Dec. 13, 2020 (#1807)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Psychopathic Professions of Demonic Possessions:

"This Deep State Dark Force Rules Every Nation,

Goading this Human Herd on Paths Pre-selected,

They've Prepared the Minds of Each Generation

Into accepting New Normals They Never Suspected


Were Designed by Captors who Dwell in Our Midst

And Appoint Each Other into Powerful Positions,

You Glimpse Them Sometimes Through the Mist,

The Confusion Barrier Which Cloaks Recognition


Of These Creatures Whose Victims, all Forlorn,

Lose Everything, Even Sanity, Who's Surprised?

Acceptable Fallout From Making Humans Uniform,

Into The New Creation, Sterile, Standardized."

© Alan Watt Dec. 13, 2020

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 13, 2020 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)



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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 13, 2020.  If I sound a bit crackly in the voice it’s because the air is so dry because of all the snow we’ve been getting up here, and in the house of course you have your heating going and that makes it even drier, that your air is so dry.  I have to get another humidifier, no doubt about it, because they don’t last long.  The steamer types, I prefer them because they can pump out the steam quite quickly and a lot of it too. Problem is, though, that they tend to get clogged up with calcium from the water and different minerals. And they’re not easy to clean, to be honest with you, once that happens. That’s how they make them because you’re supposed to keep buying new ones every year. That’s the idea behind them.  However, it can be done with a bit of, quite a bit of work actually.  It’s like chiseling off ceramics off the metal electrodes. However, that’s just a triviality, isn’t it, one of these little things that happen to you every year.


Yeah, we’re in the mouth of madness now, ‘eh?  We truly are in it. Because all you hear now is madness. And it’s not by accident. Much of it is by design. The rest of it is falling in on the big plan without even realizing it.  Because people are arguing and fighting with each other like never before. They don’t realize, this is all your psyops and so on.  It’s been going on for years and years and years. And your cyber warfare is all part of it too.


Because it didn’t start with Covid coming along. It didn’t start with getting official fact checkers, you know, the true Soviet system. Because that’s what you had in the Soviet Union. You had the truth ones, you know, you had your Pravda and so on. The truth. Everything else was kind of banned or you would be in prison if you kept promulgating ideas contrary to the state’s decrees and the state’s opinions or versions of how life was. And we’ve got the same system here.


It’s quite amazing that we can be in the same kind of scenario, or we can call one attorney when it was all going on.  But when it happens in your own countries...  And they even have half the population, or at least some of the population on board with them believing it’s all real, just like they did in the Soviet Union. That’s what they do. They count on creating an army of nodders, they called it echo chambers, who are all part of the same official statistics, etc. on whatever the topic happens to be and they just parrot around in circles.  An echo chamber type thing.


If you’re outside of the echo chamber they noticed you right away naturally, and then they come for you. First of all they tried to ban you, and that’s standard stuff.  But they also, and you even get little inklings of it too in the Covid exercises that they had, Event 201 and the other ones that they had, the Clade X, etc., and the one in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation, and part of it then was lockstep, you know.  So they have these ongoing exercises where they bring in the media, who are already sworn to be on board with it, and the social media by the way, the big platforms, and your browser heads, CEOs of browsers. Everything, all these things, they’re all on board with the same agenda.


That’s totalitarianism when you’ve got that, when they’re all spewing the authorized government spiel.  You can’t have that in a free society. The very fact that you’ve been forced into this, in a free society, means it’s not real anymore. I hope you realize that. It’s just not real anymore at all.


And they can never ever, especially in science with Covid and so on, you can never have the ultimate authority saying this is how it really is, it’s 100% accurate, because science doesn’t work like that. Science is always gone over and over and over down through many, many, many years, and sometimes 50 years later they’ll give you a different version of the processes of something or the causes of something, etc. Because it’s all based mainly on theories, you know.  Empirical evidence and testing, retesting, when they can’t get that it’s theories. Which are just authorized guesses that they all get on board with for a period of time.


But it makes no difference, the fact is, government is not supposed to be completely on board 100% with the authorized versions or topic on anything at all. You know?  It doesn’t matter if it’s right, wrong or whatever, it’s not up to them to decide what people think in a free society. So therefore, you don’t have a free society, and that’s the message.  This is the new system that you’re already in.  It comprises all the same techniques I mentioned before that the military has been using abroad in all the countries, and the color revolutions, and then they’re taking down of governments that weren’t secular enough as they call it, like Egypt. 


It’s all done by the West financing it, and the NGOs, that employs armies of NGOs.  They’re just assets basically, they’re trained assets, the leaders are, with pension plans and the whole bit, these nongovernmental organizations. They go into the countries, they know how to organize dissidents. They actually have that in their manual for unconventional warfare and how it’s all done, that’s put out by the military, these manuals.


So you’re living through it right now in your own countries. I said this would happen, when the big eating machine comes back to the States and Canada and the West and then starts eating you.  Because you basically fulfilled your purpose pretty well and your purpose. It’s never given to you openly, you can figure it out, you know, bits and pieces and so on from the proper authorities you might say.  But yeah, your purpose is almost over.  The last, ohhh, well pretty well 100 years has been part of an agenda, which has been widely published actually if you look into the different books put out by the agencies that are involved in them.


They mentioned how they would bring America up, they did, the US up, it would take over from Britain, the policeman of the world. Then it would be strengthened after World War II for that purpose.  Massive tax base. Big industry at the time. Eventually of course once they take you into a service economy, which is giving all your industry to another country, which they did with the GATT agreements and the NAFTA agreements with Mexico and so on.  And other Latin American countries, not just Mexico by the way. You find then that all your manufacturing bases are gone. You paid for it to go over to China and the Far East through free trade agreements. And India now too, with the Pacific agreement too, and they lumped India in with that.


But this is what you’re living through, an agenda.  As I say, folk don’t really know. Because you adapt.  In the middle of a stampede you adapt quicker. As I mentioned it so many times, once they get you running and scared and unsure of everything, and unsure of the future, unsure of everything, and your own safety for that matter, then you’ll adapt much quicker in the authorized pointing-to what you’re supposed to adapt to. And most folk are already doing it.  Out of fear basically.


You cannot have in the one year, you can’t have it… you can’t have a pandemic breaking out across the world, you can’t have the uniform response to it across the world, they’re all in lockstep with each other in the same parts of the agenda at the same time. You can’t have the lockdown and the eradication of most of what’s left of your service economy…. and your restaurants and your small stores and so on, that’s what a service economy is. You don’t make anything anymore, you import things, but you sell them within your own country. That’s what you paid to do through your taxes for years without even noticing. Most folk adapted even through that. 


Even the folk who were laid off from factories, as they took the factories literally away from under your feet, they pulled them away through agreements.  All your politicians were on board with it. All parties were on board with it.  Across the world. You saw the outcome. All the tax base that used to go from all parts of manufacturing, from raw material up to the finished products, were all taxed in stages. That’s all gone and it had to be filled by increasing taxes on consumer goods at home. And income taxes. So you fill the big gap.  Taxed to death.


It’s just quite astonishing to really notice, hhhch, how folk never really figure out what system they’re actually in.  Especially during transitions, as they say.  This is the century for transition. This is the great change century where all, a lot of it has to be accomplished, put it that way, step-by-step all the way up in segments up until the end of the century, you see. And we’re living through it. So we are 20 years in, almost 21 years into it or so and they’ve accomplished quite a bit already.


Then they give you, in the same year they give you a coronavirus. A lockdown. Eradication of our economy. Mass, what would appear to the public from their perspective, communist uprisings across US states, and across the world actually, under different guises but well-funded, well organized, well-trained leaders across the world.  And all of that smacks obviously of the big global intelligence agency. Obviously. Because no country stopped it. No countries went out and said, that’s it, you know, and got… No, no. In fact, they allowed it to happen. And even kept people from and counterprotests from happening against it all.


You watched the cities burn inside the States, etc. You had the admissions from some of the leaders of the money they got from certain foundations to do it. It also mentioned that they were communist and trained Marxists.  You also had it from some of the unique, I think Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi mentioned it too, that these riots wouldn’t stop after the election’s either, regardless of who would get in. And sure enough, they’re continuing.


Because now you’re being trained for the breakup into a different kind of US. A socialized system which of course is the great reset too, for sustainability as they call it. It’s many, many names for the same thing.  That’s why when it all smells the same, you know, it is the same, and you know they’re all connected, all these piles of doo are all connected to each other.  They’re all actually from the same pile really. They’re meant to obfuscate the whole, what it actually is, by pretending they’re different segments of it. But it’s all the same thing.


…a whole new way of living, which is not really living, it’s an existing system, you would exist in it. Authorities will decide how much you eat and what you eat, if you eat at all, and why should they allow you to even eat.  Because you all have to have a value for the system you’re now in, true socialist technocratic system. I’ve gone over it so many times over many, many, many years and I said all this would happen years ago, everything that’s happening now, it’s happening.  Because they give you lots of clues and little leaks here and there, they even published books about it.  And every year you watch them going off to Davos and they have the World Economic Forum.


Because it isn’t just, they all gather there for a meeting. Davos is actually like a massive bureaucracy, it’s permanent there.  They train future world leaders. They have a whole system throughout the world, a network where they get the right ones at school.  Just like the CIA, you see.  It’s all connected. In high school you pick them and then you send them off for their training. Then you put them in the positions of power eventually. You train future leaders. They have different, another branch of it in the US, Common Purpose, which literally is all through government, and all through the military, all through the police force and so on, the higher echelons of them all.


Really, under any other system if it wasn’t authorized and they would be all guilty of all kinds of things, subversion, treason, and so on. They’re not getting charged because that is the system. Those who own the system own all of this that you’re seeing today. I said when 9/11 happened, hang onto your sanity because it will be the hardest thing to hold onto. Because they had a whole list of stuff they wanted to do to change society. And you’re going through it all. Right down to your perceptions of who you are and what you are. Hhhch, that’s all been challenged.  And by force.  And law. You’re ordered to accept it all, even though it makes no sense to you.


And you all know what the different topics I’m talking about.  It’s not a matter of live and let live. No, it’s that you must all accept this as true and real and so on. Or else. Well, that’s what you had in Soviet system. This is where they tried all this kind of mind-altering propaganda and techniques that was the Soviet system.  That’s why you have in, you’ll see in The Lives of Others, you’ll see it in exposes on the Soviet system and good documentaries too, how they tried different techniques on the public. You’ll see it on the psychiatric hospitals that flourished in the Soviet system. Because they didn’t, it’s the same in the West now, you don’t need trials, you see, if you’re diagnosed as mentally ill. So you don’t get your day in court. It bypasses that. No one hears you or your point of view.


That’s what they did also to the Unabomber.  Quite an amazing story that came out from Germany, the documentary they did on the Unabomber. 


[The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet (FULL) - YouTube2003]


How they bypassed any court hearings, where he could voice what he was saying, hhhch, why he was doing it and so on. It’s quite interesting even that, you see. Because he’s been labeled a madman, a crazy person.  Even though he was a professor, remember, at a high university.  He knew the main characters he was after, who they actually worked with him, recruited him, and even experimented on him with different techniques. He said what they were bringing in was a hell on earth, you know, of literally mind-altering systems. That’s what it was all about.


So he’s a bad guy, say the authorities. However, you’ve been watching so-called demonstrations for a good part of the year in the States and different parts of the world, all connected, all coordinated, with the burning down of buildings, streets, businesses, people getting attacked. But they are okay. They are protesting. But the Unabomber is a bad guy. Do you understand, it’s like basic philosophy, you’ve got to have consistency in logic.  If there is inconsistency, well, they can do it, the same things, and they’re good, and these ones over there, they can do it but they’re bad. That’s not philosophy, you see. That’s someone’s agenda!


Then, all you have to do is figure out whose agenda it is and why it is backed, you see. And it’s always to suit, it’s like that book I read years ago about the big, big changes in the world, was always, they always, the changes always came out, it doesn’t matter what it was, if it’s a reset or a devaluation of your currency, or the crashing of 2007/8 which was brought on and planned way in advance, you know, by the big bankers.  And it’s always to suit the big bankers and the wealthiest folk on the planet. All things are. Including the wars.  Ultimately, it’s always to do with, they’re massive businesses, but they’re also like a brotherhood, you know, they work together naturally for their own benefit.


That is the problem with anything that humanity does. It doesn’t matter if it’s a government or a league of governments or a league of bankers or whatever, you’ll always end up with the same problem, they look after themselves and their own interests. Even though they might have minor competition as to who gets contracts and things, just like the Covid vaccine companies all competing, supposedly. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose, it doesn’t matter if theirs gets used. Because they all get millions and sometimes billions of dollars thrown at them by our tax money, so technically they can’t lose, even if no one gets it, for instance, it’s being paid for by the government.


So yeah, they’ll all have competition once in a while and appear to be enemies. But on the whole, for the rest of the year in between the vaccinations and vying for contracts, they are big brotherhood, big consortium.  They get together and plan things. A cartel.  Our whole system stinks of cartels. Then the cartels not just are connected with each other in their own industries and so on, they also start to branch out into politics and everything else. That’s what lobbying is. Lobbying is just an utterly corrupt pile of you know what.  Because if you did what they did, with insider trading, and you’re not allowed to do insider trading, although the US Congress is, you know, because they passed a law a few years ago to allow themselves to do it.  So you would be charged for the same thing, but they’re not charged.


But the main point is, you can’t have all these things happening in the one year.  And then you saw the elections.  Every newspaper that belongs to the same world cartel, they all do, they all do, the same with the banks and the cartels, they’re all on board together. Because they’re instrumental, the media, always, they always have been, for formulating unified opinion. You can’t have contrary opinions. In a free society, you might actually want more freedom. So they give you standardized, authorized opinion, you see. That’s why they’re all on board with it.  I gave these talks in the late 1900s, you know, about 1998, 1999. And we’re living through it again. It just never changes because it’s the same agenda by the same folks and the same organizations that planned this a long, long time ago.


But most folk never, they get caught up in the emotion of today, you see, and they can’t reflect back and say, wait a minute here, this can’t all be happening in the same year, something bigger is going on.  Of course something bigger is going on. Of course it is.


They’ve been telling you that for years, we can’t go on like this.  We’ve been having all these meetings for years, we change from basic eugenics and superior and inferior types, and the Superman, you know, of George Bernard Shaw, you know, Man and Superman. And you always blame the Nazis. It was like, he was long before the Nazis that he came out with all this stuff.  He said, you know, the person of the future will have to adapt into technology and be useful in technology and know-how to take things apart and put them together and so on. And he said, that those who couldn’t adapt would have to be, should be eliminated, you know, quite casually.


This is your good socialist of course. Because socialists believe in efficiency. They never achieve it, just the opposite in fact. But they always prattle about it to get followers to get into power. I watched this my whole life along with socialism and capitalism, or right-wing/left-wing.  Britain was a great example. Britain was one of the best examples actually. Because Britain went into World War II with a great propaganda spiel for the public to get them on board with war. You’ve always got to get them on board, by, kind of like Covid, only they used Germany. They said, you’re all going to get gassed in Britain and then you’ll get sterilized if the Nazis come in and take over. You see, big, massive propaganda blitz. Well, that would get anybody kind of scared, and, oh they can’t do that, oh well, you know we could always go to war with them. Okay then, and away you went. Quite simple. Terrify the public first.


The Royal Institute of International Affairs according to Carol Quigley who had the records, he had access to their archives, their private histories and how [Alan chuckles.] they were involved in everything and made things happen.  And yeah, they did that, they got the big moguls of the media in Britain who all met at the same clubs, mainly in London. They got together and decided, you know, this war that we’re planning might not take off if we can’t get public support. So they sat and they decided to put a propaganda blitz on the public to terrify them.  With guys digging trenches in the streets of London, just like they were putting up the big tents for the last year, this whole year here, oh, for Covid. And there’s never anybody in them. That doesn’t matter. It’s the same technique of terrifying passersby, oh my goodness’, look at what they’re doing, they’re digging trenches because, because we’re all going to get gassed by Germany…. that was never going to happen, you know. They knew that.


Then to intensify the belief that they’re all going to get gassed, they gave everybody gas masks. Everybody had to carry these gas masks with them in a satchel, or get fined.  Today it’s that you have to wear a mask. The same thing. Either have it on or get fined or whatever. The same thing, folks, same techniques. It works awfully well. You’ll blame whatever you think is the cause of this and you’ll go and fight it. Oh yeah, they’re fighting the Covid, just like they fought the Nazis, by wearing masks, you see, etc. etc. It doesn’t have much to do with reality at all.


But again, that came out of the actual meetings that they had in Britain with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the groups that ran it for Milner, you know, that took over and so on.  They’ve never let it go since then of course. They get on board together with the same agenda, what will we tell the public, what will we do with them, how can we manipulate the public, and away it goes, you see. So, Britain went into World War II to fight national socialism and they came out of World War II as a national socialist country.  And Labour was in.  Immediately you had wages being frozen. You had power cuts because you’ve got to conserve. Whenever the left gets in and technocrats, if they took over the Sahara there’d be a sudden shortage of sand, you know, if they needed to start building and to make cement.  Because that’s a trick that they always use. So, everything goes up, prices go up. Although they said there were wages and price freezes. Then they nationalized everything.


Now, all the companies they owned, rail industries were private, you see.  So they nationalized it. Now they’re falling apart through years of misuse and no money getting put into them and so on. So the government then, being Labour under Harold Wilson later on eventually, starts throwing the money into the rail industry and different, and then anything to do with energy, at that time it was gas and coal gas mainly they used in the British counties.  Every area had these massive, massive tanks for coal gas.  So they fixed everything up, they put new pipes in for the gas and so on, they put new tanks in. They fix the roads.  Taxpayer-funded. They go in and, anything to do with the superstructure of the nation basically, they fix it up and pump the money into it. The railroads, they did the same thing too, let’s get new trains, lets get new tracks, and they got diesel in and all that kind of thing.


Then of course you have a few years of it on the go, then you say, you know, we can’t have… There’s too many folk getting put on the board. Because that’s what they do with retirees, as they climb the ladder, because everything is corrupt. You put them on the board until you’ve got hundreds of people on the board at the top that never have to attend anything, they’re just put on it for extra cash, the good old boy type thing. They do the same thing in post offices too. Anything the government runs and owns; they do this all the time. Or even air companies too. So eventually of course they have too many chiefs and they have to get paid big fat salaries, big fat ones and bonuses and stuff, for sitting there chuckling at how great their life has been.  And the taxpayer funding it all. Eventually they say, we can cope with this, so they privatize it again. 


So their guys come in, the right guys, the authorized guys, hhmph, come in and pretend to put bids in, and as all bids tell you, that the one who is the lowest bid for, to buy everything or do anything or even fix something or build something, won’t necessarily be the ones to get the contract. That’s them letting you know it’s all predetermined who’s going to get what.  Hhhch. So the big boys come in and they buy over everything again and they buy over the energy supply companies, and they buy over the railroad companies, all brand-new, sparkling new everything, for peanuts. The taxpayer has already paid for it all and they’re on the hook for mortgages, almost mortgages for this kind of stuff that’s never really fully paid up, ‘eh, it’s all put on your tab. But the big companies and public-private partnerships get it all pretty well for almost nothing and the public are left paying the tabs, and the maintenance.


That’s the beauty of public-private partnerships, which is a good way of saying, it’s a collectivist/socialist system.  That’s why all royalty is on board with it by the way, population control, reduction of population, excess people. That’s standard socialism. And government running every aspect of your life, right down to if you can breed or not, if they’re going to allow you and give you permission to do it. Just like China, for so long with its one child policies and so on and forced abortions.  And they get the West even clapping, well, you know, there’s maybe too many of those Chinese, you know. They don’t realize, no, you’ve already signed deals with China and your own countries to depopulate. These are all part of international agreements. They’re on board with it.  [Alan chuckles.] And they are seeing you the same way. 


Why would you, I keep giving you that little puzzle, why would you in a country like, say, Britain, because Britain is a good example. After World War II you’ve already have lots of guys coming home from the war, industry’s been built up during the war for munitions.  The same in Canada actually, the UN even touted Canada as being one of the most successful industrial nations after World War II because of the massive money being pumped into building, manufacturing things for the war, you know, then they would sell off the manufacturing plants, where they would then manufacture other things. So Canada was rated as one of the most successful and the most likely to succeed in the world.  If they had left it alone that would have happened, you see.


But anyway, yeah, you end up when socialism, where everything is regulated.  That's why people in communism and in Russia had their little outbursts occasionally in the Soviet bloc countries.  They'd have retaliations and rebellions because they were sick of this gloom and doom aspect, and too many chiefs, again, these technocrats running your lives, these politburo types, you know, the apparatchiks, etc. running your lives, of the public. Because you literally had the inspectors for everything. And living in Britain, you know, in my time, it was very socialist indeed. You had power cuts; they always did that. Brownouts, conserve energy.  Increase the taxation of the public, according to Karl Marx that's what you do, you see, and gradually increasing income tax, in the Communist Manifesto.


They even put up documentaries, you can see them yet, or maybe if they're still up there, I don't know if they're on YouTube or anything. But I got sent a disc once with a lot of these public documentaries that Britain churned out like a machine.  Showing you in little simplistic childish form, very Soviet actually because that's how they put it across in the Soviet Union, as though they were talking to children.  Here is your pound note, your currency, and here's a chunk of this going to this to pay off that debt, and this other chunk is to pay this, that other debts for that munitions industry for the war, and the aircraft industry and yada, yada, yada, and the interest of the bank loans to the US. Because that's who kind of really won the war in more ways than one, one of the big banks in the US at the end of it.


So, you’re living through a socialist agenda. They make happen what they want to happen, then they come forward and offer you the way out, which again is deeper into their more perfected system of the same system of socialism. Folk never really figure it out. That's why, as I say, no one stopped the massive armies of nongovernmental organizations, that were mentioned as far back as the 1950s with the Reese Commission as I've mentioned, in the States, the inquiry into the tax-free, tax-exempt foundations.  That seemed... These are the richest families that ran these foundations, who owned them. And yes, it was a tax loophole for them. But it was also an investment program, they could invest their money under the guise of charity you understand, they could invest trillions if they want to. And also pay, this is the beauty of it too, you can pay any of your staff as much as you want. There's no law against what you want to pay them.  For charity.


They literally fund, they fund thousands of nongovernmental organizations in every, across the entire planet.  They train the leaders. They work, they also get massive funding from your tax money from your governments.  Well, we are over there to help Third World countries, you know, says USAID, etc. And the people in the USA eventually, they start off as students from the universities, then, but they all want to get into the foreign office, you see, foreign departments. Or the State Department. Career building. But in the meantime, they help, you know, alter the nations that they go into.


They always go under the guise, it was to make them American friendly, they say, as you just unload all your charitable goods on them.  Which were often donated by the general public too, but definitely bought by them. Then again too, you'll see them, if need be, wanting to overthrow this government, let's try and get our students in the USAID and all the other companies and organizations, let's get them over to this country over there because we want to topple them.  And let's get them to work with the university students to organize.  Then you have marches. Then you have the standard CIA operation where here you'll see and they have the media on board with it, naturally, and so-and-so will be marching with students, marching for rights, going through another country, like Iran, for instance, Tehran. 


Then someone always shoots off from a rooftop somewhere, and they always say it's government snipers, which it isn't, to get massive more sympathy by the public. And if need be, if they really think they can invade the country, they'll then use that base to overthrow within, and they'll also do the external invasion coming in from outside. That's, this is standard stuff. Standard stuff.


There was a good documentary years ago put out, for instance, about the CIA's early involvement in Africa. They were all over the world overthrowing governments, just toppling them.  Of course, the idea, when you topple them, is never to have folk know, at least the media mention who did it.  You always throw it off and they blame somebody else. Oh, this upstart was wanting to take over in this little country, and this other person who represented this faction overthrew them. No, it's the CIA behind it. That's what you do, you fund them and train them.  Old stuff. All through Latin America too. 


Bernays did it, Edward Bernays, as you know, who worked with quite a few different presidents and governments in the US. One of his biggest clients for public relations, meaning advertising and so on, was a huge, huge company, the American Fruit Company in Latin America. Eventually the country was so poor, because they were run and ruled by external forces, mainly based in the US.  [Alan chuckles.]  They were so poor they wanted someone of their own as president, so they elected a guy who immediately wanted to, again, have more money from their labor and their work and their land and their orchards and all the rest of it, to go to the people themselves.


That was just not on with Bernays and the companies that he represented. So he formed a film organization, kind of like Pathe News, that were shown in the movie houses before TV. He formed a company and they churned out these videos, that were reported to be news, you see, of how bad it was in different Latin American countries, especially this country, and how they were definitely going communist and yada, yada, ya, and horrible, how horrible it was. To get public opinion built up in preparation for invading them. And then he DID get the US, in the agreement with the president at the time, to invade the country. They overthrew the leader and installed the old regime again, and the American Fruit Company was all back to happiness and high profits and so on.


A good documentary they made years ago about it, they even showed you Richard Nixon who was against the communists down there too.  They even set up, by the CIA they set up a fake alter in this, the ex-president, the one they overthrew, in his home, and in the Presidio basically, their own palace if you like, or house, they have an altar dedicated to communism. It was all set up just for the media, again, with Bernays. Just... Quite amazing propaganda.  It must be true, you know, it was in the movie house. And today, it must be true, it's on TV.  It's just too simple, too easy, isn't it?


Yet these are the mid-level deceptions that you see. Most folk today are tied, completely tied up arguing with each other. Back in the 90s when they talked about the coming challenge to the authorized spiel on things basically, that the authorities in the States, Hillary Clinton was prattling on about it big time, I think she was in charge of one department. Hillary was all in angst basically with the media, the coming media. They knew from all the reports, but again, the NSA and CIA and so on, that this coming information warfare that would go on would have to be countered, and the official versions would have to be, you know, bolstered basically.


They talked about they knew too, and all the big newspaper media knew, all paper media knew that they would lose control eventually unless they got on board, and how are they going to get folk on, and in a media platform, to look at their particular new sites if they were just giving out the authorized spiel by governments? So they planned all the different techniques to try to make people still go into new sites when they put them into the digital realm – before it all really happened, ‘eh – and how they would keep them on it. Again, you found there would be more and more raunchy stories, sex stories, celebrity stories, yada, yada, ya.  But they also would need government funding to get propped up, because they are official organs of the state. 


All discussed many years ago.  And they didn't just discuss things at meetings. Just like the Davos meeting or the Bilderberg. They actually implement plans, you see. They don't go for, it's not a hobby thing, ‘eh. And it's not somewhere where they go and just let off steam, like a safety valve. No, they actually are part of the controlling systems. They all work together under one system. It is all one at the top. And those of the higher realms of it can change and become you know, it's like CEO of one area one day and CEO of another the next. They can, no problem at all with that. They're not competing. They are part of the one big system.


They talked about how they would keep control and they'd have to probably put public money into supporting the news media companies, the big ones, to keep them going. That's been happening ever since as you well know. And the allegiance of these companies will always, because they're all bought and paid for, right, will always be on the side of government agendas. Meaning, the CIA.  Hhhch.  Because do you really think that what you've seen for governments is run by the governments that you see? Do you really think that? Really? Do you really, really think that?


You've been run by secret governments your entire lives really, behind-the-scenes.  You have front people who they are given a little bit of authority within a very small scope actually on how to operate and how to appear to the public. The president and prime minister's all have their speechwriters that right everything for them. I've said so many times, why not just do away with presidents and prime ministers and then just elect the best speechwriters since they write it all up for them to say anyway, you know. A lot cheaper. That's pretty well what you've got anyway, really, you know.


Then you've got the NSA behind the things. And you got the CIA behind things. And they're not just a parallel government. Remember, they wrote books about this many years ago.  Even when the CIA first set up, they came out with different publications, this is a dangerous precedent and who will be in charge of those people who are in charge? and so on. All these different articles and they published these things in magazines at the time, they knew it would run away with them, and it did. It was intended to. Because you're living in a planned future. That's the whole point of it all.


It went down from eugenics and too many people, even after World War II when they were still prattling there's too many people, the wars didn't kill enough off, to, how do we enforce or convince the people to have less children.  Right down to again getting back to force, let's force, let's put it under sustainability, that would be a better way of talking about it, rather than we want just to kill a bunch of you off because you're just, you're surplus, you know. Back to Man and Superman and there's too many of the surplus people, we don't need them for efficiency's sake, hm. And that's how you do it.


Just like Prince Philip said in one of his speeches in Switzerland at the time, I don't know whether it was the Sierra Club or which one it was at the time, because he's the head of the whole bunch of them, where he was. Charles is taking them over, and some other ones, members of the family too.  He said, [Alan mimicking Prince Phillips accent.] well you know, after all, he said, after all, we have, we now have, we have all this land, he goes, we big landowners, and sometimes, sometimes we find that there's too many deer moving into an area, and that takes the fodder away from other little animals and so on. So we must do something. We have a cull, you see. And you know, looking at the world today, so, there's an awful lot of excess people about. You see, that's what does it, ‘eh.  That's what does it.


These characters are completely on board with just getting rid of too many of you.  Get rid of ya. HG Wells said it, that World War I didn't kill enough people, and they didn't give up their sovereignty to go into a world state, a socialist type system on behalf of the elite, so, he said, we need another war.  He said the same thing at the end of World War II, as well, before he died. He was an awfully good employee, you know, and well-paid for it too.  But neurotic, mind you, but he was well-paid for it all. And he had a lot of help, he didn't just sit there and write his little stories and embed the correct kind of propaganda by himself. The same as he did not just write the nonfiction stories and books by himself. 


They all belong to the same organizations and the Fabian societies and so on.  Eventually he pretended he fell out with the Fabian Society, and became a higher member, a propagandist, which he already was actually in hiding I call it, a propagandist in hiding for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The public has always been the enemy of them.  They use you for their wars, you're cannon fodder. They make money off it too. You pay off the loans that the governments take on through your taxes. But there's too many of you and it's time to do something about it.


Charles Galton Darwin who was a member of the Manhattan Project for the atomic bomb, he was a eugenicist, you know, a scientist, and a physicist, and a eugenicist. Well suited for making the atomic bomb. I mean, he really believed in doing it properly. In his book The Next Million Years he didn't mince around about it, he went straight to the point. That's what the whole book was about. And when you have the old book with the cover on it too, the old cover to the hardback, the ones that generally fall apart, the leaflet type cover, you'll see the congratulations from all the top newspapers of his day, and the magazines congratulating him for coming out and being brave and saying all that.  And all through the book he's talking about too many people and ways to sterilize them and take them down, and too many of them.


That shows you how the establishment of Britain was at the end, after, but even right through the 1950s when the book was written. That was your thank you for all the guys that died to fight a war, you see, to keep Britain free, or something like that, and to keep their culture and their way of life and everything that was dear to them.  Only to come back and watch it being given away by the same governments that supposedly represented them.  They never figured it out. The same thing happened in the States, you know, and every other country.


You all get used and abused. All Commonwealth countries did, Australia, New Zealand and so on.  And you never figure it out. You still go back and do the same thing again, over and over and over.  Just the right words given to you to make you proud, you know, and away you go and do it again.  Never learn. Then you watch them, as I say, use your own countries, as an example to the world, of having fewer children.  And being good citizens, the Western world is awfully good at it.  Sure enough, you had all these different books churned out of statistics, statistics, that's what you get in socialism, statistics, ‘eh?  They would show you that most folk now if they're, the marriage ones, were only having maybe one or two children. Remember too, as replacement, there's man and woman, you know, and two children, that's replacement level. One child is, you're halving it, hhhch, the replacement level.  So you're all good citizens.


But then in the 60s and even the late 50s, actually in the 50s and 60s they just opened the door to mass migration. And the citizens are shaking their heads and saying, what's going on, there's not enough work for the folk here.  It was nothing to do with that. It was a world agenda. How are they going to point to your own country to participate in literally voluntary or involuntary sterilization down the road, if need be, for sustainability of the planet, if you're coping well with your population level?  Can't have that. So you've got to appear as overpopulated as every other country, you see. This is a world agenda. 


China agreed to the same agreements with Britain and the States and Canada. If you read the speeches, most folk don't, given out by the presidents of China they talk about that, that they are holding the West to the agreements for population control, for reduction.  [Alan chuckles.] Ah, but there you go. Then they make it the most favored nation trading status, you know, for China.  So they can get away with paying no import duties when they push their stuff through your borders, ‘eh, to sell. Great deal that, 15 years, and then another 15 years if you say you haven't made up your money. All the companies that you paid to transport over to China, literally sometimes entire factories, or retooling them, over in China, and machinery and all that shipped over to China by private companies, by the agreements under the free trade agreements with China, and the GATT treaty and so on.


We paid for it all. So you lost all your jobs. You paid for all their shipping over there. They've got 15 years free of no tax paid on anything that they sold, and if they said they didn't make a profit after the move, they could apply for another 15 years. So there's 30 years free no taxes. Then under the special agreements with China they can ship all their products to you over in the West and sell it for high prices, but massive profits because they're using cheap, cheap, cheap labor.  And you all buy it, you're all happy to get cheap things, you see. 


You ever wonder why when things come in from China, if you order them, you know, from China directly, it's so cheap? Hm?  Because you see, your taxpayers here are paying for it under the agreements. Because they're still classed as an emerging nation. That's by the, hhhch, most...  The same with India right now.  So you finance through your tax money, you finance businesses to come up and arise in their countries, you finance them with the hospital building and education. I went through these talks years ago from their own articles at the CFR who helped draft it. Actually, they admitted that they did draft up all these agreements themselves. In 2005 they admitted to that on television in Canada.


They drafted up the organization that became the European Union that everybody signed onto eventually. But they'd already planned it long before that, from 1948. They said it had to be kept secret from the public, that they were going to amalgamate the nations into a singular government. That was the plan of it. That's all been exposed now and declassified, now, you see.  But not at the time.  N-n.


You live in the myths from a big myth making machine, promulgated by the talking heads that you've been trained to believe.  They keep you living in a Lala land, it's a fantasy really, definitely false paradigms, all along, definitely false reasons. Just like the Covid, ‘eh.  You've all lived through it. Don't forget it. I mean, it's not a, it's only been supposedly a year so far, ‘eh? It broke out in November in China, we're told, but they thought it was earlier than that now and yada, yada, ya. But you've had a year of it. You all heard the same stuff initially, with Fauci, oh probably Americans won't even notice it and they don't need any precautions or masks. Then of course they get together, oh-oh, oh-oh, we've got a big agenda here on the go and let's change our opinion.  You must wear a mask and you must get locked down.


Then you have the reset from the Davos group of how they must reset the value of your currencies and basically half it to what it was already. It was down 40% by the last reset and that was 2007/8, you know.  So then they shorten your purchasing power, so you need more and more dollars to get the same amount of things.  And now you must do the same thing again. Until eventually your dollar or currency becomes like the peso or whatever, it takes so many thousands for a cup of coffee.  That's the devaluation of currencies.


It's all a big con.  But it's also to do with the management system. It's not, you understand, they could keep the old system going for as long as they wanted since they print the money out of nothing anyway. And if they, and again the same magicians that they surround the Federal Reserve in the States as an example decide what the value of the currency is, like the purchasing power is going to be, and since it's been based on nothing for goodness’ knows how long, they could have kept it at the same level for as long as they wanted to really. Sure they could. But no, the change now is to make you go into sustainability by bringing you into austerity.  The same talks I gave many, many years ago, and then mass vaccinations, which I gave back in the 90s and then early 2000s. 


You're living through an agenda. And the Covid thing, don't forget it. Oh, it's only going to be a few weeks to lock down, maybe a week or two, you know. As they talk to the children. And all the talking heads in the media, it's only for a couple of weeks, what's your problem!? And it will save lives, you see. No evidence to anything they tell you, but it doesn't matter.  Authority just makes it up as it goes along.


But then of course they, oh another few weeks. Oh, well, another... And so they lock you up until the summer, and then they give you a few weeks off.  Like I said they would back in February, I says, they’ll give you a few weeks off in the summer to break the tension, and then they had to, because they had planned the riots in the States and so on, all organized. They're not just in the States, but all organized way before that, I'm just saying, you know, obviously. In Britain?, for goodness’ sake, for things that happened in America? No, no, it's all planned that way.


Then so you had the folk who were protesting, you know, that didn't bother with the masks, or if they did, even if they didn't, they weren't bothered with social distancing and so on.  And that was okay because the virus is very accommodating, as I’ve mentioned before, and it realizes that it's got to allow justice to continue and fairness, you see.  There are certain folk the virus knows are just bad people, should be wearing masks, and other people are good folk that are just out for social justice, that don't really have to wear the masks and things like that. Apart from that, you know, with all the fireworks that go on and burning buildings, the mask might go up in a fire as well. And you wouldn't want that.


So you're living through a farce, a planned farce. Otherwise, again philosophy and logic, the same thing has got to apply to all peoples and in the same circumstances.  You can't have people who are impervious to the laws, and then as you subjugate others to the laws that really tie them down.  Hm?  You can't do it. But they're doing it.


And of course you've noticed, and it's no surprise, they really have been going after the Christian churches and Christian groups and so on. Really big time. They are easy targets, they are decent people, you see. They won't fight back, ‘eh, they won't fight back. They keep fining them.  And the cops are quite happy to do it because they know they’re quite safe persecuting Christians. No one's going to harm the cops, you see.  But there you go.  The same cops, mind you, that went through the riots in the States and different places and watched businesses getting burned down. Black businesses too getting burned down as well as white.  And called them protests, ‘eh.


Well, there you go.  You know.  The virus, this is an intelligent virus. Very intelligent.  M-hm.  It knows too not to go after, not to annoy rich people. Hm? This virus. It won't annoy them. And it will help them. You see, it knows that it's masters want to close down and eradicate all small businesses, which it's been awfully good at with Covid. And the government telling them that you can’t earn money anymore. But they allow the big, big massive chains, ‘eh, to supply all the basic needs, basic, remember, like food. What an intelligent virus. So yeah, if you went into a little store somewhere, hm, or even an open-air place to get vegetables, you might spread that virus. The virus just knows, oh it's not happy, it's going to go berserk and contaminate people. But in a big, big massive store with lots of people in it, with the proper names, these proper store names you know, it won't do that. That's an intelligent, that's a really intelligent virus. Isn't it? It just shows you how they can cram such an intelligence into such a tiny, tiny, microscopic thing.  Even submicroscopic in some cases, the size this thing is supposed to be. But there you go. It just shows you.


Also it knows, it knows that it's allowed to go after you.  It must be the rules.  I guess someone must've decided the rules for this virus. Maybe they had a negotiation like they had with aliens, ‘eh, ha, ha [Alan chuckles.] and said, you know, people have to eat, and a lot of folk eat out, and especially in America.  We have to teach them, again, to go back into austerity and give them basic things like, how to boil an egg. If they can even, if they’ll even allow them to get protein down the road. They really don't want that. We want to go into a protein-less world, you see, like we had before the Industrial Revolution.


Are you starting to get the picture? They keep telling you they want to bring you, like the groups at sustainability, the Club of Rome, all these different, same groups all connected together, you see.  Climate change, too many people, that was the excuse, you know, for sustainability. They want to take you into a preindustrial age. Well, when do you think that will be going back TO, ‘eh?


Well, it would be before electricity. It will be before, probably before the steam engine.  Most folk were stunted in their growth. I gave the talks again back in the 90s on WWCR and I mentioned that. I says, that's where the idea of the little people came from, that was the big joke of the elite. That's been copied by someone else who copied my bio. [Alan chuckles.] But anyway, they joked about it, they called them the little people.  The little people were little because often they never hit 5 feet by the way, because they never had meat in their lifetime, or very, very seldom. If they were caught even poaching a rabbit on a lord’s land they could be hung, and eventually, or deported to Australia.  I'm not kidding you. So they mainly ate vegetables and barleys and so on. Grain, ‘eh.  That's the little people. The peasantry.


The nobility, in all countries, were like giants to them. Tall. Look at Henry VIII, over 6 feet, ‘eh.  And huge, huge builds, skeletal system.  High protein diet. Descended from a peoples of nobility who had high-protein diets and meats. Who would scoff at eating vegetables in fact.  M-hm.  And that was it, that's how they did it, folks.  So you're going to back to a preindustrial age. Are you starting to get some little ideas how it's going to work out here?  Hm? 


There's the Davos group and then there's the different climate change accord groups and so on that all attend the meetings every year at the Paris agreement. The Conference of Parties they call it, the COPs. They decide how you're going to live in the future, which is, it's to go down the hill, step-by-step.  Big giant leaps now.  And to eradicate energies, electricity, or to really reduce it.  Your smart meter is going to, you'll get rationing and you're going to be cut off automatically by your smart meter. Nobody to complain to, oh, well it's not...  I'm sorry sir, I can't help you. You won't get a human person to talk to, it's all done by computer systems. Robotic. You've exceeded your limit for the week. Further rationing is going to make it even worse next month, sir, yada, ya. That's what it's supposed to be.


I've given these talks before, the lectures on sustainability and austerity from the sources years ago. And here we are, ‘eh?  And under the guise, they can convince the victims that it's good for the environment, it's good for humanity, eradicate all poultry and meat and everything and eggs. They've trained a generation who will do it quite happily and go into starvation.  [Alan chuckles.]   Yep.


So you can go on and on. This is not a conspiracy theory, folks. What do you think sustainability means? Look into it.  Look into the Club of Rome and sustainability. And austerity. Come on here.  Look into the Davos group. Look into the WEF, World Economic Forum and Mr. Schwab.  Oh sorry, Slob, is it, Slob or Schwab? I never elected this character... who wears his little space jackets. Have you ever seen his space jackets he wears once in a while? Because he's trans-humanist… oo-ooo.  [Alan chuckles.] With the big club of the richest folk on the planet behind him.  A world of monitoring from birth to death, generation after generation, until we’re all gone and there's no more of your generations, you see.  M-hm.  Quite open about it too.


No such thing as privacy, for you, it's forbidden.  I can remember with the Internet, and they came out with Wikipedia and so on. And immediately as they started to put up, you know, the celebrities that, you know, the important folk, you know, folk who, you know, are really important to your, you know, existence, are celebrities.  Of course, a lot of fake stuff in it too.  Who cares? But the fact is, they had a, I can't remember the name of the law and the bill they put forward in Britain and elsewhere, then they put it across in a world agreement with ICANN or something, but they can keep all the important folks, their stuff secret from the general public.  YOU all get hammered, but they all have total privacy. Isn't that nice? Isn't that nice, ‘eh? All you folk who vote, [Alan chuckles.] and you're in a free society, isn't that really nice? Your classless system, ‘eh?  M-hm. 


And again, I'll just retouch before I continue here about remember last week I mentioned the article, I might put it up again, with the performers and singers and actors and actresses and sportspeople, those in the culture industry, who are given a free carte blanche pass to travel wherever they want to go without getting tested or quarantined.


'High-value' business travellers to be exempt from quarantine in England - / 3 Dec 2020


Because they're too important. Again, this virus understands it. What an amazing virus this is, ‘eh?  You try it and the big cops will come and batter you in the head with their truncheons and drag you off and charge you for naughtiness, ‘eh?  But for those guys, the governments applaud them for continuing in their face of adversity putting up with harsh times. Because they have to travel a lot to entertain you and keep you living under a spell of utter fantasy.


Which is awfully important for keeping the peace.  Because if you weren't under fantasy, ‘eh, the illusions that you're under, you might start wanting to do something about the farces that are going on and the injustices. So it's awfully important you have your entertainment for goodness’ sake!  And this virus knows it. It said, I'm going to help these poor folks here, these actors and actresses and sports folk, you know, the folk who get millions of dollars for throwing a ball around. I'm going to make sure because they're very important, throwing balls around, you see, and I'm going to make sure that they don't get annoyed or held up anywhere for testing and quarantining and silly things like that.  So there you go. That's it. A very intelligent virus.  N-n.


But you live in a classless system, don't you? And you need the culture industry.  Oh, I tell ya.  Hhhhh, I tell ya. Even the royal family for years and years, I remember giving the talks on it. They created their own public relations, like a permanent public relations group, cameramen, writers, scriptwriters, all that, full-time employment to create farcical stories of how wonderful everything is. Or little gossipy ones, are they falling out again?  Complete soap opera drama.  Just like you did with celebrities for your entire life, or even pop singers, rock singers and so on. They'd make up, they'd make up, the companies would work with the managers, because all news is good news in those industries. If the news is getting you talked about, it's good, it doesn't matter what the topic happens to be.


Of course in the rock industry, well the guys are, oh my God, so-and-so walks into a plate-glass window and jumped into a swimming pool on drugs and...  It's all good news, you see, because it makes them more popular, it's a strange thing but that's what it did. They'd phone up, the magazines would phone up the managers and ask to, and so they'd just arrange a price.  They wouldn't have to even visit the groups there, have real talks or discussions with the guys in the band's and so on, and, do you mind if we make this up about them? No, not at all, that's fine. And gossip about ex-girlfriend's, all that stuff.  That's, they churn it out like a machine. Just churn it out. Then you all get paid for sitting back and watching them make up stories about you.


It's the same with celebrities in Hollywood, same thing. How they have turned out, how they've literally turned out all this kind of stuff AND diverted people for the last 70 years maybe, maybe more, on a grand scale, you know, starting with the movie industries and then television and radio and diverted folk right off into Lala land. Where it's like a drug for some people who live monotonous lives, ‘eh? And since you don't get anything factual given to you to relieve the boredom, they give you lots of fantasy, which programs you as well because they update your predictive programming. They give you what's coming down the pike in fantasy form, and then you adapt to it the way it did in the movie or the play or the drama, you see. It works awfully well.


That's why it's so important. And the virus knows it. It KNOWS it.  (I like the term NOSE it, ‘eh?  [Alan chuckles.] What nose/knows is that?) But it knows it and it won't go for them. Yep. It won't. And if you do get any symptoms of anything, it could be bad drugs, anything, but they'll say it's Covid, for celebrities.  If it does, if they do get a sniffle it will be front page news somewhere, and you all feel so sad for so and so, who might have to take a week off and live in their big mansion and big estate somewhere, you know, for maybe a few days, until they're… getting served hand and foot with their, and fed by their personal chefs and things, you know.  And folk will prattle about it, like it's concerning. Hhhh, oh dear, I hope they survive all of this, this unfortunate, you know, times.  M-hm. There ya go.


Insanity, ‘eh.  Authorized and manufactured, promoted insanity.  Because under the total warfare scenarios again of information warfare, which is massive, it's been massive with the Internet since it started. Folk are going crazy with it, you know. They're going crazy. I remember years ago, I says, don't go into forums. They have them all, they've got their plants in the forums. Some of them are set up by the cybersecurity agencies, and military ones too. 


You used to see on some firewalls that you could get years ago, I don't know if they still do it, of who was looking into your site at any one time. You would see the Fort Dietrich and all these different places, and the military organizations in the States, like sometimes a dozen a day you'd get looking into your site, you know, different departments. They'd even have the heads of departments, the commanders and so on. You could phone them up in fact, hhhch, if you wanted to talk to them, why is your guys looking into...? Oh it's part of a training exercise, you know, that's what they'd tell you. They've been doing this from the beginning.


But you’ll find too, that they set up these forums and anything that was dodgy, meaning, and dodging means it might get a big following and could alter public opinion on some policies, you see. What they would do, they would put in their, the well-trained ones would go in there and they would be likable.  You'd never meet them of course; these are all anonymous people, ‘eh.  But they would be likable, and they would say the right things, like the gang, your gang would say, right on, so-and-so, right on, we're with you, you know. Eventually the folk would trust this little name, you see, that's all you've got is the name, ‘eh, or a pseudonym. It's down the road they start to put out, they get more intelligent as well, oh wow.  Then folks start to follow them on the forum.  Then they'll become almost a moderator on the forum, and folk will listen to them.  Even when they spin it off, you see, they start spinning off in a different direction, and the followers then follow them.  That's how it's done, so slickly.


Eventually they take you around in circles sometimes, or way off the main topic, or even the reason that the forum started into a different direction. They will neutralize you.  They will neutralize you by leading you to an elephant trap. They call them elephant traps by the way, which are legalities already pre-existing on certain topics, legal ones, that you'll fall into. All emotive ones, like pedophilia and things. It doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, or it's right or not right or wrong, it's because it's already preset up for you to fall into and start ranting about it.  Then the authorities are given the nod and they go after you. They'll sue you silly if you go into slander or things you can't... Oh, so and so said it.  Well, that's not good enough in law, you see. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong or true or not. There's other ones too, you probably know some of the big elephant traps they lead you into. Then you get neutralized. You get banned. You get fined.  You might lose your home. Then you're out of action. That's what cyber warfare, this is military, and CIA, it's military, you put them out of action. Are you starting to get it?


They give you your leaders. They tell you that in their manuals, that they often put the leaders out there. In other countries too, for their color revolutions and so on, they build up to it, it might take them a few years, but they'll give leaders. They'll be the, if you were in a high Islamic country, if it's Shiite or whatever kind it happens to be, they'll supply the character.  And the youngsters will follow them, you see, who are all chanting for the same justice to be fulfilled, and they'll follow the person, follow, and they'll go again in a circle, then they go off into another circle, then they'll set up a sting operation, and then the young guys are supplied with all the fake stuff to cause mayhem, and then they get arrested. 


They do it in all countries by the way. All countries. Canada has done it.  The States has done. Britain has done it. Most of the preventing terrorism, they'll boast about it once in a while when they say where is all this money going? Oh, we've prevented so many terrorist things, you see. But when you look into them, they're sting operations where they set up the sting, young guys fall into it.  They supply the leaders on the Internet and young guys fall into it and then they get set up and then they get caught. There's nothing real out there that really is what it says it is. 


But getting back to the part of the elephant traps.  And they're called elephant traps because you should see them.  If you're thinking logically and not emotionally, you'll see them for what they are. They are legal set-ups for you to fall into, so then authorities can go after you, through legalities.  A few years ago I said, you know, the big characters out there that say certain things, do certain things, the followers jump on the bandwagon. They parrot the same stuff.  They go over the edge, the cliff edge, and the ones that they followed have their own platforms, they're fine. They end up with their own platforms, but you all went over the, you’re neutralized, you're out of action. This is cyber warfare.


I really mean this, it's not a coincidence.  This is how they train them, to do this, what I'm talking about here.  Years ago I did the talks about the sock puppets and so on, how a lot of folk don't even know a lot of the, what they're getting hit with, what they think are people, are sock puppets, they're computer generated by the authorities, the agencies. Now they've got a lot more, thousands they said in the articles, from the 77th Brigade in Britain, there's an army brigade that deals in cyber warfare that's has, they've got thousands and thousands of operatives working full time, against enemies of the state or the state's policies, like, they're giving any contrary information about the safety of certain vaccines and things.


They have to be attacked. And they are being attacked. Very successfully. They will hammer you, you know.  So cleverly too. They will personalize themselves, they'll try and say I'm so-and-so, ask you an innocent question and you might answer it.  And you might get an email back, maybe two weeks later, maybe a week, it depends, and they'll come back with another question. The person is really seeking for truth, and you feed it to them and feed it to them. But then they'll start to try to personalize, they've already sussed you out, you see, before they even first get in touch with you, they've already got a list of who you, people, who you are, your personality profile is complete, what your likes and dislikes are, what you watch for movies, what's your personality, soft, hard, personality, easy-going, cautious, yada, yada.  It's all worked out in advance. Lonely even.  Then they supply the right kind of character to get, to befriend you. You might never meet them, you see.  Probably won't. They might not even be in the same country, even employed by the CIA or even the 77th Brigade.


Then you'll fall for it in your little spiel. And they'll try and get your phone number. Because they try and phone you. One guy phoned me from another country over in Europe, and it was an obvious set up for me to say something that would get me in trouble. All a set up. But it takes them a while to get to that point, you know. And you just, you don't prattle off to these characters if they do get in touch with you.  You’ve got to be very, very careful because they can take years setting you up. Sometimes. And you won't be the only person they're working on. They'll have a list of who they're doing.  And they get paid well, you know, to do it.


But they'll try and get in and so on. Other ones too, you probably go through YouTube or Bitchute, someone mentioned it to me last week, something similar on Bitchute. If you leave the comments open, and you're talking about the topics which are forbidden, including the vaccinations for an example, things like that, any, I mean, anything that's not right from the state itself is forbidden. Anything from any top experts on the planet is still forbidden if they're not on board with the authority.  Who, who is this strange coterie of people who decide what's true and not? Even in medicine, ‘eh? If you don't have all that, you're living in an agenda, folks. Because folk who are running things open, truthfully, don't have to hide behind anything.


But anyway, yeah, you'll get the massive smear campaigns if you leave the comments open. And you see it, it's true enough, you'll see the same names on some of them, over and over and over. Multiple times sometimes in the same, on the same commentary. The same, it's obviously machines just churning them out. Which it might very well be. But I've seen it with anybody who’s religious.  I've seen it on a guy who does his own particular specialty in religion.  You'll see the same character hammering and hammering and hammering after every talk. It's just like, it's just by rote, the same slogans they'll hammer him with and so on like that. That's what you do.


So the whole point is, this was discussed again 20 odd years ago, over 20 years ago, on how they would tackle information in a time when people would have a voice. This is what they said they would do, this kind of thing. You're experiencing it all today. So you can't, you can't even, why give them a platform to hammer you? Your best not to. And I tell you another thing, in their own manuals they mentioned that if you're sensitive they'll crack, they'll try and crack you, just like any spy thing, you know, they try and crack the opposition by causing stress.


It's like being, if you're an actor, actress or a performer on stage, musician or whatever, you should never listen to the critics. Because it would break you apart. So they'll use the critic, you see, to hammer people who are decent, who are trying to do the right thing on the Internet. They really will. They are trained to do this. And paid to do it. Your own countries are paying them handsomely full time to try and destroy you. [Alan chuckles.] That's where your tax money is going, folks. So don't give them the, why bother, do you really need the comments to come back at you, and say oh my God, was it that bad then, didn't I do a good enough job?  No, no, no. This is standard stuff here.


I mean, right now we're, I shouldn't, I don't know if I should say this, we're lucky enough just to get what's left of the Internet. For however long that will be. Just to say what WE want to say.  And if you're paying for it and doing it, doing the work, why open up for all these characters in cyber warfare, paid characters to get in and overwhelm it?  Why bother? Let them pay for it themselves, using your tax money.  [Alan chuckles.] Because they never use their own, ‘eh.


Never forget, you're living in a very unreal system. And because you get used to it you think it's all real. Don't let your guard down. Because these are, the next step obviously apart from just banning folk out right, and they can't get the folk who won't fall into that elephant traps that are preset, preordained, and you all know what they are, you'll get band off them right away, you know. So don't, don't just run wildly over them. Don't follow the leader, you know. And it's always, again, through, I always, I said this to a few folk over the years, don't fall into the emotional traps. Because you have to be almost like them, in agencies, which is detached from the emotion.


This is a war that's going on, a very real war. And the stakes are for everything. For your whole way of life. For everything that's ever been. That's what it's for, folks. That's your stakes. So you can't let emotion blind you until you fall and stumble and you fall over into the elephant trap.  Really.


But there's folk as I say who get sued silly. They lose their mortgages. They'll lose their homes. They lose their platforms. Because they'll fall into the defamation idea, they'll defame folk or whatever, through emotion.  As I say, it's not a matter of if it's true or not, it's a matter of, this is a war and the legal professions from the government on down are on board with the agenda here. And they use it. They set up the elephant traps in advance, hm.


I said years ago too, don't throw out your little litho machines and the ways that the people used to do their own little printing, of two-page, maybe four-page sheets at times, sometimes just one big, long sheet every week, and post it off to people. Kind of like Conspiracy Theory the movie, hhhch, with Mel Gibson.  You send it off to people.  And they'd leave them in laundromats, places like that for folk to read.  That's how it used to be. That idea all came from, well, the pamphleteers, ‘eh.  The pamphleteers they called them in the days of Benjamin Franklin. He was well involved in the printing system.  They used to put the pamphlets out about things, that governments wouldn't like, and you couldn't say directly, or they'd just simply arrest you. But if you could put a pamphlet out and be anonymous with who did it, you to keep your mouth shut.  Which tells you too you've got to have, if anybody's going to help you do it you've got to, they've got to respect each other's secrecy and privacy. Obviously.


Because it's a war. It's a real war. A real, real war, you know. The greatest danger in any war for those who are in resistance movements was always for a quisling, someone inside who will turn on them. The Matrix movie had it too of course, the same kind of idea.  Who gets bribed off but also you've got authorities out there that are on the lookout for people in, you know, who are fighting out against.  So you've got to keep it a secret. So you've got to respect your secrecy, you know. Obviously. You've got to do it because that's how you survive in a real war. A real war. Right down to if they're questioned by authorities, are you friends with so and so?  Do you know what they're up to or anything? And you say no, you've got to be very convincing, etc. This is a real, real war, people.


When they publish that cyber warfare experts, and they were in it long before Covid came along, but now they've given themselves the authority now to go even further with many, many more.  Because the head of the cyber warfare group in the 77th Brigade said that in Britain, a few months ago in the newspapers, I put that up too, that article, when he said, that we have, I can't remember, it was some massive amount extra we can call on and use at any time we want.


And they're doing it.  They're absolutely doing it.  And they're well-funded to do it. And they will put out their own newspapers, by the way. Which will appeal to people like yourselves, who are fighting injustice. They'll have all the same stories, and good ones at that.  Then they'll start their little bits of liberal thought, maybe this, maybe that, and...  Over time you'll be spinning off into a different direction, you know.


It's like 9/11.  9/11 and they had the We Are Change group came out with some terrific investigations right after 9/11.  Top engineers gave talks and put books out of what happened. Then you had other ones come forward with agencies, that they knew were involved behind it, I mean, it was just too obvious and from evidence, hm. But eventually the groups were infiltrated, taken over. Some were already in it and then got paid off to start leading the group astray.  The next thing you know, they're actually the climate advocates, a lot of them, for sustainability, they're all completely on board. They don't realize that, most of the followers don't realize it.


Because the gradual change, it's like following a road on a boring night and a long boring journey. You don't realize you’ve maybe done a big, big U-turn in the middle of the night. Because it's been so slow and you've adapted, until it all seems quite natural to you. That's how it's done with a lot of people and they don't know it. So be very careful. Because you see, it's intensifying now.


You've seen it already from the exercises they had about Covid, Event 201. You saw the one I put out for the European Union, that they were all for VAX, I can't remember the title exactly, it was something like, We’re all for VAX or something. And there was a guy there, I don't know if it's Klaus Schwab there too, who was motivating at the beginning.  He had a heavy accent; I don't know if it was him or not. But anyway, they had some of the people from browser companies coming in, I think Mozilla was there and so on, and search engine companies and so on, on board with it, the mainstream media.  They all gave talks individually and said, yes, we're all on board with this. This is before the pandemic happened, in the exercise, that they've already sworn to go along with whatever the government said. You see?


Then they had different phases of lockdown, you see.  There would be a phase two, three, four and five and so on. Eventually they'll try and deplatform anybody who's putting out good stuff. And how do you do it? First of all is to take the money from them. Economic warfare. That's always standard stuff. Try to stop that from happening. So if they can't get money coming in, then that's them out of action anyway, you see. Because most of them don't live high on the hog, as you well know, it's day to day or week to week. So they're quite easy to put under. And get them deplatformed.


Because I was getting shadow banned before you'd heard the term in public, hhhch, shadow banning. Because I stuck to the basic facts. When they realized they couldn't bring me over, that's what they call it, bringing you over, taking you over, then they turn on you, you see.  Quite openly. Nothing personal really from the guys that do it. They just do their job, and they hate you. They love getting money, and they enjoy games, you see. They play with people. They'll play with your Internet, and you won't, it will suddenly slow down. You say, my goodness, this is going to take me 10 minutes to pull up this one, you know, print page basically. Yeah, they play little games like that. 


Of course if you waste your time phoning the server, well it's not on our end, you know, we're checking it.  Try this and try... Then you'll burn off two hours in the middle of the night going through this nonsense with them, unplug this, plug this in. Time after time getting nowhere.  And it's all to make you give up. That's how they do it. I had that for years. But come midnight generally, not always, my speed just goes, I can actually watch a clip of something for 10 minutes without it breaking.  But it's like a switch, 10 minutes, you know, midnight, midnight, you know. And that will go as well eventually. But during the day, aaugh!  And that's how you do it.


You could always tell when someone is in the back doors of your computer. They get all the back doors, that's what they were putting them in for, remember.  By law they put in all the back doors in 1995, I think it was. I think it was Gratin, was it Gratin [?] that was the, he was a reporter with the Toronto Star.  It was the first time the article came out. Or Toronto Sun I think it was.  Maybe both papers actually. But he said in it, We'll Bug Our Phones To Please Uncle Sam.  That was the headline. I cut that out, I actually keep all the hard copy of stuff from newspapers, ‘eh.  I knew what was coming down the pike, you see. 


Canada had been in an agreement with the US, and the US had demanded that we, that even all land lines, everything, all kinds of phones, all communication devices, faxes, everything, and computers, early computers or the early computers, had to all have chips in them that would allow them, and programs put into them by the makers, under authorization by the governments, for back doors so's all their agencies could have instant access to anybody's communication devices, ALL communication devices. That was back then, ‘eh. And it’s been on a…


So from the beginning, really, you never had free, and even then, there was articles out too about, that nobody knew when they were buying photocopiers, as an example, when they started bringing the prices down for the tiny little photocopiers for domestic use. Because you'd print things up, you wouldn't see anything different from one copy to the next, and one copier to the next. But they had little invisible prints that would go into it, which they could tell which machines, whose machine, who bought it, because generally you have the purchase from you, unless you bought it secondhand or something. But even then, you'd have to pay cash for it. But it would be like a watermark almost, under a certain light could tell who printed this, you see.


And you think you're free. Why would your own governments in peacetime go to these lengths if you are free? And all the buildup and preparation long before, in the 90s, all for the Gulf War coming along, coming, you know, actual 2001 event, the Pearl Harbor event, as they said in advance? M-hm.


And again, in the 90s as well, I remember going into the and reading the articles about it, that Canada was opening up offices for the FBI. In Canada. I said, what's going on? What's coming down the, everybody knew back then something big was coming down the pike. That's why in the States they had all these militias forming from the events that had been happening there too.  But in Canada we knew something was coming down the pike, nothing made much sense really.  Why would they want to tap your phones? Why were they putting all these factors into everything? Even your phone, your own personal phone? No privacy so's governments could listen in?


Nothing apparently as far as we were concerned was happening then. Then about the same time as the FBI opening up offices, they'd also been going around libraries in Canada every month to get lists of everybody who had taken out books, and what books they brought out, what were they reading. So anything to do with anything that was government, even local government run, anything that was, and all libraries were getting government, federal funding too, whatever they were doing, you had no privacy at all. And they were handing it off to spy agencies.  And intelligence agencies. And foreign ones at that too.  To see what you're reading? What's publicly available at the public libraries? Because certain things might be, give an indication of your personality, hm.


Now it's time to tell you to go into List all my official sites, they are all on that site.  You'll see them listed.  I have sites elsewhere, but they're not mine. But these are my official sites. That's what I put up myself. Other people sometimes take them and put them up.  As long as they don't change anything, it's fine. You can buy the books and discs you'll see advertised there, or you can donate to me. Straight donations are really, really welcome as we go through these trying times. And I've got a bunch of sites I pay for and keep. I don't sell anything else, you know.  So I'm not selling you and flogging you and making money and doing all that stuff. I just ask for donations and sell the books and discs that I put out. And yeah, I could, I said years ago I had, I've got a whole list of stuff for further books, and I says, there's no real points. Because the rapid changes that we would be going through literally has negated even, for most folk, the need for books. They don't read anymore. They want video, in fact, for most things.


I knew that in the 90s they'd eventually go totally into video because they've been trained from childhood that all information comes with video. Which means you sit still and watch it. Well, if you're just listening to the material... why bother watching it when you can walk around and travel or even drive and listen to it instead? So, I stuck with the audio.  Yeah, it's not as dramatic, you see, I can't put special effects and scaring you, and giving the right pauses and staring you in the face… and play with you like most folk do.  But I believe in just education is important. Because you won't change everybody's opinions. Definitely.


You probably all know that already.  But you also, people who really have, can change and be strong and come through all the trials that's coming down the pike, generally have something in them already that keeps them alert, you see. There's something there. It's like a switch that's on or off, you see.  And you can find people in the same families, sometimes you'll find men and women splitting up, husbands and wives and so on or mates splitting up because they have differences of opinion when it comes to these vital things that are happening even today, even leading up to this.


Even people with parents to their children, sometimes the children are the ones that are awake, sometimes it's the parent and the child isn't. It's literally like a switch. You either have something switched on or you don't. It's like a pathway in your brain or something that literally allows information to get channeled along in a certain direction where it connects with other bits of information and starts to make sense to you.


Other folk don't have it that way. They see it almost like all unconnected, or disconnected, all the different topics and they can't quite put it together. They can't believe that there are such a dark system with such control over them, that really could exist, even though it does exist exactly like that. The amount of your tax money that's put out there making sure you all have the same uniform thoughts, standardized opinions, is just phenomenal. Yeah, really, and it's all deliberate.  It's not accidental.  Yep.


So it really is something else too when you see the big, big picture. So, you can go into and you can use PayPal, you can send cash or personal check, Money Gram. If you know of other ways let me know too and I'll try and do it. Because things, as always, things are tightening up everywhere you look.  And the currency obviously is being devalued as all businesses go under.  And the taxes are increasing and increasing to pay off supposedly all the borrowed money. Well, forget it. It would take you 100 generations I think to try and pay this off, what's been spent already.  It's all intentional. As I say, and the money is fake anyway. It's backed by nothing. It's all IOUs, you know, and the faith that somebody will pay back, the ones that owe the IOUs, hhhch, and so on.


There's articles here with, and I said this would happen too, not because it's... It's because, you see, Marx talked about factories, as an example, and centralization of power. He congratulated by telegram, remember, Abraham Lincoln for keeping the union together, centralization of the state, of power. But also that centralization would be everything run by the state, maybe even paid by the state, and all employees, no matter what businesses they worked, and they were all run and owned by the state, would get paid by the state, you see. You starting to get the picture? There's your universal basic income. Are you starting to see what's happening here? This is it, folks. It's the same agenda with altering the words a bit, just so it's not quite as obvious to most folk. The same thing.


They also talked in the communist system in the hierarchy, of eventually you would have, you could have one factory making the shoes of the entire nation, maybe even of the world in the future. One factory. And sure enough, you would see the same furniture in all the Soviet bloc country houses, ‘eh, it was all the same stuff. And you see the same fridge, you'd see the same packet of peas and yada, yada, ya.  That's what you have, uniformity. But they also said, yeah, you would have one factory that would make the fridges and one that would make the cars and blah blah blah blah blah.  Anything that was necessary would be made by one place, you see. Well, here you have, it's maybe just one store brand that's going to feed you, and one other store brand that will do something else. And all the other small businesses are gone.


Margaret Thatcher talked about this when she was in.  The so-called conservative, ‘eh?  Oh sorry, progressive, you get the term progressive conservative.  Hm.  That's your little warning sign.  But she said that the future would have no small businesses at all. No one, what always gets me is when the journalists present never press them and say what do you mean by that?  It's like when George Bush Senior made his statement of the coming new world order, the world order coming into view, which you can look up yourselves. They actually had that, yeah.  Then the media is all present and no one said, what do you mean by that? Could you...?  A thousand points of light, ‘eh?  Oh, that old topic again, oh.  [Alan chuckles.] The occultic stuff.


Then 10 years later his son does the same, pretty well the same speech. To the date I think it was. Just coincidence though. But yeah, a new world order, ‘eh?  Then the folk never quite get what's... But yeah, the press sits by docile, as ordered, and knows to play the game and don't ask what he means by it. Because they all know it, they all know what he means by it. They’re in on the little secret. But you’re not, you see.  You're just the peasant. All you're getting is a legal declaration. And you say nothing. Which means that legal declaration is unchallenged, you see, by law.  Then the historians can write down in the future, yeah, it was put forward by so and so and no one objected, the public seem to be, to acquiesce to it. I gave the talks on acquiescence many years ago, and that's how most law is passed, even under common law, you don't object to it and it becomes normal, and it becomes law.


It's interesting to see another guy who uses a lot of my stuff, that he is giving the same talks just recently, using all the same old talks I gave many, many moons ago. Including just say no, the smallest word, I says, you've got to relearn. But we have to relearn an awful lot now because, as I say, you're into the whole sustainability movement, the agenda for the 21st century with its segments, you know, 2015, 2030, etc. etc., things they must accomplish all the way through the centuries step-by-step. 


The UN works the same way too by the way. Because it's the same group that set up your nations and own and are running your nations, own and set up the United Nations.  With their 5-year plans for this, 10-year plans for that, 50-year plans for this other part, etc.  You hear it all, the same, same thing, same body of people with their Chatham House rules. And they all go by the Chatham House rules. All of them. I thought it was just Chatham House. Oh, no.  They've got other departments too and other organizations which are all part of the main organization with their Chatham House rules. Don't tell the public anything after our private meetings. They might have one elected spokesperson authorized to give a cover story on certain things, but never, nothing else. [Alan chuckles.]


And we're supposed to accept that as normal, these private clubs running everything. The same club, the CFR, that came out in 2005 on Canadian television, that's when they were talking about Fortress America and we'll all have to bind together into one big nation in the Americas, you see, and might even have to get a Parliament which they said could be put up in Montréal. That was in the papers at the time. The spokespeople that came out on television then were, came out under their own banner with the background behind them, the CFR. Mr. Axworthy was the head of it at the time.  He was an ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Canada at one point.


They boasted about how they were behind stuff, and they wanted a unified America's. But the CFR also boasted that they literally are, their department in Britain and so on had been responsible for drafting up the EU amalgamation. Well, isn't it strange, as this, I've done this so many times. Isn't it strange that Karl Marx talked about the world was to get split up into three trading blocs, a unified Europe, a unified America's, a unified far Eastern group/Pacific Rim group.  And each one would have their own parliament. Under a super world Parliament. That's the same agenda as the CFR / Lord Alfred Milner group / RIIA.  Isn't that odd, isn't it?


Isn't that just… what a coincidence, ‘eh! Let's be coincidence theorists here. Just coincidences, ‘eh?  The same thing the communists wanted and so on is what the big capitalists that run the British Empire that became the American Empire, that's what they all want too. It's just the same agenda. Just a coincidence though. It must be. What else could it be?


You're living along, and again, with it all too, you have to come into the departments they set up the at the United Nations, UNESCO, etc. with the founders of it, and Julian Huxley, the guy who was Aldous Huxley's brother who's on about, he helped set up Planned Parenthood as well, he was one of the cofounders of it, and depopulation across the world.  He was a top eugenicists.  He promoted eugenics and talked about the unfit, etc., quite openly. Then after World War II he altered it a little bit to keep eugenics going undercover.  He camouflaged it pretty well, belonged to the Darwin Society, etc.


Nothing has changed. These are the same guys who came out of the same organizations have all, they're all one big club, you see, these amalgamated organizations. They're specialized departments, all of them, with one goal, one agenda. And they're alive and well. they hit upon the idea of climate change would do, we could bring in sustainability under climate change, that would fit the bill, said the Club of Rome, the big think tank and organization tasked with finding a reason they could unify the planet so they would go along with it all. We hit upon this, famine and, climate change, droughts and famine and the like would fit the bill, so therefore man would be the enemy.  In other words, TOO many people.


We weren't listening according to last year's Conference Of Parties at the Paris agreement, so they'd have to get more drastic. And bingo, you know, before that year was out in November, out comes Covid. Lockdown. All businesses closed. Totally into complete sustainability, because nothing is getting made anymore.  [Alan chuckles.]  M-hm, there ya go.  And when they come out with the fake bill with the, from the fake money, it doesn't matter, it's all fake and so on, well, you now owe so many trillions, you know, tacked onto what you owed before, so you've got to literally go into rationing and for the rest of... generations to come.  M-hm. 


Then you get little gold stars on your passport, your vaccination passport. It isn't just a Covid passport. This is a total vaccination passport. I gave that talk years ago too. Because it was discussed at the United Nations and the World Health Organization years ago. You're living in an agenda, folks. It doesn't go away. It continues. And the same mantras continue down through the agenda. And they do always finish their tasks. They don't give up on anything. Sometimes they put certain things on hold a little bit, like they did for the last four years with Trump.  And now it's back to, they say it in the papers, it's going to be back to normal, says China. [Alan chuckles.]


The military-industrial complex is already funding ISIS again to hit Syria again. Already it was in the papers there. That's not coincidental. Back to normal, you see, the same list. A continuation of the same agenda that was kind of put on hold there. And the Paris Climate agreement there, they're back at it again. They're looking forward to big celebrations, and they'll have BIG parties to celebrate being back, you know. And filling their pockets with all the stuff that they fill it with, mainly from the taxpayers again.


We're the only species that you have to convince to give ourselves up, to give up our own lives even. No other species does that. You see, the human brain, with all the things, all the gifts that you have with it, you know, to really appreciate, and even the language, to put things into language, and writing, and you can read things from thousands of years ago if you get the translations of things and so on.  What a wealth of knowledge, ‘eh? But it has that big vulnerability too that it can be manipulated by very wiley, wiley psychopathic characters who study you so well.  Then eventually they get paid to study you by more dominant characters who are very wealthy, who obviously dominate you.


Obviously dominate you, so much so they can decide if you're going to drive in the next few years. Remember, for the agenda for the 21st century, that's the whole agenda was too, was put in there, the basic plan.  There's to be no private property. And no private cars. Now they're giving you, I've said this, they're giving you the temporary electric cars to make you think they're not going to lock you down totally forever.  But they are going to. Because they'll do away with them eventually too.  It's all scripted. You're living through a script. The only vehicle there's to be eventually are essential vehicles. That's like fire, police and so on, bureaucrats etc., civil servants and counsel employees, all that kind of stuff. But the rest of you, no. No private property eventually.  That's where it's going.


Again, back to the communist plan, isn't that amazing it all falls into the same agenda? Isn't it? We are the fulfillment, this is the super Soviet on steroids, you know.  All the stuff that they couldn't manage in the Soviet system, of Russia being dominant, is being pushed through under this system. And it's much better because it's using much more persuasive techniques of incredible advanced psychological warfare, and indoctrination, that they didn't have at the time in the old Soviet system. M-hm.


I had to laugh too when the terminology, whenever you hear terminology getting splattered about there with neologisms coming out, and you got reimagining and yet certain words that are brand-new and then phrases that are just put together, strung in such a way you like. Then they all repeat it.  At the Club of Rome, they repeat it, they repeat it at the Davos group, and Bill Gates repeats it, they're all repeating the same slogans. Like reimagining education. It isn't just the future and sustainability, and reimagining this, it's reimagining education.  From Bill Gates, ‘eh?  Because you see, he also funded that whole program because he wants to eventually, all youngsters to literally live at home their entire life pretty well and learn at home, through his programs.  So, uniformity of education and opinions. Oh, it's perfect, isn't it. By Bill Gates. Reimagining. Hhh.  Yep.  M-hm.


All this stuff from tyrants, ‘eh.  They can make things even sound appealing to the youngsters. I like that name, imagining, you know. They do like it, reimagining. There you go. And now all you have to do now with that vulnerability in the brain is to say, well you want to be a good person and go along with it all, too, don't you? Don't you want to be nice and good? And they've got awfully nice persuaders. They don't put out nasty looking, evil looking characters to persuade you. They're generally very likable. They're picked for their looks and for their techniques and so on. And their persuasive, oh, I guess it's persuasive ability, maybe you can call it that way. Because they have it. They're good. They're good little, they're good conmen really, and women, you know.


They're trained in all the techniques that went way, way back too, through time, used by advisors to the courts, the Machiavellian techniques.  They even copied stuff from religion too because religion had its techniques as well. It's like, was it John Wesley that Benjamin Franklin brought over to the States. Now, Franklin himself was a Mason, a high Mason too, and he wrote about it in his own memoirs how he, the lodges he belonged to. He went from one branch to another branch, and he went up the ladder. And how he also put out pamphlets under different guises, newspapers. He owned a printing press eventually.


He talked about he was so impressed with Wesley and his ability to through vocabulary and techniques, oratory techniques, he could literally get the emotions running. Here's the key again, emotion, be careful, emotions are running, and he says, in a short time he would get to such a pitch of, a fervid pitch of emotion going, the people would have tears in their eyes, and by the end of it they'd all give their life to Christ, you see. It was a technique.


Franklin himself said in his memoirs, in the same chapter actually, he says, I myself, you know, don't exactly, he said, I can be a Muslim in a Muslim country, I can be a Christian in a Christian country, I can be a Jew and a Jewish area, hhhch, or a part of a country, and he said, you know, he didn't really care.  To him it was all one thing, it was a way of mixing, that is, that was the Masonic philosophy at the time, the brotherhood of man and how to bypass religions, bypass differences.  And that was the appeal for fork to join it.  And once you did that you’d get used, you see, because it was used for subverting nations and states and systems.  [Alan laughing.]   


Be careful of joining anything, folks. But yeah, that's what he said, the emotive techniques that were used, that were perfected by this preacher, he loved it, he said he was astonished by it. So they brought him over and built him a church. So be very, very careful, you can be… emotion...  Again, getting back to the elephant traps that are deliberately put out there, that the laws are set up if you jump into that trap, they're going to hammer you. Because now they can use the law against you.  It's not opinion anymore, you see.  It's not a matter, either, of if you're right or wrong. That doesn't matter at all.


It's very similar to the Canadian farmer, there was a trial, he was used initially as the novice trial victim for Monsanto years ago. Because Monsanto had its own private army going around the farms and collecting seeds of farmers, and then taking them off to their own labs and saying, well we found soya, our genetically modified soya on your farm. It doesn't matter if a road went past your fields with open trucks full of grain from other farmers who are using Monsanto, and blew, it was blowing over there. Or, and what the judge said to him in fact, this one farmer eventually, he said, I don't care if a bird pooped it out onto your land, in fact, is under the law it was on your land and that's all that matters. Do you see what I'm saying? That's the law. The law doesn't care if you're right or wrong.


It's mechanical in a sense. Although they love to use it for political purposes.  Hhhch.  But it's mechanical in the sense that it was on your land, that's all that matters.  It's the same thing with people who think they're going to get their day in court, and they say, I'm going to tell the people and it will get publicized what happened or whatever. And it doesn't happen. The judge tells you to shut up, under penalty, and the lawyers will do all the talking for you. The lawyers won't breach because he's a member of the bar, you know, they're all brothers and they do their little gestures there.  You'll see them in the court doing their Masonic gestures.  [Alan chuckles.] It's quite, quite funny.


Because it's their system, it's not your system, but that's a whole different topic. But anyway, if they're in court, yeah, it's all agreed upon they're not going to give you a chance to talk for yourself. In fact, they'll tell you, don't do it, don't ever talk for yourself. And they'll say, we are arguing the facts. The facts are, and who is right or wrong or why you did this or anything, the facts are, did you do it?, or did you think it?, or did you say it even? That's it.  You, oh yeah, I did say that, but, but... Ah, no buts about it, that's it, you said it. Saying something, whatever it was, was the crime, not the one that was on the books, you see. That's how it's done.


And folk fall right into it. And I've watched this for years and years as they set up the traps. Which also gives you a good clue of who the people really are behind something, or an organization, or even a website, you know. You've got to be so careful, folks. In the manual for psychological warfare, for psy-op warfare and cyber warfare, they tell you in it that they go into the countries and they set up their own, again, what I'm telling you right, their own groups that appear to be on the side of insurgents or whatever, and they will echo and parrot the stuff, then they'll parrot more of the stuff, then they'll get more factual, they'll bring in the folk, then they'll lead them off into a tangent or away from the main topic. So now you can neutralize them in one way or another. That's what you do, you neutralize them.


And if you can set up laws in that country that this is forbidden or that's forbidden, then you lead them off to go into those elephant traps, you can neutralize them. They fall in one after the other, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, after a leader says so.  The leader is fine, the leader is unscathed in the West, they've got their own platforms, a lot of them.  But you can't afford that. You're in there and now you're getting sued rotten, you can't afford the lawsuits, never mind anything else. BE so careful.


BE so careful. And never take things personally. Even when you've been hit one time, many times by knowing who some of these characters are and being hammered by them behind the scenes. I mean, hammered financially and otherwise behind-the-scenes. All the dirty tricks you can imagine that the CIA is well known for, they happen, you know.  They happen. Yep. And there's no point mentioning it because it would be sour grapes. You'd be surprised how many folk like different characters even though they know they're really agents in a sense. They don't care. They really don't care… Well, they put out some good stuff sometimes. That's to keep credence with the followers. You see?


So be very careful and don't fall into the emotive topics that are deliberately set up for you.  We're going through an agenda. Different groups are playing their part right now in the agenda.  Out of it all will come a new laws and a new system. That's what's the, even the conflicts in the streets, all predetermined. 


It's just astonishing that, again, if you understand what's going on, to this level, at this particular time, it will astonish you. Because you're still thinking that everybody knows what you know. No, they don't.  The general population don't know everything, they haven't been following the stuff that you've been following. They haven't been delving into it behind-the-scenes facts and delving deeper into the stories and behind the stories they're given.  They haven't been doing any of that.


To them it must all be true, whatever it is, is all true, by the authorities, because no one would pull off such a con.  And they always, this is the quote you always hear from Adolf Hitler, and I think it was Goebbels too...  If you're going to tell a lie, tell a really BIG one.  Because the public can never believe that anybody would go to that length and that height of lying to fool the people. Because they only can relate to what they would do themselves, little white lies, little things, they can imagine that because they'll do it themselves. But they can't imagine anybody pulling off a huge national lies that could maybe even get you into war.  Can't imagine it.


But don't forget that Goebbels and then obviously Hitler, they were talking, they got the idea, and they were actually talking when they said that, they were showing you an example of what the Communists already had used, that's why they used that, that analogy, you see.  So again Machiavelli, go into Machiavelli.  He said in his little resume to different kings and queens because that's what it was, you know, The Prince.  You would give your resume to the royalty in the hopes that you would get hired as a courtier, an advisor to the Crown.  He said in it, you must never tell the ordinary people any, much at all, of any truth, he said, it might upset them. The best way is to treat them like children, lie to them, promise them that things will get better and so on. What do you think Fauci's been doing? Well, a few weeks more...  Oh, we might have to lock you down over Christmas again… A little bit more... Children, children, the same stuff, folks. The same psychopaths.


But the point is, managing populations is a very old art. In ancient Rome we've all heard about bread and circuses. Of course we have. It got so bad at one time, it was getting corrupt, and they said every Empire builder, every nation has its little spurt, like when it comes from the grassroots.  And the old idea is that Rome and those who became the first generals of the Roman empire, and even for Rome itself, were farmers, and kind of tenant farmers and owner farmers and so on. But they also served like the local militias.  They would form out of their fighting for their nation and their land, the actual country itself, a unified nation.


But then they don't stop there, they go off in other countries, etc. As they get away from the grassroots of farming and basics, and into luxury, you see.  Now you get another generation comes along, they like the luxury, and they want more. They don't want to pay high taxes, that pays for everything, and pays for the armies, so you use the armies to go out and conquer other nations for resources. And then they took, they took the money guys with them by the way and they forced the conquered nations often that didn't use money to take the money and use it.


They had never, they'd used barter mostly, all these countries used barter, you know, the tribes and so on in Gaul and all that.  Barter was the way. You didn't need coin. That way, you know, you didn't have any middleman that decided the value of that commodity anymore.  If you're truly bartering you could barter a sack in a certain weight of corn for whatever else you demanded.  You would sit and debate it, yes, no, or a little bit yes, and somebody would cave in a bit here, and you'd come to an agreement. Once the middleman came in, then they decided what everything was worth and they became, really, the bosses right there and then. So, Rome forced the money on some of these nations that they conquered. Then the same guys that introduced the money would become the tax collectors and they would be authorized to then recoup their loans to the government, like in Rome, way back in Rome.  They would become the tax collectors to collect money and regain their loans, you see, and profits. And that's a long, long, long story up to the present time, isn't it.


So there's nothing new under the sun, as they say.  Except the tricks are to change names quite often to deceive the people. Emotion is always used to deceive the people. And wars, the same with wars, unless you're directly attacked, then it's self-evident. That's the difference between the U.S. Constitution as an example of what was new and novel, was when they came out with their constitution they said in it, that which is self-evident.  As opposed to being demanded by forces outside themselves or above them or whatever in society. That you had laws which were self-evident. They weren't giving folk rights and freedoms, these rights and freedoms were self-evident, they were yours anyway.  They simply gave credence to their acknowledgment of these pre-existing rights and freedoms. That was the first time it had been done.


And as soon as you say it, and Franklin said it too, what have they given us? They said, what have you given us? And he says, a republic if you can keep it. Because they knew as soon as... Power never stops and those in power never stop either. It was already on the go, for goodness’ sake. And again, there's nothing new under the sun.  And even then, there was an agenda by the founders, obviously, used all the occultic symbologys. I've got amazing old encyclopedias that are falling apart here, they're written in the late 1700s some of them.  They show you even the tokens that they used for money and script and things like that, before they brought in the currencies in the States, and they're all Masonic symbols and currencies. Then all the different offerings from different founders, and people that associated with the founders to draft up the great seals. They got all kinds of them, it's just astonishing how occultic they were. So yeah, there's nothing new under the sun as they say.


But at least they had it in writing, if nothing else, you had the confirmation of what was already self-evident. They acknowledged that which was self-evident. Nobody else had that. Under Britain, even today everybody who works for the crown, police, military, gives allegiance to the crown. Not to the British people. In the Commonwealth countries it's the same. At the top is the crown and that's where the power is, you see. In a coat of arms, that which is at the very top of the coat of arms, whatever is the very top symbol rules everything underneath it, in that same symbol.  There is meaning behind all these things. That's the only reason why you have to, you don't have to go off and spend your life trying to figure out inner meanings because they are endless, really. And yet there's a long, long string of them, no doubt about it. Right down to the alphabet and language of numbers and numerology, gematria, etc. etc. Absolutely.


But you can also lose yourself in it. Some people do. You can also lose the ability to communicate to other people directly. Even though I'm perfectly well aware you could be saying something completely different if you don't understand exactly what you're saying.  But it used to be far more pronounced because at one time, before the computer came along, again, these societies used all these different techniques to communicate, openly, in open places with each other, absolutely, even in newsprint, etc. But within the Internet today it's so far advanced today, advanced than even that, you see, so so far ahead of it now that they don't even need to do that.


You have a whole Internet system, it's like a few actual layers of it above what you've got as the normal Internet. It's like a band of frequencies. They've got their own frequencies way above it. You know? It used to be only the military that had that at one point, and then special agencies and stuff, and international agents. But now it's way above that, they have their own levels now just for elite members.  Yep. And they can do their own little zoom things, no one can get into or find out about it or whatever or hack into it. So they don't need all these different little, little joking symbology’s that they used to use among themselves, as they tee-hee-ed, and ha-ha-ed, and haw-haw-ed at the profane beneath them.


Even in their basic Freemasonry, of course it's an elitist thing which they join, if they can get in, all levels, even working-class.  It didn't used to be working-class though, but they had to eventually bring in the working classes because they needed to use them. With the promise to help them and they could stand shoulder to shoulder and eye to eye with fellow members of higher classes, you know, all that nonsense. But before that they never used the working classes at all, the profane, and wouldn't let them in. There is one thing you must always remember, you were warned about that in Christianity, to take no oath.  Meaning, you don't swear allegiance, you see, by this oath or that oath or by that... You let your yes be yes and your no be no, and that's it, that's all.


That's your answer to anything, yes or no. Because once you swear an oath to something you're under a legal contract. That's the difference, a big difference, in their system, is legalities, you see. Legalities. Legal contracts. And then you're under penalties because every legal contract broken or misused has penalties. That's how it's done.


That's like your taxation system or your voting system. You vote in your nations because you've been trained to vote in your nations, your parents did before you and so on.  Once one generation succumbs to anything, even if it's a temporary war tax, that's how your income tax started off as a temporary war tax, just like your lockdowns are temporary lockdowns, and they're permanent.  You're never to go back to normal, you understand. Maybe 50, 60, 70 years down the road they'll allow an upcoming generation to have a different system. But they'll be completely vaxxed and passported and probably chipped and everything else. And that's how it will be, folks.


They've told you, it's never going to go back to normal. The vaccinations won’t stop you from getting it or even passing it on to other people.  So you still have to wear the mask and have lockdowns. So what's the point in having them then, you know? But it has nothing to do with reality. It's a different agenda as you know.


So yeah, if you sign on to vote to people, you're giving authority, by these people who say that they're representing the state, whatever that means, because it keeps changing, and they have authority over you, and their offices, meaning their police and so on or military or whatever they happen to use against you.  That they're agents of offices are used against you, and you have to go along with it because you voted them in. You gave allegiance, you kind of swear allegiance by giving them a vote, to do just that, to have authority over you.


As I've said so many times, if voting worked for the people, it will be made illegal. The same agenda continues regardless of what party you put in. You get a little bit of a dulling of the agenda, four years slightly on hold in some areas, not completely.  The climate accord that Trump wisely did at least said no to, was bypassed all before he got in by the states making allegiances with other states, and the Paris accord, to make their own agreements with them regardless of what the federal agencies did.


I remember reading the articles years ago on that, you know. They even made some allegiances with some of the US states and Canadian provinces to work together on these. And they did work together on it. They didn't care what the governments were doing, they would represent themselves and go along with the same agenda.  So they just said to the agenda, tell us what you want us to agree to and we'll sign it. So they would say to them, okay, you got to agree to bring the country on board with this, this, this and this. And they say, okay we will, and that was that. That's it, everything's rigged. Completely rigged, folks.


And those who are on board with the rigging, and accept the rigging, hhhch, get well financed and doors open up, you understand. It's just pure luck, coincidences happen, you know, favorable coincidences tend to happen rather frequently for the right people. And if you are elastic enough, you know, immoralities, then you can do awfully well for yourself. Yep. That's how things work. Or did you really think the politicians went into politics to help people?  [Alan chuckles.]  


It's like [Alan chuckles.]  it wouldn't matter what job you apply to, and they've had that in some comedy movies over the years, especially when jobs are hard to get, you know.  But you'd see folk going in, in a comedy movie and they'd reply to McDonald's or someplace. In an interview, why do you want to work for McDonald's? Well, I've always dreamed of this since I was a child, and all that. And you know they're lying, you know, we will all chuckle along with the same lie, you see. 


But it's the same with the police. You'll see young recruits or potential recruits being interviewed, why do you want to join the police? I want to help people, you know.  And that's not why they go in, wanting to wear uniform and wear black gear and have all that stuff hanging around their waist there, all this weaponry. They don't go in to help, you don't wear combat boots to go and help people, folks. Combat boots are for booting folk, that's what they use them for.  [Alan laughing.]  I want to help people.  [Alan laughing.] I need to dress like a Middle Age executioner, you know.


So of course folk lie for the jobs, you know. And folk do apply for certain jobs for, you know, because they like power, or the feeling of power.  And if you wear the badge of the state, in all ages, even before so-called democratic systems, when it was blatant royalty running everything, it was the same characters that became the henchmen or the king’s men.  Of course it was. The same personality types, we're here to help the people. You know, give us your pigs and your, we want 10 pigs for taxes, and 25 chickens from you, you know, or else we chop off your heads off.  We're here to help the people.


I've mentioned before, history overall is kind of a horror show. But in between it you've had kind of periods of relative peace here and there in different countries across the world, where you might get 25 years of nothing much happening in your little neck of the woods. When they didn't have planes and big ships to take over armies and so on, you know.  And you didn't get a tyrant that just wanted everything that you owned.  So of course, and people have a tremendous ability, especially those who are really oppressed, people, nations that are really oppressed end up having a great sense of humor. They do. And that's what gets you through things. You laugh at things, you know. No matter how ridiculous, and sometimes it is ridiculousness of everything that makes you laugh, how ridiculous can it be?  Hm?  That's what you do. And that's what pulls you through. You can often tell that from nations where you've had so much oppression, they have a tremendous sense of humor eventually.


So you're living through an amazing agenda. Most folk don't know it. People crack up trying to get all their family members to go along with them and accept it. Don't do it. Don't do it. As I say, they can't, and it's not their fault they can't. They can't. Something has happened in them.  I mentioned how indoctrination is like a vaccination, the terms they use with vaccination, it will take or it won't take, in other words, it will work or it won't. It will take off in a system supposedly and give you antibodies, that's the theories behind the old vaccines. Which is debatable too. But regardless, that's the terms they use.


Well, it's the same with your indoctrination.  Most folk, you didn't just get it at school, you get it all through your life. It's called perpetual adult education. It took me years to find out, what I suspected, what are they talking about, perpetual adult education? This was to be the thing of the future they said in the 70s and 80s. I thought, does that mean you have to go to night school forever and ever and ever and just relearn things? No, no. They're talking about life, all through your life you'll get updates on education according to the agenda, and you'll comply with the new updates, you'll put them into operation, to adapt into the preordained systems and changes in the systems.  That's what they meant by it.


I got that from the communist writings and from some writings in Britain about the red Bishop, I think was his name, was the red Bishop who promoted all the communistic ideas.  He talked about this lifelong education, and it wasn't until I really dug into it and dug into it, I eventually found an explanation and that that's what they meant.  Perpetual indoctrination, upgrading you in preparation for each upgrade in the system itself so you'll adapt into the new system and then upgrade into the next part.  Lifelong education.


Anyway, it would be put across through books, entertainment, media, and of course movies and things. That's what you get, all the PC updates are embedded in your movies. All the big changes, even in sexuality, all of them, were all promoted and still are through movies first. Comedies. Because it's hard to be angry at a comedy or even feel uncomfortable with a comedy, you see. Because the characters that they'll show you for the changes are generally kind of decent kind of likable goofs, you see.  That's who they give you in the comedy movies, the fictional versions.  And you adapt into it, ahh, well, you know, and little by little you adapt and adapt and adapt to all the changes until, well, until what?


Always remember, you see, practicality and factual, and factuality is premised on the statement again, that which is self-evident.  The different schools of thought, and we know who they are, they were given permission to create a new culture for the West post-World War II.  And for Japan and Germany. But the West definitely. An umbrella group, all funded again to do, given permission by the presidents of the US, as an example, and prime ministers of Britain, they talked about that you, of altering society too.  But they also mentioned they'd have to basically emasculate a lot of the men to an extent. Because they had different goals to accomplish.


Men generally the ones that are quite the, they stand up and do the fighting, generally. Traditionally that's always what they'd done, ‘eh.  Kings and queens never had problems so much with the women, it was the men.  They would band together rather quickly in times of trouble and cause problems against the crown. In different countries of course. But modern societies, they have a big agenda, which you must get in with timetables, like I want to get this done in 5 years, and this part 10, 15, 20 years. You have to be pretty sure of pulling off what you want. And you're going to have opposition. So you have to have techniques and ways to neutralize the male input. 


What you must do is alter that which is self-evident. And once you bring confusion in and to say that which is self-evident, then you can, then it creates a little chink out of uniformity of thought. A little chink, like a little wedge, and then you can bring in more and more things which put apart different parts of that which is self-evident. Until you're unsure of everything. And as you’re becoming more unsure and more unsure of everything, you'll destroy the old system, you won't go along with it. You won't even have children. You're fulfilling someone else's agenda and you don't even know it.  Because you're complying with it. You'll even turn on yourself eventually, self-destruct.


This is warfare and people don't know that. But those who wrote the books on how to do it, who created the organizations that fomented it, who had whole publishing companies to put out their material and had world meetings, many, many per year actually, they knew how to do it.  And your governments at that very high levels all understood, at least went along with it.  Because most of them are fronts as I say, you know.


Once that which is self-evident, ‘eh, is put into doubt then it's easy to stick in another doubt into that wedge that's opened another one, until literally you get neutralized, you’re out of the picture.  You're now disabled. You’re out of, you know, you're no problem from then on. You're disabled. That's battlefield, you know, to destroy or disable an enemy, that's what you do. You're conquered.


So remember this is a full-scale war. It's like any war, the generals and higher officers are all trained, whether they stick to it or not, but they're trained to do, literally, not to let emotions get in the way of solving problems.  And continuing emotion can break you up step-by-step, little bit by little bit until it breaks you down. It makes you weary and war tired, war-weary as they called it.  Emotions can be your enemy then.  Emotions can also be your enemy as they say because it opens up a target to the enemy. The very fact you've got a mind and that you're sensitive to what's going on, and you care what's happening, what goes on, you're passionate about fighting against it, and they can use that against you by targeting you, you see. 


So you have to become like a duck where water just runs off your back. It doesn't bother you. It literally doesn't bother you. In order to win and succeed.  Because it's a very complex war too. It isn't just what you see on the net.  Most folk get into the net and they think it's, here's the different sides and so on, and eventually they know who's who and so on. But they don't realize, there's a lot, it's much bigger than all of that.  Even many of the plans that are put out there for them to follow or emulate are literally that.


Again it's in the manual of cyber warfare and psyops.  It literally is in it. That's what they do, that's what your government does with your troops in certain divisions of them, or regiments of them in other countries. Big operations you know. And these are unconventional tactics, you see. They're not straightforward tactics of just you wear the white feather in your hat and I'll wear the black one and then you go at it. This is real covert stuff, and softening up, and psychological warfare and so on.


But it's just very effective and you can disable people just as badly as though you had wounded them physically.  Absolutely. Until they're disabled.  Or again they fall into, you lead them up to the elephant trap and they get so emotionally involved they carry on, oh that's wrong, that's terrible, you should do something about that, and they fall into it.  Hhhch.  And they're deplatformed.  And they're sued silly and so on.  Or they're charged with different kinds of, new types of crimes and things like that. It's all deliberate. That's how it's done, you see. Standard stuff.


So be very, very careful out there as I say and, it's almost like, there's lots of examples of it. And throughout your life you get more and more people fall into the traps and they become victims of it. And we all get, we all get targeted. You're definitely on a list, you'll be targeted if you start speaking out about what you think is the truth or perceive as the truth, and injustice. 


It's like that great Barrington coalition that they had, I don't know if it's still on the go or not, where some of the doctors are in it and so on. But when the woman was on, one of the women that were in it was on, and she said that she couldn't believe the vitriol and hate that got spewed her way.  She didn't think that people were even capable of just going like that and turning on her like that. Well, she doesn't even get it yet, it's probably mainly the cyber warriors by the government agencies and military that did it, hhhch, that's what they do.  And if you're sensitive enough, like she was obviously, she took it all as real, she will feel flattened that they hate, oh they hate me so much for what I'm trying to do, and they all say I'll be guilty for killing people, lots of people because of what we're telling them and so on, and there will be deaths on my head because of the anti-vaxxers.  All this kind of stuff, you see. This is how they go for you. If she believed it all she'd start breaking up. She couldn't believe it.


Well, that wasn't for ordinary people.  That doesn't come from ordinary folks out there.  A coordinated sustained massive attack like that, you see, that's exactly what the cyber warriors do.  As I say, other ones, if you're a bit more clever they'll try and infiltrate you. Sometimes it will take years, you know. Just like any other war.  You know, like sleepers, they call them sleepers. Well, they try to do the same kind of thing in cyber warfare as well.


So you've got to be so careful in this day and age not to succumb to name-calling, ‘eh, and vitriolic attacks. Because it is very, it's worse out there than you think. It is worse. I can give you lots of stories but I won't. Because I could mention some of the dirtiest tricks you'd imagine even within what's called, used to be called the patriot community, for the leaders of them. But I won't either because they might call it sour grapes, you know, the followers would. So there's no point talking about it. There really isn't.


Again, why detract from what you're really here for, which is to really do what you do. Rather than getting caught up, and this is another tactic they'll used too, they'll try and tie you up in answering charges to whatever, which are bogus or fake, or it doesn't make any difference as long as they can tie you up with it, until so much of your time would be devoted trying to defend yourself against something which didn't happen, that again you're disabled. These are all operative techniques that they use. I hope you understand that.


So don't even get into squabbles about things. Think of the bigger war that's going on. Be aware of the characters involved in different areas. But definitely, yeah, don't fall into the elephant traps that are laid out for you to be… to disable you, hm, and to get you out of the picture. That's how...  This is stuff they teach in their manuals. I can imagine what their schools are like in the military for this, ‘eh? Because they go into more depth and give them lots of examples, and you get young cocky recruits coming in that they think it's all just fun, and they get arrogant.  Now they get backdoors into folks' lives, and they can screw around with them, and they laugh at them as the people stumble and fall and wonder what's happening to their service and yada, yada ya, you know.  Ha, ha, ha, aren't we clever.  M-hm.


And you saw that too in the, this is standard what happens, you end up with tyranny. Government shouldn't be employing these characters and train them to do this anyway. But like The Lives Of Others, the movie, was really good with the Stasi in East Germany, which a lot of, and a lot of it was copied after East German Stasi which was very efficient in what it did.  They had SO many people in the state bugged, they had thousands of operatives, and assets. They blackmailed the public to become assets.  They even had, hhhch... You've got to understand how devious power and power systems are. You've got to really understand. Even in your systems, it's been on the go in your own systems long before most of this trouble came to the attention of most people. It really is. Just because it's quieting down a bit here and there, or it's quieter then, didn't mean it wasn't... OF COURSE IT WAS GOING ON, you know, absolutely.


In the Stasi system they would do street theater. They'd set up little scenarios. If they wanted you to work voluntarily for them but they were pretty sure that maybe you wouldn't voluntarily, so what they would do is they'd do a set up.  You'd walk into your usual, here's your routine every day, you walk into the store, you buy a coffee or cigarettes or whatever it happened to be back then.  When you walk in this one day and some kind of thing is said rather loudly by a customer, who now he's really said, this state stinks, our government is evil, blah blah blah, you see.


Now it was your duty as a citizen to report such a thing from happening. So they'd have the people there, and it was a setup, right, the person was there to do it, like an actor.  You were to be the target. You were within earshot. Then they'd wait and see if you would rush off to tell the authorities of this comrade out there, what he had said and done. Or not. And if you didn't you would be approached, you know, oh it's been reported to us that you were present when this outburst was made by a dissident and so on and yada, yada, ya, why didn't you report it comrade, yada ya? Well, you know, you might have to work it off for us, we need you to do this job for us. So you'd become an informant for a while, you see. Or else you went to prison for not informing about a treasonous act that this bad dissident, which was just saying something, you see.


What we're talking about we used to call it, you know, totalitarian tyranny in those systems. And it's all here now. It's all here, folks. You've got so many agencies authorized to check every, everything you say, every day on the phone, any kind of phone, on the Internet.  And augh, as I say, they've got the virtual you set up everywhere, virtual yous.  Where the Pentagon, remember, from their own article from a few years ago said that for everybody in America we have a virtual you.  Hhhch.  And they update it automatically from all your sources to add to your profile. They could do little scenarios, run them on you, putting you, your virtual you in particular going through scenarios in everyday life and settings and things that would happen, and to see how you would react to them. They said that the virtual you was so perfected they could pretty well project what you would do in real life if they set you up to do it, how you would react and behave and what you would do.


This is your free... this is the system you vote for?!? Iye-yi-yi.  M-hm.


Your own country now, literally, the true definition of fascism, you know, remember, was a system, a totalitarian system, an elitist system where they brought in elites to run you. They didn't have to be an ethnic group, by the way, running you, or a pure race or anything like that. It was a superior, what they believed was a superior group, over you. With their own system of beliefs basically, and the beliefs could be just that they are superior and they had the rule over you, and they belonged to the right clubs, the right agency, or whatever they had joined, or whatever background that they came from and family background, so they were superior to you. You see.  And that they would preside over all, all business, and government.


So it was a coalition basically, and they would decide what, how you would get raised, if you would get born, and as I say, and what you would do in life. You had that from-school-to-work idea too, that the Communists used, which they had adopted in the States eventually at one point. And before you know it, you’re under that same tyrannical system where they tell you what you've got to do. Even with your body, you don't own your body, the state owns your body. For the greater good. Everyone works for the state, you're all getting paid to stay home.  Hm?  Ding, ding, ding! What does that mean, ‘eh? Like centralization of government.  Communism. Collectivism. Blah blah blah. And government authorizes which businesses can stay open. And it also authorizes what manufacturer's products are going to get pumped into your body. That you'd better take.


This is beyond any fascism. It's worse. Yep.  We've already got euthanasia, that the Nazis got blamed for.  The Nazis copied it, and Hitler said in his own diaries, or books, that they copied it, they congratulated the States for pioneering it, and Britain too, for sterilizing the people, etc. Of course they were doing that there. Cold Spring Harbor and all the rest of it, ‘eh, and the Rockefeller Foundation for Better American Families. Eugenics, ‘eh.  What will we do with the poor unfortunates? Well, sterilize them.  Yp.


And they weren't just sterilizing. A lot of them simply died of mysterious, you know, illnesses or, ftt, maybe bad reactions to things, ‘eh.  That's the harsh realities of life, folks. It's not a pretty picture of the past. The only joy comes from individuals within their small groups of friends and so on. That's where you get joy, you know. Even amongst these horrible times. Because there's a lot of evil out there.


You've got to understand, I mentioned this term resolute so many times before. Resolute is something that comes when nothing is going to ever change the course of events, that people become resolute, who are the perpetrators. Even if you are on what is a good side, right, and you're going to go out there and fight a battle.  Don't get in the way of people who have no option but to go and fight that battle. Don't get in their paths because they are resolute, you'll see it in their faces. 


But you'll see that same resolute behavior amongst tyrannical corrupt politicians and operatives. In the States mainly throughout the whole year you've had incredible displays as they went after Trump. It was astonishing to see the vitriolic hate, and the complete sworn allegiance to one agenda regardless of how ridiculous or falling apart it would be or how shredded it was or full of holes, it made no difference. That was resolute lying. That's dangerous. They're dangerous people when you see that. Very, very dangerous.


These are the same characters that are resolute, as I say, to come and kill you maybe. Or people like you. That's what they've done before. The first thing the Bolsheviks did, round up all the folk who disagreed with them, just round them up and ANNIHILATE them, you know.  Don't even bother with reeducation camps for most of them, just kill them all. That's what they did. They had literally, every Country they went into, Poland is one, they did the same thing with a whole... They boasted in Russia, we have eliminated a whole class of people, and had a party about it, Trotsky and the rest of them. And replaced that class with themselves by the way.  Hhhmf.


And when you hear of certain people in the States saying the same thing, and they're in power of the so-called Democrat Party in the US now, saying similar things, that they mustn't ever let in any way, what they called the, what they call the right wing get in again. Which really is just the ones who are, basically back the Constitution.  If it's not the Constitution you're under, what are you under? It's some other system obviously. Of course it is.  They said they wanted to eliminate the Constitution, eradicate it, you know, an end run, do an end run around the Constitution rather than hit it head on.  A CFR members of that. You can find it out there, that phrase, I've said it many times before. Then yeah, and they want to round up people and go after them.  You’ve had congresspeople saying it recently, the same thing, you know who they are, you know, you guys that have been in the military, you know what to do. This is dangerous times indeed.


It's repetition, isn't it? But that's what you're seeing about resolute. You're seeing murderous intent being displayed openly. Murderous intent. That's called resolute. That old saying, that they'll either stay together or swing together, you know.  Because if they back off they get weakened and overthrown, what are you going to do with these folk? ...who decided to destroy an economy of a country and the planet?  This is, Covid, it's nothing to do with Covid.  You don't lock down healthy folk under any disease. This is the whole sustainability agenda as I've said from the beginning of this thing rammed through on it.


What would you do with them if you could bring all these people and put them on trial? With evidence that they all committed to do this for other reasons, ‘eh? What would you do with them? Well, you see, those on the left wing have already decided what they're all going to do with YOU if you're not part of their agenda for communism. The same kind of thing. The same thing. And they are being vocal about it.  [Alan chuckles.] And no one is stopping them. Which tells you they're operating on behalf of the so-called deep state, which is a massive international CIA organization, with all the other groups of other nations on board with them. That's what it is.


The ones that are saying they're back on track now, they've got Biden in. Really? And it doesn't matter about vote fraud. It makes no difference who comes forward. Again, even the ones who come forward, who've had their lives threatened for exposing what they witnessed, people who worked in the sorting stations for votes and so on, some of them have been attacked physically. And who is investigating it? Nobody as far as I know. The courts won't touch it. That tells you they're stacked.


There's a power that exists that no one is going to go against here.


It's very much like, um, you get all these little sayings that are parroted in traditional real or mythological history, hhhch.  Some of them are true, some of them are verified. Other ones aren't, you know. But they become kind of urban legend or myth and so on. Because people like to have justice done, even going back looking at history.  So yeah, there have been deathbed confessions that never happened, from tyrants as an example. They had one from, I remember reading about Bertrand Russell who, ah, what an arrogant psychopath this guy was. But he came from a family of them, ‘eh, long lineage of them. But yeah, he was arrogant as could be about useless eaters and how science had the right to rule and decide...  He's the one who said that if there was to be a tyranny that will come and replace this obsolete system, he said, he would rather it be a scientific tyranny.


Well, that's what you've got now under the cover, or the guise of science, when you're told not to question professionals, by Fauci, remember he said that? How dare you little people question things, you're just, your brains are too tiny to understand it. There's nothing complex about it, believe you me. The human body is, the basic human body it's a machine.  But no, you just don't understand these things, you know. But anyway, that's how Bertrand Russell was too.  He was quite blatant about the agenda for depopulation and useless leaders. He called them that, you know. And the fact you need a bubonic plague every generation or two to keep the population down, that's what he said in his own books.


And how you would always grab the children and train them, the state would train them, the new morality and the new values of the state. That's what he said in his writings. He worked with experimental schools early on too and was given permission no other schools could do the kind of things, would create new moralities, sexual and otherwise, in the 1920s, as an example. He was given permission to do experiments like that to see what they could do to alter the behavior of children, who would then become adults, you see.


He was really using the same technique they were using in Russia under Pavlov. And Pavlov's techniques were used, it wasn't just dogs he was torturing.  He was doing the same thing in the schools for behavior modification of children.  They even had super boxes on the tabletops of the teacher’s desk, you know, or table, on their desks, that literally put a frequency that was designed to make the children more passive and put them into almost a subliminal state of reception, hhhch, on topics and so on. 


This is a fact, folks. They had it right up until, I don't know if they're still using it, but they had it right up until even Waco happened. Because during Waco, I don't know if anyone remembers it, some professionals from Russia came over and went to Canada first with their ideas and then down to the States. They proposed to use their technology on the inhabitants inside the house at Waco, they said they could literally put them in an almost a hypnotic state with their technologies which they had used in classrooms for years. I'm not kidding you, this was in the papers, ‘eh, they had exposés, it was in the magazines of it. Yep.


This is the technetronic stuff that, on a literally, on a more focused local level, or small level, that Brzezinski was talking about in the 1970s, in his chapter The Technotronic Era [in the book Between Two Ages]. He says we could put frequencies across entire nations if we want to. That was then. That meant they knew it worked, hhhch, they tried it. It would alter the behavior or make the people more passive or aggressive or whatever, or even tired by certain frequencies.


It's way more advanced now of course as they can, it's so micro, they know exactly the different, they've mapped the whole brain into the different frequency wavelengths of different parts of the brain. That was the human brain project that Obama’s group was doing.  Even Sunstein was involved to an extent in that for… It wasn't because they wanted to look at pretty pictures of it. No, it was because they could find out how to more perfectly manipulate the people predictably. Hm.  Of course that's what it's for.


So as I say, anyway getting back to what we're talking about.  You've got to understand you're living in a kind of horror show in a sense.  Your own governments, long before the recent, you know, admissions to all they're up to, what they plan for the next few years, they've been doing a lot of this stuff all along on you and you don't even know it. You don't know it. Np.  You don't know it.


But yeah, in Russia that's what they had. That's why Eleanor Roosevelt was so impressed with Russian children, ‘eh, so disciplined, when she went over to see her hero, she says, Pavlov. The man who was making the breakthroughs for behavior modification and altering reflexive action and responses, ‘eh, to make people more predictable.  And the children, he says, when they went to school they were, they looked kind of solemn, but well behaved and uniform, no laughing and shouting and playing and tagging each other and chasing, no, no.  He says, but she was so impressed because of that, and she preferred that technique, as opposed to watching the American children laughing and playing around and fooling around on the way to school. Yep.


Of course FDR's whole staff, you know, Hopkins, a whole bunch, they were all pretty well communist. Some of them were card-carrying communists. And don't forget it was Wall Street that put him in. So again, here's this thing with big-money and communism, big-money, it's much more efficient.  Well, Mr. Trudeau in Canada says that too, you tell the folk what to do and they do it, you don't have to bother about individual rights and individuality.  It's just an awful nuisance that, you know. Yep.


But there you go, it's coming to a head now and they rush through ahead into the next phase of the system of the planned uniform society. Obviously, hm.  Post consumerist society as I’ve said before many times. You were put from a manufacturing base through free trade agreements all drafted by the Council on Foreign Relations /Royal Institute of International Affairs, all drafted up all the agreements, and planned by them, implemented by them, and their branches are the technocrats, you know, all working together to make it all happen.


We didn't get a vote on anything to do with it. They got rid of your industry. Then you're left with a service economy where you import everything and sell it, from one hand to the next seller, to the next hand to the next seller, that's what selling is all about. But you're not making anything. All planned ahead, way ahead in advance. Every US senator was involved and on board with that agreement, you know. The same in Canada, the States, the same everywhere else. Because they serve a higher God, hhhch, who tells them, which tells them this is what you're going to vote, Sonny, or Madame.  And they do. And they all know it.


It's like going back again to I think it was Wilson, President Wilson, again these myths and legends that they prattle on about that I mentioned earlier. But he did, apparently, and Mandel House hinted at this too in his own memoirs.  He said that, because Mandel House really took the, he liked to take the credit for really getting the guys together for agreeing on the banking system, the true Jekyll Island idea, the Federal Reserve, a federal banking system.  But he used Wilson, and Wilson he said, well everybody said, Wilson loved to hear himself talk a lot, so much so folk get bored with him and they'd yawn, and he was a big talker. A tremendous ego.


So he’d stroke his ego and he would, he could get Wilson into what he wanted them to do basically. It's said that after Wilson got the Federal Reserve in, then it was used immediately for its purpose, which was they got World War I on the go, they got involved in World War I and they sent American troops abroad.  That took a lot of money, so he just borrowed from the central bank system. And they've got guaranteed payment because now you've got the same set up as Britain, that goes way back to the Roman times too.  The moneylenders set up a system that lends to the government for their escapades and their conquests, and then they give themselves the right to tax it off the general population to pay off the debt.  That's what you've got with the Federal Reserve. And then up comes your Internal Revenue Service system, you see. Which is a great story too, even the photographs of the one in Maryland is quite fascinating, if you've noticed it. It's the same system as ancient times. Yep.  That's not coincidental.


So Wilson supposedly said he'd, he's maybe, he’s ruined the country. This is what they do, you know, and they'll say, this is what he said towards the end of his life, I think I’ve ruined my country. But whether he said that or not we’ll NEVER know, ‘eh, we’ll never really know. They tried to say the same with Bertrand Russell, as I say, who literally was a tyrant himself. But the psychopath in him would never repent, he had no need to repent. On his deathbed? No, no. No way. Np. 


It's maybe better take the views expressed in the novels, especially the one that was Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli. He was put into the British government by Rothschild because he pretty well owned the government by then through all their wars and escapades and so on. So he put Benjamin Disraeli in who is really a novelist, and a progressive one, you know, he got tut-tuts back then for being a bit too gauche as they said, or some of them said fast, you’re a bit fast, you know, gauche… or explicit, put it that way, in certain areas. But anyway, Benjamin Disraeli did in Coningsby have in the novel, you know, fictional novel version of it, he said, that the people who rule behind the scenes are vastly different from the ones you think are there doing it. So he gives you a lot of little clues of how things worked in reality. Of course that's how it really is, even then, ‘eh. Absolutely.


Again, you even have that, you see, you have the precursors of, say, MI5 and MI6 in Britain, you had the Secret Service. It's still there by the way, you know, there's another higher level there.  They used to only recruit from the aristocracy, the nobility. For centuries really, you know. Down through time if you look into, and Britain is a good example because they write a lot more history about themselves, boasting about it at times. Russia does some of it too. The communist groups write about themselves quite openly too, or copiously, because they enjoy the limelight.


But they talked about just men, like the just men society.  Or you had all these plays and fictional versions came out, like The Four Just Men.  You had that with Karl Marx and these kind of groups, they claim that they were on the side of right, you know, for society. But in reality, when you see the Bolsheviks getting into Russia, I mean, it was like unleashing a shoal of piranha on a horse swimming across a river.  It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. The ferocity of the Bolsheviks in slaughtering people is just amazing. A hatred, built-in hatred. Incredible. And absolutely no affiliation with the people they were slaughtering at all.


So you've got to understand that there's a tremendous evil in the world. There's no doubt about it. TREMENDOUS evil. When it becomes resolute, and you'd better understand that they mean business, and you're looking at potential horror coming down the pike. Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm telling you. They won't tolerate democracy. They won't tolerate different opinions. Absolutely no way whatsoever. Np.  I'm telling you.


Folk don't realize what's happening here. And this is the transition.  This is the same transition that is Bush Sr, George Bush, when he was president talked about with his, new world order coming to view, it would be more just and equal. What d’you get from the World Economic Forum? Oh, it will be a more just and equal society, redistribution of the goods. Wasn't that the Communist Manifesto? Oh-oooo. Isn't that strange it's all the same, ‘eh?  But of course what they're really telling you is the redistribution of all your goods.  [Alan chuckles.] They aren't going to lose anything at the top, they’ll acquire more and more.  But you all must go into utter poverty and austerity and be utterly dependent on the state.  That's what it's about, folks., remember, go into it. Send a few bucks my way.  It's very important to keep me ticking along as we go through this craziness. If you want you can buy the books and discs there too, or just straight donations.  How to do it is on the site PayPal, personal check, cash is fine, Money Gram works too. As I say let me know if there's any other ways to get money to me as we go through all the big changes that are happening right now.


So yeah, you're living through an amazing agenda that was planned years ago, a long, long time ago actually. The whole bigger plan was planned long before you were born or your parents were born, even your grandparents were born, the world to come. Absolutely. With the techniques of indoctrination they knew they could pull it off. You've got youngsters in the streets now that are following the rioters for the so-called antifascists. The leaders are all trained and they know what they're there for and they get well-funded. But the followers really think they're going to bring in some better world. Well, where do they think they're going to get, do they think the system they're going to bring in is just going to hand them cash for the rest of their lives or something?.. and keep them all around as pets, you know?


You'd better start thinking here. Get out of the emotion. And stop blaming everybody else that you've been trained to hate. You don't realize you've been trained to hate your targets. Hhhhh-hhm.  And if all ability for even basic, basic self-preservation, meaning growing food or whatever, is taken from you by law, then you are totally dependent on the masters.  Which is pure feudalism. I don't care what they want to call it, feudalism is feudalism.


I mentioned before Quigley said it many times in his books, you know, the new system that's coming in, the CFR, the establishment, right, anybody who's anybody at all in the US system of media, education and so on, they're all members of the CFR. You can't join it; you have to be asked if you want to join in. You're tapped in a sense.  And they abide by the opinions expressed by the masters above them. Because there's an inner group, like Quigley said too, the same way he was talking about the one in Britain, would be under the Milner group, which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They have an inner party and outer party.  That's what George Orwell used in 1984.  And yes, if you serve the outer party, you'll be well rewarded and live well, as you screw everybody else underneath you. They're all on board with it. That's how it really works, folks.


But get the children, that's what Russell said. And those ones that are in the streets now, in their maybe late teens, maybe up to 25 mainly, the older ones are about 30, they're old. They've all been trained with the same sustainability agenda and the save the planet agenda. Oh, the previous generation is destroying the planet and destroying everything, they're to blame for everything, they're to blame for the fact that I don't have enough money in my pocket, that's what they think too, you know.  As the very ones they're serving is going to put them into utter dependent poverty.


And they can't figure it out because they're indoctrinated with the Pavlovian techniques, again, that FDR's wife talked about, Eleanor Roosevelt, that she loved so much.  So effective, you know. The same techniques that Beria talked about, the police chief at one point in Russia in the 30s, of indoctrinating children perfectly step-by-step, stage by stage throughout their life in preparation for what they want them to experience in their adulthood.  [Alan chuckles.] Things that hadn't even happened yet, you got prepared in advance for them, and you didn't even know it. Isn't that clever. You've got to admit it.


Evil, this evil can be admired for the ability to, for such farsightedness, and in using techniques of, very effective techniques of evil. Hm.  Bertrand Russell said the same thing. He says, we, WE, hm, who is we? He says, WE used to think that we'd have to take the children from the parents and the state would rear them to get the state's values, the values that the state wanted those children to grow up and have.  But now with techniques, he said, scientific techniques being perfected, we now know we can leave the parents to support the child economically, to house, feed them and clothe them and so on, because with the techniques we use now, the state, we can indoctrinating them into having the state's values and morals, so effectively, he said, that parental input after school would be of no effect.


They would train the children to actually despise the parents when they tried, the parents trying to intervene or even help with homework. We've all experienced that. They look with disdain at you, like, ah, you're...  They've been trained to look upon you, you're out of it, you know.  Only their teachers are the ones they'll listen to and believe.  They've been trained. And all their values come from the state. Why do you think so many conflicts in the home?


Very biblical to how they can always, they always knew in the Bible, it's been done before obviously by ancient civilizations, how they could use children to turn against their parents.  Nothing new under the sun they say. Just the digital techniques perhaps, ‘eh, powers of the air you might say.


Now, we know, hhhch, from the media what they’re putting out to the public, that they have to, you know, to get any credence at all from the public's viewpoint to the media, they have to give you the occasional bits of truth when it's really so bad and severe, you know.  Never mind all the massive lying the media has been continuously doing for a long time, even before Covid by the way. It's just been awful. They were out of business for years when the Internet came in, you know. Who wanted to read their rubbish, their guff as they say, you know, or hogwash, good term, hogwash.  So the government’s been paying them for years because the government needs them there because they are authoritative sources, you know. So they can always use them against the people basically… Here's the unified opinion you've all got to have and the conformity opinion and this is it. And they have no other gods before them, this is our point of view and that's the one you must accept. Or you'll be naughty and banned, etc.


They've been paying them for years because they weren't bringing in the money. Who was looking at newspapers? For years. Except for maybe financial market papers or magazines and things like that, that's about it, you know. Or specialty ones like woodworking or metalworking or whatever it happens to be.  I don't even know if they have them even in paper form anymore. But anyway, newspapers themselves were losing it because folk turned off and they were far more interested in the Internet itself, or chatting to each other, for instance.


Last week I mentioned, as an example, of the cons that go on, you know, because everything ties into the complete shutdown of society.  I've mentioned it, for months and months I've mentioned the warfare tactics of this where, and economic warfare is one of the biggest things you do in war. If you can shut off the economy of the nation it collapses without, you know, hardly firing a shot generally. It collapses. When nothing moves folk have more, they're more worried about where their next meal is coming from, you know, or the money for the meal, or the currency or the exchange or whatever it is that they’re going to use to get the meal. So the whole system collapses. They're not going to be, stand up for government that's allowed all this to happen, you see. 


So that's what you do in warfare, you stop everything from working and from manufacturing, from selling, to getting produced to whatever, collapse it. And they did it with one fell swoop as I mentioned before.  An immediate BANG, that was IT. Government borrows the money and they tell you afterwards, you're trillions of dollars in debt now, trillions, and we're borrowing more. You're never going to get out from underneath this. Never, folks.  Even though it's all a farce and any government could come in and literally write a check, send it off to the characters that pretend to send you digits on a computer, for money, [Alan chuckles.] and into your central banking system.  Just write a check to them, or put some digits into theirs, there you are, here's the digits back for you now, because that's all they're passing around, isn't it.  They can make it out of thin air soaking you and you can pay off the debt with something out of thin air too.


But yeah, we're living through this incredible farce, and you have to realize what it's all about. It's all much, much bigger than Covid, Covid is the excuse.  But they will not back off. They're resolute.  Their chins are out there. They've got that fixed fanatical expression on their faces when you see them together. They're hostile. Because they know that they're on the line if this falls apart. They know that. That's when folk are dangerous, you know. That's when tyrants become more... They never back off and say, we're sorry, we're wrong, or we were misl... they may try misled and things like that. But that's, at the start, oh, no, they'd rather you all died, some of them, than ever come out and tell the truth.


Government has a hard time telling the truth in any situation, even when they have nothing to hide which is not very often. But with the severity of things that are going on… They've all colluded across the planet, they're all on board at the same time.  Why do we have different countries if they are all under one system? What is this one system? If this is a system under democracy, how come we don't get to vote on it? When it affects our lives and collapses your businesses and your economies and everything, how come? Well, they're resolute, the chins are out and they're going to turn the forces loose on you if you ask questions.


Last week I mentioned the techniques that are used, normally anyway, with vaccine programs. Now, they've had problems in the past with this stage, a particular stage of vaccines. They give it to the so-called paid volunteers.  But then once you've given it to them, you're supposed to give a challenge test to them, where you challenge them with the wild real virus. That's how you really know if it works, you see. More importantly, you see, it's never difficult, they claim, and all the countries will tell you the same thing, oh, our vaccine got an immediate antibody response, you know, within 24 hours and so on. They’ll all say the same thing. Every vaccine that's ever been done before has said the same things.  They laud themselves since they generally write their own reports. And they are going to be awfully, incredibly rich by it too.


But anyway, then they're supposed to give a certain amount of time for the buildup in the body, you know, the immune system to build up antibodies, and then give it a challenge test with the wild virus, the actual real thing. Because that's really, that is THE tests, you see, that is the true test.  That's your proof of anything, and would it fight off and stop you getting the disease? Hm.  But more importantly through past experiences, and even some of the flu shots, they had such horrific, with the swine flu one too, horrific reactions with the lungs being invaded with cytokine storm, where the body now sees, gets utterly hostile towards the wild real virus.  And everything in your body gears up immediately, everything, every part of your defense system goes into action to try and defeat it, storms to the lungs generally since the entry path is through the lungs, nasal passages and lungs, and overwhelms your system. It enlarges the tissues in your lungs, the alveolar tissue, makes them very delicate indeed, you might have hemorrhaging and so on.  That's why when they put one of those ventilators down you and they can burst them with that increased pressure.  It's too dangerous to give them that. I said that at the beginning too. 


Anyway, your body’s overreacted to everything, you see, overreacted completely to something. And it can kill you, you see. And they know that because in so many different more recent vaccination studies and trials they've had that happen. So the answer, as I said last week, to this particular problem is not to give them the challenge tests with the wild virus.  Just take their word for it that it works. Well, wait a minute here, isn't it better to watch if there's bad reactions in the small test group that you're using? as opposed to saying, oh we won't bother with it… until you end up with millions of people getting this, maybe with terrible adverse effects? Isn't that the whole point of the challenge trials?


Well, we're not going to do it, says Fauci, with the trial, it wouldn't be fair on the young people we're using, he says. Well, it wouldn't be fair if they put the stuff out here and you got massive adverse reactions on millions of people. You see, there's something wrong here when they're not following their own, hhhch, protocols, ‘eh.  It says…


New challenges emerge for planned human challenge trials / 4 Dec 2020


In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of young volunteers offered to risk their health by letting scientists intentionally infect them with the pandemic coronavirus, hoping to speed the hunt for a vaccine or treatment. Several research groups announced plans to run these so-called human challenge trials, even as some scientists questioned whether they could be conducted ethically.


Now, with recent news that conventional human trials have produced several promising vaccines, (Alan: They all say that, they always say, yeah, we produce antibodies. Well, that’s not the whole point of it, you see.) scientists are debating whether planned challenge trials are still needed. In the United States, one nascent effort is on hold. In the United Kingdom, however, researchers say they are moving ahead. “There are still many strong arguments for pursuing” challenge trials, says immunologist Christopher Chiu of Imperial College London, leader of the proposed U.K. trial.


In traditional human trials, researchers give volunteers either a vaccine or a placebo, then wait months or longer for enough cases to emerge to gather statistically rigorous results.


By the way, I’ll put up a YouTube as well which shows you that, it’s by Bigtree, which shows you from the CDC actually and the FDA as well, they’ve got these two lists of signs and symptoms and things and so on. But actually it shows you that in the trials that they’ve done in the States as an example, maybe elsewhere too, he said that what they found, you see, reactions often happen, like the bad, not the long… long term reactions can take years by the way, generally that’s why you have 10 years to work on a vaccine to work out all the long-term effects. It can take years before things show.  Right down to genetic defects that will alter, or alterations. Anyway, Bigtree shows you from their own sources that they’re not starting to note, they don’t start to note side effects, from the media aspect of it all, until I think two weeks after they were given the shot. Because you see, most immediately bad problems happen within 24 hours of the shot, and then for a few days. So they’re waiting two weeks before they even start to note, to note, record side effects. Since the worst, immediate reactions are already over, they’ve not been recorded. Isn’t that amazing. Isn’t that a bit deceptive, folks?


But I’ll put up that link to him talking about it. It’s a video.


Del Bigtree and Dr.Wolfgang Wodarg-Vaccine Trial-Full Episode-Dec 4, 2020 / 4 Dec 2020


(A: It shows you some of the stuff from their own trial techniques and so on. Back to this article here that I mentioned last week, and it says...)


Challenge trials can move faster by first vaccinating volunteers and then intentionally exposing them to SARS-CoV-2 in a controlled setting. Researchers would then closely monitor the volunteers for days or weeks.


(A: But again, hhhch, they won't start, they won't tell you in this one, for about two weeks to monitor.)


But challenge trials are also rife with ethical concerns. For example, because there are no reliable treatments for severe COVID-19,


(A: Do you hear, are you getting the point here...)


there are no reliable treatments for severe COVID-19, people who volunteer to test a vaccine could die if they get sick.


(A: Now remember, the folks that they're testing all have been given incredible medical goings over beforehand, ‘eh, that they're the healthiest, youngest and so on.  The young aren't supposed to even really experience any problem with getting the real virus, ‘eh. So there's something going on here when they say, so they're just worrying about them getting it from the vaccine, you see.)


So, medical authorities around the world have adopted a cautious approach. Even 1 year after the outbreak began, no such trial is underway.


(A: NO SUCH TRAIL, to see how your body reacts to the live virus, IS UNDERWAY.  They're just going to give it to you, all, millions of people.  Something stinks here. You don't make mistakes like that. Do you understand what I'm saying? You don't make mistakes like that. This is intentional. If everything was real and aboveboard and the whole thing, about everything, they would have to do the challenge trials on the controlled groups. Which they alr... And it's better that a few of them would show it, if it happens at all, than to give it to the whole population.  Millions of people?  There's, something's wrong here.  They've all decided not to give them the challenge test? Well, what happens?  Which means everybody who gets the vaccine are going to meet the wild virus, they're all going to come across it over the next few months or years or whatever. So they're just going to do, what?, take potluck with it or something? This doesn't make sense. But this is, so this is an article I'll put up again...)


New challenges emerge for planned human challenge trials


(A: They're not going to do them it says, you know. At least some of them aren't, anyway. Maybe not all of them.  So anyway, I'll put this article up again because this is an important article, folks.  M-hm.  I tell ya.  N-n-n. They also mentioned in the same article...)


It's hard to use large trials to determine whether a vaccinated person still sheds the virus…


Well, don't forget too, once they give the vaccine to people, that are supposed to be, this is a different kind of vaccine, remember, but it definitely has parts of the coronavirus in it. As the Australians have found out recently.  [Alan chuckles.] So it would shed the virus, you see. So they don't know, they claim they don't know what's going to happen when these folks who get the vaccine, and then let loose into society, shedding the virus. The same with the poliovirus. When you're given weakened this and weakened that, it doesn't mean it's dead altogether.  They don't completely kill it and often you'll find some of them are really active.  And they are altered too in such a way they can become very potent, as they found with some of the polio, oral polio they were giving across India and Africa so many years ago. We know who was behind that too, they ended up, and WHO had to admit it eventually, the WHO, that it had created a new, a new strain of wild, hhhch, wild virus that had not existed before, in, that was a vaccine, ‘eh.


So yeah, you've got to start thinking for yourself. But when they're not doing challenge studies by maybe using a few dozen people, but they're going to, so they're going to have the whole population as a challenge study. You see, this is... this is... I can't... you don't make these mistakes, folks.  Something else is going on here. You know? No, you can't come to some silly inquiry in the future and say, well we didn't realize. What do you mean you didn't realize that this would...? Come off it!  N-n.


Another article… Brits, the folk in Britain. Here you are, here again, you know, it's not going to help you. This character again, oh no, a little bit more lockdown, oh stay in your homes a bit longer, and we might send a few dollars your way, and we might be able to get out if you lock down, after Christmas, maybe get out a week after Christmas, maybe, maybe, honestly. And you keep falling for this, as they talk to you like children.


Brits may have to wear masks for another YEAR despite vaccine roll-out / 8 Dec 2020


(A: Well, they've already told the folk in the States, Fauci was open about it, oh this isn't going to stop you from spreading it, even if you had the vaccine, you might be a carrier, you might spread it anyway, and yada, yada, ya.  You know? And the doublespeak.  It doesn't mean you're going to be immune to it, by the way. Well, it may, it may, you keep saying it may. Underline, like in the legalities, it MAY. May means nothing in a court of law. They're not promising definitely it will stop you from getting Covid, or the higher symptoms.  It may stop you from getting some of the, initially they said, the milder symptoms. Well, what's the point? Something that might give you such an advanced terrible reaction it might kill you, to stop a little sniffle? That's okay? That's a good trade-off? For most folk? I don't think so. Anyway…)


BRITS could be told to keep wearing face masks for a year despite the roll-out…


(A:  This is permanent, folks. They’ll keep you going for years like this.  Yep.)  


Sir Patrick Vallance hailed the beginning of the UK’s largest ever immunisation programme as a "tremendous day" but added life will not return to normal in the UK for several months.


(A:  Well, several years, folks. As they play with you as children, you see. And as long as you comply, then we’re going to treat you just like children.  Hm.)


Sir Patrick said the public should be prepared to be wearing masks for the whole of next year as the effect of vaccines are monitored.


(A:  It’s experimental, you see, this is not years of, this is experiment, this is the third phase, this is experimental still.)


He said: "It may be that next winter, even with vaccination, we need measures like masks in place.


“We don't know yet how good all the vaccines are going to be at preventing the transmission of the virus."


(A:  Hm.  There ya go.)


Sir Patrick explained that despite knowing that the vaccine prevents the virus taking hold in the body,


(A:  That’s not true, they don’t know that. They don’t know.)


 it is not yet known if it prevents transmission among the vaccinated to the non-vaccinated.


(A:  That’s the con they’re using, the caveats, because they’re going to demand that everybody gets vaccinated. We can’t have these people, we’ll only know when everybody is vaccinated. Then they’ll tell you, oh, folk are still getting it. [Alan chuckles.] So I’ll put this one up too.)


Your played like suckers. You probably saw too, just... And everything is a stage by the way.  Everything you see on TV or in the newspapers with the photographs, like your Three Amigos there that were going to get the vaccines, Clinton, Obama and so on, who else was it, who was the third one... Oh yeah, Bush, baby Bush, they call him baby Bush, apart from daddy Bush. So the three of them are going to be on TV, they'd show you getting vaccinated. No, they would not, are not going to get the real stuff in a vaccine, in case someone had a bad reaction to it live on stage in front of the cameras. It ain't going to happen.  Sterile water, yeah.  It's all public relations nonsense.


Everything today in this day and age is public relations. Managed, produced, written up by writers, professional writers, produced, you know, and then put across to the public, you see. I'm telling you. Everything. London, ‘eh...


In England, William Shakespeare receives a COVID-19 vaccine / 8 Dec 2020


LONDON (Reuters) - William Shakespeare from Warwickshire in England was one of the first people to receive the newly approved COVID-19 vaccine outside a clinical trial on Tuesday.


The 81-year-old had the injection at University Hospital Coventry on Tuesday, 20 miles from Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of his namesake, England’s greatest dramatist and poet.


(A: So they've got, oh,...)


“The Taming of the Flu”,


(A:  …oh, all written up again by the people who write dramas.)


“The Two Gentlemen of Corona” (A: …’eh?  And…)


Some asked if Margaret Keenan was patient 1A, then was Shakespeare “Patient 2B or not 2B?”.


Well, at least they didn't go into a skull and, hhhch, alas poor Yorick, I knew him well, Horatio. There we go.  But this is the kind of stuff. Everything is a stage. Everything is staged, and public, everything you see is publicity and marketed and written and scripted and produced. By your tax money. Yep.


Governments are not imaginative, you know, believe you me.  So here's your kind of PR thing they come out with. The same as the elderly woman they keep showing you too who got the vaccine. Do you really think that's what they gave her, again, live on camera?  Can you imagine the fallout if anything happened immediately? Now, they know that it's already happened to some of the volunteers in the trials. They've got, there have been heart attacks where they had to get defibrillators put on them, you know, to restart their heart and everything. I'm not kidding you, folks.  It's all, amazing how they kept that all quiet too.  So they, you ain't going to go ahead live on camera and give some, and watch that.  Can you imagine?  That would call off the entire vaccination program if that was done. It ain't going to happen like that, folks. That's sterile water or something similar.


Why vaccinate our most frail? Odd vote out shows the dilemma / 4 Dec 2020


(A: Ahh, dear, ‘eh.  Ftt.  And again, they give you William Shakespeare and so on.)


The vote to recommend long-term care residents be among the first to receive Covid-19 vaccinations was not unanimous.


Out of a panel of 14 CDC vaccine advisers, a lone doctor said no.


"Odd woman out, I guess," Dr. Helen "Keipp" Talbot, of Vanderbilt University, told her colleagues. "I still struggle with this. This was not an easy vote."


Talbot was worried about whether the vaccine would even work in such frail, vulnerable patients. Even more, she worried about how it might look if the vaccine failed in that group, or how it would affect public perception if residents died soon after getting the vaccine.


(A:  That’s exactly what I just said, there’s no way they’re giving that out.)


On the other hand, these are the people worst hit by the pandemic. They make up 40% of all deaths so far.


(A: She goes into the nursing homes that were hit badly and so on.  And I don't go by the cases.  The cases mean nothing, folks. If they keep increasing thousands of testing per day, you're going to find more folk who are going to come up with it – it's pathetic, hhhch – particles from coronaviruses, and there's lots of them out there.  It doesn't mean they've got an infection, so I won't even use that misperception that's promoted, of cases. In fact, if folk are ill, that's different.  But they're not ill, no. Anyway it says, I mean, here is it here…)


Between mid-September and the week of November 15, there was a 177% rise in new weekly nursing home cases (A:  …that’s testing. Hm.) nationwide. The rise in cases has been accompanied by a rise in coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.


(A:  What’s the normal death rate before this happened, what is it? What is it now? At this time of year? There have been so many factual exposés of that too already come out, the disapproval of a lot of this stuff.)


"Our worst fears have come true as Covid runs rampant among the general population,


(A:  …it’s RAMPANT, you can see it everywhere, can’t you? Everybody with a mask must have, that’s why they’re wearing masks, right? I mean, you know…  Hhhch, it’s all perception, isn’t it.)


 and long term care facilities are powerless to fully prevent it from entering due to its asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread," said Mark Parkinson, the organization's president and CEO.


(A: So then they go in through this kind of feigned dilemma of to vax or not to vaccinate, you know, it's, ftt. Yep, I tell ya.  It's written, most things are written in a way to bring you around. It starts off with, oh, where there was someone who's maybe thinking about it. But the whole thing is to bring everybody around to just getting it and accepting it and so on. Regardless. And again, it goes in, back and forth, it says…)


"There's a question about the direct benefit of the vaccine, if given to people who live in those facilities, because we haven't studied how well it works in that group yet."


(A:  We haven’t studied how well it works on any group, YET.)


It's this uncertainty that led Talbot to vote no.


(A:  So one person votes no, right. And the CDC, they've got partnerships with the CVS and Walgreens.)


…the CDC through partnerships with CVS and Walgreens for vaccine rollout and distribution.


By the way, they're enrolling opticians, ah, all kinds of people to give vaccinations. And they’ve all got blanket immunity from getting sued, etc. Yep.  And podiatrists and things like that, you know. Maybe they'll inject you in the sole of your foot, you know. Is that good for the soul? I don't know.  And…


UK travellers to be barred from EU (A: European Union.) under coronavirus rules after Brexit transition period, report suggests / 10 Dec 2020


(A: Because again, you know, Boris, the man they put in, hasn't got them out of the EU yet, you know. He's trying, though, he's trying, you know.)


UK citizens face a ban on most travel to EU states from 1 January when the Brexit transition period ends, as a result of coronavirus restrictions.


Foreign secretary Dominic Raab wrongly claimed that the ban on non-essential travel was not linked to Brexit.


But EU officials confirmed that it was being applied to the UK because of its transition out of the EU’s structures at the end of 2020.


Well, I don’t know if that will ever happen. They said, how many times have they said that it was coming out, you know. It's the same as the Covid, it's just another few months, oh another few months, you know.


Coronavirus vaccine card will be given to patients once they've had Covid-19 jab / 6 Dec 2020


(A: Hhhhh, wow, ‘eh, wow, ‘eh.  You get a vaccine card.  Aachh.  I get flashbacks all the time into talks I gave years ago on this very thing, like vaccine passports, vaccine cards, you wouldn't be able to travel, you couldn't go to buy food even without them. Yep. Here it all is, ‘eh.  Even the electronic tagging with it.)


People who have received their Covid-19 vaccination will be encourage to keep an NHS (A:  National Health Service.) card recording their jab date and batch number, new official pictures show


(A:  So there you are.)


The UK government has offered the first glimpse at the vaccination card that will be given to patients who receive the jab.


Britain is poised to lead the world in rolling out the first Covid-19 vaccine to the public within the next 48 hours.


Hundreds of thousands of doses arrived in Britain on Friday.


They were taken to specialist refrigeration facilities (A:  It’s amazing too, the temperature they’ve got to keep them at, ‘eh?) and then were shipped to the 50 hospitals launching the first leg of the mass vaccination programme.


While there are no official plans


(A:  I love how they get the trial balloons all embedded in your brains…)


While there are no official plans for so-called 'immunity passports,' several countries are rolling out vaccine proof cards.


(A:  AAAHH, I see!  It’s not a passport, but it works like a passport, but it’s really a card that is just like a vaccine proof, yeah, and okay.  Which is the same darned thing. [Alan laughing.] And…)


Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine is the first of the leading candidates to be approved for use.


(A: So there you are.  M-hm.  I tell ya.  So...)


The card issued by the NHS and pictured for the first time on Sunday encourages users to carry it in their purse or wallet.


The blue-hued card carries space for the date and batch number for the two jabs the Pfizer shot recipients will get.


(A: You probably saw the one too I put up last week when you had the professor who works on the particular vaccine I think, in England, in Oxford, he said, that Doctor John Irving Bell his name is, he said that you will need annual shots from then on as well. It's great business, predictable income for the big vaccine companies. That's what they want, predictability. You've got to, the first one you're going to mandate, that all adults must get for the rest of their lives, ‘eh. Then they'll get the flu too, and then that will be mandated, oh, you can get that too. Then you can get this. Then you can get that. And all the boosters for everything, get them, dut-dut-dut-dut-dut.  There's real fascism, a business, and big business in bed with government completely ordering the people around, the peasants around, ‘eh.  So there you go, there's your card.  Papers please!  You know.   There you are.  M-hm. Even the poor suckers like the hospitality industry, like restaurants and so on...)


Hospitality industry leaders have in recent weeks speculated a system for showing proof of vaccines could fast-track the return to live events festivals.


It’s not going to happen, folks.  Np.  Np.  But yeah, they’ll make you believe it, ‘eh.  But no, they… This is to change society, you understand, the whole way of living. What was it, you know, that the World Economic Forum said? The World Economic Forum with their great reset, ‘eh?  Mr. Schwab? What he said about it? He says, this is the only way of living they’re bringing in.  Sustainability, the whole new way, folks. That's like you’re post manufacturing, you’re post, going to go post consumerism, you're going to have very limited things you can purchase apart from food and so on, maybe clothes, and basic clothes at that.


Four trial volunteers who got Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell's palsy - but FDA denies that the temporary facial paralysis was caused by the shot - / 8 Dec 2020


They'll deny everything that happens by the shot of course, ‘eh.  Even though that's on the list of side effects that they're going to watch out for because they know it can happen. [Alan chuckles.] Oh, that didn't matter though, you know.  M-hm.  I can remember you had pneumoconiosis in Britain, the black lung syndrome with miners, ‘eh.  For as long as I can remember the mines were on the go, they had their own government appointed doctors that would come in and examine miners that were putting in claims for having it, you see, and lung problems. They always denied that it existed as an actual, miner called, cold dust syndrome.  Until after, years after they closed all the mines and they were all long gone, the guys were all dead and so on, then they come out, oh yeah, it did exist and we know it did exist.  Hhhch.


This is standard stuff.  You can get doctors to say anything you want if you pay them well enough. You can, you know. Maybe not all of the doctors but the ones they bring on these boards are all, they all know what the score is, what the game is. Of course they do. It's the same with pretty well everything unfortunately today in society, because that's so much of the whole profession that's corrupt as well. There's no doubt about that as well. There's nobody has watched any, hhhch, well, put it this way, they can see the effects of vaccines on youngsters.  I don't think there's a quack out there that has never seen, and started to think about it, I mean, you know.  So then you make the decision, are you going to keep doing what you're doing, or are you going to stand up for what's right? You know? Most don't. What's right for them is big money, you know. That's all through society, that kind of mentality.


JAB WARNING Covid vaccine: Don’t take Pfizer jab if you have ‘significant allergies’ say NHS as two fall ill after being injected / 9 Dec 2020


(A: There's a lot more than two by the way.  Hhhch, as I say, this is from The Sun, you know. So significant allergies, ‘eh?  What is, okay, let's define what is a significant allergy here.)


They both have a significant history of allergic reactions - to the extent where they need to carry an adrenaline pen with them, NHS England said.


Officials confirmed the staff members - who were among thousands to get the jab yesterday - are now recovering and all trusts (A:  … all trusts…) involved in the vaccination programme have been informed.


(A:  All trusts, ‘eh?)


The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has given precautionary advice that anyone who has a history of "significant" allergic reactions to medicines, food or vaccines should not receive the vaccine.


"Significant" means a person has suffered anaphylaxis - a potentially life-threatening reaction which can cause breathing difficulties, confusion, vomiting or collapse.


(A:  It’s total, you go into total shock with it; it kills you generally, you know, if you don’t get them out of it in time.)


Anyone scheduled to receive the vaccine on Wednesday will be asked about their history of allergic reactions.


(A: You know something?  Even legally if you don't know, you say I don't know, I never had that before, you're almost get, they'll say, the person told us before they died that they didn't have any problems in their history. You see, it's all legalities here.  Are you starting to get the picture here? Nobody knows. You don't know how you're going to react to that.  They don't know.  Whether you've got history of it or not, it doesn't matter. This is a very alien thing to your body coming in here, and you have no idea, and they have no idea how you're going to react to it. So it says…)


"Resuscitation facilities should be available at all times for all vaccinations. Vaccination should only be carried out in facilities where resuscitation measures are available."


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Are you starting to build confidence [Alan chuckles.] now?  [Alan laughing.] Clear!  Zzz-zzz-zzz, boomf.  [Alan laughing.])


Professor Stephen Powis, national medical director for the NHS in England, said: "As is common with new vaccines the MHRA have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely yesterday.


"Both are recovering well."


(A: So there you go.  M-hm.  So there you are, they've probably got, ah, some of the ones in, you know, from the vaccines, of the reports that have come in already. Don't forget, you can have the symptoms, the severe symptoms of the Covid itself by the way, as they note from the side effects on the list from the CDC and the FDA put a list of it out too.  The Bell's Palsy is in it. They can have all kinds of heart problems that you wouldn't believe. Strokes, things like that, you know.  Excuse me sir, are you prone to strokes? I don't know yet, you know.  Well, you're going to find out.  You know, you understand, this is all trials. They admit too, that the second shot definitely is going to make you feel very ill and high temperature and the whole thing, with most people,   80 odd percent of the people get that. N-n-n. It says here too, you'll definitely get...)


Pain at injection site


Muscle pain

Chills (A:  People were breaking teeth with shivering, that’s in the papers too.)

Joint pain (A: That’s very common. That’s what you also get with the Covid by the way, joint pain.)



Common (Likely to affect up to one in ten people)

Injection site swelling

(A: So one in 10 people, that's a lot, that's going to get the swelling up and then…)

Redness at injection site



Uncommon (May affect one in 100 people)

Enlarged lymph nodes (A: …by the way, in the neck and places, that’s on the side effects.  And…)

Feeling unwell


(A: Now, how can the National Health Service say...)


The NHS says all vaccines are thoroughly tested to make sure they will not harm you or your child.


HOW do they know when it’s experimental?  Now, they haven’t been vaccinating children with it yet, how can they even make that statement, it won’t harm you or your child? HAVE they tried it on children? So yeah, it's quite an amazing thing we're going through in history, you know. Another thing too is, not just a card but...


New app will show if you've had Covid jab and could let pubs bar unvaccinated / 9 Dec 2020


(A: So the pubs could bar people from coming in who haven't had the vaccine. You see how they're creating divisions among society and so on? You see, they're already doing that before it starts, ‘eh. And they could, it doesn't mean that you're going to be able to open your bars anyway, folks.  So you understand that too? All these little tidbits, little carrots, you know, force your customers to get it and then you might be able to open up longer or you won't get the next closing, maybe. Possibly.)


A private company is rolling out an app which would show who has had a Covid-19 vaccine.


NHS appointment booking app MyGP (A:  Auuuuughhhhhh.)


The idea is controversial as it allows patients to be discriminated against due to their medical records.


There you go. The governments will use every dirty trick. Psy-op warfare, it's all psychological warfare too, folks. By military paid by your government using your tax money to come up with these ideas too.


Investigation launched after Canadian Forces member called on fellow soldiers to ignore orders to help distribute COVID vaccine / 8 Dec 2020


(A: This is from the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.)


The Canadian Forces is investigating after one of its members spoke at an anti-lockdown rally in Toronto on the weekend and called on military personnel to disobey orders to help in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.


The individual, dressed in a Canadian Forces uniform, was introduced by organizers of the rally as Leslie Kenderesi. The man also wore a military name tag with that same name.


The Department of National Defence confirmed Tuesday that Kenderesi is the individual speaking at the rally and that he is a serving member of the Canadian Forces.


“I’m asking military, right now serving, truck drivers, medical, engineers, whatever you are, do not take this unlawful order (for) the distribution of this vaccine,” Kenderesi said at the rally. A video of his speech was posted on YouTube.


Kenderesi, who had a knife strapped to his uniform and was carrying a helmet, questioned the safety of taking the vaccine.


“I might get in a lot of s— for doing this but I don’t care anymore,” he said.


Dan Le Bouthillier, a spokesman for DND (A:  Department of National Defense.), said an investigation has been launched but no decisions have been made on a course of action.


“We were made aware, on the evening of December 5th that a member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre — which is a subcomponent of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve — participated in a public demonstration in Toronto in his CAF uniform,” said Le Bouthillier. “The individual made comments regarding the CAF’s participation in Operation Vector. (A: That’s what they’re calling it, Operation Vector.) These comments are not reflective of views of the Government of Canada or Canadian Armed Forces policy.”


Operation Vector is the name for the military’s participation in helping distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. Military staff are helping the Public Health Agency of Canada with its vaccine distribution planning. In addition, the Canadian Forces could be used to fly vaccines in from different locations in Europe (A: [Alan chuckles.] Oh, goodness’, ‘eh.) and the U.S. as well as help transport them to remote communities in Canada. Military personnel could also be given other roles in the distribution.


This is giving you the vaccine, “other roles”. I don't think it would go too far, this one, you know, since it's not the main part of the military, I think.  But anyway, yeah, they're going to use it, they've already said that, you know, it isn't just to transport anything. It's to give vaccines, obviously.


Now, everything starts, as you well know, ‘eh, in China.  Like these apps, they already had them out in the spring, you know, in China, on their phones. You'd have different color codings and if you turned red and you walked into a store, you know, alarms would go off, cops would come in, because your phone would phone the cops and they would come and get you and drag you off, you know.  Because you were now, you were in the vicinity of someone who had obviously got the coronavirus. And anybody in the vicinity, regardless if they caught it or not, it doesn't matter, you're now put down as having it, you see.  This is how they get the numbers. It's all done through computers. So for every person who supposedly has tested positive for it, they tack on 20 for each person, something like that, something like that kind of figure. Maybe they've inflated the figures instead, I don't know. But it's all computer, you see, so therefore if they get 10, oh now it's 100, ‘eh, or 200 even. It sounds horrible, my goodness’ me.  N-n-n. 


For a PCR test that's so ridiculous, it's for... for... phew.  That's why they chose that test. It gives them so much false positives. Because of the cycles they put it through. The cycles that they do from particles of the DNA that they find, they multiply them many times over. They tell you if you go up to about 30 you're getting to a stage where you going to get many, many false results. The normal testing right now for parts of the US for instance is about 41. So they're guaranteed lots of false positives. 


Anyway, China starts...


Airline staff told wear nappies (A:  …you know, diapers.) and avoid toilets to reduce Covid risk / 11 Dec 2020


(A:  There ya go.)


Cabin crew in China have been advised to wear disposable nappies and avoid using the toilet to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.


Airline bosses have made the recommendation for staff on charter flights to what it considers ‘high-risk destinations’ – where the rate of infection is higher than 500 people per million.


(A:  Hhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, goodness’ me, ‘eh.)


The guidance has been published in a new 49-page document by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), entitled Technical Guidelines for Epidemic Protection and Control for Airlines.


China Tells Airline Cabin Crew to Wear Diapers on Certain Flights - / 11 Dec 2020


China advises cabin crew to wear diapers on risky coronavirus flights - / 10 Dec 2020


There you are. Maybe eventually you know, you know the West will copy this too. They'll try to see how far they can push it. They'll have little bits, little cabins where once your diaper is full, there will be nurses coming and you'll have to go in there and the nurse will take it all off, and hose you down maybe, you know, dry you and cover you in baby powder, and massage some stuff into your poor body, you know, because your skin will be getting all chaffed with, well, sitting in, you know, stuff.  And we’ll all get used to them as well, ‘eh?  And behind your mask you can mumble, mu-mu-re-muh-muf-muf, and she'll say, whaz at, wz, ykn.  Thkkyyy vry mch.  Okay, and etc, and away you go.  The new normal, ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  And everybody will have to adapt to it.  [Alan chuckles.]


You think I'm kidding. I told you, you have to hang onto your sanity. And you will. Because you've already accepted a lot of bizarre things. As I say, that's the chink in the armor of that which is self-evident, and then they shove everything through it, after all the other stuff that you already adapted into.  Yeah, no kidding you. 


Australia has become the first country to abandon a vaccine attempt, scrapping a $750 million (A: …of the taxpayer’s money…) project after the shot wrongly gave some people positive HIV test results / 11 Dec 2020


Australia has scrapped a $750 million project after a vaccine trial saw some participants falsely test positive for HIV.


(A: I'd love to know what test they gave them for the HIV, because generally that's what, even that PCR test was first developed, you know, really originally for HIV.  So how come they can say that? What test have they given them where they can say that yeah, no, these aren't false positives in the coronavirus one, but they can say, but it's false positives in HIV. Which test are they giving them here?  Come on here. Hm.)


It is the first time a country has abandoned a vaccine attempt.


(A:  NO, it’s not.  They’ve dumped lots of things, and the swine flu one, the last one in 2009 or so, millions of things were dumped. Actually a whole bunch were dumped in a river in North Carolina I think it was as well. Anyway it was found out, they said, well they didn’t think it would harm anything in the water. You wouldn’t believe the farces that go on, ‘eh.)


The University of Queensland said the trial vaccine had shown promising signs in combating COVID-19, and that "routine follow up tests confirmed there is no HIV virus present."


(A:  …’eh.  Hhhhh, there ya go.  Just wonderful, ‘eh.)


To compensate for the cancellation, Australia has increased its orders of vaccines developed by AstraZeneca, (A:  So I guess they’ll have to borrow another $750 million probably.) Pfizer, and Novavax, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.


(A:  Well, he’s blaming the people for it. I don’t know if you read the articles by this Scott, they’re never, psychopaths can’t say, oh yeah, I really screwed up. Because they should be out of a job, ‘eh, at the very least. Maybe even put on trial. But yeah, I mean he’s blaming the people for it and social media for it. Yeah.  Yep.  I’m telling ya. I tell you, there you go. So I'll put this one up too.)


[Alan chuckles.] Don’t forget where it comes from. The whole idea of where it comes from, this whole idea of, I mean Great Game India was the first group that came out with the inserts, remember the inserts for AIDS protein that they found in the coronavirus supposedly, you know.  They had the furin points, there are four of them from AIDS, they said, this particular protein that they found in it, you know, came from AIDS.  They've had doctors come out saying, you know, even this particular vaccine, in people, along with that protein, because they’re taking the actual virus, they're claiming the coronavirus, to make the vaccine. Strange how they got all these conflicted things to do with, do they actually have the virus or we don't have it? How can you make it if you don't have the virus, etc. etc.? You've got all these conflicting stories here.


But don't forget too, it's kind of like creating a drug, in a sense, where they can take bits and pieces of different kinds of chemicals and put them together in different sequences and then call it a new drug for instance. When they’re creating things on computers they come out with imaginings in a sense of what a virus is comprised of, any particular virus, ‘eh, from other signs and symptoms or detective work they can piece together, they think, in computers, what they think it would be. It's all speculation to an extent.  So you could get bits and pieces of different things and then put them together and create a virus from scratch for instance. In fact they've actually done that in the past. I've noticed that, where they've actually admitted, some of these labs, they've actually created brand-new viruses.


So it really is a big, big question mark in the whole darn thing. However, if you were taking something that's got definitely proteins, that we haven’t conquered, for AIDS, and put them in a vaccine, and then you’re injecting it into people... What do you expect to happen? So again, it's already a cover up on, well you know, it's a false positive.  Really? It's a false positive? Really?


How do they know that, if it's to do with the protein from the furin sites, the four sites that they say, that's why they say this is definitely, this didn't evolve the nature. Some of the top virologists have said that and I'll get to that later.  But how, if that was the case and you're putting it into people, how do they know that they've weakened it enough or whatever? What have they done to disable it from infecting people? I think that's a rather important point, isn't it?  Well, you won't get Covid but you will die of AIDS. There ya go.


So yeah, it's just astonishing. I'll put this article up too. So it's such a shame, it was working so well, initially gave antibodies pretty quickly, that's what they say and so on and so on.  There's no long-term study to find out if it stays in you or not. 


Another one, Forbes says…


Australia Drops Promising Covid-19 Vaccine After Volunteers Falsely

(A: I love how they always tell you off the bat what to think and believe.)

Falsely Tested Positive

(A: They don't tell you...)


(A: What, why do they say it's falsely tested positive?) / 11 Dec 2020


While there is no chance that the vaccine could cause an HIV infection —

(A: Right.) something detailed follow-up tests confirmed (A: Right.) — scientists warned participants that the vaccine could possibly generate a partial immune response to a protein fragment used to stabilize the vaccine, which is also found in HIV. 


Scientists said the magnitude of the immune response was “unexpected,”

(A: Really? I wonder what else is unexpected?) to the point that it was able to interfere with HIV tests that detect antibodies, and give false positives.


(A: Do you understand too, folks who often get AIDS initially, it doesn’t matter how many tests that they give them, won’t detect it.  Do you understand that? It may not show up for a few years actually, in tests. But initially they might have all the signs and symptoms to go along with it, and it will be suspected, but it will show up negative. So this is actually showing positive. Anyway…)


The vaccine actually produced a “robust response towards the (Covid-19) virus and has a strong safety profile.”


(A:  Well they haven’t done it long enough to find out what the safety profile is yet.)


Moreover, the University of Queensland said “significant changes would need to be made to well-established HIV testing procedures


(A: So in order to keep using it they’d have to change the testing procedures, is what they’re saying here.  M-hm.) 


While certainly a blow, this kind of setback will mean less in Australia than if it happened elsewhere.


It also means too of course that $750 million is written off, and you still got to pay it all back because your government obviously borrowed it. That’s how it works, ‘eh. Bankers love this, don’t they.


Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive / 11 Dec 2020


(A: This is from another paper too, the Great Game India.  It says…)


Australian vaccine scientist Nikolai Petrovsky had warned the government about the risk of including HIV (A: Now here's getting closer to the truth...) including HIV in a vaccine months before the $1billion deal was signed.


(A: So this is a $1billion deal here, right. Are you getting the picture too.  They can't even tell you the full amount in the other one. Or the true amount. So this vaccine scientist warned them about using...)


…HIV in a vaccine months before…


Mr. Petrovsky told The Australian (A:   The newspaper.) the problem with the use of HIV was clear in the ‘hamster and mouse data’ (A:  …because they tried it.) but his advice was ignored. (A:  Hhhch.) He said  the early data suggested the vaccine itself was quite unstable.


‘Overall it just didn’t look like it was going to be a successful vaccine, that’s why we were surprised when the government committed millions of dollars to it, it just seemed disproportionate.’


(A:  So even they couldn’t believe that the government was going to… Who… who’s pushing this, ‘eh? Who tells what the government, they must, and to ignore the scientists?)


The Covid-19 “spike protein” (A: Right.) has been the focus of the University of Queensland vaccine, using molecular clamp technology to lock the protein into a shape which allows the immune system to be able to recognise and then neutralise the virus.


Covid’s spike proteins, like most surface viral proteins, are fairly unstable. To ensure that the vaccine induced the right immune response, the clamp chosen comprises two fragments of a protein found in HIV, as those fragments provided the greatest stability to the vaccine. (A:  Okay?)


The vaccine, which used the COVID-19 spike protein and a ‘molecular clamp’, featured an HIV protein fragment. The fragment was producing a partial antibody response in some participants, resulting in false positive tests for the virus. CSL said the false positives were caused by so-called ‘molecular clamp’ antibodies.


As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, in February a group of Indian scientists discovered that Coronavirus was engineered with AIDS like insertions. (A:  That’s the furin sites.) The study concluded that it was unlikely for a virus to have acquired such unique insertions naturally in a short duration of time.


Although the study was retracted after it attracted heavy criticism from experts on social media, (A:  And it’s true enough, anybody who says anything the public are really interested in, they completely ban it or discredit the folk who say it.) Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winning French virologist himself confirmed the conclusions of the study.


(A: So there you go.)


...the Nobel Prize winning French virologist himself confirmed the conclusions of the study...


(A: ...about these insertions and...) was unlikely for a virus to have acquired such unique insertions naturally in a short duration of time.


(A: Yep.)


The study concluded that it is because of these 4 new AIDS like insertions in Coronavirus that the virus jumped to humans originally known only to infect animals.


(A:  Yep. All the links are on this particular article, I'll put up, to the official sites, and to the neurologists.  So there's nothing iffy or conspiracy theory about this at all when you have Nobel Prize winners and so on, etc.  Yep. Oh, interestingly too, I mean, it says...)


Emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know show that a statement in The Lancet (A:  That’s the British medical magazine.) authored by 27 prominent public health scientists condemning “conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin” was organized by employees (A:  Now listen to this, they had this article, right, in the Lancet, right, it was organized by employees…) of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit group that has received millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate coronaviruses with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] The links are all here for this by the way so you can go through them yourselves. It really is quite something. Nothing ever is eventually what it seems to be at the start, is it?  So there's a statement in the Lancet Journal of the...) 27 prominent public health scientists condemning “conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin” was organized by employees of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit group that has received millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate coronaviruses with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


(A:  M-hm.)


The emails show that EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak drafted the Lancet statement, and that he intended it to “not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person” but rather to be seen as “simply a letter from leading scientists”. Daszak wrote that he wanted “to avoid the appearance of a political statement”.


Yep.  It’s quite the… It's just astonishing to see the, again, this resolute, they’re all sworn on the same agenda, one voice, one authority and that’s it. Nobody else with high qualifications is allowed to say anything at all. Isn't that astonishing?  And you think... That's tyranny, that's totalitarianism, folks. So another one too confirms the same kind of thing, Australia scrapped and blah blah blah, the vaccine scrapped etc., by another site.


Scott Morrison SLAMS social media anti-vaxxers after Australia's promising coronavirus vaccine was sensationally scrapped- / 10 Dec 2020


Coronavirus Vaccine is Causing HIV Positive Tests! -


I'll put all these articles up for those who care to even go through it. I mean, there's piles and piles of articles on it too from official sources.  Yep.


Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines


(A: This was first published I think in 2012, ‘eh.  That's to do with the old, well, the original SARS virus remember, in 2003 it broke I think it was. It says…)


Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus (2012) / 20 April 2012


(A:  Right. It’s from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA. A study was done back then, it's from the PLoS One, immunization, at least pulmonary immunopathology unchallenged with the SARS virus. So…)



Background: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) emerged in China in 2002 and spread to other countries before brought under control. Because of a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated. Evaluations of an inactivated whole virus vaccine in ferrets and nonhuman primates and a virus-like-particle vaccine in mice induced protection against infection


(A:  Remember I mentioned about challenge, you’re supposed to challenge them with the wild virus after you give them the vaccine after a few days, you know, to see if it works and if there’s any bad response. It says…)


but challenged animals exhibited an immunopathologic-type lung disease.


(A: ALL of them by the way. Massive retaliation of your immune system against the virus, and that’s what it is.)


Design: Four candidate vaccines for humans with or without alum adjuvant were evaluated in a mouse model of SARS, a VLP vaccine, the vaccine given to ferrets and NHP, another whole virus vaccine and an rDNA-produced S protein. Balb/c or C57BL/6 mice were vaccinated i.m. on day 0 and 28 and sacrificed (A:  …means, is when they kill them and just chop them up to examine them.) for serum antibody measurements


(A:  That’s how they, you know, they chop them into pieces and get the serum out of them to find out if the antibodies are in them, and they evaluate how much of the antibodies are in them and so on.)


or challenged with live virus on day 56.


(A:  Right.  So that’s what they generally do. They’ll chop them up until day 28, and the other ones they’ll keep till day 56 and on day 58…)


On day 58, challenged mice were sacrificed (A:  …after they had been challenged with it…) and lungs obtained for virus and histopathology.


Results: All vaccines induced serum neutralizing antibody


(A: Most vaccines do initially, you see.)


with increasing dosages and/or alum significantly increasing responses. Significant reductions of SARS-CoV two days after challenge was seen for all vaccines


(A: Now, this vaccine, yeah, has a lot of problems. This was the original vaccine that they experimented with, with the original SARS, hm, the same family. It says that, again…)


Significant reductions of SARS-CoV two days after challenge was seen for all vaccines and prior live SARS-CoV. All mice exhibited histopathologic changes in lungs two days after challenge including all animals (A:  …all animals…) vaccinated or given live virus, influenza vaccine, (A:  …live virus and influenza vaccine as well, ‘eh?) or PBS suggesting infection occurred in all. Histopathology seen in animals given one of the SARS-CoV vaccines was uniformly a (A: And they give you the type…) Th2-type immunopathology with prominent eosinophil infiltration, (A: That's what you get with a reaction too, you get eosinophil prominently displayed.) confirmed with special eosinophil stains. The pathologic changes seen in all control groups lacked the eosinophil prominence.


Conclusions: These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. (A:  That’s coronavirus.) However, challenge of mice given (A:  So when you challenge it with a live virus afterwards, right, okay, your body will give you antibodies all right but when you hit the live virus your body goes overboard.)  


However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.


Because it had a really bad effect on challenge with the wild virus. We're not, the article I read earlier that says they decided, and Fauci there, they've decided to help, not to get, so we don't want the young folk to get bad reactions so we're not going to do the challenge tests.  So they gave it to ALL the population without challenge tests.  When even the SARS initial one, with the original SARS, right, the base type, hhhch, caused this kind of problem when challenged with the actual real virus, in animals.  Years ago, this is one from years ago, right, 2012 I think this article is here. Then...


Indian Scientists Discover Coronavirus Engineered With HIV (AIDS) Like Insertions - / 1 Feb 2020


Another article to do with the same kind of thing.  I'll put that one up again from Great Game India.  Don't write off India. India is way up on all of this too. In fact, somebody got it to me that they think a lot of this ongoing stuff that came out of Wuhan has been moved off to a part of India, [Alan chuckles.] for China.  I don't know if it's true or not yet, so I won't push it. I'd have to get confirmation of it.  But there's a lot of amazing things that go on in the real world, I'm really, really telling ya.


Another one too is…


Consensus summary report for CEPI/BC March 12-13, 2020 meeting: Assessment of risk of disease enhancement with COVID-19 vaccines / 26 June 2020


(A: This article here it goes into the different institutes that are involved in this.)



1 Centre of Vaccinology, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

2 Independent Advisor, Stuart, FL, USA.

3 Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, Oslo, Norway.


(A:  So it’s all official stuff, right, and laboratories, etc.)


14 WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference…


(A:  …etc.  So at their meeting, assessing the risk of disease enhancement, etc.  It says…)



A novel coronavirus (CoV), Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), emerged in late 2019 in Wuhan, China and has since spread as a global pandemic. Safe and effective vaccines are thus urgently needed to reduce the significant morbidity and mortality of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) disease.


There has been an unprecedented rapid response by vaccine developers (A:  And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.) and at least six having reached clinical trials.


However, a major challenge during rapid development is to avoid safety issues both by thoughtful vaccine design and by thorough evaluation in a timely manner.


A syndrome of "disease enhancement" has been reported in the past for a few viral vaccines where those immunized suffered increased severity or death (A:  That gets pretty severe.) when they later encountered the virus (A:  That’s again, when you’re challenged, right.) or were found to have an increased frequency of infection.


Animal models allowed scientists to determine the underlying mechanism for the former in the case of Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine and have been utilized to design and screen new RSV vaccine candidates,  because some Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) (A: Right.) and SARS-CoV-1 vaccines have shown evidence of disease enhancement in some animal models, this is a particular concern for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.


To address this challenge, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the Brighton Collaboration (BC) Safety Platform for Emergency vACcines (SPEAC) (A: [Alan chuckles.]) convened a scientific working meeting on March 12 and 13, 2020 of experts in the field of vaccine immunology and coronaviruses to consider what vaccine designs could reduce safety concerns and how animal models and immunological assessments in early clinical trials can help to assess the risk.


This report summarizes the evidence presented and provides considerations for safety assessment of COVID-19 vaccine (A: …and so on.)


(A: So yeah, they know there's problems coming up, down the pike.  There's no doubt that. Here's a problem too.)


Conflict of interest statement


(A:  They always have these on the official documents, to try to say, well, you know, they have to say if they're affiliated with anything, you see.)


Declaration of Competing Interest RB has collaborations with VaxArt, Takeda, Moderna, Eli Lily, and Pfizer. SB is a consultant for GSK (A: GlaxoSmithKline)  on matters unrelated to the topic of this manuscript. CD is a consultant to Medicago on their vaccine programs; her husband owns stock in Dynavax Technologies Corporation.


You understand, when the people who are doing the investigations all have money involved about it too, there's no independent, really, inquiries about it at all.  It's very much like Monsanto. Monsanto, no one could do independent studies on their modified germline of seeds and so on that they owned the patents on.  No one could do their own analysis and use the same kind of herbicides and pesticides for the plant, to verify the stuff that Monsanto was putting out. Monsanto had it so legalized that only they could do their own studies. No one else could do studies and what they were doing, so you had to take their word for what they said they found. It's the same kind of thing with the vaccine industry here unfortunately.


Hhhch, anyway…


“The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”: Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Cambridge-trained pathologist, blasts COVID measures as “outrageous,” in a private meeting with Canadian officials / 18 Nov, 2020


“Masks are utterly useless,” “social distancing is useless,” and “ALL TESTING SHOULD STOP.”


I recommend you watch the video (while it’s still up).


(A: They had a video there, I don't know where it is now, I couldn't find it myself actually.  But it says…)


In Secret Zoom Recording, Top Canadian Pathologist Whose Company Sells Covid-19 PCR Tests Blasts Those Responsible For Lockdown And Masks; Calls Cov-19 “A Bad Flu, and Says a Positive Test Does NOT Mean Infection and That “All Testing Should Stop.”


(A:  And that’s, it’s just to get numbers up they’re doing the testing. Especially with such vast numbers too, you know, with false positives.  That’s what they need for this massive agenda.)


A video appeared on social media on Nov. 17, described as a private audio recording of a meeting held in Alberta Canada last week. One hears the British voice of one Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who proceeds to decimate Covid-19 measures as deadly, false, and “outrageous.”


Dr. Hodkinson is the Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, (A: I don't know if he is actually the chairman, because there's other articles out trying to decry him being the chairman.) CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company, which sells a Covid-19-test.


Here is the transcript in its entirety of what he said:


(A: It's amazing again, that oh, the official truth sites, there's a whole plethora of them out there now hammering him and so on, here's the real truth, and they alter a word here or there, you know, and stuff like that. But anyway, it comes down to...)


There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.


And it truly is, ‘eh, isn't it? Everything. The media has been on a terror campaign to terrify the public. On orders from organizations such as the SAGE group in Britain and GAVI and all the rest of them. So there you go.  M-hm. It's got the transcript of it here so.  But yeah, you can get all these other professional people saying whatever they want, it makes no difference. This is an agenda chiseled in stone before it broke out.  [Alan chuckles.] And here we are. So yeah, I've got the stuff with the, another article, another one to do with the China one on diapers on certain flights and so on.


China Tells Airline Cabin Crew to Wear Diapers on Certain Flights - / 11 Dec 2020


China advises cabin crew to wear diapers on risky coronavirus flights - / 10 Dec 2020


And another link to…


Canadians who refused the vaccine won’t have the freedom to move around.


Step-by-step they’ll do that, you see.  We're played as children, ‘eh.  They play you, you know. Oh, don't worry, no, we won't force this, oh no.  Hhhch.  Initially, you see. Step-by-step they push forward like all bullies do. And let me see now, CNN, ‘eh, it's from the State of the Union.


State of the Union - CNN / 15 Nov 2020


Interview With Georgia Senatorial Candidate Raphael Warnock; Interview With Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT); Interview With Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH); Interview With National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci. Aired 9-10a ET


(A: It's quite something, with Fauci again, he's like a little windup toy, he just keeps saying the same kind of stuff, you know.  I'll get to where he's talking here...)


JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST (voice-over):

Joining us now, a vital member of the president's Coronavirus Task Force, the director of the national Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci.


Dr. Fauci, we just hit a record high, 184,000 new cases on one day, Friday,


(A: Can you imagine how many tests they must do to come up with this nonsense, ‘eh?   They need to stop testing. It doesn’t mean they are ill or anything, you know.)


and it's getting worse.


Other than wearing masks, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and social distancing, what more, on a policy level, do we in the United States need to be doing?


FAUCI: Well, what we have got to do is make what you just said, Jake, uniform, not spotty. Everybody has got to do it. There is no excuse not to do that right now, because we know that can turn things around.


I mean, that is the tool we have. As I have mentioned just recently and as you eluded to, we have good news with regard to the vaccine. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Help is coming. And that should, I believe, motivate people to just say, we are going to double down and do this uniformly. Those are the tools we have right now.


We can get this to plateau and come down. We've got to -- I mean, obviously, everyone is sensitive to what we call COVID fatigue. (A:  No kidding.) People are worn out about this. But we have got to hang in there a bit longer, particularly as we get into the holiday seasons and the colder weather, as we get into the late fall and early winter months.


(A:  Why particularly, ‘eh, why colder weather, ‘eh? In the warmer climates where they don’t really have a winter in some of them, it hasn’t changed a thing supposedly. So again, you’ve got so many unanswered questions. And he says…)


We have got to hang together on this, because we can make it turn around. We really can.


TAPPER: New cases are skyrocketing. (A:  That’s only because you keep testing them. Stop testing them and you stop getting the cases.)  We know that hospitalizations and then deaths ultimately follow.


(A:  Then he gives a model, a computer model…)


A University of Washington model projects that the U.S. will reach 439,000 deaths due to COVID by March 1.


(A; Is that the total from the time it started or what?  Or?  Blah blah blah, it doesn’t matter.)


Is that really possible, another 200,000 deaths in just the next four months?


FAUCI: Yes, it is possible, Jake.


And the issue is, the models, as I have said so often, are as good as the assumptions you put into the model.


(A:  That’s true, you know, they can get whatever you want out of the models in the computers.)


And we have got to change those assumptions. We have got to say, we are going to turn it around…


That is a model number if we act in a certain way.


(A:  They go into January, and it says…)


And then, as we get into January, we will get more vaccine doses available.


(A:  …and yada, yada, ya.)


TAPPER: Half of the states across the country, 25 states, have reported record hospitalizations


(A: …and blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)


TAPPER: ... to issue new stay-at-home orders in just specific, discrete parts of the country?


FAUCI: I think that likely will happen, Jake, if we don't turn around this surge.


(A:  Just stop, the surge is only through the testing, it doesn’t mean the folk are sick.


Are you getting how the whole thing works here? But anyway, Fauci literally tells you that regardless of vaccines or whatever, it's not going to stop you from getting it. Necessarily. They don't know yet. It certainly won't stop you from passing it on. If you are a carrier or you test positive after you've got the vaccination or whatever, but it's not going to stop you passing it on. ‘Eh.  And they said from earlier transcripts and articles and video interviews, from Fauci, that it doesn't mean it's going to stop you from experiencing the nasty symptoms. They're trying to, you're getting the media saying that, but from the characters they're not saying that. They're saying it might, it might stop you from getting some of the milder symptoms, that's all they test it for supposedly.


It's not going to stop a lockdown. So just, this is for, this is the whole global reset, the great, you know, the great reset for the world. And not just financially, but every way. The whole austerity program, folks. Are you starting to get it? Hm? Yep.


Of course Fauci promotes that everybody gets the vaccine.  Naturally, you know.  Again, remember, initially they said, oh maybe if it's 60% that that would be enough, oh, 70%, for herd immunity. Well, why not just let the folk GET herd immunity? Most folk have herd immunity already. Because if you're testing everybody and getting a good chunk of the population every day, that seem to be positive for it, for the fragments of it, if this is all real, right, and even if it was accurate, without treatment, they're not ill or anything, and you test them later and they don't have it anymore. Well it's because they got immune, their immune system has created antibodies.  ...which is supposed to be what the vaccines are doing. Why bother if your immune systems for most folk do it anyway? Why give them an experimental vaccine when their own system hardly even notices it, it doesn't even take it as a threat, this so-called disease?  Hm?  And obviously it creates antibodies immediately anyway. 


Now, I'm not speaking through my hat here, there's nurses who have tested and tested, and who supposedly were tested positive, no symptoms, but then later when they were negative, when they tested them through their blood and so on they found out they had antibodies, you see. So that's called, that's how you get herd immunity. That's how we've always got herd immunity in the past.  Hm.


Another one…


COVID-19 ‘warp speed’ vaccines likely not safe and not needed, medical expert says / 11 Dec 2020


(A: So! What does he know, ‘eh! This medical expert, right?)


A medical expert with over 30 years' experience in the field of commercial biotechnology has said that COVID-19 vaccines developed at “warp speed” are likely not safe and not necessary.


In an interview published on YouTube on Tuesday, Patrick Coffin, Catholic commentator and podcaster, spoke to Dr. Theresa Deisher about “the coming COVID-19 vaccine,” where she explained that “[t]his virus today has less than a 0.03% fatality rate and most of those people, I believe 92% or above, have other health problems.”


Dr. Theresa Deisher, who made the comments, is the founder and chief scientist of the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, a non-profit dedicated to “end human trafficking and exploitation for the purposes of biomedical research and commercial products.” Deisher herself has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stamford University.


During the hour-long interview many of the hot-button issues surrounding COVID-19, including the efficacy of masks, the speed at which a vaccination ought to be researched and produced, as well as the ethical issues, were raised.


Deisher began by explaining briefly how vaccinations work, in theory: “the concept behind a vaccine is that if you expose someone to a virus that is less dangerous than the wild type virus, you will get immunity not only to the less dangerous virus you expose them to, but also to the wild type.”


(A: That’s what it’s based on.) 


Deisher questioned the lack of transparency shared by COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers at the various stages of production, raising concerns over the data and the reports of negative side effects in test groups. “Vaccine companies are not releasing the data to the public,” she said. “I think that the side effects in cherry-picked healthy individuals are very concerning and when you get out there into the wild, where people aren't cherry-picked, the side effects will just get worse. It's very concerning.”


(A: But yeah, it's a virus supposedly with...)


“[t]his virus today has less than a 0.03% fatality rate and most of those people, I believe 92% or above, have other health problems.”


(A: So there you go.)


She added that “[i]t is possible, but I don’t believe it is desirable, nor do I believe that it’s safe,” with as much as “15% of the very healthy young volunteers


(A:  Now, they’re very healthy, they’re tested for health, like the military almost, you know, and given complete physical fitness tests and so on before they’re allowed into get all this stuff. She says…)


  with as much as “15% of the very healthy young volunteers [experiencing] significant side effects.”


(A:  …significant, right.)


Deisher and Coffin went on to discuss the 1986 Child Injury Act, a little-known law which prevents the vaccine-injured or their relatives from suing vaccine companies.


(A:  That’s disgusting, you can’t have that, folks. M-hm.  Now, here’s the important part that I’ve thought about too, for quite some time…)


Deisher noted that “our government sees vaccines as an issue of national security and they're concerned with [biological] warfare.” However, problems began with the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine, produced in the U.S. in the 1980’s. Deisher said the vaccine “was so harmful that companies were losing so much money in lawsuits […] (A:  …because of the side effects that were OBVIOUS and PROMINENT, again, self-evident.) that they were threatening to stop.” According to Deisher, “the government did not want vaccines to go away and they want these companies ready if we need a rapid vaccine in the case of [biological] warfare and that is why carte blanche immunity was granted.”


(A:  That’s the excuse they gave for it. It's not a bad article so I'll put it up anyway for those who care to peruse it, right.)


Remember too,  I'm not finished yet, folks. You can buy the books and discs if you want, or you can also donate to me which certainly helps me get through the bad times that we're all going through. You'll find out how to do it. PayPal, personal check is fine, sending cash is fine.  You don't have to register anything even through the mail by the way. Registering is a waste of time.  Things get here okay by the mail.  Except generally for official stuff [Alan chuckles.] like from governments and so on.  But yeah, it comes through fine through the mail. So far, I haven't lost any money or anything important or a check.  You can send it through the mail. If you register something, you're paying extra money, paying through the nose, it actually gets here a bit later you find because they'll stop it and check it regardless.  The rest of the mail just goes straight through. That's always the way to do it. That would go the same with a parcel by the way, never, never register something. It's pointless.


It also says here too that…


And by the way, anybody who sends me anything at Christmastime, don't send it with UPS, or Federal Express. They don't deliver here to this town. They really don't. They say that they well, you know, you've got an address, we deliver. No, they don't.  [Alan chuckles.]  So there ya go.  Always use regular post.


However, problems began with the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine, produced in the U.S. in the 1980’s. Deisher said the vaccine “was so harmful that companies were losing so much money in lawsuits […] that they were threatening to stop.”


(A:  So they brought in…)


The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)


(A: …which gave…)


the introduction of legal indemnity for vaccine manufacturers, and the subsequent compensation initiative, “failed miserably as a litigious, broken system where the injured are up against a government vaccine program, government owned vaccine patents, government health officials who administer the program and government paid attorneys from the Department of Justice.” The odds are stacked against claimants, for whom there is “no judge, no jury of your peers, and no discovery.”


(A:  It goes on to say this, and it’s very important, ‘eh…)


“All the control is no longer about COVID-19 anymore,” Coffin suggested. (A:  …this interviewer.) “Now it's about [the] oligarchic ability to inflame the masses with irrational fear. You know, a populace that's full of fear is very easy to manage.”


Remember, all these articles I put up the links too, to show you that it’s not just made up, some bizarre… Mind you, all the sites, a lot of the sites, like the Christian ones, are always, they’re all labeled by the hate groups that run the system now as being conspiracy, you know. This is LifeSiteNews.  You understand, very few people are standing up for your rights anymore, and what you’re left with are the religious groups who are being hammered the most. And again, they're easy targets by the police and authorities that keep picking on them in all countries now, ‘eh.


Who else is standing up for your rights? Scientists aren't going to do it. Most of them, nope. You're in their system now, you see. There's nothing else to compete with them and argue with them on your behalf.  So I'll put the articles up from Life Site News too.  And this article here...


Did 2018 Have a Higher ICU (A: Intensive care unit.)

Surge From Flu? (A: Right.) / 11 Dec 2020


As COVID-19 shutdowns continue or are reinstituted in states claiming that it’s necessary because hospital ICU units are filling up, the founder of CarDash, Yinon Weiss, asks on Twitter: Why are shutdowns occurring for COVID when they aren’t done for flu?


For example, according to National Health Foundation 2018 data for Los Angeles County, flu ICU occupancy baseline rates went up to 98%, yet no shutdowns were ordered. Meanwhile, rates for COVID in 2020 are at 85% and everyone is being ordered to stay home. “How does it make any sense?” Weiss tweeted. “This is the year of total madness.”


I'll put that up as well. And this other article here, and this is under Health and Wellness.  It says…


Dr. Fauci says masks, social distancing will still be needed after a Covid-19 vaccine—here’s why / 16 Nov 2020


Dr. Anthony Fauci warns “it’s not going to be a light switch” back to normalcy even when a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available to the public.


In fact, Fauci recommends people still wear masks and practice social distancing even after getting the vaccine, he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” on Sunday.


On Monday, Moderna announced that preliminary data showed the Covid-19 vaccine it developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (A:  That’s Fauci’s group.) is more than 94% effective.


(A:  They’re all so compromised, these people, ‘eh. I mean, Fauci shouldn’t even have a position on telling us what to do, hm.)


The news follows a similar announcement from Pfizer and BioNTech on Nov. 9, which showed their Covid-19 vaccine was above 90% effective.


(A:  Now, they all produce antibodies.  But try the challenge test, see what happens. That’s what I’m saying, you know.)


“Obviously, with a 90-plus percent effective vaccine, you could feel much more confident” about not getting the virus, Fauci told Tapper. “But I would recommend to people to not abandon all public health measures just because you have been vaccinated.”


(A:  Oh, I thought it was going to help us get back to normal, you might get out for a meal once in a while. Oh, no, oh, no, no, no.  [Alan chuckles.]  Oh MAYBE we will, maybe, maybe, ‘eh, another few months, another few years.) 


Those fundamentals include: universal wearing of masks, maintaining physical distance, avoiding large crowds, doing more outdoor activities…


(A:  Well, what about the riots and stuff that’s going on? Oh, that's, I forgot the virus doesn't go for them.  The virus is a social justice warrior.)


Because “even though, for the general population, it might be 90[%] to 95% effective,” said Fauci, (A: It might, I love the might, he's very, it's very precise this science stuff, ‘eh.)you don’t necessarily know, for you, how effective it is.”


(A: So it might be effective, he says, you see. But then…)


you don’t necessarily know, for you, how effective it is.”  Even at those success rates, about 5% to 10% of people immunized may still get the virus.


(A:  No kidding, ‘eh.  About 5% may get it.  It might be a lot more too, who knows, ‘eh?)


“In addition, the protective effect of a vaccine may take at least one month, (A:  HM? …to work, you see.) if not slightly longer,” says Dr. David Ho, a virologist working on developing monoclonal antibody therapies for Covid-19 at Columbia University. (So far, Pfizer said early results showed its two-dose vaccine showed 90% effectiveness seven days after the second dose. Early data on Moderna’s two-dose vaccine showed 94.5% efficacy two weeks after the second dose.)


“Therefore, for the foreseeable future, we will need to continue our mitigation measures, including wearing masks,” Ho says, noting that precautionary measures will likely last “for much of 2021.”


(A:  Oh, it’s going to be ALL of it, as you well know, ‘eh.)


Dr. Bruce Hirsch, an infectious disease specialist at Northwell Health, adds that many people have strong feelings about vaccines and may not take them, which “will impact the general population from being immune


(A:  So you see, these are BAD people, enemies of the people, the enemies of the state, enemies, you see, that won’t take it.  You see, it’s going to put everybody else at risk, oh my goodness, enemies, you see. This is the inference that is going on here without saying enemy. So it says…)


 many people have strong feelings about vaccines and may not take them, which “will impact the general population from being immune to Covid-19


(A:  …that’s how they get everybody else to turn on them, you see…)


and prolong the threat of the pandemic.”


It is worth noting that as the trials for both vaccines progress, efficacy numbers could change, and it is also not yet clear how long any immunity would last.


I'd love to know what they're really going to give Fauci and the rest of these guys, ‘eh?  And it won't be what you're going to get. [Alan chuckles.] I guarantee it. They're too important to suddenly have an anaphylactic shock, you know, a reaction to it.


FDA: Death, heart attacks, stroke, blood disorders all possible side effects of COVID vaccine / 8 Dec 2020


(A:  There ya go.)


A slideshow presentation compiled by the FDA in October contains an extensive list of possible side effects


(A: So, I'd like to hear them say that's conspiracy theory, you know.  But anyway LifeSiteNews shows the document.)


A document drawn up by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), listing the possible side-effects


(A: ...on it.  I'll put that one up as well for those that want to look at it. I also have the working list here...)


FDA admits long list of possible negative side-effects


The working list presented has 22 separate entries of “possible adverse event outcomes.”


First on the list is “Guillain-Barré syndrome,” described as “a rare disorder in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves.” The syndrome has “no known cure” and it mortality rate is “4% to 7%.”


(A:  Nevermind disabling you before you die, right.)


In contrast, John Hopkins University estimates that the current percentage of deaths reportedly due to COVID-19 cases in the U.S, is only 1.9%.


“Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis,(A:  You can say it ensepha or enkephalomyelitis, but you can say it both ways actually.)  A “rare inflammatory condition that affects the brain and spinal cord,” is second on the FDA’s list. Third is “Transverse myelitis,” a neurological disorder which inflames the spinal cord, causing “pain, muscle weakness, paralysis, sensory problems, or bladder and bowel dysfunction.”


(A:  But don’t worry because eventually they’ll have everybody in diapers on the planes, if you travel abroad, you’ll feel at home, it would be the same.)


Also listed as a possible outcome of a potential vaccine is “Anaphylaxis,” the severe allergic reaction which can lead to anaphylactic shock.


A “stroke,” and “convulsions/seizures” are further possible side-effects, along with “Acute myocardial infarction(A:  You know, that’s your heart there, and generally it blows a hole in it, literally, depending on the size and so on.) or heart attacks, inflammation of the muscles around the heart, and even death.


(A:  There ya go. Nothing to worry about, they’re mild.)


The U.K. government’s warning for the Pfizer vaccine says it should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding mothers and children. The document adds that it is as yet unknown what effect the vaccine will have on fertility. It also says, “women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.”


(A: And it goes on and on.  It says…)


Children might also be affected by the COVID vaccine, through developing “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome,” (MIS-C) which the CDC notes is connected to COVID-19. However, The Mayo Clinic gives more detail, explaining that whilst most children with COVID-19 “have only a mild illness,” those who develop MIS-C are much more seriously affected. Organs and tissues, “such as the heart, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin or eyes” can become severely inflamed.


The full list of possible side-effects of a COVID vaccine, according to the FDA, are “Guillain-Barré syndrome;


(A:  And the ones I’ve mentioned already, transverse myelitis and so on, and also…)


Autoimmune disease; (A:  …as well, when your body starts to attack it, your immune system starts to attack different parts of your body, you know.  Which is very common these days, you know, from… well, let’s guess.)


Deaths; Pregnancy and birth outcomes; Other acute demyelinating diseases; Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions; Thrombocytopenia; Disseminated intravascular coagulation; Venous thromboembolism;


(A: You don’t want these things, believe you me.)  




(A:  Here’s your…Hhhch, and this is all the symptoms that you actually get from the disease, it’s astonishing, isn’t it, these also could also be the side effects.)


and arthralgia/joint pain; Kawasaki disease; Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children; Vaccine enhanced disease.”


Later in the FDA document, it is noted that side-effects from vaccines for COVID-19 have yet to be fully understood.


(A:  Well, no kidding.)


“There may be limited information available at licensure on level and duration of effectiveness,” the text reads.


Trials for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, have in fact produced “severe” side-effects, with volunteers reporting headaches, fevers, migraines and symptoms akin to a hangover.


Doctors have also been warning the CDC of the dangers of the vaccines, with Dr. Sandra Fryhofer of the American Medical Association urging that people be warned of the possible results.


So I’ll put these links up for that too. And this is another one here.


CBER Plans for Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness -pdf / 22 Oct 2020


Steve Anderson, PhD, MPP

Director, Office of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, CBER

VRBPAC Meeting

October 22, 2020


FDA Vaccine Surveillance: Pre-licensure Pharmacovigilance Planning


(A:  They call it, pharmacovigilance.)


“Safety throughout the lifecycle” approach for vaccines (pre- and post-licensure):


(A:  So it's quite interesting when you go through it too.  Because it's an experimental vaccine. Everybody who gets it is part of the experiment. And they're going to keep tabs on YOU and what batch you got and so on, and they will follow you up, maybe even four years, ‘eh. You'll get...)


Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

• Management shared by CDC and FDA


(A:  So they have all this in it too.)


1. Passive Surveillance of Vaccines

– Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

• Management shared by CDC and FDA


(A: How the CDC and everybody else is going to share information on your health, etc. Interesting.)


• CDC presentation covered VAERS (A:  That's for the nasty responses and so on.) so will provide summary of FDA efforts


• FDA will utilize statistical data-mining methods to detect disproportional reporting of specific vaccine-adverse event combinations to identify AEs [Adverse events.] that are more frequently reported (A:  So nasty symptoms and so on.)


FDA Vaccine– Legislative Authorization Active Surveillance


Legislation, mandates and Current Surveillance


FDA Amendments Act of 2007:


(A:  They actually started the Act in 2007. That's when they started all these tests, and the precursors to the Event 201s and stuff. This took years to develop this whole program, folks. It says… It's something that people should just work their way through, we can't do it all for them obviously.)


COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Data Considerations


• Rapid data access

• Large databases of tens of millions of patients for evaluating vaccine rare serious adverse events


So it's quite, it’s a long PDF, this one I think. It has 27 pages in it.  And all the universities and medical universities involved in it too, colleges and so on.  For those who, again, want to plow their way through it.


Human rights group Liberty fears Covid immunity cards will 'pave way for national ID system' and a two-tier country where only some have full freedom – amid concerns of a black market in FAKE documents - / 7 Dec 2020


Well of course that will all have to come down the pike.  Because they’re going to push this the whole way. Everything you're hearing about I gave the talks many years ago, from the WHO and the United Nations and all the countries involved and preplanning all these things beforehand. They talked about all these things years ago, of how they'd, they wanted to promote passports and vaccine passports and vaccine records, that would be electronic by the way.  Years and years ago. There's nothing that happens that comes out of the blue.


Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults / 11 Dec 2020


…in the early 2000’s, researchers found evidence of a serious problem. Teams of U.S. and foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response…


(A:  They all do that.  I keep saying, that’s what they always tell you, oh it has great efficacy.)  


However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs.


(A: It’s similar to the one I read earlier on the same kind of topic. It says…)


Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1950s.  The vaccines not only failed to prevent infection; 80% of the children infected required hospitalization, and two children challenged with the RSV died.


(A: This article goes on to talk about serious side effects in the testing of this particular, these vaccines, ‘eh, for Covid 19. It says…)


A 10-fold increase of serious adverse events on second dose in older adults on second dose, compared to 3.6-fold for those under 55


(A: So over 55, your second dose, you've got a 10-fold increase of serious adverse events recorded in the tests and so on. And it says that…)


Among the 18-55 year-old participants, there were 370 solicited serious adverse events (SSAEs) in the vaccinated group and 73 in the unvaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 18% experienced SSAEs; in the placebo group, only 3% did, implying that SSAEs can be expected at a rate five times greater in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.


These included severe fatigue, headache, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain. Whether these conditions represent instances of pathogenic priming, identifying individuals who are now at higher risk of serious morbidity and mortality if they become infected with SARS-CoV-2 is unknown, but given past studies, seems likely.


In the over 55 group, which was a smaller group, there were 60 SSAEs in the vaccinated group and 24 in the unvaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 6.5% experienced SAEs, compared to 1.4% in the unvaccinated, implying a 4.46% increased risk overall of SSAEs due to vaccination.


However, in the older group, the vaccinated group was 10 times more likely to have a SSAE upon receipt of the second vaccine dose than the first dose compared to the 1:1 ratio in the unvaccinated.


(A:  And so on and so on and so on.)


So yeah, it’s, hhhch, it’s not pleasant at all obviously from what we're finding out here. And believe you me, this will be watered down to dilute it, so's that you will all GET it. [Alan chuckles.] And...


DR TOM JEFFERSON: As people test positive WEEKS after they stop being infectious, why I fear this mania for mass Covid testing is a hugely expensive blunder / 12 Dec 2020


(A: That's the Daily Mail on Sunday.)


For the past few weeks I have received a stream of unsettling letters and emails from members of the public.


…because they are testing positive for Covid-19 despite having recovered from their symptoms.


(A:  And for the past few weeks he received a stream of them. They all come from...)


They are all complete strangers, people I’ve never met. They decided to get in touch out of what I can only describe as desperation, having read about the research I’m conducting with my colleague, Professor Carl Heneghan.


They are at their wits’ end because they are testing positive for Covid-19 despite having recovered from their symptoms. Some never had symptoms in the first place but are still being told they have the virus long after any possible infection. They are anxious and confused. Their lives are on hold.


(A: Well, that’s the PCR test, you see, which is such a bogus test to start with.  Really, that’s the reason for it. He gives you examples of the problems it’s causing for people who just don’t know what to do, you know. Just to stay at home forever, you know? And…)


How can we know who is still infectious if the tests say people have Covid-19 when they do not?


The PCR test, he talks about the so-called gold standard one and so on and how, really, they're bogus for, you can't diagnose with them, they're not meant for it, said the man who invent it.  [Alan chuckles.] But I'll put all these articles up as I say, right, for those who really, really care.  And I guess I'm a bit, almost at the end of, ftt, not the, I keep prattling on, but I've run out of time I think because I'm on about five hours so far already and that's a long talk so...


Oh yeah, the last couple of articles. The Fire Department New York...


FDNY won’t require medics and firefighters to get new COVID-19 vaccine - / 28 Nov 2020


I've found that articles have come out from the FDA for instance, and for Fauci's group too, because they're terrified, you see, that so many folk are going to come down sick, very quickly, through the hospitals, and through fire departments and so on, and even police, they were advising them to scatter the vaccinations for their staff.  You see, they're expecting some awful fallout here.  And it wouldn't look good, would it, when the people that definitely get their names in the papers, the departments in health and medics and so on and firefighters, if they started getting large quantities of sick people from the vaccines, ‘eh.


So they've been told to scatter them. But for the rest of the population, it won't matter if you start all coming down at once.  [Alan chuckles.] Well, you're not working now anyway, are you?  So I'll put this article up too. I knew the hospital staff too in different countries are refusing, about half of them probably, probably more as time goes on.


Nearly half of care home staff might not take Covid vaccine - as healthcare bosses call on ministers to make jabs compulsory / 12 Dec 2020


And again…


FDA Admits 2 People Died In Pfizer Trials; Vaccines And Nanoparticles and Debunking Another Mask Study - / 8 Dec 2020


I'll put that one up as well. So, that's about as far as I go tonight. But remember folks website. Throw a few bucks my way.  Awfully important that I keep ticking along here and getting the news out to you as we go through all... the chaos you have now, and I'm not saying it to get you all worried, but it's only part of the war.  They will get more vicious before they'll back off. That's what tyranny always does.


So expect bad times for a while anyway. But again, stay in touch with the few friends that you have. Make sure that you'll help each other out and let everybody know that you'll help each other out in hard times. Which definitely are coming, you know. There is no doubt about it, this is long-term planning, long before you heard of Covid 19, to bring in the whole new plan that they've been prattling on about for years, that nobody listened to. 


You couldn't believe it, you say, oh, come on, for goodness’ sake, who are these characters for climate change and sustainability and overpopulation and population departments at the UN and stuff like that?  Woa-oh, they're just like little clubs, and hobby, hobbyists, I guess that's what they are, ‘eh?  No, no, no.  They work for those who own the planet, those who claim that they own the planet, believe you me, and there are folks who claim that they own it.


They own organizations like the WEF too, with a little spaceman, front man there that you see with his silly outfit on at times.  The futurist, oh I'm from, oh, I'm so advanced now. It's like something from an old 50s sci-fi movie looking at that character with that stupid jacket he wears with the big, almost like a Roman army type, um, breastplate type jacket tied on with the extended shoulders and so on. It's so ridiculous folks.


You're talking about crazy people, tyrants, nut cases, psychopaths. You know, they're out there all over the place.  The problem is there's clubs of them now, they've got the richest folk on the planet behind them.  And that's the danger. 


Then you've got to really be aware. But at least be aware of what's going on. Don't get bogged down arguing with people online. Don't even respond to nasty emails, hm.  And don't fall into the traps that are laid out for you by...  When your governments are paying these cyber warriors to attack you, with your tax money, your own governments, and you're voting?!


Aaaaaaaarghhh! Goodness me.  N-n-n.  You talk about tyranny, we’ve seen it all before in other countries. Of course we have. We know what tyranny is. Except when you get it in your own country. N-n.


So stand by your friends and each other because it's very important.  Because as I say, you'll all need each other as we go through this, this... What d'you call it? What is it? It's not, it's like that horror thing you went through at those carnivals, ‘eh, the tunnel of horror or something, in a tiny little train set that you jumped in on and the nasty things would jump out in front of you.  And just like that too, eventually you come out the other side and there's the light again and you're kind of happy. So let's all work towards that.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’ - / 10 Aug 2020


As pandemic lifelines expire, Americans in housing free fall - / 8 Dec 2020


Faces of Covid - / 11 Dec 2020


Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License - / 11 Dec 2020


Topics of show covered in following links:


New challenges emerge for planned human challenge trials / 4 Dec 2020


Brits may have to wear masks for another YEAR despite vaccine roll-out / 8 Dec 2020


In England, William Shakespeare receives a COVID-19 vaccine / 8 Dec 2020


Why vaccinate our most frail? Odd vote out shows the dilemma / 4 Dec 2020


UK travellers to be barred from EU under coronavirus rules after Brexit transition period, report suggests / 10 Dec 2020


First glimpse of coronavirus vaccine card that patients will get after jab / 6 Dec 2020


Four trial volunteers who got Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell's palsy - but FDA denies that the temporary facial paralysis was caused by the shot / 8 Dec 2020


Covid vaccine warning after two who had jab yesterday suffer allergic reactions / 9 Dec 2020


New app will show if you've had Covid jab and could let pubs bar unvaccinated / 9 Dec 2020


Investigation launched after Canadian Forces member called on fellow soldiers to ignore orders to help distribute COVID vaccine / 8 Dec 2020


Airline staff told wear nappies and avoid toilets to reduce Covid risk / 11 Dec 2020


China Tells Airline Cabin Crew to Wear Diapers on Certain Flights / 11 Dec 2020


China advises cabin crew to wear diapers on risky coronavirus flights / 10 Dec 2020


Australia has become the first country to abandon a vaccine attempt, scrapping a $750 million project after the shot wrongly gave some people positive HIV test results / 11 Dec 2020


Australia Drops Promising Covid-19 Vaccine After Volunteers Falsely Tested Positive For HIV / 11 Dec 2020


Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive / 11 Dec 2020


Coronavirus Vaccine is Causing HIV Positive Tests!


Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus (2012) / 20 April 2012


Indian Scientists Discover Coronavirus Engineered With HIV (AIDS) Like Insertions / 1 Feb 2020


Consensus summary report for CEPI/BC March 12-13, 2020 meeting: Assessment of risk of disease enhancement with COVID-19 vaccines / 26 June 2020


State of the Union - CNN, Fauci / 15 Nov 2020


COVID-19 ‘warp speed’ vaccines likely not safe and not needed, medical expert says / 11 Dec 2020


Did 2018 Have a Higher ICU Surge From Flu? / 11 Dec 2020


Dr. Fauci says masks, social distancing will still be needed after a Covid-19 vaccine—here’s why / 16 Nov 2020


FDA: Death, heart attacks, stroke, blood disorders all possible side effects of COVID vaccine / 8 Dec 2020


CBER Plans for Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness / 22 Oct 2020


Human rights group Liberty fears Covid immunity cards will 'pave way for national ID system' / 7 Dec 2020


Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults / 11 Dec 2020


DR TOM JEFFERSON: As people test positive WEEKS after they stop being infectious, why I fear this mania for mass Covid testing is a hugely expensive blunder / 12 Dec 2020


FDNY won’t require medics and firefighters to get new COVID-19 vaccine / 28 Nov 2020


Scott Morrison SLAMS social media anti-vaxxers after Australia's promising coronavirus vaccine was sensationally scrapped / 10 Dec 2020


Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely / 10 Aug 2020


FDA Admits 2 People Died In Pfizer Trials; Vaccines And Nanoparticles and Debunking Another Mask Study / 8 Dec 2020


As pandemic lifelines expire, Americans in housing free fall / 8 Dec 2020


Nearly half of care home staff might not take Covid vaccine - as healthcare bosses call on ministers to make jabs compulsory / 12 Dec 2020


'High-value' business travellers to be exempt from quarantine in England / 3 Dec 2020


Del Bigtree and Dr.Wolfgang Wodarg-Vaccine Trial-Full Episode-Dec 4, 2020 / 4 Dec 2020


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Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License / 11 Dec 2020




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