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Richard:  I’m here. I’m not here. I’m like a ghost but tonight I am live in studio on the air. Last week of course we were preempted by hockey and in the next couple of weeks there’ll be some Argonauts football and I’ll be starting a little bit later so you need like flow charts to follow the schedule but if you look hard enough you’ll find it. It requires perseverance and patience but anything worth having requires this sort of thing and as always check out the website You can also get to it through and that will give you the heads up when I’m on and sometimes I’m starting a little bit later. Who’s coming up on the program? Who was on last week and the week prior and also a special hello to those listening on the free podcast which you can subscribe to at


All right, now that we’ve taken care of a little administrative work, time to cut through the crap, ladies and gentlemen. Cut through the fog and the headlines and we’re going to discuss the shadowy figures behind history really. The managers who stage-manage events, the scriptwriters if you will, that our so-called leaders follow to a tee; if they get on the script, of course, then they’re written out of the script if you get my meaning.


Alan Watt has been studying these shadowy figures for many, many years. He is an expert in ancient religion, ancient civilizations, the occult groups which manage them and he’s the author of a number of books, the “Cutting Through” book series, Volumes, I, II & III. You can read all about it on an amazing website he has called A great delight to welcome to the program, Alan Watt. Hello Alan. Welcome to AM640.


Alan:  Hi. It’s a pleasure to be here.


Richard:  I’ve received probably about two-dozen emails over the last month-and-a-half asking specifically for you. You know I get hundreds of emails but when I get a number that size asking to get Alan Watt on the program, well then, I roll up my sleeves and I get it done. So it’s a pleasure to have you here, and Alan, I hope you won’t take this question in the wrong way, but what is a gentleman like yourself doing in a town like Sudbury? I would expect to find you somewhere like in London or New York.


Alan:  No, no. I’ve been to those places and I couldn’t stand London at all. It’s too crowded for me, but I’m not inside Sudbury, I’m just outside of it.


Richard:  Okay, the suburbs of Sudbury. You know another interesting hotbed of dissent and radical thinking is Winnipeg. Do you know Henry Makow?


Alan:  No. I’ve heard of him though.


Richard:  He’s the creator of Scruples. Has an amazing website called Henry was in town and Henry’s a renegade. He’s a subversive character. He got fired from the University of Winnipeg for teaching his particular brand, his take on world events, and I was sitting down for coffee at Fran’s here across the street and from time to time I get kind of down doing this kind of program. I mean there’s a just cynicism that goes with sort of sifting through world events and it can kind of be a pessimistic world view; and I was asking Henry, how do you deal with being the social pariah and all that? How do you deal knowing what you know, Alan? How do you deal with cynicism and your own pessimism when you look at the world today?


Alan:  I think you deal with it by coming through the understanding of just how bad it is because it really is pretty bad. Not by happenstance either. It’s planned that way. That’s what really gets you is when you realize; you catch on to the fact that nothing happens in history on a major scale unless it’s planned.


Richard:  Well that makes it worse because if things are just sort of serendipity or happenstance, then you know tomorrow the sun will rise but it’s a brand new day and things could shake out entirely different. But this stuff–I mean there’s a script here that’s been going on for thousands of years and so we’re locked into this, so that makes it even a more cynical game. I mean for those people that sleep well at night and you know I think Woody Allen used the line, "their values are God and carpeting."


Alan:  That’s right.


Richard:  They just sort of skim across the surface of life. They always get a good night's sleep, but you know. I mean you drill down and you know there’s a script here, so that makes it worse.


Alan:  Yes, but I've sort of grown up seeing it and understanding it even when I was young and watching events unfold and watching the adults around me as I grew up, who seemed oblivious to it even then. I saw the European Union come into view long before anybody else woke up to it really in the public and I see the same thing happening here of course. I’ve known it for years and all events it’s a done deal. That type of thing and it was planned because nothing happens with bureaucrats that happens in an instant. It takes years and years of negotiations and signatures and so on, so we’re living a script really, and, as you say, it’s a very, very old one.


Richard:  Alan Watt, my guest, I highly recommend you logon to that site: and Alan is with us tonight. We’ll open up the phone lines as well at 416-870-6400 or *640 on cell. I know a great many of you have been anticipating Alan coming on the program and I’m delighted to have him here with us tonight. What page on the script are we on, Alan? Are we in the third act? Is this the epilogue, or where are we?


Alan:  This is the never-ending story. That’s what it means. We’re at the final phase of the world transition into the true global society and a planned society. You’ve heard of family planning. Now it’s global planning, which means that the future that’s coming into view is to be run by experts, where no one will be born without a function eventually; and of course genetic engineering is coming into play big time. That’s why the rush has been on for so many years towards this agenda. They plan to create new types of slaves you might say.


Richard:  Yes, slaves. You know for some people it’s difficult for them to wrap their heads around that term used in the context of the 21st Century, but I would say yet we are slaves but our cage is very clean and well appointed but we’re slaves nonetheless; and that’s the trick, isn’t it? It’s the fur-lined track. You keep the slaves happy down on the farm and that’s what they’ve done.


Alan:  Yes. It was Charles Galton Darwin who was a physicist—


Richard:  --the grandson of Charles Darwin?


Alan:  Charles Darwin, yes. He put a book out called “The Next Million Years” back in the 1950's, about ’56 or so, and he spoke on behalf of the elite and he basically mandated the need to start reducing the population of the commoners drastically.


Richard:  The useless eaters?


Alan: Useless eaters and he also said, “there’s always existed in civilization slavery in a form, one form or another, and we are simply creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery,” and that is basically where we are today. We are self-maintained slaves.


Richard:  Self-maintained and self-medicated?


Alan:  Yes, and everyone works for the government really and that’s what they even say in the federal government because I know a few of them in there. We all work for the government. We buy our clothes. We feed ourselves. We buy vehicles to get to work, so yes, we are self-maintained slaves.


Richard:  It’s Alan Watt my guest and his website and the “Cutting Through” Book Series, Volumes I, II & III. Just go through the titles of the three volumes if you would, Alan.


Alan:  Well, I go through the – it’s not so much the titles as such. I actually wrote these books to go with a whole series I did on ancient history up to the present and I go through the occult societies that always existed. They change their names and forms like chameleons up to the present time. I go through the agenda including the new type of man that’s to be created that’s neither quite male nor female, which was discussed even in ancient times. The American Psychiatric Association even had a huge conference on this thing, that to create world peace they’d have to create a new type of human being, a form of hermaphrodite; and it’s strange how this ties into the occult and the hermaphroditic figure being the perfect being of ancient times.


Richard:  Well that’s an interesting area. Sort of the androgyny and that’s something that if you’re not hip to Henry Makow, his website saving the males, I mean he really talks about just that exact same thing and how man has really been sort of stripped of his identity.


Alan:  Yes, he has.


Richard:  I mean we are hunters. We are protectors of women, essentially, yet in this mechanized world we have no real role. We are “useless eaters” quickly becoming so and really stripped of our independence, as I know you talk about and write about. We can no longer really fend for ourselves or grow our own food. We’ve lost most of our skills.


Alan:  We have. Initially, thousands and thousands of years ago, there were tribal societies and most of the information we have about them comes from the Romans who came into Europe. It explains an awful lot when you understand how society worked, as opposed to the present day why things don’t work – right down to the man and the woman and the single home. In tribal situations the women lived in the center of the tribe and they brought up the children communally and really the women picked their mates when they wanted them and they had many different ones.


There was no such thing as a possession of another person and along came eventually the Catholic Church when they came into Europe and the first law that it passed was marriage with one partner for life, and that was the kickoff of “The Agenda.” Along with that came the moneyed system as well, which hadn’t existed before – and that’s what they called “civilization”.


Civilization to the elite means the beginning or the birth of THEIR SYSTEM of money, commerce and getting the public to work towards particular goals along the way, and they called it “The Great Work” 4,500 BC.


Richard:  The planning–you talked about Charles Galton Darwin and the book was “The Next Million Years.” Well, and we read about Stalin’s five-year plan, but the New World Order, I mean they’re looking at–they’re taking a hundred year swap at it really. We’re going to break for the news here in a minute, but when we come back I want to talk a little bit about how long this plan for the global society of the New Man, the New Slave or the New World Order has been around and who some of the principal architects are. Also, I wanted to talk a little bit about–when we talk about the conspiracy, it’s kind of an onion. You know if you peel away the layers and eventually you find that there’s oftentimes no real center there. All you’re left with is a pile of onion skin.


Alan:  It’s the glass onion.


Richard:  We’ll touch on this and much, much more. Alan Watt, Cuttingthroughthematrix, on the Richard Syrett Show here on AM640 Toronto Radio. News is next. Stay with us. Cuttingthroughthematrix, Alan Watt my guest on the line 416-870-6400. Alan, before the break I wanted to talk about this long-term planning to achieve globalization or the aims of the New World Order. Now when I think of the objectives of the New World Order, to destroy the nation-state, to enslave mankind, to depopulate, but the genesis of this goes–I mean it predates the concept of a nation-state. So I mean how has their agenda evolved and changed, and give us a sense of when this started, and, as Jerry Seinfeld would say, “who are these people?”


Alan:  We know that most of the major players that were either trained in ancient Egypt in history, the major players in history, the Greek philosophers, and we know too that they sent out these philosophers to become revolutionaries when they were sent back home. They would have their education in Egypt, go back to Greece or one of the Greek colonies and they would start schools up and bring the young people and especially young nobility. They would swear them to secrecy and silence for the first two or three years and gradually initiate them up the Orders until they were in the higher ranks.


They brought women in too and trained them to be ‘the perfect wives’ for high officials and they would send them off to marry different people in officialdom and then they would persuade their husbands to start changing policies et cetera; and this was the reason that Socrates actually was tried and convicted of causing sedition for training the youth–subverting the youth to cause revolution. We find that two of his students, Plato and Aristotle, vamoosed for a while and got out of town while this was going on. They were rounding up all the higher members and it wasn’t for years later that he came back and started the same thing over again.


Richard:  For those of us who are not as well versed in history as you are, what was the Order they were trying to overthrow and what was their agenda?


Alan:  Their agenda stems from Egypt. The system in Egypt was a strange system–it was actually a socialist system they had there—where everyone down from the pharaoh was paid basically by the priests around the pharaoh, right down to the builders and laborers et cetera, and then the slaves below them were fed and so on. They even had unions and complaint departments for the different laborers and the builders in Egypt.


It was a socialist system based on a hereditary hierarchy of nobility which was called “The Proper Order,” and that hasn’t changed till today. It’s still this goal towards what they claim is “The Proper Order.”  That came out in Weishaupt’s books, and he was only one person in history that popped his head up in Bavaria with the Illuminati. There were many other branches of the same thing all over Europe before he came along and they still exist today. Going back as I say to the days of Socrates and even before Socrates, we find that with Pythagoras; he did the same thing. He trained in Egypt. They would do a high initiation there after many years, 20 years sometimes, and then they go to India and then they go to the Middle East (what we now call the Palestine area) and then they go back home and start off these secret societies, the schools.


Richard:  And they possessed esoteric arcane knowledge and what they were trying to do was create their own sort of intelligentsia nobility scientific dictatorship?


Alan:  They truly believed and Plato put this quite clearly in “The Republic” the book that he wrote. In “The Republic” he pictured the ‘perfect world state’ where you’d have the guardian class. Now I think it already existed when he wrote it and that’s how he knew about it; and the guardian class were very interbred for specific qualities of rulership and beneath them they had a helping class that could, by selective breeding (if they were given a wife from the guardian class), breed their offspring up into the guardian class. It’s strange today because even in very high Freemasonry the same thing happens, if you work towards “The Great Work” as it’s called, you’ll be introduced to your future wife.


Richard:  Yes. I want to get back to the Freemasonry subject a little bit later, time permitting, because something I didn’t know that I learned from you is that there are – it’s not just 33 degrees. There’s 360 degrees –


Alan:  That’s right.


Richard: --and we’ll get into that a little bit later. There’s a whole treasure trove of fascinating information there. I mean talk about eugenics and all of that and how that ties in with Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. It’s unbelievable but the agenda here–I’m a little confused because you know you’re talking about these secret societies. The early renditions of them coming from the Egyptians et cetera trying to create this new order, but I’m not sure what they were trying to overthrow because a lot of this stuff doesn’t it predate even the concept of individuality?


Alan:  It does. It does and I’m sure it didn’t begin in Egypt. We certainly have a lot of proof that it came from Egypt when it was established, but really even from the days of Sumer, the fascinating thing is that about 5,000 BC when Sumer came along it didn’t evolve as a society. It already had its priesthoods who acted as bureaucrats really, levels of bureaucracy, and they dealt with the trading and exporting and everything, right down to land management. These were civilizations which had got it from a much earlier time and that’s what staggers the mind is to realize it predates what we are given as the beginnings of civilization. It came from a previous time.


Richard:  Okay, but it sounds like they were trying to–I mean the ultimate goal here was to instill some hierarchical order in the world. Almost a collectivist type of society, Soviet system. I mean wasn’t it from the beginning man was always enslaved to another more dominant group, whether it was the river people conquering the mountain people, et cetera, and there was no concept of an individual. So it’s always been thus, hasn’t it?


Alan:  I think it’s always been that way most of the time. There’s always been guys going off on their own and becoming mountain men or hermits, and the problem with being a hermit is once you become a hermit, people try to find you because you’ve got more wisdom than they have, so yes, that’s true. However, when you go into real archaeology and look around the world and travel around the world and you see the standing stones all over the place in different countries, even in Australia, and what starts to form is a picture of a unified world in a previous age, definitely where there was solar and stellar and lunar religions on the go. That seems to have been part of it and for some reason they either didn’t complete it and they do hint at that in the ancient writings. Something happened. Some kind of cataclysm, it could be natural, who knows, or man made, and they lost it and it seems to be almost a long movement to reproduce that same global society.


Richard:  When did they lose it? Was it the invention of the printing press that created the concept of the individual and that gave rise to the nation-state? Is that where the secret societies sort of temporarily at least lost control of the masses?


Alan:  No, I think they lost it a long, long time ago, prior to that – I know what you mean by the printing press in the Middle Ages. In fact, the printing press really exacerbated mass movements. Not really individualistic thinking as such. It created mass movements and the socialist movements which were used as the antithesis of the capitalist system.


Richard:  But – I mean they do despise the concept of a nation-state, do they not?


Alan:  Yes.


Richard:  Because only within a nation-state can the individual presumably be protected. I mean they want to go back to the days of the fiefdom and the king and the nobility, correct?


Alan:  That’s right. In fact really before Rome came in, prior to Christianity into Europe, Rome tried to create nations from tribes and that was taken over later on by the Norman Invasion in Europe into England and so on.


Richard:  Now why would they do that? You know what? We’ve got to take a time out and I’m trying to follow you, Alan. You’re a much wiser man than I am and your grasp of history is absolutely amazing, but some of what you’re saying sort of flies in the face of my own interpretation, which is way off base, so I’ll get you to clarify when we come back. Alan Watt, Cutting through the matrix, here on AM640 Toronto Radio.


Alan Watt, my guest, Now Alan, before the break, we were talking about–you mentioned Rome creating, sort of uniting these tribes and creating nations or states; and to me though, the idea of a nation-state is really an anathema to the New World Order, so I’m confused here.


Alan:  Well, the nation-state is part of the – it’s the same as communism. They had to unite countries into one big block in order to give them a common culture and a centralized government, because that’s what comes out of the nation-state is the centralization of government and law and regulation and of course the tax base as well. So it can flow from all over a country once you give it borders. It all flows to the center and they can rule from the center. It’s difficult to rule over different independent tribes.


Richard:  True. Although, I mean a true nation is an extension of the tribe, which is an extension of the family, right?


Alan:  Not really. I’ll tell you because even the British Commonwealth and long before the British Commonwealth came along, this technique was used even ancient times especially in the Middle East where a conqueror would come in and move whole populations off their land and move them somewhere else and mix them in with others too. Then of course, after a hundred years when they were released, they’d be maybe five, six different cultures mixed together into a new tribe. The technique of creating a people for a nation is very old. In fact they’ve done it in Canada. Same thing.


Richard:  Right. I just never thought of it as part of the conspiracy because when you look at what the globalists are doing right now, if we go back to the early ‘90's with Clinton and NATO disassembling Yugoslavia, or going into Iraq and separating the Shiites and the Curds and the Sunnis, or the whole dissolution of the Soviet Union as part of Brzezinski’s grand chess game. So right now it seems like they’re all about destroying the nation-state, but they’re doing sort of both simultaneously.


Alan:  You see it doesn’t matter when they take the traditional overlords down. They’ve already created a common culture across a good part of Europe and that was the ex-Soviet Union. They all now have exactly the same system in education, bureaucracies, laws and so on, so they’ve been standardized and that’s the key to it. Wherever they go with the globalism, they're actually standardizing it into the one system worldwide.


Richard:  Is that’s what’s really behind the “Project for the New American Century” in the Middle East, when they talk about bringing democracy to the Middle East? What’s really at play there?


Alan:  It’s exactly that. It’s standardization. They can’t have the odd man out anywhere on the planet for this New World Order. Remember George Bush, Sr. was the first one to mention the New World Order openly and he said it on September 11th, 1990, and then the following year on September 11th, 1991, and then 10 years later you have the 9/11 on September 11th.  These guys know what they’re doing and the American group that Bush and Brzezinski and a whole bunch of them and Cheney belong to is called “Project for a New American Century.” They published what they wanted to do, their plans, back in the early ‘90's, ’92.


Richard:  Brzezinski in I think it was “The Grand Chessboard” talked about how in order for the globalists or the New World Order to achieve this massive cultural change, political change, they needed another Pearl Harbor.


Alan:  Yes, to get the American people behind them.


Richard:  And that was 9/11.


Alan:  They wrote about that in the ‘90's. They published a second report, updated it in ’98. Brzezinski brought his book out in ’98 and then they get their wish on September 11th.


Richard:  And Brzezinski talked about I mean right down to the actual order of the invasion. First it started with Afghanistan. This is ’92 Project for the New American Century itemizing the laundry list. It’s a laundry list. First we go in Afghanistan. Then comes Iraq. Then Iran and then Syria, so they’re really following the script along here quite nicely.


Alan:  Absolutely and that’s why they get away with it. It’s so audacious but knights are bold, remember, and bold means audacious.


Richard:  You know what? That’s the biggest problem when you’re trying convince somebody this stuff is going on, they always say, well then if they were really trying to do this, why are they being so open about it? How do you respond to that?


Alan:  It’s a form of legality in a sense. Whatever they do, they do tell you. You always find it published somewhere, even if it’s tucked away in a library. It’s not pushed by the major media as a best seller if they write a book about it and most of the big boys do write their own books.


Richard:  Well you can read about it in the “Foreign Affairs” the quarterly issue in the CFR.


Alan:  Yes, and it’s because they have created since the early 1900's their plan was to create a society that accepted that it was being well managed—a domesticated society. Bertrand Russell, who was a Lord, Lord Bertrand Russell, wrote about that in about six of his books. You can find it in “Roads to Freedom” where they planned a society run by experts and those best fitted for the jobs – which echoed Adam Weishaupt’s statement too.  Bertrand Russell said that eventually a woman wouldn’t be able to change a diaper without being taught by an expert, and we have that society today. We can’t think for ourselves. We’ve been managed and well managed we think, and so most people seem to step out of their own destiny creation and allow themselves to be managed from the top, by these unseen people that they never meet.


Richard:  What’s the earliest allusion you can find, whether it’s Bertrand Russell? I mean the idea for example when first we invaded Afghanistan. Then Iraq, then Iran. I mean does that predate “The Project for the New American Century?” Does H.G. Wells write about that? Does Bertrand Russell talk about that?


Alan:  Wells did. He wrote “Shape of Things to Come.” H.G. Wells worked for the British government. He was a PR man for the British government for the secret service, a propagandist. He coined the termthe war to end all wars,” for WWI, and he had a huge staff working for him with his own building, so he wasn’t a little writer writing over by a candle and typing away there. He said in “Shape of Things to Come” that there’ll be wars coming up with Germany and he knew there would at least be two, but the third world war was to begin in Basra (which is Iraq) and that’s where the British troops were sent into in this one. So he knew what was coming up and he was given information by professors from Oxford and Cambridge and he wrote his stories from the information he was given.


Richard:  Alan Watt, is the website. We’re just about ready for another time out. News is next. In 24 hours it's where we turn our news through. On the other side Alan Watt and your calls at 416-870-6400, *640 on cell. I want to talk about the conspiracy in terms of how people like to use labels like the left versus the right, the Democrat versus the Republican, but we’ll find out that that's really folly when we come back. There is no left. There is no right. The Richard Syrett Show coming at you on AM640 Toronto radio.


You know every week on the program the show starts with a clip from my favorite movie “Network” where this shadowy figure played by Ned Beatty is dressing down Howard Beale, Peter Finch’s character, and he tells Finch "you’re an old man. You think in terms of nations and people. There are no nations. There are no people. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems. One vast and immane interwoven, interactive, multifarious, multinational dominion of dollars," and he tells Beale, "you know you get up on your little 21-inch screen and you howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There’s only IBM, and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow and Union Carbide. Those are the nations of the world today. What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state? Karl Marx? Ha." That pretty well sums it up, doesn’t it, Alan, in terms of those of us who think in terms of left and right, and them and us, and the third-world and the United States. We’re old men. The world doesn’t work that way. There is no West. There is no left and right.


Alan:  Yes, that’s a fact and H.G. Wells did write more non-fiction books than he wrote fictional books and in one of his books he called it “The Open Conspiracy,” meaning you could find the works if you went to the library in fact and he outlined the whole plan for a world society, a centralized government and a planned society run by experts and basically a breeding program. His favorite author again was Plato. It was the first book that he ever read and he reread it many times through his life. See, Plato said that the “its”. The “its” were the common people. They would be interbred specifically for the types of jobs they had to do and he said, look at the animals. He said, we can domesticate the animals, and if we want a particular dog for hunting, he won’t be too aggressive but he’ll be a good hunter. He says, we can do the same with people. We can marry a specific type male with a tall woman if we want apple pickers; and squat guys with little short wives too, and you’ll breed offspring, they’ll be miners; and they can even breed in and out any aggressive or passive qualities just like they do with dogs. They understood eugenics and breeding thousands of years ago.



Richard:  But in order to achieve this you’ve got to control the masses, lest they rebel. You’ve got to placate them and create this illusion that they actually have free will, that they can vote between a left and a right. Talk to me about why this is an illusion and that elections are a complete fraud.


Alan:  The British government when it transitioned from a feudal system over to the democratic system and democracy has never truly had a fixed meaning because the first democracy in England for instance was for the large landowners only and that they were generally members of the aristocracy or related to royalty. It evolved from there but they found that people or serfs would rebel and become disgruntled every four or five years and it could lead to rebellion, so they came up with the idea of telling you you were free and giving you sides to join, parties, and that way we think every five years we can change the system for the better. We don’t really vote the new guys in. We vote the last bunch out, we’re so sick of them. That’s how it works.


Richard:  And often during an election, whether it’s the Democrats or the Republicans, or here in Canada the Conservatives and the Liberals, they appear to be at loggerheads, diametrically opposed philosophically, very, very different, but once they’re elected for example here in Ontario we had an NDP government back in the old Ray days and it’s doing things that you might expect maybe from a conservative government. Or you have a conservative government doing things that just seem quite socialistic, so the idea of a left and a right I mean it is very – it’s an illusion, isn’t it? It's one party.


Alan:  It placates the people. They tend never to change parties either – the voters. They stick to something that their dad stuck with, according to the class you’re born in, and yes we do have classes you know, it’s never discussed much but we do, and this is the game that’s played on and off. However, H.G. Wells when the League of Nations was first formed put out a book about it and he said this is the end really of the ‘Old System’ of politics. He said it will survive for many years to come, simply to keep the people controlled, but in reality we now have world government because all policy will come from the League of Nations – which turned into the United Nations.


Today, you’ll find all policies are rubber stamped by Prime Ministers to do with the environment and various other things, right down to your plumbing codes and electrical codes and building codes, septic codes, all come from the United Nations because THEY HAVE A DUPLICATE BUREAUCRACY for EVERYTHING a NATION HAS.


Richard:  And these soap salesmen, the people that are presumably our leaders but really that’s what they are. They’re soap salesmen. Talk to me about how they are selected and groomed from a very early age. For example, take a guy like Bill Clinton: comes from very humble beginnings, ends up a Rhodes Scholar, supposedly a dyed-in-the-wool democrat, but I heard a rumor that as a child he spent some time at Kennebunkport with the Bush family.


Alan:  He did, he was well connected and it’s kind of a vague history we get about him. We know who his mother was. She was a high society woman who went around to the best parties on the planet. Maybe in the mystery religions you might call her a ‘Dolly’ as Benjamin Franklin called them. There were carriers of specific genes. Who the father was, was sort of left to speculation. Although, when you see pictures of a young Rockefeller in a side photograph, they look very much the same. So I wouldn’t be surprised.

Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University, who was attached to the U.S. government as an advisor for foreign diplomats and also he was a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, he chose Bill Clinton to be a Rhode Scholar and recommended him and pushed him forward.


Richard:  Carroll Quigley’s book “Tragedy & Hope,” would you consider that probably the most important–if you had to recommend one book for someone to really understand. Is that for you the bible?


Alan:  No, I’d say the other one was, “The Anglo-American Establishment,” because in there he takes the – he was the historian for the CFR, which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Commonwealth countries have Institutes of International Affairs. We have the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and so it’s all like a global system of big powerful people behind the scenes who are non-elected throughout the world who belong to these societies. And from his records (the historical records of that council) he gives you an alternate version of history starting around the 1500's; and I’d agree with that, too, from my own studies. That’s when the push was on for a world society to be based basically or loosely on the British system; although they knew at the time they’d have to hand the torch over to America to take over later on. Quigley documents a lot of that in “The Anglo-American Establishment.”  It’s worth the read.


Richard:  All right. Alan Watt, Excuse me. Let me grab some calls here while time permits and we’ll start with Vincent. Vincent, you’re on the air. Welcome to AM640.


Vincent:  Hi. Welcome sir.


Richard:  Let me try switching here. What did I do here? Let's try this. Alan - Vincent, sorry go ahead.


Vincent:  Thanks for taking my call.


Richard:  You’re on the line with Alan Watt.


Vincent:  Okay. I just want to ask a pretty simple question. Based on what we’re seeing on the diplomatic relations between the Iranians and the Americans, I’m just wondering do you guys think or have any idea if the Americans will attack the Iranians because of the nuclear programs and what we will see in terms of starting a global conflict? 


Richard:  Alan, you want to handle that one?


Alan:  I think that will be used as an excuse for sure and it may be Iran has already been set up for that. The leader of Iran said some amazing things when the biggest army on the planet was next door.


Richard:  Like he was sent down from central casting.


Alan:  He’d be a member of the high brotherhood, I’m sure, because the Iranian people were shaking in their boots each time he opened his mouth and I’m positive the man is one of the higher brotherhood. Remember too, the assassins that were a branch of this high group had their origins in the Middle East and they're still there today.


Richard:  Thanks for the call, Vincent. I once heard or read that there’s an old saying, look under the robe of any mullah and you’ll find a union jack. Can you expand on that a little bit?


Alan:  You’ll find that Lawrence of Arabia who was sent over – he was trained at Cambridge for his role in life with many others from there and sent out as an agent to the Middle East to start off newspapers for propaganda purposes and then they would hire hundreds of locals to go around the bizzares and the coffee places and listen to the men discuss the stories in the papers to see if they were having an effect. They were also there to try and bribe the top men and win them over to the world empire idea that Britain had at the time, but to keep it secret from the people they led.


Richard:  Vincent’s – I guess the central question was concern for nuclear war breaking out with Iran and the United States and I go back to the Network dialogue, “there are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There is no West.” In other words, this rhetoric, this saber rattling is just that, correct? We’re not going to go to war with the Chinese.


Alan:  No.


Richard:  We’re not going to go to war with the Russians or the Iranians.


Alan:  Fear and terror is being used at the moment on the populations worldwide. I was talking to someone from Norway recently and they told me – and I’ve been, I lived there for a while and nothing happens in Norway, and yet they have the same anti-terrorist bills as every other country has put into place and they’re saying why are we affected with this. Everyone’s being terrorized by their own governments at what’s coming down here, supposedly because of 9/11, and the measures they’re taking are so extreme. They’re beyond what they used in WWII. They want us all ID’d with the new ID card and they’ve published that in the papers and you’re right. There are no countries or borders or anything. The idea is to change the world and the whole culture as well. Culture creation is part of the old strategy. They give us cultures and they then destroy them when they’re giving us a new one.


Richard:  It’s all sort of top down culture. It’s like pabulum, which I guess brings us around to the Tavistock Institute and the Beatles, Project Aquarius, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, psychological warfare experiments. There’s so much to discuss, Alan. If you can stay put, we’ll take a timeout, come back and drill down into that. The Richard Show back with more in a moment on AM640 Toronto radio.


And we’re cutting through the matrix, Alan Watt, and the website of the same name, About 160 years ago in “Das Kapital” Karl Marx wrote about how the world would evolve into three major trading blocks. You would have Europe. You would have North America or the Americas, I guess, which includes Central and South America, and you would have the Pacific Rim. And Alan, you bore witness or at least prophesied about the unification of Europe before that actually happened and now of course we’re well on that road here in North America.


Talk to me a little bit about how the illegal immigration is being used to achieve the creation of one vast trading block called North America?


Alan:  We’re seeing it now with the southern states and Mexico.


Richard:  Let me stop you there, Alan, because we had your mike down. I’m just going to get you to start from the top. Sorry about that.


Alan:  We saw it start recently with Mexico and again they make a big hullabaloo about it now years after it’s been going on and you’ll find that this was written about too back in the 1990's by high-placed people in Europe like Jacques Attali. He wrote “Millennium” and Jacques Attali was basically the Kissinger of Europe. He spearheaded the union and he said that the next one to go would be the American unification and that it will begin with the borders coming down between the U.S. and Mexico. He said there'll be pandemonium at first as floods come in of immigrants and people from south of Mexico too, and they are coming through, and he says also there’ll be gangs coming up causing mayhem and this will cause trouble for a while, but eventually out of the chaos it will bring in their own type of new order over the whole of the Americas. It’s to be a whole new system when this is over and done with and of course the chaos creation is all part of it.


Richard:  The chaos creation which is sort of a Hegelian dialectic or you have basically two seemingly opposing factions, but in reality it’s just one with the illusion of two opposing factions clashing and creating the disease in order to offer the cure.


Alan:  In fact, there’s a big movement that was underway years ago in Mexico and that’s spearheading the moving in to southern U.S. and they call themselves “The Race” and a whole philosophy and history has been created over the last 50 years for them to believe in that it’s their right to do so. You find that HIGH MEMBERS OF THESE PEOPLE ARE FUNDED BY THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION. They fund all of these different groups. Now this falls right into place when we see Dodd’s Commission that went on in the U.S. back in the ‘50's where the Reese Commission – Senator Dodd was sent to the Ford and Carnegie Foundations; these big foundations are primal in the changes that take place.


Richard:  They were very open and admitted what they did to Dodd. They basically said yeah we’re here to merge the United States with the Soviet system.


Alan:  I think primarily because people wouldn’t believe them. People would not believe it.


Richard:  You know that’s true. The big conspiracy–it is an open conspiracy and it’s protected by public incredulity.


Alan:  Yes, and you find the same technique of creating philanthropists, multimillionaire or even billionaire philanthropists, going back all the way to the Rothschild’s in England and when the Weishaupt scandal broke out in Bavaria it was published in Britain and especially in France. They wrote the histories of the Illuminati and they said beware of philanthropists because through philanthropists they will create organizations which will appear to speak on behalf of the public or demand laws be changed but in reality will be guided by the top, and that’s what we’re seeing today. All these big NGOs that are pushing for law changes from all directions, they’re not little grass roots organizations.


Many of the followers are, but the ones who guide them at the top have their own office block sometimes and they have all their computers and THEY HAVE PENSION SCHEMES and so on. These are well-financed organizations. They’re not grass roots at all and then when we compare that to the Soviet system (and Soviet meant run by councils or government by councils), the Politburo appointed leaders to NGOs and of course these leaders would demand on behalf of the public that these laws be changed, and of course the government was only too happy to oblige. This is the same system that’s going on here today.


Richard:  Well this attempt I guess is successful almost complete to merge the–and make no mistake. The Soviet system didn’t die with the Berlin Wall.


Alan:  No.


Richard:  But this merging of the United States or the West with the Soviets to turn us into a collectivist state, this is a perfect example of this illusion of East versus West, the Cold War. I mean when Reagan was calling the Soviet Union “the evil empire” we were propping them up with billions and billions of dollars. It was like we were holding up a punch-drunk fighter that was ready to collapse but we had to go the full 12 rounds.


Alan:  Yes, and the history records show this. It’s not too hard to find that Britain and America and Canada basically started or funded the Bolshevik Revolution. We fed them all the way through the Soviet system too. You had farmers fighting over the grain shipments to Russia and the big handouts from the Canadian government. We fed them all the way through their whole existence. They couldn’t even feed themselves. The supposed arch-enemy of everything that you stood for has been feed by us.


Richard:  And before Gorbachev announced Glasnost and Perestroika, long before he left office, he had set up an office I believe in San Francisco.


Alan:  That’s right. He actually was licensed for it while he was still the President of the Soviet Union.


Richard:  And this guy was supposedly the arch-enemy.


Alan:  Then Margaret Thatcher tours him across Europe. I think she even brought him to America as well and all you saw in the papers at the time was all these glowing reports about how trendy he was in his nice, new, clean-cut tailor-made suits and how his wife looked; and then about two years later it was admitted in the press that they had signed an agreement not to ask any political questions. The whole idea was to build him up in the West so that the West would like him and they did a survey in the U.S. actually after they went through this propaganda spiel with him and his wife and how wonderful he was, and they found that 60-odd percent or 70% of the public would actually vote for him if he was here.


Richard:  Alan, can I get you to hang on?


Alan:  Yes.


Richard:  Okay, I hope I’m not interfering with any other of your plans.


Alan:  No.


Richard:  If we could get you to hold on after the news we’ll continue this discussion. I don’t know about you but I’m learning a whole lot and I’m enjoying myself immensely. Hope you are as well. If you want to get onboard 416-870-6400, The Richard Syrett Show with Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix on 640 Toronto Radio.




“But you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life. That there’s something wrong in the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there like a splinter in your mind driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about? The Matrix?”


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” The Richard Syrett Show on AM640 Toronto Radio.


Welcome back. I was just in communication via the email with the dinosaur hunter, Bill Gibbons. He will not be with us tonight. However, he does have a new phone number and has his telephone situation up and running but he will be with us next week. He is a regular contributor to the program. Also, I should let you know for those who follow some of the regulars on the program, Barry Chamish, one of the foremost Rabin assassination researchers and a rogue investigative reporter, journalist, recently on the program after recovering from a mild stroke, well he is in the hospital again for some 23 days after he claims an attempt on his life was involved in a head-on collision with a car and is planning to get the hell out of Israel with I believe his children and tells me he’s thinking about moving to Toronto or will be moving to Toronto. He’ll be on the program perhaps next week to talk about that chilling development. They’re after Barry. Whoever they are, we’ll find out. All right, Alan Watt stays with us. He has a website: Alan, let's grab a quick call here before we continue along with our conversation. We welcome Mark to 640. Hello Mark?


Mark:  Hello gentlemen. Thank you very much for a great show. My question is: what role do you think the Catholic Church has played in the one Europe scenario that’s being played out now in Europe and religion in general also throughout the ages? Thank you.


Richard:  All right, Alan. Did you hear that okay?


Alan:  Yes. I have a take on all religions which is a bit different from the usual, but I really think they all came from the same source and what staggered me was the Catholic Church was – Catholic means “universal,” to begin with, and even in the feudal times they saw their world as one world at that time. Their architecture is so incredibly full of mystery religions symbology, which is kept from the public, and I was also staggered to find out that the color-coding of the Pope right down to the local priests is Pythagorean. You find the different Orders going up to the Curia, so I think within all churches there’s also – like Albert Pike stated, he said, “there’s an esoteric side to them which most people don’t realize,” and that’s the same with every religion.


Richard:  So a secret society, a secret religion masquerading as something entirely different. Now this esoteric knowledge, this comes from ancient civilizations predating ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, this esoteric knowledge. We just had a report of course of this major earthquake in Indonesia. Does this esoteric knowledge include the power to create and destroy or to create earthquakes et cetera?


Alan:  Yes, that’s in the treaty they signed with the United Nations in about was ’78 I think it was. They signed a treaty on the HAARP type technology electromagnetic pulse and they have I think 54 bases worldwide. One’s in Alaska and they bounce tremendous forces off the ionosphere and they can hit anywhere on the planet with them. In the treaty it said that they promise not to use it to create earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts or floods. It can cause all those effects.


Richard:  Why would they put that in the treaty if they weren’t capable of doing that?


Alan:  Well exactly and they did because it’s old technology really. It goes way back. In fact, Tesla stopped his experiments on that because he was afraid that they could superheat the atmosphere to such an extent that it would literally explode.


Richard:  So the HAARP technology that I know of in the Cooper Valley in Alaska – many of us are familiar with that installation. A huge installation of radio towers up there. But what else are they using it for? Are they using it for mind control purposes? How would that work?


Alan:  That’s also part of it. They tested it out on the people of Maine a few years back and the police were in on it; the military of course. The hospital supervisors were in on it. They were to report all affects it had on the public and they found that by altering the frequencies they could cause tremendous mood swings from deep depression – they had the highest amount of suicides they’d ever had before during that phase. Then they turned it to a different frequency and it caused aggression amongst people, drivers, domestic squabbles skyrocketed and even domesticated animals that were very tame and happy became violent. That’s an easy thing to cause by putting on a secondary signal on top of the carrier signal basically. Mood swings and alternations are very easy to affect with it. The British newspapers did admit that it was used in the first Gulf War on all those soldiers you saw coming up looking very stunned, thousands of them, very, very stunned, almost hypnotized. They said that they’d used them on those people there.


Richard:  Is there a connection between HAARP and chemtrails?


Alan: Yes. I think it was Heller who came across with the H-bomb was the first one to write about the use of metallic particles in the atmosphere to make it more conducive to electricity. Make it almost like a circuit you might say.


Richard:  That would explain the aluminum oxide.


Alan:  Yes, and barium. He suggested aluminum oxide, barium, titanium and copper. I’ve got a report here that was done in the States because my dog was eating the snow last year and it was in the final thaw so you had concentrated snow there down to a few inches and she wasn’t the only one. Different people had dogs too that died after eating the snow.


Richard:  And there was a great deal of illness up in Espanola.


Alan:  Yes, and that went all the way to the Supreme Court.


Richard: And so the idea is by spreading these aluminum, barium, titanium particulates in the atmosphere, then the electromagnetic pulse frequency of HAARP acts upon that?


Alan:  It does and the thing is, too, you see this stuff gets into all your food because the plants soak it up and it gets into your water supply and we drink it and we eat the food. We’re taking big quantities of this in and we’re becoming walking antennas you know. That’s something we should always remember. Now they can pulse away with their HAARP, which they’ve been doing steadily on a daily basis for the last three or four years now. You can pick them up on about four stations with a shortband.


Richard:  I here from you know those, what do they call them, DXers, that have shortwave radio bands. They can detect when HAARP has been turned on. Speaking of shortwave radio and I know you’ve done some shortwave radio. Some consider that sort of a last bastion of free thought. Interesting email from a listener here, Jimmy Tango, who actually was one of the people that really wanted me to get you on and I want to read a question here. Ryan, do I have time for this? Okay.


Jimmy writes:  Alan likes to speak of the shortwave superstars. Those people who he believes have been given to us by the New World Order to placate our search for the truth and steer us in the direction they want us to go.  So Jimmy’s question is: Now that, Alan, you’ve been on Coast to Coast and the Artic Beacon Radio Show and Patriot Radio Network among others, how are we to know that you’re not part of the Illuminati plan?


Alan:  Well, basically I don’t have any funding from any big organizations. I have no staff and I definitely am not in contact with some of the superstars that they all know.


Richard:  Is that how it works though that Alex Jones has created an order to create the illusion that in other words to placate—


Alan:  It’s always been like that. In fact, Albert Pike said, “whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him,” and this is another part of the technique they’ve done all down through the ages. They always give us our leaders, the piped pipers, and they lead us in circles and they always lead us to an ending we never suspected.


Richard:  But some of them are legit, are they not? I mean Alex Jones – New World Order?


Alan:  A technique of control is to terrify the public. If you listen to maybe 10 or 15 minutes, you'll be underneath your kitchen table quivering with fear because he’ll hit you like a machine gun.


Richard:  Oh yeah, he talks about American gulags—


Alan:  In 15 minutes he’s hit about 50 different things out to you.


Richard:  There is a lot to be fearful of, is there not?


Alan:  There’s fearful but there’s a way of presentation that in Tavistock they found the same techniques to be used in the First World War. That’s why Tavistock was set up and they used these techniques over the BBC Radio to terrify the public. The CFR or the Royal Institute of International Affairs used it to do the build up of WWII and they had these people on who talked rapid-fire and they would hit you with all these coming scenarios that Hitler was going to do to you. Carroll Quigley mentions that in his book “The Anglo-American Establishment” that the CFR and Royal Institutes met about five years before WWII. They were the big newspaper boys. They owned the newspapers and they decided at that meeting to terrorize the public so that when the war started the public would give a sigh of relief that something was actually happening.


Richard:  Okay, we’ll take a timeout. I do want to talk about the Tavistock Institute. It’s a fascinating area. I also want to ask him, he says, how do I know I’m not a useful fool for the New World Order? People often ask me if there’s really a conspiracy out there, why do they allow people like you on the air? You know what? I don’t really have an answer for them. Perhaps Alan Watt does and we’ll get to that when the Richard Syrett Show continues on AM640 Toronto Radio.


Am I a useful fool for the New World Order? Why is this program on the air? Why am I not doing an Internet-only radio station or on shortwave radio? This is owned by a publicly traded company, this radio station. It’s a big company. Maybe some of the Board of Directors have a secret handshake. Why am I on the air, Alan Watt? Why am I allowed to be on the air? Am I a useful fool?


Alan:  I don’t know what other shows you normally do. It will depend if you mix it up with the New Age, because what I’ve found is that when you’re trying to tell people what’s really happening you’re in a circus of the New Age. One of the shows I was on, in fact, two days after me they had a guy, I kid you not, he sold helmets that would guarantee you were not abducted by aliens. You're sort of put into that category where nothing is real anymore, so it’s diffused.


Richard:  Well I mean I have to admit. I do a pretty broad show in terms of–I mean it’s mainly about conspiracies. I touch on the paranormal and I ask people about their experiences. I reserve judgment on a lot of this stuff. I don’t consider myself to be an authority on any of these things. I’m more of a conduit and I’m giving – and outer space, part of the programming is about entertainment. There is an attempt to search for some objective truth. I don’t pretend to know what that is entirely. I have some very strong suspicions that you know–well, more than that, I’m convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. But when it comes to UFOs or life-after-death visitations, these sorts of things, I reserve judgment. So I don’t know. Where does that place me?


Alan:  I don’t know how heavily you go into it because some of them – well, quite some of the big ones, in fact, is primarily all New Age. Once in a while they’ll get a guy like me on, and I’m just one little voice in the wilderness amongst all of the channelers and space aliens, et cetera, so it becomes bizarre.


Richard:  One discredits the other.


Alan:  Yes it does. Because all you’re trying to do is tell them what’s really going on in the world. Now I’m not saying there’s not things beyond all of this, but I know the purpose of the whole New Age. I’ve studied that closely from its beginnings when they said they would push it, and they certainly did push it, and now it’s everywhere. It’s a new type of religion for a new type of society and even Gorbachev remarked on it in his book “Towards a New Beginning.” He said that “I am an atheist, he said, but I am helping to create a new world religion which is based on earth worship.”


Richard:  All right, lets go back to the phones and we welcome John to AM640. John?


John:  Hi.


Richard:  You’re on the line with Alan Watt. Go ahead.


John:  Yes. On the person that emailed the comment or the question whatever about Alex Jones about placating towards the New World Order, I was going to say about that. I know Alex Jones. A lot of his stuff I mean he shows you even like mainstream documentation to backup his stuff. Now when he goes into for example stuff about showing about all the different freedoms being lost in particular right now in the U.S., well that I’m thinking could be like useful for the Illuminati even because if people eventually wake up, say, in the U.S., and see a bunch of freedoms being lost and that helps bring down that government, which is a puppet government with the ultimate puppeteers over top anyways, plus the fact that the New World Order plan calls for the U.S. to fall for the rise of the New World Order, so people waking up to freedoms, they’re being lost anyways, falling helps the rise of the one world government–the New World Order. Since that phoenix falling and then the new base coming out of ashes, and that’s part of their plan, that could help us there. Also there is – when Alex Jones talks about the founding fathers, he talks about them as if they were signing in freedom; when I think they were probably just playing a game to be able set up a vehicle for the Illuminati to use to bring on their New World Order and in order to do that they had to put up like this Constitution to be able to get it going. So I guess basically those are my couple of comments.


Richard:  Alan, do you want to reply to that?


Alan:  What is interesting – see, the United States was created to do exactly what it’s doing today. The Novus Ordo Seclorum, the new earthly or secular order or worldly order, and Benjamin Franklin in his own memoirs and Thomas Jefferson wrote about this. They said that “this would be the beginning of a federation of world states, which would eventually be under one single world government run by 12 wise men” and they wrote that themselves. So I really do believe that was the function of the United States and an interesting thing too is to find that Rudyard Kipling, one of the highest Masons who again was a front man for the British government, he came over to the United States and that was the first time he read his poem to do with “The White Man’s Burden” and he said, “we pass the torch on to you.” The U.S. was designed to take over from Britain.


Richard:  Once you talk about it passing the torch from Britain to the United States and now it seems that the script has the United States destined to collapse once it completes its mission or perhaps spread "democracy" so-called to the Middle East et cetera and then hand the torch to whom?


Alan:  Well, from the Council on Foreign Relations meetings and The Royal Institute of International Affairs, I have their books going back to 1930's. The one held in Australia in 1938 they said that after this war they would work fervently towards the three-part trading block and that they would build China up to be the leader of industry for the world. They also said that America will lead the rest of the 20th Century as the policemen of the world. They’ll have a few major battles. They’ll win some, lose some, and then rally, but then they’ll fall and then China will take over as the policemen of the world. That’s from their own official books.


Richard:  I mean again you have this saber rattling, the United States and China; meanwhile of course the biggest corporation in the world, Wal-Mart, virtually all the manufacturing is done over there in China. You had Clinton in the Whitehouse having dinner constantly with the Chief of the Secret Police. All of this technology supposedly being stolen was actually given to the Chinese, so it’s basically the Cold War all over again. It’s a complete fraud.


Alan:  It’s a fraud, total fraud.


Richard:  All right, Alan, I don’t want to abuse the privilege. We’re going to say goodnight here, but I would love to have you on again if you’re up for that.


Alan:  I am, yes.


Richard:  All right. Let me draw people's attention once again to the website. In thirty seconds or less, what’s next for Alan Watt?


Alan:  A video on the occult and how it all ties into this, secret societies and the proof of their agenda going back in history.


Richard:  Will that be available on the website?


Alan:  It will within the next two or three weeks.


Richard:  Okay. Until next time, Alan, a real privilege and pleasure.


Alan:  It’s a pleasure for me.


Richard:  Okay, thank you and goodnight.


Alan:  Bye now.


Richard:  The news is next and when we come back we’ll open up the lines far and wide 416-870-6400. Just about anything goes on The Richard Syrett Show AM640 Toronto Radio.



(Transcribed by Linda)