March 29, 2006




Rollye: This is the Rollye James Show. So Iím watching TV last night and a couple of people in Los Angeles were just stunned that their property could be taken through eminent domain for a hotel and I say to myself where the hell were you when this was a Supreme Court issue two months ago, and I bring this up only because we think that people are aware. Theyíre blissfully unaware and frankly they want to keep it that way until the wolf is at their door, which brings us to illegal immigration and then whatís going on in Congress and you look at how that vote went in the Judiciary Committee and what theyíre discussing right now in our government halls and you say to yourself, Iíve got to be missing something. Thereís got to be a bigger picture here and of course I always go right to conspiracy, and boy, have we got the grand unified conspiracy tonight. Youíre going to love this, but one thing weíve been talking about off the air and weíll talk more about it tomorrow is Ė you know you had half a million people in Los Angeles and a lot of the drivers have been saying what can we do, so Iíve been thinking about maybe having the mother trucking SOB rally secure our borders but I havenít figured out how exactly yet, so weíll talk more about that and maybe get Mozo and Nimo if theyíre interested in on this, but weíll confer tomorrow night, but for now I think the bigger question still is and John asks this all the time when heís screening your calls and listening to all this.

He comes and he says to me, well why would they do that in all sincerity, because after all, when youíre talking about eliminating the borders and when youíre talking about clearly ignoring the rule of law, you say thereís got to be a bigger picture; and so it was that Butch in Missouri said have I got the guy for you, and boy was he right. You can check out a website. Here you go:, just like it sounds, and Iíll put a link to it on my site as well and then youíll know all about Alan Watt, but in the meantime, meet him. Hello Alan.

Alan: Hello.

Rollye: Iím delighted youíve chosen to join us.

Alan: Always. It was very nice to have the offer.

Rollye: And you know itís interesting because as I was just saying and I think itís true. Most people who start to study whatís happening government-wise start to think that thereís got to be a bigger picture Iím missing and this is where you come in; because I understand youíve spent a lot of time studying it start to finish.

Alan: Yes, I have.

Rollye: Today we see some of the symptoms but we can look at the Council on Foreign Relations or the Bilderbergís or all these kinds of things, but we can wonder why we have a Federal Reserve and why it isnít federal nor a reserve; but lets go back to Ė well, I donít whether to start at the beginning or whether to ask you right off whatís behind this push to eliminate our borders, so whatís your preference?

Alan: Okay. The first reference to a World Order was made by John Dee who was the official advisor to Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500's and this man coined the phrase or the term the ĎBritish Empireí. He was the first one to suggest the term, the name and what he suggested was that a world system be set up through trade initially, which would then bind laws together to do with trade, and since everything runs on economics, then ultimately they would standardize the same cultural system throughout the world. This went into action actually very early on with the British East India Company, which was not only in India Ė they went into India initially, which was a conglomerate of small princedoms, they armed certain people. They put provocateurs in. They had them all fighting each other and then Britain came into to save the day saying you canít go on like this, you see, we have to have peace, so Britain bestowed peace by taking over the country. That was the way it was done.

Rollye: This is so funny that youíre saying this of course because they havenít changed their tactics one iota and they give us globalism. A few things like NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO and of course weíre held then to fix the world through going and attacking countries; but interesting, the 1500's, I thought we were practically go back to Adam. Now in the 1500's, I would assume at that time most places were still kingdoms?

Alan: Yes. There was a lot of small princedoms, kingdoms, really, families that built up and taken over a certain area. Small kingdoms really, but yes, in India of course theyíve been run for such a long time by the Aryans they call themselves that moved in maybe 1,000 BC and took over from the Dravidian people who lived there. They were a caste system really, the Aryans, of pure bloods and over a period of time they were actually forbidden to interbreed with the darker peoples. Thatís why today because of the gradual interbreeding of this elite you have the actual caste system of India, right down to the "untouchables" at the bottom who are trained thatís your place; and they gave them a religion which backed all of this up, called "reincarnation," to make sure that, well, you were born this way. Itís your karma so just be a slave, you see.

Rollye: Right and youíll get the next time to maybe be a prince. So thatís interesting and of course I was just reading recently that the caste system which is still alive and well theyíre finally removing the sanctions from intermarrying in the castes. So thatís to this day there. It probably wasnít hard to rile up the troops as you say to arm them; and isnít that a chilling thought to cause uprisings to where Britain would have to go save the day?

Alan: Thatís right and once Britain had taken over parts of India they would then make regiments of those Indians they could recruit into the Sepoy regiments all Indian and the Sikhs and then use them against non-Sikhs another province, you see. That was the technique of using Ė and this same technique was used by the Romans.

Rollye: Earlier really.

Alan: Yes, because the Romans that came into England most of the troops they recruited from Germany, the Albani tribe, and thatís the ones they used to come into England, so it keeps the heat off the Ďreal power behind the throneí you might say by the people fighting Albaniís or Germany and leaving Rome alone. Itís quite the technique and so the internal strife in India, for instance, was directed against tribes and eventually at each other and they forgot that Britain was behind it all.

Rollye: Right, right and Britain could come out like the white knight saving the day from the Ė well now of course whatís chilling about that is what we have right now with the illegal immigrants weíre talking about legalizing and all that. It makes you wonder whether weíre setting up class warfare in America.

Alan: You are and itís been written about in fact by the boys who helped to sign it. I suggest your readers can find Ė if they can find a copy of this book. Itís by the French "Kissinger." He was called Jacques Attali, which is A-T-T-A-L-I, and Jacques is J-A-C-Q-U-E-S, and he really was the prime Kissinger mover behind the European Union. He eventually worked for the United Nations. The title of his book was called, "Millennium," the subtitle was called, "Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order," published in 1990 and he knew the whole format.

He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was a member of the Bilderbergers. A member of the Trilateral Commission. All the United Nations top level security clearance and so on. He said that now that Britain has basically been almost unified. It wasnít completely unified when he wrote the book, he said, "the next one to go will be America," and he said, "the borders must come down and will come down under free trade", the guise of free trade. However, when you study this agenda of free trade, let's say going back to the 1500's by John Dee who first started it, itís not just free trade and this is written into the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas and NAFTA. Itís a free flow of goods Ė now itís authorized goods only. In other words, itís not for everyone but also it says and "the free flow of labor between countries," you see.

Now Jacques Attali goes on to say that thereíll be chaos for a while in America and he said that initially the gangs will come up from South America, similar to the Huns who invaded Rome and brought it down.

Rollye: Thatís happened with MS13 big time.

Alan: Yes and then he says this will cause a backlash on America who will demand that something be done about it. The military will then step in. The politicians get in on the act and of course down comes the borders and you find you have a brand new continent.

Rollye: Now of course, the CFR has been, as you probably well know, very open lately about saying that the borders of America and Canada or United States and Canada and United States and Mexico will be down by 2010. Do you think theyíll make it?

Alan: Yes, they will make it because last year on the Canadian National Television, which is called the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), last March, I think it was the 27th during the Terri Schiavo thing, which was really hyped up to get everybody involved in this emotive controversy, there was a three minute agreement Ė signed in agreement shown on our television, of President Bush, Prime Minister Martin of Canada and Vicente Fox signing the Unification of the Americas deal.

Rollye: Right and you know I mentioned that. Every time they go for it. Youíre absolutely right. An emotional hot button, be it some abortion issue or Terri Schiavo or anything that causes peoples heartstrings to tug. Right now, I love the way on television here - you probably donít have it as much there, but this Natalie Holloway disappearance in Aruba. Itís every minute. You know youíd think she was Karen Halmoga or something. That was going on up there where everybodyís glued to the screen and things are passing behind our back.

Alan: Yes, thatís right. I knew when Terri Schiavo was being built up because they pulled this out the back a year before and yet they hadnít killed her then, so they kept it on hold for another year, brought it up at the right time and then showed us this two or three minute clip. I taped it. I had my tape ready for it on television and I got the part where a reporter for Global Television stood up in front of the three "Amigos" they call them and he said, "this sounds like the unification of Europe. Is it the same thing?" and Paul Martin said, "well, itís not quite the Big Bang," meaning the whole thing. Then George Bush stepped in he couldnít help himself and he said, "well, whatís wrong with that? Whatís wrong with free trade and free movements of people" and freethis and all that, you see, and so it is the unification; that's five more meetings to sign the agreements last year and itís a done deal.

Rollye: And so do they have a date on it?

Alan: They want it done basically by 2010.

Rollye: Right, but no specific date for the ribbon cutting ceremony?

Alan: No. Theyíre keeping the pulse on the people to see how dumbed down and distracted we are.

Rollye: Right and right now thereís a little blip on the landscape here because there are significant numbers of people who are aghast at what the Senate put forth and you know I think to an extent Vicente Fox has overplayed his hand because his minions were the ones who were saying that our Senate would not be so fool hearty to listen to the voters as the House did.So I think in his best interests he could have saved that comment because now of course thereís a number of us who are intently staring at the Senate and theyíve rolled over completely on us.

Alan: Iím not surprised. Iíve listened to the Senate speech that was given by a British Ė actually he was the head of the Knights Templar Association of London and his name was James Goldsmith, Sir James Goldsmith and he went over and he gave a Ė itís interesting that these guys can walk on to the Senate floor as an equal member because itís a Masonic type floor. He gave a tremendous speech, which I also have a tape of, and he said quite openly, he says, look, I was for a unification of Europe all along until I realized what the real agenda behind it, and he said, itís not good for the people. Thereíll be no semblance of sovereignty whatsoever. He said when the new Parliament takes over, you through the NAFTA deal will go the same way. He mentioned all the job losses, the chaos of emigrants flooding into Britain and different countries and as a tremendous Ė this was a true orator, this man, trained, and yet the Senators, you hear different replies from different ones, all agreeing with him and yet they went and all voted for it, for the same deal.

Rollye: Yes, right. Theyíre giving it lip service and all that and of course you can ask anyone in Great Britain right now, I mean like individuals who have been arrested by selling things by the pound rather than by the metric, you know itís insanity and of course thatís real small stuff compared to the totalitarianism that is falling into place. Alan Watt is with us. He has researched this, as you can tell, from the 1500's. I want to pick up more historically and interweave it with where we are right now because you have been saying thereís got to be more than meets the eye. Youíre about to find out that, oh yeah.

All right, Alan Watt is with us and weíll be all night kind enough to visit and hopefully fill us in enough of the behind the scenes of stuff. You can check out his website: and itís worth seeing. All right, so 1500 hereís John Dee. He gets this idea and we see exactly whatís happening with the British East India Company. Now after him what comes next?

Alan: Then they went into action right away basically forming the British East India Company, which was mainly consisted of royalty and nobility and the aristocracy who had shares in it. What they wanted to do was set up a future world including the Americas where they would train their own leaders and Elijah Yale who was one of the founding members of the British East India Company that needed the money for the Americas to set up the university there--

Rollye: Thatís Yale University?

Alan: He said from there our future leaders will be taught this "Great Work," this system. They call it the Great Work and he says with this system to come all the leaders would come from there and those who were initiated would be pushing the "Agenda" forward generation by generation.

Rollye: Kind of brings us to Skull and Bones, doesnít it?

Alan: Yes it does.

Rollye: Thatís exactly Yale University and isnít it interesting that there are so many shall we say coincidences, not hardly, and so itís also interesting that in the 1500's theyíre already looking toward the Americas when they really hadnít even been there for the most part, but theyíre eyeing it I guess because itís not heavily populated and not heavily colonized at that point.

Alan: Thatís right.

Rollye: Interesting. All right, so weíve got Alan Watt and weíll pick it up there and weíve got a whole night of this and so Yale is already in the picture and weíre only a half hour into the show. All right, you bet the Council of Foreign Relations is coming and everything else, so yes it absolutely ties into whatís going into the Senate and the question becomes is there anything that anyone can do about it at this point, and I guarantee you weíll get there to coming up tonight right here on the Rollye James Show.

Yes, weíve got a lot of questions and weíre getting answers tonight from Alan Watt. He is the author of the "Cutting Through" series and you can find them on his website We talked about the genesis of Ė at least the modern day's conspiracies if you will from the 1500's and we got to Elijah Yale and Skull and Bones obviously came from that. So clearly as the colonists were coming over that had to be a true opportunity for Great Britain and then we have this revolutionary war. Did this come out the way they wanted it to?

Alan: I personally think it did. I really think that the United States Ė you see they used the trick in Europe for hundreds and hundreds of years where the same royal families of all the countries Ė they were all related to each other and the only way you can keep government over the people and have the people pay taxes to keep the armies going is if you have wars with someone else.† So you had never ending wars between Britain, France and all the other countries and the kings and queens were never touched, of course. They always survived and they all profited from the wars. It kept the population of the peoples down as well and they stayed in power saying, well, if you get us out of power, thereís no one left to protect you from those guys over there.

Rollye: Yes, which is terrific and just as youíre saying not touching the royalty, I do remember reading when the Queen of Portugal hid out in Brazil for years during their wars, so yes, whatever it took not to be scathed themselves go for it. So yes we were Ė thatís what I had thought to that making us a sovereign nation was probably ultimately at the time in their best interests, but of course today as we talk about this the British East India Company is a shred of what it once was, at least outwardly, and it seems like Great Britain isnít calling the shots today; or are they?

Alan: Well, the key is I guess when in the late 1800's Cecil Rhodes was put out there as a front man to further this British Empire ideal, this commonwealth of the world. Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild who owned the Bank of England at the time were the founding members of this Rhodes Foundation for Rhodes Scholarships and they trained people to go out into other countries and doors would open wide for them. Theyíd become high bureaucrats or political leaders in all different countries working for global union on this "democratic principle" as they called it, which meant the British System, and they were a secret society initially modeled after the Jesuits. They used Jesuits techniques and thatís in Cecil Rhodes own memoirs Ė in his own biography. Itís worth a read and what they said was they would take over countries and they would take them over by military force if need be and they would install the same type of puppet regime as Britain had for politicians and bureaucrats, and they would not leave those countries until they fully implemented the same democratic system, then theyíd pull out knowing theyíd set up a duplicate of their own basically.

Rollye: Which of course describes everything weíre hearing George W say about Iraq--

Alan: Itís exactly the same, exactly the same and of course from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which they also founded, Britain is the grandparent of all these organizations, the Cecil Rhodes setup, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. All British Commonwealth countries, like Canada, we have a Canadian International Affairs. Australia has one. New Zealand. India has one and a few others. All non-commonwealth countries in the 1930's Ė 1920's were given the term Council on Foreign Relations but itís the same club and they work together. I have their books going back to the 1930's.

Rollye: The secret society that Rhodes and his ilk founded, did it have a name?

Alan: They called it the "Round Table" initially. They also called another part of it that it was specialized subsections. One part was called "The Kindergarten" where they would get young men entering university from noble families especially and they would train them up to be the future leaders of the world. Some of them would be taught to be revolutionaries. They would use the Ivy League universities in Britain and America to foment their "World Plan" and in Britain they have of course initiation rites at Oxford for the elite. Itís also the professors who also pick the students to be an Ďinner memberí of this Masonic group and they call themselves "The Oxford Circle," and at Cambridge itís called "The Apostles Club."

Rollye: Now when you mention Masonic group, are any of these groups tied directly to Freemasonry?

Alan: Yes.

Rollye: And is that just in their beliefs in terms of why would Freemasonry come into this?

Alan: Freemasonry again was created Ė modern day Freemasonry, it always existed. It always existed for thousands of years FOR NOBLE CLASSES but it wasnít given to a middle class until they needed the middle class to build up the Industrial Revolution in Europe. Then they gave lower orders, which is loosely called "Freemasonry," to make sure that the middle classes would keep and work for and give oaths towards keeping the system on the go; but part of that had been kept strictly within the high noble orders, the aristocracy.

Rollye: There were a lot of secret societies in the 1700's and 1800's, Rosicrucianís things like that. Did all of them tie togetheró

Alan: Yesó

Rollye: Okay, so you hear about Rosicrucians today but clearly thatís not the same deal that you can send away for your pamphlet.

Alan: Yes, thatís right. Thatís right. Well, even yet, in fact, the Rosicrucian movement which is in Pennsylvania thereó

Rollye: Well it was. Now itís in San Jose. The Lewisí who are now long dead, but yes, that had it in Pennsylvania. Thatís right.

Alan: Iíve got an old book that was given out for I think it was the 1920 Convocation Ė The Great Convocation it was called, held on the property where they have the philosophic club and put all their books out. Now these books are for all Masonic societies, but the man who ran that at the time was Clymer and Clymer was a Rosicrucian, but he said, "I summoned the Blue Lodge of Masonry. I summoned the Eastern Star of Masonry." He summoned all the other branches to come to this Convocation and they came, which tells you that it wasnít a lowly order; and of course John Dee himself in the 1500's, Francis Bacon was also a member and so they were the real guys who kicked it off. For this part of the agenda, youíre right. Itís much, much older.

Rollye: Right, and it seems like itís like bulls eye. Thereís circles of knowledge, much like the Council on Foreign Relations or any of them. When youíre on a periphery and yeah youíre member but yet youíre not in the inner circle, youíre not going to get the same information as the guy standing in the bulls eye because again you can read all about Freemasonry or you can go ahead and join the Rosicrucianís and youíre not going to get in the mail the pamphlet of how to take over the world.

Alan: Thatís correct. In fact, it was Albert Pike, he lead the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Charleston, he wrote the book, "Morals and Dogma." He was called the Pope of Freemasonry for the world in his day and he laid the agenda out there for the world.

Rollye: And what is the agenda?

Alan: He said - well youíll have to remember what Freemasonry teaches their higher. See "LIFE BEGINS AT 40," thatís where the term comes from. The 40th Degree. Not the 33rd Degree and so you donít get into the truth until you hit the 40th Degree.

Rollye: And I assume that when weíre talking about the Masons of today the guy whoís a Shriner, heís a 33rd Degree Mason, so what weíre seeing is that this is a whole other ball game that the rank and file are unaware exist?

Alan: Yes. Itís an assisting process where if you for instance in a small town had a little newspaper where you could influence public opinion, then youíd be tapped on the shoulder, brought out from the lodge youíre in, the Blue Lodge, and brought out to another lodge. Then theyíd shoot you up to the top, you see, because now you help to control people's minds and thoughts.

Rollye: But when youíre on a 40th Degree, whatís their guiding principles?

Alan: Once again it breaks through. See, all the Masons up to the 33rd are taught one thing which they do believe and it is that theyíre all illumined. Itís nonsense that Weishaupt was the first Illuminati. The Illuminati in the Oxford Dictionary first in England started popping up its head in the 12th Century AD. So these are the same guys under different lodges popping their heads up in different countries down through history at fulfilling their part of the agenda andó

Rollye: Sure, but lets say that the rank and file the guy who is going to his lodge meeting and is doing good and having a hospital drive, most of these individuals have no more clue to the New World Order than they do about invading foreign planets.

Alan: Thatís correct and what they do is create a nice front of charity which Ė and Albert Pike said that in his own book, "Morals and Dogma." He said, "the low degree Masons are no different than the profane," meaning the general population, the base ignorant population. Thatís what profane means and so theyíre being used as well and itís very hard to attack momís apple pie, if you know what I mean.

Rollye: Well of course it is and again the individuals who will defend it to the death have narrowly a clue that this could be possible because their entire experience with the organization is momís apple pie in the best sense of the word and so thatís why I always like to bring that out that this is not knocking the guy who is going to his lodge and helping a hospital. Itís not about that at all. Thereís something above it. A subset that is fascinating to start to look at. So here we are. Lets say the 40th Degree however you get there. However youíre chosen. You got in and now what do you discover?

Alan: Then you discover that not only are you basically an illumined one, youíre now into godhood. Youíre a god.

Rollye: What does this mean though? I mean what is the goal? Okay, so Iím a god. Whatís my goal here?

Alan: The god is reconstructing the world in the way it should have been constructed and what they say at that degree is that Masonry is there "to perfect that which was left un-perfect," which is man and society and the world itself. Everything.

Rollye: Whatís there version of perfect?

Alan: Perfect is a world where thereís no free choice for the profane Ė the masses of people and anything and that the world should be run on an economic principal of necessity where no one should be born without a function to fulfill to serve the world state.

Rollye: Good luck.

Alan: And thatís where weíre heading today with so much regulations, laws and bureaucracies. We can hardly turn around right now without permission.

Rollye: Now at the same time in the late 1800's that this was really coming to fruition in terms of trying to have impact in the real world rather than just talking about it. We also had movements coming up like the Fabians who are on the outside, at least seem to be avowed socialists. How does that tie in?

Alan: Yes. Hereís an odd thing. If you read one of the founders books by Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, fascinating man, long lineage of aristocracy and royalty. He was mainly a mathematician but he put many books out there on philosophy with the goal, the world agenda and he was sent over by the British Royalty to help create the beginnings of communism in China back in the 1920's and he taught universities there. He got the students picked out. Later they were trained. They became the first leaders of the Communist Party for China and this was funded by the British governmentó

Rollye: You know itís interesting of course because communism is no different than what weíre discussing. Itís complete and total control of the masses. So whether itís fascism or communism--

Alan: Same thing--

Rollye: Or from that standpoint, I guess what weíre seeing the Fabians told a nicer fairly tale about doing the same thing.

Alan: They did to the public. However, in Lord Bertrand Russellís book, his biography he tells you about his co-members the other founders and one of them was H.G. Wells whoís known for his novels but he wrote more non-fiction books about "The Agenda" than anybody else of his period and the Webbís. There was Sydney and Beatrice Webb. Beatrice, her maiden name was POTTER. Beatrice POTTER. Itís a well-known name too.

Rollye: As in Harriett Potter, right?

Alan: Yes and the Beatrice Potter stories for children. However, the Fabian Society whose logo was "A Wolf in Sheepís Clothing," Bertrand Russell describes the Webbís the main founders and he said these people did not believe in the rights of the people whatsoever. They believe the people had to be ruled by the strong hand of a superior elite and government.

Rollye: Which is what communism really is and you know as you were talking about going into China, well of course when we talk about Marks and Engels weíre also talking about British subjects into Russia and their idea of a dictatorship for the proletariat never ended.

Alan: It never ended and of course the quickest way to unify a big block of Russia and many other smaller countries, the fastest way was to bring the totalitarian system, force the same system of bureaucracy, schooling, education and so on, on them and once you have a power almost to the British system, then once again you take away the force and suddenly theyíre all supposedly free, but theyíre really just clones of what Britain wanted. They unified that mass country, mass area of small countries into one system.

Rollye: Now as you say that, this is one of the things that we talk about a lot here is when all the walls came down and the Soviet Union breaks up you would think that if we were truly interested in seeing other capitalistic countries thrive that our aid would have gone to Russia to the these people, who, like you say, they were indoctrinated to the point that they were not free even when they were free. Of course, whatís come in as gangs and whatís also communist people saying bring back communism and of course we leave them to flounder. So I assume that was by design?

Alan: Absolutely, by design. Cecil Rhodes and the boys and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR planned the century out from the beginning of the 1900's right through actually into the present days. I have the Minutes of their meetings of the World Meetings and the one in 1938 I think it was. It was in 1937, published 1938. The Royal Institute and the CFR met in Australia and it has all the members from America and Canada and all over who attended and all the bankers too.

Rollye: Well of course.

Alan: And the speeches went on to say there will be global government. The only problem was the exact date they should fix on it and they went through the whole agenda for the rest of the century including the coming world war with Germany. How they must save the Soviet Union at all costs and then--

Rollye: Did they pick the date for domination Ė for world domination?

Alan: Yes, they wanted basically a united world government in place around 2010 - 12, but the unification of Britain had to be first to be done in the 1990's. Unification of the Americas by 2010 and the Pacific Rim around the same time, but chaos would still ensue as all these peoples moved around. Vast amounts of people moved around to borderless countries and then the United Nations would take over as the arbitrator of peace, you see.

Rollye: All right, hang on and Alan Watt is with us, and boy, weíre going to pick it up. Weíre going to talk about the League of Nations and the UN and the Federal Reserve, and a lot more, and it will start to make sense. So when youíre saying why would they be doing this? Itís long in the plan.



Rollye: This is the Rollye James Show in progress. Akron joins us on WHLO. Good to have you and everybody else listening. If youíre just tuning in, we have the mother load of conspiracy theories and itís particularly apropos tonight because weíre all looking at the Senate and saying what the hell are you people doing and why and when you start to look at it historically it all comes together. A grand unified conspiracy theory we like to call it, conspiracy theory, is a website you should check out. The author of the "Cutting Through" series is Alan Watt whoís been joining me and we went back to the 1500's at the beginning of last hour and youíll catch up, but Alan, as you were saying. World War I comes of course the League of Nations and the US doesnít get involved. Right there we had to have World War II, didnít we?

Alan: Yes. They wrote about the fact that they would need a world war prior to world war Ė H.G. Wells again who was a spokesman for the Royal Institute of International Affairs wrote books on it saying "we need a world war to get the people to their knees so theyíll accept a world government." Then the US came in at the end so they were brought into it and then the US were given the job of trying to get the League of Nations on the go. They funded it really.

Rollye: Right.

Alan: And it didnít fly too well back home. Itís like giving up your sovereignty and so they went back to the drawing board. Then H.G. Wells wrote another book, a non-fiction again to do with world government and he said, "the public havenít given up their sovereignty. They havenít suffered enough. We must have a second world war," and here again remember he was a member, a founding member of the Fabian Society which is part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. THEY OWN ALL SIDES you see.

Rollye: Well of course. Now of course what is interesting is that between World War I and World War II we had a fascinating Depression which really changed the timber of the average Americans thinking itís the first time communal government or socialism became an accepted practice and so I think it sort of paved the way for this kind of a feeling.

Alan: It was fascinating really to see how the US and Canada and Britain and Australia were funding the poor downtrodden supposedly whoíd suffered through the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to make them a socialist soviet country. Then, at the same time, as you say, during the 1920's with this amazing Depression that went on across the world they introduced the very thing, socialism, and government takeovers really of agriculture and so much, which they have never given up since; and also the work camps that they set up for the young men. In the US they had the work camps where they were sent into the country. They were given military uniforms, which is quite interesting, and getting trained almost to be in uniform for the coming World War II.

Rollye: Right, right and then the other thing that happened prior to World War I was of course the formation of the Federal Reserve and itís neither federal nor reserves.

Alan: Yes and that itself if so incredibly fascinating really because only a few years prior to that, we know that Colonel Mandell House was the main leader behind Wilson and he pushed forward this whole motion for a Federal Reserve system Ė a centralized bank. Mandel House wrote so much about this openly about how the banking system had to be centralized and you had to get a centralized government in place to be the rest of the world and Iíve even got his old biography. Itís a fascinating read. People should try and get a hold of it; but the League of Nations in Aramaic and Hebrew is LON.

L-O-N, League of Nations and that means LION you see. Itís a MASONIC TERM and then of course they had to create the United Nations Ė UN is "un" for one in French. Thatís the one. So we watch this amazing stuff getting put up in front of our faces and it goes over people's heads. They donít realize that this is an occult movement working behind the scenes, even though Thomas Jefferson himself in his own memoirs states quite openly, he said, "when the people see a continuing agenda through different changes in government, then they know in reality that theyíve been run by a secret tyranny."

Rollye: Whatís fascinating about that is then you get into things like the Prussian education system, which is designed so that individuals will be dumbed down to the point that theyíll be good worker bees and see nothing.

Alan: Exactly, yes.

Rollye: And thatís what weíre seeing now with the dumbing down of education in North America.

Alan: Yes and in the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and all of the writers they have out there and Albert Pikeís "Morals and Dogma" on Freemasonry and in the Protocols of Weishaupt Ė Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati of Bavaria, itís the same agenda. They say that there will be no individuality in the New World Order for the people at the bottom, the masses of people. Individualism was their enemy. They had to destroy it and ultimately that was to destroy the family. Each one Ė Albert Pike and Weishaupt said the same thing, and the Fabian Society, the family unit had to be destroyed, and then there is no one to turn to for an individual but to the state as its god, you see.

Rollye: You see that time and time again whether itís in a communist country or whether itís the fascism of Germany or whether itís today Ė itís for the children regulation and then Hillary Clintonís global village and all that kind of stuff. Itís around us everywhere we look and itís as obvious as can be, but what Ė I guess those who are in the know who have been very adept at doing is making those of us who might bring this up out to be the lunatic fringe.

Alan: Well, they put the term out you see. In fact, they put out front men Ė they put out massive funding to create side three of conspiracy theory and I was on one show not so long ago.† [This guest] was on two days after me. He started this whole reptile thing and then [Others] followed him from the same English source, and so after was coming a guy, I kid you not, who was selling helmets that were guaranteed to stop you from being abducted by aliens. Yeah.

Rollye: With an early warning spike, no doubt.

Alan: Well, I donít know if anyoneís ever claimed their insurance policy or guarantee on that one.

Rollye: Right, right, yes.

Alan: Thatís what they do. Theyíre creating a circus, so that those who know the truth, they have the facts to back it up, are mixed into this circus, you see, until youíre just part of this laughing stock; and they keep pushing the world "conspiracy theory" and Iím saying, hey, hereís the facts put out by the big boys themselves. Here are the books they wrote themselves.

A good example of this is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Now this man was Secretary of State for War at one point. Heís been advisor to umpteen presidents including the present one. He was the first one to shout that we had to go to war with Afghanistan and then Iraq, right after 9/11, the same day. Brzezinski is a member of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and Brzezinski put a book out in the 1970's called, "Between Two Ages," and he said in that book that again he went through the America scenario where the borders come down, yah de yah, and the chaos there would be. He also goes into the control of the people's minds through highly advanced sciences which the public knew nothing about and he called this chapter the "Technetronic Era." He said electromagnetic pulsations can affect the thoughts and moods of individuals around the world.

Rollye: Well you know we have the HAARP program.

Alan: And he coupled that with the aerial spraying containing aluminum oxides et cetera. You make a highly charged atmosphere. The public breathes it in. Itís in their food. Itís in their water. They become almost walking antennas and so this has all been used. Lord Bertrand Russell in his book, "The Impact of Science on Society," said the same thing.

Rollye: Of course we see the chemtrails and all that stuff today and we wonder well whatís that about and it does tie together. The other thing as you mentioned Cecil Rhodes and Oxford and saying well of course here comes Bill Clinton from out of nowhere and look at his pedigree, even though heís an Arkansas boy, and itís seems that you really canít find anybody in high government service whoís not part of the "club". Now that said here, we have a Senate obviously with 100 members. How many of those hundred do you think know what the plan is?

Alan: I think once they get to a Senatorial level they know as much as they need to know. In other words, they know that thereís a plan to unify the Americas. They know that itís to be central government. In the Congressional Records of the US and people should check this out is a LETTER FROM KARL MARX to PRESIDENT LINCOLN congratulating him on stopping the country from breaking up because it was essential for communism to first create a strong and powerful centralized government.

Rollye: Centralized government.

Alan: Yes.

Rollye: Yes, see thatís the thing that I always talk about and there again they have morphed the whole civil war into an issue of slavery then here again on the emotions I think all of us find abhorrent. Thereís not even another way to say that, but that said, the civil war itself while theyíre talking about slavery wasnít about slavery. It was about whether we were going to have state rights or a centralized government.

Alan: Thatís right.

Rollye: And that was really I think the first major lynch pin leading to where we are today. Weíre talking about World War I and the League of Nations, well itís also interesting Disraeli and all that kind of stuff who came up with the idea of a homeland for the Jewish people in the middle of Arab land. Now I have no problem with the Jewish people having a homeland. Thatís not the issue. The issue is that when you create that homeland out of other peoples' lands without their approval, youíre setting yourself up for strife.

Alan: Yes, this was definitely the plan. It was the Balfour Declaration which was really a private letter to Lord Rothschild giving him permission to go ahead with it because the Rothschild family had been actually setting up this homeland for the Jews from 1840 onwards. In fact Lord Rothschild with some of the Jewish farmers came over to London to ask about making changes to the land et cetera. He did state quite openly to them and itís recorded in the books. He says, "youíll do nothing unless youíre told. He says thatís my country and donít you forget it."

Rollye: And this is again on the one hand you say, oh well, theyíre looking for a homeland for the Jewish people; and in another way, theyíre looking at setting them up as sitting ducks in an area where everybody around them will resent them because of the way the country was created.

Alan: Exactly.

Rollye: And thatís where we are right now. I know yesterday in one of the elections one of the guys had said well World War III is about to be upon us and they may not be wrong. Whatís the plan in the Mid-East?

Alan: Thereís no doubt. Winston Churchill after World War I was one of the guys amongst with Allenby and a few other ones who set up Ė who drew lines across the sand, well youíre now Kuwait and youíre now Iraq et cetera and they drew the lines up there. Yet a few years after theyíve done that Churchill said, you wait and see in his own memoirs Ė "you wait and see, he said, because this country Iraq at the northern end has the worldís largest untapped reserve of oil and he says one day it will be ours."

These guys tell you in their own books what they plan to do, and youíre right, so they had to get an ally over there what appeared to be an ally to stir up the mayhem to give the reasons for this third world war. Albert Pike himself Ė an amazing man, Albert Pike. He wrote to Lord Rothschild. The letter is in the British Museum going through the three world wars and this is written in the late 1800's and he said that the second world war would be fought with Germany. He knew that. He says that the third world war will be fought in the Middle East and it will be fought between Zion and Islam. He said by the end of it the world will be so sick of war and religion, he said, that you can step in and bring forth a new agenda where the world will be based on reason and those who are fit to rule will rule. So this was all out in the open you see.

Rollye: Which is fascinating because it makes both the Jewish homeland and the Islamic nations as pawns in the game. Theyíre setting that up. Itís interesting to think that the world will see that as a reason to want to be freed from religion. Does anybody have any idea of dates on that?

Alan: Well, itís so fascinating because once we go back to H.G. Wells. How H.G. Wells being the propagandist for the British government coined the term for the first world war, "the war to end all wars," thatís how they conned the men to go off and fight and they never stop there, of course. In his book, which is written under a futuristic story, he had a whole staff of writers. These guys, itís like the modern ones. They have staffs of people working for them.

H.G. Wells came out with "Shape of Things to Come," where he goes through the scenario of three world wars. The last one he said will be fought in a place Ė beginning in a place called Basra. Now thatís exactly where the British troops were sent into Iraq was in Basra. Then he said Lenin said [and] Lord Bertrand Russell said, "that by the end of the millennium everything will be in place for the beginning of the war around the start of the millennium."

Rollye: Well thatís now.

Alan: Thatís now, so they knew when to bring it on and it would last up to 2010 or so but maybe may continue beyond that if the public is still not sick and tired of the war. This war is to affect the whole world in every way possible to bring in a new system.

Rollye: Right, right. To get people to rollover on their current beliefs?

Alan: Yes, and Albert Pike too, Iíd like to mention this because itís important. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry wasnít Scottish. It was a branch of the Grand Orient Lodge of France and Albert Pike was the head of it and he in turn in his own books he talks about it. He gave the power as he retired to his student who was Giuseppe Mazzini, which is just an Italian name for Mason, and he went over to Europe, stirred up the revolutionary party, which was again part of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; and the man who took over from him for the World Revolutionary Party was Lenin. This is all high Masonic. All revolutions were high Masonic revolutions.

Rollye: And of course again itís fascinating that a guy like Lenin on the surface is saying workers of the world unite et cetera and so forth, like Marks & Engels theyíre talking about the good of the common man; yet you look at their deeds rather than their words and it follows in line of enslavement of the masses.

Alan: Yes, but what Lenin said was there were three versions given out to the public. He said for the masses whose help we shall need for the revolution, they will be told that they will be given a utopia, a workers paradise. He says for the middle helpers, the Politburo et cetera, he says they will be more in keeping with the control over the masses; where he says the true intelligentsia elite of communism will know the true Ė they will be the only ones who know the true agenda.

Rollye: Yes, just real comforting. Alan Watt is our guest. You need to check out the website. Weíre talking about the grand unified conspiracy theory to say the least. Heís the author of the "Cutting Through" series and he does give you a lot of pause when you start to wonder exactly why is this stuff thatís going on like the decisions that the Senate is making. Why is that the case and more to the point and before the night is over we will absolutely get into is there anything we can do about it. It is the Rollye James Show. Thatís Mollo in the background, Spanish for bad, and maybe appropriate given the times and the subject and weíve got somebody good though. Alan Watt. He is the author of the "Cutting Through" series and you can check out his website at talking about the grand unified conspiracy going back to the 1500's in England and written about over the centuries and coming home to roost right now.

Now you know weíre seeing the things come into play that have been talked about since the 1800's at least in writing and of course Iím sure they would have loved to pull it off with a great war and when that failed World War II. I assume they didnít want to have to go to World War III. How sure are they that theyíll pull this off now?

Alan: I think theyíre pretty confident that they can make us so sick of it that even observing it. Youíre just tired of hearing of the killings and so on and all the money thatís allocated towards it and the chaos that itís causing abroad. Theyíre pretty confident they can pull it off. They have many, many think thanks that work on this full time in different specialized areas, very Machiavellian in a sense, using the ancient techniques of knowledge from archives which the public never have access to. Itís all formulas really on the study of human behavior over thousands of years which these particular guys are taught and formulas are very simple to introduce. Itís mathematical in a sense. If we do this, the public will do that, and then we shall suggest this and then the public will suggest that, and then we go this way. Itís all formulas which has worked over hundreds and hundreds and actually thousand of years.

Rollye: And always will because the human condition and the human emotion literally doesnít change and you see that when youíre looking at literature over the years what captured peoples emotions a thousand years ago. What captures it now. Thatís pretty static and of course today we see it in action where the government is very good at creating a scenario that will cause people to have a certain level of fear and as a result demand government protection or more control. Youíd think that theyíd demand the government get the hell out of the way but thatís rarely the case. Itís more in terms of well what can you do for me now.

Alan: Yes, yes. Thatís why theyíve been building up an internal army of police over many years now, mainly recruited from the military. I think thereís a statistic that went out not so long ago where 95% of all police recruits are coming in from the military today and those guys have been trained abroad to go around kicking doors in and pulling people out and so on and now are your friendly cops in your neighborhood with their two uniforms. The one that they have for giving out speeding tickets and the other one with the jackboots and their machine gun.

Rollye: Thatís the secret police as specified in the Patriot Act. I mean we now have it where itís not only in the Executive Order or FEMA deal; itís in legislation that our lawmakers pass. Now almost a year ago we had Katrina and I think many of us thought that this was a test case. Weíre not 100% sure it was a test case for, but whatís your take on that?

Alan: I know that there were people in the National Guard in different states who told me beforehand that theyíre all being called up to go down to New Orleans and of course we watch this scenario come in. We know it was either an accident waiting to happen according to the Ė however, the hurricane Ė Iíve got a lot of people in Louisiana who contact me and the hurricane basically was on the way out when those walls blewó

Rollye: Right.

Alan: And on the Canadian news here, the chief engineer of the Army Engineering Corps who went into examine the breeches showed on camera. He said look at the size of these breeches. He says these were blown with high explosives. He said Iíve been in this for 20 years. He says I know my business. He says look at the edges were almost petrified with the heat. He said these were blown.

Rollye: Now given that Ė what on earth Ė because of course we saw first hand the local, federal and the state do not talk to each other. We know that for sure and to a degree there are people who were demanding the feds come in immediately, which was chilling to me. That lost more states rights but was that the object lesson here, that next time the feds come walking in minute one?

Alan: I think so. The communications were cut off over the entire state initially and that was by FEMA. Theyíve used the same techniques when they went over to Bosnia. They used aircraft to do it there. They just simply took over the radio and television stations and broadcast their own programming in, but they do cut all communications because they will not allow anyone else in there to help out. The Louisiana emergency squads have been trained for years for this emergency where school buses from all over the state were to come in. They did come in on queue and FEMA was turning them back empty. They were not allowing them in, even though two years prior to that they had a practice run with the same thousands of trucks coming in school buses. They could have taken lots of people out of there, but that wasnít the plan. It was to make the whole world look upon this and see my God thereís nothing anyoneís allowed to do to help themselves. They are to do what theyíre told. The military were brought in big time for the first time on US soil. They were going through the streets. They were brought in from abroad and they were going through with their rifles as they go through any street in the Middle East and they were confiscating the firearms as well. That comes across from all the people who phone me in Louisiana. They were going door-to-door just like theyíd done over in the Middle East and thatís a standard UN strategy, so they were training the public there to accept it. Itís now a precedent you see. Itís a precedent.

Rollye: The one thing too is that just recent that New Orleans admitted that they did a gun grab.

Alan: Up here in Canada they showed it happening.

Rollye: Right. Here they were denying it all along. The other thing by the way when we look Ė we donít get much Canada news to say the least and the entire horrendous blood scandal that you know so well is virtually unknown to Americans and that goes right back to Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. We literally sold AIDS tainted blood to you guys.

Alan: Itís quite a fascinating story because Canada was the world leader for bacterial and viral warfare research during and after World War II.† One of the companies they set up for that was Connaught Laboratories in Toronto and it was Connaught Laboratories that were buying the blood for Canada and yes the tainted blood was Ė they had amazing stories really, where the prisoners were allowed to go in and stick these things in their veins themselves.

Rollye: Yes, American prisoners.

Alan: Thatís right and they were selling the blood. They got a few bucks for it and those with AIDS et cetera werenít even checked. Other ones who were authorized to have blood taken were just sticking them in their friends' arms to get more dollars. They knew it was tainted. Barbara Bush was the head of the Red Cross at the time overseeing all of this. They brought it into Canada--

Rollye: Wasnít it Elizabeth Doyle? Not Barbara Bush. Wasnít it Elizabeth Doyle head of the Red Cross?

Alan: Doyle was as well and I think it was Barbara that came in after her.

Rollye: Was she really, okay.

Alan: And then--

Rollye: I didnít know that.

Alan: Yes, and so anyway this stuff came up to Canada - Connaught Laboratories, its main purpose was bacterial and viral warfare, processed the blood and the hemophiliacs all over Canada came down with hepatitis and other diseases. †Again, the government of course took about 10 years to get into action over this whole thing waiting for all of them to die off. Thatís what they generally do. They wait for you to die off and if thereís one or two left, you may get a few pennies. However, this was known when it was happening. The CBC did a documentary on it. They interviewed the man from Connaught Laboratories who was going up the steps and when he was hit with this, "why are you selling this lethal blood to Canadians?" he says, "well, itís cheap and business is business."

Rollye: Did he really?

Alan: Yes he did.

Rollye: Oh man, is this guy in jail today?

Alan: There was some recent blurb I saw on him but I donít think heís in jail yet.

Rollye: He should be.

Alan: Thatís what they said.

Rollye: Now okay. If it comes to pass that our borders are eliminated by 2010, US, Mexico, US, Canada, what do we look like? Who is our leader? Do we have one president for all three countries?

Alan: No. Under the plan they made Ė this plan as I say was first mentioned by Karl Marx in the 1840's and in "Das Kapital" youíll see it written out there where he said, "the unified Americas will ultimately have a singular government in charge ultimately. Thereíll be a process towards it." Now that ties in with the Free Trade Agreement because at that time they agreed that the new capital for the Americas was to put in Quebec, Canada, and the reason for picking Quebec was itís kind of like a sort of not quite independent but semi-sovereign state within Canada and--

Rollye: Nobody speaks English.

Alan: But itís an international center and they have the same kind of banking rules as Brussels does for the European Union, so the banks get a lot of tax-free goodies and so on as they do the worldís business you see.

Rollye: Are you telling me that the capital of the Americas is going to be Quebec?

Alan: Yes, itís going to be in Montreal.

Rollye: When?

Alan: They didnít specify when it would be in the Free Trade Agreement when it would be, but that was definitely the place they settled upon.

Rollye: Do you think that will be shortly after 2010 or do you see this like 50 years down the road?

Alan: I think they could bring it on sooner if they give us enough chaos and worry. Maybe even releasing their diseases or whatever theyíre planning to do and they could certainly have us in such a craze, a frenzy, economically too, that weíll be willing to accept anything. Theyíve done this in the past with other nations down through the centuries.

Rollye: Itís fascinating that youíre talking about a basically a tri-region North America, Central America, South America, where the preponderances of that region is going to be Spanish speaking Ė one Portuguese country and then English speaking and a very minor faction that is French speaking French Canadian actually which isnít really the Province of Quebec. Other than that, itís fascinating that the capital will be almost isolated from the overwhelming majority of the populous language wise.And thatís got to be by intent.

Alan: It is too because the main language in Brussels is French as well that handles the European Union.

Rollye: And Montreal is fascinating too because I used to go there in the Ď60's and it was Iíd say if not 50/50 even greater English than French and we were there just to Ė I used to love to go see KGM and all that kind of stuff and have fun and everybody was speaking English. Now, itís like the English people are almost like this little balkanized zip code if you will and everything else has become French, and I thought to myself how did that happen so quickly?

Alan: It happened because of one man, Pierre Trudeau, who was the Prime Minister of Canada, this man Ė this is amazing. I found this out from an intelligence agency in Australia where it was published in school books. Pierre Trudeau in 1952 Ė this guy from a very, very wealthy family, he was the head of the Comintern Party Ė the international communist party for Canada. He led the delegation to Moscow in 1952. Years later, he runs for the Liberal Party but none of the media mentions what they knew about his past at all. That tells you that the media is an essential part of government and so he ran under the liberal tickets. He had the biggest build-up as the young youthful Bill Clinton type. You saw him skipping and dancing and being very modern and he got in and he basically started this push towards bilingualism Canada-wide and then they created the Bloc Quebecois. The guy who created the Bloc Quebecois for free France was Pierre Trudeauís best buddy. Pierre Trudeau was also a Rhodes Scholar by the way and he also was a Rhodes Scholar with Fidel Castro his other best buddy, and so he got the ball rolling for starting the dissentions between English and French Canada. Once he came out, Brian Mulroney of the conservatives eventually got in Ė a supposed conservative, and his right hand man for the Canadian conservative supposedly right wing party split off and became the leader of the opposition the Bloc Quebecois and so they kept it going, kept it going and thatís why the English were driven out of Quebec.

Rollye: And they were and of course that creates again whenever you balkanize a country linguistically that creates warring factions and the need again for this common government. You know they drive through Edmonton and have to see all the signs in French too; itís overkill to say the least.

Alan: It is.

Rollye: But I can see the intent. Now you were saying that the World War III which I guess we are really on the precipice of right now with whatís going on and as this starts to become more of a problem and the design is to get the people to be sick of religion period. So we have another issue. Okay, I thought we lost you for a minute, but to be so sick of religion that theyíll embrace this "New World Order." What are they embracing? Tell me what thatís like?

Alan: Itís in the Manifesto of the Communist Party. Itís in the Manifesto of Albert Pike, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Manifesto. Itís in the same manifesto as the Illuminati Adam Weishaupt who took refuge after he was chased out of Bavaria with the Saxe-Gothaís in Germany who happened to be the ones who are now in power in Britain.

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is the Royal Familyís real name and so they all said the same thing. That there would be no private property in the coming New World Order.

Thereíll be no private ownership of vehicles in the coming New World Order.

Everyone will be born to serve the state. That will be their duty. This was elaborated on by Lord Bertrand Russell in "The Impact of Science on Society" and "The Road to Freedom" he called it. It was his other book with a whole hundred years written in the early 1900's. The whole hundred years pointed out where he said ultimately a new financial system will come into play where every citizen in the lower orders will be given a quota of credits at the beginning of each week by the government and it will deposited in their bank. He said they will not be able to save them up and theyíll have to be used by the end of the week and the beginning of the week have the exact same sum to start over again with. Those who refuse, cause any social problems, or problems towards the establishment, they will have their credits withheld so they cannot pay rent because thereíll only be rental accommodation eventually. They will not be allowed to buy their food and so on, so it will be used as a form of social control.

Rollye: Well, itís very interesting that youíre saying that because on the one hand Iím thinking people are never going to cotton to this. On the other hand, what youíre describing is basically the current welfare rules. So itís fascinating that on some level we are there. Alan Watt is my quest. I think heís just tremendous. You can go to his website. Heís the author of the "Cutting Through" series and as you start to really listen to some of this stuff it starts to make sense in terms of how the hell could the Senate be doing what theyíre doing when we were talking about eminent domain.

Well, if thereís no private property, what a better way to get to it then eminent domain and it starts to fit together. It still might sound farfetched but at what point does it become a reality and do we notice, or are we still looking for Natalie Holloway? We will continue this for another big hour and Iím looking forward to that. Weíll find out if thereís anything you can do. By the way, when Iím thinking about it more and more in terms of the new financial reality:

Think about welfare. The minute you amass more than $2,000 you are out of the program. Youíre given about $600 a month. Youíd better spend it because that $2,000 could come pretty soon, couldnít it? Then we get into what I always refer to as the anesthesia for the masses, the readily available credit. Is there anything that placates individuals who donít really have money faster than easy credit and wouldnít it be easy to control and manipulate the system to the point that one day itís just not there. All right, weíll be talking with Alan Watt next hour about all that and more coming up on the Rollye James Show.



Rollye: Oh, you may think itís the lunatic fringe all right, but when you tie it together, gee, things certainly fall into place, donít they? We have Alan Watt for another hour. is the website and you should check that out and as I suspected, Alan, weíve had some calls that were not really calls, but emails in particular, people saying hey Iím a 32nd Degree Mason and there is no 40th Degree. Again, I assume this is the thing, that theyíre not telling the rank and file this.

Alan: They donít know. Iíve talked to many guys that are 33rd Degrees and above. In fact, some of the above ones came to me because I talk so much about the occult and the history of Freemasonry on Sweet Liberty broadcast, thatís and they have archives there going back since í98, and Iíve been getting calls from these guys who are in much higher organizations wanting to know how I knew so much about them and Iíve actually met with a few of them too.

Rollye: Interesting.And yes, other than those who have been illuminated so to speak to the resistance, itís as if it ends at a certain point.

Alan: Yes, 33 and below, all Masons even from the beginning swear allegiance to uphold this system. Even the guys at the very bottom are told.

Rollye: They donít know what the system is.

Alan: They think itís a faith-based belief thing where the guy above you who you must obey if youíre given an order without having any moral reservations. Itís a faith-based system. Same with the newscasters who are all Masons, that the guys above them really know what theyíre doing and itís for the good of all. Thatís how it works. You donít ask questions in Freemasonry about higher degrees. You wait until youíre allowed into them.

Rollye: Now when youíre saying all the newscasters - these days a lot of newscasters are not Masons including of course a number of women who arenít Eastern Star, so thatís a fascinating question too because we often look at it and we say why arenít we hearing any of this on the news. And of course Iíve been doing this as director of radio stations, no one ever told me what to read or not, but basically I was lucky to rip and read and get it out there. I think the average rank and file newsperson is clueless to this as well, but whereís this control coming from and how does it work?

Alan: It comes down through the editors et cetera who are in on it. Thatís why all the new is the same across the country.

Rollye: It is.

Alan: And itís coming through two main sources, Reuters and API. Reuters of course was set up by MI5 and 6 and Rothschild in England from the very beginning and Interpol itself Ė the Interpol is a Rothschild company. Itís not actually a British police force. So what happens is in the schools of journalism theyíre taught again like all people that went to universities to think in a certain tunnel vision and they came out thinking thatís all there is to do with it, but itís learned very quickly you donít go out of certain bounds when you have editors and people above you. You do what youíre told and when they tell you to quench a story, you quench it if you want your career to continue; and itís very simple to keep control of their licenses and all the rest of it to work in those fields through licensing and thatís mainly how itís done. With the Council on Foreign Relations, you donít ask to join. They will assess you out. They will send people to befriend you. Theyíll meet you in bars, wherever. They get to really know you. They get personality profiles and if youíre the right stuff, and that means the rites of Masonry, if youíre the right stuff then youíre brought into the fold.

Rollye: Now going back to in terms of how theyíd like it to be ultimately with the outgrowth of this global New World Order the new financial reality. Clearly what youíre describing again while itís our current welfare system. Itís certainly not something the average citizen is willing to embrace.

Alan: No.

Rollye: What has to happen to get them there?

Alan: Massive chaos and fear. Economic fear. Unemployment. Massive unemployment. In fact, Jacques Attali, as I say, the Kissinger of France and the United Nations said in that book that I mentioned earlier there, in "Millennium" he mentions "the next boat people who will be leaving a country to find work abroad will be the Americans."

Rollye: Weíre seeing right now, as Iíve mentioned many times, the fact that in reality most Americans Ė middle class Americans donít have any money. The equity that used to be in their home is now in equity lines of credit. People are leveraged to the hilt. One warble theyíre out. We passed new bankruptcy laws to make it incredibly difficult by comparison to successfully file a bankruptcy, so I assume that this is all by design so whenever they pull the rug out from under us itís a quick domino.

Alan: Absolutely. It could be done so quickly. Just like the 1920's Depression. They forget there were three depressions in the late 1800's in America with a triad of Morgan and Gauve and another fella who literally ripped off the stock exchange and everybody lost their pensions three times in a row in 30 years. So theyíve got a lot of experience doing this type of thing and now that the centralized banking system is in charge and someone fixes the rate of money the dollar for the day. Itís so easy to crash it whenever they wish. I mean itís all a magic act anyway. Truly, itís a juggling act.

Rollye: Right. Itís almost easy to do it accidentally. The big Depression of í29 was of course the stock market. That of course could happen again but I wonder whether or not it wonít be the housing bubble this time?

Alan: They could do it either way. Theyíve given all this artificial value on the housing. Itís so overpriced to begin with really and yes they can withdraw that too. What people forget during a depression Ė the Great Depression or what they might want to call it a recession. Thatís the term they used in Britain from 1960's onwards.

Rollye: Yes. Well, itís a recession when your neighbor is out of work. Itís a depression if you are out of work.

Alan: Exactly, exactly and of course what they forget is that no matter if the banks begin to fail, the government is still knocking on your door for your property taxes. You see now the rest of this system continues and one way or another if the banks donít get your property, then the government will seize it. One or the other. Thatís the choice you have. Thereís no contingencies for "well, we canít put the usual laws through during this tough time." No, they continue because depressions have ulterior purposes. Mandell House who advised again five presidents in his day, he said, "for everything thatís done in politics and government thereís a very good reason and then thereís a real reason."

Rollye: Right, right and that goes back again about what we were saying about whatís going on in the Senate right now which seems so half laughable and yet unbelievable oh the surface. Are there any presidents who were not Masons?

Alan: There were supposedly a few. However, Iíve got the photographs of I think itís Ronald Reagan. See, all American presidents I donít know for how long are automatically honorary 33rd Degree Masons and I have the photographs of most of them with their aprons on and all the rest of it. We know that Washington and all his boys that went into Philadelphia Hall Ė 55 of them were Masons, 33 of them signed the charter, for the number 33, which is high in Masonry for a different reason than people think and--

Rollye: Whatís the reason?

Alan: Well, the reason is that the sun sets in the 33rd Degree parallel. Thatís why Jesus comes up at the age of 30 where the sun rises and sets at 33. Thatís why thatís significant.

Rollye: Now getting to this new frontier if you will where thereís no private property and no vehicles, again, the individuals who are here now itís almost unconscionable. Is this something that will be phased in over time?

Alan: I think they would like to Ė they definitely will phase certain parts in one mass chaos. They must control the chaos and thatís their motto in the Scottish Rite is "Ordo Ab Chao," Order out of Chaos, and so theyíll have to have a controlled takedown of the country.† However, the people will have to be so sick and afraid and maybe even hungry, because the woman who was the head of the United Nations for the agricultural association has said in one of her speeches that "food had always been used in the past as a weapon and that they would use it when required," and we saw that being done on Iraq between the two wars. A million and a half people were starved to death by the withholding of food and medicine to the Iraq people by the UN.

Rollye: Weíre already seeing a setup for it to be water as well. Hearing about water shortages and things of that nature.

Alan: There was a meeting in the 1960's in Israel by the United Nations and they printed it in all the newspapers at the time that would be one of the major things the United Nations must take over was all water rights of the world. Thatís right, yes.

Rollye: And theyíre very adamant about it. Now the law of the seas treaty. The loss treaty which our government is pretty much willing to go along with that itís beyond outrageous and again they get away with it at this point because the average citizenry is somewhat brain dead. And I guess the plan is before a sufficient numbers can awake have something that is fearful to cause the masses if you will to say, oh, come protect me.

Alan: Yes.

Rollye: Which works like a charm every time, unfortunately. Now you were also mentioning that getting sick of religion after the Mideast conflict and thereís never been a culture without some kind of guiding faith principle, whether itís faith in the government or faith in the great beyond or God or whatever. What religion are they going to replace the god-based religions weíre dealing with now with?

Alan: Albert Pike himself uses the term the higher Freemasons use and he said in his own book, "The Bible of Freemasonry," he said, "make no mistake". He said, "our god is Lucifer." Thatís in his own book and this was given to every 32nd Degree and 33rd Degree Mason for almost 100 years.

Rollye: This is so beyond anything that the average person would understand because you think of the Shriners Convention then you see the Shriners and they're not exactly devil worshippers.

Alan: No. You see thereís a different take on Lucifer. In the lower ranks itís an allegory for intelligence, intellect and the knight, again, this knightly language they use of boldness and audacity to create a Brave New World as Aldous Huxley said. So Lucifer is a symbol for the lower Masons of that drive, that intellect of creativity to reshape everything in what they call its proper Ė itís proper, not itís natural but itís proper order.

Rollye: Okay, so using that then what would be the average person. Would their god be the god of the state?

Alan: Ultimately it will be. In fact, all the guys above you will be different varieties of gods. Different bureaucratic classes. Itís to be a world run by experts and every facet of life. Now at Loyola University in the United States four years ago they had a world science meeting with the top bioengineers there. The top microchip companies there.

The scientists and that meeting it was kicked off by Newt Gingrich and it was funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, because if you have a social insurance number thatís what you belong to. They own you, you see and they put 600 pages out on this agenda. It ties in with Brzezinskiís book, "Between Two Ages and the Technetronic Era".

In the Loyola meeting they said that they have a microchip ready to go, which the ID card would be first with an active chip. That would acclimatize the public to having this active chip contain all their data which theyíd have to show at all times. They said but the next step was this active chip which theyíve tested out for many years and implanted in the brain--

Rollye: In the brain?

Alan: In the brain, just like the Matrix movie.

Rollye: Itís interesting you say that because I just was reading an article on just that happening in experimental phases already gluing the lines between organic and non-organic and it was frightening as hell just to read that. I mean weíre barely prepared for microchips in the arm and donít want it, but in terms of in the brain. Thatís so beyond chilling that itís almost incomprehensible that it would get there without massive outcry. Now it almost seems like the generation that is here now, you and I, weíve got to be off the planet before they could pull that off.

Alan: They would love that and thatís the way it was worded in the 600-page documentation that came out which I have. I got someone to go into the universityís website and get it all before they took it down and the guy from Tokyo that helped to design this latest model because theyíve tried since the 1960's on unsuspecting victims.

It has a coating on it which literally interfaces with your genetic material so you canít simply cut it out and it also interfaces in such a way that it attaches itself to the cortex Ė the little neurons in your brain; and you, THEY SAID, THIS WILL BE THE END OF INDIVIDUALITY AS WE KNOW IT.

The guy's words were from Tokyo, he said when this is working and everyone has it he said thereíll be no more individuality and no ability for the person to even perceive of themselves as a distinct separate individual. He said think of it more like the beehive and the beehive for thousands of years has been a high occultic symbol for the perfect system. He said youíll hear peopleís whispers of their thoughts going through your minds back to the central computers and from the computers back to the people a constant buzz in your head of thoughts. He says but it will be impossible for a person to even begin to think of themselves as a distinct separate entity.

Rollye: Now clearly Ė thatís so beyond chilling itís almost hard to put it into words. Now that would also be chilling to the ruling elite. Now if I were one of the ruling elite and I was aware of this Iíd be scared to death that there would be a bigger ruler and I was going to be implanted next.

Alan: Well, hereís the key to that one. If you go back to Charles Galton Darwin, he was the grandson of Charles Darwin and the Galton family who did the statistics and IQ levels and population reduction. Charles Galton Darwin was a physicist in the 1950's and around 1954 to í56 he published a book on this very agenda and he said, "we must cull off the masses of unwanted useless eaters because there will be a post-industrial world where we wonít need them anymore and their numbers might overtake the elite themselves."

He says, "we must find a way of destroying that part of the brain which makes a person see themselves as distinct separate individual. It will mean killing off that part of the brain which gives them their personal survival mechanisms but they wonít need it anymore because the state will be making all their decisions for them."

He said, "we the elite, he says, must not have these devices or these chemicals put into us because we must remain to steer the ship of earth."

Rollye: Well right of course, but what Iím saying is the eliteís an ever-changing body to a degree--

Alan: Thatís right.

Rollye: And you might say that the Rothschildís and the Warburgís are in thick of it but thereís other people who maybe are peripherally elite if you will who leave today for being tomorrow. And I donít think if I were anointed all of a sudden I would want to go for this because Iíd figure if someone wanted me unanointed, here comes by chip.

Alan: Thatís right and thatís what they live on is hope if theyíre good little boys and girls and do all the right things then their masters might just bring them into the upper group, you see.

Rollye: Oh, this is not acceptable. Alan Watt is with us and thatís the most chilling thing Iíve ever heard and as I say I think theyíve got to get rid of us first, whether we die a natural death or itís cataclysmic, and weíve got to be on the way out before and you know I think most of us would prefer to be.

This is the Rollye James Show and weíre talking to Alan Watt. Itís fascinating getting a lot of email on this and two to one positive, I want a copy of this, but a third of it negative and some of it, Iíll never listen to you again, which is why your radio has two knobs. One changes the station and other controls the volume and you can do that anytime you like. You can believe or not believe as you desire, but one thing thatís interesting. I donít claim obviously to have any inside knowledge and I donít claim to know for sure from whence it comes, so if you read the sources itís fascinating, but if you look at things historically every brick fits into place and from the prime mover, I donít even care who it might be, but the results of wanting to control and dominate, thatís pretty much the universal; and you look over the last couple of hundred years, and boy, weíre marching down that road.

Now Alan, whatís interesting about that is also from time immemorial even though people might want to be letter guided by a greater power, you know governmentally or otherwise, the desire for individuality is certainly a pressing desire in human nature. People are not willing going to embrace this even with a level of fear. Now when youíre talking about things like chips that stop individuality, I donít care how afraid somebody is, theyíre not going to willingly say hand me one of those.

Alan: Thatís right. Youíd have to have incredible chaos or starvation even or else many years of a build up to it. Albert Pike said himself, "we never begin a premature revolution. We lay out the ground work years ahead to prepare the minds of the people." Well, at the Loyola University meeting these guys never mention politics. They werenít giving it a wish list to be put through by politics. They work for the real bosses of the world and they said that this will be a positive thing and taught to be a positive thing from kindergarten, they said through novels, through cartoons, movies, et cetera as a positive thing to advance towards. Sure enough, after that meeting, out comes the first Robin Williams movie called "The Cutter" ["The Final Cut"] and there you are. Thereís the chip in the brain and itís kind of a nice thing. You can have a deceased family member's chip removed, downloaded and you can see through his eyes as he grew up et cetera. Now theyíve got it in cartoons for their children where theyíll be super heroes and have all these special powers; and in other words, theyíre going to give you a virtual reality. Thatís how theyíre going to sell it to the public, but once the--

Rollye: Right, not as a control but yet Ė the other thing that the Fabians were certainly eloquent about this was instrumentalism. Itís got to be in very small increments. So it isnít youíll wake up tomorrow and face it. Probably I would say no one whoís over 40 today would live to see this.

Alan: Very possibly unless literally they bring us to our knees through some incredible plaque, catastrophe, starvation or whatever and then again lie to us as to its proper reason for getting it. Theyíve said they have regional computers that will control people are already set up. They are super created computers already set up across the US and Canada to handle this. Thatís all public knowledge from the meeting.

Rollye: Oh, and also just like we were reading about KBR has been given a $385 million to build a camps, detention centers for those dissents and all of that, so yeah theyíre becoming more open about that phase of it. So is there anywhere Ė some people are saying Iíve got to escape this and while ultimately there may be no escape, is there anywhere at this point thatís probably on the slow track to implement it?

Alan: Not really. As far as Canada and the States go, and even Mexico and even Chile in fact. Chileís been built up to be the manufacturer and supplier of all our vegetable goods for the near future thanks to the NAFTA taxpayers. So really, no. All the commonwealth countries and most of the other ones too are all going along. In fact, I was surprised to hear from Norway where nothing happens in Norway. I lived there for a while and itís the most peaceful place and theyíre under this martial law, the same martial law bill as everyone else and theyíre freaked out as to why theyíre under this incredible martial law. This is worldwide which tells you this super-coordination of the people at the top in all countries that they have a natural affiliation with each other and thatís of course through the higher secret societies.

Rollye: So donít pack your bags for Iceland or New Zealand anytime soon.

Alan: No. You canít get into them now. New Zealand is so expensive to get into. The same with Australia. You probably read in your own newspapers that the U.S. government had built an underground base in Australia for the continuity of government for the elite to be flown to. So now of course even immigration is almost stopped there. You have to be very wealthy to get in.

Rollye: Right. Self-supporting, thatís certainly true. All right, now with that in mind, here weíre back to whatís going on in the Senate and obviously the House passed a reasonable bill with regard to illegal immigration making it a felony and did nothing for amnesty and here comes the Senate which of course pretty much wants to embrace illegal immigration and legalize 20 million people overnight as well as 400,000 a year come in. Is there anything an American can do to stop that?

Alan: The only way you could stop it would be mass protestations by people who have read these people's own documentation, their own books.

Rollye: Would it work?

Alan: It would have to work because they publish the books themselves like Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years," thatís quite the boast, and of course Brzezinski with his "Grand Chessboard" that had the invasions of America into Afghanistan followed by Iraq, then Iran, then Syria, in that order, published in 1998. He said in his own book, "weíll need something on the scale of a Pearl Harbor attack on America to motivate the public behind us for this war."

Rollye: Right. Of course, 9/11 is the first but probably not the last. Well then, I think what youíre saying is mass protestation would end it for now. It wonít derail the plan at all.

Alan: They wonít give up. They wonít give up.

Rollye: And of course weíve seen the protestation on the side of the illegals half a million strong in LA and in other cities as well. How big are we talking about it has to be in the next three weeks?

Alan: It would have to be very big and youíre talking about people who do know and have the facts, the actual facts, because the people who run the world are very legalistic. They publish the facts themselves and when you have words that are out of their own mouths, out of their own pens, to show that you know what theyíre doing, where theyíre taking us, they canít argue with that. They canít laugh it off.

Rollye: Whatís the likelihood that we could pull that off in the next two and a half weeks?

Alan: Very slim. So many people they follow certain radio stations, the patriot type things that Ė I saw a lot of them are phony Iím afraid to say. They donít give them all the REAL INFORMATION they need to know and theyíre so confused theyíre following different types of gurus that lead them out in circles. Iíve never seen so many confused people in my life really.

Rollye: [Heís] an interesting story actually. I donít know much about him but Iíve seen some of his material and when he got into the shape-shifting lizards and said it with a straight face, I thought it was very hard to believe that there are individuals who are truly shape shifting lizards.

Alan: Yes. Hereís the key behind this. Now this is something that people should realize. MI-5 and MI-6 have a place outside the Cotswold's outside of London where they train people to go out into the world and create mysticism and confusion. Aleister Crowley was one of the first men they sent out there to set up the OTO, The Ordo Templi Orientis, a higher Masonic group which most people in Hollywood join and most musicians join, and they followed him up with many others since. Now he took everyone elseís work whoíd done the real investigations. He shot to the top. All the doors opened for him. You couldnít buy that kind of publicity unless someone gave the nod at the top. It cost millions just to publicize him and he became a superhero, leads all the people using all of this information of other authors and then leads you off like a pied piper in a circle to the lizard people; and all of those authors in the backs of his books are now ridiculed into the same place as he is taking you. Thatís called counter-intelligence.

Rollye: Sure, oh no, itís very effective. They can make you out to be Looney Tunes and everybody heís mentioning goes with it. Do you think heís aware heís a pawn?

Alan: Iím sure he knows exactly what heís doing. He phoned the Sweet Liberty site some years ago and then got in touch with me for a lot of the information that he used and the only stipulation was that he didnít spin it off into any odd theories of serpents and so on, but it didnít matter, he did it anyway.

Rollye: Okay, so right now here weíve got the Senate vote which of course is heading toward the 2010 idea of opening the borders and weíre looking at the Mideast obviously. Hereís Israel saying that World War III is imminent. What are the other steps weíre looking for?

Alan: Again, theyíre following this Revelations like a script because so many people really believe thatís Godís plan and so on, so when you believe that you sit back and allow it to happen. Otherwise, youíre fighting God, but theyíre following that like a script, which actually it is, and plaque, famine, warfare. They can create earthquakes with the HAARP alone. Thatís in the United Nations treaty on HAARP. You can find that written in the 1970's. Earthquake. It can cause hurricanes et cetera. Thatís all in the HAARP treaty. People should read it up. All those things in Revelations they have the ability to cause today.

Rollye: Right, and get people as believers virtually overnight.Itís a very bleak future and of course you look far down the road and itís a much bleaker future. Then you start to become spiritual about it and the first thing you wonder is, is this something that maybe has happened several times on earth over the eons? This is a very old planet. Have we been here before and has some type of true natural disaster has wiped us out?

Alan: In the old Aramaic records itís very interesting because Ė in fact there were psalms taken out of the Bible. I have the copies of them that talked about a catastrophe after Babylon or the Tower of Babel where the elite said weíll become as gods and in fact higher than the gods. The old Satan boast again and that something happens and basically destroyed and scattered them, and the people hated this elite so much that this elite had to run into the hills and the mountains, live in caves. They were hunted down and then they began it all over again by the creation of secret societies. Thatís what your societies are initially created for, to once again recreate and rebuild the "Great Work."

Now the Rabbis will tell you if you ask them that this Great Work began about 4,500 BC. Thatís how old itís supposed to be and the general Masonic lower they say that Lucifer came down or the light came down and gave birth to the plan about 4,500 BC and thatís why Masonic temples have two dates on it.

They have one for the construction date and they have another one which has 4,500 years tacked on to it and it says "AL," is Anno Luciferus. Thatís what it means. AFTER LUCIFER. So this plan is ancient. Itís now 6,000 years old and itís called the Great Work: The perfecting of that which was left imperfect, according to them, which is man himself and everything in the world is to be run and dominated by science.

Rollye: Wow. Itís fascinating and even while weíre talking 6,000 years, thatís still a blip on the planet landscape so it does make you wonder. It also makes you wonder when you look at galaxies upon galaxies in solar systems and everything else whether or notĖweíre clearly not alone. You know itís unbelievable that thatís the end of our civilization as it is long term, not even get into the spiritual situation of the continuity of life beyond this. It doesnít get more bleak than this and something tells me that if this does come to pass this canít last long.

Alan: Yes, thatís a fact. Now the histories of India are amazing because they claim there were five previous ages they call them and with a two possible more, so thereís seven ages. Roughly, 25,000 years apart where man had climbed to the top, became corrupt and then all chaos broke loose and they were reduced back to the beginning againó

Rollye: I believe that.

Alan: Now if you go into the histories of Tacitus, who was the historian for Nero, who went into Britain and got the histories of the Druids before they wiped them out, he said that the Druids had a near history to at least three ages where fire followed by water had caused incredible damage upon the earth and the elite both in India Ė the north of India lived within mountains to survive it. The Druid elite lived within mountains as well to survive it and the Greek mythologies they say that their elite lived in Mt. Parnassus when the fire was followed by water. Now tying this up with the Tesla technology of HAARP. Tesla stopped HAARP because he claimed they could superheat the atmosphere to such an extent it could cause the whole atmosphere to ignite and explode. If that did it, it would melt the poles and so youíd have a flash fire across the planet and then massive clouds rising up and massive rainfalls. Fire followed by water. So who knows if weíve been round this same cycle before?

Rollye: Exactly and I almost have to believe we have. What a dire prediction but I guess the thing other than knowledge being power Iíd take away from this again, that if sufficient numbers of people are to arise and awake at this point at the very least this can be slowed down if enough people remain on the status quo or on track. I canít believe three hours went by so fast. Youíre just fascinating and hopefully everybody will check out and I hope youíll join me again, Alan.

Alan: Itíll be a pleasure.

Rollye: All right, Alan Watt.



(Transcribed by Linda)