May 8, 2006



Greg: All right, weíre back in the first hour of The Investigative Journal, and my guest is named Alan Watt and this should be an interesting interview. Alan Watt was born in the UK, spent years researching the forces behind the terrific changes occurring in the world economically, sociologically and geologically. He knew long before Europe was turned into a united front, a united country 20 years before that. He knew it was going to occur and talked about it and he has been discussing the same patterns happening now in America. His research the powerful foundations and the higher Free Masonic associations which are bringing this about.

Alan is an expert on ancient religions, cultures and people. Heís been on many, many radio shows and many of my listeners have said please get Alan on, so thatís what I did today. He also understands how the new age movement was created to bring in the New Age Ė the New System along with the New World government. You can find Alanís cutting edge work on and with that, I wanted to say hello to my guest Alan Watt. How are you today Alan?

Alan: Oh Iím fine, yes.

Greg: Where do you start with a subject like this, especially on a Monday morning when Iím still kind of having a cup of coffee and getting over the weekend and starting the week out?† Where do you start with something like this and someone with such vast research knowledge as you? Iím going to leave it up to you and then maybe ask a few questions on top of that. Go ahead.

Alan: Sometimes itís best to try and forget everything weíve been taught including the culture or country that youíre raised in and look upon the whole world and the movements that go on simultaneously within every government and youíll find that the same laws generally are passed in different countries at the same time and itís not by magic. Itís by cooperation at very high levels beginning with the economic systems of every country. Every country is totally dependent on the economic banks and the system, which really run the governments. Thatís why, when Rothschild was asked when he took over the Bank of England he said Ė he was asked about would he also like to run the legal system. He says, "no, give me the money system and I donít care who makes the laws." The reason being that all laws must follow from the economic system and sure enough all your laws revolve around your economics of your country. He understood that perfectly well.

Greg: So you say forget about everything that youíve been taught. Okay start my education all over again.

Alan: Weíve all been raised in little pigeon holes and I always say if weíre in a pigeon hole which is your culture and itís a taught thing going back so many hundreds of generations even though itís different within every 100 years or so. Thereís major changes made but weíre born into our own time and so we have a limited with an overall picture of how things came around. We accept the system weíre born into and itís been quite natural simply because it exists as such; and all mammals youíll find the parents of mammals warn the young offspring of dangers and what is dangerous. If you have one generation of parents whoíve been brainwashed into a particular reality they donít know to tell their children to watch for so the children think that everything is quite natural and just evolved that way into their own era basically.

Greg: I assume youíre going back to our parents working now. Why donít we discuss that? Has the New World Order brainwashed our parents?

Alan: They plan centuries ahead and this is not a recent thing. Itís widely written about by those involved. They always plan at least 100 years on a lower level for the public to know about if they want to and youíll find it in the writings of guys like Lenin who was trained by some of the best Swiss bankers on the planet. He wrote about it "The Next Hundred Years," and changes that would take place including the changes of the west when they would become blended with the Soviet system towards the millennium, he said in his own writings. Those books were put out in the 1920s. Then, when you take the supposedly opposite side of communism, which was capitalism in London. The British Elite Lord Bertrand Russell, a life long peer, as were his ancestors, he wrote a book too about that at the same time as Lenin with the same agenda, saying that the New System for the New World would come about the millennium and the big changes would take place. These guys were obviously in communicado with each other and then realize there are no sides here. They create opposition to make the changes occur.

You canít make changes with one side. Youíve got to have an opposition and then you get your synthesis coming through between the two oppositions and sure enough we find that in the history books that capitalism and mainly London and New York finance the whole Russian Revolution and we fed the Russians right through their Soviet system. Canada and the U.S. supplied them with most of their grain and so on. They couldnít even feed themselves. So it was a phony opposition to create the major changes necessary to change the world and Sovietism is the quickest way to amalgamate many Ė dozens and dozens of small countries into a one singular type system of economics, politics, bureaucracy and law. Itís the fastest way to do it.

Thatís what Vietnam was for to. Vietnam had over 200 warring tribes and the fastest way to unite them you need a common enemy. You bring in America and all those factions suddenly become communist and then they end up being one. Thatís what it was all about, you see, the fastest way to unify a people into one country with a centralized government for control.

Greg: So anyway youíre taking us back to basically and telling us the Cold War and everything else was a fraud controlling both sides of this war so to speak to reach their goal. Your website is called How do you cut through everything? Give us a grounding of what to do. First, how our parents were brainwashed and how we can overcome this ourselves once we realize it?

Alan: When you realize that youíve got to go back into history into time to realize how this was put about and how it came about, and you go into the time when all of this really began in the west at the time of the Norman invasion of Europe and the takeover of the Norman nobility all over Europe. At that time, when theyíd taken over Europe there were NO REAL BORDERS as such. You had a united system run by these overlords called Normans who gave allegiance to the Vatican and after time they found it was hard to keep control of the people they ruled over and these were foreigners remember who came in and theyíre still the aristocracy of Europe today.

Greg: Yes, take us through this knowing that much of our history has been taken from us in this country. Take us through this process.

Alan: They came into Europe around the 11th Century and weíre talking about battles that lasted for over 25 years to take over Europe and they also had incredible funding from some source to do so. They had logistics, supplies and all the rest of it. They used some of the islands off England as supply depots. They built pre-fabricated wooden forts. Some which were maybe 100 acres wide and they towed them across the English Channel and erected them on the other side.

This is massive planning and knowledge and funding with a common head itís obvious to keep it all coordinated on a bigger scale than World War II and then these overlords were implanted all over Europe as the nobility, the aristocracy and with them came the Vatican backing them and of course the money system they all went together. Itís a complete system, an economic system that came with them of rulership. They no sooner taken over England than within the 50 years that was the last one to take over, they couldnít get Scotland but they took over England. Then they recruited the people from England and the rest of Europe that theyíd taken over and started the Crusades and went back to the Holy Land to take over Israel or Lebanon. This is a formulated plan put into effect, incredible knowledge of warfare and strategies and logical supplies Ė a totally military campaign that was never seen, as I say, until World War II.

Greg: You know going into this break, we have about a minute then weíll come back. How did you get involved doing all of this research? I know you have been around a long time researching this and trying to trump it to wake up the American people and whatís really happening. How did it all start for you?

Alan: Watching the effects on parents of my own parents and the parents around me of friends just growing up watching what the arguments were and every home it was arguments about finances and paying rent and very basic stuff but I thought this is an empire supposedly, the end of an empire. Where did all of the money go? Who got it all? Then you find that it was about 200 families in London basically raped the world, used the peasantry for soldiers and cannon fodder, and the rest of the people had nothing at that time.

Greg: And America is involved in this struggle also, correct?

Alan: Thatís right. America was setup to take over from Britain and Francis Bacon and John Dee even talked about this in the 1500s that they would pass the torch on to another country.

Greg: Listen, weíre going to continue on. Iím talking to Alan Watt. The number to call in is 800-313-9443 if you have a question. Weíll be taking calls back in three minutes on the Investigative Journal. All right, back on the Investigative Journal. In this period of time that weíre in, it leaves me kind of in this state where my stomach is constantly upset. Thereís a feeling of helplessness. A feeling that something is going on that isnít right and you just canít put your finger on it but you know itís there and you start grasping for straws. You start grasping at everything looking at who did it. Whyís it happening but let me read something here by my guest Alan Watt and heís going to lend a little bit of Ė Iíll tell you what. Heís going to try to give you some solutions to what we can do. Heís grounded well in history and his thoughts and his thinking is clear about whatís happening.† I think heís a good guest for you people to listen to and then call, and maybe you have a lot of questions and we can have a really good discussion period. Anyway, let me read something that Alan has written and he said:

"We are truly into the Age of Chaos long in the planning and written about openly by the big movers and shakers who lord over us. Some of them such as Brzezinski have described the coming effects on worldwide societies as akin to the vast population movements which occurred at the beginning of the industrial revolution. After the unification of Europe was to follow the unificationĖlisten to this Americans. The unification of the Americas with the resulting class of cultures. Sounds like something going on right now and the initial mayhem produced. People were sleepingóthatís us. We were sleeping while the Free Trade Agreement and the subsequent (NAFTA) North American Free Trade Agreement were discussed with deliberate minimum coverage by that feared group the Council on Foreign Relations and of course this absurd controlled media."

This has been in the planning a long time too, and boy, I could get off on a discussion about that for hours but I wonít. However, thatís what my guest wrote. Alan I know weíre in an age of chaos and weíre going to get back to the historical underpinnings of this. Tell me how do you feel personally about whatís going on and what you are doing? I mean how do you cope with it? What are your plans? Just so people under you.

Alan:† I think when you realize how old this agenda is and how long itís been rolling forward here, and youíre only born into one little part of it, the first thing is not to panic. People, when they catch up on something that is happening to their own life, they tend to panic and I tell them donít panic, just carefully and quickly make up for lost time and find out the real historical data here as to whatís been going on. Where itís going to. Itís not over and done yet.

I always them itís not over until the fat lady sings and you do as an individual have a right to alter things for your own life and I encourage individualism. This whole movement ultimately is to eliminate individualism completely from the works. The mass man they admit to themselves they can handle through psychology. They understand the mass movements and the mass mentality as the occasional individual can stand up and clearly and succinctly say that the king has no clothes and dispel the myth here that pops like a bubble thatís who they fear and they want to destroy individualism. Thatís what political correctness is all about where youíre given your opinions and you better parrot them or else. Thatís what itís all about in this new sovietized system.

Greg: Even in the most liberal shows that are mainstream media, they donít cross over the line. They stay within a certain boundary almost as if they were playing a game with the American people and they know whatís been told to them to keep their jobs on the air. They canít go on the other side where maybe the truth lies which theyíre good at.

Alan: Absolutely. This whole system runs on licensing and even journalists are licensed. Everyone is licensed and you are penalized and you have your license withdrawn if you donít go along, or, as the Masons say, "toe the line," and thatís what happens. They all know thatís the penalty for not ďtoeing the line.Ē

Greg: Now go back to I guess what weíre talking about. Youíre dealing with this and you say donít panic.

Alan: Uh-huh.

Greg: All right, put us into perspective now or put it into perspective of where we are at in this plan?

Alan: Right now, youíre about the same stage Britain was at around 1990 where Ė you see Britain since World War II. It was only released in 1999 after the unification of Europe, it was only released to the public the secret documentation thatís now revealed that they signed the agreements at the end of World War II to de-industrialize Britain and start to gradually regulate laws to match up with those of Europe. The economic system was to match up with Europe. The pound was to fall to match it up and you are now at the same stage as that only a few years from unification now.

Greg: Okay weíre going to be back. Take a break now. Back in three minutes and continue with Alan Watt if you want to call him. 800-313-9443. Back after this break. Okay, back for the second half hour on the Investigative Journal. My guest is Alan Watt. Basically like his website says. Alan, an interview like this sometimes is tough because itís such a broad subject. Lets just boil it down to this, the New World Order plan. Youíve discussed the program: one world government, the one world religion. This plan, to understand it, you have to go back in history and understand how they have done this for a long, long period of time. You said something really important. Weíre only born into it for a short period of time and we need to first understand it and then deal with it. Lets get to the point here with who are these people in your estimation with all this research youíve done over the years. Whoís the enemy and what can we do to maybe solve the problem?

Alan: The enemy is like most things. Itís sort of multi-layered. We have the operative ones on the ordinary common ground side, which are loosely called Freemasonry, and thatís through everything. Thatís through all churches including the Catholic Church as well, all working towards this agenda of oneness.

Weíre all to become one for the New Age and then above them you have the noble orders that allow people into them like Paul McCartney for doing his drug thing in the music business and promoting Eastern mysticism. That was to take off from theosophy and blend it with Christianity for the New Age; and he did a good job so he was knighted. Then you have the higher noble orders above them, the aristocratic bloodline noble orders of Europe, and most of them can be traced back to Venice when Venice in the Middle Ages was the banking capital for the world. The fact the Venetiansí supplied all the shipping for the Crusades for taking all the knights across back and forth during the centuries of the Crusades and then they moved into Europe.

A lot of them BOUGHT their Royal TITLES so they werenít necessarily of European nobility. They bought the titles beginning in Germany and Prussia. The ones in power today at the top of the tree can all trace their history at least back to Venice.† Venice is an interesting name because itís a play on Venus, and people in the ancient times who were the big bankers and merchants who ran the ancient world were the Phoenicians Ė Phoenix is a play on Venice. Itís the same thing and itís no coincidence; and of course, the Phoenix rises from the ashes and is born anew so this is the same bunch down through time for maybe 3,000 odd years at least. I donít doubt much, much older who understand culture creation and culture takeover and all the strategies involved with economics et cetera. I have no doubt about that at all.

Greg: Okay move us a little bit into present day. How do our leaders fit into this?

Alan: You do know that your leaders are really not your leaders. Theyíre just the front men. The real work and this was discussed by H.G. Wells who was a FRONT MAN and he admitted it for the British government. A propagandist. He admitted it, when they signed the League of Nations Ė LON is lion. Itís another term for lion; and when they signed the League of Nations he said really governments are now defunct because every government who signed on had to send one representative who represents the country and by parties or the political officials. Today bureaucracies who are not elected by the public and theyíre interbred by Ė most bureaucrats in all federal governments are simply intermarried with themselves for the last few hundred years. They know their agenda in those bureaucratic agencies and they have their formats. They work there all their life and they go straight to the United Nations for most of their rules and regulations and implementation on a global level. Therefore, politics is almost really irrelevant to an extent. They're just front men to sign in local laws. Thatís really what their function is.

Greg: That goes all the way up into the White House according to you?

Alan: Absolutely yes.

Greg: Okay. How does the Zionist movement Ė how does the Vatican influence? How does it all fit together with the banksters, this whole world order network throughout the world? And through your research, how does it all work?

Alan:† I saw there was so many similarities between them all and when you realize how long theyíve all been going and the fact is you could not keep anything secret and you could help from being infiltrated which tells you they are one in the same thing. Theyíre all factions of opposition which are necessary to create the changes. Thatís really what their job is. As I say you canít--

Greg: Specifically get into how itís playing out right now in your mind? Start maybe with World War II and work your way through.

Alan: World War II Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley he said that wars are primarily designed to create social change within all warring parties because governments take over all areas of industry, agriculture and increase their bureaucracy on a massive level and thatís quite correct. Thatís what World War II was for. Winston Churchillís own personal secretary during the war years has now released a book and itís called "Fringes of Power" and in there he has the private conversations with Churchill and his own peer group, his own aristocracy and he said Ė Churchill said this is the best thing that ever happened because weíll get a united Europe out of this. It wouldnít have mattered if Hitler won or Churchill won because they were both after the same goal, a united Europe, and thatís how this game is played.

Greg: At that point they were there to, of course Ė involved in communism, correct, and in Russia?

Alan: Yes, and Iíve got the books from the meetings of the members meetings of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the main British branch, from the 1930s. In the 1938 one held in Melbourne, Australia, they said right in there, we must save the Soviet Union at all costs in the upcoming war with Germany. This was a ďmust beĒ type thing. They had to save the Soviet System. They had a bigger job for the Soviet Union after the war played out.

Greg: As we saw creating this enemy against the United States. Now weíve talked about this on this show before but would you agree with that that enemy of course the Soviet Union was an enemy that they created in order to move this agenda.

Alan: Yes, as I say, itís the fastest way to amalgamate dozens and dozens and dozens of small countries and cultures and languages with government systems customs et cetera into a common system for merger. Itís the fastest way to do it.

Greg: Now you said something and weíll get back to this thing and bring us up to date. But you said something that was really interesting. You said to defeat this global takeover now perhaps is not going to happen to a unification of the people. It could be just something just so unexpected that the planners of this hadnít expected and that is done through basically your life long goal of trying to out these people. Trying to do something they didnít expect and sometimes that can have an effect, correct?

Alan: Thereís no doubt you can have an effect. In fact, sometimes youíll say something on the odd comment even on the radio show and itís picked up by so many shows across the globe and that comment starts people thinking off in a different direction. So things snowball and itís not a matter of being long winded or bringing the fantastic into it. Itís sticking to the basic facts and saying it simply and thatís how people will get the message. You keep it simple.

Greg: And I guess what Iím getting at is I want to go to a question here that somebody asked you once and you provided a great answer for it. Itís a question Iíd like to ask you again and Iíll paraphrase this from the person who asked you. He said:

Do you have any advice for me in approaching my Christian friends and relatives some who have a basic understanding of the New World Order but still think God is ultimately in control and Jesus will return to save us all from this mess and they will be raptured before it gets too bad?

: Generally, I tell people that the chances of a person waking up are probably 1 in 5,000 and so the chances of two people in the same family waking up are very remote and I tell them try and use all your energy on people who are trying to wake up. Who have taken the first step and are asking questions and this is the real meaning. See this is an ancient system and thatís the real meaning in the New Testament where it says, "let the dead bury their dead." What it was meant by most generations people are never really alive. Theyíre never conscious really of whatís running their system and so you canít expend all your energy in trying to save those that you naturally love first. Itís better to look for someone whoís trying to get up from the ground from being dead and then you can fill them in with the information that you know. Thatís the best and I tell them around your relatives and friends donít cause dissention. Try and live inside your head as best you can with the knowledge you have and keep it there. Donít cause conflict. It doesnít do any good.

Greg: Yes and youíre correct because this kind of information for example when you come forward with this is that itís shocking to many people and itís hard to accept. You canít expect the person to accept it overnight if theyíre blind to whatís happening before them. Now you are basing your stuff on a historical perspective. Youíve been talking about this for years and years and years. What position are we in right now as far as a population understanding whatís really happening to us or is most of our population still in the dark?

Alan: Most are still in the dark. They truly believe Ė you see Brzezinski in one of his books, "Between Two Ages" talks about the upcoming system, which is here now. He said the public are being trained into a certain way of looking at the world by the media, and he said, in fact, theyíve given over their ability to reason for themselves to the media. They believe that the media is there to inform them of everything they should know and so theyíve stopped reasoning or thinking for themselves.

So for the average person itís impossible that that media and those familiar faces you see every night on television could be possibly lying to you. If itís on TV it must be true, and if youíre telling them something thatís not on television, well you must be crazy. He talked about this system of psychological techniques in his own book. They KNEW they WERE creating a PUBLIC that WOULD NOT THINK or REASON for THEMSELVES.

In other words, theyíve been well managed. Most people now are socialized in a socialized system that Lenin talked about. Theyíre now well managed and most of them accept that theyíre being managed by some superior types of intellects and itís all correct.

Greg: Lets talk about this massive mind control and these people who understand it so well. Theyíve been working it taking over our media for a long time. They just recently reached a point where they felt they could get away with lets just say murder at the WORLD TRADE CENTER which they have. That shows you how deeply affected this country is by this propaganda. Lets talk about it in real terms. How have they turned people like us into automatons into people who think theyíre free when in fact weíre probably less free than the same as people living in communist Russia when we were talking about that as being so evil.

Alan: The Soviet System was a perfect test bed. Thatís what it also was, a big laboratory that was going to be used with techniques they would use on the rest of the world. If you go back to Lord Bertrand Russell in his book called "The Impact of Science on Society," and remember he was a big player for the Tavistock Institute, which is a department really of psychological warfare, and he also was a high member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He said that the public are being trained into a system where they are being well managed and we shall present them with experts for every topic on radio and television et cetera, until they get to a stage where a woman wouldnít know how to change the diapers on a child Ė her own child, without being shown; and thatís already happened. So the creation of a world with experts for everything, expert opinions and of course if youíre not the supposed qualified expert from something then no one is going to listen to you.

Greg: Yes and is that a bunch of garbage. Iíll tell you what. I was a journalist for a long time and Iíve said this and I have no qualms about saying it now, over 30 years Iíve been saying the same thing. I learned most of everything that I hold dear from people that are just normal people. Experts bore the hell out of me most the time. I mean some of them say good things but they just donít reflect whatís really going on. People need to think on their own. I mean it doesnít take an expert to tell you what happened at the World Trade Center.

Alan: Thatís right. That is correct.

Greg: I mean just look at it, folks. They killed 3,000 people--

Alan: And they wrote about it before it happened. Brzezinski said, the project for a New American Century, this little private club with Chaney and Wolfowitz and Pearl and all the rest of them, they printed that two editions in the Ď90s that they wanted to takeover Afghanistan first, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria. Then Brzezinski wrote it, a member of the same group, in his book, The Grand Chessboard," the same agenda. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and then he said weíll need something to happen in America on the same scale as a Pearl Harbor attack to motivate the people with the public opinion behind us; and lo and behold, they get the very thing they need. This is impossible. Itís like basing everything on winning the lotto.

Greg: Yes and theyíre getting away with it because theyíve got the media controlled and all these people get up and they just follow along the premise that the terrorists brought down the World Trade Center. Thatís when they started the news broadcast so I mean itís amazing to me.

Alan: We just donít have that kind of luck. All that planning hinging on one event thatís such a long shot. Itís like getting hit with a meteorite and it happens.

Greg: You know one thing interests me today. Weíve got a minute before the break. Maybe give me a quick answer on this. Iíve been dealing with it most the morning. You know Iranís been put up to this nuclear battle. Now the leader of Iran came up and said he wants to work out a deal now with Bush or something. How are they playing that? I didnít expect that to happen but I know they still want to have a nuclear war there. Now the Iranian leaders are throwing an olive branch out I guess. Did you hear about that and if so how does it play? What do you think theyíre doing now?

Alan:† Iím sure the guy who is the leader there has been one of their boys from the beginning. Every time he opened his mouth he said everything that Bush wanted him to say. The Iranian people Iím sure were quaking each time his mouth opened because he wasnít speaking for them and this is a play to eventually amalgamate them into the system. Itís to get it up to a fever pitch of tension and then come out with the solution and they all breath a sigh of relief and theyíve lost everything.

Greg: So you think heís now throwing out this olive branch out which is fake--

Alan: Itís all pre-planned. Itís pre-planned. You would never get a leader of a country trying to commit suicide the way this guy has.

Greg: Right. Okay weíll be back in three minutes with Alan Watt on the Investigative Journal. Okay weíre back on the Investigative Journal our last segment in this hour and this interview is too good. Weíre going to keep Alan on over for another hour and take questions and just delve into some things regarding this propaganda machine thatís controlling our minds in this country, controlling the world orderís movement to basically unify the Americas. Take freedom away from America as weíve known it.

You know whatís interesting is on this show I try not to give people false illusions of how we can defeat these guys. Iíve always felt in my heart that they have all the power. They have all the control at this point. They have all the things lined up over hundreds of years of planning and we just drop into this world just for a few short years. How can we expect to overcome them? Many people jump over to the other side but I think what you said in all the writings Iíve read about you one of the things thatís really stuck with me is this real thing that you say you can disrupt them with something they didnít consider. They never thought of. They think theyíre the ultimate planners but something so weird so strange you canít even put your finger on it. Canít delay it and maybe even change it and with that I want to follow-up on that. What do you mean by that? I mean I think of it something like to just say something for a minute.

For example the other day I wrote an article and I was kind of joking but I was really kind of messing with them and I was playing this Italian card game called Scopa and itís a game thatís played over there and I was making a fake game saying I had three dummy hands. If I win this game, they donít win and take over America. If they do then weíre lost. Anyway, in my article, I actually did play the game and I won. So you know what? In my heart I felt better whether that has any effect or not but when youíre talking about something so unrealistic something they didnít plan about what do you mean by that?

Alan: They really donít expect people Ė weíre so controlled and conditioned. You see we are domesticated. Thatís the key. They talk about us as though weíre animals and to them we have been thoroughly domesticated and the symptom of domestication is when you ignore things around you and youíre self-preservation facilities they donít work. Their faculties donít work anymore. Thatís total domestication and thatís success to them when they thoroughly domesticate us and we donít see the signals around us the danger signals.

There are always some people in every generation who squeak through and are aware and can put it across very simply when they can get a voice anywhere and the worst that they see never fade away. They stick in peopleís minds and they start to almost reprogram them again into thinking and surviving for themselves. Thatís their primary enemy right now.

ITíS FREE THOUGHT and the WILL to PUT OUT the FREE THOUGHT that ignites something within the individual because groups and movements are generally controlled by them or started off by them and if not started off then theyíre infiltrated and taken over so quickly by them and so ITíS THE INDIVIDUALS who will END UP BRINGING this DOWN. NOT THE GROUPS.

Greg: I want to get into that a little bit more. Weíre going to take a break. Be back and a short break by the way two minutes. Back to the Investigative Journal with Alan Watt. Okay, now weíre getting down to it on the Investigative Journal in the second hour. Alan Watt. Weíre going to open him up a little bit more and I tell you what. He said in a very few short words really the key to this whole thing it isnít movements, organizations isnít groups banning together because they will infiltrate those groups. Theyíve got all the power. Theyíve got all the money. How do we expect to ever get through it but when they create like Bob Dylan said confusion amongst everyone trying to get at the truth. ITíS THAT FREE WILL. ITíS YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. Itís not clinging to anybody but your own gut feeling how to beat these guys and thatís what it will eventually do if you get a lot of people thinking on those terms and understand it. Lets talk about the propaganda movement. Lets talk about how they infiltrate things. I mean down to the levels where you wouldnít even expect it. Why donít we talk about that for a moment, Alan?

Alan: There was a good book put out years ago called "You Can Always Count on the Communists," and itís printed in the U.S. I canít remember the authorís name but he gave you the techniques of infiltration. What happens is someone volunteers their time and they put more work in than anyone else until theyíre indispensable and, before you know it, theyíre basically like a top secretary running the whole thing. Then, when it comes to reelection for the next head of the organization, they naturally get the position and then they steer you off into a different course. This is standard technique of infiltration.

Greg: And they keep it going and going and going and never get to any conclusions, correct?

Alan: Thatís correct.

Greg: Itís a waste of time for the people doing it.

Alan: Absolutely. And what I tell people I say the world over weíre given this ideal thatís given to us a thing called DEMOCRACY is something which is NEVER REALLY DEFINED because itís different every 100 years. The democracy of England was totally different from the one they gave to the people in the 1900s and itís still flexible and elastic and I say if youíre going to vote anybody in even to a local school board or a local council or anything which gives power over you thatís the key to it. Youíre giving them the right to make laws over you, you better find out every agency they belong to. Every organization theyíve sworn alliance to and these strange religion loosely called Masonry under all the different names they both belong to both male and female you find out what they are and what theyíve sworn oaths to and then youíll start unlocking this whole box here.

Greg: Yes good point. I mean what about looking into the Knights of Malta finding out that many of our leaders are involved in that group and what that group is all about. Itís about finding out why the PRIESTS and the VATICAN were INVOLVED IN MASONRY and why one pope John Paul I wanted to get rid of them and he was killed. I mean these are the questions we must ask. I see no problem in asking all of them.

Alan: Itís your right to do so because you are being asked to give up all your rights once this person is voted in they make laws over you.

Greg: Right, but immediately when you start asking tough questions they attack you on levels like oh youíre anti-Jewish. Youíre anti-Catholic. You canít ask those questions. They immediately - what it shows listeners is this. THEY DONíT WANT PEOPLE TO THINK ON THEIR OWN ANYMORE. They want someone to control the group thatís supposedly liberal that supposedly gets at the truth and only ask the politically correct questions. Correct Alan?

Alan: Thatís right. When you look at Masonry with itís Ė see Babylon was called Mystery Babylon because it had a thousand faces. A thousand faces that often seemed on a low level in conflict with each other.

Greg: Interesting. Letís take a break and get back into that Mystery of Babylon with my guest Alan Watt with Investigative Journal. Okay Alan we weíre talking about the mysteries of Babylon and also Freemasonry. Just pick up where you left off.

Alan: That was part of the whole confusion of the Mystery of Babylon. A traveler to Babylon would say itís those priests over there, and they say, no, itís the guys over on the other side thatís doing it. At a low level they kept the world in confusion by having all opposing sides on bottom levels, whereas the top guys, the higher priesthoods controlled all of the lower sects and they were all one at the top, you see.

Greg: Letís take that premise and lets just say youíre just an average American trying to figure out who these guys are. Where is this New World Order? Whatís their address? Whatís their main headquarters? Who do you look to, because they always get you to look everywhere? In your research what would you do?

Alan: They find that the biggest sect of Freemasonry for males anyway in the United States is the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry also called the Rite of Perfection and people think itís from Scotland but itís not from Scotland at all. It was given its charter by the GRAND ORIENT LODGE OF FRANCE. Another one is the Jewish sect which is the Bínai Brith. Thatís also a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They were given their charter by the

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry so people actually think theyíre Jews but theyíre not. Once you join these sects you join an international brotherhood of all nationalities and cultures and peoples, and you may lead your own people in other capacities but you really belong to this higher sect that youíve been drafted into; and thatís what people should really understand. Thereís far more to the masonry than just some little fraternal business.

They ADMIT in THEIR OWN WRITINGS theyíve been behind all major revolutions in the world and they have a common goal as to where they are going.

Greg: Take us back to that famous name Adam Weishaupt.

Alan: Yes, Weishaupt was an interesting man because he was only one member of illuminati. He didnít create it at all. If you look at the Oxford Dictionaries youíll see the name illuminati cropping up from about the 12th or 13th century onwards down through history. He was one sect that sprung up in Germany to help further the next step of the revolutionary phase and his logo for the illuminati his own order was called the Beenan Order of Germany. Thatís the BEEHIVE Order. You see that same thing on the famous portrait of Washington the beehive down below him. Thatís their perfect system where everything runs in harmony.

Masonry appears to oppose each other at the bottom with the Catholic versus the Protestant, but itís the same capstone above them that knows whatís going on; and thatís the key to it. THEY MUST CREATE CHAOS IN ORDER TO BRING OUT RESOLUTION and thatís a simple technique really, to create the chaos and then offer the solutions over and over.

Greg: Anytime you start talking about the Freemasons you get a barrage of them. Any time when I write articles about them I get the barrage emails from lower level masons that tell me they know nothing about anything of this. They are basically doing good. Iíve even recently been invited to be a Mason by one of them so that he can prove it to me. He wants me to go to Georgia or something. I have time to go but anyway thatís where the argument gets to. What do you say to that?

Alan:† Albert Pike in his own book, "Morals and Dogma" where he ADMITS it IS A RELIGION even though they try to deny it. Albert Pike said that the lower masons are no different than the profane. They provide an outer cover a portico he called it between the public and the real higher masons above them. They donít know the agenda.†

Greg: Right, a cover for the top guys?

Alan: Yes, they do a fantastic cover. Thatís why they go under the guise of charity. Itís very hard to attack ďmomís apple pie.Ē

Greg: I sometimes look at the Jesuit war the war of priests in the Catholic church and the same thing goes on there. There are over 20,000 of them in the world but maybe only a small percentage one to two percent know really whatís going on. The rest of them Ė most of them provide a good cover.

Alan: Thatís what they do but the one thing about masonry I think everyone should know they make sure that everyone does know this about them. Theyíll keep the secrets to themselves but they make sure that everybody down to the local level knows that if you join them youíll get SPECIAL FAVORS GRANTED TO YOU that ARE NOT GRANTED to the GENERAL PUBLIC. Thatís the hook to get in. Youíll get favored promotion at work. Youíll get off with traffic tickets. You might even skip a waiting line to get into a hospital. A lot of freebees the public wonít get.

Greg: Yes, okay. Now what is the difference between the creator God and the god of Masons and other religions?

Alan: The Masons go by Ė on a lower level, again, this is quite interesting how they do it because they want people of all faiths to join on a lower level theyíll tell them to keep their religion. However, once you go past the 3rd degree theyíre gradually BROUGHT into a FORM of ATHEISM and those who can handle that part of it and theyíre tested along the way in at a social level to and brought back into the lodges. Theyíre tested all the time then theyíre brought into the REAL RELIGION BEHIND IT and thatís where Albert Pike goes into the LUCIFERIAN ANGLE Ė Lucifer standing for intellect to dominate the lesser, the right of those who have intellect to DOMINATE the LESSER MAN, and Pike said that in his own book Morals & Dogma.

Greg: Thereís still a statue of Albert Pike in Washington for those of you out there who donít know that so Iím sure thereís a lot of Albert Pike followers in our government right now.

Alan: Oh absolutely. Absolutely and thatís not the end all at the 33rd Degree. MASONRY IS A 360 DEGREE CIRCLE.

Greg: Now explain that to me.

Alan: They have everybody caught in their little box and theyíll tell you according to the lodge you join theyíve got so many degrees and THE KEY IS that a THIRD GENERATION MASON.

In other words if youíre a first generation Mason you canít go beyond the 32nd degree. If you get introduced to your wife whoís an Eastern Star because itís a EUGENICS PROGRAM that goes along with Masonry. They donít like to talk about that part of it then you offspring the next generation he can go even further and up to the 40th Degree you third generation can go all the way. THAT THE KEY TO THAT.

Greg: So you get to the third generation you can go all the way to what degree now?

Alan: 360.

Greg: What happens up there?


Greg: Thatís what I was getting at in this question. They consider themselves to be gods.

Alan: Yes, oh they do. They write about it quite openly at the top.

Greg: Now would you put Clinton and Bush in that category?

Alan: No. I would say they are probably around the 60s.

Greg: Theyíre up in the 60th?

Alan: At least Clinton is. Yes.

Greg: So heís working his way up to that god like creature?

Alan: Yes. Bush, Sr. when he got in the first photo op was taken when he wore a football shirt on some team for a PR photograph and HE HAD THE NUMBER 33 ON HIS JERSEY.†† I donít know how high he is. Heís probably at least the 40s anyway. 40ís to 50s.

Greg: Wow Clinton has moved his way up. Can he go any higher?

Alan: Itís possible. If we knew all of the story between his mother and his father Ė you see this goes back to Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin gave the little doll, the little toy doll to the world from France and in Masonry in his time they had prostitution circles attached to their lodges but these werenít ordinary prostitutes. These were SPECIAL BREEDERS with carriers of LINEAGES in them and if you work towards the GREAT WORK and put a lot into it, you were given the privilege of perhaps producing an offspring by this high prostitute. They called them DOLLIES. They were carriers. A dolly was something you carry.

THEY CARRY THE GENE and the woman in the Hellfire Club that he was allowed to be selected with was called Madam Bouvier and there are two Bouvierís left today. The other one descendant was JACQUELINE KENNEDY. These are the carriers of specific genes and thatís the reward you get if you work really well towards the Great Work. Thereís a definite EUGENICS PROGRAM here of breeding in what they claim are higher quality genetic material into the families. Therefore, when the Grand Master introduces you to your wife at a dinner party, then thatís an ORDER. Itís not a suggestion if youíre ďwiseĒ as they say.

Greg: Now back in the late Ď70s there was a list of archbishops, cardinals that were pinned in Masonic Lodges in Italy codes names the whole works. How does that fit it? Why would they even want to join?

Alan: I think Ė hereís the odd thing. If you understand religions in Latin and Greek and go into even the Sumerian and so on, youíll find that the system has always been here. Those who clue into the system are the ones with access to the old books and the tongues and languages; and so every priest who gets to the Vatican has access to stuff which has got them started thinking along certain lines that thereís far more to the system than theyíve been told, and so theyíre already part way there when they understand that. Then, of course, theyíll be tested out and tried and then gradually brought into the mystery sects.

Greg: Very, very, very interesting. Before we go into this break, did you ever during this whole process Ė I guess I only have a minute here, I just want to get this said. Do you think right now we have a chance of ever turning these guys around? I mean seriously in the next year?

Alan: Not just like that unless you expose them for who they are, what theyíve joined and THE AGENDAS of these ORGANIZATIONS.

Greg: Okay, weíre going to be back in three minutes. Take a couple of calls on the Investigative Journal. Back in three minutes. Okay, weíre back with my guest Alan Watt. Youíve given us a pretty good idea of how these ultra high-level sects have controlled the course of history and to get to a pre-determined goal of one world order Ė the New World Order and theyíre still in power now all over the world. Do you believe that they control almost every major religion and government and theyíre orchestrating this next huge war in the Middle East?

Alan: Thereís no doubt on that. Thereís no doubt. Even H.G. Wells when he wrote "Shape of Things to Come," laid out the world wars with the final one being fought beginning in Iraq and then the new world police force or army was to be based in Iraq and itís interesting to see all the American bases going up there and Air Force bases and so on. So yes--

Greg: Analogous to a script. I mean Iíve had retired generals on this show other people saying basically itís a program like youíd go to a theater. Theyíve laid it out for you. Just figure it out and theyíre so arrogant they think thereís nobody that can stop them.

Alan: Oh they do because this is the key to it. THIS IS THEIR SYSTEM THAT WE LIVE IN. Everything in this system belongs to them. THEY GAVE IT TO US.

They gave us the computer as well to bring about a common world culture and for TOTAL OBSERVATION OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL. They wrote about it. Brzezinski wrote about it back in the Ď60s so whatever they give us in society is to HELP THEM not to HELP US and we are dependant on their system. In fact, theyíve closed all the loopholes for being independent, even growing your own food, living on your own. Youíve still got to get money to pay taxes, which means you must enter the workforce somehow to get the money to pay them. This is their system and they know it. Although THEY WANT you to BELIEVE ITíS REALLY your SYSTEM and to GO ALONG with the FRAUD OF VOTING THEM IN.

As I say if youíre truly were to expose the people that youíre voting in as to who they really are THEIR WHOLE GAME WOULD BE OVER.

Greg: I think itís important to at least have as many people out there thinking on their own. Realizing how powerful these people are. How they can control the system and even down to the Internet. THEY CREATED the INTERNET FOR A REASON. They just didnít put it out their for dissents to talk and to criticize them. They have a reason to want to do this. In your mind whatís the reason behind the world wide internet?

Alan: Brzezinski said that it would be given to the public and the public would take as way of communication. However, he said that initially theyíll put so much on there for the youngsters for the young people to get into it and using it as an indispensable tool so that theyíll be addicted to it.

Greg: They are.

Alan: And that gets them into the next step towards ultimately the BRAIN CHIP. They had a meeting at Loyola University the Royal Science Meeting funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Newt Gingrich--

Greg: And was this in California?

Alan: It was I think in Louisiana it was and Gingrich kicked off the meeting and gave the opening speech and the scientists they brought over from Japan said that THE CHIP IS READY TO BE INSERTED. Itís been well tried and tested. They said WHEN this is INSERTED THERE WILL BE NO SUCH THING AS INDIVIDUALISM.

ALL THE PEOPLE will be HOOKED UP to regionalized computers which are ALREADY IN PLACE and he said that youíll hear the whispers of other peopleís thoughts going through your head. He said THIS WILL BE THE END OF INDIVIDUALISM AS WE KNOW IT and the picture that I got out of that is what they showed us on the Star Trek movies the Borg. Thatís exactly what theyíre talking about here.

That will be the end. THEY wonít NEED the MEDIA anymore to CONTROL THE PUBLIC and he said the only problem they have now was to CONVINCE THE PUBLIC TO ACCEPT IT so theyíll promote it as a positive thing through cartoon, kindergarten schools, novels. Theyíll pay writers to put this into their novels and their movies and now sure enough weíre seeing movies coming out with this idea in it.

Greg: Thatís amazing.

Alan: So the ID card is just one step towards it you see.

Greg: Yes, we get back to this whole idea of propaganda how theyíre just basically using the media now to use propaganda as a wedge and using it as a last step before they get into this more sophisticated way of control.

Alan: Yes. Their THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE that THEY keep talking about is when theyíve completed the mission of totally subduing their opposition, which is the general public. They wonít need to give us media or entertainment or even allow us to even use this silly money. MONEY IS ONLY A TOOL TO THE BIG BOYS. Weíll all work and serve to the state Ė the world state. Thatís what they said in their own writings. So thatís where they hope to go once this is done.

Greg: And what are you working on lately?

Alan: Iím hoping to start the next book and do a whole series of them going into this whole mystique of higher level Freemasonry to show the public just how deeply its entrenched in all the things you take for granted including your police chiefs down to you deputy down to your local council or school board. I recently was unpacking a box and went to a newspaper from the Ď60s and thereís an obituary for a woman in Ontario a small town who was on every board in her county, and she belonged to over a dozen Freemasonic female organizations.

Greg: Let's continue with that and take a couple of calls. If you want to call us in the last half hour 800-313-9443. Weíll be back in three minutes. Okay, weíre back at the Investigative Journal.† If you are out there and you are a high level member of the New World Order, we know who you are and we know what youíre doing and weíre going to cause as much trouble as we can over the next year to make sure we delay your plans, because it just isnít going to happen like you think it is. My guest today Alan Watt is living proof of that. Before we get back into this, give us a little preview of Freemasonry in your new book. You say something here thatís interesting. I just want to get your comment on it. Itís very interesting. Tomorrow on I believe ABC, NBC or CBS, theyíre putting out this movie called The Flu or "The Avian Flu Pandemic."† Thatís a movie showing millions and millions of American people dying and they bill it as one step ahead of the news type of propaganda piece. Let me just read this and get your comments about the Avian Flu.

You say this. "You can see how the deadly Spanish flu virus was resurrected in the 1990s by scientists who dug up corpses buried in 1918 in the permafrost in Northern Canada. The coming Avian Flu is no doubt a weaponized form of this virus to be used in the DEPOPULATION PROGRAM widely publicized by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Bertrand Russell Society, The Fabian Society, The United Nations Department of Population Control. The only antidote is prevention. So everyone emails these societies and the Rockefeller Foundation and tell them you know what theyíre up to. Give me a comment on that.

Alan: Yes, I mean thatís the way to go is you tell them we know what youíre doing. We know what youíre up to. We know your agenda. Youíve already said it. They have a Department of Population Control at the United Nations and I keep telling people that what do you think they mean by that? Why would they have a couple of thousand bureaucrats sitting on their hands all day?† Theyíre not. Theyíre not making up wish lists. Theyíre actually putting it into effect. They have their plans and they want to CULL OFF ALL THE USELESS EATERS THEY DONíT NEED in a post-industrial society and theyíve written about this widely.

Charles Galton Darwin who wrote "The Next Million Years," thatís quite the boast for an aristocratic member Ė The Next Million Years. The man who also said "we are creating a more sophisticated form of slavery" in that book is worth a read because he talks about culling off all the lesser peoples, the useless eaters, and methods to do it through inoculations, to releasing diseases and so on; and that was published in the 1950s by the grandson of Charles Darwin.

Greg: When that movie comes out tomorrow and Iím sure theyíll be millions of Americans watching it that will have no clue. If youíre one of the people that do have a clue listening to this program, call ABC, NBC. Tell them we know this is a fraud. We know what youíre trying to do. Youíre trying to depopulate America along with Africa and other places and then maybe we can at least slow it down. What do you think?

Alan: Absolutely. Weíve got to ALWAYS BE AHEAD OF THEM and watch where theyíre going. Now they used the same technique on Britain and Professor Carroll Quigley who was the historian for the CFR went through their records and he realized that the whole drumming up of the war fear before World War II in Britain was drummed up BY THE TOP NEWSPAPER OWNERS IN ENGLAND who are ALL MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS.†† They had meetings where they decided to terrorize the public and tell them theyíre going to get gassed by Hitler on a national scale. This led to the evacuation of all the children out of the big cities. I mean they totally upset the country and it was to terrorize the public so that after three or four years of daily terrorization they would breathe a sigh of relief when they actually went to war.

Greg: Let me tell you how this works. Lets take a movement like 9/11. For example, I was in New York one time and watched this whole movement and itís going nowhere. Itís spinning its wheels for four years. Lets call it what it really is. I mean there are many good people out there but itís been controlled and Iíll tell you what caused Ė I was sitting in a meeting with the family members of 9/11 and Timothy Roma one of the 9/11 commissionerís was speaking and just lying. I mean his speech was so Ė Iím not even going to get into it but anyway afterwards I went up to him along with a couple of other people and just tried to ask him some tough questions you know like get at the truth Tim and he ran out of there like a scared rabbit.

Thatís what they hate. They donít want to be confronted and when they find somebody that knows and not going to be bullied and not going to go along with the flow boy you know youíre getting on a hot trail as a journalist so to speak and getting closer to the truth but thatís what I recommend people doing. Call everybody. Iíll tell you what. Thereís no holes barred here. If you think somebodyís a top level member contact them. Let them know you know and Iím doing that right now with the top level Jesuit. Iím not afraid to talk to him. Iím getting all these responses from the lower level guys but I just said, I want to ask you a question. Do you know anything about Satanic worshipping in the Vatican? I mean why not ask it. Boy but Iíll tell you what. You catch a lot of flack when you start doing that and thatís interesting.

Anyway, let me get to some of my callers that really want to talk to you. We have a number of people on the line. California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Mona in California, you're on The Investigative Journal.

Mona: Hi Greg. This is Mona the grandchild and child of three 32nd degree Masons.

Greg: Okay.

Mona: And I object to the war and I object to our controlled media and the hate speech laws but I see these problems as coming from the House of Rothschild not from Freemasonry. In fact, because Freemasonry is actually the white Anglo Saxon power structure, I see all of these attacks on Freemasonry as communist inspired. My question to your guest is. You criticize the Freemasons for elevating intellect to such a high level and I wanted to point out that the reason the Masons did that is because they were protesting against the papacy that burns you at the stake if you didnít worship a god who tortured his own son to death to satisfy his need to punish sinners. Now why would you not agree that intellect should be elevated above such superstition? Another question is do you believe that thereís no evolution and do you not believe in a population explosion?

Greg: Go ahead.

Alan: Okay. Number one. Your name is just a scrambled Amon so I know youíre the daughter of Masonry and whatís also interesting is you say that people are being given intellect. Theyíre not being given intellect at all. The school system is not turning out intellectual people. Theyíre turning out zombies at the moment and itís run by Masonry at the top.

Mona: I agree, but I donít think itís run by Masonry although it is in a sense because I think that Masonry has been twisted by communism, which says that everyone should be equal. We shouldnít give our different education to gifted children that we give to.

Alan: If you read Trotsky, his own book, itís called "My Life," he tells you that he joined Masonry and that all the TOP COMMUNISTS WERE FREEMASONS.

Mona: Yes, and I agree with you that the Jews did infiltrate Masonry, which tried very hard to keep them out.

Alan: Not at all. Not at all because MASONRY IS AN INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD THAT TAKES EVERYBODY IN. Hirohito of Japan, youíll find in Freemasonic books, was initiated into the Knights of the Garter by British Royalty before World War II.

Mona: Iím not saying they didnít make exceptions but Freemasonry is a Protestant organization.

Alan: No, itís not.

Greg: Okay what is it then? Go ahead.

Alan: They give a branch to everybody. Even the Chinese have a branch of it and theyíre all at the top head. Theyíre all controlled by the CAPSTONE and thatís what the capstone stands for. If youíre on one side of the pyramid you canít see the other three sides.

Greg: So youíre saying American Freemasonry and Protestant Freemasonry thereís--

Alan: Thereís a Catholic one, yes.

Greg: A Catholic one. A Hindu one. I mean as we go on and you find these guys Ė you have to trace it. You can find that there are Freemasons in alló

Alan: John Dewey, all these boys were Freemasons. They gave you the educational system.

Greg: Mona?

Mona: First of all, there are not three sides to a pyramid. There are four.

Alan: Thereís actually more.

Greg: Iím lost there. What do you guys mean?

Mona: He said that there were three sides to a pyramid that appear.

Alan: No. I said if youíre standing on one side you donít see the other three.

Mona: Oh yeah, right.

Alan: Thereís also another one below it, the base.

Mona: What Iím saying is that it was clear in my upbringing that the Masons did not allow Catholics or Jews in because they didnít want to be infiltrated with superstitious nonsense. They certainly did put intellect above everything else. Although they have a great affection for the ancient Egyptian traditions because as you may not know ancient, ancient Egypt that built the first pyramid was built by Anglo Saxons andó

Alan:† I think you swallowed an awful lot of the nonsense that comes with this really. You really have. Thatís just all later propaganda that was put out in the last hundred odd years.

Mona: And so have the Jews and the Blacks and the Catholicsó

Greg: And the Polish people too.

Mona: --Only been allowed in Masonry in the last 50 years since the Second World War when all of the racial barriers were torn down.

Alan: Thatís not true. The Rothschildís were allowed into the British English one when they took over the Bank of England.

Mona: Exactly and that is where I think our problems began as I think I said. I think our problems comes from the House of Rothschild not the rich white guys who simply formed a group in response to the Kingís oppression to say hey we are going to gather together as Masons Ė stonemasons builders of houses and walls and weíre going to decide for ourselves. It was the first union that was ever formed.

Alan: Ancient Egypt was a socialist run system.

Mona: Iím not talking about ancient Egypt.

Alan: And the stonemasons there were all paid by the top guy of the state. The state paid them their wages.

Mona: Iím talking about Freemasonry which started in England and as the first union is standing up against the King who was running a feudal system and they said weíre going to decide for ourselves what our standards are and weíre going to be so good that youíre going to have to pay us-

Alan: This is the propaganda youíve read since then. They came in the 1500s. They were preaching the same stuff then. The Rosicrucian movement gave you the Blue Lodge.

Mona: I donít know what the Blue Lodge is. I do know that Rosicrucians believe that if you go into a meditative state you can communicate with spirits and I donít see anything intrinsically evil about that.

Alan: Well thatís fine. You see, youíre allowed to believe the propaganda thatís given on a lower level and what youíve told me so far is a lower level propaganda.

Mona: Yes and you have to prove that my propaganda is false.

Greg: Let's just start if I could break in here. Let me just ask both you the question and Iím asking myself the question. Greg, do you want to stop the New World Order? Yes, I donít think Iíd like to see a one-world government. I donít think Iíd like to see a one world religion and I donít think Iíd like to see my free will and free thought taken away. Now, lets go with my guest Ė Alan, what do you feel about that question?

Alan: Thatís correct and thatís why you canít have people who join organizations and swear oaths to keep secrets from everyone else and then put them into officialdom over the top of you.

Greg: Now Mona, Iím going to ask you the same question. Do you believe Ė do you want to stop the New World Order? Do you believe in free will and free thought?

Mona: Yes, but I do not that precludes people from joining clubs and having secrets.

Greg: Okay.

Alan: Thereís your problem.

Greg: Because we could go on for a while.

Alan: Thatís your problem right there.

Greg: Okay Mona, thank you so much. You can call anytime. Let's move on. Joyce in Wisconsin youíre on The Investigative Journal.

Joyce: Yes, thank you for your program.

Greg: Thank you.

Joyce: While you were speaking to the lady that was just on I just wanted to add before I ask my question. My father was a member of the Blue Lodge of the Scottish Rite and he read a book that a friend had given him before he died. I would say maybe it was about eight years before he died and the authorís last name was Streeter. I was young and I wasnít paying too much attention but I do remember a little bit about what was going on and the book was entitled, "In High Places" and my father was never the same. He was the secretary/treasurer for a lodge in a suburb of a city I grew up in and he never did support going to the meeting or anything about Freemasonry. He just gave it up. He never attended any more meetings and I was so thankful for that friend, whoever he was, to straighten my father out.† My question is, in reading the Bible I observe the warlike nature of the god of the Old Testament, and what is the difference in the almighty Yahweh, who just seemed to come on the scene when British Israelism came into this country, and Jehovah?

Greg: Alan?

Alan: Yes. I mean the British Israelism movement was taken over actually. It was a crazy guy who started it initially who wanted to dethrone the throne of England because he thought he was a closer tie to the ancient aristocracy of Israel but they took the idea in Britain and created the British Israel Association. Now it has two names. The other name and at the same office actually is the World Federalists Society. They were setup to integrate the world Ė a united world. Itís one in the same thing, the British Israel movement. Itís part of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation for World Government and it goes under different guises but thatís the guises primarily pushes out there by using religion because religion is a fantastic tool for creating an new order of things. So thatís correct, yes.

Joyce: Okay. Yahweh is not the almighty?

Alan: No. Yahweh - thereís 72 names contained within Yahweh and each name is an important aspect of this system. If you notice, Yahweh is nothing more than the human attributes of an oriental despot really. Itís someone who might be happy one day and furious the next Ė an unstable dad, you now. Thatís how the old kings were.

Joyce: Thank you so much.

Greg: Okay Joyce thanks a lot. Let's move on. Joe in Pennsylvania. Joe?

Joe: Hi.

Greg: Hi. Youíre on The Investigative Journal.

Joe: Yes. I wanted to ask Mr. Watt why he believes that Ė you believe [††††††† †] is a Freemason, right?

Alan: I know that he was on Hehpsehboah show and he refused to answer her.

Joe: Okay. Do you believe heís disinfo is what I mean?

Alan: What I do know is that the British Intelligence Service setup a branch of MI6 in the Cotswold area of London. Itís a special little place where they train people to go out into the world and create mysticism and confusion. In other words, to create gurus for the world. Aleister Crowley was one of their first man that was sent out to create the Ordo Templi Orientis and they havenít stopped. I do know that he is following the same route as Aleister Crowley because he comes out taking the real information, thatís what they call intelligence, thatís been gathered about the bankers and all these guys behind the movers and shakers; once heís got these followers he adds in the reptilian agenda, UFOs and everything else. The average reader will then discredit all of the real authors that he mentions in his books, and thatís called counter-intelligence. Thatís how you ridicule intelligence, and so heís also going the same route in South America of being initiated under drugs into channeling.

Greg: Weíre going to take a break Joe. You can stay on the line. We have one more segment. Back in three minutes on The Investigative Journal. Okay back to our final segment on The Investigative Journal and Joe from Pennsylvania are you still with us?

Joe: Yes, I wanted to ask one more question. I didnít get to listen to the whole show but I was wondering if you Mr. Watt have ever talked about the idea of a scientific dictatorship?

Alan: Oh yes.

Joe: You want to get into that a little?

Alan: Yes, the scientific Ė that was first discussed by H.G. Wells who was an official propagandist for the British government in "The Shape of Things to Come." In fact, in that novel that he wrote with the third world war beginning in Iraq he said, "we shall create a Freemasonry of scientist Ė a scientific elite."Lord Bertrand Russell talks about the same thing.† On my website youíll see you can download Huxleyís speech Ė Aldous Huxley the grandson of Professor Huxley Ė he says in it, "I can see no reason why a scientific elite can ever fail." He said, "that Rome failed because it could not produce enough bread and circuses for the people but with todayís technology we can supply it." Therefore, they are creating a scientific elite of intellectuals to run the lesser peoples.

Greg: And Joe?

Joe: Just one more comment.

Greg: Weíve got about two minutes.

Joe: Okay. Since you brought up H.G. Wells I think he wrote a book actually "A Blueprint for the New World Order," I believe it was. Am I correct?

Alan: Yes, he called it "The Open Conspiracy."

Joe: Right, right.

Alan: Because they do publish what theyíre going to do and put them in the libraries.

Joe: Right okay. Thanks. That answered my question.

Greg: Okay thanks Joe and we have about a minute or so Alan. Is there anything you wanted to finish up with?

Alan: That shows you the pigeon-holes that people are in, where you have daughters of Masons Ė in my first book they should read that because I photocopy right out of their own charter books from the Grand Lodge of England that tells you that the female sects are there simply for show and theyíre never given the real secrets, and I print it all up for them. Theyíre being used.

Greg: Whenís this new book coming out?

Alan: That should be hopefully out in say a month.

Greg: Give us a little preview?

Alan: A continuation into the deeper mysteries behind all of the associations that run the world including Zionism and all the other isms that are used today.

Greg: Okay, look forward to that. Give us the website where people can find your writings and more about you and some of your other interviews.

Alan: Yes. Itís called and thereís a lot on there you can download for free.

Greg: Okay and one last thing. You said something important throughout the show. You said people can make a difference if theyíre aware, if they understand history, if they understand whatís going on and they donít allow these disinformation groups or the infiltrators to led them astray. Any advice?

Alan: Always remember that Albert Pike said, "We always supply the people with leaders" and thatís what some of the pied pipers are.

Greg: Okay, well, listen Alan, weíre all out of time but thank you so much and weíll get together again.

Alan: Itís a pleasure.

Greg: That was Alan Watt. Weíre all out of time on The Investigative Journal. Iíll be back tomorrow, same time, same place. Until then, good afternoon.



(Transcribed by Linda)