June 10, 2010 (#596)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 10, 2010:

Billy Gatekeeper, GMO Crop World Feeder,
Philanthropy Prancer for Rising Cancer:

"Who Put the Gatekeeper in Charge of World Food,
And the Well-known Associates in Foundation Brood,
Billy Boy Seems Bent on Being Satisfied
When All Crops and People are Modified,
Wants Us Healthy but Sterile, Wants Depopulation,
His Love-Hate Relationship Causes Consternation,
With Ties to CIA, NSA, Pharma, World Bank,
Killed Off by Elite, We've Got Charity to Thank,
There's a Massive Outfit, Billy is Not Alone,
Gathering Everyone's Data, By PC and Phone,
Total Information Network Collecting from Collective,
Now Feeding the World, Doesn't Take a Detective,
That a Glance through History, Teaches the Lesson
From Times Ancient, Food's Used as a Weapon,
Big Boys via Supermarkets Decide what You're Eating,
Billy, Monsanto, Food War Inc. Gives Your Genes a Beating"
© Alan Watt June 10, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 10, 2010
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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June 10th 2010.


Now, there’re always newcomers coming into the show and I advise you to go into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. I would advise too that you bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because sometimes the ‘com’ site gets overloaded or goes down and I can’t upload to it because of the particular server I’m using. If you’ve got these alternate sites you can always download the latest shows. Now all the sites you see listed there have the same audios for downloads. They all have transcripts for print up of alot of the talks I’ve given over the years in English and if you want languages other than English, go into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu that’s listed on the front page there too. You’ll find the same audios plus alot of transcripts in the different languages of Europe.


While you’re at it, go into the books I have for sale. They’re different books. They’re not the usual scholarly books with the boring fake details of ‘his’tory, you know, someone’s given you his story. I give you much more than that. I teach you how to think in a non-linear fashion because you’ve been trained not to see most of the things that are out there around you and what they really are and what they really mean. You’re taught to think in a straightforward line as they leave clues for you and they guide you to what you think is your conclusion; a predetermined conclusion of course. That goes through your whole schooling in fact. It goes through everything you watch on television which reinforces that linear thinking; the ‘who done it’ sort of stuff. Now it’s very simple of course. They just have masses of chases and car smashes and they get the bad guy in the end. Meanwhile you’re getting downloaded with alot of suggestions and implants in political correctness. In other words, you get updated.

So I try to show you how this is done in my books. So you should get them and find out how it’s done and how you can deprogram yourself from it because the world is run by very clever people, people who’ve even dabbled with the creation of languages for people over the centuries and yes, people actually study how to create languages, and they do it every few hundred years. They give you your computer type language for the logic that you’ll use and they also show you how you should use it. They give you the format and you come to conclusions all the time that are predetermined.


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Now, there’re so many things I could talk about today, but really it’s all out there in the mainstream. I’ll touch on a few of them and just touch them and get into something more interesting that really concerns us.


Back after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I could touch on the BP deal but it really is so... it’s kind of boring the way it’s being rammed out there and the whole thing stunk from the beginning when the company that certified this particular pipeline, this drill right down to the seabed, they certified it and took off from the rig and 2 hours later it blew up. It’s going to be the greatest boondoggle ever for the environmentalists, which is exactly what it was planned for I think. It will also up the price of everything and big laws will come down plus, no doubt, it’ll help push the whole carbon tax issue and energy issue right to the fore and they’ll pass a whole bunch of laws. So it’s awfully handy for that particular reason and that’s all I’m going to say on it apart from the fact that some of the top guys, including the BP chief Tony Hayward, sold shares weeks before the spill happened. I mean, that’s just like the same thing that happened before the Twin Towers went down. Remember the guy who owned them just insured them a few days before then ‘boom’ and down the towers went.

It’s awfully handy, when you have crystal balls like that, isn’t it?


In an article in The Telegraph it talks about it, that the chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million worth of his shares for the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse. So I wonder why he suddenly lost confidence in that, you know? But this is the stuff that’s rammed through and as I say, there’re bigger things afoot here that’ll come out of all of this and I think we all know, the ones that think, what that will actually be.


When you go into other things that are happening in the world, we have articles about people being put in prison because they owe debt now and the ‘debtor’s prison’. The debtor’s prison used to be quite popular up until the 1700’s to 1800’s, right up to the 1900’s in fact, because you were put in prison because you owed debt and when you were in prison in those days, especially in places like Britain, you had to pay for your keep in prison or somebody had to because they didn’t give you the food for nothing, you had to pay for it and you also somehow had to pay off your debt while you were in prison.

It’s ridiculous but that’s what money’s all about. It’s kind of ridiculous to start with isn’t it? It’s a con game.


While they’re doing all that too, they’re really promoting eugenics all over the place and abortion and how wonderful it is to have the internet to help with abortions. I’ve an article from The New York Times and it’s about...


“Abortion Drugs Given in Iowa via Video Link”


“The situation has played out hundreds of times. From his office here, a doctor asks a woman on the computer screen before him one final question: Are you ready to take your pill?

Then, with a click of his mouse, a modified cash register drawer pops open in front of the woman seated next to a nurse in a clinic — perhaps 100 miles from this city — with mifepristone, the medicine formerly known as RU-486, that is meant to end her pregnancy.


Efforts to provide medical services by videoconference, a notion known as telemedicine, are expanding into all sorts of realms...”


So now you know what telemedicine is really all about. Shortly they’ll have ones too for people that want to commit suicide and you’ll get a little cyanide pill too that’ll pop open because they really want to depopulate quickly now, especially people who have stopped working or they’re disabled or they’re pensioners. They don’t want people being a burden on the state in these dire times and they’re getting the public all ready for it in a whole bunch of ways. Mind you they’ve done awfully well with the food so far with the GM food, the ‘modified’ food, in places like Canada, where cancers are just breaking out all over. Of course they’re stumped by it; all the new kinds of cancers they never saw before, but that’s what modifying this kind of stuff does to you. We haven’t eaten this stuff in our history of millions of years and suddenly this stuff is all here, heavily soaked in pesticide as well, and you wonder why you’re dying off.


Nevermind all the inoculations they give you with cancer viruses which they admit to and the pig viruses that are in them. Now they say that they’re ok too by the way. They’ve made a recent discovery. I read that last week. Pig viruses are ok even though they didn’t know they were there initially. They’ve suddenly decided, without even investigating them, that it’s ok for you to have pig viruses inside you.


So, there’re reasons for this. It’s not stupidity. It isn’t just big money. It’s to bring down the population, folks, that’s what it’s about; bringing down the population. All the big foundations are right into it through all their charities and their aid and everything and you’re not supposed to really think about that much. You’re supposed to think they’re out there handing out chocolate bars to people in Africa to help them because they love them and nothing of course is further from the truth; nothing at all is further from the truth.


There’s a great article about foundations and this ties into what I mentioned yesterday about the incredible network of foundations that run the world, including the network of foundations that are tied in completely with the intelligence services that are not answerable to the public. They get to do things that the intelligence services can’t do, but they want to do, so they use these other organisations to do it for them. It’s been like that for over 100 years. That’s part of the reason the ‘philanthropies’ were created in the first place.


There’s an excellent site with good documentation, very good documentation and you can validate it yourself by checking out the links he has on it and it’s by Michael Barker. It’s a 3 part series he put up there on the net and he talks about the beginnings of, for instance, the Bill Gates Foundation and how it started; all the organisations that are behind it, in it, the people who are involved in it and what they’re really up to and how, through their great philanthropy, mixed with bringing down the population, they’re helping the world with all their different GM food; the stuff they’re dumping across the planet.


I notice by the way that Haiti is burning millions of tons of GM food that they were given to grow in a charitable gift. They don’t want this stuff in their country.


I’ll read first, before I read this article, I’ll read this article here from a listener of mine that I know very well. He’s got hens. He breeds hens for himself and his family and he noticed that they’d stopped laying; they just suddenly stopped laying. So he wrote to the Co-op feed. That’s the company that supplies the feed and asked them if there was any GM corn in the feeds and he told them why he was wondering because they had all stopped laying. This is the response he got from them. The Co-ops are all across Canada and I think they have them in the States as well, maybe by the same name in fact. This is what he got back...


“Yes, there’s more than likely a Genetically Modified grain in the majority of our feeds. In Canada there is no separation of non-GM feedstuffs and GM feedstuffs. I am not sure of the exact figures but close to 50% of corn is from GM seed and over 50% of canola and soy bean are from GM seed. If you want a feed which is not Genetically Modified, a certified organic feed is probably your only option. We do carry a line of certified organic feed.”


So they know darned well what they’re doing because they also have this organic feed which will cost an awful lot more. It’s the same in Canada too. Anything you buy off the stores doesn’t list it as GM or not. That’s the law here in Canada because, you see, we were the test bed for this awful stuff, this poison. Long before anyone else in the world was tested with it our government admitted, eventually when it broke out from Britain of all places, that we were the test guinea pigs for the whole world and had been eating it for 10 years without our knowledge at that time and it’s now 20 years we’ve been on it.


They do want to bring down the population and it’s really happening with sterility too, so it’s doing its job and killing us off faster as well.


‘Philanthropy’; getting back to philanthropy, and the guys who really want to dump this stuff across the planet. Bill Gates of course you think is a real ‘whizz kid’ with computers, which is far from the truth. He was just brought up, in a special family of course, and pushed into a position and the Gates, they’re well named, the Gates were certainly opened for him and it’s completely tied in with the CIA, the NSA and a whole bunch of other organisations worldwide.


So it goes on here to say...


"Like many of the world’s richest businessmen Bill Gates believes in a special form of democracy, otherwise known as plutocracy, that is, “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor”. Following in the footsteps of the robber barons, like John D. Rockefeller..."


(Alan: Who he works with by the way)


"...and Andrew Carnegie, who founded two of America’s most influential liberal foundations (e.g. the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation), Gates, like most capitalists, relies upon the government to help regulate and protect his business interests from competition, but is less keen on the idea of a government that acts to redistribute wealth to the wider populous. Dean Baker surmises this idea when he writes that Bill Gates is after all “one of the heroes of the conservative nanny state.” In the minds of such massively powerful would-be capitalists, the State is merely a tool to be harnessed for profit maximization, and they themselves, the ones who have acquired their wealth by exploiting and manipulating the economic system then take it upon their own shoulders to help relieve global inequality and escalating poverty – the modern day’s white man’s burden. As one might expect, the definitions of the appropriate solutions to the capitalist-driven inequality that are generated by the world’s most successful capitalists neglect to seriously challenge the primary driver of global poverty, capitalism. For the most part the incompatibility of democracy and capitalism remains anathema to all, instead liberal philanthropists industriously fund all manner of ‘solutions’ that help provide a much needed outlet valve for rising resistance and dissent, while still enabling business-as-usual, albeit with a band-aid stuck over some of the most glaring inequities."


"With huge government-aided financial empires resting in the hands of a small power elite..."


(A: And by the way, this is the same power elite that gave you the European Union, the NAFTA Agreement and the GATT Agreement for China. It's a world empire. It's their world empire. It's completely tied in with all the big names that you've known from all the other exposés over the years. It says...)


"...the ability of the richest individual philanthropists to shape global society is increasing all the time, while the power of governments to influence society is being continuously undermined by many of the powerful philanthropists."


(A: Look at George Soros. He's telling governments what to do)


"This situation is problematic on a number of levels least of not which is that existing theories of democratic governance find no legitimate role for liberal philanthropists acting as extra-constitutional planners."


(A: We'll go into this stuff deeper and see who's all involved with it and it's all the big names, Madeleine Albright, all these people. Back with more after this)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m talking about big foundations and how they’re all interlinked in one big web across the world into everything and into governments too and on their panels of governments where they’re appointed, you know, like depopulation and all that kind of stuff, like the Optimum Population Trust. They’re all connected through the same groups; a parallel government if you wish. Again, they’re all interconnected as well with your ‘intelligence’ agencies. They do the things the intelligence agencies can’t really do openly, such as going over to Africa and dumping lots of drugs supposedly for AIDS that kill them off all the quicker which we all pay for over here mind you for the big corporations that are in league with Bill Gates and others. So it says here...


"For instance, in 1999 Microsoft helped found a corporate front group called Americans for Technology Leadership..."


(A: Sounds nice, doesn't it?)


"...– a group which describes its role as being “dedicated to limiting government regulation of technology and fostering competitive market solutions to public policy issues affecting the technology industry.” In 2001, Joseph Menn and Edmund Sanders alleged that Americans for Technology Leadership orchestrated a “nationwide campaign to create the impression of a surging grass-roots movement” to help defend Microsoft from monopoly charges. The founder of this front group, Jonathan Zuck, also created another libertarian group in 1998 called the Association for Competitive Technology, a group which was part sponsored by Microsoft to fight against the anti-trust actions being pursued against Microsoft in the United States. Such antidemocratic campaigns waged via front groups and astroturf organizations,..."


(A: That was another one. Astroturf they made as well)


"...however, were just one part of Microsoft’s democratic manipulations: this is because as Greg Miller and Leslie Helm demonstrated (in 1998), this was just one part of a program that Microsoft and PR giant Edelman had been planning as part of a “massive media campaign designed to influence state investigators by creating the appearance of a groundswell of public support for the company.” None of this should be surprising because in 1995 it was also revealed how Microsoft were using “consultants to generate computer analyses of reporters’ articles, enlist industry sources to critique writers they know and – less frequently – provide investigative peeks into journalists private lives”. Amongst the rare spate of critical articles surfacing in the late 1990’s, to add insult on injury it was also shown that Microsoft had also made a $380,000 contribution to the conservative corporate-funded astroturf group Citizens for a Sound Economy (now known as FreedomWorks). Unfortunately, these examples only represent the tip of the iceberg of Microsoft’s democracy manipulating activities, as the corporate media while able to make occasional critical enquiries into corporate misdemeanours can hardly be relied upon to act as a corporate watchdog."


(A: So they put up front groups that pretend they're corporate watchdogs but it's really to protect themselves and what they're up to)


“Like what were formerly known as the “big three” liberal foundations – the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation – whom exhibited a long history of working closely with the US government’s Central Intelligence Agency, Microsoft also has its own ties to the shadowy intelligence community. Thus in the aforementioned astroturf campaign involving Americans for Technology Leadership, another group that worked alongside this coalition on Microsoft’s behalf was a group called Citizens Against Government Waste. This anti-regulation group was founded in 1984 by syndicated columnist Jack Anderson and the late J. Peter Grace (1913-1995); however, Grace’s role in creating this group is particularly noteworthy as he had formerly chaired the AFL-CIO’s American Institute for Free Labor Development (or Solidarity Center), a group that has a long history of working closely with the CIA and the National Endowment for Democracy to promote the US’s imperial interests overseas. Of course, Grace who died in 1995 was not part of the Microsoft campaign, but the point here is to merely indicate the types of conservative groups that Microsoft associates with. Moreover, in 1999 it was revealed that Microsoft has direct ties to the intelligence community as “special access codes for use by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) had been secretly built into all versions of the Windows operating system."


(A: That's true. I've read that one on the air and I read a follow-up to it a couple of years ago on the air as well. They can't have competition and it's put out there to get all your data. It's all part of the one big intelligence gathering system)


"These CIA-connections should be expected as one of Microsoft’s main clients is after all the Pentagon. Furthermore, Microsoft’s board of directors itself is also home to a key member of the ‘defense’ establishment, as in November 2003 Charles Noski joined their board. Shortly thereafter, in December 2003, Noski joined the Northrop Grumman Corporation – which happens to be the third largest arms manufacturer in the world – as their corporate vice president, a position he retained until March 2005 (he also served on their board of directors during these years). Another Microsoft director, James Cash, Jr., also serves on the board of General Electric, yet another major military contractor; while Noski also serves as a director of the Rockefeller-linked investment banking giant, Morgan Stanley, and fellow Microsoft board member Dina Dublon is the former chief financial officer for the Rockefellers’ financial services company JPMorgan Chase."


(A: See, they’re all intertwined as one)


"Finally last but not least the CEO of Microsoft, Steven Ballmer, who has served in this position since 2000, has links to another controversial group called the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Here he serves on their World Chairman's Council, a council that is composed of a “select group of people who have demonstrated an enduring commitment to Israel and JNF” by donating over $1 million. This group was formed in 1901, and is widely considered to be an environmental organization, which as their website notes, has “planted over 240 million trees, built over 180 dams and reservoirs, developed over 250,000 acres of land,..."


(A: But there's more about this company when I come back with what they really also did.)


(Break message) You're listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth.


Hi folks I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.


I'm just reading through some of the stuff on Bill Gates, the great philanthropist who wants to sterilise the world by making us all healthy and giving mosquitoes to pass on this new inoculation he's got planned and all that kind of stuff and talking about philanthropists in general as well, how they're all intertwined, these big foundations and these characters who form a parallel government across the world, are all intertwined with eachother and the intelligence services across the world. It's their responsibility as they see it to bring the populations down to a manageable level as they bring in a Socialist type system that we all work underneath; a Communistic style that we live in and Collectivism while they live as the elite in the new feudal system above us you see.

Getting back to the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, who also has links to The Jewish National Fund and how they plant trees all across Palestine all the way since 1901. I guess there's a tree for every Palestinian maybe. That's maybe how they do it. So it says here that Stanley Chesley, the JNF President...


"...also serves on the executive committee of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Indeed, although “throughout the Jewish world the JNF is seen as a highly responsible ecological agency” in actual fact, “JNF was the principal Zionist tool for the colonization of Palestine”. In a recent interview Illan Pappe put it simply: JNF is simply a “colonialist agency of ethnic cleansing.” This is a very controversial link for a corporation that created the Gates Foundation: however, having provided a critical overview of the corporation that allowed Bill Gates’ philanthropic work to thrive, the following part of this article will introduce some of the people and projects that have been supported by the various Gates foundations."


(A: But I'll jump from page 1 to page 3 and it's really interesting as well because when you go into it, what they're actually up to, as I say, they want to feed the world and bring the population down. There's a sort of clash of heads here somehow and it says here...)


“In late 2003, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was strongly criticized by “international charities, farmers’ groups and academics” as a result of a $25 million grant it had given to “GM [genetically modified] research to develop vitamin and protein-enriched seeds for the world's poor”.


(A: So these guys really care, they don't care about the poor)


"This money supported research being undertaken by two groups, the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture and the International Food Policy Research Institute, two groups which played an integral role in the first Ford and Rockefeller Foundation-funded (so-called) Green Revolution. Both of these organizations are also part of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), a group of global public institutes that is “widely accused of being a creature of its two major funders – the US and the World Bank”. However, although linked to the World Bank what most critical commentators fail to comment on is the fact that CGIAR was formed as a result of a “series of private conferences held at the Rockefeller Foundation’s conference center in Bellagio, Italy” and it’s work has been strongly supported by all manner of liberal foundations. Thus while a good case can be made that the Gates Foundation has been highly influenced by other liberal foundations, like the Rockefeller Foundation, John Vidal (2003) points out that there are also “reasons to believe that the Gates food agenda is now being shaped by US corporate and government interests”.


(A: Now, tie that in with Kissinger's bill that he put through and I've got that up on the website somewhere. I'll maybe find it tonight and put it back up there. He said that overpopulation was the greatest threat to the nation and then he listed all the Third World countries they'd have to bring down. But they also meant you at home by the way. You see, it's a World Order and the peasant in America is of no more value than the peasant in China. In fact maybe the peasant in China is of more value to them right now because they're internationalist who run you. It says...)


"This is because in regard to their support for CGIAR the Gates Foundation chose to partner with the US Department of Agriculture and USAID..."


(A: So they're right into your US Department of Agriculture as well this great philanthropic GM foundation)


– “two of the most active pro-GM organisations in the world.” (Brian Tokar in his 2004 book, Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade, and the Globalization of Hunger, provides a critical overview of the US involvements in GM developments.)"


(A: And by the way, you're getting that GM rubbish whether you like it or not. That's the mandate. They're going to give it to you whether you like it or not)


"Given this accusation of corporate influence it is poignant to reflect on the large number of ties that the Gates Foundation’s current leadership has to various biotechnology ventures. Thus Melinda Gates has served on the board of directors of drugstore.com; the president of the Gates Foundations global health programs, Tachi Yamada, formerly acted as the chairman of research and development at the global drug company,..."


(A: Oh, guess who?)


"...GlaxoSmithKline (2001-6); the president of the Gates Foundations global development program, Sylvia Burwell, is a director of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa; their chief financial officer, Alexander Friedman, was the founder and president of Accelerated Clinical, a “biotechnology services company dedicated to accelerating the clinical trial process for biotechnology firms”..."


(A: That means ramming it through, ramming it through, that's what it means)


"...the Gates Foundations managing director of public policy, Geoffrey Lamb, formerly held several senior development positions at the World Bank,...”


(A: Oh, goodness me!)


"...and is the chair of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative; while finally, Jack Faris who formerly served as the Gates Foundations director of community strategies has, since February 2005, been the president of the corporate lobby group the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association."


(A: They have it all. They own it all folks and all these foundations and all these organisations here put their handouts straight into newspapers for you to lap up thinking 'oh they're really independent of eachother'. It says...)


"In addition, given the key role played by liberal philanthropy, most notably the Rockefeller Foundation, in promoting the initial Green Revolution, it is noteworthy that many important people at the Gates Foundation are directly connected to the Rockefeller philanthropies: Tachi Yamada is a former trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; the two chairs for the Gates Foundations advisory panels for their U.S. program and their global development program both serve as Rockefeller Foundation trustees (these are Ann Fudge and Rajat Gupta respectively); while Henry Cisneros, a former Rockefeller Foundation trustee sits on the Gates Foundations U.S. programs advisory panel."


"Part 2 of this article has already demonstrated the Gates philanthropies (like many liberal foundations) have an affinity for funding population control programs, so the aforementioned connections to both the Rockefeller philanthropies and to the biotechnology industry cast an ominous shadow over the Gates Foundation’s activities in this area. To fully understand this statement one must look critically at the history of the first Green Revolution, as the whole idea of the Green Revolution is problematic because although the “chief public rationale” for it was supposedly humanitarianism, a good case can be made that the logic undergirding this revolution was Malthusian not humanitarianism (for further details click here)."


(A: And he's got links to more information about this)


"Moreover as critical scholars like Eric Ross have pointed out, the Green Revolution should be considered to be an “integral part of the constellation of strategies including limited and carefully managed land reform, counterinsurgency, CIA-backed coups, and international birth control programs that aimed to ensure the security of U.S. interests.”


(A: That was the part that Kissinger was involved in too)


"This little-heard of critique of the Green Revolution is supported by the work of other writers (e.g. Susan George and Vandana Shiva), who have demonstrated that the so-called revolutionary changes promoted by the Green Revolution actually increased inequality, and in some cases even hunger itself."


"Former Rockefeller Foundation president, George Harrar, has been credited as being the “architect of the Foundation's agricultural programs, beginning in Mexico during the 1940’s, and was in large part responsible for the so-called Green Revolution”. Harrar also played a key role in the founding of the aforementioned Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, thus it is fitting to note that Eric Ross wrote in 1996 that:


“The threat of Malthusian crisis justified the central premise of the Green Revolution that, if there was not enough land to go around, peasant agriculture could not yield sufficient increases in food. In the process, it side-stepped the important question of whether land was truly scarce or just unequally distributed. It also concealed another agenda. J. George Harrar… observed in 1975 that ‘agriculture is ... a business and, to be successful, must be managed in a businesslike fashion.’"


(A: You must also remember too folks, and we've all forgotten this in this day and age; the public have forgotten this, food is used as a weapon. It's a primary weapon and you're all going to find that out shortly with rationing. Back to the article, it says...)


"Thus he was acknowledging that the Green Revolution was not just about producing more food, but helping to create a new global food system committed to the costly industrialization of agricultural production. Throughout much of the world, Malthusian logic, hand in hand with the new technologies of the Green Revolution, helped to put land reform on hold.”


"Bearing this history in mind, it is consistent – but alarming nevertheless – that the president of the Gates Foundations global development program, Sylvia Burwell, is a director of a group called the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa...”


(A: They really love Africa of course as they kill them off)


"...– an Alliance that was founded in 2006 by the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations’. Using similar humanitarian rhetoric to that initially used to promote the original Green Revolution, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (whose offices are based in Kenya..."


(A: Kenya, oh what a coincidence)


"...and Ghana) describes itself as a “dynamic, African-led partnership working across the African continent to help millions of small-scale farmers and their families lift themselves out of poverty and hunger.” Yet in a manner eerily reminiscent of critiques of the initial Green Revolution, in 2006 Food First observed that: “Because this new philanthropic effort ignores, misinterprets, and misrepresents the harsh lessons of the first Green Revolution’s multiple failures, it will likely worsen the problem” it is supposedly trying to address."


"Other than Burwell, another Gates Foundation representative serves on the Alliance’s board of directors is Rajiv Shah, who is deputy director for policy and finance for global health at the Foundation. Furthermore, other Rockefeller-linked directors of the Alliance include Rockefeller Foundation trustees Strive Masiyiwa and Mamphela Ramphele (who also happens to be a director of the world's second-biggest mining company, Anglo American); Nadya Shmavonian who is vice president for foundation initiatives at the Rockefeller Foundation, and had formerly worked for twelve years at the aforementioned Pew Charitable Trusts; Monty Jones who began his career (in 1975) at the Rockefeller-funded West Africa Rice Development Association;..."


(A: By the way, they came out with that yellow rice and they actually had an article out a couple of years ago that said, from the UN, that they'd found that this particular rice helps to bring down the sperm count in the males and it could be used for that purpose to bring down the population. That was in the mainstream courtesy of Rockefeller)


"...and Moise Mensah, who is a member of the 2020 Vision International Advisory Committee for the International Food Policy Research Institute – a Rockefeller funded group that was involved with promoting the original Green Revolution. Like many of the other groups involved in the Alliance, the latter group is a member of the aforementioned Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research."


(A: Now all these organisations sound so official that you all think they’re part of governments. We read these names all the time and it goes through our heads and we don't even remember them and we’re so impressed that they’re doing something. They’re all tied together for Malthusian purposes. It says...)


"Having now elaborated the links between biotech companies, population control research, and the new Green Revolution, it is critical to acknowledge that in large part, the modern day environmental movement grew out of the highly successful population control movement in the late 1960’s, and so environmental organizations are also well enmeshed in this web of philanthropic causes and democracy manipulators. These links are best represented through the person of Walter Falcon. From 1979 until 1983 Falcon chaired the board of trustees of the Agricultural Development Council – a group that was established in 1953 by the influential population control activist John D. Rockefeller 3rd –..."


(A: I'm losing my voice here)


"...and when this group merged with two other Rockefeller-related agricultural programs to form what is now known as Winrock International, Falcon continued to serve on their board of trustees. In 1987 Falcon also became a trustee of the International Rice Research Institute, and thereafter went on to serve as the chair of their board. The Falcon-environmental connection, however, comes through his presence on the board of trustees (from 2001 until 2007) of the Centre for International Forestry (CIFOR), a CGIAR member organization whose mission suggests that they are “committed to conserving forests and improving the livelihoods of people in the tropics.” In 2006, this group had a budget of just over $14 million, of which just over nine percent came from the World Bank..."


(A: So they're totally tied up with the World Bank and the UN and the World Bank is)


"...their largest single donor, while in the same year the Ford Foundation provided them with just under $0.4 million in restricted funds."


Considering these connections it then seems appropriate that since 2006 CIFOR’s director general has been Frances Seymour, an individual who is a member of the elite planning group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and prior to heading CIFOR had been responsible for providing leadership for the World Resources Institute’s engagement with international financial institutions (like the World Bank). Earlier still, Frances had spent five years working in Indonesia with the Ford Foundation, and had also worked on USAID-funded agroforestry projects in the Philippines. In addition, another notable trustee of CIFOR is Eugene Terry, who was formerly the director general of the West Africa Rice Development Association (for nine years) before going on to work at the World Bank – see earlier, for details of Monty Jones link to this..."


(A: He's got all the links on here)


"...World Bank/CGIAR/Rockefeller funded group. Terry is also chair of another CGIAR member organization called the World Agroforestry Centre that was founded in 1978 and obtains funding from the World Bank/Ford/Rockefeller/USAID/World Resources Institute funding consortium. Moreover, Terry is now the implementing director of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), a Nairobi-based group that was formed in 2002 with Rockefeller and USAID funding to lobby for greater uptake of GM crops in Africa. Although not advertised on their website the Foundation receives support from the four of the world’s largest agricultural companies – Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences, and DuPont. AATC chair, Jennifer Thomson, who published the aptly named book Genes for Africa (2002) also sits on the board of GM lobby group AfricaBio. Furthermore, William Niebur, who is vice president of crop genetics research and development at DuPont serves on the design advisory committee of AATF, and on CGIAR’s private sector committee."


"Other than via Eugene Terry, the Centre for International Forestry can be connected to agribusiness giant Syngenta through CIFOR trustee Andrew Bennett who is the former executive director (now just board member) of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture. Terry joins Bennett on the Syngenta Foundation board of directors; while the Foundation is now headed by Marco Ferroni, who is a former World Bank advisor, and a former executive at the Inter-American Development Bank. Another notable director of the Syngenta Foundation is the president and CEO of the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development, Klaus Leisinger. This is particularly interesting because the Novartis Foundation joins the Gates Foundation and World Bank/Ford/USAID types in funding the work of a key population control group, the Population Reference Bureau;..."


(A: I hear music coming in and I'll continue with this when I come back from these messages)


Hi folks I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.


I'm reading from a series of articles from Michael Barker, who really did his homework in universities to bring all this to light. He gives the links to all the various organisations that are completely tied together like a big ball of wool really. You'd have to unmesh it all really to find out who's who. But they're all tied with eachother through interlocking directorships and CEO's and all the rest of it, taking over the whole world's food supply and really the societies of the world that are under their jurisdictions. They are a parallel government. From page 2, I'll just rush through this part here because it's important. You'll know these names. They talk about the Gates Foundation. It says…


"Formed in 1994 by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, with an initial stock gift of about $94 million, the William H. Gates Foundation was managed as the name of the foundation suggests by Bill Gates father, William H. Gates Sr. Presently acting as the co-chairman of the Gates Foundation, Gates Sr., has independently of his son, had a successful career establishing one of Seattle’s leading law firms, Preston Gates and Ellis (which in 2007 became K&L Gates), whose work is closely tied to Bill Gates’ corporate/philanthropic network. Gates Sr. is also a director of the food giant Costco where he sits on their board of directors alongside Charles Munger, the former vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.. In 2003, Gates Sr. cofounded the Initiative for Global Development, which is a national network of business leaders that ostensibly champion “effective solutions to global poverty.”


(A: This is really sustainability they're talking about here in their fashion)


"The dubious level of commitment this group has to truly solving global poverty can perhaps be best ascertained by the fact that the two co-chairs of the Initiatives leadership council are the two former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell. Albright, Powell, and Gates Sr. also serve as honorary chairs of another arguably misnamed ‘democracy’ promoting project called the World Justice Project which happens to obtain financial backing from two key weapons manufacturers, Boeing and General Electric: this project also receives support from Microsoft and the Gates Foundation amongst others."


(A: And Madeleine Albright too remember is also on the board, the top board, now of NATO and she wants to starve Iran like she had Iraq starved before it. Do you understand that these are anything but philanthropic organisations? This is weaponisation of food, on one side, by people who all obviously tied together by some other means and made very popular and very famous by an organisation that opens all the doors for them right up into all governments and beyond governments and they go into their 'charities' to other countries, like Africa, give them African sounding names, African Development Funds for this, that and the other and it's not African at all. Then they manage to get all their stuff spread across the fields across Africa, which of course contaminates all the original grains they had there, then you're at the mercy of purchasing from them every year; the same seed to grow the stuff. You can't keep your own because they have a killer gene in it, a 'Terminator' gene, to ensure you can't grow a second crop from the initial seed that you bought from them. But then you can go to the World Bank, you see, and borrow more money to buy the seed. But then you have to buy the 'Round Up Ready' and all the other stuff that goes with it; the special chemicals from the big chemical companies that you must use on these particular plants. You have to borrow money for that too. Then you've got to borrow money when it all fails, and by God, is it all failing across the world from the reports that are coming in.

Philanthropies? I don't think so. I think they're definitely Malthusian)


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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