Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (# 306)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 24, 2009:

No Choice Variety from World Fabian Society:

"Hang on to Reality, Come What May,
As We're Re-Conditioned the Fabian Way,
General Public are Just Silly Children,
Fabian Masters Know How to Re-Build 'em
They've Brought in a Global Society,
Which They'll Rule as Lords in Totality
Don't Think, Obey and Do,
Experts have Plans for Me and You,
Personal Decisions Too Untidy,
For Statisticians, the High and Mighty,
Your Purpose, to Serve the World State,
Or Just Say No Before it's Too Late"
© Alan Watt April 24, 2009

Friday April 24th 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 24, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on Friday the 24th of April 2009. 

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And this last while, I've been going into the world Fabian Society and the big eugenics societies, really, that are all working together, they're all just branches of the same one Foundation, in reality; and how they bypassed any idea of democracy a long time ago, by forming a parallel government that was to be run by those who were the natural leaders, those with the intellect and who went to the best schools etc and came from very long distinguished family lineages. They decided that democracy was simply a cumbersome way, they'd never get their great plans worked out and moving, because of democracy and argument and so many conflicting parties and sides and all the rest of it. Therefore they did form, back in the 1800s, a parallel government; they were under different names to begin with, from the Cecil Rhodes Foundation to Lord Alfred Milner Group, to the amalgamation into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that's now world-wide. They have a branch in every country across the planet, they even have one for the whole of the European Union now, for the politicians and the bureaucrats, who give their oaths first of all to the global society; and then even the national leaders give their oaths afterwards to the nations, now there's a kind of conflict of interest there somewhere; but no one seems to bother mentioning it or bringing it up as every prime minister and president, for donkey's years, according to Quigley, in the 1960s they’d already been running it for 60 years in the US, have been a member of this actual parallel government. They don't need all the lesser politicians on board, although they like to have as many as they can; and most of the appointees of governments come from the Council on Foreign Relations.

There also is another special branch called the Trilateral Commission that deals with another special area; and for 80 years, they've been working to amalgamate the Far East Pacific Rim as well. That's why we're going into global government and it's Fabian, Fabian system has been using sciences to control people, guide them, educate them under universal education system. If we're all taught the same Plato's Cave, we'll all believe it, therefore all our prattle between each other will be familiar to each other, very simple techniques and widely written upon by those who ran, ran in the past, the big think-tanks and still run them today. In fact, they're getting rather big-headed and open-mouthed about it because they know the public don't really listen very much anymore. We like being governed or ruled. Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===  

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the Fabian Big-Brother World State, where we'll all be conditioned from birth to death, reconditioned, all through our lives. They used a term a long time ago from the Fabian society; and many of their members used it, they had their own meaning of course, when they said Continuing Education. People thought that was night school or something; but what they were referring to was through all the sciences of media and academia, you'd be trained life-long, upgraded like a computer in a sense, with new programs on how to behave, talk, think, speak and all the rest of it - pure science. The Huxleys were famous for their literature that they churned out on this coming society, this Brave New World, this orderly system.

FDR's wife wrote a book, after she came back from visiting her heroes in the Soviet Union; and she went off to see Pavlov, just like H.G. Wells, that was the big hero, because Pavlov, you see, designed the system for the entire Soviet educational bureaucracy and teachers. He designed the curricula, how to teach etc, using sciences, conditioning techniques and punishment and reward and all the rest of it, in fact, the whole Soviet Union was run on this kind of basis. They had worker of the week and they’d pick someone in a factory because he put more output out than anyone else, all kind of reward-type techniques, little gold stars on your report cards, just like they were using in the West.

Anyway, the ideas was that humans were just animals with trained responses, or they were born and learned responses, therefore they could be re-changed by the state, using sciences, to create the kind of societies - world-wide - they'd want. The kind that would allow themselves to be ruled, that was the whole point of the parallel government. And we have, over many years, allowed ourselves, incrementally again, true Fabianism is incremental you see, they never go too far ahead at one go. Almost, sometimes, but not too far, certainly not a lot in different areas, they give it to you in one way and let you swallow it and they sit back for a while and hit you again. Meanwhile, they're already working on the young, always, because they're the up-and-coming ones, with their programme, with the politically-correct ideas that they will think is quite natural, when they grown up into that world where they see those things coming forward; it's all based on science. I've gone through the speeches by Beria, of the Soviet Union, from the 1930s, where he said it was down to a perfect science in his day, where they could upgrade children every five years ahead and indoctrinate them into new ways of seeing, thinking; and even a different logic could be used. Today, it's even quicker, because of the communications at their disposal.  

Therefore, we've come to a stage where with drugs, they've drugged so much of the population, exactly as the Huxley’s said they would have to do, to bring this about. They've got school boards involved picking, and teachers picking and choosing who should get put on the Ritalin and all the other off-springs of Ritalin, which shrinks the brain - and it's generally boys with leadership abilities, that is not a coincidence. We see the rates of autism skyrocket; so, once again, there's another whole bunch of the picture, as far as causing problems or possible problems down the road. These guys always mean what they say and then they always get the force of law to back it up eventually; exactly what Lenin said. Now Lenin was trained by the best bankers, the same bankers that run this parallel government and run the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs; and through their Foundations, they finance all of it. The tidy world, the way it should be organised, according to control freaks and it's only now that some of the mainstream, they're always 10 year’s behind, are starting to take the lead, they’re catching up at least of what we've been saying here for 10-15 years or more. And this article here is - at least - rather bold for a reporter and I've read a few more bold ones over the last few days, in these politically-correct times. This is from Mail online: 

DAN ATKINSON: Turbo-charged finance has collapsed - Big Brother State should be next 

23rd April 2009 

Something happened to me the other night that last occurred round about 1977 - I was asked for proof of age before being allowed to buy a bottle of wine. There are several odd features about this incident, which took place in a pleasant and well-regarded Washington restaurant specialising in the cuisine of the deep south (prawn stuffed with crab meat and served with sausage and rice, that sort of thing). First, I am in my mid-40s - and look it. Second, the waitress who demanded identification was perfectly friendly but at no time sought to justify what she must have known was an entirely pointless exercise. 

We're all going through this rubbish; again, it's to make you feel apathetic and to remind you that, no matter how old you are, you're just a child to the authorities, that's what it's about: training you. 

Three, neither did she side with the customer or agree that it was all a load of nonsense but that rules were rules. Four, this is not standard procedure in Washington. Indeed, it has never happened to me before. 

It is a cliché to say that where America leads, Britain will follow. 

I’d put that the other way round. 

In this area of activity, Britain is, in some ways, already ahead of the US. Horror stories abound of supermarket staff refusing to sell wine or other drinks to parents who are accompanied by their children, lest they are attempting to buy alcohol for minors. 

So how does this fit in with my reason for visiting Washington, which was to attend the Spring meetings of the Group of 20 leading nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank? 

Those particular institutions that they’re now raising to their proper place, as the dispensers of cash to an entire planet and debt etc. I've gone through the histories of that, to an extent. 

Well, it has become a commonplace to say that, since August 2007, the turbo-charged free-market system has hit the wall, and that the free booting financial set-up brought into life in the late Seventies has crashed. But this system was just half of the equation that has dominated public affairs on both sides of the Atlantic during the last three decades. Yes, the economy was thought to be best regulated by the market. But at the same time, personal conduct was thought to be best regulated by the State. 

Thus, in this strange new world, the ownership of key British commercial and industrial concerns - power companies, engineering businesses and even defence firms, along with Heathrow Airport - was a matter of total indifference to the authorities. 

At the same time, the State became ever more intrusive in matters of diet, drinking, exercise, child rearing and people's 'attitudes'. Anyone with an 'unacceptable attitude' risked being sent on a 'diversity and equality course'. The same decades that saw industries sold off and shut down, and mega banks doing what they liked, saw also seatbelt laws and National No-Smoking Day.  

But take heart. Right up to August 2007, few realised how close to collapse was turbo-charged finance. I would guess the other ugly sister, the control-freak State, is in a similarly parlous condition. Oh, and yes - I did get served, thank you. 

And people don't realise the creeping-creeping Fabian control freak society that we've lived through and allowed, allowed, to dominate us, until lots of people actually view themselves, regardless of their age, as children; and they just bow and scrape to authority. Remember what Lenin said, now remember, the bankers put the Soviet system in place, the big laboratory for all of this. Lenin said there are thousands of ways that society could take or go in their direction but they must never be allowed to know that. They must think the one they're born into is natural; but he also said, at the beginning of the 1900s - and remember too, he was in touch with the Fabians, in London - he said that we shall set up services, such as police services, health services, children's services etc and they will eventually, by the millennium, in the millennium 2000, become authorities over the people. The educational system is a service, not an authority. Since when are drug companies authorities, with their massive organisational ability to lobby their governments and get them to pass into law what injections you must take? Hmm? And we let it go on, right down to your local level. It's time, individually, we start breaking these chains and learning a word that's so little-used now it says 'no' NO no NO. It's strange that you know children are - the first thing that parents try to drum out of them is to tell them is always no, no and then you forget it, you forget to say it for the rest of your life and where do you end up? You end up saying ‘oh yeah’, ‘ok, ok, ok’, ‘yeah Massa’, ‘ok boss’. We've got to stop it, got to stop it.

And talking about drugs and how the racket, the racket of lobby groups, going to their pals in politics who are generally in and out of the same C.E.O. corporate positions and getting laws passed to make us take things etc. It's time we started saying “no” to that too. You have the right of what goes into your body, no one else, no one else, I don't care what expert they call themselves, start taking it back and you'd better do it fast because they're almost all the way. Back with more - after this break, to talk about Merck and company. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, saying it like it is. The training that we've had, getting back before I go onto this article on Merck, getting back to FDR's wife: she came back from the Soviet Union so impressed with the behaviour of school children, she said you know in America, because, again, of this sort of idea of independence etc and personal independence, she said the children were more boisterous etc, laughing, joking and all that kind of stuff, playing on the way to school. But, she said, in the Soviet Union, they'd all be so orderly, very quiet, not spontaneous, but orderly and that really-really impressed her, this Fabianist, it really impressed her, how they could train children to be quiet and obedient and just stare at the sidewalk, as they all drifted off to school. Interesting that they hate individualism; hate it, with a passion. You see: the masses are easily led, because they always pick sides; and of course, the leaders of the sides are always chosen for them. That's how the dialectic has always played; but you can never tell with an individual, that's what all the data collection is about, because, for the totalitarian state, you must have everyone and all their habits and their routines and what they call sub-routines, all the things that you do, and they can predict that you're going to do this on a Friday, you'll talk to so and so on the cellphone and this little group there etc. You must be predictable, that's what all the information-gathering is about. 

Getting back to the fact that we've watched the immune system of an entire generation being destroyed - which doesn't surprise me - because Bertrand Russell talked about "using the needle"; big player Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell - for the Foundations. He says using the needle to make the people more behaved and pliable etc; but also, you see, you don't want a healthy and fit society going through the massive changes that are planned. Plus: how on earth could you bring in a form of sterilisation and suddenly say 'my god, we're all sterile, we'll have to create new types but with a different technique' and then you have Adam Mk 5 or 6 presented to you, who doesn't have to be born or conceived in the old-fashioned way and he's been genetically-enhanced to be a good servant. This is all to come folks, because those at the top never ever believed in playing fair, in fact, the last thing they'll ever do is play fair or ever tell you the truth, after all, you are the children; you are the children. We’ve got to be perpetual children, in their eyes; you're just silly profane people who can't understand the big things and why everyone must sacrifice in a common direction for this thing called progress, which the Fabians have decided and they have defined for us. It's their Brave New World.  

Year after year, we watch Merck and all these companies get their way with governments, who then mandate that children get stabbed through like hedgehogs, have all these pin pricks, from a very early age and we’ve watched them grow up, first with autism, or having their immune systems totally destroyed or having complete allergy syndrome. We've all got it, to an extent.  

This is from The Australian, April the 1st 2009. Now, a few years ago, remember Vioxx came out - this anti-arthritic drug primarily - and it came out within controversy, with some controversy; and even when we were dropping dead of heart attacks, the company, as usual, as they all do, were denying that it had anything to do with them. Then other countries did investigations and it was eventually banned; well, it's still on-going in Australia - and it says here: 

Vioxx maker Merck and Co drew up doctor hit list 

This is how pirates really operate, you see, these guys with the wonderful respectable businesses, this is the real world. We've all been trained to look for Castro or a Hitler with a uniform on, you don't realise it comes with a suit and tie, that is the high Masonic uniform: respectability. Remember Plato with his Virtues? At the end of his book, he tells you there's no such thing as virtue, there's only the appearance of it, therefore it's the appearance that matters; simple. From the Australian: 

AN international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be "neutralised"  

In their words. 

or discredited 

That means slandered. 

because they criticised the anti-arthritis drug the pharmaceutical giant produced. Staff at US company Merck & Co emailed each other about the list of doctors - mainly researchers and academics - who had been negative about the drug Vioxx 

That means they didn't give them a positive write-up. 

or Merck and a recommended course of action.  

The email, which came out in the Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday as part of a class action against the drug company, included the words "neutralise", "neutralised" or "discredit" against some of the doctors' names.  

It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics 

Very much like Monsanto against the farmers isn't it? 

against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims it interfered with academic appointments.  

Well, you see, there's no university on the planet should be taking any grants from any of these Foundations or these big corporations, because they're bought-off, that's what the money's for. And we sure as hell get taxed enough for education. It says here: 

"We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," 

This is from Merck. 

a Merck employee wrote, according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff.  

Back with more - after this break.  

=== BREAK === 

I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through an article from the Australian, concerning Merck, the big powerful, one of the big powerful Pharma companies; and how people come down with strokes and heart attacks, because of this drug; and of course, they literally didn't just intimidate doctors and other researchers, they threatened them. This is real business, this is how it really-really is at the top, and it’s no different with the guys up in politics either. You see, the psychopaths always rise to the top in this society. It says here: 

"We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," a Merck employee wrote,  

Destroy them, where they live. 

according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff. Merck & Co and its Australian subsidiary, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme, are being sued for compensation by more than 1000 Australians, who claim they suffered heart attacks or strokes as a result of Vioxx. 

The drug was launched in 1999 and at its height of popularity was used by 80 million people worldwide because it did not cause stomach problems 

That's how they sold it. 

as did traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.  

It just gave you a stroke, or stopped your heart. 

It was voluntarily withdrawn 

“It was voluntarily” - you should have see the pressure in the media about it. 

from sale in 2004 after concerns were raised that it caused heart attacks and strokes and a clinical trial testing these potential side affects was aborted for safety reasons.  

That's the reality of the world and these are the guys of course who are pushing for all these different injections etc etc etc that the governments are only too happy to oblige. As I say, why? People don't realise that every university on the planet is given grants by the same Foundations and the same Pharma companies, they're bought and paid for, they've sold their souls out; they can't get truth out of these universities. And if they try, a few of them, they'll simply get fired, lose their grants, or the Dean will kick them out because they don't like people not cooperating with the big founders from the Foundations.  

I've often talked as well about how, in Fabianism, you raise generations by generations, an inter-generational moving toward a particular unfolding of a pre-determined plan; and how they give the culture for every particular era to the people they'll need to use that culture on. As I say, back around World War I and before that, and afterwards, up to World War II, across Europe, brass bands, the military bands were very popular because they could always impress the poor young guys who saw smart uniforms and guys who looked very healthy and happy, better fed than they were, and they joined the military. Marching bands was all part of armies and empire-building. Then, when they wanted to destroy society, because the Fabians said they'd have to eliminate the family unit, the culture itself in every country, by degrading means even. Bring in free love, they said that in the late 1800s, H.G. Wells was a spokesman and writer for them and a founder; and then the state would reshape society for the coming global society. Therefore, they'd use the divide and conquer man-woman-child-parent and then the state would bring up the child basically, with a scientific indoctrination. That's happened, mission accomplished. And they have divided every racial group against each other, because they do supply leaders, they will promote the most radical ones on all sides and all religions, to be the top, to keep the pot boiling, to stir it up when they want to, because then they come out with new laws that affect everyone and that's what's called collective punishment, a term they borrowed from the Soviet system, collective punishment. Someone does something across the continent, well, you're all banned from even considering doing that, or even having the possibility of doing it. Collective, that's how you deal with the collective; and they said they favour Collectivism, it's now called Communitarianism. Look at Agenda 21, from the United Nations. Therefore the police they've brought up today have been brought up with the most debased society, playing war games designed for the military to kill people. They have no loyalty to anyone, except their own brotherhood; that's what all the movies portray: the guys with the same uniform are a brotherhood you see, you belong. It’s the only place in your life you belong; out there, you can't belong, because society is dysfunctional.  

This is from the Telegraph: 

G20 police officer said he wanted to 'beat up hippies' on Facebook  

That's how immature these characters are. He's a typical one, who's grown up and now he's wearing the black uniform that the heroes in all his video games wore. 

A police officer has apologised after posting a Facebook message 

Well, he's been told to, obviously. 

saying that he wanted to "beat up some long haired hippies" at the G20. 

April the 24th 2009. By Matthew Moore. 

PC Rob Ward wrote the comment just an hour after the death of Ian Tomlinson, 

The guy who was killed by the cops you see. 

the 47-year-old bystander who was struck by riot police on the day of the protests. In a status update to friends at 8.17pm on April 1, the Metropolitan Police officer wrote: "Can't wait to bash some long haired hippies up @ the G20". 

That's what they recruit these days you see, brutes, you see. There's a whole bunch from this link and I'll out all these links up on website, after the show. There's a whole bunch of links where you can actually see Ian Tomlinson getting some of the beating. The cops had their own coroner immediately dissect the guy, trying to prove that he’d just had a massive heart attack but an independent inquiry found out that, no, the guy's abdomen was full of blood, he'd been ruptured completely. They train this to do this with their batons and so on.

See, we're going through the toughest time, this is the big - it's like a big ship with a thousand chains pulling all the countries along in a certain direction and every little boat behind, there's America, there's Canada, we're all, we've got some slack but, eventually, we're all towed in the same direction and we're going through a rough sea, this is the roughest sea, until they get the global society together and they've trained a generation, the most debased culturally generation ever, to wear uniforms, to attack the public and beat us into the right path, as we go into the next phase of being ruled and managed by the world management elite. That's what it's all about; our culture for the last 40, 50, 60 years did not happen by accident, culture is led, it's guided, it's called the culture creation industry; and believe you me, nothing happens, Plato talks about it, nothing happens in culture, from the grass roots. It's all authorised from the top, because those in power would never ever chance something that was unplanned coming out in the public - that's fashion, music, plays, types of movies, anything, that they were not in charge of that could have a rippling effect, unforeseen rippling effects. Anything that comes to the public is from the top down.  

Here's another cop here, it's ludicrous, to show you what's going about today, from the Mail Online, this is the bunch that were brought up with the Star Wars movies: 

Britain's first Jedi police woman harnesses the Force to catch criminals 

And they've got a picture of her standing with her little laser sword. See: they were brought up in total fantasy, dreaming of wearing these uniforms against this world of the evil dead, that's all of us folks.  

Meet PC Pam Fleming - the first Jedi police officer to admit she is a devotee of the Star Wars-inspired religion. PC Fleming, a beat officer who has patrolled the mean streets of Glasgow for the past 23 years, stepped proudly forward today - light sabre in hand - to say 'I'm a Jedi and I'm proud'. 

She even admits to using Jedi mind tricks during interviews with suspects in 'an effort to achieve the truth', 

Can you believe this? 

although she tells industry magazine Police Review that she does not use 'The Force' to influence what suspects say or do. 

She's so stupid, she's doesn't even know where "Jedi" comes from or "Luke Skywalker". Luke Skywalker is Lucifer, dear, he who walks the sky, the light bearer. She's so ignorant. "Jedi" is Yedi, Yudi, the Knight's Templar’s mascot was called Yodi, Yoda or Jedi, it's all the same thing, prune. So, here she is, into a religion that she doesn't even comprehend, where, once again, those who are specially bred and have special insight and have the spirit that the profane cannot have, have the right to rule the lesser; quite something isn't it? And this is the pabulum we get fed; and this woman's walking around charging people. Anyone else would be locked up in a loony bin, but not today, not in today's police forces. 

I've said before: The International Monetary Fund is going into its second phase, of Bretton Woods part two, as it was designed to do in the first place, when John Maynard Keynes, and I've read the article that he wrote himself, said, in his life, he would not see it happen but it would come. It would come when? Right now is when it would come; and it would be the one to issue money, because that was written into the agreement they signed at the G20 meeting, it was a clause in there, a paragraph that is going to give the sole right to issue world currency. That was its intention when they set it up. Create the crisis, present the solution; everything that happens, including the crash, was planned.  

24th of April 2009 BBC 

IMF head urges speedy bank reform 

The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) managing director has said the US and Western Europe need to act more quickly to sort out their banking systems. 

This is Mr Strauss-Kahn. 

Speaking in Washington before a series of high-level financial meetings, Dominique Strauss-Kahn said there had been progress but it had been too slow.  

Too slow, for his liking, you know. Who voted these guys in? Who voted the United Nations in? Who voted the World Bank in? It was all set up privately, they are private corporations.  

Mr Strauss-Kahn said cleaning up the mess in the financial systems of the rich world was the most important task. But more action was needed to sort out problems with bad loans, he said. He accepts that there has been progress. But he says it is not enough.  

"In many countries the architecture 

Oh, they love architecture and building bridges. 

of a coherent financial programme is now more or less in place. 

“More or less in place”? “The architecture of a coherent financial programme is now more or less in place” - he's telling you that there's a new system. 

What is lagging, and where time has been lost, is in the implementation," 

This is not fast enough for them. 

His call was directed mainly at the United States and Western European countries. Sorting out the banks was essential he said, if there is to be an economic recovery.  

Whistle in the wind folks, because it's not planned to recover. How can it recover when they say in economics only the manufacturing countries can ever have the excess cash to flow around? Everything else in a service economy is passing it around.  

"All the experience we have of past banking crises, and we have a lot of experience with those banking crises in this institution, is that you never recover before you have completed the cleaning up of the balance sheet of the financial sector," he said.  

There's another meeting going on right now, as they press forward on finance ministers from the US, Canada, Europe etc, and then they'll give another declaration of what's ahead. He says: 

The stimulus from governments in tax cuts and extra spending for this year, Mr Strauss-Kahn said, is in line with what the IMF called for, 

You see: they're the boss now, you understand that? When the IMF comes in, they manage your country; loans, debts, everything and they tell you what policies to put in. He says: 

though he suggested more might be needed in 2010.  

Well, that's for the final amalgamation of the Americas, that's why he says 2010. The second last signature for the unification of the Americas is done by the leaders of US, Canada, Mexico, this year, it'll be in June, I think; and they have one more to go, 2010, that's it. I played, on air, from 2005, the 2005 first open agreement where they all signed and they said that there would be five more to go, then it's total amalgamation. Again, the Fabian world system that's brought in, this new world culture that's still being created and it won't be a mix of all the other cultures, by the way, it's to be a brand new culture: political correctness. You obey the State; you bow to science and experts. It says here: 

Every youngster to carry out 50 hours community service by age 19. 

I've mentioned this before, it's happening all across the Western world. 

Every young person will be expected to undertake at least 50 hours of community service before they turn 19 under plans to be announced by the Prime Minister today.  

That's Brown, the other Fabian who took over from the last Fabian and it says: 

Schools will be offered new assistance starting in September to enable their pupils to undertake the voluntary service in their local communities. 

Communitarianism: one day, if you don't turn up when the brass band, or whatever it is, is playing in the park and you're all supposed to attend, they'll be at your door, to find out if you're anti-social - and I'm not kidding.  

If the new target is not reached, Gordon Brown will consider making voluntary service a compulsory part of the secondary school curriculum.  

Well, he's just taking his orders from the global bosses. And once they get it on the books, I've said this before, like every other law they put on the books, it will expand to a year and then two years and then more etc. This is from the same government that's showing the US and Canada and the rest of the world how to recruit 14-year-old children to be spies on their classmates. Remember that word again: NO, no, no. And then it's followed up with children and say: ‘No I'm not doing that’. Learn to say it all over again: ‘NO, I'm not doing that, no’. Because that's what's coming down the pike, very quickly, very-very quickly and people haven't a clue, they haven't a clue that they’ve already been conditioned. I remember when the UN, you see, the United Nations made the war on smoking a priority. Every other country signed it into law, to implement it, again, Fabian wise, no smoking here first of all, then no smoking there, no smoking near stores, no smoking at all in the street, blah, blah, blah, blah. Fabianism, Fabianism: get it on the books and expand it. 

And I saw a youngster, at school, who'd been through the indoctrination process, the Pavlovian-conditioned response, recoil in abject horror when someone lit up 15 feet away, outside, as though her air was deprived of her and her hands were flapping, like a fish out of water. I thought my god they did some number on their brain and then the UN declared a war on obesity and every country started going to that. Now, they're saying ‘obese people turn out more CO2 than others’ and they said they're using the same techniques by the two guys who designed, for the United Nations, the Bernays types, the anti-smoking campaign. 

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, all the illusions that are promoted into our heads that we soak up by osmosis, as they say at the top, without reasoning it through, until our behaviour is modified and we're all politically correct, we can't think or say or do or whatever when things we might object to are pushed right in our face, with no apologies. We're supposed to accept all the stuff that's promoted to us, without complaint. If you complain, well there's something wrong with you, you're anti-social, we'd better treat you with drugs, or some therapy, until you're reconditioned and fit to join the PC society. 

This is an article from Foreign Affairs magazine; now the Council on Foreign Relations always tell you what's coming up in the world, because, after all, their workers, there are thousands of millions of them are all over the planet, working to bring this agenda off. They like to print it up in the Foreign Affairs Magazine, this over-priced rag that they sell, which they actually should give away since it’s all propaganda about their own agenda.  I'm going to put the link on website at the end of the show; but this is from a writer in Portugal who's read this article by Mr. Mueller, you know the big wonderful Mueller up there? Quite the history this character's got, from NATO and the UN. Here's a summary of what's in it and here's a repudiation of it, by this listener: 

What Mr. Mueller is saying is:

- The Taliban/Al-Qaeda threat is being dispelled for what it is.

This is from the person who read the article as they tried to drum up how dangerous the Taliban are. Remember, I've got the documentary, the video, where Brzezinski, back in the 1970s is creating the Taliban, he's right there with them, saying they're doing great and this is a well-justified holy war. This is what he says; I've got the link there on my site, go in and look it up. Now they're trying to say it's the big demon, oh the Taliban is the worst demon the world has ever had. He says, this is a response to the article, this is: 

- a well documented fantasy. The public is slowly wising up to that fantasy;

- The public perception of that threat was the only thing that made the war reasonable, in the public's view; and that's not sticking anymore;

- That's a problem, because Obama's goal (it's actually Brzezinski's directive) is to have rising military heat in the Afghanistan-Pakistan area; 

That's a fact, they've already planned that, even with the New American Century Group, the Bush bunch; so, Obama's just continuing the policy. 

- You can't have that kind of heat without a strong myth

They always give you a myth to go to war.

(a.k.a, a huge lie) to gain public support for it;

- The humanitarian pretext is actually bogus, and no-one really goes for it, so Obama will need a better myth than that one; a myth that would imply a direct threat to the US or Europe;

- So, why not put it in the clear Mr. Mueller (and that goes for the rest of the CFR as well): there is no real threat from Afghanistan, other than our policy makers' (CFR included) own geopolitical callousness and madness. The only way NATO would gain a pretext to surge operations there, would be by the false pretence of a threat (false flag terror comes to my mind, actually...). A lie. A huge lie.

Let's prevent this lie Mr. Mueller. This myth NATO needs. Pre-empting such a hypothetical criminal enterprise, via informing the public, while there is still time for it, would be a good thing, don't you agree?   

We're always given myths, there's always a great Satan. Ronnie Reagan picked four of them, during his term in office, he kept changing gun sights.  

Well, that hour rushed by and I couldn't see a caller there; so, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods and your mind - keep your mind - may go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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