Dec. 6, 2020 (#1806)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Malthusian Mantra:

"Malthusian Mantra Proclaims "Too Many of You,"

It Frightens Your Masters, the Richest Few

Who Order their Managers to Find a Solution,

Get Nations to Sign Sustainability Resolution,

Updated Yearly with More Vigorous Appeasements,

Winking to Nature Warriors As per Agreements,


The Rich Men Eventually Glanced Down Below,

Complained The Enterprise was Moving too Slow,

Voila--Celeb Scientists, with New Holy Function

To Persuade Common Folk to Reduce Consumption

Then Adding in a Pandemic, and, to Save Us All,

They Collapse The Economy, Now in Free-fall,


Starvation and Rationing, Naturally Foreseen,

Fulfill the Wishlist of The Malthusian Dream,

With a Rapid Demise of the Designated Excess,

Managers Report Mission "Overwhelming Success"."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 6, 2020.  I hope you’re all hanging in there, and not hanging yourselves of course, but just hanging in, because this is a crazy time.  [Alan chuckles.]  I keep going back to 2001 when I gave a talk, I think the night of the towers going down, and the start of the big great leap forward into the new system… a real, not just a reset, it was a… it was a projected reset planned long befor’ehand obviously.


You can tell that by all the massive article collection I have on the buildup through the 90s towards the surveillance society, getting all ready for the wars on the list of the PNAC group by the way, [Alan chuckles.] you can really put it all together quite easily. Then 9/11 came along, the great Pearl Harbor event which they needed so badly to make it all happen and get the public to back them. You must always get the public to back you when you want a war.


Of course we all fell into it, because you’re design that way, to fall into it. Your leaders, you’re still tribal whether you like it or not, and your leaders basically knew you would fall into it. They made sure that you’d have no option but to believe in them. And why wouldn’t you believe them? Being tribal, you believe the chief, you see, the little clan chief you’ve got.  But unfortunately, we live in such a devious time today with experts helping the leaders and, you know, thousands of experts sometimes in governments, all kinds of them in think tanks working with all the different agendas. It’s not a simple little tribe anymore and it’s too easy to deceive the public.


Especially when you bring on board those from academia who are professionals in persuasion and psychology, and basically public relations, big, big organizations in public relations, neuroscientists, b’ehaviorists, the whole crew of course, to get the public on board.  They even did trial simulations on that too before 9/11 happened, on how they would get the public on board if anything should happen down the road one day. Just like they did with the Covid idea too, the pandemic with Event 201 and Clade X and all the rest of them going way back, even to the Rockefeller 2010 study to do with “lockstep” and so on.


So you’re literally, everything that happens in life is planned that way. As far as I’m concerned. Unless a meteor comes out of the blue, literally, [Alan chuckles.]  and you haven’t seen it coming.  [Alan chuckles.] But mind you, they could always say [Alan chuckles.] that it’s coming anyway, you wouldn’t see anything, they would just tell you it hit you, and you have a big explosion, and you’d have to believe them. 


But that’s how it’s done, really, isn’t it? You live through a script. Because you’re brought up thinking you’re living in a system which really is yours. You really are. I mean, why shouldn’t you? Again, you’re still, you’re designed for the primitive tribe, the small tribe and the clan and a whole bunch of huts. That’s your hut, you see, in a circle of huts, and in the middle is the clan chief and his family. And you elect him of course.  And it’s easy to get rid of them if they get too big for their… for their callused feet.  So it’s quite easy then to get rid of them because they don’t have a standing army. Once you get a standing army and create money and you bring in taxation to pay for the Army, then he can do what he wants with you then, you see, he can hire the mercenaries. 


That’s the simple, that’s the history of society, really, isn’t it. We get given, especially in the 19th and 20th century to the present time, we’re given these kind of almost nostalgic BBC drama versions of history, the docudrama type style, you know, rather than realities of how it really was.  Why shouldn’t we believe them too, because why would they lie to you? Why would anyone go to such incredible trouble – using your tax money, mind you, it’s much easier, they’ll say it’s no trouble at all to use your tax money – but to put out such amazing propaganda through fiction to make you have a nostalgia for a time that really wasn’t very pleasant for most people? 


Life was a tenuous thing indeed for most folk in fact.  You didn’t have welfare systems or even temporary welfare to help you out of a jam or whatever back in the 19th century and the 18th century and the 17th century and so on.  It was rather brutal.  And authority didn’t mess around with you, you simply did what you were told. Especially in a class a system, a very prevalent class system, very obvious one. You did what you were told or someone with a rifle butt would hit you in the head and that’s it, you know.  And no questions asked. There was no trial or inquiries in those days either.  Not that we have much today either [Alan chuckles.] with these pretended inquiries into certain things. But society is brutal.


I remember too I think it was Tacitus and the other historian’s that eventually, they coined phrases which are eventually used by others down through time, to do with civilization, this idea of civilization.  We’re born into this thing, this system, this stream that’s from the year dot to the present time of humanity.  And we think that, most folk don’t really think too deeply.  The harder the times in fact, the less you will think, when they are really hard because you’re too busy surviving to worry about the ins and outs of things. You’ll be more streetwise for sure. You’ll know more than the present people today, most of the people today.


But again, once you get a bit sloppy in society and they give you a little brief period of spoiling you, by allowing you to have more of your own cash to buy things for yourself, rather than just tax it all off you, you get spoiled pretty quickly.  Then they give you masses of entertainment to distract you. And people grow up literally, and they stay childlike forever right through their whole lives. It doesn’t dawn on them that this is a big show for you to participate in, so that you don’t really participate in the real motivations that you should be involved in for existence, and to better existence, not just for yourself but for others too.


The vast amount, I mean, how long have I, I can remember back 30 years ago and more, more than that in fact, when the UN, this great front organization for the world organization, hhhch, did put out interesting little clips here and there. Because they had to get some kind of support from the people so they had to tell them little bits of truth here and there. They would say that, oh, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, you know. So you’d have this great big, this chasm, you see, that started off like a little fissure in the ice or something, like those movies, and you’d see it spreading apart and apart, and there’s the rich and there’s the poor. But it also meant too, in the middle where the chasm was, you see, they didn’t want to, it was kind of hinted at and chuckled at by themselves, but it really meant the middle class was disappearing.  They’re the middle part, you see.  So you had the rich and the poor.  That was always the idea, to eradicate what we call the middle class, you see.


Because the system is a vastly different system from what you think it is. VASTLY, vastly different.  It really is an alien system when you come out of it and look at it all, and you look at the characters who help run it on behalf of those that really own it. And they do talk about owning it, it’s their system. I think people forget that all the time. It’s owned, and you’re given a kind of fantasy that you have some rights in it.  And you’re given a fantasy that, and you will have certain rights as long as it’s little trivial things, you see, which are authorized.  Until you really need to use some of the rights, maybe for, really, to push the point home that you do have them in the first place, and then you come up against brick walls and you realize, well, no, you don’t.


I’ve even seen documentaries in the past where people, genuinely puzzled, came up against the same thing. Where they did, these were mainstream kind of interviews with people, and they did talk to judges and so on and they realized, that some judges said that you really don’t have, any right can be revoked he said, you know. That’s more so in countries that have never had real written constitutions.  Which is most of them. The US really, that supposedly was the first one to openly push all those rights, based on an ancient Roman system in fact, that’s why you have a Senate and the Congress and so on, and other things too, mind you.  It was always based on having written rights, you know, statutes, etc., that are written.   Because this one of Britain, this one, this scattered Constitution of Britain really is nonsense. It’s all, it’s revoked, it’s all revoked down through the centuries.  [Alan chuckles.] Many centuries. It’s very flexible. It’s rubber in fact, elastic. And often elastic breaks, you know, if you push it too far.


But yeah, you’ve got to have it written.  And even when it’s written you don’t stand back and allow it to stay that way. Because it’s always forces, you see, want to destroy it in order to subject the people to their own will and to dominate them and rule them. Again, as opposed to governing them.  Today we’re actually ruled.  The people think, they still call it government.  When you’re under emergency powers as well, which they forced upon you by themselves – they didn’t ask you, did you mind – then you’re actually under a martial law system and they can do anything they want with you. Under a martial law system. Because it’s a wartime scenario.


Of course if you remember at the beginning of the Covid idea, I call it the idea, you know, Covid idea, if you remember at the very beginning, they kept using, they actually said they were using warlike terminology.  Our war against Covid 19.  Now, we should take the statements very seriously when it comes from those in authority. Because you see, they do love to be legalistic. That’s why they’re doing it. They don’t care if you understand what they are saying or not. It’s a declaration of legality, you see.  Which then is unchallenged by the public. 


It’s like the war they had, um, I think way back, was it, was it during Nixon’s time maybe?  I‘ve read that they had a war on cancer.  It might have been his era, a war on cancer, that was the start of the war on cancer. That’s when money started to REALLY flow into research and development in the medical fields and all the rest of it and vaccinations and all the rest of the big…  These were all really ideas to get money from the taxpayers into research and development to make big new companies very, very rich. Then they give themselves authority over you, you see, by pandemics or swine flu.  There’s even old swine flus that kind of fell flat too. 


It doesn’t have to be real even, as long as you have the fear of it, and you go through the act of it. Like a war exercise for an air raid drill, you go through the motions of what you think you’ll do in the time of the real thing, you see.  They do it all the time. It legitimizes what to do then. It puts something more concrete into your mind. That’s why millions of youngsters across the Western world, mainly in the States, mind you, but I remember it happened in Britain too. They use the old air raid sirens, in Scotland at one time, every town had them. It was a big sort of klaxon thing on a pole. They would go off with that familiar sound, that you couldn’t mistake, and it was very loud indeed, it went up and down, up and down, and you couldn’t mistake it for what it was.


But the idea in the States is to get you under the tables in your schoolrooms, or in the corridors on your knees hunkered down.  [Alan chuckles.]  I guess that’s so’s you don’t see the ceiling falling on top of you, [Alan chuckles.] because you’re looking at the floor.  But I mean, it’s all nonsense if it was a time of atomic war and so on. But it was to drive the idea home that you could all perish instantly.  That was the key to it. There’s something horrible about perishing at all of course if you’re human. But if you’re going to perish instantly, I don’t know why that is, because really it would be better, wouldn’t it? If you had to, if you HAD to perish, it would be nice if it just happened and you didn’t even see it coming, ‘eh? If you had that kind of choice.


But something also, when thinking about it, just perish instantly, there’s no time to say goodbye to anybody. And what’s the point, because they’re going to say goodbye as well to you because they’re going as well at the same time as you and so on.  And it’s too late then to vote anybody in or out either, you see, that caused the mess in the first place.  But it gives lots of money to the whole military-industrial complex Eisenhower talked about. Other ones too talked about it; it wasn’t just him.


You’re in a system which uses all systems, use all parties, all left, and right, and middle, and up and down parties. Even anarchists they used too.  That was part of the socialist doctrine.  The socialist doctrine is the one which Quigley talked about, that the Council on Foreign Relations used.  That’s why he says, we’re often mistaken for communist because our goals and agendas are so similar.  Well, they believe in ruling the world through technocracy. Technocracy, the technocratic type systems where you simply appoint experts over the public and you obey the experts and that’s it.


That’s what Covid is doing too of course, obey the experts. You hear it more and more as they bring forth more military terminology. All at the same time. Everything, we are in lockstep now, with every other country at the same time.  If there’s three declarations made in a week in one country, the same declarations are made by their counterparts in civil service or politics in other countries at the same time. You’ll notice that. So it’s organized. It’s managed. It’s almost global. All the British Commonwealth countries are in lockstep on the same agenda, with the same parts of it, at the same time. They are all in unison with it.


The little public relations phrases that are meant to frighten you, or coerce you as well, into compliance, and getting you ready for compliance for the big things that are going to be done to you, are done at the same time.  They’re making it quite evident that they’re not going to take no for an answer.  I saw a little clip, I managed to stay up during the night, it’s the only time I get any speed on satellite for the Internet.  There was a little bit of a documentary was put out about the protests in England, I think this one was in London about the lockdowns, against the lockdowns and so on. 


It’s so well done, because it’s meant to make you think, here’s a real investigative journalist, and they show you this young woman who, she’s done videos before for who knows who, I don’t know if they sell them or what to companies.  She lives in a nice house, you can tell that by the décor, etc. Probably gets government financing for documentaries, because most documentaries in Britain are politicized and they’re paid for by the government, for NGOs that are all part of the big, they’re part of the military-industrial complex but you don’t know that.


So she was the independent person who was, and they showed you some of the protests. And they picked, right off the bat, you could see they had a few street people in there and they really focused on them.  They look disheveled, and looked a bit dingy as they say, etc., rundown.  And a bit odd some of them, you know, because some of them would have problems.  But that’s what they showed you. And that wasn’t by chance in the documentary. Because most of the folk out there, they could have panned it around, that are just quite normal people. But this is the imp… they give you the… This is to demonize the people that she’s pretending to try to find out their point of view, you know. 


They go through this little farce of a drama, a preordained drama. Then she says, yeah, I really want to understand what they’re up to and so on. You could tell by her attitude she wasn’t, it was none of the kind. It was meant to really put it all down like a bunch of weirdos.  Then it goes into the next part of the documentary, it then goes into someone who’s from the University of Oxford team working on the pandemic for the Department of Health, etc. And she says, you know these people eventually, and here’s the key to it, this is what the whole little documentary was about, little, it was maybe only about five minutes.  But the point of it was, and then she, so she finishes off the little bit at the end. It was all scripted, all scripted like a little drama thing. And she says, you know these people could be a danger to the rest of the public. And that’s the message. THAT’S the message, danger to the rest of society.


And the threat b’ehind it is, they’ll have to do something about THESE people.  These, and they call them vaccine deniers. Even though most of them simply don’t want this particular type of jab, hhhch, because it’s a brand-new novel type DNA altering jab. It’s different from the previous old stuff you used to get of injecting weakened viruses into you, and immobilized viruses and so on.  This is a different kind that literally will program DNA in your body.  That’s what they’re… So again, they demonized them, they call them all anti-vaxxers, like that’s, and even so, even if people are anti-vax, that is their right, folks. That is their right.


But it’s like all the anti-every other things that they’ve given us too in the past, right. Antigovernment. That was a term they used in the 90s, the late 90s, against people protesting the big changes that they saw coming as their rights were getting stripped off them. Mainly in the US. They brought in experts by the way, just before 9/11, from other countries, even from the old Soviet countries, and even put one of them in charge of Homeland Security at one point. They introduce that, “antigovernment”, because that’s what they used in the old Soviet regime, you were antigovernment, you see.


You’re also getting, so you’re getting this terminology getting used to get you used to the idea, and get you ready for it. Because you might, if you get that name, you’re an anti-you-know-what, well immediately you’ll feel terrible.  You’ve been Pavlovian conditioned to recoil at that term, you’re a bad person. So in other words, that’s to negate any possible discourse that you might have over the problem, which is you getting a particular type of vaccination, you see, by force.  M-hm. And to get the rest of the public who have already fallen for everything, they do everything that they’re told anyway, and who are being coerced into more and more restrictions on all kinds of freedoms, deliberately.


I said this back in February this would happen, all of this would happen. I knew exactly how they would play it. I said, they’ll give you a little let up in the summer rather than have a full-scale riot on their hands. Then they’ll come back with the same, even though it was exposed about all the empty beds in the hospitals and yada, yada, ya, volumes of it, they’re right back, I said they’ll come right back with the same thing in the fall and winter. Because that’s when folk get sick anyway with colds, flu, etc. That’s when the elderly come down, most of them will die.  Most elderly in winter, in Britain especially, and Britain is cold, damp and it can be a nasty climate in the wintertime and that’s when most folk get the problems, you see. So elderly folk get hit. They knew you would get a whole bunch of folk in the hospital in the winter, you always do. Even though 2 to 3 years ago you had a flu season that killed way more than they’re claiming died with Covid. Even though they’re not counting the flu deaths anymore either. [Alan chuckles.] But that’s just coincidence.


But again, the idea is to frighten you and restrict your movements until eventually, and I said this back in February, you won’t be able to move without a passport. I gave the same talk back in about 1999 with the coming restrictions, I said, eventually you won’t be able to walk into a supermarket to buy food without something, without a record, an electronic record of all your vaccinations. Because I read all this stuff from the UN years ago, and the World Health Organization years ago. I said, you’ll go into a store and alarms will go off, and woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo, and red lights flash.  And you’ll be, don’t stand where you are, stand where you are, and the cops will come and so on, because you don’t have it up to date. And that was back then. Not from imagining, but because of the different publications that I had read following it all at the time.


So you’re living through a script, as I say. And how do you make folk comply? You give them big scare tactics like Covid, ‘eh, to make, to force folk into something that they planned at least, you know, at least 20, even 30 years ago. Because I’ve got stuff going back to the League of Nations when they had a branch for the health department for the world at the time, where they talked about the same thing, that everybody would have up-to-date vaccinations and booster vaccinations for their entire life. I’ve also got articles all through those years up to the present, before Covid came out, where they said the same thing, you get all this stuff for your entire life. That’s where they want to go with it. And so you would if you were in the vaccine industry and in the medical industry that makes a fortune off this every year, you know, annual stuff.


So we’re living through, again, through a script. So now again they always have to turn the public against the enemy, who won’t comply, you see. So you are an anti-vaxxer.  It doesn’t matter if you had vaccinations for everything else, but you don’t want this one. No, you’re still an anti-vaxxer.  You’re a BAD person. So the public who have fallen for it and who will give in and capitulate, just to get a little bit of freedom back, which most folk will by the way. This is the little clue that you’re, if you take all this you might get a little bit of freedom back. But I’m going to tell you something. YOU’RE NOT.  You’re not at all. It’s never to go back to normal. Even after the shots. According to the statements by the big characters themselves, the Fauci’s and all the rest of them.


So now you’re getting a new class system brought into place of those who will be allowed to travel, you see. Even if they’ve taken it or not taken the shots. Because they’re giving exemptions now for essential, essential entertainers, you know, sports stars and entertainers and so on. They can, because they have to travel all over the place all the time, in different locations, in different countries. So they’ll have like, they won’t even have to get tested for the virus. As you can’t get out of your house and go very far without getting a stick and a bit of cotton wool around it, up your nose, or elsewhere. Because they’re actually talking about the elsewhere’s, by the way, [Alan chuckles.] in some of the airport things I’ve read. [Alan chuckles.] No kidding.


But anyway, this is how you are being trained into it. So the anti- people are the enemy.  Because they’re using the military, and I’ve got the articles, and you’ve read them too I’m sure, where the governments admit they’re using the military psyop warriors and all the rest of it on all the people who complain about not, and about Covid vaccinations. Or even put out any documentary proof on it.  Even from the official sources you get attacked, you see. That’s only part of the step. Now, they said they would do that too in the running up exercises too of a pandemic, from 2010, 2017, 2018, 2019, and then when the pandemic comes. They had the same steps in their training exercises, how they would go after people who would, and that’s what you do when you’re under a martial law scenario.


In a martial law scenario, you lock down the people in their homes, you see. You have a curfew. You don’t allow, you only allow so many meetings. This is long before, this is even for straight warfare, ‘eh, like World War II and afterwards, that they’ve used in other countries as we go over to countries and take their resources, ‘eh.  Hhhch.  Oh sorry, free them! Bring them democracy. What am I thinking here?  Hhhhh.  Then you find that.  You lock them down.  No more, no gatherings of more than four or five people outside, etc. And you can’t stand still in a certain place for more than four minutes, if there’s four of you. Things like that.


And no rumormongering. That’s what they called rumormongering, when you’re talking about, where you’re negating by conversation the reasons you’re being locked down for in the wartime scenario of whatever. I mean, now we just call it fake news. They, oh, you’re a fake-newser.   Even, no I’m only reporting what Fauci said and so-and-so said, and so-and-so. No, well, you’re not authorized to report what he said.   [Alan laughing.]  This is how bad it is. 


So you’re under tyranny and that’s what tyranny, how tyranny is described, you see. It’s not a matter of being right or even having rights. And it’s not a matter of what they answer you with to lock you down or put you in prison. It’s a matter of you just obey them or else. That’s what tyranny comes down to.


We’re under the greatest move, this is the big leap forward, you know, into the great society. You’ve heard of the Covid, you know, the reset, the great reset. Well, this is all part of what they used to call the great society, under socialism, which is really communism.  There’s all kinds of flavors they’ve tried out in the past, but they’re all connected to bring in an ideal society. That’s what the elite chose a long time ago, was a communistic obeyance, that the people would have to simply obey specialists and leaders and experts.  The same thing that Bertrand Russell talked about, the same thing the Macy group talked about, the Frankfurt school talked about, the technocrat group in the States and Canada talked about. 


Yeah, it was just too messy having people who had different opinions and rights and freedoms and ideas of rights and freedoms. It was just too, you couldn’t get things done for goodness’ sake. Maggie Thatcher, I’ve mentioned this umpteen times, you can see the old documentary from her if you can get a hold of it. Or at least some of the articles that they printed in the newspapers and the magazines at the time. After she retired, she says, I belong now to an organization that doesn’t have to please the public, they can go ahead and get things done, as opposed to talking about it and trying to persuade the public’s of different countries to go along with things, they can just get it done.  She was talking about the technocratic organization called the Trilateral Commission. 


A self-appointed commission naturally that came out of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The Council on Foreign Relations has a big agenda.  They control news, conversations, interviews and documentaries. They are big. They’re into everything in finance and so on. They call themselves The Establishment. But from them you also draw specialized groups. That’s what the technocratic group commissions, they’re a specialized group where they’re appointed, they are selected, trained, and they go, they’re sent into countries to get the jobs done. B’ehind-the-scenes, the countries will try and keep them as low-key as possible and out of the realms of media exposure.


Just like Rockefeller did give that speech, you know, after one of the big world meetings and Bilderberg meetings and so on and other ones as well. He said, because he was a big player in the global movements that’s leading up to, he still, you know the group still is by the way, the group, the ones that are left. They’ve got fingers in every pie. But they were definitely technocrats that believe the public had no right to pursue properties and to even start up companies that might be in competition with even the big companies one day. He said that was, that would never be allowed. That was part of his monopoly power. And he was only one of an already established group, you see, that sent them across the world to do the same thing in each country.  He was one of them. So was Carnegie that came, that was sent out from Scotland for Britain.  These oddballs that you think are really some strange revolutionaries and mistaken for communists, again, like Quigley said, but are som’ehow, they go right into the upper echelons of power very quickly and they rise to the top through business strategies, that obviously they didn’t work hard enough to do.  When you are… Carnegie is a great example.  He came over to New York and suddenly he’s involved, this little, you know, ordinary kind of character, suddenly he’s involved with the biggest mining organizations, and wealth organizations, and railroad organizations and so on.  Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly on top of the free Masonic lodges and so on in New York. Just like that, you know.  No, these characters are part of a very selective organization.  You generally won’t get too much about their ancestry really, you know, they’re almost a cover story to an extent.


But yeah, they were supposedly, just like, you know, Lord Earl Grey was the go-between between the organization and Milner's group and Colonel Mandel House in World War I in the US, when they were bringing, setting it up for, how do you get, down the road how do you use the US as a war machine, like Britain had? Britain was already exhausted during World War I, that finished it off really as an Empire, you know, and heavy taxations on the public from all the money that was borrowed, putting the public down as the guarantors to pay it all off through our taxes.  That's what the central bank was used for, they lent to the government with the right to tax all the public, you see, to pay it back. Eventually you go over the score and you can't pay it back, or it's going to take 100 years. Which it did, by the way, for World War I.  Just World War I alone.


So they had to get ready for the US to take over, and Kipling went through some of it too.  He had almost a breakdown in fact when he was sent over to kind of hand the baton over to the US to take over this great alliance, you know, of the kindred spirits, you know, and the kindred peoples, to take over the Empire and keep it going, this world Empire that Britain had built up for... that was pointing towards a global society, a world government. Of course it was. They talk freely about it. It's in all their books. Kipling eventually was shattered to realize that, no, Britain was then to take second place, and the US would rise up, rise up, bit by bit. Then of course by World War II the US took the lead. Even in financing Britain and the rest of the competing, hhhch, competitors. That's why they held off going into World War II. And World War I by the way.


But anyway, Mandel House boasted that he was really the guy b’ehind the setting up in the, getting the bankers ready for a Federal Reserve, or central-bank system, you see.  He was definitely involved in that too.  They were to copy the British system of the central-bank, tax the public, lend to the government through that bank, and that would do, that would pay for all the wars that they had envisioned, you see.  The US took over and it's still the same way yet. 


You can't fall over these things and just say it's all coincidence. When things fit so neatly, what would we need if we wanted to do this, this and this and this, about 10 different if we needed to, these things to do, we need this and this and this, and they go through them all. And they all just happened one after the other, and just like pieces of a jigsaw, they snugly fit in...  joodg-joodg-joodg-joodg-jud.  No, that's no coincidence. That's good planning. Hhhch.  Planning and implementation.  And that's what you live through your whole life long. So did your parents and grandparents, they didn't know it either. All for the greater good, ‘eh. 


Of course the trick was to always subvert, you know, what IS.  And what is in the States was a problem.  For a long time it was this idea of human rights, for goodness’ sake. Written in law, ‘eh! Ftt.  What a nuisance that is! And a Bill of Rights, ‘eh?  A Bill of Rights that was kind of after, after protesting they got the Bill of Rights.


Then they got guys like George Bush Junior, the guy who didn't even know where he was half the time, who came on the stage for addressing the state of the union, and he says, well here we are at the, the, ah, oh well, you all know what it is, don't you? And that's what he did, he was a buffoon.  It didn't matter. You see, they're front people.  They play their parts.  And George Bush Junior was a natural comedian, you know, he didn't mean to be, he was just a natural comedian. But he filled a role, and he could at least read the little bits of script on that invisible board that you don't see, pretty well, he could see it well. And the public, it didn't matter how atrocious it was of what he was saying, what he was proclaiming, the public would go along with it, you see.  All the media was on board with him immediately, it's just astonishing. Well, I won't even pick all that apart.


But the fact is, you're living through a script as I say. The US took over really from Britain.  They had, they still have the alliance during, you know, "the special relationship", this almost incestuous term that they use, "special relationship", through the Cold War. And then after the Cold War.  Well, even... Well, they had it even up through, they had Thatcher's era, then when supposedly the end of Russia came, or the Soviet Union I should say, they supposedly had other, in fact they didn't waste any time going to war across the Middle East now, hhhch, did they?  It was within a year. That's just coincidence too, mind you.


Yeah, we live through amazing, the world is full of coincidences.  Have you noticed that, ‘eh?  I have. I can't help it. It's just one of these things. And we are going through it all now too from the Covid, you know, what all the different talks last year at the climate summit that they had that the US supposedly didn't really attend. But they did actually because different state representatives bypass the federal government, and they attend anyway.


But yes, big speeches made, and Soros was a good speech actually, they brought him on at the end. He asked to come on at the end of the World Economic Forum as well, and really put down the States because of Trump and so on and said they had to get rid of him.  The same week they had articles in the newspapers about, Soros saying, they have to get rid of the Xi Jinping of China as well. I mean, this guy literally has got all these whole list of people that he wants to get rid of. And I thought, well who... who votes for him?


But you're looking at the real deep state, the real international agencies that comprises all intelligence agencies, all the biggies anyway.  That's why no one bothers about, you know, no one stops him doing what he's doing, or color revolutions and stuff like that. You're looking at the big, BIG organization that runs all of them. That's why it happens, and they always get away with it. Obviously. Obviously.


You're living through an amazing time of transformation, you see.  This is the century of change, the 21st century.  The century of change. They had a big to do about the century of change even with when it would start. Because you say, well, the century just kicked over, you know. But no, they actually said the century begins at the end, about 2001, you see. They had big, all these debates about that at the time.  They didn't want to kick it off too early and...


Again, you have the psychological dramas leading up to it, that gave you all the, oh my goodness’, in the 90s you had the different, the end of the world would happen because the Aztec calendar would run out, they said. I guess that was, so your whole existence depends on a bit of stone that they can't even decipher! [Alan laughing.]  That didn't matter. It was used for propaganda. Again, it gets a lot of people, you're trained from childhood, through things that stagger you, like, oh, wow, you know.  That's what they give you these things for, for big change.


So there'd be a big massive change, and they thought it would run out at a certain time and it didn't happen. So then they tacked another 10 years onto it.  They ended up putting movies out in 2010, it was 2010 or 12, remember the big catastrophes and they had the world cracking up.  Some entertaining ones, mind you. With one especially where they eventually go to China where they're building these massive floating submarine ships to keep all the elite that would survive this catastrophe.  The rest of the people would perish because that's how it happens when you're just flotsam anyway. You know, the wealthy elite people had to survive, with the scientists, you know, scientific crews, you know, they're essential.  Folk who have never, they think a callous is just someone that's got a bad temperament or something, you know. They have no idea what it means.


So you're trained, you're trained your whole life long. I can remember even back in the late 70s I think they came out with Chariots of the Gods, Erich Von Daniken.  They kept showing you these kind of Aztec stelas, they were like cutouts, you see, of rock and you'd see this Aztec chief on what seemed to be a cosmic motorcycle. It really fitted into LSD era, you know.  That wasn't by accident either. You have to just get folk stoned on drugs before, and once you do that, they start to become awfully susceptible to being gullible.  They really do. And that's a, they do know this from experimentation, ‘eh.  That's why of course it was their intelligence agencies that flooded the market in Britain and the States in universities by throwing bags – this is all documented – they threw bags of LSD to get, to kickoff the whole movement in the 60s onwards.  Free stuff, ‘eh?  Ftt.  Then they got certain groups to promote it, the Grateful Dead and all that, another story.


You don't know that you've been prepared for what's to come bit by bit down the road. You see, because once your credibility has been tested, maybe even cracked a little bit, and you saw the one phase, you're ready to see the next phase.  And they generally unleash it on you, right down to the Beatles suddenly going off to India.  So your back to, from just LSD, and now you're into the heavy marijuana and opium era, and sitar music you see.  


Preparing you again for the amalgamation of, you didn't know that, you see, the British Empire was to amalgamate eventually, where the wealthier classes would travel all over to other countries within the Empire.  That was the goals of the Milner group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, still is by the way. I even have the minutes of the meetings of the 30s and the 40s when they were discussing the future of the British Empire. On behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, you see.  And all the members were there. The biggies were there, you see, and the top bankers, and politicians from all over, including the States.  They go through it.  And they have delegations from India.  Some of them were asking, well, when will we be allowed then to travel into Britain and so on? And they had it worked out, they said it was not quite time yet, and one from Australia said they wouldn't be accepted just then, it might take another 30, another 40 years even before they can start bigger migrations.


This is all...  This is astonishing to read this stuff, to realize this is pre-World War II, ‘eh, and here they are planning mass migrations to alter the... And yet a few years later, and by the way, they talk about the coming war with Japan, that the US would be involved in, and said, that may be fortuitous because by that time Britain would be at war with Germany. This is before it all happened. It's just astonishing. And people say, well, I, they could always see it was going to happen with the US and Japan because FDR was restricting Japanese travel, because Japan had very little or few resources, they had to travel outside to get them. The more they were getting cut off from them, the more they decided to go to war.  There's a bigger story b’ehind it of course. So that could be predictable for sure. You don't want to be the aggressor, so you provoke the other side to attack first, you see.


It's the same thing with the pretense about the vaccinations.  Well, we might give you free choice, you know, but you'll have to… then the caveats are added as they go along.  Well yeah, but you might have to stay in your home if you won't take this shot, you see. And you might not be able to go anywhere and even buy food without a shot. Or you might have to wear a mask, maybe even a gown it said in one of the articles already, if you go outside your home. So in other words, why not just a yellow star stuck on your back and front, you know. Why not that? In other words, they force you into it, you can't even feed yourself unless you get the shot. This is total coercion. We're not stopping you sir, you know, you can still stay home. This is how they do it. Because they don't want to be seen as an aggressor, no, we give you options. You know?  I-yi.  So yeah, you're a free society, right. [Alan chuckles.]  Dream on.


So anyway, the Beatles as I say, that's why they were sent over there and suddenly, and everybody is scratching their heads initially, what on earth is all this, I mean...  And you hear the sitar music and... and... George Harrison's twanging away on a sitar, and outcomes a bit of the music with it, etc., and the Maharishi.  Until they have a bit of a fall out with him eventually, with the Maharishi, you know, and there's more to what all happened.  But it hasn't stopped them, it's a massive enterprise.  I know that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still go over there to the big, big meetings, and I'm sure, hhhch, because they're great, it's a multimillion-dollar enterprise, you know, that whole thing. Even today.


But again, the idea is to get youngsters to follow, ‘eh.  Sure enough, a lot of people would follow and join different cults and groups and things like that. And that the CIA in the States was heavily involved in the studying and the setting up of cults, to see how you can alter people's b’ehaviorF and get them to break all of the social taboos that you have. Like monogamy for instance.  Or even drug taking. Then reprogram, get them to reprogram themselves, that way they think they really are free. And sure, try this drug, try that drug, oh, now you have orgies, now you don't have partners at all and dut, dut, dut, dut. It's a whole gambit, all planned that way. So you give them, give the little children the leaders, the idols and they will follow the idols, you see.


I can remember, I couldn't fathom it, because I was too young, I mean really young. But I remember when they were bringing on rock stars initially.  Here's the BBC and at that time everybody who worked in the BBC literally, it tells you that in their own histories, they were selected from Eaton, you know, and Oxford, but Eaton was the favorite place. No one came from the ordinary classes back then.  So here's these people bringing on these guys who are literally falling off their seats, the so-called stars, ‘eh, and complete, and murmuring complete gibberish back in replying to questions.  Because they were out of it, they were stoned out of their gourds.  Then the people who interviewed them would laugh and say, aren't we kind of naughty, like a chuckle-chuckle. That's how they promoted the drug industry, you know, back then, aren't we...


So here's your ruling classes, remember the British government, it's a government asset, an agency of the government I should say, not an asset, an agency, the BBC, promoting drugs for the youngsters. Don't follow someone who is upright and a kind of a managed looking guy, clean and all the rest of it, with good ideas. Give them this instead.  Do you understand how it works, ‘eh?  And then they give equivalent ones to the girls, you see.


It isn't until you really compare them with the goals of communism and Marxism that you start to say, why would the ruling elite of your country be promoting something that the communists wanted, the Frankfurt school wanted, they went through it too, and the Macy group, Bertrand Russell, all of them. All the ones who were actually allowed to come in after World War II and come together and work in huge think tanks to create a new culture for the West.  And your tax money paid for it all. N-n-n. Ftt. 


Even today we are the fallout of their plans. All of it, you know.  We're the fallout of their plans. And it hasn't finished yet. They did a lot of planning back then. They knew what they would do step-by-step. Everything is done is from blueprints that are gone over continuously and been given micro adjustments to make it more effective.  Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is left to chance in our system at all. Nothing at all.


You always find with those who rule, who want to bring in a system using all other systems and all other groups and classes and organizations is to get the youth to go forward with it all, usually under the guise of communism. People always thought, it must be communism, it must be communists and so on.  And they keep the same characters, including some I have mentioned tonight already, keep talking about even dropping the age to vote for youngsters.


Because they know they can program youngsters very quickly.  The younger they are too, and they will parrot, they will never ever, it takes life experience to start to decide for yourself that what you have been taught and what has been promoted to you often is for other reasons by other people for nefarious purposes. That's called wisdom. Children don't have the wisdom.  They see it in black and white. There's no shades of gray. Everything is promoted in a certain way, never with shades of gray.  In other words, a whole chunk of the middle story is always missing, so they see bad this side, and good that side. It's very simple. And it works very well.


Again, the Marxist idea was the destruction of private property. For most people. By that they would say land too.  But private property. The state should own everything. You would have the state managing even anything that remained as pseudo-private, you see, like corporations and so on. The state would still have the upper hand in running these things, and the upper control shares, etc.  Never mind the fact that they would have the end of marriage, again, you see, they would destroy that. And everyone eventually would work for the state. And the state would pay you.


Well, you see, it's happened with this great reset. You're already through it. This is what Covid is about. The government is paying you to stay home.  Hhhch.  And its borrowing money supposedly from some Wizard of Oz somewhere that just makes it out of nothing.  But regardless if it's made out of nothing, you're put down, the government has put all the taxpayers down, all the citizens down as the guarantors to pay it back. Regardless if you've got nothing to pay it back with. No, you have something, including, you already had it floated in fact, the whole idea was floated once again with Soros back in the early, was it February or March. He came out with ‘perpetual debt’, a loan that you wouldn't pay it off, you just keep on paying the interests forever and ever, he said. That was in the newspapers, I'll see if I can find it again and put that link up.


So you're living through an incredible agenda, a preplanned... And you can, you know, when you keep falling over the same sticks on the road, and logs, that shouldn't be there, something is telling you something, ‘eh, and it's not accidental. It doesn't mean there was a big wind that day and all the trees fell down. You've got to start saying, wait a minute here, what is all this? ‘eh?  So the Covid has fulfilled the Communist Manifesto.  Because now you have the merger of public-private partnerships, which is a good, are you starting to get the picture how, why the elite want a form of Soviet system? Of socialism? They like the term, oh social, you know, it's socialistic, it's not really communism.  Really?  Really?!  You know? The same with Fabianism.


It's all -isms.  But it's all the same thing.  It's a few at the very top of the pyramid, with a big helping class, that's the ones below the eye, at the top levels, maybe two or three levels, those in academia and science and management, civil service and so on, all the social sciences and psychology, behaviorism, all that stuff.  Then down below, then you have a military force and police force with all that to impose it all when it comes down to it.  Then you have all the rest of the public working for the state to pay off debts forever and so on. And to bring in austerity, m-hm, post consumerist society.


It's all being accomplished through this, isn't it. And the state is now your paymaster. That's what it's come down to. This is just the start of this. The articles I've read over this last, whoah, I forgot, oh, I forget it all, I've read so much stuff that it's coming out of my ears.  A lot of it's just repetitive to get the point home, to make you think this is inevitable.  That's the reason for most of the news that's put out there. And the technique in which it's written is to make you think it's inevitable. It's psychological warfare. That's why they're using psyops teams, not just to go after people who don't want vaccinations. But to go after people who are putting any information on what this is all about. Psychological warfare.


Any dissenters are, dissent, you must be all for what the experts say or you're a dissenter, you see. You see, you're not allowed a point of view, you're not someone with a contrary point of view.  No, you're a dissenter, you're an enemy of the people.  That's standard warfare propaganda, demonize your targets before you attack them. That way the public will say, oh, well, they were, they were fools and idiots and crazy folk anyway.  And they’re an enemy of the people, you see. They’re a danger to the people, that that documentary, that woman, it's all scripted for them to say.  To get other folks who fall for it all thinking, well, you'll kill them then, why don't you all kill them then, they’re a danger to us all.


That's really the message they're really trying to get across to the people. So they all say it themselves, yeah, yeah, they're dangerous for us, you know.  But why would you worry if the vaccine is so efficacious? You take it all, and you'll be safe from it, and why would you care about folk who obviously, they would only be threatening themselves if everyone else is vaccinated, you're quite safe, right? Isn't that the truth of it, ‘eh?


Then you have that caveat put into all the reports from the vaccine manufacturers. They say, well, it might not stop you getting the disease. Well, what's the point in having it then? And you will have side effects in some people, that always have side effects in a select amount of people. They don't want to, again, they've been very bad if you mention that. But there's never been a vaccine ever put out there that hasn't had terrible side effects on a certain percentage of the populace.  Who might have been perfectly fine if they'd never got the vaccination. You see?


But again, facts don't matter. So when you're under tyranny is when your government demonizes a segment of the population, and uses tax money to demonize them, in preparedness and readiness for those people to be attacked by your own governmental forces. That's what it's for, folks, you know. That's war, that's what we do in warfare.  And these psyop teams are the same teams they've used across the Middle East and Afghanistan and Iraq, and against Iranians in fact and other countries they helped topple through color revolutions using social media, people in other countries. Egypt at one time. They used them against Syria and other target populations. And they've been using them on the general public at the same time for at least 30 years.  [Alan chuckles.] Regardless, it's now that it's becoming a bit more open about it. Because the military will be used not just for that eventually, if they can't get their way, they'll use literally armed force. That's what you're smelling coming down the pike here.  Against their own people.


And other countries, the British Commonwealth countries seem to be leading the charge. Which doesn't surprise me. Because as I say the British Commonwealth countries, I mean Britain never really had a written Constitution.  It was a class driven society. And it still is. They call it monarchical government but with a royalty at the head of it.  Well, it should be one or the other. It wouldn't really matter to me because they all go the same way anyway. I mean, and I really think that some people in the past, when all this was debated over and over in far greater detail and accuracy than you get today to do with, what kind of governments is the best kind of government to have?  


You had arguments between Jefferson, Hamilton, and Hamilton... I think Jefferson had disagreements over, because Hamilton liked certain characters in history. He liked the great, Alexander the great, people who were out for conquest and to advance civilization by slaughtering folk, you know, the old idea, and plundering them, you know, but then putting the proper folk in charge to create a Commonwealth, you see, that's why they really admire Alexander. A Commonwealth. That's where you steal all the wealth of the commoners and put it in a big pot which is your own pot, you see, and you've got the lid for it.


But anyway, yeah, Alexander the great and other characters like him. I have no doubt too, Hamilton might have even liked Napoleon.  He admired that kind of audacity, the daring. Knights like that, you know, daring, you're very daring.  Meaning you do things which no one would think you should or would do, you dare to do it, and you do it. So that's what knights are fond of, they're looking at that kind of conquest by audacity, you see, BOLD. And Jefferson thought these characters that you're talking about were tyrants really. These were murderous tyrants and robbers, and that was their big difference.


But Hamilton did say one thing when they were discussing what kind of government they should form, with the founders. He said, well, if you have a government, an elected government with a Congress and so on, you could end up in the future, years in the future having thousands of families, thousands of families to take care of and pay and live the life of luxury which is above the common people. Because they all knew that government would never give themselves what you would call a working type or working man's wage.  Hhhch. 


But you know, we the people only go so far.  Servants in so-called democratic constitutional republics, or the constitutions, or democracies, all the same kind of patter, but these public servants, they end up being multimillionaires, most of them. While the people they're serving, that pay for it all, and they're broke, something is wrong with it!  So at least Hamilton saw that, and he said, wouldn't it be better just to put... Because they were discussing monarchy as opposed to a Congress with the Constitution and thousands of employees. So he said that, he said, it would be better, then just get a monarch in with his family, and even if he's got so many dependents and relatives, say about 50 or 60 or something, is still cheaper to pay them than to pay for thousands of civil servants of their families and senators and yada, yada, yada, ya.


So he had a point there, if things were on the up and up, and you had a decent monarchy. But again, monarchies go up and down with good ones and bad ones. Sometimes you get someone who's got other hobbies and that's okay, he doesn't want to go off and slaughter people or set the kings men on the public to get more taxes, from pigs and sheep and hens off them which they used to be in the middle ages.


So anyway, we live in a... quite a system, where you could be trained to save a system, which may have stood for something at one time but doesn't today.  It's not long ago, it was in the last few, I think it was when Bush was in maybe, or Obama, where the Congress voted to give themselves the right to do insider trading in the US. And the rest of the public, if they do that, it's illegal, they go to prison for it. But because they would get the tips, as they say, on what was coming up for government investments in private businesses for federal contracts, so they would jump on the bandwagon and it would be okay for them to invest in these upcoming things. Which the public wouldn't even know about at the time.  Well, that's called corruption, folks. You know? But they made it legal because they gave themselves the right.  [Alan chuckles.] There you go.


And the US, when you look at, it's no different than the British system.  Politicians are the most crooked folk you could meet. Years ago in Britain, they used to publish this once in a blue moon when they were bored stiff in the newspapers. They would tell you little bits of tidbits of gossip on different politicians that were in power at that time and how they got started. And how they had the worst records for bankruptcies and failing to pay this and pay that and so on, and spendthrift, and borrowing, and blowing money. I mean, they had hardly the right kind of...  But again, that's exactly what the big, you see, the big, big state, the real big state, the deep state that really runs everything, these are exactly the ones that they do want in. Because they're all blackmailable.  They're all up to their eyes in hock anyway in one way or another. They love a lot of money and they'll keep their mouth shut when they're offered it, you see.  So they're very blackmailable. They're bought off. Of course they're bought off by a system that will take care of them as long as they do what they're told. It's been like that for an awful long time. Awful long time.


You probably saw that article recently with Obama and Bill Clinton and George Bush Junior, little Junior, little Bush, posing.  They all volunteered to take a shot on television, you know, the vaccine, to prove that it's quite safe. Well, why would you believe three liars anyway? Shame on you!  Shame on you, folks! Bill Clinton was the big deep state boy at the time. It didn't matter what he did, who he molested, they cleaned up his messes for him, and the media was off his back no matter what happened, ‘eh?  Of course they did.  George Bush Junior, same kind of thing. You know his history. He did, he was put in for a purpose and his purpose was to fulfill the agenda for the PNAC group.  His whole cabinet was full of them. They made up the list of countries they wanted taken out.  All you had to do, again, was then demonize them. It even came out from, after of course it was all over, people who helped in the deep state at that time, came out, because they love to boast about things, you know, and how they would supply Bush Junior only with the kind of news that he wanted for the cabinet meetings every morning, as they were building up to wars with Iraq and other ones too.  He says, only give me evidence, I only want to hear stories that falls in on the plus side of going to war with them. That all came out, you know.


Then when Obama got in Rumsfeld congratulated Obama. From a different party, right, because parties are a joke.  And politics is one big party for them all.  So Obama got congratulated by Donald Rumsfeld for continuing the same wars, and even expanding them into more wars.  And during that whole time, you know, even going way back to the 2009/10 with the so-called swine flu joke that came out at that time, same big, oh, big drama, made lots of vaccines and folk didn't want them.  Nope.  But we survived it, without them, ‘eh. But Obama was supposedly picking the targets for the drone strikes, that was in the newspapers at the time, they said he enjoyed picking the targets for the day of folk to be taken out by drones.  Quite something, ‘eh?! And he continued the wars and expanded the wars. So here's someone from a different party, and being congratulated by the previous party, for continuing the wars, on behalf of someone else, or a force that's something else than what you think it is.  Of course it is. It's international intelligence agencies that really runs the system.


So you're going to trust the… And by the way, during that time, the 2009 one as I was talking about, they were going to give everybody vaccines at that time, oh my goodness’, yes, yes. And the German government was going to mandate, they had mandated the Germans were all going to take it, but they themselves wouldn't take it, the parliamentarians, they said in Germany, because they didn't trust it, so they wanted a different kind made specially for themselves. So you'd really believe Obama? And Bill Clinton? And little George Bush? You really believe them taking the vaccine live on TV, wouldn't you? If they'd ever do that it would be sterile water. There's no way they'd even risk it on them.  They wouldn't. Hhhch.  There's no way they'd risk it on them.


I've said, there's always a certain percentage that have terrible reactions and deaths, in all kinds of vaccines, that's just what happens. I read the articles years ago, it happened with the swine flu one and different ones too, when the company said, the come back to the people, well you see, you had the wrong kind of genes. No, your genes are fine. And they've always been fine. They will be fine for the rest of your lives too. Oh, you've got the wrong kind of genes, you see, it reacted against our vaccine. Because you see, there type is a one-vaccine-fits-all.  M-hm, that's how it's done.


And that's too bad. And you can't sue them. They've given, they've all been granted immunity, I read the articles a few weeks ago on that. Or months ago now. They give themselves, they've got total immunity. Whoever gives it to you has got total immunity, they say. Well, I still say you're supposed to get informed consent before they can do anything to you. Which means they have to sit down and explain it, not just say it's good.  Hhhch.  That's good. Good tells me nothing. It's got to be, they've got to answer your questions. And if you say no, and it's forced on you, you should get the names of those people who are forcing and going to do it to you. That's your right, folks. That's your right! 


I keep going back to the Nuremberg trials, the Nuremberg code where they can't, nothing experimental can be tried upon the public, and again it says, without their consent. Before at the time it just says, they can't be tried on the public. But they added it, just like Orwell's Animal Farm, you know, where you have the little Constitution written for, by the pigs, and the pigs alter it by adding things at the end eventually over time, like... 


Because at first, they said, because the pigs would have nothing to do with humans, you see.  And the pigs had let all the animals in.  They were the leaders, the pigs, they were the kind of bureaucrats that took over.  The rest of them did the fighting, but the pigs put themselves in charge.  They wrote on the wall their Constitution, you see, and their Bill of Rights. And it says, animals shall not sleep in human beds. But the pigs had started to adapt and moved into the humans houses and get the comforts.  Then one of them went up the ladder one night and added on the end of it, of that one sentence, it says, with sheets.  You see, so now you could sleep in the beds.  That's how things are done.


That's why Orwell gave us all these examples through his comedy drama in Animal Farm, of how things really, really happen, and how it really happens and works overtime. That's what happens to the Constitution of the US too, and amendments galore, and little caveats, and then they use previous trials and they will debate that into the earth to try to get... Lawyers are meant, are there, designed, so's whoever wants things changed can get it changed for any particular situation. That's what they do, you know.


Why, I used to wonder, they used to have top lawyers, and all countries have them, ‘eh, and they are publicized for big fees. In England, some of them, their top ones are in London and they are Queen’s councils, that actually represent the Queen occasionally, they are called QCs.  Canada had some too, they had a Toronto lawyer called Clayton Ruby and Clayton Ruby is still on the go. He's always in the newspapers.  Big, big high-profile cases.  Cost millions of bucks, you know, big, big bucks. 


If the law was so straightforward why would someone who can get you off, and cost millions to do so, but get you off anyway, when another lawyer whose equally trained couldn't? Because the other one had a better gift of reinterpreting the law?  I mean, hhhch, come on here.  Law is supposed to be straightforward and simple. You shouldn't need anyone to interpret it for you. That's part of the con of running a modern society, when everything has to have an expert explain things to you, and one explanation for the same topic might alter next year if you asked the same question.  Oh, that was then, that was a different truth then. Here's the new truth.  [Alan laughing.] The truth fairy, ‘eh? 


So there you go. That's where we are in this day and age, we've been programmed for what's to come, as I've said, through fiction.  In years gone by they gave you a good one which was Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. It was a good book on, the previous ones too, but it was very apropos at the time in the 1930s when eugenics was really spoken about quite openly.  Inferior peoples and superior peoples and class systems and higher IQs and all the whole Galton idea.  And quite open. There was no shame for these guys to discuss it in public, or on the BBC radio for that matter, or the newspapers and magazines. That was the big thing. The States had the same thing with Rockefeller's Better Families associations magazines, you know.


That kind of fell out of favor to an extent during World War II because Hitler put it into practice to an extent.  Not that he was the first one either, they were already sterilizing people in the States and in Britain, and compulsory sterilizations.  For the feebleminded, you understand.  Isn't it amazing too, the same organizations that would go after people because they say they're not quite up to par for their standards, you see, and they use the excuse, they’re feebleminded.  I often wondered about that. There's a movie put out about it at the time, Tomorrow's Children it was called, showing you an example of what they were doing way back then.


I thought about that, and I thought, well here they were going, and what they use as an excuse, well you see, they breed, you see, these feebleminded people breed.  It was like Idiocracy only put back into the past, the movie.  Well, they breed, you know. And the elite didn't like that. They don't like them breeding. So they would sterilize them. They could do it with male or female, but it didn't really matter to the elite themselves, although they did it mainly with the females, that I've read of, some guys too. 


Now, they would say today, you see, you think about today, actually, take it from the 1930s for goodness’ sake, ‘eh, or in the 40s, this is what the elites were promoting using your tax money, was to start sterilizing people because they deemed them unfit.  And folk who hadn't a good education and were put down in their lower class, who were horny, should be sterilized.  They had amorous stirrings, put it that way.  Hm.  Which isn't surprising, you know, because most folk get them, that's why we're all here.


It was also to do with the time era.  They went through the roaring 20s into the 30s thinking about it, with really pushing at the time for sterilization by promoting the very problem through the culture industry. When they had the big prohibition area, I mean, there was no shortage of booze, in the right places.  It's mainly who was bringing in the cash was a different group, that was all, the gangster group that moved in and did it all. And that made it more exciting.


Even in their movies for the youngsters they gave them the dances with the miniskirt, you know, that was the time of the kind of frilled miniskirt that they actually used for some of their dances and so on. They did have drugs by the way. Cocaine became popular back then. They flooded the market and the booze cans with it too.  And of course illicit booze.  So it was very exciting and BAD, and youngsters like to be bad and so that's how you do it, you create that. But they didn't have the birth pill, they didn't have the abortion industry on the go, at least the official one, and they had the fall out from it all.


So at the same time they're pushing that, and then they're going to sterilize people who actually, hhhch, acted out, because they didn't have the right stuff, you see.  Then again, you look down the road when they really went to work using tax money to find a way to alter the hormonal structure and system of women with the so-called birth pill, contraception pill. At the same time they gave you drugs and rock 'n' roll, at the same time in the 60s once again, drugs, booze, rock 'n' roll, and the good times, etc. And the miniskirt, at the same time, they brought it all out again, and then they brought you the abortion industry.  Well, there's all this fall out too, there’s still folk who get pregnant and, you know, are on the pill.  So here's the abortion industry. But it's okay then, now we can get government money to deal with that. Step-by-step they get society to where they had planned to a long time before. Back to the drawing board sort of idea and out it comes.


So here they are promoting sexual promiscuity, for everybody then, only a few years really after they'd stop sterilizing people, think about it, and they weren't worried then. Then from the 1950s and 60s, but really through the 60s and the 70s onwards, you just started to get these publications and studies, just, you know, these studies just happened to be done through taxpayers money, every year, on the declining sperm rates and motility rate and abilities of sperm, the sperm count for males.  It kind of took over, ‘eh, as, it's okay now to just be uninhibited so to speak.  But let's go and…  Well, everybody's becoming sterile, for goodness’ sake. Or a lot of them are, until now it's a growth industry in artificial inseminations and all of that jazz.


So it's, and they're not worried about the falling sperm rate, and the problems women are having too. Of course you don't have any problem with it unless, unless it's, if it's planned that way, you see.  You're not worried about it; they know what's causing it in other words. Otherwise they would spend countless amounts of your money to find out what's causing it all, because it wouldn't be planned.  Nothing can happen in their system unless it's planned, you understand.


So yeah, you do all the right things and try to please your masters, you just don't know, you see, unless you know the big picture, you can never please your masters. And even then you can't please them.  It's not meant that you please them. They're never pleased.  You're living through a massive system, a big plan that unfolds centuries.  These guys plan in centuries. 


What do you think of the articles from the 1990s were about? ...the coming century of change, the great transition? Lots of things would transition [Alan chuckles.] in the 21st century. But they had all the old goals for a properly run society, according to academia, would be fulfilled. They'd start it off, and they had a whole agenda to kickoff the agenda for the 21st century, Agenda 21. All the way from the Rio Summit and Maurice Strong and all the rest of them, all up to the present time, all came from the same sources, the same groups by the way.  Actually the same group that run them all. And into a post consumerist society. 


It would all have to be done within 100 years, of this century, the 21st century. They've got it split up into chunks where they all meet and discuss how well it's all been, have we fulfilled these little bits, this little section is fulfilled, have we fulfilled all the requirements and achieved our goals, and what's the next, what do we have scheduled for the next 15 years or so, whatever it is when they meet again. All the way up until the end of the century. And it doesn't stop there either. That's what they've got planned already. They had it planned in the 90s for the whole, this whole century, for the 21st century. And here you are, ‘eh?


Most folk don't know. They drift through it. They’re given their stars to follow and their idols to follow. They’re given their cultural updates through schooling and through movies and fiction and all the rest of it, and they emulate what they see.  They dress the way they're told to dress and cut their hair the way they're told to cut their hair.  And even if they want to protest they're given outfits and hairdos for protesting, it's all done for them. They don't, they never stop and wonder about that, you know.  Never stop and wonder about that at all. And that's how the world is run.


Now remember folks  Send a few bucks my way or you can buy the books and discs.  Donations are certainly welcome.  I always say when you go into make sure you list all the other sites listed on that site, these are all my official sites.  If one goes down hopefully there will be others there you can still get my talks from. 


Because the governments, when government’s letting the military lose on the public, folks, and psyop teams and cyber teams, so just psyops, psychological warfare, is also cyber teams, and so-called cyber warriors... Young guys that will come from videogames and Xboxes all the way into employment by the military, and they're given access to the Internet, they call it backdoors into your computers and so on, and they mess it up, and they slow your speed for this...  and they just tick you off. And they sit and laugh. Because they're really children, well-paid children, a lot of them. They're even into their 20s and 30s, they're well-paid children.  They never stop and think what they're doing, you know.


That's what you get into totalitarian systems. The Stasi had it. They're very arrogant, the Stasi. Because they had all the data on every single person, volumes of data from birth to death on everybody. East Germany Stasi.  The Lives of Others is well worth watching again. They play with people. That's what they do.  What great power for an anonymous person to spy on folk, know everything they’re doing, saying, almost what they're thinking, and then play with them. And then laugh, oh, he's trying to get through to watch, look at this site and I'm stopping him doing it, and I'm anonymous. 


Oh what fun, ‘eh? This is freedom? This is democracy in action? Is it? When your governments are doing this? No, it's called tyranny. It's called tyranny, folks.  And that's, you see, there is no democracy. Now, that's the message, hhhch, there's no democracy. When you don't have the rights that you had before, there's no democracy. When governments are using all the forces of war upon its own population, psychological and cyber propaganda warfare on its own people, and with threats, and the hints of threats as well not just declarations, you’re under tyranny. And there's no point really talking much more about that part of it. It's self-evident.


That's what you have, and your government has forgotten all about you as far as your rights.  Rights are a nuisance, they're an impediment to being ruled.  Not governed but ruled. You see, technocracy, this technocratic system run by experts, that Quigley was a member of too, and the Council on Foreign Relations groups and the higher group within the society, they planned on this time and era where they'd all come into their own more openly, all these different factions of specialists and take over the running of everything. It could only be done, you see, under a war type scenario, a threat of war. It's a war on a disease, an invisible thing that no one can see or feel, or even find, you know, to an extent. They haven't isolated this virus you know, yet. Isn't that astonishing? M-hm.


So anyway, You can use PayPal. You can send cash and personal checks. Money Gram still works. Some countries can still use international postal money orders that they get from their post offices. They can't get it from the States to Canada now, but some other countries can still use them. Cash is fine too. Hopefully we can tick along as we go through this amazing historical event, you know, in the hope that down the road there will be someone...


Just like 1984, George Orwell, and Winston sitting in his little corner of a room trying to, outside of a camera watching him in his own home, writing to those in the future, you know.  That's what we're doing right now in a sense, in the hope that there will be someone that cares enough in the future, or after this post Democratic system, postconsumer society into a total, not just, we're post service economy almost with the total lockdown, and you're going into austerity which is, it's just poverty really, it's manufactured, planned poverty. 


The same tyrants that gave you communism, because it's, they were all from outside the countries of the Soviet Union that planned it all and implemented it and studied it too.  The Fabians in Britain, well-funded by the Asters and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They all studied the system. They liked these good points of an obedient population that did what they were told, and you could implement any new novel thing in experimentation, and they would accept it and they'd behave the way they were told to behave and so on. It's more tidy that way, isn't it, than having rights, for goodness’ sake. You've got to see their point of view, hm.  So Orwell's Winston talks to those in the future from someone in the past.  Hopefully as I say that will, we’ll have people, people in the future will understand what we're prattling about here.


But again, it might end up being like a Brave New World scenario where they've changed society so much, they've got a very small, much smaller population through literally creating embryos themselves in laboratories pretty well.  And in a society where everyone has a function, you see, there's no excess population, everyone must have a function. That's true socialism, you see, which the elite love. And there's a kind of upper class, an Alpha Plus type class there too, mind you, that enjoy the leisure’s and pleasures of the society they look over and rule over.


But also there's the outside of their area, in the novel form, in the book Huxley had, the primitives, the ones who hadn't joined in, in the beginning, and somehow they survived in the wild.  The wild people.  They lived in the old-fashioned way of breeding normally and things like that. Eventually, even saying that, we'll be banned from breeding normally the way things are going. You understand how you're being trained and trained?, especially this last 10, 15 years as they train you to accept all things which are completely different?  And then you're attacked if you mention that word normal anymore.


You're getting trained and trained, you see. So eventually, yeah, as they take you into a system, maybe even a post Covid system, maybe even where things go wrong and folk start being even more infertile perhaps through all of this because of something... you know. Hhhhh.  That ties in with a little clip I'll put up there with Sir John Bell from Oxford University who's also a member of the SAGE group.


Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford University, part of GAVI Team in Interview with Jon Snow, Mentions Sterilize population? - / 3 Dec 2020


He's talking in an interview about the vaccine for Covid. He actually mentions in it, it's unlikely this vaccine will sterilize everyone. On television apparently.  I don't know what context he was trying to put it across in but he just, picked the wrong word or what it was.  But you can see the presenter being kind of a bit startled, and put his hand over his mouth, hhhch, when he hears this, it's unlikely to sterilize everyone.  Is that the purpose of it, hhhch? I mean that's what you're left wondering. And of course you can't tell much from a little, little clip, a couple minute’s clip.  So who knows what it's really trying to get at. And being nice folk, we give them the benefit of the doubt of course.


But yeah, in the primitive society outside the utopia of Brave New World, the big utopia city, they look at the primitives.  They bring one in and they politely talk to him and politely associate with him.  They're amused by him because he has strange ideas like monogamy and having a mate that you could actually love, instead of having a different sexual partner every night, you know, like the utopia had.  In fact, utopia mandated, bonding was just not allowed, you see. They laughed at his quaint ideas of honor and justice and things like that. All antiquated values.


So, maybe what we're talking about now in a post Covid world down the road, because this Covid is going to drag on for years, and this Sir John Bell actually mentions it himself, he said that this will probably end up being an annual vaccination.  Which I knew back the beginning, way back in February, maybe in January this was where they would end up going with all of this stuff. Because it's too much big money, guaranteed money for multibillionaires.  It really fills their coffers all the more. Guaranteed projected income.  As opposed to having to force the public to be terrified and to take things that the public don't want, like they've been doing in the past, you see.


So in true fascism you always have government working hand in glove with the big corporations, the big private companies.  And why do things half measure? Why not go all the way into true fascism, and then tell the public it's really for the working people, it's for the common people, [Alan laughing.] and all that stuff.


So we're living through amazing times. Yeah, so, in the future looking back will they even care what we think right now? It would be a much, much smaller population, that's where they want bring us to.  Population control is the BIG one at the top. They're not afraid of diseases. They're not afraid at all. In fact they would encourage diseases like Bertrand Russell said, we should have one bubonic plague type scenario once, at least once every generation, maybe twice. That's what he said. And he worked for the elite groups. The same elite group that are managing all of this, who want to help you, you know.


It doesn't really inspire confidence in those who've studied it enough.  [Alan laughing.]  But of course you’re a conspiracy theorist if you think there are really people out to get you, out there doing nasty things to you.  Ahhhhhh, that's a horrible thing to think that folk literally think about culling the population. Like Prince Philip said, you know, he says we, we, meaning nobility and massive land, well country owners not just landowners. You know, the guy whose family was kicked out of Greece eventually, the Greeks didn't want them either.  They were appointed there before him as, they didn't even bel..., they weren't even Greek, you know. That didn't matter.


But Prince Philip loved it, you know, he was at the Sierra Club and all these big environmental groups, that are really fronts he said... Well, you could tell by listening to him that they were really fronts for population control and reduction. The big problem was always too many people. And he says, this was one of the Swiss meetings, he says, [Alan speaking with Prince Philip's accent.] Yeah, we understand, we understand this problem, he says.  After all, when there's too many animals come into the same land and start eating the resources, it diminishes the supply of food for other animals.  And we have to occasionally, like there's too many deer, we must do a cull.  And he's talking, he's talking as an analogy for humans, too many people here.


Are you getting the idea? They don't mince around with words here. And they love how the press, whenever it sneaks out, these meetings and things, they always, well you see, he's dithering a bit, it's just, he's just a bit eccentric, you know. Really? He's talking at world meetings, huge organizational meetings to do with population and resources and sustainability, and too many people, and he's talking about culling the herd.  But he doesn't really mean it. 




You see, the problem is in every generation if you don't have a major war where slaughter takes place then you really are out of touch. You can't believe it would ever happen. Even though it may just have happened. Even though it's happening in different countries right now, across the world there's always many little wars going on. There's never a dull moment, you know.


But people go to sleep and think, well we're not in any major war, you know, it's not affecting me much.  It's something that really happens in the past, we've evolved since my mom or dad's generation. It's almost to them it seems like this must be in the Flintstone era or something with their parents. But no, this happens all the time, folks. It's always the same things that happen, by the way, you know, and we just go along with it, and we whistle in the wind and pretend that everything's hunky-dory. We're civilized now, in 40, 50, 60 years we've become civilized. Just like that, you see. Even though nothing has changed in the brain. Maybe a few IQ points have dropped, but nothing else really.


So we're, you know, it's truly amazing.  And again, the massive entertainment industry adds to that with all the trivia nonsense that they give you for entertainment. Until you're not really in a reality at all. I couldn't believe the dramas that they created with the massive star making machine which they have in the world, you know. Stars are made, you know, nothing to do with talent really, generally.  They're made by the big machine. If they want someone to be a star, they'll make your granny a star. In fact, they'll do it so well that you will think they're fantastic. And all this is going, if they were singing for instance, they'd put them through a darn good studio, and good sound engineer will put, she'll end up sounding like something about 18 years old.  They'll have the best writers to do this stuff, and best arrangers and orchestra and the whole thing. That's how you do it, folks. And massive publicity, how wonderful they are.  And you'll start praising their abilities and talents, and you'll believe it all. Then they'll give you personal stories about their little affairs that they have on the side when they’re 80 years old, and you’ll believe that too.  Because it's all fiction. It's all fiction, folks.


But during again Great Depression's and wars they give you more entertainment than you've ever seen before.  That's why they're giving all these entertainers now free passes, they don't have to get tested traveling from place to place.  They don't have to go into lockdowns and don't go into quarantines, nothing.  Because they're essential. Because it's war time, you see.  And the virus, as I said last week, it's an intelligent virus, it's very understanding that society needs its entertainers, it's not going to attack them, you see. Even though initially I actually called it the celebrity disease because it seemed, as these paid celebrities came forward, oh, I think I had it, you know, and I'm quarantining in my 10,000-acre estate, in my mansion, with all my servants. It only, I guess only celebrities are getting it. It was all a con. It's just PR to get you, to make it all real to you. Well, if Tom Hanks is doing that, I should just quarantine myself too. I had a sniffle last week. Yep, I did so.  Yep.  There ya go.  So simple, isn't it, ‘eh?


But yeah, there's important folk and not important folk in the war time scenarios.  I was thinking back too, to World War II and all the songs that they, never mind World War I.  The songs that they poured out of that machine.  Just like Orwell talked about, how songs were made by machines, in 1984, and books too, or pornography.  They always give you lots of pornography in such societies. It was all written by, again, basically made by machines. A form of computer. It didn't mention computer in that, I think, he just mentions made by machines and the music was made by machines.  Yeah.


Because they always give you the same stuff. They churned it out like crazy in World War I. That was a big explosion of songs for the war.  I mentioned before some movies had lots of the songs in them, and that was a good one too, Oh What a Lovely War.  They sang all those songs that they made for the troops, and for the people back home.  Then they give you stars that sing them, they make them, again, they'll bring folk forward that you'd never even go to pay sixpence for, to hear sing it live at the time in the World War I. But suddenly you had, people would die to see them because they were made into stars, you see.  World War II was exactly the same. They made these silly little movies about them and how they'd fight the enemy, and you had George Formby with his buck teeth and all that and he's playing his banjo and singing songs.  That's the simplistic stuff they gave for the general population.


They got it all from the Soviet Russia. Because the first thing they did in Russia too was really industrialize the very brand-new industry of movies. Even the silent ones. When Stalin came in he really promoted it. He demanded every town put up a cinema hall and they got projectors in. Because it's so important. They had the same kind of movies from the beginning of the… There's these little farming people, the ones who were left and hadn't been killed off by the Communists. They had the occasional farm, of course they were, it was now state owned, and the state ran it.  And there's the little family there.  And there's the little girl. And she notices a man hiding in the straw there, and he's obviously a counterrevolutionary.  This is the kind of rubbish they poured out there too, with pride and gestures and the noble hero.  Exactly the same as in the West for wars. The same, it's the same system, isn't it, really, of brainwashing the public, [Alan laughing.] really, through fiction, to make you proud. Especially the youth, you know. That's how they do it, and give them lots of good songs.


Anybody with a wise mind didn't have to know that, for instance, they didn't have to know that the US Federal Reserve was set up, you know, the Jekyll Island idea, but it was set up so that they could lend money like crazy for the coming World War I. And they did, they sat back for three years financing all sides for World War I. And they did, this is recorded. It's not conspiracy stuff, you know. It's recorded. The US was supplying money to all the banks in the West of Europe and their central banks and so on. Then at the end they had to send them in, ‘eh, 1917 for the last year to take over and ensure the end of the war. Then the banks would get paid massive amounts, which they were paid, hm. That's quite, quite good planning that, isn't it. And the taxpayers would pay up, and all the money of course that the US government had borrowed as well from the same characters. It works awfully well, isn't it?


But anyone who didn’t even know all that stuff with the coming World War II, because again they sat back, Britain was in from 1939, and the US came in the 1942. But they sat back and borrowed and lend money again and watched which way the wind was blowing, for World War II coming. Which I don't blame them, they should've stayed out of it altogether.  And they should've stayed out of World War I as well. Like the founding fathers said too, that they should stay out of foreign wars.  But they were taken over already, undermined from within by the same cabal that already ran Britain. That's why, as I say, Earl Gray came over and he was the go-between between the British establishment, the ones who own Britain, and the ones who were owning America through finances and so on, for the great plan, for the great work of bringing the world together under their dominion.


So yeah, you've got to understand that, but even folk who didn't know all that stuff at the time, if they had had a good musical sense could know that the US was going to take over as the world's policeman, as they want to call it, policeman. We're not really stealing and coveting, no, and taking resources, no, we're really policing the world to keep it safe. You see? Just like Britain had been doing, you see.


The US is better at it. They had better public relations departments. As Bernays said, they even used one of them to convince the public to go into war for World War I, hhhch, he boasted about it after the war.  But anyway, yeah, the US is much better at it. But when you realized that the big band sounds that the US had leading up to World War II, they had better marching songs than Britain. I knew, if I was alive then I would've said, you know, they're definitely, these guys are going to take over the world with these marching band songs. Much better, you see, they're updated, and a better tempo, you know, better for tapping your feet as opposed to just marching, you see. So you could tell.


Then of course Hollywood gets in on the act too, and a lot of the songs they still sing today for the regiments and so on all came from Hollywood movies.  So you talk about living a fiction, ‘eh? It all works like a machine together, the whole lot of it. And with having more tax money, a bigger tax base than Britain, the US couldn't fail, it had to take over, you see.  Now with there being so many wars they're weakened.  Just like Arnold Toynbee and other members of the establishment, this world establishment talked about, they would rule the world for a while, maybe a generation, then they'll start to fail a bit, then you will revive back to its status as a power, and then they'll gradually just wean off, and then China would take over.  That's what they discussed at their meetings in the 1930s.


So, that's what's happening, you’re plundered, you see, for a cause you don't even understand.  The cause really being, nevermind all the reasons for wars and that, the cause really being to bring the world under world government for those who are behind it all. And who boast about it in their meetings.  [Alan chuckles.] How else could you plan such a future, ‘eh?  Yep.


So yeah, we all live in a fantasy thinking that we still have nations, and that we've got rights within the nations, and we can feel safe within our nations and yada, yada, yada, ya. Because you get examples more recently than ever with the riots, oh sorry, the protests in the streets in the States and so on, and you start getting the message that there's a different system allowing all this to happen, obviously. 


I'll put up tonight too some articles, one was from Trump, it’s...


An Urgent Message From President Trump - The Media Won't Air - / 3 Dec 2020


He goes through all the scams, the stuff that the mainstream really is, that's one of your biggest proofs in fact is the fact that the mainstream media authorized, the same media that’s censoring everybody and attacking people, viciously attacking people who speak out about things, the same media won't cover, you know, all these videos that came out, not just of folk coming forward who were present at the counting booths and so on, and the counting stations and voting stations. Showing a video of people coming in with suitcases in the middle of the night and them ramming all the stuff through the machines and so on, with maybe two or three folk there, everybody else has been sent home.  Incredible stuff going on. But it's being completely...


It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You see, it was all evident before Trump got in.  You know, they really, it wasn't meant that Trump get in. It was a fluke, I think. But he got in any way.  And that really ticked them off from the very beginning.  Everybody knew it, I mean, the media was just like, whoah, angry.  You've never seen such anger, just anger. Nothing had been done yet by Trump, but they were just furious. The establishment had planned otherwise, you see.  Now with Biden in, it makes no difference.  Because now they're back on, they've already got articles in the papers, we're back on course now with the climate agenda for sustainability, the agenda, you know, for sustainability and we'll be back in the conference.


Because that's what really Covid is about. Covid was to really achieve all the things that sustainability was to achieve, wreck the societies, the nations, with their economies, just like war, that's what sustainability is to do too. Oh, you can't have those factories, and you can't have this, and you can't have manufacturing, you can't, can't, can't, can't, can't, you must go into austerity. It's the same agenda, you see.  Only with this, this way is a faster way to do it, get it done very quick, one fell swoop.  But that's what the whole thing was about, for four years regardless of what you think about Trump, regardless of the man, the fact is, they hated the... hhhch, he couldn't even get cooperation within his own government, on anything. That tells you there's a different system at work.


Now of course even the Republicans, even then the Republican Party wasn't backing him either. Because they all sell out their, they're all picked for their positions as actors pretty well. And they get to plunder society pretty good with, again, insider-trading and stuff.  And lobbying, they'll get all these little gifts from lobbying, you know, etc. It's so corrupt it's just...  That is the system. 


And all the biggies that run the social platforms for the public were all fronts, they're all front people.  I did these talks years ago. That's how they do it. They set them up like geniuses, but of course they’re all part of...  To control the world, even one nation, you must set up your own main fronts, and OWN them. You own them.  And the big organization that runs the planet owns these social platforms.  They don't leave anything to chance. Different characters all know it, they do what they're told. Why would they be censoring all speech? You see?


Back in the 90s they had lots of articles out there from politicians and people within politics, lifelong political hacks and so on, talking about, oh the problem of the coming computer system and the Internet, and they said, how are we going to compete when people are talking to each other, we give them the narratives, and here they'll be talking to each other with their own narratives, and that could be dangerous, you see.  They had lots and lots of articles about how they would combat it and set up organizations to fight, and to maintain the narrative and so on, on media for the public, what the mainstream papers have been doing forever, you see.  You know? That's where you got, your mainstream news was, and that's the way it happened, and that's the news for tonight, etc. That's what you got. And folk believed the news because they were getting no other versions of it, you see. They've always done that.


Again, Rockefeller had and other organizations, and under the Rockefeller umbrella did the same thing. They had meetings in the 20s and 30s, and studies, to see how many newspapers they could own, they would need to own, and magazines, in order to control society. And if they had the big ones all the little ones would follow them and copy them, etc. That's exactly what they did. At that time they thought it was around 30, I think, around 30 at that particular time, that would control all the other media that would just copy from them. You see? That's how it's done.


They even had ones, they decided that there would be ones just for civil servants. They still have them by the way. The civil servants read all this kind of stuff. It's for them. Because they see themselves, they actually think of themselves mistakenly as a part of the ruling, because they are in on more secrets, and they see the public as them, that's what the public are, them, hhhch, they’re the little people. Because they’re very arrogant, you see, it breeds arrogance, that kind of secrecy from the public. Public servants never serve the masters properly, do they? That's how you control the narrative on everything.


Now, when the Internet really came into its own, more so in the, after 2000, there was all kinds of optimism initially from those that were really into, the true geeks as they call them, that there would be more openness and honesty and more news circulating to open up and give more freedoms to the society, that they had been restricted for so long.  And in no time at all the same groups, and in Silicon Valley, starts again working for the CIA, which they had all already done of course, and start, like the NSA, and they start tightening the ropes, and start, again, subverting, destroying, as they do in cyber warfare, putting out of business and then taking over the same kind of Blogspot type idea by their operatives, you see.


Lot's of them out there that are working for the NSA. You don't know that. In cyber warfare, they actually have it, like I mentioned last week in the Unconventional Warfare manual for the US military, the ones they're now using in Canada and the States and elsewhere, they actually say that in it, that they will control the narrative.  Again, it's not just total spectrum dominance, it's also all narrative, you see. And you displace the people, you put them under, you stop them having, getting money.  You get them into poverty. You get them on the street if you can. Then you give a clone type character who says the exact same things, you see, and you even give them more ammunition to get an audience, with engineers, oh tell me more, tell me, I never heard that before.  Then you'll back them, and the audience is then following, and they will lead you in circles and circles and circles.  They really will. Right down to telling you who to vote for when they bring voting back in again.  It's quite comical.


But that's what they use. And they're using it all here now.  Same thing, ‘eh.  Same color revolutions, on their own people. They'll back them financially awfully well. They might even give them even real businesses to run. I did these talks again in the late 90s.  Because the CIA never ever gave up the, their initial foot in the door to create the narrative for the general population during the communist era, in fact the Soviet era, when they had lots of stations out there initially to counter communist propaganda.  They never let it go after their, the so-called end of communism.


Standard techniques. You create your, you create the stars, again, you make the stars for the people by eliminating all the rest of them around.  Back in the 90s there was lots and lots of radio stations with, it was fantastic to tune in at night on a good a.m. receiver into the US from Canada as an example and listen to the viewpoints. Because you had people who really were well up on, and I mean a general population well up on all the dirty tricks being played over many years inside the US and elsewhere. It was good to hear them talking more freely about these things in the States. And lots and lots of radio stations that really, some of them were small radio stations and they'd have locals in, local business folk and ordinary folk, just ordinary people discussing what happened in their lifetime. That's all gone now.


It's all been wiped out and replaced with yours superstars, you see.  And a lot of dirty tricks were involved with that too with some people. That's why they started targeting the ordinary people in the States in the late 90s because there was so much evidence of changes coming, the people were getting wary of it and they knew something really stank.  They were, and the government was getting ready for, oh, fightbacks from the people themselves. Absolutely. Most are all gone now. Although they still float the same ideas of the targets, they're after, oh, it's these terrible so-and-so's, you know.


Pretty sad stuff, isn't it, what's happening. But do you really expect to be left alone? You see, you really drank the Kool-Aid if you really believe that you lived in a nice society and it was on the up and up and it was all aboveboard and nice and the whole thing. It doesn't mean the folk inside it are not, that there's not a lot of nice people inside your system.  Of course there is. Absolutely. But the overarching stuff is completely different. You're living within a mystic system and you don't even realize it.  You're not supposed to realize it. That's the, that's how they say it's effective, by the fact most folk or a certain percentage think it's all quite real, all of it.


It's astonishing. And those that the system has given more too, allowed to accumulate more, are the worst of all, you know, the kind of upper middle classes and middle-class. They think, oh, yeah, we did pretty well, we did pretty good in the system.  And they've got their investments, I know some people like that, and they've got all these investments. Some of them live on their investments, and they listen to these radio shows all day long, and investing, investing, investing. And they have their special ones on the Internet and so on, it's like a constant run off of investments for the day, you know.  And yet they follow the whole system and think it's all perfectly real and good and the whole thing, and they're all ready to run off and get their vaccinations, you know. Because they like life so much, they're terrified of dying, and this terror, it's a campaign of terror, it's terrorizing people, makes them want to get it to save their lives. That's what they think.


They can't imagine getting wiped out. Well, this is a war scenario and part of the intention IS to wipe you out financially. I hope you understand that. They talked about through sustainability the best thing they could do, said Maurice Strong, was to completely dismantle all industry in the West.  ALL. He says all.  Not some, but all. And here they go, it's being done through free-trade.  Let's ship it all offshore, buildup China as we take down the West. And the West will keep paying for the coming up of so-called emerging nations into power. India too, you're financing India now as well.


As you get poorer and poorer.  Because that's what your masters designed for you. All the politicians signed onto it. Let's export all our factories over to China.  Old story for me but occasionally I mention it here because there's still folk coming in who are new who don't even know that, what happened. Recently. Not that long ago. They really don't know.


Living in a service economy I used to liken to a dog falling into a swimming pool.  It can paddle and paddle and paddle until it is totally exhausted, that's what a service economy is.  And then you drown. It's not meant that you, that it goes on forever. You import everything, it goes through middlemen, until it ends up in different stores or outlets, and that's it. All the other levels of production into manufacture are all gone. Many, many layers go into a production, in factories and businesses, go into the making of even cutlery sets. Simple things like that.  Small to level.  From the raw ore all the way up to the finished product. That's, in each one is a tax base for government. That's all gone too. All the taxes are then laid on you, the consumer. 


It's all planned this way. I remember reading articles in the 70s about, that in Britain when they were discussing, you know, if we go all the way into a free-trade deal with the European Union and we bring in value added taxes and things, you know, he says, eventually all that, and you would get into a consumer society that eventually, and you're not self sustainable as a nation, you see. That's part of it all. It's called interdependence, to ensure that you're not independently stable and survivable, you need other countries to survive. That's what it's about, interdependence, that term that you hear floated all the time on free-trade.


So now in the West you have, you can't make, you can't even make your own cutlery, there's nothing left.  [Alan chuckles.] You've got nothing left. Now they're going to do away with all, what's left of your meat industry and dairy industry, for sustainable reasons, you know, and have you eating insects shortly. And I mean it. You've probably read or heard of the article put out by the World Economic Forum by their senior writer, Mr. Schwab, senior writer Douglas Bruhn.


5 reasons we need to start nurturing – and eating – weeds - / 24 Nov 2020


I like the we part, I'm sure he'll be doing that, right? He won't be eating that, but you will. I'm quite, I mean this, this is published stuff this week, you know. You got to wake up, folks. Did you vote for Schwab or the World Economic Forum? N-n-n. Quite amazing, isn't it.


Remember folks, buy the books and discs Or donate to me  Go into the website, you'll see how to get cash to me. PayPal, personal check is fine. Cash is fine. You can also send Money Gram. I'm sure there's other ways you can get cash to me in this day and age. But send it to me  Hopefully I, we can keep ticking along here as we go through this amazing historical time of transformation.


I'll also put up a link from a clip from the premier of Alberta talking about the great reset, Mr. Schwab's great reset.


Canada's Alberta Premier on The W.E.F. "Great Reset" - / 4 Dec 2020


He says it's a mixed bag of, hhhch, of the far left's wish lists basically. It's all in there, the whole lot of it. That's exactly what it is. The far left is the dominant richest folk on the planet that run it all. So we've got to stop thinking what left-wing is anymore. It doesn't mean looking after working folk or folk in general. No, no, no. It's preferable method, for the technocratic smooth running of a society owned and run by experts who've planned a system of subsistence for you, subsistence living, barely getting through.  And a lot of other things too which you won't like. They don't like too many people. That's why Prince Philip is a member of all these groups. The same groups, folks, the richest folk on the planet.


During the Cold War, you know, some top people in MI5 and MI6, MI5 mainly since they were internal, they were dealing with internal security during the communist era.  And many other things they deal with too.  But some of them, and again everything is tiered, it's a leveled system, a tiered system of what you know and what is your right to know, etc., according to what your duties in that system happened to be, the level, your pay grade.  But some of them came out after the Cold War and says, we couldn't understand why so many of them that were for the Sovietized system were members of the House of Lords. The nobility. Even in, and I think it was Deep Cover, and Blade on the Feather it was also called, the movie, a very good movie actually, and it had Donald Pleasants in it. 


It had a scene where Donald Pleasants, who had worked and recruited for the Communists when he was a professor at University, in the movie, you know, and he was explaining to this guy who was sent by the elite ruling party, it's an interesting one to watch. Because the person who was sent to kill him, because they thought, they thought the professor was going to let the bag open eventually and tell the public his life story and how he'd helped recruit all these different people. But Pleasants says in it, at the end he says, he said, that all came from our class, you know, and not some of them, all these agents that worked in Britain for the Soviet system, he says, not some of them but ALL of them.  They all had the silver spoon in their mouths, given the silver spoon in their mouths.


That's, now you starting to get the picture here? You've got to get away from this idea of just left-wing, you know. And even your perception of what the left wing even is. They're not the working class anymore. They are far, far away from that. [Alan chuckles.] But it is the technocratic system efficiency.  You can't have folk doing what they want to do and make their own plans for life and deciding what they want to even work at, you know.  You can't have that.


Let's have efficiency.  And all, there's too many of them anyway, let's bring down their population numbers, for goodness’ sake.  Hm? That's what sustainability is all about. They've got all these different, look them up.  It's not pleasant. I know you've been trained not to look at the unpleasant things.  It's not pleasant to look at all their meetings for sustainability, and it always comes down to, even the climate change which was to do with sustainability, that was the reason for it, bring down the population. Each mouth that's born is another mouth that has to be fed and acquire and accumulate and so on.  Bad for the planet, etc. Their planet. Our planet. Who's planet?  Well, they won't tell you, will they? 


They just don't need you anymore. There's too many of you, for goodness’ sake.  Do the decent thing and get euthanized for goodness’ sake. That's come out in the bioethics reports too, ‘eh.  With specialists in ethics.  You have no morality at all. You haven't been trained to have morality. They've been to university to be taught ethics, for goodness’ sake, and they mix it with law then, you see, so they can make laws about what the right kind of morality is. And you shouldn't want to live for a long period of time, you should die, at your status you're not important to society.  If you're important, then yeah, they'd give you life extension, just like Rockefeller had, 103 I think he was, wasn't he, when he died. But you see, you don't have those rights. You've served your purpose, do the decent thing, ole boy, you know? That's it.


What you do is just stand back and look in the past and you'll find there the big agenda was shouted from the highest towers, in England for instance.  Such as the Fabian Society, a massive organization, which is a branch of the same organization that the right-wingers ran, the Milner group.   They run all sides, you see. They showed you more of what they really planned to do using socialism, you see, for the whole world, eventually using the British Empire, right. And this little piece is from a book, and it's called...


The Socialist Revolution Proposed by the Fabian Society was to cast a long dark shadow across England and later the US, the United States. It differed little from the ones set out in the Communist Manifesto of 1848 by Karl Marx.


(Alan: ...who lived in London remember.)


It therefore aims at reorganization of society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual and class ownership.


(A: You have to sometimes just, don't sail over things, but stop and break it down.)


reorganization of society


by the emancipation of land and industrial capital


from individual and class ownership


investing them in the community for general benefit.


(A: You see, it's always for general benefit of all, you see. Like their, like Justin Trudeau said last week, ‘eh, how this Covid is a great thing, the great reset is a great thing for redistributing the wealth across the world, and for equity, it's going to make things more equal, you see.  Really? For whom? Not to the general population anywhere.  Don't, never fall for that one. But again, what you’re looking at really, what you're looking at here, it says…)


It accordingly works for the extinction of private property in the land.


(A: That also means anything on the land, like homes, ‘eh.)


It seeks to achieve these ends by general dissemination of knowledge as to the relations between the individual and society and its economic, ethical and political aspects.


They had no problems at all back then, you know, the Fabian Society either. They didn't decry, at the time, when they started off, religion. That came later. They didn't decry the anarchist groups, they brought them in in fact with them. They didn't mind fascists either.  Everybody was welcome. That's exactly what Carol Quigley said too, ‘eh, for the Council on Foreign Relations. 


But stop and think about that, right. The reorganization of everything, and the individual too, and within society basically is what they're saying.  Again, who's going to take over the centralization of everything, industry, wealth, everything would be centralized.  That was Karl Marx, you see. The relationship between public, the general public and the government, and to do with economic systems, and ethical and political aspects, government, the people, it's called public/private partnerships today. And who did they get to set that up to the public years ago? Who is still pushing it even recently again? Prince Charles.


Oh, is he a working-class guy?  No way. Yet here he is pushing the same, the revamped thing with a new name for the same thing, same organization, the same agenda. Public-private partnerships. You see, it's better than the old system because we will all pay, we all pay, you see, for big corporations.  This is your relationship between the economic system, that's your function, you will pay for everything that society needs, big roads, bridges and things like that. Power plants. Less power plants, they want to do away with them for sustainability and reduce energy. But, the public will pay for the upkeep of all those things on behalf, and the private corporations that Prince Charles and all his cronies own basically, that whole class will get it all paid for nothing, its upkeep and its repair and its maintenance. How's that? Public-private partnerships.  There ya go.


D'you realize that as they've changed everything, and folk don't, I said this years ago, you know, as long as the same tunes are played, and there's the marching band, and there's the flag getting wrapped around the latest candidate for prime minister or governor or whatever it happens to be, or President yada, yada, ya, folk don't realize that your function and the role that you have can be 180° from what it was a few years ago. It's so easily deceptive when it wraps itself in the colors, ‘eh. And the people never figure that out. And the media goes along with it and pretends it's still the same. No, it's not. 


Public-private partnerships, the same deal, you know, where you take, hhhch, the public now are all dependent on, in fact they're slaves on a plantation in a sense.  The government now is centralized under Covid.  And they’re paying everybody now, all the centralized government is paying you to stay at home. You owe everything now to your masters in the centralized government.  Who have forbidden you to even work in your own private businesses. Wasn't that what the communists did? They went around closing all private businesses, dragging folk out of them, arresting them if they tried to keep them open.  They went around to all the farms, ‘eh, and says, give us your farm for the collective for the benefit of all. The ones who wouldn't give it up, you actually see old, old videos where the Bolsheviks surrounded the farms and shot them to death. You know, the families just, they had been there for generations, you know, working small farms. Ftt.


For the good of all, you see. That's what they do. History is a horror show and a horror story. That's what I've always said, history is a horror story. It's our natural nature to be optimistic.  We don't want to think, and truly if you dwelt on horror all the time you would collapse, you would break down.  In ancient times too Plato mentioned it, Socrates did as well, that is a strange benefit men have is that after the latest wars and slaughters and so on, even to themselves, the survivors immediately wanted to party and forget it all.


But of course that's the technique that’s used today. It's done much better in fact, even when you're at war you don't know you are most of the time. There's often hundreds of wars going on around the world, never mind just Africa itself for its resources and things like that. But you never hear of them, you get kind of bored, and you yawn when you, well, you know, it must be a small affair.  No, no, folk are getting slaughtered everywhere.  That's the nature of it. Even the people who participate in don't know, who are sent over to do the killing don't know themselves that they're being used. They believe the propaganda given to them. It's very efficient the techniques that are used today for persuasion. Very efficient.


Although when you look at the Middle Ages, for instance, and even some old Shakespearean plays, they used mercenaries before they had the uniforms. They just, you hired mercenaries.  They didn't have uniforms. They'd send them across Europe to fight their cousins and things like that. Eventually some bright spark would yell out, give them all a uniform and make them smart and get the taxpayer to pay for them. Oh, okay, I see, that's a good idea.  That's what happened. But yeah, they used to just dress with whatever, they had to buy their own clothing, and their weapons in fact too, ‘eh.  And they got a lot of what, their pay back, from looting the countries that they went into. That was just normal for a long, for goodness’ knows how long that system had been on the go. M-hm.


So yeah, a horror show indeed for the general public. And yet you have to always keep it in the back of your mind what's really happened, not that long ago either, and it's still happening in different countries around the world. So once again public-private partnerships or its updated version for sustainability on behalf of the nobility, the wealthy elite, the aristocracy that's been around forever, that's what they are on about.  A different name for the same thing, a more efficient system.  They don't mind who they use and who they welcome in to help them, as I've mentioned before.


Another one too is, I mentioned Sidney and Beatrice Webb many times before, who were also cofounders of the Fabian Society along with HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw and others.  Sidney Webb himself was a bureaucrat who worked for the government and he I think also was doing bookkeeping and all the rest of it too.  So he was a great bookkeeper basically.  These are the kind of characters that came in, that invented a lot of speech for socialism, until you can't, most folk can't comprehend what they're talking about at the meetings they have.  But anyway, it says here that, he wrote a book, it was called The Four Pillars of the House of Socialism.  I think it was published after World War I, and that was the blueprint for the socialist action in Britain and in the US.


Don't forget that they boasted that they had a direct line to Moscow, to the table of Lenin at one time, and then of course Stalin. They had little tiffs with Trotsky who wanted them to stop taking the slow Fabian technique to achieve their [goals] and he wanted immediate revolution. Trotsky himself obviously was included into the higher, higher thing of the whole thing because why would Britain, why would the nobility then overthrow themselves? Don't you get it? Nobility, the government, the royalty, would they overthrow themselves? Of course not. Why do you think they all allowed Marx to sit there and run and write the whole plan? 


You need the public to bel..., it's a deception where the public think it's for themselves. Well, we'll have a better life out of this, you know. Get the public to do it all. You need them to do it all, you see. It's a psychopathic technique. Psychopaths are fantastic at getting everyone else to do their work for them. That's what they do. And it's all by deception, you know. The ones who are getting used will do it gloriously, happily, to please their masters, you see.  M-hm. 


But again, this little bit here, this little quip of an article says...


The plan called for the destruction of the system of the production of goods and services


(A: Is that tying in? Public-private partnerships. Let's close everything down because of Covid? Hm? Everything? Everything, folks?)


…the destruction of the system of production of goods and services based on competition


(A: ‘eh?)


also to bring in unlimited taxation


(A: Well you're going to become a, they're already starting it now, the big push, because of all the money they, all this fake money that's been borrowed, right.)


and massive state welfare.


(A: Hm.)


To bring in massive state welfare, eventually no private property rights and world government.


(A: Hm.)


So the objectives didn't differ all that much from the principles laid down by Karl Marx from the Communist Manifesto of 1848.  The differences lay in method of application, style rather than in substance.


Is that all just coincidence?  Is it coincidence? Of course, it must be coincidence, ‘eh.  God, you'd be paranoid and a conspiracy theorist to think it was all planned that way, ‘eh?  Wouldn't you?  Wouldn't you? Of course you would.


Here's an article I found from, or I kept, it was from 2019. Occasionally it’s worth saving something.  It was on Fox News apparently, or a guy who works on Fox News, or did then anyway, Tom Del Beccaro.


There are just nine steps from freedom to socialism to societal breakdown / 16 March 2019


Talk of socialism is suddenly everywhere. (A: This is March 2019.)  The journey from a free society to socialism, however, does not occur overnight.  It’s a stepped process that (A: ...listen…) begins slowly and ends with a rush.


(A: That's also in the unconventional warfare, hm, of the military, in there too, how they got in. They use, they look for dissatisfied groups, they find them, they merge with them, they use them, and then in the streets for riots and so on. At the end they want a confrontation between themselves, these groups that they've funded, ‘eh, become friendly insurgents, and they fund them, they finance them, and train some of them too, but then they want a confrontation with the police powers, and if they've already infiltrated the government to an extent where they'll intervene and say don't do any of this, let them go ahead with the riots or the burnings or whatever.  This is all color revolution stuff from the manuals, the military manual.  That's what they do.)


(A: So back to this article, right, and it mentions it too, at the end, once the police have stepped down, and you're trying to get enough people inside the military, youngsters to be on your side, then you can push rapidly, and once you get it going, that's when you do the killing, ‘eh, you eliminate the existing classes. That's what you do. Your governments in the States have been doing that for years.  [Alan chuckles.] It's from their manual.  As I've always said, once the big war machine comes back to your own country, then they'll start eating you too, the big eating machine. That's exactly what's happening. Because it's time, you see, you've paid, you've been bringing the structure in for a world government across the planet and annihilating independent nations.)


(A: Anyway, here you are, talk of socialism is suddenly everywhere…)


Talk of socialism is suddenly everywhere. The journey from a free society to socialism, however, does not occur overnight.  It’s a stepped process that begins slowly and ends with a rush.


(A: ...ends with a rush.  There ya go.)


Here are those steps:


Step 1. Massive Government Spending.


(A: Ding-ding-ding.)


Socialist states have government at the center of their economies


(A: I’ll say that again for the hard of thinking…)


Socialist states have government at the center of their economies and feature enormous spending programs.

(A:  Hm.  And it says here…)


In early 1990s Sweden often cited as a socialist state, government spending exceeded 70 percent of its economy.  (A:  That’s the 1990s Sweden.) Under President Jefferson, government spending was approximately 2 to 3 percent of the economy. Today, we are at 36 percent. (A:   This is before Covid and the whole thing.) Sweden, now walking away from socialism, has reduced its spending share to just over 50 percent.


Government education, retirement, and medical care -- nearly cradle to grave spending -- are three cornerstones of future socialist states.


(A: Now remember, socialism is basically communism.  It always ends up openly as communistic, or collectivistic as they want to call it, collectivism.)


Obama once said you can create a governing majority


(A: …and this is awfully important…)


Obama once said you can create a governing majority of those dependent on government.


(A: I’ll say that again, right.  Hhhch!)


Obama once said you can create a governing majority of those dependent on government.


(A: That’s what in the socialistic techniques, when Labour was doing it in Britain under Harold Wilson and other ones too.  They literally bring in lots of folks from countries, put them on welfare immediately, lots of them, because they were a voting base from then on. They never forget that, oh, you brought us in, and you put us up and you gave us welfare and so on. That’s standard even today actually. So you can make them dependent, and you can create a dependency too.)


Elizabeth Warren is now promoting “universal child care,” which would extend that dependence.


(A:  So okay, the government’s going to take care of all the children now, and single mums, and rearing children and day care and everything really.)


Step 2. Massive Tax Systems that Reduce Incentives.


(A: …massive tax systems, ‘eh.)


Increased tax burdens go hand-in-hand with spending.  Throughout history, tax systems start out simple and wind up complex and burdensome.


By the end of Rome’s socialism under Diocletian, according to the historian Will Durant, taxation “rose to such heights that men lost the incentive to work or earn,


(A: …because it was all getting taxed off them, you see.)


and an erosive context began between lawyers finding devices to evade taxes and lawyers formulating laws to prevent evasion,” which led Romans to flee, seeking “refuge among the barbarians.”


(A: That's almost like today.  [Alan laughing.]   They're flying out of the cities, they were under protest, protest, etc. from some of the wealthiest people just flooding out of New York, no doubt about, and having to seek refuge amongst the barbarians outside there, [Alan laughing.] for safety I suppose. This is 2019 remember.)


We have a tax code so complicated and long that few can do their own taxes.


(A: That’s another thing too, it’s made ridiculously complex, you know.)


Not satisfied, politicians threaten massive income tax hikes, wealth tax confiscation and penalties for those who want to leave the country.


 Step 3.  Reduced Growth Leading to Economic Stagnation.  (A:  Okay.)


Over the last 20 years, the European Union, which featured socialist and semi-socialist states, had almost zero economic growth.  Over the last 60 years, while our governments grew to 36 percent of the economy and imposed trillions in regulation, our growth slipped from an average of 4 percent to 2 percent.


Step 4. Deficits.


In semi-socialist Greece, once on the brink of being a failed state, government debt, as a percentage of the economy, is nearly 180 percent. That would be like you having credit card debt nearly double your income.  In the U.S., that debt ratio has exploded in the last decade, rising to nearly 106 percent.


(A: Are you starting to get the picture here, ‘eh? Well, I don't know, up until Covid I could earn money and spend it. Yeah, but you kept needing more and more and more of it to buy the same amount of things. Because its value keeps plummeting, you see. It's all debt money.)


Step 5. Governments Print Money.


Undeterred by deficits or debt, governments print money to pay for programs.


(A: Because they take over all the functions of society, the government takes it all over.)


Inflation is the result of governments increasing the money supply beyond the needs of economic growth. In socialist Venezuela, inflation is expected to be at least one million percent in 2019. In other words, its money isn’t worth the paper on which it’s printed.


(A: Are you starting to get little… anxiety attacks here? [Alan laughing.] And things are, little bells go off with each one of these steps here.)


Step 6. Government Fixes Prices and Declares When Goods Can be Sold.


Diocletian set wage and price controls for socialist Rome. 


(A: Britain did that in the 1950s and 60s and into the 70s. By the way, they used the IMF to do that. Oh, you thought that was an independent, oh, oh, you thought it was right wing, oh, oh…)


In Venezuela, people can only shop on certain days and shopping malls can only be open two days a week.


(A: Ding-ding-ding.  Are you starting to get the picture now? You can only shop on certain days? And the malls can only be open two days.  You don’t even have them open now. You can go and get food at the moment now, you know.)


Free of that today, in the 1970s, we had gas rationing and double-digit inflation.


(A: And that was all faked too by the way because there was no shortage of gasoline. It was Saudi Arabia was hitting back over a certain other country that was getting propped up [Alan chuckles.] by the US at the time and they were ticked off by it and they stopped the flow or reduced the flow. There was no running out, of peak oil or anything. No, none of that nonsense. It was a big, big escapade in price fixing and gouging and so on. And they did put out gas in Britain, I think it was 1972 was it or 73, they actually did… maybe 1973, they had ration cards for gasoline issued, even for guys on motorbikes, cars and motorbikes, yeah. I don’t think they, maybe they didn’t use them, at least they had it in Scotland, but they definitely had them out.)


Step 7. Underground Economies Rise.


The more crushing taxation, spending, inflation, and regulations are, the larger the underground economy.


(A: That’s what Jean Chrétien, when he was in with the so-called liberals, which were really just the left wing on behalf of the ultra-elite.  [Alan chuckles.] He kept talking about the underground economy, too big, and they wanted to get ways to stop it all, and even flea markets and yard sales at weekends. Of course that’s where the digital money comes into now you see, they can literally track and trace every penny that you have. It’s not yours, it’s theirs, you see. You understand? Are you getting the picture?  You’re owned. You’re owned. You’re in the real socialist system on behalf of the richest folk on the planet.)


People turn to a barter system because paper money becomes worthless. In Greece, the underground economy is said to exceed 20 percent of the economy. America’s, by contrast, is around 5 - 6 percent.


(A:  That’s last year.)


Step 8. Class Warfare Begins Tearing the Fabric of Society. 


Historically, class warfare (the fight between classes of haves and have-nots) begins in earnest as economies stagnate. That reaches a dangerous apex during prolonged economic stagnation if accompanied by significant wealth inequality.


(A: Well, what’s happening now? The richest folk are, have never had so much money flooding in as they have right now.  Because they’re all essential, you understand, they’re big businesses, the authorized businesses, are just raking it in like you wouldn’t believe.  The companies that are given the license to deliver food and essentials, etc., oh my goodness’, just throwing up warehouses. And have been before Covid struck.  That was just coincidence too.)


Of ancient Greece, Plato described “two cities . . . one the city of the poor, the other of the rich, the one at war with the other.”  According to Durant, the “poor schemed to despoil the rich by legislation and revolution [and] the rich organized for protection against the poor.” Ancient Greece’s bitter class warfare included not only government redistribution, but a distrust of “democracy as empowered envy” (A:  Hhhhh.) – a certain outcome, in the U.S., if we abandon the Electoral College.


(A:  Hm, there ya go. I tell ya.  Do you think the military is just going to stop with, hhhch, cyber warfare?  Hm?  D’you think so, ‘eh?  Cyber warfare and so on, of course they are, against their own people.  You see, they’ve already got it on the go. Your government is using them against you already. What does it say here?...)


  …the “poor schemed to despoil the rich by legislation and revolution [and] the rich organized for protection against the poor.”


(A: How do you think they did that, ‘eh? So the class warfare…)


  included not only government redistribution,


(A: You’ve heard that term often enough.)


but a distrust of “democracy as empowered envy”


(A:  There ya go, empowered envy.)


– a certain outcome, in the U.S., if we abandon the Electoral College.


Step 9. Total Societal Discord.


Also in ancient Greece, debtors, when the legislative ransoming of the rich’s wealth was not enough, murdered creditors as in Mytilene. Today, Venezuela is in near total societal breakdown as tens of thousands seek to flee the country amidst a socialist dictatorship, a growing police state, empty store shelves, little medicine, and even less order.


Those are the steps. They don’t necessarily occur in order, often occur in tandem and don’t have a timetable. While they take time to develop, the rush at the end can be quite rapid as we have seen in Venezuela.


All along the way, the power of government grows and rights correspondingly diminish.


(A: I’ll say that again, it’s important.)  


All along the way, the power of government grows and rights correspondingly diminish.


(A:  This is about socialist takeover, you see.)


Often initiated by a seduced vote of the people,


(A:  …a SEDUCED vote, got it?)


in time, socialism is maintained by force.


(A:  Once it’s in, it’s by force, you see.)


The United States is not, currently, a socialist nation.


(A: That was last year. That’s what they thought too, the author did.) 


Our economic vitality remains greatly decentralized


(A: Well, it’s not anymore.  They did it very quickly. And actually I think he doesn’t really realize how bad it was even leading up to it.)


However, we have massive government programs.  If spending increases, at the rate it has in the last 20 years, socialism will come into view.  The adoption of “Medicare-for-all,” estimated to yearly cost $3.2 trillion, would push our spending as a percent of GDP well above 50 percent and explode our debt even more.


(A: Well, I’ll just tack into it, by the way, the socialists have already brought out the end-of-life programs. To save money, you know, you can’t treat everybody.  And the ethicists, I’ve read all their articles on the air before and they’ve said it, you know, they’ve said, decided who lives and dies during this pandemic and who to treat and who not to treat, because we can’t treat them all, you know, and really, should we? We should just give the medication to people who have more chance of pulling out of it.  There ya go. They’ve got it all in hand, you see, this idea of Medicare for all. You see, once they’re in, they’re going to offer you euthanasia. That’s treatment, euthanasia, they give you a pill, or a little injection.)


History, of course, is not a pre-determined straight line.


(A:  No kidding, this guy doesn’t know at all.)


Wise leaders have steered civilizations away from bad decisions – as they have in Sweden today.


On the other hand, the fall of the Roman Republic and Greek democracy still serve as harsh warnings to large governments like our own.


Altogether, only a fool would rush into more government spending and irretrievable government dependence. The wise should rather seek to reduce government in the hopes of avoiding the socialist mistakes of the past.


Well, I tell you.  N-n.  And of course, along comes Covid.  We should do a song with that, along comes Covid... And yeah, get that one, a good foot tapper.  And of course, you could have the occasional cough in it, you know and stuff like that. But that's, that's an idea of steps toward socialism, you see, this article. But you're already getting it. I mean, they were in long before... There's only one organization that ran both parties for years in the States, it was very obvious.  It's even more obvious now when most of the Republican Party never backed Trump at all during his reign, and they're quite frankly disowning him now as finished, pretty well. Because they all ran, they all worked with... How can you...


Look at the neocons, you know, and George Bush. There he is with Clinton and the rest of them, all buddies together, ‘eh.  All in the same little gang, keeping the same agenda going.  The same agenda that Jefferson warned you about, Thomas Jefferson. He says, when you see the same agendas continuing between changes of the houses, he's talking about the representatives, then you know your under tyranny. You're running through agendas.


I must admit Sidney Powell, you probably saw the clip a few days ago perhaps at the big meeting that they had.  She definitely gave a little talk, it was like at the end of the system obviously, you could see that's really what she was...  She talked about the changes when she grew up in America and how different it was back then compared with what it is today, and that's the breaking of hearts obviously from people who witnessed the changes and maybe not saw them all, I don't know if she did or not. But the fact is, she knows what's happened here, you know.


It's, I think the system is always run by the same one group, who have to give a bit of leeway to keep it appearing to be different, you know, different parties here and there, a little bit different. But it's true enough, it's the same agendas continue regardless of which party is in power, isn't it.


Rumsfeld definitely did, he slapped Obama on the back and praised him for keeping the same wars going and expanding them.  Wars that the average American say, well whoah, what's all this for?  But Sidney Powell, you know, she definitely understands what's happening now, I think.  And other ones at that meeting too.  They don't have to bother now under the guise of Covid to pretend anymore. Biden is the guy for socialism, I think he'll do any socialist thing that his masters tell him to do, he'll be quite happy to do it.  He's been that way his whole life long.  Quite something, ‘eh?


So it's a good little article for those that want to just ponder it.  And you can go over the Communist Manifesto as an example too, and start there, get an idea. Because Covid honestly is the big one, that's the big excuse that's getting used right now for the complete change, again, the total destruction of the economy, boomff, at one fell swoop. Don't go to work, we’ll fine you, we’ll put you in prison if you go to work, you know! Shut your businesses, you can't have them! The communists did the same thing, folks. 


You must get folk instantly dependent upon government, that's what communism or the Bolshevik revolution did.  Everybody had to look for the government for help. EVERY BODY.  That's what you do, end all private property, blah blah blah blah blah, end private enterprise, blah blah blah blah blah.  Bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo. Except for the big, big ones, you see, that are public-private partnerships, this great term of deception that they set up a few years back, hhhch, and we pay for it all so the biggies can, well, get all the profit, get ALL the profit literally.  We pay for upkeep and maintenance and stuff for big projects. 


And again, what do you do, what did they do too in socialism?  You get rid of the, especially Christianity, it's such a darned nuisance, for goodness’ sake, you know. Such an awful nuisance. And so what do you do? If you get the European commission as an example, the US will do it too, and so will Canada, you recommend ...


European Commission recommends online ‘services,’ ‘banning of communal singing’ for Christmas / 5 Dec 2020


(A:  There you are.)


It should be said that the European Commission (A:  …the commissariat, ‘eh?), in its inhuman regulations to take the joy and truth out of Christmas, is exerting the power of an unelected executive body that is not famous for using its functions in favor of the common good.


(A: Isn’t that the truth! Hhh, it’s a communist organization, it was set up to do that, on behalf of the elite again. And they reward themselves awfully well at the EU commission at the top, secretive ones at the top, you know, they will never publish who they are, ‘eh.  And you accept that.  Aauuugh!  You can’t help people, you know.)


Here's another article here too…


‘Not fit for purpose’: Rapid Covid tests used across UK ‘failing to detect half of all cases’ (A:  Aw, hhh.) / 4 Dec 2020


Rapid Covid tests deployed to enable students to return home for Christmas,


(A:  Why can’t they return home?  You’d have to use sign language, you can’t sing or anything, for goodness’ sakes.)


and care home residents to have visitors, are failing to identify up to 50 per cent of positive infections, according to the government’s own analysis.


(A:  Everything you hear now is government this, government that, everything, every article, government, government, ‘eh. That’s just coincidence. So there you are, this rapid test, you see, and...)


Plans were this week rolled out across the UK for care homes to use the rapid tests to enable people to see their relatives (A:  I’m sure they have no intentions of doing it.) and even briefly pause social distancing during visits, as students also began to head home at the opening of the travel window.


However, the failure of the devices to pick up enough cases


(A:  Listen to this…)


  the failure of the devices to pick up enough cases has raised the risk of asymptomatic Covid carriers bringing the virus into care homes, or back to their family.


Experts have called into question the suitability and safety of the devices, which use lateral flow testing (LFT) to detect Covid-19 infections within a matter of minutes and are being implemented under the government’s Operation Moonshot plans.


Similar to a home pregnancy kit, (A:  Hhhch. [Alan laughing.]…)


Similar to a home pregnancy kit, these hand-held devices


(A: [Alan laughing.] I was beginning to, wondering what you do with them. [Alan laughing.] Ah, dear, dear, dear.)


  are currently being trialled among NHS staff, who are expected to test themselves twice a week


(A: [Alan laughing.] I got a picture of, [Alan clears his throat] of them wee-weeing on it. [Alan laughing.] Anyway, here we go.)


to confirm their Covid status.


(A:  There ya go.  Ah, I shouldn’t laugh at such serious stuff, ‘eh.)


The tests are also being utilised under the government’s “test and release” strategy,


(A: I like that, test and release… It’s like you’re a prisoner, ‘eh?)


enabling people to leave lockdown or to allow students to go home from university, and have been rolled out across Liverpool to conduct a mass testing programme there.


Downing Street has insisted that “extensive clinical evaluation” of the tests, conducted by Oxford University and Public Health England, has shown the devices to be “highly reliable, sensitive and accurate in multiple settings”.


(A: Well, they’ve spent millions of the taxpayers’ money on it already of course, so they have to say that.)


However, experts have warned that the tests are “not fit for purpose


(A:  These are probably the bad experts, for goodness’ sake.  They authorize these experts for goodness’ sake, ‘eh.)


and called for an immediate halt to their use.


(A: Hhhhh, what downers, after spending millions of money.)


This comes after the government’s own analysis highlighted their lack of sensitivity in identifying positive cases.


(A:  Now, how do they know they’ve got, these are positive cases? Well, they use the, another one, the PCR test, you see, the swab ones they stick up your noses and stuff. That are guaranteed, [Alan chuckles.] they said in some of the articles, the actual official ones say that they’re giving out 90% false positives.  [Alan chuckles.]  So I guess they have to adjust these other tests that are these rapid testing systems and adjust them so’s they’ll give out lots of false positives as well. Maybe that will make them happy.)


“In the field evaluation in Liverpool, compared to PCR tests, these tests picked up 5 out of 10 of the cases PCR detected and more than 7 out of 10 cases with higher viral loads, who are likely to be the most infectious.


Well, because the PCR test, as we well know, they take, you get bits and pieces of fragments that could be put together to create a virus, and they put it through cycles, and multiply them by cycles, and up to about 30 odd, once you get past 30, they even said themselves they would get very unreliable answers. It’s almost like projections through a computer pretty well, ‘eh?  Now they’re doing even over 40, they’re guaranteed false positives.  This is in their own literature by the way, from the scientific laboratories and so on. I’ve got them all here, I put them up before.  But facts don’t matter.


So the other ones, these other tests, now, these rapid ones aren’t giving them enough false positives I suppose, so they’re not happy with it. Because you see, if they can’t get the positives they have no, they have nothing, they don’t have a leg to stand on, do they? They’ll have to let folk go back to work and everything.  I keep saying, if they stop testing folk they wouldn’t have all these cases. Now, the cases are not ill folk. They’re not ill. So they’re not infectious, really, cases at all. And the only way you could prove anything a person had is by, to see if they had antibodies against the virus.


Do you know they don’t have any samples of the virus? Do you know that? They actually don’t have any samples of it. I’ll get to that later on perhaps. You’ve got to start, you know, if folk don’t start scratching their heads, the game is over for them. Literally, you know. The complete shutdown of everybody’s economies. Putting you into desperate centralized, not just national government but international government. That’s what it’s about.


And it's not supposed to ever go back to normal. Even that Sir John Bell of the Oxford University's group, and he's on the SAGE board as well advising governments. He said the same thing, he says, the vaccines probably won't stop anything, he says, you'll need this probably every, boosters every year, just like the flu. And most folk don't even get the flu, it doesn't bother them, you know, and don't bother with the shots either.


Fauci said too, it will never go back to normal. He said that early in this whole thing, about March or so, it will never go back to normal. What part of never don't you understand? Never.  Hm?  And you still have to wear masks and so on after the vaccinations, yada, ya.  Unless again you're essential, an essential entertainer in sports or an actor or actress or you're into something like that, you see, you're a good entertainer. You have to travel a lot. So you won't get tested and you won't get put into quarantine as you move from place to place.  Because the virus is very understanding. It knows that people have got to get entertainment during all this. It won't attack them, obviously.  M-hm.


COVID-19 vaccine which Australia has ordered 10 million doses of is APPROVED in UK and could be rolled out next week -  here's what it means for you and why it could change hotel quarantine for returning travellers - / 2 Dec 2020


So anyway, here you are, here they are squabbling over different tests. Now, if any of them were accurate there would be a standard illness come up too.  Not just false positives but there would be a standard that was set up on, between them all obviously, you know. 


So as I said, they go after different Christian groups and so on. There's too many stories of them about them going after churches, like the one out in Alberta of course.  The RCMP put themselves to shame.  Which all countries will do. All these, you find this all through tyrannies, in the Bolshevik revolution immediately the cops got back to work, and they beat folk over the heads and they do what they're told.  It's sad that human nature is like that.


And folk who put on uniforms, unfortunately it's true, it affects the people.  That old saying, you are what you wear, affects you more than you understand. The same in the military. You become a part of the military, you will not question what you're doing. If you started questioning what you're doing you’d have a breakdown.  And there's techniques in it, in the system, in the military and the police that they're trained and that conditions them not to have the breakdown and not to question what they're doing, and to be almost robotic.  And it's all faith-based because if you were to come to the conclusion that I'm working for evil tyrants you couldn't fulfill your orders, could you? 


So they become their uniform, it becomes them. A form, remember, is a cover.  That's what it means, a cover, you are one cover, you all wear the one cover.  It covers more than just your body, you see. You are a uni- form, a one form.  That also means you will say the same phrases, you'll give the same answers to anything if you're questioned. You're one form, yeah, you'll justify everything as ordered.  That's how it's done.


This article here is quite good as I say. Here's one from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the processing of, well, swab tests and so on, PCR, you know, real time as well, they’ve got real time ones of the PCR as well.


CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. / 1 Dec 2020


The CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel is a real-time RT-PCR test intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2 in upper and lower respiratory specimens (such as nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swabs, sputum, lower respiratory tract aspirates, bronchoalveolar lavage, and nasopharyngeal wash/aspirate or nasal aspirate) collected from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider.


(A:  Okay.  This is from the CDC.)


This test is also for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from the SARS-CoV-2 in pooled samples containing up to four of the individual upper respiratory swab specimens


 (A:  …and they go through it all again, that was mentioned…)


that were collected using individual vials containing transport media from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider.


Negative results from pooled testing should not be treated as definitive.


(A:  Right?  So even if you’re not, if you come out negative with it, they can’t say that’s a definite.)


If a patient’s clinical signs and symptoms are inconsistent with a negative result or results are necessary for patient management, then the patient should be considered for individual testing. Specimens included in pools with a positive, inconclusive, or invalid result must be tested individually prior to reporting a result.


(A:  You think they’re all doing it separately? No, they’re actually pooling some of these things, ‘eh. Then they will do it separately if they find someone, order someone.) 


Specimens with low viral loads may not be detected in sample pools due to the decreased sensitivity of pooled testing.


Testing is limited to laboratories certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), 42 U.S.C. § 263a, that meet the requirements to perform high complexity tests.


(A:  It’s a very specialized area.  Now, they’re letting a lot of labs open, they did this in the States early on in fact to try to get the high numbers through. They want higher numbers, you know. We’re not impressed with low numbers in anything, you know.  In fact, even with debt I suppose you need higher numbers to make you think, oh well, that’s a lot of money as well. So there you go, they like big numbers. Again, that’s where again Ferguson worked in London advising the government, and with his computer models and systems and so on. He liked big, big numbers.  His computer was awfully good at giving it to him. Even years ago and they used him for other things too, like mad cow disease and they wiped out the whole meat industry for Britain, on his computer modeling. He likes big numbers. He does.  Ftt.  That’s what his masters want, you know. But they certainly want the same thing. You understand, no matter what test they came up with it must give high numbers. Because otherwise the whole Covid thing would be, would fall flat on its face, you couldn’t do it, could you? You couldn’t do it. Anyway it says…)


Testing with the CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel is intended for use by trained laboratory personnel who are proficient in performing real-time RT-PCR assays.


The CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel is only for use under a Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization.


(A: Only for emergency use authorization. M-hm.)


Summary and Explanation


An outbreak of pneumonia of unknown etiology in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China was initially reported to WHO on December 31, 2019. Chinese authorities identified a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV, also referred to as SARS-CoV-2), which has resulted in millions of confirmed human infections globally.


Millions of infections confirmed, ‘eh? It didn't say illnesses.


Cases of asymptomatic infection, mild illness, severe illness, and deaths have been reported.


(A:  But it says here...)


The CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel is a molecular in vitro diagnostic test that aids in the detection and diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection and is based on widely used nucleic acid amplification technology.


(A: It amplifies it. You get little particles, amplifies it and they try to get a picture from the computer readouts and so on.)


The product contains oligonucleotide primers and dual-labeled hydrolysis probes (TaqMan®) and control material used in rRT-PCR for the in vitro qualitative detection of 2019- nCoV RNA in respiratory specimens.


(A: Then they give you…)


Principles of the Procedure


(A: And so on and so on and so on.)


What's the amazing part of it here, and they can do it all through computers and through amplification of little particles and amplify them through cycles and cycles until they can build up a picture, like a, that's what it is, a kind of picture of something that's there that is possibly this Covid 19 virus.  The SARS type virus. That's what they say. This is what they say.  And we have to go with it. The whole world must go along with this.


But you know, they don't have any live viruses. I'll be covering that later.  [Alan chuckles.]


Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR / Jan 2020


It's astonishing.  Now, viruses generally, to detect most viruses you end up getting different dye tests and stain tests and so on and to see under certain lights and with microscopes, that's how you generally track viruses. And some bacteria too by the way, start to detect, they'll do the same kind of technique.  But so far, they haven't been able to actually find this particular one. They say. So I'll put up this article.


And also this one here. This is an interesting article. You can take it or leave it or do what you want with it.


The SARS-Cov-2 virus was never proved to exist / 1 Dec 2020


If you can’t prove a virus exists, how do you create a test to detect it? How can you claim the test reveals that people are infected with the virus?


It’s an interesting little article here. As I say, you can take it or leave it if you want.  But no information or no query should be overlooked either. People have the right to question everything, using logic. 


Now, before I get really into this remember website. Send a few bucks my way.  Buy the books and discs if you want. Donations are certainly welcome regardless.  You'll find out how to do it Go into the website and you see how to get some cash towards me.  Now back to this article and it says here...


“My brother’s cousin, who works at Harvard studying snails, (A:  Yep, studying snails.) says OF COURSE they’ve isolated SARS-CoV-2, and they’ve sequenced its genetic structure many times…”


(A:  That even came out from China, remember too, when they said that they gave us the sequence of this particular, the genetic sequence of this particular virus right off the bat, that’s what they claim, you know, that was in the papers at the time. Anyway this other goes on to say…)


I have written several articles documenting the fact that the COVID virus is missing in action.


And when I say missing, I’m talking about two MAJOR confessions, from both the CDC and a group of study-authors in Europe…and in each case, these people were in the process of assembling instructions on how to perform the diagnostic PCR test for that very virus. The virus they said they didn’t have.


They didn’t have it because they couldn’t get it.


They couldn’t get it because no one had it.


(A:  They couldn’t find the virus in people, you see.)


In other words, the existence of the COVID virus is unproven.


Now, I want to point out three factors that produce a hypnotic effect. Even in the absence of the virus, these factors seem to indicate the virus “must exist.” I’m not talking about government or media pronouncements, which are obvious.


ONE: Scientists and public health agencies claim they’ve ISOLATED the virus.


There is no reason to believe them. The term “isolation” is thrown around like a politician throws around the term, “the people.”


Isolation of a virus SHOULD mean it is separated out from all the genetic, cellular, microbial, and waste material that surrounds it. But don’t assume, when professionals are talking or writing, that this is what they DO mean. Do not assume that.


For example, they often mean: “We have the virus in a dish in the lab. The soup in the dish contains human cells, animal cells, chemicals, toxic drugs, and other material. However, we know the virus is there and growing, because it is killing the cells…”


(A:  That’s what they’ll tell you, you know.)


Wrong. There is more than sufficient non-viral toxic substance in the soup that could be doing the cell-killing. Further, the cells in the dish are being starved of nutrients. That factor alone could produce cell death. And obviously, “the virus” in the dish is surrounded by this mix of material. It is far from isolated.


TWO: The following hypnotic effect ropes in some of the brightest medical and scientific professionals, who otherwise challenge all sorts of medical dogma. It is: “The genetic sequence of the virus is well established. Many studies confirm this.”


Well, sure. If experts have mapped out the genetic structure of the virus, the virus must exist. (A:  You must have the virus to map it out, right?) Right?


Wrong. The sequence is INFERRED. It is ASSUMED.


(A:  So they assume they have the genetic sequence of the virus.)


Inferred from what? The genetic sequence could be cobbled together from several sources: a piece or pieces of RNA that have been arbitrarily chosen as “relevant clues”; chosen according to a bias in favor of a certain type of virus.


Bias? What does that mean? I’ll explain. When a few dozen people in Wuhan fell ill, back in 2019, there were a million ways researchers could have gone, in trying to figure out the cause.


Of course, as I’ve written, they could have looked out their windows and observed the horrific air pollution hanging over the city, and realized these “unexplained cases” of pneumonia had a ridiculously simple origin. But no.


The researchers opted, as they always do, for a “new virus.” And, they chose, without a shred of evidence, to “look for” a germ from the coronavirus family. That was the pre-planned story. That was the bias.


From that point on, the die was cast. The “genetic sequencing” involved cobbling together, by assumption and inference, a collage of INFORMATION, into code, which would satisfy the pre-ordained scenario.


They ASSEMBLED a genetic sequence that matched what they were going for: a coronavirus.


Don’t imagine genetic sequencing is performed by people looking directly at a virus through a cosmic microscope and jotting down the names of rows of genes sitting side by side like cars in a supermarket parking lot.


THREE: The other hypnotic factor is the PCR test. “If the test exists to detect the virus, the virus must exist.” 


(A:  Right?)


Wrong. The test—which has irreparable and fatal flaws, as I’ve documented—is working, at best, from a fragment of RNA which is ASSUMED to come from the virus. If the test appears to identify that fragment as “relevant,” the test result clams the patient is “infected.”


People believe the test must mean something. And the only thing it could mean is: it finds the virus in a person, or the virus isn’t in that person’s body. But either way, the virus is real.




The deck is stacked. The game is rigged. Welcome to the Deep Medical State.


As in any truly deep operation, only a small number of elite professionals understand the basic con. The rest are blind, and accepting. Some are willfully blind. They see the truth in a flash of insight, and then they shut up.


(A: This reminds me by the way of communism again.  [Alan chuckles.] That's just how my mind works all over the place. I remember reading lots of students of communism in the Soviet Union writing, everybody had to write about their devotion to the communist system and Karl Marx and Lenin and so on.  They glorified Stalin.  You had to better than glorify Stalin, you know, because it was dangerous not to. But they would say that he would often tell them about certain things, if they would give him questions, which were just too complex for their simple minds to understand. But they had to, they would believe it immediately because the star himself had said it, this God Stalin.  He must be, naturally you would never question it was wrong, he must be right.  They would have to work harder and harder to try to fathom about all these different parts of the doctrines of communism which they just weren't up to at the moment and hopefully with time they would understand it all. Well, this is the same kind of thing in the medical profession, isn't it.)


…only a small number of elite professionals understand the basic con. The rest are blind, and accepting. Some are willfully blind.


(A: It reminds me too of Rothschild in one of the memoirs, one of the official memoirs that were put out by Rothschild years ago, a long time ago, you know, the first one in Britain. He was asked about the technique of money and the printing of money and things like that, and debt money and so on.  But he said, he actually said that it goes through a process of complexities.  I mean, money is very simple to start with, with the purpose and cause and definition of it and all the rest of it and what it's meant to do.  But then once you make it complex, you see, then you need specialists to decipher it.  The same with law, it's the same kind of thing.  So you need experts to decipher it.)


(A: Rothschild said that to do investments and debt and etc., and the compound interest, all these different things, he says, well, the people who eventually figure it out will work, make their living in the system working on money, and because they're making such a good living in IT, they'll never let the cat out of the bag to the general public pretty well, because they're benefiting from it so well.  This was printed in their own histories, the Rothschilds, which, you know, they said it was all quite genuine, by them themselves, etc.)


(A: So yeah, people who work with money in high accountancy and so on make such a good living on it that, why would they let, why would they turn against it when it's giving them a better living than most folk out there? The same thing here too, ‘eh? That's the problem with all these, especially in the sciences and things, and again the star making machinery of who understand something better than anybody else, then are the ones who are appointed by the big deep state to be the leaders, you see. So anyway it says...)




The deck is stacked. The game is rigged. Welcome to the Deep Medical State.


only a small number of elite professionals understand the basic con. The rest are blind, and accepting.


(A: Then you have to go along with it, just like the students of communism.  One day I'll understand, I just don't understand at the moment. So you still have faith in it.)


However, in this mad COVID landscape, minds and doors are opening. The hypnotic haze is receding. The truth is coming out.


And now we move to on the first Smoking Gun:


Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available.


(A: I've got the article here and I'll put the article up, and the link to the CDC, it's a paper. It gives you the document, I won't mention it because as soon as you mentioned something it gets pulled so fast. The one I mentioned already…)


The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It was originally published in February, 2020, and re-published in July.


Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV [SARS-CoV-2] are currently available, (A:  Right.)


…no quantified virus isolates


(A:  So no one goes in and isolated…)


assays (A:  …which are…) [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”


The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV [virus] are currently available…”


Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS. (A: …Covid virus.)


This is quite a long article, I won't read it all. I'm just giving you a little taste of it.  But there's a lot here that you can't just toss out the window. Of course you would be attacked immediately by, oh, what do you know, you know. They've already banned people, top virologists, from mentioning the same kind of article. Because they're questioning it too. So they all get banned or lose their jobs or they're blacklisted, by the ones at the very, very top of the deep state, ‘eh. 


It is interesting, to me anyway it's interesting. But this goes on and on and sure enough they don't... I remember too when they were doing the tests in England for the pharma company back in March and April and May, and reading an article from the University and it was in the press, where's scientists said, we have to go like crazy trying to isolate the viruses because we don't have it yet, this illness will be over before we can find it. That's what he said! It will be gone, it will be gone before we can find it.  Iye-iye.  There ya go anyway.


I've got other articles that are similar too, but you'll be attacked just by mentioning them today, you know.  I'll put up the article too from the CDC, the actual PDF part of it talking about this as well.


Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. - / 1 Dec 2020


I tell ya. But yeah, what an incredible system we're going through right now, isn't it.  It's just incredible what's happening. An article here now too, again, getting back to, this ties in with stuff I've mentioned over the years about euthanasia. A few years ago in fact there was some professor in Australia, they keep bringing him out of the hats when it's time to remind the public, doing a little trial balloon about, you should really, the economies are so bad, he said, this is some years ago, people should be, stop working at 65, even earlier, to let the younger people get jobs, he says. Again, the whole point was too many people, too many of you, ‘eh. He said that, you know, people could take euthanasia rather than retire and collect their money, that the government could use.  This is a recurring theme that they push out there all the time.


You're constantly being conditioned, you understand, to accept what's going to come. Anyway the National Health Service... Now that we do have euthanasia and so on, life is becoming cheaper. You know, go to the ethicists, professional ethicists that have got a little degree saying, I'm an ethicists, and they decide what's right for you. They've got legitimate morals because there's a paper to prove it, you see. So…


NHS Pressuring People to Sign “Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate” Orders / 7 Dec 2020


(A: Right.  I remember they put those articles out before, even to the doctors, ‘eh, local doctors.)


A further sign of how to protect the NHS, National Health Service  gets things precisely backwards. The NHS is supposed to protect us, and puts the vested interests of the organization ahead of the medical needs of the public.


NHS medical staff have been caught pressuring older people to sign Do Not Attempt To Resuscitate Orders, and even imposing them without consent.


(A: Do you understand they're trying to make it legal that you'll condemn yourself? Do you understand what's going on here? This isn't just going to end up with the elderly.  Are you getting the picture? And they want YOU to consent to it yourself, hm.  And it gives you this, they give you a picture of an elderly woman.)


Lucy, she enjoys a good quality of life and apart from some age-related ailments she's been related as three on the NHS clinical frailty scale. One is very fit and nine and is terminally ill.


(A: But she's number three.)


Despite all this, the morning after the nurses in an unannounced visits to conduct a frailty review.


(A: This is socialism in action, ‘eh, centralized government. A frailty review...)


An envelope was delivered to Lucy's flat.


(A: Apartment.)


Containing an aforesized noticed with a stark red border designed to be displayed in her home, it was a do not attempt to resuscitate order, known as a DNAR, or DNR. 


(A: It's interesting it's called DNAR, ‘eh, in a sense.) 


It states that Lucy should not be resuscitated by doctors, nurses or emergency paramedics if her heart stopped. It was signed by the frailty nursing practitioner. 


(A: Well, now you know what a lot of their job now is, ‘eh.  Don't you feel better now that those folk are there to help you? That's what you thought, ‘eh. It's like the same panels that they have in the hospital, the [?] Group, they jump in, they run in and they look at you and the whole bit, and size you up immediately.  What age are you, blah blah blah blah blah, and they've already written you off. Then they'll offer you euthanasia. That happens in Canada now. It says…)


I was shocked that the NHS won't save me, said Lucy. If I collapse they are refusing to put me together again. She told the daily mail.


(A: This is the Daily Mail I guess.)


She's one of millions of people who have been caught up in a new and no doubt well-intentioned NHS initiative to help


(A: Hhhch, well-intentioned…)


to help those over 65 live at home and not burden the hospitals.


(A: Oh, you're just a burden.  Even the terminology, a BURDEN, you see.  None of these words, these are weaponized words. Burden, burden, you're a burden, hm.  Hm?  Are you getting the picture how things are put across to you? Like that woman from the video I mentioned earlier, ‘eh, on the demonstrations in England. They tried to make it seem like an independent inquiry about who they are and why they're protesting, you know, about the lockdowns and vaccinations that are coming and all that. Then the woman at the end from the, who works for the University medical health system and so on at Oxford, that those people could be a danger to society, she says, with a voice of authority, as they get you ready for being locked up, ‘eh.  Oh, oh, yeah.  Burden.  Burden, ‘eh? Everything is weaponized, folks.  Everything is put through teams of specialists who put in the right terms just to make you have the little psychological impacts.  It might be your turn, oh, I feel a burden to everybody.  M-hm.)


As part of this individuals are encouraged to make early decisions about advanced care & a DNA are.


(A: Hm.)


However concerned is growing about the pressure put on older people to accept DNARs.  An urgent review has condemned their blanket using care homes at the peak of the covered 19 crisis earlier this year.


(A: Well that was from those in bioethics for goodness’ sake. They said that, we can't treat them all, you know.  Maybe we should start reserving, Canada had a, I read the article in the Canadian papers and mentioned it before, it says we have to start thinking about if it gets really bad who to treat, who not to treat, and we've got a certain stock of antiviral medications and so on, we have to decide who to give it to. There you go.  There you go. M-hm.  Situation bioethics. You're all trained through the movies about situation ethics too, aren't ya.  Ha.)


Health watchdog the Care Quality Commission said, many were put on medical records without the consent of the person concerned and their families. Lucy Jael's horrified family said Lucy never agreed to a DNAR order which was also sent to her general practitioner. The family now want the order removed from her medical records.


(A: I tell ya.  N-n-n.  It says...)


Read Lucy's story and many more here.


(A: It gives you a link to it as well.)


Another one too, it says…


Cues of patients nursed on trolleys in corridors, the National Health Service was overwhelmed.

[Unable to locate link or site.]


A National Health Service frontline nurse of some 17 years of clinical experience got in touch with some observations about how ludicrous it is to be locking down to protect the National Health Service when the National Health Service is often in crisis during the winter.


(A: It's OFTEN in crisis during the winter. That's the main part of it. This is from… It says…)


The National Health Service most serious winter for many years:


(A: It shows you all these headline stories from different papers.)


A lack of staff and beds, 75 percent of acute medicine doctors say their hospitals are not properly prepared, the inability to cope with the number of nations arriving.


The National Health Service is not equipped to deal with it.  Over 64,000 all cause deaths in January alone.


Are these predictions for this winter?


No. It's what happened three years ago in the winter of 2017/18. 


There were more than 50,000 excess winter deaths in England and Wales during that period, the highest recorded excess winter deaths since the winter of 1975/76.


(A: There ya go.)


But we didn't hear anyone calling for lockdowns back then. No. Because you get the big reset, folks. You've got to commit. You're not going to get out of this. This is the whole agenda rammed through this.  The whole lot. Very quick too.  Well, they said at the last climate meeting last year, the people are just ignoring us, they're not, they're still consuming and purchasing things.  And breeding for goodness’ sake, you know.  Hhhhh!  On OUR planet.  Hm.  We'll have to do something more drastic, they said. Well, bingo. And...


The pandemic was already polarizing — now vaccines have become partisan as well / 2 Dec 2020


Polls suggest a partisan split on when — or if — Canadians want to get vaccinated


(A: Well, the polls are bogus anyway.  I wouldn't go with it, for or against them.)


It was inevitable that the federal government's handling of COVID-19 vaccines would become political.


But now the vaccines themselves are becoming politically polarized.


Since the spring, polls have shown consistently that one of the major factors associated with how Canadians view the pandemic is how they vote. Supporters of the Liberals and New Democrats have been more likely to report concerns about the public health risks of COVID-19, while Conservative voters have been more likely to eschew precautions and oppose restrictions.


Polling conducted by a number of firms in November — as cases across the country continued to rise — still showed signs of this split between left and right in Canada.


Again, they go back to left and right, ‘eh? So then it goes into the fact that they're not too happy with all this talk about mandatory vaccinations, etc. etc., n, n, wearing masks and all that. Even though we got all these articles from earlier on where even Fauci said no, don't wear a mask, you don't need them. And then the rest of them said the same stuff too, ‘eh?  Facts have got nothing to do with it. But purpose does, this agenda, ‘eh.


I'll put up too, breastmilk…


Breast milk contains coronavirus antibodies, study suggests / 19 Nov 2020


(A: Again, I love this ‘suggests’, ‘eh.  You know, maybe it is or, oh, it suggests it, you know.)


Mothers who have recovered from COVID-19 may have antibodies in their breast milk, The Scientist reports.


(A: So here we've got a study suggesting it, and then it says they MAY have antibodies in their breastmilk.  That's from The Scientist, right.  It was published in the magazine The Scientist and it says…)


Although there is no evidence that moms can transmit SARS-CoV-2 to infants during breastfeeding, it is unknown whether breast milk may pass on immunity to the virus.


In a new study, researchers compared the breast milk of 15 lactating mothers who have recovered from COVID-19 with samples taken from other women before the pandemic. Breast milk from the previously infected women had antibodies that specifically bound to SARS-CoV-2,


(A: How can they do that? how it can bind if you don't have any samples of it anyway?)


whereas the prepandemic samples only had low levels of nonspecific or cross-reactive activity,


(A: ... but with the same particles that would be...)


researchers report this month in Science.


The findings provide evidence that breastfeeding through the pandemic is safe, scientists say, and could potentially transmit protective antibodies to babies.


So it could, maybe and the whole bit and suggests, etc, and may have. So there's science for you, you see. There's science on the go. And this other article here…


New mother, 35, is barred from entering Makro store (A:  I guess that’s in Britain.)

 for breaching social distancing rules – by having her three-month-old daughter strapped to her in a body sling / 3 Dec 2020


Kat Bailey, 35, of West Bridford, Nottinghamshire went to Makro on Tuesday

She was carrying her three-month-old baby on her trip to the cash and carry

Staff at the store told Ms Bailey that she was not allowed to bring a baby with her

She said the rule banning children discriminates against single mothers


A mother carrying her three-month-old in a baby carrier was denied entry into a popular store because it broke their social distancing policy.


She broke social distancing policy by having the baby strapped to her.  Hm.  Hhhch.  Some bright spark is going to see this, because this is, the government's throwing money at all these wealthy folk that can make things for them and so on. They'll get one of these carriers, but it will be like a breast strap will strap to you, it will spread out the weight, you see, on a pole that goes out horizontally.  Out at the end of the pole you'd have the baby there on that little thing, you see, 6 feet away, at least 6 feet away.  Underneath the little baby thing at the end of the pole, you could have a big, long coil spring, because when you get tired and you kind of go forward there with the weight of the baby, it would spring back up again you see, it won't harm the baby. You can make money off that too and there you go. Then you get little warning lights on either side of it, you see, to worn folk that the baby can't move away from them if they're getting close to 6 feet, so they should move further away from the baby.  You've got to think of everything these days. The government will fund it for you, I guarantee you. There's all kinds of comedies on the go right now.  M-hm.


So anyway, this is how they do it, you see. Hhhhh.  It's... You think about all over what's happening...


Canadian woman euthanised to avoid lockdown (A: I'm not kidding you, folks.) / 25 Nov 2020


An elderly Canadian woman, who was not chronically ill or dying has been euthanised to avoid living through another COVID-19 lockdown, according to local news reports.


CTV News (A: That's Ontario, Canada.), Medical Correspondent, Avis Favaro reported that 90-year-old Nancy Russell, died last month by euthanasia to avoid living through another lockdown.


The long-term care resident was reportedly not disabled, chronically ill or dying.


(A: I'll repeat that for those…)


…not disabled, chronically ill or dying.


Mrs Russell was described by her family as exceptionally social and spry. Her family says she chose a medically-assisted death (MAID) (A: MAID, it sounds better, ‘eh.) after she declined so sharply during lockdown that she didn’t want to go through more isolation during the northern hemisphere winter.


(A: LOTS of folk are like that.  They get... This is... Whoever is behind all this should be, must be brought up to trial for what's been happening, this total lockdown. These folk are written off, you know, they've been written off in advance to get this big agenda through.)


Current Canadian euthanasia legislation, passed in 2016, is supposed to be limited to the terminally ill,


(A: No, they keep expanding it. I said this years ago when I gave these talks on euthanasia was coming.  They expand it and expand it and expand it, because they always intended to expand it. First, you've got to get it on the books to start with. Oh, well, it's just for folk who are really suffering, you know. That's how you do things. Then you expand it. Whatever law it is, it's always the same thing. You're living through agendas, folks.)


however last year a court struck down the requirement that a person be terminally ill before they qualify for euthanasia. This followed the case of Alan Nichols, a former school caretaker who was physically healthy, but struggled with depression. His life was ended by lethal injection in July. Or the case of Roger Foley, a disabled man who was repeatedly offered the drugs to kill himself, while being denied the social care he needed to live a dignified life, due to the cost.


(A: I remember reading that story on the air years ago. He was, you know, he could have been taking care of and lived to a good age, he was a young fella.  Each time he wanted help, he said they just gave him the occasional home visits and so on, and they kept offering him the drugs to kill himself. That was in the papers too.)


Canadian parliamentarians are still debating how far any change should be made, with Bill C-7, which would see euthanasia extended to the those who are terminally ill, disabled people and even those with mental health problems.


(A: So there you go. By the way, remember a couple of articles ago I mentioned that, about Lucy who, and they send out these teams, ‘eh, to evaluate them and try to get them to sign an agreement to accept non-resuscitation.  You see, that puts you closer to euthanasia too, I hope you understand that. In a sense, non-resuscitation could be put down as euthanasia.  Because it's agreed upon in advance, you see. Now, back to this article and then it says, they also agreed now to give it to people who suffer with depression or so on, or who are mentally ill, you see.)


…terminally ill, disabled people and even those with mental health problems.


(A: What’s the demonization of people now? Oh, you're a burden.  You're a burden, you see. Oh, you don't want the vaccination perhaps for this particular, this new novel vaccination, this one that alters the DNA, [Alan chuckles.] this new type of vaccination, well, you know, maybe you're mentally ill.  You see, you're already using the psyops warfare teams to label people this, that and the other.  Anti-Vaxxers.  Vaccine deniers. It's like climate change deniers and so on. They keep on, they use all the same terms over and over. You've all been conditioned with the initial deniers, and then you feel guilty when they put the term, oh climate denier and then blah blah blah, now it's vaccine denier, or its Covid denier, yada, yada ya. As they demonize you.  Then the next step is what they did in the Soviet Union, they call you mentally ill. I'm telling you the truth, folks. This is how it's done.)


(A: This isn't speculation here. Once they claim that you're mentally ill then the state can grab you, there's no trial or anything, you're put in the slammer. That's what the Soviet Union did. They put them right in there, any dissidents. One of the main diagnosis you would have is "inflexibility of opinion".  Because they'd say, you know if you'd just agree and just repeat what we tell you to say, like everybody else, we'll let you go. You say, no, I can't go along with that, I've got my own opinion of it.  Well, that was inflexibility of opinion.  And you HAD to be ill, because you were living in the greatest utopia on earth, that was the PROOF that you're mentally ill.)


(A: Their psyops teams now are aiming at you, folks, if you've got a brain in your head thinking. It's all backed by your, what you think are your governments.  This is tyranny, this is terrible tyranny, what's going on. Using your own tax money to attack you, and demonize you, as they prattle on about freedom and so on, and free societies.)


(A: Anyway it says here that, and this article goes on...)


Dr Gordon Macdonald, Chief Executive of the UK’s ‘Care Not Killing’ commented: “This is a shocking story, that highlights how quickly well-meaning, but dangerous changes, put forward under the false premise of alleviating suffering, can spin out of control.”


Iye.  Isn’t it ever.  But it’s planned that way.  Remember when they first tried it in Holland, they started there in Holland.  Holland went for it quicker than other countries. It’s interesting, Holland, because prior to it too, I mean, Holland for years had been an experimental test case for socialism, advanced socialism.  Government stepped in at one point, a good percentage of the population had, were certified as disabled with back problems. You could get a lifelong pension if you started just painting.  It didn’t matter what you painted, you could paint anything at all, and the government had to buy it off you and the government would pay you for them.  They had warehouses of these paintings, millions of them eventually. It’s a test in socialism on how folk would, and they also paid men to stay home and look after the children and wives would go off to work. They also wanted to see the differences in behaviors and acceptance of new, a new way of living by the use of drugs because they opened up all the bars to actually promote cannabis, you could buy it anywhere in these pubs, in these outlets, and sit there and get stoned. To see how it would affect you in the long term, would you be more malleable, etc.? It was a big test. I remember giving the talks many years ago on this.


Anyway, that’s where they started euthanasia, and it was accepted there quite calmly and quietly without any protests.  Eventually they were even euthanizing nuns who hadn’t given their permission for it either, you know. And other cases. Then they have euthanasia vans that would come around the houses, and the folk all could recognize the van, oh, they’re going to so-and-so’s, I guess they’re, that’s the end of her or him, you know.  This is what they want to come to you now. It’s more efficient, you understand. And it saves money.  All that tax money these folk have paid into the medical systems through taxes and so on, the government’s got other purposes for that, like big, big, fatter paychecks for themselves. N-n-n.


I'll put these articles up. Remember, all these articles I put up.  It isn't just my opinion; these are published articles.  This one too that came out some time ago, long, long ago but it’s...


‘Agitated’ dementia patients can be sedated before euthanasia – Netherlands / 4 Dec 2020


(A: That's in Holland again, ‘eh.  You see, they've got, they’re ahead of us. Canada has only been at it now for four or five years now.  Holland is longer. It says…)


Doctors in the Netherlands will be allowed to sedate dementia patients before euthanising them, if they fear they will resist.


(A:  You don’t want to die, you don’t want to die. Oh, you’ve changed your mind, well, here, grab him and…  I’ve even had reports of that too, I read them not so long ago as well, where they actually grab somebody, and other folk saw it happening, and were rather distressed by witnessing it happening.  Well, it’s kind of hard to witness folk getting killed by the health authorities. It can have a shocking effect on you.  [Alan chuckles.]  It might burst your bubble of how society really is, ‘eh.)


Secret sedation

The guidance was issued in response to a Dutch Supreme Court decision earlier this year on a case involving a doctor who put sedative in the coffee of her 74 year-old patient without her knowledge, before administering a lethal injection.


Dr Marinou Arends was cleared of wrongdoing (A:  …naturally.), and the Court stated that if a patient is no longer capable of giving consent (A:  Do you understand what’s going on here?), a doctor does not need to take a literal interpretation of an advance directive.


How can we blame previous systems that were horrible, that caused world wars and had world wars with them, [when] we’ve been terrible, terrible people, when you’re DOING THE SAME THING?  That’s exactly what the Nazis were accused of initially in their racial hygiene policies.  They would go around the hospitals and the first to go were the mentally ill. And then you just go up the scale from there, you see, those with, oh, they’re going to cost money, these ones, and let’s euthanize this bunch.  What about the next one here, let’s try them now.  That’s how it goes, folks. That’s socialism for you.


Socialism always goes the same way, because that's what your masters want.  That's why they use it and all of its guises. That's what it is, is guises, the same thing.  And here you are doing the same thing to your own people.  Your tax money is paying for your governments ordering it and mandating it through their agencies, and they're doing it. And it's going to get worse and worse as they find new reasons to euthanize more classes of people.  And you're all allowing it to happen because you accept... Well, this is a slippery slope indeed.  You're not slipping now; you're flying down the slide.  [Alan chuckles.] You already are.


It's just destined because they've given so many little trial balloons with their announcements.  As I say, like that professor that they pull out of the bag in Australia every so often telling you, you should just live to a certain age and die. That's what Huxley talked about in Brave New World. Every citizen of their lovely utopia would have a wonderful life expectancy, very healthy until a certain age and they would very quickly die. They would train the children to think it was a wonderful thing that had happened, they celebrated people dying. There's nothing they can't do, that they haven't tested out already in certain areas, folks. And they're promoting it too. 


This other article too here is...


COVID-19: Canada expects first batch of vaccines early next year;

Ontario reports 1,824 new cases / 4 Dec 2020


(A:  Well, it’s just the more tests they do, the more cases they’ll find.  Because it’s fragments, hhhch, of coronaviruses that are all through society long before the coronavirus 19 came along.  Hhhhh, anyway I won't even go into that again.  It says…)


Initial supply will be limited, and Canada will be able to vaccinate about three million people


Authorities are expecting vaccines from Pfizer, which requires ultra-low temperature storage, (A:  Very, very low indeed.) and Moderna


The Pfizer vaccine will go directly to the point of vaccination, because it requires the ultra-cold conditions


(A:  It’s something like minus, it might even be in the article here somewhere, -70 or something it says, or some incredibly low temperature, to keep it, hhhch, workable I suppose.)


I'd even go along with these cases nonsense, you know, it's just nonsense.  You could test this until the cows come home, even if you had a supposed cure for it, you test folk with these particular virus tests that they're using and they're always going to come up positive, a good portion positive, no doubt about it.  That's the way it is. They even say that, by the way, that the vaccine is not going to stop it. They tell you that, you know.  The articles I've read over the course of this year have said it, from the publishers themselves and the makers of the vaccines, that generally you can't go by the initial oh, rah-rah-rah thing, we found it creates immunity and antibodies right off the bat, you know. It doesn't...


No, you'll find that to get that kind of response, to the adjuvants they add to all these vaccinations at the point of injection, your arm is going to be awfully sore. They tell you that with this new type of injection.  Some of them, I've read them about a month ago or two months ago, where nurses actually said that they took the second shot – because it's not just one vaccine, not one shot you get – she said, you might have to take days off, that's what it said in the article, she said she would advise you to take the day off, maybe a couple days off after getting the second shot because you feel pretty ill with it.  Well, that really gives you confidence, ‘eh?  for something that you're not sick with anyway.


Think about it, folks. And that one by Sir John Bell, hhhch, well it probably won't sterilize everybody he says.  And the interviewer says, well, what on earth?!, and you can see him put his hand to his mouth, [Alan chuckles.] what is this? I have to go over that article, this video clip again.  Because you can't believe what you're hearing here.  Unless he's meaning something else. But that's what it comes across as, with the vaccine.  A member of the SAGE group, ‘eh, that's advising the British government.


Anyway, yeah, so they're talking about who's going to get this vaccine first and so on.  There ya go.  Again folk will probably, a lot of folk will line up for it. Other folks are getting no choice in the matter in the old folks’ homes and so on.  And well, you could go on and on and on about it. Anyway here's another one too…


Negotiating contracts for coronavirus vaccines required flexibility, Anand says / 5 Dec 2020


Procurement Minister Anita Anand says that as soon as she knows when the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Canada, she will share that information with Canadians.


(A: It's pathetic what's happening to the whole system. It's been forcibly shut down as though an atomic bomb had gone off. Really. That's the whole reset in operation, folks, into a post-consumerist society, into basically complete austerity. That's where you're going with it all. And utter dependence on government. Total socialism. Far more effective without even a revolution like the Bolsheviks had.  It's quicker and, hhhch, just beautifully put across to the public with warfare type techniques, modern warfare techniques of psyops, etc., propaganda and the right people in the right positions to tell you, you know, the sky is falling.  M-hm.)


(A: And if these vaccines are hurting people in their 30s and 40s, and they're getting ill with it and so on, they're going to start to give this, it says, over the age of 80 for the first batches, it could be here it says.  That's going to really help them, ‘eh. On their way perhaps, ‘eh?)


(A: It really got me when they said, oh, we've got to give so many millions of tests out, that's the only way we'll know.  No, no. Testing with these PCR tests doesn't mean you've got the darn disease. And cases doesn't mean that you are ill or sick with it. It's not disease if you're not sick with it, folks.  Arrrgh. Also too, it says here that...)


The partnership between the National Research Council and China’s CanSino Biologics was announced in May to great fanfare. But the doses to be used in a Canadian clinical trial failed to arrive, when the Chinese government — in the midst of political tensions with Canada — refused to issue an export permit for them.


(A:  So, they’ve even had little tiffs with China and so on.)


Anyway, would you buy it from the country that it supposedly broke out of?  And how did they, how they got it, how do you get the virus in the first place if you can't find it and, you know? 


It's kind of like, you know, the old idea of table rapping, you know, with the early psy..., you know, spiritualists. There were Christian spiritualists at one point in Britain.  Conan Doyle was one, he was involved with the Spiritual Society, the head of it at one point.  But it's like table rapping.  He would go around with others too, to some of the well-known people who were in the papers, about, oh Madame So and So, and you go in there and they had spirit boxes, and the spirit would come out of the boxes when the lights were off. They would expose frauds and things like that too, mind you.


But this whole Covid idea is very much like that. I mean, you could try and tell people afterwards what had happened, what you saw, but who's going to believe it if you have no evidence? Well, how can you create all this stuff if you have no real evidence of an actual complete virus? That's just it, you know. Iii understand about the proteins and the different type of things that you can find, the tech[?], etc, etc and how their theories work, I understand all of that. But it really doesn't help at all.


I'll put that one up too with Obama, Clinton and Bush pledging to take the Covid vaccine. What a farce that is.


Obama, Clinton and Bush pledge to take Covid vaccine on TV to show its safety - / 3 Dec 2020


You can really trust these guys. You can really believe them with their sterile water, ‘eh?


'High-value' business travellers to be exempt from quarantine in England / 3 Dec 2020


(A: There's your class system as usual, ‘eh.)


From Saturday some performing arts professionals, TV staff and elite sportspersons will also be exempt


(A:  There ya go. Wealthy stinking rich folk will be allowed to go without getting tested and quarantining themselves here, there and everywhere.  Just you peasants that are paying for it all have to put up with all of that, ‘eh. So…)


Senior company executives are among travellers set to be exempt from Covid-19 quarantine restrictions for international arrivals in England, meaning they will not have to self-isolate for up to a fortnight.


Recently signed elite sportspeople, performing arts professionals, TV production staff and journalists (A:  They’re bringing the journalists on because they’re going along with the whole agenda, quite happily terrifying the public.) will also not have to abide by quarantine restrictions if arriving from a country outside of England’s travel corridor from 4am on Saturday.


(A: Isn't that astonishing, ‘eh? Right in your face.)


Announcing the move on Twitter, the transport secretary, (A: I was going to say transparency, hhhch, secretary.) transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said “high-value business travellers” would be exempt from quarantine rules in an effort to boost the economy


(A: Can you believe it, to boost the economy? Entertainers?  Hhhhh, iy, yi, yi. And company executives and senior executives and stuff, really important people, you see, the virus knows to leave them alone because they're just too important.  N-n.  Because they could, they could deliver…)


 “significant” economic benefit.


(A: …significant economic benefit, you see.  Ah, dear, dear.  Hm.)


Currently, travellers coming from non-exempt nations have to quarantine for two weeks, but as of 15 December people will be able to pay for a private coronavirus test to reduce their isolation


So the peasants, if you can still afford to travel at all, after going bankrupt through all of this, you can still pay for a test to reduce your isolation.  But the big elite don’t have to bother with all of that nonsense, because the virus realizes, it’s got some compassion, you see, and you need to be entertained and so on, ‘eh.  There ya go. No self-isolation for them. You know, they're actually self-isolating from state to state in some parts of the US.  I know some people that are doing it who traveled back and forth between different states. Frequently. And it's like two weeks each time for it in each state.  But no, they're just not important enough.  There ya go.  There you are.  High value. You see, you're a low value, you have no value at all at the bottom there, hm.


COVID-19: Two million more Moderna jabs secured as PM appoints new vaccine minister - / 30 Nov 2020


A vaccine minister? What do you mean a vaccine minister? ‘eh?  Hhhhhhhhh, there ya go. I-yi-yi-yi-yi.  Anyway, I won't even bother reading that one, you get so fed up with it all, don't you.  I do.  Because it's repetitive nonsense a lot of it. And...


CHAUDHRI: Employees refusing COVID vaccination may forego privacy rights / 5 Dec 2020


It’s time for COVID to pack its bags as promising vaccine news has swept global headlines.


(A:  A big RAH-RAH-RAH.  And who are we fighting today? We fought 10,000,000 more enemy on the Malabar front, says 1984, ‘eh, with our new tanks and everything.  So rah-rah, we’ve got all these vaccinations ready.)


Of course, that presupposes we all will line up promptly to get the vaccine. Personally, I can’t wait; but I know that feelings aren’t always mutual. So how will employers respond to those who refuse a COVID vaccination?


Many are asking if employers can force employees to vaccinate. Employers are not permitted to mandate vaccinations of employees.


(A:  This guy sounds disappointed, ‘eh?)


An analogous comparison are the many organizations that host “wellness clinics” every year to encourage employees to take the flu vaccine.


However, employees who do not want the flu vaccine may decline with impunity.


(A:  Oh, he’s not happy, is he?)


In fact, the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) won two arbitrations in recent years (2015 and 2018) challenging hospital implemented “vaccinate or mask” (VOM) policies during the annual flu season.


(A:  I remember that one.)


In 2018, ONA took on St. Michael’s Hospital where it sought to strike down the policy requiring healthcare workers to wear a surgical mask… (A:  etc, etc.)


For the record, I don’t think these cases will carry the day when it comes to COVID, which is more insidious than the flu.


(A:  That’s true.  It’s hard to fight. It’s like table rapping, you know, and proving that you actually saw, it’s a hard thing to get a hold of.)


All levels of government have required the wearing of masks in most indoor spaces (A: …and blah blah blah.)


In Ontario, workplaces are required to screen for COVID symptoms every time an employee steps into work.


(A:  And so on and so on, ‘eh.)


This guy is all wanting, this guy really is, hhhch, it's like he's pushing us, like it's some Banana Republic, into doing what we're told basically. And he's not the only one, you know. There you go. I wonder if he's, I wonder if he knows that they get permission as a journalist to get the preferential treatment for travel and no quarantine and stuff for putting out these articles and so on. M-hm.  I tell ya.


And I'm telling you, it's, this is socialism and tyranny in action.  It's all here. We're not advanced at all. It's repetition, repetition.


China ‘carried out disinformation campaign to force world economy into lockdown’, says US lawyer in extraordinary theory / 27 Sept 2020


CHINA may have carried out a massive disinformation campaign to encourage the world to go into lockdown, an American lawyer has extraordinarily claimed.


Michael Senger suggested the Communist Party promoted nationwide shutdowns in a bid to "cripple rival economies" amid the coronavirus pandemic.


(A:  Personally I think it was to do that, a postindustrial system for the West and so on. But I think it was all prearranged by the world deep state.  It definitely was.  It really was. No doubt.  All those guys falling down in the streets and so on, they weren't showing those articles and those videos in China, you know. But China was exporting them to the West to terrify us. That was all prearranged and agreed upon.  Folk were NOT dropping in the streets with Covid. Here either.  [Alan chuckles.] It was good drama though, wasn't it.  There's psy-op warfare right there, propaganda. So anyway...)


The campaign may have pushed nations into committing economic suicide.


(A:  May have?  WE ARE in economic suicide. We’ve not to go back ever to any kind of normalicy. Says the experts, right.)


He points to thousands of tweets which were encouraging world governments to try out the draconian rules first adopted by China.


Senger even alleges Prime Minister Boris Johnson was targeted by Chinese disinformation after he first suggested herd immunity rather than a lockdown.


The lawyer, from Atlanta, Georgia, laid out his theory in an article for Tablet Magazine titled "China's Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign".


(A:  I’ll put that up too.  It’s quite a good article. I think Tablet is an Israeli paper. It goes into it in more depth maybe.  But this has been discussed already with different intelligence agencies, this very theory he's on about though, that it was a campaign by China. But I think, as I say, it's an agreed-upon campaign with the deep state.  ALL our rulers are on board with it, you know, I have no doubt on that too. China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign - / 15 Sept 2020.)


China has since appeared to recover from the virus outbreak, with even Wuhan returning to normal, while nations such as Britain face further restrictions.


(A:  Well, every other country too.)


In an appearance on Sky News Australia, Senger claimed it was a "domino effect" of country's following China's policy after Italy became the first nation to lockdown.


(A: It's not a bad article.)


Senger claims the "smoking gun on the genesis of the coronavirus lockdown" is the fact Twitter removed tens of thousands of fake accounts promoting China's message.


Twitter confirmed in June it had took down 23,750 accounts which were "highly engaged" in disinformation - and 150,000 which were engaged in amplification.


You probably noticed too, thousands of the, supposed thousands of Chinese fled the US recently, you know, and it was claimed in some articles they were actually like spies. There's no doubt they have lots of spies, most countries do.  But there ya go.


Here's an article here about… Consent, you've got to consent to have anything be done on you by medical, I don't even call them services anymore.  They used to be called services, now they're called authorities. You understand the difference? You think you're still in the same system. No, it's all changed.  Just like police services were paid for by, they served the public. You could take different things or leave them or whatever.  But now they've become forces, police forces. Now you've got health authorities, you know, not health services. The folk live through it all and don't blink an eye because they don't recognize what's happening. They don't even think about that.


Anyway this article here…


Outlaw nonconsensual human experiments now / 16 June 2009


…evidence that during the Cold War, the U.S. government carried out radiation experiments on U.S. citizens without their knowledge or consent, all under the shadow of classified research. When the story hit the newswires, the U.S. public was outraged.


(A:  We don’t have outrage; we don’t get outraged anymore.)


About 15 years ago, a reporter at the Albuquerque Tribune discovered evidence that during the Cold War, the U.S. government carried out radiation experiments on U.S. citizens without their knowledge or consent, all under the shadow of classified research. When the story hit the newswires, the U.S. public was outraged. President Bill Clinton responded by establishing the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE), (A: That's what they call it, it's an official organization.  The links are all here.) calling on it to review Washington’s past actions and recommend steps that would prevent such heinous human experiments from ever taking place again.


The committee made their recommendations in a 1995 report; and although Clinton issued a memorandum two years later that included several ACHRE (A: That's the organization.) prescriptions, bureaucratic delays kept it from being properly approved before he left office.  It remains unapproved by the appropriate agencies and departments.


Remember too, the syphilis experiments they did too on some black people in the States?  I think it was maybe in Georgia too.  Well documented. They used children too for their aging experiments.  This is all part of, hhhch...  You understand you're living in countries that you don't even recognize. Because you’re brought up with a fake reality from television.  This is incredible what you're living through and folk don't recognize it. As I said, the Nuremberg trials brought the Nuremberg code to do with experimental anything on the human public without their consent. And they didn't have the right to experiment on you in the first place, hm! So I'll put these articles all up, mind you.  And…


Facebook Says It Will Provide The "Authoritative Information" On COVID Vaccines - / 1 Dec 2020


Forget anybody else, you see, Facebook is the new authority. You see. So will Google be and all the rest of them, all the usual ones.  Another one too is messenger RNA, what it is. It’s not a bad article.


Messenger RNA -


The mRNA vaccine that you're going to get, that's going to alter, it will literally program your genes.  A different kind of vaccine than the old-fashioned kind, that we always had up until the present.  And...


COVID-hyper PM Trudeau supports anti-gov’t protests in India but not in Canada / 4 Dec 2020


'Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest,' he said. Meanwhile, in Canada, anti-lockdown protestors face fines and even arrest.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Ha, there ya go. So Indian farmers are protesting because they're getting lockdown too, etc. and it's about Canada will be there.  There ya go.)


New proposed agricultural legislation would seek to deregulate crop pricing in India, but local farmers are concerned they will be left at the mercy of large corporations.


Well, that is the agenda. I remember reading these years ago where they would go step-by-step with it all. Now that of course China, that India is parts of, it's now got most favored nation trading status, just like China, you see, as the West, what's left of the West still pays for it to come up and we all go down.  That's what happened. The articles at the time said it, that we would all go down in our standard of living as we funded other countries to come up, and there would be some kind of happy medium we would all arrive at eventually. That's what they said in the free-trade negotiations. Their governments all signed onto it, to bring you into poverty, folks. Then once they get India into it, just like China, the big agribusinesses take over.  The big BIGGIES, you know.  And out goes the little guys, again, that have been there for generations. 




You will need a ‘Covid-19 passport’ to fly international in the future - / 24 Nov 2020




New challenges emerge for planned human challenge trials / 4 Dec 2020


(A: Oh, this is a good article actually. Because again, hhhch, we were talking earlier at the beginning of the talk about, did they even have a virus that are called Covid 19?  They can't find it. They can simulate it from particles of all kinds of things, they can simulate it and so on, and lots of theories, BUT... Now here's the thing, you probably heard about challenging with those who are used in the trials for vaccines, the younger folks they're trying it out on. Then after you give it to them, you're supposed to challenge them with live viruses, you see.  That way you can tell if they've any immunity, if they can fight off the illness itself by being exposed to the actual virus. Well, how would they get around it, as you're supposed to do with vaccines for viruses, if you don't have the virus?  Well, guess what? They've done it.  They don't have to, Fauci even is behind it too, that they don't have to use a challenge with them. It might harm them, you see, if you expose them to a real virus. Well, there's more proof that they don't have the darn virus, or they would've done it.  They're supposed to do it, you see, challenge it.)


Now, with recent news that conventional human trials have produced several promising vaccines, scientists are debating whether planned challenge trials are still needed. In the United States, one nascent effort is on hold. In the United Kingdom, however, researchers say they are moving ahead. “There are still many strong arguments for pursuing” challenge trials, says immunologist Christopher Chiu of Imperial College London.


(A: So they get volunteers, normally, you see, you get volunteers...)


In traditional human trials, researchers give volunteers either a vaccine or a placebo, then wait months or longer for enough cases to emerge to gather statistically rigorous results. Challenge trials can move faster by first vaccinating volunteers and then intentionally exposing them to SARS-CoV-2 in a controlled setting. Researchers would then closely monitor the volunteers for days or weeks.


But challenge trials are also rife with ethical concerns. (A:  So that’s why they can’t do that the usual way.)


For example, because there are no reliable treatments for severe COVID-19, people who volunteer to test a vaccine could die if they get sick.


(A:  Well, if they’re young and healthy and they probably won’t get it anyway, what’s… what’s your problem, you see.?)


So, medical authorities around the world have adopted a cautious approach. Even 1 year after the outbreak began, no such trial is underway.


(A:  There’s no trail to say that they’ve actually, let’s now expose these unvaccinated people to the vaccine, and then you’re guarantee that it works if they do it, if they don’t get the illness, right.  No, they’ve canceled all the trials of testing it out.  So there ya go.)


Proponents say challenge experiments could still advance science and save lives. They could be used to compare the effectiveness of different vaccines… (A…or ANY vaccine for that matter, hm. And it could…)


…help answer unknowns, such as whether vaccines block infection entirely or simply prevent people from getting sick.


(A:  It says here that…)


It's hard to use large trials to determine whether a vaccinated person still sheds the virus, says epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch of Harvard University.


(A:  I mean, I put up a video by him earlier in the year, because he’s into this and he teaches on viruses and so on, and even biowarfare he teaches on.  In the article he’s talking to students, because he teaches them at Harvard and he says, is it ethical for us to actually create by using, you know, the techniques to intensify the contagiousness or even severity of a virus, is it ethical for us to do that, he says, and create something which can get out of hand and become a killer? That was the title of his, I’m kind of paraphrasing, that was the title of his lecture. Because they do it all the time.)


(A: The guys that are here to save you are the guys that create this stuff to kill you. [Alan chuckles.] It's just an amazing system really isn't it, ‘eh.  But gain of function, that's what they do, that's what they claim this particular virus was, initially what happened to it too.  We all know the articles that were churned out by the media that's now pretending that it never happened.  It all came from the same media outlets too.) 


(A: So they're talking about a possible, studies that might be done if regulators approve it.  But again, they don't want, the big vaccine companies don't want to try the challenge, you know, try the challenge. Because if they find out the vaccines are useless then people won't want them. What's the point in taking something that's useless? So simply don't do the challenge trials, you see.  It's not going to happen obviously.)


(A: Now, in these challenge trials, it's something that you do once you've given vaccines. That's what you're supposed to be doing, is seeing if it's effective, ‘eh.  Rather than just looking for an antibody or what might be an antibody after you've vaccinated them.  Because there is a lot of iffing going on here. So the challenge trial is what you do, and you expose the people who have been given the vaccinations to the actual supposed wild or live virus. That's the idea behind it. That's your final proof. If they don't get infected, if enough of them don't get infected then pretty well you can say that vaccine is effective.) 


(A: But they're dropping it in the States, they're not going to do the challenge trials.  And that's a sigh of relief to all the big corporations involved, and the multimillionaires that are going to be multibillionaires from all of this. Because now it's down to, well, a lot of... speculation in other words, on follow-ups to it. This is what they say in the US, ‘eh, that...)


In the United States, however, the encouraging recent vaccine results


(A:  Now, what encouraging one are they talking about? If you haven’t tested to see if it works, you only went to see if there’s maybe an antibody or what might be an antibody for what may be for this virus, right? This is how it is. It says…)  


  recent vaccine results have put a damper on human challenge trials.


(A:  How fortunate, ‘eh? The very thing that you want to do is a human challenge trial after vaccination.)


A month ago, virologist Matthew Memoli put the final touches on plans for a challenge trial at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). But Anthony Fauci, head of NIAID, and Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, recently suggested the experiment is no longer necessary.


That's welcome news to some, who fear that challenge trials present serious risks to volunteers.


(A:  Now, most young folk don’t even get ill from an infection of this, what they say is Covid 19.  So what’s the problem with it really, ‘eh?  And if they’re young and they’re healthy and they’re given all these physical examinations beforehand, then they should be unable to get an infection.)


Others, however, say the apparent success of some vaccines could strengthen the case for challenge trials. Once viable vaccines are available, it's harder to justify continuing with traditional trials, in which thousands of people are given a placebo while others are vaccinated, says bioethicist Nir Eyal of Rutgers University, New Brunswick. “Are you going to hope that tens of thousands of people will altruistically be willing to forgo access to a proven vaccine?” he asks.


(A:  Well what about, rather than tens of thousands of people, what about millions of folk on an unproven vaccine, ‘eh?! Because you need the challenge trials to do it. Everybody's in on this act here, ‘eh.  So these bioethicists, you know, with little bits of paper saying they've got, they're higher in morality and understanding than you are, you understand.  And then another one…)


Seema Shah, a bioethicist at Northwestern University, thinks human challenge trials could still be useful, but there is less urgency now. And she would like to see more ways to ensure participants' safety, such as finding biological markers for people at greater risk of getting sick. “I think I would feel more comfortable waiting to see how those things developed and whether the risk could be minimized further,” she says.


(A: Risk? Well, are you going to put unproven, experimental vaccine, yeah, an mRNA vaccine into people, without long-term study on it and long-term effects etc. etc., nevermind short-term ones really, on the big scale, without even, and again, without even doing a challenge trial to see if it's effective when exposed to the actual virus itself.)


(A: Here's another thing too, they’re scared of is a cytokine storm. Because sometimes in previous trials with other things, even some flu shots in the past they've had, they've panicked and recalled flu shots like they did in Canada and said that that year’s flu, a few years ago could actually cause folk to get the flu.  It wasn't just getting the flu, when you hit the actual live virus in real life after the vaccination, your body overreacted to it and flooded your lungs with cells galore to fight it, and phagocytes, etc. to fight the infection, an infection that really was minor.  But your response to it can even kill you.  So you've got to do challenge trials.) 


(A: So they're not going to bother, for a really very experimental vaccine, um, used for the first time, mRNA on humans in society.  There ya go.  And even the one they wanted to try in Britain...)


Chiu (A:  ...who is in charge of it.) is comfortable with intentionally infecting people with SARS-CoV-2 because there is growing evidence that young adults have a low risk of serious illness.


(A:  So it wouldn't harm them as much anyway.)


But they don't want to because, again, if [Alan laughing.] if it shows up the fact that it really doesn't stop anything, what's the point in getting it?  


Remember too, the mRNA vaccines like Moderna and so on, alter the DNA. It's like a coding sequence.  It's almost like something that's the initial, it's got the sequence for that gene, the blueprint for you might say, and it's to alter the genes in your body, like, kind of permanently, you know. This is the first time in history they've tried this kind of thing on humans. It's a trial vaccine, you understand. It's nouveau, NEW vaccine.  The old kind, nothing like the old kind. 


This article here from Science says…


Hidden layer of gene control

 (A: Because it alters, that's what it does, it controls your genes, ‘eh, and your DNA.  This talks about…)

influences everything from cancer to memory / 1 July 2019


(A: They talk about mRNA, you know, messenger RNA...)


…messenger RNA (mRNA), the molecule that carries genetic information from DNA to a cell’s proteinmaking factories. At a conference here last month, researchers discussed evidence that RNA epigenetics


(A: And that’s what they call it, epigenetics, switching things on or off, expression, of what that gene does, what it does, what its purpose is. They call it its expression, they can turn it on and off. I did talks in these years ago.  This is what these new vaccines are about. Some of them anyway, not all of them, but some of them.)


… a new chemical modification linked to leukemia.


(A:  They were trying it even for chemical modifications linked to leukemias for instance, for altering leukemias and different illnesses.  Very experimental. It talks about…)


The cell uses the marks “to determine where, when, and how much of the [associated] protein should be generated,” RNA biologist Pedro Batista of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)


(A: Because they were trying it on that too, to see if they could actually switch things on and off, and…)


whether cells divide


(A: …and so on.)


But remember too when you alter your DNA, hhhch, normally when DNA alters from its original form, and from its blueprint, hhhch, of RNA, we call that cancer. It happens in nature. [Alan chuckles.] I really... Are you feeling better now, folks?




Amid the cheering, some vaccines face questions / 4 Dec 2020


(A: This is an article about the vaccines.  Interesting. There's a PDF with it too.  It says…)


Science's COVID-19 reporting is supported by the Pulitzer Center and the Heising-Simons Foundation


(A: They tell you there's a lot of fudging going on [Alan chuckles.] with the different results on the vaccines here. This is official, an official report by the way. It says that the different trials, like AstraZeneca…)


But the AstraZeneca/Oxford announcement last week came from an interim analysis blending two trials of the vaccine in which people received different doses—apparently by accident. Efficacy ranged from 62% to 90%, (A:  …big difference, ‘eh.) depending on the dosing strategy. Meanwhile, Russia's Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, which also uses adenoviruses as vectors to deliver spike's gene, claimed 91.4% efficacy based on a second interim analysis of its candidate, Sputnik V. But that rested on far fewer COVID-19 cases than Moderna or Pfizer and BioNTech reported and the Gamaleya trial is still ongoing.


The AstraZeneca/Oxford effort conducted initial efficacy trials in the United Kingdom and Brazil. Science (A: That’s the magazine.) has learned from a scientist working with the partnership who asked not to be named that a calculation error early in the U.K. study led to vaccine vials being filled with half the intended dose.


(A:  Come on here.)


Rather than drop people who had already received that shot, the team modified the trial protocol to compare people who received a half dose followed by a full dose with those given two full doses.


[Alan chuckles.] It gets a bit complicated as they fudge their figures and stuff. You see, with such big money there’s no going back as they all compete for more and more millions of bucks, you know. It goes into different screw ups they’ve had as well in the same article here from Science magazine, it’s called. So it’s hardly a conspiracy site of course. But there you go, this is the sort of thing happening with the fudged reports and so on.


Bishops across North America see no problem with abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines / 5 Dec 2020


Numerous bishops said ‘that the imminent Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are morally acceptable,’ in spite of cell lines from aborted babies being used in their development.


They call these immortal cell lines, once they aborted them, they can keep them going and so on.  It's quite fascinating to see what's going on. Again, as we become accustomed to cannibalizing each other, for the proper people to get organ replacement.  [I’m] not talking about ordinary folk and so on.  And I know it's a tremendous problem for a lot of people, and a lot of folk are ill, etc.  But when you realize that there's an elite class in the world, and by the way we've all been, if you've all done any nasal swabs at all, we've all been pretty well, um, DNA tested at some time or another. Even from birth from the heel prick test from the baby's heel.  They know who has got compatible DNA with other people who are looking for organs. They know that already in very high circles.


China has already been accused of cannibalizing certain factions of society, not just prisoners, for particular organs for suitable recipients, you know, the wealthy recipients.  But don't blame China. I'm sure it's happening across the world and all societies now. We live in a bit of a nightmare now. We really do.  And when you accept any kind, you see, it's bit by bit, that's how you get to the stage of horror.  Oh, let's use aborted babies for making the vaccines.  Well that's sticking, do you want to take foreign proteins from some other human into your body?!? Well, would you eat it? No, I wouldn't eat it. How about injecting it in? Well it's a bit different. Is it really? Is it really?


You see how, well, you know, we need organs. And they will always give you articles about people who are ordinary folk who need organs, that once in a while they'll give you a good article of someone who needs an organ, and someone died, and hopefully they died and everything, and they get the organ from it and saved so-and-so's life. But don't forget in modern transplantation they prefer the patient to be alive that they take it from, the donor. Are you getting the picture?


And we do have terrible, hhhch, articles published over the years of people having organs stolen, and prisoners being used in other countries as well, as we well know.  Printed and very good articles about it.  And well, as we accept more and more ourselves, do you realize you're acquiescing to an extent, I've always said this, to your own demise.  Step-by-step by step by accepting this and accepting that and accepting this. And again you let the ethicists, you know, the ones who have qualified bits of paper to show that they’re ethicists, decide what's ethical, and what is unethical, step-by-step all the way down to euthanasia. 


Now you're going into essential and nonessential workers.  And citizens. You don't even have any job so you're not even a worker.  You're just a nonessential being. Why, why don't they start taking organs from you now because you don't, what purpose do you have? Do you understand, it's all about purpose? Who decided this whole thing about purpose? Well, I've done too many talks on that before. It's an old, old program we're living under actually that's on steroids at the moment. You have to understand it's, but you, you participate in your own demise. You definitely do.


I'll put these articles up and a few other ones too.


An Urgent Message From President Trump - The Media Won't Air - / 3 Dec 2020


...that Trump put out there and a video link to that one. And this one here, another article about the different vaccines, a rah-rah article.


Army spies to take on antivax militants / 29 Nov 2020


(A: You see, now you're called the militants. Having an opinion, it starts with you having an opinion, and then you are anti-, and now you are militants. Do you understand, you're being targeted now people by your own government. Yep. So…)


The army has mobilised an elite “information warfare” unit renowned for assisting operations against al-Qaeda (A:  …which we created and funded, in the West.) and the Taliban to counter online propaganda against vaccines, as Britain prepares to deliver its first injections within days.


The defence cultural specialist unit was launched in Afghanistan in 2010 and belongs to the army’s 77th Brigade. (A:  That’s only one of them.) The secretive unit has often worked side-by-side with psychological operations teams.


So there you go, psychological operations teams and so on.  Now, you’re not just a dissident, you see, now you’re an antivax militant.  That’s the expression too that was used by that woman in that video I mentioned earlier, the one that was on at the end of the video. And John Whitehead, I'll put a commentary up by him.  He's got a great article here on...


Warp Speed Ahead: COVID-19 Vaccines Pave the Way for a New Frontier in Surveillance / 1 Dec 2020


(A: Because with the vaccines comes permanent surveillance from now to eternity, folks.  It's not just to be over. It's not meant to.  The whole idea is this is a new system. Forget the Covid, that's the excuse.  If the vaccines were going to help you, why would you need perpetual surveillance for years? You understand? I'll also put up an article, a video where he gave an interview, John Whitehead, and he's from the Rutherford Institute.  He is very, very good at the different things he's investigated and the articles he's churned out over many years and the books he's put out too.  This is a good article, a very good article talking about artificial control of the human brain, you know.  It goes into Neuralink...)


Neuralink, a brain-computer chip interface…


(A: ...that's been experimented with, and it's in different science magazines. And he says…)


Advances in neuroscience indicate that future b’ehavior can be predicted based upon activity in certain portions of the brain,


(A: But they know all that’s your, and it says…)


researchers at the Mind Research Center scanned the brains of thousands of prison inmates in order to track their brain chemistry and their b’ehavior after release. In one experiment, researchers determined that inmates with lower levels of activity in the area of the brain associated with error processing allegedly had a higher likelihood of committing a crime


You see where it's all going? This is for everybody to get done eventually, you know.  And they want the youngsters to want it, well, it's going to give me a better memory and so on, wow, I can be like the movies, you know.  A good article.  But yeah, I'll put these articles up as I say with Whitehead's ones, and the video link too that he gave the talk on.


Interview with U.S. Constitutional Lawyer John Whit’ehead of the Rutherford Institute - / 4 Dec 2020


Because we are really in a, oh, this is the rush now.  This is what they said, at the beginning, in that article, or near the beginning where socialism takes time, at the end there could be a sudden rush.  And this was the techniques they used, like a war, complete war scenario.  Instant. Bang. Shut down everything. And even during previous world wars you didn't close down your economies! This is the big reset to force folk into utter poverty and austerity.  That's what it is, folks. It's quite amazing what's really going on.


Limits may be placed on unvaccinated Ontarians: Dr. David Williams / 4 Dec 2020


(A: Ontario, Canada.)


Residents of Ontario who refuse to be vaccinated for COVID-19 may face some limits, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams says.


Someone may have to show proof of vaccination, for instance, to enter a nursing home or hospital without personal protection equipment, he said Thursday.


You know, step-by-step, as I've said before, they won't force you to take it initially. They'll simply make it impossible to move or do anything, even to survive, without it. That's just how they coerce you into things, into submission.


Again, I've got articles on natural herd immunity, that they've all pooh-poohed from the very beginning. We've always developed herd immunity without vaccinations, folks, against viruses. We already see that folk have had plenty, hhhch, antibodies after being exposed to Covid, without even knowing it they've got antibodies. They've already found in recent tests, the blood that they've tested before the news about the breakout, the folk already had antibodies to the coronaviruses.  But facts don't matter, right. Because the agenda was to do what they are doing now. All along.  From even the experiments like they did and the trial runs, the practices that they had leading up to this outbreak, this pandemic as they call it, Event 201, etc.


Anyway, I can't go into a whole bunch of other things. I wanted to touch on, because I wanted to continue with Unconventional Warfare to show you that everyone, I'm talking about here, these kind of things that are all contained within Unconventional Warfare, for the military.  What they're doing is straight out of, a lot of this stuff is straight out of the military procedures for it.  Giving you leaders in different areas, that you would eventually have yourself anyway from the grassroots, they provide them for you to lead you off, which puts you back into inactivity… well, they're doing it all for us. This is standard. I did this stuff years ago, I talked years ago about these techniques. And here it is again from their own manuals.  So much of it. I'd love to go through it, and I might do it next week, I don't know. 


But it doesn't really matter because you're living through it anyway.  I've said before, everything comes down to yourselves, doesn't it. And what you are going to do or not going to do.


And absolutely, I've said before, you'll never get the public all to be for or against anything in unison.  It would be so easy to do, to stop anything, if we were. But even a good percentage of the public could bring everything to a complete halt anyway, by noncompliance, passive resistance, etc. And we all know that.


But these guys really mean business. They are at war with you. They are.  Your governments are at war with you when they put the military on you. The things you'd even complain about them doing to other countries, as they were toppling governments to put in their own puppet regimes, who are doing it to their own public at home with your tax money.


Remember folks, website.  Send a few bucks my way and I'll hopefully hang on a bit longer, if we're allowed to, and keep things ticking along. I enjoy the emails from everybody from across the planet. I go through them all. Believe you me, it's a lot of work to even just read them all.  But I like to do it because it's where the real news is, is from people who are experiencing it themselves, the real people. Not just these bland generic things, stories that are churned out by the media.  But real people experiencing their own lives. That's a very personal thing that they share as they go through, and we all go through this stuff together, you see. Very important.


Real history is always from the people who experience it. Not from the authorized versions that come out afterwards. It's very important.


So take care of yourselves and send me a few bucks my way, the folk that can afford it.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Messenger RNA


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Army spies to take on antivax militants / 29 Nov 2020


Warp Speed Ahead: COVID-19 Vaccines Pave the Way for a New Frontier in Surveillance / 1 Dec 2020


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Long-term care industry waiting for advice on COVID-19 vaccine rollout / 4 Dec 2020


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