Jan. 24, 2021 (#1813)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Genie of Genocide:

"A Plan Cloaked in Diabolic Deceptions,

Masquerading as Legitimate Perceptions

As Defenders of Humanity Via the State

Which Loudly Proclaims Who Now to Hate

By Ridicule, Demonizing Who to Remove,

Dehumanizing Target so Public Approve

Genocidal Purge With Righteous Flavour,

Under Guise of Doing the World a Favour,

After Obstacle to Dominion is No More,

Evil is Enthroned in Blood and Gore,

A World of Doublespeak Slogans Sardonic,

Hell's the New Freedom, Rulers Demonic."

© Alan Watt Jan. 24, 2021

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix January 24, 2021.  As always, I like to say that I hope most of you, because I don't know if we can all feel great at this time, but most of you are getting through the crisis, the manufactured crisis that's across the whole planet right now and coping with it in some way or another.  I hope too, as I've said before, that folk are starting to realize you'll need each other in small groups to get through this long long-term agenda. And I mean long-term.


Because everything to do with sustainability hinges, the climate agreement that was knocked back a little bit there, every other agreement was kind of put on hold for a few years there, is back on track. But the whole point of the climate agreement, and it came out from the different groups involved over many years and the Club of Rome especially, was rather open about it, was to blame humanity, you are the problem for the climate changes. Even though you've always had climate change on and off in different ways for probably millions of years.


So that doesn't matter though, an agenda is an agenda.  There's too many people, that was what they settled on at the Club of Rome, causing the problems. So obviously therefore, and they've said this too at the climate agreement meetings, COPs they call them, the Conference of Parties that they were having every year starting with the Paris agreement, they said that basically there's too many people, again.  So again, they keep saying the same thing over and over and over, sustainability, too many people.   Well, how do you get them to stop doing it? They said at the last 2019 meeting, the climate change meeting, they said that the people were not listening to them to do with sustainability, we're still consuming and all the rest of it, consumer society, and something more drastic would have to be done.  Well, bingo!... in 2020 you got their answer, you see, their Pearl Harbor event, and away we go.


So instantly the economy is crashed, which kind of stops consumerism, doesn't it?  Plus, the people are getting locked down in these big spurts of lockdowns, which are intended to go on for years by the way.  Out of the end of it will be a vastly different society with a good many people being on perpetual income from the government basically, that sometimes is called Universal Basic Income, that the UN floated years ago because the World Bank is generally behind any financial decisions like that to do the with the economies and so on, and the Bank for International Settlements. 


They came out with that years ago and they're doing it again too, Universal Basic Income.  How do you get the people just to stay home?  Well, you bring them a crisis, you stop them from working, they can't work anywhere else. So, you've got a good chunk of the population on Universal Basic Income... a type of communism, remember, in a sense, because regardless of if you're working or not and you're getting money from the state, then that's how the centralized system in the Soviet era actually worked.  You know, the state supplied the wages and so on, or the income, and here you go again.


There's nothing that ever happens that hasn't been done before in some form or another, it's just that most folk can't recognize what they're living through at the time.  It's like communism, as long as you don't use the word communism folk won't connect what you're living under now, in some countries.  Socialism, communism, it's all the same kind of thing. Stalin said that, that communism was just socialism in a hurry. And that's what you've got.


Of course, the ones behind all of that are the richest folk on the planet. Because as the technocrats it's far more efficient to have people in a one-party system doing what they're told, as they do in China. That's why they really favor the Chinese system for the world.  And that's not from me, that’s from their own admissions in the CRF, you know, the so-called establishment members.  And you can see their point of view if you believe in totalitarianism or a form of oligarchical control.  It does make sense from their point of view because having to cater to folks’ rights is an awful nuisance.  You have to go around things and delay things and even stop certain things, certain plans that you have, because dash it all, the folks have rights, and isn't that a nuisance.


So, under Emergency Powers, which is a form of martial law, that's actually what it is, Emergency Powers Act, all your rights are suspended.  If you've noticed.  That's why they brought in this, again, along with the Covid, the suspension of all rights, crashing the economy, which is a war act.  That's what you do against enemy states, you try to destroy their economy. Well, literally by order, of decree by your own governments, they stopped all the economy and put thousands and thousands, maybe even millions of small businesses across the planet, no doubt about that, maybe even billions across the planet, completely out of business altogether.  Never been done before.  World wars didn't stop the economies and declare that certain things were essential and nonessential like that. 


That's been done under the guise of an invisible threat.  That most folk apparently if you get it, you won't know you've had it, and you'll have antibodies against it in no time at all.  And as all medical studies have always shown including this one too, your naturally acquired antibodies are far stronger and longer lasting than anything they can never inject into you, or caused by anything that they can inject into you, compared to that.  So yeah, natural immunity is definitely good. 


It's very telling to me because like everything else, as I mentioned since 2001, the hardest thing to hold onto is your sanity as you go forward.  Because big changes were made and to be implemented, and plan to be implement on us, and you’re living through them as they are implemented. All kinds of them.  Social changes, changes that maybe you kind of laugh at in the beginning, and then make you rather scared because you see that you've been taught and told, you'd better accept what you're seeing is NOT what you're seeing, it's what they tell you you're seeing.  And they back it up with laws now and all kinds of nonsensical psychological warfare terminology, like hate, you know.   So, if you see certain things happening or even been told not to call something what it is called already, and always has been for good reason, by your own governments, then you're in trouble, aren't you? You truly are in a strange Orwellian system.


I mean, Brave New World was more passive the way that they managed the people. They drugged them all up too of course with their happy pills and lots of orgies, etc. But in the George Orwell's 1984, you definitely had the boot stomping on the face, you know, of the peasants, forever, the average person forever. That's what you've got happening now. You're being told by THE authorities under martial law systems, emergency powers, to obey, no matter how ridiculous what you've been told to obey happens to be, and how detrimental it is to society psychologically, economically and in every other way too, and you're being taught now to go along with this.


Even though the science, I think Dr. Vernon Coleman and others too have said the same thing, science has got to be verifiable with testing and repeated tests and so on by other independent agencies. That's how you come to empirical data, by constantly re-examining it and so on, doing the same tests and finding out what YOUR results happened to be using the same formulas.  Of course, that's not happening, as you well know. You're told by THE sources of information, the so-called official sources, contradictory stories and lots of maybes and possibilities. That's not, when you get that that's not science, that's opinion.


So, it's a big agenda.  Even the Lancet, the British medical journal, not the BMJ but the Lancet itself is another magazine they use to put out by the British health industry, talking about and jumping on board with the reset, the great reset idea, and the chance to renew everything and get back on track with the climate agenda, etc., and all the things to do with fossil fuels, etc., all completely politicized.  A magazine that's supposed to do with just basic health, totally politicized for a political agenda. It's just astonishing to see that coming out too.  Openly I should say, because years and years ago I mentioned that everything is politicized. You don't realize it when you're living through it.


I mentioned too that like Jacques Ellul, he was a great philosopher in fact who wrote the book Propaganda, about propaganda you see, and how it's been used forever by experts. He touched on Bernays of course who really used these techniques and marketing skills for propaganda purposes for governments and private corporations.  Ellul said that you're brought up with, what used to be novels, you see novels were the big thing, before you got radio then television. Then you had all three combined.  But whenever you see anything to do with police and detectives and so on, he says, that's propaganda.  You're being given a fake reality of what it's all about, what policing is all about, and detective work is all about, to make you believe that they're all out there for you.  You know? 


He said the same thing with medicine. He said, television drama series and things like that, which were awfully important in the 60s and the 70s and 80s really.  You would identify with the characters in the hospital, that can't sleep at night because, you know, they want to get up in the middle of the night when an idea hits them to cure this or that patient, they're just…  They're not in it for the money or anything, you know.  The same with pharmacology.  In those dramas too, they bring in pharmacology, the latest drug, oh my goodness, and everybody's crying, they just cured this, this, this, this family's little boy or girl.


He said the same thing, this is how propaganda works, it's mainly through fiction.  It's so much padding of every story that you see through fiction, whether it's a movie or TV dramas, so much padding of political correctness, the latest updates on what's now normal, you see, and what now you should think of this, that maybe you thought something before.  So, your opinions have to drastically change to be acceptable within society and your peer group, who are all being altered at the same time... by their masters, unknowingly a lot of them, you know.


That's how it works. It's quite a simple thing. But it's so prevalent through everything, absolutely everything.  You can actually see if you look back into old movies, you can see, like wave changes, this is the next wave for this change, the next wave for that change, coming into the actual movies themselves. Very innocently at first.  And generally, initially, if it's to do with sexual, anything to do with sex, or even genders and so on, it's introduced through comedies. That's how it's done because it seems inoffensive somehow, you laugh at it. Because if you're laughing at something it can't be bad, you know. Initially that's how they get you, it's always done the same way, through and starting with comedy.


When you look into the Department of Culture in every country, and I used to, many years ago I said, why does every country under the United Nations have its own Department of Culture?  If YOU are the people and you ARE the culture, why would you need a Department of Culture?  Well, it's to guide the people into culture and to change it and direct it and direct the change.  That's what it's for. They give incredible art grants out, under the guise of art, to all kinds of novelists, scriptwriters and movie writers, screenwriters and so on.  They get paid extra bonuses, and with LISTS of things to insert in the stories. That's why you often say, what does this have to do with the story, or that? And it's got nothing, except propaganda and indoctrination purposes.


You're growing up through it, you've had it your whole lives, most folk don't realize it. Unless you're wary for a reason, most folk being natural can't believe that that's the extent...  They think they're FREE, remember.  Remember what Bertrand Russell said? The people will keep thinking they're free because the government tells them they are so. It's so simple, isn't it? 


They used to always point to some enemy, some dark nation over yonder that was under, beyond an iron curtain type thing, as, those people have no rights and freedoms...  That's how they keep you back home thinking that you DID.  Which is mainly bogus too.  You had a little bit more extra leeway, but the same forces were still in action, monitoring and noting mainly, in the West as well. But now you're seeing it full-blown in the lockdowns.


It's astonishing, the fulfillment of what I knew back in, oh, even the late 80s into the 90s simply by a few bits and bytes, like everybody else was getting bits and bytes of information.  I wasn't into computers, but I did read an awful lot of newspapers, magazines, and books for sure where you would get the gist of what was to come, without often explanations of why they must come. And before you even got, oh my God, you've got to get a computer, that was the message in all the mainstream media at the time, isn't it naughty there's all this pornography on the computer... TO ENTICE folk into getting them.  That was one of the big techniques that the marketers used. Now it's quite normal, most folk are growing up with pornography, and all age groups use it apparently.  And it affects them.  Because whatever is introduced into your society, as they say in evolution and so on and sociology, will affect society, alter society. 


Just like basically cars altered society.  The very fact you could just jump in a vehicle and move, and it became within the reach of other people, you know, if you could even get a used and secondhand ones, but you could go a long distance in a car, where you couldn't really do it with a horse so easily. And most folk couldn't afford a horse at one time because they're very expensive to keep and maintain, you know, with vet bills and things that happen. Never mind feeding them, in the wintertime especially.  So yeah, you had this little bit of freedom where you could go traveling.  That affected society.  Your outlook changes when you have that bit of freedom. 


You've got to remember too, it's not so long ago that people, and I always use Britain because it's an example and I grew up in it, but it's an example of how things change rather rapidly. But as the folk adapt to it, they don't notice it, so they don't see it being so rapid. They take it just naturally.  Take the cell phones, they think they are born with cell phones already, you know.  They don't realize that people in Britain had different dialects.  It was interesting going through England and Scotland, and towns even three or four miles apart could have a different dialect from the other one.  Because that's about the distance people could walk there and back in a day.  That's how a journeyman too, tradesman, that's where the journeyman came from, how far he could walk in a day, you know, to work to a job.


It was the same with average people too, how far could you go.  And if people are working during the day, they don't have many hours in the evening, especially in say the early 20th century, a lot of people were still working 16 hours a day, you know.  So, you couldn't walk too far in your spare time, and you probably didn't want to be walking in your sleep.  You find, as I say, all those different dialects were… because people were almost in a sense all, yeah, they would get newspapers, but the fact is, they were almost isolated in a sense because they didn't have big influxes of people coming in with different dialects. 


It wasn't until radio came out, and definitely with television, that you had the BIG change.  People started to adopt and adapt into using what they called the transatlantic accent.  Which was the little joke they had, because everything you saw initially from the movie versions and TV dramas and series was mainly Westerns and things from the US, all the Westerns and stuff.  Until they developed this accent that wasn't really quite English, not quite American, a lot of them. Over the years too in the 70s and 80s into the 90s, a lot of the dramas they put out for the schoolchildren, about schools and so on, and isn't it fun and all the rest of it, they actually gave them new accents.  It was inserted into the stories and actors and actresses were taught how to use them.  Then you found the people actually copying that all through America and Canada. Quite interesting.


So as I say, you’re living through constant planned change and you don't even notice it, you simply adapt into it.  So again, everything that's introduced into society, any physical thing too, definitely changes society. Look at just the phone.  When the phone came in suddenly folk in businesses could communicate with people across their country, and maybe even across the world.  Suddenly you've got a whole vast different outlook on businesses altogether, and small businesses even in your own site, country, even in your own shire in Britain, because now you can, you've got more, well, instant communication to do with deals and so on.  So, it definitely changes things.


You adapt and change, adapt and change. So those people who plan what technologies are to be really investigated it for worth and use, and fund it into being, end up running a lot of the systems that now control you. Definitely in high tech.  You look at the NSA, people talk about, oh, Silicon Valley is now a force to be reckoned with. There's nothing out there on a big scale that isn't part of one big corporation. And I mean, THE ONE, they are all divisions of it. You couldn't have a separate NSA, separate from Silicon Valley doing its own thing. It doesn't happen.  Any more than Facebook is an independent organization. These are all funded into being with front people generally.  Front people are very important.


As I've said before, it's been exposed in the past and admitted to that many corporations, big ones to do with the military-industrial complex were funded completely through different budgets by the CIA, that then operates them and puts their own operatives in to manage them.  Lots of the big companies and corporations are the same. The same in Britain. Britain was doing it through MI6 and so on and MI5, forever.  Even before you had the term MI5 they did it too.


If you want to look at whatever term you want to use, including the modern term, a deep state, that's always been here.  It never decided to let go of its power or its control. What power ever just says, okay, yeah, we're going to give up power, you can have it?  It doesn't happen. It doesn't happen. If anything, they must always increase their power, that's what power does to people.  And how does it do that? It's more control power.  Power IS control.  And under the control, everything underneath it including populations must be controlled.


That's what the Internet was initially for.  Get folk into it, they are dependent on it. I gave the same talks in the 90s, it was to get folk dependent on it.  Lots of little freebies initially and oh, look at that, look at this and so on.  Then get them used to putting up all their information out electronically on a daily basis, that's completely pigeonholing them into profiles, you see. Then start roping them in. It's like a fishing net, you know, where you have, it looks like a big, big square when they cast it off into the ocean.  But there's actually ropes, like a drawing rope that you pull it, it tightens it all into a top, just like a pouch and tightens it, so everything inside it is trapped.  Well, it's the same technique.


I said in the 90s that eventually they'll take all the freebies they give you away from you, knowing you'll still be hooked on it. Because you get used to it. People will continue doing things that are bad for them because it's habit and it's routine. Routine is very important in creating habits and for control of the people.  So even when they know, oh, this is maybe not so good for me to indulge in this or that or the other, they'll still keep doing it. Of course, then they end up making it mandatory pretty well to use it if you want to even get your banking done or bills payed or anything like that, especially under the Covid, ' eh?  So, they've got it all sewn up.  That's control. It's all total control.


I can remember too when people started to hear about Al Gore, before they got to know him more by the whole climate problem as he called it and too many humans, etc. and sustainability. The same stuff as Maurice Strong was pushing.  They all belong to the same club.  But Al Gore came out before that talking about, oh the computer, and this Internet is going to change society, the whole planet, and everybody will have to be on it, and it will work wonders and so on. He even took credit at one point, that was the big joke even in the media, that he claimed he invented it, which was a real joke. 


But he was quite right in the fact they had already had the big, massive meetings of how they would introduce this thing into the public domain and how it would change society completely, drastically. Therefore, those who control culture and society, it was too great an opportunity obviously for them to just let it go, 'eh.  They jumped on it from the very beginning.


You've got to go into the history of the Internet and ARPA and then DARPA, that managed it and controlled it during the whole Cold War.  All sides in the Cold War used computer systems and hacked each other and did all these kind of things to each other. Listened to each other. Even collected the chat amongst the different programmers on other sides of the world to try and analyze what they were thinking and talking about and so on. Everything that was done eventually on the public in the West, like today, was already done during the Cold War.  And how it would influence and change people's opinions and behaviors and so on. And it certainly did.


Just like the television literally stopped people from going for walks. Couples used to go for walks all the time in Britain before TV.  Suddenly this TV comes in and yep, there was nobody going for picnics in the park and so on. It all just completely stopped dead, almost instantly.  You've got all these reruns of programs that came from the States, old programs that they got pretty well cheap I guess to watch television. So yeah, it altered behavior. Put that thing in the room and it altered behavior. 


They did the same thing with the radio, the BBC. Because it was really, the BBC was really a propaganda department for the British government.  It still is. Although as I say, they sold some shares, they have these crown corporation shares they call it, that's not available to the public, but it did come out a few years ago that a whole chunk of them had been sold to the CIA.  The BBC definitely has been at the forefront of all the big propaganda scares for, oh, since its inception.  It's been used for world wars, and in a big way, for propaganda.  In between too, for updating, again, your updates, your politically correct updates, what you should think today about this or that or whatever and change your opinions and views on certain things.  It's constant, constant, constant.


But they also had, they found out that, before World War II they had these radio shows on the BBC where they gave you dramas, like a series of a drama, and every one would end with someone, they called it the cliffhanger with the hero who was hanging by his fingernails on a cliff edge or something, knowing that you'd tune in the next day to find out what happened.  It made folk stay at home rather than go out for a walk or whatever, do gardening.  So again, your behavior was being changed.  They were doing surveys and all that at the time. Everything that's done to the public, it never, you know, it's done intensely, using your own tax money, right up to the present day, on your behavior to see if it's working, whatever it happens to be.


So, you get that computer, then you get the cell phone.  And the cell phone, I mean, it's just a miniature computer really.  Then folk chat about everything everywhere they go.  Until your behavior is changed again. So much so that a lot of them end up in car smashes, or causing them, when they're chatting away and forget where they are when they're driving.  They forget where they are when they are in the middle of stores going down the aisles chatting away too, saying things that they shouldn't be saying.


It's just astonishing to see how you adapt into it.  Especially things that are a bit outside of basic, your basic ability to adapt to.  You can adapt to bicycles quite easily for instance.  Then you can start to adapt a bit easier to, still with cars you're still, you were still in charge of things and your senses were alert, you see. But when it gets into something to do with conversation, which generally only happens when you're static, [Alan chuckles.] you're not cycling or driving a car.  When you're moving, that's not quite so normal in nature, you see, unless you've got a great pair of lungs and you can jog along and still have a conversation for two hours straight.  But normally it doesn't work that way. So, you find that folk lose it when they’re in places talking about, to someone else far away, and forgetting that there's people around them that are just shoppers listening to these conversations, it's astonishing what they come out with.


So yeah, everything that's put into your environment changes you, you see. Just like… That's why they gave you the facemask with Covid. It completely alters behavior. It fulfills many purposes. One of them of course is to STOP conversation. It's very difficult to chat to anybody with a mask on your face and they've got the same. Everything is muffled. Everything is uncomfortable. People want to pull it off all the time. You can see it even on clips on the Internet from TV.  I don't have TV, but you'll see that, they keep pulling it away from their noses trying to get a breath. Because eventually the moisture from your breath clogs up the little pores in the mask, it makes it harder to get oxygen.  Which your body needs, believe it or not, you know.  It really does need it.


Which brings me around to one topic I'll just touch on tonight, is that... It's two topics... Well, it's two articles.  One of them is about, you probably read it, about some experts are now advising that you wear two masks.  And I daren't even go into asking where the second mask is supposed to go. But the other one, the other article is about speaking can spread Covid.  Speaking, you see, can spread Covid.  They already had it when they started with singing, oh you can't sing anymore because it can spread Covid because the particles might travel further, they said. So, they've come out with the same thing now about talking. Now it's best not to talk. Wear a mask, can't breathe properly, and you can't talk now, you know, because you'll save lives by shutting up. And of course, if you shut up you can't spread any information about, or even questions like, why on earth are we wearing these darn masks, 'eh, and suffocating ourselves? 


But then there's the answer to it all, right, it's obvious now.  Are you starting to get the picture? If breathing is bad for the environment and for spreading Covid, I guess the answer, right, maybe this is the logic, we just stop breathing. Is that what they want?  It wouldn't surprise me. Because the Keystone cops are truly in charge of the sciences right now.


Now, getting back to what I'm saying though, you have no idea as I say, that your behavior is constantly being altered.  Constantly. Why do you think it's harder to talk to a previous generation?  Number one, they've been taught that they're old, especially in Western cultures, they're old, therefore there's no point in listening to them anyway, they're valueless, that's what you're trained to believe.  Of course, that comes through dramas and the movies and so on, oh look, they're all senile, obviously, anybody with an odd opinion that’s old is obviously senile, right. 


Whereas in other cultures, the cultures that will succeed by the way are the cultures that have strong family.  Because you don't realize the West has been under incredible attack to destroy the family for a long time, same target, it's always the same targets.  But in cultures like China or India, and other countries around those nations, you'll find that they have strong family units.  They respect the elders. Often the elders still, you see, they still live with them.  A great thing when you think about it.  In cultures where they're not killing each other because they're all closed in together.  Compared to the West, the West can hardly get along with anybody, even one person in their home these days, you know.


But in those cultures, they still have the discipline of the culture and the elderly have a big say in things.  Sometimes they are the ultimate say in things. They're respected for their wisdom because they have lived longer, they've seen the cons that governments pull down through their lifetime and they can pass it on to the next generation. So, they're really regarded with a bit of awe and respect.  But in the West, it's completely different. You've been taught to almost despise them. We'll throw them away into these homes and try to forget that they're there.  It's a sad thing too. You don't realize what you're missing out on.   


The children don't miss it.  The children...  Well, the whole point of it is that you used to have the elderly dying inside your own homes at one time.  They all lived together, and they were part of the family and the whole family saw what was happening. You truly grew up with a much more, you had more maturity about what life is about, and respect as well, about the fragility of life and the shortness of it.  When you're a child, a day, it seems like a month, it seems so long, you pack it full of thoughts and you're traveling at 100 miles an hour, you know, that's how you are basically in your mind.


But as you get older and you realize, no, life is pretty short. So, when you had the families in your own midst there you realized that part of you is leaving you forever, you know, when they were dying.  Again, right to the end, an undertaker came to the house and would often deal with the corpse in the house, get things ready, then it was left there in the coffin. Then once the usual rituals were over and done with it was taken out and buried. That's how it used to be.  This isn't ancient history.  If you’re talking to a 20-year-old today they would think, oh, that must've been 100 years ago. No, it wasn't 100 years ago. You don't realize how the state under socialism has taken over the responsibilities of the family.  Partly to weaken the family and ultimately destroy the family. 


You've got to remember too when even welfare came in in Britain as an example, I use Britain because it's a great example of socialism.  And I'm talking about, I call it capitalistic socialism because the capitalists run it, you see, it's more efficient for them.  So, you've got to understand how all these things came to be, how they came to pass, who benefits, who gets destroyed and what agendas are being accomplished. 


Because it was no secret amongst the left-wing, and now I'm not talking about the working class left-wing. I'm talking about the folk who ran the left-wing and they were certainly not working-class people. Again, the destruction of the family unit was part of their agenda. Always. You can read it yourself in the Communist Manifesto. You can read it too in the various writings put out by Julian Huxley. Again, a member of the aristocratic class in Britain, who was a cofounder of UNESCO and so on.  And many others. I mentioned Bertrand Russell because he was one of the ones who was really pushed in front of so many of them as a star. The star making machinery of elevating them into stardom was even done back then, you know, it certainly was done. The same with Einstein and Bertrand Russell.


Today it's the same thing, they pick certain scientists and make them stars using the star making machinery, with lots of money behind them, promoting them everywhere you look.  And not just a person, even Fauci they've used it on, 'eh.  So, he's not just a person, now he's a genius.  They've got articles, like, women are just swooning over him, oh my goodness, like a rockstar or something.  This is the star making machinery. It's all bogus, but it works awfully well to imprint in people's minds that these folk are somehow super special so when they say something you should follow them and do what you're told by them.


That's how it's always been. You don't realize that so much of the past was complete fiction, really, that you swallowed as reality, including the whole entertainment industry. I've mentioned it so many times before, they give you what's supposed to be popular today. They tell you what's going to be popular. And the people at the time say, that could never become popular. Well, if you play something enough, especially to the right age group, at a certain age, a specific age, it will stick in their heads forever, you know.  They can make anything popular, you see. 


It's quite amazing to watch it and see it happening.  Until you get away from the idea of what music is all together into just noise eventually. Then you get into just electronic distortion, and noise.  Until now you have almost tuneless songs out there, there's nothing to remember, you know. It doesn't stimulate pictures in your head. It doesn't stimulate the beauty of existence, which is not always there, mind you, because we don't live in a constantly beautiful system. A lot of it's rather evil and nasty. Mainly by outside powers, again. And by that too I'm also meaning your governments.  I always regard them as outside powers because they don't really seem to belong to the people they're ruling over, in their agendas.


Even the fact that you call it OUR government, what are you talking about OUR government?   When Quigley and others have admitted that the top members and the cabinet members of ALL governments in the West and in the so-called first world countries, are chosen in advance by people you never meet and never hear about. It's definitely not what they call the selection committees. No, they are picked in advance by the establishment that Quigley talked about, and always had been pretty well.


So, life is a show, you see. I always think, I mentioned it quite a few times before about Shakespeare that said, that all the world is a stage and we are but the players. You see, we're scammed in this modern slavery system that Charles Galton Darwin talked about in his book The Next Million Years, on behalf of the establishment. He talked about, there's always been slavery in one form or another, and he says, and I don't see why there should ever not be. In other words, it would continue, as wage slaves, forever. 


You feed yourself, you earn money.  Rather than have guards over you.  You'd buy your clothing yourself.  So, you save THEM money, right, because they have to send people out to get the clothing to put on the slaves, and higher the slave masters to look after them and whip them into line. So, YOU pay for it all.  You pay for the police, you know. You pay for your own clothing, your food, and your heat in the winter.  If you can get the heat, that will surely be reduced now that they're really cracking down on different forms of heating, just to exacerbate the whole Covid problem. 


Because it must, this whole war with Covid is to change society.  Remember, that's what it's about, sustainability, a more postconsumer society.  They've been quite open about it.  The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, and all the other organizations parroting him. As I say, even the Lancet in Britain is parroting the same stuff. 


So, you're going through incredible changes, planned changes and you have been your whole life and didn't know it.  You had little almost, what would appear to be periods in your own life perhaps and you think you're kind of languishing, that not much is happening. We had that in the West, periods of that in the 70s, periods in the 80s and the 90s when they gave you stupid programming on TV, really stupid infantile programming.  They gave you guys dressed with the tightest jeans, until they all sang soprano, you know, as they changed the culture and changed what you even wore, or changed what the impression of what a male would even be, you know. But silly, silly juvenile stories. To make folk adapt into them.  Nothing happens by chance.  Because the fashion industry is completely interwoven with the culture industry, and the culture industry is completely owned and directed by those who project the future and plan the future.


Remember that most revolutions are bloodless, they're relatively bloodless.  They're cultural.  It takes it a little at a time, like Gramsci the communist, laid out how to take over countries long ago.  You infiltrate initially into appearing like them, one of your targets, you are them. Then you get in leadership positions in the culture, all kinds of culture, and politics too.  Then you start changing through the generation, maybe even a couple of generations, the whole entire culture, little bit by little bit until the folk don't realize they've morphed into a completely different culture.  Very successfully done and you're living through it again. 


You have no idea how much change has been planned that way and manipulated into being by professionals. It still is, and by the behaviorists, etc. That's why so much money went into behaviorism and psychology. Not to help people but to change, manage them and alter their behaviors to suit the Masters. Quite openly in some of them too.  Remember, there was a good documentary a long time ago came out about psychiatry. They touched on a post-World War II scenario where some of the psychiatrists, in the Federation or Association they had in Britain, and elsewhere, they had one in the States as well, were demanding that THEY being the only people who could... It's the same thing is you getting today with truth.  Psychiatrists would be the only sane people who would ascertain what truth was, you see.


Isn't that, you think that's a coincidence? It's not a coincidence.  They had their own spokesman in Britain that was going to be appointed over politicians, and they would decide who would become politicians, in order to prevent another world war, you see. It's a great excuse, bring on the wars and then blame the people, just like the climate, blame the people for it happening, and then appoint your own people into to direct the populations, because the people cause the problem. Such liars, 'eh, really.


Because everything is manipulation, including wars.  If you're against war, why would you lock up all the people before World War II started, as an example, and the ones from even World War I, who were dissenters who didn't want to go off and get slaughtered or to slaughter anybody else… They knew how the British Empire had been created, as an example, and who got rich from it, and who end up paying the price. It was always the public and paying in blood and uniforms and as taxpayers.  So, they obviously said no, we had enough of this. Well, they all got rounded up and put in prison under War Powers Measures Act, and without trials, just like the antiterrorism bill, exactly the same, until the wars were over, you see.  No trials, that was it.  So, there you are.  And all that they were doing, is what you were told after the war, is it’s the greatest thing if you're against war.  [Alan laughing.]  


Folk never figure that one out. Most things you don't figure out, in fact. They can’t see this paradox you're always handed by those that rule over you. There's always paradoxes.  It's always paradoxical, whatever the problem is.  Just like the Covid too. For everything you read from the same professionals you'll often, pretty well everything, you're getting two opposite opinions on it. Because it's mainly opinions as opposed to facts, and hard facts, proven science.


So yeah, the deep state has been here for an awful, awful long time and they have no intention of handing it over, or dissipating itself to bring into the world a more free society that the public will be involved in. Sure. Sure.  That's what they told the Soviets.  The Soviet people, under communism, had appointed leaders for every, not unions but for every sector of work.  They had their appointed leaders, appointed by the Politburo, you know, the head of state and they would speak for you. They would put forward your complaints and what you needed and all that stuff. The same thing is happening today, you know. It's called nongovernmental organizations that are all appointed by the big foundations that are part of the real deep state.


As I say, if they don't use the same terminology most folk never connect the dots. But you have to look at signs and symptoms. It's like diseases, you diagnose the disease by the signs and the symptoms, the clinical expression of it all. And even that's gone out the window with Covid. Oh, it's all down to testing, just the PCR tests, you know.  This top virologist came out and said this is ridiculous, you've thrown clinical diagnosis out the window, you've got to have the clinical side of it, observation, history of the patient, recent history leading up to it and so on and so on.  Signs and symptoms. 


But the fact is, it's been rushing on the same way, regardless of the massive backlash from the real professionals out there who have nothing to gain by saying what they're saying when they're coming out with alternate facts about all this thing that's going on.  It makes no difference. It's written in stone. As I say, this is an agenda that's going to accomplish the whole sustainability mission of bringing you, reducing you to poverty, which they call austerity.


Of course, they'll have a class system in it, no doubt about it, a real class system.  Of course, those running it all will be in the upper classes, or in the middle class I should say. The ones who own it all are way above, you know, they're above the stratosphere [Alan chuckles.] so to speak.  Not really, but so to speak, as they say.  Because most of them you’ll never even hear about, who they are. 


I really like Benjamin Disraeli's quote in his book, Coningsby, it was a novel, but he put a lot of truth into it.  That's how a lot of the truth was written at the time, you could get away with it in the novel form.  It was dangerous back then even to speak about certain things because governments have hit squads. They've always had them, and they were rather active during the Victorian era, you know.  And that whole period it was rather dodgy, you had to be careful of what you said or even thought or expressed.  You'd have accidents.  Police were, it was like one massive monopoly really, the whole system, which included the police as part of the monopoly.  The nod came down and the cops would obey whatever, you know, order they were given. You either investigate it or don't investigate it. Or the third option is to investigate it and lead it off into a false trail, you see, a dead end, or a question mark, and that's how it goes down forever. 


So, he wrote about the system, and the little quotes in the book he put in there... The people don't know, he says, the people who really rule the system, and the country and the nations, maybe even the world, but the people who rule the system, he said, are vastly different from the ones that the public see and hear about, meaning in the newspapers, the Prime Ministers and so on, vastly different.  That's how it really is. That's how it's always really been.


I used to like looking at the different cultures, and some of the ones that Britain when they went into South Africa when they got the British taxpayer to fund the armies to go in, so's that Cecil Rhodes and others could get the gold and the silver for the establishment, you know. But they used, they blamed the Boers for the beginning of the Boer War, and of course it was actually started by these private mercenaries that the Milner Group had funded into existence and told to go over and start it.  Anyway, what you'd find with the Africans, the actual Zulus and so on and other tribes around there, the British government would ask to meet their leaders, to try to get cooperation, maybe even aid or whatever, for numbers, that they would use them for skirmishes that actually put the native Africans in two different skirmishes, or even use them to start wars – just like color revolutions today – against another tribe to weaken them. Nothing’s new, as I say, everything is as old as can be, the techniques.


But what was interesting was you would have the officer speaking to who he was told is the leader.  There may be up to about eight or ten people behind the leader, but what you don't realize, the person in the backrow is actually the leader and that someone else in the tribe is pretending to be the leader. They're not dumb. They're not dumb at all. Because they've used these techniques on each other down through centuries as well, the different tribal warfare.  So, you never tell them who the real leader is.  Meanwhile the real leader is watching his opposition. He's analyzing the personalities of the characters that he sees representing, say, the British Army or the British government, the envoys and so on, and sizing them up.  The one in front goes through the questions he's going to ask the so-called British leader, and it's all preplanned, the questions and so on.  The real leader is standing behind him watching him react. He's looking at the body language and the faces, and do the eyes shift or whatever at certain things, are they speaking the truth? That's how they sussed them out.  It was really clever, you know. 


That hasn't changed.  It really hasn't changed today. We’re given so many fake fronts for leaders in different areas, that obviously, especially politicians.  I mentioned before, politicians are generally not specialists in the areas they are appointed over. They’re politicians. In Britain, the used to call it musical chairs, sometimes twice a year the cabinet would be shuffled, that's what they called it.  So that the politicians appointed over, say, the ministry of agriculture could be shuffled off to become the ministry over Defense. They know nothing about either, you see. It didn't matter. Because the civil servants beneath them are more important. They are lifers. They work in those departments for their whole life, their whole working life. They give the handouts to the politicians, what to say, what it's about because they know what their departments do. 


The politicians are almost superfluous. In a sense they've been semi-important, or necessary, to deceive the public.  They're given basic skills eventually; the British government now sends them to acting lessons. That came out a few years ago in the newspapers, that I read on the air. They're given discounts to continue these acting lessons with private coaches and so on, how to stand and look official, or officious, and to look important and convincing, and how to put it across. It's deportment in a sense and acting.  It's quite fascinating to watch it being done.  But the real leaders behind it, as I say, just like the ones who do this scriptwriting for all politicians, the bigger politicians, the higher ups, they definitely know what the agenda is otherwise they couldn't write the scripts, you see.  I've often said, just do away with the politicians and give us the scriptwriters because they seem to know what they're doing.  So everything is a front upon a front upon a front, including the politicians.


We know too from history that the ones who are appointed AS officials, who have some training in whatever they're talking about, are generally the worst of the… It's like Fauci, there's a lot of people who criticize him. I mean even the inventor of the PCR test, I'll put the clip up too, lashed out, before he died, he lashed out at Fauci, called him all kinds of things because he knew him well, and called him a fool. As a bureaucrat, because most of these people that are appointed over us in medicine or whatever are really bureaucrats and not the top in their field at all.


I remember talking to some consultants in the hospitals, the top-ranking consultants, and they were chatting about different fields that doctors can go into, you know, that are lucrative, very lucrative. Specialization is often very lucrative.  They also mentioned that some of the poorer doctors, meaning poorer in their abilities, are often advised to go into things like, to become, to be specialists for allergies, you know, etc.  Because you can't really go wrong.  There's a limited amount of information on it.  There's never too much new investigation into allergies that's of any benefit to the specialist because he's given a select amount of antihistamines and treatments for the problem. But it's a good income for a lesser doctor, who's going to be even dangerous in the field by the way, that's what one of them said, because some of them are kind of dangerous too so they can't do too much harm in that area of allergy.  But it's a good income for them because you get repeat returns of patients. Oh, try this pill.  And what you think of that one? Yeah, I don't sneeze as much with that one. Okay, try this one then.  And that's just the roundabout, is different pills, you see, and ointments and things like that.


But the public are given a completely different view of it all, like, all these professionals, these are professionals here, you see.  Again, mainly through propaganda through movies and fiction.  Like Jacques Ellul said, ALL medical movies and dramas and all police movies and dramas are propaganda. And you can add into that the military as well. 


The history of propaganda is phenomenal, and your tax money is used to make good movies to brainwash you.  I was looking at the old ones from World War II, I was really watching an old one that was with Gregory Peck and it was about an Air Force commandant and the US military stationed in Britain during World War II, that was the drama.  It was a standard script, you know, a formula, I call it the formula scripts.  Standard, they can use the same script in different areas of life in movies and so on.


But you know, the guy who's the commandant, when Peck is sent in, is to replace this previous commandant who's kind of cracking up with all the air raids over Germany and stuff and he's looking after his guys getting shot down and he's cracking up because he's losing members and young guys. And they look upon the older guy as a daddy figure, you know, and so they'd resent when the commandant is moved off and Gregory Peck takes his place, and he has to re-win their respect and all the rest of it and become the new daddy. A formula movie, these are formulas you see, you can use it in the Marines, in the Army, in the Navy, the same scripts, and other walks of life too.


But it's good to study them, and that one, I can't remember the name of it exactly, but it was one of the more popular ones [Twelve O’Clock High was the name]. In the talk that Peck gives to the squadron, they're all gathered in the hall, you know, in the operations hall and he's saying, and you will be going over to Germany and some of your targets will be civilian.  You see, they were introducing the idea of what was really called total war, they don't mention the term but that's what it's called. Total war where in new warfare, all civilians are fair game and fair targets.  That was taught I think in Sandhurst in the 1930s for the first time, the officer training in Britain.  They also trained people from other parts of the Commonwealth countries in the same thing. But they also had taught a German officer who came over and he studied this concept of total war there as well and took it back to Germany.


But Britain was the country that came up with the idea of using it, where every civilian would be fair game, to bring down the numbers because all the civilians would be involved in war production for munitions and armaments and everything else, you see. I was surprised to actually hear it mentioned, not as total war, but as you would be dropping bombs on working facilities and so on, because that's where you stationed all the different workers for some of the factories. So, it was much better, rather than just have the factories constantly rebuilt, to go and blow up and kill all the people who worked in them, in their homes.  That's how they introduced it.  Again, as always, in a movie version, in a novel version of us against them, you see.


Well, total war didn't end there naturally because total war has never stopped.  Regardless of war being on or not, there's always a section within society at total war with you at all times. 


Never mind all the previous medical experimentation that's gone on within your own societies, by THE authorities, done in secret, always initially in secret on unsuspecting people. And much of it revealed eventually with when the time limit is up on the official secrets act, or stamp on that particular topic, whatever it happens to be.  Some have never been released and can be constantly re-stamped for another 50 years, and 50 years, and 50 years, and on it goes.


The same system is using a wartime, a complete wartime scenario called Covid to achieve an end, which all wars do, is to achieve a goal, an end, and to fulfill societal changes. Remember that.  All wars are to fulfill societal changes.  As Quigley said too, you can do more in five years of war, because government takes charge of everything, right, then 50 years of peace and using propaganda to get societal change. This is what you've got happening with Covid. It's the whole sustainability agenda.


Why else would you crash the whole economy by order, by law, just shut down? Never been done in history before, shutting down a country or a planet’s economies.  And locking up the healthy... to save the sick. Never been done, it's completely antithetical to common sense and rationale, and previous medical experience.


The terminology from the beginning was "a war on Covid", you see.  And the Emergency Powers Act came into being, which means it's a war scenario.  In a war scenario you change behaviors, all kinds.  It isn't just gas masks like I've mentioned before, now it's facemasks. And it's standing apart from each other. All these things are to change behavior, and to change rational behavior. It's not rational to stand all this distance apart, you understand.  And the more irrational they can make it, the more bizarre it's all going to become.  And when it's all really bizarre, they'll push more demands and compliance, "or we'll never get out of lockdown". 


Even as they are telling you doublespeak, and you know, white man talks through, like they used to say in old movies, white man talks with a forked tongue. Meaning, two different things at the same time from the same mouth.  That the experts tell you that after your jabs and all the rest of it of compliance, you're not going to get back to normal, and you'll still have to wear the mask. At the same time the same people are telling you, well, you get the jab and we get back to normal. You see, you can't live with contradiction. It's not meant… It's meant, it's deliberately meant to be contradictory TO drive you crazy and anxious, it creates anxiety.  On the one hand they want compliance, so they say one thing.  On the other hand, they have no plan, they're going to get you ready that you're going to be in perpetual lockdowns.  You can't please tyrants by obeying.


This is a war. And the war is upon not just your own countries but every country pretty well. Out of it supposedly will come a reduced population. Because you'll have definitely, definitely rationing is to come down the pike in a full-scale war scenario.  And you'll have to be awfully good to get your rations.  You see what's happening now with the Internet. If you're targeted for some reason, for spreading untruths as they say, from the Masters of truth, then you can be cut off of that, right. 


If you get basic incomes, you see, Universal Basic Incomes, and there'll be more of the incomes getting dished out as time goes on because more and more businesses are going under. Thousands are getting lost all the time.  I'll put these links up to the articles I'm talking about tonight as well. I always do.  So, it's not just my opinion, it's from the articles, all the topics I mentioned.  So, you're going to have incredible chaos, but it's to be a long-term effect, for a perpetual change, a planned change. 


You already have scarcities happening across so-called, so-called third world countries… that really have been living off the first world countries for a long time, and actually kept dependent on them.  It's true enough, you can take the basic independence away from a nation, call it all kinds of things, oh they need our help, and before you know it, in a generation they're completely dependent on you. This is, these things don't happen by...  There's many ways to wage a war and take over countries. Many ways.  Old as the hills. 


So, you'll definitely have famine coming along as fewer and fewer countries are producing agriculture. Again, thanks to all the big agendas in sustainability, you know, they were cutting back on farmland use and then changing it to biofuel, remember that con as well?  Before they found all the oils and gas pockets in your own countries, oh let's create biofuel. There will be about one third less food [for you] to consume because it's to be made for biofuel.  Then they cut back on the herds of meat and so on because there’s less feed for them, it's in biofuel.   


Long-term planning and strategies.  It will go down in history as, oh, we just didn't realize, we didn't foresee this coming.  Absolute rubbish!  What's happening, and it's been happening for years, is a wartime strategy being implemented before Covid came along.  Oh, it's the climate, 'eh. 


And the excuses they've used really disgust me for Covid.  Oh, they care about the…  They care about the elderly? I've lost count of the articles over the years that's been published about the abuse of the elderly put into these elderly homes and basically drugged until they start drooling, then they end up with inhalation pneumonia that's from the drooling, you know, from the drugs.  And for the cheapest cost at the same time. They have sores from the seats that they sit on day after day, can't get up and walk around. They have bedsores. These sores aren't just little, you know, these are HOLES in their bodies at times that get infected as the tissue breaks down because of the lack of blood getting to the spot, because of the weight in the same area for prolonged periods of time.  So don't tell me about they care for the elderly!


The same authorities, the same deep state that rules over everything, has its professors coming out over quite a few years now saying, you know, maybe people are living too long, and we should really bring it down, life expectancy, to maybe just after retirement age or around retirement age and the money could be used then from their pensions, to help younger people get jobs and so on. Every excuse under the...  Don't you get it, that there's a war on you?  And these professors are given all the airtime on televisions across the world JUST by chance you think?  [Alan chuckles.]   


I've always said if they want to start killing off people at 65, which some of them have advocated, then why don't they do it by example and show us the way.  It doesn't happen, does it?   You see, there's a big distinction between them and you [Alan chuckles.]  and they make it very well.  They're important. You see, you’re being trained now, again, in this war scenario of what's essential, nonessential, who is essential and who is not essential.


Lord Sumption came out, it was getting pushed recently, I read some of his articles too, when he was saying, well you know everything that's happening now is not rule by law, it's rule by decree, and opinion and just, it's not law, the mass mandates and lockdowns and so on.  But the same Lord Sumption came out apparently on a TV show or something, definitely in an interview and he was asked a question about someone, what does he think about the elderly and the fact that the bioethicists, they don't have to use the term bioethicists because that's this new profession that works for the deep state to change who's valuable and who's not in society, and is the person of a certain age just as valuable as somebody who's younger? And he said, no, I don't think so.  So, he believes there is definitely [some] more valuable than others, people, you know.


You see, you're all being trained as a population to start going along with expert opinions because eventually it will be your turn. Are you getting the point here? They condition their victims years in advance of them actually doing it on you.  So, when it's your turn, oh, I guess maybe they're right, you know, here I am, guilty me, I'm consuming food, oh goodness me, I've lived a long life and oh, maybe I should do what they say, I feel bad.  I'm not kidding you. You will, and I really mean this, you will see articles, maybe even now, of elderly starting to come out, oh yeah, I guess I'm just in the way of things, you know, progress.  This is going to come.  They always train their victims before they do it to you. 


Isn't it, it's diabolical, the whole system, it truly is diabolical. There's no other word for it.  They have no trouble in getting professionals to implement this across the board. 


There's also a link I'll try and put up tonight, I haven't seen whole thing yet but it's a woman who's come out giving you the steps towards genocide, like mass genocide. You've got to read them to understand what's happened in the past and the steps that they take. Again, to encourage the populations to go along with them. Everything is preparation by the elite, you know, the ones, the real specialists that run the show.  It's preparation. The elite employee the specialists who do it for them, they are the scientific class. That's what Julian Huxley talked about.  He and Aldous Huxley said the same thing, we are part, their family was part of the ruling scientific class that serves the dominant minority at the top. So, they make [things] happen by managing societies and cultures and behaviors, on behalf of those that control it, everything, and own it all.


They never start, as I said before, for those who really think about revolution, you'd better listen to the elites’ point of view, like Albert Pike.  Don't forget, he was in charge of what was then the World Revolutionary Party. They even inherited it all from guys like Thomas Paine who said in his own memoirs that his family was, came from a long lineage of world revolutionaries. This isn't new. And you can take it from their writings. It isn't conspiracy theory when they write about it themselves.  Especially when Thomas Paine was a revolutionary who came over from England, and then went over to continue it in France.


You've got to understand that things are vastly different than the way they're presented in your children's history books.  And by that, I mean up to the age, the time of university level, still children's history, these are the authorized fairytale histories. We pay for everything. We pay for the armies to go in.  We pay for railroads to get put into countries so that freight trains can take the resources out of countries and things. Then they make you feel proud back home of whatever this empire that you're told your part of, you're told to be proud of it. Well, why should you be proud of it?  Because you're paying for it all. You're paying for the railroads. You're paying for the troops to be over there.  The companies and corporations aren't paying anything towards the upkeep of all that. Public/private enterprise isn't new. It's pretty well always been, all the big projects for the state have been public, we pay for it all, and those who run the state take it all, you know, all the resources, and they take the goodies and so on, and profits.


So I always say, as I said earlier in the talk tonight, I said, Shakespeare says, you know, all the world's a stage and we are but the players.  And I always say, all the world's a stage and we are but the payers, because that's our function. 


Now remember again, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You'll see my sites listed there; these are all my official sites.  Take a note of them, and remember, you can help donate to me and help me tick along here. Because we’re going through the most incre...  The greatest changes you'll experience in your life are happening right now.  You're living through the history of it all. Unfortunately.  Even as you go through it, and then maybe 10 years down the road if they start lifting some of the restrictions, IF they do, IF they've decided they've changed the culture enough, permanently, lift restrictions.  They might even keep it going for 20 years.


But you've got a people who remember what happened NOW, and the players that brought it into being, and the years and years of sustainability agendas all the way from the Rio Summit of Maurice Strong in 1992, and the climate change was all part of it, came on to it for sustainability again to the present, you've got to remember that.  You've got to remember all this.  Most folk won't. Most folk really don't remember much of anything that really happened in a big scale. They might be able to notice what happens personally to them, but they don't know the whys and wherefores or who's behind it and they can't connect it to the other things too that are all part of this big plan.


So cuttingthroughthematrix.com, remember you can send cash, use PayPal and checks. Eventually I'll have to get to the bank somehow and maybe post a few things off as well. But this is lockdown here, complete lockdown here in Ontario. And I know for a fact they want to keep it going at least up until through April, and they'll keep moving the goalpost as they say.  That's the technique that Fauci has been using from the beginning.  Although he was far more honest in the beginning, he wanted to lock you right down for two and half years straightaway, like permanently, without a stop.  He had to back off there and lie a bit, and well, maybe not, you know, maybe we can open up here and there.  Then he admits he lied before. Then you're taught to believe him again.  Incredible times.  Really incredible times.


I'll put these articles up where it says that Fauci lied already to the people, he's lied more than once to the people.  And it's a noble lie though, as I say, that's what they call a noble lie. Because it's for your own good that they have to lie to you, because you're children, you know.  Children, that's what you are. All the things that the South Africans, the Afrikaners were blamed about to do with South African natives, Blacks, when they would say, you know, they're children, you can't tell them everything because they're like children. That's what they used to say. 


Your own governments are saying it to you with their front specialists.  Well, we have to lie to the people here, we can't tell you the truth, you know, because you won't, you're too stupid to understand.  Fauci has pretty well said that.  He says, don't think about this, he says, for yourselves, he says, just obey the scientists. Everything I'm saying here is verifiable by articles, I have them all here.  I've had them, I've put them up too before over these many months.


Do you want to go through life getting treated like a child on such major things? We can't tell you why we're doing this, really, because you're too, you're just like children, we don't have the time to explain things to you, you're too stupid, you wouldn't understand.  This is from Fauci that said in the beginning of the thing, I think last year, oh this probably won't really affect Americans very much at all. And he says, oh, don't wear a mask, he says, don't wear a mask, you know, you don't need masks at all.  Then when the order came down from higher above him, he turns face and says, oh yeah, total lockdown wear facemasks, and it's going to be a massive deadly disease, he says. This is from the best they can give you supposedly?


You have incredible arrogance coming from the ones who are presenting it all to us. I'm sure there are people way above them.  But the arrogance is still phenomenal. It comes out by the tonnage every day on the news clips and news media, and probably on television too. Incredible arrogance where they treat you like children. The very thing, as I've said, the apartheid countries were blasted for using that technique on native populations. It's all being done on you. You're too dumb to understand, you know, just obey it. 


Fauci also said at the interview, you see, the agenda has always been to use the same system as China. China is very efficient according to Justin Trudeau. He admires it because you don't have to deal with the rights and things like that, you know, there's no other parties conflicting that are arguing with each other, just a one-party system, so, the leadership tells them to do something and it all gets done, without bothering about human rights and individual rights and things like that, they don't have that problem.  So, he admires it.


But not just him, obviously Fauci does too, you know. Neil Ferguson admitted that he, they'd already discussed at the SAGE groups in Britain that advises the government on a lot of these emergencies and so on, he said they had already discussed the fact that China had got things under control, and that system of the Chinese methodology wouldn't work in the West because if you had individuality, a different history of individuality in the West and people probably wouldn't put up with it. And they were so astonished when their campaign of, I call it a campaign OF terror, that's what it is, on the public, through propaganda, when it worked so well, that they were bowled over at how fast democracy just gave way to authoritarianism, they were very pleased about it.  That's been in the newspapers, folks. Lots of them.


So, China is the model state. China was glorified by the Council on Foreign Relations articles over many years, CFR articles for its efficiency. Of course, David Rockefeller was over the moon with China and praised it, regardless of any fallout, when during the revolution he praised it for being more orderly and efficient and so on. You see, this efficiency, the elites love efficiency. But again, individuality and human rights gets in the way of it, doesn't it? 


Well, you watch it all disappear, 'eh, all your human rights and basic... and the way you were treated by authorities of all kinds.  Washed away instantly, isn't it, where folk are afraid now to go out in the streets in case the police pick on them. Older folk are scared.  Maybe you're not walking fast enough. Where are you going? I'm going to, I'm trying to get to this... They're actually fining people who are not walking fast enough in Britain. Can you believe that?  N-n-n.  Can you believe that?


I can, because you see, you can't give that kind of power to police. You can't give them that power. Law has to be absolute law, Lord Sumption was right with that, as opposed to just rules, arbitrary rules, just piecemeal rules. You have to have law, and the cops have to be taught what their limits are.  Without that you see, you're seeing what's happening happening.  Where in some countries they're having home invasions by police because they're claiming there's tipsters, somebody tipped them off there's more than two or three people in that house there.  Really?


Because when you pull cops in for something like that, these cops can use lethal force on people. You know that. They don't go in, they're not negotiators for sociology here and sociological problems. They're not negotiators. No, they come in with a mandate, and just obedience, do what you're told.  Yep.  The things they wear around that belt on their waste, are not Bibles or how-to negotiate books, you know, or human rights and its history. None of that is hanging around the waist. What do you think is hanging around the waist there? You know?


You're seeing the rise of a massive Stasi. And talking about Stasi, the rise, or really, another division of secret police.  Which is what they had throughout the Stasi system in eastern Germany. The KGB had other branches apart from just themselves, they had other divisions, that were similar, all through society. And we've been heading this way for a long time. 


When Pierre Trudeau came in, or before he left office, he created the CSIS group for Canada, a secret agency that works within Canada. That's how it got created.  And Trudeau was left of Karl Marx, you know, Pierre Trudeau.  You had the same thing when Obama was in, he wanted to create an internal army, remember all those articles in the newspapers?  And here they are doing it again under Biden.  Oh, we have to do it because of all these crazy people that were storming, STORMING, they called it storming the capital building.  [Alan chuckles.]   


There was no coupe. There was no revolution. The ones who got in initially were a small group, and the other ones were encouraged just to follow them in. They fell for it all.  They were getting prompted by, for years by certain leaders who helped the whole setup. Thousands of ordinary, just ordinary people there who were just ticked off and had been neglected, that's why Trump got in in the first place.  Massive segments of society, still remain, from free trade, lost their jobs, lost factories, lost everything. Watched their towns go downhill, you know, for lack of funding and so on.  The same folk watching massive influx of drugs in their systems, you know, in their areas in the States.  


And let's not pretend that it wasn't bad before Trump got in, you know. They already had documentaries about Seattle Is Dying and things like that. They had the ones to do with OxyContin, the drugs that were getting pushed all over America, but certain States more so than others, by design, I think.  Disastrous. All parts of, these are wars, people.  These are techniques of war.  And you know, there's no doubt about it, the countries that the present drugs are flooding in from.  War, it's a war upon the people, to bring them down, to alter them from some kind of society that's in control of itself to an extent, including mental health, and then destroying them.  That's war technique, you see.


Do you think I'm kidding about that? Look at the studies that were done on how to take down Russia when it was in, when IT was in Afghanistan. You've got to start reading the books, you know, by guys in the CIA who are now retired or dead now, some of them.  They decided if they could embroil the Russian military, give them a Vietnam experience, that's what they called it, in Afghanistan for years, it would bankrupt them even more.  It would destroy their ability at home to get support of the people, the more troops were sent over and they were getting killed. But even more so towards the end they showed years ago on TV a documentary put out by Russia themselves in preparation for them collapsing. They showed you these massive hospitals full of drug addicts. A lot of them had been the guys who got put on the drugs in Afghanistan. Other ones came back with the drugs, they were hooked as well, and created the supply lines back into Russia proper. All planned and talked about but the CIA before it all happened, how to do it.


Drugs isn't new for taking down civilizations. Some of the top characters you have in the US right now are descendants, they are family lineages of the Opium Wars where they dumped the bales, thousands of the bales on China until China had to let them in to supposedly do the trading. It was really to plunder them.  You had British quarters, American quarters, French quarters and so on, that's how they got, that's how they edged their way in. If you don't let us in, and to get your resources and so on, and forceable trading, gunboat diplomacy they call it, then we'll just drug all your populations.


They literally unloaded thousands and thousands of tons of bales of opium. That had been produced mainly in the Golden Crescent I think they called it, which included Afghanistan. The poppies were always traditionally grown there in one way or another, then of course they develop and create it into cakes, etc. in the processing.  Again, some of the politicians when they looked into it, there were documentaries going through their histories showing who was who, and whose grandparents and great-grandparents and so on were involved in the opium wars.  So yeah, don't think your own country, your own countries in the first world aren’t way ahead in using these techniques.  They're using the same techniques on their own populations now.


I can’t call them their own populations. I think Bertrand Russell was quite right when he said that the elite through their very careful breeding process, like selection and mating to get the right offspring, it's very eugenically minded, you see.  He said that they would become a different species eventually, the elite. They'll know everything that's really happening. They'll dumb down the rest of the population.  The elite will actually get higher IQs and understand what's going on, but the rest of the people would have to be dumbed down through diet, INJECTIONS, and injunction. That's from his own book.  Well, I think that's happened, really.


I think that's really happened, and you're living through it now, aren't you? So, you can't really say that the folk who are representing you are the people who really are representing you at all.  I've always said, the intelligence agencies are one world agencies, they were all combined long ago.  Maybe even from the beginning.  They really don't have your countries at heart, the best interest of your countries.  Obviously, they don't have your best interests at heart at all when they’re giving you color revolutions inside your own nations.


Getting back to the elderly here.  Year after year I've talked about the death rate of retirees in Britain, where it's been normal for years now, new normals, we're always getting new normals, you see, as they train you in this new bioethics as they like to call it, you know, how to treat, manage the people and who should live and who should die, and who's expendable, and who’s essential and who's nonessential, etc., etc. You're going to hear more this as they train you for your final end, actually, as I've said before.  But they prattled on about the elderly every year and they were dying in their homes because they can't afford the fuel for heating themselves in the winter. Until, you know, hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands die every year in England, and it's normal. And this is from a civilized society supposedly. It's utterly disgusting! 


So, this show of care, oh we really care about the elderly, we're going to change the whole world and lock down your economies and stop your economies and lock you all down in your homes because it's to save the elderly.  What an incredible lie from the same people who tell you, well you know, certain folks, we can't just pay for the fuel for everybody to live in their homes in the winter. This is from people who worked all their lives, you know, and can't afford the fuel.  And in GREAT Britain; I'm glad they dropped the great part, you know. But that's normal now. So, they can't come out and start using the elderly, like they care. Because they have never cared about the elderly! This is an agenda for a different reason.


They'll tell you, if you try to say we shouldn't be locked down and the whole bit, etc., oh it's because you don't like the elderly. This is from the same, ooooh, foulmouthed characters that we call the politicians, who will parrot whatever they're told to parrot by their masters.  They don't care a darn about the elderly.


Even when the shots are being given like the ones in Norway, and they're admitting it in different countries already, oh well, you know, so many died after getting the shot; oh well, it's got nothing to do with getting the shot, they were going to die anyway. If they were going to die anyway, why would you give them something that's been shown to be rather lethal to them perhaps, 'eh?!  Do you understand? This is a massive enterprise to change so much of our perceptions and the way we view everything, and our behaviors. Everything is a total war scenario.  But why would you give it to the really frail, and they actually used the term, the frail and elderly who are on the verge of dying anyway.  Why would you be giving THEM the shots then, unless you're doing some big experiment, hm?  Because you don't give a damn about the elderly! 


It's so odd to have been at this for so long that in the 90s I went through the histories of, I have to use the term, the unborn, I don't think you're allowed to say anything different anymore because we're under such free societies, right.  But I said that the whole point of this, the abortion industry, wasn't for what they said it was. It was to change society's perceptions again on what humans are and what life is about. That was the whole point of it.  I said, eventually they'll start on the elderly. They start out at one end until it's very regular and normalized, and then you start on the next.  Well, why bother keeping the elderly alive, you know?  And in comes euthanasia, which we have in Canada now.


I mentioned last week or the week before about the 90-year woman who had no comorbidities by the way, she was healthy and ambulant and the whole thing, who decided to accept euthanasia because she couldn't stand being isolated during another lockdown. And they gave it to her!  They killed her! And they tell you they CARE about the elderly?  Are you starting to think for yourselves for a change, hm?  They care about the elderly? 


When Obama ran in his time, his first time I think running for office, I listened carefully to the little bits he came out with because that's when they tell you little things of an agenda, you see, little parts. Trump was the same with his Pharma business. He said he was going to because they were backing him, right. He said, I'll cut all this testing time out, etc. for all safety things and they'll rush necessary things to the public, medications and so on. He also meant vaccinations, folks!!!  Hm.  Here's a coincidence.  Well, when Obama ran the first time he said, he gave an example of his mother, or grandmother. He says, the money it costs to keep her going, is it really worthwhile spending that? And he made a big, it got published in the papers, that told me it was a big thing we're supposed to start thinking about. That's really, when it was in the papers, you know, what it was telling me. 


What's the mantra from the climate change agreement and so on?  Too many of you, too many people.  What's the mantra comes in with Covid? We've got to ration medical care and stuff.  It's in the Toronto papers again, Canadian papers, Ontario.  It's a recirculation of what they gave us last year, because Canada was one of the first countries to get the bioethics report, make sure you get this in the stories, we have to start rationing care if it gets any worse, and you know, decide who should live and die, it's a sad thing to do but we have to do it if it ever gets that bad.  This is all getting you ready for you're essential, nonessential, etc., GRADING you all and getting YOU to accept it.


It's true, the world is a stage because everything they show you is a SHOW. It is a SHOW. Produced, written, directed and produced SHOW, every little thing they give to the public.  It doesn't just come out spontaneously from anybody.  You’re living through an incredible show, the greatest show on earth, right.  And it is, it truly is the greatest show on earth. They have no end of people coming out to talk about the different folk in Norway and other ones in old age homes that died after getting the shot, that's probably nothing to do with the shot. That's really scientific again, right. 


What's the one truth you'll get an any detective story? Again, that's propaganda, right. But what's the one truth you get?  Is that it's called common sense detecting, where you find out, you know, all the characters involved around the character who's died or whatever in the plot.  You also have to find out what happened before they died. Did they upset somebody, whatever? Who had it in for them? You'll sit and get glued to that; I can't stand these murder things, you know.  But it's the same thing in real life, you know, you have to get all the hard evidence, they call it HARD evidence, not ifs, hard evidence is proof, you see, really. 


But we're given opinions and maybes and perhaps from the top scientists here?  It stinks to high heaven the whole darn thing! Absolutely.  So, they have, we don't think this is what's killed them, it's probably to do with their age. Well, if they were teetering on the brink of death, why on earth would you be sticking this thing in them in the first place at that time?  Right?  You see, it doesn't jive.  It doesn't make logical sense. At all.  Unless they are testing out some big thing. Or going even further because there's people raising that g word, you know genocide word up again, and do you blame them?  Do you really blame them?


The West, we are the countries that started eugenics.  London of course was a big one for it with Darwin and his group, and the British Eugenics Society, and that spawned a whole bunch of new directions in different pseudo-sciences and universities, the Malthus doctrine, etc., and again, superior, and inferior.  Which was no problem with the British aristocracies and nobilities because they, they already saw the people as a separate species. They did. The peasants, the VILLAINS as they called them, you know.  What would YOU know, mind your place, you know.  They did see the ordinary folk as a different species. They really honestly did.  I'm not exaggerating there. You have no idea of the class system that Britain had. It's still there today but a bit more camouflaged, you know, better managers of information.


I've talked to people from India, you know, well educated people from India who talk about the upper classes and Brahmanism, etc. They came to the same conclusion I had long ago, that the reason that Britain was in India for such a long time was they got on so well with the Brahman class, their aristocracy/nobility got on so well, they could identify with each other very, very well.  They saw the rest of the population as just, just, you know, almost subnormal peasants.  The same as Britain did. That's a fact.  And the elite in India lived off the backs of everybody else with taxes and fees, you know, feudal duties, etc.  That's where the word 'fee' comes from, ‘feudal’ taxes, fees.


The British aristocracy that went over and got appointed to different positions over areas in India, worked with the Brahmans and they shared the loot that came off the people's backs, the taxes and so on. Big money.  People tend to look upon India as just some backward, NO, it's not a backward place. They’ve got a massive population. Massive. Ancient culture.  And many cultures involved inside India, hundreds actually from small tribes that were there from the Dravidian groups and so on. But you've got to realize that it's got one of the largest middle classes and upper classes in the world because it's got such a large population. 


I don't know if I mentioned it before but the radio show, not a radio show, it was a documentary, really about some of the early film, color film, and for home cinema used by the way, they had it in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  It was developed, it was created in France at the time.  I like photography and so on, but it was fascinating to see, and how really good colors and so on it was too. But they did it for film, actually for home video film as well for holidaymakers and so on, tourists. One was about Rosie, the name of her was Rosie and she was a friend of the British Royal family.  Her family was awfully rich, you know, Rosie Newman I think it was, Mrs. Newman.  She was well acquainted personally with all the royal family and were friends of them.  She did nothing but to accept travel when she was a young woman all over the world, and the best of everything. 


The whole movie was about the color photography.  She left us a lot of good film about the world at that time. She showed you incredible footage, video footage of some of the top, the TOP Maharajahs, aristocracy of India where she visited and stayed in palaces. These palaces were massive, like about 20 football fields together and a white kind of, almost like a marble, I don't know what it was, a kind of...  And they showed you these endless trains of soldiers, almost like medieval soldiers the way they were dressed in classic outfits, etc., ceremonial outfits with the weaponry and so on, on elephants and so on. She's a witness to all of this, one of the last people to actually film it all, maybe the first person to film it all, in color.


But no, India was incredibly...  Why do you think they went into India? A nation where they have incredible wealth with riches, they've got gold and all kinds of precious metals, but gems galore.  You should see them wearing the gems at the Brahman weddings, 'eh, they can hardly move with the weight of them. I mean, you're talking about incredible, incredible wealth. That's what the aristocracy of Britain merged with at that time.  They were quite pally with them because they had so much in common. They all lived off the backs of everybody else down below them. And they lived awfully, awfully well.  And saw themselves literally, again, as a separate species.


That tied in so well with Darwinism, oh well, we're special because we've been careful with our selections, we're marrying into money that was acquired by families who were obviously more intelligent than other people, so our offspring will be passing on these, will have these traits passed on to them. That's basic eugenics in action and you’re living through it. But it didn't stop there. It didn't stop, oh, we've given up the class distinction stuff, you know. No, that didn't happen.  They camouflaged it in Britain and elsewhere, and out comes sustainability, there's too many of these folks that won't go into the new society, this great new society. They call it The Great Society by the way, you know.  You hear the top politicians sometimes refer to it, The Great Society. And folk never say, what do you mean by that, define it.


Well, The Great Society isn't just a world type system run by a clique at the top. It's also an advanced society that the REAL socialists because socialism they pretend is a science, that's completely merged in with eugenics by the way. George Bernard Shaw and HG Wells and all these characters, and the people who funded them, and created the Fabian Society as one branch of their system, you've got to get the working class to believe that you're there for their benefits. Eugenics. You find that Bernard Shaw and others in charge of the Socialist Party said that the average worker in Britain, that would support them, really think that their rights we're winning for them are going to help them be more comfortable in their family life. He says, nothing is further from the truth.  He says, we plan on getting the women out of the family and abolishing the family.


So, all these poor characters that were saying, yeah, this Fabian Society, this Labor Party is great for us, you know. Had no idea that the elitist at the top had no intention of making life better for you. They wanted to literally smash it up and divide and conquer again.  And ultimately start reducing the population.  HG Wells said it too, you know, with all these workers passing by the windows on their way to the factories, leaving dust on the streets, these miserable creatures and so on, and we help them, we help them get better food, we help them, and what do they do? He said, they BREED.  These are your top socialists.  Folk don't catch on. They don't even know what they follow half the time, you know. 


That footage that was put up about Rosie in England, they had it up on YouTube, I don't know if they've still got it up there or not. I may have a search; I think I may have put it up years ago too. Because it's fascinating to watch it. She even, she traveled the world in the life of luxury, by air and ship and all the rest of it.  Princes would literally send their big chauffeur driven Rolls-Royces, in different parts of the Empire, out to meet her and take her in and so on. Including in India, they did that too.  She took it all for granted, this was the natural way for her, she took it completely all for granted.  They actually commented, whoever put it all together eventually put it up, commented on the fact, she didn't know at times what she was even looking at, you know.  She was looking at pretty colors and things like that of ceremonies. She went to Scotland to see how the Scottish peasants lived with their Highland games that were put on there, and she saw them throwing the hammer and stuff like that.  All very quaint, you know, how the little people live and all that. 


But over I think in South Africa at the time she visited there, I think it was South Africa, and the people know the whole movement by Gandhi started there because Britain, the elite of Britain that use the Empire, it shows you too they use different groups or ethnic groups over other groups and they brought in people from India to manage the African colonies, and also in the Caribbean countries too. They become the overseers of everything and become wealthy as the folk they were ruling over become poorer or don't get any further ahead.  This is all worked out that way too.  But anyway, Gandhi was trying to get more rights for the Indian workers in South Africa.  And she didn't know it, she was filming a beach and she didn't know to the right of the sea, you actually see it, there's a guy talking to a crowd on the beach.  She didn’t know it was Gandhi. She didn't know that.  [Alan laughing.]  She had no interest, just more little people there I guess, you know.  But what a life of luxury she lived and really didn't think too deeply about it.  Great footage left to posterity to actually see how things were in living color way back then, ‘eh.  Good stuff.


Before I start giving you any more of my prattle here tonight, I'll just mention that again getting back to the elderly, don't fall for the care about the elderly. They didn't care about the elderly at all up until now supposedly. But we’re supposed to be all for the elderly too because you’re against the elderly if you speak out against this whole lockdown idea for Covid.  Oh, you want the old folk to die!  Come on here.  The governments, ha, they care about the elderly... as thousands die in their homes every year and freeze to death, 'eh?  It's either food or the fuel, right? 


You see, the whole agenda for sustainability has been tested out in Britain pretty well in different phases in different micro tests and beta tests and so on, so they know how to manage it all. Right down to how many folk will start to complain, and who will keep silent, about folk dying in the lower classes, if they start getting famine, induced famine because they've shut down the entire planet's economy.  It's so, all they can do when you speak about these things, even from their own articles 'eh, is shout conspiracy theory.  That's all they can do.  They can't answer the charges.  Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.  You see, facts don't matter to them.


So you've got to start thinking for yourselves because bad times are coming along the pike. You've got to have little support groups because don't look to government to help you in the really bad times. You should have little support groups. Not many in a group, just enough there to help each other out.  The old story is true, that two heads are better than one when it comes to a crisis, and you can put things together and figure a way out of things. Very important. 


And again, before I get off the elderly here.  You're in total lockdown, hm, and they're celebrating the fact that the climate agreement is back on track. It was never off-track by the way.  It's all a big show. Because I read the articles with the states in the US, and in collusion with ones in Canada, the provinces, had bypassed the federal government years ago and were signing onto all the agreements for sustainability. Remember, I read them on the air years ago.  So, here's the ones who care about the elderly, right. In the middle of a coming food crisis, coming everything crisis, coming fuel crisis, and you've got this first thing...


Oil Industry Reels as Biden Targets Fossil Fuels in First Days

bloomberg.com / 23 Jan 2021


(Alan:  It was planned way in advance by whoever put him in.)


…cancel the Keystone XL oil pipeline.


(A:  In Canada, it was run through the States, ‘eh.  Thousands of jobs, right.)


Later that day his Interior Department mandated that only top agency leaders could approve new drilling permits over the next two months.


Next week, according to people familiar with the plans, Biden will go even further: suspending the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land, where the U.S. gets 10% of its supplies.


(A:  I wonder if they’re going to bring stuff in from, you know, places like the Ukraine and that? You ever see the plans for the oil pipelines all through those areas, that they’re all over there with right now?  Across the Middle East too, you know. They had them going through the countries they’ve knocked out, Iraq, etc. they had all their pipelines and on maps yet, BEFORE they invaded.  [Alan chuckles.] They showed you them, these were the plans, and even the corporations that would own them. The same thing across the Ukraine and elsewhere.) 


The actions sent oil producers’ stocks tumbling and raised blood pressure across the industry.


(A:  So, if they start cutting back on your own ability to heat yourselves in your own country, during a complete lockdown that supposed to last for years, what do you think’s going to happen? It’s going to exacerbate it to make it worse. A full-scale war type scenario you’re going to see. Everything’s going to be rationed.  There’ll be deaths… Oh well, we can’t help it, you know.  And they’ll will divert you off with silly stories about dancers or the characters that they’ve made stars that just do a dance, or they just take pictures with hardly anything on. I mean, it’s just astonishing the careers they can get now on the Internet doing stuff like that. But that’s great diversions when really terrible things are happening, ‘eh.  M-hm.)


Officials are worried that technical permitting decisions are being placed in the hands of political appointees, rather than expert regulators in the field. And they’re concerned permits -- or simply changes to them -- will be delayed for existing drilling operations.


Moreover, many interpreted it as a prelude to broader actions, including the administration’s plan to next week impose a moratorium on all oil, gas and coal leasing across some 700 million acres (2.8 million hectares) of federal land.


This “announcement is intended as a temporary ban on leasing and permitting but is also a precursor to a longer-term ban,” said Kathleen Sgamma, head of the Western Energy Alliance.


This is your whole sustainability agenda. It's going to… I mean, sustainability remember is about too many of you. Are you getting the point? Too many of YOU.  They keep telling you like a mantra, too many of YOU.  Not them but you. 


I know from the trains that knock my house apart, I'm so close to the tracks, but they did away with the speed.  There used to be a law that they couldn't go any more than 15 miles an hour past occupied houses on either side. Then they quietly did away with that. Now they're tearing down there at 70 miles an hour.  Doubled up trains, those big, big carriages are doubled, you know, one on top of the other. Sometimes 5 miles, 6 miles and 7 miles long, there's no doubt about it because it can take maybe 10-15 minutes to go by me.  And they're flying.  And the houses shake. There's not a window that's not loose now. I've had bits fall off of the parts that hold the window in place in fact with the vibrations.   Well, since the last year into the present most stores are closed, right?  This isn't for commerce, so what is it? Well, it's mainly food and so on for long-term sustainability, or Continuity of Government, or definitely places where they plan to have wealthier elites, important folk all live because it's not going into the stores that are closed.  I've never had so many trains per day as now, even when times were better, before the 2007/8 crash. We're way beyond what it was in the so-called good times. At one time you'd get maybe 10 to 15 a day at the max in the best of times. Now it's sometimes 30 to 40.  And everything is closed down.


So, I'm going to just mention some articles here because it's interesting to read some of them. There's nothing really that's new in a sense. One I mentioned before and I put it up last year, then an update too, yeah, it came out last year too, but it's got the old ones in it too by the way. About…


Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity

sciencedirect.com / Vol 3, 2020


(Alan:  It's interesting too because they know what's happening and what's going to happen with the vaccinations, and when you hit the wild virus, or the virus in the wild as they like to call it, you can get an overreaction by your immune system that can end up killing you.  Because it will flood the lungs with antibodies and all kinds of things that will try to defeat the problem, including different phagocytes also which will eat away at dying and dead tissue in the lungs, and it perpetuates itself. It's a massive overreaction that they found before, so they know this can happen with certain vaccines.)


(A:  It was interesting, I've said before, they didn't do, they called off doing amongst healthy young patients, right, who had went through physical tests and the whole thing, and blood tests, the whole lot, they didn't give them the challenge test to expose them to a live virus afterwards. Because they said, they didn't want young folk to possibly get ill.  Well, what about the whole population?... when we get the challenge test and hit real viruses?... it doesn't have to be this particular coronavirus either!)


(A:  But facts don't really matter.  This anyway is a good enough article for those that want to plod through it. It goes through the biochemistry involved in how it works, etc. They mention the glycoproteins and so on, what they think might be the cause of the overreaction, as the priming of the immune system which they have observed during the initial SARS outbreak back in 2003 or so.  They did the animal studies too, of SARS spike protein-based vaccines...)


In SARS, a type of “priming” of the immune system was observed during animal studies of SARS spike protein-based vaccines leading to increased morbidity and mortality in vaccinated animals who were subsequently exposed to wild SARS virus.


(A:  That's what I'm talking about, the challenge test is when you subsequently suppose them after the vaccine.) 


The problem, highlighted in two studies, became obvious following post-vaccination challenge with the SARS virus found that recombinant SARS spike-protein-based vaccines not only failed to provide protection from SARS-CoV infection, but also that the mice experienced increased immunopathology with eosinophilic infiltrates in their lungs.


(A:  I had that before when I had got a whole bunch of vaccines in the 90s and it floored me completely. It left me with complete rheumatoid arthritis and other problems too.  And massive pneumonia, you know, death of a good bit of the lung tissue too.  And I had eosinophils in the lungs too, by the way, by them.) 


Similarly, found that ferrets previously vaccinated against SARS-CoV also developed a strong inflammatory response in liver tissue (hepatitis). Both studies suspected a “cellular immune response”.


(A:  They found as well during what they called the Spanish flu, when you read the reports there, and there's massive reports that were written by doctors that were VERY, I mean really dedicated, I think they were actually more dedicated to the code of ethics and so on that they had back then as doctors, and do no harm, etc., but also find out what's going on. Some of them did a lot of autopsies of the people who died with the Spanish flu.  The first thing they noticed was how HEAVY the lungs were when they took the lungs out.  Heavy. Completely gorged, you see, with blood as the body's immune system carried all the different killer cells to the site to try to find, kill off what it perceived as a massive attack.  So, they died not so much of the infection but the response to the infection, and also with bacterial secondary infections that set in.  Once you go into any lung tissue, or any tissue really, is damaged by the initial cause of a virus, and it's broken, the tissue surface is broken, then in come the bacterium and that generally is what causes most of the damage.)


(A:  So anyway, you've got this priming as it's called in this is an article from the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity.  In this article they talk about, again they go into in-depth too for people who are involved in biochemistry. They say that, in the discussion it says...)


4. Discussion

These results could explain in part the high rates of serious illness associated with SARS-CoV-2. They could also explain the lengthy asymptomatic period prior to presentation of symptoms characteristic of COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2 could impair the immune response, (A:  It could impair it, you see, initially.) at first, and then, over time, the immune system could begin to mount an attack on the myriad of proteins. Most of the identified human target proteins had low overall homology but high local homology over short segments of their epitopes. The Protein Atlas results indicated that numerous proteins are expressed in a variety of tissues as noted in Table 1.


(A:  They give you the tables too.)


Unintended consequences of pathogenesis from vaccines are not new, (A:  Now, remember this part, okay.)  nor are they unexpected. They are unanticipated only if those who develop them do not include available knowledge in their formulation plan. For example, the H1N1 influenza vaccine used in Europe led to narcolepsy in some patients, resulting from homology between the human hypocretin (aka, orexin) receptor 2 molecule and proteins present in the vaccine. This was established via the detection of cross-reactive antibodies in the serum of patients who develop narcolepsy following H1N1 vaccination in Europe.


The fact that pathogenic priming may be occurring involving autoimmunity against multiple proteins following CoV (A:  …coronavirus.) vaccination is consistent with other observations observed during autoimmunity, including the release of proinflammatory cytokines and cytokine storm. Similar to the SARS-CoV animal studies, found that mice vaccinated against MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) developed exaggerated pulmonary immunopathology when challenged with the MERS virus following vaccination. They reported that lung mononuclear infiltrates were observed in all groups after virus challenge, and that increased infiltrates that contained eosinophils and the eosinophil promoting IL-5 and IL-13 cytokines were observed only in the vaccinated animals.


(A:  N-n-n.  Interesting terminology they use in this one. It says…)


Pathogenic priming may be more or less severe in vaccine or infection induced immune responses to some proteins than for others due to original antigenic sin; (A:  Interesting, original antigenic sin...) the immunologic reaction against self-antigens may be made less severe as fast-evolving viruses evolve away from the original vaccine type.


(A:  This is what happens in normal viruses, that they just mentioned there. You get multiple strains developing. Many of them, most of them actually are LESS harmful to the people.  But the idea is that once you catch the lesser strains of them, then you'll start to evolve, get a quicker immune system response to it, quite safely too, and natural herd immunity builds up, you see.  So, they're saying here that...)


Pathogenic priming may be more or less severe in vaccine or infection induced immune responses


(A:  So, if you have this massive cytokine storm, it's more likely to be caused by the vaccine, right.  As opposed to naturally acquired SARS CoV virus, and then your body's natural reaction to it.)


Thus, the screening of immunogenic epitopes for pathogenic priming potential via homology may be augmented by studies of autoantibodies that cross-react with epitopes included in vaccines.


It's quite an interesting little study anyway and I'll put this one up for anybody who wants to look at it.  Again, Pathogenic Priming, the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity, an easier to read article here about it too.  I might just put that one up for the people and if they want to PDF they can download it themselves I guess.


Now, the techniques too of treating us like simpletons, like little peasant type, you know, simpletons, it says…


The £500 Covid cashpoint: (A:  The politician, right, in Britain, right, they call the ministers…)

Minister eyes 'astonishing' plan to give EVERYONE who tests positive for virus a one-off payment to 'encourage more swabs'... at cost of £453 million a WEEK

dailymail.co.uk / 21 Jan 2021


(A:  I guess there'll be a rush to try and get positive tests, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   That's from the Daily Mail, this one here.  So...)


Everyone testing positive for CoV could be given a £500 under dramatic plans being considered by ministers.  (A:  ...politicians).


The idea is aimed at encouraging more people to undergo swabs and self isolate to stop the virus spreading.


(A:  Here’s the thing, there’s so many articles come out here by top virologist talking about naturally acquired herd immunity, and that they’ve already shown in some studies that your own immunity is lasting longer and kicks in quicker against the coronavirus, without any side effects, right,  for most people.  So, the scams are incredible. Every scam artist has got their hands out for some, even the public relations companies, the PR companies and so on, and marketing companies, 'eh.)


Officials fear that too many with Covid symptoms fail to take a test in case knowing a positive result stops them working.


Well, no kidding, 'eh.  And again, even though the PCR test is so bogus and unreliable, it's not supposed to be taken seriously, really, by professionals who are coming out in the droves and admitting this, it truly is, for false positives.  And all these cases are not sicknesses, they're just people who test positive. Again, with the PCR test, it doesn't tell you if you've actually got it, if you had it, and if it's actually from the actual virus in the first place, it can't be certain about that either.


Back to the same thing too, test and trace. The test and trace, you know, these contact tracers…


Test and Trace is paying Deloitte (A:  That's a company I guess.) nearly a million pounds every day

thelondoneconomic.com / 19 Jan 2021


A top-ranking civil servant at the Department of Health and Social Care told MPs (A:  …Members of Parliament.)  that 900 of the firm’s consultants were employed - at a rate of £1,000 (A:  I guess that's each.) per day.


(A:  Yep. A million pounds a day for test and tracing. Every shark's got their hands out, 'eh?  Yep.)


David William’s, a top-ranking civil servant at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), told MPs on Monday that 900 of the firm’s consultants were currently employed – at a rate of £1,000 per day.


The disclosure of the astonishing level of expenditure comes after parliamentarians were told that DHSC expected to spend £15 billion on coronavirus in the next three months on testing alone(A:  Do you understand why they must get the high numbers?  for testing?  As I say, it doesn't mean you're ill or you're sick or whatever or you've even got it.  15 billion pounds, ‘eh...) particularly the rollout of controversial rapid testing – to tackle the pandemic.


(A:  Every test they're using is controversial before it's even effective… or efficient or truthful.)


It emerged last year that more than a thousand consultants from Deloitte had been hired by the government – but Williams’ admission to the Commons Public Accounts Committee is the first time the true cost has become clear.


Incredible, ‘eh? Folk are going to come out of this as multimillionaires, you know, in all these different scams that are going on right now.  I'll put these articles up for those that want to go through them.  Because yeah, most folk, again most folk can't handle the truth. It's hard.  And it's depressing, IF you let it depress you because it's meant, it's psychological warfare, a lot of it is. The whole lockdown is psychological warfare.  It truly is. And physical warfare too, because so many folk are getting sick just by the lockdown itself. If your mind starts to get anxious, you start getting sick in other ways as well.  Here's the article I mentioned about talking now...


Talking can spread Covid as much as coughing, says research

(A:  ...another big, you know, multimillion dollar study probably as they throw cash out to all these conmen that call themselves, you know, well, we're really scientists investigating it, you know.)

theguardian.com / 19 Jan 2021


Speaking to a friend when infected with the coronavirus could be as dangerous as coughing near them thanks to lingering particles, research has suggested.  (A:  Well, that’s worth it right there, ‘eh?  Yep.  So speaking…)


Speaking (A:  You know, breathing out the air when you speak, you see…) to a friend when infected  (A:  That's IF you are infected, right…) with the coronavirus could (A:  …again, COULD there's your little escape clause for them…) be as dangerous as coughing near them thanks to lingering particles, research has suggested.


Covid can be spread through a number of routes, including virus-containing droplets emitted when an infected person breaths, speaks or coughs (A:  It's quite easy to stop them breathing, then they can't speak or cough, 'eh?  How's that?) – a factor experts said could help to explain why Covid seems to spread more easily in indoor settings.


(A:  You see, they're trying to get into the houses, 'eh.  So there's no privacy anywhere.)


While large droplets fall to the ground over short distances, tiny droplets known as aerosols can carry the virus over distances greater than two metres, and linger.


(A:  I wonder how long they linger for?  Can’t they arrest them for lingering, I don’t know?  They arrest everything else, right?) 


Now experts have developed models to explore the risk posed by large droplets and aerosols…


“You need masks, you need distancing and you need good ventilation so these particles don’t build up in an indoor space and they are safely removed” …


(A:  …he says.  Ahhh, there you are.  This is from…)


…an expert in fluid mechanics at the University of Cambridge. (A:  …naturally.)


Writing in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A, de Oliveira and colleagues reported how they built models that take into account the size of droplets emitted from infected individuals when they speak or cough, as well as factors including the makeup of the droplets and the time it takes for them to settle.


(A:  I wonder if they've done another study, again, hands out, after this one for another study to see if the language in which you speak has an effect, 'eh?  Because they can make a fortune there too, surely, they could.  Yep, there ya go.  But it's such rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. It honestly is, you know.  It's such awful rubbish.  And here they go, remember I mentioned that when they wanted two, like wear two masks or two-ply masks...)


If ventilation is improved so the air is renewed five times an hour rather than three times, this risk can be cut to under 2%; a similar drop can be gained if everyone wears three-ply face masks.


Well, definitely if you stop breathing, I think that would stop the problem, right? Okay?  [Alan chuckles.]  What geniuses these guys are, 'eh.  Amazing, 'eh.  N-n-n. Madness is in it, just total madness.  And some articles are just so rubbishy you don't want to read it at all, honestly.  Yep.  You've never seen such panic generated by government. This is a war OF terror upon the people.  And how they're trying to get you into guilt tripping...


Covid vaccine: Home secretary says jumping queue (A:  …for a vaccine…) is ‘morally reprehensible’ and hints at fines

independent.co.uk / 22 Jan 2021


Members of Parliament say there are loopholes in NHS booking ...


(A:  Because of a booking system, who should get priority, right.  I-yi-yi.  Again, the guilt tripping.  So it says here...)


Her comments come as top medics warns that people using software loopholes to get vaccinated early are at risk of causing the deaths of people more vulnerable than them.


Well, you've already seen what's happening to the elderly after getting it... Oh, they're dying anyway. Why are you giving that to people, something that they can have a bad reaction to, right, given to people who are on the brink of dying? Why are you doing that?  When their immune system is wrecked anyway, that's what happens as you get older, your immune system starts dying off, 'eh, just not as efficient as it used to be.  I think something has happened to us too with our diets, probably the pesticides in the food and all the rest of it. We're not the people that used to exist. We're much weaker. I have no doubt about that at all.


More than half of Church of England's parishes close for Sunday services amid Covid crisis

premierchristian.news / 17 Jan 2021


The Church of England has said more than half of its 14,000 parishes have closed for communal Sunday worship.


Speaking to the BBC, the Church said some of its clergy are shielding, and all parishes are making their own decisions, with a number of churches deciding it's not safe enough to admit worshippers. Many parishes have moved their worship online.


…in the wake of a spike in Covid-19 cases.


Cases are, the more testing you do, you'll get, you'll never run out of cases, you understand.  Even if Covid 19 was to just suddenly disappear tomorrow, you'll still be able to find cases with the tests. Cases, hm?


Half of the population feel lonelier now than ever before in their life, says study

metro.co.uk / 16 Jan 2021


The nation hasn’t seen family for over three months either, which is just one factor contributing to the sad statistic that 55% of us are lonelier now than we’ve ever been in our lives.


(A:  I guess they get paid money to do these articles too, these studies on loneliness.  What do you expect when they shut down the economy, order everybody to stay in their homes, OR ELSE?  Hm?  What would happen when you shut them all in their homes and they can't get out? Or they get harassed or fined, what would that cause? I wonder?  I wonder how much the study cost them, 'eh?  I would've done it for, you know, a few pennies I think, right.  You see, they're already doing all the studies on us.)


45% of Brits feel anxious about elderly relatives and neighbours who can’t use technology to stay in touch with loved ones.


Despite this, the age group perhaps most acquainted with technology is the one that feels the loneliest – millennials feel lonelier than any other generation.


You understand, if herd immunity was allowed to, you know, life went on as normal, herd immunity would sweep through the population so quickly and you'd have your natural immunity to it. A lot safer too.  Nevermind the fact that you can still survive, you know, and go on into the future.  Because you won't go on to much of a future with this perpetual lockdown and the wrecking of, the purposeful, the mandated war type wrecking of the economy. For sustainability. Oh sorry, the great reset, let's call it what they call it, the great reset. Another article too…


COVID-19: Vaccinated people must stick to lockdown rules as they may spread coronavirus, says Jonathan Van-Tam (A:  That's sounds like Van Dam [Alan chuckles.], but it's Van Tam.)

news.sky.com / 24 Jan 2021


Getting your COVID-19 vaccination does not mean you can liberate yourself from lockdown or other restrictions.


(A:  This is from Sky News.)


That is the warning from England's deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, who says the millions of people who have received their jab must still obey social-distancing rules.


Those who refuse risk prolonging the pandemic and its associated restrictions, he said, adding that they could also be putting at risk those who are vulnerable but further down the priority list.


But Prof Van-Tam said that, while the vaccination can prevent serious illness, (A:  It doesn't say WILL, it says CAN.  It's like saying maybe.) it is not yet known if it prevents transmission of the coronavirus.  (A:  So, you could spread it.  And they're worried now that folk who've had the vaccination are going to spread the virus.)


He wrote in The Sunday Telegraph: "Even after you have had both doses of the vaccine you may still give COVID to someone else and the chains of transmission will then continue.


"If you change your behaviour you could still be spreading the virus, keeping the number of cases high…”


All you do is stop doing the testing, the number of cases will drop, plummet. Then you use clinical diagnosis, like observation, history, temperature, you know, signs and symptoms, all the stuff they should be doing anyway to get proper diagnosis.


California halts Moderna vaccine batch after severe allergies

news.cgtn.com / 19 Jan 2021


The number of people with severe allergic reactions exceeded normal levels after a California clinic vaccinated local residents with a batch of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, reported the Los Angeles Times on Monday. California health officials have asked the state's medical services to suspend vaccination from this particular batch of vaccines.


That's a big blow to them.  They'll get around it of course, they all say, oh we're going to order it from a different batch or something because they're not going to stop.  No matter what happens.  Another article about the same one there...


California urges a halt to using a batch of Moderna doses after fewer than 10 people were treated for possible severe allergic reactions

bostonglobe.com / 18 Jan 2021


…who all received the vaccine at the same community site, needed medical attention over a 24-hour period, Pan said. No other similar clusters were found.


Pan did not specify the number of cases involved or where they occurred.


Well, this is how they give you information, they just don’t give you it all.  And on it goes, ‘eh?


COVID-19: A record 250,000 small firms on the brink of closure - industry body

news.sky.com / 11 Jan 2021


Business confidence is at its weakest since after the financial crisis of 2008.


(A:  No kidding. Well, that's what happens when you can’t have any businesses at all actually like working.)


A record 250,000 small firms are set to close this year under combined pressure from the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, (A:  That's in Britain, they're blaming Brexit for it, which is a bit nonsensical.) according to an industry body.


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said its survey revealed a "huge cost" ahead for employment without additional support from the Treasury to help mitigate the challenges faced by its members.


…found confidence at its second-lowest level since the financial crisis at a time when firms are grappling renewed COVID-19 lockdowns.


They go through a lot of the companies, different kinds of companies that are going down quicker than others and so on.  Another one too is, oh yeah…


Covid-19: Norway investigates 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after vaccination

bmj.com / 15 Jan 2021


Doctors in Norway have been told to conduct more thorough evaluations of very frail elderly patients in line to receive the Pfizer BioNTec vaccine against covid-19, following the deaths of 23 patients shortly after receiving the vaccine.


(A:  It went up actually to about 33 the other day there. I like how they always get the same numbers in the papers, ‘eh, 33.  You've seen that a lot these days haven't you?)


The agency has investigated 13 of the deaths so far and concluded that common adverse reactions of mRNA vaccines, such as fever, nausea, and diarrhoea, may have contributed to fatal outcomes in some of the frail patients.


“There is a possibility that these common adverse reactions, (A:  ...COMMON adverse reactions... collapsing, your blood pressure plummets, ‘eh, with the shock of it all, of that allergic reaction. It's just common adverse reactions...) that are not dangerous in fitter, younger patients (A:  Well, we’re talking about the elderly here, ‘eh, so why are you bringing fitter, younger patients in?) and are not unusual with vaccines, may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” Madsen said. (A:  That's the one that's in charge of Norway's health.)  


“We are not alarmed or worried about this, (A:  I'm sure you aren't because it's not YOU that's dying.)  because these are very rare occurrences and they occurred in very frail patients with very serious disease,” he emphasised. “We are now asking for doctors to continue with the vaccination, but to carry out extra evaluation of very sick people whose underlying condition might be aggravated by it.”


(A:  NOW they’re thinking of that, ‘eh!  I-yiiiiiiiiiii.  I tell ya.)


Now, Bloomberg has an article about this too, doing a bit of damage control, I guess.


What You Need to Know About Allergic Reactions to Covid Vaccines

bloomberg.com / 30 Dec 2020


Like all new drugs, the vaccines that have been authorized in Western countries to protect against Covid-19 come with some safety concerns and side effects.


(A:  They mentioned the two Western shots deployed…)


Many people who’ve received the first two shots deployed, one from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE and another from Moderna Inc., have experienced fever, headache and pain at the site of the injection. These side effects generally disappear quickly.


More worrisome, a small number of vaccine recipients have had serious but treatable allergic reactions called anaphylaxis.


Norway reported deaths among the elderly people with serious underlying health conditions following the administration of the Pfizer BioNTec shot. But a review by the World Health Organization found no evidence of a connection to the vaccine.


(A:  Do you see how much they really care about you, with that blithe [Alan chuckles.] come back, 'eh...)


… a review by the World Health Organization found no evidence of a connection to the vaccine.


(A:  No, no.  So it goes on to say, to rationalize the deaths...)


33 were reported in mid-January among some 40,000 people given the Pfizer BioNTec vaccine in Norway, where the authorities have prioritized the immunization of nursing homes and residents. 


Those who died were all in the 75+ years brackets and they included terminally ill patients anticipated to have only weeks or months to live.


(A:  Why would you be giving these folk who have no immune system anyway because they're on anti-carcinogenic drugs and radiation therapies, which destroys any immune system you've got left, you know that, that's just fact, 'eh, why would you be giving them these vaccines? That they care about them? I mean, this is the BEST medical advice supposedly the specialists, that you could get? Are you really believing this?)


After a review, at the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety said that the fatalities are in line with the expected all cause mortality rates and causes of death in the subpopulation of frail elderly individuals."  The committee concluded the risk benefit balance of the vaccine remains favorable in the elderly.


(A:  There ya go.  So, it's a benefit, it's a risk benefit, and it's just that if they die with it, you know, it's just...  So there ya go.   I wonder if they put them all down as Covid deaths, you know?)


In Germany there have been more than 800,000 that have received their first two doses of the Pfizer BioNTec vaccine. 


(A:  And listen to this, it's just little bits that come out...) 


The Paul Ehrlich Institute has investigated at least seven cases of elderly people dying shortly after vaccination.  In this report it said the deaths were probably due to the patient's underlying diseases including carcinomas, kidney deficiencies and Alzheimer's.


...not the inoculation.  The Paul Ehrlich Institute? You know, the guy who literally came out with The Population Bomb and had the big following, and all the politicians courted him for his advice, and too many people. Oh, my goodness, 'eh, eugenics and the whole lot, the Paul Ehrlich Institute is investigating on behalf of the drug companies.  M-hmmmmm.  WOW.  There ya go, 'eh.  There ya go, folks. His wife by the way was on the board of the Club of Rome.  A small world, isn't it?  It doesn't take many folk to control the planet, you know. So there ya go. 


So it's just old folk dying, it’s just old folk dying, that's the comeback on it.  The same ones that tell you, don't you care about old people? Why are you putting out information that they might not want the vaccinations? Don't you care about the old folk? You might be causing their deaths by speaking out.  And here they are, when this happens, well, they're on the verge of death anyway, you know, they're dying of this, that and the other things.  [Alan chuckles.]  Again, doublespeak, 'eh, from the same sources. 


And Fauci says...


Fauci: COVID Vaccine May Become Mandatory (A:  Imagine that, ‘eh.)

childrenshealthdefense.org / 20 Jan 2021


According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, some institutions will undoubtedly require employees to be vaccinated, adding that it’s “quite possible” the vaccine will be required for overseas travel.


(A:  Of course it will be.)


They do want a passport, but it won't be just for external travel, they want it for internal travel too.  You can see how they, again, the noble lie, lie to the little innocent sheep there and... Oh, well, it's just for so and so, just for that.  Then they move the goalpost. Oh, they've added that into it now too. That's how everything works with the regulatory laws, which aren't really laws at all, you know.


You're definitely going to see the long-term effects eventually down the road because this is an experimental DNA vaccine, DNA altering vaccine here.  And again…


Oil Industry Reels as Biden Targets Fossil Fuels in First Days - bloomberg.com / 23 Jan 2021


Again, don’t forget that too, they really care about the elderly, as they take away your choices and abilities to get different kinds of fuel.    Yep.  I’ll put the link up to Lord Sumption that I mentioned before…


Lord Sumption tells stage 4 cancer patient her life is 'less valuable'

theguardian.com / 17 Jan 2021


Former justice’s remark made to woman with bowel cancer during TV debate on Covid lockdowns


The former supreme court justice Jonathan Sumption has been criticised for telling a woman with stage 4 cancer that her life was “less valuable” during a televised discussion of the costs of coronavirus lockdowns.


Appearing on the BBC One show The Big Questions on Sunday to discuss the question of whether lockdown was “punishing too many for the greater good”, (A:  They use that term, the greater good, right.)  Lord Sumption, one of the most prominent anti-lockdown campaigners, said he did not accept that “all lives are of equal value”.


The former justice, who served on the supreme court until 2018, said he believed his children’s and grandchildren’s lives were “worth more because they’ve got a lot more of it ahead”.


(A: Bad phrasing too…)


...said he believed his children’s and grandchildren’s lives were “worth more..." 


(A: [Alan laughing.] …if you want to be nitpicking as they say.)


Responding to Sumption’s remarks, Deborah James, who has stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer and hosts the BBC’s You, Me and the Big C podcast, said: “With all due respect, I am the person who you say their life is not valuable.”


Sumption then interrupted James, saying: “I didn’t say your life was not valuable, I said it was less valuable.”


But again, these characters are the same kind of characters that are into bioethics and who should get treatment, who shouldn't get treatment, and who's worth saving and who's not worth saving.  Everything that people were wary of when they set up the health services.  Initially the health service was to treat everybody equally, yada, yada, ya.  Kind of like Switzerland does, you know.  But eventually the real agendas creep into them and who to treat, who not to treat, yada, ya because you're just a burden on society. Even though you pumped all this money into society through your taxes, now you're a burden, you know.


Another article here which is quite interesting to do with, which is quite interesting, to do with the World Wildlife Fund which Prince Philip was up there with the Sierra Club, etc.  They’re all connected, for sustainability.  All these different, you know, nature conservatory groups are into acquiring the best farmland across Africa and different places, so you can’t farm and grow food and stuff, you know. Prince Philip certainly made no bones about it in his speeches is about too many people, too many of you, you know.  So anyway this article here is…


WWF's white hat doesn't always make them the good guys

queenslandcountrylife.com.au / 18 Jan 2021


WWF forces industries to use expensive certification schemes controlled by the WWF itself to prove sustainability.


In 2014, the World Wildlife Fund's senior vice-president of markets and food Jason Clay wrote, "We can't touch 7 billion people directly, or even 1.5 billion producers. But we can touch the companies that reach them."


It was then that WWF decided not to spend its time or money on education strategies or working in partnership with industries and producers, but on assuming control of their futures.


(A:  Remember I mentioned that futures are planned.)


It did this by implementing its 'Market Transformation' strategy, targeting the companies producers sell to, realising that they could wield greatest influence by controlling the supply chains or local government legislation.


The biggest benefit to taking this approach was that WWF could leverage the incredible power companies like McDonald's and Unilever - the world's largest manufacturer of ice cream - have over consumers.


By going after corporate targets and forcing them to transform their operations, WWF has been getting big business and many financial institutions to indirectly suggest to consumers that particular industries aren't following sustainable environmental or animal care practices when, at least in the case of agriculture, they are.


Coffee, palm oil, aquaculture, and the forestry industry have all been manipulated by market transformation and stewardship schemes, resulting in each having to abide by additional sustainability standards and third-party certification, at significant cost to individual producers.


(A:  Also, it's controlling the whole planet's food supply. I hope you're starting to get the point here of how they do it.)


It has been clear for a while that beef and cane are also in the sights of WWF, with both appearing on a list of 15 commodities WWF states have the biggest impact on areas of global conservation.


As you've already seen from last week's articles that Bill Gates has, is now the biggest owner and purchaser of farmland, or of land anyway in the US, I think.  I'm sure he has all over the world as well.  So, we've touched on food production going into eventually rationing and probably starvation will come out of it across the world eventually. But continued lockdowns for years, 'eh.  And taking over the food supply, what's left of the food supply, they already did that a long time ago at the big cartel industries.  They have massive monopolies, there's no doubt about it, on the food supplies. And water.  I gave the talks on, everything you need to live on will be owned by them. Now you've got fuel as well. So, you've got food and fuel.  So yeah, they're going after everything you need to survive, literally survive physically. And it's all done by big think tanks, on behalf of these big foundations, that are part of the big deep state.


Now, some places are even giving away free cannabis for the shots, or with the shot, you know. Again, this article is like a tongue-in-cheek thing because the owner of the Greenhouse, this is the name of the company I guess, with the cannabis said...


Michigan pot shops giving free joints to customers vaccinated for COVID-19

freep.com / 19 Jan 2021


"We support the safe and responsible use of cannabis and hope this is the beginning of the end of this insidious pandemic."


But of course, it was much publicity for him [Alan chuckles.] and his company and says it's to do with the pandemic.  Again, a lot of folk will go for that kind of thing too. Or as I say, like in Britain, even getting tested if you get a positive test... Again, it's one of these things that you might win, you know, you might win. It's like Tim Hortons in Canada that sometimes have these coffee specials on, or winning specials where you win a bicycle or something. They give you a list of things that you COULD win, and you roll-up-the-rim to win, they call it, so you have to peel it up at the top and it tells you if it's, oh, bad luck, try again. That's generally what you get. So the same thing, it's possible you might win something. 


With the one in Britain with the 500 pounds one, well, you might win if you test positive. So I guess you can keep going back and back and back hoping to get a positive test. Eventually you will with those tests, you get one regardless.  But 500 pounds. There'll be a lot of scam artists there too, 'eh, on the go.  I mean, you see some of the really good scam artists that find people who have tested positive already and try and get them the same day to take another test but using their name. You could get quite wealthy that way I suppose.  And why not, all the top corporations have got their hands out for millions and billions of dollars.  This is plunder time.  It's what Rothschild said when he had been truthful telling us when the best time to make money is in investments or whatever. He said, it's when the blood is running in the streets. Meaning, when you've got massive crisis, is the best time to make the biggest profits because everybody is petrified and terrified and hysterical in a sense, you can demand whatever you want.


So you've got all these characters out there with all their different apps they're coming out with and little gadgets to tests, even better testing gadgets, all got their hands out and getting millions of dollars put into it to try a new, a new type of test or something like that. That end up going nowhere. But you don't have to guarantee you get anything made, you just say you'll try. Well, I'll try and make this thing, give me a few million dollars and I'll see what I can do.  So yeah, they’re giving pot out and so on, we’ll see how all that goes.


Also, Ontario, Canada, the top doctor, I like how they say it too, top doctor.  What makes him anymore top than anybody else as a doctor?  They’re political appointees.  It says…


Ontario's top doctor says daily COVID-19 cases will have to fall to around 1,000 to lift lockdown

toronto.ctvnews.ca / 18 Jan 2021


(A:  Now, that's what they're finding with these swab tests, right, the cases. The more swab tests you do the more they're going to keep climbing.  I don't care, if you tried it before Covid came along, it will still test positive.  They are so faulty for what they're using them for here.)


Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health, looks on during the daily COVID-19 press briefing at Queen's Park (A:  …blah, blah, blah.)


TORONTO -- Ontario’s top doctor has said the number of new COVID-19 cases reported daily should be “around or below 1,000” before the lockdown orders can be lifted.


(A:  So obviously, all they have to do is keep churning out even more tests to KEEP the lockdown.) 


The province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams said that officials would have to be able to guarantee hospital capacity could be protected before changing public health measures in Ontario.


(A:  Another thing too, for folks who don't know, I read the article about how they're managing inside the hospitals. You already had folk fined and arrested in different countries, in Britain too, and for going into hospitals and showing it pretty empty.  I've been reading the article there too, that even in the ICU and places where they're treating Covid cases, you know, that have got actual illnesses, that it was seen that they are almost full because they've got to get them so many meters apart, the beds and everything. Now that they're trying to push it up to three meters apart, then that's fewer beds as they keep...  So, you get fewer patients in the same ward, you see, for Covid, so they can say that they ARE full.  It's interesting how they finagle things.) 


(A:  It's like FDR said, there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.  They have courses, you can hire folk who are specialists in creating statistics and warping them to suit whatever you want the findings to be. That's a fact, folks.   Yep.  So anyway, it says...)


The province said that it becomes harder to support non-COVID-19 needs when the number of ICU patients with the novel coronavirus exceeds 150.


(A:  Now, is that folk that are in for different reasons and also test positive? You see, this is how they muddy the waters deliberately.)


It becomes “impossible” to handle once it exceeds 350 people.


As of Monday, there are currently 1,571 patients in hospital with COVID-19. (A:  Now, where? Is that the whole of Ontario?  Where is it, you know?)  Of those, at least 394 patients are being treated in the ICU and 303 are breathing with the assistance of a ventilator.


(A:  Now, is it because it's winter and this is when you get all the other viruses too? You see, they aren't being specific here, as usual. And how many hospitals are those patients scattered around in? And also, what's your annual intake at this time of year when you've got flu, colds and all kinds of bronchial pneumonias on the go, as you do every year, every winter?  You see, they don't...  It's too easy to fudge everything by omission, you see, that's how they do it too, don't give them the rest of the story.  Again so, Doug Ford [Alan chuckles.] ...)


Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued a province-wide lockdown on Dec. 26 that shuttered all non-essential businesses and prohibited in-person dining at bars and restaurants.


And obviously if you're going to get, if your plan is to turn out about 10,000 tests a day, you're going to fulfill your quota of too many CASES as you call it. It doesn't tell you if you've got the thing, had the thing, or even if that's what it's testing positive for, it could be another virus or particles thereof, etc., etc. 


To do with the climate agreement, the Conference of Parties is going to meet again.  They’re going to meet in Glasgow of all places and guess who it’s going to be?  John Kerry, ‘eh, John Kerry.  N-n-n.


All roads lead to Glasgow Joe Biden's climate envoy tells world

dailyrecord.co.uk / 21 Jan 2021


John Kerry signalled on his first day that the Glasgow Climate Change Conference will be the most important event of the year.


(A:  Well, no kidding because that’s going to ram home the whole sustainability agenda in collusion with the WEF and with the Covid exercise, 'eh.)


The new United States president has signalled that all roads lead to Glasgow this year.


Joe Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry (A: [Alan chuckles.]  The same old faces and same names, 'eh, familiar names and familiar places and familiar faces and names, it's a song isn't it, keep cropping up over and over.) used his first day in office to emphasise the importance of the Cop26 Climate Change Summit to be held in Scotland this November.


Former US Secretary of State Kerry tweeted: (A:  I love how they tweet now, 'eh.)  “Friends, today we get back to work. As I head back into government I’ll now be tweeting from @ClimateEnvoy. I hope you’ll follow me there and join me on the road to Glasgow!”


So, they’ve got an ambitious climate agenda it says. So, you’re going to see sustainability as you cutback this and cutback that.  Not just cutback all your fuel and oil and so on, but they'll also cut back all carbon-based products basically, that's what they claim.  Which YOU are a carbon-based life form by the way, you know, that's what you are.


Ontario grant offers small businesses hit hard by lockdown up to $20,000

barrie.ctvnews.ca / 22 Jan 2021


"There's no question that eligible small businesses need urgent relief to help them navigate this challenging period," (A:  Yada, yada, ya.)  Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance, said.


Barrie Chamber of Commerce president (A:  That's Barrie, Ontario.), Todd Tuckey, said most businesses should qualify for the grant. "You look at your year of April 2020, versus the month of April 2019, and then compare those two,  and if you show at least a 20 per cent reduction, (A:  Everybody will fudge that, folks.) then you're eligible" Tuckey explained.  (A:  There you go, $20,000.)


Retail sales for 2020 show largest annual fall since records began - news.sky.com / 22 Jan 2021


I remember reading this article a long time ago before the Covid got a grip supposedly. It's to do with collars, they were talking about putting collars on workers to keep them distancing apart. Again, even the company, I know where it is too, and I says, will they actually do this or not?  Because yeah, a dog collar on you, electronic, like the prisoners wear, right…


French factory workers could be forced to wear social distancing devices that emit a loud noise like a dog collar if they stand too close to each other

dailymail.co.uk / 18 Jan 2021


Badge worn around the neck or waist would go off if 2m distance is not observed.


Hygiene company says it could help contact-tracing with its factory workers. (A: [Alan chuckles.])


But a French union condemned the 'dog collar' as an 'attack on individual liberty'. (A:  You’d better believe it!)


Swedish company Essity, which makes hygiene products and has around 2,500 employees in France, is said to be planning to introduce the gadgets - which it claims would make contact-tracing easier (A:  …yada, ya.) 


(A:  It goes on about the union again, they always repeat the same stuff in the same articles now, 'eh.)


The company, which makes products including tissues, nappies and hand sanitisers, defended the proposal by saying it was meant to ensure employee safety.


(A:  Well, they could use balls and chains on your feet for employees and you couldn't walk, you know, beyond 6 feet or whatever.)


The devices would not be used to pinpoint people's location (A:  Who's kidding who?) and it would be inactive in the toilets and the canteen… (A:  Yeah, SURE!) 


[Alan chuckles.]  You'd hope folk learn as they go through life that you can't trust ANY of these characters that are above you there. None of them. None.  N-n-n.  That's how they see you, 'eh? And again, some company's got its hand out for big bucks, you see, oh yeah, y'know.


Again, as I say, Ontario is way ahead, well, Canada is way ahead of every other country for euthanasia, and for getting the idea across, written by bioethics counselors and so on.  You know, isn't it may be time for you to die, think about it.  It says…


Ontario patients to be ranked for life-saving care should ICUs become full, documents show

toronto.ctvnews.ca / 18 Jan 2021


(A:  It's almost a carbon copy of what they turned out last year, you see, as they get the message across.)


TORONTO -- Patients with the greatest chance of survival beyond 12 months should be prioritized for critical care in the event that overwhelmed Ontario hospitals need to begin rationing life-saving treatments, the provincial government said in a document sent to hospitals earlier this month.


The province’s triage protocol guidance states that patients should be assessed and placed in a colour-coded framework based on their risk of short-term mortality, (A:  You see, you're all getting color-coded, BEFORE you get into the hospital now by the way.  They know everything about you, if you've got any medical history at all.) which is defined as survival beyond 12 months after the onset of critical illness.


“In the context of a major surge in demand for critical care resources, (A:  I wonder what they're actually giving them in the hospitals for treatment apart from ventilators?  Are they actually giving them antivirals or whatever? or what are they doing, 'eh?) where the demand actually exceeds the number who can be safely managed with available resources (including ventilators, supplies and trained staff), it is inevitable that some who may have otherwise benefited from critical care will not receive it, and as a result, some will die who would otherwise have lived.”


(A:  Well, the folk who can’t get in for cancer treatments and stuff like that, and every other kind of treatment, normal treatments, are going to get worse. They know that too. And from the authorities that CARE, right, they care about the elderly, but they just don’t bother right now.  But the cancer patients and other folks who can’t get treatments, and early treatment is VERY important in cancers when they're first discovered before they can really spread out there.  So there ya go, folks, there’s nothing to guess about. I'll guarantee none of the wealthy elite or the politicians who are all on the payroll and little special privileges, none of them are going to suffer and be on a color-coded chart, believe you me.)


All patients being considered for critical care treatment must be assessed by two physicians and if a consensus about the patient’s mortality risk is not reached, the more optimistic prognosis will be selected.


“If demand for critical care continues to exceed available resources at Level 3, there may be little clinical evidence to guide triage decisions on the basis of predicted short term mortality. As a result, triage decisions must appeal to procedural fairness,” the document concludes.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] There you go.)


“ICU physicians should also reassess patients admitted to ICU at regular intervals, and consider withdrawal of life support through a shared decision-making process with SDMs (substitute decision-makers) (A:  I wonder WHO they will be?) if a patient does not appear to be improving despite receiving critical care,” the document continues.


(A:  This is getting you used to the idea of euthanasia, folks. Because euthanasia can be given immediately through medication, or simply withdrawing, withdrawing treatment, okay, and only then can they make sure that the resources are available for other people, you see. It says…)


“We are at a dangerous point,” epidemiologist Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of the province’s COVID-19 science table, said


Now, they have these science tables where they all sit and debate, and with bioethics, 'eh.  This is supposedly the new morality.  We've got a diploma in morality, you don't have that, you see.  So we decide what's moral and so on, and you're expendable if you're really, if you're just color-coded on this particular color chart here and you're not really essential, you see.  Now, a politician could be really essential, and they'll have to pump a lot of money into them if they're good yes man or woman, you know.  That's how it works.


I tell ya, it's to get you ready for much similar things down the road which is basically your own need for treatment at some time, regardless of Covid. This is going to be permanent, you see, this devaluating, getting you to accept the devalued life that you have, getting you to accept it as very important. Well, okay, you know.


And once again...


Ontario developing ‘last resort’ guidelines on which patients to prioritize if hospitals are overwhelmed by critical COVID-19 cases - thestar.com / 29 Mar 2020


There's another article about the same thing.


Now, remember when 9/11 happened, immediately the media, again with government tax money, big money, they threw the money around for antiterrorism, antiterrorism, domestic terrorism, right, came out with all the sudden big TV dramas. There was one in the States with the president and the different guys going after different terrorists and shooting them in the knees and stuff, and had the different actors involved as it got more and more graphic. Canada came out with something called The Border I think it was, The Border. Big money, rotten scripts naturally. They actually had a flight of, I don't know if it was F-16s or whatever flying down to one of the bridges that connects us with the States. All fiction, fiction, and strafing the bridge by the way, all incredible fiction to dramatize this completely fictionalized terrorism, you see.


As I've told you, everything you get for entertainment today is pure propaganda. I don't care what it's about, it's indoctrinating you in something or another. Guaranteed. Well, here's, ha, [Alan laughing.] I fell off my chair when I saw this one...


COVID-19: Kenneth Branagh to play Boris Johnson in new TV drama charting Prime Minister's handling of pandemic

news.sky.com / 23 Jan 2021


(A:  So now we get a fictitious account of Boris Johnson.  No doubt he'll be crying over the deaths and, oh my God, it's so... have I done enough, have I done enough... You know?  And someone will come in and comb his hair for him and lacquer it again, to make sure it's all sticking out like a coronavirus head. Because he literally gets all that unkempt hair, that's literally styled for him like that, you know. So yeah, Kenneth Branagh is going to play Boris Johnson.  Aaaaa, I don't want to read anymore of this, I'll be sick.)


This Sceptred Isle, (A:  Who dreamt this rubbish up?... the Sceptered Isle...?) a Sky Original drama, will tell the story of some of the most devastating events to ever hit the country - and of a prime minister leading through unprecedented times.


(A:  When you read the article here it’s like a script from a World War II propaganda movie. It really is. You see, these are formulas which they use in wartime. And it says in his article here, I'll just read a little bit, I can't help it, because it's [Alan chuckles.]  so funny.)


The drama will trace the impact on Britain from this once-in-a-generation crisis, (A:  The crisis has all come from the lockdowns, folks, and the destruction of the economy.) and the response of scientists, nurses, and doctors as they worked tirelessly to try and contain the virus.


It is based on first-hand testimony of people from all walks of life: From Number 10, (A:  Downing Street.) the Department of Health, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), and from hospitals and care homes across the country.


(A:  That’s the SAGE group remember, that actually funded a subgroup of behaviorists and psychologists and nudgers as they call it, to actually exaggerate their stories on Covid to create anxiety in the public to get them to comply.  The SAGE group, so they’re in it here too, and I'm sure they'll be tireless experts, portrayed as decent people, not the deceivers they are, that has deliberately increased the anxiety level, they said, right, in the public.  Anyway, so here's the fictitious version of it all.)


Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlines new lockdown for England in a televised address to the nation from 10 Downing St., London setting new emergency measures to control the spread of the coronavirus.


The five-part series was co-written and directed by Michael Winterbottom, (A:  Oh, that guy better have his fuel quotas in for the winter as they’re cutting back.) whose previous hits include Welcome To Sarajevo, A Mighty Heart, 24-Hour Party People and The Road To Guantanamo.


He said: "The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic (A:  ...series, right...) will be remembered forever: A time when the country came together to battle an invisible enemy, a time when people were more aware than ever of the importance of community."


(A:  Doesn't that start stirring your heart...? you'll put on a uniform and march wherever they tell you, 'eh.  Aren't they all set for it, you know? Isn't that something?)


(A:  Remember when they put up, looked for a reason to unite the people into sustainability, something that they would have to fight?  The Club of Rome was given the task they said, you know, to find something that would unite the people. They thought about all kinds of things and scary things that would unite them all. They discussed wars and everything, the only time that people come together. So they came up with the idea that plagues, famine and pestilence, that kind of stuff, you know, that would fit the bill. Remember that?  Remember that?)


…will be remembered forever: A time when the country came together to battle an invisible enemy, a time when people were more aware than ever of the importance of community."


Hhhhh, thank God for fiction and propaganda!  


Now, when all this stuff that's been happening too, there's so much performance going on. It's really performance, isn't it?  To do with, everything on television is a show. I don't care if it’s a news show, everything is a show, folks. That's what it is. I hope you realize that.  It's never been so blatant as it is today.  The same media, and the ones that used to run newspapers, the same names, it's all on the Internet now, they had to get subsidies from the government for years because no one was reading their nonsense, it was such rubbish. 


But they're back in full force with the war, the war on terror, you know, and getting heavily subsidized again to put out all the fear, and a common narrative.  You see, the whole idea of wartime is to get all the opinions decided by experts, that the people must parrot.  Anything, I don't care how divergent from the parroting it is, is hammered by the authorities. That's what you are seeing now of course.  There is no freedom of speech, or freedom of thought, or even speculation, even if you said this is speculation, it doesn't matter. It's forbidden. You're living under an authoritarian system now.  And you don't have to go far to look for all the signs and symptoms of it. 


You've got to understand there's so much going on, and the same thing with… as I say, your whole life you've been living in an illusion, because you're trained to be naïve and to believe it's all real and nice, etc.... through the propaganda they fed you, again, with all the fictitious stories or fiction and movies they've given you on politicians and how there are some decent ones there, you know, in that other world which doesn't exist, the one they tell you to believe in. So folk can't believe it today when the same authorities are all parroting the same stuff, that doesn't make sense to you, by your own observations, that's how easy it is to control the people that all get on board with the same mantra. That's important.


That's why the Rockefellers years ago talked about how to create basically what we would call today total spectrum dominance, including complete control of every topic that they wanted you to parrot, and to give you your opinion, the opinion makers, you see.  So they took over a whole bunch and they created a whole bunch of newspapers and the rest of them would follow them.  They knew exactly through studies they had done how many they would need to control the whole of the US, newspapers, and magazines, etc.   These ended up being the main ones that all the lesser ones would simply copy, you see. Quite easy, isn't it, really, the standardization of thought and opinion.  A monopoly over thought and opinion.  And they're absolutely ruthless when it comes to, as I say, not allowing anyone else to come in with a different opinion. You've really been living through it your whole life long.


When you think of even the history of the US, when I was young, I thought, why is America off to Vietnam? They said, oh it's treaties they signed with the South.  The old story that Britain used to get into World War II, is treaties, and World War I.  Well, we've signed these treaties with these countries, some of them in Britain were only signed a week before the war started because they wanted the wars, you see. 


But you find it now with Vietnam, it was rather evident to some countries that the real communism, if you want to call it communism, resided in the USA at the time, in the higher echelons of government and the State Department. And you control the State Department, you control the whole system in America, and abroad.  So, why on earth was America off to this little country Vietnam to stop communism when it was taken over back home the whole time?  …when Marxism was getting taught in universities quite openly? The same in Britain, you know.  And training a generation to be Marxist, which they were, a lot of them.  Why would you be doing that and going off to fight it at the same time using all your resources over in Vietnam? Nothing makes sense until you always realize there's other reasons behind it. Part of the reason too was to devalue Americans’ ideas, impressions of themselves and their self-worth, which also is to do with power obviously. 


As a people and a nation militarily, and that was that they would get bogged down in a war which they couldn't win, and then, you know, you give them an inferiority complex when it comes to the ultimate managers of war. They were laughed at by the other Cold War countries like China and Russia at the time, Soviet Russia, and the Soviet bloc countries, as the greatest nation with the greatest armament power and all the rest of it, was getting defeated by the Vietcong.  But in reality too, they weren't allowed to win it anyway, in many different ways. And they shouldn't have been there in the first place.  Obviously, foreign entanglements, that's what Washington said, and others asserted too, that the nation will do well if we keep out of foreign entanglements.  They meant treaties, you see, because it draws you into wars.


That's what makes no sense at all when Kissinger and the other guys, as I've mentioned earlier about Afghanistan, they helped to set up the whole system for the Soviet Union to bring troops, masses of troops into and get bogged down in Afghanistan.  They set up the rebellion to get the troops in, and then they helped the Afghanis, there's many different tribesmen inside, different types of tribesmen, armed them and trained them, and bogged Russia down for such a long, long time. Until Russia was exhausted.  The people at home were so sick of it, losing troops, losing equipment, losing resources and the whole thing, and kept demanding to get out of it.  It dragged on for years until it exhausted them. Then as I say, the troops were coming back home with masses of drugs from Afghanistan which got into society in some of the big cities in Russia until a lot of their clinics and their mental institutions were FULL of people withdrawing from all kinds of heavy-duty drugs.


So, why would the US, once that was done, 'eh, didn't wait too long once Russia was out, and 9/11 comes along, and then here they are attacking themselves, 'eh?  And they're still bogged down there.  You see, when things don't make sense that means that what they're telling you is for a different, completely different reasons.  That they're here, there or anywhere else, it's nothing to do with the simplicity of what they tell you because simplicity means that it's obviously bogus, you wouldn't do the same mistake that you set up Russia to fall into, you wouldn't do it yourself.  Obviously. So there's other reasons for it all.


Again, you can go even into the different writings of some of the politicians over the years. I mean, Jeanne Kirkpatrick was awfully avant-garde in the whole push for socialism across the world.  And yet Ronald Reagan brought her in to his cabinet and he set her up there because she, he set her up to plan out the strategies that she had advocated. She said, rather than just go into countries one after another and change them and alter them or whatever through warfare, why not simply set up permanent bases across the world for it?  And he did. That's what the US has done ever since.  Permanent bases, you see.


So whatever happens, for the countries to have invaded, were all planned long in advance. I'm sure there's a whole waiting list of countries still to go. We know there are actually, who are still on the PNAC group's bunch of ones that that general [Wesley Clark] mentioned on Democracy Now when he says, he didn't understand why we're going here, there and everywhere, after 9/11, there was a whole bunch, and the guy says, there's MORE countries on the list too.  So yeah, everything just falls into line, it's all preplanned obviously.  They admit it is, and they follow plans that were written years ago. Absolutely years ago.


So, whenever you see anything happening on any kind of...  Look at the Covid exercise.  You had the countless exercises before it, like tabletop ones with the real participants, so-called specialists involved.  Johns Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, groups all working together and plans, and the World Health Organization authorities and stuff. Even in 2010 the Rockefellers too with their involvement with those last two groups for the tabletop exercises, in Lockstep.  You have all that happening for something that they obviously knew was going to happen. Obviously.


When they couldn't get it all rammed through, through climate change control and post consumerist laws to get rammed through to save us all from consuming, then bingo, here you get this taking over, the Covid exercise. Now they're going to combine the two again for sustainability.  Sustainability means they've got numbers which they say would be the ideal population to sustain the planet, and to exist on the planet.  Believe you me, if that's the case, you're looking at mass genocide to make that happen. How else are they going to, how could they possibly do it? 


They're rather impatient. They don't want to see if the next generation are not going to breed at all, or volunteer for sterility.  And I'm not making this up, there have been lots of questionnaires put out over the years about this. Would you volunteer to blah, blah, blah?  So, they do it the hard way which is what you say is tough love, you know, tough love type of technique and you're going to get it whether you like it or not and that's it. And away they go.  You're living through it, folks.  You're all living through it and most folk don't recognize it.


Cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Remember, send a few bucks my way because at the end of the talk most folk just forget.  I'm not there yet mind you, at the end, but just to remind you, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll see how to send a few bucks my way and help me just... keep going.


Because believe you me, you have no idea, you have no idea, I've mentioned unconventional warfare, I mentioned the Department of Defense, their own manuals about it, how they've trained folk and how they instruct them to go into countries. They can be there for 10 to 15 years, bloggers and everything. That's what they do. They become the leader bloggers, you see, and they get well-financed eventually.  They take off gradually and then start bending and getting one group ready to fight another because they're taught to hate them.  They actually do teach them to hate other groups, so's they can divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer.


You've witnessed it in America all through the last year to the present.  The same thing, same people behind it, no doubt about it, the military. The organized coups, overthrows of existing people in order to put their own characters in, their own puppets in.  Formula, a complete formula.  Including setting up a lot of people to go, decent people, thousands of just disenchanted people, who've been tossed to the side for years actually, a lot of working-class people too, to air their grievances and use them to demonize the whole lot of them by putting a few trained radicals in, in front for this big photo op, for the ones that actually went into the building on January 6.


A lot of fools followed it because they thought it was all real.  But believe you me, if you could do some kind of rebellion, you would obviously be well trained in advance to do it, 'eh?  Or a revolution. You just don't have spontaneous we're-not-happy type things.  No, that was all a photo op to demonize what was to come. We all know this.  And unfortunately, folk will forget who conned them into going… who actually got cash to help promote it.  And then you see them all backtracking now, oh no, we didn't, we had nothing to do with that. 


You have no idea how many bloggers emerged, haven't they, over the last three or four years in preparation. All the time that they put Trump in, all these bloggers suddenly appear, well-funded.  And big, who would get top billing at all the different outlets of YouTube and elsewhere, just top billing, 'eh.  Yep.  And you think it's all real.  Then they add the Q thing with it, hey.  Ohhhhh, can you believe it?  N-n-n.  And folk fell for that.  To me it was a joke from the beginning, that, you know. But folk were actually believing in it.


It reminded me at the time of the Indian dance they had, the spirit dance they had. A lot of the American Indians that had been pushed further south in the US and put in reservations and lost their land and everything, a lot of them were slaughtered as we well know.  They came up with the spirit dance, the ghost dance they called it. They put up something like a maypole and they would have the thong hanging down from the maypole with hooks on them. They literally put these hooks through their bodies, and they'd run around this pole.  Occasionally their feet would touch the ground and they would give another push and keep going around, until they were into a kind of a stupor, that exhausted them, and anemic because they were losing blood, stupor, in order to get visions.  This is the desperation of a culture that's seen its whole reason for being annihilated.  It's happened in other cultures in the past across the world, and Africa, and from Africans to Africans too.  This is a thing that happens. 


So these guys, these kind of shaman type guys would try to, the idea was that they would not just show they’re brave by doing this, but if you could get into that stuporized, in-between state, between the spirit world, the ghost world and your own, you could communicate to the ghosts of previous generations of your own people to come back and fight for you to drive the white man out, you see, the invaders. Eventually I think the military stepped in to stop it because it was so bad. Whenever they had it the natives would get really ang... you know, they would start doing crazy things and causing trouble and they'd get arrested, etc. for it. It was a last resort.


It's also, you actually saw that I think in, interestingly enough, in one of the last ones in the series the Lord of the Rings, or the last bit of the main movie, from the book, where they go into the big cavern of lost souls and so on and they recruit them all on their side. That's all from what happened, actually, that's where that story came from actually, the legends of American Indians, the natives.  I hate to call them Indians because they're not Indian.  And they say, oh, Columbus made a mistake, he thought he was going to India by a different route.  Who's kidding who, 'eh? 


Anyway, it reminds me too of the cargo cults where during World War II the US across different Pacific islands set up small airbases and things for refueling for long-term plans and agendas to do with the war.  The natives literally had never really met the white folk before and they came out of the sky in these big metal birds, you see.  Suddenly they were delivering them food and Coca-Cola and all kinds of things and trinkets. Some of them even made small businesses of using cans from canned meat and different things and canned vegetables, they'd beat them into bracelets and started little small businesses. Much, much later some of them even use Coca-Cola cans and stuff. Quite fascinating to see the old documentaries if it's still out there.


So these people would stay, you know, the bases might exist for the duration of the war, maybe a year later. Then they would pull out suddenly and they were gone, and the people literally were in shock because to them these gods appeared out of the sky in a big metal bird. So what they ended up doing out of desperation, because they got hooked on what they thought was the good life so quickly, with not having to scrape so much just for basic existence.  So they built wooden planes that could be seen from the air in the hope to attract a mate down from the sky to continue it. Quite fascinating how humans react to different things.  And if they had no education, and that's your whole reality, is almost like the Egyptian reality that was in between worlds of imagination, myth, superstition, etc., they're all combined together, so the real world would have been interpreted through eyes of the mystic in a sense. So, you can't blame the cargo cult people for doing what they did.


That's almost what it's like with what you see with the buildup to Donald Trump and how people were led up the garden path for years. He tweeted a lot, but he didn't do much, for those people. Really. We also had a great display of the intense hatred of the media, either playing their part, because I really think this was a con from the beginning.  It's my personal opinion that you watched a big psychodrama.  Everything is a big psychodrama.  And everybody plays their part. 


Because the whole idea is to eventually, very quickly actually, go into a post-democratic society, aided with the help of a pandemic, right, which has to eliminate democratic principles under a crisis situation.  That's no coincidence.  That all culminates until folk are so fed up with politics, oh well, it's so, we might as well have a one-party system then of experts. Well, that's what they want.


Did everybody just play their part here? Including the media? Because the venom spewed by the media regardless of what people thought really of Trump, their venom has never been seen before against anyone like that before. Really. Now the same media is portraying all, ALL the attendees, all the disaffected people who showed up and who did NOT storm the capital as terrorists, which is likely the plan of the whole thing.  The only real people, gullible people were the folk who attended it and didn't storm the building. Because there were a lot of genuine grievances out there too.  It wasn't just voting, it was to do with work and jobs and the cost of living, etc. etc.  And being demonized all the time.  Set up. 


Interestingly enough, there's a documentary and I might find it and put it up about, I think it's The 10 Steps To Genocide written by a woman who goes into the histories of genocide and how the people are always set up. The first thing you do is demonize an enemy. I've never seen such demonization of one group that are targeted as I'm seeing today. You'd better remember all that.  It's all scripted obviously. 


Because all the media once again, across the world, went into battle at the same time with the same smearing of all the people, people who had nothing to do with storming the building.  Or demanding to get in. But the ones who did get in, they were all known who they were, mainly. Some definitely followed, some Trump supporters definitely followed. But the vast majority of them that got in were of different groups altogether, and a lot of government agents too in there.


But everybody else, they would have gone home if Trump hadn't said, you know, hang around and go down to the building.  You know, they would have gone home at the end, that would've been it. What a set up, so a whole group of people and everything that they represent, and just by their ethnicity alone, ha, although there's multiple ethnicities there, they're making out there's not, you know, because it's one they definitely are smearing like never before. It's just astonishing.


So yeah, you have to look at different techniques of genocide and how it's been done. And I speak from a country, as I say, where they did it in Scotland against the Highlander people. Planned genocide, you know. But we're civilized now, aren't we? We don't do these things, it doesn't happen.  Really?   What do you think Rwanda was all about? And the meddling of foreign powers in that too, and supplying the weaponry too, to certain areas. And the withholding of the Canadian generals who hadn't many men underneath them for the United Nations and telling them to stand back, just stand back and watch it all happening.  They didn't support them, didn't send the troops over, nothing.  Nope.  So, you're left with the obvious conclusion that what happened there was planned to happen.


We're constantly living through agendas.  When you see the size of the population of the world, if you have even, say, 100 million people in high-level positions of managing us all, it's not difficult to make anything happen, or to make anything perceived to be the way they tell you it is. Because it's all perception management, isn't it?  And if they keep you running and being afraid and terrified all the time, most folk shut down, or they will not perceive what's in front of them and why things are happening. That's what terror is for, is to make you comply and to be so afraid they can change everything one step at a time, but very quickly, because you're stampeding, you see, you have no grounding in reality left in you.  It's intentional.


But the hype of the Covid thing, just the clips I've seen on the net that came from television, from mainstream news and so on, it's just over the top hype.  The way that they're speaking, it's like actors or something using the voices they would use in a terror movie. Hype, hype, hype, to exacerbate, you know.  Comply is the message really. If you want to live, comply, comply.  That's how it's done, isn't it?


So everything's a big psychodrama. 9/11 was a psychodrama.  You can argue forever what was behind, but the fact is, what they saw on television was a psychodrama. Repetitive psychic driving. Here's the planes, buildings, boom, boom, boom.  Over and over and over, for days. Until I'm sure most folk were seeing it in their sleep. That was intentional.  Psychic driving they call it.  MK ultra type experience over and over, with the same narrative, same narrative, same narrative, same narrative.  N-n-n.  And out of it comes part of the New World order, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  Post Democratic.  Post privacy. 


Now, the psychodrama didn't stop with what they showed you with going up into the building and staying within the ropes and all the rest of it for the tourists. But it continued with this overreaction with the National Guard getting called in for Obama's [Biden's] inauguration. That's a continuation of the psychodrama.  And the history books were written in advance for that kind of thing.


‘No stone unturned’: Pentagon vows to vet National Guard for extremist ties ahead of inauguration

washingtonpost.com / 18 Jan 2021


(A:  So this is thought police now, isn't it?  You understand how you're being trained into a whole new system with thought police and your life's value is for you, or for them, as they look at you, are you important, nonimportant, essential, nonessential, yada, yada, ya.  Here's the thought police coming in. I really mean it, they've got thought police out there anyway, that are working with the net to see all the different stuff you've been watching since you've been on the net. You're already pigeonholed and categorized. So, this one here is...)


More than 21,000 National Guard troops (A:  …21,000, come on here.) assumed positions across the heart of the nation’s capital on Monday as military and law enforcement officials took new steps to head off any insider threats among the ­massive force of part-time soldiers during President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in this week.


There ya go.  Yep.  So I'll put that link up too. But it's a massive psychodrama.  Folk who watch TV have all been indoctrinated, and damaged in a sense, it's meant to kind of injury you, psychically, and imprint itself in your mind forever. Just like 9/11. 


Senate confirms Avril Haines as director of national intelligence

washingtonpost.com / 20 Jan 2021


The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Avril D. Haines, a lawyer and former deputy director of the CIA, (A:  You feel better now, ‘eh?) as the director of national intelligence. The 84-to-10 vote signaled early bipartisan support for President Biden’s slate of national security nominees.


(A:  These are things that are all planned in advance, all these kind of things. Even they’ve admitted a lot of the different documents that Biden signed were all preplanned before he got in.  [Alan chuckles.]  All printed up and the whole thing, just sign here.  So, he’s a CIA man…)


Haines had played a key role in Biden’s transition and was an early favorite for the position. (A:  No kidding, the CIA.)  The office of director of national intelligence was created in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to help coordinate an intelligence apparatus that includes the CIA, the National Security Agency and more than a dozen other organizations.


(A:  So, there’s 14 organizations, ‘eh, or more. It’s similar to Britain because years ago they created a kind of over, the top-of-the-pyramid scheme for all the different intelligence agencies in Britain.  It created a lot of friction at first amongst them because they didn't like each other, they were all competing for recognizance, really, of their abilities to do what they're doing, then they put this overseer in charge of them all, which again, opened up to the spy world even more so than it had before, like foreign spying, you know.)


Haines will be the first woman to serve in the position. She was also among the first Cabinet nominees Biden announced, signaling that he intends for her to serve as the principal leader and public face of the spy agencies.


So, there you go, it's all right there. This one here too is an article, it's from the British medical, used to be called magazine but it’s the Lancet. It says…


An opportunity for American renewal

thelancet.com / 16 Jan 2021


The Trump era is drawing to a chaotic close. (A:  That’s the perception you’re supposed to have.) The events of Jan 6, 2021—when a mob, provoked by President Donald Trump minutes before, stormed the US Capitol Building and forced Congress to flee and take shelter


(A:  Now this, what’s this medical journal doing talking politics like this? You know, this is the Lancet for goodness sake.  Hm?  I mean it really is something quite telling, this.  Even the way they worded this, it's almost like here's the predetermined story that they all have to parrot, right.)


…when a mob, provoked by President Donald Trump minutes before, stormed the US Capitol Building and forced Congress to flee and take shelter—shocked the world. The refusal to accept the results of a legitimate election and the use of social media to baselessly attack election officials and to sow distrust in democracy (A: [Alan chuckles.] Democracy, yeah. Here’s the people who want a one-party system…) are all emblematic of what will be Trump's turbulent legacy.


So that's one thing they achieved definitely through it all is this new update on a private security, like, intelligence system within America, another one, a civilian one that they'll all, is to go through all society, and again, embed itself in and keeps its eyes and ears open and find out who's who.  This is the Stasi, this is what it's really to come down, the Stasi system.  No doubt about it, folks.  And the KGB type. The KGB had its own form of the Stasi, you know.  I think the KGB itself was mainly for foreign intelligence, but it also had departments that dealt with internal problems. 




‘Dark Money’ Helped Pave Joe Biden’s Path to the White House

bloomberg.com / 23 Jan 2021


President Joe Biden benefited from a record-breaking amount of donations from anonymous donors to outside groups backing him, meaning the public will never have a full accounting of who helped him win the White House.


Biden’s winning campaign was backed by $145 million in so-called dark money donations, a type of fundraising Democrats have decried for years.  (A: [Alan chuckles.]  They always decry when someone else is doing it.) Those fundraising streams augmented Biden’s $1.5 billion haul, in itself a record for a challenger to an incumbent president.


That amount of dark money dwarfs the $28.4 million spent on behalf of his rival, former President Donald Trump. (A:  So that’s what it cost for Trump, supposedly, $28.4 million to run. And so, he got $145 million for Biden to run from dark money donations. Quite something.)


Democrats have said they want to ban dark money (A: [Alan chuckles.] When others are using it.) as uniquely corrupting, since it allows supporters to quietly back a candidate without scrutiny. Yet in their effort to defeat Trump in 2020, they embraced it.


That’s not a bad little article.  It shows you where a lot of the money, some of the money did come through different organizations that were set up in advance. I can remember when Bill Clinton was running and towards the end it came out that millions, I don't know how much it was but million suddenly appeared to back him to run for president.  And one of them was through a supposedly China, I think it was a Chinese Buddhist organization, that's what they claimed, that had only been set up not too long beforehand, that this was how the money was funneled to him.  That way they could get it from another country rather than say, well this country sends this money over. No, they could do it through a Buddhist religious organization. 


You wouldn't believe the scams that go on with the CIA at the top of things.  And the CIA, they’re all amalgamated long ago, it doesn't matter who they are. You can keep them out, could you? 


Covid 19 Key facts - evidencenotfear.com


An evidence-based guide


It’s not bad for a look up.  I’m very, I’m very careful with everything I look at, I tell you. I also know some of the bloggers that are out there, just like the color revolutions that I’ve mentioned they send in, the same thing across the States and elsewhere and Canada, that they can set up and fund. Who jump on the Q bandwagon and help push it all too. That’s a clue.  You’ve got to understand, they’ve got to be likable, they’ve got a put out a lot of the truth that's circulating amongst the underground, put it that way. And they will, then they add-on their little nonsense onto it like Q and so on and discredit everybody else who's sticking to the bear facts, that’s how counterintelligence works.  But yeah, lots of them sprung up over the last couple of years or so, two or three years. And they already had their big ones all taken over long ago, mind you, for the main propaganda outlets.


China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Vaccines as Norway Investigates 33 Deaths, Germany Probes 10 Deaths

childrenshealthdefense.org / 18 Jan 2021


(A:  I'll put that one up as well. They have links to the mRNA vaccines that were used, and it gives you the links from the Global Times newspaper, etc.  They give you these links to verify it.  It also mentions...)


Bloomberg reported that the number of deaths under investigation in Norway had risen to 33 and that all had occurred in people ranging from age 75 to 80.


“It is important to remember that about 45 people die every day in nursing homes in Norway, so it is not a given that this represents any excess mortality or that there is a causal connection.”


(A:  Of course not. However…)


The Norwegian Medicines Agency previously told Bloomberg that all of the deaths occurred in people who received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which until Friday was the only COVID vaccine approved for use in Norway.


The institute told Bloomberg that “for those with the most severe frailty, (A: …the elderly, they’re frail.) Even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences. (A:  No kidding, ‘eh.) For those who have a very short remaining life span anyway, the benefit of the vaccine may be marginal or irrelevant.”


(A:  Well, why are they using it on them like guinea pigs?)


The Institute also admitted to Global Times that the clinical trials that resulted in emergency approval of the vaccine included “very few people over the age of 85,” (A:  …or were there any, I wonder?) but added “we assume that the side effects will largely be the same in the elderly as in those over 65 years of age.”


(A:  Once you’re over 50 years you’re plummeting with your immune system, you know, its ability to recover from things and fight things off.  So, 65 to 75 to 85 is 20 years difference, so why would you expect the side effects to be… largely be the same in the elderly as in those over 65 years of age.?)


According to the Global Times, a Beijing-based immunologist who requested anonymity said the mRNA vaccines had not proven safe for large-scale use or for preventing infectious diseases. Noting that people over 80 have weaker immune systems, he said they should not receive the vaccine, but instead should take medicines to improve their immune systems.


(A:  …wouldn’t that be more practical? Let’s boost your immune system, let’s increase it.)


So far, there’s no word of any investigation into the deaths of 29 elderly people at a nursing home in New York. According to a Jan. 9 news report from Syracuse.com, (A:  It’s got a link here to the article.)  a single nursing home in upstate New York vaccinated 193 residents beginning on Dec. 22 and subsequently reported 24 deaths within the span of a couple of weeks.


The facility attributed the deaths to a COVID-19 “outbreak,” even though there had been no COVID-19 deaths in any nursing homes in the entire county “until the first three deaths … were reported Dec. 29.”


(A:  Remember the 56-year-old doctor too, the link is here for that one as well.)


Florida health officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the death of a 56-year-old doctor who died of a rare autoimmune disease 15 days after getting the Pfizer vaccine. A Johns Hopkins scientist told the New York Times it was a “medical certainty” that the death was related to Pfizer’s vaccine.


Now, that’s the doctor I believe who was an obstetrician gynecologist, very healthy according to his wife, and he was a pro vaccination, he volunteered to take it.  When he was admitted to the hospital in a few days after it or a week or whatever, they said he had zero platelets for clotting in his blood, the blood, zero platelets, and he hemorrhaged to death.  His immune system, like a cytokine storm had started to, had altered to attack his own platelets in his body. Which is a standard thing you’ll get with this. I’m talking about with vaccine injury, you often get that. Because it’s meant to alter your immune system, then your immune system can start attacking itself, either the wrists or whatever, like rheumatoid arthritis, you know, or the spine. As I say, that’s what I got years ago from booster shots. Anyway, there you go, that's that one there.


Health Experts Investigate Doctor Who Died Weeks After Receiving Covid Vaccine - nbcmiami.com / 7 Jan 2021


But folk have no idea that you're living through an amazing drama, a massive, planned stage play that's meant to stay with you forever, and embed itself in your mind.  A form of psychodrama as I say.  And it's definitely psychodrama when it's coupled with fear/terror, daily spewed out from the television, incessantly. What you're going through to is a wartime scenario, as I mentioned already, a war on Covid. Including the TV series they're bringing out too, it's a war, you know, it's a war scenario, and all the medical staff are at war with this and at war with that. All these nasty viruses. All to save you, you know.  And rationing might come up, we've got to pull together and tighten our belts and yada yada ya.  Total lockdown, curfews in some places. 


It's just astonishing that they're using complete wartime scenarios for something to do, but it's nothing to do with invading people from another country, in a wartime reality.  It's to do with a virus that literally they say you've got, most folk don't even know if they've had it, and if you've had it and you recover, most folk recover.  They say that you’ve got more chance of being struck by lightning than you are with dying of Covid.  And yet they’re wrecking entire economies worldwide to bring you...


They'll bring you total sustainability when you're on ration cards.  Believe you me, and they'll start recirculating the old, old documentaries from the Path News in World War II, and here's your ration for the week.  That's what they showed for the British families, you could put the whole darn thing on a saucer. Here's your scraping of butter. Here's your one ration of bacon. Here's your yada, yada, ya.  I tell you, talk about malnourished people.  Starvation diets. And you're supposed to be happy as you actually help them by starving yourself almost to death. For the greater good.


You see, they must always get you to comply voluntarily with what they want you to do. Even when they want to blame you, they want to make sure that you're getting trained to blame yourself for existing. Oh yeah, you know, I guess I don't really deserve to get treatment in the hospital, you know I'm pretty well useless now anyway, nonessential, and yeah, I'm useless, okay.


Again, any slight raise that they found in the death, even though they've just come up with another article saying that the population, that death really isn't any higher than any previous year.  Other ones you see are just slightly higher, it depends what statistician is looking at it.  Again too, the use of statisticians of so many vaccines given out, so many points, so-and-so's vaccines put out this day and so on, is straight out of the terminology you heard in Orwell's 1984 with loudspeakers constantly telling you about statistics, statistics, how we're winning this, and so many personal protection outfits, and blah blah blah blah blah, so many syringes, so many needles, dut dut dut dut dut, so many swabs, you know. It's straight out of standard propaganda manuals.  Straight out of it.


But as I say, you're living through it and the agenda is to be, like a world changing agenda, not just a life changing.  But out of it comes total sustainability. No business is to be allowed to open unless they claim it's something… Who is the sustainable police that's going to come around and decide? They might not even have to see you, you know, they'll probably do it all remotely.  We don't need you anymore, you know, it's not sustainable, and you're not essential so... Go away and die quietly for goodness sake.  Do the right thing old boy, you know. That's how they make you do it.


You're living through amazing times... as you can't get ALL these things happening at the same time in the last year even, all at the same time, for the big change. You can't also have them dancing on the tabletops, figuratively speaking, from the World Health Organization, from the World Economic Forum, from the Club of Rome, from the CFR, and from the World Wildlife Fund, and all the other organizations to do with sustainability. You couldn't have them ALL dancing with glee that they can now work, all ram their agendas through together using Covid. And actually saying that, they can do this using Covid rather than climate change. Now they're combining the two.


It's just astonishing. That's what tyranny is, folks. You would not close down economies that are causing more deaths…   And what might account for any rise in deaths, with treatable diseases by the way that can’t get into hospital, as you well know, thousands of them.  They've got statistics from Britain and elsewhere on them. And you’re supposed to just suffer quite gladly because a couple of experts, who obviously have CIA clearance too if not in the CIA, they must be in the CIA actually at that level working with bio labs like that, in charge of these things, telling you to stay at home and just tighten your belt.


Evidence Not Fear

Referenced and sourced COVID-19 information



(A:  Here's some statistics here that are verified as well, from the so-called experts.) 


1.  In at least 80% of cases, the virus produces either no symptoms or a mild cold-like illness. The infection fatality rate for COVID-19 is 0.15%-0.2%. This brings it close to seasonal flu which is around 0.1%-0.2%.


Children have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than dying of COVID-19.


Adults are more likely to die in a car accident.


Most of the population have no risk of dying from COVID-19.


Studies show that 99.94% survive COVID-19 and will be resistant for a long time.


(A:  So they've developed antibodies, you see.)


2.  The people at risk from COVID-19 are clearly defined (A:  They’re talking about the very elderly, and comorbidities and so on.) and should be protected with targeted measures. Children are not susceptible to it nor do they transmit the virus.


However, COVID-19 can be deadly for older and vulnerable people so it’s important to protect them. This will help eliminate hospital overcrowding. Nevertheless, the average age of someone who dies from COVID-19 is around 82.4 years. (A:  That’s the average age, right, who dies of it, with comorbidities and so on, comorbidities and other pre-existing conditions.  So the ones who are dying are about 82.4 years, right.)  This is higher than the average life expectancy in the UK which is around 81.1 years.


(A:  So there ya go.)


3.  Lockdowns will prevent population immunity (A:  …because the more it spreads and you don't get the symptoms or whatever or it's very mild, you might end up getting immunity to it, you see. Long term.) 


It was interesting from the beginning too that Fauci and the rest of them completely dismissed the idea of catching it and getting your own immunity to it. It's just astonishing. Because the agenda was always from the beginning vaccination, vaccination, it doesn't matter, nothing else would work, or as far as they were concerned. Which is rubbish because everyone who's had a PCR test and then got a negative one has now got antibodies, IF the PCR test even works, you know.


Yep.  But what has facts got to do with big agendas, 'eh.  It's just astonishing that folk unfortunately are listening to television, and that campaign of terror on them must, it really is driving folk mad, and making them ill, definitely ill. Lots of folk are terrified to even attempt to go to hospital. Just like the last time it happened in spring, last spring they were dying at home in pain and all the rest of it, and they were told to stay there and not come into the hospital. They couldn't even get painkillers.  That's how they really, that's your caring authorities for you.  I'm afraid you'll have to die at home in pain, because if you come to the hospital, you know, you might bring Covid with you or catch it in the hospital, etc. Here you are in agony...  N-n-n.  Isn't that terrible?


Our caring society. Your caring society. The same politicians that gave all your factories and ability to maintain a nation through work and employment, gave it all away through free-trade agreements. And made you pay for it all.  They really care about you, don't they? They really do care. Yep. 


Everything is managed by scriptwriters for perception management. EVERYTHING you see and read or hear.  What a disgusting display. I just hope people will record so much of this that down the road just like the character Winston in 1984, leaving a message to the people of the future to tell them what happened in the past in his age. I hope you're keeping records for this to show people down the road what was done to them to bring them into a post consumerist society, into minimalisticly… actually, it's not sustainable.  They want depopulation, don't they? 


The withdrawal of food, energy, all these kind of things they'll withdrawal, withdrawal, bring you back into the 19th century state of living from hygiene, cold, etc. And you watch the simple childhood diseases suddenly emerge, which are really to do with bad hygiene and bad nutrition, etc., poor nutrition. This has all been disclosed by them before, on their wish lists.


So anyway, hang in there and don't fall for everybody that's remaking themselves right now on the net or whatever as they pretend they had nothing to do with setting up that set up at the capital building. It was a set up for sure. 


Remember that the whole world again, is a stage, and you're watching the biggest show on earth, for a bigger agenda, a huge all-encompassing world agenda to be rammed through.


Folk have to regain their individuality and learn what that tongue is for once again, you know, to be used for any changes to occur for the good, no doubt about it.


Help each other out, no doubt about that too. You've got to do it, folks.  Have small clusters to help each other out in bad times as the lockdowns get worse and worse and certain folk will get, they're going to ban you from driving on the road. They've already said that, they want to do away with the combustion engine, you know, because that was always the agenda for the 21st century. No private vehicles to be owned. They're going to start on one part and keep changing the goalpost to include more and more and more. But they're starting with the gasoline engine and to get them off the road. Then of course eventually you’re left with electric cars, which honestly in Canada, northern Canada here in the cold, they won't hold a charge for that long.  How many people out there can afford to change the batteries every four years, multi thousands of dollars?  Is not intended you go on forever, you see, that way. Agenda for the 21st century wanted essential vehicles only.


You'll be locked down in your own community.  Be part of your community.  Here's the boundaries to your community, you see, that's all been set up in advance.  You're being forced into it now with different guises. And it must be believable, you see.  You are being ordered now to believe it, OR ELSE. All of it, I mean all of it, absolutely all of it.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's quite, quite fascinating to live through it and watch the bizarre of almost this strange hallucinogenic presentation of it all. That's really what it is, isn’t it, with the psychic driving.  And being told not to think for yourself.  And not to come to conclusions that you would come to by observing this and that. But believe what they tell you.  And then they're threatening you if you get wrong perceptions, they're threatening you.  You can’t have these perceptions.  That's forbidden. The thought police indeed, ‘eh?  And the whole social credit a system is there, it's there, folks, you know.


You always find at the end of anything, you always only have each other to help each other out.  That's it. If you think that government is going to keep dishing the cash out to you without asking for anything back, good luck. Good luck. I don't know what fairy stories you were brought up on but eventually the piper calls the tune as they say, and you dance to the tune. Each thing you accept from government is a condition. You don't realize there’s conditions to everything.  They'll be wanting the cashback one way or another. Or demanding you do certain things.  Or else.  It's like blackmail in a sense. If you want this, you know, we'll...  Not blackmail, but coercion is the real term for it. If you want this then here’s the conditions to it. And here's all the hoops you have to jump through.  Here’s things you must agree to. You see?


What an amazing time though. You've got to admit it's an amazing time, isn't it? To witness it all. As I said in 2001, the hardest thing will be to hold onto your sanity. Because I saw the all the changes they were going to ram through, and here it all is.


Now remember too I'm going to put up some links to short documentaries where people in their fields of expertise, mainly doctors and so on, discuss what's happening today with the pandemic.


Covid Vaccine Reactions Rise Worldwide - bitchute.com / 22 Jan 2021


Prof Dolores Cahill - Why The mRNA Vaccine Is So Deadly (uploaded 8 Jan 2021) - bitchute.com / 8 Jan 2021


Dr Simone Gold: The Truth About Cv19 Vaccine - bitchute.com / 19 Jan 2021


Also another one too is called...


The Ten Stages of Genocide - Henna Maria - bitchute.com / 20 Jan 2021


It's really interesting to see how what's happening today has happened in the past. Because there are definite sequences of formula introduced step-by-step to bring in what's, you always demonize an enemy and go through different steps, ostracize them from all the rights that they have within a society, expel them from having free speech and things like that, demonize them and then of course you end up with was generally thought about being the unthinkable  It's unthinkable things happened even in ancient times to the present. Because it's definitely a formula and we’re witnessing it today. We've been witnessing it for a long, long time.  Even in the 90s it was rather evident building up to it from the actual authorities. Because genocides on any particular people have been from, at the top down.  So it's interesting, I'll put it up, 10 Steps to Genocide and you can look up the histories of genocide for yourselves.


Anyway, remember folks, you can send a few bucks my way cuttingthroughthematrix.com. You'll see how to do it there, how to send it to me.  I can’t get the books out just yet because we’re in total lockdown, 'eh, nonessential. But eventually we’ll get them through some way or another. So just have patience and hang in there. We’re all hanging in there, aren't we?


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or Gods go with you.


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