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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 18, 2011:

The Ancient Plan -- World Parliament of Man:
No Going Back, Old Agenda's on Track:

"First Came the Plunder by Money Institutions,
Then Antithesis of Activists, Social Revolutions,
The Synthesis to Be Amalgam of These Two
Under Smiley-Face UN, Ruled by the Few,
World Socialism for All, Like It or Not,
Followers Surprised to See What They Got,
Wise Men Rule All Sides to Guide Each Force
Into Predestined, Planned Brain-Stormed Course,
All Agendas Can Be Found Under United Nations,
A World Order Where All Accept Their Stations,
Equal Austerity for Peace International,
Led By New-Age Gurus Deceiving the Rational,
Followers in Green on Knees Give Thanks
For This Equality, Ruled by World Banks
Beautiful Charter, Nice Constitution,
Intelligentsia in Charge of All Vital Distribution"
© Alan Watt Oct. 18, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 18, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 18th of October 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios for free download at cuttingthroughthematrix.com; youíll find thereís hundreds there to choose from.  I try and basically record the events as we go through them and tell you how we got to this stage, where weíve been in the past, who helped set up the future, the one weíre living in today.  Youíll find itís been done by think tanks down through the ages actually, definitely through the 20th century.  They love to publish their own books, lots of autobiographies of big players who were into the social sciences and also behavior modification for nations, and the whole world in fact, and how they planned to bring in a type of society that would be very obedient to them, a kind of socialist structure.   Thatís the best structure of course, is socialism, because itís top heavy with governmental departments all monitoring the general public and thatís the system thatís coming in. The bankers love it because they can deal straight with governments for their loans for kind of welfare states, and big government, theyíre always out for loans, so they love that kind of government.  So thatís the world thatís been set up as you speak and as you live and most folk are giving up their data quite happily; theyíre not forced to give up their data.  You see, in a totalitarian society you must be predictable and everyone is showing that they are predictable by giving all their data up for free, and giving up personality profiles, adding to it all the time, daily in fact, and itís all being collected happily with a thank you from your government, all for free.  In fact, you pay for it all yourselves, in fact, and you certainly will pay in the future.  But at the moment, as I say, weíre going through the big transformation into the global society for global governance as they like to call it. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you so you can support me by buying the books and disks I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests who will give you terrifying stories, very interesting stuff mind you, and then they sell you something to save yourselves at the end.  I just basically give you the facts as they happen and tell you what else is involved, the stuff thatís omitted from the media, along with the stories.  So I try and fill in the gaps to give you the fuller picture of whatís really going on.  So buy the books and disks I have.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome, as I say, because no one else...   I donít have sponsors.  I could have and Iíd have to turn it into a business and get all glitzy on you and all the rest of it, all show business on you, but I prefer to do it this way.  And straight donations across the world would certainly be welcome as well, even though weíre all getting hammered with inflation in this con game of throwing billions and trillions to supposedly float nations that seem determined to sink apparently. 


We are advanced, this is the 21st century, and this is the best they can do, all the experts, eh?  Is just tax you into the ground to supposedly sacrifice all the countries on the planet to save one or two?  What rubbish.  What rubbish, isnít it?  Donít you know itís just pure rubbish?  But thatís what you get fed daily by straight-faced people with big letters behind their names who are called experts.  Experts, yep, and advisors to governments.  This is what they tell you.  So just to save a banking system or a few big banks, who are so dripping rich itís like fat pouring over, you know, a boiling pan or something.  Itís just disgusting.  And yet weíre supposed to sacrifice ourselves and get ourselves into perpetual debt.  Thatís generations and generations to come, of debt.  Slave... slavery; thatís what it is, for the ones to be born yet, to borrow from these bankers, to give to these countries, to give back to the bankers.  What a merry-go-round that is, eh.  Thatís science for you.  Boy, I tell you, theyíre intelligent guys.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, itís interesting to look back on the years and see the big changes, the revolutions as they call them.  Most revolutions are cultural, social revolutions and theyíre very successful in changing the whole of society.  We went through the cultural revolutions and the social revolutions and the sexual revolutions from the 60s, 70s onwards.  There was feminist revolutions and all kinds of sub-revolutions afterwards for all the ones in-between who decided to give themselves new and in-between identities, etc; still happening today.  Itís like a protestant church.  It starts off with one group and then it splits up into different sections and now thereís hundreds of them.  Itís the same even with sexual identity now.


Anyway, the thing is, these are all meant to change society and thatís why they get such big publicity.  Not just because theyíre kind of newsworthy, not just because itís a good story Ė itís a bit different and everyone loves to talk about sex and so on Ė but itís because they change the culture. They change the culture.  And even, itís interesting, in the 70s they came out in Britain first Ė of course, the flagship for international socialism.  They came out there with single parent families, because they said thatís going to be the way of the future; they just knew it because they were creating it, you see.  And not only creating it, they were financing it.  You didnít need a man anymore.  Just have the child and weíll put you up and pay your taxes, for your house or your rent.  And this is the way itís been going across the world for quite some time. 


Remember, the world for socialism, and you got to understand, you got to go into the Fabian writers for socialism.  And struggle through their books; some of them are quite interesting, some of them are very dry.† They laid it upon the line there what international socialism was all about.  It was to be a planned society, you see, eventually, with what we now call communitarian housing projects where you have these NGO leaders basically, the new soviet leaders, running your lives for you, you know, and government fining you and keeping you in place.  And training you through life, literally through life, lifelong training they call it, as they update you with their political correctness.  Thatís the society where youíll have very few choices on anything.  And thatís what they plan. 


Now again too, you have to go back to the fact that they said they would have to use wars and different techniques to terrify the public into giving up rights, giving up even nationhood, etc.  See, most wars, you got to understand, are not really against just the psychopathic elite who rule over you in different countries.  Itís not just a war between them.  Iím talking about real wars with fighting wars.  Itís to change the society on BOTH sides.  And thatís what wars do; they change society on both sides.  So cultural wars and social wars change the societies on both sides:  the way you live, whether people get married or donít have marriage anymore, and whether the state will pay for the children or not pay for the children, or if theyíll depopulate and actually abort more, which socialism always does Ė itís been doing that from the beginning.  And then minority rights groups, and thatís why a lot of people are making their careers Ė you know, the better psychopaths make their careers Ė in anything thatís on the go; they smell the wind. And they make their careers on minority rights; they pick a minority and become the champion of it.  And they get funding for the rest of their lives.  They live very, very well and go to big, expensive dinners and give little speeches and so on.


So this is the system of socialism.  And of course, depopulation, as I say, was a big part of it from the very beginning.  Because in socialism Ė and I might put up that link tonight again if I find it, from one of the founders of the Fabian Society, for the world. 


George Bernard Shaw and "the Humane Gas" - youtube.com


George Bernard Shaw said that you, the people, will have to come to us, the elite, the ones who are the intelligentsia. They like to call themselves the intelligentsia, the ones that look after the working classes, you see, the ones who think that a callus is somebody with a bad personality, not a hard piece of skin on your hands from actually working.  So they call them intelligentsia, but these are the ones.  He says, you have to come to us and explain why we should keep you alive.  In other words, do you serve the state, are you worth keeping alive, how well do you serve the state?  He even asks for scientists to get together to create a lethal gas so as they could kill off the unfit, painlessly.  He was a very humane person.  But this is how they are.  And of course, they were at this long before Adolf Hitler came along and because Adolf Hitler gave them a bad name Ė only because he lost; if heíd won theyíd be all happy. But the fact is, he gave them a bad name so they altered their techniques, same techniques, same agendas, but different ways of getting to those agendas.  And theyíve achieved most of them so far.  They also want a world government, you see.  They were heavily involved with world government and the United Nations on behalf of the banking boys who started up the United Nations.  


So Iíve referred to this particular site before.  Itís got an interesting article.  Itís about the...


Map: The Climate Change Scare Machine ó

the perpetual self-feeding cycle of alarm



(Alan:  And if you havenít noticed, youíve been in this for ages now.  Itís been 20 years of my God, the sky is falling and manís killing everything off the planet. And I remember going way back, years, and at the start they said it was oh, acid rain, it was killing all the lakes off in Canada.  And then that kind of fell away when everybody was going up north to fish and the fish were pulling fishermen into the water and stuff like that.  So that kind of died away. But the Club of Rome in the 70s came up with the idea, because they were given the task of finding something that would so scare the planet theyíd have to come together.  And they even discussed it, all the crazy stuff, that Prime Ministers had discussed before them.  The Prime Minister of Canada and some of them talked about it, oh alien invasion, would that do, would science fiction get them in this frame of mind where theyíd BELIEVE it eventually?  So they thought of all these things, and a threat from OUT THERE, and the best thing they could come up with was the climate.  Itís something thatís around you and above you, you know, from out there, etc.  And even sunspots, could that do it?  ...from out there?  So weíd all unite together to fight this enemy OUT THERE, you see, and bring the world together under CONTROL.  To control, you see, by of course, themselves, the ones who wanted the control.  So the Club of Rome were given that task and they came up with global warming. And before that they tried the coming ice age.  And all the same writers who wrote about the coming global warming previously had written books, best sellers, about the coming ice age.  And just like that they flipped overnight, when they were told to, and wrote their best sellers on the coming global warming, and how weíd all fry, etc.  And they said, that would fit the billClimate change, global warming, and famine, plague, etc, drought, that would fit the bill.  That would fit the bill.  Thatís what they gave back to their masters and thatís been the agenda thatís been pushed ever since.  Facts donít matter. 


So this article here, The Climate Change Scare Machine, goes into quite a lot of it. The interesting part, and thereís a big PDF you can download too; Iíll put the links up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night. You can actually see a lot of the organizations, the big organizations, and thereís hundreds and hundreds of them, who are all cashing in on this with the money theyíre getting thrown at them through governments and organizations, and the tax write-offs of foundations, etc, living very, very well.  I mean, itís a very lucrative thing for a good psychopath to get into.  It says here...)


The US government has poured in $79 billion and then some. (A:  Into this whole thing with carbon and global warming.)† But the pro-scare funding is pervasive: for example ó the Australian government spent $14 million on a single Ad campaign (A:  ONE ad campaign to convince the public to BE SCARED, be terrified.), and another $90 million every year on a Department of Climate Change. (A:  Well, they passed the carbon taxes in Australia now too.)  The UK government paid for lobbyists to  lobby it (A:  ...them, themselves.), and the BBC (A:  The British Broadcasting Corporations, which is pretty well owned by the government; itís a Crown Corporation...)  ďpartnersĒ with the lobby groups. The EU doesnít just subsidize renewables, it also pays them to push for more subsidies. Even the dastardly Exxon paid more than 20 times as much for a single  renewables research project than it did to skeptics.


Last year in carbon markets $142 billion dollars turned over, and $243 billion was invested in renewables. If the carbon market idea went global it was projected to reach $2 trillion a year. Every banker and his dog has a bone in this game. Why wouldnít they?


Curiously, some just canít see the vested interest of global financial houses and government bureaucrats in these policies. Andy Revkin suggests that the opposition to the alarmist juggernaut is ďwell coordinatedĒ and ďnot contentiousĒ. But how well coordinated are the IPCC? (A:  ... at the United Nations.)  Which think-tank has two week long  junkets for tens of thousands of people including media reps from all over the world? Not skeptics.


The money side of the equation is so lop-sided, and eggregiously dominated by pro-scare funding at every level, that skeptics can thank Dunlap-McCright for bringing it up. Weíll take your minor millions and vague allusions to ďinfluenceĒ and up the ante a magnitude, so to speak. Yes, letís talk about the vested interests? 


So thereís massive money, MASSIVE money being doled out.  Itís all your cash though, mind you; one way or another it ends up coming from you.  And thatís whatís funding this must-be.  Itís a must-be project, you see.  The United Nations wants it, the banks want it, because theyíll profit incredibly from it.  And again too, itís for a control over every single being on the planet to be sustainable.  Now, in Britain now they go around your garbage bins and they fine you if you havenít closed the lid properly. They go through your garbage to see if you put the right stuff in the right bins and fine you massively if you havenít, and stuff like this.  Itís a complete spy operation.  Thatís just your garbage.  Thereís a whole lot of other ways theyíre spying on you too.  This is what you want to bring in under this wonderful international socialistic system that works, really, for the bankers on the pretext of the ordinary people?  Think about it. 


You know, the mob are always conned.  Theyíre always conned by the intelligentsia.  Lenin and these guys belonged to the intelligentsia.  Again, they hadnít a clue either. They also thought that a callous was something to describe a personís nature; they didnít know it was hard skin on the hands from doing manual work.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and itís interesting too, as I say, that the United Nations, along with all the United Nations branches, and even the big money boys too, the IMF and The World Bank and all the boys that work with the United Nations, were supposed to come up to their proper role down the road.  And here we are right on queue for the 21st century and out come the big protests Ė that start off very, very well, for the right reasons, weíre so sick of getting screwed by the banks, which was rather obvious they were screwing us all, and getting rewarded for it.  Itís the first time that weíve seen gangsters getting just rewarded right off the bat by what you thought was your representative governments, across the world.  But the gangsters certainly do Ė and thatís what they are, theyíre gangsters, they knew what they were doing. They knew for years they were creating bubbles, and filling pockets, and theyíd have to answer one day.† They also knew, and had meetings long before the crashes, that theyíd get bailed out by the governments.  They were too big to fail Ė after all, once theyíre gone nothingís going to work; thereís nothing to replace it.  Itís as simple as that, you see.


Anyway, so what we find coming out now, when itís time for the push for globalism, globalism, globalism, weíve heard that for years and years now.  Itís taught through government training courses for government employees and so on, across the world.  And this article here comes from the United Nations itself.


Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

en.unpacampaign.org / 14 October 2011


(A:  You know, the world parliament of the world, that Shelley talked about a long time ago and some American presidents also talked about; some of them actually read the poem before speeches, the world parliament of the world.  And here we go, out of these protests that you think started with the banks, of course, and they got a lot of people to follow them. But there are people at the head of it that know what itís really for.  And it says...)


Amid international protests, (A:  And once again, here you go...) intellectuals and activists issue manifesto for global democracy.  (A:  Now, no oneís ever described, really, what democracy is, and Plato said that it always ends up in basically a form of communism and then dictatorship.)


Intellectuals Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky, Eduardo Galeano and Michael Hardt as well as mass-protest organizers and activists have issued a manifesto that includes a strong call for global democracy and, in particular, democratic rule over the international financial system. The manifesto was published in the Guardian on 14 October 2011, [ďA manifesto for regime change on behalf of all humanityĒ]† (A:  Iíll put both links up, by the way.) on the eve of international demonstrations in over 950 cities and more than 80 countries (A:  Thatís organization for you!) that were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Arab revolutions  (A:  Which were all funded by the West and trained in the West too.) and protests for "real democracy" in Spain.


The manifesto that was endorsed by activists and groups from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, United States, Asia and Latin America, among them Democracia Real Ya International, says that institutions like the G8, G20, the International Monetary Fund or the UN Security Council must be made democratic or "be overturned".  (A:  You see.  Now, must be made democratic or "be overturned".  Now, how would you make them democratic when every one is a private organization?  Privately owned by the way.  I mean, the G8, itís a club of guys that got together. They have no legitimacy to do so under anybodyís charter, any national charter, but the bankers decided they wanted it, you see, for the globalist society.  And the International Monetary Fund, again, is a private collection of banks, which also get tax money as well given to them. And the United Nations is a private organization, private entity.  And it says... the UN Security Council must be made democratic or "be overturned".  And how do you make the Security Council democratic?  Because you see, their job is to go and bomb anybody that wonít come under what they call democracy, theyíre doing that right now, and bringing in the same system.)


According to the document, in an age of globalization, "global forces shape people's lives. Our jobs, health, housing, education and pensions are controlled by global banks, markets, tax havens, corporations and financial crises". It says that under such conditions, "citizens of the world must get control over the decisions that influence them at all levels - from global to local".  (A:  Youíve heard all these little catchphrases before.  Citizens of the world, global to local, and you know, think global, act local... all these things come from the same United Nations organizations.)


Activists Ana Sofia Suarez and Shimri Zameret commented in the Guardian that "of course this manifesto is not endorsed by all the people that participate in the worldwide protests." Nethertheless, the signatories hope that "the text is legitimate as a manifesto coming from the protests, supported by many involved, such as Democracia Real Ya International, the main assembly in Madrid, the main assembly in Boston, in Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo." They added that it was a deliberate decision not to define "what democratic global institutions are"  (A:  And thatís true; they wonít yet, you see.) and to "leave it as a principle."


Manifesto: United for Global Democracy


ę On 15th October 2011, united in our diversity, united for global change (A:  Again, change is good.  Does it tie in again?  Ring bells?  Connect anywhere?), we demand global democracy: global governance (A:  ...global governance...) by the people, for the people. (A:  That would never... You understand, if you canít get control of your local council, your town council, and you got something thatís situated thousands of miles away, to run the whole planet, do you think theyíre going to have any time for you?)  Inspired by our sisters and brothers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Palestine-Israel, Spain and Greece, we too call for a regime change: a global regime change. In the words of Vandana Shiva, the Indian activist, today we demand replacing the G8 with the whole of humanity - the G 7,000,000,000.


Undemocratic international institutions are our global Mubarak, our global Assad, our global Gaddafi. These include: the IMF, the WTO, global markets, multinational banks, the G8, the G20, the European Central Bank and the UN Security Council. (A:  Back with more after this.) 


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just going through this manifesto for, really, a UN parliament.  Itís also called A Campaign for a UN Parliament.  And this is the way that itís all going to go, with the big banks along; you know, a better smiley face banker type of thing.  And then again, all the special rights groups that would emerge if you get your global parliament and it will be minorities all over the place until if youíre just an ordinary person youíre just out of the picture.  You have to be something awfully special to be noticed apparently.  And thatís how it gets all crazy and mad, etc. And then too, political correctness comes in to the extent that you just canít say anything at all; you canít think for yourself.  Well, if you think for yourself you must live inside your head.  Itís dangerous to have conversations once such a system is in, because these people are ruthless.  If we havenít learned from socialism and communism in the past then weíll never learn anything.  And mind you, Iím not standing up for the bankers.  Their system is just as awfully corrupt too and disgusting; itís no different at all. 


Power is power and the same kind of people, I think, go into all areas of it.† Someone whoís a psychopath smells where the windís going; left-wing, right-wing, theyíll follow it and get to the top.   And theyíll say all the right things. Theyíve got charisma and they can be charming and they can stand up in a crowd without blushing because they have no shame of any kind whatsoever, regardless of what they say.  And theyíre very good actors.  So be very careful about following people.  And even when you start off anything with good intentions Ė and people should definitely be protesting, not just the banks but their own governments that bailed the darned things out Ė be very careful because the ones at the top will always use you, and your numbers, to show to government... you see, these people all want global governance and a socialistic kind as well.  And thatís what itís really all about to be honest with you, well-orchestrated, well planned a long time ago, Iím sure, and weíre seeing it coming out now, what itís really all about. 


Alan:  Now, thereís callers on the line there and Iíll see if I can get them in.  Thereís Alex from Victoria on the line.  Are you there Alex?


Alex:  Hi there.  How are ya, Alan?


Alan:  Oh, hanginí on.  Just trying to advise the beavers to leave my area alone; theyíre trying to flood the road here.  [Alan laughing.]


Alex:  Uh-oh.  [Caller laughs.] 


Alan:  Yeah, theyíre creating wetlands everywhere; theyíve got permission under the World Wildlife Fund and the Maurice Strong Earth Summit.† So theyíve got rights now. And theyíre gaining more territory, you know.


Alex:  Well, better them than the hydro company, or worse, the bankers. 


Alan:  Well, yes.  I think they all work together.  They all go the same lodges; you know, thereís a beaver lodge too, you know.


Alex:  Sure thing.  Well, Iíve been out at the, looking at the Occupy Movement around here and we sort of sensed that it was created by the bankers.† Unfortunately theyíve seemed to have tried to lure in young impressionable and vulnerable students who have been heavily indoctrinated through the well-funded universities and stuff.  And theyíre coming out and protesting things they know nothing about, while ignoring seasoned activists who they have deemed are crazies with signs and stuff.  Itís quite a mess but weíre working on bridging the gap and trying to communicate with them. And as you know, itís probably next to futile.  Thereís a process, being so long for somebody to wake up. 


Alan:  Well also too, itís pretty good sometimes to tell them to have a look at the series by Yuri Bezmenov. 


Yuri Bezmenov - dailymotion.com   /   Yuri Bezmenov, L.A. 1983 pt. III - youtube.com


...from the old KGB system and the lectures he gave in the States where he talked about the liberalism, that was purposely taught by selected universities, by selected professors, to bring down their own countries, from within, under the guise of liberation, democracy, etc, and to hold up the soviet system as an ideal. And of course, they had a romantic image about the peopleís republic and all that kind of stuff.  It was the peopleís democracy.  And they had no idea of the reality of the Soviet Union.  He actually went through the agenda. And itís a good idea to show the young ones that because they have been heavily indoctrinated by the professors; thereís no doubt about it.  You have to be a far, far left leaning, where anything goes, everythingís fine, doesnít matter what you do, you know, in this day and age.  You must be an everything-goes professor to get the job nowadays.


Alex:  Right.  Yeah, yeah, I bet ya.  Well, weíre seeing kids coming out from the political science and political thought program... which sounds a lot like something out of Orwellís 1984.† And also from psychology and law enforcement courses in the university, and then from the social justice collective; that seems to be the bulk of the quote unquote organizers.† And theyíre basically the preoccupy movement at this point because they donít represent 99% of anything but maybe the recruitment from the university, which doesnít represent the issues at all.† So weíre up against something quite big.  And then of course, the TV cameras spin away from the really pertinent signs.  Like they wouldnít put yours... I had your sign held up, Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix.† The chief of police asked me about it, who he was.   And I said itís the voice of truth.  And of course the TV cameras just go right by and they wouldnít even film most of our really pertinent signs.  So itís a very uphill battle. But what weíre doing is weíre going to get them to tune into you.† And youíre about the most rational and accurate voice of truth out there so weíre hoping that people will tune in and you might get some more listeners out of this movement, Iím hoping. 


Alan:  Yeah, weíll see.  Itís very difficult if youíve been heavily indoctrinated when youíre young.  And thatís why they always go for the youth; you have a fresh bunch of empty minds and you can shape them the way you want.  Youngsters see things in black and white; thereís no gray area.  Somethingís either very wrong or very good and of course itís easy for those who understand the process, you know, the neuroscientists, to develop courses for them and brainwash them, because theyíre ignorant of all the other facts, and thatís the beauty.  You simply omit all the other details that youíd have to give them to have them fully informed.  And of course, they donít know; they think they are fully informed.  They think theyíve been taught all there is to know.  They donít know of the horrors of the past and the cons of the past and the miseries of the past, caused by international socialism, which the bankers all funded by the way.  And here they are at it again, again, always looking for utopia; theyíre always sold utopias, you know.  Always sold on a utopia and they donít realize that some are more equal than others in such utopias, as Orwell said.


Alex:  Yeah.  So is it like the Russian Revolution or the French revolution, do you think?


Alan:  Well, theyíre actually giving themselves analogies to the French Revolution, where the people spoke, etc, etc, which wasnít true at all because it started off, really, as a middle class revolution in France.  Maybe it is a bit of a middle class here; most of the working class are really out of the picture.  Again, itís universities once again.  But of course, there were different forces behind it.  There was also a special money force even with the French Revolution behind them and they were given the freedom of Paris, and France actually, after funding people like Napoleon that came out of it, he gave them, for actually funding the revolution.  So the bankers were even heavily behind that too. 


Alex:  And did Napoleon try and conquer Russia and then leave all kinds of people behind to die, or basically...


Alan:  Yeah, he was a really good socialist and he used his men very well, for his own gain.  He was psychopathic, no doubt about it.  He left an army there to die and freeze and he came back and got another one.  Then he took a whole bunch of them off to Egypt, because he was also a Mason, you see.  And he left a whole army of them there once he had raided a few pyramids and took stuff home.  He left his army there when the English shipping came in, war ships came in.  So he left them to get caught there too, but he managed to get back to Paris himself again.  He was awfully good at leaving, you know, all the hard-working people behind him, all the ones that had served their purpose like good socialist little beings should.


Alex:  Right.  I guess the last thing Iíd like to say is that itís unfortunate these people arenít listening to the people that have been out doing this for decades and that have really suffered through and studied corruption and conspiracy.  Because they donít even realize, they donít have a clue how bad it really is; they actually think governmentís your friend and theyíre there to help you.  They have no thoughts about the bankers.  And they donít realize weíre actually trying to prevent them from having to go through what weíre going through, or living through, or suffering through. 


Alan:  Yes.  And what they donít realize too, is theyíre masters that are really behind it all, because understand, socialism, all big movements are led by deception, whether itís communism, in its true form, or its true name really, or just plain socialism, where Nazism was a socialist movement to begin with too, national socialism.  And theyíre always lied to by those who help, who make YOU bring it in for them.  You fight to bring it in for them, and then in come the rules and then you find out youíve got the scientists ruling you again, because they truly believe that science and intellectual groups should rule over the public.  So you end up with a statistics department running your lives, deciding what youíre going to be when youíre 5 years old, weíll make you into an engineer, you will be a road sweeper, stuff like that.  They want an ordered, planned society and, again, depopulation.  They want the State to give education and really rear the young, free of all the contamination, and thatís what they call it by the way, contamination of morality from their parents or grandparents.  So theyíve got all that.  So theyíve got a whole list of things that they must do.   They wonít talk about that when theyíre protesting the banks or leading all the Ė a lot of well-meaning people Ė but leading them up the garden path. They donít talk about their ultimate goals here.  Or redistribution of all wealth, and youíll still be borrowing money to give to third world countries, even more money, and austerity too, even more austerity, a perfect austerity will be brought in as well.  Youíre looking at the whole kit-and-caboodle here that will come out of this.  And they will merge totally with the banking system.  Theyíre already in it with the United Nations, and the UN was started up by the Milner Group, who were all international bankers; they still run it today under the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 


Alex:  It looks like theyíve covered all the angles and theyíre coming at us from so many different ones, like with the draft military medicine and also biological and genetic warfare. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  Bringing down the population is a BIG, always been a number one, a priority with socialism.  Absolutely.


Alex:  Yep.  Well thank you very much for taking my call and Iíd like to say I went to Money As Debt by Paul Grignon last night.  And I met him and talked to him and he had some really good ideas on economy.† Iíll try and mail some of his DVDs to you if you canít watch it online.  I know thereís some on YouTube.† Iím going to get a couple of DVDs from him and then Iíll send them to you.


Alan:  Yeah, Iíd appreciate that. 


Alex:  And Iíve told him to call into your show.


Alan:  Okay.† Thanks for calling. 


Alex:  Take care.


Alan:  Take care.  Bye now.  And now thereís Dean from New York as well.  Are you there Dean?


Dean:  Yeah, hey Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Not bad at all.


Dean:  Alright, very good show tonight.  Iíd like to... because I kind of respect your opinion as, you know, one of the alternative thinkers of the day.  There seems to be a growing... with the Occupy Wall Street, Alex Jones phenomenon, etc.  There seems to be a very large truth movement going.  You know, I could even throw in the Zeitgeisters into this.  And thatís a, seems to be a lot of energy going towards resisting this oppressive system.  And seems that no one has considered that an alternative would be more or less...  I donít want you to think like Iím saying a utopian society.   But right now we donít have a choice, when we get registered, our birth certificate, our social security cards, our driverís license, etc.  Regardless what country, well not regardless what country, but in most of the Western countries, Iím an American; we automatically get registered into their society, their system.† They control everything in their society, in their system, as youíve been saying.  And the highlight now is the bankers and I would assert and suggest that as much as the bankers do control economies, what really controls is the bar guild, or the attorneys of the world.† The bar guild control everything.† Basically though this corrupt bar guild system theyíve taken over.  For example, itís the bar guild that registers our birth certificates.† They created the social security systems.  They are the ones that enforce the UCC law, the Admiralty law, all forms of law.† International law, etc, etc, is all controlled within this system that everyone, well not everyone in the world, but us Western people, or for the most part, and now as theyíre trying to take over Libya and Egypt, soon Afghanistan, Iraq.  Soon they will all be under the same banking guild.  And theyíve worked in cooperation, you know, the lawyer guild and the banking guild; theyíre all more or less one creature. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  A lot of them are actually related to each other as well.


Dean:  Oh, absolutely.  Theyíre all from the... different hands from the same source, more or less.† But I guess my point is that we all acquiesce, at birth, through life, through school, through university, through jobs, through our locale, wherever youíre born.  We all acquiesce to this system, because thereís never been an alternative.  Okay, thereís hasnít been an alternative.  Now, I recently became aware of a gentleman from Australia and he spent about 25 years of his life creating an alternative system and within that system it has everything that this evil corrupt system has.  It has the rule of law, which is the basis of society.  I guess my point is, if...  What is your opinion, I just want a third party kind of, you know, feedback.† Iíd like to spend time, you know, maybe... the most useful amount of our time as individuals in this movement, in this truth movement... is it to go against the corrupt system that just completely has everything controlled? everything from the time weíre born to the time we die, they control everything.  Or, make everyone aware that we have an alternative now. And if everyone said, oh we have an alternative, and started to opt out of their system, their bar guild, creating, more or less to create a new individual that they have no hold over, right.  Because youíve heard of like the free man and etc, right.  Besides this movement hits to the very core of it.  And I donít know if you might spend a few minutes, and I donít expect an answer right now because you donít know who Iím talking about or the information.


Alan:  Yeah, but Iíve got the break coming up now.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím not really sure about this; thereís the one that the guy mentioned, and thereís a whole bunch of avatars on it and spiritual leaders, etc, etc.  And thatís just too new agey for me if thatís the one that I see there.  So I think itís something else thatís been dreamed up to take care of the other part of society that havenít gone along with the other movements.  Everythingís managed in this world, you know.  Everythingís managed so you have to be very, very careful of what you look into.  Believe you me, itís like a shopping mall out there.  Itís already made, the shopping mall.  Itís all the brand name shops and whatever youíre looking for thereís something there for you, whatever youíre looking for. And itís the same with religion and societies and utopias, etc, etc.  And I know all of the different groups that have worked along with the other globalists for a long time, plus all the religious sects too, the new agey sects as well, and you just end up with just the same system one way or another under different guises.  Itís always the same system.  So we have to be more practical. 


Actually, the best kind of government of all is a limited government, a very small limited government with a set bunch of laws that it can follow and it canít change them.  It canít change them or reinterpret; the main thing is they cannot reinterpret laws.  You see.  Because they do that all the time now.  Thatís what most lawyers do, is they use a technique, itís almost Talmudic, where they reinterpret everything, over and over, to suit the time as they say, and so they can get round things and change it.  And itís always for the benefit of, really, a few at the top.  Whether itís intellectuals that are really ruling you, or pretentious intellectuals, or religious avatars, or whatever else, or people who claim that theyíre the second reincarnation of Jesus, or whatever, I canít go along with that at all.  I canít.  And Iíve seen so many cons in the past that you have to be awfully, awfully careful.  And some really well done cons as well. 


Weíre living in a world of change; thereís no doubt about it.  All these changes are happening now, at the same time, for a reason, because theyíre coordinated that way.  Thatís why.  Theyíre coordinated that way.  Theyíve even said at the top that thereíll be a convergence eventually where people would be so upset by the present structure theyíd have to morph it into the new system, but they wonít lose power on the way.  Theyíll simply give the appearance of changing, and appearance of sharing power, but theyíll share it with the very ones that are the socialists which they want to bring in, who are more dogmatic than youíd ever imagine.  Not the smiley faces on the street telling you nice things about, here we are all together, and they all parrot again Ė like the human microphone, thatís what they call it, they all parrot the words, which is a psychological technique as well, by the way, because now you are saying the same thing that theyíre saying.  Anyway, you got to understand that youíre being led along the path. 


When have you ever seen suggested that a system comes in where the individual is asked, what do you want for yourself?  It hasnít happened.  The only time that could happen is when thereís limited government.  And even if the American Constitution had been stuck to, without all the masses of lawyers flooding in to work for government and the banking boys and all the rest of it, it would have kept government very, very small.  It would have kept the citizensí rights to the maximum, where freedom was at the maximum.  And you could basically build a life for yourself, as long as you didnít hurt other people and plunder them in the process.  You could live a life the way that you wanted to and thatís how it should really be.  I donít like taking orders from idealists of any kind, whether itís idealism in communism, socialism, capitalism, or new agey.  Not for me.  No thank you. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, donate as well; things are bad right now



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