Feb. 14, 2021 (#1816)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Routine Coincidence for Non-Essentials:

"Little by Little, That's How we Humans Adapt,

WE, The Domesticated, Faithful to Masters,

Four Times per Century Stumble into a Trap,

Routine Coincidence Seems to Bring Disasters,


Wars Thin the Herd and Debt Brings Austerity

Leading to Malnutrition and Infant Mortality,

We Plead for Aid, with Righteous Temerity

To Be Told Non-Essentials Are the Casualty.


Yes, WE The Domesticated Must Suffer Abuse,

It Is Our Birthright, So Say the Masters,

Wars, Crashes, Pestilence, Now Covid Excuse,

Yes, Routine Coincidence Brings More Disasters."

© Alan Watt Feb. 14, 2021

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 14, 2021 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 14, 2021.  I hope you’re still hanging onto your sanity as we go through the madness, the planned orchestrated well-directed madness that we’re going through. Years in the planning of course, and no amount of tax money spared to pay the bigwigs that really work and operate on your mind. 


You know, on predictive programmers, get them all on board, psychologists and neurologists, y’know, neuroscientists and all kinds of neuro’s, ‘eh, you might say, and behaviorists, because they work together. Well-paid teams, and batteries of them, just like any other regular Army department.  They have them with the Behavioral Insights Teams and many other cyber warrior teams as well like the 77th Brigade in Britain. Lots in the States. Canada’s also using some of the British and some of the States’ ones, along with their own ones. They’ve been using them across the world for taking down other nations, to destroy the cultures, undermine them, putting in bloggers even, for years in advance of the system, of the takedown, the soft power takedown.  Sometimes leading to hard power of course.


Soft power is persuasion and getting the teams worked up, of dissidents within countries, that might take cash too, and who are unhappy with everything, or even some things, and it's exacerbated of course with constant propaganda techniques.  Then you bring them on your side.  And you supply them with leaders in fact. [Alan chuckles.]  You supply the leaders regardless, and then you have them, soft takedowns within nations.  You can see them coming down across the different countries we've been involved in for the last 30, 40 years.  Continuously by the way.  You've seen countries overthrown by them too. 


They're using them now completely within your own countries, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and quite a few other ones, India too. All the old Commonwealth countries as well. So, it's a well formulated plan to bring in the new society. The new society is a different society where this nuisance, this nuisance thing called rights, and human rights, and democracy and all that, have to go by the wayside.


I mean, the Club of Rome, the big think tank said it for goodness sake in their own writings over and over, that democracy just didn't work, for the planners and the directors of where the world's is supposed to go. It's just too cumbersome.  If you get it out the road they can get on with the big plan, the big agenda. Nothing new in it of course.  HG Wells touched on that maybe back in the 1920s when he showed you Things To Come, the Brave New World type scenario that he envisioned, not the one of Huxley, that eventually merged to an extent. 


What Wells saw was a system, again, where the big planners and engineers could, the kind of technocracy types, on behalf of those who rule at the very very top, y'know, the dominant minority as Huxley called them, that they would really, nothing would stop them, nothing would impede progress as they like to call it.  You would definitely have a class system of the higher intelligentsia at the top that run the financial systems, the con games that keeps us all dancing like puppets to the tunes. And using all the professionals beneath them, academia, and scientists of all kinds, mainly in the mind too, to manage society.  And we're living through it. This is all part of it.


People never really get it.  They still think that there's somehow, and it's true enough, y’know, you're born into a system and it doesn't matter what system you're born into, you always think it's quite normal. Simply because it exists, you see.  Every country is the same. The Soviet Union countries, the Soviet bloc countries, the youngsters born after the revolutions or takeovers, literally thought it was all quite natural.  Just because it existed that way so it had to be natural, that's how they see it. It's a very simple way to adapt into it.  The adult parents too, then they'd pass on the same indoctrination to their children before the children even get off to school.  So, you take for granted your reality must be the only kind there is.


What I'm saying is, there's nothing new in what I'm saying. To me it's just repetition because I gave these talks back in the late 90s and early 2000's when I came out to talk about them all. Because I knew what was coming down the pike.  At that time the so-called movement inside the US, the alternate movement was really navel-gazing, thinking it was just little bits and pieces of rights being taken away over land and things. They didn't realize the big picture was worldwide, and that their own country was financing most of it across the planet, the takeaways of rights and property.


Farming too. Decimated.  Because after all, farming is just too important to be left to farmers, said the United Nations ahead of the Department for Agriculture some years back.  That's what she actually said. So, they really mean it. You don't realize that most things are legislated out of being able to work, it's going to make so many regulations that you can't continue, and so you go under. It's quite easy, isn't it?


It's the same principle as depopulation by different techniques. You'll find from the people who brought in a lot of restrictions and depopulation from Malthus onwards, all the way up to Charles Galton Darwin, the physicist, who talked about ways of reducing population by using simple techniques, such as economics.  If you make it, give them a system, the working classes have, and Britain was a great example for all these things, classic really, it's a textbook case, and it was a pioneer country that they used it all on with their own people, y'know, the working-class people kept on subsistence wages for a long, long time.  They studied them intently to find out how they coped and how they got around and how they even managed to keep living. You know, it was really quite an experiment on behalf of the elites, y’know, the scientific elite that worked on behalf of the dominant minority. Nothing's changed there except there are much, much bigger groups running it all, with mass communication and instant communication amongst them to make it more efficient of course.


But yeah, the people who are malnourished often have more miscarriages than live births, you see. This is well understood.  It's been done before and studied before in other nations too, like Africa, across Africa. And India. And China too. China is very interesting in that regard because even before communism, before communism brought in the one child policy and mandatory abortion for a second, for a while, China had always had areas of, I mean, you have a collectivist type people that really, India is similar too, where they all accumulate in the big cities, if they can, y'know, where they think money or work is going to be. And leave fewer folk on the land to feed them basically. But the folk on the land at least have the food and a bit of sanity and peace and quiet to an extent compared to those in the cities.


Cities are artificial environments like Plato talked about, how they'd bring in a new society using the cities, BECAUSE it was artificial.  Which means that your whole culture and system within it would have to be altered artificially to suit the artificial system, which it is.


So, China had strict policies, even many hundreds of years ago to do with population control. And they did use starvation. Other countries use starvation. In the Middle Ages you saw starvation implemented by the landowners, the Lords.  The land lords, that's where it comes from, they actually were lords, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  That's where that term comes from that we use more flippantly today.  But as grandiose as it sounds, they were really lords from the middle ages, from the Normans, y'know.  And the Normans came in with this system into Britain and put these lords across different, they gave them bits of lands across the country, and they become the sirs, y'know, the lorded, the knighted sirs basically, and lords that manage it.  Some of them even up to this day in some parts of the European or a British Empire, or the European empire, or the Norman Empire the old Norman Empire.


Even Scotland, a lot of the old clan lords, that really were not descended from Scott's really, they were actually Normans a lot of them.  Scotland is still run by, they've had articles in the papers a few years ago, it's the most feudalistic system still surviving in modern Europe and about five major lords still exist, y’know, that came from that old Norman descendants.


So, we're living in, again, a strange reality. Most folk growing up in the countries generally don't even know what's there. Again, you take things for granted, well these lords existed so they must be ours. Really?  Okay.  Many of them literally interbred for centuries with their own stock, ethnic stock, like Normans did, y'know.


Folk forget too, that the court in England at one time was mainly French speaking for a long, long time. But again, the reality that you're given is mythical. Because they don't want you to think about that. They want you to think you're all one people, because then they can use you all together for warfare purposes, or, let's strive together to beat covid, etc.  You all starve to death, and we'll manage the starvation for you, y'know, that kind of thing.  And, do it for the good of all, you know, that kind of thing, that's so you can always, we're all the same.


No, we're not the same at all. And we've never been the same.  Anymore than World War II saw people in the upper classes and the noble classes, becoming thin through restrictions of their diet, they didn't have that problem. Anymore than they'll have it when they bring in the meatless society for all of you. 


And I really mean that because that's part of the big agenda as you well know that Prince Charles is pushing on everybody, for sustainability.  He found his cause at last, the guy who literally was called the Prince without a cause. Because he had no purpose for a long time. They gave him that job, take over from his daddy, Philip, who was very open about eugenics and depopulation and talks about mass culls in the animal world, and you can bring that to the human world as well.


He used to give his talks to the Sierra Club and different organizations he was chairman of, at least one of the heads of. That's what they all existed for. It wasn't for saving animals, it was grabbing the farmlands so folk couldn't use it.  And some of the best farmland across Africa and different countries as well.  Nothing's ever as it really seems, y'know.


Then you'll be called a conspiracy theorist if you go against the grain of the history books or the mainstream media at times, that covers their tracks. Remember Rockefeller when he thanked the media? He thanked the CEOs of the media companies for keeping the secret of what their organizations were up to, keeping it secret from the general public, by consent, by not telling the public. That's printed. That's not conspiracy theory.  It's a FACT.  [Alan chuckles.] 


It is astonishing 'eh, how we're brought upon fairytales, absolute fairytales. And you're living through a fairytale right now as well. Where the victim, the big bad wolf that causes it all you might say, let's just say it's a big bad... let's have a pack of wolves, 'eh.  Again, they have the ruling wolves, you see, then they have the scientific wolves, and the public relations companies that work for them, and marketing companies, and experts in the mind, how to put things across and con the victims.  They are managing us all like a domestic heard that they eat in a sense, you know.  They certainly feed off us.


Now it's time to start bringing the herd down, for goodness’ sake.  Because the herds, it's hard to get the animals to move when they are quite content. At least a little content, 'eh.  Better than their ancestors ever had to an extent. But it's a nuisance because now that they're content, they really believe that their rights that they talk about really exist. And that it is their right to have those rights. That's the big problem. 


The only way you can take it away from them is for the wolf to come up with a big plan, you know, a wartime scenario it has to be, a wartime scenario... where you give up all your rights under emergency powers so's they can keep you safe.  And they talked about that, you know, at the Club of Rome and all the other big think tanks that work for the elite, you see. And you're living through it right now.  You will never come out of this system, if you allow it to continue, the way it's going. 


I've talked about, you are your own champion.  Y'know, you have to make decisions and you have to speak out. You have to do it. Leave it to others and believe you me, most of the others will be put out by the wolves themselves and you'll never figure that out. That's how it's been up until now. 


But yeah, you've got, you've definitely got Bill Gates out there on some of the different videos he's been involved in and his talks he's given.  You know, this strange character with a history of, you know, where daddy was in Planned Parenthood and was in eugenics movements and where they classified superior and medium and inferior types and so on, right.  And numbers, too many of the wrong kind, you know. 


And here is the Savior of the people, who just became a philanthropist and, who actually talked about how much money he gets back, this philanthropist, for every dollar that he puts out there in philanthropy he gets at least 10 back.  I'm sure he's doing a lot better now, with Covid and he's got fingers in every pie, including the WHO.  And Fauci's organizations.  Everywhere actually, 'eh, when you think about it.  And the media.  M-hm.  And different companies that are all profiting off Covid, y'know.


But yeah, you can still live in the myth that they're all there to help you. 


Even though they had all the tabletop exercises, all the same organizations that are working with them now, under the supposedly real event, with the practice events leading up to this.  All the same characters. Had to get the public to succumb to their demands and do what they're told by terrorizing them. How to shut up everybody who won't shut up by deplatforming them. With the leaders of the big social media companies all on board with them, and during the exercises by the way they admitted they have them all on board already before Covid came out.  Right down to even arresting people who won't shut up.


Because you see, this is the whole sustainability agenda, that the climate change was really put up there for initially, to make it all happen through.  Climate change was just, wasn't cooperating with them, you see, we were ignoring them.  And that can't go on.  People were still making money and opening up small businesses and so on, and they've got to cut it all off and destroy it.  So, they did it economically just like I mentioned earlier, economics is a great way to reduce the population.  Just make things too expensive or unavailable, especially necessities, and you watch the people plummet very quickly, you know.


There's a war going on and the folk don't know it. They don't know it. Where they're trying to coerce everybody into complying with this very important demand that you all get vaccinated.  It's very important to them. For an experimental mRNA vaccine. It's not really a vaccine, it's to modify the cells in your body actually.  And that's true, that's what it's supposed to do.  Yep.


The old vaccines were weakened or dead viruses.  They would literally put a lot of other nasty stuff; they'd pump into your body. But the idea then, the theory then was that your body would pick up these little, almost like jigsaw puzzles and recognize them forever and create antibodies, which they'd always recognize forever, or at least for many years, and then attack the real thing if it came into your system. That's how it worked, that was the idea behind it, the theories behind it. 


Even those vaccines had a lot of fallout too.  They love to hush their fallout problems.  I'll put up some links tonight to some organizations perhaps that… they're there to show you real-life incidents of people being harmed by certain vaccines. And there's nothing that you can put into your body that's safe, not even a pill for goodness’ sake. They actually say it on the bottles, 'eh, you know that, don't you?  That's why under the different codes, and Nuremberg code, they're supposed to give you and get informed consent, from anything that they offer to you. And everything is supposed to be offered, not mandated. 


And informed consent doesn't say, oh this is good for you, take it now, be a good person and do what you're told. That's not informed consent. Informed consent has to show you the facts of the percentages of people who have bad reactions, sometimes life altering reactions. That's like damaged health and so on, and some deaths as well.  That should be told to you, you see. That's the legality that's being ignored right now.


Even though through the 1980s, was it in 1986, they came out with…  Under Reagan they came out with the blanket immunity for vaccine companies, or anybody that out also uses this stuff. That was the idea behind it, blanket immunity. And that's when they went to town creating brand-new vaccines for everything that you can ever imagine, and a lot of stuff you could never imagine actually because it's massive business.


But it's also a great way, if you think about it, for the characters, and there's some really, really despicable characters out there, that really are right out of James Bond movies, in the dominant minority that are running the world today, and definitely in their helpers, are rather visible, 'eh, very visible. To do with too many of you. And Mr. Gates saying...


I'll put up the video tonight too that came out just a couple of days ago, again, with Bill Gates talking about the vaccination and population. And there's definitely a cabal that all know each other, they all share the same cash for their organizations.  They own every institution that's reaping the harvest NOW from your tax money to find ways to supposedly defeat Covid.  Which of course like any other virus like that, cannot really be defeated. All it can do is spawn strains galore, just like the common cold or the flu.


That's why...  so why are they giving you this mRNA? Well, they said, according to Gates, you see, according to him this is like a platform that he has a patent on, or partial patent on at least.  For mRNA vaccines he has the base model that they can alter a little bit here and there if anything else comes down the pike.  This is to be the vaccine base, the platform for all future infections of pretty well everything.


Any other business, y'know, if you've got the CEO of a company demanding that every government gets on board with his products, you know, and plans a future for permanent sales of his product, you would say this is disgusting, what corruption! Well, how come you’re not saying it here, 'eh?


How come all the media is completely on board with this too? Even when folk ARE dying of the vaccine?  But they say it's all coincidental. I said this last year, that they’ll have to cover their tracks for everything they do, because this is written in stone. They're not going to… Literally, you know, until...  And you're all going to be given the choice here, for an experimental, they call it vaccine, experimental, it hasn't been approved. It's given emergency recommendations leeway to be used but it's not been legally approved. And it's experimental. And the MEDIA is telling you it's quite safe. Well, who in the media is in the medical profession and virology, etc.?  None of them.


So, you've got reporters telling you from handouts that this is safe. And in the same newspapers will tell you, later, if you keep reading and reading and reading, they'll tell you, well, they're now going to do follow-ups on you. They're asking you for side effects and so on, since it IS an experimental vaccine.  Well, if it's experimental, why are they asking for side effects?  For the Stage III.  Because you see, YOU ARE the stage III, you are part of the experiment because it isn't known to be safe yet.


It takes years to see what the side effects are all going to be, not just the immediate ones you're seeing.  And the death rate, regardless of what they want to claim it is, well it's nothing to do with the vaccine, you know?  I mean, Sherlock Holmes would have a great time with this, 'eh?!  Well Watson, he would say, y'know, generally the straight point from A to B, from what happened in between gives you the clue as to what the cause is.  Hm.  I wonder what that could be?  Hm.  Okay. 


Terrible things are being done here. Terrible things. And really this is out of science fiction dystopic movies really. Because they convince the population, the target group, that are the… You are the enemy, remember.  For sustainability. What did the climate change say?  All the specialists?  The Club of Rome that was given the task to find a reason to put a war upon the public, really, to bring the population down. Well, you see, we hit upon the idea that plague famine and drought and disease and all that, that would fit the bill. SO, man himself was the enemy. You see. That's what they said in their own writings.


So here they are convincing all the public, you see, that's been targeted AS the enemy, for sustainability, to take an experimental vaccine that already has shown you terrible side effects in a lot of people and deaths as well.  And at the same time, they admit you've got 0.4% or less chance of having a bad reaction to the actual virus or dying of it. You’ve got more chance of terrible side effects from the vaccine. Why would you risk yourself on that basis?


One of the doctors that died recently... And again, now that doctors are elevated to a special status, they walk on water, you see, they're advising you all the time.  So, they get more credence when you show them that doctors are dying of this. The rest of you don't matter, you’re peasants, you understand, in this new technocracy. You're not a specialist, you see. But when the specialists themselves die, oh, my goodness, that's terrible, they died after the shot.  It wouldn't get the same impact after, oh, for Joe Blow, y'know. No. So we have to use better people, you know, as examples to get any impact at all.  Elevated people, 'eh? 


But one of them they found out he died after the shot and they said that he'd had, he didn't have at the time Covid, so goodness knows what tests they tried to use since most of the testing is bogus anyway with false positives and negatives, etc.  But they said he didn't have a covid infection at the time, right. Now, they wouldn't even bother telling you that if it was Joe Blow.  So, they’re really confused about it, because he showed in his bloodstream, right, that he had antibodies, naturally acquired antibodies, so natural immunity after having it last year or whenever.  Which happens to most folk, you can develop your antibodies that will last you for years, maybe for life.  No pain, you know, from developing your own antibodies, no side effects the same way.  And your own antibodies don't cause you to keel over and die because of your antibodies.


However, they also found in his system he had the synthetic type, the partially synthetic type because they understood, they know what comes from this one, this other antibody came from the vaccine he was given. It produced a type of antibody but not the same kind.  So, they can even tell that. What was wrong with his own antibodies?  Nothing!  Would he still be alive today if they just left it at that, had his own antibodies, without a vaccine? Yeah, probably, you know.  I mean, he already recovered from Covid when he had it, right, by himself.  And he probably didn't know he had anything wrong with him. 


Do you understand what's going on here?


So, the media actually had little quandary because he is a doctor.  Hhhhhh!  Hhhh, that holy word, 'eh, hhhh, oh.  But I'm sure they'll say, like everyone else, the other doctors that have died already, other ones with thrombocytopenia and so on, after the shot, that's another big coincidence, 'eh.  Yep.


Maybe it will be a new psychiatric thing that will cause it, probably. You see, you’re dying after the shot out of the incredible sudden relief you had that you know you're safe now, after getting the shot. And you just can't handle it, so you've got to, you die, you see. Maybe it's the shock you actually managed to get the vaccine, after being constantly told every day, oh, it's so scarce.  As they bring in billions and give them across the planet 'eh?  And you're paying for the whole planet to get them because it's big business.


But anyway, that's where you are with all this right now. You're going through all this, we’re living through it and again, it's another fake reality. On a war scale, because they have to use a war scare to bring it all in.  Strip you of your rights and freedoms, just like 9/11 happened, 'eh?  Yeah, a couple of towers in the US went down, let's lock down the whole planet with 9/11, strip everybody, in every country, of their rights and freedoms and privacy.  Complete racketeering cons, 'eh.  And this is Part 2 to bring in the new society, the New World, Mr. Schwab's world, y’know, the planned society with experts, like him… with his big rubber mouth there, that's what it looks like, a rubber mouth to me. He's a character out of James Bond, isn't he, 'eh?  He really is.  And you see some other people on the panels that he works with at the WEF, that like, they really do look like some characters out of James Bond movies. 


I said it before, that's where a lot of Fleming’s stories came from. It wasn't countries you worried about; countries had their deals. Russia, they wouldn't nuke you, and you wouldn't nuke them and so on. But the real problems came from these rich, rich cabals of incredibly rich crooks, y'know, who were utterly ruthless and have no problems defying basic laws of the lands and laws of people and so on, none at all.  In fact, they thought it was their right to do whatever they wanted to do with the little people.  It's astonishing. It really is. You can't make this stuff up can you. You’re living through it.  And some of the characters that speak on behalf of Schwab as well, in the same club.  I was looking at one of their names, one of them is called Specter, just like the movie, James Bond, with the Specter Group, oh my goodness, 'eh?  N-n.


Remember the one too, where he had Moonraker and Bond goes off into space to defeat the guy who went into space with the big, massive space station he had built quietly and was invisible to earth?  And he brought with him his own Noah's ark, you know, of all the two by twos, humans that would survive and repopulate the earth that he was going to annihilate, you see, all the human life on it. Well done, it was a good idea of eugenics in action you see.  He was going to set off these special spheres containing specially bred types of fungal fluoride that would disperse over the atmosphere and come down to earth and sterilize everybody, and kill a lot of people too, you see.  That would be the end of the problem.


It was well done, the movie itself, you know. And exciting as all the Bond movies were. They put a lot of money into it.  Futuristic.  But the whole problem is too, it's very feasible as well because we have the characters in real life giving the same talks as the main character in that movie, the villain. We've got them on stage. Like I say, like Bill Gates talking about overpopulation, ways to reduce it.  We have them and they're presented to you by the same media, that a lot of them own actually, anyway.  They are all partnered together, these corporations.  It somehow champions the people.


Do you understand the incredible psychological program we're undergoing right now, that's working right now on all of us?  Convincing YOU, the enemy, what they tell you, of the planet, y'know, you're the enemy of the planet and sustainability because you consume. Every person that's not necessary is consuming, every child born that's not necessary is consuming the earth resources, which really belong to the elite, y’know.  They know how to manage it better than you, you just consume it. They stroke it and polish it, you know, at least they get the people to polish it for them because they can afford to, y’know. 


But, they've got to convince YOU to stop consuming the goods and to start to accept you're not really necessary anymore. Don’t you feel bad and guilty about it? Why don't you just take this pill?  You know?  Y’know, do the right thing old boy.  As they have psychologists out there, professors, you know, and the same media keep churning them out every few years to tell you, yeah, you should all die around 65, just like, you know, Brave New World. 


You see, there's nothing new under the sun. That's what Brave New World was about as well. A planned society where you could have a great old life, for the ones that would live that is, y’know, in their advanced city state, and at a certain age you would just get sick and die, pretty painlessly. And they would celebrate death, they would teach the children to celebrate death. 


You've got the same characters, these professors getting the world stage every so often to say the same things, why don't you all just die at 65, and leave that money for the state because they know how to use it better than you will, your little selfish self-there, y'know.  That little pension for the working classes, 'eh, [Alan chuckles.] that makes them, that can maybe pay off your rent, y'know, and buy yourself a new pair of pants or shoes once in a blue moon.  But the state would use that money much better, on proper causes, you know.  N-n-n.


It's so true.  Why don't you just do the right thing?  ...as they're trying to make you feel guilty.  Youngsters are sick, they've been indoctrinated with its propaganda at school, intense indoctrination.  Like Mr. socialist Gorbachev talked about years ago, we must create a form of...  He says after telling schoolchildren in this book he says, yeah, I told the schoolchildren in a questions/answers thing, he says, no I don't believe in God, he says, I'm a socialist, and a humanist, y'know, and we can work out our own destiny. Well, they certainly believe they can if you give them the power.  Well, you don't give them the power, they just take it, you see. But he also said, he says, we must create a new religion. After saying he's an atheist, 'eh?  ...a new religion, a kind of earth worship, he says, for the children. Well, they did it all since then.


You've got youngsters now and teenagers and young adults literally either homicidal or suicidal.  They want to kill everybody else that's older than them, as an enemy of the planet, destroying it all. Even though the planet's doing pretty good.  And hate themselves for existing at the same time as well.  What a psychological operation, 'eh?  And folk, you all know this has been going on, but you see how you adapt and adapt and think it's all quite normal, even hearing it happening and watching it happening, it's all quite normal.  You'll adapt yourself right into the abattoir.  Maybe even happily.  Maybe like the Pied Piper, y'know, you'll all just happily go to the bitter end...  under the magic spell...  the muse of the music.


I was thinking too, it's like getting euthanized, you know. I've talked about this before where people have been caught as they're euthanizing the elderly, and the elderly are trying to stand up and fight back in some of these places where they do it, y'know. And what they're telling the elderly as they're trying to hold them down, y’know, the ones that have changed their mind or start to realize what's happening to them…  Now there, there, Mr. so-and-so, now just relax now, just relax, y'know, and soon it will be all over.... and you'll feel no pain at all and you can go into the longest sleep you've ever had in your life. Isn't that nice?


Well, isn't that how we are getting talked to today... as they prepare us all for this?  But these foul James Bond characters, the big cabal, 'eh, that seems to think they own the planet, hm, they don't think it, they KNOW it. Because what is opposing them that they can't smash down because of their wealth and power?  And they have the acceptance of most of the population who are succumbing to the, there, there now, don't worry about it, we are in charge.  Just you relax.


Because first they terrify you with the wartime scenario of propaganda that's never been seen before. Couldn't be done before without TV, you see. And without so many stations, AND the complete unanimity of all the stations working TOGETHER AS ONE. Spewing out the same slogans line by line, word by word, build back better, build back better, all worked out by public relations corporations, marketing companies.  In every country you'll see the leaders saying the SAME things at the SAME time.  One system running it all. One ring, 'eh... to bind them, 'eh?  Isn't that it?


And folk don't know that. They don't connect the dots here. ONE system, one propaganda station or outfit running it all.  ONE.  But using probably about a thousand psychologists and behaviorists all working in managed, organized, like regiments, I really mean that, military regiments, to make sure they are all on board at the same time, delivering their information at the same time.  Uniform. That's what you get from militaries, you get uniform everything, including uniform speech, not just action, you see.  One form.  And folk don't recognize it because they've been, they're falling right into the terror campaign. Complete terror. A war of terror on the public. Never been done like this before. NEVER.  So's that everyone obeys, and quakes, and actually will run off to get all the shots that they are offered, you see.


Then they'll go into the post vaccine, actually you're not going to get into a post vaccine system, but eventually you'll get into a system where… the new system of total austerity and rationing for everything, permanently, for the rest of your lives, and they'll tell you how lucky you should be to get that little ration card, be it electronic or otherwise, you know.  And you’ll only get it because you've been GOOD... and done everything up to then that they told you to do. But things won't get better. Mr. Fauci last year at the beginning of it says, things will never go back to normal.


How did he know?  Because he took part in all their different tabletop exercises where they rehearsed it all, for years, before unleashing it on the public. That's what you have rehearsals for.  Like a stage play, you know? Stage plays, you see. stage play, that's what they call it when things are staged, you see, they're rehearsed, directed, produced and so on.  That's what you're living through with their tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc., you know. All practiced.  Before it's unleashed.


All the, even think tanks working on the practices, different tiers of it, what about come back and fallout from that?... and public that aren’t complying, how do we…? And they tell you how to get around that and they practice that too.  And end up with about 10 different exercises to make sure they've got it right before they hit you with it, you see.  Right down to telling you, oh yeah you might, and they're still saying the same lies today, the same media, if you get the vaccination then we’ll probably go back to normal. Even though the other experts that are higher up than that of the media, in their own writings and publications are saying, no, you'll never go back to normal, you'll still wear the masks, you can still get Covid and spread it, etc. etc. 


This is a whole sustainability agenda for the entire 21st-century split into parts, the different parts must be accomplished on the dates, you see, by the dates, like 2030, and then 2045 and so on, all the way through the century. All split up.  And they couldn't get you to just comply and do it voluntarily. As they said in the 2019 climate summit that they had that the US supposedly didn't attend, but other US states did by the way.  They said that the people aren't listening to us. We'll have to do something more drastic, they said. And all the groups on the World Economic Forum were there too by the way.


So, there you go. There you go, you get a whole year at 2020 where the groups, the same cabals by the way, they have different lower tiered cabals, set off on cue, waiting for the event, you know, that happens every other day in the States... Some guy, it was a black guy was killed with the cops there, of course, and it kicks right off.  So, the BLM, well-funded directed and so on by the professionals, hm, all trained Marxists, and Antifa start burning down, looting and...  So, you get a year of burning downs and lootings, along with lockdowns for everybody else for Covid, you know.  That didn't happen by CHANCE, did it?  Meanwhile, people are still being arrested for not wearing masks and so on or social distancing. But the cops were told to stand down as people were burning down parts of different cities, do nothing, and they weren't social distancing or wearing masks a lot of them.


You understand, logic is supposed to be logical because you're looking at formulas that must always be the same to be logical.  If something follows distances, we are so-and-so, after watching so-and-so do whatever they did, but the second group isn't doing it the same way, then it's not still logical, you see.  Or if certain people are being batoned to death by the cops, y'know, and arrested for not doing or complying for certain things, well, so should the rest, you would think, to be logical. But it's not.  So, when it's not logical there's other things at play. And when there's power and law behind it, to let it happen, then of course there's something else at play. Of course, there is.


Then you have of course that admission later on after the election, of the big cabal that worked together to make it all happen the way that it happened. Of leaders of industry working with trade unions and the far left to make sure they got the vote that they wanted.  At the polls anyway.  And that was in Time Magazine.  You can't make this stuff up. You're living through amazing times, aren't you, where law is selectively applied, it depends on who you are as to what kind of law they're going to apply to you, y'know?  So again, it's not really straightforward logic that must always be the same. 


It's like medicine itself.  They've even thrown out the clinical diagnosis of illnesses now, they just don't bother doing it.  It's all done with swab tests and blood tests and so on.  And computer analysis.  [Alan chuckles.]  But forget the clinical observations, 'eh, or the patient's own experience of signs and symptoms, and your clinical observations of signs and symptoms.  Which are supposed lead to diagnosis, you see.  Who needs that anymore, 'eh, when you got big agendas, who needs clinical observations for that when you've got these agendas, and quotas to meet and so on for goodness sakes?!  You want to be logical here, you know.


You're living through incredible times where all power is so corrupt that it could never even find the honesty to admit it to you.  All working on a huge agenda to bring in a complete planet wide ownership to the same cabal, to bring it all under the same cabals’ ownership, 'eh.  Everything. Land, farming, YOU, family, societies, all under their command.  Under the guise of emergency powers.  Woah, woah, woah, 'eh?  And the same cabals were taking over the world's resources for years and years and years.


Now, look at the big clubs at the top, big clubs, financial clubs and so on.  They might seem to be thousands of corporations involved. But really, there's not. You'd be surprised how few people own thousands and thousands of corporations, big international corporations. Some individuals, if you look into their front companies and all their sub companies, you don't realize that they own thousands, thousands of companies beneath them, some almost hidden, but you can actually dig some of them up.


It's astonishing. But once again, why are we so astonished?  How did we perceive the world to be? How is it we are so ignorant and naïve about the real world?  Even when you're living through it and you get example after example of cabals, and takeovers, and amalgamations your entire life long….?  They used to have these articles even in the 1970s in the newspapers in Britain and they'd be followed by cartoons. The common theme was, so we're one big giant world corporation now, that would be the end of the cartoon as the big whale swallowed all the other little whales and so on. That was a kind of common joke at the time, that's how it would end.  But it wasn't really a joke. It was a truism, that you would end up that way anyway, the way it was going. Well, guess what? That was a long time ago. 


Then you have to always say, well if that's the nature of corporations, I remember reading about international corporations, different ones, different countries, and they used to have advisory books or booklets for nations, y’know, for actual nations that had to deal with them in diplomacy for business. They said one of the worst countries to deal with was the US because they were so, they actually had cultural tips on the US. It was very different from Britain because Britain was so formal when it came to just work and so on, the people you knew, it would be Mr. and Mrs. so and so.  They actually had Mrs. at that time too.  But you would be formal, you see.  You wouldn't come up and say, how are you doing Harry, y’know. It didn't happen so much.


They told you that the Americans will be very, very pleasant to your face, the business guys, y’know, and they'll call you by your first name right off the bat to put you at ease and so on. But that was their way of disarming you.  And if you did anything kind of, just on kind of friendly terms with these big CEOs, 'eh, big corporate CEOs, American, if you didn't get it all in writing and really through layers and layers of lawyers, you'd end up losing your shirt. Because their whole modus operandi was to disarm you and take you over so smoothly.  Again, it's painless like getting euthanized, that you've lost everything before you realized it, or, you're working for them, you see.  And the US was really voracious, a tremendous appetite for that across the world just gobbling up businesses and nations. And taking over countries literally, you know. If you take over the basic infrastructure and necessities and agriculture, you can run them rather quickly.


Then of course in other countries across Africa, as an example, Africa was so corrupt by its tribal leadership, and the people, you just bribed a few people off and you could run whole nations quite easily. And cheaply. That's what they did, the big corporations of course.  Anyone who stood up against the corporation was disposed of. The US would have teams go in and they'd put them down.  They get the people, pay the people that could create an internal Army, y’know. Oh, these people are fed up with this leader, he's so corrupt and terrible that the Freedom Party wants to get rid of them.  That's how it would be presented on the news. But it was really the US behind it, and the CIA, you know.  They'd overthrow them and the rest of the world would say, well that's probably a good thing because apparently the guy was a real nasty dictator anyway.  No, he just wasn't playing ball, you see.  That's how it's really done.


It's very similar to what you saw in, if you read that book, it was Confessions of an Economic Hitman. I think he did videos on it too.  He was sent out by the US and big corporations.  Of course, the way he says that too, you know he's talking about the big banks, and maybe even the World Bank, 'eh, that lent to these countries TO take them over.  Then they get land for debt swaps, lots of articles on that; the UN is part of that too, they take over as buyers.  We'll be protectorates of the land that we take over, that were yours, you know, but first you've got to take, get the World Bank involved to get you into debt, then the IMF comes in and makes the deal, well, we'll just take the land instead, and the UN ends up with a biosphere, you know.  It's just corrupt takeovers, folks.  Well, I thought the UN was a good organization.  Good for you!  Just continue to sleep away there. There's hardly anything that you can look at that's not corrupt. And it's always been that way.


Old man Rockefeller did say this, and David Rockefeller said the same thing, you know, the son. He said, competition is a sin. And he wasn't making a joke about it. You gotta understand who these folks are. They believe they have the right to take over nations and resources. They really believe that. That's part of the reason that Rockefeller started the monopolies up. He didn't, Rockefeller wasn't just on his own there and doing his own thing.  Don't fall for that nonsense. He was already part of a world empire system.  The same system that sent Lord Earl Grey over to the US as a go-between, between the Milner group that ran the British Empire and Mandel House.  The guy who literally, he says in his own writings, that HE was really responsible for getting Wilson to agree upon a Federal Reserve system. 


They all said that, even the British Empire, we are the protectorates of the land, we are the protectorates of the resources. As though you, yeah you, you just don't know how to handle them, but we do, you understand, we're used to handling incredible amounts of money and things. 


There's nothing worse than having a cabal that pretends to itself, and can convince itself that they’re the guardians, and they actually call themselves that too, the guardians. Prince Charles when he was carried away one day with his own pomposity and ignorance, he stated, he says I'm a member of the Olympians, he says.  Well, there you go.  He wasn't talking about running races.  Not with his knocked knees.


But there you go. I mean, this is what you're living in.  And you never knew it, did you? You thought that these companies were all independent companies doing takeovers and...  N-n-n.


And Bill Gates, as he’s pushing for depopulation, and they're working for taking down all the small farms across the planet, you know, that are wasteful...  you know, and cutting-down-forest mythologies and stuff, y’know.  That was over long ago, though, the forest stuff, cutting them down.  He's taking more and more land over all the time.  He is the biggest landowner now, 'eh, in the States.  Oh, wow.  The Bush family were doing it too, as they were taking all the rights and freedoms from the American citizens, and the world.  No privacy and all that, remember that?  Tighten your belts, be in for the long haul...  And they invested stacks of their own personal fortunes in Latin America, some of the biggest farming areas, eh.  Was it Uruguay and Paraguay and so on? 


But that's just coincidence, you know that don't you?  Because the world is run by coincidence theories. Everything is just coincidental. It's coincidental that Rockefellers talked about competition being a sin, as he grabbed and monopolized all energy for America.  That was just a coincidence he did the two things at the same time, said that and did it, you know.  Then when they went, supposedly deregulated it all and take the power away from monopolies and he had to fragment and sell off his...  No, you find out they still existed with front people running them. That came out YEARS later.  The folks thought they were different independent companies. No, they were still under secret agreements all run by the Rockefellers, still owned by them. That was how the world is run.


That's what they did too with the Milner group when they went into Africa and different places to take the gold and the diamonds away from the peasants. You know, the Boar people, these Dutch farmers, 'eh, that were sitting on lots of it.  The Milner group being aristocrats and so on, working for the crown too, y’know, crown authority, and having private organizations because they were a private group that ran the British Empire.  PRIVATE group.  That also ran the newspapers. All of them. ALL of them, across the Empire, they own them all. You must always standardize opinions, you know.  


If folk have independent media, they might start getting their own ideas. Heaven forbid, 'eh!  Where would that lead to eventually?  This is not conspiracy stuff.  The Rockefellers boasted years later about how they took over the media in the States, how they created it and took over all the rest TO formulate public opinion.


Then you have total spectrum dominance now by using the military capability. Who do you think owns the military?  Hm?  There's hardly a general you'll find that's retired or semi-retired who's not on the payroll of big tech and the big corporations with big incomes.   There's really very little hidden today, really, you know.


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Do you realize you're all getting trained to sit and watch things you don't need to watch anymore?  Remember, technology is to change YOU, that's one of the main purposes of it. Again, you even ask sociologists and psychologists, that any invention put within the home, your own environment, will alter the environment, and by altering you and your behavior to it. But it's just incredible how many people, again, a lot of them who are in touch with me, they'll send me good links to things. But they must spend their days some of them just watching video after video, documentaries after documentaries, just sitting, sitting to watch it.  That's a good part of your life gone, y'know, which is altering your behavior.  So at least my talks are mainly up on audio, and you can download the audio from my site and that way don't have to sit and stare, you know, and at little pictures that move all the time, you don't need that. Then you can, y’know, listen to an hour at a time that way as well.


Getting back to the powerbrokers, the people, it's about real power, you know.  People have no idea that these characters set out a long time ago, even in the 1700s, you can actually trace before that, but you can trace it from the British East India company. I gave these talks in the beginning years ago about how that was one of the first international trading companies that they set up, a monopoly system too, that helped to expand the British Empire. A big part of it actually. 


People forget it was mainly private armies, these corporations had their own armies that were interchangeable with regular armies, you see. Some of the officers could go back and forth quite easily.  They were put across the whole world, that were working on behalf of the corporations that were part of the British Empire.


Many of the banks’ rulers, when they brought in the central banking system put their own relatives in as the overseers of countries for the British Empire. The Empire was just a business.  It's a corporation, it's registered as a corporation, you understand, as your countries are.  [Alan chuckles.]  They had their private armies, would go in with the ships.  I mentioned before, the US did exactly the same thing after the American war for independence, they sent Navies into other countries, that would literally blockade them, their ports, unless they allowed them to trade, y'know.  They wanted to get any get resources, cheap, using gunboat diplomacy it was called, gunboat diplomacy. They would often shell countries from the sea, shelled the ports until the country succumbed.


That's business, that's your respectable businessman's way, you see, of the past. Today it's a bit more camouflaged. But they still use hard power again, your nation’s military for their...  And the military are given simplistic stories as to why they're going to invade nations. Like, your country really cares about how some dictator is treating his own people?  Do you really believe that? Do you believe that?  Huh?  I hope you don't anymore. I really hope you don't.  The excuses you're given are nonsense. Utter rubbish.


When you read the history books of cultures from the present all the way back, and I'm talking about dominant cultures empires all the way back to ancient times, the modern ones always refer to the ancient times. Knowledge is never forgotten, remember. Part of the reason that knowledge of Greek history and philosophies and so on was taught, then blending into a Roman empire, then eventually down through time into what became the British Empire, what was taught to the people who helped rule the British Empire because the history was there of managing peoples. Including how to sometimes turn troops on their own peoples and decimate them if they wouldn't go along with certain plans.


I mean, the fairytale version, again, is for Junior school, and even for high school and university. There are higher archives of these kind of histories kept for those who are put into powerful positions, or positions of higher power, put it that way.  Some professors like Quigley talked about them, these particular archives, that some, a few, not a lot of professors but some are allowed into, because they'll end up working for the system, the present governing system, the real, you might call it, deep state. It's got all kinds of names of course but it's all part of the same thing.


But what got me was, going through the British system, because like all powers and powerful systems, they always dress up their power over other nations as being beneficial to the nations, y'know, as though they were doing some kind of moral crusade or something. I guess that's the way that all conquering tyrannies must dress themselves up as. Otherwise, they might find it even hard to live with themselves.  They've got to start believing in the myth that they’re really there to help people. But it isn't until you get into the real archives that they go on about the need to take resources from the countries and that that's the main cause of wars, y’know.


And taking countries, they don't go in there because the people in some sects in India were burning their wives, y'know, when the husband died in a funeral pyre. That's not why they started to rule India, you see.  Anymore than they invaded Iraq because Saddam was a bad man to his own people.  You must always demonize an enemy. Very simplistically, you don't want to go into any depth because if you go into depth than people can pick holes in it, in an elaborate excuse, you see. Keep it simple as they say.


But when you go into ancient Greece, Greece is notorious for expanding an Empire. Again, it was a Commonwealth of nations eventually with a Commonwealth banking system and a moneyed system of taxation for all the member states and islands that belonged to it to keep a massive army on the go. And of course, the centralized power always wants more and more and more until it's exhausting the other contributors to the actual central power core of it all, that squander it and live the good life at the expense of everybody else. Rome went the same way of course, as empires all tend to do, until Rome depended on its conquest of other nations to even feed themselves, to bring in the grain and harvesting and all the rest of it.  Grain for survival’s sake, basic survival, never mind all the other luxuries they brought in too, the raw resources of that day, that time.


What you find, and Darwin knew this too, because again, the knowledge is never lost amongst those particular classes that rule.  The way that Darwin put it, about evolution, when he talked about a superior nation, when they go in and overtake an inferior, a less-developed society.  He's talking about eugenics and development and so on. He said, once they've conquered another people, often the conquered will turn in on themselves, they'll end up going into whatever drugs are handy, alcohol or whatever other kinds of drugs are there. The men generally, mainly the men too, will turn in on themselves because their reason for being is often eliminated, their culture's being destroyed, you see.


And it's really important, this part, because, again, we're so well studied, more so than any insect even, so that we can be ruled by those who understand the techniques. And it might help you to understand them because that's why we have batteries, I call them batteries of regiments of psychologists all working globally together to manage our minds, and to create terror, wars of terror on the public so you comply along a predetermined path, that definitely has been mandated at countless meetings in the past to happen, and to come in, and to bring a new system into force.


So, they know darn well that they've already had a war upon societies, the ones involved, the first world countries for a long long time, complete war.  That really was, as those countries were calling up the young men to go off and get slaughtered and to slaughter other nations in World War I and II, the same powerbrokers that ran an Empire and talked about uniting a whole planet by using wars, into the same world Empire, and how to even hand it over to another nation like the US when the time came, and even talked about eventually handing it over to China and when they talk about that it was at their world meeting in the 1930s.  This is not conspiracy stuff; I've got the books here that they published for their members at the time.  Then you realize you're living through a system. So yeah, as the second world war especially was on the go, they were drumming up the whole idea of continuing a war on all their own cultures. They had already dreamed up how to create a new culture for Japan and Germany while World War II was on the go.  And they worked at their big planning committees, and again the behaviorists of the day and so on all working on it.


But they also thought, you know, to bring a world Empire in, they'd have to have a war on their own societies, so's that the average people would just give up their rights and freedoms and idea of having sovereignty, and a sovereign nation to protect them, because you're going to eliminate borders down the road and create mass migrations and so on.  All planned during the war by the way, you know, as they were still telling people to join up and go off and get slaughtered TO protect their rights and freedoms.  What a… You understand, we truly are treated as children. Our reality is a reality invented by advanced minds, believe you me, but really designed for children, to keep you as children.  It's just astonishing to me. It really is.


Here's the thing too.  You can say such things so tritely and so easily, but the impact, it doesn't hit the people because it's so ominously horrible what's been planned in the past and what you've lived through and not even known it... That most folk couldn't handle it even if they understood it now, because they go into shock, wouldn't you?  Of course, they’d blame it on Covid if you did.  But this is the world you're living in. You're given fairy stories for reality.


They decided to create a whole new world society after World War II, and first they'd have to destroy the cultures within, that the people believed in, y'know, not the upper class but the people themselves.  So, they had a war upon the people, including a war upon the males. Now, here's tying in with Darwin again.  As they already knew what happened in other countries, like even going into and destroying, say, the Native Americans, hm, which were misnamed as Indians.   But the natives, how they eventually, as the tribes are being destroyed, their culture's been destroyed, and don't, it doesn't matter what you think of them with their cultures and their warlike bands and clans and so on and tribes. It doesn’t matter what you're taught to think about that.  Because, folk, that's the very excuse that they'll use after they conquer, the dominions conquer nations. It's well, yeah, y’know, we brought peace and civilization.  Well, wait a minute here.  Now you're judging about their way of life regardless. And yes, some of these tribes were incredibly cruel to each other. Incredibly cruel with old ongoing wars that were going on for centuries on and off. Absolutely.  But you can't use their culture and their way of life as an excuse to invade them and take everything away from them.


That's what we did again in Iraq, isn't it, a predetermined war, preplanned, regardless of Saddam Hussein even being, if somebody else had done the same thing… nothing to do with 9/11 attacks by the way. He was just part of the list, y'know, that the PNAC group had come out with in the 1990s of nations to be taken out and destroyed. For other reasons, which they don't want to even admit to you YET, y'know, it's kind of dangerous to even mention at times.


But from ancient Greece to Rome, all the way up to the British Empire, then the American Empire, it's always the same thing. You must always tell your troops you're going off to... that's what they said when they went into [Alan chuckles.] INTO Iraq, right, Operation Iraqi Freedom, what they called it.  What a... how pitiful was that?  Pitiful. And here it is, the natives of that country looking at these American troops, and the American troops were cussing and swearing at them, saying, we're bringing you democracy, you stupid so-and-so's, you know.  And here's the natives who are looking at them in bewilderment. Because they didn't want your idea, they knew that you didn't have democracy, Mr. G.I. Joe.  [Alan chuckles.]  


But you certainly have been brainwashed, 'eh?  Spouting off democracy to a people who had their own system, whether you like it or not, it's their system. It's not a matter of, you don't invade countries because you don't like certain things, you see. Because then what are you going to do when some tyrant wants to invade you because he doesn't like certain things either?  Hm?  Y'know?


But yeah, that's what the nations do, they always, we're here to liberate people and to bring them freedom and, you know, democracy or whatever the term is at the time.  The Roman of course, the Romans didn't have democracy. But they had a system, I guess early democracy, in that they had a wealthy elite run the Senate, you see. The US is kind of modeled upon that. But so is Britain to an extent too.  They eventually give the House of Commons for the people of Britain, the commoners, right. But even of the people who run it are, and who really run the House of Commons are, have never been commoners. They get a few commoners as front people, that's it. 


But the real ones behind the scenes are actually up there with the House of Lords, naturally.  The House of Lords is a form of Senate, you see. In the old days, you got, if you were meritorious to the nation, you were given a kind of meritorious order and you’re put into the Senate, you know, you’re a statesman, that was the idea. But Britain lost that very quickly even when they started it. I don't think it really existed as such for most people.


Because as soon as the Bank of England was created, and for the reason, that government could then borrow money and put the nation down to pay it off, the people, y'know, pay off the loans, and they would use the money for expanding their empire, you see. That's when they went off to create the British Empire now that they had that on the books.  The same as the US, once they got the Federal Reserve in place, they were off to World War I, and just in the nick of time, 'eh?  Just coincidence though of course.  When you understand how it really, really works, then you get a different, very quickly you develop a different insight into what things, the forces behind empires and the real reasons behind it too.


And forget all your histories, you're given these pompous paintings of characters that were part of your history and your Empire and all that nonsense, y’know. These same people in Britain for instance with their tights on, y'know, they’re in their silk stockings and all that, would never let a peasant near them. Ever. In their entire lifetime. But they've got the peasants to look up to them, well, this is a good statesman who spoke for us.  Who's kidding who?  Y'know? And of course, those who serve, the higher servants of the system are well rewarded for it. They get more than anybody else down below them, so therefore, they are very loyal to the system. Even now they can have their own private jokes about the reality of the system that's being beneficent to other people's. 


I used to say that history really was a horror story, real history. I don't mean that folk lived in utter petrified horror all the time. But a lot of the time they did too in certain eras.  Because they really didn't have rights.  And folk, it wasn't until really the late 1700s and through the 1800s and the 1900s did rights slowly develop for the general public. And they gave them all up very quickly actually with the world wars. That was part of the reasons for world wars too, I and II, was to start training them to give up their rights.


And study them as they did it... under war scenarios, emergency powers, rationing, do what you're told, curfews, all the same things you've got now under using Covid as an excuse. And having the people pull together as one and obeying slogans, and, we're all in it together, etc.  Except when it comes to feeding time, you would never get into the big lounges that Winston Churchill ate at with all his cronies, y'know; they had their steaks and everything else on the go back then.  M-hm.  During the times of rationing, 'eh?


So, coming to reality takes a bit of a shock.  Or you have to have the ability to absorb a bit of a shock, put it that way. If you really want reality.  You can still live in the myth, y'know.  And it doesn't mean that people that lived under these systems, I'm talking about the general population weren't bad. No, they weren't generally.  They were the same kind of people, y'know, who would just try and get along and survive as best they could under the different systems and times and places and so on. That's really how it is.


But for them it was often a horror show of starvation at times, and eventually getting drafted into wars is another thing too. Wars that they were given simplistic reasons for them.  When as I've said before, your governments literally were deciding how to take you down after the wars were finished. Just amazing, 'eh?  Well, we've got to destroy the family unit, for goodness’ sake, they're just too powerful.  When you have thousands of families, with men and women as families, they have so much in common, with children and so on, oh so much in common, then it's a formidable force.  They can band together quickly against government, you see, because they all have the same kind of interest. They are married, man and woman. They have children. And they have, then, family needs, y'know, less taxes because they've got to raise children and all that kind of stuff, and education, yada, yada, ya.  They’ll stand together quickly.


Once you destroy all that and you're left on your own, Mr. so-and-so or Ms. so-and-so, whatever you want to be called.  That's what HG Wells said after the League of Nations was created. He says, now we're beginning to get to it, world government, the end of the nation-state. It's always been their goal, folks. Your nations that brought you the world wars also had as a goal to bring you a world governmental system. I've got all their books here from their world meetings where it was discussed openly. And a lot of the newspapers published their articles at the time, world government was a necessity, and the nation-states would have to give up their sovereignty. For peace, you see. 


Yeah, they went to war on the families after World War II. High taxation. So again, economic warfare as Darwin talked about too. Many ways to bring down population.  You just increase the cost of living and folk can't live, they can't have children, or more children die from malnourishment and so on and so on. And that was common by the way, right into the 1950s in Britain.  For folk who don't know that.


All through the 1800s, 'eh, in the poorhouses, and how they knew what the average life expectancy was, about so many months for the different age groups and different genders. They had it all worked out in tables, how long it would take before they died.  Almost scientifically to an extent by the way, y’know.  And they didn't create the poorhouses, or any charities in the Victorian era, to help the public. They actually built them, if you read the books from sociologists at the time and later, these were built, these, even institutions, to house them, as a deterrent from being poor and unemployed. 


That's how they used it as a threat, y'know, they made sure that everybody knew how horrible it was inside. Because you were worked literally to death. Because you were scum, and you were poor, and you ended up in the poor house.  So, the antidote was to get work, whatever it paid.  It doesn't matter if it was starvation wages, better to starve slowly on a starvation wage and be working than unemployed.  They had meetings about this and the language I'm using, the straightforward language, was even more straightforward from the different tables that were put out there of introduction or introducing the public to the horrible state of affairs of the workhouses, the poorhouses.  Just astonishing.


And the elite class, you see, they did class poverty as a mental illness. Yeah.  Otherwise, you see if you're not mentally ill, you wouldn't be in the lower class. In other words, even a lower IQ meant you were mentally ill.  It wasn't a difference of IQ, as an example.  It was a difference of being born into the right psychopathic families.  No, they didn't mention that part of it, you see, that you could be born into the right families.  You’d get a start in life no matter what your IQ was. Even if it was rather low, which a lot of it was by the way. But they were psychopathic types and that was the success factor.  Now that they had access to pulling the right ropes and strings, then you could survive as a good psychopath regardless of what your intellect was. 


But yeah, if you were on the streets, you were looked down upon. They still use the techniques today by the way to make you look down upon the unemployed, you know, in an age where unemployment is part of economics. Margaret Thatcher said we need a goodly amount of people to be unemployed to keep the wages down for those who are employed. You see.  You can say, well you’re not paying much, are you? Well, if you don't want the job, there's plenty that will take it.  You see, that's why you keep a big pool of the unemployed.


What I'm talking about here is a harsh reality. Why dress it up, you see? And here's another thing too.  They depend upon class systems to keep the system going. And those in the lower middle classes you see that might only be a few months away if they've ever lost their jobs from the streets themselves because you can go down VERY quickly in this day and age.  But to look down to upon the homeless and so on, you know, and maybe they are just mentally...  And that's the impression, they're all mentally ill. No, they're not all mentally ill.


But what you do have is part of this long war. This is a multifaceted deliberate war with drugs everywhere. Look at the streets. I've put up before the Oxyana movie documentary that was done. I put another one up, it was Diane Sawyer, I think it was, where she goes into her old family haunts at one time and the drug problems there and unemployment. Deliberately kept that way by the way.  Then you saw Seattle, that documentary Seattle Is Dying. That was before Covid came along.  And the drug problem is astronomical. The tent cities, and the trailer and car, cars that flooded into the warmer climates because they're living in their cars lots of people now.


But again, the ones who can still scrape by look down on them. They don't realize, your only, you're not far from that yourselves.  But they count upon your attitude to condemn people that end up like that. This is a deliberate war, folks. Deliberate. 


Whereas the old system, I gave the talks before all that happened and what was going to happen, because I read all their books.  And they love to publish the books and tell you where it's all going to go.  A service economy always brings you to this stage.  Like a dog, a dog paddling in a swimming pool, falls into the pool, and paddles, and in a service economy what it does, it gives all your manufacturing to another nation.  We did all that, we paid for it all to move to China, through your lovely politicians signing all the documentations and so on. Then you import all the stuff that’s cheap. And you have all these middlemen, that's where the money comes from, to the middlemen, then to the stores or outlets, then to the customers, you see.  That's completely a service economy.  You're serviced in many more ways than one, I often like to think of the farmer's term for it.  And you don't realize you've given away your ability to even be self-sufficient.  Most folk who would profit off it is the middlemen, for a while, thinking, oh this is pretty good, I can get all this cheap stuff in at a low cost and sell it at a high cost.  Until eventually there's a glut in the market.


Or, they've now decided it's the end of the service economy. Because you see, they want to bring down consumerism.  Post consumerist society.  So, what's left then? Well, there's nothing left, you can't even make the basic things that you need to survive. Like knives and forks for your cutlery if you got a table. It's all done abroad. The basic stuff you need is all made outside, pretty well almost all imported.  So, like the dog in the swimming pool, you have a great old time while the dog is healthy and it's feeling good, and it hasn't realized its peril yet.  And it hasn't been around the whole edges of the pool to realize there's no steps to get out of here. Eventually you tire and you drown, you just drown, that's what the puppy does, the dog dies. 


What I'm talking about here was discussed fully in the British papers in the 1970s, when they discussed that this trading agreement with Europe, that's what they call it, trading agreements at the time, y'know, as they lied to the public, it was always designed to be an integration and of nation-states into a super parliamentary system. I've got the books from the 30s from the organizations that worked on it back then in the 1930s. 


They lied to their publics for years and years and had them through another world war.  Then they lied again, lying as they brought them into a parliamentary system, that was to be nondemocratic. All the top corporate leaders of the world that owned everything were involved in setting it up. They put in the front people called the commissioners at the top, who are unelected, and secretive by the way, don't even know who a lot of them are.  And these CEOs, these top owners I should say, of corporations, placed them there. That's how it's run.


In the books in the 1930s, as I say, they talked about what happens to American Indians, and other cultures that were decimated and taken over by superior cultures, as they call them.  Superior cultures, you see, and how as I say, they self-destruct.  When you read about the plans for a post, before World War II started, by the dominant groups, that run the world and run the British Empire, at their world meetings, in the 1930s they talked about this. They said, you know, we'll have to bring a different system in, because they don't want opposition at home, to bring in a world governmental system and the end of the sovereign state, the national state.


Well, that's when they talked about the need to basically destroy the family unit. So, most of the war would be initially on the males, you see, who would end up at the Darwinian stage of, just like you when you conquer a nation, and suddenly the males have lost their reason for being, and eventually they lose all respect, FROM others. That's intentional, you see, under that kind of war.  Britain used that again, that type of system against other nations it had conquered deliberately.  In fact, we've used it across the Middle East on the different countries, the Islamic countries. Until the men start to self-destruct.  They lose their ability, their belief in their culture, which often has a religion, a deity. They lose their belief in that deity, who would let this happen to them sort of thing?  Then they start to turn on themselves.


Again, the Native Americans did the same thing. No matter what you think of their system, or you'll call it all kinds of nasty things like primitive.  Well, what's superior about yours, 'eh?  But every male would have his connection to his deity, you see, that was important in tribal cultures.  Once that's destroyed there's nothing, you've lost your purpose.  You can't even think of yourself as a real man anymore because even the women will be looking for the conquerors to wed. You see? Who have confidence and money, and they swagger around. Whereas your own guys are dejected and turning towards themselves, self-destructing.  Because this one thing, PURPOSE, has been destroyed. That's how you REALLY DESTROY nations.  Now, the elite talked about this in the 1930s in their Empire meetings.  They said, oh, it's such a terrible thing when conquered peoples are destroyed like that, y'know, and we hope to not make it as bad when we bring in this world governmental system. But they knew they were going to destroy... 


Don't forget, for their own families they keep them going, the wild man, as Darwin called them, Charles Galton Darwin, who are steering the ship doing the planning and all that, uninhibited by moral convictions and loyalties to nations, they were completely uninhibited, you see, to do what they HAD to do. But the rest of the public, the war was on them.    Because they see themselves like, like Bertrand Russell said, like a different species.  That's the truth of the world. That is the truth.


The class system is just, to me is extraordinary in all nations how it’s, well, extraordinarily the same in all nations, it's rather self-evident. Even in the US where they try to disguise it a little bit with, it's not such an obvious difference in accent, even though there's still an University accent lots of them will copy this, it's almost a higher nasal pitch to it or something, to be different, you see. But they still, there's definitely a class system. Of course, there is.


George Bush Junior was more honest. He wasn't the brightest either, but he was honest.  And sometimes when he said, and his aides mentioned this in their books afterwards. They said that he sat amongst them, and he says, does anybody know any poor people, I've never met any poor people. And he literally said that I've never met any poor people. You see, they don't meet you.  He says, has anybody, can you find me what they're thinking... about the system in America. But at least he was honest. Most of them would have never mentioned that, you see.  All their speeches to the poor people are written by very wealthy, they're professional writers and scriptwriters. They feel your pain, y'know.  But that's the reality of the world.  The classes are something else.  That's what the elite depend upon, that each class will persecute the bunch beneath them, they really count on that when times get tough.  Quite something.


So, self-destruction, once cultural domination by another group has been put upon them, always happens. Mainly towards the men. And it's encouraged. And it's no more as evident as in the American education system today where they literally teach you not just about what ethnic group is responsible, to be hated about everything, but also what gender mainly. And that's taught by taxpayers’ money, 'eh.  So, they get churned out hating the males. Quite something isn't it?  And you think somehow that's all quite normal? This is warfare, this is literal warfare upon you.


That's also what's taught in preparation for genocides in the past, and maybe the future. You always name your enemy, blame them for all the world's problems, and all your problems, demonize them, put them into third-rate status, and in a nation or, y'know, even an Empire, third-rate status you see until they're nobodies, ridicule them, lambaste them, teach the public to hate them, all in preparation for what? Generally, their annihilation, folks. 


And I don't wish for things. There's no point in wishing for things. But it would be nice if folk started to realize what's going on. That would be nice, wouldn't it?  But I don't put out much hope for that because the massive psychological indoctrinations system is pretty well perfected. It was perfected when Bertrand Russell wrote his books in the 1940s and 50s, and onwards. He said that, you know, if they can get the children young enough, he said, it doesn't matter. And he believed, like the world revolutionary group, that he also belonged to, which also included lots of the aristocracy, big chunks of it actually.  He really believed initially they'd have to remove, and he said that, we used to think we'd have to remove the children from their parents at birth and raise the children communally, so they wouldn't be contaminated with the parent’s ideas. He says, but now with scientific methods which have been proven in schools, in Britain he was talking about, he says, we can indoctrinate the children and the parents can still be responsible for raising the children financially.  That will be their job is to financially support the children, feed them, clothe them, and put them through school. And he said, because with scientific indoctrination at school the children won't be able to be contaminated by, they'll ignore their parents.


Well, look how successful that's been, 'eh?  And folk still think, you know, they've got rights and freedoms and that their voice counts. When your own governments for years and years have taken your tax money to brainwash the generations of children not to listen to their parents.  And that's what Russell said, he says, the state will then be responsible for the indoctrination of the children, and what they'll think and believe, NOT the parents.  All you are, is to support them financially, that's your job.


Now, that was always part of the reason that people had children, was to then pass on your values to the children. That was taken away from you.  Most folk don't even realize it.


Even their comedies that are also part of the indoctrination process, was mainly through comedies and so on, the family.  They'd show you dysfunctional families in drama TV stories.  But comedy is a good way of doing it, the dad is irrelevant pretty well, always the comic figure in these dramas, these comedy dramas. The mom makes all the decisions, she's the bright one. And the children even laugh and put down the dad as an idiot, the guy who's financially supporting them. And you're even taught to laugh at them. This is how it's done, 'eh. 


I've always said you see, your entertainment is completely weaponized and it has been weaponized since, oh, for the real psychological purposes that's been weaponized for today, it's been at least since before World War II, and stepping up big time after it. 


The sad thing is too, that just as slickly as, say, Scotland as an example, other countries too under the British Empire, but Scotland and India as well, eventually started turning out young guys for the military. Give them a bit of pride, self-confidence.  And pride they never had anywhere else in society, y'know, putting a uniform on, going and kill people. That became the normal when they were taken over like that.  Very slickly, it's done very slickly, isn't it?  Until after one generation folk think it's all quite natural, y'know, to fight for a nation or a system or an Empire that conquered you, and maybe even decimated your forefathers, y'know, who fought against them. Very slick.


It's interesting to watch the same thing that's happened in the US, exactly the same thing, from the same, a lot of the same stock actually that was soaked up by America, that came from Britain, from England and Scotland and Wales and Ireland. You can see it too, the ones that Hollywood hates, [Alan chuckles.] through their movies all the time in the South, y'know, where the same stock eventually were deported from Scotland and places like that.  They became, again, the bodies, they'd fill the uniforms up, they'd supply the bodies to fill the uniforms.


As I've mentioned it so many times, they've been used and used and used over and over and over.  And now, you see, now that they are openly from the governmental talking heads, now that your job is almost done, you see, for bringing in this world Empire that's to be taken over by another nation, and that will police the world so to speak, 'eh, I said that they'd have to destroy you. Well, you're hearing from the mouths of those in Congress now, as they target, they're quite open about who they are targeting, the same folks that are getting ready to get sent off for the last few wars to fight.


Because they'll definitely turn on you big time once it's over and done with.  They know… I'm telling you the truth, folks. I hope you're understanding what I'm saying, and you realize it. Because it's the one group that the globalists hate and fear the most... is the ones they've been using to conquer the world. And now, they plan to take it down as soon as they've finished off the last few countries on that list, you know, that I mentioned before.


Nothing is really hidden.  Anymore. If you've got eyes to see.


That's what empires do.  That's why the tricks of empires are being used too because they understand how to play it, how to play that game, you see.  And it's a pity that nations allow themselves to BE used like that. But again, I don't blame them because your indoctrination is so incredibly effective, all the time, for year-by-year as folk are born their indoctrination starts as soon as they start to understand ANYTHING at all, even in children's stories.  The stuff is embedded in the stories. It's embedded in cartoons. It's embedded through schooling, completely.  Yep.  You must use and abuse, use and abuse.  Over and over again. For the same dominant minority that never get their hands dirty.  And who do soak up the profits from all the conquests. As they tell the rest of the public that, we're bringing civilization, and let's talk about the good things we've done for these nations.


Well, wait a minute here.  Who is judging you're right to go into any nation for any reason, hm?  If they're not invading you, why are you doing it? Well, it's obviously for the resources, 'eh. 


I remember putting up that documentary years ago, a few years back I think, it's an old one, on diamonds.  It's kind of interesting to see the families that took over the diamond and gold mines of South Africa. Under the guise again of y’know, expanding the British Empire, using the Milner group and Curtis and these characters.  And the compact with De Beers diamonds and gold and all that.  In the documentary you SEE them literally on the surface of some of these places, going along with their hands on their belly, crawling, feeling for the diamonds in the dirt. No kidding you.  There's nothing uplifting about diamonds, folks. Either getting them or digging them or finding them on the surface, there's nothing...  It's all humiliating as far as I can see, y'know, the greed for certain things.  And this is what they call wealth and power, which is, wealth is power over others, you see. Isn't that rather sad?  Hm?


The same with gold and so on. And silver, and all the other stuff they say is of value, right. It’s always, always those with the cash become aware, once they elevate up into the higher clubs, that yeah, they are now powerful people. Not just rich but powerful. They can change societies by ordering it to get changed and lesser minions rush in to do it all for them.  You know, the expert class.  M-hm.


Even as your countries are going down and the war’s been declared upon you, there are still people in the lower, say, middle classes and in the upper working classes, who really believes that the enemies that they are fighting, or at least they are trying to fight, to keep their system that they are living in, which has some good parts left maybe, as long as you have opponents, you see.  So, they really were dedicated to fight against, say, communism.  They really believed in it, who wanted that, you see?   And as soon as the communism was gone then your own countries drop the can on you because they don't need you anymore either. And they don't have to keep up the pretense of their fighting the bad guys and giving a few extras, not quite freebies but extra cash in your pockets as long as you fought them. Once it's over they plunder you as well. They don't need you.


But there's a lot of folks dedicated to fighting communism, who did believe in the world mythologies of other nations and the decency of the people, no doubt about that, there's decent people in all nations. But it's so sad that those who really rule you above you will sell you out so fast. And they did. They sold out the people who had fought against evil their entire lives, what they saw as evil.  They completely sold them out. Really astonishing.


Until Canada, as an example too, Canada is awfully communistic as you might notice, where Trudeau even admits that he loves China, it's not encumbered with this idea of catering to the people's rights and so on.  And once you admit you're communist, you see, you don't really have individual rights, you're just part… you're a cog in the wheel, y'know, for the greater good, etc.  A cog in the machine, as they say.  Folk don't realize that under communism you're all expendable. Because you truly were just independent parts that all fitted together as a big machine. FOR the machine, not for you.  You see? 


And again, it was so intensely studied, communism, by the West, who set it up, as we all know. We funded it. Most of the revolutionaries were all trained inside America and were sent over there. Another story altogether. 


But it's a pity people just can't wake up and realize what they are living in.  Even when you're benefiting for a little while from it, like a good paycheck, or you do join the military, it's a pity you don't see where it's supposed to go.  And why are you going off with a paycheck to fight some other people in another country who have done you no harm?  ...while your own country is falling apart behind you?  ...by design.  Who's using you? And if you accept the paycheck and you don't think about these things, then you have to accept that you are now a mercenary.  That's what you are. 


Before people had to go off to war, at least if they weren't mercenaries, with some kind of reason to justify their conscience, and to bolster their conscience, they were doing it for some, what you thought of perceived good.  Whether it was fictitious or not, it doesn't matter, you know.  The propaganda generally was pretty effective. But you have to have some, something to stand up for, you know. And something TO defend.  If you don't have any of those qualities, then you truly are a mercenary. You don't care, you're doing it for paycheck.  And when you kill your own people under orders, or kill other folk, that's all you're really doing.  And if you accept that then who will be sent to eventually eliminate you? Probably your own side again when your purpose is over.


When you look at the state of the US in the 10 years, at least from... I'll just take it to the 10 years, as an example, from Desert Storm to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, to the present.  You’re talking about 30 years here of war. All of the articles to do with altering the military by using them more frequently, y'know, for more and more missions and so on, more and more tours of duty, and to try to keep them in for years instead of retraining and retraining new groups all the time, always have a hard-core there. Then giving more credence to the establishment of special operations forces, small combat units to send across the world to do the dirty jobs, the wet jobs and so on. 


But also, for your basic army, just keep them drugged. They had lots of articles in science magazines and military magazines about the new soldier, the pharmaceutical soldier, the drugged soldier, leading to the super soldier idea, y'know.  Keeping you awake for days and days and days at a time by special, you know amphetamines as an example. And also, the flatteners they call them, the emotional flattening drugs which were all basically related to the diazepam family, y'know, and derivatives of that type of drug.  Which can be physically addictive to an extent if you stop them dead, after a while, you will have convulsions and tremors and panic attacks and so on, as your body starts to try to readjust and put its own endorphins in there instead.  It takes a long time for that to happen.


The body is awfully good at accepting drugs, synthetic types that mimic natural chemicals in the body and hormones and so on.  But the synthetic drugs, if they take over your body will just shut off your own production.  It is a good balance, there's a good term actually, that chemical balance, you see.  Because they're all interrelated, all the different chemicals and when you're taking artificial ones, it's not the same. So, it will throw lots of things off within your system.


Much like opium, certain minerals and vitamins will get leached out because of the drug, as they become deficient in certain other things too.  The same as alcohol.  With alcohol you lose lots of vitamin B complex and B12 and so on as it flushes out in the urine in larger quantities.  And many other things happen because of it too. It's a raw drug, they call it a raw drug because it literally fries the nerves, literally, y'know, pretty well.  And kills brain cells pretty quickly too. But it's raw and damaging.


But the modern drugs that the military are on, by prescription, are, it's incredible, what an amazing cocktail. They've always had articles breaking out in the military magazines about these cocktails that they’re on now, now that they are keeping them in with tour after tour for years at a time sometimes, some of these tours.  They can break them up, but they're in the military for years, you see. Even when they come back on leave, they're kept on this drug, this heavy drug state, and they're prescribed them like candy by the doctors. Even on the bases. We've had articles recently again about that in the US and Canada and other countries.  There are no questions asked about them, keep them drugged, keep their emotional response flat.  And that's what these drugs do to you, they flatten responses.


It's like a great delay or, you know until... They don't even bother you to an extent.  That's the idea behind it, you see.  Whatever you've done in action, and these wars are not pretty wars, they know, y'know, who's talking about the rules of war here? 


I noticed that they arrested some Australian special forces recently because they went on a killing spree.  They were new to the game of being blooded and all that, and they did what they always, always do is to kill a few.  Today of course everything is monitored and calmer, they talked about it, and they did, they were just the peasants in the fields they went after and started killing too…  pop, pop, pop and that's it.  Because that's what they're trained to do. They don't train them to be social workers.  And if they had done a lot of it, y'know, even within a week or two, or a few weeks, they would be put on the drugs to flatten their emotions, you see, so they don't think back on it.


Once they come out of the military they're kept on these drugs as much as possible. That's why they're wrecks.  A lot of them end up on the streets, these guys. Because little bits creep back into them, then you try to say, well who am I? What am I? Did I do that?  Y'know?  Why did I do that?


Then of course with the drug cocktail they're on they lose their control at times.  Get a few drinks on them and interaction with their liver, with the battle between the different sugars and so on, and the alcohol, and with their liver and metabolism, and battling the drugs that they are on, they get total blackouts.  Complete blackouts where they don't know what they're doing at times, y'know.  And this is all authorized from the top and has been for years and years.


I can remember quite a few years back there was ex US servicemen that would call me, different ones. One of them had got a job, and he had been on all the drugs and so on too.  Eventually he had his back broken, had cracked vertebrae and so on and put in traction and it kind of semi-healed to an extent, then discharged. Then when he went to get compensation for it. What will happen when you're younger, your body can compensate to a great extent with the damage that's been inflicted, even from childhood in fact.  You won't really notice it until you maybe hit 30 or 35 or 40, then the problems start.  The same with accidents or damage in the military. 


So eventually he tried to get compensation and they said, oh it probably wasn't due to what happened when you were in the military. Even though his back had been broken and he was in traction.  He ended up, this guy, you know, on a minimal pittance getting paid cash, a few bucks a week, for just being a night watchman in an old ex gold mine somewhere where they probably couldn't scrape much of a living out of. But he was put into it, and he couldn't afford even medication, he couldn't GET the medication from the VA.  He had something similar you'd find with the reaction to some of these vaccinations, thrombocytoperpura.  Purpura is when you see little pinpricks of blood under the skin. It will happen in your brain and different places, but he saw them under his skin because he lived on aspirin to try to kill the pain that was in his bones and joints that had been damaged, y'know.


That's how you're treated. You're used and you're spat out, you see.  They don't like folk who complain, by the way, afterwards. They really don't like that.  It's bad for recruitment. They actually say that, it's bad for recruitment.  They don't want them even putting uniforms on to go into different, like Remembrance Day memorials and things like that, or any of these things at all, it's bad for the outlook, the image.  The image for military is young healthy guys, you see, or old healthy guys. They don't want folk who've got arms and legs missing and so on.  It's bad for publicity.  Even though their job is to go over to other nations and blow the legs and arms off other people, and maybe get it done themselves. It's kind of crazy, but there you go.  That's how it is.


But yeah, it's really sad to watch the lineup with, and them admitting where they get most of the traditional recruit from, the traditional families in the south of the States and so on.  Of whom they despise, Hollywood despises them too. But boy do they use them. And as they're using them, the last ones, for the last few wars, they are already training the public to hate them.  Openly, 'eh, from Congress.  Whoa. 


I tell ya, it's a pity they went in.  If a lot of them stopped going, immediately, there'd be shock, absolute shock with all the plans that have been set and laid. But there you go; these are again the fantasies you might have once in a while.


And it's so true, pretty well everything happens has power within the people, but you never get the people to come together on any major thing.  Especially with the psychology and the war that's put upon them today to divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer. You could bring the whole nation to a standstill very quickly on any topic, any topic at all.  But it won't happen.


Now, with the guys who end up with the PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, then the best thing they can do themselves is to get off all the psychoactive medications they’re on.  Because they'll never be anywhere near normal, whatever normal is, until it's all out of their body. That could take years actually to get it out.


I can remember many, many moons ago the big war battles they had about Valium, you see. Because Valium was such a, it was handed out like candy, literally like candies, maybe back in the 60s and 70s.  I remember in Britain they had articles in the mainstream newspapers and magazines about the Valium group of drugs, diazepam type, and the nitrazepams for sleeping, and other kinds as well.  They also had another category very similar of the Librium type drugs, where they said, I think it was something like 40 or 50% of British housewives were already on Librium. I mean, the doctors were all prescribing... Because the women would go to the doctors and have all these emotional problems, at the time, as they tried to balance families, because they still had families back then, and often work as well, y'know, and it was just too much. 


This whole superwoman idea was a Hollywood creation or reality because you can't get run off your feet. You need time to relax, and you need to have time to yourself and so on.  Then they came out with this myth that you could do it, do it, have at all, you could have at all, like supermom.  And it wasn't working so they just handed out these drugs like candy to them. 


Of course, the doctors, doctors are notorious for knowing very little [Alan chuckles.], put it that way, about their own profession. Once they are qualified, that's it, it's money time, 'eh.  And status because they like the status too.  In fact, the first thing you're taught really is how to make a patient be subservient to your views and opinions. So, you're the person in authority, because you want them to do what you TELL them to do, you see, so they actually had little courses on that, how-to little acting things where they had to act with other doctors and pretend you're a patient and all that to try to get them used to this.  So, you talk with authority. Because they don't want patients saying, asking too many questions, they just want obeyance, you see.  Obedience.  Then they get what they want, doctors get what they want, total compliance. 


The patients, we used to call them in Britain the flying doctors because if you went to see a doctor with the National Health Service and the different clinics that they set up throughout the country, often you wouldn't even get a seat, you know. You just walk into the little cubicle, and they've got five at a time, 5 to 10 patients per sections of the area with cubicles, and you're just in there. They come in with their notepad in their hand and the prescription pad, and you try… Before you got that out of your mouth what was wrong, they had written a prescription, that was you, out.


Of course, that's not how you practice medicine of course, y'know.  Because you need time to find out what's really, really wrong before you dish out any pill. But this is what it turned out to be. Canada is the same by the way.  At least Ontario is.  Then the doctors are quite happy living with that, knowing that they did a bad job of diagnosing and so on and didn't do a proper job. But the money helps to compensate their conscience and they can live with that, you see.


But the system, as I say, of medicine is sorely lacking in real credibility when it comes down to what they're supposed to do and what they actually really do, do.  Whereas about vaccination, and it's so true, the last few days they they're there [med school], they might get four hours, maybe an afternoon, they admit that, of talking about vaccinations. Otherwise, they know nothing else. So, they're dependent on the reps coming in around the surgeries from the drug companies to hand them out brochures and little bits of magazines and free pill samples, try this, that and the other, you see.  And they tend to believe what the pharmacologist tells them, you know, the pharmaceutical industries tell them... Oh, this is perfectly safe.


So, back in the 60s and 70s these tranquilizers were, they were the cure-alls for all your problems, you see. Because what they do is, again, delay the problem, y'know. If there's any problem in your mind and you've got problems with anxiety or sleeplessness and all the other things that go on, well these things aren't going to fix the problem. The way you FIX the problem is to DEAL with things that are causing the problem.  It's always financial or, again, not enough time, or you’re working three jobs trying to make ends meet, whatever it happens to be, that's what you got a deal with.  Taking pills again flattens your response, until you won't care as much.  But the problem is still going to be there.  M-hm.


But regardless, that was the whole idea, pharmacology was here to help you, you see.  Not to fleece you but to help you. So, they turned out these tranquilizers like you wouldn't believe. One of the movies they made, I think it was Walter Matthau that was in them, comedy.  It was an airport scene where somebody faints at the airport and this doctor examines the patient on the floor. He says, does anybody here have any valium? And about 50 of them all pull out their pills from their pockets instantly, y'know. Because that's how it's showing you… that's really [Alan laughing.]  how it really was back in those days.


But lots of folks had terrible problems actually with it because it's far easier to take a pill and kind of dream through life, postponing all the problems which buildup just like compound interest on bank accounts does, or loans does.  And one day you're going to face it, y'know.  And you keep putting them off and off and off. I've known people who've done that, who took pills and put things off for ages. But then it comes crashing down. Their answer eventually is to overdose on the pills, inadvertently generally, because even with all the pills, the problems become rather ominous, like mountains, 'eh. 


Then you saw the same thing happening with the two-page exposes, or promotions actually, of that wonder drug that came out in the 90s. Remember every magazine, every newspaper was praising, praising this stuff. And folk again don't say, wait a minute, this is paid obviously, why would they all be...?  Yeah, they're all getting money, sure they are. But this was the answer to humanity's problems, 'eh?  I think it was Prozac they called it, where you wouldn’t have a problem ever again. This is what we'd all been looking for our entire lives.


Again, it was promoted as totally harmless and dut-dut-dut and dut.  It took years, just like Valium did, of people working with patients to come forward and say, wait a minute, you've got housewives here killing their own children and so on, just going crazy and bump-bump-bump.  Until they had to realize that and put warnings on the labels of these medications, that you might inadvertently have a complete psychotic blackout with the darn things and do some crazy stuff.  Again, a lot of them were so, other ones were sold as antidepressants and the folk were taking them, they had an increase of suicides with them.  But the massive promotion at the time was, oh, this is the miracle drug, that we'd all been looking for this, you see. 


With the Valium group, emergency departments had seen folk coming in and having physical convulsions, often there are conscious, y'know, actual conscious convulsion at times where the patients are aware and saying what the heck's going on, and they go through these rhythmic spasms, you see.  That was the drugs, so dependent in the system, your body became so dependent on them.  The ones that are lacking, as I say, stacks of other chemicals in your body have been switched off because, and they don't suddenly switch back on, and you would have these physical symptoms for a while.  But that's rampant through the military.  Rampant. 


There's consequences to all of this.  It's consequences to our actions as well.  M-hm.  Because without what seems to be the obvious visible things you're fighting for, I mean, in other words, for the propaganda that you’re fed, if you don't see it in action, the real propaganda, well they told me it was going to be this and that and the whole thing, and those folks aren't as bad as they make them out to be.  But without all of that, you see, and you're still killing them, y'know, once there's a conflict in your mind, that's you.  And it's drug time.  And they'll, yeah, they can keep you going for tour after tour after tour doing that kind of thing if they want to. Then it's your problem later on. It is your problem.  Who else is it, 'eh?  It's you that's taking the drugs to flatten your emotions.


Yet they knew, those who ran the military, or use the military and had the agendas, the Kissinger types and Brzezinski types, they knew a long time ago that as they ran out of good propaganda, when things weren't so self-evident… Y’know, it's easy to get the folk to go off and fight if it's self-evident that someone really has got it in for you, and it's not so difficult to go off and fight with them.  But once you run out of the good propaganda, you see, and things are very different in what you are observing yourself on the spot or in the field, then it's difficult to give all these things going without the drugs. So, they knew that.


They knew that when they ran out eventually of, because they knew eventually [Alan chuckles.] as they spread the wars and the campaigns into, like the whole... about the Desert Storm idea, that was to expand and expand and take out all those countries on that list that the PNAC group had put out in the 1990s, including Syria and so on, they all had to be taken out.  Starting with Iraq. When they ran out of good propaganda then they've got to drug the troops to keep them going.  Because what you're witnessing isn't what you've been propagandized with.  [Alan chuckles.]  Nope.  And so, you will suffer personally, you see.  So, as I say, it's much easier when you've really got some pretense of the just war, which was the whole thing behind the PNAC propaganda.  The white hats and the dark black hats, or the western hats, y'know, that's how simple it was meant to be in propaganda.


We've also seen the incredible fallout, the blowback from these wars, which is mass migration. Which was all planned, by the way.  Like the chessboard, we'll do this, that will also cause mass migration into Europe, which further destroys the cultures, naturally, of those nations, which was deliberate and planned and written about, during and after, up to the present time. 


Now they want to finish it off completely by finishing off a few of the other nations that are still on the list, AS America is going down the tubes at home. Hard to get the troops to be so enthusiastic when you're watching your own country being demolished behind you. Again, it's all brought into consideration, so they'll get even heavier and heavier drugs, you see, as we go through the last of these wars before you are collapsed.


So, sorry to prattle on so much about the effects on the military but it's very important to realize how people are used and abused.  The same technique is used in all other sections of civilian society as well.  This is the system and a very intensive system with every segment of society completely catered to.  It's for control purposes, to be used and controlled at the same time. And even eventually eliminated in different forms or ways or another, elimination.  And that's how it's designed.


So, remember, that whenever you see them starting off again to resume the same wars, that were put on pause for a while, against Syria and other countries, then again they are all back on track now that Biden is in, the front man.  That's all these people are, are front people playing their parts.  I mean, Trump himself I think has played his part, to be honest with you.  That's my opinion. 


The effect of it all was to, again, demonize a segment of society which has to be eventually, um, disenfranchised, to say the very least of it, when all this is over and their function, their warlike abilities to be used in wars anyway, are over and done with. They only got a few wars to fight now.


So, you should think of that as their own country is under attack from their own [Alan chuckles.] whoever really runs them, 'eh, the system way above politics.  The thing that really, really runs their nation is attacking them all and they're supposed to go off and fight for a lot of nonsense in other countries, for an agenda which is never disclosed to the public. Never. The truth of it is never disclosed to you.  And that's the system.


And it's worthwhile talking about once in a while.  Because wars are serious business and people who do plan and draft up a whole list of wars many years ago, and who are still there running things, quietly, with all parties, they have no problems with all the different parties, they're all fronts.  Then remember too, if they're planning the wars that they do, what they've got planned for home when all of this is over, and I really mean this, you'd better start wisening up here to what really runs your nations, 'eh.


Now, also I'd like to mention here before I go on to the next thing, cuttingthroughthematrix.com once again.  Send a few bucks my way.  You can go into the website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com to see how to do it. PayPal, personal check, or you can send cash or use Money Gram, whatever is handy to be used.  Help me tick a long because as I say, I'm not backed by any group behind me. 


And it's sad to say, I keep saying this, and folk won't wisen up to it, I understand this too.  But a good chunk of what you see there that's put out to be popular is actually part of, y'know, intelligence agency front groups, set out there to do it. Just like the color revolutions use them across the world, have been doing it for many, many years, they do the same thing at home as well. And it's up to you, you know, if you can discern or not discern. But there are telltale signs quite often you see. 


It's pretty bad now, as I say, because the net's pretty well run its course for getting anything really said to the public at all that was of any consequence or usefulness.  Because now it's kind of like a menagerie, deliberately so.  Almost like a National Enquirer type tabloid system where it's kind of crazy. It's deliberately put out that way to be kind of crazy, and almost schizophrenic at times.  It had to eventually get to that. But you find there's so many of them that were put out there, just like the cyber warriors that are put out there, they've got lots of the operators out there doing all kinds of blogs and so on. Sometimes 10-minute things, 5-minute things, sometimes half an hour or an hour or more.  That's how well orchestrated everything is today.


The folk who run the world don't sit and wait for things to happen. They plan ahead, of every move they give to you do and to make sure that they always have dominance over everything. Full-spectrum dominance, folks, also means, y'know, creating an environment of counterintelligence.  By adapting to your intelligence and what you're putting out as intelligence news and facts, then countering it by adopting intelligence and then countering it through other techniques of ridiculing it in fact, which ends up ridiculing the facts others are actually putting out there. It's an old technique.  It works very well. Very easy to do too, really, if you're well-funded, y’know.


So, use your common sense. As they used to say, and actually like the slang in London, y'know, use your noodle.  They've got different terms for your head and bread and all that, all the rhymes to say other things.  Anyway, I'll get onto some topics now in a second. But yeah, send a few bucks my way and hopefully I can keep ticking along. Because as I say, I have no axe to grind here.  I don't force people to go off and do crazy things. And I wouldn't dream of that.  Anybody who does is using you. Anybody who just uses your emotions to get you so upset that you want to do something really nasty, you can pretty well count on it as being part of an intelligence agency behind it. That's a typical technique that they use, is always emotional. OR they bring into it this thing about kids all the time, it's a favorite one they've been using. I don't say this doesn't happen with abuse on children and so on, there's enough children going missing all the time, we know that. And yes, there's lots of perves in the world. 


But there's also a massive push to always to distract folk who are trying to change the system, for other reasons, you know, for what they see as obvious reasons, who get diverted off into this tact, over and over again.  I've watched it for many years. And it becomes ridiculous eventually. That's intentional as well.  And folk do crazy things then as well. It's all emotive, you see.  Emotion overrides your sensibilities. And that's when you start to get programed to do stupid things, to ridicule others [Alan chuckles.] in the process. 


It's kind of like the alien thing, was a good thing as well. Aliens, again, also belong into the realms of fiction, like science fiction. I'll give you an example, an analogy here to do with it. I mean, I remember when the movement, this movement went off into child sex and pedophilia years ago. Until it became kind of a mantra with them.  Until they didn't know everything else that was happening.  Y'know, look at this hand, but don't look at this hand over here, that's very, very busy.  We saw this over and over again; this technique being used. 


Another technique was used again in Britain where they diverted it off into, I think it was a down syndrome girl. The allegation was that the police that were using her as like a sex toy or sex kitten or something. It got so bizarre and ridiculous.  I thought, what on earth is this?  What is this? Why are they keep pushing this thing?... when you’re losing your sovereignty, you've got mass migration coming in, you've lost your rights and your privacy, etc. etc.  But go off to this one person they say is being abused.  Until you have to believe that the entire, like the entire police of a nation wants to have sex with this girl.  What r...  That's what it was, it was madness, nonsense. These are psyops, these things. They have to be psyops. What else could they be, for goodness sakes?


It's like that movie, it's a good movie, you know, that Whitley Strieber put out years ago called Communion. He was a sort of kind of writer, and he did sci-fi and he put Communion out. It was promoted as the truth, you see, that happened, y'know, this is how they promoted it, which is a good schtick if you want to sell lots of books and get movies made. 


The movie did come out and again everybody rushed to see it.  Oh my god, this guy got visited by aliens.  And they had the grays in there and their little squat bluish ones as well that would come in and carry you out of your room.  They'd stun you with this little kind of stick on your forehead, stun you and cart you off to be examined into a spaceship. I don't know why they take you into a spaceship to examine but that's what they did.  That's what promoted something that's never ended, that was the anal probes and everything, y'know.  And everybody would say, oooooooo, God, oh no.  And a away they go with these aliens, you see. Then it would happen to them again, maybe 2, 3 times.


D'you realize what he's telling you here? Huh?  The aliens, they had to be so advanced, came from light-years away, millions of miles, to look in his you-know-what.  Huh?  And they were so astonished at what… they finally came back a second and a third time, 'eh?  That really is... makes you unique, I guess, y'know.  But this is the same kind of thing as the stuff they can put out there too with, to make you think that everybody, everybody just wants to have sex with children. It's just crazy. Crazy. It's crazy. That's where it belongs, in fantasyland. 


There's no doubt about it that you will definitely have these rings of pedos that come out once in a while, you find them in real cases, no doubt about it. But the way you’re carefully, through counterintelligence, diverted off into that topic over and over and over, when you're losing your shirts for goodness’ sake… and you're looking towards very, very shortly an inability even to get food for yourselves, that's coming down very quickly, that's the plan for austerity too, and then rationing. A complete wartime scenario, folks, has to be used to bring in a new system and they've got you diverted often into Lala land, you know.  Huh?  And how you keep falling for it over and over and over again.


The one thing you will always find doing your own study and research, just regular books out there, is how, just how basically corrupt the system is. That's all you have to really know. Totally corrupt. Completely corrupt.  And in a system where you've already been taught, you've been taught that life is cheap now. That's part of the training you're getting now through the Covid exercise, is through the bioethics committees, life is cheap, and we've got to decide who to give the treatments to.  Because we can't just give it to everybody, you know, to make them pull through this, etc. We've got to ration care.  You see, you're getting taught that life is cheap, and you've got folk who are higher priorities than you, you know.  There are social credit systems and all the rest of it, I've got articles about even that tonight.  This is what you're living through.


You're being trained into a new system that was discussed in the 1920s and 30s, and Brave New World had it in it, y'know, the end of life.  That they have decided, why pull you through?... when they might have to ration that medication for folk who are younger or got more of a chance of living longer than you will anyway. Well, you might live another 10, 15 years, that seems pretty decent, y'know, so why not give it to you? Oh no, we can't do that, you see, we're deciding you've lived long enough.  And we don't really need you, I mean, do you have any real social standing, any purpose right now, are you on any higher committees to serve humanity and…?  Y'know, this is how they put this rubbish across.


That's what you're living through. You're getting taught and you're accepting it, you'll accept it... Well, you know...   Suddenly old folk are like a separate species, y'know. You're all going to get there, folks, and you think the same things, the way that you thought when you are 20 or 30, your brain is still functioning, you're still you, you're not decrepit.  It's really sad, isn't it, 'eh, that they can create so many divisions in society that you go on with that without even realizing you're being trained to see things the way that they want you to see it.  Until you say to yourself one day, oh, y'know, maybe, I hit that age, maybe it's time for me to go. I'm taking up the other person's resources there.  Hm.  People are getting trained, and folk don't know it.


Anyway, before I get onto this, I want to mention to you that it's nice just to see that nature, [Alan chuckles.] it's always nature, it's never cooperated with the climate change plan that they had to bring in austerity.  You know, Covid is better, it's a wartime scenario, it's a war against the virus, oh!  You see?  So, they can ram it through much quicker as Mr. Slob Schwab said.  For the last week and a half, maybe two weeks, at night I've had, oh, 25° to 30° below zero.  Once you get to the -40° it's much the same on either centigrade or Fahrenheit, it starts to get about the same number, you see. 


But yeah, I'm getting down there in the Fahrenheit range -25°, -30° at night. And some days during the day it's maybe +5° sometimes down to zero during the day. So, the climate really is just all the same climate basically, you know. The Antarctic now is thickening, and all the scientists are in a fuddle because of it. Because it's not supposed to, you see, under all the computer modeling, we're supposed to be melting. It's not happening.  It's getting thicker and thicker and they go back to the computer models to see what the great computer is going to tell them. It's quite something, isn't it?


I was thinking, I get little pictures in my mind, and I'm sure you all do too, y'know.  If you can remember, it's good to remember, try to remember when you were forced to go to school and the silly things that they taught you in school. But occasionally you get a story, of some children's story and you get pictures in your mind of the characters in the children’s story, you know.  I still have these kind of pictures today when they come with different certain things.  I was reading this article today about it you see, and all the ice is getting thicker and thicker and they're all confused. So, all these computer modelers, you see, because they all run it through computers, this great new Oracle of Delphi, you know, for the prophecies, you see. That's what the whole world is running on now is these ridiculous computer models, the great God the computer. 


I had a picture in my head of ancient Rome, where they used to have the different priest class there that would slaughter an animal. And you'd actually see these clay models they had to show, to train the priests, you see, how to read livers of animals. So they have clay ones and they'd have it marked off and they were writing scribbles on it and so on. So, they take these livers out, you see, and they'd examine it. Very, very solemnly. You didn't laugh or they'd have your head off. But they'd, this is what it produced, they'd tell what the future was going to bring, or what a leader should do, and what decisions are necessary very quickly and all that.  They did, oh, there's a spot here on that liver, that means, and they would refer to their model, you see with the writing on it, oh, that means so-and-so.  We always have these characters, haven't we?  Oh, I think all nations and all peoples had these characters that read omens, 'eh, either entrails or livers and things like that.  I don't think there was a country that probably didn't have that kind of thing going on in it.


But again, it was looked upon at the time as a profession, you see, a profession. Now it's computer modeling. So, all the data, rather than look for little flukes on the liver and little problems with it, a little cirrhosis here or there or whatever it happens to be, what it meant, they look at their data, you see, all the figures and numbers and algorithms and what it turned up with, and come out with their conclusions. Then again, you've got an expert to read it, I guess this must mean so-and-so. This must mean that the climate is what, blah, blah, blah.  And away they go. 


Of course, as soon as they utter this, the top climatologists that read this stuff, they utter this to the papers. It's just like a high priesthood, and it's published across the planet at the same time.  Or, it's suppressed, it doesn't fit in with global warming, 'eh. 


But yes, I can happily tell you that I'm still freezing to death in the winter here.  [Alan laughing.]  There ya go. That's how it really works.


So go into, again, conspiracies and the conspiratorial view of history as opposed to the accidental view of history, you see. Because that's really what it's about, isn't it? You're trained to believe, to be naïve and always go along with the mainstream... Oh yeah, that's all just coincidence.  'Eh?  And when you think of co-incidence, it's like co-, meaning ‘also, with, alongside’, incident, an incident, you see.   So, something always happens alongside the incident, so that you'll say that's just co-incidence, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   It's a coincidence that it's a coincidence, and that's what you put it down to. Until you have nothing but coincidences all the time.


Just like they had coincidences for the PNAC group that had a whole list of countries to take out in the 90s, and they're quite open about it, they published it.  Twice in fact. And they came into power, Bush Junior. But in the 90s they said they would need a Pearl Harbor event to get the country on their side to attack these nations and take them out as well.  And bingo, 9/11 happened. So, they just, just co-incidence that they got that lucky thing happening to them.  From their point of view, it was lucky, you see.  And that becomes official history.  M-hm.  So whatever liver their priesthood is examining must be awfully, they must be awfully good at reading it, 'eh?  And we're supposed to believe that.


But anyway, this article here talks about conspiracy. It's amazing how everybody else gets lambasted for mentioning conspiracy.  Again, the CIA came up with that term to smear anybody who talked about the Kennedy assassination, y'know.  Just label everybody who questions it as a conspiracy theorist, and that will ridicule them. You won't have to answer anything, realistically answer anything, you just smear them, ridicule them and avoid the answers, you see.  That's how it's done.


So, this article goes on, you've probably heard about it, from Time and it was Molly Ball her name was. I think she also did a book on Pelosi, or maybe, I think she may have done it, have to check that up and see. Don’t take that to the bank. But anyway, this is from Time and it says…


The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

time.com / 4 Feb 2021


A weird thing happened right after the Nov. 3 election: nothing.


The nation was braced for chaos. Liberal groups had vowed to take to the streets, planning hundreds of protests across the country. Right-wing militias were girding for battle. In a poll before Election Day, 75% of Americans voiced concern about violence.


(Alan:  So, their polls and the whole bit, right.)


Instead, an eerie quiet descended. As President Trump refused to concede, the response was not mass action but crickets. (A:  Meaning chirping away.)  When media organizations called the race for Joe Biden on Nov. 7, jubilation broke out instead, as people thronged cities across the U.S. to celebrate the democratic process that resulted in Trump’s ouster.


A second odd thing happened amid Trump’s attempts to reverse the result: corporate America turned on him. (A:  So, the big businesses, big corporations.)  Hundreds of major business leaders, many of whom had backed Trump’s candidacy and supported his policies, called on him to concede. To the President, something felt amiss. “It was all very, very strange,” Trump said on Dec. 2. “Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint the winner, even while many key states were still being counted.”


In a way, Trump was right.


(A:  Remember, they always give you revelation of the method, ‘eh.  In the occult, they always do something and eventually when they’ve won, whatever they have won, they show you the revelation of the method.)


There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists (A:  It wasn’t informal.) and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests (A: …racial justice protests.) –in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.


(A:  It’s the CIA you’re talking about here, folks.)


The handshake between business and labor was just one component of a vast, cross-partisan campaign to protect the election


(A:  So here they are admitting that, yep, this is how they did it, folks. And even in the revelation here they’re trying to tell you that both sides, Republicans and Democrats worked together, you see. Just like that, just like that, ‘eh?  You always have to have a to have a cap to a pyramid; you understand, the pyramid is in control.)


So, this article I'll put up tonight too and it will give you some ideas of how it was done. Some of it, as I say, an exposé here generally can, it hides a lot more than it will reveal actually. But I'll put it up regardless for those who think that conspiracies are all [Alan whispering.] conspiracy theories, you see.  And this is from the horse's mouth. They can use it when they want to, you see, but you can't. 


Now, back to the covid.  This article here is…


At least 36 people develop blood disorder and a doctor DIES after receiving Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines - as experts probe potential link between shots and the rare condition

dailymail.co.uk / 9 Feb 2021


(A:  This rare blood disorder is just, you know, is just, it's just a coincidence. It could have happened at any time, it just supposedly is happening now.)


At least 36 people have developed a rare, life-threatening blood disorder, called thrombocytopenia, after receiving either of the two COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the US.


One of them, Miami obstetrician Dr Gregory Michael, died after thrombocytopenia caused his platelets to drop to virtually zero.


(A:  That’s what they saw in the hospital when he came into the hospital.  And he was an obstetrician and gynecologist. And healthy according to his wife, y’know.  But after the shots within about a week or so his platelet count dropped, he started getting the thrombocytopenic purpura, hemorrhages under the skin in his toes and his fingers and everywhere else. Eventually they hit him through his brain, and he died.  Hemorrhaging.  Literally his clotting mechanism just died completely.)


He was just 56 (A:  And he was healthy.) and died of a brain hemorrhage just 16 days after receiving Pfizer's shot.


And doctors ordered Luz Legaspi, 72, not to leave her bed for over a week, for fear a bump, bruise, fall or other minor injury could lead to a similar hemorrhage and prove fatal for her. 


Thrombocytopenia has been seen after other vaccines as well, (A:  …in the past, that’s true.) and experts (A:  … all these priesthoods, ‘eh, the priesthood of experts…) suspect that the shot does act as a trigger in some way - they just don't know why yet.   (A:  Well, amazing that, they know everything else, ‘eh, supposedly.)


But so far, the platelet-suppressing condition appears exceedingly rare (A:  …that’s okay then, it’s only killing a few folk, ‘eh.) - affecting just 36 people out of 43 million doses (A:  …it says…)  administered in the US (A:  Well, is that the real figure we’re getting? They are talking about a rather immediate reactions here to a NOVEL coronavirus, right. And also, by using a NOVEL, ah, mRNA jab, I hesitate to call it a vaccine because it's not really the same. But it's definitely an altering type jab that's going to alter your DNA in your body once it's in there.  Permanently. So, it's a novel type jab as well. It says…)


- and scientists theorize that only a small fraction of the population may have some predisposition


(A:  Oh, so you’re predisposed to it. You see, you’re predisposed to this happening after certain types of shots. You see? Not that the shots are… You see, shots obviously are not within nature. You’d live the rest of your life quite happily without the shot, without getting hemorrhaged to death, you see. But they’re trying to say you’ve got a predisposition to it…)


predisposition that could lead vaccines to trigger the blood disorder.

(A:  …which you didn’t have before, you see.)


Of 15 people included in a forthcoming study, only one had a recent history of low platelet counts, and there were no clear common threads that predict who might be the very few to develop thrombocytopenia after vaccination.


(A:  So that makes it all right then, ‘eh?  There ya go.)


Dr Gregory Michael, 56, died of a brain hemorrhage from thrombocytopenia 16 days after he received Pfizer's COVID-19 (A:  …shot.)


(A:  Some folk developed the rare blood disorder, the same one actually, after the first shot...)


Luz Legaspi, 72, developed the rare blood disorder a day after her first shot of Moderna's vaccine and had to be put on total bed rest to prevent a potentially deadly hemorrhage.        


(A:  Of course, that’s what would happen if they didn’t stop it.)


Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a blood disorder characterized by a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood.


Platelets are cells in the blood that help stop bleeding.  (A:  They’re part of a clotting process, ‘eh, only fibrinogen and fibrin and all that kind of stuff.)


A decrease in platelets can cause easy bruising, bleeding gums, and internal bleeding.


This disease is caused by an immune reaction against one's own platelets. It has also been called autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura.


So, it's an autoimmune disease that happens after the shot.  That's what it is folks. You see, you didn't have the autoimmune disease before the shot, right. If you bruise yourself before the shot, you wouldn't have hemorrhaged to death. But after the shot your own immune system starts to attack certain things in your body, and in this case, it’s attacking the platelets in your blood and killing them, destroying them. 


Other autoimmune ones happened with the vaccines can be arthritis, is a common, a more common one.  It can attack the spine and different joints in your body.  They can also permanently destroy a good part of your immune system by having your immune system fighting everything that it shouldn't be fighting, until it's not, it can't even concentrate on one real thing until you die of some other disease you should have been able to fight off. 


These are the things you're supposed to be taught when you get informed consent, folks.  You’re supposed to get taught and told what the information to do with the side effects of these vaccines COULD BE, so's you decide whether to take the risk or not. 


Saying that it's good for you and it's safe is not informed consent. That's not getting informed.  No.  Telling you what the reactions CAN BE, hm, and also telling you that if you just develop your own immune system too, to fight covid, 'eh, like your own antibodies, which most folk have already done, that they've had it. Otherwise, they'd be sick permanently, right?  Um, and telling you the vaccine, y'know, could give you some of these terrible reactions including death, 'eh, or cripple you, for an illness that you probably won't know that you've had if you get it naturally.  And even if you get it there's a less than zero point, what is it, 0.14% chance that you'll get ill or die with it.  So, there's more chance of you getting hit by a car.


Man in his 70s collapses and dies just 25 minutes after receiving COVID-19 vaccine in NYC - as officials say he 'didn't have allergic reaction' (A:  Right?) - dailymail.co.uk / 8 Feb 2021


So naturally it's nothing to do with the vaccine, again, it couldn't have been, for goodness’ sake.  I mean, they're watching you for 15 minutes, the mandatory 15 minutes for an anaphylactic reaction to it. And this is 10 minutes over that so it couldn't have been that, you see. So, he's dead as well, hm.  I'll put this article up as well. That's from the Daily Mail. These are not from sort of...  These are from mainstream... rags, as they used to call them.


Another Medical Professional in the Prime of Life DEAD Weeks After Receiving the mRNA Experimental Injection as Memphis Mourns Loss of 36-Year-Old Doctor

healthimpactnews.com / 11 Feb 2021


(A:  There's a 36-year-old one now too. That's an orthopedic doctor and his name was Barton Williams. 36-year-old.)


In what is becoming a frequent report here at Health Impact News, another medical professional has died within weeks of being injected with an experimental mRNA COVID injection, (A:  It's got to be coincidence, 'eh.) and once again, health authorities and the local media are “assuring” the public that his death is unrelated (A:  What's the media got to do with medicine? How can they assure the public?  Hm?) to the experimental injection he received.


ABC Local 24 has reported the death of 36-year-old Memphis orthopedic doctor Barton Williams, weeks after receiving a COVID injection.


The CDC is reportedly investigating his death, as it is being blamed on a “rare COVID related syndrome.”


(A:  It's a multisystem inflammatory syndrome, that's what he developed.  That's another way it kills you too, y'know.  That's what happens when your system literally goes into massive inflammation trying to fight off the stuff that's been pumped into you.  That's what happens, 'eh.)


Dr. Barton Williams, an orthopedic doctor, died from Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome.


(A:  And the particles contained within this particular jab, they found too that it can cross the blood brain barrier.  That's really comforting, you know.  And if you get a massive inflammatory syndrome to it, reaction to it, well, what do you expect?)


MIS-C is rare in children who’ve had COVID-19.


(A:  Actually, they found it more in children that have had vaccines.  That's where you generally find it, after vaccination. Anyway, they got this doctor…)


Threlkeld said he is working with the CDC, but preliminarily it appears MIS-A is the cause of Williams death. Threlkeld said it is believed Williams previously had an asymptomatic case of COVID.


(A:  So, it must’ve been that.  He must’ve had an asymptomatic case of Covid, right.)


Threlkeld added, Williams also had been vaccinated for COVID about a month ago (A:  This is interesting, this part.) and that testing (A:  …right, I guess maybe after he died.) found the two types of antibodies in his system – one type of antibody that results from a natural COVID infection, (A:  So it's a natural antibody you develop, right.) and a second type of antibody from the vaccine. (A:  The so they can actually tell the second type is not the same as a natural one, y'know.)  Threlkeld also said Williams tested negative for COVID-19 while in the hospital. (A:  You see.)


This raises the question, once again, that we have been raising for weeks: Why would anyone choose to get an experimental mRNA injection, especially in this case when the deceased allegedly already had “natural” antibodies against COVID-19?


(A:  EXACTLY!  So there ya go.)


In the case of Dr. Barton Williams (A: That’s the man who died) of Memphis, not only are they not linking the COVID injection to his death, they are actually encouraging more people to get the injections to prevent what happened to Dr. Williams!


(A:  Well, there ya go.)


So, I'll put these ones up for those who care to investigate them. You've probably heard of the Gibraltar escapade there with...


53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started

healthimpactnews.com / 24 Jan 2021


(A:  It's a good testing site too because it says it's got a population of...)


Its population is just over 30,000 people, (A:  It's much easier to contain and observe, y'know.) and it is best known for its huge “rock,” the “Rock of Gibraltar.”


I have been contacted by residents in Gibraltar stating that 53 people have died in 10 days immediately following the roll out of injections of the Pfizer mRNA COVID injections and calling it a “massacre.” (A:  …some of the people, the native people there.)


Local media reports confirm the deaths, but blame them on COVID, and not the COVID injections.


However, prior to the roll out of the injections, it is reported that only 16 people in total died (A:  I guess in the past year.) “from COVID” (A:  …right, before the injections.) since the beginning of the “pandemic” about a year ago.


(A:  But since the beginning of injections, right, 53 folks died in 10 days.  That kind of speaks… That warrants investigation, I would say. You can’t keep saying it’s just coincidence.) 


I'll put these links up for anybody who wants to look them up for themselves.  Again, another article from I think it's Charlotte, this is the Charlotte newspaper, about that same Memphis surgeon…


Memphis surgeon dies of COVID-related illness

(A: [Alan chuckles.] This is how they... a Covid related illness…)

weeks after receiving second COVID vaccine

fox46.com / 12 Feb 2021


(A:  Well, they said when, after he, he didn't have it at the time he got the vaccination, y'know.  So, I love how the media kind of spins it too.  And it said in the other article, mind you, that he didn't have the infection at the time, he had it in the PAST, but he didn't have it at the time he got vaccinated. This one's trying to contradict it.)


Threlkeld says the disease quickly went from diagnosis to death.


“It was matter of days,” Threlkeld said.


(A:  There ya go. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome, and it attacks the immune system, that's pretty typical.)


Again, you're getting used to, this is a whole war type scenario, you understand, for something that they dreamed up, really. At the very least dreamed up.  I didn't say they invented it, I said they dreamed it up.  And who knows how it really came out. It doesn't make much sense to anybody who really has studied it, for just developing by itself. 


Covid-19 is likely to be with us 'FOREVER' EU health chief admits

dailymail.co.uk / 12 Feb 2021


(A:  FOREVER they say now, and I knew that last year.  Like any other virus, right.  The European health chief, right.)


The world should be prepared for the coronavirus to continue to circulate long-term despite the roll-out of vaccines, the head of the EU's ECDC health agency, Andrea Ammon, said on Friday.


(A:  And that's the head of the, basically they have a version of the CDC I guess.)


…the head of the EU's ECDC health agency, Andrea Ammon, said on Friday.


(A:  So, you’ve got the god Amon there too.)


'We should be prepared that it will remain with us.'


'It seems more likely that it would stay. It seems very well adapted to humans,' she said.


'It wouldn't be the first virus that is with us forever, (A: Of course, it’s not.) so it's not an unusual feature for a virus.'


That's why they knew at the start you can't get vaccines against them because they constantly, constantly change, 'eh.  Most of them change, by the way, into harmless versions of them.  However, the harmless versions, if you catch them, will still give you immune response so you develop antibodies to the more severe types. That's how it really works, y'know.


Bill Gates wants global response force (A:  ...like an army, right.) for future outbreaks, pandemics; Advocates for monoclonal antibodies, mRNA vaccines

stardem.com / 2 Feb 2021


(A:  Because you see, he's got the platforms to build them on, you see. He owns them I think, some of them.)


WASHINGTON — Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants to see a new global alert system, mass testing systems and a quick-responding international infectious disease force developed to respond quickly to future pandemics…


(A:  ...to make sure that they use all of his types of, you know, patents and things and stuff, you know.  There's no, he's not compromised here with personal investments and things like that. Of course.  He's a charitable sort of guy who, he wants to bring down the population AND help you get over illnesses as well, you know, at the same time.  That's quite a nice ambition I suppose if you're a megalomaniac, you know.  Anyway, there you go. So, they go into...)


Monoclonal antibodies are proteins produced in laboratories that mimic the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful pathogens such as viruses, according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The FDA approved some lab-produced antibodies as coronavirus treatments in November.


(A:  Remember, they can do that.  You get someone who's probably had the illness, developed antibodies, then you can reproduce many more antibodies and put them into someone who's lacking them.)


These manufactured antibodies grab onto the virus and disable it just like your immune systems and can reduce death rates by as much as 80%,” Gates said. 


However, Gates again, they've got the basic platform for building these, these... mRNA vaccines, with slight adjustments for different types that come.  Remember though too, I mentioned as well…


39-Year-Old Medical Doctor and Son of Former Chief Justice of Trinidad Found Dead After COVID Injection in Ireland

healthimpactnews.com / 8 Feb 2021


(A:  That was last week I mentioned that one.  That's another coincidence, though, y’know.)


The Irish Sentinel has reported that Dr. Keshav Raman Sharma, a respiratory consultant who practiced in Wexford hospital, received one of the experimental COVID mRNA injections on January 5, 2021, and the following Sunday, January 10th, was found dead in his home.


TheJournal.ie decided to run a “Fact Check” to debunk these claims (A:  …that it was anything to do with the vaccine…), but the “Fact Check” only confirmed that he received the vaccine (A: [Alan chuckles.]), while repeating the religious belief in vaccines that they cannot cause death, and that therefore, this claim was “debunked.”


(A:  So, they simply state it couldn’t have been the vaccine, and that’s a form of debunking it.  It couldn’t have happened that way, ‘eh, [ Alan chuckles.] that’s good enough. So, I’ll put these links up for folks who want to see them.) 


Because this is more like informed, isn't it? …you’re supposed to be informed about what it's all about. That's what news used to be supposedly about.  I don't think it ever really was.  But there ya go.


Wisconsin Resident Doctor has Miscarriage 3 Days After Being Injected with Experimental COVID mRNA Shot

healthimpactnews.com / 10 Feb 2021


Dr. Sara Beltrán Ponce


(A:  I'll put that one up as well. It says...)


Unlike UK, U.S. FDA Allows Pregnant and Nursing Women to Receive Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer research, filed an emergency STAY OF ACTION with the European Medicines Agency trying to prevent the experimental COVID mRNA injections from being used on the public as guinea pigs.


(A:  Hm.  Good luck for them, ‘eh.)


 Anthony Fauci, what can you say about this character?  I mean, he reminds me of characters in the past, you know, with the single-mindedness of his self-righteousness regardless of the consequences, y’know. Never mind the fact he's got CIA clearance. Anybody who is CIA clearance, I don't trust at all. And of course, you've got to have clearance when you've been dealing with viral warfare facilities and so on.


Anthony Fauci: We've Got to Get the ‘Entire World Vaccinated’ - breitbart.com / 6 Feb 2021


So, there ya go. How many times as he lied to the public, 'eh?  Even admitting on TV that he's lied before to the public about this. Well, you have to lie to them, y'know, they're like children you see, they just don't understand. If you want to get them to comply you have to lie to them.  Oh, a few weeks more and you be free.  Oh yeah, another few months and you'll be free.  Oh, maybe a few years and you'll be free.  Oh, you'll never be free.  [Alan chuckles.]   But you would've never gone along with it if I had told you the truth, 'eh?  M-hm.  And I'm paraphrasing his interviews.  There ya go. 


So, it's okay to lie to the... schmucks, y'know, the peasant schmucks. You'll never understand these things, you're too much of a peasant, y'know.  M-hm.  That's why they don't give you, y'know, informed consent, because you're such a peasant you couldn't understand the information. Yep. You may ask questions like, oh, so it might kill you, oh.  Well, how will it kill you?  Well, I can't explain that medically to you, it's too complicated.  There ya go.


So, he wants to get everybody vaccinated with them.  It really doesn't make sense to me, and others too. If you've got something they've told you it won't guarantee that you won't get Covid, and it can't guarantee that you won't get severe Covid by the way, because it's still experimental, they're still trying to get data coming in. They're asking folk to send all information on side effects or if anything crops up, to them, as Part III of the experiment, Stage III of the experiment, you see.  They bypassed it with animals. YOU are now the animals. So, they can't truthfully tell you that it's safe because they don't know yet what the longer-term symptoms will be.


Isn't that terrible?  They're lying to the public, because if they had done all the experiments first with the animals, over years, they would have found what the long-term effects would be. When they admit they don't know what they'll be, because YOU are now part, you ARE stage III now of the experiment, how can you possibly say they are perfectly safe when you don't know that yet?  Well, they can't. Not truthfully. Really something, 'eh?


So, he wants the whole world vaccinated.  And we're also, Canada and the States are buying millions more, buying up the vaccines to give to the rest of the planet. They really are making a killing, literally, y'know, financial that is, y'know, I'm not being facetious.  But they're making a killing off it, this guaranteed income, 'eh.  So, we are going to help give the rest of the world this.  Eh, well, what can you say?


I could go on for... but there's no point speaking about it. It's illegal to speak about it, you see.  It really is, isn't it.  It's illegal to have any, any truthful negativity about this at all. Doesn't matter about the facts, facts don't matter here.  M-hm.


So Fauci wants you to still wear a mask, even after you've been vaccinated, and social distancing and all the rest. And they want to have stacks of vaccines after the Covid one. But plus, Covid boosters, etc., right.  And...


‘Just like a flu shot': People may need to take Covid-19 vaccine annually ‘for the next several years’, says Johnson & Johnson CEO - rt.com / 10 Feb 2021


Says Johnson & Johnson CEO… because they’re all in on the act, all these companies.  This is a guaranteed multibillion-dollar industry now, ‘eh, GUARANTEED!  For all their investors, ‘eh, all the 1% at the top, ‘eh, the big guys.  


Other ones have said the same thing too. That leader of the British company in Oxford, it was on television apparently, I saw the clip on the Internet.   He was on a TV show where he slipped out, was it Sir John Bell was his name, I think.  It slipped out that, he said, I don't think it will sterilize everybody, maybe, maybe 60% or so, he says. And the interviewer was stunned and put his hand over his mouth like, what's he saying?  He said the same thing too, I think it will be an annual shot like the flu. So, this was all decided long ago, all this stuff, even before you heard of Covid, or even they heard of Covid, they've all decided this is how they'll play this one.  And...


Bristol Covid variant (A:  They've got all these variants, you see...) could reinfect people already jabbed, Sage expert warns

thesun.co.uk / 11 Feb 2021


(A:  You see, it COULD do a thousand things, 'eh?  It COULD this and it COULD that.  Very scientific, and it MAY and it MIGHT.  And it may not, y'know.  Very scientific.  M-hm.  Let's give up all our rights and freedoms for maybes and could and possibly, and, we don't know yet.  Y'know?  So...)


THE Bristol Covid variant could reinfect Brits who have already been vaccinated, with fears it could rip across the UK, a Sage expert has warned.


(A:  The special advisory group of these so-called experts to the British governments.  It doesn’t… Look at the state of government. Look, have you seen these characters? Including the experts?  Hm. So here you have it.)


(A:  Now, don't forget too, that these viruses, most viruses that come out after them, the secondary ones and so on, are often weaker, you know. You might be more contagious; everybody might go through the whole... But it would give you no symptoms at all. They get weaker that way, you know.  And if you get the weaker type as I say, you'll still develop an immune response. And the immune response often will work with the more potent types of the same strains, you know, the slightly different strains of the same group/family.  That's how it works.)


(A:  It's interesting too, the SAGE experts. I mean, you know the acronyms, they really choose them carefully and create them carefully. And SAGE, you know, for the special assignment group and all that, expert groups and they're advising governments on all kinds of things. The same group by the way that did subcontract another group of behaviorist experts and behavioral insights teams that were tasked with getting the public to comply, and for the media to start to exaggerate the stories, they said. That was in the papers. A truthful journalist says, I was sent this by this group, and all the media had been sent this. He says, we are told to exaggerate the stories to increase anxiety in the general population, so's they'll comply and do what they're told by the experts.)


(A:  So, your tax money is getting paid to folk who are trained terrorists. They terrorize you.  Hm?  Under the SAGE group, 'eh.  And SAGE, remember too, is this magical thing that all the Wiccans and so on use on you.  You waft it, you drive out demons and things. It's all coincidental.  [Alan chuckles.]   Smoke and mirrors, y'know.  M-hm.  So...)   


Professor John Edmunds said the mutant strain (A:  They're ALL mutant strains, folks. The original Covid 19 is a mutant strain of a SARS virus. The SARS one is a mutant strain of a coronavirus. Which the other ones were, didn't jump from animal to human.) could also reinfect those who have caught the bug before (A:  He says it COULD, you see.  Theoretically anything is possible, you see, I suppose, ‘eh.) - as he warned it would be "very dangerous" to let the virus rip through Britain.

(A:  Well, WHY would it be dangerous?  They would know that already, you see.)


The Bristol strain emerged last week - along with another Liverpool variant.  (A:  Oh my goodness, we’ve got cities competing with cities here to be the top variants, ‘eh?)


It developed directly from the Kent (A: Hhhh.) strain and now includes a mutation called (A:  ...oh my goodness, could you believe the virus can call itself...) E484K, (A:  Wow, ‘eh?!) allowing the virus to evade vaccines more easily.  (A:  Really?)


Prof Edmunds told ITV's Robert Peston: “I don’t know whether the Bristol variant is any more transmissible than the Kent variant - I suspect it isn’t."


But "the real worry," he said, was the strain's potential to reinfect.


(A:  Well, will it, or won’t it?)


He added: “Where it has an advantage, potentially at least, is that it may be able to reinfect people who have been previously infected…” (A:  …you see.)


The mutation present in the Bristol strain is already found in both South African and Brazilian coronavirus variants.


(A:  Well, it’s multicultural for goodness sakes, so it should be a good thing, really.  ‘Eh?  And it says… they keep repeating themselves in these articles, ‘eh. So, they’re trying to terrify the public about all these different strains out there. It doesn’t mean it’s any more dangerous than any other strain, you see. But it could be, might, might but we don’t know yet, ‘eh.)


Give it time, ‘eh.  There ya go.  And also, door-to-door testing in Britain.


Door-to-door testing extended to 3 new areas as SA Covid variant surges

thesun.co.uk / 13 Feb 2021


(A: So...) …Middlesbrough, (A:  And they're using postcodes, that's how they're going, like a graph system of the map area. It's also being launched in…) Walsall and Hampshire to help monitor and suppress the strain's spread.


It is also being launched in parts of Walsall, and in specific areas in the RG26 postcode in Hampshire where the Covid-19 variant first identified in South Africa has been found.


People living within these areas are strongly encouraged to take a Covid-19 test this week, whether they are showing symptoms or not.


People with symptoms should book a test in the usual way, and those without symptoms should visit their local authority website for more information.


There you are, ' eh.  So, they got a "surge testing program..."  Wow.  Oh, it sounds... that's very Sci-Fi to me, 'eh.  Very dystopian. Good movie, good movie though. And door-to-door, I mean, here you got the folk locked down avoiding contact, but the same group is going door-to-door to door-to-door.  [Alan laughing.]   Of course, they couldn't spread it, even on their clothing, could they?  I mean, no... no... nope. Do you understand that you get the sublime to the ridiculous with all this? It's just farcical.  And this is the Evening Standard…


‘Get used to the idea of vaccinating and revaccinating,’ says Boris Johnson (A:  ...the mouthpiece for big big business, 'eh, Boris Johnson, you gonna take orders from an idiot like this?)

standard.co.uk / 10 Feb 2021


Boris Johnson gave the strongest hint yet that the country is facing repeated rounds of Covid-19 vaccines.


(A:  Oh, so this is forever, folks.  Pin cushions.)


The Prime Minister told the Commons: "I think we're going to have to get used to the idea of vaccinating and revaccinating (A:  There ya go…) … to face these new variants."  (A:  ...which of course are endless.)


He made the comments in response to a question from former cabinet minister Julian Smith who asked what the Government was doing to make sure the country is not behind on vaccine supplies when the virus mutates.


(A:  So, it's big business. I wonder how much money they're getting to be a spokesman for the vaccine company, 'eh?  Just a thought. And I'm not saying he is, I'm saying, it's just a thought, isn't it?  M-hm.  [Alan chuckles.]   And, it's true enough, 'eh.  It's not conspiracy that I'm thinking, right.)


The PM said it was an "extremely important question" and added: “That’s why we recently announced an agreement for 50 million doses with the manufacturer CureVac because we believe that they may help us to develop vaccines that can respond at scale to new variants of the virus.”


(A:  So, thank goodness they’re on top of it before they mutate and stuff, ‘eh? I tell ya, it’s just… Thank God for big, big, big pharmacology and vaccine makers, hm.  Wow-wee.)


[Alan chuckles.]  Everybody's in on the act too…


Hand sanitiser use in pandemic could trigger widespread resistance to disinfectants


I remember years ago they tried that same… Everything in the scientific system now is could or maybe or possibly or... y'know? Very scientific, 'eh.  You're back, again, I get that picture, here they are back reading that liver in that animal again, oh look, there's another little node there, ooo.  It could do, it might.  It might not, though, I mean... 


They tried that too when they had that fad in the 90s with antimicrobial soaps they came out with, you know. A disinfectant that would kill off all kinds of things. And folk were slapping them all over the place and all over their bodies.  Then they said, oh my goodness, it's killing off all the good bacterium as well, and this might lead to immunity for the bad bacteria, you know.  So, they stopped making it for a while. I don't think they stopped it all together. So here you are...


Hand sanitiser use in pandemic could trigger widespread resistance to disinfectants - mirror.co.uk / 10 Feb 2021


Well, remember, again, everything is so farcical.  They've been using the hand sanitizer in ALL medical clinics or hospitals for as long as I can remember. And they use them in surgeries and so on and special soaps, antimicrobial and blah, blah.  Are you going to stop all them from doing it suddenly too, y’know?  because the public is using it?  [Alan laughing.]   Ooooh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize the public were dirtier than the professionals.  Oh well, maybe that made a different kind of bacterium on you, 'eh, bacteria's growing and just flourishing on you, oh, my goodness.  There ya are.  You get pictures too of big microbes, 'eh, running over your skin.


They did that years ago too, you know, they had... they had the... again, artist renditions. You always have, just like the AIDS virus, artist renditions. They'd show you these... monsters, the size of a page in the newspaper.  And you go, oh my God look at that artist rendition, and you have nightmares over it. But they had artist renditions when they went through a fad of all the different kind of little bacterias and microbes that live on you, naturally, different parts of your body. 


They likened it like the world, y'know, here's the armpits and here's the chest, it could be like the Sahara Desert, a different kind of air, you see.  And under the armpits of course you do have different ones again. And you had other microbes that rode on the top of other ones like horses. They created this whole world of, wow, who could have thought, 'eh, you get pitched battles and armies across your bodies battling each other all the time. I'm sure that led to a lot of folk going to psychiatrists and psychologists, and got more pills, and y'know, off into Lala land with all of those wonderful revelations, 'eh.


So yeah, I read, and then the AIDS one came out and they says, an artist, you know, scientists think, this is back in the late 70s maybe early 80s. Scientists think this AIDS virus might, because no one had seen it, you see, it might look like part bacterium with the head of a virus on it. Or the other way around. And they showed you this thing like a monster, as I said, it was about a page wide, 'eh, with all these kind of hairs sticking out of it. Right out of a sci-fi horror movie.  Something from a different planet.  It had this horrible big face on it with a mouth and teeth and everything.  [Alan laughing.]   And I thought, what is this, this artist rendition, 'eh?  They publish this rubbish.  No kidding you. And here we go again.


Now, bioethics, you see, you're getting trained into a whole new system of austerity. But also, to do with accepting that life is becoming cheap, you see. And accepting the professionals who should just decide whose life is cheap and whose isn't, you see, who is important and who is not important. Just like businesses, essential and nonessential. And who to treat, who not to treat, hm.  You're getting trained that this is normal.  You're getting trained to categorize the elderly folk as some kind of obsolete old thing over there that should just be eliminated. You're being trained to believe that. I really mean this, this is deliberate.  They train the bioethicists to put this rubbish across to you, to train you this way, to alter society.


Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

washingtonpost.com / 25 Mar 2020


Worry that ‘all hands’ responses may expose doctors and nurses to infection prompts debate about prioritizing the survival of the many over the one.


(A: So there you are, bioethics, survival of the many over the one. Who do we sacrifice, is what they're telling you, right?  The Washington Post.)


Hospitals on the front lines of the pandemic (A:  This is in between the dancing and stuff...) are engaged in a heated private debate over a calculation few have encountered in their lifetimes — how to weigh the “save at all costs” approach to resuscitating a dying patient against the real danger of exposing doctors and nurses to the contagion of coronavirus.  (A:  Hm.   Then they go on about…)


… dwindling stores of protective equipment — such as masks, gowns and gloves — may be too great to justify the conventional response when a patient “codes,” and their heart or breathing stops.


There you go. But mind you, if the staff have all had their shots, they should be pretty well immune, shouldn't they, you know?  M-hm.  Shouldn't they?  [Alan laughing.]  Oh dear, dear. 


But remember too, the Lockstep that Rockefeller foundation put out, because they have the bioethicists working, drafting up laws for the hospitals to follow, actual laws and codes and so on. They are the ones who lead the charge on bioethics for doctors and staff, and who should live and who should die.  You know, the new morality.  They've got degrees in morality. You're an immoral prune, y'know, if you don't have one of these degrees. Obviously.  There you go. You're all being trained.  Yeah. 


Another article too, how they're wanting to bring in…


COVID-19: 10-year jail sentences 'appropriate' for lying at UK border, says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

news.sky.com / 10 Feb 2021


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has defended the introduction of 10-year jail sentences for those who lie about their travel at the UK border as "appropriate".


Under new measures due to come into force from Monday, UK and Irish residents arriving in England from 33 "red list" countries (A:  They call them red list countries.) will have to pay up to £1,750 to quarantine for 10 days in government-managed hotel rooms.


As part of the enforcement of the new action, anyone who tries to conceal they had been in a "red list" country in the 10 days before their arrival will face a prison sentence of up to 10 years - a penalty which has caused concern among some MPs and former judges.


(A:  Hell, they're not letting illegals serve time, so why are they doing that to the folk who already live in Britain and are just coming back, 'eh? Well, let's not look for continuity of logic here, in this day and age, 'eh.)


Mr Shapps explained how the fresh restrictions are being introduced due to the government's concerns about new coronavirus variants being imported, or becoming more widespread, in the UK.


(A:  What absolute nonsense, ‘eh.  M-hm, what absolute nonsense.)


"What we're dealing with now are the variants and, with variants, we cannot risk it in these final stages…


Final stages… I've got the articles from the last spring, a year ago, where they talked about all the variants already had appeared then. The same ones by the way, that they're renaming today.  But let's not use facts and logic, 'eh, so you have more restrictions, 'eh.  M-hm.


Children seeking mental health treatments skyrocketing during the pandemic.


(A:  I wonder why, 'eh?)


Restrictions may last until all adults have been vaccinated, a senior health official warns. 


So there's your choice, and you're getting WARNED that they're going to keep it locked down until you all get your shots.  That's REAL choice, isn't it.  That's real choice. And again, don't forget, that the side effects of the vaccine are more prolific and more common than you think, compared to catching, most folk have caught the virus, a lot of folks have already have got antibodies against it, NATURAL antibodies. 


The chance of getting sick and dying from it are 0.014% they claim.  But the chance of getting a bad reaction is rather huge, when everybody's getting reactions of some kind or another, adverse reaction. From big bumps on their arms the size of golf balls and bigger, to paralysis of the arm, to paralysis of the face sometimes.  Well, don't worry, the paralysis to your face, the Parkinson's type, might only last about a few days to a few weeks, don't worry about it.  Okay.  Okay, y'know.  What's the long-term effects? We don't know yet; you're part of the study now.  [Alan chuckles.]  


It really is amazing times we're living through, 'eh, where they're literally deplatforming people for putting information out that they should be telling the people before they get the shots. That's what informed, to get the consent you have to inform them of the risks of what might happen to you.  So why are they deplatforming people who are telling the people about the risks?  Why are they suppressing the informed part of the consent?  N-n-n. 


Another thing to remember too is Fintech, it's called, 'eh. 


What is Really New in Fintech

blogs.imf.org / 17 Dec 2020


The financial industry is undergoing rapid technological change. (A:  Because they're really rushing through all the digital stuff now, you know, the cashless society. It's completely tied in with your credit rating, the social credit rating as well as the physical and the real credit rating, you know, like commercial, or financial.)


Recent IMF (A:  International Monetary Fund.) and ECB (A:  European Central Bank.) staff research distinguishes two areas of financial innovation. One is information: new tools to collect and analyse data on customers, (A:  We’re all under the gun now, you know.) for example for determining creditworthiness. (A:  ...to see if you're credit worthy.  But…)  Another is communication: new approaches to customer relationships and the distribution of financial products. We argue that each dimension contains some transformative components.


The most transformative information innovation is the increase in use of new types of data coming from the digital footprint of customers’ various online activities— (A:  ... MAINLY it says here, mainly…) mainly for credit-worthiness analysis.


Credit scoring using so-called hard information (income, employment time, assets and debts) is nothing new. Typically, the more data is available, the more accurate is the assessment. But this method has two problems. First, hard information tends to be “procyclical”: it boosts credit expansion in good times but exacerbates contraction during downturns.


(A:  Then it goes into the second form of it too.  But really, it's to do with ALL types of data that you're doing. This is your social credit. It says…)


Fintech resolves the dilemma by tapping various nonfinancial data: (A:  ..about YOU, right...) the type of browser and hardware used to access the internet (A:  …that you’re using as well…), the history of online searches (A:  ...of what you're looking at...) and purchases. (A:  …as well.)  Recent research documents that, once powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, these alternative data sources are often superior than traditional credit assessment methods,


You see, it's a whole system for the total social credit.  They'll see everything that you looked up. Then they have to say, why did they look at this, why are they interested in this or that?  Maybe it's not a good thing that they're looking at this or that or whatever. Maybe we should downgrade his actual physical credit rating until he complies or stops looking at or looking into this topic or that topic, etc., etc., etc.  You see?


So, you can see where it's all supposed to go.  China's already got it, you see.  They've tested it out there pretty thoroughly in fact. They even have some documentaries out where folk can't even get into a library anymore. As soon as they tried to get through the door, alarms go off because their facial recognition triggers it because they've been deemed bad, got bad social credit, y'know.  You're a bad person, you complained about the government once, so you must be antigovernment. No, I was just talking about my Social Security was cut off. And you're a BAD person. You're living in a utopia, you're obviously mentally ill, off with him!  Yep.  That's how it works, folks.


Now, this is winter, 'eh.  And folk who come from Britain, in other words, still live in Britain obviously, but who live abroad, will always remember being a child in the rotten winters, the damp cold winters you'd have. That's all I remember is the dampness, not so much just the snow and so on, up north, but you would get the dampness and runny nose as well.


One million people in North West must get Covid test (A:  …now…) if they have runny nose

thesun.co.uk / 5 Feb 2021


This is winter, right.  This is it, folks, this is when almost every child has got a common cold. And adults get it off and on as well. You see, everything now is Covid. They don't get common colds now, it's gone. The flu is gone as well.  Everything is Covid. Let's not let facts get in the way here, 'eh.


One of the articles in Australia is to do with auditing…


Auditor general to investigate jobkeeper after it was used to pay dividends and bonuses (A:  … to the big wigs.)

newscon.net / 2 Feb 2021


An audit of the scheme will examine issues including whether the Australian Taxation Office has put in place “effective measures to protect the integrity of jobkeeper payments”, the Australian National Audit Office said.


The move follows a request in December from the opposition frontbencher Andrew Leigh, who said it was vital that the scheme, which was the single biggest in Australian history, received proper scrutiny.


(A:  I mean, there are folk getting RICH off the money that’s getting dished out all over the planet. It isn’t just the vaccine companies and the mask makers and all the rest of them.)


“The Morrison government has been extremely secretive about jobkeeper,” he said on Tuesday night.


“They’ve refused to tell the public how much jobkeeper was paid to firms that increased their profits in 2020 and refused to say how much went to firms that paid executive bonuses.”


Well, everything's corrupt, folks.  It's the old club, y'know, the big, big club.


So you got the vaccine. Can you still infect people? Pfizer is trying to find out.

technologyreview.com / 2 Feb 2021


(A:  Now remember, this article in relation to what I've already said about, you are part of the experiments, you see. Which also whacks away at the newspapers who tell you it's perfectly safe. You can't say it's safe until you've done it, ALL the trials.  It can take years.  This vaccine didn't take years.  It was rammed through past all the, even through the animal, past the animal testing.  So, Pfizer is trying to find out if you can still infect people. It says…)


For now, even if you’ve had covid-19 or been given the shot, it's smart to keep your mask on.


(A:  Really?  Hm.)


Sebastián De Toma joined Pfizer’s clinical trial last year, getting his shots in August and September. The Argentinian journalist still doesn’t know if he got the real covid-19 vaccine or the placebo, but on Sunday, January 31, the trial doctors called him with a new offer.


Would De Toma be willing to undergo a series of nasal swabs to regularly test for the virus? He says the doctors offered to send Cabify (a Spanish ride-sharing service) to bring him to the Hospital Militar in Buenos Aires. “They’ll swab me on the go, through the car window, and that’s it,” says De Toma.


(A:  I wouldn’t sniff at that, would you?  It’s just my opinion.)


The extra coronavirus tests, being offered to some volunteers in Argentina and in the US, are part of a plan by Pfizer to help answer a key covid unknown—how often vaccinated people develop asymptomatic coronavirus infections and whether they can still spread the virus, despite getting the shot.


(A:  So, how can they say it’s safe? …when they don’t even know all these things yet, and can you be contagious to other people, etc.  Hm?)


Whether or not the vaccines stop “onward transmission” of the virus is likely to be a critical variable in determining how the pandemic plays out (A:  And I won’t even repeat this part…) and how soon life goes back to normal. (A:  ...because they’ve already told us it’s not supposed to go back to normal.)  Right now, researchers say, their best guess is that vaccines will reduce transmission…


(A:  Here you are, right, I’ll say that again for the hard of thinking…)


Right now, researchers say, their best guess is (A:  ...best guess is, guess, guess, guess… [Alan chuckles.]) that vaccines will reduce transmission but may not prevent it entirely.


(A:  You see, there’s a complete contradiction.  It may not prevent it entirely.  Well, maybe it will not prevent it at all.  Maybe, when you put may into the question, anything is up for grabs. And what is a best guess, then anybody’s guess is good as anybody else’s guess, right? This is from the professionals here, folks, from the companies that make it!)


“We don’t know, but it’s an important question because the answer will influence mask wearing; it will influence behavior; it relates to comfort going to restaurants and movies and the overall benefit we can expect with vaccines,” says Lawrence Corey, who leads operations for the Covid-19 Prevention Network, which carried out several US vaccine trials.


“There are three things a vaccine can do:


(A:  Now, it's what A vaccine can do, right, it doesn't say THE, A vaccine can do.  This is the theory, right, behind them.)


  stop you from acquiring the disease altogether, stop onward transmission, and stop symptoms,” says Jeffrey Shaman, (A:  Shaman, hm, maybe that’s the guesser, I don’t know.)  a public health researcher at Columbia University. A perfect vaccine would create what is called “sterilizing” immunity (A:  …right, a perfect vaccine.), which means the virus can’t get a foothold in your body at all. (A:  Okay? And don’t forget too, natural immunity can give you that perfect sterilizing immunity because once you’ve got it, yeah, that’s you, immune. Anyway, it says…)  


Some inoculations, however, do allow low-level infections that people's immune systems fight off without any symptoms.  Their bodies still accumulate a certain quantity of the virus, which they may be able to transmit to others.  (A:  Then you’re a carrier in that case, right.)


The reason we don’t know how well vaccines stop this transmission is that it’s expensive and complicated to measure. When companies like Pfizer, Novavax, Moderna Therapeutics, and others launched big studies of their new covid-19 vaccines last year, they were testing whether the vaccines could prevent people who caught the disease from getting sick or dying. The results on that count were impressive: hardly anyone who is vaccinated ends up in an ICU on a respirator.


(A: (A:  I'll just toss in too the articles that I mentioned at the time about that. Because remember that Fauci and others had called off giving them the third part of the trial which is the challenge test where they had the vaccines, and you expose them to the actual real virus. And they didn't do it. Remember those articles? I've got them here; I might put them up if I can find them again.  But they were called off.  And Fauci even said, they didn't want to, that the younger folk who are experimenting with the vaccine, y'know, the actual ones who were the volunteers, paid volunteers, don't want them getting sick maybe, you know, young people.  Well, that sounded crazy at the time. Why would you deny giving them the challenge test?  They were the people were going to see if it's workable or not. And they give the challenge test to the general population, who would be part of the trial them, and let... If it's a disaster, it's going to be a much bigger disaster, isn't it?  I-yi-yi!  Anyway, it says…)


What they didn’t measure was the “indirect” effect of vaccines in preventing the further spread of the virus, even though some computer models (A:  …computer models, here we go again.) have predicted that blocking transmission could save more lives.   (A: So, it’s all based on computer modeling, just like Neil Ferguson.)


One model, published in August by a team at Emory University, found that a vaccine that’s good at stopping spread (A:  This is a computer, a computer will turn out whatever you feed into it, folks. So, the computer claims, right, that it’s good at stopping spread…), but not very good at stopping disease, would still lead to fewer deaths overall because it would slow the outbreak enough to reduce the total number of people who get infected.  (A:  N-n-n.)


A step toward understanding how often vaccinated people spread the virus is what Pfizer is doing now: trying to figure out whether people like De Toma are getting infected without ever feeling sick.


This goes on, this article, and you can read it yourselves.  But everything is may and maybe and guesses and guesses.  I like guesses, very scientific, a guess, y'know. And you're part of, obviously, when you get a vaccine, you're part of the next step of it, stage of it, of the testing. You're part of the test to see what's going to happen.  N-n-n. 


Interesting terminology too, talking about PERFECT vaccination would be sterile, you see. I guess that's the term that that Bell was using hey, about maybe 40% to 60% might be, totally sterile.  Hopefully, he was talking about they wouldn't... They wouldn't get any of the disease at all, y'know.  But probably not, who knows?


Now again, here's your... I've been watching this for years as our countries are going down the tubes deliberately, and again the open-door policies for mass migration, as the countries are going down the tubes, is, this is war scenarios, total war... to bring in a different system, once you've collapsed all your systems. Do you understand that? It's total war. Why else would you bring in mass migration, have to put up lots of people in hotels, costing billions of pounds or dollars, every week in fact some of them?  And giving them treatments for all kinds of things as well? It's all money from the taxpayer, borrowed money.  And still doing it during pandemics, where the country is locked down?  Why would you be doing all that at the same time?  This is only exacerbating the problems.  Unless it's intended to bring in a new system.  You have to have TOTAL COLLAPSE, and that's the purpose of it.


Logic dictates this is what's happening.  Logic, pure logic and reasoning.  Of course, it is.


Then they tell you too, I've watched it for years, the domestic populations as they end up on the streets, more and more and more of them destitute, y'know.  Because people are still getting evicted from homes. And now it's a war of who gets the homes. The newly arrived migrants, or the folk who have been on a waiting list for years, etc.  There's all these different corporations vying for power for the same resources. 


But when you have populations where you again have accepted what's happened to people ending up on the streets, and the cheapening of life, and the euthanasization of the elderly, and now bio ethically, well let's just get used to not treating them at all for disease, not just Covid, let's just let them die, or even help them die.  There’s nothing left to fight for in your system when YOU accept this. There's nothing left. You're totally conquered. And you ACCEPT it. That's when you go into self-destruction as I mentioned earlier in the talk.  It happened to Native American communities.  It's happened to other ones in Africa, parts of Africa.  Now it's happening to you.


Total war has been waged upon you in a thousand ways, and most folk are completely oblivious that this was a war, planned, directed, implemented. Because logic can't figure it out why this is all happening.  And you're still bringing in masses of people? And your own folk are ending up on the streets?  Australia is the same. Britain is the same. This article here is reminiscent of, and of course, the homelessness in the States too. Incredible.


Homeless Woman Faces $5,000 Fine for Sleeping Rough During Lockdown

sydneycriminallawyers.com.au / 6 Feb 2021


(A:  Here's just an example of a story, right, a local counsel in Perth, Australia, 'eh.)


A local council in Perth has confiscated the meagre belongings of a homeless woman located at a public park where she had been sleeping, affixed labels warning of a $5,000 fine for illegal dumping before destroying the belongings.


41-year old Vivian Porter, who is originally from Alice Springs, had been sleeping rough in Victoria Park, Perth with a group of other Indigenous people for about a year.


She had just been released from a hospital when Premier Mark McGowan announced a city-wide lockdown.


The next day, the group were approached by police and told to disperse.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  Oh jeeze, y’know.)


With nowhere to go, Ms Porter wandered the streets for a few hours before returning to the park to find that her possessions – including a mattress, pillows and clothing – were marked with infringement notices, advising that a $5,000 applies (A:  …a fine, I guess.) for “illegal dumping”.


The next day, Ms Porter’s bedding and other possessions had been destroyed.


Crisis shelters in Western Australia are stretched to capacity and recent lockdowns have only made the situation worse.


Ms Porter is currently on the waitlist for social housing, but that too, is limited.


(A:  Don't forget, again, about what I'm saying. They're all competing with mass migration that's coming in too, and refugees as they like to call them now and so on.  You see, this is all deliberate, folks.)


Shelter WA (A:  Western Australia.) estimates around 1000 people are sleeping in the streets across Western Australia every day, and there are more than 15,700 households on the waitlist for social housing.


But yeah, you're all just evaluated by your worth to society and discarded, it's as simple as that.  Priorities to do with, well, elevated groups, y'know.  That's what they are. You got to have a special status, you know, belong to a special group. I said this years ago, you have to belong to special groups, y'know, to get any rights at all. If you don't belong to groups, you have none, nobody to speak for you, nobody will stand up with numbers for you. It won't happen.  And we're here.  Of course, we're here. 


Not finished yet, folks, but remember @cuttingthroughthematrix.com, I've got to keep saying it every hour or so, send a few bucks my way and that helps me go along. As I'm not backed by any organization.  I have no ax to grind.  And I certainly won't mislead people intentionally, I can guarantee you that.  I have no politics to push either.  Because we've been living in a farce my whole life long when it comes to politics. 


And the media is a horrible system today. It's always been that way too.  You had some decent articles over years, years ago, and then you saw all of them suddenly change when the agreements were reached internationally and laws were put out to restrict journalists from giving different, their own personal opinions on things, common traits and so on. I've gone through the articles in Britain when that happened and the ones in Australia.  The British Commonwealth countries were the first ones to implement them. But I saw it happening in the US at the same time where agreements had been made that they could only talk about certain things and not mention other things. And when they talked about certain things, they'd would tell you exactly what they could say and couldn't say, y'know. That's really how it's worked out today.


But before that you used to have, at least occasionally, you'd get a good article here and there. Today it's terrible when I see the uniformity of the media. Why not just have one, ONE news outlet for the planet? I mean, that's what it's coming to, you understand.  And that's the way it should be because all the rest of the media are parroting the EXACT SAME word for word news as all the rest of them, all the authorized stuff, then what's the point in having the pretentiousness of them?  Well, we're really different, we've got a different name than the other ones, y'know. That's the only thing that's different.


So there ya go, send a few bucks my way and help me tick along here. 


Also, this article was in Global Research I think in 2009 originally and then republished this month, this year.


Remember the “Fake” 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic:

(A:  I've mentioned it, I put it up before but it's worthwhile putting it up again.)

Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

globalresearch.ca / 25 Aug 2009/13 Feb 2021


(A:  And it's true enough, how they tried all this before with the H1N1 2009 and how they manipulated the data then too. MASSIVELY so too, to try to get folk to take vaccinations.  Again, using the same techniques, the same psychologists...)


“…as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009).


(A:  Oh my goodness!)


It was a multibillion bonanza for Big Pharma supported by the WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan.  (A:  She was in at the time. I remember doing the stories at the time.)


In June 2009, Margaret Chan made the following statement:


“On the basis of … expert assessments of the evidence, the scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic have been met. I have therefore decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert from Phase 5 to Phase 6.  The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic. … Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), Press Briefing 11 June 2009)


(A:  There ya go.)


What “expert assessments”?


In a subsequent statement she confirmed that:


 “Vaccine makers could produce 4.9 billion pandemic flu shots per year in the best-case scenario”, Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), quoted by Reuters, 21 July 2009)


A financial windfall for Big Pharma Vaccine Producers including GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Merck & Co., Sanofi, Pfizer, et al.


The same Big Pharma companies are also behind the coronavirus pandemic.


And this goes on too, a good article to read.  Just to show you that nothing is ever as it is portrayed to you. Really nothing.  And how they fudged the figures then. I remember at the time when the doctors were eventually told by their own specialists, you know, every nation was given their own specialists, and they were told to just put everybody down with any symptoms at all of the flu or cold or whatever, down as that particular flu, without any testing whatsoever. Even just phoning them in, that's what they did.  For numbers, you see, numbers are awfully effective.


Government urges remaining over-70s to come forward and get Covid vaccine (A:  Right.)

lbc.co.uk / 13 Feb 2021


Ministers (A:  That’s politicians.) …


…is confident it will hit its UK-wide target of offering a coronavirus vaccine to all those most at risk - including everyone aged 70 and above - by Monday's deadline.


(A:  I don’t like that term, when you want to give over 70s vaccines, DEADline, you know. They should get these marketers on board here and tell them, you’ve gotta start using your heads here, you know.  M-hm.  I’m surprised the psychologists and behaviorists missed that one, ‘eh.)


Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he hoped a combination of jabs and new treatments (A:  …and NEW treatments, well, they are.) will mean Covid-19 could be a "treatable disease" by the end of the year.


(A:  Well, you better tell them to read the other papers where it tells you it’s never going to go away, for goodness’ sake, ‘eh.  M-hm.  There ya are.)


And some countries are withdrawing the order to vaccinate folk over 65 because of the terrible things that have happened.  Yep.  I think they dropped it in France as well.  But not Britain, Britain is in for the long haul here, you know. Another article here too, this one is also in Global Research, this article here.


Government and media are proving to be lying to the public about covid pandemic.  - Global research.ca / 13 Feb 2021.




N.Y.C. Death Toll Soars Past 10,000 in Revised Virus Count

nytimes.com / 14 April 2020/15 Jan 2021


New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.


(A:  So, they never tested positive, and they didn't test them for it, right. But they're presumed to have died of it, right. Presumed. That's very scientific too.)


The new figures, released by the city’s Health Department, drove up the number of people killed in New York City to more than 10,000, and appeared to increase the overall United States death count by 17 percent to more than 26,000.


(A:  Well, they’re all at it, ‘eh.)


Medical doctor Montagne explains that CV19 and infection numbers are being faked by US government.


(A:  And it gives you the links to them here. And...)


German virus experts declare social distance isn't based on science.


And it isn't. It was dreamt up by a young schoolgirl who was given a project and she wanted to get really good markings to get into university.  Her daddy worked for the military industrial complex. I did the talks a few months back there on that one. So, he worked the computers and worked up a program for her. So, it's all computer modeling, that's where they came up with the 6 feet apart idea, y'know. Not based on any science.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman clearly explains the faults in the testing system and explains why there's no,


He doesn't think the virus really is out there, you know. Certainly not in the quantities they're telling you.  And...


A Canadian nurse comes forward to testify that CV19 death and infection numbers are being faked.


The links are all here to these, every one of these articles by the way. All the links are there.  So, you can take it to examine for yourselves. Because you must always come to your own conclusions, folks.


These are incredible times to be alive in, such times of deceit, you know. It's like George Orwell said, talking about a totalitarian system in his book 1984 where he says, speaking the truth in such a, really, in a totalitarian system, basically I'm kind of paraphrasing it, but speaking the truth is likened to a revolutionary act by the authorities. Just speaking the truth, you're obviously a revolutionary, you see, you’re a terrorist. So, it would be a terrorist act to speak, by speaking the truth.  In a time of universal deceit, that's what he said, speaking the truth would be considered a revolutionary act. That's a terrorist act, you see.  Can't have that.


And you're seeing that. There can only be one GOD opinion, from the capstone.  That's all you can parrot. That what was always used for democracy, when he was talking about totalitarian systems like communism, oh, we're Democratic, we've got all kinds of opinions, you see, we've got freedom of speech. Well, where did all that go, folks?  You don't have that at all now. You're punished severely now by your system, so what kind of system are we really living in now?


I hope you're not going to go out and vote for it again.


Dozens of people develop rare blood disorder after taking coronavirus vaccines – reports

rt.com / 10 Feb 2021


(A:  I mentioned that one before from a different article.  This one is RT. This is one too is about the obstetrician, as an example, who died with hemorrhaging.  Thrombocytopenia.  Terrible, terrible, terrible what's been happening.  Immune thrombocytopenia.  Yep.) 


One patient contacted by the Times (A:  That was the newspaper I guess.) suffered heavy vaginal bleeding two weeks after receiving Moderna’s vaccine and required platelet transfusions and steroid treatment to survive. Another woman was hospitalized with bruising (A:  Because you start bruising, you see, as you start to hemorrhage...) and bleeding blisters in her mouth just a day after receiving the same shot. Her condition deteriorated to the point where doctors concerned that a slight knock would trigger fatal bleeding (A:  …meaning bad hemorrhaging.) were afraid to move her from the hospital bed.


(A: …just MOVEMENT could do it, ‘eh?)


(A:  And immediately, they say well...)

The cases can’t all conclusively be linked with the vaccines, but Dr. James Bussel, a hematologist and expert on the condition, told the Times that an association “is possible.”


“Having it happen after a vaccine is well-known (A:  You see, it's well known to happen and so on.) and has been seen with many other vaccines,” he said. “Why it happens, we don’t know.”


This guy should be fired for saying what he just said there, telling the TRUTH, 'eh.  M-hm, telling the truth... in a time of universal deceit... can be considered a revolutionary act. There ya go.


Are More People Being Harmed by the Pfizer Experimental “Vaccine” than from COVID?

Israeli Population Now the World’s Lab Rats Sold Out to Pfizer - healthimpactnews.com / 2 Feb 2021


Government Consigned Israeli Population to be Human Subjects in a Massive Experiment

Alliance for Human Research Protection / 2 Feb 2021


(A:  This one here is, it's a combination actually, it's got an Israel paper and also the BBC. So, they go through the one where they give the Pfizer announcement that the vaccine is 90% effective.)


BBC: “Israel bought large stocks of the [Covid-19] jab in exchange for acting as the world’s guinea pig.”


…Pfizer announced that its vaccine was “90% effective” (revised to 95%) against Covid-19.


They had ordered millions of vaccine doses from Moderna and AstraZeneca but none for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.


How then, did Israel procure an estimated four to five million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in December 2020 – enough to vaccinate at least two million people?


Benjamin Netanyahu- Donald Trump (A: [Alan chuckles.])


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sought to show that he singlehandedly saved the day; as did Donald Trump when he launched Operation Warp Speed, to accelerate the production and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.


Both heads of state entered into secret contracts with vaccine manufacturers. Both failed to disclose to their constituents that the COVID-19 (mRNA) vaccines are experimental.


(A:  Not WERE but ARE experimental. Hm?  There ya go.)


I'll put this article up too. Because a few folks have died there, and other ones have gotten awfully sick in Israel as well. Then you get into old articles as well to do with…


“It’s Time For A Rewrite”: Genetic Code of The Planet Under Attack

web.archive.org / 22 May 2020 / Old-Thinker News | May 22, 2020 / By Daniel Taylor


(A:  You always get these articles, this is an old one, I think maybe initially was an old one. Anyway, maybe it is a later one. But it says...)


The Edge Billionare dinner – comparable to the secretive Bilderberg group – is an annual gathering of tech elites that has hosted Jeffery Epstein, Craig Venter, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Bill Joy and many others.


Physicist Freeman Dyson described the individuals leading this group as having god-like power to create entirely new species on earth in a “New Age of Wonder”. He describes them as:


“…a new generation of artists, writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses, might create an abundance of new flowers and fruit and trees and birds to enrich the ecology of our planet.”


(A:  Talking about genetic modifications of everything on the planet.)


As revealed in the 2005 book “The Google Story “, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met with Craig Venter – credited with creating synthetic life – at the Edge Billionaires meeting.


Also present were representatives from the U.S. State department, Bill Gates, Anne Wojcicki, Bill Joy and dozens of other tech company CEO’s and scientists.


(A:  It also touches on…)


Coronavirus vaccine to use synthetic DNA created by computers


The New York Times reported on the developing vaccine technology in 2015. (A:  That's the base model that Gates talked about, right.) As the Times reported, animal tests on the synthetic DNA vaccine “are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”


(A:  That’s the theory behind it.  It doesn’t mean it’s a fact, it’s a theory.)


Now, research backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will use genetic code created by computers in a potential coronavirus vaccine.


As reported, the Gates funded synthetic biologists believe that they can “do better” than nature with self-assembling nanoparticles that will be injected into your body.


(A:  And they want to use other technology…)


…to open cells and deliver synthetic DNA.


It sounds very promising doesn’t it, ‘eh?  This article here too is interesting, to me it’s interesting anyway. It says…  


In the Shadow of that Hideous Strength:

The UN’s Proposed Alliance with Big Data to Know Where You are and What You’re Doing

rutherford.org / 1 Aug 2016


(A:  I put this up before.  This was put up initially in 2016, but I mentioned it maybe the last week or the week before as well. It goes into capitalism...)


…capitalism, married to scientific research, with the sword of the state blazing the way. Enter That Hideous Strength, and C.S. Lewis’s scathing, yet prophetic portrayal of a science unhinged from objective truth, and sold-out in the pursuit of power.


(A:  Good little article. But the UN definitely, their Commission on Population and Development, and don't forget the Department of Population by the way, they used to call it the Department of Population CONTROL, was actually set up for the United Nations by David Rockefeller, because that was its initial purpose. Now they just call it the Department of Population and Development.)


The UN’s Commission on Population and Development is one of ten commissions in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), ranging anywhere from the Forum on Forests (UNFF) to the Status of Women (UNCSW). Through starched, dry, and benignly titled commissions, the UN elite seeks to control the economic and social development of the world.


They want entire data on everyone, on a daily basis by the way, ALL data.


The Covid-19 Global Order - bitchute.com / 11 Feb 2021


That's about it, I guess.  I could go on and on, but it's already over four hours so I'll have to stop it there. Remember, send a few bucks @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and hopefully I'll tick along.  Go into my actual website though, remember if you can't get it up on other outlets, because a lot of people put it up too after I put it up, you can always get mine first @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


You'll see the latest ones there every Sunday night. Because sometimes it takes a day, sometimes two to go up into other sites. Whatever I put up you'll hear repeated by a lot of talk show hosts by the way [Alan chuckles.] on the Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. It's just comical sometimes.  So, send a few bucks my way and I'll keep going, hopefully.  And I'll try and keep warm because it's still rather freezing up this way in Canada, northern Ontario.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


At least 36 people develop blood disorder and a doctor DIES after receiving Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines

dailymail.co.uk / 9 Feb 2021


Man in his 70s collapses and dies just 25 minutes after receiving COVID-19 vaccine in NYC

dailymail.co.uk / 8 Feb 2021


Another Medical Professional in the Prime of Life DEAD Weeks After Receiving the mRNA Experimental Injection as Memphis Mourns Loss of 36-Year-Old Doctor

healthimpactnews.com / 11 Feb 2021


53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started

healthimpactnews.com / 24 Jan 2021


Memphis surgeon dies of COVID-related illness weeks after receiving second COVID vaccine

fox46.com / 12 Feb 2021


Covid-19 is likely to be with us 'FOREVER' EU health chief admits

dailymail.co.uk / 12 Feb 2021


Bill Gates wants global response force for future outbreaks

stardem.com / 2 Feb 2021


39-Year-Old Medical Doctor and Son of Former Chief Justice of Trinidad Found Dead After COVID Injection in Ireland

healthimpactnews.com / 8 Feb 2021


Wisconsin Resident Doctor has Miscarriage 3 Days After Being Injected with Experimental COVID mRNA Shot

healthimpactnews.com / 10 Feb 2021


Anthony Fauci: We've Got to Get the ‘Entire World Vaccinated’

breitbart.com / 6 Feb 2021


‘Just like a flu shot': People may need to take Covid-19 vaccine annually ‘for the next several years’, says Johnson & Johnson CEO

rt.com / 10 Feb 2021


Bristol Covid variant could reinfect people already jabbed, Sage expert warns

thesun.co.uk / 11 Feb 2021


Door-to-door testing extended to 3 new areas as SA Covid variant surges

thesun.co.uk / 13 Feb 2021


‘Get used to the idea of vaccinating and revaccinating,’ says Boris Johnson

standard.co.uk / 10 Feb 2021


Hand sanitiser use in pandemic could trigger widespread disinfectant resistance

mirror.co.uk / 10 Feb 2021


Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

washingtonpost.com / 25 Mar 2020


COVID-19: 10-year jail sentences 'appropriate' for lying at UK border, says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

news.sky.com / 10 Feb 2021


What is Really New in Fintech

blogs.imf.org / 17 Dec 2020


One million people in North West must get Covid test if they have runny nose

thesun.co.uk / 5 Feb 2021


Auditor general to investigate jobkeeper after it was used to pay dividends and bonuses

newscon.net / 2 Feb 2021 (alternate link provided)


So you got the vaccine. Can you still infect people? Pfizer is trying to find out.

technologyreview.com / 2 Feb 2021


Homeless Woman Faces $5,000 Fine for Sleeping Rough During Lockdown

sydneycriminallawyers.com.au / 6 Feb 2021


Remember the “Fake” 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

globalresearch.ca / 25 Aug 2009/13 Feb 2021


Government urges remaining over-70s to come forward and get Covid vaccine

lbc.co.uk / 13 Feb 2021


N.Y.C. Death Toll Soars Past 10,000 in Revised Virus Count

nytimes.com / 14 April 2020/15 Jan 2021


Dozens of people develop rare blood disorder after taking coronavirus vaccines – reports

rt.com / 10 Feb 2021


Are More People Being Harmed by the Pfizer Experimental “Vaccine” than from COVID? Israeli Population Now the World’s Lab Rats Sold Out to Pfizer

healthimpactnews.com / 2 Feb 2021


“It’s Time For A Rewrite”: Genetic Code of The Planet Under Attack

web.archive.org / 22 May 2020


The UN’s Proposed Alliance with Big Data to Know Where You are and What You’re Doing

rutherford.org / 1 Aug 2016


TIME admits ‘conspiracy’ of a ‘cabal of powerful people’ heavily influenced last election

lifesitenews.com / 9 Feb 2021


The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

time.com / 4 Feb 2021


The Covid-19 Global Order

bitchute.com / 11 Feb 2021




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