Nov. 29, 2020 (#1805)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

The Dark-Arts-Deep-State:

"See the Dark-Arts-Deep-State, Effects Symptomatic

Of a Predatory Beast, Beneath a Cover Democratic,

Comprised of Wise Men, they're Carefully Selected,

Trained To Move Through Systems, Seldomly Detected,


The Magic-Money-Managers Keep Their World Revolving,

Spells on Currencies Prevent Moneys from Dissolving,

Purchasing Power of Realm Specie is Totally Elastic,

From Silver, Gold, to Paper, now Recycled Plastic.


They Lead People's Realities, News and Institutions,

Forever Causing Problems and Heading-up Solutions,

Scoffing at Religion While Training Your Reliance

On the New-Most-Holy-Order of Agenda-Driven-Science,


Now they Deploy The Military's Cyber-Warfare Might,

To Maim Free-Thinking People, Abolishing the Light,

Psychological Operations unleash Diabolic Calamity,

Targets the Very Soul of Man, Turns Sane Into Insanity."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 29, 2020. What a year, eh? What a year.  And it’s not over yet. I can’t believe it.  It’s rushing in, and yet it’s stretching out at the same time… because of all the, probably our cognitive dissonance as they call it, as we get so confused with our mind bombed news and with all the contradictory reports from specialists.  The same specialists often too, which give you really opposing viewpoints on all of their statements. Hhhch, and depending on how they feel that day I guess, they’ll hammer you into the ground if you read one of them and you interpret it the wrong way.  Because you see, there’s only one way to interpret it and that’s just believing everything they say. And saying that, I suppose, you’ll probably get a lot of applause from them and acclaim for just repeating what they’ve printed for you to read basically and to speak about. But don’t say anything negative, even when you get reports in from their own sources [Alan chuckles.] that blow your mind on some of their findings because it’s not what they want to push across.


You’re living through a big agenda.  Massive agenda. A very old one too.  I’ll put up tonight one good discussion by James Delingpole and Patrick Wood of Technocracy.  Patrick Wood worked with Anthony Sutton at one point, they worked together on studying the Trilateral Commission and putting out their findings on them.  But of course it didn’t start there. Anthony Sutton was way ahead of the game too, even long before that when he stumbled upon the big organizations with very old ties to Britain as an example. He tied that in with findings from other investigators that lived in the late 19th century, early 20th century, who had already realized there was a power in the world which ran things, really ran things, you know, above voting and above politics.


Which makes sense actually. Do you really think when you read even the books put out by the aristocracy, who were also members of the House of Lords in Britain, and the British Empire, they’re all based on the same system, lots of books, and committees that they belong to and organizations they all belong to, when they talked about the coming system, which they already controlled in their own time, but the system that was to come, they didn’t ever think that they would give anything away to people who wanted democracy. Power never gives itself up.


These people were not browbeaten or just weary through wars and so on. They were at the height of their power at the time and so they had no intentions of ever giving up their power. They knew that they could do an awful lot if they got more of the public on their side through false claims like, we’re here to serve you and let’s use democracy. All you have to do then is just stop basically the Soviet system taking over, the Bolsheviks, with a revolution. They decided to give you spokesmen and labor unions in the West, and they’d supply you with the leaders, who would talk with all the communistic propaganda terminology and certainly emulate it to an extent too.  But they had no intention of giving up their real personal private power. Not at all.


So they brought, you came into the 20 century with two world wars. You’ve got World War I, you already had the Boer War that really was a continuation and they went straight into World War I pretty well as Britain was taking over good part of Africa before that.  I hate to say Britain. It’s not the British people.  So don’t blame the British people. They could have used other countries too and use their troops and finance them and train them just the same way. 


It’s really interesting when you really think about it, how you’re given people to like and hate, or even feel ambivalent about too. Because you see, and we use these, I hate this, I’ve said this for years and years, they’ll say, well the British did this, you know. But what does the British mean, eh?  Or the Scottish, you know? Or the Welsh or the Irish? What does it really mean? It’s a handy tool for propagandists and the media when they want to blame people for something, oh the British did this, the British did that.  It wouldn’t matter what part of the plantation of the planet you lived on, if the Masters wanted you to go and conquer somebody else and made it a prideful thing to put on a uniform and go and fight, and give you really simple propaganda you’re going off to bring civilization to the world and so on, but in reality too, they’re telling the poorer folk, you’ll get some pride in yourself if you wear that uniform,  and get little pluses when you come out of the military and you can get a higher status in society then you would ever get on your own basically, you see. Every country would do the same thing. That’s the history of the world.


So those with the understanding of that always run countries. It’s like Rothschild, Rothschild was awfully good at saying [Alan chuckles.] what he thought at times.  He said, give me power over the money of the nation and I care not who rules it’s government, basically. Because obviously the government would have to come to him to borrow money. That’s what governments had already done long before he came along when they created the central banking system.  All governments went cap-in-hand every, maybe four times a year to ask for more cash, etc., and to decide how much to increase taxation which pays for the money the government is borrowing. That’s what it’s all about, you know.


It is quite interesting to me to see all that kind of happening and to see that most folk really don’t understand it even yet today how it really works.  They forget too, they had a massive long-term war with the Spartans. That changed Sparta. It’s like Quigley said and others have said too, that wars do more than just create winners and losers. They alter both sides, or all sides of a conflict. Your culture gets changed, and often very similarly so in long term drawn-out wars.


As I say, Britain came out, went into World War II to fight national socialism in Germany, and came out as a national socialist country for a while. The irony seems to allude most people, you know. But that’s really how it is. Because it’s planned that way. Again, you’ve got these unseen characters with big organizations behind them, these quiet clubs, very powerful clubs indeed that really run the show. The media are all part of it because they are employed, they are employed by the folk who belong to these big clubs, you see, all the journalists are. 


But as I say you’ve got to remember too, that World War I eventually they got the slogan makers in on the act including HG Wells, you know, who came out with the idea of calling them the Hun, you know, like a throwback, you see.  Because you must always dehumanize your enemy.  It’s much easier to kill them when you don’t see them as humans, so you put them out with these derogatory terms and so on.  So you have the Hun, and then for the war in the air, it was Hun in the sun, beware the Hun in the sun coming out of the sun with these aircraft.  All that kind of stuff, you see.  You can see all, it’s like massive books full of the propaganda cartoons they used in the newspapers at the time, just incredible. And World War II was the same. But regardless, yeah, dehumanize the enemy and use propagandists like HG Wells to dehumanize them. Again too, Wells was awfully good for his masters, he did, he served them awfully well.  At least he got the credit for it, but I’m sure there was a team behind him. 


He also came out with the idea of the white feather, you know.  Because in World War I initially you just didn’t draft people up right back then. Not initially anyway. They did want to get national conscription in, you see, it was a goal of theirs. It was kind of hard to do when you’re pushing this new idea of democracy. It was new, you understand, this idea of democracy. Most of the men couldn’t vote any more than the women in Britain at the time for World War I.  They says, well, we’ll give more of you the vote afterwards and that kind of thing, and better housing. In other words, something back from all your taxes, we might give you something back. That was the promise.


But again, they came up with the idea, the war to end all wars. That was a good one for the youth, you know, all young folk would go for that.  Who wouldn’t want to stop wars, eh? And the idea of utopia, you would have cash in your pockets for a change because it wouldn’t be getting spent on wars. It was a nice fallacy. And pleasant. And you were used. Of course you were used, incredibly much so by the military-industrial complex that reaped in the harvest from all of its weaponry, and guaranteed payment by the government who was borrowing it all from the bankers.


So yeah, you’re run by quiet systems, very quiet systems, that have the big meetings, mind you.  When real communication, radio and so on became prolific then they became even quieter behind the scenes. Because at one time, you see, there was no problem communicating to each other in their special magazines or books. And books, they had their own publishing companies not just for magazines, for themselves, but their own private publishing companies would publish their world meetings. Like the Royal Institute of International Affairs before it was even called that, you know. They had their own publishing companies. Strangely enough too, it’s a small world because they go way back even to the Rockefellers who often paid for their international meetings, even long before World War II.


So these private clubs have always been around.  One of the first things they came up with, the ideas they came up with, was that human resources should not be given for the rest of the general public to just lay claim to… or members of the general public to lay claim. It should be held by the responsible people, and old Rockefeller thought that he was the one to do it, you know. And then his son David was more open about it too because he was more of a figurehead for the speeches, world speeches on sustainability and all that kind of stuff. But they all told the truth from their point of view when they said that competition is a sin. That’s where, again, this video I’ll put up with Delingpole and Woods goes into.


Technocracy And The Great Reset - Patrick Wood and James Delingpole - / 28 Nov 2020


It takes off really in about 1930s when the term Technocracy took over. You see, that was only part of it, Technocracy. You have to remember that the group existed as this, it was often called pan-American or Anglo-American establishment that preexisted the Technocracy group being formed inside Canada and the States in the 1930s. You’ve got to realize what Technocracy was. It was about the taking over of resources not just by responsible people as they call it, the right kind of people, who would limit access to other people coming in to own different parts of it, they would be very, very selective. In other words, when you’ve got a gang together it’s much better if your own gang owns it all, eh, and you don’t let anybody else come along, and you limit the number in the gang so you can be wealthier and you’ll be more powerful and so on. That’s sustainable development, you see. That’s where it comes from. Of course it does.


In the old Anglo-American establishment it was well understood at the time by many people when they were forming a Federal Reserve system in the US who was behind it. Colonel Mandel House wrote a book about it, his own memoirs. He admitted it, that he, well he said himself, he wanted to take the credit for really being behind it because he was kind of managing President Wilson, which he had a kind of contempt for, for being so manageable, hhhch, so easily manageable I guess, they created the Federal Reserve. 


So you’re living through a script basically, a script do with again a very big establishment, but secretive at the same time.  Big in the sense that it runs the affairs of nations.  You’ll find Carol Quigley, I’ve mentioned it so many times, he was a member of it, and he was an historian for the American branch, although he worked with the British branch as well.  He was so enthused by it and its goals and aims that he published the book , Tragedy and Hope, really believing at the time he said that it was time the public got to know what it was about. Because he says, these people have, these members, which he was all for, had been responsible for world wars, and they were behind almost all the big changes in history of their day and back into the 19th century at least and probably before. But he thought their goals were good and he said the only complaint he had was the occasional misuse or the techniques they use to achieve some of the goals, that’s the only place he ever differed with them.


However, he let so much out of the bag that the publishers confiscated the plates, they had the plates for printing at the time and they broke them and told him that, no more, after the first publication. I don’t think he had that many sold initially, but luckily enough it got out there that under, because they had basically written it all off, that many other publishers could grab the original one and republished them. You can get copies anywhere.  And I’ve checked some of them, and with the original, and as far as I can see they’re the same. So you can get them really cheap if you want to go through it.


He let a lot out of the bag of the fact that they had been behind the movements to take over South Africa and different places. He went into some of the history of Cecil Rhodes in other books he did. Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild by the way, that formed the Rhodes Society and Rhodes foundation.  And took over the gold mines in Africa.  And diamond mines as well. Because again, getting back to what they do, monopoly men, it isn’t monopoly money that they use, they are monopolizers.  They take over resources. The first thing you do for resources, is you just take over the wealth of a nation.  What gives them the wealth? Raw resources, what is it? Take it over, snuff out the competition by everywhere you can because it’s war, they see it as a war, you see. It’s quite easy to do that when you’ve trained yourself to believe you’re doing it for the better, for the good of all, the greater good, by taking the power out of other people’s hands and putting it into your own pockets, you see, that’s how they rationalize it.


They cause world wars. They thought that world wars could achieve change, the planned changes that they had in mind for taking over the world’s resources. That’s where you are today basically. You’ve been here for a long time.  Sure enough, they created the Council on Foreign Relations in America, the Harold Pratt group put the money up for it, high member of it. They based it on Chatham House rules in England for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which used to be called simply the Lord Alfred Milner group and The Kindergarten group, different names for the same organization. It was so secretive at one point, and it ran the British Empire.  It placed its members across the globe in all the high positions as Lieutenant Governor generals and all that kind of thing.  They would administer businesses and resources and taxation over conquered peoples that they were enlightening, you know, by conquering them and taking the resources. And using the British taxpayer to fund it all, railroads and troops and things like that.


It’s pretty good when you’ve got a nation like Britain, this corporation – that’s what it is, it’s a corporation – which you could always tax the people for its upkeep.  A kind of public/private partnership, only the public don’t know they’re in it as a partnership, you see, except that you’re signed on to pay all the debts for the conquest and things and the cost of it all. Nothing’s changed. Nothing has really changed. They’re very simple cons really. It’s a form of perception con, that’s really what it is. It’s all down to perception management and training the public to see it in the way that you want them to see the system.


Now, the big organization, the big one at the top, that we know of, I don’t think it really is the highest, I’m sure there’s one above it, at least one, maybe two or three in fact.  But we know about the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  We know about the Council on Foreign Relations.  We know that they spawned off in Jimmy Carter’s term in office the Trilateral Commission, and they were drawn again from members of the Council on Foreign Relations and again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They truly, as Patrick Wood mentions, they truly were modeled after Technocracy, you see.  In that, technocrats run the world, people bypassing politicians.  They would eventually phase out the politicians, that was the idea of Technocracy Inc. in the 1930s.


After the shambles of World War I, then the Great Depression, obviously they had to follow it, and World War I didn’t end with 1918. It was still on the go and went right into the Great Depression. Because now all those who, hhhch, held all the bonds and everything and the bankers were looting the country, that’s what it was for, now it was time to take over the wealth of the nation, in the States too, you know.  And the land and everything else too in the process.  It was quite an enterprise.


Most folk don’t realize, they always think of conventional warfare, the first type, the first class A is troop against troop basically.  You don’t realize that economic warfare is a big part of it regardless of using troops or not. It was very successful with the Great Depression. It consolidated the power of the monopolists, you see, who again bought over bankrupted stock and space and property for pennies on the dollar. That’s how you acquire more and more wealth and become more and more powerful.  Your institute, if you’re an institution, it’s part of it, like a club with members and you have your rules that you must follow. You’ve all sworn, you’ve sworn to all the different rules, just like any secret society which of course in a sense it is. You work together. You’ve got a command system so you’re coordinated in whatever you’re doing.  You can’t just jump the gun and do your own thing. You must go along and take orders from above and obey them whether you understand them or not.  That’s imperative in these organizations. It’s faith-based. Faith that they looked after you. That’s it.


But again, you find getting back, this thread that you can catch onto, this thread is, that Quigley talked about, the Rhodes Foundation, and Cecil Rhodes’ great dream, which really wasn’t his. He got it from another guy, a professor, the idea of this just world, when the right folk ruled the world, you see, the justness of it all. But to do that you’d have to take the world over, you understand, you know, so it’s a little problem there, and to make it just. It isn’t until you really understand it that they realized that Technocracy didn’t really start in the 1930s at all. It was much older, at least the idea of, again, the right folk running the show, efficiently. And again, efficiency is very important with Technocracy, hm, awfully important.


So as far as I’m concerned, through the 19th century into the 20th century you had this idea of democracy. Because you’ve got to get the people going along with you, eh, thinking they’ve got rights maybe, or maybe they’re going to get rights, or get more rights or something, as time goes on if you just fight for democracy and do what you’re told and help the system. As opposed to telling them, no, behind the whole thing we’ve got Technocracy, or more of a scientifically run system which is efficient, and we’re only using democracy in the meantime to achieve our goals. That’s what it is.


Things To Come, HG Wells, he wrote the book.  He was a member of the club too naturally as a propagandist with a team of writers with him, of course there were. He even gives you clues of that in some of his books with the beginnings of them, how he comes in the morning and all this information has just been laid on his desk by professors and things like that. And it wasn’t far off the mark.  But Things To Come showed you a system of, it was meant for the people, again, remember when it was written, eh, it was to make people think, oh no, this is going to go on forever, more wars and more wars and more wars, and we don’t know when to stop.


When you really look at World War I and there’s many ways you can look upon it. You can look upon it traditionally, meaning the authorized version, which still can’t give you real answers as to why it started, to be honest with you, you know. But they used the same techniques as they always do, the boys will be home by Christmas.  That’s the first lie. Things like that. Because the first casualty of war is truth naturally. And since those who rule the world are at war with you all the time, [Alan laughing.] they’re always telling you lies anyway regardless of the time period, eh. So says Machiavelli I suppose.


But anyway World War I, and the incredible loss of life. We can’t really fathom it at the moment today. Again, the newspapers that would just daily, daily print out the propaganda, our boys at the front. All that kind of lead up to the ideas for 1948 and George Orwell, you know, World War I and World War II propaganda, our boys at the Malabar front have fought off the enemy with an extra so many airplanes, so many extra, so many thousand tanks and yada, yada ya, just reeling off all the munitions in a materialistic fashion, eh, of weaponry. 


So, science is very important to Technocracy and the idea of it.   Right down to how to reshape the world. Again HG Wells was all for this utopia. He called it A Modern Utopia at one point in one of his writings. And A New World Order too, he wrote a book on that as well. He also said a lot of people will die fighting against the New World order, they’ll die in vain, he said. The reason why it would be that you would die in vain is because you see, hhhhh, this is the hard part folk can’t really fathom. Because people are dual minded, your conditioning will always fight with what you perceive in realism, eh.  And I see it in people, that should know better, falling right back into, oh, where is the one person that’s going to save us, who can we vote for?  I see them, people who should know better, hm, after being conned for centuries, you think one person is going to just turn up out of the blue and be allowed to stand up for you? Even if he was real? [Alan chuckles.] Which is doubtful.


But no. People fight against their own conditioning, that’s really what it is, and what they’ve been taught, that they’re still free. No, you’re not really free. HG Wells as I say, shows you or tries to get it through your head in Things To Come and A Modern Utopia and The New World Order basically, as he termed it as well.  As he said, thousands will fight against it, or many will die in vain basically. Why did they know that? Is this the first kind of struggle for freedom that you couldn’t win, you see? What’s he telling you here? They’ll die in vain…? What he’s trying to tell you is, you’ve all been conditioned to believe reality by the people who already own you, they’ve conquered you.


I gave this talk in the late 90s on a radio show.  I said, you grow up thinking you’ve got, that you’re free simply because you don’t walk into bars, that don’t suddenly appear there, you know, normally wherever you’re going.  Until they end up in some kind of martial law situation and suddenly, you’re walking along the same roads and the same country lanes or whatever it happens to be, and bang, the bar has just come up in front of your face, just like that, boom, that’s it! You’ve never seen them before, because you see, you’re allowed a certain amount of freedom to get the perception that you’re free. A certain amount. But when the big boys and gals wants to let you know, they press the button, up comes the bars very quickly. 


But also, HG Wells knew that your conditioning, because they make you think you’re free, will be your worst enemy when you’re trying to be free. So in the 90s I said, you know, you’re taught and trained from childhood that your country, because again Britain was socialistic, eh, to win the people over they give you socialism at times, and also to train you to be obedient to government agencies as they proliferate, you see.  And you say, well there are departments of this if I ever need welfare, I can just get it, if I hit hard times. There’s unemployment I can use that will give me cash if I get laid off. And you’ve got all these complaints departments, official complaints departments, they can go and put an order, a complaint to basically, and they’ll jump into action and deal with it on my behalf. That’s what you think, you see. Even today, if I get sick, I can go to hospital.  But you’re forgetting that you may be, if you’re a certain age or whatever, they’ve already demoted you before you walk in the doors by your age and everything else [Alan chuckles.] and if they’re even going to spend money, waste money, your money, mind you, are they going to waste it on you in treating you or just let you die, you know? Or even help you die now as they do in Canada.


Still you take a lot for granted until you need it. As I say, eventually it's like when things happen and you need those tools that are out there to help you, that you're paying for all your life, right, it's like okay, I'll take a pick, you know, like a pickax, you know, or spade or something.  Then you go to dig with it. You find all these tools that they've given you are made of rubber, so that pickax bounces off the road when you whack it, and so on. I'm showing you that the tools are fake, they're not there for you at all, and they're not meant to work for you.  That's how it really is. That's just the start of it, isn't it.


So you see, the New World order that HG Wells was talking about, who are you going to complain to? When you see those who rule, they ARE your order that you have, they run your whole system, the whole system, they run the complaints department, everything, they run it all. You've been deceived, brainwashed to believe that you're free. You don't realize, no, you're conquered. Technically conquered. It's the best form of being conquered because who do you fight when you're conquered? It's like everybody has been appointed by somebody into a position of power over you, but you’re taught that it's just natural and that they just appeared out of nowhere and you know, little committees in your towns appoint them.


Really? Who owns them? And who owns your town? That's it. That's what you're living in. You're living in Fantasia in a sense inside your own head. So if you're fighting this, that's what HG Wells was doing, he's talking about this way at the beginning of the 20th century, eh, if you're fighting the New World Order, he says, many will die in vain.  But he's not telling you the rest of it. The rest of the story is, you see, the whole system is theirs.  They're not taking over, you see, they took over a long time ago.  Your politicians are all preselected to be front men and women, and they know that. Quigley said that too in his book Tragedy and Hope he mentions, yeah, there is a group and has been a group that blah blah blah, and he goes into it. He said that it has existed for, that the heads of parties, political parties, all parties, eh, are members of the same organization.  He says, they have been for at least the last, I think it was 60 years, maybe further back. No, he wrote his book in the 1960s. We know from the British side that it preexisted that by at least, well probably going back into the 1880s maybe.


Still we're living through a system that is clever enough to give you a fake version of reality, so that you just don't collapse mentally and think, oh that's okay and things will get better, because we're optimists. And media, their media will tell you, things will get better, don't worry.  Or, the war will end soon, eh. Or, the economy will take an upturn, you know, it will be good again. All that stuff that they play with you with. 


But you've had the greatest example in the States this last while with Trump getting in, you know. Regardless of who he is, really, but there's no doubt about it, certain forces were not happy with it at all, from the beginning obviously. He couldn't get any cooperation, regardless if the guy is right or wrong with what he's doing, he couldn't get any cooperation on anything he was doing pretty well. Almost anything he was doing. He couldn't get it.


Then we, for the 2020 we've had this coordinated effort, and I said that months and months and months ago that I thought that China and the States and the rest of the world had all agreed to come on board with this Covid thing before we even heard of it. They would do the drama, I even mentioned that, how they would fall down in the streets and stuff. Why would they, why would China, if they don't want you to see anything, you will NOT see it, it won't get published and put on the net somewhere for you to see. But we saw the terrifying images of these big dump trucks spraying stuff out into the, down through the streets, hundreds of feet into the air. Horrifying stuff, eh?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Yeah. To terrify the West. To get us ready for it. To get us ready for terror, you see. So it had to be a collusion with them. Of course it was. Yes, it was. All the countries are working together.


Don't forget, I used to give the talks about the CFR and the bigwigs themselves who always said in their speeches that China was the model state for the world to emulate. What part of that don't you understand?  And people say, well we're not Chinese, you know, they're communist and... They get tied up with terminology.  China is a technocratic state.  It was set up by outsiders [Alan chuckles.] who were in China.  The first thing they needed was massive cash and those who could understand and manage cash and debt and credit and the conology of money, you know. The West provided them with that and funded them into existence with the free trade agreements and the GATT treaty and so on.


It's just astonishing, people don't even know, even folks who live through it all don't even know.  That suddenly everything was made in China. Suddenly their factories were going over, and it was in the papers, shipped overseas. Wholesale, the factories dismantled and put over there somehow, all the tooling, everything.  They were getting paid to do it by your tax money. Your own government, what you think are your governments are not yours, did it all and made it happen.  Made it so, as they say. And you're still paying for it. And millions of folk lost their jobs.


I can remember a place in Ontario alone, one of the towns there, there was a factory town, one factory after another, within a span of two or three years went under. Bom-bom, like dominoes. And folk applying for jobs, and being there for two or three weeks, and then that would close. One after the other. They were terrified, these people, families and home mortgages, the whole thing. All planned that way, by the politicians that signed us all onto it under the guise of free trade.


The group that drafted up all the agreements for free trade came out on television eventually in 2005 in Canada as the Council on Foreign Relations and quite happily told us all that they had drafted up the free-trade for the Americas.  Nobody votes for these characters. But they've got their members all through politics and civil service positions, media, you know, the whole thing. They also proudly boasted that they'd done a similar thing for the European Union. And they had. [Alan chuckles.] Small world, eh, isn't it? The same thing for China, the China deal. And more to come, the TransPacific Partnerships and so on.  I've got books that they wrote from the 1920s and 30s where they go through a European Union long before the public heard about anything like that, or free-trade deal, or economic meeting group or whatever as they were initially called in Europe by the same groups, by their own publications. You're living through a script.


Now it's time to go into real efficiency and do away with, they've used democracy.  In fact, they've used your tax money to force this totalitarian system across the planet, by helping people, we're here to help you.  Hhhch.  Now, set up a system just like ours, we’ll appoint the people in charge, and we can't let folk just come in and start their own businesses, we’ll take over the resources and manage it responsibly. Oh by the way, there's too many of you, etc. We'll supply the education for that and the facilities to reduce the population and keep it to a lower figure. I mean, this is how it's done.


And the hardest folk to get through to are the more brainwashed folk in the West because they really think that they had, that they lived in a free society.  They still do. As I say, in 2020 you had get-rid-of-Trump on the go, the mantra, you had riots in streets, color revolutions that were run by the military by the way, military agencies, or agencies attached to the military, often special forces by the way in some of them.  And I really mean that, you know. And they put in the leaders, etc., who are well-funded.  The followers are all expendable.  They're useful, that's all.


So they're burning down streets and so on, instances, and homes across the US, all in the one year, along with Covid, this Covid, oh suddenly it just came out of China they said you know, now they're trying to deny it even came out of there and yada, yada ya. Now the whole world has to change because of Covid. And that's happening, folks are getting locked down, but rioters and protesters are allowed to riot and protest.  And the cops stand back and do nothing. And so does government. That doesn't happen by itself all in the same year, folks.


Then you have an election. And you know that with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and the riots and protests and all the rest of it and the burnings, and lootings, hhhch, that more folk swung that would never have swung even, to Trump, way more, because they didn't want a communist, what they thought, what they saw or perceived as a communist uprising, that's what they thought it was taking over. So they weren't going to vote for the liberal or left wing. No way. 


So it doesn't matter that everything is fudged, all the voting things were fudged. It didn't matter at all. And it never will. Because the establishment at the top want it this way. The same establishment that was there before want it this way. Of course it is. It's managed. The deep state, the CIA, alternate parallel government say, come up with what you want. Again, the CFR group who called themselves the establishment by the way because they’re put into all prominent positions.  But folk want to believe that suddenly, no, it's just a little hiccup in time, that's what we’re noticing on the graph here, that's our present time space, this little hiccup, we’ll go back to... 


Even though there is no, nothing going to point to, they've all said the opposite, you're not going into any kind of normalicy, the old normalicy again, things will never be the same again. Fauci said back in, what, about March?  [Alan chuckles.] How would he know? Because he belongs to the same CIA club in his position that manages bacterial and viral warfare and so on. Of course it is. He knows the big club wants to use this across the world for the great reset, the technocratic system that Mr. Patrick Wood and Delingpole were talking about in the video. 


It's the same system as I say that was on the go long before the Trilaterals came along in Jimmy Carter's time. And how technocrats can be put into any position in advance. They've all sworn allegiance to the club that selected them to even go into politics in the first place. Guaranteed to get put in, by the way, as Prime Ministers, and then Deputy Prime Ministers and Governors, etc. Across the world. The British Empire is a good example. Again, this corporation, eh?


It's a good example because New Zealand and Australia and a part of India too, where they’re also having riots in India. They're trying to keep that out of the media too. But folk are fighting back for sure.  But Australia and New Zealand, you can see all their leaders suddenly, these Democratic leaders suddenly are all complete stern technocrats.  We can’t have freedom and democracy during this period so that’s it, it's gone, it’s vanished, and it’s emergency powers.  Which is martial law, you know, and do what you're told and so on. But they're all members of the club, that's how they were selected long ago.


If you ever look at how people, look at the resumes of folk who end up in politics. They generally are of the same ilk.  Men and women in them. They don't want to work for a living. I mean, work, really work. They might have jobs but they're not, I don't call it work, you know. They go into charitable agencies and committees, on the boards and committees, not to work inside them and do the actual work but they join all these different things on the boards, you see.  You'll find that if there's anything, for instance a good example is drugs. In any organization in your community is to do with drugs, to fight the war on drugs or something, and is a charitable institution, and it will be registered as a charitable institution, that's where folk can go to become politicians. You start off there.


And get a few other ones on the go too.  You come in with your little briefcase and so on and you all wear little business suits, men and women. There's always an older guy at the end of the table who everyone knows, he just reeks of authority.  The congenial authority, he'll make you feel at home, but you know that he's the boss.  Even though this is a panel supposedly to decide on dispensing money and aide or whatever it happens to be to do with drugs or any other private charitable institution, you see. It's always to help people. 


But he is the selector, he selects people to go up. He's the one who will write their resumes, you know, like a good report card, and steer them off into the right direction.  If they're the right stuff, you see.  He'll give them, well you should join this club now, you know, this other group. That's how you get up the ladder, one step, step-by-step.  You're being initiated and tested the whole way to see if you've got the right stuff, of keeping your mouth shut.  They'll even give you little setups to see if you will keep your mouth shut. You're tested.


These are the people who are put forward for politics, you see. In fact, you don't, you didn't have any political ambitions at all, or convictions I should say, left or right. They'll create a role for you. You'll be a left-wing or a right-wing or a moderate or whatever it is, they'll create it for you. You're pretty well an actor. But you'll always know that you've got bosses above prime ministers and presidents. And when the word's given, you'll all swing in and say exactly the same things, at the right time, and at the same time. Like total lockdown, etc. That's how it's done.


They've all sworn to obey. All of them. You can look at the media for goodness sake with the same phrases.  Why have 500 different TV channels across the States, or more, I don't know how many they've got, where they all say the same things, the same statements, same line for line everything, verbatim, on the same topics? Which proves there is no independence in any of them.


So yeah, I've got some old books too, fascinating ones from the 19th century as well when they talk, you know, the aristocracy talk about their meetings, in the clubs, and they are actually meetings in their clubs, and who they meet. I saw Randolph today, and things like that, and Winston, young Winston, you know, and all that kind of stuff, at the club.  They're sitting having their little drinks and cigars, as zeppelin bombers, the old zeppelins of World War I were dropping the occasional bomb and chatting about it. Things like that. It's quite fascinating to get into the mind, and the fact that Winston in one of the books commented on this ridiculous, hhhch, phantasm of a thing called democracy that they kept pushing in Britain at the time.  During world war, and it's true, they were pushing it.  We'll get rights for, if you go off and fight and die for the corporation, we’ll give you, you know, which is really handy getting rights once you're dead, eh, then yeah, you'll get rights afterwards and so on. That's the reality of it. That's how things really were. And still are to a good extent too. 


But again getting back to the point of it, this is not a new thing, it's just the later phase as they call it, Technocracy. Technocracy, with Jimmy Carter promoting them all, mainly, most of them actually in his cabinet or in his office were technocrats for the first time. We see it now.  They appoint them to run countries now when a Prime Minister or something collapses like Italy or France or somewhere or Spain. They'll occasionally appoint a technocrat, they actually say it in the papers, a technocrat from their central bank and put them in as prime minister.  They mean, unelected, you see.  That's Technocracy at work. That happened a few years ago.


But most folk again, they still go back to falling in for the voting.  This is our man or woman, this is, this person speaks for me.  [Alan laughing.] There you go. As I say, all you had really in the last four years in the States, and the world has had, was a bit of a breather, a temporary respite. Which was abused and missed use because most folk couldn't see what was coming. In fact, they missed the point in it. The one thing that perhaps Trump did, at least one thing, I don't know if he, hhhch, did an awful lot. But he pulled the US out of the Paris Accord with the climate change stuff. Which was the whole agenda for sustainability under the guise of using the climate. You see? Now they’re using Covid for the great reset.  Hm.


But sustainability was always the idea. Too many folk causing problems and there's too many people, we've got to start culling the population and bringing it down, etc., you see.  And totally coupled of course with Technocracy, which was energy units. And you are a human being, you are an energy unit, you consume energy too.  You've seen the publications, if you bothered to look at them from the Paris treaty accord and so on, the climate accord, and the Conference of Parties, where they talk about this quite openly. That yeah, each person born will, that little baby will consume X amount of energy units, meaning money and resources, etc., they had us all put down to energy units, in the first six months of its life just keeping it alive.


They're quite blatant about it all but folk don't like to hear unpleasant things, so they turn their head away. They've been taught not to look at the unpleasant.  That's what a good part of the New Age was about. All you saw in the New Age movement, avoid anybody that's negative. Well, what do you mean by negative?  Well, makes you feel unpleasant. Okay, so topics that are unpleasant should be avoided. Absolutely, think of the good things. Think of the things you want, and they'll just come your way if you think properly in the magical formula about it, and you get what you want. What YOU want, you see, it's all about what you want and personal power for yourself. But yeah, don't look at anything that's negative.


So you saw the coming free trade with China and the money that was your money, tax money that was going to fund all the movements for businesses and corporations and factories over to China, from the West. The whole West, it was like an armada of goodbye factories and everything. Literally. And we paid for it with our tax money. Through the free trade agreement, that wonderful free-trade agreement. And they gave China the most favored nation trading status.  Meaning, they didn't have to pay any taxes for 15 years, it could pollute like crazy. But it could still apply taxes to any imported goods coming into China.  But your stuff, you'd have to buy it from China and don't penalize them at all for taxes as import duties.  Wonderful. And at the end of 15 years if any of the corporations that were over there making things in China said that they hadn't made the proper profits that they expected to make in that time, because of the move, then they could extend the free taxes and that for another 15 years.  There's 30 years of free taxes and so on.  Not bad, eh?


And we're still giving out free-trade. Because you see, it was planned a long time ago by the same club who boasted about it, as I said, in 2005. But they were also behind it in the 1930s.  Talking about the same deal that's now the TransPacific Partnership. And they had the TransAsia Partnership and so on.  From their books in the 20s and 30s.


But facts don't matter to most folk, do they? They still prefer to believe that we're fighting a battle by voting, day by day and year by year, and they're eventually, the person in the white hat will come along and say vote for me, I going to fix it, and you'll all go and fall into the same trap again. But as I say, you had four years at least of a bit of a reprieve.  Trump knew that, and I read the articles even before Trump got in, that Canada and the States, state by state to the provinces have done combined agreements on implementing all the free-trade measures regardless of national interest and national policy. We've been doing it all along, you see, implementing all the climate change agreements, whether he went to the meetings or not.  [Alan laughing.]   


Because they're appointing the same people. That's what I'm saying, this monster, this monster of an organization already has placed all of its people in the right positions of power. Always has, you see.  They are selected, preselected as Quigley said. Just like all the Ministers for Health in all the Western countries, and Australia, they're all members of the same club with the WHO, etc. Some of them even have, have been, are still board members of the WHO, kind of dual interest, eh.  Well, I don't vote for the WHO either. Do you? Np.


Technocracy again was to be efficient. Margaret Thatcher joined it eventually. When she retired, she talked about it. She says I now belong to a group where we get things done. We’re not responsible to the public for votes. We don't have to persuade the public to go along with that, we just do it quietly behind the scenes.  And she says, I as a former prime minister know other prime ministers and former prime minister's, current and retired, and top civil servants across the world and presidents and so on, and ex-presidents, and we get the job done. She's talking about the Trilateral Commission. Not responsible to the people, you see. 


The things that HG Wells showed you in Things To Come, in the movie version they put a bit of it in there too, where the descendants of the technocrats who took over the system, in fact there was the same actors they used for generations later, but the descendants, hhhch, they showed you were still going on into the future regardless of the little people they left behind down at the bottom. But still the same descendants of all the leaders, which shows you eugenics there too, obviously. Superior groups, you see, who would go off into space and conquer the stars and leave all the useless folk down below to do paintings, you see, and sculptures because they have nothing else to do except play because everything is made by machines, you see. 


Technocracy shows up in the great reset, same thing.  It’s all there isn't it? Old, old plan, you see, very old plan.  Before, as I say, they used to believe that world wars were necessary to get the countries to their knees, as HG Wells said, and give up their national sovereignty and allow themselves to be governed and ruled by the proper people who would manage the resources and all that.  M-hm.  Old agenda. It's monotonous to me. It's maybe monotonous to you too.  But there we are with it. It's a never-ending agenda. The never-ending story I used to call it.  It's like chapters in a book, but the book goes on forever because it's the same controllers for centuries really.


Remember too, Send bucks my way, hopefully, and I can keep ticking along here, and maybe even expand in some small way perhaps. Because we're on a real roller coaster now, we're really going into it now.  It's on steroids obviously. You can smell it coming down the pike, this long sought after stage of their dream, you know.  It's not the whole dream, it's a big stage towards it though.  The whole stage of this part of the dream won't be finished until the end of this century. Again, Agenda 21, the agenda for the whole of the 21st century is split up into sections, like 2030 and so on. Each goalpost like 2030 is what they want to have achieved by that date, then it's on to the next 15 years and the next 15. And they want to have the whole of Agenda 21 finished at the end of the century.


By that time they're talking about a whole different society, a whole different, a much reduced population too, worldwide, eh, going towards their goal of sustainability. Meaning massive reduction of population. They don't want people around that have no real purpose, or, they have no purpose for you.  Hhhch.


So again send a few bucks my way PayPal is fine. Cash is fine.  A personal check is fine. Some people can even send international postal money orders from their countries to Canada, but not from the States now, they stopped that from the States. Even small bank checks you can get done at the bank.  Or Money Gram. We'll see how well that goes as time goes on. Because big changes are happening so fast now. Free speech is really out the window. Really out the window. It truly is. You know. When they bring in the military cyber war agencies and attack the people, like I mentioned last week and the week before, they've declared war on their own peoples.  In the newspaper, it's published articles. 


So Make a list of the sites I have because if one goes down hopefully the other ones, there's always one up there. If you don't hear me on the Sunday night / Monday morning, then try the other sites. Make a list of them for your own benefit.


Because we're truly going through momentous times in history. It's bad enough having world war and watching mass slaughter across countries, and monuments getting put up in towns and cities and hamlets across the world to all the folk who got slaughtered, you know. All for the greater good, you know.  It was for the war to end all wars, another HG Wells big lie. And his white feather as I said before, I'll just finish that, I should have finished that. He said how to get the guys to go off and fight in this war, world war. You’d think HG Wells would be a pacifist. No, he was all for the agenda. He was selected. He says, if we get the women to shame their fiancés or their husbands by wearing a white feather in their hat in public in the streets, that would make people point, it could make the guilt complex, so shame, shame, shame them, and the men would go fight.


The dirty tricks that they played, eh!  Never ending. Never ending. It doesn't stop, does it? The same characters that used World War I for Things to Come, hhhch, oh, we can't go on like this, look at the chaos and slaughter, and perpetual war, though it would continue after it, eh, so we need a really ruling caste, a ruling elite to rule the world properly.  The Freemasonry of the Air, he called it in his book, a secret society all sworn to be a brotherhood of the air, eh, hm. I tell ya. That's what he said, yeah, many will fight in the world order, and they'll fight and die in vain. Because you see it's the whole system. It's the whole system. It never was for the people. Hhhch.  It never was at all.  Np.


Our indoctrinated version of history, the authorized versions, they make you think the world is always fighting itself through different factions, just fighting and wanting to dominate and so on, and that there are clear lines between different kind of groups and parties and associations and nations. But it's nothing like that at all when it comes to the big organizations that run the world. Just pondering through their own books with their international meetings, just for the Royal Institute of International Affairs itself, and all of its affiliates too that attend, you know, they have international affairs groups for India and all the Commonwealth countries, still today, and other countries now as well.  They brought the US in with the Council on Foreign Relations long ago too.  Now they have one as well that was set up for the politicians and the higher elite, the commission areas in the European Union. The same groups, all the same across the whole planet.  And the Asia-Pacific group for the Far East as well including Australia.


So it's a vastly different world than the way you're trained to believe. That it's always a, we need world government because we're always fighting each other. But when you look at the attendees of the meetings, the world meetings that they have for the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the 1930s, as an example, they have all kinds of people as members. Communists. Revolutionaries. They had members in southern Ireland who were revolutionaries too.  Full members in those meetings in the 1930s.  They already had chapters on free trade with “most favored nation trading status" categories in them. The same organization that all the way down through 1960s, 70s and 80s brought you the European Union. And brought you the free-trade agreements for the Americas.  And for NAFTA, the USMCA I think they call it now, same agreement really. The same group behind it all.


Some of them you know their names of, the people who attend the meetings because some of them are your presidents and prime ministers, other ones are high civil servants.  Other ones are members of your central banking system. It's one big club, you see. They have specialists in all different areas. They actually say that too.  And all the other international organizations that they own, and Institutes of International Affairs.  Lots of them. They couldn't use the ‘Royal’ title in some of the countries naturally because they were not members of the British Commonwealth. 


So it's an ongoing process with again the idea of wars which we can find out by Quigley's other books on South Africa, the Boer War, who was behind it to make it all happen to grab the resources. And how the group that he belonged to also studied intensely the Russian or Bolshevik revolution. Studied it.  That's why, you see, they have all members, all kinds of members in their organization. Quigley said the same thing, we have, we don't care if they're communists or dictators or whatever, they'll take anybody on board, if they're useful, you see. 


But for the people that they rule over, they train you to believe that everybody's definitely, we all think this way in this nation, and we all think of these are our enemies over there in that nation. That's the historical version that’s drummed into you.  But in reality, it's vastly, as Quigley says, we don't care what they are, hhhch, they bring them in, eh. And they all have their drinkie-poos together after these big meetings and lunches, and very congenial and jovial, you see.  That's how it's done.


From an organization that, it says pragmatic, it's very, it does things out of necessity, to get things done. All the eggs you break, like Rockefeller said, you know, you can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs.  Well, all the fallout and chaos and unemployment that's caused, or even wars and so on, it's just unfortunate, that's the shells that are all broken from the eggs. And you can't make the omelette any other way, you see. So they can always rationalize anything that's done.


For the greater good, that's all through their books, the greater good, yeah.  And, the good life. They had all these code terms and buzzwords and phrases.  The good life, the one that Bertrand Russell always used because he was a member of it too of course. But yeah, it's to bring the good life to the people. But really study Bertrand Russell's ideas, he didn't believe that it was a matter of distributing more goods to the poorer folk.  Or even to the folk in the working class in Britain either, who were still poor. It was more of a careful, again, is Technocracy is what it’s called today.


Technocracy is the system to be brought in on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations and the Asian-Pacific group of course and so on as well. It's all the same bunch bringing in the same agenda. And of course the proper people will decide how you distribute the goods and redistribute the wealth of the general public. [Alan chuckles.] We’re doing that already through the whole exercise of Covid. Because obviously with all this fake money being flakily created by the fake bankers, but how can you be a real banker if there's no real tangible thing to point to?  You're not transferring gold or silver across bank to bank and so on. It’s all blips on computer screens, it’s created on the spot basically. So you don't really need a banker who really carefully meticulously looks at debt and profit and so on, if it's not backed by anything.


But it's a matter of control, that's, there's no doubt about that.  It's a better form of control management of the general populace. Because it decides, even in population control, if you make it almost impossible to afford children then fewer folk will have children. Or if the ones that do have them, they haven’t got the cash, and they’re not getting subsidized to have the child and take care of the child, then the child is probably going to get sick and die, and maybe their parents will die as well, because they can’t afford the proper nutrition, etc, or heat in the winter and all these things. This is stuff that Malthus talked about and other ones after him too talked about, and all the top economists that belong to the group I’m talking about now have often brought up that there’s many ways to control population, economic factors being one of them. 


So we’re going through a long-term agenda and of course it’s now married with Technocracy, which is technocrats basically, a technocrat system using technology to manage the general population on a global scale.  You’ll find it written in a lot of nonfiction books, and fiction as well. It’s through a lot of the movies that you watch in the sci-fi movies, all these little predictive programming type implants that get put into your mind through watching them.  Well yeah… It starts off as a possibility.  Then you start to see it becomes a reality.  Then eventually it’s pushed as a necessity, for your own good and for safety and for antiterrorism reasons you’ve all got to get chipped or at the very least monitored on every move that you make using your cell phone or whatever it happens to be at the time. But the fact is you’re always programed for what’s to come.


And a lot of folk like it, you know.   Especially if you’re brought up with watching the Sci-Fi’s and believing it, and say, oh that’s fantastic, that’s a great thing, I wouldn’t mind living in a world like that. Of course you don’t realize you’re getting programed to do something similar, but not quite the same. It won’t be a wonderful utopia, that’s for sure. But you certainly will be monitored and managed with your social credit score. The same as China. You know, China is, it’s the model state we’ve all to copy. I’ve got articles going back to the 1970s before they really buildup China by using our money, hhhch, and creating the modern China, talking about this could be a model state. Because the people are so obedient in China, you see.  They’re more used to dictatorial feudal systems of management. Feudalism and socialism too.  Ancient China tried all kinds of government systems to manage the people and meticulously studied it all of course, and its efficacy, etc. to compare them all. Today you have the outcome of it all.


Again, you’ve got the leaders of the world today, the communist leaders, again, all members of the same international club, they don’t discriminate on your point of view. If you’re handy and you believe in totalitarianism, then they’ll bring you in. For democratic countries they’ll give you kind faces that say things in a much more pleasant way, but want the same thing, you see. They want international duty, you have an international duty to your fellow man and woman, and you’ll be trained to have that. It’s like China, that’s what China’s based on, you see.  So that’s why, you’re going to copy China, and you’ll all be happy doing it, and you’ll live with a lot less, like Klaus Schwab said.


Mr. Schwab.  And who appointed him? The same club basically, a different branch you see, specialized branch, that’s what it is. He speaks for the monied interests that manage the world.  Because it’s a big part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Don’t forget, the Royal Institute of International Affairs came out of the Rhodes Foundation with Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild, hm, then merged with the Lord Alfred Milner group, that also was getting funded by the same financiers in the British Empire, to create the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Long-term planning, eh? 


And when you really have these massive committees with massive think tanks, that work 24 hours a day at times, and literally have used generations of people, hiring and retiring and hiring and retiring, they always achieve their goals. Why can’t they? Because you see, no ordinary middle-class businessmen can imagine, oh, I’ll still be working down the way through my work, this company here will be going full steam ahead in two hundred years time. You couldn’t imagine that. But with private foundations, you see, with all that money, and their incredible vested interests, and all the monopoly, the monopolization of the world’s wealth and resources that they do, and then they sink it in, and they call themselves charitable foundations, and reinvest it for themselves. And pay themselves incredible salaries off it too, mind you, which they, since they’ve written up all the laws on it, it’s all quite legal.  So yeah, they can give their workers at the top billions of dollars a year, just like the bankers do too.


Many of the top ones get paid awfully well. And the big think tanks that they have, they’re really like private civil servants, like whole corporate, whole battalions of them sitting there doing their work, each working on precise planning of the future in their own specialized areas. That’s how it’s done. Too much for the average person to imagine because you don’t hear that coming out of the mouths of politicians.  Because you see, their job is not to bring you into the big secret. That you’re meant to just fall in line… Well this guy in Toronto there, that Ford guy, he’s annoyed that folk are protesting his lockdowns, that’s how folk see things, you know. You’re trained to see the person and the Punch and Judy show that you throw tomatoes at. That’s what their job is. They don’t plan on this stuff. They don’t plan.


Look at the organization that turned, from the start, on Trump, President Trump when he got in. It was like, we’re not going to work for this guy. Like, [Alan chuckles.] the whole government, we’re not going to work for this guy.  You’re, what on earth is this? what is this real thing of government?  Because after all, if the people really voted him in, they’re supposed to jump to it and do what they’re told and get on with it. But nope. Fought, fought, fought the whole time in office. As I say, there’s no doubt, there is no doubt overwhelmingly that, never mind the fraud voters, fraud that they’re claiming and so on. But the fact is, the whole antics of Black Lives Matter and the Antifa burnings and so on, and all the lootings that we saw as well, well-paid, as I say, these were all paid and funded by the so-called deep state, the big boys.  Which is the real system that runs the world. That’s your evidence.


But there’s no doubt about it, it made more and more folk vote for Trump regardless. Because who would vote in a communist government? to sit there and watch communists go to work? That’s the impression that was put over to the people at least. Even though, as I say, the leaders of these groups were all professionals. Many of them had worked across the world in other color revolutions on behalf of the CIA. But yeah, and all the fake voting and so on.


I don’t know if you noticed that one, some, more of the 1%, I’ll call it 1% in Egypt, of another dynasty they found, over 100 mummies they found, they have them on display some of them, and there’s more and more to come. Have you read that recently? It was about two weeks ago in the papers, eh. At the time I thought, you know, and it sure is funny, if you look up the names of these mummies, they all voted for Biden, I guarantee they’ll be on the list.  But that’s how farcical it all is.  It’s so farcical.


We all know it. We all know that the real rulers wanted Biden in this time, you see. And sure enough, they’re even making statements like, we’re back on course now with the climate agenda and Paris accord and this, that and the other, you see.  And the same old, let’s bash Russia, let’s get the war going with Russia, the same kind of stuff. And again, we’ve got the war drums going for parts of the Middle East and so on.  So they mean it, they’re back on course. That’s why they were really upset with Trump. If Trump had just gone to war with the rest of the list that was mentioned by the PNAC group that General Wesley Clark talked about, if he had just gone to war with them, you wouldn’t have had any of these problems on the go, I think. Would you?


Because this agenda run by the big organization I’m mentioning here gets upset when its plans and timetables get upset too.  Trump was supposed to finish off Syria, you know. We had the whole thing from Bush Junior and the PNAC group and all the wars that they brought the States into. The whole list was made public, as I said, what was on the list to be taken out of countries?  Then when they couldn’t just go all the way and get rid of Syria, then they had all these proxy armies that they funded, by the West. We paid for it all, our tax money paid for it all. Rather than get American boots on the ground and other European countries, they got their proxy armies.


I remember doing the talks on them, it was in the newspapers at the time, the general newspapers.  The money was coming into Qatar and different places, and weaponry, and etc. They were all getting funded and trained and all the rest of it. We know who the coterie of groups that were doing it all were about. It really upset them, you see. They continued with Obama, and Obama had more wars. He expanded the wars and got approval from the PNAC group. Rumsfeld, remember, Donald Rumsfeld congratulated him for continuing the same wars and expanding them against the same countries. 


Then you get Donald Trump, you see, who didn’t even really retaliate big-time against the fake chemical attack in Syria. Because they put out that little thing, well, we can’t go to war with them unless they use chemicals on their own people. So, that fake one, of course. And it’s all being expounded by Craig Murray and others as to what really happened there, who followed up all the real details on it.  Then you have Trump just, you know, a kind of a half, not even halfhearted, it wasn’t even that much of a retaliatory against, he was, something in him said no.  We’ll never really figure it out. But the press initially gave him kudos for it and gave him good points, for the first time that he got in he got good points. He had like, continue Donald, get rid of Assad, you see.


Because that’s what the US does. Through the CIA. And the CIA really runs it all, that part of it, right. They wanted Assad out. Of course their, the deep state, the PNAC group and yada, ya, it’s all the same group, but they wanted Assad out and they had wanted him out for years. To democratize, you know, at the very least what they say is, to put in more a representative type governments, more secular, they call it, a more secular type government. Remember when they had the big one in Egypt, the revolution? Again, funded by the West. The one that got in wasn’t secular enough, so they got rid of him too with a color revolution. This is what they… This is all admitted to now.


That’s what you just had in the US, was a complete color revolution. Following the psyop warfare groups, that are special forces by the way, and the taking over of all, the whole Internet, using it against Canadians and Americans now, and Britain, by their own psyop forces.  I read the articles which they’ve published themselves. Then you have the ones in the streets of course that they’re all psyops groups.  They always look for favorable groups that they can actually buy off and help lead, to get the numbers up for their riots or so-called demonstrations and so on. This is standard, standard color revolution, out of the manuals of warfare put out by the Department of Defense. Yeah, your own governments are behind it. That’s why you didn’t get the certain generals who were going to stop it, by the way. I’ll probably touch on unconventional warfare before the night’s out.


But it’s just astonishing to me listening to people, that should know better, falling right back into the idea of voting. As I’ve said before, if voting did you any good it would be made illegal. Obviously. I’ve heard people recently again say something I’ve said for months and months and months, and years actually, is that the whole system is so corrupt anyway, you could never get justice even if it was real, you see, it’s so corrupt. Because we are corrupt people, you see, today. The culture is corrupt. Wealth was elevated above all, everything else. You’re taught to worship the richest people, and those that made it good, become stars, you know, either music or entertainment, acting. That’s what you’ve been fed, a steady diet of the lives of the rich and famous.


The rest of the people, the ordinary folk, are just cast aside as somehow irrelevant. Because that’s a class system, isn’t it, let’s just talk about the rich and famous. And everybody wants to become that with their American Idol and British idol and all that, it’s across the whole planet at the same time. Just coincidental, you know. We used to say that the rich just get access to the big honeypots, which is the cash that all comes from you through taxation. Corporations got lumps of money long before Covid came along, long before the crash of 2007/8. They’re always getting big cash grants to tide them over, you know, who don’t pay them back because they’re just little gifts from the public. Because they’re essential businesses, some of these big businesses, you see.  You don’t get it, the little guy, but the big ones do. Just like Covid, I mean, just the big corporations are allowed to stay open, their big outlets, eh?


Quite coincidental too because we find that in the communist writings from 70 or 80 years ago, they’d have become you know, just big shops that specialize in their own areas across the world. One for wood products. One for leather products or shoes and things. And maybe one for food. Isn’t that coincidental? Just, that’s all this is, coincidence, isn’t it? The big companies.


It’s coincidence too you see, because this is the most intelligent virus you’ve ever, ever heard of. It’s got so many human aspects to it, doesn’t it, this virus? Have you noticed it?  Not only does it not attack people when they’re demonstrating or rioting or looting, or burning cities down, it doesn’t attack them... And they don’t bother either wearing masks, or social distancing, or staying indoors like everybody else has to stay indoors. And your governments know too, they’re obviously working with the virus because your government tells the cops to leave these rioters and looters and that alone, you see. If you went on the streets for lockdowns you’d be arrested, or 12 of them would pounce on you. I saw that happening in a little clip in the video. Some guy was in the street in a curfew place in the States, I think I mentioned it last week, and about 12 of them pounced on him and battered him into the dust. The same cops that would not touch, hhhch, the Antifa. 


So how come? Have they all got pacts with this Covid virus or something? When they can… The virus too, knows that if you go into a restaurant and as long as you sit in the right place and you take the mask off, just to eat the food, and put it back on, it will not attack you. That’s a very congenial human trait, that, you know. It’s got some sympathy for the starving people. You’ve never seen a virus like this, obviously. And as soon as the riots and that are over, eh, there’s the governments parroting the same mantras. Because they’re all getting it from the same source worldwide, including the phrases and sentences to use and that. Total lockdown again, oh, it’s just rampaging through.  But if you get tested every day you might get a little pass so that you could be out in curfew maybe, if you have the apps on the phone and all that, and you’re a good, good, good citizen, you see, you’re doing what you’re…


We are becoming more and more like the Chinese all the time with their social credit system. Which is part of it, folks. It was all tested out in China. Including the apps for the color coding on your app for your virus, you know, and if you’ve been near someone it will flash red. You’d better turn yourself in or the cops will pick you up, eh. Ftt.  I tell ya.  Technocracy. Technical.  Hm.  Technocracy. So here it all is.  And the folk can’t really recognize it. But at least we’ve got a congenial virus that’s got some sympathy once in a while, eh, for the human condition. Obviously. Yep. [Alan chuckles.]


There was some article the other day in the paper, it was about some fellow, a father who went into one of the big stores. The father had a mask on, but his son has a problem with the mask, I think he had asthma or something. So the, I think the, I don’t know what happened but anyway they said the manager asked them to leave because the son didn’t have the mask on, even though he was told he had a problem with his breathing. Which tells you that humans definitely don’t have the same sympathy as the Covid does, eh?! But anyway, the father, you see the father getting arrested by the two cops behind him, neither of the cops is wearing a mask! So again, this virus knows who’s an authority and is working for the greater good, as opposed to that nasty man who had the son who couldn’t wear it because of asthma or something.  There ya go.  What kind of…


I have no faith in humanity that won’t stand up against… what would you call these characters, who sell out their own people for a paycheck, with the cops there doing unspeakable things to quite innocent people?! These are the same characters that Solzhenitsyn warned you about when the NKVD and the Cheka would come in the middle night and grab your neighbors and turn out streets, to make sure you’re terrified as you saw them bundled in and beaten up into the vans and taken away. A terror campaign on the people. He says, that’s when you stop it. That’s when you stop it. He says, the neighbors could have stopped it and grabbed anything for weapons and just went for them right at the very first. That would have stopped it. Instead of having 70 years of horror.  Hhhch.


But when I saw those guys working for a paycheck, arresting the guy, you know… Never mind the stores that should be completely boycotted by the general public! But it won’t happen because you’ll never, and this is what the elite know, you’ll never get the general public collectively standing up against anything. That’s what they’ve always known. In fact, with unconventional warfare and psyops they know they can create divisions amongst the people.  And they know the types that can actually turn upon you, in the general population, the ones who want to please and have brownie points, they’ll turn on you. They create these groups by the way. 


The system you live in is completely alien to what you’ve been brainwashed with. You’ve been trained to be good little citizens.  Just play yourselves, don’t cause waves. And for a long time you were taught just consume, consume, consume. Until they had the global system in place, now it’s time to go into post consumer society [Alan chuckles.] as you’re taught basic necessities and austerity, that’s the rule. That’s what Technocracy is about now. That’s what Mr. Schwab is about. You’ll owe nothing, he says, but you’ll be happy. There you are, there’s your new masters. Why bother voting when you’ve got these characters making the rules for you already, and your politicians bowing to them and doing it all. Why are you voting?


Another thing to mention here is all the laws now about speech and what you can say and what you can’t say, right down to what you can think now, eh. And this isn’t new in Canada. Canada especially is, we’re progressive, you see, and we’re all for everything that comes down the pike. All to save, to be nice citizens, like China, you see, social credit systems and scores and go along, be nice and pleasant. Once again, don’t talk about negative things, talk about nice pleasant things. And be good, and they will tell you what good is, and if you can get little tick marks for all the good points, then, you’ll be a good citizen, you see. 


Canada has had these speech laws and hate laws since about the 90s, I think, late 90s. And they enforce them all here in Canada, you know. It starts off as something most folk, oh well, maybe that’s okay,  you know.  But then, as I say, every law that goes on the books is meant, is MEANT and designed to be expanded to get to its real goals, and now you’re seeing them all today. You can’t even, well, Fauci said it and others have said it too, don’t question the science, you know, like little peasant you, don’t question the science. Just obey. Just obey.  Yep.  Leave it to the experts. Again, Technocracy, you see.


It doesn’t matter if, and again, years in the future they’ll say, well you see, here’s what happened, and they’ll give you their version about how we all came into this global society, a post consumerist society, austerity society.  They’ll say then that, yeah, the leaders had to use noble lies, noble lies to get the public to comply and go along with it because they would’ve never done it otherwise, you see. That’s how they do it, you know. They actually admit that once in a while, with their noble lies.  After the fact though.


In the meantime, yet they will lie away and tell you that you’re wrong for noticing it. Oh, you’re bad, you’re bad for speaking about it, did you notice that awful lie they said there… Even when you’re reading their own articles from the authorities, eh, the scientific, the authorized scientific authorities. And so many of their own ones have been pulled now because they say we’ve been misinterpreting what they’re saying.  Even though it’s quite plain [Alan chuckles.] what they’ve been saying. [Alan chuckles.] What they’ve been saying, that’s the reason they pulled it, because it doesn’t go along with the flow of the agenda. Facts don’t matter, eh, when there’s big agendas at work.


But as I say, there’s a war on the go and so many countries have got all these laws in place.  And starting with hate laws.  That’s how they start them off. And then gender laws. And all kinds of laws. But it’s meant to be expanded and expanded, all the way into a whole new type of human being, eh, where you will be compliant and happy and have little gold stars on your social credit system. And just like China, you’ll have access to public libraries and things, and maybe even better schools, maybe, because that’s how bad it is in China. The parents, if they’ve spoken out or question it, black mark and the children can’t go to the better schools and so on. This is your real class system, you see, based on compliance. And definitely anti free thought.  [Alan chuckles.] And we are to emulate all that.


Because it’s not efficient.  D’you realize how long it would take with propaganda to persuade you to give up all your rights and freedoms for the greater good? Quigley said it, he says it would take, you can get more done and five years of wartime, war, right, where/who take away all the rights and freedoms of the people, you can get more done, he’s talking about on a social system basis, in five years of war than 50 years of peace and propaganda. So there you go. So this a handy virus, this congenial pro authority virus here, you know, is helping them put through, and Mr. Schwab himself has said it at the World Economic Forum, he says, this will help us get the whole agenda through, the climate agenda. So did the Club of Rome say that.  So did Justin Trudeau jump on the wagon to get his face in the paper. But many others have said the same.


This is an old agenda and this is the way to get it through. Much faster.  Much, much faster.  It was instant, wasn’t it really, instant war. And never in wartime before have they actually collapsed the economy by order. [Alan chuckles.] It’s all happened with an order, they've ordered it all collapsed. Let's collapse the economy, shut everybody in their homes. Boom.  Nothing moves. That's amazing planning, eh.  Amazing. So this handy, one day there'll be a big museum set up for this virus, you know.  You'll walk through it, at the beginning of it, all through it to the end and the exit door of how they brought a whole new system in. This is the most congenial virus they've ever had for the big boys agenda. Step-by-step, all the way through it. Yep.


At the other end you'll have, you won't have health anymore. I remember giving these talks again 20 years ago, wellness, wellness.  Where'd you get this term wellness? This is all part of the agenda, you see, wellness. You say, how is your health doing, you know?  How is your wellness now. Now, wellness also according to Schwab and people long before him by the way have said, well wellness is your complete self, that’s the holistic you, you see, it's all one, your mind, body, soul, everything, all brought together, how is... 


I remember giving the talks again 20 years ago, I says, one day the techniques they're going to use on you electronic and otherwise, hm, the Technotronic type warfare, I says, it was like the movie, that movie that Schwarzenegger was in when he goes to Mars, you know.  He goes to a place for, you get a virtual holiday.  He's strapped in a chair and they inject something in you to get the whole process, and then they put this thing on your head, a kind of Corbin type helmet idea. They could literally give you, you could actually pick your adventure, to be a spy or an agent or something, an adventure.


It all goes wrong because he's already been programmed, you see, the folk who are doing this entertainment thing on him didn't know he'd been programmed already. It was a good story, quite entertaining. But from that I remember giving a talk saying, you know what you're going to get is a system, in a post consumer society... So you're postindustrial... They were given consumerism for a while as they expanded the agenda worldwide, to keep you brave, munching happily in their fields, you see, and now they're taking it away from you step-by-step across the planet now for the global system. And you need global governance to manage this pandemic. Again, a very congenial virus. Accolades to this virus and this big museum in the future, eh, for what it accomplished.


You see, you didn't need governments. You didn't need all these organizations. All you needed was the right kind of virus that was congenial to all your agendas, you see, and it will accomplish it all. So you go into a wellness society.  And wellness as I say 20 years ago said, they said, I said you could be literally standing with a pitchfork mucking out a bier, as they call it, in Britain, mucking it out, you know, the animal bier, but in your head you could be on Mars or the moon or somewhere or having an adventure in space. In a virtual world. And you’re quite happy, you know, quite happy doing awful work that somebody has to do. And paid pittances, because you really won't even need money when you're happy, will you? You could, in your own mind you think you've got everything at my fingertips, everything, you know, and you'll be a happy compliant citizen.


And you'll have a little stamp on your head saying, socially approved by the authorities. Bang. Quality control. Bung. A little tattoo on your forehead, eh. I used to joke about that, but not really jokes, I knew it would come.  And it is coming, and folk still think it must be a joke. No, it's not.  [Alan laughing.] It's coming all right. Faster than you think.


I remember reading about the earth armies, they were creating these massive earth armies they called them.  They had different, when folk started to catch on a little, a few folk catching on to what they really meant, then they put fake earth armies out to just pull you off and sidetrack you. But really these were the environmental armies, eh, and the sustainability armies. For human sustainability. Which meant the population. Post consumer society. Austerity. Yep. Austerity measures. That's where you're all going, you see, austerity.


And don't think for a moment that China is going to get preferential treatment out of it all. Because the same people that created modern China, I mean, the elite of China are part of the big global society that runs the world. The big club. They and their children and their grandchildren will go on for centuries.  This is how it's planned; they’re going to go on for centuries. They are in the same thing.  They're not going to keep millions of Chinese around in a society where they don't need them. And eventually they won't need even the human labor.


We truly are managed like animals. You don't frighten animals, you be nice to animals, and you pat their heads once in a while, you know. But you always maneuver them up to the next step and the next step and the next step.  That's where we're going with it all.


There are those who on the higher social credit system, who've served the system, and serve the masters on higher levels of the system, the pyramid…  The pyramid symbolizes that, the pyramid they use in the occult circles of course with its multilevel systems of building. The dollar bill in the States is the famous one, everybody knows that one. Although it was used long before that too by the way, thousands of years ago. But on the dollar bill they used it, and it was, that there is a new secular order, novus ordo seclorum.


Also it shows you all the grass in the bottom of it, it's like brush. That symbolizes the general population, the unwashed masses, the raw, the raw, raw resources you might call them. So untamed, you know, basically the primitives of Huxley's Brave New World in a sense too. Then there is all the shaped bricks, you see, for the building, the pyramid, and the tiers of management going up to the top. And you go up towards the top, it actually gets narrower and narrower, and there's fewer and fewer in each section that keep the secrets of management of the populace down below. That's what are running, that's what runs us of course, are these occult organizations that the public never ever, they laugh them off as, great how you can actually be taught to laugh it off and think, oh, it's just conspiracy nonsense, isn't it, eh.  Isn't it?


It's quite amazing too, I mean, I was asked to go on TV shows quite some years back when it was becoming popular to go into conspiracy shows and so on, television shows. And they quizzed me, you know, by phone in advance. It was an awfully well-known one. I went through some of the agendas that was planned, but I was giving them facts, you see.  And they pretty well said, can you kind of bend the facts a little, you know, go around them?  I says, well these are the facts though. They says, we know that. I wouldn't bend, you see, so that was the last I heard of them. But they quizzed me. Nothing spontaneous.  Anything you see on TV, that means it's watered-down, diluted or subverted, and it's off on a different tangent. That's how you defuse something. That's counterintelligence, you see.


If you play the game and go along in the world, and you've got the abilities and the knowledge, yeah, you'll get well rewarded. And doors will open for you. And most folk go along. It's the same as the cops I'm talking about that arrested that guy. And other cops too from all the countless clips you see now, what cops are up to in different countries.  These folks should be fired immediately. But again, you need the public to all stand and demand it. Because they're supposed to be the public servants aren't they. Not the masters.


Even this very talk I gave 20 years ago I said, the public could stop anything if they wanted to. But they never, again, you cannot GET them to go along with it all. Can't do it. That's why the psyops, if you study again Department of Defense psyops, they go into how to divide and conquer the population. And the specific propaganda aimed at the women, in different nations. They already have anthropologists and sociologists working with them, and psychologists and behaviorists all working with them. I remember giving the talks when they went into Iraq, they had about five or six top anthropologists working with them to give them the culture of the people, so you'd know what kind of propaganda, they'd work with the psyops teams for propaganda and how to manipulate and get them on board with you, or create more divisions, and then you would use some of the divisions on your side to fight the other ones. This was in the manuals by the way, official government manuals, Department of Defense. That's what you had during the whole time with the riots and the demonstrations and burnings in the States. Perfect Department of Defense psyop.


So I'll get back on to what I was saying in the beginning was I'll put up that link to the video with Patrick Wood and James Delingpole. 


Technocracy And The Great Reset - Patrick Wood and James Delingpole - / 28 Nov 2020


I haven't seen it all myself because I can’t, I, again, hhhch.  I know that psyops is working, I know the big agencies are working too, military types too.   It's in the papers, they're attacking people who are speaking out. I've been attacked for years for speaking out about the agenda, long before Covid.


But you can actually, I've sat on the phone with my satellite company so many times when the speed winnows off into dial up speed.  When there's no cloud in the sky by the way, you know. And going through the farces of, well try this and try that, switch it off, switch it back on, dut-dut-dut, as they play with you rather than tell you you're on a lock, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]   You've been choked as they call it. And it's happening all the time. So the only time I can see anything for any length of time, even 5, 10 minutes, is the middle of the night, literally. Then of course that's the only time they will give you speed then.  It's to train you to stay up all night long. As Bernays said, you know, don't make a better product to suit the people, train the people to suit your product.


But yeah, you definitely get attacked, there's no doubt about it. The authorities are showing more and more, um, it's like a school fight.  This is how they get the fight started in school.  So you get someone who complains about something.  Somebody's going to either punch somebody, I remember they used to do that at school, they'd punch you at the top of the arm, in passing, you know.  Which is a nerve point, and you get, aaaa, oooou, or they get something like a scarf and they just flick it, you know, on your skin, booooof. And that would start a fight off. Then of course the person goes, well stop doing that. Just like Fight Club the movie, hm. Then you'd see it escalating, as the chins go out and head goes up, and the eyes stare at each other. There's a system they go through before they really go for each other.


That's exactly the same system that governments use with psyop warfare and technical warfare upon its own people, you know, and you've got Internet warfare, etc. This is what they do, a little bit at a time. But governments now are showing they are more resolute, a little bit more resolute, as the chin goes out, as they try to train you to simply obey and stop bitching about it, you know, yep, stop complaining about it. A lot of folk buckle under right off the bat, in any fight, you know. That's how they do it, expecting, they know pretty well how much of a percentage of the public will just back off, okay, okay, we'll back off, you know.


But the people, you could change anything if they wanted to. IF they wanted to do. But you cannot get them to stay together long enough. Unfortunately all the things that glued them together have been purposely destroyed. Again, I gave these talks, to me it's like repetition.  It's not just seeing things as they are going to happen, which times you can get a darn good whiff, no doubt about it. But also, it's repetition, hell is repetition, isn't it? And it might give you an idea of who's running the show. [Alan chuckles.]  


But again, years ago I remember giving a talk about how you'll be trained and trained and trained into obedience, step by step, and how it would be done to you as well, and the things they would tell you, you'd have to do in order to get your compliance. It's all here. It's all being done.  NOW. Obviously it's been, these are well understood techniques that are very, very old. And knowledge is never lost because knowledge is power. That's why the historians keep track of how to manage populations in all kinds of situations. These are wealths of information for those that rule. It's never lost.


But we're going through today, step by step by step for compliance, techniques and behavior compliance for behavior modification. The United Nations of course is naturally on board with it. They talked about how they were training the people to self-police. Well, this was before you heard the term hate law or hate speech or anything to do with that. Because hate now is expanded to cover a whole variety of things. In fact, it's hateful, you see, to talk against Covid. Unless you are one of the authorities that are authorized to speak about it, it's hateful, you're an enemy of society, you know, you're dangerous to society and you're an enemy of the people. This is straight out of the Bolshevik revolution, that's what they did when they took over initially. Enemy of the state. What are you thinking about? Oh, you're an enemy of the state. Are you authorized to say that? To think that? Nope. To the wall. Yep, that's how it's done.


You're seeing terrible symptoms of the same kind of attitude. Because it's always the same steps to go through as they push and they up the ante a little bit more. Up the ante, up the ante, to see if the kickback is going to come.  Or they'll back off a little bit if they sense through all their studies, instantaneous and real-time studies through all their algorithms what the public are chatting about, what they're arguing about. They might back off a little bit here and give it a few days more or a week more, then push it again, you see. This is like, this is a schoolyard fight for dominance by the bully. That's what you're going through right now.


All of these things, and your self-policing, maybe I shouldn't say that I think that, maybe they're right, maybe I'm bad for society if I say these things. You see how they make you unsure of yourself? That’s psychological warfare, you see, self-policing. Things you would normally do or say in normal everyday life that had no harm in it at all, is now forbidden, you see.  As you self, oh, maybe I'll shut up and not say that. Maybe somebody will get offended. Maybe, maybe if I say I cannot breathe with this mask on somebody will get offended, if I mention it, maybe they'll come down and clamp it down even, maybe they'll tape it on my face. Because I'll be an enemy of the people, I'll be dangerous to them if I took it off to try to breathe.  Or maybe I should just suffocate quietly, then I might be a good citizen with a good social score or on my social credit system.


Massive psychological warfare. I get lots and lots and lots of emails from folks that are really suffering, have lost businesses, family split ups, all that kind of stuff, but again, through finances all going to pot because it all. Folk locked in, they're terrified to go out of their homes in case they catch something. Other ones terrified to go out of their homes in case they get pounced on by authorities. Because they’ve seen all these little clips of the cops beating up people. It's just horrible, you know. Folk who at night now in the lockdowns in parts of Britain and elsewhere, or in the States, are terrified if they get sick. Should they try and go out or take the person in their home to the hospital? after curfew? And get caught with the cops and might get beaten up or killed? Hm?


Think about it. These are dangerous times. Folk are sensing it. But then again, they didn't care previously with all the folk, and we've had plenty of the top professionals come out, doctors and surgeons and specialists in all kinds of medical fields, talking about the countless people who have died because they couldn't get into the hospital, with the previous ones in the spring, as they shut the hospitals pretty well down and stopped all elective surgery and emergency surgeries and things. Folk were dying in agony in their homes. That's horrible. That tells you the system, we're all expendable to get this agenda through.  That's what it's telling you, folks. We're written off, you know.


I used to wonder years and years ago, I think it was back in the 90s when so many of the big changes were, that's when all the bad smells were coming out, bad smells. Folk were saying, what's going on, you know. You had the police changing the uniforms into the combat black gear, you know.  The color of the executioner, hm, that's what they use that color for. You had the antiterrorist bill put through which was a combined omnibus bill put out by Allan Rock in Canada in the late 90s before 9/11 happened, which would suspend your rights and lock people up indefinitely without trial, all that stuff, you know. 


At that time at least the journalists were saying, what on earth is this, this is an antiterrorism bill, you know, martial law type thing, what was coming down the pike? You had all these different smells and whiffs of things to come. And whiffs of the fact, again, they were testing the waters I think as well, never mind getting the people acclimated to the combat gear and the cops and the changes and all the rest of it and all that kind of stuff, all in advance of what was to come. But training the public, constantly training the public into compliance was part of it too, what to think, what to say, and so on, you know.


Again, even with the laws, I says, where are they going to take these hate laws, you know? And a judge was trying someone, a couple of guys had mugged somebody for a wallet.  For the first time I'd read it, and the newspaper said, they said to them, what were you thinking when you, we know why you robbed the person, and what were you thinking when you were robbing them? He was trying to find out if it was a racial crime? Well, most people who are junkies, hhhch, don't care, they don't care who they robbed. They really don't, you know, they're desperate. But this is where it ends up going into, what were you thinking when you did that? Now it's, what's were you thinking when you said that, and then it's, what were you thinking when you thought it? [Alan laughing.]  That's what's coming down to. And it's all kinds of things they've added onto it as well.


That's when they first brought out the term in the 90s as well, antigovernment. That's a term they used to use in the Soviet Union, antigovernment. It was during the Bush reign they started bringing it out more and more in the States and Canada, antigovernment. So if you questioned anything about government, what they were up to, or the undue use of military force inside the US in a few instances, you're anti-, anybody who protested what they government was doing was antigovernment. No, you weren't protesting the event, no, obviously you were anti-government.  Hhhch.  You see how they change it?


It's like saying if someone doesn't want a vaccination, A vaccination, they're now called anti-vaxxers, like smeared with all vaccinations. You see, that's how they do it. This is psychological warfare. That's what it is. Pure psychological warfare. And they smeared everybody that does it go along with it. That's again, psychological warfare.


It isn't just the 77th Brigade in Britain, but they've got brigades in the States and Canada doing it, Canada is working with the States and the CIA all the time. In the 90s too, I mentioned before, that they expanded it in 2001. They opened up bases, like offices, and throughout Canada, for the FBI. And I says, what's coming along the pike here with these bad smells, eh? What's going on here? People would be antigovernment, not just anti-something that government had done, no. Suddenly you're going to be antigovernment for complaining about anything the government had done.  That's how it, that's what's going on here.


Massive psychological warfare against its own people. I've always said we pay for our chains, we pay for it all. We pay the salaries of these, you know, cyber warfare organizations that are being used against us. We pay for it all. And psychological war and all the incredible mayhem that that it creates too, we pay for all that as well. And you want to vote for these governments?


We are all Pavlov's dogs.  Do you understand that? We are all Pavlov's dogs. That evil character Pavlov that Eleanor Roosevelt loved, she went over to see him, she thought he was the greatest thing to humanity, the greatest thing since sliced bread as they say. He was a genius of a man who could modify the behavior of people. Do you think he just wanted to train the dogs in a different way, you know? Of course he didn't. He was trying to find out if humans would react the same, and they didn't just use dogs by the way, oh, ho, in the Soviet Union.


But I mean, you see, you're all dogs. You've been trained to be fearful, you know. Before, just take your little bubble of a world, eh, you, personally, and you're Pavlov's dog. So yeah, I can go to the pub and I can have a drink and I can go here and I can do that, I can go to the store and I can dut-dut-dut, I can meet friends and... eh, in a little bubble. But then Pavlov says, okay, let's watch what he does now.  You go off to do your usual routine, I'll go and see so-and-so tonight. Bingo, as you just about near this particular person's home or whatever it is where you meet your buddies, you get an electric shock.  Bzz-zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz, you know, and down you go. Then you get up, well what on earth happened there? And you're still confused and the whole thing and you stagger back across that line, bzz-zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz, down you go again, eh. Then you get back up and you're really still confused, and you say, well what's going on here? Then as you get up off your feet, from staggering, the cops jump on you and start beating you up and beating you up and beating you.  So you associate getting beaten up, and shocked, with not to be where you are, you see, at that person's house, that's it. So you go home, and you say, I'm not going to go back there again.


So few weeks go by, and I'll go to... Richards house, right. So you go to Richard's house and it's fine and you can go back-and-forth, back-and-forth.  And you go to other pals houses, except that one house where you got zapped, eh. Then when you go to Richard’s house, and you get near the door and bzz-zzz-zzz, down you go again, eh.  Then the cops jump on you, and they beat you and beat you and beat you, you see.  Then you go back home, well I'm not going to Richard's house either, eh. So Joe is out, and Richard is out, so...


Step-by-step, then for a while it's fine. All the rest of them are fine for a while, right. Until you get a zap at every one of them and beaten up. Until, and then the cops say, we won't beat you up if you go there, and they point you to where to go.  It's one of the old dingy bars somewhere. You say, okay I'll go there then, eh.  So you go there and you're complying with the cops, and it's fine for a year or so. Then one night you go into the bar and bzz-zzz-zzz, you get zapped there as well.  Then you have a complete nervous collapse and a nervous breakdown like the dogs did.  Because now you're doing everything that they want you to do, and even then it's not satisfied, you still get punished. So your mind collapses.


That's all happening to you, folks. Intense never ending psychological warfare. Including the use of the media to terrify you.  Not just with the Covid stories but with the reaction of the police in different countries to the general public. It's meant to terrify you into compliance.  And you can't please them. Because they've just started with their demands. You're supposed to come out of this like a remade, you know, person, a person who has been through MK ultra with a mind wipe, ha, a memory wipe, the whole lot, boof, remade in your master’s image, Mr. Schwab, you know. Obedient. Post consumerist.  Living in utter austerity. And as he says, you'll own nothing, but you'll be happy. Woof-woof.


Now, I'll just mention here again You can buy the books and discs at You can donate to me. You can use PayPal. Send personal checks.  Send cash. In some countries you can still get international postal money orders from your post office to Canada.  Not from the States though, they stopped that. Money Gram and you've got other ways to get the cash to me. So let me know and keep in touch with me. Keep me ticking along here because we're going through incredible times.  I have to admit, there's very few legitimate groups out there now. You know? In psychological warfare and in psyop, psyops are combined with information technologies and unconventional warfare, that's what they do. They literally give you lots of people that would speak for you, [Alan chuckles.] they make sure that they can eventually give you your leaders. It's not new.


An example used to be given with the Communists, and they gave examples many years ago about the Communists.  It would be often a lady who would come in, a woman who would come in and volunteered to help the local group of whatever the organization was. It didn't have to even be political or seem to be political, but something that had lots of members. They would come in on their off time, and eventually they would volunteer more than anybody. Oh, don't worry, I'll stay all night and fix all these books and everything for you and so on and get everything shipshape, etc. And before you know it, when it came time to elect a leader, they'd all elect that person.  So now you've got a Communists leading the group.


It happened in labor unions. It happened across the board. Standard techniques. Well now of course your own governments use it all quite naturally and they use it with psychological warfare and unconventional warfare techniques. Against their own people. I've always said it, one of the biggest parts of the intelligence operation is counterintelligence. It's as old as the hills. It's as old as Plato talking about it in ancient Greece, you know, in Athens and, you don't allow grassroots operations just to come out of nowhere and do their own thing, unless you create them. If you create them, it's because the elite authorized them to be created because it's going to serve the purpose of the elite.


You know if you are going to bring them, for instance, austerity upon the people, as an example, you would want to make sure that, because you know darn well it's going to be a lot of little groups that will start off with a few pennies here and there and get websites going.  And they might get angry and vent frustration about what governments are doing and pushing you into austerity. So what you do is you create organizations that first come out speaking against it all, you see, and you give them fantastic credentials, sometimes, great things to get people on board. Well, the person must be genuine because they arrested him once or twice, you know, stuff like that. This is how, this is standard stuff by the way, from textbooks.  They get people to accept them, and the next thing you know they become the leaders, and they are well-funded, and then they go along with the agendas, and they'll just swerve you off into a different direction. You think you're all heading towards the same goal, the road you're on starts to go off on a different tangent, and that's counterintelligence. That's how it's done.


And LOTS of them came out in the 90s. Folk have no idea of the intense warfare that was really going on in the social spheres. Because they were getting, preparing for all the big changes they'd bring in, in the 21st century. Preparing for it, and testing some of it out, and then studying the reactions of the people and so on. Yeah, a lot of them were invented back then, their personalities and their personas and their roles. They even have them churning out books sometimes. Ghostwritten. But collecting all the other so-called patriot or alternative movement books, they would take chapters out of them and put them straight into their own books. No one could take them to court for it because nobody would go along with the court case. Nobody. Nobody. Absolutely none.  Which tells you it was intelligence agencies behind it.


But they would just take whole chapters of people's books, on the Federal Reserve, or scams like that, you know the money system, and straight into it. They would add little bits, little sentences here and there, that's all they would have to do.  Then they became the local hero. So they became the ones that you would hear about. They were elevated into prominence and their books get published across the world.  That takes a lot of management and money. [Alan chuckles.] But you get little clues here and there of what's going on.


Other ones that were struggling and genuine were even getting the advertisers threatened to get out, or else, you know.  The advertisers would, the advertisers were told not to work with them anymore – I know this for a fact – or something bad would happen to the advertiser.  So, they would go straight to the advertisers and stop their income to their little groups or radio stations or whatever and they would go under. This literally happened. You have no idea the intense warfare that was going on behind the scenes. Some of them definitely got bought off too. Other ones got bought off, no doubt about it, absolutely. And financial aid from government agencies to get rid of certain peoples as well. Intense warfare was going on. There’s no point really bitching about it, because I don't complain about these things because people would say, oh sour grapes. No, it's not. This is just what happened. It doesn't bother me. That's what warfare was all about.


What do you think warfare is all about? Do you think it's Democratic warfare? with some kind of gentlemen's agreement somewhere? [Alan chuckles.] Fools.  You have no idea that cyber war and psychological war is just as intense and ruthless as physical battlefield war. It is a battlefield. And this, as it said before, when government, it was in the papers last week and the week before, governments in the States and Britain and Canada are using these teams against their own citizens. This is a dangerous, dangerous thing, stage to get to.  You've brought the military, your own military on board to attack your own people. DANGEROUS! Dangerous. Dangerous. These folk are ruthless. They are meant to be ruthless. That's what military is about. You don't use them on your own people.


So as I say, you know, help me tick along hopefully and I can maybe keep on going as we go through these, probably in your lifetime it would be about the greatest change, meaning, I mean the biggest change, it's the greatest change in your life's history. Because what's happening now is going to dictate how it's going to be for the rest of your life. Absolutely.


A lot of folk already are, can you believe it, they're already saying, well you know, well Trump might try with the next election.  In other words, let's wait four years or so and... Every four years that passes is gone forever. Because the changes they bring in in those four years are here to stay. And the folk literally, well, you know, are going to go along with the farce of a front man called Biden. And Kamala Harris. And I think the intention really is to put her in.  He is just like the launching pad I think really. Because the big characters at the top want this to happen this way. They planned it this way.


Anyway, again, send a few bucks my way, etc. and we'll see what we can do and keep on going. I'm going to go into a few articles here, and I might as I say touch on some of the cyber warfare that's going on and the psychological warfare that goes along with it, in unconventional war. And how we know they're going to get their way one way or another because again they're resolute, that word resolute. They've all sworn to the agenda.  They might not understand it themselves, all the different officials in different capacities, but they'll swear to the agenda. Because that's how they got on board with everything and got their positions in the first place, is working their way up, and it's a faith-based system, they do what they're told and that's why they're good little lackeys for those who rule the world.


They're going to get their vaccines through regardless. I've said that from the very beginning, nothing is going to change, it's chiseled in stone.  Facts don't matter about the whole fiasco. It's for a new type of system, a new kind of, a monitored, again, China type system. Everyone's monitored, numbered and so on. And uniform, uniformity is very important of course. That's why the governments have been studying you for your whole life. Since the 19..., well, the last 20 years especially more intensely in real time by all your different social programs, that are part of the intelligent systems.  Of course they are. Hhhch, they create the systems that they own and they put different people in charge of them. Again, it's just like politicians and you can throw the tomatoes at them. That's their job is to be splattered with tomatoes as you get angry.


But no doubt about it, the vaccines that come, and all the different ways to get you, coerce you into it are being tried…


Ankle bracelets, testing on-board sewage for coronavirus and NO boarding without a vaccine: Qantas CEO Alan Joyce reveals the very strict rules Aussies will have to follow just to fly overseas / 23 Nov 2020


(Alan: Well, they should find other ways of traveling perhaps, you know. That's the only way you can head off anything at all, just don't use their systems if you can. It's a pity that they've demolished all the stores, all the competition they said they would do, get rid of all small businesses.  Even for food and now you've got just the big ones only, the big standard names, the big club, the big clubs only, these big food agencies and so on, corporations. The same with airlines too.)


(A: But here you go, I'd find another way to travel if possible. Even personally, even if you see all the rest of them will comply, well so what? You've got to be true to yourself before you can be true to anything else. It isn't just, oh, all or nothing if we all do it. No, this war is individualistic, folks.  Hhhch.  And if there's enough individuals were doing it then, yeah, then you could say we've got a bit of power now. But it's all individualistic, you know.)


(A: Again, don't forget too, under a quarantine system, it's just the same as the agenda for the 21st century where they're trying to stop nonessential flying. That was on it too.  They came out with all the different articles, oh you know, flying is causing pollution in the sky too, you know. Any excuse using the climate of course to stop you from traveling. It's the first thing they do, is the agenda for the 21st century, they want you to live in your own community, and it was called communitarianism.)


(A: I gave these talks years ago, communitarianism, from their own articles. It's all here. And it certainly will be here very shortly.  You'll all be part of your community, and you'd better turn up at all the different parades for the right kind of things and celebrations of the right kind of things and so on.  Or they will want to know WHY you didn't turn up.  That's what you had an Orwell's 1984 as well, you know, you had to attend these different parades that they'd have where they'd parade captured prisoners and so on, and you'd have to boo and scream at them to show that you were part of your system, you see, on board with it all. That's what it says…)


Aussies will have to comply with strict new rules when international flights finally return to the skies post-coronavirus, Qantas boss Alan Joyce has warned.


(A: Well, tell Joyce just go and take his company to you know where, hm.)


From anklet bracelets to DNA tests, (A:  They want your DNA test? What do you think the swabbing is about, folks? You think it’s just a test for little bits and pieces of viruses so’s they can multiply them so many cycles then say well it could be a virus there. Do you think is just about that? These are the same swab tests they do for your DNA, eh, inside the cheeks, back of the throat, whatever, inside the...  It’s all your DNA, folks.  M-hm.)


 Sewage testing on planes and mandatory vaccinations, overseas travel will never be the same again.


(A:  Well, stuff it then. Stuff it.  There ya go.)


Mr Joyce revealed his airline will overhaul its terms and conditions for travel where a coronavirus vaccination will be a compulsory requirement for passengers heading abroad, which could be as early as next year.


(A:  Yep.  There ya go.)


There you go, so that's it there. It's permanent, folks. It's just astonishing that this virus has meant so many things to so many globalists, you know.  It's a very compliant virus. It's on board. It must be a high member, this virus, of the world dominant globalist society. Don't you think so? But they want to even test sewage for it, there you go, eh.  Great money. I guess that's the only work there will ever be now, is money in you know what, eh.




Tighter tier restrictions could 'spell the end of the traditional British pub'


Again, to me it's like Groundhog Day, you know. When I gave talks about the pubs in Britain, were the places where everybody met to talk. For centuries that's how it had been. A public house they were called, you know, that's where pub comes from. They go there and chat. Again in Britain you see, the publican, you see, are licensed to sell the booze.  Because booze is a big, big taxable thing for the government and they make a lot of money at it.  And their pals who own the brewery companies and the distilleries, very selective, you know, high fees to get the license, and not everybody gets them, so's only the right kind of people traditionally make booze, can make the booze, and can make the money off it. 


But the pub was awfully important because that's where all the chatting took place, you would meet people, townsfolk or village people, and city people, but towns especially you'd find about, did you know the Council was thinking about doing this and doing that. And they would say, oh no, I wouldn't like that.  And you could protest it and say no way. So you could head off nasty things at the pass, you know, things like that. Even school changes in curriculums, that's where the guys would meet in the pubs, you know, a teacher, my wife is a teacher, some guy would say, and you wouldn't believe what they're going to start teaching the children. Oh really? And the people would get angry.


Because at one time you had families and they kind of, that's one thing they did, where they did stand together. Families had a lot in common with other families, you see. So it was a natural focus for power to be played out with, on behalf of the public was through the family units that would be combined together against certain things. The very thing that HG Wells said would have to be destroyed, [Alan chuckles.] he wanted to destroy the family unit, like they all do of course. Because if you all, if most families back then and you had children right, so you had a man and a woman and children. Therefore you had the same interests pretty well, income, work, schooling, that kind of stuff. So they would stand together, very powerful institution was the family. So it had to be destroyed.


Communism said the destruction of the family unit, Marxism, and so did the British socialism. So did Freemasonry by the way, Albert Pike. End of the family unit, and private property. Agenda 21. The same thing. Just coincidence that though isn't it.


So anyway... So the British pub, they've got it in for it now. Well, that's the place where the people met.  I remember giving the talks, I says, you know it wasn't until maybe about the 80s, late 70s and 80s that suddenly they started to put television sets in all the bars in Britain. Now, you went to a bar to get away from TV and radio, you see, and to hear what other guys had to say. That's generally what you want for, was a place, that was the meeting place for people. You would hear all kinds of points of view.  That's the wonder thing about it too, when people used to think for themselves, you get lots of points of view on the same topics, a variety of them and that was a great thing to have.


But once the TV came in suddenly everybody, and people tried to shout over the TV sets, it was mainly sports for goodness sake, promoted from the top, right. By that time so many of the pubs in Britain belonged to like chains, chains, big corporate chains.  So the government, again, wanted to end the people talking. It was a nuisance for folk talk about things, finding out what government’s up to and then interfere. It's a nuisance, that, for those that rule you.  So they’d pay these big chains or give them tax breaks if they would start putting TV sets in all their, until literally you couldn't find a pub pretty well where you'd walk in and there is this racket going on of screaming and yelling and people playing, you couldn't tell who... Who CARED what team was playing who? Really. I had no interest at all.  I knew what it was all about, you see. But it was to stop people talking. Eventually you would get fed up yelling at people, you just gave up, because you had to yell to be heard or in order to hear them. It was just too frustrating. It worked wonders for stopping chat, you see.


At one time too it was so important by the way, you know, that governments also used the publicans in rural areas in towns and villages almost like spies, because they'd get all the gossip [Alan chuckles.] of what the people were up to and what they were thinking about and so on. So they could use them against the people again, eh. Nothing is there for what you think it is, that's what I'm saying to you. Even if some of them start off there for you, they get bought over rather quickly and brought on board to work for the authorities. Then they get little breaks as well, you see.  That's how it works. Nothing is ever as it really, really seems. So you just tighten your tier restrictions as they say.  It says...


Tighter tier restrictions could 'spell the end of the traditional British pub' / 23 Nov 2020


Hospitality is facing another huge blow if the leaks about the new tier restrictions are correct - and industry experts (A:  Again, experts, eh.) and local politicians have said it could spell the end of traditional pubs.


(A:  Of course. That’s what it’s meant to do.) 


England is due to leave national lockdown on December 2, (A:  Nonsense, they’ll keep it locked down.) and will enter back into a three tier system of coronavirus rules and measures.


(A:  It’s just prison, isn’t it, it’s like lockdowns in prison. This is what it is, eh, that’s what you use. It’s all lockdowns in prison where you’re allowed to move to and whether you can go along this corridor, not along that corridor and so on. Maybe in the exercise yard. You can’t even do that now unless you have a reason for being there apart from exercise.)


But compared to the system introduced in October, the new tiers are expected to be much tougher - particularly for pubs and restaurants.


It could mean that areas placed into Tier 3 restrictions - and with infection rates still above the national average here,


(A:  Well, just stop testing, then they’ll plummet.)


 that could very well include Greater Manchester - will have to keep all hospitality venues closed.


Maybe if you got the right kind of variety or strain of this coronavirus it will allow you to drink, you know, as long as you just pull the facemask down for each sip, and then back up again. Or maybe someday, I was thinking of, how come no one has invented a straw yet that will fix on to your facemask, eh? And we could all learn sign language to talk to each other. Because you know, and you've seen it in stores, the people that are serving you sometimes pull the mask down, because they know you can't hear them, and they can't hear you, it's all muffled.  [Alan laughing.] You can't read the lips, you see, so maybe we should all learn sign language as well. And have little straws there.  I guess you can still blare the television in the background there and, yeah, he shoots, he scores and rah-rah-rah, yeah.  And you're sitting there in dead quiet and sign language the other person there with your hands and stuff, and sipping your beer through a straw, through the facemask. There you go. There you go. How is that?


I'm sure somebody will come along with that eventually. As long as authorities and experts, you know, the experts approve it and say well that's okay that will stop it, you know.  M-hm.  Maybe you could even have a little ultraviolet, here's a, I'm really getting carried away here.  All of my ideas get picked up over the years, I gotta tell ya.  [Alan chuckles.] So get a little facemask one, as I say, with that straw through it, right.  And a one-way valve, so when you pull it out it closes, you see, it closes the valve and it's perfectly safe. And at the other end of your beer, you put it in the beer, of course you could have a bottle, and you could have a little filter from the bottle so's the air comes in as you're sucking out the booze, then the air can come in through a filter and it would filter out the viruses. 


OR, if you really get the deluxe model, you could get one where it, it will have an ultraviolet bulb in there, battery driven. Because you don't want to get electrocuted maybe, so you get a battery one. It will kill off any viruses that come through. So you could go really high-tech with that.  And you could have a classier type of food place to get drunk in.  Because in the better bar you would have the electronic devices there you see, the electronic filters and everything else for your booze, and you will all be sitting signing each other, you know.  How about that then?  Good citizens, eh?  Good compliant citizens. The governments would love that. They really would. And the behaviorists would, oh, my, it's working, it's wonderful. They love that too. So there you go.


Scotland, Iiiiii really, it's like, Scotland and Ireland, it's just astonishing. I mean, with the histories the countries have had, you know.  And so socialistic, you know.  People don't know the histories of it.  But really, they were always problems, they were always problems to the English crown, you know. Mainly because they didn't like getting dominated.  That might've had something to do with it, eh. But once they got their, they think they got their freedom, eh.  That was another big joke too, they had their national movements and end up being communistic. That was part of the communist tragedy by the way, you start off in a country and you give it wars of national liberation, that's what they called it. It was programed to have/get them fighting against existing authorities or rulers, and then they'd say okay we've got independence now. Then you introduce the socialistic communistic ideas until it's communist.  That was, that's from the handbook of communism, eh, how to do it all.


So Scotland really thought it had become free, and they have no idea that all the leaders they supplied you with were pretty well working for the big global system.  So as soon as you end up being free, as they think, they've got mass migration.   In tiny countries, really.  Mass migration. Lots of them got into Parliament that are wealthy, you see.  Or they're brought in, because they're not from Scotland.  They're brought into Parliament and circles and civil service.  They immediately want to demand that, basically unlimited immigration.  Well, how can you have a country anymore if it's not yours? It's got nothing in common eventually, in one generation you could have nothing in common with what it stood for. [Alan chuckles.] Nothing at all. So it's a complete bogus freedom obviously.


Ireland too, even in its initial rebellion, well in the 20th century rebellion, was run by the official IRA. And it was a menagerie of different groups, a kind of collage system you might call it.  But they all had this idea of freedom and independence. But also the official IRA were communistic, a lot of them were communist leaders.  So that had a lot to do with what happened, the way that they ended up bringing in the system.  A lot of them didn't realize, no, you don't have to use the term communism, you know, to be communist. You just need to see all the signs and symptoms of it, and you are.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...


So unfortunately, they've been ruled for a long time now by a system that brought them under the yoke of the EU, a bigger dominant factor, hhhch, as opposed to London. And they think that they're free. Then they end up getting, Ireland especially got soaked, mind you, in the 2007/8 collapse.  Because before that they had been encouraged by the World Bank to borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow.  And they did. When they collapsed it all then they said, basically in comes the IMF and says this is how you're going to pay us back. And they pretty well own them now. They own all their policies. When the IMF comes in, they decide how much you're going to spend on the people, you know, your own tax money, how much is going to be spent on your own people, or healthcare or anything else. Folk don't realize it, when Margaret Thatcher was in, in Britain, England, the IMF ran the show for a while. She was taking a lot of stick for the austerity measures, but basically the IMF was deciding a lot of the policies. It's repayment terms, you understand. That's what runs everything, eh. 


So anyway, yeah, it's a sad thing that…


Scotland becomes the first country in the world to pass landmark legislation offering free period products to anyone who needs them - / 24 Nov 2020


This from The Mail Online. Also another article from a newspaper in India.


Scotland becomes first country in the world to make sanitary products free for women - / 25 Nov 2020


And it is awfully good at noticing what's happening across the world. And sometimes more open about it. Because they don't have the same guilt about saying things. They haven't been trained yet to, hhhch, not say different things, so they're quite open about it.  So it's interesting, you read different articles from India, you know.  In fact, you'll find some of the journalists in India have the old type of journalism approach to journalism as being true and get to the bottom of things. And they don't have to be so politicized and be awfully nice about everything, they can be straightforward.  That's how journalism really should have been, used to be actually. Now it's completely bought and paid for in the West by those that own it all.


Scotland becomes the first country in the world to pass landmark legislation offering free period products to anyone who needs them / 24 Nov 2020


(A: So yeah, I mean, Scotland, this is them vying for the vote again for re-voting for independence for Scotland, eh.  So they aim for the women first, I think Ireland has already got daycare and stuff like that for free.  It's the first thing generally they all get.  Then you go for, step by step, you buy people off, eh.  So it's going to…)


... make sanitary available to everyone


(A: What do you mean everyone?  [Alan laughing.] Do you see how it's worded here? I mean, who wants them all?)


The Bill was brought forward by Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon


(A: I don't know if she changed her name or what, but she goes by Monica Lennon.  That might be telling in itself, I don't know.)


Labour Member of Scottish Parliament working to tackle period poverty (A: ...period poverty, eh...) since she was elected in 2016 


...make things free, eh? So there you go. Rather than say, why are women so poor? Rather than tackle the real problems, eh? And why are the rest of the people poor in Scotland? Why not deal for people as people, not genders and so on. Poverty is not just a gender thing, you know. It affects, you know, men, women and children. But this is how they waylay you with this kind of publicity kind of thing, you see. There you go.


But remember, the socialist governments, even Canada did it too, through the conservative government that was in at the time, was pushing this on... When you see the same agendas through different parties, you know that's what it is, it's an agenda, you're under tyranny, as Jefferson said, you're under somebody's agenda.  Hhhch.  Because nothing halts, Trump is the first time I've seen them skipping a beat.  It generally makes no difference what party is in, the same preplanned agendas go forth, you see. So there you go. But yeah, let's not try, let's not tackle the poverty, etc., etc. Nothing is free when the taxpayers have to pay for it. What are you talking about, free? Yep.  There you go.  Ftt, there you go.  N-n-n.


Another article here is to do with, hhhch… hhhch...


Can I stay overnight with family in Tier 2 or Tier 3 this Christmas? (A:  Right.) / 27 Nov 2020


CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, and anxious Britons have been waiting for information on how they can see loved ones


(A: You’re waiting for information to see if you can see your loved ones? Do you understand what’s going on here?)


 during the ongoing pandemic.


(A: [Alan chuckles.])


But can I stay overnight with family in Tier 2 or Tier 3 this Christmas?


(A: Can you believe this stuff? Are they going to start publishing manuals, like prison manuals, for their prisoners, you know? Hm? It says…)


Areas across the UK will be placed into either Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 depending on the coronavirus cases and other criteria.


Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Yorkshire and Humber are among those back under Tier 3 status. You can check which tier your area is in using the Government's postcode checker here. (A:  They give you a link to it as well. Hhhch.)


However, Britons will have a break from the stringent rules over the festive period in a so-called Christmas bubble it has been revealed.


(A:  Isn’t that wonderful! Your wardens are giving you Christmas bubble.  Ftt, ohh.)


From December 23 to December 27 three households will be able to meet indoors, with Mr Johnson calling on families to make a "personal judgment” about the risks of coronavirus to vulnerable loved ones when forming a Christmas bubble.


(A:  Hhhhh!  Wow. What drama, eh?)


Can I hug my grandparents at Christmas? (A:  …it says. Mmm, ftt.)


(A: So anyway, it goes on about...)


… winter plan


(A:  …and they give you into 2 and 3s and all the rest of it.)


I think one of them, you have to roll up your trouser leg and bear your breast, you know, just like Freemasonry.  Hop on one leg maybe. And only on a Thursday, but not on a Wednesday and stuff. It's awfully important you follow these very important rules, you know. You know? As you get trained and trained into further absurdities. Really.


You understand the countries that are not doing the lockdowns are better off than anybody else. Their economies have not collapsed.  The death rates are not higher, for winter deaths.  Hhhch.  I say winter deaths because flu is everything, you know, pneumonias, happens every winter, etc. etc. They are not up anyway.


But that doesn't matter. You see, it's your countries that have been deemed excess consumerists. Remember all those years, the worst country in the world for consumption is America. The US and Britain and so on, yeah. Well, now you're getting taught by this very handy virus that, just forget those countries that don't have these lockdowns and they're doing fine like Sweden and so on, Switzerland too apparently didn't have the severe lockdowns either. It doesn't matter though. You must because you're BAD!  There ya go.


Another one...


Level 3 of the 'Plan for Living with Covid-19' explained - / 24 Nov 2020


…LIVING with Covid 19… This article here is from an Irish paper. I'll put this one up as well for those that want to look it up and see what to do, and how you can learn to live with Covid 19. Isn't that nice, eh?  It's like trying to live with the bombs in the blitz, this is the, [Alan sings...] keep the home fires burning, and all that stuff and all that nonsense.  You know, learn to live with it, and make the, put the best face on and step forward, there you go, hm. 


Also in The Sun newspaper, but there’s more articles on…


Fury as 20million Brits are forced into Tier 3 despite R rate below 0 / 26 Nov 2020


(A: Hhhhh!  The R rate, we're learning a whole vocabulary here now, eh?  They're going to give a dictionary for Covid shortly, you know, because it will be a lifelong dictionary, you see, a rulebook, very... You've got to get trained here, for goodness sake.)


MORE than 20million Brits are being forced into the harshest Tier 3 lockdown measures despite falling Covid rates in their areas.


(A:  Well, don’t let facts get in the way of agendas for goodness sake here.)


A staggering 20 million Brits are being forced into… (A:  …blah, blah, blah.)


Sixty one percent of the population are now worse off after being shifted into a higher tier.


(A:  Well, who saw that coming, eh?!?! Hhhhh!)


Fifty five million Brits are now in tiers two and three - with tougher restrictions than last time.


(A:  Well, they said that’s what they’d give you. The spring was just a training exercise, people, complete training exercise.)


It comes after PM Boris Johnson ramped up restrictions despite data suggesting the R rate is now below 1 — meaning the bug has been kicked into reverse.


Hhhhh!  Well, again, these facts become an awful nuisance.  They interfere with planning and things, you know. Terrible. And this Boris Johnson, what a joke he is, eh? You know darn well he’s been given his marching orders. He’s got the whole Brexit thing on stall as well, eh. Because you see, the real deep state didn’t want any, hhhch, Britain pulling out of that one either. No way. N-n-n.


Ahhhhh, you know, you could speak volumes on just the free-trade agreements. The creating of centralized control systems like the EU parliament, and one for the Americas, one for the Pacific Rim reason, and so on and so on. You can do volumes of that kind of material.  All from the same organizations running this. The same organization. And they don't like Brexit.  Goodness me.  N-n-n.  I was going to just say, read their next part, and I thought about Karl Marx.  Why do you think he was put up at London? They put him up in London.  A revolutionary, supposedly going to overthrow all governments and royalty and all the rest of it.  D'you really believe that? They allowed him to get into the national library there in London, access to all the very expensive reference books and so on. Of course they loved him, because the same organization that said we don't mind if they're communists are fascists or dictators, like Carol Quigley said, they're all welcome. Is this starting to make sense to you?


And what was Karl Marx's main thing? Who congratulated Lincoln for the Civil War and for defeating the South. Karl Marx in his telegram, for keeping the union together. Centralization of government. Communist Manifesto. EU parliament, Communist Manifesto. And the one for the Americas, they wanted, they discussed the parliament by the way up into 2005 with the three amigos meetings, a centralized parliament for the Americas, initially they said they might have it in Montréal. It was in the newspapers. Communist manifesto. Centralized government, centralize the power. Centralize.  Just a coincidence. 


Anyway, back to all these articles here.


Fury as 20million Brits are forced into Tier 3 despite R rate below 0 / 26 Nov 2020


Sixty one percent of the population


(A: Not 60% but 61%...)


are now worse off after being shifted into a higher tier.


(A:  Well, they stop you from working and so on, eh. This is worse than any world war, you understand. And it's planned that way. What a great trick, though, what a great, you must admit, that's a brilliant trick. I said this years ago, I wasn't afraid of the atomic bomb at all. I was more afraid of some real rogue letting loose with something that been designed in a laboratory.  Oh, what a great trick.  But even Schwab's posting about it, a wonderful thing this bug has been to a lot of people down for this agenda.  Hmmmmmmmm.  This article also goes on about the pubs...)


...could kill off four out of five boozers and rip the heart out of local communities.


(A: Well, that's what they want to do, folks. Total war, you see.)


As I say, Boris Johnson is not your, not for you. Never was. He was always a levelier [?] by the way, Boris Johnson. So they remake him as a new type of conservative?  [Alan chuckles.]  Who's kidding who? Mayor of the City of London.  Hm.  So this, you can't, eventually the people are going to have to, they either stand up or they don't. It's very simple, isn't it. As they say, the power is all in the people. But they will be so divided, and they've got all these psyops working against them to divide and conquer them, I doubt if they'll get enough people together to stand up. They might. They could with some miracle. But it would take literally a miracle to make it happen, I think. Because then government would have to back off. And try something else. Maybe even something more lethal you might say. You never know.


This is a BIG agenda that they've been planning for a long, long time, long before you heard the term Covid, and how they'd get it through, hm?  Well, climate change, no, try this Covid thing, eh. Hm, ftt.  This other one too…


Moderna vaccine ‘may not stop people spreading Covid’ / 25 Nov 2020


Moderna’s vaccine may not stop people who catch coronavirus from spreading it to others, him


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  I love how they say it now, is just like Bertrand Russell said, we’ll train the people to just parrot experts, until they can’t think for themselves or decide anything for themselves without the help of an expert. You don’t even need names now, eh? Generally. So, scientists have warned, eh?)


scientists have warned.


Although promising trial results have shown the US-developed vaccine is 94.5% effective (A:  …right…) at stopping people from getting ill, trials haven’t yet tested whether the jab actually prevents transmission.


(A: So I won’t even bother reading it all because it's contradictory in itself. There's quite a few articles like that, that's full of contradictions. So anyway it says, the spokesperson says…)


He urged people not to ‘overinterpret’ the promise of the vaccine,


(A: In other words, don’t have any faith in it.)


 though he said he ‘believes’ it should prevent viral spread.


(A: That’s science at work, it’s a belief system. Never mind the facts, but this person…)


‘believes’ it should prevent viral spread.


Moderna’s jab does not kill the virus, (A:  …and this is the important part…) unlike most vaccines…


(A:  You know how they take a weakened form of the virus and they put it into you. The idea is to trick the body, right, in attacking it as a live virus and creating antibodies so you have immunity. This is different, Moderna’s one.)


Instead, it is designed with the intent of preventing the virus from latching onto receptors on human cells that let the virus enter cells.  (A:  Okay?)


Unlike more complex human cells, viruses can’t make their own energy. Instead, they have to hijack the machinery of human or animal cells, absorbing that energy and allowing the virus to make copies of itself. 


(A:  You see.  So that’s the Moderna one.)


How the different Covid-19 vaccine candidates work


(A:  …and they give you some more information.)


And without getting into our cells and taking them over for its own purposes, the virus can’t replicate.  


(A:  This is the idea behind this Moderna one.  It changes, it reprograms your DNA basically. Permanently. They think. M-hm. This is how it works. This is a trial. This is a very experimental vaccine. So it's amazing the two don't know, and this other one, right...)


…suggests its vaccine it developed with Oxford University should prevent viral spread.


(A:  …even though it’s early data, and it’s trials are still ongoing. So it hasn’t finished yet, so why would they even be saying that, it should prevent viral spread?)


Pfizer and Moderna only tested trial members who developed possible symptoms of Covid-19, according to Science Magazine.


Without knowing of others members of the trials might have been asymptomatic spreaders, there was no way to say for sure whether the vaccine prevented them from infecting others.  


‘When we start the deployment of this vaccine we will not have sufficient concrete data to prove that this vaccine reduces transmission,’ Mr Zaks added.    


(A:  I’ll say this before I go onto the next line…)


‘When we start the deployment of this vaccine we will not have sufficient concrete data to prove that this vaccine reduces transmission,’ Mr Zaks added.    


‘Do I believe that it prevents transmission? Absolutely, yes, but I saw this because of the science.


(A:  He saw it because of the science. Well, it’s either scientific or it’s not. It’s not a belief system. So it says, hhhch…)


‘Do I believe that it prevents transmission? Absolutely, yes,


(A:  Science is not supposed to be based on belief but on fact and experimentation, and the evidence.  Aaaaaaaaaaarrgh.  But if you repeat this stuff, you will, oh you will be hammered for saying it. They can say it, but you can’t say it. This is the new normal, you see, certain folk can say certain things and you cannot say it, even though you are reading their stuff, saying it. [Alan chuckles.] And it says here…)


But absent proof I think it’s important


But absent proof I think it’s important we don’t change behaviours


(A:  …odd sentence. I guess he must’ve missed a full stop, or a period missing somewhere, or a comma.)


But absent proof I think it’s important we don’t change behaviours solely on the basis of vaccination.’


He said people should continue to use preventative methods like mask wearing


(A:  So regardless of your vaccination, that’s what Fauci said months ago, even with the vaccinations you’re going to have to wear a mask. It truly is planned this way, you see. This is permanent, folks.)


and social distancing


(A: It’s total behavior change for the whole society across the planet.)


to stop the spread of coronavirus.


Moderna will continue to collect data if and when its vaccine is approved.


Oxford University and AstraZeneca got all trial participants to swab themselves at home, allowing it to test whether the vaccine was preventing people from transmitting the virus, or just stopping them from becoming unwell.


It's all up in the air, as far as I can see. But don't let that stop a good agenda, eh. I mean, they've banked everything on this agenda, folks. Hhhch.  So they're not going to back off for anything at all. Nothing. No. Zilch.


This is an interesting article by Jeremy Loffredo and Whitney Webb. It says…


The Johns Hopkins, CDC Plan to Mask Medical Experimentation on Minorities as “Racial Justice” / 25 Nov 2020


(A:  That’s an interesting article actually.)


With the first COVID-19 vaccine candidate set to receive an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US government in a matter of days, its distribution and allocation is set to begin “within 24 hours” of that vaccine’s imminent approval.


(A:  And this is all with links to the articles, like, “within 24 hours”, and where that came from, NBC news, etc.)


The allocation strategy of COVID-19 vaccines within the US is set to dramatically differ from previous national vaccination programs. One key difference is that the vaccine effort itself, known as Operation Warp Speed, is being almost completely managed by the US military, (A:  I fell better now, don’t you, eh?  Hm?) along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (A:  That makes you feel even better again.) and the National Security Agency (NSA), (A:  Hhhch, wow.) as opposed to civilian health agencies, which are significantly less involved than previous national vaccination efforts and have even been barred from attending some Warp Speed meetings.


(A:  Doesn’t that make you feel better now, feeling secure and safe, eh?)


In addition, for the first time since 2001, law enforcement officers and DHS officials are set to not be prioritized for early vaccination.


(A:  Hmph.  …to not, so they’re not going to get it, right. Why would they not give it to the Department of Homeland Security officials and law enforcement officers?)


Another key difference is the plan to utilize a phased approach that targets “populations of focusidentified in advance by different government organizations, including the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).


Characteristics of those “populations of focus,” also referred to as “critical populations” in official documentation, will then be identified by the secretive, Palantir-developed software tool known as “Tiberius” to guide Operation Warp Speed’s vaccine distribution efforts.


Tiberius will provide Palantir access to sensitive health and demographic data of Americans, which the company will use to “help identify high-priority populations at highest risk of infection.”


This report is the first of a three-part series unmasking the racist components of the Pentagon-run project to both develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine. It explores the COVID-19 vaccine allocation strategy first outlined by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and subsequent government allocation strategies that were informed by Johns Hopkins.


The main focus of this allocation strategy is to deliver vaccines first to racial minorities but in such a way as to make those minorities feel “at ease” and not like “guinea pigs” when receiving an experimental vaccine that those documents admit is likely cause “certain adverse effects…more frequently in certain population subgroups.” Research has shown that those “subgroups” most at risk for adverse effects are these same minorities.


(A:  Hm.)


The documents also acknowledge that information warfare and economic coercion will likely be necessary to combat “vaccine hesitancy”


(A:  So they’re using your psyops and cyber warriors.  They have literally thousands of cyber warriors working to attack people online and so on, to disrupt your flow of information and, well, it's to treat you as an enemy of the state. To treat you as though you were any enemy that the color revolutions attacked across the world. They go after the citizenry. And they must give you a bad name like vaccine HESITANCY. It’s not a right to decide for yourself.  You’re supposed to get and give informed consent.  You're supposed to BE informed before you give your consent. Now they're trying to do away with that and just go, vaccine, why are you hesitating? Well I'm thinking about, you know, the information. Informed, you know, information.)


  among these minority groups. It even frames this clearly disproportionate focus on racial minorities as related to national concerns over “police brutality,” claiming that giving minorities the experimental vaccine first is necessary to combat “structural racism” and ensure “fairness and justice” in the healthcare system and society at large.


Part 2 of this series will discuss how Palantir, a company currently helping DHS and law enforcement violently target African Americans and Latinos, will be in charge of allocating “tailored” COVID-19 vaccines to those same minorities as well as Palantir’s origins and its executives’ views on race.


Part 3 will explore the direct ties between a COVID-19 vaccine front-runner and the Eugenics Society, which was re-named the Galton Institute in 1989.


(A: By the way, you can go in yourself and see all the articles, they still have lots of them there for the public. Although they have their inner site though, and you have to be a member, a vetted member to get into it and see all the real important stuff. But there's enough interesting information there at the Galton Institute to see what they're up to. You'll see a lot of important well-known names of important people who are members of it. So I'll put this article up too, it goes on and on and on and it's quite good. He goes into the different people involved in this one, different characters like...)


Tom Inglesby, who led discussions at the CHS’s Event 201 exercise in October 2019


(A: ...and so on and so on.  It's a small world when you see the same names popping up over and over again, eh.)


Another member of the Biden transition team is Luciana Borio, a current member of the CHS steering committee. As both a former FDA scientist and former National Security Council member, Borio signifies the relationship between the national security state and the biosecurity state. She’s currently a vice president of In-Q-Tel, the venture-capital arm of the CIA.


(A:  Oh, it’s just a small world indeed isn’t it.)


In-Q-Tel’s current executive vice president, Tara O’Toole, who at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak declared that “the best way ever to protect those who are well is with vaccines,” is Inglesby’s mentor and predecessor as director of the CHS. She was also a key player and the lead author of the CHS’s Dark Winter and CladeX bioterror simulations.


(A:  CladeX is another one.  The links are all here for these by the way, you know, the official links and so on. It’s an interesting article when you read down through it and so on.  Quite a long one. It goes into previous studies they’ve done already with different ethnic groups.)


Notably, African Americans are understood to be at a higher risk for adverse reactions to vaccines. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania (A:  And the link study of the university is up here too), African Americans exhibit a disproportionately higher immune response to certain flu shots. And in 2014, the Mayo Clinic (A: The link is here too. These things are all founded on studies and so on, this article.) found that African Americans have almost double the immune response to the rubella vaccine as Caucasian Americans. (A:  Eh.  Hm.) Immune reactions that are too strong can result in more adverse events and inflammatory responses such as transverse myelitis, a debilitating inflammation and paralysis of the spinal cord. A 2010 study in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health showed that African American boys were at significantly greater risk of suffering severe neurological injury from the hepatitis B shot as compared to Caucasians.


Again, you have a certain vaccines, I've gone over these before, they can give you, again, disproportionately higher immune response.  If you get a bunch of vaccines at the same time that can cause it too. I had that, that's what brought on my arthritis eventually.  And my spine was on fire, believe you me! A whole bunch of vaccines given in the span of about a week I think it was, and yeah, that happened to me too. So I'm very, very wary of these things. Absolutely.  Certain folk will get, of course the people that it affects like that they'll just say, well, they had the wrong genes for our vaccine.  [Alan laughing.] Well, my genes were perfectly fine for everything else until you invented your vaccine. But facts don't matter.


China Wants Passenger Tracking System for Global Travel Coronavirus Reset / 23 Nov 2020


(A: …the same thing with the planes and so on.)


…wants travelers to adopt a global QR code system to help determine their health status and travel “permissions” in a post-coronavirus pandemic travel reset.


(A: There you go. It's a reset, everything’s a reset, isn't it, eh. Global mechanisms for it all, hm.)


During the virtual G20 summit on Saturday, Xi called for a coronavirus “global mechanism” which involves international recognition of health certificates in the form of QR codes to allow people to travel freely.


(A:  Well, you could travel freely if you were free, folks. Having all these codes and permissions is not free. That’s the difference between RIGHTS, you see, and freedom.  You have natural rights, you don’t need permission to have them, hm.)


The dictator says the system can be based on “nucleic acid testing results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes,” reported state news agency Xinhua.


“We need to further harmonise policies and standards and establish ‘fast tracks’ to facilitate the orderly flow of people,” he is quoted saying.


QR codes are bar codes that can be read by mobile phones that are a common tool of tracking and control in Communist China.


Coming to a place near you. I'll put these links up there too for those that want to follow it. But nothing really is surprising, eh.  Also...


The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test:

(A:  And this article says…)

How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society / 5 Nov 2020


(A: I’ve already read articles before on this particular test and why it’s not the most reliable test. This goes into it again as well, about the amplification. They cycle it, they call it cycles. They take particles of a virus, or what they think might be a virus, and amplify it and multiply it many times over in cycles they call it.  When they get a certain level, a certain amount of cycles, they say there's a possibility there's a virus there. You can’t tell if it's alive or dead or anything else, or if you've had it for that matter. Or they can't even tell you if you've been in the vicinity of someone that had that particles they breathed out and you breathed them in.  You know? M-hm.)


(A: Arghhhhhhhhhh, but forget the facts. I mean, I've been over this one ad nausea really, and this one again goes through it all. They tell you about the number of times they copied it, what they did and said, the makers even say over 30 is very unreliable. Well, they're using up to 40 odd, maybe 45 cycles to try to get, hhhch, positives.  Well, it's going to give you more and more false positives, and they actually say that in the different instructions on it for the laboratories. It doesn't matter. That's why they picked it. Wherever you go in the world before coronavirus, you're going to find all kinds of possible bits and pieces of viruses, of coronaviruses. But it didn't have a political purpose at that time, you know.)


RT-PCR does not reveal any virus, but only parts, specific gene sequences of the virus.


(A:  You see.  And they go on and on of how it’s done.)


It’s quite a good article of course, for those that want to at least get some understanding of how it’s done and how they come to these conclusions that they do. Maybe find out why they come to these conclusions, that would be a different thing altogether.


GCHQ in cyberwar on anti-vaccine propaganda / 9 Nov 2020


(A: So people who don't want the vaccine, it's not called just anti-vax, now it's anti-vaccine propaganda now, you see.  I've already read some of the articles from reputable papers where the people who, the CEOs of the company say, well we BELIEVE it does this and we BELIEVE it does that, and we're not sure about this and that because we haven't finished yet, but we BELIEVE.  That's okay for them to say that. But if you, if you go over these articles you're doing anti-vaccine propaganda by just reading it obviously.  Hm. Ftt.  So...)




The spy agency is using the tools developed to disrupt terrorist groups to tackle disinformation online and on social media.


(A: Now, you can tell right off the bat that it's the same usual agenda, the same groups running the intelligence agencies.)


The spy agency is using the tools developed to disrupt terrorist groups to tackle disinformation online and on social media.


(A: And…)


Spies tackle disinformation linked to Russia.


(A: Hhhhh! Russia! Russia! My goodness, eh. [Alan chuckles.])


GCHQ has begun an offensive cyber operation to disrupt anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by hostile states, the Times understands.


(A: says.  The Times, the newspaper. I've read similar articles on this before. So it's...)


... using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation and recruitment material peddled by Islamic State, according to sources.


It is the latest move by cyberagents to counter activity linked to Moscow whose aim is to exploit the pandemic in order to undermine the West and boost Russian interests.


The government regards tackling false information about inoculation as a rising priority as the prospect of a reliable vaccine against the coronavirus draws closer. A government source said: “GCHQ has been told to take out (A: TAKE OUT, I think I read the same one.) antivaxers online and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.”


Like slowing your computer down, eh.  [Alan laughing.] And worse things of course that they do.  Then they go into the different tactics, if you want to get the whole article. But it's cyber warfare, and I've already mentioned it, that your own governments have it in the newspapers, they're using their spy agencies and their cyber warfare agencies, and other ones too, they're using foreign governments' cyber warfare agencies to attack your own citizenry. So that's what it is. That's where your tax money goes.


GCHQ spies launch cyber counter-attack against anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by Russia - / 8 Nov 2020


You know, so much for your opinions, eh, you can't have your opinions anymore. And you have no rights over yourself at all, or your body, for goodness sake, the state owns you body and soul.  They can do with it as they want. Obviously. You're not really using it, are you? I mean, are you using your body, much, you know, for any good purpose, eh?


Canada now is blocking bulk exports of drugs to the US it says here.


Canada blocks bulk exports of some prescription drugs in response to Trump import plan - / 29 Nov 2020


These are the cheaper, probably the apo type drugs, they call it apo drugs, generic, noncorporate name type drugs, to the States. And no doubt they've got a good reason for doing it. Hhhch, like they don't want the public to get some cheaper drugs. It's probably in fact that someone's got the nudge from the States not to do it because the States jealously guards its pharmaceutical industry, and what they want they generally get, you know. Like high prices for stuff, for their own drugs.


US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media / 11 Nov 2020


British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy (A:  I’ve said this many times before.) as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced “cyber war” to be commanded by (A: Artificial intelligence.) AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge official narratives.


(A:  Now, there’s a free society for you, eh. So they declare a war on the public, and anyone that challenges the official narratives. There’s a free society.  That’s the kind of stuff you would always point to other countries, oh see, look, they’re doing it over there in these tyrannical countries. Here it is HERE, folks. It’s the same thing.)


In just the past week, the national-security states of the United States and United Kingdom have discreetly let it be known that the cyber tools and online tactics previously designed for use in the post-9/11 “war on terror” are now being repurposed for use against information sources promoting “vaccine hesitancy”


(A: And it goes into it too, Warp Speed and all the rest of it.)


UK Intelligence’s New Cyberwar Targeting “Anti-Vaccine Propaganda”


(A; Again, it mentions the Times reports and so on, the newspaper.  The links are all here for it and contained in this article. It mentions again…)


… the British military’s 77th Brigade, which specializes in “information warfare,”


(A:  Yeah, generally in other countries, folks, and they’ve been using on their own public. Wasn't it freedom of speech, that old farce of a line they used to give you in Britain, we're a free country, we gave democracy to the world.  M-hm.  There ya go.  So they're...)


…not only take down “anti-vaccine propaganda” but will also seek to “disrupt the operations of the cyberactors responsible for it,


(A:  They call it cyberacters.)


including encrypting their data so they cannot access it and blocking their communications with each other.” 


(A:  Do you understand, this is the stuff all the, that we’ve been warned about hackers, this is your own governments doing it, folks. Because they’ve been doing it across the world. Where do you think all these folk who learned it across the world got it from? From your government agencies. That are now using it on you. M-hm-hm. And they’re using…)


…the “Five Eyes” alliance (US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada)


(A:  …and there’s other ones apart from that too, mind you. To take you all down, eh. So you're not allowed your own opinion anymore.  They've set warfare departments against you.  They've declared war on you. It says, oh, the Times, says it's troubling, you see…)


This is highly troubling given that the US recently seized the domains of many sites, including the American Herald Tribune, which it erroneously labeled as “Iranian propaganda,” (A: [Alan chuckles.]) despite its editor in chief, Anthony Hall, being based in Canada. The US government made this claim about the American Herald Tribune after the cybersecurity firm FireEye, a US government contractor, stated that it had “moderate confidence” that the site had been “founded in Iran.”


(A:  …moderate confidence.)


In addition, the fact that GCHQ has alleged that most of the sites it plans to target are “linked to Moscow” (A:  Come on!) gives further cause for concern given that the UK government was caught funding the Institute for Statecraft’s Integrity Initiative, which falsely labeled critics of the UK government’s actions as well as its narratives with respect to the Syria conflict as being related to “Russian disinformation” campaigns.


(A: [Alan laughing.])


No it’s, they’re at war with you, people. It’s got all the links on it to what they’re talking about here in the article.  Again, which is the way it should be, so it’s not just made-up nonsense, it’s got a lot of good information on it.


But yeah, this is the end of any free society, any modicum of a free society, this is the end of it. We never really had free societies. Not completely free. I mean, true free societies would be anarchy, and that's the fact of it too.  Because true anarchy would have no authority at all, you see, you can't get any further right wing than that, the abolition of it. And some of the old anarchists used to, they used to preach that too, that just... That's where even the saying came from too, don't tread on me, with the snake and so on. That's symbology, it was, I won't bother you if you won't bother me. You know? That was the idea of real independent anarchy. Not these managed anarchists that are part of again a government-funded psyop, you know, irregular warfare.


Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe / 19 Nov 2020


Increasingly draconian lockdown measures, economic destitution, and sweeping police powers are evaporating public trust and eroding public patience.


And sure enough, I mean, last week you had lots of demonstrations going on across the European countries. Very quiet in Canada and the States, I think anyway. Unless I've missed something maybe, because it's possible, I don't watch TV. So I don't really know. They had some smaller protests in Canada. Doug Ford in Ontario…


Doug Ford slams anti-lockdown protesters outside his home as ‘buffoons’ / 27 Nov 2020


(A: That's very descriptive, they're buffoons.  He doesn't go into the point of their anger, naturally, just calls them nasty names like buffoons.)


The Covid 19 vaccine will bring life back to normal.


(A:  Now, the people who've, I just read the articles, you just have to wear a mask and be 6 feet apart and all the rest of it. So he's not telling you, he's speaking an untruth I would say, in their terminology, you know. They don't say lies, they say untruths.)


Doug Ford warns of possible lockdown new restrictions as Ontario's Covid 19 cases rise.


(A: Because they're testing more people, you see. Yep.  But they're buffoons. Yep.  There ya go.)


And the New York Times talks about…


Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Killed in Ambush, State Media Say / 27 Nov 2020


(A: So it's, yeah, it's on the go there. A brazen killing.)


The scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, believed to be 59, has been considered the driving force behind Iran’s nuclear weapons program for two decades, and continued to work after the main part of the effort was quietly disbanded in the early 2000s, according to American intelligence assessments and Iranian nuclear documents stolen by Israel.


One American official — along with two other intelligence officials — said that Israel was behind the attack on the scientist.


I remember a few years ago they were doing that too, with the sticky bombs they call them, something that was invented I think in World War II, and against, for tanks. You would basically pull the wrapper off the thing and, it was like, it looks like a ball with a stick on it really, but there’s sticky goo on the outside. You just whack it against the side of the tank for instance after you pulled the pin and ran and it would blow up, you see, it would stick to the tank. But a few years ago they were doing that with cars, and it was thought to be, well, it was agencies, again, from outside.  Israel and so on would go into Iran and blow up different scientists who were in some of the cars. These guys with the sticky bombs would be driving motorbikes and whack, just stick it to it, bomf, and boom, up it went.  So it’s ongoing of course, ongoing, ongoing. But that’s another one killed.


But I really, you really smell the stepping up of the same wars again too.  With all the rhetoric back about Russia. And we're all cozying up again to China.  Because after all, China is the model state for the world, right. And it's got big, big money and it can help any friends financially, you know.  There you go. But you can really smell it coming, don't you, the whole agenda. 


And from the World Economic Forum…


Building Back Better: An Action Plan for the Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry


(A: Their white paper. That was July of course. But building back better. B-B-B.  Yep. A stronger ecosystem, and so on.  Yeah.  All planned out for you. You didn't have to do any work at all. They've done it all for you. Your whole future is planned there, yeah.)


Practical actions for advertisers, publishers, agencies, and platforms to improve the media ecosystems.


(A: It's an ecosystem, you know.)


in this phase of building back better post Covid 19.


(A: Ahhhhhhhhhh, better, better. New is good, you know, new is good. Buy new.) 


And also, I'll just touch on the next article very shortly. But first I want to say again,  Help me tick along here as we go through all the chaos that we're going through and the chaos to come.  Because there's a lot more they've got planned for you, believe it or not. I'm not kidding you. If you think the present year restrictions are insane...


You understand, I mentioned before how they did it with depatterning, they called it, for MK Ultra and [Ewen] Cameron the guy who was appointed to oversee it. He also belonged to the CIA. The CIA has people in all countries, you know, they put them on the paycheck and that's it. Cameron of course got, and he couldn't get away with what he did without permission from the Canadian government too.  They used a lot of the psychiatric hospitals across Britain and elsewhere for all these experiments, you know.  Big experiments. 


What he would do was bring in patients of course, oh you're depressed, oh don't worry about it, we'll give you 100, 200 ECT shocks, electro convulsive therapy, LSD galore, and give you mass day and night music or instructions, vocal, on tape, that you couldn't switch off, you couldn't move your hands up to pull the thing off your head or anything like that.  We'll eradicate all your previous memory and reprogram you. Repatterning they called it.


They use psychic driving, the repetition of the same things over and over. The same kind of thing you got with 9/11 with the same planes going into the tower, planes going into the tower, planes going into the tower, planes going into the tower, over and over again for weeks and weeks and weeks. Psychic driving. That's what they do. And the same narratives. Osama bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, yada, ya.  Same thing, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction. Same kind of stuff, you see. That's what they call psychic driving.


Now it's Covid 19, Covid 19, Covid 19.  And lockdown, lockdown, lockdown.  Obey, obey, obey, is a big one of course for repatterning.  Then you get to do dumb things, and how many folk you can have on a Saturday compared to a Thursday or a Friday or Monday in your home and yada, yada, yada, ya.  And I'm just starting. Because you see, once you go off the rails of sanity, and their Pavlovian trick, you know, of obeying and then getting shocked again.  And before you have a total breakdown they have to, it gets easier to get you to do stupid things and crazy things. Easier and easier. Because you're getting off of normal common sense.


Common sense is a very important thing that you take for granted. Have you seen what they do in the stores with the Perspex? What do you think? I mean, the air goes around the side of the Perspex, it goes over the top of it.  The little bit holding the bottom for the hands to go through for cash or credit card, it goes through. Iiiiiiit's ridiculous. It's a physical symbol of something else. And the person behind it is wearing a mask.  You're wearing a mask. And you've got a half-inch thick Perspex thing between you.  And you're saying, mmmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmm, wwwwwww, mmmmmm, wwwwwmmm, wmmm.  And they look puzzled and, wwwwwaaaa, rrrrrrr, yyyyyyy. Then you're getting flustered, aaaaarrrrrrrrrr, weerrrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm, rmmm.  And of course they pull their mask down and say something, oh yeah, okay.  Or they go to the side, around the side of the Perspex, which is about 6 inches further, and then they speak to you normally, okay, yeah, yeah. 


It's all intended to create maximum FRUSTRATION. That's its purpose. And as you get frustrated and angry, it's training you to QUENCH your ANGER and deal with it and contain it. You know anger is a kind of a natural response to absurd situations.  Anger is a self-preservation mechanism in the right circumstances. You're being trained to SUPPRESS it. So they increase it, and they train you to suppress it.


Do you understand what's happening? Repatterning of behavior. It's all happening. Pavlov's dog.  Shock, shock, until you get a breakdown, shock, shock, shock. Yep. Be good, be a good little dog, stand over there and get your dinner. Then you do it and do it, and suddenly you get shocked one day, and you have a breakdown, you're doing the right thing, isn't that what I was supposed to do, wasn't it master? You know?


This is massive, MASSIVE psychological WARFARE. As I've said before, you have all kinds of behaviorists and experts. It's interesting how, hhhch, someone that was pushing nothing but voting for the last few years, is a front, goes back on track after it's all over with Trump, and just is repeating my stuff verbatim, hhhch, to try and get some credence back. I get a chuckle out of that one too.  Yeah, you get all kinds of experts. Psychologist, behaviorists, and neuroscientists. On board working against us all. To again, break down.


What do you think rebuilding is? Rebuilding is destroying existing, that's your sanity.  It isn't just rebuilding society by itself. You've got to destroy it first, then you rebuild it. Are you getting the picture? It's awfully important that, rebuilding, then you rebuild.  You breakdown, in the patterning behavior, you breakdown, eradicate, you WIPE THE MIND of memories, and then you reprogram that with new memories, new normals, new everything, you see, new ways of behavior. That's rebuilding back better, you see. Building back better. Repatterning. Meaning training you to be a different kind of human. More compliant.  Obedient, absolutely. By suppressing your frustrations, which lead to anger. Suppressing your righteous anger, that's how you do it, folks.


Now, we're talking about cyber war and the psyops as well, all combined. Your tax money and the Five Eyes attacking them, all the people who really are noticing inconsistencies in the mainstream propaganda.  Of course that's how black mark would call them, you know, their articles, propaganda.  As they call you a propagandist for noticing their articles as you counter it. This is warfare, you see.  The dark arts as they call it, eh. 


This article here is from, long article by the way, it's a 240-page article from the Department of Defense. It does touch on it at the beginning of this chapter, chapter 1, a little bit about the backgrounds of the methods that will be used.


FM 3-05.130

Army Special Operations Forces

Unconventional Warfare

September 2008




1-6. The United States is not unpracticed in using many of these methods. It is accustomed to wielding (A: This is unconventional warfare.) all instruments of national power.  (A: Right.)


At the dawn of the 21st century, the United States still enjoys the largest economy in the world (A: That was then, eh, a few years ago.) and continues to wield enormous economic and financial influence.


(A: So then it goes into...)


The reach of all these instruments is paralleled by intelligence and law-enforcement instruments that provide constant feedback of information and respect for international codes of behavior.


1-7. Failing a peaceful resolution of international competition, the United States has a tested military capability to use UW. Although such special operations (SO) are inherently joint missions of the USSOCOM, the capability has traditionally and primarily resided in ARSOF. The spiritual forbearers of American UW can be traced to the colonial period. ARSOF has a direct military lineage of conducting UW, which dates back more than 50 years to the World War II (WWII) Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The United States has conducted UW in support of resistance movements, insurgencies,


(A: Now, this is important. Because if you study into it, you'll find really the whole idea of the riots and demonstrations were part of insurgencies, standard color revolutions.)


and ongoing or pending conventional military operations. It has operated by, with, or through irregular forces against a variety of state and nonstate opponents. Such sensitive operations are a high-value component and a specific application of the military instrument of national power. ARSOF UW—properly employed within the context of all such power effectively integrated—is more relevant than ever in the 21st century international environment.


(A: Then they go into a bit of history of unconventional warfare, how …)


1-8. UW originated with the creation of the OSS (A: That's the precursor to the CIA.) during WWII.


UW was generally defined in terms of guerrilla and covert operations in enemy-held or -influenced territory.


In 1951, the Army’s UW assets were consolidated under the Office of Psychological Warfare, and the Army published the first two field manuals for the conduct of SO (with an emphasis on UW). By 1955, the first historical manual that specifically linked Army SF to UW (FM 31-20, Special Forces Group) declared, “UW consists of the three interrelated fields of guerrilla warfare (GW), escape and evasion, and subversion against hostile states.”


1-9. In the subsequent Cold War decades, the definition expanded and contracted, verbiage changed, and missions conceived as a part of this unconventional enterprise were added or subtracted. The common conceptual core has nevertheless remained as working by, with, or through irregular surrogates


(A: And this is important, right.)


...working with, by, or through irregular surrogates in a clandestine and/or covert manner against opposing actors.


(A: Do you realize they go into other countries that have middle classes and working classes and so on, and they’ll find other forces or irregular forces, or create them, right, or create alliances with them.)


...surrogates in a clandestine and/or covert manner against opposing actors.


(A: They use them against the populations. That's what you saw I think with all these demonstrations in the States, and during a whole Covid pandemic supposedly. And the lockdown. Then they decided to go after police shooting and killing black people. Why then? And why these Antifa ones suddenly there? ...leading the group's of the Black Lives Matter? It was mainly white, Antifa. This is warfare. This is psyops and it's also subversive techniques that they've used in color revolutions across the world. We've seen it for years. Yp.)


(A: So you understand the terminology here, the opposing actors are the Americans, basically, the population of the US. That's what they're using it on. And going into restaurants and yelling at people and going down neighborhoods and screaming at folk and threatening to burn them down and so on.  So the current definition...)


At present, the current definition of unconventional warfare is as follows: operations conducted by, with or through irregular forces in support of a resistance movement or insurgency or conventional military operations.


(A: That was from Unconventional Warfare, September 20, 2007.)


This definition reflects two essential criteria: UW must be conducted by, with, or through surrogates; and such surrogates must be irregular forces.


(A:  What is it they kept telling you about Antifa?  It’s not a real organized group.  It’s just, you know, different people that join; this is what they kept telling you.  You could see their leaders [Alan chuckles.] who were well-funded, and we know that from CIA, etc. and there’s certain characters in it.)


1-10 Moreover, this definition is consistent with the historical reasons that the United States has conducted UW. UW has been conducted in support of both an insurgency, such as the Contras in 1980s Nicaragua, and resistance movements to defeat an occupying power, such as the Mujahideen in 1980s Afghanistan. UW has also been conducted in support of pending or ongoing conventional military operations; for example, OSS/Jedburgh activities in France and OSS/Detachment 101 activities in the Pacific in WWII and, more recently, SF operations in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (A: Enduring freedom.  Remember, hhhch, as they, we were bombing Afghanistan.) (OEF)/Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (A: That was a good one too.  Yep, Iraqi Freedom, as they put it into the stone age.) (OIF)/Iraq in 2003. Finally and in keeping with the clandestine and/or covert nature of historical UW operations, it has involved the conduct of classified surrogate operations. Details of classified operations are in FM 3-05.20, (C) Special Forces Operations (U), and FM 3-05.201.


1-11. The definition establishes a “litmus test” for clearly differentiating UW from other activities and clearly establishes the purpose for conducting UW. Including the idea of “by, with, or through surrogates” eliminates any confusion with unilateral direct action (DA), special reconnaissance (SR), or counterterrorism (CT) missions.


(A: We’ve got all of it happening in North America, they sided with counterterrorism, didn’t it, the war on terror.)


Identifying the historically demonstrated use of irregular forces as surrogates in the definition eliminates any confusion with foreign internal defense (FID) or coalition activities using regular forces. The clearly stated purpose of UW to support insurgencies, resistance movements, and conventional military operations not only eliminates the possibility of incorrectly characterizing UW as solely an IW activity but also articulates UW’s relevance to the Army and joint force by specifying support to other operations.


(A: Now, to most folk this is going to be awfully, awfully boring, so I won’t do it all naturally, because it's 240 pages, or 248 pages. But it does go into irregular forces, and it gives you classifications and clarifications of the different kinds of forces that they use. Also asymmetric warfare, unrestricted warfare, fourth generation warfare, and so on. But it really goes into it deeper down in chapter 4 and so on with different techniques of going into countries, finding discontented groups, arming them, train them, and backing them.  And if they don't exist to basically create them, you know. It doesn't matter, you see, most followers don't have to really understand the big picture. They just get the basic propaganda and they join in, they join on, you know. That's what you saw in the streets in the States there too. They joined it, discontented youngsters, because they see no future. But they didn't know the big, they didn't know they were getting used.  Hhhch.  And they'll never know that probably.)


(A: It gives the irregular warfare joint operating concept of it, 2007, and it describes what traditional warfare is, right. It's rather obvious what it is and what its purpose is by the different groups involved.)




1-17. For some, the emerging concept of IW risks adding further confusion to what is unconventional in warfare.


(A: Then they differentiate irregular warfare from conventional warfare and unconventional and so on. So they give you the state and nonstate actors...)


1-19. JP 1-02 defines IW as “a violent struggle among state and nonstate actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations.


(A:  I’ll say that again. Just think back to the summer here of discontent, where during a pandemic, supposedly, it’s decided then, it even came out in the manual for Antifa that they look for sparks basically for heightened emotion and then jump on the bandwagon. So they use the Black Lives Matter group and then jumped on the back of that, and to get prominence, and went on a rampage as you well know. I’ll say this part again, right, this is…)


1-19. JP 1-02 defines IW as “a violent struggle among state and nonstate actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations.


(A:  Who, were they your champion or your persecutors during the lockdowns when the people in the streets were burning your places down and so on? And many folk joined it thinking they were, oh, this is the thing to do, yeah.)


IW favors indirect and asymmetric approaches, though it may employ the full range of military and other capacities in order to erode an adversary’s power, influence, and will.” IW is inherently a protracted conflict that will test the resolve of the United States and its partners. Adversaries will pursue IW strategies, employing a hybrid of irregular, disruptive, traditional, and catastrophic capabilities to undermine and erode the influence and will of the United States and its strategic partners. Meeting these challenges and combating this approach will require the concerted efforts of all instruments of U.S. national power.


(A:  Well, they say the US has been using the same technique across the world. In fact, they’re the ones who perfected it all really. Over many years. But you read about it, and you simply realize that all this is getting used inside America. Now it’s being used all across the Internet naturally. Right down to doing what they said they do, which is stopping the communications of people who speak out against activities. They get banned.  This is warfare. This is military psyops.  And it’s military cyber warfare.  And it’s all in this massive thing here.)


(A: They've got their diagrams of how it works, and how they're always fighting for the minds of the bulk of the population, or even countries that they're taking over you're seeing the same thing happened too. Look what happened in the States too during it all. There were people in white neighborhoods putting Black Lives Matter signs in their windows thinking, hoping that they would be accepted as being on board with them and they wouldn't get their homes burned down. In Black Lives Matter and so on. Battle for the minds of the people. And the folk that cave-in and go along with.  You see how it all works?)


(A: This is all well understood. Well understood, yep, how to silence adversaries and so on. During the regular warfare and major combat operations are different, that's street stuff. Unconventional warfare and...)


Stability, security, transition, and reconstruction


(A: What are you going through right now with the build back better?  People are in shock from the Covid pandemic, lockdowns, the total collapse, planned destruction of societies economic system for all small businesses, which were the majority of businesses by the way. And lockdowns and so on. And they want to come out of it. But they're not to go back to what was. So they have...)


Stability, security, transition, and reconstruction


(A: What does it say at the World Economic Forum, build back better.)


Stability, security, transition, and reconstruction


(A: There you go.  Is it starting to come together, folks? I could go on and on and on naturally because it's a massive article. Also, they have counter insurgencies.  It's interesting.)


Counterinsurgency: Those political, economic, military, paramilitary, psychological, and civil actions taken by a government to defeat an insurgency.


(A: What do you do when your government IS the insurgency? ...or what you think is your government anyway, or those who control the government? What do you do then, eh? But this article goes on, and I think in chapter 4 they go into more to do with special forces. They use lots of ex-mil... well, guys who are really on the payroll, but they're really classified as private companies now and special forces that deal with it all. That's what most of your cyber warfare is to do with that too. But so much of this is to do with techniques, you see, and how they have...)


planning and direction

evaluation and feedback


dissemination and integration

processing and exploitation

analysis and production


(A: their mission, it's all done beforehand, you see. And it's so easy in real time now. And how to get into anybody's Internet system, altar and then persuade them, or alter their perceptions of things without them even knowing it's happening.)


(A: So what do you do when your own military system is turned against you? the people who pay their paychecks, the taxpayers? And they go into the "financial instruments of national power", you know. Which can give you the prosperity and stability in the States.  But what they're really saying is, it's the same in other countries too.  You go after the financial system.  In other words, you can create financial collapses, naturally, sure.  Alter their medium of exchange, lower the value of their currency.  It's all part of warfare, for those who don't know it. All contained in here too.)


(A: Even your law enforcement now is a member of international, not just national power but international power.) 


2-50. As globalization increases world integration, the scope of threats to U.S. security and public safety becomes more global. The law enforcement instrument increasingly and necessarily works outside of U.S. borders to combat these threats.


(A: Interesting, and now your military is working inside your own country, as the cops are working outside of it. But there's so much you can really take in here. They also have lots of people on the payroll as assets, the CIA, most people are assets actually as you probably know. Or they work part-time, hhhch, they're contract for CIA and intelligence agencies, you activate them at the right times. But they have doctors, they have lawyers galore, all on board with this, folks. Scientists, people who have got a say in the public forum on science. All assets too.  Are you starting to get the picture of what runs you now?)


(A: You're authorized statements, regardless of many other people who are not members of the club, but who have maybe even better qualifications in sciences that are mentioned, and they get pooh-poohed and knocked down. Mostly they're not members of, they're not assets, they're not members or contract employees.)


(A: As I'm reading this article you realize that everything's a farce, isn't it. It's all noble languages used here and there, and noble terminologies to do with, for example it says…)


Applicability of National Policy to Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare


(A: And it gives you an example of the...)


3-18.  The NSS states that U.S. policy is “to seek and support democratic movements and

institutions in every nation and culture” and identifies that this bold and noble policy is “the work of generations.”


“to seek and support democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture”


(A: And they’re being turned upon the people, who are trying to use their freedom of speech, to silence their freedom of speech.  It's like the BeeGee's song, words are all I have.  Words eventually mean nothing. Hhhch. Words are all I have. Because evil intentions runs the world, especially with law, eh, the terminology. And they give you wonderful platitudes, oh, and mottos.  It says here the special forces motto...)


SF motto “to free the oppressed.”


(A: free the oppressed. To free the oppressed. Have you looked around the world? Have you looked at the devastation since 9/11 happened? To countries across different parts of the world? …free the oppressed.)


“to free the oppressed.” The seeking out and supporting of democratic movements—even within nondemocratic state regimes—imply the utility of ARSOF UW in denied, hostile, and sensitive areas.  The focused persistence required for a generational effort is consistent with the long-term shaping, political work, and partner organization-building fundamental to understanding UW.


(A: Mind you, and they also use stacks and stacks of nongovernmental organizations by the way. Across the world. But this is a very interesting manual basically.  And…)


Ranges of military operations


(A: Let me think now, here are some of the goals, and external factors, in chapter 4. It says…)


4-6. Planners must understand the U.S. military command relationships (Service and joint, military and interagency) that may affect ARSOF elements and supported irregular forces. In addition, planners must understand the—


- Scope and limitations of each agency’s influence and programs.


- Legal and political restrictions on ARSOF activities.

(A: Well, they’ve already been given a wide range in the Americas by their own governments, eh.)


- Sources and assistance available to ARSOF to further assure mission accomplishment.


- Role of the U.S. media and the international press.

(A:  …is essential for warfare purposes.  I say that again…)


- Role of the U.S. media and the international press.

(A:  Hm.)


- Intent and goals of the USG. (A:  US government.)


- Intent and goals of NGOs (A: Nongovernmental organizations.), humanitarian relief organizations, and other key civilian agencies in the UWOA.


- Command relationships of international agencies and NGOs with representatives of the USG.


- Intent and goals of international agencies (such as the United Nations [UN] or North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]).


- Applicable ROE (A: …and so on.)


(A:  But anyway, the main part is, you got to have the media on board with you, and the international press as well. And...)






4-13. The third component of engaging threats discriminately deals with tactical considerations. ARSOF must carefully target tactical operations in UW to ensure success and avoid alienating the civilian population.


(A: This is almost like psyops and cyber warfare, eh, propaganda, etc. And…)




(A: It's a battle like they said before for the population and for their minds. Which leads to at least to a form of allegiance, at least compliance, you see. So they'll use inside your own nation the pros and cons. If there's division there, they'll pick the sides they want to win and give them more credence, apparent credence over the other ones. It might not be legitimate, the credence part of it that is, or true. It's what appears to be true. It's all perception management, you see.)




4-17. All operations and activities in a UW environment have significant psychological effects. Combat operations and civic action programs are two examples of the type of operations or activities with obvious psychological effects. ARSOF must strive to ensure that all audiences understand operations. Losing control of perceptions (A: You see, perception management.) may result in a distortion of facts and may even diminish or destroy the gains of even superbly planned and executed missions.


What they are trying to do too in countries that they go into is find out leaders that are opposed to them, the forces coming in, right.  Then you find ways to discredit those leaders in the eyes of the public. Well, that's the same as the psyops they do inside your own nation's.  That's what they're doing now. That's what the governments have said, hhhch, in the mainstream articles, is that they've declared war upon their own people is.


This is a dangerous thing to have, folks. Dangerous, dangerous. Youngsters, often, that they employ for it too, they've been brought up playing video games and all they know is that they want to win, they don't care who they destroy. Even their own people. They probably really don't feel any connection with you anyway. Even though you're paying their salaries.  [Alan chuckles.] Dangerous, dangerous policy altogether.


But this article here shows all the different resources they have and who they work with, and how they create different groups within countries, and control psychological effects of populations, etc. Interesting. You see, you're under a war at the moment, using, you know, the general emergency powers acts and so on.  Which is War Powers Act, or martial law as it's commonly called. And they're using the military against their own population. It's rather sad, isn't it, it's come to this.  But it’s an all or nothing agenda by those who decide that they have the right to rule the planet.  Nevermind just own it, they want to also have the right to decide how it's going to be run, minutely, down to the individual level. That's what it's all about, folks.


So it's kind of sad that most folk don't know what's really happening. The mainstream media is on board with the military obviously.  As I say, you must always... And they had that in the Event 201, where they admitted they already had all the social platforms and the media on board with them, in the practice event, never mind the real thing. It's all prearranged, you see.


That's why top scientists in their fields who have even better, for qualifications, than the characters that are giving you the authorized versions of the pandemic.  These other scientists with the better credentials, and who are working with patients are completely dismissed out of hand. That's totalitarian, you see. That's military, that's what the military would do.


Because you see, they're building back better project for the World Economic Forum, Mr. Klaus Schwab, has to be rammed through.  All post-Democratic, as I've said long ago, because you don't vote for any of these characters. You don't vote for the UN. You don't vote for Schwab or the World Economic Forum. You certainly don't vote for the Army, hhhch, and whatever they get up to.  They are given orders by those who rule you. I say rule, rather than govern.  Because this is rulership. Governing is a different thing legally than rulership. Well, you're under rulership now, you see. That's what you're going through.


Anyway remember folks, you can help me tick along here.  We're living through sad times indeed, where your own tax money is paying not just to invade other countries for warfare purposes, or material resources or whatever, but also being used against your own populations.


Dangerous times. And yet you'll probably all go and vote again, eh? For a system that doesn’t represent you, obviously. Rather sad that.


So help me tick along. Cuttingthroughthematrixcom. Send a few bucks my way, hopefully, and I'll try and keep the gears moving at my end of it.  And stay, stay the course because it's not over yet. Until the grossly obese, morbid obesity person sings, as they say. I'm very PC tonight. That's just the way it is.


For myself Alan Watt, from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may God or your gods go with you.


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