June 22, 2010 (#604)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 22, 2010:

Rule by Councils, The Soviet Prefer,
G20 and NGOs, Ah, C'est la Guerre:

"G20 Meeting, Pantomime, Phantasmagoria,
VIPs Spend Money, Regal Pomp and Gloria,
Trains of Attendants, Armied Police On the Go,
The Directed Script of World's Biggest Show,
Treaties to Sign for Redistribution of Wealth,
i.e. Stealing from Masses by Linguistic Stealth,
Funded NGOs from the Usual Foundations,
Go Through Formalities of Demonstrations,
Governments and NGOs, All Work Together,
Energy Cap, Environment, Birds of a Feather,
For the End to Property, Of Independence,
NGOs with Governments Move to Convergence,
Should Great Changes Not Go to Ballot, I Ask?
It Seems Rulers Conceded NGOs with the Task"
© Alan Watt June 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 22, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 22, 2010.  Newcomers must look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Bookmark all the other sites Iíve got up there because I do get problems once in a while with the .com site.  [Official sites listed above.]  Lots of folk go into it at the same time and it tends to slow it down a little bit.  Plus, Iím on a choke on uploading to Yahoo and theyíve actually told me that; Iíve put up the email from them, on the front page.  They put a choke on my uploads to dissuade me from putting so much up, they claim, even though Iím on unlimited bandwidth.  However, thatís the way it goes.  The masters control the rules and we have to follow, as we pay.  When you are at it, go into the books I have for sale.  They are different book than what you normally read.  The books I do quote from often are widely available for people who want to study seriously whatís happening in the world.  I show you techniques of thought, techniques of getting around the linear thinking that youíve been trained to think in.  I show you how the masters think.  When they train the peasants to think in a linear fashion - they understand our logic - we will always come to the desired conclusions, desired by the masters.  They themselves donít think in a linear fashion.  They are wild animals you might say, and they canít fall for the con jobs that we fall for all the time.  So buy the books, the CDs and DVDs that I have or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  Some people send cash and some send cash from Europe.  For the next 2 or 3 years they will accept that, before we go all electronic, and thatís the way itís supposed to go apparently.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Most folk are so confused with this New World Order they donít understand what it is.  There are so many facets to it.  There are so many different angles to it and so many fronts pushing for different causes, different wants and that type of thing.  When you look at, for instance the G20 meeting thatís happening in Toronto right now, which they call fortress city by the way, because we got miles of wire fencing up all around the inside of this big city.  So many folk who live there have been kicked out of their homes, or they just left for the country while this is taking place.  Even the tourists canít get into it; they are getting out of Toronto as well.  They canít even get, apparently, rooms in hotels because so many policemen have come in from all the other provinces to take part in this security measure. 


We are being trained, for instance, that things are changing big time and that force is being used, as a show, to make the big boy, the big bad boy, Big Brother, seem invincible to the little peasants all around about them.  Thatís really what itís for.  Itís overboard with everything.  Apart from that they didnít have to have it in Toronto; they could have had it in one of their usual hotels in the country where itís easy to get security and maintain the security perimeters and so on.  So itís a show of force as they go through all of this kind of stuff.  We are being trained, as I say, into a new type of system. Whatís interesting is when you look at all the different participants and protesters at the G20, itís just amazing how many of them are getting funded by the foundations, and some of the leaders of the foundations are taking part, inside the G20 meetings.  So they run both sides of it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the G20, which is a formality really because they politicians themselves, they eat incredible meals at this and I donít know how many courses they get.  I read from the G8 meeting they had last year and it boggled the mind.  They get 10 minutes to speak.  So itís a formality weíre witnessing, a $1.1 Billion extravaganza for a formality, so they can mouth a couple of things, belch a few times, after introducing their names, and then sit down and go back to the brandy.  Then they will sign the different agreements and treaties that have been laid out for them by the people whoíve done the real work, long before this meeting even occurred.  It takes about a year or more to set everything up and get everything and everybody on board with it. 


Before I get to that, one of the main things I was going to talk about tonight will tie into this, youíll find as well, is the population of the world.  They are hell-bent at the top in decreasing the worldís population by all means and every means possible and they have been for an awful, awful long time.  Even when we didnít have the population we have now - and I donít even know if you can believe the statistics they have today on population across the world.  Anyway, even back in the 1920s, right after World War I, a whole bunch of books came out, again, from the foundations, the usual suspects, claiming there were too many people and the war hadnít killed enough.  At that time the big British Eugenics Society was on the go full blast, so was the American one; they were brothers actually.  They wanted to kill off the excess, what they called, the unfit populations and those of low intellect or even the laboring classes all together.  They said eventually weíd get post-industrial and we wouldnít need all these types any more.  They wouldnít be happy because there would be no factory work left for them.  So we are living through an agenda, a script as I say, and Iím pretty sure back then Ė I know in the 1930s they knew then Ė they would build China up in the future to be the manufacturer for the planet. 


Youíve got to understand we are living through a big script and those who rule the world, and there are rulers of the world, donít allow anything to happen outside their plans.  They are in control of every major thing that occurs in life, including world wars.  They had the same excuses for all the wars.  Just like today, starting with the Gulf War 1 and then Afghanistan, and we find of course, we were going to invade Afghanistan before the towers went down.  They even had troops ready.  All that kind of stuff comes out afterwards.  And then Iraq, Iran is to go next, and then Syria.  So they will give us all the propaganda we need until their polls convince us that we are thoroughly brainwashed and weíll start to believe it and then they will continue on their merry way.  Remember, to rule the world you have to have perpetual war.  And these boys DO have perpetual war on the world and in all different areas of the world, right down to your social areas in society.  They have economic wars, on the public as well. 


The world they want to bring in is a world where you will SERVE the New World Order.  Youíll serve your betters and you will allow yourselves, down the road, maybe the next generation, to be sterilized mandatorilyÖ by the experts who will select you for it.  They will train a generation that this is all quite normal, to sacrifice themselves soís that others may live and all that kind of stuff.  You see it all in the science fiction.  Thatís all thatís out for; itís to prepare you for all of this, things to come. 


Here is a typical PR piece on depopulation.  There is nothing to counter the arguments here.  No one tries to counter the arguments so they take everything at face value.  Itís a PR exercise, one of many.  It says hereÖ


Steve Connor: We need a global debate on population

Monday, 14 June 2010 / independent.co.uk


A growing number of scientists are going where politicians fear to tread by calling for a wider public debate on the sensitive issue of the global human population, which is set to rise from the present 6.8 billion to perhaps 9 billion by 2050.  (Alan:  I like their Ďperhaps.í  Even though, remember, Britain and other countries maintain that the only reason their population is up is because of mass immigration and that the native populations are not breeding enough children to pay off the national debts.  Now itís an international debt, right, so theyíll get the whole world roped into it.  So donít forget that as I read this particular article.)


Lord Rees, the president of the Royal Society, (A:  Thatís that great ROYAL Society, again. These are the guys who shape all avenues of science as far as the public will be concerned, of what we will get to know about it, for the whole world.  If you want to get anywhere in the scientific community and be famous you have to be a member of the Royal Society.) brought the subject up in his excellent Reith Lectures; Sir David Attenborough (A:  You know the guy, very much like David Suzuki, he likes furry animals and goes across the world living on the taxpayersí money because he works for the BBC which is tax funded by the public.) has become a champion of those who believe population has been relegated as an environmental issue; and more recently Professor Aubrey Manning, presenter of the BBC's Earth Story, (A:  I can imagine what that will be about.) has stated that the sheer number of humans on the planet is the greatest menace the world faces.  (A:  Heís parroting what Kissinger said back in 1972.)


Scientists have a reputation for saying things as they are, not as they should be. Politicians, forever looking for short-term solutions to keep them in office, do not, as a rule, look further than the middle distance. Yet population is one of those over-the-horizon threats without enemies, as Lord Rees put it. It is a disaster in slow motion, and all politicians seem to do is provide the sort of platitudes articulated by Michael Heseltine, who recently fielded a question on Radio 4 by saying that the problems associated with population never turn out to be as bad as predicted Ė which is probably true if you can enjoy your own Oxfordshire arboretum. (A:  A little snobbish pun; the guy is getting a little dig into him, of course.)


No doubt Heseltine and his fellow politicians who are in favour of doing nothing about population will cite the words of John P Holdren, President Obama's science adviser, who wrote these words in 1969 when he was a young ecologist (A:  And Marxist; they should have added that in here.): "If the population control measures are not initiated immediately, and effectively, all the technology man can bring to bear will not fend off the misery to come."  (A:  They should also put in this article he said that we should mandate sterilization through the drinking water, the food and all the rest of it.)


Of course it is a selective hit piece of propaganda from The Independent and thatís all I have to really say on that particular one, one of many of course.  Itís meant for the people in between realities; thatís the general population who watch television and live in a schizoid mentality.  Thatís what itís really meant for.  You must always persuade the victims first that this is necessary and they come to not only love their servitude but they will love their scientific advisors who will select them, very kindly and nicely mind you, and treat you with care as they snip, snip away.  Thatís really what itís about.  Itís far less hassle than having to simply bring you in and shoot you in the head like the Soviets did. 


Getting back to the G20 meeting, which is the biggest extravaganza cash wise, I think, weíve ever seen; $1.1 Billion and climbing.  Here are the guys behind the scenes and this is what I said, politicians have nothing much to do with anything; they are showpieces and they sign treaties when they are told to.  This article is from CBC News.  It saysÖ


Sherpas: The senior diplomats who lay the summit groundwork

The success of a summit is largely the work of an unelected group of senior officials who have spent many months preparing for those few days of talks. Collectively, they are officially known as the Sherpas.

By CBC News / cbc.ca / May 24, 2010


The photo-ops marking the end of this June's G8 and G20 summits will inevitably focus on the leaders whose names are attached to the final communiquťs.


But much of the content of those statements - indeed the success of the summits themselves - is largely the work of an unelected group of senior officials who have spent many months preparing for those few days of talks that are followed so closely around the world.  (A:  These guys travel around the world - these so-called Sherpas, the little nickname theyíve got - and they meet with the other diplomats of the other countries to make sure they are all on board with the drafting of their treaties.)


Collectively, they are officially known as the Sherpas - an elite group of bureaucrats who, like the Himalayan mountain guides they're named after, do much of the heavy lifting for the leaders in the spotlight.  (A:  Remember what I said before, the guys that you see are not the bosses, neither are Presidents or Prime Ministers.  Itís the guys who are Number 2 that are behind the scenes that do the real work for the bosses of the parallel government, the REAL government.)


Sherpas are the personal representatives of each leader (A:  They are not really; they are appointed by much higher people.) - career diplomats or senior government officials appointed by each leader to represent their country's interests and carry out the extensive series of pre-summit consultations needed before all such high-profile meetings.


There's only one Sherpa per G8 or G20 member. Canada's current Sherpa (since 2008) is Len Edwards, the deputy minister of foreign affairs. Former ambassadors Robert Fowler and Derek Burney have also been Sherpas.


Flying under the radar is part of the job description. (A:  See.  The public donít even know what they look like.  Flying under the radar is part of the job description. Remember what Carroll Quigley said, the real power is in the TECHNOCRATS, not the politician.  The technocrats donít get the public acclaim and they are not in the limelight but they are the real power and their satisfaction is in KNOWING theyíve got the real power to get things done.Their faces are largely unknown to the public at large. They meet behind closed doors and issue no press releases. They travel constantly, working long hours under intense deadlines. And the meetings begin long before the summits do.  (A:  Iíll read more about the Sherpas to let you know how the world is really run when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the guys who prepare all the real work thatís to be done, and the topics and the agreements that will be signed at the G20 meeting.  This article goes on about the skirmishes they have.  It saysÖ


Diplomatic skirmishes

Building that kind of broad support (A:  In other words, thatís what the Sherpas do with other Sherpas from other countries.) is key if a summit is to succeed. Consensus-building is critical precisely because the G8 and G20 are informal groups. (A:  Itís a pity they wouldnít pay their own expenses if they are so informal, eh.  Remember too, Ďconsensus-buildingí is a term used all through all the big foundations with all their non-governmental organizations. They even have foundations fronting for the major foundations, and these other foundations front, and they go out TO BUILD consensus, across the world, with politicians and so on.  In other words, it bypasses the democratic process.  The public donít even know whatís going on with 99% of things that happen in the world, in their own world.  They donít.)  They cannot force other members to adopt any policy. No one has a veto. And since no leader relishes the optics of being part of a failed summit, the search begins early for solutions that allow all leaders to point to concrete steps and declare success.


This is where the Sherpas' diplomatic skills are really called into play. The behind-the-scenes fighting in the run-up to summits can be quite intense, Savic says. "Some issues can be very contentious." When policy differences can't be overcome, the goal is to come up with policies that at least don't interfere with those of other nations.  (A:  What they really do is either blackmail, pay off Ė under the table Ė or threats to cut off diplomatic aid or for foreign aid.  Thatís what they really do.)


And while a certain amount of schmoozing and persuasion can be accomplished by conference call and email is frequent, nothing beats face time. "It's much easier to get a sense of where people are by meeting face to face," says Savic.  (A:  So there is a PR piece for the Sherpas and itís the first time really Iíve read any mainstream that they actually even exist, although it was obvious that they do because politicians have very little to do except read their scripts and eat a lots of good food, that the taxpayer pays for.)


Thatís that piece there.  Iíll put 2 or 3 article links up as well, to do with the G20 to show you how they have turned Toronto literally into a Ė they actually say it in some of the headlines Ė Fortress Toronto.  Here is an article about the G20 police. They are bringing in, thousands of police have come in from all over, Ontario and outside Ontario, to take part in this; all on overtime of course.  This article is also from the CBC.


G20 police arsenal includes plastic bullets

cbc.ca / Sunday, June 20, 2010 / By Dave Seglins, CBC News


This is a bit of a low-key thing because theyíve got much worse than that. Theyíve got sound cannons and water cannons and all kinds of fancy gizmos.  This article here, again, apart from being a PR piece to say how safe plastic bullets are, it does mention that they were training at a Canadian forces, the military forces Base Borden with all this equipment before the meeting came up.  So there is your police and military working hand-in-glove for a meeting that didnít even have to take place in a major city.  Iíll put that link up for you to read for yourselves. 


There is another article about some of the people who are taking part in the protests.  This is from the Toronto Sun.  It says here...


A guide to G20 protesters

By THANE BURNETT, QMI Agency / torontosun.com / June 19, 2010


Here is just a sample of the concerns and organizations ó most perfectly respectful and a few that are potentially far from peaceful ó that will raise their voices during the G20 and G8 summits.  (A:  They start off withÖ  This is for the general public to make you think itís all a bunch of crazies and so on.)


ē Black Bloc ó Arguably the most notorious collection ó a tactic rather than group ó to threaten the summits. These self-described anarchists look for violence and destruction. They were seen during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and before that during 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, using the tactic of blending in with non-violent groups ó then lashing out.  (A:  You know, CBC even did a fictional movie, with our tax money again, because itís funded by the taxpayer, and it was called The Summit.  In there they actually show you that they do have international, generally ex-military types, that they hire for mobs.  They go in and mix with the people and start the violence and it makes all the peaceful ones look crazy.)


ē Anti-Capitalist Crusaders ó A constant presence at all G8 and G20 meetings.


ē Protest against Meles Zenawi ó Some groups and concerns will seem foreign to many Canadians, including a movement to denounce the attendance of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi at the G20. Those protesting include the family of Bashir Makhtal, a Canadian jailed for life in Ethiopia.


ē Ontario Coalition Against Poverty ó A hard-line anti-poverty group, OCAP protests are familiar in most Ontario cities. Coalition founder, John Clarke, says he has little hope: ďThat Obama and the G20 world leaders will be listening to us.Ē Instead, he says the aim is to build social mobilization.


ē Environmental concerns ó (A:  Itís amazing because environment concerns can get incredible money and funding from the big foundations, which most of them do, to protest at these meetings and then the guys on the sides say, oh, look at all those environmental protesters, weíd better sign agreements to appease them.  Thatís how the trick works.)  Groups like 350.org, a global movement, will be holding a number of events. ďWe want to make sure the 350 network in Canada knows how to plug in,Ē says 350.org spokesman May Boeve.


ē Animal Rights Groups ó Members of a liberation movement, which this month claimed responsibility for torching a Colorado sheepskin factory is likely to attend.


ē Amnesty International


ē Pro-Gaza supporters.


ē Marxists ó Toronto organizer Alex Grant says: ďThe overwhelming point of the rallies and events is to reach the general population excluded from the summits. However, if the protest is large enough it is not ruled out that we might have some effect inside the wire.Ē


ē Bikes Not Bombs Toronto.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through some of the to-dos with the big meeting at Toronto with the G20 thatís followed by the G8.  Itís the most expensive security operation I think weíve ever had here.  Everybody is to pay $1.1 Billion for this love-in, this big fest theyíve got where they have incredible meals, drink a lot a brandy.  They even lay on the prostitutes, according to one of the articles I read from the big meeting they had in Vancouver a few years ago, all paid by the taxpayer. They get the prostitute of their choice, or persuasion, all laid on as I say.  Itís quite something isnít it?  Öhow they can live in a different set of rules and values and laws even, if you have diplomatic immunity status. 


There is another article from the CBC.  It saysÖ


Tourists fleeing Fortress Toronto

Security fences turning downtown into 'armed camp'

By TOM GODFREY, Toronto Sun / torontosun.com / June 19, 2010


Tourists canít wait to get out of Fortress Toronto and away from the kilometres (A:  There are MILES of security fencing.) of G20 security fencing that have turned a bustling downtown into an ďarmed campĒ.  (A:  Incredible isnít it, these big, high security fences?)


Tourists trying to check out of T.O. on Saturday were subject to lengthy waits for taxis, whose drivers had to show photo ID at police checkpoints on Front St. W., to get to the Royal York Hotel, CN Tower and Metro Convention Centre.  (A:  Then they go on with the different examples of how itís frustrating the people and so on.  They even had a paraplegic meeting for Canada going on as well.  They are trying to get around in wheelchairs and some of them are saying they are not coming back after being treated this way in Toronto.  But no wonder, because with the ordinary people who live there have evacuated the place for these few days; they canít live in that.  You canít live in an armed camp like that.  They are even saying thatÖ)


ďAll the rooms were promised out to police officers,Ē Straf said.  (A:  Thereís that many cops moved in for this event, to make extra cash.  They canít even get rooms for the handicapped.  So there you go.  There you go.)


Itís more important that we get the SHOW ofÖ  Itís even more of an extravaganza than Royalty really.  Isnít it?  Itís true what Hamilton said, if youíve got Royalty to keep, youíve only got the Royal family, their cousins and so on, to keep in a good lifestyle.  But when youíve got any other form of government, and he meant democracy, youíve got thousands and thousands of them to keep in their lifestyle and thatís exactly what we seem to have here.  Itís also got the psychological benefit of giving us the impression that we are very little, you know, non-worthy people and these are very special, special people, that come out of different wombs in there and they have to be treated differently than you or I. 


What else is happening in the world, in this great New World Order system, thatís also un-democratic?  But mind you, they do admit we are post-democratic now so we shouldnít really get so fluffed up about it.  We know that they are trying to really ram through this carbon tax and it lost a lot of impetus with the exposures of the emails of the various scientists that were all on the take and fudging all the statistics.  We know too that they will never backtrack from a plan thatís taken years to set up, especially when Rothschildís bank in Switzerland is set up for all the carbon credits to go through, for the whole planet.  Al Gore and all the rest of them, and other companies across the world, have got up their carbon savings plans where they all profit, again, with millions of bucks.  When you already have international corporations trading their FREE carbon credits that they were given by their governments to get the thing started, they are raking in bucks off it.  Itís just the general public now who have to get used and get trained that we have to pay them all FOR these guys.  So they never give up.  They simply back off, go at it harder, quietly, and then come out again with the same thing.  This article is from The Hill.


Kerry open to Ďscaled backí carbon plan

By Ben Geman - 06/22/10 / thehill.com


Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said Tuesday he is in discussions with other lawmakers about scaling back the reach of climate change legislation, but insisted that some type of greenhouse gas provisions are vital to any energy package.  (A:  They are really talking about taxes here.)


Kerry and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) are struggling for political traction as they promote a sweeping climate and energy plan they unveiled last month.  (A:  Now, these guys didnít do this themselves.  As I say, what happens, happens world wide at the same time and we do have a world government.  There is no doubt about it.  Thatís what a New World Order means.  You canít have a New World Order unless you already have an existing world government.  Professor Carroll Quigley talked about that in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  Youíve got to read The Anglo-American Establishment; it shows you the incredible connections between all the ruling families and how they place them in all the different countries at the top positions - the TOP positions, not the Presidents - the ones who have the real control over money, military, foreign trade, all that kind of stuff.)


ďIf we are going to get serious, we have to price carbon. (A:  Here they go.)  There are many different ways of doing that. I am not locked in to one single way of doing it,Ē Kerry said on MSNBC.


ďAnd I am working with a number of colleagues now, Republicans and Democrats alike, to look at alternative ways that we might be able to scale back, provide a smaller chunk. ... What is important is that we begin the process, actually begin the pricing of carbon and send a signal to the marketplace,Ē he said.  (A:  Itís amazing tooÖ See, once something is on the books and the public have done it for a few months it becomes normal.  We adapt, unfortunately, to anything; at least those who are in the matrix world.  They truly adapt.  As Darwin said, mankind is the most adaptable species on the planet.)


Kerryís bill includes a cap-and-trade program for power plants (A:  The energy is going to go up for everybody.) and eventually large factories and some other industrial facilities. The bill's emissions cap also covers motor fuels (A:  There is your gasoline.), but it contains measures to shield fuel producers from swings in the carbon market.


Kerryís comments come ahead of a White House meeting Wednesday between President Barack Obama and a bipartisan group of senators, including Kerry, to discuss energy.


White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said Friday that an emissions cap applied only to electric utilities would be welcomed as a topic for discussion.  (A:  But itís going to go across the board to affect everythingÖ everything.  And itís intended to do that of course, as you well know.)


Now, how far do they go with socialized health care?  It sounds wonderful.  In a real world it would be nice wouldnít it?  In a real world where they really meant to use your tax money by putting it back IN to society - if they are going to tax you at all that is, if they even give you an option but they donít.   If they put it back into society and you got it back on the things that you need in society for emergencies, wouldnít it be nice?  Of course they donít bring in national health care systems for that reason at all.  HG Wells explained it, so did Lenin and others.  They said that these services would become authorities over the people.  And the more injections they give us, the sicker we become; the more sterile we become as well.  And a lot of people literally become, I hate to say the word dumber, but we do.  We do.  There is no doubt that autism IS connected with it because autism was a very rare thing when I was young, very rare.  We didnít have all these different degrees of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders and all that kind of stuff.  They are giving more and more and more injections to the children all the time.


They cut back on everythingÖ yeah, you can get a quick abortion in national socialist countries; a very quick abortion.  You can get a quick vasectomy.  You can get your tubes tied very quickly.  No problem at all; no waiting list there.  But you canít get any serious treatment done like operations that are really vital to save your life, that kind of stuff.  After all, itís to do with depopulation, not keeping you alive.  How far does it go?   Well, here is the next part, in Britain for instance. 


Medicine vending machines that dispense prescriptions 24 hours a day go on trial

By Sean Poulter / dailymail.co.uk / 22nd June 2010


For those who desperately need their prescription medicine, the notion of travelling miles to find a chemist (A:  Thatís a pharmacy.) open is only likely to add to their anxiety.


But a dispenser is to go on trial in the UK which will offer medicines at any time of the day or night.


Initially the machines will be put into five hospitals.


However, the company behind them hopes they can also be installed in high streets, shopping malls and rural locations.


Their arrival in Britain has been supported by the UK Government and Department of Health.


But there are concerns they could put chemists (A:  Pharmacists.) out of business and that patients could be left unable to get advice from a local pharmacist.


The dispensers come in two models, a smaller one holding 330 packs and a larger one with 2,000.  (A:  I guess they are expecting a lot of business; 2,000, eh?)


Users insert their prescription into the machine and pick up a telephone to access a live video link to a registered pharmacist.  (A:  Probably in another country as well, that it will be and they can hardly speak the language.)


The pharmacist will check the prescription and ensure those who have to pay have done so before allowing the machine to dispense the drugs.


The dispenser, which costs around £50,000, (A:  Somebody got a good payoff there to put that through the National Health Service.) has been developed by the Canadian firm PharmaTrust.  (A:  I wonder if itís made of metal; you could call it PharmaRust, eh.  AnywayÖ)


This is how things really work in the real world.  Itís to do with payoffs at the top.  Whenever you have a pyramid structure in any sector, like medicine, they donít have to lobby all those down below.  They just go to the ones at the top and lobby them and give them the payoffs and in it goes.  That goes the same with the military too and everything else that big business wants to do.  So whether you are selling missiles or drugs, you just go to the top boys, at the National Health Service system, and somebody will get awfully rich off of it; Iím sure of thatÖ if they can keep them there.  They must be really safeguarded with cameras on them and everything because even the old cigarette machines used to get broken into all the time.  We live in a strange world, donít we?  A strange world where we just accept what comes down the pike from our lords and masters without much of a whimper.  We are TRAINED that way, you see.  We are trained to just accept things and once things have that strange title of LAW we simply obey and say, well, what can you doÖ what can you doÖ  Thatís how people are.  You hear it all the time. 


They floated the idea in the States of Value Added Tax.  Well you see, for the world community as it was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, they said there would have to be basically a form of taxation.  They came up with the idea of Value Added Tax.   By the way, when you read their old books they admit proudly that they were the ones who brought into the United States and Britain income tax.  Their members put the bills through into their Congress and Parliament.  They also came up with the idea of property tax.  So here they go with the Value Added Tax.  Now, most countries, all the countries in Europe that join the European Union have to put in a Value Added Tax.  They start it fairly low usually and then put it up, and they start it off initially on a few objects and then it goes on to everything including your food, and your postage stamps.  In Britain theyíve already got it.  In Canada, they have a General Sales Tax.  When Brian Mulroney was in as the Prime Minister they tried to get Value Added Tax through and everybody said no.  So he changed the name to General Sales Tax.  So we do have it here.  Itís to go up here in July in Canada.  Getting back to Britain, this is from Bloomberg. 


Osborne (A:  I guess heís the Chancellor, or whatever, for Britain.) Increases U.K. Value-Added Tax Rate to 20% (A:  From 17.5%.  Thatís 20% on every purchase.  Itís an overt tax which does not include all the hidden taxes already there.)

June 22, 2010 / businessweek.com / By Andrew Atkinson


June 22 (Bloomberg) -- British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne increased the value-added tax rate to 20 percent from 17.5 percent in the first permanent change to the levy on sales of goods and services in almost two decades.


ďThe years of debt and spending make this unavoidable,Ē Osborne told Parliament in London in his emergency budget today as he announced a package of spending cuts and tax increases to cut the U.K.ís record deficit. 


I love how theyÖ these governmentsÖ  Donít you realize that government is the problem?  If it worked we would never be in constant, incredible debt getting worse all the time, would we?  So why would you vote for people who always make things worse?  Because you are trained to, and you canít imagine any other system.  Thatís why.  So ďThe years of debt and spending make this unavoidable,Ē here they are paying for roads to get built across other countries in Europe and they canít even build their own roads in Britain.  And we are doing the same thing here in Canada through the different treaties like GATT.  As I say, we build Candu reactors for the Chinese and the taxpayers pay for it in Canada.  Meanwhile, they will not fix the reactors we have here; they close them down and say they are too old and they canít find the money to fix them, as they bring us down to a third world status, which is the agenda.  It IS the agenda folksÖ and weíll just accept that.  As I say, itís to come into the States as well.  Iíd love to see how theyíll introduce that, on top of carbon taxes and everything.  Maybe theyíll sneak it in with the carbon taxes and call it something else.  No doubt they will. 


What a world we live in.  We live in a Mickey Mouse la-la land.  And most folk live in la-la land; they donít live in any kind of real reality at all, with fiction shown all the time.  People can remember the first Seinfeld movie but they canít remember what happened 10 years ago, or 15, in any major way whatsoever.  Everything is very vague in their mind, if you can stimulate it at all to remember.  Itís very vague.  People are being taught to be powerless.  They forget they have power.  They have been trained, for an awful long time that they are there to serve government and you simply obey government, rather than government is supposed to be there to serve you. 


A hundred years ago authors wrote books on democracy.  They said eventually and inevitably those with the biggest groups would hold the power.   Today the biggest groups are the non-governmental organizations because they are affiliated with groups across the world and now make up global groups.  So they are funded by the foundations to make sure they demand and lobby for the very agendas that the governments WANT to hear them lobby about.  They are only too happy to sign them into lawÖ with the environment, taxation, new system, depopulation, and all the rest of it.  There is an article here as well on Sandia National Laboratory.  Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show, remember.


Sandia and U.S. Army's America's Army simulation helps Special Forces learn adaptive thinking and cultural awareness

(A:  Thatís so they can go abroad and con folk and kill them with more efficiency.)


sandia.gov / July 26, 2005


(A:  I'll be back with more of this when I get back from this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about a new strategy for the military, a new training exercise, technique.  Itís from the Sandia National Laboratories.  Sounds like a very benign place, Sandia, but they are into nano-technology and whole bunch of different things, highly scientific organization, incredibly funded actually.  It saysÖ


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. ó U.S. Special Forces soldiers are getting a unique education in adaptive thinking, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership within cross-cultural settings as a result of a new multiplayer computer simulation.


Developed by a team from the National Nuclear Security Administration's Sandia National Laboratories, the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, and the U.S. Army's Office of Economic Manpower Analysis (OEMA) (A:  very interestingÖ) and its America's Army Government Applications team, the Adaptive Thinking and Leadership (ATL) simulation uses computer game technology to train Special Forces soldiers in critical skills. (A:  Theyíll probably end up blunting any human emotional abilities left in you, I would imagine.)


"This Adaptive Thinking and Leadership simulation is the only simulation focused on interpersonal flexibility and strategic communication in cross-cultural settings," says Dr. Elaine Raybourn, Sandia research scientist and project lead of the Special Forces ATL simulation development effort.


"Adaptive thinking is critical for special forces soldiers as they embark on missions around the world," she says. "This simulation offers highly interactive communications exercises in learning to respect and work with other cultures. (A:  Well, what are they going over there to do?  What do you think they are going over there to do with other cultures?)  Communication skills and interpersonal adaptability are paramount in successfully achieving Special Forces objectives."  (A:  Itís kill and destroy and achieve and conquer.  I mean, thatís it isnít it?)


The Adaptive Thinking and Leadership simulation is designed to allow players to discover their strengths and weaknesses in mental agility, cultural awareness, interpersonal adaptability, and communication. By role-playing in a dynamically changing environment, users sharpen their ability to anticipate the consequences of different courses of action to problems that may not have a "right" answer.


So, there you go.  Again, more depersonalization courses on the goÖ because thatís really what itís about isnít it?  Your teams are trained to do nothing but, as I say, conquer, kill, and destroy, and win.  Thatís it.  By any and all means possible.  And the only law there is in Special Forces is necessity, the law of necessity, whatever it takes at the time YOU DO.  That means literally doing things which are abhorrent in any natural setting.  You must put all emotions to the side, to conquer for your masters.  But you get little tin stars and stuff like that if you do your job well.  They might even give you a little brass band once in a while in a ceremony.  Then you can go home and boast about it forever to your people who are probably all paying carbon taxes and extra, different fees just to survive as the prices go up and up and up. 


Itís ridiculous, isnít it?  Öhow we are trained to do all the things for the masters above that you never even hear their real names, who they really are?  Unless you go into some of the books and look at some of the very old families but they are never in the newspapers.  They own the controlling shares of every big international corporation there is and the controlling shares are never sold on the marketÖ so they never loseÖ and never lose out when there are any crashes either.  They pull out long before that happens, generally 4 years in advance.  But thatís the reality of the world that we live in. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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