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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Merry Christmas, 2020"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on Christmas day, 25 December 2020.I hope youíre all enjoying some of the Christmas period.Because weíve got to intensify the happiness that we can achieve, and steal in fact, under these conditions of austerity that are coming down the pike and the enforcement of government agencies that youíve seen in times of war.


Itís a wartime scenario youíre going through with coming rationing and a completely new way of civilization to emerge out of the end of it. And itís planned that way. It was planned a long time ago. Just like a Pearl Harbor event was needed to get 9/11 to bring through a whole new warfare campaign across parts of the world, especially the Middle East, then itís the same thing here with Covid is the reason for locking us all down into a post consumerist type society. You all know this, Iím sure.


Stop watching TV, though, youíre getting terrorized deliberately. Because all the media, that were involved with the Event 201, hhhch, and the Clade X, etc. and all the way back 10 years, have been preparing this for years and years and years. Theyíre all on board with helping the government terrorize you. I gave the articles out before from the SAGE group in Britain where they admitted they subcontracted out a group of psychologists and behavioral experts too, who drafted up guidance and guidelines for the media on how to intensify, exaggerate stories, you know, to create more anxiety to make sure the public would conform to the demands of government. This is all published stuff. Itís not conspiracy theory. Itís on the website, from their websites. [Alan chuckles.] So itís all truth.


If you really want to get terrified, just tune into the mainstream television every day. Or even AM radio. Or FM radio. Because theyíre all on board. They all get paid to terrorize you. Because you will have to conform into the new system. Again, youíll have your immunity passport. I gave these talks, oh, years and years ago, the coming austerity with vaccinations and proof of vaccinations, immunity passports before you heard the term immunity passport. Because they had long talks about these things, very intense talks about them worldwide, in shaping the new system, an excuse to make it happen.


The Club of Rome as you know stated quite blatantly in The First Global Revolution that they needed something to unite the planet under, like, under a common threat, of extinction or something like that, you know, so they hit upon the idea of climate change. Thatís what they said in their own writings. You know this. Man therefore would be the enemy, you see, youíre the problems of the world, too many of you. Itís always been the same agenda, with too many of YOU.They donít want you going into their new system, you see.


Thereís nothing, this is an age where nothing is hidden if you want to know. From their own publications, the people involved in the real deep state, and all of the assets of the deep state, if you want to call it that, have been quite open about what theyíre doing right now.Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum and all the rest of them up there too, theyíre quite blatant about it, a postconsumer society, you see. Youíre postindustrial already, and you were turned into a service economy as you know. Youíre living through a big, big change. This is the big one. This is the one they kept talking about. They even told us after the last bank crash this would take maybe eight or 10 years to get to the step of the next wave of it.Well, now youíre going through it. As I say, itís to change your whole way of living into a very austere way of living.


Weíre going through a very tough time. Iíve had so many emails from people who are suffering, big time.A lot of the elderly too, terrified out of their wits, who watch TV every night.Theyíre literally withering away through fear and terror, some of them arenít even eating, you know. Theyíve cut themselves off from their relatives, the younger, and their children who come to visit them or see them, they donít want to see them because theyíve been told that they can be carriers and give them a disease.This is horrific whatís happened here. But again, you canít make an omelet without breaking eggs as Mr. Rockefeller always said when it came to the casualties for big agendas. Well, theyíve already written off the elderly here big time in Canada and the States and elsewhere, as you well know.


So this Christmas itís vital really for people to remember things that, hhhch, they should have been really remembering all along, just how precious so much of what youíre losing is to you. Because, and I thought about this the other day too, I thought you know, you look down through history and governments trembled, always trembled at the thought of big religious organizations standing up against them. They had clashes down through centuries, folks. Thatís why Marxism/communism wanted to eradicate religion, itís an opposition to authority, to their authority.


Same thing is still happening today of course.Christianity definitely is bearing the brunt of it all because we saw it during the lockdowns before and the various protest riots and burnings and so on in the streets of the States.The police would not stand up for religious meetings. In fact, they persecuted religious meetings. The same in Canada. But they will allow the people to riot and burn and loot because theyíve got proper causes. So you canít look to the state, because the state is run by the deep state, all the politicians are. Everybody who gets a big fat paycheck supplied by the taxpayer is in on it, and they know it too.So donít count on the authority standing up for you. Itís obvious, you see.


The coup has been done long ago and it was successful long ago, and now theyíre simply letting you know it, theyíre back in the saddle again.They had a temporary four years there that they didnít expect to happen when Trump got in.Of course theyíre going right back, and theyíre quite open about it, into the climate change agenda, you know.So sustainability, too many of you again and the whole agenda.


And the burden of the phony money, itís all a joke the money now. But the fact is, they keep pretending you owe thousands and millions of dollars, even trillions now from the money thatís being borrowed supposedly.Even though nothing really changes hands anymore at the top, does it? Itís just so many digits are put into a computer. But you all have to pay up in real, real effort and real things and real tangible goods, all the citizenry.


The system has always been corrupt, Iíve said this for so long. The folk never really get it, when the times are, what they think is good.Good times, for the last, oh, 10, 15, actually 20 years, has been a shortfall on, really a big shortfall on what previous good times used to be. Because since the 1980s weíve been stagnating in the West and speeding up into the 90s with the free-trade agreements, and then the purposeful funding of corporations to move offshore to China. They used your tax money to do it.


So youíve been in the service economy for so long, right down to the old stage where they used to say, well you need two or three jobs now, like permanently throughout your life to get through. They had all these big publishing pushes by the same media, thatís now terrorizing you, on how to accept and cope with the new normal that was coming down the pike then. And now youíre into the big new normal now of austerity, terror, fear, donít go out and meet anybody, everything that was normal before, socialize-wise, meeting people, shaking hands, and having a good time, just meeting friends and relatives, is taboo now. And you all have to obey. And all you religious folk out there, just donít go to your meetings.


Certain religions they wonít touch [Alan chuckles.] because theyíre terrified of retaliation. I mean, physical retaliation, and we all know that too. But Christianity is an easy target. It was easy in previous revolutions in the world. Because they donít fight back. Generally.And people forget this too because itís been drummed out of them, Christianity used to be pretty fierce, you know, for fighting. Thatís what made up the Crusades before in previous years, a long time ago. Thatís what made up the armies sometimes for the various inter-, internal fights with Christianity especially, unfortunately.Again they used to stand up for revolutions for themselves when tyranny got too bad by the Kings and Queens, they would have the revolution like they had in the US.A lot of them had pastors at that time that joined in the revolutions.


But theyíve been working hard ever since to make, to teach you a different version of Christianity, as being a, almost a milksop type thing, you know, very much like that movie, it was called the Bedazzled.Bedazzled, where the devil, you know, in the shape of a rather beautiful female gives the guy so many wishes. And heís after this other woman so heís always, in every wish heís trying to get this other woman and so on.But she always plays a trick on him, the devil always plays a trick on him and louses it up for him, so he doesnít get what he wants.


So you find really that Christianity has been the main target, to give you a new version of it as passive.Like Bedazzled, where in one scene he comes back as a real sensitive guy, because he knows this girl heís after loves sensitive guys.But heís so sensitive he breaks, and he tears, literally tears when he sees a sunset in front of her, and he canít function normally when heís so obsessed with emotions and feelings. Well, thatís pretty well what weíre into, as you well know, with modern Christianity, itís been turned into this, this kind of soppy thing which turns folk off.


But governments used to tremble, as I say, tremble at religious organizations when theyídÖ you know that was a big powerful organization in any country when itís Catholic and Protestant, they could stand up to governments at times. And the governments would have to back off.And believe you me, it wasnít governments helping out social wise, or using socialism, to insulate people into poverty really and dependency. Churches and so on used to stand up and demand that the government at times take more care of the people, who were getting hit with recessions as they called it, instead of depressions, and make sure they had plenty to eat. And plenty of work as well, because you need work to get, well, to make you independent. No one wants to be, well most folk I think want to beÖ or maybe I donítÖ maybe Iím wrong there too, these days. A generation is getting trained into dependency, and some of them will actually like it. Some of them will actually like socialism where every decision is made for you.


So you have to understand youíre living through tremendous changes and tremendousÖ These are all planned changes, planned long ago. Meticulously. Step-by-step, how we will react to everything thatís thrown at us by government agencies from now on.Right down to pretty good precise estimates of how many will not go along with this or that part of the big agenda. Because theyíve studied us for so long, and thatís what the Internet is for, itís to keep tabs on everybody, and your cell phones too.


So youíre living through historic times remember.Really historic times. So once again, itís not a matter of giving up. But youíve got to have small groups that can help each other. If some folks canít get out at times to get groceries, youíve got to start to think about these things and make sure you can help each other. And when it comes to your turn maybe, you know, theyíll help you.And other times you can help them. Thatís what youíve got to do.


Beware of the people they also PLANT out there through society. Theyíve got lots of retired civil servants, folks, out in society that are meant to, like, merge into the communities and get their little NGOs going and collect all the data and gossip and so on, and they send it back. Just like they did in the Soviet Union era.Iíve talked to so many people who were growing up in the Soviet era, and they would literally be spies for their parents and for the meetings, for Christian meetings.They were banned, eh, it could be a death sentence if you were caught.Or off to the Gulag. They knew who the little spies were in their own towns and villages and the children were told to watch out for them, where the people would have their meetings in their homes and things like that.


You see, defiance is an important part of being human, folks. You donít take ridiculous risks. You take measured risks, you see.But youíre taking them all nonetheless, but do it with some wisdom and common sense. Because they do have these spies all through society. Again Iíve done these talks many years ago.


So remember, donít give up and hopefully weíll come through this, in one way or another weíll come through it. [Alan chuckles.] Whether you like it or not, one way or another, as I say, weíre definitely going to come through it.Thatís what happens in life, eh?Itís not things we would wish upon ourselves.But for some of us, a few of us, weíve known, we knew what was coming down the pike. I certainly did for a long time.


So have a Merry Christmas regardless, you know.And try and keep your hopes up. And other folks, do get in touch with them as well and people you know who are maybe suffering or getting depressed. Even in normal times, or normal-ish times people tend to get depressed, a lot of them do at Christmas time because itís also blended with the new year, and they reflect on the previous years, and on their life and so on, you know. So donít let people go by.Donít just take it for granted so-and-so or so-and-so, this person or that person will come through okay. Sometimes people need a little bit of comfort or advice, or even just camaraderie to pull through things.


Thatís how, thereís nothing worse than being cut off, completely cut off from people. But again, beware of whoís who because this is a wartime scenario and theyíre using all the dirty tricks, as they do in wartime, to make sure that they can get their way, you know.So be very careful.


So what I got done tonight too, and today, I mean, I think itís been eight years or more since I took out and opened the guitar case.I used to do occasional compositions, even then when I hadnít touched the guitar for years, previously, and I would do one at Christmas time.And you know, your fingers get worse and worseÖ as you chop wood and all the rest of it. But I did pull out the guitar a few days ago there to try to get it tuned. I actually busted one of my strings. Luckily it bust just on the head, so I could tie it. I could tieÖ because itís a classical guitar I could tie it together, eh.And it held, eh.


So I got up this morning and I generally, even thoughÖ I try and keep melodies in my head and compositions in my, they come to me at times still. Even though I said thereís no time for this kind of thing, and weíre going through this big, big war that weíve been going through for a long time, so I put the guitar away to an extent.But I did pull it out this morning and I rattled off, in some form, hhhch, some poor fashion the beginnings, or at least the rough versions of some compositions that have been rattling around in my head when I get up. Iíll put them up tonight for you.


One, the first one is called The War. This is the war thatís upon you and that you are going through right now. [Alan plays the song.]


The second one is Be Still and Know. [Alan plays the song.]


The third one is called Journey in the Land of Nod. Because sometimes you have to, you get, your mind will take you into a little bit of escapism, to keep you healthy once in a while. It gives you a little break. Itís like soldiers on leave, you get a bit of leave inside your own skull, and your brain needs that sometimes so, the land of nod, that kind of never-never land, youíre almost sleeping, thatís what that one is too. [Alan plays the song.]


But yeah, itís been 2012 since I picked the guitar up at all, you know. So I hope you enjoy it. As I say, itís the rough version played straight out from my head onto the guitar.And I might work on it later as well and brush them all up and clean them all up and tidy them all up.A whole bunch Iíve got still to do from the previous years that I did.Because I kind of used to do this for a living at one time.


So anyway, take care of yourselves.Have a good Christmas regardless, eh.And donít just get terrified. Turn off the TV. Regardless of what theyíve got planned, itís, you donít have to go along with all of it, believe you me. Thereís more to this war than meets the eye.


And itís the last one you want to think about it, was the other, the otherness of whatís involved in all of this. They donít want you to think of that. Because you might get some power from the otherness, you know what Iím saying?And they know it too. They want you, if they can bring you into their battlefield, and their battlefield is the purely physical, and monetary, and material and financial, if they can bring you in on it, you see, and their scientific, like the Nietzschean battle, if God is dead, he says, then they can do what they want, all the things that were unthinkable, they can do all the things that are unthinkable. Well you see, that was his, he said if, IF God was dead, eh.Thatís a big thing too.


Because the big idea, the thing that theyíre terrified of, the big idea, is that you might have the big idea too, and revamp something and revitalize something that they wanted you to forget altogether.People fight for causes. Big causes. And the bigger the cause comes from the bigger the meaning behind the cause, you see. It isnít just for us and liberty and all that. Itís for something much bigger.


Thatís what they know, and theyíre terrified of.If people unite, literally, for something else thatís bigger than themselves, that scares the people at the top. On their battlefield, they can pull scientists out of the hat anytime they want that will try and bamboozle you with their nonsense.But when it comes to something else, personal experience in something that exists here in the world, and outside the world, that theyÖ that scares them. Itís out of their realm, you see.And youíre not supposed to think about it.


So donít give up. Again people can laugh at that too because they have fallen for the playing battlefield of the physical, but theyíve never experienced things that are beyond themselves. I would love to be purely, Iíve always said this, Iíd love to be purely rational at times. And Iíd love to be purely logical at times. You see, things that are beyond this world get wrapped up in the logical world, you see, the material world. It would be safer.And youíd say, oh how can theyÖ


But I canít, because I donít, Iím not allowed to.Iím not allowed to, folks. Iíve said this so many times, each time I try to, I get kind of cocky and think Iím doing okay or blah blah blah blah blah, this is many years ago, mind you, then something would slap me right down. That shouldnít happen, a thousand things that shouldnít happen would happen to me. Each time. Until you get the message, no, not, this is not for you. You know? Thereís something else that youíreÖ [Alan chuckles.]


So I have no option but to accept that, then, the proof. And because of that proof you could never talk to people who donít have that, and never had experiences, and they donít have the proof of it.So I donít even bother mentioning it generally.


It doesnít mean you have to, you can go crazy with it too, and run amok into some Lala land. The fact is you have to use the knowledge wisely. And for yourself too. You know? Youíre living in a physical world, and you do have to deal with the physical world, no doubt about it, big time.


But you get glimpses of the other in this world too, the other side of it all, and you can also get it with relationships with people.Also the evil side of the relationships with people.You get it all. This is the middle plane as they call it where everything happens.And you can experience all the things. And people make their choices here. Thereís no doubt on that either, eh, they really do make choices here. We do it all the time.


So remember folks have a good Christmas. Enjoy the music. Forgive the little rusty bits youíllhear, I hear it here and there.Iím sure half the time I was playing the strings, it wasnít my strings at all, itís my fingers are so brittle now and, they were twanging, you see. And maybe adding to the harmony a little bit.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, have a Merry Christmas, and itís good night.Take care.



Alan Watt††† Christmas Day Spontaneous Compositions:


Alan Watt††† Composition: "The War", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2020 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2020


Alan Watt††† Composition: "Be Still and Know...", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2020 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2020


Alan Watt††† Compositions: "Journey in The Land of Nod" Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2020 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2020



Alan Watt††† Previous Christmas Day Spontaneous Compositions:


Alan Watt††† Composition: "EspŪritu Resuelto", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2012 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2012


Alan Watt††† Composition: "AlegrŪa en el Dolor", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2011 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2011


Alan Watt††† Compositions: "Wistfully Yours" & "Still Here", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2010 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2010


Alan Watt††† Composition: "Contemplaciůn", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2009 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2009


Alan Watt††† Composition: "Hombre", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2008 Alan Watt.

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Alan Watt††† Composition: "Campeones Para Siempre", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2007 Alan Watt.

*Composition Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2007



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