Jan. 3, 2021 (#1810)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Oligarchical Terrorism Utilizing Concept of "The Noble Lie":

"This Year Begins With The Script Displayed,

Watchful Skeptics Won't be Dismayed

At Continued War-of-Terror, Using "Noble Lie"

Without Which The People Would Never Comply

With the Demand They Lose Rights, Democratic,

Which for Oligarchs Have Been Problematic,

Most Small Businesses Are Now Banned Outright,

National Economies Plummet Without a Fight,

All for an Agenda, so Long in the Planning,

So Many Published Works, Evidence is Damning,

A Truly Managed Society is Now Obtainable,

Post-Consumerist, with Rationing,

Cruelly Sustainable."

© Alan Watt Jan. 3, 2021

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 3, 2021 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 3rd of January 2021.  And time certainly is flying, isn’t it? More so than you’d imagine because when you’re under the influence of a war of terror upon you, constantly, daily, you know, then time seems to fly because every day seems much the same as the last. It’s a wartime scenario and that’s what it’s intended to be as the governments, in collusion, all, like one system basically, which they really are, went into action to terrorize the public over a virus which kills less than 0.00… [Alan chuckles.] whatever of 1% of the population, who are generally dying anyway.  It’s just really something else.


But again, you know that there are many reasons for this whole agenda, and so much has to come out of this agenda, using Covid as a front really, to bring in a new world order. And it is a world order, according to the World Economic Forum.  The biggest corporate CEOs on the planet all attend it every year. And it isn’t just an annual meeting. They have a massive bureaucracy.  They pick future world leaders in every country, in all different areas of social management basically. They pick them young and train them.  And that's your so-called democracy, it's all trained by a super world state you might say, a privatized group who run, or own the economy as far as they...  Or at least they front for the economy, put it that way too. Top bankers belong to the WEF.  It's as free and independent as the IMF is, and the World Bank, and all the rest of these organizations that were set up long ago by the private organization that ruled the British Empire at the time, the Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner.


They set up all these front organizations to bring in world governance based on a form of British enterprise system. Which really was a private enterprise system based in London, with a front parliamentary organization, which they'd all have to adopt in all the countries that belong to the Commonwealth. But in reality, they are run, as Disraeli said long before that, Benjamin Disraeli, that you would never believe the real people who run the world behind the scenes.


And that's so true, isn't it? You had the same thing happening and coming out of the mouth, I should say, from Bernays, Edward Bernays when he talked about the hidden influencers and the real power control, where it lay and so on and who ran it. They're generally unknown to the general population.  They move in circles that you never get into in fact. They almost move in separate traveling circles as well with private jets and lots of other [Alan chuckles.] more advanced techniques perhaps too. 


But you're living in a reality that was designed for you to believe in. Obviously. The first thing you must do to control a population, even one population, is to make sure that you give them the culture and the belief systems and everything else that goes along with it.  And you must manage them very carefully. So, it's worthwhile, as they know, to use the tax money from the public that they fleece to pay for it all. And with that kind of cash of course you can employ lots and lots of think tanks, specialized in all areas of culture and management, behavior management and so on. 


That's how we ended up as we are today, pretty dumb, pretty stupid, really.  Most folk are stupid. We are, you know.  You're trained to be stupid. You're trained to believe that whatever comes out of the media, the mainstream newspapers or television now of course and the websites, must be the truth… because they are authorized to give you the truth, you see.


Now, that statement in itself would have caused laughter 40, 50 years ago. Because the people knew what mainstream media was and they knew the moguls that owned and controlled them, and the clubs they belong to.  People were pretty savvy back then. But in no time at all they've lost it all again and they're right back to believing in it as though it… Because it's there, you see it's like Wag the Dog the movie, if it's on TV it must be true.  Very simple techniques but they work very effectively.


So, you're raised to be awfully naïve.  Incredibly naïve. Because only by being naïve and having limited, really limited, I don't care how many years of education you get, you're getting really limited education.  Real facts and reality, you're definitely starved of them. And you're given nonsense for reality. And even for the past. The past is always getting remade by new history books. All the time.  Orwell touched on that too in 1984, as you all know.


So yeah, you're in a real war, a war of terror upon you.  And this is the new year, right, we've just come into the real meaning of Silent Night, the movie.  [Alan chuckles.]   ...the movie... [Alan chuckles.]  ...yeah you can call it the movie. It really is.  But from the Christmas Carol and the hymn, Silent Night. Because you had a lockdown over Christmas, pretty well all over the planet. Not all of the planet but in some of the countries anyway.  And, yeah, all was still, 'eh?  Wasn't everything still?  Because nothing could move. Or you'd get arrested, 'eh?  If Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to live, they'd have been arrested for breaking curfew and being on the streets after that particular time at night. The wise men would never have gotten there, 'eh? 


So yeah, this is the new normal here.  And you are just accepting it as though it's all quite natural. Because you're afraid. No wonder you're afraid.  I, over the Christmas period I just watched some clips that had been, someone had put up from mainstream, from the television, from newsreels. I was sent some little clips and if I stay up in the middle of the night sometimes, I can actually watch them.


Because my Internet provider, and of course the military [Alan chuckles.] with the psyops and so on and the cyber warfare guys, that were in the paper recently when they were actually allowed and given the orders to start attacking people like me and slowing down my speed, which is incredible what they're doing. But by using my tax money to attack me.  And using the provider too, that's in on it obviously, they have to agree to attack certain people and allow you to be slowed right down, until takes 10 minutes to get up a newspaper page, just written page, during the day. How is that folks, 'eh? 


How is that? That's your freedom.  You're in an amazing tyranny. We all are. But as I say, if I watch, yeah over the Christmas period in the middle of the night I get a little bit of a clip here. And I couldn't believe the hyped terror and the voices that are really hyped and accelerated, exaggerated terror from the newscasters and these little clips they show you to terrify the public. Right out of the SAGE organization in Britain too, and of course the same in the US and Canada, where they actually gave out to the media the premises of how to really create more anxiety and to hype it all up for the public, to make us comply.


Now, that's... that's beyond sadism, folks.  That's torture, 'eh.  That's deliberate torturing of the public to get a preordained event through, which is your compliance and obedience to something that perhaps you shouldn't be so compliant about.  Hm?  As Aldous Huxley would have said. 


So, we're living through an amazing time. Yeah, silent night indeed. And again, Canada too and other countries as well, churches, Christian churches are the main attacks of all this. Other faiths, they don't dare go near some of them because they've been elevated up into special status. But just basic Christianity are the easy targets. And the cops are quite happy to go and arrest them, etc. It’s disgusting. 


I hope people are taking names of these cops and all the rest of them. Because you should blacklist them in your communities and your areas and so on. You really should. They're supposed to be there to serve the people, not persecute them. 


This is Stasi time. This is the true Stasi system that you had in the East German Republic, of communism.  Lots of stories about that of course.


But anyway, so here we are in the beginning of a new year of just basic terror, hm.  As I say, Christmas day I did, I was thinking about it, I did pull out the guitar, out of that coffin it lay in since about 2010 or 12 or when it was.  I didn't know if I could even play it at the time, but I got up on Christmas and I thought, well, I'll play a few new pieces that were rambling through my head that morning. And that's what came out. I managed to get my fingers a little bit of flex, I think. Maybe.  [Alan laughing.]   Forgive the playing because it's been years. And the fingers don't like to comply, especially with arthritis. So did my best.


Because that's all you can do right now, isn't it, is try to do your best and get through this. Because you're in a war. And the war is upon you. Your whole culture and way of living is getting moved into the next phase to suit the Masters. It's the same, it's not a revolution of below, it's a revolution of the ones above you going into the next part of the revolution. They already owned us basically since at least before World War II. And definitely after World War II. And now it's rather prevalent now, that you're really owned by organizations that are way above you, way above Parliament. And parliament is only too happy to comply with their orders from above, as you well know. Very obvious, isn't it.


And politicians are, they never had respect, politicians.  They shouldn't have respect because it's the worst kind of character that goes into be a politician.  And that's just the truth of it, you know. They said that in the 19th century in Britain, many people did mention that.  And again, Disraeli himself said that, he went into it too. But yeah, it's the worst characters of all that become politicians.  They're climbers. They don't want to work hard. They want to get the glory and the fame and all that.  They're basically psychopathic.  Because a politician that can lie to the public is no, is not a decent person.  He's definitely not serving the public, anyone that can lie to the people as glibly as these characters do.


Years ago, they used to, I don't know if they still do, they used to go through the people who had ran for politics in Britain and some countries like Canada, and a follow-up to them as well. These characters had incredible resumes of bankruptcies galore, many different kinds of charges against them, [Alan chuckles.] that you wouldn't want to be involved in, and mainly financial and so on, and scams, because they're scam artists really.  Which is what a lot of psychopaths tend to be. 


Unfortunately, they will, it's a club, it's a parliamentary club, a governmental club. They'll obey their masters and do whatever they're told. And they have so much dirt on them anyway they're quite happy to comply, as long as the dirt isn't spilled and they can collect their big fat paychecks, you know.  It's better than working for a living, isn't it?


That's where we are with all this too. People are talking about saving this and saving democracy. We never had democracy.  And don't kid yourself from the left-wing either that you've got Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Again, funded by the same sources, with supposed communists at the top of them.  Don't kid yourself that they are fighting for democracy either. They're not. No, they're just told to go out at the right time and do what they're told.  And paid to do it, the ones at the top anyway. Are quite happy to do it.  Because the masters at the top are quite happy to get rid of them too if it suits them, just as they create them, just as easily, just as easily they can eradicate them too. 


That's what happens in this world.  You're used and abused and that's it. Just like soldiers in warfare. The only time people get any respect, the general people, men especially, for the last 100 years, has been when they put the uniform on for war, to supposedly save the country.  That often really isn't in need of being saved, at least by going overseas.  But that's what they get, they get respect, and suddenly they’re important.  And as soon as it's over, they're discarded again like trash. And that's the truth of it.  That is the truth of it. You all know that.


So, do those who manage it all too. We don't have democracy. We don't have fairness in anything. Nowadays they've made sure you can never get the people all coming together, of all ethnic groups and so on and religions, because they've divided them all.  Very carefully too. And funded different ones to make sure they stay divided and keep attacking each other.


That's a great way, divide and conquer. Because, and it's true, years ago I gave the same talk about when the gasoline went up, years ago. At one time the people would bitch and complain if the gasoline went up five cents, you know, a gallon or in Canada it's in the liter system. And then ten cents.  And then twenty cents. Then forty cents and fifty cents and so on. And eventually got to a stage, suddenly no one complained anymore. Isn't that odd? No one was complaining, they just accepted it. 


The reason being is because the government had allowed the banking systems to relax more, and the new kind of banking systems under the NAFTA deal, North American Free Trade Agreement, where they allowed credit card companies to act as bankers in a sense.  I think it was Mulroney that allowed American Express to get a foothold in Canada, and it works almost like a bank even though there's no outlets or tellers or anything like that. And because of the sudden ability to get cash from cards, without having to put up collateral, then they could increase things, and people would stop complaining.


Because they could make ends meet just by borrowing and borrowing. Of course, at that time folk were juggling credit cards to pay other credit cards and so on. Somehow, they managed to get through it all, that's the only reason they managed all that. That was the big way to get over the inflation, the big inflationary times, before the 2007/8 financial crisis. 


Or reset. That was a reset back then too, folks.  Those who knew it was coming, the reset, the big banks of course, the big banking companies were buying up thousands of mortgages per day some of them, and flipping them off to other banks, as they all made a killing like sharks in a frenzy.  Until of course they just, they ran out of basically [Alan chuckles.] people to sell them to and that was the end of it.


They all knew what was coming but they wanted to make a killing in the process. And then they were bailed out.  [Alan laughing.]  We bailed out the psychopathic crooks that did it all.  Isn't that astonishing? Then before the year was out, they were giving themselves pay raises and publishing it just to slap you in the face.  And folks still vote for governments who permit this and allow it? And then give your tax money to them to bail them out?  [Alan laughing.]  


Voting, 'eh?  Voting.  As I've said before, if voting worked for the people, it would be made illegal.  Because it's not meant, it's not meant that you ever win, you see.  


And yet, the talks I gave years and years ago are still as valid today because nothing's happening really today that I didn't talk about years ago. Including the vaccinations and basically the immunity passport, or vaccine passport.  All of these things I talked about way back, even as far back as the 90s, late 90s.  And it's all coming out, you see.  Because they keep telling you what they're going to do, it's just that you don't want to believe them. You can't… you say, oh come on, that's science-fiction. Well, here you are.  [Alan chuckles.]  You're in science-fiction. You're in it. You truly are in it. You're in science-fiction and you don't know it.


This is the astonishing thing, a lot of people who've been following what's really happening in the world, for years, they're not, they're not numerous believe you me, but a lot, there's a lot of people across the whole globe, that makes it a lot, you see, even if it's a minority, who've been watching this their entire lives. And they know something, we all found out, you can tell people what you know and they kind of laugh at you, oh no, that could never happen.  But you've all seen when things do happen that you warned them about, they never come up and say they were wrong and you were right.  They never do that, do they?


They just adapt into it as though it was quite natural.  They adapt into it. It's like they don't want to talk about it, as they're adapting. But the never say that they were wrong, and you were right. And then you tell them the next thing. The same thing will happen again and again and again. Most folk want to go into, they choose to go into denial. And that is a choice.  And more fearful people will definitely go into denial quicker than other people, you see.


Because that's… They are afraid of things.  They are afraid. And to come to the understanding that there are people in this world that really don't have your best interests at heart, that you think are there in those positions to sort of look after you, well, where did you get that idea from? Who trained you to believe that?


That governments and so on, they're all there to protect you and help you? Is that really?  No, are you a child in socialism or something?  Where it's all done for you, don't worry about it, we'll do all the thinking for you. And that's what it comes down to, their thinking, your thinking is done for you.  You abdicate your ability to choose for yourself what you want to do and think and how you want to behave, what you want to believe. I'll leave it to the experts to tell me what... 


Didn't Fauci say that?  He told the people to stop trying to analyze the science for themselves and just do what they're told.  This is your new system, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]


I said it so many times, even years ago, I said stuff that comes out into the newspapers even now as they expose things, but it’s stuff I talked about years and years ago.  And a lot of folk definitely use the archives. A lot of folk churned books out from my archives.  Because all the information is there, you see, in the talks and the links and everything else. But they never mention really were they get it. Except the fact I can tell by the wording where they get it from, it's my talks and so on.


But you're living in astonishing times really. And it's supposed to be the end of the old type of human, the old man, you might say.  The old man that, he's born into a world, that he's taught is pretty unpredictable, but predictable to some extent, hm, where you somehow managed to find your niche in it somewhere. Even if you don't like where you are, you get some get of niche for some kind of income, 'eh.  It's precarious and times and all that, absolutely.  Because you don't have control of the external world. And your governments make sure that you don't. They want you always off balance, hm.  Because it's harder to get folk to comply to your wishes and desires and orders if they are happy.


And content. Contentment mustn't happen. That's a real taboo. Because you don't want to move. You're too happy chewing the cud in your own field, you don't want to move to the next field according to the wishes of the farmer.  So, you've always got to be on edge, and you're ready to move, you see, and do what you're told. 


What I'm telling you is taught; it's taught in behaviorist courses of how we are managed. They get taught this and they get trained in it. And the higher up the ladder they go, they get into higher schools of learning. Because University is the lower level, that's the third level, at the bottom.  There are levels above them. There’re always three levels of everything. Even medicine. And all sciences too, three levels of it.


And that goes way back into the so-called old Rosicrucian days, you know, from France and elsewhere, where they spread rather quickly into 'the underground stream'. They used to talk about this. Because they always talk about alchemy, alchemy. But alchemy really was a front for much of what the scientists of their day were up to.  They would use the magic, oh, and their little terminology, turning base metals into gold. Which is humans and the human body, you know, you, the person, the complete you into gold, a peasant from the street into gold, by transforming you and enlightening you, etc. up through the mysteries.


But behind all of that was also the real physical sciences of the day.  Most of the scientists at the time, you had some like medicine, medicine is often an offshoot with its pharmacology from basically just mistakes or just bumping along as time goes on, and this might work for something, it might not, it might kill you, this medicine. That's how it really developed for a long time. 


But also, the scientists of the day were right into explosives. Because they can always get tremendous money from governments for improving firearms and cannons and things like that. And eventually World War I they came out with their poison gases and everything too and they expanded it all. And had tremendous explosives back then as well. 


You find way back, again in the 17th century, some of these alchemists talk about that, in the underground stream as they say, where knowledge was never to be passed on to the... to Joe blow in the street, or even to anybody above that, the nobility even.  It was to be maybe hinted at to nobility or kings and queens so they could bring you in to employ you.  You give them always the possibility to make them, give them more powerful weaponry, which is a big, big thing if you want to control the knowledge not only of your own nation, but other nations too.  Some of the alchemists talked about it. They said, they talked about that in the initiations and so on, that had been found over the 20th century, some of them, these old writings and manuscripts where they talked about keeping the secrets of, it wasn't turning humans into gold. It was turning various chemicals into high explosives, [Alan chuckles.]  some of them at least.  Because power always wants weaponry. 


Even today of course they talk about the country that has the most superior weaponry generally will win wars. If they're fighting people with inferior weaponry.  And we unfortunately had lived through a time of tremendous, accelerated change in science so the weapons, the weaponry really from the 20th century, into the 20th century right to the present time, is changing so quickly and so fast, and so expensive as well, that we're always in perpetual debt. Just even without the wars, never mind them tacked on top.


And we don't have wars now, we have peacekeeping missions, you see, that's why we go and bomb places, to keep the peace.  Everything is in flux, including all reality, during a war. Now, when you go back into the Phoenician days, and it was quite fantastic to read the weaponry they had then as they fought on the sea with their ships. And yeah, they'd ram each other, they had ramming ships and so on.  They had the decks, the prows and so on heavily fortified to cut into the timbers of other ships you could ram. They all pretty had them, all the warships did. But they also had bows and arrows, and they were firing arrows too.


But you also had Phoenician type fire where they could lob these fiery balls made of pitch and different chemicals added to it.  They could hit other ships and if you try putting out the fire with water it would spread to make it worse.  So again, they won a lot of battles for an awful long time using that technique with that kind of secret weapon of theirs and the chemical compounds that they used. 


The same thing happened with the Normans.  I mean, we forget the past, how much tax money, because everything comes from the peasants, in all ages, one way or another. Even labor is just, even labor itself is an energy, which is a tax, you see. You tax yourself, that's what you mean when you're expending energy and you're sweating, you're taxing yourself. And if they can get it off you with coin, they make sure you sweat a lot.


But you look at the Norman invasion into Britain. They took months and months, almost a few years actually, building up prefabricated forts which they could assemble once they got across the channel into England. You have no idea how the planning and the details that went into all of that and the work and the carpentry and all the rest of it. They literally towed these things over and set them up very quickly, piece by piece, like jigsaw puzzles, all prefabricated.  You talk about, they weren't primitive, but we always have an idea they are some, they're kind of primitive. But no, no.


They had the same brains, folks.  Maybe even better brains than we have. I think we've been heavily damaged by specific means, from early childhood perhaps. But anyway, yeah, they had tremendous abilities. And are far, I think, physically superior too, definitely, what they could go through.  And the seasons and climates they could go through too, much better than we do today. 


But that's what they did with the Norman invasion. Then of course they had, you'll see these old castles, the really old ones. And they have the towers that are often square towers, you see. Because they didn't have cannon at that time. So, they could withstand big, hurled stones kind of flung by the big catapults that they used. But they didn't have cannon with high velocity they could ram through the walls. So, they eventually, you'll see the changes later on with the round towers that could withstand impacts from cannonballs and so on.


Always, you know, so conquerors are always developing better weaponry.  And applying it.  And paying for it and applying for it.  So the old, again, those guys who were, whose mission in life was to get awfully rich, and hold power over kings and queens, and that's how they phrased it in their own writings by the way, was that, eventually that kings and queens would see them as equals basically, maybe even more so, because they could keep all countries afloat with superior weaponry, regardless of how much or how little kings and queens had financial wise, they have no power, it would lay in science in the future. That's where we are today.


That's why Bertrand Russell and others of course talked about The Impact of Science on Society.  He went through it too, and that's where he said as well that, he wrote a couple of books on science. But he did say that there would be a tyranny, and he said, he would much prefer it and he'd be all for it if it was a scientific tyranny. He said that it would be terrible for the people.  It would be ruthless, absolutely ruthless. That's what he said, ruthless, but he'd much prefer if it was a scientific one.


Well, this is what this is you're living through under the guise of science fighting an unseen enemy, that's got very little chance of damaging you apparently, the actual thing itself, but the remedy for it might damage you much quicker and worse and so on. And we all know what that's about. But you’re not allowed to talk about it because we live in such a free society today, 'eh. 


We're living through all the book burnings. Look how many sites got scrubbed off the Internet, and apparently lots and lots off Twitter. Anybody who says anything is scrubbed. That's the equivalent of book burning, you see. I hope you understand, this is real, this is how, what's really happening. You’re under tyranny, the tyranny that Russell talked about. The tyranny that Fauci says, you should just obey and don't think about it and just accept what they tell you and do what you're told.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Yeah. Quite amazing, 'eh?  You're here. It's here. And that's the terror part for the public, they can't believe it's really, as it's happening, they don't know what to do, they are in terror and fear. And they keep tuning in every day to get a daily dose of updated terror. And they do get it. And they're petrified with it, with the massive hyped-up announcements by newscasters, that obviously are deliberately creating the anxiety, even with the tone in their voice and the speed and rapidity of their speech.


It's so odd. I gave a talk, they've got to get you stampeding, which is unsure of anything anymore until you just do what you're told and blindly follow the points of fingers, go here, go there, do this, do that. Just run and do it. Do it. Don't think.  That's stampeding them.  I said years ago that's what you do once you get the herd going. They don't want to move from the field they're in, if it's a nice sunny day. And the grass is good. And the flies aren't too bothersome. And it's pleasant. So, it's hard to get them just moving along, they resist it. But if you can get them terrified and you get them moving, and exacerbate the terror, the cattle, you can see the wide eyes as they just run like crazy.  You know. And the guys at the head of the cattle can direct them where to go and so on quite easily then. 


Blind terror, 'eh.  That's what you do with the public too. And that's taught in behaviorist courses, how to manipulate people through human behavior and using natural techniques, or the techniques upon natural behaviors, you amplify and exacerbate the behaviors by using terror.  And your taxpayers all pay for it all. To be terrorized.  As you move into the next phase of, from the old man to the new man, the docile chemicalized pincushion.


Really, you belong to the state. And the state is not what you think it is. It's some kind of a science-fiction type state where governments just mandate orders to you, and you obey them. But they do it on behalf of sciences and the corporations way above. The corporations in the World Economic Forum are quite blatant now that they run the world. 


And they do to an extent. At least most of them do. They're all part of it.  Carol Quigley, Professor Quigley talked about this, this phase.  He says, the new world order, which they would bring in, would be a form of feudal, a new feudal system he says, the CEOs of big international corporations, the big powerbrokers, would be the new feudal overlords.


You've been watching it your whole life actually with all the globalized meetings that they had and G7s, G8s, and all the rest of it, and the big international meetings to do with globalization and free trade agreements.  That were all the rage through the 2000s onwards, even leading up to 2000 and then afterwards.  They'd have them in Canada and the State in different places, these big global meetings. They had opposition from students at the time. They brought the students leaders all on board with the organization, gave them paychecks, that's why they don't complain about them now. For those who wonder why it's not happening now, yeah, they did, they brought them into the meetings, and give them paychecks for the leaders.  So, everything's managed quite well now.


You live through things; most folk don't understand what they're living through. Or they don't want to remember if it's unpleasant. And it is true, certain things in your memory, you'll block it out if they're unpleasant. Again, behaviorists know it, psychologists know it, psychiatry, they all know it, the same kind of thing, this kind of thing, that you can try to blot out bad times.  Even in your own life you'll block them out if something's happened to you or even you to others. 


You'll find that with troops now, the soldiers. They have the same kind of thing with the different stress disorders they come out with, posttraumatic stress disorders and so on. Because they themselves did tremendous, horrible things, especially in the Gulf War, the first one and then… It never really ended, the Gulf War. It went straight, I mean you had 10 years of flyovers and then into the next phase. And 2001 came along and you just resumed it full force then. 


But yeah, you can't go around the world blowing folk up and killing them all.  I mean, you can't just put them back into civvy street. They know this too. And they have all kinds of medications to try and blot out and flatten the emotional responses. And that's what it does, it flattens your responses to things.  So, you don’t sit and dwell on it. But for quite a few years we had troops even in Canada driving there, come out of the military and then driving their vehicles into, even the office buildings and things like that. Especially recruiting buildings.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Because they didn't know how to even express what was pent up inside of them. And how could you, 'eh?  How could you express what was pent up inside you? You were sent to countries that you're invading; they're not invading you.  And then you're going, you’re running around ramming through folks’ homes, where they live. Their homes in their country where they live, and you're putting down doors and all the rest of it.  And you're maybe killing a few here and there too.  And how are you going to eventually bring yourself... 


When the trappings of the military, because the military is a state of mind when you're in it. And it IS a state of mind when you're in it.  You, if you are a male, you'll fall into it very quickly, the state of mind is pre-, it's made for you already, a one-size-fits-all and you'll fall into it quite easily. You have your comradery and all the rest of it and your banter and so on.  But eventually you have to, once the trappings wear off and you leave, it's gone. It's like a shell around you that's suddenly gone and then you're on your own. And now you're alone with all your memories of things that happened.  And perhaps things that you participated in.


Yep, so they use all these drugs, etc., etc. Never mind the fact your governments came out back in the 90s in fact with articles, I actually read them then, late in the late 90s I read some on some of the talks I was on.  Because the US especially, they were afraid of the amount of people in the military coming back.  They found out from the Vietnam era too. They were well trained. They were hardened. Meaning they knew how to kill, and they had killed. And the government with all of its agendas and plans, in the 90s, that's why the militias formed inside the US at the time. Something stank and they all knew it. Everybody knew something was wrong, something was coming. And it wasn't…


They knew the system wanted to keep changing their way of life inside the US.  And these weren't rich people.  These were pretty ordinary people, guys from the military.  But they weren't going to take any nonsense if their lifestyle was going to be wiped out by people way above them that they didn't even vote for. That's what it was really all about, that's why all these things formed in the 90s, to try to maintain their rights, you see, their rights. Because they knew that the governments wanted to strip away the system of having rights, to bring in a new system.  It was evident back in the 90s. 


They were afraid that folk coming back from the militaries, the campaigns, you know, just like they did in the Vietnam area, these guys wouldn't stand nonsense from anybody, a lot of them. That's why they had to slow it down a bit on the big changes that were to happen inside the US.  But since, you know, since 2001 they went on a roll and they heavily, heavily medicate the troops while they're in the military now. 


They have lots of articles in the press and the science magazines over the years about 'the chemical soldier' and how they could literally chemicalize, make them part of the pharmacological soldier, all drugs to give them extra strength, drugs to keep them awake for days and nights at a time, and drugs to wake them up. Drugs to give them this, that and the other. And drugs even to stop him feeling pain if he was hit and so on. And to keep him moving. Not so he could relax and get better, but so he could keep going to his target and at least accomplish a mission.  That's old stuff of course.  Then of course the cyber warrior, and part cyborg, etc. was to be part of it down the road.


But during that whole phase it was drugs mainly. They got troops addicted to all kinds of drugs you'd never imagine.  Only a few months ago I read some articles about the US military bases, and Canada is the same, where the drugs on them were phenomenal. You just don't take these guys, and fighters get permitted, and the doctors were prescribing all kinds of drugs on the bases kind of without, with impunity basically, as to how it affected the people.  You're a disposable item in the military. As long as they can use you to do whatever they want you to do, for a while, that's your purpose and that's it. The aftereffects really and the destruction of your mind or body is just tough cheese. 


But there you go.  So, we're living in amazing times as I say, and the people think that it all just happens by itself. Because that's how the media presents it. Things just happen. The coincidence theory, you know, that's the coincidence theory of existence, you know, it's all coincidence, it's always coincidence, you see.


I mean, it's like it's coincidence that Bonaparte at one time invading other countries and trying to take over Europe and so on. That's just coincidence, you know, just one of these things. Until you dig into the history books and you find out about his financing and where he was getting it from, and the countries that he even invaded and raided their vaults for gold and all that too.  Or that he left a good, most of his troops actually he brought them into Egypt, and he escaped and left most of them there to get slaughtered.  A good psychopath, you know.


Because to be a psychopath you're very successful. Because you don't reflect. They wouldn’t need drugs to make them forget things. They just don't, it doesn't bother them at all.  That's the difference with psychopaths, you see. They don't need pills to make them sleep or to make them forget anything. No.


So yeah, your biggest problem now, I'd say, like I said back in 2001 on the night I think of the towers going down, I said the hardest thing now will be to hold onto your sanity. Because I knew all the changes that were to get rammed through. I had been reading them for years, what they had planned and so on and they needed the big 'Pearl Harbor event' to bring it out to fruition as an excuse and implement it all.  And under martial law, which of course you had initially with 2001, everybody lost their rights. Not just in the US, but just coincidentally again, a coincidence theory, across a good part of the world. Britain and all the British Commonwealth countries in unison all lost their rights for privacy at the same time, because of something that happened in New York City.


All predetermined of course, preplanned, and so you could never have rights again of privacy. For safety's sake, you understand. You used to think you had more safety by being private and having privacy. But not now. No, no. Your government can't have that. Because you might be a terrorist, you just don't know it. You haven't woken up one morning and said that you're a terrorist. It's something that happens to you, like a religious conversion apparently.  And you'll be the last to know it. You might just say one day, I'm not going to go along with this anymore.  Hmmm.  And that's all it takes, you're in the slammer.  [Alan chuckles.]   That will be Fauci's answer to that little statement, you know, when he says, just do what you're told.  M-hm.


He did through an interview, he actually said that, you know, on an actual live interview he was asked about, it was mentioned to him that folk weren't so willing to comply with everything. And he says, well Americans, he says, they're so used to having their freedoms and rights and so on, and he says, maybe it's time that they just stop thinking about that and did what they were told. That's what he said.


Folk hear these things and you're... You're used to seeing all these old movies of Adolf Hitler and things like that. That's what they always show you.  They always show you; you think of people that wear uniforms, or Stalin, you know.  But no, these are people in suits and ties with fancy titles, and they speak quite candidly. It's just that you don't believe what they're telling you. Because you wouldn't say that to the public. You listen to them and, he didn't really mean what he said.  [Alan laughing.]  We make excuses for them, 'eh? 


The greatest tyrants in history don't wear and never did wear uniforms. The worst tyrants in history always wore the establishment of governments, their robes and toga and all the rest of it. That's what they wear, suits and ties, business suits. And they're well-versed, at least some of them are well-versed, the people who are put forward are sometimes better speakers. Mind you, they have good scriptwriters. I don't think any of them speak off-the-cuff anymore. For years they've had speechwriters that right everything for them. They're really puppets. Well-paid puppets, front people. All parties are the same.


People, I can remember giving the talk about this whole idea of politics again in the late 90s and I talked about the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel, the analogy about it all, was the system, that's what it is, you see, is the system based on money, that everything that must go to the holders of money, who get the claim to make it magically, and from government.  So it didn't matter if you got elected, you see, they always have to go cap-in-hand, same in Canada to the Bank of Canada, that's really an office where they agree to borrow money from other international lenders. That's what it is today, the Bank of Canada, they decide upon interest rates and things like that to pay back debts that the government borrows from international lenders.


So, the international lenders have far more power than leaders of governments. Governments must go and ask to borrow money.  Because they are always overspending from the money they're taking in. You're still paying off interests from previous years. When they say you've got a balanced budget, it means you've worked out, which is never fulfilled by the way, but they worked out some plan to pay off the interest on the loans. Not the loans themselves, the principal, but the actual interest on them. That's what they mean by that. What a racket. And you think this is all real.  M-m-m.


And you vote in governments that are quite happy with that agreement, 'eh?  Because they're in on the nod and the wink and you're not.  Quite amazing really. Or again as Charles Galton Darwin said, there's always been slavery in some form or another and I don't see why there should ever not be, basically.  M-hm.  And folk vote for this system?


So, the Tower of Babel, I said even years ago back in the 90s, I says, this tower is held together through crisis after crisis with superglue and duct tape and Band-Aids and scotch tapes and all kinds of things trying to hold it together.  It's been broken so many times from catastrophes and bank collapses and rip-offs and wars and all the cons that come down the pike, and the inflation and hyperinflation.  And we still keep blasting all these plaster of Paris on like it's... like a kind of splint to try to keep the darn thing together as it sways in the wind.  [Alan laughing.]   


And they try to tell you this is the best system they could ever devise.  Listen, it wouldn't matter, it wouldn't matter if God himself came down and says here's a new system, and gave you a perfect one, before a year was out the conmen would've taken it all over already. It would still look the same, and you hear the same rhetoric, but you wouldn't realize that they were all ready to change it all to suit themselves. That's the reality of the planet here. It's utterly crooked and corrupt. 


How come your governments can spend trillions, almost every quarter now, on Covid supposedly when they were broke before, they had nothing?  Hm?  Or when war comes along, like 9/11, and suddenly the US, they said they were finding millions of dollars, like, where they hadn't looked before, you know. What’d they mean? What are they talking about, can find it here and find millions, and billions even hey, of dollars just... mmmm?  I guess they must find it in Congress, all that money falls out of their pockets or something as they sit back in their seats there and have a snooze.


Britain is exactly the same.  They always find it. It's made of nothing, remember.  But the ones who lend the nothings to you, who have the right legally, they've given themselves the right legally to lend you nothings. You must believe it's something.  They don't ship big tons of gold anywhere now, you see. It's just blips on your screen. How many blips do you want in there? Oh, I'll have X amount of blips. So, they just punch into the government screen and that's your, it's topped up again like a credit card, you know, or a debit card.


But that's how it works. That's how much of a con it is. No one… Who's taking… Who is there on behalf of the public to see if anything is real or valid?  or bona fide? Is there anybody watching this?  On behalf...  Of course, there's not.  You take their word for it. The government just borrowed another 3 trillion today to dish out to Wall Street or, you know, or The City as they say in London, you know, in England.  And so on. Money just disappears.


And they're paying newspapers, because they're all on board with the agenda, all the newspapers. No one buys these things or pays for the subscriptions anymore.  Where do you think they've been, who do you think has been keeping them afloat for years? Your tax money has been. That's why they're completely all on board with it. They do what they're, they'll put out all the horror campaign that the government demands they put out on the public.  Terror, terror, terror.  And they do it quite willingly and happily.


This is a new system but it's, and again it's a revolution, but it's the elites' revolution, from their old revolution to the next part of the revolution.  The old one was incredible really, the 20th century was astonishing, what they accomplished in the 20th century with social change.  All the things that, as I said, Huxley talked about and others talked about, HG Wells before that talks about it even, with the scientific tyranny coming in to manage the system. 


It also would mean massive social changes.  The end of the family unit was always paramount in communism and in socialism in Britain and by the big multibillionaires who ran Britain. The end of the family unit. Bring in a new system. You can shape humanity, because they're just animals, you can shape them into any kind of system that you want them to behave in.


You had the burgeoning sciences of zoology, you know. HG Wells' son, he sent him off not to be a psychologists or behaviorist, but...  well, behaviorists to an extent but by studying animals, zoology. What you can do to animals and their little systems of existence and coexistence and so on in the animal kingdom, what works on them, you can actually, especially with a higher primate, you can actually start using them on humanity. That's what they do.  That's why it's so well studied.


That's why he could, with the movie, well, a book called Brave New World in the 1930s, 1933 was it.  And I would say, yeah, a new system would come in where you'd all live in a super city, and you would be bred specifically from tubes and you wouldn't have natural intercourse with male and female. You would have sperm and ovum and you would create them, and manipulate the genes and create the perfect humans, basically in test tubes as we'd say today, and then raise them for their functions to serve the city.


So, you would have a happy kind of civil servant society where everybody worked for the city in some way or another. You'd all be made to be happy, because you have your grading. Your happiness level technically came with your IQ level, from your alphas and alpha plus at the top all the way down to different classes, you might say, of workers. You might have some problems with the ones at the bottom who did the manual labor, with repetitive boring manual labor, occasional breakdown with them. But you could deal with them all from the top to the bottom with Soma, the drug that would just make them all kind of content or stoned or happy, you see.


And no one could, everyone must have sex with different partners every other night. It was taboo to have it with the same partner more than once a week I think it was. Everybody was spied upon for that reason, to make sure that relationships wouldn't really form from a sexual bond into a more mating type bond, you see, like a permanent bond, so you had to… The old idea of separating the sexual urge from a bond, an actual cohesive bond that would bring up a family had to be destroyed. The behaviorists of the early 20th century new that was going to be their agenda too.


You see, it's to do with systems, you don't realize you're living in a system, and the system still has a lot of familiarity, the remnants of it, and the mid-20th century was still stronger than it is now, before they gave you the sexual revolution where they promoted promiscuity.  But up until I'd say World War II you still had this idea of man, woman and child, you see. And that kept the population going.


Well, number one they wanted to reduce the population.  They said that there weren't enough people killed by World War I and II at the meeting that they had in England in London during World War II, they said they had not killed enough people yet. And I'm not kidding about that. They're always Malthusians at heart, the royalty of Britain.


So, they came up with the idea to reduce the population. But up until then you still had the same kind of system, that the man and the woman, eventually the woman, get them both into the workplace, then you can double the tax base and take the taxes from them. Then eventually you could promote child support or assistance by daycare, etc. for the mother so she can get out to university or work or whatever. Then you could bring in a system completely where you wouldn't need the man or the husband because you would support the woman financially through university, and into the workplace, by placing them into the workplace.  So, they'd eventually do away with the family altogether.


That was all the rage. Again, you also had the same thing in parts of the, even the ones they brought out of the Soviet Union into other parts of the world, where you had them reared by, huh, by really the, they might call it a cult if you want to call it a cult. Because they tried through experimentation, as Bertrand Russell talked about, where the community would bring up the children and they wouldn't know their parents. That was the ideal system.   But eventually, as he said himself, we now find with intensive scientific indoctrination of the child at school, then the parents can continue to support and pay for the child economically, at home, so the state wouldn't have to do it, but the state would be able with the scientific techniques that they knew worked back then, so the parents input to the child couldn't contaminate the thinking of the child, the child wouldn't listen to them at all.  And that's been awfully successful.


You don't really realize what you've lived through, unless you read what was happening at the time. All managed. Most folk don't even know most of their life has been managed in one way or another.  The fads that you jump onto are all created for you. The sexual revolution was. It was a must-be revolution to try to end this idea of bonding, the bonding that comes through from not having different partners. The same, if you had the same partner, then it's in a system where there's very little promiscuity, then bonding occurs, and the pair then raise children.  They want to totally eliminate that and separate the sexual side of it from the actual bonding side of it. Very successful eventually. Until you have chaos in society.  But that doesn't matter, they have psychiatrists and psychologists to deal with the chaos.  And the abortion clinics too.  And STD clinics.  Now they call them social diseases. There's nothing social about it.  [Alan chuckles.]   


But yeah, it's just astonishing how it's all catered to and planned in advance. And each generation falls into what's, whatever's designed for them without thinking. They don't really think too deeply from the age of maybe 15 up until, I don't know, sometimes 25 to 30. They really don't.  Because yeah, your hormones are going to be jumping and when they give you an outlet you're going to jump forward and go for it.  And you can create chaos in your life along the way of course. A lot of folk certainly did.  But it achieved its goal until very few folk can stay together for very long at all now.


HG Wells said this too, the more partners we could have, this is about 1910 he said this.  He said the more partners that a woman, he said, get them into the workplace, he says, they'll have more time with other men at work than they are with their husbands at night when they come home. Which is true.  They might only see their husband maybe two hours at night when they come home from work but during the day they’re meeting, and he says, affairs will happen and that will be the end of marriage. You see, he talked about this.


He wasn't the only person in the Fabian Society that talked about this.  And the Fabian Society was just one of the wings of the Royal... the Milner group really.  You always have to run all sides of things to produce the outcome you want.  So, you've got to understand what's happened to you to bring you to where you were, and where we are going now in fact. 


I've said this too, that in every generation there's a small number, small is the word, across the world, in all cultures, who instinctively know that so much is just wrong. Just wrong. Basically wrong. And they do question very early on, how come the system you're in was created, who created it and how did it evolve into where it is now? Because it had to be helped along the way. The rulers never let anything happen in a society, and Plato talked about this, unless they authorize it from the top and planned it.  Hm?  Or you lose control of your system if it started to change at the bottom without your permission or guidance.


And some people always in every generation understand this. And they can't communicate to others who think, again, because most folk think it's all quite normal, regardless of how it is. But the few, as I say, know instinctively there's something wrong.  They often go looking for it too.  The more knowledge they acquire, the more they can be depressed, some of them, because their brains tend to be a bit... working overtime more than other people, and other people’s, and they have to find a way to quieten it down once in a while.


Some of them turn to drugs, by the way. Or alcohol. Try to shut their brains down a bit.  And sometimes just to fit into society. Because the average chat of the people, they can't really fit into unless they pretend, you learn to act very early.  Because you don't want to, you're not going to talk about sports all the time, like that's important. It's nonsense. Absolute nonsense.  Wells said it too, he says, we'll create arenas for people eventually where masses of people will go just like in the Roman days and spend their money. That will be an outlet for the men especially where they could vicariously have big battles in the field through other members of the team. That's what it is, a vicarious sport, you see. 


All planned that way by others long before you were born.  The TV came along, and it was used as a weapon from right on, very early on.  Things were much cleaner back then, mind you, but still used as a weapon to...  Even as a babysitter for the children.  And of course, who's sitting watching what the children are watching?  It's turned on as a babysitter and the mum or whoever walks away and does something else while the child gets indoctrination. 


Then when you get into the facile stories that you get for little dramas, or even cowboy stuff and like that, silly, silly childish little stories.  But sometimes with a little moral lesson of what type of forgiveness, where they shouldn't perhaps have the type of forgiveness they're trying to get you to forgive.  You're always getting downloaded and updated with your PC, with your political correctness bit by bit through fiction, which is the main way to do it of course, that's the main way to do it.


I remember watching years ago, it was a, it was in Canada, it was the Phil Donahue show.  So slickly done. Later on, the ones who took over were Oprah's ones who took over, Dr. Phil and things like that.  But I used to watch the end of the show where you have about five minutes of scroll down of people involved in the making of that one hour. Which is really about 40 minutes, 45 minutes at most if you took away the ads. 


But you saw this, five minutes of names and producers and sub producers, and tracers and contacts.  Because if they select the people from the audiences, they know the, they've got the personality profiles of the folk they want to invite for that particular audience for that particular day for that particular subject. So, they know who's who, who to pick and who will be for this or against it and so on. That's what they do. 


But then you also saw the psychologists and the behaviorists involved in it as well as they put the whole thing together. So slickly it was done.  He was starting the show off, as an example, and he says, so he shows you these three or four women on stools sitting in there, in front of the audience, and says this is so-and-so and so-and-so and this is so-and-so from, they give their names and where they're from. And the audience, you know, clapping away politely.  Then he said, these women are madams for brothels.  Hhhhhhhhhh!  Silence, you see.  Before 20 minutes was gone, he slickly brought them around with personal stories of how they got into it, to support themselves or children and stuff like that.  And then, by the end of the 45 minutes they had the whole audience, mainly women, cheering them on for doing service to the community, providing service to the communities. It was so slickly done step-by-step by step. And that was just one show.


It's done over and over with every other kind of show. All to alter your perceptions and your thoughts by using emotions. All delivered in sequence, the right time, the right spot, to the next step, to the next step, to the next step. And they're played like seals clapping in a circus with their, you know, flippers.  And they don't, you are the last to know it, you see.  They all think they have come to the decision to like these women themselves. They don't know them.  And that's how it is.


Now at the time that happened I remembered one old episode of Gunsmoke.  It was similar, you know, because I thought, the Gunsmoke, the sheriff, the Marshall, I think he was the sheriff of the town. He was supposed to be the hero guy, the guy who had an answer for everything, calm and all that.  But he is, from all his sheriffing and lawmaking and all that, the woman he was, the only women he was ever with was the madam who owned the local hotel and she was… it was a whore house.  But because he was a mature kind of guy, and obviously she had to be something similar to him, and so she was okay too. 


That's how you alter culture, just through… And of course, you'd say, well there was… But you don't want to dislike or hate them or anything like that. But the fact is, that's how easy it is to create your opinions.  Without you experiencing the realities of any of the stuff yourself. Oh well, you know.  And it happens with all the things, all your updates you've been conditioned with without you even knowing it, folks.


Then right down to the voting. I've never seen such hysteria, for years, over voting.  Now, there's no doubt about it, if anything, IF anything was real at all about the voting system, your masters decided that Trump is not to get in again regardless.  Right?  It wasn't because the public had enough, it's because the Masters had had enough. He wasn't supposed to get in the first time, I think.


They let him in initially, they accepted it initially hoping that he would, which he did, he was surrounding himself with neocons for the war and the war hawks, right, to continue the wars. If he would've continued them like Obama, they would've been quite happy, he would've been a great guy and they would have lauded him. He could have finished off Syria and all the other, all the other countries around there that had to be eliminated that were on the list of the PNAC group.  But he didn't, you see.


That was his downfall. If he had done that his masters would've raised him up and he could have done anything else he wanted to do, and goofed along, it would've made no difference to them.  But it was decided that they were not going to have him again. Even after they'd let loose, one year, you have the Covid thing coming loose supposedly from China.  Total lockdown.  Total ending of all your economies, which fits right in with the agenda for the 21st century, the 2015, 2030, etc., the 2045. That's how they work it out, you see, stages of the agenda for the whole century, of where things must be accomplished.  You know, 2010, the end of the combustion engine, internal combustion engine, as far as they're concerned, the Masters that have decided they rule the world, hm.


But again, you had that, and you had Covid to force through all the things that had been put on hold with the climate change agreement. Because they were using the climate change to bring all these sustainability agendas through, depopulation.  Drop the population.  Increasing the cost of all energies until you start getting sick and so on.  You can't get heating, rationing of energy.  Then reducing work. What a great way to do it, stop folk from working, earning money and then you end up, you have starvation, you can't afford to buy stuff.  You can't, no one's going to grow it.  They managed it all.


Again, the end of meat production for the masses. Not for the elite but for the masses.  Same kind of thing again, you see, and they close down lots of meat packing plants across Canada and elsewhere.  That's sustainability. All done in one fell swoop, hm?  Covid, sustainability, collapse the economy because of Covid supposedly, of the reactions to Covid, you know, unemployment, everybody's looking for a handout from the government. Which is communism, 'eh?  Everybody works for, that's what they said in the Soviet Union, everybody works for the state, or the government, so you pretend to work for the government and the government pretends to pay you. Because it's worth nothing as they devalue the currency.


And then they tell you, this whole thing, from the beginning when Fauci was given his orders back in about the end of February / March, he certainly was on board with all agenda.  Oh, a total…  oh, yeah, we got to wear masks, when he said it wasn't necessary before, and do what you're told and the whole bit. Because he's part of the deep state. Of course, he is. This guy has top CIA clearance, for goodness sake. He also was part of the oversight committee for the bio labs in the US, the warfare bio labs in the US. You've got have CIA clearance for all that.  He's part of the deep state, of course he is.  And of course, the level III and IV bio labs are part of the deep state that MAKES the diseases for warfare purposes under the pretext of making them in case they were to evolve to the stage by themselves, we're ready. You going to believe all this nonsense, 'eh? 


So, you've got to really remember, folks, you're living through an amazing agenda. It's precisely written in stages, which they won't give to you, but everything that's going to happen, this year too, is going to be put into different timetable parts like so many months for this, so many months to achieve that, so many months for that. And the whole timetable itself will be over a span of maybe 5 to 10 years to achieve so much of the things, where they feel they are behind on for the agenda for the 21st century.  It's a timetable of things that must be accomplished in this 100 years. In stages.  Not that it all suddenly happens at the end of it. It's all cut up through parts of the century, as I say, 2015, 2030, 2045 and so on. That's how it's done.  It's all really fragmented up into different parts, where certain things must be accomplished. And implemented.


You don't get any say in it at all. So why do you bother voting for anything, when you have no say in the big things that matter? for the future and your future?  Why do you keep voting? 


And getting back to the voting with Trump, of course lots of folks voted for him that would never have voted for him before, they just had a year of Black Lives Matter burning, sorry, demonstrating.  And you also had Antifa doing the same kind of things as well.  And allowed to do it. Which tells you the deep state had given permission for it all to happen. If the deep state didn't want it, they would've never allowed it to happen.  The deep state gave the orders obviously for it to happen. 


They had all the right mayors in place to be part of it too, to give the impression of an overthrow. But the new system it is not to be even be, don't you understand, it's not supposed to have any democracy in it. Antifa is communist. So is BLM.  It's not democratic. 


A world run by experts, that's what the Soviet Union was supposed to be. But the best people would be running the country, and often in different areas of management of the population, human affairs, experts, scientists and so on. That's the idea behind it. They never achieved it of course but that's what it was supposed to be based on. Well, you see, the US is now the super Soviet, they've taken over to accomplish the mission. 


Very cleverly done too because they used all the premises of the US revolution, the American revolution, 1776, and applied, reapplied all of what they talked about in 1776, updated it and then adapted it into the formula for the new revolution, like it's a continuous thing.  Oh, yeah, we're for the people's rights and so on, as they take all your rights away from you. It's very clever, hm, take all your rights away from you.  They even take your employment away from you. Who's going to pay for all that unemployment eventually? Have you figured that one out?  [Alan chuckles.]  When most folk are unemployed then, who's going to pay the welfare checks for the ones who are already unemployed? Never mind the people who've lost their homes and they've been burned to the ground. It doesn't matter, you see.


Because you live in an age where magicians create money. Special people they bring in, that literally have the magic touch, y'know?  It doesn't matter how bad things look, that's, they can put you at ease so quickly by, don't worry about it, they'll keep things flowing. And somehow, they do because they’re magic, magic accountants and so on. Yep.  I mean, you went to school and you were taught you were either in the red or in the black as they say. And if you are in the red, you'd be, oh my God! And no, no, no, don't be pessimistic. They teach you a new way to look at it, it's an opportunity, you know, everything that seems bad is always deemed an opportunity. Because the opportunists run the world [Alan laughing.] and if they can get more ways to fleece you, they'll do it, they'll find it very quickly and dominate you. Because you will be put down to supposedly paying it all back, even though it's all bogus.


People have to realize there is something in this world called evil.


It isn't just the cunning of some humans and psychopaths.  You're talking about a system that becomes, it goes into, it's snowballs as it goes along, and it can lead to absolute horror. Who, have talked about the horror that they can bring in when they cut back on energy consumption. That means food, folks, hm.  Protein especially. Even have it worked out how long you could go without the proteins as a general society in times of hardship, and how long before you start getting a higher mortality rate in children. The old childhood diseases would reappear, regardless of vaccines.  It's nourishment and hygiene and all the rest of it, once you start cutting those, they've talked about this with glee for years and years and years the things they would have to do to reduce the population.


Well, when you're not working, when most folk are not working, where most folk can’t get an income, where the factories and plants are all going to China anyway, by again, your politicians that you vote for, and you can make nothing for yourselves, most folk don't even know how to plant anything and grow their own food.  It's not difficult to bring in a horrific evil system rather quickly. 


They even have the way the media, the electronic media, the same ones that are put, got a reign of terror on you with their hype, a deliberate reign of terror, and they're getting paid to do it, the same media will be telling you as you're dying off and you're starving, that somehow, that hope is just around the corner and that food will come in from so-and-so eventually, blah blah blah, we're working things out. And then they'll, oh my God, no, we didn't realize there's going to be a famine over there, or a flood came in, or the weather changed, whatever it was. They can play you the same way if they bring in all the chaos. Do you understand?


They have had wargames over this, years ago. With tabletop exercises. There's nothing happens in society where they haven't done it multiple times in select groups, how to manage the population as they take you down. 


Look at all the ones just for the Covid exercises, long before they happened.  Hm?  Over and over again. Right down to how the public will react to your, what about certain bloggers, and what about certain people who won't go along? Well, you can start off by slowing them down.  Well, they get cyberwar guys in, the ones they use on enemies across the world, in countries that you are taking down to dominate and destroy it, now they use them on your own people. The US is doing it. Canada, it was in the papers here in Canada they're using the cyber warfare guys on guys like ME.


And I really mean it, I can hardly get a webpage up because of it.  And my so-called web provider, my server provider, they’re in on it too because they know they are slowing me down.  And I'm paying to get slowed down. That's beyond harassment, 'eh?  This is the stuff you were expecting in what we used to call totalitarian states. And if the Stasi had it in East Germany, they would've used it, oh, everything that's happening now, against their own people. And you're seeing it now, folks. You are under tyranny.


Listen, if truth is valid and can be proven, no one has any worry about letting the truth out to the public. But when they will not allow people to discuss anything, or put their points, or ask questions even, you’re under tyranny. When people are being banned from speaking, you're under tyranny.  That goes across the world in any system or society. That's a clue right away, folks.


You're supposed to go into big changes under the guise of Covid. Bankruptcies. National bankruptcies. Into a world system in a managed takedown of the numbers of the human population.  Step-by-step-by-step-by-step.  And you're being managed, you're at the cusp of it now going down.  And you'll be managed all the way down. That's what it's all about.


They've already brought in the idea of eugenics. You're essential to the system or you're not essential to the system. Superior, inferior. Are you getting the point here? They're getting the people to accept it, well I'm inferior because I'm not essential. Until you start saying it and believing it yourself. 


No one can tell you you're not essential. No one can tell you to stop working just to provide for yourself for your own survival. That's hell. That's tyranny. This is evil, folks.


Very simple, this is evil.


But the whole thing with the US as I say, they played the voters in the US, I mean, all sides are getting played folks. All sides. I think everybody plays their part on all sides anyway, that's what I've always said.  I'm sure more folk did vote for Trump because they didn't want to bring in a communist system; they saw taking the country into burnings and looting's and riots and so on and beatings and killings. That turned a lot of people towards Trump. But he didn't do anything about it… or he could always say, no one would cooperate with him. Who's kidding who here?


It's a show. It's always a show. They play their parts, and they play you along. And it's really sad, a lot of folk really, were really, really wanted to try and hold onto some part of the system that's now being completely overthrown. Because the system that's coming in now literally is out of science fiction, where your reality is made and remade over and over again. Almost weekly but sometimes daily in fact.  Where nothing is meant to make any sense. According to facts.


Facts must be sustainable. This fact must be provable, to be a fact.  If it's not provable it's not a fact. I’ve already said, facts don't matter when there's an agenda underway, when it's mandated from the top.


Remember folks, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can go in there if you can't find me anywhere else, because I'm on different places of people who take my talks and put them up sometimes. But for my own sites, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and list all the sites that are mine on my website, these are all my official sites.  In case you can't get me, you'll find ways to hopefully get my talks, as we all get censored and censored and censored. I've had shadow banning long before anybody else heard the term. Absolutely. No doubt about it.


Because I wasn't pushing the voting, voting, voting stuff long, long ago. I was telling the basic facts of what was to come. And I wasn't playing a game, you see. Because you'd be surprised how much opposition out there is run by the same sources that run the other side as well. You would really be surprised to get the real truth of things.  And I've noticed there's almost like, groups, almost like, monopolies sprung up now, suddenly, even this week.  It's out of the blue but there's many, many different sites with the same people on them, just sprung up brand-new, that are all being paid from the same one or two sources, all of them paid from the one or two sources.  Which makes me a bit weary of things, you know.


Because as I say, to run the world and to control everything you must always make sure you control all sides. You become the leaders for all sides. 


The used to supply what would appear to be the communist leaders in Britain for some of the trade unions. And these communist leaders attended the world meetings for the old Empire club group, you know, British Empire club. They attended the meetings; they were a part of that too. They were members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs as well. 


As Caroll Quigley said himself, he said, we have all kinds of people, tyrants, he says, dictators and fascist, communist, we don't mind. You need them, you see, to control all sides. Why wait for grassroots movement to start when you can finance into being already with trained people who are sitting in the wings waiting to go in and become your leaders. It's quite simple. These are all techniques with unlimited financing, you know.  And with unlimited financing, how can the ordinary real person stand up and get a voice? You can't do it, you know.  That's how you do these things.


So cuttingthroughthematrix.com, remember you can donate to me hopefully and send a few bucks my way. PayPal or cash or even check is okay. Money Gram still works.  Cash is fine as well. Cuttingthroughthematrix.com and hopefully I can keep on ticking through this year. We'll see how it goes. Because they're clamping down quicker and quicker, as you know.  And eventually you'll be left with the big, authorized oppositions that pretend to speak for you, as they play you.


D'you realize, when you were sitting waiting for someone to be your champion, how much time has passed, and it ends up going nowhere?  I said for years, you are your own champion. You are, YOU, each one of you, you are your own champions. You can't just sit back and wait for someone else to do everything for you. Or put your, I was astonished at how many people put the complete faith in just one person, like Donald Trump.  In a system that was already corrupt. Completely corrupt. But to the bitter end, waiting for this one person to create a miracle.  Rather than doing all the kind of things in preparation for what was to come regardless of what happened. Look at the time that was wasted, I mean, gone completely.  Hm?  Think about it.


Now remember, I gave the talks way back, I can remember when Bill Clinton and Hillary got into the White House. The first thing they did, and this was in the newspapers of the time, I kept the hardcopies, the newspapers back then of important things which would be come and gone.  You know, the memory hole does exist. So, it was a good idea to cut them out and I and other people, that's what intelligence services do across the world as well. Or they used to. They probably still do. Because yeah, there's no point down the road to say well so-and-so did this back then. Well, where's the proof?  Oh, you would show them the hard copy.  That's all you had, you see. With the Internet it's much easier to lose it all, the memory hole scrubs things all the time, as it was intended to do.  They can constantly change reality and the past. Very Orwellian indeed. 


But when Bill and Hillary got in, they ordered the FBI, the head of the FBI to bring in the files of all their main political opponents, after they got elected and Bill got in. Now, I don't understand the laws in the US but isn't there something that would stop them getting their personal files that are kept on all their opponents?  Do you understand the blackmailable ability of you getting all that kind of data?  Hm?  Never mind the fact, what kind of system is it when everybody's got a file on them in the first place?  That was then too, you see.


But it also showed you the complicity of the FBI with Bill Clinton and that so-called side of things, 'eh.  And Bill Clinton did his duty too of firing cruise missiles across the Middle East into Iraq, for years.  Before anything else was going on at that time they were exploding all parts of the desert and we used to wonder what on earth he was hitting with them and stuff like that, long before the Iraqi war was on the go.


But then when you find too when you had Bush Senior come in and he talked about, I see a new world order coming into view and all that kind of stuff, they're talking about the same things you're getting now from the WEF, a world of equality.  No, he's talking about redistribution of wealth. You understand, in the elites’ point of view they are at the top.  There are three tiers of the elites. The money ones at the top that manage all the economies and finances. The ones down below them that does all the management for all that kind of thing. Then the scientific group beneath that that runs all of us including the sociologists, behaviorists, etc. 


That's the three tiers of it.  Below that is the fourth level, that's of politicians and so on and civil servants.  So, they have all these systems already set up to manage all of us. That's really what Bush Senior was talking about, 10 years later his son gives the same speech, with the new world order coming into view and yada, yada ya.  And folks still can't figure out, then you hear it again in the World Economic Forum, the same speech basically, hm, more equitable society across the world, yada, yada ya.  So, it means down below the tiers at the top, all the rest of you, the big mass, of the masses, will be on a flat salary as they basically create their equality of poverty across the globe. That's what they mean by sustainability. That's what they mean. It's quite simple. That's it rolled up right into that, sustainability.


And just like 9/11 was their Pearl Harbor event, which they said they needed to kick off the wars and list of countries to take down with the PNAC group, well, this is what they've got now under Covid.  The sustainability program, it all has to be accomplished using Covid. And then the climate change is back on track again, what they were trying to use before, before Covid, was pure climate change for sustainability, you are the cause of the planet’s ills, all of you, so you must reducing the population. And now it's Covid as well, you see, so...  that's what they came up with.


You really don't, you've never had a free society where people represented you at all. You haven't really. No. So why would you want to keep a system that was so corrupt? And deceptive? Well, you can't. Again, again you're back to the Tower of Babel taped together with its corruption.  M-hm. 


Most folk can't handle the truth. It's very, very true, you can't… That's what I've often said, those who have to know the truth, and there are some people have to know, when it's in you, there comes a point in you, you can't stop it, you've got to know.  And it's a roller coaster, a real roller coaster. Where your mind can really open at times and information just seems to flood into you. Even when you're sleeping, I think. And it will go down to lull once in a while and it will slow down as you digest it all. And then another, like, rise again as you go up then, like a roller coaster way up again and it will flood into you.


You don't realize how much information you're soaking in. It isn't just information, it's the thoughts that leads to, when they start clicking together, you see… and suddenly you get the eureka moments and it makes sense to you and then it all becomes clear.  So much becomes clear that your own conditioning, you've all been subject to the same conditioning through schooling and so on, and even from your parents too, suddenly that all falls away and things become VERY clear as you start to see things in their simplistic honesty, and truthfulness, and you see it all quite easily.


It's quite easy to, that's when you realize that the masses of nonsense that's tossed in the way before you can see the forest, 'eh.  You can't see the forest for the trees. You've got to get rid of all those trees to see what's really there, and that’s it, it was always there, it's just it was obfuscated by all the nonsense put in between you and the truth.


A lot of work goes into trying to make sure that most folk never wake up.  But what they have planned is utterly, it's beyond, you can't even use words like ‘wicked’ anymore. Wicked just is so, so tepid, you know, it's no use.  Even ‘evil’ begins to lose its... determined flavor of nastiness, and preordained nastiness.  We don't have the vocabulary for it anymore in this day and age because it's beyond evil. It really is.


The people literally, we literally, I mean people used to sit and plan wars.  You would have top generals, they make a career out of it, and of course they would get more money in and wealth and the spoils of war and accolades and awards if they won different wars. That's way in the past. That which runs the world today is beyond that, it's way above it all.


It's not just winning the world and owning the world that's the goal for them. It's total remaking of the world. The builders, 'eh?  Complete rebuilding of everything that ever was into something that which is new. And they call it to do with the humans, they say, perfecting that which was left imperfect.  Man himself.  That's your transhumanist agenda too of course, that Julian Huxley coined the term, trans-humanism.


But he was talking about the same minority at the top who run the world, in his day. That's what he meant by it too, he says, we who are obsessed with wanting to change this world and manage this world, don't forget he wanted to literally create a world socialist system run by experts of technocracy, right.  And that's what he was talking about, that we who want to do it all, they want to go into action to change it all, where the trans-humanist, and they try to say it was like for the, like being benefactors of humankind, you see, for their own good, they don't understand what we're doing but it's for their own good. The simple creatures that they are, right.  [Alan laughing.]   That's what they mean by it too.  And Planned Parenthood, reduce the population and all the rest of it.


It's just amazing, the most EVIL characters can turn around and say they're doing you a favor. And actually, make you believe it. Because they can say it so well, you see. It's for the good of humanity that we're doing this, you know. We're trans-humanist, which is, if we were just humans and humanists with a humanist manifesto that would be one thing.  But we're trans-humanist, we are part of the ruling establishment, that own it all, you see. But we also have to, feel we must change it for the betterment of everybody, you know, for their own good.


They never ask you about that, they just do it, you see. And I think that's how all real tyrants see things in the world, it's always for the good of everybody else that they create mass slaughters and things, you know. We never say we go to war with this country to slaughter all the people, it's always to bring them enlightenment or civilization or you know, things like that. That's what we're fed anyway but the reality can be vastly different.


Understand that with the scientific, talking about getting back to the scientific war making machine, that's been on the go for a long time with the old alchemist that really had a go of real science behind the alchemy. The alchemy was a kind of a front.  But they knew they would get power by kings and queens and governments because they could supply the weaponry, the type of weaponry that could help them conquer. So therefore, they have achieved all of that.


You think about that, everything changed with the atom bomb.  I say long before that in fact with World War I where you had the Krupp's machinery on the go like a city, a weapon making, you know, just big, big guns they sold across the planet, all their weaponry. Britain did the same thing. And there's nothing more fragile in the human body when it's getting put up as a shield against what? You know, machine-gun fire from Vickers machine-gun company. 


I gave the talk years ago. You had Maxim, he made partnership with Maxim, Hiram Maxim, in Germany and they created the same heavy-duty machine-gun, that sat on wheels basically.  And belted. Water cooled. They eventually set up the company in Sweden, a neutral country during World War I, and they sold to all sides that were fighting each other. Someone eventually, in Scotland of course, went through my archives, a couple of guys at University picked up my talks on it, because no one had mentioned it up until then, and put a book out on it.  But anyway, yeah they made a fortune and of course Vickers became Lord Vickers and got lots of, you know, as they always do, get lots of money piled upon them too, and awards for being a very clever character to profit off such a conflict, which they helped to bring into being.  [Alan chuckles.]   


So that's really...  But when it came to the mass slaughter, and as I say, when you have billions of rounds fired, billions literally in the whole of World War I on all the different fronts that they had, you know.  And the artillery barrages it would have, sometimes night and day barrages, thousands of shells sometimes in that particular bombing or firing campaign, over and over and over again through the whole... All to kill what? Flesh and blood, that's so easy to smash into pieces with that kind of weaponry. It boggles the mind, you know.  It really boggles the mind. And then of course World War II comes. And then out comes atomic war at the end of it. Never mind the firebombing from the air too, over Dresden and other places as well where the oxygen was sucked out of the air to feed the fires and the people died of suffocation as well as getting roasted alive. And this is what we call civilization.


What you have to understand, with each step in that direction, for the buildup to World War I, where regiments were mowed down to the man, and sometimes in a matter of minutes with the machine guns alone and the heavy artillery. And send another one, and another one, and another one and another one and another one until you run out of them almost at the end.  And they were taking, the British Office of Statistics in Bersin [?], was taking tallies of birth throughout Britain. Because they were wondering them, if this is a long-term event, can we keep supplying the troops to get mowed down and slaughtered?  That's how precise they are, all these pen pushers. Now they have computers to work it out on, 'eh.  That's all you were.  So, then they wanted them to have children, you know. I'm telling you.


Yeah, folk have no idea what goes on.  How you're used and abused for purposes you never ever figure out, because they won't tell you. And each step is worse than the last step. As I say, World War II, atomic bomb at the end of it all, and after the firebombing and all the rest of it, and whole sections across, whole CITIES across Germany flattened, way worse in London. With the might of British, you know, power, airpower, and American airpower, Canadian airpower and everybody else who was involved in it, until it's like the surface of the moon when you look at all these old newsreels of the aftermath of it.  Campaigns to destroy whole populations, that's what it was.


And don't think that the people who are behind all this suddenly disappeared. In every generation they are growing up and taking on power and getting positions of authority, and civil service, and military organization, and those who control the military, they don't even have to serve in it, and they sit with their plans for the future wars that they're going to bring on and all the rest of it.


Things don't happen, wars don't happen, it takes years to prepare for wars.  They get worse and worse. And now they have a war upon all of you. You are the problem, they say. There's too many of you and you are the problem for the climate going all wonky, they claim it's going all wonky, which it hasn't, and you're the problem for all the Earth's problems, there's just too many of you. And they keep telling you that. And folk can't believe they're actually meaning it.


Well, these are the same people who created the firebombs in Dresden, the bombings. These are the same people who brought you the massive slaughter of World War I. World War II. And the atomic bomb. And all the rest of it. The same people, folks.  And they see, all they do is look at the tools they have at the time and how they can use it upon you to make you comply, and to achieve their objectives. You're just numbers to them.


With the same cons that are going on now with the testing for Covid, the testing, where the test themselves, by the guy who created the test said it's not to be, you can't get accurate readings from it.  So, they picked that one deliberately, that's why they picked the Covid thing. Then they try to find out if they even have the actual covid virus, they can't find it anywhere, in their writings.


A small organization in Ireland demanded from the government if they had actually isolated and have samples of the actual Covid-19 virus, through the Freedom of Information act. And they got the answer back from the top, it went through, they had put a department to look through all the records they have coming in from the scientific organizations and so on, they can’t say that they actually have a sample of the wild virus itself.


Well, if you don't have it how can you make the vaccines? But then they tell you the vaccines don't use the actual Covid virus. So, some of them tell you that, and then they'll contradict themselves and say that they do use the virus. Well, you either have it or you don't have it, which one is it? You can't get a straight answer on anything here.  You really can't.


So, facts don't really matter anymore when there's a huge agenda here. An agenda that was rehearsed on tabletop exercises, with the real players all involved over a ten-year period, over and over and over again. And they're following it like a script. 


So, with every war it gets worse than the previous wars. This is a world war that's on the go. They tell you that themselves. They said that early on in 2020, that this was a war.  It's all war terminology they use as well. We're at war with a virus and so we should bring in Emergency Powers Act, which is martial law, which again adds on from the previous one from 2001 and the loss of privacy, hey, under the Patriot Act and everything else.


So, each step they take, you end up being a peasant with no rights. And you allow it to happen.  Under common law...  This is how they make their laws by the way, is from common law.  They'll put something forward, and if you don't complain and try to overthrow whatever it is, you're trying to overthrow, it becomes law. Because you accept it by not opposing it. This is how simple it becomes the law, because you didn't object and oppose it.  You know, like really strongly.  And you have to strongly oppose anything to be noticed in this day and age.


And it's well rigged as well. You know darn well that certain groups can do what they want.  It's all from the top. It's the CIA run, and I've said this for a long time, the CIA is not what you think it is. It never was. It was not to help America. They would use America, and they have since the CIA was created to alter the rest of the world and destroy a lot of nations in the process too. And overthrow them. And have color revolutions. 


And lots of operatives and cyber warfare guys too, like the ones in Britain, the 77th Brigade, same kind of thing. The same as Canada, is using against their own people. They've used them in other countries, now they actually said in the newspapers, they're using the same characters who helped destroy other nations, against their own citizens in Canada and Britain and the States. 


Oh, thank you government, thank you very much. Do you want me to vote for you?  I don't think so. 


I hope you understand what's happening. 


But getting back to wanting the truth. I used to say, most folk can't handle the truth. They really can't handle the truth. And you can't blame them for it. It's against nature to just simply accept the facts because what's happened in the world should never have happened. It's unnatural.  To be conned and lied to for all your life, and your parents before you, with the use of sciences to try and make it all appear, even the most abnormal things appear normal.  You're trained to accept absurdities.  You're trained to give up your personal responsibility for yourself and leave it to others to do. Well, that never happens. That's why you're always in a mess waiting for the champion to ride in and do it all for you.  The lone rider, 'eh?  It doesn't happen. But most folk do give up their own responsibilities, to be, so it's done by someone else.  And it never happens for them. It never does.


Huh, the world is watching the US and they can't believe what they've been witnessing for the last year, at least, you know, even longer but at least for the last year.  It's very obvious.  A Democratic Party that would have done well under Stalin's regime.  And would have blended right in with it, with the things that are coming out of the mouths of the politicians. Never mind the mayors that have been elected, apparently elected to different places in the US as well. Complete communism.


But that's what the elite want, the world of communism. It's more efficient for them.  Rights get in the way, this idea of having rights.  This is what they, during the Cold War it's a different thing for, it's a hard thing for a lot of folk to comprehend.  This is what they said was the ideology behind promoting, I'm not kidding you, promoting promiscuity in the West. This is the lie they gave to the Westerners. And this is official stuff, you know. 


When the Soviets that are so strait-laced and solemn see how much fun we're having in the West with the rock, pop and sexual promiscuity and the miniskirts and so on, the youngsters will be jealous of it; they'll want it too. This is official stuff that's been printed about the CIA's agenda.  So, in order to make them jealous and to get the young people to riot and disobey over in the Soviet countries, they would push all that stuff in the West. This is the lie they told the West. 


No, they wanted to destroy the West, believe you me, because there was no real conflict between the CIA and the system that ran the Soviet Union at all.  They used it as an excuse to get an agenda through to destroy the West. Bezmenov said the same thing too, it could never have happened without the complicity of the CIA, the changes in the culture in the West, you had to have them in on it, along with the communists. They all work together at the very, very top. All of them do.


Modern China, I gave the talks years ago on how the West and the politicians created the free trade agreements through the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations.  They boasted how they drafted it all up. Just like they did for the European Union, they drafted all that up. They drafted up the ones for the NAFTA agreement, the same organizations.  They admit that.  But the free trade ones with China, all the money was a one-way street from the West and the rest of the world to China.


China just set up the manufacturing businesses, it all came from the West, all the factories and everything. And left us destitute in Canada and the States and elsewhere.  A lot of towns are just destitute. The factories literally moved.  They brought the higher employees over, the skilled people over to China for a certain amount of years to get everything going and build them up and then train the Chinese who took it all over. We paid for all that to happen under the free trade agreement, under the most favored nation trading status treaty with China.  And most folk floated through it, and just didn't know what was going on. And didn't seem to mind when they noticed everything was suddenly made in China. Just like it was all somehow natural. Isn't that astonishing. 


You see, people will not complain about anything unless they're told to complain about it from an authoritative figure on television. I'm not kidding you.  That's what Brzezinski was getting at a long time ago, they knew it all then. They're told what to worry about. Brzezinski said, they expect the media to do the reasoning for them. It's almost like their parents, the media would warn you if you should worry about something, if they don't tell you to worry then you won't. It's that simple isn't it.


Isn't that scary in itself? You abdicate your own ability and responsibility to yourself or your family, and you give all the authority to governments that are doing all the problems, all the damage, for agendas that you don't even care about to understand.


So, getting back to the truth, most folk can handle it. They've been trained not to want it. They've been trained not to even associate with people who they say are negative.  These are all war tactics that were put out there for years under the New Age guys so's that millions of people, I don't want to hear bad news, I want to be positive. And that way all the nasty things were allowed to happen and buildup the settings for the future waves of oppression, which you are now under.


You never start an early revolution. You've got to prepare it all for the final push. And they did it. A whole generation, how many folk have heard, I don't want to hear that, that's negative!?  Hm?  They were made to be defenseless. That's also what Bezmenov could have gone into but he didn't.  Because it's all psychological warfare techniques that were used, not just by the Soviets but by your own governments, on you.


So, the most difficult thing naturally in a system of total oppression is how to start to regain some of your rights. And it would take individuals to do it. I said long ago that eventually you've got to make choices. Individually.  That's how it happens, not by groups because you can always, they can always control groups. They generally create groups for you to join, and then keep you spinning your wheels, or lead you off in other directions, or even take you over and reverse the cause until you're fighting for something rather than against it.  And that actually happens. It's so slick, you know.  You're dealing with people who are trained in the manipulating of groups and individuals, they're trained on how to do it.  Unlimited financing behind them to do it all. 


So, you're the target of a total war against humanity and society. And you've got to get through the worst things to come.  I'll tell you another thing too, it's to go through into the eventual famine, the longer they can pull this off, what they're doing right now, eventually you have to go into rationing and famine. That's on the cards. You cannot lock down, destroy the world's economy and private businesses, and then have this mythical, this mystical actually, apparition of money just being dished out to the public.  From what? from where?  Huh?


It's all electronic now, isn't it? They just put so many blips in your account.  Just like Bertrand Russell said, the state will give you credits. That's all money is, a dollar is a credit, you know, dished out to you. And it's also a technique to make you behave and abide by the rules, which they're constantly updating, and you must adapt into and apply them to your own lives.  The social credit system talked about by Russell in the 1940s, they'd bring a credit system in, which you couldn't save up, you'd have to use all your credits every month because it will start at the same amount in your account, anything extra is gone, you're back at the same amount every month. 


And if you don't obey certain rules and stuff you'll be punished, financially. It's the greatest way to make folk obey, that's what the law has always been about, fines, isn't it. Well, this way they'll just take the money off you, or you can't get into your account. Until you're on your knees and plead to be saved, or fed, to pay your rent and so on. Because in the future, there's to be no private property, agenda for the 21st century. 


Things that people would hear you talking about now still couldn't believe it, still don't want to believe it, they could never do that... AS you're going through it, into it, they'd say, they could never do that. I say, well, it's happening, isn't it? It's all happening.  All these big clubs that meet all the time and publish their meetings and tell you, this is what we want to bring in. They actually DO it, folks.  It's not, they don't like getting together just with a wish list and ask what you think about it.  They just do it. But they do publish what they're going to do, most of the time.  For most of the stuff.


And now it's compliance time, or else, 'eh?  And then too, they'll frighten people with the social credit system as they do in China. You see, everything's been tested out in China, all the apps and immunity passports, it's all been done in China. Even early on beecause this is the agenda.  It isn't just Chinese, they used it on them first to test it out, that's all. 


In the social credit system, then they'll make it a taboo thing. Because in the social credit system if the governments got a taboo on you, it will make a little hex, you see.  Because you've been bad and you didn't comply or whatever it was, or you said something that you shouldn't have said, that's enough to get you slam-dunked.  Then your friends get to see it too, because it goes out like a social credit system on everybody's, their version of Facebook.  So, your friends will stay away from you too, like a contagion. Oh, I might catch the bad credit score from the government by associating with this person that's blacklisted.


Do you understand what's going on? This is a massive psychological operation.  This is the new normal of scientists running your lives. It's like THX 1138, the movie, hm, where they live underground and they all have their assigned jobs.  They're kept drugged and tested to make sure they take their drugs and everything else, for their work, like robots in a sense. Their basic needs are taken care of.  Well, we'll put a mate in with this man to make sure he keeps functioning properly, his work and stuff.  Just like you're an animal, what does the animal need, you see.


But eventually the animal breaks down because he stopped taking his pills and he's...  What on earth is all, what is this, this system of existence?  So eventually he ends up in trouble and they have these kind of robotic cops with these shock sticks that they have, like cattle prods in a sense. They get him and they keep zapping him with these cattle prods and he rolls up into balls and that. And for the first time, then you see behind the scenes of this chatter of voices talking. These are scientists studying him as another number and an animal in the complex. They're doing instant checks and instant readouts, which means he's got chips in him obviously. Instant readouts on his breathing, his pulse, body chemistry, everything else that's in it, instant, instant, instant, to show you that's the system that they're bringing in.


Well, this is what they want to bring in now. Of course, it is.  You're an animal to them, you're owned. You're an animal and you should be behave the way that they program you to behave, and they want to know why you're not behaving the way they're programming you.  And they'll come, you'll be in for reconditioning, or destruction, one of the two.


This is a HELL on earth coming in.  But you have the right to stand up to it, and individually.  All you need is a lot of little blips across the planet of lights coming on, individuals, you see, that's it.  As I say, groups are taken over, right off the bat. Or they are created for you to join before it even happens. Why wait for grassroots to spring up when you can create it first for them, then they join it? You always give them their leaders.  That's what they do.


You see, what we are living in now is unreality, which posits as reality.  And you know it's working when the public start to parrot the unreality as though it is truth and reality.  If you bear with me, I'll explain what I'm talking about here.


All wars begin with the buildup to the war, from those who own your country. I use the terms 'own your country', I don't play this game of democracy. It's like Major Barbara, it's an old movie but it came out of a book by Bernard Shaw, it's a stage play as well. The whole idea, again, a kind of silly thing in a sense, but it's all to show you the new morality of humanism, you see, and behaviorism on society.


The idea that Major Barbara was a Salvation Army worker who came from a very wealthy elite family, whose father who didn't live with them, owned a kind of Krupp’s manufacturing plant, that's what they basically modeled it on, the Krupp’s family. At least on the manufacturing of the war products but also on a family that was prominent in England at the time as well, run by a woman, who would be the mother of Major Barbara.


Anyway, the father in the movie version of the play, Robert Morley plays Andrew Undershaft who is the father of the family, that he's never really living with them, he supports them all financially from his massive industrial complex of military equipment and armaments that he, his town or city actually manufacturers.  He hears that his son wants to go into politics so he, Undershaft, goes to see his son and says, okay I'll make you a politician, no problem, he says, I'll get you in the Times, the whole bit. Because he owned them all, all the papers, you see.


He says, I'll make you a politician, or prime minister if you want to be. And he says, oh no, I'd rather work my way up and learn the ropes. There's nothing to learn, he says, WE are the government, he says, I am the government, and people like me, WE are the government.  He's talking about a deep state that exists, it's always existed, of the big financiers, of the big industrial owners, the military-industrial complex, way back.


And of course, the play was written much earlier, but it was brought out into the movie form for World War II, at the beginning of World War II.  Because they had reaction kickback from the public, they were so sick of war, and World War I they had not recovered from, never could really recover from it, financially too, and ration wise, etc. They were cleaned out and broke.  Never mind bereft of all their, a generation of men, uncles, dads, sons and a whole lot, just wiped out often. So, there was definitely a kickback against this buildup for another war.


So, they brought the movie out then with a few tweaks on it to try and say, well you know, you can be peaceful and the whole thing and you can want peace, and the Salvation Army could want peace, and you can have your religion and so on. But there are times when you've got to just stand up, and compromise and swallow your pride and accept money and all the rest of it by those who have it all, the military-industrial complex characters, and you have to go to war. And in the movie version that's what happens, the whole family that were really antiwar and peaceful, especially the daughter Barbara, compromises and her husband too.  In fact, they go to work inside the big complex, the industrial city or town owned by their father involved in the making of armaments and so on.


All to get them on board with the war.  But it's quite interesting, the quotes that come out of it too, they're widely used even today.  Because the same arguments go on and on and on.  Should we take money from the big, big industrial giants who are rather evil characters, a lot of them?  No doubt about it. You don't get rich to that extent without committing lots of crimes on the way. But yeah, you can take money off them for charities and so on and pretend you're doing a good cause, and it's clean money once it comes into your coffers.  Well, that isn't quite the case.  It's a moral judgment of course.  And these things as I say, are relevant to this day.


There’re some good quips in it too. The whole idea was that the father comes back to the family to see if he could basically take over all their lives, again.  Although he paid for their lavish lifestyle, but he wanted to take over their souls in a sense, and get them to, any wayward thing that he saw in them, to bring them over to the manufacturing of weaponry and the big business plant that he owned, the big business corporation that he owned and ran.  And he tried to bribe his daughter from the Salvation Army over by giving big, massive donations to the Salvation Army.


Again, it's this giving you a premise, an idea of something, you say that's terrible, so it's blood money, they were accepting blood money from massive armaments and wars, but he says, but this money is then used to help the poor and the needy, etc. So, they blur your concept of right and wrong, and that's the idea behind it, you see.  Because George Bernard Shaw, remember, belonged to the Fabian Society, a cofounding member. He was in touch with Trotsky and other ones, for years in fact. Directly, you know. 


So, the whole idea is to obscure and muddy your ability to think clearly and logically between right and wrong, and so you're not quite sure what's right and wrong anymore. That's the idea. It's the whole idea, can any good come out of evil?  You see, that's been an old thing in the Old Testament dialogues for a long long time. 


So, Shaw plays the game in his play, as he did in all his plays in fact, that he could actually buy them all over. Until at the end he has a daughter and her husband completely all for his factory and they're all on board with it. Because it was made during the war, actually it was almost like a propaganda piece as well that put all your moral quibbles to the side and get on board with it, it's profitable, you'll all profit from being involved in it. And it's for the greater good, you see.  So, all the things that opposed it, you can actually eventually buy them over and alter or muddy their convictions until they didn't have the convictions anymore, they were destroyed in a sense.


So that's really what you're living through today.  You're living through a system of constant manipulation of thoughts, feelings and emotions, and basic instincts even with right and wrong.  I don't care, you don't need a Bible to tell you what's right and wrong. I think we all know what's right and wrong. We do. We do. We know when we've done something wrong. Even if everybody else is doing it, it's still wrong, you'll know.  And that's the truth of it too.


But if you understand, you've been through that your whole life long, this muddying of ideas, muddying of impressions, muddying of right and wrong, until you know, until you have no convictions. Or your convictions have been turned 180°, someone's got to you and overturned your basic natural instincts.


So, give that as an example, you know, what they've done there, and it's so true, so all the big charitable organizations have their hands out to help the poor, etc. and they take it from any source that they can get it from. And don't forget that it's generally tax write offs, that's why the big elites do it anyway, it saves them paying such high taxes as they give it to charity, different amounts to charity and so on.


But you go into the massive manipulation you've had in schools, we've all had it, and Jacques Ellul has talked about it, the philosopher who wrote a lot of books about humanity itself and society. He talked about our education, how our education is necessary, the primal education you get at about the age of four or five or six, it's very important.  That initial indoctrination for the first few years is so important.  If you don't get that, by the state, that's what they all want to be getting taught by the state, then subsequent indoctrination won't take properly on you, you need that early on to make it happen.


But then you go and jump from that into, say, Karl Rove. Now, he was an aide to the US government, worked at the White House and so on and so on.  A heavy-duty player, a manipulator for reality, the reality-based community. And that's what they said too.  And it comes from an article that was put out by journalists who hang around, they get access to the White House and so on, what's going on and all the rest of it, what's doing, etc.  It's from an article, I think it was Suskind, Ron Suskind, and they talked about this guy Karl Rove and they believe it's Karl Rove that made the statement, because it falls in with the kind of statements he made, lots of quotes from Karl Rove, but it says: 


In a 2004 article appearing in the New York Times Magazine, Ron Suskind wrote:


The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.'

(Alan:  Okay, so, that’s basically the general population. I’ll say that again…)


…he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.'


I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism.


'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do'.


(A: So, that’s how the system works, you see. It all comes from the top. You’ve seen it from president after president after president for years now, and the groups around them, the neocons and all the rest of them, as they go through what reality is. And when you’re shaking your head and scratching it about wars, thinking, what's this nonsense they're telling us, we have to go and kill this guy because he what?  It's the same mantras you’re hearing all the time, it makes no sense. But they give you this muddled nonsense. And the media jumped on board, as this guy says, you will study it, you know…)


And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities,


(A: Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting, constantly from the media, new realities all the time, from those above them. Right?  They’re told what to write basically, and they write it. They’re constantly giving you new realities. You’ll be left to just study what we do.  So, empiricism, which he mentioned earlier when he was answering Rove, empiricism really is the techniques of putting things to the test to prove things. He says…)


He cut me off'.  ‘That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do'.  - Karl Rove


And you’ll never make sense of what they're up to because what they tell you is part of a propaganda move, each one's temporary, to get a stage of something through. Like it doesn't matter after they've invaded the country, it doesn't matter if all the evidence comes out of nonsense and lies and so on. It doesn't matter. Because by then they are in the country anyway, they've achieved a good part of their objective, you understand.  And that's how it's meant to be, you see, they have achieved that goal, it doesn't matter what comes out afterwards.


So, they can create another new reality, again, for the next part of their agenda.  Here's, oh, look at that down here, this is Iraq here and look, there's a fuzzy photograph, that must be a missile carrier down there.  You know.  MUST be, you know. But the best satellites, they could actually read a packet of cigarettes, it's maker, and actually see how many cigarettes are left in it if the top's opened, but when it comes to showing you missile carriers, no, it's always fuzzy and, you know. So, you have to go over and bomb them for weapons of mass destruction.


Then the missile car turned out, it actually did, when Powell was on about it, it wasn't, it was Britain, a company in Britain actually got in touch with them live and said, we sold that to them last year, that's for weather balloons, that's what launches them there, you know.  Yep.  But facts don't matter.  They don't matter.  Right? Create new realities, new realities, new realities, right. 


And this article here, it says…


All politicians operate within an Orwellian nimbus where words don't mean what they normally mean, but Rovism (A:  That's Karl Rove, they call it Rovism.) posits that there is no objective, verifiable reality at all. Reality is what you say it is.


Karl Rove


"Karl Rove: America's Mullah" by Neal Gabler, articles.latimes.com. October 24, 2004.


He, Rove, is way beyond anything that Nixon had at his disposal. He's closer to a behind-the-scenes Nixon operator named Murray Kontener, who could cut off an opponent at the knees so quickly the person did not immediately realize he'd been crippled.


So, they have these characters that are so sharp and quick, but they also create these realities all the time. They are the guys who sit with the panels and the teams and say, how can we get to this and this, how would the public accept it? Well, we lie to the public, they always lie to the public, but what kind of lie will be kind of semi-plausible to them, just to get this part of the agenda through? Once they have the troops over there, and some of the troops get killed, then the rest of the public, naturally, like a tribal thing, it's a natural impulse, they're all, that's terrible, beat them now, they're killing our troops. Well, your troops shouldn't be over there in the first place, you see.  It doesn't matter, that's how the game works.  That's how it works, you see.  Guaranteed to work.  It's human nature, they're killing our troops.


It's very much like, I think it was Greenspan, the head of the US Federal Reserve at one point.  Alan Greenspan, he used to come out on stage. And they give the build up to him like royalty, oh Greenspan is going to talk tonight. And everybody would know the economy was supposedly wonky and shaky and so on, we'd always know that from the newspapers.  Greenspan would walk down, like, the red-carpet thing, you could see him coming down, it's like royalty. He'd stare at the audience quietly, knowing they're all sitting biting their fingernails, what's he going to say? The whole stock market hinges on the words of this man.  And he would just say, eventually, cool it, he'd say, that's all, and he'd turn around and walk away.


And the media, oh he said, cool it, cool it.  You know, cool it in the hyper investments and hold back so much instead of all the junk bonds and everything.  Just cool it, cool it, you see, it was too hot. So that's what he did, cool it.  This is somebody from some sci-fi movie, you know, walking down the aisle and millions of people across the planet who all have all got investments, what's he going to say?... Hhhhhhhhhhhh?  Cool it, he says.  And the media goes into action, he said, cool it, cool it. Like God had spoken, hey?  [Alan laughing.]   


When he got an interview once, I think before they made him the head of the Federal Reserve, in an interview, what he actually talked about, the con, the con of money and the Federal Reserve. I think that's why they made him the head of it. But he actually talked about it quite candidly and says it's all bogus nonsense and so on. But he also said during the interview when he talked about what he believed, he said, it was reality based...  There was a thing, like a meme that was going around at the time to do with everything happens inside your head, say psychologists, people not might not even be there.   It's just everything is transmitted through your senses, reinterpreted in parts of the brain, stored there and then put back together again when you try to recall them.  So, what really happens?  Did it happen? Did it not happen? Is it put into your head? Is it not? Because it happened, everything happened, everything you see, is it really inside your head? Is it really an external world out there, etc. etc.?


Well, he belonged to this group that all fall for that, that nothing was real. And that's what he said. He says to the interviewer, how do I know even you are real at all and I'm really sitting here in this place? This is all happening inside my head, he said. So that's why they made him head of the Federal Reserve, because he's awfully good as a magician.  He looks at these massive things that you owe, trillions and trillions of dollars, not to worry, it doesn't exist, you know. That's why they made him the head.


So, this is the sort of stuff that you're living, [Alan chuckles.] literally. I'm being flippant but the fact is, this is reality, [Alan chuckles.] this is the truth of it.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's all bogus, isn't it? It's all bogus. 


You get groups like SAGE, you know, that advise the British government on all terror groups and organizations, including Covid, and they are the advisory group.  And we're supposed to believe that they're all better, better equipped to deal with reality than we are. As they create fake realities like Rove would do, you see, creating new realities. They get, everyone they say gets put into action as though it's the law of the land, which of course they make it to be, a new reality. 


Something that no one has got a sample of is killing us all. And then they tell you, well it's not really killing you off, it's only a tiny, tiny percentage of folks who are dying, of other things and who are dying anyway. And the PCR tests are chosen because they give lots of false positives. Especially over 30, 35 cycles of what they do with it, pretty well guaranteed to be useless. That's your conjured reality, you see.


The papers don’t even bother telling you, because they're not supposed to tell you, any truth. They're supposed to keep you in terror.  Oh, there's 10,000 new cases today. Well, that's because you went and tested another 50,000 overnight, I mean, that's why. If you want there to be no cases, stop testing them. Most folk won't know they've had anything, probably never did have anything anyway, and they'll be quite fine.


Incredible bogus nonsense isn't it?  It really is. It really, really is.  N-n-n.  But it's achieving the objective, just cases, cases, cases. No, these folks are not sick, you know. We've already had people going into the hospitals in Britain for instance, again, walking through them, showing you them, that are empty.  Completely defying the hype from the media, oh the hospitals are overcrowded with Covid patients. Empty hospitals. I mean, empty.  Like it was last spring, same thing.


And then the people who are doing it now, going in and showing you, taking these videos and all that, are getting arrested. The woman got arrested the other day in England for doing it.  They're still trying to figure out a charge for arresting her on some public whatever.  But how can you arrest someone for going into a public institution? Because our tax money is paying for the National Health Service.  There's no law about, against filming it. But it's illegal, you see, to tell the truth now and show the truth. It's illegal.


That's tyranny. That's complete tyranny. This is the sort of stuff you would read about, the old Soviet Union, if someone tried to take a photograph of the wall  from the other side or something, they would get arrested for doing so. Now you get arrested for going into hospital to photograph empty hospital wards.  In the West. 


Don't ever, ever, ever forget all these things because if you ever go, ever, and go and vote again, I hope you realize you're voting for the most evil corrupt system to continue.


And the same evil corrupt politicians to continue.


As I said, you know, you start off with stones and sticks with the cavemen.  You progress down through the ages into weaponry, bows and arrows.  Slingshots and bows and arrows, and crossbows, and then into the arbalest, etc.  Up to the modern firearms and heavy artillery. Then into poison gases, and biowarfare. Then atomic warfare up to the present, still with biowarfare, you know, with heavy, heavy weaponry and all kinds of, including microwaves, even stuff they can do, laser pinpointing from satellites and give people little hemorrhagic strokes way down yonder.  This is admitted to now.  I mentioned it years ago. Why not? That's what they would do, obviously.  Yeah, now we can, no, we won't, not that we're doing it, but we could if we wanted to. That's how it works, 'eh.  And then thermal weaponry, which is microwave again too.  And laser.


So yeah, we live in amazing times where all reality has to be managed, by teams.  This is the thing, it's teams of specialists, so-called specialists. They're all prostitutes, well-paid prostitutes that are enemies of the people.  That work on all these different teams with behaviorists psychologists, how to terrorize the people, how to even increase the anxiety level in the public, that's what the SAGE put out, 'eh.  The group that advises the British government, they're paid to advise the British government, and they put out a subcontractor to find ways to intensify the anxiety, to get folk to comply with what the government wants.


No, that's just a milder form of torture that you saw in Abu Ghraib.  Yeah.  Where they stripped the prisoners naked, put hoods on their heads and then force them to commit unspeakable acts on each other. That was our civilized military doing that.  But you're doing the same thing, you're getting specialists to do the same thing with the people, to increase anxiety here. Terror campaign, that's what you call it. A terror campaign, folks.  The journalists were all given copies of the fact they should intensify, exaggerate the stories to create higher tension in the people, anxiety in the people.


I'll put these articles up, these are actually published articles put out by the mainstream selves. And you want to vote?  Shame on you. Shame on you.  N-n-n.  [Alan chuckles.]   I speak for the people.  I promise… if elected… 


Now, let's go into some of these articles. For those who can handle it, again. For those who can’t handle it, you should just… Don't sit and listen to this every day, for goodness sake, from the television. Especially because, as I've said before, they deliberately hype up the anxiety level. They're told to do it. To get you to obey and comply to whatever your government is demanding at the time.


I'm also going to put up another article. We've already heard of the different, Event 201 and the one from Lockstep from the Rockefellers, 2010, to do with all these gaming plans that they did already, they sort of game the pandemics, with Johns Hopkins University and the Gates Foundation involved in it and so on.  They also had one, it was called SPARS believe it or not, I think it's called SPARS.  I'll put that up to tonight. It's quite interesting what they're, how they're talking about it.  It's called SPARS Pandemic Scenario.


Again, that’s done with Johns Hopkins University. They go through a future scenario, this is before it all broke out of course, with a possible coronavirus outbreak in the year 2025 it would start, you see.  They go through it step-by-step. They’re playing out today the real thing, supposedly the real thing, right in accordance with their gaming plan that they came out with, preparedness for a SPARS pandemic 2025. Right down to a president being in the US who would then step down because of age or possible illness, then the deputy or the second in command would take over. It sounds almost like Biden and Kamala Harris.  Doesn’t it? Just coincidence of course. But that’s how thing generally work out, isn’t it, we’re taught that coincidence theories are normal.  But anyway, I’ll put this one up too. It’s interesting. They go through the whole scenario. It’s about 80 odd pages in a PDF I’ll put up for those who want to go through it, and how they manage the public.


It’s all to do with managing the public. Right down to having sorted out the different groups of society that don't fall under their influence because of social media, their own social media, or their favorite sites, and how to control them, etc. It's all game planned out in advance, 'eh.  Quite something.  I'll put the SPARS one up for those who want to go through it. Spars scenario pandemic, Johns Hopkins and see what you think of it. It's up to yourselves.


SPARS Pandemic Scenario - centerforhealthsecurity.org


But there's so many different game plans they've come out with over the years along the same roads. Right down to how to counter any opposition by the public, how to ridicule them, smear them, even use, again, which they're using now, is cyber warriors. They call them cyber warriors, people who are given access to the backdoors in your computers. They can really slow you down and stop you from using it. Or even hack your computers and destroy them or infect them or put you out of business one way or another. That's your governments doing that already, in real life actually, according to the newspapers today.


As I say, it's interesting the game planning. They've been doing this too for years. They always knew it was going to be a coronavirus, just coincidentally though.  Mainly because, you know, that's what they're working with in the Biolabs, with gain of function to make them more lethal. So, I guess that a coincidence there. But here's one here and it says…


COVID-19: Delaying second doses of vaccine


(A:  Now you've heard probably and I think it's the AstraZeneca one that was developed in England, University of Oxford or whatever, but they say the second dose, they're going to delay it, they're not going to give you it right away like they were going to do initially.)


is the right call, say UK's chief medical officers

news.sky.com / 31 Dec 2020


UK health chiefs have defended the decision to push back second doses of coronavirus vaccines, saying the revised model is "much more preferable".


(A:  They have all these models and they do it on the computers, you understand.) 


The UK's chief medical officers have backed the change in guidance (A: And the links are all here for it too on this particular article, the change of guidance, from Sky News…) which says booster jabs should be given up to 12 weeks after an initial dose to maximise the number of people being vaccinated.


The announcement on Wednesday prompted Pfizer to issue a warning over what it called "alternative dosing".


(A:  I love how there’s no names involved and it’s all just ‘spokespersons’ and ‘scientists’.)


A spokesperson said:  "There are no data to demonstrate that protection after the first dose is sustained after 21 days."


(A:  So, what’s the point in getting it? If it’s not giving you protection anyway? I mean, you know. And again, so here again, so a spokesperson says, then…)


However, the UK's chief medical officers say: "In terms of protecting priority groups, a model where we can vaccinate twice the number of people in the next 2-3 months is obviously much more preferable in public health terms than one where we vaccinate half the number but with only slightly greater protection.


(A:  It would give them maybe four weeks then, maybe, you know, instead of 21 days.)


'We'll know soon if vaccines reduce transmission'


(A:  You see, you’re getting tested as guinea pigs because this stuff is all, you are part of the test, I hope you understand that. They’re playing it by ear as they go along here with you as the guinea pigs.)


But one doctor was concerned about the effect the changing advice would have on his patients.


Dr Elliot Singer, a London-based GP, told Sky News: "When you're going through the consent and explaining the treatment [to patients] and the importance of getting a second vaccine three weeks afterwards, and then suddenly the news comes out that that's changed - I think that's going to cause a lot of worry and confusion amongst patients."


He added: "We've also then got the issue of actually how do we go about cancelling those people over the next week?"


(A:  You see, they all booked in.)


Tim Davies, 80, received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 31 December and was due for his second in 21 days' time.


That has now been postponed.


The retired GP said he was "very worried" about the situation.


So, there you go.  That's one article, one of many articles as you well know. As they play the game here on days and weeks between it and so on. The thing is too, and this is another side of it as well, the official policy information that was put out for giving the vaccines, pulled back again, where the first responders or even healthcare workers and so on, they actually say that, don't give everybody the shots right away, people who are most likely to come in contact with the patients, in case too many of them get sick from the shots all at once, [Alan chuckles.] so the hospitals might close down.   This is official stuff, 'eh.  This is a different article of course and I put that out a couple of weeks ago.  That was the guidelines that they reissued, the new guidelines for giving the shots to firefighters and medical staff and so on, and even police. Don't give them all, to all the people all at once in case they all get sick at the same time, from the vaccines.


Okay, right. And the World Health Organization…


WHO grants emergency approval for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

axios.com / 31 Dec 2020


The World Health Organization on Thursday listed Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use.


Why it matters: The approval — the WHO's first for a coronavirus vaccine — may allow some countries to expedite their own regulatory approval processes so they can import and administer the vaccine quicker, the WHO said.


What they're saying: In issuing the emergency use validation . . .


. . . to achieve enough vaccine supply to meet the needs of priority populations everywhere,” Simão said.


The approval also enables UNICEF and the Pan-American Health Organization to obtain and distribute the vaccine to countries in need.


The great thing too, they’ve tried this before. Everything that’s happening now has been beta tested before in previous flus and epidemics and so on, or pandemics. I can remember 2009 with the H1N1 and so on. All, everybody's going to get H1N1, oh my God, don't even bother testing them because if they're sick with the symptoms, that's what they've got, and put them down as having it.  That was all the official guidelines back then put out in Canada and other countries.  But they showed you lines of people, elderly people. Again, who were always the targets to be frightened...  There might not be enough vaccine to go around. Then you saw them standing in lines and these fights breaking out with elderly people trying to get in front of the other ones to get the vaccine in case they ran out.  This has been done before. So, you hyped this same kind of, oh there might not be enough, might not be enough, oh my God.  And folk are panicking, because during the day they're living on the news getting terrified.  So, they've been led, step-by-step, just like sheep, you know, into one, demanding, I really want this thing, it's the only thing that’s gonna save my life. Even though they are not sick. But there you go. It's been done before as I say. That's how it's done.


Also, this one here too.  Oh yeah, it was the WHO, the chief. This is put out by Mr. Bigtree I think they call him Bigtree. This video is up on Bitchute and it shows you the chief scientist of the WHO, with a panel of doctors from the WHO talking amongst themselves. After giving out an ad that she put out herself and said oh, people are just, you can trust the vaccines, they're put out so safely, blah, blah, blah. But then in private they're talking about the fact they have no real data to back up their claims [Alan laughing.] and how to counter bad effects and so on and trying to get the people to accept the vaccines. This is before Covid came out of course. 


But it just shows you that, yeah everything, everything on television is a show. I really mean, everything is a show, folks.  From the stories they give you on celebrities, which are really fictional, fictional stories, and the celebrities get paid money just to have their names mentioned in the fictional stories that they keep you enthralled in nonsense, absolute rubbish, you know, just nonsense. It's made-up nonsense.


I mean, do you really care about Alec Baldwin's wife, this nonsense about, oh she claimed to be, she pretended to be Sp...  You really think this is all true?  Do you really think this is world news?  Huh?  During this time? No, it's all made up fiction.  This is the rubbish they're feeding you, just total multiple distractions of trivial nonsense, just fabricated rubbish.  But you understand something, you've had this most of your life, this rubbish. Total fiction. With most of, it's fiction. Everything on TV is a show.  Everything.  Even the news are shows, news shows.


So, I'll put that one up, that link to that video.


The Highwire with Del Bigtree W.H.O. Chief Scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, caught lying to the public. - bitchute.com / 31 Dec 2020


And then the Spectator newspaper, this is a good one here. It's from a doctor, Professor Carl Heneghan & Tom Jefferson...


Covid-19 and the end of clinical medicine as we know it

spectator.co.uk / 7 Sept 2020


(A:  Awfully important article. It came out in September.  It says…)


When we trained at medical school, we were taught to approach each patient on his or her own merits. We were taught to take a history: ask questions about past medical problems, drugs and present complaints; to do a physical examination and make a management plan including those tests that allowed us to narrow the range of possible diagnoses. Treatment was the next option. After we learned to do all this, we were awarded the title of doctor – professionally trained, licensed and regulated to carry out the procedures described. This model of actions which has a long history is called clinical medicine. But what impact has Covid-19 had on this tried and tested way of doing things?


In the last 30 years, clinical medicine has had two important evolutions. The first was the recognition of the primacy of the patient in all our actions. Physicians then become benign agents between the patients and the 'system' (A:  …the ‘system’…)  giving the best advice possible, reducing uncertainties, and directing action when needed on the basis of interpretation of the complex set of circumstances of each patient. The second is the advent of evidence-based medicine (EBM), (A:  …very important, evidence-based medicine (EBM) …) or the recognition that any course of action needs to be based on the best available up to date scientific evidence. When there is uncertainty this needs to be communicated to the patient. (A:  …when they’re not sure of things, you know.)


Patient-centricity and EBM became swiftly incorporated into clinical medicine. Communication, partnership and teamwork and 'Maintaining Trust' became essential components of Good Medical Practice – the essential guidance that describes what it means to be a good doctor. Effectively interacting with others and ensuring that all concerns are heard and above all ensuring the care of our patients is our first concern. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, has seen a retreat of clinical medicine, patient centricity and EBM.


Consultations have become more difficult to obtain, and the ignorance of the basics of infectious disease control has seen hospitals transformed into infectious centres with patients fearful of admission or outpatient appointments. Further nervousness amongst patients has been fuelled by mathematical models purporting to forecast the future… (A:  This is all the computer modeling, right.)


…by mathematical models purporting to forecast the future and mass and inappropriate use of tests which cannot distinguish those who are infectious and require isolation from those who harbour remnants of the infectious agents.


(A:  Because you see, the PCR tests just picks up articles and bits and pieces but not the live viruses.)


The patient has become a prisoner of a system labelling him or her as 'positive' when we are not sure what that label means. Physicians have been completely bypassed in the biotech decision making machine that now makes and reports the diagnosis.


And what of EBM in all this? The deluge of studies on the previously little studied coronaviruses would point to a prodigious increase in knowledge, but only a few add to our understanding. Many are clearly 'me too' efforts where researchers need to have their name associated with the pandemic. (A:  And that’s true unfortunately.) A good example of this is the number of reviews of the evidence on masks published in the last three months – fifteen to our knowledge. Yet, the number of published trials on the effects of masks in Covid-19 transmission is – so far – zero.


Governments are producing a series of contradictory and confusing policies which have a brief shelf life as the next crisis emerges. It is increasingly clear the evidence is often ignored. Keeping up to date is a full-time occupation, and the advances of the last 30 years have at best been put on hold.


The duties of a good doctor include working in partnership with patients to inform them about what they want or need in a way they can understand and respecting their rights to reach decisions with you about their treatment and care. Questions need to be asked as to how this will occur if you don’t see your doctor, particularly if all you have to do is queue in at a drive in to get your answer.  (A:  At a drive-in, right.)


And ultimately what is a 'good test'? We think it’s the test which helps your doctor narrow the uncertainty around the origins and management of your problem.


You see, it's all been tossed out the window, the whole training, the whole point of it all. Right down to a lab test with the PCR test which literally is, gives you stacks of false positives, and even if it gets a positive, it doesn't mean you've got the disease either. It's so ridiculous. That's why they picked it, I'm sure of it.


What's happening is not some genuine overreaction to something that came out spontaneously. This was planned. You can see from all the different plans and testing that they did of an outbreak before it happened, the actual one, the test plans that they made at Johns Hopkins over and over and over again for the coming pandemic. Which they just knew it would be a coronavirus one.  But again, that's just, you know, coincidence.  But they're following it to the letter.  Like all their different testing, Event 201, etc., Clade X they called another one.  Then Johns Hopkins one about the future, and the part of it which was called Lockstep to do with a pandemic.  You can't make this stuff up, you really can't do it, 'eh, can't do it.


And this other one too is…


Here's Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine

unz.com / 28 Nov 2020


The new Covid vaccines will make billions of dollars for the big pharmaceutical companies, but here’s what they won’t do:


The vaccines will not cure Covid (A:  Right.)

The vaccines will not prevent people from contracting Covid

The vaccines will not prevent Covid-related hospitalizations

The vaccines will not prevent Covid-caused deaths


Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “If the vaccine does not protect me from getting Covid (or dying from Covid), then why should I take it?”


And the answer is: “You shouldn’t. It makes no sense at all, especially in view of the fact that new vaccines pose considerable risks to one’s health and well-being.


“Risks,” you say? “No one said anything about risks. I thought this wonderful new Covid cure was entirely risk-free; just take the jab and– Presto– life goes back to normal.”


Wrong. There are risks, significant risks that the media and the medical establishment have papered over with their ridiculous Happy Talk about “miracle” vaccines. But all of this is just public relations hype designed to hoodwink people into injecting themselves with a dubious substance that does NOT do what it’s supposed to do, and which DOES pose serious long-term risks to one’s health.


So, let’s dig a little deeper into this question of risks and see what are the experts saying. Check out this excerpt from an “Open Letter From: UK Medical Freedom Alliance To: The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization… for COVID-19 in the UK.”:


(A:  Right, this is an open letter.)   


“It is worrying that recent Parliamentary discussions seem to not attach proper weight to any concern about vaccine risks and the right to informed consent, while focusing solely on strategies to increase the uptake of vaccines in the general population.


Inadequate Assessment of the Public Health Risk from a Covid Vaccine


In a recent letter to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), physician Arvind Joshi warned against the disaster that could result from this misguided policy and outlined the serious risks involved to the public and other serious issues that are being taken if a Covid Vaccine is rushed out without thorough and adequate safety and efficacy testing:


“Adverse effects like Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis, Ascending Polyneuritis, Myopathies, Autoimmune Diseases, and rarer chance of triggering development of malignancies are most dreaded possibilities. “... “The rush for the Vaccines should not lead to disaster.” (Note: There is a more comprehensive list of potential ‘bad outcomes’ in the link to the article.)


(A:  So, there’s even more, never mind the Parkinson’s disease and so on.)


Virus-vectored and genetically engineered vaccines could undergo recombination or hybridization with unpredictable outcomes.…  (A:  In your body, you see, once it’s in you.  Remember, it’s to alter your DNA.)    Previous attempts to develop coronavirus and other vaccines e.g., RSV and dengue, have been hampered by the problem of ‘antibody dependent enhanced immunity’(ADEI), (A: This is important, antibody dependent enhanced immunity (ADEI)…) which has led to severe illness and deaths in the animals and human subjects involved in the trials. This phenomenon only becomes apparent after vaccination, (A:   Now, this is the important part, I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago…)  when the subject is exposed to wild virus at some point in the future.


(A:  So, it’s after you’ve had the shot, you see, and you hit some wild virus in the future. It doesn’t even have to be the one that you got vaccinated against, it could be one similar or in the same family or whatever. And it’s interesting that Fauci and Gates and the rest of them had stopped the volunteers for the different Covid vaccination trials, remember, from going through with what they call the challenge tests. Well, this is the challenge test, when they hit you with the wild virus, after, you might be a couple of weeks after they’re getting the shot, you see. Because they know darn well, they could go into complete shock with it, with a cytokine storm as your immune system goes into overdrive, waay overdrive and delivers itself to the site of infection, generally the lungs, and you die. The congestion is so massive that you actually die from it.  It blocks off the airways, everything swells up, you see, and you can’t get a transfer of gases, oxygen, through the lungs, through the alveolar tissue, and you’re in trouble, you see, you could possibly die very quickly. That’s what they call a cytokine storm, where your body overreacts to the real thing when it meets it, the real virus, after the shot. So, they canceled all these trials, these, which you have.)


(A:  It’s so ridiculous. Fauci said, it wasn’t really worth the risk of some people getting sick, you know, in the test subjects, the volunteers. Well, isn’t it better THEY get sick by testing them with a real virus, rather than the whole population getting tested out with the real virus?  Something stinks here, you know. These are the experts at the top managing all this?  So, this article goes on and says…)


(A:  So, they had this problem again with the one for [unintelligible] Dengue and so on, and that’s what happened, once you get the antibody dependent enhanced immunity, right…)


… ‘antibody dependent enhanced immunity’(ADEI), which has led to severe illness and deaths in the animals and human subjects involved in the trials. This phenomenon only becomes apparent after vaccination, when the subject is exposed to wild virus at some point in the future.  Worryingly, the Covid Vaccine trials have not been conducted in a way to exclude the possibility of this serious sequalae occurring months or years after vaccination...


Late onset adverse vaccine effects such as Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis (SSPE), Ascending Polyneuritis, Myopathies, Autoimmune Diseases, Infertility and Cancers cannot be ruled out with short duration trials.” (“Open Letter From: UK Medical Freedom Alliance To: The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization… for COVID-19 in the UK.”)


It’s all very technical, but the truth is plain to see: There are serious risks associated with taking the Covid-19 vaccine. Most vaccine recipients will experience only minor aches and pains (A:  Now, that’s initially, right.) But some will undoubtedly get quite ill and permanently damage their health. No one really knows for sure because there have been no long-term trials. The Covid vaccine has been fast-tracked from Day 1. So, the question is: Do the benefits outweigh the risks. And, in this case, they clearly don’t. The chances of getting violently sick or dying from Covid are very slight, (IFR is 1 in 400) while the (potential) adverse effects from the vaccine are spelled out above. Why would anyone roll the dice on a vaccine that does not prevent one from contracting Covid, does not protect one from hospitalization, and will not prevent one from dying? That’s just not a good tradeoff. Here’s more from an article at Forbes:


“Prevention of infection must be a critical endpoint…(But) Prevention of infection is not a criterion for success for any of these vaccines.


(A:  For the hard of thinking I’ll say that again, right. This is official, from Forbes, you know, from the different vaccine companies...)


Prevention of infection is not a criterion for success for any of these vaccines.


In fact, their endpoints all require confirmed infections and all those they will include in the analysis for success, the only difference being the severity of symptoms between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Measuring differences amongst only those infected by SARS-CoV-2 underscores the implicit conclusion that the vaccines are not expected to prevent infection, only modify symptoms of those infected “…


(A:  So, in other words, if you don’t get a runny nose, or a less runny, if you get a less runny nose from someone who didn’t get the vaccination then they’ll call that a success.  D’you understand, that’s literally the criteria here.)


 “We all expect an effective vaccine to prevent serious illness if infected. Three of the vaccine protocols…do not require that their vaccine prevent serious disease only that they prevent moderate symptoms which may be as mild as cough, or headache.”


(A:  So yeah, it might be preventing a cough or a headache, it might, you know, maybe. You see, there’s no guarantee of anything here.  Yep.  The link is here too. It’s from Forbes magazine, it says.)


(“Covid-19 Vaccine Protocols Reveal That Trials Are Designed To Succeed”, Forbes)   


(A:  So, in other words, they can’t fail when it says it might just get rid of a sniffle, that will be a success.  So, they’re guaranteed to succeed.)


Can you see what’s going on? “Prevention” is not even a primary objective. The standard for success in these trials is whether the vaccine mitigates Covid symptoms (A:  …or any of the symptoms...) in people who test positive. But who cares about symptoms? What people care about is dying. That’s why people are so eager to get vaccinated, because they think it will eliminate the threat of dying.


This is a critical point, and one that is well worth mulling over.




Because it helps to illustrate how the vaccine campaign is built on a foundation of lies and deception. For example, when the drug companies boast that their product is “95% effective”, it does NOT mean that– if you get vaccinated– you will be immune to Covid. It doesn’t even mean that you won’t get violently ill and die. All it means is that the vaccine reduced the symptoms of some of the people in the trials who tested positive.


(A:  Some, you see.)


Did you know that?


Of course, you didn’t. You thought that if you took the vaccine, you’d be protected from Covid, because that is the logical assumption that anyone would make. Most people equate vaccines with immunity. The drug companies know that which is why they’re exploiting people’s ignorance and deliberately obfuscating the truth. They want people to continue to believe that vaccination is a protective shield that will save them from sickness and death. But it’s not. It’s a bunch of baloney.


(A:  Then it goes into to explain what they mean by effectiveness…)


Bottom line: Vaccine “effectiveness” is not measured in terms of “preventing infection”. It relates to the vaccine’s impact on symptoms. Here’s more from Forbes:


“One of the more immediate questions a trial needs to answer is whether a vaccine prevents infection. If someone takes this vaccine, are they far less likely to become infected with the virus? These trials all clearly focus on eliminating symptoms of Covid-19, and not infections themselves….


It appears that all the pharmaceutical companies assume that the vaccine will never prevent infection. Their criteria for approval is the difference in symptoms between an infected control group and an infected vaccine group. …


And goes on and on. And really, this, you could go on and on with this forever. There’s so much scamology on the go here and conology, deliberately created. Including the cases nonsense. I mean, that was the reason they said, oh, I think it’s thousands of testing every day for the PCR tests. Well, the more they do the more they’re going to have… Because it does not detect live, it doesn’t mean you’ve got an infection even if it comes up positive. It’s the most ridiculous tests for this purpose that you could ever have used. That’s why they’re using it, it gives them all the false positives they want.


These though, most folk aren't sick.  You understand, cases does not equate sickness, or even hospitalization. It's meant to terrify you with the numbers. Oh, 10,000 more.  Oh, my God.  That's because they've done about 40,000 overnight for tests, you see. They never tell you of all the testing, up to this present time from last January or February, you'd be in the millions. Well, what happened to all those millions? Well, they got over it themselves with immunity.  That's why they're better now, they're not millions of folks stayed sick with it, or got sick with it, or stayed sick with it. They develop their own immunity to it, antibodies to it. OR, they would be sick, you see. Do you understand that?  They won't tell you that, 'eh, because they don't want you to figure that one out.  I tell ya, scam, scam, scam. 


Another one too was… 


Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt

cdc.gov / 19 Dec 2020


Anaphylaxis in UK Following COVID-19 Vaccination…


...with Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine


* December 8, 2020 – UK initiated vaccination with Pfizer-BioNTech

COVID-19 vaccine


* December 9 – UK authorities confirmed 2 cases of anaphylaxis [shock] after



* Prescribing information for both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19

vaccines contains information on anaphylaxis


– Severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis)


And it goes on and on and on. This is a PDF too; this is eight pages, I think.  From the CDC. Because they're getting these problems with all these things, that are supposed to be quite safe and all the rest of it, right.  They've got, they even mentioned it in the States do, that they've got these particular mobile units that can go around the streets if need be giving vaccines.  And they've got all the resuscitation equipment in them that you would get in an emergency department at the hospital.  They have mobile units there that will do it going around the streets, and if folk come down and go into shock or their heart stops or whatever, they can give them the paddle, after giving them the adrenaline,  which really, it's what you give them when they go into shock like that. Epinephrine, it's just adrenaline really.  For this safe stuff, 'eh?


And then...


New Virus Strain’s Transmissibility to Cause More Deaths: Study

bloomberg.com / 24 Dec 2020


(A:  I knew this would come up, you know, the next thing.  They admitted back in February or March, they said, oh you know, we found at least maybe 8 different strains of it. And I thought, they’ll use that down the road to keep this…  This is to be forever, lockdown, you understand. I hope you understand this. Out of it is to come a whole new system of existing on the planet, for all of us. That’s the purpose of it. Sustainability, right, in a post-, not just industrial world but a postconsumer society. You won’t be living just to buy and shop. Buying stuff that’s not even meant to last, you know.)


The mutated coronavirus strain that’s been spreading in the U.K. appears to be more contagious and will likely lead to higher levels of hospitalizations likely…


(A:   …again says the models, they’ve got their models, and you know, they’re using the same models that London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and so on.  And yeah, the computer says, ‘eh.)


The variant is 56% more transmissible than other strains…


(A:  I wonder how they can tell it’s a different strain. I mean, have they actually got a sample of any of them? Do they?   M-m-m.  M, that’s a good question to ask them, do you actually have actual samples of these different strains? Or even the first strain?  M-hm.) 


Measures like England’s national lockdown in November (A:  That was last November that just passed there.) are unlikely to reduce the reproduction number -- the new infections estimated to stem from a single case -- to less than 1 unless schools and universities are also closed, the report said.


It’s all computer reports, one person will infect 50, maybe 100, it depends on the city and so on and they work it all out that way. Yeah, all conology.  And of course, even Ontario implemented a provincewide lockdown.  Just to get you. 


Ontario expected to enter full lockdown on Christmas Eve, sources say- theglobeandmail.com / 20 Dec 2020


They really hate Christmas, don’t they? They hate any idea of the word Christmas.  They really do. I hope you understand that. It’s not a coincidence. At all.    


10 Facts From the UK Government Pfizer Vaccine Guidance that Promote “Vaccine Hesitancy”

unlimitedhangout.com / 29 Dec 2020


Official government guidance has been released in the United Kingdom to assist healthcare professionals in administering the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2. While the UK government goes to war against supposed misinformation, the official narrative is clearly based on very little to no supporting data from incomplete clinical trials. (A:  So how can you say they’re going to go to war on misinformation if they’re giving you hardly any information to start with?) This article examines the document “Reg 174 Information for UK Healthcare Professionals” and narratives being pushed in the mainstream media that directly contradict that document.


Healthcare professionals globally have begun the controversial campaign to vaccinate large swathes of their respective populations with various experimental medical products. The vanguard of the mainstream pro-vax extremists (A:  I like the term there, pro-vax extremists…)  have been busy enacting mass censorship tactics and committing blatant acts of digital book burning on a scale never before seen in the internet era. So-called “trusted sources” have become indistinguishable from the state-run media apparatus of your bog-standard dictatorship with the usual MSM outlets working non-stop to skew any information that threatens their hyper-aggressive official narrative. Throughout 2020, our basic civil liberties have been quickly stripped away by countless unelected officials from a wide array of unaccountable global power structures, all of them connected to a small group of elites who are sitting aloft the COVID-19 money train and using the heavily exaggerated epidemic to achieve their own long term goals. 


(A:  And isn’t that the truth. But this goes on into the data and so on and what we are given as data. It says…)


Any useful data, scientific paper, or other credible research contradicting the official narrative is being purposely hidden from view. Too many uncomfortable, yet ultimately necessary, questions for vaccine companies such as Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and their many collaborators, are being heavily censored by those pushing their own various COVID-related agendas. The promised “war on truth” is in full swing throughout all nations globally and their respective state media machines are nearly all towing their official government lines. Mainstream talk shows and podcasts worldwide are also in lockstep and have often been caught publicly guilt-tripping their easily swayed audiences to help push them deeper into queues for mass medical trials for vaccines and other products that lack research studies on their long-term effects. (A:  There are no long-term effects so far, you see.)


So, I'll put this article up too for those that care to read it, 'eh.  Let's see what's next now here. Remember too, again, go back into cuttingthroughthematrix.com. List all my sites there, my official sites. Because the war is on, I hope you understand it. And it's bad enough being censored to the point I can hardly get any stories done at all with the speed I've got. I really mean that. It's worse than dial up. This is supposed to be satellite internet.  And it's not cheap.


So, the war really is being used on, I'm definitely under it for sure, as they slow down your computers and slow down your ability to download anything. With the compliance of your server that I'm paying big bucks too. This is war, you see, on people like me. Which they actually published in Canadian newspapers, mainstream, a few weeks back there that's what they're doing.  You’re not allowed, it's verboten to speak out against or even to voice any concerns about the lack of testing. You are the test when you take these vaccines. 


So yeah, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and send a few bucks my way as well. That will help me tick along and pay for all these sites.  And if one goes down hopefully, if you've taken the list of them all, all the websites I've got, then at least you'll get them, hopefully you'll get me on another website, one of my own. 


Now, here's the BBC, you know, the British Broadcasting Corporation. The government-funded organization. By the way, they did sell some shares some years ago, I remember doing a show when I was on the radio shows, it mentioned at the time that the BBC had sold shares off, certain shares. It's a crown corporation, it's very... It's hard to find out exactly what a Crown corporation is but it does have shares.  But it doesn't advertise to the general public. But you have nobility and royalty owning shares and things like that, and the elites of course, the money guys that own shares in it, the BBC. But it's also funded mainly by the British taxpayers, because we pay for everything, including the lies that are fed into us.  But here's the BBC saying…


How should you talk to friends and relatives who believe conspiracy theories?  (A:  Hhhhhh!)

bbc.com / 21 Dec 2020

(A:  And this is by…)


By Marianna Spring

Specialist disinformation reporter


(A:  Hhhhh.  So, there’s Specialist disinformation reporters now, ‘eh?


You're dreading the moment.


As your uncle passes the roast potatoes, he casually mentions that a coronavirus vaccine will be used to inject microchips into our bodies to track us.


Or maybe it's that point when a friend, after a couple of pints, starts talking about how Covid-19 "doesn't exist". Or when pudding is ruined as a long-lost cousin starts spinning lurid tales about QAnon and elite Satanists eating babies.


(A: This is your BBC propaganda, you know, ‘eh.)


The recent rules changes have upended holiday plans for many of us, but you still may find yourself grappling with such situations over the next few days


(A:  Most folk listen to the new folk at the BBC, most folk can’t afford darned holidays, they’ve lost all their jobs. But the BBC is not laying them off, are they? They need the propaganda units to keep it all going. So, the tripe, even in this article, drools with hypocrisy of folk who are completely out of touch with the ordinary people. So, they’re telling them how to…


1: Keep calm


While it's important to confront falsehoods, it's never useful if things end up in a flaming row.


Psychologist Jovan Byford, a lecturer at the Open University, notes that conspiracy theories often have a strong emotional dimension.


(A: ‘Eh, conspiracy theories, ‘eh.  M-hm.  There ya go.)


The BBC, remember, was set up initially as a propaganda outfit for the British government, in radio. That's what it did.  Its main purpose was propaganda. It hasn't changed.  [Alan chuckles.]  So, I'll put this piece of nonsense up here, how to tell folk and to explain how it's all conspiracy theories out there.  Yeah, m-hm, okay, m-hm.  Okay.


This is an interesting one too.


The Internet of Bodies is here. This is how it could change our lives

weforum.org / 4 June 2020


(A:  This is from Reuters news. It's about the Fourth Industrial Revolution from the World Economic Forum. So here you go.)


We’re entering the era of the “Internet of Bodies”: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.


(A:  Again, this isn’t a conspiracy theory like chips, getting track and traced.  Oh, no, this is from the World Economic Forum, so it can’t be conspiracy theory, could it?)  


The result is a huge amount of health-related data that could improve human wellbeing around the world and prove crucial in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


(A:  Monitoring and chipping, and yeah, and devices and implants it says, that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.  Hhhhhh.  I guess they should talk to the BBC, ‘eh?)


In the special wards of Shanghai’s Public Health Clinical Center, nurses use smart thermometers to check the temperatures of COVID-19 patients. Each person’s temperature is recorded with a sensor, reducing the risk of infection through contact, and the data is sent to an observation dashboard. An abnormal result triggers an alert to medical staff, who can then intervene promptly.


(A:  Oh, well.  You can do the same thing with the normal old-fashioned thermometer if you want and read it yourself.  Hhh.  So, they promote the…) 


The smart thermometers are designed by VivaLNK, a Silicon-Valley based startup… (A:  …that creates that type of thermometer and so on and so on.)


After the Internet of Things, which transformed the way we live, travel and work by connecting everyday objects to the Internet, it’s now time for the Internet of Bodies. This means collecting our physical data via devices that can be implanted, swallowed or simply worn, generating huge amounts of health-related information.


Again, the WEF, why don’t you get in touch with the BBC? BBC, why don’t you get in touch with the WEF which you promote?  Hm?  And that’s enough of this article. You can read it yourselves though.  It’s out in the open, you know, where it’s all going, stuff that they promoted years ago and said they would bring in, called the Internet of things, right, tracked and traced, all they had to do was find ways to make you all do it. Well, a good terrible deadly disease is the best way to do it, isn't it?  Oh, you know, it's deadly...


I remember back in 2008, 2009 and 2010 with the H1N1 and all the different hype at the time about biowarfare. And actually, had that too after 9/11, biowarfare and the anthrax thing, that eventually traced back to Fort Dietrich I believe with the anthrax spores that they supposedly had sent to different people. Everything stinks with corruption everywhere you look, 'eh, set ups and false flags.


But at the same time, you had lots of scientists falling over staircases and stuff to their deaths, stacks of them, in a week or two, all died, 'eh?  And they all worked in Biolabs.  I can remember that happening.  And it happened again with the H1N1 as well at the time too, all just suddenly died, a whole spate of them.  Here's another one…


Russian scientist 'working on Covid-19 vaccine' falls to his death from 14th floor window 'in his underwear after being stabbed' in latest mysterious violent death linked to coronavirus

dailymail.co.uk / 21 Dec 2020


Biologist Alexander 'Sasha' Kagansky, 45, was found dead in St Petersburg 


His death comes as six Russians plunged to their deaths from hospital windows earlier this year in Covid-related deaths


(A:  It does that, it does that, it’s one of the symptoms of it, you just jumped out windows.)


74-year-old Nadezhda Salkova fell from a fourth-floor hospital window in June.


Ten days earlier a 68-year old man plunged to his death from a Yaroslavl hospital.


(A:  It’s a symptom of Covid, you see. And again, the BBC could explain it to people, or their relatives maybe, it’s a common thing that folk just fall out of windows and stuff, ‘eh.)


He also had a stab wound on his body, according to Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK).


Five of the victims were being treated for coronavirus whilst one victim was a doctor who had complained about PPE shortages. (A:  Don’t complain, folks, hm, personal protective equipment.) Another doctor fell from a hospital window, but he survived and remains in hospital with head injuries.


(A:  There’s been six of them so far apparently. So, it’s just rising, isn’t it?)


The death follows six Russians plunging to their deaths from hospital windows earlier this year.


Biologist Alexander 'Sasha' Kagansky, 45, best known for his work on fighting cancer, was reported to have fallen in his underwear (A:  …right…)  from a 14th floor window.


(A:  Hmmm, I guess it was hot, maybe very hot, he had to open the window to, maybe he was eating an apple when he was opening the window in his underwear, so he opened the window to get cooled off, and stumbled and stabbed himself with the knife he was peeling his apple with… how I could fill in the little blank spots for them, I could help them with the story, you know.)


The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a murder probe into the death of Dr Kaganksy and a 45-year-old male suspect has been detained.


(A: [Alan laughing.]   And I just...  [Alan laughing.]    It's what I just said... [Alan laughing.] …)


The suspect, who is reportedly a friend of Dr Kaganksy, (A:  I shouldn’t laugh at this, but I can’t help it.) has claimed that the biologist was in a mentally unstable state before his death and injured himself with a knife, reports Bild.


(A: [Alan laughing.])


He claimed that Dr Kaganksy jumped from the balcony when he tried to take the weapon from him.  


(A:  Oh dear, dear.)


Dr Kagansky - an assistant professor in Vladivostok - had been working in Edinburgh for 13 years until at least 2017.


So, there you go, it's just… They're all dying under strange circumstances. But again, the BBC should get into that one and… just to put everybody at ease that this thing’s quite normal, it can't be a conspiracy theory there's something nefarious going on.


Army of 10,000 medics and volunteers recruited by the NHS (A:  …in Britain.)  to deliver Oxford Covid jab within days 

thesun.co.uk / 27 Dec 2021


(A:  There you are. Isn’t that nice? That’s from the Sun.)


TEN thousand medics and volunteers have been recruited by the NHS to help deliver the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine.


The government is waiting for regulators to give the jab the green light, which could happen as early as Monday, but already 100 million doses of the vaccine have been bought.


(A:  And this article here is actually from the 27th December so I guess they started it all.)


A source told the paper that already: “Tens of thousands of vaccinators and support staff have been recruited.


Teachers and some key workers will be eligible for injections, currently only given to the elderly, clinically vulnerable and health and care home workers.


Don't forget too they've said, even if you take it, it doesn't really, it's not going to stop the lockdowns. So, they lie and lie and lie. And nothing is to go back to normal. Fauci said that early on in 2020 about March or so, it's never going to go back to normal.  What did he know that you didn't know?  [Alan chuckles.]   


'Health passports' for air travel mean mandatory Covid-19 vaccines cloaked in the illusion of choice

rt.com / 24 Nov 2020


(A:  That’s a good article too.)


The CEO of Australian airline Qantas got a less than enthusiastic reaction earlier this week when he suggested all international travelers will soon be required to provide proof of vaccination against the novel coronavirus before they’ll be allowed on board. 


(A:  And there was a backlash against it too. But the fact is, they’re coercing people into taking it.  It also says…)


The government of Slovakia was able to test a whopping 97 percent of its population in under three weeks by rewarding the compliant (A:  …right…) with certificates excusing them from curfew and gathering restrictions,


(A:  You see how they can, they can go for the younger folk by the way, who want to party and go out to the pubs and all the rest of it, and yeah, so we’ll give you little certificates, so you don’t have to have a curfew and you don’t have to stop gathering together and social distancing. And it says…)


  and the UK’s ‘nudge unit’ is considering embracing this paradigm for vaccination itself.


(A:  Right, so there’s the nudge unit, all these psychologists and behaviorists that should not be anywhere near a democratic society, folks, you know. Their very presence in nudging and persuading with psychological weaponized techniques should be made illegal. Yep.)


The International Air Transport Association (IATA), a global airline lobbying group, has shown with its backing of Qantas’ questionable quest that it’s 100 percent on board as well.


(A:  So they’re trying to pay them off to get them on board with it too.)


Delingpole: Professor Neil ‘Pantsdown’ Ferguson


(A:  Right?  That was the guy who has the wonderful supercomputer that comes up with all the big numbers. As I say, this is the guy you want if you want to try to win the lotto.  If you win anything, it won’t be 10 bucks, his computer will give you billions.  Guarantee ya.  All the false positives, ‘eh? And he broke his own laws for lockdowns, ‘eh. They’re all doing it, though, politicians galore, even in Canada have been caught doing it, recently. But anyway, he had an affair with some woman, and it broke the lockdown, so it was okay for him. And they pretended to get rid of him, but they kept him in the background sitting there working quietly. They’re always lying to the public, aren’t they? Anyway…)  


Delingpole: Professor Neil ‘Pantsdown’ Ferguson Admits Lockdowns Were Inspired By China

breitbart.com / 27 Dec 2020


Remember I said that too?  How they all, oh, they’re all, you know, drooling over China’s ability to get things done by ordering the folk to obey, because of their communist dictatorial system, you see.  And they admired China. They couldn’t do the same thing, they thought initially they couldn’t do the same thing, Fauci said it too, they thought that they couldn’t do the same thing as China because there’s this idea of democracy of the West, and they were shocked when they had people complying and obeying them so quickly!  That’s what they said, remember the articles that are out there? How easy it was to get the folk to just submit to it all, just like China. Anyway, it says…


12 Times Lockdowners Were Wrong

capitalismmagazine.com / 30 Dec 2020


This has been a year of astonishing policy failure. We are surrounded by devastation conceived and cheered by intellectuals and their political handmaidens. The errors number in the thousands, so please consider the following little more than a first draft, a mere guide to what will surely be unearthed in the coming months and years. We trusted these people with our lives and liberties and here is what they did with that trust.


Anthony Fauci says lockdowns are not possible in the United States (January 24): (A:  That was 2020, right.)


When asked about the mass quarantine containment efforts underway in Wuhan, China back in January, Fauci dismissed the prospect of lockdowns ever coming to the United States:


“That’s something that I don’t think we could possibly do in the United States, I can’t imagine shutting down New York or Los Angeles, but the judgement on the part of the Chinese health authorities is that given the fact that it’s spreading throughout the provinces… it’s their judgement that this is something that in fact is going to help in containing it. Whether or not it does or does not is really open to question because historically when you shut things down it doesn’t have a major effect.”


(A: That was Fauci.)


Less than two months later, 43 of 50 US states were under lockdown – a policy advocated by Fauci himself.


(A:  …who didn’t think they could do what they did, really, because we’re not supposedly a communist country.  Well, are we, or aren’t we?  You see? I remember reading the articles months and months ago putting them up there, all the links and the different articles too, where they said that you couldn’t do this in democratic societies. Well, if they’ve done it that means you’re not democratic anymore, you see, you’re under an authoritarian regime. It says the same with the masks…)


Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted against masks on February 29. Anthony Fauci publicly discouraged mask use in a nationally broadcast 60 Minutes interview on March 7. At a March 30 World Health Organization briefing its Director-General supported mask use in medical settings but dissuaded the same in the general public.


By mid-summer, all had reversed course and encouraged mask-wearing in the general public as an essential tool for halting the pandemic. Fauci essentially conceded that he lied to the public in order to prevent a shortage on masks, whereas other health officials did an about-face on the scientific claims around masking.


And this goes on and on with stuff we’ve already talked about from other articles. But it was a good enough summary of them. This other article says too…


Delingpole: Professor Neil ‘Pantsdown’ Ferguson Admits Lockdowns Were Inspired By China

breitbart.com / 27 Dec 2020


Ferguson admits that if it hadn’t been for China’s example, no Western country would ever have dreamed of putting its populace under house arrest.


Back in 2019, about the time someone was getting infected by a bat, no European country’s pandemic plans seriously entertained the prospect of putting a country on pause.


Then, that’s what China did. “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says.


Ferguson appears to find the idea of emulating a totalitarian state exciting rather than embarrassing or shaming because he boasts about it again later in the interview.


(A:  And this article goes on and it says…)


The inbred lunatics understood [unintelligible] had been running this planet-sized insane asylum for far too long.  It's time for we the individuals to gather those lowlife freaks of nature up, lock them up and throw away the keys, beginning with Ferguson, Fauci, Gates, Congress, Trump, Biden, and every state governor and health official who has supported and enforced this heinous crime against humanity.


That's by Delingpole, and it goes on and on, this article. It’s longer than what I’ve read here. But you get the point, ‘eh, that a lot of folk understand what's going on now. Which is awfully good.


240 Israelis found with COVID after vaccination, underscoring need for vigilance - timesofisrael.com / 1 Jan 2021


They got the Pfizer shot, I guess.  It says it only begins having effect 8 to 10 days after the first injection, and then it only reaches full potential after the second does. Like most of them.  So, they’re trying to immediately play it down and say, well yeah, they haven’t had the second does yet and they may have caught the infection before they got the jab, etc., etc. You’re going to hear lots of this as things go wrong.  This article here to talks about the fact of the PCR test, the unreliable PCR test, every scary thing you’re being told depends on the unreliable PCR test. Ain’t that the truth. And in Canada I think it was, I think it was Canada the National Democratic Party, which is a few degrees left of Karl Marx, I think one of their politicians called Ashton…


NDP strip Niki Ashton of critic roles after recent trip to Greece - msn.com / 2 Jan 2021


And they shouldn’t have been when the whole country’s in lockdown pretty well.  International travel. But politicians are still going off to holidays, ‘eh.  So, they’re going to strip Ashton supposedly of their position or whatever. They’ll probably just forgive them. They always do that with each other, they never lock them up. But they do the general public.


So back to Ferguson again, the guy who literally did the same with the mad cow disease and stuff.  He had pretty well the whole meat supply of Britain destroyed and burnt in pyramids of rotten flesh and burning flesh, for something that, if it existed at all, was extremely rare. But he loves big numbers, that’s why they get this guy in for it, you know. And he has no shame in it, he’s a good psychopath, you know, he’ll rationalize whatever screw up he’s made, he’ll always rationalize it, it’s for the greater good anyway.  


Did 'Prof Lockdown' ever really quit SAGE? (A:  The Strategic Advisory Group, for government, for Emergencies, right.)  No10 (A:  Downing Street.) claimed he wouldn't feed into key Covid meetings after breaking rules to meet his lover... but now admits he still advises sub-group Nervtag - dailymail.co.uk / 21 Dec 2020


So, there you go, they didn't fire the guy at all.  Why not just fire the computer too, 'eh, this God computer comes up with these big figures? Who says the computers are supposed to run our lives in the first place? I didn't. Are you voting for computers? I didn't see any computers asking to be voted in here. 


This other article too, it's another one, politician in Canada…


Rod Phillips resigns as Ontario finance minister

thesudburystar.com / 31 Dec 2020


TORONTO — Ontario’s finance minister resigned from his cabinet position Thursday, hours after returning from a Caribbean vacation amid a province-wide lockdown.


(A:  Again, they don't give a darn about 6 feet, and they don't wear masks when they're out there and stuff. They know it's all bogus. They know that.  Yep.  So anyway, his lost that part of his, they'll probably reinstate them again though, that's what they do with each other.)


…he regrets his decision and understands that he needs to earn back the public’s confidence.


“It was a significant error in judgment, a dumb, dumb mistake,” Phillips said. “Again, I apologize for it, I regret it, but all I can do now is make that apology and move forward.”


(A:  M-hm.  So there ya go.)


And then you’ve got…


Alberta municipal affairs minister took Hawaii vacation, sources say - msn.com / 1 Jan 2021




Will 2021 finally be the year we finally get the male pill?


(A:  Well, it’s all coming into vogue now, isn’t it, you know, eugenics, sterilization, and male pill, pills for men…)


Men's contraception is set to be transformed by a range of preventative products - dailymail.co.uk / 28 Dec 2020


We already have them.  You have basically the different xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens and phthalates of course from the plastics and so on that you drink from that’s really destroying the male fertility. You know that already, don’t you? But you’ve got a pill on top of it now just in case, ‘eh.  And this is the Daily Mail, this one here.


It goes into the problems that they’ve had with the up to date, you know, because there’s problems too when you start producing testosterone as an example, you know. The governments like it though because it makes you awfully placid, content, you want to just rub up against people because you’re cute and cuddly and all that, you know. And you put the weight on like you wouldn’t believe, you know. And you’ll become estrogen dominant then too.  Nn-nnn, I don’t know, ‘eh. So, they go on about all the other scientific ways they can try to keep you working, ‘eh. Right down to even giving you female hormones as well.  It’s all for the greater good, you understand, you know. Yep. They have a few products now to give you, if you want them, you know. 


Governments might start giving you little certificates, just like with the Covid certificates that give you little privileges, you might get that too if you start taking the male pill.  It’s all, you know, it’s like your bonus points at the store, everybody’s got these cards and so the governmental agencies know exactly what you’re buying from all the stores and yada, yada ya, why you’re buying, even how much you eat every week, they know all that stuff. And you get little bonus points for sharing your information, you see, letting them into your life, you know, throwing away your privacy.


They’re still going on about the schools in Britain and elsewhere, should they open the schools or keep them closed, yada, yada ya. And teachers don’t care as long as they just get paid, you know, they’re quite happy to stay home and get paid to stay home, you know. 


Most Hospitals Worldwide Remained Empty During The Last 10 Months Of '20: Here's The Proof - bitchute.com / 31 Dec 2020


I'll put the video up too, of the woman. I think she got arrested it said before, after she put up the video. What can you say, 'eh?  It's all out in the open, it's just that it's forbidden to mention what you see. 


The communist Democratic Party in the US, you know, has got, I think it's, who is it now? Was it Pelosi that brought, yeah, Nancy Pelosi from California brought forth the next rule for...  Before, we had this years ago, to erase gender terms, right, like, he, and she, and so on, pronouns. But now they want to erase terms such as…


Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’

theepochtimes.com / 1 Jan 2021


(A:  ...just get rid of them altogether. Make it law.  Everything goes into the absurdities are made law nowadays, you notice that? By the people who claim that we've never been Democratic enough. But they call themselves Democrats.  They're completely intolerant of any other way of looking at things.  They're progressive Democrats, to eradicate all that was to bring in the new, you see. And Pelosi herself naturally, ohhhh, she gets well-paid to do what she does. They all do. They're all fronts, you know that. They're complete prostitutes.  They have no moral convictions of any kind except for themselves, you know, the income that they earn.  So, as I say, there's a PDF included in it too.  I'll put it up too. It's to do with the proposed rules to include...)


… “father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, …


Rules for the 117th. Congress - rules.house.gov/pdf


Remember, the whole thing was always to destroy the family unit, you remember that, Karl Marx?  Hm?  It hasn't changed, has it?  It hasn't changed.


The Daily Mail Online again.


Are hospitals REALLY creaking under the strain of Covid before Christmas?

(A:  This is just before Christmas, December 18th, in Britain. The National Health Service…)

NHS data shows trusts are STILL quieter than last December - with seven times fewer wards close to being full

dailymail.co.uk / 18 Dec 2020


(A:   …seven times fewer wards close to being full, than last year, than the year before, right. So there ya go.)


Average intensive care ward occupancy down to 75 per cent from 84 per cent from the same time last year…


(A:  You see, 85%, up to 90%, is still coping, you understand that?  That’s what they’re meant for. They’re not meant to be empty, or even half-empty. They’re built to accommodate as many as possible, almost at full capacity, but they never reach it.  Np.) _


But statistics suggest the health service is, overall, coping better with its workload than it did last winter


(A:   The previous winter, that would be 2019. So, they’re quieter than they were the year before.


No kidding.


But again, if you read the other stories, oh, they’re all full and, oh my God, it’s a chaos, oooo.


Another article, I remember it came out too, because they’re trying to convince the people to be very afraid, that youngsters are not immune from this, you know from this illness, this disease. So, they had people come out and say, oh my, we found it, children are getting it.  No.


'Simply untrue': London children's hospital consultant blasts 'irresponsible' nurse who gave BBC radio interview claiming she saw 'a whole ward of children' with coronavirus

dailymail.co.uk / 2 Jan 2021


(A:  Well, that's the BBC, again, promoting this stuff, you see, the government line.)


Paediatrician Dr Ronny Cheung blasted 'lies' around children with Covid-19


He said there were not 'wards' filled with children suffering from coronavirus


A matron at a London hospital claimed she was seeing 'whole wards' of children


(A:  I wonder how much they paid the matron by the BBC for that, you know.  So there ya go. How they exaggerate nonsense, ‘eh.  Fabrication.)  


Now, this article here explains the PCR test. Pretty well. I've read it before, and I'll do it again because you can't… There are certain important things you must always remember. The important things get lost with the deluge of data that's dumped on you every day. And that's deliberate misleading by obfuscation and overload, from the facts.


The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society

globalresearch.ca / 22 Dec 2020


(A:  It goes into what it is.)


Very few people, including doctors, understand how a PCR test works.


(A:  Now, this is the thing. You don’t realize how much the doctors themselves really don’t know about so much. Including, never mind, nourishment, hchh, and nutrition and so on. They really don’t know much at all. They’re given about half a day at the end of their last term, on even vaccines for instance, vaccination.)


RT-PCR means Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction.


(A:  That’s what it’s about, that’s the test that they use.  Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction.)


In medicine, we use this tool mainly to diagnose a viral infection.


Starting from a clinical situation with the presence or absence of particular symptoms in a patient, we consider different diagnoses based on tests.


We do not routinely perform RT-PCR on any patient who is overheated, coughing or has an inflammatory syndrome!


It is a laboratory, molecular biology technique of gene amplification because it looks for gene traces (DNA or RNA) by amplifying them.


(A:  That’s what the cycles are, they amplify and amplify and amplify.)   


In addition to medicine, other fields of application are genetics, research, industry and forensics.


The technique is carried out in a specialized laboratory, (A: Here’s the important part too, you see.)  it cannot be done in any laboratory, even a hospital. This entails a certain cost, and a delay sometimes of several days between the sample and the result.


Today, since the emergence of the new disease called COVID-19 (COrona VIrus Disease-2019), the RT-PCR diagnostic technique is used to define positive cases, confirmed as SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus responsible for the new acute respiratory distress syndrome called COVID-19).


These positive cases are assimilated to COVID-19 cases, some of whom are hospitalized or even admitted to intensive care units.


This is the starting postulate, the premise of all official propaganda, which justifies all restrictive government measures: isolation, confinement, quarantine, mandatory masks, color codes by country and travel bans, tracking, social distances in companies, stores and even, even more importantly, in schools.


This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society, the degradation of living conditions for a large number of ordinary citizens, under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.


(A:  You see. It’s totally destroyed the economy. So, it’s intentional. This is war.)


The PCR technique was developed by chemist Kary B. Mullis in 1986. Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993.


Although this is disputed, Kary Mullis himself is said to have criticized the interest of PCR as a diagnostic tool for an infection, especially a viral one.


(A:  Actually, although they can say it’s disputed, there’s actually a video of him talking about that, saying pretty well that, you know.)


He stated that if PCR was a good tool for research, it was a very bad tool in medicine, in the clinic.


Mullis was referring to the AIDS virus (HIV retrovirus or HIV), before the COVID-19 pandemic, but this opinion on the limitation of the technique in viral infections, by its creator, cannot be dismissed out of hand; it must be taken into account!


PCR was perfected in 1992.


As the analysis can be performed in real time, continuously, it becomes RT (Real-Time) – PCR, even more efficient.


It can be done from any molecule, including those of the living, the nucleic acids that make up the genes:


DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)

RNA (Ribonucleic Acid)


Viruses are not considered as “living” beings, they are packets of information (DNA or RNA) forming a genome.


It is by an amplification technique (multiplication) (A: That’s the cycles I was talking about.)  that the molecule sought is highlighted and this point is very important.


RT-PCR is an amplification technique.


If there is DNA or RNA of the desired element in a sample, it is not identifiable as such.


This DNA or RNA must be amplified (multiplied) a certain number of times, (A:  This is the important part too.) sometimes a very large number of times, before it can be detected.


(A:  They actually said that up to about 30 times, cycles, that multiplies the particle numbers, you know, so many times, after about 30, and then they take the reading and see what they got. Then they’ll decide if it’s positive or negative. And different countries are using different levels of the test by the way. So, you can be positive in one country and negative in another. And even state to state inside the US in fact. But after over 30 it becomes completely unreliable, 30 cycles.  And some of them in the States, they’re over 40 cycles so they’re guaranteed to get false positives.  M-hm. So this, it comes initially from a minute trace.)


From a minute trace, up to billions of copies of a specific sample can be obtained, but this does not mean that there is all that amount in the organism being tested.


(A:  Even if they say you’re positive, it doesn’t mean you’ve got the infection by the way.)


There are DNA viruses such as Herpes and Varicella viruses.


The most well-known RNA viruses, in addition to coronaviruses, are Influenza, Measles, EBOLA, ZIKA viruses.


In the case of SARS-CoV-2, RNA virus, an additional specific step is required, a transcription of RNA into DNA by means of an enzyme, Reverse Transcriptase.


This step precedes the amplification phase.


It is not the whole virus that is identified, but sequences of its viral genome.


(A:  It’s bits and pieces of virus, you see.) 


This does not mean that this gene sequence, a fragment of the virus, is not specific to the virus being sought, but it is an important nuance nonetheless:


RT-PCR does not reveal any virus, but only parts, specific gene sequences of the virus.


(A:  So, this article goes into it in quite some depth anyway.  They go into the different tests, the cycles they can use on it too and how the cycles work.)


Here is how it works:


Cycle 1: target x 2 (2 copies)


Cycle 2: target x 4 (4 copies)


Cycle 3: target x 8 (8 copies)


Cycle 4: target x 16 (16 copies)


Cycle 5; target x 32 (32 copies)


Etc exponentially up to 40 to 60 cycles!


This is what underlies the sensitivity of the RT-PCR assay.


This over-sensitivity of the RT-PCR test is deleterious and misleading!


(A:  Because that tracks from the basic fact, from one of the first articles I read too in clinical medicine and diagnosing, you know, it says…)


It detaches us from the medical reality which must remain based on the real clinical state of the person: is the person ill, does he or she have symptoms?


(A:  …of this virus. That’s the most important thing of all. Not the PCR test. And all these cases generally are not sick. It’s just numbers to make it appear like, oh, it’s a terrible thing flooding through society.  And they’re not getting sick with it.)


This is the thing too; you’ve never seen such incredible psychological warfare operation as we’ve got right now. It’s never happened in history to this extent. I hope you understand. Even with the reasons to get you into previous world wars and things, it was never even like this.


The preparations that went into creating the system, to give the overall hype and terror and fear, were set up, that takes hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of organizations working together in lock step.  And training for it, getting all the social media platforms on board. Even in one of the articles I mentioned too, the SPARS one, they mention that, that they have to get all the media on board with them, again, before the events even happen. 


All the tests that they do, tabletop exercises, they must already have it really, actually already to go, as though it was going to happen tomorrow. Because it might happen tomorrow. So therefore, everybody's on board with them.  Even how to attack people who don't agree with it on social media platforms. It's all been put out on tabletop exercises.  And that's what they're following.


But yes, they should not be, they should be looking at the clinical symptoms of each patient.  Oh, you said you feel that? I'm fine, I'm fine. You know. That's your diagnostic plan right there, how do you feel?  No temperature, no.  No cough, no.  Feeling fine, yeah feeling fine.  M-hm.  Well, it wouldn't matter, the swab says so-and-so, the test from the swab says so-and-so.  It says that above 35 times it's cycled, 'eh... Actually, it says that the 35 count, it says, this stuff becomes very unreliable altogether.


With 1 copy/μl of a sample (Ct 35), without cough, without symptoms, one can understand why all these doctors and scientists say that a positive RT-PCR test means nothing, nothing at all in terms of medicine and clinic!


(A:  There ya go.  N-n-n. It also says in the New York Times…)


In the NYT, experts compiled three datasets with officials from the states of Massachusetts, New York and Nevada that mention them.  (A:  …these particular counts and so on, they call them counts, PCR counts and so on.)


“Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus. »


The Wadworth Center, a New York State laboratory, analyzed the results of its July tests at the request of the NYT: 794 positive tests with a Ct of 40.


“With a Ct threshold of 35, approximately half of these PCR tests would no longer be considered positive,” said the NYT.


“And about 70% would no longer be considered positive with a Ct of 30! “


In Massachusetts, between 85 and 90% of people who tested positive in July with a Ct of 40 would have been considered negative with a Ct of 30, adds the NYT. And yet, all these people had to isolate themselves, with all the dramatic psychological and economic consequences, while they were not sick and probably not contagious at all.


(A:  You see, facts don’t matter anymore. It’s a long article, so I’ll put it up regardless though. But it’s quite good and it’s pretty well precise, you know. It says…)


It is time for everyone to come out of this negative trance, this collective hysteria, because famine, poverty, massive unemployment will kill, mow down many more people than SARS-CoV-2!


And isn’t that the truth, folks, ‘eh?  And I think that’s what it’s intended to do. Myself.


I can see them now, with the continuation of this wartime scenario we’re going through now, with oh, the food is diminishing, and we’ve got to put out rationing now, you’ve got to tighten your belts and be good citizens, yada ya. This is the play of the whole thing that’s all going to get played out. Obviously, this is the way that they want it to go.


Nothing’s going to stop it unless WE stop it. And you all have to speak out against it and let it be known until they can’t contain the nonsense anymore. That’s what has to happen. Not pleasant but this is the way it’s all been designed to go obviously. Because they want their way. They want this worldwide war scenario of rationing and emergency powers over everything. And your obedience as you would have in a complete wartime type of situation. A postconsumer society, you obey, you do what you’re told. That’s exactly what they want.


That’s what the member of the Green Party in Britain said a few years ago, remember? When she looked back to World War II and the books, read the history books and the articles and how compliant the people in London were, and obedient.  They all suffered mightily, and rationing them, almost starved and the whole thing. And they would go down into the subways during the bombing raids and just all lay together with blankets and that, with each other and slept there and put up with it all, because it was a wartime situation. She really thought that was fantastic, this rationing and compliance of the society trying to survive through war. So, if she could get that back in, she says, they could bring a sustainable future in. Well, there ya go, folks.


There’s nothing to guess at here. There really is nothing. I read all the countless articles from the big players, and the Sierra Club and all the big players too, David Attenborough for years talking about too many of you. And many of the other players too, saying exactly the same thing, it’s always the same mantra, too many of you. And you can’t have sustainability. You can’t have the people living in the same lap of luxury, you know.  Even if you’re lower-class, they said that you’re in the lap of luxury, folks. I hope you understand they’re talking about you. And so, they want you to do without, you can’t all have the same standard of living with your big TVs and all the rest of it and cell phones, yada, yada ya. 


No, no, no. They want you to come down, down, down. As you’re financing the other countries to come up under the free trade deals. Because you are, you’re paying for them.  You’re paying for their hospitals when you join these free trade deals, even in China. You build hospitals for them. You build schooling for them. Hydroelectric dams, all kinds of dams for them. All kinds of power supplies for them, and systems. Your tax money is paying for it all. Free trade, read it up for yourselves.


I did all these articles years ago in depth and we’re living through it today. As you go down, that’s what they said too, from the CFR. The idea is the first world countries will have to pay for bringing all the other countries up. And as the other countries come up, you will go down and there will be some happy medium that you all meet together. Meaning, you’re going to come down, down, down, folks. That was always the agenda. They published their findings many times over. People didn’t want to believe it. Here it is.


It’s all here under Covid, folks. Sustainability. You’re never going to go back to normal says Fauci. And the next day in the papers it will say, well maybe after you get the jab you can go back to normal.  They’re lying through their teeth!  Fauci said you’re not going to go back to normal. So does Bill Gates. So, does everybody else at the WEF, the World Economic Forum. You’re not going to go back to normal.


Unless you throw off the shackles of this oppression. Obviously. It’s blatant war upon the people. And this terror campaign, a campaign of terror on the public, a reign of terror, that’s what it is.  I said that months ago, a reign of terror on the public. With all the forces of academia and psychology and behaviorism waged against you. All the behavioral insights teams working with SAGE and other groups in every country, hm, to terrorize the public. 


Well, that’s it folks anyway for tonight almost. But remember folks, you can send a few bucks my way. Keep me ticking along. Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Personal checks are okay. PayPal is fine. You can send cash as well. Money Gram still works. You can find other ways I’m sure to get cash to me. But that’s how to do it. I’m in the process now of trying to find other ways to bring it in. As the regular systems will be drying up with the lockdowns and all the rest of it. Eventually that will definitely come down the road. But in the meantime, send a few bucks my way, as I say, and hopefully I can keep ticking along and keeping the sites up. As we go through all this together. 


And I do read all my email that comes in. There’re stacks of it. So much of it. So, I can’t get back to all of them, but I read it for sure. I know who’s who and what people are going through as well. It really sticks with you what folk are going through and experiencing.  And the effects of the terror upon different people, not just the elderly but other people too, different age groups as well.  I tell them, don’t crack up on this. Don’t crack up.


It’s very much, it’s true that saying, that I think was FDR supposedly said that, the worst thing you have to fear is fear itself. And the circumstance with Covid, I guess that’s true. Because that’s what you have to worry about, is the fear itself that they’re creating, not the virus itself. That’s my personal opinion. 


It's such a hyped-up piece of deliberate strategy of warfare, it's almost unbelievable, that's why folk can't quite accept it as being planned this way. But it is. The hype is incredible. And a vaccine for something that very few folk really will die of, and might have it, we'll all have it in us, these PCR tests would probably find eventually everybody's got fragments of viruses and it will show a bit. But the fact is, it's not killing you. Other things kill you.


So again, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Don't rely on any other sites that might put me up in case they get closed eventually.  You've always got to have the main sites there. Because they are at war, the system is at war with the people now. They're closing lots of sites down.  And there's only a few places left you can even put little video clips up now.  Except for the main ones and they are completely strict, they're completely on board with censorship.


Which again as I've said before, this is book burning, massive scale book burning. Way beyond what the Nazis did. There's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people getting banned from the social media platforms just for making comments, for goodness sake, comments on certain topics and Covid as well.


This is a complete intolerant society that you've been brought into.  Completely intolerant. There's no such thing as free speech under tyrannical rule. Obviously. Never has been under tyranny. Welcome to tyranny, because it's definitely here, folks.


But hang in there, don't panic. Help each other out. You've got to have the little systems to help each other out when times get worse. Don't sit and wait for it happening.  Make sure you have your little supply links, you know, worked out in advance and folk will help each other out. Even alternate ways of communication if things get really, really bad. 


But you'll definitely all need each other as we all go through this long-term war scenario. It's a long-term war scenario.  And if they get their way, it's to be a different society after five or six, maybe even 10 years down the road when we come out of it all.  Into a different system which will be the normal, the new normal.


And don't give up, folks. Don't give up.  You've still got, you're still ticking along and you're kicking along and you're thinking.  And you don't have to just give up and say oh that's the end of it. No, no. Not at all.


Evil has to be faced straight on. Don't turn the other cheek and don't, don't ignore it and say well this is too negative to really survive, I've got to look at the positive all the time. Well, the positive has to look at the negative or you won't have positive to look out for eventually. The positive only is positive when you start fighting the negative, folks, and accepting it, then fight it, that's how you get to the positive. But ignoring it won't help.  It still comes up behind you like an express train, whether you want to see it or not.  That's the truth of it.


So, remember, you're all precious and you all have, if you all understood your rights and you all understand that you have as many rights, just as many rights as all those ones at the top who are demanding you live the way that they are telling you to live, you have the same right to say no, I'll live the way I want to live.  You really do.


It's a shame that the US, what happened to WE the people? What happened to it?


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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