Alan Watt as Guest on
Sovereign Independent Radio


July 18, 2011
Alan Watt on Sovereign Independent Radio
(Originally Aired Live: June 18, 2011 on International Community Radio Network)

Formation of Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR, Takeover of World Resources and Wealth - Communist Manifesto Accomplished - Parallel Government - Club of Rome - Karl Marx, World Divided into Regional Trading Blocs - World Wars to End Sovereignty - Economic Warfare - Darwinism, H.G. Wells, Elimination of "Inferior" Types - Public given False History - New Feudal System with CEO Overlords - Destruction of Old Cultures and Family Unit - Bertrand Russell's Experimental Schools - Buildup of Internal Armies, Preparations for What's to Come - United Nations in Charge of Distribution of Food - Redistribution of Wealth - One Organization with One Agenda - 2001, Kickoff for Century of Change - Information Wars, Long-Term Military Strategy - The Rioting Mob.

Farmers Dictated To by Government - Weaponized Food, GMO Crops - Targets in War of Food and Water - Beekeepers and Small Farms Put under by Gov. Regulations - Global Implementation of Laws at the Same Time - Public Adaptation - Interdependence (Dependent for Everything You Need to Survive) - Earth Summit (1992 and 2012) - International Banking Families and their Organizations - Frankfurt School, Theo Adorno, Macy Group, Radical Alteration of Culture - Socialism, Totally Controlled Society - Gov. Departments of Culture - UK and Canada, National Health Service Slashed, Walk-in Clinics - Dr. Salk (Eugenicist) and Polio Vaccine (Containing Cancer-Causing Simian-40 Virus) - Standardization of Countries under Communism - Gov. Services Become Authorities over the People - "Do What Thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law" - Madeleine Albright - Abortion and Organ Harvesting - Distorted Perceptions - Bank of Canada, Printing of Debt-Free Money - System of Money and Taxation - Political Correctness, Critical Theory, Eradication of History - Every Individual has the Right to Live.