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Winners and Losers:

"Winners and Losers, The Darwinian Policy
Of Using, Abusing then Eliminating Majority,
Its Out in the Open, Not Just Assumption,
Look at Top World Players Caught in Corruption,
There's a Slap On the Wrist for Each Scammer
While Low-Ranks are Thrown in Debtor's Slammer,
For Free Trade and Austerity We're Taxed to Hilt,
While Politicos Throw Contracts to Friends, No Guilt,
The Spawn of Corruption Only Gets Worse
While the People at Bottom Bear Weight of Curse,
Oh Yes, Elections We're Given, Balloons for Choosers,
Voting Same Crime Syndicates in to Rule the Losers"
© Alan Watt Dec 15th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Dec 15th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of December, 2011.  For newcomers, you should always make use of the website,  Youíll see all my other official sites listed there.  If you find sticking on downloads of audios on the .com, try these alternate sites that are listed.  Now, all those sites have audios.  They all have transcripts too, in English for print-up.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, go into, and take your pick from the choices offered.  And, remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I try to give an alternate show, not a spin on history, but I fill in the gaps basically that the media tends to leave out on purpose, to show you how things are really developing and where it all came from, and to show you youíre living through a script, basically.  Every generation goes through their script, including wars and takeovers and depressions, recessions, and so on.  And even sometimes, once in a while, recoveries.  However, weíre past the recovery part now.  We have to go into austerity, you see, the world over, as we keep paying out for the Third World Countries, supposedly, to come up to a higher level of living.  Thatís all done through your own politicians signing treaty after treaty through the World Trade Organization.  Not a bad deal for free trade for some, eh?  One-way deals.  Anyway, I show you this, and I depend upon you, the audience to keep me going.  And so, if you want to buy the books and discs at, you can order from the United States by using a personal check or international postal money order.   You can use PayPal, and some people send cash.  Across the world, you do have MoneyGram and Western Union and PayPal to order.  Remember, straight donations are really, really welcome, especially at times when the bills come up, which is about now, too.  So, itís up to you if you want to keep it going. 


I donít push politics.  I personally think politics is an utter racket.  Itís been co-opted from day one as far as Iím concerned.  Politicians are born liars.  Theyíre psychopathic types.  They all belong to the right schools.  They all know each other in school, in fact, and they grow up into their own generation, one after another, simply scamming the public and playing the public for suckers, and as I say, they also are owned by the guys above them, who own the international corporations across the whole globe.  And that is the system that was designed to come into place, a world run in a feudal system.  You have this public/private partnership deal across the world now, and you have all your governmental agencies farming out the work to these private agencies.  Theyíre completely dependent upon them for all their reports, like the Rand Corporation, many, many corporations, Brookings Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, thatís who runs your countries.  And they know where theyíre going, because all these organizations work together, via the top international bankers at the top of the pyramid.  Thatís how it really works.  They have their international meetings where they all get together and they plan the future.  Always plan the future or youíll lose it, obviously.  You would lose control.  These guys donít intend to lose control, and if youíve noticed, if you really have noticed, theyíve been building up a police-state in First World countries for thirty-odd years, in response for whatís to happen down the road, thatís going to make folk awfully, awfully unhappy, like hunger, stuff like that.  The basic stuff.  That is on the cards, folks.  That truly is on the cards. 


And I try to chronicle it, for the people, as I say, because I think the masses are quite happy.  Thereís never been a time in depression, a financial depression, when most folk are completely ignorant of whatís happening.  They prefer to believe the media spin.  Thereís always happy faces on television.  And they enjoy their entertainment, the incredible amount of entertainment that keeps them in a fogged mind state.  Theyíre quite happy with that, and parties at the weekend.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I talked about how youíve been sold out by the politicians through the Free Trade deals, this idea that was dreamed up a long time ago.  John Dee actually mentioned it to Queen Elizabeth I, and he called it the Brightish Empire, where theyíd bring in a whole world system of Free Trade Deals and those who wouldnít trade with them would be excluded.  They wouldnít be allowed to trade with anyone.  That was the blackmail part, which they actually use today.  And then of course, the Milner group, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, a hundred years ago, set up the same idea, and really pushed for this Free Trade Deal, to bring this same system across the world, and itís here.  Itís been here for quite some time.  Every politician of all parties has gone ahead with it, because every top politician is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Always have been.  Thatís been the way, since again, a hundred years.  And each one will tell you.


I can remember even when the ones in Canada, the politicians, there was Chrťtien and Mulroney and so on.  Each one ran to be the head of Canada on the premise theyíd pull us out of the NAFTA deals, etc.  And then, one week later, each one of them in turn became the champions of it.  They suddenly changed their mind, you know, Free Trade.  But with Free Trade on the go, youíve got to understand that theyíve got to bring in a value added tax, to make up for the import duties that they miss out on, you see.


Now, Free Trade works one way, you see, but under the United Nations plan for it, and the World Trade Organization, you keep paying for those so-called Third World Countries, and China is still called a Third World country, by the way.  They can renew it for twenty years.  They pay no taxes for twenty years.  They can impose import duties on all incoming stuff, and of course, but you canít you see.  Youíve got to buy all their stuff and charge no import fees whatsoever.  Thatís a beautiful deal, isnít it?  And after twenty years, you can renew that for another twenty years, if you want to, if you still say you arenít making it.  And we build dams for them, over there.  Canada has built dams for them, hydro-electric dams and nuclear powerstations.  Itís not bad, since other taxpayers across the world will borrow money from the World Banks and put their citizens down as collateral, basically, or the guarantors to pay it off.  And you give it to these countries, so theyíre guaranteed to become first world nations, while you go down into the sewage, basically. 


Now, hereís an article here.  It says:


China imposes tariffs on US-built cars


"US vehicles benefiting from subsidies and dumping on the China market have substantially damaged China's auto industry," the Ministry's statement said on Tuesday.


According to the statement, China will begin imposing taxes on cars and sports-utility vehicles built in the US with an engine capacity of more than 2.5 liters, from Dec 15, 2011 to Dec 14, 2013.


(Alan: And, behind this nonsense here, itís actually the fact that theyíre allowed to do this, because you must buy all their stuff without charging import duties, but they can actually impose duties on anything coming in thatís going to compete with their domestic produce, you see.  And it says:)


The greatest impact of the new Chinese tariffs will be felt by major American car makers General Motors, facing punitive duties of as high as 12.9 percent, and the Chrysler Corporation, facing a tariff rate of 8.8 percent.


Currently, China imposes tariffs of 25 percent on imported passenger vehicles, Xinhua reported.


So, it gives you the usual stuff.  Oh, China drew immediate criticism from the US government, like pooh-pooh, ha-ha, but the fact is itís all nonsense.  Itís through the Free Trade Deal that was signed, a long time ago, and thatís what they can do.  Brazil can also dump stuff on your market and you must allow it in without pressing import duties, but they for twenty years, and then another twenty years if they want to, can basically do the opposite.  They can restrict your imports to them, by imposing duties on, tariffs and so on.  Import duties.  Not a bad deal, eh.  Your politicians never talk about this at election time.  They donít talk about anything that really is going on at election time, except, you know, welfare, health care, that stuff.  The usual stuff, you know.  And no one really cares too much about it.


And as I said before, all politicians are corrupt.  Itís just one big club across the world of psychopaths, went to the best schools, all met each other.  Maggie Thatcher said the same thing years ago, when a big hullabaloo came out because she started to use taxpayers money to fund the private schools, the elite private schools.  And she says, well, weíve got to, she says, because thatís where the future leaders of the country come from, the prime ministers, the bureaucrats and politicians, they all come from the better schools, she says.  And itís vital that they all meet each other in their generation at school, since theyíll all know each other and be working with each other afterwards, you see, throughout life.  And thatís the way it really is.  Same in the US.  Same everywhere else.  Thatís how it really works.  All pals together, generation after generation.  And then you find, of course, thereís so much corruption at the top.  Itís fairly open now, because thereís so much of it they canít keep it all out, of even the alternate media.  It generally comes into the alternate media before they have to let it into the mainstream and put a spin on it, you see. 


Now, France is like every other country, itís totally corrupt at the top.  Totally left wing and liberal.  They call it Liberal, which of course, Khrushchev said was Communist.  And Chirac, Jacques Chirac was a president for quite a few years in France.  It says:


A court in France has handed former French President Jacques Chirac a two-year suspended prison sentence


(A: You see.  Nothing, in other words.)


after finding him guilty of embezzlement and misuse of public funds.


(A: Well, they all do that.)


Chirac was tried on Thursday over a party-financing scandal during his 1977-1995 tenure as Paris mayor, AFP reported.


Chirac, who did not attend the trial due to doctors' recommendations, denied the charges.


The 79-year-old former president, who ruled the country from 1995 until 2007, was accused of a scheme that faked paid jobs.


(A: That didnít exist.)


The salaries were then used to finance his conservative party.


(A: It would be for more than that too, of course.  You know that.)


The country's current foreign minister, Alain Juppe, was convicted in the same case in 2004, but has since returned to public life, and is a key ally of President Nicolas Sarkozy.


(A: So, hereís the countryís current foreign minister, Alain Juppe, was convicted in the same case, but has since returned to public life.  So, he was convicted, heís guilty, but now heís back up there again.  See, why would you put a liar and a cheat back up there again?  Itís because the boys at the top are all the same.  And they have sympathy for these guys.  ďOh, itís terrible you got caught.  Iím glad it wasnít me.Ē  You know.  Thatís what runs the world all over.  It says:)


This is the first conviction of a head of state in France since 1945 when Marshal Philippe Petain was found guilty of collaborating with the Nazis.


Theyíre better at it, mind you, in covering it up.  Thatís really what it is.  And, just to contrast it to Free Trade and all the rest of it, and the corrupt guys that run us all:


'Dismal' prospects: 1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low income


WASHINGTON - Squeezed by rising living costs, a record number of Americans ó nearly 1 in 2 ó have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income.


The latest census data depict a middle class that's shrinking


(A: And that was always the objective of it all, finish off the middle classes.)


as unemployment stays high and the government's safety net frays. The new numbers follow years of stagnating wages for the middle class that have hurt millions of workers and families.


(A: Plus theyíve lost all their jobs, eh.)


"Safety net programs such as food stamps and tax credits kept poverty from rising even higher in 2010, but for many low-income families with work-related and medical expenses, they are considered too 'rich' to qualify,"


(A: Isnít that something.  Youíre too rich to qualify.  Yeah, youíre five bucks over.)


said Sheldon Danziger, a University of Michigan public policy professor who specializes in poverty.


(A: And gets a big salary, Iím sure.)


"The reality is that prospects for the poor and the near poor are dismal," he said. "If Congress and the states make further cuts, we can expect the number of poor and low-income families to rise for the next several years."


So, thatís why heís an expert.  He says, if Congress and the states make further cuts, we can expect more numbers to rise.  Yep.  Quite something, eh?  Isnít that quite something?  Itís quite a joke, life, isnít it, the way they give us it all.  Itís quite something else.


And debtorís prison is back and doing well.  Debtorís prison was quite something that they instituted in Britain when the Rothschilds were blatantly running the country, rather than covertly running it today.  And like from the swimming pools from the Rothschilds in France.  You know, like one of the major players thatís running Britain now boasted once, Iím running Britain from Mr. Rothschildís swimming pool in France.  And I read that on the air at the time, for those who remember. 


Now, at one time, when you were thrown into debtorís prison, you had to pay for your meals and everything or family or somebody did.  And if you didnít have the cash, you starved to death.  That was called civilization then, you know, and the glowing age of democracy.  So:


Illinois Debtors Thrown In Jail: Lisa Madigan Working To Stop Debt Collector Arrest Warrants


Some Illinois residents struggling to pay off their debt have yet another thing to worry about: getting thrown in jail.


As WBEZ reports, creditors in the state have figured out ways around laws that prevent them from putting debtors in jail,


(A: Oh, those lawyers again, eh.  How they can reword everything.  ďLetís reinterpret the word Ďcannotí.Ē  It says:)


and the number of people being issued arrest warrants linked to unpaid bills is growing. Collection agencies can reportedly file a lawsuit requiring a court appearance, and if the defendant doesn't show up for their hearing, an arrest warrant can be issued.


The practice has been happening more often in a stagnant economy, and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to do something about it.


"We can no longer allow debt collectors to pervert the courts," Madigan told the Wall Street Journal, adding that some victims of this practice were thrown in jail without knowing that they were being sued due to misleading or sloppy paperwork submitted to the court by debt collectors.


NPR spoke to one Illinois woman who was shocked to learn that a warrant was out for her arrest....


Now, you know thereís lots and lots of them still going in because of the housing scam loans, and where the banks were so happy to give everybody a loan, it doesnít matter what their income was, and then sell it off at a price.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix, and just talking about the people going to debtorís prisons now, as theyíre flourishing again.  Of course, the big agencies too, that hire scum off the streets to go and act tough, you know, they lean on the people and threaten them, etc, to pay up even if they have no cash at all.  Threaten their families as well.  Thatís well known.  But thatís always gone along with money, isnít it?  I mean, banks are just moneylenders.  It has never changed for thousands of years, you know, whether itís backstreet or big, tall buildings with pillars, itís just the same thing.  And, as I say, thereís so many folk who lost their homes during the big banking scams, because they kept flipping mortgages and the people didnít know it, and theyíre left with massive debts and so on, and kicked out of their homes.  Often theyíre put out at gunpoint with sheriffs there, and that tells you whose side the sheriff is on, too; because when he stands up on the side of corruption, then, well, thatís the norm for the system, isnít it?  What does that say for the system that youíll keep voting back in again?  Quite something.  Why do you keep voting?  I donít know.  Promises, isnít it?  Oh, we promise, we promise to make your lives all happy and cozy.  And thatís all you need to hear. 


Now, Iím putting up two links tonight on the official graphs of so-called global warming that show you thereís none at all, with lots of links to it to prove this, once again, so thereís two of them going up tonight and some other ones to follow as well.  This article here Iím going to read right now, and remember too go into and youíll find all these links at the end of the broadcast. 


The cops are getting so trigger-happy itís just disgusting.


Caught on camera: Shocking moment police officer tasers schoolgirl, 14, seconds after she puts her hands up


He shot her in the crotch.  Probably a real perv too, you see.  So, things are getting just out of hand and too normal and shades of things to come if you allow it to continue.  And, unfortunately, you are allowing it to continue.  Youíre being conditioned.  And the more you allow it to happen, the more you condition yourself until itís your turn, you see.  You live in a very sick society.  Very sick.  And horror, horror is coming down the pike. 


Iíve warned before about the inoculations you get, and the various fallout from them all, all these contaminated vaccines.  I mean all vaccines are contaminated folks.  You should see how theyíre made.  You think itís all hygienic and nice and so on.  Itís a horror show.  Itís like a witchís brew.  You know, a kidney from a monkey mixed with a fetus and letís add a touch of this.  Itís just a mix, a witchís brew.  Why not some bats as well, you know.  And then they add all these synthetic viruses in, which are manmade viruses, which your body is supposed to think is the real one.  But the synthetics alter your body, because itís not a real one, you see.  And it causes multiple symptoms and destroys your immune system eventually.  Thatís why itís taught in medical school now that itís normal to have an incapacitated immune system.  Itís all normal.  I can remember when the first young child came out, they called him the bubble boy.  He was allergic to everything.  It never happened in history before.  That was at the time when they were really pumping the injections out, the inoculations, and all the viruses and so on.  Now itís normal.  Everyone is compromised.  Itís all quite normal.  Yeah.  Cancer is normal now.  Now:


Study says one in 100 pupils in UK sick with MEPA


Researchers have warned that as many as one in 100 pupils in UK schools could be taking time off because they suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.


Chronic fatigue - also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) - causes excessive tiredness, concentration issues, mood swings and memory difficulties.


(A: Actually, itís only one stage of narcolepsy.  Itís like autism.  Thereís many stages of autism.  It depends what degree youíre at with it.)


Around a quarter of a million people are believed to suffer from the condition in the UK


(A: Itís a lot more than that.)


The study, which was published in the BMJ Open journal, looked at 2,855 pupils at three schools and discovered 28 were absent from school with ME.


After studying every pupil between the ages of 11-16 at three schools in Bath, researchers identified 461 pupils who missed school for at least one day a week over six weeks.


Five children had already been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, but another 23 cases were discovered.


The study showed 1% of children had the condition and the illness was the cause of 6% of the high number of absences.


Now the article here, of course, does not touch on the causes.  It just blithely goes over it and just concentrates on itís terrible to have so many days missing from school.  Well, what caused the damn problem?  Whatís caused all these problems since about 1950?  What happened?  Oh, gee, we got all the chemicalized food that came in, you know, advanced agriculture they called it, along with all the inoculations.  Simple detective story, folks.  Look at all the problems they had before, not so many at all.  Look at what happened after, itís all here.  Simple detective work.  Whatís changed in the environment?  Whatís changed in what the person eats?  Whatís changed in what gets stuck into their body?  Itís not rocket science.  But thatís the agenda, isnít it?




Ottawa has pulled out of the 1997 anti-global warming Kyoto Protocol, saying the treaty is ďnot working.Ē Piers Corbyn, the founder of the Weather Action Foundation, says Canada is doing the right thing.


≠According to Corbyn, the solar activity Ė not carbon dioxide Ė is behind climate change.


Oh, my goodness, like no one knew this before.  Even the ancients talked about that.  Oh, when the sun shines, you know, the little seeds in the earth come out and they bud.  Wow.  Imagine that, eh?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, and cutting through all this carbon nonsense too, as we have been for years.  This Corbyn here who talked about the solar activities behind climate change, he says:


ďI donít believe in man-made climate change because there is no evidence for it. In fact, carbon dioxide is controlled by world temperatures rather than the other way around,Ē he told RT. ďClimate change is going on, and the key aspects of the big, very extreme events that happened in the last 18 months were predicted by us, the Weather Action, using solar activity.


ďCarbon dioxide has zero effect, I repeat: zero effect, no effect whatsoever.Ē

Corbyn believes that the Kyoto protocol is based on what appears to be a semi-fraudulent scheme aimed at wasting public funds which could otherwise have a better use.


(A: Actually, itís got a social and political agenda, to control every single one of us, actually.  And to bring down the population.  Too many of you, see, too many of you, and you all consume.  Everything you consume creates carbon in the process of production and my goodness, we just canít have this, itís killing the planet.  Thatís really its intention.  Itís the biggest battering ram to control you ever devised.  And thatís really what itís for, and to allow the big boys, like the Rothschilds, again, whose bank in Switzerland is to manage the whole global carbon credit stuff, for these carbon traders, who are making billions off it already.  He says:)


ďIt is a complete waste of time. Itís a waste of public money. Itís a gravy train for so-called scientists


(A: And I would say thatís true, so-called scientists.)


looking into things that donít exist, and, of course, for the governments to impose taxations, and oil companies to increase oil prices on the back of increasing energy prices Ė which is the thing demanded by the global warmingís nonsense lobby,Ē he explained.


ďSo, frankly, Iím glad that Canada has left the Kyoto Protocol process and I hope it heralds the collapse of the whole thing,"


So, thatís really how it truly is, and we all hope that too.  But they wonít give up that easily folks.  These folks planned this years ago.  Remember the Club of Rome, where the guys who were given the job of dreaming up the whole con in the first place, in order to impose their eugenics laws upon the whole planet and profit mightily off of it, too.  So, they wonít give up easily, theyíll just come back.  What they want is for everyone to come into a regional charter and binding treaties under a united court, a United Nations Court, I should say, who will levy out the fees and fines, and all the taxpayers will have to pay up, you see.  Great, fantastic boon for the banks, oh, fantastic.  Money for nothing and your kicks for free, eh?


Now, talking about corruption too, itís everywhere at the top.  Thatís their normal way of life.  They actually see it as their right, actually.  They see it as a right.  I can remember, there was two politicians in British Columbia, many years ago, who were caught with their hands in the taxes, the taxation payersí cookie jar.  Thatís where the big money is.  And they actually said it was their right to do it.  Everyone had done it before them, and at their status and position, it was their right to help themselves.  You suddenly become a king, you understand, when you get elected up there, and everyone is corrupt, and you must go along with everyone else, or youíre just not one of the boys, or girls for that matter, or in-betweens, nowadays. 


Outrage! Author of 'stimulus' linked to companies it helped


Received hundreds of millions in government grants and loans


An adviser to Barack Obama who played a key role in developing the energy provisions of the so-called stimulus bill has served on the boards of several companies that recently received government funds, including hundreds of millions in "stimulus" money.


(A: Remember that?)


TJ Glauthier served on Obama's 2008 White House Transition Team. He is widely credited with helping to craft the energy provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the "stimulus."


In addition to serving on the boards of major energy companies, Glauthier previously held two presidential appointments during the Clinton administration.


(A: Theyíre lifers.  These guys are in it for life, arenít they?)


He was the Energy Department's deputy secretary and chief operating officer, the second-highest ranking official.


Earlier, he served in the White House for five years as the associate director for natural resources, energy and science in the Office of Management and Budget.


Everything you wanted to know about Obama's advisers, in "Red Army: The Radical Network that must be defeated to save America."


Glauthier is tied to several energy companies that benefited from the "stimulus" bill he helped to craft.


One such company investigated by WND is GridPoint Inc., where he was appointed to the board in March 2008. GridPoint provides utilities with software solutions for electrical grid management and electric power demand and supply balancing.


The "stimulus" provides $4.5 billion for so-called smart grid projects. GridPoint has benefited from scores of smart grid deals funded by the "stimulus" bill.


The company partnered with the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), Nissan, the Idaho National Laboratory and others in a project to deploy electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging infrastructure in five states. The Energy Department had awarded eTec almost $100 million in "stimulus" funds to support the project.


Do you see how they move these guys from politics and bureaucratic positions into these companies to get it going, and then back to politics again?  Donít you see how itís all worked?  Itís all worked that way.  So, it goes on and on and on about other companies too, and all the awards they got, and thereís the same characters involved in all of them.  So, thatís the inside system that runs your country.  Itís always been like that. 


Same with the FDA.  The big Pharma has got all their boys stacking the FDA system to make sure everything they want to go through goes through.  Quite interesting.  That started with Bernays, you know.  Bernays was the first guy to come up with these ideas.  ďWeíll create what seems to be professional, national or federal organizations, like legitimate-sounding names to get these drugs through.Ē  And then he would, and Iíve talked about this.  It came from his own book in Propaganda.  And he said, they would hire some dive somewhere, some little office, hire somebody to man the phones, and theyíd get four or five professors, who wouldnít even have to turn up or even look at any of the articles they were to print.  And thatís how they put it, so you got prestigious professors, experts in pharmacology, agree that this drug is the best thing to hit the market.  And then they paid them a big stipend for just having their names on the billboard.  And thatís how the FDA and all these organizations started.  Hasnít changed much




Congress Authorizes Pentagon to Wage Internet War


The ancient art of war is coming to the internet.


The House and Senate agreed to give the U.S. military the power to conduct ďoffensiveĒ strikes online ó including clandestine attacks, via a little-noticed provision in the militaryís 2012 funding bill.


The power, which was included in the House version but not the Senate version, was included in the final ďreconciledĒ bill that is all but guaranteed to pass into law.


Congress affirms that the Department of Defense has the capability, and upon direction by the President may conduct offensive operations in cyberspace to defend our Nation, Allies and interests, subject toĖ

(1) the policy principles and legal regimes that the Department follows for kinetic capabilities, including the law of armed conflict; and

(2) the War Powers Resolution


(A: They give all the acts and so on.  In other words, they can hit any of you too, like they havenít been doing it already.)


While ďoffensiveĒ action isnít defined, thatís likely to include things like unleashing a worm like the Stuxnet worm that damaged Iranís nuclear centrifuges,


(A: Thereís a whole bunch of worms that have ruined hard drives in Americansí and Canadiansí computers, by the way.  Iíll testify to that.)


hacking into another countryís power grid to bring it down, disabling websites via denial-of-service attacks, or as the CIA has already done with some collateral damage, hacking into a forum where would-be terrorists meet in order to permanently disable it.


(A: So, talking now about things is also terrorism now.  See, you understand, they keep expanding it.)


The conferees recognize that because of the evolving nature of cyber warfare, there is a lack of historical precedent for what constitutes traditional military activities in relation to cyber operations and that it is necessary to affirm that such operations may be conducted pursuant to the same policy, principles, and legal regimes that pertain to kinetic capabilities.


So, this is going to go on and on and on, until only the goodie-two-shoes and the pro-carbon guys, etc, and pro everything else, by the way, thatís politically correct, will be allowed to get on the net at all.  Otherwise, youíre crippled very quickly.  And itís expensive when your stuff is just all smoking. 


And this article here too is quite interesting:


Police have targeted at least four climate bloggers in three countries, with constabulary taking computers and networking equipment from a science blogger in the UK.


Roger Tattersall, aka "Tallbloke", a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan force entered his home at midnight and took away two laptops and a router.


Norfolk Constabulary told us in a written statement that "Norfolk Constabulary executed a search warrant yesterday (Wednesday 14 December) in West Yorkshire and seized computers. No one was arrested. This is one line of enquiry in a Norfolk Constabulary investigation which started in 2009."


That's a reference to the "Climategate" investigation by Norfolk police into the release of emails, raw data and computer code from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, which two years on has yet to yield any results. A second batch of emails from the CRU including a large encrypted container was distributed last month. Amongst the recipients were Tattersall and Jeff Id of the Air Vent.


(A: So, theyíre going after those who are putting out the emails and theyíve got blogs up on all the scams that these scientists with their massive grants are up to.  And it says:)


Last week WordPress hosting site Automattic, based in San Francisco, notified several climate skeptics including Tattersall, Id and Canadians Steve McIntyre (Climate Audit) and Donna Laframboise (No Consensus) that the US Department of Justice Criminal Division had requested evidence for the period in November when the second batch of emails were uploaded.


So, theyíre already going after anyone who has been talking the truth about this and letting out all the dirt, and all the lies that have been covered up by East Anglia University and all the other biggies that are on massive grants.  Theyíre actively going after us all now, folks. 


And, as we go into this nonsense too of austerity, austerity, austerity and the global grid, because thatís what itís about, the global grid.  Itís all being connected together as we speak, across the whole world, so that the Global Power Company Inc, will have it all under their control, and we have to cut back on everything we use, of course, as we close down all coal mines, because, oh, that terrible carbon, once again.  Youíll have less electricity and youíll pay a lot more for the little bit that you get.  It says:


Households paid a record $1,419 on average for electricity in 2010, the fifth consecutive yearly increase above the inflation rate, a USA TODAY analysis of government data found. The jump has added about $300 a year to what households pay for electricity. That's the largest sustained increase since a run-up in electricity prices during the 1970s.


Electricity is consuming a greater share of Americans' after-tax income than at any time since 1996 ó about $1.50 of every $100 in income at a time when income growth has stagnated, a USA TODAY analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis data found.


Greater electricity use at home and higher prices per kilowatt hour are both driving the higher costs, in roughly equal measure:


ē Residential demand for power dropped briefly in 2009 but rebounded strongly last year to a record high. Air-conditioners and household appliances use less power than ever. A new refrigerator consumes half the electricity as a similar one bought in 1990.


(A: However, it only lasts about two years.  Thatís another thing about it too.  None of these new fridges last for more than about two or three years.  The old ones lasted twenty years, thirty years.  These new ones, the compressors just burn out in no time at all.  Anyway:)


But consumers have bigger houses, more air-conditioning and more electronics than before, outpacing gains in efficiency and conservation.


Well, thatís not true, because thereís lots of folk not using them anymore, because itís already a high price on electricity and itís going up and up and up.


IBM, one of the biggest in the world, itís a real leader in this New World Order with the global grid, the global everything, the internet of things, where everything is matched together and connected together, is also monitoring all the food supplies in the world, but this article here actually goes on, and they work with governments to do it, by the way, in case of crisis, you see, just in case of crisis.


IBM System Monitors Food Supply Chains in China


IBM said on Thursday it developed the system with Shandong Commercial Group, a company with more than 70 of its own "Inzone" large retail stores in the country. The 195 million yuan (US$30.5 million) system will allow the Chinese company to track food products across the supply chain, from farms up to retailers. If a consumer becomes sick after consuming tainted food, the system can better pinpoint which products should be removed, while keeping the safe products in stock.


Well, thatís not really true.  What itís after, you see, these new fridges have the ability to, they actually read the bar codes of everything you put inside of them.  And theyíve had failed ad campaigns before to buy these fridges.  And these things can actually, eventually, they can do it right now, they can send off to your grocer to restock.  It also sends one off to the government to show how much youíre eating, you see.  And when rationing comes along, theyíll know exactly how much youíve got left in the fridge there.  Theyíll also want to know where you got all this stuff, because if thereís a barcode there and they didnít see you buying it, because they have all your receipts there, you see, theyíll want to know where you got it from, because rationing is coming folks.  You know, you donít believe these little stories they give you, theyíre scared of food poisoning, theyíll know where it came from.  They know from the source, at the start where it comes from. 


Charities, charities.  Everything is done under the guise of charitable contributions and agencies and even the big bankersí fronts that help them to evade all their taxes, these foundations, which allow them to hire millions of the armies of non-governmental organizations that lobby government and get full-time salaries, pensions and all the rest of it.  Theyíre such disgusting things, but folk think, itís like charities, one of these nicey, nicey sounding names, you know.  If youíre anti-charity, youíre against mumís apple pie.  You know, youíre a stooge.  But theyíre all cons.  Theyíre all cons.  Every single one of them.  And many of them have been exposed in the past.  Less than five cents of the dollar ever gets to where itís supposed to go.  And some even less than that. 


Kenya's Samburu people 'violently evicted' after US charities buy land


(A: Theyíve been doing this like crazy.  I read an article a while back on the air here about this too.  Big, big boys are really getting in there.  Theyíre buying all the farmland up and everything else.  A lot of it too, they buy up and just call it a carbon sink, and now theyíre getting given, by your tax money, carbon credits, just for having land sitting there.  So, anyway, it says here:)


Members of the Samburu people in Kenya have been abused, beaten and raped by police after the land they lived on for two decades was sold to two US-based wildlife charities


(A: Isnít that nice.  Wildlife charities, you know the guys that give you all these fake shows with fake snow and tell you theyíre in the Arctic and they actually film in a Dutch open zoo.  You know.)


a rights group and community leader have alleged.


The dispute centres on Eland Downs in Laikipia, a lush area near Mount Kenya.


(A: Oh, that would be really worth a fortune, near the mountain there.)


At least three people are said to have died during the row, including a child who was eaten by a lion after the Samburu were violently evicted in November last year.


The London-based NGO


(A: There you go, see, NGO.)


Survival International said the Samburu were evicted following the purchase of the land by two American-based charities, the Nature Conservancy


(A: Ha, ha, ha.)


and the African Wildlife Foundation.


Oh, theyíre full of passion for life across the planet.  Itís just that they donít like humans, especially the low ones, you know, very much at all.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And you know, manís inhumanity to man goes in hand with cash, you see, because when money talks morality walks.  And as we get more degenerate in every generation, thanks to Hollywood and everything else, youíll find everyone is at it and exploiting everyone else.  And this article here came from Iowa.  Itís Portsville, Iowa.  Itís about all the illegals who come into the US looking for work and some of the things that happen to them.  It says:


Portsville, Iowa.  A group of Jewish boys in yarmulkes and winter coats walked past the "Taste of Mexico" restaurant on Lawler Street last week on their way home from school. Minutes later, a Somali man wearing a keffiyeh scarf around his neck passed by, perhaps on his way to the town's makeshift mosque on Main Street.


This improbably diverse rural town of about 2,000 people in northeastern Iowa suffered a near-fatal shock more than three years ago when a federal immigration raid scooped up 20 percent of its population in a single day. An ultra-Orthodox Lubavitcher Jewish family from Brooklyn bought the town's defunct meatpacking plant in 1987 and attracted workers from Israel, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.


(A: You can imagine who did the work there, eh.)


The plant became the largest producer of kosher beef in the world.


(A: Itís amazing no one had heard of this.)


When the plant was raided one spring morning in May 2008, most of the workers on shift were Guatemalan and Mexican, and undocumented. Many workers later said they had been physically or sexually abused at the plant, and at least 57 minors were illegally employed there, some as young as 13.


(A: This is in America.)


Six months later, the plant shut down abruptly. Sholom Rubashkin, the chief executive, was convicted of fraud and sent to prison. The national and local news media documented the near-demise of the town that followed, as businesses were shuttered overnight and hundreds of homes abandoned. The town shrank to nearly half its former size, as many of the illegal immigrants who were not netted in the raid left out of fear or because they couldn't find a job.


So, it happens all over the place.  You know, as I say, manís inhumanity to man.  And slavery is alive and well, itís like Charles Galton Darwin said.  Itís always existed he said, in his book, The Next Million Years, in the 1950s.  He says, we are now, meaning the elite, we are now creating a more efficient form of slavery.  Thatís in the book too.  Yep.  So anyway, they didnít stop the plant altogether, because these guys who ran it looked for some laws, they got round some laws, finding Indian land that was still basically Indian land and trying to get these Indians in to do it instead, etc, because you donít stop when it comes to law.  These guys are specialists in law.  And thatís what they did.  Anyway, it gives you the story of how a town can be wiped out overnight, because everyone whoís doing the slavery work is illegal and often underage, and all getting paid slave wages and living in cardboard shacks, basically, in America, eh?  Quite something.  And yet, this is the largest kosher plant in the world.  Exports, I mean Feds and everybody knew about it, because of export permits, all that stuff.  Itís easy to turn a blind eye, isnít it?  Depends who you are too, doesnít it? 


Anyway, thatís the system that we live in.  Thatís the world we live in.  As I say, weíre going to see a lot more of this massive corruption, because, as I say, everyone is pretty well atheistic now.  Thereís nothing left to give them any conscience on anything, especially when theyíve had years and years of watching movies of getting to the top, getting to the top, by any means possible.  Get to the top.  Do you want to be a loser?  What they class as a loser today used to be the average, decent person of yesterday.  Thatís what they showed you in the old TV shows anyway.  Not now.  Got to be a winner, tough, you know.  Ruthless.  Then youíre a somebody. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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