- GEORGE ORWELL, "1984"

(2 Hours)

February 7, 2008


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the vows we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 7th of February 2008.


I should just mention here, I had to phone in there, I don't have a long distance plan, but during the first break maybe the station could call me back. However, this world is rampaging on in a very planned direction, something on the scale of a world war. A war on the public takes an awful lot of planning before you could even start the paperwork stages, never mind implementing worldwide martial law or worldwide ID-ing of everyone and monitoring of everybody on the planet. What they're buying, spending, who they're talking to, what they're saying, where they're going, where they've been, who they've talked to when they were there, what they talked about and all the way down to the usual intergenerational monitoring where they're teaching and raising the young generation to put all their information out for everyone to see. The dream of every tyrant down through history has materialized because people fought wars to try and gain some privacy in times gone by.


Now they've been trained to put everything up there. Every little youngster wants to be a star just like the reality shows they watch and they put everything up there. They're encouraged to get into their community and put all their personal information up for everyone to see and it's not for everyone really to see. It's for the authorities to see. As I say, the dream of tyrants has materialized, so a generation is growing up with no concept whatsoever, whatsoever of personal privacy or even the value of it. They have no idea of the value of it. That is incredible, yet it's happening. It's being promoted from the top down as always and they're going along with it because the people mimic what they see on television and on television you'll see all these little reality shows and very young people doing immature stuff that all young people do.


We've all been there and they want to be a star – nothing to hide. Shortly that will be the big excuse that's given when you don't put out your information to see – you're antisocial, you've got something to hide. As I say, this did not take place spontaneously by any big company, private company or Microsoft or anybody else to promote this. This took the combination of the true government that rules us through the new feudal system of international corporations, as Professor Carroll Quigley talked about. That's how it's being done.


Now in The Guardian in Britain they actually came up with this, this comment, this little talk about how bad it is in Britain because they always see it first there before you see it in the U.S. and Canada. We're not far behind them, only really months now. That's how close. It used to be years, now it's a matter of months and it says:


            "Britain is Slithering Down the Road Towards a Police State. The pretence of oversight has been ripped aside by the Khan bugging affair:…"


Alan:  This was a police bugging affair that happened recently.


            "…the security apparat has become a law unto itself by Simon Jenkins, Wednesday, February 6, 2008, The Guardian.


It says:


            "The machine is out of control. Personal surveillance in Britain is so extensive that no democratic oversight is remotely plausible."


Alan:  See, he's telling you the truth right off the bat. He isn't going to mess around here. You can't have a democratic oversight with all of these security intrusions we have today.


            "Some 800 organisations, including the police, the revenue, local and central government, demanded (and almost always got) 253,000 intrusions on citizen privacy in the last recorded year…"


Alan:  That's like getting warrants to do it.


            "…in 2006. This is way beyond that of any other country in the free world. The Sadiq Khan affair has killed stone dead the thesis, beloved of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, that any accretion of power to the state is sustainable because ministers are in control. Whether this applies to phone tapping, bugging devices, ID cards, NHS (National Healthcare Services) records, childcare computer systems, video surveillance or detention without trial, it is simply a lie. Nobody can control this torrent of intrusion. Nobody can oversee a burst dam."


Alan:  This is all the way it really is.


            "Khan, an MP…"


Alan:  Member of Parliament.


            "…and government whip, was allegedly targeted by the police for having been a "civil rights lawyer" and thus a nuisance, though the recording of his meetings with a constituent in prison was supposedly directed at the inmate. Either way, the bugging destroyed the "Wilson doctrine", that MPs cannot be bugged."


Alan:  They used to have some kind of waiver for MPs.


            "It appears that they can if ministers, or the police, so decide. Security machismo claims that in the "age of terrorism", real men bug everyone and everything. The former flying squad chief and BBC dial-a-quote, John O'Connor, implied this week that it would be negligent of the police not to bug anyone they - repeat they - thought a threat."


Alan:  That's for like Scotland Yard.


            "The Blair thesis that "9/11 changes everything" has been a green light to every security consultant, surveillance salesman and Labour minister wanting to flex his - or her- muscles in the tabloids. Years ago a lawyer gave me unassailable evidence that a call with a client had been tapped by the police and handed to the prosecution. Such tapping allegedly required a personal warrant from the home secretary who, when tackled on the subject, flatly denied it could have happened without his approval, which he would never give in such a case. I checked back with a police chief, who roared with laughter. "The home secretary is absolutely right. He must authorise all taps sent to him for authorisation. But not, of course, the rest." Orwell's cuttlefish were squirting ink.


            The grim reality of the past week alone is that it has seen a substantial section of the British establishment allowing itself to believe that private dealings between lawyer and client, and between MP and constituent, should no longer be considered immune from state surveillance. A cardinal principle of a free democracy is thus coolly abandoned. It is not a victory for national security. It is a victory for terrorism."



Alan:  And ain't that the truth and it's coming everywhere. Why is it being allowed to happen? It's because we never had a real democracy. We had a super-government already in control over at least all of the western world since about the early 1950's onwards, because when the big boys brought in the British MI6 and helped create the CIA, that was the beginning of a super government that would be unaccountable to the general public for safety reasons you understand and for security reasons you understand and they've been very, very busy since.


Members of Parliament can't even get answers from these particular agencies and they have incredible budgeting coming from all various directions, but it's also funneled through the big foundations to them for all their other projects that don't go through the regular books. The foundations work hand-in-glove with MI6 and the CIA. They have done for donkey's years and the boys who staff the big foundations are the same boys from the same schools that staff the CIA. Quite simple. No big mystery about it whatsoever.


We're under totalitarianism and we're just starting to see the effects of it. They've been very, very clever because they hire thousands of some of the best minds – the best devious minds to make sure that everything comes down with precise military strategy step-by-step. They don't allow us to see a hole in the fence, the sheep might run out and so we're kept grazing as they close in all of these steps. It's just amazing to watch it happen and how the public don't react really. They don't react to it because their survival capabilities have been pretty well destroyed through various means, although much of it has to do with their indoctrination.


The indoctrination they've grown up having this continuous form of perpetual education as Huxley called it. He wasn't talking about night school and upgrading at night school. He was talking about perpetual upgrading right through your whole life, constant learning, meaning indoctrination. Constant indoctrination and it comes primarily from that one-eyed monster called television where people that you've grown up are kept till they're falling off the chairs they're so darn old because you've grown up with them and daddy will tell you the news every night. He'll tell you what you should know and daddy obviously wouldn't hide anything from you. He stares right at you from that tube. He's in your house everyday looking right at you. You can trust daddy and that's why they're paid such incredibly big wages for reading off a dummy board in front of them, pretending they made up the news for you. They're believable. That's why they're paid such big bucks.


Even the big exposés that some of the teams used to do that got the public interested when they were going after little criminals or the occasional lesser white collared crime character was meant to fluff you because they never went after the big boys. In fact, it's quite interesting to see that most of those people who do those particular exposé shows belong to the CIA themselves and they also have shares in the biggest newspapers in the country.


Now I think we have a caller already. Is it Eric from Oregon? Are you there?


Eric:  I wanted to tell you that you made an enormous impact on the way I view the world and I appreciate that a lot. There are a couple of topics though that I kind of have been taking your word and I'm not comfortable with that. I'd like to know more about the source for them, if that's okay. One of them is Arthur Koestler. I often find myself in debates with people about vaccines and my point of view is that the thimerosal is not the real problem. It's the vaccine itself, and I read "Ghost in the Machine" hoping to find stuff about the United Nations and his work there at creating lobotomies in the vaccines themselves and it's not in that book and I just wonder where I would go to find out more about that?


Alan:  He does mention some of that. He doesn't come out and tell you the exact thing. He gives you the clues and you're supposed to think and in the very last chapter he tells you why he's all for this need to basically lobotomize everyone for world peace in the last chapter itself.


Eric:  Yes. He makes the point where the modern mind is an evolutionary aberration, which you and I both know is an absurd point of view.


Alan:  That's right and it's also come out now in another book I will be reading on the air parts of it soon, it's now declassified information, that was obviously given to an agent to even declassify it and give him the first dibs at it, of all the people who worked for MI6 and Koestler was one of them.


Eric:  Okay. That would be great. I'd love to know more about that. Another topic was property taxes and the Council on Foreign Relations. How would I track down their involvement in property taxes across the United States?


Alan:  You have to go through and collect what you can get, there are public editions of the Council on Foreign Relations that do annual – at least they used to do annual additions of all their meetings, and take the best stuff out of their magazines in put them in books. You'll have to do the work. I do have stacks of them here, but in there they proudly admitted that they were the ones who brought forth that in the U.S. and in Britain at the same time.


Eric:  Okay. And then the last one, you mentioned that some recently declassified information showed that the MI6 and the CIA were involved almost completely in culture creation since the 1950's.


Alan:  That's the book I'm talking about. I will be reading from that book when I'm ready, okay?


Eric:  Yes, that would be great.


Alan:  Okay.


Eric:  Okay. Thanks very much, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, because generally 50 years after the start off something they'll tell you the truth because no one cares. Another generation grows up and it's old, old history like the Romans to them. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I'm going to go on to another topic now.


This topic is from the Washington Post and it's from the Staff Writer, Ellen Nakashima, Thursday, February 7, 2008; this is on page A01.


It says:


            "Nabila Mango, a therapist and a U.S. citizen who has lived in the country since 1965, had just flown in from Jordan last December when, she said, she was detained at customs and her cell phone was taken from her purse. Her daughter, waiting outside San Francisco International Airport, tried repeatedly to call her during the hour and a half she was questioned. But after her phone was returned, Mango saw that records of her daughter's calls had been erased.


            A few months earlier in the same airport, a tech engineer returning from a business trip to London objected when a federal agent asked him to type his password into his laptop computer. "This laptop doesn't belong to me," he remembers protesting. "It belongs to my company." Eventually, he agreed to log on and stood by as the officer copied the Web sites he had visited, said the engineer, a U.S. citizen who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of calling attention to himself."


Alan:  It's great how everyone's terrified nowadays, isn't it?


            "Maria Udy, a marketing executive with a global travel management firm in Bethesda, said her company laptop was seized by a federal agent as she was flying from Dulles International Airport to London in December 2006. Udy, a British citizen, said the agent told her he had "a security concern" with her. "I was basically given the option of handing over my laptop or not getting on that flight," she said.


            The seizure of electronics at U.S. borders has prompted protests from travelers who say they now weigh the risk of traveling with sensitive or personal information on their laptops, cameras or cell phones. In some cases, companies have altered their policies to require employees to safeguard corporate secrets by clearing laptop hard drives before international travel.


            Today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Asian Law Caucus, two civil liberties groups in San Francisco, plan to file a lawsuit to force the government to disclose its policies on border searches, including which rules govern the seizing and copying of the contents of electronic devices. They also want to know the boundaries for asking travelers about their political views, religious practices and other activities potentially protected by the First Amendment. The question of whether border agents have a right to search electronic devices at all without suspicion of a crime is already under review in the federal courts."


Alan:  Well, wait on until you perish.


            "The lawsuit was inspired by two dozen cases, 15 of which involved searches of cell phones, laptops, MP3 players and other electronics."


Alan:  Probably a hearing aid as well.


            "Almost all involved travelers of Muslim, Middle Eastern or South Asian background, many of whom, including Mango and the tech engineer, said they are concerned they were singled out because of racial or religious profiling."


Alan:  Of course that will be denied, denied and denied forever and ever. They will never admit to that, even though it's obvious.


            "A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman…"


Alan:  This is a PR person. See a spokeswoman is a PR, public relations, they're taught to talk around things.


            "…Lynn Hollinger, said officers do not engage in racial profiling "in any way, shape or form."


Alan:  Oh, no.


            "She said that "it is not CBP's intent to subject travelers to unwarranted scrutiny" and that a laptop may be seized if it contains information possibly tied to terrorism, narcotics smuggling, child pornography or other criminal activity."


Alan:  Ha. Now how would they know that unless they did open it up and go into it in the first place? That kind of negates the whole thing.


            "The reason for a search is not always made clear. The Association of Corporate Travel Executives, which represents 2,500 business executives in the United States and abroad, said it has tracked complaints from several members, including Udy, whose laptops have been seized and their contents copied before usually being returned days later, said Susan Gurley, executive director of ACTE. Gurley said none of the travelers who have complained to the ACTE raised concerns about racial or ethnic profiling. Gurley said none of the travelers were charged with a crime."


Alan:  It goes on and on and on and this stuff is just getting so common that most people just wander over it now because we're getting anesthetized to these ridiculous searches, which really, by the way, are starting to warm up. Just starting to warm up because eventually these security companies will want to come in and install—and I'm not kidding about this—cameras in your home. There was even articles five, six, maybe even 10 years ago from the various professions of psychiatry and psychology, some of their big magazines, talking about the need to watch everyone in their own home because technically everyone was mentally ill. You're mentally ill if you believe in families, religions and all that old-fashioned stuff, so they're on a roll now and they will eventually put cameras in your home. The Big Brother of George Orwell is alive and well and he's starting to make his face shown to the general public. He's got lots of goons to serve him.


We ourselves breed the goons and the goons are given their values by the state as Mr. Russell said. You can tell what kind of values they've got. Just watch what they actually look at with their video games, what they play with and what they're being taught at school. What they've been taught in school is: if you want to get on in the world, join the winning side. Who's the winning side? Well, look at the video games, it's the guy on steroids and the black uniform and the biggest gun. That's who's on the winning side and that's what they're being taught to do. It’s quite phenomenal to know what's coming and it's another thing to see it coming down and when it's coming down most of the public (the ones that could never understand you before years ago when you were warning them) go into a sort of limbo state, a click mode like a robot, because they still want to believe that when they turn on their television and their favorite shows are on then the world must be okay. It must be okay.


We are going into, as that first Guardian article I read says, it's a state where there are too many – too many agencies into all of our affairs now that no one can oversee it. It's too huge. Too massive, but that was the plan a long time ago in the first place. That was the plan.


Now one of the callers was saying a little while ago there about the mercury being a bit of a red herring. It is and it isn't. Mercury is not good for you. Look at all the data they had because they used it to treat syphilis in the late 1800's, early 1900's. They knew the effects of it there, but it's also true, yes, it throws off your looking at what's in the vaccine itself. Nobody really knows. Most doctors don't even have the facilities to examine that vaccine. It's based on faith. We've been trained to allow stuff to be injected right into us on faith, absolute faith. One of the other characters who did mention that (and I read it on the air from his book a few weeks ago) was Lord Bertrand Russell when he said they would also use the needle. That's an inoculation – an injection.


Many of them have talked about this including Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years" and you can see the effects all around you of what they've actually done. Whenever a child gets its early inoculations, the doctor will tell the parent "take them home and they might have a fever for a couple of days and it will leave them." You'll find that the child, the baby has a fever all right and it's head is burning up. Well, heat means inflammation. Inflammation has dead tissue, living tissue, it has white blood cells all fighting together and so wherever the sight of the inflammation is is where the damage is done. That's in the baby's brain, folks. That's called lobotomy. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and sure enough, this code of silence can't go on. It's time it was shouted to the roof tops or from the roof tops because shortly it will be forbidden to shout at all and believe you me, the few that will be shouting then will be carted off and everybody else down below, the sheep, will be pretending not to notice. That's the problem with sheep.


Now I've got a caller Josh on the line. Are you there, Josh? Hello Josh.


Josh:  Hi.


Alan:  Yes. Where you calling from?


Josh:  Austin, Texas.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Josh:  I wanted to talk about something that your listeners might not be aware about but I know that you've talked about it because I've seen it in your website. It's this DOD Department of Defense project called "The Sentient World Simulation" which kind of ties into your Borg hive mind stuff that you talk about. I think the people should look into this. This seems like the machinations of how they would get everybody into this virtual world system that you're talking about.


Alan:  It's one way. They're already having programs on TV of people who are addicted to the stuff that's out there already for the virtual reality, not just children either. However, Microsoft has admitted that eventually the system will be so real you won't be able to tell if you're actually in it or in the real world. That's where they're going with it and they're initially bringing out a test with a ring that pulses ultrasound waves to your brain and back to read your engrams to see about interfacing your brain with it. You'll wear it on your head, while another Microsoft team is already thinking of putting it in their screen and so it will create a field around you. You won't even need the helmet. See all this stuff is already done. It's a matter of getting us used to this step-by-step and most people will go into it. I know they will because it will be a great escape for people under high stress to live in a fantasy world. The problem is, once most folk are into it, you won't know if you're back out again or not. You'll be in their virtual world and they have admitted that we use a small part of our brain, 10 percent, in our everyday activities. They can use the rest of it to program you; while you think you're having a walk in the country, you could actually be working in a factory. You'll never know.


Josh:  Just like the matrix pods, I guess, then?


Alan:  Absolutely. That's right. The Pentagon, remember, has this virtual world already set up with millions of us in it.


Josh:  Yes and that's what I was talking about because the developers of this program, right now it's kind of like a war game situation where they can plug in different factors like pulling a water supply or food famine and they can tell how certain countries would react using these nodes that represent – you know, one node represents 100 persons. The people that are running this say that they want it down to one node representing one person and the only way you could do that is a brain chip or a microchip.


Alan:  That's correct and they do have individual nodes for the U.S. and Canada. Britain is doing the same thing. They're collecting all the data over the years and putting it into your node to try and get a complete personality profile on you and how you would react as you say to specific situations under stress.


Josh:  Exactly, and they use the MySpace sites and they use all those social networking sites to gather information about you with your web search log, so they can make this complex personality matrix of you, so they can know how you're going to react with certain stressors and stimuli.


Alan:  That's exactly it.


Josh:  The England Department of Defence report was talking about flashmobs and stuff like that, it all ties into it.


Alan:  Absolutely. It all ties in. It is a military scenario here. It's a military agenda and the only way that they can be absolutely sure is to have everyone predictable and the only way to be predictable is to have basically their whole data on their sites there to see how you would respond or a simulation of you would respond in such and such a situation. This is incredibly really when you think about it. Your biggest war department has been doing this for years on every citizen without their knowledge and most folk don't care. Once again, all these big firms, Microsoft et cetera, and the MySpace and all these organizations, the new feudal system, is encouraging youngsters – it was on the news recently here in Canada, they're encouraging them to come into their own little community and put even your diaries up on the internet for everyone to see. Quite amazing stuff from the top, isn't it?


Josh:  It really is. It's a shame that people are going to go willingly into this kind of 3D world just to escape the madness that's going on outside, but I just wanted to bring that up to your listeners. Check out "The Sentient World Simulation" at the DOD program and I’ll get off the line and let you get the next caller.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Josh:  All right. Thanks Alan.


Alan:  Bye. That's true enough. I mean it's just amazing. You see, we're run by think tanks. Think tanks look to the future. They project the future, the future they want to bring about, and they can employ through the institutions, these big foundations, maybe three generations of employees all working on this same problem and how to overcome it because they have their mandate. It's quite simple. We think in a short-term strategy; the foundations are there for centuries with certain mandates, so it's no big deal at all to work out something over two, three generations, bring it to fruition knowing and even going over all the counters that will come back from the public and projecting what counters will come and how to overcome them, like a chess game that hasn't even started on the public. They've already looked at all the possible comebacks and moods and they also train leaders to step out at the right time and guide the sheep along in circles. That's old, old stuff.


How here's a little piece here interesting about travel now for U.S. citizens travel abroad and it's from a blog. It's "The Practical Nomad," quite interesting, Edward Hasbrouck's blog. That's H-A-S-B-R-O-U-C-K'S. Hasbrouck's blog and it's from Friday, January 25th, 2008.


            "Under new regulations and procedures announced to take effect over the next month, citizens of the USA will, for the first time, be required to obtain USA government permission in order to return home to their own country from abroad or from anywhere else in the world, by air or sea or land.


            On no other aspect of the right to travel is international law more clear than on the right of return to the country of one's own citizenship: "No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country." The new regulations are a flagrant violation of the obligations of the USA as a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other international human rights treaties, as well as a violation of the Constitutional duty of the USA government to treat such treaties as the highest law of the land.


            It's to be hoped that some civil liberties or human rights organization or individual will go to court before the end of this month to enjoin the government from putting these rules and procedures into effect, and that citizens will assert their rights by attempting to cross borders without papers, and suing those goons from the USA Department of Homeland Security who try to stop them. But if that doesn't happen, here's what the DHS has promulgated as "final rules" and "procedures":


            As I've noted previously, the so-called International APIS final rules effective 19 February 2008 will require all travellers to, from, or via the USA by air to obtain two forms of government permission to travel: (1) a passport, and (2) a "cleared" message from the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) authorizing the airline to allow the specific person to board the specific flight or ship.


            One might argue that a passport is merely a travel document, not a form of permission. But that would be wrong. Because nothing in the law or the regulations for passport issuance (which were revised in November 2007), guarantees anyone a right to a passport, it is in effect a travel permit…"


Alan:  See, here's the bottom line. We’re all so used to hearing words and this guy is right on with this. Your passport isn't a right to travel. It's in fact a permit. It's a permit which they will either permit or dismiss.


            "…issued at the government's discretion. The individualized, per-flight, advance "clearance" message is quite unambiguously a permission-to-travel requirement. This International APIS rule as originally promulgated in August 2007 applied only to air and sea travel. So it might have allowed, for those with enough time and money, at least a theoretical possibility that, if the USA wouldn't give them permission to come home, they could fly to Canada or Mexico, and return to the USA from there by land."


Alan:  Back with more from this blog after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix while the whole world is sleeping unfortunately in la-la land and television land in fun land while big things are really happening in the real world and I'm reading from a blog here, which I'll continue a little bit more of in fact, because it's quite good.


This fellow was talking about this right to come back into the country idea from Department of Homeland Security, which is now in effect or coming into effect, and it said here too:


            "They might have allowed for those with enough time and money, at least a theoretical possibility that, if the USA wouldn't give them permission to come home, they could fly to Canada or Mexico, and return to the USA from there by land. In practice that might be very difficult, because Canada has been barring passage to people on the USA "no-fly" list, and most flights between Europe and Mexico overfly the USA and thus are subject to USA jurisdiction and the APIS rules. But there are some very roundabout and expensive routes from Europe or Africa to Mexico by way of South America. The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has proposed that the "Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative"…"


Alan:  They love these names.


            "…(WHTI) rules that already (purport to) require passports for USA citizens for air travel between Mexico, Canada, and the USA be extended to those crossing USA borders by land and sea. But that portion of the WHTI rulemaking proposals remains pending, with no final rules yet published."


Alan:  It will go through, I can tell you that.


            "Even this narrow loophole for return to the USA without government permission will apparently be closed, however, by new procedures announced by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) in a notice…"


Alan:  They're giving you a notice now. That's the old maritime way of doing it.


            "…published in the Federal Register on 21 December 2007:"


Alan:  It says here:


            "The DHS Customs and Border Protection division is now amending its field instructions to direct CBP Officers to no longer generally accept oral declarations as sufficient proof of citizenship and, instead, require documents that evidence identity and citizenship from U.S., Canadian, and Bermudian citizens entering the United States at land and sea ports-of-entry.... Beginning on January 31, 2008, a person claiming U.S., Canadian, or Bermudian citizenship must establish that fact to the examining CBP Officer’s satisfaction by presenting a citizenship document such as a birth certificate as well as a government-issued photo identification document.


            The Federal Register "Notice" acknowledges that the WHTI proposed rules to require passports for land border crossings have not been finalized."


Alan:  That's a joke. It has really.


            "…But the "Notice" claims that the new document requirement is "separate from WHTI", is not a "rule", and is not subject to any of the same procedural requirements:"


Alan:  It goes on and on and on. It's quite a good article. People should look it up and then go on from there and check up the clear chip pass. They call it the "Clear Pass".  That's another thing that they came out with too, for the really goody-two shoes citizen, the kind that does everything they're told and can bend and touch their toes when they're asked to, you can get at "Clear Pass," which is a little chip embedded in a card-size clear plastic, which means that you're number one do-gooder and you can "baah" very, very well and whenever you're told to do it. You'll find a lot of people will go for this unfortunately and under this lovely new democracy symbol they keep flashing around, that means the will of the majority will force the minority along with it. That's why they give you democracy, in the full knowledge that the masses will always do what they're told and force the minority along and they'll say to you, "What's your problem? No one else is complaining."  That's what you hear in democracy. That's what it's all about.


We're getting locked down into this Brave New World where only those who are authorized to travel and eventually it will be for specific work abroad – authorized work abroad where they need certain people will come into play. That was also from Jacque Attali's "Millennium."  He said "the next boat people will be trying to leave America looking for work abroad." He also said they'd be a higher bureaucratic class, the new nomads who will serve the world system and they'll simply move from city to city across the planet. No one will really have a permanent home in this Brave New World at that particular level. The world will be their home and wherever they are at that moment will be their home, but for the rest it's not very good news as we go through this great upheaval towards the Brave New World.


I can remember when I was really young reading some of these books. I mean really young and I used to go spend hours in the adult library pouring through books on the millennium. Something they kept talking about when I was in primary school and I wanted to find out what it meant and I looked from books from the 1900's onwards talking about this great big thing that was to happen around the millennium. Poems were written about them. Philosophers discussed the millennium and how great portents would happen around that period of massive change, massive change, which tells us there were certain ones in the know to do with this massive change and they were talking about a completely new way of organizing everyone on the planet into a new type of society.


Some of them hinted at the fact that they would have to destroy all the old system including the family. Beginning in the late 1800's they were writing this kind of stuff. By the beginning of the 1900's they were coming out with other parts of the agenda and especially what I noticed over and over from so many of these bigwigs at the time was the term "service to the world" – world service. That was going to be a preliminary necessity to belong to this New World citizenship association that was to come up down the road 100 years from then, which is here now, and it's all coming into play.


They also said that they would, under the guise of bringing up different factions of society that had been on the fringe or the fringes of society, those who didn't come into the old established accepted families and so on, they'd bring them up to a certain status and give them power; but behind all that wasn't the need to help those particular minorities. It was to help destroy any idea of the old, what was normal at one time, so all the old normals had to be destroyed and the new introduced until we're all bewildered, because behind it all, there was this big thing called science. The big boys had such faith, incredible faith in the sciences that they were absolutely positive they could pull all of their agenda off, which also leads me and led me even then to think that Huxley's "Brave New World" written in the 1930's before they supposedly discovered the genes. They were only suspect at the time supposedly. They knew all of this stuff was coming down the pike because they'd already done all that stuff.


There's no way you could guess the future as accurately as that through a form of science fiction. Huxley, going through his history, and his associates and his family were not into fiction. They were into being movers and shakers for the big powerful ruling establishments of London, England, and yet he was able to talk about genetic manipulations and the creations of new kinds of people for specific tasks. Ideal design, another meaning of ID, and that would be impossible – absolutely impossible for a sci-fi writer.


Just as impossible as it was for Francis Bacon to write "The New Atlantis" supposedly in the last 1500's, published in 1602, talking about this big, big place in the West, which was obviously America, that would be Solomon's Isle or Salomon's Isle as he called it (wise king Solomon) where a secret team of rulers would live under the ground. Under the ground or inside mountains and run the country and he talked about laboratories underground and this particular visitor is shown in the Bacon story where they could grow any kind of creature from scratch. They could make it – design it the way they wished to, knowing it would turn out perfectly well. In other words, it wasn't an experiment that hadn't been done before, and any kind of vegetable as well or combination of vegetables into one, and even a machine that could manipulate the weather and cause hurricanes and storms. Now that was written in the days of wind and sail, and horses and carriages. How do you think he managed to come up with those ideas?  Back with more after the following messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen

Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant.


You don't know me from the wind
you never will, you never did
I was the little Jew
who wrote the Bible
I've seen the nations rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but love's the only engine of survival
Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil's RIDING crop
Get ready for the future:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and that song pretty well says it all because the future is here and the murdering is simply going on in other countries right now, but the big eating machine will eventually be around to your door. That's why all these black-clad goons, the new ninjas of the world, they're all standardized, probably all the same uniforms, same suppliers and the same very short haircuts that they style after the old Roman soldiers, the crew cuts they call them, are all over the place with their machine guns looking at you as though you are an object. A strange object and they are itching to kill because that's they type that go in for these particular jobs and they don't take much convincing once they're in. They get a certain type of brainwashing which makes them feel superior and different and elite. You always do that in the military. You tell them they're special. They don't belong to the public. They're private. That's why you're called a private soldier. You're privately owned and so is your mind if you have one at all and they'll make sure that you become paranoid about the public. We're going to see a hell all around us very shortly with all of this massive intrusion that's happening.


This was planned as I say a long, long time ago. They don't make mistakes at the top when they're planning military strategy on entire countries. They don't make these kind of – these are not mistakes. This is the way it's supposed to be.


This morning I got up and went outside and there was a beautiful sky and there's a jet going across from horizon to horizon leaving this massive trail behind it, to be followed by others in rapid succession. Then you had this mushy swishy candy cane, candy-floss type sky and then of course you start getting a rather itchy throat and you get kind of tired. That's the standard treatment we get and we've been getting that for 10 years now and no one is talking about that in any so-called elected government because the elected governments are meant to mislead you. It's a Punch and Judy show for the public. The real government is way beyond that. They're sort of above that, you might say, about 30,000 feet and spraying you like bugs and it's not bad enough they're spraying us like bugs with chemicals galore, they’re also going ahead with all the other methods that make you dumb and stupid and this is from the BBC, this particular article, on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008.


It says:


            "Should Fluoride Be Forced Upon Us?"

            By Clare Murphy

            Health reporter, BBC News


            "Health Secretary Alan Johnson is calling for fluoride to be added to England's water supplies in the hope of reducing tooth decay among some of society's poorest and most vulnerable."


Alan:  They always go for the poorest and most vulnerable because these are the ones that Mr. Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years" said might overtake through their breeding, you know, the special ones, the elite ones at the top, so they go for these ones.


She continues:


            "For a public which has grown accustomed to health interventions…"


Alan:  Where did they get the authority for that? They're supposed to be services. They're now authorities.


            "…health interventions from seat belts to smoking bans - it may seem curious that such a laudable aim could prove so contentious. But fluoridation strikes a particular ethical nerve. While the smoker can still nip outside for his cigarette…"


Alan:  So far, without getting shot.


            "…no-one can escape regulations which alter the water they drink. To its critics it is forced, mass medication, the sure benefits of which may pale in comparison to the uncertain consequences - including cancer, infertility and Down's Syndrome. To its advocates, fluoridation is one of the most effective ways of achieving equality in dental health, and giving the poorer child's teeth a chance to sparkle like those of his middle-class counterpart."


Alan:  You know, his betters.


            "Not for you. It may be controversial, but it isn't new. The benefits were first suggested by US researchers in the 1930s…"


Alan:  That was after they watched the test that they were doing over in Germany and other countries and watched how placid the public started to become.


It says:


            …who compared tooth decay in areas with different levels of natural occurring fluoride in the water. Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the first city to add the chemical to its water supply in 1945, and other areas quickly followed suit. In 1955, pilot schemes were launched in Watford, Kilmarnock and Anglesey…"


Alan:  In England.


            "The first evaluation report in 1962 was positive, and Birmingham was among the first cities to make the shift, a policy still in operation today. It spread - today there are six million people, around 10% of the population, with fluoridated water supplies - but momentum was trailing off by the 1980s. It was last implemented in 1985. Despite new legislation in 2003 which gave Strategic Health Authorities…"


Alan:  Isn't it amazing they're all becoming militarized, "Strategic Health Authorities," strategy. I wonder if they've got a rapid response team to dump fluoride in your well.


            "…Strategic Health Authorities has the power to ensure a supplier adds fluoride to a water supply, none of the authorities have made use of this provision."


Alan:  That we know of.


            "And it's really time they did," says Professor Mike Lennon, chairman of the British Fluoridation Society…"


Alan:  The man who gets the payoff.


            "…because the benefits of doing so are now beyond doubt. Of course this isn't for everyone - it won't be necessary in the wealthier home counties for instance."


Alan:  Now we need those people to retain their survival capabilities as they said in their books.


            "But if Manchester started doing this, they could get child tooth decay levels in line with Birmingham, where kids…"


Alan:  They have kids there too; they used to have children.


            "…are twice as less likely to have fillings. "If we get supplies up from 10% to 30%, say, we would really be getting somewhere." Mixed picture: Indeed, no-one seriously doubts that fluoridation does stop decay…"


Alan:  Well really? The guy who advocated in Canada and got it through turned totally against it when he got all the rest of the documentation and he's leading the charge to get it stopped and maybe someone should tell the BBC. It goes on and on with all the pros and cons and all the rest of it. It's quite the amazing stuff how we're drugged, stupefied with science. I think it was FDR who said, "There are lies. There are damn lies and then there are statistics," meaning once you attach science to something it's hard to dispute it. That's the trick of using statistics and graphs and charts, like Thomas Malthus did to prove his overpopulation theories of the 1700's, and this is the same kind of stuff we're having here.


The fact is there's plenty damage comes from fluoride. There's no doubt at all. It's a poison. If you read the toothpaste, it tells you to keep your limit down per day, so here they are telling you that in the toothpaste meanwhile they're putting it into your water too. It will be in all the soft drinks they sell as well, so you're getting overdosed with the stuff and what does it do? It definitely makes you a bit dumber than you would normally be, never mind the fact it makes your bones brittle and it puts these lovely little white spots that stick in the enamel off of your teeth and give you that mottled effect.


They're fast ahead doing this stuff to us. We’re just too imperfect you see. It reminds me of the old occultic system which talked about their job was there to "perfect that which was left imperfect," meaning all of the people. We’re just too imperfect and they have to perfect us all in the image that they desire and they make a few boo-boos along the way, a few screw-ups. Well, it's too bad. It's all in the interest of science and it's all for the general good, isn't it? And it's just too bad about the faulty ones who suffer on the way.


That's the world we're living in. We're wrapped in a cage. We’re being tested on, poked, prodded and this big stick of statistics and data from various scientists that keep altering their theories on everything pretty well every week seems to be ruling our lives. We are told, mind you, told in order to go along with every new theory that comes along the pike, regardless of the obvious side effects that you can see for yourself if you just look around you.


There's no rights anymore. Have you noticed? We have no rights. We haven't really had them for some time. They've been taking it away from us bit by bit by bit, really from the 1930's onwards. In the 1930's, that's when FDR came in with the New Deal. The New Deal was their term at the top for a whole new way where federal governments would run the system almost completely and put their selves into areas that was off limits to them before. They started up work camps for men. Men were traveling all over the continent looking for work during the Depression, and FDR, being a good banker that he was, was put in there to work for the bankers and bring in the New Deal.


They were given military uniforms to work in the forest to build roads and all the rest of it, and viola, along came World War II and that young generation just walked into the other uniform, the upgraded newer ones, and became soldiers. It was quite a training exercise and if you were to go back into the rest of the world at that time, they were all doing the same thing because they were all getting us ready for a World War II that supposedly pulled us out of the Great Depression because of the manufacturing process that went on and the unlimited borrowing that went on. They never explained why they couldn't borrow all that money to stop the Depression, but once the war started they could borrow all that money and fight the war, win it and take the economy out of the hole.


It was during that period that they basically did this public/private partnership deal with the British Commonwealth countries and created what they called Crown corporations. Crown corporations today are sort of above all authority. It's never been explained to the public. Even the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation can't get all the low-down of what Crown corporations are. There are some shares sold but they won't disclose whom to, although they've said in Britain it's the members of royalty and some of the very wealthy elite. These are national systems or institutions that run your country, all done during the 1930's.


The farmers lost their shirts during the '20's and '30's. Governments then stepped in with the regulations of farming, and after all, when they brought in the United Nations in '45, they said their agriculture was too important to be left to farmers and they've done their best ever since to put them under and the big agri-food businesses have taken over. Now we're all at their mercy because they own the world's food supply. Nothing happens by chance.


I'll be back after these messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot two,
and he's six feet four,
he fights with missiles and with spears,
he's all of thirty-one,
and he's only seventeen,
he's been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu,
an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist, and a Baptist and a Jew,
and he knows, he shouldn't kill,
and he knows, he always will,
killing for me, my friend, and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA
and he's fighting for the Russians,
he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for democracy,
he's fighting for the Reds,
he says it's for the peace of all,
he's the one who must decide,
who's to live and who's to die,
and he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him, how would Hitler
have condemned him at Lwów, (German concentration camp)
without him Cesar would have stood alone,
he's the one, who gives his body
as a weapon of the war,
and without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the universal soldier,
and he really is to blame,
his orders come from far away, no more,
they come from here and there,
and you and me and brothers,
can't you see,
this is not the way we put the end to war.




Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, just going over through some of the things which led up to our present situation. We are trained from birth to grow up and work, work in a system – a preexisting system that gives you a limited amount of avenues as to where you'll expend your energy and earn your living in fact. You're graded; the old Masonic term, everything is Masonic in this system. You're graded for your intellect your abilities and so on and your usefulness to this system and you're also born into it because you're first grading is all dependent upon your parents; what class you're born into. Will you go to one of the better private schools where you'll eventually meet all your friends that you'll mix with down through life and big business, politics et cetera; or will you go to the middle class schools where you'll be into being an engineer or something like that; or will you go into the lower class schools where you just take the jobs that are offered to you? You often get married young, have children and you just race through life trying to make ends meet and have some fun while you're doing it. Of course they're the most rotten jobs that you have, that make you want to have more fun to escape from it. That's the problem and that's why the countries in Europe that were masters at that gave us lot of pubs to go and drown our sorrows in and make us feel all good. That's where guys would go and slap each other on the backs and pretend that everything was just hunky-dory, when they're all crying miserably inside in all reality. That's the system that we're born into.


We're born into a preexisting where we owe money, in fact as soon as we're born, because you take on the debt from a previous generation. If you go back to the old black book of the law, it tells you that if you're born into that, into a debtor system, you are therefore the property of the slave master until you pay off that debt, which is ongoing. You can't pay it off so we’re in perpetual slavery. Some of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. talked about that. They knew their stuff. They were high Masons and Jefferson said that a generation born into a system where they have to pay off the debt of a preexisting generation were therefore in fact de facto slaves. That's exactly how it is and yet it's never presented that way to you. When you're at school or when you're born you just go along with the system. You get a birth certificate. You get a social insurance number, your SIN number, and you’re owned by the state. You earn money. You get a document demanding money back from you. It's called taxation. If the mafia does it, it's called extortion. The governments call it taxation and we don't think anymore about it. We just want to comply.


The facts are the facts. The acts are the acts. If the acts are the same then it's the same; if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck and you serve your masters. That's the system we're being born into that we've been taught to think is all quite natural and there's nothing natural about it. It didn't just evolve this way. It's a very old, old system, tried and tested down through the ages. Only today, they have lots more people they can employ in higher positions in the big think tanks and foundations to work on the future to make sure that those at the top, those who've evolved to the highest pinnacles and their offspring, will still rule the world in a thousand years. That's literally what it's all about.


In Britain, you go through London and if you met some of the wealthier people, the ones in the know, they just refer to the ones who rule as The Establishment. The Establishment was above politics. The Establishment was something you whispered about in the higher levels because you weren't supposed to let the public know too much about it. Very old families, powerful families often intermarried and second, third, fourth cousins et cetera. The ones who put their own youngsters into the secret service that's still on the go today, which has higher clearance than MI5 or 6. They can do no wrong and the whole idea was to ensure that they would rule for perpetuity. A particular class would rule – the better ones, "your betters," as the lower classes called them. Your betters would rule because we were all too silly and stupid to make any good decisions on our own. They'd always be faulty decisions. We needed our betters to do it all for us and we had to comply, but they also gave us this con game called politics and left and right.


That really did consume people I did see growing up how they'd argue about the political parties and the promises that they're always given that started them for years on end and how they'd vote them in and wonder what on earth happened to their hero when nothing seemed to change. Things just kept getting worse, then they'd vote that bunch out and vote the next bunch in and the same thing would happen over and over and over. Yet it was hard ever to get these people to see beyond this game, this Punch and Judy game, this wrestler match called politics, because the establishment was ruling the country – the higher government. The one that Margaret Thatcher talked about, the parallel government that's comprised at the lower level with ex-prime ministers and ex-presidents and ex-senior civil servants from the federal offices and bureaus.


That's what comprises the lower levels and these characters are now called "technocrats," like Kissinger. They travel the world. Professor Quigley talked about it. He said these technocrats have more power than elected officials. They're unaccountable to the public. Completely unaccountable and therefore they're quite happy not getting the applause and knowing with confidence they have the real power to get things done and that's how Thatcher just talked about it in her own world tour on the New World Order. I'll mention more about this after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Can't go on. Can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, filling in some of the bits and pieces that have been omitted from our reality over the last few years. Actually, lots of years, even in my granddad's day because he didn’t know much about what was really happening in his time either. They knew their local area and not much more. They were also told when to go off to war and when to come back and when to hand their rifles back to the king because you couldn't have them at home. You couldn't be trusted, but it was okay for you to go off and kill people abroad for the majesty and as long as you handed the gun back in when you came back with the troop ship.


People are peasants to the elite establishment. They're just peasants, useful tools, "pawns" as they say in the chess game. The pawns are there to be sacrificed and used so the big boys can win and that's always been the way of it. It's no different from the goons that want to become action men and don these black outfits, the ninja boys. They are pawns. They're dangerous pawns but they're pawns nonetheless and I hope that people realize that one day when they're all set against you, don't try and just kill them off thinking you're fighting some other foreign army because these guys are just pawns. The guys at the to who start the wars and control it all are the enemy of the people and they hide behind these vast armies, but meanwhile the public always see the immediate enemy, the one in front of them, and then they tend to fight each other. We've been fighting each other forever and as long as we keep doing it we'll never ever change this system that is rapidly going down the hill until we're all chipped and we have no minds of our own at all.


They'll have their utopia, their "thousand years of peace" as they jokingly call it, when we can't think and we can't complain. In fact we won't even know who we are anymore. We'll have no personal you, me, he, she or anything else. It will be impossible to even think of yourself as being an actual independent individual. That will be impossible. You'll be programmed and then the better genes, you know the ones that serve them best, will be taken from one body and another body and another body and many bodies put together into a composite new human being and they'll be better slaves. They'll live longer, be healthier and they'll put out four or five times the production that we can and they'll do it without ever saying, "I need a reward. I have to buy some plastic gizmo from China and be happy for five minutes." They won't even have that ability to do that kind of thing. That's their Brave New World and it's all been planned and here we go. We're going down the big chute while most folk truly are playing themselves with all the lovely games that they've been given. Even the adults too are going into their virtual world willingly, the new sheep pen, where the grass seems to be greener when it's on a wide screen, especially in plasma.


Now we're going to go live now to John from Connecticut. Are you there, John?


John:  Yes I am. You've been talking about – I guess my question really is the bloodlines of these people, but I heard somebody on the Alex Jones Show today talk about, I think he was a CIA guy who’s kind of speaking out about these political so-called leaders that run for presidential elections, he mentioned that Hillary Rodham Clinton's father was a mobster in Chicago. Do you know anything else about the history of her family? Where does she come from because that's really all I want to find out.


Alan:  We don't know. In fact we won't be told until she's made president one day and probably even then it will be halfway through the term. Generally, they don't tell you who they are until they're halfway through the term or they're just left office. I'm still waiting to see who Tony Blair was. He'll be well related but they still haven't told us yet what his lineage is.


John:  William Jefferson Clinton. His real name was Blythe. He was adopted, right?


Alan:  He had a mother that was well known in some circles who went to some of the best parties with the Rockefellers and so on.


John:  That's right. I've heard that. He may be a Rockefeller in reality.


Alan:  He certainly looks like one of the Rockefeller's if you look at him 30 years ago. He and David, he was awfully similar in features.


John:  All of these high-falutin' sort of politicians back years ago all made sure they had offspring which went through all sorts of other--


Alan:  You're right. You see they had breeding programs and you'll find traces of that with even in the Hellfire Club in London in High Wickham and that was one of the honors was to be allowed to breed with what they called the "dollies," the ones with special genes. Then you would pass your genes on and hopefully you'd have the male heir that would take over and you find the same thing with Rothschild's when they sent over Jacob Schiff. Jacob Schiff was brought up in the household of the Rothschild's and sent over to the U.S. and it's thought that he was an actual Rothschild from a different mother. With Hillary it came out in the papers when she suddenly discovered she was Jewish a few years ago. She suddenly found out, just like Madeline Albright suddenly found out too, and you have all these strange things that are put into the major media but never really explained because it's a hard thing to suddenly find out, even though Madeline Albright's grandfather was the guy who worked alongside Lenin, one of his right hand men, and started up the idea of what became the Green Party.


John:  I didn't know about the Jewish connection to Hillary Clinton. That's very interesting.


Alan:  You'll find this thing too. There's a strange thing. It's the same with many of these big players. Armand Hammer was taken when he was five years old to go and study and work – taken from his parents to learn his role in the world for the coming sort of communist combination with fascist era that he would grow up in, so they're almost bred for their tasks in a way and trained for them from a very early age.


John:  Okay, Alan, thanks and I won't hold the line here. Let somebody else get questions and thank you once again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. You have all these odd connections with people that are often told to the public years later. It's funny. It's the very same thing with the old prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau, all we knew about him was he went to one of the best schools. It's our form of Eton here where they meet their own peer group that they'll be working with all their lives to become politicians and he was very wealthy. Very wealthy family and yet he led the Comintern Party, the young communist party of Canada, over to Moscow in 1952. Eventually he ran for the liberal ticket when he came back to Canada and not one reporter in Canada mentioned it to the public that this guy who was head of the Comintern Party was running for prime ministership and he won, and of course he was a Rhode Scholar for global government. Quigley explains that. They don't care if they're a communist, fascist or whatever they are, they mix with them all, but they also put their own boys into them all as well because it's just one big con game for a global society.


Look at the aims of all of these groups that were called communist and fascist. They were all global agendas that really all came to the same ending, the rulership over the masses in a perfected society, so they're all one in the same thing using the Hegelian techniques and the dialectic. It was the same nonsense when they put Castro in and helped him takeover Cuba, then the CIA said, gee, we didn't realize he was a communist. Well ha-ha-ha. This is the nonsense that we're fed. They set up what seems to be enemies when it suits them and have us all fighting and hot and bothered about it. Meanwhile, Cuba is just off the coast and the U.S. has flattened different countries in the Middle East and other way across the planet but leaves this little place alone. Why? Because big drugs pass through Cuba on the way into the U.S. and you'd find a lot of the black budgets of the CIA and so on wouldn't go ahead and couldn't do it otherwise. There's much more at stake than what we're ever told or what the public is told. We do live in Disneyland. We live in Disneyland. More so perhaps in the U.S., just a little bit more so than anywhere else in the world because the public were given truly such nonsense on their recent history. They rewrote the recent history and gave them Little House on the Prairie. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, just dispelling some of the myths here and how the strange machinations that go on of the people who are represented to be leaders. In Canada there was a company called the Power Corporation run by I think it was the [Desiree] family and they picked prime ministers – they trained these prime ministers, before they became prime ministers, they all worked for the Power Corporation that trained these high executive types for big positions. In other words, they were filtering and vetting who would become put to the top of the country. They establishment runs Canada. There is an establishment in Canada, believe it or not, just the same as Britain. It's not just an Anglo-American establishment. It's the Anglo-Canadian establishment and Australia, New Zealand, et cetera. It runs it very well and we have our own department of the Royal Institute for International Affairs here in Canada with its Round Tables and all the rest of it reporting to London, working with the same agenda as London and they call it the Canadian Institute instead of the Royal Institute but it's the same thing. In the U.S. it's simply called the Council on Foreign Relations.


Now we've got Tim in Montreal. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Hi Alan. Yes. Just a question of basics. Is it your contention that all forms of government are controlled or is it possible that there's good government but that it's being hijacked at the present time?


Alan:  Good government could only come out of an utter chaotic situation and even then only temporarily while the public were watching it like hawks. Within the end of a generation it would already be infiltrated. Jefferson was quite right. You see, these guys have looked at all the histories and he said that it's a good thing for the people to have a revolution every one or two generations to clear out government because he knew that the first thing they do is try and get their own offspring in and then you have an establishment forming already and it's through the family lineages. You have dynasties running it and even right after the American War of Independence you had a whole bunch of them trying to get their own relatives in. Benjamin Franklin tried to get Temple his son in and many others did too. Some of them were successful. It can only last as long as the public are literally a part of it – you see the people are really supposed to be the government, the people.


Tim:  Right. So ultimately where we would like to head is basically the disappearance of government completely and people being in a voluntary society?


Alan:  Ultimately, that's the only alternative because the one that they're bringing in is a form of the same thing. It's a mirror image only you'll have no option but to go along with what this small elite have decided for you. You'll think you're making your own decisions but you won't. You'll be controlled. They're very good at giving you a mirror image but a voluntary society is where everyone participates in the system. Let's be honest, the representatives that you send off are supposed to come from your town or village to represent you. As soon as they bring a party system in, that representative no longer represents you. He represents the party and that's why he'll turn around and tell his constituents "I can't really do that. I have to go along with the party line," so we're not voting in our own representatives at all. We're voting in guys that simply make up more numbers in a particular party.


Tim:  Then in theory it could be possible that there's a government but that it's partyless and it's just we vote a representative for administrative affairs?


Alan:  You'd also have to have a voluntary rotating system, where, just like people are called out from the citizen society to man the courts as a jury, you'd have to have people who are called out and rotate from all walks of life constantly rotating, probably for no more than six months at a time, to observe these ones at the top to make sure that nothing else is going on and be an oversight sort of committee.


Tim:  Okay. So then a government that would run due process courts and – I'm just thinking – forgive me for taking so long but this question is torturing me. If it's possible, like it just seems the whole – all government, all court systems, everything is corrupt from even the basic due process. I mean how can anyone have authority over anybody else even for murder or rape or robbery, you know the basic common law crimes?


Alan:  Now we're all guilty from just existing. We're all suspects now and that's how – see, law itself, especially police organizations, to prevent crime you'd have to have every individual tied up. That's the only way they could guarantee to stop crime and therefore, since they can't do that immediately, it's taken step-by-step until you're bound by their rules, laws, under surveillance, so you can't commit crime even if you desired. That's inevitable with government institutions. The military in Canada in Kingston for instance has the same kind of thing. They teach their officers that the only way to a global peace is for a global society where the military will put an end to war by fighting wars to create the end of war. That's their mentality right there. 


Tim:  All right. Okay, thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. That's our dilemma. We live in a society which, on the surface, we're supposed to be ruled by people we elect. Now it's a big joke. We all know it's a joke and yet the problem again with the public is whenever the elite give you a little – one generation of having more money, even though it's all credit and more toys to play with. More distractions, more entertainment than probably all of the generations that have gone before us, right back to the days before Plato even, have ever had. As soon we get into that mode of having fun, the big boys move swiftly and we see what's happening right now. We're living in mental masturbation of enjoyment and we're losing every right and freedom, not just for ourselves and our selfish way, but we don't even look to the future and see the children that could be and the right to life that they have, the right to their society that they have; that doesn't even enter most folk's minds. They don't care. This is the "me" generation to the extreme. They're stuffed. They can't get enough and the big boys are rampaging ahead with an agenda to put us all in a mental limbo where we won't tell fact from fiction, reality from fiction, and that will be peace for them at the top when there's no possibility of the Plebeians at the bottom causing any more trouble for them and doing anything nasty to them.


The big boys are terrified, always have been, of the general public. They know their history. They're taught their history. They've known what's happened in the past in history when they've gone too far and they're terrified because they're so corrupt at the top. Mind you, they don't call it corruption. They say it's their rightful dues since they are so superior to all the ones below – they actually see themselves as a separate species. That's the bottom line and they are psychopathic. Psychopathy used to be shunned by psychiatry, as far as looking at any other class except the bottom classes, so for about a century you only saw the guy who wanted the jewelry in the window would smash the window and steal it because a psychopath generally cannot tolerate frustration. He must have immediate reward and gratification.


However, once they started looking into the same traits in upper echelons, it was incredible to find out that they came out with whole categories including the attention-seeking hysterical types that go into politics; and that's how they're classified, by the way. They either go into politics or into acting careers but they're psychopaths nonetheless and they're basically inbred. They're the ones at the top who control the monied system and the power structure, the wealth of the world, the real land of the world, the resources of the world. They're very old families indeed. They are mated up. They are matched up so you have a successful psychopath from male and female coming together, chosen by bloodlines to keep that wealth together, make sure their children come out regardless of their persuasions. As long as they have children it's okay and they continue the family lineages. That's how it's done. That's how it's planned and it's been that way for thousands of years. This was helped and offered by the religious systems that they had. The Catholic Church would appoint the kings. The kings would serve them and the Catholic Church fought desperately to keep that same system in place at the top. They were against any idea of democracy. The church itself is not democratic and it's not a democratic institution, remember, and they don't like change; so it all works together for the same end.


From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)