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In Works for Long Time -- The New Paradigm:
Aldous Huxley, Well-Schooled, Never Rude,
New Slaves Would Come to Love Their Servitude:

"Survivors Move On and Above Their Own Kind,
Armageddon is Over, 'twas War On the Mind,
Dumbed Down By Degrees from Below Par to Stupid,
Encouraged to Party, Chase Erotica Cupid,
Our Masters Warned Us, At Least Those with Hearing,
They'd Raise a Generation by Social Engineering,
Responding to Triggers, Such as 'Sustainability',
This From Youngsters with Low Sperm, Poor Motility,
They'll Gladly Pay Carbon Taxes and Privilege Fees,
The Condor to the Con-Gore Gets Down on Knees,
And Kisses the Feet of He-Who-Brought Slavery,
An Actor Really, Coached by Masters in Knavery,
On Armageddon's Plain, All Debris Cleared Away,
New Master's Flag Flutters, Over Billions, Holds Sway"
© Alan Watt April 26, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 26, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 26, 2010.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Youíll find hundreds of talks Iíve given in the past which you can download for free.  Scroll down the front page and bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use in case you find itís hard to download from the main .com site; that way you can always get the latest shows.  Sometimes the .com site gets problems with uploads; it can be behind the times a little bit.  [Official sites listed above.]  You can order the books, CDs and DVDs from any of my web sites or you can donate to me.  The books I have for sale, very important, different way of thinking or of looking at things, NON-linear thinking.  Weíve been trained to think linearly, which is a form of computer language and logic put together and you are guaranteed to come to your masterís conclusions.  The guys who design these systems for us, like the Brzezinskiís the Kissingerís, donít think in a linear fashion.  They think in a zigzag fashion, all around from all different aspects and points of view and so on.  Thatís how you have to understand the world is truly run.  Weíve all been trained to see the world from the masterís point of view, the one that heís designed for us that is, not the real point of view.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Cash does come through.  Itís not too bad here; the air mail is pretty good.  Sometimes you get them within 5 days of me sending it out and thatís pretty good these days.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].


I often go on about reality because, you see, very few of us actually have it.  Itís no surprise when you understand that we have been brought up in a socially engineered, scientifically designed educational system.  The previous generations and the present one, to an extent was brought up to be a consumer society and the elites in all their wisdom decided they wanted a managed society, a planned society.  What they arranged to do was to train us gradually.  You always train the first generation in school that are going to go through the massive changes and you give them a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and looking at the world; not the true one but one that will do for their masters very, very well.  Just like the consumer society did but for the previous generations. 


In my time, people were told to just work hard at school, and just like greyhounds coming out of the starting line on the race track, you all were let loose at the end of school to rush off for jobs and compete with each other and hopefully youíd get that rabbit that ran along the lines that you could never quite catch.  You could always see it but you could never catch it.  That was the illusion we were all taught:  just work hard, pay your taxes, be a good consumer, pay for you pension and get insurance so that you can pay for your burial as well and you would be no burden on the state whatsoever.  Thatís really what we were taught to be.  The upcoming generations are going into a new paradigm.  They are already being trained for it, well trained for it.  They have been given a substitute you might say, for consuming and, really, itís just a type of consuming, but very cheap, and thatís the electronic media thatís going to guide and control their lives for them.  They wonít need other gadgets, machinery and so on that they have no interest in.  They have no interest in fixing cars; theyíve lost all of that.  They wonít need that when all you need really is a four-foot cubical to sit in and play on a computer.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I talk about reality every so often because we think weíre in it but weíre not really.  Most of the information weíre given, these days for sure, is really propaganda or itís intelligence or counter-intelligence.  Counter-intelligence is just as important as intelligence.  Counter-intelligence is often put out there TO the media by professionals.  I read articles last year from the US military that have a whole department setting out false reports every year, HUNDREDS OF THEM, under numerous assumed names and they are printed in newspapers as though itís really a fact, scientific fact or whatever they are saying.  It is disinformation because they guide our thoughts.  They also have to cover up what they actually are up to themselves. 


We the public never really question the major media.  Brzezinski did say that shortly the public would be unable to reason for themselves, they will expect the media to do it for them, to REASON for themÖ to do their reasoning and thinking for them.  That was written in the 70s in his book Between Two Ages.  Well, he was quite right.  Itís already happened, you see.  Unfortunately people canít really think for themselves, in fact, they will deny their own sensibilities and memory, when it comes to certain things that are happening in their lives.  They will succumb to the media.  They think to themselves, they are more intelligent than I am therefore it must be true; I canítÖ my memory must be faulty.  I can remember when aircraft used to fly a lot MORE frequently, before the aviation fuel went up and they didnít leave these long lines from horizon to horizon that stayed all day long and became clouds.  It didnít happen, but they canít remember that.  And if they do remember it, they start to doubt themselves; the experts canít be wrong, you see. 


When you look into some of the big, true experts that were helping to socially engineer the 20th and the 21st century, in fact a lot of the agendas you are living through right now were designed by guys in big think tanks working for the most powerful and wealthiest people on the planet, like Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell and various other ones working in these teams as scientific advisors.  You have to go into what they wrote about, what they saw and what they hoped for actually as an upcoming type of system.  These guys knew the reality of their own era.  They were well aware that the public had been given one means of perception, one training for the public as consumers and workers and taxpayers, and one for themselves, those who already saw themselves as controllers and ABOVE all of that. 


Aldous Huxley wrote in Brave New World Revisited, and for those who have never read Brave New World or seen the movies, I suggest you get it because the man knew what he was talking about.  He wasnít imagining things.  He worked with very intelligent people in top, TOP world think tanks that helped to design the kind of social engineering that would be taught to everyone in the latter part of the 20th century into the 21st.  In Brave New World Revisited, which is a kind of nonfictional take-off where he explains how ALL of the stuff IN Brave New World could actually be done and a lot of it was already BEING done by the time he wrote the second, follow-up book to it.  You can see for yourself that he wasnít guessing.  He wasnít grabbing the dark and coming out with handfuls of nothing.  He KNEW what was in there and what was going to be.  In Brave New World Revisited, he saysÖ


Children are living talking records of what we tell them every day.  In due course, these living talking records of television commercials will grow up, earn money and buy their products of industry. 


..."Think," writes Mr. Clyde Miller ecstatically, "think of what it can mean to your firm in profits if you can condition a million or ten million children, who will grow up into adults trained to buy your product, as soldiers are trained in advance when they hear the trigger words, (Alan:  Öand they are Pavlovian trigger wordsÖ) Forward March!" 


Yes, just think of it! And at the same time remember that the dictators and the would-be dictators have been thinking about this sort of thing for years, and that millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of children are in process of growing up to buy the local despot's ideological product and, like well-trained soldiers, to respond with appropriate behavior to the trigger words implanted in those young minds by the despot's propagandists. 


Now, when you hear that and you read that, think GREEN.  Think GREEN.  Think SUSTAINABILITY.  Think DEPOPULATION.  Think AUSTERITY.  Think CO2, etc, etc.  Thatís really what theyíve come up with out of that kind of ideology that he was discussing right there. They have given a whole generation, a young generation an absolute indoctrination into, again, an alternate reality for a new era.  It reminds me too, of Mao Tse Tungís Little Red Book when you see the old videos of China under his era.  You see millions of them in their square, holding up their Little Red Book and chanting from it in unison.  Thatís ideological indoctrination par excellence.  We can get the same kind here in the West and we do.  We get all it all the time but they needed a unified, universal education system to do so.  In a sense we can all be utterly mad as long as we all get the same mad indoctrination.  Then you can compare your mad notes never realizing you are all mad because you are all mad at the same time.  Quite simple isnít it?  Quite simple.


An example about that, I donít even bother arguing with people when it comes to, for instance, the spraying of the skies, regularly that is, since 1998.  Thatís when they really stepped it up in earnest and did it pretty well daily ever since, across the world at the same time.  There are people today who should know by their age what trails used to look like and even they will doubt themselves.  They succumb to the pressure to give in.  You canít really be right; the experts must be right.  Weíve seen from major media over the years, they have put out so much info from air force bases or the US air force or the British RAF, telling us and explaining - in exactly the same writings by the way - in response to questioners, what a contrail is.  What they are telling you is to forget what you ever imagined it was before, in the past, because thatís what it must have been, imagination.  They were never like that.  They really always stayed there all day, spread across the sky until you couldnít see the sunÖ and then you started to cough like crazy.  NO.  What we are seeing today are CHEMICAL sprays. 


It is geo-engineering and it has many functions, MANY functions.  The nonsense theyíve got right now about, they wonder if they SHOULD geo-engineer and the detrimental causes to mankind it would have.  Forget it folks.  They know all the detrimental causes because they studied it through the 50s and 60s, mainly through the US and Britain where they tested it in local areas over the years.  They know what it causes in people.  Depopulation is also a part of it too and it also can be used with HAARP.  Iíve read all the articles from the official sites and the government sites and the United Nations treaty on Weather Warfare.  They can certainly put signals across the sky much easier, to control whole nations as Brzezinski said in his own book, Between Two Ages in the part about the Technotronic Era. 


Here is a good con here, you see.  Again, a first in history.  When this volcano went off in Iceland we were told, oh, it was creating havoc, absolute mayhem and they had to cancel all the flights; something that has never happened before in the history of aviation flight.  They had to cancel all these flights across the whole of Europe because of this one little volcano.  Then after a little while, when people started to communicate to each other and question the authorities, they says well, we canít see any ash cloud coming over; in fact the skies are awfully blue.  So they had to put out articles like this one here.  This is a typical handout of counter-intelligence given through Yahoo. 


Ash cloud's silver lining: bluer skies

Joji Sakurai And Karl Ritter, Associated Press Writers / news.yahoo.com / Wed Apr 21


LONDON Ė As volcanic ash cast a shadow over millions of lives, Londoners and other city dwellers across Europe were treated to a rare spectacle of nature: Pristine, blue skies brighter than any in recent memory. 


Then they go on to explain to you itís because of the lack of commercial aircraft flying because of the volcano thatís spewing out all this terrible ash everywhere and thatís whatís giving you the blue skies.  They go on to tell you as well, whatís coming out of the volcano is actually invisible, itís an invisible cloud.  Yeah, really.  And itís not interfering with the sun at all.  So with the aircraft out of the way and this invisible gas, that could have glass particles, it could damage the aircraft.  They tell us thatís why theyíve got this wonderful blue sky.  UTTER RUBBISH!  Utter rubbish.  Iíll tell you why it was rubbish, because at the right time they tell you a BIT of the truth, but not all of the truth.  Here is an article from The Mail Online. 


The ash cloud that never was: How volcanic plume over UK was only a twentieth of safe-flying limit and blunders led to ban 

By David Rose, Matt Sandy and Simon Mcgee / dailymail.co.uk / 25th April 2010


(A:  Thatís typical too in counter-intelligence.  They want the public to believe itís just bureaucratic blundering - We fall for that one all the time - ah-ha and laugh at them, you know.  They donít make mistakes like this at the top.  You donít ground aircraft companies and let, say, the ones in Britain lose $230 million.  It doesnít happen.  It doesnít happen.  So what was going on?  This article, it says hereÖ)


The Mail on Sunday can today reveal (A:  Thatís an interesting phrase itself, can today revealÖwhy can it TODAY revealÖ) the full extent of the shambles (A:  Why couldnít they do that before, DURING thisÖ this ban, right.) behind the great airspace shutdown that cost the airlines £1.3 billion and left 150,000 Britons stranded - all for a supposed volcanic ash cloud that for most of the five-day flights ban was so thin it was invisible.  (A:  Iíll go through this and show you how theyíve conned everybody and what the real reason was when I come back from this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Sunday Mail, as they say themselves, they can TODAY revealÖ


The Mail on Sunday can today reveal the full extent of the shambles behind the great airspace shutdown that cost the airlines £1.3 billion and left 150,000 Britons stranded - all for a supposed volcanic ash cloud that for most of the five-day flights ban was so thin it was invisible. 


As the satellite images of the so-called 'aerosol index' published for the first time, right, demonstrate, the sky above Britain was totally clear of ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajoekull volcano.  (A:  Why are they waiting until now to publish it?  There is a reason for it, you see.)


Inquiries by this newspaper have disclosed that:


Attempts to measure the ash's density were hampered because the main aircraft used by the Meteorological Office for this purpose had been grounded as it was due to be repainted.  (A:  Can you believe the rubbish they tell us?  But you see, as I tell you, they talk to us like children.  They talk down to us like children.  They expect us to believe this.  Most folk will accept it.  The reason they couldnít tell you is because the Meteorological Office has an aircraft that can go up and photograph this kind of stuff and it was grounded because it was needing REPAINTING, you see.  Yeah.)


Computers at the Met Office, which earlier forecast a 'barbecue summer' last year and a mild winter for this year, (A:  We know what happened this year, it was one of the worst theyíve ever had in Britain.) produced a stream of maps predicting the ash would cover a vast area, eventually stretching from Russia to Newfoundland (A:  in Canada.). But across almost all of it, there was virtually no ash at all, and none visible to satellites.  (A:  So, again, the one airplane that they had to test this and it cost the air industry £1.5 billion or whateverÖ it was needing to be painted.  This is the rubbish they feed the children.  Understand?)


Though there was some ash over Britain at times during the ban, the maximum density measured by scientists was only about one twentieth of the limit that scientists, the Government, and aircraft and engine manufacturers have now decided is safe.  (A:  So it was nowhere near an unsafe level.  It was only 1/20th of the maximum.)


'We never understood why a blanket ban had been imposed - something that would not have happened in other parts of the world,' a senior airline executive said yesterday.


'Safety is always our paramount concern, but this seemed like over caution gone mad. (A:  Öetc, etc, pabulum, nonsense and spin.  Thatís what you are fed.  Children are fed that kind of nonsense.  They also mention too, they used the same computers that predict global warming and have been way off there too.  So it estimated it on a projection of the computer, not on reality.  This is the stuff weíre fed, you know, like children.)


What was really going on?  Well if you were conducting one of the largest, in fact THE largest exercise in aircraft technology and military aircraft and missile defenses and radar defenses and so on that theyíve ever, ever had - across Europe, EVER HAD - you wouldnít want commercial aircraft flying back and forth especially when you are using techniques that would totally confuse commercial aircraftsí radars.  Itís supposed to confuse enemy fighters or bombers coming in.  It was the largest test that NATO had ever done, during that whole period.  Thatís what they were actually doing.  Thatís what was going on.  From the Air Force itselfÖ


U.S. Air Forces in Europe units participate in


Apr 14, 2010 / eu.com/mil - Air Force Master Sgt. Keith Houin / USAFE


ROYAL AIR FORCE MILDENHALL, England ó (A:  It says the French and various other countries were taking part; all NATO countries including the United States.)  A French Mirage F1 fighter refuels off a 100th Air Refueling Wing KC-135 during Exercise BRILLIANT ARDENT, April 14. The large scale NATO Response Force Air Live Exercise hosted by Germany began April 12 and will run through April 22. Participation by U.S. Air Forces in Europe units directly aligns with the command key mission areas of providing forces for global operations (A:  It was one of the largest ones ever, ever done.)  and building partnership.


RAMSTEIN, Germany ó The 22nd Fighter Squadron at Spangdhalem Air Base and 351st Air Refueling Squadron from Royal Air Force Lakenheath are partnering with air forces from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Turkey to participate in the large-scale NATO Response Force Air Live Germany-hosted Exercise BRILLIANT ARDENT 10 (BAT 10) running from April 12-22.  (A:  It actually went over by a couple of days, by the way.  Thatís why they eventually lifted the ban, when they were FINISHED.  Thatís not all of it, of course.  There was something else that happened on the 22nd that ties into it as well.)


You understand they were using all kinds of the latest stuff that would fool all enemy radars, incoming ballistic missiles, anti-missile missile defense systems and the latest high-tech weaponry and the fighters and bombers from all these particular countries working together.  If you had any commercial aircraft interfering with this space, these commercial aircraft would probably have been crashing into each other and misreading everything because of what was happening.  Or they might have found themselves hit with one of these missiles coming their way.  They also had all the tankersÖ Thatís very important because in the spring we see over the skies that military aircraft are doing it and they use these mid-air refueling tankers.  So all the main tankers from Britain and the United States and all these countries were all involved in it, as these aircraft were kept in the sky for days at a time.  Quite something. 


Then there is another article on the same thing. 


NATO Air Forces Exercise In German Sky During


By Jorge Benitez / acus.org / Published on Atlantic Council / 4/13/2010


From the Polish Ministry of National Defence [1]: BRILLIANT ARDENT is a large scale Air Force exercise to be hosted by Germany and directed by Commander Allied Air Command Izmir, Turkey. Air Forces from seven NATO members will participate in this NATO Response Force exercise from 12 to 22 April 2010.  (A:  And they actually went over because they had to wait for a very important thing to happen.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just giving the real reason for the no-fly zone over Europe, so that the military could have their massive exercise, with all the latest gear and technology and anti-radar devices and so on.  That would have screwed up all the civilian aircraft, you see, and they would be in an awful mess.  Thatís why it really happened.  But itís a beautiful con; an invisible cloud that came out of a volcano was the culprit.  Thatís what they gave the public and thatís good enough for us. 


Technically they are right because they know we are so dumbed down now, we will take pretty well anything they tell us.  You understand that the top media and those who rule and run this planet and regulate the systems always lie to the public, even on the things you wouldnít think theyíd have to lie about.  They are in the habit of lying.  Never tell the public ANY truth about ANY thing and therefore the public really are living in a completely false paradigm, ON everything.  Thatís how it works.  


This article is from the Polish Ministry of National Defence.  They go through all the different countries that participated in it. 


The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the USA will participate to Brilliant Ardent 2010 (BAT 10). Around 60 aircraft ranging from fighters, attack aircraft, helicopters, tanker and airborne early warning aircraft will operate from air bases located in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, and UK. In addition, tactical employment of Theatre Missile Defence and Ground Based Air Defence assets will be extensively exercised.


The aim of the exercise is to validate nominated Air Forces to NATO Response Force 15 (NRF), (A:  Another big one coming upÖ) which starts July 2010. The exercise is also open to ďnon NRFĒ air units from NATO, as well as Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations.  (A:  I love their double-speak, partnerships for peaceÖ as we bomb the crap out of someone across the planet.)  The exercise scenario is based around a UN mandated NATO-led Crisis Response Operation (CRO) in a fictitious geo-political setting, a scenario specifically designed for this exercise. The NRF concept provides the Alliance with a robust capability to meet the challenging security environment of the 21st century by providing a highly trained and agile force, at high readiness, able to deploy at short notice wherever and whenever directed to do so by the North Atlantic Council.


So thatís 2 official give-outs; one by the Atlantic Council, a very big organization, very important, and one by the Royal Air Force itself, of Britain.  What happened towards the end of this big deal that they were doing?  Well, we know there is a secret United States kind of shuttle type ship, but itís really a fighter.  They havenít told us much about it.  They launched that, you see.


Launch of secret US space ship masks even more secret launch of new weapon

Michael Evans, Pentagon Correspondent / timesonline.co.uk / From The Times April 24, 2010


Somewhere above earth is Americaís latest spaceship, a 30ft craft so classified that the Pentagon will not divulge its mission nor how much it cost to build.


The mysterious X37B, launched successfully by the US Air Force from Cape Canaveral on Thursday, using an Atlas V rocket, looks like a mini-Space Shuttle ó but its mission is top secret.  (A:  This thing is literally is for space-based weaponry and also monitoring all firing missiles and on the earth at the same time.  So it came in a bit late but it fitted in at the end of this particular mission.  They overran by a couple of days anyway.  I think thatís why they overran it because this thing was late getting off the launching pad.)


It is officially described as an orbital test vehicle. However, one of its potential uses appears to be to launch a surge of small satellites during periods of high international tension. (A:  Thatís what they were testing out, high international tensionÖ)  This would enable America to have eyes and ears orbiting above any potential troublespot in the world.


The X37B can stay in orbit for up to 270 days, whereas the Shuttle can last only 16 days. This will provide the US with the ability to carry out experiments for long periods, including the testing of new laser weapon systems. This would bring accusations that the launch of X37B, and a second vehicle planned for later this year, could lead to the militarisation of space.  (A:  Well, youíre 30-odd years or more too late for that.  Itís already been done.)


Do you see how all this goes together?  And how they can tell the public a fiction, an absolute fiction about a volcano?  And tell us too, the reason they got their information wrong, you see, is they used the meteorological computers that are used for global warming, and since they love to really exaggerate global warming, it just exaggerated the threat of this invisible gas.  No kidding.  This is the rubbish we are fed.  Then the only plane they could use to validate it, the ONLY plane they had, right, to validate this and caused the grounding of all the commercial aircraft for a week and a half, was that it needed to be repainted.  Thatís why they couldnít put it in the air.  Utter rubbish.  Meanwhile, the greatest, the biggest, most high-tech weapons system and exercise was taking place the whole time; then at the very end of it there is this space shuttle that will be in space to regulate everything that happens on the ground.  Quite amazing, eh.  Why tell the children the truth about anything?  Why upset them, poor, poor little sweethearts.  Thatís how they deal with us.  And it works folks.  It really does work.  It REALLY, really does work.  It just goes on and on, this kind of nonsense, as to what they are really up to. 


Here is another article to do with, you know, the new freedom.  People have asked me what George Bush meant by Ďthe new freedomí.  I said, whenever a President or a Prime Minister gets up to the nation and says something, then he is CREATING A LEGALITY; he is giving you a new definition of something.  When you just stand with your mouths open and forget it, well, that IS the law by common consent.  YOUR SILENCE IS COMMON CONSENT.   So therefore, you have a NEW kind, a new DEFINITION of freedom.  Everyone has lost all of their rights under this fake war on terror, which is really a war OF terror on the public.  They are getting worse and worse with it.  There is no end to what they are not going to do, to make sure that no person, NO person in any of the countries under this jurisdiction can have a single stray thought without them knowing what it is. 


Here is the latest on the war on terror, supposedly, which is a war OF terror.  Itís amazing too, you can put up all these incredible spacecraft and all this new weaponry, and when we are all supposedly utterly BROKE; we are all bankrupt.  But these things just go ahead like money is getting, well, I guess it is getting printed up isnít it.  Itís all bogus at the top anyway, all this nonsense of adding and subtracting.  Itís bogus at that level.    The Mail OnlineÖ


Superspy in the sky could soon be patrolling over British cities to search for hidden terror cells

By Jason Lewis / dailymail.co.uk / 26th April 2010


A Top-secret US unmanned drone used to locate Al Qaeda and Taliban hideouts in Pakistan and Afghanistan could soon be patrolling over British cities to search for hidden terror cells.


The controversial move would allow MI5 and GCHQ, the Government's eavesdropping centre, to step up surveillance operations over the UK. Until now, the £23million Global Hawk aircraft has not been available for foreign sale.


However, US policy has been quietly changed and Britain is now negotiating to buy the drones. America is keen to supply them for British patrols after a string of terror plots threatening the US and its citizens.  (A:  Which were all nonsense actually.  But they use the farcical one about the detonating equipment or bombs in aircraft flying to America and the UK, the underwear bomber and all that stuff.)


These include the attempt in 2006 to detonate liquid bombs on aircraft flying to American cities from the UK.


It is not known how many drones the UK wants from manufacturer Northrop Grumman, but earlier this year a senior Ministry of Defence procurement official visited the Pentagon to begin negotiations.  (A:  This thing really is to listen over your conversations in the streets.  They can actually listen to your conversations inside houses and rooms, all from these flying drones.  No privacy whatsoever at any time.  It doesnít matter what you are doing.)


Britain would not need to use the drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan because the US already provides full air coverage in the region. Instead, it is believed they will be used mainly for domestic surveillance.


The drones are also being deployed by the US Navy in the Caribbean and off the Florida coast to combat drug smuggling. In Britain, MI5 and GCHQ already use three planes based at RAF Northolt in North-West London to spy on citizens.


The three Britten-Norman Islander aircraft are all fitted with sophisticated surveillance equipment. They have been used to track down terror cells (A:  yeah, sure.) and to locate former Afghan veterans who may have returned to Britain to plot terror attacks.  (A:  You understand, you couldnít weasel into Britain from any of these countries without getting spotted, ON route, and probably before you left your own country.)


This is NOTHING to do with terror. This is to do with the totally controlled, dominated, dictatorial, planned society.  Thatís what ALL of this is about, all of it.  We are paying for all this gimmickry and machinery through our tax money.  We buy our chains and we buy the next generationsí chains in the processÖ and we say NOTHING, say nothing about itÖ because people have been turned into docile wimps, thatís why.  The big boys know it too. 


Weíve had a war of a chemical nature on us through inoculations and through the GMO food.  People definitely are not running at full par; they are way below it, well below it in fact and they have been for a long time.  Again, thatís exactly what people like Bertrand Russell said theyíd do, by the use of the needle, the food, the water, and all the rest of it, they would create their docile, passive population.  That has happened folks.  Thatís happened.  We are way beyond that stage now, way beyond it. 


When we go into whatís happening even in Australia.  There are two articles Iíve got here on Australia and youíll find that theyíve been giving the flu shot over there and hundreds of children came down sick with it a day later.  Some have died already.  Theyíve put it on hold right now while they figure out whether itís safe to go ahead.  Now, hundreds are sick with it the day after, some of them have died, but they put it on hold to see if itís safe to go on later on, with the same shot, right.  This is what we are told.  Utter nonsense. 


All these articles I mention, I put the links up on my site at the end of the show and you can look them up for yourself.  SAVE THESE THINGS FOR FUTURE USE because very often they just get pulled down from the major sites.  When you are trying to explain what happened to people in the future, youíve got nothing to show them.  They wonít believe you.  They are trained to believe the professional, legitimate media, the AUTHORIZED media.  They will not believe you.  Itís tragic but thatís what we are going through. 


They are killing people off.  They are sterilizing them too with the inoculations; there is no doubt on that whatsoever.  You know, all the different levels of autism, and all the different terms they are using for LEVELS of autism, was completely unheard of 30 years ago.  Autism was a VERY RARE occurrence.  But if you look at it next to a graph along with the inoculations going up, youíll find it goes up on a par with that, wherever itís been introduced.  Now, some people NEED the officials to keep telling them itís okay; itís got nothing to do with that; itís nothing to do with inoculations.  Well, things donít suddenly happen by themselves in nature.  It doesnít work that way.  We donít suddenly evolve into different species along the way; it doesnít happen.  Whether those that are affected and those that are unaffected, it doesnít happen.  Itís like all the myriad of cancers that have broken out since the 1950s; many of them were completely unheard of in countries. 


We got the processed foods and we got the inoculations at the same time.  Weíve heard all the exposťs from Dr Salkís research and his teamís research ADMITTING that they had given LIVE CANCER VIRUSES, like the Simian 40 virus, IN the polio vaccine.  And itís been continued up right into the 90s according to some reports.  These viruses have only ONE function it seems and thatís to stimulate the creation of cancers in the human body.  Astonishing. 


Then the latest stuff too, from the big Merck companies and so on, is that independent teams have found all this ANIMAL DEBRIS in their vaccines.  Again, youíve got cancer types and so on.  The companies that make it pretend that they were completely unaware of it.  Yeah, they pretendÖ we didnít know that; we are the guys that make it, weíve got the most sophisticated labs on the planet, weíve been at this forever, but we just didnít notice; we didnít notice that.  There is pig material and all different kinds of animal matter in there, but they didnít notice that.  I guess they didnít have high enough equipment.  The independent teams supposedly had higher equipment than they had.  Utter nonsense.  But we are kept like mushrooms, as I say; you keep them in the dark and you feed them bovine fecal matter.  Keep them covered with it; they will never see the light. 


Then we have the International Monetary Fund sayingÖ


For nations living the good life, the party's over, IMF says

By Howard Schneider / Washington Post Staff Writer / washingtonpost.com / Saturday, April 24, 2010; A01


Do you understand what an age of austerity is?  They are changing us from a consumer society.  We were awfully good consumers; we were trained to be consumers by Bernays and all the boys at the top.  Now we are being trained by Gore and all the boys at the top to be AUSTERE.  Now what happens?  Do they simply give you less money so that you canít buy as many things?  They will do a combination of that ALONG with the FEES you are going to pay.  You see, eventually, what used to be spent off in extras and rewarding yourself with treats for working like a slave for the last month or whatever, you will be paying it back in fees and carbon taxes and energy taxes and all that kind of stuff.  It will be a PRIVILEGE, you see, in the new society TO BE ALIVE.  A privilege folks.  Thatís how you are being trained. 


The youngsters, if you talk to them, they are like that section I read from Aldous Huxleyís Brave New World Revisited.  They are already being given all the mantras and the trigger words:  austerity, recycling, overpopulation, ya-da, ya-da-ya.  Itís all there.  Old techniques, from the guys who decided what kind of century they were going to bring us into, what kind of society would suit the masters.  Not us.  Not us. 


10 years ago they put ads up in airports and it was all over the Patriot networks at the time.  It was a bald headed guy who was shaved from the back and you saw the barcode on his skull, on his head.  Well guess what?  Now that weíre all used to this idea and we have been dehumanized and dehumanized and dehumanized, as Huxley said they would do to us, knock us off the pedestal as the most supreme creature on the planet until weíre just, well, weíre just fetal tissue arenít we, that just happened to have been born and, ahh, weíre just an animal, ohh.  Weíve had years of this stuff.  The TimesÖ


Newborn babies to get bar codes instead of handwritten name tags

timesonline.co.uk / From The Times April 23, 2010


An NHS hospital has become the first in the country to issue all new born babies with bar codes instead of traditional handwritten tags.


Kettering General Hospitalís maternity unit has introduced the system to end mistakes caused by the illegible handwriting of medical staff.  (A:  Utter rot because they used to print them up too.  Iíve read that in the past, the company that got all these contracts, a big massive company, is authorized to get all the deals.)


Now all newborns are getting a personal bar code strapped on their ankles which midwives zap with a scanner to read the babyís details.  (A:  Brave New World, you are here!  They tinker with the genes and the womb and all the rest of it.  The brave new world is here.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, Brave New World is here.  Itís well on its way.  Itís been on its way for a LONG time and a lot of things have actually happened even to the babies within the wombÖ as we watch the new generation of not quite men growing up.  Thatís not by chance.  Look at all the phthalates, look at all the cosmetics and all the things done to the woman.  Also what weíve found too, is that certain inoculations that the mother takes, it doesnít show up just in the first generation of the offspring; it worsens with every subsequent generation until literally you can transform the human being into other types of even genders in factThis is well known and understood these days.  These are from top scientists too.  They help it along with the phthalates and the plastic bottles and the estrogen in the water and stuff like that, you knowÖ just to make sure.  Plus they hit you, very quickly, early on, with God knows how many injections now when youíre a child, to make sure that you donít have a chance in hell.  You donít have a snowflakeís chance in hell. 


Thatís total war, you see.  From people like Huxleyís point of view, thatís perfectly acceptable.  OVER population, says John Holdren, in the book EcoScience.   There he is, sitting on the board behind Obama at this particular time in history, when they are going into the total socialist type control on behalf of their fascist masters above them. 


Here is China, the darling of the United Nations, the model society. 


China To Sterilise 10,000 To Curb Births

Friday April 23, 2010 / sky.com / Peter Sharp, China correspondent


Health authorities are planning to sterilise nearly 10,000 people in southern China over the next four days (A:  Four days, thatís all it takes them.) as part of a population control programme.


Some of the people in Puning City will be forced to have the procedure carried out against their will.  (A:  Iím sure a lot of them will.)


Reports in the Chinese media say that Puning Health authorities in Guangdong Province have launched a special campaign to sterilise people who already have at least one child in order to ensure (A:  Now, listen to this.)  local birth control quotas are met. 


Thatís what socialism runs on, you see, quotas.  Remember two weeks ago I read an article from Britain and it was about all the massive child care industry thatís so lucrative over there, not just for foster parents but for the local governments too, who are supplementing their income by making sure the children aid ABDUCT so many children from their parents.  I read it from the mainstream that said it was to fill QUOTAS; they were given quotas by the British government and here are the quotas here.  Thatís what socialism runs on is quotas, you see.  They are so efficient in China that 10,000 folk can be done in 4 days.  Snip, snip, snip.  Guangdong, ovaries gone.  Simple as that.  Quite simple. 


You can see how it all ties together, the depopulation, the planned society, the indoctrination of children into such a fantastic way that they have no chance with trigger words and greening and ecology and all that kind of stuff.  You also find that Huxley said in Brave New World Revisited,


The current Social Ethic, it is obvious, is merely a justification after the fact of the less desirable consequence of over-organization. (A:  Heís talking about socialism and the scientific elitism.)  It represents a pathetic attempt to make a virtue of necessity, to extract a positive value from an unpleasant datum. (A:  Then he goes on to talk about how terrible it was and how Stalin used it and Hitler used it, you see.  Then he goes on to applaud it.) 


In the more efficient dictatorships of tomorrow there will probably be much less violence than under Hitler and Stalin. The future dictator's subjects will be painlessly regimented by a corps of highly trained Social Engineers(A:  He talks about going through the 20th century and enthusiastically into the 21st century, into the new technically engineered society.  He thinks itís wonderful.)


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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