Feb. 28, 2021 (#1818)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Great Reset and Experimental Vaccine Informed Consent:


"Behaviourists Authorised to Ply Their Craft

Upon Citizens, Gov. Collusion Truly Damning,

Freedom to Reason, Rationalise, Given the Shaft,

For a Great Reset, Years in the Planning


Using Professional Psychological Persuaders

Avoiding Study Facts Recipients Should Know

Means We're Run by Elite Corporate Dictators,

Fawning Democracy is a Child's Story Show,

Informed Consent Means Reading These Studies,

With Each Vaccination Offer to Each One of You,

Not Crowd Techniques "We're Good Guys Buddies,

Majority Accepted so You Should Too",


Stigmatizing, Shaming, are Methods of War

Uniform Opinions are Created and Managed,

Do You Know What Legal Indemnity's For?

You're on Your Own if Your Health is Damaged."

© Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2021

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 28, 2021 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 28, 2021.  And as always, I hope you’re all hanging in there, and not hanging from trees. Because certainly people are getting awfully depressed by this lockdown, nothing that wasn’t predicted in the plans of it all many, many years ago when they talked about their pandemic exercises.  All the present co-conspirators, you might say, who were involved in it were involved in all the planning stages of previous tests of it as well, including how to keep the people lockdown, and what to expect with lockdowns and pushback etc. And how they’d have to go after individuals who would be putting out information against lockdowns, or even vaccinations.  How not to challenge their big groups right on, dead on, you see, it’s much easier to knock them off one at a time basically by different means of deplatforming or whatever it happens to be, just to stop them from putting out the information.


This was all written out in their plans for pandemics. You find it in the section put out by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, the section called Lockstep, to do with Innovations for the Future and so on, you’ll find Lockstep in it.  Lockstep goes through the lockdowns, y’know, in a pandemic. All the stuff that we’ve heard since, with even Event 201 and Clade X, etc. all the same things, with the same people over and over again, the same group, the same pyramid of groups really, the capstone at the top you might say. Because they all get their orders from something above themselves, obviously, when they’re all on board with the same agenda, worldwide, at the same time, in every country pretty well.


They said in Lockstep that they would keep pushing for more and more, to take more and more rights from the public. Because this is achieving a much bigger goal than anything to do with any pandemic. It’s to bring in the Great Global Reset as Mr. Schwab has prattled on about in his books and so on about bringing in a new society. You’ve got to have a wartime scenario, he calls it a wartime scenario himself, he said that in some little video clips, that’s how he sees it. And that’s how it planned to be. And it is, because out of a wartime scenario you have a different society at the end of the war. In fact, if you have competing or conflicting parties fighting each other in wartime, both countries, or more countries, all of the conflicting parties are change forever basically.


So, it’s planned change to come out of this whole idea of using a pandemic to bring it about.  Not just a financial reset, it's a complete reworking of money, or even what you think of money. It's energy. It's technocracy, where energy units are represented by tokens, or money if you want to call it that.  It's all the same thing really, isn't it? 


Here you'll have a different way of living. It will be a vastly reduced population, eventually. Including what they've said since, oh the last hundred years, that they should really issue licenses for those who should be allowed to have children. They even had articles years ago when I did the talks on radio about giving special privileges to those who serve the system better. You know, top civil servants and so on, who really work for this global society, of this world type governance system, and how they can literally give as a reward where they could let you pass your genes on to another generation.


I'm not kidding you. This is from the top.  And if you think you're in a madhouse, well, you are really in a madhouse, but a very clever madhouse because the mad ones at the top, the godlike ones, you see, really believe in what they're doing. They truly believe as well that they have the right to do with the planet and everybody in it as they see fit. They really truly believe this. The even teach it in certain university courses now to do with forms of behaviorism, eugenics, all combined into bioethics. 


So, it's quite interesting to see that you're in a science fiction movie, at last. You see, you're actually in it and you're watching the players come out openly and tell you how it's going to be. Not asking you how you like it. No, they're going to tell you how it's going to be, whether you like it or not.  And they have many, many different techniques to do it.


Persuaders, they have professional persuaders again come out from different universities who've been taught behaviorism and psychology and public relations, who even are taught all the techniques of marketing ideas to you. And you have no idea, years ago I talked about the language has always been used by those who understand the techniques of controlling your thoughts. And your thoughts that really tick through your brain all day are given to you by whatever media is present at the time.


At one time it was, they often used the churches at one time unfortunately, but town criers were used to impart information, or decrees from the king.  People would prattle on about these decrees and try to discuss them and find out what they really meant and dissect them, find out what their opinion should be on it.  That's how, it was much, much easier in those days to just give out... 


Because you didn't have TVs or radios, you see, or Internet or anything like that.  So once the radio came along these sciences really took off, and using radio as a means of persuasion through propaganda. People don't realize how far ahead it was even in the 1920s and 30s building up to World War II as an example, and how incredibly accurate it is today to do with the uniformity of information. If you must control societies, the world you might say, or nations, then you must control ALL information, you see. But never give the impression that you control it, you simply make sure that a thousand different points of light, as they often refer to their agendas and their NGOs and think tanks and so on, work towards the same goals and put out the same information. 


But it appears to the public, oh my goodness, they can't all be the same, because there's a thousand newspapers across the world and magazines all just, so they can't all be connected. Well, they are all connected. It's quite easy to have them all connected. Especially since they're all taking information from one or two news sources.  M-hm. 


That's why they all have the same propaganda. I did the talks years ago to do with the 1930s and the 40s with the Rockefeller Foundation actually put out surveys, they did intensive surveys. And they did very accurate ones, just as today, you know, if you want to do something, find all the information about it, then use the information to manipulate your ideas into reality and make it all happen.  That's why they've never been afraid to push agendas forward. They really study their victims carefully before they do it.  They understand human nature, hence the incredible investigations of psychology, human behavior and so on by the different sciences that are involved in it.


Back in the 1930s, Rockefeller and his group realized they only needed about 30 or 33, naturally 33 right, newspapers and magazines to control all the rest. The rest of them just copy from the 33, you see.


That's what we have today.  But you also have maybe two real wire resources that have been popular for a long time, and most media, again, takes their cue from that.  We even have all these comedies, for many years where they would show you the same clips of a myriad of newscasters giving out the same exact spiels per night, as each other, and without any variation at all. All getting it from the same sources.


But to the average person, you've got to understand, most folk don't think about things much at all. They tune into their usual favorite newscaster at night on television, and it doesn't dawn on them that every other one, if they flick through the channels, is giving the exact same news. All from the same source obviously.


And it is surprising. You would think most folk are like yourselves. For those who are awake, it's a shock at times when you're growing up to realize that most folk don't think or perceive things the way that you do.  Y'know?  And it is a shock. I mean, a real shock when you realize they've never thought about certain things at all.  They've taken so much for granted and they're perfectly conditioned because of it.  They haven’t questioned much at all.


That's a natural way to be actually, y'know, a really natural way to be in some sense. If you're in a truly real world, where you lived in a tribe of people in a village, and the head villager that you elected had no more than you did in a simple tribal setting. But we're not in that setting anymore and you have this incredible amount of persuaders at the top working for, and the politicians, the lackeys working for the big ones above them that put them in power. The voters don't put them in power. [Alan chuckles.]  I don't know where you get that idea from.  But it's been that way for an awful long time.


Politicians are very carefully selected and screened before you even hear their names, by the same source. Carroll Quigley talked about that too.  In the 1960s I think his book came out, his main book actually that he's well known for. He wrote other ones which I personally think they're just as valid.  But Tragedy and Hope did come out and he talked about the ones who are, who literally… Well actually what he talked about was the fact that he and a squad of professors were brought in as professional persuaders to debate people who were causing ruffles in society by exposing things which governments and governmental agencies, or even the CIA, were really involved in, y'know.


What they would do, would bring in about three or four professors, give them a couple of days to swat up the topic, and then go in there and in an agreed fashion to attack the person who's either putting a book out or putting out information that's exposing things that they didn't want to be known to the general public. So, they would try and ridicule the person as a little, little, y'know, you’re a person who knows very little really, y'know, a little knowledge is dangerous, we professors know what we're talking about. And you defame them and smear them on television. That would generally, as Quigley said, that would generally work. He talked about this in some videos by the way too, old ones, years ago.


He said, until one occasion happened, he says, were one guy had, with the book, I think it was called None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen.  He said, this guy knew his stuff.  He had done his real homework and he says, we couldn't ridicule him. You see? Now, you notice, he didn't say, we couldn't show that he was wrong. Their whole technique was to ridicule, hm.  And that hasn't changed to the present day. This is how it's really always been.


It's actually worse today because they've churned out much, much better characters, better trained in behaviorism and psychology.  And special areas of psychology, working for the military by the way, and the military is heavily involved in all of this. That's why they turned them loose using the psyop organizations with cyber warfare organizations. And it's been in the media. It's not my word for it, my opinion on it. I've read the articles from the mainstream on it where they turned these characters lose on those in the Internet media to attack them and defame them and do all kinds of dirty tricks. Which they had used across the world, across the Middle East and Syria and Egypt and different places over the past, in Iraq and so on.  It said in the newspaper, this same organization of military are now being authorized to be turned loose upon the public inside their own countries.


D'you realize what's going on here? And you idiots, and I have to say idiots, go out and vote all the time to bring, to keep the same system going.  This is incredible.  Because you have no rights, you see, you really don't have any rights at all.


When your governments can collude together to change society, on behalf of bigger organizations above the governments, rather obviously so in fact, then it truly is amazing. And when you have so much evidence for it, you’re going to go and vote for the same characters to come in again? 


The same people who do what they're told and take all your rights away from you under the guise of Covid.  Into the formula from previous, like tabletop exercises that they had with Johns Hopkins in the past, following the exact formula of lockdown, as I say, right back to the one in 2010 Operation Lockstep, that's from one part of a whole series of stuff put out under the Rockefeller Foundation back then in 2010.


In lockstep they say they'll keep pushing and pushing and DEMANDING and says that's what will do. Because you see, the idea is to change society forever, 'eh, a planned society.  They know where they're going with it all.  And how to get it there. And how to cause as much damage as possible to the present cultural system.  They said, they wouldn't stop until there was mass pushback from the general public.  That's what they said back then.


And that's what it would have to come to, to stop this now.  And even then, you can't just stop it.  You've got to start taking back your rights then. If you don't do that, they’ve won already, you see. They've already got so far ahead with you, with the changes, you'll accept them.  So, you've got the pushback for all the rights that you had, including the right to work and have your own business and all the rest of it.  You've got to do it.


Because in this new system that they're bringing you into, they don't, you won't be able to have private businesses. Unless you're big international corporations. It's a very old plan.  Very old plan. And you're not in on the big club as that comedian said, George Carlin.


The thing is, you'll never get back to any kind of normalicy when they have a plan at the top. And Mr. Schwab, y'know, the James Bond villain character, is a front man obviously for the big international corporations, that all work under the pyramid of finance and take their orders from those at the very, very top. It's obvious.  You can't have them all on board if they're all independent corporations. Which tells you they're not really all independent corporations after all. Someone owns most of the shares in these corporations, you always find that happens, you see.


You don't need to own the big, big amount of shares to run the company, in order to tell the company what to do. Don't forget, the CEOs are generally employees, they might have some shares in it but they're really employees of the corporation. And the Corporation then serves the bigger system, that brings them in and helps them and gives them financial help that they need to get through the bad times, good times or increase their profits. They don't do it all themselves.  So, you have the appearance of big successful corporations. but you've got to understand, they get big because someone chose them to be big, someone at the top, the big club, y'know.


They do that too by eliminating competition. That's how you get to have a big international...  monopoly basically, you eradicate competition. Of course, after the different takedowns of big corporations in the past, like the Rockefellers before with their oil corporations.  Monopolies in so many different areas.  Which is a sign actually, it's like signs of the disease, when you see the same signs creeping across the world, you'll find these guys all know each other at the top in the different countries, and they're doing the same thing. They take over the resources of the planet.


You'll find that too in Quigley's books to an extent.  You also find it with the statements they make, the ones that represent them, like David Rockefeller who died and his father before him, he said, competition is a sin. He wasn't being egotistical as such and just arrogant. He was actually saying what he really believed, and the idea was to eliminate competition. They had the right, these guys like himself and the organization he belonged to, had the right to take over the world's resources and only they could work it properly. The general public were too stupid and lower class to manage their own lives in fact.  That's what they believed; you were incapable of managing your own life. That hasn't changed.


So, you'll find from, ha, from all the books from HG Wells, even before Wells actually, but HG Wells was rather arrogantly all for this agenda, the same agenda, they pretended it was left-wing because they had to get the working class on board with them, the Fabian Society, financed by the biggest, the riches folk of the era - so we're told anyway, I think there was bigger ones than them - like the Astor family.


Members like Bertrand Russell, who belonged to all these different organizations by the way, he had a big, big hand in shaping the system you're in today. Including talking and writing about the present system of changes, how they'd have to bring in warlike scenarios to change the system, the same as Quigley.  But Russell also talked about "useless eaters".  Because he and Wells and all the rest of them were eugenicists, they believed in superior types and inferior types.  The socialist leaders that created, like George Bernard Shaw were very open about that, they had the right to choose who would live and die. We saw that in operation when the Bolsheviks took over Russia.  They went right to work at that. 


Shaw said the same thing, that you'll have to come to us and ask us why we should keep you alive. 


…your great socialist organizations.


It's amazing how they can keep things quiet.  And other socialist countries, they can actually paint as a villain and make thousands of movies about them. But when you find they're all the same really, at least the ones who run them all are connected to a higher group, that are all the same, it's dead silence.  That shows you that you're actually on the right track, when you begin to get that little light come on in your head.  And that's how it is.


Useless eaters, Bertrand Russell said when he talked about overpopulation, if you just let the people breed and all that. HG Wells said it too, he says, what about the people, helping the people. He says, well we can give them food, help them get better hygiene and so on, and what do they do, he says, they breed!  Y’know, he was so disgusted at that.  And it was okay for him to breed with different wives and so on, overtime. But you see, they belong to the right people, had the right genes, the right makeup. 


And you didn't, you see.


You find the same thing with Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood, she talked about children being "weeds". That's what she called them, 'eh.  And certain ethnic groups too. She was very straightforward. Well, no one hammered her, you know.  You would think...


This is the whole thing with logic.  Logic has to be logical. It has to be the same, and when the same circumstances are applied across the board to the same scenarios, you can't say these ones are evil and these ones are good.  Hm.  When that happens there's something else at play obviously. And people miss that all the time.


But yeah, you had HG Wells who was a kind of a front man, propagandist for the global society, he was all for the world wars that were coming. They knew they needed a world war to change society.  Again, I've said this before, he was the one who invented the slogans for the military to make you hate the enemy. Because most folk don't hate the folk they're told to go off and kill, so, you have to demonize the enemy. The same within society under the Covid, they are demonizing sections of society. The same techniques that are always used too, you isolate them and deplatform them, stop them from having any speech, and then you eradicate them.  It's one way or another, you see.  Standard techniques never change.


But HG Wells, he came out with the idea of “the hun in the sun”, y’know, beware of the Hun. They weren't German people anymore, no, they were huns, you see. Like the old, old tribal groups and so on. He dehumanized them. They did the same with the Japanese in World War II of course. Big time. But he also came up with the idea of splitting society internally. Because in World War I at least initially they didn't have drafting, you see. It was voluntary only. So, the propaganda was very basic but perpetual for the whole duration of the war, go off and fight for your country. 


I’ve said this before, years ago, if you look at the posters for the British monarchy, go off and fight for the king, y’know, you'll find it's the same.  They were cousins, the Kaiser with them, they were cousins, you know. You see the same features on the posters. It doesn't matter if it was German or British because they were all Germanic.  [Alan laughing.]   That was the big joke of it all. And you can literally change, a lot of folk wouldn’t know the difference who was who in the posters because they looked so, they were so closely inbred, y’know, they look so similar... actually, the same…  [Alan chuckles.]  the word there is the same. The same with of course with the Czar of Russia. 


Anyway, here they are telling you to go off and fight the other people, that are the real Germans, fighting the real British, you know. And when you think, HG Wells was all for that, for the changes that would cause, and societal changes because then government takes over food and work and everything else.  All the things you would do yourselves, they'd take all the rights from you and you all work for the state, at least for the duration of the war. You never quite get out of it either.


And the banks make a killing. And the big, big lenders make a killing on war. They're guaranteed to have it returned with all this massive compound interest by the government and its taxpayers. 


So, Wells, he came up with the Hun in the sun. But he also internally split the people by getting arguments amongst them.  That's standard stuff, get them all arguing with each other, you see. Just like Covid. Are you getting the shot? Yes or no, blah blah blah. And get them all fighting each other. 


Wells, he said to the women, you know, to the wives, if your husband doesn't go off and fight, then you should wear a white feather in your hat to show shame. And the people would see that, and they'd see and know it was your husband or your son you were referring to. The same with girls and their fiancés, they would do the same thing. To shame them, you see, to join the Army, go off and fight for something that had really nothing to do with them.  And no one to this day really has figured out what it was about. Except the ones who caused it all, made it happen.


So that was the great HG Wells, y'know.  He let a lot out of the bag too. He did mention even in his novels how he would come into work and here was all this paperwork just, on his desk, with all these ideas and what... He was telling you really how he did get a lot, because he was getting a lot of information from the different science departments, especially in government and universities that were told to work with him.  You know, to shape a new society.


It's quite, it's just astonishing that folk don't really get what, even in fiction, what they're portraying. It's portraying the future. It's planned that way. It's predictive programming to an extent. And in Things To Come he shows you in one way of a war scenario, like you're in today, Covid war, like Mr. Schwab said, the WEF, World Economic Forum, it's a war type scenario. Because out of the war type, they'll have a completely different society at the end, that's why they're going to drag it on for years, you see.


So, they have that dragged on for years in a real war type scenario in Wells’ Things To Come, and out of it you have the brotherhood of the air, a scientific freemasonry of the air, he says in his novel. They can keep secrets, work together. And they’re international. And they, and then their descendants, are ruling the future. And you see them in the future in that movie form with the same actors that initially started off the brotherhood of the air running a future society with them at the top and the big sort of huge cathedral type buildings managing the whole of societies. 


..with this discontented lot down below that had nothing to do except hobbies and so on.  And they were bored stiff. And the scientists kept changing society with more inventions, and changing everything, change, change, change. So, they ones at the top started arguing, there's too much change, we can't adapt quick enough, and it's disruptive to our system or our psychology and all that kind of stuff, and culture. That's what it was about too, so they touched on that, for those in-the-know at the top, that's, they give a message for themselves. 


That's why they have the whole idea of Darwinism, is adapt or die as well, you see.  And eugenics.  So anyway, the ones at the bottom that Bertrand Russell called the useless eaters… and if you're not essential… are you getting the point, essential?... then you're classed as a useless eater. Is it starting to... are little bells going off maybe once in a while?  You know, useless eaters?  It's all connected. This isn’t happenstance. It's not coincidence. It's all connected folks. 


Because they have given out these talks your whole life long at world meetings about useless eaters and too many of YOU. It's always you. Not them, but there's always too many of YOU, you see. All their helpers think they're going to get through as well and get extra little… But again, a lot of them will be useless as well once there's nobody left to order about down below, you see.  That's where it will end, death eventually.


That's some kind of, something on your side to an extent, that you might not get satisfaction in your lifetime, but you can be guaranteed that the ones who help this all happen, [Alan chuckles.]  they get theirs eventually as well because they won't need them either, you see.


It's very Marxian a sense, y’know. Those who don't understand the whole concept of Marxism, which really came into this idea of communism, and Trotskyism, and they have all these -isms, you see.  Anything with -ism is part of the same structure. And I really mean that too by the way.  It's again, the same kind of pyramid and techniques that they use is -isms. 


You find that in Marxism, with at least Lenin, and then Stalin promoted Marxism, was that you would get to a stage in a generation where they'd have vast changes, as they slaughtered off all the previous intelligentsia and replace them by themselves. That's what happened in Russia and other communist countries. Then of course the next phase of it would be a kind of cultural revolution. Which is more written about of the Chinese cultural Revolution, where it become stagnant to an extent, and those who take over become fat and comfortable and they're the new middle class, that lack nothing really.  They are equivalent to the middle classes in other countries that are supposedly their enemies. They have all the same goods, material goods and so on, at that level.


But things become inefficient because the state runs it all.  And people who work for the state are guaranteed their income, y’know, they don't have to be good at it, and things decline. Therefore, they get a culture revolution going where the students are indoctrinated to turn on those who are older, including their parents, and in some cases just slaughter them.  Because the theory being, that they are contaminated with some of the remnant ideas of the old system and from their parents, so you turn on the parents to show that you're more avant-garde than they are.  And you're the next step of the phase of this religion of communism.  Or Marxism, you see.  That's what they do, so you wipe them out and then you're left with the radicalized group, who generally stirs up trouble in the world and has to be put in its place by other nations. That's how it used to be at least in theory. 


Then they start to realize, no they couldn't take on the whole world by themselves. Then they get older, and they get fat and lazy and quite happy and content, as leaders, and it starts going down. Of course, then you find out that underneath, out of all of it you've got another group who studied them, who promoted them in fact, and who even helped them come into being.


The same group that gave you the American Revolution, and they studied that too, they called it the great experiments. One was the American Revolution for individual liberty, and rights, individual, you know, you had to respect your rights. And if you didn't respect your rights and stand for them to make sure you have them, they'd be taken away from you. That was the big experiment.  And if you abused your rights then again, they'd be taken away from you, you see.


Of course, you find even the founding fathers in the US talked about it. Jefferson and other ones talked about if every family had a cow or two for milk at least and some farmland – it would work well in an agricultural society, if everyone had the same kind of... But once you got into the city, you see, the city has always been the antithesis, you know, of freedom.


Because the city is artificial.  It survives on a hierarchy structure at the very top of the ultra ultrarich who live like a beehive system on the ones all below it, a tiered system. And once you get into the city, if you're working class, you're generally trapped there for your life quite often because you can't get out of it. The money you earn goes off to pay for the rent, which is atrocious, y’know, and stuff like that.


So anyway, the agricultural system, it was the only way you had some kind of freedom.  And space as well by the way, y'know.  And that was always the problem down through history.  Even in ancient Roman times you had the Senate trying to take away the peasants' small holdings, the agricultural society is encroaching on them, they take land off them and so on. That caused them an awful lot of problems, and revolutions. And backlash from the peasantry. Then of course you run short of food because you've taken land off the people. 


Oh, we've seen it all before, haven't we, in our own lifetimes.  At least your parents have with China and the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union imported most of its grain from the West, in its entire existence.  Again, you have the strange thing, why would you be feeding what we are told is your, the greatest enemy?  [Alan chuckles.]   


When things don't quite mesh, there's something going on here that you're not in on, y'know.


Because your own countries have used starvation across the world, by starting wars, getting folk wrapped into the wars, even off the land until they’re fighting elsewhere. You find across Africa, they often, the starvation is caused because there's either wars going on around them, and often in the West, it's inspired by the West and funded by the West and corporations are involved.  Again, a lot of the best land is taken away from them and put under the United Nations habitat organizations. Some of the best farmland!  Or the Sierra Club and Prince Philip's groups and so on, some of the best farmlands. That's not coincidental.


Because they know if you feed the people then they might be healthy and then they might breed, y'know.  They talk about it, for goodness sake, they publish this stuff, to their members.  And somehow the people outside, in the first world country think, well that doesn't mean us.  You know?  That's the greatest thing of all, that you don't realize, yeah, you were the first subjects to be introduced to forms of sterilization.  Not all at the same time to the same extent, but your numbers have been plummeting for a long time. They keep publishing these quizzical results, y'know, as, why is that happening, they say, y'know? 


Meanwhile they can spend billions to find all about coronaviruses and things like that. Even though they can't tell you much about them, really.  But you think it would certainly, and they know plenty about anatomy and physiology and biology and biochemistry. But yeah, it's a big puzzle as to why your sperm count is dropping.


What's changed in the last, oh, 100 years?  Well, has your food changed? Well, to an extent it has.  But what else has changed? Has anything been introduced into your body in your lifetime?  Well, I could mention what it is, but I'd get black marks for saying it.  That's basic, you know, Occam's razor, you know, it's Sherlock Holmes isn't it, what's changed?  And believe you me, if you hit on a certain topic, alarm bells go off [Alan laughing.] and you’ll find out very quickly.  [Alan laughing.]   


Again, I've mentioned before that Bertrand Russell said that, by means of diet, injections and injunctions they could reduce the population, make them placid as well and obedient. 


Drops in IQ. The same IQ levels that the United Nations has been publishing for years, every few years they publish the same test results in different countries across the world. They said it's a big puzzle why the same tests are showing there's a drop in the intelligence of people across the board. It's just, it's one of them things, y'know, it's a puzzle.  There ya go.  And I guess most folk if they bothered to even read them at all, accept them as just some mystical thing perhaps.  Mystical.


But there's nothing about us that's not known by the huge, HUGE layers upon layer upon layer of a system of observation and investigation and analysis, and the collecting of all kinds of data on humans. There's nothing they don't know. Nothing. They actually say that. Especially in their psychological warfare operations.  And when they bring in anthropologists, it's astonishing, I've got so many articles on it over the years. I know they sent anthropologists into the Middle East along with the military. They had it in the newspapers at the time. To train the soldiers on the culture, you see, and how the culture developed. But also, to train them on what terrifies each culture.


So, the anthropologists would work with those eventually that did the torturing, you know, the ones who did the extraordinary rendition.  They like to call it that, rather than just kidnapping they say extraordinary rendition.  They even made a movie about it, I remember, with the woman in charge of the CIA in the movie. Actually, basically based on the reality, where they would have people tied up and covered in blood and all kinds of things and stuff and tortured.  That's why you also saw certain things happening at Abu Ghraib, which they knew Muslim countries, they had an abhorrence of. That's why they used what you saw there.  Thanks to your anthropologists and psychologists and behaviorists, that you pay for, that are now working on all of you at home.


But we HAVE gone into science fiction. Things which were absurd years ago are, have been pushed to the top to become the norm. At least try to persuade you that it's normal. All kinds of absurd things.  Just, I even hate to even mention it, but I'll put up one article for anybody who cares to look at it. It's been all over the media naturally. Because they tell you what to think about and what to argue about and so on. It's about, I think LifeSite had one, another newspaper put out, this woman who was a professor at University who is into the occult and she dresses in the Gothic type thing, y’know, the purple lipstick and the black this and the black that around the eyes.  And who is a professor as I say and supposedly practices spells and things, y’know.


But you look at the character, just the character.  That all came out of TV series years ago as they were promoting all this stuff. The look, the language, the doctrine that they like to espouse, was actually given to them through fiction. Primarily through fiction. Entertaining fiction. That's what it is, it must be entertaining to get them to get hooked on it.  And back through the 90s and you're seeing...


At one time they would put these in science fiction, say, the 1970s of a future society. And isn't it amazing, they look just like the characters in a science fiction, with the hair that looks really, really, really weird, almost like a Medusa thing, like snakes coming out of it and stuff.  This is what you're seeing today in people who are promoted into having powers of indoctrination of young school children and teenagers and so on.


It's fascinating just to look at that and study it all.  Many, many other things like that too are pushed to the front. It truly is astonishing.  And now there are people getting covered in tattoos. Covered in tattoos. All again from TV series and so on.  And again, monkey see, monkey do. That's what people do.


It's one thing about wearing bell bottom trousers to drainpipe trousers, and then from winkle picker shoes as they used to call them, from the Beatles era all the way up to what you've got today, it's all rather vastly different.  That's one thing. But when you're getting covered in tattoos, then the symbology of the tattoos was always to do with the primitive.  You see, that's how it was always portrayed before, before tattoos were made to be popular and I mean MADE to be popular.  They were always portrayed in movies as the primitive, the pirate types, you know, the bad guys.  And of course, gangs, hm, big gangs, you know, in Japan and China, the Triads in China. And certain other gangs even in Russia, there were even within Russia, or subcultures as well of different groups.  With the occult symbology plastered on them.  Which again is a good study in behavior of different ethnic type games. It's quite fascinating. And the occult symbology is then used according to their own backgrounds. Even religious backgrounds.


But there's always again basically associated with, but now you're seeing cops wearing them.  So, the cops that are supposed to be the good guys are covered in tattoos like the bad guys. To look more ferocious, you see. Would you want to go to someone who is wearing on his skin the symbols that used to be associated with murderous gangs?  Do you feel better now?  y'know, with the cops? 


Who's designed that?  Well, it didn't happen by itself.  It really didn't.  Nothing happens by itself in culture.  Plato said it, everything that happens in culture is authorized by those at the top.  Because anything that happens in culture has to be analyzed to see where it would lead, what changes it would cause within society. Therefore, it's vetted.  And if it happens at all it's generally pushed from the top and promoted. But from the grassroots, it's generally nipped in the bud.  So, whatever happens is always pushed from the top, as I've said before.


Again, there's nothing about humans that they don't know. And today with daily [Alan chuckles.]  accumulation of all kinds of data, it's just astonishing the analysis that goes on.  Again, specific universities are given the right to tap into the net.  They can actually get the higher data from Silicon Valley of everybody's emails and chitchat and electronic chat and so on.  It's been happening since they gave you the cell phone and the computer. There's nothing you've done that they don't know or looked at they don't know, it was from the very beginning, it was intended to be that way. 


The folk, again, I guess it's too late now for folk to think because whatever they're doing now is normal to them, and they've succumbed to it. There are certain things, it's almost like going into areas of the occult.  Which are warned about in ALL religions, ancient up to modern.  Where you can go a certain way, in a certain direction and then you have different paths. Then you have little marks across a road where you can't, either you cross them, or you don't cross them. And each thing that you cross you're given a warning about, it's hard to go back. 


And a lot of folk end up that way, it's the same thing in all areas of culture, the behaviorists count on that. They count on you becoming familiar with, by habit, in all the things which really are detrimental to you. All the things that Aldous Huxley warned you about. And he was almost a Mister... a Mister Mills character.  For those who don't know that, Mister Mills is an occult figure, a term they use in occultism.  That appears in every generation.  And he's a neutral character, who gives warnings, very plain warnings about, do this and this happens, do that and that will happen and so on.


You'll find that kind of character came into the modernized version of Titus Andronicus that Anthony Hopkins was in. They have a kind of Mr. Mills character that appears every so often in that one too. But it's a common thing in occultism, where certain people come out every so often and give you the warnings.  And blatant warnings.  Accurate warnings.  And they are either obeyed, people… not obey because he doesn't tell them what to do, but people will listen and make decisions, you see either for or against and that's the way it really is.


We have that. We have these characters that come out every so often down through time and do this for us, you see. But they also know at the top, again getting back to behavior and habits, habit is, everyone's prone to habit.  If they get up in the morning, it used to be on radio, before Internet folk would turn on the radio, a lot of folk, and they'd listen to that.  Sort of opening their eyes and getting ready with their coffee to go to work and so on.  Then listen to the radio on the way to work.


They'll all have their favorite DJs, y'know, the mouthpieces of Babel, y'know.  Because we live in babble, constant babble.  Our whole lives now, electronic babble.  Most folk now are afraid, and they've done so many studies on it, afraid now of silence. It's a terrifying thing to a lot of people, the silence.


Special forces by the way, they've done tests with modern special forces now, and they sent them off into the wilderness somewhere. They'll take away any communication occasionally, and some of them crackup because of the silence.  And the fact that they can't communicate with anybody if they feel that they might have an emergency, or might have this... All the might’s, all the maybes works on their minds and they become fearful.  Even the sounds in nature can get to them because they don't have that internal confidence that people used to have.  They'll crackup and ask to be let out.  It's just astonishing.


A lot of folks can't handle, because once it's silent, you see, you've been trained your whole life to listen to other folks voices [Alan chuckles.], all day long, either through music or news or whatever it happens to be but it's babble, babble, babble.  It's completely unnatural, but to you it is natural because your habituated to it, you see. 


But what you miss is that quiet time where that little inner voice of your own should take over as you think things over and come to your OWN conclusions. You see, the whole technique today is to overwhelm you with data, and I've given these talks over the years, from the sources themselves in government, at least the agencies that work for them where they talk about overloading people with data.


Data can be just nonsense, you see, it doesn't mean it's factual or even handy to have it. It's just overwhelming data and the more you take in, the less room there is for you to make up your own conclusions of your own data on anything. It's a technique which is well, it's actually taught in the psyops groups and the teams and agencies.


You see, the biggest problem that they have at the top is that folk will think for themselves. That's why they spend so much of your tax money making sure that you don't get time to do that, or you don't have the peace and quiet to do it. They certainly will not give you all the factual information you need to come to independent conclusions for yourself. On any major topic. And I mean, ANY major topic. 


You have no idea of how much mind control most folk are already in and under. I'm not exaggerating that there either. This is where it really is today. 


Years ago, I used to have lots of information from MIT, because they love to publish.  They are given new divisions to study this or that on the Internet, and even cell phone chat in real-time.  They were getting to get into calls and so on, of course they were using all that information.  They pretend it was private for you, oh yeah, you can put private stuff on the net and all that and private… No, no.  You've never had that. They have recorded everything from the beginning, folks!


Well, they didn't have the laws then to stop them. Or they did have laws.  No, they didn't, or they did. They didn't CARE.  That's all for you to believe in, y'know.


Getting back to the culture revolutions that the Communists used, the same kind of thing, communism is a religion that people HAD to believe in. You see, you could understand the science, they called it a science of Marxism. Only special folk could understand it, like Stalin, y'know.  So, they'd all have to praise Stalin for the little things he came out with. Even if you didn't understand what he was talking about, he was such a genius, you see, and so advanced, or steeped in ADVANCED Marxism that you wouldn't understand it at your lowly level. The actually had churned out books like this.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Well, that's what you're in today, you see, most of what you really thought about was given to you.  Most of it is trivia. But the stuff that's not trivia, again, is all given to you by the experts.  You know, we'll bring in an expert to tell you what to think. Bertrand Russell said this in the 40s and 50s, we'll train the public that they can't have a thought of their own or do anything themselves without the advice of an expert on anything.  From having children, to how children are born, to how you change the diaper, they called it a nappy back then in Britain.  One would have to be taught by experts every step of the way, and the guys too, on what to expect. And that has happened in my lifetime.


At one time everybody just KNEW from folk having children in families, you grew up with them, you knew what was going on, you knew what was expected and you knew how to do things. You didn't need experts for anything. 


It's astonishing to realize that the modern medicine isn't very old at all, y'know.  And it's astonishing to even look into allopathic medicine. They had a series I think years ago, someone sent me a disk on them, and it was to do with the medicines and pharmacology that were sold right through the 1700s and 1800s into the early 20th century, and a good part of the 20th century, that was all bogus.  All the medications, most of the medications were completely bogus, y’know.  Even made out of earthworms and things. It's a good series, and this is factual, this is what they had until they really got into the more advanced chemicalized biology, biochemistry.


So, it's a pretty new field, really. But like any new field when big, big money is backing it, and the incredible amount of money that pharmacology makes today is.... astonishing.  Wherever you have such money at stake and profits, and very important people... Because ordinary folk are not important in this system, you see.  Just very, very, very wealthy folk who are born in the system.  That's why they make you worship them, the wealthy folk, y'know. And folk do.  Then you can never have honesty, you can't have honesty of any possible kind at all.


Even if you had some decent people, in a miracle situation, where you had one or two decent folk at the very top of pharmacology, which it wouldn't happen in this cutthroat system, the competitors would bypass and do their own thing anyway and do whatever they thought was unethical to get more profit. They'd do it. Absolutely.  Yep.  That's why they lobbied government. That's what they put politicians into power, financially.


That's also why they combine with elitists and eugenicists that want to change society by using, again, diet, injections and injunctions.  Pharmacology.  And Aldous Huxley warned us all in a certain sense. Again, he was a Mr. Mills type character - just to finish that part of the talk - where he said it not just at the talk at Berkeley University but also in his books. He had some nonfiction books as well where he talked about the follow-up to his book Brave New World and how all these things in it could be and probably would be implemented eventually by those who had the power in society to implement them upon the public. And that's all happened.


So, he is a Mr. Mills character that he did warn, again, at least on public television on the Mike Wallace interview where he said, well, with the techniques we have now and where it can go, because they knew the rate of change in society with these behavioral sciences and so on, he said, that the techniques of persuasion, they could get people to do things eventually that perhaps wasn't in their best interest. He knew how advanced it was then in the 1960s and where it would end up going. And it's all happened.


He was careful not to say so much in the talk that he was all for it. But you've got to remember too that Aldous Huxley belonged to the Huxley family.  The scientific elite, that's what his brother called it, a scientific elite, his branch of the family.  Amongst many other parts of the scientific elite, the dominant science group that ran the world on behalf of the dominant minority, the ones who ran all the finances above them. So, the scientific elite below them, including all kinds of behaviorists and scientists, and social scientists and so on, they worked for those who ruled, y'know, and they use their sciences like spells over the public, you see.


So, he was careful to mention the other part that they believe in of course, and always did believe in, in that talk with Wallace.  He did start off his talk, well, y'know, the population of the world, and he mentioned what they claimed it might've been then, and how it would double or whatever by the year whatever, about 2000, whatever it happened to be at that time. Because they're always fudging figures, so it doesn't matter. So, he let you know right off the bat there's too many people.


He doesn't go into his deeper beliefs that there's too many useless eaters. Because he was an elitist himself, Aldous Huxley. As his brother was.  His brother really became one of the head members of socialism, because they'd guide society into family planning, depopulation and all the rest of it under the guise of helping the working class. So, you've got to understand, there was nothing that he, in eugenics and elitism, that he didn't know about. He belonged.  That's why he could write Brave New World years before, about 1932, 1933. Because he mixed with those world groups at the time. They had world meetings, those groups, y'know.  And they've always had world meetings.


Huxley also talked about, well y'know, if you let it go this way, we'll have all kinds of physical problems with people who have hereditary ailments. He was also talking about IQ levels and so on, 'eh.  He said, some people for instance, if you wear glasses, he said, then your eyes aren't perfect and so you'll pass that on to someone else and they'll have bad eyes. He is talking about supremacy of eugenics and how the eugenics of supreme classes should go on.  That's what he's talking about.


It's amazing how folk can like what they're hearing.  And they are NOT hearing what they're hearing [Alan chuckles.], but they like what they're hearing.  Y'know?  Well, it's coming from a guy who's so well educated, and from an elite point of view, he has such a great command of the vocabulary.  And it's true enough, the vocabulary of these guys was almost, almost 17th-century vocabulary. Because they were taught that way, to talk that way, care-ful-ly, a-bout ev-er-y sin-gle vo-wel and syll-able.  And that's how they pronounce them, y'know.  Very impressive at the time.


But folk often don't really hear what's being said. Because the guy wasn't wearing a uniform, like some supreme nasty commander, y'know, of history. They always give you uniformed guys. I've mentioned it so often, where the greatest thing you worry about today is either a white coat or suit.  These are your terrorists of today on the general public. 


Why do you think even a lot of these doctors, they're using, for Covid, might be giving a talk from their own home, and they got a white coat on?  Do they walk about their homes with white coats on? No.  No.  This is to impress YOU.  Y'know.  Because you're trained to see that white coat and believe it more appropriately, you see. Oh yeah, they've got that white coat on.  That's the priest's coat, this is the new priesthood, the white coats, you see. That's what they are, a priest class, with their belief systems.


I preferred the other religions, you see, because they give you commandments and things and this and that. But the priestly class of white coats, especially medicine, and even the vaccine, you know, studies that they've done, all kinds of vaccines, well it MAY do this, and it MAY do that, and it might.  Lots of maybes and mights. Very scientific.  So, it's better to have white coats on because then you don't question it.  Oh, well, look at that, y'know, they've got their


And it's almost like the stole that the priest would have around their neck, y'know, as well. They'd have their habit on, you know, the outer garments for ceremonial reasons. Then they'd have that, it was a purple one around their neck. But the doctors, some of them just keep their stethoscopes around there, you see. So, they've got the white coat on and the stethoscope. It's… These are religious uniforms you're looking at, folks.  You're trained that, you know, as soon as you see them your mind alters.  Irrespective of what they're actually saying, your mind alters until you listen to them and obey them.


It's quite a simple trick but it works wonders.


Getting back to what I'm saying, you're trained from birth in all of these things.  And you're persuaded to go along with the system where nothing that you hear on television pretty well, pretty well nothing actually isn't rehearsed and scripted and produced and put across as spontaneous to you.  It's been that way for most of your life.  That's how it really is.


I can remember reading about Kissinger...  I love that, who would kiss a singer?  [Alan laughing.]  …used to have the joke, who would kiss a singer, y'know. And Kissinger was presented as the high priest of the Nixon era and other eras as well. Whenever they, they would never talk about the president, they would always have the guy who spoke on behalf of the president. Because he was making all the decisions it seemed. He was a dark character. I, a DARK, he has something around him, children could see it, y'know, the darkness around the character that...  [Alan chuckles.]  It's almost a negative spirituality or something like that.


But he has a darkness and that presence of the character, someone who could plan wars, and very dispassionately, and talk about starving people, using the food, or lack of food or withholding food to starve people in different countries.  Like Bangladesh.  And he did.  You're talking about people in charge of the military-industrial complex, at least working for them at a very high level and got all these different seats on different boards within US government policy for the military.


At that time too, yeah, they had communism on the go. The communism though, it was never really about outside America. That was to, again, change society within America. But inside America, the Communists were already working inside America and in government too. Just like they were in Canada.  Just like Carroll Quigley talked about them. 


Carroll Quigley said the organization that he belonged to, that had been running the US and the West for about 60 to 80 years already, this club...  And I really mean this, this is not conspiracy theory unless he was making a conspiracy. But he was talking about himself in his own book and in his own talks, that this group, this organization he said had picked presidents and prime ministers in the West for the last 60 to 80 years. Now, he was giving the talk when the book came out in the 1960s, so you're definitely into the 1880s, 1890s at least.  He said they don't have to have everybody in government as a member of the circle, this group, he said, but the ones in all parties, at the top of all parties are selected and put in there. 


Astonishing, really, y'know, that folk don't even know that.  That's why the US basically grafted into itself the British system, the same club that ran Britain for a long time, that ran, it WAS the British Empire, not the people, the people that owned it all.  Lord Earl Grey and other ones were the go-betweens to the members in the States.  So, this club definitely exists. It definitely is there; they gave you the Rockefellers and everybody else that's a well-known name today.


The same group I'm sure that you have Zuckerberg and all the other characters, even Bill Gates fronting, they're fronting, they're just put there, y'know, to fulfill agendas for their lifetime.  Like you're born into a very high cult in a sense. And they'll make a, just like any rock star or actor or actress as they're making a star, they can put the star machinery in and give them a fake background or tell you they're a genius, and you'll believe it.


They give incredible funding behind them.  And they must make a certain amount of money, but they put so much out in so-called philanthropy. Which is just basically pushing this planned agenda. They all work together, folks.  And they could be defamed just by their own, if they ever broke the rules, absolutely, and left paupers if need be. 


Most of them you see were made stars by the star making machinery.  Bill Gates is a businessman. Like his daddy before him. A monopolist too. That's another sign and symptom of them, like a disease, the monopolists.  Rockefeller was the same monopolist, you see, eliminate competition, as I've said earlier.



So, you're living through incredible times, witnessing it all. Most folk are unaware of what they're witnessing because they're, they've been stampeded through terror, a war of terror upon them by the authorities. Because it's the best way to get rapid change and compliance is when you're terrified of dying.  That's why Klaus Schwab said it too, this is a war, we're using a war.


You could never do it in a peaceful way, we'd just ignore them, you see.  [Alan chuckles.]   


The climate change scenario wasn't working out, and now they're talking about global cooling again.  So, this is the, this is better, you see, they can really rush it through under the war. And no one, no one's going to come out of this without being nonessential, except the very big boys, y'know, and gals. You'll all be nonessential, and you will accept that you're useless eaters.


D'you understand what's happening here?  [Alan chuckles.] 


Do you really understand what's happening?


Never in history have nations been shut down entirely by an order from their own governments businesswise, into complete bankruptcy scenarios.  Never happened.


Never in history have the healthy been quarantined. This is the first.


This is a war scenario.


This is the best thing they could think of to shut the whole planet down. And to destroy all the systems that were, and nations, by the way, that were.  And what emerges out of it is a new planned society.  Oh, they'll give you the appearance of nations to an extent, but you're already international anyway, you see. 


And all the world organizations that are, even the extra ones they've pushed through under Covid, to make sure we are all coordinated, and for our greater good, you understand, on finances and so on and so on. Well, these global societies, well technically, you see, when they all merge together, you've got a global order, you know.  Simple. There you are. They're calling it a new world order. There's that term again.  Because they're always giving us new world orders, you see. Always.


The Soviet system was to be a new world order, you know. Utopia for workers.  And they called it New World order.  Hitler's was going to be the same. They're both socialist societies, communism and Nazism.  And the elite LOVE socialism. Whether you want to call it communism... Remember Stalin said that communism is socialism in a hurry.  We all get hung up on terms. It's what you SEE, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck, y'know.


Don't get hung up on words because they can change words, and that confuses folk until it throws them right off.  [Alan chuckles.]  You're looking at the same thing, but you'll never really apply it to what it was applied to before...  Oh, yeah, I recognize that. 


It reminds me too of Theo Adorno. Theo Adorno was amazing.  He worked with Horkheimer and a whole bunch of other people at the Frankfurt school.  But he talked about eradicating completely Western values and culture, how it would have to be done for a healthy world. Completely. How would you destroy healthy values?  What do you introduce to replace those values? Well, unhealthy ones.  And you watch society getting wrecked. 


What makes a society complete? It's not a matter of do you like it or not. What makes it function? And strong? They had the family unit where families had to take care of their own. You do away with that by encouraging promiscuity, and non-marriage, so the state ends up taxing more people to pay for the unwanted. Then you bring in abortion clinics and you pay for that too.  Then you have, you don't have folk getting married at all and reproducing. Then you introduce new kinds of families and so on.


This is war scenarios, you see. That's what you use for war. But you must get the folk to like what you're doing. And it's quite easy to get youngsters to like whatever they're, especially when it's the candy at the checkout counter.  Y'know?  I used to give the talks on all of that, how the psychology was used.  It's admitted, and you could probably come to the conclusion without maybe being told. But why are all the candies that you see in a store, even general stores and grocery stores, all the candies at the checkout counter? And all generally from about shoulder level downwards?  Y'know, from different levels there, as soon as the children can grab them, without restriction, there's nothing separating the child from the candy, and their arms just go out, boom, and oh I want that. Mum or Dad says, well you can't have that right now. Then the child puts on a screaming match. And no one...


It's all psychology, y'know, if you've ever studied the people who do marketing, the Bernays techniques, hm.  That's where a lot of behaviorism came from, was all these techniques that had been practiced before even Bernays came along.  He inherited a lot of the knowledge. But how do you make people buy? Well, people, psychology, if you're in a lineup, checkout counter, you feel embarrassed if there's a few behind you and you're holding it up, you feel guilty.


Guilt is an incredible persuader. That's why they use it now against Covid, you see. GUILT.  They actually have it in their manuals in the psyop operations right now, and I really mean that, I've got them here.  Use guilt as a weapon to make folk comply, you see. Well, they got it from that, the candy at the checkout counter idea where mom or dad feels embarrassed, and she's got her groceries all sitting there, and here's the people behind them going he's a screaming child and.........  And she'll pay it, you see, and okay. So naturally the child is going to do it every time it's there.  [Alan chuckles.]   It worked, right. That's why it's there.


Well, if you want to destroy society and culture, and like they said in the Communist Manifesto, the end of the family unit, it said the same thing too by Albert Pike at one point, he was talking about, because he belonged to the world revolutionary party and he talked about ending not just the family unit but private property for most people.  I say most, it's very important that little word, most, 'eh? 


But then again and how do you destroy the family? Well, create promiscuity. How do you also do what Julian Huxley said, we have to knock humans off their pedestals being a superior creature on the planet and BRING HIM down to the level of animals. Well, you've got to take away the sacredness of human life. D'you understand that?  So, you start getting rid of your own human life before it's born.  Then folk accept that part of it.  Now then you end up with the elderly now with euthanasia for them, 'eh?  And what's next? Well, guess what? What's your credentials? Oh, I see you're nonessential here. How old are you?  It doesn't matter about your age anymore, you're just nonessential.  Back to Bertrand Russell, useless eater, 'eh?


So, the checkout counter for teenagers, quite easy to do, how do you create mass promiscuity? Knowing they'll never bond with that person for long, it's almost impossible, y'know, after a time. Then you promote it as normal culture. And it becomes normal and everybody's doing it. 


That's what they said they'd do.  HG Wells talked about it too, y'know, different techniques to get folks to practice promiscuity, to end marriage. He was all, he belonged, in the late 1800s, HG Wells, that's why they picked him up initially and used him as a front man, for free love, and he was writing about free love in the late 1800s. Well, there's a consequence to free love.  There was no welfare system there, folks.  And so on and so on. 


So again, you've got, you create promiscuity. You create, what is it that every youngster, every teenager has got their hormones jumping, nature wants to have its way, y'know.  So, like the child in the checkout counter, y’know, and here's all the candy. You tell them to go ahead and do it all.  Through media. Mainly through television at the time in the 1960s.  Leading up to it in the 1950s but the 1960s, phew, away you go. 


Give them the pop music, tell them it's their generation, and no one can hold them back. Give them the music. Give them the Bob Dylans, y'know, talkin'... and then you know, there's going to be a revolution and so on.  Tell the parents, don't stand in the doorway, don't stand in the hall, for the times they are changing. Mother and father's throughout the land, don't, y'know... telling them to stand out of the way of their children.  That all, that didn't come from little Bob Dylan.  [Alan laughing.]   


People are... The beauty of reality is most folk don't know that what they're living through isn't reality, it's a plan.  As I've said before from Plato's time on, anything to do with culture and music and plays and so on had to be vetted by the establishment and Plato talked about it. Plato wanted even musicians to be licensed as well as the actors, you see. I think they already did it with all of the acting troops and so on that did their rounds through all the Grecian islands and all that with the same authorized plays. They knew how you could upturn society, overthrow it through a revolution by using music for instance.  It works every time.  M-hm.


But the last folk who know it are the ones who are living through it, in every generation. 


 Quite something, 'eh? 


But yeah, you're the child in the candy store, out came the miniskirts, and even in winter for goodness’ sake, in cold countries these women stood shivering wearing plastic skirts and plastic jackets, and plastic boots.




HG Wells also said, you know, it'd be, for World War I, because he was promoting World War I as a propagandist for the British establishment.  He said the same thing about getting all the women into the munition factories and all the other factories as the men were off getting, y'know, fighting and getting killed and so on. He says, they're more prone then to have affairs with men at work, because they'll be in close proximity with them, and even if THEIR husband comes back from war they can stay in these factories.  This was the whole idea about getting women out to work, apart from doubling the tax base for the establishment, which of course it was too.  It was also he said that, they have eight hours of work with other men is more than they'll have at home with their own husband in the evening, at least awake.  He says, affairs will take place and that will also help to dissolve the family, the unit in marriage as well.


Nothing happens by itself. All authorized from the top. All. If nothing was authorized from the top you would've seen kings and queens and all the big figures at the top coming out speaking against it. None of them did.  That gives you another clue it was all authorized, you see.


So yeah, you're living through amazing agendas and most folk have no idea. They have NO idea at all. Under the guise of crisis war scenarios, they can ram through all the changes which they cannot do under peacetime situations. That's what Quigley also said. I've said so many times, it's by rote, but he basically said the same thing. He says, you can get more done in five years of war because the government takes over all resources, thoughts, propaganda, everything, and the people have to obey to survive, that's what they're taught, you have to obey us to survive.  So, you can ram through all kinds of social changes, and that's the whole idea, SOCIAL changes, you see, in five years of war where it would take you, it's hard to do it even in 50 years of peace and propaganda.


That's why they're using Covid right now to restructure the whole society. And the world. And you're all being trained at every possible step as to your own place in the society now. 


And you have yet to experience, by the way, because they're going to get worse before they get better you might say. And I mean by forcing things upon the public. They've already got the techniques for stigmatization of segments of society who won't go along with what's happening.


You demonize them.  And when you demonize people to the rest of society under this kind of, y'know, terror system, and folk are being terrorized by the incredible daily propaganda that's deliberately spouted out there and exaggerated by the way.  I'll touch on that tonight as well.  Then you'll see the weird things happening within society.


You also see the players in society that are put out by the authorities to give you halfway almost fictitious representations of people who are protesting something.  There's ones I saw, a small coincidence, but this week, yeah, this week past someone came out in Canada, coming into an airport. It was a staged thing because there was cameras already there to see the guy coming in, wouldn't wear a mask. He wouldn't take a swab test. And they say he couldn't be restrained and kept, or put off for quarantine, he said it's against the charter of rights.


I think you can actually look it up on Rebel Media, or one of these organizations, where the guy who has had publicity before, said that the police, even after the cameras were off, he shook hands with them and the whole thing, they were kind of all for him and all that.  And I've still got my mind, trying to wrap my mind around it, y'know.  Okay, we know it was staged, the cameras are waiting for him, the whole thing, it was for publicity.  Because everything now is a reality show, you've got to remember that too so...   I'm not saying it was fake or anything like that. I'm just saying everything is kind of staged in this day and age.


Kerry Kinsey - Maskless Man can't breath-Excessive Innapropriate Force? - bitchute.com / 26 Feb 2021


Then you saw in the same week, and I’ll put that clip up too, the reactions of security personnel in a Canadian Tire, a big store in Canada in Burnaby, BC, I think it was.  The man, I don't know if he was known before, it makes no difference if he was known before for being an anti-vaxxer or anti-masker at least, y'know. I hate using these terms because these are meant to stigmatize people. That's what you use in war, is you demonized an enemy before you annihilate them. 


Man Assaulted And “Arrested” By Canadian Tire Employees For Exercising Mask Exemption!!! - truth11.com / 25 Feb 2021


But they've so demonized people before, already, right, with the incessant propaganda. You'll see these security guards going up to the guy who wasn't wearing a mask, you actually see them, at least in the, you don't know if that's all of the footage or whatever. But you do see one of them striking out towards this fella. They're trying to say the guy punched him first, but you see them striking out at the fella.  And the guy putting his hands up, and you know like you would make to defend yourself.  So, you don't you know that part of it.


But the fact is, one of them jumped behind him and got him down almost on his knees.  He was using a judo hold. Which is a true, true stranglehold. The word is a stranglehold, y'know. It's not just a chokehold, it strangles you.  And in Judo you would know what to do because you can get out.  If you can't get out of it, y'know, then you've gotta tap the mat or tap, y'know, a person or whatever, just tap something that's...  because it's actually a contest. 


In real life you use it to kill somebody. 


You’ll see this guy's face turning dark red, almost purple.  And to see that happening in Canada because the guy didn't have a mask on. I don't care what else you think of the fella, or what he's done or hasn't done, I don't know anything about him. But the fact is, even the cops would be tried for that.


But they've got security guards now doing it. And doing it, and you’ll see them slacking off a bit when they realize someone’s actually filming them [Alan chuckles.] with their camera.  They're doing something to a man that you saw Mr. Floyd in the States getting it, y'know, when he was getting, he died, y'know, he says I can't breathe. This guy shouts I can't breathe too.  Well, where's the riots for this guy's rights?


But this is what the government has done to demonize one man who is not wearing a mask, right.  D'you realize what's happened? Do you realize, folks, what's happening here? 


I don't care what, you always pick sides, you don't see what's really going on here.


Forget the sides! 


You are seeing the effects of psychological warfare on people who will not comply. Where other folks see them as a threat to the rest, and they're willing to use LETHAL force against them. That hold they used there by the way, you... most folk can't get out of it. And once you're down, and the person's partly above you as well, you try to stand up, it chokes even further.  But it also can damage, and you can actually from that chokehold if you've ever studied Judo so on, you can break that neck, you can snap that neck like a twig. You can get permanent damage from it. 


I couldn't believe they're actually doing this now... because they think they've got a right to do it against someone not wearing a mask.  All from the media campaigns, to turn society against people who won't comply.


Now, we already saw the same thing happening, I've said before, out in New Brunswick I think it was. The couple went to the pharmacy and they didn't get a stranglehold I don't think, but the manager called the police in because they weren't wearing a mask. But they couldn't wear a mask because of medical conditions. No one cares about medical conditions, because you are old now, you see, the old folk are supposed to die now.  That's Canada, y'know, this is a country where we euthanize folk now. They give you the option.


So, all the techniques are being used that you would use in a war scenario. The same techniques that they were putting out against people who would not go into more wars like World War I. Make them appear like they're cowards and get everyone to turn their backs on them and put a white feather in your cap if you knew them, y'know.  Same techniques. It's quite easy to get the people to turn into a mob against whoever the government wants them to turn against.  Quite simple, isn’t it?


In this case your governments are becoming the biggest terrorists on the planet, at least in your own country. When they're promoting this and using techniques to terrorize the public. Getting the public to turn against other members of the public.


And you, as I say, you'll vote for them again, won't you?  Argh.


But at least if nothing, yeah, that one in Burnaby BC, I think that the RCMP are supposed to at least, they've got all the footage, or some footage anyway, from cameras, and including, luckily the person who took the film of it in their camera, and I guess posted it up on I don't know if it was YouTube, but Bitchute has got it too.  At least they can't completely squash it.  Because if those guys get off doing what they did there, and the store by the way, this guy has got a fantastic lawsuit waiting, I'm sure of it, if he just goes ahead and does it, y'know.  If he can keep his cool. Absolutely.  M-hm.


When you can get lawfully strangled almost to death because you don't have a mask on your face... 


Is that the highest crime there is now? that warrants a death penalty by the person doing the strangulation?  Something's wrong here.  And it's going to get worse.


It's going to get worse, folks.


You're seeing terrible things happening. But these are the techniques, as I say, that they've used against dissenters and conscientious objectors against their previous world wars.  When you go off to fight for your country, and Winston Churchill said, for your culture and your way of life and defend your freedoms. Only once you supposedly win the war you end up bankrupt, paying for generations, paying off the debt forever, and you open the floodgates to people who have nothing to do with your culture.  Deliberately did they do that.  Yeah.


You're lied to at every step of the way with the characters who run the world. And again, this is the same club that created the British Empire.  And created, took over the US as well, passed on the baton, as they said at the time.  Like the CIA, I mean, the CIA is part of the real deep state that runs the world. Part of it. There's no agency that can NOT be part of it. The very fact they're not against each other tells you they're all one, you see.


And the true money wizards, the wizards of money, the ones who REALLY control it at the top, are the ones who put forth the Bill Gates and Zuckerbergs and the rest of them. You thought, well he's just giving you a platform to chat. No. Now you have a platform to censor and to retrain you in what you can and can't say. That's what it was meant to be from the beginning before you even got it unrolled for you to use.


Years ago, the United Nations said we shall train the public to self-police their speech, their thoughts, everything. I'm talking like 30, 40 years ago. How do you think they were going to do that?


Remember folks, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Send a few bucks my way, you'll find out how to do it. PayPal is fine. E-Cash is fine. Personal checks as well, as we can get out of lockdowns once in a while, I can get even Money Gram I think. Yeah, you'll find ways to do it if you want to and to help me tick along.  Because nothing is backing me, believe you me, except the people. Nothing at all.  I don't belong to any organizations. And I'm not a front.


And they do give your mouthpieces.  They've always given your main mouthpieces and your leaders. The techniques I talked about for psychological warfare operations across the world sometimes take 20 years, sometimes 25 to 30 years of putting in their own front people as newspaper people, and then putting bloggers out in this day and age, in other countries before they overthrow the nations involved and so on.  This is from their own writings at the military level. Now they are using them all on you.


You've got a plethora of all kinds of bloggers suddenly coming out there. All getting supposedly top ratings.  You can't really believe that.  The rating system is all nonsense anyway.  It's a joke. They create ratings. It's all fictitious. And it has been for years.


Because just like polls, folk go along with the bigger numbers. Well, if 90% are going to vote for so-and-so I think I'll vote for them too. It's the same thing with the rating game.  Same characters behind it.  Yeah, the bigger number... Oh they must be really good if they get that sort of… Who's kidding who? 


Think for yourselves. It's a hard thing, y'know, thinking for yourself.  When you're overloaded with data, again, cut a lot of the data out and start thinking. 


So, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And by the way, I've got some books and so on posted off there because we're out of temporary lockdown, [Alan chuckles.]  but semi-perm...  What can you say, it's not… It's a permanent lockdown with little interludes in between. It's to go on for at least seven more years. At least. And they'll play that out too but depending if they have achieved most of their change of society objectives, you see. 


Because what has to come out at the end of it is nothing like you ever had before. Fauci said this last year in the spring. Everything that was to happen he said it, oh it's never going to go back to normal he said. What part of that didn't you believe?  [Alan chuckles.]


It wasn't because of anything to do with medicine. It's because he’s in on the script. He's got CIA clearance. He's got, you can't work with the biowarfare labs in the States including the military ones, and don't forget he was an overseer on the board one of the military ones, without being in the CIA, the real deep state that runs America, the organization with all of its, a parallel government that's bigger than the government, because it's also a parallel government over parts of the world. 


Totally merged with MI6.  The British folk used to scratch their heads and say what on earth is MI6 up to. Because they couldn't fathom, when things are leaked into the papers about overthrowing nations, they could say, okay it's just because of some bigwig in Britain wants to take over the uranium business in the Congo or something, they would do all these kind of dirty deals.  But it's much, much bigger than that. 


The same with the CIA.  Americans can never… Yeah, they'll always overthrow countries to take over their minerals and so on, so the American companies can get it. But these American companies are all part of a separate, they’re separate entities from the country. They’re international corporations. Big, big, big corporations. 


It's just astonishing to… And folk don't even know, I mean, the CIA I think were first uncovered overthrowing one of their first, their early countries. I don't know if it was their first one, but it was one of them.  It was in Zaire I think it was, where they got a president of Zaire got elected, a Prime Minister.  He had a great idea of eventually having a United Nations building set up, he was all enthusiastic, for the African nations, you see, and he started giving rights to the people.  If you're going to tax a people you should get something back for the taxing, and of course they call that socialism. 


And they weren't happy in the West.  I think Zaire at that time, I'm sure it was Zaire, had large bauxite reserves, y'know, that’s the raw material that they make aluminum from.  (Alu-minum they say in Britain but aluminum in America.)  So, they got the companies, one of the companies of this in the US that made the finished products of aluminum and actually had businesses in Zaire, were afraid that they might nationalize the business over in Zaire. So, they got the US to instigate and overthrow of this leader, which they did.  Then they boast about it years later. They do love to boast about it.


But it's the same organization that ensures that if any, if their top members, their international corporate members, thinks it might lose money across the world, they will make sure they overthrow whatever country it happens to be. They have no qualms about it.  Well I’ll actually say, whatever the certain ones that are part of them. Because they're an international body now, really.  Again, that's a different story and another story, but you get the drift of it all.


You can't have a system that openly declared itself, and it was declared within the US Congress at one point, a parallel government that's not answerable to ANY politician. To even find out what they are up to. How can you possibly have that and claim that you've got a free nation of we the people, for the people?  ...when you've got this other gang that's a completely different agenda, and drags you off and creates wars, international wars, gets you into them, which further weaken you at home because you're paying for it all. And like all wars, you get changed within society within the cultural time of the war too.  The cultural changes, I should say, happen within the length of the war, until you're a different country when you emerge from it.


Look at Vietnam.  I mean, Vietnam was pretty well a staged thing.  It didn't, it wasn’t over there, really, I don't think, to achieve any lasting victory.  It certainly created a massive hole in the budget, and it added to the massive debt that already existed from World War II and the Korean War.  But it was a huge test as well to change society back home. Because at least society back home was saying, what on earth are we fighting over there for, what's that got to do with us?


More so, and they'll say, well you know, here's the people who really fall for it all and say, well it's because they're fighting communism.  The Communists were all through your government AT HOME.  You'll find to it came out, again, from Carroll Quigley, who, he was talking about the different anti-American purges they were having back in the States.  They were having the different hearings on, into the State Department, you see, that appeared to be so communistic in some senses as well. 


Also, they had the Reese Commission, I've mentioned it before. Norman Dodds came out and he talked about visiting the heads of the philanthropic, talking about the Bill Gates type today, y'know, but back then it was Ford, Carnegie and different ones at the time, and why they were promoting what seemed to be Communists nongovernmental organizations across the world and at home.  That was an inquiry that the Congress had sent them out to do in the Senate, and actual inquiry.


Norman Dodd, you can actually see the video yet where he talks about it, said that what he talked to the head of the Ford Foundation at the time…  The philanthropic, philanthropic what a joke, foundation because they're tax-free foundations that have investments and they don't pay taxes on it, billions of dollars invested and so on. But they give it out, you see, to their armies of nongovernmental organizations, all kinds, across the whole world.  And the head of the Ford Foundation says to Norman Dodd, he said, our job is to eventually seamlessly blend and merge the two systems of the Russian with the American Western values and capitalism, merge the two together.


And of course, the concept just kind of blew of them away.  What... who authorized this?  These weren't, this wasn't the wee tin can collection agency with a tin can in the street. These were the top corporate leaders all working with these foundations and their corporations to make it happen. Well, were the American people asked about this? No. Have they ever been asked about all the changes that happen in societies? No.  But these foundations are part of the real deep state that runs the world. Of course, they are.


Carroll Quigley said, we are often confused, when they were talking about the un-American inquiries and so on to do with the State Department and so on that had been going on even in McCarthy's era.  He said, we are often mistaken as communist, for being Communists, he says, because our goals...  Now this is, he's talking about a world system that runs, that really run things. It doesn't want to run things, it DOES run things and HAS run things, you see. It's already there. He said, we're often mistaken for the communist because our goals and the techniques that we use are so similar they are almost the same.


They chose a long time ago that socialism, let's use this term socialism. It's far more effective.  The same as Trudeau in Canada admires Communists and he's up there, you can see it on YouTube and Bitchute when he says that to an audience, that he really admires the communist dictatorship because they don't have to bother about human rights and the rights of the people and so on, they just tell them what to do and it's done, very efficient and quick, you see. 


That's what they've chosen, they chose it a long time ago. Well, how do you train...  Think back to Fauci, what he said when he was on television, the clip is up there, again on Bitchute and YouTube.  He was on some TV program and he was asked about how he could push the agendas forward to make Americans comply with social distancing and not going to work and all that kind of thing. He says, well we did think, just like Ferguson in Britain, we did think it would be harder to do it with the West, push the same kind of techniques that they used in China on the American people with rights and so on.  But he says, sometimes you should just sit back, maybe Americans should just sit back and forget their rights, he said, and just do what they're told. That's what he said. This is Fauci. This is not American terminology. This is not even British terminology.


This is the new system, folks, of the deep state.  Post-human rights as such, post Charter of Rights, post Bill of Rights in America.  This is what they're telling you. The scientific dictatorship that Bertrand Russell was all for, that was always the goal.  We'll run it better without, these human rights are just too untidy.  They want uniformity in everything, from themselves, you see.


Now, the elite that sometimes destroy what they claim is socialism in countries where, again, the money that's taken from people in taxes and so on sometimes goes back to the different programs to help them out.  It's also used by those who own the deep state at times, they go back and forth, you see, this is how they run it. I gave these talks years ago, mind you. 


Because I noticed growing up in Britain that they'd privatize all the big infrastructure.  Once in a while they'd say, oh it's just inefficient, it's just too expensive, it would be far more efficient if it was privatized. So they had companies that ran the big gas units at the time in Britain that had coal gas at one point, it’s put in big tanks, every town had them, every city had them, before they got the natural gas, they call natural gas, or North Sea gas coming in.  So, they used coal gas and had since the 1800s.  So, they privatized them off, you see. When they were all working fine and well maintained and refurbished, etc. 


The same with the railroads. That was a very popular one. When they were run down, you see, after being privatized, they'd re-nationalize them again and then all the public money, all their tax money would go to refurbishing the tracks and the trains and all their equipment and so on. That would last a few years. They would say, oh that's socialism, it's socialism, you see. But then again, they'd say, that's inefficient, again, got to privatize.  So, they would privatize, and they would sell it off for a few bucks, y'know, a few pounds.  Then of course the private guys would run it into the ground again.


This went back and forth like tennis balls on a court. And that's how they did it. It's a con game, folks.  It is a true con game.  D'you really think you outsmart them, or you've won once in a while?  Oh, we got in some rights for the people here… Really? For how long?  [Alan laughing.]  I mean, it's just amazing to watch this your whole life long. And all the other countries did the same kind of thing, y’know.  You always, your taught that you're winning, and they'll give you front people for what you think are your sides, y'know.  I'm a politician and I'm going to make sure the people have the right to desserts and so on. And nothing happens as you well know. Money is squandered off into different areas in fact, that's never mentioned.  And that's how it works.


There's a deep state, no doubt about it, folks.  They have some of the best teams, massive teams, layers of them, of psychologists and behaviorists working for them who know exactly how to con you and manipulate you and lead you up the garden path.  It's the same with very good intelligence agencies. The person who knows nothing about intelligence agencies really thinks, they have a different idea of what they really are like and how they operate. They think of them as either there to really protect them and defend them... I don't know what gives them the idea unless it's just movies.


But intelligence agencies don't go after things.  They destroy things, generally inside their own country. They watch what's happening, like... It's like a spider standing outside a web watching what happens, what comes onto its web, what is trying to traverse along the strands of the web, or might get stuck, might free itself and start walking. It studies them.  That's what they do, they study the people. The first thing is not to eliminate them, they might want to do that in a different way, but how can we use them?  That's the easiest way to do it, how can we use this movement, or this group or this whatever. Or this emotion even, it could be a retaliatory emotion because of something, how can we use them?  You see?


In fact, they can be very encouraging if they realize it could be in their interests to use it and encourage whatever dissident type of emotion is rising up. They could even supply you with cash or the leaders, you see, and the techniques to implement it all. They might give you a whole network without you... and you'll think it's yours.  [Alan laughing.]  That's how they do things.  They've always done that.


You might think you're a smart ass even going into see them, and I know people who have.  And really, they're being they given the runaround without… They're quietly being studied and tested without knowing it generally. Because they don't just do a mad jump on you, in the intelligence agencies, you know.  As I say, they study you. You're categorized. You're important, not important.  Maybe a nuisance or maybe not even a nuisance.  Maybe even an asset down the road, you know.  That's how they study people. I know folks who had brushes with them in the past who've had to step away from them. And afterwards realize what it was about, you know, what was going on.


And their old tricks, they will play with you as well. They do play tricks with you. One of them that I know, he did go into MI5 at one point because of some little, I wouldn't call it trouble he was in, it was a bit of mischief, put it that way.  Eventually they asked him to come down to London and had the plane ready, you know, the ticket ready and the whole thing.  The whole idea is to study on the way down to see what you drink and so on. You're being studied the whole way, even in a regular aircraft. Then of course you end up in a pub, a person you have to meet has to meet you in the pub. Then they order what you had on the plane. Of course, you say, how did they know that? They sort of throw you off here and there to make them seem absolutely superhuman in a sense.


But most folk who work in these agencies are basically psychopathic personalities.  Years ago, they had a TV drama, someone sent it to me.  It was a simulation using real people going through techniques and how they recruit people for, say, MI5.  Of course, they put out their advertisements, probably on TV, I don't know how they did it. But they give them little tests, you see, and say to a group of them, your job is to get, you see that building up there? There's a woman who lives in that building, on whatever floor it was and apartment and so on. You have to get up there and find a way to get in her place and get through to back of the building, go through her apartment, go through the back room and into the veranda at the back side of the building.  We'll photograph you there, wave to us, and you've succeeded. You see?


They showed you the different techniques different people tried to get into her house saying that they were this or that to get permission to get in. Constantly being denied.  It was one guy who did the right approach. He came with a little briefcase or something and his technique was, you had won something, can you believe it, all I have to do is fill in a questionnaire.  He got invited in, he had things drafted up already and photocopied and of course she signed them.  Then he just went in the back and says, that's a nice view, waved a hand and he won.


But they are psychopathic, you see, they'll cheat and lie to do whatever it is with the general public.  And they were testing this out on real members of the general public. This is what they do.  Other things they'll do of course are attached little tracking devices to underside cars and things like that without being seen or caught. But yeah, they test these people out on the general public, that's how they're trained. Nothing like what you think about it.


I remember too years and years ago reading about the Blake case, I think it was Blake in Britain. It was a spy, one of the spies, the Cambridge Five that was, I think it was a five-member team.  But this guy came in late to the group.  Eventually he was caught, and they put him in the same prison that Julian Assange I think is in now, the same one.  It was being renovated at one point and they put him into that part that was being renovated, that had literally security problems at the time. And that's not by accident.  That's what I clued into years ago early on. It was one of the Redgrave family that ran the left-wing communist group in London at the time that arranged for his escape. They got ladders up there and got him out. Now, you can’t get these guys out without the complicity of the government. They were letting him go, you see. Obviously.


Because even what's the Cold War, was nothing like they told you it was, at one level. On one level a lot of folk really did die in the Cold War games that went on. But on another level, higher level, it was all planned with a higher level of organization. With both sides participating in it.  There's no doubt about it.


Most of your reality is fake. It takes a long time sometimes to realize that. But it's like when you look at Philby, Kim Philby, he had the same traits that they all had.  Like they mentioned too in Blade and the Feather the movie by Potter. Where at the end they said, do you know that all of the spies, all the ones who work for the Soviet Union, all of them that are double agents in Britain that work for the Soviets, he says, they all came from our class. He says, all of them without exception OUR class.  All from the upper class.


Philby, the same kind of thing, at one point he was working in Britain where they did send in operatives into the Soviet Union by different means and different techniques. He'd know who they were because he'd sit in the planning meetings. The joke was, he’d go out the back door and tell the agents waiting for him from Russia who they were, where they would be found and where they landed and all the rest of it. And they'd catch them. This happened over and over again. This really did happen.  And they got off with it, and let him go off there too, to Russia.  Same kind of thing.


This is an organization.  You've got to understand, there's a bigger game going on and it's not what you're told it is.


It's very much like Covid, they have to have some kind of real scenario, at least some credence to something on some level, right, to make you believe in it. But on a higher level it's a much bigger organization with a bigger agenda at work. Obviously.  Because they couldn't have, they could have picked another coronavirus, like the common cold, but we’d laugh at it.  It had to be something that was new to terrify us, you see. Ohhh, it's new, ohhh.  But a bigger agenda at work.  The same with the Cold War.  Different levels of realities for different people, you see. And for the bulk of the population, oh, they're saving us from complete annihilation. That's what you're told.


And the guys who were getting sent off into other countries, a lot of them lost their lives, were being turned in by the very agencies on a higher level, the same agency that was sending them out.  And I could go on and on, but I won't about that. But it's a huge, huge story involved, years of story involved in that, many, many years that went on.


Now, cracks are appearing in the big agenda on right now with Covid.  But they're not unexpected. Every stage has been planned, including kickback against different parts of the agenda. Again, even back in 2010 on exercises they did then about it, they expected it. We're following the script to the letter and the responses to different things.  So, they will not back off until it's a massive pushback. If it's a massive pushback they said in Lockstep that they would have to start backing off to an extent.


But in the meantime, what they'll do, again, I said this last year, last spring. I said, they'll lock you down, give you a little bit of a break here and there, and lock you down again, and back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth. And they'll spread it, it's like rotating lockdowns. Nothing to do with reality. We'll try it here, there.  It's all preplanned.  So, we'll do a spot lock down in this county or this area, and then let them free for a day or two and then le-de-de-de-de-det.  Back-and-forth, across the world even.  Nothing to do with reality at all.


Because most folk, remember, they've already told you at the beginning of it, had no symptoms of it.  And of course, if you kept testing them, they'd be over it because you got antibodies. You develop them yourselves. That's what your immune system does. It's an amazing thing.  [Alan chuckles.]   Without it, you see, we wouldn’t have got out of the caves.  In fact, we wouldn't even have gotten as far as the caves.


But you're supposed to think you never had any resistance to anything in your life before.


So, you know, they’ll lock you all down and stop your businesses. The very things, it’s the very techniques of war that they wished they could have done in previous wars, they've done with this one. They couldn't have locked down society and destroyed their businesses and forbid them not to go to work in any time past. THIS IS ALL NEW. Forbidding you to go and work for a living, for your own living, 'eh?  M-hm-m.  For something they tell you most of the folk get, they'll have no symptoms and then they'll get over it with antibodies.


It doesn't make any sense, does it? So, when things don't make sense is always a bigger agenda, definitely a different agenda on the go behind it all. Of course there is. Of course there is.


And it isn't just greed for Pharma. Pharma, it will do a lot more I think than just greed, with what's going to happen here.  But it's astonishing to live through it and witness it all happening.  Like their tabletop exercises as Johns Hopkins and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Bloomberg and all the other groups that were involved in planning all of the tests IF this ever happened. 


Over the many many years, the same agenda, same agenda.  And with Mr. Klaus Schwab even attending so... 


What did he have to do with anything?  Because you see, he's part of the agenda. The deep state, y'know. 


You think all your lives you've been free and that you just decide for yourself how things are going, where it's going to go, where YOU'RE going to go? No, you don't. [Alan chuckles.]  No way.  I tell ya. 


And he dresses, this Klaus Schwab also dresses like the character that played the head, the organizer of the Freemasons of the air, the private club that ran the world in Things to Come. He plays the main character, with the same outfit on, you know, with the big white shoulders on it and so on.  The dress.  It's just astonishing. I guess that must have really impressed him in that old movie, he must really think he's going to go, at least his offspring’s will go to the stars because that was also in the movie.


They gave you little glimpses into eugenics and you see, it's the same descendants of the same elite of the Freemasons of the Air that brought them into the future society, and of course they use the same actors to make sure you got that point. I think it was Raymond Massey that was the main actor.  Then his children realize that the masses that were left over their doorstep were going to overthrow them, were going to stop them progressing to the NEXT level, to go out and conquer the stars. So, they had a spaceship built and his son and relatives were, all the youngsters were going to go off into space to try and conquer that too, you see, and make sure that they survived, when they would let them may be fall apart back on earth because of the general public that were... well, they were the useless eaters, weren't they, hm?


I tell ya, it never changes, 'eh?  It never changes. Interestingly enough too, y'know, it's always been the same planets that they talk about, like War of the Worlds and things like that, it's always out from Mars. It's always Mars, isn't it?  That's always been the red planet, the planet of war, you see.  Because their techniques are war, it's all analogies in a sense, you see. 


You find they often talk about the canals, on Mars, the canals, y'know?  But the canal too, the meaning of a canal too, it's a WAY, you see.  It's not just a chamber or pathway, it's a way. It's a way and a path. It's a direction. So, it's the way of war, you see, you get things by the way of war. For those who don't know it. 


And the God of war is also the God of merchants. Mercenaries.  Merc, y'know.  Mercury as well of course, I should say, as Mercury is merchants and mercenaries, same thing. So, you've got Mars and Mercury. They all have different purposes and meanings.  And hidden from the general public of course.  I was going to say there too, maybe Pluto… [Alan chuckles.]  maybe Pluto is what they had hoped, we could bring you global warming, and then go back to an Ice Age, you know, back and forth, hey, that is the planet that supposedly goes very, very hot and then really freezing because it's got such a wide orbit.  You can make a little joke on that one for sure.


But it is interesting with Mercury, isn't it, with again merchants, are always tied up with mercenaries. Because it's warfare, they use warfare like the military-industrial complex, it's completely, completely, always has been completely tied in with the money characters, the banks.  Ancient to modern.  It's always the same thing. 


You have to always remember too that in ancient Greece and the temples of Diana I think it was, the coin makers, gold, or silver mainly at that time, literally, had their wares come out in the temple. They had their big exchange place in the temple. You find the same thing in some of the temples that they had in ancient Israel. They had them outside the temples. Because you couldn't take foreign currency into the temple. It was unclean and so you had to have your own currency. So, you had the exchange, an exchange rate basically placed outside of it. Or just inside the entrance. Sometimes they go inside, and that's of course from the New Testament where they have Jesus chasing out the moneylenders from the temple. Because they make profits out of it.  But yeah, religion was heavily involved in ancient countries in ancient times with financing and finances, and what used to be called, well, we call them today banks. 


Now, some of the articles I've saved, and again, I don't want to overload people with articles. I generally don't go along with all the popular stuff. Because it's all popular stuff too, it's a lot of emotional stuff that you're supposed to jump on the bandwagon with and get all angst about it, etc. Rather than just stand back and look at it coolly. Because that's how you see, or, you'll see the real reasons behind things and why they want this and why they want that and so on.  All the other stuff is churned out by the bucket load to divert you, you see. A lot of trivia.  That you'll never remember anyway, it's just so unimportant.  The stuff about Madonna this week, I mean, who cares?  Who cares about whatever or whoever?  It's got nothing to do with reality, y'know.


So, here's one, I'll put one up and again it's our old friend, y'know, Helena Handbasket, y'know, from Ireland and its Irish news, the Irish Sentinel.  It says…


An Open Letter to Appeal to Our Gardaí and Armed Forces

(Alan:  The Gardai over there is the police.)

theirishsentinel.com / Posted by Helena Handbasket | 25 Feb 2021


In these extraordinary times we have seen some incredibly worrying scenes play out before our very eyes. It’s true, we have all had some serious challenges rolled out before us, from our elderly who have been imprisoned in hospices, to Front Line workers who have been told have risked their lives, to the children locked up in their bedrooms tuned into online schooling, devoid of any human contact with extended family and kept away from their friends at a most crucial stage of their development.


But after we have now broken the year mark of lockdown cycles, can we look at the effect on our society of these draconian measures? Can we have the conversation? Is that still allowed? Are we going to find ourselves censored or classed as Anti-this or Anti-that (A:  Because you see, they have the intelligence agencies working out all these strategies, with the terms too, to smear you, y'know, demonize an enemy you see.)  or even worse, A Conspiracy Theorist? (A:  That’s what they call you as well.)   What world have we woken up in where asking a question against our Government


(A:   …could get you in trouble I guess, there's part of it missing there. But it gives you a link to another article and it's called...)


(Trading as The Government of Ireland – THE GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND Company Profile | DUBLIN, Ireland | Competitors, Financials & Contacts – Dun & Bradstreet (dnb.com)


(A:  It gives you the link to it.  And there’s a company description, for the government. And governments are corporations, you know that?  They’re registered, like businesses, as corporations. So is your police by the way, your local police. Even in Canada, when you look into them, they are under corporations.  It says…)


(Company Description)


THE GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND is located in DUBLIN, Ireland and is part of the Government Industry. THE GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND has 10 employees at this location and generates $1.19 million in sales (USD). There are 586 companies in the THE GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND corporate family.


 And if we cannot question the Government why can we not question Government policy and how does this somehow put you into some fringe element of society; indeed one that seems to be moving ever more closely to making you a domestic terrorist? Next you will be telling me there are internment camps for this type of individual.


(A:  Underneath that by the way, these are all links.  The government of Ireland one to the company. And this one about…)


Next you will be telling me there are internment camps for this type of individual.




In recent days we have seen some outrageous behaviour from our Gardaí with their handling of the Irish Public. In Ballbriggan on Wednesday 24th February, a Beauty Salon (A:  Very much like the ones in the States and Canada as well.)  owner Christine McTiernan reopened her store in a basic last chance effort to survive and pay her never ending cycle of bills, including those payable to government agents, which haven’t stopped during lockdown. There was little or no Government support for her to ease up on this burden; she felt she had no choice.


(A:  The actual link to that article is here as well.)


What transpired was beyond belief. An entire squadron of Gardaí turned up to arrest this one woman, to harass and arrest some people who quietly turned up to support this woman.


Videos on social media show Gardaí taking names and bullying people to move on to ensure that this Irish lady would not succeed in simply trying to save her livelihood and that those Irish people willing to support her would not be allowed to do so either. Like the Borg say


(A:  …you know, in Star Trek I think it was, the series…)


“Resistance is Futile”


(A:  I used always say, especially with the way they pronounced it in the States, resistance is feudal.  That’s how they used to pronounce it. I thought that was an apt way of saying it.  It’s really a feudal system we’re in, you see, and in a feudal system the peasants have no rights.)


Christine was taken into custody and then brought before Swords Courthouse and had to sign (under duress) a declaration not to reopen, upon consequence of Jail.


(A:  Can you believe getting FORCED, it’s like blackmail, we’ll put you in prison unless you sign this, that you sign that you’re not going to go to work and support yourself. D’you understand what I’m saying here? This isn’t happening just in Ireland. This is your Brave New World coming in and it’s not a nice one.  Being forbidden to work, that’s never been, no one’s been forbidden to work during world wars.  This is to wreck the whole of the system to rebuild a new type of system.)


But not to be outdone by the Dublin Branch of the Gardaí, the Limerick lads were out in force against that horror of horrors in Anti-Terrorism, the Irish Christian Funeral. A significant number of people turned up The Armed Response Unit even got a chance to attend for a time. Brilliant! Those pesky Irish and their traditions eh? They could kill granny. Aren’t they so selfish!


(A:  It gives you the link to that one too.)


Gardai issue ‘significant number’ of Covid fines following large funeral in Limerick town


However, there is another side to this when it comes to the Non-Irish. The Gardaí, it appears, seem to be extremely busy, or at least otherwise engaged, likely figuring out where the next domestic terror attack of 11 people in a church are, to attend Friday prayer meetings for (A:  and it mentions…)  our Muslim friends.


(A:  You see, in Britain and in Ireland they won't, [Alan chuckles.] they'll leave the Muslims alone. They respect the Muslims, because the Muslims aren't going to put up with this stuff [Alan laughing.] so they'll keep going. And none of them want to get fired, there's so many laws now and everybody is so, everything is so sensitive that they can only go after the simple Christians, you see. Okay, okay, y'know, I'll be good, and I'll do what I'm told.  But there are certain groups they won't touch. I said this years ago, unless you belong to an elevated group in society that's got special rights, y'know, then you’ll have no rights at all. I said that many years ago.  Yep.)


(A:  All these other groups have their own spokespeople and so on and they just tell government where to go. And you got to respect them. You got to respect the Muslim groups that won't put up with this nonsense.  But everybody is so terrified of losing their jobs because it's so sensitive, you see. It was the same thing in Britain during the time when all the young girls were getting recruited and put into drugs and prostitution.  For years that was going on and the politicians, the cops left them alone.  Oh no, we mustn't, y'know... They were all scared of losing their jobs, everything is so politically sensitive, ‘eh.  But no, you have got to have some respect for Muslims.  They're not going to put up with it. And the cops, they won't go near them.  N-n-n.)


After having allegedly been called 12 times to attend at a clear breach of lockdown ‘rules’ (A: [Alan chuckles.]) at Blackpitts mosque, where approx. 100 Muslims where observed but no Gardaí rushed to the scene.


(A:  Well, there ya go.)


Maybe you're getting shown what to do?  [Alan chuckles.]  Just, everybody turn up and just say no. Y'know. Don't forget what they said at that Lockstep, at the big Lockstep organization or test that they had for pandemics and what they would do, in 2010 for the Rockefeller Foundation.  That was part of the big Scenarios of the Future that they had, was Operation Lockstep.  They said that this is what they would do with the lockdowns and so on blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and they wouldn't stop until the people en masse pushback.  That's what they said. And bullies will always pick the weakest group, y'know, that's politically okay to harass or persecute basically.  Yep.


As I've mentioned before that guy in Burnaby BC, I don't care what happened and what he did or didn't do.  The fact is he didn't have a mask on, you don't choke a guy with a deadly stranglehold for not wearing a mask. And if that had been something like Mr. Floyd in the States there, in the photograph, there'd have been burnings.  Are you starting to see the…?


How is it okay to do it to one group but not to another? When it happens to a white people it's okay, is that the message here? To strangle them? This is incredible what you're witnessing, and folk don't see what they're, they don't understand what they're witnessing.  A lot of them have already said, oh I guess he was a troublemaker anyway. Okay, strangle him then, that's fine.  Yep.   I guess they can spread that, let's start strangling everybody who has a different opinion or something, y'know. 


Is that okay then?


D'you understand, you can't go that way.  But that's what the government's done with terrorizing the public with the media. Deliberate, they actually told them to terrorize the people. Actually, I'll put these links up too by the way from all these different things I'm talking about tonight.  Here's an article that ties in exactly with the one I mentioned last year to do with ways to increase…


“Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty” – Zero Covid document

gript.ie / 23 Feb 2021


Gript can reveal that members of the Zero-Covid advocacy group ISAG have recently been instructed to “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty.”


The revelation comes from a trove of hundreds of emails, draft documents, and ISAG internal communications that were recently leaked to Gript.


(A:  From the branch of the same organization, the SAGE group that's working in Ireland, and literally giving tipping points to the media and what to do and how to handle this whole thing for the propaganda. This was out a year ago, well, last year in Britain.  I put up the links from some of the reporters that said, this is what they told them to say, just to exaggerate the stories to create more anxiety. Well, here's the Irish version from the same group by the way but they call it the Irish SAG members. In Britain is just called SAGE group.  So, the Irish SAG group members in Ireland…)


ISAG members were instructed to “review and internalise” instructions (A:  ...right, this is what they're telling the media…) to “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty”, (A:  This is official stuff.) to “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty”, and to “go after people and not institutions” (A:  …okay…) because “people hurt faster than institutions.”   (A:  They're talking about people who speak out.) The instructions were shared to the group by Professor Anthony Staines, one of the founders of ISAG, in a note titled, “Notes from 2020-02-08 ISAG meeting” (the note’s title contains a typo, it was actually posted on the 8th of February, 2021). The note reminded ISAG members of the importance of ridicule (A: …listen to this…)   ridicule him as “man’s most powerful weapon” and that “the threat of a thing is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” (A:  This is psychological warfare, folks.  This is the same as the military.) ISAG members, many of whom are regular guests in Irish media, were told that they could count on “imagination” to “dream up many more consequences” than they themselves as “the threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”


These instructions are based on (A:  ...literally, and they are too, but it's also used by all the military because I've got lots of it here actually.) Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, (A:  Remember, Rules for Radicals.  I've told you, these groups run all sides. Always have done.) which argues that the creation of conflict is necessary for activists to succeed and that organizers should find, or create, an “enemy” who can be singled out, personally blamed for everything that has gone wrong, and attacked and ridiculed unmercifully – regardless of if the chosen “enemy” actually bears responsibility for the things you are blaming him for. The book tells organizers to allow “no middle ground.”


(A:  So, it's all you. And you can hear that in the States now, who's responsible for it being, they've actually brought it down to the ethnic group of color, y'know, as you know, who to hate.  But back to this one, this is Ireland remember and this is the Special Advisory Group to government.  Based on the and actually connected to the one in Britain, the SAGE group, special advisory group.  And this is again from the military, the military is using the same techniques, you see.)


Interestingly a copy of Alinsky’s Rules was sent to ISAG by Dr Gabriel Scally, a Northern Irish public health physician best known in the Republic for authoring the Scally Review into CervicalCheck. Dr Scally is involved with the Zero-Covid advocacy group Independent SAGE (A:  That's Independent SAGE, the British one.) and has made numerous comments to Irish media on the need to support the adoption of Zero-Covid policies within Ireland.


(A:  That was also again about Ferguson, was also involved with too by the way, with all his false figures.)


We offered Professor Staines multiple opportunities to comment on this story prior to publication, but he has yet to do so.


Now, that's what came out of Britain too, the same kind of wording, and last spring last year when some reporter said that this is what, it was a handout they were given on how to, told to exaggerate stories to increase anxiety so the public will become more anxious, to increase anxiety. Exactly the same as they told them here in Ireland. This is your own governments doing this.


This is terrorism.


I'll put these links up remember for those that want to go through them. An article here, I was mentioning earlier about the CIA that's part of the big, big deep state that really has nothing to do with what Americans think it is to do. Americans don't realize the CIA was set up to bring in a world society, along with the British MI6, and the other groups that have since merged with them all. Irrespective of what you think you elect for the future, they have it all planned out and what kind of system it would be.



carlbernstein.com / 20 Oct 1977


After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000-word cover story, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977, is reprinted below.



How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up

BY CARL BERNSTEIN it’s interesting for me because I like


It's interesting for me because I like this kind of, this stuff. It's not going away, y'know, it's always been this way. I remember way back then too there was a big expose about that time, this is part of it. They actually came out with some of the top members in American media, it wasn't just newspapers and television, radio and so on. They also mentioned it was all through Canada as well, it wasn't just the States, 'eh.  So, the CIA has put their guys into, naturally it makes perfect sense, media in all countries to make sure they have uniform information. It doesn't mean it's truth, it just means it's uniform in what they want you to think and believe and so on. That's never changed. It's worse now than ever it was.


So, this is one of them too.  That there’s so much information on this it's just unbelievable. But again, folk don't want to look at the past. They think it's somehow obsolete.  They don't realize that, no, no, it's the only way you find out what's happening today. Because it's still going on.


Then this one here,


COVID-19: New ad campaign urges people to keep staying at home (A:  …to KEEP staying at home…)  despite coronavirus transmission rates declining

news.sky.com / 24 Feb 2021


Health Secretary Matt Hancock says he knows it's been "a long year," but warns "we can't let up now".


(A:  Well, there ya go, this is to go on for years, folks. To bring in a whole new way of being. I won’t call it living, it’s not to be living.  It’s to be existing. I said that many times before and other folk luckily have grabbed it, mention it too the same way. It’s good. It’s good they can actually use these little tidbits.)   


…despite declining coronavirus transmission rates, the success of the vaccine rollout (A:  …phew… okay.) and the launch of the roadmap out of lockdown.


Even though they've told you, 'eh, they keep telling you that they don't know yet what the long-term effects are going to be with the vaccinations yet. Now they're telling you you'll probably need at least one more. I think in Israel it was the Pfizer group that was doing it, I have to check that and see, I've got an article later on to come to.  But they had two vaccinations, two of them, doing the shots, and now they're talking about a third one now, I think.  So, this is the whole thing. You're going to be a pincushion for the rest of your lives, I think. For something really as they keep telling you isn't dangerous to most folk. It's 99 point something, something, people get over it quite easily, y'know.


Then the ones who are seriously damaged by it and hurt are generally very elderly. I mean really the average age in one of the surveys was in the 80s in Britain.  So, what really kills them at that age, y'know?  And again, there's been all cons to do with, oh, they've got Covid at the same time, because of the silly little test that’s so inaccurate that they've had to change their opinions on it so many times already.


Also, I'll put up an article to do with band practice.  This is the latest bit of insanity.  You've got to get used to insanity, as you go through madness, in order to come, to actually start believing the madness, when you forget what common sense is, when you're being taught not to trust your own logic anymore. You see, that's what you're being taught. Very… This is psychological warfare, really to the extreme. Not, it could get a lot worse yet, y'know, but it's extreme psychological warfare, to destroy everything that was, the economy, everything, and the way of living as it's always been, or at least the way it's been for a long time, to bring in the new, you see. So, here's part of it. Yeah, so you see these children with their musical instruments inside these stupid tents inside the room, right.


Back at school | Pandemic continues, but life goes on at Wenatchee and Eastmont highs - wenatcheeworld.com / 24 Feb 2021


There you go, they're training them that madness is normal, you see, and as long as you jump when the white coated people tell you to jump, the experts, remember Bertrand Russell said that they're training the people that they can't do anything without the advice from experts. Even the things that were quite natural.


You don't realize that even when they brought out the station for 24-hour weather, the people laughed at it, who was going to watch 24-hour weather reports? But then there was no weather anymore, even a drizzle was going to be a flood, you see, half an inch of snow could be a massive snowstorm. They hyped up natural weather, and to make everybody anxious about going outside.  It’s had an amazing effect on people, the hype.


I even gave out the stories years ago from the people who created the system on weather reporting, who admitted what I'm saying here. They were told to exaggerate and terrify the people, to go along with climate change.  Again, the whole sustainability agenda, into the new system that they are pushing through under Schwab's idea, was all, they had decided that the climate change would be the thing they would use. It wasn't going fast enough, and we were ignoring it, so in comes Covid.  Boom.


So, they had to terrify you with the weather first.  Oh, my goodness. Folk can't even remember generally from year to year what the weather was. That's how it works so well.  I didn't realize, oh my God, it rained half an inch today, oh, ooo. Yep.


So yeah, logic has to be thrown out the window.  Your own ability to decipher basic events and rationalize them and work them out for yourselves, to go out the window.  Experts must tell you what to think. And you're going to be tested on them to make sure that you're following the experts, on every single thing.


It's astonishing, do you realize that people used have babies before there was a National Health Service? Can you... Isn't that incredible?  What an amazing thing that was.  'Eh?  And they knew how to have them.  Hhh!  And raise them.  Hhhh, hhhh!  Without experts telling them what to do, y'know.  Hm.  It's just amazing isn't it?  How could we have survived? 


And again, the psychological rubbish they turn out for the people, like, oh, let's have a happy day, y'know, so...


Calls to make June 21 a Bank Holiday to celebrate 'end of lockdown'

thesun.co.uk / 23 Feb 2021


(A:  As the Brits share brilliant memes. So, let's all have memes and see who's got the best meme. So, this is all wartime RUBBISH! Put out by psyops.)


COOPED-up Brits are calling on Boris Johnson…


I think they’re calling Boris Johnson something else; they’re not calling him to get a holiday going.  Believe you me, this guy, I mean, Johnson is such a, whoa.  But he always was, before they made him the head guy, at least the pretended head guy.


Health Officials Push Pregnant Women to Get COVID Shots, Despite Known Risks

childrenshealthdefense.org / 23 Feb 2021


(A:  It's by the Children's Health Defense Team.)


In December, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (A:  The link is here by the way, from the FDA.) granted Emergency Use Authorization to two messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines against COVID-19. Because the unapproved vaccines’ status is investigational (A:  ...for those who don't know that yet, right.  It's not what they call normal, legal approval. It's given investigational status.), anyone who gets an injection (whether they realize it or not) is agreeing to participate in an ongoing experiment.


(A:  And the links are here.)


Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act)

Information on the PREP Act can be found here.


Notice of Declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for medical countermeasures against COVID-19 (February 4, 2020)


(A:  That's what it says here. This is from the government, right, these links. It says…)


Recognizing that there are many unknowns, many Americans have refused the experimental jab, including members of the armed forces (A:  And that's true, I've heard it from other sources within the forces that a lot of them have said no. And their families. And also, healthcare workers…) and healthcare workers, but with one notable exception: healthcare providers who are pregnant.


(A:  Because they're getting a lot of information about bad reactions before most folk.  They're looking outside just the TV to find other information.)


Even without data from Pfizer or Moderna sufficient “to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy,” expectant doctors, nurses and others appear eager for the shots, perhaps influenced by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which states that neither a conversation with a clinician nor even a pregnancy test are necessary prerequisites.


(A:  It's interesting that they've actually mention obstetricians and gynecologists, for that doctor, remember, who died after getting his shot.  His wife came out too and said he was very healthy and the whole bit.  Within two weeks he was dead, he was hemorrhaging because he had no platelets they said when he was admitted to the hospital. His platelet rate was zero.  His immune system had turned against his platelets and destroyed it, and that happens with certain vaccinations in the past, y'know.)


Do these individuals know that as of Feb. 12, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had already received 111 reports of adverse events experienced by women who were pregnant at the time of their Pfizer or Moderna injection?


(A:  The links are here to these by the way.)


The first such report was submitted Dec. 22, just 10 days after authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. Nearly a third (31%) of the women had miscarriages or preterm births, which occurred within as little as one day of injection — the majority after a single dose of vaccine.


That's what gets me, the illegality of the press, this big onboard mantra, y’know, this conglomeration of the press that's really one system, really, isn't it, otherwise you would get all kinds of different viewpoints. But no, they are all on board.  Because they're all owned by the same gang of moguls, to tell you that it's safe.  When the actual, ha, articles from the vaccine manufacturers and all the rest of it tell you that, if we go into informed consent, they're supposed to tell you all the adverse things that could happen to you, including death.


They also tell you, as I put out last week, of the article from the government of the UK, the UK's government, of requisitions that put out contracts for tender for things to be made or things they want to buy.  One was to form an app that was to follow up people who have the vaccinations to find out who had adverse reactions or ongoing things that cropped up down through time, over a two-year period.  Because it's experimental.  You can't say something is safe if you're part of the test and experimental phase of it!  You don't know yet. Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking for tenders for things that might happen down the road, all the different side effects. 


So how dare they say this is safe! This was rushed through, something that takes years to do.  It was rushed through in a matter of months.  This is astonishing.


You know, the lying is just...


the deception is so....




...that there will be consequences down the road. If they can't pull off this whole societal cultural, everything, change, if they can't pull it off, I tell ya, there's a lot of people going to answer for what's happening because you cannot tell people to get it because it's safe if you don't know that yet. 


You can't split up and say, well the first few weeks seems quite safe, only so many folk have got adverse effects. Well, 80-odd % of the people are getting reactions of some kind, even after the first shot for goodness sake.  And big bumps in their arms at the very least, never mind fainting spells, syncopes and so on.    It’s just astonishing what this…  and but, what about the long-term?  Nevermind facial paralysis and a host of other things.  This is astonishing what they're saying, that it's safe. 


I've got articles here too with the psychological units advising people on what to tell the public, to get them to conform and accept it. Well, how about the basic truth?  Read out from the actual side effects that comes with the vaccines, that comes in the packet, the boxes, read them to the general public, before you get informed consent, rather than trying to say this is good for you, read what might happen to them, that's a legal thing you're supposed to do, and then let them decide.


After all, if you take the shot, it's YOUR life.  It's not the doctor here. Or the nurse. Or anybody else they're using to give the vaccination to.  It's your life, you're getting it.  You are supposed to decide after being informed.  Read the instructions for the patients, and they are supposed to be told to the patients, on the packaging with the shots. Don't just say this is nice, this is good for you, it's going to help you. You don't need psychological units to persuade you to take it... if you just tell the people the truth and let them decide.


Don't you get fed up with getting treated like a child your whole life long? And in major things like this, let's just talk to the, treat them like children, make them comply. Because this is what this propaganda is. Astonishing what we're witnessing. It really is.  N-n-n.  I tell ya, n-n-n.


This one also talks about Fauci, the same article here, it says that…


Bizarrely, Fauci’s January comments indicated that 20,000 pregnant women had received COVID vaccines, while in subsequent remarks, he halved his apparently off-the-cuff estimate to 10,000.


Fauci’s willingness to make light of potential COVID vaccine risks for pregnant women, only two months into the rollout of experimental vaccines, defies logic. Fauci is not only the Biden administration’s chief medical advisor but the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (which holds patents and will receive royalties for the Moderna vaccine).


Talk about compromised.  At the very least.  N-n-n.  And he's also, I've got articles here from years ago when he was put in charge of the top biowarfare military laboratories as well.  They know that as well. 


N-n-n.  I-yi-yi.  They always profit off what they do at the top, 'eh, don't they?  Whether it's the banking or whatever it is they do and they're going to crash economies. Nobody at the top loses anything. In fact, they all profit from it. In anything they're going to do they make sure, including obviously the medical industry and vaccination companies, they all profit off...


…off us, the idiots at the bottom. 


We are products, 'eh?  And we receive their products.  But never in human history, I think, have they tried to tell you and force you into a system, making it almost impossible not to - this is where they want to go actually - is make it impossible not to take the jab.


They won't say, oh we are forcing you to do it, you've got a decision.  They've already said at the WHO a few years ago, they can't force folk to take the vaccinations, but they can make it impossible to live in a society without it. For something that most folk get and don't even know that they've had and now they've got antibodies to it, by themselves. Come on, there's something bigger at work here, folks.


If it doesn't make you suspicious, y’know, I'll keep going back to, there's too many of you. 




How To Convince People To Take The Covid Vaccine? A Lesson In Leadership Communication

forbes.com / 9 Dec 2020


(A:  This is one of the articles, there's a lot out there, put out by different psyops units.)


Some countries, such as the UK, have already started the Covid vaccination campaign. (A:  This is December.) Others, such as France or the United States, are rushing to approve one of the three leading vaccines... While most governments seem confident that distributing the vaccine will be enough to bring down Covid, they will need to tackle the somehow misleading assumption that people will want to be vaccinated. (A:  Right?)  Both the UK and France have already announced that they won't make the vaccine compulsory, which makes this assumption even more dangerous.


(A:  Oh, it’s a DANGEROUS assumption, ‘eh?)


The acceptance rate for the vaccine is low, and many remain to be convinced. A study published by Nature in October 2020, suggested wild differences between countries, as the Russians were only 55% to report accepting a potential Covid vaccine, versus 90% in China. (A:  M-hm-hm.  There ya go.) 


A couple of weeks ago, a poll reported only 59% of the French population was ready to be vaccinated, while in October, only 63% of the Brits or 55% of the Italians were on board.


(A:  By the way, you can’t believe the numbers too, because they use them, as I’ve said before, like polls, and exaggerate numbers when they want more folk to jump in and say, well if they’re all getting it, it must be okay.)


How can we explain such suspicion and those differences? (A:  Hm.)  What can the social sciences literature tell us on how to communicate on the vaccine to improve acceptance?


(A:  Well, I’ve told you what, just tell them what the benefits would be versus any possible side effects, just be honest with them. That’s all you’d have to do. And let them make the decision then. After all, as I say, it’s going into their body. Each person is responsible for their own life. And as a legality, making you accept it...  Do you want this? Okay. Well, it’s tough luck, if anything happens, it’s tough luck.)


The literature on practice adoption and diffusion (for example, in management and organisation research) (A:  You see, this is their little psyop thing...) stress the importance of motives and mimicry.


(A:  Y’know, mimicry is awfully good, I mentioned that before, well, if so many folk are doing that, well then it must be okay.)


The Rationality of Taking the Covid Vaccine


First of all, individuals need to fully understand the rationale behind taking the vaccine: why is it important to them, specifically? (A:  And they go into…) …those above 65 are keener on the vaccine: they are the most at risk, (A:  Are they really though?)


And the vaccine is likely to have a significant impact on their ability to return to everyday life.


(A:  Is that good or bad? I mean, they don’t actually say here.  Badly worded, ‘eh.)


By contrast, younger individuals perceive themselves as less exposed, and the incentives to take the vaccines do not counterbalance the suspicion against it. Here the key is to bring attention to how the vaccine could help individual citizens contribute to a safer society,


(A:  So there, you take it to make society safe. If you don’t make it safe, you’re a bad person, you see. That’s how it’s really going, isn’t it?  M-hm, you’re dangerous to other people.  Well, they should be perfectly healthy then if they’re protected by the vaccination, shouldn’t they? But then again, Fauci and the rest said, well, we can’t say it will actually stop you getting the virus, or spreading it, they said, after you get the vaccinations. That’s what they said, folks, it’s not me saying that.  M-hm.  What they say, again, very scientific, y’know, they say that if you take the vaccine, you may, you MAY get some protection so that it won’t give you such severe symptoms.  Well, most folk haven’t had the severe symptoms anyway, y’know, without getting a vaccine.  Again, I don’t want to go into using logic here because it’s not meant to be logical, folks. It’s meant to be persuasive, to just obey. It says…)


The confusion with regards to the success rates of vaccines in the last few weeks has made this effort both more difficult and even more important. A recent study has shown that, expectedly, medical experts and the World Health Organization have more credibility to influence the take on the jab, by contrast with politicians.


Well, I don’t trust the WHO either, especially since Bill Gates funds a lot of it. The guy’s got… they’re compromised, everybody’s compromised, folks. And Bill Gates, again, you’ve got this gang that belongs in a James Bond movie with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, y’know, wanting to jab the whole planet with the vaccinations that he’s involved in too, y’know.  They’re all making money out of it. It’s not philanthropy, folks.  There’s videos up there where Bill Gates talks about the best investment he ever did was into the different vaccines and so on. He said you get a 20 to 1 return on everything.  Every dollar he puts in gets 20 back.  That was years ago.


Then when he was asked at a meeting at DAVOS, a private meeting. Well, it wasn’t private.  It was a reporter and a TV camera and they asked him about, they said to him, well you’ll put $20 million into this campaign here and that campaign there and so on. Then luckily the person actually asked a pertinent question and said, is it all your money? He says, well no, he says, most of the money that I give to them is given to him, his organization, by the budgets, the foreign affairs budgets of different countries. So, he’s getting the money for nothing! Philanthropist?  No.  But he’s definitely part of a big agenda. I have no doubt about it.  The very beginning at the top, folks.


We’re already into the third hour here so remember, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  List all my sites in case I start getting censored off more places that my talks go up into, and hopefully you can go into my sites and at least get my talks every Sunday night.  Remember they go out every Sunday night.  Sometimes it’s a couple of days before they get it up on other sites, other people who put my talks up.  But my official sites are mine @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  There’s a bunch of them there. Make a list of them in case I… suddenly you don’t hear from me again.  But if you want them earlier, again, the audio, I put it up, as I say, download it –  right-click, download – and you can listen to it at your leisure on whatever you want to listen to it, whatever you record it by on your computer or your cell phone or whatever.   


And send me a few bucks because I’ve got to pay for all the other sites and all the rest of it too. And I would like to get some more equipment, some newer equipment for sure. Because I’m using rather obsolete stuff, even for doing the talks and then uploading, etc. etc.  And with my own service provider.  I live in the country, so I don’t get cheap Internet. I have satellite, and believe you me, I’m getting hammered by the authorities through slowing me down satellite wise.  They actually said in some of their articles I’ve found, they were to go after providers, ‘eh.


And I guess too, technically, if you could prove, you know darn well it’s them that’s doing it.  I’ve called the providers too. They even told me, by the way, their excuse for the slow speed I was getting, and I’m talking about crawling even for looking at newspaper articles, five minutes to open a newspaper article.  This is how, this is what they go after, this is how they do it, you see. But they won't admit that they're actually doing it on purpose. But you know darn well they are.


If you could find that they did it on purpose, then you could sue them.  Because they’re still taking money off of you. And they're also taking money from the government, by the way, the big satellite companies.  You know that too, they get subsidized. 


But I really go through hell at times just doing what I'm doing. And it's frustrating. And it's meant to be frustrating.  They have all these psyop units, and cyber war units from the military, that's been in the papers, I put the articles up before. All the mainstream news had these articles up. Global Research had them up too.  And Whitney Webb, from the mainstream, had the news articles up, from the mainstream, saying they were using, your governments in Canada and the States and Britain were now using the same cyber war groups that were used against the Middle Eastern countries, that they were on the list, they're still taken out today.  They're now using all the techniques on us... so that any difference of opinion, or logic, is to be, is VERBOTEN.  By your democracies. 


So, send me a few bucks my way, keep me going. And hopefully I can keep going.  And get some decent equipment too.  And find some more alternate ways of getting my word out there. That's very important. Because as I say, I'm not backed by anybody.  And I haven't led people to the slaughter. I haven't guided them into riots.  Or set ups.  And I'm not backed by any foreign governments either.  I could go on and on about all of that side of things too, but I don't. Why? What's the point? 


The fact is that I try to get the information out, and this is how information goes down through time. It's always a few people who get the knowledge and can pass it on. And it's up to you to help me just do it. Otherwise, that's it, y'know, I'm off and that's it, off the air, etc.  So cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  PayPal.  Personal check is fine.  You can send cash.  Money Gram still works. So, make sure you send a few bucks my way and keep me ticking along.


Believe you me, I don't, I've never passed on information about anybody to any government sources. And I know plenty of them out there that have.  I do. And some of the biggest ones out there too, of course, have done that.  I could go on, as I say, and on and on about so much that I do know but I won't bother.


It's up to you to just get through this.


Because really, the horror that's been inflicted upon society and humanity is overwhelming at times. 


And it should get you, it should at least motivate you into finding out what's happening.  So that people down the road in the future, or maybe even the present, can benefit and survive. Against all the odds that are coming down the pike here. 


To show evil.   


This is a true, true spiritual war here.  I'm telling you it really is spiritual.


And sometimes, as I say too, I'll know really when they’re really in real time interfering with my computer as well. You can actually see them playing with you. That's what they do. The same stuff as what they've done across the world, as I say, these cyber warrior groups. I've mentioned all the different groups that are involved, that are authorized to be involved, and harass their own, their own fellow citizenry.


What scum they are, 'eh?  What SCUM!  Again, they're psychopathic, obviously.  Take money, and feeling so incredibly powerful, what they're allowed to do to other people.  Playing with them, hm. 


Sadism par excellence, 'eh.  Authorized by your own governments.


But it will affect them too because they're not, they're all disposable themselves. They don't even get that yet.


So cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Make a list and copy the links so you can always get me. If you want me earlier, always get me on Sunday night or early Monday morning, it's up on Sunday night and you can listen to my talks.  If nothing goes wrong, hm.


Now, this article by Forbes is part of a group of mass media mailings basically, to media, by the psychological operations divisions that are working, again, for government and the military. Because I've got the articles from them, some of these associations, and they're getting out the instructions to all the media on how to help to convince the public.  Just like the one from Ireland there from the Irish SAGE unit and the British SAGE unit, telling them to increase anxiety and all the rest of it. All the tricks.


Why are we resorting to tricks to get folk to comply? And deception to get folk to comply?  And psychological behavioral techniques to comply? In a free society?


The very fact you're doing that means that society is NOT FREE.


Now, here's what they say too...


The Power of the Crowd


Beyond convincing the population that the vaccine is safe and crucial for both individuals and the collectivity,


(A:  How can you convince them when you don't know yet? what the long-term studies are? even the short-term studies?  Four or five weeks or two months is not a long-term study.  When the group in Britain for the government acquisitions department, and I read it last week from the government site, it states right on it, that they put out a tender for applications, aps and so on for cell phones and so on, so that folk could take the jab, could be tracked and traced for a minimum of two years, so that the government can have a record of adverse effects.  Which means they don't know if it's safe, or otherwise they wouldn't need to do that if it's perfectly safe.  But let's not use logic here, 'eh.  Anyway, it says…)


In a situation of ambiguity, (A:  Here we are, 'eh...) we tend to look at what others do take our own decisions. 


In a study written with Marco Clemente in 2015, we examined the importance of the majority opinion (A:  Here we go, you see…)  in driving practice adoption (A:  …right…), using the communication theory of the spiral of silence, introduced by Elisabeth Noelle-Neuman and in the seventies. In this study, we explain how we tend to align on what we perceive as the majority opinion, to avoid feeling isolated.


(A:  So, let’s…  You see, it’s too…  You’re actually being told the technique right here, folks. Using the crowd, right, so that you don’t, so, what we perceive as the majority opinion, to avoid feeling isolated.  It also conversely means that you attack the person who won’t go along with it, and you’ll MAKE them isolated. You understand the technique? You’re seeing two things at the same time in the same sentence.)


In other words, if we feel like everybody else is taking the vaccine, we are likely to do so too.


(A:  Well, that’s really informed consent, ‘eh?  Well, they’ve all taken it, hm, so I’ll take it too?  No, what’s it told you about the vaccine? How about all the actual side effects of it? could be possible and really, that it could have on YOU? Informed consent is not making them feel isolated or making them feel part of the majority. That doesn’t tell you anything except that they’re collective in nature.)


However, our perception of the majority opinion is often biased.


(A:  By the same token, by the way, you could say, the majority opinion. Okay, if they behead people in some countries for crimes, should we do the same if the majority are all for it there?  D’you understand? This is not giving you the details. And we’re talking about vaccination side effects and safety.  And the fact, if you get the jab and something goes wrong, it’s not the majority that’s going to feel bad about it. It’s YOU.  So, they go through the fact, ugh, so the majority, you know…)


If we see a vocal group of anti-vaxxer opposing the jab, they might appear to us as a majority rather than as a marginal group. This impression will disproportionately influence our own decision. Social media can play the role of an echo chamber that accentuates this impression. For the same reason, England has decided to enlist 'sensible' celebrities. (A:  So here you are, celebrities. They’re paying them by the way.   [Alan chuckles.])  Scotland will even be ready vaccinate…


(A:  What’s wrong with peoples’ spelling and speech and grammar?  They missed a ‘to’ or something.) Scotland will even be ready vaccinate its first minister Nicola Sturgeon on TV…


(A:  Well, is she getting the vaccination?  Is she?  Or is it sterile water perhaps, y’know.  Seeing it, well it’s on TV it must be true.  N-n-n.  And by the way, they would never risk that live on TV. Because if someone important, not little old you, had a nasty reaction immediately on television, it would kill the vaccination program. D’you understand that? They’d never allow it.    They would never chance that.)


More than celebrities, we will need to make visible and legitimate a broad support for the vaccination campaign. Such support also needs to highlight the processes…


By the way, this is for vaccinations that they said won’t stop you getting it or spreading it. And you still have to wear masks after.  D’you understand this? What else is going on here, apart from the changing of our behaviors, etc.?


Why is it so important to get these experimental vaccines?


What else is it going to do to you?


I wonder.   


Bertrand Russell would have a good thing to say about that, I’m sure.  So, they’re talking about making broad support for vaccination campaigns and so on and so on. There you go, let’s use the crowd and let’s make it a collective thing that you all have to, oh, they’re all doing it so that’s a good enough reason for…  Nevermind side effects or possible things that are bad reactions. Let’s, they’re all doing it so it’s okay, you see. That’s…


Is that your informed consent?


No, this is psychological deception on warfare, actually, techniques. It really is, isn’t it?  By the way, I’ve got lots of articles like that, but I won’t read them all tonight. Because they were all given the handouts at the same time by psychological warfare units and behaviorist groups like the BITs [Behavior Insights Teams] and so on, is what you tell the people, remember, and create some anxiety at the same time.  M-hm.


This article here, from 2009, right…   And this one here is news Canada at the time, the Toronto Sun it was from.  That’s when they called it the live bird flu virus. It says…


Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus - alternate link

web.archive.org / 11 June 2010


The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria…


(A:  By the way, they’re all over the world.  There’s one in Ontario I think too, Baxter Laboratories that makes the vaccine. Again, they were the first one, they were given big exposure at the time when that flu broke out in 2009, you know.  The H5N1, they had the avian flu virus and a swine flu they claimed at the same time. But that company could, oh, they rush it, they were going to rush it through in months. The same thing you’re hearing today, folks. You see, they’ve tested this technique before of how to con the public and get everybody to take the vaccinations. They were mandating everybody was going to have to get a vaccine, oh, it was going to kill millions of us. I’ve got the articles that says that, it’s going to kill millions of us. And it didn’t.) 


(A:  But what happened was the laboratory really sunk itself because, this is what happened, they sent batches of vaccine along with other batches of live viruses, from Austria, or a laboratory in Austria, to two different places that were subcontracted by them in Europe. Luckily where they sent them, one guy examined them and tested the ones that were unmarked, and they were live viruses. If they had been injected into somebody, they actually state, that this could have created a hybrid deadly disease. The person would’ve become the breeder. It’s similar by the way to this one that they give you, they actually say that, the person will become a kind of, like a reactor to create more of these particular things in their body to fight the virus. This is what they said, recently. But getting back to this article here it says…)


“But what remains unanswered are the circumstances surrounding the incident in the Baxter facility in Orth-Donau.”


The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabelled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. 


(A:  …those three places, right.)


The contamination incident, which is being investigated by the four European countries, came to light when the subcontractor in the Czech Republic inoculated ferrets with the product and they died.   (A:  Right away, they died.) Ferrets shouldn’t die from exposure to human H3N2 flu viruses.


Public health authorities concerned about what has been described as a “serious error” on Baxter’s (A:  Baxter Laboratory.)  Part have assumed the death of the ferrets meant the H5N1 virus in the product was live. But the company, Baxter International Inc., has been parsimonious (A:  That means being evasive.)  about the amount of information it has released about the event.


On Friday, the company’s director of global bioscience communications confirmed what scientists have suspected.


“It was live,” Christopher Bona said in an email.


The contaminated product, which Baxter calls “experimental virus material,” was made at the Orth-Donau research facility. Baxter makes its flu vaccine — including a human H5N1 vaccine for which a licence is expected shortly — at a facility in the Czech Republic.


People familiar with biosecurity rules are dismayed by evidence that human H3N2 and avian H5N1 viruses somehow co-mingled in the Orth-Donau facility. That is a dangerous practice that should not be allowed to happen, a number of experts insisted.


(A:  Do we really need experts to insist upon it? Since the experts let that pass.  And how did he get… Luckily one person did the right thing and tested it on the ferrets.)   


Accidental release of a mixture of live H5N1 (A:  …LIVE, right…) and H3N2 viruses could have resulted in dire consequences.


While H5N1 doesn’t easily infect people, (A:  It isn’t until you inject them.)  H3N2 viruses do. If someone exposed to a mixture of the two had been simultaneously infected with both strains, he or she could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people.


That mixing process, called reassortment, is one of two ways pandemic viruses are created.


(A:  That’s what they do, they create them in labs like that, y’know.  Just in case they ever did it by themselves.  Y’know, that’s called gain of function, let’s see what would happen IF we do this.)


There is no suggestion that happened because of this accident, however.


(A:  At least nobody’s come forward to say they got both.)


“We have no evidence of any reassortment, that any reassortment may have occurred,” said Andraghetti.


(A:  Well, what do they expect them to say, hm?  And this is the odd part too…)


Baxter hasn’t shed much light — at least not publicly — on how the accident happened. Earlier this week Bona called the mistake the result of a combination of “just the process itself, (and) technical and human error in this procedure.”


He said he couldn’t reveal more information because it would give away proprietary information about Baxter’s production process.


Don’t forget they use, they actually do gain of function, this kind of stuff, y’know.  Which makes things more lethal by the way, supposedly to try to keep ahead of viruses. Well, this might jump one day from this step to that step, maybe five steps down the road, then we should always make money by making it more lethal and finding ways to combat it, should it ever break out by itself.  [Alan chuckles.]  What a world, ‘eh? Good business though.  And there ya go, that’s one article on it too.


This other article is back again in 2009.


Illinois-based Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu outbreak in Mexico

AP / April 25, 2009


(A:  This is the PR bit, before it got found out what happened.)


DEERFIELD, Ill. The speciality drugmaker Baxter International will work with the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine that could stem an outbreak of the deadly swine flu strain in Mexico.


(A:  That's how they introduced the idea of it back then. By the way, when they stopped, never mind the side effects from other countries that tried that stuff too, and it fell flat, and everybody stopped taking it. And guess what happened after? It just died away, you never heard of it again.  Just like the same buildup as Covid.   By the way, the same buildup, by the same organizations, trying to get it… They had to put it on hold and wait, go back to the drawing board.)


(A:  In fact, you think about it, a year later, 2010 they had Operation Lockstep.  You see how fast they go on; we can't allow this to happen again, y'know.  Because you see, that's your… The whole system that you're in today with lockdown, they were going to do it back then, for the flu, the swine flu they called it.  It didn't pan out. Then as soon as the folk says, we’ve had enough, we're not taking a vaccine.  They screwed up with vaccines.  It fell flat.) 


(A:  And the side effects of the people who had taken it weren't good.  The word got out back then. And the media wasn't ALL on board back then, by the way.  And guess what happened? That flu just disappeared by itself. Wow.  So here you are, again, 2009 okay, this is from the Associated Press.)


Baxter's spokesman Christopher Bona said Saturday that the Deerfield Illinois based company had asked the WHO for example of the flu strain. 


(A:  Like they didn't have it, right.)


He says Baxter had patented technology that allows the company to develop vaccines in half the time it usually takes, about 13 weeks instead of 26.


He says there have been 20 confirmed deaths in Mexico of the swine flu with nonfatal cases also confirmed in Kansas and California.


(A:  They did the same kind of thing there by the way with the swab tests and stuff.  And the false positives. Again, did they die of the flu or with it?  You know, it only takes particles, it only senses particles of viruses. It doesn't mean you've got the thing.  Anyway…)


Humans don’t have a natural immunity to swine flu strain that emerged in Mexico in March.


(A:  It's strange how it just fizzled out by itself, 'eh, with no...  y'know, and we have no immunity.  Anyway…)


Officials have warned the outbreak could become a global epidemic.


(A:  This is 2009, folks.  This is like a dress rehearsal, and they really wanted to bring in the whole thing, 'eh.  Millions could die, a lot of them said.  Hm.)


Swine flu: Baxter seeks swine flu sample to begin work on vaccine - web.archive.org / 27 April 2009


Deerfield-based Baxter has a speedier way to make vaccines than old method - Tribune reporter / April 27, 2009


Now here's one article here from then, and that was the Guardian back then, when the Guardian was a different newspaper then, it really was pretty decent. This one here is April 2009.


Swine flu? A panic stoked in order to posture and spend

theguardian.com / 28 April 2009


(A:  This is what the media used to be like when they weren't all on board through threats or whatever, y'know.)


Despite the hysteria, the risk to Britons' health is tiny


(A:  I'll say that again for the hard of thinking.)


Despite the hysteria, the risk to Britons' health is tiny - but that news won't sell papers or drugs, or justify the WHO's budget


(A:  Okay?  That's by Simon Jenkins.  It says...) 


We have gone demented. Two Britons are or were (not very) ill from flu. "This could really explode," intones a reporter for BBC News. "London warned: it's here," cries the Evening Standard. Fear is said to be spreading "like a Mexican wave". It "could affect" three-quarters of a million Britons. It "could cost" three trillion dollars. The "danger", according to the radio, is that workers who are not ill will be "worried" (perhaps by the reporter) and fail to turn up at power stations and hospitals.


Appropriately panicked, on Monday ministers plunged into their Cobra bunker (A:  That’s the emergency one for Britain.) beneath Whitehall to prepare for the worst. Had Tony Blair been about they would have worn germ warfare suits. British government is barking mad.


What is swine flu? It is flu, a mutation of the H1N1 virus of the sort that often occurs. It is not a pandemic, despite the media prefix, not yet. The BBC calls it a "potentially terrible virus", but any viral infection is potentially terrible. Flu makes you feel ill. You should take medicine and rest. You will then get well again unless you are very unlucky or have some complicating condition. It is best to avoid close contact with other people, as applies to a common cold.


In Mexico, 2,000 people have been diagnosed as suffering swine flu. (A:  Again, it’s the same kind of test, right.) Some 150 of them have died, (A:  What ages were they? Is that what killed them? We don’t know.) though there is said to be no pathological indication of all these deaths being linked to the new flu strain. (A:  At least they said that back then, right.)  People die all the time after catching flu, especially if not medicated.


Nobody anywhere else in the world has died from this infection and only a handful have the new strain confirmed, most in America and almost all after returning from Mexico. A couple from Airdrie who caught the flu on holiday in Cancun are getting better. That tends to happen to people who get flu, however much it may disappoint editors.


We appear to have lost all ability to judge risk. The cause may lie in the national curriculum, the decline of "news" or the rise of blogs and concomitant, unmediated hysteria, but people seem helpless in navigating the gulf that separates public information from their daily round. They cannot set a statistic in context. (A:  It’s true, all the use is statistics, right, to terrify you.) They cannot relate bad news from Mexico to the risk that inevitably surrounds their lives. The risk of catching swine flu must be millions to one.


Health scares are like terrorist ones. Someone somewhere (A:  …now, this is important…) has an interest in it. We depend on others with specialist knowledge to advise and warn us and assume they offer advice on a dispassionate basis, using their expertise to assess danger and communicating it in measured English. Words such as possibly, potentially, could or might should be avoided. They are unspecific qualifiers and open to exaggeration.


(A:  So that’s what you had through this hold Covid thing: might, potentially, could, or might be, or maybe.  Even, by the way, even Fauci uses the same terminology. Well, it may do this, it may stop being, it may, or it might stop you getting the worst symptoms. Might… How scientific is that? You see?)


The World Health Organisation, always eager to push itself into the spotlight, loves to talk of the world being "ready" for a flu pandemic, apparently on the grounds that none has occurred for some time. There is no obvious justification for this scaremongering. I suppose the world is "ready" for another atomic explosion or another 9/11.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  It’s the same kind of thing, isn’t it? How can you be ready for it?)


Professional expertise is now overwhelmed by professional log-rolling. Risk aversion has trounced risk judgment. An obligation on public officials not to scare people or lead them to needless expense is overridden by the yearning for a higher budget or more profit. Health scares enable media-hungry doctors, public health officials and drugs companies to benefit by manipulating fright.


(A:  Manipulating fright, you see.  It says…)


On Monday the EU health commissioner, Androulla Vassiliou, advised travellers not to go to north or central America "unless it's very urgent". The British Foreign Office warned against "all but essential" travel (A:  Sound familiar folks?) to Mexico because of the danger of catching flu. This was outrageous. It would make more sense to proffer such a warning against the American crime rate. Yet such health-and-safety hysteria wiped millions from travel company shares.


During the BSE (A:  That’s the bovine…) scare of 1995-7, grown men with medical degrees predicted doom, terrifying ministers (A:  …politicians.)  into mad politician disease. The scientists' hysteria, that BSE "has the potential to infect up to 10 million Britons", (A:  HHHHHHH!  10 million, ‘eh? That’s what they told them then. That’s the big BSE scare.) led to tens of thousands of cattle being fed into power stations and £5bn spent on farmers' compensation.


(A:  By the way, Ferguson was involved in that too I think, y’know. I know they were doing it on computer modeling as opposed to reality.)


A year later, the scientists tried to maintain that BSE "might" spread to sheep because, according to one government scientist, "the absence of evidence…


      "the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence".


(A: [Alan laughing.])


The meat industry was wrecked and an absurd ongoing cost was imposed on stock farmers with the closure and concentration of abattoirs.


(A:  They’ve closed abattoirs with the Covid scare, folks, most of them are closed. Because they’re going to get you off meat anyway. I mean, Bill Gates already said that, and so has the rest of the characters. You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. And you’ll be meatless and so on, ‘eh.  Maybe a bit skinny and malnourished but… Because obviously they’re going to cut back on your vegetables and all that too by the way folks. Oh yeah.  M-hm.  All their modified vegetables, ‘eh.  M-hm.)


This science-based insanity was repeated during the Sars outbreak of 2003…


 (A:  Isn’t it… isn’t it a breath of fresh air to read common sense from reporters that were real reporters, back then, and not just on the payroll?)


This science-based insanity was repeated during the Sars outbreak of 2003, asserted by Dr Patrick Dixon, formerly of the London Business School, to have "a 25% chance of killing tens of millions". The press duly headlined a plague "worse than Aids". Not one Briton died.


The same lunacy occurred in 2006 with avian flu, erupting after a scientist named John Oxford declared that "it will be the first pandemic of the 21st century". The WHO issued a statement that "one in four Britons could die".


(A:  Could, again, you see.  [Alan chuckles.])


Epidemiologists love the word "could" because it can always assure them of a headline. During the avian flu mania, Canada geese were treated like Goering's bombers.


(A:  It’s true, they were telling them.)


RSPB workers were issued with protective headgear. The media went berserk, with interviewers asking why the government did not close all schools "to prevent up to 50,000 deaths".


The Today programme's John Humphrys became frantic when a dead goose flopped down on an isolated Scottish beach and a hapless local official refused to confirm the BBC's hysteria. The bird might pose no threat to Scotland, but how dare he deny London journalists a good panic?


Meanwhile a real pestilence, MRSA and C difficile, was taking hold in hospitals. It was suppressed by the medical profession because it appeared that they themselves might be to blame. These diseases have played a role in thousands of deaths in British hospitals - the former a reported 1,652 and the latter 8,324 in 2007 alone. Like deaths from alcoholism, we have come to regard hospital-induced infection as an accident of life, a hazard to which we have subconsciously adjusted.


MRSA and C difficile are not like swine flu, an opportunity for public figures to scare and posture and spend money. They are diseases for which the government is to blame. They claim no headlines and no Cobra priority. Their sufferers must crawl away and die in silence.


Excellent article.  But that’s what you used to get when they were allowed to say things. Now, they had the Levinson Inquiry by the way to do with phone tapings and stuff from the Murdoch group.  Apparently, I think it was the Murdoch group, the papers that were doing that. But they use the Levinson Inquiry to silence reporters, folks. That was… I knew there was much more to it than Lord Levinson was given this task of rewriting the rights and rules of what you could say what you couldn’t say.


And this is what you could say the year before, as this reporter managed to do, and put it in the Guardian newspaper when the Guardian newspaper had some guts and gumption and decency.  M-hm.  You can look that up yourself and read it. It’s comforting to read it actually. It reassures your sensibilities again, you know. 


Dangerous stuff, that, really hey, reassuring your own sensibilities. 


I’ll also put up one about the Baxter one, again. They were building it up just like the biotech and the Bill Gates vaccines that are all involved in it too, and Pfizer, etc. They’re using the Baxter one then, and until that screwup happened, it just sunk them. And again, the flu just died away then. Oh, my goodness, it was going to kill millions.  But nah, it just died away.


When the media lost interest so did the disease.   [Alan laughing.] 


Also, from... Again, it's so important, the flu vaccine trials, 2008/2009, right, because this also broke out back then. So much for your informed consent.  Or getting professionals to persuade you by using the crowd, y'know, crowd opinion motivates the rest to jump on board with it.  What d'you think about it? It's probably good for you. That's informed, right?  So, this is from the Telegraph media group at the time, and it's 2008 actually, July.  And this is from Poland.


Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland

telegraph.co.uk / 2 July 2008


Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus.


(A:  This is happening in different places too by the way.  But at least in the mainstream, you see how it was before the Levinson inquiry.  It's literally like night and day what the reporters could say, y'know.)


The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus....


(A:  All they should have said is say it's safe, an untried vaccine to the highly contagious virus.  That what, just disappeared, 'eh?  It says…)


The director of the homeless center, [name unintelligible], told the Polish newspaper that last year 21 people from his center died, a figure well above the average of about eight.  Although authorities have yet to prove a direct link between the deaths and the activities of the medical staff.


Poland's Health Minister [name unintelligible], has said that the doctors and nurses involved should not return to the profession. It's in the interest of all doctors that those who are responsible for this are punished.


(A:  Different wording, isn't it, to what's happening today, hm?)


Investigators are also probing the possibility that medical staff may have also deceived the pharmaceutical companies that commissioned the trials.  The suspects said that all of those involved knew that the trial involved an anti-H5N1 drug and willingly participated.


(A:  Hm.)


The news of the investigation will come as another blow to the reputation of Poland's beleaguered and poverty-stricken national health service.


(A:  Listen to this.)


In 2002 a number of ambulance medics were found guilty of killing their patients for commissions from funeral companies.


You think evil doesn't stalk this earth here, 'eh? 


You're living through evil right now, folks.


I mean real evil.


It's almost got nothing to stop it right now. Because most folk don't believe in it anymore. They've become humanists. Well, yeah, humans do bad things, y'know, it's just human nature.  You've all been trained to believe that of what's going on.


But back then at least they could charge and fine people who've been killing them.  Hm?  It's just astonishing what goes on.  And the more horrific and big the massacres and slaughters and deceptions, even just the deceptions, the bigger they are the more evil it is.


Evil really protects itself, y'know.  No one can, anyone's coming down with bad reactions after getting the vaccine, every newspaper is telling you, immediately, before the body is cold, nothing to do with the vaccination.


How would you know?  [Alan chuckles.]   I tell ya.  Then an article too that came out in February 21, 1983, The Swine Flu Fiasco.  That’s the earlier swine flu fiasco.  Great documentary, it’s been out there for… If don't know if it's still up there or if it's on YouTube or what.


The Swine Flu Fiasco

cbc.ca / Feb 1976


In February 1976, a 19-year-old soldier died at Fort Dix, N.J., after coming down with a severe case of influenza dubbed the "swine flu". Fearing a return of the fatal 1918 Spanish flu virus (A:  This is the excuse.), U.S. authorities launched an unprecedented program to vaccinate every man, woman, and child in the country. But after two months and tens of millions of dollars, the program was scrapped when reports leaked out about adverse reactions to the shot that ranged from temporary paralysis …


(A:  …just like we’re hearing now. We’ve got temporary paralysis, we’ve got that, we’ve got Parkinson’s, with the faces paralyzed, you know, just…  This… so they stopped these things, you see, they used to have the sense to stop things back then, right. So, they stopped it.  So…)   


… temporary paralysis to death. This CBC Television clip looks at the ill-fated initiative, which was blamed for casting suspicion on vaccination efforts for an entire generation.


U.S. President Gerald Ford's National Influenza Immunization Program began in Oct. 1, 1976, with free vaccination clinics in Indianapolis. Canada followed suit days after, even though no cases of the virus had been detected north of the border.


(A:  Then they go through the history of it, what happened.)  


On March 24, 1976, President Gerald Ford signed into law the first universal vaccination program in American history. He said the multi-million cost was needed to avoid a return of the virus,


(A:  So, they put big money towards it.  And again, for the time, he claimed…)


…which he claimed had caused the 1918 pandemic.


(A:  You see how they use, it wasn’t the same thing again either, it wasn’t what it had done then.)


Following in the footsteps of Ford's announcement, Canadian Health Minister Marc Lalonde said he was contemplating a universal vaccination program. Well-intentioned but poorly executed, the vaccinations were a public health disaster that contributed to Ford’s election loss. He was voted out of office in 1977.


(A:  Because of the side effects and so on, right.  M-hm.  All because one soldier died, right.  N-n-n.  It came out too by the way that this soldier, this young fella, they had had him on kind of chores for about four days straight, and incredible exercises and jogging, runs and the whole thing.  Someone was riding his back basically.  Obviously. And that's really what they say what killed him, he was beyond exhaustion when he died.  N-n-n-n-n.  And they used all the scary stuff...)


That story, along with many others at the time, reported as many as 500 cases of swine flu at Fort Dix and warned of a second more deadly wave in the fall.


(A:  Hm.  Didn't happen though, 'eh.  They always give you the second and third wave stuff, 'eh.  From the same sources.)


This, combined with a lack of an outbreak of the swine flu...


(A:  After, y'know, locking down folk and yada yada and trying to vaccinate.  And big bucks for Pharma and vaccine makers, right, they only managed to vaccinate 500 folk in the US that developed the Guillain-Barré Syndrome.)


About 500 people who were vaccinated in the U.S. developed GBS, and 25 people died. That was enough for the U.S. government. The CDC ordered the suspension of the flu program on December 16, 1976. Ontario followed suit the day after, with the rest of the provinces cancelling their programs the week after.


You see, there's...  You understand why they're going the whole hog this time, regardless of the consequences? and to change society, folks. N-n-n.


But yeah, that was in the media put out by television at the time, the program was called The Journal.  You can look that up for yourself. I think Barbara Fromme, the mother of David Fromme, who wrote the book for Bush Junior, The Right Man, and all that stuff, was the host of it. 


2009.  I'm just reminding you about how safe things are, and safe things are.  You're going to get informed consent, you better start asking some questions. Not, is the rest of the crowd taking it?  [Alan laughing.]   


This is your life, in your hands.  Okay?


This one here says free report, the key point is to life transforming diet, it says at the very top of this one. It’s put out by a health company actually. It says…


Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

sciencedaily.com / 20 May 2009


The vaccine also is useless at preventing the disease new research has discovered.


Children with asthma are especially vulnerable after being given the annual flu vaccine TIV, Trivalent, an activated flu vaccine.


Children aged from six months to 18 years are recommended to have the vaccine each year.


Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester made the discovery after studying 263 children who had had the flu and whether or not they had been vaccinated. They discovered that the children who had been vaccinated were three times more likely to need hospital care than those not vaccinated.


And the risk is even higher in children who had asthma.


It was also clear the vaccine had not protected the children against the flu, the researchers told a conference this week.


That was the 105th International Conference of American Thoracic Society in San Diego.


(A:  Other links are there to other people involved in the investigations of it.)


Hospitalization Rates Higher in Kids Who Get Flu Shots - medicinenet.com / 19 May 2020


Now, this other article too is interesting. Again, it's to do...  [Alan chuckles.] with psychological warfare, folks, is what it is. As I've said before, if you’re telling the truth to people you don't have to use persuaders, professional persuaders. 


They are allowed to say no when it comes to their own life, obviously.


Now, I've talked before about how words are so important. This article is interesting.  I've got much more in-depth articles myself over many, many years from just different sources that you can't even find now some of them. And even books have been removed from libraries over many years. I talked about that years ago too when I saw piles and piles, like hundreds of books, hundreds of books, hundreds of books occasionally getting dumped at a time and local dumps. They called it, what was it, weeding out, that's the term they're using now internationally, we're weeding out the books in libraries.


Because a lot of books, you see, had a lot of information that might make you think about things and come to different conclusions about different things. Just inform you generally, y'know, of facts. Facts are an awful danger these days.  But this little article here gives you a little clue into some things, some of these are the best at these little shallow articles in a sense.  This one here says...


Changing the culture of concussion reporting amongst college athletes.



(A:  And you say, what's that got to do with anything, right.  They talk about...)


CSC is taking a socio-ecological approach to the problem, looking at vested interests in reporting behavior at the individual level, Organizational culture


(A:  This is important, organizational culture they call it.)


at the interpersonal/group level,


(A:  That's what we were talking about earlier, about the crowd and so on. This is a more in-depth little talk about it.)


and cultural narrative at the social level. 


(A:  This has been going on for years, 'eh.  Underneath it, it goes into...)


Detecting and Tracking Adversarial Framing in Mainstream and Social Media


CSC has been awarded a grant from the Office of Naval Research to study the use of adversarial framing in information operations by state actors to influence political discourse in Europe. 


(A:  Okay?  Now don’t forget, the Office of Naval Research, Navy has probably the larger, um, intelligence agency, it’s a senior intelligence agency than the other ones. They do amazing stuff.  I mean, I know I’m getting off the topic again just, that’s where I always go. But I can remember hearing years ago, and I remember I mentioned that in the late 90s and the talk of the study I noticed in Hawaii.  The Naval personnel had been studied for years by psychologists and behaviorists and the people involved in socioeconomic systems and so on, to see what classes would marry what kind of people they met in foreign countries. To get a more, this is what they said by the way, this is years ago, amazing what you stash inside your brain, ‘eh.  They said that the study had been ongoing, to find out what children of the offspring of sailors and military people makes, what cultures they mixed with gave them a more compliant docile offspring. I’m not kidding you. This is an official study. It went on for years.)


(A:  They listed the peoples that were satisfactory. Apparently, they didn’t want them to breed with their own peoples back home, maybe it made them more aggressive, I don’t know.  But yeah, they actually, obviously they already had the sailors grouped into ethnicities, ‘eh, that’s rather obvious, it had to have to do the studies, ongoing studies. And again, they had the psychologists and behaviorists studying them, quietly, but unobserved and all that, little chitchats with medical professionals. That’s how information really comes out is through chitchat, y’know.)


(A:  You have no idea what you’re living in. You have none at all. Now it’s much easier because it’s all on the Internet and people put it up on their Facebook pages. It’s all done, YOU’re doing it all for them, everything about you.  [Alan chuckles.]  Back to the article and it says…)


Detecting and Tracking Adversarial Framing in Mainstream and Social Media


(A:  So, here they are, right, how to alter and how to frame discourses and information operations, right, in Europe.)


Framing is the use of words, phrases, images or other rhetorical devices to encourage one interpretation of a set of facts (A:    …not to bring a common interpretation, you say what it is, of facts…) and discourage other interpretations. 


(A:  Are you starting to get the picture?  You just apply this, again, to Covid right now or whatever part of Covid you want to…)


…to encourage one interpretation of a set of facts and discourage other interpretations.


The research is an outgrowth of a pilot project conducted with support from Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories to study Russia’s use of such tactics in the 2014 Ukraine conflict. That project showed large shifts in framing prior to the invasion of Crimea.  This research will attempt to extend the approach to other European conflicts to improve detection of adversary efforts, development of counter-influence campaigns, assessment of allied and adversary campaigns, and forecasting of hostility escalation. 


(A:  Now, here's the thing, back to what I said before and the articles I put up before, and the links in previous weeks and months, when the Canadian government, the American government, the British government, and of course the British Empire - I still call it the British Empire system because whether they like it or not, they're all part of the same Commonwealth, they like to call it nowadays, are all under the same rule, and the same agenda.  They turned and they authorized, it was in the mainstream newspaper articles, the same cyber warriors they call them, they have different divisions of them and different layers of them for the military, upon their own people during the Covid thing.  Using the same techniques, 'eh.  Right?)


(A:  So again, back to influence political discourse at the time here.  By using words...)


Framing is the use of words, phrases, images or other rhetorical devices to encourage one interpretation of a set of facts and discourage other interpretations. 


(A:  It's being used on you now, folks.)


These are psyops, psychological warfare operations.


This is an off-hand thing right now, but I thought I’d just tack it on as well. Because folk have no idea where all their opinions are made, who's making them, [Alan chuckles.]  and how they’re even coming to them.


This article here now is to do with how they’re always blaming Russia for something. Again, it’s psyops, these different things, y’know. You don’t need another country to do these things for you. It says…


Atlantic Council's Ben Nimmo, Who Got Unz Review Banned on Facebook, Joins as Its Head of Anti-Influence Operations

unz.com / 26 Feb 2021


Leaked documents have unequivocally proven that the United Kingdom has been running a large-scale and well-funded program (A:  The links are here, by the way, to the program.) to plaster the Western media with anti-Russian propaganda and Twitter wants you to know that these materials were obtained through hacking.


Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, the connections between American Big Tech and these sundry programs were formalized with Ben Nimmo joining Facebook “to lead global threat intelligence strategy against influence operations.”


(A:  This also applies by the way to Covid, anyone speaking out against Covid.)


Ben Nimmo is a nonresident senior fellow of the Atlantic Council think-tank, (A:  Naturally, these ones are all pro wars and stuff for the same PNAC group.) which pays the salaries of pro-NATO journalists and activists and is funded by the US State Department and military contractors like Raytheon & Lockheed Martin.


He heads the Atlantic Council’s DFR Lab to “operationalize the study of disinformation by exposing falsehoods and fake news”.


(A:  In other words, with that last article, it ties right in with this one here, how they do it, right.)


He is highly accomplished in the field, having filtered out disgruntled British pensioners on Facebook and Twitter for several years now:


(A:  These are the different things he’s worked on.)


Ben Nimmo, a DFRLab fellow who has built his reputation on flushing out online Kremlin influence networks, embarked on an embarrassing witch hunt this year that saw him misidentify several living, breathing individuals as Russian bots or Kremlin “influence accounts.” Nimmo’s victims included Mariam Susli, a well-known Syrian-Australian social media personality, the famed Ukrainian concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa, and a British pensioner named Ian Shilling.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] They said he fell flat on all these ones.)


According to another expose by the Moon of Alabama blog, Nimmo also prominently figures in cluster lists in the UK’s “Integrity Initiative”, (A:  [Alan laughing.]) an FCO-funded partner project of Bellingcat (A:  Oh Bellingcat, that’s like, almost like the 77th brigade of psyops and cyber warriors.) and the Atlantic Council, under which “journalists”, activists, and social media armchair warriors were compensated for doing tasks like pushing the Russiagate conspiracy theory and launching smear attacks against public figures perceived to have taken insufficiently anti-Russian positions.


Ironic, given DFR Lab own fondness for cluster graphics:


(A:  It gives you links to these little terms and so on.  It talks about too how they’re using them for all kinds of social media, you understand. This is the same ones you’re seeing operate, openly now really, attacking people within their own countries. Your own governments are doing this. They are at war with all of you, and independent inquiry or independent reasoning even, y’know.)


I'll put out a link too, to the Levinson inquiry, as I say, that changed, that really, I could see the night and day change of the media, what they would say, what they wouldn't say and so on.


Leveson inquiry has chilling effect on freedom of speech, says Michael Gove - theguardian.com / 21 Feb 2021


After that last 2009 flu failure, although they don't mention the flu, but I know it was definitely part of it.  Because it was like night and day.  And it was 2010, one year later, remember, that they came out with a Lockstep, Operation Lockstep, how it would be in the future, the next pandemic that they would try it with.  This article here says...


It will take Seven Years to end the coronavirus pandemic by getting shots in the arms of 75% of the world's population - but the US could reach herd immunity by the 2022 New Year, vaccination calculator shows (A:  It’s all done through the computers, ‘eh, the calculator shows, ‘eh…)

dailymail.co.uk / 5 Feb 2021


The coronavirus pandemic will drag on for another seven years at the current rate of vaccinations worldwide, new calculations predict.


(A:  So, we’re living by calculations from computer modeling.)


…according to Bloomberg's vaccination calculator.


(A:  And this is according to Bloomberg’s vaccination calculator.  Well, who gave him the right to be involved in changing our lives and involved with all these different pandemics, etc.? along with Bill Gates? and all these other big rich philanthropists, the plutocrats that John Cleese talked about?  John Cleese of Monty Python said he wasn’t worried about anything, the only thing he was worried about were plutocrats, the richest people in the world forming a big club and running the world to their own agenda.)


Well, this is where we are, folks. And it’s been this way for a LONG time.


Then Spain by the way, you’ve got another article here. Barcelona.  


Judge in Spain orders incapacitated woman to get COVID-19 vaccine

latimes.com / 13 Jan 2021


A judge in Northwest Spain has overruled the family's objections and decided to allow health authorities to administer a Covid 19 vaccine to an incapacitated woman in a nursing home.


Remember the ones in Germany last week I mentioned too where there was a lot of folk in hot water because they actually held, forcibly held down people who had not consented to getting vaccinations and they gave them to them. And a lot of them have died since then. Of course, it had nothing to do with the vaccinations.  But regardless, they said, oh we can't get informed consent because some of them were senile, you know. Well, some of them were awfully ambulatory, one of them was even a jogger and very fit and so on.


But it makes no difference, you see, when you're old you're a useless... you’re a useless eater, for goodness sake. The bioethicists tell you that now, y’know, get with the program. So here they are, now they're just using judges to say it's legal to kill them, I guess.  Or, sorry, legal to give them vaccinations and if they die it's not the vaccination obviously. I would say it's far safer to actually take a blood sample, see if they've got antibodies already to it, like most folk have, and leave it at that, they don't need a vaccination then.


There's also an article out, a few articles actually, and I know this is gonna be a big one.  It will be a big one, folks. Because there's inquiries now as to, especially starting with the one, the doctor, because it's always important folk can make the gears start working.   The gynecologist that died, you know, with his platelets were destroyed by his own immune system, had turned on him suddenly after the, y'know, just coincidentally after he got the shots, you know, within weeks. 


But what they found, he had two types of antibodies. One his body created itself, so he had been exposed to the previous year, you see, last year, and then develop, like most folk do, antibodies.  So, he's immune to it.  But he got the shot in the spring, or this last month I guess it was, January or so. But anyway, and they said that he now had another antibody from the vaccination, a different kind. So literally it's different, y'know. 


Makes you wonder what's all the rest of it.


But however, some investigators are wondering, and health investigators who know their stuff, are wondering if this is what caused the conflict. And actually, there was a bit of a warning in one of the articles I saw, I read last week, I mentioned it, where it said that it may be possible that if you've already got the antibodies, right, that getting the vaccination might be dangerous for you, because of the different kinds, the conflict that will then hit you with having the two kinds, one will attack the other.


This is what they are wondering, 'eh.  And I'll guarantee you if there's any truth to it that will get squashed. Because as I said last year in February, this agenda is written in stone. It took years to work this out, years to plan it all, years to get the right people in places in all the big countries, in charge of health and so on, all in the right positions.


That's why it's not normal that you haven't got any dissenting voices in authority here.


It's not normal.


Anyway, just something to think about, y’know. But this idea of persuading the people to go along with the crowd, and that's okay to do that? When you're supposed to be giving each person, EACH PERSON, not the crowd, each person – after all the crowd isn't your life, YOU are your life – and getting INFORMED CONSENT.  When you say, what are the possible side effects that have been recorded by this thing?  And they're supposed to sit and read it all off to you.  YOU're supposed to decide if you want it or not.


After the Spanish one I mentioned before, where the judge mandated the woman get the shot anyway. So much for, you know…  Anyway, this is going to be a precedent, you see, so they're going to try to push it on everybody.  Mandatory. Whether you like it or not.


Now this article here...


Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” and Quarantines “Unlawful”

off-guardian.org / 20 Nov 2020


Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world


(A:  Yeah, the PCR test, they say themselves they're not reliable.  For Sars-Cov-2, it’s not to be a diagnostic. It’s meant to be an aid, if after you’ve got all the clinical signs and symptoms. They’re not bothering with clinical signs and symptoms, to see if you have experienced the clinical signs and symptoms of fever and cough and all the rest of it. If you don’t have that, well, it doesn’t really matter what the swab test does. Because most, a lot of them are false positives, and they say that, the inventor said it.)


Most importantly, the judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection.


(A:  …and that they couldn’t use it as, it would be…) 


Further, the ruling suggested that any forced quarantine applied to healthy people could be a violation of their fundamental right to liberty.


The specifics of the case concern four tourists entering the country from Germany – all of whom are anonymous in the transcript of the case – who were quarantined by the regional health authority. Of the four, only one had tested positive for the virus, whilst the other three were deemed simply of “high infection risk” based on proximity to the positive individual. All four had, in the previous 72 hours, tested negative for the virus before departing from Germany.


(A:  Remember that, it was a football team last year in the States.  They had all tested positive getting on a plane or something, before going on a plane to wherever they were getting sent, another state.  Then they were tested negative [Alan laughing.] when they got off it.  [Alan laughing.] I tell ya. Wonders never cease. Miracles still happen, y'know.)


The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read… (A:  …right, with the cycles, because they’re using up to 35 cycles or more and they become completely inaccurate, right…)


In their ruling, judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés referred to several scientific studies. Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.


(A:  So, we know that already, y’know.)


The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable.


(A:  Most of them are over that, that they’re all using in the labs, which give them the false positives.)


Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, (A:  Because they’re all different.) but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45.


(A:  …45, you’re guaranteed to get false positives.)


Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable.


(A:  Why are they still using it then? The link to that article, what Fauci said is hereby the way.)


You can read the complete ruling in the original Portuguese here, and translated into English here.


(A:  So, they give you a link to the English translation as well.  M-hm.)


There’s also a good write up on it on Great Game India, (A:  And it’s quite good that when you look into Great Game India, it’s interesting.) plus a Portuguese professor sent a long email about the case to Lockdown Sceptics.  (A:  That’s a good site too to get different information from.)


Mind you, if I can work it out myself, I know something is right or not or whatever, but you got to use your own head on whatever you're looking at. I look at what it is, or from where.  Whitney Webb also wrote this article, along with Johnny Vedmore.


From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”

unlimitedhangout.com / 5 Feb 2021


Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy.


(A:  The same Klaus Schwab again, using all the techniques.)


The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.


(A:  So, it's a good article too for those that want to read through it and so on. It's got some good links as well to the articles. Which you need good links to the different articles, that way you know you're not just getting opinion, etc.  When you see, ha, the different persuaders the government's putting out upon you, you won’t get all the other links to other points of view. As I say, they've got to streamline it to create one opinion on everything. That's what you're living through, folks.)


(A:  At least in other articles they'll give you links to the different quotes and so on inside of it by different people and organizations. So, it's really important to read them and figure these things out for yourself.  But it's interesting.  It goes through different people involved in all this exercise too, the Cyber Polygon event.  It says...)


Aside from Mishustin (A:  …who was involved in it.), WEF executive director Klaus Schwab and former UK prime minister (A:  …guess who…) Tony Blair


(A:  …again. The guy who went to his mentor and says can we use negative and positive freedom together. Meaning, to create the new society, that's what he was going on about, creating a new society. He went to his mentor in Britain to get advice, that was in the newspapers at the time in Britain, Isaiah Berlin.  N-n-n.)


(A:  It's amazing, the same characters just go down through your lifetime, in all these different roles, and the same bunch are always involved in everything that's going to change your life. Because they belong, they’re workers for the big club.  They're not at the top, but they’re workers for the big club.  Anyway…)


…WEF executive director Klaus Schwab and former UK prime minister Tony Blair participated in the Cyber Polygon 2020 event, which is due to be repeated annually and bears many similarities to 2019’s Event 201. Rather than preparing for a potential medical pandemic, Cyber Polygon 2020 focused on preparing for a “cyberpandemic,” one that mainstream media outlets like the New Yorker (A:  The link is here too.) claim is “already underway.” Given the WEF’s recent simulations, powerful billionaire business owners and bankers appear to be poised to use both physical and digital pandemics to reform our societies according to their own design and for their own benefit.


(A:  M-hm.  There ya go.)


I was thinking to about the Levinson inquiry they had in Britain.  Lord Levinson came out with all his recommendations for journalists, and everything changed. They had one in Australia too with a similar type of Levinson character, y'know, big High Court judge and all that who came out with the same stuff for Australia.  It says…


Kevin Rudd says Australian politicians ‘frightened’ of ‘Murdoch media beast’ in Senate inquiry

theguardian.com / 18 Feb 2021


Former PM says his fear of the Murdoch empire persisted during his time in office and only subsided after he left.


(A:  Wow.  There ya go.)


The former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has declared that Australian politicians are frightened of Rupert Murdoch – a fear that persisted when he was in the top job and subsided only when he left politics.


Speaking under parliamentary privilege at Parliament House in Canberra, Rudd said the “Murdoch mob” was seeking “compliant politicians”. He told an inquiry into media diversity that politicians were fearful of facing a “systematic campaign”.


(A:  I’m surprised that politicians are afraid of anybody, you wouldn’t think it these days, when they’re all on board together terrifying the public. The actual politicians doing that, not the, you know, but again, the media is on board with it too now, I guess.)


The former Labor prime minister said the unspoken word about Murdoch in Parliament House was that “it’s not in your personal political interests ever to go after Rupert Murdoch or Lachlan Murdoch because they’ll get ya”.


(A:  But yeah, they got the same thing in the media over there too with the inquiries they had at the same time. So that’s why Australia is all on board with it too and the media is all on board with the whole Covid exercise.)


Again too, remember too, Bertrand Russell and too many useless eaters.  It's all coincidence, like everything is coincidence, and y'know, it's coincidence that terrible effects just break out in people, unknown illnesses after getting vaccinated. It's just coincidence, you know that don't you?  It says…


Why more men are suffering from infertility than ever before

nypost.com / 20 Feb 2021


(A: It’s a big puzzle.  For years and years, I’ve done talks on this from the different clinicians involved and different laboratories involved, constantly examining your sperm count by the way. They’ve been doing it since about the early 1970s. And probably before that too.  I even put up the documentaries put out by some, it was a woman who was a top biologist in that field, fertility.  She also used the students, the intakes of students year by year, every year, in a university in a state in the US.  She had really recorded it rather perfectly actually, very meticulous. And reported it too and did a documentary on it as well.  But it’s just one of these things that happen, y’know, it could be anything that caused it.  It says…)


Sperm counts in Western countries have dropped by more than 50 percent since the 1970s.


(A:  You got to understand, I keep telling you, the CIA and all these organizations are not yours. In fact, they do this on the West before they do it in the rest of the world.  You see? That was the way of doing it before letting…  In Africa, the plagues just suddenly break out of nowhere, just… just coincidentally. Because they are a big testing bed, that’s my opinion. I know people too who are up in the biowarfare field or have been in the past some of them, who kind of agree with that, but the testing bed for certain things in Africa. But in the West, you see, they couldn’t do the same thing, there would be too much media to report what was going on. At that time anyway, now they would probably keep quiet. And have no readers because nobody would be left alive.)


(A:  But the sperm count just drops in the West instead, you see. It’s more effective, really.  And it’s quite cheap to do, y’know.  So, 50%, HALF, y’know.  By the way, the sperm that’s left is generally rather immotile, it doesn’t have the mobility; you see them heading towards the egg, you know, it kind of gets lost. Like most of us, I think we’re getting lost, aren’t we, in our lives I suppose.  So anyway, it says…)


At the same time, men’s problems with conceiving are going up: Erectile dysfunction is increasing, and testosterone levels are declining by 1 percent each year.


(A:  Do you understand, that’s rather big, it has been since the 1970s?!?  What!?!  What?!?  Yeah, it’s true.  There ya go.  Testosterone is falling at the same rate as the decline in actual sperm too, right.)


“The current state of reproductive affairs can’t continue much longer without threatening human survival,” warns Mount Sinai fertility scientist Dr. Shanna Swan in her book, “Count Down” (Scribner), out Tuesday. “It’s a global existential crisis.”


(A:  Well, the elite have never called it a crisis. They’ve always known about it. Which tells me that it’s meant to be. Otherwise, being the farm animals that we are, our owners would definitely have to find out what’s wrong.  But since they’re unconcerned, all the way up to now regardless of how many exposés have been put out in the past about it, that means it’s meant to happen, and they know what’s causing it. Of course, it is.  So…)


Dr. Swan should know — she’s been researching fertility for thirty years. She studied a miscarriage boom in Santa Clara, Calif., in the 1980s, which she eventually linked to toxic waste dumped into the drinking water by a local semiconductor plant. (A:  Semiconductor plants are pretty nasty stuff by the way.  I know they did a lot in Pennsylvania too at one point, some parts of it.)  She moved on to sperm rates in 1997 and they’ve been her “canary in a coal mine scenario” since. In 2017, she sounded the alarm with a meta-analysis of 40,000 men that showed that sperm count fell a whopping 59 percent between 1973 and 2011.


(A:  Now, what’s changed? Again, getting back to Sherlock Holmes, what’s changed?  Diet, injections and injunctions. Bertrand Russell. I wonder what’s changed, y’know? I don’t know.  Hm.  Yep.  Old Thomas Malthus, ‘eh, and all the eugenicists ever since.  And again, Aldous Huxley prattling off at Mr. Wallace’s interview, and starts off with, do you know it’s going to double the population rate by so-and-so, and yah, yah, yah.  There ya go.  It’s a main thing on his mind, ‘eh?  Hm.  And all, ALL his ilk, all that group of these, this scientific elite that works for the dominant minority at the top.  Hm.  Which, that’s what they said, right.) 


(A:  This article goes on too and well, they talk about infertility and how women want children and have got problems with the men sometimes.  It talks about counting down, y’know, to this crisis, the counting down of sperm.  And she says here that…)


Not only do men today have less sperm than their fathers, (A:  …right…  It says although… Here’s the thing too, this is the part I was looking for…)


Normal sperm count ranges from 15 million sperm per milliliter (A:  …milliliter, milliliter, that’s tiny, right, little milliliter, that’s how much sperm is in it.) to 200 million per milliliter. (A:  …right, 200 million, you’re thinking that’s a lot.) 


Though the World Health Organization deems a rate below 15 million as “low,”


(A:  …right…  Again, that wonderful organization, Bill Gates, remember Bill Gates, too many people, there’s a lot of people in the world, it’s going to keep expanding and population increasing. And he funds the World Health Organization, BIG TIME, that came out. So anyway.  Not that I’m tying anything together, I’m just thinking, you know, it’s a coincidence and stuff.) 


Though the World Health Organization deems a rate below 15 million as “low,” (A:  …which is waay lower than it should be. That’s for it to be workable, for anything working.) Swan argues that anything below 40 …million (A:  You see, you see how… So, they’ve actually altered the rate at the World Health Organization until you’re pretty well sterile, you know. But…)


Swan argues that anything below 40 million creates challenges for reproduction. Today the average male is nearing that number at 47.1 million sperm per milliliter. Compare him to his father, who had an average of 99 million sperm per milliliter, and it’s clear that this is a deeply worrying trend.


Not only do men today have less sperm than their fathers, but they also have lower testosterone levels. (A:  This is interesting, this part.) A 2006 study showed that a 65-year-old man in 2002 would have testosterone levels that are 15 percent lower than a 65-year-old man in 1987. (A:  Hmph.)  A similar drop has been noted in young adults and adolescents, according to a 2020 Urology Times Journal article.


As a result, prescriptions for testosterone replacement therapies doubled between 2010 and 2013, according to Forbes, but there was one troubling side effect: “90 percent of men can have their sperm counts drop to zero while they’re on it,” Swan writes.  


(A:  While they’re on it, while they’re on testosterone, so replacing the testosterone, it isn’t doing the effects, then there’s something else at work, you see.)


Sexual desire has followed a similar path. “A massive sexual slump is underway, due to declines in people’s sex drives and interest in sexual activity,” Swan writes. Men now seek help for erectile dysfunction on average seven years earlier than they did in 2005 and 26 percent of men who deal with it are under the age of 40.


(A:  Wow.  I-yi-yi.  Also, it says…)


On the more extreme end of things, there have been overall increases in genital abnormalities, including higher documented rates of undescended testicles and unusually small penises. These issues have been mirrored in the animal kingdom. Baltic gray seals have reduced reproductive abilities, polar bears have smaller genitals and lower-than-average testosterone levels, and alligators, panthers and minks have all shown increases in reproductive and genital abnormalities.


So, what is going on?


Meanwhile, men who cycle for ninety minutes or more per week had 34 percent lower sperm concentrations than those who didn’t ride bicycles at all.  (A:  Hmph.)


They mentioned that plastics and chemicals of course don’t help, right, and the phthalates, etc.  etc, etc.  There’s more to it than that though, I think, I’m pretty sure of it.  


Again, there’s no crisis about it. These articles are churned out every other year. But there’s no crisis from the top. Which tells me it’s meant to be, you see.  It just happens to fall in line with the fact that they want to, well you know, there’s too many of you.  And they keep telling us that, don’t they?  Hm?  That’s what the WEF is all about too, the great reset and the society they want to bring into being, you’ll have less of everything.  


What is In the Flu Vaccine that Can Cause Infertility? - articles.mercola.com / 15 Oct 2010


This article too again, I mentioned it before, the Levinson inquiry.


Leveson inquiry has chilling effect on freedom of speech, says Michael Gove

theguardian.com / 2012


The Leveson inquiry is creating a "chilling atmosphere" towards freedom of expression, Michael Gove has claimed.


This was after, again, it came out with… Like the articles, from the good articles that they could talk about at the time with the 2009 flu, that really wasn’t a flu, and what the reporter said about it then was straight to the point and who was profiting from it, etc. etc. etc. Well, after that comes the Levinson inquiry, using again a different reason for it, they always use different reasons to implement, really, clampdowns on speech.  And they used the Murdock, again, in Britain, as I say they did in Australia too, is the reason for it all.  


But in reality, all journalism completely changed immediately.


You can’t have freedom of speech, especially when you’ve got organizations that try to get CONFORMITY of speech and opinion, right, like I read about earlier, the article from the government where they’re paying them to do all this, to make sure they all have the uniformity opinion, by the psyop guys working with the cyber boys, y’know.


And in Texas, now they’ve got basically one system of everything which is electricity. I’ve said it before, once you take away your different choices in what you need to live on, you’re seeing monopolization, like, a single monopoly power takeover, and then your ability at survival is reduced during any crisis. So…


'How in the world can anyone pay that?': Some seeing electric bills as high as $17K in wake of Texas winter storm

wfaa.com / 18 Feb 2021


(A:  There was another article last week too, they said that it took 9, was it $900, or was it more than $900, to charge a car, electric car, That's what they did with the price of it all.)


It went from about $50 per Megawatt to $9,000.


M-m-m.  So there ya go, y’know.  You’ve got to have other methods of dealing with it. And you’ve got to have other standbys, stuff that you can use and that is plentiful, all ready to go. Because it’s your lives at stake, folks.  Hm?  Of course, it is.


You’ve got to understand that the wealthy elites and their continuity of government programs, ‘eh, the COGs, they’re stacked up like you wouldn’t believe. They’ve got underground facilities galore well stacked with all kinds of propane, and they’ve even got a coal in case they run out of things.  If it’s long-term underground conditions are necessary, they’ve got all kinds of fuels to keep them going for maybe a century they say.  And stacks of food.


I can see the trains pass me. I can tell you this Covid thing is going to last for years. I’ve never seen so many freight trains. It’s all freight trains day and night passing this place here. Never, never, even when there was a good economy before the 2008 crash, and then quieting down, there have never been so many trains as there is now. And heavy, longer trains, with maybe three or four engines or more on them, miles long.  And they’re going at one heck of a rate and speed. Believe you me, with all the stores closed except the food stores, the big, authorized conglomerate food stores, what’s all this stuff? Where’s it all going?  Huh?  Everything else is shut down. It’s not all going to Walmart.  [Alan chuckles.]  Years, you’re looking for years of this stuff that’s going on, as they get worse and worse and worse by design. To bring in the new society, right. This article says…


BoJo hosts Bill Gates and pharma bigwigs to plot Covid-19 vaccine deployment as UK military preps for ‘biggest effort since WWII’

rt.com / 12 Nov 2020


UK PM Boris Johnson has met with billionaire vaccine evangelist Bill Gates and 10 Big Pharma CEOs to discuss rolling out the Covid-19 jab and unveil the country’s new Gates-funded plan to “prevent future pandemics.”


Well, that’s your new fuehrer, Mr. Gates, ‘eh.  That’s as far as I can see. I mean, who gave this guy this power? They just did it. Well, somebody, the bigger organization above him obviously appointed him to do it. And everybody else beneath him has been put in that you just do you what you’re told, obviously.  Hm?  Come on here, y’know?  He’s involved in everything. And the money he dishes out to the WHO and everybody else, they are all in his pocket as far as I’m concerned. They’re all compromised. Of course they are. Of course they are, absolutely. He gives money to Fauci’s group as well.  N-n-n. All published.


‘Medical tyranny’: Govt advisers’ idea to give corona-free Britons WRISTBANDS gets cold welcome on Twitter – rt.com


(A:  That’s an article.)


UK MP pushes mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for travel, suggests army should oversee rollout – rt.com


(A:  Well, that’s very Democratic of them, very first world, you know.  And…)


Round up the ‘anti-vaxxers’? Enlist religious leaders? Bill Gates warns US needs to brainstorm ways to reduce ‘vaccine hesitancy’ – rt.com


That's what they're calling having a choice, y'know, you're hesitant.  You see, you haven't noticed the crowd rushing, y'know, like they told you, like the ones that motivate you how to use the crowd, well look how many of the crowd have taken it. Okay, I'll take it too then, yeah. 


Oh, you're hesitating. Oh.


No, I've made my choice here.  Yeah, I want to wait and see what happens when another virus rolls around and what this vaccine will do to it, any conflicts or something.  Y'know, just common-sense stuff.  Yep.  Apart from that too you've probably got antibodies against it. Why don't they just give you a blood test to see if you’ve got antibodies?  An awful lot of folk, if not most, will have it.  Why would you need a vaccine that's experimental?  [Alan laughing.]


I noticed too, Israel is, whoah, it's ahead, it's a test bed, it's a guinea pig. Israel is a guinea pig too now.  I've got an article here I'll get to eventually.  And by the way, from the Daily Mail in Britain it says…


Has lockdown wiped out flu? (A:  There’s NO cases in Britain…)

NO cases of influenza have been detected in England this year (A:  NONE.)

because of tough social distancing measures, experts say (A:  …says the experts.  Yeah, sure! [Alan chuckles.])

dailymail.co.uk / 24 Feb 2021


Flu may have almost completely disappeared in England after brutal lockdown …


(A:  Really?  Well, folks still were going out, y’know, and they were still going into the grocery stores and everything, that were packed with people trying to get something, their crumbs, y’know.  They don’t have trains delivering it to their special places for the continuity of government and so on and yada, yada, ya. But it says, yeah, so there you go, it may have disappeared…)


Yet officials are confident flu is barely spreading because only four people admitted to hospitals in England since the start of year were confirmed to have had the virus.


(A:  I tell ya.)


For comparison, 74 patients were admitted with flu during the same week at the start of 2020 — before Covid had taken hold.


(A:  Ah, dear.)


However, the figures suggesting flu has been annihilated are from a snapshot of just 25 NHS trusts. Data for the other 100-plus hospitals are not included in the weekly surveillance reports. 


There ya are then, ‘eh.  But that’s a miracle, ‘eh.  It’s a miracle. It’s not that they’re counting flu as Covid.  NO, that would never happen, ‘eh.  What’s the symptoms of the flu? I’ve got a bit of a fever, may be a bit of a cough too and stomach upset.  Ah, Covid.  It has to be Covid. What else could it be?


And this article here too, it’s actually from the times, I think this one here.  It’s something taken from the Times perhaps.  It’s the GCHQ, that’s the headquarters in Britain …


GCHQ in cyberwar on anti-vaccine propaganda

thetimes.co.uk / 9 Nov 2020


(A:  This is one of the ones I mentioned before.)


Spies tackle disinformation linked to Russia.


(A:  This is Times radio as well.)


GCHQ has begun an offensive cyber-operation to disrupt anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by hostile states, The Times understands.


The spy agency is using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation and recruitment material peddled by Islamic State, (A: [Alan chuckles.] Islamic State…) according to sources.


It is the latest move by cyberagents to counter activity linked to Moscow (A:  Here’s this Moscow, Moscow, it’s just astonishing.) whose aim is to exploit the pandemic in order to undermine the West and boost Russian interests.


The government regards tackling false information about inoculation as a rising priority as the prospect of a reliable vaccine against the coronavirus draws closer. (A:  This is before they could put it out, right.) A government source said: “GCHQ has been told to take out antivaxers online (A:  This is the Times, ‘eh.) and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.”  (A:  Okay?)


Now, don’t forget these are the same groups they’ve used in other countries.  They give you the tactics below, the tactics that they’ve used before to disrupt it all.  This is your own governments. So, so much for your freedom of choice, ‘eh, and coming to your own conclusions.  So, there you are.  


And oh yeah, Professor Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research Canada, it says…


The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”

globalresearch.ca / 26 Feb 2021


(A:  It’s a PDF, a long one too.  It’s got a lot of articles, or at least links to different things that have been going on and so on. And how famines have happened already according to the United Nations, in 25 developing countries. And so on and so on. This is total war on the planet, hope you understand. It goes into as well the mRNA technology that has a bearing on the human genome. Very important.  I guess they won’t mention that when they give you informed consent, ‘eh.  It says…)


Were the standard animal lab tests using mice or ferrets conducted?


Or did Pfizer “go straight to human “guinea pigs.”? Human tests began in late July and early August. “Three months is unheard of for testing a new vaccine. Several years is the norm.”    (A:  Yep.)


It’s a good article. Very long as I say, I can’t read all this, it would take a long time to do. But you should read it. If you’re interested it’s good. Information is something you should peruse, folks, because you have to make decisions. I’ve said this all along, the decision comes down to, don’t look at the crowd, for goodness sake, it’s your life, it’s not there is, it’s yours. The crowd isn’t going to cry for you if anything happens to you. And you have to deal with it if you survive it. You might be very well, y’know, who knows.


I’ll put up that one too, the odd-looking feminist professor who’s getting all this publicity. I’m sure she, most folk wouldn’t give her the time of day basically. But…


Feminist prof who practices occult calls for human extinction to save planet - lifesitenews.com / 10 Feb 2020


I guess that’s why she’s getting the publicity.   Also…


How the government can convince doubters (A:  …again…) to get a Covid-19 vaccine

rnz.co.nz / 20 Jan 2021


(A:  This is New Zealand, this one here, and how they...)


…use trusted leaders (A:  …to try to convince the… skeptics…)   to reach vaccine sceptics, and a failure to do so will worsen health inequities.


Aw, it’s to make everything equal. They go into the different groups, people that they all look up to, y’know, a movie star, things like movie stars and stuff like that.  Y’know, important people.  Y’know, not simple ordinary folk that are your neighbors, for goodness sake, y’ know.


…doubters.  Now again, once again, what d’you mean, doubter? Why don’t you tell the people what it says on the information pack that comes along with the jabs, right, on the side effects.  And also give them the facts to do with what happens after the va… Well, Fauci has already told you, it won’t stop you getting the coronavirus, it won’t stop you spreading it. It may, here’s your little caveat, it MAY stop you getting severe symptoms of it. MAY.  And they don’t know how long it will last in your body. You will get side effects. They say 80 odd percent will get side effects right away, like bumps in the arms or sore arms, or even arms that can’t move, stuff like that. Fauci himself said that, even though he touched the wrong arm after the shot, at least in the little video clip. 


But why don’t they tell the people all this stuff and say, do you want to take it and here’s possible side effects according to the manufacturers themselves. Why don’t they do that? Rather than persuasive psychological techniques that are meant for warfare purposes on the public to bypass them coming to informed conclusions.  Hm?  How about that?  If it’s so good you can give them the facts and tell them what the real facts are, and they won’t be doubting you then, right?  It’s a perfectly safe thing and all the rest of it, they keep telling you all that stuff and yada, ya.  Yep, give them the proof and all the studies. 


This one in Canada…


How Premier Jason Kenney went from defending conscience rights to jailing pastors

thepostmillennial.com / 23 Feb 2021


On Wednesday February 17, 2021, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney posted on Facebook: "Best wishes to Christians across Alberta and around the world as they begin the penitential season of Lent on this Ash Wednesday."


The day before, pastor James Coates had been locked up in an Alberta prison, for exercising his Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, association, expression and peaceful assembly. Like most people, Pastor Coates and his Grace Life Church near Edmonton were very concerned about the COVID virus back in March of 2020, when Neil Ferguson of Imperial College frightened the whole world with his wildly inaccurate predictions. Governments blindly accepted Professor Ferguson's fearmongering about COVID being an unusually deadly killer that we should all be very afraid of.


Statistics Canada data to mid-October 2020 tell us that, while overall death rates in Canada increased in the first three quarters of 2020, death rates have also been increasing over time as our population ages. Increases in death rates for people over 85 in 2020 are largely comparable to those that have occurred in the last three to four years.  We know that COVID threatens primarily seniors in long-term care homes who are already dying of cancer, (A:  By the way, if they’re getting treated for cancer, you have no immune system left pretty well because, if you’re getting chemical therapy and radiation therapy.) emphysema, heart disease and other serious illnesses. Death rates among men and women in the 65-84 age group are lower or comparable to previous years. Not what you would expect from an unusually deadly killer, is it?


COVID poses no significant threat to children, youth, young adults and about 90 percent of the population, who have a greater chance of dying in a car accident than dying of COVID. Remarkably, death rates in Canada for those aged 44 and under increased significantly in 2020, especially among men. COVID is not a factor here, so what is leading to these deaths?


(A:  Hm, that is interesting.)


Like so many other people in Alberta and around the world, Pastor Coates understands that the violation of our human rights and human dignity by lockdown measures is not based on science. (A:  And it’s true.) 


(A:  So, they held church services. Again, Christian churches are easy, they won’t fight back, you see, and they don’t have any elevated special status, so the police won’t go in there and play havoc with them, y’know.)


…Charter freedoms (A:  The Charters of Rights…) are violated by Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw, with the full approval of Premier Kenney. So now Pastor Coates is in jail, and not allowed to see any family or other visitors for the first 14 days of his imprisonment.  He is effectively in solitary confinement.


(A:  There ya go.)


Understand, this is also part of the fear that has been mentioned interestingly from China, y’know, even when Mao Tse Tung was the head there, the chairman, Chairman Mao, and he talked about the greatest fear he had was a big idea. When you really dig into what he was talking about, he was talking about religion.  Because people will fight hell on earth because of religious reasons and beliefs. As opposed to just basing, you’ll never win this by arguing scientific and practical facts. It’s their playing field, that’s why they gave it to you this way. That’s why they don’t want religion brought into this.


Because religion gives you rights from God, and that gives you an awful lot of power. And they know that. Whether they believe in it or not makes no difference, they know that if you believe it that’s enough. Now, when you get a lot of people unified in a religion, turning against them, then you are a terrible enemy of them. And they know that. That’s why Christianity is heavily under attack. It’s the easiest target of all.


They will not generally attack the Muslim groups for different reasons. But, the Muslims won’t stand up for it.  So, they should be a beacon for a lot of people. Because they have, they stand by their rights.  And their rights don’t come from governments.


There’s rights that don’t come from governments.  And a lot of organizations see, and even religions see governments as potentially evil, they’re of this world, as they call it.  And because of that, and look at history, history is pretty well a horror story when it comes to governments. 


There have been more folk killed by their governments in history then fighting other nations.


Yep.  And we should remember that too. They don’t want you to think about these things. But yeah, when things repeat over and over and over from government agencies, and even genocides, they should be very, very wary. Especially when you’ve got elitists running the whole planet now for their big club, and they don’t want as many people around anymore. They don’t need you. They have said it. They said it at the beginning of the 20th century, though, the Superman of George Bernard Shaw and his Fabian Society, y’know, was the one who could adapt and the whole thing into technical systems that were coming, up-and-coming.  And the old system, the old man was obsolete. They said that then at the beginning. Man and Superman.


And they haven’t changed their tune. They don’t need ALL of you anymore. They’ve got robots to do so much of their own work for them now.   And you are obsolete. You are consuming their resources, y’know, and just too many of you make their planet untidy for them as they want to, you know, fly over areas in their private jets and look down and see…  wilderness and open spaces and animals. Not YOU.


I really mean this. They are quite open about this. In fact, they hate you. They really hate you. And they believe they’ve got nothing in common with you. Like Bertrand Russell said, he said eventually the elite, because of their special breeding, as they select their mates, ‘eh, they really select them very carefully, or have it done for them by the way. And they inherit the wealth of the previous generations.  And they know what’s really going on, because they are the wild man of Charles Galton Darwin. They are not encumbered by morality or indoctrinations and petty, y’know, conformities. They can do what they want. And they DO do what they want.


So, you see, you’re obsolete and it’s their world and they’ve decided that they don’t need you around anymore. In fact, they are afraid of too many of you. They’ve always been afraid of you. That’s why they’ve had so much spy works, spy agencies out, for centuries actually, especially in Britain.   Since Elizabeth 1st especially, with Walsingham doing all the spy work for her internally. [1573] Because they’re terrified of the ordinary people. And too many of you makes them even more scared. So, it takes a lot of propaganda to keep you in your place, y’know.


This article here is from Gilad Atzmon, who is a musician, Israeli by birth. He lives in Britain now, or he did for a while, or Europe anyway.  He says…


Hot Off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the 'World's Lab'

unz.com / 27 Feb 2021


If Israelis are confused by the fact that their government treats them like laboratory pets, if they wonder why their freedom to travel, to socialise or even earn a living have evaporated, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla produced a genuine answer yesterday. In an interview on NBC Bourla said:


“I believe Israel has become the world’s lab right now because they are using only our vaccine at this state (A:  You see, they’re not mixing vaccines.) and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population, so we can study both economy and health indices.”


I have no issue with medical experiments involving humans if the participants are fully aware of all possible circumstances and considerations involved in their consent. This didn’t happen in Israel. By means of ‘green passports,’ the government practically threatens to penalise anyone reluctant to participate in a ‘lab’ experiment for a giant pharmaceutical company with a very problematic record.


(A:  It gives you a link to the problematic record that’s been recorded for over the years, by the way.)


The results of this Pfizer-Israeli experiment aren’t necessarily encouraging. Though it may be possible, as some studies suggest, that most vaccinated people have at least short-term protection (A:  It MAY, you see see, suggest it might…) from Covid-19, no one can deny the astonishing fact that in just 8 weeks of mass vaccination the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the Jewish State almost doubled from the number accumulated in the prior ten months. (A:  …where they didn’t have the vaccine.  It's doubled since they got the vaccines.)


Since Israel morphed into a nation of Guinea pigs, a virus that used to prey on the elderly and those with severe health issues has now changed its nature completely. After just 2 months of a (A:  ...that's what they call…) ‘successful’ mass vaccination campaign, 76% of new Covid-19 cases are under 39. (A:  They didn’t have that before, right.)  Only 5.5% are over 60. 40% of critical patients are under 60. (A:  So, they want young folk, right, are getting Covid after the vaccinations, according to this article here.)


The country has also detected a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases amongst pregnant women, with more than a few in critical condition. In the last few weeks, new-born Covid-19 cases saw a large 1300% spike (from 400 cases in under two-year-olds on November 20 to 5,800 in February 2021).


The evidence collected in Israel points at a close correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths. This correlation points at the possibility that it is the vaccinated who actually spread the virus or even a range of mutants that are responsible for the radical shift in symptoms above.


(A:  Remember what they said too, that the person, I think Fauci and that said, maybe Bill Gates, that the people would become like breeders, like reactors. So here you have it.   So yeah, look at the amount of folk who’ve got the darn thing, after they got the vaccination. And the young people, the young folk weren’t getting it before. After vaccination.  The links to what I’m saying are all here by the way, from the Israeli papers. It says…)


The evidence collected in Israel points at a close correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths.  (A:  Right.  So Bourla admitted after this, right…)

When CEO Bourla was asked by NBC whether one could infect others after receiving two doses of the vaccine, Bourla admitted:


“It is something that needs to be confirmed, and the real-world data that we are getting from Israel and other studies will help us understand this better.”


(A:  We already know it from previous country’s’ studies.)


If CEO Bourla isn’t sure whether his ‘vaccine’ prevents the spreading of the disease, why is he selling it around the world? (A:  …if he isn’t sure, isn’t that true?!  You know.)  Why should any government allow this substance being used until all necessary precautions have been taken? Furthermore, in the light of the emerging concern that the vaccinated can spread the disease (which CEO Bourla doesn’t deny), what is the meaning of the ‘green passport’? I guess that such a document could be easily replaced by a ‘gullible certificate’ awarded to those who were foolish enough to turn themselves in.


But Bourla doesn’t have to wait much longer for the ‘results’ from his ‘lab.’ I can provide him with the most relevant numbers assuming that either he or anyone else in Pfizer can read basic graphs. Every country that fell into the mass-vaccination trap has seen a similar unprecedented spike in cases and death.


The following collection graphs point at the undeniable correlation between mass vaccination and an exponential surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths. The spike in cases is often detected just 2-3 days after the launch of the mass vaccination campaign.


(A:  And he puts it up there for you and so on, the graphs and so on and explains them.)


Another article says…


Don’t You Dare Enjoy the Sunshine

lockdownsceptics.org / 27 Feb 2021


Yesterday, the R Rate was as low as it has ever been; infections, hospitalisations and deaths were continuing to drop; and Brits were told not to relax. MailOnline has the details.


Jonathan Van-Tam (A:  That’s the person who’s in charge of the health there.) tonight urged Britons not to “relax” as the UK heads into a glorious weekend with the first warm weather for months, warning that “this is not a battle that we have won yet”.


(A:  Argh, I can’t be bothered with this propaganda, these spiels.)


Again, Klaus Schwab said, this is a war, this is the terminology they’re using is war terminology. They said that early on in this campaign.  And it is a campaign, a war campaign, isn’t it? on society to change it all. And they know where they want to take it to. 


In the States, by the way, everything’s getting privatized over the years.  Even the few things that really work well that government runs, like the Postal Service now is going to get, it is going to be made purposely slower.  Right.  So…


Postmaster General Previews Slower Mail and Improved Employee Benefits, Supports New Postal Reform Bill - govexec.com / 24 Feb 2021


They know that eventually they are going to the privatize it completely, you know that. Then it will really get even more expensive than it is now. And it’s one of the few going concerns that they really have that brings in a big profit, but they siphon off the profits and put them into other government departments.  I remember reading that a few years back that’s what was happening.


This other article too is to do with, it says…


Pregnant Women: Beware of COVID Shots

unz.com / 18 Feb 2021


Twenty years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I transformed into a total health nut.


(A:  It mentions what happened, she quashed the consumption of caffeine, Spam and sushi and all the rest of it and started taking care of herself and says…)


Now, imagine if our culture encouraged women of childbearing age to be as vigilant about the effects of Big Pharma’s experimental drugs on themselves and their unborn babies as they are about our diets. We know all about gluten and carbs, trans-fats and Omega-3 fatty acids, mercury in fish and heavy metals in baby food. But do you know what’s in the COVID-19 vaccines (A:  It’s got a link from the CDC.gov.  [Alan chuckles.]  It goes through some of the different components and different vaccines.) that an estimated 100 million Americans are expected to inject into their bodies by this spring?


(A:  But it’s okay, you see, if the rest of them are doing it, if the crowd is doing it and, y’know, that’s the whole motivation for doing it.)


In December, I flagged concerns raised by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief scientific officer at Pfizer Global, regarding two additives in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: polyethylene glycol and mNeonGreen. Yeadon and his colleagues warned of potential fertility-specific risks involving antibodies against “spike proteins” that could disrupt the development of placenta in vaccinated women. It is “unclear,” they warned, “what if any instructions/information” that clinical trial subjects received regarding those risks.


Bear in mind that none of the clinical trials conducted by the vaccine-makers to win emergency use authorization from the federal government included pregnant women. That has been historically true of drug trials because, as Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors explained to me in an interview last week, the “cascade of events that has to go on in the human body to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy is incredibly complicated” and “we don’t know all the details of what we don’t know.” Gold called it “shocking” that medical professionals and pregnant women or women of childbearing age “would be advocating” taking “anything experimental.” (A:  And it gives you the interview to that too, the link to the interview.) [WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE.]


(A:  It goes into it too, about experimental mRNA vaccine and the possible autoimmune rejection of the placenta.  Which has happened with other vaccines before sometimes.  It goes on about the very little data available about, it just says vaccine safety and pregnancy and so on.  It mentions VAERS as well, that's the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.)


In the meantime, federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data on human COVID-19 vaccine recipients have disclosed “multiple cases of apparently healthy late-term fetuses lost days after vaccinations,” Berenson adds. “Healthy pregnant women are at next to no risk from #Covid; why on earth would anyone try to shame them into getting this vaccine?”


And then…


Staying Ahead of the Variants: (A:  …of this DEADLY disease, ‘eh, oooo.)

Policy Recommendations to Identify and Manage Current and Future Variants of Concern

centerforhealthsecurity.org / 16 Feb 2021


The Johns Hopkins Center for Health safety. There you go. The ones behind all these different tests and exercises they’ve done in the past, they’re already getting ready for all the different strains, etc. You know that, I won’t even bother reading it. But the vaccine industry is looking at, oh, raking in billions forever, forever and ever and ever, amen. With all kinds of new things and stuff, y’know.


I meant to mention too, Israel all also has the article about them actually handing out these electronic armlets and bracelets to people coming into Israel from certain countries now, so they can get monitored as they lock themselves down for a couple of weeks, by the authorities. [Alan chuckles.] It’s just astonishing.  I mentioned that last year, and I says, will they actually use them? Well, here they’re actually using them now.


Also, the US is back with the program of bombing Syria…


U.S. air strikes in Syria target Iranian-backed militia – Pentagon - reuters.com / 25 Feb 2021


That’s a good excuse, leading back militia, you have to take their word for it.  But they’re on the list, remember, Syria was on the list to be taken out eight years ago by the PNAC group.  And they won’t stop, they always get back on board with the program, and there you go.




Silicon Valley and (A:  World Economic Forum.) WEF-Backed Foundation Announce Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records - unlimitedhangout.com / 15 Jan 2021


It’s all been… your whole record now, it’s not just vaccine, they want it ALL now put on file for your passport. Not just health vaccine passport, but total health passport. And they are already sharing all your data, right. I’ll put that up too.


I remember a few years ago reading an article with Google in Britain, was already given permission to experiment with folk’s data. All this that’s happening today was practiced in different experiments over the years, y’know, little beta tests.  So there ya go.


I mentioned too that…


What IS the truth about Covid deaths? Grieving relatives along with MPs and top medics demand inquiry as families reveal MORE loved ones they believe were wrongly certified as virus victims

dailymail.co.uk / 26 Feb 2021


Medical experts have demanded an inquiry into the number of fatalities that have been blamed on Covid-19


More than 100 Daily Mail readers wrote letters after Bel Mooney revealed her father's death recorded as covid


One funeral director said it was ‘a national scandal’.   (A:  …what they’re telling them about the Covid.)  The claims are part of a Daily Mail investigation that raises serious questions over the spiralling death toll.


More than 100 readers wrote heartbreaking letters following a moving article by Bel Mooney last Saturday. She revealed the death of her 99-year-old father, who suffered from dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was recorded as coronavirus.


Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrat MP who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus, said: ‘The Government should call a public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic immediately with an interim investigation into all Covid deaths that should report as soon as possible’


(A: So, the people are getting really ticked off because they know what their relatives were dying of.  And y’know  well, what can you say? I’m not surprised with the cons. They’ve used so many cons. Because they must get the numbers up.  It says…)


Medical experts have cited pressure on doctors to include Covid-19 as a cause of death because it was last year ruled a ‘notifiable disease’, meaning any case needs to be reported officially.


(A:  Now don’t forget too, most cases now are not cases at all, they don’t even have tests, they’re just putting them down as well, they could have had it, it might have been symptoms of it, y’know.  Again, there’s no flu now, ‘eh?  [Alan laughing.])


(A: So, people are getting ticked off with all this conology that’s going on. And the thing is too, they’re saying some of them here, they give examples, that some of the people here had COPD, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, ‘eh…)


The first is that she had dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung condition that causes severe breathing difficulties; the second is that she was a resident at Aldergrove Manor care home in Wolverhampton; and the third, that at the time Jessie, 83, was a resident at Aldergrove, at least, there were no confirmed cases of Covid.  (A:  …but they put them down as Covid anyway. So, it goes on and on and on.)


I'll tell you another thing I've noticed too. Occasionally you'll see some startling stories, where as soon as someone dies, y’know, close to the shot, the vaccination, that's got nothing to do with it, right.  I mean, we all know that, right.  And it's safe to say that it's got nothing to do with it. It's better to say that.  But you'll see it in the newspapers that the close relatives immediately, or at least one of them might just say, but they're still encouraging you to get your shot, after their relative just died. And I wonder, and I wouldn't put it past them in a multibillion-dollar enterprise here, are they actually paying people to say that?  Big bucks?  Y'know?  Are they?  And not to speak out against, perhaps, any clues that any, ah, associated circumstances may have caused the problem or, y'know...  Just speculation of course.  There you are.


This one again, going back to one of the stories at the beginning,


“Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty” – Zero Covid document

gript.ie / 23 Feb 2021


(A:  The Irish news.)


The revelation comes from a trove of hundreds of emails, draft documents, and ISAG (A:  That’s the Irish Special Advisory Group for the government.) internal communications that were recently leaked to Gript.


ISAG members were instructed to “review and internalise” instructions to “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty”, (A:  …in the people.) and to “go after people and not institutions” because “people hurt faster than institutions.” 


(A:  There’s your democracies in action, folks.)


The instructions were shared to the group by Professor Anthony Staines, one of the founders of ISAG, in a note titled, “Notes from 2020-02-08 ISAG meeting” (the note’s title contains a typo, it was actually posted on the 8th of February, 2021). The note reminded ISAG members of the importance of ridicule as “man’s most powerful weapon” and that “the threat of a thing is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”


(A:  So, ridicule the people who are speaking out, you see, shame them and ridicule them, that’s what they’re going on about here.)


ISAG members, many of whom are regular guests in Irish media, (A:  …and probably on TV too.) were told that they could count on “imagination” to “dream up many more consequences(A:  …your imagination, right, you can dream up many more consequences…)   than they themselves as “the threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”


(A:  There ya go.  The same as the one in Britain that they handed out to the British newspaper journalists and so on.  Or at least news journalists I should call them, most of them don’t have papers anymore, I think. But journalists, the same kind of thing. The same stuff. From the same group really because the Irish branch works with the main branch in London, England.)


… “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty”…


There ya go. 


Send a few bucks my way, please, and keep me going.  Take care of yourselves in the meantime. And get your little groups together to help each other as we go through, it will get worse before it will get any better.


They don’t give up. 


They get more vicious, I think, as time goes on.


There’s a lot riding on this. It isn’t just vaccine industry or money. It’s a whole new way of bringing a new structured system in.  Which you wouldn’t like if you were asked about it. So, you’re not being asked.  You’re made to conform.


Send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Look into it, you’ll see how to send me a few dollars.


Take care of yourselves.


So, for myself, from Alan Watt, Ontario Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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web.archive.org / 11 June 2010


“Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty” – Zero Covid document

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