Nov. 15, 2020 (#1803)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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All Hail The Elect, Self-Anointed, Self-Appointed:

"See the World in Flux, Layered Realities, Spinning,

The Rich Ones Celebrating, Placing Bets on Winning,

A Warfare Campaign of Terror Waged Upon our Sanity,

Achieving True Domination, Feeding Master's Vanity,

We're the New-Clear Generation, Nothing to be Hidden,

Full-Spectrum Dominance, Facts, Thoughts Forbidden,

Out of Directed Chaos, Their New Order Will Arise,

They'll Only Rule to Help, With Father of All Lies."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 15, 2020.  I hope you're all managing to hang on, with your fingernails probably, to this idea of reality.  Which is rapidly losing its credibility, this reality. Because we truly are in an amazing system, a massive psychological warfare program.


Unfortunately, most of the public are unaware. They can’t imagine anything being worldwide on the scale that it is, and it’s almost overwhelmingly all mainstream news.  It’s really, well, you don’t even have to look into mainstream news anymore, and it’s been like that for many years mind you.  You can look into one radio or television station and get exactly the same news articles, read in the same way, scripted, one to the other.  They all get it from the same one or two sources. That’s a lot of power when you think of maybe one or two sources, that are probably just one source really, giving all the articles out across the world for... to shape your minds. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it, it’s news, it’s just data, and it’s planned data though, it’s not incidental. Except for their little trivialities of local things that happen and they have no real relevance to the future.


But the big things are all planned that way. You truly are living in a psychological operation like never before. It’s been on the go for a long time, especially at this level.  Because it went into force before 9/11 happened in 2001, when all the countries, I’ve mentioned this so many times, it’s so relevant because all the countries went into the same mode at the same time. Even changing the uniform of local police and national police into, they’re all wearing the same black clad military outfits with the pants tucked into the boots, combat boots and so on. That was a big, big shift getting you prepared for a different kind of society, where you’ll be obedient. 


Black uniforms traditionally are associated with the hangman, or the axman, the state registered axman.  That’s what they represent, something that’s done in the dark, you see, and is covered by the dark and so on. So really, it’s nefarious in other words, it’s ominous, and it’s meant to be, it strikes fear into people. It’s much easier to go up to a cop when he’s got a kind of a white or light blue shirt on, you know, and he doesn’t have the combat gear and etc., he looks a bit more human. And he’s more approachable by the public, which they’re supposed to be because they’re supposed to be there to represent the public and be approachable for that reason. But you can’t just walk up to someone who dresses like someone who’s just going into a raid by the SAS.  As I say, it puts people off from approaching them.  It’s not a friendly type of attitude to have and appearance to have.  So it’s all intentional, that’s what I’m saying.


That was happening in the late 90s getting everybody prepared for the 9/11 coming along down the pike. Including Omnibus crime bills that Canada passed and other countries passed too, that literally were really arrest without trial, long-term detention, etc. Which are really antiterrorist bills. So they knew what they were going to do before 9/11 came along, as far as I’m concerned anyway. 


They even put displays on in the newspapers at the time of getting you used to these new kinds of policeman.  They had a few initially from the main cities in Canada where they’d show you maybe five or six, or seven, or maybe eight maximum, grinning, always grinning police, you know, almost like models – who could be actually models that they used for it – dressed in combat gear. Initially they had them dressed in army green type combat fatigues, then we said, well what’s this for? Well it’s for if you need them, get them into the cities, SWAT teams. Well, they already had SWAT teams and they weren’t dressed for combat. And why wear green combat in the city, hm? That’s not even urban combat camouflage.  So they change their mind on that one. But they had these, they said, oh they were called last night and gave these photo ops, all staged photo ops.  These guys really posed, you know, just like models.  To get you used to it. So there’s their happy guys dressed in military fatigues.


Eventually they just decided on the black outfits, you know, because they knew they were going to bring in a more authoritarian society, and that people would become the enemy obviously. That’s what you get in authoritarian societies.  Therefore they, they even had articles then, even in the little towns, around Ontario at least, and I saw the guys.  I actually saw the guys, like four people walking up the streets, and I thought, these are like the models in the newspapers of the last few months, only they’re wearing the black outfits now. But they’re still smiling, you see, and look friendly and smiled at passersby.  So it was a PR, and sure enough, they admitted it was a PR stunt in the local newspapers to get you used to the new fashion, you know, where grim was in as far as I’m concerned. That’s how they put it out across to the people.  Now, literally, it’s kind of like Robocop, the movies, the way that they’re dressed. The black, black, black.  Why would they have their pants tucked into their boots? That’s combat. That’s not police. That’s not peaceke… that’s literally combat officers.


And we take these things for granted because you, people adapt very quickly if they’re not told to worry or think about something by the big media.  Brzezinski was quite right, they did all their tests way before he wrote his book in the 1970s. He said that the media will, well, the people will expect the media to do their reasoning for them. And that’s exactly what happened, even when he wrote his book, before obviously it was all tested, they understood that with surveys and so on the people would not get worried about anything unless the media told them to. Now, if the media, and especially their anchor people, the newscasters that were there for years, suddenly came out and told them you should be very, very worried about, then they would be. They would be. They would be. But otherwise it wouldn’t be.


That’s what I noticed at the time, I thought, my goodness, it’s gone this far, that people literally wait to be told when to worry. Then you’ve got a lot of fake things coming out too as they tested it out. Even before the Internet was widespread for the public that is, they did all these surveys and, yeah, they would put out fake things too and tell you to worry.  And sure enough, you would see letters to the editors in the newspaper and so on, jumping on board with something.  Oh, that’s terrible what they’re doing to those young girls in Nigeria and so on! A lot of the stuff actually was testing, they were testing it out on the public to see, using emotive type articles to get them on board with something and for some reason telling them you should really worry about that, you know.


So you’re constantly being experimented upon. That’s what the public unfortunately don’t know. They think that government is this fiction where you just vote somebody in and other people come in who are voted in to serve on cabinets and they just decide things as they go along all by their little selves. And nothing… nothing… It’s such a FICTION, that’s an incredible fiction because politicians literally don’t know anything about the positions they get appointed over. That’s why the civil servants are so important because they’re there for life and they have specialists in each department and know exactly what their department does.  So, the politicians are supposedly appointed over them in order to be a kind of gatekeeper to the public, so they’re an intermediary between the civil service government and the public supposedly. That’s the farce of what they tell you is reality.


Nothing is further from the truth. It’s very hard to get a hold of an MP, the actual MP themselves. They’re too busy watching and receiving lobbyists, you see.  So that’s, yeah, that’s a fiction in itself. But that’s what it’s supposed to be, so that civil services couldn’t do whatever they wanted to without oversight by a system over them, represented by the politician appointed to them, the Department of Health or Department of whatever.  That’s long gone obviously.  And in most countries, it’s probably long gone. I don’t think there’s any real Democratic countries left.


Not that you ever really achieved real democracy because along with democracy you have an open door for corruption. Because mainly psychopaths go into politics anyway.  Especially today. You don’t have the states people that are there to be kind of on guard watching and so on, on behalf of the public. There really isn’t an ombudsman, as they used to call it, that was supposed to look over all these different positions that the politicians filled on behalf of the public. They would warn the public, and supposedly at least warn some of the politicians that were going too far with their departments.


So it's kind of all gone.  And quite rightly so in a sense from their point of view because you're not supposed to be living in a democracy, hhhch, even the countries that pretend that they are. It's not democracy at all.  It's fragmented special interest groups, you know, that's what they've created deliberately. This is the substitute for democracy for it all, you see.  Therefore you can't have unification of the public on any real matter at all. That was all done deliberately, divide, divide, divide, divide, divide and conquer.  Then you appointed leaders for each special interest group and, that even the followers that it supposedly represents are scratching their heads, well are they really representing us or not? Well of course they're not. You're conquered unfortunately. The experiments of democracy were short-lived anyway.  They were gone long ago as far as I can really see.


I really do think that the agencies that work behind the scenes, the ones that, as an example, there are many of them, but as an example, the histories put out by Carol Quigley certainly give you a good inkling into the ambitions of the private institutions which really governed the British Empire. It wasn't just the British Empire, it was the American Empire as well. They handed the baton over to America to take over as Britain was financially exhausted with all the debt that wars incur.


Winston Churchill himself, there's a book called The Whispering Gallery, I think it was, written by high-level bureaucrats and high-level civil servants. They were very important as they say because they really keep things going.  They all have their real in-depth knowledge of what their department does and how to fix things and so on.  Whereas the politicians can get moved around and appointed. Britain is famous for it, it's like musical chairs, they just appointed so-and-so, and then they have a reshuffling of the cabinet, they call it, and they'll move them around.  You're now in charge of the Ministry of blah blah blah, instead of the Ministry of Health or whatever it is. They keep shuffling them around. 


All they do is get their reading cards basically drafted up for them for speeches by the civil servants in charge of the department that they're put over. Most of the politicians really, I really mean it, hhhch, I don’t think they care what department their put over, hhhch. I don't think they've got a real care to know even what they're supposed to be doing. Because it's all schedules.  It's all written for them. It's just like public relations exercises and photo ops for politicians.  When they put them in well in advance, you know, requisitions to visit this town or whatever and give a little talk or do some ceremony opening of whatever.  We used to open bridges and things.  We don't have that anymore because we're all going broke.  But they would have these things, or even opening malls and big stores, and that's all kind of gone too. There's only a few select big stores that are allowed to operate now, in this democracy of course that we’re living in.


But, everything's written for them, as I say, even the speeches at those opening ceremonies. And they must, they're guided by a whole coterie of security experts and so on, and camera and public relations experts who travel with them. Just like the military. The military is, anything to do with big governmental institutions has its own propaganda department. Big. For themselves. I'm not talking about just for using against the public, which they certainly do. But they have, hhhch, ones for, um, all under military intelligence but really it's part of prop... PR I should say, for the public, public relations, which is just the newer term for propaganda.


They have their film teams and scriptwriters and things like that. They've had them for an awful long time. I think General MacArthur, I think, he used, he was always known for different quotes, they quote him all the time for actual return and things like that, you know, and he looks very resolute there with his pipe, and he was going to return. Apparently, they did a few takes of that, him on the landing craft coming off it, or going up, one of the two, he was either coming on it or coming off the landing craft.  They brought him back in and out a few times to get the perfect shot for the statement and all that.


So everything is pretty well rigged, you know, when it comes to what's dished out to the public. And the reasons, again, are almost clandestine reasons. It's all clandestine work, isn't it? You're not supposed to really know the truth on anything. Because you might object. Just like Roger Bacon.  Not Roger but Francis Bacon.  Francis Bacon, but Roger's another character too, mind you.  But Francis Bacon, he gave a resume, basically, to royalty.  That's what was like, it's like Machiavelli. Machiavelli's book is basically a resume of how clever he was, for conning populations and lying to populations. I mean, he was a one-man band, Machiavelli. He didn't invent the techniques of deception and control and manipulation. It's an art, and obviously a very secretive art. It wasn't taught to everybody.  But it was taught to courtiers and advisers to royalty across the world. 


So that also tells you there's archives of the knowledge. You don't destroy knowledge works to do with power and accumulation and the wielding of power. It's never destroyed. In fact, in ancient times sometimes you'll find that countries like Rome, as I said before, would send their, the young off to be educated, just like they do today, but in countries that you would never think of had advanced universities. But they did.  In those universities they found out the ways of the mind and how to control people, and how to deceive people, populations.  Never telling the truth, as Francis Bacon said, they'll never understand, or if they understand they'll object.  And if you want to manage folk you don't want them objecting to what you want to do with them.


It's very psychopathic in itself.  But we’re given a, for us, you know, the people, the general… we're all the scum and the flotsam, you see.  We’re not supposed to know the truth, and we're supposed to be quite content with the fairy stories of how wonderful it is. The old movies, the old black-and-white movies where they give you Lincoln, they elevate Abe Lincoln to a God in those old, old movies. I can’t remember the one.  They used to show all these old movies in Britain until you’re, you see, from childhood, until your hair was going grey because they kept using the same old movies.  Because I don't think they paid any royalties on all these old, old, old movies, in Britain, at the weekends, on the BBC, and STV.  There was one main one where you see Lincoln, he's going to get back on the train for the campaign, you see.  A little boy comes up to him and he says, Can anybody be president, Mr. Lincoln? And, Oh yes, my son, you know, you could be president if you wanted to be.  That's the message to everybody that's got gullible stamped on their foreheads. And you're supposed to believe it, you see, that things just happen like that.


Just like you're supposed to believe everything else that you're given in reality. You're given all the output basically of the star making machinery for actors, actresses, musicians and bands, and all the fiction that goes along with the stories that are made up for them. You believe it, you know. And you're meant to believe it. And you have no reason not to believe it because you've been trained to be incredibly naïve from childhood.  That's how you’re run, you know, until eventually you have Madonna coming out and telling you what you should think about politics in a country, you know.  She used to do other things with her hands on the stage, as opposed to, apart from just reading scripts and things to the public. But this is what they give you. And they're star making machines, that's what they are. There's nothing about their past life you can believe. It's all made up. That's standard, you know. It's show business. Show business, hm, it's a show. The public don’t realize that at all.


You don't realize when you're maybe even 12 years old, hopefully, you know, you've grown up before you’re 20. But a lot of folk don't. They still think right through that the groups and the bands and the singers that were put out there for them to follow were real and genuine, and really did all their own stuff, and always, and knew what they were doing. And the little bits where they would give you the group or the band, and they give you names of the guys or gals or whatever, and they’d make up histories for them, and the affairs they were having and heartbreaking all that rubbish. It's all fiction.  Y'know. That's part of the...  So they aren't really selling you the music.  They're selling you an idea, an impression and a complete fantasy, a soap opera, that's what they sell you.  They don't show you behind the scenes of the show, of this session musicians and the writers that write this stuff and do the work, you know, and arrange it all, and then put it together, and sometimes play it for them.


So that's part of the mythology too. But it's the same with everything else in your life. The star making machinery, and I've given talks on it before, some of the people that the Unabomber was going after because of, he claimed, the world that they, the guys, his targets, were bringing in was going to be hell on earth. That's what he claimed, eh.  A good German documentary was put out about that in fact and exposed a lot of the reasons that he claimed he was doing what he was doing. But apart from just the outside of it, one of the guys he was after spoke on the documentary video that was done and he, his job was making the stars, making scientists into stars he said.  With using all the star making machinery, and until you really believe everything this scientist says. So once he just goes off the topic of what his particular specialty is, people will still follow him. He's so bright and intelligent, so if he's telling us to vote for this or do that in our lives in society, we should do it. That's how easy it is to manipulate people.


Quite amazing, eh? It's kind of like calling people on the Ouija board or something like that, or a seance.  Look at the history of the world. Look at the history of the world. And I'm not knocking that things don't happen. I do know that things do happen. What I'm saying is, how folk get entranced by memes that are put out there by, oh, Hollywood for instance in movies and all that. And folk will dive into the occult simply because they're becoming, it's made to be trendy. They don't realize they're being manipulated to go along with it and to actually follow and alter their behavior even or their thought patterns as they follow what's put out for them to follow.


Many, many years ago in Britain, and maybe the world, I don't know, there was a magazine put out. I think it was called Man, Man With Magic, I think. It was maybe a monthly issue, I'm not quite sure if it was weekly or monthly. But a lot of people, young folk, were snapping these things up. It was their little tidbits, little mousetraps they call it, that entice you in.  You say, OH WOW, that wonder thing when you're young really grabs you and you want to know. And you do suspect there's something more to everything than just the dryness of politics, etc. It's a pity they drum that out of you too.  


But anyway, they, Man With Magic, and I think they even sold books through it too and you can basically, they get you to get big folders and put all the magazines in until you've got a whole compendium of the volumes, as they called it. That really was a big changing point, getting ready for many years later to bring in the idea, through entertainment, of Wiccan-ism, as an example. You always get prepared before something comes out. You don't realize that, but you are.  You are the generation they've picked for this, that or whatever it happens to be. And at that time, they'd already planned to sow the seeds, that people wouldn't realize the thoughts they were getting weren't really theirs. They knew how you would follow things, and it programs you. You do get programmed, you know.


Man With Magic was a big, big one for pushing it all. Then of course years later they bring out all the different things on TV for teenagers and for folk in their 20s, and maybe even 30s, on the occult, lots of programs on it.  And they just dive right in. They're being programed in advance, you see. You don't know that, but that's how it's done.


Big committees in countries, I've seen some committees in Britain, I've seen the ones used to decide for the BBC, many, many, many years ago, really who the hits were going to be in music. It's nothing that you could imagine, you couldn't imagine it, the kind of panel you would see. It wasn't the disc jockeys that you would see, because they're all paid well for pushing whatever, and they know how to, they smell the wind of what's to get pushed, they're given little notes on who's to get pushed, and they're rewarded well for doing it. Because this is entertainment, right, you're thinking it's just entertainment.


You look into the panels that chose them, and these folk came in and they were, oh, maybe, maybe about 25 of them, and the big table and the whole thing.  You wouldn't recognize pretty well any of them.  They had the wealthy gear on, the clothing, you know, tweed suits, men and women.  And wealthy. And old. That was the thing too, older, you know, much older than the teenagers that were going to buy all the stuff that they were going to promote. They would sit there and decide with nods and winks and little guffaws as they say, you don't just laugh, you have a kind of a bit of a guffaw occasionally when they're pushing something a bit silly.  They would decide who would be top of this and that and the other, you know. 


Even when that was exposed eventually, they kind of clammed up and tried to hide it even better.  Because they don't like the public getting a peek behind the curtain or under the cover of the -tain, you know the -tainment.  Even the word itself is interesting.  You enter, you know, behind the cur-tain in a sense, almost like a tent type thing, a -tain.  They don't want you… They want you in and to be mystified but never to figure out what's going on.


Because it affects your lives.  So much of your behavior is predictive programming. That's what it is. You watch it, enact it, whatever it happens to be, on a social level, through dramas especially.  They said, I remember many years ago that the Bernays types, these big associations of marketers and public relations outfits, and don't forget in Bernays time he called it propaganda, he had no problem calling it propaganda.  Eventually they changed it to public relations when propaganda put, got a bad name for being bad, you know.  Now it's a good name for being bad.  Or, a bad name for being good. I don't know which is which.   But anyway, it's quite fascinating to see how it all works together, programming you for all the different phases in your life. You don't know that do you? You really don't know how much programming you’ve had. Through fiction. Especially when you enjoy the fiction.


Especially if it's a series type thing, they like the series for television when you've got more time to get to know the characters as they develop the characters. They have departments within the writers that are doing it, different scriptwriters, but they also do character development as time goes on.  They find out, again, in this day and age, through the Internet and likes and dislikes and all the rest of it and suggestions, they get an idea of what's working and what isn't. Very quickly they can add to the character, until you start to like the character, for whatever was lacking is now gone and they're a fulfilled character and you'll identify with them.


Such a character, then they can start writing where the script is to go off from a basic futuristic sci-fi, until now, the one that you like, is going to take the side of whatever oppressed group, or whatever it is that they're pushing in the political correctness at the time. That's how you get your mind changed. Because you like the characters. You identify with them.  That's what you’re meant to do, you’re meant to identify with the characters. And as they change the strata of society, because there's different levels of society, and all age groups too, there's different levels of being, as they keep altering what were called all kinds of norms.  So they start changing that too in the series, and you'll follow along with it too.  If your main character, be it a male or female, you'll start to identify with the changes and, oh yeah, yeah, and they say, you'll start even parroting little terms that come from the shows.  You know? 


This is not just a happenstance occasional thing. This is almost through everything now. You have no idea how much of your tax money goes into entertaining you so that you get programed. You have no idea at all. Especially through TV series. But also, it's your big movies too.  Why do you think every country has a Department of Culture? If you are the culture, why do you think you have a Department of Culture? And they all sprang up really around, during World War II, and then after it, the big, big handouts by the Department of Culture to all the, to novelists, to children's book writers, to screenwriters and so on. You get programed. There's big money because it's, there's an agenda.  You not living… your life is already decided how it's going to be, you know, when you're born. You don't know that. 


I used to at one time, not for long, but I used to wonder what Stalin was on about and so on in his writings, and also the people behind Stalin, the mass psychopaths. They are psychopaths, these characters, you know.  You had Beria who was in charge at one time of the NKVD.  A ruthless murderer, you know.  They all were. But Beria used to host the meetings of the Comintern, the international Communist Parties that would send their delegates, delegations for, they had different youth brigades and that, that would get sent off for training in Moscow from all the countries. Canada was rather famous for sending off rather famous people [Alan chuckles.] to that. 


But Beria long ago, back in I think the 1930s, gave that famous talk which stuck in my head when I read it. He talked about how it used to take a generation, now, he meant a real generation, like 70 years perhaps, threescore years and 10, to program changes in that would affect society, the culture in society and have people adapt and adopt to the changes, adopt the changes and adapt to them.  And he said with techniques now, this is before you heard the term toolkits for teachers and all this kind of stuff. He said with techniques we have now we can change and program, basically programming changes in people, the youth, youngsters, from a very early age for major things that would happen in their lives. He didn't specify, hhhch, exactly what those changes would be. But if they wanted changes to be in their lives, they could say in 15 years time they could get a new intake of students at the age of five and then programs them so when that event happened 15 years down the road, they'd accept it quite naturally without thinking much about it. That's what he said, he says, we can literally alter the changes every 3 to 5 years, I think it was, or 4 to 5 years, and a whole string of changes that that person was going to experience in their life right through to the age of 50, 60, and it would keep, and they would never fight back to it because they would think it was quite natural, it was already programmed into them. 


They were BIG in psychology, you know, the Communists. And behaviorism.  M-hm.  And so many of the things that were learned from the communist days were brought back by people who visited the Soviet bloc countries.  You had your great admirers of the Soviet system, which puts paid to the nonsense that it was all straight-lined, them against us. Because why would you put all your scientists over there, and your top scientists over to meet their counterparts every year, maybe once or twice a year, for big meetings so that they could exchange and get to know each other and so on, and exchange views and knowledge?  When ANY intelligent book would tell you, that the Cold War would be won through, by the nation that had the advanced scientific secrecy and so on and the secrets.  Why would they? The last people you'd want to share with is your, hhhch, supposed enemy, and let them get access to friendly acquaintances with their counterparts in Soviet bloc countries.


So anyway, you really are living through a bit of a farce.  And you always were living through bit of a farce. And you still are.  It's even worse today than it was then with what you're told is truth and not truth, and untruth as the other side likes to call it.  So you’re living through a script. Again, I go back, just before I get off this part, getting back to the idea of propaganda. That great series, a great long-running series, I call it great because I hated it. It was called Coronation Street. I don't know if it's still going or not.  But generations I think grew up with that Coronation Street. Every possible thing that was going to hit Britain, from unemployment, austerity, hhh, all the social changes of divorces before divorces became normal, normalized, hhmph, and mass migration of all kinds, the reaction to mass migration, all the ways you’re supposed to behave and react to it were shown to you through drama scenes within the context with the characters in Coronation Street.  So much so you were told how to react to different types of migrants coming in, different categories of them, and belief systems and so on, and how the youth would mix with your family, all that kind of stuff.  All portrayed out in advance, you see.  Quite amazing.  And great detail too.


Eventually they admitted that Coronation Street was so heavily financed by the government and different agencies, and they also had, they had full-time psychologists working with them and behaviorists. They brought in social work departments, professionals, and counselors for divorce.  All these things to make sure it was, to get the right context for the dramas that they would show on, in their fiction supposedly, that was going to happen.  Before these even, the mass migrations happens they were showing you how to react, before things happen.


So, that was amazing predictive programming, you know.  And sure enough, they know that, they even know if it's easier for men or women to be manipulated. That's always been the way too, because even Bernays talked about it that, and after Bernays too, about up into the 1970s and 80s, when magazines, there were hundreds and hundreds of magazines and most of them are aimed at women. Because they said that women were easier to change. And women too through psychological evaluations, they're more easy to program, in a sense, to try something different. Men are way more conservative in a social setting, by nature, they don't like change much. But women will try the change that's promoted. Oh, this is, this is going to be fun, this is good for you. And they will try it. So they have a great field day testing all these things out with women they say.  And this is from the public relations books too, they still teach this yet, all the facts and the statistics, etc. of how things work.


It's astonishing. That's why the United Nations, by the way, has all these programs about, aimed at women across other countries.  You know, how to start their businesses for women, how to give them funding for women.  And the guys really don't exist as far as the UN is concerned. Very important because the UN is a front too for the big global organization that runs the world.  One, the same organization that the WEF is on board with. They're all on board with the same direction of course, on every particular topic actually. Quite fascinating to see.


So you've got to realize the world that you live in is a fiction. No one's left behind, you know, because if you're alive you've been programed.  [Alan chuckles.] You've all had your, and you're still getting programmed too.  They used to have, I mentioned it before too, a bishop, I don't know if it was a bishop or an Archbishop in England in the 1940s. I remember just leafing through a book that he put out there.  He was called The Red Bishop because he was communistic, hm.  He talked about this term of, that shortly people would have lifelong training, and he called it, lifelong education. And if you, everything's written in doublespeak in a sense, or different levels of meaning, that's how things are generally put out by people who are in-the-know talking to their own group, you see, or their own level or class if you like. He said that you would literally have lifelong learning, and of course, that you would just pick this up and read it all, I guess he was talking about… why would you do lifelong education, like he's talking?


No, he's talking about literally programming the people. And that's what's been advocated with the United Nations since its inception, this technique of lifelong training, constantly training the people to, for each phase of change.  So they'd make you feel guilty or whatever if you don't jump into the next phase.  Oh, you're a bad person because of this, that or the other, or you've got biases or whatever it happens to be.  Then once you adapt into it, you see, that might only last five years or maybe 10 at the most and now you must retrain you to the next phase of your, the world that you're going to live in, you know.  And it's lifelong training, step-by-step, 5-year plans, 10-year plans, 15-year plans, 20-year plans, which the communists used, and the United Nations still uses. So that's how incredibly precise things are.


Yet we go through our lives, eh – and up until we're all locked down with this phase of it, which was planned years ago too – and we used to just, people would come home from work and flop out in front of the TV, and they might get a beer or something, a lot of folk did that and they zonked out, because the stress of jobs, and boring jobs too mainly, you know, has its wear and tear on you.  It zonks you out. You didn't probably want anything to really be interested in, you know, if you're tired, and so you want something to be lighthearted and realistic. And even that they knew about you. 


So everything was catered to, different groups of people and segments of groups.  That's why there's so many TV stations that came out, and sure enough, you'll find your niche, you know, according to your personality type and so on.  They’ll flood your mind with what appears to be meaningless trivia and lighthearted stuff, or even silly stuff or very amateurish stuff, it didn't matter.  Because in amongst it, just for you and your type, you see, they've got the programming in there for you as well.  And that's how it is.


There's nothing you'll see in a set on TV with the scene, you know, the set, even in a room, that doesn't have a panel of people discussing it. That little flower on the table over there, you know, and what color should it be? What type of holder should be for that flower and what? That's all discussed.  M-hm.  The visual understanding of things is a science.  Because the visual is like hearing, is a language. And you don't realize that if you look at a particular scene in a set, you'll be directing them, as you're listening to the characters maybe talking, you know, maybe two people talking in a room, as an example, or outside the house or whatever it happens to be.  You're seeing it. You don't realize as it zooms in to the two characters before they start, your eye's already seeing certain things placed there to cue you into that, and then something will move over to the right or the left, and your eyes will wander to that, as they're talking. You don't realize there's different languages getting put across there at the same time, and your subconscious picks it up.  And it will influence you.  You won't even know it's happening. Now with the Internet, or put it this way, the artificial intelligence being in the visualizations on television in the scenes in the movies, it's, boomph, it's a field day for programming people.


I've mentioned before that for every penny you make there's thousands of companies out there competing to get it off you.  That's the system.  That's what advertising is for.  But it's the same thing with reality. When you try to find what your own mind happens to be, you know, and you want to think for yourself and get an original thought for yourself that's not an opinion from someone else, then there's like a million companies out there, and agencies, and government agencies, and they're farmed out, there's more farmed-out agencies than ever before so that they're not technically responsible to the people or to politics, you know. But yeah, there's a million companies out there trying to get that thought from you, to bend it again and so you'll take theirs, and reject it so they can put their thoughts back into you. That's how it's done. It's so important, isn't it, eh?


And folk never, it's almost inconceivable, again, this can't happen. Without, again, some big declaration from the voice out there, listen to what's going on here.  You can't imagine it, it's such a massive scale.  Everything is clandestine.  Everything is covert. You're not supposed to know what's going on. Why do you think they have whole departments and levels of departments that classify, reclassify secret documents for governments, and all the different agencies, and all of the agencies that they farm out their responsibilities to? It's not for public consumption. You pay for it all. It's all about you, hhhch, and how to use you and manipulate you, and what they want the public to believe. But you can't see it. And you think you're free!  And folks will argue with you that they're free! It's astonishing really isn't it, eh.  Truly astonishing.


The right to think for yourself is so important. But most folk can't. Especially today. Because truly with the weaponization of mass media, and entertainment, and the Internet, you don't have much of a chance if you're going to use all these different tools that are put out there, that you're supposed to use, that enslave you and open you up to complete surveillance, hm.  They dissect every thought that you have. They don't have to have 100 folk working on you. The algorithms do it all and they put you into pigeonholes. I gave these talk in the late 90s, they try to pigeonhole you.  But they hate you if you don't fit into a pigeonhole, you know.  What's your slot, you know?  I don't know.  Yep. It's quite something. That's what you’re living in.


But as I say, history is like that too. All through history you get bits and pieces of different realities all the time. Again, going back to Machiavelli, The Prince, and the writings of Bacon as well to do with his, you know, to royalty telling them how clever he was basically at deceiving people on behalf of royalty, hhhch.  It's something you've got to take into account.  What he did and what they did was done right up until the so-called advent of parliamentary systems where you pretend to elect someone that's going to pretend to represent you and he goes after parliament. Yeah, it's quite fantastic to understand that kind of thing.


Even going back, I did, I was going to mention earlier too, that's what I was thinking about and I had that little slip with Roger Bacon. Well, Roger Bacon was way before Francis Bacon, remember. It was about the 11th or 12th century, Franciscan monk, you know, who had his own laboratory.  And you say, what on earth is, is it a sort of Cadfael [?] thing, Cadfael [?], remember, did that series, is that what it is? He's making potions to help the sick or...? No, he was working with gunpowder, you know, to create this thing called the canon.  [Alan laughing.] So I mean, and no one's ever explained how he got permission to do that kind of thing, you know.  But yeah, if you can stuff it in this tube here and, he had all his diagrams and testing.  And he got funding, you know, to make the kind of canon, to do some experimentation. That changed history again. Hhhhh, so yeah, I don't know if he's in the same family lineage, but these characters were quite some characters indeed.


Remember too, website. List my sites in case any of them go down.  Because I mentioned it before, I mentioned it way back too in February and March, this agenda is written in stone, nothing is going to change it. It was obvious from the beginning. It's a big agenda for the WEF and the great reset, which is a complete sustainability program, Agenda 21. That's what it is, you see.  I won't even argue that it's just so obvious, there's just too much there from the horse’s mouth themselves.


But in the different so-called lockdown phases, it really is to implement all the different parts that the SAGE group in Britain and other groups and the Event 201 talked about too, where they would also go after people who would speak out against it.  It was to bring down social media, big time, and complete censorship of the Internet.  Except for pornography, you could probably watch lots of pornography and that kind of stuff. But anything that would challenge any official statement out there, especially when the statement sounds so insincere or bogus, there's always a lot of retaliation by the public about it. Because we’re not completely morons yet, you know.  Most of us anyway.


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 4 Nov. 2019 - / 4 Nov 2019


So they're going after people using the old-fashioned techniques of terrorizing people. And they said with the lockdowns, there's different stages, they would eventually start arresting people.  That's what they do in a wartime scenario, as I say. This is a wartime scenario. This is what they came up with, a wartime scenario, to give themselves the pre-existing powers for total lockdown, of all kinds, and simply arresting folk, even though that you don't have a country opposing at the moment, you are the enemy.  You see, the war now is you. You are the enemy. When they turn loose propaganda units from the military, and all countries are doing it now openly by the way, on their own people, you are then the enemy. You are the designated enemy, not some people over in Afghanistan, that have to have their minds altered and be persuaded into something. It's YOU now. In their own writings by the way.  It's YOU.


Now, we're going into the psychological, we are in the psychological phase, we have been from the beginning of this whole thing.  First you get coercion and persuasion, and the next time, then you get hammered, you know.  There's people being hammered with disinformation to try to, if they fall for it, they can get banned too, you see.  It's all prearranged. Including the dark web as they call it, that had lots of billboards put out there for them to fall into. Do you really think they just sit back and allow you to have a secret way of communication? [Alan laughing.] When you've got the makers basically, the whole Silicon Valley on board with this whole agenda?


Because everything in your world, all the media is on board with this. All media is completely saturated with CIA and other agencies, all, this umbrella group, all, they're all connected.  You know. This worldwide group, MI6,  GCHQ,  MI5, the Mossad, you know, and many other organizations across the world...  are all one, you know.  And with of course with the Five Eyes, as they call it, it's actually six.  They always share the same information.  They have done since even before 9/11 happened.  So you're living in a completely fiction already if you think you're still free and everything's on the up and up, etc. Nothing's further from the truth.


An agenda HAD to be fulfilled. The elite who are the globalists, the same elite that wrote about bringing a world, a European Union in, back in the early 1900s… the same group that talked about eventually a unified America's… and a far Eastern bloc that would be unified too… and who set up the organizations to bring it into force... the same organizations that publish books about it, hhhch... do you think they're going to sit back and watch the supposed populism as they call the term now, eh, I love how they, the terms just come out of, you know, nowhere to the public, eh, and populism supposedly now is like nationalism, you see. 


When I was young you really just had, inside a national nation, [Alan chuckles.] you had political parties, you had left-wing and right-wing, in-the-middle and all that. But it was still for the nation, as far as you would think it would be. But then as time went on you started to notice they talked about the left, and they talked about the radical right.  You never got a right-wing anymore, it was always radical right. And then you realize they changed it again, the meaning, the definition, that if you still wanted a nation, and then you are right wing extremists. That's what is still is today, eh? It's got nothing to do with the Labor Party and the left, or anything like that anymore.


But when they saw the populism going for Europe too, and countries getting so fed up with that monolithic communistic or bloc of the EU parliament and so on, then they wanted out. Never mind the squandering of billions of pounds of money to the darn thing every year and getting nothing back. It's totally corrupt, of course. But they weren't going to let it happen. This is a dream they've had for so long.


By the way, getting back to, take a list of the sites. Send a few bucks my way.  PayPal is fine. Cash is fine by the way. The mail still works awfully well. Don't register anything.  If you send anything by mail, ordinary mail is the best and it gets through faster. It does get through faster. If you start paying extra for this, everything gets checked in and then that's when stuff might go missing. But if you send things through ordinary mail, never a problem. That's how it works. So you can send cash, or you can send checks. Money Gram too I think still works. Or you can get something from the bank itself, they can write a check for you if you want or whatever to help me tick along here.


Because our days are becoming numbered. I know that. I knew this, aohhhh, a long time ago this would happen. Before I even came out to start talking about it, I knew pretty well accurately to the lifespan we’d have of communication via the Internet. In fact, the first few years I gave talks on radio shows I didn't even have a computer, I didn't want one. Because it certainly was not personal.  I knew what its real purpose was. It was to collect all the data on you.


But send me a few bucks. You can buy the books and discs if you want to, or just straight donations are really welcome. Because we are going through the dark, dark times now. It's a new dark age in a sense.  In fact, it's more appropriate to call it a dark age I think really because all reality is being closed off, shut out, and you're given this dark fake reality to stumble around in.


And you have no idea of the powers behind it all. None at all. How big it is. This didn't just happen overnight or within the last year. This has been being prepared for many, many years. So the same group as I say that wanted globalization, the same group that could give the speeches at the World Economic Forum about it all the time, again, the World Economic Forum is something you don't vote for. It just created itself. And yet it has all this power? An oligarchical tyranny is what it is. With the richest folk on the planet in it. Who have decided long ago that this was theirs, you know, all this is theirs, and you have become a nuisance.


I'm not kidding you. They've got about 100 different ways of convincing you you're bad and you shouldn't even be alive, you know. You're taking up the resources of their planet. They've been talking this way since the 1700s. I hope you understand that, that select groups have been prattling on about this.  Even in the days of Malthus, he, who came as a front man, an economist, eh, who became an early economist for the big Bank of England group in the City of London, eh.  And one day, you know, one day all these peasants will be breeding and there'll be too many of them, and we need them for wars and for the creation of a British Empire at the moment, but one day there'll be a problem, there'll be too many folk, and we don't need them.  M-hm, there ya go. That's my summary of it.


It's all coming out now, you see. You've had years of indoctrination that you are to blame. Because you had to be the target. Always. If you want to have, if you want someone to be suicidal you just gaslight them for a long time. Until their mind is, you’re showing, you give them little glimpses into pathways they should follow, and they will, they'll follow these, but the ides [?] of logic, but you've really set it up, it’s all fake. You’ve set them up to fall.  So it's a dead-end, every little corridor they go down.  Then so eventually they say, yeah, oh I guess that, ahhhhhhh, I'm no use, you know, I can't do anything, I'm useless, I'm hopeless. So you just, when they say, well there's always euthanasia, it's legal now, euthanasia, you know, in some countries like Canada, you know, you could take a pill and get rid of that depression, like they do in Holland now, eh.  And bingo, there you go.


Do you think I'm kidding about this?! The first… psychological warfare is to defeat an enemy, YOU’re the only enemy, before anything else happens. Persuasion. Look at the logos of the psyops units when they do this... They had really blatant ones before they changed it a couple of years ago in the States, on how to persuade and alter, basically behavior modification, eh. But they used to do influence and all the rest of it. To bring you to the proper conclusions on whatever they wanted you to come to, WITHOUT YOU BEING AWARE OF IT. A whole science in itself. Again, paid by your tax money.  [Alan chuckles.] And you are the target. Isn't that amazing, eh, that most folk don't know that?


I can remember on a talk show back in the late 90s and a woman called in.  She says, I'm free, what are you talking about we're not free? She says, I'm free, I can go shopping anywhere I want and buy whatever I want, she says. That was her idea of freedom. It isn't until you get that kind of comment made by someone, that you don't think was kidding, right, that you really do see how people have different ideas about what freedom even is.  M-hm. 


It really is, isn't it, what is freedom? You used to say, well, I've got the right to say and do what I want. Not anymore, you don't.  Hhhch.  Have you noticed? [Alan laughing.] And it's getting stepped up too with a whole bunch of... This isn't just about Covid. It's about everything, eh.  It's the whole reset. It's all the whole sustainability agenda into a new post-democratic system. That's what it's for.


And you don't know that, do you? You can still put on the television and zonk out on silly dramas, movies or what they pretend are comedies. You can look at the speeches made by George Soros from his own website, The Open Society.  He gave a talk at DAVOS in Switzerland, and other talks and other places too, the same kind of talks really, which are exactly the same as you would hear from anybody else at the United Nations, as an example, or the World Economic Forum. It's astonishing how they're all on board with exactly every facet of the same agenda. No difference at all actually. Which tells you there's a big organization that preexisted Soros's involvement 40 years ago. That's when he claims he set up his philanthropic organization.


In that speech he made about... the problem with populism basically, was a result of people voting to pull out of the EU, for Britain, you know, getting out of it, and dashing the dream that he had of a unified Europe.  Now, remember too, you've got this strange thing with the European Parliament and things like that. They have that unfinished tower of Babel, eh, [Alan laughing.] quite amazing, which they had constructed there to look like the famous painting. That's no coincidence. That is no coincidence at all.  It really is, as they would pooh-pooh any people with their ideas of conspiracy theory and so on, they give you all the symbols, and right in your face.  Right down to very impractical buildings really that are meant to be highly symbolic of something, something that they're going to do, which is to rebuild the idea of a unified world, and become Gods in a sense.


That was the whole idea, the biblical idea of Babel, or Ba-bell [?], you know, where they would reach up into the heavens with the height of the tower and look down on God. That's pretty well how they kind of phrased it at the time in some of their writings. Of course the idea again was that God would send his sons out, the bene-Elohim as well, and down to destroy the tower and scatter the unified nations.  And because they were all talking the same language, it isn't just the physical language, it's the ideas that conveys that too, you know, and scatter them, and confuse them, confound them, so that they would go back to talking their own languages and couldn't communicate, etc. etc. 


Because unification would be bad, interesting concept really, it would be bad for the world and for everybody else in it.  Because after all you see, if you want to become God, then you have to behave like a God, right. Most Gods in ancient times were pretty tyrannical. It wasn't until later they gave you Gods with complaints departments. Before that there was no complaints departments. The old idea of the Grecian God, it's really interesting, I like the Greek ones too, we all like the mythologies.  They did put out good movies, a long time ago based on some of the mythologies, really well, really entertaining stories. It also gives you a glimpse into how... They didn't really see, I'm sure a lot of the Greeks didn't believe in it at all, you know, they kind of, it was a very lighthearted take on what God's were. They're more symbols of human, parts of human nature in a sense, you know.  That's how it really was amongst the intellectual groups in Greece.  As opposed to true belief in particular gods. Some people would, but most I think, I really think most folk didn't believe in them.


But yeah, the gods would play with humans, because they were bored, you see.  They would set up humans like with little tests, little psychological tests that we would have now with psy ops done on us, you know. How would you react in this situation, you're going along in the country and a monster suddenly appears, and what are you going to do now? And that's how the Greeks, they enjoyed that kind of thing. The children I'm sure would love the stories too.  Of course you had a God that had to have a wife, you see.  She was also a Goddess, and then she had powers.  Then she would have little skirmishes with her hubby, so he would pick someone to pick on, a human to pick on, she would go and help the human, that kind of stuff. It was really, really good, it was a human type idea of gods had human aspects to their natures.


So if you take the Babel, eh, or the tower of Babel, Ba-bell [?], and you look at what they constructed for the EU, eh. Right out of the famous painting, and the drawing.  Highly symbolic of what they wanted to accomplish. And that's so interesting.  You could probably write stacks of books on that alone in fact, you could, there's so much knowledge out there on all that.


Here's a guy like Soros talking about the same thing that they all talk about, as I say, exactly the same, too many folk, sustainability is the answer, climate change was the excuse to bring austerity in for sustainability for reprogramming the way that we live, climate change to save the planet, we're all going to die, terror, terror, fear. It was getting ignored. He pretty well mentions that too, with populism, as he says it, and he also refers to Trump not conceding to the European climate change group that met every year and put more restrictions on the populace, he calls that populism as well. 


So you look at, I mean, who elected George Soros? Or any of these characters? You don't get to elect them, but they have such wealth and power they, they, this is the first time in history people with that kind of wealth can influence every single nation in the world, even one person like that can do it.  And they do it with fingers in every pie. But they belong to a much higher organization obviously. There's no intelligence agency in the world that would let someone interfere with their fingers in different countries agendas. An upstart comes in and starts altering, without permission, no, they, your intelligence would deal with it. Which tells you it's part of an intelligence organization.  The big one, you know. And the rest of them are too, obviously. Because they never disagree with each other. On anything. It's such a well laid out agenda, it has been for a long time, of how they're going to deal with the Third World countries.  And how they introduce abortion rates across the world, to bring down the population. That's a priority with them all. And how to bring in a post-consumer society into an austere society where you'll have the bare minimum to live on. That's the agenda folks.


You've got to read George Soro's speeches.  Don't talk about them or, you know, you'll be hammered for just talking about them. But his speeches are, I mean, it's his words [Alan chuckles.] at the big meetings, the WEF meetings and so on. You can read them for yourselves. He's quite open about the agenda, that he sees as the way we're all supposed to live and what we're supposed to do, and he speaks on behalf of the WEF and the United Nations.


It's interesting too, he called Donald Trump a con man, and he goes into, he was a narcissist and he wanted power and all that. Well, what do you think these folk are that want to bypass democracy and rule us as a technocratic society?  Well, what's the difference? Come on here, you know.  You know something, psychopaths have no insight into what they do themselves.  [Alan chuckles.] They know how to manipulate others, but they really don't have much of an insight into their own motivations.  That's why they’re such hypocrites, they don't really see in themselves that they’re accusing others of doing.  So yeah, read the speeches by the people themselves.  That's so important. And they publish the speeches, you know.


I get fed up with, for your whole life, it's like political talks on television.  You always get some boring, used to get, and when I lived in Britain, and I think Canada too, they would give each candidate sometime on the air, generally late at night when you're ready to go to bed.  Years ago that's how it was. But they're all given the same amount of time, I don't know how much time they gave each candidate but it's, you know, little slots to talk in.  But when they came to the big elections, or the higher elections for presidents and prime ministers, and Britain was famous for it too, but they'd say it the same kind of way, portrayal.  They would have the president or prime minister come out giving a speech, or the candidate, you know, and the different candidates.  Then you'd have maybe 2 to 4 people in a panel that are experts on interpreting what these future leaders were saying. And yet you say, wait a minute, we heard what he said, eh?  But they would tell you the most weird things, and they would go around in circles until it would be the opposite of what you thought that they meant at the time.


Eh, why would you need people, in a democracy, to explain what the candidates mean? I mean, isn't it supposedly plain enough talking to the public that the public can figure out what they mean? There's nothing straightforward in the society that's reality. Nothing at all. But what they do know, you see, is that different people like different interpreters, or specialists as they say, and they relate to them more and so their opinion is more important than the words you just heard from the candidate themselves. That's how it works. It's all psychology.


Everyone is playing with your head pretty well all the time. More so perhaps than ever before. It truly is a complete war on the people. It has been openly, I would say, more openly since 9/11 under the guise of antiterrorism.  They actually had an article, I remember joking at the time years ago saying, you know, I says, you know, here you go with antiterrorism and how they had to have no privacy for the people, because you know, you had to check for terrorists.  Of course they had again all the tax money that flowed into this new business, the big business of IT and all the different apps and technologies and algorithms and all the rest of it, to monitor the people, to make sure that your thoughts didn't stray into the realms of what might be considered terrorism, eh?


Unless you joke about that and say, so you get strip-searched at airports and everything now. They even had vans in New York, I remember reading the articles at the time on the radio, where they found vans, these white vans with the gadgets on top. They were actually x-raying people, the same kind of technologies they were using initially at the airports.  And again, the lobbyists that got the contracts, oh, same old characters and so on, that obviously were, some of them came in at the head of Homeland Security and they would pass and push for, on behalf of lobbyists, to get these different screening technologies in the airports and places. But they also put them in these vans that were going just along the street and x-raying people. That's really safe, isn't it, eh?! [Alan laughing.] And then one of the top guys at Homeland Security left it and then joined the company that he lobbied for to get the listing. It's so corrupt, you know.  It's so corrupt.


That's how the system really works, in this amazingly corrupt system.  It's not corrupt from their point of view. They’re on board. They are a separate species, like Bertrand Russell said, you know.  That's what he said, that the real elites who would breed properly, they would select their mates very carefully, along the lines that the Rockefellers and their Better Family type organizations would dictate that it should be. But he said eventually, and because they would raise their children with a different reality of how they ran the world, as opposed to the fiction they were teaching the people down below them to believe, then they would be technically almost like a separate species. That's what he said. And that's how it is.


So from their point of view, if they make you a star to be in front of the people, a Bill Gates type, you see, or a Zuckerberg, or any of these guys, hm, then they'll make sure you've got this big money backing you. Oh, no doubt about that.  Epstein had a lot of money backing him. Didn't he? He didn't seem to be producing any, he just seemed to have it. 


The stars are made in this world that you live in. The important folk that give you what are to be your opinions, or how you're supposed to live from now on according to what they've dictated, they're all made stars by a big organization, the big, big club, you know, up there. The so-called guardians of everything, the guardians of the universe.  Hhhch, the guardians, the Prince Charles Olympians, the ones that decided, you know, public-private partnerships are the way to go where the public pay for everything and they run, the only corporations that you give it all to, you know. They know better how the world should be. And you should just mind your place. And pay up. And shut your mouth. And allow them to get on with it, you know. That's the new democracy, the new reality. The new governance, eh.  Obey.  Obedience is awfully handy to have if you're ruling people, without being elected, you know. And even if you've been elected, if you're really serving someone else, you want obedience amongst the people, over the people. 


Because this is a clumsy thing, like the Club of Rome said, this clumsy thing, democracy, it's clumsy and you got, leaders have to cater to the rights of, it's such a nuisance, that, rights of the people.  It slows things down, these big projects, you know. You've got to understand, you know.  And the folk coming into the Club of Rome are ambitious young folk, you know, ambitious and they can't be bothered with these rights and stuff like that, for goodness’ sake, eh.  They know what's to be done.  I-yi-yi.


Unfortunately with the psy ops that are going on too, they're training the people that they're right...  Well, you can't have all these rights during emergencies. So, efficiency has to take precedence, to save us all. So therefore, you do what you're told, or else.  That's your new freedom.  I used to, again, I gave the talks on it years ago, and Bush talking about the new freedom. I said, what does he mean, the new freedom?  Well, it's nothing to do like the old freedom [Alan chuckles.]  where you had the rights to say, think or even question things.  Now it's a different kind of definition of the rights of freedom, until you don't have the rights that you used to have, obviously. For the good of all, eh.  And for the safety of everybody. And the survivability of everybody. That's how it's phrased today.  N-n, I'm telling ya. That's how it's done.


It's total war on the public, and it truly is total war.  You're going to see it very quickly now as they go into the next phase of the lockdowns. That's the excuse to roll out the whole sustainability agenda, you know. But so many of the tests that are going on all the time, the public are generally unaware of any of them. The general public, again, they look to the mainstream and their daily newscaster on television to give them their reality. It doesn't dawn on them that these are all private institutions, affiliated with the big groups like the CIA. The CIA, it was exposed years ago, even in the 60s and 70s when they had to admit there's hundreds and hundreds, maybe even in the thousands now, of operatives IN ALL MEDIA, especially television and radio. That's how you control and manage and guide all public opinion obviously. They didn't give up back then, they got more embedded.  Hhhch.  They actually admit to it in some of the psy ops manuals and so on. Not just the CIA.  They're all one group now as far as I can see.


I was thinking too about the predictive programming that we all live through. You get prepared, as I say, prepared for what's to come, step-by-step, different levels of true preparedness. They prepare you for changes you're going to experience. They get you almost ready beforehand to just accept it, without you knowing you've been programmed for it. Stacks of nature shows on television, they know, look at these poor animals and look dut-dut-dut and dut.  And here's human encroachment, and you take their word for it. And you're already feeling guilty about it, even though you have nowhere near the animals you're encroaching. Of course, there's a whole different agenda on the go.


They're getting you ready for human corridors alongside the major highways.  And not outside, no houses to be allowed outside. Eventually with the agenda for the 21st century, the whole century remember is for the century of change. So many parts of Agenda 21 have to be implemented every 15 years, accomplished. You'll be eventually crowded back into the cities. Then you die off in austerity. It's not to be… You're over.  Hhhch, the old way of buying whatever you wanted is to get phased out, of commerce and so on.  Yeah, this is what they're using all this for, this Covid idea.


I gave these talks years and years and years ago about it all and here you are watching it all come to fruition. Even the characters at the top admitting, hhhch, that this is a great opportunity to implement all the things to do with sustainability.  Because the climate change had been installed, the agreements, right.  But now that Biden supposedly is getting back in, he's already agreed to, naturally, his backers, to get back into the climate change agenda, sustainability, all the other parts of the agenda that had been put on hold during Trump's term.


So the global leaders are quite happy to...  And even with Biden, I mean, come on.  Do you really think all elections are real?! There's nothing more fake than elections these days. You've been hammered with Covid since, you know, February or so.  Total lockdowns, like a wartime scenario, even beyond, way beyond warfare scenarios where everything closes down including all industry, all work, everything, pretty well everything, you know. And now it's just the training part for what's to come this winter. Which is to be 2 to 3 times more severe in lockdowns and laws and rules and so on.


So you get the Covid coming along. Then you get BLM. Then you get all the riots in the streets and burnings and Antifa. I don't know if they even stopped in Portland yet, I don't know. They're well organized, bussed around and the whole thing. All funded. Big money.  So you've had this, almost like a Bolshevik type revolutionary scenario throughout the States, at least on TV, it looks much bigger than it is, to terrify the public. So Covid, got that going on. Terrify the public burning businesses down and so on.


The schizoid reaction that those who do even looting or protesting or whatever you want to call it, they can be shoulder to shoulder, that's okay, right. But other folk getting picked up and hammered, picked up, it's almost like wolf packs, they see someone not wearing a mask and the cops all pounce on them in some countries, it's worse in some countries than others.  So they pick the easy targets.  But they won't go near certain minority groups who don't give a darn about social distancing. And they won't go near the protesters, in fact, they say the protesters were okay, you know, to do what they did. They were somehow exempt. The virus I guess would realize it was for a good cause and wouldn't infect anybody.


So here's the schizoid attitude. So Covid, looting, burning, protesting, ah, and then everything shut down, right. And misery. And depression. And unemployment, like you wouldn't... I don't care what the department of statistics say, when everything is closed down and I know there's jobs getting laid off all over the place, you don't go with statistics, you go with what you know is happening. Everything is going bankrupt. It's meant to. Except the BIG organizations, you know, the 1%ers, eh.  The same characters that run the WEF, and who fund the Club of Rome and the United Nations and all that. Yeah.  M-hm.  They've made massive profits.  Because all competition has been DESTROYED.  Hhhch.  And your politicians are in bed with them obviously, to allow just them to open. This is called FASCISM. That's real fascism.


But getting back to, so d'you really think you're going to get honest elections? Covid, lockdowns, bankruptcies, threats by governments, attacking people for not wearing a mask and so on, riots, BLM, protests, yada, yada ya, all that stuff going on, and shooting, say folk, shooting people who just wore a MAGA hat.  [Alan chuckles.] All happening in the streets. And you thought you were going to get fair elections at the end of all this?


There's been a massive operation on the go right from the get-go here. In a way, as I say, if you look into Soro's speech you get glimpses, hhhch, of his disappointment of what had happened with the cancellation of the US's participation in the climate agenda. Because the climate agenda was for their, was to put through the whole austerity program, under sustainability. So Covid has forced you into it, you see, same thing. A war type scenario where everything stops and you're all going to end up on rationing. You'll end up coming out of it under a whole new way of existing. I don't call it living, it's existing. Because you'll have no choices on anything pretty well. All planned that way. This is the great reset. You're living through the great reset right now, the early phases of the introduction of it. But the first thing you do in warfare is destroy a country's economy. That's what you try and do. First thing. I hope folk are figuring it out, for goodness’ sake.


Then, I'll read an article tonight where the psyop units of all the countries are at work, now they’re openly working against their own people. That's a dangerous, dangerous step.  Believe you me. Because the next step is to have the military physically attacking their own people… That is, it's bad enough when they're attacking folk on the Internet for having other opinions and so on.  That's bad enough. That's not Democratic by any... So what system are you in, folks? You'd better start thinking about this. But please stop saying you live in free societies. Don't. Don't. Don't use that nonsense. You're in very dangerous times.


Getting back to how you're programed, you know, how nothing is new and how you must convince the victim to almost commit suicide, or give up, eh.  That's what you do in psychological warfare. Until literally the morals that kept them together, the zest they had to fight injustice against whatever is demolished and you say, oh maybe they're right after all. That's how it's done. This is all happening right now. It's been happening your whole life long in fact.


You think of these Hunger Games, after watching the street riots and so called lawlessness, eh. And I don't know what the last movie was called, but supposedly they go out and kill their enemies in one day of the year or something. I didn't see it. But you think this is all new, these ideas, eh? You see it here too with, I was looking up the different old dystopian movies. One was called The 10th Victim.  A kind of silly, typically 60s type movie, 1965, with Ursula Andrus in it.  Where this club existed where folk would take challenges to go and hunt different people down and kill them.  You see, so this idea of hunting is not that new, really. You've had the idea floated and floated and floated, you know.


When it came to even eugenics, you know, in the 1920s and 30s with the Rockefellers in full swing and Cold Spring Harbor on the go to do with eugenics and attempted breeding better people, hhhch, is what it was for.  Because you're all wrong, so they make you better, you see. But you had lots of musicals came out, that was the whole thing in the 20s and 30s, to change society then, by the way.  It was generally again aimed at women to flood into cities as secretaries and to, you know, even sleep with the boss. This is in the 20s and 30s, and there are stacks of movies like that.  Or you become a flapper, you know, or a hoofer sometimes they called it, the dancers on stage, like chorus girls. And just become, almost like the star of the day, like American Idol of the day.  Anybody could make it, you know, that was the idea.  But lots of them were aimed at working girls to go into the cities and basically prostitute themselves to bosses and things to work their way up.


They actually had one called I think it was, um, ah, it was the Boss’s Secretary's Wife or something, [Wife VS Secretary] because they take over from the real wife and they confide more in the Secretary. So even psychology was involved back then too. Until, was it the Department of decency or something took over and then started to check these films that were basically promoting cultural change, and they said, not for the better.


But also, there was a movie, I can't remember what it was called but it was, I remember they show you all these different people dancing on a table, making an arch with their legs, these women, stacks of them.  And the two, the singer, the male and the female, behind, between them, at the bottom of the table.  I think it was, you've got to be young and beautiful if you want to be loved.  So the message was loud and clear that if you're young you're worth it, you know you've got worth if you want to be loved and so on. But folk who are older, or are past it, you're over the hill, you don't matter.  Which we're getting told today, it's time to die, you know. Time to die.  How many years have you lived? It's time to die. M-hm.  And it's coming from your ethics committee, you know, bioethics and so on, eh.  Yeah. The people you don't vote for, again, right. They just appear suddenly with schools of thoughts from university.


But I was thinking, yeah, you had that one, that movie, but the song was like, be young and beautiful if you want to be loved. Also you had a kind of comedy, it was called Just Imagine, 1930, the futuristic… I think it was to be set in 1980, but it was made in 1930, where they'd have flying vehicles, flying cars and things like that. But everybody would have a number, and this is a kind of comedy. But everybody would have a number.  And you wouldn't have children the normal way, you would order one.  It was like a... It was just three years before Brave New World came out, the book, two or three years before it. It was a science fiction fantasy, you know. So the child would be artificially created for you.  And you had to get permission to get married.  And you had to, if it was a man, you could try and pick the woman, if she wasn't attached. But you had to prove that you're a better, a good eugenic match, with financial income and all the rest of it, better family type thing under the Rockefellers standards, before you could marry.  And judges would decide if you could or couldn't.  Quite interesting.


But yeah, the idea has been floated out for a long time.  Even through you get, so much actually is introduced through comedy. Right to the present. That's how they always push the limits, through comedy. It's quite amazing to see how far they go with comedy. You're kind of put off guard with that, aren't you? You're kind of laughing at something that, if it was a straight drama might make the hairs on your head just, the hackles of your head just stand up, you know. But with comedy you’re in like a click mode between two spaces, and you'll laugh. Again, massive psychology involved in all that too.


The point is, nothing is coincidental.  Including at the right time putting out the Hunger Games. The title itself, hunger, games, right, who should live, who should die and so on. Again, we have the professionals coming out nowadays at universities, just all at the same time mind you, it's not planned or anything.  Because that's how things really are introduced, always at the same time.  That's what gives you the clues.  Even what they want you to know at the same time. Like all the intelligence agencies now are gunning for you, that's all over the media, and in the same week. That's not coincidence.


Because it's coercion. It's to frighten folk off, to start with. That's part of psy op warfare, frighten them first. Terrify, then step it up to terrify you. Because these organizations terrified, they've been trained how to terrify populations in other countries. That's in their guidelines, eh, and their tuition manuals. They have pretty well accurate stats on how much in a population generally will cave in right off the bat and say, well I don't want any trouble.


So just before I finish this whole section, if you like, section, do you really think Covid, lockdowns, essential businesses, nonessential businesses, rationing in some areas, and eventually rationing off and cutting off non-essential products for sale, [Alan chuckles.] as a start, then these spontaneous riots and protests, eh, backed by governors and so on, right, burnings, lootings, and Antifa out in the open there, well-funded like you wouldn't believe, were just going to stop it all and allow a fair election? Did you really think that? What made you think that?


What do you make of it when the whole of the establishment media, the whole of the WEF, the whole of the all the different groups at the United Nations, is all completely all on board with getting Biden in? That's a massive intelligence operation. Obviously, folks. You don't have independent media there at the top. You really don't. That's why all the big-name media was, they must've been getting government funding for the last 20 years, more and more all the time.  Because no one was reading their stuff. It was so boring. And obvious. Especially since the media went electronic, they had their, you know, the begging bowls out for years. No newspapers to sell, right?  So where were they getting the money from?  Hhhhh.  Because they are the official authenticated outlets of news by governments. All of them. That's what they are.


But everybody was on board for this, right. So after all of that do you really think that most Americans, I know some, I don't care about politics.  But do you really think that most Americans sat and watched, again, the Covid and the lockdown, the brutality by cops, and then Black Lives Matter, then Antifa and the burning down of areas, including black areas, black business areas and residences, all getting burned down, you know. Terrorize. This is a terror campaign.  But again, you couldn't criticize it because the mainstream media were all for it. You know, they didn't come down, they're all just, they're just protests, you know, just protests.  As they blatantly gaslighted you, for goodness’ sake. All the voters saw this, what was going on, do you really think they were going to vote for the so-called left-wing party that was all on board with what they were going through? [Alan laughing.] including the riots and the burnings and lootings and so on? Do you really think they were going to vote...


At the time everybody knew way more folk would be swayed to vote for Trump whether they liked him or not, because they had no option. And yet Biden apparently got elected with a bigger turnout than any president in history according [Alan chuckles.] to what we're told.  What a joke, eh?! He’s to be in for a little while anyway. Because the whole point of it all is to get Kamala Harris in.  He’s just there to launch her, you know, then he'll drop out because of his health and so on.  I said that ages ago. It's rather evident. And she'll take over.


They do want a woman in, in charge of the terror campaign. They do. It's just, it's an occultic thing.  You'll see it if you study history.  But yeah, it's interesting to see the kind of machinations that's going on and people think, are believing everything they're told, eh, about honest votes and things. What a joke, eh?  After revolutions in the streets and the whole, on behalf of the big internationalists, [Alan chuckles.] the globalists.  Quite amazing. Well, folks aren't that suicidal that they'd obviously vote for the organization that wants to turn you all into a communist nation, eh.  Come on.  Come on.  Wake up.


As I say, you've never had such a great display of a one power system that runs the whole show. From the day that President Trump got in, bash, bash, bash, all, the whole way right through. Again, complete embedded CIA operatives EVERYWHERE, and I really mean that. In their own writings they admit that too by the way, you know. So I'm not surprised at all, by it at all.  No.  All on board. Unified information is so important for totalitarian regimes. That's the first thing you do, you unify all information. You have to be on board with it, you see. Remember the target of everything again is you, all of you. Everybody. That's what authoritarian systems, that's how they really rule. They don't want you to understand that you're getting ruled. They want you to think you're being democratically governed. You've been ruled your whole life long, and before you were born, in fact, you were ruled.


It's the same with population control. Population control has been practiced for an awful, awful long time. You can't please the people who put out all the different commands out there and be good and do what you're told and don't have many children. Then when you do it then they say, well there's not enough of you, then they flood Europe [with immigration]. So it's not meant that you can please the master.


That's another thing I meant to say too, you see, under totalitarian systems you can't please the Masters. To get along you can't please them. In fact they hate you for groveling on your knees to them. They really do hate you, the more you grovel the more they despise you. I remember giving the talk years ago. It's like if you could imagine a king on a throne, and they've got a bunch of steps going down to the, to where all the peasants are standing, coming out. And you have to go up there and you've been called up for some misdemeanor or whatever it happens to be. But you go in there, and you know that this person has the power of life and death, there's no appeals department here, and if he condemns you for something, that's you, finished. So people would fall on their knees, and they try and climb up the stairs to clutch the hem of the cloak of the great King or whatever and grovel. But the more that you grovel, the more they despise you because you grovel. So there's no pleasing them, as I've said.


I used to say, we're all crippled to an extent with the indoctrination we've had, and the circumstances in which, there's not been a generation that's had peace, you know. You get bank collapses at least twice a century, and a bunch of minor ones in between but at least twice a century you get at least a couple of good ones as they plunder your wealth and take it from you.   And the money is devalued so whatever you had before, you've got maybe half of what you had before in real spending power, you see. This is how it works out. Then you have wars. Wars that you had no say in. Wars to go against people that you had no beef with at all. And here's your government trying to make you hate them, very quickly, until they'll go for you if you say, oh I'm sorry I just can't bring myself to really hate them, you know. Now you are an enemy. You see? Big forces at you. But you never get peace, you never, you just don't get an era of peace, do you?  You don't get it.


It's quite amazing that, I watched, someone sent me a documentary.  It was on economists who were connected with the WEF talking about the 2007/8 crash, and they were disappointed, they were DISAPPOINTED by the way, these characters who work with the United Nations and the WEF, they were disappointed that the consumption of people and the recovery after the last crash 2007/8 had happened, it was happening despite the policies of government to try to keep everything down. Because you were supposed to be in an age of austerity already after the 2007/8 collapsed, but a lot of small business helped them pull out of it. And they hated the idea. Well, guess who's all been closed down with this great reset? Do you think that's coincidence?


You see, the last 2007/8 crash, apart from a plundering job was also a reset. It doesn't mean just resetting the value of your currency. It was a way of living, postconsumer, sustainability, the same mantra you've heard for years, from the same people. That's the purpose of it. They were really ticked off that we weren't suffering, and more and more and more, and folk were still buying things and all that, and the economy was recovering, they hated that. Absolutely hated it.


You're supposed to get taxed into the ground with carbon taxes and so on, so you don't have any spare money.  I gave the talks years ago on this from their own records and agendas, where they talked about sustainability and what it meant, that eventually all spending for extras would be gone because so much of your money would go into higher costs for all kinds of energy and basic foodstuffs and so on, until you have no money left, and that was sustainability. Everything extra was out the window. Well, here it is again, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] Well, it's Covid, you know.  And that's how things are done. The public never really catch on to the real goings-on. 


Again, here's another thing too, there's no point just arguing everything you know about Covid. Folk are fixated on Covid 19. They're arguing again which are obvious contradictions from the mainstream and all the so-called experts, and what people who are working with the patients know that are coming out with, two totally different stories of the reality of Covid.  You’re supposed to get involved in the argument, you see. They want you to. Because you can never win it. How can you win it when it doesn't matter who says what, it all comes down to facts don't matter, what is dictated and decreed by the top groups is what you'd better parrot or else.  That's it. It's not meant that you win it, you see.


Again, facts don't matter.  Even from the frontline doctors that have come out en mass in Germany and across the world, and in the States and elsewhere. The facts don't matter. This is a bigger program than anything you've ever been told. Or will be told. The whole future of their, the whole future of the past 50 years of planning to bring you to total austerity was almost tossed out the window until they came up with this. This is the great crash/reset. [Alan laughing.] This is it, to bring all the policies through.  You're not supposed to go back to any kind of consumerism afterwards, what you had before. They've said that actually, they've actually said it at the Club of Rome.  So it's not me making this up, you can read it yourselves if you want to.


So you have to think for yourselves, and it's not an easy thing to do when you are bombarded with again all these thousands of voices and psy-op operatives of various guises trying to grab your mind and get into your head and say, don't think your own thoughts for goodness sake, take my thoughts. Again, I'll get back to something I've never finished for a while. But I said, waking up for most folk, for the real daring people, you need a crash course in skydiving, you know. But again, it's like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.  You have to be willing to accept that you're, if you go through reality, you'll get shock after shock after shock, and you might not be prepared for the shocks because a lot of things that you thought were true, you’ll question and you toss, and you might even go into shock just finding out all of that kind of stuff. Until you realize that things that you held to be dear and true were fake. Maybe they were real at one time, we’ll never really know. But definitely in your lifetime and probably your parents at least, it's been fake, and you might have to let them go, all the things that are dear to you.  That's what, if you're really after truth, eh, you can't really, and we are all human, you say, well I like the truth, but I also like the idea that, you know, that this was real and so on. Well, that's the sad part about it.  Because you have to toss a lot of the things out that you really liked.  Yep. 


I can remember when information was always filtered down to writers of music and songs. When the politically correct updates were getting put out by those who ran, I mean this is... The culture industry is a tightly controlled industry. It's a very important industry because that's how you shape society and control and keep a hold of society but guide the changes that you want implemented. There's hardly anything in it that's outside of the authority of it. That's drama, movies, music, everything, you know, arts, painting, all that. Years ago, about the 1970s, those who own the business, the world business for culture, because it truly is, there's a big club where they must all work together, fashion, music, as I say, the arts, the movies that you watch, novels that you read, it has to always be a kind of an understood repetitive agenda, you see, to get through that this is all quite natural. And it works together, there's no doubt about it.


Back in the 70s as I say, it comes down to the writers in the music area, and in the lyrics too as well as music though, and some were both of course.  They were telling them they wouldn't purchase and use songs that would say he or she and so on or use first names of the genders and so on. That's how suddenly you had so-called love songs that wouldn't specify who you were singing to.  [Alan chuckles.] It was pretty well banned in a sense, and no one could sell any songs if/unless they changed it to gender-neutral, neither he/she or whatever, and very amorphous in a sense. 


That's how it is with the styles too as they went into it eventually, when they brought out rap for instance. It didn't happen by itself. You prepare a whole generation really for the 2020s where you're going to set them loose on the streets and kill cops and yada, yada ya.  You prepare the ground and folk don't realize it.  As they’re living through it, they think it's still entertainment as they're being programed for what's to come down the road.


I've mentioned before that Albert Pike said it too, that you never start a premature revolution.  Everything must be in place. You must have everything perfect, including the training of the people, and indoctrination of the people that you're going to use for the revolution. It takes years to prepare that too.  It even takes years to prepare the teachers that will teach them.  Again, with the culture industry they have to be prepared too, to be all on board together with the same agenda when it comes to big changes. So everything is done way, way ahead of time and for what's to happen down the road.  


I always think of the Rolling Stone song Time is on my Side, you know, the tribute, that was the idea for old Nick you might say... All the time in the world to change society.


Foundations say it too, they can set off in the 1700s as foundations or philanthropic organizations as they call themselves, and they would eventually change the world.  Because they could bypass parliaments.  They don't have to get voted in and out by the citizenry.  So they can get changes done.  It might take them 100 years for some parts of the agenda, or 200 years. In that time they've brought in a few generations of employees working for them, by the thousands, mind you.  They're big organizations, like massive civil service organizations in a sense.  When you look at the big foundations, they have thousands of folk working in their offices. You've got to realize these are really what run, this is what runs the world.


The richest folk on the planet have always really run the world, and do you really think they're going to give the public this idea of equality and democracy? They use the term all the time to get armies they can use to destroy what was, but it's not meant that you get to this idea of equality and democracy. They'll give you the old Soviet system where, again, ruled by councils.  They'll appoint leaders who will speak on behalf of you, if it's either color as they call it, color, or ethnic group, gender group, whatever, or ethnicity, whatever it happens to be they’ll supply your leaders for you. But the rest of the people who follow it say, what happened, we thought we were going to have equality here and...  Nah, it's not meant.


Power, why would power, hhhch,  ever, ever give it's whole power, hhhch, away to you? [Alan chuckles.]  Do you really believe that they really are philanthropic?  [Alan laughing.] That's how it is. Everything runs this way in society. As I say, most of the management of society, the real management, and the thousands of nongovernmental organizations that are heavily funded by the big foundations, that's what really runs the world, you know.


There are also their own spy agencies too, they have them across the world.  They're wonderful sounding names, and they're into every nation in the world. If you think those who own the foundations, the richest folk on the planet don't use them to go into nations, like they've always done, and look, get a hold of the resources, to help the people, you know, they can't do it themselves, they need help in organizing themselves, it's only right that experienced people should come in there and help them, you know, take the burden of all that potential wealth off their shoulders.


That's how things really work. Prepare the future by preparing the field.  You've got to plow the field, take the weeds out of the field. You've got to harrow it, you know, disc it and harrow it and take the stones out of the field. Then supply it with extra fertilizer of all kinds, even natural, which is the best really. Dig it in and let it wait a year, until the bacteria is in the soil and everything is working, and the worms come in and aerate it too.  Then you plant the seed, you see, at the right time again. You can’t plant it at any time of the year, you have to plant it at the right time. Then you pretty well are guaranteed revolution you might say. That's how it's done.


Up and into the 1950s and early 60s most of the songs then were boy/girl, they were all natural things, you know, it just had always been that way, boy/girl, girl/boy, and teenybopper love as they called it, that kind of thing too.  Because that's how all marriages started off, hhhch, or ended up, from teenybopper this and teenybopper that.  The folk would sing the songs and they couldn't think that anything else was, anything was wrong with that at the time, naturally.


Getting married and having children seemed a natural thing to do. It was inevitable, actually, until the pill came along of course. It was heavily promoted then in some countries, especially Britain.  That was another reason why the National Health Service came out, was for, to deal with abortion, as the abortion industry, and to dispense the medications to prevent births and so on. So now that they knew that they planned for a society where very few marriages would last, because you're going to flood the media, the television and so on and programming with basically sex, sex, sex. Which they did. Which got worse up into the present. Until it's quite normal now, isn't it? I don't know what is normal now on television sex wise but, it's not meant to make you happy or content.


TV is designed to make you discontented with everything. That's advertising too.  If advertising, why do you think it's out there? It's out there to make you unhappy with what you have, whether it's a toothbrush or a comb or soap or whatever it is, it's to make you unhappy with what you have and you try this instead. Well it's the same with everything else on television. It's to guide you and shape you and alter you into what your masters want you to be, and to live that way too.


Yeah, there's a complete war on the old system, very quickly, as they hyper sexualized the 1960s, miniskirts, all that kind of stuff, and sex, sex, sex.  So they could, and literally they mentioned it in some of these schools of thought that were out there, that they were attempting to separate the bonding process that occurred with people as they mated, you know, so that sex would be completely separate and there would be no bonding process. That's what they were working towards with mass, you know, promiscuity, that would develop it.  They were quite open about it in their writings how they would achieve it.  And it's been pretty well done, you know.  And not for everybody but for an awful lot of people.


I really don't think that people had much of a chance, looking back, and looking at the present time, of having successful marriages if they have televisions in their homes. I really don't think so. They're weaponized, so weaponized. You can have all these professionals working on every program, and you think you're smart enough to avoid a lot of the indoctrination. No, you're not. So you have to avoid the weaponry. It's like a landmine there.


But getting back to reality and wanting to know the truth.  As I say, yep, jump out of a plane without a parachute if you really want to know the truth. I used also to say it was like, because I knew that the groups today, hhhch, there's a lot of fake groups out there put out by intelligence agencies that are, supposedly speak for you by the way, in alternate media that folk don't know. I used to, I gave the history of that, some of the history of that many years ago to do with when they were fighting the cold war and using different groups to put up propaganda on, in the radio, worldwide radio, and the CIA was operating it. Well, they never really gave it up.


Now of course it's so, now it's really into the high-tech stuff and computerization, artificial intelligence.  Whatever flavor of alternate media to fight the system that you might want they've already got it ready-made for you.  For every type of person that you are they have one for every category.  That come out well-funded and churning stuff out. As I've said before I know what it takes out of you to do it all yourself. If you're doing videos at the same time and documentaries, and daily talks, come on here.  No, you're talking about teams of people behind it all.


So yeah, you're well, everybody's been well catered to.  I gave this talk again back in the 90s. I said, you know, it's like if you were living underground, you know, we'll say you're asleep, hm, and you want, you've got an inkling there's some kind of life out there.  You come up a big tunnel onto the surface and you see a field there, and maybe a couple hundred yards down the road there's a forest.  You just know instinctively you should try and, you don't know, this field is a new thing to you, this space.  And they have signs everywhere in the field of, the truth is here, come here, I've got the truth. There's billboards all over the place, you see. And other ones saying, oh no, don't go there, come here. So they all say they've got the truth. I said, your whole idea is to get out of that tunnel, get into that field and zigzag around everything and try to not get caught on your way to that forest, so you can get a breather once you're in the forest, you can kind of hide a little bit and sit and think. Because that's what it's really like, folks, trying to find the truth.


We are so well understood in this day and age, so well, and every area, and analyzed by the way, that they know how to put the grabbers out there.  Have you noticed, it's just like all mainstream, they've always done it, they give you an amazing headline, and you’ll say, oh I might get, oh, that's going to be interesting, and you look at it and there's just nothing in the story at all. It's what we used to call a fib, the people who did fibs, isn't it awful. That's what you've got.  You find it all throughout alternate media too, a lot of fibs, eh?  They pretend they've got some new stuff but it's not new at all. It's recycled.  But they'll do these grabbers.  The idea is to get you in and then bring you around, and maybe even get you off in a, there are many lanes that go nowhere, but at least they go away from where they want you to...   They don't want you to go where you're going so they lead you off into all kinds of directions.


I can see it now too, I said years ago, they’ll start pulling in the reins of the Internet, they'll give you everything free for about 20 years and then they'll start pulling in the reins and so you just have to pay for everything.  Then it's monitoring you. Then it will start silencing you.  Because they are private organizations.  Although they are all intelligence operations, they’re private. This is the legalities they set themselves up as, you see. Most intelligence agencies of today are farmed out to private institutions, but they're still intelligence agencies, eh, with all the powers of intelligence agencies too.


So they want you to not, don't go off in your own direction.  They want to pull you off in the direction that they want. So they'll, I said that that will happen until, but I said eventually people will stick with it, as they take all your rights and freedoms from you. This is before you heard the term social credit system. I said, they'll take it all away, but most folk will stay on it because they get so used to it.  They'll still stick on their Facebook's and the social programs and platforms and so on because they've gotten accustomed to it. That's what folk are, you become accustomed to things, even when it becomes bad for you, you see, or dangerous to you, you'll still, oh well, you know, and they'll continue with it. And I said that, and sure enough that's exactly what's happening now, isn't it?  Absolutely.


You are your worst enemy if you're putting all your data up there and joining all these things and, well, we guarantee privacy.  Oh come on here!  Meanwhile you've got psy-op operations like the one, the Brigade 77 in Britain, the 77th Brigade who, and I’ve given the stuff out from their main talks that have been given by the leaders of it. They say they've got thousands of operatives for goodness’ sake working at all… Well, what d’you think they're doing? They're cutting through your computers like you wouldn't believe, like knives through soft butter, warm butter.  [Alan chuckles.] Yep.  It doesn't matter how much encryption you have. 


But, and compiling massive databanks on you.  Have been all along before Covid came along, before 9/11 came along.  But massive databanks because everyone must be, in this brave new world, must be completely predictable. That's why they know everything about you. You give up your daily data to your friends, and your likes and dislikes and all the rest of the things you do, and they add it to your personality profile. They even run simulations on the virtual you, I've mentioned this before, the Pentagon, I heard someone repeating that just the other day, they got it kind of wrong. [Alan chuckles.] Lots of my stuff is out there of so many years and folk just use it. But yeah, the Pentagon runs virtual programs and simulations on how you personally would react in different situations, in the virtual reality world. They say the outcome was pretty well what you'll do in real life, you know, you're so well understood. 


So yeah, the Internet is not your friend. Never was. They could never pull any of this off by the way without the Internet and cell phone, you know. The cell phone, I had it from good authority years ago, from someone who was in-the-know in a certain level in the States that the cell phone would become your ID, you know. It already had actually. That's exactly what it is. You buy, pay big money for it.  You're analyzed like you wouldn't believe with it. Most folk do all their stuff through their telephone now, their phone. And now that they're demanding, and they're just putting in the apps for the permanent, this is permanent tracing for Covid. And then after Covid, permanent this and permanent that and all the other things that are out there too. It's not going to stop, you see.


It's not my opinion.  Fauci said himself that even with these jabs that are coming along, that might not stop it. Because it's not meant to stop it. Or stop anything. Well, at least not what they’re telling you it's going to stop. He said too, you'll still have to wear masks and stuff and you'll still have lockdowns. This is permanent. And contact tracers as they want to call it, I just call them the Stasi.  Because their goal is not just to find out who's been near who. That's just the start of the agenda, who's been near who, or whom. Because that's what you do in totalitarian societies. You have thousands of folk who follow people around and investigate folk without their knowledge, find out where they've been, who they've spoken to, etc.  AND IT'S TO BE HERE PERMANENTLY.  Are you starting to get the picture now?


This took years to plan.  Hm?  Years and years to plan. It's interesting too, I've always thought it interesting when you find out that operatives within the CIA and FBI and MI6 and so on, that they use as fronts for big ops, and they're allowed to make millions by the way, the selected few, you see.  They do have real businesses, they can have real businesses under their command set up by the, that make real things, you know. Especially in the technology departments. But it's the most dangerous time in history because never has a power been given so much power as this over the public. 


Used to have some semblance of departments that you could at least try and go and complain to. It might not work and generally didn't work.  But you don't even have that today. You're seeing that your overlords are everywhere running everything. [Alan chuckles.] Everything, eh. It isn't just all media, and all artificial intelligence monitoring and so on, and censorship, etc. But they run your governments openly now. Your governments are all obedient little lackeys. OBVIOUSLY.  They're not going to do anything to help you if you complain to them. They're all on board with the agenda because they know who is buttering their bread and how they, hhhch, got into power as well.


A very dangerous time.


Who do you complain to?  You see, even when you had cold wars and so on, the tactic used to be, oh look at them over there, look at what they do, you know, how they repress their people.  That's how your system, the people that ran your country, the owners of your country, would, they would tell you, the peasantry, you know, look at them over there doing, look how they treat this group or that group or whatever it is. And you're supposed to feel really bad about it, you see.  That's how they get you to hate them eventually, oh, look what they're doing, oh that's terrible. As they create a new enemy. That's how you…


You must get the public to hate the enemy that you want them to hate before you attack that enemy, you see. They're awfully good at that. It can, sometimes it will take 20 years of building up.  Because they've got patience, you see. But you've got to understand, it never stops. I should say, except now, this is when that old system stops. Because they don't need that enemy anymore. They'd have to, during the Cold War, here's another thing too, and folk don't like to admit this, you see, but the governments of the West had to listen to the mass demonstrations for more money by workers or unemployed and so on, like they had in the 1930s and 40s and 50s.  Even the 60s too.  And the unions, yeah, the unions were definitely getting built up big time, and often you had the communistic leaders in charge of them. It used to strike me as odd too, why would you need communists to be the leaders of the labor movement? Why couldn't you just have labor movement leaders for your own country? Yyyyyyyyou know, there's more things than meet the eye, you understand, who puts them in power and why.  And who did it really serve, eh?


Getting back to the point of, the fact is, during the Cold War the West had to always say, look how free we are.  You see. And they keep touting about, oh, that we've got the freedom of speech and freedom to do this and freedom to do that, that you don't have in those Communist bloc countries.  But it was all a show, folks. Because as soon as the so-called communism fell, supposedly, in no time at all your countries are off to war across the Middle East. Like old term plans just waiting for the right moment. Away they went. And at the same time all your rights with [Alan chuckles.] labor unions and so on start falling apart.  You don't need them anymore, we're too civilized now, employers are awfully good to their employees now, human nature has changed, you know.  And you watched it all go down the tubes, eh, everything that folk thought that they'd fought for, for years, just vanished. [Alan chuckles.] That's how it was run.


So you've got to understand, you're always played.  Always played.  And basic natures never changes. Greed doesn't change either. Ambitious people, it doesn't change. And if someone wants to complain about the fact you're getting all populist and so on, and that they themselves they say have been working for 40 years changing the world, who is the tyrant here? That they want to make the world in their image?  Well, who gave them that right, hm? Just think about that too. If you want to. [Alan chuckles.]  


But yeah, we're living through amazing times now.  That it’s never been so in-your-face. So who DO you complain to? There is literally no point. I really mean that. I said this back in February, I could tell right off the bat that this was the big agenda. The great reset idea was the big agenda before they really popularized it, the great reset, you know, and made it more commonly known what it was. It was obvious that they weren't going to sit back and allow people to pull out of the European Union. They weren't going to allow the US to back out of the climate accord.  Because the US funds most of it, the taxpayers fund most of it. And the US also fights all the wars across the world too, eh, for the Empire, to make them all conform to this new system as well under...


Remember that Operation Iraqi Freedom with Bush Junior? Remember that one? And the farces as the troops tried, you saw these great propaganda pieces in the media. There's the soldier saying, you stupid effers, he says, we're bringing you democracy.  That was the big photographs, you know, to the Iraqis. The Iraqis didn't want this thing called democracy, and the Iraqis said, well what is it, and how come you don't have it? You know? That took a while to drop too, that penny.  But that's really what, everything is propaganda.  Isn't it? Everything is truly propaganda. Yeah, but once the Cold War was over, yeah you didn't have to keep up the pretense of caring for the people or giving you something back for all the taxes that are plundered from you all the time.


So yep, we're not given much time at all, of much of a space in our lives for peace.  You get cultural wars on the go to change society. You get economic warfare as I said before and big crashes where they plunder whole economies, and your savings, and devalue the currency itself. So wars, devaluation, and then many resets all through your life too, as they reset the system. But again, austerity, wars are good for austerity and rationing of course. In between that too, they've got threats of war, you see, oh, keep me safe. They're either going to save you or save the planet that you're going to destroy, or they're keeping you safe from war, you see. It's always keeping you safe and take your rights from you. The same with terror, take all your rights from you to keep you safe. And we go along with that, you know. It's the oldest trick in the book, keeping you safe and taking away your rights.


There's also a good documentary, it's interesting I should say.  I don't know who put it out exactly, but it was, I think it was 1965 and it was called The War Game.  It was a simulation leading up to nuclear war in Britain.  Now, they love the other ones before too, they had Threads and so on, really good ones. This one went through the scenarios of what would happen and the statistics, how many folk they expected to die in every area where radiation, they had maps of the places they knew were definitely targeted for nuclear war if they went to war with Russia.  It was interesting too, right down to exposing some of what they would actually do according to the plans that were on the books by the British authorities if anything happened. They had some negative things in it too where they actually had fake ministers or priests putting out ridiculous propaganda, being on board with having wars and so on.  [Alan chuckles.] So you could tell it was very, very left-wing organizers. But regardless, they use professional actors at the time to do it all.  They did show you what the step-by-step agenda would be for dealing with the fallout and people.


It reminded me of Covid actually.  Because when Covid came out, out came the ethicists and the bioethics committees that I mentioned before, that already were working with governments. Because they were already working with Event 201 before it all happened anyway, hhhch, to decide on what they tell... Well, we wouldn't have enough medication to treat certain people, and we wouldn't have all the, even the ventilators and so on, so we’ll have to really decide right off the bat who's going to live and die here, and who can be saved and who's not worth saving. And that's really what they mean is, who is not worth saving. 


So again, this is your bioethics in command of things. WITH lawyers. A lot of those who take ethicist courses work with law, lawyers, to see how far they can push it, you see.  So they even had that back in the 1960s, and 1965, The War Game scenario. But eventually at one stage, when the folk go into really bad radiation sickness, and they go through all the symptoms of it, what's to be expected and so on.  This actually is so fascinating because at that time Britain really was still on rationing to an extent.  Folk could not afford meat and so on. In fact, in the documentary they actually mentioned this little shelter you were able to build inside your own home.  Get some plywood, make a little V-shaped in the side of it, and you try to, maybe 4 feet wide, 5 feet wide, to get a couple of people in there, and stock up a little bit of food and so on. And they actually said that, that they had already done surveys at that time, remember this is a time of austerity for Britain, right, high taxes, low wages, high expensive cost-of-living just for basic necessities, the things all the great reset wants to bring back by the way, exactly that, and they said that most folk couldn't even afford the plywood and all the things necessary to make it, to make this happen. 


This is 1965. The era when they gave you, oh  look, be happy for these four self-made guys, you know, called the Beatles, eh.  [Alan chuckles.] Be happy for them. Meanwhile you’re living under the threat of being annihilated and the folk couldn't afford basic necessities or even enough food to last a few weeks and so on. That was Great Britain, eh. 


But they also showed you, just like getting back to who's going to get medication and who's not, where they issued the police eventually, and according to the agenda by the way, for the real thing, to the manual, they give the police revolvers and they would literally shoot, because they wouldn't have medications to even put folk out of their misery, or pain medication or opium or anything or morphine, so they would just literally shoot people.  So that was their way of dealing with it.


Today of course it's different. We're more advanced now, where your government authorities already decided that, the age categories and who to save and who not to save, [Alan chuckles.]  etc., and who's going to get medication, eh, as they train you, well I guess that's right, they won't have enough medication.  Really? Really? Honestly?  Oh well. Okay.  You're getting trained into a whole bunch of new values here and folk don't realize it.


You can't trust anything they tell you, you understand. Everything is deception, that's how they rule you is by deception. That's how they get you to comply. It's to get you to start to accept things that you shouldn't be accepting, because you'll start to believe it's for the greater good. M-hm. But when you start trusting governments, that's like Ronald Reagan said... I don't know who his speechwriters were, all these guys, I mean, they all are just front people too. The speechwriters are the ones who are all on board. I think they really study at the same university, this world university, because they all have the, they're on board with the same speeches across the planet, you know, at the same time, with the same things that they believe in. Ronald Reagan said it, the most frightening words that American citizens could hear is when, if people come to the door and say, we're from the government, we're here to help you. And that's the truth. More so in what's coming along the pike now. Isn't it?


I couldn't, it was really astonishing to see that they wanted to put the military around to give the vaccinations. That's not what the Army is there for. An army is a force.  Think of the connotations of what an army is. An army is meant to go and kill people, the number one, think that, think that, eh, think that. The Event 201 and so on and all their documentation said they'd use the Army. They've already conditioned the Army that they can help with floods and things, so they've already conditioned us, you know, that's what they're there for. No, an Army is meant to kill people. But they're going to give you vaccinations.  Hhhch.  That sounds really good. Do you feel better now.  [Alan laughing.]   


Don't forget too, the blanket immunity that the governments have all signed onto to make sure that whoever gives vaccinations will be completely immune from prosecution for any ill effects or deaths that it caused. That's a right you can never give away, is to at least do that, sue.  That's tyranny otherwise, folks.  M-hm.  Do no harm.  The Nuremberg code as well promoted the same concept, you know.  That no one has the right to experiment with you and your body, using any kind of medications or any techniques. You can't throw, you can't through these hard-earned rights out the window, hm.  Can't do it, folks. You mustn't do it.


Because we live in technocratic times where, you know, and your masters will give you the experts to rule you, and you're too dumb and stupid to do it yourself for goodness’ sake. And if they give you money and let you earn money, you're going go start buying things, eh.  And they can't have that in a post consumerist society, for goodness sakes. Just spend money on apps and things that track and trace you, and never mind the cost of the phone and the programs themselves. But yeah, just, they want you to use that all the time. But don't buy real tangible goods, eh, don't do that. If you get tangible goods, you'll feel better, you see, gee, I earned money and I bought that, you know. You see? That might make you want to buy something else.  Hhhhh!  Can't have that, for goodness’ sake, eh.  N-n-n. 


I've never seen a time where the whole agenda under one guise is being rammed through. Under the guise, under the, oh, necessities and non-necessities.  Hhhhh, and essential and nonessential.  Right down to probably the articles you’ve seen, were cops in Britain were searching in people's purses and things to see if they had bought anything that was nonessential in the stores.  NO ONE would have seen the day of this happening. No way. Can you imagine if they did this during the Cold War scenario, where they, whoah, do you think they...  You see, this is the problem.  The field day, a supposed competitor, I don't call them enemies, they're all competing, a competitor would have aiming at your country, look what they're doing to their citizens there, they're going through and fining people and imprisoning folks for buying something they didn't need. Can you believe it?


You've got to bring this back into reality, folks. You've got to start doing it. Very quickly. And think for yourselves. Because you will not like austerity. Postconsumer. Where Maurice strong, you know, gave talks about it, and Friends of the Earth and all the other groups, all the funded armies, again, funded armies by the big foundations that really run everything, so that, you know, they're going to bring in a post consumerist society and dismantle all business and dismantle industry, completely, into preindustrial levels.  And they mean it.  [Alan chuckles.] For you that is, eh, not for themselves.


Once again, Throw a few bucks my way. Hopefully. You can buy the books and discs if you want, or you can just give, straight donations are awfully welcome.  You're going to see how to do it, PayPal, sending cash is fine. Checks are fine. You could even get a check from the bank itself if you want.  And Money Gram is still accepted as well. At the moment. That will help me tick along. 


You've got to realize that you're on the cusp of horror right now. Literally they're going to go for people, they're going to start knocking them off one after the other. Right down to imprisonment they said that at their big meetings in the tests that they did leading up to the Covid, before Covid broke out.  Hhhhch.  They said they'd start eventually, eventually they would not just ban folk from media and fine them and so on, they'd eventually go and pick folk up and imprison them.  Because you'll be an enemy of the state, you see, if you're against any part of their agenda that's for the common good, you know, and for a better tomorrow and so on.


That's how, tyranny never ever changes its appearance really of what it really is. It has camouflage outside, and a shimmering way that it projects something to the people.  But you can see past the shimmering if you wake up and see it for what it is. And it's not pleasant. There are those who run the world who have decided in their big, big club that they have the right to decide how you're going to live, or exist. Right down to if they're going to even allow you to exist at all, or get born, you see.  And this is not making stuff up. They've been so vocal about it, especially at the last climate change meeting where they talked about again this recycled idea, well we should issue licenses for the folk who should want to have children to see if they should have children or not. The whole Chinese model, remember, hm, is there.


I remember reading, I'm one of these oddballs that kind of, I get bored once in a while.  But I'm also interested in finding out, what are they saying it these big meetings, when the head of China comes out and gives a big speech, to the West, you know. They’re long and windy and there was one a few years ago, maybe three or four years ago, maybe a bit more actually. He came out and he was talking to the West, like a representative of a country talking to the representatives of the other countries, like the West. He said, and we hold, we hold the countries of the West to our agreement regarding reducing population. I said, what is he talking about? What agreement was this?! ...that he is holding us to? Hm?!


Was it just abortion? Or sterilization? Definitely we're going infertile in the West, it's been known as a massively growing business is fertility clinics. It's been that way for a long time now. No one's bothered about the sperm count plummeting. As I say, a farmer, a farmer, believe you me, of animals knows everything about his animals. The stock, the genetics, the eugenical line it comes from, hhhch, even the names of the previous bulls and so on that the sperm comes from. They know all that stuff because they want to know, again, to be predictable, eh, and if anything happens and goes awry that he wants to know why, what's wrong. Immediately. He doesn't waste time; he gets the vet in or whatever it happens to be and specialists involved. Regardless of what it cost him, he's got to get it done because he'll lose more if he doesn't. That's the natural thing that happens, you see.  He owns the stock, and he wants to know what's happened to his stock.


Well, we know that the sperm count's plummeting in the West. We know that. We know that there's more weird kinds of cancers developing and so on. You see, there's no CRISIS from our masters. And we do have masters. Why would the masters close you all down because of something they say is generally so mild you won't even know if you had it, this Covid? But they're not interested in finding out why you're all going sterile? Well it's because you see, they know why you're going sterile, [Alan chuckles.] and it's meant to happen, that's why it's not a crisis. Are you starting to get the picture here? You gotta start using logic, you know. They're terrified of you getting a sniffle, but they don't care if you're going sterile.  M-hm.  That's it.  So there you go.


Again,, sent a few bucks my way. And don't forget because people do forget as they get into these talks. Remember too, a lot of folk put them on MP3 or whatever or whatever player they’re using and they can listen to a bit at a time or when they're driving even some of them listen to it.  A lot of people actually prefer the audio because it gives them, it's true enough, I find the same thing.  An audiobook, actually, I find is interesting because it goes back to reading a book, right?  Where you read a book, your own mind creates the pictures of what you're reading, in your mind, and audiobooks are the next best thing to that too.  If you have work to do and you need your hands free to do whatever you're doing and so on, you don't want to sit and stare at the screen all the time if you’ve got other things to do. And so many people are doing that.


Don't forget, everybody's competing for your time in this day and age. Everybody. A lot of the horror shows, or terror shows I call them, that are well-funded fronts that end up being your mainstream, [Alan chuckles.] your mainstream alternative it might be, put it that way, rely on you, count on you tuning it every day in case you miss something. It's just like a horror movie, I might miss something that might save my life, if I hear some vital thing.  It's like you're scared not to tune in that day. It's all psychology. Because you're always given your leaders meanwhile, your heroes and your zeros. That's how you run society.


Look at the, again, the 77th Brigade as they call it in Britain, you know, the massive psychological warfare department.  We have operatives across the world, you know.  Thousands and thousands. They can, they're all mobilized to attack people using algorithms, all the highest equipment possible and the programs and apps and so on, and they get access to all the back doors in all your devices, which are all pre-existing, they're all built-in, and they slow down your speed or whatever. They have all these ways of annoying you.  They actually say in their own manuals that the techniques that they've used in Afghanistan and different places all come into use, using it now on their own population.  This is your brave new world, eh, of, you know, new freedom.  Hhhch.  And you pay for it all. You pay for it all, eh.  They love, live on good paychecks. They live very well off of you. As they take away your rights and put you under.  You know? Amazing. And folk are going to accept this and just put up with it?  N-n-n. 


Now I'm going to touch on some articles here.  This one here is about the New York Bar Association, the law, eh...


NY Bar Association Recommends Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine With No Exemptions / 8 Nov 2020


(Alan:  I'll put that one up there too. They said in it that…)


Mary Beth Morrisey NY Bar association Health Law Section Task Force chair, in a Saturday statement.


"In balancing the protection of the public’s health and civil liberties, the Public Health Law recognizes that a person’s health can and does affect others," she continued. "It may become necessary to require that certain individuals or communities be vaccinated, such as healthcare workers and students, to protect the public’s health."


So yeah, your health does affect others, it says here, you see, it can and so on. Mind you, I think really, it’s a good idea, what they could do is ban all the massive propaganda you get fed daily, and the noise it creates that’s bad for your ears and stuff, and that does affect your health, and your mental health too, as they terrorize you all the time, eh?  Just stop it all. Stop all the propaganda and all the fear and hype because that is bad for your health. I have no doubt about it. And I'm backed up by the suicide rate going up and so on and depression, etc.  Ftt, there you go, eh.


I’ll put that one up anyway. Also this article here, this next one goes into…


The laws the Australian Government could use to force coronavirus patients into lockdown / 2 Mar 2020


(A: ... “and here's how” it says. I'll put this one up as well.)


The Attorney-General says Australians could be detained or forced into treatment in a last-ditch effort to halt the spread of coronavirus.


(A: It’s never been done in history, stopping viruses from spreading like that.)


To do so would mean activating rarely used Commonwealth laws that were introduced (A:  Now, listen to this…)


To do so would mean activating rarely used Commonwealth laws (A:  You’re thinking that must be like a really old law.  It was only made up in 2015, [Alan chuckles.] probably in preparation for this.)  that were introduced in 2015.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Rarely used.)


Who could be detained?

The laws allowing people to be detained or forced to seek treatment are outlined in the Biosecurity Act 2015, (A:  That’s just coincidence that was made up then.) allowing the nation's director of biosecurity (who is also the chief medical officer) (A: That’s just a coincidence too.) to put in place strict control measures.


Attorney-General Christian Porter said any orders would have to be "the most effective and least invasive means" of dealing with the situation, and be considered "justified and reasonable in all the circumstances".


(A:  Well, define justified and reasonable.  I mean, lawyers can play forever with that football field. Hhhch, that’s just how big it is, the spectrum of let’s just alter this meaning a little bit here and, you know. Very precise, right.  Yeah.  [Alan chuckles.]  So anyway, yeah, this is all getting rammed through, folks.)


What does it mean if you're hit with a control order?

A person could be hit with a control order which would include a range of measures, including:


quarantining at home

wearing protective equipment such as gowns or masks (A:  It doesn’t say where.)

undergoing examination by health professionals

giving samples for diagnosis

forcing vaccinations or other treatments (A:  There ya go.)


The control order can run for up to three months, or be revoked earlier if authorities decide to lift the restrictions.


What can be locked down?

Specific areas could be locked down or isolated in a bid to control the spread of the virus.


(A:  I mean, they’ve already said that you can’t really stop it anyway, you know.  N-n-n.) 


"There could be the declaration of what are called 'human health response zones', and that could mean there are specific requirements for screening people going in and out of such a zone," Mr Porter said.


So anyway, that's the way it's going. As I say, there's no point in arguing the rights and wrongs of anything. Because it's just written in stone as I said way, way back, you know. 


Christmas STILL at risk as Sage docs warn going back to tiers

(A:  t-i-e-r-s, eh, I guess that’s a good song, eh.  Maybe was it Tears for Fears, was it, the group, now it’s going to go back to tiers now, I guess it will be Tears for Tiers maybe.)

'will only reduce Covid rates to pre-lockdown levels' / 13 Nov 2020


It leaves Brits' Christmas plans hanging in the balance while ministers attempt to drive down Covid infections.


(A: [Alan laughing.] The politicians, [Alan laughing.] I can’t see the politicians driving down anything. Everything they do makes everything go up and up and up in the prices, you know, and the cost and so on. The most inefficient people on the planet are politicians, eh.)


In new documents released today, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) (A:  That’s the SAGE groups, you see.) warns that a localised lockdown approach could see transmission rise again.


(A:  Ah dear, eh.  So…)


Their gloomy forecast, dated November 4, warns: "If England returns to the same application of the tiering system in place before November 5, then transmission will return to the same rate of increase as today."


(A: Oh, they’re really, really worried about everyone, eh?  As I say, they don’t mind you, hhhch, you’re all going sterile and getting cancers, because they know what’s happening there. M-hm.)


Here's another article too, and it's the Daily Mail Australia. It says…


'It's a global dictatorship!' The bizarre 1am email sent to the ENTIRE NSW police force questioning the state's 'oppressive' coronavirus lockdown / 8 Nov 2020


The six-page open letter was addressed to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller


It was signed off by Senior Constable Alexander Cooney, a highway patrol officer


He claimed he sought to 'raise the alarm that a global dictatorship is occurring'


(A:  Of course it is.  You know, it’s certainly not democracy of any kind, you know, so… And we’ve got the big organizations loaning it, you know, how they’re so happy that the whole agenda for sustainability can get rammed through under Covid, eh.)


A disgruntled cop (A:  He’s disgruntled, you know, he’s not just a man with a, he’s a disgruntled person.) penned a six-page letter to the state's police commissioner laden with COVID-19 conspiracy theories and sent it to the entire NSW Police force at 1am. 


Titled 'Open Letter to the Commissioner: Tyranny of Government, or Best Interests of the People?', the document was sent on October 26, five months after NSW came out of lockdown.


'Many members of the force are fed up with the approach to enforce oppressive rules


(A: That's right, because the cops in Australia have been brutal by order, right, to terrify the public. They don't mess around in Australia. Remember, it was a big penal institution there and a big colony there. That strangely enough, that, you must wonder if it's in the genes of the descendants or the forces that looked after the prisoners. How come they're just as oppressive?, on a dime they swing into action and start battering their own people? You know? You wonder what it is, eh?  And you would think that the people themselves being descended from, you know, really penal convicts that were sent off for...  That's how they, Britain, you don't realize the laws were changed in the 1700s and 1800s to increase the rate of crime by labeling the simplest thing a criminal act, even stealing a loaf of bread.  During terrible times, eh? Not poverty. That's how they could literally get a whole population into Australia. They served their time there and then they were released, and they couldn't go back home or anything, so you’re stuck there. So that's how you colonize a country for the flag, eh.  That was part of what they did there.  A unique story.)


(A: But you'd think people who were descended from that, and who through their old folk songs and histories of the sufferings that they had and the injustices they had out of it all, they succumb back down to it and start doing what they're told. And the cops are brutal again. It's just, you would hope things would change [Alan chuckles.] when they saw the same kind of, the monster rear its ugly, eh, and say, no way. You would hope so.  You would really hope that. It's kind of sad to watch the cops going in.)


(A: So anyway, this cop here, he doesn't like it. I'm sure lots of cops don't like it too when they see what they're being told to do with the public, to terrify and terrorize them actually. So he goes through it all there.  He says…)


'We feel a real calling to do our part to stop the oppression.'


Well, that's very, very much a conspiracy, eh.  How dare he think that way for goodness’ sake.  So I'll put that one up there as well. Ah, you gotta laugh at Britain too.  I mean, Britain, eh, the country that pulled out, or supposedly is trying to still pull out of BREXIT, right, from the European Union and become free. It's going around in circles, even Teresa May is banging away at Johnson for his prevarications and his nonsense and so on. It says…


100s Of UK Medics And Academics Urge Boris Johnson: COVID Data Is "Exaggerated" And Second Wave Talk Is "Misleading" / 9 Nov 2020


(A: I'll put this article up for those that want to, that's from Zerohedge, this is their article here.)


Almost 500 medics and academics have penned a letter to U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson - just hours after the U.S. election has been "decided" - informing him that official Covid data is being "exaggerated" and that talk of a second wave of Covid is "misleading".


The letter was critical of the government's handling of the virus and said that the response to the pandemic has been "disproportionate" relative to the risk, according to the Daily Mail.


(A:  The link for the Daily Mail is here, that talks about that.)


I’ll put this article up for those that want.  Again, people should read through it if you got time and get an idea of what everyone is saying about what’s going on here. Because it’s important, isn’t it, to realize what is being said. You’re living, this is your life, you know, you don’t get to fix it all afterwards. You get one go at everything in this world, eh, and what you do now really matters.  Of course it does.


An article too...


Dentist Nataliia Nairn is jailed for skipping coronavirus quarantine to go to work / 9 Nov 2020


Ukrainian dentist Nataliia Nairn flew from Canberra to Perth via Sydney


(A: So it’s all within Australia.) 


Instead of 14 days of isolation,

(A: Because you’ve got to isolate yourself, no matter, I think Canada’s trying to do the same thing too, if go outside of Ontario. Everything is uniform, I noticed that, across the world now.  Yeah.)

 she treated 41 patients over eight days


Jailed for two months with a further five months' suspended sentence


(A …for treating patients, eh.)


They didn't mention if she even had been tested for anything. I don't think so or they would've told you that if they had tested and found out that she was positive so... But that doesn't matter though, right. She didn't do what she was told and she got jailed for two months. She said she needed the money and so on but, that's like everybody else that really needs money, right. She might still have a massive loan for her education to pay off, I don't know.  But regardless, you're not allowed to do what you're doing, even if it's for helping people out in dentistry or whatever, you know. Because everything is just out of whack now, isn't it.  Really completely out of whack. It doesn't make any difference. Truth doesn't matter as I've said before.  So there you go, that's one of many, eh, one of many articles.


Boris Johnson to meet Bill Gates

(A: This Bill Gates, this superhero, Bill Gates, that literally no one votes for, who's got a finger in all the pies, because he was created by the big massive agency that runs the world, right, that's why he's got this power and no one questions him.)

to plan national vaccine rollout with pharma giants / 14 Nov 2020


The PM and the Microsoft co-founder will hold a roundtable this evening to tackle the coronavirus crisis and discuss future plans to (A: [Alan chuckles.]) stop the pandemic.


(A: It's like a comedy thing, isn't it. It's like Batman and Robin, you can just picture them with their little cloaks and so on.)


Mr Gates's foundation - the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation - has helped spearhead research into pandemics and ploughed £118million (A: So I guess that gives him the right to decide our futures, eh.  Because he’s bought off everything pretty well.)


There you go. But again, they are front people, folks. That's why they are allowed to get away with what they do. That's why people who are multibillionaires can throw money into countries to sink them, or, do whatever they want inside them, or color revolutions, and get away with it. It's because they're part of the big intelligence system. And there really is one. So, yep. I'll put this one up as well. So you feel better now that there's Boris Johnson [Alan chuckles.] a guy who loves his, he must get a special haircut to make it look all disheveled like that. It must cost a fortune. And Bill Gates, eh.  M-hm. 


This article too is the Daily Mail...


Biden's coronavirus adviser

(A: that he's putting in, or will put in...)

Dr. Zeke Emanuel:

(A:  …once argued, and this is your bioethics again and ethics committees, that you don't vote for, this new science, who decides who's going to live and die, who’s worth saving, you know. In fact, who's worth keeping? You see, this is the real socialism.  The REAL socialism was for the multibillionaires, folks, to run it all. Go back and listen again to that, I don't know if it's still up there, it was a little very early video, or movie reel of Bernard Shaw of the Fabian Society, one of the founders of the Fabian Society saying that when we get in, he says, you'll have to come to us and explain why we should keep you alive. You know? That's REAL socialism.  Are you getting the picture now? Expert run society, you see. Everybody has to have a purpose to serve.  And it's a tiered system up to the ones at the top, you see. You see, the classless society is the most [Alan chuckles.] classed society you've ever imagined.  But just call it experts, you see. So there you are, Zeke Emanuel, the coronavirus advisor for Joe Biden…)


Biden's coronavirus adviser Dr. Zeke Emanuel:

"it's not worth living past 75" - despite president-elect being 77 - and suggested only 'younger people who are yet to live a complete life' should get a vaccine in a flu pandemic / 9 Nov 2020


(A: Eh?!  There ya go. There you are. So using oncologists…)


Oncologist Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel was one of the 10 advisory board members appointed to Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force on Monday


In a 2014 article, he argued that life is not worth living beyond the age of 75


(A:  But that will reduce and reduce.  They already had the one in Australia came out a few years ago, remember the professor, when they all come out at the same time you know darn well they’re part of the same club, eh.  The one in Australia there had said that folk to die at 65, you know, rather than collect their money that the state could use, their pensions and all that. Do the right thing old boy, you know.)


Joe Biden, who secured victory over Trump in the presidential election, is 77


Emanuel, now 63, wrote that he believed by 75, ‘creativity, originality and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us'


(A:  Hm, there ya go.)


He suggested that society, as well as family members, would be 'better off' if nature took 'its course swiftly and promptly'


Emanuel also stated that he would reject simple treatments such as flu shots


‘Certainly if there were to be a flu pandemic, a younger person who has yet to live a complete life ought to get the vaccine or any antiviral drugs,’ he wrote


By the way, that’s almost what Obama said when he ran the last time himself.  Obama give a talk where he said that his grandmother, he went through, she was getting old and so was it really worth keeping her going, and the money that was spent on her. This is an agenda, folks! Are you getting the picture? Are you getting the picture!  Back to Julian Huxley. UNESCO. Where Julian says, we have to knock people off their pedestal when they think they're the supreme being on the planet, he says, and train them that they're just another animal, basically, and that they themselves, the experts should rule.  This is humanism. You've got different names for the same thing.  Because the names are all parts of their agenda, you see. So there you are, you know.  And I guess there's a whole bunch of experts too they put up there, that might be over that age as well or getting up there, they should just maybe do the same with them. Maybe they should lead by example, you know. You never really get that happening though, do you.  It's always for YOU.  [Alan laughing.]


German Doctors Letter to Chancellor Merkel, Put an End to the Covid “Fear Machine” / 5 Nov 2020


(A:  Well, that’s a good way of putting it. But they won't, you see, it's written in stone. It's not going to happen. I think it was Al Gore had An Inconvenient Truth, and today we have inconvenient facts. They don't matter, you see, and that's where we are with it all. So this article here is Global Research.  They have the signatory, this document that was put out.)


Dear Chancellor Dr. Merkel,


We, the signatories, are doctors from all areas of healthcare, who have been serving people in practices and clinics for decades. During this time, we have witnessed more than one seasonal infection in Germany, most of them with far more severe conditions and significantly more deaths than since January 2020 from COVID infectious diseases. Together we serve approx. 70.000 people. (A:  …these doctors say here. Now, these doctors, German Doctors say…)


The circumstances of the coronavirus wave in the FRG have been perceived differently than the media and the ongoing warnings of politics, which were unjustified in fact, presented to the public for months. Predictions of individual advisory virologists with millions of seriously ill and hundreds of thousands of deaths in Germany have not been true in any way.


(A:  Right, boomph. Facts don’t matter. In fact if you were to push the idea you're going to get banned from everything. They've already said you're going to get banned, by the way, for saying that, you see. It doesn't matter if you're a specialist or not, and actually working in the hospitals, it makes no difference.  It's a big agenda, much bigger than the facts, you see, will allow.) 


In the practices, hardly any infected patients were infected and if, then with normal, mostly mild progressions of virus flu. (A: Most of them had the flu virus, you know, in the hospital.) The hospitals have been more empty than ever before. There was no overload of ICU. Doctors, doctors and nurses were skillful in short-term work. Initially, we found the wave of the virus running towards us to be threatening and were able to understand the infection protection measures. However, there are months of secured evidence and facts that this wave of the virus is only slightly more intense than an ordinary seasonal flu and must be considered much more harmless than, for example, influenza infection in 2017/2018 with 27.000 deaths in Germany. According to the data situation, there hasn’t been a threat to the German population from Covid-19 for months.


(A: So they go on with what they perceive to be their facts and so on. And they're really fed up with the fear and infection hysteria they say in their own words...)


– a life without restrictions, fear and infection hysteria.


That's what they want, to return to normal.  M-hm.  So but, nothing is going to change. This is literally chiseled in stone, folks. This is the big agenda by the ones who really run everything. The ones who, they own everything in the world, all resources, they own all the agribusinesses, a few corporations, you know. Everything you need to survive, the energy, they own it all.  That's the sad part about this system is that they make sure they would own everything. And again, there's no complaints department, right.  That's sad indeed.


Now they're, and every, I call it, I think they are just CROOKS! Sellout crooks!  Because they're making so much money off of us, as usual. And don't forget supposedly the tab for the money that's going to pay them for all these apps and things, is borrowed money we're told. As we're all lockdown and folks can't earn money. But it's going to take money off you for the rest of your lives and probably three or four generations into the future, the cost of all of it. It's never going to go back to any kind of normal anyway. That's just the truth of it.


All the dystopian movies that you've seen before have to come into effect. That's why they were written, these particular novels and dystopian movies. Do you realize that you've got No Blade of Grass, again, that was one of them paid to terrify the public, you're destroying the planet and you'd end up in a dystopian future where everyone fell apart, and strange fungi or viruses again would break out by themselves, and it was Gaia would have its revenge, and you'd have mayhem, etc. Make Room, Make Room is the novel for Soylent Green. It was called Make Room, Make Room. That was the original title of the novel. The message was to be, there's too many of you, this is what it's going to come down to. It was to change, again, fiction is used primarily to change your thoughts on things. On behalf of your masters.


And here you have these characters now making money off of you for your, for the phones that you buy, hhhch, and the plans that you're on for paying them and so on.  There's apps in there for everything, eh.


Smartphone app can hear in cough the difference between asthma or croup - / 10 Nov 2020


Oh can it really? And when you really read it, it's not quite sure.  But everybody's got that thing, oh we can get money for nothing now, money for nothing, eh?  I think it was communism, wasn't it communism said that the West, the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we'll hang them.  You can apply that and say, you know, as your governments borrow money, well, whoever's governments they are borrow money, [Alan chuckles.] that you will all have to pay off, you know, and they're dishing it out by the millions and billions to their pals and businesses that own the apps and so on.  And here they go.  Until we are totally in a straitjacket of no rights and freedoms, electronic prison, eh.  Just to get a profit off of us all. Here, I'll put that there. So anyway, that's from the Medical Journal of Respiratory Research, this article.


MIT Working On App That Could Detect Coronavirus Based On Cough Sound - / 30 Oct 2020


I'm sure you've got to know that an app might detect it, you know. [Alan chuckles.]


The European Union…


EU mulls ways for police to access encrypted apps / 9 Nov 2020


(A:  It’s almost like a repetition of something I read a few month ago.  I knew that the EU,  European Council, this, you know, is asking for input to make it easier because the security forces can’t get through some of the encrypted data. They want to make it easier. Well they can, if they put more time or psy-op warriors on it, you know.  Because these warriors are really specialists, and not just in how to screw with your brain and help you destroy yourself actually, or immobilize you, but they're also, a lot of them are specialists completely in IT itself, in hacking and all that.)


The European Council is asking for input to make it easier for security forces to access encrypted data


The European Union is calling on tech companies to make it easier for security services to access encrypted apps to meet terror threats.


(A:  Terror threats, you understand, so it’s all to do with terror threats.   Hm?)


According to a leaked draft of an European Council memo, EU politicians want encrypted apps to provide “technical solutions… to enable authorities to use their investigative powers”.


(A: This article here is, the Telegraph I think it's from.  But anyway it goes into how it's just a nuisance they can't get into everything you're sending to people and your personal chat and all that. It's just a nuisance. Because your masters, they've got to keep you safe, you know, from terror.  You might wake up one day and be a terrorist.  You might have a terrorist thought and say, dammit, I wish the government would get off my back… and that's enough to get you locked up right there, you see.)


(A: Just like you find in the Ministry of Love when Winston is brought in, he's pulled in there, and he meets his neighbor. So you're here too, he says to the neighbor.  His neighbor says, yeah, it was my daughter that found out I was, you know, a wrong-think and own-think, and he had basically terrorist thoughts, you see. Because you see, he spoke in his sleep according to the daughter and so she turned him in, you know.  And he says, thank God she did, he says, who knows where I might have ended up if she hadn't caught me.)


(A: Well, here you are, folks, it's all here. They're going to, they literally want to know everything you're saying and chatting about. Every darn thing. Because it's to keep you all safe, you might, YOU might... well, it's to stop terror, so obviously since it's all to do with YOU, you must be the terrorist, obviously.  Ftt, hhhhh, it makes sense now, eh, you know.)


While EU politicians stopped short of advocating a ban or full backdoors that could hack into encrypted apps, the latest resolution will pile pressure on technology companies to stop adding end-to-end encryption to their apps.


(A:  It says… hhhch… there ya go…) the work of police forces had been made “practically impossible despite the fact that the access to such data would be lawful” by encrypted apps. The European Council did not respond to a request for comment.


EU politicians called for the creation of a “better balance” between encryption and security against crime and terror. Him


Hhhhh.  You know, I never realized, I really didn't, that there's thousands and thousands and thousands, just like Doctor Kildare, you know.  Doctor Kildare, every woman would swoon him, you see, at the very least.  He was made to be like a God that cared sso much.  And he was a good-looking guy apparently and the women just went gaga you know. He represented so many of them that didn't sleep at night because they worried about you, they really worried about you.  Hm? Such humane characters, caring people. And with this Covid stuff and everything that's going on, do you realize that governments, they must be up all night every night of the week, of these bureaucrats and civil servants and politicians, worrying about us, are we safe? Are we safe? Do we have enough cotton wool to wrap ourselves in in case we fall, eh?


Do we have enough distractions, since we don't have time to think things, which are bad things, own-think, eh?  Which is bad-think, it's own-think. Which might lead to goodness knows where if you have your own-think.  My God... Oh, thinking for yourself, eh?  Hhhhh!  Wow!  So the police are worried, you know, that terrorist things can go on if they can’t hack into everybody's chat.  Hhhhhhhhhh, I tell ya.  Thank goodness, I've never felt so safe in my life.  M-hm.  I can see it when I'm online what they've been doing, because my connection will just break, break, break at times, you know, and I have to reconnect it so on. And you know they're into it. And they actually admit they're doing that in some of the articles I'll get to later by the way. So there you go, these folks just care about you. You didn't know they care that much. You used to think that politicians were shallow psychopathic people. And how wrong you are.  Ttt. 


Interesting, this little article here, it's the Irish Sentinel.


Polish nationalists (A:  …right, are…) fired upon by police citing Covid-19 ban (A:  That’s the excuse for it, when…) abortion marches allowed (A:  Right.) / 13 Nov 2020


(A:  Now, this was international day in Poland where they literally got a lot of their independence back again after World War I. So this is a kind of remembrance time day, you know. So…)


Police shot rubber bullets at Polish nationalists marching through Warsaw in celebration of the country’s Independence Day yesterday.


The violence came as police attempted to enforce a ban on public gatherings as part of nationwide Covid-19 restrictions, despite allowing pro-abortion demonstrators to gather throughout the country over the last three weeks.


(A:  Well, it’s the same in the States with the demonstrations and riots as well, etc, as you know. So it’s a very political virus, as I say.  And it should tell you too, NEVER forget what they can turn the police to do.  NEVER forget that.  The stuff that you used to read about, the Stasi and the KGB, the NKVD you know, in the Soviet countries, literally you’re seeing it all being implemented. You really are. You’re seeing the police behave the same way as they’ve always done. Even with invading countries, when they came into Europe in World War II, they'd immediately go to work for the invading power. It's the same. This is what they do. So here they are, yeah, everything else is allowed but, hhhch, but being proud of your nation and celebrating about happiness during all this is forbidden.  There you go.)


“Several officers were injured” after being attacked by “hooligans”, the police said.


(A:  Well, if they hadn’t started… If they had just stood back and let them have their day, like they’ve allowed everybody else to have their day, then, so what, you know?)


Same thing’s happening in Australia. Certain folk are allowed to have their big, big demonstrations, but nobody else.  You're under tyranny obviously. It certainly isn't democracy where you have rights for all, eh. Supposedly. At least on paper.


I'll also put up the link to George Soros, who really is what he says himself, about how disappointed he is and what had been happening with populism as he calls it.


George Soros - Remarks delivered at the World Economic Forum - / 23 Jan 2020


And the National Health Service in Britain…


NHS told to be ready to give coronavirus vaccine from December - with Army help

(A: There you go.   M-hm.) / 10 Nov 2020


Matt Hancock (A:  …the guy that literally didn’t know that mosquitos transmitted malaria, and they put [Alan chuckles.] in charge of the health for Britain.  [Alan chuckles.]  I guess he’s right in for the job, eh?  So here he is…)


said health chiefs would be asked to be ready in as little as three weeks and get help from the Armed Forces - though a vaccine hasn't actually passed regulator approval yet


(A:  Well, they want to fast-track everything as you know. There you go.)


Now, what's next here?  We've got... This is important.


US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media / 11 Nov 2020 / Whitney Webb


British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy (A:  …it‘s called, eh?...) as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced “cyber war” to be commanded by (A: Artificial intelligence.) AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge official narratives.


(A: It's put up by Whitney Webb. They've got quite a few here from different people and different sources, and the mainstream, you know.)


In just the past week, the national-security states of the United States and United Kingdom have discreetly let it be known


(A:  …and they did obviously.  You see, everything happens at the same time, that means it’s released TO BE spoken about.  [Alan chuckles.] It’s a fact too. Because don’t forget, part of cyber warfare, or psyops, is to terrify you into just complying before they do anything more to you. That’s, you know, how it works.)


  that the cyber tools and online tactics previously designed for use in the post-9/11 “war on terror” are now being repurposed for use against information sources promoting “vaccine hesitancy” and information related to Covid-19 that runs counter to their state narratives.


(A:  Now, everything’s psychological warfare including the terminology that’s used. You see, deliberately they’re putting out vaccine HESITANCY as opposed to vaccine… or, ANTI-vaccine, you know, or vaccine DENIAL, or vaccine CHOICE.  You see, so they call it vaccine hesitancy, which means you’re going to get it anyway and you’re just hesitating a bit. They’re not giving you an option NOT to, you see. This is all deliberate.)


A new cyber offensive was launched on Monday by the UK’s signal intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which seeks to target websites that publish content deemed to be “propaganda” that raises concerns regarding state-sponsored Covid-19 vaccine development and the multi-national pharmaceutical corporations involved.


(A: [Alan laughing.] It’s not fascism, folks, NO. [Alan laughing.])


Similar efforts are underway in the United States, with the US military recently funding a CIA-backed firm—stuffed with former counterterrorism officials who were behind the occupation of Iraq and the rise of the so-called Islamic State—to develop an (A: …artificial intelligence…) AI algorithm aimed specifically at new websites promoting “suspected” disinformation related to the Covid-19 crisis and the US military–led Covid-19 vaccination effort known as Operation Warp Speed.


(A: Where’s Captain Kirk when you want warp speed, eh?)


Both countries are preparing to silence independent journalists who raise legitimate concerns over pharmaceutical industry corruption or the extreme secrecy surrounding state-sponsored Covid-19 vaccination efforts…


It continues too with some of the history of some of the drug companies and what they've been up to. But yeah, it's bad times when your country's using the systems they set up supposedly to attack other nations, hhhch, and they're doing it to their own people. This is a dangerous thing when your tax money is being used for psyops on their own people. This isn't just the ability to use propaganda on your people, like they did, again, when Obama was in I think they allowed, they passed a law in the States to allow their government and the agencies that work for the government to start using propaganda on their own people internally. That was the start of it really. Most countries do it anyway because we didn't have the rights the US used to have.


But here you go, when they're using weaponized organizations, with very, very effective efficient weaponization of the thought and techniques to disrupt thought, to create opinion, to destroy opinion, to destroy the people themselves by, and they have killed a lot of people through encouraging suicide and things like that.  That's psyops.  Using other countries is very effective, they know exactly what they are doing. These aren't little, these aren't little, little, little clubs. These are massive organizations with massive funding. With the top, again, CIA.  It's typical techniques of alternate types of warfare where literally they've got CIA operatives who are psychologists and psychiatrists and behaviorists and neuroscientists and even doctors and so on, yeah, all through it. They admit that in their own documentation when you go into them.


So anyway, this all came out again last week or so, what's going on here with this kind of thing too.  And the public have no idea really. But the public are quite safe.  [Alan chuckles.] I have to tell you, it's very much like what they used to say about evil, you know, they would say that people who literally are ignorant of religion or don't care about it, right, Satan will leave alone, that's what they used to say, you know, a little quip, because they belong to him anyway, you see.  Well, it's the same thing here. People who are ignorant of what's going on and they're obedient, nice, good little nice citizens, haven't got a clue, they'll be left alone by the psyops because they're just looking at pornography probably and little bits and pieces of things that excite them or keep them happy.  But nothing to do with anything that really matters. Certainly not a choice to stand up for anything, you know.  So they're quite safe, they'll be left alone. 


It's only for people who are thinking and who are asking questions, like, what on earth is going on with our elected representatives and our democratic rights, etc.? …for countries that think they had some kind of democracy. Including a Republic, because a Republic really was a Democratic Republic, it still had the rights to vote, for instance, that's a democratic right.  Democracy really doesn't have any real hard and fixed rules as to what a democracy really is, except to vote, you get the right to vote, that's it.  What they do once they're in is kind of up to them.


Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians / 2 Nov 2020


(A:  Why is the military going to use propaganda to influence Canadians? They're supposed to serve Canadians, not propagandize them.)


The Canadian Forces wants to establish a new organization that will use propaganda and other techniques to try to influence the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Canadians, according to documents obtained by this newspaper.


The plan comes on the heels of the Canadian Forces spending more than $1 million to train public affairs officers on behaviour modification techniques of the same sort used by the parent firm of Cambridge Analytica, as well as a controversial and bizarre propaganda training mission in which the military forged letters from the Nova Scotia government to warn the public that wolves were wandering in the province.


(A:  It was a little exercise they did apparently, so far as we can make out.  But this article is from the Ottawa Citizen, and it says…)


The new Defence Strategic Communication group will advance “national interests


(A: They’re going to advance national interests, eh…) 


  will advance “national interests by using defence activities to influence the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of audiences,” according to the document dated October 2020. Target audiences for such an initiative would be the Canadian public as well as foreign populations in countries where military forces are sent.


(A:  Eh, there ya go. Dangerous times when they're doing that to the public, folks. This is a dangerous thing to do, the crossover with the military doing that.  This isn't putting sandbanks up to stop flooding, you know. Working on techniques of brainwashing, hhhch, for destructive purposes, that's what these organizations do. They don't go in there just to say, let's make them a bit more left wing, you know. No, they'll look up leaders in different groups and so on and literally they'll have thousands of folk hammering them saying, pretending they're real citizens, like bots you know, and making them feel bad about themselves and things like that. These are dangerous organizations.  They are part of the military WAR machine and now the war is on the public.  Hm?  N-n-n.)


The document is in a draft form, but work is already underway on some aspects of the plan (A:  I know they’ve been using it already.) and some techniques have been already tested on the Canadian public. (A:  So there ya go.)


But the office of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said Sunday that the plan, at least for now, is not authorized to proceed.  (A:  It’s been proceeding.  They did it [Alan chuckles.] already.) Sajjan has raised concerns about some of the activities related to such influence and propaganda operations. “No such plan has been approved, nor will it be,” (A:  Well, they’ll probably keep it secret.) Floriane Bonneville, Sajjan’s press secretary, (A: [Alan chuckles.] Everybody’s got a PR spokesman, to soften things, eh, or obfuscate what they’re trying to say.) said after being asked by this newspaper about the initiative.


But a series of town halls were already conducted last week for a number of military personnel on the strategies contained in the draft plan.


The report quotes Brig.-Gen. Jay Janzen, director general military public affairs, who stated, “The motto ‘who dares, wins’ (A:  That’s from the SAS, you know.) is as applicable to strategic communication as it is to warfare.”


(A:  I think you should remind him too, it says, we are the pilgrims, you know, Masters, we shall go, it’s supposed to be, over the land and sea and water and so on, but NOT in your own country, you know. You should just put out the rest of it out there.)


The initiative also proposes the creation of a new research capability established to analyze and collect information from the social media accounts of Canadians (A:  There ya go.  This is a war machine looking at you like it would look at people in different countries that they were going to go in and demolish.  Hm?), non-governmental organizations, industry and the news media, according to the report.


(A:  But this is with the sanction of your own government. And you’re going to VOTE for this government?  Hm?)


The Canadian Forces have already tested that capability earlier this year. This newspaper reported that a team assigned to a Canadian military intelligence unit monitored and collected information from people’s social media accounts in Ontario, claiming such data-mining was needed to help troops who were to work in long-term care homes…  


(A: [Alan chuckles.] You always put a psyops warfare team in to see how the public will look upon them going in and helping out long-term care homes, eh.  That's what it was all for, you see. Taking all your personal details and stuff and getting into all your computers just to....  Aughhhh, the lies you get. But that's what psyops machines do, they're LIARS, folks. [Alan chuckles.])


That initiative, aimed at people’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, involved collecting comments made by the public about the provincial government’s failure to take care of the elderly. (A:  WHY were they using them for that, eh?) That data was then turned over to the Ontario government, with a warning from the team it represented a “negative” reaction from the public.


(A:  Do you realize, did they also hand over the names of people who would complain about government, what they were saying? You see, if it goes a step forward, the next step into totalitarianism is to round these folk up because of their points of view.  And then they disappear or go to the camps and gulags. I’m not kidding you, folks.  That’s where, you don’t put the military into these organiz…  on the public, don’t set them loose on the public. I don’t care what branch it is.  You can’t do that. The military is a WAR machine you understand, that’s what its purpose is. So…)


Military officers see nothing wrong with such collection of data as it is already in the public domain on social media accounts.


(A:  There you go.  There’s your justification/rationalization as he goes forward step-by-step. That’s exactly how they do it.)


They concede the team should not have been assigned to military intelligence, but under the new plan it will be controlled by the military’s public affairs branch.


(A:  There ya go.)


But others have questioned how collecting information on the public’s views concerning Ontario Premier Doug Ford was even relevant to how the Canadian Forces were to care for elderly residents.


(A: Exactly! What they’re telling you is lies, folks. They’re doing it for, hhhch, other purposes, obviously, you know. But if they’re handing folks names over, and what they’re using and so on, that’s a dangerous, dangerous… This is where horror comes down the pike. It really does. This is the stuff that Solzhenitsyn warned you of, this kind of behavior.  M-hm. So…)


Sajjan requested an investigation be done into the data collection and has also limited at least temporarily some of what the military calls influence activities.


(A:  Why does the military got ANY influence activities on its population?)


The military, however, noted in the plan that it will consult the federal


(A:  That’s okay then.  You see, here again is the stuff, how they rationalized it…)


  it will consult the federal privacy commissioner before it launches its collection of Canadians’ online information.


(A: [Alan laughing.] Oh, we’ll talk to this Commissioner, who has no powers apparently, the commissioner.)


The public affairs enhancement plan


(A:  Oh I like the term for that…)


The public affairs enhancement plan reflects the military leadership’s view they can shape and direct the attitudes of Canadians if the right techniques are applied.


(A:  Oh, it’s an ENHANCEMENT, it’s not brainwashing, it’s an enhancement.)


“Defence StratCom will focus on effects and outcomes among key audiences and will provide clear direction on aligning actions, efforts and resources in pursuit of strategic objectives,” the plan added.


(A:  I wonder if they’ll tell us what the plan, what the objectives are, though, eh.)


Some in the Canadian Forces already attempted to conduct a trial run of such techniques.


This newspaper reported in July the military had planned a propaganda campaign aimed at heading off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic.


(A:  The military was getting put on this.  Not just the police, and it’s the military, right?)


That campaign was to use similar propaganda tactics to those employed against the Afghan population during the war in Afghanistan, including loudspeaker trucks to transmit government messages. The propaganda operation was halted after concerns were raised about the ethics behind such techniques.


(A:  Well, I wonder who would object to that, for goodness’ sake, eh.)


The public affairs enhancement plan also calls for harnessing the social media accounts of select Canadian Forces staff to push out pre-approved government and military messages to the public. Although the social media activity would be seen to be coming from the personal accounts of military personnel, it would actually be Canadian Forces public affairs officers behind the scenes crafting and coordinating the messages.


(A:  In other words, you’ve already got your strata of lies and liars already in place doing the usual stuff, eh.  This is what they do. This is what they’re trained to do, eh.)


The enhancement plan also calls for improving links to military-friendly academics


(A:  Actually they’re all on board with CSIS in Canada which is like a kind of branch of the CIA, really, set up by I think it was Pierre Trudeau that got that one put in, the kind of private intelligence agency throughout Canada, and it’s very secretive. Anyway…)


  military-friendly academics


(A:  And they have a lot of professors involved by the way.)


  and retired senior military staff so they can be used to push out approved Canadian Forces messages either on social media or in their interactions with journalists.


Sajjan had originally approved the weaponization of public affairs initiative, started in 2015, along with a separate but significant expansion of military propaganda capabilities for various units. The Liberals outlined in their 2017 defence strategy policy the need for the Canadian military to become more involved in propaganda and information warfare.


(A:  Well, we all thought it was going to be for abroad though.)


But attempts to influence the public haven’t always worked out. Last year, the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces planned a public relations campaign to counter what bureaucrats and officers believed were false claims that the military had a problem with racists in the ranks. But that plan had to be scuttled after alleged racists and far-right sympathizers with links to military became involved in a series of high-profile incidents, undercutting the message of the PR scheme that the severity of the issue had been exaggerated.


(A:  They’ve got everybody at each other’s throats, you know that. They can stir up things. That’s what they do, psyops get everybody, they get tribes fighting each other too, folks, across the world. This is what you do, you know, and they’re using it on the public. And the folk will read these articles and say, oh my God, look at these racists and so on.  They don’t realize, no, their government’s creating it all. [Alan chuckles.])


As part of that PR effort, dossiers were created about journalists the military believed would cover the issue of racists in the ranks,


(A:  You see, they’ve got their own embedded journalists. It’s not just someone who, they have them permanently in their own countries. That’s why you’ve got a unified media across Canada and the States, all the same stories, same points of view, same everything. The CIA, you know.)


including the CBC’s (A: That's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.) Murray Brewster. The dossier about Brewster, who has since broken a number of stories about the far-right in the Canadian Forces, contained transcripts of his interviews with senior military staff and the warning, “He’s familiar with the defence system, and his reporting, while factual, often emphasizes the mistakes and shortcoming of DND (A: Department of National Defense.) and the CAF.”


Bonneville said the minister did not and will not authorize the creation of the dossiers on journalists. She did not, however, provide an explanation on why the files were created by Canadian Forces staff.


In addition, under Sajjan’s watch, an invitation-only Facebook page has been created where serving and retired military and DND public affairs staff share information about journalists. (A:  There ya go.  See.  Hhhch, the first folk that you round up in totalitarian system are any journalists that are not on board with it. That’s what they do. That’s exactly what they do.)


  under Sajjan’s watch, an invitation-only Facebook page has been created where serving and retired military and DND public affairs staff share information about journalists. There are more than 400 participants on the Facebook page, which is officially supported by the DND.


That's just one article from the Ottawa Citizen. I tell you, they won't be even pleased with that article.  They're not supposed to… you're supposed to be dumb and ignorant, you know.  M-hm. And here's one of the propaganda, it's thought to be one of the propaganda exercises they did, again, by the same journalist for the Ottawa Citizen. It says…


Forged letter warning about wolves on the loose part of Canadian Forces propaganda campaign that went awry / 14 Oct 2020


A letter from the Nova Scotia government sent out to residents to warn about a pack of wolves on the loose in the province was forged by Canadian military personnel as part of a propaganda training mission that went off the rails.


The letter told residents to be wary of wolves that had been reintroduced into the area by the provincial and federal governments and warned the animals were now roaming the Annapolis Valley. The letter, which later became public, sparked concern and questions among residents but was later branded as “fake” by the Nova Scotia government which didn’t know the military was behind the deception. 


(A: [Alan laughing.]  Ahhhh, I tell ya. Oh what a wicked web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. There you go, eh. Hhhch…)


The training also involved using a loudspeaker


(A:  No kidding, listen to this…  You almost think it's fake news but this is what they put out, this is what they put out too.  Psyops is astonishing when you read the things they've done in the past, and what they've made people believe and so on.  And part of it is a terror campaign, like they did in selected areas where they'll terrify the public, like stories with this, ooooh, ravenous wolves and stuff, to see how you react.  And they'll study you, you see. That's your tax money at work.)


The training also involved using a loudspeaker to generate wolf sounds, the Canadian Forces confirmed to this newspaper.


(A:  I think what they’re really doing is having a really intelligent wolf tell the rest of the wolves, when you hear these sounds ignore them, they’re just playing on the dumb humans, you know.)


The fake letter was part of new skills being tested by the military as it hones its expertise (A:  This is training the people, you know, the recruits and stuff, let’s use the public, the idiots, the idiot public for, you know, to perfect our techniques of deception and manipulation, eh.) for launching propaganda missions at home and abroad. The letter was developed by information warfare specialists with the Halifax Rifles, a reserve unit.


They not only forged the logo of the Wildlife Division of Nova Scotia’s Department of Lands and Forestry but they also attributed the letter to a real Nova Scotia government employee, even though they didn’t have permission to do so. 


(A:  You see how they could really get folk even attacking each other, or doing worse, eh? You understand?  This is what they do abroad, you know. They can get tribal leaders so riled up against each other that they’ll, in order to have them knock each other off, you know, eliminate them. That’s how they do it.)


A phone number on the letter, which residents were to call if they had concerns about the wolves, was traced by this newspaper to the work number of an Environment Canada employee, who also appears to be a Canadian Forces reservist.


The Canadian Forces revealed its role behind the fake letter last week to the Nova Scotia government and then on the weekend to local news media. Media outlets reported military staff had written the letter but didn’t know why.


Emma Briant, a professor at Bard College in the U.S. who specializes in researching military propaganda, said what the Canadian Forces did was a major violation of ethics. “This is way over the top,” Briant said. “It’s a very dangerous path when you start targeting your own public with false information and trying to manipulate them.”


(A:  Well, the government’s allowed them to do it now, according to the other articles.)


Briant said the deception has nothing to do with wolves; it was likely an exercise in the testing the military’s skills in trying to manipulate the population with false information. “You start a rumour about wolves on the loose and then you see how the public reacts,” she added.


(A:  And they’ve got, you see they’ve got access too, to all your chitchat in real time. That’s how they do it. They can actually get access to Internet everything, literally bypass, they’ve got all the back doors into all your devices.)


Similar deception operations were tried by contractors (A:  And this organization is now part of the US, contractor to the US military.) of SCL (A: …right…), a propaganda company which had worked for the U.S. and British militaries in Afghanistan and other locations in Asia. In those cases, false information was transmitted to villagers to convince them not to send their children to religious schools where they might be radicalized. But instead of being truthful, the contractors concocted an information campaign claiming pedophiles were operating in religious schools and parents shouldn’t send them there because their children would be in danger of being molested.


(A:  The world is a very deceptive place.  And that’s what I’m saying, you have no idea of how many, I call it the manpower if you like, although it’s men and women, there’s just as many of them quite happy to do this kind of work too. The psychopathic personalities flourish in this kind of society, you know.  M-hm.  It’s like The Lives of Others, you know, that movie.)


The Nova Scotia propaganda training comes as the Canadian Forces spools up its capabilities to conduct information warfare, influence operations and other deception missions aimed at populations overseas and, if necessary, the Canadian public.


(A: That part it says came from, um…)


Le Bouthillier said he didn’t know why the loudspeaker was set up…


(A:  …blah, blah, blah.  So I guess, um, anyway it's been okayed by, it says, not okayed by senior leaders. So they're already passing the buck saying they can't find a senior leader that approved it.)


The training initiative did not follow the established approval process and was not okayed by senior leaders, he added.


(A: This is deception, you know. But anyway…)


The Nova Scotia propaganda training comes (A:  As I said earlier…) as the Canadian Forces spools up its capabilities to conduct information warfare, influence operations and other deception missions aimed at populations overseas and, if necessary, the Canadian public.


Briant revealed on Monday the Canadian Forces spent more than $1 million in training its public affairs officers in skills to influence targeted populations.


(A:  There’s a lot more money going to be given to them just for domestic purposes actually.)


In July, this newspaper reported a team assigned to a Canadian military intelligence unit monitored and collected information from people’s social media accounts in Ontario, claiming such data-mining was needed to help troops working in long-term care homes during the coronavirus pandemic. The collection involved comments made by the public about the provincial government’s failure in taking care of the elderly in the province. That data was turned over to the Ontario government, with a warning from the team it represented a “negative” reaction from the public.


This newspaper reported at the same time that the Canadian Forces planned a propaganda campaign aimed at heading off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic. The plan used similar propaganda tactics to those employed against the Afghan population during the war in Afghanistan, including loudspeaker trucks to transmit government messages. The propaganda operation was never put into action.


(A:  So they say.)


In addition, some Canadian military officers have suggested creating fake Facebook and other social media accounts for carrying out deception operations as well as harnessing social media accounts of Canadian Forces members, military-friendly academics and retired senior military staff to challenge opposition politicians and journalists who raise controversial issues regarding the Canadian Forces.


(A:  I love how they always justify it when they’ve, when they’re stepping forward in places where they shouldn’t be moving.)


The Canadian Forces stresses that it follows ethical guidelines in its propaganda operations.


But others inside the military say that isn’t the case, pointing to the Nova Scotia operation as a prime example as it violated Canadian privacy law and the Criminal Code when soldiers forged documents.


(A:  What Canadian privacy law? Remember two articles ago I mentioned that they had already approached the privacy officer for Canada, this member of Parliament, that's all he does supposedly, he has no real power to do anything, just to seek approval to do more on the public. I mean, isn't it amazing?)


The fake wolf letter was dated Sept. 19, two days after Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance met with senior military leaders to explain “the value of ethical decision making and the importance of maintaining the credibility of the CAF (A:  Canadian Armed Forces.) by being honest and transparent in everything we do.”


[Alan laughing.] Ah, dear, dear, eh.  You’ve got to understand though, you see, in the military in these kind of operations and these particular sections and areas they're given a complete freehand to do whatever they want on the public of different nations that are targeted. And they are completely callous about it.  Youngsters see it just like wargaming everything, it's fun to them. Let's see who they can manipulate and get to kill each other, and how to destroy different sections that are standing up against whatever it is, and how to destroy and annihilate different movements that get up. Even movements, especially movements that rise up even peaceably and politically and try and get committees formed to get foreign troops out of their countries. They'll go to, they'll, it doesn't matter what they do to them, you'll do whatever you could to destroy them.  And that's what happens here, folks. They'll threaten their families. They'll select maybe one of their wives and pull them aside sometimes, and give them a little warning, you know, about their children. This is the dirty, dirty trick squad of all kinds, you wouldn't believe it. And they should not be operating inside your own country. They should not be. No way.


Now, I'm going to touch on, hhhch, Justin Trudeau who carries on in his father's footsteps of being a global citizen, a citizen of the world, as Pierre used to talk about it too. This article says, it's from the Global Citizens organization.


Justin Trudeau Committed an Extra $400 Million in Global Aid to Tackle COVID-19 / 29 Sept 2020


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed $400 million for global initiatives tackling COVID-19 at a United Nations event on Tuesday morning.


The High-Level Event on Financing the 2030 Agenda


(A: That's sustainable development, and the agenda for the 21st century, 2030 is part of it.  It's segmented up into 15-year periods of things that have to be fulfilled within each 15 years. But I always suggested folk read the whole thing, Agenda 21. Anyway…)


  for Sustainable Development


(A: Again, that was all down to the climate change thing, another excuse for it.)


  in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond was co-hosted by Trudeau, UN Secretary-General António Guterres, and Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness.


The meeting sought to bring together heads of state, government officials, and representatives of international organizations,


(A:  You know, the folk who just spend your money…)


  the private sector, and civil society to discuss how to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and work towards achieving the UN’s Global Goals.


(A:  Well, I don’t think they asked the general citizenry.  It’s always selected people that say yes to everything that they ask in these meetings.)


The new international development funding will be used for trusted partners (A:  Again, trusted partners, you see.) working to address COVID-19 on the ground, helping with pandemic recovery in developing countries.


(A:  It’s a public relations exercise, even the article.)


“Canada believes that a strong, coordinated response across the world and across sectors is essential. This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset,” Trudeau said


(A: That's the great reset for the World Economic Forum. So it's an opportunity, this Covid thing, and it's given us an opportunity for reset, and the whole agenda for a new way of living.  [Alan chuckles.] Which is something you've got to read from the World Economic Forum's site itself.)


  during the videoconference. “This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine (A: You see, that's the term they're all using, reimagining this and reimagining economic systems, reimagining living, wellness, education, it's all reimagining.) economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”


(A:  They really care about you all, you know.)


So anyway I'll put this article up from the Global Citizen's website and see what you think and so on. But again, it's what you expect, isn't it? They're all on board. We said this months and months ago, that this is really an excuse to push the whole agenda right through. To crash the world economy, completely crash it as you would have in a true world war. You see, we've never had crashed economies even in world wars, you know, it never got this far. And so quick and efficient, because they terrified the public with unified, again unification, a unified campaign of terror on the public. And here you go with the new way of living that was drafted up by the United Nations characters along with the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and all the usual people who run your whole lives, the 1% at the very, very top naturally. Who really have sleepless nights worrying about you.  They want to help you, you know, just something that they do. That's why they spend so much money in creating world government organizations that you don't elect, and uniting nations to get like the EU and things like that.  They just want to take care of you, you know. Help you. Selfless people they are.


Of course at the very, very top you just simply have the eugenicists and megalomaniacs, psychopaths. They have acquired the world's wealth in their hands, the few 1%, everything you need to live on, and they've decided they really don't need so many of you anymore. They keep telling us that, as they want to help you, you know.  M-hm. Hhhhh.  What would you do without such selfless people? I don't know.


I'm also going to put up National Vital Statistics System. I'll put that up too.


CDC, National Center for Health Statistics - New ICD Code for Reporting Deaths COVID-19 / 24 Mar 2020


New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths


(A: I'll put that one up as well maybe.)


Steven Schwartz, PhD

Director – Division of Vital Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics  (A:  …in Maryland it says here.)



Firms will be banned from advertising junk foods


(A: So, you think this is, is this fake news, or what, or is it real, right, eh?  But it's in The Sun newspaper, The Sun in Britain.)


Firms will be banned from advertising junk foods like sausages rolls


(A:  I also saw that too in another paper.)


and fish fingers online, under new plans / 10 Nov 2020


(A: You see, it isn't just austerity.  You're going to be trained how to eat healthily and eat very little. So they can't advertise sausage rolls and fish fingers and so on. It says…)


It comes days after kids were effectively banned from playing sport during lockdown.


(A: [Alan chuckles.])


Campaigners warned that even spreads such as Marmite and mustard could be hit by the ban


(A:  There ya go. And...)


“No more fish and chips, no more Cadbury's chocolate, no more pork pies and stilton. (A: …it says.)


“Far from new restrictions British retailers and consumers need new freedoms, and the government needs to reject the insanity of this suggestion that threatens to ruin the recovery after this pandemic ends.”


Well, good luck if you think it’s ending. This part is to be about 2 to 3 times more severe than the little warming up exercise they give you up into March, you know, March and April.


Elon Musk, of course, you probably read that too…


Elon Musk continues to cast doubt about ‘bogus’ COVID-19 test results / 13 Nov 2020


(A: says here. That's his own words.)


(A: It says here that…)


Elon Musk sowed doubts about the accuracy of coronavirus tests on Friday — just hours after tweeting that he took four rapid tests with conflicting results.


(A: …all from the same, using the same nurse and the same test.) 


The Tesla boss and fifth-richest man in the world (A:  Again, a front.) had initially tweeted Thursday night that “Something extremely bogus is going on” regarding COVID-19 testing. “Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse.”


(A:  There ya go. I guess on the same day.)


Media outlets quickly jumped on Musk’s tweets with stories highlighting his positive diagnosis — provoking the prickly tech entrepreneur to protest.


“Technically, I tested positive, then negative twice, then positive again, so ‘Elon Musk Tests Negative for Covid’ is an equally correct title,” he tweeted.


Anyway, he said apparently the only thing that he had was a slight sniffle, like a cold, a common cold. Mind you too, a common cold is also a Covid, part of the Covid family. But there you go, he's not happy at all.  So he's got another test, a different kind of test sent off to see what that's going to come back as.  [Alan chuckles.] But this is quite normal when you see these tests, eh.


I'm going to put a YouTube up too, I think it was put out by the World Economic Forum.


World Economic Forum: "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" - / 28 Oct 2020


This article here is by Countercurrents and it says…


Own Nothing and Be Happy: Being Human in 2030 / 9 Nov 2020


The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland, brings together international business and political leaders, economists and other high-profile individuals to discuss global issues.


(A:  And Klaus Schwab, one of the founders, and it says, who's also in for the great reset, eh.)


The great reset entails a transformation of society resulting in permanent restrictions on fundamental liberties and mass surveillance as entire sectors are sacrificed to boost the monopoly and hegemony of pharmaceuticals corporations, high-tech/big data giants, Amazon, Google, major global chains, the digital payments sector, biotech concerns, etc.


(A: It talks about using the Covid 19 lockdowns and so on.  But yeah, you'll see little, I'll put a YouTube up as well where they actually go through this little wonderful thing that you'll own nothing but you'll be happy. That's one of their slogans from the WEF, World Economic Forum. By 2030 you'll own nothing and be happy.  They've decided how you’re going to live, and you're going to be, remember I talked about it too, I went through the whole terminology of the psychological warfare program called the wellness, wellness program. And folk say, what's wrong with wellness? Because you've already adapted to it.  Well, we're wellness, you know.  I used to give talks 20 years ago, I says, look, do you ever, do folk ever say to you, how's your wellness today? No.  No.  But what is it?, Oh, how's your health, you know?  Yeah, yeah, they say that. Well now it's, how is your wellness, you know.) 


(A: This wellness idea was to eventually get you trained step by little step, short step, short step, all the way into now, into, well you'll own nothing and you'll be happy by 2030. Because you see, and I even give the talks about it, how they'll even give you drugs and things to make you feel happy. You could be shoveling manure out of the bier; you might think you're on the surface of the moon watching the stars or something and feel all quite happy about things. In other words, you'll feel well, you see, as opposed to...)


(A: Remember what Aldous Huxley said in the Mike Wallace interview? He said, with the techniques that they had back then, you know, he says, they could persuade the public to do things that might not be in the best, their own best interests. Well, that's what your wellness program actually is. You might not have much, you might have less than other people even, but you're going to feel happy about everything. Well, perhaps you shouldn't be feeling happy about everything.  And if you are feeling it, WHAT'S happened to you, what's been DONE to you?  So anyway I'll put this article up. It's not too bad. You’ll see…)


A happy smiling face is depicted (A: …on the video…) while a drone delivers a product to a household, no doubt ordered online and packaged by a robot in a giant Amazon warehouse: (A: …and it says…)  ‘no humans were involved in manufacturing, packaging or delivering this product’; rest assured, it is virus- and bacteria-free – because even in 2030, they will need to keep the fear narrative alive and well to maintain full-spectrum dominance over the population.


And that's a fact, folks. This is not to end. It's not to end. This is a whole retraining program for all of humanity, if you go along with it, you know. And look what you are up against too, when your own governments are using your own military forces to do psy-op operations on you.  Hm?  All of you. What kind of forces do you have that are quite willing and happy to do it on their own population? That tells you, that's another scary thing too, to realize that, yeah, they'll go along with it. Well, what's the next step, eh? All of those countries in the past you've been taught to hate and hate and hate, look what they did to the people... Hey, this is how it all comes along, folks.  It's to keep you safe, you know. Yeah, I'm telling you, it's to keep you all safe. So I'll put up that little video on that too for those that want to see it.


Remember, once again,  Send a few bucks my way. Don't postpone it, do it now.  [Alan chuckles.] Because folk forget it, as soon as I stop saying it folk just forget it, you see. Because this is a, you know, I have no ax to grind. I have no personal benefit. I have no political party to push either in all of this either. I'm not backed by anybody else, any organization, or funded by them, you know. And I certainly don't front for anybody either.  It's just me. So send a few bucks.  You can buy the books and discs if you want. Remember the payment methods, PayPal, send cash, check, you can send little international, a little money order even from the bank in fact. You can use Money Gram. There's different ways to get cash out there. So please do it and help me tick along. 


Because as I say, I really, I know the groups are funded and who funds them. [Alan chuckles.] And I won't play the sour grapes thing, you know, at all. So you can't accuse me of that. But I know who they are, and it's not just speculation on my behalf.  I'll just tell you to send a few bucks my way and help me tick along myself. Because I'm not selling you anything else, and I don't give you any products that make you live forever. And I have no instant cure for anything either. Unfortunately. So keep the money flowing and hopefully I can keep ticking along.


Now, into the rest of this talk here, hhhch, it's The Covid Pandemic. It’s from Global Research.


The Covid “Pandemic”: Destroying People’s Lives. Engineered Economic Depression.

 (A:  Well, that’s warfare, you see.) Global “Coup d’Etat”? / 12 Nov 2020


(A: It goes into the different things that have been done to you.)


Red Zones, the facemask, social distancing, the closing down of schools, colleges and universities, no more family gatherings, no birthday celebrations, music, the arts: no more cultural events, sport events are suspended, no more weddings, “love and life” is banned outright.


(A:  Isn’t that the truth, eh?  This is total war, total war to get you into the new system, folks, that the elite like Klaus Schwab have designed for you. And all the media is on board with it. ALL of them. ALL of the big media is on board with this. You’re as well as having this one name for all the media and they're like one company name, because they're ALL the same.  Without exception really. It says...)


And in several countries, Christmas is on hold …


It’s the destruction of people’s lives. It is the destabilization of civil society. And for What?


The Lies are sustained by a massive media disinformation campaign. 24/7, Incessant and repetitive “Covid alerts” for the last ten months. … It is a process of social engineering.


(A: It's actually a war of terror, isn't it, really?)


Manipulation of the Estimates. The RT-PCR Tests are Misleading.


(A: ...and so on.  It goes into in more detail and in another link it goes into the PCR test and…)


According to Dr. Pascal Sacré in an article entitled: The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society: .


This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights…


(A:  …and so on, by the use of these false positives it says.)


… and not on a real number of patients.


(A:  It gives you too a link to the CDC, government, right, hhhch, the government CDC, and it says…)


The criteria have been changed. The CDC instructions are crystal clear. (A:  The link is here.)


COVID-19 will be the underlying cause of death “more often than not”   


(A: That's the instructions they put out to all the guys on how to diagnose and put on the death certificates.  But it's a big agenda.  The whole agenda is here, folks, for those who haven't figured it out. Economic warfare, that's what you do in warfare, you see, you go for the economy, if you can stop it and disrupt the economy.  Well here they've pretty well almost eliminated it, it's, there's nothing to guess at here at all.)


The Covid crisis is a sophisticated instrument of the power elites. It has all the features of a carefully planned intelligence op. using “deception and counter-deception”.


(A:  That’s how it is, eh. This article also touches on about the Covid psy-op, you see, counter deception and so on, deception and counter deception.)


Leo Strauss: “viewed intelligence as a means for policymakers to attain and justify policy goals, not to describe the realities of the world.” And that is precisely what they are doing in relation to Covid-19.


(A:  You see…)


“…not to describe the realities of the world.”


(A:  You see, facts don’t matter. You see?  M-hm.  It’s…)


“…a means for policymakers to attain and justify policy goals…” 


(A:  …to push policy through, that’s all.)


(A: Also, the video of the Event 201...)


Video: The Event 201 Pandemic Exercise. October 18, 2019. Focusses on the extent of the pandemic. (A:  This is the exercise before it all came out.) Also addresses within the simulation how do deal with online social media and so-called “misinformation”. (Listen carefully)


(A: And you get to listen carefully to it too, eh?  I'll put a little video up on that too, I think, at least part of that exercise, it's quite a long one. But you'll hear them on how to deal with folk online and how to call it MISinformation, how they'd be unified, and how to attack them. They even had members of, again, they were admitted, Facebook and all the other platforms on board with this before, hhhch, this is before you had Covid 19, hhhch, this is last year, eh.  Then he goes into different kinds of economic takedown.)


Macro-Economic Intervention. Evolution of the Global Economy

(A:  How to devolve it as well.  And give them shock treatment, you’re still to see a lot of that yet. It’s coming though, you know.)


History of Economic “Shock Treatment”. From The Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to “Global Adjustment (GA)”


I'll put that up as well for those that want to read it. Another one too is... It’s in Britain, you know, that GCHQ, so they have their spies...


GCHQ spies launch cyber counter-attack against anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by Russia / 9 Nov 2020


The government is determined to tackle anti-vaxxer propaganda spread online

GCHQ has launched a new campaign targeting hostile propaganda by Russia

Russian propagandists are targeting the Oxford vaccine with monkey memes


GCHQ has launched a cyber counter-attack against anti-vaccine propaganda spread by Russia, according to sources.


(A: Russia they claim here now. You see how they… And by the way, this is deliberate. They'll say by Russia because it gets, they have a way of getting around doing it on their own public, you see. They'll say it's to counter propaganda spread from Russia, they have to follow it from its source to Britain. This is how they're getting around all the little…)


(A: They really treat you like idiots, don't they!? Unfortunately they do, they're so cocksure of getting their own way all the time. And again too, the previous articles they'll say vaccine HESITANCY. This is now ANTI-VAXXERS, you know, if you don't want THIS vaccine because it's a novel experimental vaccine, right, and it alters your DNA eventually, as opposed to the old types of vaccinations.  You're going to be an ANTI VAXXER, not just an anti-THIS vaccine, you see what I'm saying, how they play the games? Like Holocaust denier or something like that, or a climate change denier. Same thing. They always use the same techniques, that they've trained the public to recoil from, these terms, you see.  A DENIER!  HHHHH!!! So there ya go.  You're anti-vaxxer! No, I just don't want this one because you know...  Anyway it says…)


GCHQ has launched a cyber counter-attack against anti-vaccine propaganda spread by Russia, according to sources.


The spy agency has begun its cyber operation targeting hostile states and is using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation and recruitment material shared by Islamic State.


(A: The Islamic State it says here, right. So it's been used before.)


The activity being targeted is linked to Moscow, who is thought to be attempting to exploit the chaos caused by the pandemic to undermine the West and strengthen its own interests.


(A:  What a piece of propaganda that is, eh.  I-yi-yi-yi-yi.)


It is the latest step in the government's bid to tackle a rising tide of fake information being spread about a vaccine.


(A:  This is from the same media that’s hyped terror and terror all the way from last February, regardless of facts, you know. And here they are wanting you to believe them now?  [Alan laughing.])


The need to shutdown such information is growing increasingly more important as scientists close in on a reliable vaccine against Covid-19. 


(A:  So it’s a war strategy, they’re closing in on reliable vaccine, and they need to shut down such information, right. I’ve never seen anything that government’s allowed to get passed that doesn’t expand as soon as it is passed, any law or any regulation or whatever. It will just expand.  Well, now you can’t do this, now you can’t say that, blah blah blah, you know. So they give you some probably fake things about cartoons put out about Boris Johnson that they claim is from Russia.)


A government source told the Times: 'GCHQ has been told to take out antivaxers online and on social media.


(A:  Now, what do they mean TAKE OUT anti-vaxxers?  You know where that terminology is used, eh?)


There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.' 


(A:  So, now you’re a terrorist. You see?  Are you starting to connect the terminology they’re using here?  Hm? This is the Times, this is not a little tabloid thing, this is the Times.)


A government source told the Times: 'GCHQ has been told to take out antivaxers online and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.' 


(A:  So terrorist again, the same, you know, same line.)


Tactics thought to be considered are the take down of websites and content linked to hostile states and the disruption of the actors behind the fake news.


(A:  So…)


  thought to be considered are the take down of websites and content linked to hostile states


(A:  So now I guess Russia is hostile, they are admitting it’s hostile, or, are they hostile to Russia, hm? So they can put out information, claim it’s from Russia and saying that you’ve got it on your website. You see? So that’s why they’re going to use the psyops against you and all the rest of it.)


GCHQ will attempt to do this by encrypting the state's own data so they cannot access it (A:  Who’s they?) and by blocking communication between hostile groups.  (A:  Right.)


Russia is behind a high proportion of false information about the coronavirus, one source (A  …one, I love the, I love the, how they always do these anonymous sources, eh.) has claimed.


GCHQ will only target foreign states and is blocked from chasing false information produced by ordinary people.  


(A:  …it says now again, right.)


It comes after an investigation last month discovered a smear campaign launched in Russia to discredit the coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University scientists.


(A:  Well, where’s the proof of that though?)


It aims to spread fear about the vaccine with ridiculous claims that it will turn people into apes because it uses a chimpanzee virus.


(A:  It’s not that way at all. It’s just, it’s literally designed for bureaucrats, because they’re social climbers, you know, they like climbing.  That’s what I, that’s my opinion, that’s my take on it. But anyway yeah, here they are trying to blame Russia for it, what a farce this is. I tell you.  Ahhhh. So they show you a picture of the vaccine company’s tent, with apes and gorillas leaving the other side, and claiming that Russia put it up.  Like the kind of book cartoons put out. This is standard stuff, putting out this kind of sarcasm out with cartoon format. That’s been, goes way back as long as I can remember, and long before I was born actually. Anyway it says…)


The campaign has the potential to damage the Oxford programme by appealing to anti-vaccine fanatics.


(A:  So now, the terminology, I guess it's been drafted up by psyops themselves for the Times.  Because it's so, the terminology is, this is warfare terminology they're using against people. So anti-vaxxers are now anti-vaccine fanatics, you know, who are in bed with Russians, Russian opponents or enemies. And yeah, they’ve got to take them out, you know take them out.  The terminology, m-hm.  Ftt.)


Now, GCHQ is expected to take action against hostile states spreading similar disinformation.


However, it is understood Britain cannot attack websites based in the United States (A:  Listen to this…  [Alan chuckles.]) or the other Five Eyes nations of Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


(A:  They don’t have to because we are doing it ourselves in our own countries. You see?)


Instead, the UK must defer to partner agencies based in those nations, (A:  You see/hear that, how they get around it?)


  the UK must defer to partner agencies (A:  So, well, we’ve got partner agencies in those countries, so we’re not doing it, our partner agency’s doing it.)


  based in those nations, although free speech laws in countries like the US pose an issue.


(A:  So listen, those in the US, free speech laws in the countries like the US, do you understand how important free speech is?, and they’re doing away with it, and you’re going along with it? You don’t see this, and don’t… okay.  You’re losing it, eh? And yet it’s big enough for massive psy operatives, psy-op operations to want to get rid of free speech. This is the whole thing of taking down the whole Internet of those who are just using free speech. That’s the war, eh.) 


  although free speech laws in countries like the US pose an issue.


(A: It’s an issue, you see. Rather than say it’s a problem.) 


As well as the new GCHQ drive, a secretive army unit specialising in information warfare is also thought to be involved in countering fake narratives about the coronavirus.


(A: You see, there's only one narrative and that's from the top, folks. All the doctors working in hospitals and that, and the thousands of them, it doesn't matter what they say. It's a big agenda, you see.)


General Sir Nick Carter, the chief of the defence staff, has confirmed that the 77 Brigade is 'helping to quash rumours about misinformation but also to counter disinformation'.


Defence secretary Ben Wallace has also previously highlighted Russia's role in fake news campaigns during the pandemic.


All the other articles didn't mention Russia doing this.  You see, this is GCHQ's little baby that they've dreamed up. So I'll put this article up too for those that care.  [Alan chuckles.] A lot of folk don't care. Again, most folk, the devil wouldn't bother you if you don't get involved, so you'll be quite safe. There you go. That's what the, that's a good term to use, actually, the devil won't bother you because he already owns you. Hhhch. That's what they used to say.


GCHQ in cyberwar on anti-vaccine propaganda - / 9 Nov 2020


This is interesting too, it's from Greenwald.  Remember, he started up a news media outlet to try to get free speech, and he ran it for a while. Then they outed him recently, because they were censoring his articles, and so that was it. So he says…


Greenwald: Deep State, Silicon Valley, Media In Full Union With The Democratic Party To Stop Trump / 29 Oct 2020


(A: It's a good enough article too, what he says here. He started, I think his newspaper was called The Intercept.)


Tucker Carlson interviewed 'The Intercept' co-founder Glenn Greenwald after he quit his job on Thursday, claiming editors censored story critical of Biden. Greenwald told Carlson, left is in bed with a CIA set on destroying Trump and complained that the left's "healthy skepticism" of what intelligence agencies say has "disappeared."


(A:  M-hm.)


"The obvious foundational prohibition on having a national security state after World War II was it was never supposed to be turned domestically," Greenwald said. (A:  The national security state” you know.) "They weren't supposed to be involved in our politics or disseminating propaganda. Go turn on any of those cable networks or pick up the op-ed page of any of the biggest newspapers and you will see are ex-members of the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the NSA telling Americans what they ought to believe. They have infiltrated the means of communication domestically. They do it through leaks, they do it through clandestine operations and through lies. They propagandize the American people in a way that is incredibly dangerous no matter what your ideology is."


It's quite a good article actually. He's stating what you should all know anyway, unfortunately most folk don't. They really don't know what's happening, right now, in real time, they don't know. That's the only… What it tells you is what's going to come down the pike too, eh? And they're all involved in it, and I really mean that, the CIA has plants everywhere, through all media of all kinds. Through medical facilities, organizations and so on. Yeah, they have doctors that are all tapped into it and so on. The World Health Organization as well...


WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine / 23 Oct 2020


An outspoken proponent of government-led tactics to influence public opinion on policy and to undermine the credibility of “conspiracy theorists” will lead the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts to encourage public acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine.


Last week, WHO’s general director, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, tweeted that he was glad to speak with the organization’s Technical Advisory Group (A:  That’s called… hhhch…) (TAG) on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health


(A: And of course naturally, I think I touched on it last week too, Cass Sunstein is involved in it too.)


Cass Sunstein, founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School


(A:  Did you vote for him? No.)


This is the worst tyranny the world has seen. You haven't seen it really, really, even though they're doing it and deplatforming people, you haven't seen it start yet, the real purge.  And it won't stop with the Internet, folks.


How SAGE and the UK media created fear in the British public / 27 June 2020


(A: This article is pretty good too. It goes through the timeline of when it started and so on.)


There seemed to be some doubt as to whether the public would comply with the upcoming measures so SAGE outlined a methodology based on known psychological behavioural modification techniques.


…and applied psychology


(A:  They have subgroups involved by, remember I mentioned before, and that came out from the British media where some journalists did come out and show you the handouts that they were given by the SAGE group from the subgroups, subcontracting groups that they had. It advised the media to exaggerate the stories, to cause more anxiety in the public so they would comply and be obedient to the authority. One of them is…)


NERVTAG: New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group



SPI-M: Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling

(A:  So they use the computers and give you big numbers.)


SPI-B: Independent Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours

(A: There’s another one too.)


(A:  This goes on through ways of...)

SPI-B highlighted nine broad ways of achieving behavioural change in the public:




Incentivisation (A:  Little freebies and stuff if you just take whatever.)





Environmental restructuring



In the document, SPI-B focused on the methods most relevant to their stated goals and set out ten options that were evaluated on six criteria.


The six criteria, under the acronym APEASE, were:


(A: [Alan chuckles.] You need a whole dictionary for each department, eh.)






Spill-over effects



Government persuasion through fear


A key part of SPI-B’s behavioural change strategy that seems to have been adopted was to ‘persuade through fear.’ The Persuasion section of the document states:


A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.


Clearly, the psychologists felt that, as of late March, the public was still not afraid of COVID-19. It therefore suggested that the government increase the level of fear:


(A: That was the anxiety level that they actually said.)


Use media to increase sense of personal threat.


(A:  There ya go. Have you seen any of the mainstream media, anybody come out and saying, I feel bad about terrorizing the public?  N-n.  I tell ya.  And...)


SPI-B recommendations to increase personal threat and use hard-hitting emotional messaging are on display with eerie imagery coupled with taglines such as:


“Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it.“

“Don’t put your friends and family in danger.“

“Stay home for your family. Don’t put their lives in danger.“

“If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.“


(A: So they come up with all these little slogans too, and that's why folk are turning on other people... Well, you don't have the mask on.  Oh, sorry, I forgot, you know.  You're killing us.)


During the first week of April 2020, the InProportion2 (A: That's what it's called. The links are here to these articles.) project noticed a change in the BBC headlines and posted the article, BBC: Informing or scaring?


The article compared hysterical BBC news headline from the first week of April 2020 with those from 2018, when mortality rates were peaking due to a bad flu season. It found no references to flu or excess mortality on the BBC home page during the 2018 peak. InProportion2 asked, “Do the headlines reflect the gravity of the situations in an equivalent way – or is additional fear being stirred up in 2020?“


(A:  Well, it’s a big agenda, folks. The great global reset, only way of living, sustainability project, all rammed through at once, right. M-hm.  Yep.  Then the terms they come up with too, like…)


Heroes and Covidiots


(A: You see, you’re an idiot, so you’re BAD. That’s the terms they put out there for people to follow, and they’ll use them.  They’ll start arguing with it, you are a Covidiot!  There you are.  And then social approval…)


Use and promote social approval for desired behaviours


(A:  You create social approval. We’re all good ones, that’s why we’re attacking you bad ones.  These local heroes have been doing amazing things, that’s what you say...)


Social approval: “These local heroes have been doing amazing things…”

Social disapproval: “Lake District closed…because covidiots won’t stay away…”

Compulsion: “Matt Hancock threatens to close beaches…”


(A:  You see?)


An incentivised media

These psychological techniques would have been impossible to deploy on the public without a compliant media. How did the government convince the media to go along with the plan?


(A: It was quite easy.  [Alan laughing.] I don’t think there was any hard battle at all. One article says...)


... the government is becoming UK news publishers’ most important client.


(A: [Alan laughing.] That's a good one too.  This article also has a link to the government website where you can download the article on how to create fear [Alan chuckles.] amongst the people, or at least increase the anxiety level. It says…)


Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures - 22 March 2020.


The link is here as well from the government of the UK. You can put it up too, mind you they might say it's disinformation because YOU said it, even though it's on their site. I don't know. That's where we are now, eh.


So remember folks, send a few bucks my way.  Cutting Definitely don't forget, it's so important now with what's coming down the pike, list all my sites too because if you can't get me on one hopefully you'll get me another.


Because now they really mean business, now, to go on total censorship of the net.  I can remember over, what, 25 years ago reading articles in the newspapers at the time, real papers of course, where they talked about, what were they going to do with the Internet? And this, it's just, people were not following politics the way that they wanted you to follow it and so on with the Internet, and they knew that already, they already had organizations, small ones started up, with rights for this, rights for that, or more rights for the people and all that kind of stuff. They really, the top politicians of the day were in the newspaper talking about ways to, down the road, that they'd have to somehow combat it, and they called it information warfare. That's what you got, information warfare. And they knew eventually they'd get to a stage, they didn't want to get the public turned off so quickly when they were just starting with the Internet really big time, so they gave you, again 20 years, I knew they would, and they would start pulling in the reigns. That's what's happening as you well see.


Don't get bogged down in the minutia of the arguments here to do with vaccine or not vaccine, and if it works better or doesn't work better, and all the facts to do with Covid. Because they really don't matter. You've already had lots of professionals, thousands of them really across the world come out and spoken out against what's happening and saying what they're telling you isn't quite true and not altogether true anyway. They're all being dismissed as well, as nuts. These are professional people with the highest qualifications.


So what you're going through is a political agenda to change the world planned by non-democratic forces such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, the Club of Rome, and you can go into their own sites and get their article when, where they boast about, this is fantastic to get the great sustainability agenda through that they couldn't get through with the climate change agreement. This is better and faster. They've crashed everything.  They've crashed the economies. Crashed your way of living.  They've got you locked down like prisoners for goodness’ sake. This is like martial law scenarios. 


The next step is of course rationing because when fewer and fewer folk are making the food, and fewer and fewer stores are there to even sell the stuff, you've just got the big outlets and they're going to eventually run short too. They want you to be rationed. They want you to get used to this idea of a wartime scenario. That's exactly what the head of the Green Party said years ago, I remember reading it actually on a radio show while I was on and I said, she was lauding the whole idea of lockdowns for war, like World War II, and she says, the people were so obedient then and they put up with so much deprivation, and did it quite willingly, because it was for the good of the country to save all and all that stuff. And she said, they had rationing and they had their homes destroyed at times and they'd have to crowd into homes, more into the homes for capacity... And she thought, this was wonderful, they could bring it back under austerity. That kind of thing. But she said, you would need a wartime scenario to make it happen, you see, where you really believe you're doing everything to save the country, you know.


That's what you got going, isn't it? Sustainability was to save the planet. Well, you wouldn't listen to that because… No matter what excuse they give you it's for a new system of a dominant oligarchic to rule the way that they want to rule, post Democratic, they don't want democracy. In fact, they're letting you know how corrupt everything is right now in order to put you off politics. And they will come forward.  And some of them have already tentatively come forward and promoted the idea, very lightly mind you to begin with, that, you know, this democracy is not working very well, it would be more efficient to handle the world more efficiently if we go into a new system, run by experts. Well, that's exactly where they're going to bring it all. 


So they're letting you notice just how corrupt politics is obviously, you know, in the meantime, as you go through it all. And whether you like it or not, we're going through it.  There is no burying your head in the sand here. You won't get a chance to deny it anymore. You can't switch it off. This is to be permanent, for at least for some years.  Until you have the new system, and then even then it's going to be so regulated you won't recognize it. 


So hhhhh, you've got to keep your heads together. Keep sane.  Don't lose your head as I say. After 9/11 I said that would happen, the hardest thing would be to hold onto your sanity.  It isn't just the massive changes, it's everything that you ever, ever, most folk would never have considered this part of a war strategy to do with all new kinds of everything, including people and things like that. This is all meant to completely make you almost have a nervous breakdown. Because you can't relate to anything anymore.  That's how it's done. It's totally warfare. This is complete warfare, which is meant really to bring you into a state of breakdown, you understand.


It's Pavlovian. Pavlov was a hero to the elite.  I mentioned it before that, how they rushed off during World War II and then afterwards to see Stalin, and from the US. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about it too in a book and how she also wanted to go there.  Because she wanted to see how the, and she admired the Soviet system of discipline and obedience.  She said that the schoolchildren, my goodness, you would see them going to school. They were unlike American children that would cajole and play with each other on the way there. She said, but these children were so obedient and solemn and almost military in the way that they walked and so on together, completely unlike American children.  And she thought, that was wonderful.  N-n-n.


We live in amazing times, don't we?  [Alan chuckles.] But most folk don't even know it. They can't imagine tyrants existing, and in your day and age. It's a strange thing that, that all tyrants must have happened before you were born, this is what you're taught. But in reality, this is what it is, they are always there. And unfortunately, they've been gathering momentum for quite a long time, and especially since World War II, with the big organizations that they set up themselves, until they have the big multibillionaire, multitrillionaire club really.  And they run the world. And they planned it. And all they have, the biggest problem was convincing you to give up and to relinquish all of your own personal power and give it all over to them. That's their...


So war is here, you're all going to die, or the climate’s going to burn to a crisp, or it's going to turn into an ice block. It doesn't matter what excuses they use, or it's Covid.  Never before in history has it been that you closed down the economy of the planet for something that hasn't had a significant death rate. It's never been done. And never before have you literally locked down all the healthy folk. [Alan chuckles.] And crashed the economy.  This is a WAR scenario, folks. Completely a war scenario which they even rehearsed it before it all happened in their simulations. But facts don't matter.  They've declared war on all the public. You're the terrorists if you speak out about it, or even quiz it, or even ask questions about it. How dare you ask a question from, when the experts have already decided everything for you, hm. And that's how bad it is.


It's totalitarian in scope because it's got a whole agenda to complete. And they really, really mean it, they were furious, absolutely furious at the World Economic Forum and the UN and all the other organizations that they own, and they have lots of them.  Absolutely furious when Britain voted to pull out of the EU, because they wanted the Americas to be next for a European Union style amalgamation for the Americas. Of course that fell apart there. I guess it will be back on the table now that Biden is in. 


They also wanted a continuation of the same wars that were on the list of the PNAC group by the way, you know, they want to get the wars all going again.  We know the countries they want to attack.  And the military-industrial complex will be quite happy about that too.  But don't forget, the military-industrial complex too is now making massive fortunes off the technologies for total surveillance, manipulation and tracking under Covid. So they're quite happy, sure, of course they’re quite happy about it all.


Terrible times we live in. But if you have a few people you can keep sane with, that's very important. Because if you think you’re locked away from everybody, and you have no one to talk to, it might not be...  Some folk can handle it, you know. I've often said, especially the more you learn, it's best to live inside your own head, then you won't offend anybody, hhhch, by speaking the truth, you know. Because the truth can get you attacked very easily nowadays. It's just too easy to convince the public that, of this thing conspiracy theory… Well, I hadn't heard that before, that's a conspiracy theory, right?  No, no, here's the facts.


The facts don't matter, you see. You can show them all the facts that you want from the authors of this and the authors of that, it makes no difference. So you've got to learn to live inside your head to an extent.  And keep yourself sane.  And don't just give up.  And don't be persuaded to just go along with everything, that you're a piece of little useless nothing.


You are all important, you understand that. 


Psychological warfare is, the first thing it does is try to undermine your faith in yourself, so that you feel unimportant, until eventually you can't, you have no faith in your own decision-making abilities, that's what it also does too, and to wreck your ability to discern things and decide for yourself. So if you're aware of these things you can counter them to an extent.


But don't forget that you should have little groups of people, little groups that will help each other out in hard times. Because it's coming down, bad times are coming down big time. The whole of the agenda for the 21st century they hope to accomplish a good lot actually very quickly under Covid and the great reset idea.


So don't give up. And keep in touch too. Really glad that people are getting in touch with me, just to get an insight into their lives and what they are seeing and so on.  It's interesting to compare different countries. But it's also interesting to see the same uniform implementation of the same agenda step-by-step. It truly is lockstep, isn't it? They’re all on board with it. And the same problems in every country, that all the media are completely on board. All the media are creating fear and terror. All the media are hammering anybody who asked questions or speaks out against it. It's just amazing to see the totalitarian aspect of this massive agenda, isn't it.


But don't let it terrify you into immobility.  As long as your mind is working you still have a lot of power, believe you me.


So hang in there and keep, let me know how it's all going.  Even for the folk I can't get back to all the time, or right away sort of thing, I do read all the emails that come in. And it is important to see. It's real people. You're all real people. In this day and age, it's sad that more folk are, never meet each other anymore with the new types of... They don't even phone each other most of them, it's all texting, you know. So you've got sight, you've got gone hearing, you don't need your hearing anymore if you're texting, you just have to have the ability to read the text, that's all. But all the different parts that make it, make human contact possible, have been taken away. I mean, the phone, hhhch, is the greatest thing out there. I was not surprised when they tried to introduce texting and do away with actual, what, speaking to people, actual vocal messages and so on.


So you’re living through amazing times. Don't lose hope.  Really, don't lose hope at all. And remember, you still have a voice.  It doesn't matter if you get hammered for even asking questions. What the hell we are in when even children can’t ask questions? Think about it. Absolute hell, when it's taboo to ask certain questions, and have a list of things you can’t ask. When a natural, any, any individual child has the right, hhhch, to use its own mind. That's how you learn for goodness’ sake. So nothing can be taboo. But they want them to be brought up into a regimented kind of society where they're trained already before they're ten on what's good and what's bad, you see. Just like it's been done before.  You had the Hitler Youth.  But you had also the Communist Youth League, which predated Hitler. That's how it's done, eh.  That's how it's done. Get the children first, you've got your little army that turns their parents in, and is a servant to the state.


As I say, don't despair. Keep in touch with me. Also you can hopefully get your small groups together to help each other out as times, when it really gets bad, you know.  And the winter is a bad time anyway for most folk. Christmas especially they say people get depressed if they're... It isn't just Christmas, it's Christmas and New Year. New Year's signifies, as you all know, the midwinter, you know, and the moving into the spring idea of rebirth and regeneration. But it's also a time of reflection where you look, especially in Scotland for instance, where they really celebrated New Year more than they did Christmas.  So it was friendship and friends today that you have and the ones who have died in the previous year and so on, all these things were brought up at New Year's time.  Should old acquaintance be forgot and so on. So it can be depressing time for people, especially when they’re locked in now with nobody to come and share their thoughts and have company with them. Because of the ridiculousness of what's going on.  This is planned war on the public.


So yeah, it's important to keep in touch with people who can help… even just talking on the phone, it's very important to keep doing that kind of thing with each other. Because most folk when they get really depressed can't speak much about it. Especially men. Men will keep quiet to the bitter end, you know.  It’s good to try and look for signs and symptoms of it and do what you can. To let them know that they're not alone or going through things alone. Remember that. Very important. That's what makes us all human.


This system is an inhumane system we're living in today. It's getting worse all time through tyranny of course. This is tyranny when you have forces paid by your tax money that are using warfare techniques upon YOU, which means you are now the enemy. I hope you understand that. That's a very dangerous thing. We shouldn't, none of us should put up with that. None of us at all.


We're going through it anyway. As I say, there's never been a generation I can find that has had peace.  Wars. Financial crashes. More wars. Big changes. Psychological operations to change children, into their thoughts, until they grow up and they have a new different way of looking at EVERYTHING, including even their genders now. All planned in advance and trained that way as well.


Unfortunately like Bertrand Russell said, you can train children to do anything with the proper techniques. Which were already perfected, he says, in his age, eh. He says, when we get the children we can literally train them to believe anything we want them to believe, so much so that he says, that if they go out into society they do have battles with society because just using different terminology they would never get around to the fact they're talking about the same thing.  In other words, we can train them that snow is black, and those children would go out and complain to, you know, what are you talking about, white snow? It's black! And they'd have battles over it.  Never realizing initially that it is simply changing the terminology, the name, for instance, is enough to cause a battle.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada – remember send a few bucks my way – it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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