Nov. 22, 2020 (#1804)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Hidden Masters Bring Disasters:

"There is a Full-Scale War Upon You,

Rights Stripped Without Consent,

Listing What You May or May Not Do,

The Accused Public Must Repent,

And Admit Guilt for Just Existing,

Occupying Space and Then Assuming

It can Go on Blindly Persisting,

With a Life of Constant Consuming.


Hidden Masters Tried Persuasion,

Created Earth Armies of The Youth,

From Schools of Indoctrination,

Eat No Meat (but Have Sweet Tooth),

Hurry, Population's Unsustainable,

It's Emergency Powers or You'll Die,

If Fixed Temperature's Unobtainable

You All Lose, Freeze or Fry!


Now Stop and Look around for Clues,

Before Warming or Covid Nineteen,

There's a Whiff of Old Thom Malthus,

So The Reasons are Not All They Seem.

In Fact the Wicked Web is Elemental,

Hidden Masters Fund All the Forces,

Which Say You're Surplus, Non-Essential,

And You're Eating The Owners' Resources."

© Alan Watt Nov. 22, 2020

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 22, 2022.  I’ve said many times that truth is, it’s not so much elusive, it’s not something that squirms out of your way.  It takes help to squirm out of your way, and you help it because you don’t want to look at it and believe it.  [Alan chuckles.]  And it’s rather sad that, isn’t it? But it’s a human trait we have.  We live in a form of hope that other people will fix our problems for us. That’s why people too also blame everybody else for their problems. Individuals do it all the time. It’s, again, a human trait. Young people are more prone to it, we’ve all been through there where it’s much easier to blame everything else rather than blame yourself for certain things too.


But people who go through their whole lives being managed, and liking being managed, this is part of the problem too, become everybody else’s problem.  I said back in the 90s on a radio show that, after I told them the agenda, you know.  At that time people said, oh no, that could never happen.  [Alan chuckles.]  Here we all are.  It’s been go  But back then people, oh no, surely not. They could understand what I was saying because even then I used the facts and articles and books put out by the players themselves, of the people who really run the world, you know. And because they don’t come out, generally up until now, openly, to say, yeah, we run the world, just go back to sleep. You know?


Unless you read their books, they hint at it an awful lot.  In fact, some of the quotes I’ve given out too by some of the big players, including Rockefeller himself, where they thank the press, the media for not exposing to the general public what they do in their big, big meetings, their international meetings and so on, and they actually said, where they could never have gotten this far without the help of the press in not telling the public. Now, these aren’t conspiracy quotes either. These are factual quotes. You can find them out there yourself.


David Rockefeller addressed a Trilateral Commission meeting in 1991 with these words:


"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications, whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years."


You’re run by a system obviously. Most folk are, we’re all born into it.  We don’t get a choice now, we’re born into it.  I’ve said before that you have to get early indoctrination, first of all it starts with your parents because they had indoctrination to believe the system is all real too. And don’t blame them either for how they ended up because you’ll be the same way, in a different generation, just as confused perhaps. But they went through wars, some of the people still have their parents alive today who went through World War II.  Then the Korean War. Then the Vietnam War for the States, and for Australia too back, and they used British special forces in there as well to get them bloodied and tested, etc.


So it’s war after war after war after war and since then you’ve had what they called low-key warfare where they don’t put it on the books so much to the press, but there’s wars on the go all the time, multiple wars, as countries are vying for resources basically.  And by countries, I say the corporate nation state, hhhch, because it is, it’s really a corporation. And everything under that, that you sign onto means that you’re working for the corporation. Whatever you do. Including the military of course.  When you join the military, you are not a member of the public anymore, you are private, you’re a private soldier, you’re owned privately by a private company, you see. Technically you give up your rights as a member of the public when you become a private, and you’re owned for a time of service. You’re bonded, you see.


So folk don’t realize that you go along with, and you give your assent and consent to being ruled BY VOTING.  The trick has always been to create parties. Oh, this is for the working people.  That’s how it used to be, until most folk don’t have any work to go to, you know, but that’s how it used to be.  So you join that party thinking, well I’m a working person so that will speak for me, and you wouldn’t think beyond that, really. Until you looked at the West, and Britain especially was awfully prominent in having communist leaders [Alan chuckles.] running the Labour Party, and many of them for years and years, you know.  It came out later of course for, just to verify it, it came out later by authors who wrote books on it, and they mentioned that Cooke [?] and different ones were members of the Communist Party. And they had Lords in it too of course the House of Lords.  Because many members of the Labour Party, they love to get knighted and get up there, they’re awful snobs as well, you see.


Most folk can’t figure even that out because they really think, you’re trained, as I say, to see things in just basic shades of black-and-white, you know.  In reality, it’s beyond all of that.  When you think that communism is really an idealistic thing for equality and yada, yada ya. No, no, no.  It’s nothing like that at all. Communism is the term to be used for technocratic rule, technocracy. True technocracy is really a form of managing a socialistic system efficiently. That’s what the big boys want, you see, and that’s where you’re going. People get caught up in ideologies without realizing, wait a minute here… Don’t fall for the ideologies. Don’t fall for the excuses, for anything. Because that’s part of this big game.


We’re so well understood. It didn’t all start in the 20th century that they were understanding human nature.  We’ve been studied for thousands of years by rulers and their advisors, kings and queens and so on.  Vast amounts of knowledge on how to manage populations, and every possible scenario, you know.  Of course in the 20th century definitely they had more money, public money funded into universities and studies in psychology and behaviorism, which then added, added to the techniques which they now employ upon the people.  And then with the Internet, that’s it basically, everyone’s observed and you’re transparent.  As I say, you’re the true nu-clear (new clear) family, you know. N-e-w clear family, they see right through you and they know all about you.  M-hm. And you help them because you, again, you know, if you want to use this program or that app you’ve got to accept their rules, and you sign everything away, you know.  Your firstborn and all.  It’s so convenient, isn’t it?


So back in the 90s, as I say, I mentioned at the end of a long talk on the system, and what was coming, and how we got to where we were then too.  Where after World War II you had a little bit of a break because you had all the industry built up, with taxpayers’ money by the way.  The public-private partnership is not a new thing at all. They went into actually producing things which you need and can sell.  So from about 1945, the end of 1945 to 1946, and then into maybe 1970 there was a bust of prosperity for working people and the middle classes too.  From the 1970s it started to wane because now you had multiple factories being cloned across the planet producing the same items, and once you go into Third World countries you can’t compete with the cost of labor.


That’s why eventually your politicians, who are all crooks anyway, and they are, they all belong to fraternities, and they’re crooks, and they’re all sworn to stand by each other.  They signed off through the GATT treaty and the free-trade negotiations with China to bring them in and as the most favored nation partner. And it still stands today.  And we paid, our tax money paid companies to move, uproot their factories and move wholesale to China and to be set up there. We paid for it all.  Thank you very much politicians. And people still vote, eh?!


And they really truly, they did sail through it, most folk didn’t realize what was going on. If you mentioned to them, don’t you see everything you buy in the stores now is made in China? And it’s like, uh…   There’s no question about it. There’s no inquiry. There’s no puzzling about it. It’s just, yeah, yeah, and people floated through it. So in that talk, as I say, in the 90s I said, when I was asked to give the people some cheer basically and hope.  I said, look, I’m not here to be a cheerleader for the people. Because that’s part of your problem, you’ve had too much cheerleading your whole lives long. And you have to make decisions, personally, you see, and stop leaving everything to other people to do for you. That’s why you’re in the mess you’re in. You’re always waiting for the ONE. The movie, you know, oh, you’re the ONE, here’s the hero coming to save you all.  You’ve got to stop doing that. Because the world is coming for you whether you like it or not.  At least those that run it. You’ve got to understand this.


So I said, no, I won’t be a cheerleader for the people. I says, I have two problems in the system. I says, one are the elite who run it all, you know. They are the dominant minority, as Huxley called them. Then you have the academic and scientific community that implements it all, including psychologists and behaviorists, on us, and social services and civil servants and all that, they push it on us, you see. So you have one group, the elite and their helpers. Then you have, really, the general population.  And the elite use the general population to go after you, in the middle, that doesn’t want any part of anything, you see.  Well, you know, they’ve accepted all this, it doesn’t matter what it is, why aren’t you? And they will turn them on you.  It’s easy to rile up the public, the mob, you know.


You’ve seen the Frankenstein movies.  Easy to get them riled up.  Yeah, yeah, he, he, he’s not going along with what we’re putting up with or paying extra taxes or dut-dut-dut and dut, and wearing masks or whatever it happens to be.  Or walking on their hands perhaps maybe. Maybe walking on your hands, I haven’t seen that yet.  Because it’s an airborne thing now, you know, Covid, maybe if you walk on you hands you’re lower to the ground, you see, then it will go over where your face would’ve been, you know, so that would be you knees or somewhere, or maybe your ankles, if you’re walking on your hands. I’m surprised they haven’t pushed that yet. But anything’s possible, right?


But anyway, what I’m saying is, they use the mob, the general bulk of the population, who are always afraid, of everything, all through time, they are afraid, you know. That’s why they want to be secure, and that’s why they obey everything, that leads to imprisonment for everybody, and many forms and many levels of imprisonment. I think Jefferson’s said it too that when a people fear their government, it’s tyranny basically. And the way you can get a balance is when the government fears the people. That’s the only way where you have any kind of freedom is when the government is kept in check.  The trick to it of course, to overcome that is to get mass persuasion by mass communications on a daily basis. Especially under, we’re here to save you. If you don’t tune in tomorrow to get your daily dose of terror on the television, on the news, then you might die because we might, might say something tomorrow that you’ll miss, you see, that’s going to save your life. Just simple psychological terror warfare.


So yeah, the general public are your problem too.  And they always have been. And you can’t help, you know, and it’s not a matter of despising the general public because you’ve come from them yourself. I’ve often been asked the question, and many people ask each other the question, and ask me the question, and I’ve asked myself many times too, what is it that makes some people want to know?  What’s really going on?  And what’s behind it? And a bit of the history of it and so on? What IS that thing that drives you to do it? Because you’re driven to do it. Compared to other people who just don’t care, they’ll go along with… They get angry, they’ll be emotional and angry when things are cut off, when they can’t get what they want or whatever it happens to be.  But they don’t really want to know. 


And I did, I was, back in the late 90s around 2000 someone offered me $40,000, a big businessman, you know, to give me a, I call it a drive-through answer, it’s like you’re driving through for a doughnut or coffee or something. To just tell him, sum it up for him, he believed what I was saying but sum it up for him in 15 minutes.  And I says, I’m not going to do that for you, you know.  I could have done it, or done something like it, or conned the man. But I wouldn’t do that. But it shows you that people don’t want to take the time to just collect, not just data, but understanding information. A big difference. Anybody can parrot. Everyone’s been through school, they know what they want at school.  People would cram before examinations and then they would forget all the stuff they had learned when they were cramming, they would forget it over the next few months, you know. What’s the point of it though? 


When something is so vital, not just for your whole life but for future generations, things to know, where if you are aware of things that are coming down the pike through laws and regulations and that, and organizations can head it off at the pass so to speak, then you’re doing a tremendous job. Against really dark forces. Including the general public. The public are dark, they are dark.  They are entertained to death.  They can talk endlessly about sports and all the guys, and who did what, when, you know, what year and blah blah blah.  And they’ll talk about movies galore, women love the movies, and they can reel off actors and actresses in their personal lives, all the gossip stuff, you know. That’s what their reality consists of. Everything that really matters frightens them so they close themselves off from it. And they’ll close you off too. 


I used to ponder that. If you look into different religions, you do get examples of the same thing happening in generations thousands of years ago. Even from Buddha, you know.  And even pre-, I would say, I still called them the more recent religions in a sense, but even from Buddha, you know, and Siddhartha.  Because most of what you get from Buddhism was written by his disciples, his followers.  Once he had died they wrote about what they had learned. But some of them wrote commentary of the talks that they had, because they didn’t get enough. You see, people don’t get enough from you, knowledge isn’t enough, they want something extra.


I used to say that if you have something, this spark inside of you, that hit you, it might hit, it might have always been there just waiting to get turned on, this thing that put you on a roller coaster of knowledge. And it is a roller coaster, you know.  And you can’t switch it off once it starts. And it comes on like waves of, and I mentioned too back then that it’s like Gestalt, [undecipherable] Gestalt, where everything that surrounds you, it isn’t just you coming into it, it’s all there already and it’s also in you, and it comes together inside your mind, if you want to call that your mind.  And you understand that, that, that ah-ha moment as, hhhch, the occultists would say, you know.


That’s what Crowley was referring to, the ah-ha, you know.  It’s a term.  But long before him, and many other religions actually, you’ll find the same kind of thing. It hits you.  It’s always been examined by those who get hit by it. Because in ancient times, even outside Hebrew faith, because a lot of, that whole area was steeped in lore, very old, old ancient lore. I think partly because of the warmer climates and their ability of course to have big rivers, and that’s where they camped along, big rivers for irrigation and crops and so on.  Whereas the northern climates had these repeating ice ages [Alan chuckles.] over time, and many ice ages too, where even Britain and part of Scotland was covered in ice a few times, and the folk who had moved in, moved back out again. They can tell that the same people kept moving in and out, even by the DNA from bones and things, from the marrow parts of it.


But anyway, in the equatorial areas they were much, much older of course.  Those who were into philosophy or questioning, and started to write about it, gave us a vast knowledge of it. But many things began in religions as they try to explain why, what things were, why are we here, what is this all about? And, is there something else beyond this managing things? I mean, because you could learn, and they knew this too, you can learn as much as you try to learn, learn, just fill yourself full of knowledge. But you still have that little thing, occasionally it will hit you, like tap-tap-tap, there’s something else beyond all this.  You know?


Children have a much better understanding because they sense it.  And they don’t deny it. They don’t throw it off as silly.  I’ve mentioned different examples of just natural telepathy, for instance, where your best friends, or your family members might start whistling or singing a song at the same line at the same time, things like that. And you laugh about it. You take it for granted as normal. Things like that.


But getting back to this need to know, and the questioning of it. It’s always been... It comes down to something, there are people who have something, and it’s alive, and maybe there’s people who either don’t have it, or, it’s dormant and hasn’t been awoken, you see. And it might take a necessary act of will open that little door, eh?  Because as I say, the followers of Buddha for instance, Siddhartha, some of them complained.  They said during his teaching they kept asking him to go further into the realm… Don’t forget too, they were in India, eh, in India, ancient, ancient subcontinent, ancient peoples, I mean peoples plural, eh.  And many languages. And many, many, millions really of Gods.  But through all the gods, that many of them are aspects of human nature, if you want to call it that too.  So they wanted to try to put, ascribe certain facets of human nature to a God and use it as an external example, you know, a pictorial drawing or something. So some of the disciples said, we kept asking Siddhartha to go deeper into the spiritual side of things and he wouldn’t do it. So, many of the students, who were already soaked in the old traditions of reincarnations and so on, added to Buddhism over the next couple of hundred years, 200-300 years, until you have the present form today.


They weren’t happy just to get the teachings of Siddhartha himself. Who left it that way. He told them about life, and he told them about the present life, and many other things I’m sure that went over their heads at the time. Because people who have itching ears, even if you turn over to the Christian version, the term itching ears, people who are, they’re desperate to know secrets as opposed to knowing wisdom, and the wisdom how to apply things and use secrets, you see. Most folk are after power.  And folk who seek power can never be trusted. We should learn that in our lives. Look around you today, what’s happening.


Power has been, ehhhh  the hell that’s been created, every generation we get our chance at hell, you know. And world wars or whatever it happens to be, you know. Power, power, power.  And we can say it’s such an easy word, power, but we don’t want to go into what power is.  Power is a very, VERY dangerous thing.  It has to generally steal its power from you actually, you must participate in its power, to be ruled by it, whatever it happens to be.  The trick for running millions of people and controlling them is, again, as old as the hills as they say. Keep them in fear. Establish a system that will benefit you, and you’ll be a ruling class you might say. You create divisions of things that the people then need, mainly because you’ve cut them off from doing it all themselves. Because power must eventually take all, ALL necessities for human life into its hands to have that and control power over the people. And it’s never been so evident as it is today. Especially under Covid and the coming famines, etc.


Because it’s all a cover for the great resets which is just the whole, the whole 100 years of Agenda 21 crammed into 100 years. Covid 19 is being used as the excuse to get you back on track with sustainability, the climate change, depopulation, austerity, sustainability, millennial project which morphed into agenda for the 21st century, the United Nations agenda for the 21st century, or simply Agenda 21. Where a whole bunch of new changes for living and lifestyles will be rammed through, and have been so far but you’ve got a bunch of years to go yet. They plan to literally reduce the population into a postindustrial, post consumerist society and step by step by step. That’s only part of it of course, you can read it for yourself.


But that’s what is being used for, using emergency war powers to save us all from Covid really. They’ve been rather blatant about it at the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome and all the other big institutions that work with them, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc.  That’s where you have to go very quickly actually. The whole global warming agenda, sustainability, it's all the same thing, that they couldn't ram it through quickly enough and they have simply gone into phase 2 and just call it, you know Covid, lockdowns, global reset. 


It's permanent, folks.


Unless you do something about it.


And Clint Eastwood isn't riding in on a pony to do it all for you. And no politician's going to get in that's going to do it all for you either. That's the most scary part of all for most folk. Oh, I might have to take responsibility myself.  Yep. That would be the only way, actually.  Hhhch, outside of divine intervention.


Once again getting back to the old idea of what's in people, things that occultists have scoffed at for so long, with the owl, you know, the owl symbol, that an owl can see in the darkness, you see, the darkness meaning society.  The darkness that Carl Jung talked about naturally too because he was a Rosicrucian, and he was steeped in it. A lot of his insight was certainly interesting, no doubt about it.  His mother was an occultists too and that's where he got it from, he learned from his mum. And tried to dissect the mind, coupled with the connection to spirits. That's why he and Freud split up by the way, you know.


Freud literally, um, was part of a political agenda. Which were, it's the same agenda over and over and over, of experts dominating and running the world, and the greatest way to do it is to tell you that you're not in control your own mind, you're rather stupid and dumb, so let a professional genius do it all for you. So they get the star making machinery and they call them a genius, which he wasn't, and you start to quote him and parrot him, and, he must be a genius, he's so famous. That's the criteria for being a genius today, you know.


So you've got to go back further and further to get answers to it all. But Carl Jung, regardless of what they say about him, and he did do a lot of, make a lot of blunders too. But he did split with Freud because Carl Jung knew, he says, there's something beyond just this, this humanistic agenda.  Freud split up with that too. Freud said, we MUST make sex the sole criteria for the motivation of the masses, the libido, you see, and that's what they would use as a tool of destruction, and then rebuild again. We've been through all that, haven't we, sexual revolutions and things.


But Carl Jung did know from experience there was more to all this than just basically an atheistic humanistic agenda where man is the supreme being.  No, he's not.  He said that there's something else here, there's spirits, something spirits and the connection to spirit.  So he had his dreams, his own dreams to do with something outside of himself, something much bigger. That's why he eventually said too, in his last interview in fact I think it was, he said that, when he was asked did he believe in a god of any kind? He says, oh I don't believe, I KNOW there is a God.  You see, belief is a faith-based thing. KNOWing is beyond just that. Big difference.


But you couple that with the same, again, these eternal questions.  When you have Paul in the Bible, hm, in the New Testament, who refers to people who won't follow, who dismissed things just offhandedly.  You can relate it to the general population, where he talks about, when you could give them little gems, that you may have really in, again, philosophy, you know, um, it's like the love of the conversation you might say.  But he says, there are creatures of instinct, and he meant base creatures that they couldn't, like ants or mice, they're programmed, they are literally programs. They don't have to be taught what to do to survive, they're just programmed and they go through their life like the ones before them, the generations before them, just never changing, you see. Why that is, we don't know. I think most folk could be the same way. Unless again that something spark gets lit in them for some reason.


So these are very old questions. Eternal questions. I don't think there's been a country that could write and leave records of things that didn't go through this, that didn't question the same eternal things over and over and over. As I've said before, you can, there's way more, way, way more to basic religion.  Don't just toss it out the window. And don't judge them by the works of even modern-day people, hhhch, who go off the rails at times too, in a society that is already sick in so many cultural ways. So where do you think they get ministers and priests from? Then you blame the religion, you see.


Would you rather have humanistic society, where they are deciding now, right now, it's in the open, who's going to live and who's going to die? That's what sustainability was all about too by the way.  With no divine intervention.  Even in the form of a person who represents a religion, eh, that if it still had enough power could definitely tell the bulk of their followers, which is a part of the masses as they like to call it, to stand up and say no, and the government has generally backed off. That's why they hated religion. That is why they hated it, folks. Then they trained the modern crew, that have decided to demolish the people, they trained them in advance to hate religion, you see. So there's no one going to help you. That's how it works.


This is massive warfare. Well understood by military departments in unconventional warfare, as an example. You're all victims of it and you don't even know it, and you have been your whole lives. This whole, everyone that's alive today is really, has gone through wars they didn't even know were going on. But it affected all of them in many ways. Especially their thinking. Their opinions were all given to them. Even their arguments to fight over were given to them, they don't know that either. That's what they mean by the preparation for the century of change. Well, you're in the century of change now. That's what they called it in the last century, the one coming up is now, is here. 


In the Old Testament you could find that profits were picked, and being a prophet wasn't something that people wanted.  Because it meant you would never have a normal life ever again. Or even time or leisure.  And maybe even the peace that, say, family people would have and so on.  So they give you lots of examples of people being picked as profits. Again, it wasn't something you would seek generally. Some people did, but a lot of them didn't.  So they give you these comical little pictures of someone under their fig tree or in their vineyard or something, just enjoying a nice day.  Then God would speak to them, and he'd say, and by name, eh, and they'd give you the profit.  Well, who's that? He says, I'm God, eh.  Oh really?, why are you speaking to me then? And God would tell him, you see, what he had to do for him, what he wanted him to do for him basically. And it wasn’t like you were getting a choice. You were being told.  And you would see the reaction of the prophets, of, whoah, and the whole thing, and the gnashing of teeth, and anxiety. Because it literally meant that his life would never be his own anymore.


It's a good example of what can hit people. It doesn't mean you're a prophet.  But it means that something's happened in you if you really go on a search, a quest, a big quest for answers.  Again, most folk get lost, just like the Internet too, the same as the Internet, in overwhelming data. Data is useless as data. It's selected pieces here and there where you can get something from because it literally comes alive to you. If it doesn't come alive to you, then it's just, put it back in the category of data.  And don't fall for the, to be used by someone else, it's not that at all. You'll come to opinions for the first time for yourself. You’ll get your own opinions by analyzing facts and experiencing things perhaps that you didn't even imagine you could experience.


Again most folk go after the quest to get power. That's the wrong thing to do. I've mentioned it before, in Buddhism there's levels in Buddhism where you'll start to see, they'll see things move around them. They'll see into realms that you couldn't, didn't know existed sort of thing, but there's names for them all. Most folk will get caught in this illusionary phase, which seems amazing, it's like an LSD trip to a lot of people, and powers and forces, etc. are there. Folk get trapped in it because they like it. They want the power that they see, and they want that ability to capture power and then use it for, and it's always for nefarious purposes.  I don't care how you want that kind of power, you'll always use it for the wrong purposes. Because you're seeking it in the first place, you see. They say that the ones who go higher ignore that whole thing, don't get trapped by it. You ignore it completely and then you pass on to the next phase at the much, much higher wisdom or learning. That's one example from one people's culture, one religion's culture and experience of getting to where they want to go.


Then of course you get the other ones who are like Aldous Huxley who was a dead-end, for a good part of his life he was a dead-end.  He and his brother Julian Huxley initially thought they were born, and rightfully so, into a scientific strata that were the helpers of the elite, they worked for the elite.  After you had the dominant minority, then you have the group beneath them, the scientific type elite that would manage the affairs of humanity for the elite, including managing the masses of people.  So they took it for granted because of their background and their family histories and so on, and the Darwin connection and all that kind of thing.


If you go into straight Darwinism eventually, once again, it's never enough for most people.  You would think, eh?  Oh yeah, we just came out of some amoeba and electric currents and so on, and before you know it, he says, you've got all these little amoebas that says, what are you going to be?  I think I'll be a dinosaur to start with, how about you, you know?  No, I'm going to be a whale or something. I mean, this is, this is just… wash!  It's a religion, it's a lot of faith to believe in it, you know?


I'm not saying different things didn't exist before all of us. What I'm saying is, the theory of why, is generally the explanations of why that are made up by powerful groups, even today, same thing in different sciences, eh.  Ftt.  Not just in evolution. Evolution became the key that provided the ammunition for the dominant minority to do with the general population as they wished, by saying that the general population were inferior types that didn't evolve properly. Under eugenics and the Darwinian clubs galore they had across the world, still have them today, that they believed that anybody with, through selective breeding that became wealthy and important and in the higher classes had achieved it all by the 20th century, actually the 19th but definitely the early 20th century, and that the rest of them were just the junk left behind, like junk genes, you know. That's what they call it today in a sense, eh, both in genetics, it's like junk genes, you're never going to get anywhere, it doesn't matter who you breed with, you see.


That's what you've got today, you've got that strata there. But Aldous Huxley had his own crisis naturally. He had different, and he was human too, he had problems. I won't give you a whole talk on that but he, in looking for answers, and he couldn't submit to anything, you see, bigger than himself, easily, put it that way, easily, and being of a scientific bent.  Don't forget that he wrote Brave New World.  I've mentioned last week I think about even movies that were putting the same thing across in kind of comedies a few years before Brave New World came out in fact.


Eugenics was a big topic for many years before Aldous Huxley did Brave New World. It was all the rage in fact it.  They were training the public that you were either, if you were in the lower classes, it's because you're junk genes, but you can't, you can't, no matter who you breed with now you can't get any higher than you already are, it was fixed in your genes, you see. That was getting promoted. That's why of course Adolf Hitler incorporated that into his teachings, and he thanked Britain and the US because they, most of the information he used he said it was all done through experimentation and writings from Britain and in the States, hhhch, literally the Rockefeller foundation, as an example, and Cold Spring Harbor New York.  So don't blame Hitler for parroting what was being promoted in the West beforehand. Don't forget the West also was sterilizing what they called the unfit before Adolph got to power in Germany.


It's amazing the lies we have been fed all the time on who to hate at any particular time, so that you could scapegoat this one person for the ills of the West is astonishing, hm? And including some people who became victims of all of that themselves, who were promoting it initially. [Alan chuckles.]  


So Aldous Huxley had gone through that whole massive phase of what to talk about and write about. He was well aware because of the high-level meetings that he participated in. He also knew about the Tavistock Institute, he was a regular member of it for visiting Tavistock.  He was fascinated by the attempts of manipulating human behavior through, as he said himself, putting wires into folks, parts of people's brains and stimulating parts of the brain. He said it was a fascinating thing to see folk being controlled electronically.  The stuff that Delgado of course eventually came out with, and they've got videos up there somewhere, they used to have, on Delgado. It wasn't just bulls he was experimenting with remotely.  It was obviously human beings. They were doing that in Tavistock way back when Aldous Huxley used to visit there.


But Aldous Huxley himself eventually pushed drugs. Again, being of a person who couldn't have much faith in something bigger than himself or the human intellect, he started using drugs, LSD. Many folks did by the way, you know.  It was even used as a treatment by some quack psychiatrists.  They were giving it to Carry Grant as an example. He had, whoah, about 100 odd doses of the thing at one point, to try to rectify what they claim is a defect in his personality.  [Alan chuckles.]   But anyway, [Alan clears his throat.]


And apart from using your own troops for experimentation too.  But Aldous Huxley used it, and he came out with Doors of Perception.  Because under LSD you'll see all kinds of different things.  There's different parts of the brain stimulated. That's where the whole 1960s thing came from really, with LSD, the wonderfulness of everything, without telling them it was all artificially induced.  And in a world that can lose its glamour, eh, rather quickly with financial depressions, poverty, illnesses, wars that they always give us, then it's an easy escape, a little pill.  Rather than go and study or go off and meditate or whatever it happens to be, or at least people did in the past, you just take little pills, and you get instant karma as they call it, eh. They would escape into different realms of reality, they thought.  They would see all kinds of distorted figures and beings, or giants and things, or monsters.  But massive distortion of the perceptions, which would stick with them, because it didn't happen normally, eh.  So such things, and tremendous hallucinogenic experiences of light and colors, they said they could never ever find those colors again in real life, you know, as your brain basically is all firing all over the place. 


So a lot of people got turned on, as they say, by that and dropped out, dropped out of society.  It was all done from the very top, again.  I used to give the talks on how the drugs were distributed to universities by the CIA, hhhch, in the States.  They had MI5 doing it, different forces within MI5 throwing it over walls of universities, by the bagfuls, eh, to get them started, eh, free, you know. And again, a massive propaganda campaign, coupled with the culture industry, and the Beatles especially, to get youngsters turned on.  Oh well, if the Beatles are doing it, now that we've followed the Beatles from clean-cut guys into long bearded characters playing the sitar, well now we should all jump on the bandwagon and go full tilt into, into hallucinogenic drugs. Hallucinogenic drugs, wow, isn't that wonderful, and we'll have all these experiences. A lot of folk had bad trips and never recovered. Some folk on their first attempt had bad trips and never recovered.  It was drug induced psychosis they call it still today, you know.  They had no idea that it was all arranged.


I said this, I can't run out of times I've said this and should always say, as far back as Plato's writings he tells you, nothing comes from the grassroots and takes off and becomes a success unless it's created, number one, created and authorized by the elite that owns it all.  Nothing. Because you go into this realm which they, today, today the intelligence community, oh, it's known knowns, and known unknowns, and unknown unknows, etc, etc, they go into all these different avenues.  But they knew all that back in Plato's day. If you let one thing start off, oh it's innocent enough, where it might topple something down the road and have a domino effect that you didn't anticipate. So they knew that by experience in ancient Greece I should say, and Rome too eventually, that you couldn't allow it and so you had to nip it in the bud. As I say, most things are started by the top and allowed by the top. 


Right down to plays being shown to only elite members, like censor departments in ancient Greece, before they were shown to the public. And if they were, something is to be added or detracted from it, they would do that, you see. The same thing happens today, only today they generally put more indoctrination in for change, planned change, than taking things out now, that they're saving the public from bad habits and traits, is gone, eh. In fact bad habits and traits today now is the individual thinking for themselves, is also a bad guy and a loner or something like that, you know. That's how you're fed your indoctrinations. The people have no idea there's an ancient system in.


So, Aldous Huxley as I say, went and did Doors of Perception and eventually he went into a penoshads[?]50, and then eventually he went into the Tibetan book of the dead, which actually like the Egyptian one is not the book of the dead, it's really the book of life, you know, and reality of how you get through into the eternal life, eh, that's what it's supposed to be.  He died with that, he died with an LSD dose his wife gave him, or his woman, and with that being read to him, she was reading that to him at the time. Which shows you different aspects of someone that obviously just basic hard-line humanist facts weren't enough for him either, you know.  There had to be something else. Or he wouldn't be having his sendoff to the Tibetan book of the dead. But that's just one example.


It all points again back to what we're talking about, I think I'm talking about it, is really the fact that what you're going through today and questions you ask today have been asked for thousands of years. Again a lot of folk decide not to know things. It's a conscious decision.  I've lost count of people who said, well, I prefer, and I really, you know, nice person telling me this, it was a bank manager and managers, and I just casually mentioned, have you read about the, Canada's involvement, like the World Bank and their memos and their big meetings, and every country had signed on to not bailouts for the next one but bail ins where they can literally, the way it's all worded they can actually take your savings. Regardless of what you thought were their insured levels, etc.


She never heard of it. I did the talks on it from the government sources and from the IMF and the World Bank who put all this stuff out at the time. I said, I could bring some in for you if you, for your own interests’ sake, since you're a bank manager.  And she said, I prefer not to know. I choose not to know. It was too horrific a thought of getting wiped out of your savings, and other folk too.  It would mean collapse. I said, well it will collapse anyway because regardless of what you think you’re insured up to in the bank, as an example, which they generally say is $100,000 I think per account, if the crash came at the same time, that's all finished, forget that.  Who's left to pay off that kind of insurance?


IF it was all real, eh? Because we know that money is a farce.  In fact I'll touch on it tonight too where they actually admit they're making it out of nothing.   [Alan chuckles.] Of course, before all of that you're a conspiracy theorists for just mentioning their own writings, eh.  But that's what the world is, again, you've got the people who, again, like Paul said, creatures of instinct, they don't want to know.  There are ones that are just fearful and don't want to know. It's definitely a choice, for sure.  And most, I think, creature of instinct for most folk. They want to know all the things that they enjoy, as I say, who played baseball back in whatever year it was, and won or whatever and what was the score.  Or the soap operas and dramas and the lives of the rich and famous, etc. All that rubbish. That's what it is, is rubbish. That's what they choose to know.


And as long as their masters are dishing out enough cash for them to have their little bits of fun, you know, and they can go off and by little presents for themselves every so often to have fun, it's all about having fun, then they will laugh at you for saying, for telling them what's coming down the pike.  But the same people, now remember this, when hell breaks loose are the ones that will turn on you, hhhch, for mentioning it in the first place.


I had on, again on one of the early shows someone who voiced something a lot of new agers had voted, they don’t realize the New Age movement is controlled from the top as well.  They don't know that. Suddenly books flooded the market, and all the bookstores suddenly had shelves of all New Age books. Just like magic, there's magic for you, boom, suddenly all there.  Within about a year it was all there.  Replacing all other kinds of books and so on. Just BOOMF.  And they just take that for granted like everything else is taken for granted. But yeah, this person said to me, don't you think that you can make things happen just by thinking about it? You know? And this is what was pushed on the public at the time too, you know, don't be negative.  You know, being aware of things is called negative, you see. Because that will make it happen.  It won't happen if you don't think about it.  [Alan laughing.] Okay.  Yeah.  Okay.  Yep.  M-hm.


Which is a simple childish way of expressing it, was taught to the public. To make them think that nothing was real. And that's a good feat in itself, convincing the public that nothing is real. And I understand on different levels certain things aren't real, mainly your propaganda.  But other things are definitely real. You're existing. If you knock your head against the wall you're going to have pain. You know? That's real. Or if you wake up with a chronic medical condition you've had for years, that's real too. It's not there because you thought about it. You see? You thought about it because it's there. And that's a different thing altogether. But some folk, they were getting trained into, this is at the same time they were going into the different dimensions, that was a big promotion from the top down, sci-fi authors and all that.  So yeah, there could be different dimensions because more folks are thinking negative things about this particular area and that's why it's happening. You see? 


Whereas the elite themselves will be quite happy if right now, and you actually see them using the techniques through psychological warfare, to turn on the people who are telling you the FACTS. They are enemies of the people, enemies of the state.  I mentioned this before, that's what all tyrants do when they take over in a tyrannical move, they immediately brand people who won't go along as enemies of the state. And they get the rest you all falling into it to back them up and turn on you. It's being done again.  N-n. Old technique, eh.


And the folk have no idea. The unreal part is, how much do you really have come to believe, in your reality that really was made for you? Really?  Hm.  You see, everything depends on you.  And most folk just wait for somebody else to do everything for them.  They'll do what everybody else is doing. What have you done about that? Well, okay, I'll do that too then, you know. Then the government says, well, you know, 50% or 49% have accepted this mandate that we're putting across, and therefore they're going to make it kind of voluntary, they always do voluntary to start, whatever it is it's voluntary to start with, to a certain percentage they claim will be hit, it doesn't mean it's true that they hit that percentage, then they'll say, well we're going to make it mandatory now. That's how it's always done. Driving licenses were the same, you know, it was all voluntary. Driving insurance was the same, all voluntary.  And now it's going to come down to vaccinations, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  M-hm.  That's how it's going to, that's how they'll start it, you know.  M-hm.  Or maybe not, because they really, they're not putting out the big, big, big fear psyop one that this is going to be mandatory and NO exceptions, NO exceptions. And that's meant to terrify everyone. It's intention is to terrify you.  Total psychological warfare.


The same military teams that the US and Britain and other countries, and their alliances in NATO, have been using across the world and the Middle East for years, and Asia, has come back down to haunt you. I always said the eating machine would come back, with its color revolutions and it's internal color revolutions, and its mandates. The military too were the ones who put out, in different countries, vaccinations. With the same techniques, NO exceptions. Terrify the public. They know how to handle, they've done it all, it's all been practiced already for years and years in other countries. 


Especially the countries where they were testing out vaccines.  Look at the different ones around India and other places, where they were using populations, you know, for experimental vaccines.  Look it all up yourself and don't take my word for anything.  You'll find that Bill Gates has many lawsuits against him for damage that was done for various vaccines, including a polio type that now created a wild virus, they call it, that didn't exist before.  Don't take my word, look it up yourself. In other countries too, in Afghanistan and elsewhere they were forcing vaccinations on people. It got so bad at some places, even parts of Africa too, that folk were actually eliminating the so-called health workers coming into vaccinate them. After seeing the effects it had on some of the population, especially children, eh. Anyway, these are things which you're told that it makes no difference what you think, or you believe, what you can prove, makes no difference, because you're all going to get it. Even though in their own writings they admit that one in every so many will have severe reactions, and maybe even death, and that's acceptable to them. Well, it's not acceptable to the person who's going to get killed with it. You see?


Terror is a great weapon. It's the most basic one of all of any tyrants, terror, terrorize the public.  And the public never really catch on until it's too late and they've been terrorized and accepted whatever it is to be, and then, well, in previous regimes they've been eliminated.  The communist one was amazing how many people they eliminated in one generation, eh. In the early years they talk about 40,000,000 people.  But somehow communism apparently doesn't get the schtick that the Nazi party got for what they did. That's always been a bit of a point of confusion for some people. Solzhenitsyn talked about it, others talked about it, and wrote about it, using official guidelines and policies, statistics and so on.  Also, you had anything from 60,000,000 to 80,000,000 eventually up until it's fall in the Soviet bloc countries.


You would think that would get more highlight about, we must never go back to that.  Well, no.  You see, communism was the experimental phase for this phase, folks. It's technocracy, a society to be run by experts.  That's why it was introduced. That's why it was intensely studied.  Now you go into this super improved form of collectivism/communism/equality.  You know? Where we will all be equally poor in the level below the elite, you know, and the elites' helpers.


They always say you can't stop progress. I've heard, again, mainly scientists tell me that, you can't stop progress.  But they get confused, I think, or a bit arrogant in their statements. Because who defines what progress is? Have you, any of you been asked your opinion or given a vote on what you decide you want or not for progress? It's all done for you. And scientists will often say, well you know, we, if the invention is there, we’ve got to use it.  Well, the atomic bomb is there but are you making a habit of using it, you know? No.


Terror is the technique being used now, utter terror.  On the whole world, remember. This isn't, when I came out in the 90s, I was the first person to tell you, the Americans, who had lots of radio stations at the time that at least looked at what's happening inside America.  I said, this isn't just the US, this is international.  It's an international body deciding everything, where the same things are implemented across the world at the same time, step by step by step. But by global organizations, funded mainly by the taxpayers in the US, since it had already exhausted the taxpayers in Britain through endless wars, the US took over.


I used to be amazed too, I mean, I said, what do you think, where's the World Bank situated, in the world?, where is the Federal Reserve? It's in the US. The Federal Reserve by the way, it's really become the disher-out of cash for the rest of the world's central banks.  Where's the United Nations? It's in the US, you know. And yet the US has been looking outside its borders to fight enemies outside of it since the end of World War II. But everything that's bringing the world into this system is based in the US.


So then you have to reevaluate, what IS this strange system you now have in the US? Because it's nothing like the government that you had, I'd say, even in World War I. Although they had already taken over in preparation for World War I, a system of the banking system based on the British system with the central bank set up.  You know, the Creature from Jekyll Island idea.  In preparation, because then they could, then they got private consortiums of banks that can lend to the government, on the condition that they can set up an internal revenue system, you see, and start taxing labor off the public to pay off the debts which the government borrowed from these bankers. That's what it's for.


Before I forget here, I ask the people to send me donations or buy the books and discs  How to do it you'll find website.  List all my sites. These are my official sites, they are all on that site there. List them in case, because now, I'm telling you, one day you will go on the .com site, I won't be there.  They're turning the military loose on the populace. That's the next part of the phases of the agendas of the lockdown.


They said they would go after people who spoke out, and who are not authorized to speak out. You see, you've got to be authorized by the mainstream, the people who were being ignored for the last 15 years because of the Internet, all the mainstream characters are all living, they were living on handouts by governments up until now, you see. Now they'll come back into their own since they're the only ones authorized to toe the party line.  They're mouthpieces of the state, which will tolerate no other gods before it. In other words, no other opinions.  That's tyranny, folks.


So yeah, make a list of the sites there I have, for rainy days to come, bad days to come. Hopefully if I go down there will be more sites I have to get going, possibly, if I'm allowed to even keep going. You can support me by buying the books and discs, as I say. You can use PayPal. You can send cash and personal checks. You can even use a bank order which you can get cheap enough for small amounts if you ask them. And Money Gram too I think is still in use. That will help me tick along here because as I say it's, you can't do anything else when you do what I do. It literally takes a toll on you, it really does. Unless you've got massive teams behind you. That's what I've said before, be very careful with the massive preparation for today with all of the people who have been, who've been set up in advance for all the Covid idea. Because you see, you're given your leaders. You’re ALWAYS given your leaders, folks. ALWAYS.


And if I do get around to touching on warfare techniques tonight, then I'll touch on some of that too. You wouldn't believe what your governments and the military have been doing for years and years and years in certain types of warfare across the world. Including literally flooding their own countries and training the talking heads for their countries, all flavors of them for different kinds of people.  And you'll pick your leader, yeah, I like that person, they speak for me, they say the same thing. Then they lead you up the garden path and around in circles until you're totally inactivated waiting for them to do it all for you, whatever the change is.  And things like that.


Believe you me, as I've said before, you don't want to do what I do. Because it will, you can't have a normal life of any way or any kind at all.  You can't just receive visitors either because you're burned out half the time, and you're still working as you're burned out.  That's what happens. Unless you're a front and you've got teams of folks behind you churning out videos and articles galore, etc. etc. And if you've got all that, then I'm suspicious, you know, that's a sign of something else funding you. And I'm not wrong [Alan chuckles.] by having these suspicions most of the time.


Believe you me, if you were scouring the world every day for pertinent information that can be tied together to show a picture of something, it will, it's morning till night, morning till night every day.  You won't have time to entertain people that pop in, you really don't. And the place I live is like a workshop. Everything's in like the one floor, because that's all that's usable. And it's crammed, absolutely crammed, it's a complete workshop, you know, hhhch, of all kinds. 


I'll tell you another thing too, before I just get off this little part. You wouldn't believe the trains, the trains.  I've mentioned before the trains since all this started are like every 20 minutes, day and night. And they are the heavy, they're like 5-mile long, some of them. And they're going past my place at a clip of I'd say 30 to 40 mph. Doubled up too, two rows, these big containers on them, every one of them. Miles and miles and miles.  They’re hammering along, and it's got so bad... 


I'm telling you, they're moving foods and supplies into some bases, obviously, that's going to survive for years. This is to last for years. And I really mean that, just by my own observations. I can see it. I really, really, this is to change the whole way of living when you come out of this. It's not really to end, actually, until you're in the new system. Or, who ever survives it goes into the new system. That's what it's meant to do. Because the supplies I can see flying by here are like never before. I've never had that. Even in the good old days before the 2007/8 crash.  Nothing like this. I'd maybe get six a day, and nowhere near as long. This is day and night. So bad my house shakes. And the windows are actually, the framing are loosening up, there are bits falling off the tops.  I'm not kidding you, it's been happening this last little while.


Massive. This tells me this is meant to last for years. And since it's meant to be the total destruction of what was the economy, in order for sustainability and depopulation, then it's meant to last for years. It really is. This is the big one, where the rich men of the earth truly have declared war upon all of the peoples of the planet.


So send a few bucks my way and hopefully I can get through, as long as I can get through, for who knows when or whenever, I'll tick along.  Because I'm in touch with so many folk across the world, and it's been a long, long journey indeed of watching and observing and analyzing and being in touch with soo many people as we go through all of this.  And physically it takes, really it burns you out.  It takes years off you, no doubt about it. So you don't want to be under that little fig tree or in the vineyard, believe you me, when you're given the push.  It's not healthy, in any generation. It doesn't mean you're a prophet either.  It just means that whatever it is sparks you off, whatever it is, and you get no rest, you see.


I have no doubt at all you're in the battle of the world.  It used to be said when people used to talk in religion, more openly about religion, without fear of dogma.  Because in religion too you have factions that want power, and then total power, until they will exclude all talk or inquiry.  Anything that stops inquiry is not from God or a deity. Unless it's an evil one, you know. People did ask all the pertinent questions about living, you know. It's a natural thing to do. You can all agree on something, that there's something bigger than all of you, within religion. And you can also agree that there's, definitely looking around you in your own world experience, there's an awful lot of evil here too, little evil. 


Psychiatry as I've said before can always come down and say, well, you know, it's just psychopaths and sociopaths. So that explains it all, eh? It doesn't explain anything at all. It's a way of describing things, I've said before, like describing the signs and symptoms of someone that's perfectly possessed at times, you know, or partially, or by minor entities or beings, or major ones. And that's a puzzle for people as to what camp to fall into. People want to fall into camps, you see.


But I've said before, inquiry shouldn't make enemies of your fellows, just inquiring into things. And unfortunately Protestantism did jump on the bandwagon, early, of science.  Oh, it must be scientific, it must be rational, it scientific and...  Of course they also, so many Freemasons, the old brotherhood idea, eh, were Protestant as well. I think some years ago I remember reading an article where it said a good portion of preachers in the Baptist Church organization in the States were Freemasons, they were largest number actually. So their pastors were Freemasons too. Freemasons, under all the different guises that just, it's a happy little club for guys.  It might be happy and all that, but the fact is too, its an international brotherhood.  What part of international, with international goals, you know, preaching things like the brotherhood of man.  These are all flavors and shades of international communism.


Then you go into Albert Pike's books and articles.  They changed it to A Bridge To Light eventually for modern Freemasonry because literally it's too intellectual they said, Pike's book Morals and Dogma, that people today can't follow it. They want short simple sentences and things, you know, not deep concepts of philosophies and religions.  So they give them A Bridge To Light instead, eh. But regardless they were set up to be an international force of revolutionaries.  And you can be a revolutionary on a minor scale too within your own society. Look around you today. And then at a higher scale and a national level, when you bring a country into revolution. Same kind of thing too.


So anyway, you're living through an amazing system that most folk don't even understand as they live through it. All they do is react to events and circumstances of the time you’re living through. That's the general bulk of the population, just reacting. The path of least resistance is what they always choose. They don't even know they're being coerced into making these little decisions.  It's all done so slickly, you see, they just adapt and adapt and adapt.  Again it's this theory again, adapt or die, the Darwinian theory, you see. So they adapt and they, well I shouldn't have done that, but I had no choice really and it was just much easier to go this way and ftt.  You know?


You're living in a system that they don't even understand. They don't even know, understand what the nation-state is.  They really don't. If you live in your little bubble in your little area you think the whole of the nation-state is the same as you and the same as where you are, and they'll have the same ideas and opinions and likes and dislikes. There's nothing further from the truth. Everything's micromanaged by experts depending on where you live.  All the experiments were done already across continents, especially in the States, we’ll make this little block here conservative, we’ll make this little block here liberal, and you know, they study them and experiment on them. That's how it's done. But most folk literally will take the path of least resistance, and they'll keep doing that until they're in the slaughterhouse, you know.  That's where it generally leads.


We're getting the same, I always think of the term that was used for German Nazi work camps. Which they copied from the communist ones. Because you see the old communist ones with the same slogan, in the translation the Gulags, that work makes free.  So you just, if you just keep working and do what you're told and behave and that, eventually you might get free. You’re seeing the same techniques with the lockdowns with Covid, from the start of this whole thing. Oh, we'll just have a little locked down in the spring, that might save us.  In the summer you may be able to get out for a week or two in the summer for yourselves, maybe. I can't guarantee it, maybe. Then it comes back in.  But Fauci told you, you know. 


You see, this is the psychological warfare of work makes free. Do what you're told, just behave, and we'll see, eh.  Fauci said at the beginning of this thing back in the spring, after he said it wouldn't affect America at all... Eventually he said, it's never going to, life will never go back to the same again, with the lockdown, never. What part of NEVER don't you get here, folks? You've got tyrants talking to you, that are really, they've all closed ranks. They've all sworn allegiance to each other and to the agenda. That's what I said, they are resolute, that term resolute., to the bitter end they're going to stick, stick by all the guff and the lies that fly against all the evidence, that's self-evident to most folk if they want to look at it.


That means whatever they've chosen, this path that they've chosen, regardless of the hell it will bring down and the death or destruction of the economies and all the rest of it, they're going to stick by it because it's a bigger agenda than anything to do with Covid. It's the whole sustainability project. There's no doubt about it. You have to read Agenda 21. You have to read sustainability projects, and what they mean by sustainability.  Hm?  What do they mean by it?


Years ago I came out with the quotes that different leaders of the nongovernmental organizations, which are part, by the way, of unconventional warfare, that's what their purpose is.  The leaders talked about the global warming and sustainability, and oh, the threat to the planet and all that.  They came out with all their scary stories in these different parts of their speeches to their own crews, you know, where they said that, you know, we have to give the people scary scenarios to get them motivated into doing what we want them to do. Scare them, frighten them, right? Quote after quote after quote. I might touch on some of them later, I might not because I did so much of that years ago as we were fighting all this.


Now you're getting the same thing again with the group, then subgroup that comes out of the SAGE group in Britain where they tell the media to basically exaggerate the scary stories to, to create more anxiety in the people to get them to comply. It's the same stuff that's going on, terrify the public, eh, terrify the public.


And then you get, you know, HL Menkin, he was a columnist, not a communist, but a columnist that came out with little ditties. He was well known for it.  He says,


“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary and the urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.”


I'll say that again for the hard of thinking…


"...the urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.”


You see? And that's never changed. Terror and fear, oh come to us, we'll save you.  Hm? And you've got to understand that tyrants, when they have closed ranks and swore an oath to each other and to this agenda, for the greater good using what they call the noble lie, because they will never admit they are awful evil people, you see, they're just giving you a noble lie to get you to conform to lower the population and, you know.  So they never come out and say, yeah, we're really evil. No, no, no. Psychopaths always rationalize to themselves why they're doing something, in order to rationalize it to the public. That's where you are today with at all.


So you're living through the agenda, a massive agenda. Last year you had, leading up and into last year you had, oh it's coming to the end, there's no time that's left to save humanity, we must act NOW, for sustainability.  All the biggies, the World Economic Forum, was crisis.  You even had Soros came out and gave a speech at the WEF, and I'll put that one up again too.  It's worth watching. But this guy has never been voted into anything by any public anywhere and has so much power across the world and what's...  Because he's a part of the world intelligence, the real intelligence agency that runs the world. Of course he is. Otherwise nations would have to stop him meddling in their affairs. But they don't. Which tells you all you need to know.


He talked at the WEF too and they all complained about the fact that Trump had pulled them out, temporarily at least, from the climate accord, you see, where the whole sustainability agenda, right down to preindustrial levels, not just of CO2, but levels of existence, you see, that's what they mean by it. You start reducing the population.  That also meant, I gave the talks years ago that it was coming, about 2007/8 or so or 2006, of the coming rationing of power and energy. Because energy makes you healthy.  Hhhch. 


And with, it isn't just to give you electricity to have machines to make things and produce things. It's that too of course.  That's going to go out the window because it's already mainly in China now anyway. But it also gives you your heating and so on in a lot of countries, eh.  So you end up freezing to death in your own homes in the winter, like they do in Britain now.  They're such good, the British people are awfully good at doing that, you know. I think it was Thomas Moore in Britain, Thomas Moore that said that in his writings, he talked about Utopia too in one of his books, you know.  He did mention that the British people probably would never rebel, they were very obedient. We've all been so studied, even so long ago, haven't we, eh?


It's an art today, believe you me, they actually teach at universities how to manipulate populations using anthropologists, in their studies too, to go over the weaknesses in the systems of peoples and how to manipulate them. Tragic really, we've never had peace, you know.  We just don't get peace. They don't allow you to have peace. Because with, again, if you get peace you might start to think, well, you don't want to budge from being fairly content. No matter what level of society you're at, you might be fairly content, you know, and yet you don't want to budge. So when they want to cut back, or you can't get that, or you've got to cut off your money, or lower your money, or make it worthless, you might get ticked off, you see.  So the idea is to keep you always in suspense and in fear, and in rapid change. In rapid change they can increase rapid changes, you adapt to rapid change. It's a trick, you see.


But if the cow is in the field, he's been there for a few months and he's enjoying himself, it's a nice sunny day, he doesn't want to move. Well, that's how they, that's an analogy for the humans of course. That's how we're managed. Such vast quantities of your tax monies go to professionals who manipulate you. Teams and teams of them.  And they've got all the different foundations with their huge think tanks of professionals, and staff, each think tank can have thousands, like a civil service bureaucracy working for them, different aspects of managing all of us.


But the person at the bottom you think, you think you've got your little, you know, when you had work to go to you can leave your home and go to work and come back and have a few beers and sit and watch TV and just watch silly, inane nonsense, very immature nonsense generally.  Which is what you wanted after a rotten day.  Hhhch.  You don't want anything that serious, you know, just silly and stupid.  And hopefully not packed with PC updates, you know. That's what folk would do, but they thought that was reality, you see. It didn't dawn on them that they were being trained to do that, and encouraged to do that, which kept them out of participating in anything else that was going on.


So as I say, the Protestant churches adapted the idea that science was supreme, step by step until they became for most of them anyway, and again, they don't have that central command, centralization of command I should say like the Catholic Church has, even though that's getting hammered too.  They had already fragmented off into literally hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups in Protestantism, which is, again it's a fantastic study to look into it.


Studies have been done on them by behaviorists and sociologists and so on.  Quite fascinating to see, it's the same patterning you'll find in Protestantism over and over, where fractions at the bottom, generally, or will emerge within the group, who are dissatisfied at the way of the world is affecting their group and seeing that their own leaders and congregation are falling into the trap of being more liberal with your interpretation of what it meant. So they go off and create their own splinter, their own group, you see, a variation of the first one, the previous one. They would go the same way, until their children would start to say wait a minute here, our parents are getting more worldly here and doing the things they're not supposed to be doing, in the ways of the world, and they will splinter off. And that's how it happens. It happens in all groups including the Mennonites too.  Well, they've all been studied by our masters.  All of them. Tremendous in-depth studies of it, how it's done. Because what you study with one group you can use on society in general and in fact, the different techniques to control them or manipulate them, or even forced splinters to occur if you want to fragmente society, divide and conquer, you know.


So again Protestantism has that weak link in it. In the States Protestantism turned a lot of people off because of the wealth, it was mainly middle-class eventually. It kind of became more materialistic.  In fact, it copied more of the Old Testament until it was becoming more and more materialistic in a sense.  This battle between Christianity and the Old Testament to do with wealth has never been, can never really be reconciled I think, excessive wealth. It can't be, I think anyway. It doesn't mean that people who become wealthy become nasty or evil. But a lot of people do. They forget what they are there for.  And comfort takes over.  And they can't relate eventually, in fact, to people who are not from the same class eventually. That's a fact. 


I mean, you'll see that, that's what helped fragment it in Britain too, much quicker in fact when religion became a tool of the state long ago, as it generally does, you know. The Church of England is a good example.  Don't forget, the Church of England was born out of revolution against the Catholic Church. Although it kept all the rights and so on of the Catholic Church. And they made the monarch of England the head of the church, as opposed to the Pope.  So naturally for centuries afterwards a lot of the writing and the praises and the Psalms were dedicated to praising the king and protecting the king or queen or whatever, etc.  So it became a tool of the state.  That's why it really, really perished to an extent. So many folk have fallen away from the Anglican church, the English church, and joined the Catholic Church again hoping it would get some traditional values taught, retaught.  Because the Anglican church went the way of the world. 


But the Protestant groups in the States are something to behold.  I'm talking about the TV type evangelist that used to come on and they would do their big Hollywood type extravaganzas, with literally Hollywood light shows and everything and sound sets, all the professionals to put on a great extravaganza of entertainment in a sense.  They go up there and cure everybody with just touching them on the forehead.  And then pass around 5 gallons bins to put all the money in, around these massive audiences.  They couldn't fail because you had a generation that was trained, they were brought up with this kind of thing thinking it was all real.


They've done some very good exposés of Benny Hinn as an example and his shows. It's worth watching how the professional performances that are put on, with professional lighting, stage production, audio that would suit AC/DC, fantastic audio, and how it's all produced, you know. And the money that's raked in is just... But then they did a follow-up from I think that one with Benny Hinn, and they went and talked to people before the show, then afterwards, over the next few weeks to see if anyone had... And some of the folk had mortgaged their homes to give as a gift in order to have their son healed and things like that. Just horrible things that were happening. Just a travesty, travesty, travesty. And a mockery of something that's supposed to be so pure, you know. Horrible. There's a lot more of that in the States too, at least massive TV ones, that also don't work for the people inside the country. And get paid not to. [Alan chuckles.] Anyway, there's many stories to all this.


But the thing is, religion, at one time at least the people could talk about, and the Catholic Church as well, they did, they were allowed to talk about things to do with that of the spirit.  Without being soppy about it. Because that's what turned Protestants off.  Don't talk like that, it's not scientific.  But the Catholic Church didn't discourage people who would talk about their experiences of sensations of other-, and otherworldliness around them. That perhaps interacts with us, and through people too. The Catholic Church too didn't disapproved of having a visit by a real ghost, you know. Because they said by tradition if something came to you it was for a purpose, and you would know when it came to you. So that was okay, that type of ghost, you see. As opposed to demonic entities and beings like that. 


You find same thing in Zoroastrianism where they have a different idea, again, the good, the bad, everything is dualistic. And where they, from again even earlier traditions than Islam, had incorporated into it the idea of these demonic kind of characters that could take human form.  Again, you might even say possession.  And they could never be dismissed, you see. And they would give examples in history too, as we used to do, of tyrants that crop up that can lead nations and continents to wars and things, you know.  And also those who behind-the-scenes can help promote it from outside designations for other purposes too.


What does run it all? What kind of people, real-life human beings, as you would call them human beings, could sit back and plan agendas that would get worlds fighting each other?... Millions of people slaughtered in the fight?... Profit off of it?... And even write the history books and to give different reasons why it all happened? I mean, that's, this is how it's done, you know. This is how it's done.


In the States they used to be a bit more open about it, when they called them the war hawks that would be fronting for big international corporations, eh, the military-industrial complex. Who would plan wars, they would plan the companies and corporations that would make fortunes off these wars. In the Vietnam era I can remember when officers in the US military were given options to invest in the companies that were selling the napalm and different things and Agent Orange in Vietnam. It was going to be good for everybody, you know, look on the bright side, you can benefit. You've got to really stop and say, wait a minute here, you know, what are we? What are we? Are we what?  What are we, as we define humans here, what are we?


Because all these decisions were made before the war starts. Even before there's a rumor of having one, to the general public, most of its planned out. Tony Blair, the one-man cheering band to get Britain into the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and so on, Iraq, and a couple of his cronies beside him of course, part of this cabal that the neo-libs of Britain, you know, as opposed to the neocons in the States at the time.  It came out a few years afterwards, I had already said it, I knew it had happened but sure enough someone printed in the papers and confirmed it.  Tony Blair and a few of his cronies had invited in the heads of all the oil companies that Britain had shares in.  They divided up, before the war started in Iraq, before they even declared war, you know, or if they ever did, hhhch, they divvied up the oil fields, who was going to get shares in what and how much for you and how much for me and all that kind of stuff.  Quite coolly and matter-of-factly.


It's astonishing that we, and again afterwards we put up with the pride thing, this strange pride thing.  The same thing that Rome did, you know. Rome used to be a puzzle until you see it happening in your own lifetime.  Where ancient Rome had a tradition during its ascendancy of being the military power, conquest, and it took resources in countries, and even introduced taxation into countries so they could take money away and resources away back into Rome. Nothing has changed. And they would give metals and so on to the military, and the people in Rome would feel proud of them.  It's the same as it happens today.


Until you stop and say wait a minute here.  Why are, these countries were not Stone Age countries before we bombed them into the Stone Age.  Who's benefiting here? And why are we part of it? How do you define just bad people? I mean, personally how do you all define them? Well, they're just bad people.  M-hm.  I'd say it's a bit more than just bad people, who have no consciences whatsoever! N-n-n. And what ever they do they'll rationalize it, no matter how absurd it seems.  That's why it ties in completely with the Covid exercise, where you're told not to think for yourselves according to Fauci and others. Leave it to the experts. Don't think for yourselves.  Just obey. You're seeing the same psychopaths at work here, folks. Because normal folk wouldn't say that. And expect to get away with it!  [Alan chuckles.]  


Yeah.  Believe all the experts, just obey.  Fauci said that recently in a little talk he was in when he was asked, don't you think it's getting a bit kind of more authoritarianism?  This is, well you know, he says, the Europeans and Americans, the States, he says, they have a tradition of rights and freedoms, but, he says, that can delay progress in dealing with this problem and he says, right now is the time just to stay at home and do what you're told. That's what he said, eh, do what you're told. You're listening to a psychopath here, folks. That's a psychopath talking. And that is a psychopath.  [Alan chuckles.] Do as you're told. That same voice will tell you the next thing to do, as you're told, and you won't like that either. And you'll see it, and you will see it, and the other cronies like him, and the Gates and all the rest of them.  I'll put the links up to that one, I think I've got it here somewhere.


So yeah, you're definitely in a spiritual battle. And in the world, the more people are living in a world that's atheistic, and trained to be followers, and trained to be passive, trained to do as they're told, then a bigger, there's always a bigger hell than the previous hell in history comes along. That's what happens. A bigger hell. The more scientific it becomes the more hell it will get.


The more you toss out the one safeguard you had which was basically, no matter how much you've been trained to hate it, and all the things involved in it, and all the, hhhch, EVIL that has been done sexually to children, and in the 20th century into this century, which exacerbated it, no doubt about it.  But regardless, don't blame the whole society for that. Because they drew these priests out of society that was already being contaminated by a war on them which they didn't even know themselves. So the safeguard that you used to have that would step in and say, no, the church demands that you back off and you don't do this... That's pretty well gone now. It was already weakening for World War II. It was kicked out of the picture almost with the Bolshevik revolution, where they put in their own priests basically into the Orthodox Church in Russia, who had to swear oaths to turn people in, hhhch, for confessions and things, eh, turn them in.


But it would stand up down through history for the people when it came to evil done by rulers. That's pretty well gone now. So now it's down to the core, isn't it? It's down to you and what you’ll stand up for and what's right and what's wrong. And the more of the wrong that you've swallowed, and have accepted, it's oh well, you know, oh well, oh well, the less safeguard you have of wrong being done to you. Oh well, oh well.  Hhhch.


They used to have a thing called righteous indignation where even passive people within the churches would stand up and take the consequences when something was overtly evil, you know, and you would have righteous indignation. We've been so bombarded and manipulated and managed and brainwashed that most folk can't even feel it today. They just react to fear and do what they're told. But they're not indignant. And they hope that, oh just another reset, oh just another, lets reset the electric trips, you know, the fuses [Alan laughing.] and lock you down for months.


No, this is to go on forever, on and off forever. Until the old system is completely gone... of deciding what you're going to do in life, what you're going to work at, will you get married, will you have children? All these, this is to be ALL managed by professionals from now on, folks. That's what it's about. The whole of the 100 years of the agenda for the 21st century is to be crammed into this century. Not just 2015 and 2030, it's every 15-year part, the whole hundred years is to be rammed through, until they get what they want at the end of the century.


Which, you'll never recognize it. If you're even alive. Right down to permits to have children.  Sterilization mandatory.  All these things are discussed, folks. I did the talks years ago on it from their own writings. It came out of last year's climate summit, too, that they were going to go further and harder now, that's what they said, maybe even have to introduce a more drastic agenda and part of the agenda to do with breeding.  They are meaning licensing and monitoring abortion. That's what they meant.  This is from their own writings, eh. So with Covid and the great reset this is all being done. You are in it.  This is it.


The last few years they kept saying, we're running out of time, we're running out of time.  They all said it in unison. Same slogans over and over from all the different NGOs, to do with climate change, sustainability.  Prince Charles, that fool that he is.  And his dad as well, the eugenicist, Prince Philip. Useless eaters, eh?  Culling the herd. Yep. As Prince Philip used to call it.


I've mentioned before that John Pilger I think interviewed Lenny Riefenstahl who was the photographer and producer and director for the Nazi propaganda, massive propaganda movie that was being, or documentary type movie using very advanced cinematography techniques at the time.  She was asked by John Pilger, how did the middle classes, and she was from a wealthy family, how did it happen that socialism took over, this national socialism?  And it was very simplistic omission of a lot of other things that caused it obviously.  Part of the reason being of course, they're trying to fight communism at the time.  Which was taking over, they were trying to take over Germany with communism. They had been from 1917. But they don't go into that of course. Riefenstahl says, well, how did we get in it? We kind of floated into it. What she was going on about was that you go into it little by little. It's almost like it doesn't concern you. It's like something outside of you. It doesn't really concern you. Or you don't take it seriously. And then bingo, you're in it. It's there.


You take that with all the planned color revolution riots in the States, that's what they were.  This is standard stuff for color revolutions.  And you get different divi..  ones to make you think, well there's different ones, that's got BLM, and there's the Antifa and maybe other ones.  No, this is all planned, and financed by same forces that have been going around the world, with your tax money, and agencies' money and the CIA doing it to other countries for the last 40 to 50 years. That's what you get. That's what they do. They do go into neighborhoods, and they start yelling, whatever factions they've created start yelling at you to terrify you, etc. And to shatter your, your perception of reality. It's intentional. Then you get the mayors that are put in, and also the Attorney General's in some of the US States, who have been financed in by again people in the CIA as you well know and who they are, and funded by it to get in there, who tell everybody to stand down and let it all happen. That's the terror campaign upon the American people. And nothing at the top has stopped it or attempted to stop it.


The leaders of these groups are all well-paid, well-financed and well trained. But the followers are out for the looting and that. They get picked up after it's all over one by one. They know who they all are.  All of them.  The ones who really believe it is a cause, they're picked up.  But the leaders are all like trained mercenaries, you know.


But that's exactly what the US has used in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They have tried it in Iran, you know. Color revolutions. They did it in Czechoslovakia.  I remember it was in Czechoslovakia. And the Ukraine.  Remember they also had the orange revolution?  They will generally assign a color to it, you see. All the same techniques. Same financing. Same sources. To terrify a domestic population in unconventional warfare. Psyops.


You couldn't have a Covid outbreak, lockdowns, like marshall law, and these riots, and demonstrations, whatever they want to call them, all going at the same time, same year. Doesn't happen. With financial collapses and rationing. It doesn't happen, folks.  It's all planned that way. Again if it wasn't allowed and planned it wouldn't be allowed to even start. [Alan chuckles.] Plato again, eh.


So when it comes to religion, yeah, there are still people who really believe and have a faith, you see, who are decent people. And who aren't in a group just because it's a social club basically. Who actually believe in it, and that's important too. And it's important to realize that you don't even have to be in a club or a group to have the religion either, you know. It might be the only thing you have at the end, that the state will try and destroy this within you, you know. And that shouldn't surprise you. If you're really following your religion like Christianity for instance, where you’re following someone who IS persecuted to the end, didn't you, I mean, that's what you're doing.


But what's so fascinating for those who want to just pooh-pooh the whole idea of external influences in society, apart from just TV, radio and propaganda.  But in the realms of spirit you might say, is that you can't just put off forever the fact you're witnessing incredible evil, planned evil. That's part of it, planned evil, coordinated evil being put across and everyone at the same, everywhere in the world, by, from the same sources, repeating the same things exactly. Knowing what it's going to do.  Which is supposedly to save the planet.  Which has too many people because YOU are to blame for existing, you understand. That's the whole idea behind sustainability. If there's fewer people, they said at climate change, then there would be less consumption of goods, there would be less CO2, less less less wastage, yada, ya of resources. The Club of Rome, the enemy then is the people, we'll blame them for global warming and this, that and the other.


It hasn't changed. The war is on you.  And when you get into real austerity and rationing, what gets me is the food is going to these big underground bases. We have them all over the place, you know. And I'm not speculating on that, I know it [Alan chuckles.] from people who worked on some of them, even building them. I remember years ago they did some in England, some documentaries of them that were, and of course there's ones under the Denver airport too as we all know. But in London they had ones that were like small cities, hm, for the wealthy elite, the very elite, the important folk, yeah, and their families to live comfortably even a century or two some of them. When I see the foodstuffs... And it's been going on all year.  It's not going to stores that have got hardly any customers anymore. This is supplies for years and years and years of plenty for those who will be living in these facilities in continuity of government. That's what it is.


It reminds me right back to 1984, George Orwell where Julia, the girl that he meets and so on and manages to sneak some real food into him.  That was great, he had never had any real food in his life. Everything he got was synthetic, this synthetic cheese and synthetic meat, and synthetic... Real coffee they got too, he says, my goodness real coffee, and real this and real that. She says, there's nothing those, you know, the bar-stewards don't have. That's always the way of it, isn't it? It's like the Politburo and the elite staff of the Soviet Union were all well fed on the best of everything.  When the folk had to queue up sometimes in the nation for basic goods for hours and hours and hours for rationing.  It never changes, does it?


Evil always has the same signs and symptoms.


But it's always a liar. Always.


And I really think when you have a system where they've been preaching at you for years and years that you're the problem, you're the problem, you're the...  They've taken more time building this up than they did for a Bolshevik revolution, or a Nazi party, for instance.  They've taken more and more years to do all this to get you ready for it, prepare you to be the lambs to the slaughter.  And even train the real young folk now, really train them to be a revolutionary force to help carry it out if need be. They never start a premature revolution. Before, they make sure everything is in place, everybody is trained, and brainwashed.


Hm-hm-hm.  Now, this isn't just a somber little prattling talk here.  It's the facts. I'm telling the facts. This is what's going on. This is not meant to just pass over. This is meant to be a world war type change, a bigger planned change than the last world war.  I think therefore you should always realize the many levels of this reality. From basic conology, which is the science of conning people the experts use, now they drag in sciences and pseudo sciences behind them. Any science as long as you appoint the proper leadership over the sciences can become propagandists.  Which they have become. Science loses credibility as soon as it's used for political purposes, you see, and can't be trusted at all when it’s used for political purposes.


You can quite so easily turn it from racial hygiene purposes, into overpopulation purposes, eh, and let's start to reduce the population. You're hearing the same things coming from the mouth of people like Bill Gates, whose up there still talking about his vaccines going to make folk healthier, and at the same time it will reduce population. Well, how do you reconcile that? Hm? From a man whose dad was also up there in Planned Parenthood promoting population reduction.


You understand, there's nothing really hidden here as you go through evil times. This is the, this is maybe a little bit different from previous world wars, or war on the world, hhhch. Because there's nothing really hidden. The quotes are out there by the people who made the quotes, you know, of what they want to do and what they are doing. They also have again panels of experts, they've got complete, complete dominance, full-spectrum dominance over all media and all social media to make sure they all parrot the same slogans and the same buzzwords and so on, at the same time, and they all denounce anybody who's not authorized to say things.


So even though all the information is out there, and all the books are out there and the quotes by the people involved on depopulation and why they must do it and so on, countless, countless, I mean there's just vast volumes of information really by the eugenicists and those sustainability groups, etc. and greening groups, all paid and funded by foundations and the taxpayer.  It's all your fault and you've got to be brought down, your whole population, the size of you has to be brought down.


And the days of consumerism is over. I said that years ago, eventually...  First it's postindustrial, and then eventually you're in a consumer free market economy.  Which, it's not a free market, it's free trade economy, which is the service economy.  Then eventually they'll bring you into a postconsumer system by cutting off the trade and the items and the goods. They can only do that again through a wartime scenario.  Well, bingo, here you've got it, and they call it Covid, you see.  The great reset, eh.


They’re all out there, all the usual suspects that then spent their whole careers in politics, these characters. These strange looking, some of them too, you know, strange looking characters some of them. Strange features on some of them, really weird, you can't really place them in any group. And they're telling you what they're going to do and what they are doing to you. You know? Openly. But if you say it then you're hammered by the authorities, which they own, to get the same media to attack you for saying what they said.  [Alan chuckles.]  This is amazing. This has never been done before, you know.  The old type of propaganda and you'd have the counterintelligence and counter propaganda, and they tried to excuse it and say, no, we didn't really do that.  No, they don't even bother with that. They just say, they just tell the people, the person who is quoting us saying it is a liar.  [Alan laughing.] That's all they have to say, that they're not giving you true information.


Isn't that amazing, eh, amazing times where the truth, as they used to say, would be, was to be shouted from the rooftops, everything that was hidden would be shouted.  And it IS.  But folk don't recognize what's going on because of the techniques that are being used against them. They might be shouting that, but for goodness’ sake, and it might all be true, but you're not allowed to say that, you're obviously disinformation and our agencies have said that that's not true, that's false news. Even if we said it first. [Alan laughing.]  Amazing times, eh? A time when literally everything would be so fast, they said. And here it is, it's all fast. And people would be coming to and fro, and you know, you kind of imagine a fast pace of life, eh.  They would always be learning but never knowing. Well, look at the folk today, they learn all this rubbish nonsense and piles of data, but they never really know what's going on.  They really don't, do they?  Np.


It is an amazing time to be alive with this happening. But you're witnessing utter tyranny and folk don't recognize it. The tyranny that's used incredible lies, and made incredible statements, like Gates and Fauci, and others, eh. And even more statements coming out from the military now stating they should arrest folk and lock them up for putting out disinformation about Covid.  And who is deciding what's true and what's not? Now you've got arbiters of truth now, eh, who are completely politicized and appointed.


Do you know that unconventional warfare that you've been using across on all the world in their different countries that you've been attacking for years, this is again part of full-spectrum dominance too.  But you flood it with your own doctors, and translators that they have in other countries, and you use them in their own countries. You do this kind of stuff in their countries that you have invaded.  The CIA has thousands of people on its staff and thousands more as assets, they're like part-timers, eh, who are used occasionally, you pull them up when you want them. Whatever kind of scientist you want, they'll supply them, by the thousands for you.  They've done it.


Why do you think when you have just as well-qualified virologists and epidemiologists as the Fauci type, Birx type combo. But you've got all these other ones who are saying completely the opposite things from Fauci and Birx,  that they're shut down as well from, because, by the same media that's just the mouthpiece, the media is now a mouthpiece of propaganda. Always has been really. But blatantly so now when they're, oh shut them down, don't, just deny that they're telling the truth.  How would the media know you're telling the truth? Who tells the media?


You are in a war and it's a complete, intolerant war, full-spectrum dominance of information. So the first thing you do in battlefield scenarios in conventional and unconventional warfare, YOU must dominate the narrative.  Even in your own country if you're going outside the country, you must give as much propaganda to your own people to keep them on board with you. In an unconventional war it's also a war for dominance to have the confidence backing you, of the people, and that you wean confidence away from other competitors. That's part of it too. It's all been applied since the beginning of this whole Covid thing.  M-hm. 


You can see the preparations for it when they admit it in the exercises like Event 201, you know? And you go back to the Dark Winter exercises too.  And other exercises, some more I will put up tonight. They had other exercises from Johns Hopkins University group that seems to be the prime one for, hhhch, doing all these different exercises.  Hm.  They go through it all and how eventually they'd have to have total spectrum dominance over the information and the narrative, and they would have to basically smear using every technique possible stop people from giving you any contrary information. It doesn't matter, it doesn't make, it didn't say even if it's true. No, they don't care. You see, they've got their agenda, their war agenda here and nothing must interfere. Truth mustn't come anywhere near it. Because it's to get a mission accomplished, that's what warfare is about. Nothing to do with the truth. It's about winning whatever it is you set out to win and do.


So here we are with it all and it's not going to be pleasant. Once again, as they terrify the public by these leaked, it's that they're not leaked, they're dished out to the press, announcements from the military now getting you ready and you've got to be very afraid to do what you're told. You've got to realize that you're not supposed to be putting up with this kind of nonsense from your own militaries. Or anybody else's military for that matter.  Do you understand that?


So having said that, you, I mean, here is a little paragraph from the US Code of Federal Regulations. They talk about terror and force, right. It says...




Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as


the unlawful use of force or threat of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”


M-hm.  That's one of the definitions of terrorism, folks. I say it again...


the unlawful use of force or threat of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives


Well, the whole of the Agenda 21, the great reset, all the rest of it, that, this covers that all.  That's what it's about, eh.  It's a war of terror on the public, the civilian population.


Look at the lengths they've gone to. Do you understand they took years to prepare all this. Years of doing their different exercises for their "biowarfare to come", you know. And dummy exercises over and over and over again, eh. And how to silence, how to silence people talking about, even if they come out with the facts, how to silence them. And how they already had all the media platforms on board with them before Covid broke out. That was in the Event 201 exercise. And it's a lot worse now, isn't it? Quite amazing isn't it.


Of course they're going to bring the military in eventually, not just for the jab.  [Alan laughing.] It's just astonishing.  I stand back from politics. I think the only thing that people got in the States with Trump in was a stalling for time before the real main force came back in, that's authorized by the supposed deep state/CIA international government group, you know. It gave you about four years of a reprieve.  But again, people expected one man to change everything for them and it wasn't going to happen. And things that people, that he should have done for the people, were not done either, you know.


It's amazing, once the Covid outbreak came out you have this, again, this dualistic thing coming from Trump, where he makes statements like he knows that it's mainly... You don't kill the whole herd and then starve to death, you don't kill off your meat supply and then starve to death. You know what I'm saying? So let's just shut down the whole economy.  And he made some good statements there. But by the same token, he praises the pharmacological companies for their fast tracking of the drugs and so on and the vaccines. That were preordained anyway who was going to get all these, before Covid broke out, folks. Hhhch.  Moderna was sitting in the wings waiting for this to happen, as Fauci darn well knows.


You have a cheering Trump that says the military will help deliver the vaccines.  Again, blanket immunity for everybody who gives you vaccines, pharmacies, whoever, nursing staff, doctors... So you’re left, if you get side effects or you die or you’re crippled for life, you have, there's nothing you can do about it.  Well, that's no choice at all, is it?  Really? Unless folk really want to do it and just go along with it. Sure, it's their...  Folk will rush to get it actually because they’re so terrified. That happened with the swine flu that petered out by itself, again, back in 2009 or so. Another great test that the public turned its back on.  And they lost that one so they came back in force with this one, eh.


So yeah, Trump was all for the military. Trump, remember, when he ran the previous time, the very first time for politics, he did say in his speeches that he was all for the pharmaceutical companies to rush things through – again, to help the people, right – and bypass lots of years of testing, he says, and get right to the people. This is when he ran the first time before Covid or anything else. So now the guy has authorized the military... He wouldn't use the military when Washington DC was, hhhch, getting set on fire at one point! [Alan laughing.] And other places too, you know. Which can be done under certain, according to the U.S. Constitution and so on under certain circumstances. But anyway he was willing to put them out there to bring the private corporations’ products and inject them into your bloodstream.


...that's going to alter your DNA, eh! That's really wonderful that. Even though you have to really wait a few years to see the real outcomes of anything. And apart from that, even Fauci said that these things won't give you full protection against it, it might only give you a little protection, so you won't see the sniffles or something.  I mean, come on here! So something that may have really dangerous effects on you and could alter your DNA, that's what it's meant to do, right, is going to be injected, it might not do anything for Covid. 


There's a massive agenda here, and some of it is just pure greed and it's old cronyism. So I mean, they decided before who was going to get all the money here. They all had their hands out too. They knew exactly what they were going to get.  They even made the deals as to who would do the contact tracing the year before in 2019 before Covid broke out.  I gave the story out months ago on that.


So you're living through an amazing agenda and the public don't know.  And you can't blame them, eh, because they watch TV every day and get terrified. They're right back to the same numbers game, the same, they had to admit in late summer that they went way over, there was about 94% of the people, they had to cut the numbers of people who died by about 94%! ...that didn't die of the Covid itself at all.


Now, back to statistics. Statistics, what a fiddle that one is, eh?  M-hm.  Right down to even hospital admissions.  It's not necessarily admission. Most of them don't stay the day.  These are really visits.  And lots of them are visits to get the nasal test done, or to go back for a second test even because they're terrified of getting it. But it's put down in the hospital as it, you see.  Every trick in the book is on the go. Because there's a world of an agenda, there's a whole new world waiting at the end of this, eh, that you are not going to like. Because you wouldn't listen, they said, you just wouldn't listen to the sustainability agenda, and you wouldn't stop consuming.  Hm?  You wouldn't stop doing it. So they're going to do it all for you. It's as simple as that. So much for democracy, hm.


Now, I could go over many of the articles I did years ago. I could. Where I go through the quotes by the leaders of the big foundations and the NGOs, these armies of climatologists, or climate change advocates and so on, for sustainability. I could do one after the other because there's countless of them, where they were open about it, we have to offer up scary scenarios to get the people to listen. So, terrify the public, you know. And it doesn't matter again if the climate science is all wrong. It's for a good cause, a good change for producing equity on the planet, things like that. Coming from politicians, like they did in Canada. I could go through stacks of these quotes by well-known people but I won't because I've done it all before years ago and it bores me. 


And it doesn't really matter, I think, how many times you tell people this anyway. It's an interesting thing, if they're not ready for something, you could teach them all day long with the evidence, including videos from the people giving these talks, where they admit lots of it could be down to opinion instead of real science. But it doesn't matter anyway. And it wouldn't matter to them.  Because the next day when they hear the next bit of fear, they're back to square one again. That's a fact. That's how it works, you know.


So what I'll do, I will mention one thing that ties in with the code, right. The great reset. Just as an example. I mentioned this before, recently again, this one. It says…


To The Global Elite The Math Is Simple:

Human Overpopulation Is Causing Climate Change

So The Solution To Climate Change Is Population Control / 21 May 2010


(Alan:  Well, no.  Climate change is the excuse for population control, you see. Because they want to reduce it, they don’t need you anymore, hm.)


Today there is headline after headline in the mainstream media about how dangerous “climate change” is and about how the world as we know it is going to end if we don’t take dramatic steps to fight global warming.  But what they don’t tell you in the mainstream media is what the “final solution” for the problem of “climate change” that the global elite have come up with actually is.  You see, for the global elite the math is simple.  They believe that human overpopulation is causing climate change, (A:  No, that’s what they say, I don’t think they really believe it.) and so the solution to climate change is population control.  As bizarre as that sounds, that is what they actually believe.  The truth is that they are convinced that climate change is going to literally destroy the earth …


(A:  I really don’t believe that, personally; this is the article I’m reading here. I think we’ve always known, I mean, they had climate change before there were humans on the planet, folks. Including, you know, very hot burning phases too.  Hhhch.)


In fact, it is the official policy of the United Nations to fight climate change by promoting population control measures.  They don’t even try to camouflage it anymore.  Last year the UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund)


(A: By the way, that was set up at the United Nations by the Rockefeller foundation, for those who don’t know that. The UN is the big front for the big agenda. They used to call it the Department of Population, now they call it Population Fund…)


  released its annual State of the World Population Report entitled “Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate”,


(A: …which you can download, the link is there.)


 and in that document it was made clear that the official position of the UN is that the only way to avoid a major climate disaster is to dramatically increase “family planning” services around the globe and to do whatever is necessary to reduce worldwide fertility rates.


(A: Okay…)


to dramatically increase “family planning” services around the globe and to do whatever is necessary (A:  … do you understand that?) to reduce worldwide fertility rates.


(A: Hm?  But yeah, I mean, it's always been their agenda, even before they came up with the idea, remember, of climate change.  The climate change idea was picked by the Club of Rome that was given the task to find a way to unite the planet, to fight something, some common enemy, in order to bring this agenda in and population reduction. So there you go.  But yeah, that's...)


 family planning” (A:  …is abortion and so on…)


…and to do whatever is necessary to reduce worldwide fertility rates.


The West, they tried all this stuff out in the West first, that's why the fertility rate has been plummeting in the males for years in the West. It's not by chance.  That's why they're not worried about it. As I say, if the farmer has his animals suddenly going awry in some way or another health wise, they've got to find out why. Well, they know why, and they're not worried about it, so it means it's intentional. That's why you're going sterile.  Hhhch. But yeah, that's how it works, folks.


As I say, I'll tie it in once again just before I get onto the next piece of information.  That's what they said at the last climate change meeting last year.  We weren't listening to them for sustainability. Time is running out. Time is running out. They always said this, they had countless articles where all the leaders kept saying, oh, time is running out.  You know? So we'd have to go into a drastic measure to save the planet and so on. So BINGO, Covid happens.  BINGO, and immediately your economy is brought to a grinding halt. Remember we've got to stop consumerism? Well, you can't buy if there's nothing getting supplied, hm?


They've already tested out in the stores, eh, the few big ones that are left to stay open, that was all planned in advance too of course. Where they cordoned off areas for nonessential supplies, getting you trained already, you see.  Postconsumer. Just basics only. Austerity programs, like I did years and years ago, all these talks on it too, from the right sources too.  And here you are. That's...  the war is upon you. The war is upon you.


I'll go back to that one article that I saved to do with, again, the Code of Federal Regulations for the US, right, to do with terrorism.


 the unlawful use of force and threat of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, or civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”


The war is upon you. Remember in martial law they have complete control of media, so all media is uniform, saying the same things.  No dissenting opinions are allowed, hm, or you can be arrested. I'm talking about martial law. This is standard stuff, going way back. Gatherings, even before, regardless of the disease even, gatherings are always limited to so many people outside and even so at certain times of the day or night as well. That's another part of it too. This is martial law you're under. Rationing is introduced. ID is introduced.  Of course you've got it all on your cell phones and your apps, which you're happily all getting to be very obedient. 


And you'll never satisfy them. Each time you submit to, oh, I'll try that, they might leave me alone, they've said they'll leave me alone, I've done the right things, I've got the latest app and I'm tracked and traced and blah blah blah.  It's not, it's never going to be good enough, folks. They don't care about you. [Alan chuckles.] They really don't, you know. You don't get a little gold star like school, you know, a little mark for being goody-goody to the teacher. In this game here it doesn't happen. You're in a wartime agenda. This is a war on the people. And they really mean business. Completely. You've got this article here...


Acting defense secretary orders top special ops civilian to report directly to him / 18 Nov 2020


WASHINGTON — Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller on Wednesday ordered the Pentagon’s top civilian overseeing the military’s special operations community to report directly to him, effectively elevating U.S. Special Operations Command to the same level of the Pentagon’s military departments.


The change makes the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity conflict (A:  This is unconventional warfare.) a service secretary-like position responsible for the oversight and advocacy of the military’s special operations forces, said Miller, who is expected to serve in the Defense Department’s top job only about two months.


(A:  Or is he going to continue regardless of the changeover? If it comes.)


Miller announced the move during a visit to the Army’s special operations home at Fort Bragg, N.C., his first official visit as defense secretary since he took the job Nov. 9 as former Defense Secretary Mark Esper was fired by President Donald Trump via Twitter.


(A:  So they’re talking about…)


…enable us to streamline the information flow,


(A:  Right?   It’s interesting that.)


“This reform will immediately improve agility to the department (A:  Right…) and the command and will enable us to streamline the information flow, enhance decision-making and more adaptively and adeptly support our commanders and their superb soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines,” Miller said in brief, prepared comments.


(A:  Now, is he talking about internally or externally? It doesn't say here.  You see?)


Miller said he would prefer to raise the top special operations civilian post to an undersecretary of defense title, but he also said he lacked the authority to do so.


Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a former aide to Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn, is now filling the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity conflict role on an acting basis. Miller briefly served in that position on a temporary basis earlier this year, as well.


Now, these are post, really, they've used again to win over the people in conflicts overseas.  You win them over using different techniques, psychological, massive psychological warfare, multileveled warfare too. It makes me wonder if that’s what they’re going to use internally here. They actually, they are already using it of course by using the media, and teams of people who will just tell you if you're telling the truth or not.  They've got these unseen judges that simply will ban you if they claim that you're putting out false information. On certain topics, eh.


But this article goes on and on. It makes you wonder if it's going to be used right off the bat? Why would it happen when you're ready to leave office, if that's what Trump's doing? Or is it going to continue into Biden's watch as they call it?  And is it all agreed upon in advance?  Are we watching a good stage play here in politics as well?  M-hm.  But I know they want, they were supposed to, remember, bring back stacks of the troops from overseas, and it really hasn't happened. They simply move them around to different bases.  And the US remember has got thousands of troops all over the world, you know? They've got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bases.  [Alan chuckles.]   


So it will be interesting to see what they're, how they're going to use unconventional warfare. It's already been used internally; we do know that. They're using the military in Canada and the States for psychological operations and attacking websites by the way. The same in Britain. It isn't just the 77th Brigade. They've got other ones as well in Britain.  And yeah, they use them. And they hassle you.


Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians - / 2 Nov 2020


You don't realize too, I read an article last week where, it wasn't a TED talk, it was something similar. But a fella gives you a talk about when you Google something, if you use Google, or there are other search engines too, I'm sure they're much the same. You don't realize that what topic you're punching up, you're going to get different replies as to what sites to look at than people that you might know if they punch up the same question, you know, with the same search engine. Because they're tailor making it all, information, to suit you, or to suit their version of you, how they want you to look and think about things, what they want you to look at. Because they have decided you might need a nudge in this direction or a nudge in that direction, not a nudge that your neighbor is going to get, you see, a different kind of nudge.  They're literally tailor making the information results to prompt you to change. This is how far ahead all the stuff is, you know. N-n-n.  I tell ya. So much for the democracy of the Internet, eh? Oh, it's going to free up everybody, you would all have your say and so on, eh?  [Alan chuckles.] The folk don't know.


Remember again,  Send a few bucks to me hopefully. You’ll see how to do it on the website. List all my sites, my official sites. Remember too, you can find me I think on YouTube and also on Bitchute and different places and so on, that other folk take and upload because they’re allowed to do that with my talks, as long as it isn't changed, you see.  I don't mind folk using my talks, just don’t add or detract from it, or... Because then they can fudge you to say anything of course, it's all been done in the past by other people to other people. That's the tricks that they play.


My official sites are all You can use PayPal, send cash is fine, personal check is fine.  Some countries can still use international postal money orders, and you've got to say international postal order to Canada. The States cannot send to Canada apparently now, international postal money orders, that is, from the post office but outside the country I think some countries still do that. Money Gram can be used.  You could even, you can find innovative ways to get cash to me, I'm sure. Because we're going through a war.  And I'm not backed by any covert institution behind me, or agency. And I don't have a team of staff here to churn out documentaries to make you go oooo and aaaa, wow, and stuff like that, and churn out 100 articles a day, that all, that ends up immediately across the Internet to different sites, you know. Little clues like that. [Alan laughing.]


So you’ve got to be very careful, as I say, and I am. I know that they have been following me for years and years and years would like me to continue through it all. I mean, it's coming almost to an end, you know. I've had calls from other people saying it's going to be time now, you see. Because I've been at this for a long time.  As I say, I did come out, I was the first to really come out with what was the big agenda back in the 90s. And I only came out because it was time, I had to come out. I couldn't sit back and watch the only country that was allowing information out, in some circles, because of the rights they had at the time, at the time, hhhch, in the US, to just be navel gazing. I says, no, there's a big agenda and here's the facts behind it, and it's a worldwide agenda, and this is where it's going to take you. 


That's what I had to do. I had all this information and knowledge just bottled up and it was time to unleash it and that was it. And as soon as you do that kind of thing you immediately, and I guarantee you, if you're genuine, you'll get people coming out like clones of you immediately and using your stuff, and using it and then spinning it off into absurdities too, to ridicule your material. That's counterintelligence, you see.


I used to talk to people sometimes for hours when I first came out on the radio, privately, you know. After about a year and half one person who contacted me quite often mentioned, he phoned me one night and says I hate to tell you this, he says I gotta tell you this.  He says, and he mentioned this other guy that would phone me, I didn't know they were connected, you see. But he says, yeah, we're both employed by, and I won't say the name, [Alan chuckles.], by another guy you would know awfully well, but not in the Americas, who was paying them to pump me for information on the occult and so on like that, and he was using it all for his books. It's astonishing stuff that goes on. The same character got me off the air of another show that I helped to promote initially. That's another story again. Then the person, one of the guys in the show actually phoned me up red-faced and said, I'm sorry, we made a deal to do all these videos and, that was part of the deal that they wouldn't bring me back on again.


You wouldn't believe the dirty tricks that go on. You really don't know what's going on. You really don't know.  There's not a happy field out there of what they used to call the patriot community. Because it's completely infiltrated, folks. And it always was. But worse now. [Alan chuckles.] But yeah, it's up to yourselves what you want to follow or listen to. But as I say, you've got to think for yourselves.  You've got to do it.


Whether you want to accept it as a purely humdrum society and an atheistic society in a humanistic world, it's up to you, you know. Or you believe that there's a spirit side to it too, it's up to you as well. I can only go by my own experiences. I think it's a very pessimistic way to look at the world is through purely atheistic eyes. Because then hell can be brought to your door and you'll accept it, because you have nothing else to compare it to. Oh, well, you know, it's... it's a pretty hellish world, and that's just the way humanity is, and you'll go along with it to the bitter end, you know.


And yet you watch all these movies about the heroes fighting oppressors in all the Sci-Fi’s and things like that, but you can't bring it into your own life. That's pretty sad. I've said for years and years, stop following people. Because YOU, and I meant this, and especially now, this is the time for it, you see. YOU ARE YOUR OWN CHAMPION. Stop looking for the one to ride into town and do it for you. You are, you ARE your own champion.  In more ways than you perhaps realize. Because the act of not conforming to the demands of evil will have its rewards in other ways altogether. Never mind helping you feel better you've done the right thing for once. [Alan chuckles.] Eh?


But that's what we're living through, is a time of decision, you see. You are now IN, all the books that you've read and all the documentaries you've watched about evil empires, you are now IN it, now. You are IN it. And evil never comes out and says, yeah, we're evil, we're the bad guys. It never says that. They always come out as the saviors, you see, we're here to save you from yourself.  You see? Psychopaths will never say they are evil. In fact, they will rationalize what they do, all, to the bitter end they will rationalize it, no matter how absurd the rationale appears to outsiders.


But it is approaching so fast, isn't it. It's here, really. You know? And these circles within circles, in circles that interconnect with circles of acquaintances, and CEOs, and heads of this and heads of that, and specialists, all collaborating together on this. It's just, it's not astonishing in a world of mass communication.  They don't even need to meet physically, and they haven't for a long time in meeting places, you know, to have world government and to bring us all down. Quite astonishing, eh? Electricity is not our friend, unfortunately, when it comes to this at least. As I say, they couldn't do any of this without the computer and mass communication, mass surveillance of all kinds. They couldn't do anything. That's why it's all happening now too. 


I can remember reading about, you had the Luddites and you had saboteurs, all these different things that happened, fights against technologies of the past. I have looked at Mennonites too, and other groups, similar groups and thought well, I've got nothing I can say bad about them. Because if we all go down into austerity, I thought this for years, then if they had hung onto the old ways, I don't know how many of them still have their own blacksmiths and things like that, but they used to be self-sufficient, that was the whole point of it initially, then they will survive. And if they keep horses and so on, they will survive. As long as they can plant, grow and feed themselves and make their own things, they can survive. 


And they’re an enemy and they’re being attacked now. They're getting attacked by the authorities, even in Canada here.  In fact, all religious groups, especially Christian groups are really being hammered. Across the world now of course. Because they're the easy targets, they don't fight back, and they are more compliant and obedient.  They won't DARE do this on Islam to the same extent. And they don't dare do it on other groups too. But Christianity especially is an easy target of obedient people.


So they'll be going after the Mennonites in Ontario because they claim that there was an, oh, an outbreak of Covid after, I don't know, a wedding or something, or maybe a church meeting. But don't forget, outbreaks are not outbreaks, it's not outbreaks of sick dying folk. It's just that somebody got tested, [Alan chuckles.] and with this wonderful Covid test where the inventor said it shouldn't be used for diagnosis.  But what does he know, eh? The fragments of the DNA, or virus I should say, are literally multiplied many, many times in cycles, way over what they should be too, even then. They say once it's over about 32 it becomes very, very unreliable, and they're up to 45 cycles now so they are guaranteed to get lots of false positives, I think. In their own writings this stuff comes out, you know.


But anyway, they're going after the Mennonites now and trying to lock them down and trying to get them tested and compliant and go along with that all.  To stop the social gatherings. Any sort of human thing to do, like social gatherings and things, have got to be stopped, eh.  You can't have humans being human anymore when you want to change society into a completely fabricated war gamed planned future. That's what it is.


So I'll put some links up on the stories about Ontario and the old order Mennonites as they like to call them.  Because again, they would be self-sufficient if they were left alone, you see. You can't have that. And again, they've got another dangerous thing, they're pretty well, because of their whole nature of being in a community they've kind of sworn, in a sense, to help each other out, you see. Oh, what a horrible thing to think about, to help each other out in times of massive crisis, like feeding each other... Oh, how horrible for totalitarians to watch that going on, eh.  When they want you coming to them with their rationing card or your rationing app, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]   Can't have the Mennonites feeding themselves and other people for goodness’ sake.


This is war. This is a war going on that most folk will never comprehend.  Even as it's happening. They used to say that, in these old movies when they were glorifying surgeons and things and, they would work hard, they would stay up all night long just working on the patient trying to save their life.   And oh goodness me, there's a nurse, you know, taking the beads of sweat from the surgeon's forehead and, ftt, ahhh, 10 hours at the operation but the patient dies, eh?  Ftt.  And that's what they used to say, the operation was a success but the patient died.


Well, it's the same with Covid, eh.  Let's just absolutely stop the economy. Put millions literally, there's millions and millions of people unemployed in the Americas, folks.  Oh yeah.  Hhhch.  And watched everything plummet. Watched rationing come in. Watched scarcities come in. And eventually scarcities of food.  Let's watch, and never mind the folk dying because they can't get into hospital to get the basic treatments done for lifesaving operations and so on. Forget all that. They’re written off already, hm, as a cost of war obviously, because they're not allowing them in.  They've already killed lots like that.  So again, the operation is a success but the whole patient, this whole body politic, the patients of the body, the people, the social order, ARE DYING.  Hhhch, to stop Covid, that hasn't killed a fraction of what it will kill through rationing, etc. etc. etc. etc.


The whole premise of what they're doing to save the nation is completely false. It doesn't pan out. It doesn't equate.  You don't kill, it's like killing the herd of cattle, you know, because you thought the cattle were eating too much grass or something. Let's kill them all off, then once you've done it you say, wait a minute, what are you going to eat, where are you going to get milk?  Oh, I never thought of that.  Come on here! They knew exactly what they're doing here. First time in history you lock up the healthy, who can work. You stop the economy because of it all, first time in history. Because it's planned to take you into sustainable austerity, the big agenda that's been planned for years and years under the guise of global warming and sustainability. The same thing. Agenda for the 21st century.  M-hm. Right down to allowing yourself to get managed properly, properly by experts. Right down to everything in your own life, your own personal life, eh.  You see, sustainability has more to it than that.


We've already been treated to the little tentative releases into, everything you see in the mainstream media is a release, a planned release, on time. Each is planned on time as a presentation that builds a picture inside of you of the big agenda. You're being programmed. The articles I've mentioned before in the previous months, and right back to the spring, oh, Canada was one of the first ones to say, well you know, we may have to start rationing healthcare, and rationing medication if it gets really bad. It's the ethics and bioethics, and that was all done under sustainability before, when the authorized professors came out and says, you know, people should just die at a prescribed time of life, you've had so many years, just die.  That was in Brave New World, you would live a very healthy life, to the end, and at the last you would be very ill, and you'd die. Because they programmed it into you, you see. That's no coincidence.


Why don't you die when you’re 65? Leave your pension to the authorities, and they could make the world more equal by using your money, by giving themselves bigger paychecks and things, you know, at the top.  Hhhhhh.  That's what you're living through right now. You’re getting trained and programmed for a whole permanent existence from now on.  And of course there will be exceptions for, I read these articles years and years ago, they'd have exceptions for those who are more important people who served the system well, who would be given life extension, you see, meaning for the elite and other prostitutes that they hired to manage us, and they'd also get permission for certain ones to actually breed, to have children. The better type. Selective breeding, you see, they would be chosen for them, just, you know...  And for the rest of you, you know, come on, for goodness’ sake, you've got lots of sex as long as it's completely, you know, sterile.  No offspring.


Now, those in the Club of Rome remember, who were tasked with, by the elite, to find a reason that they could give to the public to give up their rights, to save something in the world or whatever, hit on the idea of global warming and famine and drought that would come out of it, and the like, would fit the bill, therefore man would be the enemy. You see. That's what they said themselves. And there was King as well, I think it was Professor Maurice King, King was one of the members, the high members of, the head of the Club of Rome at one point too.  Again, they're all, all humanists, eh, this religion of humanists. You should read it sometime, The Humanist Manifesto. This is what Maurice King said, Professor, eh. 


Maurice King: On Global Sustainability


Global sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty,


(A: Are you getting the point here? I'll say that again, most folk really, because it goes over their heads, that couldn't have been what I heard there...)


Global sustainability


(A: Remember, this is very important to remember...)


Global sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption, and set levels of mortality control. — Maurice King, professor


Set levels of mortality control. Okay? What do you think that means, mortality control? Length of lifespan, folks. Eh?  This is all coming out again with the different ethics committees for the Rockefeller foundation, now working with all those in the Johns Hopkins groups for the whole, and the great reset as well.  They've churned out all their stuff they've been working at.  They're lawyers and they've decided what bioethics and what ethics will be for living and dying, you know. I've already put the articles out to you from their own websites. 


It's all there now.  These are your new ethicists.  This is the new religious priests, you see. We've decided what's right and wrong and what’s allowable, it is allowable we can euthanize you, etc. If you were just a useless eater for goodness’ sake, then you shouldn't be eating, you're eating our resources, and we're important people, we're intellectual people, we have the right, you see, to have more than you. You're eating our resources, because it's like Karl Marx said, each according to their needs, and their means. Well, important folk need more than you commoners down there, you see, so stop eating our resources! There you go. That sums it up.


Or, you see, again, this is true, this is the real socialism. You don't realize it. The elite technocrats like socialism where they can manage you all in a collectivist type society, where you don't have individual freedoms, you have collective freedoms, and they define what the freedoms are. Remember what the United Nations said too years ago? The individual is the enemy of world peace. Their definition remember of world peace is the Marxist definition, which is, the end of all opposition. That's what they define as peace, under communism.


So you're living through the agenda here and they've got all these different ethics boards set up, you see. They're already introducing, under we're here to help folk, and it sounds kind of you know, kind of reasonable initially, and you say, well, yeah euthanasia started in Holland and Sweden and in Switzerland initially where you could pay money for it, big money. Then the government of Holland allowed it, and now it's rampant. Now you can get killed for just getting a bit depressed as a teenager, they'll happily put you out of your misery, you know. And then they start to decide who should get put out, even if you don't consent to it.  You see?


Then Canada joined them and did the same thing. Now you can't trust the hospitals in Canada, folks. Medicine has lost – it's the saddest thing, you know  all credibility, ALL credibility and trust when they start deciding who's going to live and die. That's, phew, out the window, that's it, gone. Gone. If a whole profession signs and accepts that, they should be ashamed of themselves and quit and leave their professions. Because it's not a profession anymore, it's just total sellout to politics and an agenda. A horrible agenda, that, you know, we’re here to help you, eh.  Ronald Reagan, the most terrifying thing an American citizens can hear is, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you.   Ahhh, we should put up in the nights, I think.


So yeah, back to King here, Professor Maurice King. 


Global sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty,


(A: What part of that do you not understand? This is for you, you see.)


 reduced resource consumption, and set levels of mortality control.


Hm.  Okay.  Right-o.  I guess he was just daydreaming when he said it, eh?  Maybe. And this is what you're putting up with and don't even realize it. That has been repeated by other professors since then, more so in the last few years as they get you, you see, you're constantly getting programmed with little bits and bytes of information. Repetition. So when it gets introduced, oh well you know I guess it's quite natural. No, they've programmed you to accept it as natural, hhhch, and you don't even realize it.  You don't know. It's just astonishing, it really is, eh.  I tell ya.


This article here is again reducing the world population through vaccines. Bill Gates, eh, remember what he said, and he is, they're saying, you can see him saying it and hear him saying it, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, we can lower the world population by 10 to 15%. What?! What?! What?! 


These are mind jobs being played here. These are mind jobs on you.  They truly are psyop jobs when they say things like that, this kind of doublespeak where your mind can't comprehend... hey, wait a minute, what's he, he wants to help you by giving vaccines, to reduce, help reduce population?  Doesn't compute, eh? It's, there's also lots of, used to talk about “the revelation of the method” years and years and years ago, where they generally come out and tell you what they've done after the fact, you know. But sometimes, but during this occultic time, you're getting it, again, and shouted from the rooftops, and at the same time denied if you repeat it, hhhch, what they're saying by their mainstream media. This is a psyop operation when it's done like that.  Quite something, eh?


Also this one here is... well I’ve got…


The Solution To Climate Change Is Population Control - / 21 May 2010


This is a 2010 article. It goes on and on. It's one after the other in the same kind of vein basically.  Another one too is this article to do with, let's see, acchhhh, countless articles actually, I don't want to bombard you with article after article. Here's something to think about, eh...


Fresno bishop tells Catholics not to get COVID-19 vaccine, citing use of stem cells in its development / 19 Nov 2020


Bishop Joseph Brennan of the Diocese of Fresno is urging Catholics not to “jump on the COVID-19 vaccine bandwagon.”


(A:  The reason for it…)


Citing ethical concerns about the use of fetal cells in vaccine development, Bishop Joseph Brennan of the Diocese of Fresno is urging Catholics not to “jump on the COVID-19 vaccine bandwagon.”


In a video (A:  The link to the video is here.) shared by the diocese this week, Brennan said that some of the researchers racing to produce a coronavirus vaccine have made use of cells derived from an aborted fetus, and perhaps other “morally objectionable” materials.


And as soon as you say that, you know, a good chunk of the population, well so what, they're trying to save us, you know, and so what, they were dead anyway, you know, these babies, you know, at least when they took the cells up.  Maybe they were, and maybe they weren't.  [Alan chuckles.]  And it wouldn't really matter to some people either, they wouldn’t care.  But it isn't that that really stands out.  Because I gave talks a long time ago from some of the people, big world leaders at the time where they talked about destroying society right down to necrophilia, you know.  But what they're getting at is that they'd even make you eat the dead, eat you're dead, you know. That was a saying too that Dzerzhinsky used, who was one of the big early Cheka and NKVD group leaders in the Soviet Union, or the Bolshevik era, when he, a mass slaughter too.  Because they were tremendous slaughterers, these people.  They enjoyed slaughtering millions of people.  They really enjoyed it.


If you want to see demons in physical form, hhhch, do what they do, you just go back and look at what these characters did.  You can't ima... it's unbelievable to most folk, you know, that they existed, they did it, and they had powerful positions. But this mass slaughterer, he talked about, he had a complete contempt for the public.  Once again, who would obey and obey, and just like, obey Fauci, obey Fauci, you know.  Just stop thinking for yourselves and listen to the experts and stop this individualism and rights stuff and do what you're told! 


So Dzerzhinsky, you see, did all that stuff to the people. And they, and of course they try to obey him and please him. There's no pleasing him.  You're already slated for extinction. They didn't believe in wasting time in re-schooling and reeducation facilities for guys like you. No, they just brought you and your families and children in and slaughtered you all. Whole towns.  Villages. One after the other. Dzerzhinsky said that, he says, what does he think of the people. He says, I think they're scum, he says. What do you expect from a psychopathic manslaughterer, with power, eh.  But he says, he had no regard for them at all, because why, because they wouldn't stand up for themselves. He says, you can beat them, he says, you can kick them, you can starve them, he says, will they stand up and fight you? Because you are the oppressor, right, he says, no, they just turn over and eat their dead, he says.


These are the characters that you're seeing manifested again. Very openly. In the Bolshevik/communist era you were an enemy of the state and the people, and the papers would denounce you when they were told to denounce you, they would denounce you as such. Just like you're getting today with the, oh, the anti-vaxxers and the misinformation agents out there amongst the public, they're enemies of the people. Dangerous times, folks.


And they're using the military to go after people, you know. Do you understand what's going on here? This is the elites’ revolution. It's not the grassroots.  This is not a different system.  This is the elites' revolution for the next phase of their system. And they don't need you that's left over from their last system. Are you getting the picture? You are obsolete.


It's kind of like factories, when factories really blossomed, and the big car factories and different kinds of manufacturing plants. They would tool up, as they called it, get all the right tooling in for mass production of items. Then when technologies came along, they were creating new models of whatever they were going to do, they would retool, and they would get rid of their old tooling's, maybe even sell it to other countries. But you would retool. Well, you see, the elites are retooling their world, they're getting rid of all of us, we are obsolete. They've been rather blatant about it, by the way.  [Alan chuckles.]   


This mind job, this is amazing psyop technique that they're using, where they will tell you that, admit it. And then denying it. From the same sources. It's just astonishing. But that is psychological warfare.


Years ago I gave a talk about the techniques, the basic, you know, examples like little...  I says, you're walking down the street, eh, and then you see someone that you're suspicious of.  Oh, it looks like a government official to me, you know. Or some, if you were in like a totalitarian system, eh, and you see there's an official there, and he stops you, and before you can blink an eye, he punches you in the face. And you say, whoah, what are you doing!? He says, what are you going on about? He says, you just punched me in the face. No, I didn't.  And he looks so convincing, you see, so because he really does, he's trained to be awfully convincing, with his facial expressions.  Well, maybe I, well did I imagine that? But my jaw is hurting. And after he tells you that he didn't do it, he hits you again. This can go on and on and on, and you keep saying, accusing him of it, who keeps denying it AS he does it. That's the techniques that's being used now. It throws you into a never-never land there, you're never sure where you are.  You'll start to doubt your own judgments on everything. That's intentional. That's intentional. 


Unfortunately as I've said, you've had like four years of a bit of a reprieve, a stalling technique with Trump in.  If nothing else that's what you got. But now of course you've already seen the other camp, and all the articles, oh, the climate change agenda, we're right back at the meeting this year, or next year, with the same agenda, and we'll put it on steroids basically now to catch up on lost time. The same agenda, sustainability, yada, yada ya, depopulation. The great reset. To bring equality.  Yeah, that's equal poverty for most folk. That's what they mean by that.  [Alan laughing.] Equality.  N-n-n.


All by groups that were never elected, eh? The World Economic Forum. The Council on Foreign Relations. Trilateral Commission. Club of Rome. Countless other ones. All the big foundations on board with it too.  The United Nations. None of them Democratic. Who all work together as one unit. Which really they are when you really look at it that way. None of them, they don't believe in democracy. They use democracy for their wars. We're there to force democracy on the people and give them freedoms. As they're taking all you're rights away at home.  [Alan chuckles.] And folk never figure it out, you know.


The truth and the telling point is when they actually expect the military to do what they're told and go after you. They're whole population. That's going to be interesting to see if they've prepared them enough.  I'm sure they've done all the tests and so on to see how many on their computer models will defect and actually join the public.  If the public really get persecuted to a slaughter level, will they join the public in sympathy or what?  And they'll have all that worked out too. This is amazing wargaming going on as it actually happens in real time.


So there's the bishop giving you a little warning, you know.  Because it's all symbolic of cannibalism, isn't it? Putting someone else's body cells into yours. It is symbolic of cannibalism. You don't have to eat it to be a cannibal. It's the ingesting of it, and whichever way it's brought in, right, vaccination is another way to do it. It's still some living something that was another human being, you understand. It's very symbolic of so, so much, hm.  And you tie it in with guess what?...


Human Flesh Looks Like Beef, But the Taste Is More Elusive / 3 Feb 2014


It’s like pork. Or maybe veal


(A:  Hm?  Yeah. This is the Smithsonian Magazine it says here, as they get you used to the idea. Remember Bill Gates has a patent on artificial meat. I read that a few months ago and put up the article for that one too.  Just a coincidence he's got fingers in all these pies, you know. I remember doing the articles years ago when I think it was, was it Holland, they had the first project to try to grow human meat in, or meat in tanks, artificial, or, it was really real meat but created artificially through other sources’ genes.  So here's the human stuff, right. It says here…)


Even if you have no desire to eat the flesh of fellow humans (A: Hm.), it's not so uncommon to wonder from time to time what human flesh looks and tastes like.


Muscle's red color can be traced to the presence of a richly pigmented protein called myoglobin and, more specifically, hemes, the chemical compounds that myoglobin uses to bind and store oxygen as a fuel source for active muscles.


(A:  So there ya go.  M-hm. For heme, which is the hemoglobin part of it I suppose. Anyway it says…)


So, there you go, isn't that fascinating to see what your future, and very shortly your future meat, if you get any and all by the way, is going to be like, isn't it. It's little bits that just happen to get into the paper, you think, they just happened to get in there, eh. This one just happens to get in about the same time… 


Scientists Create ‘Grow-Your-Own’ Human Steak You Can Actually Eat / 18 Nov 2020


Scientists in the US have created a human steak which can be grown using your own cells and blood.


The bizarre creation is known as the Ouroboros Steak, named after the ancient Egyptian snake that eats itself, though creators have insisted that eating meat grown from human cells isn’t cannibalism.


(A: I'm glad they've got experts saying that, that it's not cannibalism, eating human meat, it doesn't matter where it was grown, isn't cannibalism. That's pleasant. I guess they can convince you of anything, eh.  M-hm.  And interesting they called it after the Oroboros.  I remember giving talks on that way back in the 90s.  Because Oroboros is a symbol in the society is not just eternal life, but eternal dominance by the way, for those you don't know that. And beginnings and endings, and all endings and new beginnings, run by the same serpent they call it, or system.  Indeed, eh. N-n-n. So that's interesting. Yeah, it says that it's grown from human cells, but eating it isn't cannibalism.)


While it is a real piece of meat, the steak is currently just a prototype, with little chunks currently on display at the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition at the Design Museum in London.


The steak was grown using cells harvested from the inside of the cheek (A:  I wonder if they’re talking about the facial cheek!), which were fed serum derived from expired blood donations.


(A: Expired, oh, it’s okay then. It expired blood donations. So you’re a vampire now [Alan laughing.] as well, eh? [Alan laughing.] But that’s okay too. [Alan laughing.] Hhhhhoo…)


Scientists came up with the idea in the hopes of pointing out the flaws of the lab-grown meat industry, which claims to offer a cruelty-free alternative to factory farming.


Growing meat in a lab relies on the use of fetal bovine serum (FBS) as a protein-rich growth supplement for animal cell cultures. It costs around £300 to £700 per litre (A:  Phew.) and is derived from the blood of calf fetuses, taken after pregnant cows are slaughtered in the meat or dairy industry.


(A: N-n-n.  It must make you wonder who's going to be able to afford it, even if that was going to be viable, you know, this kind of stuff, eh? And who's paying for all this? But yet, I know Gates had one on a burger, you know, maybe it was a meat-like burger he had, not quite meat but meat-like burger. Artificial. Because you understand, if you eat, if you get high-protein you get healthier. If you're healthy you might breed.  You know? And they don't want, they've actually said that in previous writings that healthy, I mean HG Wells said it.  We can help people, give them better hygiene, better food for health and nutrition, and what do people do, he says, they breed!  He's so disappointed.  T-t-t.  So there you go. It's never changed, that whole agenda. So all energy remember is to be reduced, and food is an energy, which gives you energy, don't ever forget that, and what's coming down the pike with rationing. So they say the point of this here...)


We are not promoting ‘eating ourselves’ as a realistic solution that will fix humans’ protein needs. We rather ask a question: what would be the sacrifices we need to make to be able to keep consuming meat at the pace that we are? In the future, who will be able to afford animal meat and


So in other words, it's really to show you the flaws in the problem, hm. 


Scientists Create ‘Grow-Your-Own’ Human Steak You Can Actually Eat - / 18 Nov 2020


And you've got to admit too, I've seen some videos of horrible things done to animals, in the big, big agrifood business, and it's a business, you know. Which always happens when big, big business takes over anything. Greed, greed, greed. Shareholders galore to satisfy. So faster production, and faster this... And even, you'll see animals like cows that are, that are, they can't produce anymore, or else they're getting older, or they've got arthritis setting in, and those BIG, big cattle, that they're kind of hybrid cattle for getting vast quantities of milk, that the strain on their body is phenomenal. So you'll see the occasional ones trying to get off the ramps out of these huge trucks that bring them to the slaughterhouses.  And if they fall over, they don't waste time and try to help the animal or anything like that. No, they literally get bulldozers, and you'll see them bulldozing them into the yard. It's just horrible. And they're alive. And that's horrible. Horrible. There's no justification for that kind of thing. None at all. Big business, eh. Big, big business.


But the elite themselves want to stop you getting any meat at all. That's the other side of the coin here, to bring down the population. When you don't have nourishment the old diseases come back very quickly.  Very quickly. And health goes down very quickly. And then child mortality goes up and so on.


Another one...


COVID-19: Labour spokesman calls anti-vax content 'garbage' after demand for emergency social media law 15 Nov 2020


Labour says the 'spread of disinformation online presents a real and present danger'


(A: This is the next step to ban ALL dissenting voices, or any alternative opinions on anything. On the net, you see. You’re an enemy of the state. You’re an enemy of the people. And you’re a danger to the people, you see, you’re a danger.  This is standard totalitarian verbiage that they put out there.)


(A: It says so the Labour Party in Britain, I guess it wants to bring this forward.)


The party wants the government to bring forward laws that would include financial and criminal penalties for companies that fail to act against such content.


(A: So there you go.)


Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth told Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday that "dangerous nonsense" is being spread on social media by people who are against inoculations and it "erodes trust" in vaccines.


(A: Vaccines are tested because folk can't trust them until they ARE tested. And even then it's always fallout from vaccines. A lot of folk don't, it doesn't work with them very well. They have terrible side effects in some people. This is totalitarian rhetoric here.)


Once again, Send a few bucks. I have to keep saying it because folk, hhhch, by the end of the talk have forgotten about it. Send a few bucks my way and I'll keep going as long as I can to put out the information. You'll see how to do it Very important to do, to keep me going. Because really, when it falls off, it really falls off. I gave the talk years ago, I says, you know, one day you're going to expect me to be on every day and you'll just tune in one day and there's nothing there. Gone. That's what happens, you see. Things you take for granted just go. Then you're left with the authorized alternate media.  [Alan chuckles.] And there is a lot of it out there, not all of it, but there's a lot of it out there. So send a few bucks my way, eh, and we'll see what I can do.


So yeah, they're going after any dissenting, again, they had that in the Event 201, the different phases of what they would do, right down to imprisoning people who would speak out. First, they would try and stop the money coming in, your finances, and close you down that way and so on.  It's all preplanned, you see. You’re living through an agenda. A wartime agenda. Planned in advance.


Another one too is, let me see now, South Australian, eh.  They really go to town there.


One of the nation's toughest coronavirus lockdowns comes into place in South Australia / 18 Nov 2020


Some of the toughest restrictions faced anywhere in Australia since the start of the coronavirus pandemic are now in place in South Australia.


(A: And well, the amount of tyranny you'll put up with is exactly that, what you'll put up with. It's up to you, folks. It says…)


Key points:

A six-day lockdown has begun in South Australia

Non-essential businesses will be closed


(A: That means if you work in those businesses you are nonessential too, you see.  Total warfare, isn't it.)


(A: And it’s got…)


SA's lockdown explained


(A:  …because no one understands these lockdowns, in any country, by the way.)


It's the same really across the world, isn't it. The biggest stores for food and that are allowed to keep going and everybody else is going out of business.  All planned in advance.  And...


Rishi Sunak refuses to say if he will profit from Moderna Covid vaccine / 17 Nov 2020


The chancellor (A: I guess of Britain I suppose. I think I mentioned him last week from the Chancellor from the Exchequer as they call it.), Rishi Sunak, has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in the share price of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna, one of the biggest investments held by the hedge fund he co-founded before entering parliament.


Nothing’s ever been so obvious as the crooks that run us all, isn’t it.  Come on here, folks. Yyy  [Alan laughing.] They see the country and parliaments and governments as a private enterprise. That’s how they see it, as the whole country is a private enterprise for themselves. How can I get really stinking rich? Well, let’s have an infection and I’ll have massive shares in a corporation that will get the vaccine contracts and…  mmm, ftt, ftt. Anyway, I won't even waste my time on this article.  But there you go.



UK just ‘weeks away’ from mass Covid vaccine programme, Matt Hancock says - anything / 20 Nov 2020


(A: Weeks away.)


As soon as the jabs are revealed to be safe,


(A: No, they can't even say that, because there's always a certain amount of folk who have massive bad reactions, and some death, from aaany vaccine. So you can't say that they're all...  Do you see how it's misleading you?)


 the NHS will gear up for a huge vaccine push across the nation to keep people safe from coronavirus.


I'll also put up Peter Hitchens one where he says that, what's the whole thing about for a virus that most folk don’t even have the symptoms of? It really doesn’t matter, does it? I mean, truth doesn’t matter that much at all now, does it? Not really. And that’s pretty sad.


PETER HITCHENS: Our panicking Prime Minister is bankrupting Britain - / 14 Nov 2020


And also, high-tech getting used…


New Jersey cops use speaker-drones to help enforce pandemic lockdown - / 9 April 2020


There's another one too on something similar in the States as well.


Police Are Using Drones to Yell at People for Being Outside - / 17 Mar 2020


And again…


Fauci's New 'COVID-Crushing' Guidance To Americans: "Do What You're Told!" / 14 Nov 2020


(A: That’s what he says on a talk show he was on. I’ll put that up too and you can see it for yourself if you don’t believe it. It says…)


As NYPost reports, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has repeatedly clashed with President Trump and his administration, who have dismissed him as “a bit of an alarmist


Hhhch, at the very least, eh.  That’s being polite. [Alan chuckles.] No, he’s on board totally with this agenda. Sadly.


Scotland tiers, which areas have level zero, one, two, three and four restrictions under the government’s new Covid lockdown system and rules explained

The areas of Scotland going into lockdown level four and when the restrictions start - / 29 Oct 2020


No one understands. I think even the police chief of Scotland said the same thing, and in England as well, they don't understand these systems themselves, so it's ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous. 


And you already probably know that Berlin, Germany that’s had, hhhch, a history of getting rid of totalitarian systems in the past, it says…


Police break up large Berlin protests as Germany passes tougher coronavirus laws / 18 Nov 2020


Yeah, they're really pushing it in Germany again on the public as they try to suppress the public into compliance, again, by using more, well, vicious technologies to do it all of course. They've had demonstrations I think in Denmark and other countries too, where they come out banging pots and pans and blowing whistles and all that, to protest their push to enforce coronavirus restrictions on lockdowns on the public.  So now the governments are fighting them now, you see. This is an agenda that's really way beyond Covid, eh.  Yeah.  For the whole reset agenda. That's what it is, folks. So I'll put this one up too.  And then...


Covid stats revealed: 95% of deaths had underlying health conditions and ICU hospital beds LOWER than 5-year average / 21 Nov 2020


(A: This article here is from the Sun newspaper in Britain.)


How do critical hospital admissions or beds compare with the last five years?


Hospital bed occupancy for the beginning of this month (A:  This is November.) was actually lower than the five-year average for November.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] So don’t let facts get in the way, for goodness’ sake, and cover that sun for goodness sake you know, it’s putting too much light out on the world, eh.)


Earlier this year it emerged the government's stark 'Protect the NHS' warning may have actually cost lives, as many with life-threatening conditions and cancers didn't seek help (A: …or couldn’t get the help that…) they needed.


(A: I've read these articles already, what happened there, they couldn't get in. So it really is pretty awful what's going on here. And don't forget the terminology that's used too.  It says...)


Data from the Department of Health said 14,479 people were in hospital on November 17, (A: …right…) a drop from the previous day which had 16,271 Covid inpatients. (A:  Right.)


(A: Don't forget that going in to get tested they put you down as being in hospital, although you're only there for maybe 20 minutes, half an hour or something, you know. So this fudging of statistics that they use is all to mislead the public. It's just horrible what they're doing. But it says…)


Out of the tragic 37,796 deaths in NHS England hospitals (A: Right.) up to November 20, (A: Okay.) 35,806 had underlying conditions.


There have been only 42 deaths of people under the age of 40 who didn't have underlying health problems.


And more than half of those who died in England were over the age of 80.


(A: They were dying anyway, you see. It doesn’t mean that Covid killed them either.)


I-yi-yi.  M-hm.  I'll also put up again…


All Roads Lead To Dark Winter - / 1 April 2020


Excellent article about biowarfare and domestic policy, and engineering contagion and so on, and some history of previous things that happened in the States after 9/11 actually. They go back into the 1990s and the things that were going on at Fort Dietrich, a lot of weird things were happening at the time with contagious and deadly pathogens, including Ebola, you know, and anthrax. It disappeared from the lab; that was, well, admitted to at the time by the way.  So I'll put up this article. Because it all leads up to the present.  It's all part of the same system we're living through right now actually.


Sweden’s top coronavirus expert brands facemasks ‘very dangerous’ and says country will NOT make wearing them compulsory / 2o Aug 2020


Sweden's top scientist Anders Tegnell says face masks provide a false sense of security


(A:  And he says they’re…)


…‘very dangerous’ and says country will NOT make wearing them compulsory



Justin Trudeau Committed an Extra $400 Million (A:  Thanks Canada.  [Alan chuckles.]) in Global Aid to Tackle COVID-19 / 29 Sept 2020


This funding will go towards development and humanitarian efforts that respond to COVID-19.


(A: Who knows whoever tracks this kind of cash, eh, where it goes across the world. But anyway he's, I won't go any further with the agenda. But yeah, he's all on board with a global reset, and all the rest of it too.  M-hm.  Yep.  So there you go, as you shut down the economy, that's just Canadian money, that you’re borrowing obviously, to throw across the planet.  Hm.  It says…)


This new commitment (A:  …of $400,000,000…) comes just days after Trudeau announced a commitment of $220 million to the COVAX Advance Market Commitment, which will go towards the purchase of vaccine doses for low- and middle-income countries.


(A: There ya go.)


So yeah, the big Pharma get the big, big, we pay for everything, don't we. We really do. And…


Police Are Using Drones to Yell at People for Being Outside – / 17 Mar 2020


(A: ...for being outside now, eh?  Isn't that nice? It's Popular Mechanics. I used to read that years ago. So there you go, some people still aren't listening, you know, they go outdoors and so on, and...)


Spanish authorities are using drones, mounted with microphones, to scold people who aren't self-quarantining.


(A: Well actually right now they're just scolding you. I wonder if they'll put the little lasers on in and zap you. That will come.)


So this is the shaming techniques too... This is tyranny, folks.  This is straight out of the old Sci-Fi, dystopian Sci-Fi’s of the past. All there isn't it? So it's got little Tannoy systems on them and they'll YELL at you.  Just like they showed you in Fahrenheit 451, the movie, where they go around the building with these vehicles, because they were using vehicles too by the way with Tannoys on them and loudspeakers and yelling to people, come outside and stand in the gardens. That was Fahrenheit 451. Here it all is, eh?




WDG Public Health orders closure of Old Order Mennonite churches and schools - / 12 Nov 2020


I'll put this article up there too. Again, this is, well they're easy targets, aren't they? And then…


Churches adjust to COVID-19 limits - / 21 Nov 2020


Another one, this is a pro propaganda on, this next one, this next article, telling you how they are complying and they're having services online now for Baker City church and so on. Yeah, I'm telling you. But it's a PR piece to show you that, you know, some of them are complying. 


Coronavirus: Wellington County’s Old Order Mennonite churches, schools ordered to close - / 13 Nov 2020


But the Mennonites, the poor Mennonites are getting hammered because they've got a history of just leaving the countries that start persecuting them.  And I don't blame them.


COVID-19: First mass testing scheme for coronavirus begins in Wales in Merthyr Tydfil / 21 Nov 2020


(A: It's mass testing of some fast test that they're using.)


People who test positive will also get a traditional swab test –


(A: …which is just as false-positive as the rest of them [Alan chuckles.].)


which has a higher degree of accuracy –


(A:  …doesn’t say much at all.)


and will be asked to return home to self-isolate.


It doesn't mean you're ill, you know.  By the way, I mean, Sweden has already said that their, in the articles that they, from these scientists that are around the country, or their version of Covid, they mentioned that it's better to get herd immunity occurring naturally basically, that's what they're trying for.  And you can only do it by mixing together, and you will get, again, you won't know you've had it, probably, but you definitely will get antibodies, which is herd immunity.  You are now immune to it, folks.


That's why they're having you locked down. Have you locked down and not mixing stops it from passing on to herd immunity. So they’re deliberately stopping you from getting it, because they want to sell vaccines, and getting you addicted to actually getting vaccines. You can actually cause addiction to it.  Oh yeah, huh, well, what have you got today? We've got this newfangled so-and-so for you today. Oh, I'll try that too then.  Yep. What about the new one for this one?  Oh, throw that in as well.  That's what it does.


As I've mentioned before, even the Daily Mail is now really joined, again, all the rest of the media on...


Anti-vaxx conspiracy theories are still being peddled on social media despite tech companies promising crackdown - / 15 Nov 2020


I'll put that article up as well if you want to waste your time on it. It's all predictable, isn't it.  Because it's part of the agenda. They go through all of that in their tests, in their dry runs, like Event 201 and so on, they go through all that.  Even as far back as the ones from 2010 from the Rockefeller foundation. Step by... we're following the script exactly, you know.


Spreading anti-vaxx conspiracy theories should be a CRIME, top scientists say amid fears bogus claims will damage uptake of coronavirus jab - / 10 Nov 2020


And Delingpole, he’s a good writer too.  He says…


Delingpole: Sesame Street Sells Its Soul to the Great Reset / 21 Nov 2020


(A: I've mentioned before how they use even children's programs to propagandize everything, you know, you don't realize it, and always have done.)


It has teamed up with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to make a series of videos brainwashing (A: [Alan chuckles.] They had…) educating, (A: … and scored it out.) children about the vital importance of learning to live with the ‘New Normal’: wearing masks, maintaining six feet social distancing, gratefully accepting their vaccine shots, getting used to not playing with friends in person but just meeting them virtually on a screen…


On a World Economic Forum podcast called ‘The Great Reset: Resetting education with Sesame Street’, the blue Sesame Street puppet Grover tells his impressionable young listeners:


“At first it was hard when nobody could go to school and I could not visit my friends like Elmo or, well, even Oscar the Grouch. But then we learned to have video play time. It was a lot of fun and made me feel better.”


You see. So there ya go.  Isn’t that nice, eh? Isn't that nice? Isn't that good for you? And for the adults of course they tell you to stay home, they'll give you more entertainment and, I think even the porno, some porno stations apparently, or sites, and up to the spring and they said that they were giving them, I don't know if it was free admission or something, or, I don't know how they run it. So yeah, for the children they've got the children catered to, and for you they've got other things to do as well.


Two top Oxford academics accuse Facebook of censorship for branding their article on whether masks work ‘false information / 21 Nov 2020


(A: So they put out information on masks and they were branded as well as false information, right. So two Oxford scientists have attacked Facebook for branding them, right.)


Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the university’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, posted a link on his Facebook page to the article he wrote with colleague Dr Tom Jefferson, titled: ‘Landmark Danish study shows face masks have no significant effect.’


The piece reviewed the recently published ‘Danmask-19’ trial, which looked at the effectiveness of masks in preventing wearers becoming infected with Covid-19.


(A:  To see how effective they were, right. So they posted a link and…)


After following some 6,000 volunteers for a month, half of whom were asked to wear face masks outside the home and half of whom were asked not to wear them, researchers concluded that the difference in infection rates (1.8 versus 2.1 per cent) was so small it was not ‘statistically significant’ – meaning it could have happened by chance. The Danish researchers described their results as ‘inconclusive’.


But Facebook put a warning on the link taking viewers to the 694-word article, which appears on The Spectator’s website (A …that newspaper.), claiming it had been ‘checked by independent fact-checkers’ who found it amounted to ‘false information’.


A furious Prof Heneghan, who wrote for the MoS earlier this month, drew attention to his run-in with Facebook on Twitter, telling his 70,000 followers: ‘I’m aware of this happening to others – what has happened to academic freedom and freedom of speech? There is nothing in this article that is false.’


(A:  Well, that doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter, man, haven’t you heard.)


And Peter Hitchens too…


PETER HITCHENS: Our panicking Prime Minister is bankrupting Britain / 14 Nov 2020


How extraordinary that the Johnson Government, while in serious money trouble, chooses to spend billions on a vaccine against a disease which in many cases has no symptoms at all.


(A: Yep, bankrupt the countries again, kill off the herd and then say, what are we going to eat? So destroy the country, close down the economy, spend billions of dollars that's all borrowed, on a vaccine and so on, and to pay people to stay at home. For a disease which in many cases has no symptoms at all.  Hm.)


Yet this peculiar decision is a mere ripple on the surface of a much deeper problem. Britain in 2020 has many economic difficulties, but good credit. The lenders and investors of the world believe the UK is run by responsible people and will repay its debts.


But my astute colleague Dan Atkinson recently discovered


that the Treasury and the Bank of England are creating money out of nothing


(A:  He just recently found out, eh?)


on a huge scale. It is like the old fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin, who could spin gold out of straw – but at a terrible price.


Put at its simplest, more than £150 billion of Britain’s Himalaya-sized national debt has effectively been paid off – at no cost – using money created by, and passed between, the Treasury and the Bank of England.


Then they go into the scam and how it works. That's in the Daily Mail on Sunday, it's called the Mail on Sunday. But there you go. Yeah, there you go, billions are getting spent on a vaccine for a, I guess a disease which in many cases has no symptoms at all. [Alan chuckles.] There ya go. It's for an agenda. I wish they'd start saying what it's really for, most of them, eh.


Also an article about quantitative easing and how the…


Free money! How the Bank of England used quantitative easing to make £150bn of the UK's debt disappear - / 10 March 2020


Also, there's …


FOX NEWS: Anti-Vaxxers, Anti-Maskers file Lawsuit against Trudeau / 15 Aug 2020 - / 17 Aug 2020


Well, it really won't matter in Canada.  Canada has never been really Democratic.  A lot of talk about it but it's really kind of communistic.  Which is exactly what the elite want, it's more efficient to run it that way, when they just tell you what you do, and you just obey them and that's it. And then…


John Kerry Talks ‘Great Reset’:

(A: Naturally, they're all on at the same, on board with the same thing. They should… Uuuuugh.  Again, he's a strange looking character, this Kerry. But you have to find out, an amazing history too.)

‘We’re at the Dawn of Extremely Exciting Time

(A: It is for the characters like him who have been planning this for years and years, eh.) / 19 Nov 2020


(A:  So yeah, it’s a…)

…mission that seeks major transformation of the world’s economy.


(A:  But it’s also the whole way of living by the way, as you well know, eh.)


In a panel discussion by the World Economic Forum, Kerry said Biden is ready to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement …


(A:  We’re back on board with it, there you go. It says they’re…)


…looking to alter the world’s economy by abolishing money, private property, and democracy for the sake of a “New World Order,” according to James Delingpole.


I'll put this one up as well. Yeah, it's all for a better tomorrow, for themselves, as you peasants all die off, you know. Also Kissinger, he was always warning us. Mind you that one too, that order that Kissinger put out in the 60s and 70s was it, on overpopulation and the threat of world peace and all that, and the greatest enemy of the state and danger to the state was overpopulation he said. Well, here he is again...


Kissinger Warns Biden of U.S.-China Catastrophe on Scale of WWI / 17 Nov 2020


(A:  Hhhhhhhhh!  Oh, for goodness sakes, eh. I tell ya.)


“Unless there is some basis for some cooperative action, the world will slide into a catastrophe comparable to World War I,” Kissinger said


Ftt, hhhhhhh.  Ah, dear, dear, dear.  He's made his living on scaring you, yeah, and having nations bombed into nonexistence. And...


Amid Pentagon upheaval, military leaders face a fraught next few months - / 11 Nov 2020


Again it goes into Mark Esper disappearing and all that, or getting moved out and other ones moved in as they try to figure out what's going on. You can go on and on and on, I won't go any further without these articles because these are the same old stuff, you know.  There's fears about...


Coronavirus Christmas: Fears thousands could spend holiday season alone if wrongly diagnosed  under ‘Moonshot’ testing plan / 17 Nov 2020


(A: If you're not sick, you’re not sick, hm.  Hm? This is such a scam, really, incredible scam. And they have their blown money...)


...the Prime Minister’s £100bn Operation Moonshot plans (A:  Right, £100 billion, pounds.  For testing and mass testing.)


You understand, you never get, with particles of viruses that will come up as positive, they've been around since the world was created, and they always will be around. They're always present. You can't fail with these tests for getting what you want, that's why they picked it. You always pick up particles, it doesn't mean you've got the disease, it doesn't mean you're ill with it either. That's why they're getting more cases, because the more tests they do, if they stop doing the testing there would be no cases, right? [Alan chuckles.] A case doesn't mean you're sick. Well, I didn't know about it, you know.  And then when you get over it, they don't mention when you're over it by yourself, you've got herd, you get immunity now, you see. They don't like to tell you that.  They want you to think you're helpless until there's a vaccine comes along, you see. This is the technique, you see.


So I'll put these articles up that I've mentioned here. What's happening with South Australia and, yada, yada ya.  It's just, it's just never ending, isn't it, this whole horror show. Because it is a war, a war upon society, of the world actually, the whole world society, by the richest folk on the planet who decided long ago there's just too many of you. And they really don't need you. They don't like you either.  Hhhch, they really don't.  N-n-n.


So much of what we saw in science fiction movies years ago, many, many years ago, even the stuff going way back, you can look it up, in the 1940s and 50s, old Sci-Fi’s, the early ones, showed you so much of the technology that you now have today, that works.  You have the microwave technology, you've probably seen the articles of China using it on, and I think it was in India, troops in India on the border there, they had the clash. Remember? They incapacitated so many of the Indian troops by using, really... The article's in the Daily Mail I think...


China 'used secret microwave pulse weapon to cook Indian soldiers alive' and force them into retreat in Himalayan border battle / 17 Nov 2020


Electromagnetic weapons were allegedly used on disputed Himalayan border


They cleared out Indian troops without violating ban on gunfire


(A:  They didn’t use guns, you see.  N-n-n.)


So it's increasing with higher tech equipment and technologies being used, more openly, this time, so the first time kind of openly.


Has Moscow been secretly microwaving our spies for years? CIA investigates after the world was shocked by claims Indian troops had been 'cooked alive' by Chinese electromagnetic pulse weapon - / 21 Nov 2020


I guess we'll get used to this idea too.  This is the kind of stuff too that they use for people who, they used to laugh at people that were called targeted people, who certain things were happening to technological wise, and feel sick and ill, or warm, suddenly warm and sweaty.  Of course that can be a symptom of other things too.  But they often would claim that there was some kind of targeting going on. 


It has come out gradually over years and years and years that weaponry is often tested upon their own people, first of all, unwitting subjects that don't know that they're being targeted, or chosen to be targeted.  Because then they can be really studied properly. If you tell the subject they're going to be targeted, they're ready for it, their reactions are different and so on. So you always test these things on the population, generally your own population actually. That's what you had for years and now they come out and admit to it, they've got all this weaponry, they've got it on a big scale too, it can knock out whole armies with the stuff. But you also have the personal arms type equipment too that one soldier can carry to knock out a single or a group of people fairly quickly. High-tech stuff.


Another one too of course is the one from, let me see now, I think it's... Yeah...


Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones / 13 Nov 2020


‘Sound beaming’ 3-D technology from Noveto Systems tracks ear and sends it audio using ultrasonic waves, creating personal listening pockets.


So you’re in a bubble of sound basically and as you move around it will move around with you. This again is like voice-to-skull technology that people complained about before and have tested it out on people. Different countries have tested it out on their own populations too.  A few years ago there was an article in the papers where they tried it in New York for advertising.  They were beaming it into passersby for a particular store. You could hear the voice in your head saying, go in and buy so-and-so, go in to look at so-and-so, and it would do that, but you would hear it, and you look around you and no one else heard it, it was hitting you. So they were already testing that out for advertising quite a few years back.  So now they’ve got the same kind of device personalized to just track you.  Hhhch. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. Again, technology will be grabbed very quickly, people will jump on the bandwagon and use it. I have no doubt at all it will be a success.


But yeah, it's like chips and brain chips and things like this. We see the articles too about the particular fibers now that can go into your brain.  The big boys are using them. One of the big players as we well know had that article a few months ago about that and how they could go in and enhance your brain, as they call it, with an external chip by using these fibers that would penetrate into the brain from the outside.


Then you had the articles too about DARPA using chips, implants in, again, paraplegics as an example so they could use thought basically to make a mouse cursor move on a computer screen, things like that.  And you say, well that's wonderful, that's wonderful. But do you think that's really why... DARPA is the military organization, doesn’t really care much about paraplegics, folks. It's testing out things for other purposes. Obviously.


There are people to who have possibly been experimented on with chips over many, many, many years.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if that is really, really true. Your governments generally use things on your own people first. When you look at the experimentation in the US, which is a bit more open…  In Canada you had, they'll admit to World War II using troops volunteers and so on for testing chemicals for gas and weaponry, chemical warfare and so on.  We had articles back in the 90s about the last of them dying off, and most of them had died off with cancer, all these ones that were tested in World War II in Canada, these troops, all kinds of cancers and things. But the state has gone further with the same kind of thing plus more where they actually injected different people for experimentation with cancers. Including prisoners. They use prisoners too to see if they could actually inject cancer cells into people and it would take off in a different person's body.  And the syphilis experiments too which they did in the States. That's horrible. 


So they generally test these things on their own populations. Because we're not really worth much, we're just scum, you see, we're peasants.  And what you don't know won't hurt you, that's their attitude, you know. So they go to great lengths to make sure you generally never know. And when it does come out it's true, they'll deny it at first, until about 25, 30 years passes, and they says, oh yeah we did back then, that's a long time ago, so what?  And then no one cares then, you see. It's rather sad.


You've got to understand you're living through an agenda. Every step of the agenda has to be carefully tested. Every step has to be tried out in smaller areas perhaps, but over and over again in different areas to get the same results. Then they know something really works. I don't think they'll ever, ever stop this kind of testing, and on the public.


False information has generally always been put out by your own governments. Especially during wartime. The first casualty of war is truth, as they say. And you're in a war. This is all war scenario you're seeing with total lockdowns, only two or three people allowed to gather together in one place outside.  This is straight from the manuals of martial law type scenarios. Emergency laws.  So you're living in it and it's to get a lot worse as time goes on.


Then comes, they come down for you individually for what they want you to do or take and all the rest of it. It's all planned that way. They hope to use massive psychological techniques on you beforehand, you’re all going through it, through fear.  And for others, they've catered for the promise of freedom, like work makes free. In other words, if you just comply and take your vaccination you might get back to normal.  Even though, again, you have to listen to Fauci who said from February onwards and March, life will never go back to normal.


It's a great reset, you see.  That's the real purpose of all this that's going on. A different way of existing. A very low quality of materialistic life, you know.  Austerity they call it. Which is a nice way of saying, you know, bordering on poverty. It might even be poverty. And rationing of goods. And your decisions are made for you by your betters, you know, experts will make all your decisions for you. What you do, if you should work at something, if you shouldn't work at all. Right down to, should you maybe just kill yourself, or they'll help you eliminate yourself.


In a world where you're being taught that life is cheap now. There's too many of you, so it's not really like you're a valuable creature, you're not an endangered species, and so they'll have to bring down the population.  So you stop using all of the resources, you see. Keeping yourself alive, what an awful thing to do.  Who gave you that kind of right to do that kind of thing, just wanting to keep yourself alive, for goodness’ sake.


And it's a world, it's Agenda 21 where eventually there are to be no private vehicles at all. That's what your Uber thing is all about and so on. So, no privately owned vehicles. It will be essential vehicles only. No private property. Eventually. I went through this stuff years ago from Agenda 21 publication from the governments themselves and the sustainability crew with Maurice Strong.  And yeah, it's all coming down the pike.  No private property eventually. Rental only. You'll be basically allotted a living space which is rented.


Again too it will be all right in with the great reset idea and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Everything's electronic, including cash.  Credits will be issued to you just like your income to say at home right now basically, if you go into the universal basic income they talk about. But you have to behave and do what you're told, or you won't get the cash put into your account every month, you see. Eventually you can’t save it up either, it would just disappear by the end of the month as the new, same number comes in again. That's how, that was set back in the 1940s and 50s, Bertrand Russell talked about it.


You’re living through a script. You've always been the problem, you see. From the days of Thomas Malthus and even before him, you know, to the present time, you are the problem. Not them, but you.  Hhhch.  And they plan to really do something about it now.  They really are, this is a war, this is an organized conscious planned war on all of the people. They’re ruthless. And they really mean business, folks.


The only way you can stop it is enough people to stand up and all say no, that's it, that's it. They can't put everybody in prison obviously.  They're already using the Army and psychological warfare against people who are dissidents already. They’re using the standard techniques of psychological warfare looking at social influencers and trying to attack them online and so on, making it harder for them to get their material out there. Then right from the psyops manuals they use all media to put out unified messages of what's going to be the truth and what's not the truth and so on. It's straight out of the manuals.


We're living through it right now. And it's going to get worse unfortunately. If they stop now, you'd have to eventually, um, retake your own governmental system, hhhch, somehow and also regain your own liberty, and your right to do what you, to speak and so on.  Then you have to look and see what they've done, the damage, the incredible damage that's been done already, and massive deaths, and never mind the deaths that have been caused by folk who can't get in the hospitals and told to stay home, with heart attacks and cancers and no pain medications. It's just UTTER PSYCHOPATHIC INSANITY. That's how ruthless they are. So you'd have to take them to court and deal with them, wouldn't you? And they know it. And that's when they're really dangerous. They won't back down. They'll destroy the world before they'll admit they're wrong and back down.


So as I say it's not a message, as I say, of cheerleading for the people. It's a message for an individual. Because eventually you'll all get your turn to have your say.  Ha, ha.  And that's all you'll probably get is a bit of a say perhaps. That's about it. But you've got to decide what you are doing on this planet here and what your function is.  And if we are just animals then you've got to have animal husbandry, so you've got bosses. 


However, if you are a real human being with a spirit then, then your maker has the right over you as opposed to governments. And I think the maker has got a different purpose for you than being a blind obedience sterilized and eventually sick and weak and malnourished, um, human being.  I think he's got better plans for you than that. But it's up to you what you want to, where you want to go in life. This life or anything to come is up to you, isn't it?


Humanity has been so hammered for such a long time with a war which they did not know was even placed upon them, and this goes back generations. The point is not to just give up, for the, and that of the past that have died for nothing, all those that went before you, and you can look at all those that have still got the right to come in the future and participate in living, you know, and give them their chances. Each person has an individual chance to experience everything that's wonderful in this life, too, in this world.


How dare those that have decided they’re masters of the universe, decided it all for us. We didn't vote anybody in to do this to us. And I think you all know that too. They certainly know it. And they're very conscious of it.


We fought for centuries and centuries to get rights, and to get up off our knees.  Not to get back on our knees, and feel guilty, but GET UP OFF YOUR  KNEES, and stand up tall, and then you can be counted, you know. 


And don't cower to the, this repetitive evil of authoritarian tyranny, you know, you've got to see it for what it is and point it out and call it out.  That's what you have to do.


The evil that's been done already is horrendous.


And it's up to you to say no.


So take care of yourselves all over the world and, we're all going through it, absolutely we are all going through it. You need each other, as I say, you always need each other for help. A few words here and there to all your friends or even the few friends that you have, which is generally what most folk have is only a few, real friends, you know, maybe only one or two. But you've got to keep in touch with them, so you've got to, and help each other out when times get worse. Because they are going to get bad. And find ways to get things for anybody who is locked down that can't get them themselves, where they can't get out or they’re commanded not to go out. Hhhch, you've got to find ways around.


Like a resistance that operates through occupation.


And you can't use electronic means to communicate for that kind of thing, obviously, that part of it. Because then they can, [Alan chuckles.] then they've got the Army already monitoring you now. They have the psyops, that's what they do, special forces, eh.  They are right into the Internet sussing out who the social influencers are and so on. Like they do in any campaign, same kind of techniques. Then they find the terrified public and they put out the memes for them to follow. And get them to turn on the ones who won't comply and go along with the agenda. It's all happening. And it's, yeah, the military, they admit the military is now involved, eh. But it was obvious before the military admitted it.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Amazing times though, isn't it. So take care of yourselves. Let's hope we'll get through this winter, in the West. I think Australia is going through their summer now, going into it, and yet they’re locked in as well. So again, the climate doesn't matter with this brand, very novel, again novel coronavirus, eh.  It's very new indeed that they can do amazing things that generally it doesn't do. But that doesn't matter, does it? They've got every sign and symptom on the books for colds flus or just feeling off color, or bronchitis, or pneumonia, it could be any of those things. It might just be that you're a bit tired. But it makes no difference at all, a sniffle, no sniffle, diarrhea, constipation, they've covered every base with this thing. Of course that's what they're doing in hospitals, any symptoms at all, the symptoms, they'll just put it down as Covid. That's all come out.


We have enough evidence to last years and years, just reel it all off of the scam up until now. We know that. Where they've had to admit and lower numbers until true figures, or truer figures than before. But it won't stop them. They’re back to square one again.


So there you go, a terror campaign upon the people.  They'll have to be held accountable for what they're doing.  Absolutely.


For myself, take care, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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