August 11th, 2010
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show




Alex Jones: We are rallying patriots worldwide to awaken others.  We're going to Alan Watt for the balance of this hour and the next, and open phones, because I had him on for an hour last week, and he just has so much knowledge, and I like to bounce ideas off him.  He's here with us. is his website.  A lot of breaking news, we're going to cover a huge range of vital issues on the economy, the war, the nature of the New World Order, their history.  A caller earlier said, where did the New World Order get founded?  Where did they come from?  What's their mindset?  What's their beginnings?  And I talked about the priest class in Egypt and in Babylon, and a little lesser extent Greece, developing systems of social control in those universities and systems of manipulation.  But we'll get his breakdown of it, and who's at the core of the power structure, here in just a moment.  Now, going to Alan Watt of  A long-term researcher, author, just somebody who I've found is really spot on with his analysis.  There are few people out there, because I've read hundreds of history books, hundreds of globalist handbooks.  Hundreds and hundreds of white papers.  And so many times he'll start saying something, and I've read the document years ago, and even forgotten about it.  He's somebody who I can tell you is just right on target, and teaches me a lot.  You know, we all teach each other.  But I always really, really, I don't want to say enjoy, because it's horrifying having Alan on to really help folks to get a higher level of understanding and take the blinders off.  So we're going to talk about a host of issues here today.  Alan, good to have you here with us. 


Alan Watt: It's a pleasure to be back on, Alex.


Alex: Alan, a caller called at the start of the hour and he said, I want you to ask Alan Watt the power structure.  We hear about Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral Commission, CFR, Illuminati, is it the banks, is it the military-industrial complex, and you know, I just pointed out, there's less then 200 people that chair and add up the Fortune 100 and they all cross-chair sometimes on hundreds of boards, all these other organizations.  They all push for the same thing, global governance, tyranny, but I thought we'd get you to talk about that structure, that architecture from your perspective, but also, the different cultures and ideas that fed into it.  And of course, I call it the priest class, because that's what they call it themselves.  And what the Illuminati is.  You've got the floor.  I'm going to try to not interrupt, even though it's always thought provoking.  Spend five minutes or so, breaking down its history, who they are, their modes of control, and where they're taking us if we don't block them.


Alan: Well, basically, it's a system, and that's what it is, it's a system and a philosophy which is also a religion, with its own belief system that really has been around since commerce began, organized commerce.  And organized commerce, we don't even know how old it is.  We have the ancient traders, they've even dug up Sumer for instance, and found out there's another group pre-existed Sumer who were into trading.  They lived very well.  We know that from their indoor plumbing and stuff like that, thousands of years ago.  And they had the trade routes all the way to China, right through the Middle East and Asia.  So trading is the key to it, because along with trading comes something called money.  And it's different from barter where two people can literally argue over the price of a sack of potatoes vs a sack of oatmeal.  Once you get a third party coming in with money, then you're under their directives, because they can basically decide how much that money is worth today or tomorrow or devalue it, or whatever.  And the ancient traders, we do know this from the Phoenicians, for instance.  They had to not only trade with people, and they were seafarers as well, with a huge navy to trade, but they had to also get all these different cultures that they met along the way to accept this thing called money, which they never used, most of them before.  They'd never seen money, heard of it, it was an alien thought, just like the American Indians.  It was an alien idea, this money.  And so, eventually over time they got people to accept money, and they did it by giving them loans to countries.  Generally to the kings or the head chief or whoever of a particular area or island, and from then on basically they started the debt system.  And as we all know, we're still in the same system today.  It's never failed.  Eventually the king gets rather spoiled.  He wants all the goodies that he's shown from these traders, as they come into port every so often, he borrows more, and eventually it comes time to pay him back and he's rather shocked to find out how much it's going to cost.  So the Phoenicians did deals with them.  We know this for a fact.  The Phoenicians used to get the kings to assemble men for armies, pay them with this same thing called money, that's a key to armies as well.  An army is no use, an organized army, if you can't pay them with something.  They tend to go home.  They get bored and get fed up.  So, they used that.  And they lent the king money for paying the soldiers too, and then they'd go off and invade a country that would not accept the trade, that would not accept the money and so on.


We find this all the way down through into even the Spartan wars, where the Spartans for a hundred years fought off this outside trade system with its money system, and the Phoenicians not only traded with money, and it was mainly silver at that time, they standardized the size of the coinage everywhere.  It doesn't matter whose head was on it for different countries, as long as it weighed the same, so they were standardizing the money system, just like the IMF is today.  Same idea.  And so they conquered down through the ages, and then they formed, we find this around the Middle Ages, massive leagues they called them.  There were leagues.  You had the Hanseatic Leagues and various other leagues of trading countries, like a big corporation you might say.  And they were based at that time in Venice and in Holland.  Holland came out of nowhere because the money men came in.  That's how empires arise.  They don't arise because someone is a great conqueror, they actually arise because those with the money move into that country with the money, and the know-how, and they rise it up.  The move down through time and skip to different countries, when it suits them.  We know for instance that even from Holland they hopped over to London and basically created London in the form that we know it today.  So, it's a moneyed system.  It's a trading system, and money is the key to controlling everything.  That's what Rothschild said when he took over the Bank of England.  And I don't believe either by the way that it wasn't a set-up to take over the bank.  It was prearranged, with the nobility already in Britain to allow it to happen, because if Rothschild had bankrupted every nobility, he wouldn't have lasted very long on the streets of London.


Alex: Well, that's on record.  He made deals with the nobility, even before he staged the 1815 Panic.


Alan: You also find out too Alex, that I mean you see they brought in King George and his family over from Prussia.  Now Prussia is part of the pre-existing Germany, the Germanic regions.  It was one of the first countries to give up in Germany.  They actually had to put up their, when they would run out of Royalty, they would put it up for a vote, for those with the biggest, like an auction sale.  And that present, even today's present group who took over, is the Georges, belonged to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Houses.  These were three areas of the Germanic Prussian regions which they owned.  They were princedoms.  They bought them over, and they became the royalty.  Their actual background was in trading themselves so they belonged to the same group as the Rothschilds in actual fact.


Alex: They were the last country to really end slavery.  We always here about blacks being slaves here but in those different Germanic regions, Austria and what is Germany today, you had the military slaves or the Hessians.


Alan: That's what they did too.  They drafted their men up, and sold them off.  And during the American War of Revolution, they brought in a lot of Hessian troops, because George was a Hessian himself basically.  That was his area in Germany; he still owned that part of it.  You'll find for instance the Rothschilds and the different female lineages especially of the Rothschilds, are all intermarried with the royalty of the whole of Europe.  And so they're really one and all the same people.  As I say, that's a big part of it.  So you have money, you have trading, you have intermarriage of very powerful families.  And there's nothing better than to give your daughter for instance to a king, because now you're allied with that king, and you take the royal titles, your offspring become the heirs down the road, and you can control things.  That's a very old, old technique of course.


Alex: All of those major dynasties, were and are intermarried.  And now we see Goldman Sachs heads marrying in.  And the daughters of presidents marrying in.  And all of those psychopathic and abusive sado-masochistic genetic traits are then passed on and concentrated.


Alan: And you even find, it's the astonishing things in history that really get to you.  An easy example for instance is 9/11, where down the road in New York, the day that it happened, George Bush's father was having a meeting with the Laden family, the Bin Laden family, because they have a corporation, the Bushes and the Laden families to build bomb-proof structures across the world.


Alex: Yeah, that's AP and London Guardian, Bush Sr meeting with head of Bin Laden family on morning of 9/11 at the Carlyle Group meeting.


Alan: That's right, and not only that too.  When the first 9/11 bombing took place, people forget about it.  They had to basically retrofit the whole buildings to make sure they were sound.  Well, it was their company that got the job to retrofit it, and it took them over a year and a half.  I think that's when they laid the explosives, personally.  I think that's when they did.  I really do believe that.  Anyway, there's a coincidence right there.  So we go to war with Bush basically facing Bin Laden, in the comic strips that is, and meanwhile the same families have a business enterprise.  That's almost impossible. 


Alex: And they love sick jokes, to say Bin Laden did it, when actually that company was in there in the buildings years before after the '93 bombing.  In a sick way, yeah they did bomb it. 


Alan: Yeah, it really is.  It's a cartoon show we're given where the Bushes and the Ladens out of millions of billions of people on the planet just happened to be in a business enterprise, and the same countries end up at war and all that kind of stuff. 


Alex: And then Marvin Bush was running security on the World Trade Center complex until the morning of Sept 11th, he'd signed over authority and they'd gotten a new management firm. 


Alan: Yes.  And then you go into FDR for instance, FDR whose wife was a rabid Communist; she loved the Soviet system.  She loved the techniques of mind control that Pavlov was doing.  She went over to see Pavlov and she thought the same system should be brought to America, because, although the children were not very happy, and laughing and joking on their way to school, they were so orderly and she was so impressed by this order.  How they were Orderly and collected.  So, but the thing is too, in one of her books, she put down the genealogy of FDR and herself because she was a cousin of FDR, they intermarry to keep power and wealth amongst themselves.  And you find that the Saxe (Sachs) family, who initially funded Hitler to power was a relative of FDR.  And again, it's the same kind of Sachs family of Goldman Sachs basically.  You can change the name and the spelling a little bit here and there, which is a favorite trick of theirs down through the ages, but it's the same bunch really running the show.  And he brought in a New Deal.  Now, people don't realize, when a president gives you an address to the nation, and calls something a New Deal, he's giving you something that supersedes or replaces the Constitution.  That was a legal declaration.


Alex: It's like with Obama saying Change.  This is a New Deal.


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely.  And that's what change is.  You're right on with that.  Because this is the Century of Change.  Now these characters all know what they mean by the Century of Change.  It's the culmination of their centuries-long war to take over a world, standardize the world, basically reduce the population to a manageable level.  Science is at the top of the tree when it comes to their belief system.  They believe that with science and sciences then they can control the whole world.


Alex: Because if you eradicate countries, and then even individuals, there's no way to resist, because you've got a drugged-out mindless zombie drooling, telling you about UFC fights.


Alan: Absolutely, and from the earliest times, even when Rosicrucianism, which is a front group basically to help the dominate group, when Rosicrucianism broke out really in France, they had posters out there, all over Paris one morning, and they talked about the ability to give longevity to those who would help serve them.  And they were really into real chemistry, not alchemy.  Alchemy was a front for them, but they were into real chemistry, and what they call real medicine.


Alex: They admitted that two days ago, that oh, the Chinese four thousand years ago were in trade with America, and with Africa, oh, and the nobility of Europe always knew this.  They had all the maps.  They were just keeping the public in the dark during that period of re-engineering. 


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely.  And they can take whole chunks of history away.  They've done it before.  Because we know darn well that there were people here in the Americas, long before Columbus, and they've bashed professors who've come out with the evidence too, like Barry Fell.


Alex: Just in the DNA of Native Americans, and it's Northern European in the last 15,000 years in the mitochondrial DNA, because they were all here intermarried.  They dug them up all over the country.  The media keeps it quite quiet.  They dig Vikings up every year.  We'll be right back with Alan Watt, the true history of the world, and what's currently happening, straight ahead.  I'm Alex Jones.


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Alex: Alright, Doug, Chris, Stan, and others, your calls are coming up.  We're starting in the next hour here in a few minutes.  Alan, going back though, not just looking at trade and money and governments, that could create caste systems and organization, where very small members of Europe in the last 4,000 years, went to Northern India, and took over.  They've tested their Mitochondria DNA.  They're Central and Western European.  Not just that, but also the priest class of manipulation, and learning how to control the population.  That's a big key to this secret knowledge is passed on as well.


Alan: Yes.  The studying of, as I've always said, we see so many Nature programs on television, but we don't realize that mankind has been the most studied creature on the planet for thousands of thousands of years.  If you want to dominate the planet, you don't have to dominate the ants, you want to dominate people and you have to know how people think, how they tick, and it's quite easy actually, because the easiest thing is to go into so-called primitive societies, and see the microcosm of what really matters.  Because everything else comes from those primitive ideas, lifestyles, taboos, and so on.  You simply amplify it into a more complex system.  They're really all the same.  And they understand how human beings interact with each other, and how they have certain emotions, how they're driven really by emotions.  That's the key to it.  That's what Bernays came out with too.  You can literally modify the behavior of a whole continent or a whole world by pandering to these subconscious desires and emotions.  And get people to buy things they don't even really, they've never thought of before, until the ads come out and make them want this thing for the first time.  It's the same thing with us.  We have the need to mate with people for instance.  And so, people mate, they form tribes, small tribes, the tribes have their various taboos, that helps them to survive.  Everyone knows the rules, you don't need police.  And they're generally very self-sufficient, completely self-sufficient in fact.


Alex: And the globalists admit, to steal your thunder, that they come in and remove the taboos, and tell people to be wild and crazy, so society degenerates, so the government can come in with its new taboos and be more oppressive. 


Alan: Yes, and of course, we find from the 1800s for instance, when the same organization, the same organization that put Charles Darwin out there.  Now Darwin was put out there by the Royal Society.  In fact, Wallace was the guy they took most of the writings about evolution from.  They also used Charles Darwin's father, and grandfather's writings, because they were both writing about evolution.  This is a belief system within a religion that was far, far older than Darwin.  And we know the Darwins themselves practiced this religion by only intermarrying the same family, the Wedgwood family for many generations.  That was part of this religion, intermarriage with special types, to try and breed special genes, and Plato actually wrote about it thousands of years before that, 2,300 years before.  Plato talked about, if you want good scientists, good mathematicians, then you simply intermarry a male and a female who are good at mathematics and then take the children, interbreed them, and so on, and so on, until you have, you're pretty well guaranteed a good mathematician.  And it's the same with all other aspects of life.  Well, we have that today, and we've had it for a long time.  The Rothschilds are an example with that; they only marry their nieces.  It used to astound me, I said, why would dynasties not change?  Why wouldn't you get a guy coming along saying, well I don't want to be a banker, daddy, I'd rather be something else, an actor or something?  It doesn't happen.  They're pretty well guaranteed to be just like their fathers, you see.  But they also have the addition of a reinforcement of a particular education from their family, and from special higher priests, into their particular lineages, their histories, and their function in the world.


Alex: And then in the pyramidal structure, there are servants' specializing guilds, and these guilds then support those ruling families, and those sub-guilds also intermarry within their strata of the pyramidal beehive system.  Back in 70 seconds.


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Alex: I've got a bunch of Twitter questions for Alan Watt, he's with us throughout the rest of the hour, and Doug, Chris, Stan, and others that are patiently holding.  The toll free number to join us is 800-259-9231.  I also want to get into the economy and military developments with him.  But finishing up in this short little segment.  We've talked about the history of the elite, their systems of control, but talking about their endgame, I mean it is a totally selfish, horrible endgame.  They've got all these mid-level and low-level people on power trips with their little uniforms and signets and logos of power that defend the system, having no idea what the system is, but the globalists are now out in the open.  The system is exterminating 80 to 90% of people, having 10 to 20% left as a suboid servant class, and the elite merging into biomechanical androids and living forever.  Now, I'm not saying that's real or going to happen, but you go back to the French Revolution and other times, they promised their people, we'll give you secrets to live to a hundred.  So they always use the same stuff.  They always promise their Socialism as some type of high-tech utopia, we see manifestations of that.  So, let's spend a few minutes on what their endgame is. 


Alan: Well, again, to get the endgame, you have to go back into their ancient belief system, which is that basically the world was created all wrong, and their job is to perfect that which was left imperfect, which means through science they would perfect the world, everything in it.  We see that with the modification of plants and trees and everything today, and man himself, of course.  Because they, being a dominant psychopathic type, really, and you can certainly pass on psychopathy, it's the same thing.  If you want a pit bull you can breed a good pit bull by interbreeding pit bulls, and you're guaranteed to have the same kind of offspring.  Well, it's the same with these characters.  Down through the ages they picked the victorious type, the type who dominated whole countries eventually, either through warfare directly, or through owning the kings and queens who did the wars for you.  So they're very aggressive.  But they also believed that they can alter man himself because the biggest problem....


Alex: They're idiot savants, they're idiot savants of control, and they're playing God.  In all these countless articles in the last two weeks, where they're saying lithium is good for you, or viruses to reprogram your brain to make you submissive.  They said, man's defects in all these articles.  Man's problems.  We're going to fix it. 


Alan: What they don't mention, of course in all their articles is that you see, they were the ones, who in the 1800s especially, came out openly with guys like H.G. Wells who was specially trained by the Huxley's grandfather, you know, Thomas Huxley, who was the best friend of Charles Darwin, and H.G. Wells with a bunch of other guys, trained to be authors to put stuff out there for the public to be amazed by and even want to follow in fact.  H.G. Wells came out with the idea of Free Love.  We've got to destroy marriage altogether, because marriage is the basic institution of the tribe, be it primitive or advanced, and if you destroy that, you destroy basically the tribe's ability to be cohesive, and...


Alex: And that's of course what Brave New World is about, is about the state controlling and raising the children.  He stated, and of course, the Wedgwoods, the Galtons, the Darwins, they all intermarried, as you said earlier. 


Alan: And the Huxleys too.  They all belong to the same families actually.  They're all related, that whole bunch you just mentioned.  And what you find too as I say, if you destroy the basic, tribal necessities, then you destroy the tribe, and they won't fight, you see.  They're lost.  If you look at the Darwin theory, of an advanced civilization going into a less advanced civilization, the advanced will always triumph.  That's what they tell you.  And what they use for an example is what happened to America, when the white man came in and what happened to the American Indians.  The writings of John Stewart Mill are very good on this, because they knew in the 1700s what would happen to the Indians. 


Alex: Because you can't survive if you're not part of their borg.  Let's finish up with that.  They want to make you dependent chemically, psychologically, biologically.  Let's finish up with their master plan and then to the phone calls, 800-259-9231.  Alan Watt is our guest.,, we'll be right back. 


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Alex:  We're talking about the only issue that matters, the issue that encompasses everything, the scientific dictatorship in textbook after textbook, written a hundred years ago, thirty years ago, ten years ago, a year ago.  It's all repeated.  It's all on record.  Vaccines to reduce your fertility or sterilize you.  Chemicals in the food and water and packaging to sterilize you and give you cancer, to reduce your lifespan.  They're lying to you about lifespan.  In the past large numbers of children died before the age of ten.  If you take the low lifespan of children out, people lived until their early 80s instead of their low 70s.  This is just the facts, and they admit they're doing this.  If you're a new listener, and you're like, they say they're poisoning the food and water, they say they want a world government, I heard that's a conspiracy theory.  That's a simple throwaway line to make you procrastinate and not look into this.  It's a 100%. It's a 100% on record everything Alan Watt and I are saying, okay.  You can differ on our interpretation, but this is going on.  You should be angry about that.  You should be standing up against that.  You should have respect for yourself, but they've taken the basic determination away from people, to where folks on the news say, I don't care if they're saving my naked body scans, I have nothing to hide.  First they lie to you and say they're not saving it.  They say there's no radiation.  Now they admit it's very high.  Now they say they're going to put cameras in all the cars watching us and tracking us.  Cameras in the backs of the seats, watching you and listening to you on the airplanes.  This is worse then Orwell.  People say, well there's already so much of it.  I guess I'll go along with it.  Well, then where does it end?  Where does it stop?  Alan, looking at time frames with these people, unless we get the word out, and then they'll just back off and move slower, but right now it seems they're rushing, well it doesn't seem, we know they're rushing towards the goal post, that they're accelerating their entire program and that all of the birth pains we've seen so far were just preludes, that we haven't seen anything yet.


Alan: That's right, even Bush Sr, when he came out with his speech on the New World Order, he said, it's coming into view, it's coming into view, and what he meant by that, it's the coming New American Century.  This is the Century of Change.  Academia was using that term for fifty years in the 20th Century; the Century of Change would be the 21st Century.  That's where they had to ramp ahead, because they'd already dumbed down the people with inoculations and so on, and again, bringing in processed food to certain, and they'd also destroyed pretty well, again all the natural things that bound a people together.  Marriage was totally destroyed by the end of the 20th Century, because there was an attack on it.  Even that whole area is so fascinating to read that the sectors that were put out there to bring down the family units, to bring in the drugs, the Rock 'n' Roll, the free love and all the rest of it, the very things that H.G. Wells printed in the late 1800s, they'd bring in free love and so on.


Alex: And he was part of orgies with Margaret Sanger.


Alan: H.G. Wells was more than that.  He made agreements with his three wives I think, never to divulge what he actually got up to.  He liked getting spanked and tied up, and all this kinky stuff, you know.  Most of these guys are perverts you understand, that work for them higher up near the top.  They're all sado-masochistic types.  You see, sado-masochism is a big part of this, because a sado-masochist wants to get up into the power ranks when they're psychopathic, and they really worship the person above them.  They'll worship them.  And they despise the person who's down below, even the next level down, even in a military structure as being weak, and they'll abuse them.  So that's your sado-masochist.  They flock in to being willing servants for these guys who run the world.  And this is again, an old technique.  It's well understood by them.  They always have these odd perversions to do with sado-masochist tendencies in their sexual life as well.


Alex: Let's go ahead and take some phone calls, but before I do that Alan, any other issues or items that you think are important that should be discussed today?


Alan: Yes, what we've got to understand, as I say it's simple.  You take the primitive tribe, we're all just basically primitive, tribal, with tribal instincts.  You destroy all of those.  You destroy your cultural taboos, and when you have nothing left to hold on to, then you're in free fall, and they can then guide you as to where you're going to go in that new free fall.  That's what they've done with most of society.  If they don't replace all that that they've destroyed, you end up with the people like the American Indians, who like in Canada are simply abject cases.  They're chronic alcoholics.  All the reasons for living have been taken away.  All their old customs have been taken away.  Things that gave them meaning are destroyed.  And that's what they do.  So they did that to....


Alex: And then big scandals where they take the little Indian children, the natives, currently, this is even in the news, and they just kill them, there at the facility.  They murder them. 


Alan: Yes they do.  They're still digging them up in Canada, in some of these places out West in fact.  It's very similar to what they've done with the European races.  They came into North America now, and the Europeans themselves.  Their cultures were attacked later in the same way.  Once we'd been over the industrial revolution, created the scientific things they needed to control us, we all worked towards it.  Our dads, and grandfathers worked towards it, and they went through universities too, and helped discover techniques.


Alex: Looking at psychology and anthropology, and then we're going to calls, but I want your view on this, Alan.  If you look at the American culture that Alexander de Tocqueville wrote about, French historian or others, all strong cultures are self-sufficient.  The family is number one.  A husband wouldn't do something mean to his wife, because he understands it's part of the unit.  The wife wouldn't do it.  The children know, the only people they can count on is their family.  Now from the sitcoms and the movies and the women's magazines, it's fun to break up.  It's fun to fight with each other.  So they can isolate you as the individual animal, and destroy you, and now you look at it, and quote, feminism is supposed to empower women.  It's turned them into just bestial creatures.  Same thing with men.  They give us false tribes of UT Football, instead of the normal tribalism of your family, and your private property, and controlling your own mind.  And they just, if you try to talk to full grown adults they're mental midgets.  A serious man can't be obsessed with sports, because there's too much going on in the world.  Too much knowledge, too many mysteries, too many secrets, too many competitors, you know too much.  They don't want us being dominant and strong and aggressive and powerful and wild.  They want us being a bunch of soft punks and we are.  We're a bunch of soft punks. 


Alan: That's right.  And that's what you do.  That's the end product of a long-term war to destroy everything that made things function and made you independent.  And now you won't stand up and fight for anything.  That's exactly the goal that they had in mind. 


Alex: Well said, Alan Watt is our guest.  Our sties are and  Let's talk to Doug in Utah, who I'm told disagrees, he'll go to the head of the line.  Go ahead Doug.


Doug: Hi, yeah, Alex and Alan.  I disagreed with Alex's opinion yesterday.  He talked about Stephen Hawking's opinion that we must go off world immediately or it's almost certain that in the next hundred years we're going to destroy ourselves. 


Alex: Well, that doesn't mean leave the planet.  I'm saying we need to expand and not have the technologies hidden from us, and I agree with him, there's a good chance with all these super weapons and genetic engineering that we're going to have serious catastrophes, and the globalists are arrogant and think they can control it.  But finish your point and then we'll get Alan's take on it.


Doug: Yeah, you said it's a virtual certainty that this planet will never become a type 1 civilization with the assault on mankind from the elite.  And what my problem was, is that vision is totally contrary to the vision that the holy prophets of God described for us in the scriptures.  And I wondered if Alan had a take on that, because those are really the primary writings of civilization and they talk about these things, it's amazing how much they talk about it. 


Alex: Now let me stop you for a minute.  Alan's going to say, it's just like H.G. Wells a hundred years ago, predictive programming, self-fulfilling prophecy, missionart protectorate that Frank Herbert talked about in his series on Dune, giving you an off-world model of that.  I am a Christian, and I've read the Bible.  But in the last 150 years, you've had this move to say, never stand up to evil, it's the end of the world.  You can't change things, and that's just not true.  And they've got this 'Christianoid' model now, where we can't even have destiny, or we can't, I mean, people told the founding fathers don't fight back, it's the end of the world.  People told the Germans lay down to Hitler, it's the end of the world.  And I find it to be a cop-out.  Let me get a comment from Alan Watt on that.


Alan: Religion has always been used by the powerful organizations that end up taking them over.  And you'll find, that I personally see the Old Testament for instance in a totally different way than most people.  I see it like a guidebook of practical means of conquering the world, actually, that's how I see it.  I see the New Testament, with a different deity in charge, altogether from the old bloodthirsty Yahweh.  And Christianity in its basic, initial form, before it was taken over by, remember an empire took it over, a political/military empire took it over and used it.  Initial Christianity was very simplistic in its doctrine.  So they used it again, once it was taken over, they used it again to dominate people for 1,500 years really, and then the Protestant sect, it was time to bring in the Protestants, and that's how I see it.  It was time to bring in the Protestants by those who ruled the money systems of the world.


Alex: Let me say this to Doug.  Look, you injected religion into this, and I happen to know Alan's views, and that's one of the few areas that we differ on, but I do see his perspective, and that's why all things are open for discussion here.  But overall, at my parents' church, my dad said, man I don't know if I'll be able to go there anymore.  We've got new preachers there, and they're teaching us that we've got to have the illegal aliens basically to come in.  That's the World Council of Churches and the Rockefellers, or Catholic and Protestant Churches saying, turn your guns in.  And FEMA secretly recruiting 50,000+ for clergy response teams.  I mean, we've got to recognize that they're telling us, just give up, lay down, it's what Jesus says, and that's not what Jesus even said, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, Jesus didn't tell you to leave your head at the door of the church.  You were supposed to use your head.


Alex: Well, he went after the money changers. 


Alan: He went after them.  That was the last thing basically he did.  Once he did that, everything changed.  That wasn't just money changers, that was an international bank of the day.  That's what it was.


Alex: Stay there, stay there, let's talk about that when we come back and go to more calls.  Interesting point Doug.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Up at the website,, headlines, "Wave Goodbye to Brand Obama."  Paul Joseph Watson key article about how his fortunes are imploding.  How the globalists are already vetting new publics.  Also, Alex Jones, 11 minute clip on Russia today, Big Brother is watching you, dealing with the internet takeover and cameras in cars and planes to watch and record you, both audio and video.  Former Senator Ted Stevens confirmed dead in that plane crash yesterday.  Gold prepares to make yet another all-time high, rising in the last few days again.  It's all up at  This is a short segment, and I want to hurry and get to the calls, but I don't want the break to cut you off.  You were saying, he was challenging the international banking system at that time, and he was.  Alan, finish your point on that.


Alan: You've got to understand that Judaism even in that time had enclaves across the ancient world in all the capital cities, of Greece and so on, Athens, all over the place, Rhodes was another famous place for them, but they had to come back so many times per year to the great temple, and they brought incredible fortunes with them.  And you couldn't get into the temple.  No Hebrew or Jew I should say, could get into the temple without the actual money of the land, so you had to exchange your money to go into the temple with your offerings, and basically the guys there were doing foreign exchange, and they made incredible amounts of money on this from these people who came in every day from all over the ancient world, these, rich, rich, traders.


Alex: They made you buy a special coin to buy your sacrifice, whether it was a cow or a sheep or birds, and they would have huge piles of gold and silver for one little special silver coin. 


Alan: Foreign cash was unclean inside the temple, but it was awfully good outside for the guys who exchanged it.  And they set the exchange rates, and it literally was a going concern, and they came from all over the ancient world to exchange their monies there.


Alex: Amazing, hope that answers Doug's question.  Let's talk to Jeff in Texas.  Jeff, you're on the air. 


Jeff: Hey, Alex, man.  That's just really great.  This is my second time listening to you, yesterday, and now today, and I feel pretty at home.  I've been actually been paying attention on another level, through the internet, and just noticing things, and the experience of my life.  I'm a reformed old hippie from the 1960s, so I know what all the culture is about, and I've been around to see just what everybody is into.  But I think where I'm going now, I've kind of developed to this point which you were talking about earlier, the electronic money.  I mean, it looks to me, let's put it this way.  Obama, you know, I was a Bush hater, when he came, I mean I had tears, and I mean, I was just like overwhelmed, and just oh, my life was just so wonderful, that here we got an African American man as president, we've come so far, because I was just, I went to my buddies' black weddings, I was into the black culture, and people way back when in the 1960s, and I loved the whole thing, and then I started realizing the details and I was kind of in denial.  I think so many people are.


Alex: Well, Obama is six percent African, and it's just a corporate production to sucker people that things have really changed, when it's just more of the same.  But getting back to digital money, that's why they're cracking down on swap meets, on garage sales, on bartering with your neighbor.  They want everything tracked and controlled, so they can turn the economy off. But dealing with that, and also Obama, and the fraud that was Obama, Alan Watt, give us your breakdown.


Alan: Well, you'll never change a system when the people come in to vote, to come in and lead the same system of central banking, international banking, debt, which is incredible to start with, since every central bank can print its own money if it wishes to, but they all prefer to borrow from the private banks; that's the con.  Everybody, I don't care if you got Mickey Mouse coming in to run for election, if he's going to stand up for the same system, including all the previously owned debt.  Rather than saying, I'm writing it all off, it's all bogus anyway.  We'll print our own money from now on, debt free.  Well why are you voting for anybody in the first place, whether it was Donald Duck or anybody else?  It's the same system.  It's not your system, it's the con system.  So you don't have a chance anyway, voting for anybody, unless they promise…


Alex: Trying to block us taking the states back, because we've got a shot at that.  Not really at the Federal Government. 


Alan: See, we're already international, and that was the key to setting up international banks and central banks, as well, to go with the world bank, and using this debt con to push it all.  Since World War II, the U.S. and Britain, and Canada, have been funding through their OECD departments, they were all set up during WWII, across the Third World.  We're funding China, right now for their medical care.  So is the U.S.  Canada is building a Candu nuclear reactor, two or three of them in China, courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer.  Meanwhile, we have to come...


Alex: They're the new model, and the 50 billion bucks for the auto bailouts, most of it went to move our factories to Brazil, Eastern Europe, and China.


Alan: That's right, yeah.  And this was all done by the same system, that wants you to vote for the next guy who will promise to uphold the same system. 


Alex: Alright Jeff, appreciate your call.  Good to have you on board.  Please pay it forward and spread the word about the broadcast.  Long segment coming up.  Chris, Stan, Rob, Guy, others, your call straight ahead with Alan Watt.  I'm Alex Jones.  Don't forget we're simulcasting the radio at 


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Alex: We're going back to Alan Watt here in a moment, and then Chris, Stan, Rob, Guy and many others.  The toll free number to join us is 800-259-9231, I've got some other key, top news stories today I want to get Alan's take on as well.  The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step as the Chinese proverb says.  The other Chinese proverb is may you live in interesting times.  Going back to Alan Watt, I want to continue with the phone calls here.  Let's talk to Chris in Canada, up there where Alan's at.  You're on the air Chris. 


Chris: Hey, Alex.


Alex: Yes Sir. 


Chris: Just making sure you can hear me.  Alright.


Alex: I can hear you good, good to have you hear. 


Chris: First of all, first of all, I just want to say, what you're doing is great.  You're a hero to us all.  I mean there's lots of, with everything that's going on, everybody calling you a crackpot, and this and that, they're the crackpots, really, to be quite honest with you.


Alex: Well, they're not intellectual.  They can't have a historical debate.  It's just easy to have a throwaway, one-way line, of "Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist."


Chris: Yeah, you ask them a direct question, and then it's dodging, dodging, dodging. 


Alex: Any questions for Alan Watt?


Chris: Well, yeah.  I have a question.  It's, I've got a couple of questions, and either of you can field them, it doesn't matter either/or.  But I've got to tread carefully with a couple of these questions, because I don't want you to, I notice that you attacked, I wouldn't say attacked, but you defended yourself the other day, and I don't want to come off like I'm against you or anything, so I just wanted to be careful how I word myself.


Alex: Chris, I don't care if somebody is against me.  But, when somebody calls in, and just makes something up, sometimes I'll get angry.  But at the same time, I don't want, do you notice when people compliment me, I say, no, it's all about you.  I don't want to make this about me.  #1 it's dangerous.  #2, we're going to win by waking others up.  So we're here talking about the global elite enslaving us, no one can deny it now.  And so, I don't want to make it about me, so listen, I've got a lot of callers I want to get to Chris.  Go ahead, and get to your points.


Chris: Well, let me hurry up.  First of all, I just want to say that I've got a good judgment on, when I meet people, and when I hear people, whether or not they're decent or, you know, I can usually tell in the first few seconds of interacting with someone, what kind of person that they are, and I get a sense, that you know, you're genuinely good.  And you've also empowered me to do the same.  I do a lot of, since hearing things you've had to tell me, information you've empowered me with, I've gone ahead and spread that information to as many people as I possibly can.  My question is, one of my questions are, do you think this can be realistically stopped?  I mean all these things that are on the move, do you think any of them realistically can be stopped? 


Alex: Alright, alright, alright.  Listen.  I appreciate your call.  I'm going to get Alan's take on what you just said.  He's our guest.  Go ahead Alan. 


Alan: Well, I don't think that, people think in numbers, the mass man.  That's how we're used in fact.  We're used as the mass man, we're very predictable.  It's the few who change society.  It's always been that way.  And what it means too is that you have to reevaluate yourself and your own values, because remember, today's values are different from 50 year ago values.  We've been totally turned upside down in fact.  We have to get back to what is personally, personally sustainable.  That's the real meaning of sustainability for yourself and for those that you love.  And it really means getting back to personal values, where you can make a promise and keep it, and even make a vow and keep it, and get back to your own integrity.  Most folk have no integrity. They have no anchor.


Alex: They have no anchor, and they have no compass, and then, they'll also say, you look like a nice person, you sound convincing.  It isn't my opinion that there was a riot in Atlanta over food stamps and housing.  It's not my opinion that I read from the Rockefeller foundation about vaccines to sterilize you.  It's not my opinion that BP you know A, bisphenol A is sterilizing people, and causing cancer.  I mean, again, and so the establishment always tries to make it about Alex Jones, or about Alan Watt.  Folks, this is information for you to make a decision about, this isn't about, I wonder what I'll do, do I trust Alex or not?  You shouldn't trust me.  You should go look at the information.  It's not about me.  I'm a guy here trying to warn people, so we can stop the globalists, and nothing irritates me more, and I'm not mad at Chris, but it sounded like, like he was building up to something, and he didn't go there about me.  I'm just so tired of it, because, probably half the websites out there, don't fight the New World Order, they talk about Alex Jones, because I'm the biggest thing out here doing this.  And it just shows they're malfunctioning.  They can't, I guess they're followers.  I don't understand it Alan.  Do you get where I'm going with this?


Alan: It's a backlash.  When you burst people's bubbles, people do live in a bubble of comfort.  They're egocentonic, because they've been given an egocentonic culture, an egocentric culture, and a narcissistic culture.  We've also been domesticated where most folk out there truly want to believe, they want to believe even though they have little suspicions, but they want to believe that there are special people up there taking care of them because they love them.  And when you burst the bubble, it takes away everything.  The ground goes from underneath their feet, they've nothing to stand on.  They've lived a fallacy, and here you are telling them the evil things that are being done to them and the evil things that are planned to them, but you're using the documentation from the science magazines, from the mainstream media, from the big organizations and foundations involved.  Rather than look at what you're giving them for evidence, they'll attack you personally.  That's a standard technique that's used.


Alex: They'll also spin it and say, I thought the mainstream media is a bunch of liars, Alex.  And sometimes they do lie, like if they're saying Rand Paul said get rid of the Civil Rights Act, but must of the time they spin it.  They say, isn't it great that the Austin police department is putting in cameras for sixty, seventy, eighty thousand dollars a piece.  No one should ask why they're ten times what they should cost, and they're now using the cameras that were supposedly for traffic control.  I mean, here's security cameras on Rumberg Lane, APD talks about their use. Five cameras alone will cost $350,000.  You know, no one asked why did they lie to us, they weren't for police at first.  They'll say, well, why are you covering mainstream news?  They're telling us how good it is.  I'm taking their admission, and pointing out how it's bad.


Alan: I've seen the technique work before.  And I went through, when Britain was being completely deindustrialized for a few years, every day on the news it was one factory, more unemployment, but after the news was over, you'd go right into a comedy show, a regular comedy show, or a TV drama, so everything was okay.  You have this double mindedness, and it was so bad, that people were committing suicide.  Britain ended up having the highest suicide rate in Europe, because people just couldn't get jobs.  Margaret Thatcher came on and said, a generation is growing up now who will never see work in their lifetime, so get used to it.  And I had a neighbor who actually hung himself, and this was happening in all the streets, but no one wanted to talk about it.  They went into a self-protective mode, didn't want to listen to anything negative at all.  It was almost as though they would catch unemployment by talking about it, like it was a catchable disease or something.


Alex: Oh yeah.  I get that all the time.  Don't talk about dollar devaluation.  Don't talk about global depression when all the major think tanks admit they're engineering it, because I'm going to cause it by being negative, Alan.  I'm supposed to just love NAFTA and GATT. 


Alan: That's right.  And of course the whole New Age religion that's been put out there too, and remember too, it was.


Alex: Yeah, the secret.  You're supposed to imagine positive things and you get it. 


Alan: That's right.  And remember too, it was the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry's own journal that came out in the 1950s, saying they would bring in the New Age.  And that was the name in fact of their journal, eventually they changed it, their monthly magazine.  And they said they'd create a new type of religion, and that ties in at the same time as you find Russell was publishing his books, talking about bringing in an egocentric culture, that would just love themselves.  It's all about me, and narcissism, which would split them off from being family groups and so on.  Everyone would be into their own mirror image of themselves and how much they love their lives.


Alex: We're going to go back to calls, but well said Alan Watt.  The way I describe narcissism is I stopped being a narcissist at about age 3, which is normal for a small child to be narcissistic.  You know they're learning about themselves and their identity.  But I notice other children would do play games.  They'd be Batman, they'd be Robin, they'd be the Hulk, and I figured out, this is a game, this isn't real, it's like dress up, like girls dressing up when they're five years old to be princess.  When I realize now, when I watch yuppies and adults, they're all in their own little dress up world.  Their own little, they're walking around on delusional power trips, and they buy whatever the media tells them to get as the trinkets and the uniform of that.  And you try to talk to them, and they're not there, and they'll do this little enjoyment smile, of like, Mmm, I'm better then you, and if you try to talk to them, they take it as you're weak.  You know, and they walk around and act tough and ignore people.  It's kind of like Junior High with the cool kids, and they're just pathetic Jellyfish losers, who can't even see the Galactic space they're in with all the wonderment and magic.  They're just, they're just blobs.  They're incredible scum. 


Alan: What you're looking at too, is the cult of celebrity.  It's been risen to an amazing new height, and people follow them religiously and they copy the fashions, they copy the actors, they copy the lifestyles as best they can according to their budget.  And in their fantasy little world, where they have no power at all, they feel they have power in this fantasy world.  It's no different than a driver today, an average guy, who feels powerless, gets behind a wheel, and suddenly, he's the king of the road, because it's the only place he feels he's got any power.  It's the same thing with your little dream world of narcissism.  Because most folk today secretly know that they are technically powerless. 


Alex: And they would become powerful if they would admit the matrix and wake up, but they believe they have power within the matrix, and now you have people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, in these simulation online games to buy houses, and cars, and real things, then they have real world relationships and parties, where people show up and they go, he's the movie director in this online fiction game.  And people are groveling to it.


Alan: Yes.  And that shows you the incredible brain damage that they have.  And I really mean that.  People do have brain damage from their inoculations and from their food.  There has been a covert war.  You're seeing the end product of it now.  The IQ has officially dropped, and it's been admitted by the United Nations, in the Western World.


Alex: Yeah, they say ten points, but they've changed the test, they're skewing it.  What, more like 20?


Alan: That's right.  And therefore your ability for self-preservation, which is an essential part of warfare, you must destroy that part in an enemy if you want to take them down.  They have been doing it quietly, covertly, in fact, again, Brzezinski and other ones, and even Russell too, came out and said that this will happen to the public.  They won't know where their opinions are coming from. 


Alex: The Technotronic Age, where they're just mindless vessels to be filled and where they have no initiative, no nothing.  They don't even understand that they're in the middle of a war, they're just running around feeling cool.  It's like guys that wear all the Affliction wear.


Alan: Russell actually said that eventually because of these techniques, and he meant covert techniques.  They would never tell you what they were doing to you in reality.  He said eventually, the thought of rebellion will be as foreign to them and as impossible as sheep complaining about the price of mutton. 


Alex: Exactly.  I'm not against the gladiatorial stuff or the guys that want to be tough, but I've talked to bar owners and people.  They won't even let folks in with the UFC clothes, or the affliction stuff, because it's like they put it on, and now they're an ultimate fighter, and they're just crazed, running around feeling tough.  That's another microcosm example. 


Alan: Yes, absolutely, but again, it's the cult of celebrity.  They said they would do this, and the celebrity, people follow them so meticulously and religiously and try to become them.  Remember Plato said the same thing, they will use, and he said it in these terms, the fashion industry, the drama or entertainment industry and sports, is a big part, because the people emulate what they see the actors doing. 


Alex: Let's jam in one more call before we go to break and come back.  Let's talk to Stan in Ohio, you're on the air with Alan Watt.


Stan: How's it going guys? 


Alex: Good. 


Stan: I was wondering if I could get both your takes on Proposition 19 for California.  Do you guys know about that one? 


Alex: Yes, but fill folks in briefly. 


Stan: Alright yeah, that's the legalization of marijuana act, that's being proposed for November. 


Alex: I'm against the drug war, because they launder the money, but now they're going to quasi legalize certain drugs because they're unable to control the black market so they can tax it and control it.  Alan Watt.


Alan: That's part of it, but now it's time as well, to use all drugs.  You've got half the population on psychoactive drugs or Valium types of tranquilizers anyway, so they want the public to be very tranquil as we go through these massive changes, by any means possible, so they don't really care what you're taking. 


Alex: Yeah, that's why Soros is funding the legalization of marijuana; he isn't doing it to stop the police state.   He's doing it because he wants you stoned out of your mind.  And I'm not bashing the whole weed head community, but come on folks, you're not leading the charge up a hill when you've been smoking dope.  Especially how strong it is now.  Okay, we're going to come back and take a few final phone calls with Alan Watt.  Guy, James, and Andrew.  Stand by, we're coming back to you on the other side of this break.  Don't forget, the key jump points to join the rebellion against tyranny. and 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: We're almost out of time for this hour, remember we're here 24 hours a day at and Alan Watt is at  We still may have time to turn the corner on this, but they're murdering you, they're killing you.  Cancer is off the charts, infertility.  They're bragging they're doing it.  They're added to the vaccines, I've got all their documents, I've read them on air.  Had links right to the Rockefeller foundation, they're not playing games.  And people better grow up and realize you're under attack.  If I walk up to your house and you open the door and I punched you in the nose, even wimps would probably fight back.  But they slowly creep up and kill you quiet, you love them.  Well, and I'm not talking to my general audience, but some of the new listeners out there.  Look, we've been right about everything we've covered.  Unfortunately, if we're going to be right about the future, we have the globalists' own blueprints, it's time to wake up folks.  You're not in Kansas anymore.  Let's talk to Guy in New Jersey, you're on the air with Alan Watt.  Quick question please sir.


Guy: Alright, I have a quick thing I want to say.  Everyone needs to go to google right away, and google vending machines of the future.  It just came out on Fox News. They installed 60 new vending machines, all over the country that are going to have biometric scans on them for your thumb print.  They say after 2011, they're going to try and force it for them to have the retinal scan.


Alex: Yeah, Watson wrote a story about this about a month ago, dealing with the mark of the beast.  And you have to thumb print, face scan, swipe your license, and it's going to be for all purchases.  There will only be security guards, this is the official plan, in the shopping malls, in the grocery stores, that the entire checkout container will be a scanner. 


Alan: Yes, because the idea is that no one is supposed to escape this whole new system of surveillance.  Eventually it will be impossible to go anywhere without your proper security card or even the chip.


Alex: It's like a 1040, it's like a 1040, now for $600 things you buy for other businesses, you've got to report to the IRS.  Now everything is going to have a RFID, and the whole history of that pair of shoes will be tracked.  Go ahead Alan. 


Alan: And not only that, though, they've talked about putting all your inoculation records on that chip.  And one day, you'll walk into a store and if you're not up to date with something, alarm bells will go off, and the cops will grab you immediately and drag you off, to the cells. 


Alex: Well, that's already begun.  They admit it's to track you, of course.


Alan: So this is a system, a complete system, that's what I mean by it.  There's no choices in this system, it's either their way or no way, and they're going to make sure that no one can survive outside their system.  This war has been going on for thousands of years to destroy complete independence of the individual. 


Alex: And now it's coming to a head.  Guy, great points.  That was in my stack.  I meant to get to it today.  But here's an example.  Nationwide, and they had this fifteen years ago.  I had the CEO on, they've got face scanning cameras, off your drivers license image they buy, at kiosks at malls and airports and on the street, and as you walk buy it says, Alex Jones, we've got your size shoes here, come in and get it.  But that's only to pay for the surveillance; the real business of those companies is selling your whereabouts and your data.  Just like Target and Walmart, and people.  They're selling all that data.  So they fund your enslavement with the system.  Go ahead, Alan.


Alan: That's right too.  It's an easy trick to do, is to entice people into “this is free, that's free, just put all your details here and use this system.”  We've had that with facebook.  The guy had it right from the beginning, he was going to sell the data, and all the idiots went and joined up for free.


Alex: He called them idiots, a bunch of dumb 'F'-ers.


Alan: He did.  He did absolutely, but it won't stop them because the next one will come out and they'll join that too.


Alex: Oh, no, they say it's a conspiracy theory that facebook sells your data to the government.  They attack us, Alan, even as he's calling them dumb scum.  They're like, yes we are dumb scum, we love you. 


Alan: Yeah, because all their “friends” are on facebook, you see, all their friends you see.  And once again, you're bursting their bubble and so you will be attacked for doing so.  And again too, most folk today are in majority think.  If the rest all think this way, then that's the way it must be, and everyone else is quite happy with it, so what's your problem?


Alex: Yeah, people are happy with their five-year-olds going into puberty and getting breast cancer at 15, it's good.  It's fun, it's loving.


Alan: Medicine will take care of that, yeah.


Alex: I apologize to Rob in Chile, I didn't see your call there, and Andrew and James, and others.  Call me back on tomorrow and Friday.  Alan, great job, thanks for spending time with us.


Alan: It's been a pleasure Alex.


Alex: Always a pleasure to have that man on.




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