Nov. 8, 2020 (#1802)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Farm for Sale!

"Witness Crumbling of Empire, Tired and Spent,

Military Might Over-Extended Across the World,

Floating People ask Where the Power all Went,

Since the Flag Still Flutters Free, Unfurled.


Marshal Tunes and Songs Still Sound the Same,

Yet Cohesive Unity is Frayed and Fragmented,

Floating People are Programmed Who to Blame,

Internal Fury and Rage from the Discontented."


(Floating People--Those Who Live in Superficial Reality,

Never Diving Beneath Waves of Consciousness

to Find The Beast which, with Every Calculated Movement

of its Mind and Body Causes Ripples and Currents

Which Move All Predetermined Changes in Human Affairs.)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 8, 2020.  And time, I just can’t get over how time flies.  I think, with me anyway, it reminds me of school.  School, I hated school. It was boring. I think a lot of children thought the same way too. And so much of your history and all that was to do with another country [Alan chuckles.]  and it had nothing to do with you really, except you were in subjugation at one point. I hate to even say country because it’s not a country. We’re ruled by a central city, that they call London, the City of London.  And so is the rest of England too and Wales and Northern Ireland.  All ruled from this amazing sovereign city, eh, with its own laws and regulations. Even the Queen supposedly has to get permission to go in to visit, because it is a sovereign power, with its Egyptian obelisk that was brought over there and planted beside the four main banks.


But again, I was thinking there too, though, it’s like school, right?  Because on Friday you felt great, because school came out and you’d rush off with your homework somewhere, go out and play or whatever, and you had a whole, in those days too remember, time lasted a long time, because so much that you saw was fascinating to you. You’re constantly learning outside of school, that’s where you did all of your learning really.  If you lived anywhere near the country you can go into the country areas and climb trees or jump over little streams, great fun, or go fishing, things like that. And the day would really take a long time to pass, it was terrific, you know. That’s what life is supposed to be about, is like that.


But the thing is, you would get Saturday.  And it was still okay on Saturday, it was wonderful.  And you’d get that little bit of trepidation when it was getting towards evening, you know, and you think of, oh, tomorrow’s Sunday and that means the next day will be Monday and you’re back at school. And sure enough on Sunday, once it came to Sunday night there, you were uuuuuuuugh, you’d try to make that, you’d stretch out the hours as best, before you fell asleep. Because you knew when you woke up you’d have to go to school.


That’s what it’s like now, isn’t it, and to do with everything that happens with the Covid, lockdowns, all preplanned of course.  You can see their old scripts already which they had published years ago on how they’d manage it all and all this kind of thing.  I always say, you’re living through scripts anyway. I said at the beginning of this Covid idea that this would be permanent basically, and it was written in stone. I said, it’s chiseled in stone, nothing’s going to change it, the whole world is to be on board with it. And that’s what’s happening.


You can’t get in a real, any real situation you could never get 100% of the nations on board with it, with all the same so-called leaders and their democracies as they like to call them, on board with it, and their health advisors all on board with it. You would always get other dissenting opinions in higher places, but that’s not happening. Which tells you that they were all placed in the right places initially for this thing to happen, and they could take it over and all run it in unison, lockstep as they call it, across the world.


Because it’s to change the world, isn’t it? The great reset from Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, who told us, you’d be quite happy living, you know, living with far less material goods and so on. You know, they’ve already decided where they’re going to take you, you understand, for the great reset. They were giving us all the clues for years and years and years under the guise of climate change, and you’ve got to cut back and go into austerity. I gave these talks yeears… it’s like déjà vu, it’s like repetition, repetition, it’s literally Groundhog Day over and over and over for me. Because even the immunity passport idea, I came out with that back in the 90s as well, I says, eventually you won’t go anywhere without your, some kind of identification to show you’ve had all your vaccinations up-to-date and electronic tagging and so on.  I said, you’ll go into grocery stores to get food, because you all need food, and alarms will go all off if it recognizes that you don’t have your valid up-to-date passport or your vaccinations. 


It’s all here. You’re living through a script.  And you are living through a script. This is, if you look at the League of Nations, 1919, formed at the end of World War I, or after World War I, again under the, everything’s done for your good and benefit, to stop another major war, they said, right. They had same institutions all set up, like a health authority for the world and all that. You have to look at, and I read this stuff years ago on a radio show, they had lots of ideas about the coming vaccines schedules they’d have all, everybody, children right through adulthood, birth to death.  Back in 1919-1920 they came out with this kind of stuff and they’ve been trying ever since to get the public to be pincushions and the recipients of mandated corporate vaccinations. 


Private business, eh. Which is a great business to be and if government, a true fascist government is on board with it. And you can call it fascist or communism, they’re both fascist really, both socialist, meaning government and big corporations work together under the pretense of helping you for your own good. But if they mandate that you must take their product, and you government mandates it, by law or imprisonment and fines and all that, then that’s no free society at all.  So yeah, they had already, they actually said that they’d have lifelong vaccinations and boosters and all that down through time.  And here we are.


And of course, but again, the greatest tyrannies are always presented under saving you, we’re here to save you. That’s what they called the tyrants of Rome, sometimes you had tyrants that were pretty decent at what they did, eh.  Because a tyrant didn’t have a really bad, bad name. Some were bad, but a lot weren’t bad. But the idea was, here’s the Republic of Rome, hm, and it’s gone so far off kilter as a Republic by power-hungry freaks in the Senate and so on, who were grabbing land for themselves by disenfranchising farmers and so on, that occasionally they’d have to bring in, a general would stand up and say to his army, we’re taking over Rome because it’s lawless now. If you don’t follow the law that you’re supposed to be under, then it’s not what you think it is after all, it’s not the Republic anymore. The same as the US, you know.


Hhhhh, and they would bring a tyrant.  He would rule like a dictator and you’d better obey him or else, this is Marshall law time. He’d try to get things back on kilter.  Some of them were pretty good, as I say. They would actually grab the land back from all the Senators that had stolen it from the farmers, and dealt with the Senators in the proper fashion. And kind of restore law and order to an extent, back to a working system again.  When those at the top don’t follow the laws, hhhch, you see, you’re in an unlawful society, and anything goes then. We’re seeing that today. We’ve been seeing it for a long time actually.


It just gets worse and worse and worse and worse. But under the guidance of it’s for your own good, sometimes you get a bad tyrant who would come in, who was really just in it for the power for himself. But it’s always the technique that’s used. Many top philosophers from long, long ago and up to the recent time too, top philosophers mentioned it too: if tyranny ever comes it will be under the guise of saving you from something, and it’s to help you, you understand. That’s the only way you can give up rights is when you’re terrified and they say we’re here to help you, right. It’s quite easy, isn’t it?


If you have enough people on board together, which isn’t hard when you have a corrupt system worldwide where everybody has turned everything else out the window, every law, every religion, basically the tenant of religion out the window and you’re living in a materialistic society for such a long time where greed is good, like Milton Friedman said, he taught that greed is good, then all the barriers, you couple that with Nietzsche, and you say, well all the barriers that kept totalitarian systems coming forward and creating a living hell are out the window.  You can do anything you want, you see, once you have no moral guidance to go by. In fact, the old religions which were pretty much the same when you look at the rights of the people down through time, and that were fought hard for by the people by the way, even in religious societies they had to fight to get those rights. 


But now they’ve been replaced by front people.  The persuaders.  You understand you’re persuaded to do everything and give up your rights and freedoms.  So you do it by giving them fancy titles, and little courses at University and you call them ethics experts and bioethics experts as well. They then interpret what’s good for the humans, because they use scientific principles, you see. Of course they’re all funded and paid for by the big global corporations that run universities to decide what kind of culture they want to be taught to future leaders. That’s what universities are really for today, they give a culture to train…  That’s not new. I mean, Elihu Yale, I think it was Yale, in his, when he founded Yale University said that really the purpose of it was to ensure the proper values would be taught to future leaders, etc. That’s what it’s always really been, you know.  Of course now you have the Skull and Bones as well [Alan laughing.] which is rather telling with its own war room. 


Yeah, you’re dealing with a system that’s very old. Sometimes if the politicians, who are naturally corrupt, I personally believe that, I think that only really corrupt people go into politics, psychopathic types.  They’re up for the highest bidder too today, it’s very evident, of the big corporations that fund them to run in politics. And before they go into politics, many of them, especially in the higher realms of medicine and food, etc. and all that, and chemical companies, were heads of the boards, they were on the boards, sometimes the CEOs, the chairman of some of these corporations, then they’d take seats in the FDA, Food and Drug Administration in the States and other things, and the equivalents in other countries too.  They’re back and forth like musical chairs making laws that the corporations, that they work for, can easily pass under the wire basically. So it’s very corrupt, and openly corrupt.


And the lobbying, I mean, governments, as I say, is just there for money. It gets your money, takes your money from you.  Government doesn’t produce money, it takes money from the people that it pretends to represent. And it’s a very thin pretense these days, and for a long time actually. Then it also dishes out money and grants to universities, then work for public/private enterprise, investigative science, research and development, for the big corporations, then they hand all their findings over to the corporations, including the big Pharma corporations and the vaccine companies at times too, in genetics and all that kind of stuff, and hand it over and they get it for pretty well nothing. You know, they put the patent on it, the universities have all been paid off, and no doubt there’s big gifts given to professors and so on. I think everything is so openly corrupt, really, in this day and age. I really think it is.


With the top goes the bottom because the people at the bottom always accept that kind of corruption, if they don’t complain about it then it means that they themselves at the bottom are corrupt as well. So things at the top get worse and worse and worse. That’s how, they used to say, that’s how you tolerate corruption, it depends how corrupt the people at the bottom become. And the more you become, the less indignant you’ll be naturally, and you’ll hear it often said, well if I was up there, I’d be doing the same, eh, I’d be filling my pockets too, that’s what you’ll hear. So there’s no hope for that kind of society. You know?


So for a long, long time we’ve been living under the scientific tyranny and it’s getting more and more evident now.  Under the pretenses of science too, because the computer’s a fantastic tool.  They’ve trained everybody that somehow the computer doesn’t lie, and that it’s got a better brain, you know, metaphorically speaking, than humans because they can’t tell lies. But all it can do is spout off the info that’s fed into it.  They used to give demonstrations of that years ago, according to the kind of data they wanted for the climate, for the climate agreement, they had what they wanted to spew into it and the terrifying things that were coming.  Oh my God, the world will be dry as a bone by the year 2020 and we’d all be dying of thirst and so on. Of course Al Gore and the rest of them would use these kind of statistics. He said years ago too that eventually, I can’t remember the year he said it would be, it was long past, but he said that children will wonder what snow was, you’d have to tell them what snow was, they wouldn’t, can’t imagine it because there would be no more snow.


I can tell them, that’s an untruth, that’s the terms they use, the untruth, not lies, because every winter here it’s got heavier and heavier for the last few winters in fact, there’s no lack of snow anywhere. Not up here in northern Ontario. But again, it’s fantastic when you can get someone, with the white, I don’t why they have white coats on when they stand next to computers, you know.  Because you’re brainwashed to believe that’s what the expert wears. He’ll stand there and tell you what their computer’s spewed and why you must follow its predictions, you see, it can’t lie. As they have this little cheesy grin on their faces as they tell you. 


But that’s the kind of system we live in, it’s corrupt. The agenda, even for the climate change, was always to reduce the population numbers of the world and bring in again what Bertrand Russell and others would refer to sometimes as the Technotronic society, and technocratic society. Technotronic too was a term that Brzezinski used, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Technotronic Era, again, run by experts and all the high-tech wizardry, they could literally alter people’s brain wave patterns, as he said in his book Between Two Ages and the chapter is called the Technotronic Era.  So in the 1970s when he wrote his book the testing had already been done on a lot of the kind of standing wave and extremely low frequency technology. They found that very low intensity signals would affect the human brain very efficiently. He said they could actually make people, alter their behavior through Technotronic means and blanket whole continents with these waves, eh. It had been tested out in different areas and well understood.


You had that with the technocratic society where you’ve got people being told to obey, obey, obey and obey.  The true socialist kind of society, the kind of society that HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw envisaged, where you'd have a hierarchy of, again, specialists. You’ll do away with religion, and you do away with religious morality. Again, replace it with ethicists, you know, out of universities, who’ll work with law to see how they can change the law to bring in their regimes of the new ethics which would tend to justify what the elite were doing in the corporate level.  So it is a fantastic way to justify  tyranny, you know, it’s very persuasive, you see. 


That's how you manage the general public, you don't have to hit them head on and say just obey, obey. You can bring forth lots of newly qualified people with new kinds of degrees who will give you a lot of gobbledygook, be really impressive, and get you to submit voluntarily, you know. There was a guy in Britain, I mentioned him before, I can't remember his name. I know his face actually, hhhch, because you used to get him on television now and then and he would be presented as Professor so-and-so of, and whatever topic it was he was THE professor.


He would come on and he would literally be asked the question by the interview, the comedic interview about whatever it was, the big topic of the day, and he would just give a lot of very, very persuasive technological jargon, the gobbledygook, back.  He made up lots of new terms and words and so on but sounded very impressive.  So much so you would like this guy.  You see, you've got to like the people who tell you, especially if it's a tyrannical system they're pushing, you've got to like them and say, well, it's not too bad, you know. Maybe he wants to take more rights away, but he has to do it to help us and save us.  And this guy was awfully persuasive. They used to have him on the occasional comedy show as well to do this little act.


But that's what you have today, you have all these bioethicists and ethicists coming forth who have already worked, and some of them have got law degrees as well, you see, so that on behalf of the corporations and the government agencies that work in a global government agency, I'm concerned, you know, and they have for a long time.  But they all work together and on the same agenda that was written long ago, to gradually do away, like the Club of Rome said, with the idea of democracy, too inefficient, can't get things done because you have to cater to individual rights. It's much better to have a collectivist society where you just tell them what's going to happen and that's it, or else.


And train them into it. You can be trained into any kind of living, you see.  Again, Bertrand Russell was a classic orator on the global society. He worked with five different major agencies that he claimed were given permission to re-create the kind of, a new kind of culture for the West. In stages.  Right up to the present day.  You're still living through some of those stages that these agencies set out, through the fashion industry, even the miniskirt they came out with the idea. And the promotion of sexual promiscuity, which would lead to the dissolution of the family unit, and the fallout for massive sexuality with lots of unwanted children, or pregnancies.  You would create an abortion industry, that would tie right in with Julian Huxley's position at UNESCO where he said he would have to devalue people's ability to discern themselves as being the pinnacle of life on the planet, and take them off their pedestal and bring them down into lower realms, until human life itself is diminished. And that's what they did. Very efficiently.


During it all the people, the youngsters, we all did it, that follow the changes step-by-step every few years, rapidly, rapid succession, all went in through this whole system thinking it was their system, thinking the culture was theirs, thinking they were somehow the cutting edge, and they were creating the sexual revolution, they feel, and they start the women's rights and so on, very quickly morphed into the abortion rights and so on. So step-by-step they fulfilled the whole agenda that was written back in the 1940s that Bertrand Russell touched upon. Quite fascinating really, to me anyway, when you realize that's how the world is run.


We're still living through it. Things don't happen just by themselves on any level. Like Plato said, they can't, you can't allow it to happen spontaneously, if it's not authorized, whatever changes might be.  In fact, Plato wanted even musicians, not just actors and playwrights and dramas to be licensed, but musicians as well. He said, because music, even then, could be used to stir the warlike abilities innate within especially young males.  The music had always been used for warlike purposes, it gets the blood up and you get your happy warlike songs on the go and away you go.


But also you could create discontent through anything that would attract the youth. It's hard to get the youth to sit and say, let's have a... Here they are on a nice island, eh, one of the Grecian island, eh, and there's a school of philosophy. They've got beautiful weather, right. You've got lovely blue skies, and the deep blue greenish azure, they call it the azure color, I guess they call it, of the sea, and a nice warm breeze, eh. You’re having a great time yourself, if you're wealthy. And there's this philosophy school and your dad wants you to go there, you see, and he's paid this philosopher X amount of bucks. Because I mean that's where school comes from, the word is from a Greek word meaning leisure. So you need leisure to go to school.  The rest of the folk were too busy keeping the wealthy elite in comfort so they didn't have time to go to school.


But here you are as they say, here's this philosophy school saying yada, yada, yada, you know, and let's, don't just, what's the meaning of life, eh?  And then it breaks off into a thousand different ideas, and everybody's arguing, and they get dialectics going and all this kind of stuff.  You could either sit for it all day waiting for it, or, have you heard someone playing a fancy little instrument, something, maybe a harp, eh, and singing some song that would get the foot tapping.  Well, I guarantee you, any little boys and girls there would suddenly be over, especially if it were someone their own age, you see.  It doesn't matter if someone's created them as an idol to follow, as they always do it in the music business, but as long as they think it’s theirs, and they're talking about, yeah, yeah, we're going to have our, it's our, talking about our generation, right, hhhch, [Alan chuckles.] and rebellion tapped in it.


So sure, you can actually...  So what are they going to choose? What are you going to do, listen to some boring old philosopher? …or go and listen to this guy singing about the injustices of life and all the things that he'd love to, and how angry he was, because his hormones are jumping and he doesn't know how to control things, so he's angry about everything and yada, yada ya. So they can all kind of relate to that and away they go. Well that technique has always been used and Plato talked about it, that it should actually be licensed because it was a dangerous thing to society, for the stability of society. 


Quite amazing really, eh, when you think about it, even way back then, that Plato himself had to flee Greece and Athens, eh, he had to flee for quite a few years after Socrates died. Socrates was his mentor, you know, he was a mentor to quite a few philosophers actually and Aristotle too.  But Socrates was often put across to the public as being someone that they just picked on, he was just too bright for them, you know, and, he had these outrageous ideas and so on and blah blah blah.  But it was much, much, and then he was asked to drink the hemlock, that was his sentence, that was his punishment. Well his punishment actually if you look into the records, hhhch, that they talked about, was that he himself with teaching people, or the students to become, like almost like an army to, for insurrection against their parents.  Old techniques are still getting used today.  And in your face today actually, very open. The students don't know it but anybody else outside that's watching can see it.


So Socrates died and Plato and a bunch of them fled in case they got hunted down. Because the ideas that they had been taught, and the techniques that they had been taught of recruitment, training and so on were dangerous to the establishment of Greece at the time, or Athens.  You've got to think about it, I think that was probably a common thing that would happen in different countries actually, the more advanced the more it would happen at the time.  But Plato did understand, that's why he talked about licensing, afterwards when he came back and he was, he got a good position of power himself.  He understood what he had been taught himself, the power of art, music, and some poetry, and stage plays, hm.  Fascinating stuff really when you think about it. So nothing really changes. It's very powerful.  Powerful, powerful tool.


I remember going to high school and the first week I was there some of the younger teachers there, some of these guys over there, just before class started, they were in, there was two or three of them in the class just meeting I guess before the bell went off, we were all sitting there waiting for the bell to go off, but they were chatting about music at the time.  They were having a debate about who the best female vocalists were at the time and who was getting pushed. They were having a kind of little spat about who the best female vocalists were. But when I listened to them, it wasn't so much how good they were, it was they knew they were very left wing and they knew that the techniques that they were going to push in the songs, and had been put across in their songs, were kind of revolutionary type songs.  They understood that they wanted to change everything, always for a socialist cause, supposedly for this equality idea, you know, this strange idea of equality… that's never existed, even in the communist countries.


But again, people who are that same age, you know, they were the right age, young, you know, even though they were teachers, and they still thought that everything was wrong.  And no doubt about it, a lot was wrong. But they didn't know the reason for things all being wrong. They didn't know they themselves were getting programmed by a system that already controlled the culture industry. Very important. Like Gramsci said too, Gramsci was the communist who taught some of the big, big communists actually, and he said... And communism, really is a very, very old, an old idea, especially the type that proliferated eventually in the 1800s, but it sort of preexisted for quite some time.  But Gramsci said and wrote about as to how to take over cultures, step, very slowly, step-by-step, very Fabian in a sense, until the culture IS yours, you see, you've conquered it without them even realizing it. That's the most powerful one of all.


Now, with all the universities you've got, and through the 20th century into the present century, teaching this kind of thing.  Some of the higher courses too, that go into politics and social sciences. But they go into the Leninist idea and also the Marxist ideas, and the helpers, and they were all cognizant of Gramsci's teachings. Which mean that they understood, they obviously understood that a lot of what he had taught had already happened, and they were all for it. Because the socialistic values, or the Marxist values permeated all strata eventually of society. Eventually when the upper elite come down with it too, they pretty well won. That's when you see society breaking down because the old values, the things that kept folks strong and weary against outsiders, or ANY philosophy coming in, to destroy as a weapon of war, you'd spot them.  Well, those folk were gone then, you see, their own offspring had become so softened that they now were defenseless as well. That's what you're seeing across a lot of the US at the moment as well, and the folk don't know it. But it was well planned and orchestrated.


But yeah, I think about Plato at times, it's quite fascinating to look into the ancient times and realize that some of these schools were teaching the overthrow of the parents.  And again, some of the schools that Socrates had and other ones had too, in this kind of loose brotherhood you might call it, were all teaching the same thing. They brought young females in too.  Some of them became almost like agents of modern spy agencies. They literally were told how to eventually, how to seduce the older politicians, if you like, and important nobility of ancient Greece, and maybe even get hitched up to them, but definitely to influence them, hm, into a certain direction.


I mean, it's fascinating really to see how nefarious society has always been in a way… hhhch, and the human mind, eh, especially when it comes to power and politics the human mind knows no bounds. But today you have corporations that are like countries.  They are. The corporations unfortunately also took over all businesses, until they are the business, and the country is almost a tool for their labor and for their products, you know. That's how bad it is now with corporations.


I gave the talks many years ago on that too, when Quigley, and Quigley by the way gave lectures as well and I don't know if they're still out there or if you can find them.  But Carol Quigley who was all for the agenda, he was an elitist himself, and he didn't believe in democracy for the people. He was all for the CFR agenda, you know, the Council on Foreign Relations, and he was all for them creating wars to get their objectives achieved, you know.  Quigley did say in Tragedy and Hope and other short notes he put out too, not that Tragedy and Hope is a short note, hhhch! But he did say in it that the corporations would eventually will be the governmental system of the world and the CEOs of corporations, he says, it’ll be a new feudal system where the CEOs are the new feudal overlords over the peoples of the world.


Well, if you look at Facebook and all the other social media platforms, and Google and all the rest, from the beginning as far as I was concerned, I didn't want a computer, I knew what they were going to be for. I even did talk shows at the time on radio, where I still have it in my computer, and I said what it was for. I says, these things aren't spontaneous, it's not self-made people that come out and just have these big organizations. There're all fronts. That's how the world is really run. And I said, they'll be used against you eventually.  And sure enough, that's what you've got. So Quigley's predictions came true because he was in-the-know on a lot of it too. He knew the folk that worked at ARPA that became DARPA and he knew the high-tech experts and where they were going to take the world. But he did say that yeah, the feudal overlords would be the CEOs of corporations.


You think about it, you see, in a feudal system, you don't have democracy in a feudal system. It's a hierarchy of what used to be nobility at one time.  You'd have your reeve, you know, of a town or little Hamlet or whatever it happened to be.  And you'd have your sheriff as well, the sheriff as the shire reeve, that's where that supposedly comes from, but I've got my doubts about that too, I think maybe it's part way true but... So you'd have shire, and you'd have your reeve, the reeve of the shire, and that became sheriff supposedly as English started to change. But you also had that coming from their wars I think and the Crusades as well as far as I think there's a crossover between the two cultures there when it comes to some of the naming of these places and these people and positions.


But you're definitely witnessing an authoritarian system coming down the pike. Everybody I’ve mentioned before from years ago that were up there working and churning their books out at the CFR, it was a great source actually, because many of the members in the CFR have their books churned out for them. I'm sure they’re ghostwritten, but they’re written in the vein of how this person talks on their ideas and so on, that's how ghostwriters really work. But they told you an awful lot of truth of where they were going to take the world. Some of the ones actually, some of the best books were written during World War II by members that were traveling in the countries as they got so-called liberated.  And before it too they met together in big panels in the US and in Britain on how to create a post-World War II Society for Europe, the European countries, and for Japan. In the US, I think it was Hopkins that Roosevelt appointed to be in charge of the committee to create, to CREATE a post-World War II culture for Germany and Japan before the wars were finished, you know.


I mean, you've got to understand, there were, we get simplified histories in school, eh?  It just starts, bad man starts war, good countries go and fight bad man and then it's over, the end of it. Then you've got another enemy by that time, and a Cold War. Very simplistic stuff. You don't realize the MASSIVE organizations that were helped to spring up. Again, something that Quigley related to as well, he mentioned that you can get more done in five years of war in a social change kind of system where folks simply obey and actually their rights are suspended in war, you're under war powers act and you all pull together for the common good, we're all in it together, the terminology, slogans they churn out.  And people put up with it, you see, rationing and everything else, and social changes.  To change society.


Quigley also said that it doesn't matter what side you're on of combatants, you all change much the same because you're adopting the same changes throughout the war in order to survive.  So that's why they like war, you see, or the threat of war, or the threat of mass extinction, like Covid [Alan laughing.] and that kind of thing. Because you can get so much done. The World Economic Forum is doing exactly the same thing, as you well know with its great reset, and all these organizations, none of which you get to vote for, the United Nations as an example, the World Health Organization that also takes funding from Bill Gates.  [Alan laughing.] So it's not compromised, is it, eh?


It goes on and on this kind of system. So yeah, you're living through a massive, massive plan. I wasn't even planning to go here tonight but there you go. That's just the way it happens as my thoughts start to take off by themselves. But you're living through agendas. The whole point is, you're living through agendas. Things aren't just spontaneous. Some of these agendas take many years to plan, and further years to refine, and then more years to game it to see, if we do this what would happen, and they go through all these different simulations of what might happen that could throw it off and they try to eliminate things that might interfere. All in the game stage basically and the debating stage before they introduce it.


That's why they don't really feel... That's also why you see that no country is backing off that's signed on to the agreements with the WHO and the various agreements after the, about 2004 they all signed onto the same, really their own national agreements, it's all the same agreement to do with dealing with pandemics and martial law type scenarios.  They're all on board EXACTLY, pretty well, except maybe Sweden and a of couple of other ones. But otherwise, they're on board exactly with the same propaganda in fact, using the same figures that they keep spouting out, and it doesn't matter the country, the same figures and the same nonsense, and using the same psychological warfare divisions by the way that give you your fear.


Like the SAGE group that Britain that has got a subgroup attached to them that comes up with the ideas on how to terrify you. And literally actually said that, if the folk won't comply then the media, and this is a handout for the media telling them to increase the story, exaggerated stories on how severe it was, to scare them, to create more anxiety, and scaring them into compliance.  Well, I don't know about you, but I would never ever, ever, ever vote for any government that did that to me. I don't care what excuse they give for it. Never, I would never do that. This is all managed fear and terror.


But when you couple that, and I'll touch on it tonight too perhaps, if you couple that with the incredible suicide rates going up and up and up. Officially. They're really watching, this is how great an experiment you're under right now as you're all studied.  And statistics, everything is statistics and how to control people, stats, stats, stats, isn't it?  And there’s machines and computers that predict more things and more things are going to happen, blah blah blah.  But the suicide rate is definitely going up. Definite age groups, but including young people, when they're about 20, 21 to 24. Quite astonishing really. And some stories of really decent young people who just can't see their friends and so on and they kill themselves.


How tragic, eh?  It could all have been avoided, because as I say, this is the first lockdown in the history of the planet where the healthy folk are locked down, quarantined,  [Alan chuckles.] and businesses plummeted to the bottom, because it's meant to almost disappear and you’re supposed to go through the hardships of the great reset, the stuff they've been talking about for years, that I was talking about for years parroting their articles, and I've got so much from the articles saved over many, many years on this and I gave talks on it. To me, as I say, it's like Groundhog Day, I'm just repeating myself because I knew it would come to this. Not because I wanted it to come to this. 


But they didn't beat around the bush, you know. They talked about the fact that the people were ignoring their scary scenarios. They call them scary scenarios for climate change.  I've got the articles from the big front groups that they use, Friends of the Earth and so on, well-funded front groups that are meant to make the people think that, oh, there's thousands of people agreeing with them. No, they're all getting funded, all the leaders get funded, like everything else, and the followers are just disposable, they do their job and they're disposed of.


They talked about the people aren't listening to us and they aren't cutting back on their consumption and blah blah blah, and a lot of them are still eating meat and so on and so on.  It's a huge agenda, meatless society, long before they came upon the idea of doing away with animals altogether, eh, they had already planned a vegetarian type society. But again it will be mainly the vegetables owned and patented by the big genetically engineered companies, genetic engineering, and the pesticide and herbicide industry, chemical industry. Because all these corporations survive on us.  So it's much better and efficient to get the government to sign into law that you must eat their food, you see. [Alan chuckles.] Beautiful fascism, isn't it? Where a government actually complies quite happily with them.


The same with the vaccinations and everything else. Vaccinations can take years to show you what's wrong with side effects. It doesn't matter, they say, they want to mandate it.  Even though you still have the Nuremberg laws that came out from the Nuremberg trials, that human beings were not to be experimented with, and they couldn't do anything to them, put anything in their body without their consent. Well, consent is supposed to be informed consent. You don't just say, oh this is the flu shot or this is a Covid shot and it's good for you, and you're supposed to just obey, and some nurse is going to grit their teeth because you won't comply and they get angry, you know. No, that's not medicine. That's not medicine at all.


Like everything, it's supposed to go through legal, legalities, and you can't put anything in someone's body without their consent. Everything else you put in their body without their consent, you'd have them up on charges. If someone stuck heroin into someone's body and they didn't want it, I mean... the government itself would be hammering them for it, you know.  But when it's, oh, it's for this corporation that we've signed this, we've signed, you know, we've given them money, your government has given them money.  [Alan laughing.] Oh, dear, dear.  Yep.  Fascism, fascism.


And they've got to get rid of their products, eh, or... Because they want that ongoing. It's like light bulbs, the light bulbs went down and down and down with the life expectancy of light bulbs, with international meetings of the manufacturers, years ago, planned obsolescence.  Because one or two companies were making bulbs that lasted for years, years and years, so they said, we can't make a profit like this.  We could actually make bulbs that would last for the life of the person, but if you do that then no one needs them, no more bulbs eventually, or very few, and the companies go down. So you just make life of it just a bit shorter and shorter. 


The same with vaccines, they want guaranteed business. It's a good... Because they've got all the shareholders, eh, and the shares go up and up enough and more folk want to get shares, the more contracts that they have with government, with the companies.  So they, yeah, it's great business. But they want pretty well predictable shares, and predictable levels of income, so they want like annual vaccinations, of all kinds, all through the people's lives. Yep. There you go, eh.


But that's not fascism, it's to keep you safe and healthy... Even though you can get the viral interference and problems when even after vaccinations if you hit the actual wild virus, as they like to call it, or even something that's similar, in the wild, and you get a cytokine storm, and that's you, you'll be dead pretty quickly without treatment, you know.  This is all understood, but you're supposed to just accept these vaccinations because someone looks at you like you're an idiot, you're an idiot, you see, what do you know, and they want to just pump it into you.


You see, that's what society has come down to. At one time folk had rights. Folks did have rights. And if they're not terrified they'll exert their rights. But when they are terrified, a lot will cave-in, oh, save me, save me.  Because they watch TV every day, hm, the greatest propaganda tool ever devised. M-hm.  What can you do? But yeah, and again, now they've got their bioethics and their ethicists and, oh, we've studied the law and you know it's quite legitimate to terrify the people to make them comply.  This is what they're telling us now, I've got some articles like that. And I thought, my goodness, here we go, eh.  Yep. 


And it is interesting, if you just stand outside the box, and outside yourself even look at it all, hm, from the outside.  You look at the tyrannies.  How long did you even have, even in Britain, this idea of democracy?  It was a pretty recent thing, wasn't it?  Because up into the 20th century it certainly wasn't Democratic.  And even at World War I, you hear about suffragettes, suffragettes. But they never tell you that most of the men didn't have the vote either, because they didn't have property. 


History is such an awful liar, because you get authorized history, and everything is politicized for the present.  So they talked about suffragettes, a lot of whom by the way were from wealthy families [Alan chuckles.] of revolutionaries who went over to Moscow after the Bolshevik revolution.  You can actually trace some of them.  But facts don't matter, eh, when you've got big agendas to carry out and so on. Yeah, most folk didn't have the vote.  Even in the US, I've mentioned before, after the war of independence they had debates about that. They didn't even want to give them…  what they did give the people to vote, the right to vote, they still wanted it to be landowners. And then even then they argued about how much land you should own, they wanted big chunks of it, you know.


So anyway, democracy, this idea of having...  I mean, in the US, on paper, it was the first nation to give everyone rights. On paper. But what's the point of having them if you don't stand up for them? Jefferson mentioned it a few times.  So did Franklin, you know, what kind of government have you given us? He says, A republic if you can keep it.  So yeah, Bush Junior said it too, well what about the Constitution, when they were signing the Patriot Act and so on, when he told them to sign it, to all the Congress, which I'm sure they were all quite happy to do, all the representative signed it in the Congress without looking at it. He says, just sign it, you won't be patriotic unless you sign it, so if you want to actually look at it, you're not patriotic. So, they all signed it. That's the official version, eh, that goes down in history. And you vote these prunes in.  Ftt. 


Britain again is no better.  It had all the, I've mentioned this before, just like today if you look into all the demands that are tacked to loans from the US government and the World Bank –  all based in the US I think, at least the groups involved in them – and you look at all what they demand to do to change their cultures, which is just the same as the West, you see, which has changed again,  [Alan chuckles.] and you must sign it, before you get the culture, and pass this law and change it here and change it there and all the rest of it. That never used to be done, at least we're told that anyway. But I think it's always been here. 


Today look at the money that's being dished out to the people, and they're supposedly, governments are, you know, they’re supposedly borrowing like from the Bank of England billions of pounds, millions and then billions of pounds.  Well you see, they're all with stipulations, and now that you're into the post pretense Democratic system, in Britain for instance and in a lot of Europe, then you have all these different conditions on compliance. And the compliance is going to do with electronic monitoring, passports, IDs, ID 2020 is one of them, eh, and again, a post Democratic system where you obey experts, continuously all through your life, into an austerity type of living.  It's all come to pass. They planned it this way, they wrote books and books and books about it, they taught it. And here you are.


Maurice Strong said it too, that he wouldn't be happy until they had dismantled all the industrial factories and so on and industry left in the West, he wouldn't be happy until it was all completely dismantled.  Well, did anybody vote for Maurice Strong?  Nope. Do you vote for the United Nations? Nope. Do you vote for the World Health Organization? Nope. You vote for the World Economic Forum? Nope.  …that gives you the great reset, you see?  Nope.  You don't get to vote for ANY of these organizations, but they, like one big gang at the top, because their members often are the same members that belong to all organizations, some of the top ones you see.  They've decided with their massive think tanks and their advice of their think tanks and so on of the world on how it's to be, and it's the one that they want, with their smarts cities which they control and everybody, and it is controlled and actually owned by them.


Because getting back to the money that the banks are supposedly dishing out to pay people to stay at home under the guise of Covid. It is a universal basic income, and along with that come all the conditions! You see, not initially but it's going to be within, maybe before Christmas they'll start coming out with kind of, you've got to take these vaccinations, number one. You've got to get immunity passports, number two. But if you don't have all that, you've got to check in with some counselors, you see, every, maybe twice a week or something like that. This is the new system, using a martial law type scenario to get it all through.


But yeah, the new system, it's not going to be free money for everybody so you can buy and play yourselves. It's to manage you all and to have you controlled and obedient as slaves. Go back into ancient times and read about how, what slaves were, the ownership of slaves, THROUGH DEBT.  That was, that's written, that's in the Old Testaments too if you care to read through it.  If you were, if you go into debt, you know, you have to give yourself, your own body there as a servant, a slave, and work for the master until it's paid off.  If you can pay it off, with compound interest you never pay it off, it's not meant to be paid off.  But also, any children that you had while you were a slave belong to the master as well.


It's quite amazing, this stuff. And you can, people will get into arguments of who's to blame and blah blah blah, and point fingers. But here's the reality of it. It wouldn't matter who's doing it because it's all the same. You don't have to say, your children will be mine because you’re in debt. But the children will be theirs anyway, the corporations and banks anyway because your children are borrowing too, you see.  And you're borrowing on behalf of the children. 


So you've got all the stipulations coming down the pike, and folk, a lot of young folk think it's going to be great.  Well, we won't have to do any work, you know, we can sit and play with their phones all day and whatever else they want to do. That's what they think, eh.  Meanwhile you have to go down into austerity, and I'm talking about radical austerity. Under the guise of saving the planet.


Did you notice, did you notice that as soon as Biden supposedly was in the lead, regardless of nefarious means and all the rest of it, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. Immediately all the different mainstream that was all for Biden, because deep state again as they call it, immediately started saying, oh good he'll get us back on track with the climate change agreements and back into the Paris Accord and the Conference of Parties that were meeting again, and they'll be cutting back on folks ability to live in the country and all that kind of stuff, you know. All right back on track, this is what they're saying, you know. That's what the CIA wanted. That's what the global intelligence agencies wanted. Because they are all one. And that's what the top corporations all want too, they're on board with it completely. Again, CEOs of big corporations are the new feudal overlords.


And just like feudal overlords, as I say, they can censor you until you can't say anything. They own everything, you see, so they are overlords.  You can't use their platforms.  You can't do this; you can't do that. If you speak out against anything that they deem taboo, and if not yet they might declare some new taboo thing tomorrow, but you're not allowed to give your opinion on anything. You'll be called a social influencer, and only their own social influencers are allowed in the big traditional corporations, that have been living on the tax money for years, called news organizations, because no one was interested in the garbage they've been churning out for the last 30, 40 years, hhhch, really.  Yeah.


But they are vital to have a unified propaganda outlet with the same propaganda unified, you know, news across the world. So whatever you look at, you get the same stories, you're seeing the same things with the same opinions, you see. That's what, that's how you control people. People can't think to themselves, they can't believe that anyone would go to this length to deceive them or control them. And that's why it works, it's because you don't think that.  [Alan laughing.] Because you're probably decent people, you see.


But psychopaths have no problem doing that.  Most folk who are bioethics, and in the bioethics field and the ethics field, a new ethics field for humanity, this is what replaces religion, you see. It's a mixture of law and social sciences, mixed with corporate agendas. You know there's just too many people, why don't you just hit 65, die, don't claim any money that you've paid into for pensions and let the government use that money on needful things, you see. I'm not making this up. That came out from an Australian professor a few years back, who got ALL the coverage in the world, eh, from all the Western media too.  Oh, he actually said it.  Of course he said, because he was chosen to say it. That's how these things are put across to the general public. But yeah, what you're living through right now is just the beginning of it all.


Now remember, that's one hour passed already, I haven't even started.  Go into, my website. You'll notice the other official websites I have listed on that .com site, make note of them so if you can't get me some day if I'm cut off or whatever on the .com site you'll have these other sites, hopefully, that are still up that you can go and get the latest from me.  These are all my official sites listed on Other people upload my talks and then refer it back to me for anything else. But on my own website remember you've got all the links to the talks I give. I don't just talk off the top of my hat at times when I'm talking about the actual, I hate it when they call it news stories. They're called stories, eh? Well said too, stories, because that's what they are, eh.  You can do the checking of these things for yourself, the verifications of them because it's important to do so.  If you're serious about things.


We've now reached the stage I talked about, phew, back in the 90s we’d reach, with some kind of health passport with you at all times to get into any store and so on. That's all pretty well here, eh? This week too, and last week I noticed too, I didn't even bother reading them it was about the new apps from different companies.  Again, they all got their hands out to make... All paid by our tax money, eh, to put shackles on us and manacles on us. Tracking and tracing.


Sovereign and independent, supposedly, humans... You're SOVEREIGN if you're born, eh.  If you're BORN.  You're not born… Well, again, getting back to the slavery idea, they'll debate that, well, you're born into slavery because, you know, your nation and you own pre-existing debts from previous generations. That's how they're wording it today. That's why no generation should be born into paying back the debt from the previous generation. Thomas Jefferson said that too.  They all knew this stuff long before we came along. Because it's been done before, you see. And they had a good education back then. They didn't get heads full of nonsense and different Marxist philosophies.  They were taught the facts of history, what had been done, why things had been, what worked, what didn't work and so on.


But here it is again, yeah, you're born into debt, and so he said that, if you're born to pay off the debt of a previous, previous generation you are a defacto slave. That's what he said. And that hasn't changed. It hasn't changed [Alan chuckles.] because obviously those who control money and money systems of masses, you know, loans… This is not the average little bank on the street. These are the big international lenders that lends to nations to their central banks.  Hhhch. 


Yeah, you're born into slavery, eh.  You're still paying off the debt from, that was accumulated from previous world wars. I've read three times from official newspapers in Britain that they’d just paid off the debt of World War I. So after this, when I read it the second time, years later, I thought, I thought they'd already done that.  Because they keep lying to you.  Hhhch.  Well, you can, because they haven't really paid the debt off, they're still paying off the interest at times on the debt. That's weird, when they say balanced budgets, that's what they used to always tell the public, oh, we're going to balance the budget, and people would think, oh they're going to start paying off debt.  No, no.  They're paying the interest, trying to make interest payments on the debt. Kind of like Visa, you know, the credit cards they give people.  They all, the MasterCard, they're all the same. But they can give you these very low rates of payment, and that's to suggest it, if you get the payment slip coming in and say you owe so and so. Your basic payment could be as low as 10 or 20 bucks, you know, whatever it happens to be. But you don't realize though that you never get away from it, it would take you years and years and years at that rate to pay it all off. And during that time they've added compound interest on, daily interest, and weekly interests and monthly interest, you see.


That's how money... Business is not there to serve the people. You know, the big business, they are really not. Never was. They will argue in fact that laissez-faire capitalism that they had in Britain and during its industrial area was to have a free hand.  That was the idea of it, that you had terrible fallouts and children were dying every day of starvation and malnutrition and down the mines and the factories, and that didn't matter either. It was, why should they have a moral obligation to society? They actually debated all these things quite openly in their magazines because they had magazines for factory owners and so on. 


They had meetings with parliamentarians, that also belonged to the factory group types and so on, who were voted in by them, but they would say that. So here, that was their moral, hhhch, debating point back then was, was it okay to make big, big profits and have a good part of the population living in starvation, on starvation wages, early death, malnutrition and so on? The said, well we can't help it, we have no obligation. They go into, am I my brother's keeper?, that old thing, you know.  Which you can take a lot of ways as well. [Alan chuckles.]  


I keep getting sidetracked, eh, because I'm prattling away. But I was thinking of my brother's keeper. Supposedly that's what Cain said when God says, where's your brother Able? or Abel.  That's what he says, am I my brother's keeper? He says, it's his life and what happens to him, am I responsible for him.  In other words, that's what it's saying. But you got to understand in the Bible names are very precise in a way. They depict the characters that's played at that particular point.  And Abel is really, in Hebrew Abel would be, um, an unimportant person, you could say, it's got the notations of being not important, and transitory, you know.  That's what it means. So that's his function.  That's why there's no great crying over him. He's there to fulfill a role in the story that people are just somehow disposable.  You know? And really, there's different ways to come out of it, because Cain survives, obviously, and Abel doesn't.  [Alan chuckles.]   


So is that right or wrong, you see? Is Cain the winner?  Depends how you look at it. And that's how it comes down to ethics as well when it comes to laissez-faire capitalism.  Money, where money itself becomes the profit motive, where you could actually play with money as the commodity. And then again as I've mentioned last week, I think maybe touched on it, what's the purpose of society, you know, and then, what's the purpose of economy? This is the endless debates that have been carried on for centuries, is, are the people there to service the economy, or is the economy there to serve the people?  So that still goes on.


But again, they've kind of finished the idea. Because when Darwinism came along you have the validation of inferior types and superior types. That's what it's really, what a lot of it was about, again, trying to use a science, you see, a new science to validate what was popular amongst the nobility, the wealthy of the time. Well, we're wealthy because we're superior, you see. We marry properly into other successful families, so there’s something obviously superior to us than all those folk at the bottom. And that's how they judged it. So they used this idea of evolution, we have evolved further, you see, then all those little ragamuffins down below.


So science was used, this new science was used to justify the conditions of everybody else. Justify really why all of these very, hhhch, wealthy folk were living on the backs of all these little people at the bottom. Nothing much changes there in some way except you might have, today you have a welfare class in some countries that don't go on a Marxist rampage for food and clothing anymore just because they were threadbare or whole stick.  You got them robbing for, [Alan laughing.] they show you as a statement on TV, eh, of the modern welfare state, where they’re robbing the footwear locker place think they said, was in Pennsylvania or somewhere because they want all these brand-name sneakers and all that. But also, they want the big, big, the biggest TV you can imagine. Even bring in vans up and U-Hauls and that to put them into. It's quite amazing how you can compare to modern, to today's revolutionary classes that are used, you know, not the ones who guide it all but the ones who definitely are used, as always, and what they actually go for, you know. That's interesting in itself.


But anyway, yeah, the whole idea of Darwinism really did, was set out to justify the superior classes. Right down to The Perfect American Societies of the Rockefellers, where they had a magazine which went into this and they showed you the better family of the month, or the best family of the month, or the week or whatever it happened to be. They photographed these people, go into their genealogical backgrounds, what they worked at today and their income and how superior they were.  Big, it was way ahead, you know, World War I and World War II, this whole idea. It hasn't changed today by the way.  Because they did say, you know, in the early days, and they've stuck to that pretty well in their arguments, that they decided when they set up the Cold Spring Harbor in the States as a big genealogical research center pretty well for eugenics and inbreeding, and breeding better types of people, using the Cattlemen's Association's records of how to breed cattle.  And they bred better cattle. [Alan chuckles.] They actually used that.


But they actually had decided pretty well eventually that anyone, that we'd all evolved, everybody on the planet had evolved to a certain level at that time, whatever year that was, in the 1920s and 30s maybe, maybe in the 40s, where they decided that they couldn't breed any better. So the ones at the bottom that were still poor were defective and deranged and obviously mentally ill because they were poor. They classified mental illness as the reason for all poverty, you see. In other words, poverty was a mental illness.  [Alan chuckles.] What else could it be, eh? It helped to rationalize the sterilization in the States and elsewhere too.  But actually being poor was classified as a mental illness...  There's nothing to stop you from getting to the top, you know, and all that nonsense, all those lies.


But they decided that no one would advance any higher really, maybe a little bit with, if experts chose the mates for them, you know, they said.  HG Wells was a big campaigner for that too.  But otherwise they would never get any better because the poor, the ones who had mental illness because they were poor, that's the proof of mental illness, would just marry the same kind and they could never evolve any higher. That's what they, they wrote screeds and screeds in books galore on that, they just churned them out.  The factory owners all believed in it too, because it made them feel better. Well, it's not our fault they're dying young, and they can't help them anyway. That was the, that's the great kind of turn around, well you know, you can't help them anyway, they're inferior types and they'll marry their own kind, if they live long enough to get married, then even then they won't survive that long anyway, so…


The idea of rights and democracy was pretty well, it was born out of World War II, and World War I to an extent but World War II as well. It was meant to be temporary, which it has been.  Hm.  Very temporary. Because as always these big massive think tanks, some of them, if you could imagine, some are the size of bureaucracies in governments, some of these think tanks have bureaucracies of people working in different departments, on problems, with all their experts, and they're the size literally, these think tanks, some of them bureaucratic wise, of some small governments, you know, with multi-thousands of people working with them, on continuous problems, of how to manage us, and where to take the future and so on.


So it's astonishing really to witness it all. This unchanging, [Alan chuckles.] this unflinching and unchanging system of exploitation. Of course you're exploited. If your government is taking your tax money, funding research through universities, that are then given to the corporations that then patent them, and then demand that the government, hhhch, gives them permission to injected into you. Well, what would you call that, eh?  Of course you're a slave.


They bring in all their, it's under the guise of, it's under science, you know. Once again, science will explain it, and the bioethics groups and the ethics groups will, well you know, there's, you know, we've decided looking at the law, you know, which they're constantly changing...  Lawyers are good, their whole job is to get around the laws by understanding it, right.  So that's what these ethics committees... I remember reading the one from the Rockefeller foundation put out in 2010, part of which is Lockstep inside of it, to do with the future and technology and all the rest of it. But they actually have it all in there. Then again, again this is 2020 here, they came out with all the recommendations for governments to take from the committees of bioethicists that they have working for them.


Well, again, I didn't vote for any university. Did you? But your government's happy to do what they're, aren't they, government's awfully happy to go, again, in lockstep with them. So, hhhch, the very systems that have knocked down any, ANY other gods before them, as they say, to put themselves up to Godhood, they eliminate all religions and then they come out as scientists, we're scientists now, we're bioethicists, it's scientific, yeah, and we will say what's moral and what's not moral, and it's not moral for you to want to live past 65, ftt, for goodness sakes, eh. What will you think of next?


So again, I didn't finish what I was telling.  Send me a few bucks to help me tick along.  You’ll find out how to do it You can buy some discs or books if you want. I don't churn out lots of books. There's no point anymore. Because most folk don't read, you know, they don't read. They really don't read. And if they do read, they're so overwhelmed with the data by [design], and it's deliberate too, that's churned out for them to get, to follow, follow, follow, follow.  They’ve got so many leaders to follow now in the alternate sites that your whole life gets taken up by it. That's intentional too.  So you really think you're going through some kind of battle in real time.  And you're not.


Back to  Send me a few bucks, remember.  Books and discs. Cash is fine. PayPal is fine. Personal checks are okay, at the moment until they ban it all.  Paper money is fine too, you can send cash as well.  It always gets here. I've never had cash get lost. Some folks send it that way and it's quite acceptable.


Getting back to what I'm talking about here, you've got to realize that you're not living in just real time.  You're living through something that's preplanned step-by-step, and how you'll react to this step-by-step.  The alternate media was taken over a long time ago, from very legitimate decent organizations that didn't live for profit either, by the way, or sensationalism. Who often were looked down upon because it was like dry monotonous unrolling of agendas, and what governments were doing, and what departments were lobbying governments to have more say in how governments should act and so on. That's what it used to be.


Awfully important because they came out with all the stuff from the United Nations.  They had watchdogs watching everything.  That was soo important. Today it's all personality, you've noticed, eh? That was deliberate, do away with all the other organizations.  And everybody wants to be a star with their shtick, as they say. And some of them, I don't know how many of them but some of them are definitely paid agents that help put other people under, you know. After all, you see, after everything else, you eliminate competition, eh.  If you're in the intelligence services, the same way if you're into counterintelligence, they put these characters out there to grab information that you're using and they'll say the same stuff, which will attract the same kind of audience, that's good, he's taking so and so's stuff and he's... But then there's a twist at the end as they twist it off into some other direction that gets you. You're being played, as they call it, you're being played. So be very careful.


You are overwhelmed with data. I used to read the articles from the NSA and the counterintelligence organizations, and they talked about dumping so much data on the public that the folk would go into, just shut down, you shut down your thoughts, too much can’t be assimilated. It was to be done deliberately, on a daily or even weekly level that folk couldn't comprehend, and it would just shut down, you see. Remember, most data, it doesn't mean it's the truth.  It's just bits and bytes of data.  A lot of articles you'll notice not too, even from the alternate sites, will have these grabber headlines, just like the mainstream have been doing for years. And you'll think, oh that'll be good. Then you go into it, you click-bait it, and it will take you in a circle and it's just speculation or something like that. 


So you're almost at the end of an era where the information, I said this again back in the 90s talking about was coming. I said the Generation X alive now are the last ones who will be able to put it across succinctly, coherently, and factually and realistically.  Because even then it was evident, and more so after 2000, it was about 2000 and past it, you saw the life going out of youngsters. Whatever happened to them, with their dead eyes, you know?  And out comes all the different articles after 2000 as they got addicted to their phones as they were getting more popular. And the texting. Until, and all the surveys coming from universities, oh, isn't that interesting that the youngsters can't communicate with each other except through text, they can't look at, they don't know how to act next to someone in real life.  The social skills that you have, the eye contact and so on are missing, they don't know how to do it.


Again, when something happens to the herd, we're all part of the herd here, you know, our owners, you know, like Charles Forte said, we're owned and we're farmed. When something happens you got to find out what's wrong. Unless you did it yourselves, as the owner… and then you as the owner will say, oh that's no crisis because we, I did that, you know.  It's the same thing with infertility in the West. Oh, it's no crisis, no.  It's just, we're curious, we like to continuously monitor it.  As the sperm count drops in the males every year. But it's no crisis. No, no.  No. It's only no crisis because they know what's doing it, [Alan chuckles.] that's why, and they want it to happen, you see. That's it. That's the other why, they want it to happen obviously.


Well it's the same with the youth.  If you don't want a real, a really sharp youth, then you deal with them before they can be a problem. One thing that you do is you diminish the vocabulary until they can't, a lot of them can't communicate.  They don't have the words to communicate. That's deliberate too. That's Orwell's linguistic minimalism as the dictionary gets thinner and thinner.  Then you can't object or create a revolution if you can't convey the thoughts, eh, there's no words for it.  It's very, very successful in some communities, more than others in fact. It's interesting. All deliberate.


But folks think that they're just living through it and things are happening. They think that all this stuff with Trump is all real at the moment, it's all just real, things are happening in real time at the moment, you know. And you've got the debate about, oh, there's vote-rigging and who knows, it's probably all true.


But you've just lived through, look at the year you've just lived through, you're almost at the end of this year.  You can't have all these... It's like when they say, you can't have 130,000 votes dumped in the middle of the night supposedly in some voting station in the States, in one of the states, all for Biden but not for Trump. It can't happen, they say. And that would be true, there would be at least one, hhhch, maybe one or two for Trump, or whoever you know, but SOME for Trump, right. No matter how minimal or great it would be, regardless, you couldn't get them all for one person, or vice versa, all for Trump. But you're supposed to believe it's all true.


But regardless, look at the year you've lived through. And even before that, you had the massive, massive resistance and slanging since Trump got in, right.  No matter what you think of the guy.  You couldn't even keep up with the massive, the incredible name-calling and defamation, rather than just get to facts about something. They didn't. It was standard smearing and hate and so on. Then you find out all the Russia gate stuff that fell flat, eh, after the inquiry and millions of millions of dollars spent, taxpayers’ money.


Then they talk of deep state, and the deep state wanted the other party to get in, you see. They didn't want Trump. Even though they say, well you know, it still doesn't tally why they hate him so much.  Because Trump played the game too. He says, you know, he wasn't going to go along with the climate change agreement and etc. But that didn't matter because years before I did the articles, they were published, where the provinces of Canada and the States had joined together, some of the different states, on the climate accord and sustainability accords and so on, regardless of the federal side. So they could do it all state-by-state without bringing the feds into it, so it didn't really matter what the feds said. They were passing it by the state, you see. So it's not that. It's not that that they hate him for, for the climate accord and coming out of that.


So what on earth is it, you see?  I think it was just the fact that they got, if they had their own person in they can get things done faster, that's what it seems to be. Not the people at the bottom that were just, just taught to hate. I think it was much, much higher than that and that it was that if they got their own person in initially they could have rammed things through much faster.


The military-industrial complex has been ticked off because they wanted to, and they still want to, I've got the articles out now of course, where they're talking about, we still want the Assad regime in Syria to be toppled.  In the CIA, you know, this demolition machine that goes around the world demolishing places, the CIA, they still want Assad out.  They were really ticked off that after all the years using proxy armies with fancy little names that they kept changing to do the work for them and still failing, they wanted boots on the ground, American boots to go in and finish it off. I think with their surveys on the American people, for the last few years, showing you, there's a decline in what the Americans will do for agendas which they really have nothing, no interest in and they don't understand.


I agree with them. Why are they across the Middle East demolishing one country after another? You know? I don't think the Americans are in a state, a stage, a state to go on with it. At one time you were entertained to death. Deliberately. You still had some industry and lots of work at one time.  That was all taken away by your own politicians. Again, this so-called deep state agenda that belongs to the CFR and Trilateral groups and so on, they'll belong to the same clubs. They all signed away your industry to China. China didn't steal it. 


We funded China and we funded the corporations to set up in China after they uprooted from America and Canada. It was incredible through the late 80s watching this happen, factory after factory closing down and being uprooted and going off to China, and through the 90s. Then when it was admitted from official governments, when we all demanded, the ones that were still watching what was going on, the information.  And STAR Chambers deciding at the World Trade Organization who would get the business, who wouldn't, and who would fund it.  Well, we’d all fund it, all the taxpayers of the West would fund literally the companies to uproot physically, their operations, including their industry, and move to China. And send workers over to China to train the folks that would take over. We paid for it all.


You see, the real big things in history are pretty well hidden from the general public. You're taught to be asleep at the right time. It's like that, isn't it? Take Soma today.  No, take it for a few years.  You'll take Soma and watch ridiculous silly immature stuff on TV and be entertained to death.  And you float through the whole time when your industry is gone, until everything you buy is made in China. Then suddenly you realize that you're in a service economy where you just import stuff to middleman that then pass it around to retailers at the bottom and then you buy it. But nothing is made.  All those levels of production are gone. And the levels of taxation for all those levels are gone, for these companies.


So all the taxation then under free trade, by the way, is then dumped on the taxpayers. It's been moved from export/import to the taxpayers. So then you have general sales tax, and harmonized sales taxes and all this kind of nonsense.  GST for some countries, and VAT for other ones.  They wanted to call our GST in Canada initially VAT, value-added tax like they do in Britain and elsewhere. But oh no, we're not bringing that in, no, no, so they just changed the name and you got it anyway.


The folk don't even know what they're living through as they're living through it. They don't. But they still think when they get a little bit of crisis and they kind of snap, there's not enough Soma, you know.  They hear a little bit, and they get, oh my goodness, this is terrible with the Covid idea, oh my goodness. And we're all going to be locked down and businesses are going to go bankrupt and yada, yada ya. They still think, they're still, they're not quite conscious, they think they're conscious. If they're really conscious they realize this was planned years ago as Event, you know, 201 was planned at least a year before, but they had other ones planned before that too.  And Lockstep too, the Rockefellers in 2010 with their, the future etc. etc., and that one came from the Rockefeller foundation.


You're living through an agenda. But you always have been living through an agenda, that's just it, isn't it. That's what folk don't catch on to, you've always been living through an agenda. You're free because you could, you had ten doors in front of you, you could open everyone and walk in. If you went into these different doors, through the different doors and the different corridors you'd find that they all lead you back to the same little area of choices. You don't have a lot of choices at all.  You really don't.


As they take away your rights and freedoms, do you think it's a coincidence, do you, that they legalized marijuana across Canada just in time for all this? [Alan laughing.] To get your Soma, eh. Nothing is a coincidence. Because as I say, they had this whole thing for this year planned long time ago. And then when you trace it back to find out when they were going to give themselves powers to, police state kind of powers and all that, and the meetings they had after the first SARS supposed outbreak, that fizzled out by itself without a vaccine, and when in 2004 they started having big meetings to do with, you know, just... 


Because you see, the first SARS one was also a test. They studied the populations, eh, and they had, they could find it maybe in the Toronto area and just north of Toronto, but they were studying it too to see how the people were reacting to this, this horror, this horror called SARS when it first broke out in 2003 from China. They tried it then with, oh, we have the masks, it might help you save your life. So everybody started buying masks and all that kind of stuff. But it's fizzled out.


We're not supposed to remember that because they don't want you remembering that antibodies are created very quickly and most folk are quite resistant to these diseases very quickly, without vaccination. But you see, this Covid has come along, again in lockstep with the World Economic Forum.  It's the main reason WEF and the Club of Rome will get their whole agendas through.  This is the excuse for it. Obviously. You don't close down businesses and nations until they're all bankrupt. The government's borrowing trillions of dollars, you don't do that for something that isn't happening to a lot, a lot of people.


But they've done it. Across the world. This is the big global reset. Not just financial. It's the whole sustainability agenda for Agenda 21, the agenda for the whole of the 21st-century, that contain the 2015, 2030, and so on, every 15 years what they want achieved in stages all through the whole century. But the original is the blueprint for it, Agenda 21 for the 21st-century.  Eventually no private cars. You won't need them. What was it Klaus Schwab said too, he says, well eventually, you know, you'll have a lot less, and maybe  even nothing at all, but you'll be much happier. I'm glad he decided that for us.  This private club, eh, the richest folk on the planet. The managerial class that manages the finances for mass investments and so on of the richest people in the world.  The WEF, and backwards it's FEW, it's for the few. It certainly is, isn't it.


So here we are going through it all and the public just don’t, they still think it's all happening in real time, by the day.  And I hate to say it, but no, it was planned. And it's written in stone. Nothing's going to change it. Nothing at all. No treatment that helps to subdue the effects of it that hasn't been authorized by Fauci is being allowed, as you know. He's the only one allowed to say who's going to get contracts, all these friends and so on, eh.  The ones that preplanned, I mean, it seems like Moderna was set up years ago in preparation for this.  It has done nothing up until now. That's how the world is really run, eh, you know, futuristic planning and long-term futuristic planning.


Therefore, you should always remind yourself how this year has been. You had the ongoing hate of Trump regardless by the mainstream press and so on. The far-left as they want to call it, they aren't even far left, I mean, they're all part of the same system really. They all worship international corporations.  They're awfully well off, all of them are awfully well-off actually because of partly, regardless of your political income, money just comes your way, you just get richer. That's politics today.  In every country it's the same thing.


But this all year, the hatred of Trump, right. The idea of impeachments. It all fell flat too. But you saw the involvement of what they're calling the deep state with FBI members even in the CIA colluding with members in the congressional party to bring Trump down. That's interesting, regardless of what you think, that's what I'm saying, of politicians themselves, any of them, or any side, it's interesting to see that amount of collusion to get somebody out, isn't it?


And at the same time, then you get this idea, the Covid, oh we're all going to die, we're all going to die. It's like the votes all getting found at night, thousands of them, all for Biden, none for Trump. Impossible, you see, with the laws of averages and so on and chance, and yada, yada, ya.  You'll never get everybody on the same page, for that many, that amount, just appearing. But regardless, you get with Covid.  There’s the hatred of Trump. The impeachments. You've got this idea of Covid, you know, and you're all going to die, you're all going to die.  And they lock everybody down until folks start dying because there’s folk can't get treatments for hospital care and so on. Nevermind all the other scams that go along with it. Again, written in stone.


So the hatred of Trump.  Trump. The Covid. Then you get organized, well, incredibly well-funded riots, that jumped on and piggybacked onto folk getting killed by police, you know, with the Antifa groups and so on.  Well-financed. Well-planned. And businesses getting burned down, including the black businesses, black neighborhoods too, and their homes, hm.  And then nothing being done to stop them, hhhch, by the government, either state or federal. Really, you know.


Again, other things on the go. You got this whole idea for the new system to come in.  That robots will police the cities and things like that. It's all been tested out actually. They’re very advanced technologies for identifying folk in the riots. I said that would happen at the time too, I says, all the followers, the leaders won’t be touched, but you lot will be. And sure enough, they’re getting picked up one by one, some of them, through different kinds of techniques of identification. Even with their masks on.  I said it too, all your phone messages have been heavily monitored by very advanced algorithms, and they know who everybody is and who did what and where and when and so on. So they're starting to go after them too. So you're seeing the new kind of policing, which it doesn't take sides either.  It doesn't, it's completely impartial regardless of whose cause is the better cause, or who's the bad guys and good guys, it makes no difference, you see. Because everybody's getting played for a bigger agenda.


So yeah, hatred of Trump.  The conclusion of the FBI, CIA members, congressional staff too and politicians. Then you have, as I say, the Covid. Then first demonstrations, then riots.  But the riots are across the world too, which, so MASSIVE INTERNATIONAL color revolutions, managed again by the CIA. And the CIA is only part of the big intelligent system. They're all combined, have been for years. So then you're going to go back down into lockdown and poverty as businesses go under. And this is supposed to be for perpetuity. Forever. One after the other, oh, just another few more m... just a few more months. And, okay, take the vaccinations. Then you take the vaccinations, oh yeah, you still have to wear the mask.  And the vaccinations, they'll tell you, won't stop you getting it eventually, you see. Well...  Initially they'll play the game and they’ll say, well it could be some other virus but, eventually they’ll say, maybe next year, yeah, it's the same one and it's may be altered a little bit, a little bit so that you need more vaccines. So lockdown, lockdown, because you're supposed to have a perpetual passport for getting out of your HOUSE to go ANYWHERE for the REST of your life. That's it, folks.


And with everything else, if you're on government assisted money to get through the so called lockdowns or the fact that your business are going under or you're unemployed, they'll keep taking on more and more little demands to make you, and hoops to get you to jump through, to change your whole perception of what runs you, or your rights.  You see, the more you jump through, the more you're getting trained that you really don't have rights, until you'll accept that. You'll accept that, hhhch, until… As long as you can keep jumping through the hoops, you accept it.


You're being trained, constantly trained to obey, obey, obey. And with the social credit system, which is all part of it, all these agendas coming into place, ID2020, at the same year, ha! What's the chances the hatred of Trump, CIA/FBI/congressional collusion, Covid, massive demonstrations, then the riots and looting and burning down places, and vaccination mandate, mandatory vaccinations coming, in comes the Covid again, it doesn't go away supposedly, and all the healthy are locked down until you comply and get your vaccine passport, all your vaccine apps and your testing apps, you see, permanent ones for the rest of your lives. You can't buy or sell anything without the apps, you see. You won't be allowed out of your home.


Then you take the vaccination. They've already said for the companies, it’s not guaranteed to stop any severe reaction of you getting Covid. It might, they said, it might make it less severe, or it might help deal with basic things like sniffles and that.  Well, I can handle a common cold, can't you? Or just going out into the cold your nose will run in the wintertime, eh, without having a cold. But hey, here’s your… This is the whole agenda, ID 2020, all in the same year, hm. ALL IN THE SAME YEAR! N-n-n.  And the folk think you're just living through something that's, everything is developing by itself, day by day.  [Alan laughing.] Including this whole fracas with politics and dumping of multi-thousands of votes for Biden, Biden, in the middle of the night, they claim, eh.  And then even workers coming out from the polling stations admitting incredible fraud that they're witnessing too. So that will be looked...  And it really doesn't matter. It really doesn't. Because the same agenda is going to continue, just a little bit faster maybe.


They’re already, as their smacking their lips looking in Syria again. The CIA. Of course the military-industrial complex, the big producers of all the equipment and machinery of war are just jumping, happy with joy that they can get going again maybe. You know? The beauty of war and technology is that for every round, every bullet that's fired, every shot that's fired, every machine that carries the mounting of the equipment that fires the shells, hhhch, and on and on it goes, eh, all the way up to incredible costs for aircraft carriers. Have you noticed the costs of these things now?  Never mind the aircraft themselves, these fighters.  It's a fantastic business. Especially when everything has been made obsolete very quickly. Oh, that's burned out, that jet’s been, has flown so many thousand sorties and is five years old, so may be another $35,000,000 fighter jet there, maybe $40,000,000. It's costing millions now for the upgrades, like four times a year upgrades to the computer systems in the jets, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] Great business. I'm telling you.


So if you want to know who rules the world, look at where the sharks are, you know, the big, big, big money. Where literally you've got to understand, the psychopaths have no problem debating conscience of any... Again getting back to the laissez-faire capitalism as they called it in the Industrial Revolution time/era.  They have no problems with that at all. It doesn't enter their head to debate that at all. That's where you are with it all. It's still here, alive and well. And the psychopaths are living very, very well, high on the hog as they call it.  And nothing's going to change it, in this system, nothing can change it.


Even though you saw months and months and months, well, almost, what, 8 months of, hhhhh, these burning down, these organized escapades that ended up in different cities and states, getting bussed all over the place some of them, just to scream and yell at people and burn places down. Even kill some folk. Don't think for a second it's because they don't have the cash to send out troops or anything like that. They've got the Insurrection Act and all the different things in place by the way, I mean, if you look through, there's nothing they couldn't have done already, IF they wanted to stop it.


But again, they're testing all of this new equipment for IDing people and what they've been up to. And they're going after them.  They're picking them up one by one here and there.  The cannon fodder as I call them because the followers are always, they're useful idiots they call them.  The leaders are the ones, they know what they're doing. They're like agents, you know, they’re well-funded and well trained on how to get the following in the first place, how to use the followers and so on. But will know themselves that it's for a different agenda from the mantras that they prattle, the slogans, eh. 


But don't think for a minute, even during all of, don't think the country's broke.  Because money is made out of thin air, as you know. [Alan chuckles.] And if you had got close to changing the directed destiny, the scripted destiny of the US at the moment, if you had done something you would have seen the troops out and very, very quickly, if YOU tried to stop something you would have seen it immediately. Without hesitation. Something outside their wargames, you see, it would have been unleashed on you. So yeah, this is how it's done.


There's no shortage of mercenaries for the military today, you know. So it's not like a moral problem there. In peacetime that's what you become.  And when the propaganda dies off, depression sets into the military, to the ordinary guys, the grunts, eh.  You need good, a good culture to defend.  You got to have some kind of valid excuse to stand up for it.  Or you're just a mercenary.  You know? And a mercenary doesn't care who he's sent to go and fight or anything, across the planet, when he doesn't even need propaganda actually.  So that's, but yeah, they would have been let loose very quickly if something had happened that started to upset the apple cart, this whole agenda with its color revolutions. And there's no doubt at all the CIA has been involved in it, and it helps to organize it and fund a lot of it too.


Also you find the same thing with the delivering of paychecks to the leaders, to the organizers. It would be great TV for people I'm sure who would see these armies coming into their towns and cities and going for the cops. It was quite something. And again, it was meant to terrify the public in their homes, saying, oh my goodness is the country falling apart or whatever?  The country is going to fall apart not because of that, hhhch, that will augment it.  But it's because you can't close down all the businesses, and you can’t close down healthy folk. Unless you want…


You see, there is a war on all right, but it's a war on all the people. ALL the people.  This is a war by those who own the governments, and it's not the people who own them. That's very evident. It's always really been that way though. But it's total war. For total destruction. In a war, what do you want? You want to change society in order to dominate it, what do you do? You've got to take over their food supply and ration it. Or even keep it, withhold it altogether.  To get folk on their knees. How do you do that? You shut down industry.  You destroy the industry. Just get rid of industry. All been done, you see. Service economy, easy, just cut off the sources of supply. Stop it coming in.  Then you've got the rationing situation.  All the war type scenarios, that's what you've got.


You have the characters at the top of the WEF boasting about their, THEIR World Economic Forum great reset for sustainability, etc. Whole new way of living.  OR, existing as I prefer to call it. Because it's not going to be living, folks. It's existing. And not very pleasant either. With the new commissars appointed to every area. Isn't it interesting, you're actually seeing them all under the guise of Covid, as the government employees, thousands of these folks, armies of so-called contact tracers. It's like the new Stasi.  That's what it IS. So they start off having one purpose, then you expand it to the next purpose, and then it's permanent, you see. That's all part of the great reset too. 


They'll have ones in your areas where you have to go and get permission to do things from your commissar. I gave these talks in the 90s for goodness’ sake, and then after 9/11 I gave lots of them too.  Because it was published where they'd like to take the world. And we were all thinking, well, how could they bring us? Well, it could be done by this method or that method, or a war scenario, etc. Well, this is a war scenario, you see. 


A war. They even say that, it's a WAR against a virus. We're all in it together. Slogan, slogan, slogan. I tell ya.  N-n. So how do you fight this kind of war? You see, you're used to conventional war. You know, you either wear a flower in your cap, or a color, a ribbon in your cap, and the enemy has a different color or flower in their cap.  That's how it used to be, you see. Until you got uniforms.  Once you get uniforms, they get little insignia to identify who's who.  That's conventional warfare.


But then you get unconventional warfare, and you've been in that for most of your lives in fact.  You don't even know it's being played upon you, it's unconventional warfare.  That's what you're in today. You see, your minds can't perceive it, it seems to be invisible.  Generally you never hear of it unless someone mentions it to you.  But you float through again thinking that things are happening by the day. Oh my God, Covid just came out this year, oh my goodness we're all locked down, businesses are going bankrupt, folk are dying in their homes because they can't get in the hospital for treatment, oh, folk are rioting and or going burning and looting, and they're even killing folk because they're going to vote for Trump, yada, yada ya.  Out it all comes, eh? The great reset, the great reset, oh my goodness the great reset. Into austerity. All planned that way. This is all unconventional warfare. That's the dominant type of warfare in this day and age.


So how do you fight? That's why they use it too, because how do you fight it? If you saw an enemy coming into your country to kill you all, you'd stop it, and you would recognize them, you see. But what do you do when your own governments will constantly deny they’re colluding with anybody, that's what politicians do, they’re born liars. They’re psychopaths. But they're obviously working on the same agenda and destroying the economy of the planet on behalf of somebody. They're not stupid enough and, well, we didn't realize we were destroying the economy of the planet. Of course they knew.  [Alan chuckles.] And they're not the guys, the politicians are not in the think tanks, they just do what they're told by the big think tanks.


But what a coordination when they're all on board, eh. All on board. When all the other, the evidence, from the top too, comes out, when they bother to go through the figures, and you find out that the death rate is nothing like what they're telling you. And it never was. Now they're telling you too, there's folk with, they say, comorbidities.  Folk die every, every winter, especially when you're going into winter, into winter and then the spring too, it's like the change in the climate gets you.  If you're weakened at all that's when you, that's generally the time you exit the world, eh, with bronchial problems and respiratory viruses and pneumonias. That's standard stuff. That's when it hits you.


So the figures have all been juggled beyond belief.  We've watched countless videos and clips of massive tent testing bases being set up, and these big tent hospital things, never used. Never used at all. But it looks SCARY when you pass it, oh my, look at the size of that place! And all it’s got in it is security guards, nobody else.  [Alan laughing.]   


War upon the people, eh.  That's what it is, war upon the people. To change their whole way of living into what they call sustainability.  Yep.  You'd better start going into, if you can still get in there and buy some needle and thread, you're going to need it. You are going to need it.  [Alan chuckles.] I'm not kidding about that either. This is the long haul. This is the big one. This is not to be, to go up...


And what they did tell you, the little clips that came out of this strange character Fauci.  Here's a guy working for an agency, he's a bureaucrat really, with hands in different companies, mind you, you know, his fingers in different companies. But here he is, he told you right off the bat, this is not going to go away. He says, things will never go back to normal. This is in the early days, hm.  He told you, he says, you won't be able to get out of your homes eventually without getting the vaccinations.  In the early days. This was written in stone then. Hhhch.  And he was in on that part of it. Which means he knows the big agenda. It's got nothing to do with Covid, really. But it just happens to fall in with the crash, the crash course in implementing the great reset, the new way of living into utter austerity. Rationing. Post-democratic society. Where eventually even private ownership, not just of vehicles but of pretty well anything, EVERYthing else will eventually go. Do you realize that? That's what it's meant to be.


There'll be big, big, a few moguls who will be the landlords of the world. They'll own cities for rental. That's where they're going to go with all of this.  That will be farmed out, public-private partnerships as they love to call them. But it's not for all the landlords to jump on board. It's for the select few who are in on this thing before you even heard of it. Yeah. Everything is decided years in advance.


Even the ones who got the contact tracing, the company for the US, was done before you heard of Covid, who would get it. I read the article of when a bunch of them went to Africa for a meeting, that's where they sat and decided who was going to get the contract tracing for America, for the US, like a year or two years beforehand. This is not conspiracy stuff; it was in the major media at the time. But like most stuff, it's ignored at the time because it makes no sense, what are they talking about, contact tracing and that? Oh well it's, if anything actually happened, a the disease broke out, hm.  Oh, okay, and you go back to sleep, you see. [Alan chuckles.] Quite something, eh?


I heard someone saying some time ago that we don't have democracies. He also had come to the same conclusions.  He said we're a Banana Republic, he says. But we were going into that kind of scenario, a Banana Republic, kind of Third Worldism where you're ruled by warlords. That's what we have with the censorship going on, and everything's been taken over, the food supplies have been taken over by the few agribusinesses.  I think it's reduced from five agribusinesses running everything to three, pretty well. Of the entire planet, hm?  Remember, they took away the seeds… and replace them with modified seed that are patented, and you've got to buy it every year? So all the stuff that farmers could get through tough times with by collecting them, that's all gone now. Because they all fell for the big, oh, if you buy this stuff, you know, we'll give you deals and make sure that your corn or whatever else is sold, for you.  M-hm. 


Step-by-step, preparation is so important. And this revolution that's going on, it's not a revolution from the ground by Antifa or BLM. That's the front at the moment, the armies that are used, at the moment, for the streets.  For the ones who already rule and own your governments, it's those, it's the elites' revolution, this is their next revolution.  They had the last revolution; they also have this revolution. They're bringing us all into their new system, the next part of their new system, you see. The new normal, or the new-new normal. So there you are. That's where it's all going. They decided where it's all going to go. Otherwise, believe you me, if anything was going contrary to it, they'd nip it in the bud immediately. Everything has to be authorized and planned. Everything.


Getting back to Plato, where plays, he said, could be dangerous too.  And plays, they had traveling plays even back then. Culture is so important, because through the plays you get your conditioning and your updates on what's politically correct for any new normal, hhhch, and trendy. And the do-gooders you see, the ones who have got more to lose, the people who stand and sip wine at parties, they never sit down, they always stand, sip the wine and chitty-chat, you see.  They've always existed in every era, and in ancient times in Plato's day it's the same thing. The bureaucrats of his day would all be chatting away and talking trivia, you see. Polite trivia. They all know exactly what to say, what not to say. They'd have to have, see the latest play, that they would chat about the latest play by so-and-so that was traveling the ancient world, you see.


They would get advanced writeups on it, what it's about, and that would be vetted to see if it was suitable, before it came into the country.  They might even demand some changes because it might affect revolutionary groups or the youth in some way or another. So they actually asked for a good summary of their play, what its intent was, what it showed and so on. Almost like the different ratings they would have, like parental guidance, or violence and so on. They maybe even asked for a private performance for leaders before it would be allowed to be shown.


That's how powerful the idea of entertainment happens to be. It has tremendous force on the public. And that's where you get your updates on what to copy. Because again, the bureaucratic types, standing they're having their sips of wine, are the first ones to adapt, you know. Because they know what's politically correct, and they know what's meant to be pushed in that little play they've just watched, and they'll immediately start using the terminology and adopting the opinions, because the leaders of their own nation want it so, right?  [Alan chuckles.]  


Look at it today with entertainment, it's just phenomenal, it's all predictive programming.  It has been for years and years. Your values have changed gradually, it's given to you for new values, and modes of dress, modes of behavior.  Terminology is incredibly unreal right now. I don't even bother trying to keep up with the new terms they come out with. There's no point, they'll be obsolete by a weeks’ time or two weeks’ time. But the whole idea of it is to make you give up, again, your ability to communicate properly in any rational coherent kind of form at all, as you adapt to these new nonsensical terminology and neologisms that they're churning out like crazy, you know.


But yeah, entertainment is a powerful, powerful thing. And folk don't just become stars today either. This is the big... Why do you think you pay someone who comes out, I mentioned Sean Connery, right, he died there and so on. But you think about it, it wouldn't matter who was playing the part really. Because the movies he was in, he had little one-liners here and there. It was nothing in-depth, like long conversations. So you'd have producers there, you'd have the different staff there, stand here.  He'd stand there. Say this.  Du-du-du-du-du-dut.  Cut.  Then they go off to the next scene. Literally, anybody could really do it, you see.


Why do you think they pay them so much, SO MUCH money for that kind of thing? It's because you follow the stars, you adopt their attitudes. You will read the nonsense that's all fiction generally printed up about them, whether it's a rock band or an actor or actress, and you'll, if you like them, you maybe follow their... Well, they're all for this so I'm for that too in that case. That's as much thought as you give why you want to be for or against something, [Alan chuckles.]  I like so-and-so. And that's how it's done. That's why they pay them so much money.


Because they must be convincing to the public to have them believe that they're real, you know, and that they're very special. It's very simplistic stuff. I wouldn't mind getting a few million for each line I come out with, you know. Read this. Okay, blah blah blah blah blah blah.  There's another million bucks right there. Stand over here. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.  Another billion bucks. Stand with a swimsuit on there, in a diving, in scuba gear there, you know.  And, okay.  There's two million for that.  Blah blah blah blah blah.  You know.  Not bad, eh?  It's good work if you can get it.  [Alan laughing.]  


But it's very important the whole idea of the culture industry. There's no better, there used to be no better example of predictive programming than Britain. Britain was excellent at it.  In all their awful dramas and plays they were showing you, and no matter what the play was about or drama or made-for-TV movie, since the 1970s at least, how every marriage was horrible. You couldn't watch anything without having them yelling and screaming and heading to divorce, that was message, you know. Because they wanted the end of the family unit, right.  That's why you saw it.  You just didn't see a happy family anywhere. And it was very evident as well.


So I think a lot of folk immigrated from Britain because they were depressed, you know. It's kind of like the French. The French are very similar in that respect. French movies often make no sense at all. That's what causes the depression. You watch something for two hours waiting for a punchline or a meaning at the end, there's nothing at all.  And you're ready to kill yourself, oh my God, I'm so depressed. That's really how it goes.


But on the other hand too, if they give you something exciting and with chases and things like that and you're being hunted by bad people or monsters, they'll watch it. And even in there they flood them with politically correct updates on what you're supposed to, what the characters are supposed to say and think and do, so that you'll copy them.  M-hm.  Isn't that amazing, eh.


Isn't that amazing how they, and they admit it by the way in their own writing, even in the one about, as I've said before with, you can watch on the European Union members meeting to do with vaccination, in 2019 I think it was. They actually said that they can put all the politically correct updates into all dramas and so on, and they it said matter-of-factly because they are always doing that kind of stuff. So you get paid extra if you're writing plays or whatever and you're paid extra to embed these things in it. The same thing with children's books. They're completely brainwashed before they're six or seven by the children's stories that mommy's reading to them.


Ah!  Well, there ya go.  I mean, that's literally how it is.  Most folk never, ever, ever catch on.  A person, once they're brainwashed will fight back. Parents got concerned if their daughter or son had been really inducted into a cult and was losing their brain and their ability to even communicate to their parents. They would sometimes hire these guys who would kidnap them, take them to a place outside cities, like a cabin or something, and try and deprogram them. There's a technique to do it, over and over. Because the person, once they're brainwashed will fight back by all means and argue with them and so on.  Until eventually common sense, this is the idea, eventually they'll get to a stage where common sense kicks in and they have to agree, well yeah that's true, up is up and down is down.  That was the technique.


Well, that's what you would have to use with everybody in the public realm. Even if you train them and train them and give them screeds of information, official sources and books by the people involved in the big corporations that belong to the WEF and so on, you could show them all that evidence, but as soon as an election comes around, they're right back to square one thinking it's all completely real. All of it, you know. It's just astonishing how it works. It's incredibly astonishing how it works.


As I say, you had Covid to give us a reset of the world, right. A whole new different way of living. A whole new structure of global government, or governance as they like to call it.  A new way of living from birth to death, being monitored, tracked, traced, ordered, you know, and you'd better obey them, with a new way of living, with representatives, commissars in your area, collectivism eh, that you have to obey. I even gave talks, I says, you know eventually you'll have to [Alan chuckles.] folks say, oh, that will never come here.  I says collectivism, it's like the old Soviet system too, and Orwell showed it in 1984 in his book, where they'd have special little galas and festival days, or even prisoners days where you'd bring the enemy in and you boo them and hiss them or whatever. But you HAD TO attend.


You see, it's like being in the party, even the lower end, the lower spectrum of the party, and if you were ordered to come into your community for sustainability week or whatever, and you didn't go in there covered in green, you know, then you're a bad citizen obviously.  Well, why didn't you come in, citizen?! You know? They always take away your individuality with calling you something like citizen, you know. Or comrade. It's always... in the French Revolution they called them citizen.  Then after the Bolshevik revolution they called it comrade. So the first thing is to really diminish your ability to even say I'm an individual. You're now a citizen or a comrade, you're part of the collective. And you have to attend whatever meetings you're supposed to attend. And there could be one a week, you know, eventually, to be a good citizen.  And they'll have all these awards coming out, good citizen of the week for your community, and good this for, and good that.  You know? Handing out little rewards, that's how they're going to train you all. I'm not kidding you. [Alan chuckles.]


They've already got the Stasi system where they've got the citizens literally, we used to call it clipeing, I don't know if you know what a clipe is?  A clipe is somebody in school in the class that would go to the teacher and, so-and-so said this, and so-and-so is doing that. And the class would always hate these kind of people. Because you always knew who they were, you know. And in a Soviet type system they would be sent into your community and be the local spy eventually and pretend they’re just one of you, same kind of character.


But now you got folk, you've got citizens that, you always see the apple-for-the-teacher types, eh, and they become clipes. They're phoning up all the different agencies, do you know that so-and-so left their home there, and I saw them wiping their nose in a handkerchief, I think they've got Covid!  You know? And so your local Stasi, you know, tracers say, well, have you approached them or whatever?  I don't want to get too close, no. Because the dumber ones will say, yeah, I did, I got right up to them, and I told them.  Well, you'd better, you'd better put yourself [Alan laughing.] into hibernation for two weeks now too, eh.  [Alan laughing.] Oh really?


So that's the kind of fools that you get. But they're everywhere. And as the crisis is intensified deliberately, in real-time, the amount of study on us all in real time is phenomenal. They're spending billions of dollars, our money is getting dished out to all these different tech giants to study us and study us, even more than they've been doing up until now, to see how we're all adapting, and who's not adapting, and who's going to be vaccine hesitant is a big thing too.  They've spent billions on how to convince the public to overcome their vaccine hesitancy. Not your natural wariness but your vaccine hesitancy.


Because they want you all to comply and obey, you see. And if you do, that's you, finished! You'll never have a right over your body again on anything. I hope you understand that. I hope you really understand where it's supposed to go if you just give in here. And most folk, most folk will probably, or a lot will definitely run to get the vaccine.  And they won't even think, well, you see, it's good and it's effective, but what's in it? They won't even ask the questions, eh. You can't help those people.


You're supposed to have INFORMED consent, where you're supposed to say, they're supposed to tell you what it is. They're supposed to tell you it's a new type of vaccine that's going to alter your DNA and they just don't know what the long-term effects will be. But they won't, you see. So you're supposed to have the brains to ask them that, so they will tell you.  Hm? Do you understand how it's going? And where it's supposed go?


But they always rely, in this so-called democracy, it could be called anything, it could be called the Soviet regime or democracy or socialism, it makes no difference, it's all the same. They count on a good chunk of the public, and they know the magic number, the tipping point as they always call it, of those who are for something or who will go and get it. And they'll say, well you know, they all took it, 60% took it, what's wrong with you?  Well, I'm not part of the 60%, I'm an individual. I think for myself. If they want to jump off a cliff, it doesn't mean I want to do the same thing. You see? But this is what they try, these little games they play on you.  And then try to shame you too, the Pavlovian type thing, the response and so on, and say, and they've already trained the public already, someone who doesn't get it could be a danger to the society. You know? That's how the classify you, a danger to society. It's the same after all revolutions, they used it in the Bolshevik revolution and the Soviet revolution. Same kind of thing. Enemy of the people! You're an enemy of the people, you're putting everybody at risk! Well how can you be if they've taken the vaccine and they're fine, they're safe now, eh?  Well, that's got nothing to do with it!  [Alan laughing.]  I tell ya. 


But yeah, they'll count on a lot of, you see, they tried it already when the H1N1 swine flu in about 2009, and they've got all these millions of doses ready, and they wanted the public to take some.  But most of the folks said no when they heard bad reports coming out.  Narcolepsy amongst children in Australia, New Zealand, and places like that. It kind of didn't do good to the image of this wonderful vaccine, that they really didn't need, because that faded away too, didn't it, by itself. But yeah, they don't want the same kind of things happening again.  So they want as many folk as they can to take it right off the bat without waiting to see what's going to happen.  And using the same excuses, well you're an enemy of the people! You're putting them all in danger for goodness’ sake! You know? And there you go.  M-hm.


Then you say to them, informed consent, okay, will this do any harm to me? Well, I can't say that or not, I don't know. You don't know? And it's my life, not your life but my life, it's the only one I've got, and once I, if I get damage to it and I survive the damage, it may be permanent?  Well that's possible, that's possible. But don't... Look on the bright side, and they'll pull out some book like, look at the sunny sky here, you know, look on the bright side of things, you know, some motivational book, you know, happy things.  And you say, I don't want that silly book, I'm talking about reality, get back to the point here, will this hurt me or kill me? I don't know. And of course they've got blanket immunity so you can't even sue them if they kill you. Well, that's another stupid thing to do is accept that they want to pump highly, this is a private business, eventually, that wants to pump their products into you, this very expensive product that's going to be paid by your tax money, and they want blanket immunity for doing any harm to you?


Well, again, H1N1 the swine flu, 2009, they tried it then, as I say.  Scare tactics again, oh my God, thousands will die! Then they showed you, again the scary scenarios.  They got some of these big trailers, like tractor-trailer carriages that the big tractors pull on the road, the highway, they put maybe five abreast in the hospitals in London, in England.  You never saw any bodies getting brought in or out.  But they say, oh, they're full of bodies, there's thousands of them dying and the mortuary's overflowing.  It was all made up stuff then too. To get folks to get the vaccination.


They terrified enough of the public back then too. They showed you lineups of people who were so petrified, and again they always put out, oh there could be shortages of vaccines, to scare the true believers even more so they rush off to get the vaccine, and they start fighting in the cues trying to get ahead of each other, literally physical fights.  It's just amazing what happened then. And it's going to be even worse with this one. They will be fighting each other; you wait and see. I guarantee you. They're already saying, well you know, it could be not enough vaccines to go around right off the bat.  So, the ones who are thoroughly terrified are going to go hysterical to try and get the vaccine. M-hm. 


I tell ya.  Dangerous times folks, eh? Very dangerous times. But we all knew it was coming, at least a lot of us did anyway. Getting back to the idea, it's like going to school, eh, until it's Sunday night, oh my goodness, have to go back to school tomorrow, and you stay up and you stay up until your eyes are just closing by themselves and oh, goodness me, that's it. Well, where you are now, you see. You're back at school and the weekend's gone, and the bad times are here.  M-hm-hm.


And this is rather permanent, isn't it. I don't know if there's going to be another break from school.  [Alan chuckles.] Because they play you like suckers, just like children, like simple little children, with the arrogance of them all, eh, doing this to you.  And they say, oh let a few more weeks, oh, it's just a... it's just a re... what did they call the last one, a circuit breaker test, or have a reset in the test for the circuit breaker, eh.  And just a few more.


But this, eh, this is to go on forever, folks. They've, Fauci already said it, afterwards you're still going to be wearing a mask even if you get a vaccination. M-hm.  Nothing is ever going to be, what part of nothing’s ever going to be the same again don't you get? And if someone says that, even that position at the beginning of this whole thing, back in February or whatever it was, what on earth, why on earth would you believe anything this man says?  He obviously knew the whole agenda then! To say something like, it will never be the same again, never back to normal, because there's no normal anymore in a post consumerist society with the great reset. You understand? He knew that. And that's the reason for the Covid.


I'm also going to put up some videos possibly, I don't know how many. But one of them is a fantastic one from England where they were having demonstrations against the lockdown that's really been, it's like, it's to be three times worse than the training exercise they gave you back in the spring. That was to get you used to the idea of it.  And now you're going into three times worse they say, eh?  More totalitarian, eh? 


Ahhh, even though again the hospitals are pretty empty. Even Teresa May has made some comments about that, numbers being all bogus, and 4000 a day are not going to die at all, and haven't been dying, yada yada. She said that in parliament. That's the last Prime Minister that came out, she's still in the parliament. I'll put that link up too, to her little clip talking about it as well, talking about the bogusness of it all.  As they all play their parts, you see.  You've always got have someone speaking what the people themselves have noticed.


The former PM delivered a damning assessment of Boris Johnson's handling of the situation, saying a controversial claim that deaths could hit 4,000 a day by next month was 'wrong before it was even used'. - / Nov 2020


I'll put up some videos of that one and the one of a nurse in Cornwall who literally says they're closing down pretty well all of Cornwall because of three cases of Covid, and none of them are ill or sick with it really. And the hospitals have been closed down, back to, like, emergencies, and she said that she was laid off for most of the summer, what do they call it, furloughed. In other words, it's like a mini pay or basic pay or something just to get you by. But lots of nurses were just put on this furlough idea because the hospital wards were all closed down. They're all waiting for this nonexistent rushing in of Covid patients that didn't materialize, and she says this too. So she tells you in the talk too she's quitting her job, she can't take the lies anymore.


'We've closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital': Healthcare assistant who publicly resigned claiming she had 'no work to do for three weeks' at peak of the pandemic says claim the NHS is overrun is 'all lies' - / 5 Nov 2020


Shelley Tasker - NHS Worker, Whistleblower - / 5 Nov 2020


Because you see, they're supposed to, they’re threatened by losing their jobs if they tell the public. That's your democracy for you, this farce of democracy. But again, we’re all treated like children. Absolute children, eh.  Oh, just a few more weeks, oh, a few more months, oh, a few more years, and, oh, it's permanently here anyway.  Now that you've got all the apps to go everywhere, and you’re used to using them, they'll just make it all permanent.  Yep.  Keep society safe that way, you know.


Another thing too I was going to mention is that I can remember a few years ago reading articles on the technologies and all the applications for your technologies and computers and cell phones. It was again, from the top, I don't know if it was the Club of Rome, but it was one of the organizations associated with it. A technology company talking about again postconsumer societies and that how they would alter your spending habits into non-tangible goods and that eventually… Of course most folk back then a few years ago would say, ah, that would never happen.  Well it's already here, where folks literally are spending little fortunes on, and good parts of their income on applications. Non-tangible goods. There's nothing to resell. There's nothing for you to hold or...  You see, so it's so cheap for the people who own the world to make all this stuff.  There's no, there's nothing to get dumped into the garbage bins because there's nothing tangible.  And they've all been trained, oh, I've got to get the latest app for so and so.  Yep.  I tell ya.  They make it all happen, it's all been made to happen.


Of course Klaus Schwab is quite happy you won't need all these goods anymore, as they teach you to live very simply.  And move you all, by the way, into your human habitat corridors so that you're not living in the country. Remember Agenda 21, no nonessential people to live in the country anymore. Are you starting to get the picture? You've all to get crammed into these cities, these existing cities. Well everything will be, that you need, will be in that city, you know, you won't have to, you won't need a car, you won't have to travel that far to get anything and so on and so on.


This is old stuff to me and some others, but that's where it's all going. It's planned that way, folks. Almost all here. It's all almost all here, really, isn't it. And they have been busy, oh, for the last 10 years or so, busy throwing up massive high-rises in depressed areas in the towns in Chicago and Detroit even in some places.  They’re putting up these big skyscrapers. It's not for businesses. It's for humans to get moved into. Long-term planning, eh?  They've already got the whole century planned, remember, the whole 21st century, hhhch, and a good part of the next one too I'm sure, where they want to be with society, and eventually the depopulation rates too.


So again, before I forget again, Send a few bucks my way. List all my other sites which are mentioned on that .com site.  Don't put it off because one day, who knows, with the social credit thing they're going to go after everybody who just doesn't, who isn't, doesn't belong to a mainstream newspaper, put it that way, or news site. That's what's happening already and it's just to intensify as time goes on.


They want just a unified opinion, authorized opinion for every particular topic. That's what they want. And they're not, I'm not making this up. They've said it.  [Alan chuckles.] They have their own sensors. These are the banana rep..., this is a banana republic as I've said before, where you've got future warlords, eh, your warlords who want your information, and everything, you just do what that warlords says. When he says that he's cutting you off or whatever, you're cut off.  There's no appeals court, there's no court you can go to, it's done, and that's it.


AND YOU'RE IN IT. This is the feudal system that Quigley talked about. With your feudal overlords, CEOs of corporations.  Yep. It's all here, isn't it. And he wrote Tragedy and Hope in, what, 1960s it was.  Yeah. The man who literally was given access to the CFR archives, where they have their own version of real history, why things really happened, from the 1800s into the 20th century to the present. That says something right there, doesn't it? That's why he came out with his book, he said it was so important their involvement in steering the course of history that he thought the public should know.  [Alan chuckles.] Well why are you still giving these trashy books for colleges and so on, oh, here's the official version, when you've got archives of the hidden histories? Hm?  It's just amazing, isn't it. Just amazing.


What's even more amazing too, the CFR calls itself THE establishment.  You know. Even, even… to get higher from it, you might get put up into some of the branches above it, the specialized areas like the Trilateral Commission and so on, but everybody that goes into the Council on Foreign Relations, you can't apply for it, you've got to be asked if you want to join, they've already vetted you pretty well. They put out their own video a few years ago claiming that they are THE establishment and chuckling about it and going through the scenario of young students that had all the right stuff in economics and so on, and if they were to join or not, why they should join it.  They take you on a little guided tour to the Harold Pratt building they call it in New York, I think that's where it is anyway. He was the so-called founder on behalf of the organization back in England, he was the founder of the American branch which they then called the Council on Foreign Relations. 


Quite boastful about their, and they have everybody in it, cCommunist, they've got dictators. Quigley said, we don't mind who we bring in, you know. They've got all kinds in it. And he said, we're often mistaken for being communist because our goals are often so similar to that of communism. It's because it's socialism, socialism, collectivism, a planned society run by experts, you see, technocrats. That's it right there.


It's interesting too, I think he said in his own writings that, he was brought into the archives section where they have this incredible, you know, battery of information of all the, across the whole world, their activities, changing governments, toppling governments, replacing governments, creating governments, creating wars, starting wars with ambitions, turning wars into different directions, all that kind of stuff, you know. He took over from Alfred Zimmerman. Alfred Zimmerman was the head of the communist newspaper actually; he was the editor of the communist newspaper for Britain for years.  He was the head of it for Britain, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the British branch, the head, the main branch.  Again, even that, you think about it.  As he said, we don't care who they are, communist, fascist, dictators, we have all kinds.  So that was the person who showed him the archives [Alan chuckles.] and put him through the paces and helped him out and so on. 


A completely different world and how it's run, isn't it, from the way you would get it from the daily newspapers, that are also owned by people and companies that are on the CFR, hhhch, their big moguls.  M-hm.  We live in fantasy, people. Just fantasy. And most folk can never get through that. They can never, they can't believe that the future is planned. They think, that's the strangest thing, because you have no option but to accept their own books at times where they tell you what they're doing, why they're doing it and when they expect to achieve this part or that part or whatever. Hm.


Just like it took years to prepare signing all the agreements for the GATT treaty, by the WTO, World Trade Organization, to get it ready for trade with China by setting up, even training the Chinese in the Western universities to be designers for manufacturing, and architects, engineers, and sending them back before they even had the factories to put them in. Then we give them all these Western factories. And we, the taxpayers fund it, as the taxpayers lose their jobs.  [Alan chuckles.]   That was amazing times really, and folk floated through it. You have to, they believe in the media so much, like Brzezinski said, they expect the media, that's how they've been trained, they expect the media to do their reasoning for them. That's what he said would happen. That already happened. And if the media doesn't tell you to be concerned or angry or happy about something, then folk won't be.


The media have done all the experiments to get them really riled up about, oh, so many girls in this part of Africa were used as slaves, sex slaves. And sure enough, you know, immediately you had all these, well that's terrible, and charities would open up, let's go and help these people out.  They're really irate, and that's their chatter, that's what's studied is the chatter.  How did it succeed? How did it work? What kind of folk got immediately emotive about it? and what it did do to them? What did it make them do? They study you, you see. That's how it's done. So simply. But when it comes to things that you should be told about, if the media doesn't tell you to think about it, worry about it, then you won't.  And that's it.


How it was done in Canada with the genetically engineered vegetables, now, this wasn't just the old style of hybridization of plants.  This is literally the alteration of genes, and inserting animal genes, insect genes and different things from different species into the vegetables for the first time ever.  [Alan chuckles.]   Hm?  And you wait and see what it does to you, hm?  Because after all, if evolution has any validity at all, we've been living on the same kind of vegetables for thousands of years in some form or another, you know. And hybridization, where you use splicing of different vegetables, but not plants and animals into it. Well, now you've got plants and animals, in fact you might even some have some human ones in them now.  You have no idea how it's going to affect you, so they're studying you as you go through it all.  They watch your stomach ulcers happening all through society.  And yeah, they knew what was going to happen and before they gave it to you, and how your body was going to tolerate it, or how it's going to work with the increased pesticides, etc. Then they watched the sperm count plummeting with phthalates and all that.  Hhhhh. And the pesticides. And herbicides.


But how they did it and how they launched it in Canada, because Canadians didn't have a clue. They had no clue that they were the test guinea pigs for the modified vegetables. They had no clue that the government, the Canadian government that came out, after it was exposed, had made deals, secret, they said secret deals with Monsanto and other companies to test their products on the Canadian public, who would be studied, medically, without knowing about it. They had been on it for 10 years without being told. It was when Tony Blair in England, the Prime Minister when he was in, he wanted to bring in the modified food into Britain, that some of the organizations in Europe and in Britain came out with all the information about what had been happening to Canada. He says, well, look at... you know, like Canada, we hadn't a clue we'd been using it here. I saw the tests beds in some places, I didn't know they were actually growing it and then giving it to the people. But yeah, the NGOs in Britain says, we don't want it here. They've had mutations of, in some of the animals that fed on this kind of stuff and so on, what happened to them, cancers, stomach cancer, and intestinal problems and all kinds of things happening.


Tony Blair at the time, he wanted to pass it for the big companies to dump the genetically modified corn and foods on the British public. But he didn't want to have to eat it himself, or for the big, massive, they call it a cafeteria, it's like a massive luxury hotel restaurant where the politicians all go to, with the best of foods. That of course, the public pay for. It's all subsidized. He didn't want it to be, he wanted organic only for his own, for the politicians to eat at.  But not for the public, no, they had to...  This is the arrogance of those who believe they have the right to rule us.  You see, there's a difference in governing people and ruling them. And the people never know, and eventually, when time goes on, they say, oh well, I've eaten that for years, and I'm okay then, so I'm not bothered about that. That's what they think at the time. Until they come down with all kinds of problems, eh. And even then, they won't put it down to that. [Alan chuckles.]   


So how they introduced it in Canada after that happened in Britain, because there was a sudden outcry from people like me and others that were watching that, and says wait a minute here, this is terrible! So the CBC, I think it was the CBC Canada, or BBC TV, came out with a little clip in their news to show you a girl on the roadside with two folding tables selling, the idea is she was selling corn by the roadside. This is how they played the people, eh, like idiots. They said, some people are concerned about corn being modified, and vegetables being modified, and what do you think of that? And she says, well I've got two kinds here, she said, I was given two kinds and she says, I don't see any difference, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.  And that's how they put it across to the public. That was it. Until myself and other folk got into it heavier and heavier and put more information out, they had to come out, again, and try to pacify the people, oh, it's okay, it's just normal, you know. Yep.  Then they brought David Suzuki out to parrot, oh, it's okay, it's just science, science again.  [Alan chuckles.] Like science the new God, eh, makes it okay. 


This is a eugenicist/geneticist.  [Alan chuckles.] Because all geneticists are eugenicists, eh.  They'll get, that's the way they end up in their training.  He talked about people being maggots, different kinds of maggots.  It's maybe still up there, it was a YouTube clip from when he was teaching at University, a younger fella.  You hear him talking about the different kinds. He says, yeah, the ones at the top just poop and the levels of maggots below them just eat that poop, and that's how they live, then they poop to the ones at the bottom, and the ones at the bottom eat the remaining poop that comes from the ones above.  That's how he explained society. That's good enough for you, isn’t it, that's a good enough explanation. 


So you're conned.  Conned, conned, conned and lead up the garden path. And most folk never figure it out. Again too, you can't blame them because they’re hit with crisis after crisis, eh.  You see, once again, I used to give the talks back in the 90s about, like cattle, and cowboys. It's nice, that old series on television, they call it Rawhide.  The song would, I don't know if it was sung by Frankie Laine, that the song was Rawhide, you know, and roll 'em, roll 'em, and brand them, don't trying to understand them, keep them dogies of cattle moving, rawhide. You see?  And you picture it too, all these stampeding cattle, and you keep them all... And you see these frenzied eyes, you know, the wide eyes as they're in their frenzy and they’re panicking during the filming of all these things. And the cowboys are right alongside them and they could, they start going up the outside near the head of them, and they’re firing their guns to make them turn to the right, so they go to the left of the cattle to make them go to the right, you see, away from the noise, or vice versa. That's how they manage the cattle.


The thing is too, as I gave the talks I said, it's like people, that's how they talk about us as people. We're in the fields chewing the cud, you know.  And it's nice cud, it's good, nice green cud.  And it's nice weather. And you're munching away, you know, it's just nothing much to get upset about. You don't want to be moved to another field if the farmer, he says, oh for goodness’ sake, you know, he's coming along with that stick to try and prod us in, or whack us into the next field there, and I'm quite happy where I am.  Because really, why should you move when you've got good food where you are, eh? 


So they have to find ways to get you to move.  So here they go again. Bang, bang, bang. Or they can get sheepdogs or other kind of animals that will bark away at you and end up at your heels, things like that to get you moving. But the thing is, once you get them going into the new field, the cattle, they are kind of like people.  We share things in common. We've got a bit of common sense, in that we don't want to move when we're prodded, you know. So you get into the field, and you say, oh well, okay and you start munching away, and you're testing the flavor of that, the new grass and say, aaaaa, it's not too bad. But then the farmer might decide to get you going into the third or fourth field, you see. Then you're getting really fed up. So they've got to really panic you and make you terrified and get you stampeding. Once you're stampeding, they can keep you going so far away from where you started, changing direction many times, until you drop, and maybe even die. That's what can all happen, you see.


So that's the trick with humans too. You don't give them the breathing space.  Long, long terms of breathing space make you feel comfortable, and you start you get, as a human being you start to feel, I've got rights, I don't need to move from here, I'm quite happy where I am, you know. And that really ticks off those that believe they have the right to rule you. In fact, they own you as far as they're concerned. You are simple creatures, you understand, you're nowhere nearly evolved as the ones that are managing you, who get their little certificates from university, you know.  So the idea for massive rapid change is to keep it rapid, rapid change, until you don't, you can never be sure of anything, you even doubt your own sensibilities.


That's where they want to bring you with the Covid and the lockdowns and the continuous testing, for the rest of your lives, for all kinds of things, and a whole new way of living. I mean, that's what it's all about, folks, keep you off guard all the time. Off kilter until you don't know what's up and down, until you will never ever question what you're being told, because you will not trust your own senses anymore.  That's where they're trying to get you. That's what you do with the cattle. Keep them terrified.


They use all kinds of massive psychological warfare.  It's for the greater good. It's to save us all. Oh, you're an enemy of the people if you don't do what you're told. You're going to endanger the people if you don't do what you're told, etc. etc. This is from governments. They've already killed enough people.  The reports are still coming in, it's awful, of folk who couldn't get into hospital during all this period because they were told to stay at home and they were told that hospitals were overcrowded.  When hospital wards all over the world were being shut down [Alan chuckles.] in reality.


But it won't stop them, they're going to keep you panicked and panicked and panicked. Until you won't go, it's bad enough not leaving your home without your papers, like in an occupied country, but now you've got to have your apps on your phones, and hopefully they work right, and, your numbers please, you know, rut-dut-dut-dut-dut.  For everything.  Yep.  That's what you're going to see, folks. And it was all tried, remember, all this whole application things for the phone was all tested out already in China in the spring.


I remember doing the stories at the time where you'd see the color coding on their phones light up according to what the authorities said about you at the time. If you go into a store with that thing and it was green, you're okay, and yada ya. If it went red, and you go into a store, or any store or any shop or whatever, or even on the street, and it went red, it automatically notified the authorities who came, and the police, and they grabbed you. That's all here now, folks. That's it.


Yet there's folks who are going to snap up these apps. Well, I want to be safe.  I want to be allowed out. Well if that, then, once you've signed onto it, when that thing goes red, [Alan chuckles.] just wait for the cuffs coming [Alan chuckles.] because you're going to get snatched if you don't drive right to the police station or whatever it is you're supposed to drive and get closed in there, eh. It's all coming down the pike. As per plan, eh.


And that's so sad.  It's so incredibly sad that it's all happening, and the folk just go along with it. Well, they might let up one day, you know.  [Alan chuckles.] Back to Fauci, it's never going to be normal again. Never. What part of never... Why would he even say never, unless he meant never be normal again, eh? It's so atrocious, even the years setting up the companies that would get all the contracts, that have been sitting waiting before this was even heard of. 


Now in Britain, or in England they have someone appointed as the kind of spokesperson for the treasury, or the, they call it the H checker, you know for the government.  And right now it's a guy called Rishi Sunak. He says in this article…


Rishi Sunak to extend furlough scheme beyond December as Bank of England pumps £150bn into economy - / 5 Nov 2020


Right?  Now the Bank of England doesn’t take gold or silver and transport it anywhere. I guess it’s just, it’s like the US Federal Reserve, it just says okay and someone punches into your computer, the government’s computer, the number and that's it.  That’s how they create money. [Alan laughing.] I suppose. Because I mean literally, how much has the Bank of England supposedly pumped in already, hm, with all the lockdowns and so on from the spring to the present? Never mind the billions that every country's throwing out to their pals that have corporations for all kinds of things, apps and chains for the public, electronic chains of all kinds, and testing systems and all kinds of vaccine companies that have got their hands out.  Billions and billions and billions. 


Trillions actually in the States too because they had to, each time they cover the people to stay at home, because they can't work obviously if you're told to stay home and all that and the businesses are shut, then, and they have a different term for it too in England from the one they have in the States, but it's the same thing. It's amazing as well too, it really is, the universal credit system really to be paid by the government to stay home. Isn't it? It all ties in with the great reset. You see, you're in the great reset as I've said before.


But in England, so you've got the Chancellor of the H checker, you know.  And I always laugh about when I hear about that, when the Chancellor of the H checker, and everybody says, what is the H, even folk in Britain say what is the H checker? It's amazing how many folk never asked. But if you go down into the proper old Knights Templars areas of London, and you'll find it, it's behind one of their buildings where the temple was, and the temple barrister not far where the lawyers all come out of nowadays. That's what they call Temple bar and all that.  But behind the building is a big square, they called it a square, where they would sit with these long poles, and it was, and I've seen it actually, they use to...


This used to be a common thing at one time apparently before TV sets and all that, where guys would go into park areas, like a local park areas, and your little pitch is set out there, like a check board, or a chessboard, but a checkerboard really.  They would use these things which were kept in the big park seats, they're like boxes, and you’d bring out these big checker pieces and you’d place them all and they’d play the game there with these poles, and that's how they did it.


Well, the H checker was set up, it was set up by the Knights Templar organization. Because they were the big money lenders remember in their day. They were the first real bankers to give substitutes for gold and silver. They would give you written script and you could take that even to the Middle East, and during the Crusades and different times and cash it in there for what you wanted. It was an international banking organization really. [Alan chuckles.] It's quite interesting, a long history to it.


But anyway, sticking to what I'm talking about right now, was the H checker. So they literally had a figure of an H, the H, a kind of checkerboard, and they used the big poles again, and that's where they worked out their loans and what was due to get paid back and interest and so on, on that particular board. It was an H shape.  It's still there. And that was, so he's still called today, and they never explain that to the public, the Chancellor of the H checker.  The Templars, using this technique of using checkers basically for debt and profit and all the rest of it, and loans, used paper transactions as well, and that's where the word checks comes from, your paper check.  Which really is a note in a sense, like a banknote but it's actually just a guarantee by the bank itself, or the Templars at the time, to refund whatever you wanted in specie, which is silver, or the coin of the realm basically.  But that's where the word comes from, checkers, and H checkers and a check.  [Alan chuckles.] So that's the story of that one.  Who thinks that the same con game is likely to disappear over time?


So anyway, this Rishi Sunak...


Rishi Sunak to extend furlough scheme beyond December as Bank of England pumps £150bn into economy / 5 Nov 2020


(Alan: What economy?  [Alan laughing.] What economy is he talking about?)


And Rishi Sunak will make it a double bazooka by promising to keep the Government’s latest Covid bailout schemes in place even after the lockdown ends on December 2.


(A: Well, it's not going to end on December 2. It will be another month, and another two months, and another few months.  And that's why because they can continue it.  It's not going to stop, folks. Even after the vaccinations, they said that, you know. So it's an...)


...80 per cent wage subsidy scheme will be on offer for specific regions hit by Covid restrictions


The Chancellor is expected to announce the 80% furlough scheme will continue to be on offer in any area of the UK that faces the highest level of Covid restrictions - including Tier 3 areas of England.


(A: I love this tier stuff, it's like Amber, it's like Star Trek used to have Amber alerts and yellow alerts even, what was it, red alerts, and maybe orange, I don't know. But there's all these different color-coded, and people have been trained into it step-by-step, eh.)


The £150billion boost to the Bank of England's programme of quantitative easing (A: I love that quantitative easing, eh, inflation...) is on top of the £100billion cash injection it agreed on in June.


(A: [Alan laughing.]  Ah, perpetual slavery, eh?)


It takes its mammoth quantitative easing (QE) bond-buying programme for the Covid crisis to £875billion.


(A: I mean, you can't get your mind around these figures now, can you, eh?  It's not meant that you ever pay this off. You are slaves now, eh.  Yeah, you're bonds people, you're bonded to the system of debt. And your governments have happily signed you down to pay it, like how many generations?  It's perpetual, folks, because you'll never pay it off, not with compound interest from the Bank of England.)


The Bank's economic forecasts are even gloomier than expected too, (A: I wonder why?) as it slashed its predictions of recovery amid fears the new lockdown will push the UK economy into a double-dip recession.


(A: Hhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh, I love these experts, eh. That's why they get big money, you know, to see things like the bazookas and double-dip recessions and so on.)


What is quantitative easing?

QUANTITATIVE easing is a process that allows the Bank of England to print more money.


(A: It means that the more that they print, you see, not that it's backed by anything, that's the con, they keep pretending, they still work it as though it were backed by something, you see, but it means the value, the purchasing power is less and less with every pound printed, or created, or blipped onto a computer screen. Because, and that's why, I read recently, it was, oh, I love, I like to look at the old books and old stories on people who made a lot of money in say the early 1900s, 1920s and 30s.  There was one that literally, some inventor of something important, that he got about a million and a half or maybe a million, or maybe 2 million pounds or something at the beginning of the 20th century, and it said that would be about 180,000,000 pounds in today's value, you would need 180,000,000 to buy the same amount as you could buy with his 1.5 - 2,000,000 back then, you see. Because your currency is devalued so much, because it's all debts based, it's backed by nothing. And for everything that you printed, every pound or dollar, it's the same thing with dollars, that's printed, they've got, a whack is already off it for interest to the ones who created it.  [Alan chuckles.] So anyway, so they're trying to say what is quantitative easing?)


QUANTITATIVE easing is a process that allows the Bank of England to print more money.


(A: Yep.)


The process sees the Bank buy government bonds from investors, (A: ...who also make money off debt again, eh.) pumping money into the economy in the process.


(A: How does it help?)


It does this to help keep inflation low, (A: Hhhch!)


which in turn should encourage people to spend if prices are low, (A: How can you spend if you're locked down in your homes and the stores are all closing down, eh?  Ach, let's not get bothered about with facts here.)


which should result in more money flowing to businesses and through the economy.


(A: The businesses are going under. Except for the big multinational corporations that are allowed to continue. Isn't that amazing, eh, they're allowed but nobody else is allowed.  And they don't even pretend to answer that dilemma there, that paradox, eh?)


QE also tends to make it cheaper for households and businesses to borrow money by indirectly causing interest rates to fall, which again encourages spending.


(A: So borrow money, get into more debt, so's you can spend it, right.)


The Bank will keep interest rates at 0.1 per cent - holding off from taking the unprecedented move of negative interest rates for now.


(A: Meaning, charging you for having any money at all in the bank.)


Mr Sunak will lay out how the furlough scheme, which was extended until December 2 to pay 80 per cent of wages, will continue to be on offer for future lockdowns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - even if the measures aren’t replicated in England.


(A: You see, that's how they do it in Britain.  Why would you even bother having these characters, when it's already written what they're going to say?)


And he is also expected to announce that the 80% wage subsidy scheme will be on offer for specific regions hit by Covid restrictions.


So there you go. Money, money, money, eh, must be funny in a rich man’s world.  And this other one, this other article here, it says…




The pair admitted what one MP called the 'avalanche of data' they presented in Saturday's briefing may have been too much to handle for the public.


(A: Yeah, we’re just too simple and stupid, aren’t we, eh.)


Sir Patrick said: 'I would always like to get things simpler than they were and clearer than they were... clearly some of those slides were quite complicated.'


Commenting on one spreadsheet that showed how some hospitals are already seeing more patients than they did in the spring,


(A: Well, you always get patients coming in with bronchial, as soon as it gets cold, especially in Britain with the dampness and so on.  But that's, and they've already, a lot of doctors have already said that this is normal.)


Professor Whitty admitted it 'wasn't an ideal slide'. (A: Hm.)


But Sir Patrick defended the use of the now-infamous graph that showed a possible 4,000 deaths per day by December (A:  Hhhhhh!) said it was scientifically valid and was not 'discredited' despite recent days' backlash.


(A:  Oh.  Oooh.  So we’re still sticking to it even though it’s been completely, not just laughed at but completely discredited.  And Teresa May came out with the figures and went over it to give you the real results of what it worked out to be. Nowhere near 4000 people.  I tell ya.)


And don't forget getting back to the spring, when this prune Matthew Hancock who was the politician that was put in charge of health, even though I don't think he's got any qualifications in health.  He's kind of like Bill Gates that way. But Hancock back in the spring, when they were talking about death rates and so on, and he says, don't forget, 10,000 people in England die every month anyway. And it's true. You see, folk forget.  Because nobody died before Covid came along! That's how they've trained us very quickly. What do you think happened to old folk all down through time? You'll be there one day. It will be your turn as well.  Very possibly in the wintertime as well, that's when the weather really gets you, when you're old, you know, dampness, cold, all kinds of bronchial problems. 


But again, let’s not get into, I’m getting back into facts, for goodness’ sake, and it's an awful nuisance, that habit, eh.  I really am trying to stop myself from doing that, eh, so I can be good, good-good-good, and the authorities will say then that's a nice lad there, he's doing what he's told.  You see. Because at the moment, [Alan chuckles.] I'm telling you, [Alan chuckles.] I get my computer, my computer and my server and so on, it cuts me down, it slows everything down.  I had on the phone a few days ago someone who had called me, I just mentioned something, and during the sentence, it was an important thing I was saying, immediately the phone just went dead, ftt, cut right off, you know.  And you know it's getting tampered with because I've had that too often, that kind of thing as well. That's what really happens. Again, a banana type republic with warlords running everything. And you have no comeback. Who do you complain to? And that's what they do to their citizenry, that's standard stuff, folks. And we've been living through that for a while now, hm?


So anyway, this is the two characters in Britain who are still defending the lockdown, right. He says…


'The communities in the North and Midlands in particular... have responded remarkably to this. And because of that, I am confident the rates are substantially lower than they would've been if this had not happened.


D’you hear the rubbish? Eh?  Uuuugh. I tell you, and they’re still going along with it.  They’ve got that same, uuuuuuugh character that was in before with giving us the bad, bad computer data, remember, back in the spring? He isn't fired, you know, he's back at work… with his computer spewing out predictions of big numbers and stuff. That's what I'm saying, here's the guy I want, that Neil Ferguson, I really want him if ever, I want him in charge of the lotto, the winning the lotto thing, and if I ever win the lotto and he is in charge of it, I'll get about a thousand times more than I thought I’d get. Because his computer is good at that, you know.  So that's what we’ll get there.


So yeah, they're, and don't forget too that they admit too they're giving you scary scenarios.  There's quite a few articles about them admitting that.  Once again, it scared… I said before, when do you believe liars? You had it all exposed in the summer as people had their breath to go back and look at everything and say, that was wrong, that was lies, this is lies, they even admitted they lied to get the folk to comply. And here they're doing it again.  When do you start believing liars? NEVER. 


That's the answer, NEVER. You would train children not to believe liars like that. But this is all aimed at you as supposed adults?  Oiy-yoi-yoi. 


I'll put up the one with Teresa May the last Prime Minister who is still in I guess the House of Lords and giving her talks. She goes through this fake 4000 and comes down to reality with it and tells you about that too and speaking out against the lockdown.  [Alan chuckles.]


We didn't mean to scare you: Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance defend their '4,000 deaths a day' lockdown dossier and admit three-tier system WAS working - but not quickly enough to stop NHS running out of space by November 20 - / 4 Nov 2020


And then…

The moment Boris lost his battle against lockdown: How PM was told dead bodies would be stored on ice rinks in second wave and NHS chief warned of 4,000 deaths - as aides say 'I could have wept, it was so awful' (A:  Oh, ttt.  Aa, dear.  It brings tears to your eyes that, eh, doesn’t it.  Hm?) / 1 Nov 2020


(A: Tears to your eyes. Ice rinks would store them... They tried that in the spring, that same scary scenario. They actually pay these guys to dream up these lies. Big money too. Big, big money. I remember I read the articles before, and they handed out from that firm, that company that was hired by SAGE, you know the SAGE group that runs all this for the British government, admitting that they were told, they put out leaflets around to all media outlets and they put stuff into their websites telling them how to put it across to the public, to terrify the public, to increase anxiety so they'd comply. They should all be, at the very least, put in the slammer and put on trial for what they've done. Hhhhhh.  But anyway, back to the ice rinks and stuff, I tell ya.  My mind goes into odd places I don't want to even go right now. But it said that…)


…doomsday predictions from the Government's SAGE committee of scientific advisers


(A: Again, a bunch of liars, the whole lot of them.)


PM fought 'valiant battle' to keep the country open (A: …which is another lie.), 'arguing with himself' and endorsing many of his Chancellor's hawkish warnings about the economic carnage it would entail


Scientists (A: Hhhch.), Matt Hancock


(A: …that was put in charge, Member of Parliament over…  Matt Hancock literally, you know, he doesn’t, he didn’t know that, this is the guy they put in charge of the supposed, all the medical departments for Britain. He’s not a doctor, he’s a politician, eh.  They put him in charge. He didn’t even know that malaria was spread by mosquitoes. This is the…  hhhch, [Alan chuckles. Speaking with a low voice…] This is the man, [Alan chuckles.] that they put in charge of that, eh.  You feel safer now, don’t you?  Anyway…)


 and Michael Gove warned that the Covid-19 death rate will be worse than in April


Quad heard that at the current rate of infections, hospitals would soon be overrun in every part of England, with the death toll hitting between 3,000 and 4,000 a day by Christmas


(A:  Ttt.  Hhhhh, oh dear, that’s just horrifying.  And then this article gives you the key points in Covid lockdown mark 2, it’s called, mark 2.  Hhhhh.  I tell ya.  N-n-n.)


D'you realize if they tried this stuff into the generations prior to World War II they would've been laughed out of parliament. Because folk had common sense back then. And this video one with Teresa May it says,


Johnson scuttles out of house as May leads assault on lockdown plans - / 4 Nov 2020


The former PM delivered a damning assessment of Boris Johnson's handling of the situation, saying a controversial claim that deaths could hit 4,000 a day by next month was 'wrong before it was even used'. - / 4 Nov 2020 him


Prime Minister Johnson, you know, scuttles out of House as May, that's Teresa May the last Prime Minister, leads assault on the lockdown plans. I'll put that video up and you can hear her take on, she saying everything that's factual but she's playing her part as well, you see. They always give you someone to say what you already know yourselves. To make you think that there's still some legitimacy to government, that's what it's for obviously. I'm sure if she was in at the moment, she would be saying exactly what Boris Johnson is doing, you see, what he is saying. I'll put that up too.


And also, I'll put up all the politicians, a list of them who have voted to lockdown the country. And the ones that said no. This is for England, I guess. And here it tells you a lot just with the numbers, right.


Here is the voting list from yesterday's decision to plunge Britain into another suicidal panic. / 5 Nov 2020


The ayes, as they say, that voted to lockdown:


Ayes - 516       And      Noes - 38


There ya go.  I wonder, I wonder, I wonder who's in touch with all these ayes, you know.  What kind of, do they get little free holidays or something? I mean, what is it they get out of it? Well, I guess their careers will go up. They all know that, politicians know that, to do what you're told from superiors, that's how you get into it, you learn not to ask questions. Then if you do all the right things that you're told to do you go up the ladder. It's based on faith, you know, nothing to do with morality. Heaven forbid. But it's interesting to see all the ayes in it too, the names of them.  N-n.  Yep.


Then we've got this one here. They tried this in the spring too, eh, from SAGE again, the group that manages the fear tactics for Britain. 


The SAGE files: Papers presented to Government claim Covid-19 is mutating,


(A: You see, all viruses mutate, folks. I think back in February or March China already made, there was about five different versions, and it was still going. That happens, most of them are harmless actually, a lot of them are harmless, a lot of them mutate into harmless versions. Which is good because then you get the harmless version and you get immunity, which gives you immunity to the more dangerous type. That's normally what they say. Anyway it says...)


London ISN'T seeing a spike in cases but patients are dying FASTER in the second wave than they did in the first / 29 Oct 2020


(A: Oh my goodness, so you're dying faster.  Oh, ttt, oh my goodness, me, eh. I guess that's because the folk are scared to death, literally. But it says, again because of what they've done, they've avoided a second wave, and its tragedy, it says. You see, no, they're finding out that folk aren't dying right now. At least not many of them. There's still folk dying with other things of course, naturally, as they do when their time is up pretty well, you know.)


Scientific advisers have been warned that the coronavirus is mutating and could become more infectious, according to SAGE papers published today.


(A: Again, these liars at SAGE.)


The New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group


(A: That's...)  




The New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group


(A: So I guess this is going to be another permanent one.)


said the UK did not have the capability to research these mutations in depth and whether they would be harmful.


(A: Hhhhh!)


It's one of a number of papers released by the Government today that give an insight into how scientists are steering the pandemic.


(A: Well they certainly are steering it. I guess they steer it for the steers, getting back to Rawhide.)


The idea was explored in a scientific report handed to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) (A:  You see, so you've got NERVTAG and SAGE.  [Alan laughing.]), which then presents the findings to the Government to help inform public health policy.


Another document shows how scientists have found that London has so far avoided a 'second wave' on the scale of those happening in other major cities in England, such as Liverpool and Manchester.


Experts speculate this is because more of the capital's population has some form of immunity to the coronavirus after having it already, compared to the North West, which did not have infections as high as London in the first wave.


(A: So this is what, this is very scientific, and experts speculate…  [Alan laughing.]


Experts speculate this is because more of the capital's population has some form of immunity


(A: So that’s natural herd immunity, you’ve got your own antibodies. That’s how you, if you get the thing, obviously you don’t get sick or stay sick, if you survive it meant means you’ve got antibodies, or you would be dead! Right? That’s always the same with viruses. So folk, most folk never, didn’t even know they had anything, and they’ve already got antibodies anyway.)


(A: The idea of lockdown, it was the first time in history. Because you want them to get herd immunity, hhhch, that's what you want folk to, and most folk never gets sick with these things, you see. So you stall it for reasons of your own, ftt, ftt, nefarious ideology perhaps, by stopping it, herd immunity, by keeping folk lockdown and apart from each other, eh.  Even then, again, the countless articles come out talking about lockdowns, masks versus no masks, yada, yada, and saying it doesn't make any difference. From the countries that didn't do any lockdowns, eh, etc, and their data. Actually, the lockdowns are, again, this is the reset, this is the great reset technique, you see. And…)


SAGE also attempted to end the debate about a segregated approach to lockdowns, whereby the most vulnerable are shielded and the young return to normality.


(A: That would be the normal way they do it, you see. Like some doctors have come out and mentioned this already. I think Gupta was one of them, I think. So, SAGE attempted to end the debate, they don't want folk to just lockdown the vulnerable and shield the elderly and so on and let the young folk go. Because they don't want business to go back to normal. Obviously. Obviously. They've never done this in history before, where you lock up the healthy and crash the economy.)


It said the approach, which the Health Secretary has also shutdown a 'flawed' option, could lead to an 'uncontrolled epidemic' in the young while also causing mental health problems in those forced to shield for longer.


(A:  Hhhhh, uncontrolled epidemic in the young. Well, that’s just not happening. I’ll put this article up too.)


Data reveals hospitalised Covid-19 patients are dying quicker than they were before - in a week, rather than two.


(A: But they’ve got the reasons for that too, eh. They’re saying that maybe it’s because they’re getting better treatment now. They actually say that in another article, because of better treatment that they’re dying quicker.  [Alan laughing.] I’m not kidding you. [Alan laughing.] I’ll see if I can get to it. Anyway the same article goes on to say…)



An array of statistics revealed cases are no longer growing as quickly as they once were, although the epidemic is still growing.


(A: Above it, it just tells you that folk are dying quicker.)


Government scientists today claimed the crucial R rate has dropped slightly. SAGE estimates the reproduction rate for the UK has fallen for the first time in a month


(A: It's standard wartime stuff where they give you the propaganda. It's like 1984 in the movie versions, and you hear them talking about the governments declarations by using statistics. That you know, INGSOC, or whatever it was, is in Eurasia and East Asia and we've put out 10,000 new tanks today and mark number so and so, and such and such a caliber cannon on them and yada, yada ya.  And the folk all cheered, yay.  Well, it's the same kind of stuff, isn't it?  Wartime scenarios just churning out statistics. It sounds like there's a battle going on, a real-life battle, and you can almost envision the troops there killing off viruses in the field, going through the mud getting get their white coats all dirty in the process, and charging it to the taxpayer, you know. But that's how it is, that's just how it is. So is the UK's outbreak slowing?  [Alan chuckles.] I tell ya.)


(A: Just like a war scenario. Almost like a sports game too because that's how wargames are based, you know, like a sports game… and so and so's running up the field, they're carrying the ball there, and he jumps and he throws the ball, and he catches the ball, and he pushes the ball and kicks the ball... and he gets 10,000,000 pounds a week, or 10,000,000 a year as they say, yeah, for this grown adult.  Yep.  Okay.  That's how they give you it here, eh...)


Speaking in a TV briefing alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sir Patrick said: 'There are some areas where we're beginning to see real effects of what's happening. There are some indications [that] amongst young people the rates are coming down or flattening off a bit due to the huge efforts that people have made to try to adhere to these changes in behaviours that we need to have in order to get this down.


(A: …down, you know, all these numbers down, you know, nobody’s sick, or very few, but get the numbers down, right, we're fighting a BATTLE.)


Another one too…

Home Secretary Priti Patel (A:  Hhhch, Priti Patel…) will order police to stop protests involving more than TWO people during lockdown - / 3 Nov 2020


So the cops are getting ordered out again, eh.  It's just disgusting, eh, these characters. You understand, the law's gone out the window. I'll put up another article tonight too from one of the top lawyers of Britain who was in the High Court, you know, Lord Sumption.  Lord Sumption gives a talk on rule by decree as opposed to rule by law. I'll put up the link for that too.


Government by decree: 'Covid-19 and the Constitution' - Lord Sumption -  pdf - / 27 Oct 2020


Government by decree - Covid-19 and the Constitution' - Lord Sumption - / 27 Oct 2020


I think if I find it, it might be on the Peter Hitchens blog where he talks about Lord Sumption and there’s a link to a video with Lord Sumption reading his own take on the illegal type of, they’re not laws really, they’re decrees, as they say, by government, which is unlawful.  But who cares in this day and age, eh?, as the new system takes over. So I’ll put them up and you’ll enjoy them, I’m sure.  He goes through this long talk, it's interesting, it's a video clip where he goes through the fact that this is not, they're not following the law on anything here, and this is the sort of stuff you see again in Third World countries where they just make up the laws as they go along. Because they're not laws. If they're not passed as laws, they're not laws at all.  And the cops don't have the right to do what they're doing. And the politicians don't have the right to order them to do what they are telling them to do. He goes through it all, literally line by line and destroys it. It doesn't make any difference, but that's what he's doing. He does a good job of it.


Now, the two-people idea is for protest, right, for Priti Patel.  But it will but depend on who you are, eh? I guess if you got the right uniform on and the right colored mask on and so on, and you could have as many as you want obviously, and go as close… In fact!, you can go as close as you want and don't bother with social distancing, and that will be okay.  Like it was already. It made a complete mockery of what they were doing with their going after individual folk [Alan chuckles.] who would have a seat in the park and things and beat them up and grab them.  But when it came to these riots and all that, but that was okay, you know. 


So there you go. So it depends who you are.  So I would just wear black or something, all wear all black and black masks and all that, and tell them, you know, we've got the right to do what we want to do because we belong to blah blah blah, and that's it, you get away with it. It all depends who you are, isn't it? Obviously. It made a farce of their whole lockdown measurements and harassing individuals as they were doing.



Huge changes coming to thousands of pubs within weeks as Gladys Berejiklian warns her 'patience is wearing thin' with coronavirus rule breakers – and they now face $1,000 fines / 2 Nov 2020


(A: So that's going too, in other countries, you've got that happening as well. And New South Wales Australia, eh...)


NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian warned her 'patience is wearing thin'


(A: There’s your Democratic leader right there, eh!)


with Sydney venues that continuously break the rules at a press conference on Monday.


(A: Hhhhh, hhh. It’s really bad with Australia, I tell ya. It's really sad how they're just putting up, well, they've got no option.  You see, where do you complain to when you find your whole government is in on the big agenda? You see, your government's beyond compromised, BEYOND, long ago actually, before Covid came along, and that's what you're seeing today. So what do you do now?)


(A: As I've said before, the old conventional war is when you see folk coming in with uniforms going to eliminate you and you fought back without question.  You didn't have to ask for rights or anything else, you just went and did it. But when you've got unconventional warfare like this, you suddenly turn around and well, who do you complain to?  I gave this talk again in the 90s because you'll find other organizations that you think are there to help and protect you, and for you to go to with problems, they really don't exist. At least not in the state that you have been trained to believe they exist, or for the reasons that you think they exist.) 


(A: They're completely… Everything is different. Your countries were gone long ago. So there's another woman who is kind of like the Clinton syndrome and [Alan speaking with a scolding tone] she's getting rather ticked off about all you characters, you know, not just obeying and doing what you're told! And this is the new democracy, you see. It's really technocracy.)


(A: They really love communism too because then they tell you, and if you didn't do what you were told they just sent the troops on you, you see. They really admired them, they all admire China, they say they admire China too, eh. They all say that. That's what Justin Trudeau said too, that he admired China, back in the spring, because they don't have to, they can get things done very efficiently, they don't have to bother to cater about individual rights and things and democratic rights, they can get things done and under control quickly, you see. That's how he put it across. They really salivate at the thought of having a Chinese type system, and a population that can't really complain, or else, you know.)


(A: That's what they want, isn't it. Little robots.  You see, Winston Churchill used to play with, um, toy soldiers. He did, he had this big collection. He did the wargames, you know, battlefield collections and so on.  I've met some of these characters like that, they're pretty, they really are fanatical, they can really get into it, like it's all real. But Winston Churchill did that, and so it’s no real big deal when World War II came along and he just kind of saw, he kind of saw the troops like toys in a sense, you know, like wargames and all that. And I think that's how people like Justin Trudeau and all the rest of them see us today, like little toys.) 


(A: This woman too, in New South Wales, who's saying, they should just obey, you know, just obey, like little clockwork windup toys or something.  They obviously don't see you as individual people with human rights and democratic rights, etc.  They don't, do they? They really don't. We are in dangerous, dangerous times, which I knew would come, and all that it would need was the right spark to make it happen, which they planned the spark long ago too. So this New South Wales premier Gladys says that...)


It comes after health authorities struggled to contact trace diners


(A: So they’ve got contact tracers, you see.)


at Jasmins1 Lebanese restaurant in Liverpool, where there was no electronic customer sign-in system before a staff member tested positive to coronavirus.


(A: Well, was it a fragment that they had? Of a dead one? Was it many little fragments? Well, what was the scale of the positive? Did you try a second test and see? Were they ill with it? Were they not ill with it? Did they have any symptoms, fevers, anything like that? So she’s really ticked off, you know, about it all… because they couldn't trace some of the diners at the restaurant, eh.  And then this leads right into, continuous, and it says…)


Ms Berejiklian said 'I want to make very clear the government's intention' about potentially making QR codes compulsory.


(A: So here’s the real aim of it all, eh, for big corporations again, for more money off the taxpayer.)


'We don't have any room for complacency and as I foreshadowed last week, mandatory QR codes are still on the table for NSW, so I just want to make that very, very clear,' Ms Berejiklian said.


(A: Hm, ftt, well, my goodness. Well at least she didn’t say a Hillary though, she could have said, you know, we came, we saw, he’s dead, or, we killed him, you know, when she was talking about Qaddafi.  So here’s what Gladys will be doing, she says…)


Businesses that do not have an electronic sign-in system (A: Now, this is going to be permanent, folks.) will be fined $1,000 on the spot if they are caught without one.


(A: There you go, an electronic sign in system.  Hhhhh!)


COVID-19 marshals (A: There you go, marshals, eh…) would also stand by the venue entrance to make sure customers have checked in


If the government makes QR codes mandatory, all cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs would need some form of electronic customer sign-in system.


It’s EVERYTHING, folks. They already lined up the companies that would get all these apps YEARS ago.  [Alan chuckles.]  And they all get funded by your money, once again. So, there's $1000 on the spot, eh, wow.  On the spot. My goodness me.  Ftt.  There you be.  So the restaurant, because one staff member tested positive, it will close today and remained so until further notice. There you go. That will teach 'em, eh.  Ftt.  Hhhhh.  Gladys, Gladys, n-n-n.


There’s another one with GPs, general practitioners…


GPs preparing to give Covid vaccine 'to over 85s (A: That's the over 85-year-olds I guess.) and NHS staff next month' / 3 Nov 2020


At present there is no vaccine for the virus and scientists are racing


 (A:  You see, again, it’s that war scenario, there they are running through muddy fields in Flanders and that and Mons and all these places, and getting covered in mud, selfless, out of breath trying to save you all, eh, they’re RACING, you see, they’re racing towards it all…) 


 to find a suitable jab that can be rolled out in order to protect people from the killer bug.


(A: …you see, this is a KILLER bug.)


You understand, very few folk die, and can’t even know if they died OF it or with it.  You see? Because lots of folk will be, will have it as well, you don’t know you’ve got it, and even then it depends on how much sample.  It’s fragments, that’s what they test with the PCR test, and they go through a system of multiplication to try and find out if it’s maybe an actual infection or if it’s just fragments from old viruses. It’s so, that’s what they can’t lose with the iffy testing and all the rest of it, eh.


So it tells you about the two types of vaccines which they've got, they're preparing for release and all the rest of it. They're also wanting to also go into care homes as well, as they call it. So they keep getting you ready for it, you know, and ready, that's part of the programming is getting you ready for it, oh my God, they can't get it just yet, but it will soon be here! That's the whole idea.


I don't think folk realize how many organizations are at work right now playing this game getting you all conditioned for, coming out with predictive programming, step by step by step.  It's all worked out with propaganda pieces. And I'm not making this up by the way, I got lots of articles where they actually admit the companies they employed make up the pieces, the propaganda pieces to get you conditioned to accepting things, you know. And the folk who don't want it, they've got other programs and they find ways to get around your vaccine hesitancy as they want to call it, you see. Meaning, your common sense, your natural common sense…  [Alan laughing.] You're not sticking that in me!


I mentioned last week about the military to be used in parts of Britain, and here you've got…


UK Brings In Army To Help With First 'China-Style' Mass COVID-19 Testing In Liverpool / 3 Nov 2020


Following in the footsteps of China and tiny Slovakia, the UK is embarking on its first "moonshot" mass-testing campaign in the city of Liverpool, known to most


(A: Here’s your propaganda piece, make it sound a certain way…)


  known to most people outside the UK as the hometown of the Beatles. (A:  …eh?! Well, they also had Jerry Marsden and a whole bunch of folk long before, you know.) According to the Guardian, up to half a million people in the city are set to be tested this week, and if the system proves successful, it will be used again.


(A: You understand, hhhch, hhhch, with the testing system they’ve got, and even Teresa May touched on it, you know, they have, they’re not positively guarantee that they’ve actually got it. A lot of them are false positives, it’s guaranteed to get lots of false positives.  That’s why they picked this one.  Hhhch, I’m sure of it. Why else would they keep pushing it and calling it cases if they say, well I think that might be positive, you know. You see, it’s not the illness, you see.  It’s different for a case. You’re not really, they didn’t used to call things cases unless you’re actually ill with something, hm. That doesn’t matter anymore. Anyway it says…)


  if the system proves successful, it will be used again.


(A: Well, that’s perpetual.)


With the self-isolation period for those who test positive set to be reduced,


(A: No kidding, especially when a lot of them, who don’t have it, as false positives…)


up to half a million people are due to be tested in Liverpool in the government's first attempt at mass testing and tracing,


(A: …with the military. This is dangerous. D’you understand what you’re seeing here?  Hm? For the folk who've got memories to remember the Soviet system, and the East German Stasi system, here's the military, you know. I remember last week I think I read one too where it says that some of these guys, these tracers, will be in plain clothes, for the military. These are military guys, for goodness’ sake. You don't use military on the public! You don't do that.)


The scheme is part of the government's attempt to meet the demands posed by local officials, who have demanded more money (A: [Alan chuckles.]) for both test-and-trace programs, as well as more funding for the government's furlough plan for workers.


To help carry out the program, the British army will be deployed for "logistical support".


(A: You don’t have to deploy the ARMY on the public.  Period.  Anyway it says…)


PM Boris Johnson recently rolled out a system of coronavirus restrictions with three standalone tiers. Liverpool and Greater Manchester are both in the third tier, which imposes harsh restrictions that mirror the springtime lockdown, with the main difference being school is still in session.


(A: No, school is perpetually in session because we’re all getting trained with this kind of stuff all the time.)


Although it's a favorites of epidemiologists


(A: Well, I don't vote for any epidemiologists.)


contact tracing has largely failed in the West as officials struggle with noncompliance in the US and Europe.


In the UK, the governments test and trace system has been a notable blemish for BoJo


(A: That's Boris Johnson.)


despite pouring more than $15.5 billion into it.


(A: Well, who got the contracts, eh?)


Perhaps Bojo has finally discovered the secret for why these tactics were so effective in Asia.  It's much easier to test and trace when mandatory means MANDATORY.


(A: Well again, this is why they are pushing this mandatory stuff, eh.)


Another one too, this is quite good...


Your age, ethnicity and wealth could decide whether you get the coronavirus vaccine first as experts (A:  Oh, I love these priests, experts, eh.) consider using Oxford algorithm (A:  So another, I wonder how much that cost us for this ALGORITHM, eh?!) / 1 Nov 2020


The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which is responsible for shaping the UK's vaccine strategy, has already produced an 11-tier priority list, (A: …already!  Hhhhh! 11 tiers, eh?) according to the Telegraph. (A:  This newspaper.)




Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) (A: The people, they come up with these acronyms all day, what rubbish, eh.) people are not genetically more at-risk of dying from Covid-19, a study concluded last week.


(A:  Well before that, the hype in the spring, oh my God they’re more, oh my God, more at risk, blah blah blah. Well, no, they’re not at risk, you see. That’s how science, this conclusive science is so elastic.)


BAME communities are two to three times more likely to die from coronavirus than other members of the population, (A:  Oh, well that makes it more easy to understand. They’re not genetically more at risk, right, they’re just three times more likely to die from coronavirus than other members of the population…) analysis of NHS data has previously revealed.


(A:  And that’s about, I think that, remember that was to do with the ACE2 receptors in the lungs and the epithelial tissue.)


However, scientists in Japan and the US found no differences in seven genes associated with viral entry of SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes Covid-19 – across ethnic groups.


(A: So there’s no difference they say in seven genes that’s the entry type genes.)


Pre-existing medical conditions and environmental factors are more likely to blame for people of ethnic minorities being more likely to die of the disease, they said.


(A:  It could be due to their work and medical history.) 


This is largely based on age but also considers a number of factors such as where individuals work and medical history.


(A: You see, here’s your science, it’s all speculation, isn’t it?  It’s obviously a repeat of what they came out in the spring was, the same kind of article with the same kind of conclusions.  They even actually, it’s almost like a repetition, I’m sure it is, word for word, something that came out of this spring that they just recycle the same story, it might be because they’re poor and so on. No, it’s not that at all. They came out after that remember in the spring and says, it wasn’t because they were poor.  A lot of them had definitely other problems to do with diabetes type II and overweight and so on.  And high blood pressure, that was another thing too. And men were more likely to die from Covid 19 they said as well.)


The report also discovered men were more likely to die from Covid-19, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data. (A:  the ONS, the ons.  There ya go.)


But it's really just a repeat of what they had out in the spring.


The Head of Operation Warp Speed and The Gates Foundation Are Pushing BioElectronics and Vaccine Patches / 22 Oct 2020


Donald Trump announced he was appointing Dr. Moncef Slaoui, a former executive with vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, to lead Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Slaoui was a Professor of Immunology at the University of Mons, Belgium. Slaoui earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Immunology from the University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School and Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston.


Following his education, Slaoui joined the pharmaceutical industry, serving on the board of Directors of GlaxoSmithKline between 2006 through 2015. Slaoui served in several senior research & development (R&D) roles with GlaxoSmithKline during his time with the company, including Chairman of Global Vaccines.


(A:  So we’re supposed to be awfully impressed. Are you impressed?) 


More recently, Slaoui sits on the boards of several pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology organizations. In 2016, Slaoui was appointed to the Board of Directors of Moderna Therapeutics (A:  ...that are going to get the big vaccine contract apparently.), a biotech company that is leading the way for messenger RNA (A:  That’s what they call…)  (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines. (A: This is the big stink that’s going on with this type of vaccine.) Moderna is also developing one of the COVID-19 vaccines which might be administered to the public.


(A: That’s the one that Fauci promoted, right. Isn't that something too? I mean, here's your dilemma. These supposed experts already work for the big, big vaccine manufacturers that are getting the contracts, so how can you appoint them, hm?, to be in charge of something, Operation Warp speed and so on? You can’t have folk that are compromised already, that have got vested interests, at the very least vested, may be invested as well.  You really can't, can you?)


When Slaoui was appointed to head Operation Warp Speed critics noted the conflicts of interest related to him leading the effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine while holding stock in two of the leading vaccine manufacturers. Slaoui said he would sell his Moderna stock worth a reported $12 million and resign from the board of directors. However, in a recent interview Slaoui said he was keeping around $10 million of stock in his former company, GlaxoSmithKline, calling the shares his “retirement.”


(A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


Bioelectronics and Pharmacovigilance

The criticisms about Slaoui’s involvement in OWS go well beyond financial conflicts of interest, however. One other area of concern is the fact that several of the companies connected to Slaoui are involved in the emerging field of bioelectronics. Slaoui is currently partner at MediciX investment firm, chairman of the board at Galvani Bioelectronics, chairman of the board at SutroVax and sits on the boards of Artisan Biosciences, Human Vaccines Project and the aforementioned Moderna Therapeutics.


(A:  Oh boy, I tell ya. This is interesting too…)


Galvani Bioelectronics was formed out of an agreement with Verily Life Sciences LLC (formerly Google Life Sciences) (A:  Isn’t it, Google is everywhere too. It’s a small world, isn’t it?), an Alphabet company, and GSK. (A: That’s GlaxoSmithKline.) The goal is to “enable the research, development and commercialisation of bioelectronic medicines.” Bioelectronic medicine is a relatively new research field focused on tackling chronic diseases by using miniaturised, implantable devices (A: [Alan chuckles.]) that can modify electrical signals that pass along nerves in the body, including irregular or altered impulses that occur in many illnesses”. GSK has been active in this field since 2012 and has stated that chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and asthma could potentially be treated using these devices.


It’s… massive monopolies, isn’t it. That depend on things like this Covid coming along.  It’s very, very conducive to their plans of controlling so much of the market, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  Money will destroy us all too, isn’t it. But again, if we are that herd they've got to have the farmers making money off us right down to the bitter end.  Here's another one too…


Covid-19: Less haste, more safety - / 30 Oct 2020


Five years imprisonment and/or a $66,600 fine for refusing coronavirus vaccination?


(A:  Mmm, ftt. Isn't that true, eh? 666, they love these little jokes they put on the public, don't they? That's from the BMJ. They talk about...)


From Australia, I'm watching the fast-tracked development of coronavirus vaccines with mounting concern.


Under the Australian Biosecurity Act 2015,


(A:  You see how they got it all worked around the same, every country about the same time. They had already planned all this kind of ways of managing pandemics and so on.)


refusers of coronavirus vaccination in Australia could be at risk of five years imprisonment (A:  My goodness!) and/or a $66,600 fine.


(A: Which, there’s nothing here legal about any of this stuff. According to the Lord that runs on the British system, which is also what Australia really runs on, it’s all derived from this empirical British Commonwealth type system.) 


This emergency power has been active since March 2020, and has been extended to December 2020, with the potential for unlimited extensions.


(A: There you go. So yeah, if you don't take your vaccination then you get…)


imprisonment and/or a huge fine, for a virus which is not a threat to most people under 70.


We need to talk about this...


(A: And they have all the different details of it here, links with the…) (A …for Australia. And…)


(A: …etc. etc. It’s got all the links attached to it, to this actual article, in the article itself. I’ll put that up and you can read it, for those want to see where it’s supposed to go, you know.)


Quite something, eh, your democracy.  Oh, I've got rights.  Rights.  And...


Canada introducing new mandatory COVID-19 rules for international travellers / 3 Nov 2020


Anyone entering Canada by air as of Nov. 21 will be required to submit a quarantine plan and a novel coronavirus “self-assessment” before getting on a flight, according to new rules released by the Public Health Agency of Canada on Monday.


(A:  So they can assess themselves, eh?  Hm.)


A news release from the health agency also said travellers entering Canada by land are “strongly encouraged” to do the same.


(A:  So it’s the same old thing as they did before.)


Tens of thousands of passengers connect from international to domestic flights before quarantine


I'll put this one up too for anybody that cares about it. Canada's pretty predictable in most of the stuff. It's been socialist for a long, long time, you know, really Communist in a way, very communist too. I know people in the bureaucracies and civil service in Canada who are communists, no doubt about it, hard-core types too.  Hhhhh.  The Canadian Press put out this article here...


Trudeau, EU (A: That's the European Union.) leaders meet ahead of U.S. election (A: …just ahead of it…) to reinforce support of world order / 29 Oct 2020


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the European Union's two top political leaders expressed faith in the American people Thursday ahead of (A: …the vote, and so on.)


The choice is up to the American people.


(A: That’s a big joke.)


But it was clear the three leaders are at least eager for a reset of strained relations to help them cope with the major challenges of the day, including climate change,


(A: They’re all on board.  I mean as soon as, oh Biden probably won, you know, and immediately all the climate change agreements will all go back to what it was and blah blah blah blah blah, you know. That’s sustainability, which is again the reset, which ties in with this so-called Covid 19 and so on and so on.)


Trudeau was asked how that was factoring into the government's plans and he referred to the 2000 presidential election in which the ultimate victor, George W. Bush, was declared a month after election day and a subsequent Supreme Court ruling. (A:  …was held, you see, to make it happen. So it’s not over yet, as they say.)


And these coding things for restaurants, again, they've got them in Canada too.


Canada's Helcim rolls out QR codes for restaurants / 3 Nov 2020


To give businesses more contactless and self-serve payment options, payments company Helcim has launched QR Code functionality for merchants using their Online Store, Hosted Payment Pages, and Online Food Ordering.


The easy-to-deploy QR codes give businesses more options to accept payments while following social distancing requirements.


I was wondering how you can do social distancing and eat at the same time, maybe if you order… Today, I was thinking of patenting something like a kind of Frisbee, you know, and you could turn it upside down, you see, a bit like a little dinner plate. You could order the stuff and so you wouldn’t have to go so close to the people at the door of a restaurant or something for takeaway, they could just put it in, the food in the Frisbee, you see, and throw it at you, you know? And for small meals they have small ones that can fit right, they’ll fit right into your mouth, and you just keep your mouth, you can practice in front of the mirror and extend your lips, you know, and so it can go straight in your mouth, and so even your hands don’t have to touch it, you see? And for those who still have dogs and things, you can make, train your dog to catch it, but you have to have a dog that’s not going to eat it at the same time, or you’ll really be starving, won’t you? You see, you’ve got to think of these things. And you might even get a grant to develop it properly, you see. Then you can live off the taxpayer too and be a good capitalists, hm.  So there ya go.  They're all after the money, aren't they, these cons and so on and so on and so on and so on.  I-yi-yi, n-n-n.


This other one too goes into...


The Anatomy of a QR Code: How QR Codes Work

19 July 2019


(A: Hhhhh, I mean, you’re just dying to know, aren’t you? Well, I’ll put the link up.)


QR codes, like the barcodes they enhance, convey information through a graphical code of black and white pixels. Where a barcode is one-dimensional, a QR code is two-dimensional. In this content it means that information is conveyed by reading both the horizontal and vertical locations


It means basically they can get all your data and your address and phone numbers and everything else too, a lot of stuff on it.  So if you go into restaurants they'll know how to track and trace you and yada ya. You'll pay for it all, and it saves them having to chase you up, they'll actually know it's you, you see.


New COVID-19 Security Measures Will Make Health a Prerequisite for Travel / 26 Oct 2020


(A: Hhhhh!  There ya go. And for public health, eh.))


…it tightens the noose around civil liberties…


Imagine standing at a TSA security checkpoint on your way home for the holidays.


(A:  I can’t afford the holidays.)


You’re getting ready to go through the awkward travel procedures instituted almost immediately after 9/11 (A:  That’s when you lost a lot of your freedoms anyway.) when the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) was created and air travel in the United States morphed into a search and seizure operation with the implied possibility of your detention and interrogation.


A new digital certificate called CommonPass, designed to serve as a clearance mechanism for passengers based on a health diagnosis underwent its first transatlantic test on October 21 under the watchful eye of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


(A: It's amazing too when you go into these characters who are on the board of it, and the companies they go back in and out of, private businesses, eh, [Alan chuckles.] and they're like musical chairs.)


and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at Heathrow Airport in London. There, a group of select participants embarked on United flight 15 to Newark, New Jersey after being screened and tested for COVID-19 at the point of departure in a largely ceremonial exercise that included initiative co-founders, Paul Meyer and Bradley Perkins.


(A: Ah, dear-dear, I wonder how much money they get off the taxpayer too, eh?)


CommonPass Overview


(A:  …another big PR piece, eh.  I-yi-yi.)


Feudal revivalists


(A: This is the same article.)  


In medieval times, the ‘commons’ denoted the de facto and collective ownership of land, which peasants used to plow, sow and harvest or raise sheep and cattle.


(A:  Well, what it actually was, is strips of the worst land, because the Lord’s owned it all, you see.  They had their tenant farmers getting all their crops, and for them, and often the farmworkers, the ones who worked on farms, had to grow their own stuff on the commons strips to get their own food just for themselves or their little animals and so on.)


The rise of the land-owning classes in post-Magna Carta Europe, and England in particular, slowly eviscerated this form of communal privilege (A:  It wasn’t a privilege, it was right.) through the enclosure system, which redistributed the commons to the proto-capitalist class in partnership with the monarchies and create the system of oppressive labor exploitation known as feudalism.


Starting in 1604, the Enclosure Acts of England …


Today, that scene is being repeated as the Internet, an information ‘commons’ is being carved out by Big Tech and led by organizations like The Commons Project, which avails itself of a name that connotes the total opposite of its purpose.


Co-founders Paul Meyer and Bradley Perkins are the non-profit’s CEO and Chief Medical Officer, respectively. Perkins began his career over thirty years ago at the Center for Disease Control (A:  Again, small world, eh?) and, for nearly a decade, worked at the RAND corporation’s health care policy division (A:  Oooo. Hhhch.), RAND Health Advisory Board. Meyer, for his part, is a Yale law school graduate, who was writing President Clinton’s speeches years before receiving his graduation diploma from the storied institution.


In 2009, Perkins became the Chief Technology Officer for a publicly-traded cross-national operator of hospitals and clinics called Vanguard Health System (A:  I’ve heard of them.) Vanguard had been established with funding from Morgan Stanley and controlled by the Blackstone Group since 2004, (A:  M-m-m. I-yi, quite an article here, although it's too long for me to read to you.)


Before he was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (A:  So he belongs to them too, you know.) or Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute (A:  Again.), and even before becoming a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (A:  He’s done all the right things, eh.) and receiving MIT’s 2003 Humanitarian of the Year award, Paul Meyer found himself in war-torn Kosovo installing a new Internet infrastructure system to replace the one destroyed in the war, only days after NATO bombs had stopped shelling the Serbian people.


(A: M-m-m-m-m.  That’s a small world, with the same characters, eh?, in the same organizations everywhere you look, isn’t it? I-yi-yi.  N-n-n.)


I tell ya.  But anyway I'll put this link up for those that want to read a longish link, you know. That's from Mint Press News, that one.


Again, the time is passing here, once again I got to keep reminding people, my website. List all my other sites which are on in case any of them go down, you see. You can buy the books and discs or give me straight donations, which are also welcome. You can use PayPal. Send cash. You can use personal checks still. Money Gram too, I think they're still doing that as well. Again, banks can still give you, write out checks for you, even smaller checks, if you can get access to them.  As everything is changing naturally very quickly, until you'll have just the authorized media out there, you know, the cartel types that all belong to this, they'll have the same, exact same stories, same opinions on every single item.  So help me out in keep me ticking along because we are going through as I say the biggest change of your lives, folks. And this is permanent.


Unless folks do get off their couches and start relearning that word called NO, the one that upsets people like Gladys I mentioned earlier in New South Wales, you know, that upsets them. They get awfully impatient when you say NO.  [Alan chuckles.] That small little word, eh.  It's a nuisance to them.  This idea of democratic rights really gets up their nose, it really does. Uuugh, you just have to learn to obey, you know.  And they make it harder and harder to do your own thing, until you can't move with all the different things they… They'll say, oh we're not stopping you from going there. You say, well I can't go anywhere without a coronavirus pass. I want to go to the store, you know. Well, you know, we’re not stopping you, we’re not stopping you from eating. We’re not starving you to death. You could get this little thing here, and pay so much money, and get that little pass, and then go and get a test, and then go and get your Covid measuring thing at the store, and biomeasured through the stores’ security cameras and equipment, and all that stuff.  We're not stopping you, if you do that you can go and eat.


You know, that's a tyranny, folks. Oh, if you don't take the vaccine, oh you can't go anywhere now.  But everybody's safe now because they've all had vaccination. Well um, ttt, that doesn't matter.  [Alan laughing.]   


So again as I've mentioned before, yep, the Common passport and all the rest of it is the way it's all going.


Coronavirus: Britons should be paid to take COVID-19 vaccine, (A:  …here we go…)  says Oxford professor / 6 Nov 2020


(A: The same Oxford, it's always Oxford, Oxford, eh?  That's another ethicist, you know, ethicist. That's where they go, they find ways to try to change laws or get around laws to make you obey people who pay them to do this and change the way that you think, you see. And if you allow them to decide what's moral for yourself, and let them do the thinking and the judging, you're finished, folks. You don't elect these characters, who just replaced religions. They are the new religions, you know. So here's what it says here, Sky News, eh...)


People should be paid to have a COVID-19 jab so the country reaches herd immunity as quickly as possible, a leading ethicist has suggested.


(A:  Hhhhh! Ethicist!  Expert, you see, in ethics. You don’t have any ethics yourself, you understand. They get trained to have ethics, so they can get around laws to change things to make you obey and stuff.)


Professor Julian Savulescu from the University of Oxford said incentives would help to overcome rising vaccine hesitancy due to perceived safety concerns.


(A: … PERCEIVED safety concerns.  There ARE safety concerns, like folk getting paralyzed of the spine and stuff like that, you know. Never mind the long-term effects which they say nobody knows yet.  Hhhhh.  Never mind the permanent changes to your DNA from the RNA programming is going to get.)


People could either be given a financial inducement to have the jab


(A:  …right.  This is like animal management. Do you understand that this is animal management?...)


or they could be paid in kind, perhaps foregoing the need to wear a facemask in public, he writes in the Journal of Medical Ethics.


(A:  You should, if you want to see psychopaths at work, you should read that, you know. The Journal of Medical… There’s nothing ethical about it.  Or moral.)


"The advantage of payment for risk is that people are choosing voluntarily to take it on," he says.


(A: So he’s talking about legality. If you take money for, you see, you’ve done, it’s a contract, then it’s a legal contract. Anything that happens to you then, there’s no way, even if you have a right to sue, there’s no way you’d have it, a judge would throw it out, well, you got paid for it, you got paid for that, you know. These conmen… what EVIL characters, eh.)


"As long as we are accurate in conveying the limitations (A:  …limitations, right…) in our confidence about the risks and benefits of a vaccine,


(A: I’ll say that again for the hard of thinking…) 


"As long as we are accurate in conveying the limitations in our confidence about the risks and benefits of a vaccine,


(A: So they don’t know either, you see. They’re supposed to tell you that before they give you a jab, we really don’t know.)


then it is up to individuals to judge whether they are worth payment."


(A:  You see that? It’s up to you to decide.  Hm?)


To achieve herd immunity, which would stop the coronavirus spreading and end the epidemic, somewhere between 50 and 80% of the population would have to be protected.


(A: You understand, if they had left it alone, and just really shielded the elderly, right, to start, we all know this, and lots of professors know this and doctors know that and epidemiologists know it, if they had done that then the spread would have been quick and fast, folk would have gotten sick, and they got over it, and they'd have herd immunity, BY MIXING.  That's how you get it, by mixing. Not getting locked down and separated from each other. That's standard, what's always happened before. This is not meant to be factual and scientific. It's not. Or practical. It's for a PURPOSE. For a new way of existing. It's post prosperity of any kind, by the way, except for those who are getting all the money on all the programs that are going to manage you. Anyway...)


Coercion for the public good is already accepted in wearing seat belts and conscription during wartime.


(A: You see how they try to rationalize it, oh, you wear a seatbelt, you know…)


But he says mandatory vaccination would be unethical without first knowing a jab was completely safe.


"However, another way of looking at this


(A: This is what they always, look at it a different way, how can we get around this, eh?  So…) 


"However, another way of looking at this is that those at low risk are being asked to do a job which entails some risk, albeit a very low one," he argues.


"So they should be paid for the risk they are taking for the sake of providing a public good."


(A:  Uuuuuuuuuuuughhhh, oooooooooooooo, uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.)


Any vaccine will have been tested on tens of thousands of people before being rolled out. But rare side effects may remain.


(A:  You can’t even say rare because they’re not completed yet, we don’t know if there’s even, if they’re even RARE.  Hhhch. But there’s no long-term effects, kind of thing.  And by the way, it’s not tens of thousands of people when you look at their actual test cases and so on and what they’re doing.)


"It may be those who are poorer may be more inclined to take the money and the risk,


(A:  So there ya go for the poor, they’ll take the money, they’ll sell their blood even, you know.)


 but this applies to all risky or unpleasant jobs in a market economy," he says.


(A: That’s his ethics, total psychopathic, you see.)  


"It is not necessarily exploitation if there are protections in place such as a minimum wage or a fair price is paid to take on risk."


What a PSYCHOPATH! I guess he got a degree in psychopathy now, that’s what ethics is now.  I prefer the old ethics and old morality of leaving it to religion and the person’s own idea of them and God, what’s right and wrong, you know. That’s my take on things.  I’m telling ya.  N-N-N.


Julian Savulescu -


By the way, I mean, we know already that certain folk go and riot and demonstrate and there's no, no one's going to arrest them.  Right.  For not social distancing.  [Alan chuckles.] Everyone else is going to get big, big massive fines, which are unethical and unconstitutional.  But...


The CDC said it was O.K. for COVID patients to vote in person? (A:  Ahh.) / 4 Nov 2020


We are told we can't gather together even if we haven't tested positive for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


That's what the CDC and other state bureaucracies told us.  The CDC carved out an exception for protestors and rioters.


(A: That’s true, that was okay, you see.)


We can't go to church if we have no symptoms and haven't tested positive, nor can we go to indoor dining or many other places


For months we have been told that even if we are asymptomatic, we can be spreading the disease.


We close down businesses, sporting events, schools, and other things if so much as one person has tested positive.


But if you have tested positive, the CDC says you can still vote in person.


(A: [Alan laughing.] …if you’ve tested positive you can vote in person, there ya go.)


They have to stay home for fourteen days unless they go to vote? (A: [Alan laughing.])


Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said people who are in isolation after testing positive can still cast ballots in person.


Isn't that a danger that every polling place becomes a super-spreader when you send in people who are sick to stand in long lines next to other people?


(A:  I tell ya. M-hm.  [Alan laughing.]  I tell ya, it’s quite something, eh?)


Now, I mentioned before too, that facial recognition is being used to identify people that were in riots and so on, and who assaulted people and so on. The follower types, not the leaders, eh. This says…


Facial recognition used to identify Lafayette Square protester accused of assault / 2 Nov 2020


The man grabbed another officer, before police caught up with him and attempted to make an arrest, authorities said. But the man wrestled free and vanished once again.


The protester might never have been identified, but an officer found an image of the man on Twitter and investigators fed it into a facial recognition system, court documents state. They found a match and made an arrest.


(A: Now, they’re not telling you in here that they are also doing it through, I mean biometrics can still do it by measuring your eyes, the space between your eyes and so on and the shape of your skull and yada, yada, ya.  Also too, at a distance they can, they’ve already pretty well got your biometrics all measured out, and types of iris and the whole bit.  Then they have, eh, but they also have got all your chatter on your phones, including all the ones that the folk that were in the riots, and the planned riots and demonstrations, thought they were safe from. Who do you think invented them? I mean, you had, um...  that all came out with the big dumps that came out before on the programs that the CIA and the FBI and so on were all using inside, internally. They gave you the programs that you think are keeping you safe, hhhch, for the color revolutions, it's the CIA that invented them all. So they know all your chat before and after and during, and who's who, the voice recognition, etc., hm. But anyway it talks about...)


… and facial recognition experts said they were unaware of the existence of the National Capital Region Facial Recognition Investigative Leads System (NCRFRILS). Several (A:  I guess that’s the name of the person.) said the Lafayette Square case was the first time they had seen its use disclosed to a defendant despite thousands of searches in bank robberies, human trafficking and gang cases.


NCRFRILS has troubled activists and privacy advocates, who said it could have a chilling effect on First Amendment rights and leave defendants unable to challenge a match since its use is not disclosed in the vast majority of cases.


That's the Washington Post. I'll put that one up too for those who are interested in it. Also I'm going to put up too the report I mentioned before about the mental health, the fallout from the lockdowns, eh. It's the governments that are doing these studies on us all, us little animals...


Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, June 24–30, 2020 / June 2020


(A: It gives you the weekly reports, past volumes and so on, surveillance summaries, past volumes. It's an article on statistics on deaths, suicides and overdoses and all the rest of it, and mental health in general because of the pandemic and the lockdown. Not because of the disease, but because of the lockdown. They go through different adults, young folk, racial, ethnic, minorities, essential workers and so on, all the different groups, how it's affected different people.  It's not a bad article actually. It says…)


40% of US adults,


(A: ...that's all adults...)


reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse.


40%, hm.  Hm, wow, wow. And they have different levels of it too in this article. It's not a bad article actually. I'll put it up again too for anybody that wants to go through it.


Now here is an article to show you the insanity of it all, as you’re lockdown and folk can’t get into hospitals to get treatment to keep them alive for different things, so folk are dying because of it.  And if that’s not bad enough, right, hhhch, in Britain again, Matt Hancock minister in charge of so-called, he was appointed to be in charge of the health of the nation supposedly…


Health Secretary Matt Hancock says people can still travel abroad for assisted dying during the coronavirus lockdown as MPs call for the law to be changed in the UK / 5 Nov 2020


Matt Hancock today confirmed people are allowed to travel abroad for assisted dying during the second coronavirus lockdown. 


(A: Isn’t that nice of them? Remember the previous article too I mentioned with the suicide rate going up and up and up because of the lockdowns and so on. And folk who are dying at home, they can’t get treatment, can’t get painkillers some types.  Hhhhhhhhhh, so, here you are, eh?)


MPs had expressed concerns (A:  They’re really concerned about the people.) the four-week England-wide shutdown 'could deter' people from making such a journey because of the Government's stay-at-home message. 


(A:  So they’re going to allow you to go out to kill yourselves, eh.)


But the Health Secretary said the rules state that people leaving their home need a 'reasonable excuse' to do so (A: …I’m going to kill myself…) and 'travelling abroad for the purpose of assisted dying is a reasonable excuse'.


(A: It’s funny how they don’t see anything else as reasonable, eh? But as long as you’re getting topped off, you know, that’s fine.)


His comments came as MPs pressed for the Government to change domestic law on assisted dying.


(A:  So this is the reason it’s in the paper, obviously. Because with all the chaos they’re causing, that the pain, physical pain the folk are getting when they’re getting really ill and they can’t get in and get operations and all the rest of it, they want to change the laws, a good time to change the laws so they can kill you at home, eh? Assisted dying, eh? Apart from that too, you’re stuck at home watching the same old BBC repeats, and that’s enough to drive you to it too.)


Assisted dying is currently outlawed in the UK but it is legal for people to travel abroad for that purpose as long as it is allowed in the country they go to.


(A: Isn’t that nice of them?)


But that’s what they want to do, you see, bring in this law to help bump you off.  And save money, you see, because you're into a new system, this great reset. It's a system of when you die, and how much they should spend on you and what's your value to society and so on.  For those who haven't quite caught onto it all yet. So there you go.


Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret / 6 Oct 2020


(A: There's your democracy, in this great [Alan chuckles.] corrupt system we live in, eh.  Oh sorry, democracy, sorry, I thought it was a... democracy, that's right.)


$6 billion in Covid-19 vaccine contracts awarded by Operation Warp Speed have been doled out by a secretive government contractor with deep ties to the CIA and DHS (A Department of Homeland Security.), escaping regulatory scrutiny and beyond the reach of FOIA requests.


(A: This was published in The Last American Vagabond, originally, but it mentions…)


NPR quietly reported (A: …last Tuesday.) that the US government’s “Operation Warp Speed,” a public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a Covid-19 vaccine, had taken the unusual step of awarding contracts to vaccine companies, not directly, but through a secretive defense contractor.


Though NPR named the defense contractor – South Carolina-based Advanced Technology International (ATI) – they declined to explore the company’s deep ties to the CIA, DHS and the Department of Defense and how ATI is helping to lead those agencies’ efforts to militarize healthcare and create an all-encompassing surveillance Panopticon that not only monitors the world around us, but our physiology, as well.


It'ssss..... This is your future, folks, of military surveillance.  I mentioned it years ago, I said, your big eating machine in the military you've done across the world comes back home and it will be eating you too.  And you will not be pleased.  And here we are, years and years later, with all the technologies.  I read the articles from the 90s and even 80s where they said, in a more peaceful world with fewer wars the military-industrial complex has to have outlets, it would go into total surveillance systems of all kinds. I did that talk years and years and years ago and here we are when it all comes to pass, eh. That will be their income, you see. We ARE the business.  M-hm.  I'll put that article up too.


Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret (alternate site) - / 10 Nov 2020


You see, everything’s public-private. They dished it out, all the things that government agencies should be doing, they're dished out, are farmed out to private agencies. That's contained in this article too if you want to look at it.


Another article too, which I've read through before I think, or similar ones...


COVID testing: We've been duped / 4 Nov 2020


Lost in this whole pandemic hysteria are some key considerations that when carefully analyzed place the whole COVID-19 narrative in a highly questionable light.  The gatekeepers of information dissemination are manufacturing consent at an alarming rate, but their fatigue is setting in, and their masks are falling off.  What better, albeit unlikely, source to go for some much needed illumination than the New York Times?


During a considerably quieter time, back in 2007, the New York Times featured a very interesting exposé on molecular diagnostic testing (A:  This is the PCR test.) — specifically, the inadequacy of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in achieving reliable results.  The most significant concern highlighted in the Times report is how molecular tests, most notably the PCR, are highly sensitive and prone to false positives.  At the center of the controversy was a potential outbreak in a hospital in New Hampshire that proved to be nothing more than "ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold."  Unfortunately, the results wrought by the PCR told a different story.


(A:  I put that one out a while too, remember, where the thousands of workers were furloughed and there was all a big panic….)


Thankfully, a faux epidemic was avoided but not before thousands of workers were furloughed and given antibiotics and ultimately a vaccine, and hospital beds (including some in intensive care) were taken out of commission.  Eight months later, what was thought to be an epidemic was deemed a non-malicious hoax.  (A:  It was just false.)


The culprit?  According to "epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists ... too much faith in a quick and highly sensitive molecular test .. led them astray."  (A:  That’s your PCR.) At the time, such tests were "coming into increasing use" as maybe "the only way to get a quick answer in diagnosing diseases like ... SARS, and deciding whether an epidemic is under way."


(A: It can’t really tell you if you’ve actually got an active one or not.  The inventor, remember, of the PCR test said it shouldn’t be used for diagnosing, it’s for use in the laboratory, only for what they do there, but not for diagnosing disease. Anyway it goes into, the rest of the article says…)


"Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive; Maybe It Shouldn't Be," according to NYT reporter Apoorva Mandavilli. 


(A:  I'll put that article up too, I've got a couple, few articles from India, from the Times, and the Economic Times too.)


"The PCR test amplifies genetic matter (A:  …that’s bits and pieces, right…) from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample . .. the more likely the patient is to be contagious."


(A:  That’s how it works.  And it depends what lab you go to according to the result they give you.)


Unfortunately, the "cycle threshold" has been ramped up.  What happens when it's ramped up?  Basically, "huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus" (A:  …or particles of it, not even contagious, right.) are deemed infected.  However, the severity of the infection is never quantified, which essentially amounts to a false positive.  Their level of contagion is essentially nil.


(A:  That’s why I’m sure they picked this, this, hhhch, I’m sure that’s why they picked this particular test.  They can’t lose, you understand, if you want to ramp up fear. It goes on and on and on and talks about...)


…the PCR, are highly sensitive and prone to false positives. 


(A:  And it mentions that...)


 ....potential outbreak in a hospital in New Hampshire that proved to be nothing more than "ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold."  Unfortunately, the results wrought by the PCR told a different story.


(A:  It was false.)


Thankfully, a faux epidemic was avoided (A:  ...back then.) but not before thousands of workers were furloughed and given antibiotics and ultimately a vaccine, and hospital beds...


(A: But it was all false.)


I'll put it up anyway for those who want to see it.


Gl himobal biometrics market forecast to surpass $82B by 2027 despite pandemic / 14 Oct 2020


(A: Well, it's because of it, I'm sure. Biometrics, eh.)


The global biometrics market is forecast to reach $82.8 billion by 2027, growing at a 19.3 percent.


The 176-page ‘Biometrics – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics’ report says non-AFIS systems will reach $34.7 billion, but AFIS systems are also expected to grow at a 20.6 percent CAGR over the next seven years.


(A:  It’s mobile biometrics and so on, yep.)


The mobile biometrics market … with an increasing number of mobile payment transactions as banks rapidly digitize, a new Technavio report suggests.


(A: We ARE the business, eh.  And also, they're putting voice recognition into it too.  So you've got…).


The global market for voice biometrics will grow by $2.6 billion, or 19 percent CAGR from 2020 to 2024, driven in large part by law enforcement, BFSI and health care applications, Technavio writes in another report.


(A: …E-commerce and so on.)


Government ID cards


COVID-19 has driven down the global market for government-issued smart ID cards by 11 percent, according to ABI Research.


We are the business, we are the business.  Peter Hitchens has some good articles up now too in England. This one here it says…


Britons are being sentenced to a slow, agonising death... by No 10's (A:  That’s Downing Street.) panic squad, (A:  And they have a panic squad to terrify you, right.)

 writes PETER HITCHENS / 17 Oct 2020


One of the filthiest tactics of the Panic Merchants is to claim that anyone who opposes their strangling of the country is callous and cares only about money, not life.


(A:  It’s all psychology, eh.)


Dissenters have been pelted with slime of this kind by Johnson (A: …the Prime Minister.), the man who ruined Britain, and by his dense sidekick, Hancock – perhaps the first Health Secretary in history who does not know that malaria is spread by mosquitoes.


Well, Johnson and Hancock, if you care so much about lives, get in touch with Lisa King, as I did. Ask her to tell you about how her husband Peter, a retired taxi driver aged 62, died.


(A:  This is important because, last week I read the articles to you from the mainstream, again of lots of people who are dying of cancer in their homes and so on, they couldn’t even get medication, died in utter agony because of this farce. So here’s Peter, right…)


Peter, a retired taxi driver aged 62, died.


It is a horrible, upsetting story, involving a grown man screaming in agony. And in my view it is an absolutely direct consequence of Hancock’s conversion of the NHS into a National Covid Service which treats everything else as a nuisance.


(A: And isn’t that true.  When they stopped operations, stopped cancer treatments, stop everything. And emergency surgeries of all kinds, all just, poof, stopped, stay home and die.  You can’t even get in to see a doctor, right.)


Peter King was grudgingly granted (as so many now are) a remote session with a GP (A:  … a general practitioner, right. Again, it’s all tele conferences or just on the phone or whatever.) who, unable to meet him (A:  Because of Covid, right…), and apparently ignorant of his records (A:  Because they don’t know anything about you, right.), diagnosed his severe chest discomfort (A:  …this is remotely…) as reflux. (A:  Like acid reflux.) I am not especially interested in blaming this doctor. Under the conditions created by Hancock, he was presumably doing his best.


(A: I don’t think so because they shouldn’t, there’s definite clues as to what’s chest discomfort, or heart attack, or reflux, or something more serious. I mean, more serious than your gut, you know. And this says…)


But it was not good enough. (A:  Right.) Actually the trouble was far more serious – a stone (A …a gall stone, right…) trapped in his gall bladder – and the resulting delay meant he was overcome with indescribable pain a few days later.


(A:  Because the bell can’t get through, you see. And the hepatic duct, you see, comes out of there, is shared by the same one where the bell goes through, is your pancreas, that also, it isn't just for insulin, it has other enzymes it secretes as well, and they both go into that duct and when the stone gets it blocked then things back up.  And if you get pancreatitis, it can be lethal, and ABSOLUTE agony too, you know.  Anyway, so this doctor diagnosed it remotely, a guy who didn't know him, but he couldn't get into see his own doctor and so on because of the lockdown.  So he says, oh it's reflux, hhhch, probably acid, right. So he had massive pain a few days later.)


Peter was given emergency surgery (A: …eventually, right…) to reduce the agony, but needed a more radical operation.


(A:  So, days went by, you see.)


He was put on the urgent list for it.


(A:  Okay? Put on a LIST.   You really need an immediate operation for that, eh.  He was put on a list, that’s Britain for you…)


But this was still too late. He fell terribly ill again and despite the heroic efforts of paramedics, he died. The many years of happy life which Peter and Lisa King might otherwise have had were wiped out for ever.


(A:  That was utterly needless, and avoidable.)


This is not just some isolated case. Something like 25 million appointments with GPs (A: …general practitioners, that’s your local doctors.) have been lost as a result of the Johnson Government’s panic (not as a result of Covid, as the hopelessly pro-Government BBC always says. The Government had a choice over how to respond, and took the wrong path).


(A: Well, they’re doing it because they are all bought and paid for.  They’re OWNED, your governments are OWNED, folks.)


Millions have not had referrals for diagnoses including cancer and heart disease. Some of them will have been scythed down as Peter King was. Others will have been needlessly damaged in smaller, slower ways.


But this is what Johnson and Hancock have let rip – needless pain, needless death. Let them never again dare to pretend that their original bungle, and the later months in which they have tried to save themselves from deserved disgrace, were the only way to save lives.


I suspect their panic may well in the end kill more than Covid ever did or could have done. We are in the hands of fools who will not admit they have made a terrible mistake.


(A: Then he gives other parts and instances too…)


Those still taken in by the cuddly, caring ‘Boris’ image of Prime Minister Johnson (A:  You know, it’s this big act he puts on.) may wish to study his impatient, callous response to a distressing question in the Commons last week (A …the House of Commons.) about the absurd cladding rules which are preventing thousands from moving home, often at horrible personal cost.


Dulwich MP Helen Hayes asked about a constituent, Luke Thomas, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. He urgently needs to move closer to his family for support (A:  That would be physical support too.) but cannot sell his flat as it does not have the accursed EWS1 form (A:  Hhhch, that’s socialism.) (mentioned here last week) which is pointlessly blocking so many from moving.


Mr Thomas has no time to wait for relief. Ms Hayes asked: ‘When will the Prime Minister end this scandal?’ He brushed this off, referring her to an equally useless answer he gave earlier. If he cares, it does not show.


So there you go, it's... That's happening in all the countries where this lockdown is happening, folks. And the hospitals are pretty well almost empty because they closed all the different wards down and so on, and lay off staff.  Yep. 


NHS hospitals have four times more empty beds than normal / 13 April 2020


(A: Didn't they say that 4000 today were going to die? Four times more empty beds than normal... And fft, this one here is, let me see here, this is a medical site here with, for staff and so on, it would seem to be.  Yeah, it's where they actually have, it's a magazine for the health workers, doctors and nurses and staff and so on. So there you are, that's from them.)


Official figures state 40.9 per cent of acute beds unoccupied — about four times the normal number.


Follow major efforts to discharge patients, (A:  That’s what they’re doing, discharging patients, getting ready for the 4000 a day!) and sharp drop in admissions.


Critical care in hotspots at more than normal total capacity, especially in Birmingham and the Black Country, and thousands on oxygen.


Tens of thousands of NHS hospital beds remain unoccupied amid the coronavirus crisis — about four times the normal number — due to huge ongoing efforts to free up space, and a slowdown in admissions from other causes.


Figures from the national NHS operational dashboard, seen by HSJ, show that 40.9 per cent of NHS general acute beds were unoccupied as of the weekend — 37,500 of the total 91,600 relevant beds recorded in the data. That is 4,500 more than the 33,000 the NHS said had been freed up on 27 March, and nearly four times the normal amount of free acute beds at this time of year.


(A:  At this, you see, this is the normal time of year, and it’s four times the amount of free beds than normal. It goes into critical care as well and says…)


The dashboard confirms hospital pressure is concentrated on critical care. Across England, 3,228 patients were in critical care beds — representing 78 per cent of the total of 4,122 critical care beds which were available in February. More have since been opened, but it is not known how many.


(A:  So they have more than normal at critical care capacity empty beds.  [Alan chuckles.] So I’ll put that one too.)


Another one too is…


Boris Johnson and NHS boss claim Covid-19 hospitals admissions ARE rising quickly — despite experts saying health service is NO busier than normal… / 6 Nov 2020


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Well, don’t believe the people who work there and run the hospitals, believe Boris Johnson, right. There you go. And Mr. Hancock. I tell you. Isn’t that amazing. This is a must-be agenda, you see. Facts don't matter. Reality doesn't matter.  So the Daily Mail Online says…)


Top experts earlier fumed that No10 (A: Downing Street.) has only hit the lockdown panic button because it was backed into a corner by its 'gloomster' scientific advisers, who don't want to deal with the same scrutiny that was hurled their way during the first wave.


Hours before the press conference, Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the health service could collapse and seriously ill non-Covid patients could be turned away (A: [Alan chuckles.]) unless Covid-19's resurgence is nipped in the bud.


(A: So, here you are, you know.  If you're ill, don't come and don't even think you're going to get treated. You know. Because they're not going to treat you.  If you need an operation for an emergency operation, it's not going to happen, obviously, you know. I tell you, quite amazing. It's quite amazing. It says…)


NHS England has about 140,000 beds at its disposal (A:  …right…) - including capacity at the seven Nightingales built during the first wave (A:  …which weren’t used, by the way, eh.) and thousands of beds commandeered from the private sector - and currently there are just shy of 10,500 Covid-19 patients in its hospitals.


(A:  Now, that doesn’t mean that’s why they went in, in the hospital, right.  It’s just another little trick they play.)


It means people with the disease are occupying fewer than 10 per cent of the health service's overall capacity. 


(A:  And they could be in for other reasons too, you see.)


Leaked documents suggest the NHS on a national scale is actually treating fewer patients than it was last year.


(A: This is before Covid, right.)


Just 84 per cent of all hospital beds were occupied across the country on Tuesday, according to the document, which is lower than the 92 per cent recorded over the autumn of 2019.


Both Professor Sikora and Professor Heneghan claimed the health service is put under pressure every winter from other seasonal illnesses - due to having the lowest bed capacity per population in Europe


(A:  You see, it happens every year, folks.)


You see, how many folk are being sacrificed for the great reset, eh?  Because they couldn't get the great reset through without some kind of wartime, war type scenario.  Oh, we're all going to die.  Yep.  Another one too is…


How Likely is a Second wave? / 7 Sept 2020


(A: That was September.)


Paul Kirkham, Professor of cell Biology and Head of Respiratory Disease Research Group at Wolverhampton University


(A: He gives his evidence to say it's pretty well burned itself out in reality.  Yep.  He says there's less and less happening with Covid. It says…)


This has occurred because the level of infection required to introduce enough immunity into the population to reduce the reproduction number (R) permanently below 1 occurred at markedly lower infection rates and loss of life than had been initially anticipated.


Current mass testing using the PCR test is inappropriate in its current form.


It is recommended that a greater focus be placed on evidence-based medicine rather than highly sensitive theoretical modelling (A:  Hhhch, computer modeling.) based on assumptions and unknowns.


(A: Isn’t that true. But facts don’t matter when there’s a big agenda, eh.)


And again…


Digital identity apps to outnumber cards by 2023 - / 27 Oct 2020


BIG BUSINESS, folks.  Jump on board, get rich.  Yep.  Throw it all on a prison.  Another article too from the Spectator…


Was the NHS (A:  National Health Service.) overrun by Covid during lockdown? / 25 Oct 2020


(A: Hhhch.  Again, what they're claiming here is that it did terrify I guess the government of Britain, by seeing...)


...the appalling scenes from Lombardy, where hospitals were overrun and dying patients left in corridors. In London, ministers were terrified by the prospect of the same happening here.


(A:  No, they weren't. All those ministers that voted yea for the lockdown, you'll find they have connections to other organizations much bigger than themselves.)


Today's Sunday Times has published a long investigation from its Insight team looking at the Covid disruption in hospitals, which makes for disturbing reading. The NHS, it says, faced "an unmanageable deluge of patients" during lockdown, and it offers several examples of things going badly wrong.


(A:  Well, I don’t think they had an unmanageable deluge of them during lockdown. In fact, folks couldn’t get in. Anyway, I’ll put these articles up.)




Scotland Digital Identity Service plans advance with supplier day planned for October 6 / 24 Aug 2020


(A:  So I guess they've got it now, eh. So they put out the bidding, you know, for the contract for…)


… a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to invite the participation of potential bidders.


...and for digital identity Scotland. There you go. Scotland is so far under the SNP and all the rest of it, it's so far left, international, it's like no borders. Why get an SNP party after all these years when you're trying to do away with your borders?  [Alan chuckles.] What's the point of it all?  Conquered, conquered and they don't even know it.


And of course everyone forgets about ID 2020, stuff I talked about years ago they plan to bring in. It’s just coincidence it was 2020, you see. Of course it is.


The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” - / 12 March 2020


The article and the video I mentioned earlier from a woman that really, you should give accolades to says…


'We've closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital':

(A:  They closed the whole Cornwall down, right.)

Healthcare assistant who publicly resigned claiming she had 'no work to do for three weeks' at peak of the pandemic

(A:  Because they closed the other hospitals around.)

 says claim the NHS (A: the National Health Service.) is overrun is 'all lies' / 5 Nov 2020


Shelley Tasker, 43, from Camborne, Cornwall, resigned from Treliske hospital


(A:  You see her on the video talking about it, her last day there.)


...revealed what's been going on behind closed doors of NHS hospitals


A viral Facebook video shows Shelley Tasker, 43 - a healthcare assistant at Treliske hospital, which is part of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust - telling members of the public what is 'really going on' behind closed doors in NHS hospitals.


In the clip filmed outside Truro Cathedral with a crowd gathering, Shelley, who is a mother and part-time photographer from Camborne, Cornwall, takes to a microphone and says: 'As much as I've always loved our NHS, it's no longer our NHS. It's run by the corrupt government and the people running this company.


(A: And that’s the truth of it, you see, it’s public-private partnership deals and so on, often owned by the big Pharma companies.)  


'We no longer have health care, we can't see dentists. I can tell you now when I was working at the height of the pandemic I had no work for three weeks because there were no patients. We have a particular Covid ward. None of the wards were overflowing with Covid patients and they're not now.'


She went on to claim that the flu and Covid cases are now recorded as 'the same thing' on death certificates.


(A: Have you noticed too, there is almost no flu this year. Hhhch, it’s because they’re lumping them all in with Covid, you see. That’s official too.  I’m not making it up, I’ve got the articles here on it.)


In response to cheers from the crowd, she continues: 'I can tell you on Friday in Treliske there were three people in with Covid. No extra deaths, three - and that covers Treliske, West Cornwall and Hayle hospital.


'The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months,


(A:  That’s total deaths, right…)


'The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months,

is 76 people –


(A:  That doesn’t mean that it’s from Covid.) 


'The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months, is 76 people – that's about ten people a month over the last seven months, and we have locked down.


NHS figures show that 67 people died from Covid-19 at Treliske hospital between March and September,


(A:  And again, here’s the thing too.  We’ve already been through the scams where they put them down and as died from it or with it, you see. And if you’ve died with it, and something else kill you, they’ll put you down as Covid killed you, you know. That’s all been revealed too and admitted to in some countries including Britain at one point, but never by The Square[?]one.


 and official data seems to back up her point - there were just four people with the virus receiving care at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust on October 29.


(A:  That’s receiving care, right.)


'It's all lies. We've closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital.


There you go. That's says it all, you see, that this is a big agenda for a different purpose, the great reset, eh. And out of that will come the massive destruction of the economy, what's left of it.  Oooh, you've got massive debt, oooh, total austerity, high taxation to pay it off, you know. Which is never going to happen.  Perpetual for ever, ever, ever generation, generation, generation pay off debt, that's what it's for, you know.  So I'll put this article up and the video and you can all see it for yourselves.


Again, getting back to ID 2020.


The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” - / 12 March 2020


What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.


(A:  That's how they start it off, is for vaccination, then it goes into everything. I'll put this one up too for those who care to know. Hhhch.)


England's top Catholic Cardinal Vincent Nichols blasts lockdown ban on church services saying it is 'not supported by any scientific evidence' and demands ministers U-turn 'as soon as possible' / 5 Nov 2020


(A: Well, good luck on that because they really don't like any, anything, any remnants of Christianity at all. Isn't that a fact too.  Yep.  Isn't that something else. He does mention that many of the pretty well…)


particular aspect of the decision by the Government is not supported by any scientific evidence and clearly shows a misunderstanding of the importance of religious faith.


No, they KNOW the importance of it. They don’t want any opposition to their obedience programs. They want obedience, and if you’re going to obey a religion or a God, then that’s a nuisance, you see, you're not going to have that, no way.  They’ve taken centuries to try to get rid of that. Yep, that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it. HG Wells mentioned it, it's much better, once religion's all gone, he said, then government can talk right down to you, when the family is destroyed as well, there'll be nobody to stand up around you to help you, back you up or anything else, and you'll just have to do what you're told. He was all for it. I'll put that one up as well.


Mental health, eh, MMWR, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the one I mentioned earlier, I’ll put that up again. There’s two different forms of it perhaps from the CDC to show you what it’s doing to people.


Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, June 24–30, 2020 - / June 2020


Also, Whitney Webb did quite a few articles, or her organization. It must be her organization really. But anyway it’s got a few on…


Secretive HHS AI Platform to Predict US Covid-19 Outbreaks Weeks in Advance - / 27 Oct 2020


So this is where the next step is going too.  It said they won't even need the testing then, they can just predict where it's going to break out. I mean, that's a good psychic program, that one, isn't it, eh?! And how beautiful it can be, the weather forecast, you know, next Friday we've been warned that area so and so is going to be hit by a Covid outbreak, so get ready to lockdown and hunker down. It's almost like wartime, eh, like getting bombed from the air or something. So it's all coming out isn't it.


I mentioned the other one too…

Operation Warp Speed using CIA linked contractor to keep Covid 19 vaccine contract secret - / 29 Sept 2020



New Pentagon-Google Partnership Suggests Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Used to Diagnose Covid-19 - / 17 Sept 2020


So there's your military again teamed up in your fascist system, eh, with Google, predictive health program.  [Alan chuckles.]   I tell ya. That's what you've got folks, isn't it, eh.  No end to what they can do with the computers and programs and so on.


The BBC, this is an interesting article, from 2016.  I’m mentioning it because although it's a different country they're talking about, they're telling you…


Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs / 2 Sept 2016


(A: Which you normally do with Third World countries and so on. They give you what to look out for.  It says…)


Too many voters


(A: Watch out for more than you’ve got on the list. That’s what they had in the States, some of the US states, they had way more voters than they have on the register for voting. And dead folk as well, they had that the last time too I remember. Don’t forget, you know in this day and age, I mean, dead folk are people too, right, they have the right to vote. There you are.)


You never get a 98% or 99% turnout in an honest election. You just don't.  (A:  Okay.)


Voting is compulsory in Gabon, but it is not enforced; even in Australia where it is enforced, where you can vote by post or online and can be fined for not voting, turnout only reaches 90-95%.


The main reason that a full turnout is practically impossible is that electoral registers, even if they are recently compiled, can rarely be 100% up-to-date.


Even if no-one gets sick or has to travel, people still die. And when a register is updated, new voters are keen to add themselves to the list.


(A: And so on and so on, eh.)


I once reported on an election in the Niger Delta where some areas had a turnout of more than 120%.


(A: [Alan laughing.] That’s quite good, eh.)


"They're very healthy people round here, and very civic-minded," a local official assured me.


But a turnout of more than 100%, in an area or an individual polling station, is a major red flag and a reason to cancel the result and re-run the election.


A high turnout in specific areas


Large numbers of invalid votes


Keep an eye on the number of votes excluded as invalid. Even in countries with low literacy rates this isn't normally above 5%.


High numbers of invalid votes can mean that officials are disqualifying ballots for the slightest imperfection, even when the voter's intention is perfectly clear, in an attempt to depress votes for their opponents.


More votes than ballot papers issued


(A: I tell you, it's, this is old, old stuff, isn't it. So it's not like it's new stuff that's going on in the States recently too. Another thing too is...)


If there is a discrepancy, something is wrong. And if there are more papers in the boxes than were issued by the polling staff, it is highly likely that someone has been doing some "stuffing".


(A: They call it stuffing, right, that happened in the States too.)


Results that don't match


Mobile phones have made elections much more transparent.


It is now standard practice to allow party agents, observers and sometimes even voters to watch the counting process and take photographs of the results sheet with their phones.


But then again, that’s come out too about the programs that have been out since about the 90s anyway, electronic voting, where they can have, they call it the glitches in the States, but you can get 5000 glitches at a time that can win or lose an election.


I can remember seeing that in Canada when Preston Manning was running in Canada.  Literally in real time on TV you saw his, underneath the picture you saw his tally in real time and he was way in the lead, and the one underneath him, it had their tally there as well, much lower. Exact it was, it was absolutely exact, and when you blinked your eye, they had reversed them, absolutely the same numbers but reversed. He got the lesser one and the one that was losing got the higher one, instantly. That happened in real time. And folk don't trust their eyes then.  But luckily, I saw it and a few other people saw that too so... But it didn't make any difference, they stuck to the glitch.  [Alan chuckles.] M-hm. 


Now, talk about the deep state and oh, there's no such thing as the deep state, eh, and all that, oh, it's just conspiracy theory, eh, and that, you know it's just conspiracy theory, for goodness sakes. This article here is from the Washington Examiner. It says…


‘Thank God for the deep state’: Former CIA chief says anti-Trump forces ‘responding to a higher call / 1 Nov 2020


(A: Meaning, there's definitely a, hhhch, there's this embedded deep state, right, with a different idea of government and what should happen than the people. And that's what he said, thank God for the deep state.)


Former CIA acting Director John McLaughlin expressed his gratitude for the "deep state" and their effort to get President Trump impeached.


McLaughlin, who was the acting director in 2004, embraced the idea of a "deep state" with the intent of ending the Trump presidency at an event on Wednesday hosted by the Hayden Center.


“There is something unique you have to agree that now the impeachment inquiry is underway, (A:  That was the one that fell through remember, last year. It was November 2019 this article was put out there.) sparked by a complaint from someone within the intelligence community, it feeds the president’s concern, an often-used term about a ‘deep state’ being there to take him out,” Margaret Brennan, the moderator for the event hosted, asked McLaughlin.


“Thank God for the ‘deep state,'” he responded.


McLaughlin went on to praise the intelligence community whistleblower who came forward to file a complaint regarding Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which led to the impeachment proceedings.


(A:  It’s so amazing too, I mean the scandal, hhhch, that’s happened with the folk in the Democratic Party who were actually involved, hhhch, in the Ukraine, isn’t it.  It’s all, the scandals have been out there, you all know what I’m talking about. And they always project it on to someone else, eh? So here’s an ex-CIA, well, former CIA, he’d still be CIA, but director John McLaughlin, eh, saying that, thank God for the deep state.  M-hm.) 


Former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz acknowledged his work with McLaughlin and called him "a brilliant guy," but also said, "I don't think you realize how much damage you did to the [intelligence community]." (A:  …by saying, thank God for the deep state.)


He added, "Your comment confirmed the fears by many Americans that the IC (A: …intelligence community.) is actively working against [President Trump]."


Which of course it was. I'm not into politics or anything, it's all stage play to me. But there's different levels of it and different layers of it, isn't there?  I'm also going to put up...


Law Enforcement Facial Recognition Use Case Catalog - / March 2019 – pdf


(A: …for those who want to peruse it, you know.)


The IJIS Institute and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)


(A: ...under the UN, by the way, all your police chiefs across Canada and a lot in the States are members of this club basically. And they...)


would like to thank the following contributors for supporting the creation of this document:


They go through it all and mention a lot of these police chiefs and where they are.  And folk in the military too, colonels and so on. Yep. Quite the paramilitary organization you might say. And so they’re pushing facial recognition.


I noticed that even in the Sudbury, the small Sudbury there with its smaller police force, it got a big grant there too for all its higher tech equipment to go in for the surveillance society as well.  I don't know if there's anywhere at all in Canada you can go now to get any peace, you know.  The way it's going down, they don't want you to, and we talked about this back in the 90s, you know, that we'd get to the stage where there would be nowhere left to go. 


Then from the University of Minnesota, I think it's from Minnesota at least. Anyway it talks about a study they did on...


Study: Bacterial pneumonia was main killer in 1918 flu pandemic - / 22 Aug 2008


They did have antibiotics back then, remember. And after bad viral outbreaks you often get bacteria setting and after the virus, you see. Any little crack at all in the mucosal lining or and the alveolar tissue of the lungs and in it goes and you've got a bacterial infection. So that was really a terrible thing that happened in the 1918 flu pandemic. Not the virus much of itself of course.  And the folk again didn't, a lot of folk were pretty malnourished back then as well by the way.  And they had that world war on the go.  Yep, that's how it goes, eh. 


For those who don't know this...


Archbishop Vigano warns President Trump about 'Great Reset' in an Open Letter / 31 Oct 2020


(A: Archbishop Vigano who's come out before about what's happening in the States, and he's written to President Trump and so on.  But he did write another letter to Trump, and it says, about the great reset in an open letter. I'll put it up for anybody who's interested in reading it. But I like the context, the terminology.)


'This historical moment sees the forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good.'


I can’t disagree with him there.  You know? Because it's certainly, I mean, when you see them all, all, pretty well almost all governments completely on board, scared to talk to the public at all because they know they're sitting on a bogus pile of nothing.  But yeah, they're all towing the line here.  Well, who really is their boss, eh?  Hm?  Who really is their boss? I wonder?


Here is Helena Handbasket, where we’re all heading of course, from the Irish news, the Irish Sentinel.


The Collapse Isn’t Coming… It’s Already Here (A:  Of course is it.) / Posted by Helena Handbasket / Nov 4, 2020


For those who still believe that there’s a pandemic ravaging the world, that a virus that has never been found has changed the world landscape all by itself, that a virus with a mortality rate less than an annual flu, even without a dubious vaccine, is a ‘pandemic’, that a virus that barely anyone has suffered from and that flu has virtually disappeared (A: …at the same time, right.), coincidently, for the first time in history, that politicians and media have suddenly become concerned about you and would never lie to you about such things…. (A:  If you believe all of that then…) YOU ARE A FOOL!


This is nothing less than an orchestrated and long term plan to destroy the global economy, bring down so called Western civilisation to the level of barely subsistence living and to control every human on the planet in a technocratic Hell on Earth.


(A: It certainly is here, isn’t it. It goes on and on to talk about the folk who warned for years and so on what was coming…)


You were warned for decades of this coming nightmare but you chose to ignore and ridicule those who had finally accepted reality for what it was and pulled back the curtain of illusion to reveal the real horror of our created global paradigm.


If you didn’t listen then, what now?


If so, shame on you as you watch your children, grandchildren, extended family and friends sleepwalking their way into the gulag. You deserve what’s coming to you.


(A:  And so on. And it is coming, isn't it. Because it is a plan.  This is a real orchestrated agenda, massive agenda. It's the humanist manifesto. It's the Club of Rome. It's the whole thing tied into their one big agenda here. It also gives at the bottom of the page... He mentions too, by the way, before I get into the bottom, he mentions...)


The World Economic Forum   The Great Reset.


(A: You'll own nothing, and you will be happy.  You know, that's been hinted at by Mr. Schwab.)


The Collapse is Here and Now….


1. Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy.

(A: Of course that was really a big moneymaking front for bigger operations too, mind you. [Alan chuckles.])


2. Zara closed 1,200 stores. (A:  I’m not sure what Zara is.)


3. La Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores.


4. Chanel is discontinued. (A:  That stinks, eh?!)


5. Hermes is discontinued.


6. Patek Philippe (A: A watchmaker too, I think one of these hoity-toity ones.)

discontinued production. (A: I guess they’ll get them made in Third World countries, that’s why.)


7. Rolex discontinued production. (A:  Same thing.)


8. The world’s luxury industry has crumpled. (A:  So all the luxury stuff.)


9. Nike has a total of $23 billion US dollars preparing for the second stage of layoffs.


10. Gold’s gym filed for bankruptcy


11. The founder of AirBnb (A:  Airbus?, I’m not sure what that is.) said that because of pandemic, 12 years of efforts were destroyed in 6 weeks.


(A:  Well, this is the planned takedown of much of the economy, you know. This is just a sample here.)


12. Even Starbucks also announced to permanently close their 400 stores.


13. WeWork isn’t in a great spot either


The list goes on & on


See the US economy landscape :


Nissan Motor Co. may close down in USA


1. Biggest Car Rental company (Hertz) filed for bankruptcy – they also own Thrifty and Dollar (A: Is that the Dollar Store, I’m not quite sure.)


2. Biggest Trucking company (Comcar) filed for bankruptcy – they have 4000 trucks


3. Oldest retail company (JC Penny) filed for bankruptcy – to be acquired by Amazon for pennies


4. Biggest investor in the world (Warren Buffet) lost $50B (A:  That’s probably from his back pocket.) in the last 2 months (A: And he has plenty of pockets left.)


5. Biggest investment company in the world (BlackRock) is signalling disaster in the world economy – they manage over $7 Trillion


6. Biggest mall in America (Mall of America) stopped paying mortgage payments


(A:  No point in paying it if no one’s coming in, and everything’s shut down.)


7. Most reputable airline in the world (Emirates) laying off 30% of its employees


8. US Treasury printing trillions to try to keep the economy on life support


9. Estimated no. of retail stores closing in 2020 – 12,000 to 15,000. The following are big retailers that have announced closing:


– J. Crew


– Gap


– Victoria’s Secret


– Bath & Body Works


– Forever 21


– Sears


– Walgreens


– GameStop


– Pier 1 Imports


– Nordstrom


– Papyrus


– Chico’s


– Destination Maternity


– Modell’s


– A.C. Moore


– Macy’s


– Bose


– Art Van Furniture


– Olympia Sports


– K Mart


– Specialty Cafe & Bakery


And many, many more


Unemployment claims reached an all-time high of 38+ million – unemployment is over 25% (out of 160 million of work force, close to 40 million are jobless). With no income, consumer demand is falling drastically and the economy will go into a free fall. This is just USA…


By the way, they also go into many other companies too, at least some other companies as well. But here’s the thing, this is supposed to happen this way, this is the reset where they, you go into a post consumerist society. You’ll be living on bare essentials shortly. That’s what they mean by austerity. This is what they plan to take the country down with, the world down with, austerity measures. Great austerity measures. Forced austerity. It’s all literally here. They're getting their way.


Remember too, again, just before I go, I'll mention, send a few bucks my way Remember folks, buy the books and discs or at least send cash for some donations. Hopefully I can keep all my sites going in this time of, hhhch, futile overlordship as we have these oligarchies that are warlords.  They are warlords now aren't they, what you can say, think, do. 


And they haven't finished, they're just starting now with their social credit system of how you have to obey, obey.  Once you have the cards in place and it's totally cashless, Bertrand Russell will have his way.  He said that, a credit system, in the 1940s and 50s he says, where government will dish it out to the people, a token system that will replace money.  And they'll just cut you off if you're deemed, you've committed an antisocial crime.  Meaning you said something, thought something, did something...  And you'll suffer, you'll get on your knees and suffer until you plead forgiveness and they'll turn on the tokens again. You can't save the tokens up he said, it's interesting, if you don't use them in a month it will start at the same amount every month. For everybody. And we're going into it.


You think things are just evolving day by day? This was yeears and years ago, folks. Long time ago.  [Alan chuckles.] Punishment and reward, self-censorship, self-policing, etc. etc., eh.  Carrot and stick, eh?  There you go.




“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election / 3 Sept 2020


(A: I’m sure of that too, after giving you months and months of supposed rioting and all that kind of stuff to make you think there’s a big army inside ready to go to war. But they did talk about the TIP, and I mentioned before…)


the Transition Integrity Project (TIP),


(A: …where they went through the scenario, like a war scenario of what would happen if Trump won or lost the election and refused, or lost and refused to leave office. The link to the TIP here and the characters involved in the writing it up are all there too.)


…according to TIP’s own documents, even their simulations involving a “clear win” for Trump in the upcoming election resulted in a constitutional crisis, as they predicted that the Biden campaign would make bold moves aimed at securing the presidency, regardless of the election result.


(A:  Well, you already had Pelosi and others saying, don’t ever back down no matter what the score is at the end of it all and so on.)


You see, the whole point of it is, this whole demonstration and show is to bring in a post democratic society. Are you getting the picture? And so you lose faith completely in your system of government. This was, I remember being on talk shows 20 years ago and since then too where we discussed this whole scenario, they would make you so sick of politics and sickened with what they do, with corruption and all the rest of it, that you'd almost want a new kind of system to be introduced. That's what's going to happen, you see.  They're all playing their parts of course.


That's exactly what the Club of Rome, who have said in all their writings that democracy doesn't work, they can't get things done, it's too slow because of people's rights and so on. Also the World Economic Forum, they want efficiency as well, technocracy. They get things done. [Spoken with a deep voice.] We make this app, you use it or else. That's it, you know, obey. [Alan chuckles.] So I'll put these article is up for folks who care to see it. 


And I'm not pleading complete, sitting in complete misery here. I'm just telling you to get, like always, you've got to start standing up for yourself and stop just obeying. Once you start obeying, you'll be walking backwards forever, for your whole life long.


I'll put up that article too and the talk by the Lord, that British Lord who literally knows his stuff. I mean he was on the high court for a long time. He says what's happening is unconstitutional in Britain, and the lockdowns using police and so on, that you cannot, that's not lawful at all by any means or stretch.  The government politicians cannot simply decree of what the police start to do.  You have to, you either make laws, but you can't make rules. Well, that’s their new rule.  You've got to make it a law or not, eh?  And if you change the laws, you change the system altogether of what your government is. So he makes his case. 


And I don't fall for that either. I mean, a guy at his level has to know that this whole thing is part of the World Economic Forum, the great reset and that everything, their whole future that they've planned for the world hinges on us buckling under and destroying the economy and that with Covid. Or the idea of Covid, eh. He must know that. You couldn't not know that at his level and in the milieu that he mixes in. That's the way it is.


So remember folks, bad times are coming regardless. They're not going to let up with this. Again, how much tyranny you accept is how much tyranny they're going to do to you, it depends how much tyranny you're going to accept. And they will push and push. They've got all these behavioral insights teams and nudge units and so on working to see how far to push you. They're going to ease off a little bit, and then pushed back again even more and more and more. Your tax money is funding all these psychopaths that are on board with this system.


You personally have no right apparently to decide your own future. And that's a big statement. I think you should all be rather ticked off about that. Really. I really think you should be. At least a little, eh? [Alan chuckles.]  Just to put it mildly. [Alan chuckles.]  You have no say in it. Just obey, it's all been decided for you by your betters, by all the specialists, these ethicist psychopaths, you know, degrees in ethics, eh? For goodness sakes. But this had to happen. It had to get to this stage anyway because it was planned a long, long time ago. 


As I say, morality goes down the tube when you toss out religions, which were developed over thousands of years remember, of caring for people, rights of people, the laws of people. And people don't realize it, and they really don't, they really, really don't realize it.  Because they've been trained to hate anything, the word Christianity, very clever too, they have a long, long program to make you hate and distrust and be distrustful of it.


But don't forget, that Christianity was the first religion really that came out to give you individual rights. Rights from God, not from government.  And government's hated that ever since.  HATED it. Because so many governments in the past have tried to get around all the different rights that religion gave you, eh.  Where the people would either have something to say, well it's written right here so, and it doesn't matter what you believe, I'm telling you folks, that it's written right there, right.  For generations they've put that down as what you follow, you follow the deity and not the government on certain areas.


That's been an awful bane to them all this time. They HATE it. That's why they've been shutting down all these Christian churches by the way. Literally, yeah.  [Alan chuckles.] They won’t go into certain other people's holy places because they are terrified of losing their jobs, getting demoted, because you know, it's too sensitive. But yeah, the churches, the Christian churches are fine, you know. 


Right now you should literally be getting rid of all your politicians and replacing them with more decent people. The same with all the police who have gone against their own population.  That's a dangerous army, a paramilitary force when they do that. It's like wartime.  Regardless of wartime in fact, in the military in the Geneva code and so on, but soldiers who are told to do something that they find is abhorrent, and illegal, have the right to say no without being shot against the wall. You should remember that. So do police, they have that right to say no.  Well, if they don't say it, meaning they're all for it, so they are the enemy of the people. That's what it boils down to, you see. And if they're working for the people, they have to treat all the people's the same. But they don't. [Alan chuckles.] Everything's so politicized now that they daren't, daren't, daren’t.  M-hm.  So they pick the easy targets.


You are seeing the system take its toll, a planned toll, mind you, of taking you into a post Democratic, post productive, postindustrial, and to an extent a post-consumer society, as they bring you into the global reset poverty scenario.


Help each other out. You've got to have friends. You've got you. Don't just bottle yourself up and isolate yourself. I get emails from lots and lots and lots of people and I try to get back to so many people. But to me the real people, they are real people, you know, they're not just numbers or names. And you get little insights into folks lives and so on.  And it's meaningful, very meaningful. So don't feel you're lost and forgotten by any means at all.  I like to know how folk are doing. Especially across the world because it's good to see how it's happening in different countries, what's happening, and what folk personally are experiencing.


This is important information. History is being made, and your emails about that are all part of the history, you know that as well.  Not the authorized version of, oh a dangerous disease slaughtering 4000 a day and in England alone and all that nonsense. Which they get all red-faced about when they're challenged with it in politics. It's just astonishing that. 


So anyway as I say, don't forget, you're not alone and you can get in touch with me and so on. And even if I can't get back to you, believe you me, I've read them all.  I know who is who. It's very important.


Again, send me a buck or two here and we'll hopefully keep going on for a bit longer, until they literally cut everything off. Because there is no redress to anything anymore when you have overlords and warlords running all media organizations, social media and everything, where there's no comeback. There's no court system here. You're going into the banana republic, eh. [Alan chuckles.] That's where we're going. And by intent, the planned post democratic society.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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