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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 16, 2010:

Carbon Trading -- Fat Men Smile with Guile at New Cons Crafted,
Plundered Stock Mutter Talk as They and Theirs Shafted:

"We're the Cattle-Market, Yes, We are the Stock,
The Content of Trading which Investors Talk,
We, the Market, the People, the Easy Mark,
Conned by Eco-Magi and Left in the Dark,
Great Bird with Two Wings is All-Out to Plunder,
Only Source of their Income, the Masses in Slumber,
Trade our Homes, Lives and Offspring, No End to Gall,
Unsatiated Money-Masters, They Want it All,
Post-Industrial Society, They Dream Up New Schemes,
For Con-Artists Never Do Run Out of Themes,
Vision of the Good Life, All Tarnished, is Fading,
Stock's Lean, Sickly, yet Here's Carbon Trading"
© Alan Watt Feb. 16, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 16, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 16th 2010.  For newcomers to the show, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  I always suggest you bookmark all the other sites youíll see on that front page because the big ones go down once in a while, either that or I canít upload the recent shows to them.  So if you have all these other ones bookmarked you can pull down the latest shows.  [Official sites listed above.]  The tin can moment is always very brief; I always put it at the beginning which is rather silly.  If I was a salesman Iíd keep scattering it throughout the show so youíd have to listen rather than just skip over it.  But the fact is you bring me to you, you the audience.   The ads you hear on the show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN to pay for the air time, their bills, equipment, the broadcast of the show, and their staff, board ops, etc.  So itís up to you to keep ME going and you can do so by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on the web sites or you can donate to me.  There are a lot of disks up there and some of them have 50 shows or more on them and they are cheap as far as the prices today go for so many different shows.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  It is important that people do donate because itís generally the same regular people, the few, who just trickle me over, as I say.  I trickle over; I donít rush like a big river, just a trickle over.  This is not a business, but at the same time I donít want to be eating the worst food in the world, which I pretty well am anyway; thatís almost all you can get.  So keep me going and donate or purchase and we will go for a while yet, especially during this time when the world is changing SO fast. 


There are so many front groups out there you canít count them all.  They get their writings in the newspapers, big media papers, put in there.  Every single day there is a new organization, sounding very official, but in reality they are PRIVATE foundations, PRIVATE think tanks, all funded by the same MAIN 5 foundations who really run the parallel governments of the world.  Thatís exactly what Carroll Quigley said and he should know since he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  Thatís how the world is run, by VERY rich men who generally own the world banks.  They are international money lenders, as well as national ones.  They own goodness knows how many international corporations across the planet, but they also own the foundations; therefore, they fund the NGOs into existence to run your lives.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís interesting how the Western countries think we are so advanced, really.  So advanced compared to certain other countries; they call them third world countries.  Really, it goes along with the fallacy that we are somehow, weíve got more checks on things, more safety checks and different levels of securities to make sure that everything is fine in your food supply, stuff like that.  Of course nothing really is further from the truth.  Thatís the greatest cover you could have isnít it?  That of Ďrespectability.í 


We are trained to view governments as being somehow part of us, like coming from us and truly interwoven with us, like ordinary people and because of that we really donít question what they say to us very much at all, or even what they do to us.  I can remember when it broke out in Canada that Canadians were the test rats basically for the GM food products and had been for 10 years and we didnít know it.  It broke out because of a controversy in Britain where Tony Blair was going to pass the same thing over there for them to eat and the people didnít want it.  Some group over there found out that Canada had been the guinea pig for all this.  Thatís how we found out in Canada, otherwise we would have never known.  Then the Canadian government rushed out the biggies to reassure us that it was okay. They even put silly little things on the CBC News on it, maybe a 2-minute interview with a girl next to the road selling corn and asking what does she think of the corn; any difference at all?  Of course she said, no, eh, and that was it.  And thatís the standard stuff, making a JOKE out of something. 


I could tell what the difference was because the GM corn, apart from having hundreds of different genes from different species in it - insects, plants, animals, goodness knows what else, maybe even humans for all we know - it was also created to be resistant to INCREDIBLY HEAVY PESTICIDES, much, much more volatile, nasty stuff than they had been using before.  That was the difference.  Now you were taking in highly carcinogenic material under the guise of food. 


The Canadian government DID ADMIT in the newspapers at the time that they had made a SECRET DEALÖ a secret deal.  Government, this respectable government, made a secret deal with Monsanto and another company to grow and test these foods out on Canadians.  Isnít that amazing?  And yet we think we are so advanced with all these checks and safeties and all the other nonsense.  Mind you, if you want to depopulate the planet and that IS your part of your agenda - and all these Fabianists certainly are; that is part of their agenda Ė then you would go ahead with that.  Youíll bring up the death rate with cancers and allergies of course are incredibly well associated with the chemicals, etc and asthma, all of that kind of stuff which is breaking out.  Well, itís common sense.  Itís common sense.  But weíre not supposed to use common sense.  Weíre supposed to put it to the side and listen to the sponsored scientists that come out to reassure us, like David Suzuki. Thatís who they pulled out when we found out we were the guinea pigs.  David Suzuki, the environmentalist/geneticist who equated people with maggots and that lecture, that little talk that he gave to his pals at the time is up on YouTube where he says it.  Another Fabian/Socialist/Marxist. 


Here is India.  This is from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 


India halts GM eggplant plan

Wed Feb 10, 2010 / ABC.net.au


Banned: the GM eggplants received approval from Indian government scientists last October.


India has decided to stop the release of its first genetically modified (GM) food crop because of health concerns.


One of India's largest seed companies, Maiko, had developed a GM eggplant which it said was modified to be pest-resistant.  (Alan:  Thatís means it can stand up to incredibly high doses of these highly carcinogenic pesticides which get IN to all the cells of the plant and then you go and eat it.)


But after weeks of heated debate on whether the GM eggplants should be grown on farms for commercial use, the Indian government says it wants more time to study the issue.


The GM vegetable has undergone field trials since 2008 and received approval from government scientists last October.  (A:  Who, Iím sure, were well paid by the corporations.)


But state governments across India, as well as politicians, environmentalists and farmers, have opposed its production, saying there are serious health and safety issues associated with it.


Now the environment minister says not enough is known about the effects of the GM crop on humans.  (A:  Well, thatís not true.  You can look at the Canadian health and how it is plummeting, and other countries too that are using it.)


India allowed the use of genetically modified seeds for cotton in 2002.


There you are.  India has enough common sense and the people have enough common sense to complain and put a halt on it.† Mind you, it will go the same way as every other government once the money starts flowing under the table to the right politicians.  Thatís how the world works.  Sad isnít it?  Sad, but itís true. 


Everybody knows what happened with the big collapse last time with all these bubbles that were created where, really, nonsensical stocks were blown out of proportion for increased value as they bought and sold these stocks all over the planet.  Everybody who bought them thought they were going to get more than the last guy and more than the last guy, until it was just one massive balloon; one area after another including the housing market.  This article is from Raw Story. 


Wall Street wants to do to life insurance what it did to housing

Posted By Daniel Tencer / On September 5, 2009 / Rawstory.com


The ďsecuritizationĒ of mortgages ó bundling mortgage policies and selling them on to investors ó is considered to be one of the major reasons for last yearís financial collapse.


Now, Wall Street banks want to do it all again ó but this time, with life insurance policies instead of real estate.


The New York Times reports that large investment banks are lining up to begin securitizing ďlife settlements,Ē life insurance policies that ill and elderly people sell so that they can get cash before they die.  (A:  Probably to pay for all their medications.)


According to the Times:


[Banks] plan to ďsecuritizeĒ these policies, in Wall Street jargon, by packaging hundreds or thousands together into bonds. They will then resell those bonds to investors, like big pension funds, who will receive the payouts when people with the insurance die.  (A:  What a world we live in.  Really, what a world.  Itís like a big casino where they are gambling on when you are going to die.)


The earlier the policyholder dies, the bigger the return ó though if people live longer than expected, investors could get poor returns or even lose money.  (A:  Thatís the same con they are using with the health and the pension industries in the British Commonwealth countries.  They keep talking about upping the retirement age.  Thatís with the hope that you will die before you can claim the money.  Thatís the reason.  That IS the reason for it.  They just want the money.  They donít want to pay anything back to you, they just want the cash, because theyíve got lots of wars to fight and stuff like that, you see.)


Life settlement companies ó companies that buy life insurance policies and cash in when the original policy holder dies ó have been around for some time, but this would mark the first time that life insurance policies are turned into big business on Wall Street.




One of the principal dangers in this plan is that it creates an incentive to see ill people die quickly. (A:  Well, sure.)  The investors who buy life insurance policies have to pay the premiums on those policies in order to collect when the original holder dies. So the faster an ill person dies, the fewer premiums have to be paid, and the higher the profit.  (A:  This could only come out of civilized countries, you understand.)


Conversely, life insurance securitization would create a disincentive for finding cures for diseases. (A:  Well, thatís already there; pharma makes sure of that.  They want to treat you for your whole life but they donít want to cure you because then they canít have you buying pills for the rest of your life, right.)  If a person sells their life insurance policy and then their illness is cured, the investor who bought their policy loses money.


As the Times points out:


In addition to fraud, there is another potential risk for investors: that some people could live far longer than expected.  (A:  That will really tick them off.)


It is not just a hypothetical risk. That is what happened in the 1980s, when new treatments prolonged the life of AIDS patients. (A:  Yeah.  They were gambling on them dying, you see.)  Investors who bought their policies on the expectation that the most victims would die within two years ended up losing money.  (A:  Again, only in civilized countries could you have these kinds of shark con men, these con men that can see this.  I always remember Rothschild when he was asked, when is the best time to make money?  He says, when the blood is flowing in the streets.  It means that during incredible crisis or catastrophe thatís where you can see an ANGLE.  These guys, theyíre like sharks; they sniff it immediately.  They know where it is.  You and I would never even see it; weíd walk over it, a thousand times, but they see the angle right away.  Itís like the Council on Foreign Relations, with anything that happens in their favor, they always say, we can use this disaster to our advantage.  They immediate see it and use it.  These are psychopaths, you see.  Only psychopaths can think that way and see the angle that they can exploit.  Amazing isnít it.  These are the guys that rise to the topÖ in progressive, civilized nations.)




A certain percentage of life insurance policies is never paid out by insurance companies. This is because some policy-holders stop paying their premiums, either because they no longer need the additional financial security or because the premiums have become too expensive.


But if life insurance policies are packaged and sold to investors, those investors will invariably pay the premium until the original policy holder dies. Insurance companies calculate their premiums on the expectation that some policies will lapse. If fewer policies lapse, the insurance industry will have to raise insurance premiums.


ďThis defeats the idea of what life insurance is supposed to be,Ē Steven Weisbart, chief economist for the Insurance Information Institute, told the Times. ďItís not an investment product, [it's] a gambling product.Ē  (A:  Iíll be back with more of this wonderful world after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the trading, the big business in trading insurance, life insurance and how Wall Street is moving in big time.  It says hereÖ




The Times names two companies that it evidently believes to be heading up the effort to securitize life insurance. One is the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, and the other is investment bank Goldman Sachs.  (A:  Of course, of course it is.  The Credit Suisse is an amazing bank because Iíve got stuff here too, on the different characters that work for them.  They really helped lead the charge for the buying and selling of carbon credits.  Every con there is they are in to.  They get governments to legitimize the con, like carbon credits.  You know what carbon credits are?  Do you know what they are really?  Itís like an old religion and youíre trading sacks of sins, because there is nothing in it.  There is nothing IN the sack really, except your belief.  So you are trading sacks of sin and say, well, okay, weíre swapping these sins here for credits because this came from Canada.  This is Canadaís sins here.  Here are the sins of the US.  So they give you these empty sacks and you look in there.  Youíve got to be politically correct and say, yep, oh my goodness itís full of them; itís full of sins here. Well, thatís what carbon credits are and all the shysters, these shysters that run the world today, and theyíre intent on dreaming up con after con until we are in the worst kind of slavery the world had ever seen, they are on a roll.  There is nothing stopping them because they OWN the governments.  They can buy anybody off.  Believe you me, the psychopathic politicians that creep up into government are so up to their eyes in debt anyway.  When you look through their records, all their bankruptcies they go through, on the way up, these guys are all happy to take the cash.  By the way, they are all incredibly blackmailable because of their lifestyles.  Thatís why they like these guys in politics.  Of course, Goldman Sachs is in on it as well.)


Some financial firms are moving to outpace their rivals. Credit Suisse, for example, is in effect building a financial assembly line to buy large numbers of life insurance policies, package and resell them ó just as Wall Street firms did with subprime securities.


The bank bought a company that originates life settlements, and it has set up a group dedicated to structuring deals and one to sell the products.


Goldman Sachs has developed a tradable index of life settlements, (A:  It should really be death settlements; isnít it?) enabling investors to bet on whether people will live longer than expected or die sooner than planned. (A:  What a world!  This is great civilization, fantastic civilization.  We are on the cutting edge you know, progressÖ  Thatís what they keep telling you.)  The index is similar to tradable stock market indices that allow investors to bet on the overall direction of the market without buying stocks.


According to the Economist, the life-settlement market in existence today is worth about $18 billion to $19 billion, meaning that about that amount of life insurance policies is bought and sold every year. The Times estimates that a securitized market for life insurance policies could be worth about $500 billion.


Thatís where the sharks go, where the blood is.  Psychopaths everywhere.  What a wonderful world, eh?  What a wonderful world. 


This article is also about the wonderful world of big pharma because these are allÖ Itís amazing how they are all interconnected when you really go into the big stock holders of pharma and the ones that are into all these other cons and scams and military-industrial complex who encourage governments to use as many drones and bombs as they can.  They all have to get replaced once they are done; they just keep making new ones and they get more cash.  Everything is a racket in this world.  And all the lefties are no different, with their rackets.  Everybody wants to rule the world donít they?  They just donít want to do any work.  But they want YOU to do all the work for them, preferably for free.  This article is from the Mail Online about pharma as well, and how they are getting to the young girls that they want to give the various Gardasil and so-called anti-HPV vaccines to.  They are BRIBING them now with money. 


£45 shops Ďbribeí for cervical cancer jab for teenage girls

By Mail On Sunday Reporter / 14th February 2010


Teenage girls are being rewarded with shopping vouchers (A:  Look for the weak spot and the age groups and go for it, right.  Thatís Madison Avenue.) for having the cervical cancer jab.  (A:  Even that is worded wrong because they donít even know if itís going to do anything about it.  In fact, even the person who workedÖ  I read the article from the main scientist who worked on these injections, this vaccine.  He said it would do no good at all and it only covers 2 or 3 of the viruses when there are dozens and dozens and dozens of them.)


Girls aged 16 to 18 are being given £45 of vouchers if they complete an inoculation course against the HPV virus, the sexually transmitted infection that causes 70 per cent of cervical tumours.  (A:  Even thatís misleading.  But then again, reporters are not in the business of finding out if theyíre telling you all the truth or not.)


A national campaign to vaccinate girls aged 12 to 18 has been criticised over fears it may encourage promiscuity and raise pregnancy rates, and uptake has been low among girls aged 16 to 18.  (A:  No.  The reason is because they found out some girls have been dropping dead after getting it.  Thatís the real reason, not because of this nonsense here.)


Now, the £22,500 pilot scheme gives young women Love2shop vouchers if they have three injections. No parental consent is needed.


Bosses at NHS Birmingham East and North, which is carrying out the pilot, said it has Ďreal benefits for healthí. The project could be rolled out across the country. But campaigners claim the scheme amounts to bribery.  (A:  Oh, no kidding eh?  Itís just Pavlovian:   Do you want this?  Take this little shot.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  There are a couple of callers on the line so Iíll go to Zac from New England. Are you there Zac?


Zac:  Yes.  I just wanted to share with you today, I turned on the local news to get the weather forecast for tomorrow and I caught a segment that was tied into national news about a dog show thatís on at Westminster.  They started off the story talking about, before the break, like a segway into the show.  They talked about a dog that was stolen in New York City and then there was a commercial break.  They cut back to their show and there was this whole big thing saying, when the family got home from this camp where they were at, they lost their dog and they checked their answering machine.  There was a message saying that they found their dog or something and they asked how much money they wanted for the dog.  The owner said, well they would be willing to give up $50 and then they hung up.  Then all of a sudden they cut into the dog show and they talked about security for the dogs and stuff.  Of course, they mentioned, off hand, about how the dogs are chipped.  I just thought it was interesting.  It kind of made me wonder whether or not the original story about the dog was even real; whether or not there was a dog that was lost or stolen or if it was just conveniently used so they could talk about the microchip for snob appeal, like you mentioned before.  I have another quick quote for you too.  I happened to watch the opening Olympic ceremonies and I thought it went along with predictive programming.  It was John Furlong; itís real quick.  He said in his little opening remarks, ďThe Olympic flame has touched many millions and prompted spontaneous, peaceful celebration reminding us all that those values that unite and inspire the best in us we must never abandon.  As the Olympic caldron is lit, the unique magic of the Olympic games will be released upon us, magic so rare that they cannot be controlled by borders  There was a pause and it made me think, jeeze, they are kind of getting into peoplesí psyches preparing us for the take down of the borders in 2010.  Itís kind of a clever way to do it.  I can see how pretty much all this is predictive programming. 


Alan:  Well, it is; even the rings, the 5 continents and all that, interwoven, interlinked.  On EVERY Olympics they have ever had, if you look at the symbology, especially the closing one, the opening and the closing, you always see the 2 pillars at the back somewhere.  There are always 2 pillars and the fire and all the rest of it, and all the usual occultic symbolism.  Itís interesting they talk about how it brings us all together and yet these athletes would kill each other to get the gold.  Iím not kidding about that.  They chop each other, if they know someone else is taking drugs theyíll set them up or theyíll make sure the inspector walks in at the wrong moment when the injection is being given.  Thatís how mean they are towards each other to get to the top.  Everything is propaganda. 


Zac:  [inaudible] was that right thereÖ in í94.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Oh, that was on all the time.  I think Adolf Hitler said when he went to the Olympics in í33 or whenever it was; he says, Sports is just the peacetime form of warfare, and thatís exactly what it is. 


Zac:  I want to thank you too for your Fridayís poem.  I had that in the back of my mind when I went to the Boston Museum of Science on Saturday.† Kind of funny.  Anyway, thanks for all you do and Iíll let you go.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There is David in Washington on the line.  Is David there?


David:  Yeah.  Hi Alan.  Just to back up to the beginning of your program, you were talking about GMO and corn.  It brought to mind something that happened here where I live.  I feed the birds and I was over on the mainland a few years ago and went to one of their stores.  They had a 50-pound bag of cracked corn for about $3-4.  I thought wow what a deal; Iíll just feed the ducks and the birds and put a can of it in my van.  I go down to the ferry landing and feed them.  So I took it and loaded it up.  I put some on my back porch and the birds, crows even, would come up there and land but they wouldnít eat this stuff.  It was genetically modified corn.  I took it and threw it all over the place down here at the ferry landing and usually the gulls and crows will come around and that stuff will be gone before you can turn around and look again.  They wouldnít touch this stuff.  It just sat there until it rotted. 


Alan:  Yes.  They know all this stuff too.  Even the bees were dying with it.  Back about 10-12 years ago the bees in Ontario were dying from it.  I knew the chief beekeeper who was the head of the Ontario Beekeepers, the Federation.  I used to go into his yard and all the bees coming in from the north were coming back in a drugged state and then they would just slowly die.  He inquired from the Ministry of Agriculture, the government, if they had any GM crops and where were they planted.  They send him the map back of where it was.  They were very reluctant to give it to him, of these test beds, but they were right to the north of where his bees that were going northwards were.  So they were taking the pollen from this stuff and of course, they were getting soaked in pesticide, they were getting poisoned pollen and it was killing them.  So they know darned well whatís causing this.  It was the same thing when they blamed it on West Nile virus.  It was a bad year for all animals, a bad winter.  Even the crows eventually were eating the GM seed and they were dying off.  They learned though, crows are very intelligent and they learned.  They wonít touch them now, so youíre quite right.  But they blamed it on West Nile virus at the time.


David:  They had some sort of an innate sense that turned them right away from it.  I donít know if they couldÖ what they detected in it but they just wouldnít eat.


Alan:  Itís the same with the deer.  The deer, Iíve seen them come down to fields when I lived just a bit further south and theyíd always go into the non-GM corn fields and they would leave the ones that were GM modified, right next to it and theyíd leave that alone.  They just would go into the natural stuff. 


David:  If people donít hold to, or get the understanding or the knowledge of whatís going on, they are making themselves sick, all sorts of intestinal disorders and things, eating this.


Alan:  It is.  Youíre right enough.  Itís bioengineering us.  People are coming down with far more cancers than before, which is only natural when you are taking SO much pesticide, incredibly strong pesticide.  Monsanto pesticide is 10 times stronger than any other type.  You are taking that IN with the food because the plants, remember, live off moisture.  They soak up the moisture through capillary action, in their cells, and that sucks up the poisons with it too.  So itís all throughout the plant.  You canít just wash it off; itís in the plant too.  It gets into your stomach and it is altering the DNA structure and then you end up with cancers.


David:  I might mention also, something you said reminded me of a web site at The University of Calgary.  There is a video on their web site showing, itís a microscopic view and a video of it, the mercury destroying the synapses.  It actually shows it curling up and wrinkling up and what it looks like and they find in Alzheimerís disease.


Alan:  Thatís correct.  Iíve seen that one in fact.  I think one news station broadcast it on television at one time.  Yes, it does; it literally destroys the synapses by damaging the dendrites at the end of the nerves themselves.  Youíre quite right.  Thatís what they put into the inoculations.  Now theyíre telling us mercury is good for you.  They tell you itís bad if you break a thermometer; donít clean it up yourself, get in the disposal guys.  Itís the same if you break one of these new light bulbs with the mercury vapor in it; donít breathe it in, donít clean it up yourself, itís poisonous.  But itís okay to inject it right into you; itís safe when theyÖ See, what they do is they say a prayer over it in the pharma where they make it.  They say a prayer and NOW itís HOLY mercury and itís okay for you. 


David:  Yeah.  People should take a look at that so they can see for themselves.  The evidence there is, well, itís convincing. 


Alan:  It is convincing.  Thatís empirical.  In other words, you test it, you see what happens.  Thatís proof there, right there. 


David:  They are getting it.  Okay Alan, thanks very much.  Good program and I enjoy it very much.  Nice to speak with you again.


Alan:  You take care. 


David:  Thank you.  Bye.


Thatís the world that we live in, as I say.  Itís like the government, here they are selling your sins, you know these carbon credits, empty sacks but when you pull out the mouth, you see itís now full; it looks kind of full when you open the mouth.  It opens up and now itís full of carbon, you see.  Thatís your CO2 that you are breathing out and thatís your sins.  Itís the same con there too but the world is RUN by cons.  The most amazing thing is, with using Bernays techniques and mass propaganda, with the ability of mass media to get it through to you, theyíve gone so much further than any governments in previous times could possibly ever imagine and it works so well doesnít it.  It really does. 


Now, as the world really goes along this predetermined path, financial amalgamation, everything into this so-called ďnew world order.Ē  Tony Blair called it that at the big G20 meeting and many others called it that too; so did Mr. Brown that took over for him.  Theyíre both Fabians, they go to the same club and they are members of the Fabian Society that SWORE TO DEPOPULATE the world on behalf of pretending that they were for the working people.  Thatís why they have their image; itís the wolf, the wolf in sheepís clothing IS their motto, you know.  They pretend they are there to help the working class but remember, George Bernard Shaw is up on that movie, The Soviet Story.  Youíll see an old, rare clip of him, a co-founder of the Fabian Society, talking about it and he says, youíll have to come to us and justify why we should keep you live.  Because you must work for the state, you SERVE the system.  George Bernard Shaw also asked the scientists of Britain back then to come up with a nice odorless, tasteless, efficient, quick-acting gas that would kill the people painlessly, he said, humanely... because he wanted to kill off all the useless eaters.   No kidding.  These are the characters that are in power all over now, the Fabian Society.


Part of the process theyíre going through now too, is to use cash, this thing that weíre all made to use and of course weíre all stuck on it so they can do what they want.  Now itís time to rope in the actual paper money.  They want to go all-electronic but they also want to limit your transactions.  Not for corporations, just for YOU, the little guy.  This article is about Greece. 


Greece to Make All Large Cash Transactions Illegal

By Rocky Vega / DailyReckoning.com / 02/16/10


Stockholm, Sweden Ė Talk about making a currency less attractive. Given all the concern about weaknesses in the structure of the euro under strong economic headwinds, and its foundation in the perhaps too loosely-aligned euro area, it seems like a bad time to make using large quantities of euro cash illegal. And yet, that is exactly what Greece is going.  (A:  See, the IMF came down on Greece and they are running the show.)


Embroiled in its debt crisis and looking for any avenue to bolster tax receipts it has done the unthinkable Ė it has made its own ďlegal tenderĒ illegal for transactions over 1,500 euros. Of course, larger credit- or debit-based electronic transactions over 1,500 will still be denominated in euros. However, electronic transactions clearly require infrastructure and limit personal freedom.


From Reuters:


ďFrom 1. Jan. 2011, every transaction above 1,500 euros between natural persons (A:  I like the legalities here, Ďnatural personsíÖ) and businesses (A:  Which are artificial entities, but then so are YOU, if you are all CAPITALS.  Thatís why you get block letters when the government sends you any mail.  They have to turn you into a corporate person, a fiction.), or between businesses, will not be considered legal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cardsĒ


It seems wrong for the Greek state to dictate how cash euros can be used. In fact, itís surprising that the EU-endorsed plan would allow Greece to control euro usage at that level. Several other primarily tax-related measures are included in the same plan:


* ďDeposits in banks outside Greece are exempted from audits of their origin if they are repatriated within six months of the passing of the tax bill and are taxed with a 5 percent rateĒ  (A:  This is to be a prototype for the whole of Europe.)


* ď[in a] new tax scale, there is a shift of the burden from low and middle income to high incomes.


* ďtax relief for incomes up to 40,000 (euros)Ē


* ďTaxable income based on the new scales will include capital gains from the short-term trading of stocksĒ


* ďEvery autonomous taxation Ö for special professions, like engineers, architects, taxis, gas station owners and kiosks is abolishedĒ


Despite the fact that the reform bill is a piece of an approved EU plan to help improve Greek tax revenue and reduce deficit, it seems to go too far in curtailing personal liberty. A 1,500 euro limit for cash transactions seems unreasonable on its face and it begs the question of what enforcement of the law would engender. (A:  Supposing you were wanting to give 1,500 euros to your daughter or your son or something and you gave them cashÖ itís an illegal act right there.)  Basically, how much is a government willing to punish its own citizens for using ďtoo muchĒ of their own legal tender in an otherwise legal transaction?


In fact, any cash limit other than those naturally imposed by the sheer inconvenience of carrying suitcases filled with money has a draconian feel to it. Itís especially true when combined with the obligatory repatriation of deposits described above. At some level Greece is steering its own citizens toward being excluded from participation in a market-based society unless they keep plenty of transaction-ready funds stored in Greek bank accounts. 


But thatís to be a prototype for the rest of Europe.  You see, Greece had other ways to get out of this but they were all illegal under the new EU laws.  You have to do what the EU laws dictate that you do and this is the way that the EU is giving them to try to get out of it.  Punish the populace as always.  Itís always the populace thatís gets punished.  Isnít that something?  Not the big guys that trade the market stocks and the bubbles and all that, itís always YOU.  Itís always you at the bottom.  The more things change, the more they stay the same eh?  Quite somethingÖ  quite something. 


Here is a good article about the sins, you know the sacks of sins they call the carbon taxes.  Thatís all it is.  Itís just a fantasy, somebodyís imagination.  This is from the Council on Foreign Relations own web site.  It saysÖ


Carbon Markets March On

Interviewee:  Joelle Chassard, Manager, World Bank Carbon Finance Unit

Interviewer:  Toni Johnson, Staff Writer, CFR.org / February 5, 2010


The UN's December Copenhagen meeting on climate change ended with draft text of an agreement that left many provisions undecided. The subsequent uncertainty about the future of international action on climate change suggested that interest in carbon trading and carbon financing could be depressed (FT). But Joelle Chassard, manager of the World Bank's Carbon Finance unit, sees hopeful signs in the February 1 submissions by more than fifty countries (A:  This is what your countries really did there.) on their voluntary emissions reduction actions (A:  There is a PDF you can get and download it from this site.  Iíll put all these articles up on my site at the end of the show for you to download.)  (PDF) under the Copenhagen Accord. (A:  Iíll read this when I come back from this break.  Back in a moment.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Council on Foreign Relations which is really all about money, the money they hope to rake in and everybody at the top is going to rake in.  Itís all that money, all this carbon stuff, not about the nonsense they are telling us.  Itís a great con isnít it?  Itís a great CON, really, going through complicated mathematical computations to transfer energy into what it could be if they were carbon.  Thatís how they are working out this nonsense and your sin taxes, how you are going to pay sacks of nothingness.  They pass empty sacks with each other but youíve got to BELIEVE there is a lot of carbon in there.  Thatís the whole thing.  Itís in the air; itís in your imagination in fact.  Itís not even in the air; itís only a very small percentage of the air, that CO2, BUT youíve got to believe itís massive, itís massive.  It says hereÖ.


The UN's December Copenhagen meeting on climate change ended with draft text of an agreement that left many provisions undecided. The subsequent uncertainty about the future of international action on climate change suggested that interest in carbon trading and carbon financing could be depressed (FT). But Joelle Chassard, manager of the World Bank's Carbon Finance unit, sees hopeful signs in the February 1 submissions by more than fifty countries on their voluntary emissions reduction actions (PDF) under the Copenhagen Accord. (A:  Which actually is the 10th.  The Copenhagen Accord is the 10th treaty under the Kyoto.  This is a CONTINUATION with more to go until we have nothing left.  Youíll be living in an igloo if youíre lucky; if itís deemed to be thermally efficient you might get to live in an igloo.)  "We feel quite encouraged, but from an outsider's perspective, it may not be as meaningful because there still is so much work to be done to translate that political commitment into the nitty-gritty of implementation," Chassard says, arguing the overall demand for carbon trading will continue to rise.  (A:  You see, itís all about CASH, plundering the public as always, PLUNDER THE PUBLIC.)   "[If] you talk to companies, all the economic actors working on future development, it's almost now a given that you have to take into account the impacts of climate change."  (A:  Which has just been demolished with all the scams that have been exposed, that they got up to, to pull this con off of climate change.  Even Jones, one of the guys at the centers of ONE of the main scandals, out of the many, has done a u-turn on that and says itís actually been cooling for the last 15 years.  Complete u-turn.  He was the professor that led the East Anglia group on this climate change for the IPCC.)  She notes that movement on a U.S. carbon market is also playing a role in improving the outlook for global carbon markets. (A:  Money, money, money, money.  Itís not enough that they take your pensions away from you.  Itís not enough that theyíre actually trading on you living or dying with insurance policies. Here theyíre out to take every last DIME off of you under this, well, youíre breathing too much; Youíre destroying OUR planet so you have to really tighten your waist a bit and cough up more cash to us.  This is what itís all about.  MASTER AND SLAVE... master and slave....)   "We do hope if there is a legislation adopted by the U.S., it will include some sort of cap-and-trade scheme," she says. "That will create a lot of demand for emissions-reducing projects in developing countries." 


Utter nonsense.  In fact, a lot of the far lefties have left the far lefties because they say why shouldnít these countries like Africa have the right to decide for themselves how they want to get power to power their own energy for their own possible industry thatís coming up and all the rest of it?  This stuff at this Copenhagen Accord is putting Africa into a position where it will be UNABLE to do that.  If you put up a couple of solar panels youíre lucky to light a flashlight bulb never mind run a plant.  So itís going to keep them in a primitive state but thatís what they want at the top.  Thatís what they want. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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