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"Outside The Box"
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June 25, 2009
Alan Watt  on "Outside The Box" with Alex Ansary
(Originally Aired Live: June 25, 2009 on Comcast Channel 11 in Portland, Oregon, USA)
Age of Crisis Creation - Unaware Punch-Drunk Public - Post-Democratic (Authoritarian) Society - Global Standardization, Takedown of U.S. Socialized Medicine, Canada, Services as Authorities - Forced Sterilization, Population Reduction - Flu Vaccination - Baxter Labs, Contaminated Vaccines (Killer Flu Virus). Debased Culture, Video Games, Good Guys are the "Winners" - Pentagon Funding Hollywood, Culture Creation - Team-Bonding Mentality, Military-Style Training, MJTF. Stalin, Phases of "Social Evolution" - Club of Rome, Collectivism, Cultural Revolution, Children Turned on Adults and Parents - Al Gore - "Contaminated Ideas". Global Warming / Climate Change Mantra, IPCC "Scientists" - Subversion of Iran by Covert Forces - Politicians Now Dictate Orders - Con Game of Democracy. Middle East Gulf War - Embedded Media, Selective Reporting - Brzezinski, Use of American Military to Wage War. RIIA / Chatham House Think Tanks, Food Shortages - UN Dept. of Agriculture, Food Used as Weapon for Control, National Food Quotas - Fake Panics - Prison Camp Techniques of Fear, Obedience. Signings of Integration of Americas, Security, Bureaucracy, Govt. - United Nations as Front for World Government - Giving Up Freedom for "Security".

Aug. 6, 2008
Alan Watt  on "Outside The Box" with Alex Ansary
(Originally Aired Live: Aug. 6, 2008 on "We The People Radio Network")
Aerial Spraying, Storm Creation, Chemical Clouds, HAARP - War on Farmers, Breadbasket, Floods, Droughts. "2012" Legend - Prophecies - 2010, Integration of Americas - 2012, World Government. Transhumanist Agenda - Hinduism, "Waves of Time" - Eugenics - Warfare Strategy - Totalitarian Society, Individual Isolation. Aleister Crowley, Creation of Mysticism and Confusion, Hopis, Scottish Rite, Freemasonry. New Age Movement, "Grand Delusion", "Becoming Gods", Heroes to Follow - Fascination - Gorbachev, New Religion based on Earth Worship - "Higher Consciousness". Corruption of Truth - American Revolution - System of "Civilization", Control - Illusion and Hallucination.

Dogma of Christianity, Churches, Organized Religions - Following Dictates of Government or Your God - Looking at the Negative - Rockefeller Foundation, UFO "Threat". Wiccanism, Books "Appeared" on the Shelves - Use of Power - Joining a Group vs. Individuality. Scottish Rite, "New Age" Journal - Heaven's Gate Cult Suicides - Forms of Mind Control, Manipulation. Marketing, Behaviour Alteration, Promiscuity - Media - Gender War - Victim Mentality, Fake History. United Nations, Sadomasochism, Psychopathic-Led System - Agenda 21, Habitat Supercities - Portland, Oregon - Restricting Freedom of Travel - Rural Property Taxation. CFR, RIIA - China as World Policeman - Marriage Agencies, Emigrating Women - Next "Boat People" Leaving U.S. Eternal Solutions, "Hurt No One" - Every Action has a Reaction - Cause and Effect - Fighting Evil Here in the World of Matter. Zbigniew Brzezinski "Between Two Ages" book, Technetronic Weaponry - Carroll Quigley books. Sitchin, "Interpretation" of Sumerian Tablets - Annunaki, Nature Spirits - Total Confusion. 30 Years of War and Strife - Kissinger - U.N. Weather Warfare Treaty - Pandemics.

Links to Debunking Modern Mythology and Well-Financed Disinformation regarding Sumerian "Gods":

" "

"Zecharia Sitchin's ancient astronaut theories - a skeptical archive"

August 4, 2007
Alan Watt  on "Outside The Box" with Alex Ansary
(Originally Aired Live: August 4, 2007 on "We The People Radio Network")
Major media's intent to terrify public in preparation for new system - Terror into submission - Intrusions into personal lives. ORDO AB CHAO - Order Out of Chaos - War to bring a World State - Born to serve state. Royal Institute of International Affairs - Council on Foreign Relations. U.S. military - Policeman of the world for 20th century. Boxer Rebellion of China - Bush and Gore family - Getting peasantry hooked on opium - Foreign camps in China for opium trading - Hong Kong and Britain. (BOOK: "The Fugu Plan"). Karl Marx "Communist Manifesto" and "Das Kapital" - 3 Trading Blocs under World Government. American Amalgamation - U.S. Troops on Canadian soil. Pacific Rim Amalgamation. The West financed Communist regime of Soviet Union. New elite cities in China to house bureaucrats and officials. SARS epidemic - China - Race specific viruses. Free Trade Area of the Americas - United Nations. Telling truths that cannot be denied - Fighting for individualism and right to conscious sentient thought. Cordoning off of "contaminated" cities - Killing of public who flee - Gunboats (with machine-guns) on Great Lakes. Dehumanization - Killing of children and babies (and elderly) - Abortion - Killing because it is "inconvenient" - Culling us off like animals. Standard indoctrinated slogans in response to taboo politically incorrect topics. Eugenics - Margaret Sanger: member of Nazi party. Forms of Tyranny - Public Executions - Goons in streets with machine-guns. Carroll Quigley - Parallel government over government.

November 10, 2006
Alan Watt  on "Outside The Box" with Alex Ansary
Political Sideshow, Atlantic Charter, Priority Immigration, Flashing Ads, Old Mankind, Banking the Nile, HAARP Technology, ADD and ADHD, Deprogramming, Jesus, Sadducees, and Paul, The Perennial Religion, Mental Masturbation, Know Thy Self, Giving Power to the Beast, The Human Agenda

April 20, 2006
Alan Watt  on "Outside The Box" with Alex Ansary