times.


Digiday Stay At Home campaign

(A: That was one they put out to the media, stay at home, you know. It’s got the link to that one as well.)

Source: Digiday, 20 April 2020


Psychological techniques to change behaviour


(A: Behavior modification, you see.)


We can see that the UK Government has a public document outlining psychological techniques to change the behaviour of the population. We see a unified mass-media campaign that falls in line with these techniques. We then see a dramatic shift in public perception and behaviour.


What else can we call this but ‘brainwashing’?


(A: Well, that’s exactly what it is.)


Despite the open nature of what has transpired, it seems to have gained little coverage in the media.


(A: It’s got links for downloading the documents and so on.)

Download the document


The document is freely downloadable on the website in a page titled, “Research and analysis – Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, 22 March 2020“.


(A: an example, and so on.)


It's well worth looking up. Again, don't take my word for it, or don't even take the article’s. Everything you must check and check and check and counter check, you know, for yourselves. There's no doubt about it. Because remember what I read earlier from Cass Sunstein, they themselves will put out false stuff that you jump on. They might even create false news outlets by the way, so’s they can then hammer you for putting out fake news.  You understand, this is war.  This is complete war so you've got to be very careful and be able to check everything, and always make sure that if you can there's actually links to the actual article, the original articles themselves. Especially from government, that is your proof right there, it's from government itself.


And Global Research has...


Nine COVID Facts: A Pandemic of Fearmongering and Ignorance / 28 Oct 2020


(A: It goes into…)


1) The PCR test is practically useless


According to an article in the New York Times August 29th 2020 testing for the Covid-19 virus using the popular PCR method results in up to 90% of those tested showing positive results that are grossly misleading.


Officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada compiled testing data that revealed the PCR test can NOT determine the amount of virus in a sample (viral load). The amount of virus in up to 90% of positive results turned out to be so miniscule that the patient was asymptomatic and posed no threat to others. So the positive Covid-19 tests are virtually meaningless.


(A: It can’t tell you if you’ve got it or not by the way.  Even if it detects a few particles, it doesn’t mean you’ve got a disease, the disease. This is important…)


2) A positive test is NOT a CASE


(A: You know, you see, the more that they’re testing, they’ll say well we’ve gone through so many million a day now, well, naturally they’re going to get false positives. And if they stop testing you, believe you me, they’d have nothing to show you. Because they were guaranteed a lot of false positives by the more tests that they churn out there.  That’s the whole, this is the con of it.  It’s so beautiful, really, you know, and then you call them cases, oh we did another 500,000 today, guess what we found?  You know? And it’s a bit, oh they had 200,000 cases, or 100,000 cases… No, they’re not diseased, you know, they’re just particles, it doesn’t mean they’ve got the disease or had the disease even.)


3) The Centers for Disease Control dramatically lowered the Covid-19 Death Count


(A: These links are here too, by the way. That was in Fox News,


On August 30th the CDC released new data that showed only 6% (A: …6%!...) of the deaths previously attributed to Covid-19


(A: Right, after they terrified you right up until August, right, so they had to alter it and say that only 6% of the deaths…)


only 6% of the deaths previously attributed to Covid-19 were due exclusively to the virus. The vast majority, 94%, may have had exposure to Covid-19 (A:  We all have by the way, or any, even a cold virus in fact, they’re all covids.) but also had preexisting illnesses like heart disease, obesity, hypertension, cancer and various respiratory illnesses. While they died with Covid-19 they did NOT die exclusively from Covid-19. (A: That’s what we do know.)


4) CDC reports Covid-19 Survival Rate over 99%


The CDC updated their “Current Best Estimate” for Covid-19 survival on September 10th showing that over 99% of people exposed to the virus survived. Another way to say this is that less than 1% of the exposures are potentially life threatening.


(A: I’ve seen three different articles about the same thing. Here it says that…)


According to the CDC the vast majority of deaths attributed to Covid-19 were concentrated in the population over age 70, close to normal life expectancy.


(A: There was an article come out the other day with, it says the average death was 82 years, that was dying of it, and then, were they dying OF it, you know.)


5) CDC reveals 85% of Positive Covid cases wore face masks Always or Often


(A: It’s their own testing stuff too. They get people who are compliant, or, you know, will do surveys.)


In September of 2020 the CDC (A: Centers for Disease Control) released the results of a study conducted in July where they discovered that 85% of the positive Covid test subjects reported wearing a cloth face mask always or often for two weeks prior to testing positive. The majority, 71% of the test subjects reported always wearing a cloth face mask and 14% reported often wearing a cloth face mask. The only rational conclusion from this study is that cloth face masks offer little if any protection from Covid-19 infection.


(A: I’ll put other articles up too on the different kinds of masks by the way, from the CDC and others. Long before Covid came along they were telling you these masks were pretty well useless for such small micron size viruses or particles. Another one…)


7) The US Death Rate is NOT spiking


If Covid-19 was the lethal killer it’s made out to be one would reasonably expect to see a significant spike in the


(A: You see, you understand if it’s true, right, if it was the lethal killer that it’s made out to be, by the media and so on…) 


one would reasonably expect to see a significant spike in the number of deaths reported. But that hasn’t happened.


So, here’s facts, right.  And yet that’s why they need the Cass Sunstein groups and all the rest of them to lie to you and to harass you, and maybe even arrest you eventually if you won’t shut up. Because if things are all real you wouldn’t need Cass Sunstein to convince you of anything, you would SEE it all for yourself! This is total war on the public.  And the Sunstein’s and the rest of them should be arrested!, folks, for terrifying the public. The groups that work with Sage in Britain and so on. Absolutely. Ha-hum, this is total war on you. These are war criminals.  You wouldn’t need them.  The public are not stupid.  If they knew folk were dropping dead and folks they know, they’d have no problem going along with this, folks. They wouldn’t at all. You wouldn’t need all these psychological units to convince you to go along with it, hm.  So I’ll put these articles up too.


It's true, all the young children and adults locked down too, eh, and healthy young people that should be working, everything's come to a complete halt, by design. The global, the great reset, hm? The World Economic great reset. This is IT, folks. Forever, by the way, they've mentioned that.


Singapore halts use of flu vaccines after 48 die in South Korea / 26 Oct 2020


(A: For... this is FLU vaccine, right. And it says...)


Singapore has temporarily halted the use of two influenza vaccines as a precaution after some people who received them in South Korea died, becoming among the first countries to publicly announce a halt of the vaccines' usage.


(A: They’re probably, they’re putting, they’re dangerous to society admitting that they died because of it.  They should have been good and said they died of something else for goodness’ sake. For the good of the community.  Sunstein would approve of that, you know. Hhhhh, dear, dear, dear.)


No deaths associated with influenza vaccination have been reported in Singapore to date, but the decision to halt the use of SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and VaxigripTetra was precautionary, the health ministry and the Health Sciences Authority (HAS) said in a statement on Sunday.


It's because South Korea has had the deaths, 48 people.  That's just a fluke though, you know that, these things happen for goodness sake.  Ftt, I'm telling you.  If you notice too, the flu has disappeared. Because all the numbers are, [Alan chuckles.] and they admitted that at the CDC, they're not counting them now, they suspended counting them. Because all the flu ones are getting put down as Covid. That happened before, back in 2009 in Canada when they were padding the numbers, when the doctors were saying, put them all down with this particular flu, even though it was without tests and so on.  Because, we can't test them all, they said. In other words, they couldn't get the numbers up.


Britain's BLEAK mid-winter:


(A: Remember, this is after Boris's, what was the big campaign he had to get so many thousands a day tested, per day, per day.  So naturally you're going to get more folk.  Because everybody's got little particles of viruses in there, bits and pieces of viruses in their nostrils. That's what your nose does, it filters them and catches them.  I-yi.  And it isn't, they're not live viruses.  These are bits and pieces, folks, that the PCR test detects.  And even then, it's not to be used for diagnostic, I keep saying it, you get fed up saying the same things, the inventor of it says it’s not to be, it was useless for diagnosing illness. The inventor. There's old videos out there of him talking about it saying that.  It says, so Britain,  their cases, oh, so the more you to test the more CASES you're going to get, the more folk had positive.  Now, you'll, no, no.)


UK records 23,012 more Covid cases - up 2,482 from yesterday - as 'Professor Lockdown' warns 'people WILL catch virus and die'


(A: That’s very, the PR thing I mentioned earlier, you know, that campaign for propaganda by the psy-ops programs…)


if they are allowed to mix on Christmas Day / 24 Oct 2020


(A: OH, they’ll catch the virus and DIE!!! says the Daily Mail Online. Being faithful good little, I guess they were paid to say that.  Now they’re getting paid to put these terrifying things out. Listen to this now, eh, yeah, this is October. It says...)


Meanwhile Professor Ferguson (A: This is the same guy…),


whose modelling led to the original lockdown in March,


The guy who’s completely out to lunch on everything he’s ever done with computers. It’s all done with modeling computers. The same guy behind the culling off of the whole population of the meat, the livestock in Britain with the foot and mouth disease, that was this guy. This guy is a walking one-man war. He’s an arsenal of destruction.  That’s why they got him. And that’s why he’s still working by the way, after being so wrong on everything else. This is astonishing, eh?  What times you live in to witness this kind of thing!  Hhhumph.  I-yi. I tell ya.  There ya go. Imagine him...  Well, how would they...?  Well again, they're getting paid to put this stuff out.  Again, I've read that already, eh, the government's paying them.


Oregon health official dressed


(A: Listen, it’s bizarro…)


Oregon health official dressed as clown


(A: …this is the official dressed as a clown…)


while announcing coronavirus deaths / 29 Oct 2020


(A: I guess it's supposed to be like, like, this is Halloween or something, is that the idea? So it says…)


A senior Oregon health official has gone viral after dressing as a clown during the state’s latest coronavirus announcement.


Doctor Claire Poche, a senior health adviser for the Oregon Health Authority, donned white and red clown makeup and a red tie with a polka dot shirt in the sombre clip.


In the bizarre video, Dr Poche announces statistics on recorded cases of the virus and deaths while wearing the costume and maintaining a straight face.


(A: What have I mentioned earlier about the straight faces of the old sci-fi movies.  [Alan chuckles.] Now you're seeing all the politicians doing it now too.)


“As of today, there have been 38,160 cases of Covid-19


(A: In other words, not infections, not illnesses, but tests, you see.)


in Oregon, with 390 new cases being reported today,” she said.


(A: Well, if you put another few thousand tests out, you're going to find more, guaranteed, right.  We know that. It doesn't mean they've got disease by the way or contagious or anything. But facts don't matter. A clown is telling you this here, right.)


She then goes on to discuss the state's death toll, adding: “Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths today, bringing the statewide total for Covid-19-related deaths to 608.”


(A: I guess that's when it all started. But again, they're putting everybody down as dying of it. If you have your, if your heart bursts with a massive infarction, and they then test you, ram a swab up your nostril and get a fragment of Covid, which lots of folk have got by the way, that doesn't mean you’re ill or sick, or even got it. Then they'll put you down as, we've been through all this before ad nauseum, but here's a clown telling you, right.)


The costume was actually part of a discussion on celebrating Halloween safely during the pandemic.


(A: Hhhhh.)


Another senior adviser Shimi Sharief later appears in the announcement dressed in a cuddly animal onesie from the film My Neighbor Totoro.


(A: What… is it, are, have they open the gates of the asylum or something? What is this?)


The clip, which aired on 14 October, went viral on Twitter after Oregonian journalist Samantha Swindler (A: Is this real?  Samantha Swindler?) called the production choice an “absolute nightmare”.


What is that movie, was it Stephen King was it, or, did the one that was, was it It or something, the clown one? The horrific clown thing?  M-hm. Maybe the psy-ops teams brought this out to terrify the public, hm.  Because it puts your mind into cognitive dissidents when you, here's a clown telling you about deaths, and smiling and getting happy and stuff, eh. This goes on and on about it. But anyway that's... That's it. I mean, it's... You're...  Ggghhaaaad, you thought the past was occasionally crazy.  N-n. Fft.  There you go.


This one too is…


Oxford coronavirus vaccine is to get approval ahead of Christmas so it can be used for medics and the elderly


(A: Let’s jab it into the elderly, right.  [Alan chuckles.])


BEFORE final trials are finished, says professor who is leading the project - / 25 Oct 2020


So there's Oxford again at it. They're all at it, eh, to get the vaccines out there and... Oh, they'll be living pretty for the rest of their lives, these characters, eh, outside this, out of this thing.


In Canada they're killing folk, eh, if you're not social distancing.


Man gunned down outside Toronto LCBO


(A: That's the Liquor Control Board, that's where you get your marijuana in Canada. You buy it, literally the government runs it, eh.  So the government is your dope dealer and your liquor dealer. I'm not kidding you, this is real. The LCBO, that's where you go for your booze. And they have beer ones too, beer stores, but also have the liquor ones where it's all wine and scotch and so on. And marijuana, you know, that's where you buy it. That's where you go and get your Soma.  So…)


WARMINGTON: Focus on social distancing in tragic murder - / 27 Oct 2020


Man gunned down outside Toronto LCBO after alleged social distancing dispute identified - / 25 Oct 2020


21-year-old man, eh?  There ya go. It's an argument started off in the store because of social distancing.  And maybe they were just in withdrawal for their drugs, maybe they needed the drugs badly or something, who knows, I mean that's... I tell you one thing though, every report I've read is amazing. The marijuana that's out now is really potent stuff compared to what it used to be, eh.  There's definitely cases of psychosis from it, and I really mean that, you know, verified cases in some, with a lot of people now actually. It's getting worse. Getting worse with lockdown too as tempers fray. Here's another one…


Britain's BLEAK mid-winter: UK records 23,012 more Covid cases


(A: Remember Boris’s boast to get, oh, so many millions a day tested? So naturally you’re going to get this with these faulty tests, folks. Guaranteed. They can’t lose with these spot tests, can’t lose.  They’re guaranteed to get the results that they want. But cases are not illnesses.  They’re not infected either most of the people. And they’re not ill. Do you understand? This is not a case. A case used to be somebody who was, had signs and symptoms of an illness. They don’t. And again, it's, oh, the same thing, you're all going to DIE, oh my goodness, eh.  Fft.)


 - up 2,482 from yesterday - as 'Professor Lockdown' warns 'people WILL catch virus and die' if they are allowed to mix on Christmas Day - / 24 Oct 2020




Watch: 104-Year-Old Woman Locked Down in Care Home Begs to See Family / 24 Oct 2020


(A: I'm sure the elite are licking their chops with that one. They love it.  And all the psychologists that are paid to brainwash you, they love this kind of stuff.  They can stare at it, yeah, she actually looks like she's quivering there, you know, and all this, and let’s see how the family across the way respond, between the barrier and all that. Psychopaths, psychopaths. There's more psychopaths in psychology by the way. Definitely in the behavioral department working for governments, more psychopaths, definite psychopaths working for them. No conscience at all. Hhhch.)


In a video shared on the Care Home Relatives Scotland group on Facebook, Mary Fowler says she is “very well looked after” at the Balfarg Care Home in Glenrothes, Scotland, but adds: “I want my family, though.”


“This is my right. (A:  You see, that tells you she's an old person with, she still believes she's got rights.) Please help. It’s cutting me to bits,” says the smartly dressed woman.


“I must see my kids. Time’s getting on for me. I must see my children and make things like they used to be.


(A: And then she asks for help.)


Please help me, help me. Please, please help.”


Mrs Fowler has so far “only been able to have brief window visits from one of her children,” according to the Evening Express.


(A: They give you a video if you want to see it.)


And this... uugggghhhhh, this fishy character Nicholas Sturgeon...


First Minister in Scotland's left separatist devoted... 


…left, far left.  They're actually a front for the big world system. And they're well paid for it too.  There's more money flowing into their paychecks, believe you me, then just from the country.  Ooouuuuuuuuuuuugh. So anyway, Nicola Sturgeon, I won't even read their stuff, because she's another psychopath. So there ya go.


And ha, I keep coming back to hate crime laws in Scotland. 


This new ‘hate crime’ law is even more pernicious and worrying than celebrity critics like Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese realise - / 20 Oct 2020


John Cleese is talking about it and Rowan Atkinson and different people too, how ridiculous it is, as they get into your heads, ole mister Sunstein and your...  You understand, why would you vote for governments that are paying people, paying PSYCHOPATHS to brainwash you? If you have rights and freedoms, you have the freedom to think for YOURSELF, and to STATE what you think for yourself to others if you want to. Not to be brainwashed into compliance for a much bigger agenda, that’s using Covid as a front to bring it all in.  And to destroy totally society and your way of life. And your ability to even feed yourself.  That's what's going to go down. That's what it's supposed to.  This is total war on the people.


Another one too, another article, I just want to say in Canada they just shoot you.  There's another one, I mentioned this back in July or whenever it happened, during July. And it's south of me. It says…


Man fatally shot following mask dispute

(A: And of course after the police inquiry because the police do their own inquiries here...)

opened fire on OPP: Sources / 17 July 2020


(A: Ontario Provincial Police it says.)


(A: Here's what it says at the top of it.)

“He was wearing camouflage and was heavily armed,” say sources.


(A: There’s no independent sources here, except the police.  [Alan chuckles.])


(A: 73-year-old man, right.  It says…)


It started over an argument about not wearing a mask in a grocery store, but a 73-year-old Haliburton-area man was later shot


(A: They followed him, you see, got his license plate numbers. By the way, all the stores now have got, they’re taking your license plate numbers, for any probable disputes, or, and even for this fakery of contact tracing. They want you to get all trained that, so everybody’s going to get the chance to say, you know, you don’t know it yet, but you were in a place yesterday, we know you were there because we saw it on camera, and there’s somebody, somebody in a 100 mile radius tested positive for Covid, so you’ve got to get locked down there for a couple of weeks. You’re all going to get this. Not... To get trained. It's nothing to do with reality.  You're all going to get trained, eh.  Before… You see, they have regiments of troops, and they've got regiments of troops, the various people who were contact tracers, private corporations got billions dished out to them for this, and it was planned before the Covid came out. I did the articles before who was to get the contracts, and they were offered them LAST YEAR.  [Alan chuckles.] So it's very tragic...)


“It’s very tragic but this easily could have been worse,” said a justice source. (A:  That's the police or a judge or something, after shooting the old guy.) “We very easily could have had two dead police officers in this. It was that close. We are fortunate we don’t.”


Sources tell the Sun that after an incident inside and outside a grocery store in Minden, the man travelled to a property near Haliburton and was armed and waiting for the OPP


(A: It was his own home I think, you know. It’s assuming the police showed up…)


to show up, engaging them with gunfire when they did.


“He was wearing camouflage


(A: Well, in the wooded areas down where he was by the way, I think half the population wears camo, all the age groups do. It’s the greatest thing if you’re actually out, live in the country, because it’s a bit rougher and more rugged for wear in the bush, there’s no doubt about it. Especially when you’re, when anything is, you don’t wear anything, you know, city clothes in the country, you just don’t do it.  Hhhch, because white doesn’t go well with mud, [Alan chuckles.] things like that. So he’s wearing camouflage…)


and was heavily armed,” say sources.


(A:  Hm.  So there ya go.  So they killed him.) 


Valu-Mart (A: I guess that's one of the stores there.) employee Tianna Frances told CBC the man “just got angry and didn’t want to” comply with wearing a mask and was making the point “if we didn’t have to force him and tell him that he couldn’t come into the store, nothing would have happened, really. He would have got his groceries and went along with his day.”


HE’D STILL BE WEARING CAMO THOUGH.  You know.  I remember the previous article said he was an independent loner.  Well, he bought his place outright himself. He had the right to privacy. And if he wants peace and quiet, that’s probably why he went to the country. Unfortunately the city had followed him there in a sense, didn’t it. So, there you go. That's what they do in Canada. So be careful in Canada because they don't bother just censoring you and stuff. Well, they can censor you kind of permanently I suppose. There you go.


Anyway, I'll put some of these up. [Alan laughing.]  I seldom read Canadian news. It's so communistically awful. It really is. And it has been since Pierre Trudeau, the father of Justin. Or the, well, whatever. And it says here...


Canada's Trudeau predicts 'tough winter' and says pandemic 'sucks' / 27 Oct 2020


Canada's Trudeau predicts 'tough winter,' deaths top 10,000


OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday predicted a "tough winter" in the face of a second wave of COVID-19 infections


(A: It’s not. It’s not infections.)


engulfing much of the country, and he channeled public frustration saying, “The pandemic sucks.”


(A: He went to a good school.)


called it a horrific national tragedy.


(A: This is the guy who's, hhhch, like his dad wanted international communism. I'm not making that up. His dad literally was communist, you know. His dad led the Comintern group for Young Communists of Canada over to Moscow in 1952. That's why they made him Prime Minister of Canada eventually, because the future was to be communistic in a sense, using the Technotronic system for efficiency, for those who own you.)


Canada's case numbers have been rising triggering new restrictions to public gatherings, indoor activities in several provinces.


On Monday Canada recorded 4109 new cases.


(A: Because they're doing more testing, right. It says...)


"This sucks. It really, really does,"


(A: ...he says.  Ttt. There you go, that's really good education, he says it twice. It really, really does, he says.  Hm.) 


A rare show of emotion and frustration from Trudeau.


Aggghh, I can't read anymore of that one, I'm sorry, you know. And let's see now.  As I said before I'll put up the PDFs and that from the Scottish government and this prune, this Lord that they've got, this, his name is Campbell I think, Alastair Campbell who is putting this kind of stuff through on behalf of the guy who dreamed it up, a fella who I don't think he likes Scots very much.  [Alan chuckles.] Who knows, eh?


It's so true, you know, I mean, when I applied to come to Canada the, it was a French-Canadian interviewed me in the console in Britain, in Scotland.  They said to me, you know, he says, you know you people aren't as welcome in Canada as you used to be. And I never really, I said, what on earth, what do you mean? He just looked at me, eh. I thought, what happened that I didn't know about, eh?  Of course, Pierre Trudeau had happened long before that, mind you, and they had changed the policies. I know they had changed the policies in Britain certainly, and at the United Nations, and they actually put a quota system of who was to get into Canada. Scotland was definitely on the very minuscule minority point for entrance, and that was a long time ago. But that's what he said to me, you know.  


So I don't know if that would be classed as racism or not. But there ya go. It's depending who says things I suppose too, and who's judging it all, eh. That's why you can't have hate laws and things like that because it all depends on who's doing the judging.  You might offend more folk who are real haters that are judging you, you see. That's how things work, eh, in this awful system that we’re under. It's pretty disgusting, it really is, what's happening.


Once again too, I got to keep reminding myself,  Get the books and discs or just straight donations. You'll find out how to do it on the website. Make a list of all the sites I have.  Because the war is on, and they've already said it, they're not going to allow folk to have contrary opinions to the officials. Even though the officials keep changing their opinions. Even after the officials admit they were wrong and bring down Covid deaths, as opposed to, but then they go back up again and change their minds again. You see, this is the technique that's used, after 9/11 too, as I've said before, until they have so many different conflicting opinions out there or factoids that nobody can make any sense of anything. This is deliberate.


But again, use your own common sense and what you observe yourself. That's so important. Because this is an age, this is total warfare for different reasons than why they are telling you. Why would you lock down the world's... the WORLD'S economy?  Hm?  At the same time, stop all production, start rationing things, and eventually you'll have your rationing card. It might be electronic or whatever, but it's still a rationing card, what you're allowed to buy, when you buy it and all that. Where you can go. Look at Ireland right now with the lockdown. Look at England. The curfews and everything. Total warfare scenario. Total warfare scenario.


HOW DARE they do that to adults, eh! Curfews?!  I guess the virus just, it might be more virile and will attack you more in the dark, maybe that's the whole thing, eh. You won't see it coming.  [Alan laughing.] Utter bizarre nonsense.


Because you see, the intent of this after a year or two, or three or four, because this is to be on for years, you understand that? This is to be for years. This is not temporary. This is a whole agenda, a long-planned agenda that's being implemented, a total change of the entire structure of society. 


I'm hearing in the distance by the way, hhhch, Chinook helicopters. I've mentioned it before, and this happened Friday, and then Saturday, in the middle of Saturday night, and then now. Chinook helicopters that are going to the north of me. They’re army ones actually. Stacks of them, back and forth, back and forth.  And I've told you before about the trains, they're taking... Most of the stores are either shut or bankrupt and closed, or forced to close, and empty. So the trains that go by every 10-15 minutes, these massive heavy trains night and day for the last few months are not going to the stores to restock them. Apart from that, there's very little north of me anyway. This is for massive bases for NORAD, etc. to the north and for continuity of government and so on. A few other ones they've got as well, that's what it's for. Massive stockpiles of food for years, actually, obviously.  For them.


Hhhhh, well, there you go.  That's a little bit of mentioning, remember,, send a few bucks my way. It helps me tick along and I'll keep going, hopefully.  Because things are going to get worse, and you really need some connection to what's really happening and think for yourself. And don't just give up and be terrified.  It's good to feel a bit of anger here and there, about these swine, they are swine that are causing this and bringing it on, and the psychological operations units that are just psychopaths getting paid by our tax money. Why would you vote for governments that are doing this to you? How DARE they do that! And yet they're doing it. Because they've made war on you. They've declared total war on you. I hope you understand that. Right down to hate speech and what you can think in your home.  Hhhhh!  Yoi-yoi-yoi.  Welcome 5G and Alexa and all the rest of it, eh.  [Alan laughing.] You fools buy it all.  GET RID OF THEM, folks.  GET RID OF THEM!  I'm telling you. There's other articles too, that other appliances are listening to you as well. But they've been doing that for years. 


Half of Canadian small biz losing money daily in COVID second wave / 29 Oct 2020


(A: It’s just… second wave...  Who’s dropping, who’s dropping dead here?)


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for small businesses during the pandemic.


A new survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) found the second wave of COVID-19 is hitting them harder still with new drops in sales.


(A: Well, no one’s allowed to go out and get stuff, eh! And folk don’t have the money, they haven’t been working since about… February.)


As many as 51% say they are losing money every day and in places like Toronto and Peel Region, which are under new provincial restrictions,


(A: Again, they’re doing this roaming kind of lockdown, so they get you, everybody gets a chance of getting locked down. To make you, convince you that you’re all part of something BIG, you see. That’s why they make you wear facemasks. If you didn’t wear facemasks, you’d just forget it very quickly. You’d see the expressions on the people’s faces. They’re not sinister anymore. They don’t see you as sinister. You can read the expressions and you read people and things are okay. But you forget about Covid, eh.)


  it’s as high as 70% who are suffering on a daily basis.  (A: …of their income.)


In particular, hospitality businesses like restaurants and hotels (76%) or arts and recreation businesses like gyms and venues (69%) were more likely to report further lowered sales.


“Small businesses still haven’t recovered from the first wave


(A: It’s not meant to. They’re supposed to go out of business.)


of COVID-19 lockdown measures. In fact, 37% of all businesses across Canada report they are actually losing money every day they are open,” CFIB president Dan Kelly said in a statement.


(A: That’s the way it’s going to be, folks.)


“The new round of restrictions in several regions are already proving to be devastating to them, especially as new supports from government remain in the development stage,” he said.


What support is government going to give you? Supposedly it’s all borrowed money they dish out. You understand, have you ever thought about where it all comes? Do folks think it’s just [Alan sings] pennies from heaven, eh, that comes out of nowhere? Where d'you think government, whose lending what, really, to governments to give to you?  Because they’re not coming out with big, big, big trucks and armored vehicles for live cash to the government. Where… these moneylenders, what do they really give them, just blips on a computer screen? Because that’s what it is, folks. But regardless, you see, it's to put you further and further and further in debt as you have to pay it all off for the government. Real or not real YOU’LL be forced to pay the not-reals off.  [Alan chuckles.]  Yep.  Total, total, this is to be like a total war or, as though a bomb had been dropped, the atomic bomb or something, the kind of devastation they want, like, a PERMANENT CHANGE.


Belgium Health Experts Demand Investigation Of WHO For Faking Coronavirus Pandemic / 24 Sept 2020


(A: I mentioned this one I think last week too.)


Medical Doctors and Health Professionals of Belgium have written an open letter to authorities demanding the investigation of WHO for creating coronavirus infodemic faking the pandemic. The following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.


(A: Remember too, and it's so true, here they have all the psychological warfare teams going to attack anyone who puts out evidence to the contrary of this, of the propaganda that's getting lumped out by the media, that the media's getting paid by the government to put out.  [Alan chuckles.] Remember this article, remember it, when the WHO, the WHO...)


When WHO Faked a Pandemic


Earlier, it was revealed that a Pornstar


(A: …and I remember reading it…)


a Pornstar and a Sci-Fi Writer influenced WHO policies on Hydroxychloroquine with fake data.


(A: Remember they were putting it out?)


An obscure US healthcare analytics company has come under sharp scrutiny for the integrity of its key studies that were published in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.


(A: Remember, I think even the Lancet I think used it.)


World Health Organization and several national governments changed their COVID-19 policies and treatment based on the faulty data provided by the company with a pornstar and a sci-fi writer on their payroll.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Well, I guess they were happy at their work, eh?)


An exclusive report by GreatGameIndia revealed how in 2009 WHO prematurely declared ‘swine flu’ (A:  …as well…) a pandemic (A: …back then. Remember that one? It’s, oh my God, you’ve all got to get your shots, and that fizzled out itself as well. And they were ticked off.  That’s why they demanded we all buy their vaccines, eh.  Which, we didn’t. And didn’t want.)


  which resulted in a surge of vaccine orders. (A: …back then in 2009.) The rich and affluent nations were quick to purchase the vaccines for their people. Ironically, most deaths occurred not in Europe but in Africa and Southeast Asia.


(A: It fizzled out, that one too, the swine flu, eh. But anyway, this actually mentions here that Stewart Blume, this other author here...)


…Stuart Blume discloses that many of the most influential advisers, at both World Health Organisation (WHO) and national levels (A: …and national levels, right…), are paid consultants to the vaccine industry


(A: So they’re, the organizations that are pushing it all for you all to be very afraid and be terrified, are paid consultants to the vaccine industry. They’re fronts.)


  raising a very serious question – that the WHO might be working for the vaccine industry’s interests and not the people – the reason why 10 years ago WHO faked a pandemic.


(A: …the swine flu one.  And they did too. It really fizzled out by itself without the vaccine getting used. I think it was also a test to see what they could improve with their terrifying, their war of terror and propaganda that they’re using now.  Anyway…)




We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process …


(A: …etc. etc.)


…there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.


There you go, Belgian doctors. Facts don't matter, right enough, because this is the world, this is, a war has been declared upon the entire planet. Obviously. And yeah, you could start prosecuting the members of, say an example, the WHO and also the World Economic Forum.  The WEF isn't just a little form that meets once a year. It's a massive enterprise with its own bureaucracy and everything, folks. We don't vote for it. We didn't elect them. They just dictate policies and use the organizations like the CFR to sign it into law.


Now, I'm sure everybody's heard about...


FRANCE ATTACK: Church sexton in Nice had throat slit while preparing for Mass / 29 Oct 2020


(A: The Notre Dame church again, eh.)


There were few people around; the first Mass of the day was not due to start for another two hours.


But by around 9 a.m., a man armed with a knife entered the church and slit the throat of the sexton, partially beheaded an elderly woman, and badly wounded a third woman, according to a police source.


M-hm.  And that's all they say about it, you never see any condemnation of the people who do it, you know. But how does that even happen in this day and age? You find with most of these murders and so on, people have made comments and statements themselves on social media of what they plan to do.  But why would they go after a Church sexton?  Well, it doesn't matter, does it?  And that will be forgotten pretty quickly now, you know, there'll be no inquiry into that.  Fft.


I mentioned before too, in Great Britain, Great Britain that's [Alan chuckles.] still having boat people come in, everyday mind you from all over the world.  Nice boats too, they're disposable, they just leave it. It must've cost a fortune to buy them, whoever bought them. And they're put up in expensive hotels.  They're given priority medical care too by the way.  Folk in Britain can't get that, you know, even during Covid. But facts don't matter, you know, because if you complain you're a nasty person.  This is from The Star and it says...


'It's eat or heat' –


(A: I’ve mentioned this before, when the winter comes in, right, they accept now that folks die in their own home, the British people die in their own homes because they can’t afford the fuel for winters. That’s Great Britain, you know, the people who accept folk from all over the world, you know, there ya go, we’re so nice.  Because you’re supposed to, again, the whole British island concept has been utterly, of just the people themselves, is to be demolished, completely demolished until there is not even a history to fall back on that will remind people in the future of who they were. I really mean this. I’ve read all their books and so on years ago.  So…)


'It's eat or heat' – The Sheffield families on the breadline / 29 Oct 2020


Families across Sheffield have told of their ongoing struggles to make ends meet after one generous city cafe provided them with hot meals and food hampers free of charge.


Butter Me Up on Queens Road is normally a ‘greasy spoon cafe’ according to staff member of three years Rachael Dawson, 44. But, over half term staff have been in the kitchen juggling the usual orders alongside preparing free school meals and packing hampers.


Mum-of-three Rachael had a personal reason for wanting to help. She said: “I have been on my (A: …something rather, I don’t know what it could be, it begins with an a…) a***. I’ve got a little girl who’s four and two older kids and I know parents are going to be in a worse situation than I’m in.


"I’ve gone without food myself so the kids are fed. We’ve sat with quilts and hot water bottles because it was eat or heat.”


(A: There you go, there’s Great Britain.)


Rachael’s daughter Caitlan, 20, a university student who works part-time at Butter Me Up, added: “I’ve been for a shower at my friend’s house and been round for tea [to save money].”


The cafe has donated 22 food hampers full of essential items and non-perishables as well as household cleaning products.


They have also cooked 32 hot meals to be delivered to 12 families across the city on Wednesday. On Thursday, they will cook another 42 and a further 32 on Friday.


Rachael, from Meersbrook, said: "As a society we have got to stop this stigma about using a food bank or relying on someone to help.


(A: Isn’t it sad the British folk, you see, feel ashamed having to go to a food bank. And yet they read the papers of what it’s costing them to bring folk into the country all the time and put them up and so on. But they themselves are ashamed, and when they’re hungry, to go to a food bank. There’s psychological warfare, it even makes you ashamed, you see. Do you see that?  Yep.) 


“I keep seeing posts saying don’t have kids if you can’t afford them.


(A: You see, this is your WEF idea, you see, and the Club of Rome.)


I was financially stable with my own house. I ended up broke and I was working 40 hours a week struggling with child care.”


She added: "It’s usually those without kids who have no idea what a struggle it is.”


Rachael's boss and Butter Me Up owner of three years Lisa Wheedon, 53, from Chesterfield, said: “With Rachel working here we’ve got the facility to do it. I think it’s brilliant.”


Rachael said: “Everybody contacting us is saying ‘I’m so embarrassed, I’ve never done this before’. I’ve said please don’t be.


It's the same thing I remember too, when the 2007/8 crash happened. Suddenly you had big documentaries made about the tent cities that were happening because the folks lost their homes. Thousands and thousands and thousands of them. With the extravagance of the banks and the cons they were doing with the mortgages, flipping mortgages as though they were other commodities. Literally flipping them they were, 5, 6, 10 times a day per house. Until folk literally, all, they knew it was going to collapse, it was a greed frenzy, like a shark frenzy. Then the people themselves that had been enticed into these low-income mortgage loans and so on, all lost everything. Everything.  Ended up in tent cities. Then you saw all these people too that were, as I say, businesses went under too and you saw these folk literally ending up at food banks utterly ashamed.  Poor souls, you know.  Yep. 


Well, the same in Britain, you know. I was reading about one guy who had come into Britain years ago and it cost 500,000 pounds of taxpayers money to defend him against some crime that he had committed. Yyyyyyy........ Things are absurd now. But the folk in the country literally can't eat, a lot of them. They can't eat!  Who cares about them?!  Nobody does. Unless you start caring yourselves, and then you should start, again, like the Scots and all the rest of them, getting some gumption back, and some pride, and, you know, back in their humanity as humans instead of that shame, shame, shame stuff you've been brainwashed with for years. How disgusting that they can pick and choose who they want to make, to make to feel inferior and to destroy them. How disgusting.


Total war.  You've got to stop this stuff and go after the folk that are doing this. Start arresting them. These are war crimes. 


So hhhhh, it's rather sad what's happening.  I've got more stories of people who had to go to the bank and so on, eh.  So there you go anyway. Glenn Greenwald, the guy who, he helped Snowden the whistleblower a few years ago with the story I think and did a documentary. I think he may even be in the documentary too, not quite sure.  But it says...


Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald resigns from the website (A: ...that he helped start up.) with scathing essay claiming editors 'violated his editorial freedom' by 'censoring' an article he wrote criticizing Joe Biden / 29 Oct 2020


(A: I guess it was so much stuff came out on Biden’s family, or the son anyway, that he came out with what's being put out supposedly as fact so far. But yeah, they're clamping down on anybody mentioning the money situation flooding into the Biden family through deals and so on. So yeah, he literally resigned from the Intercept.)


Glenn Greenwald has resigned from The Intercept…


…after an editorial that he wrote about Biden was censored supposedly. We’ll see what happens there. It shows you that this censorship thing is never going to end either, it's going to get worse and worse.  And it is astonishing, isn't it, that… Well it's not really astonishing, it's only astonishing if you believe the media was ever real.  It's always been owned by big powerful interests, you know. As I say, people used to know that when I grew up, the elder folk knew that. They could tell them all, the moguls who owned the different newspapers, as an example in Britain.  Even the miners, you wouldn't think, no.  They were up on it all. They know who was who and what they were all part of, the establishment, and what you could believe or not trust or be suspicious of.


Because that's what you're supposed to do, be suspicious of things, as a sentient human being in a world where there's all these power plays going on all the time. And you know, the whole idea of the Sunstein idea didn't start with Sunstein. It was long before him. It's been on the go with, it was propaganda. Propaganda is an amazing thing. Governments run by using propaganda, and teams of propagandists and psychologists, etc. Yeah, we're here folks.


More so now with the Internet age. They can hire these miscellaneous faceless people by the thousands to, and train them all, who to attack and who to go after and how, and then other ones to convince the public.  You could get 500 emails a day if they want to try and sway your opinion, with these independent people.  You'll think, maybe they're right sending you this and sending you that. You don't realize it's all from like an outfit, a section of an outfit that's paid to do this kind of thing, that's their job, that's what they're assigned to do is alter your opinions on things. 


If you're an influencer, as they call it, you know, social influencer….  It's a bad name, eh?  In other wars they would call you a quisling or something, you know, or you're on board with another nation, or a quisling type, oh, a subversive, a traitor even. But no, now if you don't go along with the propaganda, you're a social influencer.  Hhhhh!  They go after social influencers which are not on board with them. They'll attack them ruthlessly of course and constantly through many, many, many different ways. This is war, you see, waged upon the public, and they're using your tax money to wage war upon you. This is like a foreign entity doing this, really, when you think about it. It's nothing to do with what you think your country is all about or what you pay your money for your taxes for. 


Because it's a different agenda, a completely different agenda than the average person who live in the country will think about, or even understand sometimes. And they never hear of the agenda [Alan chuckles.] and the fact is that you're supposed to have no nation at all eventually. And the same organizations that then also put out social influencers, well-financed, the heroes of the opposition, which you will join, you see, and you follow them. This is old techniques of course; they've always done this. They heavily, heavily promote them.  They'll sell the same things you're putting out there, but then they start bending the truth off into a particular direction, or back into the ridiculousness of politics as it stands today.


That's how you're neutralized. I've seen it happening over the last, over 20 years, the big changes in the promotion of different ones, to take over what used to be opposition to the system. That's how it's done, they go after opposition, and they create opposition, hhhch, their own opposition that appears to be yours, they speak for you, you understand. And they're heavily financed, and that's one of the little telltale signs about them too. So be very careful what you do. I always say this, you're given your Pied Piper's to follow.  And they must put out legitimate stuff, information, to get you to start to follow.  It's a little bit like rat poisoning, you know, 90 odd % of the rat poison, 85%, or 80% in fact they say is corn, and that little bit extra is the poison. That's how they sway you, for being the Pied Piper. So be careful what you do, who you… You shouldn't really follow people so much as think for yourself.


That's the whole point. That's why you're here, hhhch, is to think for yourself.


When you realize that 99.999% of everything in the world is there to dominate you, and dominate your thoughts, not, so that you can't even have your own thoughts, you know. Look at how much media is put out there to make sure you can't have your own original thought... unless you switch everything off in a day and start thinking for yourself. Not even, don't even look at a newspaper, nothing at all, and think about that, you see.  LOOK at the billions of dollars across the world spent daily to try and make sure that you [Alan chuckles.] never get a thought of your own in that whole day.  That's quite a program of war, I'd say. It's like I've said before, for every penny you earn, there's a thousand companies want it. That's why they do all this advertising.


But it's the same thing about thinking. For every minute of your day that you could be doing your own thinking, for yourself, you've got thousands of other organizations the newspapers and media of all kinds, and entertainment, trying to grasp your attention for that one minute. They want it. That's a massive war indeed, isn't it. 


I love this article, it's, I can't stand Fauci, [Alan laughing.] I really can't stand the man.  Because his eyes now, you can see he's getting nervous with his lies. Because he's just, you know, he's up to his eyes in collusion with corporations and industries that are profiting off this mightily.  And he’s been in the, he's been a bureaucrat for 50 years, you understand, eh. I-yi-yi.  M-hm.  So...


US Might Not See Life Get "Back To Normal"

(A: This is the guy who told you back in February that life would never go back to normal, but he says, it won’t get back to normal…)

Until 2022, Dr. Fauci Warns

(A: …he says in his latest declaration, you know, to the cattle down beneath him.) / 29 Oct 2020


So anyway, he’s…. And you can’t even believe that too. It’s never to end. They’ve already said, the same man has said it too, the same man who told you not to wear a mask initially, and then demanded you wear a mask, and who said initially too that it probably wouldn’t even effect America, and then he says it’s going to devastate America.  This guy, and again, the guy who literally is [Alan laughing.], really, I mean if you want collusion with corporations, you just look at this character here.  Fft.  Ahh.  But yeah, it’s a few weeks here and a few weeks there… Oh, another few weeks, and, oh, a few months here and there.  And then… You’re getting… You’re… It’s like putting the Judas goat down in front of the rest, eh, and you all follow the Judas goat.  And they all pause a bit, and say, I guess we’re okay now. It’ll turn off the to the side, and then you end up going into the slaughterhouse. That’s how they play you, eh, they put a Judas goat in front of you.  So, Fauci, just a few weeks more, a few months more, oh a few years more, you know. Along you go, you see.  And the same man that’s already told you that vaccines probably won’t stop you from getting it. Well, why are they going to mandate that you have it?


Let's think of it as a potentially possibly life-threatening thing, hm, a vaccine, that may kill you, that's what they said too, remember, that's what Bill Gates said, that thousands across the world might die of side effects and so on and so on. It was months ago he said, but he said it, he's on video saying it.  But that's acceptable, you know. To him obviously. But not the people who are going to die. But I guess they don't matter.


But here's Fauci telling you too, you've got to take a vaccine, and you won't get out of your homes without a vaccine, you can't go any where without a vaccine.  And then he tells you too that you'll need a whole bunch of these vaccines, not just one. Then you need frequent ones and boosters, etc. They want to give you all kinds of perpetual boosters for every vaccine out there by the way that's on the, that'll be your vaccine passport. Don't you get it? I remember years ago giving the talk on that very thing, when they talked about this, we really need some kind of, and I said one day you'll walk into grocery stores, this is like I don't know 1998 or 1999. I said you’ll walk into grocery stores and alarms will go off because you haven't had your latest vaccine that's electronically monitored, because they're going to be monitored. I said that back then, and here you are now, digital passports could be on the go, without that alarms will go off, woo-woo.  [Alan chuckles.]   


It could, can people really believe, go along with this, you know... Oh, just a little bit more, and they tickle the cow's neck, you know, just a little bit more, and then they go WHACK on the backside with a big stick, and back to the neck again, and a little bit more, come on.   Hhhhh.  N-n-n. 




German Pfizer vaccine

(A: Remember, there was one of the guys who was the head of the research department, was it, was it the last week or the week before, from Pfizer, said he wouldn’t take the vaccine.  [Alan laughing.]  But here’s the company anyway…)

could be ready before Oxford-AstraZeneca injection and be given to Brits before Christmas / 28 Oct 2020


There’s a good Christmas present for you. Since you’re going to be locked down anyway, and you can’t get out of your homes, it’s illegal, you know, by your masters, you know. Your master’s voice. Remember, they used to have ‘His Master’s Voice’ record company at one point, gramophones, record players and things like that.  I think in my home we had one and it was called His Master’s Voice, windup type gramophone records, record players. But they kept that logo and they put it on later players, eh, record players. But it was sitting there listening, so that bighorn that went to the dog’s dear, well, that’s what the media is to us. 


That’s what the government is to us now, you see. They’re paying the media to lie and brainwash you. I read the articles tonight for goodness’ sake, [Alan chuckles.] That’s what basically it’s telling you.  Hm?  His Master’s Voice is telling you right to your ear hole to obey and do what you’re told, eh, and don’t have more than this. It really is, it’s absurd declarations they’re putting out there, and orders. It really is. It’s almost like, maybe four people can gather in your home on a Friday afternoon as long as you only wear one slipper, you know, etc. This is how, and they're trying to see how much mental illness that they can cause. I’m not kidding you. Massive studies going on right now on how you'll comply, compliance can work, how they can make you do all kinds of bad things. Really.


Oh, this is again, to show you the predictive programming that's really lumped into all kinds of programs. This is how you get most of your brainwashing, and HOW to comply, and HOW to do things and how to copy and emulate and so on culture differences and changes. It's predictive programming. I came out with the term many, many years ago. This is, I've told you before, this Songbird movie trailer it says…


‘Songbird’ movie trailer about pandemic ‘COVID-23’ slammed by critics: ‘Cashing in on human suffering / 30 Oct 2020


The apocalyptic film follows a couple in 2024 that tries to meet during the pandemic


(A: Hhhhh.  Poor souls, eh.  This is from Fox news.)


[Alan speaking with increasing intensity.]

“the mortality rate is over 50 percent and the virus kills at an accelerated rate” and “infected Americans are forced from their homes and into quarantine camps,” according to Entertainment Weekly.


(A: Hhhhh, hhhhh, hhhhh, hhh, you see.  You see how you’re getting trained into this rubbish?  Hm? So, it's being hammered. But it's probably getting funded, I bet it's funding from and our tax money going into that too.)


[Alan speaking with increasing intensity.]

“It's a dystopian, scary world, but it's a romantic movie about two people who want to be together, but they can't,”


(A: Hhhhhh.  There you go. It says…)


“Talk about pure bad taste.”


(A: But that’s what they do in it. This is how you’re brainwashed, folks, always using entertainment. They said that at the European meeting on vaccinations that they had, and I put the link up there too. They discussed that, how they would use all the media and put all the different Covid ideas into, and behavioral changes into fictional dramas and so on, just insert them in like they normally do. Like they normally do.  [Alan laughing.]  Taking, you know, taking for granted they’ve got these agreements with them all. They pay for these inserts. They did that with Coronation Street, that was the greatest predictive programming system. Everything that was going to happen and planned for Britain they did it in fictional form in front of the public. And here’s how Bear would adapt to this, or not adapt, and here’s how his wife would adapt, and who would win on whatever the disagreement was going to be, and you know, that’s how it’s done. It also says here…)




Another person added: “This is quite possibly one of the s----iest (A: I don’t know what they mean, they keep doing these strange things, and that woman who talked about sitting on her a--, I don’t know what that, and this guy is on about the s---, s---iest…) attempts at cashing in on human suffering.


(A: Maybe he means silliest, eh?!  It must be silliest, I’m a nice person.  And it says…)


 Whoever makes this movie should be ashamed. This isn't needed, nor wanted.”


It's not meant for that. It's meant to indoctrinate you, and to terrify you, folks. Where fiction becomes your reality. When you hear Covid, oh my, you'll think of the movie, hhhhh, hhhhh, hhhhh, half the folk are dying, oh my God, eh.  Yep.  I tell ya.


So that's one of them. And then you have, remember this one too, it was...


24 (TV series)


24 is an American action drama television series created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran for Fox. The series stars Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. Each season covers 24 consecutive hours in Bauer's life using the real time method of narration.


The show came out in 2001, you see, for after 9/11, eh.  Oh, antiterrorism, oh my, these, look at all these government guys running, selfless, never sleeping, hunting down terrorists everywhere.  But also got you used to the idea of no rights and citizens being monitored and so on. It was normalized through fiction.  Hm?  In Canada they came out with…


The Border (TV series)


(A: Taxpayers' money again, eh. CBC television, the Communist Broadcasting Corporation, the government run. It had a few shows and says...)


The first season had a total budget of 20 million dollars, with about 1.5 million dollars per episode.


...of absolute farcical scenarios. Suddenly everything was terrorism, we had a war on terror,  hhhhh!, because the terrorists are creating a terror in the world. After 9/11. They even had one episode, the only one that I saw clips of, because I never watch TV and I was in someone else's place. But I saw clips and they had these Canadian jet fighters attacking the bridge that crosses into the US border there in Ontario, and STRAFING the bridge, that was in it too, to fight these awful terrorists that were just, you know, flooding over from the Middle East.  That's what they were obviously portraying, oh, they're everywhere, everywhere they are, oh my God, yeah.  Hhhhh! 


Again too, they desensitize the public that torture was okay, to get the truth out to save the rest of the people. Torture was fine. I remember one of the US ones they had the, they showed a guy and a leg, because they had to get the truth out of him before something exploded in the States. That was okay, go and torture them and shoot them and stuff like that.  Fft.  There you are. The Border. 


So they always bring these propaganda things out when they're at war with us all, you see, and they want us to believe certain things and so on.


The West Wing (TV series)


The West Wing is an American serial political drama television series created by Aaron Sorkin


Yeah.  Hm.  Fft.  That aired from 1999. You see, they knew what was coming. As I've said, in 1998 in Canada we had Allan Rock's Omnibus crime bill, which was an antiterrorism crime Bill.  Nothing had happened. Getting all ready for it, eh?  And of course after 9/11 they just went into real-time, my God, eh, they saved the world. Well, the reason that they've saved us all is because you're not hearing so much of the terrorism now.  You see, the drama has obviously worked, eh?  [Alan laughing.]


Here's again what they put out, right. Again, a little bit of information is how they do it. Don't forget, the BBC again is getting money, and that's mainly funded by the government of Britain. It's a propaganda tool, the BBC, it always was. That's why it was created initially, you know.


Covid: Antibodies 'fall rapidly after infection' / 27 Oct 2020


(A: …it says, eh.  There ya go.  So it goes on about…)


Antibodies are a key part of our immune defences and stop the virus from getting inside the body's cells.


(A: So again, that wonderful Imperial College of London, [Alan laughing.]…)


The Imperial College London team found the number of people testing positive for antibodies has fallen by 26% between June and September.


(A: Now, are they actually really testing the blood for antibodies? There’s the first question you should ask, you know.)


They say (A:  They say, they SAY… This is all scientific.) immunity appears to be fading and there is a risk of catching the virus multiple times.


The news comes as figures from the Office for National Statistics


(A: The same statistics I guess that Neil Ferguson worked for as well [Alan chuckles.] that gave you all the bogus stuff before with a whole bunch of disasters that have never happened before, even the mad cow disease.)


  show that the number of Covid-19 deaths in the UK rose by 60% in the week of 16 October.


(A: Really? Really!?  No, no. In October in Britain everybody with an upper respiratory infection who was elderly will get a chance, most of us will go this way by the way, always have done in the past, it’s these kind of things that finish you off, when winter starts to come in, that’s the bad time, the cold damp weather, especially in Britain. And they know this at the top, they can’t fail with the game they’re playing here, they'll just lump it in as Covid, you see.)


So the whole idea is, you see, antibodies aren't going to last that long, right. It's to get you ready for another vaccination. Not that that's going to last any longer either by the way.  But reality’s got nothing to do with it. The fact is, as was mentioned already, your T cells, there's different ones that actually keep like almost pretty well blueprints of antibodies, and they'll fade off after a while, unless they keep getting stimulated with being near the infection somewhere, you see.  And you immediately start producing it, so you don't even get ill with it, you don't even know you’ve, you don't even know what most of your body is doing most of the time. Of course you don't. So it's normal. That's normal.


Or else you'd be choked up, as I say, with thousands of different kinds of antibodies that you're, because you're getting, there's thousands out there of viruses, and if the antibodies were perpetual, for instance, your blood would be clogged with them, instead of, you know, red blood cells, etc. So they switched them off to an extent, do you see what I'm saying? But they the keep the blueprint of how to immediately mass-produce them, the antibodies, for that particular problem.  That's how it works. That's all I'm saying about that particular article.


Another one too is interesting, this article here, because it’s in quite a few of the medical magazines. It says…


Use of adenovirus type-5 vectored vaccines: a cautionary tale / 31 Oct 2020


We are writing to express concern about the use of a recombinant adenovirus type-5 (Ad5) vector for a COVID-19 phase 1 vaccine study, and subsequent advanced trials. Over a decade ago, we completed the Step and Phambili phase 2b studies that evaluated an Ad5 vectored HIV-1 vaccine administered in three immunisations for efficacy against HIV-1 acquisition. Both international studies found an increased risk of HIV-1 acquisition among vaccinated men. The Step trial found that men who were Ad5 seropositive and uncircumcised on entry into the trial were at elevated risk of HIV-1 acquisition during the first 18 months of follow-up. The hazard ratios were particularly high among men who were uncircumcised and Ad5 seropositive, and who reported unprotected insertive anal sex with a partner who was HIV-1 seropositive or had unknown serostatus at baseline, suggesting the potential for increased risk of penile acquisition of HIV-1.


So this goes on to actually say that a particular type of, um, Covid 19 phase 1 vaccine study might make them more prone to acquiring HIV.  M-m-m.  Because I guess these things go into the CCR5-positive CD4 T cells, and affects them, affects them apparently, apparently here. I'll have to really look through this whole article here.  I've got a few on this and haven't really gone into it. It's pretty recent.


Another one too, one of the doctors who came out against what's happening, the total lockdown, was Professor Sunetra Gupta. I think she was part of the Great Barrington group, I'm not quite sure, not quite certain about that. This is the Daily Mail...


A contagion of hatred and hysteria: Oxford epidemiologist PROFESSOR SUNETRA GUPTA tells how she has been intimidated and shamed

(A: Again, this goes right back to the Sunstein group and the 77th Brigade and so on, how they’d shame you, you see…)

for backing shielding instead of lockdown / 30 Oct 2020


(A: They make you feel bad, BAD.  Total war against the people, eh.)


Lockdown is a blunt, indiscriminate policy that forces the poorest and most vulnerable people to bear the brunt of the fight against coronavirus. As an infectious diseases epidemiologist, I believe there has to be a better way.


That is why, earlier this month, with two other international scientists, I co-authored a proposal for an alternative approach — one that shields those most at risk while enabling the rest of the population to resume their ordinary lives to some extent.


I expected debate and disagreement about our ideas, published as the Great Barrington Declaration.


As a scientist, I would welcome that. After all, science progresses through its ideas and counter-ideas.


But I was utterly unprepared for the onslaught of insults, personal criticism, intimidation and threats that met our proposal.


(A: Now, this is what the government’s putting out against these folk, this is what’s happening. The government is at war with the people, I hope you understand that.)


The level of vitriol and hostility, not just from members of the public online but from journalists and academics, has horrified me.


I am not a politician. The hurly-burly of political life and being in the eye of the media do not appeal to me at all.


I am first and foremost a scientist; one who is far more comfortable sitting in my office or laboratory than in front of a television camera.


(A: So she admits that she’s actually left-wing…)


Of course, I do have deeply held political ideals — ones that I would describe as inherently Left-wing. I would not, it is fair to say, normally align myself with the Daily Mail.


I have strong views about the distribution of wealth, about the importance of the Welfare State…


(A: …yada, yada, ya.)


But Covid-19 is not a political phenomenon. It is a public health issue


(A: No, it’s not. It is a political phenomenon that’s getting pushed by politics, government funding for warfare departments of all kinds including psychological war.  That’s definitely political.)


At the heart of our proposal is the recognition that mass lockdowns cause enormous damage.


(A: Well, we know all that stuff, right. What she does mention is that…)


The results — to name just a few — include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes (A: …and that’s true.), fewer cancer screenings (A: …and there’s actually fewer cancer, remember the article last week, folk are dying at home in agony, and they can’t even get pain medication, never mind get into hospital.) and deteriorating mental health.


Such pitfalls of national lockdowns must not be ignored, especially when it is the working class and younger members of society who carry the heaviest burden.


(A: Well, they are to have no future as we know. Anyway, that’s what you don’t know yet. But she does go on to mention that the newspapers, even the Guardian, you know, the Guardian newspaper, which pretends to be left-wing, used to be a bad paper, but again, changed ownership again, I think, I think, I’m not certain on that, just a few years ago just completely changed. She mentions here that the Guardian…)


…The Guardian, which has repeatedly published opinion pieces making factually incorrect and scientifically flawed statements, as well as borderline defamatory comments about me, while refusing to give our side of the debate an opportunity to present our view.


I am surprised, given the importance of the issues at stake — not least the principle of fair, balanced journalism — that The Guardian would not want to present all the evidence to its readers.


Well, they’re getting paid to go after anybody who is against the authorized opinion. That’s just it, isn’t it. Isn't that really what it’s all about? I’ve already mentioned that they’re getting paid, the government is paying them too, well, LIE.  Never forget these times, folks. Never go, if some miracle happens and you go back to any semblance, including with the newspapers, of what used to be, don’t ever forget the now, what’s happening now. When you read any of these papers, don’t ever forget IT.  But it’s not intended to ever go back to what you're used to. Never, ever. It's a whole new way.  The great reset is the reset of how you live, even if you will live, according to who's going to run your world for you.


Another one too is…


Has Covid killed off the flu? Experts pose the intriguing question as influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe / 25 Oct 2020


(A:  It’s almost disappeared, eh? And the surveillance data that they collect for the cases of flu, [Alan chuckles.] actually folk who have got the flu, right, not the ones that, oh, [inaudible], actually got it. So the surveillance is collected by the World Health Organization...)


'Surveillance' data collected by WHO shows how flu cases plummeted globally


That’s from the Mail on Sunday it says here. But I guess they'll just tack them all into padding, you know, like they did before with the swine flu one, put them all down as flu, hm.  They did that, I did the articles at the time on the radio, when I was doing the radio shows, and they actually said that, put them all down, you know, anybody coming into doctors with the sniffle or whatever, put them down as this particular flu. Allergies, eh, didn't matter.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Another one too…


N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel: A Randomized Clinical Trial - / 3 Sept 2019


It's a good article actually. You can go on and on with these tests on these particular masks and so on. That's from the PMC articles. I'll put this one up too for those who want to waste their life looking at what you already know. They're pretty well no use. Actually, they're dangerous, we know that too. Never mind the fact they can help suffocate you if it gets steamed up with your breath, eh.


How Google is 'SPYING' on you: Firm's voice assistant records and keeps conversations you're having around your phone when you least expect it / 14 Nov 2017


(A: Well, you should know all that anyway, eh.  It says…)


It lets users talk to their gadgets to search the web and interact with apps


(A: Well, use your hands and fingers for God’s sake people. I mean, you’re… Well, you can’t help folk, they just fall into it, eh.)


Background chatter could be enough to trigger this recording process


(A: They do the same with your laptops and that. They came out years ago admitting, the government and the NSA actually go into your laptops and turn them on occasionally to listen to what you’re talking about in your homes. This is… Do you still believe you had any privacy at all? Do you believe you’re Andy of Mayberry, you know, everything is just wonderful and goody-two-shoes? Wake up, folks, and get rid of these, get rid of this stuff that’s shackling you. Hm?!)


Visit Google's My Activity


Because they've all got their different types of ways of spying on you. That's what the computers are all about. That's what your cell phone is for too.  They count on you all having cell phones so they can track and trace you, that's also going to be your passport and everything else. Don't leave home without it. Or you'll be arrested. And again another one, another one of the same thing I mentioned earlier…


New CDC Study Finds Majority of Those Infected with COVID-19 ‘Always’ Wore Masks - / 13 Oct 2020


…ALWAYS wore masks. I'll put this one up too, this article here as well. That's from the California Globe.


US troops ready to take on China over disputed Senkaku Islands / 30 Oct 2020


(A:  Do you know about that one too, eh?  It’s hyped up a bit. I don’t really worry about it.)


American troops in Japan are ready to land on the disputed Senkaku Islands to fight off a Chinese invasion, a senior general has said, in the most explicit US commitment so far to defending the territory.


I'll put this one article up.  And there's another article too, if I can find it, I'll put it up as well, where the Chinese general is saying, they're not going to take it anymore and blah blah blah, and did a bit of swaggering, etc. As they all flex their muscles. Because remember, China is supposed to take over from the US as the policeman of the world, that's what it was set up to do. And it was SET UP to do, folks, by outsiders. [Alan chuckles.] And as the US goes down, well, they have to take over, you see.  N-n-n.


Also, again, they're doing their shopping early, Christmas in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia sees second night of riots, looting in response to police shooting - / 27 Oct 2020


And it's not a response to it. You don't go looting because someone gets shot. You know?



Trump Offers To Send National Guard. 


Well, he always offers and offers and offers.  And,


The Police Union, the Cops Had No Choice in Shooting an Armed Black Man


it says. I think he had a knife, I don't know.


What's interesting to me is what they loot, you see. They already know what they're going for and who they're going to rob and all that. Like they have with previous ones, you know.  And…


 Looters Can Be Seen Lifting The Store's Metal Gate For All Others To Enter And Leave, Some With Arms Full of Shoeboxes.


Now, they did a shoe store too with these Footlocker popular, I guess, sneakers, whatever they are, I have no idea. But you used to, you know, this is nothing like communism looting at one time where they could rile folk up, because they didn't have food to eat, so they get them riled up. Communists used to go after charities that tried to feed the poor, and they'd actually brutally assault them and break their arms and heads and everything else. Because they wanted to intensify the misery to get the folk to be the people's army that they could use, you see.  You always get used by communism, this idea of communism, and this other big front group, you always get used, folks.


So, helping folk was taboo. And you had to attack folk that were helping, that might alleviate their hunger pain or whatever. But in this day and age, I remember reading too, that they would never have the old-fashioned communist revolutions where folk wanted heat, like the one I read in Sheffield, and food and so on, just basic stuff.  Now they want… they want… [Alan chuckles.] they want the brand name logo stuff, you know, and the fancy shoes that are the latest in things, and their sneakers, and their big, massive TV sets and stuff. That's what they're stealing.


So it's a different kind, isn't it?  Ah, I'm protesting, I'm going to take this big massive television set out there and, they bring a U-Haul up in fact, [Alan chuckles.] where they planned in advance to have U-Hauls come up to the stores, and they can refurnish their homes I guess. So they use the protests for their early Christmas shopping I guess, eh.  I'll put this one up too for those who don't even know what's going on.


And also, I’m going to put up the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…


U.S. Influenza Surveillance System: Purpose and Methods -


They actually show you it here, the actual purpose and methods. If you really dig deep into their declarations recently you find that they admit that they've stopped even monitoring [Alan chuckles.] the flu... because it's all getting lumped in obviously with the Covid.


Another thing to watch for with the vaccinations, it's called…


Transverse myelitis


(A: Because it's already broken out with some of the test subjects for the Covid shots, eh.  You remember the woman with the spine, she had become paralyzed and so on.) 



Transverse myelitis is an inflammation of both sides of one section of the spinal cord. This neurological disorder often damages the insulating material covering nerve cell fibers (myelin). (A:  …the myelin sheath.)


Transverse myelitis interrupts the messages that the spinal cord nerves send throughout the body. This can cause pain, muscle weakness, paralysis, sensory problems, or bladder and bowel dysfunction.


There are many different causes of transverse myelitis,


(A:  The favorite cause they put down these days is, as things increase, they put it down as multiple sclerosis, you know, that's a good way of getting around anything else that caused it. But they do admit that after vaccination some folk get it, you know. It can leave you with major, sometimes with major disabilities and so on. Nasty thing indeed.)


Pain. Abnormal sensations. Weakness in the arms and legs. Bladder and bowel problems.


(A:  Etc. This is from the Mayo Clinic by the way, you know, this article. And they always put down at very, very end, after all the other things, you know…)


can happen after vaccinations. 


Fft.  Yep.   Well, there ya go. But it doesn't matter. I mean, they can do that with the vaccinations, and they've all got immunity from prosecution or getting sued. Isn't that wonderful. M-hm.


Dementia, I was thinking again, Sean Connery, 90, you know, dying there.  And his wife I think said that, you know, he died peacefully in his sleep.  And she kind of gave the impression that he was, what he really wanted, you know, he didn't want to go the way he was going with it. Because again, he had dementia to an extent, I don't know how bad it was. I was thinking about that too at the time.  But here's a bit of dementia patients here, this article.  Again, they've got bioethics coming into it and how they're going to treat society now.  They're doing it already of course.


Dementia patients 'are being given "archaic and dangerous" anti-psychotic drugs to keep them sedated during lockdown putting them at risk of early death', as grandmother, 86, dies six weeks after starting medication / 26 Oct 2020


(A: It gives you the woman and so on and what happened to her.)


Experts say the medication carries risks of premature death and is used to treat behaviour and symptoms including aggression and agitation.


Until this year the use of the drugs had fallen over fears over whether their dangers outweighed any benefits.


But the coronavirus pandemic has seen prescriptions for the treatments rise as medics have looked to keep some patients sedate during the crisis.


They used to always do that too, once you got into the old folks’ homes would put them on heavy-heavy duty antipsychotics, in fact. They would just sit there in their, they would strap them into one of those chairs, you know, with the little table bit that slots in.  They would be drooling, you know, with, haloperidol used to be a popular one for drugging them, and eventually they get inhalation pneumonia, you know, because that's what happens, your reflex, swallow reflexes go a bit weird and you inhale anything you drink or even your own saliva into the lungs, and in comes bacteria with it naturally, and you die. Of course today they'd probably put it down as Covid.


But these things have been happening. You know, you'd better start looking at what's been happening to humanity, folks. You've got to start doing it. Because eventually it's going to be your turn. And what kind of world are you leaving for others to live in and to get born into? A hell on earth, hm.


So, once again I'll put up a little bit on Sean Connery, and an era gone by, you know. It’s all fiction of course, and I would say it was easy enough acting really, to say a line here, stand here, say this, blah blah blah, good cash for that, he was at the right place, right time.  And good luck to him. But it’s an era gone by.


From bricklayer to 007: Sean Connery enjoyed 50 year film career but he will undoubtedly be remembered as the first – and some say definitive – James Bond - / 31 Oct 2020


So anyway, what I’m saying to you is, you've got to start looking after yourselves and speak, you’ve got to speak out. A hell on earth is coming down fast, drastically. 


Drastic plan by folk who've decided that they are your betters.  The Club of Rome remember, and I've read their articles even from their own books too, like The First Global Revolution, and other articles that would, even the recent ones too, but they've always said that their purpose was to replace society with a different system.  Because democracy didn't work, they couldn't get big things done for progress when they had to cater to individual rights and such. That's technocracy, you see. And now they're dancing, the CEOs are dancing about the fact that, and don't forget the CEOs and all these characters in this Club of Rome all also belong to the WEF, World Economic Forum, and the United Nations. It's one big club, same folks.


The CEO of the Club of Rome said that, she said, we can get all these, like the sustainable agenda through under Covid, she says, we won't let businesses open up unless they are going to be green and sustainable, etc. And essential. Well, here you go. Your betters planned a whole different future for you, and they didn't even have to consult you. Because they're using terror under a pandemic to do it for them. They've got all these psycho warrior organizations, psy-ops really, there to attack all of you when you try to put facts out there. There's democracy in action. And this is just the start of it.


Once again, remember folks you'd better really start getting a little coterie's of, if you've got family, make up your differences with them. If you've got friends, make up your differences. Because you're all going to need each other shortly to get through the hell that's coming down.  And don't forget, this lockdown is the next part, nothing to do with reality, that the reality is, it's total war on you for compliance into the new system. But they've said that this is going to be worse than the first one. Step-by-step, conditioning, acceptance, conditioning, acceptance, and you keep going into the next and the next and the next, you see.  It's going to be a lot worse.


So you'd better have little groups to help each other out to get around, the little ways and so on, to make sure you can get what you need for even basic survival. I really mean that. Because they want to introduce rationing. Not just curfews and so but rationing. That's the real plan, folks. Complete war scenario as though as they say the atomic bomb had dropped across major cities, to bring you onto your knees until things are going to be hard to get, and you will praise them, and you’ll obey them and you get your little apps on your phone so that you can get your rice crispies or whatever you eat, you know,  [Alan chuckles.] your cornflakes of some kind or another regardless of brand.  Yeah.


That's what they want, to train a whole new system into being. And they're going to force it one way or... Unless you fight back. And if you want to fight back, the first thing to do is start opening your mouth. It's kind of like V for Vendetta, the word didn't start off by just the crowds going towards parliament and saying no, we've had enough. It started with one person putting information out and the rest started following, and then you spread it by mouth to each other. That's how you do it. That's how, until, once enough folk do it, they can't stand, they have to give up. Eventually.


That's in the manuals by the way for Antifa revolution. [Alan chuckles.] To take over they must undermine all the agencies of society. The idea is also to get the populace to be passive and do nothing, and to try to win over some of the police and some of the military, etc. Because the whole battle is over, who's going to control the populace, you see.  But they actually admit to different things, if you can't get control of the populace, or if the populace won't comply one day, it's like the Stasi in East Germany, they just have to just give up.


If everybody's going to say screw you, what are you going to do? You can't arrest them all. There's no where to put them all. You can't use the excuse that you're serving the people when the people don't want you. You see? So remember all of this.  They always say small things happen, you know, that end up into be giant things.  That's how you start.


And spread the word because you've got to spread the word. And be careful too.  Don't lose your temper with folks.  And don't expect everybody to agree with you either. Because if you do that, d’you have an idea of democracy, hhhch?  But folk who don't, who will listen to no other opinion except authority, are gone. They're goners. And they will go along and be the ones who, um, the little quislings that turn everybody else in, you see.  You should arrest so-and-so, they've got wrong think, yeah, they're putting out fake stories. You know?  They said that the flu cases are down, oh yeah, where did they get that from?  The CDC.  Oh really? Hm? Fft. 


[Alan chuckles.] You see, it's not meant, in the propaganda war it's not meant that you win when they run it all, you see. That's what I'm saying, facts don't matter and eventually there's no point in arguing the facts when they've declared total war. The World Economic Forum has said it, this is the global reset. This is the whole agenda for the 21st century, Agenda 21.  You had agenda 2015, that's one part of it, every 15 years or so, and then 2030 is the next one.  But it's all segments of what must be accomplished step-by-step right up through this entire century. The end of the family unit. All the old communist ideas. The end of private housing, ownership. The end of private vehicles. A vegetarian society by the way. But for the general you, general public, no meat for you, no high protein for you. Nope. Austerity for you. I gave talks on Agenda 21 yeeears and years ago from their own website and with their publications.  I said too, they'll use all their communistic techniques to have you comply in a collectivist society.


When they tell you to turn out for your community, I'm sure there's guys like Cass Sunstein saying you're a bad citizen if you don't turn up for the, for today, for the special rights for the whatever it happens to be that day.  You have to turn up. That's what they did in the Soviet system. George Orwell had it, you know, you had to join the crowd to go and watch the prisoners getting caught, and say, hang them, hang them.  When you're told to you have to attend meetings to show you're a good citizen, you see. As they screw with your brains.


So, it's up to you, they've declared war on you. The media is all getting paid to go along with it, and call everybody else fake, as they employ professional liars and psychologists and mind tinkerers to go after people to defame them, etc. When they've got evidence of facts which are contrary to the war that's on them, that's been waged on them by their own governments.  Quite an amazing time, you've got to admit it, to watch these agendas being forced in under a guise. Amazing times to live in.  Or to exist in.


Every generation gets its war that they’re forced into and forced to go off and fight and get killed for. Or else, have banks collapsed, you know, and reduce to utter poverty. Or else something like this, you see, a Covid idea for the great reset, the reset of everything right down to the definitions of who will rule you, should bioethicists decide when you should die, or if they even need you for society's sake and the betterment of society, or the detriment, depending on your personality, etc.  This is astonishing stuff getting churned out by the foundations, and Harvard and Princeton and all these big universities on board with them all, getting paid by the same donors, you know, the GATEkeepers, [Alan chuckles.] etc. 


Quite amazing, isn't it?  And folk think they're in a free democratic system. Even if it's Republican, the States, which it's supposed to be. But again, you know, you should read The Hard Road To World Order by the guy in the Council on Foreign Relations from years ago, I keep putting up that one.  When he talked about the way to get around the Constitution, and they'd just ignore it.  Rather than hit it head-on and they argued legal points with them, just ignore it, go around and over it, make new laws and regulations that are similar, almost the same, until the folk forget you've got the original one written, and they'll start to adopt the new ones that are changed bit by bit until literally, they've literally tossed it to the side like, again, say once again, Bush Junior said, well it's just a piece of paper.  Eh?  Here you go.


The great reset, eh.  It's up to you people. But the first thing is always, don't wait for government to help you. You'd better start organizing to help yourselves to get through this. Because they really mean bringing you into complete austerity, which is poverty. And folk when they're hungry will tend to do whatever they're told eventually. And they know the segments of society that will comply first and foremost, they aim their ads at them, they admit that too, the ones who want safety more than others. They know what genders will do that too.  They've got it all worked out, folks, by the mind war specialists, you see, the psychopaths that your government is paying to terrify you.


Well, that's it for me tonight. Remember,, send a few bucks my way. And stay well, as best you can. Don't be terrified, folks, you're not out of the action just yet.  But you've got to help each other. And get ready with basic stuff if you can. And if you've got things that other people need, that you know that they need and folk need them, help them out now. Start helping them out now. It's a good idea. Do what you can.


Because you're all going to need each other shortly. You will. Again, you have to set up your own little organizations, too, watch out for government spies.  Hhhch.  Do you think these tracers are just tracing? No, they're spies, folks. These are not, if this disease would supposedly end tomorrow, they're not going to abandon these things. These operations are here to stay. These tracers are going to be out in society all over the place. Just like, this is, don't get confused by the names they give them. It's the same scenario as you had through communism, and Stasi. The Stasi had thousands, millions of them actually in employment of the Stasi, honest civilians. They could have other jobs too, but they would get paid extra to spy on other people. It's all here. It's all here.


So question people. Be careful. Don't take everybody at face value. But for basic decency, common decency, help each other out.  And they will help you out when times get really, really tough. Hopefully. Some won't, you know.  People are people, but that's the only way to get through bad times.


For myself from a very cold, and I mean my temperatures for the last few nights has been, I think on Friday night it, well actually it was on Saturday morning, it was 10°F. That was my temperature. It's already here, the winter. So it's not going to be a pleasant winter at all. My chipmunks left early.  They were the first, it's almost like an agreement, they all went into the holes at the same time and that was them, gone for, that's them in for winter.  That was about maybe almost 2 weeks ago. It's just so sudden, they'd all agreed, that's it then.  They knew what was coming, [Alan chuckles.] the first frost and so on. Well not the first but maybe the hardest ones. But as I say, it was 10° the other night there. And it will probably just rain on and off with cold freezing rain until the snow comes in.  That's how it often happens here. 


So as I say, stay warm, those who've got warmth. Think about it too, there's folk in places like Britain who've paid into their pensions and everything, who died because they can't afford heating. As they get lambasted for being nasty people, you know, they've got to just give up their culture altogether, eh, by the brainwashing experts.  Hmmmmm. 


I-yi-yi.  Help each other out because you're going to need it. Eventually it will be your turn to get help too. This is a long haul here, folks.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Dementia patients 'are being given "archaic and dangerous" anti-psychotic drugs to keep them sedated during lockdown putting them at risk of early death', as grandmother, 86, dies six weeks after starting medication / 26 Oct 2020




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