April 10, 2006




George: Both from the heartland of America and the gateway to the west, good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation, around the world. I'm George Noory. Welcome to Coast to Coast AM.

Next hour, secret societies, how they control the course of history with Alan Watt. Get ready for this. That one is going to be one heck of a show tonight. You never know about conspiracies and you never know about secret societies so that's why in a moment you'll get to hear from Alan Watt who's spent many years investigating these groups. What do they mean? What do they do? Stick around on Coast to Coast and find out. I'm George and I'll be back in just a moment.

Well many, many topics fascinate all of us here on Coast to Coast. The usual. The paranormal. The mysteries. The ghosts. You name it. UFOs, Bigfoot, creatures but also secret societies ranks way up there. In a moment, Alan Watt on secret societies on Coast to Coast AM.

Alan Watt has always questioned standard versions of history. Delved into ancient civilizations and the occult groups which managed them. Alan has come forward to share his knowledge beginning with the Sweet Liberty Radio program on international shortwave. Now this shortwave broadcast ended late in 2005. He continues on the First Amendment Internet Radio every Wednesday 9:00 p.m. Eastern time having a deep understanding of mass mind control being used on the general public.

His original intention was to establish contact with various individuals following the broadcast by a one-on-one telephone conversation containing a technique to bring the person up into awareness. Hundreds of hours have been spent in this manner teaching people in various countries, some of whom have used the information and published much of it with rather flamboyant spins. First time guest on Coast to Coast AM, Alan Watt. Hi Alan. How are you?

Alan: I'm fine and it's a pleasure to be on.

George: Good. Tell me a little bit about this. I guess we can't call it an experiment but tell how this works, this one-on-one telephone conversation technique.

Alan: Well I realized by listening to many radio shows that people were stuck in different levels of understanding of awareness into what was happening in their own lives and the life around them and were totally oblivious of the major plans underfoot to completely alter their way of living. In fact, a structure was being put into place to bring out an entirely way of living. That really is the agenda and I thought I should get involved and I looked around at all the airwaves and I tuned into shortwave which has a good coverage. Sometimes it's international and I got in touch with Jackie Patru on the Sweet Liberty broadcast and eventually came on as a guest initially to fill in on ancient history, the secret societies which are recorded in history. It's not so much a conspiracy when you realize they're actually authentically recorded and the odd thing is their agenda from the most ancient times right up to the present has never altered. We've lived through part of it ourselves. We're living through the final part of the end of this phase before the beginning of the next. It's the never-ending story.

George: I think you're absolutely right. It has not altered over all these hundreds if not thousands of years. They have directed their intent and I guess they've just it carried on by their offspring. How did it work? How did it carry through?

Alan: We can find - really ancient Egypt kept such massive documentation on the techniques of controlling the people. Priesthoods actually specialized in creation of religions for the lower classes you might say and the Pharaoh of course is recorded he's taught techniques from a child and the priests in those days were truly specialists in different areas, even going as far back as Sumer. We can see that the priests there not only controlled different areas of religion and types of religion, one for the elite and a separate one for the public and they also controlled all the legalities. There were lawyer priests who dealt with real estate and all finances, imports and exports from the country with trade going all the way to India 5,000 BC.

So these priests were very specialized and the amazing thing is to find that pretty well everything that we have today in this system of commerce and that's the key to it is the term "civilization," that's the beginning of this particular system which is ancient, a commercial type system of control using money in different forms.

In the beginning they actually wrote about their agenda and they camouflaged it under exoteric guises of religion. When you understand the esoteric meanings of religion you understand the goal and you realize that they've almost accomplished it.

George: Alan, this series of protests in support of illegal immigrants in the United States that has been going on now for a couple of weeks seems to be so organized it's absolutely stunning. One would never expect this. Do you believe that this could be the work of the secret societies, the illuminati, call them what they may be?

Alan: There's no doubt. There's no doubt at all. The illuminati under Weishaupt - and he was only one branch that popped its head up in time. They'd always been around. You can find them in the Oxford Dictionary from the 12th century onward, but Adam Weishaupt's particular group wanted to create a "citizen of the world." That's the first time that term was used.

Mr. Rockefeller, who's one of the big players in this movement, calls himself a "citizen of the world," and gives titles to his high members of his society. I actually have a video tape of him awarding these Citizenship of the World awards to certain people.  Adam Weishaupt had a big part to play but he was not the originator of the plan.

George: Well what's their goal then, lets say against supporting these protests. Is it to topple the United States? Is it to split it up? Is it to create a one-world government? I mean what are they trying to do? What do they want?

Alan: They want - Jacque Attali wrote about this, and is a very good book they he wrote. It's called Millennium published in 1990 and it's subtitled Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order. Now Jacque Attali was the Kissinger of Europe. He spearheaded the unification of Europe from France and he advised various presidents of France and then he went to work at the United Nations and in that book he gives a scenario of America with the borders coming down towards the end of the millennium into the new. That's when it was scheduled to happen, the move, 2001, and he said initially that people will be upset because vast hoards of people will come from Latin America and come in through the south causing mayhem, just like the Huns attacking Rome, but eventually America would end up being - the south of America would end up being a Spanish speaking people. He said when America finishes its work, which is to police the world, bring democracy to the Middle East, then its commerce would collapse through debt and the next boat people would leave America looking for work abroad.

George: That's amazing. It all seems to be happening.

Alan: Oh it's happening right on cue. One thing I found out about these fellows, the big players like Kissinger and so on and Jacque Attali, they come from the high level meetings with the Bilderbergers et cetera and whenever they write something about a plan or agenda they never alter it. They follow it through.

George: You know Alan, I'm in support of legal immigration, controlled immigration where we have a certain quota. We allow them into the country. Let them prosper. Let them have the American way. My opposition is with the illegal immigration. I mean you can't have a country where people just enter in droves illegally. You just can't do that. People don't seem to understand that people who support legal immigration think that there are no walls, that you can just come and go as you please. Why is this by design in that past administrations nobody has done anything from this current administration on back to stop these illegal immigrants. I mean were they part of the plan?

Alan: Absolutely they're part of the plan. Under the "Free Trade" negotiations which were carried on in the late 1980s into the early '90s prior to the NAFTA, they discussed the eventual taking down of the borders between Canada the U.S. and Mexico and then they go ahead at that time it was decided would begin and be signed into law in 2005. Now in 2005, on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Canada when Mr. Bush, Mr. Martin and Fox met at Waco, Texas, they did sign "Fortress America" and Tom Clark from CTV asked them is this the beginning of a European Union type of deal and when the borders come down and Mr. Martin said, it's not quite the Big Bang. They have five more meetings to go before it's completed. In other words, it is the same agenda as the European Union, exactly.

George: So letting the millions of illegal immigrants into the United States was done on purpose basically?

Alan: Yes it was, yes. This was written about in the 1840s by Karl Marx.

George: Karl Marx?

Alan: Karl Marx's wrote it in Das Kapital and in there he said, the world will comprise of three trading blocks: a united Europe, a united Americas and a Pacific Rim conglomerate under a supreme world government and that nationalism and sovereignty would cease to exist and each block would have a provincial government instead of a national one. That was discussed in the Free Trade negotiations in the 1980s where it was decided - they actually toyed with the idea of creating Montreal to be the New Capital of the Americas.

George: Of the Americas. Am I naïve, Alan, or when I think about the patriotism and I think every country should be autonomous and the way of the past is the way it should be. Am I naive? Should I just step aside and let progress take hold, let this happen the way it's going to happen and let these societies, let the Illuminati push their plan through? Is it a good thing for everybody or is it not?

Alan: It's not, especially when you realize more of the Agenda. The world that they're bringing into being is - I mean you've heard of family planning. This is world planning on the same type of scale. They want to cut back the population massively and run the world in a "scientific dictatorship," as Aldous Huxley called it, where people will be born only if there's a function for them to serve the system and if they're too many people they must be culled back.

Ultimately under Agenda 21 that came out of the United Nations they say that they want to be the arbitrators of distributing the world's food to different countries and those countries who go over the limit of population will be denied extra food, which will encourage them to kill or cull back the population.

George: Oh my God. You're absolutely right. The world cull is what so many farmers use in the farm industry when they need to change their flock and that's the way they look at us, as flock.

Alan: They do. They honestly do. It's bone chilling when you read their books. The Brzezinski books. The Kissinger books. Even the one that Prince Philip brought out. He's of course the head of the Audubon Wildlife Society, another front group for this agenda. In his book called, If I Were an Animal, he said, I'd like to come back as a virus - a killer virus and destroy the population of humans.

George: You know you hear things like that and you think, oh, come on, these are urban legends, this guy really didn't say this; but then you hear it enough, Alan, and then you hear people like you who I think are just tremendously brilliant in your field. There's got to be a basis for it. I believe the guy said that.

Alan: It's in his book. You can get his book and it's right there.

George: Pull it out and you’re right about Kissinger to. He would love to see the world's population reduced. Who died and made him God?

Alan: Well that's just it. These people in their own inner religion believe that they are gods and that's one of the amazing things from the ancient times to modern. In the high esoteric religion they truly believe they have attained godhood.

George: Now David Icke will go farther in saying that a lot of the people in power are based on royalty of family bloodlines that have occurred for thousands of years. Will you go that far?

Alan: I would go as far as to say there are definitely genetic ties in families. When you look at the tremendous work of monarchies and the priesthoods behind them to match up specific wives and husbands for them down through the ages, that is very important for them, not just the royalty but the other nobility too. Tremendous work in matching them up and it's all based on their ancient religion, of course, as for the reasons.

George: You know we all have our strengths and weakness in life, Alan. One of the things that I can do well - I mean I'm not very good at electrical things and stuff like that. I'd probably blow myself up, but one of the things I do well is I have a strong intuitive sense about things and part of that intuitiveness is telling me that what we're talking about tonight is rapidly approaching. We're in it but it is moving along at a tremendous speed. What I don't know is why. Why has it jump started so quickly? What has kicked this thing into high gear? It's almost as if these people, these power brokers are desperate to get this done very, very soon and I don't understand why.

Alan: Well I do know that they've said many, many years ago that 2001 is the kickoff time and of course we can find that confirmed in the little click at the top of the Bush Administration and behind the Bush Administration which put forth the policy for the New American Century. They published their findings back in '92 and republished them in '98 and in there they said they would have to attack the Middle East beginning with Afghanistan, which they did, followed by Iraq, followed by Iran, then Syria. Now in 1998, we find Zbigniew Brzezinski brought out his book called The Grand Chessboard, and being a member of the same group he reiterated those same targets in the same order and he said we shall need something on a Pearl Harbor event, on the scale of that event to motive the American people behind us.

So here they have all this massive plan waiting to go, the countries to invade and it's almost like hoping you'd win the lotto ticket in 2001; and sure enough, the very lotto ticket comes up as an attack on the scale of Pearl Harbor occurs and motives the American people behind them. That's planning. That's very good planning.

George: To a point, but now most of the Americans are not behind them.As you can tell by polls and attitudes and I tend to look at attitudes more than polls, Alan. All you have to do is talk to people as I do every night and you can determine that there's something amiss here. The plan may be working for them but it's not working for capturing the masses. What's going to happen when these two butt heads?

Alan: The day after 9/11 occurred and 911 of course is a high esoteric number as you might know. It's also Chapter 9, Verse 11 of Revelations, which is just a plan. It's a business plan and that's where the pit - the beast is released from the pit you see to start the war, but what they're doing now is they're spraying us like crazy from the air. It's being stepped up now and the day after 9/11 Rumsfeld was on television asking how he'd cope with another major disaster on a larger scale on another city and he said, "we have lots of aerosolized Prozac and Valium which can be sprayed from aircraft over any large area to subdue the people and prevent panic," and I thought my God you know they're actually doing it, only they're doing it all over the country.

We're being drugged into a form of “I couldn't care less.” Most people couldn't care less what's happening.

George: Well the people have been seeing chemtrails for years now.

Alan: Yes. They've been really dosing us all. They're stepping this up. There's new types involved now too and so partly we're being drugged as we go through this massive change that's coming. We're seeing things happen that never happened even during the Cold War with ID cards for everyone et cetera, but that really is a cover for the borderless world. They want to know who's going where and these ID cards are trackable by satellite.

George: We'll be back, Alan. We're going to talk about all these subjects with you tonight on Coast to Coast AM. And welcome back to Coast to Coast. Our guest tonight is Alan Watt. Alan's website of course is linked up to and you can read all about his works as well. Alan, what about Russia, China? Where do they stand in all this? They seem to be adversaries to what would be a globalist plan to do this?

Alan: Actually the ones who set-up Russia, Soviet system and China were the same big boys in the West and were from the beginning. This is long-term plan. Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell was set out - he was actually charted to go out to China in the early 1900s and prepare the way for communism. This man is related to the British Royalty and yet he describes this in his own memoirs, his own books.

George: Do we have to really be concerned then about a possible war with China or Russia, or is that all rhetoric?

Alan: It's all rhetoric. You see the idea of control is always to have an enemy so that your government can take extreme measures and tax you more at home and keep you scared.

George: Spend more money.

Alan: Yes, keep you scared, because when you're scared you ask fewer questions and the government can go much further. I think Professor Carroll Quigley who really was a big player in a lot of things said in his own book, Tragedy & Hope, that war is very helpful for the agenda and for the establishment because you can do more on a social change in five years of war than 50 years of peace.

George: Well you know and I always ask myself, Alan, I say why would China go to war with the United States? We're their biggest customer and I know just in the world of business you never do anything to your biggest customer. You keep them happy.

Alan: You keep them happy and also if you go back into the books of the Council on Foreign Relations and I have their books going back to the 1930s and the one in 1937 held in Melbourne, Australia, that's also the Royal Institute of International Affairs. That's the British branch. The American branch is the CFR. They discussed making China after the coming war, World War II, the sole manufacturer for the planet and they said America would lead the push to democratize the rest of the world, meaning the Middle East, and once its job was done they would sink because of the burden of the cost and then China would take over as the policemen of the world. That's in the official books of the Counsel of Foreign Relations.

George: Now the people who are running our government today, Alan, I think maybe it's what we've always suspected and that merely is there's always been this higher shadow government. Aren't they concerned about the United States losing its stature in the world or do they care because they've got their billions. They've got their 14 houses. They don't care?

Alan: It's all of that plus these people themselves once they’re initiated into the higher orders of the societies are internationalists. They become internationalist and their brother is their fellow elitist no matter which country he lives in.

George: They don't even think of it then? They don't think of themselves as Americans or--

Alan: That's the beauty of how they get away with it.

George: I see. Okay, you're right. They think of themselves as internationalist and they become part of the federation. If one day we venture into space to the point where we find extraterrestrial life and like Star Trek it becomes a federation. That's where they believe they're from. They're not just from plant Earth anymore. They're part of this galactic group?

Alan: That's right. In their higher orders they actually refer to themselves as masters of the universe, which is I think a bit premature.

George: You write and talk about what you all mass mind control specifically how it started in ancient times. Elaborate on that for us.

Alan: In ancient times they understood humanity much better than Freud ever did. They studied humanity for thousands of years. We know that Sumer even wasn't the first civilization. In fact everything that Sumer did was taken from previous civilizations. We know that Plato when he talked about his predecessor - one of his ancestors, Solon who went to Egypt and found out about Atlantis, the Egyptian priests said well you Greeks don't even know how old you are and how many ancient civilizations have risen to great heights and fallen and disappeared, so man is very, very old and these techniques of studying human nature, tribalism especially, have been well understood and used against people down through the ages for war purposes.

George: Do you think man at one point, Alan, was sophisticated enough where he had nuclear weapons and I'm talking about thousands maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years ago?

Alan: What's interesting is to do with the legends of Hinduism because they claim - they'd set times down as periods or ages they called them for just understanding conception and they said that they had recorded at least five definite previous ages of man, where he started up at the beginning and risen to heights and ends up with massive warfare. In the warfare described between these ages it was between the elite who then called themselves gods using highly advanced sciences and even flying machines and they were zapping each other with different colored rays which could burn you for instance if you had any iron on you at all, much like microwave energy. This stuff is described in these ancient histories.

If we go to the Druidic histories, they were recorded by Tacitus the historian for Nero and he claims that the Druids said that there had been three previous ages that they'd recorded where their own elite had survived deep inside mountains while the Earth had fire passed through it followed by water, a deluge.

We can find the same legends in ancient Greece where they lived in Mt. Parnassus. That's where the wealthy elite went for the same thing. It was fire followed by water and it's interesting to see today with the HAARP technology being used and knowing that Nikola Tesla stopped using that technology because he claimed it could superheat the atmosphere to such an extent it would explode, it would ignite and cause a fire around the world which would melt the caps causing flooding and then that would raise into the sky and cause clouds and you'd have rain and flooding. Fire and water, same thing again, so it's very possible this has been done before

George: Absolutely. I'm going to talk about some groups and you tell me what you think of them in terms of their relationship to the higher order. Knights Templar.

Alan: The Knights Templar are definitely are a priestly knighthood. They were priests first of all with all the vows of the priests and they did mix and merge when in the Middle East with the Hashshashin they called them, where the world assassin comes from, and hashish, because they used hashish in their ceremonies. They did merge with this ancient group who trained young orphans. This is the orphan story of Freemasonry. They trained orphans and brought them up in luxury and told them that this was just like heaven and that death was the same. They were given women, whatever they wanted and then sent out into the world to become advisors to other princes; and whenever told, they would stick out a dagger maybe 20 years down the road and assassinate whoever they were told to assassinate. They had the Middle East in terror for a long, long time and the Knights Templar were part of that same group really. They brought the same tactics back to Britain with them.

George: They weren't all then just good guys?

Alan: Not in the least. They were a secret society. There's no doubt. They like to call themselves “societies with secrets.” It's the same with Freemasonry today but they were priests first and foremost. They disliked women. You'll find that in all of the high esoteric groups is this tremendous disdain of the female, right down to the Rosicrucian explosion when that came into Britain with Francis Bacon and a few others. They had to put their wives behind them and leave them basically to join the higher orders. The hatred of women is part of the tradition and part of the goal of creating a new type of human being to come.

George: Do you think the Knights Templar ever found or hid the Ark of the Covenant?

Alan: I don't think so in that respect. The Ark itself is nothing to do with what people think it is. It's the arc that the sun makes across the sky. That's what it was. It really was. The people in the Bible are all allegories for different things that happened within nature, including the movements of the Zodiac. The 12 tribes are simply the 12 constellations. Moses was the sun going through them. Same with Jacob. The same thing with Jesus in fact. It's the same story given out for the exoteric rendition for the people and the esoteric for the higher priesthoods.

 George: You don't think those individuals existed? They were all celestial?

Alan: They were all celestial. It's always the eternal heavenly story. It preexisted traditional Judaism by millennia and in fact the story of Moses was basically taken from India and recopied again. Moses is the latter part of Ramoses. Moses means child in Egyptian, so he's a child of Ra, basically, and later of course with Jacob giving birth to the 12 tribes it's the same thing. It's the 12 constellations and Jacob becomes Israel. Isis-Ra-El, the hermaphroditic god, two in one. It's always the hermaphroditic god at the top of the esoteric groups.

George: Interesting perspective. I want to come back to this a little bit later on. Maybe next hour, Alan, we'll kind of give a little more in depth talk. Okay, so that was the Knights Templar. What about the Freemasons and the reason why I bring that up is today's Freemasons many of them are hardworking dedicated men who are part of raising money for hospitals, for children. Are we talking about two different kinds of Freemasonry groups here?

Alan: In the lower orders like Albert Pike who was the Pope of Freemasonry wrote in his own book, Morals and Dogma, the lower masons are really the outer portico. They are like an outer wall and he said that they were no different than the profane. They think they know what they're involved in but they don't really and it really depends on who you are when you join and what your potential is in the outside world. If you have the ability to influence public opinion, for instance, as a newspaper man or something or even the owner of a small newspaper you're tapped out of your lodge and brought to a side lodge and then you shoot up the ladder and then you're taught the real agenda at the 40th degree. That's “life begins at 40.” That's what that means.

George: I didn't know - so if I wanted to be a Freemason, and I'm not, they'd kind of push me up the ladder a little quicker just by the fact that I broadcast to so many people?

Alan: Yes. I have offers to get taken right up actually without the necessity of even taking all the different silly oaths et cetera because of what I know.

George: Well they've never approached me yet, Alan, maybe I'm not doing something right. I'm not sure.

Alan: It could be two ways. You might be doing something right and don't know it.

George: Yeah, exactly. That's what I think I may be doing. Tell me though about this organization. What's its intent? What does it want to do?

Alan: Freemasonry made it quite plain in the writings of Albert Pike that through revolution and again it's all solar. They use the solar terminology of the Earth revolving around the sun – revolution. Through revolution they will perfect man bringing him to a stage of perfection in a new system, a scientifically organized system where the “natural aristocracy” as Jefferson called them (he was a member of the Illuminati) will run the world basically in an orderly fashion, but that also means deciding on how many people they will need et cetera to work for them and there will be no excess population. The supposed haphazard way today of taking your own partner and marrying her will be gone. It will be a new eugenically type run society. That's what it's all about.

George: Well they're planning that. Like you had mentioned earlier that they want us implanted with chips. They want to be able to control us. They want to be able to follow us and they're doing it now and in some cases some people think it's good to do this and so they're rushing to become part of this.

Alan: In 1998 on the CBC television in Canada on Wendy Mesley show she actually talked about this ID card that was coming. This was before 9/11 and she talked to some of the high-ranking people in the various banking institutions and the manufacturer of the particular card. Now the card that the U.S. citizen is to get is the same as the one the Canadians are to get and it's the same one that the British have and the British have now introduced it. It's an active chip with your DNA in it, iris scan, a voice print is in there too, all your medical records are there, your up-to-date inoculations and it's trackable by the same towers that are up around all the cities for cell phones. That's the rush for this wireless Internet and so on. They've already got the towers and these little booster towers all through the cities.

George: Is this being used as a driver's license as well or just an ID card?

Alan: It's to be used for your driving license as well and also in Britain it will become your sole bankcard. Everything will be on that in the cashless society.

George: You know on the face of it some of it sounds good. Let me bring that up. I've lived in Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, California and you know in state to state depending upon where your residency is you get a driver's license based on your residency. Some states you have to redo the test. You have to take another driver's test. Other states they have reciprocity where you merely come in bring your license and it's done and you change it. On the face of it, Alan, what's wrong if you like to drive a car - what's wrong - and you move around, what's wrong with having a national driver's license?

Alan: What it is it’s not just a national license. That's just it. It's you whole ID. It's everything. It's you, including your DNA code and that will be shared with all the governmental institutions, with police, bureaucracies, et cetera, and the ultimate goal is to bring us into a cashless society because they want to track everything you earn and spend. Eventually the system we’re to go into is going to do away with the system of money and way of living and how we earn it in fact. The state ultimately is to be sole arbiter of what you earn. It will dole out so many credits per week.

Lord Bertrand Russell wrote about this in “The Impact of Science on Society.” He said it will be used as a form of social control. Those who are against the system or disobey orders will find that their credits will not be in their bank account on the Monday morning. That will be your punishment. You won't be able to buy food. You won't be able to pay rent and you can't save up these credits. By the end of the week they're all gone again and you start off with the same number Monday.

George: Well you know what? They are sort of dictating income to people now, merely by the fact that so many people are being laid off or displaced. You know if you're 50 years and you're forced to retire or your displaced you're going to have a heck of a time finding a job. Stay with us. Alan Watt our guest. This is Coast to Coast AM.

Alan, lets talk a little bit about these chemtrails and what you were saying earlier that Prozac and other drugs might be sprayed on us. One, there's no question; something's going on with chemtrails. I have not heard specifically of the drugs. I've heard a lot about weather manipulation. So tell me a little bit about this and some of the evidence that backs this up.

Alan: We find the father of the H-bomb was the first man to come forward with the idea of heavily spraying the atmosphere with barium, titanium and aluminum oxide to make it more conductive to electronic magnetic pulse which they could use from what we now know as HAARP facilities - and there's over 56 of them worldwide. Through this they knew they could control the emotions of people. It's the most easiest thing to manipulate is the emotion. There was a test done by the U.S. Government on Maine, a covert test for over a period of years, and they studied all the reports coming of domestic quarrels, domestic animals which became aggressive, suicides et cetera which went sky high at one point and so they tested this stuff over different areas over the many years.

However, in the first reports from I think it was Teller of the H-bomb he said it could also be coupled with polymers. Polymers are the agents which create the rainbow effect in the skies when they're spraying heavily and the polymers were designed to carry bacterium or viruses down to the ground for warfare purposes. We are seeing the polymer being used and if you look at the heavy spraying on a sunny day the sky ends up being very mushy and the blue tends to be a type of blue you'd see through a thin polythene sheet and that's the polymers you're seeing.

When the snow is going, and I've photographed it up here as well as taking samples and having them analyzed, you'll find that after four or five months of snow when you get down to the last four inches you see this cotton candy type material and that's the polymer in a frozen form. It's about three or four inches thick when the snow first leaves and then when the sun hits it, it breaks down into powder and stays on the ground for quite a while. This stuff is being used and I haven't had the ability to test for bacterium or viruses but I have had it tested for the metals and sure enough, it came up high with aluminum oxide and copper, titanium and a few other trace metals.

George: Are they trying to dumb us down, Alan, to control us? What do they want to do with us?

Alan: It's control. There's no doubt it’s control. I have no doubt too - I know that the aluminum oxide that's what you find in the brains of people with Alzheimer's and that came out in a British medical study first in 1973, so they've always known that aluminum oxide is very good if you want to have people lose their memory. Of course, coupled with the pulsations of HAARP which can be picked up on the shortwave radio. They've been going strong now for the last four years now non-stop on certain frequencies. They can actually affect the moods of people. They claim they can also send over a secondary impulse which will ride the back of the first and if they want to they could actually put thoughts in a person's head.

George: Well you know there's no doubt this entire package is aimed at getting all of us. Who concocted all this?

Alan: The scientists again, we can go back to H.G. Wells who was a front man for the British government. He belonged to the Secret Service. He was a propagandist for World War I.

George: Old H.G. Wells was?

Alan: Yes and he was one of the founders of the Fabian Society. The Fabian Society pretended they were a left wing organization, but in fact if you read the writings of the co-founder, Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell in the book by Ronald Clark, Russell tells you that the Webb, Sidney and Beatrice Webb who were the main people behind the Fabian Society wanted a world or system of government run by a super-elite of technocrats and the public would have no say whatsoever in the way their lives would be run.

H.G. Wells was a big player. He himself was given predictive programming. This was the idea from Tavistock Institute in London, which still runs the world today with mind control. They gave him certain stories to write, to incorporate certain elements they wanted to get through to people's heads and he simply wrote the stories around those things. That's why he could write about the police of the air in Shape of Things to Come that would gas the people below and force them to submit to world government and this third world war was to begin in Basra, where the third world war had actually begun. Now Basra is in Iraq and that's where the British troops went and they still man it yet. So this is predictive programming par excellence and he knew the agenda prior to World War II.

George: Alan, what you think the agenda is with this Avian flu scare, which I do not believe will be a pandemic unless some how man screws it up and it gets out into the system and already the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that it's going to test the possibility of mutations and even create them. To me that's pretty darn dangerous.

Alan: Again, H.G. Wells, Lord Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley and all these predictive programmers that were given their agendas have all stated the same things that the biggest problem the elite face and this was put more succinctly in the writings of Charles Galton Darwin, the physicist and grandson of Charles Darwin, in his book The Next Million Year. He said that we are attempting misguidedly to help the people maintain their health and increasing the population, so we will have to bring out specific diseases to help cull them off eventually in a way which the public would never suspect. In other words, it'd be done through laboratories and we are living in an age where there are tremendous laboratories dedicated to creating killer diseases.

Henry Kissinger put the bill in the '70s where he stated the greatest threat to the nation was overpopulation and a vast sum of money was put forward to find something which would destroy the immune system, and a few years later out comes AIDS. So they write about it. They do it. We see it manifesting but because we're nice people and we wouldn't do that we say well they couldn't have really meant it, even though the evidence is there that they did.

George: Somebody sent me an instant message, Alan, and it simply said: "What's wrong with population control if it will make the planet better?" How do you argue with that?

Alan: Here's the key to it. Thomas Malthus in the 1700s was an economist for the British East India Company and started the ball rolling with the scientifically controlled society and population control and he actually advocated methods of bringing the population down by putting housing schemes and streets for the poor over swamps et cetera where they would sicken and die.

George: The mosquitoes would get them and malaria and everything else.

Alan: Yes, all of that kind of stuff. A poor diet. However, he gave out false statistics even then on the population of Britain because the first census wasn't taken until a year after his book came out, so he fudged the statistics to suit his theory and they've done the same thing ever since. Now in Britain from the First World War onwards there was a cry from the elite about bringing the population down further. H.G. Wells said in his own book, he said, the first war hasn't killed enough of them.

George: That's something else. God.

Alan: The great H.G. Wells; and so they had a big movement to convince the public there were too many and they said they wanted an ideal family of two parents and 1.2 child per family. Now the British complied with that and Margaret Thatcher when she was in power in the 1980s opened the door to India and she said the reason I have to bring them all in from India is there's not enough people having offspring in Britain to payoff the national debt. So what I'm saying is when you follow their instructions you won't win anyway.

George: No, not at all.

Alan: You see so this is a con game. They want a world - a post-industrial, post-technological world of pristine beauty for themselves and the elite to roam around in. They don't need all the workers anymore and they're hyping up this overpopulation way out of proportion. The only reason that North America seemed to be getting in trouble is all immigrants go to the major cities and the doors have been opened for years actually from many countries including ones from China and they're flooding in from the major city centers giving the appearance of over population.

George: Would you look ten years into your crystal ball and tell us around the year 2015, 2016 what this planet will look like?

Alan: I know what they want it to look like. The Rhodes Foundation has put out books on this. That was the foundation set-up by Cecil Rhodes for World Government based on the British system of democracy but really to be run by the super-elite and he already said the same thing: three trading blocks with provincial governments subservient to a super government of the world and a vastly reduced population. They want community living areas for the public. They're calling them habitat areas at the United Nations and the populations must be kept within strictly controlled limits within those habitat areas.

China has been called the model state for the world because they already implement that system and they mandatorily have abortions for any woman that has a second child. That's the model state for the world by our wonderful United Nations.

George: Remember the movie Soylent Green? Where they euthanized people when they got to a certain point?Well they made them die peacefully but they needed them for food. Do you see the day where they will just basically euthanize people based on age? They'll say when you become 60 you're going to have to go. That's the law and they come get you I guess.

Alan: That's the first step towards this. That's why they bring out every so often some poor soul who's dying who advocates the government should give him a doctor to kill him – and that power must never be given to government, never, because they want it. They want that power and they will abuse it. The United Nations has defined a good citizen of the world as someone who's a good consumer/producer. When you retire you're consuming, you're not producing and so you become a useless eater.

George: When will this happen? Will it happen like that movie and well I'm not so sure about the eating of human wafers but what will happen?

Alan: I think they're on the way to programming us to die at a certain age already with inoculations. I have no doubt on that at all. We know - I have it on tape to a video tape of Dr. Salk who was the great hero with polio vaccines and on the tape he said, yes, we and the team knew that we had over a hundred live monkey or simian viruses in every shot of polio. He said that we knew the simian-40 viruses would cause cancers and early deaths, but then he rationalized it by saying we thought the risk was worth it. So these guys have been setting us up for a much earlier fall under the guise of helping us and we should remember that the United Nations has a department, The World Health Organization (Dr. WHO, I call it), and next door to it in the same building they have the Department of Population Control. When the wolf is there with a syringe to help you I think we better be on our guard.

George: How many people do you think are in these groups?

Alan: There are a few hundred top groups that work on all this in specialized areas. We know that for instance the Bilderbergers what they deal with primarily is the trilateral world, the three block world. That's their main function. The Club of Rome was set-up primarily to do with the population reduction by all means possible, as Kissinger said himself, by all means possible. Other ones are dealing with the futurist think tanks. They have a few hundred futurist think tanks who come up with predictive programming which they then give to certain authors. They've done this since the 1800s. The authors write the books. It puts the idea in our heads that well I guess this is inevitable and when the real thing happens we just go along with it because it's been programmed into us, primarily through fiction. Fiction has been the main way of creating predictive programming and they familiarize you with an idea. The censor part of your brain is down and a story with an emotional tack to it, you're actually programmed for something to come, which you then think is inevitable when it actually happens.

George: Well that's a good point because I do think it is inevitable. When we come back after the break, Alan, in a few minutes, I want to talk with you about some specifics of what they're doing now. What can we do to fight it, to combat it? Because so many people say okay we believe this is all happening, what can we do?  I'll tell you what else we'll do. We'll open up fast blasts and we'll take some fast blasts questions in the next hour. We'll take phone calls as well. Tell me about the three books you've got out there?

Alan: The three books are to do with the ancient societies, the mystic societies that have been behind a lot of this for the last few thousands of years, never altering their agenda. It's not far fetched at all, their agenda into the final completion as to where they want to go with humanity. I also go through the money system from ancient times to the present and how the ancient money lenders came from country to country, set up the system of debt, forced the countries to hire standing armies which then you use to conquer the next country and go on from there. This whole thing of civilization is money coupled with commerce and priesthoods from the very beginning and it's a science in itself with a definite agenda towards a common goal.

George: Does it bother you? Are you afraid of anything?

Alan: No, not at all, because I've realized this pretty well all of my life. I lived through the European Union. I traveled all over Europe. I was up in the music business quite high and I kept seeing the prime ministers saying in newspapers we were over in Europe cementing ties, creating closer ties and I thought well how close can we get without being united and I was right. It was all done in covert secrecy. They set-up the unification panels in secret in 1948; and 1999 they declassified that, and sure enough, in there it said that this agenda must be fulfilled and completed before the public are told the truth.

George: Interesting.

Alan: That's now declassified information.

George: All right, Alan, well stay with us. I'll tell you what we're going to do. We'll do fast blasts when we come back. We'll open up that and if you have any questions for Alan Watt, I'll take them that way. At the top of the hour we'll take phone calls.


George: Welcome back to Coast to Coast. I'm George Noory. Alan Watt is our guest. Alan, I get a fast blast in from Ron of Oklahoma who wants to know more about Skull and Bones if you believe that organization is also part of the Illuminati this group?

Alan: Yes the Skull and Bones is. Long before Weishaupt was heard of, the pirate flag of Britain was the Skull and Bones. It's the symbol of Freemasonry and if you watch the opera "Gilbert and Sullivan" the "Pirates of Penzance" you'll see the raising of a Mason in the first scene where they have the apprentice with his pant leg rolled up, his breast exposed et cetera being laid on the pirate flag, meaning symbolizing death and then being raised up by the Captain, so they go through it even on a stage play. It’s definitely part of the same Illuminati program. Skull is, if you speak it, seek you all and be one (bone).

George: You know, Alan, as you look at all of this and you have an opportunity to see the puzzle before even all the pieces are put in place. At what point in your life did you see this or what changed your life because a lot of us go into this and our eyes really open up wide later on. What happened with you?

Alan: I was sort of born this way. I grew wondering why Britain was such a mess as the supposed inheritor of this British empire and supposedly winning World War II along with its allies and yet growing up in that period I didn't see anyone with any money except those - some families in London, the rich families and that's who had inherited the wealth of the British empire for centuries. I realized there was something much more behind all of this and of course once I delved into the inner religions of some of the higher elite, and I met some of them in the music industry, I realized they had a completely different religion than the masses and they fervently believed in it. They truly believe they're descended from a different lineage, that their spirit is different from those around them; and this goes back to the writings of Plato even who discussed the reincarnation of the same elite spirits down through the ages beginning with a start on earth where the fallen angels, or cast angels as they called them, the rebels, their ancestors were cast and they created the first physical bodies for themselves by purely willing them into existence and the first generations retained special supernatural powers, they claimed. However, they began to lose them with interbreeding with the people who were already here and hence the need to go back to the intense interbreeding to try and retain these powers or get back these powers; and that was always the ancient religion of the elite and the Pharaonic times, in Plato's day, and it is up until the present.

George: Do you think people are starting to wake up now, Alan? Are they beginning to see things they never saw before?

Alan: They are, mainly though because they are afraid and the fear alone is motivating them to ask questions, but because of the incredible conditioning in society and all the misinformation out there and the fantasy that we live in. People in the West have been conditioned to watch television so much that fantasy is completely interwoven with reality and they have a hard time distinguishing the two and they're also desensitized to the killing that the West has done and is still doing in the Middle East, beginning with the Vietnam Era where people were eating their dinner watching the people in Vietnam being blown up you know. That's desensitization. It's too unreal to us. We can hardly tell the difference now between a movie and reality and we're desensitized so much that when it happens here and it will happen here when the time is right, we're watching the buildup of a massive internal army – the multi-jurisdictional taskforce. That's all the boys in uniform being set-up to take care of some kind of chaos back home and one day we will see it happen and out of the chaos because that's their “Ordo ab Chao” of the high rites of Masonry, the order of perfections, the Scottish Rite.

They create the chaos then they bring their new order out from it and the people will be so on their knees with terror and fear of this new system that will be introduced they'll take it up gladly.

George: People will beg. They will beg for peace and chaos to go away.

Alan: At any cost.

George: Do anything you can to stop it. We'll give up all our rights, just save us. And you know what, Alan? You may be right. You may be right. Well you mentioned earlier that science and this new world order seemed to be woven together. What did you mean by that?

Alan: From the most ancient times we find this. The mysteries that many of the Egyptians had control over, the priesthoods, were very high understandings of what they called nature or science, the workings of nature, and they could use these sciences to control the people even in ancient times. There's no doubt about it that there were highly technological societies before this one. Much of it has supposedly been rediscovered. That's why we have research you know. It's re-search. The searching was done before. There are three levels of reality. The one that Joe Blow lives in that watches the 6:00 news and reads the magazines in the stores, that's the bottom level of the Matrix. If you get up into the higher level to CIA above professorship level you enter a new realm of science that's much more advanced.

Nick Begich showed us technology used in the 1950s by the CIA. He demonstrated on the television on the Wendy Mesley show on CBC and these little handheld remote devices could put thoughts into your head - into the middle of your head from any distance line of sight, and this was all antique technology which the CIA possessed in the 1950s.

George: And it's even better now.

Alan: That's right. That's the middle level and above that the controllers themselves have the ultimate weaponry and they don't even give that to their helpers the CIA.

George: Conrad from Toronto wants to know why Lord Rothschild of Britain is never on the Forbes Richest list, yet his family is worth billions?

Alan: When they took over the Bank of England they had it written into the charter with the Royalty that they would never have to disclose their profits and so they're not audited at all.

George: But you do believe that they may be the richest family on the planet?

Alan: They're one of 13. There are thirteen major banking families which comprise the World Bank.

George: Alan, it's that World Bank that I think is really out to control everything. I think that's where it all stems.

Alan: If you look at what we did in Yugoslavia, then Afghanistan, then Iraq, the first thing in was the World Bank, the centralized bank, and then the U.N. moved in UNESCO to teach the children, the first generation of children - they always bypass the older people and go right for the children to bring them up in this new system, but the World Bank has been set-up in each one of those conquered countries. They only have Iran and Syria to go next.

George: John from Boston wants to know about the chaos you foresee. What will it be?

Alan: I'm sure they'll use all the standard, I call them standard techniques of famine and that will happen very easily in a plague because they've already said on television that no food will come into the cities because there'll be no transportation allowed back and forth. So you'll have famine, plague. Earthquakes of course are caused by HAARP. It's written into the United Nations charter in the 1970s. I think '77 they said the HAARP technology must not be used between governments in warfare times because it can cause floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Earthquakes can be caused as well and of course war, so we'll have all of the usual revelations stuff because revelations is a revealing. It's not a prophecy. It's a revealing of a plan.

George: Chris from Denver wants to know if you're aware, and this is a true story by the way, Alan, of scientists primarily microbiologists who have been dying around the planet over the last several years. I think they're up to like 80 now. Very unusual. Are you aware of that one?

Alan: Yes and it makes sense because scientists who are in to that particular field know how their own theories of viruses simply evolving – they know that there's certain patterns and stages they must go through, so when they see something jumping a few stages and obviously heading towards man, then man himself has interfered to make it so.

There's a good book put out about warfare with bacterium and viruses. It's called Deadly Allies and it was published in Canada and written by a Toronto Star Reporter. It's all declassified information from the Canadian government and Canada led the field in viral and bacterial warfare during World War II and afterwards and he goes into these techniques of modifying viruses. It's very easy and then the Daily Mail in England has a two page spread back in the early '90s of a reporter going into the Porton Down Laboratory in Britain and having morning breakfast with the scientists whose job it is to make these killer diseases and he said they casually sat around having breakfast and talked about ethnic-specific diseases which they have. Diseases which they can release in a country and they can program the viruses to reproduce so many thousands of times and then die off. That's how well programmed they can be.

George: So how do we fight back Alan? What do we do about this?

Alan: I've been telling people to rapidly inform themselves with the ammunition which is the data from those who are putting the books out on the agenda and like Jacque Cousteau who did an interview and said about 70% of the public would have to be killed off. These great heroes they give us. Once you have the information, tell all your politicians and you bombard them and say hey look we know what's coming. We know what's going on. We know what you're up to and it's not going to happen.

George: Can we win this battle?

Alan: If we definitely tell them we're educated now. We know what's going on. They've got to stop it because if we don't stop it they're going to do it and once a plague is set upon the public there will be chaos, panic, and people will simply do whatever they're told.

George: All right, well lets assume the European Union does it on their own. Can we as a United States, as a country can we battle all that by ourselves?

Alan: I don't think so. I think they want this worldwide. They've said themselves this particular plague which they just know is coming. The first time in history they can actually tell you it's coming. It still has six jumps to go to get to man from animal but they can tell it's just going to take - out of thousands of directions it could go, they just know it's coming our way. It's going to take five years of pandemics springing up and dying down worldwide before it will eventually die off. Well that's five years of chaos - repetitive chaos and a lot of the public will be killed off during that whole thing. We have to prevent it before it starts and that's why we've got to tell them all, hey, we know what's going on.

George: They want to go from six plus billion to 500,000, 500 million?

Alan: That's right.

George: And I guess they believe they can run the world on that amount of people?

Alan: They certainly do. They have the technology now all based in China. China was set-up exactly to do what it's doing by the money and technology from the west. They didn't steal anything. They were given everything and as I say the Counsel on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs wrote about setting China up to do this job back in the 1930s. That's how far ahead they plan everything.

George: Now if they're going to allow for the destabilization of countries in the Middle East with Iran and Syria being left. Why don't they just go to them and say folks you've got to play ball with us here?

Alan: They want, again, a chaos mentality to come through here. They want to bring all those countries again to their knees as well through massive killing that's going on and there is massive killing going on all the time there and they want this to be - you see what they said many, many years ago was and this is written about by Albert Pike the Pope of Freemasonry who wrote Morals and Dogma. He belonged to the rite of perfection or the Scottish Rite, which was not Scottish at all. That's another story and he said that there would be three world wars. Two with Germany and this was a letter in the British Museum that was written to Lord Rothschild and he said the third one will be between Zionism and Islam to be fought in the Middle East and he said it will involve the whole world and cause such chaos that people will be so sick of religion at the end they will allow an age of reason to come in where scientific elite would run the world.

George: Is this also then a plot to do away with religions and beliefs?

Alan: Yes.

George: Interesting.

Alan: Absolutely and Pike was very adamant on that they would keep playing it up as the war dragged on that religion was behind it and people would be so disgusted with it all that we'd put ourselves under the new high priests of science.

George: The creators of these events, were they geniuses?

Alan: You could say they were definitely geniuses if you understand the term “genius.” Genius came from “genii” and of course the elite of Greece who all studied in Egypt, such as Pythagoras and Plato himself, it's a key to the mysteries actually. They claimed that everyone was born with a soul but you have to seek with your spirit to unite with your soul in the physical body. That was the trinity and when that happened the genii collected with the soul and you were complete. You were a genius. You had knowledge beyond the norm.

George: Well stay with us. Alan Watt is our guest. We'll open up the phone lines next hour. I'm George Noory. This is Coast to Coast AM. And we are back with our guest Alan Watt and your phone calls and we shall go right to the phone calls.

East of the Rockies welcome to Coast to Coast. You're on the air with us. Hi there.

Bruce: How you doing? My name is Bruce from New York City.

George: Hi Bruce.

Bruce: Excellent show tonight as always. I have two questions for your guest. First of all, do you believe that there was ever an ancient race like the Annunaki or do you think that the guys were sort of made up by the elite you know taken from hundreds of thousands of years ago? Do you think a group like the Annunaki say ever actually existed?

Alan: Personally, no. The whole Annunaki thing runs full enough on the same course as the mystery makers that come out of England, the Ashmolean Society. Zecharia Sitchin was the first one to lay the groundwork for this and he did it with his own special interpretation of the Sumerian tablets. An interpretation which goes in the face of all the other ethnologists and writers on the subject, so he laid the ground work and then was well pushed mind you with the big money behind it and becomes intriguing and then David Icke came out and followed it up. That's standard procedure from the groups that come out of England because MI5 and MI6 have a department and have had it from the days of Aleister Crowley who was one of their own boys and they set-up this department outside the Cotswold area of England and the purpose of these recruits is to be trained in methods of the occult supposedly and to go out into the world and create mystery and confusion. Since the days of Crowley who started the OTO (Order of Templi Orientis) they haven't stopped. I've actually met a few of these people myself that have been sent out from there and some of them are even working in government positions.

Bruce: Wow, that's very interesting and my second question has a little bit to do with that. You said you were in the music industry for a while. Can you explain what is the Tavistock connection to the entertainment industry and what exactly is it? Because you know I've read books about the connection to the Beatles and it sounded sort of ridiculous to me but can you give us any insight into that?

Alan: The Tavistock Institute was set-up at the beginning of the 1900s and went into action in a bigger scale in World War I. It's function was to put out plays over the radio, the BBC, which would encourage people to join the military and go off and fight the war. It was also an experimental mental hospital. Aldous Huxley talked about it. He worked for it in fact where they inserted electrical probes into people's brains and so on and could make them change their moods. Make them turn right and left like robots and Aldous Huxley thought this was just wonderful and he explained a lot about it in an interview he gave at Berkeley University in about [1962].

The Tavistock Institute primarily was set-up to do predictive programming. That had begun prior to the Tavistock by a fund from the Rothschild family in the 1800s to begin financing science writers to write along science fiction, because in the next century they wanted us all to think that space travel was a natural way to go and so when you read it in a fictional form it comes along in your life you don't ask well why are we doing this? Why are we spending that kind of money? That's called predictive programming.

Tavistock Institute used a long-standing series on television called Coronation Street to actually program the public of Britain for the massive changes they would see over a course of 30 years and they did it all in story form before the event happened, including the opening of the flood gates from India and even went through all the problems they'd meet with different ethnic peoples and so on, intermarriage. It's all done out in a played form so when you see it enacted in a play form you will respond the same way as the actors did to that situation when you meet it in real life. That's what predictive programming is and Tavistock is the world's leader in mass predictive programming and works hand in glove with the entertainment industry.

As far as the Beatles went, the Beatles - it comes from an old ancient Latin word "beatyl" and from the Greek even, which means standing stones. It's a Masonic symbol and their job was to initially capture the youth of the world. They were clean-cut to begin with. Their songs were written primarily by Theodore Adorno who's a friend of the Queen and at one point was the head of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and he owned the patents to the songs right up until the late '80s when he died and the rights to the songs were then bought over by Michael Jackson. Paul McCartney put a bid in but Michael Jackson won out and so Michael and he did a song something along the lines of pals or something to show that there were no hard feelings.

George: I bet Michael Jackson wishes at this point that he didn't own that half.

Alan: Well I think Michael Jackson can pretty well get away with anything to be honest.

George: Let me do a quick update on the Venus Express if Richard Hoagland's instincts are correct it appears that the Venus Express is in orbit around Venus. Ground control is confirming reacquisition of the low gain antenna signal from the Venus Express space craft after ten minutes of the space craft and they say occultation behind the planet, the reacquisition of the signal received about six minutes before the end of the 50 minute main burn engine confirms that Venus Express is so far moving at the expected velocity around the planet so it appears to be in orbit. Thank you Richard. West of the Rockies, you are on Coast to Coast. Hi there.

Julie: Good evening gentlemen.

George: Yes.

Julie: This is Julie. I'm calling from Grants Pass in Oregon, and Alan, you were talking about the secret societies and the Illuminati as being mostly certain families with certain bloodlines but obviously there are other members. Lets say someone like a Henry Kissinger. So they obviously need to recruit from the rest of the population to further their plan. My question is - maybe you can use Kissinger as an example. How did someone like that go from being an obscure Harvard professor, before that I guess his family were refugees from Nazi Germany, to being recruited or selected, do you have to demonstrate your corruptness? How is someone like that selected and maybe groomed?

Alan: It's very similar to the Rhodes Scholarships. In Rhodes Scholarships, again it was set-up by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild and Lord Milner to set-up world government with the three trading blocks. For Rhodes Scholarships they were to train scholars from all over the world and send them back into governmental positions across the world and one of the prime prerequisites for being a Rhodes Scholar wasn't simply intellect. It was the ability to be ruthless when required and also to show an intense need to dominate society under the pretense of helping it. In other words, you had to be an elitist by nature.

George: Did they train them to do that, Alan?

Alan: Yes, they were trained to do it and in fact Professor Arnold Toynbee taught many of them in the 1920s and '30s and they used Jesuitical techniques as well. They gave them - and Illuminati techniques. They gave them much more privileges as students than ordinary people. They would have access to drugs, alcohol, females for sexual dalliances without any repercussions and that helped to build the arrogance factor within them so they'd look down on people. They had psychopathic traits and there's no doubt about it and at the last count there were 200 Rhodes Scholars working in the federal bureaucracies in Washington.

George: Okay, thanks Julie. Appreciate you being on the program. Next up, wildcard line, your turn. You're on Coast to Coast with us. Hi there.

Steven: Hi. Steven from Vancouver, Canada. (inaudible).

George: Steven, we lost you for about three seconds, so just repeat that if you would.

Steven: Okay. There's an organization called the Odd Fellows and the Rebecca's. Their lodges are always kind of beside the Masons but you never hear anything about them. A lot of their symbols are the same as the Mason symbols. Who are they and what do they have to do-are they tied into the Masons and they're just part of the New World Order and all that?

Alan: Yes. They've all been through the other rites, either the York Rites or the Scottish Rites or up through the Orange Lodge. Generally through a couple of lodges before they become Odd Fellows and at that level they're into higher forms of control within society, so they're a higher degree. They've all been through at least the 33 degree.

Steven: Of masons?

Alan: Of masonry. The female lodges at one time were all attached to the Illuminati lodges. The Illuminati lodges have many names. Babylon always has a thousand faces and names, but they always had a female lodge attached to them at one point because they had special women in those lodges. Part of the whole thing in Masonry is you go up through the degrees - if you're a third generation Mason especially you can go up beyond the 33rd degree. It's an interbreeding program because you're introduced to your wife and a first generation can't get too high, 32nd degree generally. His son if he marries an Eastern Star member, one who's been trained as a Masonic wife from birth, then his child can go further, but it's the third one that they want really. He's the end product. In other words, they're bringing genetic lineage into the male candidate’s lineage and it's the offspring they want. Eugenics is very much a part of high Freemasonry.

Steven: So the Odd Fellows are actually higher than the Masons?

Alan: They're higher than the regular Masons. They're many terms for Freemasonry, right up into noble orders which the monarchy and so on have for the elite.

Steven: Interesting. So why don't we ever hear anything about Odd Fellow or the Rebecca's?

Alan: Because they keep themselves more quiet. They're more into local government type of things. They don't want to be seen there openly as being involved in school administration, they’re in all the different boards in your area, so they implement the same agendas nationwide, sometimes countrywide, at the same time, so they keep a low profile in a sense, but they're on all the major boards, the council boards and so on that run your life.

George: How do these people meet, Alan? Do they meet at the Bilderberger Hotel or do they meet via computer? How do they do this?

Alan: They have so many lodges. It's so incredible. You see every lodge is color coded because they all take their colors from the rainbow and so you join the Blue Lodge at the bottom, which is symbolic of everything is open to an extent, although most of them really don't know what they're involved in at that level. Some will be tapped off into the Black Lodge by a Master Mason and those ones are the ones that are getting picked to go higher. There's also a Red Lodge. That's why the Soviets had the Red Square and you'll notice the British military and the Chinese military both have the red band on their hat for officers. That's the one for revolution and for war where they wear red, so you had the Reds of Communist China and also the Reds of Communist Russia. The Black Lodges deal primarily with mystical masonry to an extent and the deeper secrets of masonry, the ancient arts you might say.

George: Okay, well stay with us. We'll be back with final phone calls with our special guest Alan Watt today as we talk about the secret societies. I wanted to give you his website again. It's Alan, with everything that you've studied with regards to the secret societies is there one eminent threat here for all of us? Something that you think we need to be concerned about right now?

Alan: Yes, I would say that it's when understand the inner religion of the secret societies and how they view – and I’m talking about the high ones, of course, and how they view everyone else. They truly believe that we are just walking physical beings as compared to themselves who have spirit in them. We're just machines basically to an extent. We are “the dead” as they call us. That's the same name that's used in the New Testament, let the dead bury their dead – those who cannot understand. They do believe that we are there to serve them and always have been and that literally the time is coming shortly where they have no further need of most of us.

George: And I assume when they reduce the population of the world down to 500 million they'll be part of the 500 million?

Alan: That's what all the higher boys believe - they hope to believe. Plato laid it out with his guardians of the world, the upper dominant minority he called them. That's the same term that Aldous Huxley called them in his lectures and out of some of the higher orders they will bring them into the lesser guardian class, so all the higher masons hope that they'll be one of the chosen you might say.

George: All right, well lets go to our first time caller line. Thanks for holding. You're on Coast to Coast. Hi there.

Unidentified Speaker: Hi, hi George. Thank you for taking my call.

George: Sure.

Unidentified Speaker: Hello, Alan. I listened to your video today online and I must say I was very gratified to hear you say a lot of things that I have had fishing around in my head for a long time and people think I'm a little crazy, but I did want to ask you about the text screens at the end of your video and the reptilian references and I wonder if - that you actually do believe that there's an alien influence at work here?

Alan: I tend to joke about the reptilians because it's good entertainment.

Unidentified Speaker: Well sometimes I have the feeling I am truly gazing upon the countenance of demons when I see people like Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Alan: That's closer to the truth actually because in reality these guys - in the higher degrees and I've had them explain to me about very high masons, in the higher degrees they claim to take on a higher entity with every degree and so when you're looking at a Kissinger type you are looking at a high entity that's basically taken whatever is left of a person over.

George: By the way, here's something. I got a phone call several weeks ago during one of my open lines, Alan. How old is Kissinger? Because I remember him during the Vietnam War in the '70s. Here we are 36 years later. That guy hasn't aged a day.

Alan: You're right and that was given out initially by the Rosicrucian's in the 1500s with Francis Bacon, John Dee and all involved because they made it known that those who would help them towards the “Great Work” as they call it would be given life extension and that is a fact. They are given life extension. I've seen some of the high masons myself who have been up there into the higher degrees. I've seen a guy in his 70s run in the summer 200 yards with a big long ladder and he wasn't even out of breath. In fact, his mouth wasn't even open to breathe through his mouth. They are given a life extension, a much higher medical treatment than Joe Average. There are three realities, three levels of reality. We are at the bottom level from professorship down and these guys are given superior treatments absolutely.

George: Someone will send us what his age is. We'll get it instantly here and I'll pass that on because it is uncanny - he has not aged at all. The guy has taken some wonder pills or something.

Alan: It's the same with Maurice Strong who works tirelessly for the United Nations. He's in his 70s. He puts in 14 hours per day, travels all over the world and doesn't come down sick, and that's standard with the high freemasons. They're all the same. Benjamin Franklin was one too and he was the same.

George: Wildcard line, you're up with us on Coast to Coast. Hi there.

Michael: Good morning George. Good morning Alan. Thank you for taking my call. Michael from Minneapolis and I actually have two questions but the first question is isn't wealth on its whole an illusion and aren't the people who have the guns, don't they really have the power and wasn't that what happened with the Third Reich and the Illuminati that Hitler betrayed them and decided to just take all their stuff and pretty much tossed them from power?

Alan: Well, with Hitler I think there was more to it. When you look at IG Farben that set-up the whole German war machine, IG Farben was comprised of all the big boys of the West. The Rothschild Bayer company was big in there with chemicals, Ford, GM, IT&T all the big boys comprised IG Farben, including Baxter Laboratories that gives us a lot of our inoculations. I think the deal was that they were to start a war because Churchill wanted a United Europe to come out of this too. Adolph Hitler wanted a United Europe and you find that when Hess flew over to England during the war it was more or less to find what had gone wrong with their plan, I'm sure there was supposed to be a stalemate somewhere, and he landed on Lord Lothian's land. Lord Lothian was the chairman the head of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at that time so he knew where he was going and who he had to see and I think really that Germany probably was double-crossed.

Michael: The other question would be: won't it make more sense for the Illuminati to want the population to expand and populate other planets so that they can continue the illusion that we have rights and freedoms while they continue to pull the strings and-

Alan: The type of creature that they're going to create is a modified type of humanity and they've said it from the ancient times right up to modern times, it will be a hermaphroditic type human. NASA did a two hour special a few years ago, David Suzuki the geneticist and wildlife commentator did the narration for it, and NASA claimed that they would have to basically put a new type of human to travel vast distances that may be hatched on the way and it could be self-reproducing by the possibility of inoculation that would set off a cycle within themselves so they could give birth to themselves. It's the hermaphrodite they're after and they're going to do away with what we know as male and female for the lesser peoples.

You'll find some of this in Charles Galton Darwin's book where he said, we the elite will remain unaltered but we can alter the lesser beings to serve us better and that we're creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. That's in the book, The Next Million Years, by Charles Galton Darwin. They've known for a long time where they're heading. There's another book put out that has a lot of the mysticism in it of Francis Bacon, John Dee and all of the cabal of the Rosicrucian's, and they give you the agenda too in a book called, A World Without Women. Women will be unnecessary in the next system to come.

George: Okay, Alan, I know how old Kissinger is. I'll let you guess first. What do you think?

Alan: Well, I saw him in a jeep when he was driving Ike about in World War II, so I'm not sure. He must be in his 80s maybe.

George: Yes, 83 years old. He doesn't look it.

Alan: No. He was interviewed or they tried to interview him coming out of a car about a year ago as he was attending the Hollinger Newspaper Corporation, he's a shareholder there along with Barbara Walters, and when they went up with the camera to him, I kid you not, the guy pirouetted around, pulled his coat over his face and he ran up the stairs--

George: Really. He didn't want anybody to see him, huh?

Alan: Yes and he ran up those stairs like a teenager.

George: That is weird. Let's go back to the phones. Let's go to the West of the Rockies line. You're on Coast to Coast. Hi there.

Brett: Hi George. My name is Brett calling you from the gateway to the San Juan's.

George: Excellent. You're out there in Washington?

Brett: Yes. I'd like to ask Alan what is the probability of an attack happening this week due to the fact of your prior guest Mr. Demetri that you had on?

George: That's coming up. It's supposed to be on Friday or a little before, isn't it?

Brett: Yeah.

Alan: I'm very skeptical when they give us dates. You're better to go into the occult numerology to find the dates yourself and then you're pretty well assured when they're coming up. The ones so far they've always given us for something happening, you always find that Homeland Security admits that afterward that it was just a test.

George: You do believe that something is going to happen eventually, Alan, don't you?

Alan: I have no doubt whatsoever.

George: And do you think it will be a bigger event than the tragedy of 9/11?

Alan: Yes. In fact the big occultist that were put out there in predictive programming as science fiction writers, one of them was Arthur C. Clarke. He was a very high freemason. He takes you through the whole agenda in the two movies, "2001" and "2010," because the kickoff for the new order was to begin in 2001. That movie was produced in the 1960s and it was to be completed by 2010. In the story it appears to take place in space. It's got nothing to do with space. It's all allegory of high Masonic belief and their whole religion was actually in that movie.

George: Wildcard line, you're up with us on Coast to Coast. Hi there. Hello, I guess you're gone. Go to our next wildcard line. Go ahead.

Sebastian: Hey George, excellent program.

George: Thank you.

Sebastian: This is Sebastian from Arcadia. I almost going to say I wish you would hold him over for another hour. There's so many questions to ask him. It's unreal.

George: Go ahead.

Sebastian: What about your safety and do you ever worry about that and can you say a little bit more about the AMRC as well as the Hell Fire Club?

Alan: Safety - when you realize what's coming ahead I think it's a bit crazy to worry about safety. This is the time to speak out because it's the only time we have is now and yes I've been threatened before and had securities agencies come up my way at night without lights when I've been walking my dog and sitting 20 feet from me just to annoy me you know. I had my previous house almost burned down after I started the radio broadcast on Sweet Liberty. It still continues every Wednesday in Sweet and so it doesn't matter to me. If I die, I die. I know there's something beyond this and I think it's more important you do what you're supposed to when you're here. You don't sit back and allow it to happen when you know what's coming. Everyone must do their bit because everyone's going to get flattened otherwise if we all sit back and hope nothing happens to us.

As far as the various Rosicrucian societies, they're all related to the Philosophical Society which puts out all of their books for Rosicrucians of various stripes. You'll find too in the invocation that was brought or the convocation that they had there in 1906, I think it was, they summoned all the other branches of Freemasonry to them. They all came because all Freemasonry is one. It doesn't matter what name they go under. They're all one, and there and then they said that shortly they would unite Mexico with America. That was part of their mission and that book can be had from the Philosophical Society. They definitely intrigue you by their writings. It's meant to mystify young people, bring them into the occult and get them to work willingly towards it without telling them the true agenda.

Sebastian: Wow. I definitely applaud you for all your great work.

George: Thanks for being on the show. I detect a little is it Irish accent?

Alan: It's Scottish.

George: Scottish. I was close.

Alan: Yes, oh yes.

George: East of the Rockies, your turn on Coast to Coast. Hi there.

Unidentified Speaker: Good evening. I was wondering if he was aware of or had any information on this area that Venus was once a moon of Jupiter and when it changed orbit cause a change in the social order at that time?

Alan: I know that's one of the theories that was put out a long time ago. No one really knows because in Egyptian writings where they chronicled this kind of thing they did talk about a worldwide catastrophe where something has passed close by. It's very probably though it was a comet because it rained fire on its way across and it's probably going through the tail of a comet and they said that literally it was falling on the cattle and they were getting burned. It probably upset the time clock of the world, the rotation, because the Egyptians then called for all the wise men from all over including Babylon to create a new calendar because they found that the old calendar had altered from 360 days, the earth had actually slowed down to 365 and a little bit more. It was more like a comet that we passed through.

George: Every once in a while we do a guest chat on the Internet, Alan. I do mine once a month. I'm doing it tomorrow 8:00 Pacific time too where we call stream link members. So somewhere down the line I'll have Lex Lonehood our webmaster get a hold of you and you can be a guest chatter on the Internet for us.

Alan: Sure, I'd love to.

George: People would love to ask you questions. First-time caller line, welcome to Coast to Coast. You're on the air. Hi there.

Kurt: Hi. How you guys doing?

George: We're doing great, thanks.

Kurt: I'm Kurt. I'm calling from College Park, Maryland and have either of you seen a movie "V for Vendetta" which I've seen twice. The movie made mention that anybody that was homosexual would not be part of the plan. As a gay man do I have to look forward to or worry about that?

George: Good question and I'll let you listen as we approach the end of the program, Kurt, on your radio.

Alan: That's an interesting question because the Illuminati used movements of what they call "disaffected people" who were sort of outcasts within society and the homosexual movement really was pushed by them, not for the homosexuals benefit. It was to - once you get a group together, it's easy for the ones at the top then to bring you into political force who then sway you off into a different direction. Homosexuals are being used to help destroy, that's all, to help destroy anything that used to be thought of as normal. They're only one group that's being used for this very purpose and when we're in flux - culture is created from the top down. Always has been. Plato went through that in the Republic. Nothing comes from the grass roots and so therefore when you get a culture in flux, where you have nothing to compare normality to, then you can bring the next stage - the homosexuals will be bypassed along with everyone else when they bring out the new clone types which will be hermaphroditic in nature.

George: Well Alan lets talk again about the website. What can people find on that when they peruse it?

Alan: They'll find many talks to download from other shows. They'll find the links to Sweet, First Amendment Radio where they can go into the archives. I've done many, many hours explaining the occult, deprogramming techniques, et cetera. I go through all the forms of mind control down through history and how it works on us today. I'm also thinking of perhaps putting some songs out there. I'm looking for some musicians to help back me up.

George: All right, very good. Alan, thanks so much for being on the program.

Alan: It's been a pleasure.



(Transcribed by Linda)